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2005/10/7-9 [Health, Reference/Tax] UID:40016 Activity:nil
10/7    Can I get some advice on where to go for health insurance?
        There is a cute set of circumstances which sadly leave me without, and
        I was wondering where I should go/look to buy it.  I would likely
        want a plan with a high deductible (aka low monthly?) that would
        basically just be needed if I had some catastrophic health issue.
        Thanks. -mrauser
        \_ Mike, I went through the same thing few yrs back and used
  After you feed them your basic info
           (age, smoking/nonsmoking, zip code, etc) they will present you with
           a list of options. You can certainly find the high deductible ones
           with low monthly. For example, I got one through Blue Shield with
           $2400 deductible (yes, it's outrageous, but) with dues around
           $86/mo. Assuming you're 30+ yrs old, Bay Area nonsmoker. They also
           offer short-term insurance (12 months or less) if you're simply
           between jobs. Hope this helps! - jthoms
           \_ I got this same plan through Cal Alumni Assoc. Check it out.
           \_ Forgot to add, with high deductible, you're also eligible to
              open a Health Savings Acct (the so-called 'Healthcare IRA')
              or HSA. So with a $2400 deductible, you can open a $2400 HSA
              and write off $2400 from your 1040 for tax year 2005. Sweet!
              Go to for more info (but you don't have to open
              it through HSA Bank).
              \_ You still need to make sure that your high deductible plan
                 is HSA-compatible.  My wife's Blue Cross plan was not, even
                 though the deductible was $2500.
              \_ Yes, but if you don't use the money you lose it.
                 \_ Wrong. You're thinking the HCRA, the 'use-it-or-lose-it'
                    acct. HSA is totally separate, you accrue it for life, and
                    you can only use it for qualified medical expenses. (no,
                    your monthly dues don't count, unfortunately). It's a gov't
                    ploy to encourage folks to save up for their hlthcare exp
                    prior to and during retirement. Unlike IRA though, you can
                    use the money even before you turn 59.5, as long as it's
                    for qualified medical exp. STFG for a list.
              open a Health Savings Acct (the so-called 'Healthcare IRA') or HSA.
              So with a $2400 deductible, you can open a $2400 HSA and write off
              $2400 from your 1040 for tax year 2005. Sweet! Go to
              for more info (but you don't have to open it through HSA Bank).
2021/06/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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