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2019/03/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1998/10/21-22 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:14797 Activity:very high
10/20   LucasArts has announced that their Day of the Dead-inspired 3D
        adventure game Grim Fandango has been released to manufacturing and
        should be available to U.S. and Canadian customers beginning the
        week of October 26.
        All hail the mighty mogul!  --pld
        \_ THE ONE REAL QUESTION: When will all of berkeley have it (burned)?
                We should have a competition with other Universities:
                The 100% Pure Piracy competition. Except for MS-interns who
                buy at 90% discount, who buys this shit anyway? We're CS/EECS,
                and who the !@#$ has time?
        \_ Rumor has it that Lucasfilm is bailing on all their Macs
                   name?  Ok how's this:   --- been burned too many times
           for a strictly NT network...
           \_ Well, we all know Lucasfilms is in the buisness of making
              things blow up. So I guess NT is a good start.
        \_ Yeah whatever.  Yet another shitty game for the junk heap.
                   name?  Ok how's this:   -aswan
           \_ Thank you.  It's nice to know how my three years of loving toil
              will be rewarded.  And oh yeah... SIGN YOUR NAME, BASTARD! -mogul
                \_ Hey, fuck you.  What makes this one so special?  How many
                   shitty games must I buy before a decent one comes out?
                   I don't give a shit that you coded for it.  You want my
                   name?  Ok how's this:  --burned by too many shitty games
                   \_ "95%.  The finest adventure game ever." -PC Gamer UK
                      "9.5/10.  Play a gaming legend today." -Our second
                      review.  Those are just our first two reviews.  I'm
                      sorry other games suck; it's too bad that makes you
                      avoid good games as well as bad. -mogul
                      \_ The same rags that gave crap like Red Alert top
                         marks.  No thanks.
                   \_ Wow, this tears you down even better than anything I
                      could write.
                        \_ Really?  So I should buy *your* shitty game on your
                           say so?  I feel so self-torn.  Peddle your shit
                           elsewhere.                   /
        Since when did this become the computer game whiners association?
        GF is technically ambitious and interesting, and Bret did a lot
        of neat design work on it.  I really don't care what games you like
        or buy, especially now that you've shown yourself to be a kneejerk -pld
        \_ Gee, could you be a bit more defensive and touchy?  Talk about
           kneejerk.  "Some s0da h0serz wrote it s0 it must B k-RAD!!11"
           \_ Let's try an analogy here.  Someone posts to the Public Health
              Undergrad Association's motd:  Congratulations to mogul for
              discovering that quinine is effective against malaria!
                \_ Cool!  How does it work?
                \_ Yeah whatever.  Another shitty bitter drink.  Fuck you.
              That clueless latter person is you.  What a maroon!  --pld
                           \_ Seems to me you're saying this game's gonna
                              be shitty because someone here is promoting
                              it and someone else here coded it. Or is it
                              automatically anytime anyone promotes a game,
                              it's shitty?
                             \_ I'm saying all games are shitty until proven
                                otherwise.  Gimme a demo and maybe I'll come
                                back tomorrow and rave about it.  Is there
                                a playable demo available?
                                        \_ of course there is, dumbass
                                         \_ Prove it. urlP
                                            \_ Oh, gee, what is this?

                                               Hey, it says "The Grim
                                               Fandago Playable Demo" is
                                               now avaiable for download."
                                               Damn, now why didn't I think
                                               of looking here? Oh yeah,
                                               I'm a dumbass.
                I downloaded and played and now I can say with %100  _/
                certainty that this is Yet Another Hyped Shitty Game.
                I'm not only unimpressed, but mildly offended at the wasted
                download and install time.
                        --burned again but not dumb enough to piss away cash
                \_ You must have an incredibly high standard not to like
                   LucasArts adventure games. Only games outside LA
                   that are of same quality is the Gabriel Knight series,
                   in my opinion.
                   \_ Pretty good play. However, some stupidly random
                      mandatory tests, and crashes all the time.
                      I give G.K. an 85%, personally.
                   \_ Probably.  I expect a game to be _fun_.  Silly me.
        \_ most lucas arts games have been pretty crappy in comparison to
           other games like doom, etc. i was extremely disappointed with dark
           forces, for example. --disappointed with lucas arts
           \_ Well that's pretty funny because (for example) the id Software
           guys have often stated that they felt that Dark Forces was
           the only good game that came out as competition for Doom.
           And it also received much critical acclaim....  -blojo
           \_ I dunno, I just thought that after the novelty of blowing
              away Storm Troopers wore off, DF was pretty dull.  At least
              Duke Nukem 3d was kind of funny and Quake was pretty.. -John
           \_ hmmmm, have you tried the playstation version? this is the
              crappy one. maybe the pc version is better. --disappointed
        \_ I've played just about every 3D shooter out there, and the only
           ones I've cared to finish are Quake2, Dark Forces, and Jedi
           Knight. The latter two proving technology isn't everything.
        \_ Day of the Tentacle.  Sam and Max.  Lucas Arts games rewl. -lim
           \_ Only LA, Blizzard, and iD have near perfect track records.
                \_ Blizzard?  Only if you like super micro management click
                   fests like Starcraft.  AI?  Hello?
                   \_ Name a game with good AI. Quake is not a fun game
                      because of its AI. Neither is Star/Warcraft. And what
                      kind of argument is click-fest? Heck, even Tetris is
                      is a click-fest. You want a game where things just
                      unfold for you?
                      \_ Nethack is not a clickfest
                      \_ For starters, how about my units don't stupidly stand
                         there while a building right next to them gets
                         pounded or my mutalisks don't pursue a single enemy
                         on their own flying right over 30 missile towers.
                         Apparently, that's far too much to ask.  Or maybe
                         my units using their special powers on their own
                         once/century.  clickclickclickclickclickclickclick!
        \_ Go bret!
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