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2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/12/5-6 [Finance] UID:11323 Activity:nil
12/5    James Baker just put in charge of "restructuring" Iraq's debt.
        Yeah, that James Baker
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He watched the September 11 attacks at the Ritz-Carlton with the Bin Laden family . Hes defending the Saudis against a trillion-dollar lawsuit brought forth by the September 11 families. Now hes been chosen as Bushs personal envoy in charge of restructuring Iraqs $132 billion in debt. Hes the Senior Counsel for The Carlyle Group , a company that invests pension funds in defense and telecommunications companies around the world. The Carlyle Group is the nations 10th largest defense contractor, with extensive ties to Enron, Global Crossing, Arthur Andersen, the Saudi Royal Family, and the Bin Ladens. Through his law firm, Baker & Botts, he is also working to assist American oil companies in the Caspian Region . This work right now involves a pipeline to be built through Afghanistan , a pipeline that Texas oil companies were negotiating with the Taliban to build before 9-11. The judge who decided not to freeze the assests of Enron executives in January later recused herself from the case because she was a former employee of Baker & Botts, because of her ties to George Bush and the fact that she had been an Enron stockholder.