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2009/9/9-15 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53346 Activity:nil
9/8     Leica M9: $6,995 msp ships September, will not need uv-ir, will use
        regular m8 accessories.
        Leica X1: $1,995 msp ships January. The Leica X1 is AF, has VR, 12mp
        cmos sensor and comes with optional viewfinder, ever ready case, grip etc.
        \_ A tour of the Leica M9 factory. German engineering is THE BEST!!!
           Oh my, I WANT ONE:
2009/9/9-15 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53347 Activity:low
9/9     I need to set up gruop email for parents of my kid's kindergarten
        class.  Should I go with Yahoo Groups or Google Groups?  Thanks.
        \_ Google has a lot of great properties EXCEPT Groups. Google
           Groups suck thanks to bureacracy and the inability of the
           people who tried to make it better. The management is too
           narrowminded and only want OKRs that will make money the
           next quarter. Google prefers to buy innovation instead
           of doing something inhouse. Don't go for Google Groups.
           \_ Thanks.  I'll go with Yahoo Groups then.  -- OP
2009/9/9-15 [Uncategorized] UID:53348 Activity:nil
9/9     This is pretty cool! Find out if the Craigslist dude is
        normal or not:
2009/9/9-15 [Uncategorized] UID:53349 Activity:nil
9/9     Today is 09/09/09 in MM/DD/YY, DD/MM/YY and YY/MM/DD formats.
        \_ and my  Birthday. Whee! -ERic
           \_ Are you 99?
2009/9/9-15 [Finance, Reference/Tax] UID:53350 Activity:nil
9/9     Tax question: I have lots of long-term capital gains and some
        short-term capital losses. I'd like to use the losses to offset
        the gains. However, since the long-term cap gains rate is lower,
        should I wait until I have some short-term cap gains to claim the
        loss? (I have no short-term cap gains right now.)
2009/9/9-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53351 Activity:kinda low
9/9     You guys have a story of a female friend or co-worker you
        enjoy working with but married a completely dickhead?
        Would you like to share your story? I'll go after everyone
        \_ He's constantly grabbing her breasts and even the breasts of other
           guys. It's just weird.
           \_ he goes both ways?
        \_ at their wedding I was amazed by his moist, limp handshake.
           she was always a smart, headstrong girl, with a tendency to hook
           up with douchey, wimpy guys.  His nervous smile always made me want
           to hit him in the face, and as an engineering manager I'm ordinarily
           pretty tolerant of people with social anxiety.
           Later she caught him going on trips to Germany with one of his
           students.  I was sure they were finally going to get a divorce.
           But, they patched things up.  Oh good.
2009/9/9-15 [Recreation/Dating, Politics] UID:53352 Activity:kinda low
9/9     Dear poster with a cat who got screwed by a
        selfish military-woman:
        What's going on? Are you in good terms with that
        military-woman? Or have you severed your relationship
        with her? What is she like in real person? What is her
        nephew like? Did she marry a blue-collar worker?
        \_ Why do you want to know all of this?
           \_ I want to know how you deal with scumbags. I know a bunch of
              scumbag "friends" and I need to deal with them myself. Also
              we gave you advice. Don't you feel the least bit kind enough
              to share your knowledge?
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