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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/4/11-5/18 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:54653 Activity:nil
        NSFW but good stuff from Huff Po.
        \_ Some are hot.  Some are yucky.
           \_ To me they are all pretty cute but... I don't get it.
           \_ which ones are yucky?
              \_ #1, 4, 23, 25, 32.
2012/5/10-6/4 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:54387 Activity:nil
5/10    Nude in NYC (NSFW):
        \_ What a stone cold hottie. Mad props to her for doing this
           in that weather.
           \_ Would be much hotter without the tramp stamp.
              \_ I dunno, it works for her. Personally, I could go with
                 something tribal on her arm to match.
        \_ Her boobs look biggest in the 7th pic and the smallest in the 8th.
2010/2/26-3/12 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:53728 Activity:nil
        Strip clubs rising, schools falling
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/12/8-2010/1/3 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:53578 Activity:nil
12/8    Best and worst jobs: (Director of Fun, Brothel QA) (Animal masterbator, sewage, etc)
        \_ The Brothel QA job is not for everyone.  "The applicants are
           whittled down to a final six, who are then fXXXed one after the
           other ***in a single day*** by Jaime."  Not everyone can meet the
           job requirement.
           \_ But all Persian men can do it. They're descendants of
              very "prolific" Persian kings.
           \_ 70 a year? Pshaw, I could test one every day easily, probably
              two, and I am in my mid-40s.
              \_ All I hear is the sound of envy.
              \_ Yeah, and I can do 1095 a year if they are hot.  But can you
                 do 6 in the same day as required?  I can't.  I'm almost 40.
                 -- PP
                 \_ Probably not, though I fail to see why they all need to
                    be tested on the same day.
        \_ The Guard at Buckingham Palace job is a "hard" job also.  (See pic.)
2009/11/25-26 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:53544 Activity:high
11/24   Amanda Wenk nude:  X amanda_wenk/amanda_wenk_01.jpg  X amanda_wenk/amanda_wenk_13.jpg
        Hmm, they look much smaller when she's nude.  Must have been using
        bra pads.
        \_ I don't know who she is, but she has pretty large breasts. I am
           guessing you have never actually been with a naked girl before.
           \_ My ex-gf had 38D, and yes I have been with her naked.  Her
              breasts didn't look smaller when she's naked than when she's not.
              -- OP
        \_ FAT. Will be 200 pounds by the time she's 30.
        \_ Thought there were reports of her having gone through breast
           \_ reports by who?  Who the hell is Amanda Wenk??
2008/10/9 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:51451 Activity:nil
10/9    Bacon, strip club, life is good.
2008/8/20-26 [Computer/Companies/Google, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:50912 Activity:nil
8/20    Is it my imagination or it seems like Gmail is getting slower
        and slower by the day? Takes friggin' seconds to retrieve any mail.
        \_ ObGoogleSucks - GOOG short $100 guy
        \_ works fine for me, but my Inbox usually has < 20 e-mails
        \_ 30,000 iPhones checking for mail every 15-30 minutes
         \_ For some place like google that's not even noticable load.
            \_ Except that, apparently, it is.
             \_ No, really, if gmail is getting slower it isn't because
                of 30k new users.
        \_ It's getting faster.  and We've Always Been At War With Eastasia.  --oj
        \_ It's getting faster.  and We've Always Been At War With
           Eastasia.  --oj
           \_ Tell us about STRIP CLUBS oj
              \_ go to ONE strip club and you're marked for life! though
                 once a grim hollow looking oj walked right by me on Market
                 coming out of a strip club.  I said hi but he was too lost in
                 deep contemplation of the human condition (either that or
                 totally high on horse) to respond.
        \_ الله أَكْ!
2008/2/9-11 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:49107 Activity:high
2/8     How many people here actually like living in a culturally
        diverse environment? I mean, S Cal is one of the most diverse
        environments and it is a total dump. Ditto with Miami, etc.
        To me, cultural diversity means lots of disagreements and a
        decreasing possibility of pleasing everyone with social services
        that a majority of the minorities would need.
        \_ To me it means exposure to lots of different ideas and good food
        \_ The SoCal definition of diverse seems spread out over a large
           geographic area, and much of the diversity gets subsumed in
           either LA culture or suburban culture. I prefer the diversity
           of San Francisco, Berkeley, and parts of Oakland.
           \- diverse = cheep food, open late = a good thing
              \_ a good thing if you're single, a really really bad thing
                 if you have kids and you don't want them to get into
                 drugs, hip-hop, queer bi-curious, and strip clubs.
                 \_ As a kid I was into drugs, (not so much hip-hop),
                    motss and strip clubs and I think I turned out better
                    for it.  Why deny my children that option?
                    motss and strip clubs and surrendering to terror.
                    I think I turned out better for it.  Why deny my
                    children that option?
                 \_ Yes, I don't want my kids to be exposed to heathen
                    ideologies like Judaism, Mormonism, Catholicism and
                    even worse, Secular Liberal Humanism. So we all moved
                    to a compound in rural Texas with a bunch of like minded
                    people. How are you handling this parenthood challenge?
        \_ I do, because I am a white guy who prefers brown skinned girls.
           \_ I prefer lots of pretty blondes, hence I love LA  -dim #1 fan
        \- on a serious note, in re OP's last "point" about social services
           [i put that in quotes since i think you are mostly rambling rather
        \- on a serious note, in re your last "point" about social services
           [i put that in quotes since i think you are just rambling rather
           than trolling ...?] "studies show" diversiy *does* affect people's
           inclination to support higher social safety nets. For example in
           Europe there has long been a commitment to a higher levels of
           state services but this is apparently weaking among white europeans
           who might think "i'm ok wit heavy child care benefits for a sweedish
           woman who takes time off to have two kids but not for some muslim
           immigrant family with 7 kids" etc. not the best, but the most
           convenient cite:
2007/12/14-19 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:48807 Activity:low
12/14   Ok so I'm watching late night TV and I'm wondering if it's worth
        $9.99 for 2 Girls Gone Wild DVDs. Is it topless only, or does it
        show a bit more?
        \_ More to the point, they'll continue dinging your credit card
           every month. It's a subscription service, not a one-time
        \_ Why buy? The guy who created this stuff is in jail.
           check the torrents if you are really interested
        \_ Why would you want to watch some 19 year olds partying 4 years
           ago in TJ?  What would it matter if they were topless vs. having
           wild weasel sex with each other and everyone else in sight?
           \_ Are you a straight chick? A gay guy?
           \_ Why would I want to watch a bunch of wild naked 19 year old
              chicks? I can't believe you just asked that...
              \_ Perhaps the pp left the operative phrase "pay to"
2007/6/2-5 [Computer/Companies/Google, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:46837 Activity:nil 60%like:46833
6/1     I'm boycotting Orowheat (Google Maps):
        \_ Or worst time to be walking out of a strip club:
2007/5/31-6/4 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:46801 Activity:nil
5/31    The strip clubs in SF are well-documented. Are there any
        worthwhile in the South Bay, especially to take a woman to?
        (Looking for female strippers.)
        \_ Taking a woman to watch female strippers?  I wouldn't want a woman
           to take me to watch male strippers.  "Wow!  His is much bigger than
           yours ......"
                \_ I think the taking your woman to a strip club is
                   an east coast thing.
                   \_ What's the point?  -west coaster
                        \_ There's a school of thought that if you're
                           a dick to a female, she'll be more attached to
                           you.  Girls seem to like dicks, after all.
                           \_ No, they just don't like you.
2007/5/17 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:46668 Activity:kinda low 92%like:46665
5/16    Ugly naked woman to be the spokeperson for linux: (
        \_ Oh please. She's not a model, but she's not ugly. I'm sure
          you're Brad Pitt yourself.
          \_ While I agree that she's ugly, I really hope op isn't getting
             naked for novell.
2007/5/16 [Recreation/Stripclub, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:46665 Activity:nil 92%like:46668
5/16    Ugly naked woman to be the spokeperson for linux:
2007/3/16-20 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:45993 Activity:nil
3/16    Brothel discount for people over 66 years old. HEIL GERMAN JOHN!
2007/2/2 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:45641 Activity:nil
2/2     I'm naked
2006/11/3-4 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:45134 Activity:nil
        Naked man arrested after pulling awl from rectum

        A police encounter with a naked man near the El Cerrito BART
        station turned into an arrest on suspicion of carrying a concealed
        weapon Thursday.
        Passers-by called officers about 7:50 a.m. to report that a naked
        man was lying on a tree stump beside the Ohlone Greenway path,
        exposing himself and masturbating.
        Police saw 33-year-old John Sheehan and arrested him on suspicion
        of indecent exposure.
        Officers led him to the nearest street, the 2000 block of
        Kearney Avenue. Before putting Sheehan in the back of his car,
        Sgt. Paul Keith asked him if he had anything on him that police
        should know about.
        Sheehan replied that he had hidden a screwdriver in his anal
        cavity, Horgan said.
        \_ "Mindful that a 6-inch metal awl wrapped in black electrical tape
           could be used as a weapon, officers kept their weapons trained on
           the 33-year-old." No one wants to get shiv'd with a poo covered
        \_ That's 6 kinds of stupid.  Judging by the location description he
           was practically in the middle of a parking lot, just yards away from
           a BART police substation.
           I like the passing-the-buck:
           Police: "Uh.. let's get the fire department"
           Fire Dept.: "Uh, send him to the hospital"
           ER Tech: "Oh teh noes! Pwn'd!"
2006/9/15-19 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:44401 Activity:nil
        How to impress a stripper
        \_ Whoever you are, I salute you. This article is totally hilarious,
           thanks for posting these messages    -strip club guy #1 fan
2006/7/10-11 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:43625 Activity:nil
        \_ Amusing, but there's a reason this guy is still single and in his
           late 30s.
2006/6/12-15 [Reference/BayArea, Transportation/Bicycle, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:43368 Activity:nil
6/12    SF naked bike ride.  My eyes...the goggles do nothing!
        \_ Interestingly enough you have posted a link that does not
           appear on the main page of the zombie time site at
  .  How did you do that?  - danh
           \_ Got it off a blog.
              \_ I was really hoping zombietime dude had a soda account. - danh
2006/5/22-28 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:43137 Activity:nil
        Beta breaka, Bay to Breakers with naked people running.
        \_ Why do mainly ugly people feel the need to be naked in public?  Why
           can't we have more Swedish bikini team nudists?  Why, god?  -John
           \_ Public nudity, like spandex, should be regarded as a privilege,
              not a right.
2006/5/21 [Recreation/Stripclub, Academia/Berkeley] UID:43130 Activity:nil
5/20    Andrew Martinez, famous as "The Naked Guy" found dead in cell:
2006/5/20-28 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:43128 Activity:nil 80%like:43126
5/20    Naked Guy dies in jail
        \- there is already a book out about this:
2006/5/20 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:43126 Activity:nil 80%like:43128
5/20    Naked Guy dies in jail
        - danh
2006/5/5-8 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:42954 Activity:nil
        Heil German Virgins!!!
2006/5/1-4 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:42884 Activity:nil 75%like:42880
5/1    _____________________________________
      / OJ like to go to the strip club and \
      \ watch but not touch                 /
              \   ^__^
               \  (oo)\_______
                  (__)\       )\/\
                      ||----w |
                      ||     ||
2006/5/1 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:42880 Activity:nil 75%like:42884
/ OJ like to go to the strip club and \
\ watch but not touch                 /
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||
2006/4/26-27 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Stripclub, Health] UID:42842 Activity:nil
4/26    Naked man in chimney in Hayward
        \_ I believe consenting adults have the right to be naked in their own
        \_ So a side note in there is "booked at the (jail) on suspicion of
           being under the influence of drugs"  So if possessing or using
           illegal drugs is, well, illegal, how do celebrities officially get
           away with "and now I'm in cocaine rehab at Betty Ford" w/out ever
           being charged w/ a crime for drug use?  Is the official answer
           "they're too important for that"?
           \_ When celebrities get fucked out of their minds and find
              themselves naked, stuck somewhere they can't get out of, they
              don't call the fire department/police/what-have-you.
           \_ Better lawyers. Short of a chemical test of some sort, which a
              a better lawyer will advise you not to consent to, it's kind of
              hard to prove you, um, inhaled.
              \_ Being in rehab for drug X isn't admission of guilt?
                 \_ Nope. More to the point, it's not enough evidence to
                    warrant charges.
           \_ I don't think people who voluntarily go to rehab generally
              get arrested.
2006/3/9-11 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:42164 Activity:kinda low
        Sharon Stone to be naked in the next movie. When she was younger
        in Basic Instinct (1992), that was cool, but now, I don't know...
        It's almost like watching your aunt naked or something.
                                       \_ hot!
                                          \_ MILF!
        \_ She just turned 48. That's still young enough to look good if
           she's taken care of herself, which she seems to have done.
           \_ I don't understand you people.  At 48 you will all
              be pasty formless blobs of flesh from sitting down
              all day and licking your monitor while encoding
              podcasts of Slashdot.  You would praise Allah
              daily if a woman as hot as Sharon Stone smirked
              at you.  Are you manlier than Phil Bronstein?
              Do you wrestle alligators?
              \_ Sure, she's a babe. She's still 48 and that's much older than
                 most of us.
           \_ I wouldn't kick her out for eating prunes in bed.  -John
        \_ Hey, wikipedia says she has an IQ of 150+ and grew up a
           bookworm and introvert, going to college at 16 - perfect mate
           for the soda virgin geeks.
           \_ Big fucking deal.  Most people reading this started
              college at 17.
              \_ exactly, cause you are soda virgin geeks.
2005/10/31-11/2 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:40357 Activity:kinda low
10/31   Naked women on the streets of Hong Kong in PETA protest:
        \_ KFC ain't going to torture this chick:
        \_ I'm sure Hooters is just as bad to its chicks.
           \_ Hooters serves fried chicken menu also?
                 \_ No prices?
        \_ where are the pictures of naked PETA girls?
           \_ People Eating Tasty Animals.
           \_ The caption said the two lying in the fake coffins were naked.
        \_ url?
2005/10/5-6 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:39993 Activity:nil
        More proof that Seattle doesn't blow and doesn't suck.
        PS oj is a fucking pussy.
        \_ Why does Seattle hate lap dances?
        \_ "... require strip club patrons to stay at least four feet away from
           entertainers ..."  How are patrons supposed to stick dollar bills
           into the dancers' G-strings?
           \_ Make dollar bill airplanes.
2005/6/10-12 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:38070 Activity:low
6/10    it looks like Los Alamos man made it all up to cover
        running over someone in the parking lot of a strip club - danh
        \_ Well, you know, I was really wondering why whistleblowers would
           decide to meet in a STRIP club.  Really sounds like something
           you'd say to throw your wife off.
        \_ ok, wow, that makes more sense now
           I guess I've been seen The Insider too many times
           I guess I've seen The Insider too many times
        \_ Where is the Freeper link to this? I won't believe it until
           I read it in the Free Republic.
2005/2/19-20 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:36251 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
2/19        Strip Club becomes an Art Club
2005/1/30 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:35985 Activity:nil
1/30    Unemployed German Women can be forced to work in brothels:
        \_ Why the hell would a brothel be recruiting using a resume database
           anyway?  I smell a rat.  I'm guessing that the brothel is in on
           some bullshit deal with the government on this.
2004/9/30-10/1 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:33863 Activity:nil
        \_ Shut up and get on the pile.
2004/9/9-10 [Recreation/Stripclub, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:33452 Activity:high
9/10    Dear CSUA Penthouse forum: when you're naked in a tub with a fat girl a
        hot a girl, should you grab the breast of the fat one or the hot one
        first? ok thx.
        \_ that's a big tub.
        \_ Grab them both at the same time and have a hot threesome.
2004/7/7-9 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:31213 Activity:very high
7/8     I have a female friend who's interested in checking out some male strip
        clubs.  I have been searching the net for some times now, but still
        have been able to find any around the Bay Area.  Any suggestions and/or
        \_ Discussed back in 2000 of October,
        \_ Why don't you bring her over to me, I'll strip for her.
           \_ Because we don't want to kill the last vestiges of her hetero-
              \_ I only half agree with you. I don't give a damn about male
                 \_ I believe OP said female, not shemale.
                    \_ Oh, SNAP!
        \_ There use to be male stripper signs on places on "Bush" in SF
           around Mason/Taylor or so. Not sure if they're still there.
           Pick up the Bay Guardian, there are ads for strip clubs
           (male and female) in there.
        \_ Here's one I think she'll love:
        \_ check out -- very work unsafe.  It's amazing how
           girl next door gets so wild at strip clubs.  Also, it's amazing
           they are having unprotected sex with a stranger.
           \_ Its amazing that you fell for this shit - both the man and woman
              are clearly paid performers.
              \_ I think you're the one that fell for something.  -tom
                 \_ and I think you are the one who fell for it!
                    \_ Dude, I think tom totally played you.
                       \_ Tom?  He isn't smart enough.  He's more like a
                          pitbull than a clever little monkey.
                        \_ In Soviet Russia, stripper plays YOU!
        \_ Is anyone buying this "I have a female friend" story?  Someone here
           obviously wants to go check out some hot man-ass and can't admit it.
           \_ Yeah, no sodan has any female friend.
        \_ Why would a woman want to see men strip?  Women aren't visual the
           way men are.  If they were then male pr0n for women would be a huge
           industry just like the naked chick business is today.
           \_ Yeah! It says so right here in the Monster Manual!
              \_ Mod +5 Funny!
        \_ No male strip clubs for heteros in the bay area -- go to Las Vegas.
           \_ Surely women must like some kind of titilation?  How else
              do you explain the existence of romance novels?
              \_ If you can't see the difference between looking at naked
                 flesh and fantasizing about being in love, you're beyond
                 \_ You are an idiot.  You have no conception of what a
                    'romance novel' is, do you?  You are just mouthing off,
                    aren't you?  You are probably think of yourself as a
                    'sensitive male'.  'Romance novels' are female porn, nothing
2004/6/30 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:31085 Activity:nil
6/30    Why do 35mm color negatives look like they are brown/ clear when
        viewed with the naked eye?  It seems like you should be able to
        see the colors with your naked eye?  Also movie reels?
        \_ That's the normal cast of the negative film medium itself.  You
           should still be able to see different colors if the original scene
           is colorful enough.  The colors you see on the negatives are
           reciprocal to the original colors (plus the brown cast).  That's why
           they are called negatives.  Movies are also shot on negatives, but
           the images are somehow transferred to silde films which are sent to
           the cinemas.
2004/3/10-11 [Academia/UCLA, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:12598 Activity:low
3/10    Dear motd readers. I got sick and tired of turning up my AC to cool
        down my apartment because of all the power hogging servers I run
        24x7. I  decided to do something really different. I went to Home
        Depot to buy a exhaust/ventilation/pipe kit and hooked them up on a
        big fan to direct the hot PC exhaust outside. Voila! No more
        hot apartment (and it doesn't smells like a server room anymore).
                        -ucla student (and yes LA has been kinda hot lately)
        \_ Uh... congrats?
        \_ tell us about the stars ilyas!
           \_ Heh.  We went over this already.  There are at least 3 different
              csua people at ucla.  I never ever sign as 'ucla student.'.
              You think I am proud to attend a school which harvests organs
              for profit?  Get a life. -- ilyas
                        \_ who are the 3 UCLA students?
                           \_ I respect their privacy.  If they read the motd,
                              and care to do so, they will identify themselves.
                                -- ilyas
                \_ Umm, funny I think we are (were in my case) listening to
                   the same show (in any event this is on NPR right now)
                   and they make this seem all particularly sinister 'cause
                   it deals with lumps of human flesh, but, the only real/
                   reasonable issue here (as far as i can tell) is that UCLA
                   was NOT profiting.  The Professor was pocketing the cash.
                   \_ you mean the director of the program (who was earning
                      $56K salary and has a certificate in mortuary services)
                      was taking the cash
                        \_ umm, yeah, what you said.  Though, boy, 56k really?
                           Maybe the university is complicitous (in which case
                           it is just a perk and there is NO issue here). 56K
                           seems low for the director to be making.  How much
                           do directors of other programs make there?  -phuqm
                                \_ you guys are spoiled. 56K in Los Angeles
                                   can get you a LOT of goodies. -ucla stud
                                   \_ I hear the strippers will do nude
                                      lap dances for only $20 there. Is
                                      that true?
                                      \_ They are topless and in a G-string,
                                         but yes.
                                         \_ What are the best places to go?
                           \_ $20 will get you topless $40 nude, you can get
                              coupons for free topless lapdances by staples
                              center (Spearmint Rhino). However, i think they
                              used to grind you but then a no touching
                              ordinance passed. was that repealed?
                              LA Strip Clubs >> SF Strip Clubs.
                              \_ LA has move strip clubs than SF? =)  Anyway,
                                Strip clubs for the gents seems very boring.
                                If you goto, you'll see what
                                I mean.  (work UNsafe!)
                        \_ No professor was profitting on this...just the
                           director of that Willed Body program.
2003/7/24 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:29121 Activity:nil
        Hunt a naked woman
2002/11/12 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:26521 Activity:nil
        \_ Nimbus!
2002/9/21 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:25967 Activity:moderate
9/19    Where can I get naked pix of Rebekah Revels?
        \_ You can't.  There aren't any in public.
        \_ kazaar has everthing.
           \_ It does not have RR naked because there are no public pics.
              \_ Who is Rebekah Revels?
2002/5/27 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:24954 Activity:nil
5/27    it's topless toga week:,,5-2002240675,00.html
2002/5/14 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:24815 Activity:nil
5/14    Cool! The motd has no freeper rants, two or more stalkers, strip club
        recommendations and guys looking for nookie in Fremont. I feel like I've
        come back home!
2002/5/13-14 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:24811 Activity:moderate
5/13    A few friends are taking a trip to Reno in June because one guy
        is getting married later this year. Any suggestions on what
        establishments to visit in Reno? So far, we have clubs:
        Fantasy and Wild Orchid.
        \_ Depends on how wild you want to get. The brothels are quick
           30 minute ride east of town. And it's not just for sex. Both
           of the places you mention are topless only (due to alcohol
           limitations). At the brothels you can get full nude and drink.
           Just tip really well and it'll be cool. On the other hand, the
           gals at the topless joints look a *lot* better.
           \_ Any specific recommendations? We'll be there two days and
              wouldn't mind a variety.
        \_ When I went to Reno six years ago there were variaty shows by
           Playboy which included topless dances and singing.  I don't remember
           which casino it was.  The women were good-looking.  However, the
           audience were kept far away from the women by the size of the stage
           and nobody got a close-up no latter where you sat.  That's a minus
           for someone.
        \_ For a really kick ass paella, try the restaurant off the lobby
           of John Ascuaga's Nugget - He's Basque and it's his grandma's
           recipe. - kc
2001/10/2 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:22619 Activity:nil
10/2    Someone told me that Berkeley has a research (AI vision) that
        detects pictures of naked people. Is it true or is it a rumor?
        \_ See for papers.
           (The project shifted from finding naked people to
           finding horses a while ago.)
           \_ Hook this up to and you have an
              automatic serach engine for nude pictures of celebrities.
2000/12/5-6 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:20001 Activity:high
12/5    Well, this is a pretty crappy time window. For those living in the
        silicon valley:
        \_ "Silicon Valley" not "the Silicon Valley"
           \_ wrong.  Common usage is to include the "the" except when
              in adjectival form.
              \_ Nope, you're wrong. Common usage among people who've
                 lived here all their life is to not include
                 "the." Reference the San Jose Mercury News: "The
                 Newspaper of Silicon Valley"
        \_ How visible is it going to be?  Like a bright star that we see
           with naked eye?
           \_   Easily visible with the naked eye.  Naked eye can see
                stars as dim as 5th or 6th magnitude (magnitudes are dumb:
                higher magnitude --> dimmer star).  On Dec. 11, the ISS will
                be at 0.2'll probably be the brightest thing in that
                region of the sky, and the only thing that will be moving at
                a constant velocity.
2000/11/14 [Recreation/Stripclub] UID:19776 Activity:high
11/14   I notice it says Co-Ed Naked Computing. i'm naked, but where are
        the co-eds?
        \_ finger raytrace
           \_ I keep hearing about raytrace. pix p.
2000/1/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:17324 Activity:moderate
1/24    Why does it say "Co-Ed Naked Computing" on the top of MOTD?
        \_ Ask ali.
           \_ actually, I put that there.  -not ali
                \_ If you don't know what ali has to do with it, you
                   know nothing about Co-Ed Naked Computing in the CSUA.
                   \_ Duh, obviously.  "If you have to ask, you don't know!"
                      Oooh, aaaah... how mysterious!!!
1996/6/30 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:31857 Activity:nil
6/29    Striptease: Not worth it. Too many ideas and none really funny, but
        if all you want to see is Demi's topless nudity, then go for it.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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