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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/11/24-28 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Food] UID:40727 Activity:low
11/23   Bio-diesel from vegetable oils: (
        \_ This is REALLY COOL, I can't wait till our mighty benevolent
           corporations like Chevron and Enron start mass producing
           bio diesel.
        \_ The energy you get per acre is very small, so even with a free
           catalyst it wouldn't be economical.  Most of the hype about biofuels
           comes from the farming industry seeking subsidies.
           \_ or bio-diesel tinkerers who get their vegetable oils as waste
              product from the food industry. The supply of that, obviously,
              is quite limited.
2005/11/23-28 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Food] UID:40708 Activity:nil
11/23   Vegetarian turkey for Thanksgiving (has sound):
2005/11/14-15 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Food] UID:40586 Activity:low 76%like:40581
11/14   How much of your favorite caffinated beverage would it take to
        kill you?
        \_ Interesting. I guess coffee has more caffeine than espresso drinks.
           See Starbucks Grande Coffee vs. Grande Mocha's, Per unit volume,
           obviously espresso wins, but per drink, coffee wins.
                                        \- "it's the moles that get you"
        \_ OMFG, Redline Caffeine drink: (Same site)
2005/10/19-21 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:40178 Activity:nil
10/19   My sister's music is featured at under 'all songs
        considered' and can be listened to.  The name of the song is
        'Take a minute' from her previous CD 'I kid you not'.  Her name
        is Diane Marie Kloba.  I hope you enjoy it.  -ikiru
        \_ Congrats! Is she as hot as yermom?
        \_ See ... ikiru's mom is currently about to
           go medieval on Florida.
2005/10/12-13 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Recreation/Food] UID:40054 Activity:low
10/12   4,500 year old noodle to go please!
        \_ Man, Chinese food can survive 5000 years?  This explains
           something about my indigestion problems.
        \_ Just more proof of the Flying Spaghetti Monster's greatness
2005/9/27-28 [Consumer/Audio, Recreation/Food] UID:39894 Activity:nil
9/27    Copyright dispute over subway maps:,2125,68967,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2
        \_ Don't compete with our taxpayer funded efforts to disseminate
           this information!
2005/9/27-28 [Uncategorized/German, Recreation/Food] UID:39886 Activity:nil
9/27    Vo ist die restaurant vom Lowe?
2005/9/22-23 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:39818 Activity:nil
9/22    So it turns out that a bungload of British army emergency supplies
        and MRE-type food were to be burned as "unfit for human consumption."
        I forwarded this to a colleague in the US, who sent it to Feinstein's
        office just for shits and grins, and according to what they told him,
        nobody'd even heard of this.  This makes baby jesus cry.    -John
        \_ The end of this article reads:
           'The FDA said: "We did inspect some MREs (meals ready to eat) on
           September 13. They are the only MREs we looked at. There were 70
           huge pallets of vegetarian MREs.
           "They were from a foreign nation. We inspected them and then
           released them for distribution."'
2005/9/21-23 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:39792 Activity:low
9/21    Why is the Chinese black egg black? Is it safe to eat? What chemical
        compound made it black? It looks like lead, but it's yummy.
        \_ You mean thousand year old egg? I think that's duck egg preserved
           in tea.
           \_ It's funny that the thousand year old egg was featured in Fear
              Factor.  When I saw that episode, I'm like "I'll eat it without
              a prize."
        \_ Koreans sometimes soak hard boiled eggs in watered down soy
           sause.  They turn brown.  Those are pretty tasty too.
           \_ The Japanese do something similar for oden. Cf. the egg in
              vinegar science trick. (The egg in oden is not as rubbery...)
        \_ Let me tell you something *REALLY* scary... *TRADITIONALLY* those
           'thousand year old egg' was made by marinating the egg in
           *HORSE PISS*.  No, I am not kidding.  We don't do it in horse
           piss anymore, if you are really interested in this, I can find out.
           It bothers me that how my ancestors one day came up with this idea
           "let me soak egg in this and see how's taste..."
           \_ Well it's not as bad as the famous Shit Eating German porn.
           \_ I have a guess as to why urine was pissed. A disgruntled
              chef in the Dynasty thought it'd be funny to serve the
              emperor egg that is dipped in urine. It turns out the
              emperor liked it so much that it's an official dish.
              Uh, seriously though, that's just an urban legend. Black
              eggs are black because of charcoal, tea, and other things.
     <-- see?
           \_ Like how we grow mushrooms on cold horse shit?
           \_ No way, you're shitting me!!!
           \_ MOVE OVER GERMANY!!!!1!!
              \_ Nothing beats your Shit Eating German porn. How the hell
                 did you guys come up with that stuff. It is just sick.
           \_ I hate to sound like a freak, but piss in general has a lot of
              really useful properties (all that ammonia, etc.). Pre-Industrial
              really useful properties (all that urea, etc.). Pre-Industrial
              folks had a lot of uses for it, including medicine and laundry.
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/9/17-19 [Recreation/Food] UID:39729 Activity:nil
9/17    Fish tongue eating insect:
        \_ That is sick.
2005/9/15-17 [Politics/Domestic, Recreation/Food] UID:39704 Activity:low
9/15    We had to lay someone off at work because of the shrinking budget.
        Some people would like to take him to lunch. Some of us think it
        would be weird to go out with someone being (essentially) fired.
        What do you think? Would a card/gift be more appropriate? Should
        we do anything at all? We've worked with this guy for 2-3 years.
        \_ Take the guy out for a meal.  What's so awkward about it?  It's not
           like you made the decision to can him.
           \_ Agreed.  If you like him, give him a nice send-off.
           \_ Well, I didn't make the decision but I was party to it.
              \_ "laid off" = "we couldn't afford you, no hard feelings
                 please", "fired" = "you suck, we don't want you, go away".
                 Make sure you know which it is; I would find it extremelyy
                 odd to take someone whose firing I was involved in to lunch
                 unless I knew him personally.  Otherwise it seems very
                 disingenuous.  If it's a real layoff, you might also want
                 to consider passing his resume around and other nice
                 things.  -John
                 \_ Well, as you know, when there's a layoff there's
                    always the choice of *who* to layoff. It's not the
                    same as being fired, but there's the undertone of
                    "We chose to let *you* go." I personally might feel
                    odd going to lunch with coworkers if I was laid off.
                    I did offer to help him get another job. If anyone
                    needs a sysadmin, junior s/w engineer, or WWW developer
                    with a BS in CS from Caltech and about 3 years
                    experience let me know. I'm in LA, but I know his
                    girlfriend is in the Bay Area, so he might consider
                    moving. Oh, he is also a RHCE. --dim
        \_ Something more important to consider: that shrinking budget.  When
           is *your* turn?  Think about where you'd like to be taken to lunch
           when your turn comes.  Also, a single layoff for budget reasons
           sounds really weird.  What's really going on?  How big is your
           place?  Are you a C*O or founder?  If not, polish up your resume if
           he was really cut for budget reasons.  As far as lunch or no lunch,
           it doesn't matter if he was fired or laid off.  A particular job is
           not the be-all end-all of life.  If you like the guy take him to
           lunch.  If you hate him, don't.  Remember, in theory, someone who
           got laid-off will be re-hired when times get better.  I've seen it
           actually happen a _small_ number of times.
           \_ Well, I asked him if we could take him to lunch and he said
              "Yes". As for the rest of the story, who said it was a
              single layoff?
              \_ enjoy lunch.  No one said but if you re-read the OP it is
                 easy to come to that conclusion from context.  How many out
                 of how many total?
2005/9/14-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:39675 Activity:low
        German robbers rob a Chinese restaurant with a pistol and a knife
        but got chased out by tables and chairs thrown at them. Fucking Krauts
        \_ Callahan: You forgot your fortune cookie, punk.
           Punk: What?
           Callahan: It says you're shit out of luck.<shoots punk with .44>
        \_ So?  Bruce Lee could fight armed gangsters in restaurants with tooth
           picks.  At least he did in one of his movies.
           picks from a distance.  At least he did in one of his movies.
        \_ All hail Kung Fu!
2005/9/10 [Recreation/Food] UID:39614 Activity:nil
9/9     You know, it's nice to rescue the poor people in NO and all, but
        more importantly, when can we start eating yummy, safe (non-toxic)
        genuine gumbo from NO?
2005/9/4-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:39489 Activity:nil
9/5     One Sunday I decided to have a late lunch at the burger joint on Solano
        avenue. I came there at about 3:30pm and it seemed like most eateries
        south of the BART tracks were closed. Are they always closed on Sundays
        or did I choose a very unfortunate time of day?
        \_ probably isn't very safe there at night
           \_ 3:30 isn't exactly night and I have once been there at night
              and the place looked very crowded. I wouldn't feel very
              unsafe there.
2005/9/3-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:39473 Activity:nil
9/3     Humour of the week: "Man Fired for Eating Pizza Wins Contest"
2005/9/2-3 [Recreation/Food] UID:39450 Activity:nil
9/2     "They need to stabilize that situation," the President said.
        "They need to make sure that the food and medicine that is in
        place is given to the people that need the food and medicine."
        What "they" is he referring to, the French?
        \_ God, who else? God Bless.            !conservative
        \_ Either FEMA or some LA state agency.
2005/9/1-2 [Recreation/Food, Reference/RealEstate] UID:39406 Activity:kinda low
9/1     I am in the south bay, and yesterday out of no where I discovered
        lots and lots of aunts in the bathroom. I am usually very
        careful about leaving food outside, and the trail of the aunts
        (from bathroom - living room fireplace) does not appear to
        show that they were after my food. What the hell were they
        after? Were they just moving? I sprayed and killed most of
        them, which probably numbered in the thousands.. I've not had
        a single aunt problem for the past 2 years I've lived here.
        What would cause such a sudden outburst of aunts?
        \_ They are probably after water, not food.
        \_ They are probably after money, not food.
        \_ has it been hotter than usual lately?
           \_ I've been having exactly this problem for the past three months.
              I had the same problem the same time last year.  I've been
              wondering why the same brand of bait that used to work a few
              years ago doesn't work now.  It must be this new Argentine ant
              species.  One thing I notice is that some ants crawl much faster
              than others.  Is it the Argentine ant vs. the native species?
              years ago doesn't work now.  It must be this new Bolivian ant
              species.  One thing I notice is that Bolivian ants march faster
              than others.  Is it the Bolivian ant vs. the native species?
              I live in north Fremont.
           \_ I've noticed a lot of ants in my bathroom the past several
              months as well.  They go away for few weeks after I put those
              ant bait/traps, but come right back.  I don't have problems with
              ants in other parts of my Oakland apartment.
              ants in other parts of my Oakland apartment. I live in E. Fremont.
        \_ Its not like the ants in CA bite or anything, what are you
           so concerned about?
           \_ They crawl up my legs and arms.  My in-law got a few on her face
              a few nights ago while sleeping.
           \_ They crawl up my legs and arms. My in-law got her face chewed off
              a few nights ago while sleeping. We are Taiwanese.
2005/8/30-31 [Recreation/Food, Health/Eyes] UID:39357 Activity:nil
8/30    Chavez offers us fuel and food on top of free eye surgery.
        Now we REALLY need to assassinate him.
        \_ Ha! He has succumed to the dreaded threat of Pat Robertson!
        \_ I don't think he understands that we kick our poor people when
           they're down.
        \_ Hehe.  I actually think he's pretty funny.
        \_ Al Capone was actually a hero in the 30s to the really poor
           people in Chicago. He setup cafes to feed the people who
           would have starved to death during the great depression. How
           he got money to setup cafes is another story. Today, we are
           in need of another hero. We need someone to take money from
           Bill Gates, Walmart Waltons, and other super wealthy kings
           to give wealth back to the poor. We have no such hero today.
2005/8/16-17 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:39135 Activity:high
        "A majority of Hispanics born in the United States don't think illegal
        Hispanic immigrants should be given drivers' licenses, according to a
        new poll."
        \_ C'mon, folks, it's a sting operation.
           \_ That would be kinda funny.  "Here's you driver's licence
              sir, and here's your border patrol officer."
              \_ Seriously, you don't see this happening?
                 \_ In a word, no.
        \_ You don't need borders!  How Cold War!  Become a Citizen of the
           World!  Get your Global Work Permit!  Travel!  See the sights!
           When there are no more borders, there will be no more war!  Hey,
           what is the EU policy on non-EU people trotting about?  How about
           \_ We have a treaty with the EU to allow bilateral work permits
              very easily.  The overprotected, overpriced, mollycoddled Swiss
              markets could use it (just like the overprotected, &c &c US, Jap
              and EU markets could use some competition) as we're seeing an
              insane amount of super-qualified people coming in from Germany
              and Austria who are fleeing statist ham-handedness there, and
              really raising the quality bar here.  And although the EU
              is a bureaucratic shitpile, its very existence is sure motivating
              the Poles/Czechs/Balts and friends into becoming lean, fast-
              growing economies.  Global economics is not a zero-sum game, to
              be ruined by protectionist tax-horny command-economy government
              hacks.  May I suggest a cabin in Montana?  -John
              \- I am for sure going to have fun watching "libertarian" geeks
                 sort themelves out into various flavors under the pressure
                 of globalization. i wonder if there will be an attempt to
                 vincent chin somebody in a pathetic geek way.
                 \_ Partha once went on record as saying libertarians are
                    libertarian because this allows them to excuse the way
                    they naturally feel, or something like that.  I am sort of
                    they naturally feel, or something like that.  I was sort of
                    idly wondering if John is going to show up one day and
                    accuse Partha of overgeneralizing and 'wrongthink,' but
                    then I realized it's only chic to do that to me. -- ilyas
                 \_ Dey took ur' jerbs!!
                 \_ We'll just take our families and go start american food
                    restaurants in Calcutta.  That'll show 'em.  -JOhn
                    \_ Genuinely curious... Do they sell Garden Burgers in
                       \- no, in india it is easy to find vegetarian food
                          that actually tastes good. you dont have newly minted
                          vegetarians who "miss" the hamburger experience.
                          and burgers are generally mutton or chicken if
                          memory serves. serving beef in a high profile way
                          [like if you are mcd] is just asking for trouble.
                          \_ Spoken like someone who's never tried a really
                             good veggie patty.  I am not a vegetarian, and
                             I appreciate a good beefburger, but there is
                             such a thing as a really tasty veggie burger.
                             \- when i go to india, kolkata in particular,
                                i basically become a vegetarian because the
                                vegetarian food is better than about every-
                                thing else and cheaper too. so while i dont
                                typcally eat vegetarian burgers here, on
                                statistical grounds this is pretty defensible.
                                many of the vegetables here are really
                                expensive or bland, especially tomatos.
                                in much of india since you buy fresh vegetables
                                at the market every day, they may look funky
                                but they are vastly better than about any
                                non-chez panisse level vegetables here.
                                i think a better comparison is something
                                like say flan ... flan will not take off
                                in india anytime soon because there is nothing
                                to cause the flan market to go through
                                a "hyper inflation" phase. it's not a matter
                                of whether flan is good or bad ... it's not
                                enough better than domestic sweets. pizza
                                on the other hand is an innovation that is
                                taking off because of marketing and novelty.
                                in spite of the pizza being bad. so yes if
                                for some reason a company making really
                                tasty veggie burgers dumps millions of
                                dollars into mkting, then maybe they will
                                taken off, but that's not going to happen.
                                \_ I have a colleague originally from around
                                   about Hyderabad who went to the Bombay
                                   Inst of Tech. He complained (at length)
                                   about American hamburgers. His reasoning was
                                   the home of the hamburger (his idea, not
                                   mine) should have a huge variety of meat and
                                   non-meat hamburgers available. This because
                                   he bragged about the huge variety of
                                   specifically non-meat burgers available in
                                   (I presume) Bombay and Hyderabad. He
                                   also, IIRC, said meat hamburgers were
                                   uncommmon. That said, he may simply have
                                   been whinging since he was dealing with some
                                   pretty bad culture shock at the time.
                                    -- ulysses
                                   \_ There is a huge variety of meat and
                                      non-meat burgers available here in
                                      the USA.
                                      \_ Yup. One place has Ostrich burgers
                                         I think. Forgot the name.
                                         \_ Fuddrucker's does. It's also
                                            common to see turkey, buffalo,
                                            salmon, and many varieties of
                                            soy/veggie burgers.
                                      \_ There's also an awesome place on the
                                         main square in Sonoma that does a
                                         duck burger with foie gras.  It's
                                         really good.  -John
                                         \- well i think those still dont count
                                            as "common". mcd, bk, carls jr,
                                            wendys etc are mostly beef, some
                                            chicken options, one fish item,
                                            but no lamb, mutton, goat, turkey,
                                            pork [maybe turkey] etc. contrast
                                            to say a typical mexican facility
                                            with al pastor, carne asada,
                                            ground beef, chortizo, carnitas,
                                            tongue etc. same for a deli ...
                                            lots of options compared to a
                                            typical hamburger facility. --psb
                                            \_ Look in a Wal-Mart for what the
                                               "common" American eats. The
                                               places you mentioned have about
                                               as much food value as Viet Cong
                                               sandals cut from truck tires.
                                               As for Indian food, didn't the
                                               head of Congress' youth wing
                                               once chop up his gf and hide her
                                               in a tandoori oven?  Mmh!  -John
                                               \_ The discussion was about
                                                  common hamburger options,
                                                  not what is healthy or
                                                  common to eat.
                                                  \_ Yes, and the options
                                                     meantioned were of Viet
                                                     Cong truck tire sandal
                                                     food value, allowing for
                                                     crack about average
                                                     Americans' dining habits,
                                                     Wal-Mart and tandoori
                                                     dismemberment.  Capisce?
                                            \_ Almost every fast food
                                               joint offers a chicken
                                               sandwich/burger. Jack in
                                               the Box had the Turkey
                                               Jack. Once you stray from
                                               the big chains, though, you
                                               easily find the rest. Turkey
                                               burgers are especially easy
                                               to find, as are veggie burgers.
                                               Even the big chains have had
                                               veggie burgers at various
                                               times. I think some still do.
                                            \- BTW, one reason traditional
                                               burgers and pizza in india
                                               are ass is because you cannot
                                               get good "cheej". i dunno if
                                               you will "get" this if you dont
                                               know india, but i thought this
                                               was both hilarious & insightful
                                               in the horrible VS Naipaul way:
                                               [you have to click fwd to the
                                               first page of text]. you may
                                               also wish to see:
                                               for more fun with Sir Vidia.
                                      \_ There is lots of good vegetables
                                      \_ There are lots of good vegetables
                                         at reasonable prices here. You
                                         just have to go to Farmer's markets,
                                         like the one at the Civic Center in
                                         San Francisco. Organic produce from
                                         Whole Foods is also quite good, but
                                         pricey. -ausman
2005/8/8-11 [Recreation/Food] UID:39048 Activity:low
8/8     How much does your weight vary on any given day?
        \_ I don't have weight sensors in my shoes.
        \_ I eat about 5 pounds of meat a day, and I shit once a day.
           I drink about 1 gallon of liquid. So I'm guessing maybe 10 pounds?
        \_ I eat about 5 pounds of meat a day, and I shit once a week.
           I drink about 2 gallon of liquid. So I'm guessing maybe 16.5 pounds?
           I drink about 1 gallon of liquid. So I'm guessing maybe 10 pounds?
           \_ Yeah but if you eat like that 5 of those pounds aren't temporary.
        \_ About half a kilo or so (a pound, give or take)
        \_ About 3 lbs - though some of that could be due to the
           fact that I'm using an el cheapo target bathroom scale
           for weighing myself.
        \_ On a long bike ride, I'll lose 5-8 pounds.  -tom
           \_ Out of curiosity, what does "long" mean?
              \_ A few weeks ago I rode Mount Hamilton via Mines Road,
                 which came out to a little over 100 miles, and I was out
                 there for 10 hours.  I was about 6 pounds lighter, on a
                 not very hot day.  -tom
                 \_ I assume that you were rehydrating aggressively along the
                    \_ I drank 7-8 liters of fluids (mostly water).  -tom
2005/8/3-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:38970 Activity:low
8/3     Eco People: Are you willing to give up your flush toilets?
        \_ You mean using 0.6gpf urinals instead?
           \_ Urinals don't work too well when you crap in them.
              \_ Exactly.  So what's the alternative that the OP proposes?
                 \_ Probably these horrible "flush-less" urinals they've been
                    putting in highway rest stops over here--they have a valve
                    at the bottom which drains the things when they fill past
                    a certain degree, and don't let any smell out of the pipe.
                    Needless to say, the bits you pee on above the pipe also
                    smell.  A lot.  -John
        \_ I use a composting toilet and then use the fertilizer on the
           organic vegetables I sell down at the farmer's market.
           \_ that's done it for me, no more farmer's markets
              \_ Nah, just boil 'em.  Koreans used human excrement as
                 fertilizer for hundred of years.
                 \_ Chinese do that too, but I don't think they boil it first.
                    \_ Not the excrement, the food. Before you eat it.
           \_ Do you also jerk off into that toilet?
                \_ that's it, returning those carrots
2005/7/24-28 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:38799 Activity:nil
7/24    foodP! 7pm Fondue Freds, Wednesday 7/27
        come one, come all
        \_ use evite.
        \_ how much is it? I'm poor...
           \_ The idea is to take advantage of their 6+ person deal, which
              comes out to basically $20/person.  Definitely more expensive
              than say a TopDog, but it is an all-you-can-eat deal for fondue
              and their house wine.
              The CSUA used to have regular FoodP's, a tradition that has
              (sadly) apparently died.  -ERic
        \_ Who is going? Alumni or students? I'm a poor student, can you
           rich wealthy land-owning alumni buy me food? I promise to
           entertain you guys with new Soda Hell stories. Are there going
           to be hot women? Is karen going?
           \_ Are there going to be stalkers attending?
              \_ Why?  You lose yours?
           \_ CSUA w/ booth babes. Now there's a concept.
        \_ I had fondue once and hated it. Maybe it was the particular
           cheese? Or is it usually the same type? It was also expensive for
           what it is and the skill involved. I think I'd love a chocolate
           fondue though.
           \_ There are many variations, but a typical cheese fondue will
              contain some of swiss, gruyere and ementhaler cheeses, plus dry
              white wine, and often some garlic, or lemon juice, or kirch.
              Personally I love gruyere, but some people hate it.
           \_ A crappy fondue has too much starch, low quality wine, shitty
              cheese, cat intestines, whatever in it.  -John the Fondue Expert
        \_ I like Fondue Fred's.  And their house wine is excellent after the
           third glass or so.  I'd go if I was in the bay area.  -niloc
2005/7/22-25 [Recreation/Food] UID:38767 Activity:nil
7/22    Does anyone know of a program for optimizing pizza topping selection?
        I'm thinking of the situation where you have N people who each have
        some number of preferred and shunned toppings, and you want to pick P
        pizzas such that everyone can find a pizza without a shunned topping
        and you maximize the number of prefered toppings people get.  This
        seems like the sort of thing geeks would have worked out already...
        \- potential arrow impossibility theorem problem
        \_ Can you clarify the "maximize the number of prefered toppings people
           get" part?
2005/7/21-23 [Politics/Domestic/911, Recreation/Food] UID:38756 Activity:nil
7/21    My reading on London bombing 2:  Terrorists screwed up this time.
        Detonators went off, but explosives didn't.
        Yes, it is indicative of high vulnerability if they can get chemically-
        based detonators exploding in rucksacks at three subway trains and a
        bus AGAIN, even with all the security, two weeks after the last attack.
        \_ Also a higher possibility of copycat or amateur hour.
           \_ Uh, Al Qaeda _is_ largely a "copycat" organization.  Now watch
              out for the disappointed-looking bearded guy sitting behind the
              backpack.  -John
           \_ Especially that it's again three in the subway and one on a bus.
           \_ Probably this was just engineered by Rove to get him off the
              front page.
              \_ We all dance like marionettes to the flick of Rove's chubby
                 \- when you hear the price they paid
                    i'm sure you'll come and join the masquerade
                    one by one and two by two
                    past eight by tens in shattered frames
                    the players try to leave the room
                    frantic puppets on a string
                    and all the while the music sings
                    and still sometimes remember
                    the masquerade's forever
2005/7/18-19 [Health/Dental, Recreation/Food] UID:38692 Activity:nil
7/18    A chocolate a day will keep the doctor away.
        \_ But will a chocolate a day bring the dentist my way?
2005/7/13-14 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:38595 Activity:nil
7/13    Coffee shop opens in Utah without coffee, cigarettes, or alcohols
        because Mormons can't touch them:,2933,162317,00.html
        \_ I'd say that's totally gay, but Mormons don't like that either.
        \_ Well, sell to your customers.  It's not hard to get coffee and
           alcohol in Utah if you want them.
2005/7/13-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:38591 Activity:high
7/13    Motd Diet Poll: M, for married, S for single, + w, for working,
        s for student.  Most of the time, you eat:
        Fast food: Ss
        Lots of Meat, Fat:
        Lots of Meat (lean):
        Balanced (grains,veggies,meat): Mw, Mw, Mw, Mw, Sw
        Mostly Vegetables(or seafood): Ms, Mw, Sw
        Vegetarian: Ssw, Mw
        Vegan/raw foodie: Sw
        I don't know what I eat:
        \_ WTF happened to all the undergrads who eat nothing but fast food?
           \- i used to eat bacon, fat slice, blondies and 99cent burgers.
              however i had a super-fast metabolism then. i cant do that
              any more. now my metabolism has become super-efficient and i
              just eat 1.7 meals per day.
           \_ Their fingers are too chubby to type
              \_ But fast food is nutritious!  Ilyas told me so, dammit!
                 \_ Why is it that right-wingers get so worked up fast food?
                    What the hell does fast food have to do with politics,
                    aside from the fact that Republicans tend to be fat and
                    \_ I am a right-winger now?  And I get worked up about
                       fast food?  Are you one of those mental giants who
                       divide the world into two exhaustive and mutually
                       exclusive sets: People Who Think Like Me, and
                       Right-Wingers? -- ilyas
                       \_ I'm not worked up or right wing either -- I was
                          just poking mild fun at you.  I wonder what made him
                          decide I'm a rightwingnut... -ilyas-is-nutritious-guy
                          \_ Gaaaah, I am NOT nutricious, you cannibal!  You
                             stay away from me! -- ilyas
                             \_ Sounds like a bad 1970's era movie:
                                "Ilyas the Cannibal!!" -ilyas-is-nutritious guy
                    \_ 'Cause I'm an American dammit, and no pencil neck geek
                       should be telling me what to eat!  Now, drug prohibition
                       on the other hand, that's ok.
                    \_ Fast food -> big chains -> big corporations ->
                       Gourmet food -> local restaurants.
                 \_ Kiss my shiny metal ass. -- ilyas
                    \_ shouldn't this be "bite my ..."?
2005/7/11-12 [Recreation/Food] UID:38515 Activity:nil
7/11    The eat veggie-save earth thread has got to be the most stupid
        thread I've ever read on motd. The best thing to do is not consuming
        more veggies. The best thing to do is to consume men, which would the
        most ecological and logical thing to do to reduce pollutants. First
        of all, eating existing men would save you the cost to transport
        grains for cows or use our precious water suppry for crops.
        Secondly, you reduce population that would otherwise use up more
        resources and pollute the earth. Consuming men would be killing two
        birds with one stone. I propose we start by first eating idiots who
        post stupid threads on motd, and then eating SUV drivers, then the
        fanatic Republicans, and finally all the communists and Democrats.
        \_ Yes, and don't you think the Dear MOTD Readers should be allowed
           to decide that for themselves?  -John
2005/7/8-10 [Science/Space, Recreation/Food] UID:38485 Activity:high
7/8     Cut global warming by becoming vegetarian:
        \_ Cut global warming with eco-friendly investments:
           \_ How does one know that the money we pay on purchasing these
              passes actually goes to projects that reduce pollution, and these
              projects actually have big enough of an impact to offset our
              cars' pollutant output?
              \_ Good question, and I don't have a good answer. I suppose you
                 could argue that you have a contract with them, so they're
                 obligated to follow-through.
        \_ Cut global warming by turning off the water when you apply soap in
           the middle of a shower.  This saves water as well as the energy
           needed to heat it.
           \_ Not eating 1 pound of western beef saves more water than not
              showering for 1 year, assuming 7 minute showers once per day
              with a low flow shower head.  "Raising one cow uses enough
              water to float a destroyer"
              \_ Just shooting yourself as soon as possible saves more water
                 and energy and cute little bacteria that you'd otherwise
                 spend your life stompin' on than you can possibly imagine.
                 I'll take mine medium rare, thanks.  -John
              \_ Uh, this is really poorly phrased.  Not eating 1 pound of
                 beef doesn't save anything.  That cow is still raised.
                 \_ Have you ever heard of supply & demand?  Buying and
                    tossing one pound of beef doesn't do anything, true.
                    However, choosing to purchase less beef directly affects
                    demand, which will in turn affect supply.
              \_ Are you serious???  Reference please?  Thx.
                 \_ John Robbins Food Revolution, which had extensive
                    footnotes in that section.  Note that it takes a lot
                    more water to raise cattle in the arid west, which is
                    why I said *western beef*.  Here is a webpage that
                    discusses the topic (took me about 5 seconds with google):
                    Another one:
                    Oh look more:
                    Note that producing beef in arid climates takes more
                    than 2500 gallons/pound.
              \_ Don't eat fruits either. Raising one plum tree uses
                 enough water to float a destroyer. We should eat only
                 \_ Whatever
                    \_ Whatever indeed. Focus on one aspect of farming
                       (cattle) and ignore the rest.
                       \_ I think the pp was focusing on the fact that
                          raising 1 pound of meat consumes a lot more
                          water than raising 1 pound of fruit/vegetable:
                          \_ Ah yes this is the exact reference
                       \_ The issue is not whether farming uses water.
                          Raising beef just uses orders of magnitude more
                          water for the same nutrional content.  So one
                          water for the same nutritional content.  So one
                          way to be environmental is not to eat beef, simple.
                          \_ Right. Another way is to eat only cactus and
                             not water-loving plants like rice and fruit.
                             Or, like John said, shoot yourself.
                             \_ can you be more disengenous? from the above
                                link: water req'd for 1 lb. of apples: 49
                                that's two orders of magnitude
                                less than the amt. req'd for beef.  Eating
                                cactus vs. apples counts for nothing compared
                                to the simple act of not eating beef. -!pp, !op
                                \_ How much protein is in those apples?
                                   If you want to grow, say, soy beans
                                   it take 250 gallons per pound. I find
                                   all of these sorts of arguments
                                   disingenuous. Eat healthy. That means
                                   some meat (but not a lot) in the diet.
                                   Avoiding 1 lb of beef per week (say)
                                   to substitute with 1 lb of apples is
                                   beyond stupid. There are other factors,
                                   too, like cooking, transportation (beef
                                   needs freezing), pesticides, and so on.
                                   Framing in terms of gallons/pound is
                                   meaningless and idiotic.
                                   \_ No it's not, it tells us how much water
                                      beef takes.  It also takes more of many
                                      other resources such as fuel and space.
                                      Why is disingenuous to look at the amount
                                      of resources a certain diet takes?  Meat
                                      eating simply uses way more resources.
                                      Now whether or not that matters to you
                                      is a different issue, isn't it?
                                      \_ The point here is that water
                                         usage is not defined in a vacuum.
                                         Looking at how much water a cow
                                         drinks versus how much water a tree
                                         needs is not too informative in
                                         itself. So much more is involved in
                                         growing, preparing, transporting,
                                         and storing the foods. Is that
                                         gallons/pound number derived by adding
                                         in how many gallons it takes to grow
                                         feed or is it just what the cow
                                         drinks? How much of that water is
                                         taken of the water cycle and in what
                                         way? What other factors are involved?
                                   \_ strawman. What you find disingenuous is
                                      not a claim anyone made.  It's idiotic
                                      to replace one lb. of beef w/ one lb. of
                                      apples.  The gallons/apple was made to
                                      refute above trolls nonsense about fruit
                                      \_ What do you mean? If you don't eat
                                           fruit you can save a lot of water.
                                   \_ Then replace one pound of beef with
                                      beans, or whatever combination of
                                        non-MEAT vegetables/fruits diet you
                                           desire.  None of them will use as
                                           much water to create the same
                                      desire.  None of them will use remotely
                                      as much water to create the same
                                      nutrition, and you know that.
                                      \_ I am not sure 'energy' = 'nutrition'.
                                         Maybe if we were herbivores it would
                                         make more sense. There are indeed
                                         lots of drawbacks to farming, fishing,
                                         and so on. Looking at water use is
                                         some sort of feel-good bullshit.
                                         I can say it takes no (fresh) water to
                                         raise a tuna. Therefore eat only
                                         tuna and no apples.
                      \_  Don't forget all the water that is required to
                          maintain a healthy green lawn that no one ever
                             The average lawn uses 125 g/1000 sq. ft on a hot,
                             summer day.  That's .8 oz. of beef/1000 sq. ft
                             during peak summer weather. Certainly, it helps
                             to reduce lawn watering, but compared to eating
                             beef, it's peanuts.
                             \_ How much water do spotted owls waste?
        \_ 1) Read an excerpt or two from the jungle, or watch a couple
              shorts about animal treatment, esp. re: antibiotics, hormones,
           2) Next time you purchase raw meat at the grocers, look at the
              meat, and remember (1) above.
           3) Go and buy some vegetables.  -!op
             \_ How many rabbits are chopped up in the combine harvesters?
                Better avoid bread.
                \_ When the other side can come up only with pedantic crap,
                   that's a safe bet you've won the argument.
        \_ So saying "you should avoid X to conserve Y" is a poor long-term
           plan: if water is actually a scarce resource, it should be expensive,
           and thus the beef should be expensive.  If there's some reason it
           isn't (government subsidies, perhaps?), the subsidies should end.
           There's no reason the free market can't solve this problem... if
           there is one.  If there isn't, who cares how "wasteful" meat
           production is?  People aren't starving in the world because the US
           doesn't produce enough food.
2005/7/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:38395 Activity:nil
7/1     Toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan: (
        \_ Already mentioned:
2005/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:38386 Activity:low
6/30    This has got to be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen:
        \_ you haven't seen very much
        \_ I thought only the Japanese would come up with weird things like
2005/6/23 [Recreation/Food] UID:38259 Activity:high
        "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Federation of
         Planets, and to the galaxy for which it stands, one universe,
         under everybody, with liberty and justice for all species."
        Sounds good to me. - star trek movie guy
        \_ I assume the kid is 8 years old. Suspension seems pretty harsh
           to me for such a goofy offense.  I like the US, but I said all
           kinds of goofy things during the pledge in elementry school.
           \_ 8 years old and still in elementary school?
              \_ Uh...
        \_ What kind of parent(s) would name a child "8"?
           \_ It appears she just refers to her children by their ages on
              her blog, for privacy reasons presumably.
              \_ I see.
              \_ I'm guessing the same, but she has no trouble posting lots
                 of pictures of her kids.
        \_ "for all species"?  That kid's not gonna eat any natural food from
        \_ "for all species"?  That kid is not gonna eat any natural food from
           now on.
           \_ If its all replicated, what species got hurt? I'm guessing
              that until we get replicators he'll have to stick to vegan,
              to minimize his impact on animal species (which is probably
              what an 8 yr old kid has in mind when he says species).
              \_ I would be more likely to assume he meant "sentient" species.
        \_ The punishment for thoughtcrime is death. -mrauser
           \_ The Computer is your friend. Keep your laser handy.
2005/6/8-9 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:38030 Activity:nil
6/7     Has anybody been to Cafe Jacqueline in SF? Is it a reasonable
        first date restaurant or is it a little over the top for a 1D?
        Also does the menu work with 2 people or best with more? OK TNX.
        \_ It's reasonable.  But it's pretty expensive.  It is best for
           2 people since some souffles are two-person serving.  I ended
           up paying over $60 per person for two meal souffles and one
           dessert souffle (no wine, no appetizers).  I didn't think it
           was worth the price.  The restaurant itself didn't look fancy,
           but something too fancy could be intimidating for a 1st date.
2005/5/13-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:37671 Activity:nil
5/13    Wendy's Chili Mystery Finally Solved.
        \_ Wow, nice couple.
        \_ Those mugshots look like studio pictures, with soft lighting and
2005/5/13-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:37666 Activity:low
5/12    I'm spending a week in Tokyo. For people who have lived there, do
        you have any recommendations like things to do, places to visit,
        or have a favorite restaurant (something that doesn't cost $60/meal)?
        \_ Asaki's Western Massage Parlour.
           A lot of young, skinny, beautiful Eastern European ladies
           who'll do ANYTHING to satisfy your dreams. There are a few
           few chunky Americans too, if you're into that.
           \_ Wouldn't OP be interested more in local girls?
        \_ Nobu.  Ask for the fubu.
                \_ Why would he ask for clothing created by black people?
        \_ Groping schoolgirls in uniforms and OL's in morning commute subway.
           100 yen for a ticket and you can grope for hours.
           \_ What's OL?
              \_ office lady. Common in Tokyo. 1/2 of the Japan porns involve
                 school girls or OL.
        \_ Don't bother with Roppongi, take a Shinkansen (they're way cool),
           visit a nice Isakaia (only good places to drink), have a look at
           Shibuya, take the train at rush hour, go knock around Shinjuku,
           visit a Tokyu (sp?) Hands store, there's no way you can be
           bored.  -John
        \_ Go visit Akihabara on a weekend which is a town for electronic
        \_ Go visit Akihabara on a weekend which is an area for electronic
           gadgets.  You can check out all the cool gadgets as well as all the
           hot women in tight short outfits holding ad signs.
2005/5/4 [Recreation/Food] UID:37514 Activity:kinda low
5/3     ax, do you eat raw eggs to get to where you are now?   -curious
        \_ Where is he now, the hospital?
                \_ I ate raw eggs in the early 90's by mixing them in
                milkshakes, say maybe 5 or 6 whites and 1 with the yellow
                still in.  I haven't had any since then.  I benched 335
                in 1993, I can do 285 now, but I run a lot and don't
                eat much protein. I weighed 190 or so then, 196 now.  -ax
                   \_ DUDE, LEARN TO INDENT. Anyways, you never had saminela?
                      \_ DUDE, LEARN TO SPELL. anyway. salmonella.
                \_ height?
                \_ penis size?
                   \_ delta?
                \_ cup size?
2005/5/3-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:37466 Activity:moderate
5/3     Favorite Fast Food Poll:
        \_ Locally owned burrito place: .
        \_ McDonalds
           \_ Got tired of it after I became a teenager
           \_ I was going to make fun of the guy who hates Wendys, but I
              hate McDonalds.  They really are evil.
              \_ Why? Are you scared of clowns?
        \_ Jack in Box
        \_ Wendys
           \_ I'm NOT going there because they donate a significant amount of
              money to Republicans. Ditto with Walmart and Dell
              \_ On the other hand, the employ a lot of Democrats. I
                 wonder if anyone has ever looked at how much money
                 employees of a company donate versus the company itself.
                 That is, let us say that Bill Gates donates to
                 Republicans, but Paul Allen donates to Democrats while at
                 the same time MSFT itself donates to Greens. Even "red"
                 companies might support "blue" candidates or causes on
                 the whole.
                 \_ Heh, "[Wendys] employ[s] a lot of Democrats." I like
                    that. Seems like that would be true of a lot of fast
                    food joints though.
                    \_ I'd think that any large company would employ large
                       numbers of Dems and Repubs (as well as Greens, etc.).
        \_ BK
        \_ Carl's Jr: ..
        \_ Popeye's: .
        \_ In n Out: .
        \_ White Castle: .
        \_ KFC: .
           \_ KFC supports Republicans, not at the Walmart/Dell scale though.
           \_ Popeye's > KFC, except that Popeye's is harder to find.
              \_ Actually, Church's > Popeye's >> KFC.
                 \_ Church's is that good?  I had heard to was dangerous
                    to your health.  Probably a rumor started by KFC. I'll
                    have to try it next time I'm in Oakland.
                    \_ It's not really that good, although it is not bad.
                       I mean, come on, it's fried chicken, it almost has to
                       be at least somewhat good.
                    \_ Church's IS GOOD, except it is as greasy as... grease.
                       Like Homer Simpson says, grease=tasty=good.
                    \_ Church's is dangerous to your health, but what does
                       that have to do with anything?  You almost have to have
                       a blatant disregard for your health if you post on this
                       a blatant disregard to your health if you post on this
                       thread.  That said, I once got food poisoning at the
                       San Jose Church's.
        \_ Rubio's: .
        \_ Del Taco: .
        \_ Subway: .
2005/4/28 [Recreation/Food] UID:37404 Activity:moderate
        Watch freeper posters go crazy over new Denny's discrimination lawsuit
        "In case you haven't figured it out, you're not welcome in this country
        anymore. Get out, and take your friends and relatives with you."
        \_ I don't blame the manager. I mean, come on, those guys have the
           following names: Osama, Arafat, and Hussein. Had I been the manager
           I'd personally give Ashcroft a call.
           \_ Mmm.. dumbassitude reigns supreme.
        \_ I was surprised that a bunch of the "should we go back to not
           letting in black folks" comments were not censored by the freeper
           Gestapo -- downright progressive by their standards.
           \_ We didn't let in the black folks.  We kidnapped them from Mother
              Africa and shipped them here!
        \_ maybe you guys have been over-spoiled by the high level of
           tolerance in the Bay Area, and think that the rest of America
           is in fact like Bay Area, when it fact, it is not. Far from it.
           \_ Maybe you're not as intelligent or as cosmopolitan as you think
              you are.  Train harder, grasshopper.
        \_ Just for fun, why don't we post EXTREME right stuff on the
           freeper, like "Damn those Muslims! Let's nuke them NOW! Use
           tactical nuke on Iran and then Korea! Then assassinate the Muslim
           head, and then blow up Haj and Mecca. KILL THEM ALL! And in fact,
           deport all immigrants, and ship those damn Negros back to Africa."
           Let's see if that gets censored, and see how far you can go.
           It'll be an interesting experiment.
           \_ You obviously haven't read enough freerepublic.  You don't
              need experiment.  Just archaeology.
2005/4/26-27 [Recreation/Food] UID:37369 Activity:high
4/26    Recommendations on south bay/peninsula food, where each dish
        is less than $10?
        \_ Japanese food place inside of Mitsuwa Marketplace
           (Saratoga/MoorPark) in the Strawberry Park Mall.  I
           highly reccomend the Katsu Curry
        \_ Decent bento for ~$5 in the Nijiya market at El/Grant in
        \_ Any of the Burrito Triangle in Mountain View
           with Taqueria La Bamba being the best (Rengstorff/Middlefield way)
           \_ I personally like La Victoria near SJSU. Definitely try their
              famous orange sauce and horchata drinks.
           \_ I find that I enjoy Baja Fresh more than the more "authentic"
           \_ what are the other two?
              Los Altos Taqueria and Taqueria Los Costena (spelling?)
              Los Altos Taqueria and Taqueria Los Costenos (spelling?)
        . LA's food is good and they give free chips. Costena has the
        biggest burritos I have ever seen; but  are not as good as  Bamba.
        \_ Ramen Halu, Mango Cafe
           \_ Where is Ramen Halu?  (I know, obGoogle)
              \_ Saratoga off 280 or Get the Halu ramen
                 (there's only 3 items on the menu) with a half cooked egg.
        \_ New China Delight, downtown Mountain View.
        \_ Pasta Pomodoro, Amarin Thai on Castro
                           \_ Amarin Thai served a cockroach in my food
                              once and was not willing to not charge for
                              it.  Do NOT ever go there.
        \_ In San Mateo: -"Happy Cafe" (B street?) Shanghai food,
                         -A Islamic Chinese cuisine place, called, in
                         Chinese: "Ma Jia Qin Zhen Guan", big white letters
                         on green backboard(iirc) on El Camino @ 92.
                         -Brother's Deli
                         \_ Seconded on Ma Jia Qin Zhen Guan.
                         -Cathay Kitchen - cantonese
                         -Pierre's Express Chang (v. good for $$)
           Burlingame:  Broadway, 2-3 blocks east of El Camino, "Ping Jun Ge"
                        Burlingame Ave, "Nelson's Cafe" (if not retired, yet)
                        "Stacks" - American
                        \_ Yes, Stacks is good.
           Millbrae: A vietnamese place north of Millbrae Ave. on the El.
                        (just no. of Peter's Cafe)
           So. San Mateo: Thai place, around on the El ~30th.
           So. San Mateo: "Chao Praya" - Thai, around on the El ~30th.
           Cupertino: tons @ cupertino village: Wolfe Rd, first strip mall
                      east of 280
                      \_ north of 280.  Turn left at the first stop light
                         heading N from 280.
           \_ On Wolfe? Any decent places in there?
           Palo Alto: check University, east of the El.
        \_ Hooters
2005/4/22-23 [Recreation/Food] UID:37320 Activity:nil
4/22    I've actually never ate at Wendy's.  In terms of healthiness, are
        they about the same as McDonald's and BurgerKing? Maybe I'll
        go there this weekend to check it out.
        \_ I like them better but I never tried their actual hamburgers.
           Their Spicy Chicken Fillet sandwich and sour cream+chive baked
           potato are good eating.
           \- how much do those cost?
              \_ i think it can vary by franchise, not sure. the chicken
                 is something over $3 by itself and the potato $1.XX. A
                 $0.99 basic side salad is also ok... not tasty but a
                 serviceable bowl of veggie matter.
        \_ Wendy's is better than either of those, because they have some
           healthier menu items than burgers. Arby's is also pretty
           healthy in comparison. Best is probably still Subway.
2005/4/12-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:37157 Activity:high
4/12    Anyone have advice on how to deal with co-workers eating bad
        smelling food w/o causing an incident? --person who works with
        alot of immigrants
        \_ Yell at them to go the fuck back to whatever country they came
           from. I did that. Sure, everyone hates me now but it got the point
           across! (No, really. I was having a bad day and did that)
           \_ Nothing personal, but since one can get fired for sexual
              harassment, would this kind of behavior result in
              anything? What's the proper response if you are the one
              being yelled at? File a complaint to the manager? What
              if the manager is yelling? I mean if the manager yells
              "fix this code stupid", then that's one thing. But if he
              yells "go back to your country" I think that's a little
              too racial.
              too racialist.
              \_ You can definitely get fired for comments like that.  -tom
        \_ Post a sign at the microwave saying please be considerate and don't
           heat smelly food in the microwave.  Personally, I like fish but I
           don't bring it to work in my lunch.  -- Chinese immigrant
        \_ Topic already well covered, move on...
        \_ Is there some food (maybe Korean?) that smells kind of mildewy?
           Sometimes there's a smell kind of like if you leave wet clothes too
           long, and I used to think it was myself, but then I realized it's
           only at certain times. It's either Indian or Korean. -someone else
        \_ Wear a mask while they're eating and they'll get the picture.
           \_ 1. No they won't get the picture.
              2. If they do, they'll just think you're a racist pig.
        \_ broaden your horizons, perhaps?  i have a sensitive nose and at
           times disliked the smell of indian and korean foods wafting
           down the hall at work, but NEVER was it as revolting as
           the nasty oily smell of mcdonalds "take out" nor the electrical
           fire smell of microwaved popcorn. those are products worthy
           of administrative bans.
           of administrative bans. -eric
2005/4/8-10 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:37124 Activity:moderate
4/8     Which is best?  Suppenkuche, Walzwerk, or Schnitzelhaus?
              \-Der Wienerschnitzel on San Pablo.
        \_ Are all three in SF?  Speisekammer in Alameda is also decent.
           Only been to Suppenkuche and Speisekammer, both were quite
           good (but Suppenkuche was superior, I though)
           \_ Enlighten us mere mortals: WTF are you talking about ?
              \_ German restaurants.
           \_ Huh, it seems Spieskammer is owned by a half-owner of
        \_ I've never been to a German restaurant, what is it like? The
           closest I've ever gotten is Top-Dog where I eat semi-Germananic
           frank. Yes, it's pathetic. What exactly do you get at German
           restaurants besides frank and lager? Do you get to see hot robust
           German blond waitresses with thick Bulvarian accent?
           \_ Der Wienerschnitzel, for one.  Also potato pancakes and hearty
              dark German lagers that are nothing like American lagers.
              \- you can get your meat stuffed with meat at Suppenkuche
                 \_ Is that homosexual code?
                    \- du bist eine hasa
                       \_ Ach, mein Leben!  -John
                          \_ Der Worte sind genug gewechselt,
                             lasst mich auch endlich Taten sehn!
           \_ there are regional variants, i.e. fish from the coastal
              areas and wimpy bland sausage from the alps, but classics
              found in the u.s. include roulade (meat or cabbage rolls
              w/ meaty stuffing), hot potato salad, and sauerbraten
              (roast beef marinated for many days in wine vinegar).
              of course many sausages, cabbage variants, soups,
              and chunks of fatty roated meat.  all go well w/ beer.
2005/4/7-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:37102 Activity:high
4/7     Favorite pizza toppings?
        \_ chorizo!
        \_ Cilantro
        \_ pesto
        \_ anchovies
        \_ capers
        \_ spinach and olive
        \_ coppa
        \_ Pineapple: .
        \_ Pepperoni & mushroom: ..
        \_ Used to be ham & pineapple -- now mushroom & pineapple (veggie)
           -- which seems to offend some deeply.
           \_ I, for one, am deeply offended.
              \_ I find your statement offensive in the deepest sense.
        \_ pepperoni and sausage: ..
        \_ meat -- lots of it:  .
        \_ jalapeno, olive and mushroom: .
           \_ eeww
        \_ mushroom and onions
2005/4/5-8 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:37078 Activity:moderate
4/5     Any recommendations for an SF restaurant that can accomodate
        25-30, at $30-$40/person. Note: in my experience big dinners
        tend to come in 20-30% more expensive than smaller dinners
        [i.e. a $30/person rest comes in at $40 when you have
        20-30 people ordering glasses/bottles of wine or appetizers
        right and left, or taking advantage of a split check]. Tnx.
        \_ Check the Blue Plate or Chenery Park and ask if you can just rent
           the place.  They're very nice people.  -John
        \_ how about Jillian's, i'm sure enough alcohol can get you
           up to $30 per.
        \_ Just about any decent sized place in Chinatown will do this.
           The Slanted Door has a room for 24. Might be a bit out
           of your price range. -ausman
        \_ Check out Delancey Street Restaurant (600 Embarcadero at Brannan)
           it's pretty good, plus they do cheap ($4) valet parking if people
           are coming by car. -dans
           \- Hmm, this may be a good option on a non-baseball night.
              I guess I'll havve to stop in and try the food. ok tnx.
              I guess I'll havve to stop in and try the food.
              SD, BP, CP are all more expensive. this is just for a dinner
              with friends so i dont really want to or feel the need to
              rent an exclusive venue. i think metreon probably has to much
              of a rifraff factor on a fri/sat night. ok tnx.
              \_ What is wrong with Chinatown? Do I need to give you
                 a specific restaurant name? -ausman
           \_ I like the food there a lot, and it's for a good cause.
        \_ one of my favorites while I lived in the Bay Area was Eos.
2005/3/31-4/1 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:37002 Activity:high
3/31    So I heard this 'rumor' from someone that a bunch of Hispanic
        people ate at a Chinese restaurant, and decided to make a run
        for it and not pay. The restaurant stopped the last person and
        called the police, but the police fined the restaurant and let
        the person go because the restaurant does not have authority
        to detain anyone. Does this sound right to you guys or am I
        missing something here? What should the restaurant do? This
        supposedly happened in Chicago recently.
                   \_ Bah.  They're buying too many houses anyway.  They
                      deserve to be dined-and-ditched.
                   \- The restaurant may be in the wrong, but that doesnt
                      mean the dine-n-dasher gets off scott free. Both
                      parties can be guilty/liable for different things.--psb
                      \_ So what's the proper course of action for
                         for the restaurant? Is this different from
                         \- There is probably both a civil and criminal
                            claim they could persue. I dont know what they
                            should do. This is one of those stories where
                            you probably hear a bunch of upfront stuff
                            that gets people outraged but you never hear the
                            followup [like the $20million jury award which
                            ends up being whittled down to $1.2m]. --psb
                      \_ can't you citizens arrest them?
                         \_ This largely depends on local statutes
                            and the circumstances. Generally, skipping
                            out on your bill is a petty larceny (unless
                            you're a dining at the Ritz). A private party
                            generally does not have the right to restrain
                            someone they suspect of this low level of
                            crime. If this person was detained against
                            their will and that detention was wrongful,
                            the detained party has a false imprisonment
                            or false arrest claim to which there is no
                            The restaurant's best bet for recovery is
                            in small claims ct under a breach of contract
                                \- dont you think if you were in the shoes
                                   of the restaurant you would be more
                                   interested in the dasher beinf punished
                                   than getting your $30. if the da office
                                   will take it [broken window theory], that's
                                   what i would do. --psb
                                   \_ I agree that I would prefer a
                                      criminal conviction, but a DA will
                                      probably not take the case b/c
                                      he has no interest in wasting a
                                      bunch of time to get a conviction
                                      or plea bargain for a crime that
                                      carries w/ it a max penalty of
                                      $500 or so.
                                      It would be much easier to show
                                      up in Small Claims w/ the bill
                                      and the name of the dude you
                                      detained and ask for damages for
                                      breach of contract. This would
                                      be a 15 min deal.
                                      \- yes but then you have to rely
                                         on the sheriff or whoever to
                                         enforce the $30 collection.
                                         i doubt these people really care
                                         about having a judgement against
                                         them. maybe if something like that
                                         can affect their credit it would
                                         be worth it. in the economic pale
                                         this is a non-starter. i assume
                                         DAs offices spend some amount of
                                         resources on "broken window" crimes,
                                         and if this becomes high profile
                                         [i.e. race card] that could work
                                         in your favor or against [vandalism
                                         to your restaurant]. --psb
                            \_ Hmmm.. Interesting. My question
                               remains, how is this different from
                               shoplifting? You mean the store cannot
                               stop me from walking out with their
                               merchandise without paying too? I don't
                               think that's the case but I don't see
                               the difference here.
                               \_ Generally, in order for a merchant to
                                  detain a person suspected of a crime,
                                  the crime must have been committed in
                                  their immediate presence (watching a
                                  crime on video counts). If the crime
                                  is not witnessed by the merchant,
                                  then they can still detain you but
                                  they risk a false arrest/imprisonment
                                  As an example, say that you go to Fry's
                                  and you pick up a copy of Chaos Theory
                                  put it in your backpack and try to
                                  walk out the front door. Unless they
                                  saw it all on video or a clerk saw
                                  you give yourself the 5 finger
                                  discount, the highlighter dude can't
                                  stop you from walking out of the
                                  store w/o risking a possible false
                                  arrest suit.
                                  \_ So you're telling me that there's no
                                     legal basis for all detainments made
                                     by store detectives for shoplifting? I
                                     know there was some discussion about this
                                     2-3 years back.  -John
                                  \_ Thanks! I am gonna try that with a
                                     PSP, isn't this country great! ;)
                                     \_ Yup, this country is great for
                                     \_ Before you do this, please
                                        realize that if they choose
                                        to detain you, they might
                                        call the cops who can
                                        arrest you for real. You
                                        would not have an action
                                        against the cops b/c they
                                        acted under probable cause.
                                        Note that the cops could
                                        probably arrest you even
                                        if you had proof (ie a
                                        receipt) that no crime was
                                        committed b/c it is not
                                        the cops job to judge
                                        the proof.
                                        BTW does the PSP cost more
                                        than $500? If so, suspicion
                                        of swiping one would be a
                                        Grand Larceny and you don't
                                        want to go there.
                                        \_ Yes and no.  Police (in CA) aren't
                                           empowered to arrest you for a
                                           misdemeanor crime that they didn't
                                           witness taking place.  On the other
                                           hand, if a citizen wishes to make
                                           a citizen's arrest, they can sign
                                           the 'citizen's arrest' form that the
                                           peace officer has in his car.  Of
                                           course, if it turns out that the
                                           accusation is false (and therefore a
                                           false arrest) ALL the liability
                                           falls on the person that signed the
                                           form.  If the cop is a good one,
                                           he'll warn you if he thinks you're
                                           making a mistake.  So, be wary of
                                           detaining someone, then signing
                                           them into custody on the basis of a
                                           citizen's arrest form -- if you
                                           can't prove your case, you could
                                           lose your shirt.        -POC
                                           \- look the law is more likely to
                                              work in the case of serious
                                              offenses and against people
                                              \_ serious offenses?  like, say,
                                                 felonies?  felony !=
                                              who are not "judgement proof"...
                                              either because they have money,
                                              they have informal or formal
                                              reputations etc. this is even
                                              more the case with "de minimus"
                                              one shot economic stuff. what
                                              ever happened with sloda'
                                              LA vigilante who went after
                                              the bus driver or whatever it
                                              was. --psb
                                              \_ reread, please.  Police can
                                                 make an arrest for possible
                                                 felonies without being there
                                                 to witness the crime.  it's
                                                 not very complicated.  -POC
                                                 \- i'm talking about
                                                    pratical outcomes, not
                                                    what is theoretically
                                                    possible. after my car
                                                    was stolen the people
                                                    who stole it left a
                                                    time stamped receipt
                                                    for a jack in the box
                                                    drive thru where i am
                                                    sure they have a video
                                                    camera. i am also sure
                                                    the police have no interest
                                                    in pursuing this one i
                                                    got my car back. the above
                                                    was (clearly i thought)
                                                    a general comment on
                                                    minor minor crimes
                                                    [broken window]. --psb
        \_ I'm sure BUD DAY has the authority to detain those damn dirty
           wetback spics.
        \_ Are you Chinese? Do you have any of idea of the effect of
           Chinese food on Hispanics?
        \_ Remember those Korean guys with rifles on top of the grocery
           stores during the Rodney King riots, when it turned out that the
           protection rackets would actually have to provide protection for
           real?  Other alternative is to bring their food into line with
           mediocre Chinese food in a lot of places and make the remaining
           check-skippers regret they ever ate there in the first place.  The
           regular college crowd will keep coming regardless, all that cold
           pizza and stale beer makes you immune to whatever ChiCom biological
           warfare agents they put in that shit.  -John
           \_ it's just MSG.
        \_ Walgreens often encourages their managers to run shoplifters down
           with their cars in the parking lot, and to engage them in highspeed
           chase if they get away.  dumb? yes. Illegal? almost certainly.  But
           I know a manager who was yelled at for *not* engaging in a car chase
           after a shoplifter.
                   \_ Bah.  They're buying too many houses anyway.  They
                      deserve to be dined-and-ditched.
                   \- The restaurant may be in the wrong, but that doesnt
                      mean the dine-n-dasher gets off scott free. Both
                      parties can be guilty/liable for different things.--psb
                      \_ So what's the proper course of action for
                         for the restaurant? Is this different from
                         \- There is probably both a civil and criminal
                            claim they could persue. I dont know what they
                            should do. This is one of those stories where
                            you probably hear a bunch of upfront stuff
                            that gets people outraged but you never hear the
                            followup [like the $20million jury award which
                            ends up being whittled down to $1.2m]. --psb
                      \_ can't you citizens arrest them?
                         \_ This largely depends on local statutes
                            and the circumstances. Generally, skipping
                            out on your bill is a petty larceny (unless
                            you're a dining at the Ritz). A private party
                            generally does not have the right to restrain
                            someone they suspect of this low level of
                            crime. If this person was detained against
                            their will and that detention was wrongful,
                            the detained party has a false imprisonment
                            or false arrest claim to which there is no
                            The restaurant's best bet for recovery is
                            in small claims ct under a breach of contract
                                \- dont you think if you were in the shoes
                                   of the restaurant you would be more
                                   interested in the dasher beinf punished
                                   than getting your $30. if the da office
                                   will take it [broken window theory], that's
                                   what i would do. --psb
                                   \_ I agree that I would prefer a
                                      criminal conviction, but a DA will
                                      probably not take the case b/c
                                      he has no interest in wasting a
                                      bunch of time to get a conviction
                                      or plea bargain for a crime that
                                      carries w/ it a max penalty of
                                      $500 or so.
                                      It would be much easier to show
                                      up in Small Claims w/ the bill
                                      and the name of the dude you
                                      detained and ask for damages for
                                      breach of contract. This would
                                      be a 15 min deal.
                                      \- yes but then you have to rely
                                         on the sheriff or whoever to
                                         enforce the $30 collection.
                                         i doubt these people really care
                                         about having a judgement against
                                         them. maybe if something like that
                                         can affect their credit it would
                                         be worth it. in the economic pale
                                         this is a non-starter. i assume
                                         DAs offices spend some amount of
                                         resources on "broken window" crimes,
                                         and if this becomes high profile
                                         [i.e. race card] that could work
                                         in your favor or against [vandalism
                                         to your restaurant]. --psb
                            \_ Hmmm.. Interesting. My question
                               remains, how is this different from
                               shoplifting? You mean the store cannot
                               stop me from walking out with their
                               merchandise without paying too? I don't
                               think that's the case but I don't see
                               the difference here.
                               \_ Generally, in order for a merchant to
                                  detain a person suspected of a crime,
                                  the crime must have been committed in
                                  their immediate presence (watching a
                                  crime on video counts). If the crime
                                  is not witnessed by the merchant,
                                  then they can still detain you but
                                  they risk a false arrest/imprisonment
                                  As an example, say that you go to Fry's
                                  and you pick up a copy of Chaos Theory
                                  put it in your backpack and try to
                                  walk out the front door. Unless they
                                  saw it all on video or a clerk saw
                                  you give yourself the 5 finger
                                  discount, the highlighter dude can't
                                  stop you from walking out of the
                                  store w/o risking a possible false
                                  arrest suit.
                                  \_ So you're telling me that there's no
                                     legal basis for all detainments made
                                     by store detectives for shoplifting? I
                                     know there was some discussion about this
                                     2-3 years back.  -John
                                     \_ If the Store Detectives did not
                                        witness the shoplifting, then
                                        the detention was probably not
                                        valid. However, there are some
                                        conditions under which there
                                        might not have been any detention.
                                        If the detective tells you to
                                        stop you don't have to comply.
                                        If he physically bars you from
                                        leaving the store it can be a
                                        false imprisonment. If he says
                                        he is going to call the cops
                                        if you leave, then that can
                                        also be false imprisonment.
                                        But if you can leave at any
                                        time and you remain to clear
                                        your name, then it is not
                                        false imprisonment.
                                        Also it can make a difference
                                        if you are suspected of a
                                        felony (grand larceny) vs
                                        a misdemeanor (petty larceny).
                                  \_ Thanks! I am gonna try that with a
                                     PSP, isn't this country great! ;)
                                     \_ Yup, this country is great for
                                     \_ Before you do this, please
                                        realize that if they choose
                                        to detain you, they might
                                        call the cops who can
                                        arrest you for real. You
                                        would not have an action
                                        against the cops b/c they
                                        acted under probable cause.
                                        Note that the cops could
                                        probably arrest you even
                                        if you had proof (ie a
                                        receipt) that no crime was
                                        committed b/c it is not
                                        the cops job to judge
                                        the proof.
                                        BTW does the PSP cost more
                                        than $500? If so, suspicion
                                        of swiping one would be a
                                        Grand Larceny and you don't
                                        want to go there.
                                        \_ Yes and no.  Police (in CA) aren't
                                           empowered to arrest you for a
                                           misdemeanor crime that they didn't
                                           witness taking place.  On the other
                                           hand, if a citizen wishes to make
                                           a citizen's arrest, they can sign
                                           the 'citizen's arrest' form that the
                                           peace officer has in his car.  Of
                                           course, if it turns out that the
                                           accusation is false (and therefore a
                                           false arrest) ALL the liability
                                           falls on the person that signed the
                                           form.  If the cop is a good one,
                                           he'll warn you if he thinks you're
                                           making a mistake.  So, be wary of
                                           detaining someone, then signing
                                           them into custody on the basis of a
                                           citizen's arrest form -- if you
                                           can't prove your case, you could
                                           lose your shirt.        -POC
                                           \- look the law is more likely to
                                              work in the case of serious
                                              offenses and against people
                                              \_ serious offenses?  like, say,
                                                 felonies?  felony !=
                                              who are not "judgement proof"...
                                              either because they have money,
                                              they have informal or formal
                                              reputations etc. this is even
                                              more the case with "de minimus"
                                              one shot economic stuff. what
                                              ever happened with sloda'
                                              LA vigilante who went after
                                              the bus driver or whatever it
                                              was. --psb
                                              \_ reread, please.  Police can
                                                 make an arrest for possible
                                                 felonies without being there
                                                 to witness the crime.  it's
                                                 not very complicated.  -POC
                                                 \- i'm talking about
                                                    pratical outcomes, not
                                                    what is theoretically
                                                    possible. after my car
                                                    was stolen the people
                                                    who stole it left a
                                                    time stamped receipt
                                                    for a jack in the box
                                                    drive thru where i am
                                                    sure they have a video
                                                    camera. i am also sure
                                                    the police have no interest
                                                    in pursuing this one i
                                                    got my car back. the above
                                                    was (clearly i thought)
                                                    a general comment on
                                                    minor minor crimes
                                                    [broken window]. --psb
2005/3/28 [Recreation/Food] UID:36929 Activity:low
3/28    I think the woman who found the finger tip in the Wendy's bowl of
        chili purposely put it there so she can sue Wendy's.  Does anyone
        think it's possible that she did it?
        \_ According to reports it had been cooked, and appeared to have
           been ripped off by machinery, so it's not terribly likely.
        \_ I don't think so. There are better ways...
        \_ Dude, you want a toe?  I can get you a toe.
           \_ Phh, amateurs.  I can get you a whole body.
        \_ Wendy's donates $250,000 to the GOP. Thank god their business is down
2005/3/28-29 [Recreation/Food] UID:36913 Activity:moderate
3/28    I'm going back to Korea for a few weeks soon, and it made me
        wonder.  What does the motd think about eating dog meat? -jrleek
        \_ bible says you can eat it.
        \_ whatever.  you should go hang out with dudes who blame
           the DMZ on the US and report back.
           \_ What would you like to know about them?  Do you have some
              questions I should ask? -jrleek
        \_ I've tried it once, at a Korean rest. in Beijing.  Pungent and
           strong, kind of reminded me of venison.  Would I try it again?
           No.  -nivra
           \_ Chinese restaurant serve dog meat too.
        \_ Mmmm, tasty. -dans
        \_ If you want to do it as a lark go for it. Like most predator
           meats, it's not appealing to most palates.
        \_ tastes like pussy.
2005/3/25-28 [Recreation/Food] UID:36884 Activity:nil
3/25    I'm so glad Wendy's lost business as a result of their FINGER food.
        They donate 91% to Republicans ($200,000). And yes I boycott Wal-Mart
        and Dell as well.
        \_ And they support cannibalism.
2005/3/25 [Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:36870 Activity:high
3/24    Anyone else in the mood for some Wendy's chili?
        \_ Yes, but I can't put my finger on why...
           \_ The quality of Wendy's finger foods is well known.
              \_ You've got to hand it to them: they make a decent meal. -gm
                 \_ I hear the tip is included in the price of the meal -eric
              \_ Do you have a point?
                 \_ It's finger lickin good.
              \_ This is a real nail-biter.
              \_ I bet you think you're cute(icle).
                 \_ Oh, stop carpaling.
                    \_ Do you expect us just to knuckle under?
                       \_ Oh, give it a wrist already. -gm
2005/3/17 [Recreation/Food, Reference/RealEstate] UID:36738 Activity:high
3/17    It's spring season and every now and then I see spiders inside my
        house. Anything I can do to stop them from coming inside the house?
        \_ kill all but one.  rip one of his legs off.  he'll go back and
           tell his friends to stay away.
           \_ Think this would work in Palestine too?
           \_ This doesn't work. No one makes that small of a wheelchair
              that works with the straw. You need to leave at least 1 leg
              \_ Read: "...... rip one of his legs off."
                 \_ One? Hell, that doesn't prove anything. If you gonna
                    do this right, you need at least four ripped out.
                    -Scored low in SAT verbal guy
                    \_ You don't want to incapacitate him.  He needs some cred,
                       though, for his story that everyone else was killed.
                       \_ Yeah, but he could have lost one leg in some sort
                          of accident. If he's missing every other leg, the
                          others know you're not screwing around.
        \_ Stop leaving delicious insects all over the place.
           \_ This is the correct answer.  Spiders are hard to kill
              systematically, but they only go where the food is.
              \_ And as long as you do have spider food all over your house,
                 having spiders to eat it is probably a good thing.
                 \_ Except they leave sticky piles of spidercrap beneath them
                    if you let them hang out too long. Just so you know.
                     -- been there.
           \_ The house hardly has anything even for me to eat. I think it's
              too hot outside during the day so they tend to come in. What type
              of food attracts spider? I don't even leave kitchen garbage
              inside overnight so I don't think it's the problem....
              \_ Spiders eat insects.  If you have any insects, it will attract
                 spiders.  Even if you have no insects you will get the
                 occasional spider looking for insects.
                 I'd guess it's more likely they want a nice warm house at
                 \_ Spiders also eat other spiders.
        \_ Rear some cockroaches.  They will breed really fast, and eat up
           all the spiders.  They will also quickly infest your annoying
           neighbours' homes.
           \_ How do you get rid of the cockroaches afterwards?
              \_ Call the dude who sprays lots of chemicals.  That, or just
                 move to a new place.
                 \_ Then there will be a lot of dead cockroaches lying around,
                    which attracts spiders again.
                    \_ Spiders don't eat dead insects.
              \_ Camel Spiders
                 \_ No way dude, cockroaches tend to smoke in bed. Next thing
                    you know, the apartment is aflame. Plus secondhand smoke
                    kills! And the filters everywhere are a pain to clean.
           \_ Similarly, if you have termites, encourage ants to infest your
              home. They will feed on the termites and neatly stack their
              refuse (e.g. piles of their dead) in piles for you to clean
              refuse (e.g. their dead) in piles for you to clean periodically.
              \_ A coworker killed the ants milling about his doorstep and
                 the next year termites were discovered in the same place.
                 \_ Are you sure what he was killing weren't termites?
                    Termites look a lot like ants.
                    \_ IMO, termites and ants are easily distinguishable.
                       Also, termites don't tend to mill about outside.
                       \_ Also, ants won't strip your face to the bone in
                          seconds.  Termites are dangerous, man.
                          \_ Termites killed my mother. Bastards.
2005/3/11-12 [Recreation/Food] UID:36652 Activity:high
3/11    Anyone here thinks MSG is bad for you?
        bad     : ..
        not bad : ..
        \_ If you think MSG is bad for you, I hope you avoid ripe tomatoes,
           seaweed, and aged cheeses.
           \_ The amount of MSG in tomatos is insignificant compare to
              the MSG you buy in supermarkets. I haven't heard of anyone
              allegic to tomatos, but quite a number of people are allergic
              to MSG in restaurants.
              \_ I've heard that most bad reactions are due to impurities
                 in the MSG they buy & use.  If you get high quality,
                 well-refined stuff, supposedly it's much better.
           \_ I don't think that's really MSG, I think it's just glutamate.
              I assume that sodium in monosodium glutamate makes some
              kind of difference.  Probably makes it last longer.
        \_ MSG is an excitotoxin. It excites your neurons (like in you taste
           buds) but it is bad for your central nervous system. MSG is
           really bad stuff and shouldn't be put in food.
           \_ See, I really don't get this.  I looked into what MSG is.  It
              turns out MSG is just glutamate, (as said above) with a sodium
              instead of a hydrogen, converting it from an acid to a salt.
              However, I looked up the equilibrium constant for MSG.  It turns
              out that both glutamic acid and MSG dissociate in water to
              a positive Na+ or H+ ion and -glutamate, to within a few PPM.
              So, like .0001% of MSG is actually MSG once it hits your mouth.
              Now, glutamate is about 34% of all proteins.  So when you eat
              protein, and you eat it with salt (NaCl), you've got all the
              ingredients for MSG in your stomach--the protein gets chopped up
              into glutamic acid by your digestive processes.  And by the
              equilibrium constants and the presense of Na+ from NaCl, some
              MSG is going to be made spontaneously.  So, as I understand it,
              eating salted chicken is equivalent to eating MSG.  But no one
              decries eating salted chicken.  Given my researches, I just don't
              understand how MSG can be harmful.  It seems that the theory
              that it's MSG contaminants that cause the problem, is more plausible.
              Is the source for your claim mainstream?  Or is it just that
              "MSG" sounds scary so people scapegoat it?  --PeterM
              \_ Whenever I eat food with high MSG level, I don't get
                 a good night of sleep. My brain just doesn't drift
                 into a sleep mode and I am sort of half awake for a
                 long time. When I don't eat MSG food I can sleep
                 fine. I am a light sleeper so YMMV, but it does seem
                 to have a caffeine effect on me and make me agitated
                 when I am trying to sleep. This sort of makes sense
                 after I read about how it excites your neurons. I
                 can't say I am allergic to MSG, but when I eat at
                 crappy Chinese restaurants that puts in a lot of MSG,
                 my mouth gets very dry afterwards and I need to drink
                 a lot of water or fruits to 'counter' the effect. I
                 think the key here is the level, it is significantly
                 higher than what's present in natural food. I'd
                 rather be safe than sorry and avoid it when I can.
2005/3/11-12 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:36648 Activity:low
3/11    What is the biggest, cleanest, nicest Korean market in the 415/510
        \_ The only good Korean Market that I know of near Berkeley is the
           Koreana Plaza on Telegraph in Oakland.  Just head south on
           telegraph to around 45th or something.  It's on the left.
           \_ Second that. There's a hole-in-the-wall in El Cerrito but
              Koreana (formerly Pusan) is pretty much it. They have all their
              banchan boxed up, now, too, if you're squeamish. --ulysses
              banchan boxed up, now, if you're squeamish. I have
              opinions on their bulgoki, too. --ulysses
              \_ The best thing of all, which I found out recently, is that
                 they're open 24 hours now.  There's a Korean market in
                 SF/Daly City area off of John Daly blvd that looks pretty
                 big, but I haven't been inside.
                 \_ I like how they have guys who flag the drivers around the
                    parking lot as if the shoppers were landing 747s.
2005/3/10 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:36619 Activity:nil
3/10    Robert Downey Jr.: Burger King saved me from drugs!
2005/3/8-10 [Recreation/Food] UID:36590 Activity:kinda low
3/8     Please reccomend any good lunch spots in/around downtown Mountain View.
        Thanks.  -foodie, but not a snob
        \_ When I worked on Ellis St. we used to eat at this little
           Italian place right off of Moffett Blvd called Mario's.
           Lots of reasonable places to eat on Castro as well.
        \_ Sushi Tomi (Dana east of Castro) isn't bad. Kapp's (Castro@Villa)
           has decent pizza. Amici's (Castro@High School) has good New York
           style pizza. Le Boulanger (next door) has good sandwiches. I would
           be interested in hearing reviews of the Mongolian BBQ place on
           Castro. Or just pick a cuisine and try someplace (and report back);
           you can find most reasonably-popular cuisines on Castro somewhere.
           (I'm more familiar with dinner places in the area.) -gm
        \_ Amarin Thai is pretty good. I heard Sue's is good Indian. Zucca
           is passable, but overpriced, but they do have decent Uozo/Rake.
        \_ I'd like to report the middle-eastern place on Castro between Villa
           and Dana is pretty good. -op
        \_ If you're not looking for fancy atmosphere but just want good food,
           check out Rose Market on Castro (a couple of blocks south of El
           Camino, which is not where most of the restaurants are). It's a
           middle eastern grocery store that has a counter in the back that
           serves really good Kabobs.
           \_ seconded
        \_ Sue's Indian is good, $10 buffet.
        \_ late post...
           mexican: taqueria los charros on dana (good inexpensive burritos,
            think la burrita, but way better, and not any more expensive),
            fiesta del mar, more expensive, but nicer food for the non-burrito.
           japanese: another vote for sushi tomi, and a vote for yakko sushi
            (dana, west of castro, kamei is decent and cheaper
           indian: sue's is pretty good, as mentioned above
           chinese: the dim sum at golden wok is decent, the rest of the
            chinese isn't worth mentioning
           thai: amarin has good lunches, house of krung siam is pretty
            good too.  They kinda have to be, given that they're right next
            to each other and in the same price range.
2005/3/3-4 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:36503 Activity:high
3/3     Steve Albini discusses food.
        \_ Who is Steve Albini?
           \_ the subject of the best Wesley Willis song ever
           \_ Lead singer of Big Black (awesome band from Chicago, late 80's).
              Graduated from singing to being a producer. Cool fr00d.
              \_ I think you meant to say "really hoopy frood"
              \_ He also currently has an on-again, off-again band called
                 Shellac.  Highly recommended.
        \_ "Here is a recipe anyone can use to make a wonderful Sauce
            Mayonnaise: ..."  That's soo cool.  I'm gonna try that.
            \_ I tried this recipe a while back... It wasn't bad but
               is real mayonnaise supposed to taste like that?
               I'm afraid I've been spoiled by Kraft.
               \_ What did it taste like? Cream? A cross between Hollandaise
                  and cream(ie. texture and richness of hollandaise, w/o the
                  distinctive flavor?).
                  \_ Sorry, I'm sauce-illiterate wrt Hollandaise.
                     Texture was smoother than Kraft, flavor is dominated
                     by garlic/olive oil/lemon juice. i.e., I could identify
                     the component ingredients whereas with mayo, there's some
                     alchemy going on -- preservatives probably?
                     \_ You do realize that Best Foods/Hellman's is a more
                        authentic mayo than Kraft is, don't you?
2005/2/27-28 [Recreation/Food] UID:36442 Activity:high
2/26    What's the difference between ice-cream and gelato?
        \_ I have always found gelato to have a more slushy texture
           whereas ice cream tends to have a higher dairy content.
        \_ Wikipedia is your friend:
        \_ If you're a food snob like me, comparing the two is like comparing
           Smurfs and Jem&the Holograms.
           \_ O_o I'm not exactly sure how to evaluate this comparison.
           \_ Wow, this is the weirdest analogy to grace the
              motd in quite a while. What would be the "Jace and the
              Wheeled Warriors" of food?
           \_ except for tom holub and old farts in their late 30s I don't
              think anyone here has ever seen the cartoon Jem, Truely
              Outrageous and babelicious!
              \_ I have no idea what Jem is.  -tom
              \_ I call bullshit.  My gf is 24 and she watched Jem.  In
                 fact, she still knows the theme song.
                 \_ 'I call bullshit'?  What the fuck is wrong with you?
                    \_ Haha, it's 'what the fuck is wrong with you' boy!
                       I missed you, buddy.  What the fuck is wrong with
                       you lately? -- ilyas
                \_ How about YOU? How old are you and do you remember Jem?
                   Is your gf as hot as Jem?
                   \_ I'm 28 and remember Jem.  As far as comparison goes
                      it's hard to judge, with Jem being a cartoon character
                      and all.
                      \_ fine. How about Minmei from Robotech? Is she as cute
                         as Minmei? I love Minmei, she's the hottest. Why
                         Rick Hunter goes for an old hag like Lisa, sheeit mama
                         \_ Uhm, so you like underage delusional ditzes?  You
                            scare me.  You should probably be in jail or on
        \_ Does gelato have any gelatin? - vegetarian
           \_ Generally no
2005/2/22-23 [Recreation/Food] UID:36364 Activity:moderate
2/22    Dear sodans, I need to grind some chinese herbs into powder form.
        They looks like roots and small wood chips. What type of
        machine can I use for this purpose? I am fairly certain a
        regular blender (I have one) will NOT work, as they are
        typically used with liquids and I need them dry. Is a Food
        Processor what I am looking for? (They are expensive but the
        blades are horizontal and seems like they would cut it into
        powder, are they strong enough to cut?) What about regular
        coffee grinders? I've never used one, how strong are they?
        They are much cheaper than food processors and if it works
        it'll be great... Thanks!
        \_ I've seen people use coffee grinders for this.  should be okay.
                \_ I agree. coffee beans are pretty hard, so it should
                   have no problem with your herbs.
        \_ Mortar and pestle
           \_ Oh this one looks funny.
           \_ Get German Mortar, German Mortars are the best!
              Ein Reich Ein Volk Ein German John, HEIL!!!
2005/1/28-29 [Recreation/Food] UID:35964 Activity:nil
1/28    Has anyone ever eaten at Rally's (or Checkers as it's called
        in some regions)? Is it good? What's the quality of the burgers:
        higher than mcdonalds/burger king, or about the same? I'm trying
        to decide whether to go there or not.
        \_ better burgers and fries.
2005/1/20 [Recreation/Food] UID:35804 Activity:high
1/20    Graduated from HS and can't find a place to live? Go back to your
        HS and eat free food at the cafeteria, no one will notice:
        (PS this is just bizzar)
                          \_ bizarre too.  Not to mention weird.
        \_ When I was in HS, there was this older guy who had dropped out who
           used to hang out in the back with the stoners and pressure kids into
           going in and buying him food in the caffeteria.  He was amazingly
           similar to Todd from Beavis and Butthead.
2005/1/4 [Recreation/Food] UID:35535 Activity:nil
1/4     What makes corns pop to turn them into popcorns? Is it because
        they have something that's flamable inside and less flamable
        outside? How about rice, sunflower seeds, ants, and other
        things, can they be popped as well? I'm interesting in
        inventing, producing, and marketing a new genre of food and
        I'm wondering what is possible, ok thx          -amateur chef
        \_ Popcorn pops because of the water inside the kernel. Once you
           heat it to above boiling the water turns into gas, causing
           a small explosion and the resultant piece of popcorn. - williamc
        \_ A more detailed explanation is that popping corn (a special variety)
           has been bred to have a hard outer seed coat and a large 'horny'
           endosperm high in protein, and a small starchy endosperm at the
           center.  What heated, the water in the center turns to steam and
           dissolves the protein that makes up the bulk of the kernel.  When
           pressure gets too high, the seed coat pops, and the steam-hydrated
           proteins of the horny endosperm expand and cool rapidly.  Once it
           cools and loses steam, the protein sets into a dry foam.  Through
           a lot of selective breeding or gene splicing, it might be possible
           to create other seed varieties that pop, but I can't see how it
           could recoup the R&D.  In any case, it's not something you can do by
           just cooking.
           \_ (To myself) I got that slightly backwards.  The horny endosperm
              holds most of the water and the puffy texture is expanded starch,
              not a protein foam.
           \_ I don't think that popcorn was specially "bred" to be popcorn.
              Native Americans have been popping corn since 5000 years ago.
              Perhaps it was a lucky discovery, perhaps it was bred, nobody
              \_ Corn has been bred a very long ways from its natural form.
                 Some bred variety along the way could pop.  It was later
                 specialized into a corn that is good for popping, but lousy
                 for masa harina.
                 The indians probably grew something similar to modern
                 'dent corn', which makes up like 98% of the U.S. crop, and is
                 not a very good popper.
              \_ Almost all corn has been bred by humans.
2005/1/3-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:35517 Activity:high
1/3     Traditional Chili = American version of beef curry.  Comments?
        \_ No, they're completely different.
        \_ I'm not really sure what you're getting at.  Are you trying to
           say that every culture has some hot dish that is vaugely
           equvilent to beef curry?
        \_ I am not a huge indian food expert, but isn't beef curry a sin
           against nature? -- ilyas
           \_ Tastewise, not really. Culturally, see a Weblog on beef in India:
              \- this says some suspect things. i think the south in many ways
                 is more conservative, not less. bangalore may now be an
                 exception. muslims have lots of beef dishes, like beef kabobs,
                 or nihari beef. steak is not really a native dish, as far as
                 i know. whether or not muslims restaurants serve beef probably
                 depends on the area it is embedded in. even in the muslim
                 parts of Kolkata i only see egg/chicken/mutton/fish rolls.
                 goat meat is also very common. --psb
                 \_ Partha, post-British Empire, how many foods eaten today
                    and recognised as Indian are truly native dishes?
                    \- i have no answer to this inquiry.
                    \_ What does truly native mean?  Is that like Hitler's
                       'true Aryan.'?  -- ilyas
           \_ There are Thai curry and Indonesian curry, as well as Chinese
              and Japanese versions of Indian curry.
2004/12/21-22 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:35386 Activity:moderate
12/21   Dating advice for the week: DO NOT eat Edamame beans at the Japanese
        restaurant! I had so much gas I farted several times. I don't think
        I'm gonna see her again. ARGGGGG.
        \_ You should learn the art of holding it.
           \_ Or the art of letting it out silently.
        \_ say "Please excuse me, I have to go to the Men's room"
        \_ HAHA, that's hilarious. thanks for the advice, too!
        \_ A likely story.  It takes hours for farts to develop from eating soybeans.
           You're probably just flatulent in general.
           \_ He may be flatulent but you can't format properly. The penalty is
              death! 80 columns!
        \_ When I was in Japan, we ate edamame frequently, but only when
           out drinking beer. They were the standard bar with-beer snack. I
           think that the US appropriation as restaurant food is interesting.
           Maybe you've discovered why they aren't restaurant food in Japan.
2004/12/16 [Recreation/Food] UID:35328 Activity:moderate
12/16   MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A Mexican man killed his lover in a
        drunken, drugged fight then cooked the man's body in tomato and
        onion sauce and ate it over three days.
        \_ Those damn Mexicans! Why do we let so many of them into
           \_ because of the new reality show next season about them.
        \_ can you say HOLE-EEE MOLE (pronounced: mole-lay)
2004/12/13 [Recreation/Food] UID:35263 Activity:moderate
12/13   Which is the best beef for making roast beef sandwiches?  Top round?
        Cross-rib?  Others?
        \_ Ask a butcher.
        \_ Whatever you get, make sure it's dark pink/red.  If it's any
           other color it's probably not fresh.  -John
        \_ Ah, some heavy googling shows the best is a 'round tip' roast,
           unless you want to spend serious $$ for prime rib or something
           extravagant. -OP
2004/12/8-9 [Recreation/Food] UID:35212 Activity:high
12/8    How come human adults can digest cow's milk but not human breast milk?
        Why has our digestive system evolved into like this?  Is there any
        evolutional advantage?
        \_ You have two flawed assumptions in one sentence.
        \_ Yes, human adults, as long as they aren't lactose intolerant,
           can digest human breast milk. What makes you think otherwise?
           Of course, it isn't something you'll likely experience unless
           you became pregnant or your significant other does...
           \_ That's what the nurse at the children hospital told me.  She said
              my baby will get diarrhea if I feed him cow's milk, while I'll
              get diarrhea if I drink his formula.
              \_ She's trying to trick you.  You remember the apple and
                 the garden of eden, right?  Drink the milk, just do it.
              \_ This is different than what you said.  You asked only about
                 adults and breast milk.  Now you're talking about adults and
                 formula, and infants and cow milk.
              \_ Word of advice.  Stay with breastmilk as long as you can,
                 then with formula as long as you can, before switching to
                 things like cow's milk and solid food.
        \_ Being able to digest milk obviously has an evolutionary advantage
           if you have access to milk from livestock etc., under circumstances
           of general food shortage. They're turning grass into an edible food.
           It's kind of a mutant ability. Other animals generally can't do it.
           \_ Any mammal can lactate.  It's no "mutant ability".
                \_ He said being able to digest milk [as an adult] is a
                   mutant ability, not lactating.  And fully half of all
                   mammals cannot lactate.  The male ones.
                                            \_ bzzt.
                   \_ The ability in closest proximity is "turning grass into
                      an edible food".
                      \_ ok well I meant the digestion, that's what this thread
                          is about. -ppp
                   \_ Cats can digest milk. I am sure other animals can, too.
                      Mice seem to like cheese.
                      \_ I hope you don't own a cat.  In spite of the fact that
                         some cats _like_ to drink milk, cats are lactose
                         intolerant, and will get sick from cow's milk.  Go
                         to a pet-store. They have specialized cat-sensitive
                         milk you can buy, that's lactose free and processed
                         to be digestible.
                         \_ Cats are about as indestructible as it gets.  Just
                            water down the milk about 50% and they'll be fine.
                            If you give them regular milk, they tend to get
                            the trots.  -John
                         \_ No pun intended, but our cats are not pussies.
                            They drink small amounts of milk all the time
                            and it's fine.
                            \_ How do you know? Maybe they are getting
                               sick. Diarrhea or whatever cats get.
                            \_ your cats may be mutated. most cats are
                               \_ This link says that your cat may or may
                                  not be. That's just like people.
        \_ It doesn't have to do with cow milk or human milk. Babies have
           a certain enzyme (lactase) that can break down the carbohydrates
           in milk, and they gradually lose it as they get older. "Technically",
           all adults should not be able to metabolize lactose, but people
           typically tend to retain some lactase in their system.
        \_ Can lactose tolerance be developed?
           \_ Probably.  You can also develop tolerance for anthrax.
             \_ what about iocane powder. can you really develop tolerance to
                \_ It is odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in liquid,
                   and is among the deadlier poisons known to man.
                   \_ Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line
                      \-Hello there are some mistakes and some semi-accurate
                        things above. A fair representation of the big picture
                        with some dicta thrown in is available at:
                        \_ Inconceivable!
                        \_ From my experience, more than 70% of people I
                           know (from Taiwan, Singapore, China, etc.) from
                           east asia don't have problem with milk, which
                           seems to contradict the <30% lactose tolerance
                           figure given.
                           \- this is why genetic surveys dont happen via
                              anonymous motd polls. see second table:
                              are you saying the drink milk or they consume
                              dairy products. not the same thing. or maybe
                              you just hang out with a lot of 2 yrs olds.--psb
                              \_ when I was going to primary school in
                                 Singapore, they would have milk programs
                                 and give all the kids milk to drink every
                                 morning.  Why would they do that if all
                                 those kids are lactose intolerant?
                                 \- did you miss the part about lactase
                                 production is gradually shut down?
                                    \- did you miss the part where it
                                        says 93% of asian children in
                                        australia are lactase deficient?
                                        also if you look at the figures,
                                        the "shutdown" affects just a
                                        small percentage of the population
                                        (9% to 19% among australian
                                        caucasians).  My observation
                                        of most of my east asian acquaintances
                                        drinking milk without problem
                                        includes both children and adults.
                                        \- maybe your friends in sigapore
                                        were "colonized" by sir stamford
                                        raffles and his friends. --psb
                                           \_ hmm ... but the same is true
                                           for my friends from taiwan,
                                           or china.  besides, when
                                           singapore was under the brits,
                                           most of the chinese
                                           in singapore were poor coolies,
                                           so incidences of fraternizing
                                           with the brits were very low,
                                           unlike say in British India.
2004/11/28-29 [Recreation/Food] UID:35102 Activity:insanely high
11/18   [ idiocy deleted.
        \_ Why do you hate cheese?
           \- cheese ---VSNaipaul--> cheej
2004/11/28-29 [Recreation/Food] UID:35097 Activity:insanely high
11/27   So I've been told that Italian restaurants in the bay area are
        nowhere close to being authentic. Given the hundreds of
        restaurants out there, I find this hard to believe. Can someone
        (preferably someone who's Italian or who's lived there) comment
        on which restaurants come close?
        \_ A16 in the Marina District (SF)
        \_ Who gives a shit?  Are you Italian?  Homesickness seems like
           the only good reason to try to make sure your food is "authentic"
           aside from being a jackass culture snob of course (see below.)
           \_ I guess you get your international culinary kicks from Taco
              Bell.  -John
           \_ Ironic. The jackass accusing others of being a jackass.
              \_ Not really. I'm a cultural neandrathal jackass accusing
              \_ Not really. I'm a cultural neanderthal jackass accusing
                 other people of being culture snob jackasses.  There's a
        \_ C'mon. Are Chinese in SF/Bay Area restaurants authentic?
           \_ Absolutely, as long as you don't hang out at P.F. Chiang.
              You're obviously not Chinese if you can't tell the difference.
              \_ Are you Chinese?  Do you have any idea of the effect of the
                 food trade on the Bay Area?
                 \_ You've obviously never served (Chinese food).
              \_ You are an IDIOT.
           \_ You can certainly find authentic Chinese restaurants in the
              SF/Bay Area.
           \_ Any Chinese restaurants that serve fortune cookies are not
              authentic.  Any southern Chinese restaurants that serve hot and
              sour soup are not authentic.
        \_ Pick one of Macella Hazan's cookbooks and take a gander.  Italian
           food does not mean tomato sauce flavored of garlic on top of pasta.
        \_ I have not been to an Italian restaurant in the Bay Area which
           serves meals in the way that is typical in Italy.  Generally,
           in Italy you start with an antipasti plate or bruschetta, then
           you have a "primi piatti" (often a pasta, smaller than the pasta
           plates served in the U.S.), a "secundi" (fish or meat), and then
           often a salad to finish.  Generally you're not served bread unless
           you order bruschetta.
           I think there are a number of places which serve food which is
           similar to what you'd get in a restaurant in Italy, but I've not
           encountered one which serves similar-sized portions and courses.
           \_ Or which has middle-aged Italian men hitting on desperate fugly
              American tourist chicks.  -John
                \_ mmm, desperate chicks...
           \_ this is true, but you can get food that tastes similar to
              italian restaurants. of course, italian restaurants and italian
              families serve food differently and also taste different.
              \_ MMmmm, I like my Italian families with some fava beans and a
                 nice Chianti.
2004/11/24 [Recreation/Food] UID:35064 Activity:very high
11/24   they don't fuck around in ukraine
        \_ Take a look at him before and after the "food" poisoning:
           scary stuff..
        \_ dioxins? chlorinated organic molecules? how hard is it to
           be exposed to that through non-deliberate-poisoning?
           \_ Dioxins are common in industrial use, as are chlorinated organics
              which are also common in agriculture.
           \_ A few years ago (around 5?) large amount of dioxin was found
              in western Europes's food product and many products (Belgian
              chocolate for example) were removed from shelves temporarily.
              Food industry claimed that while it shouldn't have been there,
              it does no long term harm.  So maybe Yushchenko just decided
              to OD on stale Godiva?
2004/11/24-26 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:35062 Activity:moderate
11/24   OK, I'm a WASP and I've only ever had Thanksgiving dinner with other
        WASPs.  What are some ethnic things other people like to have on
        Thanksgiving?  I'm kinda curious.
        \_ "To serve man"  -John
        \_ Thanksgiving is not an Anglo thing.  Just ask anyone from Great
           Britian. :p  It's a pure American holidy, and for the most part,
           we don't do anything other than glad to have couple days off :p
        \_ We have this dish called "turkey". It is a very big bird and
           we prepare it by roasting it in an oven. We also have corn,
           sometimes on the cobb, and there's always the smoked ham we
           get from Costco. -williamc
        \_ tamales.
           \_ We WASCatholics do much the same thing, but then we drink.
              \_ Well we put out the good wine on Thanksgiving. -opWASP
                 \_ From a bottle?
                    \_ with a cork!
                       \_ Twist off caps are going to be the hot thing soon
                       \_ oooh...
                          \_ Pff... 2 years ago we had a ~20 y.o. bottle of
                             Stag's Leap Cab. Sauv. -op
        \_ Turducken.   mmmmm
           \_ I just heard about Turducken during a recent trip to Texas,
              where are you from?
        \_ My family is traditional w/ Thanksgiving, but Persian friends of
           ours sometimes make a sweet walnut stew or sour cranberry rice.
           Both seem somewhat Thanksgiving-compatible.
           \_ See, this is the kind of thing I was asking about. -op
        \_ My family is Chinese American. Just about the only thing
           we do that's different is instead of stuffing (which we all
           think is gross), we use sticky rice.
           \_ Inside the turkey?
        \_ Navajo.  My parents make some food and we take it to the shelter
           to feed most of the homeless people who live there.  Sometimes
           when it's a wasp guy, I think, "I bet this is what it felt like
           back then."   And then I think of my slaughtered people and spit
           in their food when they're not looking.  I did that alot when I
           worked in a restaurant in high school.
           \_ Geee! Now there's a mature attitude to take! Spitting
              in someone's food plate, when you're there to help. Stupid
              fucking moron. Oh yeah, I bet the guy whose plate you spat
              on killed 100 indians, right? -non-WASP
              \_ It was really mature of the white people to give Indians
                 nice warm blankets laced with small pox back in the day.
           \_ Is this the first ever Native American race troll on the MOTD?
        \_ As a WASP you must atone for your racist imperialist
        \_ My in-laws, who are Vietnamese, just eat normal Vietnamese food.
           \_ Good to know, I'll be keeping my pets indoors today.
2004/11/22 [Recreation/Food] UID:35014 Activity:high
11/22   Are restaurant hostess usually attractive?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ Sushi-O-Sushi in Santa Clara used to have a really gorgeous
           Korean hostess.  Any one know her personally?
2004/11/19 [Recreation/Food, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:34975 Activity:very high
11/19   So, in roughly five years time, when food and travel costs are
        >2x current costs with little increase in salaries due to fuel
        cost increases, how will the motd readers continue to live in the
        Bay Area and pay mortgages? Google "peak oil" if you don't know what
        I'm talking about.
        \_ ride bike and tuna over rice
        \_ some won't.  market forces will prevail.
        \_ perhaps a better question would be how will all  folks who've moved
           to the suburbs get by, where they don't even have a shred of a
           public transit system, and the people there live even further away
           from work than those in the bay area.  I can ride-bike+BART to work.
           Someone with a 'cheap house' in say Tracy doesn't ahve that option.
           \_ Never heard of the train, huh?  (ACE train runs from Tracy into
              the bay area.)
        \_ If that happens life will change.  People will work closer to home
           and will find ways to make that happen.  If food prices double
           people will stop eating out so damn much and learn how to cook
           again.  People adapt.  Life goes on.
2004/11/9 [Recreation/Food] UID:34791 Activity:kinda low
11/9    Why don't we free Taiwan while we're at it?
        \_ Dubya is willing to trade Taiwan for North Korea.
        \_ no muslims in taiwan
        \_ Are you Chinese?  Do you know that the opium trade did, to, er,
2004/10/14-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:34127 Activity:insanely high
10/14   Small quote from article about mcdonalds:

        "The company is now testing small hand-held devices, which can be
        used like electronic clip-boards by those making the rounds.
        Failures to check, say, the temperature inside a refrigerator
        (the devices are fitted with a probe) or to scan a location barcode
        (they have a scanner too) when checking the play area, will be recorded.
        If too many incomplete checks build up, the device can automatically
        alert the local manager by ringing his mobile phone."

        Why am I suddenly thinking of that short story about fastfood
        management software taking over the world? -- ilyas
        \_ because you're an idiot?
           \_ Do I need to use defending Ilyas, wrong as he sometimes is, as
              an excuse to tear you a new bunghole yet again, anonymous motd
              drug addict?  -John
              \_ hehe, you said 'bunghole'
           \_ w00t!
        \_ ilyas, I thought you said that Marshall Brain thing was off-base.
           Did you change your mind?
           \_ Yeah, I thought it was complete crack, but I still thought of it.
                -- ilyas
              \_ Check out Fast Food Nation if you're at all interested.  I
                 think the Marshall Brain thing is crack too, but that book
                 shows how McDonald's is a real pioneer in this sort of thing.
                 They call it "deskilling," and they are very very good at it.
                 The less skill is required for a job, the more easily
                 replaceable the workers become.
                 \_ I steer clear of both McDonalds and books like Fast Food
                    Nation (both make me ill).  I think deskilling is good, not
                    bad, because it increases overall productivity which in the
                    long term is a good thing.  I don't think McDonalds is
                    sinister.  On a slightly unrelated note, I was watching
                    this nature show which was talking about how adaptable the
                    bears are.  These days, bears don't even hunt anymore, they
                    just hang out near dumps and eat junk food leftovers.  And
                    since it's highly nutricious, they pack on weight for the
                    since it's highly nutritious, they pack on weight for the
                    hibernation, have more young, and in general do very well.
                    I found that very funny.  Someone should clue in those
                    bears about the vast evils of junk food. -- ilyas
                    \_ I made no judgement about deskilling good or bad.  I do
                       think you're being close-minded about the book though.
                       Give it a shot.  It isn't just a partisan rant, there's
                       a ton of interesting facts in it.  You will probably
                       disagree with his ultimate conclusions (that fast food
                       has changed our culture in negative ways, and with the
                       blessing and active help of the government), but you
                       may learn a lot of stuff too.  He doesn't necessarily
                       argue that McDonald's is "sinister."  He's far too
                       smart for that. [sigh, restored]
                       \_ You don't understand.  I _don't_ think it's partisan
                          trash.  I don't want to read it because I think it
                          will make me physically ill (it talks about a fair
                          number of icky things).  -- ilyas
                          number of icky things).  I haven't thought about
                          the overall effect of fast food on our society.
                          I can certainly see how it affected us badly.  But
                          at the same time you can't underestimate the positives
                          of cheap nutricious food.  I think the positives and
                          of cheap nutritious food.  I think the positives and
                          the negatives are simply incommensurable in this case.
                            -- ilyas
                          \_ Fast food is neither cheap nor nutricious (unless
                          \_ Fast food is neither cheap nor nutritious (unless
                             you're including $1.10 chinese food, which is
                             just cheap).
                             \_ See above about bears. -- ilyas
                                \_ This doesn't prove that fast food is
                                   nutritious; it says nothing about the
                                   long term health effects on the bears. Also,
                                   without a substantiating source with real
                                   scientific credibility, this is anecdotal
                                   and has no logical place in a serious
                                   \_ I use 'nutritious' in the good old
                                      fashioned sense of 'has calories, you
                                      eat it -- you get fatter' sense.
                                      I don't have any hard scientific evidence
                                      on long term effects of fast food on
                                      bears.  But I am not sure you can hold it
                                      against me, since no one will fund this
                                      kind of research.  People who study
                                      bears know bears do very well on
                                      junk food, you can disbelieve them if you
                                      want.  The issue with bears is they
                                      need lots of calories before winter,
                                      which junk food provides in spades (i.e.
                                      it's nutritious and plentiful).  Also,
                                      to a bear, a shorter lifespan but more
                                      offspring is a good tradeoff.  -- ilyas
                                      \_ Bears are far more versatile than we
                                         are so I wouldn't be surprised if they
                                         do fine on junk food. Their preferred
                                         behavior is to forage anyway, as
                                         opposed to "hunt". However, it's also
                                         the case that human activities have
                                         reduced many natural bear food sources
                                         and shrunk the amount of contiguous
                                         habitat available for their natural
                                         activities. I don't really see much
                                         significance to this whole bear thing.
                                         The lifespan comment is ridiculous.
                                         \_ The significance to this whole
                                            bear thing is that under my
                                            definition, junk food is very
                                            nutritious -- it lets a giant
                                            of an animal go without food for
                                            an entire season very easily.
                                            This kind of nutritiousness is a
                                            huge positive in many
                                            situations for people, say people
                                            who are extremely poor and
                                            malnourished.  (They may not be
                                            able to hibernate, but they
                                            certainly get a lot of value out
                                            of this kind of food).
                                            Sure, it doesn't
                                            have fiber, vitamins, essential
                                            minerals, etc. etc.  But you take
                                            care of that AFTER you make sure
                                            you don't croak from calorie lack.
                                            I am just saying the crude
                                            advantages of junk food are
                                            significant and cannot be
                                            discounted.  Comment about
                                            'ridiculousness' ignored due to
                                            lack of explanation and because
                                            attacks are lame.  Btw, I don't
                                            think there is any difference
                                            in food versatility between us
                                            and bears inherently -- we are
                                            both omnivores.  Any sort of
                                            heightened sensitivity of ours
                                            is probably due to the fact
                                            that natural selection stopped
                                            for us, and our sensitive
                                            stomachs aren't dying out
                                            anymore. -- ilyas
                                 Well you also didn't explain the lifespan _/
                                 thing... it would seem your comment applies
                                 to humans as well. And bears can eat grass
                                 and other stuff we can't, so presumably can
                                 fill some needs that way. I also think your
                                 assumptions about the inherent "value" in
                                 this food may not be realistic when compared
                                 to the cost of cooking food from basics,
                                 leaving aside the whole "hidden costs"
                                 argument someone else alluded to. (I think
                                 also bears can live entirely on meat/fat,
                                 like carnivores, and unlike humans. Though
                                 I've heard weird things about Inuits.)
                                 \_ He's redefined 'nutritious' and then
                                    argued from that stand point.  It
                                    recontextualizes the discussion, and
                                    imposes far less vigorous constraints on
                                    the point he's trying to argue.  As long
                                    as you let that happen, he's going to
                                    'win' the debate.  It's a clever tactic,
                                    though it's not a strictly logical one.
                                    I also like how he ignores the fact that
                                    bears and humans have significantly
                                    different needs from their food, so
                                    equating humans to bears is also a far
                                    less rigorous point to have to 'prove'
                                    especially considering that no facts to
                                    back up the initial opinion about junk food
                                    being 'good' for bears have been provided.
                                    The assertion that no one's done a study
                                    or research into the impact of human waste
                                    on bears is almost laughably unlikely.
                                    \_ Nutrition = a process by which organisms
                                       obtain energy (  Nutritious =
                                       providing nourishment (dict).  I am
                                       redefining nothing, I am making concrete
                                       what I feel is a reasonably vague
                                       definition.  I can just feel the
                                       venom dripping from your fangs, you
                                       poor sap.  When did you become so
                                       cheerless and morose?  I don't know
                                       definition.  I don't know
                                       what shadowy evil you think I am up to
                                       with my evil evil debating tactics,
                                       but all I am trying to say is that
                                       high calorie food does a lot of good
                                       in certain rubber-hits-the-road
                                       situations, and the harm junk food
                                       causes has to be balanced again this
                                       good.  P.S.  Read my assertion about
                                       what's not getting funded again.  I
                                       think you are trying to pull a fast
                                       one here. -- ilyas
                                       \_ Nice.  I've reduced you to ad
                                          hominem attacks.  You've rather
                                          misrepresented me in your
                                          interpretation of my attitudes and
                                          motives.  If it means this much to
                                          you to be right, then okay.  I've
                                          challenged your style of agrument,
                                          and you've responded by
                                          comparing me to a snake.  Okaaaaay.
                                          \_ Ok, fair enough.  What about the
                                             rest? -- ilyas
                      |      \_ Well, one definition of nutritious would be
                      |         'contains calories and protein' which I'd say
                      |         is generally true.
                                \_ This is specious and largely irrelevant.
                             \_ High fat, high salt, low fiber == not healthy.
                                However they're not forcing people to eat it.
                                \_ Huh?  I've never made any claims about
                                   anyone being forced to eat anything.  What
                                   are you talking about here?
                             \_ Fast food is massively subsidized in many
                                ways, if we had to pay the actual costs the
                                system wouldn't work -- see oil.
                                   \_ I'm just saying, people buy the unhealthy
                                      food in droves knowing it's unhealthy.
                                      Given this desire I don't think the
                                      industry is at fault. I'd be in favor
                                      of restricting child-targetted marketing.
                                      Oh and I wasn't really talking to you,
                                      just elaborating on the general subject.
                Here you go.
2004/10/12 [Politics/Domestic/911, Recreation/Food] UID:34051 Activity:high
10/12   What is the wisdom of blowing up an unoccupied restaurant that is
        used as a terrorist meeting place? Why not raid the restaurant on
        the ground while it is actually being used? I doubt the terrorists
        are saying: "Damn! They blew up the restaurant. Now we're
        screwed." They'll just meet somewhere else. This is stupid.
        \_ 1. Hope they get people when they are in the place.
           2. Hope other shop owners will care more and not let them meet
              at their places.
           3. Terrah! 9/11!
           \_ Wouldn't it make more sense to stake it out and actually
              catch the guys?
              \_ Of course not.  Blowing up the place intimidates shopkeepers
                 and has almost no risk of casualties.
                 \_ What about, I dunno, actually catching/killing some
2004/9/23 [Recreation/Food] UID:33717 Activity:high
9/23    MOTD Recipe time, because we all love bacon and need to eat our veggies
        Finely Chop: 1-2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 yellow onion
        Cut up 4 heads of baby bok-choy into bite-size bits
        Cut 1/2lb. bacon into 1/2" bits
        Heat a frying pan to medium-high
        Fry the bacon.  When done, remove to paper towels to drain.
        Pour out most of the bacon grease but leave about 1 tablespoon worth
        Turn down the heat to medium and let the pan cool a bit.
        Add the garlic and onion and cook until the onion is translucent
        Increase the heat to medium-high and add the bok-choy
        Cook until bok choy is tender, then add 1-2 tablespoons soy sauce
        Add the cooked bacon and stir it all together.
        Put on plate and sprinkle with lemon juice.
        \_ Huh?
2004/9/22-23 [Recreation/Food] UID:33699 Activity:nil
9/22    Has anyone noticed that foods re/heated with the microwave cool
        down faster than if a regular oven was used?
        \_ Speaking of which, are there any health hazards involved in
           using microwaves -- there was a study done a while ago at
           Michigan which claimed microwaves create carcinogens in the food.
           \_ Because your food is non-conductive, the voltages induced should
              not be enough to break chemical bonds.  If you heat your food
              a piece of metal in it I could see that happening.  Also, heating
              food-fats in contact with plastic wrap *may* cause the plastic
              to release dioxins into the food
        \_ This is what you'd expect from the physics of microwaves.
           \_ I doubt you understand the physics of microwaves.  This is what
              you'd expect if you used a conventional oven at a high
              temperature to reheat something to the point that it appears to
              be warmed, rather than setting the oven for the destination
              temperature and waiting long enough.
        \_ Conventional ovens heat slowly.  By the time you take your food out
           heat has had plenty of time to move into the center.  When you
           microwave something at full power the outside gets hot very fast.
           When you take it out, the inside id not very hot, and the outside
           cools off faster because its heat is pushing in to the center, where
           in a conventionally-heated food the center has already had the time
           to get warm.  That's why many microwave foods advise you to give
           a rest in the middle of the cooking cycle, or advise 50% power:
           It's to allow time for the heat to penetrate.
           \_ Boy, that's what I said, but instead I got a condescending
              snark from some motd butthole.
              \_ Your answer was not very helpful, and I'm not the 'butthole'
                 so leave me out of this.
                 \_ When did I bring you in?
                    \_ When you responded to my post to comaplain about some
                       other guy.
2004/9/20-21 [Recreation/Food, Computer/Theory] UID:33639 Activity:low
9/20    You overhear a conversation.  You know the answer to their
        question.  What do you do?
        \_ What if you're wrong?
           \_ If you show uncertainty and weakness, the world will drift
              toward tragedy.
        \_ I would probably say something, but it depends on context. E.g. if
           it is someone sitting next to me at a bar I would be inclined to
           butt in, but if it someone at a different table at a nice restaurant
           I would not.
        \_ If I don't know them, I'd keep my mouth shut.  Then I can either
           listen to an answer from someone more knowledgeable, or quietly
           laugh at someone bluffing who's trying to impress some chicks.
        \_ I was in the grocery store and this really fat couple were talking
           about breakfast cereal and something about calories. Like why
           raisin bran had a lot of calories etc. and I just proferred that
           the raisins are sugarcoated. A very awkward silence ensued after
           which I scooted out of there real quick-like.
           \_ All cereals have essentially the same calories/ounce, regardless
              of how much sugar they have.
        \_ Totally depends of the type of question.  If it's something
           like Math or CS, yeah, butt in.  If it's what this guy should
           do about his cheating girlfriend, stay far away.
           \_ BZT!  You are supposed to ask the guy for his gf's phone #.
        \_ If it's some guy at a store asking "What do I need to buy to do X"
           and the salesman's saying "Hmmm...." I'll butt-in.  If their friend
           seems to have some sort of clue, I'll let them make due without my
           \-for sales people, if it is just anecdotal or preferences --
             "sure that is a comfortable camping chair" -- i dont comment but
             i have heard salesmen at places like REI give defintitely bad
             advice w.r.t. things like water filtration ... so sometimes
             i will say something after the saleperson goes away. if it is
             something like "what was the movie with X where he Ys ..."
             then obviously that is sort of situational.
2004/9/16 [Transportation/Airplane, Recreation/Food] UID:33561 Activity:high
9/16    How does Hooters manage to hire only chicks with hot boobs as
        waitresses and yet avoid discrimination lawsuits?
        \_ It's legal to discriminate on physical appearance if it is necessary
           to the performance of the job.  Being hot is not a requirement to
           be a waitress.  However, being hot is a requirement to perform the
           Hooters waitress job, and looking presentable is a requirement for
           most customer service jobs.
           \_ uh, what if you're a racist and you open up a steak house and
              decide to hire only white chicks to preserve the tradition?
           \_ Uhm, no. Hooters was sued by a number of men and they settled
              out of court. The EEOC investigated the matter for four years,
              but they dropped the matter since nobody really cared. So
              it's still undecided (since none of the cases made it to
              court) on whether or not Hooters really can get away with
              this sort of thing. They can basically discriminate until
              someone else files a suit against them and it actuallly makes
              it to court. Please refrain on commenting on things you don't
              know anything about.
              \_ An employer can discriminate based on appearance. This
                 has been upheld many times from beards at Disneyland to
                 tattoos and piercings. The policy needs to be applied
                 consistently and comply with EEO guidelines with regards
                 to race, sex, religion, etc. Even discriminating by age
                 is acceptable in some instances.
                 \_ Again, no. You are being overly general. An employer
                    may or may not discriminate based on appearance depending
                    on what jurisdiction the business is in and what type of
                    business it is. It varies from
                    state to state and the Federal Government has been
                    unclear about this issue. There hasn't been a big enough
                    case to go to the courts to determine this issue once and
                    for all since most of the suits are settled out of court.
                    Since most likely no employer is going to overtly say
                    that they didn't hire so-and-so because of their looks
                    (they would be really stupid to do so) it's also a
                    somewhat difficult case to litigate, and there aren't
                    any real federal statutes on this yet.
                    \_ People have been fired (or threatened to be fired)
                       based on appearance. Again, an example was beards
                       at Disneyland. This is allowed. Go look at the EEO
                       web site to see what kinds of discrimination are
                       allowed and in what instances.
                 \_ At Disneyland, you're hired as an actor for a part.
                    \_ Exactly. This is a perfect example of being able to
                       discriminate based on appearance. The women at
                       Hooter's are not hired for their waitressing
                       skills. However, if one is fired for being Muslim
                       then she has a case.
                       \_ The burka might pose a problem for working at
           \_ I've never been to Hooters.  Do the waitress actually do more
              with their bodies than merely walking around and showing off?
              And I thought even the showing-off part is just unwritten mutual
              understanding between the waitress and the employer, not written
              \_ Depends a lot on the location, but quite honestly, Hooters
                 is just the right speed for married guys who don't want to
                 cheat, but want to act "bad" for a while. Some Hooters had
                 waitresses play Twister, and it works for some, others not.
                 \_ Cf. Coyote Ugly Saloon in NYC. You can look, but you know
                    you can't touch. Very relaxing, really.
        \_ How much do Hooters waitresses get paid?
           \_ I don't know, but most waitress jobs get shit for salary and make
              their living off tips.  I'd assume tips are even more important
              at a place like that.
              \_ Which is exactly why Hooters doesn't have to worry too much
                 about guys applying. They'll get no tips. Go Capitalism!
                 \_ Cf. Chippendale's.
        \_ I know that airline stewardess have gotten uglier and uglier by
           the generation. Either it's the junk food or the system.
           \_ It used to be a very glamorous job. Flying was such a
              luxury. Now you are stuck serving soda to a family from Des
              Moines. I assume that salaries are also lower now,
              contributing to cheaper tickets.
              \_ It seems just from observation that what young cuties there
                 are are stuck flying crappy domestic routes, and old
                 battleaxes get the "glamorous" international routes.
                 Sometimes you find someone hot with language skills on
                 international flights.  First/business stewardesses tend to
                 be more attractive too.
                 \_ It must be that stewardess get to choose the routes based
                    on seniority.
                    \_ Yep, I assume so.  Damn unions.
           \_ That's only US airlines.  Try Singapore Airline or JAL, where
              discrimination against ugly applicants are still legal.
              \_ Emirates Air has by far the best eye candy.  The Singapore
                 girls are also very nice.  I once flew Air NZ with some
                 significantly cute attendants, and one Auda flight had
                 a model-quality attendant.  Small sample size on those
              \_ I agree, Singapore Air ladies are nice to look at.  The
                 uniforms are pretty cool too.
              \_ Yes, it's only the US airlines. Damn those unions.
2004/9/1 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:33280 Activity:nil
9/1     Knock Knock
        \_ OB: Who's there?
           \_ Doctor
              \_ OB: Doctor Who?
                 \_ The Time Lord!
                 \_ That's right.
                 \_ Dalek Voice: Exterminate!
           \_ Pizza?
              \_ OB: Pizza who?
                 \_ Come out here a get a pizza me!
                    \_ You want me to piss at you?  Sure.
                 \_ Pizza to meet you!
           \_ Yermom
              \_ Yermom who?
                 \_ Your own mother!  Now open the door.
           \_ Control freak.  Now you say "Control freak who?"
2004/8/1-2 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food] UID:32619 Activity:insanely high
8/1     I found a bug on the organic Raomain I bought from Trader Joe.  Is is
        still edible as raw salad?  I know organic farming means not relying on
        pesticide to kill of bugs but would there be a danger from parasites?
        \_ Eat the bug and like it!  If necessary, you CAN be wormed.
        \_ If this sort of stuff bothers you, you can buy kosher food.
           Many people do, even if their religion does not require it. -- ilyas
        \_ It's food.  Food that is grown is grown outside.  Insects and
           animals live outside.  Food that is grown outside will be touched
           by insects and animals.  That is the way the world is.  Occasionally
           one of those insects will make it into the packaging, especially
           with leafy greens.  Throw the bug away and wash the lettuce, problem
           solved.  Are you people really that removed from where your food
           comes from?  -aspo
           \_ Aspo, no offense, but you are an idiot.  What about greenhouse
              grown food?  Is that 'outside'?  Get a clue.
              \_ Um, yeah, uh, greenhouse grown food is grown in an anti-
                 septic foam nutrient solution.  Food technicians in
                 Intel "bunny suits" meticulously pluck any alien life
                 forms from salad leaves, carefully brushing each leaf to
                 ensure a complete absence of unwanted bugs, weeds,
                 chemicals, or icky "dirt".  -John
        \_ If you knew how many bug bits are in every carton of fruit
           juice, organic or no, you probably wouldn't be bothered by
           this at all.  Still, I think the whole organic thing is BS.
           Genetically modified often means the plants have better natural
           resistance to pests, so they can use fewer pesticides than
           organic crops, not more.  BTW, leafy stuff should be fine if
           you wash it.  Sprouts, broccoli, etc, is the kind of thing you
           should cook.
           \_ If the pests don't even want to eat them, do you?
           \_ I don't think you know what 'organic' means. The federal
              standard provides that the food is produced without
              pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, irraditation, or
           \_ While most organic farming is bs, there is one aspect in
              which genetically modified crops are worse. Many gm grains
              do not produce seeds that can be reused for the next growing
              season which means that farmers must purchase new seeds
              every year rather than simply take seeds from the last
              harvest. The fact that farmers are beholden to ADM or some
              other large conglomerate is worrying, but the main problem
              is that by moving the natural selection process for grain
              from the wild to the lab, we can make the grains less
              able to cope with new forms of pests and infection.
              There is another lesser concern with gm crops for some
              peta/vegans, and that is crops which include animal genes
              might violate their no exploting animals principle.
              \_ There are no crops for consumption that I'm aware of
                 that contain animal genes.  When I've done work with
                 animal genes in plants, it's been as a research tool,
                 it serves no purpose to put an animal gene into a
                 plant for crop use.
                 \_ There's a strawberry which contains a protein from a fish
                    which makes them resistant to freezing (natural antifreeze)
                    I don't think it's been approved for human consumption,
           \_ What about crops which are more resistant to herbicides
              which encourage farmers to apply more weedkiller?
              \_ Oh, and it's especially cute when the crop in question can
                 interbreed with wild varieties and give them herbicidal
                 resistance too.
              \_ I think anyone who's done farming knows that it's always
                 better to try and use the minimal amount of chemicals.
                 The best way to do that, ultimately, will be with GM
                 crops, not organic.  Besides which, organic crops alone
                 cannot produce enough yield to feed our population,
                 so unless 2 billion people volunteer to not eat in the
                 future, or environmentalists agree to start letting
                 us convert forests to farm land, then GM crops are the
                 only option.  Besides, everything is genetically
                 modified, it's just that in the lab we can do it more
                 \_ You're not too bright are you? Just by switching from
                    slash and burn to organized agriculture I am sure we
                    could produce enough food. There isn't a shortage of
                    food in the world and this is not because of
                    pesticides. There's plenty of arable land left unused.
                 \_ You should read the Skeptical Environmentalist. He
                    makes it quite clear that by properly farming the
                    land already converted for agriculture use we could
                    easily feed the entire planet (even if the population
                    continues to increase). GM isn't really needed and
                    in the case of grains with the "terminator" gene,
                    it will actually make things worse since subsistence
                    farming will stop being the strong cheap source of
                    food for the developing world.
2004/8/1-2 [Recreation/Food] UID:32617 Activity:low
8/1     Electronic Frontier Foundation's FREEDOM FEST 2004
        Music, Food, Drink, Geeks -
        Wed Aug 4th 5-8 PM, Yerba Buena Gardens, SF
        \_ Was it called FRENCH FEST before? -- french food #1 fan
2004/7/21 [Recreation/Food] UID:32401 Activity:very high
7/21    Finally, the truth about ketchup as a vegetable!
        \_ dammit!  I can't believe that cliffhanger at the end.  I want to know
        \_ wdammit!  I can't believe that cliffhanger at the end.  I want to kno
           the story of the french fries and the bankruptcy settlements!
        \_ Thank god!  Now that this minor footnote to history has been cleared
           up, I can breath easier!  THANK YOU MOTD GODS!
2004/7/2-3 [Recreation/Food] UID:31143 Activity:nil
7/2     Anybody know the caffeine content of chocolate covered espresso beans?
        I couldn't find anything online.
        \_ Roast coffee is about 1% caffeine by mass.  A 2tbls measure of
           coffee beans is 15-20gms, IIRC.  Measure out how many half-beans
           are in a scoop.  Then you can fine the mass per half-bean.  I'd
           guestimate it's in the 100-300mg range, which would mean 10-30mg
           caffeint per candy.
2004/6/22 [Recreation/Food] UID:30944 Activity:very high
6/22    Is Global a decent knife? I've been looking for a good knife for a
        \_ Tac-11 is a pretty good knife.  Heh. -- ilyas
        \_ I can't believe someone erased my post about the only knife a
           man needs.  You people are cold and vicious.
        \_ Believe it or not, I'm using Miracle Blade II right now ... They
           are really sharp, really cheap and can go into the dishwasher....
           Yes, this is heresy, but try it out (cheap!):
           \_ While I haven't used that particular knife, it looks like any
              other cheap stamped blade.  These types of knives start out very
              sharp, but don't hold their edge well.  The blade is also too
              flexible.  You end up with a wobbly dull knife with a ragged
              blade; not very safe.  Any knife can go through the dishwasher,
              but the reason good knives say not to is because they will bang
              into other things and get dull faster.
              \_ Globals are not all stamped.  Its the alloy they use
                 that lets it keep its edge.
                 \_ I never said ANY Globals were stamped.  I said it looks
                    like all the "Chef Tony" knives are stamped.
                    \_ some global knives are stamped, that's why they have
                       a separate forged series that is heavier
           \_ Along those lines, how about someone telling us the scoop on
              Ron Popeil's latest infomercial set:
              I've seen that infomercial a couple times now (well bits of it,
              there's something hypnotic about that guy) and it had me ready
              to buy, but I always figure these things are scams.
              \_ It's an $870 value!  Yours today for only $39.99!
        \_ Wusthof!  Wusthof Classic is the STANDARD!
           OK, now that I've gotten that out of the way:  I've only used Global
           a little, but the ergonomic design seems quite good.  As a new knife
           it was very nice.  The big difference about Global is that their
           steel has a lot of vanadium in it.  This makes the blades harder
           (and presumably more brittle).  These knives are also honed to a
           sharper angle than most good knives.  This makes them seem sharper.
           The reason most knives are honed to a wider angle is that a wider
           wedge holds its edge longer.  Global knives, because of their
           harder alloy, can get away with the sharper honing.  This extra
           hardness and sharpness comes at a price.  These knives are very
           hard for most people to resharpen with a stone or steel.  When the
           knives eventually need resharpening, you will probably have to take
           them to a professional.
           \_ Wusthof/Solingen is totally overpriced.  They're good knives,
              but you can get equally good ones for half the money.  Want a
              tip?  Ask a chef.  The knives are often their most prized
              possessions.  -John
              \_ Agreed.  -Wusthof guy
              \_ I've known two chefs and both used Wustof knives. I use
                 them myself. I would consider Henckels. What knives are
                 equally good for 50% of the cost?
                 \_ Do you guys sharpen them yourself with a sharpening
                    stone, or have it done professionally?  And how often?
                    \_ With a steel every few months, or right before a big
                       cutting job.  The steel corrects minor dulling of the
                       blade.  A professional uses a grinder and actually
                       grinds off metal to create a new edge.   You should hone
                       reasonably often and take it to a grinder only rarely.
                       \_ do you mean truing it on a steel?  I took the knife
                          skills class at Sur La Table (very useful, btw), and
                          the chef suggested to true briefly every time you use.
                          I've heard that you can use a sharpening stone instead
                          of having it ground, but that you should do one or the
                          other yearly if you use the knife often.  I've had my
                          Henckels for a few years and never done this, and was
                          thinking I probably should, but wasn't sure which
                          option to take (tempted to try the stone, but don't
                          want to mess them up)
                 \_ There are some forged Sabatier knives that are 80% as good
                    for 30% of the cost.
        \_ They're fairly light, which might be good or bad depending
           on how you plan on using them.
           \_ Will they still be usable if I stab a guy in the head with them?
              \_ yes, you can still cut thru an aluminum can with it
                 \_ o.O  The guy's head can cut thru an aluminum can?  Whoa.
        \_ I _love_ my global knives.  I have owned and used Wusthof, Henkel,
           and Chicago Cutlery previously.  Global kicks their butts.  Global
           is fairly light, very sharp (I hear they have a special edge on
           them).  They are an excellent value, imho.  --chris
           \_ Just curious how one owns knives "previously"? They should
              last a lifetime. I bought my Wustof knives and I will never
              buy another knife again because there is no need. If they do
              break (possible, but unlikely) you can get them replaced
              for free. How have you gone through so many knives?!
              \_ One per skull?  I don't think they're designed to penetrate
                 solid bone like that and the replacement policy won't cover
                 fraud or felonious use of device.
                 \_ That actually brings up a good point -- once you've got
                    the knife firmly lodged in a guy's skull, what's the best
                    way to get it back out?  Twisting or pulling?  Or do you
                    rock it out?  Which way do you rock?
                    \_ You brace your foot against his neck/shoulder and pull
                       back with both hands if the knife handle is large enough
                       or just one hand with smaller knives.
           \_  There are other companies also using the same alloy as
               Global without the contemporary one piece look.
           \_ I really like Global, but they're pretty light and some people
              like a knife that feels more solid when they hold it. - mikeym
        \_ I bought a block set of Henckel's Professional S.  They look nice
           and work great.  They've also held their edge well for a few years
           without needing sharpening (fairly light use).  Individually,
           any good knife is pricey; in a set they're not too bad.  The best
           piece of advice I've heard is: the best knife is the one you use.
           One that feels good in someone else's hand won't necessarily feel
           good in yours.  Beyond that, Wusthoff, Henckels, and Global are
           all good bets.
           \_ Based on advice from the knife skills class and the book
              "kitchen confidential", I found that I only needed a very small
              subset of the "full block."  Specifically, a good chef's knife,
              a good paring knife (I got two, a long and a short), and a
              z-offset serrated knife.  The latter is *great* for cutting
              lots of misc items (tomato, bread, ...), more practical than
              a normal bread knife.  Oh, and a truing steel, of course.
              \_ My block came with: 6" extra-tall chef's, 8" chef's,
                 long slicer, paring, steel, 6 steak knives, block, bread
                 knife, "utility" (short serrated), and a 6" slicer.
                 I used every single one routinely except the utility.
                 I could certainly get by w/ fewer, but I like having them.
2004/6/16 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:30831 Activity:very high 66%like:34588
6/16    KISS MY ASS, LAKERS!!!
        \_ Yah -- it made my day when the lakers went down in flames.
        \_ No one cares.  Sorry.  Sports just aren't important.  Have some
           bread with your circuses.
           \_ Speak for yourself, geekboy.  How's that wedgie doing?
              \_ How's the bread taste?  Best circus I've seen since the
                 one last week!  Pass me a beer and a joint!
                 \_ Bread?  Dunno, don't watch the games.  Don't smoke out
                    either, so you're on your own there, too, Mr. Pothead Dork.
                    I don't think you're as smart as you think you are.
                    Perhaps you'd better stick to EQ.
                 \_ thank you, NERFAMC
                    \_ Ok, so you drink, you don't get laid, can't identify
                       a bread product and watch a lot of sports.  Big winner!
                       \_ heh, let's see: assumption, projection, assumption,
                          poor reading comprehension. 0/4.  Big Winner!  Keep
                          trying, Dorkie.
                          \_ *laugh* ok, how about this: you're anal, boring,
                             drink, don't get laid with women, watch a lot of
                             sports, like bread products and take it up the
                             ass from your boyfriend twice a week.
           \_ I might take your moral superiority seriously if I thought you
              were in the peace corps, or donating all your free time to a
              non-profit, but in reality I'm sure you're just some geek into
              videogames, comic books, and sci-fi who just doesn't like sports.
              \_ What moral superiority?  I never said I was better.  I said
                 sports aren't important.  Sorry, no vgs, cbs or sci-fi.
        \_ The only thing better than watching the Lakers lose was watching
           the Red Sox kick the Yankees' asses in New York.
2004/6/15-16 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:30813 Activity:nil
        Korean dumpling is rotten. This reminds me of the time when I bought
        a bottled Korean Ginseng drink and got a huge headache and bloody
        red eyes. I don't trust Korean made food anymore.
        \_ Try fresh ramen or the rice.  That shit is really good.
           Also the quality of their tofu is excellent. Pulmone brand is my
           favorite.  You can actually smell the freshness when you open
           the packaging.
        \_ Won't somebody PLEASE think of the SHIN RAMYUN!
        \_ Isn't all Korean food basically rotten?  I thought that was part
           of the process (letting it ferment).
           \_ Bad troll, no kimchee.
2004/6/15 [Recreation/Food] UID:30812 Activity:high
6/14    How much does Noah's Bagel charge for a tiny portion of cream cheese
        nowadays? $3? $4? How about bagels? Still 50 cents?
        \_ Why do you hate capitalism?  Buy your cheese somewhere else.
2004/6/8-9 [Recreation/Food] UID:30687 Activity:insanely high
6/8     California roll poll:
        yum: ..
        yuck: ..
        \_ unagi: ..
           tastes like vagina: .
           \_ I love unagi, but then, I also love vagina.
        \_ tamago:
           overpriced piece of egg: ..
        \_ sanma:
           smells like rotten fish: .
        \_ uni is the best: .
           \_ As a gf once put it:  I wanted you to eat that because it has
              the same texture as cum, and I wanted you to understand why
              I spit.
              \_ your gf has bad taste.  granted these things may be an
                 acquired taste.
              \_ Hey, some of us got snowballed instead.
              \_ Either you need to see a doctor or your gf is flawed.  All of
                 my gfs always said it doesn't taste like much of anything.
                 \_ -4 Hit Points for poor reading comprehension.
                    texture != taste:  "...the same   texture   as cum,..."
                    \_ Shrug.  She's still flawed or you need to see a doctor
                       because you're cumming something the texture of uni.
        \_ Sushi Ran spider roll:
           the fried head is great for grossing out Sausalito ex-hippies: .
        \_ saba: .
2004/5/22-23 [Recreation/Food] UID:30365 Activity:high
5/22    Are Tullys & Starbucks one company? Why does Tullys also have Tall,
        Grande, Venti sizes?
        \_ Short and Tall used to be standard sizes for real coffee houses.
           Starbucks dropped short as a pussy size.
        \_ I think Starbucks has the patent on Tall(r), Grande(r) and Venti(r)
           sizes.  There's also a suit recently filed between McDonald's and
           Burger King over the use of the terms "small, medium, large" in the
           soft drink sales side of the fast food business.
        \_ Peets > Starbucks.
           \_ Peets?  When I worked near a Peets I stopped drinking cafe drinks
              because it was so horrible.
           \_ real coffee tastes bitter. when you load it with sugar, it
              tastes more like a soft drink. st*rbucks knows its market.
              most americans are still novices with espresso drinks. try a
              local coffee house and find out which barista is good. variety
              is the spice of life. try not to get hooked on st*rbucks
              push-button machines one-flavor-fits-all (like McDonald's)
2004/5/22 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:30364 Activity:nil
5/22    Cheezy poll, I love:
        feta cheese:
        blue cheese:
        all cheese: .
        squeezy cheese:
        \_ I hate:
        feta cheese: .
        blue cheese: .
        all cheese:
2004/5/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:30271 Activity:insanely high
5/18    A friend who lives in a developing country is concerned with the
        quality of milk there (hormone, anti-biotics and other additives)
        and asks me if whey powder produced in the US is a good substitute for
        both adult and child.  I googled and found only sales pitches but no
        study/advice from any medical establishment.  What does the wisdom of
        motd say?  tnx.
        \_ US brands have the same shit in them. buy organic, it's the
           only way to be sure.
           \_ Why do you hate America?
           \_ There are non organic brands that don't have any of that stuff
           \_ It can be much worse in other countries with loose regulation.
              Anyway, what about whey as a substitute for normal milk?
              \_ Why do you hate capitalism?
        \_ Milk is bad for you anyway.  Children should be breastfed until they
           can walk and then not drink milk.  Adults should never drink milk.
           \_ troll
        \_ there's wisdom on the motd?
        \_ I wouldn't be surpirised to find out that milk and meat produced
           in most developing countries are whole lot healthier than what's
           being sold in the US. I have overheard a farmer from central
           America once claim than their pigs are fed nothing but grass.
           Compare that to what they feed pigs in the US at most industrial
           (non-organic) farms.
        \_ Why not just use powdered milk?
           \_ Powdered milk is unhealthy, I heard, because the procedure
              involves heating the milk to rather high temperature and hence
              creating nasty things.  I don't know if whey powder suffers
                             \_ As opposed to Pasteurization?
              from the same problem but can't find authoritive info. on this.
        \_ Milk is bad for you.  Adults and children of walking age or older
           should not be drinking milk.  Why did someone censor this warning?
           \_ Actually, it's probably even worse for children not of walking
              \_ Oh please.  The front page has the following graphics:
                 Risks of low-carb high-protein diets
                 Cruelty at the March of Dimes (about animal experiments)
                 Why is the American Cancer Society PUSHING BEEF?
                 Dissection alternatives
                 Super Size Me
                 Is something FISHY on Federal Dietary Committee?
                 Can you say: in bed with PETA?  I knew you could.
                 \_ Isn't this the organization that claimed Atkins died
                    because of his diet?
           \_ and tiger penises good for virility right?
           \_ It sounded like a troll.  It is anyway a stretch to say milk
              is bad in such general terms.  It is always good to have a
              balanced diet.
        \_ I'd post my britney spears url pic here but i'm too lazy.
           \_ non sequitor
2004/5/11 [Recreation/Food] UID:30148 Activity:very high
5/10    I am interesting in having dinner with my operative from Palo Alto.
        Any recommendations for "neutral ground" between SF and PA? ok tnx.
        \_ I'll give you a recommendation if yout tell me what an operative is.
           \_ it's a pretentious way of saying "friend."  -tom
              \_ no, he's a spy for the kgb.
        \_ price/cuisine?
        \_ basque cultural center.
           \- oh that is a good idea. i wanted to try that. however, any
              recs a little farther south?. tnx.
              \_ prince of wales.  juban.  spiedo.
        \_ what? operative? neutral ground? what are you, RUSSIAN???
           \_ It's a bondage MI thing.  He is planning an American
              conservative "hazing" ritual and his operative will administer
              deep multiple penetration to him.
2004/5/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:30036 Activity:moderate
5/5     What do people think about the new "Cafe Durant" (where Wall Berlin
        used to be)?
        \_ what's in it?  is it still the same crazy boba-tea/TV hut?
                like Central Perk for FOBs?
                \_ I was wondering more about food.
        \_ "Cafe Durant" is not new. Wasn't it *always* above the Wall
           Berlin space?
           \_ Yeah, the new restaurant that replaced Wall Berlin is
              "Old Tea House," which is okay food-wise, but decent boba.
              Cafe Durant is still there upstairs.
              \_ Fuck, when did this happen? What happened to the piece of
                 the Berlin Wall?
                 \_ Wall Berlin was closed at least since last June when I
                    started working in Berkeley.  Haven't been around Berkeley
                    much before then, so I don't know when they actually
2004/5/3-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:29954 Activity:insanely high
5/2     History: Noah's Bagel opened up on Telegraph in 92/93. Is it still
        around? It was October, 1993... I was turning in my 60a HW and on
        the way I bought a .50 bagel and got tricked into buying their
        special $2.00 strawberry cream cheese. I blew 2 friggin dollars...
        worth good 6 cup-o-noodles that I could have eaten while playing
        diku-mud. Instead all I got was this stingy little pack of
        cream cheese. Damnit!!! Is it still around? IS IT??? -bitter old alum
        \_ Weaksauce.  You were still playing diku-muds in 93?
           I was already on AP because of diku-muds by 92.
           BTW, you could have gone down the street to one of the
           various bakeries and bought a day old loaf of bread for
           that much and eaten for a week.  Thats how I survived
           spring break.
        \_ It's still around, and Noah's as a whole is springing up
           everywhere.  There were some teevee ads a few months ago,
           but I haven't seen them recently.  I've been told that the
           one on Telegraph is the very first one, is this true?
2004/4/27 [Recreation/Food] UID:13405 Activity:nil
4/27     ____________________________________
        / do any of you like cows? whats the \
        \ appeal?                            /
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\_______
                    (__)\       )\/\
                        ||----w |
                        ||     ||
        \_ I like to cook baby cows in their mother's milk.
           \_ There is a kind of Japanese food that cooks chicken with eggs,
              and the name is literally mother-kid-something.
              \_ Oyako-don:
2004/4/27 [Recreation/Food] UID:13400 Activity:nil 66%like:13404
4/27    Do any of you like natto?  What's the appeal?
        \_ I thought this was Japanese porn or something like bukake but
           turns out to be food.
        \_ Is it anything like Dweanjong?  (Korean soy bean paste.)
           \_ Fermented whole soybeans that smell like rotten armpits
              \_ More like stinky feet.
        \_ Once you get used to the taste and the smell, it tastes good and
           is full of great nutrients.  My wife likes to eat it with a raw
           egg.  --erikred
           \_ I'm so sorry.
              \_ I concur. About half the Japanese people I asked didn't like
                 natto, either, or weren't admitting it anyway.
                 -- ulysses
                 \_ True!  Natto is generally considered a Kanto thing.  Most
                    southerners tend to beat it away with a stick.  Me, I like
                    it.  Now, sea urchin, on the other hand, wtf? --erikred
                    \_ I've never had the pleasure (misfortune?) to try uni.
                       What's it like?
                       \_ I've had uni a total of three times my whole life.
                          Everytime, I keep forgetting what it tastes like
                          so I try it again to remind myself how bad it is.
                          I do have to admit that it gets better each time
                          but I still don't like it. I think that yellow
                          stuff inside a crab is the closest thing I can
                          think of.
                       \_ It's a very odd texture (which is what i think turns
                          most people off).  Sort of a cross between a soft
                          patee and jelly.  It's sort of mildly sweet with a
                          bitter finish.  It's worth trying just to find out
                          what it's like.
           \_ Watch out for Salmonella.
              \_ Very very few eggs contain salmonella, and the amount in an
                 infected egg is generally small enough that a healthy person
                 can fight it off with no problem.
2004/4/25 [Recreation/Food] UID:13366 Activity:nil Cat_by:rory
4/23    Can someone recommend a good brand for French press coffee makers?
        \_ Bodum is The Definative french press.  (And the original) -aspo
2004/4/23-24 [Recreation/Food, Health/Sleeping, Health/Disease/General] UID:13354 Activity:nil 54%like:13249
4/23    For the person who was asking about why dogs eat their poop:
        \_ Am I the only one who suspects that that pinworm bit is just an
           attempt to get people to stick tape on their asshair?
           \_ sounded like a stretch to me, too
              \_ I think most people have pinworms at some point in their
                 lives, usually as children. Most people outgrow sticking
                 their fingers in their mouths. (Not me btw, I do it
                 all the time, so I guess I should check)
2004/4/20 [Recreation/Food] UID:13286 Activity:nil
4/19    partha, my ass hurts whenever I eat spicy food, does this happen
        to you and how do you deal with it? Should I ask a non-Bengali,
        Southern Indian instead?
        \_ Tamil food is the best Indian food!
        \_ Stop whoring your ass out for food.  ok tnx.
        \_ Said an Indian friend of mine, "on the whole, it's good, but on
           the hole it's very very bad."  -John
        \_ My asshole hurts all the time these days. You get used to it.
           \_ Get out of the chair and get some exercise, fat sysadmin!
           \_ eat fiber!
2004/4/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:13252 Activity:nil
4/18    What's a good steak/prime rib place in the East Bay?
        If i was in SF i'd go to Harris Ranch or house of prime rib.
        I'd prefer somthing that is not any more expensive than those.
        \_ La Val's, Durant.
        \_ Not a steak place as such, but Cafe Rouge does a good steak.
           \_ wife wants prime rib.
              \_ i got some prime rib for her right here.
              \_ shoot the wife.  go to val's.
        \_ Vic Stewart in Walnut Creek. Be prepared to pay for it though.
2004/4/12 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:13155 Activity:nil
4/12   Motd restaurant review:  Liaison Bistro, Berkeley
       Decor was pleasant, if perhaps a little overwrought in its attempt to
       recreate an authentic French bistro(t).  Service was polite and
       attentice, without being solicitous.  Roast leg of lamb was excellent;
       fairly strong sauce complemented the meat nicely without overpowering
       it.  Duck confit was very good.  It was moist and flavorful.  I would
       have prefered some vegetables in the presentation.  Marinated artichoke
       was good and the presentation with citrus and fennel complemented well.
       Sauteed spinach also good.  Not too special but well done.  Desserts
       were mixed.  Tarte tatin was good but not special.  Side of rum raisin
       gelato went well.  Crust was a bit soggy.  Poached pear was poached in
       red wine, served with very rich vanilla ice cream and slice of puff
       pastry.  Topped with excellent dark chocolate sauce, which unfortunately
       distracted from the rest of the dessert.  Creme brulee had excellent
       custard with a lot of vanilla, but the sugar was too thin so it didn't
       form a stiff crust.
        \_ hello tawei. learn to indent.
           \_ I'm not tawei
              \_ restaurant/movie reviews with no attribution are worthless.
           \_ tawei hasn't logged in for a month
       \_ I haven't eaten at Liason in over a year, but I recall it was quite
          good.  They had fresh oysters on the half shell as a specialty
          appetizer which was excellent.  Portions were niggardly (no that's
          not a slur, look it up), but the meal was enjoyable nonetheless.
                \_ Oh dans, you are so smart and manly, can I suck your
                   cock please?  Pretty please with sugar on top?
                   \_ Geez, you're really hostile.  You should work on that.
                      You'll forgive my defensiveness, but college professors
                      have been kicked off campuses because some reactionary
                      elements choose not to use dictionaries.  In this case,
                      it was the right word.
                      \_ college professor?  I thought it was some city
                         official on the right coast.
          Personally, I prefer Gregoire on Cedar.  The food is comparable to
          that at Liaison, and, though not cheap, much more reasonably priced.
          Decor is, however, nonexistent. -dans
          \_ The portions seemed fine last night.  Probably depends on what
             you order.
             \_ I'd believe that.  As I said, I haven't eaten there in over a
                year.  A lot can change in a year. -dans
       \_ So wait, Kinney's stuff is bad, but this excretion is ok?
          \_ basically, kinney's stuff is much longer, and he is known for it.
             personally I like his posts, though.
             \_ me too.
2004/3/29-30 [Recreation/Food] UID:12901 Activity:very high
3/29    What do these taste like? (chicken, beef)
        Horse -
        \_ somewhat stringy, but mostly like beef.  Like flank steak.
           \_ did you have to go to Europe to try this?
              \_ When horse eating is outlawed, only outlaws will eat horse!
              \_ Japan, actually, and I had it raw.
        Whale -
          \_ like a very thick venison.  Not as good as dolphin IMO -brain
        Ostrich - beef. Go to any Fuddruckers for ostrich burger. Lean and
                  high protein content.
                \_ totally.  Warning- it's also HEAVY like beef.        -brain
                                                      Are you chinese? _/
        Rabbit - chicken.
               - Firmer and gamey-er than chicken.  Tasty but lots of bones.
        Frog Legs - softer than chicken
                \_ kind of like a cross between fish and chicken   -brain
        Dog - black goat
        Escargot - like oyster. Put lots of melted butter to kill the taste
        Goat - is it the same as lamb?
        \_ No, I can't stand lamb, but like goat.
           \_ It depends on how prepared. It's normally gamier than lamb.
              \_ what does it mean to be "gamey?"
                 \_ I'd say it's a combination of tangy, musky, and rich.
        Alligator - rubbery. There's a Cajun place in Sac that serves this
                \_ kinda like pork... easily overcooked; choose your chef
                        wisely!         -brain
        \_ like fish.
        Snake - chicken
        \_Mine was burnt, but tasted like chicken.
        Beaver - Unless it's fresh, kinda like ahi
        Soylent Green - yermom
        "Long pork" - Like tube steak
        Whale Sperm - like Vanilla milk shake
        Whale Sperm -
        Kangaroo - Gamey
        Homosapien -
        Homosapien - sweet pork
        Placenta -
        Antelope - like venison but super gamey and sagey, almost inedible
        Venison - like really lean beef but with a gamey skunky quality
        Elk - like good lean beef, really delcious
                \_ are you a hunter?  Where do you hunt?  What weapon
                   do you use?
                   \_ I'm a Level 6 hunter with a +3 vorpal 7mm rifle.  Why?
        Moose - ditto, but not quite as lean, so more tender
        Bear - a cross between duck and pork, but gamey
        Homosapien -
        Placenta -
               the time I ate it it was way overcooked
        \_ How do wild turkeys differ from farmed?
2004/3/23-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:12818 Activity:nil
3/23    Do you tip when you get togo food?  Like if you pickup a large pizza,
        or get $15 in chinese togo?
        \_ I tip the girl at the local pizza place.  She's a cutie.  The
           ugly green haired chick at starbucks with the bad attitude gets
           \_ pixP (just the cutie)
        \_ No. Why would you do that? They didn't do any service. Do you tip
           cashiers in other stores?
                \_ sometimes they're nice.
        \_ Not as a general rule; but sometimes, yes. For ex, there is a great
           deli I go to where the sandwhich guys cut up a huge roast beef in
           front of you and make pleasant conversation... I usually tip a
           buck on a $12 sandwhich just to say thanks for the good service.
        \_ I usually leave my change in the tip jar.
           \_ One time I tipped a pizza delivery guy and tried to say "keep the
              change", but I guess he thought I was being patronizing because
              he suddenly got all pissed off and threw the change on the ground
              and went away. So now I'm afraid to give people small amounts of
              change for fear they'll feel humiliated or something.
              \_ Pizza delivery requires at least a two dollar tip.
                 \_ you're asking the pizza guy?  $1 or 10%, whichever is
                    greater.  -tom
                    \_ I gotta agree with the pizza guy that they're in the
                       same boat as waiters, but worse.  I generally do 15%
                       unless it's a huge order.
2004/3/19-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:12759 Activity:low
3/19    What variety of Mackerel is commonly served as 'Saba' in Japanese
        restaurants in the Bay Area?
        \_ it's pickled you know... it doesn't naturally taste like that!
           \_ I know, but there are a lot of species of mackerel and I'm
           \_ I know, but there are al ot of species of mackerel and I'm
              curious which one is served.
              curious which one is served.
              \_ the dead one.
2004/3/19-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:12754 Activity:kinda low
3/19    What culture has the healthiest food overall? Japanese?
        \_ Vaginins.
        \_ Vegans
        \_ Vegitirians
        \_ Vegitarianarian Cannibals
           \_ Vegitarianarian?  Is that a vegetarian Aryan (a meat Nazi?!)?
              Or does this have something to do with antidisestablishmentarians?
              \_ yes.
        \_ Just super-size at Mickey Dee's.
           \_ They are discontinuing super-size portions.
        \_ If the longest resulting healthy lifespan is the measure, then
           it would be the Okinawan diet, but that's just one part: add
           low stress, good attitute and physical activity and you get the
           longest lived people in the world.  And it's not genetic, Okinawans
           who move to the US and start chomping down Big Macs get fat and
           die early just like Americans do.
           \_ There's this guy who thinks calcium is a panacea and says
              Okinawans' health is because their water and other things have
              coral calcium in it.
           \_ low stress?  always wondering when the next batch of US marines
              going by will gang rape your 12 year old daughter?!
           \_ convert to Buddhism
        \_ Many Indians are vegetarian.  Is it healthy?
           \_ while vegetarian is good, curry is kind of fatty, and indian
              food is also high sodium, which is bad for health.
2004/3/19 [Recreation/Food] UID:12749 Activity:low
3/19    Good lord:  -John
        \_ I never seen a man eat so many chicken wings!
        \_ Are those suicide scars on Sonya Thomas???   -rory
           \_ She's single, she's hot, she eats like a pig without gaining
              weight (as long as there's a toilet nearby).  What more could
              you want?  So she sliced herself a bit?
              \_ They aren't REAL suicide scars. Remember the SysAdmin
                 motto: Down, Not Across.
                 \_ Sysadmin motto?  SAs don't commit suicide.  They find a
                    new job that pays more for less work until they eventually
                    get mid 6 figures for not showing at all.
                    \_ No, no, no, "Down, Not Across" is the goal you're
                       aiming to drive your lusers to.
                       \_ oooooh! I haven't had those for a while.  thanks
                          for clearing that up.
                          \_ Anytime.  Congrats on your long dry spell. Did
                             it take long to train them?
                 \_ Why is this?  It would seem like you get a more complete
                    severing of the artery if you go across.  Or is it a
                    matter of clotting?
                    \_ It's makes for a larger wound and impossible to clot.
                       You lose blood much quicker, lose consciousness faster,
                       and make it harder for you to be resuscitated.
                        \_ But what if you miss the artery/vein completely?
                           I guess I don't understand if you're trying to follow
                           the vein or cut across a couple.
                           \_ Follow the artery if you can.  A length-wise
                              cut means a longer wound which makes it harder
                              to clot; cross-wise means a tiny wound, which
                              will almost certainly clot before you bleed to
                              death.  Not sure where your artery is?  Make a
                              fist a few times and feel for the pulse, then
                              follow that up your arm.
2004/3/5-6 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:12541 Activity:high
3/5     Wired has an article about tracing meat (and all food) back to the
        source, and mentions Niman ranch.  Does anybody know more about this
        place (eg, visited a supplier)?  Is it a free range sort of operation?
        \_ Niman is as politically correct as a meat-purveyor
           can get without letting all its animals munch on grass. Chez
           Panisse gets most of its meat from Niman, if that means anything.
           \_ Is it really such a problem to let the animals walk around a bit
              and... I don't know, sniff flowers, have sex with each other, do
              what animals do?  I'm not trying to sound like a smartass, I'm
                     \_ duh, it costs more money
              just wondering if it's possible to get meat that was raised this
              way, and how to find it.
                 Before moving to meat-packing nirvana (Chicago), I'd get
                 grass-fed beef from Berkeley Bowl. The guys
                 Niman's grass-fed beef from Berkeley Bowl. The guys
                 behind the meat counter would be kind enough to give
                 me detailed directions for cooking (temp not as high,
                 time not as long). The Wednesday food section of
                 has featured many articles on beef sources. Do a search
                 for "grass-fed" in its archives. -elizp
                 \_ what brought you to chicago?
                    \_ My husband (login: fab --  yes, we're yet another
                       pair of csua breeders) was a UChicago grad student
                       while I taught at DePaul. -elizp
                       \_ oh, I took a class at DePaul last year, and am
                          thinking of a part-time MBA at UChicago.
                 me detailed directions for cooking (temp not as high,
                 time not as long). -elizp
                 for "grass-fed" in its archives. -elizp
                       while I taught at DePaul. -elizp
                          What's fab studying at UC?
              \_ Walk around:  Pigs and cows can do this already.  They're not
                 the most athletic animals, though.
                 Sniff flowers: They are penned in high-enough densities that
                 flowers get trampled.  For there to be non-trampled flowers,
                 they'd have to be kept in a large area, like rangeland.  That
                 costs $$.  Have sex?  No way.  They are selectively bred.
                 If they were allowed to breed randomly, you'd get traits that
                 are undesireable in a food animal.  Plus they are usually
                 sterilized and/or segregated so they won't fight.  Would it
                 really make sense to have bulls or roosters fighting all day?
2004/2/24 [Recreation/Food] UID:12380 Activity:nil
2/23    eric, how often do you save the motd entries? And do you save them
        more during lunch time (when it's more active), or do pure random
        sampling with equal time distribution in the 24 hour period?
        \_ why don't you email him to ask?  or use brain: what are the odds he
           sits there during lunch manually saving the motd?
2004/2/23-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:12369 Activity:nil
2/23    What's a good place in the southbay/Peninsula to get breakfast food?
        \_ Stack's is pretty good, in Burlingame, Redwood City, and Menlo Park
           Also, Cafe Barone is pretty good, also in Menlo Park.
           \_ Stack's sounds good!
        \_ I went to Paly. Your breakfast food in PA/MP is Cafe Barone and
           Printer's Ink Cafe unless a greasy spoon is your fancy, in which case
           Stack's will do you. Hobee's has good coffee cake and the rest of
           their stuff is pretty ass. "Would you like an Orange Juice? Small
           or large?" --ulysses
        \_ Peninsula Fountain & Grill in Palo Alto, Hobee's (a few different
           south bay / peninsula locations).
           \_ Peninsula serves good breakfast?  Sounds like a burger and
              milkshake joint.  Hobee's might be okay.
              \_ they have burgers etc but also breakfast. I recommend the
                 Caribbean french toast.
                 \_ Don't you mean freedom toast?  Why do you hate America?
           \_ Nini's in Burlingame on Bayswater.
        \_ Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast!
           \_ I think IHOP is way better for what you pay.
              \_ No fucking way.  Original grand slam breakfast = $2.50
                 \_ And a $5.00 glass of orange juice, please.
                    \_ As orange juice is uncaffeinated, I don't bother.
           \_are you serious?  (some people honestly do like Denny's Breakfast)
             \_ Half-serious.  It's not that great but it sure is cheap.
        \_ The Original Pancake House in San Jose.
        \_ My mom makes a killer waffle & bacon combo.
           \_ yermom serves an excellent breafast in bed.
              \_ yes she does.  she said you liked it best with her biggest
                 black dildo all the way up your butt.
                 \_ She assured me that was an Italian sausage!
                    \_ You didn't get suspicious when it hummed and vibrated?
2004/2/21-22 [Recreation/Food] UID:12343 Activity:nil
2/20    Is there a decent chocolate store near Mountain View?  I can't go to
        SF or wait for mail order.  Also I would be happier with buying
        by weight as opposed to getting pre-packaged boxes.
        \_ Prestons Candy & Ice Cream in Burlingame
           650.344.3265 , they make their own candy
           they do phone orders and mail to anywhere in the world
           I recommend their truffles, peanut brittle, rocky road and
           "coffee blacks"
2004/2/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:12300 Activity:nil
2/18    The Cheeseboard is now hiring.  Give up your computers for the simple
        joys of baking bread, making pizza, and cutting the cheese.
2004/2/17 [Recreation/Food] UID:29807 Activity:nil
2/16    Did anyone else read the article about microwave ovens in the
        ecologist magazine Nov 2003?  Can't decide if I believe it or not...
        \_ Interesting.  Actually one has to do a comparison study with
           ordinary cooking method.  And it is well known that pan with
           stainless steel (iron, chromium, nickel overdose), aluminum
           (alzhheimer), and teflon surface generate toxin.  So it comes
           down to which one kills the slowliest.
                \_ Aluminum causing Alzheimer's is just a myth...there's
                   no conclusive evidence to demonstrate that.
        \_ All cooking causes chemical changes in food. You'd have to
           see a comparison to people who grill their food for it to
           be meaningful.
2004/2/17-18 [Recreation/Food] UID:12280 Activity:nil
2/16    New strain of mad cow, and perhaps more cow->human cases as well.
        Time to stop eating brains.  (NYTimes)
        quote: I would advise the managers of cattle abattoirs to sell the
               meat only to lower-class butcher shops.
        \_ Proof apparent in motd ramblings!  Film at 11!
           \_ heh
        \_ Don't eat beef because of mad cow. Don't eat seafood because of
           PCB and mercury. Don't eat fruits and vegetables because of
           pesticides. Don't eat bread or pasta because it's not Atkins
           friendly. Don't eat margerine or butter because of transfats and
           cholesterol. Is there anything left to eat? Frankly, I think we
           should just eat whatever the hell we want and stop listening to
           media warnings.
           \_ Fruity Crack is still safe, right?
           \_ Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green day.
              \_ Soylent Dean.  "My God!  His campaign!  It's made of people!"
                 \_ thanks for the free laughs, I needed that today.
           \_ You forgot not eating poultry because of Asian Bird Flu.  Me,
              I think it's all a conspiracy by the pork industry to bring
              back the other white meat.
              \_ Don't forget scrapie in sheep...
                 \_ who eats sheep?
                    \_ Roast lamb is delish!
                       \_ lamb is one of the few things I can't eat.  it's
                          hard to describe but it just tastes weird and feels
                          weird in my mouth.
              \_ Eat organic!  Eat vegan!  Eat vegans!  Eat me!  -sax
                 \_ do you have omega-3 and omega-6?
                    \_ I think humans are nutritionally fairly similar to pork.
                       \_ But taste like chicken.
2004/2/9 [Recreation/Food] UID:12180 Activity:nil
02/09   The pretty boy wasn't always pretty.  In my senior year in high school
        and first year at berkeley, I had a lot of large, red, exploding
        pimples on my lower jaws.  It was disgusting.  Things changed when I
        decided to take control over what I eat.  First, I stopped drinking
        milk and sugar water.  Cows are injected with growth hormones to make
        them produce more milk for the corporate farmer.  You don't want that
        in your body.  Don't trust the "hormone-free" milk either.  You can
        get all the calcium you need by eating spinach or other green leafy
        vegetables.  I'll post more tips on what I did in the coming weeks.
              -pretty boy
        \_ Tell us more about yourself.  Age?  Race?  Skin type?  Fair or dark?
        \_ I eat anything I want and don't have any pimples. Sucks to be you.
        \_ I cured my pimple problem after using Clearasal and no change in
           eating habits.
           \_ you know the difference between symptom suppression and
              eradicating the root cause right?  E.g., taking pills to lower
              blood pressure is symptom suppression.  Root cause is people
              eating fatty crap that clogs up their arteries.
        \_ I always thought pimples = hormones / face washing
                \_ pimples = hormones * stressing about your goddamned skin
           \_ I think the percentage of people with hormonal problems are
              very small.  Just like the obese people.  Vast majority is
              cause by people eating too much crap and likes to blame their
              problems on their genes.  Taking responsibililty is too hard
              for most of those people.  You are what you eat.
              \_ I was referring to how everyone gets pimples during puberty.
        \_ Well, the added Hormone is great for the ladies though.
        \_ I'm surprised pretty boy isn't causing a flame-fest this time.
        \_ How are you doing in the babe department, pretty boy?
2004/1/30-31 [Recreation/Food] UID:12041 Activity:nil
1/30    Subway or Quiznos?
        \_ Quiznos.  Unless you like cold sandwiches.
           \_ Seconded.
        \_ Quiznos seem to be much more filling than Subway
        \_ Quiznos >> Subway
           \_ append Quiznos to Subway?
        \_ any Quiznos near the UCB area?
           \_ On Center near the Bongo Burger and Neutron Donuts.
              \_ Bongo burger is still alive (and popular?)
                 \_ Yes.  What's wrong with Bongo Burger?
                    \_ I think it is great that it has been there for a
                        long time.
                        \_ !Viva lamb sandwich!
        \_ Quiznos by a longshot
        \_ Togo's easily beats them both. Quizno's is basically Subway
           that has been toasted.  Better, but not much better.
           \_ Quiznos doesn't use pressed meats.  Much better.
           \_ No, Quizno's is better than Togo's. I only go to Togo's
              occasionally because it's right next to work. Togo's bread
              isn't good.
2004/1/27 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Computer] UID:11969 Activity:nil
1/27    Going to Santa Barbara this weekend, what is fun to do there? BTW
        I don't club/bar/dance so that's outa the question, thanks.
        \_ Skate/bike/run on the beach. you can go up to the cliffs which
           are nice. you can do lame shit like go to the mission. walk down
           state street and have a nice lunch.
        \_ beach is nice. Seafood. Why don't you club/dance/get drunk? It's
           so fun to pick up on women when you're drunk, get laid, and wake
           up with a hangover and not give a damn about the world.
        \_ what do you do when you visit santa cruz, san diego, la, etc?
           take pictures, go on picnics, hiking, look at architecture, go to
           historical museums, shop, walk around, find cool bookstores, eat
           at nice restaurants, hang out in cafes, MUD, surf, scuba?
        \_ there's some pretty good hang gliding sites down there.  -ERic
        \_ Pick up chicks.  As an out of towner you should score easy with
           the one-nighter types that don't want to hear from someone again.
2004/1/27 [Recreation/Food] UID:11960 Activity:nil
1/27    eating brains
        \_  -John
2004/1/27 [Recreation/Food] UID:11949 Activity:moderate
1/27    I recall reading somewhere about an experiment where some organisms
        were put into a petri dish full of material they could not eat but
        which could be eaten by the same organism with a common mutation.
        The results were that a higher number than expected of that mutation
        then occured in the next generation.  Now, it seems to me this would
        be a pretty damn big deal if it was duplicated, so perhaps the fact
        that I have not heard about it again and am failing to find it
        through google probably means that it wasn't, but if anyone knows
        anything about this or can find any info, i'm curious.
        \_  -John
        \_  -John
        \_ It is as it was.  It is God's Will.
2004/1/22 [Recreation/Food, Health] UID:29752 Activity:nil 72%like:11892
1/22    Eat well. Exercise:
2004/1/22-23 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:11892 Activity:nil 72%like:29752
1/22    Eat well, and exercise:
        \_ Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator.  Sometimes you
           can even get there quicker.
2004/1/21 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:11858 Activity:nil
1/20    I'm gonna be in San Diego for a weekend. Can anyone recommend anything
        cool to do or see (other than the SD zoo)? Thanks.
        \_ go to the movies?  read a book?  seriously, though.
           the Wild Animal Park out in north county is pretty neat.  much
           different feel from an ordinary zoo.  sea world is pretty much
           one big advertisement for anheiser busch.  but, it's there.
           old town.  pretty touristy.  good mexican food.  there.  eat
           good mexican food.  even the most run-down ro(x)berto's will
           have better mexican food than most places up here.  stay away
           from mission bay park.  it's nasty.  go to belmont park, wander
           the boardwalk.  coffeeshops have a much different vibe down there,
           are actual interesting hang-outs.  pacific beach has a bunch of
           them.  claire de lune in... mission hills?... is also pretty
           nice, they have a lot of open mics and poetry nights.  la jolla
           cove is a nice place to swim.  there are good bookstores on adams
           avenue, around the ken theatre.  i haven't been there since i was
           a kid, but seaport village used to be fun.  way back when.
           unfortunately, the best part was a fish and chips place which
           has since closed.  maybe very bleak or very touristy, but who knows?
           maybe it still has class.
           \_Boy, you almost make me wish I was going to San Diego.  Can you do
             this for other cities?  If I had known that the motd was a travel
             guide too, I would have asked it lots of stuff before.  Is there
             anything the motd CAN'T do?  (besides ignoring trolls?)
           \_ You missed the two best walking neighborhoods in San Diego:
              Gaslamp District and Hillcrest. Hillcrest has lots of coffee
              shops and cafes and Downtown has tapas bars and Croce's, a Jazz
              joint. The Downtown Mall is a trippy place. The Elephant
              Bar is La Jolla is fun. Lots of dance places in Pacific
              Beach, they come and go all the time, so I can't recommend
              any specific one.
              \_ Isn't Old Town the same thing as the Gas Lamp? I was just
                 in Coronado this weekend and had a good time there. La Jolla
                 is another favorite.
                 \_ No, Old Town is near the airport and Gas Lamp is downtown.
        \_ punany in tihhhhaaaajuana
           \_ if you can't get it at berkeley you can't get it in tj.  once
              you figured out how to get it here you can get it anywhere.
              it's all the same.
              \_ Yeah, that's how I felt about your mom.
                 \_ You can't afford my mom.
        \_ Go see if there are hot chicks at UCSD?
        \_ If you like good beer, visit Stone Brewing Co.
           \_ In an industrial park in San Marcos, North County, my home
              town.  On the way to/from the Wild Animal Park. --erikred
2004/1/19-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:11834 Activity:insanely high
1/19    Are you changing your beef eating habits?  How?
        \_ I am probably being stupid, but do we know whether the agent which
           causes 'mad cow disease' causes any human diseases?  There was this
           odd epidemic in england a few years ago, but I don't know of anything
           conclusive. -- ilyas
           \_ You get vCJD from eating cows with BSE (mad cow).
           \_ you mean besides "variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease"?
              \_ Is there proof the agent responsible for the BSE causes
                 CJD?  In fact, is there proof CJD is contagious in any way?
                   -- ilyas
        \_ We're only eating Niman Ranch, now, for the most part. The biggest
           thing we both miss is pho since it's made from beef bones. We're not
           touching the stuff until there's something done to win back our
           faith in the cattle industry.
           \_ you know they've been doing what they're doing for years, and
              you've been eating it for years, right?
              \_ Grim, isn't it? Still, that's not reason enough to continue
                 now that we know the system is flawed.
                 \_ oh please. even if i'd told you, you'd still have eaten
                    beef. it was a real case that finally put the scare in you.
                    btw, for those who haven't, now would be a fine time to
                    read _fast food nation_.
           \_ Try Whole Foods, or better yet, Prather Ranch. Prather ranch
              has a closed herd, organic, no hormones or antibiotics. they
              have a booth now at the ferry bldg (though, they didn't name
              it prather ranch). You can also order stuff online, I think
              at At whole foods, you can ask about
              the herds they supply from. usually they are hormone and
              antibiotic free, and free-range.
        \_ EMRG set to go up again bigtime tomrrow , also ICGE to follow
           \_ thanks for the tips.  Should we start buying beef stocks
              that have been hit hard?  Anyone still go to Outback
              \_ I thought Outback sells Australian beef.  No?
                 \_ As if that is safe?
        \_ bones from Mad cow in Vietnamese restaurants we eat at by my
           house in fremont, newark,hell yeah i am waiting for cows
           to be tracked and tested for BSE.
                \_ what?
                   \_ All your BSE are belong to us!!!
        \_ Yes.  No beef or cow organs at all now.
           \_ do you think your fear is reasonable?
              \_ Yes.  Unlike other diseases, BSE can't be prevented by
                 thorough cooking.  And unlike mercury, one dose of it is
                 thorough cooking.  And unlike mercury, one doze of it is
                 enough to kill you.
        \_ yes.  Converted entire family to ban beef.  Organic beef is a
           possibility but haven't done it yet... and no, ANY risk of having
           your brain rot without a cure is too much, so if anyone else has
           stopped for that reason, I am with you.
           \_ how about having your brain crushed in a car accident?
           \_ that would be your choice.  If I don't drive, I can't get to
              work.  If I don't eat beef, I eat less fat and cause less damage
              to my digestive system... soo... that makes you a TROLL!!!
              \_ hmm, no, that makes you stupid. your argument is totally
                 off base.
              don't drive, the risks are too high!!!
        \_ Unfortunately, yes.  I figure it will take about 3 years to check
           and purge the current herds and crush any stockyards that are still
           misfeeding their cows.  No cow products for me.  My dog is still
           getting steak, though.  --loves a good steak, sadly
        \_ I stopped eating all non-seafood meat about a month ago.  I'll
           start again when both houses and the whitehouse are controlled by
           Democrats and the USDA is restructured to represent the citizen
           instead of corporate interests.  I'm not doing this out of fear of
           contracting BSE, but rather to send the only kind of message those
           bastards are capable of understanding that they will be
           economically punished for their behavior.  [formatd]
           \_ won't companies who track mad cow become profitable?
           \_ So you just swallow mercury and god only knows what else by the
              bucket?  You're better off with pork and chicken.  Salmonella(sp?)
              doesn't kill and I haven't heard of a trichinosis case in years.
              \_ Did you read my post?  It's not getting sick I'm worried about,
                 it's a boycott.  The same companies that sell beef sell
                 \_ If your reasons are purely political then you're off topic
                    anyway.  Eating a fish based diet is pretty insane these
                    days.  Good luck with that one.
                    \_ arrrrgggg!  look, I'm not eating a "fish based diet,"
                       I'm eating a vegetarian diet where I won't go out of
                       my way to avoid fish occasionally.  And it's not off
                       topic since it's a reaction to the policies that
                       caused the BSE scare in the first place.
                       caused the BSE scare in the first place.
                       \_ thank you for saving the world.
        \_ I had already reduced my beef eating by quite a bit a few years ago,
           and reinforced by the initial British scare. I still occasionally
           eat some but I've decided to avoid ground beef as much as I can. I'm
           somewhat concerned about the possibility of restaurants using beef
           stuff in soups/broths etc. I actually enjoy vegetarian food, but I'm
           no cook and restaurant choices are iffy. I order vegetarian when it
           looks decent.
        \_ didn't eat beef before, so no changes there.  All organic/high-
           quality chicken & pork only, occasional fish.
           \_ I'm glad there's one thing that liberals believe in
              self-control instead of govern't control.
                 \_ easy.  those who sell bad beef go out of business.  those
                    who sell free range, whatever-free, grain fed beef stay in
                    business and make a big profit.  why is this so hard to
                    figure out?  maybe you don't understand how the free market
                    works: it is reactive, not proactive.  it punishes bad
                    behaviour and rewards good.  the punishment is usually
                    corporate execution.
              \_ please explain how your precious free market has protected
                 us from BSE so far, asshole.
              \_ We still want an disinterested party to qualify the label of
                 organic, though.
              \_ Self control sure isn't helping the fish not to have mercury
                 or the fish stocks even to be sustainably harvested.
        \_ Christ.  Chance of actually dying from this disease in Britain
           is about 1 in 3 or 4 million.  If you can't live with that sort
           of risk, there is absolutely no activity on earth you can clear
           yourself to partake in.
           \_ Is that 1 in 3 or 4 million per meal including beef, or per year
              or meals including beef?
                   \_ here's a case of using statistics to lie.  good job.
                \_ 60 million people in Britain, 20 die per year.  It is per
                   inhabitant-of-Britain year lived.
        \_ No, but I don't eat red meat that often.  Occasional Korean BBQ
           and steak.
           \_ mmm.... kalbi... mmm...
           \_ Yo Queiro Taco Bell!!
              'In California, cow brains are commonly sold as taco filling and
               called by their Spanish name, "sesos."'
                \_These are actually calf brains, and perfectly safe.  BSE
                  cannot incubate in a calf's lifetime, and so there are no
                  mad calves.  Eating veal is also perfectly safe.
                     \_ yes. it is. once it is in your brain you're fucked. if
                        the calf has BSE and you eat the brain, you should go
                        write your will while you still can.
                  \_ incubate?? That doesn't seem like the right word to use.
              \_ Brains are all we ever get in this rotten fuckin' place,
                 hey hey brains are all we ever get
                 why can't we have a change of pace
                 brains for dinner
                 brains for lunch
                 brains for breakfast
                 brains for brunch
                 brains at every single meal why can't we have some guts!
                 \_ have some prions.
                     Isn't BSE a protein called a prion?
           \_ "Brains... brains!  Use your brains to help us."
2004/1/14-15 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others, Recreation/Food] UID:11789 Activity:high
1/14    I thought everyone in the bay area knows about pho:
        \_ careful, Mad Cow'd soup bones where used by Vietnamese Restaurants
           in Bay Area
        \_ I didn't know about them until I started working at a mostly
           Vietnamese company about three years back.
        \_ I didn't know about them until I started working at a mostly
           Vietnamese company about three years back.
                \_ I don't like Viets but I must say Pho is one of those few
                   cool things they have contributed to this society.
        \_ This place down the street from my place is called PHO KING.  I
                went in thinking I was going to get some sucky sucky from some
                nice slender Viet girl, but to my surprise all they were
                selling was some big bowls of noodles and beef.
           \_ racist joke
           \_ How do you pronounce PHO KING? FUH-KING?
              \_ Assuming you're being serious, Fo King
           \_ There is a place in Milpitas or so called "Pho Kim Long"
                 \_ Little do you know, it is actually pronounced like "fuh".
                    \_ fuhk.
              \_ you're so clever, you got the joke!
           \_ There is a place in Milpitas or so called "Pho Kim Long"
2004/1/6 [Recreation/Food, Finance/Shopping] UID:11688 Activity:very high
1/6     How much can i expect to pay for a cheap lunch in london?
            \- Ask for Cheep Bubble and Squeak --psb
        \_ Cheap:  3-4 pounds.  Decent (primarily Indian or Kebab):  5-10
           pounds.  Or you can grab a sandwich for about 1-3.  There's
           some pretty mangy food there, though.  -John
           \_ i don't know why this was overwritten, but thank you thank you
              thank you!  my faith in the motd is restored!
        \_ What?  WTF?  Walk into a cheap looking place and read the menu.
           \_ dumbass, I'm not in london right now.  That's why I'm asking.
              I need to estimate my travel expenses for a trip in the *future*
              not the present.
              \_ Useless.  You can't estimate to the penny what it will cost
                 you.  It will *always* be higher than you expect.  It's a
                 first world nation.  Prices will be similar.
                 \_ head...hurting...idiocy...aghck!!!
                    \_ Sorry if it was so hard to figure out that a McNugget
                       here will cost about the same as a McNugget there.
                       \_ I think McNuggets are a little more expensive there
                          because of how the dollar has been sliding.
        \_ If you know where to go, about 3 quid.
           \_ thanks, but since I have no idea where to go, can I assume 5-10
              per meal?  I'm looking for a ballpark estimate assuming both
              frugality and ignorance.
              \_ Go to Yes, you'll have to register for
                 a freebie trial, but trust me, this is _the_ mag to have
                 access to.
        \_ so why are you making a trip to london when you are tight on money?
           \_ jesus fucking christ you people are amazing.  I'm not tight on
              money, and I'm not paying for it anyway.  I just have to sketch
              out a rough budget for the trip, and like to save money on
              general principle.
                \_ London on the whole is terriffically expensive.  For
                   good food you generally can't go wrong with Indian or
                   Bangladeshi--you'll want to hit Brick Lane in any case.
                   There is _no_ decent food in the City/financial area. -John
2003/12/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:11614 Activity:nil
12/30   Ok,  how about Viceroy on Shattuck?  Yay or eewww?
        \_ i always thought that was some kinda OC front. anytime i pass by
           there, there's hardly ever anyone in there.
           \_ Why do people assume that organized crime run restraunts
              will be empty and generally suck?  It's a lot easier to
              launder money from a restraunt with high cash flow, which is the
              main reason the mob opens restraunts.  Besides, their mob
              buddies will come there to eat, and will expect decent food.
                  \- do you think it is empty because it is an "undiscovered
                     country" or it is ass?
              \_ Because a restaurant seems like the perfect way to launder
                 lots of cash.
           \_ What??!? They're not Italians. In fact Indians are hard
              working people who excel at engineering. Now if Viceroy were
              an Italian/Viet restaurant, that'd be another story.
              \_ You win!  You get an extra big Troll Star for the day.
2003/12/28-30 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:11601 Activity:high
12/28   A La Carte Restaurant on Dwight near Sacramento: Been there?  Any
        good?  Still open?
        \_ I have been living there for three years. Never heard of that one
           before. The two restaurants I know there are "Breads of India" and
           "Mehak Cusine", both Indian. The later is pretty good but I haven't
           been at "Breads of India" yet.
           \- Breads of India is often described by white people as
              "a good and cheap hole in the wall". the most true part
              of that description is "hole in the wall". you can look
              for my "cognitive dissonance theory of BoI" on
              I didnt think A La Carte was anything special then again/that
              is why I havent been there for +1yr. --psb
              \_ I've never understood why race somehow gives one credentials
                 to judge food.  I don't go to a restraunt to study what
                 authentic cuisine some some culture or another is, I go
                 there to eat.
                        \_ You can bring a whore to culture, but you can't
                           make her think.
                           \_ was that your idea of 'deep though'?  keep at it.
                 \- it's not a matter of judging authenticity in this case.
                    in fact authetnticity is BoI's strong point to some
                    extent. but going to an indian restaurant is a different
                    experience for "white people" than someone who grew up
                    eating indian food. i am sure dim sum is a different
                    experience for someone who gre up in HKG vs someone
                    who never went to dimsum until they moved to califonria
                    from the midwest to do their master's degree. e.g. it
                    doesnt bother my HKG associate to yell across the
                    restaurant in cantonese to get a water refill, while
                    whitey or psb might consider that bad service.
                    i'll give you one funny example: the last 3-4 times i
                    have ordered a mango lassi in the evening, it has been
                    spoiled. this is really obvious ... it's like drinking
                    sour milk. i have never seen a white person complain
                    about this. also white people and indian people have
                    different "population distribution properties" in terms
                    of hotness. etc. --psb
                    \_ there are so many idiotic aspects to your blather
                       i don't know where to start so i'll stick with a minor
                       one.  It's funny how your definition of white is
                       "not from india".  I had no idea there were so many
                       white people in China and Africa.
                       \- by "white people" i actually meant people not from
                          india, pakistan, sri lanka, pela, bhutan, sikkim
                          and afganistan and not a uighur. --psb
                    \_ Partha, you are one hot Indian. I've thought so
                       for many years, you neo-hindu-con hottie!!
                   \_ Hey partha can you write up an essay on the food
                      preferences of other people, too?  Did you start that
             about black people and watermelon?  That was
                      a classic!  Oh yeah, like you, I also have black friends
                      so it's ok, right?
                      \- how long did you have to rub your two neurons
                         together to come up with that? --psb
                         \_ racism is as racism does (or posts threads).  your
                            post was really sickening.
                            \_ Seconded. Painful to read and psb should know
                         \_ I pity the liberalPC-on-the-brain fool who mistakes
                            factual honesty with racism.
                            \_ I'll bet you have a black friend, too.
                      \- do black people like cheeseboard? --psb
              \_ Partha, it sounds like you've been to A La Carte. Do you
                 know if it still exists?  I'm looking for a cajun/creole
                 fix, and the rabbit at Gingerbread House still has pellets
                 in it. --op
                 \- i was forced to go to the gingerbread house ...
                    i dont think it does well in price/performance.
                    but then again i dont like the complicated cajun/creole
                    dishes. you should have gone to gravy's while they were
                    still around. soul bros kitchen might still have alligator
                    on the menu. [not that exciting]. --psb
                    \_ It should be noted, however, that alligator does not,
                       in fact, taste like chicken.  It tastes like fish.
                       \_ Best dish I had in New Orleans: shrimp and alligator
                          sausage cheesecake at Jacque-Imo's.
                          \_ That would make my taste-buds explode.
                          \_ What's a "sausage cheesecake"?  I'm having trouble
                             with the visual.
                             \_ It was kind of like quiche, actually.
                \_  The Gingerbread House is crap.  Sadly, pickings for
                    cajun/creole are slim around here.  Tropix on Piedmont
                    Ave. is okay though.  And I think Soul Brothers Kitchen is
                    now an Ethiopian restaurant. --chris
                    \_ We ended up going to Tropix.  It was exquisite.  My
                       wife had the gumbo, and I had the jerk chicken, and
                       we were both well contented.  And while I'm not usually
                       partial to beer cocktails, their Bul was the perfect
                       drink to go along with the spicy food.  We have a new
                       favorite place to take visitors. --op
                       \_  Glad you enjoyed Tropix.  My husband is from
                           Louisiana, it's the only place he feels has
                           "decent" cajun/creole around here.  We have had
                           better, but it has all been in the South.  --chris
2003/12/22-23 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:11562 Activity:high
12/21   I want to buy some really nice fancy chocolate; what's a good place
        in SF? Other than Godiva, Ghiradelli. Like the fancy chocolate place
        they went to in NYC in Queer Eye.
        \_ support small businesses
           has been in Burlingame for over 50 years and is GREAT candy.
        \_ If you can mail order,  -John
        \_ Go to Neiman Marcus, top floor.  Ask for "La Maison Du Chocolat."
           By far the best chocolate you've ever tasted, if you're in luck.
           It often sells out VERY Quickly.  Although, I believe the
           boutique store in NY may ship if you desire.  In that case,
           just google, and look for the NY store(upper East side, iirc).
           They might sell directly online, but that would be from Paris.
           If it's too $$ or not fast enough, Neuhaus is _far_ better Belgium
           than Godiva is.  I believe Macy's cellar has Neuhaus.  But I
           would go with LMDC first, if possible. -nivra
           \_ Other than fancy packaging and European, are they really any
              better than America's own See's Candy?
              \_ I've got to assume this is a troll. Ugh.
              \_ Is there a difference between a Tootsie Roll and See's?
                 \_ Silly customer.  You cannot harm the Twinkie.
                 \_ No one ever claimed the TR was made of chocolate.
              \_ In a word, yes.
                 \_ In another word, wax.
        \_ I didn't realize that anyone local sold La Maison Du Chocolat; it's
                                                   \- this is a real name and
                                                      not a joke ... like say
                                                      the fine purveyors of
                                                      "crunchy frog"?
                                        yes, real name.  surprised _/
                                        you haven't come across their
                                        stores while in paris.  would not
                                        be surprised if the name is "la maison
                                        du chocolat" from when they were
                                        in fact the house of chocolate.
                                        personally not particularly fond of
                                        their chocolates.  usually buy from
                                        madame de sevigny instead if i'm in
                                        the pricey-chocolate-for-the-woman
                                        mood.  obtw, thanks for pointer to
                                        nils. didn't visit the outlet with the
                                        hot blonde, but they made still quite
                                        good sandwiches at another location.
                                        \- did you have the reindeer sandwich?
                                           [this isnt xmas trolling ... that
                                           is what i had]. the best sandwich
                                           in paris ... in fact the best swich
                                           i ever had in my life is at
                                           le regency bar at the prince des
                                           galles in the 8ieme. not cheep--psb
                                the one time i set out to find le _/
                                regency on your recommendation, i did not
                                realize it was in prince de galles, so i
                                could not find the restaurant even after
                                walking the length of georges v.  i have not
                                had the time to repeat the quest the other
                                times i've been in paris since.  - tse, obtw
                                                      oh and all of your names
                                                      are being filed away for
                                                      death when the revolution
                                                      comes --psb
                                                      \-Advisory for Garvitch:
                                        A fun paris food guide for Paris
                                        is E. Rubin: Gourmet Paris. For a
                                        longer stay, P. Wells: Food Lover's
                                        Guide to Paris. Other good s'wich
                                        locations are Cosi on R. Seine 6e,
                                        and (IAOC) La Maison du Cassoulet
                                        [I am not making that up] on R. Mont-
                                        orguil in 1er --psb
           the best I've found.  I usually order online from their store in
           New York.  Since it is their policy to only ship via next day air,
           it won't take long to receive (though that does add significantly
           to the cost).  I'd suggest you start with their plain truffles.
           If you're intent on something that originated in SF, I've heard
           good things about XOX Truffles.  Lots of people seem to like
           Joseph Schmidt's chocolates, but I've never cared for them.
                                                                - alawrenc
        \_ let me just say Herschey's Pot of Gold sucks.
        \_ The Candy Jar, in SF.  Their stuff gets resold at places like
           Nordstroms.  Good stuff.  You can drop by their factory store
           and pick up either the pretty packaged boxes or you can get a
           box of assorted seconds that taste just as good.  Give them a
           ring to check hours and such. --Jon
            The Candy Jar Inc
            2065 Oakdale Ave
            San Francisco, CA 94124-2040
            Phone: (415) 550-8846
        \_ has anyone tried cabaret chocolates?  Were they good?
        \_ Depends on your idea of chocolate and your wallet. Some BA makers:
  (SF) sells fresh traditional European-style
            flavored truffles (small irregular balls rolled in cocoa dust).
  (SF) sells fresh American truffles
            (chocolate shell, flavoring inside).
  (BRK) specializes in dark chocolate bars.
  (OAK) are dark chocolate candies (not as
            dense as bars).
           The latter three can be found at The Candy Store on College,
           near Clarmont (across from the Safeway). The first can be found
           in SF but I do remember seeing a reseller on 4th St. next to Peets.
           Note that much of this stuff is the deeper dark chocolate flavor
           with less sugar involved. Your tastebuds may disagree. My family is
           partial to the XOX truffles...
           \_Scharffen-Berger is great...if your areever in Berkeley go on
             their factory tour (about an hour and free).  Their chocolate
             is more like chocolate for wine lovers...very rich/complex.
             \_ I second this. I've tasted a hell of a lot of the world's
                chocolate and there is not much better than Scharffen-Berger,
                domestic or otherwise. They don't do much by way of chocolates
                though - just the pure chocolate. -- ulysses
                \_ Thirded.  Scharffen-Berger is awesome.  Kudos to mconst for
                   first pointing it out to me.  -- ilyas
        \_One of the best chocolatiers I know is Bernard Callebaut, originally
          from Canada.  They used to have a store in SF, but closed because of
          no publicity.  Pricey, though.
          \_ Valrhona and Callebaut are widely considered to be the best
             two chocolates in the world. Valrhona leads all chocolate in
             percentage of cocoa used (over 80% by weight).
             \_ Scharffen-Berger has a 99% one.
                \_ Unsweetened, of course, and for baking not for consumption
                   as a treat.
                   \_ I ve eaten it before.
        \_ None of these places hold a candle to Le Chat Bleu, an artisan
           chocolate maker on the Belgian-French border.
           chocolate maker on the Belgian-French border. Famous all over
           France for having the best hand made chocolate.
                \_ It's fucking French, dude.  You don't go to France for
                   chocolate, you go there for cheese.  Schober & Teuscher
                   in Zurich is IT.  -John
                   \_ This report link from XOX says it's merely "acceptable":
                                \- does anyone else think "Leonidas" is a
                   \_ This report link from XOX says it's merely "acceptable":
                                   pretty weird name choice for a putative
                                   high end chocolate? --psb
                                   \_ It's Spartan, but delicious!
                      See the lists on the bottom. I thought you go to Zurich
                   chocolate, you go there for cheese.  Schober & Teuscher
               \_ Don't be a hater.
           chocolate maker on the Belgian-French border. Famous all over
           France for having the best hand made chocolate.
                   in Zurich is IT.  -John
                      See the lists on the bottom. I thought you go to Zurich
                      for bank accounts and watches?
                      for bank accounts and watches?
                      \_ Guns too.
                      \_ Guns too.
                      \_ This list is the "Greatest Chocolates in America". I
                         am not sure what that means except that it excludes
                         a lot of superior European chocolate.
                         \_ Freshness, availability, cost of transport, and
                            perhaps some bit of nationalism.
            \_ Yermom's famous all over France, too.
               \_ Don't be a hater.
2003/12/17 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29724 Activity:nil
12/16   Since mass grave and killing of kurds are considered one of the reason
        why we invade Iraq, we might as well to invade Turkey for what they've
        done, which put Saddam's oppression looks like a child play:
        \_ So you would advocate turning the entire middle east into one
           glass-paved nuclear wasteland, punctuated only by oil wells  to
           feed the weestern industrial machine?
           \_ Not western, just American.
              \_ Sounds good to me.
2003/12/17 [Recreation/Food] UID:11495 Activity:high
12/17   The narcissistic pretty boy would like to offer some tips for having
        beautiful, radiant skin.  This will be posted over the next few
        months. First, you can't have outer beauty without having inner
        beauty.  You are what you eat.  Stop eating fast food junk food; and
        stop drinking sugar water.  Cut back on meat and all animal products
        and eat more fruits and vegetables.  And drink plenty of water every
        day.  -narcissistic pretty boy
        \_ You'll go far in sf.
           \_ All your dumbass are belong to the motd.
2003/12/9 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Food] UID:11365 Activity:nil
12/8    Top Dog in San Jose opens this Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
        11th St. and San Carlos.
        \_ Barf.
           \_ You won't appreciate how good Top Dog really is until you
              have been away from Berkeley for a while.
              \_ hmmm. i've only been away for five years, so that must
                 be why it sounds nasty.  Maybe in another five years
                 i'll understand.
                 \_ It took me ten years to be able to appreciate Top Dog.
              \_ Again, barf.  Retch.  Try Rosamunde in the Lower Haight, SF,
                 for a real sausage.
                 \_ That's a bit of a drive from San Jose.
        \_ When do we get a Top Dog in downtown SF ??
2003/11/25 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Food] UID:29668 Activity:nil
11/24   Why the turkey tastes bad:
2003/11/21 [Recreation/Food] UID:11168 Activity:high
11/20   One of the ethanol pdfs posted in the last few days mentions
        high-fructose corn syrup as the most harmful human food additives in
        US history.  What does HFCS do to you?
        \_ It makes me energetic and happy, but tired and grumpy about an hour
        \_ as an additive it has made many foods much higher in calories.
           Cheap corn sugar is one of the main reasons out country is so obese.
           Also eating too much sugar can lead to diabeties.
           \_ NY Times magazine had a great article about this in the first
              week of October.  There's a direct link between corn subsidies
              and obesity, though like any complex issue its not the only
              cause.  I'd put an URL, but unfortunately NY Times wants you
              to pay for their archived articles now.
2003/11/15-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:11081 Activity:nil
11/14   Cool (and kinda scary) speculative fiction about the coming robotic
        \_ Communist garbage.
        \_ I like Marshall Brain, and I think How Stuff Works is the single
           most useful website on the web.  That said, this reads like
           an entry for NaNoWriMo.
        \_ Oh god... so let's have a poll.  The human race will be destroyed
           by (feel free to add your own):
        evil robots of our own design:
        evil nanotech robots of our own design:
        global warming:
        asteroid/comet impact: .
        sunspot cooking:
        nuclear winter:
        bioweapon escaped from US lab:
        bioweapon escaped from Chinese/old Russian/N. Korean/Iranian/Israeli lab: .
        Damn Dirty Apes:
        Cptn. Trips:
        race wars:
        sterility as seen in europe right now:
        \_ this might end western civ. but it certainly won't end humanity.
        hurricanes/earthquakes/other natural local disasters:
        no more food:
        no more rain:
        no more clean water:
        George Bush:
        George W Bush:
        Bill Clinton:
        The French:
        godless communists:
        idiot geeks with a messiah complex:
        Broken Arab culture that can't accept peace, democracy, progress or
        anything else good for their own people or their neighbors:.
        Garden Weasel:.
        \_ if the world is destroyed by any of the above, doesn't that count
           as armageddon by definition?  will we all die of an acute case
           of death?
           \_ But if you capitalize Armageddon, you are probably referring
              to events described in the book of Revelations.  And because
              I am in a crappy mood today, I add this:  you are an idiot for
              not thinking of this yourself.  Idiot.
        \_ this soda male one won't happen unless a quake destroys the net.
        introduction of infertile males of soda into general population: .
2003/10/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:29600 Activity:high
10/29   My company is putting everybody through mandatory training.
        Training takes place at 12:00 and usually takes 90 minutes, during
        which time we are served lunch.  They remind us that, since they're
        serving lunch, we are expected NOT to charge time for the first hour
        of training.  Training only occurs about 1-2X a month, and the
        burden is not great, but it irks me that they expect a tray of tacos
        to cover the combined hourly wage of 70 engineers.  What would you
        do in this situation?
        \_ I'd eat my tacos.  But then again, I'm a starving PhD student.
           (I'd also learn to follow everyone else's indenting convention).
           \_ Somebody didn't use motdedit.  I restored it.
              \_ Stuff motdedit and your assumptions in your ear.
                 \_ Suck it.
        \_ If you're REQUIRED to be there, it's billable time.  Problem is they
           might say it's not required, and then give you bad performance reviews
           or fire you for some made-up reason.  I'd eat the tacos and bend my
           timecard a little
        \_ I get the labor law thing... it's a good company and I'm not
            complaining, except about the jackasses in one department.
        \_ Are you an hourly employee?  I'd expect a really nice lunch from
           them. Your lunch hour is about more than food.
           \_ salaried
        \_ what knucklehead told you you cant bill this time?  it doesn't
           matter if they've got 77 dark eye virgins dancing naked for your
           pleasure, if it's mandatory then it's *their* time not yours and
           it should get billed.  if you're at the kind of company where you
           can bitch about it without getting fucked then go ahead.  otherwise
           just fudge your hours somewhere and don't let them screw you.  if
           you're hourly you're expected to fudge hours anyway.
        \_ Bring your own lunch, and then see what they have to say.
        \_ Some of you guys don't seem like team players.
           \_ heh
        \_ formatd was here.  what the hell is so hard about hitting tab at
           the start of line instead of 6 spaces?
           \_ read above.  It was copy-pasted out of the archive.
2003/10/27 [Recreation/Food] UID:10802 Activity:nil
10/25   Restaurant recommendations in Walnut Creek area?
        \_ Postino, in Lafayette. Left Bank, in Pleasant Hill.
        \_ La Piazza in Orinda
        \_ Burger King near the 4.
        \_ Petar's for Central European/German, in Lafayette
        \_ modest eats: primos pizza in alamo/danville;
           the magic garlic in w.c. on north main
        \_ my wife's cooking.  I love my wife's cooking!  :-)
2003/10/20-21 [Finance, Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/Security] UID:10707 Activity:low
10/20   Ever wonder why you get some much junk mail?  It's because the United
        States Postal Service encourages such practice!
        \_ of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations...
        \_ Yeah, they're self supporting.
        \_ poor trees.
           \_ theyre grown on tree farms for the purpose.  so of like your
           \_ theyre grown on tree farms for the purpose.  sort of like your
                \_ yes the forests of Canada, Madagascar and Burma
                   are one vast tree farm.
                   \_ yawn.  no one is chopping trees in madagascar to get
                      paper to send you junk mail.  it takes 50,000 trees
                      to print *each* edition of the sunday NYT.  you think
                      they're stripping madagascar?  no, it's all tree farm
                      trees raised for that purpose.
              \_ poor cows.
                 \_ and poor wheat and corn and everything else grown for
                    us to murder and eat.
2003/9/2-3 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:10046 Activity:nil
9/2     Are some nuts more healthy than others?  I eat a lot of dried fruit
        at work and I'd like to branch out.  So do I go almonds, cashews,
        walnuts, peanuts, etc., or are they all pretty much the same?
        \_ French ones are good, but I prefer Italians, since most of them
           are nuts anyway.
        \_ Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids.  Heart health++.
           Almonds have some too, but also have lots of calcium.
           \_ Also, avoid roasted nuts.  It kills the omega-3 fatty acids.
             \_ so what is the point then?
             \_ unroasted almonds still taste pretty good. unroasted cashews
                are pretty gross, though. You might also try to roast the
                nuts yourself in good oil (maybe olive oil?) and lightly
                salt to taste.
2003/8/29-30 [Recreation/Food] UID:10016 Activity:kinda low
8/29    So Viceroy on Shattuck and University closed their chaat/take out
        annex and replaced it with an "Indian Grocer"/Ice Creamery.  Anyone
        checked this out yet?  Do they serve "Indian" ice cream like the
        place on Valencia/16th in SF?  Also, the Japanese Curry place next
        to Missing Link bit the dust and is being replaced by a Truly
        Mediterranean franchise.  Yummy fast food.  -- gabriel

        \- hello can you check if the truly med location has the yogurt-garlic
           drink or aryan? ok tnx. --psb
           \_ perferably the blonde female type aryan.  thanks.
              \- YMWTGF "aryan yogurt turkey" --psb
        \_ from now on, wash times and ny post links will just get deleted.
           ny times and wash post links can stay. any objections? i'm
           censoring by source, not by content.
           \_ aye.  And perhaps you could take care of the racist idiots
           \_ Ya know, I don't like the Moonies Times or the Murdoch Post
              either, but you're an idiot with far too much time on your
2003/8/29-30 [Recreation/Food] UID:10010 Activity:nil
8/29    I love Indian food, but I tend to make stinky fart after I eat them.
        Does anyone have a similar problem?
        \_ No, perhaps you should eat by putting it in your mouth instead
           of up your ass.
        \_ you need more vegetable in your diet.
           \_ I'm almost 100% carnitarian and don't have stinky farts.  very
              few farts at all.  it's the veggies that let loose all the time.
        \_ Indian food, on the whole, it's good, but on the hole it's terrible
2003/8/5 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:29233 Activity:very high
8/4     What sort of food will change the color of various body fluids?
                \_ if you eat enough of 'em  beets'll turn pee pink
        \_ Certain vitamin supplements make urine green.
        \_ if you eat enough of 'em  beets'll turn pee pink
        \_ Asparigus makes it stinky. Vitamin C makes it REALLY yellow.
         \_ b12 makes it almost orange it is so yellow.
        \_ Enough wine will make your spit turn purple.
        \_ cantaloupe will turn your shit green, blueberries -> blue
         \_ and beets will make you convinced you are shitting blood
        \_ I don't know about color, but last time I ate really hot
           buffalo wings, my penis stings when I pee.  Only time that
           happened even though I ate spicy stuff all my life.
           \_ that wasn't the food.  that's an STD.  get to a clinic.
        \_ And for something men will prolly want to try
         \_ Just eat lots of pineapple and don't smoke.  Rumor has it
            being vegan helps too, but I've never tested that one out. -aspo
            \_ that's just wishful thinking, look at your teeth, do you
               think man was meant to be a vegan?
2003/7/30-31 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Dating] UID:29180 Activity:insanely high
7/30    I'm a caucasian guy. I kissed my first Asian girl recently. No
        complaints, but she tasted different from caucasian women. Her skin,
        her lips, all of her tasted different and it was noticeable even with
        her lip gloss. She tasted like Asian people sometimes smell (not
        offensive). She was born in the USA and is All-American so it is not
        like she was eating strange foods. Is their chemistry so different?
        Do caucasians taste funny to Asians?
        \_ I read a psychology today article about 8-9 years ago saying that
           immunological markers can be smelled, and can act as pheromones.
           People with immune systems that can handle different antigens
           than one's own may be a base for attraction, since biologically
           it's a benefit for offspring to get genetic material from parents
           whose immune systems cover different areas.  So.  Maybe the
           difference in pheromones are perceived as "tasting good."
           Anyways, it's a random theory.                      -sax
           \_ How does it explain that I'm attracted to my sister more than my
              \_ you've been watching too many Melrose Place reruns...
              \_ It doesn't.  That's a different theory known as "The Sick
                 Bastard Theory Of Attraction".
        \_ Maybe certain brands of cosmetics is more popular among Asians then
           \_ It's THAN, people.  Say it.  Than.
        \_ Which pair of her lips did you taste again?
        \_ Did she taste like spunk-encrusted surface of your monitor?
           \_ Only when I was done with her.
        \_ Yes they have very very different chemistry. Of course they're
           different! I had a whitie gf and she didn't taste very good, I'm
           guessing it's cuz of all that burger/pizza/cheese stuff that
           was kind of offensive. On the other hand they were, in general,
           more horny and I found it more satisfying in bed than uptight
           Asian girls. On the other hand whities were self-righteous and
           kind of more bitchy than Asian girls when they have PMS. I
           guess you just have to find out what you like and just go for
           it.                                  -studly asian man
           \_ Who are you, Studly Asian Man? -lonely asian girl
           \_ How-many-inches studly are you?
           \_ I've never had any problems finding horny asian chicks.  They
              fuck with the best of 'em.
        \_ I think regardless of whether the Asian person was born in the U.S.
           or in Asia, there's a huge chance that he/she has eaten Asian food
           the majority of her life. (from living in the Asian community) I
           was told (by a white gf) that I have Asian taste (when we kissed)
           and of course since I've never kissed an Asian girl, I wouldn't
           know how THEY taste. These days, thanks to Altoids or Orbitz, you
           can simply mask all these undesirable "taste" in your mouth.
           \_ I use battery acid.  After she's had a drink her natural taste
              is completely masked by the acid flavor *and* she won't be
              bitching at me for anything.  Ever.
2003/7/13 [Recreation/Food] UID:29019 Activity:high
7/13    Coming to visit berkeley, want to go to chez panisse, do you think
        we'd need to make reservations for the restaurant? cafe? Are things
        slowed down enough such that we dont have to worry about the cafe?
        \_ Why don't you just call them?  It will be faster and you will get
           a more accurate answer than by asking us.
2003/6/19-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:28772 Activity:kinda low
6/19    Here comes the gol-gappa seller/ He brings gol-gappa to us/ He
        sings in every street, making people smile as he walks/ Look,
        look, here he comes!
        \_ I'll bite.  What's a gol-gappa?
           \_ indian lyrical gangster
              \- gol gappa = photchka = pani puri
              \- gol gappa = phutchka = pani puri
                 where is that from? --psb
                 \_ there's a link to an article about indian street
                    food on the abcnews link below.
                    \-"When street food is done properly," he says,
                       "it's the most delicious food you can imagine.
                                                 ^^^-> "Amen" --psb
                        Also the comment associating a particular food
                        with a time of year is really much truer there
                        than here. things are more seasonal rather than
                        year-around ... and have much more taste.
                        indian food here is hobbled by vegetables here
                        being tasteless or really expensive. --psb
2003/6/12-13 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:28717 Activity:very high
6/12    Goddammit, quitting caffeine (again) sucks.  How the hell did I do
        it the last time, and how do I stay awake in the meantime? --erikred
        \_ Don't go cold turkey.
           \_ Too late.  And now I'm a cranky bastard. --erikred
           \_ You *have* to.  You can't slowly cut down.  It never works.
        \_ How do people get addicted to caffeine? I used to have coffee
           and/or soda daily, but one day I just stopped, and I never really
           felt anything different.  Was I not drinking enough?
           \_ Soda daily is not as likely to cause addiction.  Two cups of
              coffee per day is much more likely.  I got addicted when I
              started teaching (from zero to two cups per _morning_ in
              nothing flat).  Also see:
              \_ Ah ok. You take it all at once. If I do drink more than one
                 cup, it's usually hours apart.
                 \_ If you drink coffee, you've got a caffeine addiction.  Try
                    stopping and see how shitty you feel.  Either that or
                    you're getting it from somewhere else like massive amounts
                    of chocolate.
                    \_ Is this the same dumbass who said "no one drinks coffee
                       for the taste"?
                    \_ Not necessarily. I went on vacation for two weeks and
                       never had a sip of coffee or soda and didn't feel any
                       side effects. And I despise chocolate and most sweets.
                    \_ Is this the dumbass who said "no one drinks coffee for
                       the taste"?  Get a life...
                       \_ No and you've added nothing to this thread.  Thanks
                          for nothing.
        \_ Why are you quitting? If you want to zip thru the morning, eat
           half a melon for breakfast. Avoid carbs for lunch. If you crash
           in the evening, have a small cup of coffee to get you thru the
           last hours.
           \_ what does a melon do for helping you zip through the morning?
              Or are you just talking gastrointestinally?
              \_ Well, carbs are one form of brain food. Unfortunately, refined
                 sugars zip in and then out of you too quickly, i.e. they pick
                 pick you up, but then let you crash too quick. The carbs in
                 fruit, like a melon, seems to be more time-released. So, at
                 least for me, my thought processes and productivity were pretty
                 incredible during the mornings. A low-carbo lunch helps to
                 avoid having (or feeling) to take a nap in the afternoon.
              \_ Well, carbs are one form of brain food. Unfortunately,
                 refined sugars zip in and then out of you too quickly,
                 i.e. they pick pick you up, but then let you crash too
                 quick. The carbs in fruit, like a melon, seems to be more
                 time-released. So, at least for me, my thought processes
                 and productivity were pretty incredible during the
                 mornings. A low-carbo lunch helps to avoid having (or
                 feeling) to take a nap in the afternoon. [corrected wrap]
                 \_ Yeah like I would just make sure to take the final using
                    the same drugs I studied on and it puts me in the same
                    state of mind!
                 \_ you are an idiot. -phuqm
                 \_ Oh, thank you, guru!  Tell me how else to fix my miserable
                    life through your, populist/hippie/newage/media-hyped
                    anecdote-driven, "nutritionalist" nonsense.
                    \_ Believing it works is half the battle.
           \_ Why not just use crack?  If you're going to be a drug addict,
              just do it right and stop playing around like a baby.
        \_ Wimp.  Just fucking stop.
           \_ Oh, thank you, guru!  Tell me how else to fix my miserable
              life through your tough-love method.
              \_ Kill yourself.
                 \_ Would that prove that I'm hardcore?
                    \_ It would improve your life.  Proof is for the weak.
        \_ I've quit coffee a couple times, once was at the start of summer
           vacation, i had nothing to do and was too lazy to buy and make it
           for myself, (it was easy at the co-op) so i just quit.  I had a
           headache for three days/nights straight, but then i was over it.
           The last time i quit i was working and the cold turkey thang was not
           an option.  I did the gradual thing and it worked fine.  for the
           first week or so i allowed myself one cup in the morning and then
           all the black tea i could drink.  Then i went to just all the black
           tea i can drink, now i pretty much drink nothing but green-tea.
           I never had a headache, but i had desperate cravings for coffee,
           much worse than any i experienced when i quit cold (because i
           was at work, and I haven't had a job/school without chain drinking
           coffee since i was about 14). -phuqm
           \_ be a slave to your drug of choice!
              \_ I'm a slave to both my drugs of choice (caffeine and alcohol)
                 but if i believe the populist-hippie-newage "nutritionalistis"
                 like the one above then, hey, that's o.k. because green tea
                 is good for me, so the 8 cups or so a day i drink are helping
                 me stay healthy.  -phuqm
                 \_ Rice and green tea and living atop a mountain spinning
                    prayer wheels and humming all day while mastering Bruce
                    Lee moves will keep you healthy and young forever.
           \_ This is cool, phuqm, but I'm trying to quit caffeine, not
              just coffee.  Sure, I'll still drink decaf (3-4mgs I can
              handle), but switching from coffee to green tea is like
              switching from crack to cocaine-- I don't just want to
              trade masters. ok, thnx --erikred
2003/6/4-5 [Recreation/Food] UID:28636 Activity:very high
6/4     What is the name of that Indian restaurant at the corner of
        Shattuck and University?  Is it good?  I thought I saw it on
        some news before.  thanks
        \_ Viceroy?  I've eaten there once before and the vegetarian
           food was decent.  I have a friend who likes the chicken there,
           though I can't personally vouch for it.   -sax
        \_ or do you mean Curry in a Hurry?
         \_ Curry in Hurry is ok.  Cheap, some stuff is prtty good.  I didn't
            like the lamb stuff too much.   For the price and location not bad.
            Although I'd normally jsut spend a buck more and go to Naan 'n
            Curry on Telegraph.
            \_ Ew! No!  Naan 'n Curry is greasy, bland, and awful.  Try the
                vegetarian place on Dwight.  -- athithi #1 fan
                \- the N&C on t'graph is inferior to the N&C in the 'loin.
                   KhannaPeena on upper Solano seemed to be good quality
                   based on one dinner but a little pricier. Dunno about
                   their buffet.
                   What kind of food is at athithi? That's a good name,
                   meaning "guest". --psb
                   \_ it's healthy, vegetarian stuff.  Don't remember
                      names, but stuff like cream of wheat with peas
                      and other veggies, lentil soup, onion bread...
                      I recommend the veggie squares and some sort of
                      potato dumpling with a mint-cucumber sauce.  Oh yeah
                      there aren't any curries if that's what you're after.
                        -- obviously not indian
                           \- ok tnx. i was wondering if they had a
                              regional desingation. they seemed pretty
                              friends but empty unfortunately when i
                              walked by there a while ago. is the place
                              getting some business ... think they'll
                              survive? --psb
        \_ By the way? Are there any tasty Indian dishes that are not very
           spicy? I have tried a few curries at Naan 'n Curry and sort of
           liked them but they were still too spicy for my tastes.
           \_ We know but we're not going to tell you cuz you're a wuss.
              \- a paneer should not be spicy. at some restaurants
                 hotness may be negotiable. --psb
           \- try the korma (lamb or otherwise) -- not at all spicy
              \- you might try south indian food [madras, not andhra ...
                 andhra might be the hottest cuisine in india]. the stuff
                 from the south is often really hot [vindaloos] or totally
                 nonhot [like yogurty stuff]. food from a lot of other
                 parts of india often are at least a little spicy ... kormas
                 can have chilli powder. but if you are so senstive even
                 whole chillis make things too hot for you, you may have to
                 negotiate with the kitchen. --psb
2003/5/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:28341 Activity:high
5/5     Dear Mr. Ethnic Food Hater, have you even considered the possibility
        that maybe YOUR food (hamburger, pizza, KFC) smells offensive to
        people of other culture, and perhaps you're just yet another
        by-product of the imperialistic, oppressive, and opinionated
        Euro-Anglo Saxon culture?
        \_ I dunno... I usually can't smell the burger my coworker in the next
           cube always has, yet I can smell curry from down the aisle. -!OP
           \_ and you don't realize how stupid you sound...
              \_ I don't agree.  In what way does the above sound stupid?
                 I'm neither the OP or the one you replied to.  I simply
                 disagree with your knee jerkism.
           \_ with the exception of microwave popcorn, white man food is
              generally odor free except in massive quantities.
              We don't eat soybean that smells like shit, for example.
              \_ Not true, I can smell McDonald's greasy fries from 50m.
                 Anything with lots of garlic smells pretty strongly
                 too (pepperoni, etc). And I am a white guy.
                 \_ there is no garlic in pepperoni
        \_ You forgot "hegemon" and "colonialist" and how can you discuss any
           race related topic without calling someone "RACIST!"?  C'mon, get
           with the program!  If you're going PC, you should go all the way!
        \_ And protorapist, penile-centricism.   Shut up before we
           bomb your country.
        \_ no fucking eating at the office then.
2003/5/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:28335 Activity:high
5/5     What do you do when your co-worker/cubiclemate eats stinky ethnic
        food in the cubicle and you can smell it but you're too nice to
        say anything about it because his wife cooked it and it drives you
        crazy cuz he eats it every day?
        \_ if you can find other people who are bothered, talk to the
           office manager and get him to post a "please eat stinky
           food in the kitchen" policy.
                \_ isn't "stinky" in the nose of the beholder? A lot of
                   ppl hate wasabi but I love it.
                   \_ wasabi's smell is very short range, even for very
                      strong fresh wasabi.
            \_ problem is the other people are of the same/similar ethnicity
               and I'm the only white guy. Now what?
                \_ stop being such a stupid whiny fuck and get used to it.
                   \_ yeah just suffer with your cube mate's smelly shitty
                      stomach turning food.  it's the white man's burden!
                \_ If you catch yellow fever you'll learn to love those
        \_ smelly cheese.  lots.  limberger, tilton.
           \_ Durian, Chinese fried rotten tofu.  Both are my favories but I
              know enought to not bring them to my workplace.
              \_ hmm... stinky tofu!  I love stinky tofu.  I actually love the
                 smell.  :-)  Taiwanese stinky tofu tastes better than the
                 mainland variety though.
        \_ try growing up... if it really bothers you that much, go eat
           your lunch in the cafeteria or wherever at the same time... or
           go work in a conference room for a bit or something.
           \_ there's nothing in anyone's employment contract that says they
              have to "grow up" or that it is in *any* way immature to have
              to sit next to someone who brings a lunch that can be smelled
              10 cubes away.  in *this* country it is offensive to be smelly
              or have anything on or near you that others can smell.  Except
              in Berkeley of course, but I mean in this country.
              \_ if only you could convince my French co-workers of
        \_ Lysol or scented air freshener. Spray it, leave for five minutes,
           and then come back. Keep this up and the smell of it or the food
           will drive one of you into retreat.
        \_ I fart in self defence. Smelly farts will cover up almost
           anything and probably offend his nose more than yours.
        \_ try stealing the guys girlfriend as payback... she's probably
           a h07 azn ch!c
           \_ What if she starts eating stinky tofu at your place?
                \_ Whitey cures all that.
        \_ Bring your own smelly food and compete.  Put your bare feet or
           smelly socks up in between you when he's eating his slop.
2003/5/1-2 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:28290 Activity:very high
        Now that I'm a vegetarian, I don't have to deal with BS like this.
        Best of luck to you meat eaters.  -happy vegan
        \_ No, you get to deal with BS like the Organic Food mis-
           labelling legislation.
           labelling legislation.  Lucky you.
        \_ Are you vegan or vegetarian?  You know they color cheese too, right?
           Do you have to worry about your protein? -happy omnivore
           \_ they aslo color butter, not sure about Margarine.  Natural
              butter is actually semi-transparent (like solidified oil
              as it should be) most of the time.
                \_ I'm vegan.  I don't drink milk or eat cheese or eat eggs.
                   No animal products.  If you want to find out more, I
                   strongly recommend John Robbins' Diet for a New America and
                   The food revolution.   -OP
                   \_ How come all the veggie people look so unhealthy?
                   \_ too bad veganism doesn't include knowing how to format
                       motd posts correctly.
                   \_ I'm a level 7 vegan.  I don't eat anything that casts a
                      \_ Level _FIVE_.  Level _FIVE_ Vegan!  You suck.
                         \_ sorry
                      \_ Is that like +7 Charisma?
           \_ as an omnivore I refuse to eat dyed cheese.  Also the whole
              vegetarians need to worry about protein thing is pretty much
              a myth.
        \_ Vegetables and fruits have natural coloring in them.
           \_ ... and these colorings can often be used to roughly gauge
              the health or flavorfullness of a fruit or vegetable. dying
              farm-raised salmon so that is appears more "natural" just
              seems gross... not to mention deceitful on a certain level
        \_ Farming salmon seems like a responsible thing. No one would eat
           it if it was gray, but there's nothing wrong with it. --dim
           \_ There are problems and a great deal of research about it,
              particularly at UW School of Fisheries. The jury is still
              out. Nutrient loading down-gradient from the farms has been
              a particular issue as well as some concerns about escapees.
              \_ agreed.
           \_ You know, there's a reason why americans are so fat and sick.
              It's all about the food.  You eat too much and also there's too
              much processed and packaged and "ready-to-eat" meals.  If we
              all go back to our roots and start cooking from fresh ingredients
              again, we wouldn't be in this health crisis.  -OP
              \_ Go back to our roots?  You understand that almost everything
                 in the market comes from another continent, right?  That if
                 we went back to our roots, there'd be nothing in CA to eat
                 except fish and acorns and we're all outta fish!
                 \_ BUZZ!  Much of the produce you eat is grown in CA.
                    Same with a lot of the meat and poultry if you buy
                    decent quality meat.
                    \_ Good try but only to a small degree and to zero for
                       the more exotic items littering the typical veggie diet.
              \_ How is farming salmon any worse than you buying your veggies
                 and lentil beans at Berkeley Bowl?  You're still buying
                 goods that have been prepared and shipped to you.
        \_ That's why I eat wild salmon.  I've heard that the wild salmon
           who feed on plankton are more nutritious anyway.
           \_ Yeah! Support the wild salmon industry! -former salmon fisherman
        \_ Vegans are great, especially marinated with a red wine sauce and
           some vegetables on the side.  (gotta love that corn fed beef).
           \_ Kids are better.  Still soft and tender.  So yummy!  Not all
              stringy and fibrous like a vegan.
                \_ Damn it, you guys are making me hungry.
2003/4/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:28277 Activity:kinda low
4/29    Can someone remind me what is the name of the circular, hotel-top place
        in SF around Embarcadero where people go for "romantic dates"?  I think
        it's a dining / bar area on top of Marriot or some big hotels around
        there where you have a cicular view of the bay.  And, what's the likely
        of me getting a dinner reservation for this Friday night?
        \_ Go the Union Square and buy a homeless guy some food to show her
           your caring sensitive 90's side.  Show her that you're in touch
           with your nurturing caring feminine inner self.  Women like that.
        \_ Equinox. No problems getting a reservation.
        \- if you want to go somewhere for a date, go to aquarello or
           merenda. m is a little cheeper than a. going to equinox, julius
           castle,carnellian room etc is stupid. "the view" at the top of the
           marriot is ok, but i would avoid it on a friday night ...
           it is a really cheesy scene. same for top of the mark.
           if you go to the view, get an "absolut kamikaze" --psb
                \- beach chalet is ok for a date too. lower budget. --psb
                   \_ Speaking of which, inquiring minds want to know how
                      the Potempkin went.
                          \- i dont potemkin and tell.
        \_ On Sunday mornings the Equinox hosts a jazz brunch and 103.7 (KKSF)
           broadcasts from the restaurant.  It is an all inclusive brunch, read
           as much liquor you want to drink on a Sunday morning, but price is
           about $50 per person.  I've spent almost four hours eating, drinkin,
           and being merry so it is well worth the price, but almost more suited
           for a group of people going together than a date. --dre
                \_ Ritz Carlton brunch is $50 per person. Take your pick.
2003/4/25-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:28223 Activity:high
4/25    Hola, I have a Potempkin Date(tm) tonight at the Kabuki theater, Sf.
        Any food recommendations in that area? Real restaurant, not burrito
        facility or equivalent. Ok tnxx. --psb
        BTW, has anyone eaten at the Parkside restaurant on 17th St?
        \_ Partha, baby darling.  Are you a good kisser?  (^_-)
        \_ What is a potempkin (sic) date? Are you trying to pass for
           straight to your parents or something?
           \_ Smack! Nice
           \- hmm, that is one interpretation of potemkin date. no, that's
              something that looks like a date but isnt. i'm the king of
              potemkin dates. anyone been to parkside? --psb
              \_ so what's the deal here? Are you paying a whore to go
                 out with you? Is that where the fake part comes in?
              \_ what's the origin of the word?
                 \- p'kin village (ukraine) -> p'kin thermostat (barrows hall)
                    -> p'kin date (psb). --psb
                 \_ In the days of Catherine the Great, her advisors came
                    up with the idea of building elaborate fake villages
                    to impress her with how well they were taking care of
                    the peasants. The inventor of this strategy was named
                    Potemkin. Now, any elaborate ruse designed to put a
                    false good front on things can be called a Potemkin
                    \_ So this means you are trying to impress someone
                       with a fake social life?
                       \_ he's trying to impress CSUA geeks by misusing
                          a term they're unlikely to understand.
                       \_ it's possible he's attempting to meet demands
                          from source genetic material
                          \_ Hmmm. I thought psb was blonde-obsessive. That
                             does not compute, unless the source has changed
                             overall parameters.
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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