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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/5/26-7/3 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Activities] UID:54681 Activity:nil
5/26    Dear Bay Area residents, what's a good place to hike that is close
        to the south bay and is toddler friendly (flat, shaded, close to
        \_ I like Henry Coe, but it is kind of far. You can always get in,
           even without a reservation, so that is nice.
        \_ Some possibilities are Rancho San Antonio, Sawyer Camp Trail
           (next to Crystal Springs Reservoir in San Mateo), Shoreline,
           Coyote Hills, Lake Chabot, Guadalupe River Trail, Alum Rock
           Park, and Vasona Park
2013/1/3-2/13 [Recreation/Activities] UID:54573 Activity:nil
1/3     I declare LG LED is amazing. I switched.
             -long time Sony owner, no longer have any faith in Sony
        \_ How does sports look on it? -Old Skool Plasma Screen Guy
           \_ I don't watch sports. Dumb people with a lot of loyalty
              watch sports. You drink beer too?
              \_ Loyalty is a good thing. Do you cheat on your g/f too?
                 \_ what is your definition of cheat?
                    \_ What is your definition of weasle?
                    \_ What is your definition of weasel?
                       \_ It depends on what the meaning of "is" is.
2012/8/2-10/17 [Recreation/Activities] UID:54451 Activity:nil
8/2     Video of an Olympic badminton match where both teams are desperately,
        very desperately, trying to lose: (
        For those who're not familiar with the sport: to play badminton you're
        supposed to hit the shuttlecock over the net.  That's all you need to
2012/3/9-26 [Recreation/Activities] UID:54336 Activity:nil
3/9     Any other alums running / walking the 5K at Cal on 4/15? []
2010/9/6-30 [Recreation/Activities] UID:53948 Activity:nil
9/5 (extreme ironing)-linkpusher
        \_ beats curling in stupidity
2010/2/4-3/9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:53693 Activity:nil
2/4     Lindsey Vonn's Sports Illustrated cover sparks debate:
        I think Kristy Yamaguch's white mustache "Got Milk" picture was much
        more suggestive.
        \_ isn't this a fairly normal pose for a downhil skier?
           \_ Yes, they all like it doggy style.
              \_ Oops.  All that doggy-style sex has damaged her shin and may
                 cause her the race: (Yahoo Sports)
        \_ enh this is cooler:
           \_ He finally gets to go as part of the US team.
              \ He totally should.
        \_ Gold for the pretty blonde girl!
           \_ Not anymore, she hurt herself and is out of it.
              \_ She won the downhill. BTW, the silver medalist Julia Mancuso
                 is also pretty hot:
                 \_ Related question: This must be a Photoshop-edited picture,
                    but how exactly was it edited in Photoshop?  How do I use
                    Photoshop to turn a color picture into this kind of picture
                    that's between color and B&W?  Thanks.
                    \_ selective desaturation.  You can desaturate by channel,
                       or use the sponge tool.  -tom
2009/9/1-9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:53315 Activity:low
9/1     Anyone have any recommendations for locations to hike in Nor Cal?
        I am looking for somewhere I can hike around in the day and camp
        by my car for 1 night.  Also, a friend from work recommended somewhere
        that is a 4 hour drive away, I was wondering if people knew of any
        places a bit closer to go to?  I'd prefer somewhere that wasn't too
        super crowded and doesn't require reservations since I'd like to go
        this weekend.  Thanks motd! -mrauser
        \_ Are you going hiking by yourself? This isn't really the greatest
           idea, but you probably know that. I went to Henry Coe a few weeks
           ago and it was fun. It is a very primitive site, so it is mostly
           ago and it was fun. It is a very primitive park, so it is mostly
           unused and therefore you can just show up and get a site. The car
           camping sites will probably be all taken, but there are sites that
           are less than two miles from HQ that would surely be available.
           These are all dry sites, but at 2 miles, you can hike back to HQ
           to restock water. Oh, you can check and see if any car camping
           spots are still available and reserve one here:
           \_ I have someone to go with, I agree solo hiking is slightly
              risky.  It turns out, according to their booking service, that
              they are attempting to close/shut down henry coe state park.
              At least, they didn't have any reservations for this weekend.
              So... slight change of plans, we are driving down highway 1
              and staying near Monterey.  We were gunna make sure to drive
              around Big Sur coast, maybe stop by Hearst Castle, grab a meal
              or two around Monterey... any other advice for things to do? -op
              \- you can go hiking in Ventana I suppose. I'm not a huge fan
                 but it is ok (I prefer the Sierras to costal). I think solo
                 hiking on regular trails is safe if you have some experience.
                 You can also do creek hikes in Ventana, but that would be
                 best to go with a group. There is a pretty good bakery/
                 prepared food place on the way to Monterey ... I think THE
                 BAKERY of GAYLE in CAPITOLA which is worth a quick detour
                 off the Fwy. Can you check if the HACIENDA at FT HUNTER-
                 LIGGETT is open. ok tnx.
              \_ Definitely visit Point Lobos; relatively mellow hiking, but
                 great trees, tide pools, black stone beaches, and sea
                 otters.  Watch out for poison oak.  -tom
              \_ Bummer, sorry about that. I knew it was on the short list
                 to be shut down, I had no idea it would be this weekend. -a
        \_ I pace my bedroom and or the walls of my cube.  That is the way
           of the silivalleynerd.
2009/4/6-13 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:52805 Activity:kinda low
4/6     is there porn called Star Trek: The Insemination
        \_ No but Bareback Mountain sounds just as ghey.
            \_ And "Homo on the Range".
        \_ I bet there is some slash fiction with that title, want me to
           see if I can find it?
        \_ I once heard that there was some Snow White porn where the prince
           had to screw her instead of kiss her befoer she woke up.  I've never
           seen it though.
                \_ you might be thinking of Sleeping Beauty?  Anne Rice wrote
                        one of those.
           \_ Snow White and the seven kinky dwarves?
2008/11/25-12/1 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Activities, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:52101 Activity:nil
11/25   how is allison stokke doing these days?
        \_ I'm sure she's still hot somewhere.  cal athletics took all mention
           of her off of their website
           \_ That's not true, I see her bio (no picture though) and some of
              her meet distances (heights? ... I don't know what pole vaulters
              call it). Anyway, she seems to be setting all kinds of Freshman
              records, so we should be seeing more of her in the future, maybe
              even at the Olympics.
              \_ do you bring telephoto lense to the meets?  Nikon or Canon?
                 \_ Come on, Canon tele-white lenses dominate the sports
                    world. Everyone knows that Canon spends way more R&D
                    on sports shooting (waaay faster focus, better image
                    stabilization, amazingly fast shutter speeds) over
                    Nikon (good wide angle landscape, better flash
                    system, good compatibility).
2008/11/20-21 [Recreation/Activities] UID:52052 Activity:nil
11/20   "J.P. Hayes is as honest as we like to think we are" (
        I don't like golf, and the only golf star I can name is Tiger Woods.
        But I have to say this guy is awesome.
        \_ I honestly don't know the first thinge about golf.  Birdies?
           Handicaps?  no idea.
           \_ I don't understand golf either.  But from what the article said,
              I was able to understand what that guy did.  -- OP
2008/9/23-29 [Recreation/Activities] UID:51271 Activity:nil
9/22    Been meaning to ask this for a long time: how the hell do
        sportscasters (or ESPN or whoever) come up with such obscure
        stats during sports games? For example, only X times in history
        has the losing team had the ball with Y seconds left and Z
        has happened. Anyone know or have ideas?
        \_ Elias Sports Bureau
        \_ They have a guy whose sole job it is to feed stats to the
           broadcasters.  Also, teams produce a "media guide" which
           lists team records for a lot of obscure stuff.  -tom
           \_ True that they have a stats guy, but for the obscure stuff
              the correct answer is "Elias Sports Bureau".
              \_ Elias Sports Bureau compiles them, the guy in the truck feeds
                 them to the announcers.  -tom
2008/8/25-29 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Recreation/Activities] UID:50951 Activity:nil
8/25    Somalia's runners provide inspiration - Olympics - Yahoo! Sports:
2008/6/9-12 [Recreation/Activities] UID:50202 Activity:nil
6/9     "He's not running for President, he's running for COIN."
2008/4/14-19 [Recreation/Activities, Science/Biology] UID:49746 Activity:nil
4/14     'World peace' hitcher is murdered
        She had said she wanted to show that she could put her trust in
        the kindness of local people.
        \_ "Think of it as evolution in action."
          \_ is she up for a Darwin award yet?
                \_ It's actually sort of dual evolution.  She's not
                   going to breed now, and the murderer's ability
                   to continue to breed is about to get severely
                   curtailed.  Thus, we can continue to purge the
                   gene pool of both victims and victimizers.
        \_ Speaking of hitch-hiking, I saw a lot of hitch-hiking in old movies.
           Was hitch-hiking in the US really that safe in the old days?
           \_ My dad used to pick up hitchhikers all the time in the 1970s
              and 1980s. I was with him a few times. I don't think it's
              necessarily unsafe as most people are honest and have
              integrity, however I wouldn't do it. I did used to hitch
              rides in college to campus from other students (who I didn't
              know) on their way in to school and I'm alive to tell about it.
              \_ Cf. Casual Carpool these days. I've been using it both as
                 driver and passenger for three years.
2008/3/31-4/6 [Recreation/Activities] UID:49625 Activity:kinda low
3/31    From slashdot: "Neal Stephenson, author of greats like Snow Crash and
        Cryptonomicon..."  So, I hated Cryptonomicon.  I thought it was boring
        and generally kinda stupid.  I only read it all the way through because
        I got it as a gift.  The same guy who gave me Cryptonomicon also
        highly recommends Snow Crash.  Is Snow Crash also crap?  Everything
        people say is 'cool' about it sounds like it was made up by a 9th
        grader.  'Hiro Protagonist', 'Guy who rides a motorcycle with a nuke'
        Sounds like crap.
        \_ Stephenson used to be juvenile and boring, now he's just boring.
                -- ilyas
        \_ When I was 18 it was awesome.  I bet it isn't so awesome anymore.
           It does, however, have a pretty amusing opening chapter.
           \_ I bought snowcrash again last week with the intent of reading
              it as cheap geek pr0n on the plane but ended up reading
              "Light" by M. John Harrison instead.
              \_ Is it any good?
           \- like much Science Fiction, Snow Crash is more of an
              "ideas" book than a prose book ... not that it is Plato
              or anything. I thought Cryptonomicon was ok ... what are
              you comparing it to.  With lightweight stuff I think the
              question is more "was it amusing" [which might be more a
              statement about you than the book], as opposed to "is it
              good/deep/profound/a classic" [which is a statement
              about the object, not subject].
              \_ Yeah, and the ideas didn't age very well.  I'm not sure if
                 that is because I got older and realized how trite they were
                 or if it just because they were ideas that got dated quickly.
                 I suspect it is a bit of both.
                 \_ I actually think it is because Snow Crash so influenced
                    what people thought was possible with technology, that
                    many of his ideas became realized. So now it seems obvious.
                    But in truth, it was seminal.
                    \_ What?  If anything age has made it look laughably bad.
                       What ideas are realized?
                       \_ MMORPGs along with Half Life are both pretty much
                          entirely based riff on his idea of what cyberspace
                          entirely based on his idea of what cyberspace
                          would look like.
                          \_ No.  No they aren't.  Not to mention that
                             avatars existed long before Snow Crash.
                             \_ Where, other than in Hindu mythology?
                                \_ Video games, in the 70's.
                                   Even pac-man is basically an avatar.
                                   \_ Or, say, faces.
                                   \_ Not even close to what was envisioned
                                      in Snow Crash and then realized finally
                                      in Half Life. Have you even used Half
                                      \_ Uh, do you mean Second Life? Half-Life
                                         is a first person shooter.  Anyway,
                                         you asked about avatars, I answered.
                                         That habitat game has some aspects of
                                         Second Life also. The tech was too
                                         primitive to have 3D first person back
                                         then, but MazeWar sort of had it.
                                         Second Life may be based on Snow
                                         Crash but the basic idea is still
                                         just controlling a character in a
                                         virtual world, which has been around
                                         for a long time in video games. Maybe
                                         the virtual economy idea was new, I
                                         have no idea, but it's a basic
                                         extension of a multiplayer RPG
                                         system. Remember, TRON was developed
                                         in 1982.
              \_ Did anyone make it through the Baroque Cycle?  I keep
                 trying to finish Quicksilver every year or so.
                 \_ I read the entire thing and loved it, but I happen to
                    enjoy his gonzo journalism style of economic/science
                    historical fiction. Quicksilver is hard to get through
                    unless the history of 17th century mercantile banks
                    turns you on. Yes, I'm weird, I get it. --erikred
           \_ Snow Crash seems to have entered the cultural landscape enough
              that I felt obligated to read it. I haven't gotten any must-read
              vibes about any of his other stuff. Overall I did enjoy Snow
              Crash but I was younger. It's a great book for a young male.
              I didn't think it was the best sci-fi ever. But honestly there
              just aren't many great books of that particular genre. It's
              a tough audience and at this point the whole hacker culture
              thing is kind of ruined by the Matrix etc. At least SC did not
              take itself seriously.
        \_ I have been told that Snow Crash is great by people who loved
           Cryptonomicon. I did not particularly like Cryptonomicon and
           could not finish it b/c I found it dry, boring and poorly
           edited. I have tried to read Snow Crash more than once, and
           I have never been able to finish it b/c I found it boring and
           poorly edited as well. Note: By poor editing, I mean that no
           one seems to have told the author to streamline the narrative
           and exclude unnecessary exposition. Or if the author was told,
           he wasn't smart enough to follow the editor's advice.
           \- i think NS became a better writer between SC and C ... SC
              kind of unreaveled in terms of technical execution,and while
              i wouldnt say C was "polished", i think you could tell
              NS had learned to managed a large book better.
              \_ According to coworkers of mine who knew him, the original
                 C ran to 1600 pages... and that's when his editor told him
                 to stop and publish. Those of you who didn't like C might
                 instead enjoy The Big U or Zodiac, his much, much earlier
2007/11/27-12/3 [Recreation/Activities, Transportation/Bicycle] UID:48700 Activity:high
11/27   So how do you keep the stupid RIDE BIKE people off of the trails? Is
        it legal for them to ride on hiking trails? I've almost been killed
        a few times now by bikers barreling down quiet mountain trails that
        they thought they owned. I hate them.
        \_ So you support bike-only trails?  Great!  -tom
           \_ I do. Why not? What's happening now doesn't work. I don't
              think I support as many of those as bikers would hope,
              though, but why not have some small percentage devoted to bikes?
              \_ There are plenty of trail-sharing plans out there (such as
                 odd-even days); the problem is that the anti-bike crowd
                 doesn't want to share trails or give any access to bikes.
                 In most places it works just fine, it's only in California
                 that it's still a big problem, and that's due to the actions
                 of a small handful of NIMBY, "we were here first" types. -tom
                 \_ I think it's because of the actions of a lot of
                    reckless riders, many of which I have encountered.
                    \_ Bikers don't want to run into hikers any more
                       than hikers want to get run into.  In most
                       cases, conflicts can be reduced by improving
                       the trail design.  But the political issue is
                       that a small handful of hikers simply want no
                       bikes on any trails.  Right now, I'm being
                       stalked by a long-time anti-bike nut, who came
                                       \_ I recommend giving him a
                                          soda account.
                       by my office twice, sent mail to my boss and to
                       the chief of staff of the chancellor's office.
                       My crime?  Riding a unicycle on a trail.  I
                       didn't even ride past him; I dismounted and
                       walked past.  There's nothing that can be done
                       to reduce complaints from someone like that.  -tom
        \_ Many of those trails were originally created by RIDE BIKE people,
           then later used by hikers.  Why do you think *you* own them? -emarkp
           \_ damn, emarkp is sort of my motd ron paul.  There's a ton
              of stuff ron paul stands for that should be poison to all
              good liberals everywhere, but he speaks his mind and doesn't
              say anything too delusional so lots of grassroots progressives
              think he is awesome.
           \_ The trails are maintained by the government and I don't
              think I own them, but I am not killing anyone by using them.
              Maybe motorcycles should be allowed on them, too. It's a free
              country, right?
              \_ Actually, the trails are mostly maintained by volunteers, and
                 by far the largest volunteer group is mountain bikers.  -tom
              \_ Neither are all the bicyclists killing people.  Rude people
                 are rude people, on bike or on foot. -emarkp
                 \_ Point is that bikes don't belong on walking trails
                    just like people shouldn't walk in the bike lane. You
                    must be one of the bike fuckers, huh?
                    \_ Nope, never ridden a bike on a trail in my life.  I do
                       bike to work however.  You may have seen my comments in
                       the past calling Critical Mass, "Thugs on Wheels".
                       Where are the trails defined as "walking trails"?
                       \_ Well, they weren't built for bikes originally.
                          Here is a site that attempts to be fair to both
                          sides of the issue, but it is true that the
                          hiking trails are becoming unsafe for hikers and
                          I would be in favor of keeping bikes off of them
                          given my close calls with bikers. I don't even
                          think I could safely bike many trails in a
                          leisurely manner what with the people screaming
                          down the hillside at 30mph. At least as a walker
                          I can jump out of the way. If I was on a bike
                          I'd be screwed. BTW, people who take their dogs
                          on trails without leashes should be banned, too.
                          In Palo Alto:
                          \_ I wasn't aware of so-called "gravity bikers".
                             That *does* sound scary. -emarkp
           \_ Downhill bicycle racers should stick on trails far, far
              away from everyone else.  Actually if you just let them
              race for a while, they eventually die, that sport is the
              most dangerous I've ever witnessed.
        \_ Bring a spike strip with you next time you hike. USE FEET!
        \_ some trails are marked to disallow bikes.  If you don't like sharing
            trails with bikes, stick to those.   Unless othewise marked,
            the bikers have just as much right to be there as the hikers.
        \_ some trails are marked to disallow bikes.  If you don't like
           sharing trails with bikes, stick to those.  Unless othewise
           marked, the bikers have just as much right to be there as the
        \_ Maybe bikers should behave the same as horse back riders.  You
           could potentially ride pretty fast on a horse, but that would
           be dangerous.  Could be almost as dangerous as fast bikes.
           \_ horses, at any speed, are more dangerous than bikes, at any
              \_ That's clearly false and you are stupid for suggesting it.
                 \_ You clearly don't know anything about horses.
        \_ I find it amusing that the bikers complain about how rudely cars
           treat them (Critical Mass) but when someone slower than themselves
           is put at risk by their actions, it's "stay off the trails!" and
           "who said you hikers own them?!".
           \_ nice straw man.
        \_ (flickr)
              \_ Not at all.  I honestly find it amusing.  There's no strawman
                 here.  If you're a hypocritical biker, wear it with pride.
                 \_ Right because all cyclists are exactly the same and in
                    fact all the same people, whether they are black clad
                    bicycle messengers in Critical Mass or gortex clad
                    Marin yuppies mountain biking. They even switch to
                    khaki's and button down shirts when they impersonate
                    mild-mannered commuters. Those dastardly villians!
                    \_ not to mention, no one is saying "stay off the trails"
                    \_ not to mention, no biker is saying "stay off the trails"
                       \_ That would take a lot of audacity as mountain
                          biking has only been popular for 30 years. Give
                          them more time, though, and they'll become brave
                          enough to get there. They're already touting
                          numerical superiority as they drive everyone
                          else away.
                          \_ keep beating that straw man.
                    \_ I love the motd.  You replied to my "this isn't a
                       strawman" by strawmanning me again.  I'm your biggest
                       fan, Strawman Debate Guy.  Please strawman me again.
                       \_ Do you honestly think that "bikers" are a unified
                          group who think and act in unison? Are you really
                          that simple minded? If not, give me even one example
                          of your hypocritical biker, or admit that you just
                          made it all up.
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/9/7-10 [Recreation/Activities] UID:47943 Activity:nil
9/7     Just saw snippets of 1970's Mens' US Tennis Open finals. Did
        men in the old days always play like pussies? Even Henin and
        Williams would kick their ass.
        \_ with wood-framed rackets?
        \_ With tennis shoes that had less grip to the ground because of old
           rubber technology?
2007/9/7-10 [Recreation/Activities] UID:47942 Activity:nil
9/7     Poll: Sexiest female athelete? I'll start:
        Anna Kournikova
        (no bras! SFW!!!)
        \_ Allison Stokke
           \_ I second that, except, she's not well known and is not
              a real professional athlete.
        \_ Serena Williams: (
        \_ Maria Sharapova > Anna Kournikova both in looks and in tennis
           \_ > in looks, >>>> in tennis
           \_ Maria Sharapova was very hot in her first Canon TV commercial.
              Not as hot in the second one, but still hot.
        \_ Natalie Coughlin:
2007/8/31-9/2 [Recreation/Activities, Science/Space] UID:47867 Activity:high
8/31    Why do many people spit in urinals? At work I often see people
        do this right before they pee. Today a guy did that and then spat
        into his piss before flushing. What the fuck dude.
        \_ It's gross, but it's less gross than seeing them spitting into the
           sink or the garbage can.
           \_ The sink seems more appropriate to me, as long as they're
              already running water there. People brush teeth there.
              \_ There IS running water in urinals.  The spitter is providing
                 the running water himself!
        \_ I think it is a psychological thing to make it easier to pee.
        \_ Target practice.
        \_ It's a man thing.  you wouldn't understand.
2007/6/30-7/3 [Recreation/Computer, Recreation/Activities] UID:47137 Activity:kinda low
        Amélie Mauresmo, former #1 tennis player, strong like a man,
        plays like a man, walks like a man, and has the figure of a man.
        \_ Plus, she is a cheese-eating surrender monkey, what more do
           we need to know?
        \_ Why was this posted?  Is there something I'm missing?
           \_ I find it unfair that yesterday's Wimbledon on NBC showed
              70% Sharapova (hot hot hot) and only 10% Mauresmo, even
              though both played well. Obviously, the person responsible
              for yesterday's broadcast was biased overwhelmingly towards
              Sharapova, and I suppose they did it because they wanted to
              attract viewers by showing pretty people over ugly people.
              Life is sad and unfair.                   -not attractive guy
              \_ I think Anna K is a little hotter than Sharapova, but both are
                 \- are you blind? does anybody agree with you?
                    \_ I dunno, in the wikipedia hits she looks pretty hot to
                       me. -!pp
        \_ Damn.  He ... er ... she is more handsome than I am.  -- guy
        \_ This French looks like she's from former Communist Russia.
2007/6/14-19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:46948 Activity:nil
6/14    Is cron dead?  My cron job hasn't been running since yesterday morning.
        \_ You mean it's worked for you before? As far as I know many of the
           system cron jobs on soda don't get run. Wall log rotation and
           locatedb are just two examples.
           \_ Probably because cron isn't actually running.
           \_ My job last ran around 5am yesterday.  -- OP
              \_ Now (6/15) It's running again.  Someone must have fixed it.
                 Thx.  -- OP
2007/6/12-15 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Food] UID:46930 Activity:nil 88%like:46926
6/12    Death by sports cream (
2007/6/12 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Food] UID:46926 Activity:nil 88%like:46930
6/12    Death by sports cream
2007/6/11 [Recreation/Activities] UID:46904 Activity:nil
6/10    something magical happened today, re: My Rock-Hard Teats.
        I was running up the stairs, and they bounced. At first I thought
        I was imagining things, but then I tried it again. Yup, confirmed
        Chrissy Snow action. And here's the weirdest part: from the inside,
        the bouncing feels almost as if some kind of fluid is being displaced.
        Very queer, indeed. It's as if my breasts have been implanted with
        liquid orbs, if you can imagine something that fantastically
        bizarre.  I'm wearing a slutty top today (surprise!) and they look
        YOOJ. They're "fluffing," as predicted, and the volume is starting
        to expand horizontally.
2007/5/20-22 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Activities] UID:46708 Activity:nil
5/18    VW GTI rocks: (
2007/5/18-20 [Recreation/Activities, Transportation/Car] UID:46689 Activity:nil
5/18    VW GTI rocks:
2007/3/7-12 [Recreation/Activities] UID:45902 Activity:nil
3/7     My Ubuntu is running at default of init level 2 (runlevel) and it
        has X running. What the hell is going on? Shouldn't X be run
        level 5?
        \_ init level 3/5 is the way RedHat is.  This does not make it a
           standard.  In debian based systems, runlevel 2 is the standard
           operating unit.  You can choose to enable/disable running X at
           this run level.
2007/2/10-12 [Recreation/Activities] UID:45700 Activity:nil
2/9     How is Mt. Shasta for skiing this time of year? Have they got some good
        snow yet? I want to go explore this ski park next week.
2006/11/3-4 [Recreation/Activities, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:45152 Activity:moderate
11/3    Running Windows on the office machines, what is the CSUA coming to?
        \_ Um, a LAN party.
           \_ Does it feel good to betray your roots for a little fun?
              \_ Haggard would agree that it felt good to betray his roots
                 for a little "fun."
                 \_ His "roots", indeed.
                 \_ His "root" indeed.
                 \_ Haggard was rooting his betrayer.
2006/10/18-23 [Recreation/Activities] UID:44862 Activity:nil
10/18   For tom: - SFW
        \_ Tom, how many of the tricks can you do?
           \_ I've never ridden an artistic bicycle; virtually none, would
              be my guess.  I'm also not much into freestyle unicycle
              tricks, although I can do a few.  -tom
        \_ I'm much more impressed by
        \_ That's known as "artistic bicycling," and it's a fairly sizeable
           sport in Germany.  It's a little too formalized for me; like the
           compulsories in ice skating.  -tom
2006/8/26-29 [Recreation/Activities] UID:44157 Activity:nil
8/25    If any of you are into camping, Marmot in Berkeley is having
        a pretty good sale until Monday. In particular the Paragonia
        Capeline thermals are a good deal at ~$20 ... they make one
        of the best mid-wt thermals. These are usually +$35. I have
        all the outwear I need  but it looks like they have some decent
        prices on mid-wt Arcteryx jackets and such. --camping gearhead
        \_ Hello camper, I wear Patagonia as well! It is great. BTW you
           spelled Patagonia wrong:
        \_ Hello camper, I wear Patagonia as well! It is great.
        \_ Sliders: California Ski company is having a big sale on weekends
           through 9/9.
2006/8/7-10 [Recreation/Activities] UID:43930 Activity:nil 75%like:43927
8/6     Any recommendations on local (Berkeley) retailers that sell tennis
        rackets? How about online?
        \_ Costco.
        \_ Plaza Tennis, on Solano - Bill (the owner) is very helpful, and
           they have a demo program.  I've bought rackets from them for over
           15 years...
2006/7/17-19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:43688 Activity:nil
7/17    Boulder Bridge Troll arrested after attacking deputy with golf club:  -John
        \_ I support use of nuclear weapons against the P.R. Boulder.
2006/6/14-19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:43391 Activity:nil
6/14    What is the best brand of walking shoes for uneven terrain (not hiking)
        but city walking, that you've ever had?  Did you get them from REI?
2006/5/18-22 [Recreation/Activities, Reference/Military] UID:43091 Activity:nil
5/17    sameer joines the marines
2006/5/10 [Recreation/Activities] UID:42999 Activity:nil
5/9     Is there a stat somewhere that shows you political affiliation
        with the sports you play? For example what % of the golf players
        are Dem/Rep, what % of the basketball players are Dem/Rep, etc?
           Golf, the ultimate symbol of Republican corruption.
        \_ Bigger balls = Democrats
2006/4/21-24 [Recreation/Activities, Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:42798 Activity:low
4/22    ok, so maybe a dumb question, but a coworker just asked me and I'm
        not sure the answer: so is it possible to view the standard
        output of a process running on your system? I do have root. thx
        \_ truss/strace, with the option to print the entire syscalls
           \_ ok, let me rephrase: there is a process running on my system.
              I did not start it. I am root. I have just the process id
              (from ps) ... is there some way I can see std out/err? thx
              \_ you can't see what has -already- gone out to stdout/stderr
                 if you look at the write() calls for stdout/stderr (by fd)
                 you can see what it is putting out -now-.  truss -p pid
        \_ try /proc/<pid>/fd   \
                 \_______________\_  this was all helpful. thanks.
2006/4/18-20 [Recreation/Activities, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42774 Activity:low
4/17    Rootstaff:  You guys fucking ROCK!  Thank you so much for putting in
        all the extra time and effort necessary to get soda back up running
        especially after all the disasters!                -mice
        \_ seconded!
        \_ Good job, thanks.  -John
        \_ Excellent work. --erikred
        \_ thanks.   kngharv
2006/3/10-13 [Recreation/Activities] UID:42186 Activity:nil
3/10    Thinking about going to Mountain High this weekend, is it an ok
        snow week lately?   -beginner
        \_ Yes, they are getting snow today, but you know that because you
           checked their web site. Right?
           \_ says "HEAVY SNOW" which I'm interpreting as
              "quite a bitch to drive up there and you will likely
              drive off the cliff"
              \_ Have you ever been to Mountain High? There's no cliffside
                 \_ Have you ever served?
        \_ There should be great snow up there after all the rain this week.
2006/2/21-23 [Recreation/Activities] UID:41936 Activity:kinda low
2/20    What's up with weird sports like skeleton and luge? Where do people
        actually do that in the US? Also, they should just combine the two
        events. I mean, let them choose head first or not, whatever is
        fastest should win.
        \_ Thats pretty simplistic.  Its not like the guys decide whether they
           will go head first of feet first as they are starting thier run,
           you train differently for either.  Also, the luge would beat like
           every skeleton guy (except ones that don't finish), so its really
           not right to compare the two side by side time wise.
           Apples vs Oranges?
           \_ I haven't watched the Olympics this year (no TV), what is
              the deal with skeleton?  Why is it slower than luge?  Wind
           \_ Well, they'd train for whatever they want and do that.
              Of course, one has running start and the other doesn't.
              Maybe get rid of that. Basically I don't see why there should
              be both of these similar events. The basic skills seem the
              same. Also they might as well have watersliding as a summer
        \_ The Olympics is chock full of weird sports.  What's one more?  It
           gives everyone another chance at upping their medal counts which
           makes everyone happy.  I stopped watching years ago when they
           stopped pretending they were anything other than paid professionals
           in most of the big events and every score was a 9.9998 or higher
           in gymnastics.  "Oh look!  She blinked at the wrong moment, her
           chances at gold are over forever!  9.999999997!"
        \_ What makes these sports any weirder than a bunch of dudes
           smacking a piece of plastic around the ice or strapping some
           planks to your feet and jumping off a hill?  -John
           \_ Where can you even attempt to do these sports, assuming
              you were so inclined? I've never heard of anyone doing
              skeleton. Upate: ok I read
              So: there are 13 tracks in the world, 3 in North America.
              So I could go do it in Utah.
              \_ Yeah so?  There are a bunch of luge schools, and while it's
                 more of a specialized sport than, say, skiing, a lot of
                 people enjoy watching it (and there seems to be a large
                 enough pool of people engaging in it.)  And before you say
                 "same for ice sailing", there's no reason that couldn't be
                 a discipline (think Jamaican bobsled team.)  -John
              \_ The majority of US athletes training for luge, bobsled,
                 skeleton and the like do so at Lake Placid.  Also, wrt your
                 numbers, while there are probably of hundreds of ice rinks in
                 the US, only a handful make up the elite training centers
                 that actually produce Olympic class figure skaters, those
                 being the Los Angeles Figure Skating Club, The Detroit Figure
                 Skating Club, Lake Placid (though most of the athletes
                 actually train in Monsey, New York), and one or two in
                 Colorado and Delaware. -dans
           \_ For the record, hockey pucks are made of rubber.  A plastic puck
              would be an abomination. -dans
              \_ Rubber is technically a type of plastic.
                 \_ Really?  I thought rubber was organic (i.e. comes from
                    rubber plants), and plastic was synthetic (produced from
                    Oil).  Of course, I'm not a chem major and don't know what
                    officially qualifies something as a plastic.  Please
                    correct me if I'm wrong. -dans
2006/2/17 [Recreation/Activities] UID:41899 Activity:kinda low
2/17    Amazing recovery for double figure skating Zhangs: (, Olympics footage)
        \_ They pulled the video.
        \_ hmm, three day old gay Chinese cmlee back?
           \_ The only useful thing about your post is that it fit in 80cols.
           \_ Chineses are taking over our forum!  I hate chineses so much!
        \_ Missed it, thanks for posting.
        \_ skating to the tune of "Descendants of the Dragon".
2006/1/18-21 [Recreation/Activities] UID:41427 Activity:nil
1/18    German thief left a Hansel and Grentel trail and got caught:
2005/12/22-24 [Recreation/Activities] UID:41120 Activity:kinda low
12/22   Got some little cousins visiting the Bay Area from far away
        over Xmas.  They have never seen live snow. Where is the
        closest place where there is snow without having to deal
        with driving to a place like Lake Tahoe which will be
        \_ What sort of snow experience do you want? Look-snow, play-snow,
           ride-snow, or ski-snow?
           \_ The kind of snow experience where you get stuck on the highway
              for hours and can't go to bathroom because the roads are closed!
              --- !OP
           \_ play-snow
              \_ Low part of the Sierras, find a public park with a hill and
                 you can go sledding, make snow angels, have a snowball fight
                 etc.  My favorite cheap sleds are the ones that are basically
                 a big plastic dish with handles.
                 \_ I heard that right now snow is only really over 8000 ft
                    because it's too warm. Might want to check reports.
                    \_ The storms in SF today may or may not make slush of
                       everything < 7000 ft.
                       \_ NOAA says no low snow...
                 Sno-parks are okay, but call because it's too warm.
                 \- you can drive to Ymte [the valley is more impressive
                    than a random patch of snow] and then walk to tioga
                    pass. --psb
2005/12/17-19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:41062 Activity:nil
12/17   For you next ski trip, Ski Dubai:
        \_ A guy I know runs the ski school in Davos; they were asked by
           the guys who operate this slope to provide skiing lessons. He was
           a bit baffled by the whole thing.  -John
2005/12/2-5 [Recreation/Activities] UID:40817 Activity:low
12/2    Any suggestions for an under $25 xmas gift for a young
        high-school-age golfer?
        \_ Buy him a skateboard.  It might not be too late for him not to turn
           into a complete fucking tool, and you could save him.  That's more
           than 25$, though.
        \_ Some balls?
           \_ Yeah, he'll never win if he keeps playing like a GIRL!
        \_ tiger wood's woodie?
        \_ I'd look for a good book about golf, its history, or players.
           There might be some nice calendars of courses, too.
        \_ A $24.50 whore and a golfball.  Or have a look at the used sports
           kit store ("Replay" or something) on W. Portal in SF.  -John
2005/11/23-25 [Recreation/Activities] UID:40707 Activity:nil
11/22   WTF?
        \_ its extreme irony
           \_ dang I thought I would at least get a 'ha' with this
        \_ Extreme sports going to the extremes.
        \_ Yes, but is it safer than non-extreme sports?  Anyway, even though
           it's popularity isn't even clothes to that of other sports, I think
           we'll see this in crease in popularity, so starch practicing. -John
2005/11/22-24 [Recreation/Activities] UID:40701 Activity:low
11/22   Extreme sports safer than most "real" sports.
        \_ I find this article informative.  Thx.
           \- i couldnt get through it all but "studies" like this can
              really hinge on lines being drawn in arbitrary places.
              i forgot the name of the publication but there is a journal
              that publishes the casualty numbers [note, i didnt say rates;
              it is unclear what the deminiators shoild be] for various
              "extreme" sports and i believe "underwater cave diving" has
                                                \- multi-stage UW cave diving
              pretty consistently been among the most dangerous [where
              the criteria is -> dead]. if you look at the expedition pictures
              for one of the famous himalayan climbing expeditions from say
              the 1970s, often 1/3 of the people will now be dead (not of
              old age or heart attacks at home). if you take crude numbers
              like # people who have been issued everest climbing permits
              (and actually venture above a base camp ... particulary on the
              side of the khumbu ice fall) and divide my the number of people
              who have been killed on the mountain, the numbers are pretty
              sobering. many of these people are killed not due to mistakes
              but objective dangers like avalanche or rock fall. and there
              are a lot of "committing moves" like "if the weather turns
              youa re hosed" or "if you get sick here, there is no rescue
              possible". also there are weird cases like the dudley wolfe
              "er, sorry, no sleeping bag for you" incident on the 1938
              american k2 expedition.
              \_ Nobody is arguing that mountain climbing isn't incredibly
                 dangerous.  I think that article was mostly comparing
                 traditional (and dangerous) sports like horse back
                 riding with supposedly "extreme" sports like snowboarding.
                 I'd almost argue that mountain climbing is a fairly
                 traditional sport, and not exactly experiencing a surge
                 in suburban popularity.
                 \_ The article also mentions artificial wall climbing which
                    is supposed to be extreme.  I agree with the article that
                    sports like this are much safer than college football.
                    \- well i suppose i just think "extreme" should be defined
                       by risk, not wardrobe.
                       by risk, not wardrobe. i think it is interesting to
                       see what sports have high objective risks vs severe
                       punishment for mistakes. like in yosemite big wall
                       climbing you have limited weather problems and some
                       rock fall problems no avalanche problem and little
                       problem being rescued and no risk of pulmonary or
                       cerebral oedema. climbing similar walls in central
                       asia exposes you to more risk if you get hurt since
                       the medical facilities are not as good. also in one
                       famous case the clibers were captured by crazy muslims.
                       that risk is also low in yosemite. ok tnx.
2005/10/29-31 [Recreation/Activities, Politics/Foreign] UID:40335 Activity:kinda low
10/29   Great bit of irony.  In responce to the Libby indictment, Bush said

            "I got a job to do and so do the people that work in the
            White House. We've got a job to protect the American people
            and that's what we'll continue working hard to do. . . "

        As soon as he finished his comments, he went on vacation.
        \_ Hehe, that's funny!  I'm sure when the POTUS is on vacation he
           just stops running the country and talking business and oh wait,
           \_ Are you really so far gone you can't laugh at this?
           \_ "Stops" running the country?  You mean you think he started?
           \_ stops running the country into the ground.
        \_ was he the same guy who said he is going to bring "honor and
           integrety to the whitehouse?"
2005/10/27-29 [Recreation/Activities, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:40296 Activity:kinda low
10/27   Frenchman wants to play Women's British Open - PGA - Yahoo! Sports:
        \_ This is stupid.  You can consider the different leagues like
           weight classes in boxing.  If a middle-weight wants to fight
           in the heavy weight division you *let* him, that does not mean
           you let mike tyson fight in the bantum weight division just
           because he's washed up as a heavy weight. -phuqm
           \_ Are you saying that it's okay to allow women to play in Britisn
              Open, while it's stupid to allow men to play in Women's British
              \_ I think that's exactly what he's saying.  Now, given that
                 golf is a game and not a sport, having different leagues
                 is silly... (flame shield on)  -John
              \_ I am indeed saying that; am I loosing my perspicuity? -phuqm
                 \_ it is a game, but one in which arm strength matters, which
                    requires different leagues for men/women. -phuqm
                    \_ Perhaps the Frenchman is abnormally weak?
                        \_ Excellent contribution to the thread.  thanks for
                           being so smart and relevant.
              \_ Close. It is okay to allow women to play in the British open
                 It is not o.k. to allow men to play in the Women's British Open\
                 and it is Stupid to equate one issue with the other. -phuqm.
                 It is not o.k. to allow men to play in the Women's British
                 Open and it is Stupid to equate one issue with the other.
                 \_ This is gender discrimination then.  Women can play in both
                    tournaments while men can only play in one.
                        \_ Next thing you'll tell me is that you have to be
                           "challenged" to take part in the special olympics!
                           \_ If you are equating "female" to "challenged",
                              then okay, it makes sense for you to say that
                              this is not discrimination.  Now go ahead and
                              tell those feminists who demanded open door to
                              British Open about this.
                              \_ You don't understand this issue *at all*,
                                 do you?
                                 \_ The issue is that the Frenchman doesn't
                                    really want to win the Women's British
                                    Open.  He's just trying to make a point
                                    that since women are allowed in British
                                    Open for some stupid/justified reason, men
                                    Open for some "justified" reason, men
                                    should be allowed in Women's British Open
                                    for the same reason also.
                                    \_ It sounds like you need to work on
                                       your critical thinking skills, man.
                                    \_ It's a stupid point.  -tom
                     \_ OH NO! not GENDER DISCRIMINATION!!?!! I forgot that is
                        ipso facto "BAD"!
        \_ What is wrong w/ letting a nancy cheese eating surrender
           monkey play w/ the girls? Its not like a frenchie could
           compete w/ real men(tm).
        \_ On the average, men are better than women at golf.  But there
           are many women who are better than most men at golf.  The same
           might be said of black/white basketball players.  So, if we can
           have a women-only golf tourney, it would seem that we could also
           have a white-only (or Asian only) basketball league.
           And if there is some black guy who isn't good in basketball,
           then too bad.
           \_ But assuming this is at the highest levels, almost any pro man
              will beat almost any pro woman.  So it wouldn't be very fair.
2005/10/8-9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:40024 Activity:high
10/8    I have never gone backpacking.  Only camping method I've experienced
        have been where you drive and park at your campsite.  I want to try
        going backpacking, but my small circle of friends don't go backpacking.
        I'd like to start reading up and garner up gears before Spring.  Any
        recommendations on where to start?  Books?  Websites?  What are some
        easy backpacking area for the first timer around the bay area?  TIA.
        \_ Go to REI and ask around... they have some of the most helpful
           staff around, particularly at the Berkeley store.  There are some
           backpacker "bible" type books, but the best way is to hook up
           with some new friends who already have experience and tag along,
           so you can learn as you go.  The range of skills and knowledge
           vary from basic first-aid and safety, planning your gear, knowing
           your limits to plan a route, and then more advanced environmental
           concerns if you go to high altitude or winter conditions. This
           is still all just "backpacking".  Mountaineering is another
           bag of tricks.  First thing to learn to enjoy backpacking:
           don't bring it all w/ you... you can get by with a lot less than
           most people think, as long as you cover safety and basic
           caloric and water requirements.
        \_ My favorite book on the subject is Beyond Backpacking, by Ray
           Jardine, the father of ultralight backpacking.
        \_ A great place near the bay area is Point Reyes - I'd recommend
           the wildcat campground.  It's hike-in, but you need to reserve
           ahead of time.  I can recommend some books as well, but you
           might also consider the Cal Hiking Club - they sometimes have
           beginner trips.  Email me if you'd like more info - mds
2005/7/5-7 [Recreation/Activities, Reference/BayArea] UID:38413 Activity:kinda low Cat_by:auto
7/5     Anyone know of any good spots to run in the southbay near 280/Lawrence?
        \_ Head north on 280 and take the first exit past the 85. I hear that
        \_ Head north on 280 and take the first exit past 85. I hear that
           there are lots of good trails there, but I haven't been there yet.
           Planning to check it out this week.
             \- you can see if there are any running clubs down there.
                i know there is in palo alto but no sure about s'vale/
                santa clara. dont have to join but can see their routes.
        \_ Rancho San Antonio has some good trails. Go left on Foothill (exit
             right after 85), then right at first light, and go all the way up
             til you see entrance on your left. There's one particular trail I
             like (Rogue Valley -> Wildcat Loop -> Upper High Meadow -> PG&E)
             that's about 600' vertical, or about 35-40 minutes of uphill.
        \_ Steven's Creek Reservoir has several nice trails:
           I usually "run" there on Saturday mornings.
           Rancho is also supposed to have decent trails. A colleague from
           work runs there a couple of times a week. --ranga
           I usually "run" there on Saturday mornings ~ 8:30 AM. Rancho is
           also supposed to have decent trails. One of my co-worker's runs
           there a couple of times a week. --ranga
        \_ on a related note, what is good, off the street bike route for
           road bike?  thanks!
           \_ I'm not much of a cyclist, but I like the Stevens Creek trail
              from 85@237 to Shoreline Park and the Bay Loop trails north of
              there. Mostly flat, not too crowded, pretty pleasant. -gm
              \_ Seconded. I used to ride Stevens Creek trail everyday when
                 I worked on Ellis St in Mt. View. It is very nice and not
                 that crowded even at lunch time.
           \_ What kind of riding are you interested in?  -tom
                \_ paved roads with notraffic.
                   \_ that's not very descriptive.  Old La Honda to Skyline
                      to Highway 9 is a popular route.  Kings Mountain is
                      another good one.  If you get over to the coast,
                      Tunitas Creek is one of the best roads in the Bay Area,
                      and it dumps out on Kings Mountain.
                      But if you're talking about bike paths designed for
                      non-cyclists, I'm not the guy to ask.  -tom
                      \_ thanks. i am somewhat new to road bike and i am
                         not up for challenge of riding next to cars along
                         highway.  the route i usually take are canada
                         road by 280 or redwood shore by oracle.
                         \_ There are fairly few cars on highway 9, and if
                            you're going downhill you'll be going faster than
                            they are anyway.  There is almost no traffic on
                            Old La Honda.  You can pick up Old La Honda and
                            Kings Mountain at the southern end of Canada
                            Road--turn right in Woodside.
                            They are quite significant climbs, but ideal
                            biking roads.  -tom
2005/6/7-9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:38017 Activity:nil
6/7     Does anyone use (or have familiarity with) WordPress as
        blogging software? What are its dis/advantages compared to
        Movable Type? Thanks.
        \_   It's been a year or two since I did an involved comparison of the
           two so this may be somewhat dated, YMMV, not responsible if this
           advice causes your CPU to catch fire, kills babies, etc...  Last I
           looked at them, WP wasn't quite there yet vs. MT.  This was shortly
           after the genesis of WP (prior to that it was a package called
           Cafelog IIRC).  From what I understand, WP has been making leaps
           and bounds and, at this point, it is likely on par or superior to
           MT.  Older versions of MT were written entirely in Perl.  WP is and
           always has been written in PHP.  Modern MT is a mix of Perl and
           PHP.  As I understand it, this was done as a way to work around the
           fact that, in older versions of MT, you had to manually rebuild
           your pages regularly, which was annoying, to say the least.  IMO,
           the MT plugins community is a little more mature than that of WP.
             These days, the main deciding factor I care about is licensing.
           Although MT is free for personal use, it quickly gets expensive for
           any sort of commercial or contract work.  I think this is because
           SixApart (makers of MT) would prefer that people use TypePad, their
           hosted subscription-based service.  My main beef with MT's
           licensing is that they absolutely forbid you from distributing
           modified versions of the MT source.  So, in essence, if you write
           any plugins, fix any bugs, or develop any enhancements for MT, you
           are at the mercy of SixApart.  Sure you could distribute them
           separately or as patches, but I don't particularly expect bloggers
           to be the sort of users that are willing to deal with tools like
           diff and patch (nor do I think they should have to).  Consequently,
           I am inclined to avoid MT since I have little interest in doing
           what amounts to free development work for SixApart.  WP, on the
           other hand, is licensed under the GPL so you can hack on it to your
           hearts content, though any changes or enhancements you release must
           also be licensed under the GPL.  Feel free to email me if you have
           more specific questions. -dans
2005/6/2-3 [Recreation/Activities] UID:37942 Activity:moderate
6/2     Has anyone traveled with ANA? How are they? Thanks.
        \_ I dunno about Ana, but I've traveled with yermom.
        \_ Assuming you're talking about All Nippon Airways, they're great.
           The people are friendly, everyone in Economy gets their own
           screen for movies/video games (SuperMario, golf, tennis, etc.),
           the food's not bad, and the flights are almost always on time or
           early. When they made an error with my seat, representatives called
           me throughout my trip to apologize and make sure that I had a good
           seat on the way back. --erikred
           \_ Yes, thanks!
2005/3/16-17 [Recreation/Activities] UID:36718 Activity:kinda low
3/16    Michelle Wie - the Anna Kournikova of golf?
        \_ Given a choice between two women of equal attractiveness, one of whom
           plays golf, and one of whom does not, I'll take the non-golf player.
           Kournikova is famous for being a very attractive *athlete*.   Golf
           players are not athletes.
        \_ Uh.. she's, what, 14?
           \_ 15.
        \_ Annika is the Anna of golf.
           \_ The one that wore a bikini at a tournament in Texas?
        \_ not really. She's big and not all that pretty.
2005/2/9-10 [Recreation/Activities] UID:36114 Activity:high
2/8     I decided to sign up for 24 Hour Fitness. They want $38 per month
        (all club access) plus about $150 to start. Can I do better?
        \_ They are willing to deal just like a car salesman. When I last
           signed up there we went back and forth on the deal 3 times before
           they ended up cutting the signup fee in half and giving me $10 off
           the monthly fee. Show up prepared with pricing from other gyms.
        \_ Find a friend who works there. Employee discount coupon:
           $40 signup. $20 a month.
        \_ I have seen something like ~$650 3-year prepaid and then ~$50
           / year after that.  Try doing a search on some of the "Hot
           Deal" message board at or
           \_ I'll check, but I don't want to cough up this kind of money
              up front. I'm not even sure I'll like the club.
              \_ Oh yeah, definitely check out the club first.  3 years
                 is a long commitment (but at substantial discount down to
                 ~$19 a month).  Also, I think the membership is good
                 for all 24 Hour Fitness (exlude the "Super Sport" or
                 the highest tier one).  This is good if you will be
        \_ My deal's $970/3yr (~$22/mo) and $50/yr after. My friend got an
           even better deal of $750/3yrs and $20/yr after.
           \_ Oh yeah, both cases, no sign-up fee, and package includes
              six free training sessions ($45-65/session normally), though
              YMMV with those
        \_ absolutely try working out a better deal, and if they don't
           give in, leave them. a gym like 24-hour shouldn't cost more than
        \_ Don't pay a signup fee. Just refuse to do it. You can get
           them to agree to $38/mo with no signup fee.
        \_ I went in with a friend around Thanksgiving and got a major deal
           - all club access, $575 the first year (each), two years free
           (effectively making the club $15/mo for 3 years), $20 every year
           afterward.  I don't know whether it was just that promotion, but
           I'm happy with the price.  -chaos
        \_ How many of you who signed up for 1-yr or 3-yr plans both
           (a) signed up over 6 months ago, and
           (b) still attend gym regularly(at least 2-3 times/wk)?
           \_ I'm on my 4th year. I go 6x a week. I have 7% Body fat. I
              don't drink soda. I eat salad with no dressing.
              \_ Wow. 4 years, 6x a week... how long do you spend in there?
                 You've spent the equivalent of around 5 months of straight
                 labor in there.
                 \_ Used to be 3 hours, now it's down to 1.5 hours.
           \_ Signed up for my gym 6 years ago.  Go on average 2 hours
              a week (usually 2-3 times a week when I can, but with
              interruptions for running, snowboarding, holidays, etc.)
           \_ Entering 3rd year soon. I used to be @ 5-6x/week, but now
              down to 4x. I also spend far less time there (1-1.5hr vs.
              2-2.5hr), mainly because I've switched from bodybuilding to
              mostly exercises/cardio geared around long distance running.
              \_ If running is your sport, and you live somewhere with nice
                 weather, why the gym?
                 \_ He didn't say anything about nice weather.  I also like
                    to go running but it can get shitty here.  Plus sometimes
                    a change is good.  -John
                 \_ Workout Bettys.
                 \_ Obvious you've never seen hot chix with big boobs in sports
                    bras running on those belt machines.  I used to watch a
                    couple in their downtown Oakland location.  That was the
                    driving force to keep me going thru that boring workout
                    routine every morning.
2005/1/29-30 [Recreation/Activities, Finance/Investment, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:35972 Activity:high
1/29    I see people with all kindsa crazy prompts and colors in their
        terminal that change when they log into different systems and
        such. Is there some easy primer to get a running start on those
        sorts of things?
        \_ Use PS1="$ " ; export PS1 as god and Steve intended.
2005/1/28 [Recreation/Activities] UID:35952 Activity:nil
2004/12/14-15 [Recreation/Activities] UID:35292 Activity:high
12/14   This is not new, but I'm inflicting it on you anyway:
        How the hell do they get those high scores?
        \_ The simulation is hideously broken.  Try:
            Proj. mass: 10   Counter. mass: 100    Counter. Height:  100
          Launch angle: 31         Gravity: 0.815             Wind: 7
          No virginia, that doesn't happen in real life.
          \_ That's hilarious.  Thank you.
                \_ why? That's highly plausible. You shoot an object high
                   up with a head wind, hence the X velocity decreases while
                   the Y velocity goes according to gravity.
             \_ why? That's highly plausible. You shoot an object high up with
                a head wind, hence the X velocity decreases while the Y
                velocity goes according to gravity.
                \_ Not that sharply, and I thought it was a tailwind.
                  \_ ever played golf? Hitting the ball with say, a sand
                     wedge or 9 iron, head wind, and with lots of back-spin?
                     That's the projectory you get.  -golf player under 80 par
                     \_ Yeah, I've played golf, and you do know that the
                        physics of a light spinning golf ball are different
                        than a heavy slug, right?
                        \_ I really don't think you can change gravity and
                           then try to use your intuition to determine what
                           would happen "in the real world."  -tom
                        \_ Physics are the same. If physics were different
                           for different objects it wouldn't be physics,
                           it would be, uhm, religion. What I think you
                           meant to say was that the characteristics of
                           a slug vs. a golf ball in an aerodynamic
                           environment are different, so a spinning golf
                           ball has a drastically different drag co-efficient
                           vs. a slug.  Also, I believe it's "trajectory", not
                           \_ No need to do lots of math to decide this one
                              way or the other.  Just say it's "intelligent
                              design" and proof that God exists.
                           \_ You moron.  "The physics of" is a common idiom
                              for "the physical characteristics of", etc.  Are
                              you really this stupid?  Not only does a spinning
                              golf ball have a different drag coefficient, it
                              also has a different vector because of the
                              difference between the leading and receding sides
                              of the ball.  Is this a troll?
2004/10/13 [Recreation/Activities] UID:34101 Activity:nil
10/13   Does JFK play golf? (either JFK)
2004/10/7 [Recreation/Activities] UID:33965 Activity:moderate
10/6    To the poster who was looking for a way to receive a txt message
        when Mt. St. Helens erupted -- try using
        I haven't tried it myself, but it looks like what you want.
        \_ Sweet! Thanks..
           \_ Did you read the original thread?  Someone suggested that.
        \_ Did you read the original thread?  Someone suggested that.
                \_ Nope but thanks. -op
2004/10/6 [Recreation/Activities] UID:33960 Activity:moderate
10/4    How many guns, horses, dogs, and golf courses does President
        Bush have?
        \_ 5
        \_ How many mansions, private jets, factories (homeland and abroad)
           does Kerry have?
            \_ Heil Heinzler!!
        \_ Yeah, I don't think you want to turn this into a 'who has a posher
           existence' contest...
2004/9/2-3 [Recreation/Activities] UID:33297 Activity:high
9/2     Anyone know a good place to buy running shoes? Ideally they would have
        a large, well-stocked selection of many brands, and include "trail
        running" sorts of stuff. REI and Sportmart don't fit the bill. In
        the south bay area. Thanks.
        \_ Check the sporting goods store in Valley Fair.  Great Selection.
           Copeland Sports is the place.
        \_ after watching my wife suffer the pimply kids at a general
           sporting goods store and finally finding a running shoe
           boutique, i am a believer in specialty stores.  ours was in
           west LA so can't help you exactly.  but use the yellow pages
           and "interview" the store.  a good wone will have staff who
           are runners, who know feet, and who can look at your feet
           and match you with shoes for your purpose.
        \_ On the Run on 9th Ave in San Francisco.  You only have to drive up
2004/8/24 [Recreation/Activities, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:33103 Activity:very high
8/24    Anyone watched men's gymnastics last night?  During the booing for
        Alexei Nemov, I think I saw American spectators booing for him also.
        That was cool.
        \_ What happened?
           \_ (
              \_ Also (Yahoo! Sports)
        \_ well...they should. I was sitting on my couch booing for him.
        \_ yeah, that was really cool. Finally, the judges got judged, and
           \_ What's more cool is that some of us are willing to set national
              pride aside and boo for our rival.
              pride aside and boo for our rival.  Nemov asking the crowd to
              calm down was also a class act.
           \_ It was cool and yet uncool. The whole thing is bullshit. They
              still ranked him fifth based, as far as I can tell, almost
              entirely on the step he took on the landing. While Hamm also
              took a step (a smaller one, but still), plus Hamm's routine
              appeared less difficult and was shorter. All the sports with
              this judge system inevitably run into this crap, pretty much
              in every event the TV commentators question some scores.
              As a spectator it's just frustrating not having a public
              rationale for a score. The rings event where the Greek guy
              won over the Bulgarian looked pretty suspicious to me also.
        \_ I can understand why the two guys before and after Hamm either tied
           him or scored below.  Olympics gymnastics are judged by classical
           moves.  Crowd-pleasing stunts are hard to judge if no one else does
           them.  Judges are looking for demonstrated control and form along
           with strength, and what better way than with classical moves?
           The two judges that changed their scores are tards.
2004/8/20 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Humor] UID:33040 Activity:moderate
8/20    I've been playing badminton for years but I didn't know it can be a
        funny sport:
        \_ That's the new Badminton Dance competition, you silly.
2004/8/19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:33007 Activity:nil
8/19    Useful trail maps in the Bay Area, great for hiking, camping, and
        what not:
2004/7/27-28 [Recreation/Activities] UID:32511 Activity:high
7/27    What's a good place to buy good walking shoes? (Berk/Oak/SF/..) I
        tried Sportmart, Copelands REI, Sports Basement, didn't find anything
        I liked.
        \_ Birkenstock on College
        \_ The WalkShop in Vine off Shattuck?
           \_ "For people who love pretentious commercials"
        \_ Ecco shoes are pretty nice I think, although expensive. For walking
           shoes don't go to a sporty place.
2004/7/23-25 [Recreation/Activities] UID:32454 Activity:high
7/23    A friend of mine is coming to N Cal for 2 days. What's a good place
        to hike? I'm thinking of either Chabot Lake (close to Berkeley,
        and it's a lake) or the Big Basin. What about other places, like
        Mount Diablo? What are the pros/cons of these places? ok thx
        \_ For serious hills and a beautiful hike , Mt Tam down to Stinson
           or vice versa.
        \_ I'd vote for the Marin headlands.  There's flat parts and hills,
           beaches, scrubland and forests.  There's ususally a strong wind so
           it's never too hot, and there are some awesome views.  Also, it's
           kind of neat to have a picnic lunch in a WW2 anti-aircraft gun
        \_ Go to Muir Woods but hike from the beach to summit parking lot.
           It's a beautiful rainforest.  Make sure you take the trail on the
                \_ how far is this from Sausalito?
           \_ Can you drive to the beach?  Havn't been there for ages.
        \_ Lake Chabot's busy in parts, secluded in others.  If you do the hike
           around the lake, it's about 8.3 miles, probably about 0.75 mile
           of it decent uphill.  There are good places to picnic and it's
           fairly nice.  Shade varies depending on the section; not sure how
           pleasant it would be on a hot, cloudless day.
           \- yosemite valley --psb
            \_ prefer <1.5 hr drive...
               \- you can get to ymte pretty fast if you go at the right
                  time. and a lot of the drive is fairly nice. ymte valley
                  is a world class sight and i think it is worth the extra
                  say 2hrs each way ... it's a lot nicer than pt reyes or
                  mt diablo. --psb
        \_ Berkeley Aquatic part late at night!
           \_ Get mugged?
        \_ Hiking?  RIDE BIKE!
        \_ Just got back from Big Basin.  There are some magnificent trails
           and a couple of very nice waterfalls (no swimming, though).  It
           takes a while to get there, though, and the road (236) is winding.
           If you're in Berkeley/Oakland, Chabot Regional park is no more
           than 15 minutes away, and there are over 27 miles of trails out
           there (it goes all the way down to Castro Valley).
        \_ Redwoods Park (in the Oakland hillsish area) is actually quite
           beautiful, and surprising for being as close as it is.
2004/6/23 [Recreation/Activities] UID:30967 Activity:low
6/23    Helo has anyone been to vernal/nevada falls in the last couple of
        weeks. I am wondering if the falls are running high or low.
        I will be in the area soon and am wondering if worth the detour
        [will be more inclined to go, if water is high]. ok tnx.
        \_ should be fine at this time of the year.  how high do you
           want it to be, like during the big washout?
        \_ i was there about a month ago and did the mist trail and nevada
           hike... the upper rim trails were still closed w/ snow and
           the falls were pretty full (reminded me of wet years in
           the early 80s when i was a kid).  a ranger we spoke to thought they
           were already peaking for the season.  i'm sure they're still pretty
           nice.  several ephemeral falls were flowing last month including
           one ov er the royal arches that i don't remember.  --karlcz
           \_ p.s.
2004/6/16 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:30831 Activity:very high 66%like:34588
6/16    KISS MY ASS, LAKERS!!!
        \_ Yah -- it made my day when the lakers went down in flames.
        \_ No one cares.  Sorry.  Sports just aren't important.  Have some
           bread with your circuses.
           \_ Speak for yourself, geekboy.  How's that wedgie doing?
              \_ How's the bread taste?  Best circus I've seen since the
                 one last week!  Pass me a beer and a joint!
                 \_ Bread?  Dunno, don't watch the games.  Don't smoke out
                    either, so you're on your own there, too, Mr. Pothead Dork.
                    I don't think you're as smart as you think you are.
                    Perhaps you'd better stick to EQ.
                 \_ thank you, NERFAMC
                    \_ Ok, so you drink, you don't get laid, can't identify
                       a bread product and watch a lot of sports.  Big winner!
                       \_ heh, let's see: assumption, projection, assumption,
                          poor reading comprehension. 0/4.  Big Winner!  Keep
                          trying, Dorkie.
                          \_ *laugh* ok, how about this: you're anal, boring,
                             drink, don't get laid with women, watch a lot of
                             sports, like bread products and take it up the
                             ass from your boyfriend twice a week.
           \_ I might take your moral superiority seriously if I thought you
              were in the peace corps, or donating all your free time to a
              non-profit, but in reality I'm sure you're just some geek into
              videogames, comic books, and sci-fi who just doesn't like sports.
              \_ What moral superiority?  I never said I was better.  I said
                 sports aren't important.  Sorry, no vgs, cbs or sci-fi.
        \_ The only thing better than watching the Lakers lose was watching
           the Red Sox kick the Yankees' asses in New York.
2004/6/9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:30700 Activity:nil
6/9     There are no REI's where I live. What are some stores that sell similar
        products? Thanks.
        \_ EMS
        \_ yellow pages? where is this by the way. REI is a gigantic chain and
           some of their stores aren't called REI.
                \_ LA -op
                   \_ REI is about a hundred yards from where I'm sitting right
                      now.  Rosecrans and Aviation in Manhattan Beach.
                      \_ This guy is a retard who didn't even look at
                         REI's web site for locations.
2004/5/6 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating] UID:30052 Activity:very high 50%like:11719
5/6     What are your (non-sex) related hobbies?
        \_ war craft
        \_ coding
           \_ coding what?
              \_ virtual girlfriend teri v11.0 of course.
        \_ golf
           \_ handicap?
        \_ home improvement
        \_ Collecting movies and TV shows off p2p
        \_ I am more interested in knowing what a sex-related hobby is.
        \_ USE LINUX!
        \_ furniture building.  Oh wait, that's sex related.  Norm Abrams
           regularly takes it up the ass from me and Bob Vila
           \_ Screw you. Norm takes it up the ass from no one, especially Vila.
        \_ cooking
        \_ Nuking the motd.
        \_ sailing, cal sports, gardening, fixing up my house
        \_ reading the motd
        \_ Running, ultimate frisbee, classical music (indian/western),
           writing, gardening, travel and photography
           \_ psb, is that you? -psb #2 fan
        \_ Texas Hold'em Poker!
           \_ for money?
2004/5/3-4 [Recreation/Activities, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:29955 Activity:very high
5/2     Is anybody running SpamAssassin on SOLARIS (5.7)?
        Does it run reliably?  Easy/Hard to install?
        \_ I've run it on Solaris 5.8.  Everything runs fine except for spamd
           which segfaults on startup.  I'm not sure why and haven't had the
           time to look into it any further.  Though this begs the question,
           why are you still running 5.7?  5.8 is pretty crufty and ancient, I
           can only imagine what 5.7 is like. -dans
           \_ I've run spamd for long periods on Solaris 8 before, and it's
              been pretty reliable.
           \_ 5.8 isn't much different from 5.7.  Many old 5.7 sites saw no
              reason to up to 5.8 because, well, there aren't any.  5.9 added
              a few things for some people.  5.10 might actually be new.  For
              the average joe running spamassassin on some old box he might as
              well be running anything from 2.51 to 2.9 for all it matters.
              \- anybody running crm114? having dealt with a reasonable
                 number of programs that can be described as "do complicated
                 analysis on hostile input", SA makes me nervous ...
                 especially when your are getting the arb input both in terms
                 of mail and users writing fairly arbitrary "policy". --psb
                 \_ I've been running crm114 for about 2 months but only doing
                    a small amount of training.  It does at least as well as
                    spamassassin even though I'm not training it like I should
                    be.  If SA catches it, crm114 mostly will.  crm114 catches
                    many things SA doesn't.  Unfortunately, a few things still
                    slip by *both*.  Yes, I'm using both on the same stream.
2004/4/18-19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:13259 Activity:moderate
4/18    Sodan backpackers/campers/tentowners I have questions for you.
        1. Is REI Overpriced?
        2. I found a 7' 8" x 6' 8" x 48" h.
        hexagonal tent  at (Item # 01113) for $30,
        it could either be a great deal, or $30 of crap.   My uses aren't
        for backpacking or cycling,  I just need a tent to stay over for
        car-camping stuff (drive to location, stay overnight, pack up in
        the morning).  It is known to rain where I am at - about 45% of the
        time; it's more of a sudden downpour and then dampness and then hot
        sun.  Just wanted to get your opinions on 1. and 2. (is that tent
        worth $30?).  Thanks in advance.
        \_ Yes and no.  You pay a premium, but they have a great warranty.
           If you ever have a problem, you take it back.  I've done so
           years later, and they've "made it right," so it has been worth
           it for some items.  Plus, if you're a member you get 10% back
           eventually (dividend).
        2. I found a 7' 8" x 6' 8" x 48" h.
        hexagonal tent  at (Item # 01113) for $30,
        it could either be a great deal, or $30 of crap.   My uses aren't
        for backpacking or cycling,  I just need a tent to stay over for
        car-camping stuff (drive to location, stay overnight, pack up in
        the morning).  It is known to rain where I am at - about 45% of the
        time; it's more of a sudden downpour and then dampness and then hot
        sun.  Just wanted to get your opinions on 1. and 2. (is that tent
        worth $30?).  Thanks in advance.
        \_ Seems reasonable for the purposes you list.  Many of the REI
           tents are more geared towards backpacking, I think, so you'd
           be paying for lighter weight that doesn't benefit you.  You
           might check places like and
           to see what they have cheap as well.  BTW, I'd assume a tent
           like that should be free-standing, but they don't list that in
           the description... (along with how difficult it is to set up)
           It also disturbs me that they don't list weight at all (just as
           a general principle - yes, it doesn't matter to you in this case,
           but that statistic should be there for all of the tents!)
           \- basic tent factors are 1. price 2. design/strength
              3. weight/size. if you are not hiking with it, you can
              afford to get a heavy, large/comfortable tent for cheap,
              although one concern may be the large tents may not do
              well in high winds. i also like free standing tents.
              i domt know how cheep tents do in rain. the cheep route
              for water proofing is to sacrifice breathability ... which
              is probably a bigger deal in a small tent. if you are looking
              for a walmart tent, dont go to REI. i also like tents with
              2 doors, but also a bigger deal in a small tent you are
              sharing with gear and such. --psb
2004/4/1-2 [Recreation/Activities] UID:12976 Activity:nil
4/1     Will we get any more snow in Tahoe this month?
        \_ light dusting of snow this morning.
2004/3/11-12 [Recreation/Activities] UID:12632 Activity:nil
3/11    Cal basketball sucks.
        \_ oh well, at least football's on the rise.
           \_ Ranked No. 11 on one person's pre-season list:
        \_ so what?
           \_ i'm sorry. linux rules! windoze sucks! better?
              \_ no I just don't see why anyone cares about college sports.
                 \_ I just don't see why anyone gives a shit what you care
                    about. I don't understand your obsession with gay sex,
                    but I don't whine about it.
                    \_ yeah whatever.  so like I said at the top, "so what?"
                       why does anyone (other than the troll) care about this
                       \_ cause I enjoy playing and watching basketball,
                          and also rooting for cal while having some good
                          food is a great way to have fun and also build
                          comraderie with my cal buddies.  - yap
                          \_ thanks.  that's the first/only real answer I've
                             *ever* seen to that question.
        \_ you didn't really come for the sports did you?
           \_ I didn't even know that "Cal" was U.C. Berkeley before I
              came, and sports weren't a factor in that decision, but
              that doesn't mean we have to accept mediocrity (or worse). --!op
              \_ you could pay for better HS kids in the sports program but
                 wouldn't it be better if that money was instead spent on
                 academic scholarships for the smart but poor kids from the
                 same ghetto schools?  wouldn't it be better if a kid thought
                 that getting an education was the best way out instead of
                 playing a game?  and what happens to the 99% of kids who
                 aren't good enough to get that college sports scholarship?
                 yep, that's right, they're fucked and the cycle repeats.
                 \_ "That money" is money coming from a sports supporter;
                    there's no reason to believe that, absent a sports
                    program, they'd still be donating money to Cal.
                    \_ And the seats and profs and admin and everything else
                       required by athletic scholarships is 100% supported by
                       outside money?
                       \_ Yes. Sports programs tend to make money for the
                          school, not cost money.
                          \_ So you honestly believe that having the sports
                             program creates more seats for non-athletes than
                             if there wasn't a sport program?  Having 1000+
                             'students' on athletic scholarships creates more
                             than 1000 seats for non-athletes?  They pay for
                             the insurance, the people who clean the stadiums,
                             the cops for the events, lost space on campus, and
                             everything else involved in keeping the program
                             running?  It's completely self sufficient?  I
                             very seriously doubt that.  yap said it's about
                             comraderie and fun and such.  That's a fine
                             reason, let's not pretend it is self sufficient or
                             even a money maker over-all.
                             \_ Read the URL below.
                \_ no they do not "tend" to make money at all, they may
                   make a little, but the school ends up buying bigger
                   and more expensive facilities and hire more staff
                   and throw more money at their sports programs,
                   which if you look at the total financial picture taken
                   in groups of a few years, instead of your immediate balance
                   sheet, the school loses vasts amounts of money they
                   should have spent on College Board bribes.
                   \_ I'm sorry, but the sports programs are self-supporting.
                      Gate receipts, ticket revenues, and revenue sharing
                      (plus boosters) ensure the school doesn't pay a dime.
                      Many schools make money this way. Football is
                      especially profitable. The small sports do cost money.
2004/2/22-23 [Recreation/Activities] UID:12353 Activity:nil
2/22    I'd like to go backpacking in the Yosemite wilderness in June.
        Looking for a good 4-5 day hike that preferably loops back to
        the starting location.  Recommendations?  tia. --sky
        \_ maybe you can talk to people at REI?
           \- how tough of a hike are you looking for and what are your
              priorities? [avoiding people, seeing the classic views etc].
              for classic hike so at hikes out of little ymte valley [tough
              to get permits]. fewer people in hetch-hetchy, and hikes out
              or Toulemne Medows. the mosquito sitution in jun may be pretty
              bad in some higher parts. you will need anti-bear technology--psb
              \_ I haven't backpacked since cubscouts, but my gf and I
                 aren't in horrible shape, so I'd say a medium difficulty
                 hike.  Avoiding people is prolly #1 priority, as well as
                 actually being able to obtain a permit.  thx.  --sky
                 \- getting a first come first serve permit depends a lot
                    on what day you get there. if midweek, not a problem.
                    otherwise you might need to stay outside the park and
                    then drive to the park at liek 7am and get a backcountry
                    permit for whatever area is avail. rather than loop,
                    you might want to consider the hub-spoke model [hike in
                    and then do some day hikes from base camp] ... like say
                    out of the voglesang area. you may wish to GOOGLE or
                    AMAZONG for "Yosemite Jeffrey Schaffer". toughness not
                    just about what you *can* do but what you *want* to do ...
                    i.e. walk 6+ hrs a day. --psb
                    \_ thanks partha.  --sky
2004/1/18-20 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11822 Activity:high
1/17    What's the difference between nylon and polyester?
        Especially for waterproof (with GoreTex) parkas. thanks.
        \_ The folks at REI are really good at explaining what all the things
           are for and why.
           \-if you are looking for water resistence, polyester should
                be better. nylon material will retain more water. they may
                feel (weave, fiber quality) and wear (p stretchs more than
                n) a little different. a very large percentage of REI people
                could probably explain how to make a bong better than explain
                technical aspects of outdoor gear. these are sort of broad
                terms. e.g. not all wool is alike. --psb
                \_ Thanks. -op
                \_ I'm sure they can do both.  Unlike you I've actually been
                   there and asked them similar questions and got more info
                   than I could possibly need and without your snooty holier-
                   than-thou bullshit (and more informative than you, too)
                   \_ And, amazingly, you seem to be able to format posts
                      correctly also.
                      \_ And not at all amazingly you have added nothing to
                         this thread.  tom?
                      \- can some neutral 3rd party volunteer to ask a
                         "random" REI employee this question? to be fair,
                         they do ok on some questions ... like fitting bpacks,
                         the bike geeks and climbing geeks might know their
                         stuff about some gear but on techical stuff, say like
                         this one, or some techical question on GPS [like on
                         SA or WAAS] or on water filters, camping stoves, they
                         dont tend to do well. here is another question: ask
                         someone at the 'biner sales desk "what is a newton?"
                         the avg quality of the staff even goes down more when
                         they hire "transient staff" for sales and xmas season.
                         i do think the REI "fact sheets" on stuff like
                         "how to buy a sleeping bag" with the table of
                         comparison data are valuable if you know what specs
                         you are looking for and are trying to narrow the
                         choce of models. --psb
                        \_ I've found pretty extreme variability in REI
                           employees.  Some of them really know thier stuff,
                           while others have to consult those little REI fliers
                           to answer any questions.  Regarding the original
                           question, I believe that GoreTex is waterproof
                           independent of the shell that it's laminated to.
                                -- mikeym
2004/1/17 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating] UID:11816 Activity:nil
1/16    "FIFA president calls for sexier women's uniforms"
        How much more politically incorrect can one get?  As much as I love to
        see the change he proposes, I don't think it's the right thing to do.
        If I want to see nice thighs, I go watch women's vollyball.  If I want
        to see even more, I go watch women's beach vollyball.
        \_ What you people seem to like to forget is that professional
           sports exist to sell products.  It's not about athleticism, it's
           not about providing some positive example to get kids into sports,
           it's about MAKING MONEY.  That's it.   This isn't some kids'
           soccer league.  If you guys want to get pissed about something,
           get pissed that public monies go to support stadiums for these
           assholes, not about the details of how they run their business.
        \_ Why is it ok that those sports have women bouncing and jouncing
           around?  How much more politically incorrect can you get?  Either
           the women in all these sports should run around half naked and
           bouncing or they should wear professional non-skimpy sports
           quality uniforms.  You're a hypocrite.
           \_ Yes I'm a hypocrite.  As much as I love to watch those, they are
              not okay either.
        \_ Why does this quote amuse me so much:
                FIFA spokesman Andreas Herren said Friday that Blatter
                never mentioned the word ``hot pants.''
           \_ Because you're childish and immature?
2004/1/9-10 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11726 Activity:moderate
1/8     Having living in the BA most of my life and never travel to
        cold places, I need some advice on what kind of clothing I
        need to buy if I plan to travel to Quebec this month?
        \_ I bought a thermal long-sleeved t-shirt.  I've also had some
           silk longjohns which work wonders.  -John
        \_ good jacket, gloves, thing to cover your head, thermal underwear,
           snow boots
           \-TNF Baltoro Jacket: To Everest and back ...
           \_ Any recommendations on particular brands and where to get
                \_ Dupont Thermax Thermal is incredible. A tiny light piece
                   of top+bottom underwear offers the same warmth as a thick
                   jacket. They're not cheap, but totally worth it. If you
                   want a super warm thermal, get Patagonia R.5. $75 a piece.
              \_ not really.  What about REI/Walmart/Target/Sportsmart/North
        \_ why do you think Quebec is worth a trip?
              \_ Uh, no.  It's the Carnival:
        \_ NorthFace goretex and a windproof liner. They make the liners
           with differing warmths, so you can zip in a liner for the
           appropriate weather. Without the liner, you can still use the
           jacket for wet weather (like nowadays). When it snows, the snow
           won't accumulate on your jacket which is kinda nice. And with
           global warming, you might have rain or sleet in Canada. You can
           can combine goretext pants with your jacket and use it for
           skiing...very versatile.
           \- you know i like the jacket/layering too, but if it is ass
              cold, there is nothing like a fleece and thick down jacket.
              these walking sleeping bag jackets arent as functional,
              waterproof etc, but they warm up a hell of a lot faster than
              other things. --psb
              \_ The motd purveyor of outdoor gear knowledge for geeks who will
                 mostly use their stuff in town speaks a little sense! Exactly!
                 The same gear somebody wore on an Everest ascent or for six
                 days in the Sierra backwoods is not necessarily the best
                 choice for walking from your front door out to your car in
                 Milwaukee or, for that matter, Manhattan. Your best bet is to
                 ask somebody local to that area, maybe? One of your future
                 coworkers/neighbors perhaps?
        \_ One thing that I would highly suggest is a good pair of
           waterproof shoes or boots.  If there's snow on the ground, you'd
           be pretty miserable with damp or wet feet.  I also got some nice
           thick socks (I got Thorlos, but you don't have to spend that
           much money) that I used while I was in Beijing last year. -chaos
           \_ Seconded.  I grew up on the East Coast, and the only thing that
              really makes life bearable in winter is warm, dry toes. (Well,
              sure, a good sweater, a thick jacket, warm gloves, and a warm
              beanie also contribute, but don't skimp on the boots!)
           \_ Thirded. I love my Vasque boots (lined with goretex). Keeps
              my feet dry, but not sweaty. Good in the bay area, or out
              east during winter. Plus, they last forever - 21 mos and
              counting. About $200 @ REI.
              \_ Do you hike in the bay area with them?  Aren't they too
                 \_ Yes, I hike, walk around town, etc. They are actually
                    a little smaller than my original vasque boots (these
                    are the leather chestnut brown version). Once you
                    brush the dust off and reshine them, I've even used
                    them for some casual job interviews.
           \_ 4th'ed. i also lived exclusively in NoCal,SoCal&LoCal before
           appropriate weather.
              heading out to Minnesota. the locals in Minnesota suggested
              Soreal boots to keep the toes warm&dry when the temperature
              goes below 0F (or ice-fishing on a frozen lake.)
        \_ don't forget about something warm for your head, and maybe
           something for your ears, or a scarf if that's your style.
2004/1/6 [Recreation/Activities, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11674 Activity:nil
1/5     Is it legal to put a laser guide on your putter? -new rich golf player
        \_ golf isn't pointless enough without cheating?
        \_ Not sure.  Is it legal to beat you over the head with it?
           \_ hmmm. time to go watch "falling down" again.
        \_ no it isn't
        \_ If you're so rich, why not buy the CSUA 3 21" LCD monitors for
                \_ because politburo is full of assholes and you guys
                   squished me so I have no sympathy for you poor ars
                   students. Oh and thanks for the entertainment on motd  -op
2003/12/31-2004/1/2 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11635 Activity:nil
12/30   Does anyone know if Bear Mountain has a ski class?
        \_ don't all ski resorts have ski classes?
        \_ I'm bored this New Year so I googled for you:
           \_ Pretty much. ObGoogle.
2003/12/30-31 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11616 Activity:nil
12/30   Going to SoCal to snowboard/ski, what are your recommendations?
        Snow Summit:
                \_ it got crowded
                \_ the green run is really blue, you will die
        Big Bear:
                \_ is this for advanced only?
        Mt. Baldy:
        Mt. High:
        Others? Thanks.
                \_ Are you willing to drive 300 miles?  How about Mammoth
                   Mountain?  Big mountain, good snow, long runs, less crowd.
2003/12/12-13 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11437 Activity:nil
12/12   Are cross country ski boots the same as downhill ski boots?
        \_ No.
           \_ Which kind do you get when you go rent a pair at, say, Heavenly?
                \_ depends on what you want to do. if you want x-country skiing
                   you get x-country boots. if you want to go downhill skiing
                   you get downhill ski boots. most likely, you're thinking
                   of downhill ski boots...they're big, heavy, hard-shelled,
                   and have several straps.
                   \_ and then there's the telemarkers or whatever
2003/12/11 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11406 Activity:nil
12/10   REI sells warm base-layers/thermals for $65. What are other brands
        that are cheaper but just as effective? Thanks.
        \- you can search the walls logs for my comments on thermals.
           for heavy "expedition wt" i think it matters less, but for mid
           wt thermals, i'd recommend patagonia, although i am not sure
           they make thermals with zippers. i usually take one withs a
           zipper [moonstone] and one without. the patagonias are a bit
           pricey and i've never seen them significantly discounted.
           i dont recommend TNF thermals but you can get those cheep at
           the outlet. --psb
2003/11/22 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11180 Activity:nil
11/21   zsh users: any way to _really_ put a process in the background?
        i.e.  let me exit my shell and keep my background processes running
        I get "zsh: you have running jobs." and am returned to the zsh prompt.
        \_ learn to stfm. from the zsh manual:
           "If a job is started with `&|' or `&!', then that job is immediately
           disowned.  After startup, it does not have a place in the job table,
           and is not subject to the job control features described here."
           you can also use the disown builtin.
           \_ What's stfm, a combination of rtfm and sftw?
              or does it mean "search the motd"?
              \_ yeah, i mean "search the fucking manual." zsh has a fairly
                 complete manual in info format, so using C-s to do incremental
                 search works nicely.
                 \_ thanks..
        \_ try "man screen"
2003/11/10 [Recreation/Activities, Health/Men, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:11011 Activity:nil
11/10   Dennis Kucinich.  Why is he running for president?  I would think that
        by now people will realize that short men do not get become presidents.
        Michael Dukakis, Paul Tsongas, etc.
        \_ I thought Bush was short.
        \_ neither do motd twits who can use English properly.
2003/11/10 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11002 Activity:nil
11/8    Does Einstein care about sports? How about Richard Stallman? Or
        K&R? Or Feynman? Or Knuth? I theorize that brilliant minds in general
        don't give a damn about sports and hence people who are fanatic about
        sports are not brilliant.
        \_ I theorize that anyone who wastes time logging into soda
           and posting to the motd is not brilliant.  seriously.
           including me.
           \_ yeah all hobbies, especially social hobbies are bad.  we should
              all spend 100% of our 23 waking hours each day advancing the
              arts and sciences.  you're right about one thing, though: you're
              not brilliant but not because you login to soda.
        \_ personally, i have no problems with sports in general, but think
           professional sports are the worst kind of wellfare for the
           rich.  I'm sick of hearing the absurd lie that spending 100 million
           dollars of public money on a stadium will help a downtown in
           some way.  I think it is fitting that one of the "jobs" our
           corporate whore president had before taking office was owning
           a team.
           \_ "wellfare".  It isn't about jobs, it's about circuses.  Just like
              at school, if "the team" is doing well, few alumni question what
              else is going on.
        \_ Do you have any biographical sources, or are you just projecting?
        \_ brilliant minds also don't waste time with aphorisms on the motd,
        \_ I doubt they got much sex either.
           \_ Heh.  Feynman was the player of science.  He got plenty.
              Intelligence is sexy, in case you haven't noticed.
        \_ Einstein doesn't care about anything.  He's dead.  So is RMS, but
           that's another story.  I suspect Albert is less smelly than Richard.
        \_ Ilya, is that you?
           \_ Like I d put RMS in the same list as the others.  Heh. -- ilyas
        \_ I read that Stephen Jay Gould was a big Yankees fan.  Trying
           to find reasons to think people are not brilliant is an odd
           pasttime anyway.  Did a jock pick on you or something?
                \_ yes, I hate jocks
        \_ Chang-Lin Tien loved basketball and ice hockey.
           \_ GO BEAR!  And he's dead now so see what that gets you?
        \_ Hawking is a big Trek fan. Does that mean we all should be?
                            \_ And Simpsons.
           \_ Hawking is also a scumbag who treated his wife as less than human
              while she stood by him before and during his deterioration.
              while she stoof by him before and during his deterioration.
              Being smart, or athletic or handsome or a cripple or whatever
              external characteristics don't make someone a worthwhile person.
2003/10/27 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Travel] UID:10814 Activity:nil
10/27   Anybody been to New Zealand?  From the various web sites it looks
        like a beautiful country.  I thought that it was mostly desert like
        Australia. But it has beautiful mountains and snow.  Not something
        I expect from an island in the pacific.  I'm looking for a vacation
        spot with my wife.  Thanks.
        \_ All of Middle Earth was filmed in New Zealand.
        \_ Yeah get with the times. NZ is the latest faddy trendy spot. All
           the cool people have been going there lately.
                \_ why don't you go to Algeria.  totally not trendy
        \_ Sure.  why not.  go.
        \_ I'd recommend the South Island, which is much less populated and is
           where most of the LoTR was shot.  Its getting into summer there
           right now, so the snow won't be around and the ticket prices will
           be at their peak ($1200 for coach, usually).  The North Island has
           Auckland, which I wasn't all that fond of...but it does have lots
           of rain forest and some of the most beautiful beaches you'll see
           outside of Hawaii.
        \_ New Zealand was great, I also reccomend south island.
        \_ Can I find any hobbitses there?
2003/10/17-18 [Recreation/Activities] UID:10680 Activity:kinda low
10/17   What's up with all the Asians and non-white golf players playing
        and winning LPGA and PGA tours? Whatever happened to the good 'ol
        all white domination?
        \_ Motd poll: This post is:
                a)  lamest troll ever:  .
                b)  a run-of-the-mill-troll: ..
                    \_ like golf isn't boring enough without golf trolls.
                       \_ surely you've never played
                c)  the product of a sick racist bigot:
                        \_ Berkeley does not have a single racist bigot.
                           It is simply unheard of. Therefore this category
                           is a troll bait.
                \_ d) regurtitating days old news
2003/10/16 [Recreation/Activities] UID:10655 Activity:nil
        Feeding tube removed from comatose woman at center of
        long-running legal battle
        \_ These are always tough fights and really punishing on everyone in
           the family but the courts almost always decide in favor of death.
           Whether this is a good or bad thing is entirely subjective.  I'm
           not sure what I'd want done for/to me if I was in that situation.
           I'm sure as hell not in a position to say so for anyone else.
2003/9/23-24 [Recreation/Activities] UID:10294 Activity:kinda low
9/23    I have a lot of problems with my chip shot. 1/3 of the time they fly
        ok, but 1/3 never goes up in the air and the other 1/3 just dig into
        the dirt and the ball moves a few inches forward. What am I doing
AAAA    wrong?
        \_ You will get a lower score after I shove your golf club
           up your ass you rich water wasting yuppie fuck
           \_ Better we should put a slum there instead.
           \_ Maybe he golfs in Washington State or Oregon.
        \_ assuming you're using the right club, you're just not swinging
           right. if it's never going in the air, you're hitting it
           too thin, if you dig into the dirt, you're hitting it fat.
           just hit it on the sweet spot of the club. and don't try
           the lift the ball, the club will do that for you.
        \_ you can practice your chip shots anywhere.  i did, in my
           apartment.  oh, and i fucked up the rug.  oh well, my chipping's
           better now.
           \_ fuck the rug.  this is golf.  get priorities!
2003/9/15-16 [Recreation/Activities] UID:10200 Activity:nil
9/15    I moved to LA and bought a really bug house with a big backyard.
        I'm thinking about putting a 2 PAR 1 hole golf course (one that
        requires a pitching wedge to get to the green) and I'm wondering
        what kind of grass I should get, and if there is a special lawn
        mower that would mow the green really close to the ground? ok thx
        \_ how about a St Andrew's style course.
        \_ first, get rid of the bugs
        \_ The grass you need is bermuda for the green in LA. (Colder
           places use different varieties like bentgrass.) You really should
           buy a greens mower, but a good reel mower with lots of blades will
           work, too. I don't have a golf course, but my backyard has a
           "golf course appearance" and this is what I did. I bought my
           sod at . --dim
        \_ Humbolt county...
        \_ there's no such thing as a 2 par golf hole
           \_ that's not what butch said about you last night...
           \_ Pitch and putt.
2003/8/27-28 [Recreation/Activities, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:29487 Activity:low
8/27    in osx my finder doesn't get a little triangle in the dock and I
        can't tab to it and when i right click in the dock it says finder is
        not running.  If I kill the old running it relaunches
        the finder and the new one is found in the dock.  Does anyone have
        an idea what is going on?
        \_ obUseRealOS.  obGUIsNotForRealMen.  obReboot.
        \_ Finder is treated as a special "Application," so it is not supposed
           to be on the dock.  If you mess around enough, you can of course
           defeat that rule.  Is that what you want to know?
           \_ no finder is ALWAYS on the dock and I can't remove it.
              But having the finder not alt-tabable usless on the dock kinda
              sucks.  This happens every time I log on too.  As I said,
              restarting the finder by killing it makes it work fine.
              \_ Call Apple.
2003/8/6 [Recreation/Activities] UID:29252 Activity:high
8/5     I've noticed that there's been a lot of TV/magazine/radio coverage
        on golf lately. Is this because of Tiger Woods?
        \_ Yes.  People love watching an Asian guy play golf.
           \_ This is inspired.
              \_ Truly.
2003/5/9-10 [Recreation/Activities, Health/Women] UID:28393 Activity:high
5/9  (
        "He broke two bones in his [own] wrist and then used the dull blade
         of his multi-tool pocket knife to saw through his flesh."
         \_ this is cobwebs-on-it old
            \_ 11am EDT this morning too old for you? that's when the article
               was posted... and the incident happened Thursday May 1. dude,
               you're so on the bleeding edge.
                              \_ kinda like half of this guy's arm
         \_ solo hiking/climbing is crazy.
            \_ yeah.  And ultimately he didn't have to amputate since he
               was found by rescuers a few hours later.
               \_ He hiked a few miles and was found by a random couple
                  hiking the trail.  Yet another registrant for the
                  motd reading comprehension course.
                  \_ ok, if by "random couple" you mean search helicopter.
                  \_ Don't forget he rapelled (sp?) 50ft or so
                     down the cliff before he hiked 6 miles.
               \_ Wrong, he never would have been spotted. He amputated and
                  then hiked to someplace where people were more likely to
                  find him.
                  \_ ... which is, in and of itself, absolutely bloody
                     amazing.  How the hell did he remain conscious?
                     \_ bloody is right.
                     \_ tourniquet to slow bleeding and avoid hypovolemic shock.
                        a tourniquet is almost always a last resort method of
                        controlling blood loss, but amputation counts as last
                        resort. --Jon
2003/2/7 [Recreation/Activities] UID:27333 Activity:moderate
2/6     Serena Williams in game (
        Don't you love tennis? ;-)
        \_ makes me wish I was a sports photographer (and thank you for
           \_ Sheesh, guys, GROW UP.
              \_ She's fine.  Saying so makes one immature?  Your cloistered,
                 overly dignified little world sucks, man.  I'm glad I don't
                 live there.
2002/11/25 [Recreation/Activities] UID:26627 Activity:insanely high
11/25   Nerds getting excited about Cal football:  My new theory is that the
        school spirit thing makes nerds feel like they're a part of something
        for the first time in their lives even though everyone involved in the
        game they obsess over couldn't care less if all the nerds live or die.
        My other theory is that it's some sort of homoerotic submissive thing
        for the weakling and mostly white&asian nerds to worship the very big
        and mostly black players but that seems too controversial a topic for
        the motd to discuss seriously without screaming racism or simply
        censoring the whole topic without a single thought, especially if
        there's a grain of truth to it.
        \_ Why is this something that needs a long, convoluted theory to
           explain?  Perhaps the reason that you're getting so worked up over
           this has more to do with your own issues than with the people that
           enjoy spectating.
           \_ No, it's purely academic.  I don't have any issues.  I don't care
              what other people do with their own time in that sense.  I simply
              find it bizarre and seek an explanation.  I find it interesting
              how incredibly defensive so many have been and who try to go off
              topic with various personal insults against me without making the
              slightest attempt to engage in real discussion.  If it isn't at
              all important to you then I suggest just ignoring it.  -OP
              \_ Perhaps people are reacting defensively and flaming you
                 with OT crap as a result of your insulting presentaion of
                 your 'academic' interest.  Try a less accusative method of
                 discussion if you really want intellectual debate.
        \_ back to your favorite Counterstrike server where
           you came from!
           \_ OT, ignored.  -OP
              \_ right.  since you're ignoring his post, you had to tell him
                  that so he'd KNOW that you're ignoring it and didn't read it.
        \_ There's nothing here I would argue with.
        \_ And this differs from any other sports team how?
           \_ it differs from a cross country team in that they
              are largely nerds.
           \_ Because it appears to me that only the football team at Cal has
              this sort of fanatic nerd following.  -OP
              \_ How about the football and basketball teams at 'Furd?
                 Or sports fans in general of any major sport?
        \_ we're sorry. we'll resume back to getting excited about
           perl and open source, you fucked up sports fan wannabe.
           \_ OT, ignored.  -OP
        \_ If you want to know more about this whole sports subculture, I
           strongly recommend, "Influence: the psychology of persuasion"
           by professor Cialdini.  He did extensive studies of college
           sports fans.  The results will suprise you.  Basically the lower
           the self-esteem and sense of achievement a person has, the more
           likely that person would be a big sports fan.  It has to do with
           identifying oneself with a team and experiencing a sense of
           accomplishment through the team. A must read if you like
           psychology and self-improvement books.
           \_ Thanks.  I'll check it out.  Did you read it?  Do his methods
              seem valid? -OP
        \_ Obvious someone who's a little insecure about other people having
           a good time. It's okay guy, someday you might be happy too.
           \_ Wrong but a good guess after getting a C+ in Psych 1. -OP
        \_ How is it different from any other spectator sports, or even any
           other sports that the viewer doesn't participate like the Olympics?
           \_ There's nothing homoerotic about looking up Kristi Yamaguchi's
              \_ I still remember her "Got milk?" ad.  (And you think that was
        \_ How are "nerds" different from any other sports fan in this way?
           \_ Because as a nerd you're the a member of one of the few sub
              cultures in their fan base that they'd squish out of existence
              if they could, whereas the typical Joe 6 Pack isn't. -OP
              \_ That's true. I would. -- Kyle Boller
              \_ I think you have been watching too much "Revenge of the Nerds"
                 Most of the jocks I have known could care less about nerds.
        \_ During the maturation process, most human beings learn to
           identify and care about things larger and greater than their
           personal, individual self. Identifying with a sports team,
           either as a proxy for something else (in this case the
           University) or even for it's own sake, is generally a healthy
           progression on the path to beoming a full member of society,
           capable of forming psychological bonds with other adults,
           being able to form families, joining and advancing group
           goals, and taking on the rights and responsibilities of
           citizenship. Some nerds are capable of moving on this
           progression towards community responsibility. Most are not,
           hence the popularity of extreme indviduliast philosophies
           such as libertarianism and other kooky forms of self
           adoration amongst computer geeks.
2002/11/11 [Recreation/Activities] UID:26504 Activity:very high
11/10   I'm looking for good, comfortable, insulated, waterproof hiking-style
        boots, though they will just be walking-around boots until surgery.
        Arch support is a must. Not having any luck, but I haven't lived
        in snow for a long time. Reccomendations? -chialea
        \_ I'm not sure if they sell insulated boots, but Vasque boots
           are very comfortable, but also pricey. Get the Gore-tex lined
           ones for those slushy days.
           \_ i'll second that.  vasque boots are great.  get nylon/split
              uppers for fast break-in.  vasque are sized wider than
              some other brands, at least for men.
              \_ hmm. wider is not good. -chialea
              \_ hmm. wider is not good, but looking around reveals
                 some VFS thing that works with the arctics. thanks.
        \- do you wants boots for hiking or something else? explain
           what you want to do with them. otherwise impossible to make
           recommendations. also nobody can recommend a model only
           "design criteria". boots are one of the hardest pieces of
           gear to buy and one piece of gear worth spending $ on. --psb
          \_ I have the inconvenience of living somewhere where it snows,
             but from what I hear it melts a lot as well, or at least
             slushes. I'd like to walk around, stand around waiting for
             the bus, and after some surgery and physical therepy, stick
             some snowshoes on em and go walk around, as well as some
             light hiking in the snow. -chialea
             \_ more specifically, I don't think I'll be doing multi-day
                until I have a good bit of physical therepy and my damn
                hip actually works. -chialea
        \_ spray some water proofing on a pair of slippers and slide in some
        \_ I'm still waiting for someone to say something sexist and not
           realize it. oh wait, I guess that's me.
2002/10/15 [Recreation/Activities] UID:26183 Activity:very high
10/14   Anyone have any recommendations on places to ski/snowboard at
        in the Swiss/Italian alps? (why was this deleted?)
                                    \_ because there are a few fucknuts
                                       around here that don't want to use
                                       \_ Blow us.  motdedit is lame.
        \_ _I_ deleted it because you blew away my well thought out and useful
           comments with this crap about snow in the alps.  Duh, it's the
           alps.  The snowy skiing part is at the top.  Go there.
           \_ I didn't delete anything. Repost please.
              \_ You thin appeared, all my things disappeared.  No Sherlocking.
        \_ (useless nastygrams deleted)
        \_ Yes.  Flims/Laax in Switzerland is snowboard paradise.  Arosa
           and Zermatt are excellent as well.  Wallis area (north slope of
           the east-west valley) is pretty touristy, but slopes are very
           steep.  What's your budget?  Timeframe?  Transportation?  Have
           a look at (set your country of
           origin for different languages) for booking info, snow reports,
           piste cams, whatever.  Or drop me a mail for more info.  If I know
           far enough in advance, I'll be glad to show anybody visiting some
           good slopes.  -John
           \_ What do you do over in Zurich? I once heard something about you
              working on tanks. But you seem to answer a lot of sysadmin
              type questions.
                \_ IT security contract work, but I work pretty broadly--
                   as long as it's somehow network or security-related.
2002/6/26-27 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Sports] UID:25206 Activity:very high
6/26    NCAA puts Cal football on five years probation for academic fraud.
        \_ Not only did Tom Holmoe make us arguably the worst
           division 1A football program in the nation for such
           a large public university, he was cheating to get us
           there.  Just great.
        \_ As if the one year ban from postseason actually hurts Cal. It's
           like banning the Cubs from the World Series.
           \_ hey, the Cubs almost made it to the World Series.
              \_ yeah, just one time, back in '89 until the Giants laid the
                 smackdown in NLCS.
              \_ The cubs have made it to the world series before (I think
                 it was 1930 or so)
        \_ Cal should disband it's athletics program and not stoop down to
           schools that also accept dolts with 400 SAT scores. They are the
           reason classes like physics for poets exist.
                              \_ Cal should stop accepting students who don't
                                 know the difference between "its" and "it's".
                                 \_ D00D U R 50 R1GH7!
                \_ too bad you don't realize that 1)universities make lots of
                   money thru athletic programs and 2) good athletics brings
                   prestige to universities and 3) a university full of
                   gEECS would be more boring than you can imagine.
                   \_ I have read a couple of studies where economists have
                      figured out that at a large university, pouring
                      money into a sports program ends up merely contributing
                      to a vicious spiral of more alumni donations that
                      go to more sports construction that leads to seeking
                      more alumni donations, so if the goal of your
                      institution is to have a giant money sucking
                      sports program, that's great, but if you instead
                      want to teach students or conduct research, it's
                      not worth it.  But hey FUCKING WIN THE BIG GAME ALREADY.
                   \_ yeah, just look at CalTech
                   \_ boring?  As if you interact with those animals at all
                      anyway.  Fortunately for you sports loving geeks, those
                      sub-human rapist freaks only go to the same school as
                      you in name only.
                      \_ It's about being able to go to games, not hanging
                         out with them.
                         \_ Buy season tickets to a local professional team.
                            You'll see better sports from better athletes and
                           a Fields medal is, except for about 1000 people or so.
                           millions, literally, know about sports.
                            will have that many fewer rapist animals on or near
                            the same campus you're trying to get an education
                            \_ more... or less?  I think you mean more
                               \_ I mean less.  If Cal does away with the
                                  idiotic 400 SAT scoring sub-humans on the
                                  sports side of things, there will be fewer
                                  rapists on/near campus.  I mean "less".
                             \_ I wasn't aware the football team was
                                full of date rapers, I thought that was
                                the rugby team?
                                \_ Who said "date rapers"?  I said "rapers".
                             \_ when was the last time a cal football
                                team member raped someone?  don't get
                                confused with the Oakland Raiders.
                   \_ Too bad you don't realize that 1) if money is the focus
                      of your life, then will be screwed  2) the prestiege
                      Cal could garner other than "our recruiting department
                      beat your recruiting department" is nil  3) who said
                      jettisoning the jocks means ONLY more gEECS
                   \_ 1) Cal makes more money via donations from Eng. alum
                         and the companies they work for and own than from
                         the sports program.
                      2) Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals bring prestige to
                         universities. A million superbowl rings can't even
                         begin to compare to a Nobel Prize or a Fields Medal.
                        \_ true, for the most part. but I guarantee you that
                           10 years of consecutive national wins in a major
                           sport (football or basketball) will earn as much
                           attention and, in turn, respect as will a Nobel
                           or Fields medal. hell, people don't even know what
                           a Fields medal is, except for about 1000 people or
                           so. millions, literally, know about sports.
                           \_ It's the wrong kind of attention.  Would you
                              rather be trying to form a career with a Cal
                              degree on your resume or a school with a great
                              football team and third world academics?  Yep....
                           \_ Right, that why schools like Nebraska, Miami, and
                              Florida St. are so prestigious.
2002/4/10-11 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Media] UID:24406 Activity:high
4/10    A few weeks ago on ABC there was a snow white TV movie.  What was
        the name of the Asian woman who played snow white?  I think she
        was asian.  Long beautiful black hair.  Thanks.
        \_ Try ABC's website.
        \_ I looked at ABC's website and found it in like oh 2.5 seconds.
        \_ "She's white until proven Asian." is the best line from this page
           about her:
           \_ Too bad she's only half Asian.
             \_ Um, what is that supposed to mean?
                \_ I think he really meant to say, "Too bad she's only half
                   \_ No, I meant what I said.  If she's 100% Asian it'll be
                      more exotic, IMO.
                      \_ you have FOB diction; hence this is a troll.  -pld
                      \_ How many billions of Asians are on the planet?  How
                         is it that asian==exotic?  If she was Incan, that
                         would be exotic.  Asian!=exotic.
                         \_ Asians in Asia and Whites in US are not exotic, but
                            Asians in US are a bit exotic and Whites in Asia
                            are exotic.
                            \_ Asians in the bay area are not even close to
                               exotic.  You looked around lately?
                               \_ The guy just has an Asian fetish, nothing
                                  \_ Yeah I guess I have an Asian fetish.  BTW
                                     I'm Asian.
                                     \_ Yeah, we believe you.
                                     \_ Oh great, so now you are saying
                                        you are exotic yourself?
                                        Great, just great...we have a
                                        fetish guy and a narcissist.
                                  \_ Its called "yellow fever".
                      \_ That's what I wanted to know. Ugh. Have fun kids. Wipe
                         up when you're done.
                      \_ Wow.  I can't express how lame this is. -geordan
                         \_ Come on, Geordan.  How long have you been here?
        \_ Kristin Kreuk of Smallville fame.
        \_ She's smofucking hot! --!asianfetishboy
2002/4/3 [Recreation/Activities] UID:24298 Activity:nil
2/02    Where is a cheap place to rent a snow-board?
        \_ Get a tahoe card ($25); gives you 2 days of rentals from Any
           Mountain.  If you need it sooner, Any Mtn is decent.
            \_ unfortunately, i do need it sooner, and Any Mtn is $40!
               (i used to rent a ski package for $11)
2002/3/11 [Recreation/Activities] UID:24072 Activity:high
3/9     Oregon seeded 2 and Arizona 3. Goes to show that RPI isn't looked into
        as much as Top 25 Rankings.
        \_ Oregon won the PaolO, and kicked Arizona's ass twice.  For winning
        the tourney, UA got put in the west.
           \_ You are supporting my point. But UA has an RPI of 6, vs
              Oregon's 34. But Top25 ranking and other factors were greater
              factors than the RPI.
        \_ yermom got seeded last night too
        \_ Explain Gonzaga then.
           \_ Or Mississippi State.  RPI is only one of dozens of factors.
              AP rankings are not one of the factors.  -tom
        \_ This is not a troll, I'm serious.  Can someone please explain this
           obsession with sports stats, rankings, etc?  When I see stuff like
           this I only think, "Huh? Who cares?"  -not a sports freak
           \_ So what are you obsessed with?  Movies?  TV?  Music?
              Masturbation?  There's nothing to explain.  -tom
              \_ Nothing.  I don't obsess over random statistics.  I don't
                 obsess over movie/tv people.  I don't own a zillion cd/dvd's.
                 I don't get off thinking about you.  I'm not obsessed with
                 anything.  I want to know why random sports statistics hold
                 any interest.  Why do you care?  Is it entertainment?  Is it
                 bragging rights at the end of the season that you were right
                 and someone else was wrong?  You just like the jersey colors?
                 There's a lot to explain even if you personally don't have the
                 \_ So what do you live for?  Like your family or something?
                    \_ Live for? lots of things including my family but I don't
                       obsess over my family or other things if that's what
                       you're getting at.
                       \_ All is empty.
2002/2/22 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Computer] UID:23951 Activity:very high
2/22    Michelle Kwan is a perfect example of an over-ambitious Asian who
        stopped skating for the sake of fun and just fell flat on her face.
        \_ You're over reaching on the troll-o-meter.  Anyway she didn't fall
           on her face.  She fell on her ass.  You must not have seen it.
        \_ What does being an Asian have anything to do with that?
          \_ obviously, you don't have Asian parents. They push you too hard
             and make you miserable unless you become a doctor (or get a gold
             metal in some cases)               -miserable asian kid
             \_ lol, you are miserable because you are weak, and can handle
                the challenge.  You have no will to excel.  So what she fell
                on her ass, but she earned the respect from many.  You know
                what she said at the end "I didn't give up".
                \_ Yes, and I think she contributed more to the sport
                   than say, Tara Lipinski, who won gold at a young
                   age, and immediately turned pro.
                   \_ Please tell us how she 'contributed to the sport'.  By
                      doing commercials for Chrystler?
                      \_ By setting a high standard for an extensive period?
                         Take her away from this year's competition and it
                         would be much more boring.  The sport would be
                         much more boring if all the competitors are
                         happy-go-lucky 16-year olds.
                         \_ Yesterday's news, pal.  The best got the medal.
                            \_ Don't feel obliged to continue arguing if you
                               have no point to make.
                               \_ You missed the point.  There's no argument.
                                  Bronze medal winners are yesterday's news.
                                  Gold medal winners are champions.  No one
                                  likes a loser.  Get used to seeing the new
                                  girl.  Bye Michelle, now go away, loser.
                                  \_ Really?  How about Anna Kournikova?
                                     \_ Duh.  Great tits and skirt.
                                        \_ Good.  Now you are getting brighter.
             \_ medal.  Train harder.
             \_ I think Michelle wanted to skate.  Her parents worked
                several jobs so she could train.  I believe her sister
                was her inspiration.
        \_ A whole bunch of skaters on the men's side fell, and most
           were not asian.  The Russian guy who won and his Russian
           rival also seem to care a lot about winning.  It's
           good if you are skating for fun cause it makes you
           relaxed, but if winning is important, as it is for many
           of the skaters, no point pretending that it isn't.
           \_ "most were not asian".  Meaning?  Asians are more talented?
        \_ Olympic skaters do not compete for fun.  I assure you that by the
           time someone becomes competitive at the National/International
           level, any sense of fun has been ground out of them and replaced
           with a desire to win at all costs.  Skaters have learned to put on
           a happy face, and make faux-sportsmanlike/inspirational statements
           like 'I tried my best, but xxxx really deserved the gold.' when on
           camera because they know that people will fawn over how gracious
           they are for doing it.  That, and sore loser skaters have a history
           of becoming total paraiahs for expressing their disappointment.
           If you have the chance, try catching a skater's off camera reaction
           in the locker room after a bad performance.  Reality and media
           images are very different.  And yes, skaters are pretty much
           universally like this, regardless of nationality or skin color.
2002/1/28 [Recreation/Activities, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:23693 Activity:insanely high
1/27    Broke my arm when I went skiing this weekend. Anyone used Dragon
        Speak or other software? I need to type for work and I'll be in a
        cast for a while. Thanks                -1 hand typist
           \_ More dvorak advocacy:  There is a 1 handed dvorak layout,
              works with either hand.  It was designed for people with
              disabilities, poor skiing skills specifically being one of
                \_ Do broken arms work with cable modem?
                   \_ No.  There's a "two hands only" policy for AT&T cable
                      users to prevent pr0n viewing.
                      \_ And there's a reason for that: you can't touch both
                         the mouse and johnny with only one hand.
                         \_ Explanation redundant.  Are you stupid?
                \_ there's also a qwerty half-keyboard.
        \_ I broke my hand skiing, and I found that by the time I was off
           enough of the drugs that I could type coherently again, I'd
           gotten proficient enough with a normal qwerty that I was fine.
           then again, I have the problem regularly enough that I'm actually
           farily used to one-handed typing. -chialea
        |____ man I love these useless "format, install Linux" type of answers
2002/1/26-28 [Recreation/Activities] UID:23675 Activity:high
1/25    Olympics ban skate 'porn',,2-2002021423,00.html
        "Canadian Ann Shaw said: When partners are tossed around there will
        be instances when photographers get unfortunate shots."
        \_ every shot of an ice skating match is unfortunate.  -tom
           \_ There's more to life than "ride bike!" and "use linux!"
                \_ gee, I wouldn't have guessed.  -tom
                   \_ you didn't have to say that.
        \_ Could this have to do something with Winter games being held in Utah?
           \_ No.
        \_ yay, it'll be a fun olympics. leave it to america again to
           hold a lame or screwed up olympic games.
           \_ 1984 Olympics were one of the best ever. Even without the
              Communists. --dim
                \_ OK, as of late then.
           \_ Hmmm... so some random beer swiller from over the border says
              you won't get peekaboo shots up the skater's skirts (which show
              nothing anyway) and that ruins the Olympics?  Go download some
              net porn and get over it.  Fucking geeks....
              \_ if it were anyone other a random beer swiller ...
              \_ that itself doesn't ruin it, rather americans imposing
                 all sorts of useless rules.
                 \_ Who said Americans imposed any of these rules?  It's an
                    International Committee that runs the Olympics.  Stupid.
                    When did you get your membership card to the Hate America
                    First Association?
                        \_ I just don't think it's a coincidence that
                           this rule was set up the year the olympics
                           are being held in america.
                           \_ So this is the Utah Olympics Puritan Conspiracy?
                              Have you posted to alt.conspiracy.olympics yet?
                              I'm sure they can't wait to hear about this and
                              all the other forms of brutal oppression you've
                              discovered perpetrated by the VRWC.  Truly, you
                              are a patriot and a protector of our freedoms
                              and all we cherish!  Let's ban Americans from
                              the Olympics.  Can't trust em to show all the
                              crotch shots we expect to see in figure skating.
        \_ "Nick Russell, director of the National Ice Skating Association,
           said...," call me a bitter dour naysayer, but I can't help but
           point out that there is no "National Ice Skating Association" in
           the U.S.  The governing body for figure skating in the U.S. is the
           USFSA, United States Figure Skating Association.  The governing
           body for the sport internationally is the ISU, International
           Skating Union.  NISA appears to be the governing body for the sport
           in Britain.  If the decision was made by anyone, it would probably
           be the ISU. -dans, who has good reason to know about this
2001/12/26-27 [Recreation/Activities] UID:23372 Activity:high
12/26   Anyone know of any Sierra ski resorts that offer areas for kids just
        to play in the snow (ie, building snowmen, snowballs, etc)?
2001/10/30 [Recreation/Activities] UID:22863 Activity:nil
10/29   Another layoff question: My personal equipment powers a large
        part of our lab and test setup and several people are using
        my monitors, keyboards, etc. How should I handle transporting
        this stuff home without making it look like I'm a potential
        target? I've taken the important personal stuff home a few at
        a time in my backpack, but this stuff is too big to "sneek"
        \_ why are you worried?  If they can you, you just take your
           ball and go...
           \_ Rumor has it that you are escorted out without a chance
              to take more than your backpack. In the event that they
              can me, I don't want to let them have my stuff.
                \_ Yes.  but you have the right to come back in on another
                   day to get your personal belongings under supervision.
                   You just have to tell your superior or HR that you need
                   to come back.
                \_ They cannot just take your equipment.  They must purchase
                   it from you, and they can only do that if you choose to
                   sell it to them.  Otherwise, they are committing theft,
                   which carries both criminal and civil (i.e. you can sue for
                   damages) penalties.
2001/7/18-19 [Recreation/Activities] UID:21849 Activity:very high
        \_ self-commenting url restored. don't be an asshole.
        \_ sport shooter or sports hooter?
           \_ spurt shooter
        \_ They were on E! Wild On several weeks ago, in bikinis.
2001/7/6-7 [Recreation/Activities] UID:21728 Activity:low
7/6     Question about Maildir: Looking around on the net, the Maildir vs. mbox
        debate seems to be high on religious zealotry and low on actual
        content.  I'm wondering if anyone here has run up against limitations
        of Maildir, in particular, I'm curious there are problems running out
        of inodes when using it.  Suggestions and advice on the matter would
        be much appreciated.
        \_ I have used maildir with millions of files, but only when running
           VxFS as the underlying filesystem. -ausman
2001/5/14 [Recreation/Activities, Uncategorized/German] UID:21264 Activity:insanely high
5/13    --- Forwarded Message ---
        > From:
        > To:
        > Subject: new holiday
        > ---
        > Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to invent a new holiday to
        > keep our business up and running through the summer
        > months. Something warm and fuzzy, like "Love Day," only
        > not so lame.
        \_ what dumb sodan thinks quoting the simpsons over and over is funny?
           \_ D'oh!
              \_ A deer!
                 \_ A female deer!
                    \_ A female beer? Where?
                       \_ Schnell! ist es die Familie Von Trapp, abschafft sie!
           \_ Does it matter?  It's like reposting slashdot links but worse.
2001/2/25 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Activities] UID:20681 Activity:nil 85%like:20683
2/24    ok, so I'm thiknig of buying a vw golf (2door), since apparently
        honda decided that civic hatchbacks are not hip and sexy and
        discotinued them in '97.  anyone got any bad/good experience?
troll      \_ You are buying a car?!? Oh the horror! Oh the humanity!
              Don't you care about our precious pale blue dot and its
              environment? If you buy a car, it will need gas. This is
              just the excuse that Pres. Bush needs to install Oil Wells
              in Alaska and off the coast of California.
              Just because I lost is no reason to give up the fight!
              - Al Gore (Join Team Gore 2k4: The committee to retake
                         the White House by Any Means Necessary)
troll   \_ Experience?  No.  But imagine what you'll look like when your
           little golf gets smacked by something 4 times bigger like a
           CSUAer on a bike with linux loaded laptop in hand....
           \_ OSuX! OSuX! 1T'5 A11 A80U+ OSuX D00D! K3WL AKWUA & 5H1T!
           \_ 5UV! 5UV! 1T'5 A11 A80U+ 5UV D00D! GA5 GU55L3R & 5H1T!
troll   \_ R1D3 B1K3! RUN GN00/L1N5UX! D00D! - 3133T H@X0R
        \_ You probably be wanting one of these for your Golf:
2001/2/1-2 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating] UID:20498 Activity:insanely high
2/1     What is the basic functionality of underwear? It seems like
        such an unnecessary item of clothing.
        \_ men should wear kilts.  ready access for ballscratching.
        \_ basic functionality?  You asking for an interface to underwear?
           that's wierd, man.
        \_ boxers and ties: two places men can make fashion statements.
           i agree withthe comment about running below. --psb
           \_ This can't be psb. psb never indents properly and uses
              the \- markers.
              \_ Sorry -- I changed the markers, but not the spacing.
                                         - motd formatting god
        \_ and don't you hate pants?
        \_ All clothing is unnecessary. Fight for your right to
           be nekkid! - the nekkid guy
        \_ So you don't leave gigantic brown streaks when you expel
           massive rancid clouds of fart gas.  -John
           \_ Remind me never to sit by you or let you in my swimming
              \_ Can H2S be oxidized by Cl2?  If so, you may get free sulphur
                 in your pool, making it a hot spring with curing power. :-)
        \_ for the same reason you wear socks and tshirts, so your outer
        clothes get less dirty on the inside.
        \_ Ever try running commando-style or in boxers? Yeah, didn't think
           it was too comfortable either.
           \_ Where did the term "commando-style" come from?
           \_ It's not too bad.
           \_ boxers are *supposed* to be worn commando style.  what are
              you smoking?
                \_ What part of "OR" do you not understand?
                   \_ the middle part.  asshole.
           \_ What's so uncomfortable about that?  I love boxers.
        \_ Boxers are for wussies. When playing sports, I wear briefs.
           All other times I don't wear boxers or briefs. It's much more
           comfortable. Think the freedom of boxers x 10.
           \_ The one problem I find with boxers (and probably commando)
              is that you can't think about "dirty things" while standing
              up. It takes some self-restraint but when you're walking
              down the street and happen to see something racy you have
              to turn away. This, unfortunately, includes women.
              \_ This implies that jockey underwear was invented by perverts.
           \_ The freedom to get "it" stuck to your leg and be sweaty as
              hell?  I'll pass.
              \_ Dude, this HAS to have been written by a chick.
        \_ soft cotton underwear feel a hell of a lot better against
           my privates than the seam of my jeans.  though i suppose
           that could be useful for other things.  underwear are not
                                    \_ just what are you talking about?
           necessary when wearing skirts unless you're worried about
           them flying up or exposing yourself if you sit crosslegged
           or somesuch.  -lila
2000/12/30 [Recreation/Activities] UID:20200 Activity:high
12/30   Snow is white.
        \_ Not for long.
2000/12/7-9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:20030 Activity:high
12/6    Where's the best place to buy luggage and good backpacks?  (can
        be two different places for both)
        \_ My learned opinion (walkie, no carrie), is that Jansport zippers
        \_ My learned opinion (walkie, no carrie), is that RedHat zippers
           Jansports like crazy until I got smart and got a North Face.
           really don't handle stress well at all. I was going through
           RedHats like crazy until I got smart and got a Free BSD
        \_ I recently ordered an EastPak Ultimate (big student backpack) from
           It's really really good (3 years going), the zippers are just
           incredible. Remember, zippies are the weak point. -nick
        \_ I recently ordered an Dynix Ultimate (big student backpack) from
                \_ eagle creek makes good stuff, and has lifetime warranty.
        \_ JanSport makes great backpacks. The lifetime warranty includes
 , and it should be at my home today.  Anyways, they
           torn strap or broken zipper. I've bought JanSport backpacks at
           were offering 10-30% discounts when I ordered.  Lots of user
           comments and ratings.
           damaged samsonite suitcases for my mom without asking any
                \_ hp-ux makes good stuff, and has lifetime warranty.
           \_ Another recommendation for JanSport, as far as backpacks go.
        \_ RedHat makes great backpacks. The lifetime warranty includes
           repair for minor problems and replacement for things like a
           \_ Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
              \_ Hi geordan!
                 \_ Hi.  -geordan
              \_ Hi scotsman!
              \_ Hi dbushong!
           torn strap or broken zipper. I've bought RedHat backpacks at
           REI and Macy's (last years model can be had for 50% off).
           I would recommend Macy's for luggage also. They've replaced
           damaged solaris suitcases for my mom without asking any
           my last two there. My original "Lowe" lasted for many years,
           but this last time I got a North Face that's held up even better.
           The rip-stop "Cordura" stuff is indestructible.
           questions. ----ranga
           \_ Another recommendation for RedHat, as far as backpacks go.
              I still use the one I bought back in high school. -bz
        \_  click on shop, click on bags/boards
               school size backpack, i would go with jansport. i think the
           \_ patagonia stuff is nice but incredibly overpriced
              \_ indeed.
         \_Grow up and get a briefcase.
        \_ Good place on Telegraph right past Haste on downhill side of
           street that only sells backpacks (maybe luggage too). I got
           my last two there. My original "Slackware" lasted for many years,
           but this last time I got a Free BSD that's held up even better.
           The rip-stop "posix" stuff is indestructible.
                                       \- you underestimate air cananda --psb
               \- shoes last forever for me but i go though backpacks at a
               pretty good clip carrying a lot of weight. as the owner of 7
               backpacks currently, i think for a backpack-about-town ...
               school size backpack, i would go with redhat. i think the
               company has a good attitude and commitment to support their
               products. see company webpage. --psb
         \_Grow up and get an IBM business solution.
2000/12/4 [Recreation/Activities] UID:19998 Activity:nil
12/4    i will never eat chicken at mcdonalds again:
2000/11/29-30 [Recreation/Activities, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/HW/IO] UID:19945 Activity:nil
11/28   How do you make a frame smaller in emacs when running in
        terminal mode? In X its easy, just use the mouse, but I
        can't figure it out in terminal mode.
        \_ Something like meta-x-shift-6 if I recall.  I'm not kidding.
        \_ ESC - 1 C-x ^   -- yuen
2000/11/23 [Recreation/Activities] UID:19902 Activity:nil
11/22   Anyone running MacOSX Beta?
2000/9/25-26 [Recreation/Activities] UID:19322 Activity:insanely high
9/24    Mountain Biking is an Olympic Event?  Since when?
        \_ I couldn't believe that windsurfing was an olympic sport!
        \_ It's been in the Olympics since Atlanta.  Ride bike!!
           \_ The next big Olympic event, hacking LINUX while
              RIDEing BIKE!!
                 \_ hey, speed-walking is an underappreciated sport
                    of the summer olympics, why not mountain-biking?
                    Just ask structural engineer Dennis Riley (see the
                    yellow pages).
        \_ Cannondale, Trek and Specialized wanted some publicity.
           \_ I doubt it, they never advertise outside of bike magazines.
              Mountain biking is a much better sport than a lot of the
              schlock in the olympics.  -tom
              \_ such as?
                 \_ That one winter sport where you have brooms and a big
                    hockey puck (?) and you try to... actually, I dunno WTF
                    the goal of that "sport" is.
                    \_ Curling.  To land the puck nearest the goal.
                 \_ Equestrian.
                 \_ Ballroom dancing
                        \_not an Olympic event.
                          \_ What about lap dancing?
                \_ Equestrian Ballroom Dancing.
                 \_ Olympic Porn
                       one man vs. another, not groups of men. (I am
                       using man/men in the gender netural form).
                 \_ gymnastics and diving immediately come to mind
                    \_ The Olympics are ment to showcase the best
                       unaided physical talent that mankind has to
                       offer. I would say that gymnastics and diving
                       come closer to this than biking. I agree about
                       the synchronized swimming though. Not really
                       a sport. And I think that team sports have
                       no place in the olympics either. It should be
                       one person vs. another, not groups of people.
                       (For example, I'm opposed to BBall as a olympic
                        \_ Well, team sports, and sports involving "assistive"
                           equipment such as rowing sculls, have been part of
                           the Olympics since its inception, so the idea that
                           they have "no place" exists only within your
                           head.  -tom
                           \_ I don't remember the ancient greeks rowing.
                              AFAIR, the only rowers in greece were slaves
                              on athenian trireens (sp?). Anyway, the
                              following URL has a list of the original games:
                              Other than the equestrian events, all appear
                              to be unaided (I don't consider the javelin
                              or the discus a aid) mano-a-mano events.
                                \_ I was referring to the modern olympics.
                                   The Greeks weren't amateurs.  And exactly
                                   how does chariot-racing not involve
                                   assistive equipment? -tom
                                   \_ I didn't know about the chariot-racing
                                      when I originally wrote my post. One
                                      learns something new everyday. I guess
                                      that chariot-racing means that biking
                                      qualifies as a sport, but I still don't
                                      see how team sports (such as BasketBall)
                        I thought chariot racing was a Roman thing? _/
                        Also, I was under the impression that the
                        original Olympic events consisted of stuff
                        which would be useful in chasing down Persians
                        and knocking in their skulls (marathon, javelin,)
                        so does war qualify as a "team sport?"  -John
                       \_ try person/people you illiterate fool.
                          \_ I have corrected my post O Wise ONE!
                 \_ I heard go was once an Olympic sport.  Holy cow.
                    \_ Although go and chess are true tests of
                       human abilities, they are not tests of
                       human physical abilities which are what
                       the olymipics are supposed to showcase.
        \_ BTW since when did beach volleyball become an Olympic event?  I
           couldn't help mumbling "WTF" when I saw it on TV.  Is the court
           smaller than a regular volleyball court?
           \_ beach volleyball is a more legitimate sport than anything that
              requires judges and subjective scores to determine the winner
              \_ Please join the committee to add Bowling to the
                 Olympics by any means necessary!
                        \_ bowling was a demonstration event in '92 and
                           '96 I think.
                           \_ A demonstration of what? American Lower
                              Middle Class Stupidity?
        \_ I thought synchronized swimming was bad enough, but synchronized
        \_ It'll never be the real Olympics until it's done in the nude.
           \_ That would definitely improve NBC's pathetic ratings.
           \_ Women's events in nude only. Men's would be kinda sick.
                    \_ well, you have to keep in equal for men and women.
                \_ Only the oversteroided bodybuilders would be outright gross.
                   \_ I didn't know there was a women's body building event
                      in the olympics. Yes, watching that would be gross.
                      Also, the underage girls events would be kinda weird
                      too. But some sodans get off on that.
                          \_ did you see the women's u.s. weight-lifting
                             champ?  damn, she's fucking fat, but she
                             can bench...
        \_ Is badminton an Olympic sport?  Has it ever been?
           \_ Are you asian?
              \_ Yes I am, but British and Danes play badminton too.
                 \_ The Brits also eat crumpets and sing God Save the Queen.
                    They are a nation of has-beens whose collective ass has
                    been kicked so often that they need socialized health
                    care to look after it. Why in GOD's NAME would you want
                    to take up a sport played by Brits?
                    Danes, well Hamlet was a dane and we all know what
                    happened to him (and his mother and his uncle and his gf).
                 \_ The Swedes play badminton too.  They used to have a
                    world champion who has the best footwork around.
2000/8/24 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19089 Activity:high 66%like:19091
8/24    I used to play tennis and video games with a good friend of mine.
        After he got married he stopped hanging out w/ me. How do I get him
        \_ Offer to sleep with him (and/or his wife)
        \_ Find a woman who plays tennis and video games.  Or another man.
2000/5/16-17 [Recreation/Activities] UID:18274 Activity:nil
5/15    A Silver Mt. Zion
2000/4/12-13 [Recreation/Activities] UID:17979 Activity:nil
4/11     1 50% off Northstar/Sierra at Tahoe
         1 Voided Adult Voucher for Kirkwood, cash in for full day pass
         Buy 'em off me. $10 each? Make offer. -=Aubie the Pimp
        \_ is there still good snow for skiing in Tahoe now?
        \_ Last week it'll be decent.
           \_ I went to Alpine and Kirkwood last weekend. It was pretty
              \_ Can always drive to Mt. Bachelor or Mt. Hood.  Snow still
                 exists there (not in ice-rink form).
2000/2/2-3 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Sports] UID:17404 Activity:very high
02.01   Vote for the greatest sports moment and insure that "The Play"
        receives due respect:
        \_ the poll is actually for the greatest call in sports, not
           necessarily the play or the moment.
                \_ I think it was that one handed catch off the tree near the
                   back fence when I was in third grade... oh the memories....
        \_ Is someone stuffing the box, or do we really have 50% of the votes?
           \_ i believe every time there's a 'most dramatic college play'
              poll "The Play" always wins hands-down
           \_ Yes.
        \_ Where is the (high quality) MPEG/AVI/MOV?  Of all the CS geeks
           at Cal, surely someone has digitized it and has it available for
           public access.
           \_ All I found was a sucky 3 MB Quicktime.  Does someone want
              to grab a tape and make a real capture?
        \_ Anyone from that Cal team go on and make an impact in the NFL?
                \_ Yeah, it was one of the guys who raped a chick during his
                   second, third, or fourth year, but I can't recall which.
                   \_ Ignorants. Wot about the guy who was convicted of murder?
                        \_ He's in the Football Player Rapist cell block since
                           there aren't enough FP murderers yet to have their
                           own wing, but they're working on it.
2000/1/20 [Recreation/Activities] UID:17279 Activity:moderate
1/20    How's Lake Tahoe snow right now?
        \_ No snow in the lake.  Still water.
1999/10/25 [Recreation/Activities] UID:16760 Activity:high
10/23   I hate sports, but I need to fit in w/ my co-workers. What is a good
        web site where I can check out football, baseball, and basketball
        score? I need something like "Sports for Dummies" so that I can
        memorize these stupid boring sports players' names and games. Thx.
        \_ (surprise, surprise) -lim
        \_ mindless jerk, you'll never fit in like that.  stop being a poser
           and just be yourself and they might like you.  i dont drink, smoke,
           get high, watch sports, or commit any other acts of popular self
           debasing stupidity and have plenty of coworker respect and friends.
           \_ I don't see why anyone would respect osmeone who seems to think
              such a large number of enjoyable activities are self-debasing
              stupidity.  Lose the holier than thou attitude.  Just cause
              something isn't for you doesn't make you superieor.
1999/7/29-8/1 [Recreation/Activities, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:16193 Activity:nil
07.28 CSUA HIKE:  Sunday, Aug. 1
      Join the CSUA on an easy hike in Pt. Reyes (8 miles).  Bring water,
      sunscreen, lunch, and maybe a frisbee to toss around on the beach.

      We're tentatively leaving from the Westside Entrance of campus,
      (near warren hall--at the center of the U-shaped road) at 10am.

      Please contact me if you're interested in going:  peterm@soda.csua
      I would like to get a headcount and arrange transportation.
1999/7/22-23 [Recreation/Activities] UID:16186 Activity:moderate
7/22    Can somebody recommend a good place to get good used golf clubs? Thx.
        \_ There's a place in Alameda that has a decent selection of used
           clubs.  Pacific Sports Exchange, 1526 Park St.
        \_ golf sucks, ride bike
           \_ do both; they both kick ass in different ways
           \_ obviously someone who hasn't played golf or isn't very good
              at it
           \_ bike sucks, use linux
              \_ use linux on your bike
           \_ not playing golf is a career limiting move. I will laugh at
              you when you turn 40 and still write code or do sysadmin shit.
                \_ Depends on where you want your career to go.  If you want
                   to maybe make more money and wear a suit and tie and spend
                   all your time hanging out with fake people who hate you as
                   much as you hate them, then by all means, join management at
                   your company, learn to play golf, snort coke, and live a
                   short and unfulfilling life.  But at least you'll be on that
                   "in" management track.  BTW, would you mind if I fuck your
                   wife so you can get that next big promotion?  Knew you
                   wouldn't mind, thanks, she's a beauty.
                   \_ I'm curious -- does this sort of thing really
                      actually happen?  I find it fairly hard to
                      believe, but then I might just be extremely naive.
                        \_ Of course it does.  Women do it all the time.  You
                           think it's any different for some monkey's wife if
                           the boss wants to fuck her?  She's not an employee
                           but *he* is.  The humiliation and power-trip is
                           just the same.  What's so shocking about this?
                   \_ what if my wife's butt-ugly?
                        \_ Then you can bend over for the boss yourself.
               \_ career limiting move, my ass! for suits yes, for
                  techies, no. Techies ride bikes.
1999/5/4-5 [Recreation/Activities] UID:15744 Activity:nil
5/3     Sports idiocy purged.
1999/5/3 [Recreation/Activities] UID:15738 Activity:very high
5/3     So we won nine straight rugby championships. Why can't we own any
        other sport like we own rugby?
        \_ "we"?  "we" won a sporting event?  No.  What happened has
           absolutely *nothing* to do with a geeky nerd like you unless you
           have a friend on the rugby team.  Why do you see the sports teams
           as part of "we"?  You think the sports teams see *you* as part of
           anything related to them?  I think not.  Sports loyalty is idiotic.
           \_ Maybe he is part of the team.
              \_ From his general whine about Cal sports as a whole, I think
                 not.  Back to Reading Comp. 1A.
           \_ We, the school Cal Berkeley, won nine straight rugby
              championships.  Get a clue.
              \_ the whole school?  Wow, thats a big team!
              \_ Sigh... so how early did this brainwashing start?
                 \_ I think the point is, the use of "we" can extend to
                    anything school related. We received X nobel prizes.
                    We achieved this or that. It does not imply personal
                    achievement or involvement.
                    \_ The counter point being that there concept of "we" in
                       this case is false and misleading.  There is no "we".
           \_ I'm truly sorry for your close-mindedness. I am not deluded
              enough to actually believe I had anything at all to do with
              their championships. I just enjoy sports and, yeah, so what
              if it's idiotic to feel a tingle of pride and satisfaction
              when one of University of California Golden Bears' athletic
              teams win? To each his own.
              \_ How high is your horse?  I'm not close-minded.  It's a simple
                 truth.  Cal sports has *nothing* to do with the rest of the
                 school.  Tell you what, go check out the football field when
                 the Bears are out there warming up.  They're not human.  At
                 best, they're only vaguely humanoid.  If they're lucky, the
                 combined SAT scores of the entire defensive line is about
                 half your SAT math score.  Their GPAs are all higher than
                 yours though.  They're not students, they're not human, they
                 have little, if anything, to do with you or Cal or anything
                 in the same world as the rest of the campus.
                 \_ As long as we're in the lame arguments territory, can't
                    we say csua geeks are non-human too? Geeks tend to live
                    in their own little world. They get erections from xtrek.
                    No social grace. Like I said, lame argument.
                    \_ Go watch the football players.  You'll feel more human.
1999/1/29-31 [Recreation/Activities, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:15322 Activity:nil
1/28    What's the difference between running routed, running gated, and
        building IP routing into the kernel? --clueless
        \-routing involves both the conceptual concept and specific protocols,
        e.g. RIP, OSPF, BGP etc. Maybe this would be a productive start. --psb
        \_ If you don't understand routed and gated, just put IP routing in
           the kernel and use static routes with the "route" command or local
           equivalent.  routed and gated and associated protocols are used for
           dynamic routing, which is mostly useful on multihomed networks.  If
           you don't know what a multihomed network is, you probably don't
           have one, and you should start with the research psb recommends.
           It's rather horrible that e.g. Redhat 5 is bundling gated and
           STARTING IT BY DEFAULT, thus prompting lots of people whose networks
           don't even come close to needing dynamic routing to worry over what
           gated is for.
1998/12/6 [Recreation/Activities] UID:15078 Activity:nil
12/5    Snow damnit snow!
1998/9/1-3 [Recreation/Activities, Reference/Tax, Recreation/Shopping] UID:14532 Activity:low
8/31    Hiking shoes for sale.  Nike ACG. Size 9 1/2.  Worn only
        once.  Too big on me.  Bought for $80+tax.  Would like to sell
        for about $60.  If interested, email asb.
        \_ Why didn't you try them on first? Why not return them now? --dim
                \_ It was the night before I was leaving on a big trip
                        overseas.  I didn't want to buy extremely expensive
                        hiking shoes, and the cheaper ones that I wanted,
                        they didn't have in my size, about 8 or 9.  I tried
                        the 9 1/2 on and it seemed to fit.  Then I went
                        hiking in it and my foot was sliding around a bit
                        too much.  Had I had more time, I might have checked
                        out another store, but it was already evening, about
                        the time that stores of this type close.  I can't
                        return them because it's been over 2 months
                        and because I've used them outdoors.
        \_ Who said anything about the IBM BIOS?
        \_ Boycott Nike shoes!!!!!!
1996/7/24 [Recreation/Activities] UID:31872 Activity:nil
7/22    There is a tennis mailing list.  Mail tennis-owner to be
        added to this list and let's get some tennis games going.
1994/7/25 [Recreation/Activities] UID:31643 Activity:nil
7/24    Mt. Tam conquored by: marc, jeph, mogul, djyoung, petr, nevin,
        raytrace, peterm, ctl, sls, cecilia, babette, psb [and some people
        i didnt know]. Weather was great and the hike was fun. 2K ascent
        and probably around 12 mi total. --psb
        \_ Only psb would 'conquor' a mountain .... jeez, you'd think that
           after all these years, you'd be able to spell?  Maybe capitalize?
1994/6/9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:31619 Activity:nil
6/9     Anyone up for sports? Tennis, table tennis and racquetball
        requests welcome. I'm good at table tennis (for those
        who care, I estimate I could easily play level above 1000
        if I practice). I'm ok but not great at tennis and
        racquetball. E-mail me if you are interested. -fab
        \-anyone want to climb mt. whitney? --psb
         \_ Anyone want to mount me?
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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