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2006/8/26-29 [Recreation/Activities] UID:44157 Activity:nil
8/25	If any of you are into camping, Marmot in Berkeley is having
	a pretty good sale until Monday. In particular the Paragonia
	Capeline thermals are a good deal at ~$20 ... they make one
	of the best mid-wt thermals. These are usually +$35. I have
	all the outwear I need 	but it looks like they have some decent
	prices on mid-wt Arcteryx jackets and such. --camping gearhead
	\_ Hello camper, I wear Patagonia as well! It is great. BTW you
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	   spelled Patagonia wrong:
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2004/1/9-10 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11726 Activity:moderate
1/8     Having living in the BA most of my life and never travel to
        cold places, I need some advice on what kind of clothing I
        need to buy if I plan to travel to Quebec this month?
	\_ I bought a thermal long-sleeved t-shirt.  I've also had some
	   silk longjohns which work wonders.  -John
	\_ good jacket, gloves, thing to cover your head, thermal underwear,
	   snow boots
	   \-TNF Baltoro Jacket: To Everest and back ...
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		   want a super warm thermal, get Patagonia R.5. $75 a piece.
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2003/12/11 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11406 Activity:nil
12/10	REI sells warm base-layers/thermals for $65. What are other brands
	that are cheaper but just as effective? Thanks.
	\- you can search the walls logs for my comments on thermals.
	   for heavy "expedition wt" i think it matters less, but for mid
	   wt thermals, i'd recommend patagonia, although i am not sure
	   they make thermals with zippers. i usually take one withs a
	   zipper [moonstone] and one without. the patagonias are a bit
	   pricey and i've never seen them significantly discounted.
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2002/10/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:26206 Activity:moderate
10/15   Anyone ever shop at  Any good?  Where should I go to buy
	a good but inexpensive  waterproof jacket to take into the mountains?
	  \- landsend is supposed to have good return policies but i would
	     pretty much never buy a jacket over the net. i'm picky about
	     pocket size, location, zipper and ventilation location etc.
	\- if you are in east bay, try North Face Outlet circa Gilman and 6th.
	   If you only want anti-rain and not warmth, Marmot Precip Jacket is
	   not bad. There are some cheaper clones of the Precip. Also light
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	      i would go with: patagonia light thermals, large tshirt,
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2000/12/7-9 [Recreation/Activities] UID:20030 Activity:high
12/6	Where's the best place to buy luggage and good backpacks?  (can
	be two different places for both)
        \_ My learned opinion (walkie, no carrie), is that Jansport zippers
        \_ My learned opinion (walkie, no carrie), is that RedHat zippers
           Jansports like crazy until I got smart and got a North Face.
           really don't handle stress well at all. I was going through
           RedHats like crazy until I got smart and got a Free BSD
	\_ I recently ordered an EastPak Ultimate (big student backpack) from
	... line 41 ...
	\_  click on shop, click on bags/boards
	... line 43 ...
           \_ patagonia stuff is nice but incredibly overpriced
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