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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/10/24-2014/2/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW] UID:54746 Activity:nil
9/26    I remember there was web version of the motd with search function
        (originally due to kchang ?).  The last time I used it it was hosted
        on the csua website but I can't remember its url (onset of dementia?)
        now. Can somebody plz post it, tnx.
           \_ for some reason I couldn't log in since Sept and the archiver
              stopped archiving. Collin has since then fixed the problem.
              It's working again, thanks Collin!                -kchang
2012/9/5-11/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54472 Activity:nil
9/4     It looks like there are some issues with wallall at the moment. Any
        plans for it getting fixed? I can run wall, but wallall just gives an
        \_ Asking questions on the motd will not get any attention from
           any undergrad. You should email politburo or perhaps csua. -ausman
        \_ Asking questions on the motd will not get attention from any
           undergrad. You should email politburo or perhaps csua. -ausman
        \_ The last time soda got reinstalled, the wallall modifications
           didn't get brought forward into the new install.  It seemed to be
           a combination of a lack of awareness of its existence, and a lack
           of interest.  Seems to be part of the slow decline of the CSUA,
           with respect to interaction between undergrads and alums.  Oh well.
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/4/23-6/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54359 Activity:nil
4/19    Motd updater thingy seems to be broken, does anyone know why?
        If not, I will take a look later in the day. -ausman
        \_ /etc/motd.public is not getting copied into /etc/motd for a while.
           \_ Now it works and no one knows why. Strange. -ausman
2012/2/24-3/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54313 Activity:nil
2/24    What newsreader should I use on soda?
        \_ USENIX? You serious? Everyone switched to RSS.
           \_ I think you mean usenet not usenix.  usenet was generally much
              better than blogs / rss (cf. comp.lang.c, comp.lang.perl,
              the usenet oracle, alt.* with digg, slashdot, etc.)
  is the best
        \_ Outlook Express
        \_ /etc/motd :-)
2012/2/6-3/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54301 Activity:nil
2/6     Um, what happened to ?
        "The requested URL /~myname/ was not found on this server."
        \_ Try emailing root or politburo. I don't think that the
           undergrads use this machine anymore. -ausman
        \_ Ausman is mostly right. LDAP went down due to an expired cert and
           took down most of the rest of our stuff. It's probably a thing with
           mounting and stuff. Email and ask them about the
           status. If nothing's happening, check in.
           \_ tried to mail, from soda.
                Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

                Technical details of permanent failure:
                Message rejected by Google Groups. Please visit
       to review our
                Bulk Email Senders Guidelines.
              \_ Mail has been officially deprecated as a feature for years.
                 This was widely announced via mail as well as motd for at
                 *least* a year. No effort will be spent trying to resolve a
                 spam rating issue caused by email abuse by some alumni, bad
                 .forwards, and so on. Treat soda mail as forward-only, and
                 assume the mailboxes on CSUA systems will go read-only at any
                 moment, even if there will be ample warning. While www has a
                 much rosier outlook for support, it's also a fact that it's
                 not utilized almost at all by students and recent alumni. To
                 get your complaint resolved you'll need to complain to
        (email it from somewhere that actively supports
                 their email services), and check in to make sure someone's
                 making progress on it.
2011/7/26-8/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54146 Activity:moderate
7/26    motd: I'm back. what did i miss?
        \_ Not much, how long were you gone?
           \_ over the last ~7 years I've gone from checking many times
              a day to checking once per year. where are the following
              people? tom, psb, danh, kchang, mconst, jon, alexf, dbushong,
              sky, kinney, ranga, paolo
              \_ Who is this? I know where some of these people are, some
                 even still use soda occasionally. -ausman
                 \_ soo, people don't use motd tracking scripts anymore
                    to identify post authors? dang
        \_ Hello. I'm the author of archiver. I haven't
           used motd as my primary form of Q-and-A for many years because
           I see social networking alternatives (e.g. Quora, Google Circle)
           as [more refined] superset of motd. They are missing threading
           and anon posting, but other than that, I don't see how motd
           can be sustainable given the sharp decline of shell users. In
           a way, motd is dead, but the spirit of motd lives on forever
           in the form of social networking.                    -kchang
           \_ but motd had value beyond and in a different way than, say,
              google+ or other "social networking". we have to bring it
              back from the dead. how?
              \_ we "have to"? we "must"? why?                  -kchang
                 \_ because motd is unique and valuable and awesome and
                    it shouldn't die
                 \_ because the motd is (was) awesome
              \_ How did it arise in the first place? If you can get users
                 to provide compelling content and then invite more people,
                 then you can get it going again. I find the motd to be a
                 useful diversion, the quality of the posts is pretty high
                 for a anonymous system and it is very easy to use from work.
                 So go invite some of the old users to come back again, do
                 you need help tracking them down?
                 \_ yes. bring them back. maybe we could try by insulting
                    tom or psb and bringing them back. although I
                    a problem i suspect is that the system seems pretty
                    slow and maybe not capable of handling many
                    simultaneous users or something?
                    \_ worksforme
        \_ who is deleting this thread and why?
2011/2/16-4/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54042 Activity:nil
2/16    Time to restart this tired old discussion again. Who here would non-
        anonymously join a CSUA web forum, were we to auth it against CSUA LDAP
        and CalNet? Just trying to gauge alumni interest - and answer questions
        (to the best of my knowledge*), should you have any, about the current
        undergrad CS/CSUA for those that may be less in-touch. --toulouse
        * because I dropped out, but still live in Berkeley and keep in touch
        \_ technically you're still an alum.  alums are defined as anyone who
           went to a school.  (It gives the college a much wider net to cast
           for donations).
        \_ webforums aren't anon. :-(
           \_ Online anonymous communities have a low TTC, or trend towards
              one. IMO the ultimate result of "online" and "anonymous" is
              4chan. I'm defining "online" to mean 'in the web browser' btw
              \_ there's a reason society has anonymous "we tip" hotlines
                 \_ Yes.  What does that have to do with a CSUA forum?  -tom
              \_ 4chanism can be eliminated by the k5 method.  All posts
                 are default denied and only posts that are voted good go thru
                 yes, this does mean you have to put time into developing the
                 content.  But this is the only way.
                 \_ know, forget about anonymity and build a community.
                    \_ LOL, it's MR. GOP Talking Points on the MOTD
                    \_ Or you could just not be lazy and build a community
                       based on content, not one based on NAMEDROPPING.
                    \_ The K5 system works, is proven, and will continue to
                       solve the problem of content, without confusing the prob
                       with anonymity, free speech, etc.  As a software guy
                       I like the idea of a Proper Solution to a Bug, not
                       some Blanket Marketing Hype solution. "zomg buy a WAF"
                       \_ But I want EZ Solutions 2 Hard Problemz! --GOP sodan
                          \_ Drill, baby, drill!
        \_ I"ll follow you on twitter, brotha.
        \_ Curious, do you go to every Cal Bears sporting game? Or devoutly
           run FreeBSD?
           \_ I was barely aware of the superbowl. My FreeBSD computer just died
              so I'm down to running just Ubuntu, Arch Linux, OS X, and Windows.
              \_ Why are you staying around Berkeley?  Are you going to go back
                 to school?
        \_ There's no reason for a CSUA forum to be anonymous; anonymity is,
           in fact, the opposite of what the CSUA should be striving for.  It
           should be about connections between people, both at the undergrad
           level and with alumni.  I would join such a forum, and participate
           if the discussions are interesting.  -tom
           should be about connections between people, primarily at the
           undergrad level and secondarily with alumni.  I would join such a
           forum, and participate if the discussions are interesting.  -tom
           \_ Oh, is IS&T hiring?
              \_ I don't know, I don't work for them.  -tom
           \_ tolouse, you and tom can just exchange emails, no need for an
              amazon aws to host a webforum if it's just you two.
        \_ I would participate, at least somewhat. -ausman
2011/2/1-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54024 Activity:nil
2/1     How do you turn off motd display when logging in?
        \_ rm -f $HOME\*
                      \_ soda runs windows now?
                         \_ I think he meant $HOME/
           \_ There used to be a lot of assholes on this machine, but I never thought
              I was one of them. :-(
              \_ You know, I rather like the low pop soda, it's an exponential
                 decrease in assholes.
        \_ I remember it's something around the word "hushlogin".
           \_ Indeed. `touch ~/.hushlogin` should do the trick. --toulouse
2011/1/31-2/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54021 Activity:nil
1/28    can someone ntpdate the clock to the right time?
        \_ installing gdb would be nice too, plz?
           \_ THANK YOU for installing gdb and nwrite
              \_ ZOMG, someone still uses nwrite?! -- Marco
        \_ Posting requests to the motd is pointless, as the politburo
           does not read it. Email root@soda. -ausman
           \_ who is on that these days?
        \_ Sigh. The one time I look at motd in a month and there's a request
           for root. AFAIK I'm basically the only rootstaffer who reads motd
           even infrequently and will take care of simple requests like this.
           I'm such an enabler. --toulouse
           \_ you're a good guy, thanks.  It's ok, I am not in a rush.  I just
              point out stuff that used to be installed that we all use.  I
              remember mconst first showing me gdb on soda, nostalgia I
           \_ any chance for:
 apt-get install manpages-dev git ghc colormake erlang-nox qt4-dev-tools rats ?
           \_ any chance for: apt-get install
        rubygems manpages-dev git ghc colormake erlang-nox qt4-dev-tools rats ?
              rubygems manpages-dev git ghc colormake erlang-nox qt4-dev-tools
              rats ?
              \_ That's a lot of packages. ntpdate and gdb and nwrite are easy
                 to justify for any value of $RANDOM_USER, but lots of that is
                 pretty specific. However, I will install git and rubygems now.
                 For the rest, email root@csua. --toulouse
                 \_ since we're cool with rubygems, can we get irb please? it's
                    the ruby interpreter shell.
                    \_ Done. Also, you're tabbing your lines wrong. --toulouse
                    \_ doh you forgot ri !OP
                       \_ Goddammit. Done. You are also doing your tabs wrong.
                          \_ you are a awesome, sir.  Thank you.
                          \_ you are a prince among men, sir.  My tabs look
                             right on my editor, I can't even tell how they are
                             off?  Is this one off?
                             \_ Allow me to demonstrate. First, everyone else:
ttttttttsssssssssssssssssssss\_ this is normal, where 1 tab is 8 wide.
tttttttsssstttttttttttttttttt\_ This is your first line.
ttttttttttttttttttttttttssssssssThis is your second line. --toulouse
2011/1/13-2/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54008 Activity:nil
1/13    I've fixed so it has a bunch more useless comments
        after November. It's delayed by about 8 hours. However the 24 hour
        caffeinated update is no-op because there's a dependency on curl
        which is not installed on the new Soda and I'm too lazy to
        compile one (and have mostly lost interest to maintain the
        archiver). Anyways, troll away you pathetic legacy users!  -kchang
2010/12/18-2011/2/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:53982 Activity:nil
12/18   What happened to PINE?  which mail client can we use on soda now?
        I haven't been following the trend on csua.  Thanks
        \_ Apparently you haven't been following much of anything. Pine ceased
           development four years ago, replaced by alpine. Mutt also works. The
           mail spool is stored in Maildir format, not mbox format, fyi. With
           regards to reading `whoami` mail, you can use
           IMAPS on <DEAD><DEAD> to access it, but mail hosting is
           due to be shut down any month now, and switched over to forward-
           only.  tl;dr: the only long-term solution is to use a .forward file
           and forward your mail to !csua.
           P.S. If you have a CSUA problem then contact the CSUA. root@csua is
           there for a reason. Nobody reads motd anymore, except on a lark.
           \_ Thank you so much!  Apparently I did have a .forward, one of the
              reason I haven't paid much attention to the email clients on
              soda.  just recently I have not been getting any forwarded email
              from csua.  so I decided to log in and check mail.  Thank you!
              \_ Well, it is true that forwarding seems to be wonky at times,
                 for some reason. We're not sure why.
2010/11/12-2011/2/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54000 Activity:nil
*/*     Re: motd, soda, undergrads, community, etc: I can count on a few
        fingers the number of times I've logged in to soda in the last year
        or two, and half of them were to recover some old files I stored here
        from my school days.  Why?  Because there's no reason to be here for
        me.  It doesn't matter what the format is: motd, fb, yahoo groups,
        whatever.  What *purpose* is there, or should there be, to the on-
        going existence of this environment?  Once you (the generic you)
        figures out *why* all of this should exist, the technology choices
        will follow.  Debating the technology before determining the purpose
        is cart-before-horse.  You must know what you want and why before all
        \_ You sound like twohey. (just an observation)
           \_ twohey was the ONLY dissenting vote in 2001 when a vote of
              dissolution was put to a meeting of politburo.  You can thank
              him for the csua even existing. -!//e
              \_ I don't see this reflected in the minutes. Explain? --toulouse
                 \_ It was kept out of the minutes.  We had quorum, 3 officers
                    2 voted for dissolution, //e abstained.  Needed all 3 for
                    it to pass.
        \_ Contrary to appearances, the purpose of the CSUA has been hotly
           debated as of late, typically during Politburo meetings, with the
           participation of active CSUA members. You are sending an important
           message to nobody that you really need to reach, but the good news is
           that they've already been thinking about it. MOTD is already
           acknowledged to be totally useless to the current CSUA membership,
           and is maintained (IMO) as legacy out of consideration for alumni.
           In fact, soda is used a lotby alumni, as well. I think the point
           is that the debate below is trying to figure out what crusties will
           bitch and moan about least, because engaging with alumni is seen as
           A Good Thing(tm). P.S. if you're going to try to prescribe what you
           think the CSUA should do, please don't be an anonymous coward; sign
           your post. --toulouse
           \_ much respect bro, but the point of motd is to have an anon forum
              it lets 1. people whistleblow and 2. gets around petty csua
              politics/internal squabbling.
           \_ My advice is generic for any situation.  I'm not sure why it
              matters who I am.  I'm happy to hear that this is already being
              discussed at the Politburo.  I do wonder why it matters what a
              few alumni think if they're not coming into contact with the
              undergrads as it sounds.  Maybe there's some other place where
              alums and ugrads are interacting I don't know about.
                --!twohey, alum
        \_ This leads to the meta-question of is there any value in maintaining
           contact between the undergrads and the alumni?  If so, how do we
           \_ Yes it's valuable but not in the way it's currently done. Find
              a new forum other than MOTD that's more effective (like FB or
              LinkedIn). Establish some online service for job seekers and
              advertisers to find each other. Start something like a project
              or company or whatever. Otherwise, CSUA is nothing more than
              an organization with regular meetings and a Linux server.
        \_ The csua is good for playing video games.
           \_ Do they still have that giant tv screen with that game where
              you only fight bosses?  It was neat.
        \_ as an undergrad, I think the csua should have more FREE FOOD and
           more video games and give me internships with sexy companies like
           google or microsoft
        \_ so this is what a "society in decline" feels like.
2010/10/19-2011/2/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54007 Activity:nil
10/19   First! Soda was rooted, and thus so was motd. --toulouse
        \_ Soda was down several days last week and /etc/motd.publicd was
           gone.  What happened?
           \_ Someone surreptitiously replaced an executable. We discovered this
              within a few hours of it happening then decided to shut soda off
              and do a complete rebuild. --toulouse
              \_ which executable?  Not sshd again?
              \_ Curious, why the total rebuild?  Wasn't there a "fresh"
                 snapshot made when soda was first virtualized years ago-
                 couldn't we just revert to that?  Or is that what happened?
                 or did they manage to hack thru to the esxi layer with some
                 wacky cloudburst thing?
              \_ Good job catching this. Are you running tripwire? -ausman
                 \_ I don't know. Mikey discovered it by running 'strings' on
                    an executable that was behaving weird. --toulouse
                    \_ do you know how they got in?  which binary was it?
        \_ Rooted? Where did you hear that? -ausman
           \_ I'm on rootstaff. --toulouse
        \_ ugh, lots of stuff gone, my motd archiver broken (wheres rcs now?)
            \_ use git
           \_ Right, soda had to be completely rebuilt. We didn't have any
              info on how motd was structured. Sorry. However, we're thinking of
              writing a python daemon which would use inotify to POST updates on
              /etc/motd.public to some URL. Want to work with us on this? How
              can we help you get motd working how you like it? --toulouse
              \_ git to push to github
              \_ No backups?
                 \_ We have backups.  Need something in particular restored?
                    \_ No, but with backups you should be able to restore
                       the system to its previous state (including MOTD).
                       \_ Which would be a very bad idea on a rooted system.
                          If you restore everything to exactly the way it was,
                          then you restore to a compromised state.  Unless you
                          knew *exactly* when it was rooted.
                          \_ You just need to look at them to figure out
                             how things were set up.
              \_ MOTD doesn't need to be revived.  Spend your time doing
                 something more interesting to engage community in
                 discussion.  -tom
                 \_ I agree. -ausman
                    \_ It's easy to agree, but I'm not hearing any suggestions.
                       Every time we've suggested moving to a newer medium we
                       get a groundswell of crufties complaining on how motd is
                       sufficient and they'd never use $ALTERNATIVE. What would
                       you use? --toulouse
                       \_ twitter
         \_ It would be great if we could replace Motd with something
            non Facebook.  I really do not like the trend of news and
            www forums being replaced with Facebook connect.  Also...
            I don't have a fb account right now. - long time motd poster
            \_ I don't have a facebook account either.  -another poster
                       \_ Facebook. -ausman
                          \_ twitter
                          \_ Are you kidding me? I'll get a Facebook account
                             when hell freezes over. I would not have
                             expected someone with an IT background to
                             recommend this alternative.
                             \_ It is what people use, it is pointless to
                                use a medium that undergraduates are not
                                interested in. Who are you? -ausman
                                \_ Undergraduate here.  I'm not interested in
                                   Facebook *or* MOTD -- any other bright
                                   ideas?  :)
                                   \_ Eureka Streams
                                   \_ What do you use for online collaborative
                                      \_ I don't, I am too worried that the
                                         NSA or Mossad will evesdrop on my
                                         communications. I use one time pad
                                         encrypted messages delivered by
                                         carrier pigeon.
                                         \_ I hope you killed the pigeon
                             \_ Thus proving my point. Some people really do
                                live with *that* much paranoia. It comes with
                                the territory. --toulouse
                                \_ Look, it's clear that MOTD is providing
                                   zero value to the CSUA.  Whether the next
                                   thing you do is phpBB, or facebook, or
                                   blog or whatever, it will provide more
                                   value to the CSUA.  The fact that someone
                                   will whine about whatever you decide is
                                   something you'll have to learn to deal
                                   with in technology.
                                   Here's some free strategic planning
                                   consulting for you:
                                   The goals of a CSUA messaging
                                   system should be to:
                                   * Build community among CS undergraduates
                                   * Encourage discussion of both technical
                                     and non-technical topics
                                   * Provide connections to industry
                                     sources for networking and jobs

                                   There are a dozen ways to accomplish those
                                   things, and MOTD ceased to be one of them
                                   10 years ago.  -tom
                                   \_ messaging/forum systems come and go with
                                      time. Motd has been around a long time
                                      with few changes. I'd hate to see us
                                      adopt and abandon it for the forum of the
                                      moment. They all come and go within a
                                      relatively short time.
                                        yahoogroups,now facebook? -Eric
                                        \_ On the other hand, much of the CSUA
                                           has already abandoned motd.  We
                                           clearly haven't learned from history
                                           and are doomed to repeat it. -ERic
                                        \_ I don't really see the argument
                                           that we should keep a dead forum
                                           because whatever we change to will
                                           eventually die.  That's like saying
                                           that you shouldn't buy a new
                                           computer because you'll need a
                                           better one in just a few years. -tom
                                           \_ every tmie we switch we lose
                                              people and/or history. I'm not
                                              saying we shouldn't switch, just
                                              try to minimise the losses, and to
                                              switch to a medium with as long
                                              a lifespan as possible. -ERic
                                              \_ Sure.  -tom
                \_ Did blojo invent the motd?  I just had lunch with him.
                   I totally forgot to mention the CSUA or Soda in any way.
                   \_ The MOTD predates blojo
        \_ Get a good raison d'etre.  Forum choices will follow.
2010/2/18-3/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:53712 Activity:low
2/18    What happened to wall?
        \_ Died a natural death?
        \_ phase 1: soda got hacked, politburo disabled EVERYONE's account,
           most people didn't bother going through the procedure to get turned
           back on.
           phase 2:  vp didnt figure out how to keep soda successfully mounting
           NFS storage until recently, so a lot of people had trouble logging
           over the last few months.  I'm shocked i can log in now !
           kind of sucks, but i guess all things end.
           \_ recently? it's still dying.
                \_ as i write this, it is currently dead.
        \_ what do you suppose the end game for soda is?   just turn
           it into a forum on something like yahoogroups?   motd become a
           google wave doc?
           \_ The end game is it will be thrown into E&S, with all the disks,
              and put into a box and shelved in a giant warehouse in emeryville
              as the camera pans out and harrison ford goes "Fools."
              \_ Lol that explains the countdown timer.
              \_ Wrong. Soda is already gone. This is a VM. Didn't you know?
2009/12/26-2010/2/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:53605 Activity:kinda low
12/26   Mail is being retired, but will mail still be forwarded if we have
        a .forward? Also, _why_ is mail being retired?
        \_ one more yreason i only hire stanford grads from now on
           \_ Like you have any real hiring decision power.
        \_ don't recall seeing a discussion on this.  it would be nice if mail
           service remains.
        \_ How can we contact root or the Politburo if the mail service is
           \_ Twitter
        \_ s/read-only/forward-only/ - and it's being done because of the lack
           of will to maintain mail on our servers or something
        \_ This was decided by the previous Politburo iirc. Same VP, but
           different pretty much everyone else. Since it wasn't really
           announced, and Politburo has gone into hibernation for the winter,
           they'll figure out what they want to do with mail later. I take issue
           with the fact that the previous politburo brought this up and decided
           on this within a single Politburo session, avoiding an open
           they'll figure out what they want to do with mail later. I take
           issue with the fact that the previous politburo brought this up and
           decided on this within a single Politburo session, avoiding an open
           discussion on the matter (at least, looping in root, instead of just
           Politburo, if not looping in Ah, well.
           Anyway, if you think your opinion should be heard, you know where to
           e-mail. --toulouse
           \_ Good for you. Cloud mail is the future. Sysadm is not
              about doing what has been done, but what needs to be done.
              It is also about ignoring whining old farts so that you
              can jump on the wagon. Any plans to shut down
              machines completely? Do you guys plan to use a HTML page
              creator for the main site?
              \_ There is teaching value in running a mail server. Some of the
                 students may end up running one of those clouds some day.
                 I would not be opposed to running soda.csua as a virtual
                 machine, however. BTW, all user files are owned by 'nobody' at
                 the moment.
                 \_ please keep csua physical and mail running. csua shouldn't
                    become a lab of the bleeding edge.  that's for a project
                    funded with $$$.  woundn't mind it becomes a museum of
                    legacy stuff like motd, wall, and unix though
                    \_ the constraint is the nettaps, they are repeated costs
                       and the dept is seeing the csua more and more as
                \_ Virtually (heh) all our machines have been virtual for some
                   time now. Also, the owning issues was some combination of
                   LDAP and NFS fucking up. Back to the issue of
                   virtualization, we basically have precious little space in
                   the server room, and some failing machines. Yes, this means
                   that one beefy computer is shouldering pretty much all of the
                   burden of the CSUA, albeit in such a way that if we can ever
                   manage to procure another server (it was ~$4k iirc, nothing
                   to sneeze at) capable of running whatever VMWare's baremetal
                   thing is called now, we can migrate machines over (and if we
                   can get the fancy stuff, use VMotion). Not sure where I'm
                   going with this message so I'll stop here. --toulouse
                   \ So the following is a lie?
                        Welcome to Soda Mark VIII, a 4-way Xeon 2.5GHz
                     \_ Well, it does have 4 cores dedicated to it, each
                        at 2.5GHz >:)  --steven

                            7~Z       @?=ND:7,
                          :$               DD,D:
                        :?                    O,N
                       D8                      D88
                      7~                        ND@
                     7D                          NDZ
                     :8                          Z8@@
                    N@        Welcome Sodan.     $D@@
                    NN        There are 1065     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1062     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1061     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1060     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1057     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1050     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1046     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1045     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1044     N+=?
                    NN        There are 1037     N+=?
                    DD        days remaining.    7+$@
                    N?D                          ?,@@
                     IN                          I@@
                     N+,                        :N@N
                      D+~                      ==@:
                       O=7                    ::@:
                        8N==                +$@@N
                          O Z8:          :7~@@I
                            D O+:~=:O8ZZN@@@=
2009/12/3-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:53561 Activity:nil
12/2    From politburo minutes:
        "Rohan is going to investigate MOTD and why it's so hard to use"
        Hey Rohan, what's the deal?
        \_ vi is hard
        \_ use BEEP!
2009/10/6-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Industry/Startup] UID:53431 Activity:moderate
10/5    any UC berkeley students that had successful startups
        in the past 15 years?
        \_ all the Cal grads I know with MBAs are in VC or finance.
           maybe they are just better at risk analysis... starting a company
           is not a great way to make money!
           \_ I'm a Cal grad with an MBA working in Finance (not High Finance).
              Before getting my MBA I had an unsuccessful startup. --abe
                \_ rock on
        \_ dans learned a lot while cratering two, does that count?
           \_ dans is doing a great job at CNET and his boss loves him here
              \_ dans is being a great Berkeley grad by being a good
                 'ol obedient code monkey for the man, most likely
                 a Furd grad or a company funded by Furd connected VCs.
                 Archictect:Construction Worker :: Stanfurd:Berkeley
        \_ the lack of response says a lot about the pathetic state
           that UCB has been in the past 2 decades or so. No wonder people
           leave UCB to the Furd (e.g. Professor Aiken defecting to the
           Furd instead of Professor Widom defecting to Cal).
           \_ no, it's more a representation that the csua/motd is dying or is
              already dead.
        \_ just thinking we should hook up with the gals over at HAAS business
           school who are interested in forming a social networking startup or
           something... just need a good innovative idea born at UCB!!
           \_ LOL. VCs will tell you that innovative ideas that will make
              billions a year are dime a dozen. It's never about the ideas.
              It's about the team, the execution, the track record (or attention
              economy logs), and such. ... this is yet another example why
              Cal should require Entrepreneurialship 101 as a mandatory
              class to clarify these misconceptions.
        \_ Inktomi, Organic, CollabNet
           \_ Obviously Sameer, too. What a bunch of cruft, though, for
              a school with tech leanings that was in the Bay Area during
              a huge tech boom.
              \_ That is just who I know about. There have got to be others
                 from the more recent crowd of graduates. I forgot HotOrNot.
                 Cal students work at startups, we don't found them.
        \_ Rottentomatoes.
        \_ Are there any Cal startups with viable business models?
           Hotornot's cal people are long gone, and now it's a lame
  competitor.  Organic was sold and bought and sold
           and is a shadow of its former self.
           \_ What about CollabNet? But compared to Stanfurd, which has churned
              out Sun, Yahoo, Google and VMWAre this is a pretty pathetic lot.
2009/10/1-22 [Computer/Companies/Google, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:53424 Activity:kinda low
10/1    google wave is a really fancy version of wall.  i can pipe
        giant ascii text files through it.  my dream has come true.
        does anyone remember when jwang made it so if you walled
        embedded html tags, it would appear in the csua lwall www page?
        google wave is a little better than that. - danh
           Google wave is as easy to understand as Sarah Palin
           Awesome video what a GWave is.
        \_ So is there a crusty csuaer wave?
        \_ lets make one when Wave is totally public.  Politburo has
           successfully driven just about everyone off of soda now through
           the VM and security holes.  I'm not mad at the VP, I realize school
           is time intensive.  I like the motd though.
           \_ how are you going to ensure that the Google account holder
              is also a member of CSUA who signed up before?
              \_ No.
                 \_ My point is there are a bunch of forums out there for
                    which you don't need to be a member of anything to join.
                    Most of us are already using some type of forum, whether
                    it is Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, or some niche
                    specific groups. What makes motd unique is the
                    membership where we can participate in some type of
                    UCB+sysadm+comp sci+social forum. Once you let in
                    a bunch of random spammers in, then motd will be no
                    different than a random forum on the internet.
                    \_ True.  I really doubt anyone besides people who
                       have edited the motd && walled will care.  I am not
                       \_ Then you can leave motd and join random forums
                          already. Good bye.
2009/8/6-14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:53247 Activity:nil
8/5     kchang says: sorry, in an attempt to fix Atom bugs, the unique ID (<id>) of
        the CSUA MOTD feed started to change every day (the datestamp moves),
        thus a lot of readers think all the threads are unique. I've fixed it
        so that the unique ID is constant so you guys don't get every single
        old entry from previous dates. Sorry about innundating your reader
        with a bunch of old entries. PS if you use RSS/Atom reader, you
        can add the CSUA MOTD feed here:
        \_ what was broken in the first place?
           \_ Misha Dynin pointed me to a feedvalidator and pointed out
              errors in the <id> format which I fixed:
2009/8/5-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:53245 Activity:low
8/5     Who's that red headed girl in Myth Buster? TOTALLY CUTE.
        \_ URL of pics please?
              \_ not relevant, not the same girl, and she's ugly
              \_ url doesn't work
           \_ Is this really her?
              \_ This is the reason why I read motd. THANK YOU MOTD!
                 \_ you read motd for the pussy?
                    \_ Tits. Did you see the pic?
                       \_ No I get my fill of tits/pussy in bars.
2009/7/28-8/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:53214 Activity:kinda low
7/27    Minutes from politburo: We should migrate email to Google Apps instead
        of hosting it ourselves, since managing the mail server takes up too
        much of VP's time website needs: *RSS *calendar *static pages
        \_ Why is CSUA mail such a problem?  Please discuss?
        \_ Bahahahahaha. CSUA should just outsource UNIX to India.
           While you're at it, move motd to Yahoo Groups, irc+ntalk to Google
           Talk, and picture hosting to Flickr. I'll miss alt.binaries.erotic.*
           but that's the price we have to pay, I guess.
                \_ politburo, i will run email for you if you want.  i have
                   a decade experience doing it.
                   \_ who are you?
                      \_ #2.New()
                         \_ whois number.1
        \_ Relevant discussion happening on csua@csua mail list
           \_ summary: vaheder rejects outsourcing and wants to use the the
              antiquated light saber. the force in vaheder is strong.
              there is hope in this one.
           \_ summary: tom[holub] says sysadm for <10 alumni isn't going to
              be very interesting. however, Amazon donated EC2 and cloud
              computing could be the future, and it'll probably be more
              fun using a canon than a light sabre.
              \_ lol@cloud computing
        \_ If we had a filer, I am of the opinion that much of the pain of
           keeping our services up and running services would be mitigated. Most
           of our uptime problems were because of crashy keg. Another server to
           run VMWare e-sex or whatever it's called now would be nice, but no
           doubt out of our reach
           \_ Who are you? I can probably wrangle a filer to donate. -ausman
              \_ I am politburo. I am root. I am nobody.
2009/7/23-8/6 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:53189 Activity:nil
7/23    Berkeley's CSUA MOTD is now on rss/atom. You can subscribe it from your
        favorite rss/atom reader (e.g. Google Reader, Yahoo homepage, Safari,
        Firefox, using the link below:
        If you prefer a more traditional HTML way of viewing motd, you can go here:
        And of course if you prefer staring at terminals, you can just stare
        at /etc/motd.public. Enjoy!                                 -kchang
2009/6/30-7/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:53097 Activity:nil
6/29    /csua/bin/motdedit seems to be working again --root
2009/5/9-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52976 Activity:nil
5/9 Since the VP hasn't put it up yet, I will...
    Here is your new politburo:
        President: Evelyn Yung, eyung
        Vice President: Jesse Toth, jtoth, aka PLG
        Treasurer: Rohan Dhaimade, rohand
        Secretary-Librarian: Chris Berner, cberner
        Events-Alumni: Dwight Crow, dw5ight
     \_ Fail.  She did.  Check the official motd :-p
        \_ I never check /etc/motd, just /etc/motd.public.
2009/5/4-6 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52943 Activity:moderate
5/4     When is kchang coming back? I miss him... he was so annoying but at
        least he had some initiative. If he were around, I'd ask him to chart
        the MOTD usage patterns over time. My guess is that postings peaked
        in '95.
        \_ I'm here! You can just go to the main page and see how many posts
           there are in a year (top column). Keep in mind I grabbed posts
           randomly between 93-99, relied on mehlhaff's RCS logger between
           99-03, and logged myself afterwards.                 -kchang
           \_ Welcome back! Unfortunately, you've probably matured in the
              past five years. Tell me it ain't so.
              \_ Maybe I'm just a ficticious character          -kchang
                 \_ please don't sign under my name             -real kchang
                    \_ This is why motd sucks.
2009/5/2-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Finance/Investment] UID:52937 Activity:low
5/2     What's up with this mailing list? Can't we do it like we did in the
        90's and have discussions on MOTD and the wall?
        \_ Speaking of the '90s, when can we start having '90s parties?
              Someone beat you to it.
        \_ We should keep doing it in the facebook, with the twittering.
        \_ It is INSSAAAAAANE. The mailing list activity is ridiculously
           \_ You're ridiculously stupid. Unsubscribe or change it to digest and
              stop your whining.
           \_ You're ridiculously stupid. Unsubscribe or change it to digest
              and stop your whining.
              \_ you're a fucknut. i still have the right to complain about
                 the stupidity of the mailing list content/activity.
        \_ I get way more email than you can possibly imagine.  forward it
                                     why? just curious. I  _/
                                     always wonder about statements
                                     like this, and how much the
                                     stater gets and why.
                                     \_ I'm just making fun of Christine's
                                        whining.  Don't take me seriously.
           all to Gmail, use a label for CSUA, deal with it.  quit whining.
        \_ See latest mail. I'm thinking of changing it to digest. That should help
           those of you who are too lazy to change it yourself. --t
2009/4/27-5/5 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52917 Activity:kinda low
        SCOTUS upholds FCC's zero-tolerance obscenity policy.

        4/27    Nice:
        For all you crusties out there itching to come back and troll with
        wall and motd, but whose accounts are still sorried from a few years
        back, I'd like to remind you that it's not hard to un-sorry your
        account. We just need some way to connect you to your name, to make
        sure we're reactivating the accounts for the right person. A scan/
        photo of your old student ID, or a driver's license will suffice, or
        anything stronger if you really want to. It would also be nice to have
        a timeframe for when you signed up, as an additional sanity check,
        though it's not required.

        Alumni, we want you back!
        Andrew Toulouse
        CSUA President
        \_ translation: also don't forget to DONATE to poor students!
        \_ is there an alumni mailing list we should be on for announcements
           like this and the bbq?
           \_ This was an email I sent to announce@csua which an alumni kindly
              reposted to motd. Perhaps your .forward is out of date, or you
              requested to be removed from announce@csua. We don't keep an
              alumni mailing list, since it'd be too hard to track, and since we
          have a record of members with somewhat ambiguous enrollment statuses
              have a record of members with somewhat ambiguous enrollment
              alumni mailing list, since it'd be too hard to track, and since
              we have a record of members with somewhat ambiguous enrollment
              statuses ;).
              P.S. I usually sign my posts on motd with --t.
              \_ Is that pretentious or merely annoying?
             \_ Dunno. You sound like an expert on annoying. I have my reasons
                for doing it. --t
2009/4/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52904 Activity:nil
4/24    Soda is down again. Sux0r. Use to post!
2009/4/16-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52856 Activity:nil
4/16    Secret MOTD only viewable by those who know about "motd.public"!
        \_ Isn't it the same as the bottom "half" of /etc/motd?
           \_ It wasn't a few hours ago.
2009/4/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52799 Activity:nil
4/3     'The gender breakdown is assumed to be 4:1 male: female across the
        autistic spectrum. Research has shown when considering individuals
        with Asperger syndrome/high functioning autism, the ratio could be as
        high as 15:1.' (Wing 1981)
        Okay, I know there are about 15 dudes on the motd - where's the girl?
        \_ Girls on the motd? Surely you jest.
2009/2/27-3/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52660 Activity:kinda low
2/27    Stupid question -- I know I've been away for a while, but has
        anyone ever discussed something like a CSUA phpbb or similar
        setup?  I get the impression hardly anyone uses wall anymore,
        and I'm surprised the motd is still active.  -John
        \_ Yes.  I played around with it for a while, but people raised
           such bitching about the evils of phpbb that I opted to not
           implement my own forum software.  I agree it would be nice
           for people to get persistent discussions going. -mrauser
           \_ I have no idea about phpBB, but I would like something to
              replace the motd that new students can get into. -jrleek
              \_ I had an idea at lunch with Ausman today -- motd
                 anonymity is good, so create a dummy user.  Let people
                 log in with either their regular account (PAM auth
                 or something) or via the dummy user -- which then
                 requires an authentication process with CSUA
                 credentials to a user's account (to avoid anonymous
                 non-CSUA hosers.)  Don't log these accesses (or
                 maybe just "bob authenticated to the dummy acct. on
                 xyz date") and let authenticated users then post
                 anonymously.  Problem solved.  BTW, phpbb was just
                 an example -- anything web-based would do.  If this
                 is of interest to anyone, I can look into it.  -John
                 \_ I don't understand. The whole point of the internet
                    discussion is to have transparency and open discussions.
                    Why do you want to limit yourself to a few selected
                    CSUAers? A closed systems usually turns into flame-fest
                    with a bunch of same old cranky farts like holub.
                    \_ I don't think anonymous access is desirable or
                       aligned with CSUA goals.  It's basically a historical
                       accident, and it's not currently providing any
                       value to the CSUA.  It's not necessary.  -tom
                       [Some anonymous twink deleted this message--why is it
                       important for the CSUA to support that kind of
                       [Some anonymous twink deleted this message, twice
                       now--why is it important for the CSUA to support that
                       kind of behavior?]
                    \_ I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that this is
                       not a troll.  The CSUA used to be a good platform (I
                       have been out of the loop for a while) for connecting
                       students with alumni, among others.  MOTD is a
                       functional but archaic method for posting stuff, and
                       I don't think many people have the time or patience
                       to deal with it.  If you're interested in getting
                       students in contact with graduates regarding know-how,
                       jobs, whatever, you'll go for whatever works.  Second,
                       there are people such as you (since you didn't sign
                       your post) who want anonymity.  That's fine, and I
                       respect that.  Forced transparency stifles discussion.
                       I like the CSUA, it got me started with computers in
                       my career, and it'd be nice to give back; regarding
                       limiting discussion to CSUA members, I also maintain
                       stronger ties with alumni from my b-school because I
                       am pretty sure that they're of reasonably high quality.
                       Anyway, this all is moot if nobody's interested.  I am
                       happy to invest the time and effort if someone wants
                       to let me know.  -John
                       \_ There seems to be quite a bit of interest in this,
                          I'm interested, mrauser seems interested, tom is.
                          Even the current politburo seems interested.  There
                          was some talk about this last semester.  They
                          redesigned the website, but I guess they didn't get
                          around to the forum.  (Much harder, after all)
                          If you want to take it on, it seems like there
                          would be plenty of people to cheer you on. :)
                          \_ s/they/I/i. I redesigned the site because while I
                             could easily maintain the site, it required some
                             level of comfort with UNIX and the command-line
                             which quite simply most students nowadays lack. In
                             other words, I decided supporting Movable Type was
                             easier than supporting the older (and more flexible
                             IMO) system, since the current secretary isn't as
                             experienced with HTML, Markdown, Python, etc.
                             easier than supporting the older (and more
                             flexible IMO) system, since the current secretary
                             isn't as experienced with HTML, Markdown, Python,

                             Re: the forum - I wanted a forum, but politburo
                             last semester, while not actually opposed, lacked
                             any interest in me setting one up.  Some people on
                             motd complained about it and nobody stepped up to
                             offer to do it, so it died a quiet death. John is
                             100% correct on lack of time and patience to wade
                             through motd; my usage drops off significantly
                             when I have work to do, especially with all the
                             polticial-economic discussions I have no interest
                             in reading (that's not to say I'm not generally
                             interested in the topic, but let's not get into
                             that or start a flame war).  I still would like a
                             forum.  If someone here is willing to set one up,
                             I'd like that. --toulouse
                             \_ Someone at work set up a Simple Machines Forum
                                in like 1 day. I can't say how secure it
                                is, but it works. There are others.
                                \_ Do whatever you want to set up new and
                                   alternative forums, but leave the motd
                                   and wall alone for those who wish to
                                   continue to use them in spite of their
                                   limitations.  The arent doing harm or
                                   sucking major resources, and they have
                                   value to some, so no reason this should
                                   be XOR instead of AND.
                                   \_ Paranoid much? Why would we destroy
                                      motd or wall? They have basically no
                                      overhead. The point is to set up
                                      something that serves the CSUA's
                                      needs better, not to take MOTD away
                                      from alumni. --t
                                      \_ who is paranoid? a reasonable
                                         comment since turning these off
                                         has been proposed before and
                                         csua leadership has often gotten
                                         "no brainer" issues wrong. asked and
                                            \_ Except for the fact that I've
                                               made it abundantly clear before
                                               that I won't be shutting down
                                               motd. The fact that I'm using
                                               motd should tell you something,
                                               too. Looks like you got a "no
                                               brainer" issue wrong. :P --t
2009/2/22-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52619 Activity:moderate
2/22    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get into GDC this year?
        Its during spring break so I can actually attend everyday.
        I hear there are jobs taking notes for various speakers for those
        who cannot attend.
                poor undergraduate aka bordicon
        \_ Yes it's really easy. Just be a really hot chick.
           It looks like GDC is offering a free student pass. If you want
           more access, contact the organizers and plead your case, offering
           to volunteer (though you really should have been doing this like
           six months ago). -ausman
           Some dick stomped my longer answer: try volunteering -ausman
           \_ sorry that's me. I don't use motdedit because I don't
              want to be identified. I hope you understand.
              \_ I don't see anything he that warrents anominity.
              \_ I don't see anything here that warrents anominity.
              \_ We understand that you're too much of a dick
                 to be anonymous in such a way as to not stomp
                 those of us who use motdedit so as to not stomp
                 each other.  --PeterM
              \_ Do you really need more than plausible deniability?
2009/1/11-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:52355 Activity:nil
1/11    "quota -v" doesn't work anymore?
        \_ I was told on motd a few years ago that soda no longer had disk
           \_ We don't, but reserve the right to slap hosers, since disk space
              isn't unlimited. --t
2008/12/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52301 Activity:nil
12/26   Motd is dead for good, RIP Motd. You will be missed. :(
               \_ What about soda?
2008/12/28-2009/1/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52297 Activity:nil
12/28   Despite the 5 day crash, soda still managed to accumulate over 3400
        motd messages, higher than 2007's record low of 3355 messages.
        Congrats, and keep trolling!                            -kchang
        \_ Even better, donate to us so you can troll more reliably! :P --t
           \_ LOL after the startup idea gets funding, sure. PS, wanna
              work on something cool and be the next Larry + Sergei? -kchang
              \_ Depends. My family's having financial issues of a serious sort
                 so I need some degree of security to support them. On that
                 note, is there anyone here looking for a (paid) summer intern,
                 (in an IT-related field, if possible, but I can do CS)? --t
                 \_ if you don't mind working in Cupertino, send me your
                    resume. --abe
                    \_ Sent. --t
2008/12/26-28 [Computer/SW/Security, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52296 Activity:kinda low
12/26   Motd is dead for good, RIP Motd. You will be missed. :(
               \_ What about soda?
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 11:56:41 -0800
From: Steven Schlansker <>
Subject: [CSUA Announce] Soda back up!
Hey guys,
Unfortunately crashed over the Christmas break
when I was out of town and none of the rootstaff with cardkey access to
Soda could get in.  About a day's worth of mail was bounced
unfortunately - if you got a bounce message, just try to resend your
email and it'll go through now.  Sincerest apologies - I simply couldn't
make it back to Berkeley any faster.
Hopefully everything will be running OK for now.  We're still waiting on
our shipment of a new server...  the latest ETA is the 10th.  Then I
will be rebuilding it (with the help of the rootstaff and some new
hopefully up-and-coming root members!) and we'll put it into production
as fast as we can!
Hope everyone's holidays find them well,
Your VP
Steven Schlansker
Announce mailing list
2008/12/10-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52219 Activity:high
12/9    A new politburo has been elected. --t
        \_ I'm glad at least you guys could fill all seven offices this time.
           Its really a shame that the amendment failed, the politburo is
           too heavyweight at 7 officers (some of whom are so superflous,
           there is little need for them to give a crap).  I wish you guys
           had proposed the amendment in a way that might actually convince
           some people rather than "hey, so we want to do this." -mrauser
           \_ hey, is it kosher to top-post like this? anyways, I dunno, if we
              have enough officers to fill the 7 spots (as we did), I'd rather
              have the larger offices. Part of my consideration in voting
              against (I was initially for) was that I wanted to pull some more
              people in to the CSUA, and so we can rely on others if some of us
              happen to be busy (especially since 3/7th of Politburo will be in
              CS150). --t
              \_ You have been here for a week, don't start becoming a format
                 nazi.  I find it astounding that you voted down the amendment
                 seeing as I could not find a single place where you voiced
                 any dissenting opinion to it.  Why didn't you voice your
                 concern instead of silently hoping for failure.  The concern
                 you gave was the original reason for the amendment but it
                 completely failed.  Do you not remember an entire semester
                 where steven held two offices because you couldnt find a
                 single person who could act as events director? The rationale
                 for the amendment is clear from your description.  Right now
                 the "larger" offices are the offices taking up the majority
                 of the responsibility and work burden for the csua.  The
                 amendment would have left you with positions with more
                 balance between them instead of the large disparity now. -mr
                 \_ I've been here for two weeks, at least. Also, I have no
                    obligation to email you when I change my opinion, but FYI
                    I did talk with other members of politburo about this,
                    outside of politburo. That I sent out the email surveying
                    possible candidates for each of the position should indicate
                    to you (after the fact) that it wasn't a sudden decision,
                    and (though it's also not something I'd email you about) I
                    CSUA members for intent to run should indicate to you
                    (after the fact) that it wasn't a sudden decision, and
                    (though it's also not something I'd email you about) I
                    okay'ed it with a few politburo members. And of course I
                    took into account Steven's dual-position. Do you think I'm
                    an idiot? To me, balance was not really the issue; if
                    anything the low-stress positions such as librarian and
                    secretary are IMO a good gateway for members to test how
                    much they want to involve themselves in managing CSUA
                    affairs. It's why I ran for secretary in the first place.
                    I could go on, but my lock time just expired. --t

        \_ There are also plans for a forum to replace motd.  Yah!
           \_ No there aren't. There are plans to pilot a forum to see if any of
              you crochety old folks can be arsed into using this newfangled web
              technology to connect with undergrads. --t (president-elect)
           \_ No there aren't. There are plans to pilot a forum to see if any
              of you crochety old folks can be arsed into using this
              newfangled web technology to connect with undergrads. --t
              \_ if there are gals as hot as karen@csua circa 2004-5 I'll
                 definitely donate and connect with you undergrads.
                 \_ Pics of karen please?
                    \_ karen likes fruits, but does she like gay people?
                    \_ Commence stalking now:
                       \_ I'm in LOOOOOVE. Time to donate to the CSUA.
                          \_ She's taken.
                       \_ oh man, karen is really creative. impressive
                       \_ I thought Karen has big breasts.  Guess not.
                    \_ http://xcf/~paolo/brc2004/3444600-R1-034-15A.jpg
                       \_ Blown out highlights in the back, typical when
                          you're trying to save details in front. Actually
                          I'm surprised to see how much shadow (subject)
                          was saved despite this high contrast scene.
                          Was a fill-in flash used in this situation?
                          What camera+flash if any was used here?
                       \_ She's VERY taken.
                          \_ I'm still going to jerk off to her pics.
                    \_ http://xcf/~paolo/brc2004/3444600-R1-034-15A.jpg
                       \_ I thought someone on motd once said Karen had big
                          breasts.  I guess not.
                          \_ they're bigger than mine. certainly bigger
                             than typical Japanese and Taiwanese ones.
                 \_ I guess you could call that hot...
              \_ oh boy, another web forum to ignore.
                 \_ just like motd
            \_ Ummm, do you really want these guys connecting with the
2008/12/2-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52145 Activity:low
12/2    Would people be in favor/opposed to a Web interface to MOTD in
        the hope that it might allow more new people to use it?  It
        would be authenticated against Soda but anonymized (to prevent
        spam).  Thoughts?  --steven
        \_ I think its a good idea and one I've wanted to look into for a
           long time but what I think makes the motd so ... interesting.. is
           the anonymity aspect to it.  I think that having webforums that
           aren't anonymous and moderated would be of great benefit (job
           postings don't need anonymity), but you need to have that
           no-holds-barred, big-breast-loving, mormon-antagonizing ability
           that anonymity provides somewhere.  It sounds like a fun project.
           Lets build it over winter. ;) -mrauser
        \_ Just build it and see how much traffic you get. dbushong's
  (different than is a shot at it.
           See how popular it is.
           \_ lol spam. A web interface would have to authenticate with soda
              somehow, and there's no guarantee that that will stay unlogged
              (or indeed, that it could be forced by the powers that be to
              be logged). /paranoia
              \_ We could just as easily track changes to this motd with some
                 kernel hacks or just filesystem notifications or a million
                 other ways.  There's at least some trust involved already, and
                 anything I set up would be as anonymous as possible. --steven
                 other ways.  There's at least some trust involved already,
                 and anything I set up would be as anonymous as possible.
        \_ Personally, this libertarian style motd that's been running
           for 2 decades or so have proved to be... interesting. I'll
           be equally interesting when we move to a socialist monitored
           motd where "the man", errr, steven tells us what we can and
           cannot say. ASSASSINATION! NEGROS! <insert offensive stuff here>
           \_  I have no intentions of changing or moderating in any way the
               MOTD itself. --steven
        \_ Are you going to track editors? What happens if someone
           starts a death threat? What happens if someone dies from
           using motd? Are you going to be liable for monitoring or
           not monitoring the motd?
           \_ Same as it works now.  Use at your own risk / bring thick skin
        \_ Clarification - different from in that it is more
           aligned towards active reading / posting rather than archival
                \- why dont you create this "web based forum" and then
                   "let the market decide". i think this is pointless.
                   its like saying "how about replacing wall with
                   something like a "wall client" so people dont need
                   to log into soda ... if only there were such a thing.
                   \_ I only asked because I'm a newcomer and I value your
                      guys' opinions.  Of course I could just go do it, but I
                      wanted to ask advice first. --steven
        \_ edit motd with vi like a real man
           \_ real men use emacs:
        \_ I am in favor of it. You should be aware that the motd, being
           a mostly anonymous free speech zone, can be controversial. It has
           been complained about in the past. -ausman
           \_ I (think I) understand that :) --steven
        \_ you need to explain what you mean. there is a "web interface to
           motd browsing" at my inclination is: if you can leave
           everything as is but add something, then do whateever you want.
           but if you are going to change it to web only, that is a giant lose.
           web browsers are not editing environments. on the other hand
           it is reasonable to be able to read the motd via the web [and this
           already exists]. and frankly it's not reasonable to claim this
           will be anonymous. regardless of what you say, when you make it
           trackable to IPs, anonymity is gone [unless you takes the
           obvious cumbersome steps to soem how edit via TOR while not using
           that connection for logins etc]. put be down for "opposed"/
           "it already exists".
           that connection for logins etc]. put me down for "opposed"/
           "it already exists". --psb
           \_ I don't see how anonymity provides a benefit to the CSUA, and if
              "leaving everything as-is" means that the half-dozen long-gone
              alumni can troll stupidly and argue about how to indent the text,
              I don't see how that provides a benefit to the CSUA, either.
              \_ Utility has very little to do with the MOTD. Organic processes
                 like this sometimes provide good food for thought, but this is
                 a side-effect, not their purpose. Still, as far as labs for
                 thought go, I think it "works." --erikred
                 \_ It works for undergrads more than grads. Grads donate
                    money and give advice on dating and offer jobs.
                    Undergrads on the other hand don't offer much to grads.
                    Actually they're worth about $2000/head, that's how
                    much bonus I get for referals.
                 \_ It works for who?  10 people who haven't set foot in
                    Soda Hall in 5+ years?  For it to work it has to
                    work for the CSUA's primary constituency, which is
                    current undergraduates.  -tom
                    \_ UG get something from the connection to the alumni.
                       If nothing else, donations for machine upgrades. Also,
                       job offers and company presentations. -ausman
                       \_ That's my point--there's no connection to the alumni
                          in a forum that undergrads don't use.  -tom
                          \_ Except I have foot in Soda Hall. In fact, I think
                             that is the reason we are seeing some UG
                             involvement on the motd. If it weren't for the
                             motd I would have stopped logging into soda a
                             long time ago. So the connection, while indirect,
                             does exist. -ausman
        \_ I don't think a web interface to MOTD makes sense.  I think you
           should probably just kill MOTD and replace it with a web-based
           forum.  Its time has passed.  -tom
           \_ Agreed. I've setup
              Let's all join this group. Har har har.
              \_ I don't like killing things people use actively
        \_ I'm against it. is good enough for motd IMO and I don't
           share Steven's weird dislike of web forums. I love 'em. motd isn't
           going away, in any case. motd already works, and there's absolutely
           no need (IMO) to effect any sort of change to it. --toulouse
           \_ I have a feeling if we tried to go to a forum, the crew here
              would stay here.  I'm trying to have some connection between
              \_ Basically no undergrads lurk here, to my knowledge. It's taken
                 me two years to look into motd; the interest (in motd, not in
                 connecting with alumni) IMO does not have inertia to sustain
                 itself. Perhaps an alternative is to introduce people to motd
                 at GM3, and again during future GM1s? I should put a link to
        on the site. Pardon me while I do so... --toulouse
              \_ Coexisting doesn't seem like a bad option to me.
                 \_ Except that part of the idea should be to create a shared
                    undergrad/alumni community.  If the alumni really care
                    about wall/MOTD, they certainly have the resources to
                    set them up on their own.  -tom
2008/12/2-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52142 Activity:nil
12/1    Goddamnit stop stomping the motd.  Half the time I post here some
        idiot who is deadly afraid some motd stalker might FIGURE OUT WHO
        THEY ARE OH THE HORROR hand some stupid homemade motd editing script
        and the nukes my changes.  Stop it already you dumbasses.
        \_ Just FYI, today is 12/2
         \_ I like to live in the past
2008/12/2-6 [Computer/SW/Apps, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52140 Activity:kinda low
12/1    Just curious -- what do you guys generally use soda for? Why do you
        log on? Personally, I use it to keep a presence on IRC and AIM/gTalk
        at all times, and mess around with some Python programming (been
        setting up Twisted and such so I can play with making an irc bot).
        \_ I use it to post SHIT, er, I mean, spill my guts about the company
           I work at... I use it to post to and valleywags.
           My company has banned's IP.
        \_ Website hosting, and, believe it or not, reading the motd; it does
           occasionally provide good or interesting info. --erikred
           \_ Speaking of this and that, what are the odds of turning cgi
              back on? --erikred
              \_ We'll turn it on for anyone who 1) wants it 2) knows
              how to write secure CGI 3) is willing to promise not to
              hose 4) emails root@  It's disabled by default just
              because that's the easiest way to get 0wned but I'm OK
              with having individual users use it.  -- Steven (VP)
        \_ motd, wall, nwriting, providing a place outside corporate firewall
           to do things no the internet (diagnose net problems, download stuff
           the firewall/virus-scanner stupidly  breaks)
           \_ Second all that, plus it gives me a place to goof off that my
              corporate security can't sniff, since everything is encrypted.
              I scrupulously avoid posting to blogs on the company wire, though
              I often read them.
              I often read them. Oh, I also use it as my repository of a
              bunch of stuff like phone numbers, that I want to be able to
              get to from everywhere.
        \_ trn remains the best newsgroup reader, and soda remains the easiest
           way to use it
           \_ there's something useful on usenet still?  I throught it was
              drowned in spam, porn, warez, and inanity.
              \_ Some (moderated) algorithm groups still have the luminaries
              \_ obviously, you don't use
                 \_ Newsgroup alt.binaries.erotic.caucasian.lolita.paolo-pollux.\
                    likes does not exist!
                 \_ Newsgroup alt.binaries.erotic.caucasian.lolita.likes
                    does not exist!
           \_ Berkeley's Usenet server is likely to be turned off soon.  -tom
        \_ Many decades ago I used it to finger hot women on Soda and
           uclink, uclink2, ocf clusters, etc. Nowadays, I just use it
           to forward to my Gmail account. I still use
           my csua email on my resume. Nothing speaks louder than having
           BERKELEY in your email address. Go Beah!!! Speaking of hot
           women, toulouse... is it still fashionable to date Asian women
           these days?
           \_ dunno, but if so, I might be pretty fashionable soon. :D
        \_ motd and personal website. I used to use soda for email and usenet,
           but mostly I've switched my email to gmail and have stopped reading
2008/11/27-12/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52119 Activity:moderate
11/27   Hey, I'm new to motd...Are there any general rules/habits I should follo\
w/know about? --toulouse (Secretary)
        P.S. The office has actually been in 337 Soda, not 343 Soda, for the
        past year and a half or so. Speaking of which, the
        wiki doesn't look editable, whereas there is in fact an official CSUA
        wiki that authenticates to our LDAP backend (i.e. CSUA members can
        edit it). It's located at wiki.csua. I'd appreciate it if you guys
        could help add stuff to it. :)
        \_ For starters, 80 char per column. I fixed it for you this time.
        \_ Welcome here! I'm an anonymous old fart from the 90s and I donate
           to CSUA. I used to do recruiting but stopped for a while. Anyways
           the best thing you can do is to recruit more members who want
           to learn more about the UNIX system. You can start by
           enabling motd for new users which will generate more interests
           and awareness to our beloved time shared system.
        \_ Welcome. Use an editor that locks the motd while you edit, either
           vi or emacs, or expect some of your edits to be lost. Some people
           only edit remotely, for privacy reasons, so you still might lose
           some change. Expect to get flamed if you post anything controversial,
           so grow a thick skin. -ausman (The guy that did the CBS infosession)
           some change. Expect to get flamed if you post anything
           controversial, so grow a thick skin. -ausman (The guy that did the
           CBS infosession)
           \_ I'm using /csua/bin/motdedit, which launches my $EDITOR, vim.
              Does that work?
              \_ Yes, but don't ctrl-z the process, or you'll get death
                 threats.  Which is why I don't use motdedit anymore.  Vim
                 warns if the file has changed when you write it, so I don't
                 bother locking the motd, just don't write if someone else has
                 modified it. -emarkp
          \_ I never ctrl-z processes, I use screen to multitask. --toulouse
                \_ I don't ctrl-z, I use screen to multitask. --toulouse
        \_ Learn to make fun of people. Tell them to rtfm. They're gay.
           Yermom is ugly. You're welcome.
                \_ That's what she said. --toulouse
                   \_ Replies are better if the indent is minimal, not a full
        \_ learn to bait tom, emarkp, danh, LOLPAOLO, psb
                     \_ My tabs are 4chars long, so I don't see the
                        difference. Are yours 8? I noticed people were using
                        tabs so I switched to indenting with them. I'm
                        fiddling with it right now. Any other vim'ers have
                        tips on the most convenient configuration? --toulouse
                        \_ Ah I see what's going on. Traditionally tabs
                           have been 8 characters long. This changed
                           somewhat since the introduction of IDEs. Keep
                           in mind motd.public has been around way before
                           IDEs have been popular. 8 char=tab was the UNIX
                           way for decades, until... IDEs came along. Then
                           came along pico and other funny editors. At any
                           rate, a general rule of thumb is that you should
                           never use tabs in your programs. Space only!
                   \_ you can also reply to a word
        \_ wiki.csua has an invalid SSL certificate.
           It's good to see a current politburo member trying to engage the
           community here, while also bringing up new web services.
           I would like to see more CSUA web services--a bulletin board,
           blog, etc.  Current undergrads don't have any interest in wall
           or MOTD, and most of the alumni population is gone via
           attrition combined with the various password resets.  The
           connection between undergrads and alumni used to be a major
           aspect of the CSUA, and those connections created job
           opportunities for a lot of people.  It would be good to find
           a way to recreate a CSUA online community that would be used
           by current undergrads.  -tom
           \_ The expired self-signed certificate is a known issue. SSL is a
              pain in the ass. I suggested buying a cert that people already
              generally have, though I have reservations about this, as it's
              entirely about convenience, rather than technical need. Also, I
              agree about the lack of interest in MOTD and wall. I was never
              properly introduced to either, due to nobody else showing me the
              ropes, so I'm still hesitant to make full use. Agreed on the
              online forum and blog; I just shot off an email to politburo
              suggesting it. As Secretary (for another month and a half), that
              actually falls under my office, so hopefully in the remaining time
              we can put something up.
              actually falls under my office, so hopefully in the remaining
              time we can put something up.
              \_ Do new users have "more /etc/motd" in their default .bashrc?
                 This would bring in a lot of new blood. -ausman
                 \_ While true, this would be something take up with steven,
                    the VP. If you ask steven/politburo about it then response
                    is more likely, rather than using me as a proxy (though I
                    think I brought it up anyway...I don't remember.)
                 \_ I think it's extremely unlikely that "more /etc/motd" would
                    bring in new blood.  Most of the undergrads probably
                    don't even log in on the command line, and even if they
                    knew it was going on, would not understand why we're
                    using such an ineffective discussion medium.  (Leaving
                    aside the issue that the content isn't anything that's
                    interesting to undergrads).  -tom
                   \_ Well, it would at least bring in *some* new blood. Few
                        members at this point even know of motd. I bet some of
                        our officers don't even know about it. That said, a
                        forum would draw in a lot more people IMO. But yeah,
                        other ugrads don't seem to appreciate having a login
                        shell as much as I do...something I want to fix next
                        semester. (I'm planning to run for P) --toulouse
                        P.S. one such thing is to get a beefy-ass server and
                        offer virtual private server to members on a case-by-
                        case basis (i.e. not willy-nilly, but to people in good
                        standing with the CSUA with a good reason. Incidentally,
                        we're thinking of soliciting donations for the server,
                        but that's not my department. We're also waiting for the
                        Core i7 to be available, since we want a quad-quad core.
                        case basis (i.e. not willy-nilly, but to people in
                        good standing with the CSUA with a good reason.
                        Incidentally, we're thinking of soliciting donations
                        for the server, but that's not my department. We're
                        also waiting for the Core i7 to be available, since we
                        want a quad-quad core.
                        The CSUA's in decent financial shape, and you might've
                        noticed keg's crashiness lately, so investing in a
                        bitchin' fast server seems like a good idea.
                        \_ Overachieving undergrad screaming to get noticed.
                           Just kidding, you rule. Are you an aspiring
                           sysadmin? If so, tell me when you're graduating,
                           I can place you in a good company. -headhunter alum
                           \_ Well, our vp, steven, is the sysadmin guru. I'm
                              not sure what I want to do after college, but
                              sysadminning is a possibility. I've been
                              learning from steven over time, but he's still
                              got the most experience under his belt. While
                              I pushed the wiki, it was ultimately steven who
                              did the setup. Not that I'm not capable, but
                              credit where credit is due...Anyway, tbh, I'm
                              not sure whether I want to program in a
                              professional capacity after I graduate, or keep
                              it as a hobby, or go into digital logic (such as
                              FPGAs), or possibly go into sysadminning. I'm
                              graduating May 2010, btw.
                              \_ Young man please remind us again when you're
                                 close to graduating. Don't circulate your
                                 resume online randomly. Give it to me.
                                 The bottom line is I get a cut from hiring
                                 you, and when you get hired I'll take you to
                                 dinner. Also don't listen to a bunch of
                                 people telling you to join their startups
                                 that'll be the next Google, and more
                                 importantly DON'T QUIT SCHOOL or else you'll
                                 end up like dans. Take lots of classes and
                                 get really good grades. Your GPA really
                                 counts when you're fresh out of college.
                                 Follow my advice and you'll get lots of
                                 job offers. By the way, if you're curious
                                 about grad school, by all means go for it
                                 but start EARLY (late junior year).
                                                        -class of 96
                                 \_ How can he give him your resume when you
                                    don't even sign your post? And what is wrong
                                    with how dans is doing? But I agree with
                                    your advice about staying in school. -ausman
                                    don't even sign your post? And what is
                                    wrong with how dans is doing? But I agree
                                    with your advice about staying in school.
                                 \_ As ausman says, I can't exactly send a
                                    resume directly to an anonymous person. I've
                                    thought about the repercussions of dropping
                                    out before and decided it definitely isn't
                                    for me, and I've thought about grad school
                                    and I don't think it's really an option for
                                    me. For various reasons, I need to start
                                    earning to support my parents, and my GPA is
                                    about 3.1 or so, due to a few poor choices
                                    regarding class load and study
                                    it's probably work after graduation, and
                                    concurrent enrollment for additional classes
                                    -- time allowing.
                                    resume directly to an anonymous person.
                                    I've thought about the repercussions of
                                    dropping out before and decided it
                                    definitely isn't for me, and I've thought
                                    about grad school and I don't think it's
                                    really an option for me. For various
                                    reasons, I need to start earning to support
                                    my parents, and my GPA is about 3.1 or so,
                                    due to a few poor choices regarding class
                                    load and study it's probably
                                    work after graduation, and concurrent
                                    enrollment for additional classes -- time
2008/11/19-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:52043 Activity:nil
11/19   An hour ago I saw this:
         11:02:56 up 21 days,  7:30, 28 users,  load average: 595.04, 732.07,
        What happened?

        And now "top" says:
        Mem:   2076388k total,  1935992k used,   140396k free,  184428k buffers
        Swap:  3903784k total,      104k used,  3903680k free,  531404k cached
        Only 104K swap space used out of 3.9G?  That's strange.
        \_ lulz
       \_ the   reason Soda keeps screwing up is        the LDAP server that ssh
          needs to communicate    with to  let you      log in,  'keg', is always
           screwing up.            politely ask politburo   to fix      this situation.
           And      your next point... I am not sure        'free'      or 'top'        means what
           you      think it  means in linux.    the OS     is possibly smarter than you
           might think    about freeing up       memory     for use.
           \_ your emacs fu is low
        \_ I miss the days when SODA went down, there is actually a public
           motd that explains what happened.
        \_ Maybe Soda needs a cron job that reboots every week.
2008/11/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:51835 Activity:moderate
11/5    Yay, editing is open from!
        \_ you're an idiot.
2008/10/31-11/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:51770 Activity:high
10/31   root, could you please squish jblack's account for using a bot
        to post on motd?
        \_ heaven forbid we utilize our trade - turin
        \_ you mean for posting conservative views?
           \_ is he the guy that pasted two pages of text in the motd?
              what would be non-h0zerish is if he clipped a section he liked
              and linked the rest.
              \_ SOCIALISM
              \_ Dittohead Desperation Level: Gamma
        \_ Shouldn't you be squished for wiping his stuff over and over?
         \_ no
          \_ I disagree.  You should both be squished.
           \_ You are a moron, what can I say?
            \_ If you weren't a moron, you could say something else.
               You also wouldn't obsessively content-censor the motd.
2008/10/31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Health/Women] UID:51764 Activity:high
10/31   All right, who's the new baby re the motd wipes?
        \_ tom, aspolito and the anti-free speech liberals on
           soda can't stand debate and diversity!
           \_ 300 lines of ranting and key phrases like 'anchor babies'
              and 'Mexifornia' makes me think you didn't write this and you're
              just copying it all from a blog post or forum.  Just post the
              url.  300 lines is too much. - danh
              url.  300 lines is too much.  you're also a jerk for
              deleting everything else on the motd except NIKON CANON GUY-danh
              \- what is an "anchor baby"? --psb
2008/8/19-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:50901 Activity:nil
8/18    motd cleansed of stupid stuff. - motd smart guy
        \_ You're an idiot.
           \_ Your girlfriend is having WoW sex
2008/8/18-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:50891 Activity:moderate
8/18    Hey dim why did you switch your motd edit command? Do you actually
        think you can hide from editting motd? I can read OS logs ya know.
           \_ Who are you?  I'm wondering who would sorry someone
              for reading the logs to figure out who "anonymous" comments
              were written by.  --PeterM
              \_ The issue is that this cowardly fuck has a process which
                 automatically deletes anything I write using motdedit. It's
                 not about reading the logs, but about censorship and
                 harassment. This isn't some running feud, but a moron who is
                 obsessed with me. --dim
                 \_ tell us about the stars dim!
                 \_ I agree that having a process which automatically deletes
                    someone else's motd posts is squishable.  --PeterM
                    \_ unless that someone is a complete moronic troller
                       \_ No, you still can't auto edit a troller. Don't be
                          a twink.
                          \- ethics aside, why can't a motd terrorist
                             terrorize motd? what method do we have to
                             reliabily detect an act of terrorism, and
                             what can we do about it? how is deleting troll
                             worse than adding trolls? who are you to judge
                             troll or content? these questions beg deeper
                             discussions that has yet to begun.
                             \_ I thought current policy disallowed auto-
                                posters as well as auto-deleters?
                                \_ The politburo currently does not posses
                                   much awareness of the motd, but all users
                                   on soda have consented to abide by don't be
                                   a hozer guidelines.  Should anyone step
                                   far enough outside the hozing boundaries
                                   I will lobby them for the ability to squish.
                             \_ Auto-deletion directly denies access
                                to the motd and thus prevents the free
                                exchange of ideas that is necessary for
                                a "marketplace of ideas" to function.
                                Auto-posting doesn't directly deny access,
                                and while it may drive people away from
                                the motd, the motd still remains accessible.
                                Thus, I think that auto-deletion, in which
                                you don't know what you lost, is a much
                                worse form of terrorist, than auto-posting,
                                which only makes it harder to find things.
                                Personally, I think both auto-posting and
                                auto-deletion need to be controlled for
                                the motd to function effectively.
        \_ Fuck off. You are dangerously close to getting sorried.
        \_ how are you determining if dim is editing the motd?  I edit the motd
           ALL THE TIME and no one has picked up my username(yet)
           \_ That's what I want to know. Why is this some secret? Are these
              OS logs world-readable? Please educate us in the name of Computer
           \_ Who are you?  I'm wondering who would sorry someone
              for reading the logs to figure out who "anonymous" comments
              were written by.  --PeterM
              \_ The issue is that this cowardly fuck has a process which
                 automatically deletes anything I write using motdedit. It's
                 not about reading the logs, but about censorship and
                 harassment. This isn't some running feud, but a moron who is
                 obsessed with me. --dim
                 \_ Wow you finally signed your name! Why don't you do the
                    same with your other political trolls
                 \_ tell us about the stars dim!
                 \_ I agree that having a process which automatically deletes
                    someone else's motd posts is squishable.  --PeterM
                    \_ unless that someone is a complete moronic troller
                       \_ No, you still can't auto edit a troller. Don't be
                          a twink.
                          \- ethics aside, why can't a motd terrorist
                             terrorize motd? what method do we have to
                             reliabily detect an act of terrorism, and
                             what can we do about it? how is deleting troll
                             worse than adding trolls? who are you to judge
                             troll or content? these questions beg deeper
                             discussions that has yet to begun.
                             \_ I thought current policy disallowed auto-
                                posters as well as auto-deleters?
                                \_ The politburo currently does not posses
                                   much awareness of the motd, but all users
                                   on soda have consented to abide by don't be
                                   a hozer guidelines.  Should anyone step
                                   far enough outside the hozing boundaries
                                   I will lobby them for the ability to squish.
                             \_ Auto-deletion directly denies access
                                to the motd and thus prevents the free
                                exchange of ideas that is necessary for
                                a "marketplace of ideas" to function.
                                Auto-posting doesn't directly deny access,
                                and while it may drive people away from
                                the motd, the motd still remains accessible.
                                Thus, I think that auto-deletion, in which
                                you don't know what you lost, is a much
                                worse form of terrorist, than auto-posting,
                                which only makes it harder to find things.
                                Personally, I think both auto-posting and
                                auto-deletion need to be controlled for
                                the motd to function effectively.
2008/8/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:50841 Activity:moderate
8/10    No one really cares about what you think, dim. Fuck off.
        \_ Dude, you have unresolved issues. Did I fuck your girlfriend or
           something? I'm sorry. She told me she was single. BTW, your
           attempts at censoring me are juvenile, pathetic, and have no
           place on MOTD.
        \_ Dude, I fuck your boyfriend. I'm sorry. Actually, no. he
           told me he was single. BTW, your attempts at ridicuing me
           has no place on MOTD. No one should disagree with me.
           You're an ass! I feel like crying. WAAAA!    -dim
           \_ Ridicule me all you want. I'm mature enough to handle it.
           \_ Ridicule me all you want. I'm mature 3nough to handle it.
              I expect flames on MOTD. However, your junior-high antics
              are despicable. A world-writable MOTD assumes a certain
              level of maturity which you apparently lack.
              \_ This is a FREE COUNTRY and there's plenty of motd
                 in this FREE MARKET, go pick a market that you like
                 but don't force others to listen to your drivels.
              \_ Oh I am so hurt that I need to respond to the troll!
                 So hurt! BOO HOO! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -dim
                 \_ Trolling is one thing. Deleting posts, modifying posts,
                    and profanity-laced personal insults are another level
                    of stupidity. MOTD has few enough contributors as it is.
                    Are you that bored? You need a girlfriend.
                 \_ Waaa!!                      -real dim
              \_ Anonymous personal attacks aren't really a sign of great
                 maturity, imho. If we all agreed with each other, the motd
                 would be a pretty boring place. -ausman
                    \_ Your worst sin, my following bitch: You're not funny
                       or clever. Read what you wrote. My aren't you proud?
              \_ If you assume anything on motd, you're a complete idiot.
              \_ Welcome to Libertarian motd. There are no rules or laws.
                 \_ Libertarianism is not Anarchy, but we're already over
                    your head now.
              \_ Sorry dude, calling some one out by name without posting
                 your own is just plain old troll behavior.  It's pretty
                 much the definition of immature.  -jrleek
                 \_ I posted more or less the same thing, but got my post
                    deleted. -ausman
        \_ What the hell is this about?
2008/6/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:50414 Activity:nil
6/29    motd responses in
        \_ love motd!
        the middle of someone else's paragraph
        \_ ya!
        \_ totally agree!
2008/6/6-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:50169 Activity:nil
6/6     motd warriors, I edit the motd with emacs, I respect a lock
        anyone else has, and with the POWER OF BUFFERS I can even hold
        my changes somewhere and wait till you are done and merge
        them in later. - nice motd editing guy.
        \_ Yep, I do the same with vi.
2008/6/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:50122 Activity:nil 54%like:50112
6/2     motd: BORING
        bring back motd not getting laid guy
2008/5/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49981 Activity:moderate
5/15    Cute underaged girls who looks like someone in anime. You'll appreciate
        this if you're into anime. Otherwise, you're probably think this is
        stupid. Bad teeth, big eyes, good Japanese. Yay!        -Asianphile
        \_ Dude, no one wants to see this stupid video. No one on YouTube
           likes it and it has been deleted from MOTD repeatedly (not just
           \_ no one? the rating's pretty high. YOU don't like it, fine,
              but don't speak for others, fucking dimwit
              \_ Read the comments and the first video got 2 stars out of 5.
                 \_ what about the rest? and all the other videos she has?
                    what is the average? ANSWER ME.
           by me). The video sucks by any definition. Why is this crappy
           video of a bland, unattractive girl doing nothing of note of
           interest to anyone? --dim
           interest to anyone? Post the one where she takes her top off
           \_ look, i don't like jackie johnson. you are the most narrow
              minded piece of crap i've ever met. fuck off
              \_ If I spam MOTD with youtube videos of JJ then feel
                 free to delete. You sure are defensive.
           or something. --dim
           \_ to each his own. Fuck off dim.
              \_ Yes, let's just post all of our favorite 25 youtube links
                 to MOTD. What are you trying to accomplish here? You say
                 yourself that people will probably think it's stupid. It is.
        \_ Why are her eyes so big?
        \_ I see motd boob guy had a kid named motd weirdo asian fetish
           I never thought of before guy.
2008/5/16-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:49977 Activity:nil
5/16    motd not getting laid guy here.  I'm back from vacation.
        \_ did you get laid on vacation?
           \_ that would make me 'motd getting laid guy'
              \_ actually, 'motd got laid guy'
                 \_ Either could be correct.
                    \_ 'getting' tends to imply he will continue to do so
                       on a regular basis. Probably not true unless he is
                       permanently on vacation (say, in thailand).
                       \_ Could also imply he was getting laid at the very
                          moment he typed it. Ew.
              \_ Was that a vacation from the motd or did you actually go
                 someplace special?
2008/5/6-9 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:49893 Activity:high
5/6     didnt anyone on the motd notice a berkeley townie STABBED
        TO DEATH a UC Berkeley nuclear engineering senior on Friday?
        I don't like nuclear power but this is ridiculous.
        \_ This is just a case of two guys + dime store knife + alcohol.
           I've never heard the phrase "berkeley townie" before.  Since when
           have we become some elite-better-than-the-citizens upper class at
           Cal like some east coast school?
        \_ A) Link?
           B) Is there any evidence that the attack was due to his major?
              \_ no, it was due to a drunken argument.
                 \_ alcohol and nukes never mix
           C) What have you got against nuclear power?
        \_ Berkeley is a dangerous shithole. I can't believe how many
           young, drunk co-eds walk around Berkeley at night alone. When I
           was a student I would often escort these wayward lassies home
           when they encountered me on the street (I kept late hours).
           They were lucky I was a nice, normal guy who didn't even
           approach their apartment buildings let alone try something.
           This was the first student to die in 10 years AFAIK, but not the
           first that was stabbed or shot in that time.
           \_ You don't know what "dangerous shithole" means do you?  If
              Berkeley scares you you probably should just hide in your
              room and never go outside.
              \_ Is it Compton? No. It is a dangerous shithole? Yes, the
                 south and west sides are.
                 \_ 1. They aren't really dangerous or shitholes.  (There are
                       very small patches of shitty areas in Berkeley, yes,
                       but the vast majority is safe.)
                    2. Not many students live that far south or that far west.
                    3. The stabbing was in frat row, which funny enough is
                       the part of Berkeley I like walking around in least
                       (mostly because all the frat boys are obnoxious as
                       \_ No kidding, in my four years at Cal I was threatened
                          with violence four times and three of those times
                          were on Frat Row, which I mostly avoided.
                          \_ When were you there? I agree that Berkeley in
                             the early 90s was bad, but it's much better now.
                             Ditto for North Oakland and Berkeley near San
                             Pablo. -!pp
                             \_ Early 90s. It was the Fraternity members who
                                did the threatening. I am small, had long hair
                                and wore a motorcycle jacket and the combo
                                seemed to send them into some kind of feeding
                                \_ Well, sorry, man, that part of the pop.
                                   probably hasn't changed much.
                                   \_ Which is funny because I'm pretty sure
                                      OP uses "dangerous shithole" as a
                                      (probably self closted) code word for
                                      "there are black people there" but
                                      really the part of Bekeley that made
                                      of a lot of us feel unsafe are the
                                      super white frat boys which nicknames
                                      like The Stevester.
                                      \_ Hey, it's super-racist again!  How's
                                         it feel to be a dick?
                                    \_ These days I have short hair, wear a
                                       a Cal sweatshirt on game days (which
                                       is when I go to Frat Row) and never
                                       have any problems. In fact, they are
                                       pretty friendly to me.
                                       \_ In other words, you've changed, and
                                          that part of the pop. hasn't.
                       \_ I lived on Frat Row (Durant near I-House) for 2 years
                          in a private residence which I rented. Frats were
                          sometimes obnoxious (usually only when they had
                          parties which isn't as often as you might think)
                          as were homeless people shouting in the middle of the
                          night. However, it wasn't that shitty or dangerous
                          compared to other parts of Berkeley. Almost all
                          of Berkeley is a shithole except for the Hills.
                          Not all of Berkeley is dangerous. Just all the
                          parts you might want to go to as a student and
                          some parts (on the West side) that you wouldn't.
              \_ 'You don't know what "dangerous shithole" means do you?'
                 The meaning seems fairly straight forward to me, is there
                 some subtlety to the term I may be missing? -!pp
              \_ Gourmet Ghetto and Solano Ave are particularly dangerous
                 at night. Not to mention Fourth Street. The roving bands of
                 yuppies scare the hell out of me.
        \_ Why don't you like nuclear power?  Are you a Luddite?
        \_ See, those poor Berkeleyites get bitter and cling to knives and
        \_ Stabbing someone is more environmentally sustainable than
           nuking them.  The fallout problems would be insane.
2008/3/24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:49547 Activity:high
3/23    Raise your hand if you don't know what motdedit is or why you should
        use it.
        And/or: Why does the motd seem to travel back in time?
        \_ Raise your hand if you don't care about motdedit.
        \_ motdedit is for the weak.  we've been over this.
        \_ The time travel thing is the result of censor/restore wars.
2008/3/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:49374 Activity:nil
3/7     Learn to use the fucking motdedit you dimwittid dim shit.
2008/3/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:49326 Activity:nil
3/3     All hail the motd that cannot be shrunk!
        \- what is the ramification of shrinking the motd? i mean, your
           brain has been classified as: small. if the ambiguously gay
           bengali partha banerjee can shrink the motd, so can you! ok thx.
           \_ You just think you shrank it. It will grow back again, just
              you watch...
2008/2/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:49263 Activity:nil
2/26    polito, cut it out.
        \_ Stop putting the stupid wank post up and I'll stop removing it
           \_ You're removing it? I'm removing it, too.  Let's just let the
              motd be as is.
              \_ Yeah, sitting on soda, waiting for a build.  I get bored.
2008/2/21-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:49207 Activity:nil
2/21    Why don't people respect the lock on the motd put on by vi or
        emacs? Are they that paranoid about kchang's motd watching program?
        Is anyone still using motdedit?
        \_ hey I still use it.  Some people don't though.  some sneaky folks
           edit a copy of the motd offline and put it in place, not caring how
           much they stomp on others' changes that might have happened in the
           meantime... -ERic
           \_ The problem here is that if enough people edit offline, it
              becomes impossible to edit using vi.  I have taken to using
              the offline approach because vi changes I make get reliably
              stomped. Or maybe some dolt wrote a script to remove changes
              I make *shrug*. -- ilyas
              \_ My changes get stomped sometimes, too.  The best are when
                 I post 2 things at the same time and *one* of them is
                 gone later.  Doesn't take a genius to figure out what
                 happened but by editing offline it is trivial to restore
                 maliciously edited or removed material.  I also fix the
                 malicious trolling edits of other people's posts which is
                 something you can't do with live edits.  Again, it is just
                 a button press to fix those.
              \_ obUseEmacs
        \_ exactly, I don't want to be identified.
           \_ don't you want to know who has a sore on their groin?
                \_ {insert Slide joker here}
           \_ Ok I feel bad about this, and have semi-anonymized
              usernames. Tell me if this is okay with you        -kching
        \_ I use a little script to merge changes others might make while
           I'm editing. It also works to merge my stuff in again if someone
           clobbers it. So while I don't respect locks I don't care anymore
           if someone overwrites me. (If you had a lock and you overwrite
           someone that seems reasonable enough to me, though I don't
           overrwrite people. I sometimes restore others' stuff too.)
           \_ Same here.  I don't update the master copy unless no one else is
              editing it and do diffs, etc, as well to make sure I'm not
              stomping.  I also write stuff I decide after I don't really
              want to post so it gives me a chance to drop those bits before
              going live.
              \_ Also: no grabbing lock and then getting distracted. I use
                 diff also. It's the only sane way to see what people are
                 adding in a large motd.
        \_ key word: usually
2008/1/16-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48954 Activity:moderate
1/16    Motd post count:
        2004: 6634
        2005: 5540
        2006: 4331
        2007: 3355
        At this rate, motd^H^H^H^Hsoda will cease to exist by year 2010. Motd
        is dying.
        \_ What about line counts?
           \_ Yeah, heaven knows we get some long winded rants these days.
        \_ So, what else is new?  I can't believe I still post here, but I
           don't have a good alternative.  Really, how many people post on the
           motd these days?  10? -jrleek
           \_ I'd guess 9.5
              \_ Can we get a 9?  How about an 8.5?  Is there an 8.5? 8.5!
                 8! 8!  Is there a 7.5? 7.5?  Going once... twice... 8!
           \_ At least 20, according to Kevin's tracker at -ausman
        \_ Evidently, any remnants of csua sysadmining ability is dying,
           based on soda's uptime.
           \_ When uptime < downtime... sigh.  I'll bet the office ps2 is
              working though.
        \_ Quality not quantity is where its at.
        \_ It's obvious that the MOTD and wall don't connect with current
           undergraduates.  They probably should be replaced by something
           that does.  -tom
        \_ Current undergrads are too busy writing in their blogs.
           \_ ^blogs^facebook
2007/12/11-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48787 Activity:nil
*/*     Motd restored.  Please don't overwrite a new motd with your
        version from 4 hours earlier.
2007/11/26-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48689 Activity:high
11/25   HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION:  Pretend I live in Berkeley and have
        several roommates.  One roommate, we'll call her Danielle,
        thinks another roommate, we'll call him Umberto, is smoking
        pot in his room.  She calls the Berkeley PD and asks for advice.
        The Berkeley PD says they'll stop by on Monday and search
        Umberto's room.  Danielle says, well gosh golly, I thought
        pot law enforcement was a low priority in Berkeley!  The
        Berkeley PD say no ma'am, we still enforce The Law, I am shocked
        you would think such a thing, we'll be over in the morning to
        search this miscreant Umberto's room.  Their long suffering
        other roommate, "George", I mean me, doesn't want the po-po
        anywhere near the house, because he remembers when a certain
        Sodan got raided by the Berkeley PD and they snatched all of
        his computers as evidence.  "George" also thinks the landlords would
        not appreciate the cops running around their house. So when the
        cops show up and Danielle says "Why come on in good sirs,
        Umberto resides upstairs!" and I I mean "George" says
        COME BACK WITH A WARRANT, who do the police obey?  thanks.
        \_ Who's Britney and what happened to Danielle?  Are you on something?
        \_ Danielle, or any legal resident who invites them in.
           \_ what if Umberto locks his bedroom door?  Do the "police"
              "break the door in"?
              \_ IANAL, and my friend is not a cop (anymore), but it is my
                 understanding that the officers would have PC to search the
                 "common areas" but not a room with a shut door, nor your
                 PC even if in plain view if the alleged crime was smoking
                 pot. Close the door to your room, just in case.
           \_ Hello. you may wish to read Georgia v. Randolph, 126 S.Ct.
              1515 (2006):
              Under Randolph, consent to a warrantless search given by one
              occupant is invalid if another physically present occupant
              refuses to give consent.
              So, if D says "come in" and G says "get a warrant," the BPD
              probably could not conduct a constitutionally valid search
              w/o obtaining a warrant because G, an occupant, was physically
              present and refused to give consent. [if you are really faced
              w/ this situation, do not rely on the above, please consult
              an actual attorney]
              \_ !!! Well-spotted! G, this is yet another great reason to
                 consult a lawyer if this becomes an issue.
              \_ That's interesting and new.  I know prior to that, if one
                 occupant gave consent, that was all that was required.
                 \_ This is not correct. Prior to Randolph, only some
                    states held consent of one occupant was sufficient.
                    \_ I live in CA.  The OP lives in CA.  Other states can
                       have whatever barbaric laws they like.
        \_ Seems like Umberto could just remove the pot!
           \_ He did.  I don't think I can call the "berkeley PD" and say
              oh so sorry, the pot is gone, no need for you to raid my
              home, ok tnx.
                \_ You said "ok tnx" but you are not psb.
        \_ Is "Danielle" hot?
           \_ shut up, motd boob guy
              \_ So she has nice boobs?
                 \_ who are you?  i'm gonna get you.
                    \_ Why? Is she your gf or something?
        \_ oh hey when the "berkeley PD" is here, can i ask them to search
           "Danielle"'s room?  - "George"
        \_ Berkeley police tend to be pretty good about civil liberties,
           especially if you are a student.  Close your door, be around when
           the police show up, and kick Danielle out as soon as possible.
           \_ I dunno, I'd kick the jerk out who's stinking up the house with
              with pot smoke.
              \_ And lose a connection? Do you know what pot is selling for
                 these days?
2007/11/22-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48683 Activity:low
11/21   hey who de-dans'd the motd?  now the motd is full of annoying
        grumpy old men instead.  how is this better?
        \_ Time heals all.  That and it's not munging the motd when tom or psb
           do it since they're just executing the will of the global hive mind
           \_ Resistance is futile.
              \_ Dude, the borg were logical.  They would never make the
                 obvious reasoning errors that tom makes.  Nor would they be so
                 trivially baited and whipped up into a frenzy.  Okay, maybe
                 they would if you fed them a contradiction, but that's not
                 the same. -dans
                 \_ Lines of motd frothing, tom=n, dans=5n at least.
                    \_ #t.  But then I'm well aware of the fact that I am
                       frequently full of shit. -dans
                       \_ so is everyone else.
                       \_ If you are as aware as you claim to be, you would
                          practice more restraint in opening your mouth.
                            -- ilyas
                          \_ #f.  Your reasoning is flawed.  Hint: it's not a
                             failure of intelligence, it's a failure of
                             imagination. -dans
2007/11/19-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48659 Activity:kinda low
11/17   mocking you is fun dans
        i hope you're around for a long long time
        \_ Awww.  I've always wanted to bring joy and entertainment to
           anonymous motd personalities.  Now I can die fulfilled. -dans
           \_ the key to win the troll war is to respond with FEWER
              keystrokes. Try again.
              \_ dans has already lost.  Do you think any of the senior
                 soda people in hiring capapcities are going to hire him...
                 either if they read the motd or know anybody who does?
                 It's possible dans comes off the same in real life, so the
                 motd isn't necessary for this outcome.
                 \_ YOU have lost the troll war. You responded too much.
2007/11/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48656 Activity:nil
11/18   This is the most bizarre motd thread cutting I've seen in a
        while. What's the rubric?
        \_ Dunno.  I chop by date off the bottom but I've been busy for
           several days.  I guess someone else stepped up and has their own
           ideas on motd cleaning.  Anyway, it's the motd so it doesn't
           matter.  Here's a summary for anyone who wants to delete it all:
           Ron Paul is good/evil.  CA is R/D.  Poll vs. Select.  Not Getting
           Laid Guy.  File systems.  Dans.  GW/!GW.  And some confused person
           who thought they'd get help with their wiki project.  Carry on.
2007/11/7-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48572 Activity:nil
11/7    Did anyone have trouble logging in in the last 24 hours?  I kept
        getting "access denied"--has Soda been hacked yet again?
        \_ i had that problem too
        \_ The glorious politburo can't seem to keep the LDAP server up.
        \_ Yes.  Probably.
          \_ if you bothered to look at the wall discussions, we noted that
             there was a LDAP problem -- one of the csua LDAP servers was
             down.  -ERic
             \_ Almost no one reads wall logs. Why not post this in
                \_ Didn't have access sufficient to do anything  other than
                   bellyache over wall or in the motd.  -ERic
2007/10/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48381 Activity:insanely high
10/18   Fuck you motd d o g guy, I've written a script to delete your  poodle
        posts automatically. Go ahead and make my day.  poodle
        \_ You probably don't want to do this.  First, automatically
           munging the motd is a squishable offense.  Second, if tom thinks
           you are doing this, he will declare you to be guilty without
           evidence or trial.  Further, he will decide anyone who supports you
           or provides evidence to the contrary is just a flunky puppet
           secretly controlled by you.  Do you really want to have to deal
           with tom?  Probably not. -dans
           \_ People say that using scripts on the motd is a squishable
              offense, but every sec
           with tom?  Probably not. -lame
           \_ if you really want to bring this up:
              no one has provided any evidence that paolo wasn't
              auto-deleting the MOTD, and it's trivially obvious from the
              evidence available that he was.  And dans is a stooge.  -tom
2007/10/18-2008/4/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48373 Activity:low
4/1     motd fat jewish girl with enormous breasts guy, why don't you go
        watch that new Nostradamus History Channel Show with motd
        fucking poodle guy?
        \_ Nostradamus fans, have you read the Quatrains?
        \_ Nostradamus fans, have you read the german shepherd Quatrains?
2007/10/13-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48308 Activity:nil
10/13   motd is so much more fun when ilyas is around. If only we
        can get jblack back.
        \_ I aim to please. -- ilyas
           \_ I aim to piss too.  -- !OP
        \_ my threads are automatically deleted.
        \_ my threads are automatically deleted.  -jblack
           \_ If you simply sign your name I'll automatically undelete you.
              \_ you know running scripts on the motd is squishable, right?
2007/9/27-10/2 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48201 Activity:nil
9/27    Man, I love Hardboiled (free Berkeley APA newspaper), it's hilarious.
        The article in this old copy is great: "unmasking the emasculated asian
        male".  I love how she assumes that asian men had to learn racism, sexism,
        and domestic abuse from white guys. Ha!
        \_ Lol many of the asian guyss I know are 2x as racist as the average
           white guy.
           \_ Hoyt Sze!  Where are you when we need you?
        \_ Uh, why the heck would anyone go back to 2004 to read something
           like this? I mean, like, are you bored or something?
           \_ I'm posting to the motd, what do you think?
2007/9/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48157 Activity:nil
        Arab haters unite!
2007/9/11-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48017 Activity:kinda low
9/11    remember when politburo got rid of the motd after 9/11 because
        someone's dumb girlfriend thought someone said mean things?
        those were the days.
        \_ Yes, and it was the right thing to do.
           \_ I remember when Berkeley stood up for Free Speech.
              \_ The CSUA != Berkeley != UC Berkeley != FSM.
                 \_ The CSUA is not part of UC Berkeley? Could have
                    fooled me...
                    \_ Also, Berkeley would likely not exist at all if the
                       University wasn't here.
                    \_ You seem to misunderstand the meaning of equality.
                       And, if you want to nitpick, the CSUA is an ASUC
                       sponsored student group, and the ASUC is independent of
                       UC Berkeley.
           \_ Yeah, it's always the right thing to do to make sure that the
              unethical CSUA President continues to get laid.  That's way more
              important than the CSUA community.  -tom
              \_ From my memory the things that were being said were close
                 enough to racist hate speach (if not were racist hate speach)
                 that had things escelated to the right people the csua
                 could have had a serious disaster on it's hands.  On the
                 level of no more csua.  For sure no more csua office.
                 A few weeks timeout for everyone didn't hurt anyone.
                 \_ Oh and the rest of the trash posted here the rest of the
                    year wouldn't be a problem?  Uh huh....  -!tom
                 \_ Berkeley's hate speech provisions were struck down
                    as being overly broad limits on freedom of speech. I
                    don't think that the CSUA would have been in any kind
                    of trouble whatsoever, even if people had complained,
                    but I understand your concern.
                 \_ That's horse crap; it's like saying that CalMail would
                    be taken down because people sent hate mail through it.
                    The very most that would happen is that someone would
                    tell the CSUA to delete the comments.  -tom
        \_ Can someone explain what sort of mean things were said?  I was
           on motd-vacation at the time or something and never found out.
           \_ There was one troll who posted some anti-Arab, anti-Muslim
              stuff, raw stuff along the lines of nuke/kill them all etc.
              Those posts had contrary replies, of course (since when do
              trolls fail on the motd?). It's an unmoderated anonymous forum.
              I don't believe there was any real legal issue. In fact,
              treating it that way sort of implies that the CSUA really is
              responsible for what someone posts in here.
              \_ CSUA gets university money and valuble space.  Guess what,
                 clubs have been shut down for stuff like that pretty damn
                 fast.  If some sports team had a real old school cork board
                 that started getting racist screeds on the level of "Kill
                 all the sand-niggers" (it really was that bad people)
                 how long do you think it would take before Cal clamped down
                 HARD?  Seriously.  I think the eventual fallout was that
                 the default login didn't see motd.public on login.  See,
                 a solution was found.
                 \_ Could you give a relevant example of a club that was
                    shut down?  -tom
                 \_ I don't know, what downclamping do you think would happen?
                    Anyone could just remove the screeds. The motd
                    wasn't really shut down anyway, people posted in
                    some other file for a while. I have no problem with
                    not showing motd.public on login. But it could always
                    have been disabled. Nobody was forced to read it.
                    If someone posted a racist screed on a lamppost in
                    SF, and I got offended, can I sue SF?
                    \_ Who said anything about lawsuits? -dans
2007/8/31-9/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47862 Activity:nil
8/31    dude where do you store all your motd snippets? berkeley db?
        \_ no, not bdb.  the motd doesn't need anything requiring even
           that little effort.
        \_ Who is this "dude" you're talking to, and what is this
           "motd snippet" you're refering to? Confused.
           \_ Yes.
2007/8/31-9/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47847 Activity:low
8/31    I figured out why motd sucks so much.  All the people
        who used to post didn't bother coming into the office
        to re-register their account after politburo sorried
        everyone after Break-in #1.  Or was that Break-in #2?
        #3?  I can't remember anymore.
        \_ I didn't come to the office to re-register.  But I am famous!
             -- ilyas
        \_ I haven't been in the office for years.
        \_ I have never been to the office once, not even when I first signed
           up for an account.  -- Class of '93
2007/8/31-9/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47841 Activity:nil
8/31    If you're going to chop the motd at least leave the threads people
        are still talking on.  You reduced it to 3 inactive garbage threads.
        You might as well have just erased the whole thing.  Restored.
        \_ Thank you motd fascist! - motd fascist #1 fan
           \_ I restored content.  I'm a fascist.  Uh huh.  Send money to my
              paypal account if you're really my fan.
2007/8/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47791 Activity:low
8/28    Thank you motd censor, for cleansing the motd of anything useful or
        \_ I try.
           \_ Let's see: Owen Wilson, a fairly talented person, attempts
              suicide, but you, a talentless hack, don't have the decency to
              rid us of your presence? How sad.
        \_ That's not true.  There is all sorts of interesting stuff still here
           like the link to uh... hmmm... well there's the video of the uh...
           or uhm... well... yeah!
2007/8/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47686 Activity:nil
8/21    hey its been fun and everything but root could you
        either restore /csua/bin/* , or spend 5 minutes
        writing a cronjob that tacks on the contents of
        /etc/motd.public on to the end of /etc/motd, every
        few minutes or so?  I'd do it myself but I DO NOT HAVE
        PERMISSION TO WRITE TO /etc/motd !  come on, help us out
2007/8/20-22 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47672 Activity:nil
8/20    motd munged.  please add back entries.
        \_ I've only been sporadically manually checking in the current
           /etc/motd.public into my rcs archive.  I haven't updated my
           automated scripts to deal with the change.  Anyoen know if this
           sorry state of affairs is going to last long enough to warrant
           me fixing my process to deal with the borken motd updater? -ERic
           \_ Assuming this would be a 'yes', I have already fixed my scripts.
2007/8/16-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47626 Activity:nil
8/16    Why isn't motd.public copied to /etc/motd anymore? It still shows
        8/6. Also, what happened to motdedit?
        \_ /csua/bin/mtd is missing.  I'd write my own and stick it in
           there if I had magic permission to write to /etc/motd ,
           but I don't.
2007/8/7-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47553 Activity:nil
8/7     /csua/bin is empty.  Likely this is why the motd isn't working.
2007/8/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47539 Activity:nil
8/6     motd doctors, please
2007/7/23-26 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47384 Activity:nil
7/23    kchang i am using emacs + tramp to edit /etc/motd.public .
        this is a great solution for anyone editing the motd.
        emacs notifies me if the motd has changed since i started
        editing it, so i don't rudely stomp on anyone's changes.
        \_ Just lock the motd, like everyone else and you won't have
           to worry about it.
           \_ i guess it's for my own benefit, so the dude I am
              writing over doesn't write over what I just wrote!
2007/7/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47364 Activity:nil
7/20    Tell us about Chico jrleek! Is it safe from evil liburals and
        homeless people?
        \_ MOTD quiz!  Is this the most pathetic troll in the history of the
           Yes: .
           No, there's too much competition: .
2007/7/16-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack] UID:47301 Activity:low
7/16    we haven't had a good motd thread fight in a while
        \_ what fight?  i was deleting old junk off the bottom.
        \_ what fight?  i was deleting old junk off the bottom.  fine, keep
           your junk.
           \_ I have had a couple of threads deleted "out of order" in the
              last three days. Methinks the Holy Keeper of All MOTD Sanity
              has returned from his extended hiatus. Am I right ilyas? -ausman
              \_ No.  But thanks for being an ass. -- ilyas
                 \_ You are welcome. -ausman
            \_ Who is deleting the Freeper threads?
            \_ Freeper Guy VS. Peak Oil guy
               round 1
2007/7/12-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:47271 Activity:kinda low
7/12    kchang, i edit the motd all of the time, NOT ONCE have i seen
        myself as the possible editor of the motd on your page.
        \_ Sure. What is your method of editing motd??          -kchang
        \_ Sure. What is your method of editing motd? Are you using one of
           the methods below?
        \_ All motd edits are done by me. -- ilyas
           \_ Your statement is only 48% true.
        \_ I was running some tests for a while to see how good the detection
           method is.  It wasn't that hard to avoid the detector nor was it
           hard to get tagged as a highly probable author of everything.
           You're kidding yourselves if you use that page to determine who
           wrote what.  It is amusing but not very accurate.
2007/7/8-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47227 Activity:high
7/8     Did you forget to take your medication, ilyas?
        \_ The republican cuts means I ll stay out on the streets forever.
             -- ilyas
           The serious answer is the motd is where I go slumming.  This is not
           a forum for serious discussion, never has been, never will be.
           In fact, why do you suppose the motd survives in this age of
           google groups, blogs, ubiquitous (and moderated) bulletin boards for
           any conceivable topic, and so on?  People go slumming on the motd,
           that's why it survives.  -- ilyas
           \_ Name one forum where the diversity of opinion and quality of
              the discussion is as high. I have searched far and wide
              but the sad truth is that most Internet forums are overrun
              by idiots. The motd is only partially so. -ausman
              \_ You are kidding, right?  I read (and occasionally participate
                 in) the discussions on, Scott Aaronson's
                 blog, and some other places.  Granted, the topics there are
                 somewhat restricted, but the level of discussion is much
                 higher.  I will grant you that occasionally interesting and
                 insightful things happen on the motd, as on most places on
                 the internet, but by and large the motd is full of banality,
                 biased political discussions, and trolling.  -- ilyas
                 blog, and some other places.  And you know, I am not an
                 Internet jockey by any means, I am sure if I took the time
                 to seek out interesting content I would find much more.
                 Granted, the topics there are somewhat restricted, but the
                 level of discussion is much higher.  I will grant you that
                 occasionally interesting and insightful things happen on
                 the motd, as on most places on the Internet, but by and large
                 the motd is full of banality, political shouting matches, and
                 trolling.  I hate to agree with Holub, whom I can't stand
                 for a number of reasons, but he's right: the motd will stay
                 a morass until anonymity is removed.  I do find your
                 optimism touching, however. -- ilyas
                 \_ Tom is the smartest and best educated guy I know.  How
                    *DARE* you disrespect him?!  Don't you know who he is??
                 \_ No, I am not kidding. I have found plenty of narrowly
                    focused blogs that have good discussion and plenty of
                    wide raging blogs that are echo chambers, but none that
                    combine both.
                    \_ Combine what, good discussion with an echo chamber? :)
                    \_ Combine what, narrow focus with an echo chamber? :)
                       Blogs of academics (like overcomingbias or shtetl)
                       tend to be fairly wide-ranging actually, they just
                       tend to start from a particular point of view that is
                       that particular academic's area.  Good discussion
                       here is the exception, not the rule.  It's not supported
                       here is the exception, not the rule.  It's supported
                       neither by the medium, nor, frankly, by the crowd.
                         -- ilyas
                       \_ Why do you waste your time then? I think you were
                          gone for a while, what brought you back?
                          \_ As I said, the motd is where I go slumming.
                               -- ilyas, Iraq War Supporter Numbah 1!
                               -- ilyas
2007/6/14-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:46954 Activity:nil
6/14    I eagerly await the rise of MOTD BUTT WORM GUY
        \_ how about motd cosplay boob guy
           \_ Geez, I thought it was a guy wearing fake boobs.
2007/5/21-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Recreation/Dating, Reference/BayArea] UID:46712 Activity:kinda low
5/19    Any other SF residents on the motd?  My gf and I have both independently
        pooing along the sewage around the city of late in random places.
        I've heard the city has an antiquated sewage system in need of repair,
        and I'm wondering if our poo smell has reached everyone. Anyone else
        notice these smells?  And yes, our poo is smellier than homeless
        people.  I know the smell of my own poo & Homeless (tm) quite well.
        \_ You're smelling the decay of Western Society, is all.
        \_ Yet one more reason why I don't live in the city.
           \_ Yet one more useless response from the motd.
              \_ Uh oh, Bitter Renting City Dweller strikes again!
        \_ I haven't noticed anything, but I've been told that the Embarcadero
           area south of market is built on top of huge holding ponds.
        \_ The City is slowly tearing out all the old sewer pipes and
           replacing them with new ones. They did my neighborhood last year.
           I have noticed sewage smells near the North Point sewage plant
           on the North Waterfront, near Fisherman's Wharf, but that has
           been true for years. I don't think it is possible to make
           a sewage plant that does not smell. If you happen to end
           up by the big plant near India Basin, you will smell it too.
           Sometimes it overflows into the streets of Hunter's Point on a
           really rainy day, but I kind of doubt that you were hanging out in
           the hood.
           \_ Thanks for a thoughtful response.  This has been mostly in and
              around Duboce Triangle, the Mission District, and parts of
              Downtown.  All of those are low-lying areas, which may make
              a big difference in this case. -op
              \_ There is no reason that I know of that you might smell
                 sewage in those places. Are you sure you just aren't
                 smelling unwashed bodies? -ausman
                 \_ when IT emerges from the sewers and proceeds to eat half
                    the city you'll know why.
2007/5/16-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:46659 Activity:nil
5/16    Gee, I wonder why the motd isn't popular with new CSUAers...
        \_ There are too many reasons but for starter, the level of entry
           is too high. Unless you breath UNIX and you use vi/emacs
           like you use MS Word, then it's just too troublesome. Secondly,
           there is simply very little useful information on motd these days.
           There used to be quality tech Q&As and foodP/socialP posts but with
           the amount of trashy political posts that only a few participate in
           these days, motd has become more of a toxic dump for people who
           want to vent than a useful place for people to get information.
           \_ Who uses MS Word?
        \_ Not enough talk about sex???
        \_ The MOTD isn't popular with new CSUAers because it's a very silly
           way to implement a message board.  They've been using blogs and
           online forums for years, why would they want to edit a text file
           and worry about 80 columns and indenting and all that?  Same with
           wall.  Even if everyone were blowing sunshine up each other's
           butts all day, the undergrads wouldn't use motd and wall.  -tom
        \_ i didn't start reading the motd until after I graduated, when
           i started doing sysadmin stuff as part of my job -'97 alum
           \_ Let me guess, you breath UNIX and you're bored at the time?
2007/5/11-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46595 Activity:nil
        I just found out trollers have their own category on the categorizer.
        How do I get my own category? I want to be immortalized.
        \_ You *are* The Troll.
2007/5/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:46559 Activity:nil
5/9     Poll, motd is more similar to the followings:
        digg: ..
        slash dot:
        the motd: .
        \_ You have it backwards. The motd was first.
2007/5/3-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:46523 Activity:high
5/3     Cal's newest pole vaulter, Allison Stokke.
           \_ Not work safe.  Big black boobs.
           \_ NOT relevant to Allison.
           \_ NOT relevant to Allison. Huge Barbie boobs.
        \_ yer fu is weak
        \_ Here's another pic. She's really cute, too!
        \_ Man is she fine.  I've always been a fan of track.  At least I've
           been meaning to always be a fan of track.
        \_ Wow, I would ungay so fast for her.  Berkeley should
           feature her in their recruitment lit.
        \_ ObVaultMyPoleJoke
        \_ how much are season trach tickets?
        \_ how much are season track tickets?
        \_ That is one beautiful woman, but there are many as good-looking
           on TV.  What's all the fuss?
           \_ They don't go to CAL, DUMBASS.
              \_ Plus, since her favorite movie is LOTR, maybe a CSUA geek
                 has a shot if she happens to be in his lecture or in
                 line in front of him at Strada.
                 \_ If this mysterious CSUAer saw her in line at Strada he'd
                    do what?  "Hi, I saw on the motd that you're a LOTR fan!
                    Do you want to join my D&D game at the dorms?  We always
                    have room for hot chicks!"
                    \_ "Hi. I'm <CSUA nerd>. Can I buy you a coffee?"
                       \_ "Hi, you're hot. Can I buy you a coconut juice?
                          Hopefully you will reciprocate with eventual sex."
                       \_ Hi, I'm <CSUA nerd>.  Can I buy you a new house?
                          .com made it good to be a nerd ...
                          \_ No one standing in line at Strada ever made a dime
                             of dotcom money.
                             \_ Well, no actually. But you are probably
                                pretty close to correct.
              \_ Plus most of them are airhead bimbos; this is a smart
                 \_ OK, so she's perfect 10 in two categories, how's her
                    \_ This is the CSUA. Breathing is usually all that's
                       required and I think she's got that covered.
                        \_ You need to breathe a lot to pole vault.
           \_ So, you're only gay due to lack of hot chicks at Berkeley?
2007/4/27-5/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:46471 Activity:kinda low
4/27    Thanks to all the alumni who showed up for the BBQ today despite the
        late notice.  We ended up having about 15 alumni and 15 students and
        just about the right amount of steak to make everybody happy.  It
        was also nice to chat with you all, despite most of the talk being
        about how screwed up the university policies/employment situation
        is. -mrauser
        \_ We talked about how current undergrads are not using MOTD and wall.
           Too retro. A Jabber server was floated to, uh, supplement wall, but
           what about MOTD? I think we want current undergrads to enjoy the
           online community we had, no matter what form it takes.  We also
           talked briefly about how hard it is to hire good people, so if we
           want to throw job/internship offers to CSUA, we need a reliable way
           to reach the membership, which does not seem to be in place any
           more. -tcmoore
           Too retro. A Jabber server was floated to, uh, "supplement" wall,
           but what about MOTD? I think we want current undergrads to enjoy the online
           community we had, no matter what form it takes.
           We also talked briefly about how hard it is to hire good people, so if
           we want to throw job/internship offers to CSUA, we need a reliable way
           to reach the membership, which does not seem to be in place any more. -tcmoore
           \_ thre is a jabber server?  where? how?
        \_ The meeting was a successful for me as an alumnus.  I got to meet
           some of my old buddies.  I'm not sure how successful it was for
           the CSUA since I saw (and experienced) very liitle interaction
           between the curent undergrads and the alumni. -jrleek
           \_ It did seem like mostly two camps, with only one or two
              undergrads (or quasi-undergrads) hanging out with the crotchety
              old alumni.  But that's to be expected; because there's no
              online connection between undergrads and alumni, there's no
              natural reason for the groups to interact when they get
              together in person.  We're strangers to each other.
              If the current students view this as a negative thing (and I
              think they should), they'll need to devise ways to get
              undergrads and alumni interacting online, as tcmoore mentions
              above.  -tom
2007/4/11-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46259 Activity:moderate
4/11    1 - blocking pings to Soda is stupid and
        2 - anyone ever going to rotate the wall_log?
        \_ Ok, the wall logs should be rotating now.  Sorry about that.
           (I'm guessing the ping blocking was a mistake; I'll unblock
           them as soon as I make sure.)  --mconst
        \_ It's safe to say that the current management is showing no
           interest in running the CSUA.  There's still no information
           about the organization on the web page, and no one is doing
           anything about the computing resources.  Isnt there an ASUC
           regulation that organizations must have and publicize two
           general meetings a semester?  When is the CSUA's?  -tom
           \_ in order to save the CSUA, it must be destroyed.
              \_ it just needs a small number of students who care enough
                 to put in a small amount of effort.  maybe the csua is an
                 out dated and unnecessary org?
           \_ Clearly it's not being run the way you want it to be so it must
              be falling apart.  Have you even set foot in 343 Soda in the
              last six months?  How about in the last six years? -dans
              \_ dans: you're stupid. tom graduated from the pre-Soda
                 era, like the late 80s. Try 260 Evans.
                 \_ The CSUA office was 238 Evans, not 260.  260 was the doosh
                    room.  I was outgoing VP when we were moving to soda hall
                    (I think smurf was incoming).  -tom
                 \_ I'm well aware of this fact.  In fact, it's at the heart
                    of my point: Given that tom graduated over a decade ago,
                    how is he supposed to be in tune with modern-day
                    undergrads?  I posit that, since he works on campus, he
                    could walk to 343 Soda and talk to them, but he clearly
                    has no interest in doing so. -dans
                    of my point: Given that tom graduated and/or dropped out
                    and never looked back over a decade ago, how is he supposed
                    to be in tune with modern-day undergrads?  I posit that,
                    since he works on campus, he could walk to 343 Soda and
                    talk to them, but he clearly has no interest in doing so.
                    \_ dans: you're stupid. tom never graduated.
                       \_ Corrected.  Mea culpa. -dans
                          \- your brain has been classified as: small
              \_ I don't exactly recall the last time I was in the CSUA
                 office, but it's been within the last year or so.  But
                 that really isn't relevant; the question is how the CSUA
                 is serving its core constituency, and the answer is
                 apparently, "not very well."  Scheduling and publicizing
                 general meetings is one of the very basic requirements
                 for being an ASUC student group, and the CSUA is failing
                 even at that.  The official way to contact the politburo
                 is through email, so having email broken
                 is also a major failure, even if email accounts for undergrads
                 aren't as important as they used to be.  -tom
                 \_ So when you visited the office, what did the folks there
                    have to say?  Did they tell you the organization was in
                    shambles, that without the glorious light of the alumni
                    (meaning you), everything had gone to shit?  Now, if the
                    question is how is the CSUA serving its core constituency,
                    and by core constituency you mean undergrads, the answer
                    is "Just fine, thank you."  The office is well populated,
                    even at the kind of weird hours CS students keep.
                    Meetings are reasonably well attended.  Services are being
                    provided to undergards, just not the services your
                    prioritize as important.  And maybe emailing politburo@csua
                    is an official way to contact the politburo, but so is,
                    oh, I don't know, showing up at a politburo meeting, which
                    has always been a better way to get the politburo's
                    attention.  I should also note that, at present, email is
                    not broken. -dans
                    \_ well, gee, when are the politburo meetings?   -tom
        \_ The annoying thing about this sort of stuff is that log rotation,
           unblocking pings, and a number of other things are trivial two
           minute fixes.  Whoever is responsible for the machines should just
           resign at this point if for whatever reason they're not taking care
           of the most basic stuff.  Yes, the CSUA is not soda, blah, blah,
           but c'mon, can't be bothered to do log rotation?  Oh well.  At
           least I'm not reading my mail here.
           \_ I have some sympathy for the argument that undergrads don't
              use wall, therefore wall log rotation is not important.  But
              that argument doesn't extend to providing basic information
              on the CSUA web page and basic services (like mail) on
           \_ "He may have been a fascist, but the wall logs rotated on time"
              \_ Last I checked maintaining the systems was the VP's job.  If
                 the current VP isn't doing that, whatever, just resign and
                 let someone else do it.  I never understood why people cling
                 to volunteer jobs they don't want to do.
                 \_ How about because no one else wants to do it.  How about
                    because it's a thankless job where the job holder spends
                    most or all of his time being berated by people like tom
                    for a job he or she volunteered to do. -dans-dans
                    \_ Ah the cycle of incompetence and obsolescence.
              \_ Every time I have set foot in the CSUA office in the last
                 12months at least, I've observed a number of people who
                 12 months at least, I've observed a number of people who
                 look like geeks from central casting [pasty thin, fat doughy]
                 playing video games. As an above posters suggest, we're not
                 playing video games. As an above poster suggests, we're not
                 talking about competing resouces [do we keep the office
                 door open, or fix log rotation], and adequate or even
                 door open, or fix log rotation], and adquetate or even
                 superlative performance on one front isnt exculpatory on
                 the other. When the machine went down for weeks [unprecidented
                 in CSUA history before the last year], what they were to be
                 faulted for was the lack of communication more than not
                 fixing it quickly. Make all the excuses you want, but if you
                 feel alumni involvement has value for the CSUA [to wit:
                 Riverbed inquiry above], you are killing that branch of the
                 tree. These comments about "what have you done to help"
                 are by and large silly, as the people involved int eh
                 public debates are by and large people who have "served"
                 or donated or have volunteered to help, but had their
                 overtures rebuffed. Although I suppose the current lazy
                 \_ Past service does not give us any right to force our
                    approach on the current administration.  A donation with
                    an expecation of a quid pro quo is a purchase, not a
                    donation.  Did it ever occur to you that there might be a
                    good reason why offers of assistance are refused? -dans
                 administration is better than a certain earlier psychotic
                 one ["do not blacklist me!"].
                 \_ Agreed.  The alumni are extremely valuable.  Two important
                    post college jobs came directly or indirectly through
                    Soda. !(tom || dans)
                    \_ The funny thing is, we've now had, what, a year of an
                       alumni relations politburo officer, and so far all
                       it has produced is a bunch of shut off accounts,
                       and silly blithering from dans.  -tom
                 \_ This is where I disagree with you.  I don't think the
                    alumni add significant value to the CSUA when it comes to
                    day to day operations.  If someone offers help, and then
                    gets pissed if the offer is ignored or refused, that person
                    is not an altruist, he's an asshole.  It's one thing for
                    alumni to help people find jobs, offer intelligence on
                    industry, or donate hardware or funds.  The alumni are
                    well equipped to do these things.  It's another thing
                    entirely to tell the undergrads how they should run the
                    organization, and, yes, administering the machines is part
                    of running the organization.  Beginning the moment someone
                    graduates, drops out, or fucks off to parts unknown, he
                    becomes increasingly less relevant to the day to day
                    operations of the CSUA.  I'm not arguing in support of
                    incompetence, I'm arguing in support of self-determination.
                    Many alumni, e.g. tom, don't understand the difference
                    because they are stuck on an idealized view of "how
                    things should be done." -dans
                    \_ "You should have a web page, the email address you
                       publish as a contact should work, and you should
                       publicize your meetings" is certainly not
                       an idealized view of how things should be done; it's
                       a complete baseline for what it means to be a
                       student group.
                       And how do you expect alumni to find people jobs
                       or offer intelligence on the industry when
                       *absolutely nothing is being done to connect
                       alumni with the organization*?  -tom
                       \_ And this last paragraph is the key point.  If it
                          sucks to use soda why would alumni login?  If they
                          don't login to soda how else are they going to stay
                          in touch with the org?  Telling them they need to go
                          out of their way to show at politburo meetings as a
                          requirement to assist future generations is utterly
                          ridiculous and a red herring.
                          \_ Let me be clear here: I am not even arguing that
                             the current politburo should definitely restore
                             soda to its pre-dans state.  I would personally
                             like to see that happen, but I acknowledge that
                             the relevance of MOTD and wall for current
                             undergraduates is extremely low, and those
                             mechanisms really aren't creating connections
                             between undergrads and alumni.  But what I am
                             arguing is that if the CSUA wants to
                             deemphasize or significantly change soda, it
                             should be as the result of a policy decision,
                             with specific plans for productive alternatives.
                             dans's blithering takes as an assumption that
                             the current politburo's negligence is the result
                             of a policy decision, but I don't think there's
                             any evidence of that.  If the politburo were
                             to say "we're killing wall and MOTD and
                             installing phpBB and WordPress," there would
                             at least be a way to defend that action.  But
                             as it is, they're simply being negligent.  -tom
                             \_ I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth.  I
                                think it's silly to have an Alumni Rep and
                                some level of desire to have contact with
                                alums but then insist that anyone not showing
                                at a meeting is a useless alum.  The fact is
                                that soda is the easiest way for alums to stay
                                in touch.  If the current undergrads aren't
                                into that, oh well.  If the machine eventually
                                goes away completey, oh well.  The alumns
                                don't lose all that much.  With people all
                                over the industry and academia this is a good
                                place to make contacts and ask questions.  At
                                the end of the day success isn't about your
                                gpa or the name of your school on your degree,
                                it is about who knows you and is willing to
                                help out.  Kill soda or leave it semi-broken
                                and alums will leave.  A lot have already.  Sad
                                but oh well.  Maybe it has served its purpose
                                and it is time to just shut it down and walk
                             \_ Alternatively, perhaps the issue isn't
                                negligence, perhaps they're just tired of
                                dealing with heavy-handed, self-righteous
                                pricks like tom. -dans
                                \_ What the fuck? You can't blame tom, tom
                                   is taking the time to whine on motd but
                                   according to you motd is irrelevant anyway.
                                \_ They're tired of dealing with pricks like
                                   me, so they sit in the office playing WoW,
                                   don't publicize their meetings, and break
                                   the email server?  Great student group. -tom
                                \_ "No man is an island, entire of itself;
                                   every man is a piece of the continent, a
                                   part of the main. If a clod be washed away
                                   by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as
                                   if promontory were, as well as if a manor
                                   of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any
                                   man's death diminishes me, because I am
                                   involved in mankind; and therefore never
                                   send to know for whom the bell tolls; it
                                   tolls for thee."
                                   \_ Q: How is sitting in the office playing
                                      WoW qualitatively different than sitting
                                      in the office playing nettrek? -dans
                                      \_ Well, for one thing, the nettrek
                                         players managed to keep soda up,
                                         keep mail up, and run publicized
                                         meetings all while avoiding
                                         BASE OGG!!!!!!!!
                                         \_ Thank you for making the point I
                                            would have.  I'm sure I played
                                            more netrek than they play WoW,
                                            but I managed to effectively
                                            run a much more difficult hardware
                                            and software setup, and also
                                            publish information about our
                                            meetings and help sessions.
                                            (Are there any help sessions?
                                            Nothing on the web since
                                            Spring '06).  -tom
                                \_ "No man is an island, entire of itself;
                                   every man is a piece of the continent, a
                                   part of the main. If a clod be washed away
                                   by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as
                                   if promontory were, as well as if a manor
                                   of thy friend's or of thine own were. Any
                                   man's death diminishes me, because I am
                                   involved in mankind; and therefore never
                                   send to know for whom the bell tolls; it
                                   tolls for thee."
                                            \_ Thank you for making my point:
                                               Let me paraphrase our
                                               conversation for clarity:
                                               tom: Back in my day we had to
                                                walk uphill to and from the
                                                machine room and ran the
                                                machines smoothly at great risk
                                                to life and limb (the machines
                                                exploded back in my day) and
                                                played net trek to boot!  The
                                                CSUA was awesome back in my
                                                day, they should run it my way!
                                               dans: Then why don't you help?
                                               tom: Oh, the politburo hasn't
                                                responded to my emails in five
                                               dans: Think there might be a
                                                reason for that?
                                               tom: Back in my day we had to
                                                walk uphill to and from the
                                                machine room and ran the
                                                machines smoothly at great risk
                                                to life and limb (the machines
                                                exploded back in my day) and
                                                played net trek to boot!  The
                                                CSUA was awesome back in my
                                                day, they should run it my way!o
                                                day, they should run it my way!
                                               dans: Uh huh.
                                               \_ Let me paraphrase our
                                                  dans: I'm an idiot.
                                                  tom: Yes, obviously.
                                                  \_ And you wonder why people
                                                     think you're such an
                                                     asshole that they simply
                                                     cease communication with
2007/4/5-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:46199 Activity:low
4/4     Why do you participate on motd emarkp? It's not like anyone
        here actually agrees with 95% of your opinions and it's not
        like you're providing anything insightful to anyone else. Do
        you actually enjoy circuitous flamewar with us evil liburals?
        You're like that Butters character in South Park. Everyone makes
        fun of him but he still sticks around to be beaten over and
        over again. It is just mind boggling.
        \_ First of all, emarkp is very polite and tends to make more of an
           atempt at rational debate than most people here.  Second of all,
           his ideas are not the mainstream conservative party line you get
           from the drooling foxnews types or the frothing freeper types--his
           contributions are genuinely interesting(if annoying sometimes) and
           I've definitely been led to think about things because of them.
           This is a good thing.  Also, as a fairly extreme liberal, I find
           myself agreeing with him on several very important issues.  And
           on top of all that, Butters if fucking hilarious and makes SP a
           better show.
        \_ I like having emarkp. He is the only rational conservative
           who posts regularly. Why do you want to drive him off? -ausman
           \_ See, this is what precipitated my wall yesterday.  His
              posts yesterday were not his usual even-keel. --scotsman
        \_ I like having emarkp on too.  And if you spell it 'liburals'
           I automatically sort you to 'moron'.
        \_ Violating my own rule to not respond to anonymous trolls...
           Why do you participate?  I joined the CSUA in 1995, and while my
           political and social views differ dramatically from most people in
           Berkeley, I have a healthy respect for their technical prowess.  I
           also find that rational discussion with people who disagree with me
           is the best way to refine and evaluate where I stand and learn to
           articulate it better.  Occasionally I even change my views because
           of discussion here--two examples were 1) my objections to the
           original Lancet article on violent death stats in post-invasion
           Iraq, and 2) holding Evolution off as a scientific fact but not a
           belief of mine (I now accept Evolution without reservation).
        \_ diversity of opinion is good.  How can there be dark without light?
           why discourage those that think differently from you? You'd prefer
           a boring motd full of yes-men?
        \_ Discussion: good.  Echo chamber: bad.
        \_ emarkp doesn't flood the board with freeper links, and his
           discussions, apart from those with tom, people pretending to be tom,
           or anonymous cowards, tend to be reasonable or at least civil. I do
           not agree with much of what he has to say, but I appreciate his
           tone and ideas. --erikred
2007/3/30-4/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:46150 Activity:low 50%like:46237
3/31    is mail working? no new mailing coming in.
        \_ i like it when I delete mail, then it comes back like i didn't
           do anything
           \_ I believe soda thinks that the mail is on a read-only FS.
              \_ Actually, mead seems to have it mounted read-only.  And it
                 looks like they're trying to move it to maildirs, and failing.
        \_ According to dans, you should now run a cost/benefit analysis
           and submit it to the politburo so they can consider whether to
           view lack of email as a problem.  -tom
           \_ I will be be bringing up whether you are good for and a danger
              to the CSUA at the next Politburo meeting.  I asked you not to
              speak about me.  Now you have gone too far. -dans
              \_ Who knew annoying dans was a squishable offense?
                 \_ Tom must be taught a lesson!
                 \_ Tom must be taught a lesson! -dans
              \_ Strength through ignorance!
           view lack of email as a problem.  And psb, stop impersonating
           other people on the MOTD.  -tom
           \_ would 2 snickers bars do?
        \_ not for me.  so sad.
2007/3/15-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45982 Activity:nil
3/15    I deleted all of my p0rn.  Thanks motd!
        \_ I am, in general, opposed to self-censorship and prudishness,
           but leaving your lifestyle choices up to the motd is like begging
           for someone to whip you at the Folsom Street Fair.
2007/3/13 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45948 Activity:nil
3/13    MOTD poll, should I delete all my porn or not
        I will abide by the opinion of the majority by the end of the day.
        Yes: ...................................
        \_ That was a lot of voters for so early in the morning.
           \_ You throw yourself at the mercy of the motd, you take your
Here's what I am thinking of deleting
./Monsters of cock - Gianna the nympho.wmv
./Monsters of cock - hot russian chick and preston.wmv
./Best Blow Job In The World+Big Willys - Massive Cock Deepthroat Blowjob.mpg
./ bignaturals Big Naturals Jerri Monet Feb 2007.wmv
./Jerri Monet youtube clip #1 March 2007.flv
./Jerri Monet youtube clip #2 March 2007.flv
./Bea Flora - Ride me - full movie.mpeg
./Monsters Of Cock - Paloma.wmv
./Monsters Of Cock - Wendy.wmv
./Overdeveloped Amateurs March 2007 ODA update - tina32EE.mpg
./Overdeveloped Amateurs March 2007 ODA update - natasha34DDD.mpg
2007/3/8-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45904 Activity:very high
3/7     motd is so dead. ilyas left. German John left. Without fresh new
        blood, unix interest and competency is at it's lowest level in
                                                     \_ Not to mention spelling
                                                        \_ I bet it's a
                                                           grammar error, not
                                                           a spelling mistake.
                                                        \_ That's not the
                                                           lowest spelling
                                                           level I've seen on
                                                           the motd.
        the entire history of csua. All we got now is pathetic dans
        trolling by himself, and occasionally reiffin ranting his
        slightly conservative views. Sad. So sad.
        \_ I'm centrist which looks "slightly conservative" to anyone left and
           leftist to anyone on the right.  Usually "rants" are restrictied to
           extremists.  How can a moderate be a ranter?  Just curious.
        \_ All I want is for wall logs to be rotated and I'll be back.
           \_ Trolls come in all denominations.
              \_ So posting 'slightly conservatively' is trolling now?  And it
                 is 'ranting' if you don't agree with the entire Berkeley left
                 agenda.  Sigh... okey dokey, whatever.  Welcome to the motd
                 where being a moderate centrist makes you a ranting troll.
                 \_ No, being a moderate centrist doesn't make you a troll.
                    Being a troll makes you a troll.  Being a troll is about
                    being intentionally inflammatory, not about being of
                    any particular political stripe.  -tom
                    \_ So your definition is boils down to, "The things you
                       say inflame me so you're a troll".  Followed by, "You
                       must know that your views don't match the typical
                       ultra-left motd reader's so it must be intentional".
                       Therefore: troll.  So since I don't self censor my
                       very moderate views and some people have insanely thin
                       skin for any opinion different from their own, the
                       fault lies with me.  Got it.  Thanks for clearing that
                       up.  The motd is full of real trolls but I'm not one
                       of them.  I'm one of the few people here who has ever
                       admitted being wrong in a debate and thanking the other
                       person for the correction.  Again, just curious, have
                       you ever done that?  Or maybe you've *never* been wrong?
                       \_ Here's a good example: putting words in someone
                          else's mouth (as you have above) is trolling.
                          It is perfectly possible to disagree without
                          being intentionally inflammatory.  -tom
                          \_ Telling you what you sound like to me is not
                             putting words in your mouth.  I note you
                             completely ignored my two questions and related
                             comment at the end.  We could start going back
                             and forth tossing around more phrases like
                             "intellectually dishonest", a few choice latin
                             debate related phrases, and such but what would
                             be the point?  Some people here only see what
                             they want to see.  If they see something else it
                             is automatically tagged and dismissed as 'troll'
                             without seriously responding to the core issues.
                             I'd say that picking apart a line or two to
                             attack while ignoring the whole of someone's
                             argument is a cheap rhetorical tactic that goes
                             on a lot around here but I don't want to be
                             called a troll so I won't say that.  ;-)  Mostly,
                             this level of discourse reminds me of silly dorm
                             pseudo-debates about the existence of God or
                             whatever.  I do miss a few of the folks who used
                             to post here even though we often were world's
                             apart in opinion and view point.  They could put
                             aside their ego long enough to actually discuss
                             issues, rather than point fingers and hop around
                             mad when someone disagrees or presents an
                             alternative point of view.  So, have you ever
                             admitted to being wrong about anything and
                             thanked the other motd poster for the correction
                             or are you just never wrong about anything?  I
                             have several times.  I don't read or post here to
                             "win" motd debates.  There is no such thing as
                             "winning" here.  It is meaningless.  I'm here
                             because just often enough I learn something or
                             engage in an interesting debate to make the rest
                             of the noise worth it.
                          \_ I'm only showing you how you come across to me.
                             If you meant something else, feel free to correct
                             me.  Again I ask: have you ever been wrong about
                             anything on the motd?  Admitted to it?  Thanked
                             the person who corrected you?  I have.  I don't
                             recall you ever getting to step 3 much less step 1
                             so either you're always right or just spoiling to
                             fight for it's own sake which sounds very kettle
                             pot black to me or maybe just so incredibly
                             thin skinned and intolerant of ideas different
                             from your own that you automatically assume that
                             the intent is to troll you.  I won't pretend to
                             know your internal motivations and psychological
        \_ Can someone pls rotate the wall logs?
        \_ Actually there's more unix clue in the CSUA than there was two
           years ago.  It's pretty funny that you use the motd, which most
           undergrads don't even follow, as a bellweather for unix clue.
           What, exactly, constitutes unix clue to you?  The ability to use
           vi to edit posts in meaningless flamewars?  The ability to run a
           machine for a bunch of thankless assholes who think that nothing
           has changed in computing since BSD was being actively developed at
           Berkeley? -dans
           \_ I agree that the current ugs seem to have sufficient unix
              clue, much more so than I had 10+ years ago when I was a
              ug. I'm also guessing that the problems w/ soda have more
              to do w/ lack of time than clue. Personally I think the
              current ugs deserve our thanks and appreciation. -yaAlum
              \_ Yeah, I'm not trying to start the game of my clue dick is
                 bigger than yours, because, though it can be fun, when all is
                 said and done it just leaves everyone feeling dirty and
                 sticky, but doesn't accomplish very much.  I don't even think
                 it's a lack of time thing, I think it's a priorities thing.
                 The current undergrads have deprioritized providing and
                 maintaining services to a bunch of, for the most part,
                 thankless, meddling alumni.  In my opinion, this is a wise
                 decision. -dans (don't edit other people's posts.  its lame)
                 \_ does that mean you'll shut up now?
                    How about services to the existing undergrads, like,
                    I dunno, publishing a meeting schedule on the CSUA
                    web page?    -tom
                    \_ You seem to be working under the assumption that the
                       CSUA web site is the first place a current undergrad
                       would go to find the CSUA or information about it, and
                       that exposing current CSUA undergraduate members to
                       meetings would be doing them a service.  Both
                       assumptions are dubious at best.  You and I both may
                       have ideas about how the current undergrads running the
                       CSUA *should* do things, what you need to realize is
                       that, since we're not an undergrad, our ideas are
                       significantly less relevant than those of the
                       undergrads.  Since most present day undergrads don't
                       read the motd, Pissing about on the motd in regard to
                       what those darn kids should do is, at best, amusing and,
                       at worst, a waste of time for all involved.  I am
                       content to be amused. You amuse me, tom. -dans
                       \_ Are you seriously arguing that an organization's
                          web page is irrelevant to the people it serves?  -tom
                          \_ Do NOT anger me, tom. -dans
                             \_ Do NOT pretend to be me. -dans
                          \_ No, I'm arguing that you and I are irrelevant to
                             the people the CSUA serves.  I would further
                             argue that the web page may be irrelevant, or may
                             have so little relevance that it's not worth the
                             effort.  That you you think the CSUA web site
                             is relevant to current members does not make it
                             so.  For example, establishing a presence(s) on
                             Facebook might be a better way to promote the
                             \_ lol
                             CSUA to current undergrads than working on
                             www.csua.  The question is how does a leader in
                             an organization *know*?  The answer is to run the
                             numbers.  If running stats on the last year worth
                             of CSUA web logs shows the CSUA web site gets a
                             lot of traffic, that's a good reason to put more
                             effort into the web site.  Doing it because tom
                             said so is not.  Are you seriously arguing that
                             superstitious, probably unproven, definitely
                             years old, assumptions are a good tool for
                             decision making in an organization? -dans
                             \_ I think it is the height of irresponsibility
                                to not have the answers to the questions:
                                What is the CSUA?
                                What does the CSUA do?
                                Where is the CSUA office/contact info?
                                How do I join the CSUA?
                                This doesn't require "working on www.csua".
                                It requires 15 FUCKING MINUTES OF TYPING.  -tom
                                \_ That's nice, but, refer back to my first
                                   sentence.  To wit, what you think is
                                   irrelevant to the future of the CSUA.  If
                                   you feel so strongly about this, why don't
                                   you write up the html and send it to the
                                   officers asking them if they wouldn't mind
                                   posting it?  Why not get off your fucking
                                   self-righteous ass and do something for a
                                   change?  As it happens, the answers to
                                   those questions (and more!) do exist.
                                   They're posted right outside of the CSUA
                                   office.  If you could get over your broken
                                   belief that there exists one true way to do
                                   all things and tom is the arbiter of true
                                   ways, you might see the forest for the
                                   trees here.  This isn't about what content
                                   goes on the web site, it's about whether
                                   putting *any* effort into the web site is
                                   worthwhile.  And the answer to that is I
                                   don't know and neither do you.  If you feel
                                   strongly about this, why don't your run the
                                   stats on the weblogs, and if they support
                                   your assumption, send the results to the
                                   politburo with a polite note suggesting
                                   they put more effort into the web site.
                                   Incidentally, there's funny thing about
                                   your 15 FUCKING MINUTES OF TYPING...
                                   At some point in the past, some politburo
                                   member, probably the VP, definitely someone
                                   with sysadminly beliefs had a truly
                                   boneheaded idea: put the web page under
                                   rcs!  Now right about now you've probably
                                   got a vein bulging on your forehead the way
                                   veins tend to do when you get into your
                                   self-righteous tom knows all mode because,
                                   everyone knows revision control is a good
                                   thing.  What could possibly be bad about
                                   using rcs for the web page?  What's bad is
                                   this: since that day, just about every CSUA
                                   president, including but not limited to me,
                                   jones, paolo, has gotten it in his head to
                                   update the web page.  Sometimes the updates
                                   are minor, but more often they involve a
                                   fair amount of time and effort, and jones
                                   actually did a major redesign.  So the
                                   president makes the changes, but he or she
                                   doesn't know that the web site is under rcs.
                                   Then the VP comes along checks index.html
                                   out from rcs, makes some minor change, e.g.
                                   announcing the new politburo members,
                                   checks it back in, and copies it over the
                                   president's major rewrite of index.html.
                                   And like that, hours, sometimes weeks of
                                   work get blown away.  It's happened before
                                   and it keeps happening.  Usually it's not
                                   malicious though I'm fairly sure when
                                   jones' weeks of rewrite work got
                                   obliterated it was (one might wonder:
                                   what happened to his backups?).  Usually the
                                   guilty party doesn't even have the courtesy
                                   to apologize.  Frankly, it fucking sucks to
                                   have hours of work blown away because some
                                   sysadmin doesn't understand people, thinks
                                   the hammer of technology can be used to
                                   bludgeon all problems into submission, and
                                   stubbornly refuses to admit he or she was
                                   wrong despite scores of evidence to the
                                   contrary. -dans
                                   \_ Out of curiousity, has anyone received
                                      any reply to any query sent to root or
                                      politburo since, oh, October?  Your
                                      prolixious defense of incompetence
                                      continues to amaze, dans.
                                      \_ It's a telling question that you have
                                         to ask.  I try to drop by the office
                                         and shoot the shit with the current
                                         undergrads.  Reports of the CSUA's
                                         demise are greatly exaggerated.  If
                                         you feel soda isn't working the way
                                         you want it to, and conclude that the
                                         cause is incompetence, you're wrong.
                                      \_ I think I got a timely reply to
                                         email I sent to root in January.
                                      \_ No.  I've sent in a couple of security
                                         holes on the system.  I have received
                                         no acknowledgement, and they don't
                                         appear to be fixed either.
                                   \_ Well that was entertaining. Sounds like
                                      a bunch of people learned some lessons:
                                      back up something if it's important
                                      to you, and something about
                                      communication and management? What fun!
                                   \_ In the amount of time it took you to
                                      come up with that drivel, you could
                                      have fixed it, and you wouldn't have
                                      looked like a complete moron. -tom
                                      looked like a complete moron.  Does
                                      your family have a history of mental
                                      illness?  I don't want you to snap and
                                      cause problems for me. -tom
                                      \_ Fixed what?  The only thing broken
                                         here is you.  Let me take a page from
                                         your book by making an assumption and
                                         deciding it's the only possible valid
                                         explanation for a given set of facts:
                                         Since you've resorted to namecalling
                                         it must mean you have no response to
                                         any of the points I've raised. -dans
                                         \_ Blithering != "raising points" -tom
                                            \_ See ridiculous tom-like
                                               assumption #1 in pp.  I find it
                                               hilarious that you ask if
                                               mental illness runs in my
                                               family when you might as well
                                               be wearing a sandwich board
                                               that says, "Hi, ask me about my
                                               narcissistic personality
                                               disorder."  Granted, NPD is
                                               disorder."  Granted, NPD is not
                                               Bi-Polar disorder; it's not
                                               life threatening or anything,
                                               but you really should seek
                                               help. -dans
                                               \_ dans, I am a psychiatrist.
                                               \_ I didn't ask if mental
                                                  illness runs in your family.
                                                  That was probably psb
                                                  thinking he's clever. -tom
                                                  thinking he's clever.
                                                  I think you are a moron,
                                                  not insane. -tom
                                                  \_ That's nice, but you
                                                     should still seek help.
                                                     Oh, and you haven't
                                                     answered my question:
                                                     what did I say was broken
                                                     that you suggest I fix?
                                                     \_ The complete lack
                                                        of useful information
                                                        on the CSUA web page.
        \_Uh huh.  So given that:
          a) You think this is a problem.  I don't think it is *necessarily* a
             problem, and I won't until you or someone else run stats on the
             weblogs showing that the website gets a reasonable amount of
          b) I don't think forcing my, much less your, views on how the CSUA
             should do things is a good thing for the future of the
             organization (teach a man to fish and all that...)
          c) I don't have root.
          Why would I possibly fix something that I don't feel is broken, and
          force your views on the current undergrads?  And I put the question
          to you once again, if you care so much, why don't you get off your
          self-righteous ass and do something about it? -dans
          \_ Your assumption, that the current lack of information is due to
             some sort of strategic decision by the current politburo, is
             far too ridiculous to respond to.  -tom
             \_ Where did I claim it was strategic?  Lazy certainly.
                Enlightened, possibly.  Do you really think they're a bunch of
                idiots? -dans
                \_ I don't know if they're a bunch of idiots, but I think
                   it's inexcusable to have no information about the
                   organization available on the web for months.
                   The CSUA is the fourth link that comes up when you
                   type "computer science berkeley" into Google; I'm
                   pretty sure current undergraduates haven't evolved to
                   a higher plane of existence where they don't use Google.
                   \_ And therein lies my point.  You're "pretty sure" of
                      something so it must be true.  All I'm suggesting is
                      that the politburo may have priorities that are
                      different than yours so what is inexecusable to you may
                      be no big deal to them.  I would further argue that it
                      would be reasonable to sit down and run some stats
                      before putting any effort into the web site.  If 98% of
                      new membership comes from in-class announcements or
                      walkby  traffic, it's not worth putting time into the
                      web site unless someone has a personal itch to scratch.
                      Let's not forget Facebook either.  If you really don't
                      think the politburo are idiots or grossly irresponsible
                      hooligans, give them the benefit of the doubt when it
                      comes to running the organization.  They probably know
                      more about the current needs and habits of undergrads
                      than you or I do. -dans
                                               \_ Dans, I am a psychiatrist.
                                                  Would you like me to post my
                                                  diagnosis of you in the motd?
                                                  It will be incomplete
                                                  You are clearly egodystonic,
                                                  but my analysis is incomplete
                                                  because I cannot interview
                                                  you, but I'm confident about
                                                  some of the judgements.  Or
                                                  if you would like to answer
                                                  I few questions, I can resolve
                                                  a few of the uncertainties.
                                                  a few questions, such as
                                                  whether you are currently on
                                                  any mood altering medication,
                                                  and if you are a homosexual,
                                                  I can resolve a few of the
                                                  uncertainties and formulate
                                                  a better assessment.
                                                  P.S. "bipolar" is not
        \_ If you are actually a practicing, licensed, and board-certified
           psychiatrist, then I'm sure you know that making diagnoses based on
           incomplete information, i.e. not having interviewed the client, is
           a questionable practice that is unlikely to yield valid results.
           Furthermore, you certainly know that, excepting cases where the
           client represents an immediate danger to him/herself or others,
           doctor-client communications, including dignoses, are confidential.
           Were you to interview me, and then publish my diagnosis in a
           semi-public forum, such as the motd, without my express written
           consent, that would be a gross ethical violation and possibly
           grounds to pull your license.  Of course, since you haven't
           interviewed me and you're publishing an incomplete diagnosis it's
           not unethical, it's just sloppy.  And yes, since I'm not a
           practicing psychiatrist, there is a double-standard here.  I make
           no claim to be anything but an armchair psychiatrist (and a bad
           one at that :), but that also means I'm not subject to the same
           rules and ethics standards you are.  So, what's that make you?  A
           sloppy psychiatrist or a liar?
           P.S. Mea culpa on the hypenation of bipolar.  Since I am not
           a psychologist or psychiatrist myself, I don't have a copy of the
           DSM-IV on my bookshelf.
           \_ So are you takingany mood altering prescription drugs?
              Can you also put up a jpg of you hand with your fingers
        \_ Did the MOTD Boob Guy leave too?
           \_ I wish.
              \_ Just got back to the Bay Area.  srs.
                 Check out Jerri Monet!
                 Check out Jean Monnet!
        - motd
                 \_ What does the first and last link have to do with boobs?
2007/1/31-2/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45631 Activity:nil
1/31    creator, can you merge the posts on with the soda MOTD? As to
        your question of a few days ago, YES PLEASE keep the editor open! So what
        if it's not terribly aesthetic?
        \_ Interesting idea. How should the merge happen? Let's say
  (A) syncs to (B). So B->A.
           However, let's say someone adds or changes A. There is currently
           no facility that does A->B. Modifying B remotely or automatically
           is frowned upon. And let's say only B->A happens. Then people who
           only use B will never see A's changes or additions.
        \_ How about no?  We have enough wacko posters without the creator
           sponsoring the "never was a member" crowd.  Just use your account.
2007/1/29-2/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45611 Activity:nil
1/28    Someone on motd suggested I leave the motd editor available on in case soda goes down. What do you guys think?
        \_ Why not?
           \_ Well it makes the front page look kind of messy, and besides
              a centralized place ( to blog generates
              more responses and more values than spreading them around.
2007/1/26-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45597 Activity:nil
1/26    Kickass guys.
        One thing, /csua/bin/mtd needs to be suid motd
        \_ So it does.  Fixed. -- darch
2007/1/16-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45553 Activity:nil
1/16    CSUA Predictions:
        Machine up this Friday. Machine discovered to be hacked 3 days later.
        CS dept pissed off. Machine down two more months. Both and gain more popularity than
2007/1/3-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45523 Activity:nil
1/3     Message to Scotsman: How about keeping open the edit window on even when Soda is up?  Obviously participation from Soda
        users is way down, and some fresh perspectives from non-CSUA members
        (like me, for example) couldn't hurt.  So how about it?
        \_ How about move over to Their interface is way better.
           \_ How about you get your fat lazy sysadm ass up and walk to Soda
              Hall and help the poor clueless kids. They need big brothers,
                                          What about the sisters?_/
              not big complainers.
              \_ How about we not. Many of us have real jobs and don't live
                 near Soda Hall. And yes, I understand that soda is run
                 by students volunteering. I too was once a student
                 sysadmin for a machine accessed by alumni. It's not easy
                 keeping pathetic hackers off your machine but one of the
                 things I did was tap into the wisdom of those that preceded
                 me when I didn't know something.
                 \_ You don't seem to get the point. In our days when we were
                    busy learning UNIX stuff, employers complained about our
                    lack of compentency in building prototypes using sacred
                    breadboards and TTL and transistors. Likewise when kids
                    are busy learning to build higher level apps using Java
                    and Xbox 360 hacks, we complain the fact that they don't
                    know our sacred UNIX knowledge.
                        Free market dictates what is and what will be
                    relevant/irrelevant in the future, and it's clear that in
                    the next few decades UNIX knowledge will be as relevant as
                    breadboards+TTL+transistors today. Kids today just don't
                    NEED to learn or NEED to care about Linux, period.
                    Soda is dying and all you have to give is "When I was
                    young I was very active unlike the kids today."
                    Great job, troller. Now go away.               -1987 alum
                    \_ Unix knowledge is irrelevant? Remind me never to hire
                       you. As for the rest of the Silicon Valley, I'd like
                       to see you tell prospective employers that. See below
                       thread if you're too dumb to figure it out.
                       \_ there's not a whole lot that *nix can do that
                          other OS's can't already do
                    \_ I'm curious: how much of Soda usage is for
                       A. e-mail
                       B. running apps
                       C. MOTD / wall  ?
                       My random guess: 5% / 10% / 85%.  If this is true,
                       how about just migrating to applications like
                       for MOTD and getting rid of the rest of the junk?
        \_ Message to previous poster: Scotsman has grown up and is too busy
           dealing with you kids. If you want something, do it yourself.
           \_ Umm, Scotsman owns the domain and
              AFAIK is maintaining this "Berkeley Blog".
              \_ Umm, Scotsman was young and had time to maintain whatever the
                 fuck he wanted to maintain but that was nearly a decade ago.
                 Now he has a real job (meaning it pays money!!), a real life
                 outside of MUD, real friends outside of IRC, and real hobbies
                 other than coding and playing Quake. Look kid, I know
                 this is difficult for you to digest now but when you grow up
                 someday, you'll understand. Good luck kid.
                 \_ I don't pretend to know Scotsman personally, but it
                    seems like you're talking out of your ass.'s
                    hosting of KAIS MOTD is new, like within the past few
                    months. And I'm asking for something that doesn't require
                    any more maintenance than is currently necessary. So I
                    suggest you tone down your rants.
              \_ Wrong on both counts: ausman owns the domain, and lets
                 kchang use it for his motd archive thingy.  scotsman's not
                 involved at all.
2007/1/2-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45519 Activity:nil
1/2     Anyone out there?
        \_ hello from!
2006/12/29-30 [Computer/SW/Security, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45510 Activity:high
12/29   There have been a lot of complaints regarding soda reliability and
        users not volunteering their time and effort to help. Obviously,
        it wouldn't make sense for every user to be given root access so
        they can volunteer. Instead, why don't we use motd for people to
        contribute concrete suggestions (not just to start flame wars) to
        improve soda reliability and security? I'll start:
        - Tripwire
        - Maybe going back to a *BSD
        - Sendmail is complicated and filled with holes. Why not use an
          alternative MTA?
          \_ Also, there use to be this message "Last logged in from..."
             I used to look at to see where my account was last used.
          \_ From being a part of the new-rebuild considerations, yes, no,
             and yes. --michener
          \_ Run soda in a virtual machine.
2006/12/13-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45441 Activity:high
12/13   When are unactive accounts going to get revived?
        \_ Accounts that were not reactivated after the first breakin last year
           may actually get pseudo-deleted in a few months.  Otherwise the
           procedure is the same as last time: call the office or email
           activate@ to get an account reactivated. - jvarga
           \_ Does the 'sorry' message you get when you try to log in
              say "please call the office at bleah bleah bleah"?
           \_ I don't think activate has responded to anyone
              \_ These are the people on activate@.  If you haven't gotten a
                 response, try again. - jvarga
                  soda:/root# grep "^activate:" /etc/aliases
                  activate: darch, vaheder, edilaic
              \_ I never said it was effective, only that it happens to be the
                 specified protocol as set down by politburo. - jvarga
                 \_ Is the current VP lazy, incompetent both or neither?
                    He might be busy with finals now, but what about Nov?
                    Fill in the blank: "The current Politburo is the lamest
                    since the _______ Politburo."
                    \_ Both.  Darch as the new VP looks to be aggresively
                       bringing things under control, so service should be
                       considerably less shitty than it was over the past
                       The fact that not even the entirity of the politburo is
                       seeing the activate messages is a testament to how lazy
                       they are.  Also, the message given in safesorry2 is a
                       weak 20 second message which I have told them more than
                       once to change to give more information.
                       Unfortunately, at the moment, its finals time so you
                       really shouldn't be looking for any impromement in
                       service... or even service at all for a little bit.
                       \- you know part of leadership is "delegation"
                          unfortunately we seem to have a case of "lame
                          delegation". --psb
                          \_ It is sad that they decide to implement a policy
                             and then decide not to do the work to support it.
                             Minghay has done about 90+% of the re-activation
                             in the most recent round of it.  Him not getting
                             activate@ emails makes me wonder if the emails
                             will even be read.  -mrauser
                    \_ Well would you rather have a politburo that ruled with
                       an iron fist and squished people and turned off
                       login for saying shit on wall/motd, like in the fascist
                       paolo/pollux/amckee era? Or do you prefer a completely
                       free-market politburo like now where they just let
                       people do whatever the fuck they want, and letting the
                       unix system run its own course? I guess both extremes
                       suck big time. Actually I liked it more when politburo
                       ruled with an iron fist. Fascism rules, esp on unix.
                       \_ fascism rules in any situation because there's always
                          someone you can blame at, whereas you can't blame
                          anyone for things that happen in the free-market.
                       \_ Fuck the iron fist, it gets in the way of writing
                          code. -dans
                          \_ ^code^hacks and r007ki7
2006/12/1-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45408 Activity:nil
11/30   For some reason after soda rebooted the motd defaulted to the Debian
        motd.  I've fixed the motd stuffs.  I really don't know what is going
        on with NFS locking.  Just as an FYI, mail is local and home dirs are
        remote mounted, so any locking issues would be if you have a procmail
        or similar script handling your mail. - jvarga
        \_ I removed my .forward, deleted a lock file, and it just
           reappears.  Mail sent to myself still apparently goes to
           /dev/null.  -asb
           \_ mrauser and I are having a horrible time figuring out what is
              going on here.  root@ is not getting delivered and you say your
              mail is being dropped on the floor.  Ugh!  - jvarga
              \_ It seems that most mail that seemed to be going nowhere has
                 now been delivered.  Thanks for fixing everything!!  -asb
2006/11/26-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45371 Activity:moderate
*/*     Can we get an update on soda's status?   Thanks.
        \_ Email jvarga and mconst directly. They do not read
2006/11/25-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45370 Activity:very high
11/25   Is the problem with bringing up soda one of lack of time or lack of
        knowledge? There's no way a single workstation should go down for a
        month every time it is hacked. I realize that some 'other work' is
        also being done, but for goodness sake! Do the root types need
        technical help?
        \_ I've said this before and I will say it again. The problem is that
           kids today do not have the enthusiasm nor the need to learn UNIX
           systems. They are happy coding Java using IntelliJ on their XP
           and the real hard core kids use Cygwin. Furthermore they don't
           really have a need for a Soda account. They have gmail, YM, and
           their Xbox. The days of POP& mail, irc, nwrite, talk,
           wall, motd, and whatever on UNIX is over. Get on with it old man.
           \_ I give you the finger.
              \_ Are you an old man?
           \_ sniff, too true
              \_ Are you an old man?
        \_ A few years ago someone on motd predicted the demise of csua+unix.
           I guess that days is here. With superior Web 2.0 services out
           there, there's no need for a soda account anymore. Soda is history.
           \_ But then, there's MOTD.  I agree that undergrads don't see or
              read it, but it's an important community, regardless of the
              technology it uses. Can you think of a way of preserving the
              users while getting rid of the underlying platform? I can't.
              \_ motd started to die out ever since paolo disabled 'cat motd'
                 for new .logins. As more alumni leave and no new users using
                 it, it was on the path of its demise. The outcome of killing
                 'cat motd' for new users is not really unexpected you know?
                 \_ Neither is it irreversible.  To Politburo members who
                    still read MOTD: How about it?
                    \_ To the person above (pp), here's a hint: the
                       intersection of Politburo members and people who still
                       read motd is zero. Why don't you mail politburo@csua
                       directly? Start by explaining what motd is.
              \_ Have you ever heard of the BLOG??? Or Yahoo groups?
                 I've heard that they're pretty popular these days. Oh my,
                 you sound like you're still living in the stone age of
                 computing. Dude, get on with the program old man. Social
                 security is dead and so is UNIX.
                 \_ Blogs and Yahoo! groups are for technically illiterate
                    14 year olds. Please don't suggest that these are
                    viable alternatives.
                    \_ Why not?
                    \_ The biggest reason why not is that some of us use
                       soda to do a lot more than motd. Soda is a place where
                       I can find everything I am looking for in one place
                       and there is a sense of community, too. I have never
                       maintained a blog, I don't read other blogs (except
                       when redirected to one) and I don't plan on it. If I
                       was a 14 year old girl I might. Are you one of those
                       morons who uses text-messaging, ringtones, and other
                       crap, too?
                       \_ But blogs are great to meet 14 year old girls.
                 \_ Again, you're confusing technology with community. The
                    advancement of data input and display technology is not
                    lost on me, but it's irrelevant.  A blog talkback won't
                    give you the same level of discussion with a target
                    audience like CSUA members. I would love to hear of good
                    examples that prove otherwise.
                    \_ "Community", ha ha ha ha. Such a 20th century idea.
                       Are you an old man?                  -kids today
                       \_ It's funny to read rants from a MOTD-basher at --
                          guess where? -- the MOTD!  Face it, you're here
                          for the interaction as much as I am.  It is not a
                          foreign or an outdated concept.
2006/11/23-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45364 Activity:very high
11/22   Does motd entry via actually work? And why is this area in
        the edit box different from the entries below?
        \_ Yeah, I don't get it either.  Some instructions would be useful.
        \_ Are you trolling or something? You write something here the same way
           you write /etc/motd.public, and after a few hours it may or may
           not get archived. What is there to not understand? Granted the
           interface totally blows by modern standard but I'm
           not sure whether doing ssh; vi /etc/motd.public;
           /csua/bin/mtd is any easier.
           \_ Hmm, that is cool, I didn't realize you could write in this.
           \_ yeah, esp. since they still haven't reinstated my acct -chug
              \_ LMAO. Hey, me too. - nivra/op
                 \_ hey.  wassup nivra! -chug
                    \_ hey gerald. how're things hanging in the states? I'm
                       off in commie land for the time being.
           \_ Yah, umm... few hours ... archive ... modern computing... Why
              archive in a few hours rather than a few minutes or even on post?
              Why not write a script to merge multiple posts by the same ip
              if you're concerned about corrections and such by one writer?
              The main disconnect is between the immediate update within the
              text box and the loooong delay in the area below.  Where is that
              disconnect explained? Oh, and anonymouscoward?  Isn't that just
              dependent on whether you sign your own name?  Or does it actually
              not log ip? - nivra
              \_ So many questions. Why don't you write your own archiver?
                 \_ Questions are good. Just ask congress.  Anyways, my point
                    was that the first post wasn't a troll, and is a fairly
                    common-sense question to a very non common-sense interface.
                    Apparently, the 2nd poster agrees with me, as well.
2006/11/17-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:45351 Activity:nil
11/16   You know what I think? Kids today don't care about motd. Or wall. Or
        nwrite. Or a csua email account. Or UNIX. You know what? They
        probably don't even know wall/motd/nwrite exist.
2006/11/16-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45344 Activity:nil
11/16   What is the status of Is it getting replaced
        by Windows XP service pack 2? Can we implement motd on Win XP? Thanks.
        \_ They could install cygwin. But might as well hold out for Windows
2006/11/13-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45335 Activity:low
11/13   What's going on with Soda?
        \_ Dunno, but on the motd archive at the 24 Hour Diff
           shows the last motd edit was at: 11/12 15:46 . So, I'm guessing
           that's just about when soda went down since the motd is pretty
           much always active.
           \_ Sigh, kids today cannot be trusted to run anything other than
              WinXP and XBox.
              \_ Maybe they booted soda with WinXP so they could do some
              \_ So you're gonna take care of it, ancient master?
                 \_ Yes. Give me the root password.
                    \_ Snatch the root password from my hand, grasshopper, and
                       I will know you are ready.
        \_ God's final message to his creation: We apologize for the
           inconvenience --Ed (soda will be back up eventually)
           \_ Still waiting. What's going on?
              \_ I just called the office. Apparently mconst found another
                 rootkit on soda, so they took it down. It's not back yet
                 because they decided to do a little restructuring of the
                 along with the re-install.
                 \_ wow...  another rootkit?
                 \_ If I donate $10 will you speed it up?
                    \_ Sorry, I'm just a fairly-uninvolved allum. I just called
                       the office, I can't speed anything up. Maybe you could
                       try calling mconst and asking him. (You can google his
                       phone #, I don't know if it works)
        \_ I'm actually getting work done at work. Maybe this is a good thing.
           \_ Work will always be there no matter how much you get done,
              until they lay you off or you die. MOTD, however, is not.
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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