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2018/08/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/5/4 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29990 Activity:high
/54     Please come back to csua paolo, we promise to be nicer this time
                                                        -paolo #1 fan
        \_ we forgive you for the motd fuckup, please come back so that we
           can ridicule you again!!!
        \_ why did paolo change his name to pst?
           \_ he said something once that it was a good way for dealing with
              spam. It's not the first time he's changed his CSUA (and OCF)
2004/5/4 [Computer/SW/Unix, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29984 Activity:very high
5/4     /csua/tmp is full.  Thanks tom:
293032 -r-xr-xr-x   1 tom       wheel  299905024 Jan 29 15:51 moab-munifest.avi
        \_ why post this to the MOTD instead of mailing me?  Oh right, you're
           an anonymous coward.  -tom
           \_ Because nobody likes you, everybody hates you, we think you
              should eat worms...
           \_ so do you plan to remove the file?
              \_ certainly not because of some MOTD posting.  If someone
                 wants to ask me directly, I'll consider it.  (It was
                 placed there at the specific request of another CSUA
                 member).  -tom
                           \- you know tom, this bit of pigheadedness
                              surprises even me. i dont think you are
                              being picked on here ... you own the largest
                              file there by a factor of two. has something
                              changed in your life to ratchet up your
                              bitterness level? it seem to jump up at
                              some point recently ... i only ask out of
                              intellectual curiosity. you can continue to
                              bray about the AMC but help everyone else
                              out by deleting the damn file. --psb
                              \_ Does 'pigheadedness' have etymology related
                                 to 'go stick your head in a pig'? -- ilyas
                              \_ Publicly-readable files account for only
                                 30% of the disk usage in /csua/tmp.
                 \_ do you think its usefulness to the other csua member
                    might have expired in the last 3 months?
                    \_ why don't you download it and see?  -tom
                       \_ i am beginning to understand this general animus
                          towards tom.
                          \_ the greater your level of contact the more you'll
                             understand.  he's just got a self esteem problem
                             because he never got a degree but is surrounded
                             by those who do or soon will.
                             \_ Except I personally know a few people who never
                                graduated, and don't have this problem...
           |_ /csua/tmp should be self-monitored. It's quite rude to leave
              huge files there, esp if you know that the filesystem is full.
                \_ It's also quite rude to insult someone in a public
                   forum, instead of asking them politely.  Asshole.  -tom
                   \_ i'll just note that bad behavior on one part does not
                      justify or excuse bad behavior on another, just as
                      rudeness on one does not justify or excuse rudeness
                      on another.
                      \_ Yes.  Unless it's tom.
             Speaking of resource abuse, whatever happened to the alumni
           donation thing? I'd like to donate maybe 50 bucks but I still don't
           see a PayPal link and what not. Maybe I should just donate to the
           Stanford computing facility.         -guy doing CSMS@Stanford
                         \_ there is a difference between what is expected
                            and what is justified.
                            \_ Being rude to tom is always justified.
        \_ since I ever met tom in 1992 he's been rude and inconsiderate.
           he has contributed very little except hostile, condescending
           remarks, and now this. It's not the first time, and it will not
           be the last. It has been 12 years since I've known him and very
           little has changed. I really think we should squish him.
           \_ "now this"?  I put a file requested by another CSUA member
              into a directory intended to allow CSUA members to share files.
              How horrific!  As for my contributions, I was CSUA VP for two
              semesters--what have *you* done?
              And there are files > 100MB which have been there for over 2
              years; why do you care about mine?  Oh, right, because you're
              an anonymous coward.
              Shit, I've been trolled.  -tom
              \_ I don't see what anonymity has to do with the size of the
                 file.  And I certainly don't buy into anonymity as a
                 justification for pointless ad hominem.  Chill, dude.  -mice
                 \_ Why are you talking about the file? The post tom responded
                    to is just an anonymous smear and request to "squish him".
                    You're fucking insane if you think his response was somehow
                    out of line. What ad hominem? Wtf is wrong with u people.
                    \_ Uhm, did you even read the post the guy is replying to?
                       Train harder, grasshopper.
                    \- because not removing the file is "out of line" with
                       arguing with the fellow in the motd. nobody is saying
                       tom should be squished or shouldnt argue with this
                       fellow. but he should have done something with the
                       file. his stubbornness over this makes him either
                       stupid or an asshole ... or possibly somehow psycho-
                       logically disturbed. --psb
              \_ Because yours was the largest file.  That was hard.  Try
                 engaging your brain occasionally.
                 \_ Irrelevant.  It's still a relatively small usage of the
           \_ FYI, signing as "guy doing CSMS@Stanford" does not count as
              de-anonymizing yourself.  You might as well not sign at all
              if you're not going to give your username.
              \_ I think that was about the donation part, not the tom part.
        \_ Speaking of resource abuse, whatever happened to the alumni
           donation thing? I'd like to donate maybe 50 bucks but I still don't
           see a PayPal link and what not. Maybe I should just donate to the
           Stanford computing facility.         -guy doing CSMS@Stanford
        \_ Why do you guys always pick on tom?  Just because he's a bit rude,
           hostile, and censors the motd like some nanny is no reason to abuse
           him all the time.  Seriously, I feel badly for him.  He's working
           as some IT peon at one of the greatest universities on the face
           of the planet and literally surrounded by people smarter and better
           educated than himself since he never graduated.  Of course he's
           bitter and hostile.  Why don't you guys just accept him as he is
           and let him feel important once in a while?  He'll mellow once you
           accept him as one of us.
                \_ hahahahhaaha this has got to be one of the best responses
                   I've ever read. It deserves the best motd post of the
                   \_ you hypocrites sound like pathetic high schoolers
        \_ well apaprently there is space on /csua/tmp now, and moab*.avi
           is still there, so whatever.
           \_ So the moral of the story is:  Most CSUAers are helpful and
              cooperative, but tom is a jerk.
              \_ Here is what is going on:  Tom is proud of whatever is
                 in that file [thus the helpful suggestion "why don't you
                 dl it and see"] and he wants to keep it there to point to
                 or for people to stumble on.  If he were to delete it,
                 putting it back without "someone asked me to put it there"
                 would just look pathetic.  No, I don't know why he doesn't
                 just put it on a web page.
                 \_ It's really simple.  I'm not going to respond to some
                    anonymous coward's attempt to disparage me on the MOTD.
                    If someone wants to make it a personal request, I'll
                    consider it.
                    The file is a video made at the 2003 Moab MUniFest,
                    and I think it could be of interest to people, but
                    the original purpose of putting it in /csua/tmp was
                    that randal wanted to see it, and I don't have personal
                    web space where I can stick 300MB.  -tom
        \_ You guys are bad.  Tom picked on me once, but this thread is
           a little mean.
           \_ You reap what you sow...
2004/5/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29979 Activity:insanely high
5/3     csua wall is dying. so is nwrite, talk, and motd. how sad.
        \_ We'll all text-message each other on our CSUA mobile phones,
           which will have CPUs faster than soda and run *nix.
        \_ want to know what killed it? IRC (1992). ICQ (1994). AIM (1996).
           YIM (1997). MSN Messenger (1998). Mobile text messaging (2000).
           Eudora/POP/IMAP/Affordable desktop/laptops (now people don't
           have to log into soda to check email). And finally, lack of
           CSUA effort to 1) make a more friendly frontend for nwrite/talk,
           something that the better programmars at XCF have no problem
           writing and 2) get more members involved 3) tom scaring newbies
           from using soda.
           \_ Hi paolo!
                \_ paolo is sexy
                   \_ well he's mostly right.  -knows paolo
              \_ well he's mostly right.  -!doesn't know paolo
           \_ behold, kchang has risen from squishdom and is striking with
              righteous fury at his old enemies!
              \_ well he's mostly right.  -!doesn't know kchang
        \_ How is motd "dying"? It seems to get more posts than ever.
                \_ case u haven't noticed it's mostly from ilyas, tom, and psb
                   \_ I like that definition of 'mostly.'  For instance, let's
                      measure the fraction of the threads currently signed by
                      above three, versus all other threads. -- ilyas
                      \_ it's a dumb and obviously false statement even if
                         you only count signed posts.  since a majority of
                         posters do not sign, it's beyond idiotic.  just
                         ignore it.
                         \_ Obviously someone needs to take the time to
                            write a script that will record motd editing
                            frequency per account, and settle this argument
                            once and for all.
2004/5/2-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:29949 Activity:insanely high
5/1     If the motd is nuked again, the following will restore it (it's a
        hidden feature):
lynx -dump ' > /etc/motd.p
        \_ kchang's archive only updates a few times a day, right?
                \_ 6 times during peak hours and twice at night. It's really
                   meant to be used as a search/engine for old entries
                   and doesn't have the quick, interactive feel of motd,v.
                   By the way entries from 1998-2003 are now posted, you can
                   check out all the stupid comments tom made
            \_ Why would I want to read tom's old stupid comments when I can
               get them fresh everyday right now?  It isn't like he's ever
               changed (grown up) or anything.
               \_ and you're the model of maturity.
                  \_ you didn't sign your name so you're stupid and your
                     opinion has no value.  --irony #1 Fan
        \_ ~tse/motd,v
           \_ Gary, I thought you had a life?!
              \_ No married man has a life.  You should know that.
                 \_ BDG, is that you?
2004/5/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW] UID:29943 Activity:high
5/1    mehlhaff, why did you stop your motd archive?
        \_ Why don't you just run your own?  It isn't magic.
        \_ I think that binary flood was designed to break motd archive.
           \_ Checking the file type and length before archiving wouldn't
              be a difficult addition for those who care.
2004/4/30-5/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:13503 Activity:nil
4/30    on average, motd is posted by at most 3-5 different people a day.
        I make this conclusion based on the fact that for the past 2 weeks,
        I actually wrote 1/3-1/2 of the posts. It's actually quite sad.
        \_ Someone is being nice enough to post a job listing.  If you don't
           like recruiters, fine:  Just don't apply for the job.  Don't prevent
           other people from applying.
        \_ For you or for the motd?
           \_ For him, I guess.  I, and I hope most people, only post to
              the motd once or twice a day.
        \_ Obligatory "One person writes 1/3-1/2 of the posts?  Now it makes
        \_ there are at least 10 users who sign their posts. i know of several
           ppl who post but dont sign their posts. Of the anonymous posters,
           several personas (could be the same person?):
           Anti-Semite, Jew, Arab, NeoCon, TrueCon, Libertarian #1-N, Liberal,
           Bleeding Heart Liberal, Con who hates Bush, Deaniac, Kucinich Freak,
           Taiwan (pro and con current govt), the several users getting
           married, divorced, single, wnat to get laid, etc.
           \_ Bastard!  You forgot me!!!  --Nader '04!
           \_ wait!  I want to get laid!  That one must be me!
           \_ i'm trying to figure out who i am.
              \_ The motd is no place to search for self-enlightenment.
2004/4/30-5/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13489 Activity:very high 50%like:10961 80%like:13482
4/29    Help, Al Qaeda has infiltrate csua and nuking motd is!!!
        \_ CSUA Motd has Yoda as member, not!
           \_ Actually...
              soda:[~] finger yoda
              Login: yoda                             Name: Sean Yoda Rouse
              Directory: /home/sequent/yoda           Shell: /usr/local/bin/ksh
              Last login Thu Apr 22 15:02 (PDT) on ttyBu from
              New mail received Fri Apr 30 10:17 2004 (PDT)
                Unread since Fri Apr 30 05:57 2004 (PDT)
              No Plan.
              though I suppose it's an unanswerable question whether yoda@soda
              (I love that) is a "member of CSUA Motd". What exactly
              constitutes motd membership? -- ulysses
              \_ [formatd]
        \_ b/w al qaeda & the u.s., the world knows that only the u.s.
           definately has nukes!!!  so, it might be the u.s. nuking the motd..
           if it is al qaeda, it is blasting airplanes into the motd!!
           \_ Israel has nukes!  It must be the evil Jews!  Kill the Jews!
              Think of the children!  Save the motd whales!
              \_ Thinking like this will destabalize the Middle East for
                 \_ w00t!
        \_ I think I will institute a new rule. Anytime my posts are
           deleted three times in a row, either by malice or by cowardly
           ssh'ing scumbags who refuse to use motd, I will nuke the motd.
           Sound fair?
           ssh'ing scumbags, I will nuke the motd. Sound fair?
           \_ Nukes are not the answer -liburl
              \_ I like Bush! -moron
                 \_ I like bush too! -lesbian
              \_ I like Bush! -moron
                    \_ I like bush and Bush! -Mary Cheney
           \_ just run your own motd archive if you want to restore after
              a nuke.  that's what i did, after mehlhaff stopped his.  obtw,
              how often does motd update from motd.public?  i'd like to make
              sure i have a good sampling rate.
              \_ fyi, from looking at mehlhaff's log, it looked like his
                 was done every two minutes
                 \_ That's the default with motdwatch.
                    See "/csua/bin/motdwatch -h"  to see how to make your own
                    motd archive.
                    \_ yep, though i didn't even bother with motdwatch.
                       i am running mine every 120 seconds, because that's
                       the motdwatch standard, but i am still curious if that
                       is sufficient.
                       \_ I'd venture to guess that the time between motd
                          changes follows a power-law distribution, and so
                          there's diminishing returns as you watch ever more
                          closely.  Since almost all changes are simple non
                          conflicting additions and subtractions, you really
                          only need to watch often enough to catch most changes
                          that orrur right before a nuke.
                          \_ you would be right if you were not interested
                             in microchanges in the motd.  me, i like to make
                             sure i can recover if someone just wants to
                             censor a particular comment or thread (cf.
                             the guy who's trying to kill the java job ad).
              \_ speaking of which, what's a good way to automate the
                 rotating of the archive, assuming i don't have access to
                 \_ I'd make a monitoring program generate filenames based on
                    `date "+%Y.%m.%d.%H.%M.%S"` and then purge stuff older than
                    a day or so.
           ssh'ing scumbags, I will nuke the motd. Sound fair?
           \_ Get lost, loser.
           \_ Nukes are not the answer -liburl
              sure i have a good sampling rate.
                    `date "+%Y.%m.%d.%H.%M.%S"` and then purge stuff older than
                    a day or so.
                    \_ find . \! -mtime 1 -exec /bin/rm {} \;
                       \_ i was going to make it based on -size, but yes.
2018/08/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/4/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:13482 Activity:kinda low 80%like:13489
4/29    Help, Al Qaeda has infiltrated csua and is nuking motd!!!
        \_ Help!  FOBs have inflitrated the CSUA and are posting barely
           grammatical, article-less sentences!
2004/4/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13464 Activity:moderate
4/29    I've become addicted to the motd and can't get any work done, what
        should I do???
        \_ Welcome to the club.
        \_ go on craigslist to ask for help
        \_ get yourself squished?
        \_ go to and read only
           the categories you're interested at. Skip everything in
           Politics (mostly trolls) and you'll be fine.
2004/4/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13351 Activity:nil
4/23    I've estimated that on average, motd is managed by 5 people, some
        of which have split personality giving motd the illusion that it's
        editted by ~10-15 users. The only people who really post are:
        tom, psb, ilyas, and others who average to ~2 users/day. Total: 5
        \_ I estimate the actual number who post with any regularity is
           at least 20.  A much bigger number reads regularly. -- ilyas
        \_ You're not paying close enough attention.
        \_ on what do you base this estimate?
        \_ missed me!
        \_ You're saying 5 users a day?  No way.  -jrleek
           \_ Mormon alert!
              \_ We're everywhere. -emarkp
                 \_ Ahh! Run for the hills!
                 \_ So what did you guys think of "Orgazmo"?
2004/4/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13321 Activity:nil
        "Thomas Holub", "Tom Holub" -> There were no records found matching your request.
        "Partha Banerjee" -> There were no records found matching your request.
        When did they graduate? Degrees?
        \_ Graduate? Degrees?
        \_ Old motd saying: The ways of men do not apply to psb.
           As for tom, maybe it was a tragedy of the commons.
           "The majority of the online csua community was composed of older
            legacy Associate Members, creating a "ol' Boys Club" which
            actively created an atmosphere in which the newer members were
            treated as inferior sub-citizens... "
           Paolo is talking about tom. It's been a long time since this has
           been tried, but I think now is a good time to squish tom.
                \_ paolo wrote that like 4 years ago, why do ANY of
                   you care?  who is cranky old tom-hater?  I still
                   don't know.  i am sad about your pathetic life.
           \_ sup party peepz!  That wasn't about tom. - pst (who didn't
              know about tom until 6 months after he wrote that).
           \_ First, you need some non-anonymous person to complain.
              \_ It works best if the complainant happens to be the girlfriend
                 of a polit bureau member.
           \_ What misconduct specifically are you accusing Tom of?  He's not
              even participating as much as he used to, so it's hard to make
              the case that he's creating a more hostile environment than has
              been cheerfully tolerated in the past.  He hasn't walled
              anything about twink points in quite some time.  I also believe
              that he labels his motd posts, and the nastiest, most evil
              posts are always anonymous.  --PeterM
              \_ I'm hurt, peter.  I try my hardest to be evil, and it just
                 goes unnoticed.  You don't send me flowers.  --scotsman
              \_ My posts are always nasty and evil, and I sign too... -- ilyas
                 \_ Your non-nasty post is much like the statement "this
                    statement is false."  I find it amusing.
                    \_ Sorry, I ve been taking a lot of recursion theory
                       recently. -- ilyas
              \_ Actually, tom walled about twink points yesterday.
           \_ not even worth further comment.
2004/4/20 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13281 Activity:nil
4/20    Can we please have a separate motd.public for politics, tech, and
        misc? if we have separate motd.public, we can enable the
        by default for newbies (I'm sure they'll appreciate it) while
        disabling motd.politics which is usually filled with offensive,
        non-PC flame/troll baits.
        \_ No.
        \_ I think that's a good idea.
           \_ Do it then ass monkey. Make a file called /var/tmp/motd.boring
              and see how many people you can talk into using it.
        \_ proposal:
                /etc/          enabled by default
                /etc/motd.humor         enabled by default
                /etc/motd.politics      disabled by default
                /etc/motd.misc          disabled by default
                /etc/motd               concatination of the above files
           Enabling motd by default should encourage more people to
           participate on motd so if psb/tom decide to get a life (they're
           having mid 30 something crisis for heavens sake) there will still
           be motd continuation.
           \_ proposal:
              1) fuck off
              2) find some other online forum to ruin with your idiocy
           \_ Problem 1:  Trolls will only touch the files that are displayed
              by default.
              Problem 2:  Some technical posts inevitable spawn political
              threads, whice leads to the post's deletion.
              Problem 3:  Humor posts are semi-rare, and often offensive.  Do
              they really deserve their own file?  Why not merge into politics?
           \_ One of the purposes of the MOTD (and the csua) is social
              interaction.  I think, even more appropriate than tech posts
              are posts like "Volleyball 3-5 PM on Friday" or "CSUA
              movie run to see Monty Python at the Paramount".  One of the
              significant deleterious effects of all the anonymous trolling
              that goes on is that there's too much noise to get any
              signal through.  But splitting the MOTD up won't help
              with that.  I think putting it under RCS/CVS (so usage is logged)
              would.  -tom
              \_ Monty Python?  Volleyball?  tom, you are OLD.
           \_ Funny posts are usually not intentional and even when they are
              they are usually part of a post about one of the other subjects.
              so having a humor file doesn't make sense.
2004/4/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13260 Activity:nil
4/18    csua has a tradition of making fun of people. Take kinney, kchang,
        dickeylee, and many many many others for example. Who is our target
        now?                                            -bored alumni
        \_ How about root?
        \_ Give us your name!
        \_ Your jackal kind sickens me. -- ilyas
                \_ I believe our target is ilyas... There was a time when
                   csua was pretty vicious (and more interesting) and the
                   corrupted politburo members squished people like flys
                   but those days seem to be long gone. Anyways,
                   tell us about the stars ilyas!!!
        \_ Give us your name, and it can be you!
                   \_ Care to explain that motd-meme?
        \_ I said it before and I'll say it again.  I'll take on all you
           little snots.  One-handed.  Whoop!  -Fuzzy Bunny
2004/4/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13251 Activity:nil
4/18    ERic -- i think your motd archiving died sometime on Friday.
        \_ Anytime soda gets fux0red people have to restart their monitoring.
           Not to mention, it eats up part of their disk quota. Is there any
           chance of the CSUA powers to make a simple archive script and a
           little dedicated space part of the system? It's there for wall.
        \_ oh my goodness... you mean you haven't converted to
           \_ You should check its FAQ for its very severe technical
              limitations.  Among them is that it only logs 4 times a day.
              \_ that's more a policy limitation than technical.
              \_ The question is, why does it only log 4 times a day?
                 Why not use existing logging infrastructure that mehlhaff
                 uses, and combine it with the 'more userfriendly' UI that
                 kchang uses?
                 \_ Because it's running on linux.  We use freebsd here.
                    \_ You realize how dumb this reply is, right?  They both
                       probably use perl and that's it.  Moron.
           \_ what does this have to do with technical limitation? It's set
              to 4 times a day for a reason.
           \_ I talked to kchang and he was reluctant to increase the
              frequency as it'll increase the number of unfiltered trolls,
              but I got him to increase it to 8 times a day  -kais motd root
              \_ Just up the frequency some more, and I ll hack up a
                 statistical troll detector. -- ilyas
                 \_ riiiiiiight.
              \_ kchang is worried about trolls?  whatever.
2004/4/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13210 Activity:high
4/14    To the poster who suggested on making motd default for new accounts,
        I say no. Motd/wall usage is for the elite only, and newbies should
        have read only access until they gain the respect of the elite,
        and it is until then, that they have full access to motd/wall
                                                        -elite alumni, 91
        \_ You think you're elite?  Hah. you are a FOOL.  The elite are so
           lazy that they'd never induct anyone new into the Motd Brotherhood.
        \_ You're not so 318 as you think.  They can already read the motd
           with out an account.  And don't bring the wall into this.  The wall
           is just the playpen for an inclusive little clique discussing their
           STDs and cricket scores.  The motd has useful information on it.
           \_ I think it was a troll, guys.
              \_ You're the only one not in on the joke.  Sorry.  -- 23184U
                 \_ Wow, I guess I'm just not 1337.
2004/4/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29925 Activity:nil
        \_ DUDE!
2004/4/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13191 Activity:nil
4/14    amazing. simply amazing.
        (thanks psb via james)  - rory
        \_ What the... He goes through and stores and indexs the motd
                \_ no it's fully automatic
        \_ All the more so since I thought that kchang's account was sorried
           ages ago, though I don't really follow these things. -- ulysses
           \_ Well, I can't find a kchang though finger, so he must be
              gone.  The motd is available on the web though, right?
              But the real question is, why does he care?  WHY? -jrleek
              \_ Why do we care?
                 \_ I have a facination with the bizzare.
                 \_ because the motd is actually a huge wealth of knowledge
                    on unix, c++, etc interspersed with obnoxious uselss
                    (though entertaining) ranting, and a categorized and
                    well-done archive actually makes all the information
                    accessible and useful.   - rory
              \_ grep kchang /etc/passwd
                   kchang:*:8710:100:Kevin Chang,none,none,
            \_ Why was he sorried?
                \_ it's lame if he were really tricked.
                   \_ insulting him on the MOTD isn't "tricking him into
                      writing a motd deletion script."
                      \_ fag is 'hate speech' not insult.
                      \_ Automatically adding stuff should be squishable
                         too.  Was that guy found and sorried as well?
                         \_ I wasn't here, but i'd bet not.  It seems like a
                            bunch of crap that he was sorried, and i'm glad
                            to see he's back, especially since this motd
                            thing is cool. -phuqm
                \_ oh my, this is IRONIC!!! checking out why he got squished
                   on his own very creation. it's killing Mr. Winchester
                   with his own gun.
        \_ should he be squished again?
        Couldn't I break the system by totally messing up the motd entries?
        \_ You sure could. Please do try, preferably using a motd mudging
           script, croned, forked bombed, that uses a lot of cpu time.
        \_ search, auto categorized, and prefetched/cached contents. it's
           a csua-killer app. there was a time when I thought he was an
           idiot, but now i think he is a really cool idiot.
2004/4/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29920 Activity:insanely high
4/13    If you were the almighty root and you could squish anyone you want
        without any consequences, who would you squish? Vote now:
        kinney: .
        kinney's affiliates: .
        tom holub: ...
        psb: .
        the anonymous motd censor(s): .
        freeper kook: ...
        paolo/pst/prole: ..
        \_ no ballot-stuffing, please
        \_ Wow!  You're STILL grinding the axe over paolo vs. the motd almost
           3 years later!  You Win the 'I Have No Life' award!
           \_ what's the paolo controversy? -noob
              \_ Actually, the paolo controversy involved paolo auto-deleting
                 the motd.
              \_ Post September 11, 2001, some lovely motd denizen posted
                 some hateful Anti-Arab trash, something related to hunting
                 down and killing or something else just as enlightened.
                 A number of people were upset about this, some of whom are
                 of Arab descent.  The politburo, led by paolo as the
                 president at the time, decided to turn off the motd for a
                 few days as a 'cooling down.'  A couple of fuckwits who
                 don't understand the 1st amendment started carping about
                 'free speech,' and that's the paolo controversy.  I
                 believe there was also the issue that the motd was publicly
                 accessible through the CSUA web site.
                 \_ yes, this caused the motd.public (formermly at
                    <DEAD>soda/motd<DEAD> to be pulled down. And wasn't some
                    script of paolo's also the origin of the no auto-
                    editting of the motd edict?
                    \_ I believe kchang was squished for auto-editing the
                       motd.  I remember paolo was also criticized for
                       having a script, but there was some controversy over
                       his non-squshing.
                       \_ Yes, kchang was squished for an offense paolo was
                          not squished for.  I believe either paolo should
                          be squished, or kchang unsquished, in the interests
                          of fairness.  The amount of time that has passed
                          since the incident isn't really relevant -- unfair
                          is unfair.  That paolo didn't volunteer to have this
                          cleared up in some way doesn't speak well for him.
                            -- ilyas
                          \_ Cool. tom and ilyas probably form a united front
                             on an issue.
                          \_ So, how similar or different were kchang and
                             paolo's actions?  Also, kchang is unsquished.
                          \_ Are you dissing paolo because he hasn't asked the
                             CSUA to squish him?  That seems a pretty stiff
                             moral standard.
                             \_ Please don't feed him his lines like that. It's
                                embarassing to both of you.
                             \_ Rigid beliefs. -- ilyas
                                \_ In SOVIET RUSSIA, PAOLO squishes YOU!
                          \_ The fact that you think this matters speaks
                          \_ IIRC, kchang was squished for numerous offences,
                             not just auto-editing.
                             \_ that's right, it was also for harrassment
                          \_ That you censored all the responses to your
                             statement doesn't speak well for you.
                  \_ You forgot to mention the person whose complaints led
                     to the motd ban happened to be sleeping with Paolo at
                     the time.
                     \_ I fail to see how this really matters, general
                        jealousy about paolo not being a virgin aside.
                        \_ Can paolo be impartial adjudging a claim brought
                           by his girlfriend?
                     \_ I think that makes me respect him MORE.
                  \_ Was this also the cause of the motd no longer
                     displaying automatically on login for new members?
        I don't believe in abusing power, even with no consequences:  ..
2004/4/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13181 Activity:kinda low 50%like:13150
4/12    \_ um, whatever happened to the Soda alumni donation thing? My
           guess is that most of them got cheap and paid... ZELO DOLLAH!!!
           \_ I think what happened is that the students got picky. The
              recent thread where it was said CSUA needed 40 terabytes of
              disk, an LTO2 tape silo, and 14 3.6 GHz CPUs (or something
              almost as ridiculous) turned me off.
              \_ amen, brother.
              \_ me too.  current offers of alum donations that are being
                 sniffed at and turned away as useless crap are way way better
                 than what was available for real class work, in the labs, or
                 previous  incarnations of soda when we were students.  you
                 don't need hundreds of top end cpus, peta bytes of storage
                 and 10 gigabit switches to run a student login, motd, wall,
                 and smtp/imap/pop box.  if there weren't so many snotty
                 greedy unappreciative brats here there'd be more alum help.
                 \_ while we'd like what you've listed above, as i've said
                    here before, we'll take whatever we can get that is better
                    then what we've got. erikk
           \_ Hey asswipe, I gave $500 last time the CSUA passed the hat
              and would do it again, if the Politburo would get its stuff
              together and make a proposal. -alumnus
              \_ Curious, did anyone even thank you?  I got zippo thanks for
                 my last donation.  -never again alum
                 \_ well, i can't do much about the past, except to thank
                    you and everyone else who has donated to the csua.
                    ideally, we'd have a well run donations system. but
                    such a system takes time and we can't seem to scrape
                    up enough of that to handle something like the faculty
                    retreat as well as i would like to. i know its a tired
                    excuse, but its the truth. erikk
                 \_ No, but I would still give again.
        \_ where can we get a list of the donation record? I'd like to
           see something similar to opera where there's a sheet of top
           X million $ donations, followed by Y million $ donations, etc for
           building/funding the opera house.
           \_ Top donor gets their name stenciled onto the CSUA bat in gold
              letters.  Second highest doner gets their name spelled out in
              slices of pepperoni on the next pizza given away at a General
              \_ Third prize is, you're fired.
        \_ I contacted the VP who posted to the motd, and asked him to keep
           me updated on when they had specified a plan (via the motd and
           email), and I'd donate at that point.  Haven't heard back yet...
                \_ if you're not Donald Trump, they don't want to hear from ya
                \- Just out of curiosity, why does the CSUA need money?
                   How much do you get from EJC, ASUC, CS dept?
                      --psb, former chief of CSUA money laundering operation
2004/4/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13150 Activity:high 50%like:13181
4/12    So what happened to soda? I see nothing in Official.
        \_ yeah, wha'appened?
        \_ I heard soda had a power outage --scotsman
           \_ Campuswide power outage, haas isn't even back yet. - pst
              \_ it wasn't campuswide. at least some parts of south side
                 had power the whole time.
              \_ That's why I couldn't get to the main
                 page either.
        \_ What type of machine is soda now? Does it have a UPS?
              and no. - pst
           \_ A UPS that could last the 2 minutes it would take to do a clean
              shutdown and send an automated message to all logged on users
              about it might cost as much as $75.
              \_ Genuinely curious: how do you determine how long a UPS will
                 support a machine off the grid?
                 \_ A UPS should have a rating of AH (amp-hours) or WH (watt-
                    hours).  Also, mAH are milli-amp-hours.  1000mAH = 1AH.
                    1 Amp-hour at 120V = 120 Watt-hours.  If your
                    whole system is drawing 500 watts, it will stay up for 1
                    hour for every 500 watt-hours your battery has.
                    Oh, also, the VA (volt-amp) rating tells you the maximum
                    amount of power you can draw.
                    Of course, having soda stay up doesn't help much when all
                    the routers go down.
                    \_ this is why you use apmd, and only get enough battery
                       to shut soda down safely.  As was said above, it's cheap
                       and effective. --scotsman
                    \_ The routers aren't on UPS?!
                       \_ that would cost another $49.95 per router to survive
                          through the length of most power outages.
                          \_ I think your number is a bit low.  Routers draw
                             a LOT.  Generally a good deal more than any
                             tower case.
                             \_ It all depends on the size of the router.
                                My router at home is 20W, tops.
                                \_ Hrm.  Last I checked, we were talking about
                                   SODA.  Useless...
        \_ um, whatever happened to the Soda alumni donation thing? My
           guess is that most of them got cheap and paid... ZELO DOLLAH!!!
           \_ I think what happened is that the students got picky. The
              recent thread where it was said CSUA needed 40 terabytes of
              disk, an LTO2 tape silo, and 14 3.6 GHz CPUs (or something
              almost as ridiculous) turned me off.
              \_ amen, brother.
              \_ me too.  current offers of alum donations that are being
                 sniffed at and turned away as useless crap are way way better
                 than what was available for real class work, in the labs, or
                 previous  incarnations of soda when we were students.  you
                 don't need hundreds of top end cpus, peta bytes of storage
                 and 10 gigabit switches to run a student login, motd, wall,
                 and smtp/imap/pop box.  if there weren't so many snotty
                 greedy unappreciative brats here there'd be more alum help.
           \_ Hey asswipe, I gave $500 last time the CSUA passed the hat
              and would do it again, if the Politburo would get its stuff
              together and make a proposal. -alumnus
              \_ Curious, did anyone even thank you?  I got zippo thanks for
                 my last donation.  -never again alum
                 \_ No, but I would still give again.
                \_ dude, please give me $500. I'm poor and starving and
                   I eat cup-o-noodle every other day just to save money.
                   And Westwood rent is a rip-off       -ucla cs student
                   \_ Weren't you just bragging about all the 19 y.o.
                      hardbody LA chixs you were nailing? Don't expect
                      any sympathy from me.
                      \_ You'd think that an enterprising young ucla cs
                         student would have recorded his exploits and sold
                         access on his website.
                         \_ Yeah! uclacsstudent #1 fan
        \_ where can we get a list of the donation record? I'd like to
           see something similar to opera where there's a sheet of top
           X million $ donations, followed by Y million $ donations, etc for
           building/funding the opera house.
           \_ Top donor gets their name stenciled onto the CSUA bat in gold
              letters.  Second highest doner gets their name spelled out in
              slices of pepperoni on the next pizza given away at a General
2004/4/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13146 Activity:insanely high
4/11    erikred, stop spamming kinney's shit on the motd.  post it on the
        web and give a link for those who give a shit.
        \_ identify yourself, censor
           \_ it isn't censorship.  it is restoring sanity.  stop abusing
              the motd.
              \_ then identify yourself, "sanity restorer"
                 \_ It's at least 2 people, possibly more.
              \_ And yet you deleted the whole motd. Let's be reasonable. When
                 has the motd REALLY been sane?
                 \_ No, I restored it after someone else zeroed it.  There's
                    a difference between the usual gamut of stupid shit on the
                    motd and countless pages of kinney's crap which could just
                    as easily have been posted by URL instead of full text just
                    like most everything else here.  If the NYT only gets a
                    link, kinney doesn't get 25 paragraphs.
              \_ It's better than reading you whine. Quitcher bitchin.
                 \_ Agreed.
        \_ lol, you idiot, dans was posting kinney's email.  He said as much.
           I'm the one who suggested that he create a blog for Kinney at
           blogspot. --erikred
        \_ It pisses me off that cool shit gets posted to the motd on the
           weekend and as soon as the first grumpy old man logs in on monday
           morning, it's all toast.
        \_ What, is less on soda broken? -dans
2004/4/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13145 Activity:nil
4/12    A small reminder, automated adding stuff to motd is a squishable
        \_ The rule is:
           "Destruction of the MOTD (by repeated deletion, jive, or any other
           method) is severly frowned upon and will result in the termination
           of your account.  Making the motd extremely long is not cool either.
           Don't be a hoser." /csua/adm/doc/policies/motd
           \_ unless you're paolo.
                \_ paolo is god. He works at Intel Berkeley Research Lab.
2004/4/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:29911 Activity:high
4/8     Can you guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave messages on for at least
        12 hours before deleting them? I don't poll motd at work every
        hour so I miss some of the posts, and I don't like to use mehlhaff's
        user unfriendly rcs archive. Thanks.
        \_ what's user-unfriendly about vi?
        \_ If every worthless troll was left up for 12 hours, the motd
           would be 50 pages long. Do you really want that?
           \_ I think it'd be more like 20 pages, and yes, I want that. -!op
              \_ i also want that. so do a lot of people. censors are basically
                 bad people, and are a minority...just like in society at
                 \_ motd archives exist.  just do a restore after the
                    censors delete.  i do for threads i care about.
                    \_ no one should have to "just do a restore" to go see
                       what they might have missed because some pedantic
                       selfish self righteous self inflated asshole thinks
                       he knows what does and does not belong on the motd.
        \_ what's user-unfriendly about less/more?
2004/4/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13084 Activity:high
4/7     Motd tip of the day: Consider writing your post in a text-editor with
        a spelling/grammar check.  Correct, copy, and paste.
        \_ Motd tip of the year: Go fuck yourself.
        \_ Motd too impollsiv for that lah.
2004/4/6 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13031 Activity:nil
4/5     Dude, can you guys PLEASE PLEASE wait 12 hours before deleting a
        helpful message (relating to tech/computer/sysadm/etc)? Thank you.
        \_ fuck you.  when people delete politics, tech stuff gets deleted.
           \_ You pathetic baboon, what does deleting political crap have
              to do with someone nicely asking that informative tech posts
              be kept?  Grow up.  -John
              \_ John, stop deleting stuff, and stop using racial slurs
              \_ neither should get *censored* but it seems to be a very
                 simple lesson in tit for tat.  some people want the motd to
                 be techie-only and censor things they don't care about.  they
                 don't listen to those who have asked for years to not do that
                 so you're now seeing the response of frustrated last resort.
                 the lesson is something your mother should have taught you by
                 age 5: treat others as you'd have them treat you.  there's
                 nothing sacred about techie posts.
                 \_ Wait, take this example:  Person A Makes a technical post.
                    Person B makes a political post.  Person C delete's B's
                    post.  You're saying it makes sense for B to delete A's
                    post?  That sounds like completely ineffective collective
                    \_ Yes, it does.  It punishes C who wanted to keep A.
                 \_ in other words, the trolls get pissed when their attempts
                    at making the MOTD useless by inciting stupid arguments
                    fail, so they go straight to deleting the useful content.
                    \_ this line of reasoning is exactly the problem here.  you
                       think the motd is only for "useful" (to you) threads on
                       topics of interest (to you) and anything else is a troll
                       which makes the motd useless.  when you get over it and
                       finally understand the motd is a public space for
                       everyone, it'll be more useful for everyone.  tit for
                       tat is a very simple concept you should have learned
                       in grade school.  everyone loses.  so stop deleting the
                       topics that are obviously not trolls and are of great
                       interest to others and yours will stick around longer
                       too.  if we measured value by number of replies, length
                       of replies, effort spent in replying, and number of
                       people involved in each thread, it can be easily
                       argued that the motd is primarily for political topics
                       with a secondary function for google-able techie
                       questions and a few job postings.
                       \_ Anything can be argued.  Anyone arguing that the
                          MOTD is a good place for political topics would
                          sound like a complete idiot, but he certainly
                          could argue it.
                          \_ Score another ad hominen.  Got anything to say?
           \_ and destruction begets more destruction.  brillant.
        \_ and you would delete everything else?
           \_ ln -s /etc/motd.public /dev/null
                \_ Permission denied, can someone with root do it please?
2004/4/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13001 Activity:nil
4/2     Excellent motd guys!  Very long length, lots of ranting and rambling,
        and IlyaLunacy (tm)!  Good show!
        \_ Lunacy certainly plays a part, but idiocy and the total lack of
           awareness thereof are more dominant traits.
           \_ But at least I have the motd to set me straight. -- ilyas
              \_ If it wasn't for the motd, no one would know the truth.
2004/4/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12973 Activity:low
4/1     I am so fucking tired of being overwritten that I will gleefully
        nuke the motd rather than watch this bullshit continue.
        \_ Please use motdedit.  Seriously guys, use your head.
           \_ Please go fuck yourself.  Seriously, dude, fuck you.
              \_ Ooh, well reasoned response, you got me.
                 \_ Slightly more reasoned than suggesting motdedit.
        \_ can someone PLEASE change motdedit so that it'll delete the
           trailing \s+ in motd left by a dumb ass emacs user? -annoyed vi'er
           \- use (setq next-line-max-inserted-newlines 1) --psb
              \_ i think he's complaining about emacs users, not that he is
                 a clueless emacs user who is concerned about his own extras.
        \_ Wah wah wah, I am so selfish and childlike that I will
           destory the motd rather than use a free tool that makes
           it easy to co-operatively use it.
           \_ except for the fact that motdedit munges the crap out of the
              motd.  you get what you pay for.
              \_ Good point.  I'll use MSWord.  -John
                 \_ At least MSWord can properly lock a shared file.
2004/3/21-22 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12784 Activity:high
3/21    the motd stuff about Taiwan was pretty interesting,
        which csua-Chinese-nationalist deleted it?
        \_ No, some asshole deleted a part of the thread, so the entire thing
           was nuked in retaliation.  Nothing to do with Taiwan, it was
           motd pettiness all the way.
        \_ You named the wrong nationalist.
        \_ [ chicom troll will be deleted on sight from now on. ]
           \_ [ that and the broken english ]
           \_ good. you've illustrated my point.  DPP rigged the election
              and anyone who doesn't agree is labeled as "chicom"
           \_ Congratulations, junior, you have the power to label anyone
              chicom and obliterate their posts.  Power to you.
        \_ I was the last one posting on that thread before it got killed by
           someone who couldn't take criticism of DPP.  I thought of restoring
           it but then  remembered it's just the motd.  You can look it up in
           the archive.
2004/3/20-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12775 Activity:nil
3/19    Why do you guys insist on putting stuff in /csua/pub/jobs/* ?
        You're posting on motd, so obviously you want many people to look
        at the job and to apply. Why not put it in places like* where your listing will
        get even more exposure?
        \_ Because that's where they've always been put.  Because these are
           job postings to fellow members.  Because the CSUA is a social
           (read networking) organization.
        \_ Because 1) we didn't know it was there and 2) don't know how to
           put files there.  What's the file system path?
        \_ 1) that gives me a 404, how about you? 2) motd isn't global -- so
           these postings are for the benefit of members
                \_ DEAR POLITBURO, as a recruiter I'd like to put stuff
                   on <DEAD>csua/pub/job/*<DEAD> so that more ppl can access
                   it. How do I do that? Thanks.
                   \_ boy man mail

[Restored.  If you keep censoring it, I will keep restoring it.]
2004/3/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12734 Activity:nil 50%like:30465
3/17    soda was very slow just now.  What was going on?
        \_ The usual motdedit war?
        \_ This is often from spam flurries tripping all the spamassassin
2004/3/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12732 Activity:nil
3/17    Clearly, the motd consists entirely of people that have already made
        up their mind about whatever politician they're going to vote for or
        whatever the issues of the day/week/year happen to be.  Any political
        discussion on the motd is completely pointless, so why don't we all
        just agree not to talk about it?  Its just grating and annoying, and
        all discussions inevitably boil down into the same tired arguments.
        You're not convincing anyone and nobody cares, so just give up.  Please.
        Spare us.
        \_ Or you could just erase everyone else's posts!  Hey.....
           \_ Apparently already being done.  Come on, you _know_ the motd is
              charged with political rants that you don't like, so drop out
              already.  You stop reading, and I guarantee we'll stop annoying
              \_ Maybe because when people aren't being such spouting off and
                 being arrogant, something entertaining slips through?  Its
                 been known to happen.  Then again, maybe a plea for sanity
                 is pointless - maybe Internet forums by their very nature
                 simply bring out the absolute worst in people.
                 \_ Absolutely true!  And the only answer is to develop a
                    really thick skin and not take it all so personally.
                    \_ *And* get the fuck off the motd if the op doesn't like
                       what the rest of us are talking about.
        \_ I learn new stuff from the motd all the time. But then again,
           I have not decided that it is all worthless ranting, like you
           have. -ausman
           \_ I very strongly agree with you.  There are lots of online forums
              where there is some dominant ethos, and everyone else is an
              outsider.  i think the motd is much more interesting because
              it's such a crap shoot what you're going to get on any given
              topic.  And yes i've learned things and read thing I wouldn't
              have otherwise because of the motd.
              \_ I also concur.  motd helped me get though Berkeley.  I
                 like hearing from crazy people, but it's nice to hear
                 from some conservitive crazies too sometimes.
              \_ See, that's where I disagree.  Its not a crapshoot.  The motd
                 response to almost any post on a political subject is
                 completely predictable - c.f. Bush, Kerry, Isreal/Palestine,
                 Iraq, gay marriage, outsourcing, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum.
                 \_ You're entirely and 100% correct.  You're figured out our
                    Secret Plan To Personally Bore You To Death(c)!  Now that
                    you have it all figured out the only way to save yourself
                    is to not play.  We'll miss you.
                 \_ You mean that people will disagree and post arguments
                    for and against varying positions backed by urls?
                    Yeah, I guess I agree with that. If you mean that you
                    already know what those arguments will be, I think
                    you are full of yourself. Tell me what the varying
                    positions would be to a discussion about resetting
                    the yuan/dollar exchange rate. -ausman
                    \_ No one would express a substantive opinion.  One of the
                       anonymous trolls would say something inflammatory about
                       the Chinese, and it would degenerate into discussion
                       of the Nanjing Massacre, internment camps, and
                       the atrocities of Maoism.  -tom
                        \_ if that were to happen, at least i'd learn something
                           but the nanjing massacre, which i've never even
                           heard of.
                           \_ Nice troll.  *clap*
                    \_ you want to adjust the yuan/dollar exchange rate?  you
                       racist, neocon, commie queer lover!  i hate you!
        \_ Not all the arguments are like that. Occaisonally they have some
           semblance of reasoned debate, for a while. Anything touching on
           Israel in any way becomes totally pointless however.
           \_ Isn't this true no matter where you are?  Name a group of
              people past Jr. High Age that don't already have a set in
              stone opinion on Israel.
              \_ Since Jr. High, my opinion has changed as follows:
                 "Israel is our ally and they're being attacked by terrorists"
                 to "Arafat is being placed in a bad position and means well."
                 to "Wow, the Oslo Accords look like a good solution."
                 to "Arafat is an ass."
                 to "Both sides have hard-line idiots who will prevent peace
                     for a long time to come."
              \_ I would doubt that many intelligent people have a rigid
                 position on such a complex situation.  -tom
              \_ Anyone who actually takes the trouble to go visit
                 is likely to have their eyes opened.
              \_ Of those who follow politics etc., they probably have certain
                 ideas formed. But even Israelis don't have a unified stance
                 on the Palestinians. We have a guy on motd who has one view
                 and takes anything else as a personal attack.
                 \_ That's the problem with the motd right there though.  Most
                    people probably want a place to inform each other about
                    various entertaining stuff, job opportunities, notices,
                    what have you.  But due to a couple of people with some
                    really serious axes to grind, its just an 850 line
                    blob of the same old ranting garbage drowning out the
                    useful stuff.  And no, I am not the Humorless Motd Censor.
                    \_ you're full of shit.  just watch who posts for a day.
                       there are dozens of people participating in the political\
                       discussions on any given day.  I for one *only* log
                       in for the political discusssions, and really really
                       don't give a shit about some pc fan noise question
                       or the latest linux distro.  not that i delete them,
                       i just ignore them.
                       \_ Maybe we need a motd.politics?  My point was that
                          the axe-grinders pretty much routinely wreck whatever
                          meaningful discussion might happen, but you'd rather
                          just tell me i'm "full of shit" and thus inadvertantly
                          demonstrate why the motd sucks.
                          \_ Maybe you are right. Ask the politburo if you
                             can do it.
                             \_ You could just put it in /tmp. But fat chance
                                of it really getting used.
                                \_ Or you could create /tmp/motd.$USER and you
                                   could use that for discussion.
2004/3/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12730 Activity:nil
3/17    How can I change the indentation level in xemacs when writing C
        and Java?  I looked online, and through the help files but
        couldn't find anything.  (It's currently set at 4, I want 2)
        \_ I thought the motd censor liked technical posts.  Why hasn't
           he answered this one?
           \_ The motd censor doesn't actually contribute anything.
              \_ Just to make it fair: all technical topics purged.  So
                 take *that* you motd censor bastard!  Now you've got nothing
                 to read and can go choke on your own delete key.
2004/3/16-17 [Reference/RealEstate, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12704 Activity:kinda low
3/16    Is anyone in the CSUA presently living in any of the North Side
        coops on Ridge or across the street from Soda?  If so, please email me.
        I need a current coop member with clue as a point of contact to
        facilitate bringing *massive* bandwidth to the coops. -dans
        \_ Where were you 10 years ago when *I* needed you?
           \_ Hobnobbing with the sexy technoelite.
              \_ Pretty much, yes.  That's why I'm in a position to do this
                 now. -dans
        \_ You really want to do business with people who dont pay their bills?
           \_ If it gets paid by the central office, there's no problem
              \_ Yes it is a problem.  Like I said, why do business with people
                 [Yes, yes, very clever of you to keep replacing neocons
                  with jews, very amusing, now fuck off.]
                   \_ this little side bit about jews & neocons is a motdedit
                      merge failure, right?
                 who don't pay their bills?
                 \_ CO pays the bills on time.  Don't confuse the USCA (very
                    lucrative/well funded organization that provides housing
                    to students at a reasonable cost) with the actual people
                    living in the coops.  You think the coops are really self
                    \_ I was there for several years, served on the board,
                       several committees, met with their lawyers, george
                       proper, and several other jack offs.  I know exactly
                       how the coops are governed.  Another concern is how
                       you'll bring wiring into the house without it being
                       stolen.  My house bought *1* cable tv connection and
                       *everyone* had cable in their room.  How do you think
                       that happened?  And yes my house paid the *1* bill on
                       time every month without mommy's help in CO.
                       \_ I don't think you're suggesting people would steal
                          CAT-5.  If you're suggesting co-opers would steal
                             \_ Then the co-ops can pay for every room.  Like
                                90% of everyone would use it anyway.
                    living in the coops.  You think the coops are really self
                          service, that seems pointless.  The co-op could just
                          pay UCB for access for the whole building and then
                          everyone could use it.
                          \_ Nah, they'd charge per room like everything else.
                 \_ I was saying the CO pays their bills, but the individual
                    houses might be run by fuck-ups.  So if the billing goes to
                    CO it will be paid on-time.  Their main finance person is
                    Margie Greene <>  Talk to her and she'll
                    point you to other people who can make this happen.
2004/3/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12681 Activity:nil
3/15    How does one access the motd archive?
        \_ search the archives to find out.
        \_ less ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v.  Use '/' to search for phrases.  If
           you have too much time, man co.
        \_ someone (marco?) wrote a program to scroll through the motd
           history.  Anyone remember? -EricM
           \_ ~marco/bin/motdbrowse ?
           \_ i use ~mjm/bin/motdbrowse -!mjm
              \_ note that the RE search feature is broken. -mjm
           \_ We should put these scripts in /csua/bin :)
        \_ a fully seacheable, indexed (categorized), and archived motd will
           be available in the next week or so. Thanks to those who
           QAed it for me in the past few weeks.
           \_ I'll see your vaporware and raise you a phantom terabyte RAID
              \_ tb raid is only 8 drives.  its not that big a deal.
2004/3/13-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12650 Activity:nil
3/12    A day or so ago, the motd was full of talk about donations to
        the csua and questions about what the current state of csua hw
        is and what we're planning on doing about it. First off, we'll
        take any cash donations people want to give us; I'm going to
        bring up the paypal idea at the next meeting. As far as
        hardware donations, we'll take anything in working condition
        thats better then what we have now (not a tall order as our
        worst machines are currently dual PPro 200s); this includes
        the 50 gig SCSI raid 5 that was offered. Currently, we're in
        need of video cards (two have failed in the past two weeks);
        if you have any old ones lying around that work without much
        effort under linux, send em our way! We do have a backup
        system for soda that is basically the same as what scotsman
        described thats almost "in production" (we're still working
        out a few bugs with the software that takes snapshots). At
        some point I'll try to get the person working on that to write
        up a technical description for our out of date website. With
        respect to Soda's disk, tom is right but gm's point re the age
        of disk is what we're most concerned about. We're also lacking
        numbers on what performance we can expect for various
        solutions; if anyone has them for a load like soda, please let
        me know. Finally I do read motd and hang out/monitor wall, but
        if you really have something you want to say to
        root/vp/politburo, send mail. As for donations, please send mail
        to donations before sending anything. Thanks, erikk - current VP
2004/3/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:12540 Activity:moderate
3/5     Why is that when I edit the motd with VI, When I save, sometimes it
        says it's been modified, use "!" to override.  I thought when I use
        vi to edit it, I get a lock on the file.
        \_ Because the motd is a gloriously free file.  the entire world can
           and does edit it.
        \_ If you have a lock, no one else *should* edit it, but they can.
           Since they basically just stomped on your privelidge, I usually just
           stomp on their changes.
           \_ you shouldn't get a lock when you're editing the file. you could
              be taking your sweet time typing stuff in, while other people are
              waiting. when you're finally ready to save, your editor should
              tell you if the file has changed on disk, and you can reload the
              file and merge your changes if that's true. [formatd]
              \_ That's acceptable in a development environment.  in practice,
                 on a machine with hundreds of users, this is much more
                 difficult to accomplish.  --scotsman
                 difficult to accomplish.
                 \_ in practice, on soda, it works fine for me.
                    \_ I'm not talking about "you".  I'm talking about communal
                    \_ I'm not talking about "you".  I'm talking about communal
                       use. --scotsman
                       \_ umm, i am saying this would work fine on soda for
                          communal use, dimwit. the motd isn't *that* contended
                          \_ Again.  Not. Everyone. Uses. The. Same. Editor.
                             Not everyone on here has the same technical
                             ability.  Are you going to personally train
                             everyone who accesses the motd? --scotsman
                             \_ you're dumb too, or can't read. i may have used
                                too many words to describe it, but this is one
                                of the simplest schemes possible if you still
                                want to be polite. simpler schemes generally
                                involve locking the file for yourself for
                                protracted lengths of time, or just going ahead
                                and overwriting other people's changes.
                                \_ You're very clearly not actually reading what
                                   anyone has said.  We know your side of the
                    \_ I'm not talking about "you".  I'm talking about communal
                          communal use, dimwit. the motd isn't *that* contended
                                   argument, but there are points to it you
                                   are ignoring or dismissing.  This is my
                                   last word on it. --scotsman
           \_ are you saying when you start up your editor on the motd, you
              do get a note saying it's been locked?  Actually, VI is very
              good, if the file you are view is locked, it tells you its
              in read-only mode.
              \_ Not every editor is as helpful as vi.  some don't even tell you
                 that the file on disk has changed.  this is what motdedit has
                 tried to address, but it's a difficult task, and the current
                 motdedit has trouble when people remove sections. --scotsman
                \_ so motdedit is trying to allow multiple edit sessions and
                   merging them?
                            \_ same as always.
                   \_ Only if you run motdedit -n or some jackass modifies
                      the motd without using motdedit.
                   \_ Only if you run motdedit -n or some jackass modifies
                      the motd without using motdedit.
                      \_ until motdedit is mandatory, motedit is an 'option'.
                         people who choose a different option from you are
                         not automatically assholes.
                         \_ so now what's the argument to not use motdedit?
                            just out of spite?
                            \_ same as always.
2004/2/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29838 Activity:moderate 75%like:29835 66%like:30154 85%like:10560
2/26    No, really... /var/mail is getting full:
        -rw-rw----  1 njh            mail    24023725 Feb 26 17:18 njh
        -rw-rw----  1 georgy         mail    22633905 Feb 26 17:11 georgy
        -rw-------  1 vlin           mail    20938590 Feb 26 15:19 vlin
        -rw-------  1 uctt           mail    20938475 Feb 26 14:28 uctt
        -rw-------  1 leec           mail    20921676 Feb 26 16:17 leec
        -rw-------  1 danberry       mail    20881048 Feb 26 16:18 danberry
        -rw-------  1 ericwo         mail    20872793 Feb 26 10:55 ericwo
        -rw-rw----  1 isabelle       mail    20446008 Feb 26 11:41 isabelle
        -rw-r--r--  1 nivra          csua    19251192 Feb 23 12:36 nivra
        -rw-rw----  1 marc           mail    18391040 Feb 26 17:20 marc
        \_ I ran for governor and sold net.panties so I don't have to
           adhere to your mortal limits!
        \_ two of those accounts are sorry'd.  can they still retrieve email?
           how are they supposed to fix their mess?
           \_ come crawling back to the politburo and grovel a bit but then
              they'd get sorried again for being over quota on their mailboxes.
              \_ how are they even to know they're supposed to come grovelling
                \_ By reading the motd?  It's available via finger.
                   \_ doesn't matter.  they're over quota so theyd just be
                      sorried again.  maybe if we sent them mail to their
                      sorried accounts asking them to cleanup their spools
                      *before* they come crawling to the politburo?
2004/2/27-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12434 Activity:nil
2/27    I noticed that most of the motd/wall participants are um, how do I
        put it, not very young. Is there a reason why the youngsters in
        general do not participate as frequently as us? Is it partly
        attributed to these newer programs (aim/yahoo chat/msn chat) that
        we older and less useful folks have problem adapting to?
        \_ Because the wall is both boring and for insiders.  It's your own
           little playground.  Outsiders aren't welcomed or treated
           particularly well.  Keep the wall, it's your thing, the motd is
           more fun for the rest of us.  To be honest, the less some of the
           wall people show on the motd, the better the motd is.
                --neither young nor wall user
           \_ any other comments on wall users?  How do you know about
              how newbies are treated?
              \_ the wall is publicly readable.  why do you even ask how i
                 could know?
        \_ I think the younger folk (at least me) are still dealing with the
           shame of being computer dorks.  The motd at least is somewhat
           \_ I don't see how this answers the op's question. ?
              \_ meaning the motd might be populated by younger types who
                 want to be anonymous.  Eg, you know when a psb, scotsman,
                 tom, etc posts, but not when the newer guys do.
                 \_ Oh right. Well I'd like to use a nick, but I don't really
                    want certain people knowing it's me posting. Well one
                    person really. Actually that does have something to do
                    with my not wanting my true uber-geekiness revealed.
                    \_ Did we just have lunch?  Dork.
                       \_ see, on motd you can simultaneously be a geek and
                          yet make fun of other geeks.
           \_ Aren't computer dorks more accepted now than say a decade ago?
              No one bats an eye if you say you killed time surfing the
              Web or chatting online.
              \_ That's not really relevant anyway, since only computer dorks
                 will see motd/wall messages.
        \_ They can't spell motd.
           \_ Kids these days....
2004/2/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12433 Activity:nil
2/27    Hooray for small boring motd!
        \_ At least small boring motd doesn't make you weep for humanity.
        \_ They can take our posts, but they'll never take us seriously!
2004/2/26-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12422 Activity:low
2/26    No, really... /var/mail is getting full:
-rw-rw----  1 njh            mail    24023725 Feb 26 17:18 njh
-rw-rw----  1 georgy         mail    22633905 Feb 26 17:11 georgy
-rw-------  1 vlin           mail    20938590 Feb 26 15:19 vlin
-rw-------  1 uctt           mail    20938475 Feb 26 14:28 uctt
-rw-------  1 leec           mail    20921676 Feb 26 16:17 leec
-rw-------  1 danberry       mail    20881048 Feb 26 16:18 danberry
-rw-------  1 ericwo         mail    20872793 Feb 26 10:55 ericwo
-rw-rw----  1 isabelle       mail    20446008 Feb 26 11:41 isabelle
-rw-r--r--  1 nivra          csua    19251192 Feb 23 12:36 nivra
-rw-rw----  1 marc           mail    18391040 Feb 26 17:20 marc
        Why isn't there a quota on this partition?
        \_ I ran for governor and sold net.panties so I don't have to
           adhere to your mortal limits!
        \_ two of those accounts are sorry'd.  can they still retrieve email?
           how are they supposed to fix their mess?
           \_ come crawling back to the politburo and grovel a bit but then
              they'd get sorried again for being over quota on their mailboxes.
              \_ how are they even to know they're supposed to come grovelling
                \_ By reading the motd?  It's available via finger.
        \_ I don't know about you, but my /var/mail quota is 15 MB, hard 20 MB.
           \_ I guess if you're cool and know the right people and maybe run
              for CA governor as a joke candidate you get more space.
                \_ I think selling ladies underwear with your name on it
                   should count towards the secret-csua-life-point-that-gives-
                   you-more-mail-quota.  No comment on the other evil-doers,
                   though.  -John
2004/2/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12395 Activity:nil
2/24    eric, how often do you record into motd,v?
        \_ email him or experiment.
        \_ its just motdwatch -- read the script source for yourself. -ERic
2004/2/24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29829 Activity:nil
2/23    Say I want to nuke the motd with an ascii picture of the atomic
        blast mushroom. Where do I find these cool ascii pictures? Thanks.

                 ,---,_          ,
                  _>   `'-.  .--'/
             .--'` ._      `/   <_
              >,-' ._'.. ..__ . ' '-.
           .-'   .'`         `'.     '.
            >   / >`-.     .-'< \ , '._\
           /    ; '-._>   <_.-' ;  '._>
           `>  ,/  /___\ /___\  \_  /
           `.-|(|  \o_/  \o_/   |)|`
               \;        \      ;/
                 \  .-,   )-.  /
                  /`  .'-'.  `\

        \_ /csua/share/hosers/ascii/
2004/2/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29828 Activity:nil
2/23    None of the current politburo officers post motd regularly (or at
        least don't use their names). Has csua lost its tradition?
        \_ Current politburo officers have got too many other important
           things to do than have pointless arguments in an outdated,
           unwieldly online discussion format.  Wait til they graduate
           and get jobs they can't stand, then we'll talk.
           \_ Translation: they're too young and naive to see the one useful
              aspect of their club.
              \_ *laugh* *chortle* *sputter* Yeah, anyway, I guess they never
                 have stuff like classes or homework or projects to waste
                 time on.
2004/2/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12366 Activity:nil
2/23    How big is danh's motd,v file?
        \_ danh is maintaining one too?  or did you mean mehlhaff?
        \_ Mine's big enough that I periodically have to compress it and
           archive it, because disk quota was getting in the way of the
           archiver.  So in fact it's now several motd,v files.  -ERic
        \_ My motd,v is bigger than your motd,v!
           \_ But did you have to buy some herbal remedy from a Spamvertisement
              to get it to grow that big?
              \_ so who is the Anonymous Not Even Remotely Amusing MOTD Comic?
           archive it.  So in fact its several motd,v files.  -ERic
2004/2/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12359 Activity:nil
2/23    How does one reinstate his sorried account? Just go to the CSUA
        \_ > /csua/adm/bin/sorry
      Your account has been turned off by the soda administration.  No specific
      information has been recorded on the reason for this deactivation.  If
      you genuininely do not know why your account has been deactivated, and
      would like additional information, send mail to root@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU.
        \_ can't answer your question but it would be really cool to somehow
           grep /etc/passwd or something and generate a chronological list
           of the squishage starting from 1982.
           \_ Why do people get sorried?  Is it just for hozering, or does
              long-term inactivity cause it too?
              \_ At times, passwd sniffer/crackers are found on machines around
                 campus.  If a person's login here shows up in those crackers'
                 logs, we sorry the account.  Sorry'ing for hoserish stuff is
                 pretty rare.  For those with access, there's a sorry log going
                 back to like 1991 or so.  --scotsman
                 \_ where is it located? Can you post it on motd?
                    \_ See the "those with access"?  No.
2004/2/20 [Industry/Jobs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29826 Activity:very high
2/20    Restored after some idiot child deleted all the comments.
        This isn't a one-way message board for job postings and one
        word answer technical questions.  It is a discussion forum for
        topics of interest.  If a topic is of no interest to you, then
        ignore it.  Deleting them does not improve the quality of the
        motd, it reduces it by making it more likely that others with
        overlapping interests will cease using the motd because their
        topics keep getting killed and the rest just isn't interesting
        enough for them.  You may miss out on a job posting or
        technical answer because you've ruined the motd months or
        years earlier for a hiring manager or highly skilled person.
        Do yourself a favor and leave the motd alone.  It doesn't need
        you to police it or 'clean it up.  Think of yourself even if
        you have no consideration for others.  Thank you.
        (extended whine nuked, but silly discussions preserved in
        deference to silly whiners' sensitivities.)  [and restored
        twice now because you still don't "get it".]
        \_ Guess what?  The fuckwit censors never will "get it."  The only
           solution is when they get like that, start deleting all the
           technical posts.  After a few days of saturation bombing, the
           fuckers give up.
        \_ tell us about the tragedy of the commons
           \_ this is not tragedy of the commons, go back to read your
              basics of capitalism
                \_ it was a joke.
        \_ There is a technical reason to this.  Those who knows how to
           monitor the motd text file, please either post the script and/or
           post the name of the person who is constantly deleting motd.
2004/2/11 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29799 Activity:nil 61%like:29794
2/10    How to display column number in emacs? Thanks.
        [ relevant responses moved to the top ]
        \_ (custom-set-variables '(column-number-mode t))
        \_ (setq column-number-mode t)
        \_ I'm always baffled at motd posters who (1) ask questions that
           begin with the grammatically incorrect "How to..." and (2)
           don't konw how to use
           \_ you are baffled too easily. (1) you can tell the guy is
              a fob and (2) not the brightest bulb in the bunch.
              \_ so (3) ship him back.
           \_ Is "Investing How To Guide" grammatically correct?
              \_ No, it isn't, but that's no excuse for poor grammar elsewhere.
           \_ I'm so sick of all this grammar-correcting motd bullshit.
              Isn't there some saying like "if someone speaks english
              worse than you it probably means they speak some 2nd
              language better" ? that is hippie bumpersticker talk,
              but a relevant point nonetheless. get a life. anyway,
              you're probably just jealous because some fob with
              broken english got that chinese girl you were oggling in
              \_ No, this whole asking a question with "How to..." has
                 been brought up over and over on the motd (check the
                 archives). If you make a mistake, it's okay. But if
                 someone corrects you over and over again and you haven't
                 learned your lesson then there's really something wrong
                 with you. You should at least TRY.
                 \_ TRY to get over it, you mean? yes, people have posted
                    this way, and people have continued to bitch about it.
                    so why dont the bitchers just get used to it. frankly,
                    i am a quite competent english speaker but
                    occasionally find that phrasing quick and convenient.
                    isn't computer stuff all about shorthand anyway? and
                    furthermore, its vaguely reminiscent of the whole
                    Linux how-to culture.
              \_ have you actually looked at the chinese girls on campus?  and
                 no, generally bi-lingual people are shitty are both languages.
                               \- would you care to name an authority
                                  who recommends hyphenating the word
                                  "bi-lingual" [sic] ? --psb
                 being better at some third world language is useless if you're
                 in a first world english speaking country.
                 \_ really?  chang-lin tien's english kind of sucks, yet
                    he functioned pretty well, and his chinese came in
                    useful in persuading chinese tycoons like tan kah kee
                    to part with their hard earned money.  Being bi-
                    lingual is a fantastic advantage.
                    \_ it probably helped that he wasn't dumb.
           \- dear anonymous motd grammar coward: if you are willing to
              de-anonimize yourself, i am willing to give you a
              little grammar quiz, and we can really plumb the depth of
              your grammar chops or see if you are YetAnotherRatcheter.
                                 --psb, third world lanaguage speaker
              \_ so, what's this grammar quiz you speak of? let's see it.
              \_ Oh dear! Here goes psb again with his "holier than
                 thou" crap. Partha, don't you have a degree to earn?
                 \- how am i being holier than thou? i am perhaps throwing
                    down the glove. --psb
              \_ lanaguage eh?
2004/2/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:29792 Activity:moderate
2/10    Why was the outsourcing thread deleted?!  I thought it was
        relevant material for the CSUA and it clearly had a lot
        of interest.
        \_ racism.
           \_ what racism? you stupid censoring git.
              \_ Omg, he was serious!?  I think I see what the motd censor's
                 trip is now.  He is the solemn faced enforcer of higher
                 human values on the motd.  Yeah that's it.  It's a thankless
                 job but someone has to do, when we grow up we ll thank him,
                 \_ We'll grow up and pretend baaad stuff like racism doesn't
                    exist. Racism cannot be discussed among us children.
                    The world is made of sanitized plastic and we should all
                    post about C++ and RFCs with shit-eating grins on our faces.
2004/2/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12147 Activity:nil
2/6     Motd censor:  Please don't kill active threads.  Be more selective.
        \_ OK, I give up.  No fun threads for anybody!
        \_ Woot!  I love the Motd Censor!  Rock on!  Bring on the boredom!
2004/2/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12109 Activity:nil
2/4     Bravo!  Stripped the motd down to the stale threads interesting to
        no one!  Motd Censor, I salute your fine taste and excellent sense
        of style!  This is the way the motd should look all the time!  Bring
        on more stale threads!
2004/2/1 [Industry/Jobs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12062 Activity:moderate
1/31    Boring motd.  Stupid technical questions, and stupid job postings.
        Where's the glory?  Where's the zinc?
        \_ Weekend motds are slow. Most of us aren't bored enough to go through
           the motions.
        \_ It's the weekend.  There are more censors than posters on the
           weekend so there's no reason to post much.  The censors got what
           they wanted, at least on the weekends, a dead motd.
        \_ When was there ever any zinc?
           \_ There was some zinc a few days ago.
              \_ Come back, Zinc! Come back!
              \_ Come back, Zinc; come back!
2004/1/30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:12024 Activity:very high
1/29    HEY MOTD Censor.  Do you think the fact that people are actually
        actively debating on a thread might be a hint that people want
        to fucking talk about it?  STOP DELETING THE POLITICS!
        \_ you can masturbate in private.
           \_ yes, but the motd censor is an asshole in public.
           \_ if we're talking about something that doesn't interest you, you
              can safely ignore it.  you're not being forced to read or
              participate or even read the motd at all.  grow up.  the motd
              isn't your personal playground where you set the topics.  go
              open your own website if you want to censor free and open debate
              and discussion.
2004/1/28 [Computer/Theory, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11979 Activity:nil
1/28    Slashdot has a story about the DeCSS haiku, which reference's the
        CSUA's collection of zinc haiku.  What is he talking about?  Motd
        historians, your city needs you.
        \_ ~scotsman/pub/humor/zinc_haikus
        \_ Some of you people are getting carried away with the apostrophes.
           \_ What than would you have us do?  It's better then abuse of the
              then/than misspellings.  And corrected; sorry.
              \_ I hope you know you just made a then/than mistake in that post.
        \_ -- my article including
           influence of CSUA zinc haiku in my poem about DeCSS.    -- schoen
2004/1/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11904 Activity:nil
1/23    The Motd: we remove your faith in humanity at no extra charge!
        \_ Exactly. What I don't understand is why I come back here every day.
           I need to see a shrink about it. I have learned a lot about a
           certain breed of libertarianism and what passes for legitimate
           debate therein though.
           \_ maybe you need your faith in humanity removed. i know i do.
           \_ there's very little legitimate debate on the motd.  you're being
              terribly unfair to other philosophies if you're going to accept
              the motd as the One True Source about anything.
              \_ I do try to be fair, hence "a certain breed".
        \_ So true.
2004/1/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29754 Activity:nil
1/22    Hey anonymous motd comic, do you save your best works?  Things has
        been slow.  I'm wondering if you can repost some of your best lines
        to the motd if you saved them.  Thanks. -AMC #1 fan
2004/1/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11887 Activity:high
1/22    /csua/bin/motdedit upgraded: auto-merge feature installed.
        motdedit -h for details.
        Note: motdedit will automerge,  "motdedit -m" turns automerge off.
        \_ brief description:  If someone else changed motd.public as you
           were editing, it attempts to merge.  So far, I've only seen it
           have problems when both of you have changed the same lines.
           If this happens, it prompts you to manually merge(restarting
           editor), if you pass, then you have the option of overwriting.
           any complaints, comments, etc.: post here or mail me  -nivra
           \_ Which means that if we don't use motdedit, then motdedit users
              won't stomp on us.  Great!
              \_ umm... the whole *point* is so that motdedit users will
                 not stomp on any other posts.  The only situation where
                 a possible stomp occurs is when you and the motdedit user
                 edits the exact same lines.  In that case, the motdedit
                 user has the option of re-editing both posts together, or
                 just keeping his own changes, or discarding his own changes.
2004/1/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11882 Activity:nil
1/21    So is the motd just dgies, ausman, jrleek, emarkp, and a few others
        talking to each other?  Or is there some great unwashed mass of non
        motdedit people out there?
        \_ How could you forget tom? -emarkp
        \_ I represent that remark
           \_ I resemble that.
              \_ Already, the Kay report identified dozens of weapons of mass
                 destruction-related program activities and significant amounts
                 of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations.
        \_ about half the motd people don't use motdedit, if that gives you
           any idea of the number of users.
           \_ and how do you know that...
              \_ ps -auxwww|grep motd.p
                 \_ That doesn't show even a small fraction of it.  I've got
                    this down to a near-science.  I know who the censors are.
                    I know who writes from the right, left, center, and the
                    outfield.  I know who writes opposing views based on some
                    seemingly random factors unknown to me.  And if your
                    scripting fu was at the near god like levels of mine you
                    would know too.
                    \_ ok, God, why don't you say which anon. people are who
                       and we'll tell you how far off you are.  Who am I?
                       \_ Or I!
                          \_ he's bullshitting. short of having root, the
                             existence of file-related bugs in the os (that
                             he knows how to exploit), or very few users
                             in an unidle state, there's no way to reliably tell.
                             \_ If he cared enough and spent enough effort, he
                                could correlate process behavior of motd file
                                access. Certainly not reliably. I read a local
                                copy of the motd so he'd have to catch my 'cp'.
                    \_ Most of us don't care that much.
                \_ what if I simply do a "cp /tmp/motd.public a; vi a;
                   cp a /tmp/motd.public"? Then the only chance to catch it
                   is during the moment I do cp, which is only probabilistic.
2004/1/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:11881 Activity:moderate
1/21    Motdedit with Merge!  (beta version)
        /tmp/motdedit -m
        or just /tmp/me
        \_ it's not the /csua/bin/ version yet.  Try it here, first.
        \_ /tmp/me doesn't work because /csua/bin comes before /tmp in my
           \_ try me2... if /tmp is in your path, it'll go there.
              \_ who would be stupid enough to put /tmp in their path?
                 \_ It's in my path right after "." and ".." because you
                    never can be quite sure where something will be.
                    \_ remind me to put destructive programs in /tmp named
                       as misspelled versions of common Unix commands.
                       \_ wow, cool, you'd really be the first to think of
                          that?  you're a geneous!  kewl!
           \_ make an alias then.
                \_ yes, this works fine, my point is that you really shouldn't
                expect people to put /tmp in your path and you shouldn't put
                it in your path either. delete /tmp/me and people can make
                the alias if they want. or just change /tmp/me to run
                /tmp/motdedit -m.
                \_ It's there for the lazy:
                   [soda:~] 9:55 (1186)cat /tmp/me
                   motdedit -m
                   [soda:~] 9:55 (1187)cat /tmp/me2
                   motdedit -m
                   \_ Yes, I saw that before I posted. The point is that those
                   convenience programs are worthless because they won't work
                   unless you have /tmp in your path... which is something
                   you shouldn't do. So either rewrite them or remove them.
        \_ brief description:  If someone else changed motd.public as you
           were editing, it attempts to merge.  So far, I've only seen it
           have problems when both of you have changed the same lines.
           If this happens, it prompts you to manually merge(restarting
           editor), if you pass, then you have the option of overwriting.
           any complaints, comments, etc.: post here or mail me  -nivra
           \_ can you put some sort of magic anonymizer so it looks like all
              the postings are from you?
              \_ try this yourself; it can be fun.
        \_ just make it /csua/bin/
           don't expect people to run executables out of /tmp
2004/1/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11831 Activity:very high
1/19    Why does /csua/bin/motdbrowser format the line-indents(tabs&spaces)
        differently from simply: less /etc/motd?
        \_ Because they're using "less -r" instead of "less -R"
           \_ neither less -r nor less -R give the indenting of motdbrowser.
              see the first two replies in the caucus thread below for an
              example, or the first line of the Stock market post below.
              \_ Um..  Did you even read the script?  Come back when you
                 have a clue.
                 \_ open(LESS, "| less -r")
                    while (<MOTD>) { ... print LESS; }
                    so why does piping the file line-by-line thru less -r
                    give a different stdout than "less -r /etc/motd?" The
                    difference seems to be related to how the "| less -r"
                    interprets tabs, but seems inconsistent.
                    \_ Not the tabs.  The color codes.
2004/1/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11823 Activity:low
1/17    Thank God the motd has once again been stripped of any interesting
        content.  I'm glad there was nothing here that could possible stimulate
        a conversation longer than 3 line replies.  That way my poor silly
        little head won't hurt when I read the motd.  It's nice and 'safe' for
        all us stupid people.  Stupid is as stupid does my Mama always used
        to say!  [heh, and then the censorbot is so thin skinned s/he can't
        even deal with comments on how boring and utterly vacuous s/he is and
        censored _this_, too!  I love it!  Restored as usual, with additional
        commentary.]  [twice]  [several times]
        \_ Think the censorbot uses motdedit?
2004/1/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11818 Activity:nil
1/16    motd hozers (all worship the great 'motdedit' or die!):
        \_ Where the hell is motdedit?
           \_ /csua/bin/motdedit
           \_ /csua/bin/motdedit or /csua/bin/me
              apparently someone doesn't know about symlinks
Boredcast Message from 'mehlhaff': Fri Jan 16 15:26:05 2004
frankly, if I waited for a lock with 'me' and when I'm done editing and vi
still says the file changed before my write, its tough cookies time. I'm writing
it out.

Boredcast Message from 'ausman': Fri Jan 16 15:41:25 2004
i am the same way mehlhaff and i have gotten flamed for it

Boredcast Message from 'mehlhaff': Fri Jan 16 15:42:18 2004
how can you get flamed for following an established convention for accessing
the motd with an attempt to keep from colliding with others writes.

the ones who need flames are
1) the idlehozers who lock the motd and go idle
2) the punks who edit the motd even when it is locked.

Boredcast Message from 'mehlhaff': Fri Jan 16 15:43:49 2004
actually they dont need flames, they need beatings.

Boredcast Message from 'jon': Fri Jan 16 15:44:14 2004
or selective editing of their dotfiles
not that i'd ever actually advocate that
\_ Unless mehlhaff has bulked up quite a bit since I last met him (in '92),
   I'd advise him to hire someone else to do the beatings. --erikred
   \_ who says you need to bulk up to administer beatings?  A good set of
      stocks or other restraints make the job soo much easier.  Applied of
      course, by the motd-convention-enforcement goon squad.
      \_ Sounds like someone's taken that "hire someone else" idea to the
         next level. --erikred
\_ Sometimes I suspend my editor. Motdedit can't deal with that. So, I won't
   use motdedit. It was also frequently locked to no reason by others. I think
   a better system is one where users edit their own copies and then use a merge
   program. This is what I do and it works great, except for the fixable problem
   of it not dealing properly with conflicts (when I add a reply on the same
   line as someone else, it should just concatenate).
   \_ Is it really that hard to use an editor that detects when changes have
      been made since you started editing a document, copying your changes,
      exiting the document, pasting your changes back in, and saving the newly
      changed document?  How lazy are you?
      \_ Not as lazy as the guy who won't even use motdedit, obviously.
         \_ Then there are people like me who was trying to be courteous by
            using motdedit and avoid stomping on other posts if the file changed
            while editing.  Then without thinking I suspended my editor and left
            motdedit hung.  I took a lot of flak for it (though no one contacted
            me until someone actually killed my process).  It's just not worth
            the hassle so I don't use it anymore.  It only works if everyone
            uses it.  That, and it makes people like mehlhaff think it isn't
            necessary to be courteous if they use it. -emarkp
            \_'re the one who suspended your editor for a sizable
               amount of time while you had an exclusive lock on a shared
               resource, and mehlhaff is the one being discourteous?  -tom
               \_ You're an idiot. Thank you for playing. Play Again (y/N)?__
               \_ Courtesy has everything to do with intent.  My holding the
                  lock was unintentional.  Had it been pointed out to me
                  directly I would have rectified the problem immediately.  Once
                  I did notice, I fixed the problem.  Had I been intentionally
                  holding the lock, that would have been discourteous.  To make
                  sure I don't do that again in the future, I no longer use
                  motdedit, and I don't overwrite others' comments. -emarkp
      \_ No, it's actually easier (emacs C-x C-v). But there is also a loss of
         anonymity there. Anyway laziness is a virtue.
         \_ a loss of anonymity where?
            \_ If everyone used me, it's possible to track posts by who has the
               file open. Especially if they sit with it open for a long time
         \_ How do you do this in vi?
            \_ In VIM at least, you will get a warning if you try to save and
               the file has been changed.  My typical use is to yank my comment
               if I get a warning, then reload the file, then repaste my
               \_ So after you wait 5 minutes for a lock, then have someone
                  change the file out from under you, you save your edits
                  and get in line again for another lock? No thank you.
                  \_ Dummy, it's an open file.  There's no requirement that you
                     wait for a lock.  And no one "saved their edits under
                     yours".  Repeat after me: "world writable file".
                     \_ There is no requirement that I not ovewrite your
                        changes either. You are a lazy hozer and deserve
                        to be overwritten.
                  \_ Um, no I don't a first or second time.  I don't use
                     motdedit, hence I start editing, and if the file changes I
                     simply do a manual merge. -emarkp
   \_ This is a big problem with motdedit.  There's a solution, it hasn't been
      implemented yet, however. Give it time.
      \_ well when it is implemented, let us know and we'll have something to
         talk about.  in the meantime you motdedit fascists can go stick your
         head in a pig.  motdedit is just a way for people with no system fu
         to figure out who is editing the motd.  the locking mechanism is an
         unnecessary joke.
   \_ just curious: how does motdedit not handle suspending?
      \_ motdedit has a process that times out the lock after 10 minutes.  However,
         if the editor is suspended, motdedit is suspended(SIGSTP), and the perl
         script no longer counts off 10 minutes.
         \_ can motdedit be written to catch SIGSTP?  So that it might
            handle it or kill itself off even, if necessary.
2004/1/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11720 Activity:nil
1/7     Someone needs to figure out how larryl jammed up motdedit - isn't
        it supposed to exit if you take too long?
        \_ Someone else did this by running motdedit, editing the motd with
           vi, saving changes, and then leaving vi running "in case someone
           overwrote his changes."  I guess a limitation of motdedit is that
           you actually need to quit your editor entirely in order for it
           to relinquish the lock.  I have no idea why the time-out doesn't
           work effectively.
           \_ the first part is wrong.  the person did not use motdedit, but
              instead just ran "vi /etc/motd.public".  The timeout in motdedit
              does work so long as motdedit isn't sent SIGSTOP/TSTP, at least
              the way motdedit is right now.  --Jon
              \_ No, you're wrong.  I'm the person.  I ran motdedit. -emarkp
           \_ That would be me.  Since motdedit launches the editor,
              backgrounding the editor will background motdedit, and the timeout
              doesn't work.  My solution: don't use motdedit.  Vim warns me if I
              try to write a file which has changed anyway, so it's of little
              use to me. -emarkp
           \_ I believe this bug was fixed. The question is how did larryl
              jam it up again, this morning?
              \_ or last night, as the case may be:
                    [soda:~] 14:24 (214)last larryl
                    larryl ttyDi Thu Jan  8 00:47 - 00:49  (00:01)
2004/1/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Recreation/Activities] UID:11674 Activity:nil
1/5     Is it legal to put a laser guide on your putter? -new rich golf player
        \_ golf isn't pointless enough without cheating?
        \_ Not sure.  Is it legal to beat you over the head with it?
           \_ hmmm. time to go watch "falling down" again.
        \_ no it isn't
        \_ If you're so rich, why not buy the CSUA 3 21" LCD monitors for
                \_ because politburo is full of assholes and you guys
                   squished me so I have no sympathy for you poor ars
                   students. Oh and thanks for the entertainment on motd  -op
2003/12/20-21 [Computer/SW/Editors, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11539 Activity:nil
12/19   New post below restored.  Watch your overwrites!!!
        [deleter was the guy who pruned the s.a.d. thread]
        \_ Use ME or get used to being overwritten. I am tired of having
           to exit my editor and redo my post simply because you refuse
           to wait in the queue. You can redo your post just as easily
           as me.
           \_ this is why me sucks. you shouldn't lock the file and sit there
              composing a post. anyway if you learn to use your editor you
              won't have to exit to update the file.
              \_ I agree.  If you use motdedit you still shouldn't be
                 overwriting people.
                 \_ Well, I disagree. Changing the motd on someone when
                    they have a copy checked out to write is the same
                    as "overwriting". If a**holes intend to change it
                    out from under me, I am not going out of my way
                    to preserve their changes. And I am not going to
                    whine about it when they overwrite mine either.
                    \_ Aside from motdedit/me being in /csua/bin, is there
                       any other way its use has been officially sanctioned?
                       \_ No.  Just some pompous lazy jerks decided that ME
                          IS THE STANDARD MOTD EDITOR! and enforce their will
                          at every opportunity with self righteousness.  As a
                          non-ME user who *does* patch in the diffs, I have
                          nothing but disdain for the lazy, inept, and
                          simply childish fools incapable and unwilling to do
                          such a trivial thing to avoid unnecessary conflict.
                            \_ how is patching in the diffs better than
                               using me in the first place?
                          \_ ME is the STANDARD EDITOR! ME! ME! ME!
           \_ This entire thread could be rendered irrelevant if motdedit
              simply used a patch-based system.
              \_ Then write it and put it up.
2003/12/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29692 Activity:nil
12/2    So why did emarkp have the motd locked for like an hour?
        \_ Because motdedit sucks.
           \_ I closed the motd in my vim session, but did not quit vim.  I
              promise not to use motdedit again.  Why the session didn't expire
              on its own is beyond me. -emarkp
              [Oh, and by the way, the reason I left the vim session up was to
              keep a copy of the edit I made in the buffer in case it was
              overwritten.  Ironically, this bracketed statement was overwritten
              just after I posted it.]
              \_ Yeah, motdedit DOES suck.  Wow.  No more motdedit.
              \_ You did not quit vim; you did send it SIGSTOP.  -jon
                 [grammar god]
                 \_ Apparently you don't understand how vim uses buffers.  I
                    closed the buffer that the motd was in.  I left a different
                    buffer open which contained a copy of the text I'd added to
                    the motd.  Then I ctrl-Z'ed it so I could restore the text
                    if it was overwritten.  I didn't state anywhere that I
                    "quit vim".  This is an incompatibility between my chosen
                    method of preserving my edits to the motd and motdedit.  The
                    way I will fix the incompatibility is by ceasing to use
                    motdedit.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention, but in
                    the future, feel free to nwrite me and ask me about it
                    instead of simply invoking root to kill the process. -emarkp
                    \_ grow up.
                       \_ Hey, I'm the one signing my name--not you.  And what
                          in the above comment suggests that I need to "grow
                          up"? -emarkp
                    \_ you apparently don't understand child processes.
                       \_ Yes, I do.  However, I have not investigated the inner
                          workings of motdedit, nor was I thinking carefully
                          about it when I was editing the motd. -emarkp
                 \_ SIGTSTP, as tom has corrected -jon
        \_ Why do you ask the question about me by name but fail to sign your
           own? -emarkp
           \_ because he's a jackass. --emarkp #1 fan
2003/12/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11294 Activity:nil
12/2    Not even in the top 10? We lost to CANADIANS? We lost to EASTERN
        WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY? This is degrading. Back when I was an
        undergrad we used to stomp the competition. Undergrads, stop reading
        the motd and start programming more.
        \_ More importantly, we lost to the Tree.  Shit!
        \_ UC Davis beat us.  Can we talk about the healthy farm girls at
           Davis vs the drug addicted berkeley whores?
           \_ mmmm, drug addicted whores.  Cheap and Easy, just like we like 'em.
           \_ Yee ha!
2003/12/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:11276 Activity:nil
12/1   if you only have a third of a thread archived, don't even bother.
       censorship sucks, but so does reading old, fractured threads.
        \_ i bet you are the one who censored the thread at first place.
           \_ that is a bet you would loose.
                                      \_ lose
              \_ Ob so is yermom
                 \_ You overwriting bastard.  I'll bet your overwriting
                    is the cause of the motd being deleted in the first
                    \_ Yes I overwrote but at least I was using me, unlike
                       you.  --sky
                       \_ Get a clue, sky.  Using motdedit does not excuse
                          you from acting like a decent human being and not
                          overwriting other people's posts.  Learn to copy
                          and paste, and learn a little patience. --erikred
                          \_ There's no excuse not to use me... Be a decent
                             human being and use me.  --sky
                             \_ Use me, baby.
2003/11/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29655 Activity:nil
11/20   Cool, thanks for trimming the motd down to the most absolutely boring
        shit ever.  Why bother?  Why don't you just zero the fucking thing and
        get it over with instead of pretending that you're performing a useful
        service?  Do you knuckleheads *really* want to go back to constant
        motd purges that make it totally empty for most of the day and no
        thread survives more than 5 minutes?  So fucking stupid.  You cut off
        your nose to spite your face.  Keep it up and no one will have it.
        \_ shut up, paolo.
2003/11/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11169 Activity:high
11/20   Fair warning to the censors: if you keep it up, the rest of the motd
        is going, too.  New policy as of now until the content censorship
        \_ Why do I think this will be ineffective?...
           \_ just cleaning off unwanted content.  just like the censor does.
              desirable content will remain.
        \_ from /csua/adm/doc/policies/motd:
           Destruction of the MOTD (by repeated deletion, jive, or any other
           method) is severly frowned upon and will result in the termination
           of your account.
           \_ If this was enforced, half the alumni on soda should have
              lost their accounts by now.
              \_ if this was enforced the content censors would be long gone.
        \_ You know guys, my guess is that 80-90% of what ppl claim is
           censorship is simply ppl overwriting other posts b/c they're
           lazy.  Run motdwatch, take a look.  -nivra
           \_ Considering the selectivity of threads being nuked, the specific
              content that seems to consistently be removed, etc, I find this
              very unlikely.  I mean, when motd is repeatedly reduced by
              entire threads of strictly non-boring-technical content....
2003/11/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11133 Activity:kinda low
11/17   I seem to remember a website posted once on the motd about various
        salaries for various tech employees w/ different experience levels,
        etc. Anyone know the URL? thanks.
        \_ From 10/27:
           "Too much info to put in the motd. The whole thing is online at
        \_ These are always way low if you've got mad skillz.  There's way
           too many zero skill tape changing, vb scripting, never got a
           college degree losers in there to compare to your berkeley degree.
           Take the survey results and add 20% or $20k, whichever is more and
           you start to get into the low end of the right range.
           \_ Shit I am 6 months out of college and I am making 6 digits,
              *plus* I have stock options worth another $1M... oh, that's
              right, it's not 1999 anymore.
              \_ Gee, I didn't reach 6 digits until I was 8 years out of
              \_ Sigh.  Idiot.  Whatever a non Berkeley person is making, add
                 $20k or 20%, whichever is higher.  Did I say 1999?  Did I say
                 you'd make a million dollars?  No.  Stop putting words on the
                 screen I didn't write, imply, or intend.  Maybe I was wrong.
                 Are you a Berkeley alum?  You should be flipping burgers for
                 6.50/hr.  Idiot.
                 \_ You claim that the average Berkeley grad working as
                    a sysadmin in The Bay Area is making 107k/yr on the low end?
                    And then you claim that *I* am the idiot. Keep living
                    in your fantasy world asshole.
                 \_ Min wage in CA is $6.75/hr.
                    \_ Not in Communist SF, where they are intent on driving
                       out small businesses with their $8.50/hr
                       \_ obviously you know nothing about communism.
                           \_ Frmr Member Spactacus Youth League, and you?
                    \_ I didn't say minimum wage.  I said $6.50.  He needs a
                       below minimum training wage until he's earned the right
                       to earn minimum.  He has to prove himself worthy.
2003/11/18-19 [Recreation/Humor, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11122 Activity:nil
11/18   Attention Anonymous Motd Comic!  Have you been working the motd
        lately?  I haven't seen anything funny in the last couple of weeks.
        Thanks.  -AMC #1 fan
        \_ sorry, busy working.  it's the season.  its hard to be funny
           when you're working your ass off and falling asleep by 10pm
           every night.  glad to know you're out there.  i'll be back!  -AMC
2003/11/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11076 Activity:very high
11/14   ausman, stop overwriting other people's posts, you bastard.
        \_ motdedit is not an excuse for just overwriting what people
           have written.  grow up and take some responsibility.
           \_ Why do programmers use CVS? If you are a CS person and you
              do not understand the need for version control, they I pity you.
           \_ What about re-writing motdedit to patch/merge the new file with
              an updated motd.public?  It would reduce lock-contention and
              would make the pseudonymous posters (who don't use the locks)
        \_ Write your post in a separate editor.  Use motdedit.  Paste your
           your post in.  Save.  Haven't gotten a warning to overwrite
           someone else's changes in a long time.
           \_ Or not.  Motdedit isn't a requirement.  It's an option some
              choose not to  use.  Look, we've been down this path before and
              you can't force people to use motdedit.  Using motdedit doesn't
              provide the moral authority to overwrite other people's comments
              either.  I neither use motdedit not do I overwrite other's
              comments.  It is possible to do.  But when I see some arrogant
              self righteous motdedit using asshole overwrite stuff I feel
              no guilt smashing over their shit immediately no matter whose
              comments they rudely destroyed.
              \_ Whoever you are, you just overwrote _two_ other people's
                 comments, at least one of whom(me), who doesn't overwrite
                 other comments.
                 \_ Acutally, that probably me.  I had an ohno-second.  Sorry.
                    \_ the overwrite happened at the same time(2:48:40) as
                       the above post.  Both overwrites now restored.
              \_ If you cannot see the impossibility of resolving
                 simultaneous conflicting edits, you are a moron and
                 I am annoyed that you matriculated from Berkeley.
        \_ out of curiosity, shouldn't it be possible to make the motd file
           such that it can ONLY be modified by people using an access script,
           forcing the serialization of edits?
           \_ yes, with root level support and the like, but then you lose
              pseudonymity, which people seem to like.  If we improve motdedit
              to use patch/merge, then we reduce the window of opportunity for
        \_ I'll think about it. I still think you should stop jumping the
           queue and expecting others to merge your changes. -ausman
           \_ I use JOVE.  It tells me when changes have been made to the
              doc since I started working on it.  I then copy whatever I've
              just written, exit without saving, open the motd again and
              paste.  If everyone did something similar, we wouldn't have
              this problem.
              \_ I use MOTDEDIT. It tells me when someone else is editing the
                 motd.  I then wait for that person to stop finish, then write
                 my post. If everyone did something similar, we wouldn't have
                 this problem.
2003/11/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11074 Activity:insanely high
11/14   Story time!  Everyone add five words.
        There once was a hoser
         Who owned a bulldozer
          And rode it to Cal every day
          His major was EECS
          His Classmates were freaks
          And now he's decided he's gay.
        He had posted to the motd
        He could not go potty!
        And now he is messy all over.
        So then he did yermom.
        or so he thought--but it was tom!
        yermom looks like tom?
        Then MOTD censor erased everything.
        because of his small thing.
        Who needs the Quick-E-mart?
        To buy condoms, you say.
        That does not make sense
        "It does if you're making spunk parfait!
        Fuck you, MOTD censor"
        So said the Fuzzy Bunny.
        Who forgot to add zinc
        \_ Apparently a lot of you either don't know how to read instructions
           or don't know how to count to five.
           \_ IFILE.
2003/11/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11046 Activity:high
11/12   Pictures of vanished America, circa late '30s/early '40s
        \_ Wow. Thank you.
        \_ thanks, I love old color photos.
        \_ These are great! Thanks for the link.
        \_ Beautiful.. How'd you come across these? --scotsman
           \_ (erased by moron not using motdedit)
              \_ Yay!  Score one for the good guys!!
           \_ metafilter, baby!  --lye (was erased by moron not using motdedit)
        \_ I'm glad they included the margins, instead of cropping.
2003/11/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:11021 Activity:nil
        This is what the old CSUA motd geezers need to spend money on.
        \_ Not really.  Old CSUA motd geezers know you can get hot local chicks
           and better beer for less money than that.  Over 30 chicks in the
           bay area are free.  Under 30 chicks cost you a drink and 5 minutes
           of telling them how great they look.
           \_ Riiight. Yeah sure.
              \_ Ok, it isn't true that old csua motd geezer know this but
                 that doesn't make it not true.  Old csua motd geezer don't
                 know a lot.
        \_ Ve got ze young zink girlies in ze red porsche rrroadschter for
           less euros zan zis, you little punk schwein.  Anyvay, who vants
           ze fet old cherman vimen if you get ze hot younk Italian zings
           to makink bouncy-bouncy on ze wasserbed, ja?  -John
2003/11/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10984 Activity:high
11/7    Please, please use motdedit.  You're overwriting my posts and creating
        a censorship boogyman for idiots to point at.  If you don't like
        motdedit, I'd really like to hear why.  Are you an emacs user who
        doesn't like to leave the emacs shell?  Specifically, I don't want to
        hear from pro-me people, just the people who don't like it.  Perhaps we
        can make it better.
        \_ Ooh!  This sounds fun!  Guess who I am?
        \_ hey, maybe you should post where motdedit is found, and where
           the documentation is, and then repost it after it's instantly
           deleted a few times.  some of us just don't know where it is.
           ]man motdedit
           No manual entry for motdedit
           \_ /csua/bin/motdedit.
              \_ right.  so there is no documentation, and you have to
                 use EMACS.  fuck that.  I'll just write my own, or
                 stick with vi until someone else writes something
                 \_ Not at all.  It tries to use your VISUAL_EDITOR env var,
                    then EDITOR, then emacs as a last resort.  In tcsh, try
                    % setenv EDITOR vi
                    then run motdedit again.
                    \_ ok, that's a start, but there's still no documentation.
                       how do i save without writing over someone else's post?
                       did someone seriously write this thing and write
                       *no* documentation at all?  if so, i'll refuse to use
                       it on general principle, since people like that
                       should have their engineering degrees taken away and
                       be held up for public ridicule.
                       \_ Dude.  /csua/bin/motdedit -h.  Try thinking for
                          yourself. --scotsman
                       \_ If you're using motdedit, the only way you'd save
                          over someone else's changes is if they did not use
                          motdedit.  When you start motdedit, it tries to
                          aquire a lock.  If it's already locked, you have to
                          wait to edit.  Once you edit, it locks so that other
                          people can't edit, unless they are being hosers by
                          not using motdedit and ignoring your lock.
                          In re: no documentation.  It's not very complicated
                          and the code is pretty well documented.
                          \_ "The code wasn't complicated so we didn't document
                             anything". --pre-Y2k programmers around the world.
                             \_ It's just a flame-editing program installed on
                                a single student-group machine.  Best
                                engineering practices are sometimes impractical
                                \_ right. so writing a one paragraph
                                   description of what it does and
                                   how to use it is "impractical."
                                   fuck you and fuck all the arrogant dick
                                   hackers like you.
                                   \_ I was refering to making and installing
                                      a man page.  I'm not root, are you?
                                   \_ There's a 1-paragraph description at the
                                      top of the file.  It's a perl script.
                                      Learn from it.
                       \_ Who let this idiot into CSUA?
                          \_ Who let this idiot into CSUA?  Who not teach this
                             idiot about article part of English, "the"?
        \_ it's another anti pseudo-anonymity feature.  *I* don't smash new
           stuff on the motd but I've noticed that arrogant self righteous
           motdedit users do so I have no sympathy.
           \_ I regularly smash other people's stuff with motdedit. Why?
              Because when vi tells me that the file has changed, in order to
              preserve other people's comments 1) I have to make a copy of my
              comments in some other buffer 2) read the file again 3) paste my
              comments back again and hope that someone else didn't edit the
              file while I was doing all this. And why should I be doing all of
              this?  Just because you're too good not to use motdedit?
              \_ You're a lazy and arrogant prick.  That's exactly what I do
                 as a non-motdedit user.  Why should I be doing all of this?
                 To save the text of some lazy good for nothing asshole who
                 has nothing worth saying anyway?  I do it because it's right.
           \_ I blame it on Clinton
           \_ Nothing on the motd is anonymous anyways, Jeffrey.  With or
              without motdedit, which I notice you don't use.
              \_ Jeffrey?  Heh, try again.  If you're going to name names get
                 it right.  Don't leave yourself looking like a fool.  Your
                 system script fu is weak!
                 \_ I guess yours is better, ecchang? -!op
                    \_ *hah!* wrong again!
                    \_ huh?  - ecchang
                    \_ Dude, it's easy to scp the update into /etc/motd.public.
                       \_ Don't even have to do that.
                       \_ vi myproject.c    then :r /etc/motd.public, edit away
                           :w! /etc/motd.public  then go back to editing your
                           original file for a while, then exit your vi.
                           And of course this is all trivial if you edit the
                           motd in an emacs buffer without starting/stopping
                           emacs.    Watching the motd is near impossible on
                           a busy system, without kernel hacks, if the motd
                           editors are trying to hide. -ERic
                           \_ ERic, are you the author of motdwatch?
                           \_ That's a good one but it really doesn't even
                              require that much effort.
2003/11/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10961 Activity:kinda low 50%like:13489
        \_ How long has it been since the last official squishing?
           \_ new politburo policy as of the paolo administration is that
              it's OK to have automatic scripts deleting the MOTD.  -tom
                \_ how about past users who were squished? take kchang
                   for example. some guy wrote a "kchang is a fag" motd
                   adder script and tricked him into writing a motd deletion
                   script which got him squished.
                \_ i hate it when people trick me into writing complicated
                   perl scripts!  damn kids.
                    \_ Is that really why kchang was sorried?  If so, that's
                        fucked up. -phuqm
                        \_ no.
                        \_ Don't believe the hype.  Ask someone who was on
                           politburo at the time if you're really interested.
                           \_ The blame falls squarely on Clinton's shoulders.
                \_ really?  so if I add a line to my .login that zeros the motd
                   the politburo and everyone else thinks that's just spiffy?
                        \_ no.  that would fall under the definition of
                           being "fucking retarded", like the guy posting
                           motds from previous months.  If you can't tell
                           the difference, please kill yourself, thanks.
2003/11/6 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10959 Activity:nil
11/5    Does the ASUC store still sell school rings?  I checked the ASUC store
        page (which I got from  Under
        jewelry they have watches and cuff links and so on, but no school
        rings.  Anyone knows where else I can buy that?  Thanks.
        \_ I will never understand why a man would want to wear jewelry.
           ( I also don't understand why a woman would want to wear a "class
             ring"  but then, there is so much i don't understand about
             women that specifying just one like this is kind of silly) -phuqm
             P.S. There should be an uber high sales tax on jewelry
             and at least 100% on "jewelery" diamonds.
             \_ The mark up on jewelry is already near infinite.  What's wrong
                with jewelry such that society needs to burden those who wear
                it?  I don't and I think punching holes in your flesh to wear
                some of it is odd but I don't see the societal harm.  My
                question to the OP is why would you want a class ring?  It's
                not like we have a real 'class' at Cal like other schools where
                people might know each other from year after year starting as
                freshies through senior, sharing classes, profs, experiences,
                etc.  Of the small percent that make it only a tiny itty bitty
                fraction of those make it in 4 years.  Put it on your resume
                and forget about it.
                 \_ Umm, why does society need to "burden" those that make 35K
                     a year doing manual labor?  They should "burden" those
                     who wear it because they obviously have more money than
                     they need or are capable of spending reasonably, and,
                     theoretically, you could then use that money to lower the
                     burden on someone who may actually need their money or
                     be able to put it to better use.  Specifically, you could
                     lower property taxes which are often a real burnden unlike
                     a diamond tax -phuqm
                     \_ Whoa!  A card carrying communist hits the motd!  And
                        here I thought we stopped at the extreme left of simple
                        socialism but you like to go all the way, eh?  Hey, why
                        should that rich guy who works his ass off for what he
                        has have to support some slacker loser who has never
                        done anything for himself?  Why not just give everyone
                        a government issued allowance of $5/day so we can feel
                        like we have some control over our lives and have real
                        choices and just have the government take care of us?
                     \_ You are no conservative phuqm!  What's with taxing
                        stuff 'just because'?
                \_ It's not me who want a class ring.  It's my father who wants
                   one.  He didn't even get to attend high school when he was
                   a kid, and having a college degree was his childhood dream.
                   So now he just wants a class ring to feel good about having
                   a son graduating from Cal.  Yeah I have Asian parents.  --OP
                   \_ In that case, just get one from Josten's.  You can
                      pick a school of your choice.
                      \_ Got it!  Thanks a bunch!!  Gee,
                         price tags starts around a whopping $500.
                \_ two words: status symbol
2003/11/3-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10916 Activity:nil
11/3    I'd like to sound a call for more civility and restraint on the
        MOTD.  Over the years I've learned a lot both in technical and
        political matters from this forum.  But lately I find myself not
        wanting to read it anymore due to the overwhelming amount of
        anger and invective.  I understand that some of you may feel
        passionately about an issue, but you are far more likely to
        convince myself and others if you speak calmy and respectfully.
        Patronizing, derogatory, and angry posts may make you feel
        better by allowing you to vent your frustration, but all they
        really accomplish is to upset people and make the world just
        a little bit worse.  In conclusion, feel free to be controversial
        or humorous, or whatever, just tone down the hate.  Thank You.
        \_ I fuckin' love it!  'Can't we all just get along!' started a
           flamewar on MOTD!  Man, that rules!!  <tearfully> I love you guys!
           \_ OMG!  WTF!  LOL!
        \_ If you don't like it, then don't read it. Anyone who takes the
           MOTD as seriously as you do should be dragged out onto the street
           and shot. Anyway, don't you have more important things to do during
           your work day than to actually read the motd and take the shit
           on here seriously? Ever think about the fact that your pre-occupation
           with the MOTD signals that there is something wrong with your own
           state of internal affairs?
        \_ How to spot a liberal: (1) needless preoccupation with others'
           emotional states, (2) overly abstract (and incorrect) deliberations
           about the state of the world becoming better or worse through
           your actions, (3) obsession with 'hate', (4) need to lecture
           \_ Nice emotional logic there.  I'm REALLY glad you don't typify
              'The Right' or 'Conservatives'.  If 'The Right' spent as much
              time whining about the Other Team as you do, it'd be completely
              \_ Emotional logic?  Wtf?  Those are empirical observations,
                 not logical statements.  Why do you care, btw, what typifies
                 'The Right'.
           \_ Sigh.  I'm not preoccupied with your emotional state.
              You can froth at the mouth all you like, but when you do it
              on the MOTD it puts a damper on my good mood.  Also, I
              apologize if it sounded like a lecture; I intended it as a
              request for civility.
              \_ Well, Mr. Civility, I guess I should find it in my heart to
                 froth at the mouth a little more civilly, while you continue
                 to use derogatory language.  I forgot one from the above list:
                 (5) hypocrite.  Wait, I am sorry.  Calling someone a hypocrite
                 is probably hateful and makes the world a little bit worse,
                 while comparing your opponent to a rabid dog is perfectly ok.
        \_ Go to Hell - Dean in 04
        \_ I agree however I don't see that happening anytime soon.  Berkeley
           is a hate filled campus.  Hate is an institutional trait taught in
           the classroom and on campus.  Students are surrounded by it and
           soak it up everyday.  Rational discourse is discouraged from the
           top down.  The motd exists in this hateful environment and reflects
           what has been going on on campus for decades.  The motd is not
           separate from it's hateful campus environment.
                            \_ Bob was not nearly angry enough in that strip.
                               Must've been an imposter.
           \_ Mmmmm. I'd much rather be in a more repressive where everyone
              knows their place and wouldn't think twice about saying something
              derisive. Oh, feel the love!
           \_ Transfer to Santa Cruz, where no one is allowed to say anything
              mean to anyone else.
              \_ Bzzt: (Mercury News)
                 ``I don't think it's a town that respects conservative
                 views,'' Larson said. ``They tend to be shouted down. For a
                 town that claims to be very liberal and open-minded, it's
                 turned into something that's kind of mean. . . .

                 ``I get this from a lot of very conservative people. They
                 don't think downtown Santa Cruz is a place where they feel
                 welcome. They get hassled. They feel uncomfortable.''
                  \_ If they want true hassling they should try moving
                     to Iran.  The above must be the weakest most thin
                     skinned conservatives ever.  Keep up the good work!
                        \_ It's a sad state of affairs when we have to compare
                           ourselves to Iran. --Iranian expatriate
                           \_ I thought Iran is actually relatively better
                              off than, let say, Saudi Arabia and other
                              middle eastern nation.
                 \_ downtown is part of the UC? Reread what I said.
                    If you just want a place where everyone agrees with you
                    transfer to Oral Roberts or BYU.
                    \_ you miscontrue what I said.  i don't at all want a place
                       where everyone agrees with me.  but you can disagree
                       with others without spitting in their face, shouting
                       them down, or calling them race/sex/whatever-ist simply
                       for expressing a different point of view.  well, not in
                       Berkeley but that's the point.  it should be that way
                       at a higher place of learning but it isn't at berkeley.
                       there's very minimal intellectual dialog and a whole lot
                       of blind raging screaming ranting going on.
                       \_ Name one online unmoderated discussion forum that
                          has a higher signal to noise ratio.
                          \_ Depends on the day.  The difference here is that
                             anyone can delete anything.  Online no one can
                             delete anything.  Online you can filter for
                             yourself, but not for others.  Also, here you can
                             alter other's posts.  That sort of thing leads to
                             a sort of nastiness that can't exist online.  I
                             can't even imagine what would happen if it was
                             standard policy to alter or delete other people's
                             posts in the typical online forum.  I suppose it
                             would take about 2 seconds before someone wrote a
                             script to auto-delete everything.  That'd sure
                             fix it good.
2003/10/29-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Industry/Startup] UID:10851 Activity:nil
10/29   Hi all, anyone out there have office space to sublease or working
        at a company that is subleasing space?  I'm looking for someplace
        very inexpensive to put 2 to 3 desks.   Otherwise anyone out there
        want to go halves on a 1500 sq. ft. room that is only $900/month total,
        including use of the bldg T1 ?  This is a great price in a very nice
        Bldg in oakland.  (Am i crazy for soliciting for a business flat-mate
        on them motd? flames welcome.) -crebbs
        \_ Here's a flame: learn how to format motd posts, you moron!
            \_ umm, boy, lousy flame.  My post is the minimum number of lines
               that it could be without having too-long lines.  I see no
               disadvantage to having too-short lines, given that. -crebbs
               \_ actually you had some extra spaces.  i removed them but
                  yeah the other guy is an idiot.  that flame wasn't enough
                  to LIGHT CANDLE.
        \_ Nope. just pathetic it seems.
2003/10/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:10831 Activity:moderate
10/28   The motd censor is a cranky bitch.
        \_ We are legion.
           \_ Not only that, but bad at quotes too.  It's 'my name is
              legion', you cranky bitch.  -John
              \_ that makes them stupid cranky bitches
                 \_ Uhm, only one person wrote that post.  Cranky bitch.
                    \_ Seen one motd censor, seen them all.  Since they never
                       self identify they all get the same paintbrush.  Bitch.
                       \_ Yes, but John was responding to one guy.  You're the
                          one making shit up.  Stupid.
                          \_ It's universal, you stupid cranky bitch.
2003/10/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10754 Activity:nil
10/23   "you know what's going to kick ass? when you can have muscles
         put into your dick instead of erectile tissue.  then you could
         operate the mouse with your dick while you type with both hands,
         like Zimbu the monkey."
        Once again I envy a response like this.  Are you the anonymous
        motd comic?  Hilarious stuff like this is one of the few reasons
        why I log into soda.  :-)  Keep up the good work and thanks for
        making motd the fun place that it is.  -your #1 fan
        \_ He's a dorky guy ripping off dilbert.
           \_ you're both right.  and thanks. i've seen my posts labelled
              by others as being the anon motd comic, but they're probably
              less than half of the posts that recieve that label, and less
              than 0.5 % of the funny posts on the motd.
        \_ Zimbu the Monkey is significantly less funny than Penny Arcade.
           \_ you're both right.  and thanks.
2003/10/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10745 Activity:nil
10/22   Well, i didn't think it would ever happen.  But i'm officially
        for de-anonymizing the motd.  Conditioned on the inclusion
        of de-anonymizing deletes. -anonymous coward
        And by the way,  can someone (the person in question maybe)
        please tell me the motivation for editing a particular thread?
        not deleting the whole thing, just the interesting responses
        For example: from sky's job posting.
                    \_ Restored.  Happy now?
                         \_ not really, it was just an example.  And
                            Perhaps not a great one.  At least there
                            they killed all the comments, leaving just
                            the original post.  That is better than many
                            of the cases where single threads of response
                            have been culled leaving others.  Anyway, i
                            just wanted to bitch, if i had wanted
                            something done, i would have done it, (and/or
                            maybe signed my name.)  -crebbs
        \_ What makes you think you're anonymous crebbs?  And
           dim should use motdedit
            \_ I'm not anonymous to YOU.  Obvioulsy if i cared to hide
               from anyone who cared i wouldn't be using motdedit. Most
               of us, are too lazy and/or don't care enough to find out
               who is writing what on a post-by-post basis. -crebbs
            \_ motdedit blows. --dim
           \_ Please open source the motd poster ID script.  Thanks.
              \_ motdwatch + fstat + possibly ps should suffice.
                \_ it was just ps aux|grep motd.public
                   \_ oh no!  The Big Secret is out!
                      \_ how do I detect people who scp the file to soda?
        \_ Well, I'm not sure someone would want to sign his name when he's
           saying that he faked an erection.
            \_ well, for the record - since i'm deanonymized - i should say
               that I DON'T ACTUALLY support de-anonymizing the motd.  I
               was just bitching about selective deletes, which seem to be
               taking place a lot more now than they used to. -crebbs
            \_ Hey, I faked it and I was proud to do so.  I was bored and
               wanted her to leave but didn't want her telling everyone I
               was defective or something.  I told my friends after and we
               all had a good laugh.  That's no different than what women do.
        \_ I chopped off the drug part of the Viagra post. Why? The thread
           was getting long, and I thought to let the trolling stay to Viagra.
           If you prefer, next time, I'll just separate the posts. Long threads
           are hard to follow.
           \_ Thank god we have you to make these decisions for us.
2003/10/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10648 Activity:nil
10/15   Who is psb, danh, and aspolito? Someone please describe each person
        in one sentence or less. Thanks.                        -newbie
        \_ psb: cross Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons with one of the alien
           goths from Dark City.
           danh: a magnet for chaos, knows where all the weirdest shows are
           and has a terrible relationship with money.  The CSUA mascot, he
           was once the entire politburo because everyone else resigned.
           aspolito:  the reason your mom didn't want you to go to Berkeley.
           Like one of the Cenobites from Hellraiser.  Except with scat porn.
        \_ newbie, contact me and I will show you The Way.    -brain
        \_ They are all great guys, super smart and nice and handsome.
           \_ except danh
           \_ So, why didn't any one of them run for Governor?
              \_ They knew they couldn't compete with Georgy
        \_ Believe everything you read on the motd.  Everything you read
           on the motd is guaranteed by the University of California and the
           Regents to be The Truth.
        \_ It is not important that psb.  Rather, it is crucial that !psb.
2003/10/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10433 Activity:nil
10/2    23:59 (196)wc /etc/motd
        1081    7568   67158 /etc/motd
2003/10/2-3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10431 Activity:nil
10/2    Longest. motd. Ever!
        soda [114] wc /etc/motd
             721    5798   37683 /etc/motd
23 threads,  689 lines, 189 replies,  30.0 lines/thread,   8.2 replies/thread
                             stddev:  42.4                 9.4
2003/10/2-3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10428 Activity:nil
10/2    Go go go!
        soda [177] wc /etc/motd
             827    6559   43252 /etc/motd
2003/9/25 [Politics/Domestic, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10318 Activity:nil
9/25    Motd restored, motd n00ker foiled.  Huzzah, men!
        \_ The enemies of Freedom shall not prevail -Dubya
           \_ Yes, let's pray it goes the other way and the enemies of freedom
              prevail so the Democrats have a good issue in the next election
              cycle.  It's good to have priorities.
              \_ if the enemies of freedom truly prevailed, there would be
                 no 'next election cycle'
2003/9/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10136 Activity:very high
9/10    Deleting is not the answer.
        \_ Official motd policy is here:
           "Destruction of the MOTD (by repeated deletion, jive, or any other
           method) is severly frowned upon and will result in the termination
           of your account."
           \_ "The MOTD may not be used for non-University business."
              I haven't see any University-related business here in a long
              \_ "-" binds more tightly than " ".
              \_ Nor have I seen non-University BUSINESS.  No commerce or
                 transactions are made.
           \_ Democracy for sale. Contact or
     Price negotiable.
              \_ Effective legal immigrant status for sale to relatives and
                 friends of illegal immigrants.  Items include free medical
                 friends of illegal immigrants.  Product includes free medical
                 care, free education, valid ID.  Upgrades to include voting
                 rights and Social Security benefits possible.  Contact any
                 Price in terms of vote counts negotiable.
                 pro-"immigrant" politician (pro-illegal-immigrant in reality).
                 Price in vote counts negotiable.  Offer valid while tax
                 revenue lasts.
2003/9/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:10128 Activity:high
9/9     Oh crusty old alumni: Tell us younguns if there was ever a time when
        the motd wasn't just trolling or counter-trolling.
        \_ -- a soda motd from over ten years ago.
           \_ So then the answer is, no, its always been trolling.  Thanks
              for clearing that up!
              Unless of course, the post at the top was serious.
            \_ Damn I AM old. I can figure out about five of the eight
               nicknames on the "casino-night" reference. Guess which one
               is psb....
            \_ Probably uninteresting piece of CSUA trivia. /etc/motd.public
               was started Spring 1993 (when I was Secretary). I gave the
               motd the lovely "=+=+=+=+=" line soon after (I think it was
               all "-----" before that). I got my idea from a Family
               Computing magazine article on word processing I read in the
               1980s. Someone changed the "+" to "-" a year and a half
               after that. --jsjacob
        \_ "Director's Cut of the Abyss showing at the UC tomorrow night."
           Sniff, brings a tear of nostalgia to my eye.
        \_ I think it's wrong to write off the motd as just trolling.
           when someone i disagree with posts a link or suggests that
           i go read something, i actually read it, and I'm sure i'm
           not the only one.  I've learned alot from this, and have
           changed the way I look at some issues because of it.  i
           read alot more history, political science and economics because
           of the motd, and I'm sure i'm not the only one.  the net
           is full of forums like or
           where people all agree and just sit around shouting about
           how much they agree.  the motd is very rare in that you really
           see *alot* of different points of view here.  if there were more
           forums like the motd we would live in a better world.
           \_ too bad the motd didn't teach you that a lot is two words.
        \_ I think it's gotten a lot more political but I don't think
           I know anyone smart enough to be truly funny and political
           constantly.  The motd used to be a lot more mundane,
           rants about Evans, potsticker jokes, whatever transvestite
           blojo was hanging out with, and how many ways
           you can say 'go stick your head in a big' in different
           computer languages.
        \_ Sometimes it's just boring.  Enjoy the trolls.
        \_ It isn't really trolling when all of us have always been doing it.
           It's just a big game which is why we get annoyed when some people
           censor things.  Why delete the entire game?  It's worse than
           taking your ball and going home.
        \_ I have an RCS archive of the motd going back SEVERAL YEARS.  You
           are welcome to check for yourself.   -ERic
           ps. its in /csua/tmp/mehlhaff/motd_archive and ~mehlhaff/tmp/
        \_ I think it's because the motd has gotten on average older.
           Many are 30+ or pushing 30, got different views, turning old,
           fat, Republican. So of course the topics and cynicism are going
           to increase.
           \- jesus:
              psb  csua  2852 Mar 30  1993 /home/sequent/psb/bin/MakeTeXPK*
              \_ So what?  Some of us (including psb) have accounts that go
                 back to machines that don't exist anymore and haven't for
                 years.  It's just time.  You'll be old one day, too.
                 \_ um, isn't that psb you are replying to?
                 \_ if we're going to play geezer games, how many ocf machines
                    can you name off the top of your head?
2003/8/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:29360 Activity:very high
8/15    Wow, i finally noticed what you guys keep talking about.
        The only non-tech. thread was deleted from the middle of the
        pack.  That's really fucked up.  (i mean, it wasn't a thread
        i was really participating in so i don't really care), but
        sheesh, why would anyone care enough to kill it? Censor
        explain yourself. -phuqm
        \_ Wasn't me, but the motd gets long and needs trimming.  It's the
           ignorant non-post-signing trolls (who're usually too wrong to
           feel comfortable identifying themselves) who're pathetic.  Of
           course it's your right to be anonymous, but you're still
           pathetic.  -John
           \_ Fuck all those anonymous losers.  Like the trolls who wrote the
              Federalist Papers which were originally published anonymously.
              \_Don't buy into his spin.  There is a world of difference
                between anonymous post versus anonymously edit/delete other
                people's post.  Those who censored MOTD justify their action
                because they believe anonymously silence opinion they don't
                like is a form of their freedom of speech.
           \_ you amaze me.  you hurl childish insults at people and get pulled
              in to flame wars that drag on and on for no reason, and then
              consider yourself superior because you sign your name.
              do you seriously think that your insults trolls and flames don't
              make you look like an idiot because you sign your name?
              i've seen posts that were funny, technically informative,
              interesting and thoughtful from anonymous people.  i cannot
              say the same for you(except for the technically informative
                \_ I enjoy a good, intelligent debate.  Some anonymous posters
                   make well-thought out points, which I reply to, troll or no.
                   Then, while you're entitled to your opinions, I'm entitled
                   to mine.  The guy below is the first who's given a somewhat
                   rational reason for not putting a name on his posts.  I
                   sincerely doubt, however, if most of the trolls have ever
                   bothered to think that far (hence the "pathetic", which I
                   stick by in this case.)  And let's face it, comparing the
                   motd to the Federalist Papers takes the cake--that's the
                   funniest thing I've heard in ages.  -John
                   \_ It's not up to *YOU* to decide rather motd is relevant
                   \_ John, if the anonymous poster has made a well-thought
                      point, then it *isn't* a troll.  Let's stop using tom's
                      ill conceived "anonymous == troll" definition and keep
                      to the generally accepted internet definition of "troll
                      == trying to start flamefest on hot-button topic for
                      no reason other than to get people riled".
                   \_ The motd isn't the Federalist Papers.  However, the
                      concept is similar.  The authors of the FP wanted to
                      say their piece without their writings being judged by
                      the unimportant details of who wrote them.  Knowing the
                      author's home state, country of origin, religion, etc
                      would prejudice many readers at the time who would then
                      miss the whole point: the Papers themselves.  Anonymity
                      allows intelligent debate and discussion without making
                      it personal.  For example, you might note that one of
                      your fellow CSUA members has been updating his "twink
                      points list" religiously/insanely for years.  Yes, it
                      is a joke, however, it also demonstrates an excellent
                      reason to not post a name if you want intelligent debate.
                      A person who records their grudges permanently and who
                      brings those grudges to every discussion is not someone
                 a troll but that doesn't dimish the quality of my points.  It
                 only shows the opposition has to resort to ad hominen.
                      you'll be having too many intelligent debates with.
                   \_ It's not up to *YOU* to decide whether motd is relevant
                      or not.  If you actually live in a country which has
                      severe form of censorship, you will discover whatever
                      you are doing is no different from those government
                      agent.  I.e. silence people's voice based upon result
                      of a body who think his judgement is far more superior
                      than others
                      -someone who used to live in a place of heavy censorship
              \_ John knows his security and he knows his history and most
                 things European.  John doesn't know that getting dragged into
                 an idiotic flame fest on the motd over any topic and then
                 putting your name to it is insane for anyone who wants to
                 keep their current or get a new job.  All this stuff gets
                 archived forever.  My politics, although correct at all times
                 :-), are none of any employer's business.  It can only hurt
                 me if they find my name attached to some ridiculous time
                 wasting noise on the motd no matter how brilliant my points
                 or how well I back them up with solid research.  I put real
                 life above the motd and choose anonymity for safety in the
                 real world, not safety on the motd itself where I have no
                 real reason to care what any of you think.  I don't want this
                 all going to google or whatever with my name on it.  Call me
                 a troll but that doesn't diminish the quality of my points.
                 It only shows the opposition has to resort to ad hominen.
                        -- proud to be one of John's "trolls"
                  \_ You essentially have no politics unless you are willing
                     to stand up for your beliefs/opinions/wants/needs.
                     Democracy is not a spectator sport, if you want to
                     to be heard, stand up and fight for your platform.
                     It used to be called character, before the PC zealotry
                    an extremely brave thing to do.  I honstly don't know
                     turned everyone into spineless wimps. -williamc
                     \_ so you're arguing that signing posts shows
                        "character" and is therefore a good thing.  is the
                        purpose of posts on the motd to demonstrate your
                        personal character or is it to convey information?
                        i claim that for the vast majority of poeple who
                        will read your post, your name signed at the bottom
                        carries no useful information.  that is to say that
                        they will neither pay more atttention or less attention
                        to your words based on knowing your login.  i claim
                        that this is a good thing.  it means that arguments
                        are evaluated based on their own merrit alone.
                        if you want to see poeple relying on their reputation
                        to get people to listen to them, turn on the tv.
                     \_ Uhm, yeah that's mostly true...but this is the motd.
                        Are you seriously using the *motd* to make some sort
                        statement about this guy's character??        -mice
                     \_ Hint: Federalist Paper.  May be  you should of give
                        the authors of Federalist Paper a lesson in Democracy
                     \_ I'm not a revolutionary.  My job and the income I
                        provide to my family is infinitely more important
                        than the motd politics flamefests.  If you think my
                        points have no value simply because I don't sign
                        them then you either aren't old enough to be concerned
                        with the real world yet or you're just falling back on
                        ad hominen instead of the true value of debate which
                        is point and counter-point, regardless of the speaker.
                 \_ It is too bad that you are too cowardly to post your
                    name to your opinions. You should proudly sign your
                    posts. -anonymous coward
                    \_ *laugh*  Very funny.  Are you the Anonymous Motd Comic?
                 \_ If any of you ever lived in a country of heavy censorship
                    like I did, you will know that even anonymous post is
                    an extremely brave thing to do.  I honestly don't know
                    if anyone would knows the concept of freedom of speech and
                    expression without live through the experience of not
                    having it.
2003/8/11-12 [Computer/SW/Database, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29304 Activity:very high
8/10    Whoever told me that Gallery is backed by a database, I just found
        out that it is a lie.  God damn, you guys use Gallery and doesn't
        even know rather it has a database behind it or not?
        \_ "don't", not "doesn't". "you guys" is third person plural, not
            singular. Stop sounding like a FOB.
            \_ You rock!  --motd grammarian #1 Fan
                            \_ should it be "motd grammarian's #1 Fan"
                               -- grammatical psuedo-fan
                               \_ no.  it's a title where "motd" is modifying
                                  "grammarian", thus "motd grammarian" which
                                  then modifies "#1 Fan".
                                  \_ If it's a title, and you're not e.e.
                                     cummings, you should capitalize each
                                     word.  (If you are e.e. cummings, I'd
                                     love to know your ISP.)
                                     \_ yous guys should go fuck yourselves.
                                        \_ I got this helpful email about
                                           penile enlargement and now I can
                                           fuck myself!
                                     \_ It's the motd.  cAPs arE opTIoNal
                                        \_ Not if you're going to pretend
                                           to be the MOTD Grammarian #1 Fan
                                           \_ I'm just a fan.  I like to watch
                                              boxing, that doesn't mean I'm any
                                              good at it.
            \_ In addition "you guys" isn't grammatically correct either,
               but I let it slide, (maybe he wanted to sound like a NJ
               gangster). Apparently OP doesn't understand the difference
               between a pronoun and a possessive adjective.
               \_ NJ gangsta would say "youse guys"
                  \_ Youz bin wotchin too mutch uh dah teli!
               \_ What about "... even know rather it has ..."?  I like it.
2003/8/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29269 Activity:high
8/7     If everyone who posts to the motd put in ten bucks, we'd have enough
        to run a "csua motd" candidate.  This could be highly amusing.
            \_ 3 words: Partha S. Banerjee. Eveybody meet in front
               of Sproul at noon. Bring papers for Partha, $10 a head and we'll
               get the signatures from passersby. Watch out, Ahnuld.
               Partha is on the war path.- parthaphile
        \_ 350 people post to the motd?
        \_ We'd be the only candidate who wouldn't need another candidate to
           argue with. We could hold internal debates.
           \_ And maybe take over the legislature.  Grid lock would be more
              efficient run through the motd.  Just wipe and start again when
              it runs too long.
        \_ Phil Nunez for Governor!
        \_ There's only about 15 people posting here on a semi-regular basis
           and 3 of them are die-hard pro-davis fanboys.  Phil gets my vote
           if you can get him on the ballot.
           \_ This might be hard to understand, but its possible to be both
              anti-recall and anti-Davis.  Think about that for a second before
              the knee jerks.
2003/7/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:29173 Activity:nil
7/29    who had that rcs archived motd again?
        \_ C'mon people.  Take a little initiative
           # locate motd,v
        \_ ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v
2003/7/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29155 Activity:nil 55%like:29093
7/22    Looking for junior java developers.   Limited job experience is a plus.
        Limited desire for good salary, limited IQ, limited education (e.g.
        community college, ITT Tech, Devry Institute) is a big big plus.
        \_ then why are you posting here? in berkeley? to insult people??
            \_ u don't read the motd much, do you.
2003/7/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29115 Activity:very high
7/23    Motd poll!
        Is the overwhelming amount of hate and invective-filled spewing on the
        csua motd a reflection of:
        the breakdown of society in general:
        the repressed hostility of anti-social geeks:
        general boredom combined with arrested adolescence: .
        \_ I don't see any hate, maybe you are thin skinned?
           \_ Maybe you are blind as a bat?
           \_ i hate you, you piece of sh*t
           \_ you must not be jewish.
              \_ kill the Jews!  Push them into the sea!  It's the only fair
                 thing to do!  Then we'll have a final solution.
        \_ I think it's because the forum is anonymous people think that
           it's a free for all.  If we have vimotd and the logs are readable
           only by politburo, I don't think people would spew the kind of crap
           they do now.
           \_ only by politburo?  yeah right.  Either make it public and end
              anonymity or leave it alone.  Don't bother with half-way garbage.
              I don't really care which way it goes all that much but I believe
              anonymity allows people to express themselves more openly with
              out fear of some of the csua psychos using a few random comments
              against someone forever in an attempt to destroy their name. you
              know who I'm talking about, or should.  People who want public
              names attached to the conversation already have the wall which
              is so tame most of the time it's barely worth reading.
          \_ anonymity is the fundation of free speech.  Go back to school
             and read the damn Federalist Paper for once.
        \_ There have been some interesting discussions lately.  -John
        \_ I think we need another week of an unwritable motd!
           \_ What for?
        \_ it's danh's fault.
           \_ no it isn't.  I think danh is completely wrong and unable to
              support his views over 90% of the time but he certainly isn't
              the cause of any hatred on the motd.
2003/7/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:29005 Activity:moderate
7/10    Fuck you, motd censor.  You will be caught.
        \_ So silly.  Just write the scripts and catch them and get it over
           with.  I've been telling you this for months.  15 minutes of
           scripting and cron and you'll know all.
           \_ Cron is _not_ the way to go.
              \_ It's one way.  There are others.  It's the way I chose.
           \_ Why should each interested person have to reinvent the wheel?
              Why not post your code?
              \_ Because I'm not a believer in the GPL.  I did the work, I get
                 the benefits.  I choose not to share.  Anyway it's only going
                 to lead to a nasty witch hunt and we've had enough of those
                 over the years.
        \_ it's jwang.  He runs a motd diff script every 60 seconds and wipes
           anything he doesn't like.  The only way he'll stop is if he gets
           a job or a girlfriend.  Right now he has neither and has all the
           time in the world to do this.
              \_ rory, you run a non-world readable script. i don't.
                 excuse me while i get back to work. --jwang
           \_ that jwang guy sure works a lot for being unemployed
           \_ ok, so now youre post has been up for more than 60 seconds, so
              either you're wrong or the individual in question actually
              likes this thread.  i think there are lots of censors, and
              that they all suck.
           \_ Where can I contribute to the 'get jwang laid' fund?
           \_ A lot of people run motdwatch.  So what?  You've proved nothing.
              You need to correlate motd changes with non-idle times, not
              simply toss names around because you can type 'ps'.  That doesn't
              cut it, son.  -!jwang
              \_ you need better trolling fu.  I don't even have to log in
                 to post to the motd.
                 \_ do you run motdedit?
                    \_ no one uses motdedit.
                 \_ it's not a troll.  i wish you clowns would stop over
                    applying the term to everything.  just because someone
                    doesn't agree with you does *not* make them a troll.  i'm
                    glad you're really smart and can edit the motd without
                    logging in.  that doesn't make you a troll anymore than
                    I am for defending jwang.
        \_ censor?  To me it seems like the trolls are being removed at
           the end of the day.  This wouldn't be limited to just one
           individual, but anyone who feels like they're increasing content
2003/7/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28967 Activity:very high
7/8     Dear anonymous motd censor:
        What the HELL is your problem?  The only thing acceptable to you is
        questions about UNIX, HTML, tcch, cygwin, and freakin' Mountain
        \_ Hey, let's get the FBI to make a profile. oh wait ...
        \_ U forgot linux
        \_ lets united and fight for it.  publish the name who is
           deleting and modifying other people's post.
           \_ Oh! Oh!  Mista Kotta!  I know!  (but I'm still not telling).
                \_ most csua people were approximately 2.5 years old
                   or maybe even -2.5 years old during the above.
                   i'm not even old enough to remember. - danh
                   \_ okay. so what happened "during the above"?
                      \_ some moron deleted the Welcome Back Kotter
                         reference someone used earlier, don't worry
                         about it. - danh
                   \_ I know. I don't care.  Most csua people don't read the
                      motd.  Alums mostly do, like you.   --hs
              Write your own scripts, stick them in cron and wait.  You'll
              see exactly who is doing what within 24 hours.  Trivial.  The
              most amusing part is not who is censoring and modifying posts.
              That's what babies do.  I like seeing the hypocrites posting
              anonymously and then bitch about others who post anon.  That's
              always good for a laugh.  --horseshack
              \_ Hypocrites? Post anonymously is one thing, modifying
                 other's post and deleting other post is completely different
                 \_ not really.  modifying the motd is modifying the motd.
                    doing it anonymously while bitching about others being
                    anonymous posters just compounds the crime.  Anyway, like
                    I said.  It took 10-15 minutes to write the scripts.  --hs
2003/7/8 [Recreation/Computer, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28956 Activity:very high
7/7     What's the best resource for finding contact info for Cal alumni?
        I'm trying to look for a friend in Civil Eng. that graduated ~96-97.
        She probably was not a Soda user, but was definitely a uclink user.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>  -tom
        \_ Wow, I never even knew <DEAD><DEAD> existed.  You should
           definitely sign up for some email and phone solicitiation spam so
           you can find out your friend didn't know about it either.  I suggest
           google and various 411 phone style people finders on the net.  If
           you're really into stalking and want a chance to tell her years
           later how much you always loved her only to hear her say, "Uhm, did
           we know each other?" then try paying a private investigator $50.
           \_ I bet you have no friends, get a life.
              \_ All my friends are on <DEAD><DEAD>!  Sign up now to find
                 us and hang out with the kewlest Cal graduates!
        \_ Cal alumni association,,, people search,
           google, 411 services, yellow pages
           \_ I see I'm not the only sodan who's honed my stalking skills.
           \_ and don't forget the latest craze: friendster
           \_  I signed up my spam account there
              and some of my high school friends found me for a reunion.
              Bit weird... -John
        \_ Post her name. We'll find her. The MOTD is the best resource.
           I have copies of hardcopy and online directories and email
           addresses from that period. Seriously, you can also send her
           a letter care of the UCB Alumni Records Office or the Civil Engr
           Alumni Records office and they will forward it, if they have
           an address. Same with the DMV. But then you'll let her on to
           your stalking plans.
           \_ I didn't know we had our own resident expert stalker here.  How
              much do you charge other csuaers for your services?
        \_ Hmmm...I knew a girl that fits your description.  is she asian?
           and if so, which in particular?
2003/7/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28922 Activity:nil
7/3     Motd restored, and no, the idiotic motd transliteration is not funny
        and never has been, so please stop doing it, asshole.
        \_ Thank you for saving us from evil, oh protector of the Sacred Motd!
2003/6/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:28779 Activity:nil
6/19    To motd censor:
        perhaps you can understand why Chinese government constantly
        supress voice which they don't like now?
        \_ you're only feeding the beast.  really, i swear, the self appointed
           motd censors always grow out of it and move on.  a few of them have
           even turned into decent contributors.  just repost the lost
           material and ignore it.
2003/6/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28776 Activity:nil
6/19    Why does jwang keep deleting the motd?
        \_ how do you know?
           \_ i whacked up something quick with fstat and diff.  i am sure
              there are better ways.
        \_ can someone pls open source some motd spying software?
2003/6/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28647 Activity:high
6/5     Does anybody still have the URL of the picture of the one forklift
        lifting the other forklift lifting the load? thanks.
        I think the line in the motd was "when OSHA isn't watching"
        \_ /home/digital/mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v
           \_ Thanks, that's even better.
2003/6/3-4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28618 Activity:kinda low
6/3     The motd has gone downhill since the urinal thread.  Can we all try
        harder to make it fun again?  Thanks.
        \_ Who said the motd is about fun?     -SAMC
           \_ Why do you think I kept this account 10 years after I graduated?
              motd is funny.  Used to be funnier.
              \_ I kept mine for the free disk space.
        \_ the motd was more fun when kchang and lila participated.
           Let's start a drive to reinstate kchang and lila
           \_ Uhm, lila isn't sorried.
           \_ What's a "kchang"? It sounds like the noise a slamming metal
              gate would make.
2003/5/30 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28576 Activity:moderate
5/29    Need resources on applying to bschool. Hints, advice, etc. ok thx
        \_ Don't be lazy. Do your own research.
           \_ this is what bschool is all about.  someone on the motd will
              do his research for him, he'll get into bschool, get an
              MBA, and be hired at a fancy management consulting firm.
              He will then give all of his consulting advice based on
              responses to motd posts.  In a couple of years, look for
              fortune 500 companies to start using ED as their standard
              text editor and giving huge campaign contributions to the
              libertarian party.
              \_ anonymous motd comic, is that you???
                 \_ nah, I was in meetings all day.  sometimes a person just
                    doesn't get a chance to be around for these things.  --amc
                    \_ perhaps "amc" should really stand for "anonymous motd
                       chorus." -mbamocker
                       \_ I'm willing to share.  It's a self amusement thing,
                          not an ego thing.  Feel free to sign off.  --amc
        \_ Don't be this guy:
           \_ My coworker passed by him when we ran the Bay to Breakers.
              Rather sucky story.
        \_ bschool?
           \_ Prolly, beeznus skool.
        \_ hints, tips, advice: study hard for the test.  there's nothing
           intellectually difficult but there are types of problems you won't
           find on other bubble tests.  carefully research the schools you
           might want to attend.  it's all about who you'll meet and making
           contacts.  do *not* at anytime slack off with the belief that your
           superior intelligence will get you through any part of the process.
           it won't.  keep in mind that MBAs aren't getting jobs now and most
           never will.  ask yourself why you'd spend that much money to get a
           degree that won't be worth much when you graduate in 2-4 years. i
           got as far as taking prep courses and taking the test.  i did fine
           on the test and the schools i was talking to said i'd almost
           certainly get in but i never applied.  definitely call the school
           and establish a personal relationship with the people there.  an
           mba is the ultimate in the "who you know, not what you know" line
           of thought.
2003/5/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28574 Activity:high
5/29    Why did kchang get sorried?
        \_ Lack of proper sense of humor on the part of Politburo?
        \_ (Destructive) scripts on the motd get you squished
           \_ but the same destruction done manually is ok, huh?
              \_ being a hoser in general will also get you squished
                 (hey, I didn't write the rules)
              \_ actually, this will also get you squished, see:
                 \_ which also claims that the motd can't be used for
                    non-University business.
        \_ Stalking.
2003/5/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW] UID:28372 Activity:low
5/8     Anybody know approximately when .hushlogin became the default
        setting for new accounts?  This explains why motd trollers are all
        old timers.  If more people see this file by default they'll
        \_ The work of some clueless fuck VP who felt he was making the
           motd safe for new users.  Protecting them from the cold cruel
           world. More importantly, when will this cease being the default?
        \_ I think around 1994.
2003/5/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Politics/Domestic] UID:28363 Activity:nil
5/7     What is the difference between a conservative and a neo-conservative?
        And why does the Self Appointed Motd Censor keep deleting this?
        \_ samc has a small penis, and so he needs the feeling of power
           that splattering motd entries gives
2003/5/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28359 Activity:high
5/6     Thank you mindless boring axe wielding Self Appointed Motd Censor
        for cutting yesterday's motd to ribbons!  It allows us all the
        opportunity to learn what is important in your life without the
        worry and bother of sorting through all these other topics!  I
        have restored the motd in order to allow us all to see your
        brilliance again and again!  --SAMC #1 Fan
        \_ Wow. I'm so enlightened now that crap is back. Could you please
           get rid of it again now, samc?
           \_ A clear case of 'missing the point'.  The threads had enough
              interest to enough people that they grew to what they were.  If
              they were crap they wouldn't have.  If SAMC had actually posted
              something for once instead of just deleting stuff mindlessly the
              motd would be more interesting.  This isn't *your* motd.  We're
              not all here to keep you personally entertained.  There are many
              threads here of no interest to me at all but I don't purge them
              as crap because of it.  It does no harm to allow others to
              discuss topics of no interest to you.
        \_ great. now you've restored two suck-ass threads.  Can you feel
           the surge of free speech?
           \_ suck ass?  You're what?  16?  Maybe a thread on Britney is more
              your thing?
              \_ Grow up son -- sometimes people swear....even adults.  Deal.
                 \_ what's really funny is that you just insulted some random
                    anonymous person by saying they're immature for calling
                    some other random anonymous person immature.
                    \_ True, but you seem to have missed the point.
        \_ as much as I hate SAMC, I think the below two threads have been
           stagnating for a while... they were interesting but seem to ahve
           run their course.
           \_ They were still getting traffic, it had just slowed a bit.
              Anyway, my gripe isn't that dead or even slow threads get killed.
              It's that they'll get killed and nothing will be posted to
              replace them.  Yesterday's thread is better than an empty file.
              Also, SAMC tends to leave plenty of dead threads around so I
              know they're not getting killed due to age or lack of activity.
        \_ I am SAMC Fan #1, not you.  - SAMC Fan #1
        \_ samc can also mean stupid anonymous motd censor.  --jon
2003/5/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28350 Activity:high
5/6     Self Appointed Motd Censor, thank you for reducing the motd to the
        lowest common demoninator every day!  Without you, I might see
        something more interesting than whatever it is *you* deem motd worthy!
        All praise the SAMC! Thank you for saving us from interesting content!
        \_ I like your implicit equation of "interesting content" = "hate and
           invective filled trolls." -not the motd censor
2003/5/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28328 Activity:nil
5/4     Restored because the Self Appointed CSUA Motd Censor is a
        boring dimwit.
2003/5/3-4 [Computer/SW/Editors, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28319 Activity:very high
5/3     Question for motd grammarians.  What do you think of words like
        "nonlinearity" and "uncorrelated."  These words are used in common
        speach among scientists *constantly*, but they're not in the
        dictionaries.  Editors let us use these words in publications, but
        i wonder what you purists think about it.
        \- "uncorrelated" is in my dictionary. i didnt check nonlinear,
           but i dont see what the issue is. these are simple modifications.
           are you wondering if the correct negation for a particular word
           is "in-" instead of "un-"? or if nonlinear should be hypenated?
           see if you dictionary has "ruth" or just ruthless. i think it
           is more interesting when the derivative exists but the original
           is gone. --psb
           \_ Disgruntled.
        \_ "nonlinear" is perfectly acceptable in technical publications.
           medical terminology isn't in common dictionaries either.  so what?
        \_ Hello, I'm not a grammarian.  However, if someone used either of
           those words I wouldn't bat an eye.  Purists can bite me.  --PeterM
        \_ Oh, and "speech" is spelled "speech" not "speach."  Thank you.
        \_ Your words are impure.  You shall be purged!  -purist
        \_ a slew of useless responses in typical motd fashion.
           \_ it was a useless question. lighten up, it's just entertainment.
2003/5/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28309 Activity:high 85%like:28301
5/2     What's your favorite method of spying on motd-posters?
[!5/3]  \_ Well there's fstat /etc/motd for one...
           \_ works great:
> fstat /etc/motd.public
USER     CMD          PID   FD MOUNT      INUM MODE         SZ|DV R/W NAME
Bus error
           \_ How are you activating it?  I can't be arsed to hit fstat
              every second.  Also, does it spot emacs/jove?  I haven't
              seen it do so.
        \_ Rolled my own scripts.  Much more effective than fstat /etc/motd
           but really it isn't all that exciting knowing who all the anon
           people really are.
           \_ Enlighten us with your superior fu, wise one! (!sarcasm)
              \_ It's too trivial.  It took about 15 minutes to write 3 or 4
                 scripts to see who is doing what with about 90% accuracy.
                 \_ Then you have nothing to lose posting it. Really. I don't
                    know any better than shooting fstat calls with great
                    \_ scanning /proc?  aren't there also kernel monitors
                       to say "alarm when this file is written to"?
                       \_ kqueue
                          \_ interesting.  when I get around to it, this will
                             put me at near 100% when combined with my other
                             stuff.  thanks!  then I can start keeping track
                             of all your twink point totals!  (hah!)
                    \_ You're at college.  You've gotten some hints and tips
                       which is more than anyone gave me (I didn't ask).  You
                       need to think about it and try some stuff and figure it
                       out instead of getting spoonfed.  *I* have nothing to
                       lose by posting but *you* do.  I'm sure you think I'm a
                       dick but I'm not.  If it were something important you
                       *really* needed to know in a timely manner (to save
                       your job or your final grade) I'd give it to you.  This
                       is just the motd.
2003/5/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28283 Activity:insanely high
5/01    Going to see Matrix Reloaded on 5/15, 9:30 PM at Sony Metreon.
        I have purchased a bunch of tickets.  Nine (9) have not been claimed.
        Special guest appearances by sofia and pst.  Email me if you want to
        claim a ticket ($11 w/handling). -dans
        \_ what is the matrix?
           \_ Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the matrix is, you have
              to see for yourself. -op
              \_ all i wanna know is, is there a spoon or no?
                 \_ there is no spoon.  the spoon effect will be added later
                    using some sort of SGI workstation.
                 \_ STFW!
        \_ sofia is pretty!  ;-)
           \_ she was the whack job who got motd shut down, right?
                  \_ why is she even in the csua? her CV says 'biology"
                     \_ cuz letting non-cs people in increases your chance
                        of scoring.
              \_ Yes.  Paolo was protecting his little girlfriend's
                 sensibilities.  It still sickens me.
                 \_ proving that anyone is capable of abusing power.
              \_ whack job?  What about the people (on the motd) calling for
                 lynchings and nuking Afghanistan?  Shutting down the motd
                 until people calmed down was the right thing to do; the only
                 fuckup was root/staff not explaining exactly how bad things
                 had gotten.
                 \_ Right.  And her blowing Paolo had nothing to do with it.
                 \_ I don't know either of them, or care.  She asked, and that
                    took guts.  Now stop reminding me about sodans having sex.
                    \_ It would take guts if she were not sleeping with a
                       member of the politburo.
              \_ you realize at the time the motd was bad enough that all it
                 would have taken would have been one complaint to the
                 administration and the csua would have gone away.  Forever.
                \_ Quit exaggerating.  Witness the misogynist, racist,
                   occasionally funny UCB hot or not from the CSBA,
                   hosted by the OCF:
                   If we are to believe the website, it's gotten
                   a ton of hits, way more viewing than the motd ever
                   did, "the administration" has gotten a few complaints,
                   the OCF and CSBA are still around. - danh
                   \_ that web page isn't something that all users see when
                      \_ and neither is the motd - danh
                      they log into the system.  There is a difference.
                      Also the motd from right after 9/11 was scary.  People
                      were screaming about the only good arab is a dead arab
                      and the best thing to do is just kill them all.  That
                      is the sort of thing that would lead to administation
                      saying "hey, you know we really want that office space
                      you FUCKING MORONS are occupying, thank you for letting
                      us take if from you."
                      \_ You must be a big fan of Tom Ridge.
                      \_ the motd was scary?  Shit.  I grew up with all the
                         kids saying everyday how we should nuke this country
                         or that country and kill them all, etc.  Stop being
                         so damned sensitive.  The 90s are over.  It isn't
                         cool anymore, if it ever was.
        \_ Are sodans really so pathetic that they would choose to socialize
           with sophia?
           \_ depends.  who is she?
        \_ <immature comments by fucktards deleted>.  Before you bitch about
           your precious motd, and your gross misunderstanding of the first
           amendment, which does not protect the motd in any way, answer me
           this: What have you done for the CSUA lately?  If you're coming
           up blank, grow up a little, and come back when you're ready to
           contribute in a meaningful way.(*)  spaf's farewell comments
           regarding usenet apply remarkably well hear:
           ' People rail about their "rights" without understanding that
             every right carries responsibilities that need to be observed
             too, not least of which is to respect others' rights as you
             would have them respect your own.  Reason, etiquette,
             accountability, and compromise are strangers in far too many
             motd posts (sic) these days.
           (*) Hint: wanking on the motd in order to hear yourself talk isn't
               a meaningful contribution.
           - dans
            \_ the above poster forgot to post his name:
               2:08:16pm 190% fstat /etc/motd.public
          dans vi  98715 3  /     62   -rw-rw-rw-  5744  r  /etc/motd.public
               \_ interesting how he signs one post and not another.
            \_ I am guessing (no, actually it's bloody obvious) you have
               no idea what "sic" means.
               \_ #f.  The usage here is acceptable.  I could also have said
                  [motd posts].
                  \_ If you say so.  I am *sure* you are correct.
                  \_ If you say so.  I am *sure* you are as correct about
                     that as you are about other things.
                  \_ Um, wrong.  They have entirely opposite meanings.  I guess
                     you don't know the different between 'imply' and 'infer'
                     \_ you mean dans is *wrong*?  this is inconceivable!
                        \_ It isn't that he's wrong, it's the degree that's
                           \_ By degree, do you mean how he was completely
                              wrong, or how he tried to defend his first
                              mistake with a second one?
                              \_ Oh what the hell, I'll say both.
                  \_ OW MY HEAD! SHIT! FUCK! -geordan
           \_ as opposed to wanking in the csua office playing video games
              and selling candy? thanks, I'll just participate virtually
              via the net
              \_ oh come on, when was the last time anyone in the CSUA
                 actually did anything useful other than wanking off
                 in the office.
                  \_ Actually it was simple neglect.  I stand behind my words,
                     unlike you, coward.
                     \_ Interesting how once your name is out, you no longer
                 \_ my point exactly... and how is this any more
                    "meaningful" than reading/writign the motd once in
                     a while
                    \_ Well, it gives the office it's own bizarre scent.
                 \_ what about the help sessions?
                        bother to delete other motd posts.  I am sure that
                        is simple neglect also.  I mean, what would posting
                        your name have to do with silencing others?
                        \_ Nope, I'll gladly delete them if they're content
                           free. -dans <posts deleted>
                           P.S. Hey ilyas, are you published yet?
                           \_ Sorry dan, I haven't added to this thread.
                              You seem to use plenty of rope by yourself.
                              And yes I am.
                              -- ilyas
                           \_ So you define content?  As if the post
                              concerning Tom Ridge above has content?
            \_ Apparently correcting dans is a content-free thing, but it
               continues to bug me:  the usage of "(sic)" above, while
               strictly not incorrect, is at best unnecessary, and
               replacing the text with [motd posts] is not at all an
               equivalent.  Of course, dans is always right and has always
               been right, and I am a dissenting idiot. -geordan
               \_ In fact, it is strictly incorrect.  It would have been
                  appropriate to write "[sic]" if 1) Spafford's original
                  quote used the word motd, and 2) the quoter wanted to
                  show that motd was not a typo.  Even then, the correct
                  use would be "[sic]" and not "(sic)".
                  \_ Thank god the Motd Grammarians are here or I'd have
                     always wondered about that!
2003/4/28-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28249 Activity:insanely high
4/27    When did you join the CSUA?  I want to get a histogram of motd users.
        Please keep it chronological.
        1985: ..
        1986: .
        1987: ..
        1989: .
        1991: ....
        1992: .....
        1993: ................
        1994: ..............
        1995: .............
        1996: ....
        1997: .....
        1998: ....
        1999: ....
        2000: ...
        2003: .
        \_ How many members join per year?  What proportion of the current
           EECS student body are CSUA members?
        \_ extended your date range back a bit for you....
           \_ you needed to extend the range more if you want to cover the
              oldest still "active" sodans.
              \_ self extend, grasshoppa!
        \_ NO WAY!  1985?  Who was here in 1985?  I thought Partha was the
           oldest CSUA member.  And didn't he come in 87?  Who are you people
           that claim to be here in 86 or 85?
           \_ Partha was here in 86.  - someone who predates psb
              \_ He acted just the same then. -other person who predates psb
                 \_ THE PSB is eternal!  All Praise!  --psb #1 Fan
                 \_ No, he was a VMS bigot then.
                    \- well in fairness, my unix exposure was limited
                       to "eunice" and some ancient sysV release --psb
        \_ you need ot create some sort of anonymous csua voting mechanism
           so that (fucker)s cant throw off yoru data.
           \- andy@soda has a decade on the nearest competition --psb
              \_ has he been using his soda account?
                 \_ finger andy
Last login Thu Feb  8 14:32 2001 (PST) on ttyDo from
Mail last read Mon Apr 28 05:16 2003 (PDT)
2003/4/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28139 Activity:high
4/15    yup, that coward has censored the motd.  can someone identify
        who that is?
        \_ I can identify a few people but what would be the point in naming
           names?  Some are people you'd never know from anything else.  Some
           are people who scream about the unfairness of anonymity.  Some are
           from the left.  Some are from the right.  A few are from some place
           not even in the same ballpark as the rest of us.  What would you do
           if I provided you with a list of names?  Mail bomb them?  They're
           not in violation of any csua rules.  I wish they wouldn't do it, but
           until there's a no-censorship-on-the-motd policy and it gets
           enforced you won't be seeing the name list.  You're a smart guy you
           can write your own scripts and figure it out for yourself.  I did.
        \_ given the large array of topics that get deleted, it's probably
           a bunch of people.  A significant fraction of society at large
           is composed of these pathetic cowards who would rather see
           censorship than open debate.  The motd just makes it easier and
           harder for them at the same time.
           \_ oh yeah, "open debate" like Bill O'Reilly viewer mail.
              \_ how can you equate the motd with a TV show's viewer mail?
                 and why the big stick up your ass about Bill?  did you write
                 in and get made fun of or something?  he hurt your poor little
                 precious nerdy ego?  get over it.  It's a tv show not a forum
                 for open debate.  everyone else understands that except you.
              \_ yes, open debate.  take a look at the editorial columns
                 representing the various points on the political
                 spectrum in the mainstream media.  Many columns on the
                 various sides are personal attacks and wild unsubstantiated
                 claims.  These are read by people who agree with them and
                 left unchallenged.  On the motd poeple of just about
                 every point on the political spectrum express their views,
                 occasionally actually backing up an opinion with some
                 kind of reference.  If you look around the web, you mostly
                 see forums where everyone agrees with on another, except
                 for the ocasional heckler who gets thrown off the site
                 or shouted down.  On the motd, there's plenty of shouting,
                 but not mindless concensus, and this is a very precious thing.
2003/4/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28124 Activity:kinda low
4/14    <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ What a surprise.  Another CSBA knockoff of a trivially easy to
           do site.
           \_ What a surprise.  Another cynical content-free motd comment.
              \_ And another!
                 \_ touche
2003/4/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:28037 Activity:nil
4/8     Motd restored.  If you're going to remove it, you have a moral
        obligation to replace it with something more interesting.  Your
        comments on how boring the current one is are not more interesting.
        Thank you for playing the Motd Restoration Game!  Play Again(y/N)?__
2003/3/28-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27894 Activity:moderate
3/28    I have a process that has to set the signal handlers for tty
        generated signals (and some others) to ignore while it is
        doing some critical processing. When this processing is done
        it calls exec to start executing a different pgm. I want to
        reset the signal handlers to their original values before exec
        is called. What is the easiest way to do that?
        \_ for (i = 1; i < _SIG_MAXSIG; i++) signal(i, SIG_DFL);

           If you don't actually want to ignore the tty signals, but just
           defer them until your critical processing is done, you can use
           sigprocmask instead of actually ignoring them; then you won't
           have to do anything at all when you call exec.
           \_ sigprocmask seems to do what I want. I was just calling
              signal and storing the old ptr in an array and then just
              restoring them prior to calling exec, but sigprocmask
              sounds better. thanks.
        \_ WTF does this have to do with Iraq or RIDE BIKE or Linux?  Get off
           the motd with this stuff!
           \_ If it counts for anything, my process runs on '1337 GN00
              D3B14N L1NUX!
              \_ use motdedit you twink.
                 \_ ED!
2003/3/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27847 Activity:high
3/25    Does anyone have a "motdbrowse" program that lets you move forward
        and backwards through motd revisions?
        \- what about rcslog? --psb
        \_ /home/apollo/john/Bin/motdbrowse
        \_ co -r<revision> -p ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v | less
2003/3/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:27801 Activity:insanely high
3/21    Seriously guys, can you please start using motdedit?  It's pretty
        rude not to.
                \_ The motd is a commons, while most people respect the
                   rights of others to use a commons some people do not.
                   And those few spoil the commons for everyone. Its a
                   tragedy that we must all live with.
        \_ Uhm, no.  Let's get this straight -- clobbering content is rude.
           Using motdedit is just ONE way to avoid doing that.  Equating
           motdedit with common courtesy is just stupid.         -mice
        \_ Apologies to the authors, but fuck motdedit in the ear.
           \_ because?
              \_ Because it's a solution to a problem I don't have, and
           \_ Why should I show any respect for you since you obviously
              don't care about anyone but yourself?
                 because I'm irritated by the holier than thou preachy
                 assholes that insist I'm rude/stupid/selfish if I don't use
                 it.  I don't overwrite other people's entries, and I can't
                 seem to recall getting mine overwritten either.  I use vi.
                 \_ Um.. case in point.  My reply to your eloquently stated
                    "fuck motdedit..." was overwritten. --scotsman
                    \_ Uhm, yeah and...?  You say this as though it's my
                       fault.  I find it highly unlikely that I was
                       responsible as you seem to be implying.  cf "vi",
                       "respecting locks", etc
                       \_ society's to blame.  But your insecurities are in
        \_ you rude shit.  you motdedited out stuff that's been sitting here
           for 20 minutes.  using motdedit doesn't excuse smashing other's
        \_ path?
           \_ /csua/bin/me
                          the way of getting the point.
                          \_ So, lacking anything relevant to say, you trot
                             out personal insults.  Uhm, yeah, whatever.
                             \_ this is someone else talking, but vi guy:
                                have you tried "me"?  It's the same as
                                motdedit, requires less typing than
                                "vi /etc/motd.public" and uses an editor
                                agnostic locking scheme.  I don't know about
                                preachiness, but it seems like a simple
                                compromise.  Is there anything that vi offers
                                that "me" doesn't?
           \_ Dude, motdedit is a technical solution to a difficult usage
              problem.  If you don't like someone overwriting your entries,
              you should start using it.  I would bet that most of the
              overwritten entries are caused when someone using emacs or
              jove makes an entry while someone is using motdedit.  The
              person not using motdedit loses out.  Use it or don't, but
              quit the complaining. --scotsman
              \_ I use motdedit w/ vi and my entries are routinely
              \_ I don't use it.  I also don't over write other's entries and
                 don't complain when other's over write mine.
                 And btw, what do you have against vi users?  Can't they get
                 their edits smushed too?  Or pine?  Don't pine users count?
                 How to edit motd in pine??
                 \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.  The problem is that
                    editors such as emacs and pico don't tell you that there's
                    a lock on the file (at least by default), so you very
                    well could be overwriting someone else's entry without
                    knowing it.  And I use vi myself, so I have no idea what
                    you're talking about.  If you use vi, it respects those
                    locks anyway, so motdedit becomes a convenience in terms
                    of getting your own lock.  motdedit isn't a replacement
                    for common courtesy.  Using it, however, _is_ common
                    courtesy. --scotsman
                    \_ I don't know about pico, but emacs always warns me
                       that I'm about to change a file that has changed on
                       disk. When it does that, I copy my changes to
                       *scratch* and merge them back.
                       \_ Not the issue. --scotsman
                 \_ huh?  you can use whatever editor you want.  just set
                    \_ And ED! What about the ED! users?
        \_ Stick you head in a pig.
        \_ how about root just makes /etc/motd.public writeable by motdedit
2003/3/17 [Computer/Companies/Google, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27721 Activity:high
3/16    Is there a reason why:
        comes up with motd as the FIRST LINK???
        \_ Maybe because the search terms are unusual and don't often appear
           together?  You know, sort of artifically inflating the relevance?
        \_ search for 'puerile googlisms'.  Google comes
           up with strange shit sometimes.  Plus, we should all know by now
           that the MOTD is the ultimate authoritative source of Truth.  -John
           \_ amen, father
        \_ it's aaron's new Infinite Loop RTFM project; you ask on the MOTD
           and you get directed to Google, you ask on Google and get directed
           to the MOTD.  Brilliant!  -tom
           \_ How to countersteer vs lean on ride biking?
2003/3/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27684 Activity:moderate
        Not that we have any students in the csUa, but what's up w/ uclink?
        \_ The system was down, yo!  Seriously though, unlink fucked up.
           Unlink go boom, mail lost, etc., etc.
           \_ No shit.  It's run by university know-nothings.  What'd everyone
              expect?  Professionally run systems?
              \_ Right, did you have a question there, or were you just
                 trying to restate the comment you are commenting on?
                 \_ It's called a comment.  Last I checked people are allowed
                    to add their own comments to the motd.  Also, a quick check
                    with your English P teacher will help you to see I wasn't
                    restating the previous comment, but was adding my opinion
                    stating for the first time that the problem is moronic and
                    unprofessional government admins.
                    \_ Yes, you are allowed to add comments to the motd.  And
                       I am allowed to add comments of my own lambasting you
                       for your comments' lack of content.  And check with
                       your English teacher, you have a dangling participle
                       in your most recent comment.
                       \_ My comment has content.  You're allowed to disagree
                          with my comment but you'd be wrong to state that
                          there isn't content.  Thanks.
                          \_ Content free comment.
        \_ "Students who are concerned that they may have missed deadlines
           or lost academic material because of the system failure are
           urged to talk to their instructors to make alternative
           arrangements." (uclink ate my homework)
           \_ Because they don't do backups.
2003/2/25-26 [Recreation/Pets, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27522 Activity:high
2/25    Several days ago someone posted some pictures of a cat which all its
        hair are shaven except on its head and the skin on its body looks gray.
        Can someone post that URL again?  I searched for "cat" in
        ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v but couldn't find it.  Thanks.
        \_ That was me. Use the wall logs... or maybe GIS --aaron
           \_ I've never used wall.  Where's the wall log file?  Thanks.
                \_ /var/log/wall*
                   \_ Didn't find anything either.  Must be older than 7 days.
                      But thanks anyway.
                      \_ /csua/lib/wall. and how'd you SEE the
                         ORIGINAL wall if you don't use wall? --aaron
                         \_ because it was ALSO posted on the MOTD, aaron,
                            you JACKASS! -!op
                            \_ aw, shit! --aaron
2003/2/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27493 Activity:moderate
2/22    Hey, look someone deleted the motd entry about Sami Al-Arian
        Gee, could it have been because it was making sense?
        Oh they replaced it with a thread on Great White. How cool!
        \_ More likely because someone couldn't be arsed to learn how
           to edit the motd without erasing what other people are writing.
           Lazy bastards.
           \_ yeah, yeah  motdedit blah blah blah.  stuff it and your wannabe
              soapbox up yer butt.
           \_ Not likely.  A long thread spanning several hours got removed
              cleanly or replaced.  Possible but not plausible.  However
              anyone is free to restore it from the archived copy.
        \_ so who is it?
2003/2/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27439 Activity:high
2/17    It was only 1 line of perl to reverse the motd back.  Isn't it a
        squishable offense to run scripts over the motd?
        \_ not since paolo (then CSUA president) did it.  -tom
           \_ Was he impeached?
                \_ no, the politburo totally ignored it.
        \_ if it were, then you wouldn't be allowed to use 1 line of perl to
           change it back.  what if the original offender didn't use a script?
           what if he used a text editor that had some "reverse everything"
           command?  where do you draw the line?  what if he changed it all
           \_ I think both you and the OP need to reread the csua FAQ.
              \_ I just read it.  Does this mean that if my political motd
                 rant keeps disappearing, I can mail root and ask them
                 to squish the remover if they've done it three times?
                 \_ no because we don't agree with your politics so you have
                    no right to any form of free expression.  only people who
                    agree with us have that right.
                    \_ My mistake.  That user policy rule seems to imply
                       that you need to nuke the whole motd, not just portions.
                       Selective deletion, by script or manually, should be
           \_ what if the moon were made of cheese?  what if it rains kittens
              and puppies instead of water?  what if god got hir position
              through affirmative action and the peter principle?  what if
              the silver lining around clouds was really made of silver?
        \_ One line of csh command:
           co -p ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v | comm -13 /etc/motd.official - >
           \_ It's not the same.  Not nearly as fun.  And certainly not
              portable to other motd based systems.
        \_ It's a squishable offense to have a script automatically run
           on the motd.  Well, it was, back in the Second Age, when I was
           young. -geordan
           \_ geordan, you're still young.  --erikred
2003/2/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27347 Activity:moderate
2/7     Who the fuck is ecchang?
        \_ Login: ecchang                          Name: Eric Chang ~{VY;T~}
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No Plan.
        \_ I thought it's who the fuck is aubie?
                \_ woof
        \_ ooooh. don't fuck with ksh users.
           \_ the real question is, what relationship does he have to the CSUA
              and why does he troll the MOTD
        \_ Hey, did you fall for my "You have new mail." trick?
              \_ It's none of your fucking business what connection he has.
                 Just because someone doesn't show at every fucking donut run
                 or never posted a stupid haiku on the wall doesn't mean he
                 doesn't have the *same* right to be here that you do.  Who
                 the fuck are *you* and what "relationship" do *you* have with
                 the CSUA and why do *you* troll the MOTD?  Asshole. -!ecchang
                 \_ My relationship with the CSUA is as a long-time
                    participant and two-time VP.  How about you?
                    And while he might have the same right as me to be
                    here (though if he's not at Berkeley or even in the
                    Bay Area, that may be questionable), it certainly seems
                    odd that someone would spend time trying to annoy people
                    in an organization he has never had any contact with.
                    Don't you think?  -tom
                    \_ it's a good thing you're justified in annoying the
                       piss out of absolutely everyone. congratulations.
                    \_ I don't recall there being a requirement in the bylaws
                       or constitution that one maintain a continuous personal
                       relationship that you, Tom, would approve of in order
                       to maintain one's access to soda/csua.  As a two-time
                       VP, you should know that, shouldn't you?  And who are
                       you to judge participation?  He's here on the motd being
                       a participant.  Are we all required to only discuss
                       football on wall and bike riding events on the motd?  Is
                       it policy that anything *you* find annoying is annoying
                       to the whole group?  Who died and made you God?  Since
                       it seems to matter to you for some silly reason, I've
                       been around longer than you although I haven't had the
                       obviously distinguished honor of being a two-time VP.
                       Perhaps in another life I'll be as important as you and
                       shall have earned the right to participate in a manner
                       you find acceptable and maybe if I'm really lucky, I'll
                       even be able to erase anything from the motd I find of
                       no personal interest to me in the name of keeping the
                       trolls off the motd.  Or more likely, you'll grow old
                       and look back and realise you were a young man full of
                       himself and a lot of hot air worrying too much about
                       trivia while life passed you by....  I pity you.
                        \_ ah yes, "life," like posting freerepublic links
                           anonymously in a forum that no one I know reads.
                           I should take lessons.  -tom
                    \_ Damn, that's the thanks I get for frequently giving
                       you a helping hand when you get bitch slapped
                       around on the motd.  -ecchang
2003/1/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27124 Activity:high 80%like:26961
1/15    how do you view the motd archives?
        \_ In a very positive way.
        \_ With reckless abandon.
        \_ co -p[rev] ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v
        \_ ~marco/bin/motdbrowse -c
        \_ cat ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v but real men use ED
2003/1/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:27068 Activity:moderate
        \_ that rules.
             \_ but how often does it update?
             \_ i tried to comment on a comment and it farked it up,
                destroying the original post and comment. --aaron
                \_ ha ha.
                \_ You probably put something in right as someone deleted
                   the original.  Seems to work OK now.
2003/1/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26960 Activity:nil
1/1     How come there hasn't been as much motd-nuking lately?
        Is it a kindler-gentler MOTD this year?
        \_ paolo hasn't logged on since November
2002/12/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26815 Activity:nil
12/13   The motd censor strikes again!
        \_ Standard fare for the motd, just some big fat nerdy baby who can't
           deal with seeing anything written by anyone more intelligent than
           himself (everybody).
2002/12/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26777 Activity:insanely high
12/9    MOTD Poll: I became a CSUA member in:
        1983 or earlier:
        1990 or later: .....
        \_ I troll the motd:
           \_ I claim harmless things are trolls:
              Never (liar):
              Only when a viewpoint is expressed different from my own:
2002/12/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26723 Activity:very high
12/5    A question for alums who opened their csua accounts in the early
        1990s: Do you plan on attending the Class of '93 reunion come
        October 2003? Wondering if its worth flying in from
        Bloomington, Indiana. -elizp
        \_ LIke, dpassage, the second person I met at cal... -elizp
        \_ Liz!  are you married or are you still single?
           \_ finger fab
              \_ What does that have to do with elizp?
                        \_ oh god!  CSUA members marrying each other?!
                           shouldn't that be considered incestuous inbreeding?
                           How about diversifying the gene pool a bit eh.
                           \_ Wait til their kids start showing at meetings.
                              \_ Wait till the kids start flaming the parents
                                 on wall and the motd.
                                 \_ they'd just get censored.  no problem.
        \_ What if I opened my account in the mid 80s?  Do I count?  Am I
           too old to be wanted and loved?
           \_ If you're asking the motd for validation, you've answered your
              own pathetic question.
              \_ The csua is my entire social life.  I find the motd just as
                 important as the wall.  Don't you?
                 \_ Old CSUA Saying: After three days without the motd life
                    loses all meaning.
                    \_ without motd?  There's no such concept.  Seek help.
                       \_ mid 80's guy predate both motd and wall, which
                          are artifacts of the 90's.  - m8g fan #1
        \_ I don't plan to attend cuz I don't know that many people in my year.
           --- yuen
           \_ I think the trick involves a couple friends attending,
              then each of those getting a couple others, etc., Kinda like a
              pyramid scheme. -elizp
        \_ I will be around. -ausman
                \_ So will psb.  Does the psb ever go to a class reunion?
                   \_ does partha even belong to any one class?  i like
                      to think of him as more of a global resource.
                   \_ don't you have to graduate in order to be considered
                      a member of a particular class? (I recall reading on
                      motd that psb never graduated)
                      \_ psb is more greater than graduation.
                      \_ Hey!  Watch your dirty mouth!  Don't make me bitch
                         slap your sorry ass!  That's the psb you're talking
                         about, sonny.  --psb #1 Fan
                         \_ Graduation does not a great man make.
        \_ can squished people attend?
           \_ Not if the Univeristy has a restraining order on them.
              Otherwise, yeah.
2002/12/5 [Recreation/Humor, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26717 Activity:nil
12/4    All banned topics removed.  -MCP
        \_ Intruder alert. Intruder alert. Get the humanoid. The humanoid
           must not escape.
        \_ it's funny how reiffin has gone from trying to make the motd
           useless by endless trolling, to trying to make it useless by
           random deletion of live topics.  -tom
           \_ you'd know all about censorship.  and it's never funny.
           \_ I've been in favor of a mandatory non-anonymous motd for a long
              time.  That way hypocrites like yourself wouldn't be able to
              falsely slam me and we'd get to see how much you're really
              adding or deleting without being able to hide yourself.  I'd
              like to know how you figure it was me when there were about 6 of
              us editing the motd in rapid succession.  I've written several
              scripts to track usage but I can't track that kind of activity.
              Since you're (once again) wrong, I know you can't either.-reiffin
              \_ soda-~-20:41-117>finger reiffin
                 finger: reiffin: no such user
2002/12/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26708 Activity:nil
12/4    All motd refernces to geekery and politics removed as these are no
        longer acceptable motd topics.  You may note the lack of other
        content.  This is not due to motd censorship in any way.  This is
        entirely due to people refusing to write on allowable topics.  You
        have only yourselves to blame for this state of affairs.  -MCP
        \_ Bah!  I've been in the game grid too long! long live the users!
2002/12/3 [Reference/Law, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Politics] UID:26698 Activity:nil
12/3    First law of the motd: As the length of the motd increases, the
        probability of someone saying '_____ IS THE STANDARD!' approaches 1.
        \_ First law of Lotto: As the number of times you buy Lotto increases,
           the probability of you winning once approaches 1.
           \_ Not always true.  You could choose the same number on all
              tickets you buy.
           \_ I assume you mean buying all combos and not buying every week
              \_ No, I meant if you keep on buying one Lotto ticket every
                 round, the probability of you winning in one or more of the
                 rounds approaches 1.
                 \_ if the probability of winning the lottery is < 1,
                    then the overall probability of the algorithm you propose
                    will never reach one.  (yes, it approaches)
                    if the probability of winning the lotery is 1,
                    then the overall probability of the algorithm is 1
                    \_ I never said it reaches one.  I only said it approaches
2002/11/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26607 Activity:nil
11/22   So who were the politburo members responsible for the Great MOTD
        Lock Out?  Who was the offended party?  Who was her boyfriend?
        \_ this should probably be in that CSUA encyclopedia thing if
           its not already.                     - rory
           \_ it's not in the encyclopedia.  so who were the involved
        \_ paolo.
2002/11/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26587 Activity:nil
11/21   I like how He Who Shall Not Be Named tried to get the motd
        destroyed last year because of perceived comments on the motd
        against people of the same ethnicity as his girlfriend,
        and now He Who Shall is dropping anti-Semitic remarks into
        the motd.  Go bears.
        \_ I like how the OP wasn't at any of the politburo meetings where
           this was discussed.  I also like how the OP neglected to note that
           He Who Shall Not Be Named really wasn't involved in the
           decision-making process.  I also like how the OP neglects to note
           that He Who Shall Not Be Named's girlfriend is a reasonably
           intelligent invdividual who is quite capable of making her point
           and acting without He Who Shall Not Be Named's prior approval.
           I also like that the OP neglects to be named.
                \_ do you kick non politburo members out of
                   politburo meetings? -  !op
        \_ Funny how the anti-Semitic comment stays, but the anti-Isreal
           comment gets censored.
           \_ Because hating Jews is easier than hating a country?
           \_ don't you know that it's now fashionable to be anti-semitic?
2002/11/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26579 Activity:high
11/19   /etc/motd.public with motdedit seems to be broken. mehlfalf seems to
        have held the motd lock for hours now.
        \_ it was always broken.  tough shit.  and spell his name right.
        \_ Who uses motdedit?
           \_ Apparently the guys who can't edit motd.public right now.
        \_ see what happens when you try to play nice? You get stomped on
          by others.  this is the motd.  deal. -ERic
2002/11/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26495 Activity:very high
11/9    Maybe this was answered a long time ago, but why doesn't the MOTD
        displayed on the Soda website?
        \_ Someone with "issues" posted some really offensive stuff about
           a year ago and thus the web motd was pulled. Now there is nothing
           stopping you from keeping a copy in ~/public_html so you can read
           the motd via the web.
           \_ what was so offensive that it banned free speech?  what's the
              command to use the melhalf (sp) command to view archived motd's?
              (i promise to write it down this time).
              \_ ~marco/bin/motdbrowse ... you may need to poke around the
                 files in ~mehlhaff/tmp
                 \_ since the motd is offensive just about every day to someone
                    maybe you could give a general topic?  how could someone
                    decide which particular topic was the one?
                    \_ Think about something significant that happened last
                       year (say in sept.). And yes the motd offends people
                       everyday, but in this case someone was offended enough
                       to complain to root.
                        \_ and that someone happened to suck the dick of
                           the then CSUA president
                   \_ dude, blowjob beats motd every fucking time, as it
                      should. what kind of idiot are you? --aaron
                           \_ dude, blowjob beats motd every fucking time,
                              as it should. what kind of idiot are you? --aaron
                              \_ thank you. --erikred
2002/11/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26403 Activity:insanely high
11/4    I'm dedicating my life to bringing you cool new MOTD polls.
        Here's the first one.
        If your suicide note was an email, what would be the subject line be?
                                                  -- new motd poll guy (NMPG)
        \_ "Woke up this morning, got yourself a gun."  -- NMPG
        \_ "The, Meeting Sexy Singles in Your Area jxkcpp" -geordan
        \_ "Hello, world!"
        \_ "I felt really bad about that thing with your sister and AIDS..."
        \_ "goodbye, cruel motd"
        \_ "(ADV) Free XXX Hot 40 year old virgins masturbating!"
2002/11/4 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26401 Activity:very high 66%like:25165
11/4    MOTD poll: who do you think is lamer, (1) bilingual motd denizen with
        imperfect command of English, or (2) monolingual motd denizen who
        feels it's his patriotic duty to rag on (1) every time he posts or (3)
        the monolingual motd idiot who thinks shitty grammar is ok if you're
        a foreigner and should never be corrected leaving (1) looking like a
        semi-literate FOB monkey for the rest of (1)'s life:
        (1): ......
        (2): ......
        (3): ........
        (4): .....
        (5): .......
        (6): ......
        (7): ...
        (e): .......
        (pi): .......
        (-15): .......
        (11): ...
        (i): .oOo.
2002/10/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26362 Activity:moderate
10/30   I want to calculate gas flow impedances through a tube at a few
        PSIG.  can someone recomend a reference on the web that will
        help with this?
        \_ The proper term is called "pressure drop."  If you insist,
           go to library and look for Perry's Handbook. Otherwise,
           go bug some Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
           nerds for help.  I am sure you have helped them answering
           UNIX questions in the past. It's just returning favor.
           \_ thanks.  i didn't know what it was called by CE people.
              google doesn't help much if you don't know the right
              buzzwords.  in case anyone cares, here's the table
              i was trying to find:
        \_ gee i'm sure motd is a better place to ask than google, this
           isn't incredibly esoteric or anything, and i'm sure there's
           an expert in fluid dynamics here and that google doesn't have
           anything that could help you.
           \_ ie, STFW
           \_ 1) Cal is a top-rate engineering/science school
              2) Many Cal engineers/scientists are CSUA members
              3) When searching for information, it often helps to also
                 ask at a place where you know there may be some top-rate
                 {whatevers} in their field to help you.  The motd is one
                 possible place for this.  What is so fucking difficult about
                 this that makes you no-life no-clue pack of twats feel you
                 have to make up for your lack of knowledge and willingness to
                 help with not-particularly-clever snide putdowns?  You are
                 LAME.  Let me read it to you, L.A.M.E.  You wear the flaming
                 hot neon pink capitalized letter 'L' tattoo on your pimply
                 forehead.  You will NOT reproduce, as you are a jaffa
                 fuckwit.  Your family tree does not fork.  You smell bad.
                 Dogs and small children run at the sight of you.  Disease
                 and stupidity pool wherever you place your stumbling hairy
                 feet.  Let me also not forget that you haven't the brains
                 god gave coleslaw.  Your mother wears combat boots.  You
                 fly DDs.  Your job description includes the term
                 "pencilneck".  You chew your toenails.  You have an
                 average feeling about this level.  You are flatulent. People
                 avoid things you have touched.  I fart in your general
                 direction.  You have all the cans in a six pack but lack
                 the plastic thingy to hold it all together.  L A M E.  There
                 is no excuse for you, you shit-festering son of a one-
                 balled male prostitute.  The ten-foot poles in your vicinity
                 have all been removed, as no one uses them anyway.  You are
                 a one-handed typer.  Your credit card statement shows
                 subscriptions to bukkake sites.  Do us all a favor;  go sit
                 in a corner and continue to fester and rot as you have been
                 doing all along, but from now on, do so quietly.   -John
                 \_ yes, yes righteous indignation blah blah sancitmonious
                    blither blah blah you suck.  you think about this
                    entirely too much.
                        \_ Not really...I think I had a point, but then I just
                           felt like insulting you a lot.  -John
                           \_ you had a point.  absurdly obscure technical
                              questions sometimes get answered on the motd.
                              in the end, i only found what i was looking
                              for because of motd help. the motd alone
                              did not solve my problem, but google + motd
                              did. -op
                 \_ Rock on brother!
2002/10/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26349 Activity:nil
10/28   motd poll :
        i used the extra hour to
        sleep:  ..
        get more work done:.
        post useless polls to the motd: .
        drink: .
        mud: .
        master of orion v1.3 & cable sci-fi: .
2002/10/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26303 Activity:nil
10/23   MOTD is dead.
        \_ Long live MOTD!
2002/10/19-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26258 Activity:high
10/18   use /csua/bin/me to edit the motd, morons.
        \_ get a life
        \_ Jove.  Only Jove.
           \_ setenv $EDITOR jove.  Is that hard?
              \_ The '$' shouldn't be there. -geordan
           \_ Um.. fuck jove... and pico...
        \_ You know it. I know it. I don't need to say a damned thing.
           \_ But naturally you did anyway.  dufus.
          \_ But apparently someone else needs to...<sigh>
        \_ blah blah motdedit blah me blah blah motdedit blah moron.  get
           over it.
        \_ fuck off I'm the queen
        \_ fuck you.
           \_ fuck you too.
        \_ Convincing people to change their habits by calling them
        \_ fuck you.
             \_ just use one of the programs that respects the file lock.
                \_ No thanks.  None of your god damned business what anyone
                   else uses.
                   \_ You should really see someone about these flashes of
                      anger.  There are some talented psychiatrists around
                      \_ You should really see someone about these flashes of
                         megalomania.  There are some talented psychiatrists
                         that can help you with your control-freakishness.
           names is probably not the most effective or intelligent way
           to effect change.  Perhaps you should consider a different
           strategy.                    -mice
                   Communism exists, remember?
                \_ convincing people is not effective, PERIOD. That's why
                   Free Republic exists, remember?
                   \_ *laugh* the motd is so rude even statements about the
                      motd being rude get edited.
                   \_ I think you mean 'fascism'.
                   \_ You seem to have missed my point, but I suppose this
                      being the motd and all, it's to be expected.  *shrug*
                   \_ Religion/brain-washing is the way to go.
           \_ Yeah.  We need to have an intervention on the rude motd bastards.
              Ah damnit.  Can we start again?
              \_ Nah.  Motd is no fun without rude motd bastards.    -mice
        \_ Oh yessuh!  Anythin ya say suh!  You tha boss suh!  Fuck you.
2002/10/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26210 Activity:nil
10/16   Motd restored.  Whoever deleted all that stuff is the most boring
        jerkoff to hit the motd in a long time.  Cleaning the motd of old
        stuff is one thing but hand picking items because they're no
        interest to you is selfish and anal retentive.
2002/10/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26113 Activity:nil
10/5    Idiot, why don't you just zero the whole motd if this is the only
        stuff you're going to leave behind?  It's the same effect.  I partially
        restored a few things for those who aren't complete nerds.  If you
        want /etc/motd.nerds so badly, ask the politburo or VP for it.
        \_ want politics threads?  sex threads? post 'em.  don't whine.
           \_ duh, you think I don't?  It doesn't help if some nerdling kills
              them every 5 minutes.  I don't want other people to start posting
              non-nerdling threads; they already do.  I want the nerdlings to
              stop purging everything interesting every 5 minutes.
2002/10/4-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26102 Activity:high
10/4    Is fam used on csua? Couldn't we use fam to do proper motd locking and
        \_ Unnecessary.  It's not just a problem to solve, but a tradition
           to uphold.  "proper" motd locking would defeat one of the classic
           features of the motd, namely to show who is the courteous and
           uncourteous among us.  Using motdedit is a sign of higher thought.
           \_ motdedit is not the only way to avoid smashing other people's
              posts.  keep your motdedit fascism to yourself.
        \_ And screw up a great system where people overwrite each others
           posts? Surely you jest.
2002/10/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:26089 Activity:high
10/3    I like to participate in motd polls:
        no: ..............
        \_ Thank you for participating in this motd poll.
2018/08/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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