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2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/4/12-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:37157 Activity:high
4/12    Anyone have advice on how to deal with co-workers eating bad
        smelling food w/o causing an incident? --person who works with
        alot of immigrants
        \_ Yell at them to go the fuck back to whatever country they came
           from. I did that. Sure, everyone hates me now but it got the point
           across! (No, really. I was having a bad day and did that)
           \_ Nothing personal, but since one can get fired for sexual
              harassment, would this kind of behavior result in
              anything? What's the proper response if you are the one
              being yelled at? File a complaint to the manager? What
              if the manager is yelling? I mean if the manager yells
              "fix this code stupid", then that's one thing. But if he
              yells "go back to your country" I think that's a little
              too racial.
              too racialist.
              \_ You can definitely get fired for comments like that.  -tom
        \_ Post a sign at the microwave saying please be considerate and don't
           heat smelly food in the microwave.  Personally, I like fish but I
           don't bring it to work in my lunch.  -- Chinese immigrant
        \_ Topic already well covered, move on...
        \_ Is there some food (maybe Korean?) that smells kind of mildewy?
           Sometimes there's a smell kind of like if you leave wet clothes too
           long, and I used to think it was myself, but then I realized it's
           only at certain times. It's either Indian or Korean. -someone else
        \_ Wear a mask while they're eating and they'll get the picture.
           \_ 1. No they won't get the picture.
              2. If they do, they'll just think you're a racist pig.
        \_ broaden your horizons, perhaps?  i have a sensitive nose and at
           times disliked the smell of indian and korean foods wafting
           down the hall at work, but NEVER was it as revolting as
           the nasty oily smell of mcdonalds "take out" nor the electrical
           fire smell of microwaved popcorn. those are products worthy
           of administrative bans.
           of administrative bans. -eric
2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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MOTD:Entry 28356 2003/5/6 Uncategorized UID: 28356 Freq:1 5/6 Dear smelly ethnic food hater, is your co-worker Indian or Chinese?
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Both are my favories but I know enought to not bring them to my workplace. if it really bothers you that much, go eat your lunch in the cafeteria or wherever at the same time... in *this* country it is offensive to be smelly or have anything on or near you that others can smell. Except in Berkeley of course, but I mean in this country. now if only you could convince my French co-workers of this. Keep this up and the smell of it or the food will drive one of you into retreat. Smelly farts will cover up almost anything and probably offend his nose more than yours. c \_ What if she starts eating stinky tofu at your place? Put your bare feet or smelly socks up in between you when he's eating his slop.
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I usually can't smell the burger my coworker in the next cube always has, yet I can smell curry from down the aisle. We don't eat soybean that smells like shit, for example. Anything with lots of garlic smells pretty strongly too (pepperoni, etc).