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2007/12/12-19 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:48788 Activity:nil
        Fed offers term auction facility to address credit freeze
        - Effective operation almost exactly like the Fed discount window:
          Banks can borrow money from the Fed at weeks to months duration
        - But at or near the fed funds target (instead of the discount rate)
        - The key feature (not discussed in the article of course) is
          Anonymity.  Only the Fed will know who it lends to using this
          facility.  Banks don't borrow from the discount window because
          it's public knowledge, telling the world that no other bank will
          lend to you so you had to go to the discount window.
        - The Fed is on the hook if the borrower goes belly-up, so it will
          decide who gets how much in loans for how much collateral
        - Starts next week for $20B and is envisioned as an ongoing program
        - Fed also lent $24B to ECB and Swiss central bank to help Europe's
          banks with SIV/CDO implosion.  Central banks also relaxing
          collateral requirements.
          \_ Expect the taxpayer to get screwed in the end.
             \_ privatize profits, socialize losses bitch!
2007/12/12-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:48789 Activity:nil
12/12   In emacs, is there a way to delete 10 least visited files
        in the buffer?
        \_ Maybe this: Do C-x C-b to get the buffer list, then move the cursor
           to each of the bottom 10 lines and press 'd', then press 'x'.  It
           looks like the files in the buffer list are sorted by time of last
           \_ problem is C-x C-b TAB shows alphabetized list...
              \_ What version of emacs are you using?  The one on soda is
                 21.1.4.  There is no C-x C-b TAB, and C-x C-b does display the
                 files in last usage order.
              \_ I use Emacs (i386-apple-darwin8.7.1) on OS X and it
                 sorts by order visited.  I suspect the ordering of the buffer
                 list is tunable in your .emacs -dans
        \- note: if you use frames, this may not work as you expect.
           also i think buffer-menu.el was re-written around for some e22.
           you can look at the Buffer-menu-sort* functions for display order.
           also see midnight-mode and clean-buffer-list.
2007/12/12-19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48790 Activity:moderate
12/12   In an interview last week I got hit with
        "What is your best quality?"
        "What is your worst quality?"
        I know these are standard interview questions, and I should have
        expected them, but I am pretty sure I flubbed them.
        What are some good responses?
        \_ just do the David Lee Roth style to answering questions:
           let me answer the question this way and then start
           talking about whatever the hell you want
        \_ Best: I never ask stupid fucking questions like this when
                 interviewing people.
           Worst: I hate people who ask stupid shit like this and I
                  would never work for idiots who do.
           \_ More seriously, if you can't come up with a best (or at
              least damn good) quality you shouldn't be interviewing.
              It is a question that gives you a chance to prove you
              actually give a damn about your work and skills.  The
              worst quality question is still a bullshit question and
              deserves all the feces you feel like flinging at it.
        \_ "I respond very poorly to stupid questions."
           (There are no good responses... but there are worse ones.
           At least they only asked you for ONE bad quality.)
           \_ Yeah, my last interview asked for 3.
        \_ I told them the truth, I have fairly poor time management skills.
           If I get wrapped up in one problem, I'll neglect the other things I
           have to do.  I got that job anyway.
        \_ The problem with questions like these aren't that they're dumb.
           They are not.  The problem is that the people asking them usually
           have no idea what a 'good' or 'bad' answer is.  They just ask
           because they were asked the same in the past.  I assume at some
           point in the distant past someone who knew what they were doing
           came up with the best/worst question and it spread like a plague
           from there.  As someone above said, there is no good answer, just
           don't say "my worst trait is <insert felony activity here>" and
           you'll be fine.
        \_ Worst trait: Sometimes I am too much of a perfectionist -or-
           sometimes I work too hard or some other such bullshit. No one
           expects a serious answer to such a question (or at least they
           should not). It is also okay to list an actual negative trait
           that you have that is not that big a deal "sometimes I get
           excited about an idea in meetings and interrupt other people."
           You better have some damn good answers to the "best trait"
           question though.
        \_ I once answered, honestly, that I don't react well to being
           micromanaged, but 1) I didn't really want the job, and 2) I wasn't
           offered the job. --erikred
           \_ But that is the right answer is the manager was a micromanager.
           \_ But that is the right answer if the manager was a micromanager.
              You wouldn't have been happy anyway.  Why would anyone try to
              get a job they wouldn't like?
              \_ In this case, because I was already in a job I didn't like.
                 Realization that the new gig was also what I didn't want hit
                 about midway through the interview.
                 until about midway through the interview.
                 \_ No matter how bad your current job is, don't flee it.  Go
                    to a new job you want to have.  Sounds like you made the
                    right call.
                    \_ Sounds like someone who never really had a job so
                       bad it was affecting your sleep, your health, and
                       other aspects of your life. Sometimes fleeing is
                       the best option.
                       \_ Oddly enough, you're both right. It was the latter
                          kind of job, but I needed the benefits and the
                          salary, and the other job would have been even
                          worse. Fortunately, something much, much better
                          came along two months later.
                       \_ sounds like to you, but incorrect.  the guy who
                          replaced me didn't last 3 months.  fleeing is not
                          a good option.  you just end up at another crappy
                          place.  and you'd miss out on the job you wanted
                          like the other person here posted.  i see zero value
                          in going from one shitty life sucking job to another
                          shitty life sucking job.
                          \_ Sounds like the guy who replaced you was
                             smart enough to flee.
                             \_ He already had another job the whole time.
                                This job was easy for his first three months
                                because I unloaded all the easy but time
                                consuming crap on him.  Once he had to do the
                                real work, it was easier for him to just pick
                                up more hours at his other job.  He didn't
                                flee to another job.  He had one all along.
                                \_ So he knew all along that your job
                                   sucked, but it took you much longer to
                                   figure it out.
                                   \_ No he had no idea until he had to do it.
                                      I kept it during that time because there
                                      were no other jobs available without
                                      taking a dramatic pay cut *and* working
                                      for an equally shitty place.  But I'm
                                      sure you had your choice of great jobs
                                      in the 2001-2004 years because you know
2007/12/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:48791 Activity:nil
12/12   Is there a difference between "Channukah" and "Hannukah"?
        \_ The letter C.
2007/12/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:48792 Activity:nil
12/12   w00t is Webster's word of the year: (
        \_ w00t!
2007/12/12-20 [Science/Space, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48793 Activity:moderate
12/12   "Ominous Arctic melt worries experts"
        \_ Global warming is a liberal lie.
        \_ Isn't the antarctic ice growing?
           \_ You mean like how the area of the antarctic ice shelf
              has radically shrunk and huge icebergs have broken off?
              \_ Yes, the edges have shrunk (hint, it's summer in Antarctica
                 now), but the center has grown colder and thicker, hence a net
                 increase in ice.
                 \_ Sorry, are you suggesting that icebergs of similar size
                    break off Antarctica every summer?
                    \_ Yep, every spring, big icebergs break off of A.  And the
                       central ice /is/ thickiening--total ice in A. is
                       \_ Just another effect of global warming. Some
                          places get colder and other places get warmer,
                          but the net result is a warmer planet.
                       \_ Antarctic net ice mass is decreasing.  Please check
                          your facts before pulling things out of your ass.
                 (, Mar 2006)
                          \_ Or not
                    (icecap, Sep 2007)
                             \_ It's hard to take Joe D'Aleo seriously when
                                he's drawing a check from Exxon via the
                                Fraser Institute.
                                \_ Yes, all the people who disagree with you
                                   are in the conspiracy.  What about Al Gore
                                   and his carbon credit companies?
                                   \_ If the only people saying that ice is
                                      increasing are all paid by the same
                                      company, doesn't that suggest something
                                      to you?
                                      \_ Ha! Lindzen is an MIT scientist who
                                         has never gotten money from oil
                                         companies.  Meanwhile, GE spends more
                                         on lobbying than all oil companies
                                         combined, yet NBC has a "green week"
                                         and no one flinches, even though GE
                                         bought all of the wind farm tech from
                                         Enron. Yah, I've seen the "if you
                                         don't agree you're either stupid or in
                                         on it" argument before. It's a weak
                                         way to ignore evidence.
                                         reposted here
                                         \_ Actually it's pretty sensible way
                                            for someone who is not an expert
                                            to evaluate the situation.  So you
                                            have ONE MIT scientist who has ONE
                                            study that goes against
                                            overwhelming scientific consensus.
                                            Could he be right?  Maybe!  That's
                                            the cool thing about the
                                            scientific method, though, yes, it
                                            takes some time to shake out.
                                            But, absent further study (Yes
                                            Virgina, the scientific method
                                            generally likes to repeatedly
                                            check it's result), betting on the
                                            scientific majority is probably
                                            still a good bet.  Don't be
                                            disingenuous, it makes you seem
                                            like a dorche. -dans
                             \_ net ice mass != "ice extent" (exposed surface
                                ice).  Is that the best you can do?
                                \_ You think a giant area one inch thick is
                                   better than a slightly smaller but still
                                   giant area kilometers thick?  No.  Net ice
                                   mass is what is important if you want all
                                   that water to not flood the rest of the
                                   inhabited continents.  "ice extent" is a
                                   useless metric.
                                   \_ Ice extend, not net ice mass, determines
                                      how much sunlight is reflected back to
                                      space and not absorbed as heat.  -- !PP
                                      \_ So what? There was a time when
                                         Antarctica was temperate. The
                                         world didn't come to an end.
                                      \_ Ice mass determines how much water is
                                         free to raise ocean levels by 20 feet.
                                         If ice mass increases, water levels
                                         will not rise.  Extent is not a useful
                                         \_ ^will^does
                                            \_ I prefer to split my hairs the
                                               other way.  YMMV.
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