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2007/12/1-3 [Recreation/Media] UID:48726 Activity:nil
12/01   Blade Runner: The Final Cut: cleaned up, somewhat updated, a beautiful
        movie and an engrossing two+ hours. As a BR-fanatic, I enjoyed the
        subtle changes made to the background and appreciated certain
        corrections/clarifications of previous ambiguities. --erikred
        \_ It didn't come out bizarre like when they fucked up star wars with
           weird out of place digital extras added?
           \_ No, Scott managed to weave in the extra stuff without making
              it jarring. LA is just... busier, which is mostly in keeping
              with how the original looked. --erikred
              \_ Thanks.
2007/12/1-6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48727 Activity:moderate
12/1    "Iraqis may offer US deal to stay longer"
        What?  They don't want UN or multinational presence but they want
        the US?
        \_ Republican controlled media lies.  Only diplomacy through the UN
           can stop the continued worsening of the situation which is now in
           a state of full fledged civil war.
           \_ Nothing can stop the continued worsening of the situation.
              It's going to get worse before it gets better.
              \_ That was sarcasm, sorry.  I thought everyone would
                 understand that.  Next time I'll label it.  You're unaware
                 that violence in Iraq and Baghdad in particular has dropped
                 like a rock?  "Oh but they still don't have a political
                 resolution!!!"  Yeah, neither does the U.S. Congress for our
                 own governing needs.  It's insane to ask that the Iraqis do
                 any better politically than we're doing, which is very poorly,
                 since both parties lack leaders.
                 \_ It would be nice if: 1) their police were not moonlighting
                    as insurgents, 2) their politicians were at least
                    pretending not to  be corrupt and take bribes, and
                    3) well, I'll settle for 1) and 2) above.
                    \_ 1) they're getting shot like the rest of the insurgents,
                       2) yeah it would be nice if we didn't have people in
                          Congress right now with $90k stuffed in their freezer.
                          Congress right now with $90k stuffed in their
                       3) well, I'll settle for just 2) for now.
                       \_ It remains remarkable to me that you cannot see a
                          a difference between a system where bribes are taken
                          w/o impunity and a system where allegations of
                          corruption are investigated and the guilty parties
                          are indicted.
                          \_ Oh, he can see the difference. He is just being
                             \_ Oh really?  Did Mr. Fridge get indicted?  Is
                                he out of office?  Is he in prison?  Did I
                                miss a news cycle?
                                \_ Yes he got indicted.  His trial is set to
                                   start Jan 16.  His lawyers are asking for
                                   an extension, but it's coming... Sheesh..
                                   How many times have we covered this?
                                \_ He gets his
                                   say in court. When they convict him, call
2007/12/1-6 [Recreation/Sports] UID:48728 Activity:nil
12/1    I'm glad that Cal Football exceeded my expectations by not losing by
        more than the negative of the spread
        \_ Disappointment? Nah, you have to have expectations for that.
           \_ did you see that Hawaii game?  Da-ahm!
        \_ After the loss to Washington I figured this would happen.
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