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2007/8/15 [Uncategorized] UID:47610 Activity:nil
8/15    First! Soda was down for about a day.
2007/8/15-20 [Uncategorized] UID:47611 Activity:nil
8/14    Buffalo, not lion, is now the king of the jungle. (>12M hits)
2007/8/15-20 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:47612 Activity:nil
8/13    I have a 50 MB .FLV file that I wish to break into smaller
        chunks (let's say 10 MB chunks) and have each chunk be
        separately playable. Is there a tool for Mac or UNIX/Linux
        that can do this? I found a few Windows-based tools, but I don't
        have a Windows box.
        \_ On a related note, how do I play .FLV files on Windows in general?
           \_ Riva player?  it's not open-source, but it's free
        \_ ffmpeg
        \_ can someone help me capture this flash animation file?
2007/8/15-20 [Industry/Startup] UID:47613 Activity:low
8/15    Anyone joined VMware as an engineer recently, like, 6 months ago?  How
        many shares of option did you get, and what's the exercise price?
        \_ Normally, as an engineers, your total gain regardless of number
           will be $200K in a 4 year vest period, ON AVERAGE. That means
           some people will never make it ($0K/4 years) and some people
           will get super rich. As an engineer, don't expect anything
           because mgmt will always get 100X more shares than you.
        \_ It isn't about "how many shares".  It is about "what percentage" of
           shares.  As I've had to explain to an HR person more than once, if
           she can't tell me how many total shares exist then her offer of X
           shares is totally meaningless.  I would rather have 10 shares at a
           place with 50 total shares than 1 billion at a place with a 100
           trillion.  It is literally a "share" or slice or piece of the
           company.  Also, if you are pre-ipo, your price being 5 cents or 5
           dollars a share or whatever isn't that important if you can sell at
           50+ like vmware or at 500+ like google.  Does it really matter if
           you made $495/share or $499.95/share?  So, since they're already
           public, what does it really matter to you as a non-vmware person?
           \_ it's still important, just to see what sort of gain one might
              expect to have gotten out of this one.
              \_ no, it isn't.  because whatever your original grant is is
                 almost always 'resized' to fit the issuers need for public
                 share with splits or reverse splits as appropriate.  my 10
                 shares in a 50 share company would be millions of shares
                 when they had a financial event.  my billion shares would
                 be reduced from the trillions company.  if you just want to
                 know how much a vmware engineer made, then you need to ask
                 how much a vmware engineer made not some share count proxy
                 and you'll have to wait 6 months until they're allowed to
                 sell on the market.  right now whatever they are worth is
                 paper and worth nothing but hope and dreams until sold and
2007/8/15-17 [Uncategorized] UID:47614 Activity:low
8/15    Wow, those bullets are in remarkably good shape
        \_ These bullets have been fired and the casings are still there?
           \_ Yeah, that was the point of my comment.  They only way they hit
              this woman's house is if they were thrown.
              \_ Maybe they were thrown *really* hard?
        \_ I'm waiting for an public ourcry about this.
        \_ I'm waiting for a public ourcry about this.
2007/8/15-17 [Computer/Rants] UID:47615 Activity:nil
        Yield on 3-month T-bill falls from 4.6% to 4.0%, biggest 1-day decline
        since 1989
2007/8/15-17 [Reference/RealEstate, Finance/Investment] UID:47616 Activity:nil
        Countrywide Financial selling 30-day bonds at 12.5%
        Overnight bonds at 6 to 6.5%
2007/8/15-20 [Politics] UID:47617 Activity:kinda low 60%like:47604
8/15    Fixed.  please stop restoring last weeks' dead posts.
        \_ 8/13 is not last week, ass.
           \_ whatever. dead threads are dead threads. deal with it.
              anything that hasn't had a reply in 24 hours is dead.  are
              you new here?
              \_ You know that soda was down for a substantial part of the last
                 24 hours, right?
                 \_ Yes, and?
                    \_ It's pretty damn hard to get a reply if the machine is
                       down.  Are you just stupid?
                       \_ Nothing that recent was deleted.  "Are you just
                          \_ Yes, something that recent was deleted.
                             \_ But not by me.  Time to get over it and grow
                                some balls: repost it or forget about it but
                                stop crying over a stupid motd post like a
                                4 year old who had the wings fall off her toy
                                pony.  Was your pony purple?  Did it have a
                                unicorn's horn, too?  Sheesh.
              \_ I just replied to one of those and you deleted it. Are you
                 an ass? (yes)
                 \_ I did not delete it; I'm not the only one here, so get
                    over your big bad self.  I've had posts flat out censored
                    because someone didn't like my opinion so I simply
                    reposted.  You can grow up and deal with someone else
                    deleting your reply to something from 2+ days ago by
                    either reposting that section or just moving on like an
                    adult would.  Tiny violins are playing in heaven right now
                    over your dead post.
2007/8/15-20 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:47618 Activity:nil
2007/8/15-20 [Reference/History, Reference/RealEstate] UID:47619 Activity:nil
8/14    San Diego County NODs (three months past due in mortgage payments)
        and foreclosure sales, from 1991 to now (
        \_ What I see in this chart is that foreclosures are generally
           at some level around 400-600 except when the market starts to
           rise and then they, naturally, fall as it becomes easier to
           sell property that may go into default. I am actually a little
           bit surprised that the rate isn't much higher than typical,
           although the second derivative is a bit alarming.
2007/8/15-20 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:47620 Activity:kinda low
8/14    Torture: Not only illegal and immoral, it just doesn't work:
        \_ unfortunately it takes until near the bottom of the last page to
           actually get to anyone saying it doesn't work.  couldn't you have
           just quoted those 2 lines and saved us from reading 3.98 pages that
           didn't back up your statement?  [I like when my posts get deleted.
           That way I know I hit a nerve.  Keep up the censorship.]
           \_ "It was an extraordinary success story. But it was one that
               would evaporate with the arrival of the C.I.A's interrogation
               team." Paragraph four. But who's counting?
               \_ That is not the same as saying "it doesn't work".  That is
                  saying the FBI was there using a method that was apparently
                  working and then the CIA showed up and used a different
                  method.  It doesn't say the CIA method didn't work.  He may
                  have had nothing more to say.  It may be a technique that
                  was not effective on this one person.  The only place in the
                  article that makes a general claim for the failure of the
                  CIA's technique was the 2 lines 3/4s down on the last page.
                  So who is counting?  I am.  You're seeing what you want to
                  see.  I am not making the case either way for torture
                  working or not: I don't know, it isn't my field (thankfully),
                  but this article doesn't say what you say it says until the
                  2 lines on page 4.  My point?  Quote the 2 lines or change
                  your post to match what your article says.
                  \_ Almost the entire article is a case of making evidence
                     for the statement that torture does not work as an
                     intelligence gathering tool. I could quote paragraph
                     after paragraph, but that would still not change your
                     mind about what you think you read. This is a very
                     common rhetorical technique: build a case for a
                     statement and then make it at the end of the essay.
                     Simply stating it does not have the same effect (for what
                     I hope are obvious reasons).
                     \_ The entire article is about what happened re: the one
                        guy once the CIA showed up.  You could quote the whole
                        thing but you won't be quoting anything that says that
                        the CIA method does not work in the general case until
                        3/4s down page 4.  If they had presented more than one
                        case, made a general claim for dozens (or however many)
                        cases where it failed, or something then sure, I'd
                        buy it, but this article does not say what you say it
                        says except for the 2 sentences as noted.
        \_ Or it does:
        \_ Torture works just fine. -- ilyas
           \_ you should ask Colin Powell for that.  he paid dearly.
              \_ Your grammar sucks.  Why should you live?
2007/8/15-20 [Uncategorized] UID:47621 Activity:nil
8/14    more Y B M B
2019/05/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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