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2006/8/26-29 [Recreation/Activities] UID:44157 Activity:nil
8/25    If any of you are into camping, Marmot in Berkeley is having
        a pretty good sale until Monday. In particular the Paragonia
        Capeline thermals are a good deal at ~$20 ... they make one
        of the best mid-wt thermals. These are usually +$35. I have
        all the outwear I need  but it looks like they have some decent
        prices on mid-wt Arcteryx jackets and such. --camping gearhead
        \_ Hello camper, I wear Patagonia as well! It is great. BTW you
           spelled Patagonia wrong:
        \_ Hello camper, I wear Patagonia as well! It is great.
        \_ Sliders: California Ski company is having a big sale on weekends
           through 9/9.
2006/8/26-28 [Transportation/Airplane, Politics] UID:44158 Activity:nil
8/26    CNN will replay 9/11/2001 footage on 9/11/2006
        \_ Unless there's another attack.
        \_ I won't see it.  I'll be flying on a trans-pacific flight on
           9/11.  I thumb my nose at you paranoid freaks.
           \_ Are there any discounted fares?
2006/8/26 [Uncategorized] UID:44159 Activity:nil
8/26    2012 is when the galactical alignment will happen and when doomsday
        will come.                                      -mayan
2006/8/26-29 [Uncategorized/German] UID:44160 Activity:kinda low
8/26    Whoever can decode orugkidbnzzxozlsebuxgibugi, I'll take you
        out for lunch. Thanks so much.
           \_ Given that there are CSUA people who really know what they're
              doing with cryptoanalysis, and that several people have beat
              their heads against this hard and failed, I'm going to guess
              that the solution is some simple thing that you would only think
              of if you know *nothing* about crypto.  I'd say give this to some
              little kids and see what they come up with.
        \_ I asked several friends for help on this out of sheer frustration,
           and nobody got anywhere.  Nor did youtube return my mails.  I am
           still dead curious.  -John
        \_ Maybe you should provide some context.  Is it from some internet
           chat room for teenagers?
           \- if you cant figure out the context, you aret going to
              solve the problem. E_TOOSHORT yadda yadda.
        \_ (
           Not sure if this helps, but I can't read German, so it might.
        \_ It translates to, "arf arf got you sucka!"
        \_ What about this?  First you take the 'BUZZ' out.  Then you
           take the 'DRUG' out.  Then you take the 'BUG' out.  Then you
           take out 'SEX'.  You are left with OK IBNXOZLIGI.  Then you
           cross out 5 letters: IXZLI, then you get: OK BINGO
2006/8/26-29 [Science/Space, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44161 Activity:kinda low
8/26    In the old days, the government built great infrastructures like
        big dams, power generators, interstate highways, etc. What are some
        recent examples of big projects today?
        \_ The New Orleans project.
        \_ err... our annual highway bill.  do you have any idea how much it
        \_ The Glorious War Reconstruction Program in Iraq
        \- you mean the us govt? obviously with things like dams, there is
           a lot more of this in developing countries, e.g. three gorges dam
           in china. and in many of the cases above the govt paid for but
           didnt build them. a lot of transportation infrastructure isnt a
           single object like the GGB, but more like THE BIG DIG. and of course
           there is NOLA, new airports now and then etc.
           \_ You mean the three gorges dam project where literally millions of
              people were involuntarily forced out of their homes, and cities
              and counties of historic significance are forever submerged in
              water?  No, the US govt hasn't done something of that scale.
        \_ NFL stadiums built with taxpayer money.
        \_ In the old days, social spending was trivial to non-existant
           compared to today.  You can't have your cake and eat it too.
           That's why we're always borrowing from the future to have our
           toys today.
        \_ ISS </sarcasm>
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