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2006/7/27-28 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:43813 Activity:low
7/27    Firefox is out!
           \_ I think it's a security bugfix of sort. Go look it up.
              \_ Heh, I think it's kinda funny that you got all excited
                 about a release, and you don't even know what's new in
                 it. -!pp
                 \_ I did look at the Release Notes before I posted it here.
                    -- OP
                    \_ And?
        \_ changelog?
           \_ I think it's a security bugfix of sort. Go look it up.
              \_ Heh, I think it's kinda funny that you got all excited
                 about a release, and you don't even know what's new in
                 it. -!pp
                 \_ New bits >>>> old bits!!!  :-)
                 \_ I did look at the Release Notes before I posted it here.
                    -- OP
                    \_ And?
2006/7/27-28 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:43814 Activity:low
7/26    How come there are no voice arguing Lebanon's right to defend itself?
        \_ blindly lobbing missiles into civilian areas and killing a few
           innocent people is actually WORSE than responding to this with
           a strategic goal, avoiding killing innocent people, and still
           ending up killing five to ten times as many innocent people.
           ending up killing 10 to 20 times as many innocent people.
           ending up killing 25 to 35 times as many innocent people.
        \_ Because Hezbollah is the aggressor, not the defender.
        \_ Because the Lebanese military is in no position to take on the
           Israeli military. Also, Hezbollah is already fighting in the
           invaded areas, and Lebanese military have no desire to be confused
           with Hezbollah.
        \_ They do.  They failed to do so by ejecting Hezbollah.  Now Israel
           has to do the job.
           \_ >.< History: Lebanon's been a satellite state of Syria for a
              long while. Syria (and Iran) supported Hezbollah; the pro-Syrian
              government turned a blind eye to Hezbollah's militia build-up.
              The recent non-pro-Syrian government has not been pro-Hezbollah
              but has had less than six months to do anything about them.
              Now that Israel has reduced Lebanon to Stone Age economics (ugh),
              the govt. has even less ability to deal with (or expel) Hezb.
              \_ Away with your facts and logic!
              \_ Unfortunate timing for the new government, assuming they were
                 actually interested in ejected Hezbollah, but given that the
                 new government has several Hezbollah ministers this bit of
                 'history' is just propaganda.  What are you quoting from?
                 \_ You do know that the Bush Administration signed off on
                    the attempt to "domesticate" Hezbollah by bringing it into
                    the Lebanese government officially...right?
                    \_ Which only proves the administration is foolish and
                       directly contradicts the statement that the new six
                       month old government is not pro-Hezbollah and would
                       in theory do something about Hezbollah if given time.
                       \_ so... a few ministers means pro-hezbollah?  what
                          about the more-than-a-few anti-hezbollah-ites?
                          \_ Because they'll get murdered, duh.  This isn't
                             a Disneyland Democracy.  Hezbollah runs the
                             country, not the not-a-member-of-Hezbollah parts
                             of the government.
                    \_ We should sell Lebanon WMD to protect itself. Then we
                       should invade Lebanon to eliminate the WMD threat.
              \_ If Israel shows uncertainty or weakness in this decade,
                 the world will drift toward tragedy.
                 \_ Words like that will destabilize the Middle East for
                    years to come.
                    \_ Condi says the recent destabilization offers an
                       \_ I never understood why "stability at all costs" is
                          considered a good thing.  If the current situation
                          (in any place/time) is bad but stable, is that better
                          than bad, unstable, but a potentially better future?
                          What is so great about stable in and of itself?  A
                          lot of really horrible places are "stable".
                          \_ No one said "stability at all costs" is good,
                             except maybe China.
                             \_ That's the way they behave and speak.  Every
                                event always come down to "dont do that or
                                you'll destabilise the middle east! ack!"
2006/7/27-30 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:43815 Activity:low
7/26    What are some of the reasons why hybrid fans prefer to buy
        Toyota Priuses instead of Honda Civic hybrids? What's wrong
        with the Honda Civic hybrid?
        \_ One reason that I can think of is that Toyota has (or used to have,
           before the recent recalls) better reputation than Honda in terms of
           reliability.  BTW, how do the gas mileages compare?
           \_ Which hybrid has better reliability?
        \_ The Prius has better tech.  Read up on it.
           \_ Bullshit.  I believe you that it has better tech, but I'm
              not prepared to believe that large scale consumer trends have
              any bearing on such things.  The prius is a fad car right now,
              so people buy it.  It's like back in 1988 when everyone was buying
              Kevin Staab decks even though they had way too much concave.
              Kevin Staab decks for their skateboards.
              \_ Who?  Skateboards?  1988?
                 \_ I think it was 1988, it could have been 87 or 89.
           \_ which translates to real gas mileage of 46-50+ mpg, whereas
              the Civic Hybrid's real gas milesage is ~ 36-40 mpg.
              the Prius also has nearly the same interior space as a Camry.
              also, I believe all the online databases which show 46 mpg
              for the Civic Hybrid is just from driving on the freeway.
              \_ 36-40 mpg for a small hybrid sedan sucks.  Fifteen years ago
                 I had a beat-up 1987 Ford Escort that wasn't in good
                 condition (burned oil), and I was getting about 38mpg.
                 \_ My brother's old Civic did better than 40 MPG.
                    \_ Damn.  I'm still driving a '91 Civic hatchback and it's
                       always done 25 mpg.  Probably because I drive it like
                       a rice car.
                 \_ And if the modern Civic had circa 1987 levels of structural
                    reinforcement, airbags, equivalent power, etc, this would
                    be a good claim.
                    \_ Good point.  Never thought of that.  -- PP
                    \_ So two decades of internal combustion engine
                       advancement, plus going hybrid, plus the difference
                       between American make and Japanese make, is still not
                       enough to offset two decade's worth of bells and
        \_ Whatever happened to the Insight, I thought it was the king of
           \_ It's in a different category from Civic Hybrid and Prius because
              it's a two-seater.
           (Summary: Is the new Civic Hybrid better than the old Prius?
            Nice try, but no cigar)
           (Summary: 2 year old Prius technology is better than the
            brand new Civic Hybrid technology )
           (Summary: old Prius=~new Civic+1, or old Prius>new Civic)
           (Honda says something to the effect "Oh, we thought people wanted
            hybrids because they want to go fast so we supercharged our
            Accord Hybrid. But seeing how badly our hybrids sell, we now
            realize that people want the mileage and not the power")
           (Honda says something to the effect "Oh, I guess people buy
            hybrids because of the high mileage and not the horsepower.
            I guess we fucked up.")
           \_ I won't buy a hybrid with low horsepower.
              \_ That's because you're a dumb ass American who loves the
                 SUV and suburbia. BTW how is Southern Cal?
              \_ Then you'd be better off buying a sportscar, since the
                 typical hybrid is not as cost effective AND not as fast as
                 say, a Porsche. There's a reason why Accord Hybrids are
                 sitting on the dealer lot on an average of 6 months vs.
                 a mere 4 days for Prii. Dumb asses buy Accord Hybrids.
                 \_ "Prii" :-)
                 \_ Well, dumb asses buy hybrids in general.
                    \_ So how is Southern California? Do you have the biggest
                       suburbian home and the biggest SUV? How's 710 and
                       405 and the weather treating you?
                       \_ Love the weather. The weather in the Bay Area blows.
                          It's the main reason I left.
                    \_ There are those who buy hybrids to save money, and there
                       are those who buy hybrids to save fuel.  Don't confuse
                       are those who buy hybrids to save energy.  Don't confuse
                       the two.  (And then there are those who buy hybrids to
                       look cool, and also there are those who buy small
                       hybrids because of their big-penis syndrome.)
                       \_ I think both categories are probably dumb asses.
                          I wonder if the average hybrid owner is in favor
                          of or opposed to nuclear power.
           \_ I want a Sienna Hybrid.
2006/7/27-28 [Reference/BayArea, Computer] UID:43816 Activity:nil
        Is this a good deal for deep-frying occasionally for a dinner for two?
        Has anyone used this type of "safe" fryer before? Is 2.4L too small?
        \_ we have and use one of those T-FAL deep fryers.  Note that the
           cost of the oil is significant over time, and the cleanup is a
           chore afterward.   Still, for home deep frying its great! -ERic
2006/7/27-8/2 [Industry/Jobs] UID:43817 Activity:nil
7/27    The new startup I am working for is hiring a web application
        developer: /csua/pub/jobs/abgenial
        \_ I'm so in. -proud American
2006/7/27-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:43818 Activity:low
7/27    Freepers in disunity on whether Condi's doing a good job on Iran
        and Lebanon
        \_ Why do you care what freepers think?  No one posts dailykos junk
           here.  Why are you posting freeper junk?
           \_ Mostly because it's fun watching freepers tear themselves apart.
              \_ Could say the same about dailykos or any other random site.
                 Why post freeper junk here?  Anyone reading it is already
                 reading it.
                 \_ Actually, no, freepers are a special breed, and when they
                    turn on each other, it's like watching shark week on the
                    Discovery Channel. Also, a link is not the same as posting
                    the spew. The link is opt-in; if you don't wanna, don't.
                    \_ freepers are exactly like the dailykos idiots.  the
                       *only* difference between the two groups is... nothing.
                    \_ Still, making fun of the mentally handicapped is a
                       little crass.
                       little crass.  Although I will admit to posting
                       that DU link where the guy proves the 9/11 planes
                       couldn't have taken down the WTC with chicken wire
                       and a cup of kerosene.  THAT was hilarious.
2006/7/27-30 [Transportation/Car] UID:43819 Activity:nil
        Gasoline/Petro Temperature Map. See how much you're paying vs.
        your neighbors.
2006/7/27-30 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:43820 Activity:moderate
7/27    I have two $100 Best Buy gift cards that I got as graduation
        presents and I really don't need anything from Best Buy.  I'll
        sell them for $160.  I work on campus.
        Addendum: these cards don't expire and I believe in California
        it is illegal to deduct a service fee for non-use (but you should
        double-check). They can be used at any U.S. Best Buy, and
        possibly online (check their website about that) --peterl
        \_ This offer has been taken. Thanks Peter               -kchang
        \_ One more data point that shows that people don't want gifts, they
           want cash. Please be a good citizen and give cash instead
           of gifts, especially at weddings.
           \_ OK, I have two $100 bills that I really don't need anymore,
              I'll sell them for $260.  -John
           \_ Yes and what is your point? On average, we're smarter and
              work harder than the rest of the people on earth EXCEPT for
              the Indians because they're also smart and hard working AND
              they are kicking our ass in terms of the % of share of
              outsourced workers, but we're working on it.
              \_ Americans on average work harder than the rest of the people
                 on earth?  You haven't been to east Asia.
           \_ You must be Chinese.
           \_ A gift card is almost the same as cash for most of us.
              \_ I personally think gift cards are a rip off.
                 \_ Explain. A $100 gift card buys $100 worth of merchandise.
                    How is that a rip off?
                    \_ Probably because $100 worth of cash that could have
                       bought anything anywhere now has to be spent in one
                       place - !ppp
                       \_ That's not a ripoff by definition.
                    \_ Probably because you can buy the same merchandise for
                       less than $100 at a different store.
                       \_ Stupid argument. What if you get a gift card for
                          a store that does has the lowest prices? Let
                          a store that does have the lowest prices? Let
                          us say a Wal-Mart gift card?
                          \_ Maybe you don't want to spend all of it at the
                             same store?  Cash is always better than a gift
                             card of the same amount.  Cash doesn't expire.
                             Cash can be put in a bank.  Cash can be used
                             anywhere for anything.
                             \_ This says nothing about it being either a
                                rip off or about buying the same
                                merchandise for less. If you cannot buy the
                                same merchandise for less does that make
                                a gift card okay?
                          \_ Was your "what if" argument part of the "rip off"
                             statement above?
                             \_ No.
                    \_ They are a rip-off because there is no benifit over
                       cash, but there are many drawbacks.  Buying a gift
                       card is like giving the store a free loan.  They
                       have your money, and you may later be able to get
                       some of it back in the form of merchendise.  You
                       can never get back the actual money.  They won't
                       even give you a penny in change.  This means the
                       store almost guaranteed to make more than the value
                       on the gift card, as you must either buy more to
                       use the whole gift card, of leave money on the card
                       forever.  Furthermore, the store benifits because
                       they have an interest free loan, every bit of
                       inflation is now free money to the company.  Some
                       places even go so far as to charge the card if you
                       don't use it fast enough. Rip Off.
                       \_ None of this speaks to being a rip off except
                          perhaps the second to last sentence, and I've
                          never encountered that.
                          \_ Perhaps you have a stronger definition of rip
                             off than anyone else.  I would call trading
                             $5 for $4.50 a rip off, but hey, maybe you
                             don't think so.
                             \_ Please explain how a $100 gift card is
                                akin to trading $5 for $4.50.
                    \_ Some gift cards expire.  Some "decay" over time - the
                       remaining dollar amount goes down slowly even if you
                       don't use it.
                       \_ It is illegal in California for gift cards to
                          expire or lose value.  -tom
                          \_ I know it's illegal to expire, but I've
                             definatly seen the "service charge" scam in
                             \_ Are you sure? The true RIP OFF is fixed value
                                CC's which charge several $$$/mo + transaction.
                                \_ Ah, I see the no service charge law
                                   went into effect in 2004.  I may have
                                   seen this pre-2004.
        \_ I would have bought it a month ago..
        \- per a thread a while ago, if you are going to go with a gift card,
           go AMAZONG, rahter than something more restrictive. AMAZONG is also
           just as convenient to procure as anything else.
           just as convenient to procure as anything else. --psb
2006/7/27-30 [Transportation/Car, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:43821 Activity:nil
7/27    My friend swears by sythetic oil because he gets better mileage
        with it. Is it worth the extra $10-15 each oil change?
        \_ If you have a car you want to keep around for a long time,
           use synthetic.
           If you're driving some junker that will die soon,
           non synthetic is fine.
        \_ And I think you also can change the oil less often with synthetic
           so that might cover the extra cost alone.  Do keep in mind that
           once you switch to synthetic, you shouldn't switch back to
        \_ i'm reading via google that synthetic oil leaks easier than
           regular, so if you have a small leak already, don't go synth
        \_ Keep in mind that some cars ship from the factory with
           synthetic. You *have* to use synthetic for those.
        \_ I use synth oil in my car.  I pay 50% more per oil change but
           have to change half as often so a win for me.  I don't know if
           mileage is better because I've used synth since my first change.
        \_ My Mercedes uses synthetic oil and I go 10,000 miles between any
           kind of servicing include oil changes.
           \- i dont know anything about cars but i know a little about
              economics ... if synthetic oil is almost certainly a "no brainer"
              advantage in most cases ... and the price difference in %age
              terms might be large but in absolute terms is not large, how come
              it hasnt become "the standard" ... i'm sort of getting at the
              "no free lunch" idea.
              \_ It rather has become the standard for new cars.
        \_ I have always thought this synthetic oil thingy is a pure marketing
           scheme.  regular oil works for most people, especially in California
           when the weather is less of an issue.  Further, unless you REALLY
           rev your engine at REGULAR basis, you really won't see real benefit
           of the synthetic.
           \_ I change my oil half as often for 50% greater cost per change.
              The benefit is real cash in my pocket.
              \_ the frequency of oil change is a completely different story.
                 I was told even regular oil can last 10,000 miles if you don't
                 drive it hard.
                 \_ why buy a car if not to drive it hard?  if i wasnt going
                    to enjoy my car id go get some used civic and drive it
                    into the ground and do as few oil changes as possible.
2006/7/27-30 [Health/Dental, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43822 Activity:low
 7/27 (Wash Post)
         "a blue Volkswagen Passat, exploded nearby ... an elderly man running
         down the street with a 'fountain of blood coming out of his neck,' he
         said. 'He was screaming: "help me, help me, help me, don't let me die,"
         Taha recounted, pointing out the blood spot on the sidewalk where the
         man eventually fell. 'We couldn't save him. He died.'"
         \_ "We couldn't save him. He died" can be said of everyone, in the end.
            Every man dies. Not every man truly gets hit by an exploding blue
            Volkswagen and runs around in a fountain of blood.
            All happens according to the will of God.
            We can only hope that he accepted Christ sometime before the end.
            \_ You're trying too hard.  Instead of sounding like a jaded or
               cynical most poster, you just just sound like an idiot that's
               trying too hard.  *sigh*
               \_ You see that old bloodstain there? Ol' Frank McGee died there
                  back in '06. Yeah, Frank was hollerin' up a storm once he got
                  that dang ol neck wound. Was sprayin' blood all up an down
                  the street. And what does he do but yell at *us* to fix him.
                  As if *we* could stop Frank from dyin', once his neck was
                  sprayin' blood like that. I tell you what though. Blue cars
                  is some bad news. The other thing 'bout blue cars is how the
                  paint fades as it gets older. So when you go for to fix
                  a spot, you can't get the new paint to match the old paint.
                  Just a bad idea all round. But ol' Frank, now he was what they
                  call a Mosslem. I'm not sure he thought of stuff like that.
                  Mosslems have some funny ways o' thinking. You know, ol Frank
                  had two wives. Yep. Now, I'd think, hell, I get enough nagging
                  from Marge and the kids without addin' another woman in
                  the house. Jus' like Marge was harpin' at me fer weeks to
                  scrub out that there blood stain.
2006/7/27-30 [Uncategorized] UID:43823 Activity:nil
7/27    Are all RFID the same? Can I program a car with SKS keyless entry
        to accept a regular FOB that opens up my lab?
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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