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2005/2/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:36007 Activity:kinda low
2/1     An interesting (as a point of view of a military guy) essay on
        the modern war of attrition:
          -- ilyas
        \_ If one takes that long to say something, the author probably isn't
           saying anything at all.
        \_ Why do you find it so interesting?
2005/2/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36008 Activity:kinda low
2/1     tse, jrleek, and scotsman are the 3 motd warriors today.
        \_ Huh?  -jrleek
           \_ Hey, man, he just called you a warrior!  The appropriate reaction
              is to make a helmet out of packing material and stomp around your
              co-workers growling and beating your chest.
              \_ You are the motd fluffer
        \_ Gotta love those anonymous motd police who think they know
        \_ Waaarriors!  Come out and Plllaaie-ay!
2005/2/1 [Transportation/Car] UID:36009 Activity:very high
1/31    I need a compact-to-medium sized hatchback car to haul stuff around
        like computer equipment/hardware(as in home depot type stuff). I
        was thinking of getting one of those cheapie Toyota Scions since
        I figure it'll get dinged up over time. Any recommendations? I
        also have seen a Civic that's hatchback. It needs to be automatic
        since not everyone in my family can drive stick (and it'll be used
        by everyone in the family).
        \_ what's your price range?
           \_ I was thinking under 20, but I can go over if people think
              that I should get something better. Again, it's going to be
              a knock-around car. I'd like to see if anyone has experience
              with vehicles like these, are they reliable, etc.
              \_ you can get an Accord DX, auto (no stick) for $16500 at
                 typical dealers in Los Angeles, with just tax and $500
                 commission to the dealer (just tell them this upfront) it'll
                 come out to be about $19000. Or you can get an Accord LX
                 fully loaded for $19000, plus tax + commission it'll be
                 about $21000. My sister's happy with her new Accord LX, and
                 at that price you get a lot of room and reliability and
                 everything else except the sexiness and the speed of BMWs.
                 But if you're serious about saving $, I wouldn't buy it in
                 Northern Cal.
        \_ Scion or Element or Civic Hatchback are good.
        \_ Don't forget the VW Golf.
        \_ Buy used.
        \_ Toyota Matrix.  Ugly, but has a very practical use of space for
           its size.  The flat-folding rugged bed is keen.
2005/2/1 [Reference/Tax] UID:36010 Activity:nil
2/1     Do any of the full time grad students here have a good way to work
        through taxes? My wife (a full time PhD candidate) just received her
        1099-T and we are both at a loss as to how to determine what is
        taxable and what isn't. TurboTax assumes one already knows this.
        -- ulysses
2005/2/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36011 Activity:nil
2/1     I wonder if they serve Freedom Fries?
2005/2/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36012 Activity:nil
\_ If you're going to write anything that long, put it somewhere else, and just
   link to it.
\_ Who keeps posting this crap, and why?
   \_ What do you mean?  This is the best thing that's been on the motd in
      months.  Or would you rather we have two pages of bickering about The
      Ilyas Doctrine?
2005/2/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36013 Activity:nil
2/1     Jesus Christ, why don't you guys just restore it yourself instead of
        bickering here and there.
        \_ If I wanted to be non-lazy, I would be doing real work instead of
           messing around on the motd.
2005/2/1 [Uncategorized] UID:36014 Activity:high
2/1     Wow, really cracks me up.  Work safe.
        Really, you should go check.
        \_ That's awesome.
           \_ You've obviously never served.
              \_ Has ANYONE on the motd served?
                 \_ ObYerMom
                 \_ Why do you hate America?
                 \_ The answer to that is: Yes.
        \_ I wasted precious seconds of my life.
        \_ yeah "john adams" is really a unique name.
           \_ That's just an alias.  His real name is Cody.
        \_ All I see is the pope...
2005/2/1 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:36015 Activity:insanely high
2/1     Where can I buy myself a suit that appropriate for going to interviews
        and such? Ideally, this place should be reacheable by public transport
        and have good deals for people on a low budget..
        \_ How much do you want to spend? I have had very good luck at
           places like Nordstrom Rack and Off Fifth, buying $800 suits for
           $400. Marshall's also sometimes (rarely) has suits by designers like
           Zegna, Armani, and Hickey Freeman. If you can spare $400 I would
           start with those places. If you cannot spare $400 then buy a
           nice blazer and a pair of slacks. Even getting a suit altered
           can cost a couple hundred bucks.
               \-er, i dont think that's the case unless you are undergoing
                chiamorphication or something.
                \_ A good tailor will charge > $100 for altering pants and
                   a coat both. Once I bought a designer dress for my gf
                   for $80 (Macy's super special clearance) and it cost more
                   than that to alter it, so it is true of women's clothing
                   as well. You don't want a chimp cutting apart your
                   suit. Yes, they cut it apart. It's not just hems.
                   \- I am not saying you cant spend $$$ to "pimp your suit".
                      i am saying you are probably a moron if you spend that
                      much on a $400 suit immediately after buying it.
                      one certainly would not expect to immediate spend
                      that much after buying a $400 suit. over the lifetime
                      of a nice suit, if you become increasingly chubular,
                      i suppose you may drop more money.
                      \_ If you spend $400 for a $1200 suit and then
                         another $150 on a tailor you have spent $550 and
                         you will look much better than someone who spent
                         $300 (+$50 to tailor) at a place like Men's
                         Wearhouse. The only thing worse than a bad suit is
                         a suit that fits poorly. You don't want to look
                         like you wore your dad's expensive suit, right?
                         \_ My Men's Warehouse suit fits perfectly. I get
                            complimented on it all the time.
                            \_ Perhaps you are the definition of average.
        \_ The Men's Warehouse has pretty good suits at the top end. No one
           will ever mistake one for a $4k Armani suit, but that isn't really
           what you want for a job interview, is it? What kind of job are
           you applying for?
           \_ I recommend bargain-hunting for the top brands rather than
              buying from Men's Wearhouse. The price will be the same and
              the expensive suits will look better. Neiman Marcus also has
              an outlet: Last Call.
              \_ How much is a bargain suit from a top brand? I bought
                 the most expensive suit MW had and it was $400.
           \_ A very good Armani can be had for $1000, including a shirt.
              That's from Emporio Armani itself.  $4000+ is only the couture
              stuff, which you don't really need unless you're Jay-Z or a
              mobster or lawyer or something.
              \_ Do you mean Giorgio Armani? I didn't know Emporio did
                 suits (never seen one).
                 \_ Um... have you ever walked into an Emporio Armani store?
                    suits is just about _all_ they do.
                    \_ Um, what the fuck are you talking about?  What are you
                       smoking and can I have some? -dans
                 \_ I'm not the previous poster, but I own a suit from Emporio
                    Armani, and it kicks ass.  As one would expect, it's well
                    made, and (though this is more a function of the suit's
                    cut and my body shape) the fit is perfect.  The price
                    range for suits at Emporio Armani appears to be
                    $1000-$2000 whereas Giorgio Armani suits appear to start
                    around $2000 and the sky is the limit.  Also, I get the
                    sense that EA suits are a little bit hipper and edgier
                    than GA suits, which makes sense if you think about who's
                    got the money to drop on a $4000 suit.  Seriously though,
                    if you're willing to drop over $2K on a suit, get one
                    handmade by a bespoke tailor like this guy:
                    To the op: what matters more than anything else is the cut
                    of the suit, and how it looks on *you*.  That said, the
                    quality and cut of suits seem to have a curve similar to
                    that of IBM notebooks.  Spend less than $x and you get
                    crap, spend more than $x and you get something very nice.
                    In my experience, x is approximately 800 retail.
                    One argument I will make toward spending a little more is
                    this: in for a penny, in for a pound.  Basically, $400 or
                    $500 bucks is not chump change.  Why drop that kind of
                    money on a so-so suit for interviews that you wouldn't be
                    willing to wear for a date you'd like to impress?  IMO,
                    it's worth spending the extra $300 or $500 to get a suit
                    that looks sharp.  This is even more true if you're not
                    the sort that plans to own many suits.  If you think
                    you're going to own six or seven suits a year from now,
                    get the cheapie one.  If this is still the only suit
                    you'll own a year from now, bite the bullet, put it on
                    your credit card and pay a little interest.  It's worth
                    Re: stores, I totally support the earlier recommendation
                    for department store outlets like Nordstrom Rack because
                    prices are discounted considerably from retail.  On the
                    other hand, I'd say consider the Men's Wearhouse to be an
                    absolute last ditch bottom off the barrel option, I have
                    never found a suit that fits me well there.  One other
                    suggestion, check out Kenneth Cole.  I find that their
                    selection varies wildly, but when it's good you can find
                    some pretty stylish, well cut suits for a reasonable
                    amount of money (price range $400-$800 iirc).  To sum up,
                    Store ordering in terms of style/quality/fit (highest to
                    Emporio Armani > Kenneth Cole > Department Store Outlet >
                    Men's Wearhouse
                    As I look at this, I realize that the ordering by price is
                    the same :)
                    \_ Emporio Armani is the low end Armani store more
                       geared to casual clothes and youth-oriented trends.
                       No, I have not been in one. I would not mess with
                       it when I can get Collezioni at an outlet for
                       less than $1000. Black Label is the couture line.
                       There is actually a Giorgio Armani outlet in
                       Cabazon but this doesn't help the OP.
                       \_ Armani has at least three lines.  I believe you are
                          thinking of Armani Exchange.  BTW, I think a men's
                          fashion debate on the motd is both hilarious and good.
                          Is this the first time this topic has been
                          introduced here?
                          \_ No, A|X is the lowest. The lines are A|X,
                             Emporio, Collezioni, and Black Label. There is
                             also "Mani" which sits somewhere around
                             Emporio ($800-1200). However, I have yet to
                             see an Emporio Armani suit at a dept. store.
                             You usually see Mani and Collezioni. Black
                             Label is sold at the boutique only.
                             \- If you buy a Mani suit with a friend,
                                you can call it "Our Mani Suit". --psb
                       \_ As with the above poster, I think you are confusing
                          A|X (for the nerds in the audience, no, this is not
                          AIX the IBM unix) with EA (reasonable enough given
                          your professsed ignorance).  I guess I could
                          describe EA as casual if I used country club attire
                          as the baseline for casual.  And, as I stated above,
                          I prefer EA precisely because the cuts are edgier
                          than the Giorgio Armani line (missing from the list
                          above, sold only in the boutique) and the Collezioni
                          line.  If dressing like a middle-aged investment
                          banker is your thing, more power to you.  I see no
                          need to spend more than $2K for an assembly-line
                          made Giorgio Armani or Collezioni line suit when I
                          can get something hand made from scratch for that
                          kind of money (though $2K is low-balling something
                          made from scratch somewhat). -dans
                          \_ GA is the Black Label. If you read Armani's
                             own statement you will see that EA is
                             designed to be casual wear as opposed to
                             formal. Yes, this is for people for whom
                             casual is not jeans and a t-shirt.
                             \_ Yes, the term for this is market segmentation.
                                Were Armani to suggest otherwise, all the
                                folks dropping $4K for the GA line would stop
                                doing so and opt instead to spend a mere
                                $1-$2K for the EA line. -dans
                    \_ And you wear your $4k suit to a job interview?
                       What kind of "work" are you in? Are you a drug
                       \_ Hypothetically speaking, if I was running drugs, or
                          doing anything else illicit that would require
                          getting my hands dirty, I wouldn't be doing it in a
                          $4K suit that would a) call undue attention to me
                          and b) possibly get bloody and need to be disposed
                          of, talk about a waste.  And, yes, there are
                          interviews where a $4k suit is perfectly reasonable,
                          though no technical job comes to mind.  Of course,
                          wearing any suit to a technical interview strikes me
                          as odd, as I stated below, sometimes I don't even
                          wear pants. -dans
                          \_ Whew. I feel a lot better now about your
                             level of common sense.  Though I kind
                             of hoped that you had a job where wearing a
                             suit like that made sense. -bored coder
                             \_ Sometimes I do. :)  As an aside, interviews
                                are sometimes just power contests, and
                                outdressing your interviewer can give you an
                                edge.  This is particulary true when the
                                interviewers will be below or parallel to you
                                on the org chart if you are hired, it's rare,
                                but it is done in some organizations.  Of
                                course, as the schmuck below indicates, paying
                                too much attention to your grooming and dress
                                can actually work against you in a technical
                                interview.  Of course, many nerds don't
                                measure power by how you dress. -dans
        \_ Are you a new grad in a technical field?  In that case, just any
           suit will do.  No one really cares all that much how you're dressed.
           \_ May as well get a nice suit to have for weddings, funerals,
              and so on.
              \_ It sounds like the OP is budget and transportation
                 constrained.  In that case, a better optimization might
                 be to get what is easy now (which is likely to be on the
                 cheaper end of the range) and then worry about a more
                 permanent suit solution later (when he has a job and
                 therefore more income).
           \_ Actually, you are right.. I am not applying for any jobs right
              now. I already have a job. But it would be nice to have a suit
              for occasional social activities and other events, like
              interviews, that might require one. -OP
              \_ You wear suits to technical interviews?  Dude, sometimes I
                 don't even wear pants.
                 \_ I agree, I generally am a little wary of people who
                    show up for a coding job wearing a suit (unless the
                    person is right out of school, in which case I'll
                    overlook it as inexperience).
              \_ Try Macy's. They have decent suits for $250-$450. You
                 really don't need anything more.
              \_ Quite seriously, if you showed up for a job interview
                 wearing an Armani suit, I would not waste my time
                 talking to you. That is why I asked what job you were
                 applying for. I don't even think investment bankers
                 wear suits like that, but I know for certain that
                 programmers and sysadmins never do. These people telling
                 you to spend thousands on a suit are idiots and know
                 nothing about the business world.
                 \_ How the fuck would you know what kind of suit it was?
                    Are you saying that if someone's suit actually fits
                    and looks like it might be real wool you won't hire
                    them?! What a dipshit! You wouldn't know Armani anyway,
                    so don't worry about it.
                    \_ Actually I would, but go ahead and tell yourself that.
                       I own some nice clothes, too, I would just never make
                       the mistake of showing up for an interview as a
                       programmer in clothes nicer than the CEO wears.
                       Any well tailored suit will fit properly, unless
                       it is total junk. Remember this guy said he was
                       "on a low budget."
                       \_ You would *not* know an Armani suit if you saw
                          one. You might think it's a nice suit and even
                          guess it is European by the cut, but you would
                          not know. Wouldn't it be stupid to be wrong and
                          lose out on a good candidate because of your
                          insecurity? When I interview I expect candidates
                          to look nice. That doesn't mean Armani, but
                          it certainly won't hurt.
                       \_ Many CTO's write code and also have to shill to VC's
                          with the CEO.  Being able dress as well or better
                          than the CEO is an asset for any executive level
                          \_ Yes, if you were interviewing for the position
                             of CTO, you would want to wear a very nice suit.
                             Maybe even a $4k suit. But that is not what
                             the original poster is doing. At least, I am
                             almost 100% sure of that.
                             \_ #t
        \_ The last suit I bought came from Brooks Brothers.  It fits nicely,
           looks good on me, and I'm happy with it.  They also don't charge
           extra for alterations.  If you're looking for something in a
           relatively conservative cut, you can get to their Union Square
           location by BART.  While you're there, the Macy's Men's store in
           Union Square also has a good selection of suits.  I've heard
           good things about Jos. A. Bank, which has a location in
           Embarcadero Center and gets compared to Brooks Brothers a lot,
           but I haven't been in one of their stores yet.
           \_ Brooks Brothers used to be well-made, but is now crap made
              God-knows-where. Macy's good suits like Hugo Boss, but you will
              pay too much. Go to the outlets where you can get quality
              God-knows-where. Macy's has good suits like Hugo Boss, but you
              will pay too much. Go to the outlets where you can get quality
              suits for 50% or less of retail.
              \_ I wouldn't call Brooks Brothers crap (thought I haven't
                 looked in a year or two), but it is overpriced for what you
                 get.  Also, as the PP said, BB suits are cut conservatively.
                 This is a nice safe bet for the OP if he can't distinguish
                 between hip and tacky, but as I said above, in for a penny,
                 in for a pound.  If OP has any fashion sense (or any friends
                 with same), go for something with a little more punch.  That
                 said, I really like Brooks Brothers ties, particularly the
                 ones in solid colors. -dans
                 \_ BB is now crap made in SE Asia or something like that.
                    There was a time when it was the de facto standard.
        \_ I agree spend $800 or more and get a nice well-made suit.
           If you end up buying from a place like Macy's you can get
           a discount of 10-20% (depending on their current promo,changes
           weekly) if you open up a macy's charge card account. Save some
           serious money there. Also they should be free alterations and
           make sure they give you a suit-bag
           For Men's Wherehouse or other discounters, make sure the suit
           is well-made...even if it's a brand-name for some reason the
           stitching is not right...make sure you have a 2nd opinion and
           look at the suit from all angles. A good suit makes you look
           and feel good. Makes you look sharp and the women like that.
           Esp. if you normally dress Berkeley/CS/geek/frumpy-like
           most of the time, when you surprise her by wearing a
           suit on a nice date in the city to see some high-culture
           artsy shit, and chi-chi or frenchy foodie place, you'll
           get some that night. Also make sure you have good shoes,
           belt, socks boxers, and undershirts. Don't skimp.
           \_ Right boxers? obreddwarfreference.
           \_ I wouldn't worry about the socks, boxers, and undershirt, but
              the belt and particularly the shoes are really important.
              Kenneth Cole does really nice shoes, though sometimes they can
              be pricey.  Steve Madden shoes are cheaper, but you have to be
              careful because some of them look it, and even if you find a
              good looking pair of shoes, they won't last more than a year or
              so with regular wear.
2005/2/1 [Health] UID:36016 Activity:nil
2/1     Why are all the pain spots on the back where you hands can't reach
        them? I mean if evolution has its way, it should be in the
        front where our hands can reach it right? Is there a good
        explanation why it's all in the back???
        \_ "Intelligent Design"
        \_ Two flawed premises
        \_ Humans are social creatures: Have you ever heard
           "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine"
           \_ Then it should be "I'll scratch your breasts if you scratch my
              \_ nyuck nyuck, yer funney
2005/2/1-2 [Finance/Investment] UID:36017 Activity:high 66%like:36367
2/1     What do you think of your job/career?
        \_ Pretty cool, I like it a lot. I just wish it was located
           someplace where I could afford a home nearby. -jrleek
           \_ what do you do?  What company?
           \_ If you live with roommates for a decade and put aside
              10% of your salary, you will eventually be able to
              afford a house. To get a single family home, you will
              probably need a wife/SO to join you. I know this is
              a big hurdle, but if you really want it, you can do
        \_ It was fun for a while, but kind of boring now. I get
           paid so much, it is going to be hard to change careers now.
           \_ Sad as it is, we need to be laid off once in a while to
              come back to 'normal' productivity, haha.
        \_ Awesome.  I think I'm going places, and doing indy consulting lets
           me do cool new projects pretty frequently.  I try to maintain a
           good network of people whom I genuinely like, so I can primarily
           work with guys I get along with.  The occasional insecurity and
           downtime can be pretty nerve-wracking though.  Career-wise, I have
           an idea where I want to be in ~5-10 years, but I'm mainly waiting
           to see how things develop.  -John
        \_ I go through periods of liking it at various levels. The main
           problem is that fundamentally I don't want to be cooped up in
           an office every day. I'd rather be travelling the world writing
           stuff with a laptop or whatever like the fucking yuppies in
           cafes. Well actually I'd only want to do that for a year or two.
           So basically I second the notion that affordability of a nice
           home is a major dent in my happiness.
           \_ Or a nice woman to fuck when you go home, haha.
              \_ Well that's a related subject. The job vs. personal life
                 conflict. Most tech jobs have a lot of time pressures. And
                 now job security is becoming an issue in tech, which means
                 more competition and therefore more time pressure. And more
                 competition means if you don't shine enough (or own your own
                 business) you won't get to work on the interesting problems.
                 I want more daily free time and 6 weeks of vacation every year
                 which doesn't fit the standard tech grunt profile.
           \_ Hey, you just described my job.  For subtle reasons that would
              take too long to detail on the motd I could kind of do with a
              traditional office environment for a bit.  Maybe we should
              trade.  Email me to discuss details. -dans
           \_ As a homeowner, I can say that I am satisfied but that it
              presents a whole new class of problems. A panacea it is
        \_ I'm a coder. I really like coding, but what I don't like
           is all the politics you have to start dealing w/ as you
           move up in the ranks. Also I've started to become a little
           wary of the fact that there is almost no job security in
           coding, which is why I'm going to law school right now.
           \_ what was your GPA/LSAT and where do you attend?
        \_ I would send this to my wife (who IS in her 7th year as a PhD
           candidate, ABD) but I think she might poison me if I did.
           \_ Read through the archives.  There's a lot about the thesis-writing
              spouse.  I'm 5th year, and that comic is part of what keeps
              me (almost) sane.
2005/2/1-2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36018 Activity:high
2/1     I've added a new feature in Motd IntelliDiff so that everytime you
O       click RELOAD, the browser remembers what you saw before and what's new,
        and highlights everything that's new. It's like motdwatch but prettier.
        Try it:  
        \_ How are you getting the motd these days, kchang?  Still through
           \_ no jrleek, I don't finger anymore, that's nasty.
        \_ you still need to add the ability to understand "1/3/04" as a date
           (instead of 2004).
          \_ no, I refuse to accept that as a valid, worldly accepted format.
             "~/bin/kais 1/3/2004" will be the format.
             \_ No date format is worldly accepted.  In Europe it would
                be: 3/1/2004.  In Korea: 2004/3/1 -jrleek
                \_ in the case of 3/1/2004, the year is last so by prior
                   knowledge you imply the month/day. In the second case,
                   the year is the first so by prior knowledge you know that
                   3 must be the month and 1 must be the day. With 1/3/4, it
                   is ambiguous as the year/day/month could be any position.
                   If you want dd/dd/dd to be accepted, write your own wrapper,
                   it is not that hard.
                   \_ There are both RFC's describing standard date formats
                      that should be used and ISO standards for
                      writing/recording dates.  That said, this is really one
                      of those Postel's law situations. -dans
        \_ Um i missed the date discussion but i saw it in the archive. Here's
           my take: 2/2/4 or 04 is not ambiguous. You can simply assume that
           if none of them are a full year, then the last one is a YY one.
           It's a motd written in English and we use normal conventions here
           in the motd. There should be no question about this. A valid
           objection would be unwillingness to do extra work which would be
           \_ # lots of lame ways, here is one lame verbose way:
              if ($ARGV[0]=~m|(\d\d)|(\d\d)|(\d\d)|) {
                $mon=$1; $day=$2; $year=$3;   # for stupid U.S. setting
                # $year=$1; $month=$2; $day=$3;   # for international setting
                system("/home/apollo/kchang/bin/kais $year/$month/$day");
2005/2/1 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:36019 Activity:kinda low
2/1     dans, post a picture of your fancy Armani suit/pants.
        \_ Take me out for a nice dinner and see for yourself, you can take
           pictures if you like.  I'll whore for clothes and good food, but
           not for anonymous hosers on the motd. -dans
2005/2/1-3 [Industry/Jobs] UID:36020 Activity:nil 50%like:32725 57%like:36755
2/1     Job openings at Marimba Mountain View, /csua/pub/jobs/Marimba
        \_ Marimba is still around?
           \_ Bought out by BMC, but still exists as an organization within
2005/2/1 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:36021 Activity:nil
2/1     Use lynx, go to jail:
2005/2/1-2 [Health/Eyes] UID:36022 Activity:high
2/1     What are some good places to buy contact lens online?
         \_ Not cheap and slow because they actually verify w/ the doctor
         \_ Not cheap. And slow because they actually verify w/ the doctor
            \_ They all do now.
            \_ If you can find a cheaper place, I would love to hear
               about it. I have been buying my daily disposables from
               them for years, and with bulk discount, they are still
               $25/box. My optometrist wants to charge me $35. -ausman
                \_ One datapoint: Accuvue2 on 1800contacts is $19.99.
                   Go to any other contact place on google, you'll see
                   anywhere between $15.50 to $17.50.
                   \_ Okay, this is cheaper, $5/box even!
                      Thanks! -ausman
                      \_ How is that $5/box?
            \_ On the same subject can anyone recommend a good optometrist
               in Berkeley/Oakland.  Last time I went on campus they took
               forever and fucked up my perscription.
               \_ I have been going to Dr. Wong on Shattuck forever and
                  think he is great. If you decide to go, tell him I
                  sent you! -ausman
                  \_  I recommend Dr. Yokoi at Rockridge Optometry
                      on College Ave. in Rockridge.  I've been to several
                      optometrists and opthalmologists in the near east
                      bay and he is the best.  --chris
2005/2/1 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:36023 Activity:nil
2/1     Google is so dead:
        \_ Google at $218 afterhours
           101% year-over-year revenue growth.  300% year-over-year earnings
           growth.  I'm glad to see short-GOOG-at-100-guy doesn't let
           reality get in the way.   -tom
           \_ Better sell know while you still have a chance. By
              this time next year former googlers will be standing
              by 101 w/ signs that read will code for food.
              \_ I don't own "know" [sic].  But you're a moron.  -tom
2005/2/1-2 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:36024 Activity:very high
        Adelphia Communications Corp. has quietly become the nation's only
        leading cable operator to offer the most explicit category of
        hard-core porn ... Five years ago, Adelphia stirred a local
        controversy by dropping Spice - a popular soft-porn channel - from
        newly acquired cable systems here because Adelphia founder John Rigas
        considered X-rated programming immoral. Today, the 80-year-old Rigas
        and one of his sons are facing prison terms after being convicted last
        summer for looting the company and engaging in fraudulent accounting.
        ... Single-X-rated movies feature nudity, long-range or panoramic and
        medium-range camera shots, simulated sex and sex between women.
        Double-X-rated movies show intercourse, oral sex and close-up shots.
        Triple-X-rated movies feature anal sex and visible ejaculation. ...
        The Internet has become a carnal cornucopia ... a $10-billion
        industry. "That's more than Hollywood makes at the box office. And it
        just grows and grows and grows."
        [Can you tell the reporter had a great time writing this article?]
        \_ Mmm...moral majority-esque hypocrisy...yum
        \_ look, it is clear that the country is moving away from immoral
           standards. We're sick and tired of people in office doing immoral
           things with say, interns (what kind of sicko do that?) We just
           want America to be good 'ol fashioned the way it used to be, and
           we shall change it one step at a time, starting with Hollywood.
           Just say no to porn. God Bless America and God Bless Bush.
           \_ Uh, so Democrat=interns sucking dick, lesbians, anal sex,
              and Republican=good? Wait that's actually kind of true.
              \_ The best anal sex I ever had was with a blonde Republican
                 girl from Texas.  YMMV.
                 \_ Women and BBQ are about the only things Texas does right.
                    \_ This is beginning to sound like Wonkette...
                 \_ So, how big was her strapon?
        \_ gotta love LA Times!
2021/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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