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2004/7/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:31196 Activity:kinda low
7/7     The congressmen who want  U.N. observers in U.S. vote
        \_ Because we need the third world to help us have clean elections?
           Ours are the cleanest the planet has ever seen and that includes
           the dirty ballot box stuffing in Chicago and Philidelphia every
2004/7/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:31197 Activity:nil
7/7     Yikes! Scotty has alzheimers!
        \_ Dude! Scotty has a 4 year-old daughter!  Wow!
2004/7/7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:31198 Activity:insanely high
7/7     For all those that still think we're bringing democracy to Iraq: (yahoo news)
        \_ Patriot Act?
        \_ I've heard that being stupid is kind of like being drunk all
           the time.  Is that true for you too?
           \_ Ah, I love the smell of content-free ad hominem in the morning.
              \_ Just responding in kind.
                 \_ You didn't read the URL at all, did you?  Gotta love
                    the motd freepers.
        \_ Given the amount of unrest in the country, a period of curfews and
           martial law may be exactly what is needed to clean things up. Of
           \_ More like a fleet of C-130s loaded with Daisy Cutters... -John
           course, it wouldn't have worked if the US had tried it; it would
           have been seen as more American oppression, and the insurgents
           would have had a field day.  If done humanely, however, this could
           could go a long way toward a safe and secure Iraq. Big if, of
           course. - motd practicalist
           course. - motd pragmaticalist
           \_ It might work... But given Iraq's history, there's a good chance
              that these temporary measures could become permanent.  We shall
              \_ Yeah, that worries me, too. - motd practicalist
              \_ Yeah, that worries me, too. - motd pragmaticalist
                                ??? This edit is funny how? _/
              \_ Without a period of forced stability there is no chance for
                 long term voluntary stability.  Without a bigtime crackdown
                 on the bad guys how do you think the rest of the country can
                 just sort of magically recover and move on?  At any time the
                 car or bus you're in could blow up, you can get shot, kid-
                 napped, etc.  Safety is a prerequisite for long term freedom.
                 Freedom without safety is anarchy which Iraq has seen enough
                 of recently.
                 \_ Spoken like a true fascist. Should we station soldiers
                    on American street corners as well? People are getting
                    shot here, too you know.
                    \_ Red herring.  People get shot everywhere but not in
                       sufficient numbers nor blown up on buses, cars, and just
                       walking down the street that the other places could
                       fairly be described as anarchy.  I ask again, how do
                       you expect peaceful democracy to magically emerge from
                       a place in chaos without a period of martial law?  The
                       happy goodness feeling vibes coming from your sending
                       love notes to the wannabe warlords stomping around and
                       killing people?  Get real.  If I was a true fascist, I'd
                       have dumb people such as yourself shot.  I wouldn't try
                       to educate you.
                    \_ You know, you should read up on the post WWII Europe
                       situation.  For instance, material on the bloody revenge
                       against the 'nazi sympathizers' (which by some
                       definitions was half of the population) in liberated
                       France is an informative read.  The situation there is
                       interesting to compare to the situation in Iraq today.
                       Also, the word fascist is overused.  These days it has
                       the effect opposite of what you want.  -- ilyas
2004/7/7-8 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:31199 Activity:very high
7/7     Has anyone tried Datahand ( keyboards? Does it reduce
        the fucking wrist/finger pain one gets as a programmar? Is it worth
        $1000 to spend?
        \_ The coder in my group just got a touchstream zeroforce keyboard
           for $300.  It takes some getting used to, but his wrist doesn't
           hurt anymore and he doesn't have to wear those wrist braces
        \_ Don't know about datahand, but I love my kinesis professional
           keyboard, and it makes a huge difference... takes some getting
           used to at first, but awesome after the first few hours.
        \_ If your company offers it, try to get an ergonomic expert to
           study your work area. There may be additional remedies that could
           help you in addition to changing keyboards. Once you get carpal,
           these injuries are slow to heal - a friend had to change
           professions because of it.
           \_Yeah, Dvorak rules man!
           \_ "TYPING ERRORS -  The standard typewriter keyboard is Exhibit A
              in the hottest new case against markets. But the evidence has
              been cooked."
              \_ Doh! Another misconception shattered.  Thanks for the link.
           \_ The keyboard in the pic is the old-style one.
           \_ No CTRL key?
           REALLY awsome, should check it out!
        \_ I've been typing for 25 years without any pain.  Maybe it's your
           typing style?  Over 25 years I've typed on every crappy keyboard
           ever made without lasting pain.
2004/7/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:31200 Activity:insanely high
7/7     Why aren't there instructions on the CSUA web site on how to post
        to the motd and/or wall?
        \_ Use "me" to edit the motd.  It locks the motd (to some degree)
           and uses the editor in your EDITOR env variable.  Don't overwrite
           if your editor complains upon saving.  Try to minimize the amount
           of time the motd is locked by typing your post before locking
           the motd. For wall, go to any terminal and type "wall y" to
           start receiving walls.  Type wall to enter a message and ctrl-d
           to send.  Feel the cruftiness wash over you in a wave.
           \_ since OP posted to the motd just fine and knows about wall, i'm
              going to assume OP means why don't we have instructions to
              tell the less knowledeable how to do this.
              OP: mail politburo and ask them about it.
           \_ Perhaps there should be a new policy: all new accounts must send
              at least 10 walls within the first week or their account is
              \_ No one gives a fuck about wall because wall is full of assholes
                 and that fact is coming home to roost.
              \_ No one gives a fuck about wall because wall is full of
                 assholes and that fact is coming home to roost.
                 \_ shut the fuck up, kchang
                        \_ kchang didn't log in when the above was posted
                           \_ more than one person scp's
                              \_ which also shows.  whatever.  some people
                                 like you *think* they're so damned clever
                                 but they're not.  there is no true
                                 anonymity on the motd.  if you had any clue
                                 you'd know that scp isn't a way of hiding
                                 any better than just editing it raw and
                                 posting to the wall which changes you made
                                 and signing them.
                 \_ well now... is this some sort of revelation to you?
                    don't look too closely at the motd either then.
                    \_ The motd often has useful non-asshole comments as well.
                       Reading a few random hours of wall logs on any day
                       shows boredom and assholes, not much else.
2004/7/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31201 Activity:moderate
7/7     What is the attendance rate of politburo nowadays?      91 alum
        \_ Hasn't it been a steady 6-12 ppl including politburo members for
           the past 8 years now?
        \_ In general low attendance at meetings either means people are
           sufficiently happy or the member list has dropped like a rock
           because everyone has given up on the org.  We know the latter
           isn't the case so low attendance is a good thing.
2004/7/7 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:31202 Activity:moderate
7/7     How come some BART trains have announcers to the destinations and
        some are silent?
        \_ the Train operator on the silent train is mute.
        \_ I prefer they remain silent.  Except the guy with the southern
           accent who told jokes.  The rest are just annoying.
2004/7/7-8 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:31203 Activity:moderate
7/7     Someone please repost the URL for the bicycle/motorcycle-sound
        attachment? Thanks.
2004/7/7-8 [Consumer/TV] UID:31204 Activity:moderate
7/7     Has anyone tried the NEC ND-2510A dual layer DVD burner?
        How good is it? Thanks.
        \_ I don't have personal experience, but check the user
           comments and forums/reviews.  I've also read the NEC
           does better at 8x than the LITE-ON.  You're probably fine getting
           the NEC, but I like all the extra user-created tools and the
           CD-burning quality of LITE-ON.
           \_ CD burning quality?
2004/7/7-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Python, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:31205 Activity:high
7/7     If you're interested in working at Lawrence Livermore National Lab,
        there are quite a few openings.  The first opening I heard about
        today was for working on parallel file systems in Linux, a good OS
        hacking job.  See it at: /csua/pub/jobs/LLNL.  However, there are
        always a lot of jobs for scientific programmers (Familiariry with
        Math, Physics, and/or biology are big pluses). There's also some sys
        admin jobs and other miscelleous things. You can check out: click "search by organization", and select
               \_ All I get is a PeopleSoft8 error page:
                  "Webserver appears to be incorrectly configured."
                  \_ It's a government facility.  Someone will take a look at
                     the logs next week and submit the "Form a committee to
                     discuss error log issue" paperwork a week later.  Quit
                     yer bitichin', take your pension and stop stirring the
                     water.  You trying to get someone in trouble?
                  \_ Works for me, but you could also go to
                     and click "Jobs" then click "advanced search"
        "Computation."  Or search more generally.  Or email me. -jrleek
        \_ thanks for the post.  can you comment on the quality of life issues
           of living out there?  I.e. rent, ease of getting around with or
           without a car, traffic, access to parks and such, how easy it is to
           get back to the bay area, etc.?  Could one buy a decent home
           out there on a LLNL salary?
        \_ Do you have to be a genius to work there?
           \_ I think you're confusing LLNL with the apple store
              \- LLNL has a reputation of having a lot of politics ...
                 although maybe a hacking job isnt especially affected.
                 what do you think? --psb
              \_ The genius I met at apple store is positively retarded.
           \_ No, but it helps.  Basically, LLNL is fully of
              self-modivated geniuses.  If you want to get ahead and be
              self-motivated geniuses.  If you want to get ahead and be
              really important, yeah, you should have both a PhD and a
              genius level intelect.
              To psb: Actually, yeah, the politics here can be pretty bad.
              Basically, you get a good income, great benifits, great job
              security, and you work with geninuses.  The downside is you
              have to put up with some petty acedemic-style politics.  I
              consider this a reasonable trade. -jrleek
              \_ 1.  What is academic politics like?  2.  Why does government
                 job well?  I thought government job pay sucks.
                 \_ My pay is a little less than my friends who started
                    work at the same time, but I work a lot less, and have
                    a lot more flexibility.  And oh man, THE BENIFITS are
                    stellar.  How would you like your retirement paycheck
                    to be 100% of what you were making when you retired?
                    That's pretty dang good.  Acedemic politics are all
                    the piss-posturing about Phds and worring about
                    whether something is really RESEARCH or not that you
                    see around Universities.  You know, the stuff like
                    what professors do where they get more worried about
                    who's who and who has what education and went where
                    than about who's doing a good job.  It's not really
                    that bad around here, but you see it sometimes.
                    \_ Ok, so maybe academic politics isn't worse than office
                       cubicle politics.  But you also need security clearance
                       to work there, right?  Do people get harrassed for
                       having brown skin?
                       \_ yes, you do, no they don't care that you're a heavy
                          pot user and queer, no they don't care but you will
                          care that they're all white and very conservative.
                       \_ This post above me ^^^^ is a little
                          unintelligible, but correct.  Brown skin's not a
                          problem, although not being a citizen is.  Our
                          biggest "minority" is easily Chinese, but yeah,
                          this place is mostly white.  It still feels
                          wierd after leaving Berkeley to end up in a room
                          where all the occupants are white.  That's
                          really just a function of the citizenship rule
                          though really. Oh, and having been a
                          druggie in the past isn't a problem, but
                          currently being "a big pot user" might be a
                          problem.  Being a big booze drinker is a
                          problem. -jrleek
                          \_ it was intelligible.  i simply chose to ignore
                             common english syntax like psb does but no one
                             calls him unintelligble.
                             \_ are you insane?  people call psb unintelligable
                                all the time.
        \_ jrleek, are you elite and what do you do?
           \_ I'm about as un-elite as they come, but here's what I do:
              \_ I hope you didn't pick the color scheme.
              \_ Why not SWIG (
                 \_ obItWorksWithOcaml! -- ilyas
                 \_ SWIG actually does provide pretty good functionality.
                    It is currently well used at the lab.  The main
                    problem is that since it's not specifically designed
                    for scientific programming, there are some features
                    we really need that SWIG just doesn't have, and
                    probably shouldn't add.
                 \_ More on SWIG.  Also, in SWIG all callers must be
                    script languages.  We want the whole call stack to be
                    mixed languages.  Python calls Java, which calls C,
                    Which calls fortran, which calls Python. Completely
                    impossible in SWIG. -jrleek
                    \_ Uh... what's a 'script language' jrleek?
        \_ Oh sure, end your hiring freeze right after I get another job
        \_ I guess I wouldn't mind but is there a Ranch 99 nearby with
           Boba Tea hang out place filled with cute Asian chicks? That's
           more important than say, pay or housing.             -chinese
           \_ Sorry, AFAIK the nearest Ranch 99 is in Albany and there are
              no Boba places.  As they meantion below, open a restraunt
              and either serve good foor or cheap prices and you'll be
              packed constantly.  As far as single h@t 4SI4N CH1X0R, I
              know one at church, and one at work.  This being a nerd
              town, there are quite a few asian chicks, but they're
              already married to white guys.
        \_ can you comment on the quality of life issues of living out there?
           what is the housing situation?  traffic?  easy access to decent
           stores, easy access to parks?  how long does it take to get back
           into the bay area?  do you have to own a car to get around out there?
           \_ I live in the area but don't work at LLNL.  Housing is much
              easier here than in SF,Oak,Berk,SJ,SC,Penninsula,etc.  You have
              the choice of paying less to get the same size but newer than in
              those places or paying the same to get much more and newer.
              Traffic: not too bad but getting worse.  Depends which direction
              you're going and when.  Decent stores: Costco is nearby, every
              chain imaginable is near by, Berkeley is 25 minutes for the rest.
              I live 90 seconds walk from a nice park.  It's 25 to Berk, 45 to
              SF.  Yes, you must have a car but contrary to popular opinion,
              you aren't legally required to drive an SUV in the suburbs.  The
              biggest problem here now is lack of restaurants.  The food is ok
                                          \_ The other side of the hills may
                                             not be Berkeley or SF, but
                                             Walnut Creek offers many fine
                                             eating choices, and the kickin'-est
                                             ribs in the Bay Area are to be
                                             found in Lafayette. -elizp
              but there simply aren't enough.  Come out here and open one and
              you'll be packed at every meal as long as you're not killing
              \_ yahoo maps gives a time for driving between llnl and berkeley
                 that is exactly double what you claim.  looking at the
                 map, it looks to me like walnut creek is just as far away
                 as berkeley...throw in traffic, and you've got a solid hour
                 or more to get *anywhere*.
                 \_ yeah plus it's hot as hell in the summer out there. and
                    you're making your living suckling at the gubmint's teat!
        \_ what's the pay?
           \_ they pay decently but not great.  if you spend your career
              there the pension more than makes up for it as well as the
              other perks and benes.
        \_ no Ranch 99, no Boba, no Chinese radio, only 1 foreign channel,
           forget it.                                           -chinese
           \_ For 100, do you try harder?
           \_ You can listen to RTHK over the Internet if you have
        \_ um, parallel file system? It's called the RAID. Stop
           reimplementing things that have been done decades ago.
                \_ That's all Linux is, isn't it?
2004/7/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:31206 Activity:very high
7/7     In a email, what difference is conveyed between "Hi Peter and "Dear
        Peter"?  Is the former really considered less formal and less polite?
        \_ Yes.
           \_ Less formal certainly, but less polite depends on the context.
        \_ If you're writing to a loved one (a situation for "dear")
           then do it in a letter.  Email is casual/business use, where "Peter"
           or "Hi Peter," does fine.
           \_ No one writes 'dear' to a loved one as a greeting. -- ilyas
              \_ Dear Ilya,
                 Tell us about the stars!
                 Joseph Stalin
                 Kaiser Wilhelm
                 \_ I call Godwin!
                    \_ Only applies to German tyrants.
                 \_ Now that was a funny edit.
              \_ Dear Ilyas,
                 I love you
                 Ilyas #1 fan
              \_ I use "dear" writing to my grandmother
        \_ Dear doesn't belong in email. If the letter is formal enough to
           demand a "Dear", then maybe it shouldn't be sent in email?
           \_ Exactly.  I think email should be used like a memo.  Offtopic:
              am I the only one who cringes when ppl say "emails"?
              \_ By "used like a memo" do you mean content free corporate
                 buzzword horseshit?
              \_ no, unless used as a verb in the correct tense.
2004/7/7-8 [Recreation/Travel] UID:31207 Activity:very high
7/7     I'm really clueless about travelling. The only real vacations I've had
        were set up by my parents. What's the best way to figure out plane
        and hotel arrangements for some given place? Or are tour packages a
        good idea? Sorry this is pretty vague I just want people to talk about
        travel cuz I need vacation badly.
        \_ try
        \_ it depends. try to package something yourself, and then compare
           the price to online packages as well as those offered by a real
           travel agency. I had a really good travel agent that worked
           wonders even after online prices shot up.
           \_ the flight stuff I could handle but the hotel possibilities are
              kind of intimidating. did you just try some random travel agent?
        \_ where might you be going?  That will help us answer your question.
           \_ not really sure yet.
           \_ Quiz: What is your travelling personality?
              \_ wow.  what an eye opener.  it turns out i like to go outside
                 and look at stuff.  who knew?  i'd like to take a moment to
                 silently thank the selfless individuals who labored and
                 sweated to bring this brilliant "quiz" into the world.
        \_ A lot depends on your attitude towards travel. If you're a type A
           person with a list of destinations to hit on your trip, book your
           own. If you're a walkabout person with a very relaxed idea towards
           sites to see, book your own. If you don't want to worry about your
           travel arrangements, book a tour. There are many different types
           of tours catering to different tastes. A little research will help.
           Plus if it's for first trip out, a tour is an okay overview.
           \_ Tours are lame.  OP is better off doing a bit of research to get
              the overview.  Since OP doesn't seem to travel an entire trip
              spent getting an overview is wasteful.
              \_ I'd normally want to do it myself but in some cases it seems
                 like the intra-destination travel and food stuff would be
                 a lot simpler with a tour.
2004/7/7-8 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:31208 Activity:high
7/7     Bike route links:
        \_ RIDE TOM! -yermom
           \_ USE YERMOM! -linux
              \_ Why do you hate yermom?
                 \_ I don't hate yermom, yermom is interested.
        \_ Did someone ask for bike route links?
           \_ I think this is tom's clumsy attempt at evangelizing.
              \_ wrong, twink.  someone asked yesterday about bike route links.
                 And I did not post the above.  Presumably the OP from
                 yesterday found some.  -tom
                 \_ where did "twink" come from originally?  does it make you
                    a better person everytime you use the word?
2004/7/7 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:31209 Activity:insanely high
7/7     Concerned senior citizen speaks out in support of Kerry:
        \_ Dear Mr. Bush, Since the start of your presidency, membership in
           our club has grown by leaps and bounds; donations have quadrupled,
           and media coverage has been daily and constant.  Keep up the good
           work.  Yours, Osama bin Laden
           \_ Yeah, and when they stated as early as '93 they were out to
              get Americans, what did Clinton do?
              \_ he tried to kill him.  Mind you that at the same time, you
                 were busy trying to impeach Clinton, completely ignoring
                 all threats imposed by Al Qaeda.
           \_ Laaaaaame.... try harder.
              \_ no lamer than the original.  -tom
                 \_ The original was actually quite amusing. The followup
                    just tried too hard and doesn't ring as true.
                    \_ I'd like to think you're joking, but I'm afraid I'd be
                       terribly mistaken.
                       \_ Apparently you have no sense of timing. I bet you find
                          knock-knock jokes still funny...
              \_ but true.
                 \_ Uhm, no...
              \_ It was cute the first time but now it's old as dirt and
                 best forgotten.  Don't beat a dead horse.
           \_ Kerry has the support of foriegn leaders!
              \_ And Al Gore invented the Internet, and Ketchup is a vegetable,
                 and you REALLY need some new material.
                 \_ Bush has the support of Al Queda!
                    \_ Anyone that does not agree with me is a terrorist and
                       hates America!
                       \_ I know you're being sarcastic but I hope you don't
                          believe anyone actually ever said that for real.
                          \_ Anyone on the motd, the Bush administration, or
                             the right-wing press? Take your pick. I bet I
                             can find examples from all three. Poster below
                             just found one from Bush himself.
                          \_ "Either you are with us, or you are with the
                             terrorists." -GWB
2004/7/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:31210 Activity:insanely high
7/7     From the "about f$#ing time" department"        :
        Kenneth Lay indicted (AP via Yahoo News)
              \_ You obviously know nothing about Rubin.
        \_ Financial cases with zillions of documents always take years
           to get to this stage.  Once they file charges, they only have a
           short time to get it together in court.  By waiting until they
           know wtf they're looking at in the financial papers, they can
           build a case sufficient for a guilty verdict.  If they had filed
           charges shortly after Enron went to shit, Ken Lay would be a free
           man today and forever, not facing charges that now have a good
           chance of sticking.
2004/7/7 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:31211 Activity:insanely high
7/7     Kerry's Chinagate - Loral Money Going to DNC
        1996 campaign finance scandals all over again?
        \_ OOOOOhhhh, a NewsMax link!  Why don't you post a Drudge link,
           a worldnetdaily, and a FreeRepublic while you're at it?
           \_ Translation: "Any news source that is not biased to my
              political thinking is completely invalid.  Do not speak of
              them to me!"
           \_ Sigh... it is either true or it is not.  Attack the truthfulness of
              the material, not the source.  Attacking the source is weak
              and demonstates you have nothing else to say against the
              truthfulness of the material and lends it credence.  This is
              basic Rhetoric 1A stuff any freshman should know.
              \_ Nah, they might teach it in Freshman 101, but anyone
                 with common sense knows you don't argue with a homeless
                 insane drunk.
        \_ As long as he doesn't out any CIA operatives for political
           gain. Whoops! Motherfucking wingnuts. --aaron
           \_ Anything a democrat does, evil.  Anything a republican does,
              good.  Any questions?
              \_ Evil?  Or Eeeeevvvviiilllll!!!!! ?
        \_ Remember when it was "Motorola, Qualcomm and Loral" in all
           the Republican smear pieces? Notice how Motorola is not
           mentioned anymore? I wonder why that is.....
           \_ Tinfoil.  Hats.  Safety from Martian radio waves.
              \_ Follow the money.
           \_ I really like the sector plots under Labor, Lawyers, and
        \_ Kerry returned the money from Chung and other foreigners.
           But last I checked, Republicans took lots of money donated
           from corporate CEOs. Are you guys renouncing that as a
           source of fundraising, now? No more Kenny Boys?
           \_ Do you honestly see no difference between an american corporation
              and a foreign interest?
              \_ Schwartz is an American CEO. Loral is an American company.
                 What is your beef? Are you upset because he is Jewish?
                 \_ Only conservatives are allowed to be upset about anti
              \_ No, that's why it was ok for Clinton to take Chinese money
                 quid pro quo for the most advanced US weapons research.
                 \_ The Clinton haters have claimed this for years, but
                    never offered up any real evidence. Do you believe
                    that Hillary killed Vince Foster to cover up the
                    evidence of their love crime, too?
                         \- "I killed Vince Foster, just to watch him die."
                    \_ The DNC returned hundreds of thousands of
                       campaign contributions and paid hundreds of
                       thousands in fines for taking money from the PLA and
                       Riady.  The PLA now has all of our nuclear weapon
                       designs, when / where do you think they got them?
                       What do you think 'no controlling legal authority'
                       was about?   Read the Cox report.  The evidence
                       is abundant if you would bother to look.
                        \_ Correlation is not causation. Any idiot knows
                           \_ I would classify your behavior and denial as
                              a neurosis.  Poor WJC.. disbarred by USSC
                              and in his home state, impeached, a traitor,
                              and hero to anyone except the VRWC.
2004/7/7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:31212 Activity:nil
7/7     Mr. Bush, your presidency seems to have the momentum of a runaway
        freight train. Why are you so popular?
        \_ Heh.
           \_ The last few Tom Tomorrow's sucked, but this one isn't bad.
              \- the opening is genius. is that supposed to be tim russert?
2004/7/7-9 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:31213 Activity:very high
7/8     I have a female friend who's interested in checking out some male strip
        clubs.  I have been searching the net for some times now, but still
        have been able to find any around the Bay Area.  Any suggestions and/or
        \_ Discussed back in 2000 of October,
        \_ Why don't you bring her over to me, I'll strip for her.
           \_ Because we don't want to kill the last vestiges of her hetero-
              \_ I only half agree with you. I don't give a damn about male
                 \_ I believe OP said female, not shemale.
                    \_ Oh, SNAP!
        \_ There use to be male stripper signs on places on "Bush" in SF
           around Mason/Taylor or so. Not sure if they're still there.
           Pick up the Bay Guardian, there are ads for strip clubs
           (male and female) in there.
        \_ Here's one I think she'll love:
        \_ check out -- very work unsafe.  It's amazing how
           girl next door gets so wild at strip clubs.  Also, it's amazing
           they are having unprotected sex with a stranger.
           \_ Its amazing that you fell for this shit - both the man and woman
              are clearly paid performers.
              \_ I think you're the one that fell for something.  -tom
                 \_ and I think you are the one who fell for it!
                    \_ Dude, I think tom totally played you.
                       \_ Tom?  He isn't smart enough.  He's more like a
                          pitbull than a clever little monkey.
                        \_ In Soviet Russia, stripper plays YOU!
        \_ Is anyone buying this "I have a female friend" story?  Someone here
           obviously wants to go check out some hot man-ass and can't admit it.
           \_ Yeah, no sodan has any female friend.
        \_ Why would a woman want to see men strip?  Women aren't visual the
           way men are.  If they were then male pr0n for women would be a huge
           industry just like the naked chick business is today.
           \_ Yeah! It says so right here in the Monster Manual!
              \_ Mod +5 Funny!
        \_ No male strip clubs for heteros in the bay area -- go to Las Vegas.
           \_ Surely women must like some kind of titilation?  How else
              do you explain the existence of romance novels?
              \_ If you can't see the difference between looking at naked
                 flesh and fantasizing about being in love, you're beyond
                 \_ You are an idiot.  You have no conception of what a
                    'romance novel' is, do you?  You are just mouthing off,
                    aren't you?  You are probably think of yourself as a
                    'sensitive male'.  'Romance novels' are female porn, nothing
2004/7/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:31214 Activity:nil
7/8     Spidey in Lego:
2004/7/7-8 [Computer/Networking] UID:31215 Activity:high
7/8     Behind a big firewall at work.  All they got is a http proxy and
        socks5 proxy.  I would like to get some of other things to work
        (such as AIM, ICQ, real streaming).  Any pointers on how to go about
        this?  thanks
        \_ There are various toys you can install that will create <your
           protocol here> links through the company firewall/proxy.  However,
           you will show up in the proxy logs as either a connection that is
           open for however many hours you're connected through your proxy toy
           or as a zillion connects that open/close on a short cycle.  either
           way this will get you a warning, at a minimum, at any place that
           takes security seriously.  I haven't been the fw admin for a few
           years but even then it was trivial to see who was trying to violate
           policy with a quick glance at the logs.  Is your career worth it?
           Maybe you should just ask for better access?  The admins have it,
           I'm sure.
        \_ Mindterm from Appgate lets you open an ssh tunnel over SSL.
           There are also loads of perl ssh tunnel type scripts around that
           allow port forwarding.  For proxies with timeouts, use an xclock
           or random character generator every x seconds.  And cover your
           ass, above poster is correct, this is trivial to spot if someone
           bothers to check, although in large outfits a ton of random shit
           goes outbound over HTTP ports.  Don't forget to fix your http user
           agent info.  -John
        \_ socksify openssh -D 1080 and run everything through that
        \_ Thanks all.  I am merely trying to use AIM and ICQ (instead of
           MSN, which the company embrace).  These info will get me started.
2004/7/7-8 [Computer/Networking] UID:31216 Activity:moderate
7/8     Do people like the blackberries?  Do they have 802-11(b/g) built in or
        available as a cheap expansion?  info appreciated.
        \_ Can't you just go to their website?
        \_ Yes; and no they don't. At least not the ones growing around east
           \_ I have GM blackberries that have 802-11b.  The lab boys are
              working on the sequencing for 11a and 11g as we speak.
        \_  O.k. it seems that they don't have 802-11 capability.  What is a
            blackberry like device that I can connect to my wireless LAN when
            at home?  (price matters)
2019/06/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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