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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/11/16-17 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:52002 Activity:low
11/16   what are some italian motorcycle brands, NOT ducati?
        \_ Google for "italian motorcycle companies." You're welcome.
        \_ I was looking for 'moto guzzi'.  no thanks to you.
2008/8/7-13 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:50813 Activity:nil
8/7     "Ninja" Sighting Shuts Down NJ School
2008/3/11-13 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:49420 Activity:nil
3/10    I have been riding a EX500 for a few years and I'm thinking of
        getting something more fun and comfy. Does anyone have a
        CBR 600RR? How is the suspension and handling compared to a
        EX500? I'm guessing it would be like a pinto vs. Ferrari type
        of comparison but without testing a 600RR I'm just speculating.
        \_ I've ridden F2s and F3s in the past.  The F3 in particular
           was impressive.  However I wouldn't want to use a bike like
           that for any long rides, the sitting position was pretty
        \_ I rode an F2 for years, it was fast but not very comfortable.
           Too bad you didn't post this last week, my Ducati Monster M900
           was up for sale. Email me in case the guy who has it now falls
           through. -ausman
2008/3/11-13 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:49413 Activity:low
        Even Bay Area bicycle couriers hardly your typical law-and-order conservatives
        now say that Critical Mass is making things worse, not better,
        for day-to-day riders.
        \_ That was a pretyt good article on motorcycle commuting (on which
        \_ That was a pretty good article on motorcycle commuting (on which
           he is totally correct.) But since his assertion about bike
           couriers is totally unsourced, I'm not sure why you posted this.
           \_ because he's a stupid troll.
        \_ Very funny! Is subprime a unique problem in the US? Or
           is it widespread to other countries?
              \_ Northern Rock did not underwrite sub-prime
                 loans. They ran out of cash when the short-term money
                 markets dried up. Giving people a loan w/o confirming
                 their income, and the investment banks'
                 securitization conduits w/o regard to underwriting
                 and risk were mostly Americans'
                 stupidity/genius. Those burned overseas bought our
                 mortgage bonds.
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/3/10-12 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:49400 Activity:low
3/9     If I get a few moving violations from my motorcycle, will it
        affect my car insurance rate? What about the reverse? Just curious.
        \_ hell, getting violations on your bicycle (for which you need no
           license) can affect your rate.
           \_ So I have always wondered about this. What if when the cops
              pull you over on your bike, you refuse to give them your
              driver's license? You are not required to carry ID, are they
              just going to arrest you for not being able to prove your
              identity? Perhaps when you bicycle, you should carry an ID
              other than a driver's license.
              \_ People like Tom just carry a California ID, no big deal.
                 You know not everyone in the state has a driver's license.
              \_ If they are pulling you over for a moving violation they
                 have the right to know your identity.  If you can't
                 give them some proof that you are who you say you are they
                 have the right to take you in to determine you identity.
                 It isn't being arrested though.
                 \_ This is basically correct.  One thing I am not sure about
                    is whether bicycle moving violations show up on your
                    driving record.  Cops say that a fair amount, but cops
                    generally have little idea what the law is, and I haven't
                    been able to find any code which is explicit on the matter.
                    It's hard to believe that a 14-year-old who gets a ticket
                    for running a stop sign on his bike would start with
                    points on his driver's license.
                    I'm relatively certain that motorcycle violations would
                    show up, though.  -tom
                    \_ I would argue from a practical implemntation standopint
                       that they would.  Bicycle violations are so rare that
                       I think the state wouldn't bother differentiating them
                       from normal motorized vehicle ones in their record
                       keeping and processing methods. -ERic
2007/12/17-19 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:48815 Activity:low
12/17   I ride a Kawasaki EX500 for recreation and now I'm looking for
        a real commute bike. I'm getting married and will be moving 30
        miles away from work, and I'm looking for something that is
        1) COMFORTABLE 2) light weight (I'm only 140 pounds, so that
        rules out Goldwings and heavy Harleys) 3) very quiet and
        smooth even at 80MPH. What are some bikes that fit in this criteria?
        \_ Probably a BMW is your best bet.  No bike is going to be quiet
           at 80mph though.
           \_ Agree that no bike is going to be quiet but that is mostly
              due to the wind/helmet noise dominating engine noise. This
              is where high windshields + fairing help tremendously.
        \_ You are a 140 pound weakling and your wife is going to let
           you keep riding? I wouldn't get something too expensive,
           because you'll be selling it soon enough.
           \_ A-
           \_ Your troll adds to -8 value to this thread.
        \_ I am not much bigger than you and I have ridden a Ducati Monster
           for years. They are light (~400 pounds) and comfortable. They
           aren't really quiet, but with stock pipes, they are not that
           loud either. The M900 or 1000 will do 80 no problem. A new one
           is not cheap though, about $12k. Want to buy my 96? -ausman
           \_ Ducatis get really really really hot when you're moving
              less than 10mph in traffic jam, and it is anything but
              "comfortable." In fact 99% of the sportbikes are simply
              too stiff and too uncomfortable for long daily commutes.
              You're a very very bad man for trying to dump your Duc.
              \_ Have you ever ridden a Moster? They have an extremely
              \_ Have you ever ridden a Monster? They have an extremely
                 comfortable and normal feeling riding position, better
                 than most cruisers. I can't really comment on the heat
                 issue, since I split lanes, but I have never had a
                 problem. -ausman
              \_ Bullshit.  Most sportbikes are fine for daily commutes.
                 Although honestly if I was commuting on a bike I'd look
                 at getting the Kawi enduro.
2006/10/9-10 [Transportation/Motorcycle, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:44740 Activity:low
10/10   Think Los Angeles traffic is bad? Go to India:
        \_ True. And if you think any US traffic is bad, go to any
           non-Western country.
           \_ This video is sped up at least twice.
2006/8/21-22 [Transportation/Motorcycle, Recreation/Humor] UID:44086 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
8/21    Funny motorcycle commercials:
2006/8/17-22 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:44063 Activity:nil
8/17    One of my girlfriend's colleagues is doing a survey on motorcycle
        aftermarket parts/accessories.  Maybe you bikers would care to
        participate (there's a drawing for a gift certificate)  -John
2006/7/19-20 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:43728 Activity:nil
        Did you ride your motorcycle to work today? Ride To Work Day.
        \_ 50.1 mpg average?  I thought motorcycles aren't that fuel efficient.
           \_ ???  Did you think it was just has hard to move a 300lb
              bike as it was to move a 1 ton car?  Admittedly, most
              Americans drive around stupid, overly large motorcycles, but
              they're still smaller than a minivan.
              \_ Actually, my impression of bikes having low MPGs came from the
                 MOTD.  Below is part of an old thread in the archive:
        vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv OLD POSTING FROM ARCHIVE vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
        \_ what's the mileage of typical motorcycles?
           \_ My EX500 (top 120MPH) gets 45MPG.
              A typical race ready bikes like Honda 600RR (top ~160MPH)
              gets about 34MPG. Hiyabusa (top ~200MPH) gets even less.
              The biggest problem with motorcycles is DRAG.
           \_ I used to get 75MPG on my Honda 250. Top speed was only 75
              though. I get 30MPG on my Ducati around town, 45 on the
              highway. -ausman
        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ OLD POSTING FROM ARCHIVE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

           \_ Let's say we are comparing two vehicles:
              A) American car, 3000 pounds, 27 MPG, 150HP
              B) 600cc motorcycle, 400 pounds, 50MPG, 95HP
                 (the actual MPG for sportbikes is actually much less than 50)
              Let's define the efficiency of moving weight as MPG*weight.
              A gets a score of 81000, and B gets a score of 20000. Per
              weight speaking, the car is at least 4 times as efficient as
              the motorcycle. So per person speaking, B is more efficient.
              But per weight speaking, A is much more efficient.
                \_ to be fair, when riding a 400 pound bike the 170-200 pound
                   rider makes a big difference.
2006/6/8-13 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:43324 Activity:nil
6/8     I want to sell my 2003 Kawasaki EX500 (500R). It has 9800 miles
        on it and I take very good care of it but it has been dropped
        on the right side at 30MPH, so there are scratches present.
        Everything is original stock OEM parts except the new racing
        Z-rated tires that are rated at +150MPH, which is
        obviously more than my EX500 can handle. Where is a good place
        to post an ad for this bike, and how much can I get it for? Thanks.
        \_ Why are you selling it?
           \_ I don't need it anymore. I've had a lot of fun but it's just
              not practical to keep. It doesn't have much reliability and
              and it costs too much to maintain. I've already got stranded
              on the highway THREE times because of mechanical problems, once
              due to the side kick stand fell off and the safety switch
              disabled the engine because it thought the kick stand was in
              the down position. The second time was due to switching from
              regular tank to reserve 10 seconds within the engine sputter,
              but it wouldn't start at all for 30 min. The third time was
              from a completely dead and leaky OEM battery that was only 48
              months old (it had a 12 month warranty), and I was stranded in
              the middle of nowhere. Then there's the cost of maintenance. I
              don't want to pay $250 per set of tire every 8K miles, and $80
              for a new seal-lead acid motorcycle battery every 48 months.
              In contrast my 60K car tires give me 45K for only $400, and
              my 60-month rated car battery in fact does gives me 60 months
              for 1/2 of the cost. The bottom line is motorcycles are fun,
              but they are not reliable, nor do they make much economical
              sense. I'm sad to give it up, but motorcycles just don't fit
              in my lifestyle anymore.
              \_ You should replace your motorcycle battery more often
                 than once every 48 months. No wonder it "left you
                 stranded," you did not maintain it properly. The total
                 cost of ownership of a motorcycle is much much less
                 than a car, which you would realize if you added in
                 insurance and depreciation costs.
                 \_ Unless you have 60-year old Italian racing bikes.  -John
                    \_ Aren't they comparable to 60-year old Italian
                       racing cars?
2006/5/15-18 [Transportation/Misc, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:43060 Activity:nil
        Dude, these Germans are funny!
2006/5/12-15 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:43028 Activity:nil
        Yet another powered bicycle.
        \_ if it's powered, it's a motorcycle.  -tom
          \_ or a moped.
2006/5/4-9 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:42942 Activity:nil
5/4     How come motorcycle tires tend to have smaller tires on the front
        whereas bicycle tires have symmetrical sizes?
        \_ I can't answer for motorcycles, but for bikes, it's for simplicity
           in spare parts, and the performance differences of differently-sized
           wheels are not very great.  Some bikes for small women have a
           smaller front wheel, to allow for a shorter top tube with
           sufficient foot clearance, and some downhill mountain bikes
           have a 26" front wheel and 24" rear to push the center of gravity
           backwards.  -tom
        \_ consider that motorcycles tend to be rear wheel drive vehicles.
           granted, so are bicycles, but I don't know of many riders who
           can output as much HP/torque on bike as a motorcycle engine.
           Also, do you mean larger diameter or wider tires?
2006/3/28-29 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:42503 Activity:nil
3/28    Tonight's NOVA is about the DARPA vehicle challenge:
2006/1/16-18 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:41388 Activity:nil
1/16    CSUA motorcycle lawyers, is it true you do not need a
        special motorcycle driving license to pilot a motorcycle
        with a sidecar on California roads?  I keep seeing this
        snippet in newspaper letters to the editor.  yes
        this is Governor related.
           Looks ambiguous to me:
           "Class C does not include a two-wheel motorcycle or a two-wheel
           motor-driven cycle."  With side car, that's not two wheels anymore.
           \_ Ah, the answer is, it is true:  "Class C--You may operate a
              motorcycle with a sidecar attached, a three-wheel motorcycle,
              or a motorized scooter."
              \_ Interesting.  I hear riding with a sidecar can be really
                 tricky because the balance is so wierd.
        \_ He regularly rides motorcycles without a sidecar attached.
           \_ this is true.  he even did that on TV.  I know he got the ticket
              for just that particular incident with his kid, but it's
              something to keep in mind.
2006/1/13-17 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:41368 Activity:high
1/13    Live105 DJ says he'd like to see motorists stuck in traffic open
        their doors against motorcylclists:
        Yamaha not amused:
        UPDATE: Live105 offers apology:
        Note: DJ's apology kinda weak.
        \_ Take away the vehicles and make it a straight fight, and I'd put
           money on the bikers over the car drivers.  Especially after the
           second time this happens and all the bikers start carrying
           guns and caltrops.  I ride a bicycle, not a motorcycle, but if
           someone does some shit like this to me, they'd better kill
           me, or the blood on the street will be theirs.
           \_ if you obey the traffic laws you won't be hurt
              if you dont you deserve to get run over
              \_ Your first statement is so patently false to anyone who's
                 ever ridden anywhere but a few select cities as to be
                 not worth responding to.  I obey traffic laws, and I've
                 never been hurt or had a close call, but I've seen cars
                 do things that would have killed me if I had simply obeyed the
                 law and not gone the extra step of assuming that all you
                 car driving motherfuckers will totally ignore it, stopping.
                 at green lights to look, etc.  You all think your so tough
                 when you're surrounded by a 3000 pound murder weapon, but
                 you have to get out sooner or later and then you're not so
                 at green lights to look, etc.
                 \_ So all bicyclists are ranting psychopaths who think all
                    car drivers are inconsiderate potential murderers?  -John
                    \_ I speak only for myself.
                       \_ So you think all car drivers are inconsiderate
                          potential murderers?  -John
                          \_ They're not all inconsiderate, no, but they are
                             all potential murderers.  Cars kill more Americans
                             in a year than the whole vietnam war did.  You
                             can call all of these "accidents", but as some one
                             who has chosen not to partake in car culture, I
                             see it as at least manslaughter, if not outright
                             murder, and I see the whole system as being guilty.
                             What's the fine for blasting through a crosswalk
                             and ignoring pedestrians if you don't actually
                             kill them?  In my state it's a hundred bucks.
                             A HUNDRED BUCKS!!  Now, what would the penalty
                             be for firing your gun into someones home, but
                             missing them?  "But officer, I was aiming for that
                             target on my lawn!"  You better believe it wouldn't
                             be a hundred dollar fine, even if it was a total
                             accident.  Everyone, even the NRA, would agree
                             that gun users should be forced to show a certain
                             degree of responsibility, because if they don't,
                             people are going to die.  But in America we have
                             decided that car drivers do not have to show that
                             level of responsibility, because our whole system
                             is based on allowing every drooling moron in the
                             country to be able to drive any time any any place
                             they want, and that would never work if they had
                             to actually be responsible about it.  And yes,
                             I'm obviously a ranting psychopath.
                             \_ Uhm, you're a moron. Firing a gun into
                                someone's home could either constitute
                                attempted murder, assault, or nothing. It
                                really depends on the situation, e.g. was
                                it an accidental firing, was the owner of
                                the gun aiming at the victim in order to hit
                                or in order to scare, was the firing due
                                to gross negligence or merely negligence, was
                                there a product defect, etc. The same is true
                                for almost hitting a pedestrian with a car,
                                the car in this case would be the deadly
                                weapon vs. the gun. What you are spouting
                                about with your $100 fine is merely the
                                traffic infraction part of the equation,
                                which is a strict liability crime. The motorist
                                in question may still be prosecuted for the
                                above offenses (and depending on your state,
                                there's probably a fine for discharging a
                                gun which is also strict liability). In
                                addition, the victim can sue the motorist
                                for assault if (s)he really wants to. As
                                for your vietnam analogy, that's blatently
                                stupid. So what if cars kill more people
                                per year than in all of vietnam, heart attacks
                                kill more people per year than in all of
                                vietnam also. Should we therefore ban
                                people from being obese and force everyone
                                to exercise? Should we start hunting down
                                every possible dangerous activity that
                                humans engage in and ban them?
                             \_ A cop who saw someone blow through a crosswalk
                                with pedestrians in it could get nailed for
                                all sorts of things in CA starting with various
                                forms of reckless driving.  If there isn't a
                                reason for it like the mechanical failure, it
                                can easily rise to the level of felony.  What
                                state do you live in?
                                \_ Connecticut.  Knowing the 100 dollar fine
                                   for blowing a crosswalk was in the drivers
                                   license test.  As for California I'm going
                                   to simply call bullshit.  I lived in
                                   California for five years, and I never
                                   saw a car pulled over for a crosswalk
                                   violation, and had my life put in danger
                                   hundreds of times by the car weasels who
                                   blew the crosswalks.  I recall people getting
                                   actually hit near campus multiple times.
                                   \_ Ok genius, was a cop nearby?  You're
                                      telling me a cop stood there and was
                                      witness to a car rolling through an
                                      intersection putting life and limb at
                                      risk by nearly hitting pedestrians and
                                      did nothing?  I'm calling big time
                                      bullshit on that one.  I saw one person
                                      get hit while I was in school outside
                                      the dorms.  She was reading the Daily
                                      Cal as she crossed the middle of the
                                      street with traffic oncoming.  Mostly,
                                      cars would actually stop (illegally,
                                      mind you) and let dormies cross the
                                      street when they saw students waiting
                                      for a traffic gap.
                                      \_ You're from LA, aren't you?
              \_ So when a bike is riding on the road do you always give
                 them a full lane?
                 \_ I do.  -!pp
              \_ Lanesplitting is 100% legal.
                 \_ Only for motorcycles, I think.
                    \_ Uh, duh...
                 \_ Do you feel the same way about the Homeland Security Act?
                  \_ When did you stop beating your wife?
        \_ Live105 doesn't exactly have a good track record for rseponsible
           broadcasting.  This should be no surprise.
           \_ Uh, okay... odd little allegation.
              \_ What's odd about it?
                 \_ That you throw it out without so much as an anecdote or
                    url to lend it credence?
                    \_ I figured it was a station enough people here might have
                       heard that I didn't have to explain.  Either way, it's
                       just a music radio station.  The minimal requirement to
                       be a DJ is having a good voice and uhm.  That's it.
                       \_ You clearly have a more finely tuned "responsibility"
                          radar than the rest of us.
                       \_ I too think it's weird to mention something about
                          irresponsible broadcasting and not explain it. -!pp
        \_ If you like getting your ass kicked, telling people to hurt
           motorcyclist in a public forum is a good way to stay happy.
        \_ Scroll down to duc996girl.  Kinda hot.
        \_ Tango and Cash did this about two years ago. They got canned
        \_ Some other idiots did this a few years ago on 92.3. They got canned
           \_ What an ugly asian chick
                \_ Was someone denied sex?
                \_ Did someone get denied sex?
        \_ Kramer and Twitch did this a few years ago on KSJO. They got canned
           a few days later. I am willing to bet this guy gets the boot
           too. Let's make sure that happens by contacting the station.
        \_ Does anyone actually find morning shows like this to be funny?
           Everyone I've talked to just finds them annoying. -gm
        \_ Is this even legal? Can you actually get on the air and
           encourage others to commit murder?
           \_ Anne Coulter said the only way to talk to a liberal is with
              a baseball bat.  I don't see her rotting in jail.
              \_ I'd love to go one one one with that fucking cunt with a
                 baseball bat.  That would be a very short fight.
              \_ The courts have soft spot for the mentally ill.
              \_ Although vile, it's freedom of speech.  Inciting people to
                 assault and kill bikers would never be covered by FoS by
                 even the wildest interpretation of the 1st amendment.
                 \_ Um, that's not what he did.  What he said was stupid,
                    but in no way criminal.
                    \_ If you don't call it incitement then what was it?
                       \_ A great way to boost ratings by getting
                          hypersensitive morons riled?  It's the American
                          way!  -John
                          \_ Why would that boost ratings?  If anything, I'd
                             be less likely to listen.  Morons should not be
                             rewarded for their stupidity.
                             \_ Exactly.  But loudly public righteous
                                indignation is so much more gratifying! -John
        \_ Anyone got a written transcript?
        \_ Okay, so I contacted Beven Dufty, my Supervisor and he promised
           to have the SFPD Chief contact them and express her displeasure
           as well as contacting them personally and asking if the SFMC
           would like to weigh in. If any of you live in San Francisco,
           please contact your Supervisor. I know Ross Mirkarimi rides.
           Is anyone on the motd in District 5?
           as well as contacting them personally and also asking if the SF
           Motorcycle club would like to weigh in. If any of you live
           in San Francisco, please contact your Supervisor. Heck even
           if you don't live in SF, contact your Supervisor, if you think
           there is the least chance that they will be sympathetic.
           I know Ross Mirkarimi rides. Is anyone on the motd in District 5?
2005/11/17-20 [Science/GlobalWarming, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:40624 Activity:nil
        Your cheapo motorcycle helmet could provide better protection
        than your $600 Arai helmet.
        \_ Thanks, this article is great.
2005/10/7 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:40145 Activity:nil
\_ Kawasaki
2005/8/23 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:39226 Activity:moderate
8/23    I saw a commercial for Geico Motorcycle insurance yesterday. I guess
        this is new since I've never known geico to do motorcycle insurance.
        Anyone given them a try?
        \_ I have them and am quite happy. Don't even get one point though,
           or your rates will go up. -ausman
        \_ Geico and Progressive provide motorcycle insurance and are not
           always the cheapest. If you have an auto insurance, they often
           offer "recreational vehicle" insurance, which includes your yacht,
           motorcycle, and in some cases your LearJet or Citation X. They
           usually don't advertise this but they do that. I have my motorcyle
           insurance through AAA but I'm switching to something else because
           they keep raising the price. Here is my biggest gripe with
           insurance. For the first year or two it's pretty cheap, then
           they figure you're sticking with them (even without a single
           accident) and they keep raising the price. Fuckers.
           \_ capitalism at its best.  same for my sbc dsl service.  they
              offer new users at $14.95 per month, while old users have to
              renew their 1 year contract at $26.95 per month, or they
              will raise the price to $49 per month.  fairness and
              customer loyalty means nothing to them.  they just want
              to milk as much as possible out of you, and have a very
              short term view on running a business.  so you either pay
              more or call them and complain, switch, etc., wasiting
              your invaluable time.
              \_ Left wing socialist rant alert!!! Under capitalism the
                 nature of competition drives down the price. If you don't
                 like your provider, you switch to something cheaper or
                 better. Stupid liberal rant.           !jblack
                 \_ You know, if you ignore the first sentence of pp's post,
                    it is completely apolitical.  Don't have to be a socialist
                    to hate SBC.
                 \_ hehe, call it whatever you like.  I just don't
                    like to play games with these companies.  they keep
                    setting various traps for their customers.  for
                    instance, if I missed the letter saying that if
                    I don't renew the contract at $26.95 for one year,
                    I will suddenly see my bill increase to $49.  I
                    am the type who will gladly pay a little more
                    as long as I don't have to deal with these types
                    of crap.  And a lot of the things these phone
                    companies do like some of those fees they tag on
                    to your phone bills turned out to be illegal.
                    and of course the switching of your carrier
                    without notifying you.  another example was MCI
                    whose long distance service I had been happily
                    using for some time, until one day, after WorldCom
                    bought MCI, they suddenly decided to increase
                    the rates through the roof.  We all know where
                    Ebbers is headed.
2005/7/8-12 [Transportation/Motorcycle, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:38495 Activity:moderate
7/8     Check this out, eco-mobile going 200MPH and 55MPG. It's a motorcycle
        with sleek fairings. Make sure to check out the videos!
        \_ I've seen these around Zurich; they're street legal here.  They
           look tremendously cool--the little training wheels retract into
           the fairings at low speeds.  They cost between $50k-$70k.  But for
           some fun, read and ask yourself if
           you belong to the group of "buyers in circumstances found suitable
           by personal contact".  It sounds more arrogant in German.  -John
           \_ I think this probably means they only want famous or
              influential people buying their products (no sale to engineers)
           \_ Driven by people who look like would-be-Porsche-[old]-owners?
              \_ Now that you mention it, the guys I've seen driving this all
                 did look like distinguished 50-ish executive types.  Or it
                 could just mean they want to make sure you have the cash to
                 pay for it.  -John
                 \_ Interesting. I once saw an ad on I-60 that says
                    "Porsche owners are not old. They're just successful."
                    Since you're close by, John, can you do a survey for
                    all of us? Give them a call, imply that you're young and
                    not an executive type but you're really interested in
                    buying the vehicle. See how well they treat you, and
                    report back on motd. Thanks!
                    \_ I already did once.  My uptake of Porsche owners here is
                       that they're generally mid-50s, confident, and don't
                       speed.  When I tried to buy an older 911 once (ended up
                       not being able to find a satisfactory one) I was treated
                       like shit by 2-3 third rate garages, and received very
                       enthusiastically by both private sellers and shops--
                       especially the older dudes seemed to be really happy
                       that someone younger appeared interested in a Porsche--
                       for several owners I've talked to, their car is like a
                       baby, sort of like with Saturn owners but far less
                       spooky and cultish.  -John
                       \_ So what did you end up getting?
                          \_ A TT.  I really like it.  I am still thinking of
                             buying an old 911 someday, or a TVR Chimaera if
                             I ever have the cash and space for a second, more
                             reliable car.  -John
                             \_ I also like the TT. It's a very cute, adorable
                                non-threatening sporty car. I've seen a lot of
                                pretty blonde bombshells driving one.
                                   \_ The models for US export are from a
                                      satellite factory in Kyrgizstan.  -John
                                   \_ Wow!  A breathtaking number of spelling
                                      mistakes and grammatical errors just
                                      on the front page.
                                      \_ I guess that makes him a liar?
                                         \_ It certainly makes him an idiot.
                                            I'm not talking about the finer
                                            points of subjunctive clauses here,
                                            I'm talking about someone that
                                            spells "today" "to day."  Also,
                                            why should I believe some random
                                            crank on the web?  On first viewing
                                            this looks like the "don't buy a
                                            BMW" guy, who was just trying to
                                            extort BMW into giving him money
                                            to shut up.
                                            \_ I am not sure spelling and
                                               grammatical ability translate
                                               to intelligence. UCB is a
                                               good example of that. But, hey,
                                               I don't have a TT. What do I
                                            \_ Early model TTs had an annoying
                                               propensity towards flinging
                                               themselves off the road, and
                                               their rear axles would randomly
                                               break, but that's fixed.  -John
                             \_ How about an Ecomobile
                                \_ I don't need threatening.  I need fast,
                                   reliable, spacious, doesn't use tons of gas,
                                   looks good.  Fits the bill.  And I can't fit
                                   a shitload of {PCs, luggage, dead bodies}
                                   in an Ecomobile's trunk.  -John
                             \_ This car is too cool:
                                \_ Porsche being cool is not news.
                    \_ Apparently, Porsche owners do not get laid:
        \_ That's awesome!  I wonder if this thing is 'allowed' to
        \_ That's awesome!  I wonder if this thing is legally allowed to
           maneuver around cars between lanes, like a regular motorcycle.
             -- ilyas
           \_ These things are on the track, so they're probably still going
              through street certifications. I for one would love to see
              these vehicles on the street as they're not as annoying to
              ride as motorcycles. I'm a rider and I HATE wind noise when
              going above 65MPH. The wind noise at 80MPH feels like 2-3 times
              louder than engines, and the turbulence inside the helmet at
              100MPH is just ANNOYING. My other complaint with motorcycles is
              that there's no enclosure, so you have to wear thick leather
              gear to protect yourself and it either gets really cold or
              really hot when you ride. Also I hate it when bugs or dust get
              onto my neck. I hope they make these things street legal ASAP.
              \_ Yeah, I would buy one.  The one thing that prevents me from
                 getting a motorcycle is the safety issue.  This thing is
                 probably a lot safer than a bike, but also less safe than a
                 car.  -- ilyas
                 \_ I don't see how tiny little plastic fairings will make
                    that vehicle a lot safer than motorcycles, although I
                    do have to admit that when the eco-mobile low sided it
                    was a lot less spectacular than when I low-sided my
                    \_ Yeah, saying something is 'a lot safer than a motorcycle'
                       truly does not say much.  Those things are wheeled
                       coffins, imo. -- ilyas
                       \_ You are very smart!
                       \_ Yeah pretty much. But I think they probably are safer
                          in most crashes; you don't get thrown into the path
                          of vehicles and you have a seatbelt. But no crumple
                          zones or the like; I would like to see a video of
                          one getting broadsided in an intersection by a cell-
                          phone using SUV driver. Maybe it bounces away like
                          a ping-pong ball.
                          \_ They say it's kevlar/glass-weave composite
                             monocoque with a bunch of protection bars.  When I
                             took a look at one at an intersection, it looked a
                             lot like a glider cockpit.  Since this thing is
                             pretty light, wouldn't it not have to crumple?
                             The Smart doesn't have any crumple zones either-it
                             appears to rely on being very rigid.  -John
                             \_ I think the idea of crumple zone is that you
                                don't want the vehicle to be too rigid such
                                that the vehicle decelerates the driver's body
                                too hard.  With a crumple zone, the driver's
                                deceleration is lower.  Whether the vehicle is
                                light or not doesn't change this.
              \_ It's called an AUTOMOBILE. Stupid.
           \_ Actually, in CA, "lane splitting" is just defined as a
              passing manuver.  Anything small enough to do it is allowed
              to.  It just happens that pretty much the only thing small
              and fast enough is a motorcycle.  This thing looks a bit
              wide though.
        \_ what's the mileage of typical motorcycles?
           \_ My EX500 (top 120MPH) gets 45MPG.
              A typical race ready bikes like Honda 600RR (top ~160MPH)
              gets about 34MPG. Hiyabusa (top ~200MPH) gets even less.
              The biggest problem with motorcycles is DRAG.
           \_ I used to get 75-85MPG on my Honda 250. Top speed was only 75
           \_ I used to get 75MPG on my Honda 250. Top speed was only 75
              though. I get 30MPG on my Ducati around town, 45 on the
              highway. -ausman
              \_ A Prius almost gets 60MPG, which puts most motocycles to
                 shame. And while I'm at it, I really hate Ducati's dry
                 clutch, it rattles a lot when you're slow and it is
                 annoying as hell.
           "A third Eco is scheduled to be delivered within weeks to a Denver
           businessman whose wife, so the story goes, was so incensed with
           her husband spending so much on the new contraption that she left
2005/7/7-12 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:38480 Activity:nil
7/7     Hello, I low-sided my motorcycle and the front fairing broke into
        pieces.  I tried to fix it instead of getting new ones since they're
        pretty expensive. I've put on fiber-glass cloth, bondo, and sanded
        it to the exact same shape it used to look like. Here is my question.
        Where do I get decent paint? Someone told me that auto paint shops
        actually do color matching for DIY spray paints, has anyone tried it?
2005/6/30-7/1 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:38381 Activity:high
6/30       I have a round Asian head and most long shaped motorcycle helmets
           don't fit well. What do you recommend for Asian round heads? Thanks.
         \_ Try a shoei, try an arai.  Most people fit one or the other
              pretty well.
        \_ What the hell does being Asian have to do with having a round
        \_ Try a shoei, try an arai.  Most people fit one or the other pretty
        \_ I tried a Shoei-RF1000 and it's rounder than most Arais but they
           still don't fit too well because of the frontal and back gaps.
           Aren't there helmets made for Asians, by Asians?
            \_ Pretty much all motorcycle helmets I see are made by Asians,
               HJC is Korean, Shoei, and Arai are Japanese. There are also
               a couple of Chinese helmets, but I wouldn't recommend them.
               (I haven't seen any that are Snell approved.)  Just go down
               to Honda of Berkeley or whatever and try some on.  I like
               the Korean made helmets, but I'm white, and I'm pretty sure
               they're made for white people.  (I've almost never seen
               anyone in Korea wearing a real motorcycle helmet.) -jrleek
           \_ Pretty much all motorcycle helmets I see are made by Asians, HJC
              is Korean, Shoei, and Arai are Japanese. There are also a couple
              of Chinese helmets, but I wouldn't recommend them.  (I haven't
              seen any that are Snell approved.)  Just go down to Honda of
              Berkeley or whatever and try some on.  I like the Korean made
              helmets, but I'm white, and I'm pretty sure they're made for
              white people.  (I've almost never seen anyone in Korea wearing a
              real motorcycle helmet.) -jrleek
              \_ I didn't know Mormons ride motorcycles. I'd think Religious
                 people would hate paganistic activities like riding loud
                 annoying bikes and intimidating drivers on the road.
                 \_ Every Mormon I've ever known rode a bike. It must be
                    a Mormon thing.
                    \_ Well I just think it's a very unkind thing. I hate it
                       when a biker splits lane, it scares the hell out of
                       me. I especially hate it when they have those super
                       loud pipes, and just as they are passing me, they
                       throttle up so that their pipes would sound like
                       they're going to explode or something. These are very
                       unkind, unChristian things to do. Bikers are like
                       devils on the road. I have a hard time believing that
                       they're Christians or Mormons.
                    \_ I know lots of Mormons who don't ride bikes, but, I
                        also know lots of Mormons.  Of course, a lot of
                        Mormons come from Utah and Idaho, where bikes
                        tend to be more popular period.  Also, I don't
                        know how a guy on a motorcycle could possibly
                        intimidate someone in a 1 ton box of metal.  Nor
                        do I ride a loud bike, I ride a little Yamaha.
                        Not loud at all. -jrleek
                        \_ Why the hell do you guys split lanes just as we're
                           trying to change lanes? Don't you know it scares
                           the hell out of us? Fucking annoying bikers. They
                           should be baned, period.
                           \_ Lane splitting is illegal in every state
                              EXCEPT CA. So, it's legal here.  It is,
                              however, not advisable while cars are
                              actualy moving.  I don't do that.
        \_ Arai Quantum and KBC VR-1 are pretty round
2005/5/14-16 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:37678 Activity:kinda low
5/14    ausman-- curious about your survival. How did you crash, and at
        what speed? Was it a direct-on or a side-wipe? What did you ride
        at the time and what kind of gears did you have? Was it a typical
        left-turn, I didn't see you type of accident? High-side or low-side?
        \_ I was going too fast, probably about 40, down Fell street in
           SF (a four lane one way) and some parked car pulled out in
           front of me. I hit my brakes hard, skidded to about 20, realized

           that I was going to hit her anyway, pulled my brakes harder
           and did a flip over my handlebars, hitting the pavement face
           first. My full face helmet saved me. And to think, I used to
           be against the helmet laws. I probably had a minor concussion
           (a saw a flash when I hit the ground) but I walked away. Oh,
           I was riding a race tweaked Honda F600 at the time with
           super sticky tires and steel brake lines. Probably why I
           was able to stand my bike on its front tire like that. I
           was pretty lucky the bike did not end up on top of me.
           I was wearing a Shoei F900 and a First Gear ballistic nylon
           I was wearing a Shoei F700 and a First Gear ballistic nylon
           jacket with pads in and jeans. I got pretty good road rash
           though the jeans. I don't know what I was wearing on my feet,
           probably sneakers. -ausman
           \_ HOLY SHIT. Glad you're ok! Did you try swerving instead of
              a stoppie? Are you skilled at doing stoppies? Did you hit the
              car at all? And is this an F3/F2 you're talking about?
                \_ I don't ride a motorcycle, but even in a car I'm always
                   wary of swerving.  If you swerve to avoid a Yugo and
                   get creamed by a Mac truck instead that's no good.  And
                   if you have enough time to check your mirrors, there is
                   probably enough time to brake properly.
                   \_ Idealy, you should know what's around you and try to
                      keep your sides open for swerving when riding a
                      motorcycle.  Some people are quite good at this.
                      Unfortunatly, this rarely works out in RL,
                      especially in SF.
           \_ Let me get this right. You were riding a motorcycle and you
              fell down on Fell street?
              \_ Ha ha!  Did he get his motocycle license from that DMV on Fell
                 Street too? :-)
              \_ No, I thought I could stop in time and there was
                 a car next to me. Once the bike started sliding/skidding
                 I didn't feel like I could try and split lanes. I actually
                 didn't even think of it, I was just trying to stop. I
                 have no experience with stoppies, except for this one
                 not particularly enjoyable one. And no, I did not hit
                 the car. It was an F2 that I had bought from a racer.
2005/3/31-4/2 [Transportation/Motorcycle, Transportation/Misc, Science/Electric] UID:37009 Activity:nil
3/31    Electric Scooter:
2005/3/20-21 [Transportation/Misc, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:36774 Activity:moderate
3/19    You know we hear about car bombs all the time, but SCOOTER BOMB???
        This is ridiculous: (
        \_ This is not a story about a scooter bomb, it is a story about
           pig-headed Englishmen.
        \_ ride bike!
        \_ See, we are not the only ones overreacting in a hysterical and
           paranoid fashion to imaginary threats! The British share our
           delusions, woo hoo!
        \_ in the south of Thailand, bombers have been using mopeds
           relatively often.  it only takes a small amount of high
           explosive to blow up a shop or cafe, and a moped is a nice
           disguise to get it close and wait for the right noment
           to remote detonate by cell-phone. :-(
           \_ Is this sort of thing common in Thailand? Why?
              \_ Because there are a lot of mopeds in Thailand, and the Muslim
                 extremists are active in the southern part of the country.
2005/1/23-24 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:35862 Activity:moderate
1/23    My motorcycle (old and unregistered) was just towed.  By the time i was
        notified the fees the towyard wanted were more than the old bike was
        worth.  When this happened to me years ago, I just signed over the
        vehicle to the towyard (or let them lien sale it) and was done with it.
        My brother, though, assures me that the towyard will now come after
        me for 30 days worth of fees plus dismantling + ...   Anyone have any
        contemporary info on this?  What if I just send in a release of
        liability form right now?  I have tried to negotiate with the towyard
        it has not worked.
        \_ Why don't you just ask the tow yard?  And how did you not
           notice your bike was missing?
        \_ I would advise that you pay the towyard.  They can be quite
           aggressive about going after you via credit agencies, which can
           ruin your credit for years to come.
           destabilize your credit for years to come.
        \_ Is this in San Francisco? Google for Chicken John and City Tow.
2005/1/12 [Computer/SW/OS/VM, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:35673 Activity:nil
1/11    VMware Workstation = $189
        VMware GSX Server, unlimited CPU is $3388.
        Does anyone actually use GSX? Comment on actual experience
        on workstation vs. gsx?
        \_ People actually use GSX.  I doubt many people purchase the
           unlimited CPU license, though.  BTW, VMware is hiring, and
           they're both free to employees. :)
           \_ Also, I think VMware often gives out free copies of Workstation
              at campus infosessions.  There probably will be one in a few
        \_ No, get an Mac Mini.
2004/9/28-29 [Transportation/Misc, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:33812 Activity:moderate
9/28    Dear motd, I got semi seriously injured last week and now I'm
        on crutches. It's a pain to walk to the campus because I live
        1.7 miles away. I've been thinking that maybe
        this is a good time to buy one of those Sharper Image mini
        scooter thing. I need something that has ~5 mile range and
        can handle steep Berkeley hills. Gas scooters are noisy
        and stink. How about electric ones? Can they handle the
        Berkeley hills?
        \_ I've never driven a scooter.  Can you safely handle a two-wheeled
           vehicle if your legs are so badly injured?
           \_ If they can use a scooter they can use a bicycle.  S(he) should
              get a (motorized) wheelchair or one of those scooters old people
              use to go to the grocery store.
        \_ is this a joke?
           \_ He might just be an idiot, or kinney.
              \_ Why is someone on crutches an idiot?  Will you carry him?
           DEFINITELY COOL STUFF although at 50 lbs it's kind of heavy.
        \_ It's SEGWAY time!
2004/9/9 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:33438 Activity:nil
9/9     Looking for that guesome motorcycle accident picture in Mexico where
        this guy's head got cut up open and you can see the blood/brain oozing
        out of the skull. I can't find it anymore. Thanks.
        \_ ob
         \_ the site doesn't have a search feature. sux.
2004/8/2-3 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:32639 Activity:very high
8/2     dear motd motorcyclist: I wear a full helmet and I still get a lot
        of wind/dust blown into my eyes. I have a Shoei RF-900 and I closed
        all the vents but it doesn't really help. What do you do to minimize
        wind? Thanks.
        \_ with my Arai, pulling down the chin spoiler helps. -jwang
         \_ Arai's meant for oval-shaped heads. How'd your round/Asian
            head fit in it?             -Shoei Asian dude
            \_ google "arai oval round" -jwang
                \_ Arai makes a lot of models, which one do you have?
                   \_ you don't get to be lazy and anonymous. sign your name
                      or e-mail me if you really cared to know. -jwang
                        \_ oh my, grouchy grouchy.
2004/7/15-16 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:32299 Activity:high
7/15    My motorcycle's odometer only goes up to 5 digits, does that mean
        the lifetime of a motorcycle is a lot less than the car?
         \_ mine goes to 11.
         \_ yes, the average miles-lifetime of a motorcycle is a lot less
            than the average miles-lifetime of a car.
         \_ no, the average miles-lifetime of a motorcycle driver is a lot less
            than the average miles-lifetime driver of a car.
        \_ It's like dog-years.  Your odometer actually goes up to 700,000
           \_ *laugh*  this is funny shit
2004/7/7-8 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:31203 Activity:moderate
7/7     Someone please repost the URL for the bicycle/motorcycle-sound
        attachment? Thanks.
2004/6/27-28 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:31029 Activity:moderate
6/27    Is it generally safe to park a motorcycle in the Bart station? And
        do Bart stations usually have a designated motorcycle parking with
        something to chain it to? I have this fear that 3 buff guys will
        carry it away on top of the truck or something but I'd hate to
        ride my motorcycle all the way to downtown because of all the potholes
        and steep slopes and stuff. Thanks for the responses and ride safe.
        \_ So, I don't ride my motorcycle to the Bart, so I can only give
           you kind of general answers.  I've rarely seen places to chain
           up motorcycles, I assume there aren't any at the Bart either.
           The best theft deterant I know of is a crappy bike with a
           wheel lock.  Really, there isn't anyway to secure your bike
           against professionals, except get some kind of JLo system.
                                                          \_ Jennifer Lopez?
                                                             \_ Bottom heavy.
2004/6/18-19 [Health, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:30908 Activity:high
6/18    What's the best way to ship a motorcycle from LA to Berkeley?
        \_ Borrow or rent a pick-up truck.
        \_ Ride it up Highway 1.  (If it works, of course....)
           \_ to minimize pain, I-5. Less time, less butt pain.
              \_ Depends on the bike.  If it doesn't have decent wind
                 protection, I-5 is gonna be a PITA.
                 \_ Do you mean for frontal/road wind, or side winds?
                    (And if the latter, how do you protect from that?)
                        \_ Frontal/road wind.
                           \_ and bugs!
                              \_ grin and save money on lunch.
              \_ If you want to go fast, 5's your answer.  But why not take
                 in the incredible view along 1 instead?
2004/6/10-11 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:30737 Activity:high
6/10    There been a lot of advancement in automobile safety in the past 50
        years, including safety glass, collapsible steering column, hard
        core soft shell design (Volve), 1 point seat belt, 3 point seat belt,
        airbag, side airbag, etc. How about motorcycles, what kind of
        motorcycle devices are available today?
        \_ Better helmets, synthetic water-proof clothing....  Doesn't
           make up for the growth of cars into land-tanks piloted by
           cell-phone-gabbers oblivious to the world :(
           \_ if you got the chance, go to Asia.  Motorcycle riders *ARE*
              safety hazard themselves.
                \_ that's because of the absense of cars due to heavy
                   city traffic and lack of parking             -Taiwanese
                   \_ no.  It is the obscure traffic law.  Car driver has
                      "moral obgligation" to pay for damages/pain and suffering
                      of motorcycle riders regardless whose fault is it.
                      Thus, motorcycle riders has no incentive to obey traffic
                        \_ your logic assumes that most people are willing
                           to trade in pain and suffering, perhaps for life,
                           for money. your logic is flawed.
                   \_ I thought that it was because of the women in the
                      juice stands distracting all of the drivers? (do
                      they still have those?  I remember seeing them back
                      in 2000)
                      \_ not juice, betal nuts:
        \_ maybe they have those Robotech-like hard shell foam suits?
           Or airbags attached to the race suit? Do they have those? I
           actually wouldn't mind spending a forture on those.
        \_ Several motorcycle jacket manufacturers are offering integrated
           airbags into the jackets.  Not mainstream yet, but probably
           where auto airbags were in the 80s:
2004/6/5-6 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:30623 Activity:nil
        It takes a while to get funny, but then it does.
2004/4/22-23 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:13336 Activity:kinda low
4/22    Kaneda's motorcycle now available for purchase, apparently.
2004/4/21-22 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:13319 Activity:nil
4/21    Hey Crackhead (craigslist posting):
        \_ Hey, this is very similar to the reason _I_ hate drug addicts..
2004/1/18-19 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:11824 Activity:nil
1/17    Any good motorcycle street racing games?  Midnight club seems to be
        mostly about cars.
        \_ Maybe.
2003/12/17 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:11493 Activity:nil
12/16   I see people with really annoying blue lights and white turn signals.
        I've also seen motorcycles with annoying flashing brake lights.
        They really annoy me. Aren't they illegal, and why don't I ever see
        cops pull them over?
        \_ laws regarding flashing headlights and taillights on motorcycles
           vary from city to city
        \_ yes, blue lights are illegal. yes, white turn signals are
           \_ Are the blue lights the OP sees really blue in color?  If it's
              really blue in color, maybe it's illegal.  But if it's one of
              those high intensity white lights that looks blue because it
              looks less yellow than the tungsten or halogen lights, I don't
              think it's illegal.
        \_ Why would they be illegal?  They're all about being noticed.  For
           the motorcycle it's about safety.  Who knows why the rice bombs
           do it?
           \_ because yellow turn signals is universally known and understood.
              because blue can really fuck with nighttime vision.
              \_ Many common vehicles have red turn signals at the rear.  I
                 hate those (because if the driver also taps on the brake at
                 the same time it's very confusing), but they're common.
              \_ The bulb can be silver and the lens can be clear, but the
                 light emitted must be yellow. (There are silver bulbs
                 that emit yellow light when used.)
2003/12/4-5 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:11312 Activity:nil
12/4    I want to learn how to wheelies and stoppies on my new Hiyabusa,
        where is a good place to do that?       -new bike rider
        \_ by learning how to spell HAYABUSA, baka gaijin.
        \_ A new rider, you bought a Hayabusa, and you want to do wheelies
           and stoppies?  Hey, can I have your computer?  You're obviously
           not gonna need it for long.
2003/10/28 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:29591 Activity:nil
10/28   A Dodge Viper V10 engine on a motorcycle.  Oh, yeah.
        \_ The Tomahawk. Its pretty but ... silly.
        \_ You mean 2 wheels and a seat on a dodge viper v10.
2003/10/14 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:10624 Activity:nil
10/13   Bike dudes, I went on my motorcycle and at around 70MPH turned my
        wheels. When I turn right, I swerve to the left, and when I turn
        left, I swerve to the right. In another word, I turn OPPOSITE
        to where I turn the handle. I didn't die.
        \_ Miss America 2000, we are once again in need of your services!
           \_ If the hag on the bike had followed the rules of the road she
              would still be alive today.
           \_ And what was she driving when she killed that cyclist?
              You guessed it, an SUV. A Lincoln Navigator, to be exact.
                \_ looked on Google, can't find anything, hence your story
                   is fake.
        \_ this is called countersteering. You do it so that you have enough
           momentum to lean into the turn so that when you turn you don't
           tip over in the opposite direction from the centrifugal force.
        \_ My biker physics TA told the class about it too, but I didn't
           understand his explanation.
2003/10/13-14 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:10607 Activity:nil
10/13   Ninja robots are coming:
        \_ Even better.  Ninja MONKEY robots!
2003/10/13 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:10606 Activity:nil
10/13   If you've falling from you motorcycle before, which part of body
        is disfigured/maimed/lost? Just curious... and nweaver, please post!
2003/6/10-11 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28696 Activity:high
6/10    When I bite into a York peppermint patty, I get the sensation of
        going over 100MPH on my Ninja 500R while receiving fellatio from
        a porno star featured on my 50" projection TV, purchased due to
        the great job I got where I spend all my time slacking off!
        \_ lol.  that made my day.
           \_ you must've had a really bad day.
        \_ what the hell is a Ninja 500R?
        \_ And why did you get that job?  That's right, because you didn't
           wear a crappy suit to the interview!
        \_ You funny. I giggle.
2003/6/10 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28693 Activity:nil
6/10    Whenever I go above 100MPH (100-110) on my Ninja 500R, I feel like
        my body would be blow off from the bike. Is this common on all
        sportbikes? Should I get a bigger windshield or something?
        \_ You should stop driving so fucking fast that _when_ you hit some
           poor bastard unfortunate enough to share the road with your dumb
           ass you kill you and them instantly.
           \_ I fondly remember the one incident where I was driving on 880
              and two motorcycles zoomed past me as they weaved in and out
              of traffic. Two miles later, there was a big traffic jam. Turns
              out one of the cyclists met a pickup truck.
              \_ Cool!  Justice was served.
             \_ What the fuck is wrong with you guys? The op is asking
                for some simple advice that doesn't need your lame
                opinions. So what if it's dangerous? I'm sure he doesn't
                agree with some of the boring habits you all have. Just
                because you shit bricks when you hear the word
                "motorcycle" doesn't mean you should react like this. Be
                a pussy in private.
                \_ If by "shit bricks" you mean "cringe at other people's
                   stupidity and carelessness", then ok.
                \_ He's asking for advice on how to safely be a moron. That
                   definitely calls for derogatory comments.
                        \_ Maybe he's racing, legally.
                           \_ If so, I'd expect him to know such matters or
                              know of better sources of info than the motd
                   \_ He is asking for advice on how to comfortably do
                      something dangerous. It is not the same thing at all.
                      \_ oh.
2003/6/6-7 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28655 Activity:moderate
6/6     Has anyone highsided their motorcycle? How would one "save" it?
        \_ Once you would call it a highside, you're in the air.  Nothing
           to save.  A step short would be a tankslapper.
        \_ With the blue or the puke orange neon?
2003/5/9-10 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28390 Activity:moderate
5/8     Nevman, did you sell your 2001 EX500 yet? What whas the mileage and
        how much did you get it for? Clean title? Ever dropped? I'm selling
        my EX500 too and just want to get a ball park figure.
        \_ Nevin has an email address, you know.
2003/4/25 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28225 Activity:nil
4/24    Does your car accident affect your motorcycle premium, and
        vice versa?
        \_ If you have an accident it affects all your premiums.
           \_ does being dumb enough to own a motorcycle in the first place
              raise your auto premiums?
              \_ actually, aren't motorcycle premiums considerably higher
                 than for cars? ... in which case, yes.
                 \_ The answer is, for liability, no.  My motorcycle insurance
                    is MUCH cheaper than anyone's car insurance that I know of.
                    I bet it's diffrent for comprehensive and/or injury tho'
2003/4/22-23 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28193 Activity:high
4/22    looking for a cheap passenger helmet. HJC or KBC?
        \_ would you stop your motorcyclist trolling?
                \_ no troll is less important than another troll. On motd
                   we value all the trolls as equals and we do not
                   discriminate. We celebrate troll diversity.
        \_ you don't value your passenger's life?
           \_ if he did, he wouldn't have a passenger
        \_ Is there actually any saftey diffrence between the $150 full-face
           HJC and the $400 Shoei or Arai helmet?  They're both Snell approved.
           I've never seen any evidence that there's a significant diffrence
           other than $250 and less comfort with the Shoei.
2003/4/19-20 [Transportation/Car, Reference/Military, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28169 Activity:moderate
4/19    Has anyone checked out the new RRs? I've been looking at the specs
        and besides seating position, tail pipe, and the engine, I really
        don't see any difference between the F4is.
        \_ The F15E is vastly superior but the F18 is carrier capable and
           while prefer the F16 for air to air.  The F4 is way out of date
           and hasn't been flown by a real air force for decades.
           \_ wankers
        \_ The CBR-RR has much more extreem seating, sharper steering
           (Bike had it tankslapper on them), and is a bit lighter.
           For the track, the RR is probably considerably (1/2 a second?)
           better.  For the street, the F4i is undoubtedly superior, for
           the same reasons the RR is designed to be better on the track.
                \_ why do I have a feeling that the RRs are not going to
                   sell as well as the F4i's since most people don't do
                   track and don't care about that 1/2 sec difference?
2003/4/16-17 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28140 Activity:high
4/15    How do you guys protect your ears when you're on the motorcycle?
        At above 50MPH, the wind noise is driving me nuts.
        \_ Um, a helmet?
           \_ haven't you seen those helmets which don't cover your ear?
              \_ those are for dumbasses.  Are you one?
        \_ And a good helmet.  RF200/700/800 were among the quietest.
           I'm not so sure about the 900.  Earplugs - hearoos are my fav.
           \_ Earplugs suck if you're going to be driving in city traffic.
              \_ I got tens of thousands of happy mileage.  Your hearing.
                 But if you never get on the freeway, plugs unneeded.
           \_ I have a RF900 and it's kinda noisy. However, I've never tried
              any other helmet in my life so I wouldn't know. Isn't
              RF900 > RF800 > RF700 > RF200?
              \_ no, more like Pentium replaced by P2, P3, P4.
        \_ You go to your doctor and get a prescription for custom
           earplugs, which you can legally wear while driving.
                \_ what's the NRR rating for cusmot earplugs? I use Howard
                   Leight earplugs with an NRR rating of 32 and it's still
                   pretty noisy with my Shoei RF900.
                   \_ the NRR is a sort of average over a frequency range.
                      it is possible that the noise you hear is in a range
                      that the plugs are not good at blocking.
2003/3/18 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27733 Activity:nil
3/17    Whats better AlpineStar or Sidi?
        \_ ask yourself, what's better, Arai or Shoei?
           stop trolling the motd.
2003/3/17 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27720 Activity:nil
3/16    Is stuff cooked over an open flame - i.e. skewers/kebobs really more
        healthy than fried or other regular foods?
        \_ less fat thatn frying (it all drips away)  OTOH, the yummy
           chemicals created by searing the fat on the food is mildly
           carcinogenic.  Its a trade-off
           \_ ride bike!
                \_ ride motorcycle or bicycle?
2003/3/11-12 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27652 Activity:high
3/11    How much do bike fairings cost? Say you messed up a CBRF4i fairing...
        \_ more than you think they should.  If you wanna go honda parts
           I suggest calling honda of milpitas.  They tend to give really
           good prices AND they ship locally.  F4s also have lots of after
           market bits available, including fairings, which should be cheaper.
           Expect several hundred dollars to a thousand or so depending on
           how many pieces you broke.
        \_ whats wrong with stock fairings?
           \_ Cost more, and aftermarket ones may be lighter/look cooler/etc.
        \_ You can find tons of fairings on eBay for better prices. Might
           have to wait a while for the ones you want, but you can set a
           saved search to mail you new results. Also, there's a couple of
           salvage shops you can try (one not far from the Milpitas honda),
           though I forget the names. --saarp (who's had to put more than
                                        his fare share of bikes together)
                \_ chances are those parts are stolen.
                \_ Uhhhh so how many times did you fuc^H^H^H drop your bike?
                holy crap this means each time you drop your bike you've
                wasted $300. That is crazy.
                \_ now you know why 1) bikes with lots of plastic are not
                   recommended for beginners and 2) you see a lot of bikes
                   out there with fucked up/missing fairings.
        \_ What's a fairing? - biker dummy/wannabe
2003/1/31-2/1 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27263 Activity:insanely high
1/31    Bike riders, how long can you stay on those race bikes (e.g. F4i,
        R6, Interceptor, etc) before your back starts to ache?
        \_ Motorcycles or bicycles?
        \_ Really depends on the bike.  A VFR (which used to be an Interceptor
           way back in the day) is quite comfortable, while an R6 will make
           you uncomfortable much sooner.
        \_ My back never bothered me, but my legs would cramp up after about
           two hours.
2003/1/28 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27221 Activity:nil
1/27    Why is Suzuki Katana 600 $2000 cheaper than the other 600cc bikes?
        \_ cuz its heavier (~90-100 pounds) and slower. compare it to suzuki's
           own gsx-r600.
        \_ ask our local Suzuki rep:
2003/1/22 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27183 Activity:very high
1/21    Is there really a big difference between a 500 and 600cc bike?
        Also is Kawa the only maker of 500 street bike?
        \_ 500cc:
        \_ 500cc:
2003/1/7 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:27020 Activity:nil
1/6     looking for a motorcycle safety class in s cal, any recs?
        \_ call 1.800.ccrider, or visit <DEAD><DEAD>
2002/12/9 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:26759 Activity:kinda low
12/8    What about scooters? Are they practical in Berkeley? I am thinking
        of buying a 50cc model to get around the city. BTW, if 50cc enough
        for a big heavy guy or does it not matter for a scooter?
        \_ Walk or RIDE BIKE! you lazy fuck and you won't be so heavy(fat).
           \_ Maybe it's all muscle.
        \_ I weigh 150 and a 50cc scooter was barely enough to get me
           to 30mph. You probably need at least an 80.
2002/12/8-9 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:26747 Activity:high
12/6    Any recommendations on a good starter motorcycle?
        - sick of parking tickets
        \_ You bastard!  When they said "RIDE BIKE!" they meant a foot powered
           bicycle like a 12 speed, not a sound poluting earth destroying
           monster!  RIDE BIKE!  RIDE BART!  RIDE BUS!  RIDE SHOES!
           \_ Perhaps he wants a eco-friendly, non-poluting natural gas
              or electric bike. Don't jump to conclusions.
              \_ Get real.  The OP was very clear.  Eco friendly was not on
                 the list.  It's about parking tickets, not my air.  Stop
                 trying to read in what isn't there.  And it's not like an
                 electric or natural gas vehicle is eco friendly anyway.  It's
                 all killing the planet, you're just moving the problem to
                 some other place.
                 \_ I was joking.
                    \_ That's not funny.  Destroying the environment for your
                       own self convenience is never funny.
        \_ Sure, something small (250cc), cheap, and used.  Spend your
           money on gear.  (You're gonna crash the thing with in the
           first 6 months, buy cheap and easy) Oh, and take the course.
           \_ He's not 'gonna crash,' he just may crash.  -jor, 8 years
              75,000 miles, no crashes.  He should just buy a reasonably
              priced standard, like a Bandit or a non racer 600 sportbike.
           \_ I'd say a 250 is too small.  You will grow out of it to fast.
              Not to mention there aren't too many 250s around these days.
              Go with sometihng ~500ccs, get something with little or no
              plastic (you will drop the bike and plastic is expensive)
              and that you won't feel too bad about if you destroy.  Lots of
              generic 80s and 90s japanese bikes fit the bill.
           \_ Yeah, I've heard good things about the course.  Gear recs?
              I've heard good things about the Suzuki SV650, but I doubt
              I'll find one of those used. -OP
              \_ minimal reqs - boots, long sleeve shirt, jeans - mds
                \_ That's pretty minimal.  I'd say minmum is a Snell
                   approved full face helmet, boots, leather gloves,
                   leather jacket, and jeans.  In that order. -jrleek
                  \_ I read it as "reqs for the *course*" - they provide
                     the helmet.  Forgot gloves, they require that too.
                     Jacket is of course good, but not sure it's that
                     much benefit for the mostly-low-speed riding of the
                     course, it's warm...
                     \_ Was actually wondering about general gear recs? -OP
                        \_ jacket, gloves, helmet, boots, jeans.  Wear all
                           of them.  Don't be cheap.  Good gloves are a lot
                           more important than you think, they give you grip
                           on the trottle and even at 30mph that wind gets
                           COLD fast.  Not to mention losing your palm in
                           accident would suck.  (I've fallen with tough
                           leather gloves on, you tear those things up.)
                           Boots are probably the least nessecary of those
                           five things, but fuck it.  Don't be cheap.  Having
                           heard horror stories of people shaving down thier
                           ankles do you really want to risk it?  Once again,
                           expect that you will fall down at least once in your
                           first year.  If you aren't being too risky it
                 are only half has likely to get in an accident per mile
                           probably wont be that bad of a fall, but even a
                           minor fall can be really painful if you aren't
                           wearing gear.
        \_ Sick of having full use of your limbs and appendages too?
           \_ you can die slowly but surely, sitting in a cage in traffic,
              or you can accept a chance of sooner pain, saving an hour
              a day.  You can also go to dinner in North Beach on a Friday
              night without paying some bum $20 for 'his' parking space.
              \_ you can have your head run over by a semi. your life.
                 if you stay off freeways you have a much better chance.
                 but even then you have your red-light runners, people who
                 rear-end you for no reason, etc. etc.
           \_ What are the accident statistics for motorcycles and cars?
              \_ I poured over these one night and calculated that you
                 are only half as likely to get in an accident per mile
                 on a motorcycle than in a car. However, your accident
                 is 10 times more likely to be fatal. So the per mile
                 fatality rate is about 5X. -ausman (still riding)
                 \_ Any correlation between taking a class and reduced
                    fatality?  --genuninely curious
                    \_ Well, your insurance rates go down if you take the
                       class and generally that is a good sign.
                 \_ No, I have not seen anything convincing. Alchohol is
                    involved in 1/2 of all crashes, so don't drink and drive,
                    not even one beer. Do I really need to say this? Also,
                    2/3 of all injuries are caused by cars where the driver
                    does not see the rider, so visibility is very important.
                    Wear bright clothing, ride a brightly colored bike, have
                    loud pipes, do whatever it takes to be seen, especially
                    when you are in inexperienced rider. Eventually, you will
                    learn to adapt your style to your relative invisibility,
                    but at first it is quite a shock. -ausman
        \_ related question - what to watch out for (mechanically) in a
           used bike? How much should you expect to pay for a starter bike?
            - mds, in similar situation
                \_ that would depend on what you decide on, and whether
                   it's used or new.  ninja250's are nice because they're
                   so damn cheap at ~3k new and a bit less, used .  -suzuki
        \_ my boss crashed his harley. lost his ankle and about 4 inches
           above it.
        \_ Is he on King Of The Hill now?
           \_ A guy I knew in highschool crashed his car and lost his life.
              What's your point?
              \_People in the ER call motorcycles "suicide machines." Your
                \_ i thought they called them
                        regional variation: "donor-cycles" _/
              chance of surviving a car crash in one piece are higher than
              if you are on a motorcycle, assuming all things being equal.
        \_ a kawasaki ninja 250cc if you're small; a suzuki gs500e or a
           kawi ninja 500cc if you're much bigger than a 5'3" female.
           i endorse the safety class as well.  good stuff.  -suzuki
2002/12/6-7 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:26740 Activity:high
12/5    Has anyone tried riding a motorcycle from LA<->SF area on say, I-5
        or 101? How was it? Was it doable? Tiring? Not recommended?
        \_ I did Berkeley to UCLA in 7 hours on 101.  It's a bit rough at
           that pace, need to net about 70mph including the 2 gas stops.
           It's a nice ride from San Luis Obispo to Ventura, then 101 goes
           inland and sucks.  -jor
           \_ I thought the 580 to the 5 is faster?
           \_ I thought 580 to 5 is faster?

              \_ not in summer, in proper riding attire.
        \_ Well, It kinda depends on the bike, amoung other things.
           It's certainly doable, whether you WANT to or not is another
           question entirely.  :P  But if the bike is comfortable, and
        \_ I've driven the I5 many times and *never* seen a bike on it.  Ever.
           you have 8 hours, whatever.  I-5 is really boring tho' -jrleek
        \_ I've driven I5 many times and *never* seen a bike on it.  Ever.
           Not one.  Maybe there's a reason for that.  Maybe you'll be first
           bike! like on slashdot or fc!
        \_ I have a friend who has done that multiple ways.  says get maps
           \_ The fun foothill roads where James Dean died (in a Porsche). --dim
           and follow the more fun highways parallel to I-5 in the foothills.
           be sure you're up to handling strong gusty cross-winds.
           \_ The fun foothill roads where James Dean died (in a Porsche).
        \_ Hmm...bugs.
        \_ The distance isn't that bad, but from my experiance with long
           distance motorcycling, getting OFF the major highways made for
           a lot more interesting and a lot less stressful (and therefore less
           tiring) riding.  So I'd suggest 101 over 5 and country roads over
           both if possible.  -aspo
        \_ my husband and i caravan'd down to L.A. -- he on the bike, me in
           the car.  it was _not_ very comfortable for him, and since cars
           weren't expecting a motorcycle on the road, not very safe at times.
           we went down I-5.  At Harris Ranch, we took a break and he found
           it so comfortable to sit in the car that we ditched the bike and
           picked it up on the way back.  his motorcycle was a really fast
           racing bike, not a cruiser, so it may be a different experience
           on something like a BMW bike.  Plus, it was the middle of winter
           and it got pretty cold for him.
           \_ i was expecting the story to end in sex. where's the rest of
              this story? please repost!
2002/2/11-12 [Transportation/Motorcycle, Recreation/Music] UID:23836 Activity:kinda low
2/11    Is Suzuki a good brand for digital pianos?  I saw a few Suzukis at
        a piano store, but I've never heard of this brand before.  Thx.
        --- yuen
2002/1/4 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:23451 Activity:nil 75%like:23444
1/2     jwang, is your Suzuki garaged? how much is your insurance?
        \_ to the anonymous motd poster, i pay $113/year for liability-only
           coverage. this is for a Honda CBR600 F4, ungaraged. --jwang
2001/12/31-2002/1/2 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:23414 Activity:moderate
12/30   jwang, what's a good 2 seater utility bike that looks sporty?
        \_ Why not just email him?
        \_ without more pertinent information such as price point or
           even what your definition of "utility bike" is, jwang says
           Suzuki SV650.
                \_ thanks. For me "utility" means carrying decent load,
                   like dumb-bells (without wearing a backpack) and
                   being able to carry my little cousin. I don't want to buy
                   a Harley, Cruiser, or something that bulky.
                   \_ get a tank bag for backpack-sized loads. as for your
                      little cousin, make sure both of you are ready for
                      riding two-up, experience-wise and safety gear-wise.
           \_ hey, what is the insurance for an ungaraged SV650, 29 yr man?
           \_ How does CBR600 compare to SV650 in terms of load, stability,
              etc? What's a good URL to learn these things?
              \_ all modern motorcycles are perfectly stable and seats two,
                 although rider and passenger comfort will vary. both the
                 CBR and SV are pretty comfortable, but not as "plush" as
                 the bigger touring bikes like the VFR. you can find new
                 bike reviews at
2000/12/11-13 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:20064 Activity:nil
12/11   anyone selling a used street/sports motorcycle of around 250 ccs?
        mail suzuki.  thanks.
        /- huh?
2000/9/26 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:19332 Activity:nil
9/24    In So. CAl they have teh greatest invention in the history of Mankind...
        _The REcycler_ magazine.  Free classified adds (not for dealers) and you
        pay like $1 to buy it.  I can get up early Thursday morning, get it, and
        have a new(to me) motorcycle by Thursday night.  Why (oh why?) is there
        nothing like that up here?  It is a giant PAIN to shop for a used Bike.
        I know some of you CSUAers ride, Where should i look?
        \_ --dim
            \_  Um, i apreciate the thought, but, you know, i did try that.  The
                problem is that there is a dirth of adds for this area.  I don't
                want to have to drive to LA to get my bike.
        \_ there is a similar paper called "diablo dealer" in contra costa
           county.  pick one up in orinda or lafayette.  they advertise
           their sister papers in it too.. I think there might be one for
           the richmond area too?
        \_Cycle Trader is the only way to go in Northern california.
           For some reason, bay area folks think thier old shit is
           worth more than blue book. Good luck, dont go to a used
           bike dealership also, they will rip you off.
           \_ see blue book is too large of an area.  In the bay area there
              is a much higher market for bikes so the tend to go for a bit
              more.  You figure it out.  (Also people tend to be negotiable
              on prices, you ask for more than you expect to get and all that)
2000/9/26 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:19330 Activity:kinda low
9/25    Anyone ride a scooter?  Why are scooters from the early
        80's/late 70's so expensive?  What's a good type of scooter
        to buy?  Italian?  Japanese?  2-stroke?  4-stroke
        \_ I drove my uncle's vespa while in India. 2 stroke I
           believe. This was made in india. Surprisingly indian
           believe. His was made in india. Surprisingly indian
           scooters are quite popular world wide.
        \_ Vespas from then are pretty popular because they rust easily.
           You might want to try one of the newer models--they're surprisingly
           reliable;  I'm going to get one myself.  <DEAD><DEAD>  You
           will probably want to get a 125cc, since 2-strokes are generally
           notoriously stinky and loud.  However, if you have a really
           nice old Piaggio Vespa (the ones with the round horn fixtures
           in front) in good condition, you won't have problems with
           spare parts since there are tons of enthusiasts for them.  -John
        \_ I personally don't see what the point of a scooter is, since
           the requirement for an M2 liscence (<150cc only) is essentially
           the same as an M1 liscence, at least in CA.  And, if you just want
           a little runabout vehicle, and old motorcycle works just fine,
           doesn't cost much more, and is freeway capable.  -nweaver
2000/8/23-26 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:19078 Activity:nil
8/24    Cheap Online place to buy oem motorcycle parts?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ Don't bother with motorcycle accessory wharehouse (forget their
           domain), they took 2 weeks to deliver something they had in stock.
2000/6/12-14 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:18453 Activity:nil
6/12    Where can i get cheap motorcycle insurance that is NOT McGraw?
        \_ progressive came in pretty cheap for me -shac
        \_ Call felder -  I'm using some offshoot of
           Sullivan&Sullivan at under $300 for full on my boxer.  -jor
1999/12/8-19 [Politics/Domestic, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:17033 Activity:nil
12.09   Spring 2K officers:
        Dan Silverstein         (President)
        Mike Howard             (Vice President)
        Paolo Soto              (Secretary)
        Paul Twohey             (Treasurer)
        Elle Yoko Suzuki        (Librarian)
1999/8/22 [Computer/SW/Apps, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:16369 Activity:nil
8/21    Anyone have a hard copy of A. Illustrator and want to lend it to
        me? [suzuki]
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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