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2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/5/3 [Transportation/Car] UID:29970 Activity:high
5/3     I'm selling my old car, '97 Honda Civic in good shape.
        Don't know where else to post this within the CSUA so the motd
        will have to do. --lye
        \_ In SOVIET RUSSIA, car sells YOU!
        \_ How much?  -- car's pissing radiator fluid in the parking lot
           \_ Well, its listed at the top of the Craigslist posting, but
              I'm asking $7800...or best offer, obviously.  --lye
              \_ Whoa, sorry... that was stupid.  I've been conditioned
                 to ignore large text.
              \_ What is the Blue Book? $7800 seems high for a car that
                 cost maybe twice that 7 years ago.
                 \_ Hmm, you are right.  I must have made an error when
                    entering data in KBB.  I've corrected the ad.  --lye
                    \_ I bet you were trying to game the heartless capitalist
                       system, Lye!  Don't think I am not on to you. -- ilyas
2004/4/29 [Transportation/Car] UID:13456 Activity:insanely high Edit_by:auto 74%like:13448
4/29    If you had a choice between two cars that were identical in every
        way but the engine and one had a forced-induction 1.8L engine
        while the other had a naturally aspirated 2.6L engine with a
        lower peak power output, which one would you choose? On a side
        note, this is between a Mercedes C230 and C240 which I'm helping
        someone else buy (I personally wouldn't buy one myself).
        \_ The larger, lower-power engine.  You usually won't need the power
           and there's less to go wrong with it.  I know you said "identical"
           but if there's a mileage difference, that'd be very important.
           \_ [formatd was here]
        \_ I agree with the above.  Especially in the Bay Area you're just not
           going to use the tiny bit of extra power the snazzier engine
           provides.  The buyer should drive both and get the one that feels
           the best in normal driving conditions (within their price range,etc)
           \_ yeah. just drive both and see if there's a difference in power,
              and which one is smoother/noisier. then look at price and MPG.
        \_ There are a lot more differences between the C230 and C240 than the
           engines! One is a little 3-door and the other is a sedan. The
           prices are much different. One weighs more than the other. All
           else being equal, stay away from a turbo engine if you plan on
           keeping the car. If I was to get a C class I'd go C320.
           \_ That's not completely true. There is both a C230 sedan and
           keeping the car. If I was to get a C class I'd go C320.
           \_ That's not completely true. There is both a C230 sedan and
              coupe. The coupe looks pretty ugly. Also, the C230 isn't
              a turbo. It's supercharged.
              \_ What does "superchanged" mean?
                 \_ It means the induction is powered with a belt from the
                    engine rather than just by exhaust gases. The
                    distinction is minor in this discussion. I also stand
                    corrected and there is now a C230 sedan. There used to
                    be one in the 1990s and it was discontinued in favor
                    of the C240. I see that it has been brought back.
        \_ The one that has better gas mileage.  C230:23/30, C240:19/24.  The
           C240 does worse mileage than my mini-van.
              coupe. The coupe looks pretty ugly.
        \_ The one that has better gas mileage.
2004/4/29 [Transportation/Car] UID:13448 Activity:nil 74%like:13456
4/29    If you had a choice between two cars that were identical in every
        way but the engine and one had a forced-induction 1.8L engine
        while the other had a naturally aspirated 2.6L engine with a
        lower peak power output, which one would you choose?
        \_ The larger, lower-power engine.  You usually won't need the power
           and there's less to go wrong with it.
2004/4/26 [Transportation/Car] UID:13381 Activity:nil
4/26    I read somewhere that you can't buy regular deisel cars in California
        (eg, the VW Jetta TDI).  Is this true?  I've seen a lot of good things
        about VW's deisel line and I'm mildly interested in buying.
        \_ There is a limit allowed sold per year, it is an air quality
           law.  Generally the TDIs run out around mid year, you should still
           be able to get one.
        \_ What with improved gas milege and better scrubbers and such for
           deisel cars, do they still pollute more than gasoline cars, and
           how much more?
           \_ Fuel prices for deisel are often higher than straight gas.  Be
              care what you wish for.
              \_ It's often cheaper too, due to lower federal taxes.
              \_ What the crap are you responding to?
2004/4/23 [Transportation/Car] UID:13346 Activity:nil
4/23    Where do you guys go to check out used cars for possible purchase?  Someplace else?
2004/4/17-19 [Transportation/Car] UID:13245 Activity:nil
4/16    How much should I expect to pay to have a car painted?  How can I tell
        if a place will do a good job?
        \_ You need to get a recommendation from someone else otherwise you
           don't stand a chance of picking a good place from the phone book.
           Painting costs about $80/hour.  The last time I got hit, they
           charged the insurance company 4.5 hours to paint *2* side panels
           on my car.  For a non-insurance vanity job they will probably not
           fuck you over on the hours that hard but it ain't cheap.
           \_ I'm interested in buying a very specific model of used car, and
              If I don't have to concern myself with color/paint condition it
              will make the search much easier, so what should I expect to pay
              to completely repaint a normal-size car?
              \_ why don't you just call a few places, or are you scared of
                 talking to real people...
                 \_ Yes, I was hoping for anonymous motd advice.
                    \_ Guestimate: $2k to $3k.  Probably not worth it for
                       your used car plans.  My wife's car is a small hot
                       little 2 door.  The local place wanted $7k to touch it.
        \_ You get what you pay for.  Ask them about the procedure
           they're going to follow.  It should range from several
           hundred bucks for someone to clean the existing surface,
           mask off the unpainted exterior surfaces, and spray on some
           new paint, up to several thousand for someone to do it
           properly.  To do a proper job of it, they would need to
           remove all the trim, partially dismantle the car to get
           access to painted surfaces that are not external (open your
           door -- notice that the paint continues inside the sill and
           jamb, and think about how that will look if that surface is
           skipped while changing colors), strip the paint off down to
           bare metal, remove and replace any old bondo, sand it
           smooth, apply some number of coats of primer, some number
           of coats of colored paint, and some number of clearcoats.
           They will need to sand out irregularities in the finish
           between some coats.  The number of coats will depend on how
           you want it to look at the end.  A good painter should be
           able to help you find a good cost/benefit point for what
           you want to do (or help you understand why what you want is
           prohibitively expensive).
        \_ Related question:  A passenger smacked the edge of my car door
           into a wall and now there's a small nick in it that bugs me.
           there's also a tiny dent in the edge--is it difficult to fix
           this sort of thing?  -John
           \_ maybe with a significant change in lifestyle and some therapy,
              but it's a longshot.  usually uptight assholes who obsess about
              their cars tend to stay that way for life.  Or is that not what
              you meant?
              \_ No actually I meant that a nicked car door makes it less
                 intimidating when I bear down on militantly aggressive
                 twats who drive shitty cars with "visualize world peace"
                 stickers and who haven't showered in months.  Next? -John
                 \_ Thank you for proving my point.
                    \_ You had a point?  I asked how hard it is to fix
                       small dents, you responded with pointless insult.
                       Do us a favor, don't reproduce.  Moron.  -John
           \_ dump her.
              \_ The passenger was the boss.
                 \_ And that cheap fucker didn't offer to repair the damage?
                    \_ That's why I'm asking.  I want to know if it'll be
                       cheap to fix, so I can continue being a gracious host
                       and not tie said person to my hood like a cheap
                       hunting trophy as punishment.  -John
                       \_ those things are expensive to fix, most people
                          don't bother with it because it takes a lot
                          of effort and luck to get it right.  Having said
                          that, if you ask for paying the damange, you will
                          be look like a cheap asshole for some reason, even-
                          though everyone knows it's expensive to fix it.
2004/4/16-17 [Transportation/Car] UID:13229 Activity:nil
4/16    Anyone know of a good tire balancing place around south bay/SF area?
        For some reason my car is pretty sensitive to it and my steering wheel
        shakes slightly at 80+ speed. I am fairly certain it's the balace, but
        the place I went to does not seem to want to put the effort to iron
        out the last bit of imbalance. They just claim the computer says its
        balanced. the car is fine at 60mph. thanks.
        \_ Is it worse when you hit the brakes? if so, then your brake rotors
           might be warped. Also, it's more likely to be your alignment
           than your tires being balanced.
           \_ alignment can cause shake too? I just recently got an alignment
              done at the dealer.
        \_ Does the shaking stop at any point beyond 80?  I've heard of
           something like that happening with some cars, and it wasn't
           tire balance, it was something to do with an unbalanced
           \_ no, the faster i go, the more shake i got. smooth roads does help
              a bit.
        \_ It could also just be that the tires are worn unevenly.  Anyway,
           I like the service of America's Tire Co.  You can find the locations
           at  They do free rotation and flat repairs as well.
2004/4/15-17 [Transportation/Car] UID:13222 Activity:nil
4/15    Should I get a transmission flush? My old Accord manual says to
        change it every 90K (which is a bit long), and it crapped out at
        150K. Now I have a new Accord, I'm wondering if flushing the entire
        transmission will prevent it from dying so soon. Thanks.
        \_ 150K is a lot. You're not gonna get too much more.
        \_ my old accord (86) and current acura (95) all give me transmission
           and brake system problems (caliper keeps getting stuck).  from
           what I heard, these two are honda's weak points.  from what I
           read, a properly maintained car should easily go beyond 200k,
           especially hondas.
           \_ That doesn't mean it will go 200k without any work on it. It
              means you will go 200k before the engine is shot (e.g. water
              in the oil). The transmission may not make 200k.
              \_ I don't think Honda engines will have problem at 200k,
                 unless you abused it.
        \_ my old accord and current acura all give me transmission and
           brake system problems.  from what I heard, these two are
           honda weak points.
2004/4/14 [Transportation/Car] UID:29927 Activity:nil
4/14    Buying a car and thinking about using Progressive for insurance...
        Anybody have and positive/negative feedback about them? Thanks.
        \_ I use progressive for my motorcycle and for my car before it
           got stolen.  The rates were ok and they were always friendly.
           Never had to make a real claim though.  (I only had liability
           on the car.)
2004/4/14-15 [Transportation/Car] UID:13192 Activity:nil
4/14    Re: Progressive - I've had them for couple of years, and they aren't
        too bad to have as your insurance carrier.  But I have to constantly
        ask them to lower my rate.  They've yet to do it voluntarily(which
        State Farms used to do.)  But if you haven't checked out yet, check
        out American Express for auto insurance.  They have better rates
        than Progressive, but they won't insure you if you have more than so
        many violation points on your record.
2004/4/8 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:29909 Activity:nil
4/7     Stoplight to punish suburban speeders in Pleasanton:
2004/4/5 [Transportation/Car] UID:13014 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto
        \_ remote sys adm for only $2.30 / hour!
           tech support / india / outsource
2004/3/31-4/1 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:12940 Activity:kinda low
3/31    Our policy on cutting down dependency on foreign oil:
        \_ There are times when I wish Spike Bike were around.  -John
           \_ Spike Bike?
              \_ A cloud of brown dust stretched as far as the eye
                 could see along old route 126. From my vantage point
                 behind an old barn, I watched the grim parade. For
                 the third time in less than a minute, a huge gravel
                 truck rumbled past, spewing acrid, black smoke and
                 kicking up more of the brown mud-dust and spreading it
                 all over everything.

                 Including me.  I'm Spike Bike.  I hate cars.

                 Taking out a tractor-trailer rig isn't easy.  You
                 might be able to get a grenade into the cab, but if
                 it bounces back at you, you're finished. You can
                 sometimes shoot out all the tires on one side of the
                 tractor and the truck will jackknife, but it takes at
                 least half a mag, and half the time you won't get all
                 the tires. I had to face the fact that a MAC-10
                 submachinegun and a few grenades just weren't going
                 to do the job against these monstrosities.
                 \_ MORE!
                       \_ Thank you!
                 \_ Why not just shoot at the external gas tank?
                    \_ Diesel fuel plus you need lots more oxygen for a
                       useful response.
                       \_ Oh, diesel doesn't explode.  I see.  So all those
                          action movie scenes where trucks run off bridges and
                          hit the ground below and then explode are not real.
                          \_ I have some news that might come as a shock to you
                             about the tooth fairy, too.
2004/3/23-24 [Transportation/Car] UID:12815 Activity:moderate
3/23    Car experts, I need some advice/help. Steering wheel vibrates
        slightly when car is stopped (after warming up), but vibration
        goes away as soon as I hit the gas padel. also at speed around
        75+ mph, does not seem to run as smooth as it did before
        (steering wheel vibrates very slightly) what could be the cause? i
        am fairly certain it is not the tire balance as these are new
        tires and I have another place check the tire balance and all
        4 are pretty good. so is this: idle speed adjustment needed?
        fuel injector cleaning? (dealer recommends it but i never did
        it, car is around 65k, 5 years maxima) all maintenance and
        service was up to date. thanks a lot. Engine tune up?? Thx!!
           \_ I suppose you think homeopathy doesn't work, right?
        4 are pretty good. so is this: idle speed adjustment needed?
        fuel injector cleaning? (dealer recommends it but i never did
        it, car is around 65k, 5 years maxima) all maintenance and
        service was up to date. thanks a lot. Engine tune up?? Thx!!
        \_ Are you sure that only the steering wheel vibrates or does
           the rest of the car too. I think the only link between the
           steering and the engine is the power steering pump. Vibrating
           steering wheel during braking is usually an indicator of
           a warped brake rotor which you would need to have replaced
           or refinished. Vibration during acceleration on a front-wheel-
           drive car is an indicator of a bad CV joint.
           \_ it does not vib on breaking, nor on accelerating.
        \_ easy first test - buy a pack of the chevron fuel injector
           cleaner from costco or grand auto (much cheaper at costco),
           and see if that helps.  Oh, and check your power steering
           fluid level.  Check ALL of the fluid levels, since it's easy.
           \_ dumb question, so i put the fuel injector cleaner into the gas
              tank and just drive as normal? my dealer wants $100 to do the
              fuel injector service. would the cleaner do the job equally good?
              \_ No, but probably 80% if you've never used it before.  Note
                 that it's a bad idea to overuse the cleaner as it can
                 corrode the rubber seals.  Since you're asking, I'd
                 \_ that's interesting, I didn't know that - where did you
                    hear about that? - injector cleaner recommender from above
                    \_  Various mechanics, as well as the warnings written on
                        bottles (varies from product to product).  One guy told
                        me I could double up on the regular "fuel treatment"
                        stuff (2 bottles/tank) for my older model car and it
                        wouldn't hurt, but I believe fuel injector cleaner is
                        somewhat harsher, and should only be used every
                        few years or so.  It's not as bad as those "seal
                        conditioners" or "stop leak" treatments, (which soften
                        the rubber and cause it to expand-- stops the leak but
                        the rubber will then rot away much faster), but
                        somewhat corrosive nonetheless.
                 recommend the cleaner over the dealer this time around.
                 Also, a little vibration is not a cause for alarm; I've
                 noticed this in a lot of cars.  If you're at a stoplight
                 for awhile, you can shift in and out of neutral without
                 pressing the button on the "shifter".  Oh, and as for
                 usage: pour in the bottle on a nearly empty tank, then
                 fill it up with gas. It helps to do this prior to a long
                 drive, because the additives can evaporate.
        \_ thanks a lot for all the answers. someone also suggested checking
           the spark plug gap, could the gap cause engine performance problem?
           \_ Depends.  Have you been following the normal maintenance
              schedule?  Have they changed the spark plugs as
              described in that schedule?  What brand car is it?
              \_ yes. yes, the spark plugs was just changed at 60k (car
                 now at 65k). one of my car friend mentioned this to me, not
                 that I really know what it means. the car is a Nissan Maxima.
                 \_ it means that the gap between the anode and the cathode
                    (where the spark fires) needs to be the right size.
                    You can find the proper gap size in your owner's manual,
                    and there are tools for bending the prong to the right
                    position if it's not there already.
                 \_ Not likely. A gap problem would be occuring during
                    acceleration or coasting. This sounds unrelated.
        \_ Perhaps a mount has broken. This is usually more obvious at
           idle and low speeds than high speeds.  --dim
        \_ This problem could be caused by several problems.  As you mentioned
           idle speed adjustment, spark plug gap-ing, but it could also be
           valve clearance, fuel flter, timing belt/timing, etc...also, you
           should read the manual on using gas treatments and fuel injector
           cleaners. I remember my friend's maxima manual specifically said
           try not to use any gas treatments.
        \_ tighten the steering wheel.
2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/3/10-11 [Reference/BayArea, Transportation/Car] UID:12593 Activity:nil
3/9     Now that summer has arrived early, can anyone recommend a good
        place in the Bay Area (preferably south bay) that does automotive
        window tinting? That black interior is burning my ass.
        \_ don't worry, the fog will be back soon
        \_ my cousin's wife's brother can do it. By the way make sure
           they don't mess up your rear-window-defogger
2004/3/2 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Domestic] UID:29845 Activity:insanely high
3/1     In case anyone's still interested, I saw a cop standing on the corner
        of Telegraph and Durant for at least 30 minutes doing nothing else
        but giving out citations for gaywalking.  At least one guy was able to
        "talk" his way out of it.
        \_ Just run and hide in Unit 3 somewhere.
        \_ I wonder if there was an accident recently?
        \_ What's the penalty for it? Also, how do they enforce it? Can't you
           \_ It's the law that you must carry ID. Whoops, another ticket!
           say you don't have ID etc?
           \_ I've been told that there's a law that requires all adults to
              carry some form of approved ID on them at all times out in public.
        \_ He's just doing his part to fix Berkeley's budget deficit.
           \_ I guess this is what happens when people keep breaking
              parking meters.
              \_ Nonsense.  The parking meters are set to give less time than
                 they say so they give out more bogus tickets.  Breaking meters
                 was civil disobedience.
                 \_ um, no.  how many meters did you break?  i broke and
                    destroyed maybe a dozen or so over the years in
                    berkeley, and knew people who destroyed more.
                    none of us ever drove, had cars or parked.  it was just
                    random violence.
        \_ I remember about 7 or 8 years ago, the bike cops would nab
           gaywalkers during the weekends.  I heard one cop telling a
           gaywalker that the fine was 75 bucks.
           \_ Mine was $40.  When I forgot to pay it, my mom got a
              threatening call from some bitch affirmative action hiree at
              the BPD--"he's in trouble, he's committed a crime."  -John
2004/2/26-27 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/Database] UID:12424 Activity:nil
2/26    Suppose I have a database of car dealers and the cars they have in
        stock.  I want to query this database for N cars that I'm
        interested in, something like
        SELECT dealerId, carId FROM cars WHERE (carId=1 OR carId=2 OR carId=42)
        The problem is, I need to sort the result such that a dealer who
        has all N cars I'm interested in is ranked higher than a dealer that
        has only 1 or 2 such cars.  Can this be done with some sort of
        aggregate function?  Something like
        SELECT dealerId, count(dealerId) as numCars, list(carId)
          FROM cars WHERE (carId=1 OR carId=2 OR carId=42)
          GROUP BY dealerId
          ORDER BY rank
        where the output would be
        dealer  | numCars       | list(carId)
        Fred      3               1,2,42
        Bob       2               1,2
        Tom       2               1,42
        Jerry     1               2
        Thanks in advance.
        \_ Please tell me this is for work.
           \_ I would, but then I wouldn't get the input from the smart types
              who do it because it's challenging. -op
              \_ Your question was better when it was jive'd.
                 \_ Yo! Yo!  Shiznitz!  Wez be needin' ah jive update!
2004/2/26 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Airplane] UID:12409 Activity:nil
02/25   After living in Berkeley for 6 years, today, for the first time,
        someone told me that he got a BPD jaywalking ticket in Berkeley (on
        Center, near BART, nothing particularly unsafe past the norm --- no
        cars coming or anything; just lots of HS kids around, since it was
        right after school). Has BPD just started ticketing for jaywalking?
        Have they been at it all along? What the hell, doesn't BPD have more
        worthwhile things to spend time on?
        \_ this is one issue where the nypd got it right.  after the mayor
           decided to crack down on jaywalking a reporter jaywalked in front
           of a cop and literally asked for a ticket, and they refused.
           the cops decided en masse that giving jaywalking tickets in
           a city like new york is total bullshit and refused to do it
           as a matter of policy.
           \_ Yeah it is better to slow traffic, get pedestrians killed, piss
              off drivers and make it 'normal' for the numerous crazy and
              the alzheimers inflicted old to wander into traffic.  If you'd
              ever been there to see someone get his, to see their body fly
              20 feet like a rag doll and blood pool on the street and flow
              into the sewer you might have a different attitude.  You're not
              an idiot but you are an arrogant know-it-all ignorant git.
              \_ What you're describing is a fine reason to push anti-
                 jaywalking educational material, not a law fining people
                 for doing it in front of cops.  No one wants to see anyone
                 get crushed by a car, but there's a limit to the efficacy of
                 legislating common sense.
        \_ I got one back in 1991--it's nothing new.  Depends on whether
           the cop's got a quota to fill, whether he got up on the wrong side
           of bed, cosmic rays, whatever.  Same as campus cops with bike
           riders--remember that students are easy, profitable targets. -John
        \_ I had one walking from the Power Bar building to check my car in
           parking meter at lunch.  Was a marginal infraction: I had started
           ~ 5m before the intersection (diagonal into the street) to reach
           the cross-walk which displayed the 'walk' signal by the time I
           reached striped lines.  Sargent was on opposing corner.  He had
           a gay lisp and an upside down flag on his lapel (this was
           a month or two after 9/11).  I describe it as 'walking while
           white' - a hate crime in Berkeley.
           \_ Son, how do you use your arm with that huge chip on your shoulder?
              \_ You sound just like the hateful racists you think you're
                 opposed to.  You're no different.  Intolerance hurts us all.
                 \_ Hey dimshit, thanks for censoring.
                    \_ I love how the answer to any good reply is always "I got
                       censored!".  I didn't censor you.  If you think you've
                       got something to say I can more than easily hold my own
                       with you or anyone else on here.  Fear of your sharp
                       wit and clever replies isn't on my top 10 worries list.
                       You're a hateful racist and need to deal with that.
                       \_ It's also worth pointing out that if you have
                          something more than a line long to say on the motd,
                          it's really not hard to save a copy and paste it
                          back in after it gets killed.  It's not like
                          you have to handwrite your motd posts.
        \_ It is an on and off thing.  Generally they are very lax about
           jaywalking, but every now and then they will crack down at
           very specific spots.  I suspect that happens right after an
           accident caused by jaywalking.  Also I've seen cops give people
           a hard time for jaywalking right in front of them, and if that
           person blows them off they tend to get a jaywalking ticket.  Cops
           seem to especially hate it when you slow down traffic by jaywalking.
           \_ Seconded.  I once crossed Durant against the light, stared
              down an oncoming car, and walked up onto the sidewalk,
              nearly into a cop standing there.  He yelled at me but as
              soon as he saw the look in my eyes (I was coming back from
              a far-too-long project meeting @ soda) he let it go.
              \_ So you're saying you struck fear into the heart of a BPD beat
                 cop?  Unlikely.
                 \_ I think he meant pity, not fear.
           \_ In these budget-crunching times, I'm sure they are feeling
              pressured to bring in money with small-time infractions.
        \_ i think they only do it now and then when there are high school kids
           around, because they want to impress upon people that they shouldn't
           be a bad influence.  i was stopped and written up once during the
           lunch hour, but i never actually got the ticket...  -lila
2004/2/17-18 [Transportation/Car, Uncategorized/Jived] UID:12288 Activity:high 51%like:12282
2/16    Does anyone know whut wuz de sto'y wid de guy who went insane in his
        wheels on campus on sat evenin' and started t'roll into wahtahmelluns
        and had t'be hauled out uh his wheels and whup'ed by de CPs? it wuz
        pretty cool. --psb
        \_ Youse makin' dis up.
           \- go walk around the front of hertz hall --psb
              \_ From the police blotter:
                 Strange entries....  --erikred
2004/2/17 [Transportation/Car] UID:12282 Activity:kinda low 51%like:12288
2/16    Does anyone know what was the story with the guy who went insane in
        his car on campus on sat evening and started to drive into things
        and had to be hauled out of his car and beated by the CPs? it was
        pretty cool. --psb
        \_ You're making this up.
2004/2/11 [Transportation/Car] UID:29795 Activity:nil
2/10    Is it normal for my transmission fluid level to appear to be
        higher when my engine is cold?  I would expect that, like oil,
        it would appear higher when the engine is warm.  If anyone can
        explain, please do.
        \_ fluid measurements must reflect reservoir or sedentary levels.
           now imagine what happens to that level due to churn and
2004/2/10 [Transportation/Car] UID:12187 Activity:nil
2/9     Thanks for the car accident advice.  I forwarded the long list of
        \_ Wow, the motd actually helped someone.
           \_ Coincidentally, my co-worker was being driven by a friend on
              the freeway last night, and they skidded out of control as
              well (avoiding object on freeway), ending up wrecking on the
              median.  A car behind them picked them up.  Shortly thereafter,
              another car in the #1 lane crashed into the wrecked car, sending
              flying metal and glass everywhere.  Everyone's fine, except
              for some sore/stiff muscles, and the friend in this case
              happened to have non-cheap insurance. -op
              \_ remind me not to hang out with you
                \_ ??
                  \_ mild humor hint: it's too dangerous.
2004/2/10 [Transportation/Car] UID:12183 Activity:nil
2/9     Got a parking ticket cuz I didn't have a front license plate. My
        bumper doesn't have any holes, can I simply drill into the bumper
        and nail in my plate?
        \_ I thought it was only illegal to DRIVE without plates, not park
           without one.
           \_ Yeah now prove to the judge that you got to that parking lot
              via tow truck.  Stupid clown, the world doesn't work like that.
        \_ Unfortunately no matter what the car you must have a front plate
           in california. There are very few exceptions to this (other than
           motorcycles). For any car there is some sort of mounting kit.
           You may need to call a dealer and ask for the parts department.
        \_ Take it to a judge and beg.
        \_ Check with DMV.  It might be legal to put inside the car on your
        \_ Depending on your car, there's sometimes other mounting
           options.  I've seen front bumper mounts where they drilled on
           the underside of the front bumper, so if they ever take
           off the front plate there won't be any visible holes.  Then
           they just used a special bracket.  If you don't care, then
           you should be able to get a front mounting bracket from
           whoever manufactures your car.
           \_ but who cares what your bumper looks like when you take off
              the plate since it is illegal as the op has found out
              \_ It might be legal in other states.
              \_ a new buyer might be willing to take the risk.
        \_ alright so I went to the dealer and they want to charge $50
           for buying the plate, and more if I want them to install it.
           BTW my front bumper doesn't have any pre-drilled holes or anything
           like that. So given that I'm kind of short on money, can I
           just drill into the bumper with any drill and screw the plates on,
           hoping the bumper material will hold the screws? Thanks.
           \_ If you care about the value of your car, then it is worth
              spending $ to professionally mount the plate holder.
2004/2/9 [Transportation/Car] UID:12179 Activity:nil
2/9     Hi folks, my girlfriend's friend got into a car accident on the
        freeway involving four cars (perhaps minor body damage, everyone
        apparently fine, cops did show up), and it appears she is at fault
        (lost control, maybe bald tires).  She got the minimum required
        insurance through CA state, which was contracted to GE Auto Insurance
        (now owned by AIG) in this case.  She talked with an AIG rep about
        details of the accident and they told her they recorded the phone
        conversation, told her to hire a lawyer since the other parties
        already had theirs, and sent her a letter saying she may be 100%
        responsible for the accident.  I talked with my brother who's a
        lawyer (not his area though) and he says that usually insurance
        companies provide a lawyer for you, and they end up settling with the
        other lawyers for the full amount of the policy.  He suspects that
        they are not providing a lawyer because it's through CA state, and
        that the lawyer she hires should find out why her insurance company
        isn't providing one.  Any comments on the insurance company not
        providing a lawyer part, or anyone else who has experience with auto
        insurance purchased through CA state?  Thanks.
        \_ the insurance company should be supplying a lawyer to
           protect her!  Unless it's a bad insurance company.
        \_ It sounds like if you she can afford a lawyer, she should get one.
           Try contacting these people, they might help, but don't count on it:
2004/2/9 [Transportation/Car] UID:12166 Activity:nil
2/8     Is there a google feature for comparing two products? For example,
        IE vs. Firebird, Mach 3 Turbo vs Sensor Excel, Honda Civic vs
        Toyota Corolla...
        \_ "Mach 3 Turbo" "Sensor Excel" +review
2004/2/6-7 [Transportation/Car] UID:12135 Activity:nil
2/6     Smog cutting paint:
2004/2/2-3 [Transportation/Car] UID:12072 Activity:nil
2/2     So one guy tells me that engine preheating is good for the car (warmed
        up oil, belts, cogs, etc move better) and the other guy tells me that
        it's only necessary for non-fuel-injected cars. My mechanic tells me
        that it's all bullshit and you can pretty much just start and go.
        Who's right?
        \_ I have a fairly new car whose instruction manual says not to
           warm up the car in idle but to drive immediately and not to
           put too much load on the car. I think one of the reasons was
           that they didn't want to be liable for CO poisoning.
        \_ Where do you live?  If it's cold, engine preheating's just wise.
        \_ my doctor said it's bs to warm up before you exercise, now
           I had to pay him to get my back fixed. [reformatd]
           \_ Who's your doctor, Dr. Quack? There's a tort there somewhere.
           \_ Some Hearsay for you: At least one study (each) has indicated:
              1.) cars that are just run gently in the first mile(s) after
                  starting fair no worse than auto's that are always
                  "warmed up").
              2.) People who stretch regularly do not have significantly
                  less injuries than people who don't.  However, people
                  who stretch ususally and then don't stretch have a higher
                  injury rate for that occasion. -crebbs
                  \_ source?  This type of inquiry seems fraught with
                     possible control issues and experimental procedure probs.
        \_ Use some common sense.  Do you think rubber, such as that used
           in belts, will age better if warmed up prior to tensioning?
           Probably, yes.  Will it make a difference in the aging of the belt?
           Probably, yes.  How much difference?  Probably not much. You might
           squeeze 5k more miles out of the lifespan of a 60k belt or hose.
           So what does that mean for you?  Cost savings, if you plan to
           keep your car that long and don't plan to follow dealer maintenance
           replacement schedules.  Will it matter in your engine long term?
           Sure.  Again, maybe a 10% gain in the longevity of powertrain parts
           (middle of the road estimate - it might be 3% it might be 20%).
           If your car is Japanese, it might mean a 220k lifespan rather than
           200k.  If American, 165k lifespan rather than 150k.  Does it matter
           _to you_? You be the judge.
           \_ what about the wasted gasoline from idling? And air-pollution?
              \_ it's unamerican to worry about air pollution.  Are you
                 a terrorist?
        \_ I've also heard from another mechanic that unless your car's in
           such a bad shape that it actually stalls if you don't warm up, it's
           better in the long run to not warm up.
        \_ Ever since my Integra hit 150k, if the engine is cold, my car jerks
           when I switch to reverse. It doesn't happen if I let the car warm
           up for more than half a minute.
        \_ it's better to let your car warm up by driving it slowly than to
           let it idle. idling puts no load on the engine, so little heat is
        \_ search cartalk (
2004/1/24 [Transportation/Car] UID:11921 Activity:high
1/23    Any opinions on best car under $50K? I've got a BMW 3 series now I am
        going to keep, but not sure I want another (5 series) because a change
        might be nice.
        \_ I'm going to resist the urge to delete your post and just tell you
           to fuck off and die.  You're welcome.
        \_ buy a vintage pinto.
           \_ What a miserable fuck you are.
        \_ wrx sti or a legacy b4 turbo.
        \_ E36 M3. Much cheaper than $50K and fun.
        \_ If you've got that much money to burn, how about I sell you my
           Corolla for $50k?
        \_ Keep up with clothes fashions in stead.  It's a lot cheaper.
        \_ Why waste $50k on a car?
           \_ Instead of buying the Ferrari I can SAVE $50k by buying the Beamer
           \_ Why waste any money on a car when I can buy a beater for
              $1000, right? Don't tell me you spend all of your money on
              utilitarian things. It's okay to have a few nice things.
              \_ those aren't the only two alternatives.  What about 20k for
                 a car and 30k for a boat.  Now you have a decent, comfortable
                 car *and* a boat.  I don't think that a 50k car is ever better
                 by a factor of 2.5 than a 20k car in any really useful way.
                 These choices all reflect a personal value system.  In my
                 view some value systems are simply better than others, and
                 the kind of person who would spend 50k on a car is best
                 summed up by the term "asshole."
                 \_ heh, like the boss from _willard_?
                 \_ In my value system, a boat is a waste of money (hole
                    in the water into which you throw money - better off
                    chartering a boat the 1x a year you use it) and $20K car is
                    a POS. I am very glad to be rid of my Nissan and my
                    Honda for the BMW.
              \_ what if i do tell you that?
                 \_ Then you're an idiot.
              \_ Nothing wrong with wanting nice things, But $50k for something
                 with a terrific depreciation rate is a bit silly.  I spent
                 $60 for a good kitchen knife by telling myself it'll last
                 forever if i take good care of it.
                 \_ I see. So how much to spend on a car is not silly?
                    $1K? $2K? $20K? $40K?
                 \_ What about leasing?  I don't know anyone with a 50k plus
                    car that actually bought it.
        \_ E36 M3. Much cheaper than $50K and fun.
                \_ Is that 900kg all carbon-fiber M3 available on the US?
                   The CSL looks pretty cool.  -John
                   \_ E36 is the generation before the current E46. I don't
                      think it's all carbon-fiber.
           \_ Why E36 M3 over E46 M3?
        \_ wrx sti or a legacy b4 turbo.
        \_ MB SLR McClaren.
2004/1/23-24 [Transportation/Car] UID:11909 Activity:nil
1/23    And a good place to get a good car wash (i.e. they actually clean
        the insides, wash the carpets, etc.), also in the East Bay?
2004/1/22-23 [Transportation/Car] UID:11894 Activity:nil
1/22    Has anyone ever bought a car with leatherette (pleather, fake
        leather, etc.) upholstery? How does it compare with real leather?
        \_ My car has leatherette. It doesn't crack like real leather, but
        most idiots think it's leather. I make sure to note that it's the
        cheap stuff. Many people prefer cloth because it isn't sticky and
        doesn't heat up as much. I like the look/feel of leather/leatherette.
        It also doesn't have the smell of real leather, which can be good
        or bad (I like the leather smell, it's kinda like the new car smell).
        \_ Does it feel more like plastic or leather?
           \_ Definitely more like leather than like plastic.  And much
              nicer than vinyl.  It's quite nice.
        \_ it's also easier to clean/maintain.
2004/1/22-23 [Transportation/Car] UID:11885 Activity:moderate 57%like:13066
1/22    Spank your monkey
        (work-safe, but turn down volume)
        \_ 190 mph
        \_ 338 mph
        \_ 413 mph
        \_ 563 mph
           \_ Trackball or regular mouse?
        \_ Seems like if you drag too slow it won't spank.  So why don't we
           also compete with the lowest speed?
           \_ 51 mph
           \_ 50 mph
              \_ all hail to the master of the slow monkey-spank
2004/1/20 [Transportation/Car] UID:11852 Activity:high
1/20    Having been all over this country of ours, but only driven extensively
        in California, I'm curious: is the rest of the country as full of
        pathologically bad drivers as California, or are we special in some way?\
        \_ Let's start a list of rules that people break:
           1. If you plan on driving slower than others, drive on the right
           2. Pass on the left
              \_ This is not a law or even a "rule" when you have more
                 than two lanes. You are just a hick.
                 \_ passing on the right is more dangerous, because you
                    spend substantial time in the blind spot of the other
                    \_ not only that there is an assumption slow people
                     drive on the right lane and when an 85 mph driver
                     passes on your right, he won't show up on your mirror
                     before it's too late
           3. Trailing distance is 2 seconds, not 2 feet
                                   \_ isn't it 3 seconds?
              \_ this just isn't possible in high traffic areas
                 \_ Because some asshole will always swerve into any gap
                    large enough.  This doesn't excuse the rampant tailgaiting
                    you experience on most major freeways around here.  My
                    favorite is when someone follows you 5 feet away at 75 or
                    80 mph, gesturing and flipping you off, and if you move
                    over for them, they are only able to then tailgate the car
                    in front of you that was moving the same speed.
                    \_ I'm just saying 2 seconds is not going to happen
                       on a crowded freeway.  Yes people tailgate too much,
                       but in high traffic areas leaving 2-3 seconds is
                       bad driving not good.
                       \_ Bullshit. I leave 2 seconds all the time. Expect
                          that someone will cut in front of you every couple
                          of miles. That is no big deal. Tailgating is always
                          dangerous and a bad idea, but especially so in
                          heavy traffic.
                    \_ Amen brother! Same with racing up to red lights. If you
                       don't stay at top speed going to that red light they'll
                       ride your ass or race around you. Then you either both
                       sit at the light, or he's stopped there while you're
                       cruising by as it goes green.
           4. The on-ramp is for accelerating to highway speeds
           5. An entrance to a parking lot is not a parking space
              \_ I've never seen people flat out park in an entrance.  I have
                 seen plenty of people park on parts of a parking lot that
                 aren't really spots and that make traffic a lot messier.
                 \_ That was more of a hyperbole. I was talkinga about people
                    who pull into an entrance, stop, the scope around the
                    parking lot while their ass sticks out into the street
                    preventing others from moving.
           6. Don't correct a navigation error with a driving one
           7. If there are 2 left turn lanes, you CAN'T make a U-turn from
              the outer lane.
              \_ have you ever seen someone do this without making it pretty
                 obvious beforehand?  (And waiting till the inner lane is free)
                 \_ Yes I have. Even if it was free, you should still get
                    into the proper lane to makea  U-Turn. If you miss the
                    lane change, then at least obey rule #6
        \_ Let's start a list of rules that people break:
           1. If you plan on driving slower than others, drive on the right
           2. Pass on the left
              \_ This is not a law or even a "rule" when you have more
                 than two lanes. You are just a hick.
                 \_ passing on the right is more dangerous, because you
                    spend substantial time in the blind spot of the other
                    \_ not only that there is an assumption slow people
                     drive on the right lane and when an 85 mph driver
                     passes on your right, he won't show up on your mirror
                     before it's too late
           3. Trailing distance is 2 seconds, not 2 feet
                                   \_ isn't it 3 seconds?
              \_ this just isn't possible in high traffic areas
                 \_ Because some asshole will always swerve into any gap
                    large enough.  This doesn't excuse the rampant tailgaiting
                    you experience on most major freeways around here.  My
                    favorite is when someone follows you 5 feet away at 75 or
                    80 mph, gesturing and flipping you off, and if you move
                    over for them, they are only able to then tailgate the car
                    in front of you that was moving the same speed.
                    \_ I'm just saying 2 seconds is not going to happen
                       on a crowded freeway.  Yes people tailgate too much,
                       but in high traffic areas leaving 2-3 seconds is
                       bad driving not good.
                       \_ Bullshit. I leave 2 seconds all the time. Expect
                          that someone will cut in front of you every couple
                          of miles. That is no big deal. Tailgating is always
                          dangerous and a bad idea, but especially so in
                          heavy traffic.
                    \_ Amen brother! Same with racing up to red lights. If you
                       don't stay at top speed going to that red light they'll
                       ride your ass or race around you. Then you either both
                       sit at the light, or he's stopped there while you're
                       cruising by as it goes green.
           4. The on-ramp is for accelerating to highway speeds
           5. An entrance to a parking lot is not a parking space
              \_ I've never seen people flat out park in an entrance.  I have
                 seen plenty of people park on parts of a parking lot that
                 aren't really spots and that make traffic a lot messier.
                 \_ That was more of a hyperbole. I was talkinga about people
                    who pull into an entrance, stop, the scope around the
                    parking lot while their ass sticks out into the street
                    preventing others from moving.
           6. Don't correct a navigation error with a driving one
           7. If there are 2 left turn lanes, you CAN'T make a U-turn from
              the outer lane.
              \_ have you ever seen someone do this without making it pretty
                 obvious beforehand?  (And waiting till the inner lane is free)
                 \_ Yes I have. Even if it was free, you should still get
                    into the proper lane to makea  U-Turn. If you miss the
                    lane change, then at least obey rule #6
        \_ they're bad every where, just bad in different ways.
        \_ Californians do this:" Oh my god, it raining!  What do I do?  Should
           I drive *faster*?"
           \_ I dont knwo where you are, but most californians I've seen drive
              ridiculously slower in the rain.  Like "Oh My Goodness, Rain! I
              should slow down to 5mph!"
              \_ I think most people react like this, period.  Try living
                 somewhere with snow and ice.  Everyone either drives
                 at 5 miles an hour, hunched over their steering wheel,
                 or spins around like crazy at 10 over the speed limit
                 because they think 4wd makes them immune to the laws of
                 physics.  We have about 2 months of snow and ice where I live
                 and the idiocy never wears off.  Of course, where I live
                 people also will pass you on the right to take a left turn
                 on a red while honking and flipping you off(New England.)
        \_ My experiences:
           Tulsa, OK: more aggressive than LA in general; do not slow down at
                      all in the rain, so rain=accidents
           Tampa Bay: retirement haven. they drive like it. 15 in 25 zones.
           NorCal:    very reasonable.  few aggressive drivers. slow down a lot
                      in the rain.
           SoCal:     more aggressive. faster overall speeds on freeways. slow
                      down ~5mph in the rain, but rain != instant accidents
           \_ SFBA:     Terrible.  Rarely use turn signals to indicate lane
                        changes, rarely look in rearview mirrors before
                        changing lanes, become spooked at aggressive driving
                        and slam on the brakes. Slow down unnecessarily during
                        rain. Afraid to use horn.
              LA:       Aggressive and belligerent. Fight for every inch of
                        highway.  Prone to driving on shoulder, driving 55 in
                        fast lane, and weaving in and out of traffic when
                        frustrated. Like to blow horn.
              San Diego:Relaxed.  Content to remain in slower lanes when slow.
                        Prone to passing on right, left, and whatever. Not
                        perturbed by faster cars passing on right, left, or
                        whatever.  Not fond of horn.
           \_ In SFBA, some drivers are on their cell phones paying most
              of their attention to the road.  In LA, more drivers are
              on their cell phones paying some of their attention to
              the road.  In SFBA, "Stop" means "Approach stopping."  In
              LA, it means "stop accelerating."  No one pays attention
              what's in front of them if they want to turn or what's
              beside them if they want to go straight.  And aggressiveness
              begets aggressiveness, so LA really sucks.
              \_ Yep, LA sucks, but you've missed the main reason.  Driving
                 sucks everywhere.  LA sucks because you have no choice
                 but to drive.
2004/1/13-14 [Transportation/Car] UID:11764 Activity:nil
1/12    I need to replace the front windshield of my car.  Are there any
        features that'll make the glass more expensive, or should I just
        shop around for the cheapest?
        \_ You have car insurance?  That's what it is there for.
        \_ Check with your insurance co. first. Acts of God are covered
           under comprehensive and your insurance company will provide you
           with a recommended list.
           \_ However, it may cost less than your deductible..
2004/1/12-14 [Transportation/Car] UID:11761 Activity:kinda low
1/11    Does AAA insure motorcycles?
        \_ Progressive and geico.  geico was cheaper for me...
                \_ need a cheap insurance for both auto + moto
                   \_ I would have liked that too, but it just wasn't
                      available that I could find.  So, stuck with Mercury
                      for the car (very affordable, and a great agent in
                      albany), and geico for the bike, which was cheaper
                      than progressive...
        \_ AAA car insurance tends to be expensive and "not there" when you
           need it.  I wouldn't use it if I had another choice even if they
           do bikes.  Call and ask.
           \_ It may have to do with who your agent is.  My x-gf and her family
              had AAA, and they had great services through their agent.
2004/1/12-14 [Transportation/Car] UID:11760 Activity:nil
1/11    Why do a few new looking cars have a license number with the pattern
                1ABC123 (notice the "1" at the front)
        \_ probably comes from the dealer. like that "NU HONDA" plate
           from some honda dealer in the bay area.
        \_ Is a leading "1" reserved for trucks?
           \_ in case you're not very observant, license plate numbers in
              CA are pretty much sequential. newer cars/trucks generally have
              lexicographically higher plate numbers.
           \_ I've seen it on cars.
           \_ I believe trucks get licence plates of the pattern
              1A11111 (i.e. just one alpha char, the rest are numbers).
        \_ maybe license plates transferred from old cars?
           \_ is that possible?  I thought re-use was not suggested.
              \_ I know it's legal, but I don't know how it works.
        \_ Special plates (Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Kids) have a reserved
           sequence that hasn't been exhausted yet. My Yosemite plates
           starts with 1VBA. The car I replaced had Yosemite plates from
           10 years ago that started with 1UAB.
           \_ that's the answer.  Most "1"'s have Yosemite Plates
2004/1/11-12 [Transportation/Car] UID:11751 Activity:nil
1/10    What's a good way to find a cheap place to do smog check in S Cal?
        \_ why not ask some socal natives where they get their smog checks...
2004/1/8 [Transportation/Car, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:11717 Activity:nil
01/07   More tips on having pale skin from the resident CSUA vampire.
        Avoid direct sunlight.  Sunlight is the primary cause of vampire death.
        And don't use a lot of sunscreen lotion thinking that you'll be ok.
        The high SPF lotions are all oil-based and can cause illness if taken
        internally.  I use moisturizer creams with SPF of 5.  Higher SPF means
        more oil.  And I never go out into the sun.  That means no going
        to the beach, no getting tanned (I consider that ritual suicide,
         yuck), no walking around the parking lot in the middle of day,
        no eating garlic or wearing crosses, etc. -pretty boy
        \_ how many aging skate rats here remember when all those kids used
           to write in to Thrasher about how vampires were being oppressed,
           and how they just want to skate like everyone else?
        \_ Do you base your obsession on real medical facts? Some amount of
           sunlight daily is healthy.
           \_ Not if you're a vampire.
        \_ Uh... why not use a high SPF and NOT take it internally!?
2004/1/7-8 [Transportation/Car] UID:11708 Activity:nil
1/7     If I never come back to the thrice-accursed land of Berkeley, do
        I still have to pay off my parking ticket?
        \_ If you get pulled over in CA and the cops run your plates, they
           can arrest you.  At that point you can either pay the ticket and
           all accumulated penalties, or spend a day or 2 in jail.
           At least that's what I've heard.
           \_ Just paid... goddamn $30 late fee on a $36 ticket.
              \_ Not-so-fun fact:  Berkeley derives >1% of revenue from parking
                 \_ Uh... try 7%...
                    page 14.
                    And a 30% increase in fines this year.
        \_ if you wish to register your car again in California, you'll pay
           your parking tickets then. Only if it waits until registration those
           $25 tickets will now be $80 tickets.  If you're leaving the state,
           you might get away with ignoring them.
        \_ I accidentally ran this particular experiment while leaving Seattle.
           Email me if you'd like to know the outcome or else just know that
           this is not a bright idea. -- ulysses
           \_ One of the conductors I sing with had a similar thing happen.
              He was pulled over on vacation on a fixit violation, and they
              confiscated his car. --scotsman
           \_ Why not just tell us?
              \_ what would partha do? -ali
        \_ i had a car maybe all of 5 days in 4 years of berkeley.  i got
           one parking ticket. :/
2004/1/6 [Transportation/Car] UID:29745 Activity:nil
1/5     Yahoo! News photos - Auto Shows & Concept Cars: Jeep Rescue
        Gee.  What a great way of coming up with a new model line!  Just put a
        magnifying glass over an existing model line (Wrangler), and here you
2004/1/6-8 [Transportation/Car] UID:11685 Activity:nil
1/6     I want to have a car for probably a little less than a year but don't
        want to bother with all the effort, time and perhaps money (in case
        I have to sell it in a hurry) wasted on buying and then selling one.
        Snould I lease one or rent one for long term?  What are the places/urls
        to look for a good deal?
        \_ RIDE BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
           \_ Thanks for the troll.  Actually I do a lot of things by walking
        \_ get a 12 month lease.
        \_ get a 12 month lease.
        \_ get a 12 month lease.
        \_ get a 12 month lease.
        \_ get a 12 month lease.
              and bus, but car is sometimes indispensible. -op
        \_ Lease if you're not going to put a lot of miles on it.  I've never
           heard of a long term rental.
        \_ get a 12 month lease.
2004/1/6 [Transportation/Car] UID:11683 Activity:nil
1/6     If America uses the English system, then why do American cars
        use Liters in specifying engine displacement?
        \_ American drug dealers also use the metric system.
           \_ Not pot dealers, though.  Also, "8-balls" of cocaine
              \_ what's an 8-ball?
        \_ So are small car tires, using mm.
        \_ Ever heard of a 454?
           \_ To the person who said no, it's 454 cu inches displacement.
              Also seems to correlate to 6 cylinders with 4-inch
              diameter and 6-inch stroke length
        \_ Hell, you think that's weird, think tire specs: 215/65R15
           that's 215 mm, 65%, and 15 inches
2003/12/31 [Transportation/Car] UID:11629 Activity:nil
12/30   Hmm, it seems smog tests cost rought 2x as much here as they do in
        Socal.  Anyone reccommend a Cheap place to get my practically new
        car smogged in or around Oakland?  (410 miles on a new honda and
        I have to get it smogged 'cause i bought it used.  It's so nice to
        live in a state/county with such reasonable laws).
        \_ what prices are you comparing? smog tests in norcal just doubled
           back in october.. and probably in socal as well.
        \_ move to SoCal, everything is cheaper, like housing, food,
           transportation, movies, entertainment, asian massage parlor,
           etc.         -ucla cs guy
           \_ aren't you afraid of catching STDs, ucla cs guy?
              \_ heh, i don't think he worries too much about it anymore,
                 seeing as how he's already collected a small menagerie
                 of em.
                 \_ more to share with everyone!
2003/12/19-21 [Transportation/Car] UID:11534 Activity:nil
12/19   Yahoo! News - Silver Colored Cars Safest, New Zealand Scientists Say
        How can it be???  I always thought red and yellow cars are the safest
        because they're the easiest to see, and silver and gray cars are less
        safe because their colors are similar to the color of the tarmac
        \_  probably has more to do with the personality of ppl who buy
            silver cars than anything else.
            \_ Got a heavy foot in my silver car, thanks.
        \_ White has been show over and over again to be the most visible.
           \_ I thought red is more visible.
                It is either white (at night) or lime yellow (against snow).
             \_ Only to cops when you're speeding.
        \_ Similar study here 2 years ago said red was the safest.  But then
           again, we drive on the correct side of the road.  -John
2003/12/19-20 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:11523 Activity:nil
12/18   earn some quick shopping money this weekend flyering cars for - the netflix for games.  email brain for details
        \_ Yay!  More trash in the gutters!  Like my email and US mail spam
           wasn't enough, now I've got to toss your shit off my car at BART.
        \_ yeah, like we needed more trash in the gutters.
        \_ what's wrong with
2003/12/4 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:11309 Activity:high
12/2    Hey as long as i'm bringing purged motd items back to life..
        Does anyone have any statistics comparing per captia crime
        rates by population density?
        \_ let me ask you a question.  If you're walking down a dark street
           at night, do you feel safer when you see lots of cars on the road,
           or when you see lots of other pedestrians?  Do you feel safer
           seeing a squad car drive by, or actually seeing a cop out on the
           beat?  I claim that throwing idiotic car cities like LA and pheonix
           together with real cities like chicago or seattle and comparing them
           with rich suburbs misses the point.  Car culture leads to
           an impersonal, anonymus society, which leads to not only crime, but
           lonelines and misery which you can't quantify with your
            \_ The answer you think is correct is correct.  But, walking down
               a deserted street in SF in the middle of the night i am way
               more on my gaurd than I would be on a similarly deserted street
               in a (much poorer) rural area.  Cities are much richer than
               rural areas on average, but, again, I bet densely populated
               cities have much higher per capita rates of violent crimes.
               (now, that by no means would establish causality between
                poplation density and crime, as there are confounding factors,
                but still... "Animals can be driven insane by placing too many
                of them into too small a space...")
               Also there is a number of famous cases where a person is being
               brutally attacked over a long and well populated distance, in
               places like NY, with no one interferring or calling the police.
               This sort of think does not happen in rural areas. (that is, if
               people see you in trouble, they will help a *much* higher % of
                the time.)
            \_ I have never felt safer having seen a cop.  If i was female I
                would probably feel differently.
                \_ A mugger can only steal what you have on you at the time.
                   The police are under no such restriction.
                   \_ A mugger can kill you. I suppose it's not stealing, but
                      makes you lose everything.
                        \_ It's a hell of a thing to kill a man. You take away
                           everything he's got, and everything he's ever going
                           to have. - William Munny
2003/12/3 [Transportation/Car] UID:11285 Activity:nil
12/2    What are the pros and cons of disc brakes vs. drum brakes?  Why do
        big trucks and buses have drum brakes and small cars have disc brakes?
        I like it when people ask questions that are easily answered by
        google because it makes me look up things that I was interested in
        but never got around to looking up.
        \_ with disc brakes and drum brakes you pollute the environment,
           destroy communities, waste your money and turn into a fatass.
           with living near enough to work to not drive you don't.
           \_ there are arguments to be made about why it's a bad idea to
              cram a lot of people in tight quarters.
                \_ stupid arguments.
                     \_ Animals can be driven insane by placing too many of
                        them into too small a space. Man is the only animal
                        that voluntarily does this to himself. -RAH
                     \_ Although I don't have the statistics readily avail.
                        I'd give long odds that Murder rates (per capita)
                        are higher in densly populated cities vs. rural areas.
        \_ price (drum) vs performance (disc)
        \_ yeah, that is the drawback of some of the subarus.
        \_ When I took my autoshop class, they told me the opposite. Drum
           brakes can stopper better than disc brakes because drums pads have
           more surface area than disc brake pads;however, drums take longer
           to brake (building up heat/friction or what not) than discs do,
           but once they do "kick-in" they have more stopping power.
           \_ So it's an issue of reaction time vs. braking power, and sports
              cars need reaction time.
2003/11/25 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:11216 Activity:nil
11/24   What's the diff b/w 4WD and AWD?
        \_ usually if they say 4WD the vehicle is normally in 2WD with the
           ability to switch to 4WD.. but on normal city streets will not
           handle well in 4WD (often because it locks 1/both/all
           differentials). AWD usually implies it will automatically shift
           power to or away from wheels w/o any intervention. There are of
           course variations on these rules.. such as the mercedes 4matic
           \_ Yes, 4WD with locking differential(s) handles even worse than 2WD
              on paved roads unless you're always going straight.  It's not
              intended to be used on-road.  The only time the 4WD on my
              Cherokee saved my ass on city street was one time when I
              unknowingly landed one rear wheel on a cable car track on an
              uphill slope while waiting to make a left turn on a rainy day.
              As the opposite traffic cleared, I stepped on the gas but my
              truck didn't move an inch.  Realizing that I was going to be hit
              by the oncoming cable car going downhill fast in the opposite
              direction, I paniced, pulled the 4WD lever, floored the gas pedal
              and pulled myself out of the intersection.
           \_ great link, thanks!  So I'm curious, how much of a mpg
              penalty is there for the awd differential?
              \_ Usually 2-4 MPG highway.  Don't remember about city.  Just
                 check out this year's specs for various vehicle models with
                 both AWD and 2WD.  E.g. Toyota Sienna (van), Lexus RX300
                 (SUV), Toyota Matrix (car).
              \_ negligable on some, e.g. audi.  definitely less than
                 other factors like tire width, tire pressure, mass of
                 lead foot.
2003/11/24-25 [Transportation/Car] UID:11208 Activity:insanely high
11/24   Study: Higher Speed Limits Create Dangers (Yahoo News)
        \_ I'd like to see the numbers broken down by age, gender and DUI/!DUI.
        \_ yeah, right. as if speed limits aren't part of a Big Government
           plot along with traffic lights to enslave Red Blooded Americans
           to the UN.  Get out of here with your whacko liberal trolls.
           \_ more likely low speed limits generate revenue for the
              government and insurance companies.   Low blood-alcohol levels
              are a cash cow.
              \_ Even if this is true, I'm still all for it as long as it
                 reducts fatal accidents dramatically (according to the
                 article).  One nice side effect is that it slightly reduces
                 gas consumption.
        \_ And yet the societal advantage of 99.999999% of the population
           who dont have accidents who will be  wasting less time in
           transportation is completely ignored.
           \_ When a fatal crash occurs, a large number of people are affected
              minutes you save with a higher speed limit.
              by the gridlock it creates.  And the delay is bigger than the
              minutes you save with a higher speed limit.  Plus the delay is
              unpredictable unlike ordinary traffic jam.
              \_ That study said nothing about number of accidents, just the
                 deaths involved. Also it admitted the fatality rate dropped
                 nationally each year in the study. They make some weird
                 comparisons between different states. It's a crock of crap.
                 Of course, not all highways are the same. If I look at 280 vs.
                 101 in the bay area, 280 is just much better suitable for high
                 speeds. A lot of freeways have really bad on and off ramps,
                 and idiots who don't know how to merge.
              \_ still the accidents causing traffic jams would have to be
                 really frequent to overcome the advantage of everyone else
                 being able to go faster ALL THE TIME.   And you're ignoring
                 the other advantage of increased fatal accidents -- every one
                 is at least one less driver on the road.
2003/11/24-25 [Transportation/Car] UID:11207 Activity:high
11/24   Anybody here drive a Subaru?  What model do you have and how long
        have you had it?  I'm thinking of getting a used Forester or Outback.
        Wondering about the reliability and such.   Thanks.
        \_ Why do you want AWD? Just to avoid chain controls in Tahoe?
           \_ the joy of non-truck, permanent AWD must be experienced
              first hand.  on dry summer pavement.  then, in a blizzard.
           \_ AWD (not 4WD) gives better control on wet paved roads.
        \_ i knew some people who drove subaru station wagons back in the
           late 80's, and beat the shit out of them, driving them
           over salted icy roads on ski trips.  they lasted to over 200k
           miles typically.  i don't know if they still have that reliability.
           \_ and note, caltrans uses sand, not salt.  so used ski cars
              in ca are in good shape compared to any eastern used car.
        \_ What a coincidence!  I'm thinking about a new Forester or Outback.
           Haven't done much research on Subaru's reliability yet.  I guess
        \_ my co-worker has a RS (they don't make it anymroe?).  She says
           Consumer Reports will have something.
        \_ WRX, since July.  It's holding up pretty well. -geordan
           \_ is it a new car?  I'm wondering about the reliability of 2-3
              year old subarus.  Thanks.
              \_ It first appeared in this country in 2001. -geordan
        \_ my co-worker has a RS (they don't make it anymore?).  She says
           maintanence fee is reidiculus.
              \_ Candle?  Open the shade at your office and use sunlight.
                 Saves both lighting and heating cost.
           the maintance costs over $1000.  And I thought honda's $500+
           road feel and the car feels solid and heavy.
           maintanence fee is reidiculus.
        \_ My brother and sister-in-law had a Legacy wagon.  They liked
           it very much, more so than their Camry.  I drove it a few
           times.  I thought the handling is very decent, with good
           road feel and the car feels solid and heavy.
           \_ All Subarus come with All Wheel Drive.  Most excellent.
        \_ WRX station wagon, since earlier this month.  Fine so far. --dbushong
        \_ legacy sedan, 2+ years, 38k miles.  reliable, yeah.  very quirky,
           though.  overall, good winter car.
2003/11/24 [Politics/Domestic/California, Transportation/Car] UID:11203 Activity:kinda low
11/24   So is it legal or illegal to not have a front license plate?
        I've heard both answers from various sources, and I haven'et
        had luck finding answers online. Does anyone know?
        \_ Wrong. It is legal if the CA DMV only gives you one plate.
        \_ It is legal if the CA DMV only gives you one plate.
           If they give you two plates it is 'illegal' to not have
           \_ Why is the OP wrong?  I don't get it.
           one in front.
              my first car 12 years ago it only had a rear plate.  Then later
              I got a citation for a missing front plate.  However, I see
           \_ Why would the CA DMV only give you one plate?  BTW when I bought
              their excuse is their front bumpers are not designed to hold a
              plate.  Hell, just drill two holes.  Why should you be exempt
              my first car (used) 12 years ago it only had a rear plate.  Then
              later I got a citation for a missing front plate.  However, I see
              people driving fancy Mercedes which have no front plate, and
              their excuse is that their front bumpers are not designed to hold
              a plate.  Hell, just drill two holes.  Why should you be exempt
              just because you have a fancy car.
              \_ the cops don't care whether or not you front bumper isn't
                 "designed" to hold a plate or not, my sister's old car was
                 like that and she got a ticket for it.  she went to the
                 dealership and complained about it enough that they drilled
                 the bumper for a plate and gave her a new license plate
                 holder and a car wash.
        \_ A lawyer friend of mine told me that, in general, they can't
           give you a ticket solely for that, but technically it's illegal.
           Dunno if that's true or not, but I was given a ticket for it
           also (I had expired registration stickers cuz I was a dumbass,
           and the CHP tacked on the no-front-plate to the citation).
        \_ in CA it's not "legal" but nobody seems to care.
           \_ except for the cop that gave me a ticket for
              that very reason.
              \_ Yeah LAPD tickets for this also.
              \_ Just curious, how much was your fine? I'm thinking about
                 getting a new car and I don't want them to drill holes
                 into my bumper.
                 \_ fixit ticket
                    \_ Well, fixit ticket after you "fixit".  You are supposed
                       to have a front plate.  I've had my front plate stolen
                       a number of times, and have had anywhere from $50-120
                       tickets that changed to $10 after i payed the DMV $7
                       for new plates.  Total joke...
        \_ It's illegal. You will be ticketed. Plus it gives cops a reason
           to pull you over.
        \_ Bought a new car last month.  They made me sign a form that said
           I chose not to have the front plate put on and indemnifying the
2003/11/22 [Transportation/Car] UID:11178 Activity:nil
11/21   ~ 100k hp engine:
        \_ will it fit in my car?
2003/11/21 [Transportation/Car] UID:29661 Activity:nil
11/21   How much of a discount on 2003 cars can I expect once the 2004 model
        comes out?  Is it worth waiting?  (assume a car with an average
        popularity.  There will still be a few 2003s left in stock)
        \_ depends on what model, how desperate that dealer is, etc.  they're
           not going to give it away free.  it still has tremendous value.
2003/11/21 [Transportation/Car] UID:29653 Activity:very high
11/20   How often should I have alignment done on my car.  If I also need new
        tires, should I replace the tires first or have alignment done first?
        \_ If you absolutely must do one before the other, I would lean toward
           the tires first.  It's a basic safety issue: old tires are less
           likely to be effective during heavy rain, and they're more likely
           to have a catastrophic blowout.
        \_ why not do them both at the same time?
           \_ I thought I'll get new tires at Costco, and Costso doesn't do
              alignment.  So I'll have to go to either Costco than a mechanic,
              or a mechanic then Costco.
        \_ There is no point getting an alignment first. Change the tires
           and then get an alignment.
        \_ Every day or two is usually enough.
           \_ Not really.  For optimal performance at least twice a day.
2003/11/19 [Transportation/Car] UID:11132 Activity:nil
11/17   Has anyone bought a new vehicle using AAA's pre-negotiated price
        service (whatever it's called)?  How's that price compared to the
        invoice price?  Thanks.
        \_ it's not that great.  Go through costco instead ($500 over
           invoice, I think, better than AAA), and then go to a non-
           costco-participating dealer, and ask them to beat it.  Worked
           for me (with Honda)
           \_ How does someone negotiate the price down to the invoice price?
              Any tips?  Thx.
                 \_ I did this last June and I got the price of my Jetta GLI
                    down to a couple of hundred above invoice. Don't forget
           for dealer incentives and other
                    hidden rebates.
2003/11/17-18 [Transportation/Car] UID:11111 Activity:very high
11/17   Is Toyota Celica much less popular than Acura Integra/RSX or Honda
        Prelude these days?  I've see very few on the streets.
        \_ Dood Acura Integra Hel-la fresh.  Got great space for Pioneer
           sticker and fat spoiler on back.  Don't forget fake Mugen
           badge.  -John
           \_ Or the VTEC and Type R badges.  GT-R badges are good, too.
        \_ I've actually seen more Celicas this year than previous years.
             Still doesn't compare to the number of RSX's out there.
        \_ Yes, I have a Celica and can tell you they are much less
           popular.  I had a Integra before.  Based on the pre-2000 Celicas
           and pre-RSX, Acura's are much better cars and cost less, so
           \_ how do you figure that?
              \_ Speaking on the 97 models, the
                 Integra had standard roughly 30
           popular.  I had a Integra before.  Based on the pre-2000 Celicas
           and pre-RSX, Acura's are much better cars and cost less, so
                                    \_ how do you figure that?
                 more horsepower, cruise control,
                 sunroof and DOCH.  All extras on
                 \_ It's DOHC, fool.  Do you even know what DOHC is?
                 the Celica.  By nature, Acura is
                 a luxury car and Celicas are not.
           that would explain their popularity.  But I got a Celica because
           it's not as common and like the body better.
        \_ Preludes are no longer being made (at least not for the US).  But,
           anyways, they were in a separate class from the Celica and RSX
           (Integra).  The Prelude was a true sports car and much nicer
           than the other two.  It was likewise priced at a much, much higher
           point than the other two.  (the S2000 took over that market for the
           defunct prelude).
           \_ Prelude a "true sports car"?  FWD?  Rear seats?  Um, no.
              \_ ahh, he shows his ignorance.  FWD works quite well for
                 handling when the balance of the vehicle is forward, i.e.
                 a front (not mid) mounted engine.  Also the prelude has
                 AWS in many models.  It also allows you to drive out of a
                 turn like a mother f***er.  And for the rear seats, hmmm,
                 280zx, 300zx, not true sports cars either?  How about the
                 Ferarri 456GT?  Not a true sports car?  Hmmm, american muscle,
                 is a trans am not a true sports car?
                 \_ Having a forward weight bias is bad for handling
                    dynamics.  Any car that makes large concessions to
                    comfort and convenience is no longer a "true sports
                    car".  The Prelude's a pretty good sports coupe, IMO.
2003/11/7 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:10972 Activity:kinda low
11/6    Doubts about the profiteering motives of the Iraq action?
        \_ And they say there's no looting:
           "At a Democratic Policy Committee hearing, Melanie Sloan,
           executive director of the watchdog group Citizens for
           Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, testified that
           "Halliburton [formerly headed by Vice President Dick
           Cheney] has charged an average price of $2.65 a gallon
           of gasoline imported into Iraq from Kuwait, despite experts'
           conclusions that the total price should be less than $1 a
           gallon."  Sloan added that Iraq's state oil company is
           importing "the exact same gas" for 97 cents.
           \_ Experts?  Which experts?  Gas in a war torn country still
              suffering partisan attacks should pay half of what I do in
              the most stable country on the planet?  I think not.  Also,
              that's not called looting.  The word you're looking for is
              'gouging'.  The real gouging is going on right here in the
              Bay Area.  I'd bet a buck you're one of the RIDE BIKE! folks
              who think high gas prices here are a good thing while at the
              same time you're bitching about the high price somewhere else.
              \_ personally, i believe gas prices, like other prices,
                 shoule be determined by the free market.  Maybe the
                 market would set prices in iraq at 4 bucks per gallon,
                 and at one dollar per gallon in the bay area, but
                 we won't know until we try will we?  It's ironic
                 that the profiteers who have taken control of our
                 federal gonvernment claim to be pro-free market
                 and then appear to be socialists when it makes their
                 business associates rich.
              \_ (1) Iraq is in an area where people are swimming in oil,
                     and they don't have to ship it half way around the
                     world, yet they are paying $2.65 which is much higher
                     than what most of this country is paying.
                 (2) There is a big difference between higher gasoline
                     prices due to taxes (that goes to pay infrastructure
                     improvements and pollution control, etc.) and
                     higher gasoline prices due to price gouging that
                     goes straight to pockets of fat cats like Dick Cheney.
                  \_ If location is so important please explain to me why I
                     pay 25 cents more per gallon living near a few refineries
                     than I do when I drive to the more remote parts of the
                     Bay Area which is getting their gas from the same
                     refineries?  It's called price gouging.  As for your
                     second point, you have absolutely no idea what the price
                     breakdown is for taxes,fuel costs, transport, security or
                     anything on Iraqi gas (or US gas either I'd guess).  The
                     real price gouging is going on right here in the Bay Area.
                     Tell me, you out there RIDING BIKE!?
                     \_ Since you insist on being a moron, I will explain
                        it to you.  Difference in transportation cost is
                        insignificant between where you live and other areas
                        of the Bay Area compared to the other costs of
                        the gasoline.  However, difference in tranportation
                        cost becomes significant when it is half way around
                        the world compared to right at the doorstep (i.e.
                        Kuwait to Iraq).  As for the breakdown of price,
                        the Iraqi state oil company is selling at $1 per
                        gallon, so can you tell us which of the factors
                        you mentioned (tax, fuel, transport, security) is
                        the cause of the additional $1.65 Halliburton is
                        \_ You completely ignored my question about why I pay
                           more living next to a refinery than I do when I
                           drive 200 miles in land where gas comes from the
                           same refinery.  If you're going to call someone a
                           moron and then explain why they're a moron, at least
                           put some effort into your proof.  This is the point
                           where I'm supposed to call you a moron in return but
                           I won't.  Your intellectual dishonesty speaks for
                        \_ BC raised taxes throughout his administration and
                           you're worried about a measly $1.65?  Grow up.
                           \_ Non-sequitor post of the day.
                              \_ free Kevin!!
                           \_ That totally follows...
                              OP: Something bad has happened in the Bush
                              Rep: It's Bill Clinton's fault!!
2003/11/4 [Consumer/Shipping, Transportation/Car] UID:10928 Activity:nil
11/3    Hi, a co-worker got rear-ended by a FedEx truck today (it was
        raining and my co-worker had stopped on a yellow), and his bumper
        has an obvious ~ 3-foot crack.  The FedEx guy gave him his insurance
        info.  Two questions:  (1) Assuming he reports this, does FedEx
        insurance pay, or does my co-worker's insurance pay, (2) Do you
        think my co-worker's rates will rise, and if so, by about how much?
        Right now he pays ~ $300 / 6 months.  He drives a 2000 Suzuki
        station wagon he paid $7-8K to the dealer for.  Anyone have
        experience here?  Thanks.
        \_ If the FedEx driver was at fault, you will not have to pay.
           Your insurance rates should not go up.
        \_ At fault person should never get dinged unless something really
           weird is going on.  Getting rear-ended is pretty much guaranteed
           no-fault.  If the insurance company fucks around and tries to
           claim anything different, IMMEDAITELY get a lawyer to send them a
           letter.  They'll back down in seconds.
           \_ Don't you mean the opposite of what you just said?
              \_ Uh yeah, I was dazed when I wrote that.  I meant the !At fault
                 person should never get dinged, etc.  The rest is true.
        \_ Ask your co-worker to see a doctor immediately.  I got
           rear-ended last week and I didn't seek treatment until my neck
           and back started hurting like hell.
           \_ Larry H. Parker got ME 1.3 Million.
2003/10/28 [Transportation/Car] UID:10828 Activity:nil
10/28   What are some good tires for a wet climate.  Yes, I know about yokohama
        but they're a bit pricey, are there any cheaper ones?
        \_ Yokohama is a medium-tier brand. You won't get much cheaper. Go
           to and check out their ratings. --dim
        \_ My Dunlop SP9000s are the best tires I've ever driven.  These
           things rock rock rock in all conditions.  Dunno about price, but
           if you want really good handling, there you go.  -John
2003/10/24-25 [Transportation/Car, Industry/Startup] UID:10770 Activity:nil
10/24   Any tips on the best way to give a company that tried to screw
        you over (in this case Advantage-Rent-A-Car) negative publicity?
        Other than the better business bureau, any good ways to blacklist
        \_ Are there websites similar to for such
           cases?  That would rule!
           \_ pretty good link, thanks!  Yeah, if only they had that for
              everything... Might be quite helpful/interesting.
        \_ It's called the better business bureau.  As if anyone cares about
          or reads any of those sites or checks the BBB anyway.  I know people
           who swear by paypal even after seeign <DEAD><DEAD>
2003/10/14 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:10623 Activity:nil
10/13   So various no skilled and low skilled workers are striking across
        the US right now.  Should they be replaced by illegal immigrants?
        Is this not a case of Americans being unwilling to do menial work
        that immigrants would gladly do?
        \_ sounds like a normal negotiation process. And who said that
           Americans are unwilling to do menial type of work? Everything
           has its price.
        \_ Or is it the case of trying to maintain the standard of living
           so we don't have to live like they do in the 3rd world?
           \_ But they're mostly doing unskilled or very low skilled labor so
              wouldn't it be better to have undocumented immigrants do this
              labor for less since Americans aren't willing to work at the
              lower rates the new immigrants are willing to work for?  Isn't
              that the same reasoning for having undocumented workers in the
              fields picking produce instead of higher waged Americans?
           \_ You know, not every job has to, or can, provide health insurance
              and high pay. People accepting positions like these ones need to
              realize that upon accepting them.
              \_ Every job should provide health insurance. Maybe not 100% paid
                 for, but the employer should contribute. That might mean less
                 pay, though. As for high pay, do you think these people are
                 highly paid? Maybe $17/hour is a little much for a checker,
                 but: 1) What is the right amount? 2) The grocery stores agreed
                 to it. --dim
                 \_ "They agreed to do it." Ya, the alternative is to let
                    people strike. Then you look bad and the federal govt might
                    slap your wwrist.
                    \_ actually they didn't agree to it, that's why the
                       clerks are striking.
                       \_ Actually, they did. That's why the clerks make what
                          they make. Now they want to put the genie back in
                          the bottle. They have that right, but the reason
                          clerks are overpaid is that they agreed to do it.
                          \_ The pay, not the healthcare costs.
                 \_ Um, no.  Health insurance as we know it needs to be
                    completely dismantled.  My car insurance doesn't pay for my
                    oil changes--why should my health insurance pay for doctor
                    \_ It's not the doctor visits bankrupting the system. They
                       are cheap, and cheaper still when you consider that an
                       ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
                    \_ The two are not comparable, in my view. Car insurance
                       pays if you break someone else's car, not if your car
                       needs a valve job. -chialea
                       \_ That's what he just said, isn't it?
                          \_ And thus any comparison between the two is not
                             on, get it?  My driver's license doesn't allow
                             me to take cars, so why should my fishing license
                             allow me to take fish?
                             \_ Uh, I think we're in agreement but you lost me
                                when you started talking about fish.
                                \_ Just this: comparing car insurance with
                                   health insurance makes as much sense as
                                   comparing driver's licenses with fishing
                    \_ health >> driving around in your SUV.
                       \_ whats up with the class warfare?  he could be driving
                          a bug from the 60s for all you know.
2003/10/13-14 [Transportation/Car] UID:10610 Activity:low
10/13   I've always wondered what makes a 2 wheeled vehicle turn when it
        is fast. Whenever I see people turn on their bikes, they don't turn
        the wheels but instead lean towards the turn. What baffles me the
        most is their wheels are straight in the turn! What exactly is the
        physical force that makes it turn? Is it the angular momentum or
        some other mechanism?                           -not physics buff
        \_ "when it is fast"? yikes.
        the wheels but instead lean towards the turn. What baffles me the
        most is their wheels are straight in the turn! What exactly is the
        physical force that makes it turn? Is it the angular momentum or
        some other mechanism?                           -not physics buff
        \_ nor would you want to turn your steering column if you were
           going 80MPH on a bike
                \_ why not?
                   \_ dying would be one of the main reasons.
                   \_ Try it sometime!
        \_ torque.  angular momentum.  cross product.
           \_ What torque?  I thought it's the frictional force between the
              tires and the road which points to the center of curvature.
              \_ So how do you explain that leaning over would change
                 the center of curvature?
                 \_ Where does the torque come from?
                    \_ Gravity.  When you lean over, you're trying to rotate the
                       bike (and gravity is helping you) perpendicular to the
                       current axis of rotation.
        \_ How do you know the steering isn't being turned by a miniscule amt.?
           \_ because circles of large curvature are really flat, just like
              the earth!
        \_ The leaning is not what causes the bike to turn. The leaning is done
           so that the bike doesn't fall over in the opposite direction from the
           centrifugal force from turning. You need to lean more when taking
           a turn at a higher speed than at a lower speed.
        \_ Here's a fun experiment you can do with a tire... attach it to
           some sort of rod or something, then start spinning it... then move
           the rod and notice the resistance you get. Not exactly the same
           thing as turning, but maybe you'll start to feel/see forces that
           you didn't quite understand before.
           \_ Look up gyroscope in  They have a video
        \_ You never try to  turn the steering wheel while riding.  Instead,
           you push down on the direction that you want to go.  There is a
           small angle in the steering column relative from a right angle to
           the ground which generated a slight turn in the front wheel.
           Pushing down in the direction you want to go also leans your weight
           into the turn. At least that's how i ride.
           into the turn.
2003/10/10-12 [Transportation/Car] UID:10574 Activity:nil
10/10   i'm shopping for an used sport bike and my budget is around $5000.
        what do i need to pay attention in terms of mileages, brand, and
        other things?  thanks.
        \_ Ask if it has been raced, do not buy a bike that has been
           raced, unless you get a deep discount. Look for evidence
           like safety wire holes, etc. Ask if it has been in an
           accident. Have an independent mechanic check for things
           like frame straightness. All modern sportbikes are
           reliable, just don't buy anything more than 10 years old.
           Everyone has their own favorites regarding brand. My
           advice is to buy what you like. -ausman
           \_ thanks!  what's considered as high-mileage/low-mileage?
              \_ This is tricky.  Low mileage can be just a big a
                 flag as high - either they have several bikes or they
                 barely ride it.  Thus may not maintain it.  1-10k/yr
                 is fine, but above 30k be sure to get the mechanic
                 opinion.  My old BMW was fine at 70k, but a gsxr is not.
                 \_ Anything in particular to watch out on old (~1988) bikes
                    with low miles (<10K)?  What is most likely to
                    deteriorate from neglect, other than the oil/hoses/fuel?
                    \_ If stored outside, a very low mileage bike from the
                       80s may have siezed bolts that will be a bitch
                       to remove/destroy.  The rust is established.
        \_ EX500 is good because nweaver has one. Also not too many plastics
           so if you drop you will not get as depressed as say a nice 600RR.
           \_ No, nweaver has a VFR, his girl friend has an EX250...
        \_ Don't spend $5000 on your first bike. You will drop it and
           feel bad. Is this your first bike?
        \_ Get a nice used 10 speed off telegraph or university.  Just bring
           some heavy duty chain cutters you can borrow from someone.
2003/10/9 [Transportation/Car] UID:10549 Activity:nil
10/9    I am thinking about buying an Acura or Infiniti.  Does anyone here
        have shopping experience in both dealerships?  How do they
        compare (in terms of both sales and service)?  A related question...
        do these luxury brands (Acura, Infiniti, Lexus) treat you better
        than their mainstream counterparts (Honda, Nissan, Toyota)?
        \_ yes. they treat you better. -nivra
        \_ Doo!  Honda Acura Integra hel-la fresh!  Just make sure you get
           the big fat wing on the back, the bad window tinting and the
           huuuuge-ass pioneer sticker.  -John
           \_ My caaa so haaaa!  My hair so haaaa!
           \_ Sad to say, but these days it's either German or Japanese.
              Detroit only makes junk.  Check out the Saturn Ion.  The
              engineers must have been drunk.
           \_ And don't forget the "Hong Kong Student" sticker. :-)
2003/10/8-9 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:10539 Activity:moderate
10/8    I just saw a car with the license plate 'UNIX'  Anyone know whose car
         it is?
        \_ No, but if you knew what would it matter?
           \_ It doesn't matter, I'm just curious.  There are a lot of
              possibilities for a car like that in Berkeley
        \_ What state?
           \_ Sorry, California
              \_ Original Owner: Ted Dolotta
                 Current Owner:  John R. Mashey (as of Mar 2002)
                 For more info see:
                 (Google is simply amazing)
                 \_ Thanks.  I was kinda hoping MK McKusick had it...
                    \_ I read that he had 44BSD (which is much cooler)
                       \_ RIDE BIKE!  USE CANDLE!
              \_ FYI, you can call the DMV. They won't give out home addr
                 but give other information.
2003/10/7 [Transportation/Car] UID:29555 Activity:very high
10/6    Effects of the new car tax: my friend is a java developer living alone
        and making about $55k.  She's not from Berkeley so this is about the
        best she's going to do.  Car tax on her $26k car?  $700.  We need
        prop13 for car owners so middle income people can still afford to
        drive to work.
        \_ 2% of 26k = 520 + a few other bits - shouldn't exceed $600.
           And she didn't have to buy a new car.  Gas runs her 4x as much.
           \_ I saw her bill.  $700 no matter what you *think* it should be.
        \_ just vote for McClintock (or Arnold?)
        \_ What do you mean, "afford to drive to work"? Is she going to stop
           driving and ride bike? If so, that's great. No, she's going to
           suck it up and bend over to the state. Why? Because she makes $55k
           and is buying a $26k car...
           \_ What if I said she makes $80k?  What if I said she makes $120k?
              Would you then say she makes enough that she should just pay and
              STFU and as a rich bitch she already doesn't pay her fair share?
           \_ Solid point.  $26k is too much for your car if you make $55k
              around here.  Can we get some decent home econ classes in the
              damn schools.
              \_ Sorry.  Not in the budget.
           \_ it's people like you who wonder hanging at the end of a rope
              \_ wut
           \_ this man speaks truth
              \_ could you translate it into some form of english, please?
                 \_ it is english, dumbass. non-rich people who can't budget
                    appropriately will always have money trouble, regardless
                    of the car tax.
        \_ She pays $500/mo in car payments, $200/mo in insurance, probably
           $100/mo in gasoline and she complains about $60/mo in taxes?
           Tell her to stop whining.
           \_ 200/month in insurance?  She isn't an 18 year old white male.
              500/month in car payments?  Who ripped you off when you bought
              a car?  It isn't a porsche.  -op
              \_ 26000/48 = 541, 26000/60 = 433 do the math. Most people get
                 4 year car loans. That doesn't even include interest.
                 I just plugged 28 yo single female with a perfect record
                 living in Berkeley into and they gave me $195/mo
                 for 100/300 liability and full coverage.
           \_ yeah, let the bitch eat cake!
              \_ How do you think these highways she drives on are financed?
                 Typical middle class Californian, wants all this stuff
                 and wants someone else to pay for it.
                 \_ I hate this royal bitch already. She deserves to die.
                 \_ With her taxes?  We already know the rich and poor don't
                    pay them.
           \_ Only $100 per month on gasoline?!
        \_ One of the most useless things to buy is a brand new car. Just
           buy a good used car and get min insurance. Works for me. Invest
           extra money for the future.
           \_ What will you buy with that money in the future? A new car?
              \_ No, he'll be paying medical bills when he crashes in his
                 old heap.
              \_ With the money I saved from not having a car for 10
                 years, I was able to make a down payment on a house. -ausman
                 \_ I did the same thing, but the point here is that at one
                    extreme you have a lot of money and don't do anything with
                    it. At the other extreme you enjoy life but get into
                    debt. Moderation is the key. After a saved for the house
                    I bought myself a new car, because having a POS for 10
                    years sucks. Useless? Maybe. Makes me happy? Yes. --dim
                 \_ With the money I saved from not having a car for 10 years,
                    I was able to buy a new car AND downpay a house....
                    Though perhaps I'd have been better off without the car.
                    I weigh 20lbs more in 1.5 years.
                 \_ With the increased mobility a car allowed me, I was able
                    to live in a nicer place and commute to much better paying
                    jobs.  I made my down payment in cash, I pay an extra $2k
                    per month on my 15 year loan, and I can get my wife a new
                    car every 3 years with all the extra money I make by
                    having a car all the way through the last 10 years.
                    \_ Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that. Doesn't everyone
                       make their downpayment "in cash"?
                       \_ Nope.  Most people are doing 10% or even 5% and some
                          even get higher interest "negative" percent loans. I
                          did a full 20% down, live further away in a nicer
                          place than the shit holes where the jobs are.  I
                          don't have to tell myself anything.  I see my
                          paycheck, my loan expenses and my wife's new car.
                          And oh yeah, my house has gone up about $150k since
                          I got it and the area is now building up nicely.
                          \_ Personally, I think the outer burbs are horrible.
                             I would rather live in North Oakland. But luckily,
                             we don't all want the same thing. I suspect my
                             house in Noe Valley has gone up about that much.
                          \_ I find the outer burbs unpleasant, not nice,
                             but luckily, we don't all want the same thing.
2003/10/7 [Transportation/Car] UID:29553 Activity:nil
10/6    Non political non computer (so this can't be a troll, right?) question:
        What do people use to wash their car windows? I've read that ammonia
        is really bad for them (I guess that makes sense, I never use Windex
        to wipe my glasses). -new car owner, used to Ride BART
        \_ The best glass cleaner is Porsche glass cleaner. It is similar
           to eyeglass cleaner. You can find an assortment of cleaners at
           any autoparts store, though.
        \_ I use the car wash.  But, sometimes I spit into a paper towel and
           use that.
2003/10/7 [Transportation/Car] UID:10499 Activity:nil
10/6    Damn, my non-election post was deleted. What do people use to wash
        their car windows? I've been told that Windex is really bad.
        BMW Freaks on the Internet recommend all sorts of wacko stuff.
        -!bmw owner
        \_ vinegar and water, dry w/ newspaper (which acts as a polish)
        \_ Porsche window cleaner, but Windex is fine.
2003/10/2-4 [Transportation/Car] UID:10421 Activity:kinda low
10/2    Why is the waterpump usually changed the same time as the timing
        belt? Isn't it a pretty reliable part?
        \_ The belt needs to be removed to change the pump. So if the pump
           fails then you get your timing belt changed whether you need to
           or not. It's a matter of convenience and will save you money. Have
           the nearby seals changed, too. It costs almost nothing and if one
           leaks on your new belt it will cause it to slip. --dim
                \_ how much for the seals?
                   \_ Less than $100 parts+labor
        \_ Because it's hard to get to it.  You don't want to pay the
           labor twice.  But I guess you know that already, and yes,
           I wish they just build the part such that it last for 16 years.
        \_ fyi, my water pump was messing up, this jammed up my timing
           belt, I had to replace both parts again, this time from a good
        \_ by the way I called the guy up and he said the aftermarket belt
           is $100 cheaper, but don't last as long. Any reason why OEM
           belt would last longer?
           \_ Boy, he's riding you for a good one. How can aftermarket
              timing belts be $100 cheaper when the OEM belt costs about
              \_ Depends on the car.  What car do you have, op?
           \_ pony up.  the timing belt is very important.  you're supposed
              to only be changing it only every 60K-90K miles.  who knows
              how crappy the non-OEM belt is (and whether it was > $100
              cheaper for them to buy); and your mechanic is actually warning
           \_ pony up.  the belt is very important.  you're supposed to only
              be changing it every 60K-90K miles.
2003/9/30 [Transportation/Car] UID:10385 Activity:nil
9/29    It's time to change my timing belt and water pump. The dealer charges
        $299 for the timing belt and $200 for the pump, while a generic
        store charges $345 for the whole thing. That's about $150 difference.
        My question is, is there ANY reason to go to the dealer? Is the
        authentic OEM timing belt and water pump worth going to the dealer?
        \_ oh my car is a Honda Accord. Why would it matter?    -op
        \_ call the small independant shop and tell them "i want oem parts"
           and they will do that. most shops do that anyway and get the parts
           at a huge discount straight from the local dealership.. and if your
           car isn't a high end german car, chances are their generic obdII
           gear will be able to do everything needed. the huge price difference
           is that they are willing to pass on part of the savings on parts
           and also cheaper labor prices. dealerships usually bill at about
           $80-$95/hr where as independant shops are closer to $65.
        \_ Small shop is good enough for this. What kind of car?
        \_ Do you have a warranty? If so, I'd go to the dealer since having
           the work done at a 3rd party might void your warranty.
           If you car is a generic japanese import then a 3rd party will
           work well.
           \_ This is a timing belt. You don't change a timing belt when the
             car is still under warranty. That's at least 75,000 on a recent
             Accord. Unless you are commuting from one end of the bay to
             the other on a daily basis or are a shipping company you
             don't rack that kind of mileage up usually in under 3 years.
        \_ if you know a good, reputable 3rd party repair shop, then, go
           ahead.  My toyota dealer cost about 10-15% more. I guess i am
           willing to pay that extra premium.
        \_ Can a generic store deal with the "computers" under the hood on
           most of today's cars?
           \- If Japanese && EBay, you can try OCEANWORKS. As for the
              Danhimal Discount. --psb
2003/9/20-21 [Transportation/Car, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:10266 Activity:nil
9/20    This is beautiful.  Any of you own HP stock?  Friends work there?
        \_ How else are the HP execs going to take the Passage to India
           quickly in style and comfort?
        \_ Carly sucks, but how do they figure that planes registered to
           "GC AIR LLC" in Anaheim are owned by HP? --dim
2003/9/1-2 [Transportation/Car, Health] UID:10028 Activity:very high
8/31    I am in the transition from being employed to unemployed or hopefully
        self-employed later on.  One of the things that worry me is health
        insurance just for myself.  Will it become much more expensive?
        I am generally healthy but already in my early 30s'.  What
        company/package do people in similar situation buy?
        \_ If you are a Christian, you may want to try:
           I think it's good for tiding things over while unemployed or if
           one has financial difficulties, but coverage is probably more
           basic than what you get from your employer.  About $100 per month.
           They say they save costs by not supporting people with
           unhealthy lifestyles (drugs, sex, etc.).  At first, I have some
           misgivings about that, but thinking more, there is nothing wrong
           with it.
           \_ jesus crashed my browser.
           \_ How do they verify that the subscriber is a christian?  Can one
              convert?  And what if the subscriber lost his faith after
              subscription?  Although I can't help my misgiving, this is a
              serious question.  The Evans link that site connects to suggests
              subscription?  Although I can't help my misgiving, this is
              a serious question.  The link that site connect to suggests
              that these people are not real Christians.  Rather they seem to
              be fundamentalist fanatics intent on a worldwide revolution.
              If they are a chirstian's version of Hamas or Islamic Brotherhood
              just trying to gain popularity support by pretending nice it's
              fine.  But it tries to set up cells of devotees I smell danger.
              that these people are not real Christians.  Rather they seem to
              be fundamentalist fanatics intent on a worldwide revolution.
              If I am really desperate I might want to try that health plan,
              if they won't send Christ's soldier or army of god to my home.
              When really desperate one might want to try their health plan,
              if they won't send Christ's soldier or army of god for checkups.
              \_ You need your pastor to sign off.  Other than that, they just
              cheap medical plans ($42/mo) with high deductibles ($2400).
                 trust you, I guess.  Oh, also a nurse would call you after
                 your application is sent in to ask you some questions
                 regarding our medical history.  I am not sure what you mean by
                 "Evans link".  Most faiths have some fanatical nuts.  The few of
                 those who used it thinks it's good.  Sample size is small.  My
                 family doctor, who is Hindu, says she would accept the plan
        \_ Don't forget that cobra is retroactive for approx. 60 days.
           \_ does Cobra have a good medical plan?  I always wondered why
              people would want to join an evil terrorist organization that
              always loses to G.I.Joe.
              \_ because they never die.  hard to beat that.
              cheap medical plans ($42/mo) with high deductibles ($2400).
           those super-cheap insurers you find later are just pyramind scams.
                 as insurance without problem.
        \_ Supposedly, Kaiser has a really cheap (~ $30/month) major-medical
           only plan.  No Dr.'s visits, prescriptions, etc.. save that for
           when you're employed.  But at least if you crash and burn, you
           won't be going to the city hospital.
           \_ where is this cheap Kaiser plan?  When I get a quote, it gives
              me an estimate of $154/mo.  Anyhow. Blue Shield of CA has some
              cheap medical plans ($42/mo) but with high deductibles ($2400).
        \_ It's really fudge up out there. My aunt/uncle, retired, have to
           pay $900/month for insurance. With deductibles. If anyone knows
           of good leads for health insurance, lots of people (unemployed,
           self-employed, semi-retired) need it. As long it's not one of
           those super-cheap insurers you find later are just pyramind scams.
           \_ "I don't think the American people want to hear about healthcare."
              -Joe Liebermann
        \_ Don't forget that cobra is retroactive for approx. 60 days.
           \_ does Cobra have a good medical plan?  I always wondered why
              people would want to join an evil terrorist organization that
              always loses to G.I.Joe.
              \_ because they never die.  hard to beat that.
        \_ -- never used them myself but they were
           recommended to me at one time.  also, check out COBRA with your
           current employer.  it might be pricey, but will continue your
           existing coverage for 18 months.  important to try to not let
           health insurance lapse, as it is REALLY hard to get new coverage
           after a 6 month lapse...and it may f*ck with pre-existing condition
           clauses with any new insurance policies.  --chris
           \_ What is with this continuity requirement?  Any url?  I only
              knew auto insurance cared about lapses but I guess I was poorly
              informed.  Would living aborad while under various kind of
              foreign employee insurance and/or travel/ex-pat insurance count
              as lapses?  I guess COBRA does not apply to such cases?
2003/8/29-2004/2/14 [Transportation/Car] UID:12250 Activity:very high
2/13    Anyone know what the availability of the new Mazda RX-8 is?  Do you
        have to get on some sort of six month waiting list, like when the
        new Mini Cooper came out?
        \_ Whatever you do, don't get a car like Mini, RX-8, or whatever with
           an automatic transmission (even those with a manual shift mode
           like Triptronic, Steptronic, etc.). The big difference is the
           use of a torque converter as opposed to a dry clutch. If you get
           a sports car, you've simply lost power by virtue of running
           your engine output through a torque converter. The only
           exception is if you get one of those sequential manual gearboxes
           offered only on BMW, MR2, and Ferarri.
           \_ Actually Audi also has a good one on the TT 3.2.
        \_ Totally random question, but what's its engine's compression ratio?
           \_ An engine's compression ratio is how much the gas in the
              cylinder gets compressed from the time the piston is in the
              down position to the point where the piston crests. Higher
              ratios lead to higher power output but it also takes more
              energy to compress the gas.
              \_ I knew all that.  I just wanted the number.
           \_ 10.0:1, though that is not an official Mazda number.  The rotary
              engine gets 238 hp out of just 1.3 liters in the 6 speed manual
              \_ Horsepower is like the Megahertz for cars. More important
                 is how wide the engine's torque band is and how much power
                 is produce throughout that range. As I understand, the RX-8
                 rotary engine doesn't kick in until some very high RPM.
                 \_ I heard this exact thing when I was flipping channels
                    and saw a review of the RX-8 on the speed channel
              \_ Well I knew rotaries have great power/displacement, but as I
                 understand it they're usually pretty inefficient because they
                 have a low compression ratio.
                 \_ Yeah, could be.  Apparently you need to rev it really high
                    to get good accelleration, like 4500rpm at least.  It
                    redlines at 8500.  I want to test drive it though!  There
                    aren't many cars in that class anymore due to the disease
                    of gigantor-ism that seems to have infected the car market,
                    and I want to check them all out.
                    \_ I drove the AT and it was pretty pathetic. I did notice
                       that the engine was pretty weak until you reved it up
                       and even then it was still weak. I'm sure the MT would
                       be much better but I was less than impressed with the
                       overall feel of the car (aside from engine power).
                       \_ What about the Acura RSX-S?  Basically an Integra
                          reborn, right?
                          \_ Well, I did write something until someone
                             deleted it and other motd postings. Anyway,
                             RSX-X is just like a glorified civic. It's
                             cheap on the inside and their clutch is very
                             difficult to play with. I considered the RSX-S
                             until I test drove one and walked out very
                             unimpressed. If you have nothing better to
                             do one weekend, it wouldn't hurt to test drive.
                          \_ FWD civic. Ok haha but seriously FWD sporty cars
                             are a bit lame.
                    \_ Plus you're revving your wankel...
           \_ A 1.3L rotary is comparable in displacement to a 2.6L
2003/8/27-30 [Transportation/Car] UID:10017 Activity:nil
8/26    Carpool from eastbay to santa clara, 8-5pm ?
        email if interested.
2003/8/21 [Transportation/Car] UID:29420 Activity:moderate
8/20    Any tips on good motorcycle insurance companies?  Been licensed
        2 years but not insured, $480/yr from progressive seems a bit
        steep? (especially compared to my much lower car insurance -
        unfortunately my car insurer doesn't do bikes...). Thanks! - mds
        \_ If that is full coverage, that is cheap. If not, that is about
           5X what it shold be. If you have a perfect driving record,
           try GEICO. -ausman
           \_ if you are under 25 and you've only been riding for 2 years
              and never owned (and had insurance which you are supposed
              to have) a bike before that is a bit high, but not 5x too high.
                \_ over 30, married, but never owned...  Waiting to hear
                   back from geico, any other good ones?  Thanks! -mds
           \_ thanks for the tips!  With geice, it was just ~$100! -mds
2003/8/20 [Transportation/Car] UID:29403 Activity:moderate
8/19    I'm selling a book on to some person living at a
        "US Hwy 15-501 South". Just curious, but does anyone know what
        sort of place this might be? Next to a highway presumably,
        but like...a house, farm, trailer park? It's in NC btw.
        \_ there is a business loop of 15-501 that runs through
           a commericial/residential neighborhood in Durham.  --jwang
        \_ there is a northern business loop of 15-501 that runs through
           Durham (close to South runs into Chapel Hill
           (close to <DEAD><DEAD>).  this highway is only 2 lanes in each
           direction, with some residential neighborhoods on the side. --jwang
2003/8/8 [Transportation/Car] UID:29275 Activity:high
8/7     Where can I buy one of those computers that connects to
        a car engine and queries it to see exactly what is wrong
        with it when the "check engine" light comes on? I'm sick
        of having to pay the mechanic close to $100 every time
        it comes on. Thanks.
        \_ what kind of car?
                \_ a Jeep Wrangler
        \_ check your gascap.
        \_ a lot of cars have alternatve ways of reporting diagnostics.
           on toytas for example, after shorting the right wires, the engine
           indicator light blinks in a pattern that identifies the problem.
        \_ If your car is new enough (I think >= 1994), you can use the
           OBD-II tool to retrieve the fault code.
        \_ Switch your car to use Linux/Open source. Or ride bike.
        \_ Davis Instruments' CarChip
2003/8/7-8 [Transportation/Car] UID:29270 Activity:high
8/7     Where do I go for upgrading my car audio? And tinting my windows?
        I don't know anything about this stuff and just want some decent
        service without getting ripped off too much. Are their some
        respected stores I should go to? I live in South Bay.
        \_ so you're going to pay to decrease your visibility and increase
           your chances of being pulled over...why exactly?
           \_ as my grandmother put it "you'll never get a girlfriend driving
              that car!"  You tint your car to make it look cool, you hosers.
           \_ not to mention increase your chance of getting your car broken
           \_ because i want better audio and tinted windows?
              \_ can i pay you not to move into my neighborhood?
                 \_ aren't we stereotyping?  What's wrong with wanting
                    better audio?  op is not necessarily going to
                    get 1000 watt subwoofers.
                 \_ okay. is paypal alright with you?
        \_  Frank's of Berkeley on Addison in downtown Berkeley does
            excellent car audio work.
2003/7/29-30 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:29174 Activity:low
7/29    Looking for cool URLs to share at work, like the spinning wheels
        and the matrix ping-pong ones.
        \_ Bigger, but:
        \_ to be on the leading edge of cool dork.
2003/7/26-28 [Transportation/Car] UID:29150 Activity:high
7/26    When I look at car magazines I often see 0-60 numbers that are far
        shorter than 30-70 numbers. For example, the Infinity G35 can go
        from 0-60 in 6.0s but 30-70 in 25.0s. Wouldn't it make sense for
        a car to be able to go from 30-70 in less time than 0-60?
        \_ 25s is way too slow for 30-70, check your numbers.
        \_ your numbers are way off. 30-70 < 0-60 + 60-70. 60-70 isn't going
           to take 19s in any car that can go 70...
           \_ I thought it was a magazine typo but in the same article it
              posts numbers for the BMW330. Word for word it says "30-70
              mph passing: 14.2 sec" which is still much greater than its
              0-60 time.
              \_ I suspect 0-60 is measured driven hard and 30-70 is something
                 odd like always in the highest gear.
                 \_ actually it looks like he is looking at 1/4 mile times
                    and thinks he is looking at 30-70 times
                    \_ No, because above that it says "1/4-mile: 14.6 sec @
                       98 mph". If you don't believe me, it's the Nov 2002
                       Automobile magazine on the bottom of page 55.
        \_ i'm surprised the bike fanatic hasn't responded. (earth to tom)
           \_ he's secretly a car lover.  i've seen him at races (the real
              ones) and also spotted him in a rice rocket at a midnight drag
              show in oakland once, too.  some hot little asian thing driving.
              i think he's the guy who posted the one liner, "25s is way too
              slow for 30-70, check your numbers"
                \_ uh, I'm talking about tom holub, not tom asian.
           0-70 in <8s.
        \_ Are they using the last gear for 30-70 test?  That's something I've
           seen done.  Numbers sound reasonable in that case.
2003/7/19 [Transportation/Car] UID:29081 Activity:insanely high
7/17    Dear John, I would like to know what disolves easily in gasoline
        and could potentially ruin the engine or at least degrade its
        performance severely. I would like the compound to disolve in
        gasoline so it's difficult to diagnose or trace the cause of
        the engine failure. At any rate, I don't think sugar works as
        the fuel line and filter will only allow gasoline to pass through
        and I highly doubt it's a proven technique (just an urbane legend).
        Thanks John!!!
        \_ I'm a nice guy, I like people, I wish we could all just get along
           and not hurt each other or vandalize other peoples' cars.  That
           said, \
                irresponsible_activities/164831.html and if I ever
           catch you near my car I'm ripping off your head and shitting
           in the hole.  -John
           \_ oooh, aaah, do they have big dicks where you come from?
                \_ Yes, and big sticks.  -John
        \_ please try this out on your own car first.
        \_ never pour just sugar.  pour sugar in solution.
        \_ POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME!  -80s rock fan
        \_ any one of a mess of nasty organic solvents should work, doing
           a terrible job on the rubber pipes and fittings in the engine.  Try
           acetone or MEK.
        \_ dumb ass, brick through the window or soda in the tank.  now get
           the fuck off the motd, idiot.
2003/7/17 [Transportation/Car] UID:29076 Activity:nil
7/16    [censored auto-sabotage thread]
        \_ what's funny is that a thread with specific instructions for
           how to destroy someones car and possibly kill the driver and
           passengers stayed up for a day and a half, given all the
           other shit that gets censored.  it just goes to show what
           we all knew already: that the censors are asshole psycho
           idiots.  It's ok to kill someone by sabotaging their brakes,
           as long as you don't dissagree with them about US foreign
2003/7/17-18 [Transportation/Car] UID:29075 Activity:moderate
7/16    Suggestions for a good place to get a car aligned in the East Bay
        (closer to Emeryville, the better?)
        \_ With or without sugar in the gastank and tires slashed?
           \_ Preferably without. With friends like these ...
        \_ Berkeley Steamworks
           \_ Um, I need an alignment, not a lube job.
        \_ call up Oceanworks in Berkeley - danh
           \- OW mostly work on JAPANESE cars ... you should vrfy they
              will process your car. Those guys are good to deal with if
              you are a clever person. --psb
                \_ even if you are not so clever i don't think they
                   will attempt to destroy you - danh
                   \- well i meant they will "speak your language" and
                      explain things to you if you have a technical/engineering
                      science background but dont know much about cars --psb
2003/7/17 [Transportation/Car] UID:29072 Activity:high
7/16    Dear John, thanks for the brake fluid advice. I may do just that
        because of simplicity (easier than prying out the gas tank, then
        pouring sugar). However I'm looking at ways to seriously damage a
        car without looking obvious. For example do things that the victim
        would not know unless he/she went to forensic scientists. Thanks
        \_ Oh dear, er, any chance I could convince you to just smear
           limburger on his air conditioning vents?  -John
        \_ err... are you intent to kill as well? or you just want to
           damage the car without causing bodiy harm?  People who
           messing around with other people's break fluid usually intend
           to kill as well.  Or you just don't care?
           \- just out of curiosity, what is motivating this.
              there are better things to attack than someones car.
              BTW, YMWTR "The Information" by Martin Amis, which sort of
              has this as a premise. ok tnx --psb
              \_ Hayduke lives!
        \_ If the victim doesn't know something has been done, what's the
           point? "Oh! Aha ha!  I fired my nullify ray at your car and now
           your anti-alien laser death beams shall never fire again!"  Just
           toss a brick through the windshield.  This isn't rocket science.
           Forensic scientists??  Now I'm sure you're just trolling.
        \_ I'm curious what the other guy did to you. Did he steal your
           GF?  Is smarter and more sociable than you so he's getting ahead
           at work or in grad school?  The people who exact revenge tend to
           be LOSERS.
        \_ Hey motherfucker. If I happen to catch you touching my car you will
           be in a world of hurt. Make sure it's worth it to you. This other
           person may not be so nice. Is this worth jail or death? I see
           someone sneaking around my car at night and I might just shoot.
                \_ you have an extremely large penis
                   \_ double-wide pussies need large penises.
                   \_ you don't own a car or get stalked by vandal losers
           \_ I am on to you now. Better check your brake cables before
              you get in because I just might slash them and cause you
              a horrible accident.
2003/7/17 [Transportation/Car] UID:29071 Activity:very high
        Man mows people with his car, 8 dead, and he is released and no
        criminal charge has been filed. This is telling me that there's
        something wrong with the legal system and that if you want to kill
        someone, automobile is the way to go.
        \_ how about if you want to kill 30 thousand americans a year, more
           than all wars put together, destroy the environment, destroy
           communities, and then get your stupid ass bailed out by the
           taxpayer when foreign competitors beat you with superior engineering?
           The automobile is great for that as well.
           \_ Airplanes, fast food, alcohol, air conditioners, by-products
              from PC manufacture....go live in a bubble, whiner.  -John
        \_ The article writes: 'in police custody after being released by
           hospital.'  And no matter what, he wouldn't be charged on the
           day of the event.  But since he is odd (80s), odds are he'll
           just lose his license forever.
                \_ so the moral of the story is that if you want to hire
                   a hitman, hire a 80-90 year old hit man cuz he'll just
                   get away with it.
        \_ this IS sad. I was there yesterday... sad sad sad    -UCLA student
        \_ a different report said the guy might of had a heart attack.
                                                 \_ "might /have/" or
                                                    "might've".  Yeesh.
        \_ Are you the same person who thought "Misha" was a girl?
           \_ What do you mean?  "Misha" *is* a girl's name.  -- misha.
2003/7/17 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:29068 Activity:moderate
7/16    ilyas, can you point out URLs that will scientifically prove
        (via chemistry or what not) that sugar kills the engine? And
        how much sugar per gallon is required?
           Unfortunately it doesn't RUIN the engine. I need an alternative
           additive that'll do just that.
        \_ think: solidified grains of crystal going thru and fucking up
           fuel lines, clogging up injectors, etc.  scratching up previously
           clean surfaces.
           \_ think: fuel filter
        \_ why not set the car on fire
        \_ If you're trying to get back at someone, try stuffing prawn heads
           or limburger in his airco.  Battery acid/brake fluid on the paint
           lets you write nice things that eat into the body.  -John
2003/7/16-17 [Transportation/Car] UID:29054 Activity:high
7/15    What are some of the effective ways to vandalize a car? Tire slashing
        and key scratching are old...
        \_ after yesterday, I've been kinda tempted to get a slingshot that
           throws ball bearings... -chialea
           \_ Why stop there?  A certain fellow named Winchester once remarked
              that a gun is merely a machine for throwing balls.
        \_ Sugar. -- ilyas
                \_ can you elaborate ilyas?
                   \_ you put it in the gas tank. it kills the engine.  the
                      same is true for any diesel with mothballs in the fuel
           \_ or mothballs for a diesel
        \_ you use key to scratch the car, make sure you scratch the paint
           entirely.  Then, you pour a little bit mercury on the exposed
           metal.  the car owner probably need to get the entire panel
           \_ What does the mercury do?
        \_ There are only a few exposed areas on a car: windows, tires, paint,
           locks, exhaust, gas intake, and sometimes there will be an exposed
           antenna, ski/bike rack or other random bits.  There's nothing wrong
           with a good car keying or tire slashing to send your message.  The
           traditional car keyed message lets you *really* tell them exactly
           how you feel and why.  Let us know how your 30 days in jail and
           $5,000 fine went when you get out.
           \_ only morons get caught with something as simple as vandalizing.
              \_ as someone who has never vandlized more than your neighbor's
                 drive way with an egg at halloween how would you know?  there
                 are cameras *everywhere* today.
        \_ This is the reason why I think singaporian law is superior to US
              But seeing as how this is a .44 magnum, the most powerfull
           law.  Singapore canes punks like you.  let's see how tough you are
           when they have your pants down and whip you with a bamboo cane.
           \_ Now, you're probably wondering: did I fire all six shots or
              only five?
              I must admit in all the excitement, I kind of lost track myself.
              But seeing as how this is a .44 magnum, the most powerful
              handgun in the world, It could blow your head clean off.
              So there's just one thing you've got to ask yourself:
              do I feel lucky?
              well, do you?
           \_ Hey, he might even get a hard-on.  Who knows about punks like
        \_ I have heard this story from a friend. It happened in ex-USSR.
           Once some guy who had an argument with someone else who lived in the
           same apartment building threw a brick at his foe's car from his
           14th floor balcony. The car engine has been completely destroyed.
           It takes some skill not to kill anyone this way, so don't try this
           at home.
                \_ ah, in mother Russia, you take laws into your own hands
                \_ In Soviet Russia, brick shits you!
2003/7/15 [Transportation/Car] UID:29036 Activity:nil
7/14    Looking for pictures of Nazis driving Mercedes autos and riding BMW
        bikes, what is a good place to start?
2003/7/8 [Transportation/Car] UID:28962 Activity:nil
7/8     A truck on the freeway kicked up a pipe that dented the hood of
        my rental car. Does anyone know how insurance is gonna work for
        this? I didn't get the rental place's insurance.
2003/7/3-4 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:28910 Activity:high
        \_ followup (shortened):
                \_ Vaguely related--in Germany there is a large problem with
                   "car forgery".  Eastern Europeans (mainly Poles) build
                   copies of luxury cars in their garages and sell them at
                   cut (but still high) prices on German car flea markets.
                   It's the ignorant and greedy who get caught by it, but some
                   of the wheels are amazingly well done (while some have
                   ridealong lawnmower engines.)  This is pretty amusing:
        \_ (very very) long story short: some poor sap flys all the way from
           Spokane to West Palm Beach to buy a BMW that he thinks is a good
           deal based on a phone conversation with the seller. He forks over
           $10K CASH, and when the car breaks down as he's driving it home he
           finds out its been stolen. what a loser.
           \_ he doesn't seem that greedy, he just belongs to that
              weird world of BMW fetishization.  the guys starts
              cleaning the damn thing before he even gets it back
              to his home state (which I guess was good since it
              allowed him to see more flaws in the car's story)
        \_ fuck you. i just wasted an hour at work reading that entertaining
           \_ ditto that.
        \_ When you at your greediest, you are most vulnerable.  Divest
           yourself of greed and people won't be able to screw you like this.
           Con artists can also prey on your loneliness, your stupidity,
           and to a lesser extent, your pity.  But greed is definitely the
           worst.  Greed is the most common lever used to pry an idiot away
           from his money.
           \_ The buyer didn't strike me as particularly greedy.  But I
              wouldn't fly cross country for a 'good deal,' not when so
              many would be in California.
        \_ Some lessons to learn:
           1. A fool and his money are soon parted.
           2. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
           \_ 3. BMW enthusiasts are idiots even when they're not driving. -tom
                \_ Most enthusiasts are idiots even when they're not doing
                   something they're enthusiastic about.  -John
              \_ damn it! i agree with tom about something.
                        \_ A stopped clock is right twice a day.
                           \_ Or every few months in this case.
                 \_ Old jungle saying:
                    Its spelled B-M-W but its pronounced IDIOT!
                    \_ Ever own one? If you did you'd see why. I've started
                       doing idiot things like double-parking and cutting
                       people off. It started slowly, but BMWs are FUN TO
                       DRIVE and that leads to a little recklessness.
                        \_ My dad has three. He drives like a world
                           class jerk. The best was when someone in
                           a 3 series tried to pass him in the shoulder
                           and he rolled down his window and shouted
                           "7 is bigger than 3!" (he was driving his
                           7 series that day) and then proceeded to
                           hog the left lane and the shoulder for
                           the next several miles.
                           I've driven his BMWs and I just don't see
                           it, they drive like almost every other
                           luxury car out there. Personally I think
                           that a STi is much more fun to drive and
                           you can coax it to do lots more things
                           (on and off road) than any BWM.
                 \_ so what "enthusiasts" are not idiots, opinion master?
                    you name it, i can crap on it. whee!
2003/7/2 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28904 Activity:high
7/2     Europe is a strange place:,2763,989078,00.html
        \_ I think you mean, "Europe is a cool place."
           \_ Util you're hit by a guy having sex with a hitch hiker at
              road speed on the highway.
              \_  They're talking about the autobahn here.  If a nation has
                  already shown they're stupid enough to have no speed limit,
                  why stop there?  Besides, I don't think oral sex while
                  driving is that bad, as long as the driver is the
                  recipient.  It's better than the asses who try to read in
                  the car.
                  \_ What was the name of the movie where Robin Williams rams
                     his car into the back of his wife's car while she's going
                     down on some kid?  You're right.  It's not that bad.
                     \_ The World According to Garp
                     Seriously though, if you can drive and not be distracted
                     by a good solid dick sucking then either you're broken or
                     you need a new lover.
2003/5/27-28 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:28559 Activity:very high
5/26    What happens when OSHA isn't looking:
        \_ Does Toyota make forklifts?  If not, we know this is a toyota plant.
        \_ Does Toyota make forklifts?  If not, we know this is a toyota
           \_ Yes, Toyota does make forklifts.
        \_ That's hilarious.  But the 2 guys on the orange lift should be
           sitting on the back of the yellow one to keep it from tipping.
           \_ The yellow forklift won't tip over.  If there weren't any
        \_ I bet this is in China.
                                - Chinese geek
              guys on the orange forklift, how could they operate the
              orange forklift?
           \_ Forklifts have counterweights to prevent tipping.
        \_ I bet this is in China. - Chinese geek
           \_ Except those guys don't look Chinese.
              \_ They look kind of Philipino to me.
                 \_ Hmmm, all Filipino workforce...that narrows it down to
                    about a hundred coutries.
                    \_ could be Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese
                 \_ Filipino
                    \_ Pilipino
                        \_ that is a valid option
           \_ It's an Iraqi WMD plant.
        \_ Never ever hire anyone named Homer Simpson at your work.
2003/5/19 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Airplane] UID:28481 Activity:kinda low
5/18    How much is a carpool lane ticket on 880 around Fremont?  I thought
        it's around $271, but the notification I received said I owe $321.
        And, what's the easiest way for me to find if I qualify for traffic
        school if I can't remember if my last traffic school is within the last
        18 months?
        \_ $271 is the minimum
        \_ You scumbag, I hope you get socked with more than that next time,
           and I hope your insurance company doubles your fees.  Bastards
           like you ought to be executed on the spot.
           \_ Yeah because no one ever made a mistake.  You're an idiot. -!op
           \_ Fuck all that.  Kill the cars. Jackhammer the roads.
              \_ Why destroy perfectly good roads?  Abortions for all!
                 Retroactive ones!  The human race is a virus!
        \_ Take it to a judge, admit guilt, ask for a reduced penalty because
           you're a poor student or you're an idiot and didn't notice the
           signs or something.  The judge can also send you to traffic scool
           no matter what for simple driving infractions like that.  Whatever
           you do, do not plead innocent.  You're guilty as hell and you're
           just going to annoy him.
2003/5/6-7 [Transportation/Car] UID:28358 Activity:very high
5/6     Boy I love my country Singapore.  I remember US used to bitch
        and whine about Singapore's Internal Security Act which allows
        detention without trial.  Now, US is doing exactly the same,
        following our lead.  I also remember US used to bitch and whine
        about Singapore restricting the circulation of commie-liberul
        rags like feer, etc., now US did pretty much the same with al
        jazeera.  I also remember the various negative articles about
        Singapore being too authoritarian.  Now liberul rags like NYT
        are praising Singapore for its authoritarian measures for
        controlling SARS.  Singapore has been saying all along that
        detention without trial is necessary against commie and islamic
        terrorists, and successfully broken up al queda cell in Singapore.
        For that, now US is signing free trade agreement with Singapore
        like a good pussy cat.  Boy, it still feels good to remember
        Singapore caning buttocks of American naughty boy who defaced
        several of Singapore's precious cars some years ago.  Soon,
        US would be following Singapore's lead in banning the sale of
        chewing gum.   Singapore, land of the free, and a beacon for
        democracies all over the world:
        \_ something to keep in mind is that in this country we enjoy far
           greater freedoms than mandated by the constitution and various
           amendments.  even the bare basic document without all the stuff the
           supreme court invented in the last 30 years still grants more rights
           and protections than you'd have in most of the world.
        \_ Many Chinese think Singaporian Authortarian is the model for
           modern China.  Though I just don't see how Singapore model
           could scale up 10 million times.
        \_ While I agree with your general assesment that Singapore
           is far to authoritarian and we ought not develop our gov.
           in that way, the kid who got caned deserved it. Why the
           hell did he have to go around spray painting other peoples
           \_ short answer: because he's a flaming idiot.
           \_It was a school graduation prank, and the spray paint
             wasn't even permanent. If the same laws applied to the U.S.
             Steve Jobs would've been hung and quartered because he was
             part of the Buck Fry's club and he used to pull stuff like
             this. The kid should've just been fined and do community
             service. On a tangent, the comparison is apt. It reminds me
             of the game A Mind Forever Voyaging (if anyone is old enough
             to remember infocom games)
                \_ sometimes you do a prank and get busted for it and pay the
                   price.  in this case, the dumbshit lost some skin off his
                   ass and not even that much because of US pressure because
                   too many idiots here don't raise their kids right.
                \_ That's what you don't understand.  Poor Singaporeans
                   make half as much as Americans, but your typical Honda
                   Accord plus a car ownership license costs about US$100000
                   there.  When you spray paint an uptight Singaporean's
                   car, you might as well have violated his wife.
             \_ I see someone spray painting my car and they are lucky if
                all they get is a caning. Remember that guy who shot the
                kid who destroyed his Halloween decorations and then said
                "What are you gonna do about it?". That's justice. --dim
                \_ now you know why his login name is "dim"
                   \_ actually this is one of the very rare times I find myself
                      in 100% agreement with dim.  Is there a URL for the
                      holloween shooting?  I'd love to read that one.
             \_ 1. So what if it was a grad prank? He could have just
                   as easily done something else that did not violate
                   private property rights. (MIT and CalTech students
                   seem to be able to pull of interesting grad pranks
                   that don't violate the private property rights of
                   random people)
                   \_ You obviously don't know much about CalTech. -ausman
                        \_ I haven't seen anything on par with
                           spray painting random cars.
                           \_ ausman went to CalTech.
                           \_ While I was there, it was routine to do things
                              like brick up the entrance to someone's dorm room,
                              steal The City of Pasadena's Christmas decorations
                              and scatter them around campus, break into the
                              Rose Bowl and hack into the sign control system,
                              etc. Maybe things are tamer these days.
                2. The paint wasn't permanent? Maybe I should run
                   over to your car right after you had it washed
                   and dump a load of cow dung on it and glue some
                   free Dimitry flyers to it. After all glue and
                   dung aren't permanent.
                   \_No, it wasn't permanent. You obviously don't know
                   anything about paint. They were using a non-bond type
                   paint on top of a bonded surface. In fact, the people who
                   owned the cars didn't say it was a big deal because it
                   just washed off. Get your facts straight before bulleting
                        \_ I don't care what shit you put on my car.  I don't
                           car that it washed off.  I shouldn't have to spend
                           1 second of my life cleaning up your shit.  I'd
                           cane your ass if you touched my car with anything.
                           Hey is it ok if I deflate your bike tires?  It isn't
                3. So what about Steve Jobs? If he broke the law he
                   should have been punished.
                   \_Apparently you have no concept about civil disobedience.
                   Let me guess, you're the kind of dweebie idiot who
                   doesn't J-Walk or has ever copied software illegally.
                   Get real and get bent.
                     \_ How is painting someone's car an act of civil anything?
                        You're a nutter.
                4. Community service and fines don't teach people that
                   what they did was wrong. They just teach people that
                   you can do what you like so long as you can fork over
                   a few $s and some time cleaning up roads.
                   \_ So you believe only in physical punishment for all crimes
                      or you don't believe in any?  Should we cane people who
                      violet basic traffic laws?
                   \_Getting a $200 traffic ticket surely hurts. I don't know
                   about you, but I'd rather take the caning than part with
                   my hard earned cash.
                   \_ And corporal punishment teaches them more?
                      \_ It isn't about corporal vs. non-corporal punishment.
                         The idea is that the punishment should be severe
                         enough that it is a deterent to further crime yet not
                         out of proportion to the crime, such as a $1,000,000
                         fine for spitting on a side walk.
                      \_ "We'll be careful." "You'll be dead."
                Its people like you who don't understand what
                responsible social behavior is who are ruining
                this country.
                \_ BS.  It's overreactions both ways (the 'off with his
                   head!' crowd AND the "he's only a lad, he really can't
                   help it" crowd) that's ruining this country.  Grow
                   some common sense and a sense of scale.
                   \_ love the boingo reference.
                      \_ actually that was oingo boingo making a pointed
                         commentary on the sorts of people who say those
                         sorts of things.  Off with yer head!
        \_ Good point, we're screwed.
        \_ Since you love so much about your country over our good pussy cat
           one, why did you come here?
2003/5/6 [Transportation/Car, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:28354 Activity:high
5/6     From fuckedcompany today about HP (random poster):

        "I'll tell you how fucked HP is: They offered ME a job in Boise a
        couple years ago, and I have no disernable skills or talent

        I've made a fortune by shorting the stocks of companies dumb enough to
        hire a clueless marketing fuck like me. If I get called for a 2nd
        interview, I short a few thousand bucks worth. If they make me an
        offer, I bet the farm baby!"
        \_ HP has a call center in Boise. Maybe HP didn't care that he didn't
           know anything and just wanted a phone-monkey.
           \_ I've had very good luck recently getting help from
              "phone monkeys" from Agilent, but maybe that's totally different
              from HP.
           \_ He said he's a marketing guy.  I doubt self proclaimed marketing
              guys were talking to anyone about call center jobs back in the
              \_ I don't get your point. HP is going down because some
                 anonymous fucked company poster says they offered him
                 a job he didnt deserve?
                 \_ No, HP is fucked because they pulled a DECompaq and tried
                    to compete with Dell instead of being the innovative
                    company they were. Thanks Carly! --dim
              \_ Well, he doesn't have to worry about being wrongly hired now.
                 We haven't been hiring in well over a year.
                 \_ I guess I should have been flattered when they came through
                    with an offer for me.  Heh.
                    \_ Hmm, then maybe we have started hiring again. So hard
                       to get reliable info within the company.
2003/5/1 [Transportation/Car] UID:28288 Activity:high
4/31    So dbushong, what's your Ford Matrix test drive story?
        \_ The Ford....Matrix?  --dbushong
           \_ I think it is the Ford Focus story. -!op
           \_ just tell us the damn story.  We're bored and cranky.
              \_ The focus sucks.  what other company would change
                 the direction of all controls (windshield wiper,
                 window crank, doorlocks, etc), raise the trunk,
                 making rear-view impossible...  Poorly designed
                 pile of shit.
2003/4/30-5/1 [Transportation/Car] UID:28282 Activity:high
4/30    Where do you go to get car regular maintainance?  The dealers are
        charging a lot of money.  But do you trust a non-dealer?
        \_ Sure I trust my non-dealer, and more than I do the dealer.
           But there is value to sticking with the dealer until the end
           of the warranty period.
        \_ As a Ford owner I can unfortunately honestly say you should
           a) never buy a Ford no matter how good a deal it looked like at
              the time and
                \_ what did you buy, and what location? (randomly curious,
                   also had bad luck with Ford in the past)
                   \_ I'm too ashamed to say anything that might ID me.  I
                      *have* seen Ford dealership stories on the net on their
                      different scams and had the local PoS try one on me
                      exactly as described on the net.  Just don't buy a Ford.
                      \_ Any links?
           b) if you're stupid enough to buy a Ford like me, then *never*
              bring it in to the dealer.  Ford dealers charge waaaaaay too
              much and they don't always do the work they claimed to have
              charged you hundreds of dollars for.
           I trust my non-dealer.  Ford almost killed me when they didn't
           bother to rebolt my transmission back in place properly.  What
           do you think would've happened if it dropped while I was doing 65?
           [btw, I've got a Ford for sale if anyone wants a good used car]
           \_ ask dbushong his ford matrix test drive story.
              \_ uh, i think you're thinking of the ford focus?
        \_ Depends on the car. Dealer is usually more expensive, but also
           more inclined to court your business (i.e. if they mess up they
           will try harder to correct it). They also have the best tools,
           manuals, and such. That doesn't mean they do a better job, though.
           If it is a newer car you care about and wish to keep, then take
           it to the dealer. Otherwise, find a good mechanic you trust and
           take it there. --dim
           \_ for lots of things (eg transmissions),
                dealers just send the work out.
                \_ Even if this is true, the dealer has more clout and
                   leverage than you do when the work goes bad. --dim
        \_ marty's motors
           \_ I went here once and when I was looking over my itemized bill
              I saw some extra $200 charge. when I asked him what it was he
              said, "uh... my secretary made a mistake. sorry" and took it
              off. I dunno, maybe it really was the secretary's fault... he
              seemed nice enough besides...
        \_ fred's wrench in alameda
           \- oceanworks is pretty good but they mostly do japanese cars--psb
        \_ has a list of
           fairly reliable recommendations in the Berkeley area.  --chris
2003/4/30 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:28279 Activity:kinda low
4/29    Say I'm sueing someone and I'd like to track down where this person
        lives. How much do private investigators cost? BTW this is the guy
        who hit my car and gave me a fake address and insurance information.
        \- what do you know accuratly? name? lic plate? seems like the police
           should help you out. while it probably isnt a high priority,
           they might be helpful since it is so simple. i would think your
           insurance company could get it from dmv or police or other means.
        \_ Why are you the one doing the suing?  Turn over all the info you
           have to your insurance company and let them deal with it.  They're
           going to want to find him and make his insurance company pay so
           they don't have to.
           \_ Probably below the insurance deductible and the $750 damage
              minimum to report. Sucks to be you.
              \_ My door got dinged by an SUV going 10 mph.  $2200.  Something
                 under $750 is a paint scratch.  A small paint scratch.
                 \_ May not be a new car.
2003/4/23-24 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Airplane] UID:28199 Activity:very high
4/23    I bought a used Bel 855STi radar detector. But didn't get the
        manual. Does someone have it in electronic format? Or can I
        borrow a paper version for a short time? -- sagarwal
        \_ Hope you're not using it in CA.  Not only is it illegal but the
           cops here don't use that much radar anyway.  I got picked up by a
           \_ You're 0 for 2.  It's legal, and while the CHP don't use it
              that much, the local PDs do.
           cop on 580W who spotted me and correctly pegged my speed from more
           than a mile back without any gear.  He was polite about it and let
           me off with a warning, thank god, but the cops here don't need the
           radar to bust you with a pricey ticket.  My new rule of the road is
           simply, "never be the fastest car out there".  Haven't been picked
           up since yet still get where I'm going plenty fast in second place.
              \- hello, what kind of car where you driving, what was your
                 speed and what was the speed limit. i think anytime someone
                 gets a speeding ticket they should post these details in the
                 motd [along with location]. ok tnx --psb
                 \_ Honda civic, 85 in 65, where 580 meets 238 going west.
              \_ If you get picked up without radar, take it to court.
                 You can much easier fight a ticket when there's no
                 radar report. It's probably the reason why you got off
                 with a warning. I've fought off tickets before, so
                 I'm speaking from 1st person experience. Not fun.
                 \_ Since I didn't get the ticket there was nothing to fight.
                    Most of my tickets have been for red light running and
                    illegal turns so radar isn't an issue.
              They aren't illegal, except for commercial vehicles.
              \_ Maybe so, but still won't save you from tickets.
                 \_ As far as I know, CHP sometimes use radar to detect, but
                    always paces for a mile for confirmation (and to keep the
                    judge happy).
2003/4/21-22 [Transportation/Car] UID:28181 Activity:insanely high
4/21    How much would it cost to ship a car from one coast to the other,
        approximately? I have no idea how much it costs, and the few sites
        I went to online for a free quote won't get back to me anytime
        soon. Also, anyone have any company recommendations? Thanks.
        \_ It's been a few years, but it cost me $900 from Berkeley to
           NY.  Can't remember the company, got it from the phone book.
           It's more expensive if you have them do door-door service,
           less if it you drop it off at their depot.
           \_ Everyone I've talked to with towing has complained of
              delays, damages, etc.  Seems easier to sell or drive.
                \_ I had my motorcycle shipped from the east coast,
                   and there were no problems.  It only took 4 days too.
                   Of course it was actually in a truck the entire time.
           \_ Did they tow it or did they put the car on a truck?
              \_ on a truck.  I took the option of leaving it at the
                 depot, and then had it delivered there.  Another
                 option is to advertise and let someone drive it (and
                 split gas with them or something), but a friend had
                 someone blow out their engine doing that, so I didn't...
                 I would have driven myself if I'd had more time :(
              \_ are you an idiot? you think they'd tow a car 3k miles?
                 \_ You need to chill out, dude.  It's not that big a deal.
                 \_ I've seen cars being towed behing RVs, and since those are
                    RVs I assume they're driving long distance.
                 \_ I towed a car with a Uhaul across the country before.
                    That's your only option if you are moving the
                    whole house and your car.  Why do you think it's
                    idiotic to do so?
                    \_ there's nothing wrong with it when you're doing it
                       yourself, but it's not something you'd pay someone
                       to do.  also, how much do you think the companies
                       would make if they had to own a tow truck for every
                       car they transported?
        \_ if you have time, get a friend or two and drive across the
                \_ that's the thing, there are two of us planning on
                   driving x-country, and each of us have a car. but
                   we'd like to be in the same car, so we're gonna have
                   one of the cars shipped.     -op
                   \_ and neither car is beefy enough to tow the other,
                        \_ see "are you an idiot" comment above.
                           \_ cf, "chill out", beavis.
                   \_ if you have time, take the scenic route.  This may
                      be a rare event in your life.  Thought about your
                      route yet?
                        \_ I already drove across country to go to the east
                           coast, now i am driving back w/ my SO, who i
                           happened to accumulate along w/ my degree.
                           \_ take another route.
                           \_ you accumulated SOs in school?  were they handed
                              out at the same time?  -didn't attend graduation
                   \_ you can probably stuff the car with lots of stuff
                      you are moving...
                        \_ sounds good, but wouldn't you worry about stuff
                           in that car being stolen? a locked car isn't
                           THAT secure.
                           \_ I have a friend who has done it before.
                              Just make it look like a bunch of junk and
                              don't put anything too valuable like good
                              stereo equipment.
                   \_ get your kicks on route 66.
                      \_ or yermom.
        \_ I might be willing to drive it for the price of a one-way
           airplane ticket. well, maybe... post your email if you're
        \_ I suggest you sell your car and ride a bike across.
2003/4/19-20 [Transportation/Car, Reference/Military, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:28169 Activity:moderate
4/19    Has anyone checked out the new RRs? I've been looking at the specs
        and besides seating position, tail pipe, and the engine, I really
        don't see any difference between the F4is.
        \_ The F15E is vastly superior but the F18 is carrier capable and
           while prefer the F16 for air to air.  The F4 is way out of date
           and hasn't been flown by a real air force for decades.
           \_ wankers
        \_ The CBR-RR has much more extreem seating, sharper steering
           (Bike had it tankslapper on them), and is a bit lighter.
           For the track, the RR is probably considerably (1/2 a second?)
           better.  For the street, the F4i is undoubtedly superior, for
           the same reasons the RR is designed to be better on the track.
                \_ why do I have a feeling that the RRs are not going to
                   sell as well as the F4i's since most people don't do
                   track and don't care about that 1/2 sec difference?
2003/4/17-18 [Transportation/Car] UID:28154 Activity:nil
4/17    Honda Ad Details:
2003/4/17-18 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:28149 Activity:kinda low
4/17    Super rice rockets -
        \_ I think it's most philipino guys doing this right?  Are east
           asians modding their car?
           \_ That's "Filipino" or "Pilipino". -- Pinoy pride
           \_ Filipino
              \_ pronounced pilipino
2003/4/12-13 [Transportation/Car] UID:28097 Activity:moderate
4/11    Progressive Insurance offers insurance for Segway. Check it out, heh.
        \_ hah! as an engineer, i want to buy dumbass insurance.  if
           i ever come up with an idea that fucking dumb, i'll be
           compensated by the insurance company for wasting my time.
           \_ I'm sure you'd become a rich man.
              \_ No he wouldn't. Think of the premiums he'll get charged...
        \_ Two Segways can't fit side-by-side on a sidewalk - why are these
           things even popular? People only get fatter. Walk for christ sakes
2003/4/10 [Transportation/Car] UID:28062 Activity:nil
4/9     While the truck bumper post below might have been a troll, it reminds
        me of an incident a while ago in which a friend helping me to haul
        a piece of furniture from the store hit my neighbor's car in my
        driveway.  My friend was driving and I wasn't in his car.  It was
        entirely his fault for not seeing a car clearly parked behind him,
        but should I have compensated for him since he was helping me?
        \_ No, your friend probably feels like a dumbass.
        \_ Miss Manners would say that you should offer to compensate him,
           and he should refuse, and then you should offer again, and he
           should refuse again.  -tom
           \_ obchinesecustomsdiscussion
        \_ You'd have no legal obligation but as his friend you should offer
           to pay as much of it as you reasonably can depending on how much
           the damage is.  If you care less about his friendship than the
           value of the damage then you can make that choice too if you're
           into burning bridges.
2003/4/7 [Transportation/Car] UID:28013 Activity:very high
4/7     The sun is really bad for the skin.  I'm considering using a
        parasol whenever I'm under the sun like in a parking lot
        walking to my car. Using this "sun umbrellas" seems more
        popular in Asia than here. What do you think of a guy who uses
        parasols?  -good skin guy
        \_ Sorry to sound dogmatic on this, but men with parasols are effeminate
           no matter how you turn it.  Use sunblock and wear a hat if you're
           worried.  I saw a nice place called Paul's Hat Works at 6128
           Geary in SF.  Or invest in a decent lightweight linen/cotton
           summer suit.  That's stylish.  -John
           \_ For more stylish tips, see the clapping hands hat thread below.
        \_ Sorry to sound dogmatic on this, but men with parasols are
           effeminate no matter how you turn it.  Use sunblock and
           wear a hat if you're worried.  I saw a nice place called
           Paul's Hat Works at 6128 Geary in SF.  Or invest in a
           decent lightweight linen/cotton summer suit.  That's
           stylish.  -John
           \_ For more stylish tips, see the clapping hands hat thread
        \_ I try sun block or a panama hat before resorting to a sun
           parasol (unless you are interested in getting picked up by
           gay guys). Another trick is to comb your hair with a little
           bit of coconut oil. It keeps you head cool all day.
        \_ Dude. It's from the parking lot to the car. Unless the ozone
           layer has disappeared or the US has gone unilateral nookuler,
           you're really kinda pathetic.
        \_ Dude. It's from the parking lot to the car. Unless the
           ozone layer has disappeared or the US has gone unilateral
           nookuler, you're really kinda pathetic.
        \_ To be honest, using a parasol seems quite consistent
           behavior for someone who calls himself the "good skin guy".
           Parasol away, dude.
        \_ Real Men wear cowboy hats.
        \_ I heard that a little sunshine is good for the skin.
           Something along the line of Vitamin E, I don't remember.
           \_ Vitamin D.
           \_ The GSG (good skin guy) won't let a little vitamin
              deficiency stop him!
        \_ One piece of advice: use sunscreen. (and hats)
2003/4/3 [Transportation/Car] UID:27971 Activity:nil
4/2     Ok so I lend a "friend" my car and he wrecked it. Now he's being an
        asshole and wouldn't pay for it (ok fine he's not a friend). I've
        called my insurance company and they said they'll take care of
        everything. Here is my question. Is the premium increase proportional
        to the cost of the repair?
        \- is your friend insured and is the damage small or are we
           talking hospital bills and potential lawsuits? there are probably
           a lot of factors that will go into the increase amount. if you
           have already disclosed this to your insurance why not just ask them?
           \_ Insurance follows the car, not the driver, yes no?  The friend's
              insurance will only apply for liability if anything.  I don't
              even know if it comes to bear at all.  If he has any balls, he'd
              pay your deductible and buy you drinks for life.
        \_ Yes, it is.  Your rates will go up for *any* claim and they'll go
           up even more for bigger claims and then again some more for doing
           something *REALLY FUCKING STUPID* like loaning out your car to
           someone else which shows a *TOTAL AND COMPLETE LACK OF BRAINPOWER*
           on your part.  You can expect your rates to rise by at least 30%
           and maybe more and I have no sympathy for you.
       \_ Did you at least get laid?
2003/4/3-4 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:27965 Activity:moderate
4/3     My car's engine light just went on last it.  It's a 1997 Chevrolet
        Caviler.  Got any reliable and reasonable priced mechanic anywhere on
        the East Bay?  Doesn't matter if it's North or South East Bay.  Best if
        it's open on the weekends.
        \_ Marty's Motors.  Mostly imports, but if he's not up to the work
           he will say so and help you find someone who is.
        \_ 5th Street Garage in Oakland. I think the owner is a berkeley alum.
           they are open saturdays.
        \_ Campus Auto on Shattuck.
        \_ I had a very good experience with Fred's Wrench in Alameda.
           Aamco told me my transmission fluid smelled burnt and that I'd
           probably have to replace the whole thing ($1100).  Fred took me out
           for a spin so I could show him the problem, recommended a fuel
           additive to get rid of the knocks, and replaced my motor mounts for
           1/3 the price I'd been quoted elsewhere.  He told me the
           transmission was going downhill but given the age of the car it was
           better just to slowly change the fluid about a quart at a time.
           It's been 1.5 years now and it's still chugging along.
           \_ My experience and the experience of people I know is that
              while some independent places are good and some are bad, the
              big chain places will *always* rip you off.  Same with dentists.
              \_ Agreed.  Never get your brakes changed at PepBoys.  Somehow
                 they "forgot" a lugnut when putting my tire back on.
                 \_ at 5th st garage they accidentally broke a lug nut, but
                    fixed it for free. supposedly my type of car this happens
                    a lot and most places will usually charge you regardless.
              \_ I have gotten good cheap service from Midas shops outside
                 the Bay Area, but the one on Van Ness is a ripoff -ausman
                 \_ I had some break damage, went to the Midas in Fremont.
                    They quoted me $950 lowball.  I went to a mom/pop around
                    the corner.  Did the job for $600.  Midas sucks for
                    anything outside of a pad swap on special.  --scotsman
           \_ Check out recommendations at the following url
2003/4/2-3 [Transportation/Car] UID:27960 Activity:very high
4/2     What a tragic story:
        \_ i wonder what the real deal with this is. another report
           said that the soldiers shot warning shots in the air, and
           then shot at the engine, etc. how does a guy not get a clue
           when that happens?
           \_ Maybe when you're told to do it or they'll kill the rest of your
              \_ That's actually exactly what happened.
           \_ first shot mised != warning shot
           \_ If ppl started shooting at you, do you hit the brakes, or hit
              the gas pedal?
              \_ You turn around and get the fuck away, duh.  This normally
                 involves slowing to make the turn.  Are you the same guy who
                 loaned out his car and got it trashed in the thread above?
2003/3/28-29 [Transportation/Car] UID:27890 Activity:high
3/28    The dealer said my jalopy needs a new catalytic converter, and it's
        gonna cost $900. I read on the web (yes I stfw) that they simply
        burn unburned gas so that you wouldn't pollute as much. Now here
        is my question, does it affect the safety and longevity of my
        \_ I had the same problem - honda told me the part would be
           $1000 when my smog test failed, and suggested I go to a
           muffler shop where they could custom-fit a more generic model
           instead of buying the specific honda-civic-only ($$) type).
           Had it done at Ken's on Shattuck near Alcatraz, worked great
           (passed smog with almost no emissions on those tests).  Was
           only ~$200. - mds
        \_ I thought that it turned carbon monoxide to CO2 + H20? And I
           thought that unburned gas could actually harm it? Anyways, it's
           a good idea to have a fully functioning cc as a good citizen of
           this planet (think Mexico city or most cities in China type
           pollution). Also, when it comes time to get smogged, it will
           fail. One thing that you can try (I did this with my volkswagen)
           is to get an after-market cc and have a muffler shop customize
           it to fit your vehicle. Specifically, I went to small car world
           in Albany and got a universal cc that fit my vw camper (it was
           cheap, like $140 at the time), and went to a muffler shop on
           gilman and they did their thing for like $70. This was over 10
           yrs ago, so i'm not sure of today's prices. Also, the dealer will
           almost always charge you the highest prices for anything. Find
           a good non-dealer auto mechanic.
           \_ as far as plantery citizenship, it's the CO_2 that's the
              problem, not the smog producing polutants.  you can stop
              driving, but that won't stop the developing world from
              ther comming onslaught of CO_2 production. without
              fundamentally new technologies we're just fucked, regardless
              of what kind of exsaust system you put on your car.
              \_ In the meantime, get the cc and make it a tad easier to
                 breather here in the Bay Area.
                 \_ that is correct.  i just hate to see earnest doogooders
                    who overestimate the positive effects of their actions.
        \_ Your car won't pass the smog check without a cc in CA.
        \_ A related note.  If you see a smoking vehicle on the road and you
           want to file a complaint, write down the license plate # and then
           call 1-800-EXHAUST or go to
        \_ aka 1-800-FEEL-GOOD-TO-VENT. all they do is send a letter *asking*
           the reported victim to do something about the problem.
2003/3/24 [Transportation/Car] UID:27824 Activity:kinda low
3/24    What is the situation in downtown SF?  various groups on the internet
        are claiming that there are mass protests that have shut things down.
        is this true?  -3000 miles from SF
        \_ there's some stoppage, nothing on the scale of last thu
           though.  I think everyone is kind of tired and
           gearing up for a major push at the end of this week. - danh
           \_ a major push to what?  hurt people who work hourly wage jobs?
        \_ Not true. My brother is at UCSF and he says that the protests have
           hardly affected anything.
           \_ UCSF is nowhere near downtown
        \_ They've stopped traffic in the days since the beginning of the war,
           but it hasn't shut things down.
           \_ I made it to work Thursday, but most did not. Traffic was
              not moving. Things were pretty shut down. Since that day,
              protests have only been a minor distraction. -ausman
        \_ I work 3rd/Market.  It was shutdown to cars and buses along Market
           on a few blocks for a while the other day but the rest of the
           city was fine.
2003/2/26 [Transportation/Car] UID:27535 Activity:high
2/25    Any recommendations for a good car alarm?
        \_ here's a recommendation: fuck off and die.
        \_ I've had minimal problems with Clifford.  Very customizable
           (sensitivity, inner/outer sensor, tones, alarm duration, etc)
        \_ I got a car alarm thinking that I would use it all the time in
           Berkeley.  I never bother arming it because if it goes off,
           I have to run out to the front of the building to disarm it.
           Just get a lo-jack system.  You don't have to worry about pissing
           off your neighbors and tripping it yourself.
           A car alarm is money wasted.  How many people hear one and think
           to call the cops these days?
           \_ if you're enough of a motherfucker to own a car alarm
              you deserve to have your car stolen.
              \_ idiot child, many cars for the last several years come with
                 car alarms from the factory.  not the shitbox you might own
                 but most real cars have one as standard equipment.
                \_ For what little they do, you can leave it off when
                   parked in the burbs.
                \_ the point stands.
                   \_ what point?  that you own a shitbox?  ok, point made!
                \_ and those alarms tend to play nice.  That is they only go
                   off if someone forces open the door or the like.  Car
                   alarms like that aren't really a problem.  The ones that
                   are always going off are the vibration sensative or worse
                   proximity sensative pieces of crap that go off when someone
                   drives by or shakes the car.
                   \_ My alarm lets me choose between vibration-and-open and
                      open-only when I activate it.  Pressing 1 alone chooses
                      the first one while pressing 2 then 1 chooses the second.
           \_ At 2am I sure do, but probably not for the same reason you're
              thinking of.  (Ok, I've never Actually Called them...)
        \_ You know, considering how much keying there is here, I see
           remarkably few cars with alarms going off and long scratches on
           the doors, or prawn tails in the airco intake vents or 'FOAD'
                                            \_ how do you get at them?
           written in brake fluid on the hood... -John
           \_ Good suggestions. I'll keep them in mind.
           \_ When I lived in Southside I used to keep a slingshot beside
              to bed to nail those bastards who liked to wake the
              neighborhood at 4AM and then leave their alarm going off.
2003/2/26 [Transportation/Car, Reference/RealEstate] UID:27532 Activity:nil
2/25    Ok this car alarm has been going on for 10 hours straight and it's
        parked on the street by my apartment. What can I do about it LEGALLY?
        \_ steal the car.  Clearly no one will notice.
2003/2/24 [Transportation/Car] UID:27507 Activity:very high
2/23    Looking for car commercial songs. I'll begin:
        \_ "RIDE BIKE!!!!!" by Linus and the Hax0rzz
            \_ why is this funny?  fucking nerd.
        BMW--has James Brown's Sex Machine in one of its three short films
        Jaguar-- London Calling
        "Once Bitten Twice Shy" - Fiero
        BMW--has James Brown's Sex Machine in one of its three short
        \_ Many.  Falling in Love Again -- Marlene Dietrich.
        \_ they actually had Janis Joplin sing, yes, you guessed it "Oh lord
           won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz".   Thank god someone with clue
           made them kill that ad campaign QUICK.
        Renault -- Cliff Richard "Summer Holiday."
        Saab -- Rush "Tom Sawyer Extended Remix"
                \_ Hi tmonroe!
        Audi -- Cliff Richard "Living Doll"
        FIAT -- Cliff Richard "Bachelor Boys"
        \_ That cadillac commercial uses led zepplin's
           song "it's been a long time since  I rock and rolled"
           which is a song about a guy lamenting how long it's
           been since he's had sex.
                \_ Its vaguely appropriate don't you think?
           \_ and your point is...? nissan's whole ad campaign is built
              around a song about how stupid it is that people "live"
              in their cars.
              \_ point is, ain't it ironic? yr post proved.
        \_ Zoom Zoom Zoom
           \_ This one makes me want to throw up.  I hit mute and sometimes
              leave the room.
              \_ Yea, I feel like kicking the stupid kid in the face.
        \_ BNL - One Week
        \_ Kylie Minogue
        \_ Dirty Vegas
        \_ Telepopmusik - Breathe
        \_ Master Cylinder - Jung at Heart
           J. Ralph - One Million Miles
           Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky
           "II B.S.," Charles Mingus. "Pink Moon," Nick Drake.
           \_ Da Da Da, Trio
        \_ Fatboy Slim - Right Now was in some commercial, dunno which brand.
        \_ There's a CD with just commercial music, such as Pink Moon
           by Nick Drake.
        \_ "Vehicle," the Ides of March in a recent Ford(?) ad.
        \_ "She Sells Sanctuary" - The Cult
           \_ Great song. The Cult is actually still performing and
              releasing new albums.  At least, they toured in support of
              a new album about three years ago. -dans
        \_ Which manufacturer had Suzanne Vega "Tom's Diner"?
        \_ Every song from Moby's Play album.
2003/2/24 [Transportation/Car] UID:27505 Activity:high
2/23    Looking for car commercial songs. I'll begin:
        Jaguar-- London Calling
        BMW--has James Brown's Sex Machine in one of its three short films
        \_ Many.  Falling in Love Again -- Marlene Dietrich.
        Renault -- Cliff Richard "Summer Holiday."
        Saab -- Cliff Richard "Living Doll"
        Saab -- Rush "Tom Sawyer Extended Remix"
                \_ Hi tmonroe!
        Audi -- Cliff Richard "Living Doll"
        FIAT -- Cliff Richard "Bachelor Boys"
        \_ That cadillac commercial uses led zepplin's
           song "it's been a long time since  I rock and rolled"
           which is a song about a guy lamenting how long it's
           been since he's had sex.
           \_ and your point is...? nissan's whole ad campaign is built
              around a song about how stupid it is that people "live"
              in their cars.
        \_ Zoom Zoom Zoom
        \_ BNL - One Week
        \_ Kylie Minogue
        \_ Dirty Vegas
        \_ Master Cylinder - Jung at Heart
           J. Ralph - One Million Miles
           Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky
           "II B.S.," Charles Mingus. "Pink Moon," Nick Drake.
        \_ Fatboy Slim - Right Now was in some commercial, dunno which brand.
        \_ There's a CD with just commercial music, such as Pink Moon
           by Nick Drake.
        \_ "Vehicle," the Ides of March in a recent Ford(?) ad.
2003/1/9 [Transportation/Car, Finance] UID:27049 Activity:nil
1/9     when a girl says you're not ambitious enough does that mean you're
        not rich enough? you don't have a big house? you don't have the right
        degrees? right car? what does that mean?
        \_ It means that you have no purpose in life, no plan for the future,
           no thoughts on improving yourself.
        \_ a girl is quite capable of asking "are you rich enough"  It usually
           comes out as "what kind of car do you drive?"
        \_ you asked about this once before. It means that you're a FUCKING
        \_ It means you do not have a strong enough desire for success
           or achievement.  I.e., you play too much EverQuest instead
           of writing that killer app.
        \_ It means she's a gold digging bitch.  Move on, enjoy life with a
           real girl.
2003/1/9-10 [Transportation/Car] UID:27044 Activity:high
1/9     AAA is raising my homeowner's insurance premium up by $200+ to
        $1040 a year.  I tried to switch to State Farm but got turned down
        because I had a claim in the last 3 years.  Am I screwed until the
        3 year passes?  Anybody know of another company that offers HO
        insurance and doesn't check or doesn't mind if I had a previous claim?
        \_ Good luck buddy. Insurance companies are now looking at the
           bottom line to keep their stockholders happy. If you've made a
           claim and they haven't dropped you, consider yourself lucky.
           \_ What's the point of having insurance if you can never claim it?
              Then they're just taking your money and offering nothing
              in return.
              \_ yes. smart for them huh? the only reason is for the really
                 huge claims.
        \_ Somewhat along the subject: anyone know of a cheap renter's
           insurance company?
        \_ California is so incredibly anti-insurance company and anti-business
           in general, you're lucky to have any insurance at this point.  I
           only got mine because my parents were personal friends of the guy
           making the decision.
           \_ The last couple of big CA disasters really  slapped around the
              insurance companies. The new threat during the current housing
              boom is mold. Think near total loss for a relatively new house.
              VERY bad for insurance. They hiding until they can find a way
              around the mold problem.
              \_ It's nothing to do with that.  It's more about the non
                 existent interest rates and stock market gains they can
                 make on your premium dollars.  My motorcycle policy
                 renewal had an eightfold increase requested, so I had
                 to shop around for another carrier.
        \_ Damn. I have Allstate with no claims. I pay about $400/year. My
           house is worth more than the median in LA. $1040?! Damn. --dim
        \_ Ok, I am getting shafted for good.  I called around to several
           other insurance companies and they all gave me the same story.
           Had a claim in the last 3 years?  Fuck off.  I strongly advice
           everybody NOT to file a claim unless it's for some big loss.
           I've gotten AAA to lower it by $200 by choosing the $1000 deductible
           option.  That's still around $800 a year.  FUCK!  My only
           consolation is that my wife is self-employeed and keeps a home
           office so this premium is deductable as a business expense. -OP
           \_ Raise your deductible even more. You won't want to make a
              claim unless there's many thousands in damage anyway. Try
              $2500. This isn't your car where you want a $500 deductible.
              You shouldn't use this insurance much and when you *really*
              need it you won't mind the extra $1500. --dim
        \_ Insurance is meant to prevent you from financial ruin with a loss,
           it's not meant as a home warranty.  Keep your deductables high,
           and don't claim anything short of a major loss and you will be fine.
        \_ Look in the Yellow Pages for a local "Insurance Broker", they can
           shop around some of the smaller insurance companies to get you a
           better price/any coverage since you have a claim.  That's what
           I had to do when buying my house since there previous owner
           had made a claim a couple years ago. --randal
2003/1/7-8 [Transportation/Car] UID:27025 Activity:nil
1/7     Mercury News full-page Fry's ads now online:
        \_ hallelujah!
2003/1/7 [Transportation/Car] UID:27017 Activity:very high
        And no that's not the free republic.  It's the Detroit Free Press.
        \_ That's either one fucking sharp knife, or he put her hand
           down on the fucking pavement and chopped it off.  people suck.
        \_ I don't go to Free Republic since they cut off my posting
           priviledges for being a "troll." So much for freedom of speech.
                \_ There is no freedom of speech in a private enterprise
                   you twit.  The 1st Amendment applies to government
                   coercion.  I'm glad they revoked your priviliges as
                   it eliminates the possibility of reading any garbage you
                   might type.
                   \_ Interesting. Neither of you can spell "privileges".
                   \_ Too bad you can't handle posts by anyone who
                      might upset you in the slightest. Conservatives
                      love to talk about freedom of speech, but when they
                      get the chance, they muzzle anyone who disagrees
                      with them.
                        \_ Hence the diversity of thought in academia today eh?
                      \_ It's because they can't deal with facts and truth.
           \_ Then you can read the link since it *isn't* the Free Republic.
              At Lucianne they'd call you a site pest and mostly just mock you
              and egg you on.  Try posting there.
2002/12/26-27 [Transportation/Car] UID:26917 Activity:high
12/25   Anyone have any good recommendations for good/reputable dealers
        selling used BMW's, in the Bay Area or within 50 miles? Thanks.
        \_ fuck you and your polluting ass.  are you ready to go to war
           to put fuel in your gas tank?  are you prepared to find solutions
           to global warming in a smog fillegd automotive nightmare?
           move to LA with the rest of your kind.
        \_ You won't find a "good and reputable dealer" selling BMWs.
           No "good and reputable dealer" would sell such a pos. Save
           your money and your sanity buy a benz or a lexus.
           - former BMW owner
           \_ What went wrong with your car?  Which model did you have?
                \_ What didn't go wrong is a bettery question. I had
                   major problems with the fuel system (tank, line and
                   injector), the ac, the electronics (the main computer,
                   seats, radio and the battery). I had the 735i. I'm
                   glad I no longer have that pos.
           \_ Lexus is probably one of the best cars made, but not very
              exciting. Mercedes is Chrysler now and will be crap unless
              you buy flagship models ($$$). BMW makes nice cars. Maybe
              you got a lemon. --dim (current BMW owner)
              \_ it's daimler-chrysler, not the other way around.
                 \_ Go sit in an entry-level MB and then see which way MB is
                    going. --dim
                    \_ whatever.  tell that to all the guys in chrysler
                       management in michigan who got layed off or retired
                       early right after the merger.
                       \_ It was a good merger for Chrysler, because they are
                          putting MB parts in their cars and using MB managers.
                          It was a good merger for MB because American workers
                          make $17/hour and Germans make $32/hour. The idea
                          behind the merger was making MB cheaper and that
                          is why the new Chrysler is $35,000 and the new MB is
                          only about $40,000. It's not fully evident yet, but
                          it will be more and more so over time. --dim
                    \_ I agree about the entry-level MB's but the E class
                       (320 and 400) are pretty nice. The only reason I
                       mentioned MB is because some people have a Germany
                       car obsession. Personally I prefer Lexus since it
                       is about as nice as a MB but provides a lower tco.
        \_ Buy it on e-bay.
2002/12/23-24 [Finance/Banking, Transportation/Car, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26893 Activity:insanely high
12/23   What's the best way to destroy CDRs?  The best practical way?
        \_ Sissors.
        \_ Toss it out the window while driving along on the freeway.
           There's no way any one will look there.
                \_ The feds can and will stop traffic to recover
                   the cds. Best way is the next post if you are
                   currently being watched. If not go for either
                   the commerical grinders or scissors. BTW, the
                   best soln. to the problem of destroying cdrs
                   is to encrypt the cdrs and keep the private
                   key on easy to destroy magnetic media (or
                   equivalent). If the feds come for you just
                   trash the private key (make sure its suitably
                   long that they can't brute force it within
                   what most judges would consider required for
                \_ Depends on how small the pieces are and whether
                   all of the pieces that contain the info you want
                   are available. A good practice is to cut the cds
                   into several (8 or so) pieces and to stick some
                   a "speedy trial"). This way, they will never
                   be able to recover the data, and without the
                   data there can be no conviction.
        \_ Steel trash can, well-ventilated area, lighter fluid.
        \_ the coating with the data is some kind of polymer.  find the
           right solvent, and dissolve it.
                \_ HCl ought to do the trick
           \_ these two solutions almsot certainly have environmental
              and health consequences.  -tom
                \_ kill the elves! - sarumon
              \_ bah! environment, health... you liberal treehugger!
        \_ Last time I checked, the polymer contains Cyanide, not something
           you really want to dissolve and allow the fluid go anywhere, no
           do you really want to burn it and inhale the gas.
        \_ Scissors. [spelling corrected --motd spelling nazi]
           \_ you can still extract data from cut CDs right?
                \_ Depends on how small the pieces are and the number
                   of the pieces that are required to reassemble
                   incriminating info. A good practice is to cut the
                   cds into several (8 or so) pieces and to stick some
                   of the pieces in the trash, then in recycle and
                   then ditch some at work and others at the mall.
                   This makes it really hard for anyone to get at
                   the data while making it pretty easy for you to
                   dispose of it. Note that this strategy isn't
                   going to work against the feds.
                        \_ why? because they search all those places
                           or something?
                           \_ the OP could be under suveillance *right*
                              *now* with the feds pouncing on every ounce
                              of waste he produces, whether at work, at
                              home, mid-car drive, or anywhere else.
        \_ Sander.
        \_ Microwave.
                \_ Note this can option can have adverse health
        \_ place upside down on parking lot, pirouette.
        \_ paint the cover with AOL logo.
        \_ There are commercial grinders available that will batch-destroy
           a large set of CDs reliably.
           \- is this is same person involved in the post-browse cleanup?
              are you involved in child p0rn or something? --psb
              \_ completely new OP
2002/12/11-13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Transportation/Car] UID:26788 Activity:high
12/11   Is there any discount for FasTrak users on bridges?  Someone told me
        there is, but when I look at there isn't
        any.  Thanks.
        \_ $4 instead of $5 on the Golden Gate:
           \_ This should end soon. Budget problems.
           \_ Golden Gate is FIVE dollars?? How long has this been the
              case???                   - moved out of the Bay Area
                \_ A year or two.
                   \_ No, it started September 2002. --aaron
        \_ BB, SM, and DB bridges used to be 1.85 but now 2.00
        \_ fastrack is not about discounts.  its about making traffic move
           faster.  it doesn't but that's the idea.  they don't need to
           discount a service (using bridge) that you're goint to use anyway.
           \_ what about all the unemployed tooltakers?
                \_ I've heard that those people supplement their income
                   with the tolls.
                \_ what about them?  is there a real question here?  are you
                   in favor of eliminating all labor saving devices to increase
                   employment for the unskilled?
                   \_ yes.
                        \_ Cool, as you're obviously unemployed and desperate
                           for work, post your name.  I have some ditches that
                           need digging.  -John
                           \_ You think the poster is qualified?
                              \_ Let's see: strong back, good work ethic--
                                 nope, no motd'rs fit the bill.
2002/12/3-4 [Transportation/Car] UID:26697 Activity:nil
12/3    Woman uses baby's stomach to start car:
2002/11/30 [Transportation/Car] UID:26670 Activity:high
11/29   Was at Fry's in Sunnyvale today. Mad house. Whole parking lot was
        full. Saw that the checkout line wound around twice with
        30+ people. Decided to get a soda, then got in line. Damn!
        That line goes fast. When I got to the front we saw they
        had about 50+ cash registers going with 80 capacity.  Now
        that's scale an volume sales.  Wish our stupid Safeway
        and Macy's would do something like that.
        \_ Woo hoo!  That means my consumer oriented stocks are going
           up.  American consumers will always be gluttons for new
        \_ I spent 4h30m in line at the Fremont Fry's, which also had
           50+ registers open. (Had I known it would have taken so long,
           no, I wouldn't have waited.) The line was so long that it looped
           around and intersected with itself.  Parking was so bad that many
           people had their cars towed.
        \_ What the heck is fuelling that much buying at Fry's?  Xmas?
           \_ they had a job opening for a sales guy in the TV dept.
           \_ Yeah I don't understand that. What's so important that has
              to be bought now with hassle that couldn't be bought last
              weekend or next?
2002/11/15-16 [Transportation/Car, Computer/HW/IO] UID:26562 Activity:kinda low 66%like:26556
11/15   Clean your Mouse Rollers. Iso-Propanol and a Qtip and the
        flat side of a pin. Makes life better.
        \_ I just use my fingernail to scrub off the dust on the ball and
           the rollers.  It's easy and it works well.
           \_ I do this about once a month but the alcohol+qtip is good to
              do every 3-4 months.
        \_ go optical.
           \_ If the optical mouse that comes with new iMacs is typical
              of optical mice, no thanks. I prefer more precision.
        \_ How do you get off all the splooge?
                \_ You put the propanol on the Qtip, and rub the wheel
                   "across" or perpendicular to the direction it rolls.
                   each time, turn the wheel a little bit, and eventually
                   you'll have all the gunk saturated with propanol
                   and then take the flat part of the pin, near the end
                   and scrape is across the wheel, and all the gunk magically
                   gets lifted off.
                   gets lifted off. Then, wipe of the excess with a
                   clean Qtip soaked in propanol.
2002/11/11 [Transportation/Car] UID:26505 Activity:moderate
11/10   The only thing that could make this car faster would be decals:
        \_ Don't forget the speed-holes.
        \_ Why do people always associate modified Japanese sports cars with
           riceboys?  The characters in "The Fast and Furious" aren't riceboys.
                \_ that's cuz you havent seen the HK original
           \_ A person who owns a rice rocket, regradless of ethnicity, can
              be referred to as a rice boi. BTW, I wouldn't consider fast and
              furious as illustrative of the ave. life of a rice boi. Most
              work retail and have dull lives. No one would watch a moive
              about a bunch of fry's cash register clerks, so hollywood hyped
              it up a bit.
2002/11/8 [Transportation/Car] UID:26465 Activity:low
11/7    For those new kind of automobile tires that have V-shaped troughs that
        supposedly preform better on wet surface, does the orientation matter
        when they are mounted?  I saw a car with such tires mounted in what I
        think is the wrong way.  Thanks.
        \_ Yes, it does matter.  I forget which way is the correct way, though.
           Try searching and such.
        \_ tip of v contacts with road before the vanes of the v.  water has
           pathway to outside edges of tire.  other way, water is forced
           to center of tire patch, leading to hydroplaning.
        \_ some tires are ok in either direction, some are not.  if your
           tire place or mechanic doesn't know for your tires, get a new
           tire/auto place.
2002/11/2 [Transportation/Car] UID:26383 Activity:high
11/1    For Sale: 2000 Toyota Tundra,Black,V8,4WD,Limited,TRD,6cd,tan leather
        71K freeway miles.  Always had synthetic oil and Mobil M1 filters.
        KBB $23,800 your price $21,000. -allenp
        \_ why aren't you seeling it?
2002/10/27-28 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:26336 Activity:very high
10/28   So why is it that gas prices in the bay area (any city, any station)
        are higher and sometimes *much* higher than the isolated, zero
        competition stations on the I-5?  What's the excuse for that BS?
        \_ gas/food/utility is a small fraction of your housing expense.
           Why don't anyone bitch about that?
        \_ They've admitted all along that gas prices are based in part
           on income levels of the zip code.  Then throw in the cost of
           doing business in the bay area, and there you are.
        \_ Buy a hybrid
        \_ My first thought would be land expense.  Also, how about taxes?
           There might be far higher taxes in urban areas.  --PeterM
           \_ When I drove the I5 in '89, gas was about 50% higher on the I5
              than here.  I'm not aware of any changes in the tax rates that
              would account for 10% lower on the I5 now.
              would account for 10% lower on I-5 now.
        \_ supply and demand. No matter how expensive the gas is your wealthy
           when-a-3000-sq-ft-house-in-SJ-was-only-$80,000 will still pay for
           the gas, lowering competition. That's why BA sucks. Let's all
           leave! I did and I'm happy.
           \_ amen on that, man.  fuck the bay area.  i pay 25% less in gas
              or so, *and* i walk to work every day from a decent home.
           \_ When the next gas is 30 to 60 miles and your typical driver has
              another 200+ miles to go, I'd say supply is low and demand is
              high on the I5.  I think you might have something with the "Bay
              Area people are just stupid" concent, though.
              \_ More people live here than travel along I5.  Why is demand
                 necessarily high?  Besides, people are more inclined to be
                 picky if they know they are going to spend a large sum on
                 gas in the next few hours.
           \_ bullshit.  it's collusion.
        \_ a Hydrogen/Solar economy is inevitable.
              \- There are two major variables you can collpase this to
                 per occam to get good quality explanation: 1. REGULATION
                 2. COMPETITION. The regulations explain why production
                 costs in califnornia are higher and (surprise) explain why
                 costs of gas are high all over CA. 2. As for why gas prices
                 are higher in Bay Area than Los Angles, that is largely
                 competition [LA has more gas stations per unit area].
                 A third factor, production costs [I am including shipping
                 from production site, to refining site, refining costs,
                 jobber costs,and finally shipping to pump], probably
                 contributes some ... large diameter pipelines are the cheapest
                 way to move oil ... and there is no lg diameter pipeline to
                 CA ... however supertankers are actually pretty cheep, and
                 if this were the largest contributing factor, you would think
                 Hawaii would have the most expensive gas, but SF started to
                 pass Hawaii a little while back. You can discover this and
                 more via emacs M-x analyze-local-petrolium-mkt. You may
                 need to do a (setq calendar-latitude +38.9)
                              (setq calendar-longitude -122.25)
                     guess what, the Bay and the I5 are both in CA and suffer
                 first, however. ok tnx, --psb
                 \_ all of which fails to address the question, which is
                    "why are gas prices higher in the Bay Area than on I-5",
                     guess what, the Bay and I-5 are both in CA and suffer
                     from the same regulation.  And as for competition,
                     it always seems to me that gas stations on I-5 are
                     crowded all the time, while gas stations in the Bay
                     are not so busy.  If anything, it argues for economies
                     of scale on I-5 vs local stations in the Bay.
                     What about land expense, taxation, and lower labor costs,
                     \_ Are you stupid or just stupid?  Try looking into the
                        regulations before presuming they're statewide.
                        \_ I was criticizing psb, who only mentioned CA
                           regulations.  He made no claims about regional
                           \_ criticizing on what he _didn't_ say... train
                           be diff in the i-5 case. what you need to look at
                     \_ Land is cheap along I-5, but expensive in the BA.
                        \- "crowded" is not the measure of competition.
                           the franchise terms and jobber set ups may also
                           isnt a matter of competition. if the i5 gas station
                           be diff in I-5 case. what you need to look at
                           are profit margins. a higher price can reflect
                           either higher costs, perceived product differen-
                           tiation or rents/mkt/power/less competition.
                           if the price is higher due to higher costs, that
                           isnt a matter of competition. if an I-5 gas station
                           has a larger profit margin, that may be an
                           interesting phenomenon looking for an explanation.
                           the mcdonalds outside the grand canyon has really
                           high prices. is it because they have a monopoly
                           from the park? no. it is outside the park in BF
                           nowhere ... where rents cannot possibly be high.
                           while they are the only fast food place there, that
                           is still not a monopoly because of the idea of
                           contestability [if they were making undue profits
                           then someone else would open up a restuarant].
                           so the real explanation is costs. it turns out you
                           basically have to run a dorm for your crew to have
                           them live in BF nowhere. --psb
                           \- BTW, there is an interesting discussion in
                              Kwoka & White: The antitrust revolution:
                              economics, competition, and policy
                                         ok tnx, --psb
        \_ This is a troll... I was on the I-5 over the weekend and it was
           almost always more expensive on the 5 than in Berkeley.
           Berkeley ~ $1.45; I saw up to $1.89 on the 5.
           \_ Maybe not:
        \_ Collusion. Why does everyone ignore the obvious?
2002/10/27-28 [Transportation/Car] UID:26332 Activity:insanely high
10/25   Do any websites (ala Mapquest or Etak) approximate The Travelling
        Salesman Problem? I went to visit 15 condos in San Diego today, and
        it was a bitch using Yahoo+Thomas guide to map out a semi-ideal
        route. I don't need an optimum path, just a first order approximation.
        I don't think I'll ever need more than 20 addresses at once either...
        I'd pay $.99 every time I need this feature...
        \- the emacs mapquest interface can do that.
           do M-x mapquest-metropolis --psb
           \_ I knew emacs was cool. I didn't know how cool until now.
           \_ Is this the real psb? Because that didn't work for me.
              \- you need the Los Alamos Simulated Annealing emacs lisp
                 package. --psb
              \- that was not the real psb. ok tnx. -psb
                 \- no, that was me. the immediately above is not me. --psb
                 \_ You mean it was !psb, right psb?
        \_ What is the "Travelling Salesman Problem"?
           \_ No cookie.
           \_ find out the route which traverses all cities with the minimum
        \_ Just use the thomas guide. It's at 1200dpi. mapquest is at
           whatever resolution your monitor is at.
           \_ you're a moron
               \_ My point is that there is WAY more detail on a single
                  thomas guide page than on 30 yahoo maps put together.
                        \_ Okay, get a Real map (Thomas or AAA) big enough
                           to fit all the points. Then put a dot sticker at
                           each address and use your highly evolved
                           mamalian intellect to see patterns. Connect the
                           dots. Do you have a beter solution?
                           dots. It's not perfect, but do you have a solution?
                  \_ You're still a moron. The OP wants to know how to get
                     from point A -> B -> ... -> Z in an optimal manner.
        \_ Hey person with Etak friend... can you ask them if they have
           anything like that. Or is there any API where a 3rd party could
           program that feature?
        \_ I can't wait until <DEAD><DEAD>... google would support it!
        \_ Even your first order solution will be near useless because of the
           ugly realities of traffic patterns, highway congestion, etc.  I'll
           get 30 miles down a freeway at 3am faster than you'll get 10 miles
           down a dirt road at noon.  Just use some common sense.
           \- the algorithms allow for weights ... of coure knowing what
              weights to plug in in a little tricky. i am not sure the
              algorithms i know of can deal with "asymmetric" weights ...
              usually on a metric the distance from d(x,y) = d(y,x) which
              clearly isnt true with traffic flows if we care about time.
              although some LA trunks seem to be equally congested in both
              directions. --psb
           \_ When you're taking city streets within a 5 mile range, it
              isn't that big of a difference. Or at least not in my case.
        \_ isn't there a way to plot multiple locations at once? just do that
           and do a rough aproximation yourself. the above poster is right...
           small distance details will be less important than type of road,
           traffic, etc. But just plotting them all on one map should be
           enough for you to use common sense to plan a route.
           \_ This would work. Which service supports this (yahoo doesn't)?
2002/10/25-26 [Transportation/Car] UID:26316 Activity:low
10/24   Where's a good place to buy repossessed cars from insolvent dot-
        commers in the Bay Area?
        \- hola, dont you think the car mkt is 1. reasonably efficient
        2. large enough so that there no free lunch and the price would
        not have really collpased ... unless you stumbled on someone
        who has to leave the country in a hurry [who may not be the
        ideal person to buy a car from] and you cant really "stumble"
        on someone systematically/by design. --psb
          \_ The OP said "repossesed". I know there are sales of this type,
             but I don't know where/when, sorry.You can always try law
             enforcement sales too, of course. -chialea
            took me less than 90 seconds to find.
2002/10/24-26 [Transportation/Car, Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW/OS] UID:26311 Activity:high 50%like:26484
10/24   how can i upgrade my google toolbar?
        \_ Uninstall and reinstall?
        \_ you don't have to do anything. it auto-upgrades.
           \_ What do you do at google? It doesn't seem like google's changed
              much from when it started. And how is it pulling in enough
              revenue to stay alive?
              \_ He handles searches for H07 42N CH1X0R2
                        \_ what's that some kind of code?
              \_ you're joking right? usenet, catalogs, news, realtime
                 crawling... besides main search quality gains. --aaron
                 \_ Don't get me wrong. Google's great but where the hell
                    is it getting its money?
                    \_ you mean you never noticed those "sponsored links"
                       at the top and sides of your search?
                    \_ licensing their search engine?
           \_ My toolbar at home now does computation in the background, but
              my work toolbar didn't autoupgrade. i tried installing a new
              version, but it said it was already installed.
           \_ Unfortunately, Google does not make it obvious that the toolbar
              auto-updates itself.  IMO, part of the problem is that Google
              doesn't list the current version number anywhere on the web
              site.  I really have no idea if I'm using the latest version
              or not unless I try to re-install it. --jameslin
              \_ i don't think you are making sense here. you don't need to
                 reinstall it. it auto-upgrades. so why do you care about
                 your version number? are you a control freak? --aaron
              \_ trust the auto-updater, or re-install. your choice. --aaron
        \_ I uninstalled and reinstalled and I still don't have teh computation
           option. What gives?
2002/10/9 [Transportation/Car] UID:26138 Activity:nil
10/9    anyone know the number of the SF Traffic Courthouse (or wherever you
        pay the parking tickets in SF).  My flakey friend had my car and got
        a parking ticket and I'm worried he'll forget to pay it.  Obviously
        I tried and I don't have the physical ticket. Thx.
2002/10/4 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:26104 Activity:nil 60%like:26107
10/4    Quality protest in action:
2002/10/4-5 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Humor] UID:26103 Activity:high
10/4    woman loses car in puddle. hilarious photos:
        \_ Staged.
           \_ OP is a freshman, let him enjoy the 'hilarity'.  It's harmless.
              \_ You've obviously never seen what "puddle" can entail
                 given a sufficiently poorly-maintained piece of road in
                 eastern europe. Yes, this may well be real, and it may well
                 have been beyond everyone's control. Removal of head
                 from ass is left as an exercise to the above poster.
           \_ Its still funny.
              \_ One of the 'stupid link sending' idiots in the office sent
                 that around a few days ago.  It wasn't funny then either.
           \_ I think it is great, not staged, and very funny. what a puddle.
              beware if you can't see the road ahead.
              \_ So true, so true.  It's a metaphor for life really.
                \_ So what actually happened?  Why were they trying to
                   sink a car?
        \_ not stupid, not staged... my friend's friend sent me the link,
           and he said the woman was his mom's friend.          - OP
           \_ Bullshit.
           \_ Right.  Your friend's friend's mom's friend.
                \_ Like one of those 682 degrees of separation things....
        \_ That's a puddle?
2002/9/30-10/1 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:26054 Activity:very high
9/30    Eight-wheel drive electric vehicle with top speed 192MPH, faster than
        a Porsche!  186 miles range.  From the picture it looks like it seats
        at least six, maybe more.  And the development cost is only $2.4M
        which seems pretty low to me.
        \_ funny how the idiot American reporters can't convert meters to
           feet.  -tom
           \_ you're right. looks like the conversation ratio was
              about 2.2. he probably was confusing the m-ft ratio
              with that for kg-lbs.
           \_ What for?  This isn't Europe.  Do you really tell people,
              "A bit to the left, about 2.2 meters, thanks!"?  I didn't
              think so.
                \_ Actually, I do use metric measures whenever possible.
                   See my bicycle pages.  And whether or not you use them,
                   if you are a reporter writing a story for international
                   publication, and you insist on converting meters into
                   feet, you'd think you'd want to get the conversion factor
                   right.  Especially when that thing is obviously way more
                   than 14 feet long.  -tom
                   \_ Why would you use metric units when communicating with
                      people unfamiliar with them? That's just dumb.
                      \_ The cycling world uses metric all of the time, even
                         in the US.  Allen keys, cranks, road bike frames,
                         and road bike tires are all measured in cm or mm.
                         If you pay for one of those organized rides in
                         California held by local cycling clubs you get to
                         pick distances of 50km, 100km or 100 miles.
                         \_ 19.5" frames, century rides, MS150, 27" wheels.
                            Bikes are as metric as cars.  Mixed units.
                         \_ well he said "whenever possible".
        \_ Some amazing features:
           590hp!!  6-wheel steering, 8 seats, ability to keep moving with some
           of the eight wheels broken.  Weights 6556lbs, so that gives only
           11.1 lb/hp which is very low.
        \_ Yeah but it looks ridiculously expensive to produce. Not much ground
           clearance either.
           \_ Don't worry, you'll see lowered ones soon with xenon lamps,
              a 5" exhaust tip ("but it's an electric motor!"), nose, tail,
              and midship spoilers.
              \_ Dude!  I've already got dual midship soilers on order for
                 mine!  It's hella!
           \_ I think the low ground clearance is by design.  "As the height of
              the integrated chassis is 15cm, the lower height of KAZ is almost
              the same as a conventional sedan and much lower than a
              conventional MPV, thus making access much easier."  The slides
              also sell stable cornering and high stability due to low CG.
              Why do you want high ground clearance anyway?  It's not an SUV.
              \_ The thing is 22 feet long. That's longer than our long-bed
                 pickup. I think that thing will have problems hitting slopes
                 and driveways. I guess it's fine if you live on a racetrack.
                 Hmm, well I suppose the extra set of wheels could compensate,
                 if some conditions make 2 wheels go in the air, but then
                 you have potholes and things too.
                 \_ Ah, good point!  I was only thinking about cornering.  Hmm,
                    maybe that's the reason why the second front axle is so
                    far behind the first one.  Maybe when it goes from level
                    ground to a downward slope, the first front axle are lifted
                    in the air for a short moment while the second axle (and
                    the rear axle) continues to steer.  I have no idea.
        \_ hydrolicsP
2002/9/27 [Transportation/Car] UID:26023 Activity:high
9/26    I'm soliciting opinions on good bicycle wheel builders in the East Bay.
        Recommendations? I've been jerked around by Missing Link enough so
        don't even go there. This assumes you all know a well-built wheel from
        a hole in the ground.
        \_ I have never gotten a well-built wheel from a bike shop, including
           Wheelsmith.  Build it yourself.  I gave the CSUA my older edition
           of Jobst Brandt's "The Bicycle Wheel"; it's not hard, it just takes
           some time.  -tom
           \_ I agree it's a good book, but I'm moving into a new house and
              studying for a licensing exam, Tom. I don't have time. --ulysses
2002/9/26-27 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:26015 Activity:high
9/26    My 1995 Nissan Altima has about 112,000 miles.  In December 2000,
        the "Brake" and "battery" lights came on.  Within a couple days,
        the car died and I had to replace the alternator.  The same thing
        happened again in June 2001.  Now, the "Brake" and "Battery" lights
        are on again.  If history repeats itself, the car will die again
        within a few days.  And the mechanic will say I need to replace the
        alternator.  But I suspect that the problem may not ultimately be
        with the alternator.  Has anyone had this experience with their
        car?  What was the ultimate problem?  Is it be better to take the
        car to a dealer (I guess my warrantee is over), a private mechanic,
        or somewhere like Sears?  What is the problem likely to be, and how
        much should I expect to pay?  -asb
        \_ I had the same thing happen on my toyota.  Though with mine,
           replacing the alternator solved it.  Was the first replacement
           a new component?  Was there any warranty on it?  You may want
           to do a whole inspection of the electrical systems.  Check the
           distributor for a short or something.  Also there may be a timing
           problem that's stressing the alternator. --scotsman
           \_ good advice. alternators should last a lot longer that this.
              might want to check out your voltage regulator as it might
              be making your alternator work harder than it has to.
        \_You didn't mention it, but I hope that you're replacing the
          battery each time.  If not, your alternator will burn itself
          out trying to charge a dead cell.

vi user was here
2002/9/25-26 [Transportation/Car] UID:26006 Activity:moderate
9/25    Has anyone bought one of the new cooper mini cars?  Which dealer
        did you go to?  Do you like the car?
        \_ Test drive one. The ride is fantastic.
           \_ I test drove one and had a lot of fun.  Now, I'm shopping
              around to see which dealer has the lowest markup, decent
              service, and not too long of a waiting list.  -op
              \_ i know a dealer in San Diego w/ no markup, but long waitlist..
        \_ Scoff scoff.  My girlfriend bought an old Cooper British Open
           (British Racing Green.)  It regularly blows the new ones off the
           road when it's curvy.  And the new ones have plastic wood lookalike
           interiors.  And they're BMWs.  Scoff scoff.  -John
           \_ You can get brushed chrome on the Cooper S. And I haven't seen
              any with the plastiwood interior-- must be some lame option.
              I'd like to see your old cooper outperform a Cooper S. They're
           \_ And BMWs are what? ... not fast enough for you?  Have you been
              paying attention to cars lately?
2002/9/25-26 [Transportation/Car] UID:26001 Activity:high
9/25    Is there any site to check the historic blue book value of a vehicle in
        a certain year other than now?  E.g. I want to check the value of a
        1984 model car during the year 1996.  Thanks.
        \_ is run out of my closet! - danh
        \_ get a used book?  Or maybe can help you?
           \_ only has current values.
        \_ Hrm, do libraries still exist??? If you can't visit, you can call.
2002/9/20-21 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:25959 Activity:nil
9/19    Ultimate Race Mod for a Sentra:
        \_ That was really funny. Thanks.
           \_ It was?
2002/9/18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/911, Transportation/Car] UID:25925 Activity:very high
9/18    Anybody else annoyed at all this bickering over money for those who
        died on 9/11?  I understand that they need the money.  But why is
        private life insurance not enough?  Why does the US gov't have to
        get involved in paying the families?  We're talking about something
        like 1+ million dollars per family.  This is on top of the life
        insurance they're getting.
        \_ Anybody who could ask questions like this must really hate America.
           \_ not at all. I don't hate America but I also don't
              think that the federal government owes anybody
              anything because of 9-11. They didn't bomb the WTC,
              pentagon, or pennsylvania, after all.
        \_ Maybe this is not compensation but disaster relief aid?  But $1M per
           family of relief aid is way too much compared to aids in other
           disasters.  It's all politics in this case.
           \_ Maybe the other cases didn't get enough and should?  Who is to
              \_ Are you saying every family who has members killed in a car
                 accident or a fire or a robbery should get $1M from the
                 federal govt?
                 \_ Is a car accident a national disaster requiring relief?
                    \_ No, and that's my point.  Why do families of killed
                       victims of 9/11 "require" $1M fed aid while those of
                       killed victims of random car accidents or bank robberies
                       \_ i suppose the gov't is responsible more for WTC
                          because it was the gov't that pissed off bin laden.
                       \_ it has nothing to do with "responsible" as the
                          morally bankrupt would claim.  it has to do with
                          scale.  when one DUI rams his car into a wall, the
                          country goes on.  when 3000 people die, 4 planes go
                          down, 2 *HUGE* buildings are gone, and the pentagon
                          gets a big hole in it, people need to know the govt
                          is doing something.  disaster relief for family
                          victims is one small part of that.
                          \_ I thought our impending invasion of Iraq was
                             our government's way of letting the people
                             know that they're doing something.
                             \_ Nothing to do with it.
           \_ It was a reflexive response. Note that for all those killed
              in the Sept. 11 attacks (including non-Americans) are getting
              the money. In the Sudanese embassy bombing, only Americans are
              being compensated (this means non-citizen employees and
              bystanders killed/hurt by the blast are not getting money).
              It's all very emotional. See the Red Cross incident.
        \_ The reasonable bickering is about cases like the Red Cross who
           ostensibly raised money for the families of the victims, but then
           were *very* stingy about actually giving it to them.  Given the
           public response for the victims, I don't see a need for federal aid
           for the victims (except perhaps in helping them contact the various
2002/9/18-19 [Transportation/Car, Finance/CC] UID:25924 Activity:moderate
9/18    Where is a good reverse phone lookup site? can't find
        most of the numbers I'm looking for.  Thanks.
        \_ anywho
           \_ shit there's so much information in there. How do I remove
              my information, or leave just the city and not the address?
              also, how to remove people information in "basic search"?
        \_ pacbell has one online too
2002/9/10 [Transportation/Car] UID:25828 Activity:kinda low
9/9     Anybody know of any decent/honest Toyota mechanic in Fremont area?
        Preferably close to Mowry and 880. TIA.
        \_ My dad always took ours to a Vietnamese family-owned shop
           on Blacow and Central (across from the Arco).  They always
           did decent work and were very reasonable.
        \_ Purfect auto on mowry and fremont blvd
        \_ Well, there's the Toyota dealer at 880 and Auto Mall...
           (You didn't say cheap)
2002/9/4-5 [Transportation/Car] UID:25772 Activity:high
9/4     My DMV Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice says my car needs a smog
        check.  Can I renew the registration before getting a smog check so
        that the renewal won;t be past due?
        \_ if yer that paranoid about it, go to an Arco w/ RapidRenewal.
           you can just walk up and they will smog your car and if it passes
           they will file your registration and give you your tags on the
           spot -shac
        \_ No.  It only takes 30 minutes to get a smog check and the results
           are instantly wired directly to the state.  Stop being a weeny.
           Just go take care of it.
           \_ Unecessarily ascerbic, but correct. I did this three weeks ago
              and the whole process, including the DMV getting me my new
              stickers by mail, took only six days.
              \_ Is there such a thing as "unecessarily ascerbic" on the motd
                 as long as you're right?
              \_ I took it in by person, and had the process (smog check +
                 registration) completed in 2 hours.
        \_ Yes. You can pay the registration and avoid a late fee. You won't
           get the registration and sticker until you do the smog check,
           though. --dim
                 \_ Seconded.  I got charged late fees because the records on
                    my car were fucked up, and when I called to complain they
                    wouldn't remove the late fees because I could have paid
                    the registration and waited for the smog check to come
           \_ Which means you're not registered and not legal to drive.
              \_ Not true. Your registration will show that it's paid and
                 that there is a lien pending for smog. You also avoid the
                 late fee, which I assume the OP was worried about. --dim
                \_ I also registered first, then Smogged-- it worked fine.
                   \_ Oh yeah?  You get pulled over?
                   \_ yes this is okay.  However, if you get pulled
                      over, you will get a "fix-it" ticket.  $10 at the
2002/8/22 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:25651 Activity:very high
        "It was like, `Kill them all and let God sort them out,' " said
        the other supervisor. "I guess we're just lucky he didn't order us
        to fire warning shots into the crowd or anything."
        \_ URL worthiness meter to save yall time:
           worthless:  .............
           \_ Since when is the motd about saving time?
        \_ Aw, lovely Houston.  This is another reason to stay the hell
           away from Texas and the south.
        \_ just a bunch of pigs measuring their little weenies
        \_ If any of you jackasses had actually read anything about it, you'd
           know it was the result of one cop who making a bad decision, but
           of course it isn't necessary around here to actually know wtf you're
           talking about to have a valid opinion.
           \_ Tell us all about it, then, master of obscure Texas local news.
              \_ Dude.  Be serious.  Its an exercise in simple reading
                 comprehension.  The captain in charge of the operation made
                 an unbeliveably bad call when circumstances were beginning to
                 show that the raid was going to be fruitless.  The "Kill
                 them all" quote is taken so horribly out of context it
                 conveys almost nothing about the actual events that took
                 place.  Try reading the article.          -mice
                 \_ I dunno. It reads like a miniature version of the 1000+
                    folks arrested as possible terrorists by the Feds, held
                    without access to lawyers and denied Constitutional rights.
                    Even now as the Fed raid is proving fruitless, no one is
                    taking any blame for it. In the Texas case, hundreds of
                    folks have a criminal record for being at the wrong spot
                    at the wrong time. I hate to see the lawsuits that are
                    going to come from both of these instances...
                    \_ Oh they do not have a crimincal record.  This is just
                       a load of hyperbole crap.  "Oh! Oh! Come see the
                       violence inherent in the system!  Help! Help! I'm
                       being oppressed!  The sky is falling!"  When *everying*
                       is constitution ripping oppression and everything is
                       racist and everything is sexist and blah blah blah then
                       you dilute the power of the words so there's nothing
                       left to distinguish *real* oppression and racism and
                       sexism from this sort of endless whining.  Get over it.
                       \_ i believe the monty python quote you are aiming
                          for is "help! help! I'm being repressed!"
                          perhaps you were just intending to paraphrase
                          monty python, and can be excused.
                          Any future crimes can be checked against their
                          official arrest record. It's not hyperbole, it can
                          be used against them later on.
                       \_ They were arrested. That is an official criminal
                          record. If the charge is tossed out by the judge,
                          that part of the record is purged, however part of
                          the arrest process is fingerprinting and photos.
                          The government now has this info to do what they
                          want with it. Employers requesting police records
                          as a job/security check may require the person has
                          to explain away the arrest. It's a pain.
                          \_ That's certainly true, but the stupidity
                             displayed by the man in charge is not unique
                             to Texas.  Stupidity of his sort is pretty
                             universally available.  That seems to be the
                             origin of this thread: that 'lovely Houston'
                             is somehow the issue and not one man's idiocy.
                             Of course, I'm starting to come off as an
                             apologist for Texas, which I'm not.  really.
                \_ I did read it, but then someone who called me a jackass
                   claimed there was more to it, so I had to ask.
                   \_ Read it again and see the violence inherent in the
                      system, jackass.
        \_ Yeah, but what does FreeRepublic have to say about it?
           \_ Who?
           \_ Go there and find out.
2002/8/19-20 [Transportation/Car] UID:25605 Activity:high
8/19    best place to buy Hazard insurance for bay area home?
        \_ AAA?  It's non-profit.
           \_ In my experience, AAA rates suck.  AllState or StateFarm are both
              good, and will give you discounts if you insure both the house cna
              car from them.
              \_ AAA also gave such a discount to me.  Another things is that
                 the longer you have an auto insurance with AAA, the bigger
                 discount you get on the auto insurance, since they apply prior
                 year's surplus money back to members who have the longest
                 insurance history first.  Don't know if the same happens to
                 home insurance.
                 \_ Statefarm returns money.
           \_ A few years ago AAA was one of the lowest-payout firms.  If you
              were insured with AAA, or got hit by someone with AAA, you could
              expect a legal fight before you saw any money.
                \_ Hence, The People's Lawyer.
                   \_ Now back to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
2002/7/31-8/1 [Reference/RealEstate, Transportation/Car] UID:25465 Activity:high 58%like:25460
7/31    Very funny.  Someone changed my original post from "gas station owner"
        to "gay prostitute."  Here's the post again.  -op

        I am interested in changing my profession from a full time engineer to
        a full time gas station owner.  Any comments and/or URLs with more info
        regarding gas station ownership, maintaince, liabilities, etc.?
        \_ curious. where would you have this gas station? have it in hawaii
           \_ Preferably somewhere around the Bay Area.  Slightly further away
              is fine, but not too remote.  -op
        \_ Are you from the middle east or south asia?
        \_ most people think that owning a gas station is a way of making
           money while sitting on your ass all day long.  It's not.  It's
           actually a complicated REAL ESTATE business.  It's all about the
           location.  The difference between housing real estate and
           commercial real estate is that it's a lot harder to liquidate
           commercial real estate. You'll need to find another sap who wants
           to make money sitting your ass all day, just like you.
           \_ And you have to take the risk of getting robbed and breathing
              toxic fumes all day long.
              \_ Actually some 21 y/old HS drop out is running the counter.
                 You're at home watching cartoons.
        \_ I made acquaintance with two would-be gas station owners. One of
           them leveraged the equity in his station to acquire another and
           so on. He was grossing about $80K/month, but I don't know what
           his net was. He seemed to be doing well. The other paid $400K to
           buy a station and later had the EPA shut it down because it
           needed some ridiculous sum of money to comply with some new
           law. He lost everything. There's a lot to it. Why, may I ask,
           are gas stations in particular appealing to you? Do you have
           experience or friends/relatives with experience in this field? --dim
2002/7/16-18 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:25374 Activity:moderate
7/16    Is there any way to auto-whitelist using spamc?
        \_ Put
        * ^From: (whitelist)
        above your spamc recipe.
        \_ that's not auto-whitelisting
        \_ [ Non-AUTO-Whitelist solution removed ]
        \_ umm, why don't you rtfm. it depends on how you have spamd set up.
           \_ umm, I didn't set up spamd on csua.
              \_ spamd -a. but no spamd => no use of spamc.
2002/6/24-25 [Transportation/Car] UID:25184 Activity:very high
6/24    How much does it cost to replace front and rear brakes?
        Darn Acura dealer charing me $490!!
        \_ are they resurfacing the rotor? That may be why.
           \_ I had my rotors resurfaced, pads and fluid replaced for
              $130 at Pep Boys, and I still felt scammed.  Plus they
              somehow "lost" a lugnut and didn't bother replacing it
              or even sitting the wheel properly.  Fuckers.
              \_ Thanks!  I knew they are scamming me.  Those bastards!
                 I will never go there again.  p.s. yes, they are
                 resurfacing the rotors.
              \_ yeah, Pep Boys quality is pretty bad.  But they are cheap.
        \_ are they also "balancing" your tires as well?  Or, er, aligning
           your tires.  Some say after doing work with tires, they
           may need to realign them.
           \_ I am not sure about that.  I will ask them.
              \_ You do need to have your tires realigned every so often
                 because of potholes and things like that-- every 12-24
                 months, basically.  Simply removing your tires does not
                 mean you need a realignment.  At any rate, realignment
                 probably isn't enough to explain $490 - $130.  I replaced
                 2 and realigned all 4 tires for $120.
        \_ So what's a good place to go to service breaks?
           \_ brakes?  How about a specialty tire and brake shop.
           \_ Try your Acura dealer.  I've heard good things about them.
        \_ For $490 they should be *replacing* the rotors. Are you sure
           they aren't replacing them, rather than resurfacing? --dim
        \_ Pep Boys is cheapest, quality is bad.  Dealers are usually
           more expensive, but they may have good quality.  Or, a specialty
           or other type of shop -- perhaps somewhere in the middle?
        \_ Wow that's cheap. BMW wanted $1290 to resurface my rotors.
2002/6/14 [Transportation/Car, Finance/Investment] UID:25097 Activity:nil
6/14    If one buys a car with financing (say 5 years and some interest
        rate) how does one sell the car before the 5 years is up?  Is there
        a way?
        \_ No.  you're utterly fucked.
2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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