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2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/6/16-8/13 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation] UID:54694 Activity:nil
        Sure glad I bought a house in San Francisco, instead of the suburbs,
        like suburb-lover told me to do.
        \_ May I refer you to the crime stats of Oakland?  Or should I take
           the bait to point out that there are good suburbs and bad suburbs,
           just like good cities and bad cities?
           \_ Oakland is a suburb. I don't know of any diverse, walkable
              suburbs that one can navigate with a bicycle and bus pass.
              But you and I define "good" and "bad" quite differently, I
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/5/21-7/20 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:54395 Activity:nil
5/20    Suburbs sucking wind, cities recovering:
        \_ 2 hours of commute a day could mean nothing (e.g. a young blue
           collar worker who has all the time in the world) or it could
           mean everything (e.g. really busy city person who has little
           time and/or energy to spend with kids).
2011/7/6-21 [Transportation/Bicycle, Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:54139 Activity:nil
7/6     RIDE BIKE!  (NSFW)
2011/6/20-7/13 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:54129 Activity:nil
6/17    RIDE BIKE people, where does one buy a cheap < $100 commuter bike
        that will be used by a visiting foreign student for 3 months then
        thrown away?
        \_ You can get a bike that cheap off of Craig's list but you will
           need to do some work on it before it will be safe. I bought a
           used Gary Fisher for $50 but it needed a new chain, new cables
           new tires and new brakes. If you do the work yourself, you can
           get away with something for around $100. -ausman
        \_ Liberate one from campus.
2010/5/17-26 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:53838 Activity:nil 80%like:53822
5/6     Next Thursday 5/13 is Bike to Work Day.
        \_ I saw about five times as many bikes as usual when I drove along
           Hwy 84 outside Sun Micro this morning.
           \_ what does this 'Sun Micro' do?  context?
        \_ Free beverages and snacks at over 200 Energizer Stations in the Bay
           Area:  -- OP
2010/1/8-29 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:53617 Activity:nil
        Car driver gets 5 years for assualting bicylists with car.
        \_ How many years do cyclists get when they run red lights?  I almost
           hit one last week when a cyclist ran a red light in front of me
           while I was about to start moving on my green light in Fremont.
           \_ How many years do motorists get when they run red lights? I
              almost got hit by one last week when a motorist ran a red light
              in front of me while I was about to start moving on my green
              light. (true, btw, not just a tongue-in-cheek copy of the pp)
              \_ True, but most people would (correctly) assume that it's
                 the driver's fault if you did get hit.
           \_ How many years do car drivers get for speeding? As far as I
              can tell, every car driver breaks the law. And speeding kills
              far more people than cyclists running red lights. The real
              difference here is that a cyclist running a red endangers
              himself, car drivers endanger everyone. Don't get me wrong
              though, I think both cyclists and car drivers should obey
              the law. But the penalty for running a red light or speeding
              should be much less than for deliberately assaulting someone
              with a deadly weapon and causing great bodily harm.
              \_ But the problem is that when a speeding driver hits
                 someone/something, people naturally assume that
                 it's the speeding driver's fault; whereas when a driver hits
                 a red-light-running cyclists, people naturally assume that
                 it's the driver's fault given the current politics unless the
                 driver can prove that the cyclist ran the red light which is
                 hard to do unless there is a witness or a camera at the
                 intersection.  -- PP
                 \_ Man, what city do you live in? Here in San Francisco car
                    drivers who hit cyclists are almost never even cited, even
                    when there are multiple witnesses to them being at fault.
           for many examples.
                    \_ Fremont.  -- PP
                    \_ I've been hit on my bicycle by cars 3 times and all 3
                       times it was the drivers fault.  All three times they
                       didn't even bother to get out of the car.  The last
                       one hit me from behind, launching me over the car in
                       front.  The woman driving, yelled "your fault", turned
                       up her stereo and drove off.  We've created a society
                       where people are too afraid to be concerned.
                       \_ I'm Spike Bike.  I hate cars.
                       \_ Too afraid? It sounds like too selfish to me.
                          Did you get a license plate any of those times?
2009/12/11-2010/1/13 [Transportation/Bicycle, Recreation/Media] UID:53591 Activity:nil
        exactly.  Words change their meaning.
2009/7/29-8/6 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Bicycle] UID:53219 Activity:nil
7/29    I have a 70's road bike I ride to work.  A few months back I replaced
        the rear wheel and tire, then I put a set of old 70's rear baskets
        on it.  The baskets are great in general, with them I don't have to
        wear a backpack and I can carry a lot more.  However, they are heavy.
        Since I put them on 2 months ago I've had 3 flat tires in back,
        compared to 1 in the year previous.  I think the extra weight is wearing
        out the tire faster and causing more flats.  Do I need a tougher
        tire or something?  What can I do?
        \_ For commuting, extra weight shouldn't be a big deal, so use heavy
           tires.  I've been very happy with Specialized Armadillo tires, but
           I'm not sure if they make really thin road bike styles.  Mine is
           700C size.
        \_ Extra weight will cause more flat tires, not because it wears
           them out faster, but because there's more force on the tire when
           you run over glass and thorns.  (That's also why bikes get more
           flat tires on the rear than on the front).  For commuting with
           weight, you probably want to get a fatter tire designed for
           commuting.  If your wheels are 700c, look for a 700x32 or 700x35
           or even 29" slick tire, depending on what will fit in your frame.
           My favorite is the Schwalbe Big Apple 28x2.0", but there are a
           lot of decent commuter tires.
           If you have 27" wheels, as a lot of bikes did in the 70s, your
           selection will be a lot more limited, but you can probably still
           find something better than what you have. -tom
           \_ I have 27" wheels.  I think I have a little more clearance for
              wider tires, but not a huge amount.  Are you saying I could put
              wider tires on the same wheel I have now?
              My local bike shop also has 27" Aramdillos for $45.
              \_ Yes, you can put wider tires on your existing rim, if they'll
                 fit in your frame.  The Armadillos seem pretty good; get the
                 widest size available (if there's a choice)
                 Also, make sure you have enough air in the tire; if your
                 tire is too low, your rim will bottom when you hit potholes,
                 giving you pinch flats.  -tom
                 \_ Hmm.  Googling around I haven't found any 27" tires
                    wider than the 1 1/4" tires I'm currently sporting.
                    \_ Like I said, the selection of 27" tires is pretty
                       limited; these days rims are pretty much not made
                       in that size.  -tom
2009/2/17-22 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:52592 Activity:nil
2/17    Paris bicycles surrender
        \_ Yeah, people suck.
        \_ And this is why too much socialism is bad.  People barely take good
           care of their own stuff, let alone stuff that are not theirs.
        \_ Each bicycle travels 10k km per year, so even if they had to
           buy a whole new bicycle every year at the cost of 400 Euros, that is
           4 cents/mile, which is really really cheap.
           4 cents/km, which is really really cheap.
2009/1/10-15 [Transportation/Bicycle, Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:52353 Activity:nil
1/10    I'm looking for a used hybrid/road bike for my sister. $100-150 price
        range. I'm going to take her to a couple of local shops, but is CL
        the best place to buy a bike? Any other recommedations? --abe
        \_ Can you get a decent bike for that price?
        \_ At a shop you aren't going to get a bike worth getting at
           that price.  On craigslist you can, but you will have to deal
           with a lot of idiots who think some ancient beater is worth $150.
        \_ I got a used Specialized Crossroads for $25 at a garage sale, that
           I spent another $90 on new tires and a tune-up. It works fine,
           and I ride it back and forth to work most days, but parts of
           it are pretty rusty. -ausman
2008/10/22-27 [Reference/BayArea, Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:51640 Activity:nil
10/22   RIDE BIKES! Meet Thursday 6:30pm in SF, between Embarcadero BART and
        the Ferry building.
        Last night's ride was teh hott. Thursday's ride will be hottest. -ali
2008/10/20-22 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:51591 Activity:nil
10/20   RIDE BIKES. I'm meeting a bunch of people on Sproul at 6:30 pm
        tomorrow (Tuesday) to ride bikes and drink beers. Pace is "considerate"
        (no man left behind). Mail me if you have questions. Otherwise
        just show up. -ali
2008/8/10-13 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Car] UID:50833 Activity:nil
8/10    Not just in San Francisco are car drivers rude, stupid and dangerous:
2008/8/6-10 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:50795 Activity:nil
8/6     Here's an interesting little write up on bicycle efficiency and power
        \_ Bicycle physics (mostly steering mechanisms):
2008/7/8 [Transportation/Bicycle, Reference/Military] UID:50502 Activity:high
7/8     Hey tom, what do you think of my carrying a gun on my bike?
        \_ isn't there a law wrt to gun in the vehicle?
           \_ I have a CCW permit
2008/6/30-7/14 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:50426 Activity:nil
6/30    Has anyone used this bicycle hoist?  Is it good?  Is it worth using if
        I bike on a daily basis? -emarkp
        \_ I use it to SAVE SPACE but it does TAKE TIME to put it on.
           You're trading TIME for SPACE. Nothing comes for free. If space
           is a PREMIUM like my little apartment, this is a really great
           thing to have. By the way, I commend you for riding bicycle
           to reduce our carbon footprint. Moving 200 pounds instead of
           3000 pounds reduces pollution and our dependency on foreign
           oil. Kudos to you! Lastly, how do you CCW when biking to/from
        \_ I've just been hanging it from the front wheel via a big hook.  Is
           that bad?
           \_ It is if you leave it like that for any amount of time.
              \_ How long is "any amount"?
               \_ Dunno.  But I left a bike like that for a few months and
                  it totally deformed the front wheel.
                  \_ Huh, I left it that was for months and... the wheel was
                     still deformed.  I guess it's hard to tell when your
                     wheels are already way out of true.
                  \_ Hanging your bike by a hook shouldn't throw the wheel
                     out of true, if there's a reasonable amount of tension
                     in the wheel.  -tom
                     \_ It was a pretty shitty bike.  Shrug.  Now I just
                        avoid hanging my bike by a hook.
                        \_ I've hung lots of bikes by two hooks and never
                           had a problem. I could imagine if you have a
                           really heavy bike then hanging off one wheel
                           may not be a good idea. Two should work, if the
                           bike doesn't deform itself just riding around
                           under its own + your weight already.
2008/5/9 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation] UID:49917 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied. 2008/5/9 [Transportation/Bicycle, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:49910 Activity:nil 76%like:49899 Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2008/5/7-9 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:49899 Activity:high 76%like:49910
5/7     Ride Bike question
        Is it worth it to put Slime in my inner tubes?  I just had a big
        blowout and it blasted Slime everywhere.  Good thing I still had my
        winter fenders on.
        \_ I'm not a big fan of any of the flat-reduction techniques.  -tom
        \_ I'm not a big fan of any of the breast-reduction techniques.  -tom
           \_ What about armadillo or other strenghtened tires? -op
              \_ "...any of the flat-rediction techniques."  Tires with
              \_ "...any of the flat-reduction techniques."  Tires with
                 more rubber can be OK for commuting, but don't believe
                 anything anyone tells you about "kevlar belts" or
                 whatever.  You'll still get flats.   -tom
                 \_ Of course you'll still get flats. The question is if you
                    will get fewer flats, and if these extra work/expense
                    is worth the reduction.  Personally, I have never found
                    slime to be worth anything. I didn't even notice a
                    reduction in flats when I tried it. -jrleek
                    \_ Do I need to spell out "I have tried a whole lot of
                       different flat-reduction products, and have not found
                       the reduction in flats to be worth the extra weight,
                       expense, and wonky handling"?  I thought that was
                       implicit.  -tom
                       \_ Well, I was looking for more info than in your first
                          response, so I was hoping you'd elaborate (which is
                          why I asked about armadillo).  I guess I shouldn't
                          have been surprised at your hostile response.  Do you
                          actually interact with people in real life? -op
                          \_ I rarely interact with anonymous cowards in real
                             life.  -tom
                             \_ So?  You were a jerk to me too. -jrleek
                                \_ Reciprocating.  -tom
                                   \_ In tom's world, all people have wronged
                                      him, so he's always justified in smacking
                                      any random person in the face. -op
        \_ What the hell is wrong with you people?  Do you weep uncontrollably
           on BART when people give you mean looks?  Tom just gave his opinion
           on shoving goo in your bike tires after you asked.  Grow thicker
           skin please.
           \_ No, most of them are too misanthropic to ever ride BART. That
              is why they live in the suburbs, so they don't have to interact
              with potentially unpredictable strangers.
           \_ No, most of them are too misanthropic to ever ride BART.
        \_ The most effective thing you can do to prevent flats is to inspect
           your tires frequently.  Look closely at the surface for things that
           are embedded in the rubber, or little cracks that have picked up
           debris from the road.  Most flats don't happen suddenly; they
           happen slowly as road debris gets pressed through your tire, then
           gets pressed into your inner tube.  Before you go for a ride,
           check your tires.  Every square inch.  Look closely.  Pull out
           that staple, dig the grain of sand out, remove the chip of glass.
           If you're doing this, then tires made of slightly thicker rubber
           will make a difference (I ride on Vredestein Fortezzas, but my tire
           selection is somewhat limited by my wheel size -- 650C).
           \_ Do you ride a triathlone bicycle?
              \_ No, I ride a recumbent.  --alawrenc
2008/4/25-30 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:49827 Activity:nil
4/25    Riding your bicycle on THE 10 and THE 405. Further proof that
        LA is a total dump full of dimwits on the road.
        \_ Huh? How does this video show that LA is full of dimwits?  Because
           of traffic?  Honestly, those bike guys were pulling some pretty
           stupid crap.
2008/4/3-9 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:49662 Activity:nil
4/3     Need some advice from tom or tom-clones.  I'm actually using my
        mountain bike in SF now and I bought some panniers but the metal
        loops that hook onto the back of the bike rack thing are so tiny as
        soon as I hit a pothole they fall off the bike.  What's a good one to
        get that has long loops so they won't fall off the bike? I don't know
        why this is so hard, in Europe the loops are about 2-3 inches long
        and much bigger so there is never an issue -eric
        \_ Generally panniers have some sort of elastic cord which attaches
           to the bottom of the rack and keeps them in place.  Yours don't
           have anything like that?  -tom
           \_ I was wondering how that worked -- thx tom very helpful -eric
              \_ losing weight helps too.
                 \_ Um, what? When they are empty they are most likely to
                    come off.
                    \_ oh, nevermind. I thought it was a case of the
                       thing (pannier) being too heavy hence they fall
                       off. Then again, I have no idea what a pannier is.
                       I hate bikers, and I hate the SF Mass Chaos, it's
                       making SF as unpleasant as LA to live in.
                       \_ Move.  Everyone will be happier.
                       \_ It is only once a month, how could it have that much
2008/3/22-25 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:49534 Activity:moderate
3/21    Cyclists twice as likely as cars to be at fault in collisions: (sfgate)
        \_ "unsafe speed" and "riding on the wrong side"; these are children
           riding on the sidewalks, which is known to be dangerous.  -tom
           \_ Fine, but the bulk of the riders are in the 20-50 range.
              Are you trying to disingenuously portray this as "kids who
              dont know better" than a common problem among adult cyclists.
              Look at the number for intoxicated cyclists.
              Why are you trying to disingenuously portray this as "kids who
              dont know better" rather than a common problem among adult
              \_ Because most injuries to adult cyclists in bike-car collisions
                 are caused by driver errors.  There have been numerous
                 studies on this subject.  -tom
                 P.S.: I should note that, while the three most common
                 bike-car collisions involving adults (the right hook, the
                 door, and the left hook) are all legally the fault of the
                 driver, good cycling habits can help avoid all three.
                 See "Effective Cycling," Forester.  -t
2008/3/10-12 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:49400 Activity:low
3/9     If I get a few moving violations from my motorcycle, will it
        affect my car insurance rate? What about the reverse? Just curious.
        \_ hell, getting violations on your bicycle (for which you need no
           license) can affect your rate.
           \_ So I have always wondered about this. What if when the cops
              pull you over on your bike, you refuse to give them your
              driver's license? You are not required to carry ID, are they
              just going to arrest you for not being able to prove your
              identity? Perhaps when you bicycle, you should carry an ID
              other than a driver's license.
              \_ People like Tom just carry a California ID, no big deal.
                 You know not everyone in the state has a driver's license.
              \_ If they are pulling you over for a moving violation they
                 have the right to know your identity.  If you can't
                 give them some proof that you are who you say you are they
                 have the right to take you in to determine you identity.
                 It isn't being arrested though.
                 \_ This is basically correct.  One thing I am not sure about
                    is whether bicycle moving violations show up on your
                    driving record.  Cops say that a fair amount, but cops
                    generally have little idea what the law is, and I haven't
                    been able to find any code which is explicit on the matter.
                    It's hard to believe that a 14-year-old who gets a ticket
                    for running a stop sign on his bike would start with
                    points on his driver's license.
                    I'm relatively certain that motorcycle violations would
                    show up, though.  -tom
                    \_ I would argue from a practical implemntation standopint
                       that they would.  Bicycle violations are so rare that
                       I think the state wouldn't bother differentiating them
                       from normal motorized vehicle ones in their record
                       keeping and processing methods. -ERic
2008/2/25-29 [Transportation/Bicycle, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:49247 Activity:nil
2/25    Hey tom, how did you ever become such a fan of big government
        socialist? Is it from riding bike or hanging out with hippies?
        \_ hey anonymous coward, fuck off.  -tom
           \_ by any chance are you an illegal immigrant sympathizer?
              \_ and why do you hate america?
2008/2/23-26 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:49222 Activity:nil
2/23    Suburban loving conservative leaning family oriented people will
        suffer from record high gas prices. Meanwhile, stinky bike riding
        Linux loving liburals sneer at everyone else with
        "I told you so [wrt to Peak Oil]!"
        \_ key word: troll
        \_ What about Prius-driving environment-loving conservative-leaning
           family-oriented people like me?
           \_ You have children?  You don't RIDE BIKE?  You are further right
              than that sellout Feinstein?  You are a traitor to mother earth
              and all clear thinking people.
2007/12/17-19 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:48815 Activity:low
12/17   I ride a Kawasaki EX500 for recreation and now I'm looking for
        a real commute bike. I'm getting married and will be moving 30
        miles away from work, and I'm looking for something that is
        1) COMFORTABLE 2) light weight (I'm only 140 pounds, so that
        rules out Goldwings and heavy Harleys) 3) very quiet and
        smooth even at 80MPH. What are some bikes that fit in this criteria?
        \_ Probably a BMW is your best bet.  No bike is going to be quiet
           at 80mph though.
           \_ Agree that no bike is going to be quiet but that is mostly
              due to the wind/helmet noise dominating engine noise. This
              is where high windshields + fairing help tremendously.
        \_ You are a 140 pound weakling and your wife is going to let
           you keep riding? I wouldn't get something too expensive,
           because you'll be selling it soon enough.
           \_ A-
           \_ Your troll adds to -8 value to this thread.
        \_ I am not much bigger than you and I have ridden a Ducati Monster
           for years. They are light (~400 pounds) and comfortable. They
           aren't really quiet, but with stock pipes, they are not that
           loud either. The M900 or 1000 will do 80 no problem. A new one
           is not cheap though, about $12k. Want to buy my 96? -ausman
           \_ Ducatis get really really really hot when you're moving
              less than 10mph in traffic jam, and it is anything but
              "comfortable." In fact 99% of the sportbikes are simply
              too stiff and too uncomfortable for long daily commutes.
              You're a very very bad man for trying to dump your Duc.
              \_ Have you ever ridden a Moster? They have an extremely
              \_ Have you ever ridden a Monster? They have an extremely
                 comfortable and normal feeling riding position, better
                 than most cruisers. I can't really comment on the heat
                 issue, since I split lanes, but I have never had a
                 problem. -ausman
              \_ Bullshit.  Most sportbikes are fine for daily commutes.
                 Although honestly if I was commuting on a bike I'd look
                 at getting the Kawi enduro.
2007/11/27-12/3 [Recreation/Activities, Transportation/Bicycle] UID:48700 Activity:high
11/27   So how do you keep the stupid RIDE BIKE people off of the trails? Is
        it legal for them to ride on hiking trails? I've almost been killed
        a few times now by bikers barreling down quiet mountain trails that
        they thought they owned. I hate them.
        \_ So you support bike-only trails?  Great!  -tom
           \_ I do. Why not? What's happening now doesn't work. I don't
              think I support as many of those as bikers would hope,
              though, but why not have some small percentage devoted to bikes?
              \_ There are plenty of trail-sharing plans out there (such as
                 odd-even days); the problem is that the anti-bike crowd
                 doesn't want to share trails or give any access to bikes.
                 In most places it works just fine, it's only in California
                 that it's still a big problem, and that's due to the actions
                 of a small handful of NIMBY, "we were here first" types. -tom
                 \_ I think it's because of the actions of a lot of
                    reckless riders, many of which I have encountered.
                    \_ Bikers don't want to run into hikers any more
                       than hikers want to get run into.  In most
                       cases, conflicts can be reduced by improving
                       the trail design.  But the political issue is
                       that a small handful of hikers simply want no
                       bikes on any trails.  Right now, I'm being
                       stalked by a long-time anti-bike nut, who came
                                       \_ I recommend giving him a
                                          soda account.
                       by my office twice, sent mail to my boss and to
                       the chief of staff of the chancellor's office.
                       My crime?  Riding a unicycle on a trail.  I
                       didn't even ride past him; I dismounted and
                       walked past.  There's nothing that can be done
                       to reduce complaints from someone like that.  -tom
        \_ Many of those trails were originally created by RIDE BIKE people,
           then later used by hikers.  Why do you think *you* own them? -emarkp
           \_ damn, emarkp is sort of my motd ron paul.  There's a ton
              of stuff ron paul stands for that should be poison to all
              good liberals everywhere, but he speaks his mind and doesn't
              say anything too delusional so lots of grassroots progressives
              think he is awesome.
           \_ The trails are maintained by the government and I don't
              think I own them, but I am not killing anyone by using them.
              Maybe motorcycles should be allowed on them, too. It's a free
              country, right?
              \_ Actually, the trails are mostly maintained by volunteers, and
                 by far the largest volunteer group is mountain bikers.  -tom
              \_ Neither are all the bicyclists killing people.  Rude people
                 are rude people, on bike or on foot. -emarkp
                 \_ Point is that bikes don't belong on walking trails
                    just like people shouldn't walk in the bike lane. You
                    must be one of the bike fuckers, huh?
                    \_ Nope, never ridden a bike on a trail in my life.  I do
                       bike to work however.  You may have seen my comments in
                       the past calling Critical Mass, "Thugs on Wheels".
                       Where are the trails defined as "walking trails"?
                       \_ Well, they weren't built for bikes originally.
                          Here is a site that attempts to be fair to both
                          sides of the issue, but it is true that the
                          hiking trails are becoming unsafe for hikers and
                          I would be in favor of keeping bikes off of them
                          given my close calls with bikers. I don't even
                          think I could safely bike many trails in a
                          leisurely manner what with the people screaming
                          down the hillside at 30mph. At least as a walker
                          I can jump out of the way. If I was on a bike
                          I'd be screwed. BTW, people who take their dogs
                          on trails without leashes should be banned, too.
                          In Palo Alto:
                          \_ I wasn't aware of so-called "gravity bikers".
                             That *does* sound scary. -emarkp
           \_ Downhill bicycle racers should stick on trails far, far
              away from everyone else.  Actually if you just let them
              race for a while, they eventually die, that sport is the
              most dangerous I've ever witnessed.
        \_ Bring a spike strip with you next time you hike. USE FEET!
        \_ some trails are marked to disallow bikes.  If you don't like sharing
            trails with bikes, stick to those.   Unless othewise marked,
            the bikers have just as much right to be there as the hikers.
        \_ some trails are marked to disallow bikes.  If you don't like
           sharing trails with bikes, stick to those.  Unless othewise
           marked, the bikers have just as much right to be there as the
        \_ Maybe bikers should behave the same as horse back riders.  You
           could potentially ride pretty fast on a horse, but that would
           be dangerous.  Could be almost as dangerous as fast bikes.
           \_ horses, at any speed, are more dangerous than bikes, at any
              \_ That's clearly false and you are stupid for suggesting it.
                 \_ You clearly don't know anything about horses.
        \_ I find it amusing that the bikers complain about how rudely cars
           treat them (Critical Mass) but when someone slower than themselves
           is put at risk by their actions, it's "stay off the trails!" and
           "who said you hikers own them?!".
           \_ nice straw man.
        \_ (flickr)
              \_ Not at all.  I honestly find it amusing.  There's no strawman
                 here.  If you're a hypocritical biker, wear it with pride.
                 \_ Right because all cyclists are exactly the same and in
                    fact all the same people, whether they are black clad
                    bicycle messengers in Critical Mass or gortex clad
                    Marin yuppies mountain biking. They even switch to
                    khaki's and button down shirts when they impersonate
                    mild-mannered commuters. Those dastardly villians!
                    \_ not to mention, no one is saying "stay off the trails"
                    \_ not to mention, no biker is saying "stay off the trails"
                       \_ That would take a lot of audacity as mountain
                          biking has only been popular for 30 years. Give
                          them more time, though, and they'll become brave
                          enough to get there. They're already touting
                          numerical superiority as they drive everyone
                          else away.
                          \_ keep beating that straw man.
                    \_ I love the motd.  You replied to my "this isn't a
                       strawman" by strawmanning me again.  I'm your biggest
                       fan, Strawman Debate Guy.  Please strawman me again.
                       \_ Do you honestly think that "bikers" are a unified
                          group who think and act in unison? Are you really
                          that simple minded? If not, give me even one example
                          of your hypocritical biker, or admit that you just
                          made it all up.
2007/11/12-16 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:48609 Activity:moderate
11/12   I just started riding bike again, and the joys of maintaining tire
        pressure are once again mine.  Is there a device or compressor out
        there that can have a fixed cut-off pressure? -emarkp
        \_ I love Mormons because many of them ride bikes and are very
           eco-conscious.                               -libural
           \_ I just pump the damn thing up until it's really firm.
              If I notice it's a little slack the next morning, repeat.
              \_ You aren't talking tires anymore are you?
           \_ Except for the eight kids thing.
        \_ At the Shell gas station that I go to, you can set the desired
           pressure at the pump and it stops autmoatically when it reaches the
           pressure.  I don't know if there are portable ones that you can use
           for your bike.
        \_ Ah, never mind.  Found one on my own.
           \_ Just get a floor pump with a gauge.  An air compressor is
              serious overkill for a bicycle, and won't work as well on
              Presta valves, which is what you should be using unless you
              are doing something strange.  -tom
              \_ Bike fanatics prefer presta for accuracy, durability,
                 and other factors. People who bike 1-2 miles a day
                 will most likely not notice any significant difference.
                 \_ How is a Presta valve more accurate or durable?  My tires
                    are wide, and I ride about 5 mi/day. -emarkp
                    are wide, and I ride about 50 mi/day. -emarkp
                    \_ If you have to ask... nevermind.
                       \_ Um, I want to know, and haven't seen any claims like
                          that in the comparisons I've found about accuracy or
                          reliability (what does "accuracy" even mean here?)
              \_ Something strange like riding to work on an old bike?
                 What's wrong with Schrader valves? -jrleek
                 Why do I need Presta valves? -jrleek
              \_ I have a foot pump with a gauge already.  And I'm happy with
                 Schrader valves, but I'll take your advice into consideration.
                 The comments about Presta I've seen suggest they're important
                 for narrow tires, and that tubeless mountain bike tires use
                 them.  Okay, I don't have either, so I'll stick with Schrader.
                \_ I don't care what valve you use, but I'd recommend just
                   buying a cheap set of non-knobby, narrowish tires if you
                   are riding on the road. Why would you use wide tires?
                   \_ I agree here.  Riding on skinny tires is so much easier.
                      On the other hand, if you want a workout, I guess
                      big tires may be good...
                   \_ In San Francisco at least, with all the train tracks
                      and the rough roads, I feel more secure on wide tires.
                      Maybe this is foolish, I don't know. -!pp
                      \_ Well you don't need super-skinny racing tires. Are
                         yours knobby? I think even if you want fatter tires
                         you can use semi-slick or slick ones. Knobs are
                         probably the biggest energy drain.
                         \_ I prefer the wide semi-slick.  Primarily because on
                            the side of the road there can be lots of debris,
                            and the wide tires seem to do better with fewer
                            flats. -emarkp
                         \_ Yeah, mine are knobby. Thanks for the info, I
                            think I will switch to some big smooth ones.
                            \_ If you're on the street, get semi-slick.
                               \_ Presta valves simply work better with
                                  hand pumps.  Having to press in the
                                  valve stem isn't a problem when you're
                                  using a high-pressure air compressor,
                                  but if you're using a tiny hand pump
                                  it is sometimes impossible to fill the
                                  tire faster than the air leaks out.
                                  On the question of tires, wide slick
                                  tires are what I would recommend on a
                                  commuter.  The Schwalbe Big Apple is
                                  a great tire, but there are plenty of
                                  others.  I don't think you need tires
                                  narrower than 700x28 unless you're
                                  specifically riding for speed.  -tom
                                  \_ I carry a foot pump in my saddlebags, so I
                                     don't care about the resistance of the
                                     valve spring.  But since the pin on a
                                     pump depresses the spring, why would the
                                     Presta give any advantage there?  -emarkp
                                     \_ The ability of the pin on the
                                        pump to depress the spring
                                        depends on the geometry of the
                                        valve stem and the pump; it is
                                        far too common to be unable to
                                        pump up a Schraeder valve tube
                                        with a bike pump, and it's
                                        especially a problem when the
                                        tire is flat, making it
                                        difficult to have the leverage
                                        to get the pump on the valve
                                        stem.  The Presta is just more
                                        robust for the application.  -tom
                                        \_ That makes perfect sense.  I've done
                                           my roadside repairs before, and
                                           agree that it sucks to have a hand
                                           pump, and can see that the Schrader
                                           could be more of a problem, but
                                           haven't don't the roadside fix
                                           experience with a Presta valve.
                                           That's why I started carrying a foot
                                           pump with me.  On the other hand, if
                                           I were offroad, I wouldn't want to
                                           be lugging saddlebags. -emarkp
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