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2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/6/16-8/13 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation] UID:54694 Activity:nil
        Sure glad I bought a house in San Francisco, instead of the suburbs,
        like suburb-lover told me to do.
        \_ May I refer you to the crime stats of Oakland?  Or should I take
           the bait to point out that there are good suburbs and bad suburbs,
           just like good cities and bad cities?
           \_ Oakland is a suburb. I don't know of any diverse, walkable
              suburbs that one can navigate with a bicycle and bus pass.
              But you and I define "good" and "bad" quite differently, I
2009/1/26 [Transportation] UID:52471 Activity:nil
1/26    Bay Area evening commute traffic is unusually night at this moment
        (  Are people taking a day off for Chinese New Year?
2008/5/23-27 [Transportation] UID:50046 Activity:low
5/23    Hey dim I'm going to LA this weekend, would like to know what is
        worth doing, and how to avoid traffic. I've already been to
        Disneyland, Universal Studios, Old Town Pasadena, Third Street
        Promenade, and suburbs in Orange County.
        \_ Congratulations! You've seen the entire Los Angeles.
        \_ Knott's. Magic Mountain.  -!dim
           \_ Yuck. And stop deleting my posts.
           \_ Someone keeps deleting my posts but I will say I don't like
              either of the above. Yuck.
              \_ I didn't delete your posts.  And if you're willing to go to
                 dland, you're willing to go to knotts or mm.  It's the same
                 \_ Not really. Knotts and Magic Mountain are geared towards
                    local teenagers, which means everything that implies.
                    Disneyland is geared towards families and international
                 \_ Well someone keeps doing it. Disneyland isn't the same
                    thing, because it's geared to families and
                    international tourists and not local, rowdy teenagers.
                 \_ Whatever.
                 \_ Who keeps doing it then? It's tiresome.
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/5/9 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation] UID:49917 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/9/7-10 [Transportation] UID:47945 Activity:nil
9/7     Don't you hate it when environmentalist ideas actually harm the
        (Coral reefs vs. tires)
        \_ I didn't know Goodyear and the Army Corps of Engineers
           counted as environmentalists.
        \_ Next you'll tell us that sinking oil derricks and dumping pig
           iron into tropical waters isn't environmentally friendly!  -tom
2007/6/26-28 [Transportation] UID:47076 Activity:nil
6/26    Is there a predictive traffic service availible?  I know can
        tell me what the traffic is right now.  I'd like something that
        predicts traffic, sort of like the weather.
        \_ Predict-a-Trip(SM):
2007/6/25-28 [Transportation, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:47054 Activity:high
6/25    dim, what is it about LA you like and SF you don't like?
        \_ kchang, why do you insist on calling people out without
           leaving your name?
           \_ Huh? I live in LA and I love LA           -kchang
           \_ why do people using various motd trackers call people out even
              though these tools are provably unable to accurately identity
        \_ Mostly the weather.
           \_ If so, you may prefer San Diego.
              \_ I like San Diego, but it's a little bit too provincial for me.
                 Maybe when I get a lot older. San Diego is basically a
                 suburb of LA anyway.
                 \_ Not as long as we have Camp Pendleton between us and them
                    it's not. As for provincial, well, sure, but I thought the
                    only reason you liked LA was the weather; SD beats LA.
                    \_ A main (not the only) reason I like LA > SF is the
                       weather. The weather is obviously not the reason I
                       prefer LA to San Diego, since the weather is pretty
                       similar (although San Diego's is *slightly* better).
                       As for SD being a suburb of LA, it pretty much is. I
                       even know people who live in SD and work in LA and
                       vice-versa. Maybe people in SD don't like to think it
                       is, but it is.
                       \_ And people can think that SD is a 'burb of LA, but
                          it isn't. Irvine is a 'burb of LA, as is Riverside.
                          \_ What's the difference between Riverside and SD?
                             They are both about equally far. In fact, a
                             lot of North County SD people commute to
                             Riverside and OC for work and there is commuter
                             rail service between SD and greater LA. Why
                             would you argue SD is not a suburb of LA? If
                             SD was the bigger city I'd call LA a suburb of SD.
                             \_ I don't live down there but I'd say it has more
                                to do with the size of SD and the cultural
                                identity of SD being distinct. Is Berkeley a
                                suburb of SF? Whereas Irvine and Riverside,
                                are pretty anonymous.
                                \_ Yes, Berkeley is a suburb of SF. I'd
                                   even say San Jose is, even though SJ
                                   is bigger. What about Long Beach? Is it
                                   a suburb of LA? I'd say it is.
                                   \_ Merriam-Webster: "suburb: 1 a : an
                                      outlying part of a city or town b : a
                                      smaller community adjacent to or within
                                      commuting distance of a city"
                                      A city is, by definition, not a suburb.
                                      However, Irvine is most certainly a
                                      suburb of LA, so I concede that this may
                                      be a matter of opinion.
                             \_ I graduated HS in '88 from San Marcos and my
                                parents still live there. Although some NC
                                folks may commute to LA, many, many more
                                commute to San Diego. The Pendleton divide is
                                both geographic and cultural.
                                \_ Pendleton Divide? 15, dude. Do you
                                   really feel the culture in SD is any
                                   different from LA? How so? (My sister
                                   lives in Escondido and has for 20 years.)
                                   The culture is all "Southern California"
                                   \_ If by Southern California Culture you
                                      mean strip malls and pre-packaged
                                      Jamba Juice-Starbucks-Panda Express-Gap
                                      pods, sure, North County's SCC. Downtown
                                      SD is not so.
                                      \_ How is downtown any different
                                         from Santa Monica or downtown LA
                                         or other large parts of LA area?
                                         \_ Baseball team and stadium, among
                                            other things.
                                            \_ Huh? So downtown LA has
                                               Staples and Dodger Stadium
                                               is nearby. These are
                                               amenities, not cultural
           \_ Isn't the weather better in Redwood City than in LA?
2006/12/14-15 [Science/GlobalWarming, Transportation] UID:45446 Activity:high
12/13   NYC is fucked by 2030. Time to move to suburbia, bahahahaha:
        \_ You realize just how foolish the statement "all-day rush hour" is,
2006/12/14-15 [Transportation, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:45445 Activity:nil
12/14   Suburbia is for superficial people:
2006/11/25-28 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation, Health/Women] UID:45367 Activity:high
11/25   Denmark's approach to slowing down traffic:
        \_ Totally awesome post, THANK YOU motd bikini guy!
        \_ Do most typical young Dane dames look as good at that bikini girl?
           \_ Average Danish women: great healthy diet, walk and ride bikes
              in their little cities.
              Average American women: McD + Burger King + supersized fries,
              sit in superjammed traffic to commute to/from their
              suburbia McMansions 1-2 hours a day.
              \_ So I keep hearing.  Funny that the Danes I know are mostly
        \_ keywords: denmark traffic nudity nude women naked women breasts topless
2006/7/21-22 [Transportation] UID:43754 Activity:nil
7/20    Say I have an old vehicle that I intend to keep for several months.
        I'd like to transfer its personalized license plate to a brand
        new vehicle that I plan to purchase, while getting a regular
        non-personalized plate for the old vehicle. What's the best way
        to go about this?
        \_ Craigslist
2006/3/30-4/1 [Recreation/Dating, Transportation] UID:42556 Activity:nil
3/30    Commuter porn everywhere:
        \_ "wherever new audio-visual electronics go, porn goes with it."
           He's got that backwards.
           \_ That...that doesn't make very much sense.
2006/1/27-29 [Transportation, Computer/SW/P2P] UID:41576 Activity:nil
1/27    Anyone know of a effective way to block all BitTorrent traffic?
        I'm using pf on OpenBSD and I've tried STFW but as near as I can
        tell, blocking the default ports is useless b/c most BT clients
        are using non-standard high number ports (and I can't block all
        of these for other reasons).
        \_ packet payload inspection.
            According to a recently published paper by AT&T Labs
            1, inspection of the data packets that are transmitting
            between clients is a good way to detect BitTorrent
            traffic. The communication between BitTorrent clients
            starts with a handshake followed by a never-ending
            stream of length-prefixed messages. The header of the
            BitTorrent handshake message uses the following format:

            <a character (1 byte)><a string (19 byte)>

            The first byte is a fixed character with value '19',
            and the string value is 'BitTorrent protocol'. Based
            on this common header, you can use the following
            signatures to identify BitTorrent traffic:

            * The first byte in the TCP payload is the character 19 (0x13)
            * The next 19 bytes match the string 'BitTorrent protocol'
           brought to you by google and "bittorrent traffic signature"
           \- i'm a little busy to go into depth right now [generic
              p2p detection and killing off the sessions is something we
              are trying to do at industrial strength levels] but the
              approach that makes the most sense sort of depends on your
              relationship with the other users, number of users [can you
              respond via a phone call and telling them to stop, or by
              quashing the traffic [batch vs. realtime detection], will
              you have 0 tolerance or allow some legitmate use], whether
              you want to kill off "most" of the traffic [low hanging
              fruit] or trying to aim for 100%, and related to that,
              your data volume sizes and how crafty the people you are
              trying to catch are ... like say you are ignoring http
              due to data volume and they use http port for the traffic].
              there was a reasonable presentation on this at the "hot-p2p"
              event last year. how c and the above advice is good too.
              SNORT may be simpler for you to use than BRO and i would be
              surprised if there wasnt a BT sig for SNORT.
2005/7/5-6 [Transportation] UID:38424 Activity:nil
7/5     Google Map with traffic congestion data:
        \_ network traffic.  bah.
2004/11/2 [Transportation] UID:34541 Activity:nil
11/2    Anyone have low profile tires?
        \_ I have 205/45/16's do they count?
2003/4/8-9 [Transportation] UID:28033 Activity:high
4/8     I might buy a used vehicle. What's the best way to exchange money?
        Cash is too dangerous. Check takes days to clear. What's a good
        \_ money order/cashier's check.  Duh.
        \_ money order/cashier's check.  Duh.
        \_ money order/cashier's check.  Duh.
        \_ money order/cashier's check.  Duh.
        \_ money order/cashier's check.  Duh.
           \_ I think what he's trying to say is money order or cashier's check
           \_ Just as dangerous as cash.
                \_ depends on how secure you want to be.
                   A money order is less secure than a cashier's check, but
                   a cashier's check is at least if not more secure than
                   a regular check, and clears instantly.
                    \_ some hearsay for your: a friend of a friend allegedly
                       said they got a cashier's check through ebay, cashed
                       it at the bank sent the product, and then the
                       bank came back and said "woops it was a forged check,
                       we are taking the money out of your account.
                       \_ maybe they should try using escrow next time?
        \_ crack.  bring enough crack for the vehicle value.  and a shotgun.
2002/8/20 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Transportation] UID:25619 Activity:moderate
8/20    Does the EECS department filter for porn and such coming in on
        its network?
        \_ Yes, they do.  However, they don't block it, they just add it
           to their own porn archive.
        \_ They monitor all network traffic and if you're found in violation
           of the network traffic policies too many times you won't be allowed
           to graduate.
        \_ pass port 80 redirect 1984

2002/7/12 [Science/Space, Transportation] UID:25339 Activity:high
7/12    Does anyone know what happened near the San Mateo Bridge toll plaza
        around 8am?  All lanes except the carpool lane were blocked.  I was
        half asleep on a shuttle and I couldn't see it fast enough.
        \_ The only thing worse than looky-loos slowing down traffic is a LL
           sitting half asleep on a bus posting to the motd about it.  Who
           \_ But the shuttle is free and it's public.
           \_ But the shuttle is free and it's open to public.
           \_ obviously one person does, so shut your ass.
              \_ Yes just like thousands of other idiots slow to a crawl when
                 they see someone on the side with a flat tire.  Stupid
                 gawkers.  Your reply is just "one idiot thinks its important
                 so it must be important".  Stalled truck.  Jesus F. Christ
                 on a stick, save us from this stupidity.
                 \_ I don't slow down or look when I drive, and I hate drivers
                    who do and I honk at them.  I only look when I'm a
        \_ Stalled truck.
           \_ Thanks.
2002/5/22-23 [Transportation/Car, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Transportation] UID:24913 Activity:very high
5/22    Is the campus administration going to do anything about the
        network connectivity?
        \_ There's no problem with networ~{~#{}{@}NO CARRIER~~
           \_ Funny!
        \_ The problem with the network is fundamental--bandwidth usage is
           rising faster than bandwidth cost is falling.  Something will be
           done about it at some point, but it won't be something you'll
           like.  -tom
           \_ Like paying/packet or port blocking?
              \_ For example.  -tom
              \_ send the bill to reshall
                \_ The reshalls already pay for their own bandwidth, and
                   they don't affect the rest of the campus.  -tom
           \_ It'd be nice if the discussion regarding this was in a
              public forum.  A while back, there was some traffic
              regarding this topic on, but that has
              essentially come to a halt.
           \_ Has there been any discussion of traffic shaping?  It seems like
              it could offer a sensible solution to the problem. -dans
                \_ There already is some traffic shaping going on.  But it's
                   not a solution--web traffic alone is enough to trigger
                   the problem.  -tom
                   \_ Cap web traffic.
                        \_ get a clue.  -tom
                           \_ dude if web traffic is the problem, the answer is
                              to force proxy/cache it all and shape/cap the
                              traffic.  it'll be slower overall but won't
                              require infinite bandwidth.  you're really quick
                              with that 'get a clue' gun for someone who has
                              yet to propose your own alternative.
                           \_ I am actually curious why you don't consider
                              capping web traffic to be a possible solution?
                              Would a cap on web traffic degrade user
                              experience that badly?  Perhaps the resulting
                              drop in performance would discourage 'casual
                              browsing'?  How much could things be improved
                              via caching?
                                \_ Would you reduce traffic on a busy freeway
                                   by building a wall across one of the lanes?
                                   The web traffic is a good portion of the
                                   fundamental purpose of our network
                                   connection--to degrade its usage is to
                                   degrade the very reason we have the
                                   Internet.  Do some research on "the
                                   tragedy of the commons."  -tom
                                   \_ I'm well acquainted with the tragedy of
                                      the commons.  It is the plague of my
                                      everyday existence.  I'm just wondering
                                      if slightly sluggish web performance
                                      might not change people's browsing
                                      habits.  In effect, I'm not sure if your
                                      freeway analogy really applies here.
                                      Also, what about caching?  That
                                      seems to hold the possibility of
                                      significantly reducing traffic we send
                                      out to the commodity internet.  Or is
                                      there a reason why caching wouldn't help
                                      or is not viable for Berkeley? -dans
                                        \_ Changing people's browsing habits
                                           is exactly what you don't want to
                                           do.  The net exists to be used.
                                           As for caching, we have an Akamai
                                           farm on campus already.
                                           One of the major points of the
                                           original article on the tragedy of
                                           the commons is that there exist
                                           problems with no technical solution.
                                           \_ The net exists to be used not
                                              abused. If you have a bunch of
                                              stupid users who are constantly
                                              fetching uncachable content like
                                              slashdot or any of that web
                                              services bs, the best thing to
                                              is to discourage such behavior
                                              by making it harder/slower to
                                              get data from such places. Once
                                              people stop abusing the net,
                                              the problem is solved.
                                              the problem is solved. This
                                              problem *HAS* a technological
                                              soln., its just that you don't
                                              like that soln. because it means
                                              you and your '1337 buddies can't
                                              get their net fix.
                                              \_ Damn, I just did the math
                                                 with a few conservative
                                                 assumptions and the bits/user
                                                 is insanely high. buncha pigs.
                                                 \_ gee, how many users of
                                                    Berkeley web sites are
                                                    there?  -tom
                                           \_ akamai farm? so what?  that's not
                                              caching what people are using, it
                                              is caching what other people are
                                              paying to have cached.  not quite
                                              the same, eh?
                                              \_ Technically an akamai farm
                                                 can be used as a cache in
                                                 addition to a cdn. I hope
                                                 that TPTB are smart enough
                                                 to do at least that much.
                                                 \_ wanna bet?
                                           \_ Is the web traffic
                                              predominantly upstream or
                                              downstream?  If it's
                                              downstream, could the
                                              bandwidth be supplemented
                                              with load-balancing across
                                              cheap asymmetrical
                                              \_ Our aggregate net usage is
                                                 weighted towards outgoing
                                                 traffic, though the disparity
                                                 isn't enormous.  In any case,
                                                 DSL (if that's what you're
                                                 talking about) isn't "cheap"
                                                 for this kind of usage. -tom
        \_ The Campus Net Wants To Be Free!
        \_ "tragedy of the commons": the newst kewl motd phrase.  just toss
           this phrase around enough and you don't need to research or propose
           any other solutions.
           \_ The Tragedy Of The Commons Daniel McFadden, 09.10.01
              Warning on the Net's shared resources
2002/2/1 [Transportation] UID:23746 Activity:nil
2/1     Does anybody know if the network problems connecting to Soda will be
        resolved anytime soon? These delays are annoying, to say the least.
        \_ The network connection problems are already much better, due
           to some tweaks in the traffic priority rules.  (typical ping times
           from <DEAD><DEAD> are now 30ms, instead of 300ms).  But we are still
           at or near our bandwidth limit most of the time, and that will
           affect traffic in various ways, depending on where it's coming
           There will probably be some decisions made about traffic shaping
           within a couple of weeks.  (The NAG group meets on 2/11).  -tom
                \_ Great. Thanks for the info.
2001/8/24 [Transportation] UID:22242 Activity:nil
8/23    Tires are good with cheese.
2001/8/24 [Transportation] UID:22240 Activity:nil
8/23    Why are radial tires better?
2001/8/24 [Reference/Military, Transportation] UID:22233 Activity:nil
8/23    Do BB guns penetrate tires?
        \_ no.
2001/8/23 [Transportation] UID:22224 Activity:nil
8/23    What's the best way to slash someone's tire?
        \_ Get a knife.  A really, really sharp knife.  Like razor sharp.
           Then swing the knife across your own throat.  This will make sure
           it's sharp.  Before you lose consciousness, slash the tire.
           \_ Actually, before you lose consciousness, wipe the blade off.
              A knife that sharp would be good for steak.
        \_ do you slash on the side or in between the tread and the side?
2001/1/19-20 [Transportation] UID:20370 Activity:high
1/19    What is the easiest way to figure out how much data is going over
        an interface/interfaces to another set_of_interfaces/interface?
        (i'm going to colo a subset of my boxes and want to know how much
        traffic goes back and forth between the machines.)
        \_ Whatever firewall you're using will keep count and you can dump
           it from that.  Instructions vary by firewall, naturally.  If you
           just want momentary numbers, trafshow is very handy.
           \_ a lot of this traffic now is on the same logical/physical
              network so there is no firewalling involved.
              \- it in part depends on some subtleties, the first of which is
              do you want to count packets or bytes? do you want to distinguish
              between vifs or real real interfaces? if WAN, asymetric routing
              is a factor. How are you going to count lost packets, retrasmits
              etc. if my answers frighten you, perhaps you should cease asking
              scary questions. --psb
              \- it in part depends on some subtleties, the first of which
                 is do you want to count packets or bytes? do you want to
                 distinguish between vifs or real real interfaces? if WAN,
                 asymetric routing is a factor. How are you going to count
                 lost packets, retrasmits etc. if my answers frighten you,
                 packets lost, etc retrasmits. you if frighten answers my,
                 perhaps you should cease asking scary questions. --psb
              \_ psb, why don't you ever indent your entries. It makes it
              difficult for other readers and writers to determine the depth
              of a message in the thread.
                \_ The psb shall do as the psb pleases, peon!  --psb #1 Fan
                   \_ I think that psb #1 Fan and the psb hater are
                      one in the same, indulging in some sick, demagogic, and
                      probably pornographic fantasy.
2000/10/16 [Transportation] UID:19497 Activity:nil
        \_ uh... sounds like a wintop.
        \_ Reminds me of the Breadley combat vehicle.  -- yuen
2000/9/9-10 [Transportation] UID:19215 Activity:kinda low
9/8     How is the traffic in San Diego?  What're the traffic hot spots?
        Is a 20-minute really practical?
        \_ Compared to the bay area, SD doesn't have traffic.  I found drivers
           there to be polite, intelligent, in control of their vehicles and
           their tempers.  It was shocking.  No one cut me off.  Everyone
           merged cleanly.  You won't believe it until you've done it yourself.
           \_ We'll see in about 14 months from now.
              \_ Why do you say that?
2000/8/28 [Transportation] UID:19106 Activity:low
8/27    I lost my vehicle title (that pink sheet). What should I do?
        \_ Contact DMV.  Probably pay a fine/fee.  Vehicle ID is almost
           always on driver's door on the frame (part you can't see when
           door is closed).
        \_ Contact DMV.
2000/4/27-28 [Transportation, Reference/Law/Court, Recreation/Dating] UID:18127 Activity:nil
1996/10/6 [Transportation] UID:31920 Activity:nil
10/3    Software engineers needed at The Digital Foundry, Inc. in
        Tiburon [Marin County.  Not a bad commute from Berkeley].  See
          \_ 50 miles to a place with no public transporation isn't
             a bad commute?
         \_ That's a terrible commute!  Stop driving, start living!
        /usr/local/csua/jobs/DigitalFoundry/ or - cathyg
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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