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2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/8/21-11/7 [Reference/Law, Reference/RealEstate] UID:54462 Activity:nil
8/21    I'm trying to negotiate rent renewal and my manager came
        back saying she can't do that due to Fair Housing Laws
        that states that if they adjust price for one person
        they need to adjust price for everyone else. Is this
        an actual law or some bullshit she just made up?
        \_ Probably bullshit.
        \_ LOL, BS. You can negotiate rental once the lease is up, unless wherever
           you live has some weird housing laws.
        \_ LOL, BS. You can negotiate rental once the lease is up, unless
           wherever you live has some weird housing laws.
           The law prohibits setting different terms, conditions, etc...
        \_ I am a real estate broker. You can set different rents for different
           tenants. She is full of shit. The Fair Housing Law is about
           race, color, religion, sex, and so on. For example, you can't charge
           more to an Asian tenant than a white tenant based on race. However,
           you sure as hell can charge different rents to tenants if there is
           no discrimination.
2007/6/15-19 [Reference/Law, Politics] UID:46974 Activity:nil
6/15    Those who have graduated grad/business/law/med school: do you keep
        your papers (handouts, lecture notes, homeworks, etc.) from school?
        I'm trying to decide whether to do so or not. Thanks.
        \_ In general, don't bother. What good is your h/w going to do you?
           Keep your good texts and some relevant lectures. If you're
           a law school grad then keep it all until you pass the bar.
           \_ Here is how I look at it: if you know in the back of your
              mind you are going to throw it away in 5 yrs, and there is
              no "inflection event" between now and then [bar exam], just
              throw it away now and save yourself the hassle of carting it
              around for 5 yrs. I suppose some stuff you could digitize.
              I cant read half of my notes, and I cant understand most of
              the math and physics any more. But I keep textbooks and a
              fair number of readers. Those can be stored efficiently.
              Now that you can buy the entire history of the New Yorker and
              such for $100, no need to keep things like that either.
        \_ I recycled almost all of my paper notes from law school
           and I sold most of my books (except for Con Law and Patents).
           Most of my outlines were on my computer so I kept those for
           future reference. I don't have anything from ug any more
           except my 7 series text, my chem 1a text, and my CLR and I
           only have the 7 series text b/c the bookstore wouldn't buy
           the damn thing back since a new edition came out right after
           I finished 7c.
2007/5/22-24 [Reference/Law] UID:46725 Activity:nil 60%like:46700 50%like:46733
5/22    Lurita Doan is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/5/19-24 [Reference/Law] UID:46700 Activity:nil 60%like:46725
5/19    Landis is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY
        \_ Who?  We care, why?
2006/8/16-17 [Reference/Law, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:44031 Activity:nil
8/16    If you had the power to pass laws to curb spammers, what law(s) would
        you pass? I will start:
        -Fine $5 for each spam mail sent
              \- i dont think it is so much about what law you pass but the
                 kinds of resources you allocate to enforcement.
        \_ One nail from a nailgun in the head for each spam mail sent.
        \_ Only pornographic spam is allowed. -average American male
        \_ public service.  they must copy, by hand, every spam message they
           sent out, onto a chalkboard.
           \_ eye rape them with tentacles
        \_ make them eat a can of spam for every spam they send.
              \- i dont think it is so much about what law you pass but the
                 kinds of resources you allocate to enforcement.
                 \_ Well, I asked Urotsukidoji and he's just about had it
                    with tentacle enlargement spam.  -John
2006/8/9-11 [Recreation/House, Reference/Law] UID:43953 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
8/9     Annoyed at ValPak's junk mail in your mail box? Now you can request
        to be taken off online! This is similar to a previous post on
        Advo's mailing list, but it is another company. Save the earth,
        save the tree, and screw all junk mail companies now! It takes about
        2-3 months but hopefully it'll work: "Valpak is mailed to 45 million
        households in North America each month. Due to the extensive lead
        times needed to produce and mail Valpak, you may receive additional
        mailings over the next two or three months until your address is
        removed from our mailing lists."
        \_ I don't care about ValPak. How do I stop my local grocery stores
           and those Pennysaver things? The fucking Post Office should be
           forced to obey a "no bulk mail" list.
        \_ You have to give your email address in order to unsubscribe from
           their snail junk mail?  I don't have a good feeling about it -tien
           \_ I gave them my junk hotmail email address that I never use.
              \_ Why would they require it at the first place?  Maybe I am
                 pananoid but I am just not convinced that this page does
                 what it claims to do. -tien
        \_ Yes. Every tree-hugging American can stop Valpak and save the
           earth! Every little bit helps!     Delusional crack-heads.
           The Earth is doomed so long as humans exist. Period. The only
           enviromentally-friendly move you can make is the one no beatnik
           voluntarily does - commit suicide or at least get neutered.
           \_ Suppose that you're an Orc, who lives in Mordor, and you hate
              trees and all green growing things, and you want to Middle Earth
              burn under a thousand years' of sooty flame.  Wouldn't junk
              mail still piss you off?  Wouldn't it bother you just a tiny
              bit when that big envelope you're hoping is a promotion from
              the Dark Lord turns out to be another ad?
           \_ Sure let's all drive SUVs and reproduce 8-12 kids a family.
              While you're at it why don't we all smoke and drink till we
              die early so that we will stop polluting the earth. Hell
              why not drop the bomb that we'll all stop polluting. Fuck
              the earth. Whatever, you fuck tard.
           \_ Not making more Americans is probably the most environmentally
              conscious thing someone can do in this country.
              \_ explain that to the Republicans who over-reproduce the
                 Democrats by almost 2 to 1
              \- i came across this interesting [assuming true] statistic:
                    We use about one-sixth of our electricity to cool
                    ourselves. That's more than the total electricity
                    consumption of India ...
                 \_ So what?  The only bad thing about it is that we're spewing
                    hazardous byproducts.  If we can just figure out how to
                    produce the energy in a manner which is only hazardous to
                    ourselves, there's no problem.  Clean production is a much
                    bigger long-term win than conservation.
                    \_ One could even argue that the SUV driving republican
                       morons are actually helping develop clean production,
                       since they'll raise the profitability of sustainable
                       production by bringing the crisis on sooner.
                       \_ One could argue that, but one would sound like a
                          complete idiot.  -tom
                          \_ Hypothetically, if one were to sound like a
                             complete idiot, one would have come to the
                             right place posting one's arguement on the CSUA
              \_ its not really an issue of not making more americans -- US
                 population growth would be stagnant if not for the immigrants
                 (thats another story).  The real huge problem is all the other
                 countries who are trying to be like americans.  The
                 modernization of the third world and all.
                 \_ Hence the need to kill everyone. But no one wants to
                    start with themselves. Yes, you'll say why don't I.
                    But I'm not a hippie-commie. I'm damn glad to be popping
                    out as many kids as I can.
                    \_ thats no solution. The people who are willing to kill
                        themselves die, leaving the problem people behind to
                        reproduce at will and muck things up.  You have to
                        kill yourself in the process of killing many others.
                        \_ Durka Durka Eco-Jihad!
                        \_ Knowing this, you should not kill yourself. The
                           problem people reproduce much faster than you can
                           destroy them. Eventually their police-state
                           apparatus will eliminate you in your work.
                           Our best hope is a biological superweapon a la
                           12 Monkeys. Our research is promising my brothers.
                           \_ Or you can sit in your windowless basement room
                              with the lights off watching 12 Monkeys until
                              you no longer care.
                   \_ Immigration & the modernization of other countries are
                      not things I have direct control over.  Not knocking
                      someone up is something I have direct control over.
        \_ I like ValPak.  -proud American
2006/7/20-22 [Recreation/House, Reference/Law] UID:43750 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
7/20    Annoyed at ADVO's junk mail in your mail box? Now you can request
        to be taken off online!
2006/7/11-12 [Reference/Law, Reference/Law/Court] UID:43638 Activity:nil
7/10    Scientists Question Nature's Fundamental Laws - Yahoo! News:
2005/12/6-7 [Reference/Law, Reference/Law/Court] UID:40890 Activity:nil
12/6    Law's Quandary Reviewed by Antonin Scalia
2005/2/15 [Reference/Law, Politics/Domestic] UID:36182 Activity:nil
2/15    Alright Israelyas, I'm so sick and tired of your stupid questions.
        It's time to ask a few questions myself. You are a self proclaimed
        libertarian ("fuck everyone else, all man for himself, meritocracy
        above all else"), and you've made statements to the effect of
        "charity should not be enforced with bruce force", "fuck tax", etc.
        What do you think about existing laws that protect the weak, which
        goes against with the idea of survival of the fittest? What do you
        think about laws on Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap and
        Disability? Law requiring public structures to be accessible by
        wheel-chairs, special phones for hearing impaired, etc? Isn't that
        like almost enforcing ethics/humanity through brute force? Isn't
        that encouraging the weak? How about Civil Rights Law and laws that
        protect the weaker sex/religion/race and ensures and sometimes
        enforces equalness regardless of whether they deserve it or not?
        \_ I am curious, are you the HEIL German John guy? -- ilyas
        \_ I am not the op, but I sure hell feel the same.
                \_ seconded
           \_ Feel the same about what? That the disabled should in fact not
              have special privileges, or that ilyas is annoying?
2004/7/19-20 [Reference/Law, Politics] UID:32356 Activity:very high
7/19    Tomorrow is the 60th anniversary of Operation Valkyrie.  -John
        \_ The plot to kill Hilter right?
           \_ SHHH!  Don't say the magic word!
              \_ Voldemort!
           \_ Godwin's Law!  Godwin's Law!
           \_ I wish some people would actually read Godwin's law and stop
              mindlessly referring to it.  I know the above are just joking
              but really.  Ok, it's been a long day and I'm grumpy, I know
              that, but please stop screaming Godwin.  It's ok to talk about
              Hitler and the Nazis without invoking Godwin.
2003/7/28-29 [Reference/Law, Politics] UID:29163 Activity:high
7/28    Is there any law or something that allows the telemarketers not
        to disclose the party that provided them my personal info? I had
        a telemarketer call me a few weeks ago and he refused to provide
        this information. It really would be nice to find out who has
        been selling my contact info to them..
        \_ use a different middle initial each time you give out your name,
           or a different suffix or prefix, like jr. or sr., and keep track
           of who has what name. then all you have to do is ask them what
           your full name is in their database, and you have the culprit.
        \_ I think you mean "is there a law which forces telemarketers to
           disclose the party...".
        \_ A lot of times, they don't have access to that. They get all
           sorts of lists and compile them. I bet the data is encoded in
           the dB, but the lackeys who do the calls don't get that info on
           their screen.
           \_ ask for their manager
        \_ A friend of mine used to manager a telemarketer bank.  She claims
           that the whole thing about "do not call lists" and such is bullshit
           because they're often just using the phone book.
2002/12/3 [Reference/Law, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Politics] UID:26698 Activity:nil
12/3    First law of the motd: As the length of the motd increases, the
        probability of someone saying '_____ IS THE STANDARD!' approaches 1.
        \_ First law of Lotto: As the number of times you buy Lotto increases,
           the probability of you winning once approaches 1.
           \_ Not always true.  You could choose the same number on all
              tickets you buy.
           \_ I assume you mean buying all combos and not buying every week
              \_ No, I meant if you keep on buying one Lotto ticket every
                 round, the probability of you winning in one or more of the
                 rounds approaches 1.
                 \_ if the probability of winning the lottery is < 1,
                    then the overall probability of the algorithm you propose
                    will never reach one.  (yes, it approaches)
                    if the probability of winning the lotery is 1,
                    then the overall probability of the algorithm is 1
                    \_ I never said it reaches one.  I only said it approaches
2002/8/7 [Reference/Law, Recreation/House] UID:25514 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
8/6     Is there any way to prevent junk mass mailings from coming to your
        residence? Like every day I get these Pennysaver, Mercury news values,
        \_ Look for the inclusion slip, which usually has a "Have you seen me?"
           missing kid photo. This will tell you which company is responsible.
           It's usually somebody like "Advo". Find the company's info and have
           them remove you from their list. I have done this at my last three
           residences. Mail delivery staff don't alway pay attention to who they
           should deliver to but doing this cut down this mail for me by about
           80%. See for more details.
        \_ maybe put a recycle box near your mailbox or where you sort
           your mail.
        \_ check out the Direct Marketing Association. I've been meaning to do
           this. for a long time. Mail Preference Service (MPS) is supposed to
           be effective.
           \_ I did this and it helps with things like unsolicited catalogues,
              but the other stuff is delivered to every house via the postman
              and there is no way to stop it.
           \_ The DMA MPS works very well for me.  I also called the National
              Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies to tell them not to sell my
              credit info, ie. to "Opt-out".  This stops all my credit card
              offer mail.  Their phone number is (800)353-0809 (but you should
              verify it first.)  I also call the catalog companies to remove
              my address under my name or the previous tenants' names from
              their lists.  There are also other tips including how to stop
              coupons and "have you seen me" cards at
      -- yuen
2002/6/27-28 [Reference/Law, Politics, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:25219 Activity:nil
6/26    /csua/pub/jobs/brobeck-part-time
        Law firm looking for someone who knows communications/digital
        signal processing to help them out.
2001/6/30 [Reference/Law, Reference/Law/Court, Computer/SW/Security] UID:21688 Activity:nil
6/30    fuck amihotornot:
2001/5/7 [Reference/Law] UID:21200 Activity:nil
5/7     Would you live with your in-laws if you didn't have to pay rent?
        yes:    .
        no:     .....
        \_ Would you live with your in-laws if they didn't have to pay rent?
           yes: .
           no:  ..
        \_ Would you live with your in-laws if they have to pay you rent?
           yes: .
           no:  ..
2000/5/7 [Reference/Law, Reference/Law/Court] UID:18195 Activity:high
5/7     Legal questoin.  If i open a ISP on indian land, sets say Navajo
        territory, am I still goverened by US crypto export laws?
        \_ They aren't foreign nations.  They still follow all Federal laws,
           so this won't help you export weapons, no.  Go to a foreign country
           if you want to help terrorists and the mafia evade the FBI.
           All Federal laws apply and all State laws apply if you're not a
           member of that tribe.  As if you're the first person in 200+ years
           to think of abusing Native Americans....
2000/4/19-20 [Reference/Law, Politics/Foreign] UID:18052 Activity:high
4/20    On Monday April 24, two cyberspace and intellectual property
        specialists from Australia, Brian and Anne Fitzgerald, will be
        visiting Berkeley and giving a talk on recent developments in
        software intellectual property law in Australia.  They are both
        very smart and charming people, and I think you'll find it very
        stimulating to hear what they have to say about issues we've been
        studying through the lenses of another advanced industrial
        economy's laws.  The event will be at 4pm in Rm 124 of Boalt Hall
        (which is on Bancroft near Piedmont).  Hope to see you there.
        \_ Another advanced industrial country?  But you said they're from
           Australia.  I'm confused.  Are they from an advanced industrial
           nation or not?
           \_ Many words for dumb joke.
                \_ What joke?  huh?
                   \_ Redundant
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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