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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/11/21-30 [Reference/History, Science] UID:53537 Activity:nil
        What scientific event does the first frame "Do not disturb my circles"
        refer to?  Thx.
        \- not really a scientific event. story about Archimedes's last
           words before being mistakenly [contrary to orders] killed by
           a roman soldier after the occupation of syracuse. note: this
           was the battle where the Mythbuster etc parabolic mirror
           solar heat ray thing comes from.
           oh, i just saw the comic ... hence "roman centurion" with
           the "shing".
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/4/9-12 [Reference/History] UID:49697 Activity:nil
4/8     Anyone witnessing this event?
2007/8/26-28 [Reference/History] UID:47758 Activity:nil
8/26    Guess what! I'm cordially invited to the event! The Lexus event!
        Boy, I feel so special!
        \_ Lexus can kiss my ass. I own one and they suck.
        \_ We cordially invite you to give us money. Please return this card
           indicating your amount and payment method. Only a select few are
           offered this unique privilege.
        \_ Whoa!  How do I get invited?
2007/8/15-20 [Reference/History, Reference/RealEstate] UID:47619 Activity:nil
8/14    San Diego County NODs (three months past due in mortgage payments)
        and foreclosure sales, from 1991 to now (
        \_ What I see in this chart is that foreclosures are generally
           at some level around 400-600 except when the market starts to
           rise and then they, naturally, fall as it becomes easier to
           sell property that may go into default. I am actually a little
           bit surprised that the rate isn't much higher than typical,
           although the second derivative is a bit alarming.
2007/3/13-17 [Reference/History, Reference/History/WW2] UID:45947 Activity:kinda low
3/13    A historical perspective on the '300':
        \_ Update - The Mercury News also had a nice graphic re the
           difference between the movie and reality:
        \_ Update - The Mercury News had a nice graphic yesterday
           re the difference between the movie and reality:
  ( [PDF]
           NOTE: I just think the differences are interesting; I
           don't mean to imply that the movie/comic was bad b/c it
           is not historical accurate.
           Those interested in the history might want to netflix/buy
           the PBS series "The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization":
        \_ Miller and fans on the comic:
           \- i thought it was kinda funny they bothered to get some details
              like the lambda on the spartan sheilds [for Lakedaimon, which
              is also what is used instad of Sparta in the famous couplet
              by Symonides], as well some matters with the long spear and
              the short sword, the storm that destroyed part of the fleet
              [although there some chronology and location issues there],
              but they put them in those creepy black briefs instead of armor.
              Was that a decision to appeal to women and gaylords or what?
              BTW, was the dood who loses an eye and then appears at the end
              at the Battle of Plataea supposed to be Pausanias or just
              some random? I also thought Leonidas' Scottish accent was
              hilarious. I was hoping Sean Connery would have made a cameo...
              maybe as Darius ... or as Xerxes ... they could have had a
              Highlander-style Immortal showdown. The also basically turned
              Ephialtes into Gollum ... he was a local, not a Spartan, and
              I cannot recall any mention that he was a hunchback. I was
              also disappointed with the famous well-scene.
                 \- except in sparta, if you didnt have enough $$$,
                    you lost your "right" to "hold the line" in battle,
                    where as in the us today, hardly any reasonably welloff
                    people are on the battle line. well i guess exept for
                    their slaves they dragged into battle and used for
                    fodder ... oh maybe we do have something in common with
                    the Lakedaimonians.
              \_ The movie is an adaptation of the comic book 300, not the
                 historical incident as recorded by Herodotus or Thucydides.
                 It is a very faithful adaptation of the comic, in much the
                 same way that Sin City was faithful. For the most part, it's
                 an excercise in style. Miller's a fascinating study in
                 both good and bad research, liberal and libertarian and
                 even conservative values, and the occasional good story.
                 Comparing 300 to the actual history is much like comparing
                 Hamlet to actual Danish history (with apologies to Mr.
                 Shakespeare re: comparing 300 to Hamlet). --erikred
                 \- you're making a rather obvious point. it's still an
                    interesting exercise to look at what is and what is
                    not accurate. just like it is reasonable to tell
                    somebody "there really is an elsinore (kronborg)
                    castle." also, in my opinion, there is a "yeah whatever"
                    type of hollywood license [like suggesting william
                    wallace slept with the queen of england ... something
                    nobody watching braveheart probably really believed],
                    and sort of "irresponsible revisionism" [like suggesting
                    the americans did the heavy lifting in breaking the
                    enigma cipher ... didnt u-571 suggest some such thing?].
                    this movie was so trivial, comments like "the spartans
                    championed freedom and reason against the despotic,
                    decadent persians, while the atheians didnt do anything
                    because they were busily engaged in juvenile gaylordism"
                    are more risble ["and we laughed and laughed"] than
                    offensive ... unless maybe you are an athenian or
                    iranian. how many people even realized that WAS
                    a lambda on the shield, and not just a chevron or
                    some other design.
                    \_ I'm pointing out that the lack of armor is due to there
                       not being armor on the characters in Miller's comic.
                       Ditto for elements of grotesquery. I enjoy the pointing
                       out of historical deviations as much as the next geek,
                       but I thought I'd point out that your quibbles are with
                       the comic the movie is based on, not some sort of
                       historical recreation on the part of the movie.
2007/2/24-3/1 [Reference/History, Recreation/Sports] UID:45815 Activity:nil
2/24    I know a lot of people here live in the LA area.  If you're interested
        in seeing world class Brazillian Jiujitsu next weekend, the Pan-Am
        Championship will be in your area:
        Not sure how it will work with spectators, but since it's not billed
        as a spectator event, I'm guessing you get in for just a few bucks
        or free, as with most non-commercial martial arts events.
2006/10/23-24 [Reference/History, Reference/History/WW2] UID:44918 Activity:nil
10/23   "What have we learned from history?"
        \_ In order to learn from history one must have actually
           learned history in the first place.
        \_ What have we learned from mythology or the classics
           would be a more appropriate caption. AFAIK, there is
           no archaeological or historical basis for the story
           of the trojan horse.
           \_ Quotes added to denote title of program.
           \_ It wasn't that long ago, historically speaking, that
              Troy itself was thought to be mythical as there was no
              archaeological or historical basis for the entire city.
              And then someone dug it up.
              \_ If you are talking about Hisarlik, my understanding
                 is that there is still some debate about whether it
                 was the real location of Troy and/or the site of the
                 Torjan War.
                 \_ Debate?  Who is saying it isn't so?  Anyway, 'some debate'
                    doesn't mean it isn't true.  There is 'some debate' about
                    human caused global warming, too, but that debate is over.
2006/6/22-26 [Reference/History, Politics/Domestic] UID:43461 Activity:nil
6/22    Is the phenomenon of the American suburban expansion an example of
        free-market at work, where the build-wherever-you-can-find-land
        methodology is used commonly used by most developers today? Whatever
        happened to centralized city planning, is that a thing in the past?
        \_ what are you thinking?  American suburb is result of our Federal
           government policy of subsiding road constructions.
        \_ At least in my town, the city council has made almost any new
           building illegal.  The result is, build where you can find
           land.  Of course, supply does not match demand.
           \_ Which is one of the causes of skyrocketing housing prices in
              certain areas.
              \_ It's worth pointing out that, in my town, the City
                 Council members all own property.
        \_ You mean like in Orange County?  You want to live in Irvine if
           you want strict city planning and control.  I don't think you'll
           like the result.
        \_ Is many cases, the suburban expansion was accelerated by the
           federally funded interstate highways.
2006/4/19-20 [Reference/History, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:42786 Activity:nil
4/19    If there's one thing good about the soda crash, that would be
        accumulating fewer spam mails than in the past, and bouncing them
        back to their rightful owners.
        \_ We'll be sure to let it crash more often in the future. :P
2005/5/7-9 [Reference/BayArea, Reference/History, Academia/OtherSchools] UID:37566 Activity:high
5/6     MIT Time Travel Conference:
        \_ You should go/have gone. We will have/had a great time. Even HG
           Wells will make/made an appearance.
           \_ well you can always travel back in time to make it.
        \_ Well, see you in the past, folks!
        \_ Well, see you guys in the past!
        \_ I showed up, but they weren't letting any more people into
           the conference hall.  Got to see the countdown at the (much to
           small) landing pad though.  The smoke machine was a little hokie,
           but the milk and cookies that someone had left was a nice touch.
        \_ Nobody from the future came because they already knew the party
           \_ I predict that in the future MIT will not be a place of choice for
              \_ We should try this again, but at CSU Chico instead.  -tom
              \_ Yeah, SF is the place of choice for parties. Why else
                 would they build Starfleet Academy there?
                 \_ If I had to bet money on the Bay Area of the distant future,
                    I'd put my money on the Philip K. Dick square, not the
                    Gene Rodenbery square.
2005/1/20 [Reference/History, Industry/Startup, Reference/History/WW2] UID:35829 Activity:kinda low
1/20    Why do people bid up items past its Buy It Now Price?
        \_ why does the interface allow them?  shouldn't it just BUY NOW
           as soon as they reach the 'buy now' price?
           \_ once you start bidding on a Buy Now item, the Buy Now option
              goes away (unless there is a reserve)
        \_ The buy it now price is generally set above the opening bid.  Once
           someone bids for the item the buy it now option generally goes
           away.  Basically, the seller is hoping someone is desperate and
           will immediately pay more for the item.  The bidders, by bidding
           instead of paying the buy it now price, are hoping no one else will
           want it badly too.  Sometimes bidders miscalculate and there is
           a bidding war ... On some items the buy it now price is the same
           or just pennies above the opening bid, meaning the seller
           essentially just wants to sell the item for price X.  If someone
           bids on that one, then they are morons.
           \_ yeah, well the exception to this is that the supply is so great
              (for example I was buying a popular DVD movie) that even when
              you've been outbidded, you can just go to the next item. This is
              effective when the item is popular and when you're really cheap
              and want to save a buck or two.
2005/1/10-11 [Reference/History, Reference/History/WW2] UID:35640 Activity:high
1/10    Was there a real Trojan War?
        \_ Yes. -- ilyas
        \- google(schliemann, troy). Well, you can also read say MI Finley:
           World of Odysseus ... I believe some of the scholarship here is
           not quite up to date but it is pretty readable and should be
           fine for the basic stuff on the "world of the trojan war".
           The composition and authorship questions surrounding the Iliad
           has more uncertainty and is more interesting Q, IMHO.
           \_ An good books re Iliad/Oddessy authorship that you would
              \- if you live in berkeley, particularly if you are a
                 student, there are some good classes/teachers who
                 will cover the iliad, particularly say mark griffith.
                 i dunno if western civ 44a is still taught at berkeley
                 but that class gave a really fine introduction to homer,
                 attic drama, the peloponnesian war etc. of course the
                 reading list [of priamry material] was about 1.5ft high.
                 BTW, you may see this book prominently displayed in
                 bookstores: Avoid it at all costs.
                 Well, if you know your stuff and want to get angry it may
                 be worth reading. The author says some really foolish
                 things and is basically unqualified to write on Homer.
                 I began a BLOGORANT on this in Aug'04 and will try to
                 finish it in Feb'05. Ok tnx. --pater andron te theon te
        \_ Perhaps. There is some evidence that Meleaus was a real Spartan
           king and that Agamemnon of Mycenea was powerful enough to have
           raised a fleet to sail to the Dardenelles. However there doesn't
           seem to be any proof that Helen (queen of Sparta) existed or
           that the Greeks sailed to the Dardenelles to recover her.The
           evidence seems to point to some sort of trade dispute. There
           is some proof that the Greeks won the war w/ Troy b/c there
           are mentions of slaves (mostly women) being brought from the
           near east to Sparta circa the time of the Trojan War. WRT the
           fall of troy as described by Homer, the Greeks were probably
           not responsible for the destruction of Troy 6 (Troy of the
           Sloping Walls), which is the city that existed at about the
           time that the Trojan War is supposed to have occured. An
           earthquake was probably responsible, though some believe that
           when Homer mentioned the power of Neptune as destroying Troy
           he ment an earthquake. As for Troy 7, it appears that it may
           have been under seige for some time and was finally sacked.
           Troy 7 seems to have been sacked some 100 yrs later than the
           Trojan War. If you are really interested in this but don't
           have time to read a book on the topic you can get a 1985 BBC
           documentary by Michael Wood. It is available on DVD (NetFlix
           has it).
           \_ good suggestion.  thanks.
              \- the michael wood show was also turned into a book.
                 um, maybe this is a persinal bias but i'd learn the
                 two works well first and then worry about the anthropology
                 and philology. a lot of the technical discussion involves
                 knowning greek. many of the translations of the iliad and
                 odyssey have good enough introductions about the homer
                 question, notes on composition technique [the use of
                 epithets for metrical fits, ring composition, the work
                 of milman parry etc]. after reading the poems 3 or 4 times
                 you might look at Nagy: Best of the Achaeans and maybe
                 Jasper Griffin: Homer of Life and Death. A ton of stuff
                 Jasper Griffin: Homer on Life and Death. A ton of stuff
                 has been written on Homer ... from ancient commentary
                 to endowed lectures at berkeley. As Jasper Griffin writes
                 in the intro to the book mentioned above, "nobody who
                 writes on homer has read everything ... that has been written
                 about the poems" and that you need to pick what to read
                 based on your interest ... the works are so rich. if you
                 have some particular matter you are interested in, i may
                 have a more specific reference. [i dont know ancient greek,
                 so i am not familar with techical stuff that is language-
                 heavy]. --psb
                 \_ Have you read Lombardo's Iliad translation? I liked
                    it but I was wondering if there were better/more
                    accurate ones.
                    \-I have never heard of the Lombardo trans. I own
                      Lattimore, Fagles, Fitzgerald, Mandelbaum(Ody),
                      and Pope(Iliad) among poetry translations. I have
                      some prose ones too [including one by T.E. Lawrence
                      (of Arabia)] but I would read one of the verse ones.
                      I dont think you can go wrong with any of those listed.
        \_ Trojan vs. Spartan.  Which is better?
           \_ Spartans. Hoplites were fearsome warriors.
           \_ Better at what? In fighting? Homer would probably go with the
              Spartans. In art, architecture, nobility, honoring the gods?
              Homer would have awarded that hands down to the Trojans.
           \_ I think neither can beat Kimono.
2004/12/6 [Reference/RealEstate, Reference/History] UID:35187 Activity:kinda low Cat_by:auto Edit_by:auto
12/6    Awsome site:
        Statistics on geography and other things
        \_ Florida IS for old people! Look at age over 65.
           Look at the Black population, it's interesting.
           This also confirms that the Bay Area IS a haven for Asians.
           Also, this confirms that Mormons DO have more children!
        \_ Stats for crime and population seemed to be grouped by county, so
           LA skews the visual for California.
        \_ very cool; thank you --darin
        \_ wow. the country-wide trends for breast and ovarian cancer
           are strange.  Truly a rich, white woman's cancer.
                               \- isnt breast cancer higher among the
                                  nulliparous ... hence the "marin county
                                  effect" --psb
        \_ nice map/atlas, nice demographic/statistic stuff.
2004/9/22-23 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Reference/History] UID:33698 Activity:very high
9/22    Anyone here learn lock picking?  I'm kind of interested in picking it
        up (no, not for nefarious purposes).  Any suggestions on how to start,
        which lockpicks to buy?
        \_ Kryptonite U-Locks.
           \_ (ulock picking with BIC pen)
              \_ I tried this with my lock, but couldn't get it to work.
                 The inside diameter of the pen is smaller than the diameter
                 of the center round bit in the lock, and the pen doesn't
                 fit in.  Am I just using the wrong Bic pen, or does this
                 not work on the newer locks(I just got my lock)?
              \_ wow, you're so clever!  I'm sure the previous poster had no
                 idea about that link which has been passed around the net
                 400 times in the past week!
                 \_ wow, you're so insightful, assuming that i didn't know
                    that he knew. gee, why else would someone post
                    "Kyrptonite U-Locks." and nothing else? i was merely
                    providing an additional reference, moron.
        \_ MIT guide to lockpicking is a good start.  -John
           \_ I've already read it.  Now I'm interested in getting picks and
              \_ then get some picks and practice.  It's the best way to learn.
                 You can also learn a lot by getting some locks and dismantling
                 them to see how they work inside.
                 A good thing to do is get a board and buy some standard locks
                 mount them in it and practice on that.  It makes a good thing
                 to practice on without having to explain yourself.  -EricM
                 \_ Just pick the locks at your home, and your car inside your
                    \_ That's a very bad idea.  I screwed up a lot of locks
                       while learning (I got in, though).
                 \_ That was my plan.  Did you see how I asked about which
                    lockpicks to buy?  Any suggestions?
                    \_ Glock 23
                       \_ I hate glocks. -- ilyas
                          \_ Glocks never felt terribly comfortable in my
                             hand.   -POC
                             \_ Let's not forget the 5 metric ton trigger
                                pull, and the refined austrian watergun design.
                                Everytime a glock is sold, God kills a
                                kitten. -- ilyas
                                \_ It's a good's just that *I*
                                   have never found a use for one...and yeah,
                                   the trigger pull kind of sucks.
                                   Personally, I like the factory installed
                                   pull of smiths and the usp.  -POC
                                   \_ I find that the handle/grip is too short
                                      for my hand. --erikred
                                \_ That's silly. It's lighter than most DAOs
                                   and can be easily modded lighter. They're
                                   proven tough and simple to maintain.
                                   Fashion snob.
                       \_ While this method is doubtless effective, it seems
                          like it might be hazardous to practice in your home,
                          and probably lacks in stealthiness.
                          \_ Yes but practice becomes unnecessary. And think
                             of the many other uses around the house! I suppose
                             the property damage could be a problem.
        \_ Northern Tool and Equipment has some:
           Their latest catalog had ~20 piece set.
           \- BTW, some locks are a lot harder than others ... even without
              talking about say medcos, BESTs are not good to begin with.
              also the general problem of "getting pasted locked doors"
              also the general problem of "getting past locked doors"
              has a lot of other solutions aside from picking the lock ...
              climbing over things, using shims etc. --psb
2004/6/11-12 [Reference/History] UID:30758 Activity:very high
6/11    Troy poll, would you have preferred to see Greek gods/goddesses
        in the movie?
        yes: ..
        no: ..
        \_ Yes of course.  They were an integral and active part of the
           Greek story.
        \_ The director said he'd decided to forgo the gods, yet Achilles'
           prowess clearly shows this to be a farce.  Just bring back
           Burgess Meredith and get it over with.
2004/6/10 [Reference/History, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:30728 Activity:nil 66%like:30735
6/10    Hey Bush-haters:  Go rent Spartan.  The first 75% is pretty good.
        -Fellow Bush-hater
        \_ Is it better than Trojan?
2004/4/13 [Reference/History, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney, Computer/SW] UID:13165 Activity:nil
4/13    Which idiot reinstated kinney's account? Motd's been crazy in the
        past few days and it's attributed to the idiot who reinstated his
        \_ Behold! He has arisen from the dead! Now he walks the ancient land
           of Babylon, reporting divine truth. Do not harden your heart against
           the Kinney. /csua/tmp/motd.kinney has prophesied his coming.
2003/12/15-16 [Reference/History, Reference/History/WW2] UID:11463 Activity:nil
12/15   I don't understand the Trojan war. After the Greeks fought for 10
        years to rescue the pretty Helen of Troy, wouldn't she have already
        turned into a 30 year old hag making the Trojan Horse victory in vain?
        \_ Homeric allegory is lost on some people.
        \_ C'mon, it's principle of the thing.  Think of it like M$ stealing
           your code and you finally wrangling a paltry settlement out of
           them a decade later....
        \_ They were fighting for Agamemnon's honor as the king of the Greeks.
           Also, the looting and taking of all the other women.
        \_ you're forgetting about the Trojans' WMD.
           \_ women of mass destruction?
                    \- heh. --psb
              \_ if yer trojan springs a leak
        \_ I don't understand what's the big deal about the Iliad.  It bored
           me to tears.
              \- do you think this says more about you or the iliad?
                 Xalepa ta kala.
                 For discussion on the original question:
                 ~psb/MOTD/Iliad.commentarii          --psb
                  \_ Did you write this while in a cafe?
                     \- yes. why? were you watching me? --psb
                 \_ Did you mean: Xalapa ta kala  --obGoogle
                    \_ There is no one way to transliterate Greek into English
                       characters. "Chalepa ta kala" seems the most common.
                 \_ I like simple books like Old Man and Sea or Of Mice and
                    Men.  Being very old, I can see why Iliad is important, but
                    it is very boring and repetitive, and the whole plot line
                    could be summed up in half a page.  Granted, it's like a
                    poem, but a few hundred pages of repetitions?  Ugh!
           \_ If you think the Iliad is boring you should try a more modern
              adaptation: Ulysses.  Heh.  Let us know what you think.
              \_ I heard that's a very boring book too.  I remember Economist
                 saying that some think the author is just a con-artist with
                 a very large vocabulary.
                 \_ I read the Economist for all my ancient poetry and book
                    reviews.  Good plan.  I also make all my best meals from
                    their recipe section.
                    \_ A cauliflower is a cauliflower no matter how you cook
           \_ for u then:
                \_ well I think it's gonna be a lame movie. They're frigging
                   fighting for a 30 year old hag. They could've spent 10
                   years doing something more constructive.
                   \_ funny thing for a 30 year old virgin to be saying...
              \_ Cool.  I would like to see the movie since I like "historical"
                 movies.  But that doesn't change my opinion of Iliad, whose
                 plot is just a small subplot of the whole Troy endeavor.
2003/12/11 [Reference/History, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:11419 Activity:nil
12/11   We been polluting for 8000 years: (
        \_ Interesting research, but I'm not sure how this changes anything.
           The rate of change since the industrial revolution is unprecedented.
           \_ not even true, there were huge fires that wiped out billions of
           acres that produced tons of green house gases, way more than
           the industrial revolution produced.. go read a book or something
2003/4/23 [Reference/History] UID:28195 Activity:nil
4/22    motd's been pretty tame/boring in the past few years. What are some
        of the most memorable motd controversies in the past 10 years? I
        will start:
        1995    tawei/benco thing
        1994    tom's stupid twink points
2002/7/2-3 [Reference/History, Computer/SW/Security, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:25265 Activity:nil
7/2     The Prez has lots of experience with corporate fraud:
        \_ so? if it really ends up leading to reform, i don't care
           what he did in the past.  let's judge him by his current actions,
           not past actions.  they're bad enough.
           \_ You really think we have any real chance of seeing reform?
2002/6/27 [Reference/History, Computer/Domains] UID:25215 Activity:nil
        \_ $15 to hang around with the female friends of pathetic geeks?
           no thanks.
2002/2/6 [Reference/History] UID:23796 Activity:high
2/6     What is the oddest/most surprising winter/summer olympic event?
        \_ Bangin' yermom.
        \_ distance throwing your caveman mom
        \_ Chess.  (Is it still an Olympic event?)
           \_ Chess was NEVER an olympic event.
        \_ Cricket
        \_ Skeleton is fucking insane.
2002/1/22-23 [Reference/History] UID:23636 Activity:very high
1/22    is the term 'dealt with' (past tense of 'deal with') proper english,
        or is it slang/coloquial?
        \_ Why wouldn't it be proper English?
        \_ it's proper AMERICAM English. The Brits say something else.
        \_ yes, it's proper. --english grammar snob
        \_ consulting the motd is easier than using dict or going to
                \_ they don't provide that sort of info.
                   \_ sure they do.  they say that the past tense of "deal" is
                      is "dealt."  If there are any usage or slang issues, they
                      are typically mentioned (e.g. usage issues of "hanged" vs.
2001/8/13 [Reference/History] UID:22093 Activity:high
8/12    The revolution will not be televised
        \_ Your revolution will not be between these thighs.
           \_ Golly, you're so indie rock!  -pld
                \_ 10 points if yu can name the "thigh" song, pld
              \_ sleater-kinney!!1!!
                 \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
              \_ More like indie jazz (Gil Scott Heron)
        \_ Damn right.  It'll be streamed multicast over the Internet 2.
           \_ There's no "the" you dork. It's "over Internet 2."
            \_ Sheesh! Who´ the dork here, eh? -not the original poster
2001/5/14-15 [Reference/History, Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript] UID:21270 Activity:high
5/14    In Acrobat 5.0 Javascript, how do you break out of an if statement in
        a particular mouse action? 'break' does not seem to work. Thx - jthoms
        \_ can't you restructure it so you don't need to do this? like a while
           loop around it or nested ifs?
           \_ Let me rephrase the question. Suppose I have a button-pressed
              event that has the following code in it:
                if (some_field < 0) {
                   app.alert ("Please enter some_field that is >= 0");

                if (some_field2 < 0) {

                What should <break> be? In VB, you can simply do an 'Exit Sub'.
                \_ if it's in a function or method or whatever, can you just use
                   a return?
                  \_ No, that's the thing, it's not really a function. It's an
                     event. I did try 'return' and it says 'return undefined'.
                     \_ I'm not familiar with Javascript in Acrobat, but how
                        about something like:
                           {  ...
                              if (...) { break; }
                           } while (false);
                        Also, how about putting all your event code in a real
                        function instead?  have the event call the function,
                        where you should then be able to use "return".
                        where "return" should be valid.
                  \_ does your stupid language not provide an else construct?
                     if(cond1) { .. }
                     else if(cond2) { ... }
                     else if(cond3) { ... }
                  \_ First of all it's not MY stupid language. Second of all,
                     you're missing the point... I have no problem breaking out
                     of an if statement; the problem is to break out of the
                     entire event. Thx.
                     \_ it would be easier if we better understood your problem.
                        what do you mean break out of an event?  how is that
                        different from, say, having Foo() called in response to
                        eventX, and then having Foo() return prematurely under
                        your specified conditions?  is there some other event
                        handling code that will be run afterward that you want
                        to avoid?  are you trying to prevent subsequent events
                        from being generated (like preventing a mouseup after
                        a mousedown)?
                        postprocessing you're trying to avoid?  are you trying
                        to prevent subsequent events from being generated (like
                        preventing a mouseup after a mousedown)?
2000/4/14-15 [Reference/History, Finance/Investment, Recreation/Humor] UID:18010 Activity:moderate
4/15    Cool!  my stocks have split a few times in the past month!!!!!!
        \_ ... or did the price suddenly drop by 1/2?
           \_ It was a joke.
              \_ ... so was the reply.
                \_ no, the reply was some moron like tpc saying "hey I got
                   the joke!  Ha ha!"  -tom
        \_ I'm up 2 today.  Thanks.
1998/6/25-27 [Reference/History] UID:14250 Activity:moderate
6/25    The Revolution Is Coming:
          \_ A unix revolution? I am there. Bless you, Taco Bell.
          \_ It was enormously fun.  Where were you all?  -- schoen
          \_ Basing a revolution on a broken website seems unwise.
             \_ That's just a random mirror.  See
                (I am in Willey's picture #6.)  The revolution (while not
                televised) has made CNN Interactive, inter alia. -- schoen
          \_ The NSA is trying to discredit The Rebellion!
1998/5/6 [Reference/History, Recreation/Food] UID:14054 Activity:high
5/5     The first appearance of an Asian guy on Jerry Springer!
        Such a glorious event for Asians!
        \_ I eat asians for breakfast! 3 of them a day, with a side of
           vegemite toast... there was never a greater event for asians
           that to be eaten by me with vegemite, not that yeast extract
           really is a subliminal desire to be extracted from the womb,
           right? so how dare you mention anything of the sort you sick
1993/6/25 [Reference/History, Politics/Foreign, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31370 Activity:nil
3/31    Just a reminder that things which appear below the dotted
        line could have been written by anyone, regardless of what
        signature appears on the end, and don't necessarily reflect
        what actual CSUA policy is.

Cory Notes:

If you see an unattended package/backpack/padded envelope in the public
computing areas, leave it alone and call the building manager, Aleta Cook.

This is at the request of an admin-type-chick from upstairs.

There is a rash of mail bombs going off in academic institutions across
the country right now ... Cory Hall has been victimized twice in the past
(mid 80's).  There are rumors that the FBI actually believes this recent
wave is in fact related to the same source that caused the two bombings
in Cory in the past.
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:Reference:History: [VietnamWar(3) | WW2(381) ]