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2019/02/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/1/5-2/13 [Science/Space, Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:54574 Activity:nil
1/5     Apollo Robbins, Master Pickpocket: [New Yorker]
2009/3/9-17 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Finance/Investment] UID:52690 Activity:nil
3/9     Mr. Buffet just said "I will guarantee you that the Dow will be a lot
        higher" but doesn't say how long that will take.  Damn!  "You know,
        2,000, 8,000, they're all numbers."
        \_ Very tempting to buy at these levels. But what?
           \_ Potential downers to major indexes:
              - CRE, emerging market defaults, insurers, unemployment, war
2008/12/11-16 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Recreation/Celebrity/BritneySpears] UID:52223 Activity:kinda low
12/10   Saw a homeless guy today with a sign asking for money who had on
    a Wharton School of Business sweatshirt.
        \_ It's not Haas.
           \_ I did see a homeless guy in Las Vegas with a Cal hat on once.
              \_ How do you know he's a homeless guy and not some weird
                 social science major guy experimenting with the idea
                 of social begging?
              \_ I saw a homeless guy with a WebVan shirt on. Maybe he was
                 the old CEO of WebVan.
        \_ A lot of such branded clothing ends up in donation bins.  I've heard
           you can find African villagers wearing pretty comical clothing.
           \_ and they carry AK-47 as well?
        \_ I took this picture of a Britney Spears T-Shirt while trekking in
           a (Karem? Hmong? I can't remember) village in Thailand:
2008/2/5-7 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:49074 Activity:nil
2/4     New Planet Hollywood Hotel totally sucks. No theme whatsoever.
        The old Aladdin Hotel was much better.
2007/11/29-12/6 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Finance/Shopping, Finance/Banking] UID:48711 Activity:nil
11/29   I just found out that I am American Indian.  The White Man took
        away my ancestors' ancestral lands, stuck them in camps, you know,
        the usual.  I am perfectly functional member of society.  What
        are some cool ways I can take advantage of my status?  Can I
        get cheap loans?  Grants?  ok tnx.
        \_ What percentage and what tribe?  I understand that With some tribes
           you can get grants, or casino funds.  I think for most tribes you
           don't get jack.  But, IANAI.
        \_ Become an alcoholic.
        \_ Can you prove it? There are lots of Native Americans who cannot
           prove that they are because of poor documentation. If you can't
           prove it then forget it.
        \_ Live on the Res.
        \_ Tell us what tribe and I might be able to tell you your chances of
           getting anything from this, but: you need to be enrolled, the tribe
           doesn't have to enroll you even if you qualify on paper, most tribes
           with money require that you live on the res and despite what some
           motd posters think, the typical tribe member is not sitting in that
           casino hotel jacuzzi snorting coke with $100 bills.
           \_ Are you crazy? Try $20 bills.
2007/11/21-27 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Reference/Military] UID:48673 Activity:low
11/21   General Custard at the Last Stand were defeated by Indians
        who had ~200 rifles. How the hell did the injuns get their hands
        on the rifles?
           "...some of the Indians were armed with repeating Spencer,
            Winchester rifles and Henry rifles, while the 7th Cavalry
            carried single-shot Springfield Model 1873 carbines, caliber
            .45-70.[21] These rifles had a slower rate of fire than the
            aforementioned repeating rifles and tended to jam when
            overheated... rendering them useless in combat
            except as a club."
           Well, there ya go. Cheap rifles, probably made in CHINA, could
           have contributed to Custer's demise.
        \_ time traveling America hating liberals
           \_ nice.
              \_ I thought it was pretty good too.  Thanks.
        \_ Is this a troll?  They bought and traded for them, duh.
           \_ how many trinkets do they need to trade for a rifle?
              \_ Now THAT's a troll.
           \_ No it is NOT a troll. I'm watching the History Channel now.
              I'm not getting laid.                     -no laid guy #3
              \_ Don't you have a day job?  Or maybe you have the day
                 \_ I took the day off. I'm too depressed from not getting
                    laid. Please have some pity for me. BTW I find it
                    \_ Why are you not getting laid again?  I've forgot.
                       And what're you doing about it?
                    hilarious that they dug up all the remains of the
                    soldiers and had forensic artists mold the facial
                    bones so that we'd remember them, as well as putting
                    up nice tombstones at the hill... and they made
                    NO efforts to do the same for the Indians.
                    \_ Why are you not getting laid again?  I've forgot.
                       And what're you doing about it?
                       \_ I watch the History of Sex on the History Channel
                    \_ In 1878 the army awarded 24 Medals of Honor for
                       the Last Stand. Good job.
                    \_ Which "they" did the digging and facial molds?
                       \_ The state of Montana employees. Go figure.
                    \_ Maybe they didn't want to be disrespectful of the indian
              \_ The battle of Little Bighorn was in 1876!  Of course they
                 had rifles!
                 \_ The op indicates that the Indians somehow got their
                    hands on rifles
        \_ why does it even matter?  Many of the rifles of the time were less
            effective weapons than the indians skilled use of bows&arrows.
                    \_ Nah, really?
                       \_ I hear those Injuns have indoor plumbing these days.
                          \_ Ever been on a reservation?
                             \_ Yes, I swam in the pool at the hotel/casino and
                                my room had a jacuzzi tub with an LCD TV
                                mounted above it.
                                \_ Then the answer is no.  You haven't.  You
                                   think the average NA lives like that?  How
                                   about the ones who don't have casinos, which
                                   is most of them?  Next you'll be telling us
                                   how you met Bill Cosby so you think blacks
                                   in this country are all multi millionaires.
                                   \_ No, the answer is yes. I have. Simple
                                      question: "Have you been?". Simple
                                      answer: "Yes!" You cannot say "Oh,
                                      but you chose the wrong one! Pick again!"
                                      \_ Idiot.  The casino is not the
                                         reservation.  The answer is "no".  You
                                         have never been in a res house or met
                                         someone who does.  The casino part is
                                         no different than going to Vegas.
                                         That you would try to say you've been
                                         to a res when you've only been to the
                                         casino which is all dolled up for
                                         dumb white folks makes it really clear
                                         you have no clue.
                                         \_ Um, yes. The casino is on the
                                            reservation and you don't know
                                            anything about me. I have a
                                            friend who taught for many
                                            years on a reservation in
                                            Arizona and still lives on the
                                            reservation. Oh, but they
                                            don't have indoor plumbing. I
                                            forgot. You're the dumb one
                                            for thinking all tribes live
                                            in squalor and don't have
                                            indoor plumbing. Nice stereotype.
                                            \_ I see a few days off hasn't
                                               improved the motd average IQ.
                                               What will it take for you to
                                               figure out the average NA, even
                                               those with successful casinos,
                                               is not living the same life as
                                               the white folks staying at the
                                               casino hotel?  I love when
                                               racists use the "I have a xyz
                                               friend" line.
                                         \_ Ha ha.  You're an idiot.
                                            Equivelent conversation:
                                            Q. Have you ever been to Nevada?
                                            A. Yeah, I stayed at a hotel on the
                                               strip once.
                                            Q. Idiot! The answer is no then,
                                               isn't it?  You think all of
                                               Nevada is like Las Vegas?
                                               \_ Look, the peanut gallery
                                                  has put in 2 cents.  Stupid,
                                                  ignorant, and wrong, but at
                                                  least you made it!
2007/6/1-5 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:46819 Activity:nil
6/1     Recommendation for a decent club in vegas two asian guys with no girls
        tagging along can get into w/o waiting in line for hours or paying
        outrageous amount of money. I know such thing might not exist,
        especially on a Friday night, but I just want to show my friend some
        good time before his he hits the big 30. I know that may not be a big
        deal to many of you, but this guy has led a very uneventful life, and
        wants to live it up before his birthday.
        \_ Hint: you don't drop dead at 30.
           \_ Carousel! Carousel!
              \_ That's 35, isn't it?
2019/02/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/3/13-17 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:45954 Activity:nil
3/13    Blowing up things in Las Vegas:
2007/3/8-11 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:45906 Activity:nil 88%like:45903
3/7     The Myth of "Superstar Cities" (
        \_ Well, it certainly is true that families seem to be getting out of
           Livermore. (Not that it's a "superstar city") -jrleek
           \_ We gotta get out of this place
              If it's the last thing we ever do
              We gotta get out of this place
              Girl, there's a better life for me and you
              Somewhere baby, somehow I know it
        \_ When it comes down to it, people who have the means don't
           generally want to live in Riverside or Charlotte. He addresses
           this in his article. It's not like Charlotte is suddenly going
           to grow to 10 million people and NYC will fall to 5 million.
           All else being equal, people prefer NYC. Sometimes there are
           inflows and sometimes there are outflows, but I think that
           the 'superstar' cities are such for good a reason - mainly that
           people like living there. That doesn't mean Miami, Las Vegas,
           or Phoenix can't grow, but it's like saying that Riverside
           has more to offer than London, Paris, or Tokyo because the growth
           rate there is higher. As those smaller cities mature the rate
           will slow and they won't have siphoned much from LA, SF,
           Boston, or NYC. Can you imagine if SF cost the same as Houston?
           How many people would move there in that scenario and drive
           up prices again? Supply and demand.
2006/11/1-2 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:45070 Activity:nil
11/01   The Stardust Hotel in LV is shutting down for good. It's a sad sad day
2006/9/15-19 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:44391 Activity:nil
        Vacation with men = Mancation. Is this gay friendly?
        \_ Depends how much lube you take with you
2006/9/10-12 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:44339 Activity:nil
9/10    Danny Gans in Mirage is the worst variety show I've ever seen in
        Las Vegas.  I esp. disliked how he managed to slip in conservative
        messages during the show. Go see it if you want to waste $100.
        \_ I still think the best way to spend $150 in Vegas is O.  Haven't
           seen any other Cirque shows, though.
          \_ I recommend any Cirque show EXCEPT Zumanity --oj
2006/3/4-6 [Finance/Investment, Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:42098 Activity:nil
3/4     Bond to drive a Mondeo in Casino Royale:,,2-2006100330,00.html
2006/3/4-6 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:42096 Activity:high
3/4     Nicholas Cage's "Weather Man" is the most banal, depressing film I've
        seen in years.
        \_ Did you see the preview? It looked just as you describe it.
        \_ Worse than the Constant Gardner?
           \- Constant Gardner person: have you seen End of the Affair
              \_ No.
           \_ Were there any acts of redemption, character development, or
              righteous anger in Constant Gardener? 'Cos there were NONE in
              WM; just more of the same low-level idiotic personal mistakes.
              \_ CG was just lame. I spent the whole time waiting for some-
                 thing to happen, and nothing did. Anyway, your description
                 of WM makes it sound a lot like Lord of War.
                 \_ Lord of War was ub3r
        \_ Are you a Nicholas Cage fan? What did you think of "Leaving
           Las Vegas" or "Matchstick Men"? Some people love him and some
           hate him. I happen to love him.
           \_ The only watchable movie NC has made is 'The Rock.' Mostly
              'The Rock' is watchable b/c of Sean Connery. -!op
              \_ Red Rock West and Honeymoon in Vegas were entertaining.
                 Face/Off in the not as great as YF Chow sense was good.
                 \_ I didn't like Face/Off. But then again I HATE John
                    Travolta; I cheered when he got killed in Broken
                 \_ Also good were: "Moonstruck", "Valley Girl", "Fast
                    Times at Ridgemont High", and some others.
           \_ Actually, I like him as an actor, although he has a tendency to
              coast on character on occasion (cf. Gone in 60 Seconds). He did
              a fine job in WM; so did Michael Caine. It's just that the
              material didn't deliver.
2005/12/16-18 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:41049 Activity:high
12/16   What are your favorite Casino games?
        \_ Blackjack. Poker.
           \_ what kind of blackjack?  (single deck?)  What type of poker?
              \_ Poker? I hardly know her!
        \_ I troll emarkp
        \_ Craps
           \_ what are your most common bets?
              \_ Pass, max odds up to my betting limit.  - !pp
                 \_ yes, these are the best bets.  it's all a crapshoot
                    \_ I believe don't betters have a slight edge.
                       \_ I think so, if you play perfectly.  But its like
                          if you make one mistake in 1,000 games you loose the
                          \_ how can you make a mistake if you just do the
                             same bet every single time?
                             \_ Its complicated.
                       \_ No, because the odds bet is exactly 50/50 and the
                          come out bet is like 50.9% in the houses favor.
                          They change the 12 to a "push" for DON'T PASS
                          betters. How else would they stay in business?
                          It is very slightly better odds wise than betting
                          PASS, but less than .01%.
                          \_ So you agree that don't betters have a slight
                             edge.  Thanks.
                             \_ here's the final answer:
                                \_ Well, I've been meaning to get into some
                                   video poker action.
                             \_ A slight edge over PASS bettors, but still
                                a disadvantage to the house. Sorry if I was
                                not clear enough.
                    \_ This is the best bet, but it gets boring fast so
                       I also place bets (usually 6 & 8) and sometimes play
                       COME. If the point is, say, 6 then I'll place 8.
                       \_ Well, logically the come bet is the same as the
                          pass bet.
        \_ Climb the wall.
           \_ Combining the best of D&D character dice rolling and Candyland
              for money.
        \_ I always liked guess the number.  Pretty much any of the games in
           the "ghetto" casino that Chevy Chase went to in his Las Vegas movie.
2005/12/14-16 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Consumer/TV] UID:41017 Activity:moderate
12/14   What are your favorite shows on TV these days?
        \_ Mythbusters: ..
           \_ ditto
           \_ great show for the geek in all of us.
        \_ 24 on DVD .
        \_ 4400
        \_ SG-1: ..
           \_ SG Atlantis: ..
        \_ Battlestar Galactica (the new remake): .
        \_ West Wing: ...
        \_ Simpsons:  ...
        \_ Malcolm: .
        \_ LOST: .
        \_ Lost: ..
        \_ Family Guy (not as good as prior seasons, but still entertaining)
           \_ count me in.
        \_ Arrested Development: ...
        \_ House
        \_ Las Vegas
        \_ Nova: ..
        \_ Frontline: ..
        \_ Smallville: .
        \_ Prison Break!!
        \_ Every Day Italian (Giada is hot!)
           \_ I answered west wing, but I must give my support for her hotness.
              \_ You can vote for more than one b/c it says "shows"
           \_ She is hotter in her new show, Behind the Bash
        \_ The Daily Show: .
        \_ The Amazing Race: .
        \_ Grey's Anatomy: .
        \_ My Name is Earl: .
2005/10/27-29 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:40300 Activity:nil
10/27   Anyone know of places to find decent set of poker chips for cheap?
        I'm not looking for clay chips.  The composite kind will do.  Most
        places tend to cost about $50 after shipping.  If it's local, I can
        pay $50.  Oh, for about 500 chips.
        \_ You can probably get a 500 skittles for $20.  You could assign
           dollar values to the different colors too.
           \_ But I'd end up eating my pieces and lose.  And btw, where the
              hell are you buying your candies to pay $20 for 500 pieces? -op
              \_ You need to hire a day laborer for $5 to sort a few dozen
                 bags of them. Plus I assume you want just a few colors as
                 opposed to eight colors repesenting eight denominations.
        \_ Walmart. Just buy a bunch of cheapo sets. It's slave-labor-ific!
        \_ I have some chips to sell.  these are heavy chips, hardly used.
           Have around 500.  If you can guess who I am, I will give you
           a large discount, otherwise they are full price.
        \_ Try Costco.  I've used them and they're not bad at all.
           \_ Steal them from casinos.
                \_ it's not really stealing.  You PAY from them.
                    You know, unless you are talking about going in there
                    with a gun.
                    \_ I mean instead of cashing them in, you can just
                       bring them home and use them if you dont mind them
                       having the casino name on them.  It's like stealing
                       an ashtray from the casino hotel room ... although
                       that's why they are mostly non-smoking rooms now.
                       If you were going to hold up a casino with a GUN,
                       wouldn you just take the cash?  Just like in the
                       \_ Ummm... pp meant that if you're not cashing them in,
                          you have paid for them.  That's a pretty expensive
                          way of setting up a home game.
                                \_ Woo hoo myrtle! Sneaked me out a whole
                                   mess o chips, jus $100 a pop!
                          \_ I guess if you live near a casino you could sort
                             of treat it as borrowing them with a huge deposit.
                             \- Thank your for playing at Casino Troll.
2005/3/2-3 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:36478 Activity:kinda low
3/2     Breaking Vegas, interesting series on the history channel.
        I can't believe someone said that they cheat, yet the Casinos
        haven't prosecuted him.
        On a separate note, is card counting legal?
        \_ card counters say no, casinos say yes.  casinos also
           sign so if they think you're card counting successfully
           they escort you out.  it's pretty hard to successfully
           card count though so they are happy for the not very
           smart to come on down to vegas and spend all their money
           to try.
           \_ There are restaurants that refuse service to people who
              wear flip flops.  Does that make wearing flip flops illegal?
              What casino takes the official position that card counting
              is illegal (that is to say not merely refusing service to
              those who do, but instead having the card counter arrested
              for a violation of the law, as they would say a pickpocket)?
        \_ We've been over this. Yes, it is legal if you are just using
           your own brain. If you are successful at it you will be barred
           from the casino, but they cannot prosecute you.
        \_ Well, if you think about it, the Casinos are essentially
           cheating anyway. All the games are rigged in their favor,
           so technically speaking you're not really cheating, just
           undoing the House advantage. Obviously Casinos need to
           cheat to stay in business though.
           \_ Definitions of cheat all involve some concept of fraud or
              deception.  Insofar as the casino makes the rules of the game
              known to the player ahead of time, there is no fraud or
              deception, and therefore no cheating on the side of the casino.
              It is the player's choice to participate in a game governed by
              the albeit unfavorable rules enumerated by the casino.
              \_ Well said.
        \_ the cheat in one of the casinos is not a card counter:
2005/2/24 [Politics/Domestic/911, Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:36399 Activity:nil
2/23    Oldie but goodie.  Cheney playing poker.
2005/2/20-22 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:36340 Activity:high
2/20    Hunter S. Thompson, RIP.
        \_ Suicide.  This sucks.  Sucks sucks sucks.
           \_ Is anyone surprised?
              \- this seems an appropriate end. "talkin 'about my generation...
                 hope i die before i get old" and all that. --psb
        \_ "This may be the year when we finally come face to face with
            ourselves; finally just lay back and say it---that we are really
            just a nation of 220 million used car salesmen with all the money
            we need to buy guns and no qualms at all about killing anybody
            else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable."
            -- HST: Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail 1972
        \_ "There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high
            powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird
            to live, and too rare to die."
            -- HST: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
        \_ "Old elephants limp off to the hills to die; old Americans go out
            to the highway and drive themselves to death with huge cars."
            -- HST: Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
        \_ "Yesterday's weirdness is tomorrow's reason why."
        \_ "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long
            plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die
            like dogs. There's also a negative side."
            \_ Man, I'm going to start paraphrasing that as my experience
               in the software industry.
        \_ Wow, this is really a loss. If I had some ether, I'd inhale
           it now, in memorium.
        \_ This is really depressing.  "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign
           Trail" is one of the best books ever.  Makes you wonder why he
           decided to do it now.
        \_ Who is Hunter Thompson and why should we care?
           \_ He was a writer and journalist.  Whether you love him or not,
              it's hard to argue with the statement that there never has been
              and never will be anyone like him.  For a summary, put his
              name into, but to really get an idea, go
              read "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".
           \_ get a clue.  -tom
              \_ I've never heard of Thompson. Based on a few random
                 links on google he sounds like some half baked reporter
                 type. Yes its sad that he killed himself, but lots of
                 people kill themselves everyday and it doesn't make
                 the motd.
                 \_ Seriously go away.  If you're really curious, go read
                    his stuff and come back.
                 \_ Dude, read him, don't read him, like him, don't
                    like him, whatever. You can do whatever you want.
                    Why does it bother you if those of us who were fans
                    and admirers of him and his work commiserate a bit?
                        - ether man
2005/1/26-27 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:35919 Activity:nil
1/26  (yahoo news)
        First, Phillip-Morris is sued, then McD is sued, and now...
        casino is sued...
        \_ We Americans like to blame others for our bad decisions.  That's why
           there are so many wacky warning labels in our daily lives.
2004/12/9-10 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:35236 Activity:moderate
12/9    What interesting activities could I undertake in Las Vegas
        other than gambling, or going to strip or comedy clubs?
        I'll be staying there for one weekend with a car.
        \_ Rent a MP-5 full auto.
           or a SAW
        \_ There are some good art exhibits, like the Guggenheim. There
           are great restaurants. There is great shopping. You could go
           to Red Rocks or the Hoover Dam. You could go to a dance club.
           Then there are things like the Star Trek Experience and
           whatever the convention du jour is. You cannot possibly be
           bored in Las Vegas, even if you do not gamble.
           \_ Its hard to do anything cheap in Vegas, since everything
              costs money.
        \_ last time I went there I spent a lot of time doing statistics
           on Keno, Chug-A-Luck, Craps, etc. I even brought my lap-top
           to program simulations and run them to verify the house
           edge, etc. Doing statistics and simulating programs for
           verification is a lot of fun, and it cost me nothing.
2004/8/24 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:33095 Activity:very high
8/24    I have more than $100 in quarters. Is there a place in Berkeley where
        I could exchange this for paper money?
        \_ A Bank?
           \_ Word to the wise is that banks will generally only do it for
              their customers and then only if the coins are rolled.
        \_ Find a coinstar yo!
        \_ There are green machines at Albertson's stores.  But they charge a
           small percentage.
           \_ It's a huge percentage. Buy a bunch of rolls from an office
              supply place and roll 'em yourself while watching Enterprise.
              Most banks will take the quarter rolls. Penny rolls they hate.
                \_ It's irrelevant whether they "hate" it or not.  It's legal
                   tender.  -John
                   \_ Yeah, you go try that.
                        \_ I don't have to try anything.  My bank accepts
                           legal tender.  I've switched banks for less. -John
              \_ I've found I can get rid of pennies by rolling them and
                 spending them at stores no more than 1 roll at a time.
              \_ Huge percentage? I think coinstar machines take about 8%,
                 what's your time worth? It's convenient to dump a big bucket
                 of change in the machine and a minute or two later you get
                 get a check.
                 \_ since he's already got them separated out as quarters,
                    he's already done half the work. He should just roll them
                    up himself.
                 \_ 9.7% actually.
        \_ Las Vegas. There is some chance that you can win big!!!
        \_ That's only 10 rolls of quarters.  It's easy to roll quarters--the
           bank might even have sleeves for you, esp. if you have an account.
        \_ someone should need quarters for laundry. my credit union never
           has quarters. -quarterless_in_SF_with_dirty_clothes
2004/8/19 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:33013 Activity:insanely high
8/19    Huge casino proposed in San Pablo.  More to come near Ukiah and Ione.
        Are there similarly-sized casinos planned for SoCal?  Or is this some
        kind of NorCal bias?
        \_ Hints for one in Garden Grove.
        \_ Hints for one in Garden Grove. But not nearly as large.
        \_ They just ruled against this sort of thing (tribe buying land
           in the middle of an urban area, declaring it part of the reservation
           then building a casino) so don't count on it getting done.
           Probably anyone with the money to hire a lawyer can block it.
           \_ You are mistaken in this case. The tribe owns the land already
              and it has been declared their reservation. There is a card club
              there already (oddly enough called the San Pablo Casino). All
              they really needed to do is make a compact with the Gov to be
              official, and even then, there's not much the Gov can do besides
              limit the size of the casino. Current fed and state laws and regs
              are fairly broad about what the tribe can do with the land.
              \_ we need a Bunny Ranch equivalent near the campus for us
                 virginal pale white minions in Soda Hall
                 vaginal pale white minions in Soda Hall
                 \_ Sigh. If you need to go to Nevada and pay the 50% house
                    add-on rate for paid sex, you don't deserve to get laid.
                    \_  what?  are you seriously claiming that the rates
                        in the legalized nevada houses are 50%  higher than
                        equivalent services in the illegal market? bullshit.
                        \_ PLEASE have a flamewar about prostitute prices.
                           The motd is SO in need of spicing up.
                           \_ I can't believe this hasn't blown up into a
                              flame war already.  The relative prices of
                              goods and services that are illegal vs. legal
                              is one of the things that the libertarians
                              are always talking about.
                              \_ You were humiliated once in a motd argument
                                 over government and its use of force.  But
                                 that was a while ago.  Obsessing over it
                                 isn't healthy.  It's time to let go.
              \_ Interesting. How long has this tiny piece of land officially
                 been a "reservation"?
                 \_ John Conner sent a soldier back in time to establish it
                    as Indian land so that the Terminator could build a Casino
           \_ whoever has the better lawyer wins. Case in point OJ
              \_ I've dealt personally with some of the lawyers who represent
                 the casino tribes. They didn't strike me as particularly
                 crackerjack in terms of the law but they had a great talent
                 for using huge amounts of cash to fubar what any opposition
                 might be doing. There's a tribe in Death Valley that is still
                 recovering from when the casino people found them a few years
                 ago. -- ulysses
                 \_ Which tribe? What happened to them?
2004/6/14 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:30801 Activity:nil
6/14    I just saw a show on TV about cheating in Vegas.  Not only is it
        against the law, but they interviewed a guy who got "life without
        parole"!!!!! for cheating casinos.  So all of you smart asses who
        think you're going to do some MIT style vegas cheating and can only
        get kicked out of the casino to simply move to the next one down the
        street, fuhgettaboutit!  Bring KY.
        \_ Counting cards is not cheating.  Counting cards in a team also
           is not cheating.  Note that casinos have banned various members
           of the MIT teams, but they have not been arrested.
           \_ That's nice.  Let us know when your trial is over.  We'll send
              flowers and lube.
           \_ Vegas is very pro-business. Vegas court/police/firemen are
              very sympathetic to big corporations that give contributions.
              Wait, America is like that already.
2004/5/12 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:30179 Activity:very high
5/12    Suppose I have as much RAM as a computer and can memorize/count
        card. But what good is it if the casino uses 10+ decks and they can
        shuffle any time they want? Isn't card counting good only when you
        have very few decks?
        \_ Card counting gives you an advantage.  The size of that advantage is
           determined by how many decks are in play and how many cards have
           been dealt since the last shuffle.  The house has a built-in
           advantage.  If your counting advantage is less that the house
           advantage (because of #decks or shuffling) then don't play.
        \_ Casinos don't exist for you to apply your mad math skillz and get
           rich and famous like some MIT cheats from a few years ago.  They
           exist as a form of entertainment.  Some people actually do win
           money sometimes but (here's the Stat 2 part) because the house has
           a built in advantage you *will* lose money over the course of your
           life if you don't cheat.  The MIT crew were cheating.  Card
           counting alone will not help you tip the odds in your favor.
           \_ How were they cheating?  From what I heard of it, they had one
              player sit at a table playing small hands and when that player
              saw the count become favorable, they signaled for a whale player
              to come over.  When the count went south the whale left.  They
              were sneaky about it, but that's not illegal, just common sense.
              \_ I didn't say it was illegal.  The State determines what is
                 legal or not.  The casino determines what is cheating.  I
                 never used the word "illegal" to describe them.
           \_ I agree with the previous poster.  You need to show how the MIT
              crew were cheating.  Everything I've seen and read suggests that
              they were not cheating.
              \_ If the casino says it is cheating, it is.  They make the
                 rules.  Breaking rules = cheating.  It's very simple.
                 \_ So if the casino says wearing a red shirt is cheating,
                    that's cheating too?
                    \_ It's called a dress code, and if they so chose, they
                       could throw your ass out for violating it, yes.
                       \_ The question wasn't "should they throw you out", it
                          was "is breaking any casino rule cheating" and the
                          answer is "no"
                          \_ Well, actually, since most casinos are private
                             establishments, they can throw you out any time
                             for any thing.  They write the rules of the game,
                             they arbitrate those same rules.  So, I think
                             the actual answer you're looking for is, "yes".
                             I think the question you're answering is "is it
                       \_ You said "breaking rules = cheating".  Breaking
                          rules.  Not some rules, but just breaking rules.
                          So is wearing a red shirt cheating, if the casino
                          has a rule against the wearing of red shirts?
                          \_ You're being obtuse.  See the post below -- I
                             think he's got a sane explanation.
                             \_ I'm not being obtuse.  The "breaking rules
                                = cheating" guy has a stupid definition he
                                was trying to defend, and I just showed
                                how ultimately silly it was.
                 \_ Maybe we should make 3 distinctions.
                    Breaking the house rules: Whatever rules they want.  They
                    can eject you and ban you from the premesis.
                    Breaking the game rules: Looking at other people's cards,
                    changing your bet mid-game.  Against house rules and
                    generally illegal.
                    Breaking the law: They eject/ban you and you go to jail.
                    Card counting without the use of a computer is only aginst
                    the house rules.
                    \_ Does signaling a whale player count as #2, breaking the
                       game rules?
                       \_ Counting cards by itself is a 1.  Not against
                          the rules, but some casinos won't want you as a
                          customer.  Signaling a friend by itself is a 0.
                          It's quite common and acceptable to tell a friend
                          to gamble at your "hot" table, for reasons of
                          hotness unrelated to card counting purposes.  So
                          a combination of a 1 and a 0, signaling based on
                          card counting, should not be a 2.
2004/5/9-10 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:30115 Activity:insanely high
5/9     Must see on History Channel today, 9-11pm:
        "They were "Whales"--the highest of high rollers. Treated like
        royalty by casinos worldwide, they won millions throughout the early
        to mid-1990s. And nobody had a clue that they were MIT students, part
        of an underground blackjack team--card counters who used mathematical
        wizardry to win. This is the true story of the rise and fall of the
        MIT Blackjack Team, featuring interviews with Ben Mezrich, author of
        "Bringing Down the House", casino executives, security experts, and
        actual members of the team."
        \_ So they cheated and won alot of money?
           \_ nope, they were just smart.  very smart.  card counting, for
              instance, is not illegal in NV, but casinos are private
              businesses and can ask you to leave for any reason.
           \_ yes, they won a lot of money.
           \_ They did not cheat; they just counted cards.
                \_ They signalled to each other... thats cheating.
                   \_ I don't understand how you can say counting cards
                      is not cheating and signalling is cheating.  Neither
                      or both.  Both will get you kicked out if the casino
                      thinks you're making too much money off it.
                        \_ Counting cards is not cheating; it's just playing
                           wisely. Signalling involves breaking the rules.
                           Casinos, though, don't like either one, so they'll
                           kick you out for doing either.
                           \_ Okay, I want to know where it says signalling,
                              is illegal when playing blackjack in Las Vegas.
                              especially as applied to team card-counting,
                              is cheating when playing blackjack in Las Vegas.
                              \_ I believe it's something to the extent of
                                 blackjack being a game of an individual (or
                                 several) against the house.  The house is
                                 playing each person separately.  I don't know
                                 the exact maths of who has an advantage, but
                                 signalling turns it into a team-vs-the-house
                                 game, while simple card counting keeps it at
                                 an individual level.  -John
                                 \_ Card counting is not illegal. Signalling is
                                    not illegal. Barring counters and others
                                    from a casino in Nevada is also not illegal
                                    (non-disciminationary removal of persons).
                                    However, it is illegal to bar counters in
                                    Atlantic City. The reason is Nevada is very
                                    pro-casino, New Jersey isn't. Follow the $.
                                    Signalling the whale just a way of avoiding
                                    the casino from seeing a counter. Instead
                                    of a single player using spread bets (ie.
                                    betting more they are favored), a whale
                                    betting more when they are favored), whale
                                    comes, bets big, and leaves when the
                                    counter/signaller notes the count has gone
                                    against the players. Nice technique.
                                    \_ ObNitpick:  I never said "illegal".
                                    \_ Thanks, that's what I thought.
                                       Like you said, card counting and
                                       "team card-counting" is not illegal,
                                       but casinos are private businesses,
                                       so they can refuse doing business with
                                       you for any reason (short of the
                                       discrimination exception).
                                       \_ Any arrests you might see are barred
                                          counters making multiple returns to
                                          a casino. Then the casino can cry
                                          "trespassing." In AC, card counting
                                          is allowed, BUT the casino has the
                                          right to reshuffle between hands
                                          (ruining the count) or changing the
                                          min/max bet possible (changing the
                                          risk/reward for counter). Fun stuff.
                   \_ Signalling *is* cheating. If you do not think so
                      then place a call on your cell while playing. The
                      reason is that people have used computers to count
                      the cards and the partner will signal the result of
                      the computer. Counting cards is not cheating in
                      itself, but using a computer is. Imagine a parallel
                      to chess.
                      \_ Signalling is not illegal. The whole phone thing is
                         to prevent possible communication between players and
                         spotters (see movie Casino for example). It also slows
                         up the game and is irritating. Computer use is just
                         counting on a different level. You can use it instead
                         of keeping a count in your head/chips or have it use
                         several different counting systems and then the user
                         decide which one to use. But definitely not illegal.
                         The only thing which is illegal is when dealers and
                         players collude to win. That's fraud.
                                \_ It's really not worth debating. Whether
                                   or not it's illegal is irrelevant; if
                                   for any reason the casino doesn't like
                                   how you play, you're out of there.
                                   \_ Of course it matters. There is a big
                                      difference from being thrown out of
                                      a casino and being thrown in jail.
                        \_ It is *not* legal to use a computer. Nevada
                           Senate Bill 467 (passed in 1985) says:
                           "It is unlawful for any person at a licensed
                           gaming establishment to use, or possess with
                           the intent to use, any device to assist in
                           projecting the outcome of the game." The
                           penalty for a first offense is 1-10 years in
                           prison, a $10000 fine, or both. A second
                           offense includes mandatory imprisonment.
        \_ I'm into 20 min into the show. It's a #*&*($# enterprise! 20-30
           really really smart MIT students, backed by investors and
           management. Math majors, computer scientists, etc, you name
           it. Man I want to start a UCB gambling team now.
           \_ cool, please post on the motd if you start a team
              \_ useful fact: canada's casinos are largely government run
                 and have a *much* more lenient attitude towards counting.
                 a friend of mine's math professor from a Canadian university
                 made a consistently decent amount of money each year counting.
                 \_ Yeah, but then you're betting with Canadian money, and we
                    all know how much that's worth.
        \_ There was a write-up on these guys in Wired about a year back.
           \_ Yeah, that was a pretty sweet article.  For those of you like
              me who missed the show, they'll show it again this Saturday at
2004/5/9-10 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:30114 Activity:high
5/9     My roomate gambles online 4-5 hours a day. He is really really good
        (he's a pretty smart guy) and says that he actually makes
        money because most of the people who play online are not that
        smart. Here's my question. Say you're smart and can count cards,
        know the statistics, etc, is it REALLY possible to make *consistent*
        money by gambling?
        \_ No, because eventually the casino will decide that they don't want
           to play with you anymore.
        \_ In games like poker, yes.  At least if you make a habit of playing
           against poeple less skilled than you.  And the house doesn't care
           because they are taking a cut no matter who wins.
           \_ You have to choose less-skilled poker players to play against,
              but you also have to cover the house-rake and dealer-tokes(no
              tokes online). You may *win* against other players, but still
              not be able to cover the expenses.  You also have play at the
              proper money-limits (levels) _and_ have the bankroll and
              stomach and discipline to handle it.
              Consistent is probably not the best word, because you have
              to be able to handle the fluctuations -- sometimes you'll have
              a streak of bad luck. You can win in the long-run, but not
              all the time. Very few people can make *real* money at poker,
              even fewer can make it professionally, and do you really want
              that type of lifestyle? How much does your room-mate win?
              If it's only 500 per week, for 40 hours per week online, is it
              *really* worth it? Are you *really* making money, or actually
              losing time that could be used to make *bigger* money elsewhere?
              There's a difference between "winning" at poker and
              "making money" at poker.
                \_ what about those famous MIT kids who got kicked out of
                   Vegas forever cuz they won too much $?
                   Makes me want to be a math major at MIT
                   \_ Big difference between BJ and Poker, but both
                      can be beaten. When I was in college we tried the
                      card-counting thing but (1) it's quite a bit of
                      hard work and long hours and (2) it takes a bankroll
                      which we didn't have. My friend got banned from
                      one casino just because he was joking around saying
                      he was keeping track of how many Aces were left.
                      It's not enough edge to win, but it pissed off the
                      pit-boss enough to say he "wasn't welcome anymore"
2003/10/16-17 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:10665 Activity:nil
10/16   Oh my god is it true aspolito is filming Bumfight videos in
        Las Vegas?
2003/9/12-13 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:10173 Activity:low
9/12    Paris Las Vegas is a TERRIBLE hotel. Rate your hotels here. Rate
        ONLY if you've stayed there. 0=sucks, 9=great.
        Bellagio: 7, 8
        Aladdin: 8, 6
        Caesars: 8
        NYNY: 7
        Paris: 3, 8
        Monte Carlo:
        Excaliber: 7
        Luxor: 7, 5, 8, 7
        Mandalay Bay: 8.5
        MGM Grand: 6, 5
        Treasure Island: 7, 4
        Bally's: 6
        Stardust: 3
        Circus Circus:  6, 4
        Stratosphere: 8, 5, 3
        \_ Dude, we've done the vegas hotel review already. Search the
        \_ I would say go to Vegas for Vegas, not for the rooms. You don't
           have to be staying at the hotels themselves to experience them.
           \_ I would say go to Vegas for the rooms, too.  You're not going
              to get 4 and 5 star for as cheep.
           \_ might as well stay in those cheap motels a street or two off
              the strip.
        \_ I stayed at Bellagio. Didn't understand why it was worth paying
           the high costs for until I stayed at the Monte Carlo Hotel. It
           wasn't the Bellagio was so great. It was more like the other
           hotels sucked.
        \_ I gave Luxor and Bellagio a 7.  They're decent but I got what I
           expected and paid for and nothing more.  That's not a bad thing
           but it doesn't rate higher than a 7 either.
        \_ I've stayed at Mirage, TI, Bally's, Venetian, Paris, Mandalay Bay,
           and Bellagio. I thought Bellagio was the worst, because of the
           attitude. Venetian had the best rooms, but tried to rip me off.
           Mirage is my favorite. I have stayed at Paris several times and
           would stay there again. What's your beef with Paris? --dim
2003/9/12 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:10159 Activity:nil
9/11    Paris, Las Vegas offered a deal where I could add $20 to get a $50
        credit in casino money and $50 in restaurant credits. I took the
        offer, and it turned out the $50 credit in casino money requires
        that you make a minimum of $25 bet each time (using your money) at
        the table, and you have 2 chances to double your bet. That is what
        the fine print said. In addition, the $50 restaurant credit is
        spread out in 9 different restaurants, and in all of them you must
        order a minimum of 2 entrees to get a lousy $5-10 dollar discount.
        The Eiffle Tower 1/2 off deal was good only during the day, when it
        is hot and the sun bakes you on top of the tower. To make matters
        worse when I applied for Players Card they gave me the exact same
        coupons. In another word I spend $20/day extra to buy coupons that
        are really free. 1/2 of the people who worked at Paris didn't even
        seem like they enjoyed their work. I'm never going back.
        \_ You should complain.  Places in Vegas will often make it right
           since the entire place survives on nothing but customer satisfaction
2003/8/30-9/1 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:10022 Activity:nil
8/30    Looking for cheap hotels in Las Vegas. Is a good source?
        \_ Priceline in conjunction with
2003/7/10-11 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:28996 Activity:very high
7/9     I just read an NYT story about playing poker on the web. anyone know
        of a "reputable" casino for low-rollers? yahoo games aint cuttin it.
        \_ Yeah I run a game.  You start by transfering $500 into my paypal
           account and I'll get back to you.
        \_ Just go to one of the card rooms. There are many in the Bay Area.
           I think you are nuts to trust an on-line casino based in someplace
           like Trinidad-Tobago, but if you really want to throw your money
           away goferit. Perhaps you should open an account with E*Trade
           and daytrade penny stocks. -ausman
           \_ Can you imagine being a software engineer for such a casino:
              "Eh, can you create a 'difficulty' setting ... if I increase
               the difficulty, the players have a harder time earning money..."
               \_ what the fuck are you talking about
                  \_ Bot casino. Very thin ice and begging for a lawsuit.
                     \_ Try suing.  You'll get further spending your money
                        hiring a mercenary hit squad.  They aren't in this
                        country you wanker.
           \_ did you read the NYT article? i guess a lot of "pros" have
              switched to playing online... this year's Poker World
              Champion had never played in the poker-circuit and came in
              and won $2.5M. they made an analogy to a Japanese "rookie"
              who came from Japan after playing there for several years.
           the time charges will eat into our bankroll.
              \_ Actually a bad analogy. There is a luck element to the game.
                 You can't fight good cards. There are so many field players
                 at WSOP, it's much much harder for the pros to win it.
        \_,,, and
  are all fine. Very low limits if you want to
           play ($.25-$.50). The problem being that people are willing to
           lose $1 on a longshot, so you get a case of "no-fold-em" poker.
           Live action in the Bay Area, lowest limits are at the Oaks, but
           the time charges will eat into your bankroll.
           \_ No fold em is great. That is how you make money, by taking
              it from suckers. Maybe I will have to try this out.
              \_ It also means your variance increases and using "correct"
                 play may leave you frustrated.
2003/5/19-20 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Academia/GradSchool] UID:28486 Activity:very high
5/19    I know most people here are alumni.  Anybody know new grads graduating
        this year?  I'm wondering how they're doing in terms of job search.
        CS/EECS grads I mean.   Are people moving back home with their parents
        and spending their time goofing off?
        \_ The smart ones won't be goofing off.
        \_ We used to call it meditating.
           \_ Do you like to meditate with your left hand or your right?
              \_ Or your own mouth?
                 \_ Ew.
        \_ It took me about 6-7 months to find a job. - 2002 grad
           \_ same here.
           \_ tobin do you live across the street from Sigma Kappa?
              how many tobins can there be in this world? - danh
           \_ clearly we need more H1-B people, it should have taken you a year
              \_ no, he should've worked at McD's serving H1b's on their once
                 a week lunch break.
        \_ working at CERN for awhile.  Then... the World! -- tobin (2003 grad)
           \_ So you plan to retire from CERN, eh?
                \_ Nobody retires from CERN.  They are retired.  -John
                   \_ Good point.
        \_ I'm moving back home and looking for a job - sp 2003 grad
           \_ Where's that?  India?
        \_ New grad hiring is fairly limited right now.  We generally
           won't look at a new grad seriously unless they built something
           as a special project or outside of class.  The ones that just
           listen to lectures and do their homework aren't typically
           productive enough to bother with.  -hiring manager
           \_ heh, when the economy turns around you'll be here begging for
              the ones who 'almost' graduated.  --less obnoxious hm
        \_ graduation, have yet to find a job, will be working on a
           research project part time this summer while looking for
           employment, and yes, I will be moving back home.  --darin
           \_ St. Louis?  Are there jobs there?
        \_ Most of the guys who interned in my group last summer have
           all found jobs. I'm trying to set the last few stragglers
           up before the end of the summer. They are all moving back
        \_ How does moving back home help you find a job?  To save money?
           Unless your parents live in San Jose, you're stting yourself up
           for a lifetime of shitty jobs and zero social life.
           \_ San Jose, wooohoo! Party! Why would you hold up San Jose
              as a good place for a social life?
                \_ i think he is implying there are decent jobs in the san
                   jose area
                   \_ Also, housing is so expensive, there's less social stigma
                      attached to living with your parents.
                \_ Because in SJ you might actually *get* *a* *job* unlike
                   living with your parents in BFE trying to get PC support
                   gigs at the local dentist and flower shop.  SJ is also
                   close enough to the rest of the BA that you can have any
                   social life you like and frankly with so many other laid
                   off people in the area, you'll have plenty of people to
                   hang out with.  What's *your* plan for where these kids
                   should hang out while job hunting and trying not to be
                   forgotten by life?
                   \_ Honestly? I think they are spoiled brats who should
                      learn to fend for themselves. There are plenty of
                      jobs out there, just not high-paying, cushy, high-
                      status jobs like these children of the upper middle
                      class believe is their birthright. Move to Las Vegas
                      if you want a job. I never hung to my mother's apron
                      strings after I left home at 17.
                      \_ Getting a low paying job now will cost hundreds of
                         thousands over the course of their careers....
                         \_ Not learning self-reliance costs much more.
2003/5/9-10 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:28389 Activity:kinda low
5/8     Related to the vegas hotel survey below.  There are buffets in every
        hotel.  But any one in particular that has more vegetarian items?
        Everytime I go I get stuck with the typical salad and pasta primavera
        items.  I'm wondering if there's more vegetarian variety.  Thanks.
                -vegan going to vegas next month.
        \_ Hate to disappoint, but there are NO great choices for vegans or
           vegetarians. The larger buffets (Rio and Paris) have some more
           choices, but nothing outstanding.
           \_ You don't win friends with salad.
              \_ huh?
                 \_ watch more Simpsons.
2003/5/9-10 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:28388 Activity:very high
5/9     Why do you guys spend so much time in Vegas? do you actually
        \_ Because they are outsized children making double or triple as much
           as most grown-ups. There are few better ways of liquidating money
           you can't use and don't really want than visits to Vegas.
           \_ Yes, they're all the meanies that gave you wedgies in grade
              school.  Why would you want to go out and be sociable when you
              can play xtrek and dungeons & dragons all day?
        \_ whores. lots and lots of whores.
        \_ Cheaper than flying to Amsterdam, with better gambling. Not as
           disgusting as NO.
           \_ What does "NO" refer to?  I have a feeling google will not
              help me here!
        \_ Yes, and there are good restaurants and neat things to see like
           the Guggenheim and Star Trek Experience. Oh, and free booze!
           \_ Where do you get the free booze? I have been on Aladin and
              MGM Grand casino floors but didn't see anyone giving out
              free booze.
              \_ Cocktail waitresses! Also, the better the casino (more
                 expensive the hotel) the better the drinks. To use water as
                 example, some places give out Pellegrino or Perrier and
                 others give out tap water. --dim
              \_ Just start gambling, and they'll come around asking for
                 drinks. It's usually courtesy to tip 'em, so basically, it's
                 about a buck a drink.
                 \_ ...right.  it's free, but you're gambling.  I know
                    a great way to get "free" drinks like this in an ordinary
                       with it.
                    bar.  Hand the bartender a couple of hundred dollar bills
                    at the begining of the night, and you'll get "free"
                    drinks all night. idiot.
                    \_ Awww, look at the little nerdling waxing all bitter
                       about his complete lack of social skills.  Isn't that
                       cuuute?  Yes he is!  Yes he is!
                    \_ Well, look at it this way. If you're gambling, you're
                       losing money anyway, so why not get a bit of alcohol
                       with it. And I've come out ahead a couple of times,
                       so the drinks really were free for me.
                    \_ Play the low limit slots or just sit there next to
                       someone who is. Put a quarter in every 5 minutes
                       until you get your drink if you're that lame, or go
                       sit in the Keno parlor or sports book. It's no big deal.
                       I usually win, so not only do I have more money than I
                       started with, but get free drinks, too. Stop being
                       so bitter about your lack of success. --dim
                       \_ Unless you are playing poker, it is impossible
                          to "win" for any period of time gambling. Many
                          people kid themselves otherwise, but I would
                          expect better from you.
                          \_ Oh please.  You just don't get it do you?  It's
                             enterainment.  It's like going to a movie or a
                             play -- it's a fun way to go out and meet people
                             in a different environment or to spend a few
                             hours being entertained.  Most grown-ups that go
                             and gamble at Lost Wages seem to understand this.
                             I just can't under stand this "I'm not comfortable
                             there, so I must therefore try and prove that
                             people that are, are lame" attitude.
                             \_ Just clarifying the "I usually win" bit.
                                No need to get snooty about it.
                                \_ It's possible to win at sports betting. -tom
                          \_ So play poker. Blackjack is also a positive
                             expectation game if you know what you are doing
                             and *barely* negative even if you don't. Don't
                             use words like impossible either. It's certainly
                             possible, just not statistically likely. You
                             can't beat the games, except when you do. --dim
                             \_ All right, I grant that if you count cards
                                you can adjust the odds slightly in your
                                favor. Do you count cards? Do you really
                                win most of the time? It is fine to go to
                                Vegas and have fun losing, it is just not
                                realistic to go and expect to win most of
                                the time (unless you are a good poker
                                player) -one who has been to Vegas and
                                both lost and won
2003/5/9-10 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:28384 Activity:high
5/8     I've gotten very good feedback before on ski resorts at tahoe.  So
        I'll try again with las vegas hotels.  Please comment on the good/bad
        things on the places you've stayed.  Don't troll this please.  I'll
        start with one recent visit.
        Major card key problems when I was there.  Couldn't get into my room
        after checkin TWICE.  After I got pissed I complained and they upgraded
        my room to a suite.  The hotel is also in a bad side of the strip.
        I wouldn't go there again.
        \_ Bob Stupack is evil.  I would never stay at the Strat.
        \_ Olympic Garden is only a block away. Only real upshot.
        \_ Let's do this backwards. Name a hotel and I'll tell you about it.
           \_ if you wish.
        Mandalay Bay:
        \_ I never understood the attraction for this hotel.  I guess they
           execute blah well.  The beach is amusing, if you're into that
           kind of stuff.
        \_ Good mid-week deals on suite on the top floors.  Otherwise I'd skip
        \_ Very nice sports book, standard new strip rooms. Agree slightly
           overpriced, also a little out of the way. Okay experience.
        \_ I liked Rum Jungle, the restaurant by day, club by night joint.
           Hot women dancing on top of the bar... doesn't get better than that.
           \_ Agree. Nice to visit this and Hard Rock's Baby's during night.
        \_ Good mid-week deals on suites on the top floors.  Otherwise I'd skip
           it too.  The diagonal elevator is amusing, but strictly for one
           ride only.
        \_ Older strip type room. Decent access to the outside, but problems
           with non-hotellers wandering the halls. No, it's not sinking.
        \_ This is the cheapest strip hotel I'd stay at, but that might be a
           legacy effect.
        \_ Oldest of the "new" strip hotels. Older room setup. Cheap, and
           showing it's age. Long distance to casino, car, outside.
        MGM Grand:
        \_ Not the most expensive, not the most posh, but quite acceptable.
           A good all-around hotel.  Good sports book.
        \_ Agree sports book. Okay room, but long, long haul to casino, car
           and outside. Good prices if you catch them.
           \_ Agreed about the long haul. It should never take more than five
              minutes to reach the damn elevator. Dunno why my parents love
              staying there so much.
        \_ The hotel is old.  They've done a good job updating it, but it
           still feels old.  The tower is better.
        \_ It's a good upgrade. Okay sports book, cramped feel in places,
           casino and hotel farther out from strip than most places.
        \_ Bellagio seems to have an inordinate amount of static electricity.
           I get zapped there far more than any other casino.
        \_  Loved my stay there.  On the middle of the strip, and try to get
            a room with a view of the Fountains.  Bally's is across the
           at the TI.  Much more expensive than what it should be.
            street and it's connected to the mall.  Plus it's close to
            most everything, as it's on the middle of the strip.  Not the
            cheapest hotel, but worth it.  I think the Venetian has bigger
            rooms though.  (Never stayed at the Venetian).
            \_ The Venetian rooms are all officially "suites" and they are
               bigger than the Bellagio's.  The "suite" thing just means
               there's a cast iron railing between the sleeping area and
               the sitting area, so I wouldn't get terribly excited over that.
               \_ True, but the bathroom is awesome. Huge and with a large
                  tub and separate shower. Two televisions. Nice decor.
        \_ Bellagio has an excellent poker room, for those that care.
           \_ The Mirage and the Orleans have okay ones. Binions if you want
              some old time feel to it (Now especially during WSOP). Others
              have poker for the sake of saying they offer poker. Oh, and
              some places offer "poker rates." You play X hours and they give
              a discount on the hotel price. Have to ask about beforehand.
        \_ Excellent place to stay. Well executed. Nice new strip rooms.
           Pricey though.
        Paris & Aladdin:
        \_ I've had good experiences @ Paris & Aladdin. At Aladdin, just
           because I was being nice, I got a free upgrade to a suite
           (apparently, I was the only one all day who didn't ask the girl
           for an upgrade, so I got one). If you get a room with a view @
           Paris, you can watch Bellagio's fountain show all night until you
           grow utterly sick of it, like I did.
           \_ I quite liked the Paris casino.  The painted ceiling makes it
              seem less claustrophobic.  The casino hires faux French guys to
              hang out for ambience.  Highly amusing.
           \_ Paris: Nice rooms, When I went, I thought they were about
              average priced. The casino IS the best part.
              \_ IMO, the casino is the worst part of the hotel. It's too
                 small. I stay there, but go somewhere else to gamble.
        \_ To wrap up the other major strip hotels.  Mirage: Still quite nice
           when I stayed there last year.  Treasure Island: Never ever stay
           at the TI.  Much more expensive than what it should be.  NYNY:
           I think the best design and execution of a theme on the strip.
           Good deli at the food area.  The lack of elevators is somewhat
           \_ Mirage: Agree. TI: Agree, overpriced for an okay room. NYNY:
              Is okay, but the jumble of rooms to match the facade is a bit
              disconcerting. Food area, while good, can get VERY crowded.
        \_ So what's the best deal for around $100 a night weekends?  The
           newer ones like Venetian, Bellagio, etc are quite expensive.  I
           don't want to stay at an old dump either.  Thanks.
           \_ You have to pay for what you want. What's important to you?
              Access to the strip? Casino experience? Sightseeing? Gambling
              self silly? Are you going to spend a lot of time in the room?
              Bally's, Monte Carlo, Hilton (off strip) are newer, but slightly
              cheaper. And you can get deals on most all of them. Personally
              I gamble a lot and don't expect much from my room. I stay
              downtown where the rates are closer to <$50/wkend night and
              cab it to the strip if I feel like playing overpriced tables.
           \_ Venetian is about $120 on Sundays, which is not bad. I go to
              Las Vegas a lot. Mirage and Venetian are my faves. Paris is
              okay as is Mandalay Bay. Avoid Bellagio. For a cheap place,
              I like Bally's. I'm mostly a gambler, too, so YMMV if you like
              other stuff, although food is important to me. Also, I haven't
              seen anyone mention Rio yet. --dim
              \_ I passed by Rio on my way to check out Palms. Nothing but
                 a bunch of old geezers in cowboy hats. Very subdued
                 \_ How is Palms? It looks like the new Big Nightspot...
                    \_ Unfortunately, I only saw it during the day. The casino
                       is rather small, nothing special. I'm not too fond of
                       how everything is in puke green, including the limos.
        Hard Rock and other off-strip:
        \_ The Californian is smokey and full of middle aged Hawaiians
           playing slots. It is one of the least phoney places in Vegas.
           \_ Downtown is different from the strip and off-strip places.
2003/1/4 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:26975 Activity:nil
1/3     This is what happens when you elect commies like da Silva:
        \_ Yeah, how else will they defend themselves against the evil
        \_ Could be worse, could be Las Vegas.
2002/2/12-13 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Recreation/Travel/Nola] UID:23846 Activity:moderate
2/12    What's a good site for finding cheap airfares these days? I know
        about Travelocity, but are there others?
           \_ I concur... these are two excellent services that I have
              used several times. If you have more flexibility, you'll
              get a better deal with hotwire. I used hotwire to fly to
              mexico for a month, and orbitz to fly to DC for the
              weekend. Little known fact: Hotwire advertises to give
              you no flexibility in terms of changing or cancelling a
              purchased fare... but if you beg and plead enough, or
              have a good excuse, they'll give you one change or
              cancellation.                     - rory
        \_ For observation purpose only:
           \_ Thanks for the pointers. Has anyone had bad experiences with
              the sites listed above?
              \_ I did with Priceline.  See
                    "Page removed by request."
2002/1/3 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:23441 Activity:high
1/2     Anyone have any craps strategies that you prefer?
        \_ I usually eat a burrito or some falafel for lunch, and that's
           always worked for me.  my craps are the best!
        \_ Yeah, don't play.  Can't lose.
           \_ Min bet on the pass line until the shooter hits the point twice.
              Then add a couple place bets on 6 & 8. All bets with full odds
              in increments of $5 for maximum pay out. Don't bet on losers,
              which usually means yourself (except for required min).
           \_ Can't win either. The RGC FAQ is here:
              As per usual, the strategy is to minimalize the casino's
              advantage, and walk away after randomness puts you ahead
              or behind by a significant amount. I play hard and fast,
              max table odds on pass line and come bets. The other stuff
              is just for fun.
        \_ Do what Chris Tucker does in Rush Hour 2.
           \_ That was the only truly funny part of a mediocre movie.
           \_ Anyone knows who the chic standing on Tucker's left at the craps
              table is?  I tried and it's not listed.
        \_ Bet pass.  Max out on odds.  Bet come with full odds depending
           on how much money you want to put in play.  Hate don't betters.
           Other bets are for suckers.  Which is not to say you shouldn't
           make them, but you should know what you're doing when you do.
2001/9/21-22 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:22576 Activity:high
        Check out the Bell Ranger Las Vegas video. Isn't it amazing?
        \_ I still remember the version of FS that ran on my Apple ][+.  It ran
           at about 1+ frame per second.  It was cool what you could do with
           only 48K RAM and a 1MHz 8-bit CPU.
        \_ FS2002 doesn't support NT!
                \_ how sad!
        \_ Will it come with NYC?  Will the WTC be there still?
2001/7/10 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:21751 Activity:moderate
7/9     Is it normal for shareholders meetings to be held on wednesdays
        at 4pm in some faraway hotel?   (the office is in Berkeley, but
        the meeting is being held in palo alto).
        \_ Yes. Don't you own stock in other companies? I've seen a lot of
           meetings in the Midwest and in Las Vegas, even though headquarters
           was somewhere else entirely. If you own enough stock to need to
           be there the distance and the time shouldn't be problems. --dim
        \_ Rickey's in Palo Alto?
2001/4/9 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:20911 Activity:low
4/8     Anybody seen Cirque du Soleil's "O" in Las Vegas?  How was the
        show?  I got front row tickets, should I expect to get sprayed on?
        \_ Yes. No.
           \_ There are three questions.  Your answers are ambiguous.
              \_ Since only 2 out of the 3 questions are yes/no, I would
                 parse this as: "Yes. ___. No."         - not orig poster
                 \_ Okay, my fault. Ans: Yes. Okay, but very pricey. No.
                    Perhaps the other CdS shows are better, that was my
                    first, and I was not very drunk. You should call up
                    Steve Wynn or whoever owns the casino now and ASK THEM
                    if you'll get all wet and stuff. I've found that
                    generally, i enjoy seats a little farther back, not
                    front row because it's "too close". They can also
                    tell you which seats are the "best" or "better".
        \_ I think the better seats are supposed to be towards the back.
           \_ Is it because you can see more or because you get sprayed less?
        \_ I've seen it. Interesting show, dunno if it's worth the price
           though. The beginning part, the performers go through the audience,
           so everyone in the front half of the auditorium has a chance to
           get a little wet.
2001/3/21-22 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:20872 Activity:moderate
3/21  taking net abuse to the next level.
        \_ not new.
        \_ You mean people writing defamatory stuff about other people on the
           net is new?  I'm shocked that this could happen to our internet!
           The page is stupid, but this is hardly new.  -doesn't know tom
                \_ it's not even that.  Try
                        \_ Ah.  At least this has some shred of cleverness to
                           it, then, on the web site creator's part, although
                           not on the part of those who would use it.
           \_ I am shocked, shocked that gambling is going on in here.
2000/12/13-14 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:20093 Activity:kinda low
12/12   Pat Barnes and Mike Pawlawski to play with the XFL's SF Demons:
        How long will this league last?  Will it be fake just like the WWF?
        \_ Long enough to ruin the grass at Pac Bell Park
        \_ Doubt it's fake since Las Vegas has lines on XFL games. Then again,
           LV has lines on boxing, and we all know how that sport is nowadays
2000/9/13 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:19244 Activity:nil 76%like:19235
9/12    What's a good hotel in Las Vegas w/ easy access hookers?  -nickkral
        \_ define good.
        \_ The Bellagio is the only place that feels like a real hotel.
           \_ I think The Four Seasons has this title. --dim
        \_ where on the Strip?
        \_ Luxor, Bellagio, New York, New York, Venetian.  Try
           They have hotel/casino ratings there.
                \- there is a four seasons in LV? are you thinking of the
                four queens? luxor seemed really cheesy to me. --psb
                \_ Four Seasons is attached to (but separate from)
                   Mandalay Bay. --dim
                \_ Luxor is cheese. Stayed at Paris last year. Niiiice.
                   \_ Go to the Haxor.  Terrorists win!
2000/9/13-14 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:19235 Activity:very high 76%like:19244
9/13    What's a good hotel in Las Vegas?  -nickkral
        \_ define good.
        \_ The Bellagio is the only place that feels like a real hotel.
           \_ I think The Four Seasons has this title. --dim
        \_ where on the Strip?
        \_ Luxor, Bellagio, New York, New York, Venetian.  Try
           They have hotel/casino ratings there.
                \- there is a four seasons in LV? are you thinking of the
                four queens? luxor seemed really cheesy to me. --psb
                \_ Four Seasons is attached to (but separate from)
                   Mandalay Bay. --dim
                \_ Luxor is cheese. Stayed at Paris last year. Niiiice.
                   \_ Go to the Haxor.  Terrorists win!
                      \_ Look up!  He's shooting you from the power lines!!
2000/3/7 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Recreation/Media] UID:17708 Activity:nil
2000/1/20-22 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:17274 Activity:nil
1/9 cool, Boohoo!
        \_ hey it's got another cal alumnus.
1999/7/23 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16190 Activity:very high
7/22    What's the closest shooting range near Berkeley? Thanks.
        \_ Gun range?  There's one in San Rafael.  Bullseye Precision
           Indoor.  They rent.  There's also one in Chabot. -raytrace
           Indoor.  They rent. -raytrace
           \_ Thanks! I was meaning to ask this on the motd too. -- ilyas
                \_ There should be a outdoor & indoor one in San Leandro
                \_ Oh Sh!t. Now I'm really scared of raytrace. She
                   even wears long black overcoats, just like those
                   commie goth people who do drugs.
                   \_ Your fears are well justified.
                   \_ I should've taken the blue pill....
                \_ Davis St in San Leandro, and there is also one in
        \_ For assault rifles, you can go to Las Vegas or Connecticut.
           \_ are those legal to transport across state lines?
1998/6/27 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:14257 Activity:nil
6/26    Anyone in Vegas? I need to find out what is actually at:
        2620 So. Maryland Pkwy.
        Los Vegas, NV
        Anyone up for the task? -ausman
1993/4/2 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:31252 Activity:nil
4/1     Do you like to deal Black Jack? Casino Night still needs more
        dealers. Email me for more info. -xxxxxxx
         \-What Casino night? Mail to xx-xxxxx@soda.
          -->croupier:       xxx@soda.Berkeley.EDU
          -->stickman:       xxxxxx@ocf.Berkeley.EDU
          -->big-player:     xxxxxx@soda.Berkeley.EDU
   -->dealer:         xxx@soda.Berkeley.EDU
          -->cigarette-girl: xxx@mica.Berkeley.EDU
          -->coctail-waitress: xxx@soda.Berkeley.EDU
          -->high-roller: xxx@xxxx.ORG
2019/02/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:Recreation:Travel:LasVegas: