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2022/01/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2011/8/3-27 [Recreation/Travel] UID:54154 Activity:nil
8/3     We Americans are not the only ones failing geography. (
        \_ American travel agent.
           \_ Really?  The article didn't say this.
              \_ Yes, it did: "but her travel agent accidentally scheduled"
                 \_ I don't see "American" anywhere in that line, unless you
                    meant all the travel agents for the competitors were
                    supposed to be provided by the host country.
        \_ Mind you, how many Americans know there's a Carlsbad in CA? The
           caverns in NM are much more famous. That said, I'm surprised the
           NM Carlsbad has an airport....
2022/01/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/11/12-2011/1/13 [Recreation/Travel] UID:53995 Activity:nil
11/12   15-story soundproofed, thermal-insulated, equthquake-proofed hotel
        built in just six days, with no injuries:
        How long does it take for our American construction workers to do the
        same thing?
        \_ It's pre-fab, so it's not built in six days, it's assembled in six
        \_ one can only assume they took shortcuts on such tings as permits
           environmental impact reports, inspections, etc.
2009/8/4-13 [Recreation/Travel] UID:53237 Activity:low
8/3     A week into my trip to Oregon and having a fairly good time, but
        tonight is my first night in Portland. What a shithole. I don't
        feel safe here in downtown. It's like Berkeley, but without the
        crowds of people to make you feel safe. There are meth addicts
        everywhere and the news was full of reports of stabbings and a
        homicide just tonight. Can anyone familiar with Portland tell me
        what areas are safe to be in or which to avoid? I went to Powell's
        tonight and while the immediate few blocks were okay, walking
        there from my downtown hotel was scary.
        \_ it's a good heroin town, Portland
        \_ This is from a friend of mine:
           the pearl isn't bad - there's some stuff around 10th and couch
           by the brewery blocks that's open late and can be entertaining.
           it can get a bit marina on the weekends, but it's fun.
           23rd st around glisan's usually hopping, too.  it's not far from
           downtown.  it's sort-of more cow hollow/fillmore-ish.
           in core downtown there's a cool bar downtown called 'departure'.
           it's right on pioneer square on top of macy's, on top of this
           cool hotel called 'the nines'.  it looks like a cross between the
           concorde and 10-forward. there's also clyde commons, the
           restaraunt/bar in the ace hotel on 10th and stark.
           if he's in for a trip to the east side of the river the doug
           fir is a great music venue with an awesome bar.  and hawthorne
           st from 23rd and up is also pretty fun.
        \_ 15 years ago it was nice, there was a park we'd all eat at for
           dinner during nice weather. public one, just people hanging out
           and eating supper together as the sun was going down.
2008/12/16-29 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Travel] UID:52257 Activity:low
12/15   I am considering a January trip to some quiet/smallish beach community
        (not mega resort) on the Pacific Coast of Mexico [Jalisco, Michoacan,
        Guerrero or Oaxaca] ... does anybody have a recommendation of where to
        go for a week or so?
        \_ Why no cities in Baja which are overall cleaner and safer?
           Acapulco was a destination city years ago, but I hear it is
           kind of scummy now.
           \_ Because I have been to Baja, and I am meeting somebody in
              Mexico City. I'm not worried about safety issues. BTW,
              supposedly Northern Baja is now considered somewhat unsafe,
              although it is not clear to me that isnt internet amplification
              of a couple of stories rather than a real change in conditions
              on the ground.
        \_ I am a little unclear on what you want to do there. Just beachcomb?
           Fish? Go to some nightclubs? I have only been to this region a
           couple of times, so I am not really an expert, but I can ask
           my brother, as he goes fishing down there all the time.
          \- i want to sit in a nice looking place which is a reasonable
              temperature and eat unhealthy cheap tacos, steak and fresh
              seafood. i'm not interested in seeing cultural patrimony,
              paragliding, getting wasted etc. if snorkling is an option,
              might do that, but not that important. but i dont want to
              be in a one restaurant, one hotel, one bar town. puerto escondido
              was recommended. thanks.
                      \_ from my brother, sorry for the formatting:
        What type of experience are you looking for?  Are you looking
        for a small mexican beach town or more of a secluded resort?
        They have both north of Puerto Vallarta.  I loved Mar Y Sol
        Hotel at Jacarandas 8 Rincon De Guayabitos, it is a small
        mexican beach town, a few Candians but few americans.
        Resonable prices and decent hotels right on the beach. A think
        we got a one bedroom suite for around $100 a night.  Good
        fishing, a great restraunt on the bluff top, warm water and
        many of the touristy things just small and more oriented to
        mexicans.  They had a great beach, shrimp kabob salesmen,
        simple...about an hour and half north of Puerto Vallarta.
        For a more seculded expereince there is a great small resort
        near San Francisco, Nayrit, Mexico.  The one I was very
        impressed with seemed to cater more to the surfers but there
        were several quality, small resorts there.  For luxury you
        can't beat the Four Season's in Punta Mita, Nayrit, Mexico.
        I love them all including Puerto Vallarta,I found a small,
        adults only resort that I liked very well there called Villa
        Premiere.  Great beach, decent pool and you can walk down to
        the Malceon at night.  There are all kinds of great
        performers, musician and other curio.
        I also Love, Love, Love, Playa de Carmen an hour or so south
        of Cancun.  That place is full of small resorts right in town.
        The town is incredibly charming and has a europen fell.  There
        are small places to eat right on the beach, awesome, neat
        little shops.  Touristy but small and personable.
        \- detailed feedback appreciated. i'll research those.
           BTW, one question: what vintage is your brother's info?
           last 2-3 yrs? >5yrs ago? the first time i heard of "nayarit"
           was like a month ago. i thought it was a place in say thailand.
           \_ Pretty recent, he goes fishing down there like half a dozen
              times a year.
        \_ Seconded Playa del Carmen, but that's not on the Pacific, which
           was the original request.
        \_ Was disappointed w/ Playa Del Carmen, but I didn't stay there.
           Seemed like it was nice a few years ago and then got over-developed
           and is now becoming ane extension of Cancun. This is from May.
           Several years ago I went to Oaxaca City (very inland) and then
           spent a few days coastal (Puerto Escondido / Huatulco). PE is a
           sleepy surfer town and Huatulco is a nice, quiet, resort town. I
           went in the low season (June) and all the tourists were local
           Mexicans. If you like food, in Mexico City/DF I highly recommend
           Fonda el Refugio in Zona Rosa. It's the bomb (San Angel Inn is
           nice but way out of town, and too Euro-influenced).
2008/11/6-13 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Recreation/Travel] UID:51865 Activity:moderate
11/6    What's a good vacation for less than $750/person for 5 days
        in mid to late November?
        \_ New York City is quite nice in November. You can even wear
           shorts and t-shirt. Be sure to visit aspolito. He's a really
           nice guy who would never jerk you around. Oh and he's gay
           and loves sodomizing pollux.
           \_ what year are you living in?
        \_ What do enjoy doing?  Hiking around outside?  Lieing around
           in luxury?  Seeing cool shit?  150/person/day is a lot of
           money if you don't need to fly.
        \_ San Diego
           \_ bahahahahahahahahaha what a joke. No, been there, done
              that. Not particularly fun. I hate suburbia and fake cities.
              \_ Depends on what the OP wants to do. He should tell us
                 what he likes (nightlife, nature, single/family-oriented,
                 etc.). San Diego makes a very nice vacation if you like
                 sunshine, beaches, and hot women or if you have kids and
                 want to visit the Zoo, Sea World, etc.
              \_ My wife and I enjoyed our relatively cheap vacation in
                 San Diego, but I used to live there, so I knew where to
                 go. What kind of stuff are you looking for?
                 \_ I hate big amusement park type of thing. Sea World? BLAH.
                    The last time we went there, we went on this big
                    retired naval/air museum on the carrier (BLAH). Then
                    we went to this huge ass hotel built long time ago
                    called Coronado with a bunch of wrinkled people who
                    dressed nicely (BLAH). Then we went to downtown and
                    drove around (BLAH).  I mean, the place has no
                    interesting history behind it like San Francisco. Even
                    unique little places like Mendocino and Morrow Bay and
                    Carmel-By-Da-Sea are more interesting. San Diego was like
                    Los Angeles, you never arrived there, you never left.
                    The history is boring, and there's nothing unique there
                    that is interesting to San Diego besides naval ships.
                    I guess if you're into military shit, it'd be more
                    interesting, but I'm not. Fuck war. San Diego is so BLAH.
                    It's has absolutely no character behind it. Sadly,
                    today much of new American town is white washed in
                    interesting, but I'm not. Fuck war. San Diego has
                    absolutely no character behind it. Sadly, today much of
                    new American town is white washed in homogenous
                    characterless suburbia BLAH like San Diego. It's like
                    you drove 400-800 miles from home but never left home.
                    You know, I grew up in cities like San Diego and never
                    knew what a yokel I was till I went to college. FUCK
                    SAN DIEGO.
                    \_ Hotel Coronado has a lot of history behind it. So
                       does San Diego from the Mission to Lindbergh. I
                       just spent a week in Carmel and while it is very
                       beautiful it was also supremely boring. Everything
                       closed at 8pm and there's nothing for kids to do
                       (if you have kids). Same for Mendocino, although Fort
                       Ross was interesting. You never really said what it
                       is that you like to do, but if you like history
                       then you should go to Boston or Philadelphia.
                    \_ Did you go to Old Town? Did you visit the missions?
                       I'll admit that San Diego's no SF, but it's a fine
                       \_ How about Los Angeles? What do you recommend doing
                          in Los Angeles besides the usual stuff like
                          *yawn* Olvera Street, Korea Town, Japan Town?
                          \_ The only times I've been to J-Town were to
                             interview for the JET Program. As a native
                             San Diegan, downtown LA offends me. Better
                             to go to Huntington Beach and environs.
                    \_ You should have walked around Hillcrest and had coffee
                       at some of the cool coffe shops. Why did you drive
                       downtown at all? You should have been walking. Did you
                       see a jazz show at Croces? Why not? Spend some time in
                       Balboa Park? That park is way better than GG Park. The
                       Museum of Modern Art in La Jolla is much better than
                       anything we have and La Jolla cove is great people
                       watching. You just did the dumb tourist stuff. There
                       are some great and famous murals in Barrio Logan
                       as well, but they are off the beaten path. North Park
                       is also great, where I used to live.
        \_ world of warcraft 7 day free trial.  Visit Quel Tha'las, have
           the kiddies ask where mankrik's wife is, go see the metal bands
           play the undercity.  Get that Deeprun tram postcard.  Come back
           with a defias bandit mask.  Fun for the whole family.
           \_ LOL Best response ever! Thanks!
2008/8/28-9/3 [Recreation/Travel] UID:50988 Activity:nil
8/28    If you were to check into a reasonably fancy downtown hotel with
        only a regular-sized backpack, how much would you tip the guy
        who shows you to yoru room? [and you carry the pack on your back].
        \_ As much as your generosity and budget allows.
           This is a free market. He treated you nicely because he was
           hoping to do a good job, and perhaps earn extra money on the
           side. He could have done the same thing to someone who dressed
           poorly. But it's a free market. He took a risk. He hoped to
           get a return. He may not have expected anything. But it's a
           free market. Anything goes. So next time someone helps you
           out, remember, that person has already seen it all, from
           huge ass tips to no tips, and no matter how much you give,
           to that person, it's just part of work.
        \_ POWs only had one hotel - the Hanoi Hilton!
           \_ are they old?  you should fire them.
        \_ I'm a pretty generous tipper and I wouldn't tip him anything. In
           fact, I'd let him know that in advance by telling him that you have
           it under control and there's no need to show you to your room.
        \_ Yeah, second the above guy. I would say "I am good, thanks" when
           offered assistance and then not tip him if he insisted.
2007/6/20-24 [Recreation/Travel, Reference/BayArea] UID:47022 Activity:kinda low
6/20    I am on travel for work in Santa Clara from LA. I haven't actually
        spent time down here (as opposed to Berkeley/SF) in about 12 years.
        I have some questions and observations:
        1. Why do people drive so slow here? The freeway is wide open and
           people still go 65 in general.
           \_ It's the cultural thing.  In other countries, you can get
              onto a freeway and take your sweet time to get to the cruising
              speed in 20 seconds and no one is going to complain.
           \_ On average people in LA drive a lot longer per commute than
              people in N Cal. LA is much bigger with much more suburbs and
              the highways are much more congested, so people tend to drive
              in a way that minimized their time in traffic (as fast as
              possible). Secondly LA has a Hummer/SUV/49er/I-love-foot-ball/my
              bling bling is bigger/better/faster than you culture and people
              have a tendency to drive a bit above speed limit (80-85 over the
              70mph limit) vs. N Cal where they're driving at the speed limit.
              In the end, time is money, and people will do what they can to
              save time.
              \_ Like none of this is true in the bay area?  Riiiiiight.
           \_ Sometimes a Prius ends up in the fast lane.
           \_ Probably because it's not rush hour, and those that need to rush
              to work usually drive during rush hour.
           \_ I moved recently from SF to LA. I think it's more that people
              in LA drive so fast and aggressively and have no patience.
              This is the West Coast - we're all supposed to be laid back
              I thought.
              \_ Maybe, but if the lanes are open then why not go 80-85?
                 \_ If your average commute is only 15-25min a day (typical
                    Bay Area commute), the time savings between 65 and 85 is
                    minimal (with local traffic dominating your commute time).
                    So people just don't rush the way they do in LA. On the
                    other hand if you live in shitty suburbs like Riverside,
                    Azusa, Ontario, and the rest of the Inland Empire where
                    you need to spend 2-4 hours a day on shitty highways like
                    605 210 110 5 101 405 while you inhale dirty LA smog, then
                    yes, there is a lot more incentive to buy a nice comfy
                    luxurious car and try to go 80-85 when it is possible to
                    do so.
                    \_ They *do* go 85 here.  Which freeways have you been
                       driving where they drive slower when there's open
                       \_ 101 and 280 so far.
                        \_ People driving slow on 280?  Damn last time
                           I was on 280 I was driving 85 and I was
                           the slowest car on the road.
                           \_ Dunno what to tell you. I have yet to be
                              passed by anyone the entire time I have
                              been here on any road.
                              \_ and I'm sure you have a large penis
                                 \_ Not that I drive crazy fast. Everyone
                                    else is just stuck at the speed limit.
                                    Unheard of.
                 \_ Lots of cops.
                 \_ People here have a higher interest in perserving their
                 \_ Just because somebody *can* do something, it doesn't mean
                    they will or should do it. I'm finding the mentality of LA
                    drivers annoying.
                 \_ I have no idea where you're all getting the idea that LA
                    drivers are one iota different than SF Bay Area drivers.
           \_ oh, I dont know, maybe it has something to do with the SPEED
              \_ What's that? It's annoying. Today everyone was doing 40
                 on the expressway. I looked at the sign. Yep. 40 was the
                 speed limit. WTF is wrong with people here? Does going
                 45 scare you?
        2. What is that nasty smell? I thought it was my hotel, but I figured
           out it's the air. Is it the Bay? It smells like warm, stale,
           salty air. If it's the Bay, then why doesn't say, Marin smell
           like this? Is there some sort of plant nearby? I can't stand it.
           \_ Millions of unshowered people.
              \_ No, seriously. There is a foul stench in the air. Surely
                 I am not the only one to notice this.
                 \_ Where? There are garbage dumps, salt ponds, and a couple
                    sewage facilities along the bay. Some parts of Milpitas
                    smell really bad.
              \_ salt flats, they can smell really nasty if you're downwind of
           \_ It is pretty amusing that someone from the Inland Empire is
              complaining about Bay Area air quality.
              \_ 1. I'm not from the IE.
                 2. Nowhere in LA smells bad like this unless there's
                    some sort of industry nearby. It permeates everything.
        3. Where is everyone? With about 100 Fortune 1000 companies nearby,
           I expected to see a lot of hustle and bustle in the mornings.
           It's like a ghost town. This is true for Mountain View, San
           Jose, and so on. Not just Santa Clara. Lots of massive office
           parks and not a person to be seen. Even the highways are
           relatively empty.
           \_ Everyone got laid off in 2001.  Anyone who didn't now does the
              work of 4 people.
           \_ Which freeway were you on? There are tons of people on 85.
              101 also clogs up beginning in the afternoon. There are tons
              of people at certain hotspots... like Valley Fair/Santana Row
              or Mtn View Castro St. There are a lot of dumpy areas that
              nobody wants to hang around in.
           \_ You should be used to this, coming from LA. Everyone gets
              in their cars, drives to their destination, which is behind
              a wall or smokey glass, then drives to their next destination.
              There is no public space. If you want to see people, go to
              the mall. This is just like LA, btw, except for the beach.
              Welcome to the suburbs, where you don't have to interact
              with anyone who is not exactly like you!
        4. One more: Why does Live105 play almost exactly the same music
           they did 12 years ago? I've listened to a few hours' worth at
           various times of day and it's not that the music is bad, but
           I'd say that only about 1/8 songs is actually newer than 5
           years old. The DJs are hideous, BTW.
           \_ Does LA have good radio stations? They have always been
              shit and always play the same limited genres ad nauseum.
              \_ No, LA has bad radio statons except for KKJZ. However,
                 they do play music from year 2006 and 2007. I appreciate
                 LA radio a lot more now.
                 \_ BTW, today's big ticket giveaways were Bob Saget
                    and NASCAR. On Live105. That is very scary.
                    \_ Bob Saget is actually pretty hilarious when he's not on
                       some family show like AFV or Full House. His bit in
                       The Aristocrats was the best.
                       \_ Yeah, yeah. He's foul-mouthed. How about tickets
                           to, I dunno, a show?
           \_ Live 105 is owned by CBS, thus is incapable of innovation.  -tom
           \_ Zombies.  They took over the radio stations years ago but no one
2007/3/2-3 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Travel] UID:45855 Activity:kinda low
3/2     Funny, probably work safe: -!dans
        \_ Wow, everything in that story is totally crazy.
        \_ Fairly boring and unbelievable - !danh
         \_ It's also a hoax
            \_ How do you know that?
        \_ That's completely work-safe.
2006/10/25-27 [Recreation/Travel] UID:44970 Activity:nil
10/25   We just went to Oahu for 5 days for only $748. Two roundtrip plane
        tickets AND a 2 star hotel that was only 3 blocks from the beach.
        I got the $1200 package that was on discount for $848 on Expedia,
        and also got an instant $100 rebate that was posted online. Total
        trip excluding food and entertainment was $748. Nice deal.
        \_ 2 star hotel? Is that like a Motel 6?
           \_ No. It was a cozy little place and it felt more like a 3
              star hotel. Clerks treated you like a family member.
           \_ Stars are not the definitive guide to hotel quality--they
              also, depending on the ratings group, take into account things
              like size, handicapped accessibility, a restaurant (no matter
              how crappy), etc.  I've been at 2-3 star places that blew
              away 5 star business hotels.  -John
2006/5/14-17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Recreation/Travel] UID:43051 Activity:nil
5/13    Is Dubai a nice city to visit? Is it expensive? Anyone have
        \- if you want to buy gold jewelry or expensive watches.
           i think you can entertaiin yourself there for 2 days
           there are also various expat communities you could attempt
           to hangout with or observe. beyond 2 days, i think you'ld need
           to plan something rather than just wander around town. it certainly
           wouldnt be the destination i'd pick unless you were going to shop,
           and even then, it's not what i'd pick.
           \_ All my friends/associates who lived or visited there said it
              (and Qatar) were great places (a) to get out of Saudi Arabia to,
              (b) if you have wads of cash, (c) if you don't mind 40 degrees
              in the shade.  -John
              \_ (i think he means celsius.  weirdo)
                 \_ I thought that was obvious from the context.  -!John
                 \_ Oh sorry, I thought it was clear that a bunch of primitive
                    camel jockeys, along with the rest of the world, would not
                    yet have progressed to Fahrenheit.  -John
2006/3/30-31 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Travel] UID:42541 Activity:nil
        Los Angeles to have its own Times Square
2006/3/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Recreation/Travel] UID:42403 Activity:low
        \_ his requests are quite modest, no?  the requirement for
           TV tuned to fox news is very funny :p
2006/3/20-21 [Recreation/Travel] UID:42344 Activity:nil
        A Germany hotel charges by the pound. I guess they don't like fat
        American tourists or something.
        \_ Caps at 172lbs.  I don't think that's targetted at fat American
        \_ More to the point, have you seen German tourists? There's only so
           much lager and sausage the body can process.
        \_ He should base it on BMI.
2006/3/16-17 [Recreation/Travel, Recreation/Media] UID:42279 Activity:high
3/16    I have an expensive hobby. I have a few providers I found through
        my friend's escort connections. There are a few providers and
        AMPs I go to frequently and I really enjoy some of them. Anyways,
        after they provide full services, how much should I tip them? For
        some providers, even if I don't tip I still get great services
        from them.
        \_ Err, what is your hobby, visiting prostitutes?
           \_ I think that's it.  I'm guessing AMP = Asian Massage Parlor.
2005/10/3-5 [Industry/Jobs, Recreation/Travel] UID:39962 Activity:nil
10/3    Going to be in SF on business. Any recommendations for hotels? So far
        I am leaning towards the Omni or the Mandarin Oriental. Four
        Seasons and Ritz are out (cost). Anyone have experience with those
        two or know one better in the same price range (<=$300/night)? --dim
        \_ Mark Hopkins and Nikko are both nice. Park Hyatt is good if you
           want to be in the financial district, but otherwise boring.
           \_ Any experience with those I mentioned? I was considering
              Park Hyatt, since it costs a lot less but it also seems less
              \_ My parents really like it. Their bathroom on the 2nd floor
                 has the best toilet paper I've ever used. For a five star
                 hotel, it seems very basic and no frills, without the pure
                 brand name of the other hotels mentioned above. I've never
                 been to NYC, but it has that feeling (e.g. guys with weird
                 hats who open doors for you)
        \_ W if you like really dark hallways with dim blue lighting and you
           like everyone dressed in black. The rooms are cozy though.
           \_ "W" was an option, but I think is out because of the
              location and some negative reviews I read on tripadvisor.
        \_ Shame you can't spring for Four Seasons or the Ritz, but if you
           happen to find the extra budget, go for Four Seasons.  Great
           hotel.  The views from the MO are great, but I thought my room
           was small, and it wasn't nearly as posh as the MO's in the Orient.
           My cousin swears by the Huntington, and he's something of an
           expert on luxury hotels (he spends ~100 nights a year in hotels).
           I've never visited, so I can't speak from 1st person experience
           I've never visited, so I can speak from 1st person experience
           though. -tse
           \_ OBTW, I've been told the regular rooms at the Ritz Carlton
              feel old.  I can attest that the club rooms (IMHO the only
              reason to stay at RC properties anyway) are very nice.  -tse
              \- IMHO, campton place food > huntington food.
2005/9/22-23 [Recreation/Travel] UID:39812 Activity:nil
9/22    I'm going to Washington DC in a couple weeks more-or-less as a tourist.
        I want to find a hotel in a relatively pleasant/safe area near a bunch
        of touristy things and the metro.  Are their any hotels or
        neighborhoods you'd reccomend?  It doesn't need to be too fancy, but it
        would be nice to find a place with net access in-room.
        \_ Are you going to join Cindy Sheehan, the clueless nutso who happens
           to have a noble cause and is giving us liberals a bad name?
           \_ No, actually I was planning on visiting the Smithsonian, going up
              in the Washington Monument, maybe tour The Capitol, and throw
              a bucket of blood on imperialist aggressors.
        \_ When I visited DC I stayed in Alexandria and took Metro in.
           Otherwise, maybe Dupont Circle. A lot of DC is sketchy.
           However, you'll be fine at any large hotel (Hyatt, Sheraton,
2005/9/17-20 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Travel] UID:39737 Activity:nil
9/17    What's the best way to find lodging in Europe for a non-student type
        who still wants a casual, hostel-oriented tour?  Does it vary from
        country to country, or am I consigned entirely to the drudgery of
        hotels and B&Bs?  I'll soon be 26, my Cal ID still looks reasonably
        like me, and I make enough to pay for hotels-- it's just that I find
        travel a lot more interesting if I don't have to make reservations.
        \_ This is always good: or you could
           ask around.  It varies tremendously by where/when you want to go,
           what your budget is, and how much you want to see.  Don't knock
           B&Bs, there are some great ones around.  If you gave some more
           details, that would help.  -John
        \_ I second the Lonely Planet recommendation, though I've found it
           most useful to actually purchase a LP guide for the region, since
           that lists all the hostels. Hostelling International (HI) lets you
           book online. I know it's a bit of a pain to book ahead, but (from
           experience) it's a lot better than arriving at a city and either
           a) spending hours trekking around with a bag to find a place or
           b) sleeping in a campground with no tent because all the places
           are full.
           \_ Totally agree.  You should get an LP anyway (and always do your
              own research regardless.)  Their online forums are just very
              good to get other peoples' first-hand opinions.  -John
        \_ LP is great, but go to or if
           you want a list of all the hostel options.
2005/8/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Recreation/Travel] UID:39224 Activity:nil
8/22    Just wondering, how much vacation do military servicemen in Iraq get?
        \_ free paid vacation in Mosul.
        \_ All service personnel are guaranteed 1 month vacation a year.
2005/7/5-6 [Recreation/Travel] UID:38421 Activity:nil
7/5     I'm trying to find a decent place to living, something that is close
        to 3-4 stars but without the price tag of a 4-5 star hotel, esp.
        during summer time. It seems that bed & breakfast places fit that
        criteria. I've only lived in 1 b&b place and I loved it... it was
        small, cozy, clean, and we got every amenity there is thinkable,
        including a microwave, frig, stove, and a fireplace. What are some
        other reasons NOT to get a B&B place? One disadvantage is that they
        lack user feedback systems on the web site, and that I'd have to
        talk to them to reserve a room. What else?
        \_ You find something wrong with the room and you can't back out of
           your contract. How long your gonna live there?
        \_ There seems to be an expectation for a B&B guest to socialize
           with the proprietor(s) and the other guests.  I go on vacation
           to escape dealing with people, so B&Bs are a bad option for me.
           My last vacation to Bali, my wife and I rented a villa with a
           staff of 4.  On the plus side, the included chef obviated the need
           to negotiate the local food scene, which is usually a source of
           stress for me.  Unfortunately, the staff was determined to be
           friendly and chatty, and their attempts to reach out to me was
           more of humanity than I wanted to deal with while on vacation.
           Domestics should be seen but not heard.
2005/6/28-29 [Recreation/Travel] UID:38343 Activity:high
6/29    Apparently, a developer is petitioning a city in New Hamphshire to
        build a hotel at the location where the home of Chief Justice Souter
        is located. -- ilyas
        \_ That is nice, URL to prove this? What do YOU think about it?
           \_ See above.
           \_ As someone pointed out to me, this would have been a lot funnier
              if they called it "the Hotel of Common Good." -- ilyas
              if they called it "the Hotel of Common Good," and instead of
              Ayn Rand gave out literature on the successes of social programs
              in the United States. -- ilyas
              \_ oh boy that would have been hilarious.  -tom
                 \_ You are a sad little man, Tom Holub.
                    \_ I'm so hurt to be insulted by an anonymous coward.  -tom
2005/6/28-29 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Travel] UID:38339 Activity:high
6/29    Freestar Media: "Lost Liberty Hotel" proposed on Justice Souter's
        \_ It's too bad the "developer" decided to be so heavy-handed with
           his message.  I think a more subtle approach would have been
           \_ Losing your home is never funny.  Talk about missing the point.
              \_ Giving a precedent for taking your home away in this way
                 isn't funny.  Talk about missing the point.
                 \_ You must be young.  The point is that this guy knows he
                    is not going to be able to flatten a USSC justice's home
                    to build his hotel.  This is not going to set any
                    precedent.  The USSC already said what he's doing is ok.
                    He is showing how stupid and unfair the ruling is.
           \_ I don't think they're trying give a message.  I think they're
              really trying to condemn Souter's home.
              \_ It says its not a joke.  I think it would be awesome though,
                 a good illustration to the people who change policy without
                 thought that it could effect them. -mrauser
2005/6/14-17 [Recreation/Travel] UID:38123 Activity:nil
6/14    Anyone have a good recommendation on hotels nearby Seattle? ok thx
        \_ sheraton by the convention center didnt suck.
        \_ no, but if you have time the underground tour is a fun touristy
           thing to do there.
           I was skeptical, but the guides were actually pretty funny.
        \_ the W was pretty nice if you (or the company) will pay for it
2005/1/20 [Recreation/Travel] UID:35819 Activity:moderate
1/20    I've googled and haven't found anything decisive:  is mandatory
        vacation time legal in CA?  If not, is there an exemption for small
        \_ Do you mean "are companies required to give paid vacation time"?
           \_ no.
        \_ My gf's company pays out the remaining vacation hours at the end
           of the year at your current salary.
           \_ Lame, but sounds legal to me.
              \_ Lamer is capping your possible vacation hours.  I'd gladly
                 take a vacation time payout.
                 \_ You *have* to be compensated for paid vacation.  If they're
                    capped you must be compensated for any hours above the cap.
                    \_ You can have a "no additional accrual" policy, but you
                       can't "expire" standing vacation time ("use it or lose
                       it").  The company I work for caps sick time, but not
                       vacation time.  Sucks less, but both are legal
        \_ No, I mean: "the company will be closed days x y and z, you can use
           vacation time there or take unpaid time off."  Applying to exempt
           \_ Oh, plenty of companies to that.  Even big ones.  Applied
              Materials does, for example.
              \_ Which doesn't mean it's legal.  This:
                 says that Sun backed off it a few years ago.
                 \_ You do realize that the same article quoted an attorney
                    saying "Most companies are well within their rights in
                    forcing workers to take vacation time."
                    \_ You do realize that the paragraph before says that CA
                       may be an exception to this, right?
                       \_ That's because CA DLSE issued an opinion that
                          contradicted federal law.  The DLSE subsequently
                          withdrew that opinion letter and the IWE affirmed
                          CA's compliance to the federal standard.
                          contradicted federal law, but the opinion had no
                          force until it was adopted by either the IWC or
                          the court system.  The DLSE subsequently withdrew
                          that opinion letter and the IWC affirmed CA's
                          compliance to the federal standard.  The DLSE opinion
                          was withdrawn in 6/01, so at the publication of
                          the news story (assuming it was 26jul01), there was
                          no legal basis to think that CA had different
                          requirements than the rest of the country.
                 \_ Sun still does the "the company is shut down - use
                    vacation days or go unpaid" every year for the 4th of July
                    week.  Has since the bubble burst.
           \_ HP's had x-mas shutdown for the five years i've been here. I
              would think they would've stopped if it was found to be illegal
              by now.
        \_ Is my employer required to give me vacation time?
           No.  (from that URL)
2004/12/8-9 [Recreation/Travel] UID:35213 Activity:moderate
12/8    What's a good place to go for family around the bay area for Christmas?
        I want to drive there and stay in a hotel for a day or two. Besides
        tahoe, what are some other destination spots?
        \_ Sea Ranch can be nice, but is expensive and a bit stuffy.
        \_ Damn, I looked at Tahoe and the hotel is just too expensive for me.
           Guess everything's expensive around Christmas. Maybe I'll just stay
           in the bay area... :(
        \_ Occidental is nice. I have stayed at the Occidental Inn
           a number of times. How old are your children?
           \_ Parents visiting, so I am trying to think of some place to
              take them...
                \_ go to Apple HIll
              \_ Occidental Inn would be perfect then. Not cheap though.
        \_ Monterey?  Mendocino?
           \_ seconded.  Add Carmel as well.
           \_ Mendocino sucks. --grew up in Mendocino
              \_ Orr Hot Springs is pretty amazing. Not really a place
                 to take your parents though.
                 to take your parents though, unless they are nudists
                 or really hip.
        \_ Man, you guys suck. Two days and all you can come up with
           is three places. Okay here is a short list: Napa, Russian
           River, Calistoga Hot Springs, Marin coast, Pt. Reyes, Sonoma
           Inn, Pinnacles, Big Sur, Gold Country, Tahoe, Yosemite.
        \_ Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, Hearst Castle, Bodega Bay, Bear Valley,
           Reno, Truckee.
2004/11/5 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Travel] UID:34706 Activity:nil
        Stories from people who work in Japan's Love Hotels.
2004/9/2 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Recreation/Travel] UID:33294 Activity:very high
9/2     Hello guys I have a dilemma. I booked Holiday Inn on the internet
        and on the day that I checked in they gave me a smoking room. They
        didn't have anything else, but I couldn't take the room because of
        serious asthma (I ended up going to a nearby B&B place). After talking
        to the managers and the corporate HQ they still refused to give me
        a refund, I filed the complaint to BBB. BBB returned saying that
        they can't help us, and that I should try one of the four choices:
        -Small Claims Court Santa Clara County
        -State Contractors Board
        -Consumer Affairs State of California
        -District Attorney of Santa Clara County
        Which choice is the best? Thanks,
        \_ Go to small claims court. Let us know if you need help.
           The rest of you STFU, because you don't know squat about
           the statutes involved or basic Tort.
           \_ All bow down before the anonymous legal expert!
              \_ For the uninitiated: A) You don't know the real facts of
                 the case. B) You don't know what statutes apply to
                 the case, C) You don't know if the situation involved
                 actually violates the rule of law, D) You don't know
                 in what situations that rule of law should be upheld.
                 Ergo, you cannot make a summary judgement of whether
                 or not the OP should or should not receive due
                 compensation. Therefore, STFU. And yes, I am
                 qualified to comment on the subject...
        \_ if you KNOW you have problems with SMOKE, make sure you
           get a NON SMOKING ROOM explicity upon reservation
        \_ Why do you hate smokers?? They gave you 1 room, which you chose
           not to take.  Pay up, chump.
        \_ If you just 'requested' a non-smoking room, that's expressing a
           preference and it doesn't obligate them to give you one, just like
           asking for a window seat on an airplane doesn't entitle you to one.
           If you told them you require a NS room when you made the reservation
           or they promised one, you have a much better case.
                \_ ah, but the internet didn't even give me a choice!!!
                   \_ sure, blame it on the internet!!!
        \_ Tell corporate HQ to "Give me my money back or I'm going to file
           an ADA suit with one of the ADA ambulance chasers".
           \_ The thing is that while they are required to be accomodating,
              you have to give them reasonable notice of your disability by,
              say telling them you're asthmatic when you make the reservation.
              Cal provides ASL interpreters for lectures, but if a deaf student
              doesn't give them warning ahead of time, they're SOL.
        \_ hey, if they charged to your credit card.  Call your CC company to
           dispute it.  You can't be charged for services not rendered.
           \_ The reason they can charge you for a canceled reservation if
              because you could cause them to hold a room for you that could
              go to a customer who shows up and pays.  If there are lots of
              rooms available, a canceled reservation charge is not covering
              any actual damages.  If there are no other vacancies, as this
              sounds like, then be reserving and then canceling, you *did*
              cause damages in the form of a reserved but unused room.
           \_ credit company said it is my fault for breaking the 24 hour
              clause set by Holiday Inn.                        -op
              \_ just think of it as payment for a lesson learned, ok?
        \_ for most people, "smoking or not" is just a preference, not
           life-threatening choices.  It's too bad that it is for you, and you
           should be reponsible for getting message acrossed to those who
           handles your hotel room.
        \_ if you have some reason to need or want a non-smoking room or
           other preference, state it to to the hotel.  If the hotel can
           not or will not cater to your needs or wants, they the hotel
           needs to inform you of this in a timely fashion.  If you dont
           state this to the hotel, tough shit.  If the hotel tells you
           at the last minute that they can not fulfill your request, that's
           bad faith.
2004/7/7-8 [Recreation/Travel] UID:31207 Activity:very high
7/7     I'm really clueless about travelling. The only real vacations I've had
        were set up by my parents. What's the best way to figure out plane
        and hotel arrangements for some given place? Or are tour packages a
        good idea? Sorry this is pretty vague I just want people to talk about
        travel cuz I need vacation badly.
        \_ try
        \_ it depends. try to package something yourself, and then compare
           the price to online packages as well as those offered by a real
           travel agency. I had a really good travel agent that worked
           wonders even after online prices shot up.
           \_ the flight stuff I could handle but the hotel possibilities are
              kind of intimidating. did you just try some random travel agent?
        \_ where might you be going?  That will help us answer your question.
           \_ not really sure yet.
           \_ Quiz: What is your travelling personality?
              \_ wow.  what an eye opener.  it turns out i like to go outside
                 and look at stuff.  who knew?  i'd like to take a moment to
                 silently thank the selfless individuals who labored and
                 sweated to bring this brilliant "quiz" into the world.
        \_ A lot depends on your attitude towards travel. If you're a type A
           person with a list of destinations to hit on your trip, book your
           own. If you're a walkabout person with a very relaxed idea towards
           sites to see, book your own. If you don't want to worry about your
           travel arrangements, book a tour. There are many different types
           of tours catering to different tastes. A little research will help.
           Plus if it's for first trip out, a tour is an okay overview.
           \_ Tours are lame.  OP is better off doing a bit of research to get
              the overview.  Since OP doesn't seem to travel an entire trip
              spent getting an overview is wasteful.
              \_ I'd normally want to do it myself but in some cases it seems
                 like the intra-destination travel and food stuff would be
                 a lot simpler with a tour.
2004/7/2-4 [Recreation/Travel] UID:31138 Activity:high
7/2     I used Travelocity to book a room with Holiday Inn (fine, I'm STUPID)
        but when I checked in the only rooms available were smoking rooms. I
        returned the keys and asked for a refund because of serious
        asthma, but the hotel would not give a refund because I didn't
        cancel it 24 hours in advance. In addition because Travelocity
        didn't ask me whether I wanted smoking or not, they said that
        they were not liable for giving me a room that I didn't like.
        How would this look in Small Claims given that the contract
        was pretty specific and the wording seems to be on the corporate
        side? Would the judge be sympathetic to me or tell me to fuck
        off because I violated the 24-hour clause in the contract? In
        addition, should I escalate it through the department of justice?
        \_ You should do small claims.  They won't even fight it.
           \- hello assuming a reasonable credit card was involved
              you might be able to pursue it through them too.
        \_ i booked a hotel with travelocity also.  i wasn't aware of
           any option for choosing smoking/non-smoking room on their
           website.  i just called them over the phone and they told
           me it's an arragement i will make with the hotel on arrival.
           i am crossing my fingers now... :(
        \_ Orbitz or expedia tell you ahead of time, smoking or non
                \_ tried that, the CC company said its my fault for breaking
                   the contract
                   \_ did you file a written claim with CC company or just
                      call them up?  file a written claim which requires them
                      to reply in writing and then see where you stand.  if
                      they don't help you out cancel that CC.
2004/5/14-15 [Academia/GradSchool, Recreation/Travel] UID:30226 Activity:moderate
5/13    Some what related question:  I'm going to grad school in August.
        When should I notify my employer that I'm leaving?  Can they
        fire you for planning to go to grad school?  I don't think I will
        get fired.  I want pick a time which is equitable to both
        \_ If someone fires you *after* you've given reasonable notice without
           a *very* good cause you have an easy lawsuit.  They will not fire
           you even if they are the most stupid people in the universe.
           \_ The Vogons would fire you.
              \_ they'd probably put you out of an airlock and *then* fire
                 \_ but not without a poetry reading
2004/4/8-9 [Recreation/Travel] UID:13092 Activity:nil
4/8     Any recommendations for a cheap nationwide dial-up PPP provider
        where I can purchase two months of service? I'm going on vacation
        to the midwest, and staying at places that don't have net.
        \_ Here's an idea, make it a real vacation and go offline for a while.
            \                   \- "real" vacation to the midwest?
             \_ I recently started a business and that's not yet an option.
                \_ going offline is not an option, or taking your "vacation"
                   somewhere other than the asshole of the united states is
                   not an option?  personally, I'd rather work a 90 hour week
                   on the west coast or in the northeast than have a week
                   "vacation" in the midwest.  I have relatives there, and
                   have plenty of experience to back this up.
                   \_ how many states are officially "midwest"? -neutral party
        |_ joiinternet for $6.95/mo.
        \_ Every SBC dsl account comes with free nationwide dial-up for
           when you're travelling (via prodigy).  Find a friend with DSL
           that doesn't use the dial-up portion, and use theirs?
        \_ Bring along two AOL CDs.
           \_ Thanks. I went with ispwest. --op
2004/4/8-9 [Recreation/Travel] UID:13081 Activity:nil
4/8     I recently got my first raise, and I'm curious: are my accumulated
        vacation hours worth more now, or will I be paid according to the
        rate I was receiving when I earned them?
        \_ This depends entirely on your employer.  Ask HR.
        \_ I think they are always worth more now to the company, because if
           you take the vacation now, the company is obligated to pay you at
           your new rate while you are not working.  The new rate is what they
           now have to use for accounting purpose.  But I don't know what rate
           they'll use if you decide to cash-in the vacation time and the
           company allows that.
        \_ I've always had them valued at my current salary when I cashed
           them in.
           \_ if it were any other way, what would happen when you started
              taking vacation? would the company use prepromotion vacation days
              first or are they bastards, in which case they use your post-
              promotion vacation days first... then, when you cash out, they
              cash you out at pre-promotion wages. it would be a mess and
              probably illegal.
        \_ I just got paid for all the hours i've accumlated over our max
           and I was paid at my latest salary.  -sky
        \_ New rate. Doing it the other way would screw with accounting.
2004/1/29 [Recreation/Travel] UID:12001 Activity:nil 53%like:10381 50%like:29479
1/28    What's the difference between a motel, hotel, and a inn?
        \_ Motel: an establishment which provides lodging and parking and in
           which the rooms are usually accessible from an outdoor parking area.
           Hotel: an establishment that provides lodging and usually meals,
           entertainment, and various personal services for the public.
           Inn: I think it's the same as hotel.
        \_ etymology:  motel = "motor hotel"
2004/1/29 [Recreation/Travel] UID:12000 Activity:nil
1/28    Just used travelocity and expedia. I like expedia's commercial, but
        travelocity gave me better choices. So here's a poll:
        travelocity: .
        \_ I have had excellent deals with Priceline using
                \_ priceline is a total waste of time. You end up spending
                   time putting different data points and end up not getting
                   the hotel you really want. It's all based on trust, and
                   it's anything but trustworthy. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.
                    \_ Well I've gotten direct flights to Reagan National
                       for under 200$, 3-4 star hotels for 30-40$.  YMMV,
                       unless you are stupid.  Thats the whole point of
                       the site I included - because it gives you the
                       strategy to get the area you want and what you can
                       expect to pay.  Hmm Hilton in downtown SF for 50$
                       a night; you're right PCLN sucks.
2003/10/27 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Travel] UID:10814 Activity:nil
10/27   Anybody been to New Zealand?  From the various web sites it looks
        like a beautiful country.  I thought that it was mostly desert like
        Australia. But it has beautiful mountains and snow.  Not something
        I expect from an island in the pacific.  I'm looking for a vacation
        spot with my wife.  Thanks.
        \_ All of Middle Earth was filmed in New Zealand.
        \_ Yeah get with the times. NZ is the latest faddy trendy spot. All
           the cool people have been going there lately.
                \_ why don't you go to Algeria.  totally not trendy
        \_ Sure.  why not.  go.
        \_ I'd recommend the South Island, which is much less populated and is
           where most of the LoTR was shot.  Its getting into summer there
           right now, so the snow won't be around and the ticket prices will
           be at their peak ($1200 for coach, usually).  The North Island has
           Auckland, which I wasn't all that fond of...but it does have lots
           of rain forest and some of the most beautiful beaches you'll see
           outside of Hawaii.
        \_ New Zealand was great, I also reccomend south island.
        \_ Can I find any hobbitses there?
2003/10/21-22 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Travel] UID:10715 Activity:insanely high
10/21   What's a good weekend vacation for me and my wife for <$350 in driving
        distance of the East Bay? I'm looking for specific hotel/resort
        recommendations, e.g. Orr Hot Springs.
         -- ulysses
        \_ Napa
        \_ Cross Country skiing at Royal Gorge
        \_ why do people get married so young? didn't you just graduate?
           \_ Are you thinking of somebody else maybe? I'm probably older than
              you. -- ulysses
                \_ I'm 50. How old are YOU?
                   \_ Pull trou, troll.
        \_ Again, have you been canyoning up in Quincy?  It may be cold
        \_ Cross Country skiing at Royal Gorge
              you. -- ulysses
           right now, but it's beautiful and nearly free.
           \_ Not in many years. Thank you for the suggestion. It will have to
              wait for summer, I think, though. My wife is not exactly the
              outdoorsy sort. <Wife says: What do you mean no room service?!>
              \_ BDG, where are you!?
        \_ umm... what about the obvious?  up in Napa County... Calistoga
           Hot Springs...  or any of the resort/spas up there.  You can also
           go shopping a bit south of there.  Specific recommendations?
           Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa(not in Calistoga) is very close to the
           limit of your budget. You could go for Sat night, and buy a nice
           spa package or two, spend a day wine tasting, etc.  Or the
           Calistoga places can be a bit cheaper than SMI.
           \_ Lavender Hill in Calistoga is excellent and not too pricey....
       \_ Bed and breakfast places up the coast on highway 1 in medicino
          are all also really nice and within your range --sky
          \_ I know there are good ones but I've had mixed experiences with
             B&Bs. Can you name one you'd recommend?
             \_ Sorry I can't remember the names of the ones I stayed at.
                I usually just drive around and pick one.  Another suggestion,
                 closer to home, is Casa Madrona over in Sausalito.
                Its a totally painless weekend getaway.
2003/10/15-16 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Recreation/Travel] UID:10634 Activity:nil
10/15   I am planning on visiting Guandong, Shanghai, Beijin, etc. this coming
        year.  Generally speaking, what time of the year would be best to visit
        these places?  If I want to do more than take a kodak in each city, how
        many cities should I visit in about 2 weeks?  And, is it better/safer
        for a single guy to travel alone, with a guy buddy, his gf, or his
        regular female friend travel with him?  Lastly, what are some good
        words to search for besides "china", "guandong", "shanghai", "beijin",
        "travel", "tour", ...  Thanks.
        \_ best time is actually *NOW*, right after their national holiday
           vacation (which span seven days) on October 1st. before
           the weather turned cold.  One problem with
           China is that it has too many people.  I personally find it
           difficult to enjoy scenary, no matter how beatiful it is,
           when there are couple thousands of other guys doing the exact
           same thing at the same time.   China in general are pretty
           safe.  For starter, stick with may be 3 cities.  Beijing,
           Xi'An, and may be Shanghai (especially the nearby city like
           Suzhou).  If you hever been in China before
           3-4 cities is a good start for a 2 week period.
           \_ Safe in general, true, but when it comes to your belongings
              you should be very watchful.  There are known to be some
              pickpockets in the bigger cities.  Oh, and try to take
              a boat ride along the river in Guilin.
              \_ What are you saying?  It's the worker's paradise!  Racist!
        \_ The best travel time is just before the Japanese show up to gang
           bang the entire staff at the local hotels.  You don't want seconds.
           \_ Those women weren't hotel staff.  They were brought in.
        \_ Can I still visit if I don't know how to speak Chinese?
           \_ Don't worry, they'll assign a minder to you.  They'll always be
              one block behind.
              \_ Not in Shanghai.  The authorities will simply assume that
                 every pimp and nightclub owner will report on you anyway.
2003/5/14-15 [Recreation/Travel] UID:28433 Activity:nil
5/13    Anyone have any experience w/ hostels in Hawaii? -reposter
        \_ I liked Hostelling International Waikiki.  Definately go on their
           Circle Island tour.  Seaside Hawaiian Hostel is nice and quiet,
           but a little run down.  There are a few "party" hostels a little
           further east in Waikiki, if you want to be in that crowd.
           Hostelling International Honolulu is supposed to be quite nice
           and quiet, but not as convenient as HI Waikiki.
2003/5/14 [Recreation/Travel] UID:28431 Activity:nil
5/13    I'm headed to Hawaii for a wedding in July. I'm not into that middle
        class "luxury" BS, but I plan on making the most of it... good weather
        scuba, lovely ladies, etc. So I've been thinking about hosteling it
        with two others. A low end hotel is probably about the same price,
        and price isn't really an issue. I just don't want to end up with
        a bunch of fat white people. I'd prefer college tourists from sweden.
        Anyone ever do a hostel in hawaii?
        \_ You can see nice beaches and babes in california.  go see the
           active volcanoes!
        \_ Your only hope for meeting lovely ladies in hawaii is hooking
           up with another tourist. They are not into mainlanders and
           especially not haole.
           \_ Dunno how true this is. My ex is from oahu, and at least a couple
              of her friends from the islands are dating haoles. But they do
              kinda look down on mainlanders in general.
2003/4/25 [Recreation/Travel] UID:28224 Activity:insanely high
4/24    Seriously.  How practical and close to time travel are we?  I used to
        read quite a bit about this topic when I was young, but have not been
        keeping up with this for the past few years.
        \_ Funny you should mention that, there's a good article about that
           in this months issue of Omni.  Apparently we're pretty close.
           \_ Is the article by any chance online?
        \_ I'm reading this motd entry from the future.
           \_ I knew you were going to say that.
                \_ I knew you were going to say that you knew I was going
                   to say that...
                   \_ Yep, that too.
                      \_ Until I get around to killng both of you *and* your
                         grandparents.  Right after I cleanup in the market.
        \_ When Zefram Cochrane invents Warp drive (a few short years
           now, WWIII has to happen first) we will have everything we
           need to time travel.
        \_ Time is a one-way arrow. Time travel into the future will happen
           in 50-100 years it does not create any paradoxes. On the other hand,
           time travel into the past will never happen, because it creates
           impossible paradoxes, and that points at it violating all sorts
           of things like cause and effect. And it beckwards time-travel
           IS ever invented, you'd have heard about it by now.
           \_ your logic is flawed.  quantum mechanics creates horrible,
              crazy-sounding paradoxes, and yet it has been experimentally
              verified again and again.  The more we explore the crazier
              parts of quantum mechanics like superposition and
              entanglement, the more it all seems to be correct, and it's
              not showing any signs of making "sense".  Time travel may
              well be truly impossible, but to say that it's impossible just
              because of some paradoxes is to ignore the history of physics.
           \_ The Temporal Prime Directive is why you haven't.
              \_ Because in the future people obey all laws to the letter.
        \_ A time-travel date movie: A Happy Accident.
           \_ hah! if you're date won't watch Dr. Who with you she's not
              worth it.
        \_ I read somewhere that time travel is essentially tied to going
           faster than the speed of light.  If it's possible to go faster
           than c then it's equivalent to time travel.  Is that still the
           case?  Isn't c the one true thing that is constant in the universe?
           I need something that is true and absolute in life!
           \_ There is one true and absolute thing about your life.  You
                are a loser.
2003/4/14-15 [Recreation/Travel] UID:28113 Activity:nil
4/14    anybody have a good travel agent that they would be willing
        to tell me about?  email or post here.  thanks!  -hahnak
        \_ Who still uses travel agents?  For tickets use the web.  For
           help planning a real vacation... use the web.
2002/10/25-26 [Recreation/Travel, Industry/Startup] UID:26321 Activity:very high
10/25   The boss instituted a 7-day vacation/sick day (combined) policy
        for those who have been working for at least a year.  He says
        most startups don't give any vacation time at all.  Is this
        accurate?  How about where you work?
        \_ My company is still a "startup". 14 days vacation + 2 sick
           days per year. Pretty standard.
        \_ This is not accurate.  Most startups give 2 or 3 weeks
           paid time off (sick+vacation) and then aim to squeeze
           seventy hours weeks out of you the rest of the time.
        \_ That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard.
        \_ Utter bullshit
        \_ I'm not at a startup.  I'm at a gov't research lab.  But I
           get 13 sick days and 13 holidays per year, not counting
           national holidays such as Memorial day.  --PeterM
        \_ could be true.  Maybe you are a really small startup?
           \_ We have ~ 15 on-site employees.  Around for a couple years now.
            \_ It is bullshit.  Your boss is abusing the fact that jobs are
               scarce right now.  Do you really want to work for someone who
               tries to fuck hisi employees when he thinks he can get away with
                \_ Who would?  But the sad thing is, he CAN get away with it.
                   Bloody damned economy.  Irrational exuberance can bite me.
                   \_ The only reason he can get away with it is because
                      of apathetic, low self-image developers (and H1B's).
                      The market is bad, but it's not THAT bad.
                      \_ what safe secure hole have you been in?  or do you
                         rewl?  It *is* THAT bad
        \_ well that depends. Are you a H1B? If you are, ALL YOUR BASES ARE
           BELONG TO HIM. H1B have no legal grounds to sue and have no basis
           for complaint. It's the best cheap hitech labor.
           \_ Nonsense.  Civil complaints can be filed by anyone regardless
              of nationality.  Some courts will charge extra large filing
              fees for nonresidents, however.
              \_ That doesn't mean you will win.
        \_ we had FIVE weeks vacation at my last job... a start-up.
           of course, this was ~2 years ago.
        \_ Any URLs for vacation/sick policies (I looked on google) for
           startups?  If we assume he's not trying to screw people, the
           boss is a Type A personality who thinks everyone should work as
           hard as he does.  He thinks we should all work really hard and
           be proud when we succeed as a company -- instead of all acting
           like a bunch of 40hr/wk overpaid ingrates.
           \_ This sort of expectation is extremely unprofessional for any
              except a small cadre of founding members -- and even then it's
              borderline.  Very few people are in industry strictly because
              they like to work really hard.
           \_ "Proud" as in "wow, that's swell, have a piece of cake and let's
              get back to work" proud or "here's a nice big bonus and take a
              few weeks off" proud? Personally as I get older, I find better,
              more gratifying things to do in my life than cubicle work. What
              good is it to be successful if you can't enjoy life? And Allah
              help you, if have a family or get into a relationship. Your boss
              is trying to make you feel guilty for making money AND maybe
              trying to enjoy life at the same time. 'Sup to you to take
              it or leave it. Here's the best way to look at it, if the person
              of your dreams asks you to spend a long weekend in Tahoe and
              you can't do it because you had the flu in January, your life
              officially sucks.
        \_ Generally speaking, US sucks in terms of vacation days.  Europe
           and even countries in Asia are much better.  They get like 30
           days of vacation.  I only get a measly 13 days (not including
           sick days though).  It's because US has an anal retentive
           pilgrim's calling type of twisted work ethic.  However, I must
           say that your case is especially bad.  I think you are being
           bullied and exploited.  You should kick your boss.  Darn!  It's
           almost 8 p.m. Friday, why am I still at work?  Must be because
           I am a H1B slave.
        \_ Look, you are being exploited.  You know you are being exploited.
           Otherwise you wouldn't have posted to the motd.  Now if you just
           let this guy fuck you, you are a pathetic tool.  And to sit and
           whine about how the economy is os bad he can get away with it is
           not a solution.  First do you really want to work for someone who
           is going to treat you like shit any chance he gets?  I mean do you
           need the money that bad?  Do you have kids?  House payments?
           There are other jobs out there.  But if you don't want to quit
           you could actually talk to the guy about it.  Ask the other people
           at the company if they feel the vacation deal is fair.  If they
           don't ask them if they will back you if you make an issue out of it.
           They don't have to say anything, jsut sign something, or stand
           behind you when you make a case to the boss.  Then go in, and
           actually talk to the guy.  Don't be aggressive but don't be
           apologetic in any way shape or form.  Let him know you and the
           others are unhappy and that you want or more reasonable vacation
           policy.  That simple.  Chances are it will work.
           \_ The first half of your post is bang on.  But the idea of
              approaching management this way is unrealisitic at best -- this
              is something that is highly dependant on the work environment
              and the people involved.  Odds are, unless the OP is VERY
              charismatic, no one will back him when it gets real -- and
              dealing with an A-personality boss like this is only likely to
              get you classified as either a slacker, a troublemaker, or empty
              noise.  I've seen this happen before -- the 'shop-steward'
              approach is almost pointless in the vast majority of work
              environments.  If your company has an HR person or a sympathetic
              senior exec, you're better off working thru them than trying to
              start a half-assed revolution that's more likely to get you
              pushed out (shitty work assignments, blatant disrespect, etc).
              Don't get me wrong, communication is good -- but start with
              proper channels of communication before you escalate to direct
              confrontation.  Direct confrontation + junior level of
              employment is a really bad mix.              -mice
        \_ I have worked at four startups: the worst had 15 days PTO
           and nine holiday days a year, the best 11 holiday days, five
           days sick and three weeks vacation. -ausman
2002/4/26-28 [Recreation/Travel] UID:24609 Activity:very high
4/26    Getting married in Tilden, ~100 people all from out of town.
        I need to recommend hotels in the area (reserve a block of rooms?)
        Recommendations? Hotels that will give me discounts? (i think i
        will need at least one "good" and one *cheap*)
        \_ Campus motel on U. Ave is clean and kind of cheap.  My dad usually
           stayed there when he visited.  Claremont Hotel must be good but
           I've never tried.
           \- claremont isnt all that. i would be surprised if they were
              helpful in your case.  since you didnt specify east bay,
              i would stay in SF. cheap = tent in tilden.  --psb
              \_ the wedding is in tilden, why would you stay in the west bay?
           \_ The Claremont is expensive and really beat up, worn out, shitty,
              old and bad attitude ridden.  Do not send anyone there unless
              you want them to hate you.  Campus Motel?  Didn't that used to
              be called the Ping Flamingo or something?  Always good for a
              laugh when passing by.
              \_ No, Flamingo is a couple blocks closer to campus than Campus
           \_ There are a bunch of new hotels that just went up in Emeryville,
              all within a few blocks of each other.  The older hotels in
              the area are the Four Points Sheraton and the Hilton.  -chaos
        \_ Hotel Durant.  Beau Sky.
           \_ Beau Sky refused to let me use their bathroom, and I will hate
              them forever.
        \_ Dorms?
        \_ Your best bet is Emeryville or downtown Oakland.  Sheraton Four
           Points, Woodfin Suite, and the Marriot in Emeryville are all
           reasonable, as is the Marriot downtown Oakland.  Also okay is
           the Radisson in the Berkeley Marina.  There are a variety of
           motels in Berkeley, but none that I'd put my mother and close
           friends at (unless you don't like them very much).
        \_ Where's The Bitter Divorced Guy to save you from this fate?
           \_ BDG! BDG! BDG!
           \_ What can I say that I have not said a thousand times? The
              poor fool, I pity him. I hope that he is strong enough to
              survive the experience. - BDG
              \_ clearly you weren't.
              \_ How many years was BDG married?
              \_ Do you have marriage advice for us, ladies?
2002/1/31 [Recreation/Travel] UID:23743 Activity:nil
1/31    Taliban want Cuban vacation.
2001/7/1 [Recreation/Travel] UID:21690 Activity:high
6/30    Is it safe to assume that you'll find cheaper plane tickets
        using online companies than by using travel agents?
        \_ No, online companies are often travel agents themselves.
           I got a really good deal to Europe on short notice through
           travel agent. Plus my itinerary was complicated enough that
           I couldn't trust the online agencies to give me the right
        \_ the best is if there's a travel agent whom you trust that
           you've worked with for long enough that they know you
        \_ My advice is to shop around. In the past, the travel agencies
           helped me to get tickets for less than buying direct from the
           airline companies and viceversa.
2001/6/12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Travel] UID:21484 Activity:very high
6/11    So my company had originally notified us that it was shutting down for
        July 5th and 6th, but they just were told that forcing exempt workers
        to take vacation days was illegal in the state of California.  So my
        question is how do other companies shutdown for that week, and also in
        December?  Hasn't anybody challenged this?  Man, sometimes I really
        love this commie state and all of it's great laws concerning wages.
        \_ Yeah, it sucks when companies can't decide not to pay you
           whenever they want.
        \_ Say what?  You love this commie state and all of _it_is_ great laws?
           Anyway, are you sure about this being illegal in California?  If so,
           cool!  I can raise hell here..., again....  --ricky
                \_ uh, your honor, i read on the motd that this was illegal,
                   and everything I read on the motd is true!
        \_ If it was scheduled company holidays instead of personal vacation
           days, it should be fine.
          \_ My company, which shall remain nameless for now, is shutting down
             for the whole July 4th week.  If an employee does not have 4 days
             of vacation time to use during that week, that employee will NOT
             be paid for that week except for the 4th, which is a company
             holiday.  How's THAT for a bad policy?  New workers only get 10
             days of vacation per year and they're forcing you to use 4 of
             those on July 4th week.  They'll probably force you to use some
             more during xmas time.
             BTW, I can't find any confirmation of this state law.  Does
             anyone have a proof?  --ricky
             \_ McNealy is da' man!
               \_ I don't work for Sun.  I work for Compaq.  (I usually say
                  Digital, but in this case, I'll say Compaq.)  --ricky
                  \_ That wasn't hard to figure out. All you had to do
                     was look at your wtmp records.
                  \_ Oops, well, Sun's doing it too.
                     \_ Sun gives new workers 11 days per year (not 10).
                        Also, if you dont have enuf vacation, they they
                        will make accomodations. You still get paid. But,
                        don't know if any of this forced vacation is legal...
                        but I know layoffs are legal.
             \_ They are not "forcing you to use vacation". They're just
                saying they wont pay you for those days. Technically, there's
                a difference.
                On the other hand, for "salaried employees", this sounds
                rather hokie
2001/2/15 [Recreation/Travel] UID:20601 Activity:high
2/14    Anyone know where Don Cheapo's is in Tahoe? Cant find the place in the
        yellow pages, but I know it exists. Perhaps I have the name/spelling
        wrong. Its a ski/board rental place.
        \_ It's on Lake Tahoe Blvd, along the way to Stateline. Try
           calling them at 530-544-0356
           \_ Is this on southshore or northshore?
2000/10/8-9 [Recreation/Travel, Industry/Startup] UID:19439 Activity:high
10/8    What's the deal with  Rumor has it that it is going
        out of business.
        \_ they're Elvis. (dead).
        \_ had something on them, I believe -John
        \_ had something on them, I believe
        \_ PriceLine WebHouse, their subsidiary that sold groceries & gas
           ran out of cash and closed their doors last week, but the main
           company is still around (for now).
        \_ Also, a couple of states attorneys general are investigating
           Priceline based on consumer complaints.  Finally, how does one
           work with a business model where one ends up with almost NO
           repeat customers?
2000/9/27-28 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Recreation/Travel] UID:19347 Activity:moderate
9/26    Used Priceline to name my price and got it. Then I found out that
        the flight did 3-4 different transfers before my destination. I
        ended up wasting )(#*)$(#$*(# 10-12 hours waiting at the airport
        at a mere discount of $XX. I am NEVER NEVER USING PRICELINE AGAIN.
        \_ caveat emptor
           \_ cogito ergo eres
              \_ Another one born every minute
        \_ when you name a price, there should be a setting that asks
        the greatest number of transfers you're willing to accept.
2000/9/11-12 [Transportation/Airplane, Recreation/Travel] UID:19225 Activity:nil
9/10    How does gasoline work? I tried their stupid airline
        shit and it totally pisses me off
        \_ you pick from a list of participating gas stations in your area;
           you pick from a list of discounted prices (or name your own);
           you agree to prepay for 10-50 gallons (good for 90 days);
           Priceline either matches your price with the station, or if
           your offer is too low, it will direct you to a more discounted
           station or sign up with a sponsor to get a better offer.
           you can only make one gasoline bid every 24 hours.
2000/8/28 [Recreation/Travel] UID:19116 Activity:kinda low
8/28    What's the technical difference between a timeshare and a hotel?
        I really don't see any.
        \_ No room service
        \_ timeshares are like expensive hotel suites that you lease.
           Contrariwise, expensive hotel "rooms" are like timeshares
           without a repeat business contract.
2000/8/10 [Recreation/Travel] UID:18959 Activity:nil
2000/7/13-14 [Recreation/Travel, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:18659 Activity:moderate
7/13    I'm looking for a good resource for finding decent and cheap
        hostels/dorms in Europe (spec. Italy). Any recommendations?
        \_ Hostel International?
        \_ You can find a lot of info on the Web: the world Hostelling
           International Web site has a link to each country's national
           hostelling organization at
           Searching on Yahoo for <city name>+"Hostels" works, too.  Buy a
           copy of the _Let's Go Europe_ guidebook and use it to cross-check
           particular destinations you're interested in.  I've used this
           technique for 6 months so far, and it hasn't killed me yet.  (The
           _Let's Go_ guidebooks are for the "I'm a *really* cheap college
           student" crowd; Rick Steves and the Lonely Planet guidebooks are a
           step up, but still reasonably budget-oriented.) -- kahogan
        \_ I second the recommendation for Let's Go and Lonely Planet, they're
           both pretty high quality (I've used both very often.)  Also,
           maybe you can get some info from AIESEC (
           If you spend the $15 or so for one of their cards (assuming
           you're a student) you can get a lot of discounts on lodging and
           transportation.  -John
           \_ Oh yeah, the _Rough Guide_ books are also quite good.  -John
        \_ At least in the US I've found that the non Hostel International
           hostels were much more interesting than the associated ones.  But
           yah, you should go the hostel route.
2000/7/6-9 [Recreation/Travel] UID:18603 Activity:kinda low
7/6     Anybody ever used for rental cars or hotel rooms?  What
        was your experience.  I want to do a trial run, but they don't really
        allow that.
           \_ go directly to the hotels website and get discounts there, or use
    , they list discounts.
        \_ My girlfriend rented us a hotel in Manhattan via priceline and
           we probably got the worst room in the hotel and paid about
           $145/night instead of the usual $185/night.  Her sister did
           the same thing previously and got a really nice hotel room
           at about a $60/night discount.  You could get lucky, but
           it seems like there is a good chance that they will stick
           you with the worst rooms.
        \_ yes, but i didnt win.  their prices arent that great... go
           directly to the hotels website and get discounts there, or use
 , they list discounts.  For car rentals, go through
           your company, and get nice upgrades.
2000/5/17-18 [Transportation/Airplane, Recreation/Travel] UID:18287 Activity:nil
5/17    Any advice?  How much should I underbid?  When
        do prices fall (how long before the flight?)?
        \_ I've had no luck, always got better deals just massaging sabre
        \_ Priceline is a joke.  If you underbid, you get nothing.  If you
           overbid, you pay too much for a flight that may leave at a crappy
           time without you knowing in advance.  Just go to cheaptickets.
        \_ For a full vaction, try a travel agent.  Even with her fees, she
           saved us 10% over what we found on the net with better flights.
2000/1/7-8 [Recreation/Travel] UID:17184 Activity:moderate
1/6     Can anyone recommend good (possible cheap) cabin lodging at Lake
        Tahoe near the Heavenly slopes?  I've skiied at Tahoe before so I
        don't know the area too well.
        \_ Yes.  Someone can.
        \_ There are scores of cheap small motels off the California entrance
           to Heavenly (though you may still want to drive to Nevada side.
           \_ Can you read dumbass?
                \_ Having difficulty reading your dumbass over the net.
        \_ I've stayed at Motel 6 in South Lake quite a few times. ~40 bucks
           for 2 queens. You + 3 friends = Cheap lodging and no long drives in
           the morning (but wait til they get some precip)
        \_ I much prefer northshore tahoe.  Granlibakken weekday rate is
           $70/person, double occupancy, including breakfast & lift ticket
           to squaw or alpine.  And it's a REALLY nice resort.
1999/9/27-28 [Recreation/Travel] UID:16605 Activity:high
9/27    Hawaii vacation question.  I'm planning a one week trip to Hawaii.
        I'm wondering if I'd get a better deal booking everything myself or
        buying one of those vacation packages.  Also anybody know of
        hide-away places few tourists go?  I'm NOT looking forward to the
        crowded beach on Waikiki.  Thanks.
        \_ If you're looking to avoid the tourist cattle herds, a vacation
           package is not for you.
        \_ Go into a travel agent wearing your flowered hawaiian tshirt, bad
           shorts, and white stuff on your noise and tell them you're tired of
           pretending.  You want the "Hairiest Chest Contest" cruise to
           Hawaii with 6 days and 7 nights of Guided Island Fun!
        \_ Went on one a few months ago. MAUI is definitely the place if you
           want less tourist. Or KONA (in the big island). Even better, try
           KAUAI. Find your own deal through the Web, my experience says it's
           better that way. Plus, package tour has a lot of restrictions.
        \_ My girlfriend and I went to KAUAI this summer and had a great
           time.  The island was beautiful and there weren't many tourists.
           We stayed at an ocean front condo for about $100/night.
           I booked the condo through Gloria's Bed & Breakfast (forgot the
           phone number but you can call information).  If you go to KAUAI
           you defintly need to rent a car.  I got one for $30/day at a
           local car rental place on the island.  Have fun. -emin
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