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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/3/20-6/4 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:54346 Activity:nil
3/20    "New York Woman Blinded by Shopping Cart Dropped by Teens Forgives
        Them" (
        "One boy is serving six to 18 months in a non-secure facility in
        Westchester, while the other is doing six to 16 months in a
        therapeutic group home."
        What kind of justice is this?  Those thugs could have easily killed
        multiple people.
        BTW, what degree of manslugher is it for someone who discharges a
        firearm at random direction on the streets and kills people?
        \_ If you run over someone in a crosswalk with your SUV, you will get
           away with a traffic ticket at most.
2009/1/25-29 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:52457 Activity:nil
1/23    So I was in Macy's today and noticed all their suits are 40% off.
        I was kind of thinking I need a new suit and was wondering which
        brand I should buy: Burberry, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein?
        They all are about the same price. This is going to be my only suit,
        mostly for weddings and funerals. I will keep my old black wool suit,
        but since I put on 10 pounds, it doesn't fit as well as it use to.
        With everything on sale, it seems like a good time to buy a suit.
        They also sell Jones, Tasso Elba, Alfani and DKNY, but I am not
        as interested in those brands.
        \_ Of all those brands the one with the most prestige for suits
           is Hugo Boss. Ralph Lauren is probably next. Calvin Klein is
           more about casual and active wear. More important than the
           brand is the suit itself and how it fits you. Try them on. I
           find European cuts and brands like Joseph Abboud fit me better.
           If you are less broad shouldered then brands like Hickey
           Freeman will fit better. I wouldn't focus on the brand as much
           as the suit, but of those you listed the only true premium
           brand (for suits) is Hugo Boss. If you are truly brand
           conscious then look for Armani, Zegna, Canali, Versace, Dior,
           Prada, and such. I think it's more important to get a good
           tailor. If you spend less than $150 or $200 to have your suit
           tailored then you are at the wrong tailor. You might want to just
           have your existing suit retailored for only a 10 lb gain.
           \_ I see Hickey Freeman 50% off online. I guess I would buy it,
              and then have it tailored myself, right? What about at Macy's?
              Is tailoring extra? I really don't care that much about
              brands (my current suit is from Men's Wearhouse) but I want
              it to look good. I am broad shouldered, should I rule out
              HF? I guess I can go to their store on Market and try one
              on. Are all these other brands available at a discount,
              as well? Okay, I see a Zegna online for under $1k, which is
              about what I am hoping to pay. Any suggestions for tailors?
              \_ Tailoring is extra, but in my experience the tailors at
                 Macy's are not very good. The tailors at boutiques like
                 Armani are very good as are many independents. Try on
                 some suits to see how they fit you. Go to the retail
                 store if you have to, especially one that carries many
                 high-end brands. You can buy online, but it's hard to
                 know what fabric you are getting online. Just because it
                 is expensive and high-quality doesn't mean you'll like it
                 or that it was represented accurately online (e.g. how
                 dark blue is it really?). I do have a HF suit, but it is
                 a lot more constraining and feels "tight". It, like
                 most American brands, was designed to be that way.
                 European brands are more loose-fitting. If you want a
                 discount go to an outlet store like Nordstrom Rack,
                 Off Fifth, or Last Call (Neiman Marcus). I think $1K is
                 a good number to use and you can pay half that if you get
                 lucky. I don't know any Bay Area tailors, but go by
                 word-of-mouth. Find the best-dressed person you know
                 (e.g. your boss, your attorney, or your banker) and ask
                 them. If someone always wears $500 shoes and $1500 suits
                 with custom-made shirts they will have a good tailor.
                 Try that one. Bonus if the tailor is Western European
                 like Italian or Spanish as they know fine clothing much
                 better than the average since style is more important to
                 them. They will know how it is "supposed" to look on
                 you. They will probably take a million measurements with
                 you dressed, undressed, in shoes, out of shoes, etc.
                 If they do not then get a little worried. My tailor
                 tells me to dress as I will later (same shoes, same belt,
                 same shirt, etc.) . A good tailor will actually cut your
                 suit apart and resew it using the original (usually silk)
                 thread. A bad tailor will more or less just hem it and
                 make minor alterations. Think about this next time
                 someone says that paying $150 to have a suit tailored is
                 a rip off. This person will be cutting apart and resewing
                 the suit you just paid $1200 for. You don't want that
                 screwed up.
                 \_ Thanks for all your advice, there is no one in my
                    family I can turn to for this kind of stuff. One final
                    bit of info, I am short (5' 6") and medium build, somewhat
                    athletic, does that effect what kind of suit I should be
                    looking at?
2008/11/28-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Recreation/Shopping] UID:52125 Activity:nil
11/28   When I first heard about this I figured it must have happened in some
        place in the South like Arkansas or Mississippi.
        \_ quite the shopping season:
           \_ must be the desperation of the consumer
              \_ clearly liberal greed
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/10/17-20 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:51563 Activity:nil
10/17   Mervyns announces liquidation of store inventory and closing down of
        all of its stores
        \_ I'm a man. Most motd surfers are men. And we care about
           Mervyns because... ?
           \_ Because most geeks shop at Sears, K-mart, and Mervyn's for
              clothes and not Armani, Zegna, and Bloomingdale's.
              \_ I get my clothes from Old Navy and
              \_ I shop at Banana Republic (sales rack) and Nordstrom's rack.
                 But I am a manager so perhaps not a true geek anymore.
2008/6/23-27 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:50341 Activity:nil
6/23    I lost enough weight in the past year that my suit is now too big for
        me, even in the shoulder section.  Is this something a tailor can fix
        or should I buy a new suit?  If it can be fixed, any recommendations
        on a tailor in SF area?
2008/3/19-21 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:49499 Activity:nil
3/18    Two close friends of mine had a kid recently.  What is a good present
        for the boy that isn't clothes.  Around $80-$125.  Clothes ok if not
        something outgrown immediately.
        \_ Glider/Ottoman combo:
           --- yuen
2007/9/23-24 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:48156 Activity:nil
9/23    I had kind of a wild night and as I was standing around this morning,
        torrents of ass blood started leaking out of my ass all over the
        floor, pants, socks, shoes.  Should I just throw my clothes in with
        the normal wash?  Do I have to soak them a while?  Will bleach
        help?  thanks.
        \_ ask yermom, she has plenty of experience in this area
2007/5/10-14 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:46578 Activity:nil
        U.S. consumer spending coming down with a cold?  Notice some stores
        that did well, like Costco and Saks 5th Ave, are not listed.
2006/10/31-11/2 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:45056 Activity:low
10/31   Someone was asking a while ago about a good first suit for job
        interviews.  October's GQ had a good selection of the 10 best suits
        under $500 (from $125 to $500) on page 324.  Link is here:
        Also, if you're not 100% sure of what to look for, this is a good
        starter: -- thought
        this might be of use to people graduating and doing job interviews
        soon.  -John
        \_ I've never had need for a good suit, but I always figured that
           if I seriously needed to spend over 1000$ on suits for some reason
           I could also pay someone to solve the problem of what suit to
           wear for the application at hand.  Don't good taylors do this?
        \_ Sorry John but both you and GQ have a pretty bad sense of style
           if you think these suits look stylish. I feel like I've been
           transported back into the 70's. Think the movie "Catch Me If
           You Can"
           \_ Says you.  YMMV, I was trying to provide an aid, no more.  If
              you're you don't like for a particular reason, good--the main
              you don't them like for a particular reason, good--the main
              idea is to get people away from shit Nordstroms suit salesmen
              or Men's Wearhouse and its ilk.  Do whatever works for you, but
              reading up on reasonable quality materials and stitching is
              always worth your while.  And anonymous troll coward bitch, post
              all you want as me, but leave my posts the fuck alone.  -John
        \_ Man, those dudes are SKINNY.
           \_ They're models.  Get a suit cut generously and go to Ernesto's
              Tailoring, 860 Market, 5th floor, secret tip.  If you go before
              buying a suit, he'll give you some good advice (he's a 5'3"
              chubby El Salvadoran dude who knows his stuff.)  There are
              plenty of pointers online for what body type goes well with
              what cut (i.e. # buttons, length, etc.)  -John
              what cut (i.e. # buttons, length, etc.)  -Gay John
        \_ I'm glad I have no reason to own $1000+ shoes. And, I dunno if
           it's just me, but most of those guys look kind of ridiculous.
           I literally get an urge to laugh at some of them.
           \_ If you had a reason to own $1000+ shoes then owning $1000+
              shoes wouldn't be a problem.
              \_ I don't think anyone really has a reason to. It's just to
                 show, hey look I have $1000 shoes. They don't look any
                 \_ Exactly.
                 \- if you are going to buy your first and only suit for the
                    moment, i dont think you should get a brown one. blue
                    or maybe charcoal/dark grey/black. and of course dont get
                    the corduroy one. pinstripes are also not for everyone.
                    also different combos work for large white people vs
                    thin people of various racial groups. if you want to
                    buy a suit, maybe learn a little bit about how to
                    "think about the problem" and then either go with a
                    friend/associate who can give you good advice or get
                    a recommendation for a good establishment where they
                    will give you enough attention and have a good attitude.
                    a list of 10 suits is just not that helpful for the
                    "first time suit buyer".
        \_ First suit should be solid, not pinstripe (which seems to be
           really popular at Macy's and Nordstrom's). I got a dark gray suit
           as my first business suit but here in business school navy and
           black seem to be the standard. I'd avoid Macy's and wait for the
           Nordstrom's semi-annual sale or try Nordstrom rack.
2006/8/11-14 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:43975 Activity:nil
8/11    Do you always wash new clothes before wearing?
        \_ I do. My girlfriend does not. Not only might they be dirty,
           but I'd like to know how they fit after, say, shrinking.
        \_ Yes.
           \_ Same here.  Fresh from store clothes itch, and I like the smell
              of my detergent anyway.  Also when I make a mental note of any
              cleaning requirements (hot/cold, red dye, blah)
        \_ Underware, yes.
        \_ Yes.  I recently wore a new shirt without washing it in hot weather
           for 2 days straight (had to crash somewhere) and ended up having
           an allergic reaction all over my back which thankfully went away
           after 1 week.
        \_ New clothes?  Wash?  I don't have any experiance with those
        \_ No.  Washing destroys clothes. -average Berkeley resident
        \_ No.
2006/3/20-21 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:42349 Activity:moderate
3/20    I seem to be constantly busting up the heels of my socks. It seems like
        that part rubs against my shoes a lot, damaging both the socks and the
        shoes. I've come to the conclusion that the only way to avoid this is
        to get pretty damn tight-fitting shoes. Is this what everyone else
        does, or is this problem less unique to me than I think? I'm kind of
        wary of getting shoes where I have to really stuff my foot in though,
        since it seems like it'd get uncomfortable pretty quickly.
        \_ I seem to grow especially thick nose hairs than other people.
           I like to pull them out a lot.  Is it just me, or does everyone
           else like to pull out their nose hairs?  Does pulling out
           nose hairs make my nose hairs even thicker?  That seems to be
           the case for my nose hairs.  Is it true for everyone else's
           nose hairs too?
        \_ Switch to sandals. Works for me.
        \_ I get this too.  Tight shoes is all that works for me.  Also it
           helps if you tighten the laces a lot.
2005/11/16-17 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:40613 Activity:high
11/16   What's a good place that carries "business casual" clothes for men?
        I hate shopping so I prefer a one-stop shop.   No internet stores
        please.  Thanks.
        \_ Banana Republic. The Gap if you are a cheapskate.
        \_ Macy's
        \_ Ignore these fools are go to places like Nordstrom Rack, TJ
           \_ Macy's is great.  A step down is JC Penny.
        \_ Ignore these fools and go to places like Nordstrom Rack, TJ
           Maxx, Ross, and Marshall's for all but your nicest clothes.
           You're throwing money away at Gap, BR, and such unless you buy
           when they have massive sales. (Yes, I once bought shirts for $9
           each at Macy's, but that was ONCE and I don't count on it.)
           \_ Buy from the sales rack at BR. I routinely get nice dress
              shirts for under $20 from it.
              \_ If "under $20" is $19.99 then it's not cheap. You can
                 get Polo, Izod, and such shirts for $12-14.
                 \_ Where? Under $20 means exactly that. Sometimes $19,
                    but as low as $10 at times.
           \_ If you are a bargain hunter and shopper, I agree, but OP
              said he hated shopping and wanted one-stop.  Macy's is
              probably the best bet for one stop reasonable quality at
              reasonable prices.
              \_ There is nothing reasonable about Macy's prices. If you
                 want one-stop then go to Marshall's.
                 \_ Reasonable quality at reasonable prices is different
                    from reasonable prices. Sure you can get good prices
                    at Ross or Marshall's, but you are stuck with strange
                    colors and sizes and the selection/quality varies
                    all the time.
                    \_ I disagree, except the part about selection
                       varying. Of course, selection varies at Macy's
                       (or anywhere else) as well.
        \_ Brooks Bros. if you want to spend a bit more--they have very
           nice stuff.  It really depends on what kind of body shape you
           have.  You can also sometimes pick up really nice slacks at
           places like Ross & Marshall's.  I recommend Ernesto's Tailoring
           on the 5th floor of the Flood building (860 Market) in SF to get
           off the rack stuff adjusted--it is a cheap way to get nicely
           fitting clothes, and makes a huge difference.  -John
           \_ Hardly one stop.
              \_ Hm, let's see, slacks, shirts, socks, sweaters, jackets,
                 hm, am I missing something, hm no.  -John
                 \_ Shoes.
                    \_ Dude, go to a shoe store.  Wait until Johnston & Murphy
                       have a sale or something if you don't want to spend the
                       money.  If you absolutely must get EVERYTHING in one
                       place, prepare to either hope for luck finding your
                       stuff at Ross/Marshall's (which are fine for a lot of
                       things), to get ripped off by slimy salesmen at
                       Nordstrom's/Macy's, or spend a bit of money on good
                       quality, well-fitting clothes.  If you don't want to
                       do the research on what to look for, and don't feel like
                       putting in some time shopping for a good deal, don't
                       expect to look good (although some people manage to pull
                       it off, by and large they've put some time and thought
                       into it.)  -John
           \_ John, you have an expensive taste.
2005/9/21 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:39785 Activity:low
9/21    "For a brief period of time, Dan [Holliman] was ruler of the CSUA."
        \_ It was a dark and fearsome period.  There was much gnashing of teeth
           and rending of clothes.  I particularly liked the rending of clothes.
           and rending of clothes.  I particularly liked the rending of
2005/9/5-6 [Recreation/Shopping, Industry/Jobs, Recreation/Dating] UID:39511 Activity:high
9/5     I patronized a Walmart for the first time, and it was a spectacular
        shopping experience.  The people there were incredibly helpful, even
        after it became obvious that I would not be buying from them.  My wife
        so appreciated their helpfulness that she kept asking me if there was
        some way to tip them or otherwise pay them for their service.  Two
        big thumbs up on Walmart from my wife and I.
        \_ No DUH!!! They are first and foremost a business. They train
           employees to be nice to everyone, and even teach them how to
           talk to liberals in such a way that even liberals will start to
           shop at Walmart. I have no problem with the way front-end clerks
           treat the people. It is the back-end of Walmart that is fucked up.
           \_ I was treated much worse at the Costco a block away, where
              the employee told me to fuck off, though he did do it politely.
              The Walmart employees (I was helped by 3 of them) were helpful
              even after it was obvious that I would not be buying from
              them.  In fact, that visit to Walmart was possibly the best
              shopping experience I've ever had.  The only other comparable
              service experience was when the concierge at my Paris hotel
              (the Hotel de Crillon, also highly recommended) got me same-day
              tapes of the World Series and delivered hot dogs room service
              (and I had to pay for the hot dogs). -op
                   \- Was the concierge hot?
              \- g'vitch: boy i sure wouldnt have predicted CRILLON to come up
                 in a WALMART thread. did you have the SUPER CALVADOS? (at the
                 Hotel Crillon, not W'mart). --bibendum
                 in a WALMART thread. did you have the super CALVADOS? at the H
                 otel Crillon, not W'mart).
                 \_ KGV > Crillon :-)  -John
        \_ it has been my experience the merchandise at walmart is
           not very high quality but i have weird shopping needs - danh
                    \- Is Walmart different from Target? I thought
                       target had some reasonably priced minor appliances.
                       I think I bought a peeler or an iron or something
                       like that there. Costco is sort of horrifying. --psb
           \_ it's definitely bad to have your beefcake boytoys breaking
              out of their cheap handcuffs.
        \_ I was in one near Sacramento for the first (and last) time last
           year.  It was like some twisted circle of hell; I kept expecting
           Mr. Kurtz to pop out of the bushes gasping "the horror, the
           horror".  Full of white & black trash, massively overweight people
           including women in stained stirrup pants with screaming children
           and carts full of horrible fatty starchy food.  Broken toys and
           torn cheap household articles / clothing everywhere; my girlfriend
           came up to me with this horrified look on her face after finding
           the size 38 dresses next to the family-sized tubs of candy.  Also
           the Marines recruiters and the morbidly obese people out front
           selling brand-knockoff jesus t-shirts out front and the staff
           resembling badly groomed zombies stumbling around wild-eyed sort
           of complemented the general atmosphere.  Shudder.  -John
                   \- You need to go to the Walmart in Hillsborough.
                   \- You need to go to the Walmart in Hillborough.
           \_ A couple of years ago i went into the Walmart in Cancun, and
              except that all the prices were in pesos, and the electronics
              section still sold NES games, the place looked the same as many
              of the Walmarts I've seen in the San Joaquin Valley
2005/3/31-4/1 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:36996 Activity:low
3/31    you know when you go to a really nice tailor they ask you "which
        side do you dress on?"  what this means is "on which side does
        your cock normally rest when you have pants on?"
        \_ BOTH sides
           \_ Holy Forked Phalluses, Batman!
        \_ Serious?  What's the tailor going to do with the info?  Make one
           side of your pants more loose than the other?
           \_ Yes.  Unless you want a schlong-bulge, in which case, if your
              tailor really is a pro, he'll do it without blinking.  Also,
              you're more likely to hitch up your pants differently depending
              on which side--he should even that out without anyone seeing
              your throbbing veiny bang stick.  Or you could just get a
              prince albert.  -John
        \_ right side, would it have anything to do with whether i am left/right
2005/3/16-17 [Recreation/Shopping, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:36716 Activity:high
3:16    We've been through why some of you think it's such a god-damned
        sin to WASH YOUR HANDS after you pee, people so afraid of germs
        that they use a hand towel to open the door, and people who use
        the handtowel to turn off the water, but WHAT THE FUCK is wrong
        with you people who don't FLUSH THE TOILET?!?!?!
        \_  Feel rich when you're in the bathroom
        \_ What is with this obsession over public restrooms?  Seriously,
           unless you have an autoimmune disorder, you're all just being
           stoopid.  There's probably more contaminants in the food at the
           restaurant than you'll pick up by flushing the damn toilet.
           I would love to see what happens when you all get to child-rearing.
           \_ I think there's just one OCD guy...
        \_ use your foot then.  problem solved.
        \_ Same reason: those people are afrard of germs.  They can't get away
           with not opening the door, so they use a hand towel.  It looks very
           obvious if they don't turn off the water, so they use a hand towel.
           But they think it's less obvious if they don't flush, so they don't.
           I'm lucky that the urinals at my workplace are automatic even though
           the faucets and doors aren't.  At other places, I'd very unwillingly
           flush the urinal.
           \_ Flush it with your foot.
              \_ That's fucking stupid -- not to mention rude.
                 \_ Stupider and ruder than not flushing the toilet?
                    \_ As if those were the only two solutions to the
                       \_ What is the other solution? Crap on the floor???
                          \_ Are you seriously this retarded?  If you really
                             believe this, then there's not much point
                             talking to you, you inconsiderate OCD bastard.
                             \_ Let's see the choices presented so far have
                                been flush with your hand, don't flush at all
                                and flush with your foot. You claim that there
                                are other solutions. I don't see any. Oh wait!
                                I just thought of another: crap your pants.
                                Is that your solution???
                                \_ Use some TP wrapped around your hand to push
                                   the lever.  Sheesh.
                                   \_ This is just a variant of flushing with
                                      your hand.
                                \_ Oh my god.  This is just amazing.  I don't
                                   think I've ever been this flabbergasted
                                   by motd before.  How did you get into
                 \_ I always flush with foot at public places like restaurants
                    and airports, etc. I don't kick it like I want to break it,
                    just tap it lightly. I don't consider this rude at all as
                    everyone else I know does the same thing. -!pp
                    \_ How about when you're visiting someone?  What about
                       when a guest uses your toilet?
           \_ I hate the oh too sensitive automatic flushes at my workplace.
              Everytime I take a dump, it flushes like 6 times while I was
              sitting there.
              \_ Are you sure it's not you? Our work place's automatic one
                 works fine.
           \_ Can't you germ fearing people just WASH YOUR HANDS after you
              flush?  What's the problem here?  Afraid of germs in the
              soap too??
              \_ I use my foot. Being able to wash afterwards doesn't really
                 solve the problem... would you happily smear your hands full
                 of shit? You can just wash your hands afterwards right?
                 \_ Are you the "Are you chinese" guy?  You seem to have the
                    same predilection toward irrelevant repetitive idiocy.
                 \_ Wow man, you really suck at wiping.
                    \_ Uhm, no, but I don't trust that other people have
                       touched the handle with clean hands.
                       \_ So you make goddamned sure it's soiled with your
                          filthy shoes.  Nice.
                 \_ Come back to this conversation.  We're talking about
                    leaving shit in the bowl.  Would you smear shit all over
                    your shoes to flush?  Do you wash your shoes afterward?
                    \_ Maybe he buys a new pair of shoes every time he
                       flushed the toilet, which would explain why he's so
                       flushes the toilet, which would explain why he's so
                       averse to flushing it.
                       \_ That or he wears birkenstocks or something.
2005/3/12-14 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:36665 Activity:kinda low
3/12    Woe is me.  Legs too short.  Someone recommend me a tailor that
        hems pants for cheap?!  Berk/Oak/El Cerrito.  Somewhere around
        \_ While I'm not an expert on the matter, 'Jim the Tailor' did a good
           job taking up the sleves of my wool overcoat for $20.  He's just
           west of Telegraph near Rasputin.
        \_ There used to be a great Chinese laundry around Shattuck &
           University where the grumpy, asocial grandmother hanging out in
           the booth would do excellent alterations for $5-$20.  -John
        \_ I hear you can get your legs made longer at Abu Graib.
           \_ That's tasteless, I expect better of the motd.
2005/3/4-5 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:36522 Activity:moderate
3/4     Where is a good place to get an all-purpose shoe?  When I
        say all purpose, I mean something perfectly comfortable to walk 5
        miles in and perfectly presentable to go to a club in, something
        that looks good with shorts, jeans, or khakis.
        \_ You can get this at any non-sport shoe store (outlets are fine).
           I got mine at the cheap shoe store on Shattuck by BART.
        \_ a shoe store.
           \_ OK, but some shoe stores are better than others, or have
              difference specialties.
        \_ Payless. Get $20 shoes, buy another pair in 4-6 months.
        \_ Macy's.
2005/2/1 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:36019 Activity:kinda low
2/1     dans, post a picture of your fancy Armani suit/pants.
        \_ Take me out for a nice dinner and see for yourself, you can take
           pictures if you like.  I'll whore for clothes and good food, but
           not for anonymous hosers on the motd. -dans
2005/2/1 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:36015 Activity:insanely high
2/1     Where can I buy myself a suit that appropriate for going to interviews
        and such? Ideally, this place should be reacheable by public transport
        and have good deals for people on a low budget..
        \_ How much do you want to spend? I have had very good luck at
           places like Nordstrom Rack and Off Fifth, buying $800 suits for
           $400. Marshall's also sometimes (rarely) has suits by designers like
           Zegna, Armani, and Hickey Freeman. If you can spare $400 I would
           start with those places. If you cannot spare $400 then buy a
           nice blazer and a pair of slacks. Even getting a suit altered
           can cost a couple hundred bucks.
               \-er, i dont think that's the case unless you are undergoing
                chiamorphication or something.
                \_ A good tailor will charge > $100 for altering pants and
                   a coat both. Once I bought a designer dress for my gf
                   for $80 (Macy's super special clearance) and it cost more
                   than that to alter it, so it is true of women's clothing
                   as well. You don't want a chimp cutting apart your
                   suit. Yes, they cut it apart. It's not just hems.
                   \- I am not saying you cant spend $$$ to "pimp your suit".
                      i am saying you are probably a moron if you spend that
                      much on a $400 suit immediately after buying it.
                      one certainly would not expect to immediate spend
                      that much after buying a $400 suit. over the lifetime
                      of a nice suit, if you become increasingly chubular,
                      i suppose you may drop more money.
                      \_ If you spend $400 for a $1200 suit and then
                         another $150 on a tailor you have spent $550 and
                         you will look much better than someone who spent
                         $300 (+$50 to tailor) at a place like Men's
                         Wearhouse. The only thing worse than a bad suit is
                         a suit that fits poorly. You don't want to look
                         like you wore your dad's expensive suit, right?
                         \_ My Men's Warehouse suit fits perfectly. I get
                            complimented on it all the time.
                            \_ Perhaps you are the definition of average.
        \_ The Men's Warehouse has pretty good suits at the top end. No one
           will ever mistake one for a $4k Armani suit, but that isn't really
           what you want for a job interview, is it? What kind of job are
           you applying for?
           \_ I recommend bargain-hunting for the top brands rather than
              buying from Men's Wearhouse. The price will be the same and
              the expensive suits will look better. Neiman Marcus also has
              an outlet: Last Call.
              \_ How much is a bargain suit from a top brand? I bought
                 the most expensive suit MW had and it was $400.
           \_ A very good Armani can be had for $1000, including a shirt.
              That's from Emporio Armani itself.  $4000+ is only the couture
              stuff, which you don't really need unless you're Jay-Z or a
              mobster or lawyer or something.
              \_ Do you mean Giorgio Armani? I didn't know Emporio did
                 suits (never seen one).
                 \_ Um... have you ever walked into an Emporio Armani store?
                    suits is just about _all_ they do.
                    \_ Um, what the fuck are you talking about?  What are you
                       smoking and can I have some? -dans
                 \_ I'm not the previous poster, but I own a suit from Emporio
                    Armani, and it kicks ass.  As one would expect, it's well
                    made, and (though this is more a function of the suit's
                    cut and my body shape) the fit is perfect.  The price
                    range for suits at Emporio Armani appears to be
                    $1000-$2000 whereas Giorgio Armani suits appear to start
                    around $2000 and the sky is the limit.  Also, I get the
                    sense that EA suits are a little bit hipper and edgier
                    than GA suits, which makes sense if you think about who's
                    got the money to drop on a $4000 suit.  Seriously though,
                    if you're willing to drop over $2K on a suit, get one
                    handmade by a bespoke tailor like this guy:
                    To the op: what matters more than anything else is the cut
                    of the suit, and how it looks on *you*.  That said, the
                    quality and cut of suits seem to have a curve similar to
                    that of IBM notebooks.  Spend less than $x and you get
                    crap, spend more than $x and you get something very nice.
                    In my experience, x is approximately 800 retail.
                    One argument I will make toward spending a little more is
                    this: in for a penny, in for a pound.  Basically, $400 or
                    $500 bucks is not chump change.  Why drop that kind of
                    money on a so-so suit for interviews that you wouldn't be
                    willing to wear for a date you'd like to impress?  IMO,
                    it's worth spending the extra $300 or $500 to get a suit
                    that looks sharp.  This is even more true if you're not
                    the sort that plans to own many suits.  If you think
                    you're going to own six or seven suits a year from now,
                    get the cheapie one.  If this is still the only suit
                    you'll own a year from now, bite the bullet, put it on
                    your credit card and pay a little interest.  It's worth
                    Re: stores, I totally support the earlier recommendation
                    for department store outlets like Nordstrom Rack because
                    prices are discounted considerably from retail.  On the
                    other hand, I'd say consider the Men's Wearhouse to be an
                    absolute last ditch bottom off the barrel option, I have
                    never found a suit that fits me well there.  One other
                    suggestion, check out Kenneth Cole.  I find that their
                    selection varies wildly, but when it's good you can find
                    some pretty stylish, well cut suits for a reasonable
                    amount of money (price range $400-$800 iirc).  To sum up,
                    Store ordering in terms of style/quality/fit (highest to
                    Emporio Armani > Kenneth Cole > Department Store Outlet >
                    Men's Wearhouse
                    As I look at this, I realize that the ordering by price is
                    the same :)
                    \_ Emporio Armani is the low end Armani store more
                       geared to casual clothes and youth-oriented trends.
                       No, I have not been in one. I would not mess with
                       it when I can get Collezioni at an outlet for
                       less than $1000. Black Label is the couture line.
                       There is actually a Giorgio Armani outlet in
                       Cabazon but this doesn't help the OP.
                       \_ Armani has at least three lines.  I believe you are
                          thinking of Armani Exchange.  BTW, I think a men's
                          fashion debate on the motd is both hilarious and good.
                          Is this the first time this topic has been
                          introduced here?
                          \_ No, A|X is the lowest. The lines are A|X,
                             Emporio, Collezioni, and Black Label. There is
                             also "Mani" which sits somewhere around
                             Emporio ($800-1200). However, I have yet to
                             see an Emporio Armani suit at a dept. store.
                             You usually see Mani and Collezioni. Black
                             Label is sold at the boutique only.
                             \- If you buy a Mani suit with a friend,
                                you can call it "Our Mani Suit". --psb
                       \_ As with the above poster, I think you are confusing
                          A|X (for the nerds in the audience, no, this is not
                          AIX the IBM unix) with EA (reasonable enough given
                          your professsed ignorance).  I guess I could
                          describe EA as casual if I used country club attire
                          as the baseline for casual.  And, as I stated above,
                          I prefer EA precisely because the cuts are edgier
                          than the Giorgio Armani line (missing from the list
                          above, sold only in the boutique) and the Collezioni
                          line.  If dressing like a middle-aged investment
                          banker is your thing, more power to you.  I see no
                          need to spend more than $2K for an assembly-line
                          made Giorgio Armani or Collezioni line suit when I
                          can get something hand made from scratch for that
                          kind of money (though $2K is low-balling something
                          made from scratch somewhat). -dans
                          \_ GA is the Black Label. If you read Armani's
                             own statement you will see that EA is
                             designed to be casual wear as opposed to
                             formal. Yes, this is for people for whom
                             casual is not jeans and a t-shirt.
                             \_ Yes, the term for this is market segmentation.
                                Were Armani to suggest otherwise, all the
                                folks dropping $4K for the GA line would stop
                                doing so and opt instead to spend a mere
                                $1-$2K for the EA line. -dans
                    \_ And you wear your $4k suit to a job interview?
                       What kind of "work" are you in? Are you a drug
                       \_ Hypothetically speaking, if I was running drugs, or
                          doing anything else illicit that would require
                          getting my hands dirty, I wouldn't be doing it in a
                          $4K suit that would a) call undue attention to me
                          and b) possibly get bloody and need to be disposed
                          of, talk about a waste.  And, yes, there are
                          interviews where a $4k suit is perfectly reasonable,
                          though no technical job comes to mind.  Of course,
                          wearing any suit to a technical interview strikes me
                          as odd, as I stated below, sometimes I don't even
                          wear pants. -dans
                          \_ Whew. I feel a lot better now about your
                             level of common sense.  Though I kind
                             of hoped that you had a job where wearing a
                             suit like that made sense. -bored coder
                             \_ Sometimes I do. :)  As an aside, interviews
                                are sometimes just power contests, and
                                outdressing your interviewer can give you an
                                edge.  This is particulary true when the
                                interviewers will be below or parallel to you
                                on the org chart if you are hired, it's rare,
                                but it is done in some organizations.  Of
                                course, as the schmuck below indicates, paying
                                too much attention to your grooming and dress
                                can actually work against you in a technical
                                interview.  Of course, many nerds don't
                                measure power by how you dress. -dans
        \_ Are you a new grad in a technical field?  In that case, just any
           suit will do.  No one really cares all that much how you're dressed.
           \_ May as well get a nice suit to have for weddings, funerals,
              and so on.
              \_ It sounds like the OP is budget and transportation
                 constrained.  In that case, a better optimization might
                 be to get what is easy now (which is likely to be on the
                 cheaper end of the range) and then worry about a more
                 permanent suit solution later (when he has a job and
                 therefore more income).
           \_ Actually, you are right.. I am not applying for any jobs right
              now. I already have a job. But it would be nice to have a suit
              for occasional social activities and other events, like
              interviews, that might require one. -OP
              \_ You wear suits to technical interviews?  Dude, sometimes I
                 don't even wear pants.
                 \_ I agree, I generally am a little wary of people who
                    show up for a coding job wearing a suit (unless the
                    person is right out of school, in which case I'll
                    overlook it as inexperience).
              \_ Try Macy's. They have decent suits for $250-$450. You
                 really don't need anything more.
              \_ Quite seriously, if you showed up for a job interview
                 wearing an Armani suit, I would not waste my time
                 talking to you. That is why I asked what job you were
                 applying for. I don't even think investment bankers
                 wear suits like that, but I know for certain that
                 programmers and sysadmins never do. These people telling
                 you to spend thousands on a suit are idiots and know
                 nothing about the business world.
                 \_ How the fuck would you know what kind of suit it was?
                    Are you saying that if someone's suit actually fits
                    and looks like it might be real wool you won't hire
                    them?! What a dipshit! You wouldn't know Armani anyway,
                    so don't worry about it.
                    \_ Actually I would, but go ahead and tell yourself that.
                       I own some nice clothes, too, I would just never make
                       the mistake of showing up for an interview as a
                       programmer in clothes nicer than the CEO wears.
                       Any well tailored suit will fit properly, unless
                       it is total junk. Remember this guy said he was
                       "on a low budget."
                       \_ You would *not* know an Armani suit if you saw
                          one. You might think it's a nice suit and even
                          guess it is European by the cut, but you would
                          not know. Wouldn't it be stupid to be wrong and
                          lose out on a good candidate because of your
                          insecurity? When I interview I expect candidates
                          to look nice. That doesn't mean Armani, but
                          it certainly won't hurt.
                       \_ Many CTO's write code and also have to shill to VC's
                          with the CEO.  Being able dress as well or better
                          than the CEO is an asset for any executive level
                          \_ Yes, if you were interviewing for the position
                             of CTO, you would want to wear a very nice suit.
                             Maybe even a $4k suit. But that is not what
                             the original poster is doing. At least, I am
                             almost 100% sure of that.
                             \_ #t
        \_ The last suit I bought came from Brooks Brothers.  It fits nicely,
           looks good on me, and I'm happy with it.  They also don't charge
           extra for alterations.  If you're looking for something in a
           relatively conservative cut, you can get to their Union Square
           location by BART.  While you're there, the Macy's Men's store in
           Union Square also has a good selection of suits.  I've heard
           good things about Jos. A. Bank, which has a location in
           Embarcadero Center and gets compared to Brooks Brothers a lot,
           but I haven't been in one of their stores yet.
           \_ Brooks Brothers used to be well-made, but is now crap made
              God-knows-where. Macy's good suits like Hugo Boss, but you will
              pay too much. Go to the outlets where you can get quality
              God-knows-where. Macy's has good suits like Hugo Boss, but you
              will pay too much. Go to the outlets where you can get quality
              suits for 50% or less of retail.
              \_ I wouldn't call Brooks Brothers crap (thought I haven't
                 looked in a year or two), but it is overpriced for what you
                 get.  Also, as the PP said, BB suits are cut conservatively.
                 This is a nice safe bet for the OP if he can't distinguish
                 between hip and tacky, but as I said above, in for a penny,
                 in for a pound.  If OP has any fashion sense (or any friends
                 with same), go for something with a little more punch.  That
                 said, I really like Brooks Brothers ties, particularly the
                 ones in solid colors. -dans
                 \_ BB is now crap made in SE Asia or something like that.
                    There was a time when it was the de facto standard.
        \_ I agree spend $800 or more and get a nice well-made suit.
           If you end up buying from a place like Macy's you can get
           a discount of 10-20% (depending on their current promo,changes
           weekly) if you open up a macy's charge card account. Save some
           serious money there. Also they should be free alterations and
           make sure they give you a suit-bag
           For Men's Wherehouse or other discounters, make sure the suit
           is well-made...even if it's a brand-name for some reason the
           stitching is not right...make sure you have a 2nd opinion and
           look at the suit from all angles. A good suit makes you look
           and feel good. Makes you look sharp and the women like that.
           Esp. if you normally dress Berkeley/CS/geek/frumpy-like
           most of the time, when you surprise her by wearing a
           suit on a nice date in the city to see some high-culture
           artsy shit, and chi-chi or frenchy foodie place, you'll
           get some that night. Also make sure you have good shoes,
           belt, socks boxers, and undershirts. Don't skimp.
           \_ Right boxers? obreddwarfreference.
           \_ I wouldn't worry about the socks, boxers, and undershirt, but
              the belt and particularly the shoes are really important.
              Kenneth Cole does really nice shoes, though sometimes they can
              be pricey.  Steve Madden shoes are cheaper, but you have to be
              careful because some of them look it, and even if you find a
              good looking pair of shoes, they won't last more than a year or
              so with regular wear.
2005/1/20 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:35818 Activity:moderate
1/20    I need to buy luggage.  I want something that I will be
        able to bring on the plane as carry-on luggage, but that I
        can easily fit a week or 2 of underwear, shirts, socks, and
        2 or 3 pairs of pants/jeans, a sweater or 2, plus a pair
        or 2 of shoes, and maybe a couple of books.  So I want
        something with the volume capacity probably at least 3 times
        as big as my normal backpack, but something that isn't
        bulky, so that I will easily be able to avoid having to
        check it at the airport.  Any suggestions as for where to shop,
        what to buy, or how much to expect to pay?
        \_ As long as you shop for plane tickets somewhere other than me,
           I don't care where you shop.  I hate people like you.
           \_ So you always check-in all your luggage?
           \_ If they didn't take half an hour to get my luggage to the
              baggage claim area, and if there was no such thing as lost
              or delayed checked luggage, then I'd be happy to check my
              bag.  It's people that take a full minute to stow their bags
              while people are trying to get on the plane behind them that
              bothers me, but that's another topic.  -op
        \_ You're not going to get that much capacity in a carry-on.  Costco
           has good luggage (with the fat zippers and wheels) at a good price.
        \_ Get the ebags professional 22" carry-on.  A little pricey but very
        \_ You can't fit 2 weeks of clothes into a carryon. Bring a couple
           of days worth and wash clothes in your hotel room and/or have
           them done by the cleaning service.
2004/10/19-20 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:34230 Activity:high
10/19   Anyone have this experience before? A girl recently helped me
        out in buying clothes, getting a haircut, etc. with the presumption
        that she's trying to help me meet other girls. I've been alone
        for a while now, but I've had long term girlfriends in the past,
        so my instinct tells me that this girl isn't really that interested
        in "helping" me more than she might be interested in me. There are
        a couple of things she said that seem to be indicative of this,
        i.e. giving me positive comments about certain attributes, etc.
        Am I reading too much into this? Or should I just ask her out and
        be done with it? I mean, why would a girl help out a guy get another
        girl if she likes him and she's available?
        \_ Why?  Maybe she's bored and wants a project.  It *does* sound like
           she's into you though.  Pay attention to other subtle cues to tell
           if she's flirting with you or just needs a hobby.
        \_ It could be she thinks of you more as a pet.
        \_ it doesn't mean anything.
        \_ buying clothes? haircut? my god. She thinks you're her girlfriend.
           If she has real interests in you she will not ask you to
           do things she knows that most straight men hate-- shopping.
           She's asking you because you seem to have good taste
           and/or that you're more well refined than most men out
           there (this is a euphemism that she doesn't think you're
           manly). Buddy, go ahead and waste your time on her. Hope
           for the best but be prepared to be nothing than a shopping
           bag carrier.                     -been there done that
           \_ Speak for yourself. OP describes something like where I was 3 yrs
              ago with a girl. We got married last year.
                \_ Hope she doesn't like shopping for heavy items too much.
              \_ Congrats!
           \_ Yeah, I had a situation like that which eventually turned
              into a fun fling. She had a b/f when we first met though,
              so I didn't think anything of it. But eventually she broke
              up with him and we went out for a while.
              up with him and we went out for a while when she was on the
              rebound. Nothing serious came of it though.
        \_ It's 50/50.  Could be she wants you, could be you're just a little
           pet project for a bored chick.  Give it a shot.  We can't tell you
           more not knowing either of you.
        \_ The answer to all motd dating questions: Ask her out!
           Seriously. Otherwise, you will never know. Heck, even if she's
           not interested you may end up doing her when she's feeling more
           desperate and she remembers you were interested. If you don't
           show interest you're definitely not getting laid.
2004/9/21 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:33657 Activity:high
9/21    Poll, do you wear your shoes in the house?
        Yes: .
        No: ..,
        \_ Let's modify the poll.
           Has carpet and wear shoes at home         :
           Has carpet and don't wear shoes at home   : ...
           Has no carpet and war shoes at home       :
           Has no carpet and don't wear shoes at home:
           Conjugates verbs with shoes on            :
           Conjugates verbs with shoes off           :
2004/9/8 [Computer/SW/Security, Recreation/Shopping, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:33417 Activity:very high
9/8     What are some wedding registry web sites to use?
        \_ handles the registries for most
           of the major stores, including Macy's, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery
           Barn, Crate & Barrel... etc. Even REI!
           \_ The most popular. Does what most people want to do. But of
              course, if you do it with Wal-Mart (and I think Target too),
              you get to walk around the store scanning whatever the hell you
              feel like...
              \_ You can also walk around with a scanner at a Williams-Sonoma
                 or Pottery Barn store.
                 \_ You can't scan catfood, cigarettes, and t.p. at WS or PB.
        \_ It's really more a question of what store(s) you're registering at
           isn't it?
2004/8/11 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:32827 Activity:moderate
8/11    Um... how do I checkout / check my shopping cart on iTMS?
        No, seriously.  The online help mentions something about a shopping cart
        icon in the source list.  Anybody?  Anybody?  What's the source list?
        \_ The source list is on the left side of the browser.  The shopping
           cart appears as a subdirectory under "Music Store"-- you have to
           click the arrow to show it.  Elapsed time: about 5 minutes. -op
           \_ DAMNIT.  I'm trying to buy "Now Here is Nowhere" by the Secret
              Machines and iTMS is STILL saying the album is "being modified"
              -- after 4 hours.  What is that supposed to mean?
              \_ they're re-recording it in garageband
2004/6/10 [Recreation/Shopping, Recreation/Music] UID:30715 Activity:high
6/10    Is there some easy and nonpermanent way to mute (lower the volume)
        an acoustic guitar?  I suck and I don't want to bug my roommates.
        \_ my own solution: stuff a small rag under the strings between
           the bridge and the hole.  Works well after midnight.
        \_ Palm mute (look it up), lighter pick, loosen wrist while
           strumming (lighter touch). You can probably shove cloth/clothing
           in the guitar if that doesn't make you uncomfortable. -- jsjacob
        \_ Fill the resonant chamber with cloth.
        \_ don't play at night.  they'll still hear it.
        \_ unplugged electrical at night
2004/6/2-3 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:30558 Activity:very high
        On the one hand, I'll miss seeing other men's daughters walking
        around half naked, on the other hand, most men;s daughters are fat
        and ugly so it sort of balances out.
        \_ Thank heavens
        \_ I've actually heard this complaint a lot from women.  It's
           actually difficult to find decent fat lady clothes.
        \_ Half-naked is nice. Hip huggers are nasty no matter who or what.
           \_ Move somewhere where most girls have waists.  -John
              \_ the *original* hip huggers (early 70s) were nice; they
                 accentuated the hips and butt.  The current low riders are
                 cut to square off the butt--they look bad on virtually
                 everyone.  -tom
        \_ Did you not see the part where they say the bitch is a Roman Cath?
           Most RC's have really stupid hangups about their bodies.
           - Recovering Jesuit
           \_ Yes and what does that have to do with the price of tea?  She
              isn't the one with the problem.  She's a little girl who doesn't
              want to walk around looking like a $5 Oakland street corner
              hooker.  That makes her a bitch?  No.  That makes her a decent
              human being who isn't willing to knuckle under to the queers
              and old bitter lesbians who run the fashion industry who all
              hate women.  More power to her.
2004/3/16-17 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:12706 Activity:nil
3/16    what to do in Austin, Tx? going there in 2 weeks for a weekend.
        \_ Downtown is awesome, you can spend all your nights up and down
        Sixth Street where all the bars/night clubs are within walking
        distance of each other. Pete's Dualing Piano Bar is my personal fav.
        \_ yes, downtown is awsome...however if you want to see something
           awsome you can't see anywhere else, go see the bats.
        \_ I highly recommend the Hooters there.
        \_ If you're a bargain hunter and feel like killing off one day on
           shopping, consider going to San Marcos shopping center, right
           outside of Austin (I think it's either exit 200 or 100, whichever is
           closer to Austin on the road to San Antonio). Lots of factory outlet
           stores are there. They sell mostly clothing but there are many other
           types of goods available there too. Prices are low and the choice is
           good. Most of them close at 6pm.
           \_ My memory of this shopping center was that it was like every
              other factory outlet mall, except near Austin.  Was there
              anything special you remember about it?
2004/3/15 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:12672 Activity:nil
3/15    Simple question, why wear socks?
        \_ Smelly feet?
        \_ Protect feet from any irregularities in the shoe causing calluses.
           Wick moisture away from the foot.  Provide warmth.  Not look like a
        \_ It's easier to wash socks than shoes.
        \_ Why wash?  Why wear anything?  Why not spit on people as you walk
           by?  Why not poke everyone with a knife?
2004/2/26-27 [Finance/CC, Recreation/Shopping] UID:12426 Activity:nil
2/26    I couldn't find this in the motd archive. Google search for credit card
        processing / ecommerce hosting companies is worthless. What's a good
        place to go with? Low volume, Ease of use preferred over price... I
        know that I can go with Verisign, but I'm guessing that they suck
        (I know that they suck as a registrar). My domains are with godaddy,
        which does ecommerce, but says you need a shopping cart... is there
        a good text FAQ that explains the whole process? I'm only selling one
        (maybe two) items, so I don't need a shopping cart. I don't want to
        deal with Paypal.
        \_ Verisign Internet Merchant Account + PayFlow Link.
2004/2/4 [Recreation/Shopping, Industry/Startup] UID:12094 Activity:nil
2/3     Here's some people who chose to kill their careers by getting
        quoted forever as work time slacker idiots:
        It was fun then but I wonder how many turned up in google when
        applying for jobs and got passed over.
        \_ The level of writing in that article is primitive, and that's being
           charitable.  "Cyber browsing"?  Give me a break.  And some of the
           people quoted don't come across as particularly lucid either.
           Aside from the whole premise, which is silly, the piece loses
           credibility through its piss-poor style.  -John
        \_ This is such bullshit.  Any time it comes up.  If someone is not
           doing their job, it will show in other ways.  tracking employee
           web usage is fucking pointless.
        \_ 1. I would always get packages sent to work... because I'm there
              to pick them up.  I don't have a stay at home wife to collect
              my packages.  That stuff I order when I'm at home.
           2. Oh no!  I wasted 15 minutes shopping online!  FIRE ME!  Dude
              no employee is going to be productive all the time they are
              at work.  Breaks are what people do.
           \_ Both of you are brilliant.  Now *think* for a moment.  If you
              are a hiring manager and have two candidates and one is stupid
              enough to let themself get quoted on google forever as a
              slacker idiot, which one would *you* hire?  The crime isn't
              shopping online, it is being quoted forever talking about it
              on google.  If you say you wouldn't care then you're not a
              hiring manager.
              \_ I've been in places where I've been responsible for saying
                 if someone should get hired.  This article wouldn't change
                 how I felt about someone, and I wouldn't want to work at
                 a company where it did.
                 \_ First of all, just know that I agree with you all whole-
                    heartedly and the person you just answered sounds like a
                    putz. That said, you sound spoiled. I wouln't want to work
                    at such a company either but few of us can be so picky
                    anymore. I work at an alright company but I got lucky -
                    they are too small to have the resources to track web-
                    browsing. Most of my friends who are still unemployed would
                    grudgingly take a job where they did. What sucks is that
                    companies feel they can and should do this.  [moved down]
                    \_ I agree that the above is spoiled but not with the idea
                       that shopping and gaming all day at work is something
                       your company owes you.  If you were the HM and a
                       candidate told you he wanted a 7.5 hour day but said he
                       wouldn't be doing anything but work during those 7.5
                       hours you'd think he was a flaming idiot.
                 \_ Typical "sour grapes" brigade response.  I prefer to work
                    at companies where I'm not the only one working.
                    \_ oh, yeah? and where do you work--
                       \_ This is funny.
                 how I felt about someone.
2003/12/15-16 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:11458 Activity:nil
12/14   reboot the Macy's building.
        \_ General Merchandising Fault
2003/11/16 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan, Recreation/Shopping] UID:11098 Activity:nil
        Gigolo school raided by police.
2003/10/12-13 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Recreation/Shopping] UID:10601 Activity:nil
10/11   My friend just asked me what "pegged pants" are. I couldn't find
        any good pictures on google. Any better googlers out there?
        This is as good as I could find:
        \_ Couldn't find pegged jeans, but this is pretty funny:
        \_ Why don't you fold your jeans, roll them, and let him see for
           himself.  If it helps, wear some reebok hightops (or vans w/ no
           socks) and a T&C Surf Designs shirt.  If you really want a picture,
           please take one and post it on the web, I'd like to see it too.
           \_ I did this last weekend for an 80's party. HORRID. Utterly
              horrid. If I end up with any pictures of myself, I'll make sure
              to burn them.
        \_ Does anyone have a copy of "The Official Preppy Handbook". Quotes:
           "Blucher moccasins or Sperry Top-siders?", "whales or ducks?"...
           "to Lacoste or not to Lacoste and if so collar up or down?"
2003/9/28-29 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:10355 Activity:nil
9/27    Best place to buy a suit for interviews?  (bang for buck)
        \_ Whatever you do, make sure you don't look cheap.  A cheap looking
           suit is worse than no suit in many cases.
        \_ Brooks Brothers.  Do a tiny bit of reading up on how suits are
           made (types of lining, sewn vs. basted, cloths, etc.), go to the
           tall Russian woman upstairs (brown hair, bags under her eyes)
           and tell her what you want.  Also, few things put off a good
           suit more than cheap shirts or a wrinkled tie.  Don't forget to
           ask for advice on socks/tie colors, etc.  Avoid Nordstrom's, Macys,
           Men's Wearhouse at all costs, you have been warned.  Also, there
           are a number of smaller suit boutiques (assuming this is SF) that
           aren't too pricey--just make sure the sales guy is an absolutely
           flamboyant homosexual--I'd never buy a suit from a straight male
           under 65.  -John
                \_ everything sounds good but what's wrong w/ nordstroms?
                   \_ Repeated personal experience, purely subjective.  I have
                      encountered a stream of extremely slimey, incompetent,
                      dishonest sales guys there, interested in selling me the
                      most expensive shit and getting me out the store, if
                      it fit me or not.  Dim has a point with the Rack below;
                      I just find BB suits to be of excellent quality, and you
                      get good advice.  The main problem with outlets is that
                      staff with a clue is rare, and finding a nice suit is a
                      crapshoot.  If you have the budget, a "good" store is
                      just far less of a hassle.  In case you succeed, do not
                      have it altered there.  I strongly recommend Ernesto's
                      tailoring--5th floor, Flood Building, 860 Market St.,
                      take a left and then a right from the elevators.  Cheap,
                      fast, excellent quality.  -John
        \_ Go to Off Fifth (Saks Outlet). I've bought Armani there for < $400.
           Other outlets including the Armani outlet, the Brooks Brothers
           outlet (BB suits aren't as good as they used to be), Neiman outlet
                        \_ Out of curiosity, what makes you say that?  At the
                           risk of sounding like their ad mascot, I've never
                           gotten anything less than stellar there.  -John
           and such are also best bets. If no outlet stores are near you, try
           Nordstrom Rack and Marshall's. Yes, Marshall's. Most of their
           clothes are not interesting, but I've seen suits from big names
           there like Hart Shaffner Marx, Oxford, and Hickey Freeman cheap.
           Nordstrom is ok if you want to pay retail. While at the outlet
           pick up some Italian shirts, a pair of shoes, and some silk ties.
           Then you need to get the suits tailored. You will spend $200 or
           so for that. If you didn't, your tailor sucks. I would budget
           $800-$1000 ($600+ suit/tailor, $150 shoes, $100 shirt/tie) for a
           complete outfit that is SHARP. --dim
                \_ Second the vote for Nordstrom Rack. I bought a couple of
                        nice suits there for a decent price. Tailor is not
                        as expensive as being quoted here.
                \_ I forget where I got mine but tailoring was part of the
                   package and they did a good job.  Paying $200 for just a
                   tailor sounds like you're used to getting screwed.
                   \_ Sounds like you are used to wearing ill-tailored
                      suits. Don't use the tailor at the store unless the
                      store is Versace or something. I've paid more for
                      tailoring than for the suit itself (same for gf's
                      dresses). Realize that tailoring basically means
                      taking the suit apart and putting it back together,
                      not just doing a hem. For sure it will cost $150 min.
        \_ So, what color suit is best for business?
           \_ Red with gold fur lined trim.
              \- if you are a white person i'd get a dark blue or maybe
                 dark charcoal.
                 \_ And red tie
                        \_ If you're going to commit such an atrocity, at
                           least make sure the tip covers your buckle. -John
2003/9/18-19 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:10249 Activity:high
9/18    I need to buy some decent running shoes, but I don't know jack
        about them.  Any advice for a big guy looking to seriously take up
        jogging/running?  TIA.                 -mice
        \_ Sign your name.  Run on dirt, not sidewalks.
        \_ On The Run, 9th St / Irving in SF
        \_ Go to La Foot on College (near Ashby). They will watch you walk
           and suggest good shoes for you. Expect to pay between $80
           and $130 or so.
           \_ What about $40 Saucony's?
        \_ Athletic Performance (55 W. Main St., Los Gatos). Everyone has
           different requirements & feet (eg, do you over-pronate?). They'll
           help you find the right shoe.
        \_ a rec based on personal experience -- asics.  If they fit your
           particular foot shape, they're good shoes. --jon
        \_ can you trust what they tell you at these specialty stores or are
           they just there to convince you to buy more expensive shoes?
           \- at minimum they should look at the bottom of your shoes
              and watch you walk. you can tell a lot based on the wear
              pattern. also they will at least measure your footwidth.
              some companies make many widths [like NewBalance] ... so if
              you have unusual foot dimensions, NB is a good company to go
              with. Nike has some good shoes but they fall apart easily ...
              then again that is why I havent bought any Nikes in yrs. --psb
           \_ With good shoe salespeople, not at all. I was actually
              recommended a cheaper shoe than the one I was looking at. The
              key is, they want repeat business from you, because shoes are
              really only good for 500 miles or 8-12 months (that's assuming
              regular running). Chains like Foot Locker don't give a flying
              fuck... they just want all your money now (not to mention they
              dunno anything about shoes beyond what's in the pamplets).
2003/9/17 [Recreation/Shopping, Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:10221 Activity:nil
9/16    What's the deal with  These days, half of any given order
        arrives damaged (scuffs/black marks on the book, bent covers, mashed
        corners, etc.)  If I'd wanted my books pre-damaged, I'd have gone
        shopping at Barnes & Noble!
        \_ I've orders books and other stuff from them recently, never a
           problem. They will accept returns and satisfy the customer.
           \_ I had an excellent experience regarding this.  My book cover
              was bent, and they replaced it and paid for the shipping.
              \_ yeah, amazon is much better customer service wise than say,
        (where the 'half' stands for half-witted customer
                 service, half-witted buyers, and half-witted sellers; on
                 the other hand, ebayers seem much more responsible
                 on the whole.)
           \_ oh yeah, i forgot, amazon did ship me a 10,000 Maniacs
              CD with a damaged case(CD was fine), but they included
              a new CD-case and a note saying "we noticed damage and
              have included a new case". The "damage" was a scratch on
              the CD-case.
        \_ I've seen a version of their shrink-wrap packaging that
           bends up the corners of soft-covered books. A supid design.
           They gave me a $5 discount on a slightly damaged order.
2003/5/26 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:28551 Activity:very high
5/25    Hi I'm looking for a job and I want to look really old and mature
        so that I'll have a better chance of getting hired. What are some
        ways to look more mature?       -graduating senior desperately looking
                                         for a job and still looks like a HS
                                         \_ mail me, my company is still
                                            hiring. - rory
        \_ The old and mature guys have trouble getting jobs because they
           cost too much.  A cheap smart young thing they can abuse is all
           the rage right now.  Much more important is not coming across as
           desperate.  I interview here and there and the reek of desperation
           is a huge turnoff for any candidate.  Be yourself, don't make shit
           up, stay calm, *THINK* about the questions.  I've asked several
           people to write a simple script that at one point requires they
           loop from 1 to 50.  Most people write a 0-49 loop.  *THINK*.
           \_ people don't have budgets to train newbies anymore, "old and
              mature" ppl are being hired over new people because of this.
              check how many ads nowadays are for senior eng's as compared
              to entry-level.
              \_ Training?  Since when did anyone get trained?  The job ads
                 for senior guys are mostly crap.  Most job ads today are crap.
                 This kid isn't applying to those anyway.  He's applying to
                 jobs that are clearly non-senior so what you're saying doesn't
                 apply to his case.  He still needs to write the 1-50 loop,
                 not the 0-49 loop which these so-called senior guys kept
                 writing for me.
        \_ Assuming this isn't a troll; ever heard of the saying "Clothes make
           a man"? Dress maturely; NOT suit & tie if you're applying for
           technical post but a nice button-up shirt (long sleeves if it
           isn't too hot; or polo shirt and slacks). NO JEANS. Get nice black
           shoes (not the cheap kind, please); if you lack facial hair, grow
           some. Wear cologne, but not too much. That's a start.
           Then start talking like a mature person and stop using immature
           words like 'Like...', 'Duh', 'Dude', etc. Start watching CNBC and
           see how those guys in the corporate world talks. Pay attention to
           issues and the haps in your community.
                \_ why not suit&tie for a tech job? people do that all the
                   time (e.g. ever been to the Career Center?)
                   \_ I've interviewed nearly a hundred engineers and nothing
                      says newbie quite like a suit & tie left over from
                      your highschool prom.
                      \_ You don't want to get this interviewer.
        \_ Or, you could be yourself. That'd be mature.
        \_ Set yourself a reasonable budget for clothes.  Go to a good men's
           clothing store (I like Brooks Brothers--do not even bother with
           Macy's or Nordstrom or the likes.)  Say 'here's my budget, I don't
           \- i like brooks brothers too [for a non-white person] but what
              is wrong with macys/bloomingdale/n'strom ? assuming this Q is
                \_ The problem is that the sales clerks are far less trained
                   than at the specialty men's clothiers (Barney's, BB, etc.)
                   They earn less, so they're more commission-driven.  Mind
                   that this is a generalization.  Also, I've often found
                   them incapable of offering creative suggestions, and
                   unwilling to send me somewhere else if they haven't got
                   something I'm looking for.  -John
                             \- ok fair enough, although usually i am not
                                asking too much of the sales staff.
                                barney's is insanely expensive. dont the
                                staff there make like +$150k? --psb
                                \_ Barney's is very expensive, but less so
                                   than most comparable European stuff.  And
                                   their clothes are generally very durable
                                   and classic.  But yeah, the price is why
                                   I like BB (plus last time I was in Barney's
                                   the staff were snooty, which I won't ever
                                   put up with.)  And if you spend above
                                   a certain amount of money (I include
                                   Macy's/Nordstrom prices in this) you should
                                   get expert advice.  If you don't want/get
                                   it, find a good tailor and get your suits
                                   mail order.  Much cheaper.  -John
              in earnest [which i sort of doubt given the phrase "old and
              mature" ... or at least that makes me question OPs ability
              to pull this off] i think you would do best dressing reasonable
              and spending some more time thinking about/researching the
              company. if i were interviewing you and asked at some point
              "do you have any Qs for me" and you said something reasonable
              that would count more than how well you accessorize. dressing
              up shows that you are serious ... i think for tech jobs you
              either are trying or not. i dont think people look too critically
              at whether you are wearing $100 "nice shoes" or Bruno Maglis.
              i dont do a lot of interviews what the thing that probably
              annoys me most frequently is when people waste my time. this
              means "don be late" and "dont babble" or make things up. --psb
           know much about clothes, I need to look good for an interview' and
           maybe the kind of look you'd like.  The nice uncle salesman
           will help you.  Never use the phrase 'um'.  Don't fidget.  Don't
           talk too much--never interrupt, and think before you speak.  Shave.
           Look the interviewer in the eye at all times.  And don't believe
           anything you read in the motd.  -John
        \_ When I hire fresh grads I'm more interested in the fact that they
           have taken the time to put together a decent looking resume and
           that they can tell me what courses and projects they have worked
           on rather than how they look or what they are wearing. Its okay to
           wear a suit to a interview for a coding job, but most people don't.
           Just wear a clean business shirt and slacks (even something like
           dockers will do), make sure to shave, comb your hair and remove
           any body piercings.
           If you want to make a good impression find out something about
           the project the group you are interviewing with is working on
           and ask one or two intelligent questions about that.
           \_ when in doubt, wear a suit/tie. even better, call the company
              and talk to hr or the receptionist to see what they prefer.
              \_ I always ask, they always give some vague bullshit reply.
                 I've never once been told anything more than "we're a really
                 casual place but whatever you're comfortable in".
2003/5/6 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:28346 Activity:high
5/5     motd survey: Do you your shoes have a granny knot or a square knot?
        Take your shoe laces. Instead of untying them by pulling the
        ends of the laces, pull the loops until the ends pass thgough
        the knot. If you have a granny knot, that's why your shoes are
        always coming untied. Get the word out. Teach your kids correctly.
        square:  .
        \_ neither is ideal.  use a slipped surgeon's knot.  --jon
           \_ I can't find a diagram of a "slipped surgeon's knot".
              I'm not suggesting people tie their shoes with an square
              knot, but instead use a "slipped square knot" -op
        \_ square doesn't keep your laces tied, but does make the loops
           fall nicely perpendicular to the heel-toe axis.
        \_ kids?  Thats what God invented velcro fall.
         \_ I think you mean that's what God invented condoms for.
2002/12/16-17 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:26827 Activity:low
        \_ doesn't this suck? it should focus more on price-searching features.
           \_ recognize that vendor quality/reputation is a factor in
              purchasing decisions. --aaron
2002/9/2-4 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:25754 Activity:high
9/2     <DEAD><DEAD>
        Come see 12th Night.  Me playing guitar, girls in skimpy clothes,
        free beer...  Oh, and a really good show.  --scotsman
        \_ I think the Secretary should apologize for that comment.
           \_ free beer?  Because half the csua is underage?
              \_ ...if by "underage" you mean under 30, you may be right.
        \_ Only if you post pics with those girls in skimpy clothes.
           \_ Cast photos are restricted by Actor's Equity rules.  Sorry.
              if free beer and skin aren't enough of a draw, then we don't
              want you. --scotsman
                \_ well you're pretty damned picky aren't ya?  do the girls
                   at least do lap dances and private message?
                                              \_ You'll have to give us
                                                 your ICQ number for that.
                                                        \_ oh baby!
2002/3/20 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:24162 Activity:very high
3/19    The idiots who live at my coop exhorbitantly raised the price on
        the dryers to force people to use a clothesline.  What can I put
        on their clothes to make horrid stains and induce mildew?
           \- how long does it take to put up a clotheslines. how long does
           it take to cut a clothesline. --psb
        \_ You're totally missing the point.  The children you're dealing with
           don't care what the price is because they're not washing their
           clothes.  It has nothing to do with clotheslines, it has to do with
           punishing all the Bad People like you who want clean clothing.
           What can you do about it?  Nothing.  Move to another house.  I'm
           not kidding.  Coop politics can be fun if you're into that sort of
           thing, but as soon as it gets annoying you should leave.  In the
           meantine, psb has the right idea.  Also if you want to politic it,
           keep in mind that anyone with 10 friends can stack a meeting and
           anything that was once voted in can be voted out the next week.
           Old coopers never die (well the young ones sometimes do), we just
           grow bored of living with children and fade away into the real world
           where *everything* is better.  Good luck with the scissors!
                --old cooper
        \- how long does it take to put up a clotheslines. how long does
           it take to cut a clothesline. think amplification. --psb
        \_ just do tie die in the washing machines
        \_ water. grape juice.  feces.
           \_ these things are not hard to remove.  tomato sauce stains
              are more difficult.
              \- i dont know th english word but the stain from coconut
                 water is supposed to be hard to remove.
                 there is also supposed to be some insect that lays eggs
                 in drying clothes in africa which require ironing to kill.
                 otherwise the larva crawls into you. ok tnx --psb
                 \_ I believe coconut "milk" is the word you're looking for.
                    Also, there's always bleach or acid..  --scotsman
                    \- i am not sure it is called "milk" when it is still
                       transparent in a green c'nut. that's what im referring
                       to. ok tnx. --psb
                    \_ coconut milk is an extract of the flesh.  the nut
                       liquid is coconut water/juice. --pld
        \_ durian.. but then if they LIKE durian it won't bother them
           \_ what? - i was thinking things like antifreeze or
              maybe some itching powder.  Be sophisticated
              \_ a solution of tide and water.
                 \_ this works great only iff they are allergic to tide.
        \_ so how much are they?
           \_ $0.75 / 20 mins. - note that these dryers aren't in perfect
              wonderful drying condition.
        \_ Why not just go buy a dryer?  You live in a COOP, right???
           That way, you can set the price on the box for whatever you
           want.  Not to mention- you live in a coop, so WTF is wrong with
           a clothes line?  You should be more afraid of the roaches in
           your kitchen than you are offended by wet laundry.
           \_ People STEAL clothes and sell them to Buff Exchange.
              they steal them from our locked laundry room, so a clothesline
              would be alot simpler for them no?  Personally I have nothing
              against the clothesline, i just wish the punative measures
              of the dryer price weren't done.  What dissapoints me more is
              that decision was made by the idiot idealists while the
              rational people were working.
           \_ Btw, all coops are not created the same.  I live in an apt;
              you're thinking of cloyne.  And yes, the quality level of
              comfort is exponential.  I assure you that the northside
              coops are better quality than most student rented housing
              (except for the bldgs built in the last 10 years, and there
              aren;t many of those) - with 1/2 the rent.
2002/2/17 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:23897 Activity:insanely high
2/16    Buffalo exchange didn't take my used clothes - they weren't indie
        rock enough (there's nothing wrong with them, tho).  ANyone know of
        a normal place to sell used clothes? - guy who has to resort to
                                               selling clothes to buy food
                                               cos his degree don't mean shit.
                                               (and yes, it's CS).
                                               \_ i know too many people
                                                  who barely finished
                                                  highschool and make six
                                                  figure s to hve any
                                                  sympathy for you. try
                                                  sparechanging on telegraph.
                                                  \_ i ain't asking for yer
                                                     sympathy, don't
                                                     pass the hate.
                                                     If you have nothing nice
                                                     to say...
                \_ i can't imagine who this is!
        \_ lye is that you?
2001/9/10 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:22364 Activity:nil
9/9     Where can I buy a shopping cart? Don't want to resort to stealing
        \_ I've seen some people have this folding version of
           a shopping cart before.  Maybe K-Mart or Walmart?
        \_ and search for shopping cart
           \_ cool site, thanks, but the prices are pretty damn steep.
2001/5/21 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:21305 Activity:nil
5/20    Need to alter a designer suit. Can anyone recommend place/tailor
        in 415/510?
        \_ Phashions by Phil. (510)642-7453
        \_ Jim the Tailor
           \_ I wouldn't trust my designer suit to Jim the Tailor.
              Had a pretty bad experience there a couple years ago.
              Find a store that sells this brand and have it tailored there.
              \_ Best to go by word-of-mouth. I know an excellent tailor in
                 the LA area who used to head the tailoring at Armani and
                 he said that he was always too rushed there to do the job
                 he wanted to do. Store tailors won't do you wrong, but
                 they won't be the best either due to circumstances.  --dim
2001/5/7-8 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:21195 Activity:moderate
5/7     What are your favorite expressions taken from fairy tales?
        I'm trying to find a lot of them.  Things like "wolf in sheep's
        clothing", etc.
        \_ Is this homework?
        \_ "Sour grapes".
        \_ you mean fables, not fairy tales
           \_ No.  Most of them come from the Grimm's Brother Fairy Tales.
              The original poster has it correct.  The book is also known as
              The Tales of the Brothers Grimm for the pedantic.  You and the
              "I think I know regex but don't" person are wrong.
              \- "wolf sheep clothes" and "sour grapes" are morals for aesop's
              fables. "mirror mirror" is not a moral. are you looking for
              morals, epigrams etc or "random famous phrases"? ok tnx --psb
              \_ I'd swear there's a Grimm version of both.  I'll check my
                 copy later.
                \- psb is correct.  --tom
                   \_ Thank you for your valuable validation, Thomas. --!psb
        \_ Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
           \_ yermom.
        \_ isn't this a pretty regular expression: /g/fairy/s/fable  ?
        \_ boy who cried wolf
        \_ Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his mocassins.
2000/7/23 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:18760 Activity:low
7/22    Does anyone have a recommendation for a shoe repair shop in or
        around Berkeley?  I need a pair of shoes repaired. --chris
        \_ I use this tiny shop on Lakeshore Ave in Oakland.
           Not especially good, but I trust them to fix simple things.
2000/3/11-13 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:17746 Activity:high
3/10    I had some brand new sneakers and i really liked them because
        they dont stink, however, they recently got wet and now they
        stink like old shoes. How do i get rid of the stink?
        \_ Baking soda works ok, as does talcolm powder, but there are aerosol
           cans of disinfectant/deoderizer you can get in the store for shoes
           that work very well.
        \_ You kids are so spoiled these days complaining about a
           little drizzle.  When I was a kid we used to walk in 1 foot
             \_  gee, that is really helpful advice.  go start and
           of puddle water uphill both ways.  Why not use baking soda.
        \_ set them aside for about a year.
        \_ Throw them out.
             \_  gee, that is really helpful advice.  go start an
                 advice column.
                 \_ Have you read the crap that passes for advice in advice
        \_ Soak them in water overnight, then microwave for ten minutes
           on "high"
                \_ You mean melt them before throwing them out?  Try putting
                   them in the dryer on low and let them air out in an open
                   outside area for an hour or two.
                   \_ Actually, I was hoping the idiot would set his
                      microwave on fire.
1998/9/1-3 [Recreation/Activities, Reference/Tax, Recreation/Shopping] UID:14532 Activity:low
8/31    Hiking shoes for sale.  Nike ACG. Size 9 1/2.  Worn only
        once.  Too big on me.  Bought for $80+tax.  Would like to sell
        for about $60.  If interested, email asb.
        \_ Why didn't you try them on first? Why not return them now? --dim
                \_ It was the night before I was leaving on a big trip
                        overseas.  I didn't want to buy extremely expensive
                        hiking shoes, and the cheaper ones that I wanted,
                        they didn't have in my size, about 8 or 9.  I tried
                        the 9 1/2 on and it seemed to fit.  Then I went
                        hiking in it and my foot was sliding around a bit
                        too much.  Had I had more time, I might have checked
                        out another store, but it was already evening, about
                        the time that stores of this type close.  I can't
                        return them because it's been over 2 months
                        and because I've used them outdoors.
        \_ Who said anything about the IBM BIOS?
        \_ Boycott Nike shoes!!!!!!
1997/2/13-3/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Shopping] UID:32070 Activity:nil
2/13    Lost in CSUA office - 1 pair gold armani sunglasses.
        $100 reward.  --sky
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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