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2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/4/19-5/10 [Recreation/Music] UID:53789 Activity:nil
4/19    6-yr-old boy with 15 fingers to have surgery to remove the "extra"
        Are we killing off further evolution of the human species by acts like
        this where we surgically "correct" any variations that we think are
        bad?  This kid could have been a great piano or guitar player with all
        those extra fingers.
        \_Surgery doesn't change his DNA...unless he gets laid because of his
          mad fingering skillz, having a normal number of fingers will probably
          help his dna stay in the genepool.
2010/2/21-3/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Music] UID:53714 Activity:nil
2/20    "Condoleezza Rice to perform at benefit concert"
        While I'm no fan of Condi's hawkish diplomacy, I've always admired
        people with multiple professional-level talents.
        \_ Will she be in a porn video later?
           \_ She doesn't have a hot body.
              \_ Neither did Thatcher but they're both sexy.  Power == Sexy.
                 \_ Sure, power == sexy, but now neither are powerful, so
                    therefore, not sexy on account of their power. Also,
                    Thatcher nude? /shudder.
              \_ Piano playing fluent-in-Russian lesbian.  What's not to like?
                 \_ Does she play the flute or the sliding trumbone?
           \_ "Steamy CONDItion Vol. 2"
2010/1/29-2/18 [Recreation/Music] UID:53676 Activity:nil
        \_ Tell me what it is about and I might consider it.
           \_ It's just instrumental music man,
              The stuff you listen to while coding.
           \_ If you have to ask you don't know.
2009/1/23-27 [Recreation/Music] UID:52455 Activity:moderate
1/22    I've had no luck trying to id this music.  The trailer for
        Slumdog Millionire:
        About 1:15 there's that instrumental music.  It's NOT part of
        the movie's soundtrack.  It's used just in the trailer.  I've
        heard it before in other movie trailers.  Anybody can id that
        piece of music?  Thanks.
        \_ isn't that just a Coldplay song?
           \_ after much searching I've found the answer to my own
              question.  It is Hoppiopolla by Sigur Ros
      It's an
              Icelandic Band.
              \_ You mean Putingrad Depression Sonic Weapon.
              \_ God, using the term "band" loosely, I saw Heima once
                 man their music is like iceland or eve, bleak, depressing
                 containing only one or two colours. ugh. So depressing
                 I supose Putin will make them Number One Soviet Band now.
                \_ this sounds like a paolo statement.  Did paolo not post this?
                   for those interested in reality, Sigur Ros is not actually
                   very representative of Icelandic music.   --brain
                 \_ this sounds like a paolo statement.  Did paolo not post
                    this? for those interested in reality, Sigur Ros is not
                    actually very representative of Icelandic music.   --brain
                    \_ Er, sure, but neither's Bjork, really.
2009/1/5-9 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Recreation/Music] UID:52320 Activity:nil
1/5     Norway is posting every Beatles song on the Internet: [ars]
2008/5/21-23 [Recreation/Music] UID:50020 Activity:nil
5/21    So the big crowd that Obama had in Oregon was there for a free concert
        before him.  Why didn't I hear this before now?
        \_ you know the decemberists arent the second coming of Guns
           N Roses.  75,000 would be pretty huge for a Decemberists show.
           I think they were there for Obama.  plus the decemberists
           ARE FROM PORTLAND.  local bands dont draw as big a crowd
                       \_ Because housing costs dropped so quickly once
                          it was obvious speculation was driving the
                          market to crazytown.
           as touring bands.  oh why do i care about debating you, i got
           trolled.  what is funny in all seriousness this is the
           song that the decemberists open just about every show with:
           Unbreakable Union of freeborn Republics,
           Great Russia has welded forever to stand.
           Created in struggle by will of the people,
           United and mighty, our Soviet land!
           CHORUS:Sing to the Fatherland, home of the free, Bulwark of
           peoples in brotherhood strong. O Party of Lenin, the strength of
           the people, To Communism's triumph lead us on!
           Through tempests the sunrays of freedom have cheered us,
           Along the new path where great Lenin did lead.
           To a righteous cause he raised up the peoples,
           Inspired them to labour and valourous deed.
           In the victory of Communism's deathless ideal,
           We see the future of our dear land.
           And to her fluttering scarlet banner,
           Selflessly true we always shall stand!
           \_ I told you that Obama is a crypto-Stalinist.
        \_ Er, so what?  He won the Oregon vote with 58%.  What more do you
           \_ A little less "Obama is the Messiah" and a little more complete
              \_ ooh yeah, I'm sure 75,000 people showed up to see
                 "The Decemberists"!  And they stayed to hear a political
                 speech because, well, uh, hey, what about that Reverend
                 Wright guy!  -tom
        \_ Do you really think a crowd anywhere near that size showed up
           for the concert?  Do you have any idea what kind of numbers are
           involved?  Is the republican loonie fringe really that desperate?
        \_ Obama's speech was way more exciting (and got a bigger response)
           than the decemberists' set by far. And even though we were 60 feet
           from obama's podium, we could hardly see the decemberists stage.
2008/4/3-9 [Recreation/Music] UID:49660 Activity:nil
4/3     Is it just my imagination or Enya sounds a lot like the
        Titanic music? Is there a name for this Genre?
        \_ is this a joke?  The trailer soundtrack IS by Enya.
           that is why it sounds a lot alike.  It's the same song.
           the rest of the movie was scored by a friend of Celine Dion,
           which is why her song fits into the soundtrack perfectly.
           "new age" and yes it all sounds like that
           \_ Oh cool man this is very informative thanks! I never knew
              that and thought there HAD to be some connections. Thanks
              for enlightening us oh mighty knowledgeable motd music guru!
           \_ Total bullshit. Wiki says: "Enya was offered the chance to
              compose the score for James Cameron's 1997 film Titanic, but
              declined. The eventual choice of Norwegian vocalist Sissel
              Kyrkjebų, whose style is similar to Enya's, resulted in work
              that some sources erroneously credited to Enya..."
        \_ shite.
        \_ iTunes says Enya is "New Age"
           \_ Cf. Clannad
2008/3/3-6 [Recreation/Music] UID:49321 Activity:nil
3/3     Does anyone know what it means to 'chuck the monkey?'
           \_ So, urban dictionary doesn't know either.  Thanks.
        \_ (NSFW)
2008/2/29-3/4 [Recreation/Music] UID:49304 Activity:nil
2/28    what is most productive coding music:
        CONAN THE BARBARIAN soundtrack:
        generic techno:
        The Code Monkey Song:

        KCSM:   .
        KPMG: .
        The Bourne soundtracks: .
        \_ The consulting firm?
           \_ Their theme song. Gets me in the coding mood every time.
        The Bourne soundtracks: .
        Dead silence: ..
        groove salad (somafm):
        Autechre, or death metal: .
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/2/18-19 [Recreation/Music] UID:49178 Activity:moderate
2/19    TIW:
        \_ what is "TIW"?
           \- this is weird
              \_ TIFS.
2008/2/16-21 [Recreation/Music] UID:49168 Activity:nil
2/16    "Violinist: Fall fractures $1M fiddle"
2007/8/28-29 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Music] UID:47787 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
8/28    Robocup with funky music:
2007/7/5 [Recreation/Music] UID:47180 Activity:nil
7/5     Four-fingered pianist
        (Not four fingers on each hand, but four fingers total.)
        \_ Very very touching and inspirational. I almost cried. Thanks
           so much for the link we need more stories like these.
        \_ FYI she was playing Chopin's Fantasy Impromptu and later on
           Mozart's piano concerto #21 in C major K. 467 Elvira Madigan,
           third movement (Andante Vivo Assai)
2007/6/21-24 [Recreation/Music] UID:47030 Activity:moderate
6/21    My parents who grew up in the 60s thought the pop music I listened
        sound horrible. Now that I'm older and interacting with kids
        today, I'm starting to think their music totally blows as well.
        I mean who the hell actually likes Ataris, Blacklicious,
        Deftones, Disturbed, Jurrasik 5, Papa Roach, and such?
        I guess when you grow up, whatever music you grew up with
        sounds good no matter what.
        \_ I think you might be able to find people who can successfully
           defend Blackalicious as being 'good', dunno about the other stuff.
        \- probably a lot of the "bad" music from your younger days has
           since fallen by the wayside. there's a reason 200yrs old books
           we read today are on averge better than 2 yrs old ones.
        \- well there is a lot of bad music that was probably "around"
           when your were younger which has fallen by the way side.
           there's a reason 200yrs old books we read today are on averge
           better than 2 yrs old books.
        \_ my parents listen to classical musics.  *I* listen to classical
           musics.  and I certainlly appreciate some of the younger performers.
        \_ The Top 40 for any given year contains an awful lot of dross.
           \_ Are you insulting me? -- W. Hung
              \_ Is that Will or Well?
                 \_ His full name is William "Well" Hung.
                 \_ Wellington Hung.
2007/6/5 [Finance/Banking, Recreation/Music, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:46854 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/4/27-5/1 [Recreation/Music] UID:46464 Activity:nil
4/27    Musical renderings of mathematical constants:
        \_ As mathematically derived music goes, pretty uninteresting.
        \_ Old, but cooler:
           \_ Also old, and cooler:
              \_ that is super-cool.
        \_ It says it assigns musical notes to digits 0-9 to play the
           constants.  What digits do they use to represent sqrt(-1)?
2007/4/2-3 [Consumer/Audio, Recreation/Music] UID:46174 Activity:low
4/2     EMI and Apple partner to sell DRM-free music
        \_ cue the Sex Pistols
        \_ But Jobs remains ambivalent re DRM-free video:
           "Video is pretty different from music right now because the video
            industry does not distribute 90 percent of their content DRM
            free. Never has. So I think they are in a pretty different
            situation, and I wouldn't hold it to a parallel at all."
        \_ They're releasing music only in AAC format.  I think
           only ipods play that.  Yes I know your home computer will
           play it, I'm talking about mobile devices.
           \_ Microsoft has every right to add AAC support in their
              music players if they wanted to just like Apple can
              add WMV support if they chose to pay Microsoft the license
              fees. They just choose not to. They're both just as bad
              as the other in that sense.
           \_ Just convert aac to mp3 and you can play it on any portable
              player. Or you could just buy an iPod like everyone else,
              instead of being stuck with some lame pos.
2007/2/7-11 [Recreation/Music] UID:45680 Activity:nil
2/7     mario!
        \_ Are you stupid? Already been posted last year:
        \_ Thanks for posting.  Pretty funny, and I hadn't seen it.  -niloc
        \_ Related post: Super Mario songs played on different instruments:
2006/8/19-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Recreation/Music] UID:44070 Activity:low
8/19    The only country music station in Los Angeles, KZLA 93.9 will
        finally stop airing. All the annoying billboards like "Ride a
        Cowboy" will also stop. YAY!!!
        \_ Could this mean that sattelite radio is taking over?  If all the shit
           between 87 MHz and 108 MHz were to go off the air, I would not cry.
        \_ It's a dark dark day for us rednecks and Republicans. :( :( :(
        \_ And you care enough to post to the Berkeley motd about some
           random LA radio station because...?
           \_ Because I move to LA                      -alum
           \_ Because I moved to LA. -alumnus (motd grammar god was here)
           \_ Yeah, make way for more important stuff like the Zombie
              Preparedness Kit.
              \_ The ZPK has more value to the motd than blather about some
                 radio station in another part of the country.  Would you like
                 to hear about how when I was 12 the local radio station over
                 the border in NJ would play really bad music but then they
                 went off the air and got replaced by another bad radio
                 station?  No, didn't think so.  Boring.
        \_ Go Top 40 music!  -KIIS-FM fan
           \_ Sat radio sucks ASS.  Poor quality, commercials on most stations,
              it's going to be bankrupt in ~4 years.  Someone else will buy
              their debt/etc and restart the system and run it properly.
2006/5/2-4 [Recreation/Music] UID:42900 Activity:nil
5/2     Great article on why current music sucks.  Short answer: too much
        dynamic range compression. (Stylus Magazine)
        \_ It's a great article on why your current music sucks.  My current
           music is just fine.
        \_ i thought it's has more to do with consolidation of radio stations
        \_ Recently I listened to some CDs with high end headphones and so
           much of it sounded like distortion.  Ugh.
2006/4/4-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Music] UID:42667 Activity:nil
4/4     "Bush was Right" music video
        \_ Seven outright falsehoods, and two misattributions. But, hey, sing
           it loud enough and it _must_ be true.
        \_ I like how the guitar goes "nah-nah-nah-n-nah nah!"
2006/3/27-29 [Recreation/Music] UID:42468 Activity:nil
3/27    My choir is having their 25th Anniversary Gala concert this weekend.
        This is the choir I went to Berlin and Carnegie Hall with.  The
        concert is Mozart's Grand Mass in C Minor, with new completions
        by Dave Brubeck, Meredith Monk, and David Lang.  It should be good.
        Saturday, 7:30 at Herbst Theatre (SF) in the Green Room, and Sunday
        5pm at St. Mark's on Bancroft (Berkeley). --scotsman
        \_ I don't know anything about Grand Mass in c Minor, but isn't Brubeck
           a jazz guy?  What does he have to do with a Mozart piece?
           \_ Mozart never finished the Grand Mass before his death, so we
              commissioned new pieces by these composers for the "missing"
              sections.  It's the same Brubeck.  For the last 20 years or so
              he's been writing sacred pieces in a heavily polytonal style.
2006/3/25-26 [Recreation/Music] UID:42429 Activity:nil
3/25    LOTR The Musical:
        \_ Wasn't it already a musical?
2006/2/27-28 [Recreation/Music] UID:42014 Activity:nil
2/27    Stupid question:  I know that a lot of free music-type pages exist,
        with small bands that try to promote their music, but is there
        something similar for opera?  I'm looking for classics for which
        copyright is no issue due to age, but usually the performances and
        recordings themselves are commercial.  -John
        \_ I don't think this is exactly what you are looking for, but
           take a look at  You get to choose a song and
           it generates a radio station based on songs that are "like" your
           song.  No charges and commercial free (they may put comercials in
           later). -mrauser
           \- If there was some IMDB type canonical site for this, I think
              I would have stmbled onto it. And it is possible classical
              music people sitting on copyright unemcumbered recordings
              arent the types that sit around building WEEB sites or
              putting them out on the p2p networks. If you are looking for
              something in particular, you can request "samples" on the motd.
              \_ The canonical IMDB-type site for music is, but
                 that's for reference, not a source of free content.
           \_ Hi, I work for Pandora as an engineer.  You should definitely
              check it out, John, but just as a warning we don't have any
              classical or opera as such.  Perhaps in the future.
              We do have the Utah Saints, though. ;) --lye
              \_ Well, now we _know_ that somethin' good is gonna happen.
                 \_ Eh? --lye
                    \_ Spend more time listening to Utah Saints
                       \_ Oh, that was just an attempt at a John-related
                          in-joke. --lye
2006/2/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Recreation/Music] UID:41950 Activity:nil
2/22    Does anyone know the name of this piece of orchestral music?  It starts
        with something like this:
        Key: C-maj, 3/4 (probably)
                C--- --BC DCBA | C-CA C--- BAED | G----
        I heard it while watching the Olympics mixed ice dancing on Sunday
        around 2-3pm.  The team was wearing purple and they got a perfect 6.0.
        \_ From your transcription, it could be Ravel's Bolero, but that's not
           in 3/4. --scotsman
           \_ Actually, it is in 3, like most bolero's.
              \_ Sorry, I'm smoking the crack.  Too much Puccini on the brain.
                 You're right. --scotsman
              \- ravel's bolero is a good guess. it is in 3/4 and C-maj.
                 you could pick out the key but had never heard Bolero?
                 that's funky. do any of you know the ADRIAN HO/Bolero
                 episode in 238 Evans Hall [old CSUA office]?
        \- i do not watch the olympics but if in 3/4 time may be one of
           the "standard" competition watlzes for ice skating.
           some of them appear to be here:
           i dont remember well enough to "name that tune" by "sight reading"
           the motd. oh it looks like the REVENSBURGER is the STANDARD at
           TORINO. i think that is really crappy piece. my competitive
           ice skating associate has ceased associating with me otherwise
           i could ask i suppose. ok tnx.
2006/2/18-23 [Recreation/Music] UID:41924 Activity:low
2/18    Where are good places to download music these days?  BitTorrent
        tends to have mostly albums and large quantities of songs...
        \_ iTunes Music Store. Don't Steal Music. -sjobs
           \_ Any music store that has seperate sections for "world",
           \_ Any music store that has separate sections for "world",
              "inspirational", "new age", and "pop", but no section for
              metal or punk is a store I won't buy from just on principle.
              Is there a competing legal online music seller that caters to
              people under 40?
              \_ I'm sick & tired of computer geeks spelling it wrong: separate.
              \_ Click browse (Eye in the Corner), then click Rock. There
                 are many subgenres, including Death Metal and Trad Rock.
                 Under Alternative, there's Goth, Indie, Punk, etc.
                 \_ Holy crap.  Ok, I'm impressed.
        \_ Internet radio and Wiretap by Ambrosia (ships free with Macs).
           Of course, you'll need to edit/convert the track after, but digital
           is digital.
2006/1/6-9 [Recreation/Music] UID:41273 Activity:nil
1/6     Here's someone more stupid than Robertson:
        "Second chord sounds in world's longest lasting concert - Yahoo! News"
        \_ That is honestly retarded.  (pun intended)
           \_ I weep for you all.
              \_ That makes you weep?  Man, be glad you weren't part of the
                 philosopher pun-test.  (and if you were, then yeah -- I really
                 feel sorry for you, dude)
        \_ man, I'd hate to be the one counting off the measures. 84341642,2,
           3, 4...
        \_ I'll bet they didn't take leap seconds into account.
           \_ You don't know enough music geeks then.  I'd be willing to take
              that bet.
2005/11/28-30 [Recreation/Music] UID:40760 Activity:low
11/28   OK, Fark has shown me and it is kinda cool.  After
        10-20 reviews it can get pretty good at predicting what music you will
        \_ I'm an engineer at pandora...glad you're liking it.  --lye
           \_ Ah, now that I've got your attention can I suggest a couple
              features?  It would be nice to have the option to open the player
              in a seperate 'undecorated' window or whatever the JavaScript
              word for it is.  Also, though you can start a station based on a
              band or song, it would be interesting to search by selecting
              several of the song attribute tags you have...  Keep up the good
              work. -dgies
              \_ also, replay of previous songs would also be nice.
        \_ ok. it doesn't seem to work for me.  I entered Floyd, and got a
           station that only plays Floyd.  I entered Postal Service, and got
           a station that only plays The Postal Service.  I thought it was
           supposed to find _similar_ music.
                 \_ They're not licensed to do that.  I'm sure it's obviously
                    obviously something they'd like to do if the music
                    industry let them.  I still wonder if it would be a
                    problem if they simply allowed playing small snippets of
                    previously-played songs instead, though.
              \_ dgies - You can do this. Just click the little box that says
                 "minimize" below the bottom right corner of the flash app.
                 Thanks for the search suggestion - something like that is
                 probably in the cards at some point.  --lye
           \_ you work there?? do you know david michel-ruddy? he's a
              music guy
           \_ It sounds really cool, any chance there will be a non-flash
              version?  The license on flash is obnoxious.
2005/10/17-19 [Recreation/Music] UID:40132 Activity:nil
10/16   "Pi" the music video!
2005/8/22-23 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Music] UID:39215 Activity:nil
8/22    RIP, Dr. Bob Moog, an early synthesizer pioneer, his Moog synthesizers
        made famous by Wendy Carlos (soundtrack to Tron, Switched-on-Bach,etc.)
        from brain cancer.  PS: His name is pronounced like "vogue", and here
        I had been thinking it was "mooooog" as in a cow all this time ...
        \_ Coincidence?  Back away from the Moog.  Back away slowly.
        \_ I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Moog last year. He was a
           thoroughly warm and engaging individual. He will be missed.
2005/7/12-13 [Health/Disease/General, Science/Electric, Recreation/Music] UID:38556 Activity:nil
7/12    Bob Moog is seriously ill with a brain tumor:
        If you don't know who he is, check:
2005/7/3-6 [Recreation/Music] UID:38401 Activity:low
7/3     MP3s of Beethoven Symphonies 6-9 are now available from the
        BBC's Beethoven Experience:
        \_ Only 128 kbps though.
           \- LvB Advisory: The SFS Beethoven program on July 14 looks good.
              \_ Anyone know how much the sound quality varies in the cheap
                 seats? How is it in those $15 seats behind the orchestra?
                 \_ I've sat in most of the sections in Davies Hall, and I
                    don't think the sound quality varies very much between
                    most of them.  The noteable exceptions are center terrace
                    and side terrace.  Your close proximity to the musicians
                    (especially ones that are highly directional, like the
                    brass instruments) and your position relative to the
                    shell over the stage can make some sections of the symphony
                    sound out of balance with the rest of the symphony.  You
                    may not notice, and even if you do this may not bother
                    you.  The greater variable between the different seating
                    areas in Davies is the view, and for that center and side
                    terrace are unmatched.  I would avoid center terrace
                    because it's general (not assigned) seating, and some of
                    the people who sit there can be really annoying (for
                    example, the woman sitting next to me the last time Yo-Yo
                    Ma appeared with the SF SYmphony, who got drunk at
                    intermission and threw up all over herself and my seat).
                        \-wow, what happened then?  was it a posh woman?
        \_ So the site used to have 1-5 up, did anyone grab them? Can
           you make them available on soda? -bz
2005/6/10-11 [Recreation/Music] UID:38069 Activity:high
6/9     Previously unknown Bach aria found:
        \_ Nice except most Amerikaners don't know the difference between an
           aria and a sonata. Heck most people don't even know the difference
                      \_ One's a Hyundai, or something.
           between Baroque, Classical, and Romantic music. And they certainly
           don't know the difference between Bach and Rach(maninoff). How
           pathetic can they get? The only culture they ever get is from
           eating yogurt, and maybe some culture from unfiltered beer while
           watching football and basketball games, while waiving
           patriotic Amerikan flags and praising George W. Bush.
           \_ I bet you don't know what the difference between
              synecdoche and metonomy is either off the top of your head.
                             \_ metonymy?
              Or for a closer reference, you probably don't know the
              difference between bebop and jazz.
              Oh no, you're a chimp!
              \_ You've been trolled. Not very smart are you?
              \- E_RATCHET
              \_ If I hear it on 91.1 and it gives me headache, it's bebop.  If
                 I hear it on 91.1 but no headache, it's jazz. :-)
           \_ I think you are trolling but do you really think in order
              to appreciate a musical composition you need this sort of
              knowledge? (I'm not sure, but wasn't a lot of "classical"
              music original designed for a lay audience who wouldn't
              have had this type of knowledge - no more so than the ave.
              NASCAR fan of today)
           \_ I think you are trolling but do you really think this
              knowledge really relevant in order to appreciate a
              musical composition?
              \_ "Classical" music was generally commissioned by either the
                 monied class or the church.  Joe Q Laborer wouldn't be going
                 to the concert hall, but if he was lucky there was a good
                 organist at his church.  "Classical," though, in your usage
                 here, would cover a long period of time.  In fact, Bach is
                 \_ The classifications into Baroque, Classical and Romantic
                    is based on the century in which the composer lived right?
                    Baroque is something like early 1700s, Classical is late
                    1700s/early 1800s and Romantic is 1800s right?
                    I don't really know/care, but I can't really figure out
                    I'd don't really know/care, but I can't really figure out
                    how knowing this particular piece of trivia makes the
                    music more beautiful.
                    \_ Baroque, classical, and romantic music aren't
                       partitioned arbitrarily by the time of composition
                       as you suggested.  There are quite distinct stylistic
           \_ BART aria?  What?
              \_ There's this really annoying hippy chick that walks up and
                 down the length of BART trains going through the transbay
                 tube at commute hours.  She waves around a cup spare changing
                 while singing scales at extremely high volume.  What's weird
                 is that I've seen her do it three or four times now, and
                 she always gets lots of money - it seems like there's always
                 a bunch of suckers who think its some kind of spontaneous
                 display of creativity.  I guess that would qualify as a "BART
                 \_ It's also possible they just think she's insane.
                    \_ "Do not offer sympathy to the mentally ill."
                        - WS Burroughs
2005/5/13-15 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Recreation/Music] UID:37667 Activity:nil
        New type of crime: Bogus mariachi band rob music-lovers in Mexico.
        I can just see this new crime spread to Europe, where string quartet
        musicians in Vienna robs tourists after they play Mozart.
2005/2/26-28 [Recreation/Music, Finance/Investment] UID:36439 Activity:moderate
2/26    Looking for the loudest, most obnoxious heavy bass music that can
        penetrate walls so that I can blast back at my neighber. And yes I
        hate renting and living in the apartment but I have no choice because
        I'm a poor student, so please spare me the "renting is dumb" shit. Thx.
        \_ I recommend Indian music.
        \_ My aunt used to live in the ghetto where she was surrounded by
           ultra-powerful stereos blasting rap all the time.  Her retaliation
           was opera.  She had volume, but it's really the choice of music
           that makes it retaliation more than the volume.
        \_ There can be no winners in a war of the stereos.  Have you tried
           talking to them?
           \_ I don't know about that.  I once played bagpipe music at full
              volume in my dorm room and then left the room.
2005/2/21-22 [Recreation/Music] UID:36350 Activity:nil
2/21    One bright spot of hope in the world.  Blink 182 may have broken up.
2004/12/24-25 [Recreation/Music] UID:35427 Activity:moderate
12/24   What is the difference between Pop and Rock music.  It seems that
        music from the 50s and 60s would never be classified as Pop.  But
        for music from the last 20 years, what makes it Pop vs. Rock?
        For example, Patrick Swayze's "She's like the Wind".  Pop or Rock?
        "Crazy Life" by Toad The Wet Sprocket.  Rock or Pop or Alternative?
        "Life in a Northern Town" by Dream Academy.  Pop or Rock?
        How is that determined.  I hear the words Pop and Rock and other
        genres all the time, but I never got a clear definition of them.
        Oh, and WTF is World music?
        \_ PopROcks are candy
        \_ who are you?  your problems are stupid.
                \_ and your motd posts ARE? !op
        \_ There was SO 50s and 60s pop.
        \_ Pop is, uh, popular music. Rock is rock, which may or may not
           be pop.
        \_ world music is music from any country not the US or UK.
           \_ You mean like Alanis Morissette?
2004/11/16-18 [Recreation/Music, Recreation/Dating] UID:34933 Activity:kinda low
11/16   I Love Music thread on Rick Starr of Sproul Plaza fame, including
        apparent ACTUAL recording made by Starr in the '60s(!!!!).
        \_ whatever happened to Larry the Drummer?
        \_ Note the entry in the thread by Drew Daniel of Matmos!
        \_ drew also puts out stuff as "Soft Pink Truth".  the rick starr
           clip exists at KALX on a 8 track tape. - danh
2004/11/2 [Recreation/Music] UID:34530 Activity:nil
11/2    Question for you Rooskies:  I'm looking for Russian traditional
        choral music (sort of like from the soundtrack to Hunt for Red
        October, although I know that was composed for the film.)  I don't
        know much about it, but it sounds nice.  Any tips?  -John
        \_ Like the Pogues?  :-)
2004/8/21-22 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Music] UID:33064 Activity:nil
8/21    Family Guy marathon was awesome. Funny how the "musical" concept
        came up twice. I never watched this show before, but glad it's
        back. I'll have to watch it from now on. -me
2004/8/20-21 [Recreation/Music] UID:33053 Activity:very high
8/20    psb, do you listen to Indian music? In an attempt to fit into my
        work place better I've been listening to a few, and all I could
        really appreciate is that all the female singer have this really
        whiny, annoying high-pitched voice. What do you like about that?
        \- no i listen to north american music. are you talking about the
           whiny, annoying high-pitched pitched woman or her whiny, annoying
           high-pitched sister?
        \_ Sounds like you listen to Hindustani music. It is terrible,
           lots of boring high-pitched female vocalists who sound like
           they are moaning. Carnatic music (the true classical music
           of India) is far better. The music is pleasant and melodious
           and most of the female vocalists have soothing voices.
           \-well as they say, if you want to get a response on the
             internet, say soomething wrong and wait for the "corrections".
             "indian music' is no more a category than "indian food" or
             "american music". major categories of india music include:
             north indian classical [ravi shankar], carnatic [both with
             some sanskrit basis],  islamic stuff [qwaali, ghazals], hindi
             film music [although the "old classics" are pretty different
             in flavor from the current stuff], folk music from different
             parts, kirtans and other hiddu religious music from different
             parts, kirtans and other hindu religious music from different
             parts. in bengal there is classical, rabindrasangeet, baul[folk],
             adhunik [modern, but that means like 1950-70s say], more recent
             "bands" etc. the high pitched moaning is probably *not*
             hindustan [north indian] classical. --psb
                \_ Most hindustani female vocalists I've heard in
                   concert have really high pitched voices and many
                   of the songs they sing are raga exposition which
                   can sound (to the untrained) like high pitched
                   moaning. To me the biggest problem w/ hindustani
                       \- three words: Der Holle Rache --psb
                   music is not the way it sounds but mostly the lack
                   of content. In a concert most of the songs are
                   designed to highlight the vocal range of the
                   artist. While this maybe considered by some to
                   be beautiful, I find Carnatic music far more
                   engaging since its form allows artists to display
                   their vocal talents within songs of great poetic
                   and religious content. To listen to MLV sing a
                   great Thyagaraja kriti is an experience that
                   cannot be matched by in hindustani music.
                   cannot be matched in hindustani music.
           \_ Not to interrupt the South Indian chest pounding, but
              there's a lot of great North Indian classical music too, but
              i'd agree that Bollywood-style pop songs are crap. To the op,
              here are a couple of recommendations to get your started:
              L. Subramanium, Bimsen Joshi (i do realize I've been trolled)
        \_ holy cow, I can't believe that reading motd can actually be a
           culturally enlighting experience. We need more of this and less
           of the usual political hate-shout exchanges.
           \_ Why do you hate India?
           \_ India: interesting food+music. Ass Art. China: interesting
              art and food, ass music.
                \_ Indian sculpture, mostly in the form of religious
                   deities, lacks nothing in form, composition and
                   creativity when compared to classical greek or
                   even renaissance works. It is cloaked w/in a
                   religious veil that most westerners can never
                   penetrate though.
                   \_  I wouldn't mind penetrating through some of those
                       hindu godesses depicted in their sculptures.
                   \_ I don't really agree. What I've seen can certainly
                      compare with certain western periods but not, at least
                      in sheer form and sophistication, with the height of
                      greek and renaissance. But hey show me some pics.
2004/7/21 [Recreation/Music] UID:32394 Activity:very high
7/20    Does anyone know where I can get the track names for the songs on the
        NOLF soundtrack? Google didn't really turn up anything, and cddb
        just gives track1...N. tia
        \_ liberate the cd and i'll liberate the track names.
           \_ the music just wants to be free (as in beer)!
           \_ huh?
2004/6/25 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Recreation/Music] UID:31005 Activity:nil
2004/6/10 [Recreation/Shopping, Recreation/Music] UID:30715 Activity:high
6/10    Is there some easy and nonpermanent way to mute (lower the volume)
        an acoustic guitar?  I suck and I don't want to bug my roommates.
        \_ my own solution: stuff a small rag under the strings between
           the bridge and the hole.  Works well after midnight.
        \_ Palm mute (look it up), lighter pick, loosen wrist while
           strumming (lighter touch). You can probably shove cloth/clothing
           in the guitar if that doesn't make you uncomfortable. -- jsjacob
        \_ Fill the resonant chamber with cloth.
        \_ don't play at night.  they'll still hear it.
        \_ unplugged electrical at night
2004/5/25 [Recreation/Music] UID:30420 Activity:nil
        2 DAY TODAL NUKE CAMPA1GN!              -HINDI H8R, NOT BLACK H8R
        \_ Three words: "sound seeking missle"
        \_ They do it to annoy idiots like you.
        \_ Your statements "Shit mama, it's like a tribal system in Africa",
           "That's the Black way, loud and obnoxious." and "I wish I had a
           sniper rifle and shoot the inconsiderate son of a bitch" seem to
           contradict your byline "-hindi hater, not black hater".
        \_ Loud Harleys with modified pipes also suck.  I hate those things
           - !op (and (non-Harley) motorcycle rider)
           \_ Also known as a crotch/rice rocket or donor cycle.
              \_ Harley != crotch/rice rocket
                 \_ He said non-Harley bike. So it is a crotch/rice rocket.
              \_ crotch rockets are the high speed (usually) japanese
                 racing sport bikes.  These are usually fairly quite.  The
                 loud bikes are usually cruiser style American/British
                 bikes (or Japanese bikes made to copy that style.)
                 \_ He said non-Harley bike. So it is a crotch/rice rocket.
                    \_ Oh, we thought the response was to the comment, not
                       the poster's sig.  Also, there are bikes that are
                       niether Harley nor crotch rocket.  Two examples:
                       standards, and dual sport bikes.
2004/5/25-26 [Recreation/Music] UID:30407 Activity:high 57%like:30416
5/23    Most of the people who listen to rap music will listen to it real
        loud to let others know on the street what they're listening is
        total coolness. It's really funny to see White people listen to
        rap music because a lot of rap music says awful stuff about
        White people in general. It's also real funny knowing that many
        White people who listen to this music come from Upper Middle
        Class/Rich homes. Shit mama, it's like a tribal system in Africa,
        the person with the bigger drums get more respect. That's the Black
        way, loud and obnoxious. I hate rap culture. On some nights
        when those rap listeners drive by or stop a block down making
        lots of noise, I wish I had a sniper rifle and shoot the
        inconsiderate son of a bitch and make him pay for noise pollution.
        And if you nuke this one more time, I will start my retaliatory
        2 day total nuke campaign.              -rap hater, not black hater
        \_ They do it to annoy idiots like you.
        \_ Your statements "Shit mama, it's like a tribal system in Africa",
           "That's the Black way, loud and obnoxious." and "I wish I had a
           sniper rifle and shoot the inconsiderate son of a bitch" seem to
           contradict your byline "-rap hater, not black hater".
        \_ Loud Harleys with modified pipes also suck.  I hate those things
           - !op (and (non-Harley) motorcycle rider)
           \_ The sniper rifle line is racism free.  Nothing at all wrong
              with wanting to shoot some loud selfish bastard.
2003/12/11 [Recreation/Music] UID:11418 Activity:nil
12/11 (5G of CC music)
        \_ What's CC music?
           \_ Contemporary Christian, got it.
           \_ Creative Commons
2003/12/2 [Recreation/Music] UID:11277 Activity:nil
12/2    I watched a documentary on ME109s vs. Spitfires and whenever they
        talked about the ME109s, Beethoven's music started to play. So does
        this mean Beethoven's music was loved by the Nazis?
2003/11/5 [Recreation/Music] UID:10953 Activity:nil
11/5    To the Garfunkel concert dude below. Your problem is not the other
        person. Your problem is YOU. When you go to low class events like
        pop music concert, football, basketball, baseball, and such, you
        expect low class people. If you want to avoid being in such a
        quagmire, avoid low class events at all cost, and instead, try out
        some of the finer things in life like going to SF Opera, listening to
        Chopin's Piano Concerto, playing golf, and other things. Good luck.
        \_ You know, I've been to the symphony and to a number of theatre
           events over the years, and I've had just as many issues with people
           being noisy and inconsiderate.  It's not a 'classiness' issue, man,
           no matter how much your pretentious self-image deigns that it must
           be so.
        \_ Have you ever listened to Simon and Garfunkel? It's like the
           pansiest music possible. You would expect manners at pansy events.
           And even at places w/ low class theater, like the movies, you
           should still be able to watch a movie w/o having to bring a
           baseball bat.
                \_ theatre's full of immature high school students. That's
                   why I prefer waiting till the movie's on DVD and watch
                   in the comfort of my home theatre (got a hi-lumen
                   hi-res projector with 8 cushy seats). The other advantage
                   is that you don't have to wait in line               -ops
                   \_ I wouldn't expect hs students going to see S&G.
        \_ you would expect better sort of people going to see Simon and
           \_ You mean people who don't talk and sit there like zombies? The
              OP has issues and probably bitches when people stand up at
              sporting events. --dim
              \_ Hell, I've got problems with people standing during sports
                 so to wave at the idiot friend on the cellphone calls or to
                 go to the snack bar, stands, and take a group poll of who
                 wants nachos during the action. Sit down, you freak.
              \_ how is an s&g concert that different from say, a movie or a
                 symphony? i think people can reasonably expect to be able
                 to listen without overly loud conversation in the background.
                 \_ It's still a "rock" concert. People talk. Some loudly. It's
                    a permissive society.
2003/11/5-6 [Recreation/Music] UID:10939 Activity:high
11/4    Dear motd Etiquette Arbiters:  Tonight my wife & I went to the Simon
        and Garfunkel concert at the San Jose Arena.  We ended up seated next
        to Mr. Self-Important Hipster and his female companion.  Throughout
        the concert, Mr. SIH would *not* *shut* *up*, loudly making attempts
        at witty remarks to his female companion, following each with a "HEH
        HEH HEH" laugh at his wittiness.  (Mr. SIH didn't wait for applause
        or breaks in the music; he just talked through everything.)  Finally
        having had enough, I leaned over and asked "Excuse me, but can you
        please be quieter?"  He shot back with "EXCUSE ME, BUT CAN *YOU* JUST
        RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELF???!?"  Female companion chimed in with
        "Yeah, it's a *concert*, man -- people can do whatever they want!  If
        you want everything to be all quiet while you listen to music, just
        stay the hell home and listen to CDs!"  After which, of course, they
        proceeded to ignore me and talk to each other even more loudly.  Am I
        right to be completely appalled?  Is it reasonable to expect people to
        be reasonably quiet at a concert that doesn't involve a nightclub or a
        moshpit?  Or do I just need to shut up and relax in our newer, ruder
        America?  How have the rest of you dealt with similar assholes with a
        giant sense of entitlement who do their best to make social events
        \_ I've noticed that this happens more often in the bay area than
           elsewhere.  Depending on the show, of course.  Snotty punk kids
           are usually a lot more annoying in places that are not as
           interesting as SF.
        \_ so... this is not exactly like going to La Traviatta or a virtuoso
           pianist performing near impossible passages from Liszt repertoire.
           This is popular American music where you'll expect low class
           white trash the same way you'll expect black trash in hip-hop
           concerts (and hip-hop is pure crap, I don't understand why kids
           like that trash. Must be peer pressure)
           \_ Yo! Yo!  Sniznits!  It's the buzz!
        \_ You should stop complaining on soda and reflect on why you
           didn't beat the shit out of them.  But realistically, you should
           have argued with them until you felt satisfied.  Better to have
           both of you pissed off than just you pissed off.
        \_ Complain to an usher/mgr next time. They can do something about
           it. As an example, at a ballgame, they can and will throw ppl
           out for using foul language, etc. Chances are that others
           around you are similarly offended and will back you up.
           \_ Probably not so useful during a concert. A lot fewer ushers
              and there is a general buzz level that is to be expected.
              \_ But worth a shot.  Anyway, when confronting someone who is
                 obviously an asshole, the OP needs a different approach.  When
                 you were polite about it you showed weakness.  Your opening
                 should have been, "STFU you asshole!  I paid to be here and
                 \_ agreed.  there are really only four ways of dealing with
                    these people:
                    1) ignore it
                    2) move
                    3) talk to management, or
                    4) BE PREPARED FOR VIOLENCE.
                    If you're not actually prepared to start a fight and win,
                    stick to 1 thru 3.  I had to pull a knife on a guy in
                    a movie theater once, and in the end, I ended up back
                    at number 3) which was far more effective (fortunately
                    the management were all punks who sympathised with my
                    cause, since the perps were jocks.)
                    \_ But if everyone had guns there'd be no problems!
                       \_ "I dream of a world without guns." -- bkid
                           \_ then only criminals will have guns.
                              "Guns are as dangerous as ideas" - Stalin
                 if I hear one more word out of your stupid mouth I'm following
                 you back to your car and knifing your dumb ass!"  The asshole
                 is a lot more likely to respect someone else who is both an
                 asshole and potentially violent than someone who is polite.
                 \_ oh come on, be a little more civilized. of course, the
                    problem with civilization is you can't just kill his
                    dumb ass on the spot.
                    \_ the OP tried to be civil and got his face rubbed in it.
                       if he waved a knife in the asshole's face, he and his
                       dumbshit whore would've stfu real fast.
        \_ Go to the gym immediately and start out with some bench presses,
        as heavy as you can.  Repeat this every other day for a few years.
        If you can't stare down someone at a Simon and Garfunkel concert,
        you have real problems. -ax
2003/8/1-2 [Recreation/Music] UID:29211 Activity:moderate
8/1     Anybody else like ABBA music?
        \_ you should probably watch Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.
        \_ yes (afraid to admit it)
         \_ you can dance!
        \_ Me!
2003/7/29 [Recreation/Music] UID:29166 Activity:high
7/28    Strange, the thread on learning violin got censored.  Couldn't
        imagine how would it offend anyone.
        \_ Dullness is a sin.
           \_ and *YOU* ultimately decide what is dull what is not?
              \_ Welcome to the motd.  Enjoy your stay. -!op
                 \_ how long have you been in interzone?
              \_ I didn't delete the thread, but I knows dullness when I
                 sees it.
        \_ violin is very hard and you should approach it seriously. If
           you just want a hobby, pick up something else, like guitar
           or biking.
        \- the OP got his answer. --psb
           \_ and he got perfect pitch!
2003/7/28 [Recreation/Music] UID:29162 Activity:high
7/28    Is it possible for an average person to learn violin by self-study?
        I've seen many books for teaching yourself piano or guitar, but I
        haven't seen any for violin.  Thanks.  -- yuen
        \_ I hope you live alone and have thick walls.
           \_ Violin is not so hard as all that, at least to make
                non-horrible sounds.
        \_ no way. well, i guess that depends on what you mean by "learn".
           \_ By "learn" I mean learning to play some simple pieces, just like
              what one can through self-study on piano and guitar.  -- yuen
        \_ if you have to ask this question, chances are you are tone deaf.
           do you know what vibrato is? do you have a good sense of pitch?
           do you know what whole steps and half steps are? if not, you
           should get an instructor. violin is a lot harder to get started
           than other instruments.
           \_ Well, I don't know what vibrato is.  I assume that's when the
              player jerks his/her left hand on the neck of the violin.  I saw
              violinsts doing that on TV.  As for pitch and steps, I think I've
              got some sense of them since I started playing the piano more
              than twenty years ago.  I even suspect I have absolute pitch.
              --- yuen
              \_ If you suspect you have absolute pitch, you most likely don't.
                 -- ilyas
              \_  half the people on American Idol thought they did as well
2003/7/25-26 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Music] UID:29138 Activity:low
7/25    Kraftwerk is releasing a new album:,12102,1004937,00.html
        \_ Touch my monkey.
           \_ Monkey, monkey, monkey!
              \_ Did you say sandwich monkey?
2003/7/6 [Recreation/Music] UID:28935 Activity:high
7/5     I'm going to Davis Symphony Hall for the SF Symphony this month.
        Never been there before. How should i dress?
           6. What should I wear to a San Francisco Symphony concert?
              Contrary to what many people think, formal attire -- such
              as tuxedos and evening gowns -- is not required at
              Symphony concerts. In fact, most people only wear formal
              clothing to our Opening Gala. At our other concerts, most
              concertgoers wear business attire or slacks,
              skirts, sweaters, cocktail dresses, etc.
              \_ Coattails for the women, cocktail dresses and gowns for guys
        \_ If you have a tux, wear it.  If you just have a nice suit, wear it.
           You don't "have to" but it's nice for everyone if people are well
           dressed for an event like an opera or symphony.  Plus at something
           like that, you're never overdressed.  -John
           \_ very true.  which is why classical music and opera are for
              pretentious assholes.
           \_ Nekkid at the symphony!  Yaw!
2003/5/3-4 [Recreation/Music] UID:28310 Activity:very high
5/2     Re: Apple Music service -- It's pretty cool! I couldn't find the
        first few things I was looking for, but I eventually found something
        I was interested in (Linton Kwesi Johnson's "Fite Dem Back").
        The price is reasonable, and the sound quality very good.
        \_ here's a challenge: name any industry that has lead as strong
           an attack on the rights of Americans as the RIAA/MPAA.
           fuck these assholes.  I'll buy music when i know my money
           actually goes to the musicians, not to pay for a legal war
           against the American consumer and in particular engineers.
           until then i'll just listen to my shitty magnetic tapes from the
           \_ why bother with tapes when you can download good quality
              music with software like kazaa?
        \_ Uhm ok and why would you do this when there's P2P?
           \_ You've obviously never used P2P.  After looking for a song, and
              choosing among the various bit-rates, etc., half the time I get
              a download that is damaged or sounds bad.  Besides that, I'm
              willing to pay a buck a song--if I buy the song, maybe more music
              I like will be made.  If I don't, there's no incentive.  -Not OP
              \_ There's no incentive anyway.  Music isn't made based on some
                 sort of feedback loop.  They make music and then push it via
                 radio and mtv until the kids brains turn to mush and there's
                 little else easily available.  Until they create the next fad.
                 \_ OH My God!  Pink is the new orange!
                    \_ No, that was last year.  This year black is the new
                       black.  Can't you keep up with simple trends?
        \- Does anyone know how much of that $.99 goes to apple, how much to
           the RIAA and how much to the musician? my guess would be 60, 35, 4.
           \_ Your guess would be paying musicians about 20 times what they
              are paid on CD sales.
              \_ that still doesn't make it any more palatable
              \_ 4 cens on the dollar is 20x what they are paid on cds? I
                 think not.  4 cents on the dollar is about what they are paid
                 on CDs based on my recollection of the heresay about the one
                 famous band that i've met personally and know friends of. There
                    how the RIAA etc would try ti quash that. --psb
                 is absolutely know way that artists (successful ones anyway)
                 make only .2 cents on the dollar.  Stop believing all the
                 communist hype you are spoon fed. (teachers are not underpaid
                        You'd work 50+ hours per week trying to teach _/
                        20+ kids things they don't want to learn and
                        deal with parents who aren't willing to take
                        responsibility for their children for less
                        than $45k per year (or $21k per year for
                        starting teachers)? Stop talking out of your
                        \_ I think $45k is probably a good average, but where
                        I work (K-12 district) starting is $40k, $48k after 2
                        years, and you top out at $70k if you have a master's.
                        Decent benefits, impossible to get fired, etc... high
                        compared to blue collar work, but low for a job that
                        requires a college degree. probably more than most
                        artists, journalists, musicians, writers, etc.
                           \_ It's not a real college degree.  I know someone
                              who got the $70k+ range and after her first 2
                              years just rehashed the same lesson plans and
                              did as little as humanly possible like the rest
                              of the slackers she worked with.
                        \_ 1) Teachers don't do 50+ hours.
                              \_ my sister used to be an elementary school
                                 teacher and easily put in 50+ hours and
                                 she wasn't putting in any more time than
                                 any of the other teachers at her school
                                 \_ Because she knows what the other teachers
                                    did at home, huh?  Riiiiight.
                           2) Most kids want to learn if the teacher doesn't
                              suck.  There's nothing wrong with kids today.
                           3) Parents have nothing to do with it.  I didn't
                              have a single friend in k-12 with parents that
                              did anything more than show at a parent teacher
                              meeting once a year, yet most of the kids did
                              all their homework, learned stuff, and got decent
                              grades they actually earned.
                           4) Yes, I know actual real teachers who are working
                              in California K-12 right now.  I'm more motivated
                              at work after giving notice than they are during
                              normal days.  I've got no sympathy for the poor
                              oppressed unionized teachers who are fucking up
                                       anecdotal evidence? Are you trying to
                                       look foolish?
                              the school system and the kids for their own
                              lazy asses.
                              \_ I know half a dozen teachers. They all work
                                 hard and all but one is very motivated.
                                 You are full of crap.
                                 \_ Wow your anecdotal evidence sure made
                                    mince meat outta me!  Ow!  I'll bet none of
                                    your highly motivated hard working teachers
                                    has been at it for more than about 3 years.
                                    When you have something to say worth the
                                    bits you can come back and say it and you
                                    won't be mocked.
                                    \_ Point 4 was anecdotal. You mock someone
                                       who uses anecdotal evidence against
                                       anecdotal evidence?
                                       \_ I made several statements only one
                                          of which was anecdotal.  The reply
                                          was 100% anecdotal.  Back to basic
                                          reading comp. for you.  Thanks.  I
                                          still haven't seen an answer to how
                                          many years these highly motivated
                                          friends have taught which is a key
                                          question.  Teachers spend a lot of
                                          time in the first few years making
                                          lesson plans and then just rehash
                                          the same shit from memory until they
                                          pension out 30 years later.  My
                                          k-12 science teachers could tell you
                                          all about the sun and the 7 planets.
                                          \_ I didn't (and don't) disagree
                                             with points 1-3. The teachers
                                             I know have varying levels of
                                             experience. The most senior ones
                                             have 7 and 10+ years experience.
                                             The one with 7 years experience
                                             is hard working and well liked
                                             by his students and also teaches
                                             the tennis team.
                 either).  Try getting/crunching some numbers on your own.
                 \- i wonder what would happen if bands started publicly
                    saying "if you steal out music, we'd appreciate it if you
                    sent a $1 to PO Box ...". it would be interesting to see
                    how the RIAA etc would try to quash that. --psb
                        \_ bands don't own their music, labels do that so
                                riaa wouldn't care (it's already been done too)
                                \- so what? i can say something on my
                                   WEEB site saying "anytime you buy a U2
                                   CD pls mail me a dollar". --psb
                \_ Last time I looked at public figures, the typical band was
                   paid 5 cents... A CD.  Madonna, Metallica, etc, are not
                   'typical' bands.  Of course, given the volume of sales they
                   have and their average return on an album, their behavior
                   seems nothing if not greedy.
                   \_ Yeah, bad greedy artists!  Trying to make money off
                      music...what avarice!  Money should only be made by
                      geeks locked in flourescent-lit windowless rooms,
                      drinking jolt, and kernel hacking on linux until 4am.
                      \_ who's trying to make money hacking linux?
                         \_ huh?  redhat?  ibm?  linus?  where've you been?
                       Basically, after paying back the label for studio time
                       promotions, etc., the band makes $1 per full priced US
                       album (to 50 cents for others).  This is consistent
                       with what i have been told by my rock star acquaintences.
                       please stop talking out your ass, tnx.
                       \_ You have rock star friends?!  Kewl!  I met greenday
                          once!  We totally chilled out on the patio and drank
                          a beer and everything!  It was so kewl!  Man!  Those
                          were the days!  Hanging out with rock stars, learning
                          the details of the inner working of the music biz,
                          getting their social security numbers and mother's
                          maiden names... yeah... band camp.  Loved it!
                          \_ Except they have zero talent, and suck.
                             \_ Here's a case of someone so clueless and not
                                "getting it" they actually attacked the random
                                band I named (and never met) and skipped the
                                rest which was obviously not intended
                                literally.  Don't they teach you anything in
                                school anymore, like basic reading comp?  Isn't
                                that stuff still on the SAT?  How'd you get
                                into Cal?
                                  \_ I just think you are upset because
                                     you are embarassed about being associated
                                     with such garbage music.
                                     \_ *laugh*  okey dokey you got me.  Yes,
                                        green day used to come by my pad and
                                        we'd smoke a bowl and do homeless
                                        telegraph underage runaway chicks and
                                        swap needles.  That's much more likely
                                        than I just chose the only local band
                                        I know of that got famous.  Yup, yup,
                                        yup.  You're too smart for the motd.
                                        Or you're just upset because I mocked
                                        your silly comment about you having
                                        rock star friends who give you the
                                        inside industry scoop.  It's a tough
                                        call but I'm sure you chose wisely.
                       \_ I have also heard the $1 per CD figure. I think
                          Prince mentioned it in one of his rants about how
                          arists are ripped off. That's bad enough. There's
                          no need to make up insanely small figures. --dim
                          \_ I'm not making up insanely small figures.  Hello,
                             prince made the soundtrack for a Batman film.
                             He's a Maddona/Metallica/U2 class artist.  Those
                             guys get paid much better than, say, Weezer,
                             the Eels, etc. etc.
                             \_ prince?  You mean TAFKAP.
                \_ You have to sell a million CDs before you see a dime:
                   All these blowhards don't know anything about the way
                   the music industry actually works. Courtney Love does.
                   Or read the USA Today take on it all:
                  \_ Stop bringing facts to the motd.  I'm going to have to
                     start bashing your sources since I can't disprove them.
                     "<insert newspaper/magazine name here> just sucks and is
                     totally biased and owned by the VRWC!"
                     \_ if you're making fun of people who get upset about the
                        whole moonie-washington times thing, maybe you should
                        look into who the moonies are more.  I've dealt with
                        cults in person(the scientologists) and seen what
                        they do to peoples lives directly.  the source
                        does matter, if only in that it is important not to
                        support Evil.
                        \_ I appreciate the sentiment, but the moonies don't
                           own the washtimes for the money, it's an investment
                           to help them build ties with Washington.
                           \_ If they were just in it for the money, I might
                              be able to believe what they have to say. As you
                              point out, they are in it for political reasons.
                        \_ so you've dealt with the scientologists and that
                           makes the moonies bad?  oooookaaaaaay.  So what
                           makes christians, jews, muslims, hindus, or anyone
                           else not bad?  they're the same as the moonies and
                           other so-called cults.  the *only* difference is
                           the major religions of today are much older and thus
                           had more time to be successful spreading their weird
                           shit.  you're ok with successful cults, yet want to
                           destroy the newer ones?  whatever....
        \_ Courtney Love's article is a ripoff of of the classic:
2003/2/27 [Recreation/Music] UID:27553 Activity:high
2/26    List your favorite disco songs. I'll start first:
        Staying Alive, Ring My Bell, Play That Funky Music, Freak Out,
        Dancing Queen, Carwash, Boogie Oogie Oogie
        \_ A Fifth of Beethoven
           \_ Classical Music is not exactly disco
              \_ You don't know what you're talking about.  It was by the
                 Gibb brothers (I think in their Bee Gees days) and was
                 VERY disco. -old guy
        \_ Disco Inferno
        \_ tsk tsk... best song: "Mighty Real"
        \_ "Play That Funky Music" isn't a disco song
              with hotter women than you'll get in a lifetime.
           \_ No, but it played in dance clubs in the disco era. -old guy
        \_ Donna Summer--Hot Stuff.  -John
        \_ Cliff Richard "Summer Holiday"
        \_ murder by numbers.
        \_ You admit to having a favorite disco song?  Are you gay?
           \_ disco dancing "gays" in the 70s got way more sex on any weekend
              with hotter men than you'll get in a lifetime.
              \_ It wasn't just gays.  If you didn't dance in the 70's you
                 could forget about getting laid.  Of course if you did
                 have the moves the women had that whole liberation thing
                 going and were still riding the 60's free love thing, so
                 it was a good time all around.  -old guy
        \_ Kung Fu Fighting!
        \_ Disco Duck & the Disco Star Wars theme
2003/1/18 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Music] UID:27138 Activity:nil
1/17    Funny band name: Camper Van Beethoven"
        \_ I've actually heard some of their songs
2002/11/12-13 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Recreation/Music] UID:26518 Activity:very high
11/12   Concerning Beth Orton, assuming somebody else here has been following
        her music. Does anybody else find it odd that there is no mention of
        Bobbie Gentry when critics and others describe Beth Orton's style. (If
        you don't know what I'm talking about, go grab the old 70s song, "Ode
        to Billy Joe" with Kazaa.)
        \_ Beth Orton?  I think I slept with her once.  Or maybe her sister.
        \_ My mom mentioned Bobbie Gentry when I made her listen to Beth Orton.
          \_ Mm-hmm. I have this suspicion that the current round of music
             scenesters just plain missed the connection because the song is so
             old. I still like Beth Orton, but I'm a little disappointed that
             she hasn't acknowledged the debt, especially after all the noise
             she made about Terry Callier.
             \_ For me, I was glad she made all that noise about Terry
                Callier, because I hadn't heard of him before, and he's
                great. I already know who Bobbie Gentry was.
                \_ Well yeah, me too. I went right out and bought the album she
                   mentioned and I liked it. The arc of his career from being
                   a new big thing for 15 minutes, to decades of obscurity
                   including time as a programmer and back into the limelight
                   in his 50s is pretty neat.
                   Maybe she should give Bobby a call...
        \_ I like Green Day!  -danh #1 fan
2002/7/1-2 [Recreation/Music] UID:25249 Activity:very high
6/28    When you see a band on stange, can you tell by appearance which one
        is the bass guitar?
        \_ Yes.  It's the one with the thicker strings.  Usually four,
           though there are 7-string basses out there.  Also, bass players
           make this indescribable "bass player face."
           \_ You cant see the string thickness from far away, can you?
              The neck/head/fret doesnt look any different does it?
              \_ um... well, as there are only 4 strings, there are only
                 4 tuning keys.  the frets are each farther apart, and a bass
                 may be fretless.  the neck on any guitar or bass can vary
                 widely and rarely would lend you clues, say, if you saw it
                 from the back.  And yes, string thickness is MUCH different,
                 and should be discernable from a good hundred feet away.
           \_ the bass guitar is also usually longer than a normal one.
        \_ you can also tell by how it's played.
           \_ Yeah.  Just listen to the music and see who's fingers match with
              the base sound.
                  \_ I don't think basses sound that low or degrading.
              \_ Basses are base. The lower the pitch, the more base. Higher
                 pitch, more class.
        \_ yes
2002/6/29-7/1 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Music] UID:25241 Activity:moderate
6/28    ok, so audiogalaxy is now broken, napster is dead, gnotella always
        sucked, and has gotten worse.  where do we go to get free music now?
        \_ I use Grokster - neutered so that it doesn't phone home. You can
           find howto's on the net.
        \_ Sam Goody's.
           \_ You use the old FiveFingers client?
              \_ Real pros only need and use the TwoFingers client.
        \_ Qtrax max and blubster
        \_ I've been quite traumatized by the loss of audiogalaxy... I've
           started using WinMX a bit... and it seems ok. nothing too great...
           but it seems a lot of audiogalaxy people are going there which
           means the music selection should be great. If they can just
           improve their infrastructure, they'll be good.
        \_ Gnucleus is a pretty decent gnutella client; it's GPLed and
           lacks spyware.
           \_ Which almost makes up for the fact that gnutella sucks.
        \_ Qtrax max and blubster. These are the two best clients that I've
           found after playing with about 15 of them. I'm unemployed so I have
           lots of time to compare the quality of the various MP3 engines.
2002/5/15-16 [Recreation/Music] UID:24839 Activity:very high
5/15    When people talk about jizz, does that include schwang? What about the
        music in the Roaring 20's when that is obviously not jazz music?
        What about the blues?
        \_ Jazz generally includes both blues and swing.  You'll have to
           be more specific when you say "music...that is obviously not
           jazz music."  Certainly, music which is not jazz is not called
           jazz, but most of what you'll hear from the 1920's is jazz. -tom
        \_ By "music in the Roaring 20's" do you mean big band?  I think big
           band is also considered jazz.
           \_ Yes.  -tom
              \_ Wow. Hey tom, are you a jazz musician?
                \_ I play trombone.  I wouldn't really classify myself as
                   a musician.  -tom
           \_ Big Band is jazz, but not really a '20's phenomenon. More 30's
              and 40's. But, the 20's is referred to as the Jazz Age. The
              popular music from that time is the start of jazz, which has
              continued to evolve to today (just like Elvis doesn't sound
              like Radiohead).
        \_ Don't forget dixieland..  and bebop..  and ragtime..
        \_ Jazz and Blues are related but many musicologists put them into
           separate boxes. The basic structures of blues and jazz can be very
           different, e.g. 12-bar blues and 32-bar jazz patterns.
           \_ Blues is a genre of Jazz.
                \_ Incorrect. Blues existed before jazz (even Ken Burns got
                   that right). Blues is best thought of as a collection
                   of basic song forms (12 bar blues, 8 bar, 16 bar, etc)
                   that has been incorporated into a variety of American
                   musical styles such as jazz, "R+B", rock and many types
                   of contemporary folk music. Blues, in a very real sense,
                   is the progenitor of much American music. When musicians
                   talk about blues, they often talk of "Delta blues", or
                   "jazz blues," etc because these different musics have
                   their own versions of blues derived from an earlier
                   "ur"-blues.  fab
        \_ so is Frank Sinatra considered blues?
           \_ ahahahahhahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahah~!!!!!1!!!!!
                \_ It's accurate to say that Frank Sinatra sang some blues,
                   but  not in the same way that say Ma Rainey migh have
                   sung them. He also sang many songs that have become
                   standard in the jazz repertoire, often with a swing
                   feeling, but also in a distinct manner. fab
2002/4/19-20 [Recreation/Music] UID:24496 Activity:kinda low
4/18    So I go to the 1940 pop music section and the Andrew Sisters CDs are
        everywhere. Why are they so particularly famous in the 40s?
        \_ I don't like that lounge-y stuff --pld
        \_ They're probably most accessible from the time.  They weren't
           necessarily "so famous" in the 40s.  But because of some films
           and TV connections, that's what we hear when someone brings up
           the 40s.  Give me Lena Horne or Ella any day over the Andrews.
        \_ Photogenic, sang pop music, and conveyed images of "the girl
           back home" to lots of GIs. Lots of movie/newsreel/magazine
2002/4/8-9 [Recreation/Music] UID:24362 Activity:low
4/7     In big band and swing music there is an instrument that has this
        peculiar wah-wah sound, what exactly is that?
        \_ electric guitar w/ wah wah sound effect pedal
                \_ yeah. listen to intro riffs of Bulls on Parade (Rage
                   Against the Machine) to hear it clearly.
                   \_ That's a whammy pedal.
        \_ This would be a trumpet (or trombone) with a plunger mute.
2002/2/11-12 [Transportation/Motorcycle, Recreation/Music] UID:23836 Activity:kinda low
2/11    Is Suzuki a good brand for digital pianos?  I saw a few Suzukis at
        a piano store, but I've never heard of this brand before.  Thx.
        --- yuen
2002/1/21 [Recreation/Music] UID:23617 Activity:nil 55%like:23609
1/20    (not a troll), gimme examples of 'Asian trash' music (for
        a compilation I am intending to give girl in Asian
        Massage Parlor).  Never mind, all asian music is trash.
2002/1/20-21 [Recreation/Music] UID:23609 Activity:high 55%like:23617
1/20    (not a troll), gimme examples of "White trash" music. (for
        cd compilation I am intending to give nephew in Blythe, CA).
        \_ Ted Nugent.
        \_ Poison!
        \_ Kid Rock
           \_ Oh, hell yeah.  Add:  Lynyrd Skynyrd
        \_ Would CCR count?  -John
           \- no, but living in Lodi does, --psb
        \_ If he's in Watts, why do you want "trash" music? Also, there is no
           such thing as black trash, only white trash. If you want ghetto
           music, there is east coast and west coast. If he's in Watts, go
           West Coast. 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, etc. If Watts was just
           hypothetical, you can put East coast stuff on there. Notorious BIG,
           Jay-Z, and Nas are big names to start with. Look at Billboard's
           Hip Hop charts for the latest hits.
        \_ Any covers of "White Trash" music with a rap bit added.  -John
2002/1/12-13 [Politics/Foreign, Recreation/Music] UID:23548 Activity:kinda low
1/12    On PBS I saw a "commercial" for the news hour with Jim Lehrer showing
        the WTC bombing.  People sitting in front of their TV watching it
        and words like "there're some people we'll never understand".  There's
        a song playing in the background.  Just a man singing with guitar
        music I believe. It sounded like country music.  Anybody know the name
        of the song?  Thanks.
        \_ "Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round", by the Dead Kennedys.
        \_  Buffalo Springfield  "For What It's Worth"
2001/12/8-11 [Transportation/Bicycle, Recreation/Music] UID:23182 Activity:high
12/7    Looking for a female roommate in Albany.  Email me for details.
        \_ How well can you play jazz piano?  Just curious.
           \_ Somewhere between "decent" and "well."  I read off of lead
              sheets very well, but have to think about +11/13 and dim chords.
              Not so on +7/+9/sus chords.  I'm used to not playing with a
              bass, so I almost always lead with the chord root on the bass -
              not good for ensemble jazz.  Decent improv.  Answer your
              question?  Now, please... roommate search... -chaos
        \_ um, I am interested, but can you sight read all 24 Chopin Etudes?
          \_ You're not funny.
                \_ I don't get it (the humor and why it's not funny)
                   \_ Have you ever seen what Chopin's Etudes look like?
                        \_ no, I'm ignorant. Now please fuckin explanavu
                  \_ Ok here it is: "sight read" means "play the music
                     the first time you see the sheet music." Chopin
                     wrote music that is very intricate and difficult to
                     play. Most pianists need to practice for years before
                     they can smoothly play Chopin etudes. -fab
        \_ looking for a female roomate on motd is like looking for nice
           attractive NORMAL UNPSYCHOTIC people who are not Linux and bike
           ride fanatics at CSUA.
           \_   I'm all of these things!
           \_ I'm all except attractive. But I'm not ugly either. At least,
              not as ugly as your mom (yes, not saying too much, I know).
           \_ i'm attractive and nonpsychotic and not a linux or bike fanatic...
             \_ Well I'm ugly, psychotic, ride a friggin' bike when it
                doesn't hurt my back too much and I got SuSE
                installed at home (on one partition, anyway). You
                ready for me stomp on yer face, pretty boy?
2001/11/4-5 [Recreation/Music] UID:22927 Activity:high
11/4    im kind of bored lately with the same music i listen to.
        can anybody suggest one group thats different and worth
        looking up?  (i dont expect this post to last long -- but
        whatever i can catch, i will give a sincere try)  (i
        asked somebody this same thing the other day and they said
        "yoko kanno" "leo kottke" and "morcheeba"  turned out i
        didnt like kottke.  so i won twice.  i think asking here
        might be interesting too, besides of course the usual
        blathering that might come)  thanks. hahnak (email ok too)
        any kine music ok!
        \_ How about a "best of the 80's" collection?
        \_ eels
        \_ everything but the girl
           \_ Rip-off of Pylon; check them out first
        \_ when i'm in my car, I like to tune in to a spanish music
           station on the AM radio, then turn to just far enough off
           resonance to loose the melody, but close enought to have a
           strong noise signal, the percussions, and the electrical
           noise from my engine and passing power lines.  turn up the
           volume and enjoy.  this is only fun in a car, since
           you will go through different EM environments and get different
           kinds of noise.
        \_ del amitri, change everything
        \_ what is it that you're bored of?
        \_ NBT will be the strokes.
                \_ the strokes suck!
        \_ Les Nubians.
        \_ Spearhead and Olu Dara are good, and different. -- ajani
        \_ Neko Case (be warned she's alt-country). YK was a good call.
        \_ Lambchop.
        \_ White Stripes
        \_ Poi Dog Pondering.  -tom
        \_ michael jackson, kraftwerk, elvis, bach. go oldschool.
        \_ GABBER: lenny dee, rob gee, the mover
2001/8/30-31 [Recreation/Music] UID:22299 Activity:high
8/30    Can somebody id this music?  It's from "La Bamba".  The scene where
        Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, etc dies in the plane crash.  There's
        that background music which sounds Hawaiian.  Thanks.
        \_ para lavar las manos! si necessito una boca de gracias!
           \_ !pinche la madre madecon!
        \_ The Big Bopper. He was also in the plane.
        \_ Possibly Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalker"?
           \_ yes, it is sleepwalker!  Thank you very much.  I download it
              off morpheus.
2001/8/8 [Recreation/Music] UID:22048 Activity:insanely high
8/8     There's this cute girl who likes jazz music. I want to get involved
        in some of her interests but I know anything about jazz music. Is
                                      ^- don't
        there some sort of "Jazz 101 for Dummies" website that could help me?
        \_ Talk to her about it.  You don't come off as a poser or faker,
           you show you're interested in what she does, and you interact
           with a person instead of a book or TV.
           \_ agreed!
        \_ See search engine. Jazz 101 or Jazz FAQ.
        \_ How about you ask her to take you to her fav local jazz weekly?
        \_ Ask her to come up to your apartment to check the reed in your
           \_ Or ask her to play your trombone, your sliding trombone.  (I got
              this from a Cynthia Rothrock movie.)
        \_ Listen to KCSM (FM 91.1 or 18 hours a day and
           try to memorize everything the DJs say.  This is not exactly a
           Jazz 101 to help you understand the fundamentals, but you'll be
           able to talk like you know jazz.  But then I think music is not
           something you should force yourself into if you don't like it.
           --- yuen
           \_ I like the first person's suggestion: Talk to her about it.
              It's not good being a poser or a faker.  And you may interact
              with her, and it'll be a more honest relationship.
              \_ Well, that's true.  --- yuen
        \_ Buy some classic Jazz CD's to see what you like. Kind of Blue,
           Sketches of Spain, and Blue Train are good starters. Try listening
           to things like Acid Jazz, percussion bands, and so forth too...
        \_ Only need to remember one thing: Kenny G != Jazz
           \_ Yeah, but if that cute girl thinks Kenny G == Jazz, he'd better
              think so too.
        \_ There was a Ken Burn's series on PBS about Jazz. Rent it/buy it/
           or borrow it.
        \_ Give it up jj. A relationship based on fraud never works out,
           and you know it only too well.
2001/6/25 [Recreation/Music] UID:21624 Activity:nil
6/25    So maybe one of you knows this: in the game Civilization 2, when you
        built one of the wonders (perhaps newton's college?) you see this
        movie with Bach music playing. The music is some kind of organ and
        harpsichord thing, kind of dramatic sounding. Anyone know what piece
        that is?
        \_ "Oops, I did it Again - in G"
2000/12/19-20 [Recreation/Music] UID:20127 Activity:very high
12/19   How considerate are you to "neighbors" when you have a decent
        sound system you'd like to enjoy?  Do neighbors knock on your
        door asking you to turn it down or do they retaliate with louder
        \_ My neighbour (a few years ago) living in the apartment below
           me plays really loud music.  One day, I got fed up, so I jumped
           on his ceiling a few times.  From that day on I get "anonymous"
           racist phone calls which I was able to traced to him.  He also
           made a phone call pretending to be an apartment manager telling
           me that other neighbours were complaining about me.
           \_ When I lived in Berkeley, my neighbors above me blasted
              their stereos and held their own mini-WWF at 3am in the
              morning right before midterms.  I got fed up and made
              anonymous phone calls using a linux box I had which was
              set to go off at 5am in the morning when they were sure
              to be asleep.
              \_ one question: what did your story have to do with your os?
                 \_ okay, fine: my computer called up the asshole
                    upstairs from me.  I just had a little cron job
                    that would do it for me. Nothing to do with linux
                    other than the fact that it carried out the act.
           \_ I've seen a couple worse cases: one guy had an alarm
              clock that would go off early in the morning, bothering
              the renter who was below him. So one day the renter sees
              the guy in the stairwell and beats his face all bloody.
              These were students.
           \_ The thin walls & floors common in berkeley apartments was a
              blessing. I lived on the floor right above the parking garage,
              and one night, I heard glass breaking downstairs. Went
              downstairs and caught a kid breaking into the car next to mine.
              \_ Yeah, and it's about time they elected a FUCKING
                 Republican president.
           \_ Find the phone wiring box, cross out the wires for HIS apt.
           \_ all of the problems would be simpler if people had the FUCKING
              guts to confront their neighbors instead of this faceless
              retaliation shit.
              \_ I had the guts. They retaliated by stomping on the floors
                 calls, I just told him to fuck off.
                 every fucking night.
              \_ Typical of the barbarians living in Berkeley and SF.  I never
                 had to deal with this bullshit once I moved.
              \_ In retrospect, I could have went to his door and ask him
                 to turn down his music, but when I jumped on his ceiling
                 I did not meant it as retaliation but just to let him
                 know that hey, your music is bothering me.  I did not
                 retaliate when he started making anonymous racist phone
                 calls, I just told him to fuck off.  When he continued,
                 I told him I will get the police to put a trace on the
                 phone calls.  After that, he made one more call and then
                 stopped.  To his credit, he did not play loud music again,
                 at least not when I was around.
                 \_ You should've capped his ass.
        \_ I play music quite loudly. Twice my next door neighbors have asked
           me to turn it down, and I did so. Once when I had a midterm, I
           asked them to turn their music down, and they did. So some of us
           CAN just get along.
           \_ Personally, I think when your music level gets to a point
              it can affect your neighbour, it is quite inconsiderate.
              \_ For people to be so inconsiderate makes me ... makes
                 me ... alMTOST FURIOUS!!!  I want to jump up and down!
                 \_ No, I am serious.  If you want to play your music
                    loud, use a headphone.  Don't impose your music on
                    other people.
2000/11/21 [Recreation/Music] UID:19874 Activity:nil
11/21   Ikiru's sister is a rock star! -eric
2000/10/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Music] UID:19543 Activity:nil
10/20   "{Gore|Bush|Troll} is the Salieri of American politics. He wants so
        desperately to be a genius. He has mastered the techniques. He
        knows everything. And yet the spark of genius is not in him. And
        there in the Oval Office sits the Mozart from Arkansas, the
        natural, the casually smutty debaucher of interns who is also
        the political genius of our time."
        \_ and you are the Salieri of the motd
           \_ hi mozart
        \_ This analogy is totally wrong. In Amadeus, Salieri is the
        Venetian court composer, not Mozart. It would follow, therefore
        that Clinton is Salieri, and that Gore is Mozart. The point is
        that whoever is Amadeus wouldn't be elected since he would not
        be understood in his time. -williamc
        \_ I am Yahoo Serious portraying Mozart, you are all Paully Shore.-blojo
2000/9/19 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Recreation/Music] UID:19283 Activity:nil
2000/7/28-29 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Recreation/Music] UID:18805 Activity:high
7/28    Why are radio stations allowed to play music?  Stupid question,
        yes, but I'm interested in the royalty situation.  Can anybody
        broadcast music (assuming an fcc license) or are there rules
        regarding quality degradation (say for internet streaming
        \_ planning an internet radio station?
        \_ Not exactly.  But what's to stop me from broadcasting at 192mhz
           and having people copy songs they like?
           \_ I see the point.  But with Napster, you get music on
              demand.  Radio, only certain songs get played.
              And if it gets popular enough, perhaps the record
              industry will come and get you.
    \_ Radio stations keep a record of which songs they play, and submit
        royalties to ascap or bmi for each play.
        \_ explains how to get licenses for broadcasting
                & streaming/webcasting
           & streaming/webcasting  [motd formatting god was here]
                \_ We just need napster.  Screw royalties and property rights.
                   As in Free Beer.
2000/4/28-29 [Recreation/Music, Computer/SW/P2P] UID:18136 Activity:high
4/27    What is Gnutella?
        \_ One of several open source napster clones.  I believe it also
           doesn't rely on a central set of servers (like Napster) to archive
           information about what's where.  -John
           \_ It's not exactly a napster clone in that it doesn't use the
              same protocol as Napster and it's not just for trading
              mp3s; but the idea is similar.
              It was created by some people at Nullsoft (the WinAmp people),
              but when they released a public beta and their new bosses
              at AOL/TimeWarner found out, they told them to shut it
              down. Last I checked, the "official" Gnutella site is still
              out of commission.  Try:
        \_ Gnu's implementation of Nutella
        \_ Random musing - does Napster keep any log of connections? When
           then get shut down some day, will the music industry be able to
           get a lot of all the music I've grabbed through them?  Will the
           volume be too high in general for individuals to get busted?
             \_ Why don't you just pay for your damn music? - musician
                \_ Because of inadequate purchasing options - if I was
                   allowed to easily evaluate music before purchasing,
                   and able to buy on a basis of exactly what I wanted to
                   buy (i.e. song-by-song basis), I would be *happy* to
                   support the musicians.  I am not willing to support the
                   leech of the music industry, however.  Same goes for the
                   film industry, once bandwidth is sufficient to pirate
                   movies.  Why can BMG sell discs so cheaply?  Why are
                   CDs more expensive than the more-expensive-to-make audio
                   cassettes?  The industry sucks.
                        \_ uh, it's called "supply and demand".
                           Rationalize all you want, but if it becomes
                           impossible to make money selling CD's/movies,
                           people will stop doing it.  -tom
                           \_ I trust in human ingenuity.  People will
                              adapt to another model in which they can
                              still make money and music/art.
                           \_ uh, it's hard to make money when everyone
                              steals your product, you selfish moron.  -tom
                              \_ What about concerts?  Playing in clubs?
                        \_ A typical band playing in a typical club
                           will cover the cost of their dinner and not
                           much more.  The only thing that brings performers
                           into big arenas to make big money is MASSIVE
                           RECORD COMPANY PROMOTION.  Self-promoted bands
                           do not make money touring.  -tom
\_ In general, the volume will be too high to bust individuals.
                However, in your case, they will somehow get back to you at
                which point you will get arrested and have to call sky to
                bust you out.
        \_ Lately, running BSD nap on soda, I always get error connecting
        socket. Is this purposeful on soda/berkeley's part, or is this
        some temporary snafu, or what?
2000/4/14-15 [Recreation/Music] UID:18007 Activity:very high
4/13    Why won't rave music just die?
        \_ easy access to mind-altering substances
                \_ Don't need rave music to get drugs.
                        \_ need to be on drugs to like rave music.
                           \_ Doesn't explain why rave music won't die.
         \_ do you knowwhat troll means:
        \_ Want a cookie, troll?
         \_ do you know what troll means?
         \_ I love seeing my little phrases get picked up by others.
          \_ I love seeing little people happy about their little achievements
2000/3/10-12 [Recreation/Music] UID:17733 Activity:kinda low 61%like:16541 60%like:17171 50%like:17765
3/9     Jobs at in /csua/pub/jobs/
        \_ They throw cool parties: free food, fully-stocked open bar and
           The B-52's live!
           \_ the b52s are cool?
              \_ The B-52's rock. -dans
                \_ but they're sooo 80's
                        \_ You mean before you were born?  The music is old
                           therefore it must be bad.  GREEN DAY!  uh huh...
                           \_ Uh, I was born way before the 80's ...
                                \_ 1978 maybe?
                   \_ What's the unifying characteristics of 80s music?
                        \_ Better than 70's and 90's music and you can dance
                           to most of it.
1999/10/31-11/2 [Recreation/Music] UID:16799 Activity:high
10/30   What's the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
        \_ They are physically the same.  The difference is
           in the way the instrument is played.
                \_ by the way I want to learn how to play a fiddle but the
                   music guy on Shattuck thinks that I should buy a better
                   (and more expensive) violin if I'm serious about it.
                   What do you guys think?
                        \_ Which music guy?  Someone gave me a fiddle
                           recently, and I've been considering actually
                           learning it too.  I went to Ifshin on University
                           and they gave me a list of teachers and their
                           styles.  -jones
                    \_ practice technique on a cheaper instrument and
                      upgrade later once you're sure you want to put $
                      into it and have some experience, i.e., know what
                      your prefs are wrt sound.  "Better" may mean
                      something different to you after you've played for a
                      little while.  If you're planning to perform, that
                      may change things too.  Bow quality matters too, of
                      course.  --goetz (violinist)
                \_ Well of course the guy that wants to sell you one
                   thinks you should get a better one.  You should
                   probably start toward the low end unless the low
                   end sounds so bad and is so much more difficult to
                   play (as is the case with guitars) that you might
                   give up more easily.  Also, you can always sell
                   whatever you buy.  If you buy a used one, depreciation
                   should be close to zero.
                   \_ How is a bad guitar more difficult to play?  I thought
                      only the sound differs.  --- yuen (non-guitarist)
        \_ What's the point of playing music instrument? It's not like you're
           going to be smarter, and you are definitely not going to make any
           money from it.
                \_ With your violin playing?  No.  Might as well recite your
                   own bad poetry.
           \_ Can I nominate this for Troll of the Week? (yeah, I know, it's
              Monday, but I find this one hard to beat). But anyway, to
              answer this: Why? Cuz it's FUN TO DO. i don't play the
              piano expecting to be Chopin or expecting any monetary
              compensation. It's relaxing. It's challenging. It's a hobby.
              \_ i think that trolls that stray from the main topics that piss
                 people off tend to be weak as trolls, even if they would
                 be more offensive outside the motd.  to most people,the above
                 might be a more provocative comment than something about
                 the relative merits of working on a computer in industry or
                 in a university, but here the latter will piss alot more
                 people off.  to troll well, you must know your audience. also,
                 a good troll seeks to piss off the kind of people who like to
                 flame, not random users who passivley read the motd.
                 \_ You have no idea what you're talking about.
              \_ What's the point replying to this? It's not like you're
                 going to be smarter, and you are definitely not going to make
                 any money from it.
                      \_ High action (distance from string to fretboard),
                         poor craftsmanship -- bad frets, bridge, nut, etc.
                         The guitar can sound "wrong" and the beginner
                         may blame himself/herself and give up. -- jsjacob
1998/6/1 [Recreation/Music] UID:14160 Activity:nil
06/01   Does anyone know if there is a soundtrack available for John Woo's
        "The Killer" ? If so; would this be something I should look for in
        Chinatown ? --ramberg
        \_ there isn't an original movie soundtrack.
           however, it's possible to assemble the songs
           if you have the persistence of Sisyphus.
           do a search on for track listings. --jwang
                have fun.  -twaung
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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