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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/1/26-2/19 [Politics, Recreation/Media] UID:54590 Activity:nil
1/26    Wozniak says the the Steve Jobs movie clip is historically inaccurate,
        that Jobs was not so much a visionaire that Jobs claimed to be, as Jobs
        was just looking to make a few quick bucks. Why should we trust
        Woz's words over Jobs'?
        \_ Seriously? Read both the Steve Jobs biography and Woz's autobiography.
           Nobody contests that Jobs was a scumbag. Also: the lounge in Soda Hall.
        \_ Seriously? Read both the Steve Jobs biography and Woz's
           autobiography. Nobody contests that Jobs was a scumbag. Also:
           the lounge in Soda Hall.
           \_ Jobs screwed over a lot of people, it is true, especially
              people working for him. But I still think that he was a
              \_ Woz's point is that the visionary part came later. The
                 romantic notion that the movie will portray will likely
                 be misguided.
        \_ Life is unfair. No one defends the dead man. The last man to live wins!
        \_ Life is unfair. No one defends the dead man. The last man to live
           \_ People are still defending Jobs the dead man, and he still
              wins ......
              \_ people defending a lying asshole... life is unfair
        \_ I come to bury Jobs, not to praise him.
           The evil that men do lives after them;
           The good is oft interred with their bones;
           So let it be with Jobs.
2012/12/6-18 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:54549 Activity:nil
12/6    Lesson learned: don't talk about Monty Python on a date. Women just
        don't seem to get it.
        \_ You are dating the wrong women (for you) then. My sister-in-law
           loves it and yet I don't find it all that funny. It's not a
           gender thing.
           \_ is she a nerd? does she laugh funny? is she actually decent looking?
           \_ is she a nerd? does she laugh funny? is she actually decent
              \_ She would call herself a nerd because she like Dr Who and
                 Star Trek, but she's so not. She's a photographer with a
                 degree in biology who is also Air Force Reserve. She's a
                 thin, red-haired single mom (divorced). Stop
                 \_ I think Kari Byron is a hotter red-head.
                    \_ Putting the "Bust" in Mythbusters since 2003.
                 \_ Dr Who (the reboot) and Star Trek (the reboot) are pop
                    culture. Just like frat boys talking about ubuntu
                    drivers; it's not "nerdy" anymore. Or maybe it is if
                    everyone is a geek, is anyone a geek anymore?
                    \_ wow, you never lived in the mid-west or south have you?
                       people there actually think sushi is exotic.
                       \_ clearly you haven't. Nice troll btw.
                 \_ Can I have her phone number? -guy who thinks red-heads are exotic
                          \_ I grew up in a small town in the Central Valley
                             and things like sushi are exotic there.
                 \_ Can I have her phone number? -guy who thinks red-heads
                                                  are exotic
        \_ If she don't know who monty nerdcrud is, she's a keeper. bonus if
           she don't work in tech.
        \_ OP, is the lesson "don't talk about Monty Python" or "don't
           start quoting material other people don't recognize"? I'm guessing
           the latter. Try a couple of Princess Bride quotes next time, just
           to test the waters; my wife can quote that movie verbatim, but
           Monty Python's a non-starter for her. -married 16 years
2012/10/17-12/4 [Recreation/Media] UID:54504 Activity:nil
10/17   Cloud Atlas Shrugged.
        \_ How is this movie? Did you see it?
           \_ Cloud Atlas is a movie. Atlas Shrugged is a movie.
              Cloud Atlas Shrugged is a made-up name.
              \_ How was Cloud Atlas?
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/8/12-10/17 [Recreation/Media] UID:54456 Activity:nil
8/12    Bored, watching TV, and came across this synopsis nugget
        for a Three's Company episode:
        "[Janet's boss] Tina blackmails Jack into being at her
         beck and call; otherwise she'll fire Janet."
        The 70s were a weird time.
         \_ there is a _Friends_ episode that could be described zactly the same
            (And they were all weird times, including (especially) this one.)
         \_ there is a _Friends_ episode that could be described zactly the
            same (And they were all weird times, including (especially) this
2012/7/3-8/19 [Recreation/Media] UID:54430 Activity:nil
7/3     Just found a great new movie on cable last night:
        "Blame it on Rio"
        In it, a middle aged guy gets seduced by his friends
        teen daughter:
        "At the age of 17, only two months out of high school..."
        \_ Didn't Kevin Spacy have a similar film recently?
           \_ What is the name of it?
              \_ He's probably referring to "American Beauty" (1999).  If
                 "Blame it on Rio" (1974) can be called "new", then I guess
                 it's fair to call "American Beauty" recent.
                 \_ Sorry it was new to me. In American Beauty he doesn't
                    actually bone her, so not that good. I think Blame it
                    on Rio is actually from 1984.
                    \_ Got any other good movies that have old guys with
                       young women? I know about Last Tango in Paris.
                       \_ Pretty much all of them. Typical actress is
                          much, much younger than the male lead playing
                          opposite her. Random examples: Michelle Pfeiffer
                          is 16 years younger than Harrison Ford ("What
                          Lies Beneath") and Julia Roberts is 18 years
                          younger than Richard Gere ("Pretty Woman").
                          \_ Cf. Calista Flockhart and Cindy Crawford.
2012/1/10-2/6 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:54285 Activity:nil
1/10    Rocker advocating for limiting nudity and profanity on TV: (
        \_ Is this SFW?
           \_ Yes.  -- OP
2010/8/30-9/30 [Reference/Military, Recreation/Media] UID:53944 Activity:nil
8/30    Supersonic fighter jet that still flies for sale.  Only $175k.
        But it burns $500 of fuel per minute when going supersonic.
        \_ Stop telling me how to live you PC liberal.
2010/6/21-7/2 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Media] UID:53865 Activity:nil
6/21    "FIFA drops referee after dropped call" (
        "Belgian referee Frank De Bleeckere will prepare himself for the
        occasion by watching a DVD of the movie 'Gladiator' before taking
        center stage in a game that decides the USA.s destiny ..."
        I've never watched Gladiator.  What does a movie about Roman gladiators
        have to do with the upcoming match?  Or is that just a mean to get
        relaxed before judging in a high-profile match?
        \_ At a guess, perhaps he's expecting a brutal fight between USA
           and Algeria, which, come to think of it, is pretty odd. Both
           teams have been pretty well-behaved on the field. Perhaps he
           somehow thinks Ridley Scott is coaching the Americans? Even
           then, what would a gladiator movie directed by a Brit and
           starring an Aussie have to do with anything? Nope, I'm even
           more confused than I was when I started trying to explain.
           Last stab: he hopes that watching a movie with fast-paced
           violent interaction will get his reflexes up to speed for the
           match... in which case, he'd probably be better off practicing
           with Transformers 2; the action in that flick made no sense at
2010/1/24-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:53659 Activity:nil
1/23    I finally saw Avatar (I don't go to many movies). It was good, but
        very violent. Also, I think I saw this movie before and it was
        called 'Dances with Wolves' at the time.
        \_ I think it's called Battle for Terra
           \_ No stupid, it's called The Last Samurai
              \_ You misspelled Fern Gully.
2009/12/11-2010/1/13 [Transportation/Bicycle, Recreation/Media] UID:53591 Activity:nil
        exactly.  Words change their meaning.
2009/11/17-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:53533 Activity:nil
11/17   "Report: Adult filmmaker plans Jaycee Dugard movie"
        Some people are amazingly shameless.
2009/8/25-9/9 [Recreation/Media] UID:53300 Activity:nil
8/24    Has anyone seen Taratino's Inglorious Bastard? Recommended?
        Will I be WOW'ed again with its unique postmodern & fresh
        ideas, excessive violence, cheesey dialogs, references from
        old movies, and non-linear story telling? All these things
        are unique in the history of cinematography thus I have
        high hopes for this movie but I'd like to know what
        you guys think. Ok thanks.
        \_ I liked is.  I especially liked the multi-lingual SS officer.
2009/7/19-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:53163 Activity:nil 75%like:53160
        Nathan Barley Rules..
2009/7/18 [Recreation/Media] UID:53160 Activity:nil 75%like:53163
        Nathan Barley Rules.
2009/4/19-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:52872 Activity:nil
4/19    Jedi Police in Scotland: [bbc]
2009/4/17-28 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Media] UID:52868 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
4/17    Creative use of stop motion video (Boy, Wolf, and a Pig):
2009/4/6-13 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:52805 Activity:kinda low
4/6     is there porn called Star Trek: The Insemination
        \_ No but Bareback Mountain sounds just as ghey.
            \_ And "Homo on the Range".
        \_ I bet there is some slash fiction with that title, want me to
           see if I can find it?
        \_ I once heard that there was some Snow White porn where the prince
           had to screw her instead of kiss her befoer she woke up.  I've never
           seen it though.
                \_ you might be thinking of Sleeping Beauty?  Anne Rice wrote
                        one of those.
           \_ Snow White and the seven kinky dwarves?
2009/4/4-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:52798 Activity:moderate
4/4     I hate Raiders of the Lost Ark (original). I like adventure movies,
        Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, history, archaeology, and the Bible,
        but the movie vacillates between stupid and boring to me. Anyone else
        feel the same way? My gf told me "*YOU* of ALL PEOPLE don't like it?"
        \- Raiders doesnt aspire to great heights, but for what it is, it is
           almost perfect.
        \_ I read that 75% of the college people who majored in archeology
           were inspired by Indiana Jones. Can you believe that? Stupid.
           \_ Inspired and "think it is real" are very different.  Shit
              I was inspired by War Games and I never thought that I was
              going to be hacking defense computers and starting WW3.
           \_ This is much stupider than the 75 percent of college people
              being inspired by $$$$$
              \_ #t,
                 being inspired by $$$ = being greedy = being normal human
                 being inspired by Indy = being naive = being stupid
           \_ as opposed to the percentage of premeds inspired by ER?
              \_ or lawyers inspired by LA Law?
           \_ "I'm gonna major in traveling around the world having
              adventures!"  I don't know if it's stupid so much as naive.
              \_ I (and you) don't really know if that's what they're thinking.
                 They may have just liked Indy, causing them to investigate
                 archeology, which they then appreciated on it's own merits.
                 Actually this seems more likely.
        \_ I guess I can agree that Raiders is pretty dumb, but so what?
           Raiders isn't Hamlet. Its just a fun diversion, and on that
           count it almost completely succeeds (the only scene I didn't
           like is the end where the ark melts the Nazis).
           Personally, I really disliked the most recent Indy movie. After
           Eps. 1-3, I was prepared for a truly dreadful movie, like Temple,
           but what we got was bad on the level of Starship Troopers.
           Lucas and Spielberg should have just remade Fate of Atlantis.
           \_ I really enjoyed Raiders (obviously !op), but it kind of ruined
              it for me when a friend pointed out that Indy's actions don't
              actually do anything to stop the Nazis. After all, the Nazis
              only get the Ark because IJ finds it, and the Ark blasts the
              Nazis when they open the Ark, so it really doesn't matter if
              IJ stops them or not. About the only thing he accomplishes is
              saving Miriam, so I guess it's not a wash, but the movie
                     \_ Marion. Named my cat after her.
              is a pretty strong indictment of the ability of one person to
              change things.
              \_ G-d was acting through Indy. - motd rebbe messiah
              \_ Nazi == Socialist == Obama
              \_ look at the date of the setting-- you are saying you wanted
                 him to prevent WWII?  But then it would be an alternate-
                 history movie!  We know the Nazis weren't stopped by Indy!
        \_ The movie itself is not perfect but it's a perfect adventure movie.
           The Indy character is a cool one, macho yet not, tough but self-
           deprecating in certain ways.  The adventuring in exotic lands thing
           seemed more exciting when I was a kid and the world seemed more
           exotic than it does today.  I thought the Nazi thing was kind of
           dumb.  The movie had a lot of really memorable scenes.
           Actually it's really hard to be objective about this
           movie because I saw it as a kid.  This goes for a lot of movies.
           Top Gun is pretty stupid too but somehow it had a huge cultural
           impact and was probably pretty good for what it was.  Same with
                \_ I actually disagree with most of you guys.  Raiders of the
                   Lost Ark is a brilliant movie on a lot of levels.  It's
                   an update of the 1930s pulp adventure novel, in the same
                   setting and subject matter.  In many ways the latest film,
                   crappy though it may be, is getting back to these roots:
                   it is a 1950s pulp story set in the 1950s.
        \_ I love many things about all of the Indy movies, but the last
           one was made up of more bad than good.  It was the most awesome
           movie ever up until a little bit after Indy and Proto-Indy finish
           their motorcycle race through the Princeton library, then it
           loses its way.
2009/2/9-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:52542 Activity:nil
2/9     What are good alternatives to Netflix?
        \_ Bittorrent.  Usenet + nzb files.
           \_ I mean renting the disks.  I actually would like to watch movies
              without infringing copyright, I'm just tired of netflix.
              \_ Why are you tired of it?  There's VoD type services but
                 they kinda suck.  There's a few other Netflix wannabes out
                 there but they suck.  The movie industry is so scared of
                 pirates they are unwilling to provide any service that
                 is even remotely as useful as illegal downloads.  It's
                 not a money thing it's a convenience thing, so until
                 the movie/tv studios pull their heads out of their asses
                 I'm sticking with piracy.
                 \_ This is one reason:
2009/1/26-29 [Recreation/Media] UID:52460 Activity:nil
1/26    The Wrestler: A lot better than I expected.  The previews don't
        do it justice.
        \_ The motd isn't allowed to like good movies.  Come back when
           you like Star Trek movies, Battlestar Galactica, and
           Transporter 3.
2009/1/21-26 [Recreation/Media, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52430 Activity:nil
1/21    Anyone remembers which movies featured black US presidents?  They
        seemed like fantacies to me back then.  I'll start:
        Deep Impact
        Stealth Fighter
        \_ Fifth Element.
           \_ But he wasn't really the President of the U.S., right? He was
              more like the leader of the entire planet Earth.
        \_ Not a movie but the 2nd season of 24.
        \_ When will they start making fun of Obama on TV? Who will
           do it first? Jay Leno? Conan?
           \_ These guys can't make fun of him. It'll be racist.
           \_ Chris Rock.  A decade ago he made fun of black vs. n***er in a
              comedy show on Showtime.  That was hilarious.
           \_ SNL's been poking fun at him for months.
           \_ Daily Show just kinda did:
        \_ Idiocracy was the best one.
        \_ 24 probably did more than any of the above movies in helping Obama.
           \_ And after this season, Hillary might have a chance. Although
              the president from this season seems like a bit of a tard,
              so maybe I should say Palin might have a chance.
2009/1/15 [Recreation/Media] UID:52393 Activity:nil
        My new favourite tv show.  Enjoy!
2009/1/12-15 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Recreation/Media] UID:52364 Activity:kinda low
        Kicks slumdog's ass.
        \_ why do people like slumdog so much?
           \_ indianspotting.  bollywood opium chic.  Mexico is tapped.
              \_ That was 20 years ago!
              \_ That movie was AWESOME.
            \_ Let me guess.  You're Star Trek Movie Guy.
               \_ He's not, but I would ask the same question. -stmg
2008/12/1-6 [Finance/Investment, Recreation/Media] UID:52137 Activity:nil
12/1    Isn't Star Wars Guy going to give us a quote about today's market?
        \_ no, one guy hated it more than lulz guy, so ... in any case, last
           week was all about the torps having gone in and the death star folks
           still flipping switches as if everything were okay.  today:
           The rumble of a distant explosion begins.
           \_ Last week was weird because people (like me) were on vacation.
              I heard the number of shares available for trade was low.
              \_ Yes, Thanksgiving week is usually very light volume, so h0z3r5
                 can move prices easily.
2008/11/13-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:51957 Activity:nil 72%like:51907
11/11   The animated Clone Wars TV series is lol, no?
        \_ No.
        \_ I've been watching it from and I must admit it is
           exceeding my very low expectations. -ERic
            \_ Yeah I expected crap.  I've watched the movie and a couple eps
               it seems to be improving each time around.  The animation
               seems to be improving.  There are some moments that capture
               the best of what Star Wars is about.  The acting was so
               terrible in parts of Ep1-3 that these animated characters
               are actually an improvement in some respects. The Star
               Wars universe itself requires a certain willful suspension
               of disbelief but that's ok. -op
        \_ The southpark bit where lucas and spielberg meet indy jones by
           a video game machine is much better and more realistic.
        \_ Except for the most recent eps. (R2 gets lost), I've found
           the series to be pretty enjoyable.
        \_ Am increasingly of the opinion that they should have done the
           entire first three movies this way. Ah, well.
           \_ Agreed. Clone Wars seems almost like Lucas' apology for
              making Eps. 1-3.
2008/11/11-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:51907 Activity:kinda low 72%like:51957
11/11   The animated Clone Wars TV series is pretty cool, no?
        \_ No.
        \_ I've been watching it from and I must admit it is
           exceeding my very low expectations. -ERic
            \_ Yeah I expected crap.  I've watched the movie and a couple eps
               it seems to be improving each time around.  The animation
               seems to be improving.  There are some moments that capture
               the best of what Star Wars is about.  The acting was so
               terrible in parts of Ep1-3 that these animated characters
               are actually an improvement in some respects. The Star
               Wars universe itself requires a certain willful suspension
               of disbelief but that's ok. -op
        \_ The southpark bit where lucas and spielberg meet indy jones by
           a video game machine is much better and more realistic.
        \_ Except for the most recent eps. (R2 gets lost), I've found
           the series to be pretty enjoyable.
        \_ Am increasingly of the opinion that they should have done the
           entire first three movies this way. Ah, well.
           \_ Agreed. Clone Wars seems almost like Lucas' apology for
              making Eps. 1-3.
2008/11/6-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:51852 Activity:nil
11/6    Dow 2000 here we come!
        \_ The three TIE fighters move in on Luke. As Vader's center fighter
           unleashes a volley of laserfire, one of the TIE ships at his side is
           hit and explodes into flame. The two remaining ships continue to
           move in.
        \_ I am deeply insulted.  You delete my Star Wars quotes but leave up
           this trash?
           \_ it's really hard sticking the entire Star Wars script in my
              sed function.
2008/10/30-31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Recreation/Media] UID:51742 Activity:nil
10/30   The Empire Strikes Back is such a great movie
        \_ we're not at that movie yet, dude!
           Luke's ship streaks through the trench of the Death Star.
           \_ ob this is annoying, you are not funny/clever
            \_ At all.  It's like watching some pathetic nerd trying
               to hit on the hottest girl in the room, but without
               even having that amusing "watch someone fail miserably"
               \_ dans gets laid ALL OF THE TIME
                \_ He isn't the most pathetic nerd in the room.  He's
                   just the most slapable nerd in the room.
           \_ did you get any of those things from the actual script,
              or was it all from memory?
2008/10/26-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:51687 Activity:nil
10/26   The contingent of Yes on 8 people protesting on Lakeshore look
        suspiciously like people I've seen hanging around at the Mormon
        Temple up near Highway 13. Coincidence? Also, a lot of them
        have that urban overweight look to them, and their eyes look
        a little too close together. Hm.
        \_ Vader and his wingmen race through the Death Star trench.
           Biggs moves in to cover for Luke, but Vader gains on him.
           \_ This is not funny. Are you mildly retarded?
              \_ we're not going for funny here!
2008/10/16-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:51548 Activity:nil
10/16   ob lame star wars quote
2008/9/23-29 [Recreation/Media] UID:51272 Activity:nil
9/22    that angry sysadmin Karl Denninger got on NBC Nightly News's airing
        today at 5:30pm.  i feel pleased because i have been pointing my
        senators and congressman to the site for the last week.
        \_ Please record it and put it on youtube for me. I want to see
           this guy rant.
           \_ (vid at bottom)
              just 25 seconds
2008/8/18-21 [Recreation/Media] UID:50896 Activity:nil
8/18    I have a buddy who figures he's gonna put togther the next big thing
        in Web 2.0.  He's particularly interested in rating algorithms based
        on user input/voting.  In other words, if users 1 and 2 both rate
        a giving movie highly, does user 1's opinion on a different movie
        mean to user 2?  (Just an example, I don't think he's interested in
        movies.) Can anyone point to any literature on the subject, or would
        anyone like to chat with him about it?  (Or even work with him on it,
        if you have time. I don't.) Thanks. -jrleek
        \- some of this turns on whether you are doing "revealed
           preference" [say what you actually buy from AMAZONG or rent
           from Nflix] or if it is a voting system, in which case one
           must look at the great arrow impossibility theorem. the first
           is more of a pure stat problem, and the second depends on a
           lot of details about incentives, the exact design of the
           system etc. you know, somebody sends me a question like this
           every 2-3yrs for the past 10yrs at least. another approach is
           not no use generic statistical correlation techniques but to
           do a domain-speific analysis/modelling ... which is what i
           believe those pandora people do.
2008/8/7-10 [Computer, Recreation/Media] UID:50804 Activity:nil
8/6     Is NBC broadcasting the Olympics OC live? If not, where can I
        watch it live? Don't tell me the internet. ;)
        \_ I heard it's 8pm Friday PDT.
2008/7/27-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:50701 Activity:low
7/27    Is The Dark Knight really the greatest movie of all time?
        It is ranked number 1 by imdb.
        \_ I did get that tingling scalp feeling from it a time or two.
           It's gotta be one of the best of its type.
           But it could have used a bit of editing down and the acting
           didn't seem like "greatest ever" caliber to me.
           Top 5 on IMBD:
           1. The Dark Knight
           2. The Shawshank Redemption
           3. The Godfather
           4. The Godfather II
           5. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
           This is obviously skewed towards the tastes of internet nerd men.
           \_ It's all right.   there is a terrible 5 minute monologue at
              the end.  I don't understand the whole hospital/cops with
              family members in the hospital thing.  Batman's low
              gravelly voice is distracting.
              \- agree on the annoying voice thing. i dont think that is
                 what you should infer from the imdb poll. DK was probably
                 better then IJONES4 but i thought both movies gave short
                 shrift to plot and it seemed like they just wanted to
                 string a bunch of scenes together [HKG scene, pile of cash
                 sceen, bank robbery scene, boat scene etc] ... compare to
                 say DIEHARD1 which i think was clearly a better movie.
                 \_ I kept thinking I was about to get bored, and yet the
                    movie carried me along to the very end. I think the
                    "compelling" and "inexorable" are the kinds of words
                    I would predict being associated with this movie.
                    At 2.5 hours, it was certainly not short. --erikred
            \_ I dunno, I am an internet nerd man and this isn't very close
               to my top five. IMDB used to be better, before the hoi polloi
               showed up online. -op
               \_ Do you actually have a top 5? What are they? I have a hard
                  time choosing absolute favorites in anything.
                  The scores would probably be more accurate if people didn't
                  immediately vote on a film right after seeing it.
                  IMDB also thinks "Batman Begins" is #100 ahead of a ton of
                  great movies.
                  \_ Top 5 isn't really that hard for me, but I would have
                  \_ Top 4 isn't really that hard for me, but I would have
                     a tough time narrowing it down after that:
                     1) Bladerunner
                     2) Star Wars (the original one)
                     3) American Beauty
                     4) Godfather
                     5) Chinatown
                     I think part of this is that I was a teenager when the
                     first two came out, but I think think they were
                     groundbreaking for their time. Too many today rate them
                     after seeing them for the first time on their home
                     television and it really isn't the same experience.
                     \_ American Beauty and Godfather... you know, I thought
                        those movies were really great, but there's also the
                        issue of whether I personally enjoy watching them.
                        I mean, I don't particularly feel like rewatching
                        those. But I can rewatch your top 2 a lot and it
                        remains entertaining. Maybe it has something to do
                        with fantasy vs. reality... those top 2 movies take
                        you to another universe.
                        \_ I got a lot more out of American Beauty the
                           second time.
                     \_ A big problem is that people rating haven't seen
                        other movies to compare to. That is why the lists
                        created by critics and organizations like AFI are
                        better indicators. How many teens who just went to
                        see Batman have also seen Citizen Kane, All About
                        Eve, Vertigo, Gilda, or Lawrence of Arabia? I made it
                        a point to see the movies on AFI's Top 100 (still
                        not through them all yet) to help educate myself on
                        cinema, but most people (especially younger people)
                        are rating with incomplete information. It's also
                        why I take ratings like Trip Advisor or Edmunds with a
                        grain of salt. A guy used to driving a 1993 Corolla
                        might love his Acura. A guy who drove a BMW for the
                        last 20 years might not. The person staying at a Hyatt
                        who usually stays at Best Western might describe it as
                        luxurious while the person who usually stays at Four
                        Seasons would consider it a dump. In short: the results
                        of polls asking the public for their opinion are
                        fraught with peril. It would be interesting to see
                        the results of the poll broken down demographically.
                        \_ You can see this for individual movies and it
                           is instructive. Dark Knight's rating is lower for
                           older viewers. Contrast that with One Flew Over
                           The Cuckoo's Nest, which is flat or Casablanca,
                           where the rating increases with the age of the
                           viewer. You are right (hency my hoi polloi remark).
                           viewer. You are right (hence my hoi polloi remark).
        \_ imdb's voting system is about as reliable as the American Idol
           voting system.
        \_ It can't be--it doesn't have Obama in it.
2008/7/21-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:50646 Activity:nil
7/21    Classic works of art re-created using a Star Wars theme.
        Beautiful, geeky, and work safe.  -alexb
        \_ There are some nudes, so it depends on your work.
        \_ Superb. Thanks for posting.
2008/7/15-23 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/Companies/Apple, Recreation/Media] UID:50585 Activity:nil
7/15    David Lynch on watching movies on the iPhone
        \_ Truer words have never been spoken
        \_ Well you know, OLD PEOPLE are STUPID. Never trust anyone
           over 30. That sort of thing. Never been truer.
2008/7/13-15 [Recreation/Media] UID:50554 Activity:nil
7/13    One of the joys of parenthood:  showing the original Star Wars to your
        kids for the first time, and seeing the look on their faces when Darth
        Vader say's he's Luke's father.
2008/7/12-15 [Recreation/Media] UID:50549 Activity:nil
7/12    I just saw "Get Smart" and it was actually pretty good.  They do
        a surprisingly good job with a difficult comedy/action/romance plot.
        Most of the bad reviews just seem to be people complaining that it's
        not like how they remember the TV show.  Yeah, it's better.  My
        wife loved it too.
2008/7/11-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:50542 Activity:nil
7/11    Commentary on Wall-E's anti-fatty subtext.  I think it's kinda funny.
        Actually, one of the parts I liked about Wall-E was where they blame
        weight gain on microgravity.  I thought that was a good idea, but they
        kinda screw it up since everything in the movie seems to fall at
        \_ The movie blamed bone-loss on microgravity.  The auto-couches made
           them get fat, and the fact that the 5-year plan went a little long.
           \_ The little cartoon that accompanied the bone loss line showed
              both bone loss and increased blobishness.
2008/4/24-5/2 [Science/Electric, Recreation/Media] UID:49819 Activity:nil
4/24    Lonely sodalites, technology has come to your rescue! (NSFW)  (
        \_ Check out picture #16.  That looks just like the one in the 1992
           ancient-China movie "Sex and Zen", albeit smaller and electric.
           \_ never saw the movie, but are we talking about the same thing?
              It looks like a catepillar.
              \_ Yeah that's the one.  The one in the movie looked more like
                 a wheel, is bigger, and is manual power (of course).
              \_ Yes that's the pic.  The one in the movie looks more like a
                 wheel and is bigger.  -- PP
                 (5/2) Found the screenshot from the movie!
                 It's the second screenshot in the top row.  -- PP
        \_ "Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the era of mechanized
           masturbation," he told the expo.
2008/4/18-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:49779 Activity:moderate
4/17    Speedracer the movie teaches kids that cars=fun, speed=exciting,
        freedom to drive however you want whenever you want=American. Fuck
        movies that preach right-wing individualism. Pass this message to
        your progressive friends.
        \_ Didn't that movie come out ten years ago or so? Why are you
           just getting around to reviewing it now?
           \_ Actually there is a new Speed Racer movie coming out this
        \_ Is the movie similar to "The Fast and Furious"?
        \_ The production design looks awesome, tho. And Christina Ricci
           starving herself was the best decision she ever made. Hot.
           \_ She used to be hot when she had 32D bosom.
           \_ She used to be hot with 32D.
              \_ My gf read a casting call looking for a body double for her
                 back in the "Sleepy Hollow" era. The casting call asked
                 for a 5'2" woman with 32C chest. My gf had the right body
                 but didn't try out for it.
                 \_ Must be before her stupid breast reduction in 2001.
                    \_ Are you sure that is breat reduction? It just looks more
                       like she lost some weight to me.
        \_ Woot!  You got 3 responses to your lame troll!  At least they were
           smart enough to ignore it and just discuss the movie itself.  Better
           luck next time!
2008/4/10-12 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:49717 Activity:kinda low
4/10    Why do people (myself included) like watching movies or TV series, or
        reading novels?  Why are humans so fascinated about stories that they
        consciously know are not real?  Do other animals exhibit such behavior?
           \_ That is FUCKING AMAZING
              \_ It is amazing.  I think it's partially trained behavior, but
                 still, the elephant almost certainly has a conceptual
                 understanding of what it's doing.  There's also a good amount
                 of data on drawing/painting in great ape species.
                 Elephants, great apes and dolphins can self-recognize in
                 mirrors and presumably on TV and in movies.  I remember
                 a nature show on Koko the gorilla where she was reacting
                 to videos of male gorillas when they were looking for a
                 mate for her.
                 In most ways, gorillas and chimps have at least the cognitive
                 ability of a small human child, and they could probably
                 enjoy the chimp equivalent of Teletubbies.  -tom
                 \_ This is a hoax, pure and simple.
                    \_ It's not a hoax.
                       \_ How many elephants did they have to TORTURE to
                          teach them these tricks? This is BARBARIC. Animals
                          should roam wild, free, and happy. ANIMAL
                          TORTURE. FREE THE ELEPHANTS!!!!!
                       \_ Until I see a video of the elephant doing this
                          without a person (not a zoom that only shows the end
                          of the trunk) it's a hoax.
                          \_ until you stop being an idiot, you're an idiot.
              \_ Dang it, he draws a better elephant than I do!
              \_ Maybe the elephant is tracing out some faint shape on the
                 paper which the audiance can't see from far away.  But even
                 if so, it's still amazing.
        \_ Why do people like to get drunk or take drugs or play video games
           for hours on end? Probably for the same reason: to escape from their
           mostly unhappy lives.
           mostly unhappy lives.
           \_ I guess that's the reason.  -- OP
              \_ Why do people like to do anything at all?
2008/3/28-4/6 [Recreation/Media] UID:49600 Activity:nil
3/28    You guys gonna see 21 the Movie about MIT kids?
        Support your fellow nerds?
        \_ Apparently the movie makes a mash of the real story, which is
           (as is typically the case) much more interesting than the
           fictionalized version.
        \_ I'm not planning to see it. This morning's merc review said
           the movie had almost nothing in common with the real story.
           Based on the trailers I've seen it looks like boring knock
           off of a Hustle eps or a George Clooney movie.
        \_ Sounded pretty boring.  With movie prices so high these days I only
           see the flash and bang fx flicks at the movies.  For everyting else
           there is netflix, cable, and free play-anytime movies on cable.
2008/3/20-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:49507 Activity:nil
3/20    I find this comic funny, if Star Wars was introduced as an RPG
        \_ If only the real Star Wars RPG was this funny.
2008/3/13-17 [Computer/HW/Drives, Recreation/Media] UID:49441 Activity:nil
3/12    Watch TV/movies from your desktop:
2008/2/20-22 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Media] UID:49196 Activity:nil
2/20    The First Jedi Academy is opening in the UK:
2008/2/14 [Recreation/Media] UID:49143 Activity:nil
2/14    New Clone Wars movie/tv show is coming:
2008/1/17-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:48965 Activity:nil
1/17    I Am Legend. Awesome.
        \_ Agreed for the first 4/5ths of the movie; then it went into
           Signs territory. Also, almost captured the essence of the
           book, then jumped ship. So close....
        \_ I thought this movie was formulaic, derivative, and redundant
           given the recent spate of zombie movies.  It's just another
           zombie flick, and not even the best of the breed.
2007/12/4-7 [Reference/Religion, Recreation/Media] UID:48745 Activity:low
        How sad is your state? Depression rates ranked
        Survey says Utah has the blues but South Dakota's days are bright
        Wait, I thought Mormons are suppose to be one of the most positive
        & productive & happiest people on earth (according to South Park)
        \_ No caffeine and no beer make mormons something something.
        \_ It was the Scientology episode where they checked your happiness
           rating, was it not? One of the characters took the test because
           he was depressed. If I remember correctly, the Mormon episode
           was where they sang and danced.
2007/12/1-3 [Recreation/Media] UID:48726 Activity:nil
12/01   Blade Runner: The Final Cut: cleaned up, somewhat updated, a beautiful
        movie and an engrossing two+ hours. As a BR-fanatic, I enjoyed the
        subtle changes made to the background and appreciated certain
        corrections/clarifications of previous ambiguities. --erikred
        \_ It didn't come out bizarre like when they fucked up star wars with
           weird out of place digital extras added?
           \_ No, Scott managed to weave in the extra stuff without making
              it jarring. LA is just... busier, which is mostly in keeping
              with how the original looked. --erikred
              \_ Thanks.
2007/11/21 [Recreation/Media] UID:48678 Activity:nil
11/21   The Steve Wilkos Show is a television talk show which is a
        spinoff of from The Jerry Springer Show. It is hosted by the
        former director of security on The Jerry Springer Show, Steve
        Wilkos, which currently airs nationally in syndication and
        nationally on cable network Superstation WGN. The series is
        produced by NBC Universal Television (but like Springer, not
        airing on any NBC owned and operated stations), and debuted
        in the United States and Canada on September 10, 2007. Like
        Springer, this show also is based in Chicago at the NBC Tower
        studios of WMAQ-TV.
2007/11/10 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Recreation/Media] UID:48599 Activity:high
        Rowling Says Dumbledore Is Gay.
        \_ Yes, about two weeks ago.
2007/11/7-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:48573 Activity:nil
11/7    In the light of Writer's Guild of America... what would happen
        if the studio outsources scripts from overseas? I'll start:
        * Simpson's Apu's son goes to medical school
        * Purva Bedi wins America's Top Model
        * Urmila Matondkar takes over Desperate Housewives
        \_ Can we outsource the motd, too?
        \_ Uri Gellar would get an American Idol-like TV show. Oh, wait....
2007/10/19-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:48389 Activity:moderate
10/19   List ONE controversial topic South Park hasn't touched but
        you'd like to see:
        \_ it's been done. Cartman's mom wanted to abort Cartman, so she gets
           Bill Clinton to legalize 30th trimester abortions.
           \_ Oh thanks, I guess I missed that torrent and will have to
              d/l it, thanks.
        -Usama bin Laden
        \_ it's been done. See the post-9/11 episode.
        -libertarian child molesters
        \_ it's been done. See the NAMBLA episode.
           \_ North America's Marlon Brando Look Alikes. Love that episode!
        \_ Eugenics.
           \_ Oh I'd like to see this. Dr. Watson in South Park
        \_ eating poodles
        \_ Poodle love!
        \_ ausman love!
           \_ Eugenics has been done.  Remember the 5-assed monkey?
              \_ No that was genetic engineering. Not really the same thing.
                 But close.
        \_ german shepherd love!
           \_ it's been done. Stan discovers that his dog is gay in season 1
           \_ it's been done. Stan discovers that his dog is gay in the first
              \_ DUDE I'm impressed with South Park's coverage. A+++
        \_ The (occupation|liberation) of middle eastern countries.
        \_ PEAK OIL!
2007/10/19-24 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Media] UID:48387 Activity:low
10/19   new VAN DAMME movie
        \_ Is there a Labrador in it?
           \_ No, JCVD isa big Poodle fan.
           \_ No, JCVD isa big ausman fan.
           \_ No, JCVD isa big german shepherd fan.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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