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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/2/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:36449 Activity:very high
2/27    Oh great Life God, I demand satisfaction! (in the form of an 'S')
        \_ what do you mean? Sim City 4? Sid Meier's games? Star-Trek?
           Sims 2? Strike Fighters? Silent Hunter? Search and Rescue?
        \_ He's playing angband. It's Shelob
        \_ Sucky sucky five dolla?
          \_ I hear this a lot, what movies is it from?
             \_ Yermom
                \_ Me love you long time!
             \_ Full Metal Jacket, and later by Cartman in South Park
               \_ I love FMJ. It's one of the best reality war movies out there
                  \_ Do hookers increase or decrease the morale in our troops?
                     I know there were a lot of hookers in Vietnam, but what
                     about our soldiers in Iraq? Do they need/want hookers?
                     \_ are you volunteering?
2005/2/27-3/1 [Recreation/Media] UID:36441 Activity:nil
2/26    This Internet-only trailer for the Hitchhiker's movie holds out the
        slim possibility that the movie may not actually suck.
        \_ Better site, more media options:
2005/2/23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Recreation/Media] UID:36373 Activity:high
2/22    Episode 3 revealed:
        This one might actually be worth the bw to d/l.
        \_ Server doesn't work.
        \_ Server doesn't work.  Try  -- obSPOILERS
           \_ Worked last night when he posted it.
              \_ They down as well.
        \_ Obviously none of you has looked at the front page
           \_ I don't read it, but I did and found a link to the very
              URL posted above. It doesn't work. It did yesterday.
              \_ Yes, that's called "The Slashdot Effect".  It's what happens
                 to a server when millions of people hit the URL in a short
                 time.  It often becomes unavaliable.
2005/2/22-23 [Computer/Networking, Recreation/Media] UID:36370 Activity:kinda low
2/22    Any thoughts/opinions/experience with this product
        to get cable-tv reception wirelessly? (
        \_ no opinion, but I've always had this dream of buying a cluster of
           homes with my parents and friends so that we can wire cable modem
           and premium cable services to each other without having to pay
           duplicate costs. With this device and Apple's Airport
           Express/Airtunes I can redistribute my MP3 files and cable and
           EVERYTHING without having to wire anything.
           \_ what a great idea, base the largest purchase of your life on
              trying to save $25/month.  -tom
                \_ Actually that was yermom, and it didn't quite take $25
                   in quarters.  -John
                   \_ Weak.  Ordinarily I like the yermom jokes, but tom
                      had a good one.
2005/2/18-20 [Recreation/Media] UID:36237 Activity:moderate
2/18    Why the big uproar over Blockbuster's new fee structure? It seems
        to only benefit the consumer. I was screwed often by returning
        movies late, but now it's a non-issue. They used to make you buy
        them before if you were x many days overdue, too, and they refunded
        the fee if you didn't want to buy it but returned it. Just like
        now. Do these consumer protection advocates realize the new
        structure is actually better for consumers?
        \_ The big uproar isn't the fee structure.  It's the advertising that
           says, "NO LATE FEES*"
           [*unless you don't return it in 7 days--then you bought it, but you
           can return it for a restocking fee]
           \_ Would we all be better off if BB went back to the old way? I
              think people are being overly critical of BB when their new
              plan is really better for consumers than the old one.
        \_ Uproar? Consumer advocates? huh?
           \_ Yes. For instance, the State of New Jersey.
        \_ People are just pissed that 'no late fees' != return it whenever
           you damn well please. late fees = restocking charge now.
           \_ You cannot honestly expect that you can keep it indefinitely.
                 \_ Netflix sucks donkey dick. I say this as a Netflix
                    \_ So why are you a customer? -curious
                       \_ Maybe he's a donkey.
                       \_ Former customer
              \_ Then why is BB saying there are no late fees?
        \_ How much is the restocking fee?
           \_ $1.25 according to
              But I agree.  Some PHB at Blockbuster fucked up.  You don't say
              "no late fees" and then charge a "restocking fee" after 7 days.
              I bet a lot of the regular employees thought so too.
2005/2/12 [Recreation/Media] UID:36156 Activity:nil
2/12    Poll of favorite Porn Movies watched by CSUA'ers:
        Me Luv You Long Time 1:.
        yermom: .
2005/2/11 [Computer/SW/P2P, Recreation/Media] UID:36136 Activity:high
2/10    Motd poll: have you used bittorrent or another P2P for an illegal
        download within the last 2 months?
          Yes: ..
          No : .....
        For a movie (if yes)?
          Yes: ..
          No : .
        \_ BT as a means for widespread piracy is pretty dead in the long run-
           it was never meant for it and only ended up being put to use for
           "illegal" downloads because it was available, worked well, and was
           pretty much under the radar.  The basic BT architecture isn't
           suited to the kind of untraceability you need for downloads.  There
           are more appropriate ideas for this sort of use out there.  -John
           \_ With a 'private' tracker and .torrent download site scheme it's
              a bit safer.  You need it to be truly private though.
        \_ Does d/l'ing eps of Atlantis/MI-5 that I missed count as illegal?
           If so, I have used bt to illegally d/l eps. Otherwise no. BTW,
           why would you want to d/l a movie when you can just netflix it?
           \_ I dunno. I never downloaded movies but I recently did get a
              few things off of torrents (SW "original laserdisc" DVDs, a
              couple of subtitled anime flicks, and hellboy of all things.
              I don't even really care about that stuff but now I'm probably
              on some FBI list since I got it from lokitorrent. The chances
              are slim but they could probably bust my ass to kingdom come
              based on the stuff I read lately. And yeah I've used it for a
              few missed TV shows and apparently that's just as illegal. But
              it's the movie guys seem the most interested in making a big
              hoopla about this right now.
2005/2/4 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Media] UID:36065 Activity:nil
2/4     How funny someone asked about doggy bags below. Seinfeld talks
        about it in his stand-up routine tonight.
2005/2/1-2 [Recreation/Media, Recreation/Dating] UID:36024 Activity:very high
        Adelphia Communications Corp. has quietly become the nation's only
        leading cable operator to offer the most explicit category of
        hard-core porn ... Five years ago, Adelphia stirred a local
        controversy by dropping Spice - a popular soft-porn channel - from
        newly acquired cable systems here because Adelphia founder John Rigas
        considered X-rated programming immoral. Today, the 80-year-old Rigas
        and one of his sons are facing prison terms after being convicted last
        summer for looting the company and engaging in fraudulent accounting.
        ... Single-X-rated movies feature nudity, long-range or panoramic and
        medium-range camera shots, simulated sex and sex between women.
        Double-X-rated movies show intercourse, oral sex and close-up shots.
        Triple-X-rated movies feature anal sex and visible ejaculation. ...
        The Internet has become a carnal cornucopia ... a $10-billion
        industry. "That's more than Hollywood makes at the box office. And it
        just grows and grows and grows."
        [Can you tell the reporter had a great time writing this article?]
        \_ Mmm...moral majority-esque hypocrisy...yum
        \_ look, it is clear that the country is moving away from immoral
           standards. We're sick and tired of people in office doing immoral
           things with say, interns (what kind of sicko do that?) We just
           want America to be good 'ol fashioned the way it used to be, and
           we shall change it one step at a time, starting with Hollywood.
           Just say no to porn. God Bless America and God Bless Bush.
           \_ Uh, so Democrat=interns sucking dick, lesbians, anal sex,
              and Republican=good? Wait that's actually kind of true.
              \_ The best anal sex I ever had was with a blonde Republican
                 girl from Texas.  YMMV.
                 \_ Women and BBQ are about the only things Texas does right.
                    \_ This is beginning to sound like Wonkette...
                 \_ So, how big was her strapon?
        \_ gotta love LA Times!
2005/1/25 [Recreation/Media] UID:35891 Activity:insanely high
1/25    Most memorable movie scenes:
        \_ Godfather: TOO MANY TO LIST
        \_ Godfather II: TOO MANY TO LIST
        \_ Pulp Fiction: TOO MANY TO LIST
        \_ Reservoir Dogs: TOO MANY TO LIST
        \_ Alien: Alien bursting from the guy's chest during dinner
        \_ Aliens: "It's the only way to be sure."
        \_ Basic Instinct:  Interrogation Scene
        \_ Boondock Saints: "You and your fucking rhope."
        \_ Evil Dead: A tree does WHAT?!?
        \_ Indiana Jones: Stealing the Golden Idol
        \_ Evil Dead II: "Who's laughing now?  WHO'S LAUGHING NOOOW AAAHH!"
        \_ Exorcist: Head spinning
        \_ Ghostbusters: "Are you a GOD?!?"
        \_ Jaws: "You're going to need a bigger boat."
        \_ The Lover: Holy Shit They're Actually Doing It
        \_ Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "What's the airspeed...?"
        \_ Network: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
        \_ Office Space: trashing that fax/printer whatever thing
        \_ Passion of the Christ: "AAAAHHHHH!"
           \_ hehe
        \_ Planet of Apes: Last Scene
        \_ Raiders of the Lost Ark: Stealing the Golden Idol
           \_ Six-shooter versus swordsman.
        \_ Terminator: "I'll be back."
           \_ "It can't be reasoned with.  It can't be bargained with..."
        \_ Witches of Eastwick: "He did it to us ON PURPOSE!!!"
        \_ Exorcist: Head spinning
        \_ Clockwork Orange: Brainwashing
           \_ Clockwork Orange: Singing in the Rain
        \_ Dr. Strangelove: riding the bomb
        \_ The Longest Day: kraut trooper looking at the fleet
        \_ The Longest Day: Lesbian love scene
        \_ Citizen Kane: Kane dying.  Rooosebuuuud!
        \_ Star Wars:  That's no moon.
           \_ Vader / Obi-Wan duel
           \_ Luke, I am your father!
           \_ 1. "Mos Eisley Space Port, a more wretched hive of scum
                  and villainy you will never find. We must be careful"
              2. "These are not the droids you are looking for"
        \_ Mulholland Drive: Lesbians in bed
           \_ Best mainstream cinema lesbian sex scene Evar!
              \_ Better than Gina and Jen in Bound?
        \_ Casablanca: Rick & Renault walking away at the end
        \_ Jurassic Park: introducing the brontosaurs
        \_ Apocalypse Now: Napalm in the Morning scene.
        \_ When Harry Met Sally: Faked Orgasm scene
        \_ Bad Lieutenant: nun rape scene
        \_ Blade Runner: Rachel's V-K test
           \_ Is this to test whether I am a replicant or a lesbian Mr. Decker?
        \_ Blade Runner: Rutger Hauer's ending death scene
        \_ 2001: Space station docking (Blue Danube)
           \_ deactivating HAL
        \_ The Matrix: Lobby shootout
           \_ "Are you saying I can dodge bullets?"
        \_ Matrix Reloaded: Motocycle chase.
        \_ Jurassic Park: the T-rex
           \_ The little girl looks at the monitor with fancy GUI and says
              "I know this! This is UNIX!"
        \_ Blues Brothers: Car chase at the mall & at the end
           \_ "We're on a mission from god."
        \_ Few Good Men: You can't handle the Truth!
        \_ Wrath of Khan: Spock's death
           \_ "Here it comes."
           \_ Khan to Kirk: "I wanted you to know who it was who had
              beaten you!"
        \_ Shining: Jack with the Axe
           \_ Jack alone with the ghost bartender
           \_ The part with Scatman Crothers coming to save the boy, running
              down the hallway, then getting axed in the head, is priceless.
        \_ The Birds: Trapped in a phone booth
        \_ Psycho: Shower scene
        \_ E.T.: Flying bike by the moon
        \_ Koyanisqatsi: Abandoned buildings / demolition
        \_ E.T.: Bicycling in front of the moon
        \_ Koyanisqatsi: Abandoned Buildings / demolition
        \_ American Beauty: Lester's sexual fantasy at halftime
        \_ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: ending sequence in the graveyard
        \_ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Final sequence in the graveyard
        \_ Dr. No, opening scene, "Bond, James Bond"
        \_ (on the waterfront etc.)
           \_ A pretty damn worthless list.
              \_ Well you're stupid.
                 \_ Pay attention to the release dates of the movies that
                    made it onto the list.  Is it reasonable that only 2
                    films from the '40s, 1 from the '50s, and 1 from the
                    '60s made it onto the list?  Such polling lists can
                    only measure what the polled population has seen, which
                    is hardly the same thing as measuring what is "the best".
                    '60s made it onto the list?
                    \_ Yes. It's as reasonable as anything else. There's a
                       broader section on the site with pages and pages of
                       "moments". They aren't my personal best but there
                       were some good ones that weren't posted. So fuck off.
                       \_ I am dazzled by your faultless logic and analysis.
                       \_ Hey, I just noticed that no woman has a monolog
                          in the top 20.
                          \_ Ok try to list the best female monologues. I can't
                             think of any right now.
                             \_ Cher in the Witches of Eastwick was cool.
                             \_ Bette Davis had several. "Buckle up!"
                             \_ Obvious choice is "Sunset Blvd" "I'm ready for
                                my close up".  Probably something Hepburn,
                                likely from "Keeper of The Flame".  "Who's
                                  \-Try the "it's 1185 and we're all
                                   barbarians" speech from Lion in Winter.
                                   Although that is a play originally.
                                   There are plenty if you count plays. --psb
                                Afraid of Virginia Woolf" has some gems.
                                Angela Lansbury had a good speech in "The
                                Manchurian Candidate".  Just off the top of
                                my head.
                             \_ In 'His Girl Friday' Rosalind Russell has a few
                             \_ "Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to
                                 whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your
                                 lips together and... blow." - Lauren Bacall
                                 in "To Have and Have Not"
                             \_ Wendy Hoopes on 'Daria' (Helen/Quinn/Jane) had
                                a bunch of good rants
                             \_ Faye Dunaway in "Network".  Or just "Network"
                                in general, which is a brilliant film.
                                \_ Eh, agree about the Film, but she didn't
                                   have all that many really good monologues.
                                   I think Peter Finch and Ned Beatty had the
                                   monologues with any real substance.
                                   \_ Agree that it's hard to beat Holden,
                                      Finch, and Beatty, but I had in mind
                                      Dunaway's negotiation with the Black
                                      female militant.
                                      female militant, since this thread is
                                      about female monologues.
                    \_ This isn't a film historian society if you haven't
                       \_ When you say "the best", it implies a range that
                          covers from the start of the talkies.
                          \_ That implies that a good chunk of people posting
                             here have seen/remember black & white movies.
                             I added "Sons of the Desert" ... happy?
                          \_ That list wasn't about the best scenes, just the
                             best monologues. A lot of old films don't have
                             powerful speeches and such. A lot of old films
                             are also boring and cheesy.
                             \_ A statement of "a lot of old films don't have
                                powerful speeches and such" is only meaningful
                                when you have in fact sampled extensively older
                                films.  I suspect most "experts" have the
                                opposite opinion that dialogue and strong
                                characters have been on the decline in film.
                                \_ Give us some examples then. I don't know
                                   much until the 40's and then the best ones
                                   are pretty famous.
                                   \_ Again, off the top of my head, "Maltese
                                      Falcon" "I like talking to people who
                                      like to talk" or "When somebody kills your
                                      partner, you're supposed to something
                                      about it".  Or Bogart's great speech
                                      about sacrifice and hope in "Sahara".
                                      How about the "moon goddess" speech in
                                      "The Philadelphia Story"?  Or the many
                                      examples in "Sunset Blvd"?  Or the great
                                      Gary Cooper average man speech in "Meet
                                      John Doe", or Stewart in "Mr. Smith Goes
                                      to Washington"?
                                      \_ I've seen Maltese (1941). I've seen
                                         a lot of the famous 40's flicks. For
                                         one thing I don't remember a real
                                         speech in Maltese. It's reasonable to
                                         decide that a lot of later movies have
                                         better speeches in them. I don't
                                         personally try to rank these things
                                         because it's impossible.
                                         \_ There's probably something here
                                            about extrapolating from a small
                                            data set or even one data point.
                                         \_ You might find it telling that most
                                            best lists are top-heavy with older
                                            films, and it's the rare modern
                                            film that gets a mention.
        \_ Sideways: Naked chase scene
        \_ Day After Tomorrow:  Americans crossing the Mexico borders.
        \_ Last of the Mohicans: ending slow-mo promontory fight
        \_ Day After Tomorrow:  crossing the Mexico borders.
        \_ Last of the Mohicans: ending slow-mo promontory scene
        \_ John Carpenter's The Thing: ending scene, waiting as the fire dies
        \_ Westworld: Yul Brynner goes 'rogue'
        \_ Taxi Driver: "You talkin' to me?"
        \_ But I'm A Cheerleader!: Lesbian love scene
        \_ Requiem for a Dream: The fridge attacks Sarah Goldfarb
        \_ Trainspotting: Dead baby on the ceiling
        \_ nothing from Army of Darkness??
           \_ This is my BOOMSTICK!
        \_ Tha Passion of Joan of Arc: Joan recants her confession
        \_ The Usual Suspects: Chazz Palminteri's realization scene
        \_ Bladrunner: Decker giving the Voigt-Kammpf test to Rachel
           \_ "Is this a test to see if I am a Replicant or a Lesbian
               Mr. Decker?"
        \_ Chinatown: "she's my sister...she's my daughter...she's my sister
                      *and* my daughter!"
                      \_ I'd rather say "she's my niecer...she's my daughter
                      \_ I'd rather say "she's my niece...she's my daughter
                         ...she's my niece *and* my daughter!"
                        \_ Why, because you have the hots for your sister?
                           Incest kids are fine! Just have to cull the bad
                           \_ Yup.  I want my sis badly.
                              \_ Wow. Uh, what race are you? Did you grow up
                                 \_ Asian.  Yes.
        \_ Das Boot: Scraping bottom in the strait of Gibraltar
        \_ Top Gun: "Goose, she's lost it"/"I hate it when she loses that!"
                    "You were in a 4G inverted dive with a Mig 28?"
                    "Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash"
        \_ Gandhi: "There are no coloured barristers in South Africa!"
        \_ Mishima: Making a speech before a crowd of mocking soldiers
        \_ Sons of the Desert: The wives confronting Stan & Ollie at the end
        \_ To the Limit: The sex scene where the nude Anna Nicole Smith is
           humping slowly on top of Joey Travolta.  I watched the movie twice
           while masturbating, and in both times I couldn't hold myself but
           cum when I saw that scene.
           \_ Ok I'm interested now.
        \_ The Ten Commandments: "His God, Is God."
        \_ The shootout scene in the store from Repo Man.
2005/1/19-20 [Recreation/Media] UID:35784 Activity:high
1/19    Film Review: Elektra: Jennifer Garner is always nice to look at, but
        this does not a good movie make. Director Rob Bowman once again
        takes a great idea and blandifies it to the point of silliness (cf.
        X-Files). And the Grand Lake Theater didn't even have the Fantastic
        Four trailer, so disappointment all around.
        \_ Golden rule: any comic book character not good enough to get their
           own comic book will not make a good movie character (c.f. Robin).
           \_ Ah, but can you imagine what a talented director could do with
              Bill Sienkiewicz as a creative consultant on Elektra: Assassin?
           \_ Robin has his own comic book, he just changed his super hero
              name first.
              \_ Holy Hollywood Jews, Batman!  Robin has his own comic book?!
               \_ Yeah he is called Nightwing now.
              \_ I thought Robin was dead?
                 \_ Second Robin -- Jason Todd -- yes. First Robin = Nightwing
                        \_ Third Robin -- Tim Drake -- has had his own
                           comic book series for the last decade.
        \_ Jennifer Garner is a hardbody, but I don't really understand her
           appeal. She's very 'girl next door' and yet they sell her as a
           tough chick in movies and as glamorous off the set. It just doesn't
           work for me, because she seems like neither.
           \_ She is a classic beauty:
              \_ Not like Liz Taylor, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, etc
        \_ You think this is bad, wait until Keanu Reeves soils your good
           memory of Constantine.
           \_ If he fucks up A Scanner Darkly I'm going to be outside
              the theater with picket signs and leaflets.  I'm not even
              fucking kidding.
              \_ Better get your picket signs ready.  Did you see Johnny
                 \_ Honestly, I think Reeves will probably be ok as Arctor.
                    I'm more concerned about Winona Ryder's portrayal of
                    Donna, and whatever horrible shit the writers and director
                    may have done to the plot.  That's a *really* dark novel,
                    and in my opinion one of Dick's best.  So yes, I am
                    basically expecting to become "Crazy Philip K Dick Pamphlet
                    Man" when it comes out.  You can read about me in the
                    police blotter after the movie comes out.
                    \_ Direction and Screenplay by Richard Linklater:
                       None of the movies he's written to date have borne the
                       mark of Hollywood, so maybe this one will work out.
                       \_ Can you recommend one of his movies in particular?
                          \_ Slacker or Waking Life --!pp
                    \_ Trivia you may know: Philip K Dick went to Cal
                       \_ And dropped out quickly.
           \_ I live in fear of Constantine, in trepidation of FF, in hopeful
              optimism for Batman Begins, and in the true ecstasy of the
              faithful in the face of Sin City.
           \_ Elektra had her own book, at least for a while in the 80s.
2005/1/3 [Recreation/Media] UID:35518 Activity:nil
1/2     English lesson for crebbs (I'm only going to bother with one

        "because fox viewer's estimation of actors opinions are the same as
        tom's evident opinion of published author's opinions."

        "Fox viewer's estimation" is wrong.  Either it needs an article
        ("a fox viewer's estimation") or it should be plural ("fox viewers'
        estimation").  "actors opinions" is possessive; possessives require
        an apostrophe.  You have "estimation," your subject, as singular,
        and "are," your verb, as plural; pick one.
        I won't bother getting into the content or the phrasing, both of
        which could use work.

        Try to do better in threads where you are questioning someone else's
        knowledge of the English language.  -tom
        \_ 1st, as if you cared, the statements above were made
           *before* the conversation degenerated into said questioning.
           2nd, our disagreement was one of vocabulary, not syntax.  Quite
           different areas, and just because you are wrong about one, after
           making such a big point of it,  hardly warrants this childish
           posting on the other.
           Finally, I tend not to proof, or care much about the syntax of,
           my offhanded, meant to be anonymous (thank you very much), throw
           away responses to the motd (which this was).  Yet Another reason
           to post anonymously is not having to deal with morons who think
           pointing out errors of syntax/typos gives them points. -crebbs
2004/12/16-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:35318 Activity:high
12/16   anyone have or know where we could find this mysterious
        Star Wars Holiday Special?
        \_ Hit #1 on google for "star wars holiday special" leads to
  via the "buy DVD" link.  STFW.  And here's
           even a .torrent for you:
        \_ Wow, has anyone seen this?  How was it?  It sounds awesome.
           \_ will somebody put a copy in /csua/tmp, please.
                \_ Dude, how fucking lazy are you?  I went to the trouble of
                   posting both a "buy DVD" and "download torrent" link for
                   you.  This is copyrighted material, which doesn't belong
                   on a CSUA box.  You figure it out.  Muppet.  -John
                   \_ I suspect the "buy DVD" is even worse than the torrent.
                   \_ You can download at: --danh
                      \_ W-ESG (Warning - Eyeball Scarring Graphic)
                        \_ uh i didn't make the above link.  why pretend
                                 to post as me ?  - danh
                                 \_ Why are you denying what is in the
                                    MOTD archive?
2004/12/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:35156 Activity:very high
12/2    I am looking for some good soft prawn DVD movies. Where can I find
                                        \- god hates prawn
        some online? Hardshell ones are just too disgusting to my
        taste. I wonder if there are some that have a semi interesting
        story line, and kind of build up the sex tension and when they
        finally do it, shows all the details. Romantic Hollywood
        movies are good at storylines, but they don't show you much,
        hardcore prawn movies shows too much disgusting stuff. Anything
        in between?
        \_ May also want to check out Henry and June, or Jade (though Jade
           has some grisly stuff that may bee a little too challenging).
        \_ That crap's about all you get on basic cable after midnight here.
           Try looking for Emanuelle (although that's probably a bit dated.)
           An ad just scrolled by for something by one Andrew Blake, that
           looked a bit soft-pornish.  STFW.  -John
        \_ I recommend "Sex and Lucia". Dumb as a movie though well-acted.
           Great as porn. Your girl (assuming you have one) might even watch it
           with you and enjoy it.
        \_ try the french film "The Dreamers"
           \_ You could also try Swimming Pool (another foreign film) or The
              Lover with Jane March.  Some pretty steamy scenes there....
              \_ Ludivine Saigner has the bestests breastests EVAR!!!11
                 \_ "Sagnier"?
                    \_ Google says "Saigner: 958, Sagnier: ~13,000".  You win,
                       my speling was nevar reel gud.  Her boobies are still
        \_ You want Zalman King movies. Personally, I find them boring.
           Did you see Boxing Helena?
           \_ I do consider myself the faint of heart, would Boxing Helena
              be too horrifying for me? I read chopping off limbs on yahoo
              review, which is not exactly my cup of tea....
        \_ What exactly do you mean by soft pron?  Breast-kissing and thrusting
           but no genitals?  Or everything is shown but no four-letter word
           screaming?  For the former, Showtime channel shows a lot of good
           ones at night.  So you can check the Showtime schedule and then
              \_ It's a bad movie, but has a good sex scene for a
                 mainstream movie.
        \_ What exactly do you mean by soft pron?  Thrusting and breast-kissing
           but no genitals shown?  Or everything is shown but no four-letter
           word screaming?  For the former, Showtime channel shows a lot of
           good ones at night.  So you can check the Showtime schedule and then
           search for the same movies on DVD.  For the latter, Andrew Blake
           directed quite a number of these movies.  My favorite title is
           "Desire", starring Savannah, Viviana and others.
        \_ What about rape stories? any from HK or TW? I like asian porn.
           \_ Try Irreversible.
              \_ Sounds interesting, anything else similar?
                 \_ I Spit on Your Grave (kind of culty).  Maybe Deliverance
                    (heh, "He's got a real purdy mouth on him, don't he?")
              \_ Ok, how about just plain old rape (ie, normal sex,
                 without any sick stuff) but does in such a way that she
                 likes it at the end?
                 \_ Err, Urotsukidoji?  La Blue Girl?  Twin Dolls maybe?
        \_ Check out Andrew Blake films.
        \_ Try Secretary.  Not so much as soft porn.  but a good movie.
        \_ Blame It On Rio.
        \_ So what exactly is soft pron?  Is it MA-rated or is it X-rated?
        \_ This might be helpful:"porn for couples - Perfect Picks for Couples"
        \_ Sorry, can't help you.  Yermom only does DVDA.
        \_ check out good vibrations selection. should be online.
2004/11/27 [Recreation/Media] UID:35087 Activity:nil
11/27   Startrek, Buffy, and Religion taught at College:
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/11/27 [Recreation/Media] UID:35082 Activity:nil
11/27   The Thin Red Line, WORST WAR MOVIE EVER. Imagine watching
        Saving Private Ryan where this guy is bored and disillusioned
        and complains and bitches and moans for three hours while
        he reminesce about his wife and all the while the director's
        trying to mix war scenes with artsy fartsy crap. 3 FUCKING
        HOURS. This movie wins the Motd's Lamest Movie of the year
        \_ There's no accounting for taste.
        \_ It's not a war movie. It's an art film, made to look like
           a war movie by a director far too long out of practice.
2004/11/22 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Recreation/Media] UID:35008 Activity:nil
11/22   Monkey Shakespeare Simulator
2004/11/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Recreation/Media] UID:34727 Activity:very high
11/5    Pixar does it again.  I went to see The Incredibles tonight.  It's
        amazing how they've managed to nail every single movie.  I highly
        recommend it.  (And the CGI was up a notch.  The water was amazing, and
        some of the hair effects were spectacular--when the mom finished
        wrestling with the kids, her hair was believably frazzled a bit.)
        \_ While hair *rendering* is no doubt a CGI skill, wouldn't the state
           of frazzledness be an animator's achievement?
           \_ No. The software is everything. Seriously.
        \_ I also saw it.  Best - Pixar - movie - ever.
           Weirdly, it also had something that if Kerry demonstrated, would
           have won the election with.  This "something" is stupid, irrational
           \_ I always get a kick out of people saying shit like that.  Stupid
              irrational faith, indeed.  You know, mr. secular western
              liberal, how much of your belief system is just arbitrarily
              chosen axioms, right?  Honestly, after this election, I haven't
              talked to a _single_ actually tolerant liberal.  They are all
              angry and prejudiced for some reason. -- ilyas
              \_ "for some reason"
           \_ Aren't you looking for a different thread?
        \_ More importantly, how was the Star Wars teaser trailer?
2004/11/2 [Recreation/Media] UID:34557 Activity:high
11/2    Anyone using netflix or another online DVD rental servie like
        walmart, I am interested to hear about how long the turn around
        time is. What's the max # of movies you can get in a month?
        \_ I've been using Netflix for about a year, and it's great.
           You tell them the top 10 movies you want to see, and they
           send you 3 of them; you can only keep 3 at a time, and when
           you send one back, upon receipt they send you another one
           immediately. Turn-around time is very impressive. One morning
           I sent back a movie, and later that day they sent me an email
           saying the next one ws on its way.
           \_ And you received it on the next day? or the day after that?
              You mean it's not guaranteed that they will have it?
              So if I get 3 and return 3 the next morning, I can get 6
              in a week? Is it possible to get 9 in a week?
           \_ I send them in on Monday.  They receive on Tuesday and ship
              new ones out.  I get them on Wednesday.  I'm in the Bay Area.
           \_ When I had Netflix I sent them in on Monday, they get it on Wed.
              Then I'd get new ones back Fri or Sat.  I'm in SJ.
              \_ If that's true then it's too long of a turn around time for
                 me. So I only get 3 each week, which is about 13 a month.
                 I am thinking about the blockbuster one, 2 every day, which
                 comes out to be 60 a month, for $24. For 2 months, I'll have
                 120 movie collections.
                 \_ Are you just ripping them?  12 a month was plent for me.
                    There really aren't that many movies worth watching.
                    \_ Yes I am ripping them. I want to have some of the must
                       have movies for the past 10+ years. Actually I am having
                       more run ripping them than watching them, hehe.
2004/10/28-29 [Recreation/Media] UID:34406 Activity:moderate
10/28   Does anyone know how movie theaters pay movie makers?  I had heard
        that there is a base film price, and then some percentage of tickets
        sales, the percentage of which decreases over time such that it is
        almost 0% by the time the movie has been out 4 weeks.  Anyone
        know details?
        \_ There's not much more to it.  CNN says pretty much the same:
           \_ Hmmm.. thanks.  My numbers were a little off, but ok.
              (Blockbusters start at about 90% of ticket sales a descend
              to about 35%, after 5-6 weeks.  I wonder what dollar
              theaters do?)
              \_ Again, they lease, but at significantly lower rates. For
                 them, it's really all about the connections they have with
                 the distro houses.  Also, in case you were wondering why
                 AMC gets Spiderman while Century gets Harry Potter, the big
                 chains bid very competitively and will guarantee the studios
                 a certain amount of money; kind of like Oakland promising
                 the Raiders a certain number of sold seats.
        \_ Why is it done this way?
           \_ consider that theatres make most of their revenue off of
              concessions and not ticket sales, and you'll realize why
              the cost to theatre of getting a movie drops over time.
              after time, the movie doesn't draw in as large of a crowd
              and so concessions sales are lower, so the cost of the movie
              needs to be such that the theatre doesn't lose out.
              \- i think it is interesting there is flat pricing for
                 movies. --psb
2004/10/28 [Recreation/Media] UID:34396 Activity:low
10/28   Star Wars Episode 3 :ROTS spoilers from a rough cut viewing
        \_ Apparently, Yoda farts.  This may be the first SW movie I don't see
           in the theater.
           \_ Damn you, I was so going to not visit this link so I could be
              surprised, but now I have to.
        \_ I hear from ILM friends that they are pleasently surprised
           at the quality. Before they were proud of the visuals but
           the rest sucked. They say it is by far the best of the three.
           Granted, that isn't too hard, but encouraging.
2004/10/16-18 [Recreation/Media] UID:34167 Activity:insanely high
10/15   So I watched Team America in a semi-packed theater in L.A. tonight.
        The audience couldn't stop laughing, and at the end, there was
        a lot of applause -- the most I've heard in a long time.
        How was it in the Bay Area?
        \_ PUPPET SEX!!!!
        \_ Everyone laughed uncontrollably through almost every scene.  This
           is the funniest movie I've seen in a very long time.  Everyone
           should go see it.
           \_ I thought it was funny, but not really worth seeing on the
              big screen.  it's not going to be any less topical if you
              wait for it to come out on video.
              \_ What is "worth seeing on the big screen"?
                 \_ well, i thought my 8 bucks was well-spent for the south
                    park movie, which was why I went to see this one.
                    I did not feel that my 8 bucks was well-spent.
                    It seemed to me like what the south park movie would have
                    looked like if they'd made it right after jesus vs. santa
                    claus back in the begining.
                 \_ Either requires a big screen and surround sound or is so
                    engrossing that the theater environment helps you be drawn
                    in to it. -!pp
                    \_ Funny things are funnier when there are lots of people
                       around you laughing.
           \_ I hate to say it but it looks stupid and those claymation
              type things freak me out.
              \_ Uhm, they're marionettes.
                 \_ Whatever the hell they are.
                    \_ So an ancient performance artform freaks you out?
                       Does crayoning freaking you out?  Musicals?  Plays?
                       Drama?  Comedy?  Prozac?
                       \_ Alot of people actually share this phobia.  It's
                          no bigger a deal than being afraid of the dark,
                          spiders or the ocean.
                          \_ Oh come on!  There's a phobia about sting
                             puppets?  Is there a more specific form about
                             string puppets having sex on film for the
                             express purpose of making money on current
                             political topics?
                             \_ See pupaphobia & pediophobia.  Shithead.
                                \_ Pupaphobia... hahahhahahahhahaha!!!  Are
                                   you one of those people who also thinks
                                   4 of 5 male children have ADD and need
                                   various heavy duty drugs in grade school?
                                   \_ No, actually I'm not -- though it does
                                      seem that I'm better able to use research
                                      materials than you are.  Shithead.
                       \_ Dude, marionettes are scary!
                          \_ chucky! aaaah!
        \_ How much of it is musicals? That was the main thing that annoyed me
           about the South Park movie. I don't like most musicals in the first
           place (Chicago was enjoyable, I haven't seen that many of them) and
           supposed-to-be-funny ones are normally just boring as hell.
           \_ Mostly action/drama, several songs
           \_ No musicals.
        \_ You should all watch this movie.  You will laugh a helluva lot
           while watching, but it will leave a bad taste.  My conclusion
           is from Spiderman:  With great power/talent, comes great
           responsibility.  Trey and Matt should shoot themselves now.
           I will use the language of the movie:  Trey and Matt are pussies
           of the most significant kind.  Good world leaders are dicks
           and pussies, but know when to use their dicks.
           \_ And the rod up your ass must have a rod up its ass.
           \_ I never see movies people say I "should" see.  They're never
              \_ you should watch all movies. hahahahahaaa! now, by your
                 rules you can never watch a movie again! w00t!
           \_ A bad taste?  It was funny?  What exactly left a bad taste?
              \_  Matt's and Trey's dick in his mouth
                  \_ Yeah, that was a useful reply.  Thanks.
        \_ I thought it was funny, but would have been better as a rental, not
           $8.50/person.  I think the humor was a little too 'bash you over the
           head with it' for me, and I'm a huge South Park fan.  Its
           exageration and stereotyping just went so far so that it was no
           longer a caricature but just ridiculous.
           \_ So you didn't like the way they bashed the Hollywood types?
              Are you aware Alec Baldwin offered to do his own voice?  If he
              can have a sense of humor about it (and I applaud him for it
              even though I despise him otherwise), why can't you?
              \_ I have a pretty good sense of humor and don't mind the
                 celebrity-bashing, but it just got *TOO* stupid to be funny.
2004/10/14-16 [Recreation/Media] UID:34131 Activity:high
10/14   Star Wars Question.  If Star Wars takes place long long ago in a
        Galaxy Far Far away, does that mean Han, Luke, Liea, etc. aren't
        human?  If so, then what are they?  What planet is their race from,
        or are they multiple different races that can interbreed, ala Star
        \_ Ilyas, tell us about the Star Wars!
        \_ If you're wondering how they eat or breathe, or other science facts,
           just repeat to yourself "It's just a show, I should really just
           \_ And when is MST3K going to do Episode 1?  It's certainly ripe
              for it.
        \_ Mmm, hot alien sex.
           \_ Chebacca! Huh! What a wookie!
              \_ "Han? Could wear the bath rug again baby?"
        \_ Here's 3 explanations:
           1. "A long time ago..." is just a storytelling figure of speach,
              the whole story is set in fantasyland.
           2. Convergent evolution produced a species that looks just like
           3. They're really supposed to be aliens but Lucas didn't have the
              right special effects to show that.  When the Super-Duper Special
              Edition comes out they will all be replaced by Ewoks.
              \_ The blasters will be replace with flashlights.
              \_ I was just asking because there is now a pretty large body
                 of Star Wars literature, and I thought maybe there would be
                 a Star Wars buff on the motd familiar enough with it to
                 \_ We're pretty big dorks around here, but none of us are at
                    Comic Book Guy level.  Well, except maybe for that loon
                    that only likes Star Trek movies, but I suspect his Star
                    Wars knowledge is crowded out by sexual fantasies involving
                    Seven of Nine.
                        \_ I prefer Jadzia. She was a hottie. - st movie guy
                           \_ Agreed, but don't forget Ensign Lefler
                              (Ashley Judd)
                 \_ I think the real answer is that it's just not relevant. Who
                    are the people in dungeons & dragons things? I guess in
                    some fantasy, the people are some kind of ancient
                    precursors to ourselves like in Tolkien. But most of the
                    time there's no attempt to tie anything to our reality.
                    It's safe to assume none of them are really human per se.
                    \_ If you look on the Dungeon Master's Guide, page 28,
                       it is clear that humans are intended to be human.
                       Unlike, elves and dwarves, which are not.
        \_ They can be human. Why not? Maybe we are their descendants or
           humans evolved independently in different place or some Great
           Galactic Power seeded the entire universe with humans sometime
           in the ancient past. I see no reason to think that they can't
           be human.
           \_ Exactly, this was all explained in Chase. Prof. Galen's
              aliens seeded the universe with their DNA and Jean-Luc
              figured it all out.
              \_ See TOS episode "Paradise Syndrome" for the first hint,
                 that ep called them the Preservers, TNG used Progenitors
        \_ my explanation is the best. 'a galaxy far far away' does not
           mean far away from our galaxy. it's far away with respect to
           some other galaxy. the galaxy they are referring to is in fact
           our galaxy. similarly, 'long long time ago' is not relative to
           the present. the story is told from the perspective of the
           future. indeed, a future far far away from our own future.
           do i win?
           \_This would explain why there are humans from earth in the
             two ewok adventures movies.  can someone explain tolkien's
             use of potatoes, a new world foodstuff?, in lord of the rings?
             \_ Valinor = new world.  Duh.
             \_ To which I have nothing to add except, damn, it's fun shooting
                ewoks in Star Wars BattleFronts.
                \_ Do you get to shoot Gunguns too?
2004/10/5 [Recreation/Media] UID:33940 Activity:nil
10/4    Okay, Rove isn't Darth Vader, Cheney is.  Whoa....
2004/9/30-10/1 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Media] UID:33862 Activity:moderate
        \_ Has anybody seen sweat?
        \_ Stop picking on Jimmy Carter!  The man is out of office for almost
           a quarter century and is ~80 years old.  Let his speach errors die.
           Enough abusing the ex-President.
           \_ Assuming you're not being ironic, have you considered that they
              might be picking on the Chimp-In-Chief?
              \_ Don't you mean Commander-In-Chimp (a-la Simpsons)?
                 \_ I've seen that Simpsons and was NOT referencing it.
                    Chimp-In-Chief is Bush perjorative which *may* derive from
                    the Simpsons, or maybe just from Bush's appearance and
                    percieved intelligence.
                    \_ I see you've put a lot of thought into your
                       dehumanization of the opposition.  Carry on. -- ilyas
2004/9/28 [Recreation/Media] UID:33810 Activity:nil 54%like:33614
9/28    Scenes from the Star Wars DVDs  -John
        \_ Two weeks old... I remember that time. We were younger then, and
           the world seemed full of hope.
2004/9/28 [Computer/SW/P2P, Recreation/Media] UID:33804 Activity:low
9/28    I wanna buy the complete 4 seasons of Southpark but Amazon is kind of
        pricy. What are other places that sell Southpark DvDs cheap? ok thx
        \_ looks ~$30 cheaper
        \_ bittorrent + time = free
          \_ you know I've never used Kazaa/Napster (fear), is bittorrent
             easy to use and is it legal?
             \_ bittorent is free, easy to use, small, and spyware-free.
                You can use it to obtain materials legally and not.
                Re South Park, the easy step is getting the episodes; the
                takes-time-but-otherwise-easy step is finding/burning the
                DVD ISOs or figuring out how to burn non DVD ISOs.
             \_ Free or legal, choose one.  That being said, bittorrent hasn't
                had any lawsuits filed to my knowledge, and the only 'takedown'
                letters I've heard of are for the people running the trackers
                and torrent dump sites (which would not be you).
2004/9/23 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Media] UID:33721 Activity:nil
9/23    The Corporation is an awsome independent film, go watch it it's
        totally worth it (and it costs less than blockbuster movies).
2004/9/22 [Recreation/Media] UID:33690 Activity:nil
        Geek out.  (The Star Wars changes links at the bottom)
2004/9/21-22 [Computer/HW/Drives, Recreation/Media] UID:33669 Activity:high
9/21    Must kill Lucas. Waited at 1201AM at Tower to buy it. Knowing the
        bastardizations. It is worst than I thought. There are new BG lines,
        changes in the style of FX, bloopers still left in!
        \_ of course, ALL these changes have been documented for weeks. Just
           had to go to any website (, and you'd know.
        \_ Are you kidding?  You waited at tower till 12:01 to pay too
           much for some DVDs you knew would suck? Wha?
           \_ Ha, ha, laserDICS. Anyway I got one of these and was all
              excited. Then I watched a couple scenes on my PC to check it
              out and realized how childish it is and how I seem to have
              outgrown it. Maybe the prequels and all the analysis and hype
              killed the magic for me. When Vader speaks I have an image of
              fat James Earl Jones in my mind.
              \_ Er, maybe its just that after the 20 MILLIONTH TIME, it
                 isn't all that exciting anymore.  People need to stop giving
                 Lucas money.
        \_ This totally reminds me of the Conan O'Brian where Triumph visits
           the line for the episode I premiere.
           Here's the video in question:
            \_ this is 95% true for me  -op
        \_ Has there been a change in the end of ROTJ, where the apparitions
           appear? Natalie Portman isn't in there, is she?
           \_ Anakin's ghost is now Hayden.
        \_ Get a life - William Shatner
           \_ Learn how to act - Fans
           \_ Stop appearing in ads for the Ramada.
              \_ Priceline.
2004/9/19-20 [Recreation/Media] UID:33622 Activity:very high
9/18    Any recommendations for a classic movie on DVD? Or perhaps
        a not-so-old movie that just came out on DVD?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>e ouuut and plaaaaaayyyyyy!
        \_ DEATH TO OPTICAL DATA STORAGE MEDIA!!1!1!!  Why not get
           a classic movie on VHS?
        \_ original Manchurian Candidate
        \_ Chinatown
        \_ The Sting
        \_ Fail Safe, directly followed by Dr. Strangelove. -John
           \_ I just saw "The Fog of War" this weekend (excellant, BTW)
              and I couldn't help thinking about Dr. Strangelove during
              the film. Made me appriciate Kubrick's genius all the more.
              \_ In the "Iconic Movies" category I'd like to add 'Westworld'.
        \_ the wild bunch
        \_ What do you like? Gilda? Casablanca? Gone With The Wind?
        \_ By "classic" do you mean "Black & White" or "Timeless"?
           Check out the Criterion catalog.
        \_ AFI top 100:
        \_ Separate but Equal or Inherit the Wind
        \_ Once Upon a Time in the West - Sergio Leone / Charles Bronson
           \__  Thanks all, that's great --op.
        \_ The Manchurian Candidate (not the remake, obviously).
           The Third Man
           Rear Window
        \_ I think "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" is a pretty great flick.
           It doesn't feel as dated as a lot of classic films, and it's not
           real weighty or pretentious. There's a 2 disc special edition.
           I don't have it though, don't normally buy movies.
           \_ Not as dated? "We don't need stinking badges!" indeed.
              \_ I'm too lazy to explain that sentiment better.
        \_ Jean de Florette & Manon of the Spring -- Some of the best acting
           even IMHO.
        \_ The Graduate
        \_ The Godfather.
2004/9/18-20 [Computer/HW/Drives, Recreation/Media] UID:33614 Activity:high 54%like:33810
9/17    Anyone have plans to buy the Star Wars DVDs?
        \_ What's the point? Hasn't everyone already seen the trilogy
           ad naseum for the past 25 years already? Is it really worth
           your time and money to see an addition 10 seconds of modified
           footage? Isn't it time to shelve the action figures and get a
        \_ Hell no. Meesa fucking hate star wars.
        \_ only if the Force permits me.
        \_ obThese aren't the DVD's you're looking for...
        \_ Already got this:
  (Unadulterated SW on DVD)
           \_ Can you post md5 or sha1 hashes for all the files?  Some of
              the sections of the VOBs I downloaded from BitTorrent seem
              to giving me problems.
              \_ Tell me how to do this, and I will.
                 \_ If you're using Windows, then you can get md5sum from
            Then you run md5sum -b *.*
                    It'll take awhile though...
2004/9/17-18 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:33582 Activity:high
9/17    I used to like anime and comics, but I haven't seen any in 10+ years.
        Two friends (who don't know each other) have been going on and on
        about anime, so I finally watched "Castle in the Sky". I also
        happened to see a few episodes of "Cowboy Be-bop". I didn't really
        enjoy it. I kept thinking I was watching a kid's cartoon, which is
        not how I feel when I watch something like "Lion King". Do
        people outgrow anime or did I just watch bad stuff or what?
        \_ the lion king?!!?!?!1 fyuthe fucking lion king?!! jezius fucking
           christ. this doenst se4dezerve an answer.
        \_ Cowboy Bebop is a lot less a kid cartoon than Lion King.
           You are a troll, and not a good one.
           \_ Not a troll. Just curious if other people find they still
              like anime after they have a job/house/car/wife. I found it
              surprisingly tiresome to watch. I expected to enjoy it.
              \_ Well, I stopped watching almost all TV/movie type
                 entertainment even before I was married.  Now that I'm
                 married I almost never even watch anime or play games.
                 It just seems really pointless. However, I don't watch
                 any TV, but occationally I'll download some anime.  So I
                 still watch more of that than anything else I guess.
        \_ Well, Laputa IS a kid's cartoon, so that might be part of your
           problem.  As for Cowboy Bebop, most people think it's pretty
           good.  What kind of stories do you like?  I might be able to
           make some recommendations.  -jrleek.
        \_ You've grown up. Now get a job, get a house, get a wife, and
           go away.
        \_ I have no idea what cowboy be-bop or castle in the sky are
           but I think I will still enjoy those japanese comics with
           lots of violence and sex, even though I haven't read one
           in years.
              \_ nah, not those.  I am thinking more in terms of comic
                 books.  and I like samurai or ganster stories more than
                 monster stories.
        \_ I never found any anime I liked until Cowboy Bebop.  I've found
           a few others that I really like since.  But I've always enjoyed
           animation and would take Bugs Bunny over Must See TV any day.
           If you feel like it's just a kid's thing, then you've stopped
           before you start.  -scotsman
           \_ Well, I *love* The Simpsons, FWIW. What are the others you like?
              \_ The Adult Swim array is generally very good. FLCL, though very
                 bizarre, hit me just right.  I love the williams street
                 group's humor, though in terms of animation they're basically
                 a radio program.  Spirited Away was very satisfying, but I'm
                 a fiend for fairy tales.  YMMV. --scotsman
        \_ you got too worked up about both.  Laputa grows on you.
           Cowboy Bebop has a lot of lame episodes, and some good ones:
           Gateway Shuffle (ep 4) is great, Pierrot Le Fou (ep 20) is good,
           the last two episodes are not bad, the movie is ok.
        \_ If you want a modern anime that is really good, see His and Her
           Circumstances.  It's 1998:  the first 13 episodes are really good;
           the rest suck.  It's the best modern teenage romance anime series.
2004/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Media] UID:33528 Activity:nil
9/14    WaPo defends CBS and Killian memo.  Not.
2004/9/14-15 [Recreation/Media] UID:33522 Activity:nil
9/14    What's the episode of ATHF where Meatwad is watching a TV show that has
        a song: "This is you left and that's your left.  This is your right and
        that's your right.  You're gonna die!"
        \_ Sounds like Video Ouija. Tell me more and I can ID it --aaron
        \_ The Cloning
2004/9/9 [Recreation/Media] UID:33440 Activity:very high
9/9     A pretty classic Daily Cal movie review about the Korean movie
        "TaeGukGi: THe Brothers of War."  The last two paragraphs are
        \_ the chinese, south and north koreans in the movie were doing a
           fine job of killing each other in the movie up till the
           americans show up, and the americans don't really save anything.
           i think they should run a review by someone who is the child
           of korean immigrants.  plus the 'sappy ending' didn't
           even involve americans, the reviewer misses the point
           entirely. - danh
           \_ danh, have you seen it?  How was it?  Did you like
              Shwiri? -jrleek
              \_ I liked it.  I wouldn't see it over and over.  I never
                 saw the fish movie.  My favorite Korean movie
                 is "Musa" so the fish movie is probably not violent
                 enough for me. - danh
2004/9/7-8 [Recreation/Media] UID:33407 Activity:high
9/7     I don't get it, why does CBS get sued and fined 550k while Justin
        Timberlake and Janet Jackson doesn't get anything? Do you sue the
        gun manufacturer for murder committed?
        \_ Move to a place where fat, stupid hick religious shits don't get
           all huffy about a bit of T&A shown on billboards or broadcast TV,
           and when they do, nobody takes them seriously.  Sheesh.  -John
        \_ We must make an example of these breasts.
           \_ Yes, so fine Justin/Jackson for it.
              \_ No.  You don't understand.  You're expecting logic from people
                 that are going apeshit about a breast?
        \_ CBS has more money than JT or JJ.
           \_ That's not the (*&(* point.
              \_ But it's why CBS is getting sued.
           \_ I don't have much money, does that mean I will get away with
              \_ showing breasts on network TV is not a criminal offense; it's
                 a violation of the network's FCC license.  -tom
                 \_ I want to know why there were nothing done to the
                    people who actually performed this. I think fine
                    JT is perfectly reasonable and would do more to
                    prevent this sort of thing than fining CBS. If you
                    perform live in front of national audiences, there
                    should be consequences if you decide to show your
                    breast or penis.
                    \_ if it's in your contract, I'm sure there are
                       consequences.  But that's a problem for the network,
                       not for the FCC.  -tom
              \_ Criminal and civil are different. But yes, it's why Kobe
                 Bryant gets sued in civil court and Joe Rapevan does not.
                 c.f. "deep pockets"
                 \_ Uhm, no. You obviously know nothing about law. -williamc
        \_ Is it because there are no laws against public display of
           breast? So what JT/JJ did was perfectly 'legal'? so the
           only illegal thing was CBS aired it, and they get fined? If
           that's the case, it is really fucked up.
           \_ The license that CBS has which allows it to broadcast is a
              legally binding contract.  They violated that contract when they
              showed nudity.  It's not JJ/JT fault that CBS violated its
              contract, but it IS kind of stupid that the FCC et al are going
              so far out of their way to make an example of CBS.
           \- i dont think it is exactly a case of civil/criminal ...
              it is more like respondent superior. if you are using a
              gun and the gun explodes due to a mfgr defect, you dont
              go after the employee responsiblefor the defect. CBS probably
              would not have been fined for a steaker. --psb
              would not have been fined for a streaker. --psb
              \_ This makes absolutely no sense.  Perhaps you could edit it?
                 \- look up "respondent superior". if you work for UPS
                    and you drive into somebody's car, UPS is liable, not you.
                    if some kind of negligence contributed to the accident
                    well then things get more complicated but it would have
                    to be pretty dramatic for UPS to get out of any liability.
                    scenarios could include: you were drunk on the job, you
                    were talking on the cell phone on company business, you
                    were talking on your private cell phone on personal
                    matters, you had picked up a hitchhiker and was talking
                    to that person/getting a blowjob from that person, had been
                    carjacked by that person. so perhaps UPS can fire you,
                    but it is probably an uphill battle for them to avoid any
                    $ liability as long as this happened in the course of
                    the job. i dont know if you can get "crazy fcc decision
                    insurance". but that's one way companies deal with stuff
                    like this ... or they self insure. --psb
2004/8/18-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:33001 Activity:nil
8/18    Hm, I wonder what the theme will be behind this movie:  (Trey Parker, Matt Stone)
2004/8/17 [Recreation/Media] UID:32963 Activity:very high
8/17    So, was anyone else surprised by the fact that I, Robot is actually a
        good movie and good science fiction?
        \_ Seeing as the other threads have a flame-war going on and you've
           gotten 0 replies in as many hours, apparently no-one else saw the
        \_ I heard it sucked goat scrotum and didn't go see it. --aaron
        \_ yea, I was a little surprised.  I thought it was good, not just
           a big fight fest.   I read some of the robot stories when I was
           like 12 years old.
        \_ yes it was a good movie.  did anyone think the movie was okay
           after reading the book?
           \_ I did.  I read the book when I saw the movie was coming out.
              They're good stories, but weak on character (I've never thought
              Asimov was good on character though).  I enjoyed the movie, and
              there was at least one part of the movie that was obviously based
              on one of the stories (which of these robots doesn't belong?).
              I thought it'd be a worthy addition to the rest of the stories in
              the anthology.  -emarkp
              \_ Except that I feel that it didn't capture the spirit of the
                 stories in the book.  In the book, evolution of the robots
                 were a good thing.  The robots ruled without any bloodshed.
2004/7/28-29 [Recreation/Media] UID:32546 Activity:moderate
7/28    TMBG, Aug 14
        \_ RSVP?
           \_ KIOI?
           \_ add .com
2004/7/25 [Recreation/Media] UID:32472 Activity:nil
7/25    Eps 3 is official title is 'Revenge of the Sith':
2004/7/23-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:32457 Activity:insanely high
7/23    Just got back from Bourne Supremacy. All in all a decent movie.
        Lots of action (hand to hand, gun play, car chases, &c.) coupled
        with a minor amount of intrigue. The action sequences are harder to
        follow than in the first one (the camera shakes too much) though.
        It is different from the book. Hope they make another one. B+
                 \_ Was the Stepford Wives any good?  I heard it was funny.
                     -- ilyas
                   \_ Whenever Hollywood steals one of their own ancient
                      but very good movies, expect them to fuck it up.  Can
                      anyone here think of any modern remake of a decades
                      old film that was worth watching?  I know there aren't
                      any where the remake was better or even close to as
                      good as the originals.
                      \_ The remake of The Thing with Kurt Russell
                         pretty much rocked.
                      \_ The remake of "No Way Out" with kevin costner is
                         awesome - danh
                      \_ Bourne Identity :-)
                         I thought that Thomas Crown was a decent remake as
                         well. I'm told that Oceans 11 is decent as well
                         (haven't seen it yet, still waiting for a flight
                         without any good HK action movies) - STMG
                   \_ it sucked. The original was better. It wasn't
                      particularly funny, which is what i was hoping for to
                      redeem the expected (and realized) lack of creapiness,
                      it had its funny moments but wasn't worth seeing. -phuqm
                   \_ don't see it for the movie, see it for what the modern
                      lack and what they could learn from the Stepford Wives.
                      (e.g. If you wanna keep your husband, work hard, get
                      your fat ugly ass moving!)
                   \_ The trailer looked like a typical Hollywood comedy.
                      Tasteless, unfunny, and predictable.
        \_ ... deleted by poster ...
           \_ I did not delete your post. BTW, I'm not AMMC, I'm Star
              Trek Movie Guy. I have a simple mind and no taste.
              \_ Ahh.  That explains everything!  In that case, I retract
                 my post.  Go on with your bad self! -- star trek movie guy
                 #1 fan
              \_ The MMC hasn't seen anything lately worthy of a full review.
                        --The MMC
                 \_ dear MMC, does it bother you at all that people hate your
                    reviews and thing you're a pompous dick?
                    \_ erm, fwiw I don't hate them. the style is silly but that
                       sort of thing is more interesting than political drivel.
        \_ Yeah, it was pretty good.  I only drop it to a B- because:
           1) one too many car chases IMO.. they were pretty good, but got
           2) not enough spy stuff... too much Chase Scene: The Movie (see 1)
           3) The big one: ttttoooo mmmmmuuuccchhh jjjjerrrkkkyyycccaaammmm
              Seriously.  It ruined most of the fight scenes for me.  --dbushong
        \_ Was the Stepford Wives any good?  I heard it was funny.
            -- ilyas
           \_ Whenever Hollywood steals one of their own ancient
              but very good movies, expect them to fuck it up.  Can
              anyone here think of any modern remake of a decades
              old film that was worth watching?  I know there aren't
              any where the remake was better or even close to as
              good as the originals.
              \_ The remake of The Thing with Kurt Russell
                 pretty much rocked.
              \_ The remake of "No Way Out" with kevin costner is
                 awesome - danh
              \_ Bourne Identity :-)
                 I thought that Thomas Crown was a decent remake as
                 well. I'm told that Oceans 11 is decent as well
                 (haven't seen it yet, still waiting for a flight
                 without any good HK action movies) - STMG
           \_ it sucked. The original was better. It wasn't
              particularly funny, which is what i was hoping for to
              redeem the expected (and realized) lack of creapiness,
              it had its funny moments but wasn't worth seeing. -phuqm
           \_ don't see it for the movie, see it for what the modern
              lack and what they could learn from the Stepford Wives.
              (e.g. If you wanna keep your husband, work hard, get
              your fat ugly ass moving!)
                      \_ Obviously, I have a lot to learn if I am to keep my
                         husband. -- ilyas
                         \_ Are you for gay marriage?
        \_ Scheiss!
           \_ The trailer looked like a typical Hollywood comedy.
              Tasteless, unfunny, and predictable.
              \_ i don't understand the obsession with car chases.  maybe
                 because the people who make american movies live in LA?
                 one of the best chase scenes ever was the bike chase in
                 E.T.  RIDE BIKE!!!!!
                 \_ The obsession with car chases is easy to understand.
                    A good percentage of Hollywood producers view films
                    simply as product, and like any other corporation producing
                    a product they want to maximize profit and minimize risk.
                    Car chases please a certain valuable, mostly young and male,
                    moviegoing demographic...Put enough of them in a film and
                    you're guaranteed some good opening box office, which is
                    all that they really care about.  Whether or not the film
                    is any good is secondary at best.  Exhibit 1A: The "Matrix"
                    \_ I'm skeptical.  Let's take a look at who made the most
                       money this year.  Shrek 2: how many car chases?
                       The Passion of Christ?  no car chases.  Were there
                       any car chases in spiderman 2?  the music industry
                       is supposedly profit driven as well, but every year
                       they crank out shittier and shittier music that even
                       the kids don't really care about.  I'm pretty sure
                       ET was far more popular than Bourne Identity or Ronin
                       or Matrix 2.
                       \_ My guess is that music sucking the past few years is
                          a results of massive merger mania - particularly
                          since the consolidatin has been both vertical and
                          since the consolidation has been both vertical and
                          horizontal. The situation is ripe for something to
                          come out of left field and I'm just wondering what it
                          will be. -- ulysses
                       \_ Yes but Shrek2 was soooo funny.  -John
                       \_ ET had chases.
                          \_ And walkie-talkies.
                             \_ HAN SHOOTS FIRST!
                       \_ I actually agree with everything you're saying, but
                          that doesn't change what I said.  Look where I said
                          "minimize risk."  A lot of studios or producers want
                          "guaranteed" profit so they can at least have some
                          idea of how much money they'll make.  Making movies
                          is a notorious financial risk.  If you're actually
                          willing to _take_ a risk and make something out of
                          left field that catches on, your potential return is
                          far greater, but you also risk losing your shirt
                          and with it your reputation...which is all that people
                          have to go on when looking for work down there.
                          "ET" and "Passion" and even the original "Matrix"
                          are perfect examples of huge gambles that paid off.
                 \_ Best chase scene EVAR is the Enterprise's escape from
                    Starbase in Search for Spock, esp. the bit where it
                    comes to light that Scotty has "hacked" the Excelsior.
                    Second best might be Vader vs. Luke in New Hope or
                    maybe Mustang + Steve McQueen in Bullit.
                        \_ Bullitt and Raiders of the Lost Ark had excellent
                           chase scenes, but Blues Brothers and French
                           Connection were better.  Also, not a movie, but
                           for pure adrenaline, I'd recommend playing Call of
                           Duty--there's a couple of _awesome_ car chases
                           in there.  -John
                           \_ I thought Blues Brothers was overdone.
                              Best car chase scene ever: The Road Warrior. -tom
                              \_ In interviews, John Landis said the car chase
                                 in BB was his attempt to kill The Car Chase or
                                 so I recall... -- ulysses
                                 \_ BB chase was a spoof.  It was still
                                    excellent.  -John
                    \- punch it baby
                       \- best chase scene ever is somemthing from
                          raiders of the lost ark ... maybe the scene
                          with the giant ball or when he is running
                          from the hovetos. --psb
        \- everyone i talked to has commented on the jerky-camera-zoom-in
           fight scenes. why do directors love that shit? here is a movie W/
                                           \_ I blame Wong Kar Wai -phuqm
           real fight scenes:
           \_ This movie is called Ong Bak everywhere else, and it is
              indeed pretty cool. I watched it without the benefit of
              subtitles, so I didn't have too much of a clue of what exactly
              was going on, but the fights are really the only reason to
              watch a film like this, right?
              \_ The plot would look ridiculous if the Thi boxer had enough
                 brain cells undamaged to exhibit intelligence.
2004/7/21-22 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Recreation/Media] UID:32411 Activity:insanely high
7/21    Does anyone else think that the 1950's movie beuties were better
        looking than the modern oversexed plastic surgery display cases we're
        bombarded with today?  And I'm not just talking Audrey Hepburn.
        \_ The SF/BA is not the entire world, neither is it all of the US
           even.  Unfortunately, the movie starlettes are picked by contacts
           and what their willing to do... not by any means of grace or
           \_ Huh?  I don't know what SF/BA has to do with the topic.  I
              was only refering to movie stars.  (Well, I guess models
              too, but I don't have many pictures of 1950's models.)
        \_ miss the days when Blacks can only sits at back of bus, huh?
           \_ Now *this* is a troll and way off topic, too.
           \_ Hi stupid troll!  (Was supposed to be here)
        \_ yes, more natural beauty, more brains, more taste, more patriotic
           \_ more patriotic? more brains? more taste? Were you alive in the
              1950s or do you just have a received stereotypical image of them
              via other people's nostalgia? I think I've just been trolled,
              although I agree on the natural beauty part.  Marilyn Monroe
              would have been called "fat" by today's standards.
        \_ I remember seeing Rear Window for the first time three years ago
           and walking out thinking that Grace Kelly was way more beautiful
           than any current hollywood star.
        \_ in the 50s people like Rosey O' Donald would never have
           any chance of appearing on TV. She would have been discriminated.
           Is that the kind of world you'd prefer living in?
           \_ As nice a thought as that is, it's not true.  Go watch some
              50's TV, there's some dang ugly people on there.
           \_ A world without a Rosie?  Is that possible?  PLEASE?!
           \_ and Marilyn Monroe could never get a role in a movie today.
        \_ Stepford Wives. Nice obedient wives who stay home, cook, clean,
           and take care of the children... unlike modern bitches of today.
           \_ Did I say something about wives?  I just refering to the
              fact that women in old movies are attractive, and the chicks
              in flics today don't even look human, it's kinda creepy.
              \_ I agree 100% about the women in a lot of today's media
                 looking bizarre and inhuman almost, but keep in mind that
                 a LOT of that is due to digital retouching techniques that
                 have gotten out of hand.  In fact Britney (for instance)
                 is rather ordinary looking without the Photoshop army working
                 on her.
                 \_ Tastes have changed. Instead of Rita Hayworth or Liz
                    Taylor we have Jennifer Garner. Muscles and fitness
                    take precedence over classic good looks. We are, I
                    think, more concerned with the body than the face.
                    Maybe Marilyn Monroe started that. Not that Liz Taylor
                    had a bad body, but Jennifer Aniston and J Lo are more
                    about body than about overall good-looks. Also, styles
                    have changed. Everyone looks bad in a midriff and
                    jeans. Women (and men) then had more style in clothes,
                    hair, and so on.
              \_ Stepford wives=1950s women
                 \_ Get over it.  He's talking about the purely physical.  The
                    op hasn't said one word about your stepford wives crap. !op
        \_ This is general perception of the decades:
           1950s: post WW2, jobs even for HS graduates, lots of jobs,
                  great burger/fries/milk shakes joints. Lots of land,
                  suburbia expansion. Sex. Children :) :) :) :) :) :)
           1960s: TV. Cars. Antibiotics/immunizations. Pills.
                  Birth-control pills. FEEL GOOD. :) :) :) :)
           1970s: Gas crunch. Highway jam. :(
           1980s: Pro-corporation era. Work work work. Workers
                  outsourced. Japanese threat. Work work work. :( :(
           1990s: discovery of AIDS. Population boom, highway
                  congestion, suburbia crunch. Work work work :( :(
           2000s: more suckiness to come.
           \_ Dude, your cute little list is one of the shallowest things I've
              seen in some time.  Aids in the 90's?  Vietnam?  60's counter
              culture?  Cold War/Threat of Nuclear armageddon?  Apartheid?
              There are so many more impactful things to talk about both
              historically and culturally.  I suspect you're either very
              sheltered or very young.
           \_ Erm..  Your "discovery of AIDS" is a tad off.
           \_ Interesting.  Do you think the people actually living through
              your :) decades actually felt that way?  Perhaps some of them
              did, but I know that my parents who actually lived through
              them would have a very different opinion than you.  Don't fall
              prey to the declining view of history.  In many ways we have
              made tremendous progress over the last 50 years.  Ask a gay
              or a black person if they want to go back to the '50s, for
              \_ I won't call that progress. Blacks should go back to Africa

                 and gays should be killed. It would make the US a better
                 place. If you want proof, just come down the project.
                 But wait, you are writing this from the comfort of your
                 home in an expensive where you don't see those fucking blacks
                 do you?
                 \_ Worst.  Troll Attempt.  Ever.
                    \_ You. Write. Like. This. Too. Much. .. Please. Stop.
                       \_ Clue--
        \_ While I agree that most of the starlets today aren't very
           attractive, there are some exceptions (personally I like
           Catherine Zeta-Jones). I also think that Movies these days
           rely too much on cg and sex rather than on writing and
           story development. Not that cg is bad, I mean where would
           Star Trek be w/o cg? :-)
           \_ YAY STAR TREK MOVIE GUY!  --star trek movie guy #1 fan
2004/7/16 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Media] UID:32314 Activity:very high
7/16    I'm starting to get aqua teen hunger force.
        \_ explain it to me --aaron
           \_ I think the point is to drink/stay up late... don't question
              why the alien sounds german or is trying to replicate a milkshake
              by putting its photograph in a microwave.
              \_ Heees name ees Oglethorp!
           \_ You must be over thirty (or maybe about 25) to board this ride but
              it's not like you're missing anything. -- ulysses
              \_ I don't think it's that mature.  I think most of the humor
                 would appeal just fine to a 16-year old.
              \_ I'm 34.  I think it's just weird.
           \_ For my money, it's the stream of conciousness style and the
              willingness to "go there".  Some eps are more hit-or-miss but
              they've had a bunch where everything is just dead on.  It feels
              like a good improv group on meth.  --scotsman
        \_ "Using a key to gouge expletives on another's vehicle is a sign of
            trust... and friendship."  - Ignignokt
        \_ I've never watched a full episode but my tivo always records 3
           minutes of it after Futurama, and I think that's a perfect amount
           of the show to watch. You gotta love meatwad.
        \_ I must be over 30 (I am) because I have no idea WTF it is. This
           is a Fox show?
           \_ Almost Dadaist cartoon on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.
              A box of french fries, a milkshake and a ball of meat live in
              New Jersey and sometimes attempt to solve crimes, but mostly just
              screw everything up.
              If you want to see a little, there's useually some on P2P.
2004/7/12 [Recreation/Media] UID:32236 Activity:kinda low
7/12    Has anyone seen the Cameron Diaz S&M video yet? Is it really her and
        is it worth watching? And where do I find a copy?
        \_ coupla friends d/l'd it. it's really not worth watching at all,
           according to them. there's some boobage, but that's it.
           \_ put on soda?
2004/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Media] UID:31098 Activity:very high
6/30    How do the kids in Battle Royale II make it off the island and
        back to Afghanistan? My bootleg copy omits the last few minutes
        of the movie. -  the MILF man
        \_ thanks for spoiling it for us.
                \_ Darth is Luke's dad, Rosebud is the goddamn sled
                   and the chick in the crying game is a guy. - the MILF man
                   \_ Which movie is the second sentence referring to?
                      \_ Citizen Kane. Only one of the most highly
                         regarded movies ever.
        \_ Still, how did those two kids get back to Afghanistan? - the MILF man
        \_ Who cares!?  That movie was so shitty, it's a waste of time
           even talking about it.  I'm outta here.
2004/6/23 [Recreation/Media] UID:30981 Activity:nil
6/23    some links for ax:
        \_ jesus christ
                \_ THANKS!!  -ax
2004/6/10 [Recreation/Media] UID:30724 Activity:very high
6/10    Good lord.  They are making a Dukes of Hazzard movie, starring
        Jessica Simpson.  What's next, an A-Team movie?
        \_ Standard.  They always go back to the previous generation to get
           movie ideas.  It'll make a few bucks on nostalgia.  Most of the
           A-Team crew is dead.  It wouldn't be the same.
           \_ Dirk Benedict, dwight schultz, and mr. T are all alive.
                Not sure about George Peppard. So what are you talking about?
                \_ I thought Schultz was dead.  Mr. T. wasn't in very good
                   health the last I knew.  I'm pretty sure Peppard is dead.
        \_ Gah, I also see they are making a Pink Panther remake with has been
           Steve Martin as Clouseau and Beyonce Knowles in a supporting role.
           Nothing is sacred.  *barf*
2004/6/8 [Recreation/Media] UID:30678 Activity:insanely high
6/8     Movies where the sequel was better than the original
        \_ Road Warrior
           \_ definitely
           \_ thats not really fair.  the original was filmed on a dime with
              a bunch of no names, including the lead at the time.
              \_ so what?  I wasn't insulting Mad Max, I was saying Road
                 Warrior is *better*.  I think Road Warrior is one of the best
                 movies ever.
        \_ Empire Strikes Back
           \_ Attack of the Clones (I thought it was better than Menace anyway.
              but I'm not sure Menace counts as an original for this purpose.)
              \_ I dunno, AotC was pretty freakin' bad.
                 \_ TPM was worse. Lots of boredom and Jar Jar antics. AotC
                    entertained me.
        \_ Shrek 2
           \_ you are definitely kidding
              \_ nope.
              \_ I like Shrek 2 more.
        \_ T2: Judgement Day
           \_ I think you might be a couple of cans short of a six pack.
           \_ dumb fucking kid.
           \_ Nope, T1 was better.  T2 had better special effects but had
              a lame slow section (desert), too preachy, annoying kid, a
              badd-a** T-800 saying lame things like "I cannot cry".  T1
              had Arnold in his true form, an evil robot willing to
              destroy anything in it's way.
           \_ Thinking of T2, does anyone remember how he shot the shotgun
              while riding the motorcycle?  Which hand did he use? (Thought
              of this yesterday for some reason while riding my motorbike,
              and was wondering about the logistics of it - must have been
              the left hand, right?  Would still need a hand on the throttle?)
               \_ some bigger bikes (cop bikes?) have a mechanical cruise
        \_ Godfather.  BTW, this was a question asked in one of the Scream
           \_ scream 2?
        \_ Aliens
          \_ apples oranges
             \_ ??
                \_ ie, two completely different movies, one horror, one action
                   \_ Aliens is still a sequel, and still better.
                      \_ Blah, the second one is just your standard alien bug
                         hunt.  A waste of film.  It had one or two good lines
                         and the rest was trash.  "Oh, look, a hundred more big
                         alien bugs with drooling jaws running on ceiling,
                         floor, and wall.  Blast 'em.  Next!"
                         \_ as opposed to the hundreds of alien bug hunt movies
                            that came before it, right?
                            \_ agreed.  previous poster is lame.  Aliens is
                               the standard bug hunt movie, and still the
                               best, IMO.  But now I feel like a total nerd-
                               boy L053R by participating in this thread.
        \_ Kill Bill 2
           \_ Me and several friends disagree completely.
           \_ But it really is just one (too) long movie.
           \_ KB2?  Big yawner.  It was just like the first except it had no
              real action, no cool moves, no cool lines, and took far too
              long for the closing credits to finally show up.  Other than
              that it was a better movie.
        \_ I cheat:
           \_ Man, this page beat me on X-Men/X-Men 2
        \_ Die Harder (Die Hard 2)
            \- this is a troll. Die Hard was an actually good action flic.
                Die hard 2 blew chunks.
                \_ what you really mean is Die Hard 3 blew chunks.
                \_ I'm not sure if you can call everything you disagree
                   with a troll.
                   \_ Oh, I'm pretty sure he can.
                   \_ You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what
                      you think it means.
                \_ Die Hard is good, but Die Hard 2 is as good or better.
                   \_ I may have been thinking of Die Hard 3. Which one was in
                      an airport?  If it was 3 then i don't remember 2.
                   \_ I don't think the "better" judgment is generally valid.
                      Die Hard was a classic, spawning lots of imitations (it's
                      "Die Hard" on a $NOUN!). For me anyway Die Hard 2 wasn't
                      nearly as memorable. Not that I love Die Hard.
        \- Passion of the Christ
           \_ There was a second one?  When did I miss it?
        \_ Rush Hour 2
        \_ Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer
          \_ Damn straight!
        \_ Toy Story 2
        \_ Evil Dead 2
        \_ Urotsukidoji 2: Legend of the Demon Womb
        \_ Naked Gun 2 1/2
        \_ Wrath of Khan
           \_ KAAAAHHHHNNN!
        \_ Austin Powers
           \_ we're not talking about sequels that sucked more
2004/6/5-6 [Recreation/Media] UID:30622 Activity:insanely high
6/4     Harry Potter 3: SUCKED!!!  I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
        \_ Hell, the first 2 sucked.  why did you expect any more?
           Though, with a different director I will have to watch it.
           oh well...
        \_ while you're at it, I'll add to my list of movies that sucked
           and that I wanted $ back from, you're free to add to it:
           -The Passion
           \_ lol, you stupid, stupid moviegoer
           \_ I don't think you really understand.  However bad TP was, HP3
              was so much worse they simply don't belong on the same list.
           -Armageddon (dumb dumb dumb)
           \_ Man, I especially appreciated it when the asteroid, uhm,
              growled menacingly in every panoramic shot.  That was an AWESOME
           -Shrek 2
           \_ Did anyone else hate the first Shrek?  Am I the only one who
              found it an unenthusiastic attempt at parody steeped in treacle?
           -Tango Lesson.  Worst of all time.  -John
        \_ I'm sorry you didn't like it.  I thought the cinematography was
           excellent, the kid actors were finally being directed well, and
           that the action scenes were well done and believable (well, for
           a movie about witches and wizards).  Why did you think it sucked?
           \_ About 2-3 minutes from the end when things were wrapping up, I
              actually thought to myself in full English, "Oh! Hey, wait!  Is
              it over?  Where's the movie?"  I kept waiting for the movie to
              start.  10 minutes later while discussing it with SO, I couldn't
              recall anything from shortly after he got back to school until
              the part near the end with the killer tree.  I didn't think the
              kids acted any better but they didn't bother me in the earlier
              movies.  Actually, Malfoy was worse, Harry was about the same
              which is to say bad, and the others were the same.  I think the
              cinematography in the earlier ones gave a better sense of the
              awe and magic and mystery and all that of the magic school and
              stuff in general.  It was rather bland here with a few random
              ghosts or this and that jammed in artificially.
              \_ you remind me of the people on Amazon who write nasty reviews
                 of the 8th or 12th or whatever book of some series like the
                 Myth books as if they're somehow different from the others
                 and they're shocked.  Dude, if you read books 1-7 of the Myth
                 series, what the hell did you expect?  Personally, I like all
                 the Myth books, and all the Potter movies, and I'm man enough
                 to admit it.
                 \- the movies are made by differnt directors. i can certainly
                    see them having a differnt flavor. --psb
              \_ Well, fair enough.  Thanks for sharing.
                 \_ Yep.  You asked for a real answer so I provided.  I still
                    want my money back.  The bastards.
                    \_ Did you go ask for it back? If you did, you would
                       have gotten it back. You're just a whiner. I asked
                       for and got my money back for Matrix 2.
                       \_ Dammit, you deserved to get your money back for M2.
                       \_ How do you do that? Who do you ask? Do you have to
                          bitch and whine a lot or do they just hand it over
                          \_ if they have the impression that you are
                             dangerously insane, there will be no argument.
                          \_ I went back to the ticket window. I am sure
                             you can ask for the manager, too. You don't
                             have to explain. It's not worth it to them to
                             argue. You may get a credit rather than cash,
2004/5/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:30461 Activity:nil
5/27    For simpsons nerds:
2004/5/25-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:30405 Activity:high
5/25    Anybody see Van Helsing? Are they really intending the guy is the
        archangel Gabriel?
        \_ No. They throw that bit out there along with a ton of other
           stuff that they never really follow-up on.  It's still a fun
           \_ Despite myself, I have to agree. Going in with low expectations
              I'd have to say it was no more than a three beer handicap.
               -- ulysses
           \_ I ground my teeth to the bad dialogue or worse, when they stole
              lines from good movies. Excessive bad acting and dialect abuse.
              \_ Yes, exactly!  Other the top and tongue firmly in cheek!
                 My god, you didn't expect a real movie, did you?
                 \_ No, but there is bad, and then there is basic cable bad.
                    Like most flicks of this genre, they delight in special
                    effects and forget there should be a plot somewhere. And
                    introducing random new mythologies to old characters sucks.
        \_ Stick tongue in cheek.  Enjoy.  Ignore the above seeking some sort
           of Gone With The Wind quality enema.   It's summer fluff.  Fun.
           of Gone With The Wind quality cinema.   It's summer fluff.  Fun.
           \_ Worst.  Movie.  Critic.  Ever.
              \_ Thanks!  Glad you contributed so much!  It was a summer fluff
                 flick worth a matinee.  Don't like it?  Whatever, tough shit.
                 Say so and move on.
2004/5/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Recreation/Media] UID:30380 Activity:very high
5/23    When can I get DVD of House of the Flying Daggers?
        \_ What's the Chinese name of the movie? link?
           \_ Shi Mian Mai Fu (Ambush from Ten Directions) starring
              Andy Lau, Zhang Ziyi and half-Japanese half-Taiwanese
              Jing Cheng Wu.
              \_ if you are going to use their English names, be consistent:
                 ^Jing Cheng Wu^Takeshi Kaneshiro
                 \_ I couldn't remember the Japanese name, and was too
                    lazy to google for it.  I don't know what you mean
                    by "English names".
                    \_ Names that you would use in English press to refer
                        to Chinese or HK movie stars.
                        eg. Cheung Man-Yuk == Maggie Cheung
                        \_ I wasn't going by the english press but rather the
                           most recognizable version of their names for those
                           who care about the movie.  granted jcw is commie-prc
                           romanization, but I think most taiwanese can
                           figure out the chinese characters and thus who I
                           was talking about from the romanization.
                           \_ As long as we're all talking about the same guy:
2004/5/8-9 [Recreation/Humor, Computer/SW/Languages/Web, Recreation/Media] UID:30105 Activity:nil
5/8     Van Helsing: all action.  Literally, non-stop action.  There is almost
        no point in the movie where you aren't watching action or in the short
        setup to action.  Stick your tongue in cheek, ignore the few minor
        timeline and plot issues and enjoy the show.  I personally found it
        amusing that the female lead was doing all sorts of acrobatics in a
        tight, inflexible corset.  The cgi was excellent except for 2-3 brief
2004/5/8-9 [Recreation/Media] UID:30104 Activity:low
        \_ No plot is given below.  In fact, the movie doesn't really have a
           plot.  Just go enjoy the show.  There is no movie info below.
2004/5/7 [Recreation/Media] UID:30082 Activity:very high
5/7     How many sitcom last episodes have you seen?  Have you liked any?
        \_ MASH, although, really, MASH crosses over into other categories
           oh no, a show reflecting real life, and not a tv show category
           \_ It was really more of a drama with a lot of dark humor to take
              the edge off.
        \_ i miss reruns of Soap
        \_ Growing Pains
        \_ Married with Children
           \_ what was the ending to this one, I can't remember...
              \_ Kelly's wedding, which she broke off at the last minute. It
                 was pretty weak.
                 \_ Nikki Cox is hotter than Christina Applegate.
        \_ Seinfeld - it's not TOO bad..
        \_ Friends: was a good episode.
           \_ but a worthy ending to 10 years?
              \_ a worthy ending to 10 years of Friends would have been a
                 car bomb right outside that fucking cafe.  -tom
                 \_ Yaaay!
        \_ Futurama's last ep was decent.
           \_ they cancelled Futurama?  Will it be revived?
        \_ Cheers
2004/4/20 [Recreation/Media] UID:13285 Activity:nil
4/19    I really really really don't get Lost in Translation. Sure some
        parts are funny but what is the whole damn point? It's obvious that
        those lazy Americans feel lonely and lost-- because they don't
        **initiate**. They don't want to learn Japananese and hence they
        don't assimilate well. *********************************************
        ******************************************              -nissei
        \_ Most issei and nihonjin I've spoken too understood
           perfectly well that the movie was about the two people with downtown
           Tokyo as a backdrop. The matter of taking the three of four odd
           years time it takes to learn Japanese before visiting Tokyo for
           a mere week on an incidental business trip is another issue. It
           sounds to me like you interpreted the movie as poking fun at Japan.
           Consider that the movie was using the wierd experience of suddenly
           being in Japan as a way of showing in contrast the two characters'
           alienation. The fact that that alienation was basically entirely
           their own fault is another issue. The movie was simply about being
           in that state of alienation, however one got there. If that doesn't
           resonate with you at all, so be it. -- ulysses
        \_ editted for those who have not seen the movie
           \_ It's been out for almost a year.  Spoilers at this point are OK.
              And I wouldn't have expected the thing that did not happen, so
              I'm not sure it even is a spoiler.
                \_ If the old man Murrey had seduced and slept with the
                   cute girl it would have been a much better movie.
                   \_ This is exactly the kind of attitude that will
                      destabilize the Middle East for years to come.
        \_ I haven't seen the movie, but from the review I read that about
           sums it up.  It's supposed to feel like there is no point to
           any of it.  I don't know if it comes out in the movie (probably
           not) but it should polint out that their lives suck, but it's
           all their fault.  (Your marriage sucks?  Your fault.  You can't
           get around in Japan? Your fault. etc.)  Usually this can only
           be done with some well placed foil characters.  A lost art
           these days.
                \_ yeah, lazy Americans like the blame game.
        \_!  Only thing good about it is
           Bill Murray, who probably got cheated out of his last chance to
           win an Oscar.  Oh well.
        \_ Actually, the point of the movie is the sense of alienation. Tokyo
           lends itself to this sort of thing because so much of it is
           alienating even to Japanese people. Add a touch of severe jet-lag,
           and you get surreality coming out of your pores.
                \_ yes, and the sense of alienation is their fault. They
                   didn't take the initiative to get used to Japan.
                   \_ This is a valid charge, but it's also overly simplistic.
                      Scarlett Johanson does try to "get used" to Japan by
                      visiting Kyoto and hanging out with her Tokyo Boys, but
                      she's really not there long enough for any of it to
                      really sink in. Bill Murray is feeling alienated from
                      life in general and only begins to feel some sort of
                      connection midway through the film-- it's short-lived,
                      though. In the midst of all this alienation, they find
                      a connection with each other, tenuous and alien as it
                      may be. --erikred
                      \_ And it needed more sock puppets.
2004/4/19 [Recreation/Media] UID:13271 Activity:nil
4/19    Which show is the most irreverent? Southpark, Simpsons, or Shapelle's?
        \_ Chappelle?
2004/4/18-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:13261 Activity:nil
4/18    Disney to make Hitchhiker's Guide.
        \_ Good thing my Ford Prefect troll was deleted so we could talk about
           serious stuff like this.
        \_ Hmm, i doubt Disney can pull it off.   The BBC series was just
           so-so, and I bet the disney version will be worse.
           \_ Disney has numerous production studios.  I doubt they're going
              to turn HHGTTG into an animated musical with talking animals.
              \_ HHGTTG is very difficult to do in film. The book is
                 very dependent upon wordplay and just does not lend itself
                 well to a screen adaptation. I already tend to think that
                 HHGTTG has already been "done" in the sense of series
                 like Red Dwarf or Futurama, which rely much more on
                 one-liners and visual gags.
                 \_ did you like the bbc on-screen version?  It was pretty
                    cheesy, but I liked it.
                 \_ HHGTTG started out as a radio show...
                 \_ Maybe they'll just use all the people that did Treasure
                    Planet to do HHGTTG
           \_ Disney is just extremely hit-and-miss when they make ANYTHING.
              As long as they avoid princesses and politically correct
              rewrites, they seem to come out ok.  I give them about a
              30% chance of pulling it off well, and a 50% chance of making
              something completely unwatchable.
           \_ All due respect to Mos Def, but I have my doubts that this cast
              and this director (making his debut, no less) is up to the
              \_ Wasn't he in "Carmen: A Hip-HOpera"?
              \_ I do kind of like the idea of Ford Prefect being a black guy
                 though - puts an interesting twist on his view of Earth and
                 \_ Yes, it's always interesting when it's The Other's view.
                    \_ What are you babbling about?
2004/4/18-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:13250 Activity:nil
4/18    In Southpark, there's an episode where the Black OC kids "serve"
        the kids by dancing to rap music. It's a pretty cool episode, but
        what movie/tv series is that from? And is that common in the 80s?
        \_ the movie is, unsurprisingly, "you got served".
        \_ Is Southpark to this decade what the Simpsons was to the last?
           \_ No way. Simpsons are still going strong in this
              decade (thus far).
              \_ The Simpsons are to this decade what Happy Days was to
                 the 80s. Until Fonzi jumped the shark.
        \_ Happy Days in the 80s?  Simpsons and Southpark?  No.  With 800000
           cable channels, there are no more shows that "everyone" watches.
2004/4/10-11 [Recreation/Media] UID:13125 Activity:nil
4/10    So do you think Clarke feels sorry enough about his failure that he'll
        be donating his book *AND* movie profits to the surviving families
        of 9/11?  Somehow, I doubt it but I do think highly of his market
        timing if not his morals and ethics.
        \_ As a conservative, you should have long ago made peace with
           the fact that many sets of "facts" pass as "truth" in this country
           depending on what your political party is.
           \_ This isn't an issue of truth or fact or any such thing.  This is
              strictly about his making a drooling apology from one side of
              his mouth while counting his profit and cashing in on that same
              failure from the other.  I'd take his book (and now his movie)
              more seriously if it didn't look like a market timing action
              instead of an honest mea culpa.
              \_ So how exactly do you feel about Haliburton cashing it in--
                 oh, wait, sorry--spreading good will and cheer in Iraq? -sax
                 \_ Not all.  No one from Haliburton ever sat in front of a
                    camera and said, "boo hoo! woe is us!  we're so sorry!"
                    while pushing their book and movie.  Haliburton is a
                    corporation.  Corporations exist to profit and make money.
                    If you don't like corporations that is an entirely
                    different issue and either way it doesn't excuse Clarke's
                    sicken behavior.  One company's possible wrongs does
                    not excuse some unrelated one man's wrongs.  How do you
                    feel about Clarke cashing in since you find Haliburton
                    so distasteful?
                    \_ Is what Clarke said true?
                       \_ That he's sorry?  I can't read his mind but his
                          actions don't meet his words.
                    \_ Nothing wrong with speaking up about a cover up.
                       If it just so happens someone then decides to offer
                       him a book deal, there is nothing wrong with it.
                       Why do you hate when good people win?  Why do you
                       hate America?
                       \_ No, it was book deal first.  There wouldn't be a
                          book and movie if this wasn't a hot current topic.
                          My issue is that he apologised to the 9/11 families
                          and boo-hooed on TV (we call it grandstanding) but
                          then turns around and pockets the cash.  Why do all
                          of you ignore the hypocritical nature of the apology
                          preceded by book and movie deals?  The apology was
                          clearly just sales hype so he could cash in.  Why is
                          he not donating the profits to the families if he's
                          so sorry?
           the fact that two sets of "facts" pass as "truth" in this country.
2004/4/8-10 [Recreation/Media] UID:13102 Activity:nil
4/8     X Files 2 movie in the works, David Duchovny signed on
        \_ Didn't he say he'd never do any more X Files?  Oh wait, this is a
           "2".  Ah.
        \_ poor scully can't find work
        \_ They were both always more pretty than talented. I'm sure they are
           doing alright but it's the same thing with Ms. Gellar. Everybody
           loved her doing Buffy but that doesn't mean they'll have patience
           with her stumbling through anything else.
           \_ Her lesbo kiss and sliding her ass around the screen was pretty
              good in her one non-buffy role.  Duchovny has been doing red shoe
              diaries and other light porn for a while.  Scully has been at my
              place trying to find her career under my shorts.
              \_ kane is that you? -- ilyas
              \_ SMG? Lesbo kiss? Hello. In what film did that happen and
                 where's my avi clip?
                 \_ dangerous liasons, umm, i mean: _cruel intentions_
                    and, as you obviously expect, your avi is on every single
                    p2p network in existence.
2004/3/25-26 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:12865 Activity:low
3/25    Hey, I never got to see the Mike Savage TV show.  Him being the most
        insane conservitive on talk radio, I'd be really curious to see his
        TV show.
        \_ Have you ever listened to his radio show for more than 5 minutes?
           \_ I hope you get AIDS and die.
              \_ Bend over for me then.
2004/3/21 [Recreation/Media] UID:12785 Activity:nil
        When are we invading Poland?  I volunteer.
2004/3/8 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Recreation/Media] UID:12570 Activity:nil 55%like:12590
3/8     Anyone have a video of the Chapelle Show skit "What if the internet
        was a real place?"
        \_ It's on the ComCentral website, but it's not detecting my RealPlaya

           \_ then try: rtsp://
2004/3/2 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:29847 Activity:nil
3/1     Watching Alias from the beginning on DVD, it's better than I recall.
        In particular Sidney kicks a lot more ass at the beginning of season
        one, she actually kills a few people in the first three episodes.
        I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think she kills people later in the
        series.  I suspect the network requested this to make Sidney more
        appealing to mass audiences.
        \_ -dans
        \_ No.  It isn't.  I just suffered through the first 2 seasons on DVD
           last week.  It almost drove me to drink.
        \_ Alias kind of sucked. Too much of a La Femme Nikita ripoff.
           \_ What's wrong with ripping of La Femme Nikita?  It was a good
              movie/show? -dans
              \_ Because it's a poorly done ripoff.  LFN rocked.  Alias sucks.
                 \_ Wooh, leverage that million-dollar vocabulary!
                    \_ Better to sound like Beavis and Butthead than an
        \_ I think she kills more people in later episodes...rather than
           just knocking out nameless, faceless guards, she actually KILLS
           people. Actually, i stopped watching alias about 5 weeks ago,
           but up to then i had seen every single episode and it was the
           only TV show i regularly watched.
           \- it's getting a little formulaic ... fly to high tech glass and
              steel bldg where a lot of people speak german and jump out of
              ceiling and fight 5 guards off and steal plans for "FOOtanium"
              device ... --psb
              \_ And wear ridiculous wig so she won't be recognised yet hang
                 out with lots of other agents who don't wear any 'disguises'.
              \_ Did you see the India eps? It was very amusing.
2004/3/1-2 [Politics/Domestic, Recreation/Media] UID:12479 Activity:high
3/1     Do you watch more broadcast TV or cable?
        Are you Republican or Democrat?
        Study suggests that Republicans watch more cable TV than Democrats.
        \_ How about the study that suggests more people in areas
           with ass reception watch cable TV? Sheesh.
        \_ Would you prefer if I were not republican or democrat?
2004/2/6-8 [Recreation/Media] UID:12132 Activity:low
2/6  the site is work safe, but not the movie
        trailer.  Anybody seen this movie?  Supposedly it's better and more
        gory than Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  I haven't seen it but I believe
        that.  You don't know violence and gore until you've seen asian
        horror movies.  Thanks.
        \_ ichi is very gory, yes. it also has a sort of nonsensical plot,
           which is supposed to have a lot of hidden meaning or some shit, but
           which didn't really strike me as that. i felt like it was a waste
           of time, though this is probably one of those films where you
           love it or hate it.
           \_ the plot sort of makes sense if you really analyze it.  I
              thought ichi had a lot of extremely artistic digital
              composting.  Very dada, though.  Gore for the sake of gore,
              compositing.  Very dada, though.  Gore for the sake of gore,
              gore to the point where it transcends just plain old gore and
              becomes a statement on the nature and reason for gore in films;
              a statement that you as the viewer have to decipher and decide
              for yourself.  Plus it has Shinya Tsukimoto playing the
              mastermind of all the violence.
        \_ I love Takashi Miike.  This is one of his gorier films, though
           I'd personally start with something like Dead or Alive or
           City of Lost Souls and move up from there.  I think you'll
           appreciate Ichi more that way... and though my personal favorites
           are Audition and Happiness of the Katakuris, they don't have
           quite the effect unless you've already seen his gorier films.
           Visitor Q has one of the best necrophilia scenes ever put to
           celluloid.  Oh, BTW, he has a new one in the SF Indie fest,
           called Gozu.
           \_ I've seen both Audition and Happiness of the Katakuris,
              and thought the latter was really excellent while the
              former was somewhat boring.  Do any of his other movies
              veer towards arty, rather than gore-as-spectacle?
              \_ all of his films are different.  After seeing Dead or
                 Alive, I found Audition to be one of the most suspenseful
                 movies I've ever watched.  Everything seemed so tame and
                 maybe normal, it gave me heart palpitations waiting for
                 it to get as weird and gorey as I knew it must get.  There's
                 a lot of gore, and to some degree that's the point of a lot
                 of his films.  It's more than just shock cinema, though.
                 It's shock cinema that makes me, at least, re-evaluate the
                 boundaries of conventional taboo and consider their purposes.
                \_ I loved the Audition. Kiyoshi Kurosawa is also the shiznit.
        \_ slightly OT: has anyone seen Kitano's version of Zatoichi..worth $$?
2004/1/29-31 [Recreation/Media] UID:11996 Activity:nil
1/29    I just got back from seeing "Station Agent" at the Parkway.  I believe
        it was one of the best movies I've seen this year.  For anyone
        interested in seeing a good comedy/drama, consider checking it out.
        \_ Here's a second for the Station Agent. DId it get any Academy
        \_ Thanks for not including any MOTD spoilers.
        \_ I'd like to recommend "The Fog of War," the new Errol Morris
           movie.  Everyone should see this movie, regardless of how they
           feel about McNamara or the Vietnam war.
           \- where is it playing? his movie about that electric chair
              repair fellow ho drank 50 cups of coffee per day was pretty
              interesting too. --psb
              \_ C'mon, Partha, this is sheer laziness, making us look it
                 up for you... but you know we will anyway: Landmark Act 1 &
                 2 on Center in Berkeley, and the Landmark Embarcadero in
                 SF. Post a review when you see it.  --erikred
2004/1/19 [Recreation/Media] UID:11830 Activity:nil
1/19    I need to acquire a couple of episodes of TV shows that I watch.  Can
        anyone here recommend me to a good bittorrent site?  TIA.
        \_ What is bittorrent?
           \_ STFW
2004/1/14-15 [Recreation/Media] UID:11780 Activity:nil
1/13    Is there anyway I can get a copy of the full length CBS 60 minutes
        interview with Paul O'Neill?  I am outside the USA and I would like
        to watch it somehow.  I tried to look for it in emule and nothing
        turned up.  thanks
        \_ the shows often sell transcripts or tapes.  call the station,
           don't be a pirate.
           \_ If you do decide to be a pirate, do it like a real man: steal
              a sailing ship, and prowl around the LA marinas with some sword
              packing thugs, then attack the yacht of a CBS executive, kill
              everyone on board and take all their tapes.
           \_ What he said, also, why would P2P people bother to capture and
              encode 60 Minutes?  It has almost no replay value 99% of the time
              \_ Aaarrrr.  He speaks truth matey!  I have competition enough.
                 \_ Beggin' yer pardon, cap'n, but when be the next Talk Like
                    A Pirate Day?
                    \_ rstfwr
2003/12/22-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:11558 Activity:low
12/21   Yet another Philip K. Dick story going to the big screen!
        Too bad it's Ben Afleck.
        \_ Old news. How about Ray Bradbury and "A Sound of Thunder"
           and remake of "Farenheit 451"?
        \_ Ooooh.  That's one of my favorite short stories.  I hope they don't
           screw it up.
           \_ It's being turned into a movie.  Of course they'll ruin it.
              \_ Yeah, just like Lord of the Rings
                 \_ LotR went out with a wimper.  No sarcasm.  It was lame
                    after all that to squirm in my seat waiting for the
                    closing credits.
                    \_ Apparently the "true Tolkien fans" would have only
                       been happy with a word-for-word 36 hour miniseries.
                 \_ Two words.  Darth Faramir.
                    \_ Flying Flaming Denethor!
                       \_ Forest for the trees, eh guys?
                          \_ Don't even get me started on the trees.
                             \_ What, you mean how a slightly-less-than-average
                                intellectually endowed hobbit outsmarted the
                                oldest being in Middle Earth?
                                \_ Nah, I mean, how the stays on Elrond's
                                   corset were completely realistic, and
                                   how any true fan of Tolkien could tell
                                   that he was speaking Sindarin with an
                                   Telerin accent.... Whaddya mean, it's
                                   just a movie?
                                   \_ Pfft.  Any Tolkien fan would know that
                                      Elrond would not speak with a Telerin
                                      accent, being the son of a Noldo.
                                      Legolas, on the other hand, would.
                                        -- ilyas
        \_ Seen the marketing for "I, Robot" yet?  Looks like they've turned
           Asimov's clever little short story collection into a dumb Will
           Smith action vehicle.
2003/12/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Recreation/Media] UID:11550 Activity:nil
12/20   Fox News bought DirecTV
2003/12/17-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:11499 Activity:nil
12/17   12:01 AM: Return of the King: +++++++
        \_ 'this movie will make you shit stuff you did not eat
            when you see it'
        \_ I dunno.  The battle scenes were definitely cool, but I thought
           the actors weren't up to their usual par from the first two movie;
           especially the first half.  Most of the characters almost seemed
           like entirely different characters, especially Gollum.
                                               \_ they switched from a PC
                                                  to a mac.
           \_ good allah, i hope so. the idea is for the characters to grow
              and progress, unlike sodans.
              \_ I tried to rationalize it that way, but during the first half
                 of the movie, their acting just sucked.  They were better in
                 the second half.
        \_ I thoroughly enjoyed it. The ending was a tad long, but then again,
           the book's ending was really long, so I think they did a good job
           with it.
2003/12/8 [Recreation/Media] UID:11350 Activity:nil
12/7    The Last Samurai was REALLY GOOD. It's eerily similar ot Dances with
        \_ so basically you are saying all alien cultures should seek a great
           white hope to rediscover its roots?
        \_The name in japanese (on the posters) is actually "Way of
          the Samurai"...a much better name.  The Last Samurai as a
          title makes me think its all about some honkey (Cruise) being the
          last samurai, which would be pethetic at best. -scottyg
        \_ Which was visually beautiful but is a really crappy movie.
           \_ Yes.  Last Samurai sounds like another movie about a White Dude
              who gets all Soulful and Righteous after he hangs with the
              Exotic Other.  Bah.
              \_ not just some white dude. an evil scientologist.
                 fuck that shit.  i don't like MPAA, but i'll take MPAA
                 over CoS any day of the fucking week, and you better
                 believe those bastards will get several million bucks from
                 any successful film with Cruise.
                \_ why do you guys hate your own people? Personally, I have
                   no problem watching movies where the great white samurai
                   bring in his superior white culture into the savages and
                   gets whatever he wants from them, like respect, women, etc
                   \_ hate my own people?  you think i'm a scientologist?
                      re-read my rant.  i don't give a shit about this
                      movie or race as an issue in general, i just
                      really really really hate scientologists.
                      also, scientology isn't a race.
                      \_ Ever read "Operation Clambake"?
                         \_ of course.
                   \_ Troll harder, stupid-san.  The ways of the samurai
                      are tough to master.
                      \_ dict irony
                         \_ Wow.  There are some shitty definitions of the
                            word irony in there.  Thanks, I never knew how
                            innaccurate dict was!
                 \_ Amen to that. I'll pass on staring at closeups of Cruise's
                    smug, unshaven face for two hours. From the director of
                    Legends of the Fall? I didn't see that either and hope I
                    never do.
                    \_ I liked both "Legends of the Fall" and "Dances With
                       "Wolves". I guess this movie is for me.
        \_ I liked "Ghost Dog" better. That's a kickass cultural-crossing
           samurai movie.
           \_ Ghost Dog was awesome. Curiously enough, it's star was also a
              well-known scientologist.
2003/11/26-27 [Recreation/Pets, Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Media] UID:11241 Activity:nil
11/26   How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog was a very good movie rental-- along
        the lines of Adaptation, but funnier and not so strange.
        \_ This coming from someone who thought Adaptation was "strange"
2003/11/20-21 [Recreation/Media] UID:11158 Activity:high
11/20   I watched the matrix 3 last weekend on IMAX.  It was great!  I heard
        all the people bitching on the motd about how bad the movie was so
        I went in with low expectations.  I enjoyed the movie.  Yeah, it's
        mostly fighting and not much story development.  But hey, we already
        know the story.  It's a trilogy.  Imagine if Morpheus pontificated
        all the time in all 3 movies.  That would be a disaster.  I like
        the "mech warrior" fighting scenes a lot.
        \_ Morpheus going off all the time about fate and The One and all that
           bullshit was a low point in the other movies.  It was actually
           painful to watch in the second movie.
           \_ he was basically reduced to copilot for #3. fine by me,
              especially after his painful speech in #2
              \_ It made my skin crawl and I squirmed in my seat in movie 2.
        \_ No, it was not a trilogy.  It was a movie, then an afterthough movie
           split into:  two movies, a collection of animation, a single-player
           video game, and a MMORPG.
        \_ Did you enjoy the nipple twisting scene?
           \_ meh. enjoyed bullucci's breasts a whole lot more.
              \_ They look even better on IMAX.
                 \_ Would be even better if there's a 3D version of the movie.
              \_ I thought those are big, until I searched her pics in other
                 settings in Google.  Now I think they're just pushed-up in M3.
                 \_ Of course they are, that's what bondage clothing does best.
        \_ This is an excellent summary of Matrix 3:
           \_ BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!
              \_ i especially like how he does give spoiler warnings... at the
                 end of the article.
        \_ Filmforce is saying Revolutions on DVD by Jan 6th. Is that some kind
           of record for fastest theatre release to video release turnaround?
           \_ No.
2003/11/13 [Recreation/Media] UID:11057 Activity:nil
11/12   Christopher Lee cut from RoTK:
        \_ this doesn't suck because it's Christopher Lee, it sucks
           because it means they're skipping a very important scene.
           skipping the scene (which should have been in the second movie)
           in which Gandalf confronts Saruman does not bode well for the
           third movie, overall.
           \_ ehh, won't they just add it back in a special edition?
           \_ The scouring won't even be in the movies at all.  I'm finding
              myself strangely happy with this decision.
        \_ I didn't realize he was also Count Dooku. He's a geek god now.
           \_ He already was a horror geek god.  Do a google on "Hammer
        \_read It talks about why it was cut
          from both the 2nd a 3rd movies.  It will be in the 2nd movie's
          special edition.
2003/11/9-10 [Recreation/Media] UID:10995 Activity:high
11/8    OK obligatory Matrix Reviewed (no spoilers)
        -Should have been Matrix: Revolting
        -I think I saw Superman flying by in the background in that
         scene up in the air
         \_ Mark my words: that scene will make superhero fights (and,
            by extension, real comic book movies) a reality within the
            next 2 years.
        -The machines wanted to whack the humans to get rid of all the
         horrible actors
        -The "equation":  Hugo Weaving:  good actor.  Keanu:  bad
         actor.  It all balances out.
        -That scene at the end:  "taking out the trash".
        -The machines were pissed at the humans because they all live
         like a bunch of slobs
        -Cases with 300 rounds of machine gun ammo go a long way
        -The subway has a terrible dental plan
        -Having caviar smeared on your boobs makes them grow (see:
         Monica Belluci)
        In short, this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  It's
        bad on an epic scale, made even more so because it follows a movie
        that I already thought was the worst I'd ever seen.  In fact, I think
        that this movie can't have been made this bad accidentally--there must
        have been a higher purpose, an "architect of bad", so to say.  All
        things that have a beginning must come to an end.  Thank fucking
        god for that, is all I can say.                         -John
        \_ good review John.  This movie is the biggest waste of money since
           Waterworld.  They basically took every cliche from about 6 different
           genres and stitcged them into a script.  When I think of how many
           episodes of South Park or how many hong kong movies could have been
           made with the budget it just makes me angry.  However I'm not sure
           you can blame Keanu's acting at all- given the script I don't think
           even good acting could have saved it.                -brain
        \_ It isn't over. They left it wide open to be a serial movie.
           \_ The brothers have gone on record stating there will be no more
              movies. We'll see how long that statement lasts...
                \_ I call bullshit on them. Who doesn't REALLY like money?
        \_ let me get this straight.  you didn't like the first two movies,
           but you went to see the third in the theater and were suprised
           you didn't like it?  this takes the stupidity of John to new
           \_ The first was good, the second was useless, I hoped the third
              would be better.  And learn to troll, that was a pretty feeble
              attempt.  -John
            _ And no, even "Chopper Chicks in Zombietown was far better."
           \_ God, you're a fucking moron.  How'd you learn to type and
        \_ John, you either don't watch a lot of movies, or you have a
              breathe at the same time?  I liked the first one.  It had
              suspense and story and character development and and and.  The
              second one was horrible.  I had a reasonable hope the third
              would be better.  And sign your name;  you're a pretty hopeless
              troll.  And it's not an exaggeration--not a single person I
              spoke to who'd seen it (all of whom are a damn sight more
              intelligent than you obviously are, you mental cabbage) agreed
              that it was the single worst thing they'd seen.  Get a clue,
              you miserable dickless wonder.  People like you should be
              neutered.  Froth spite hate.  -John

           tendency to exagerrate.
        \_ I liked the first movie a lot. The second movie was one of the
                                                \_ Maudib!
           worst movies I've ever seen. I have not seen the third, but I
           can imagine it is as bad as described since it was filmed at
           the same time that the second one was. --dim
        \_ The sad part is going on some message board filled with matrix
           fanboys / apologists. Every negative comment is ripped to shreds,
           inevitably with the argument "you just don't get it" or "you don't
           appreciate the masterful complexity and depth and profoundness".
           \_ A non-fanboy, non-"you don't get it", semi-positive review:
     (Lileks' blog)
        \_ How much worse is it than the second Matrix? I don't know, did
           people really take the first Matrix that seriously? The second
           movie entertained me, apart from some boring bits in the early
           stages. I did't see it in the theater though and had rather low
           expectations. Certainly there are far worse movies.
           \_ Yeah, I really don't understand this visceral hatred people have
              for the Matrix movies.  It seems more hated than Lucas films,
              which really are bad enough to earn it.  The Matrix films really
              seem to hit some sort of chord of hatred with people, it's the
              oddest thing. -- liked 2nd matrix just fine
              \_ The first one came out of nowhere and blew people away.
                    \_ Reaction to the Star Wars prequels have nothing to
                       do with artificially high expectations.  They are
                       simply crappy films.  The first Star Wars was before
                       Lucas was so certain of himself, so he would constantly
                       reflect and collaborate, and so came up with a very
                       good result.  Ep. V and VI he (or the powers that be)
                       wisely had other people direct them.  Lucas should
                       never direct his own stories again.  I dare say he
                       should give up directing altogether. --scotsman
                 There was very little chance that a sequel was going to
                 capture the novelty of the original, but ppl were bound
                 and determined to catch the bus this time.  When it turned
                 out to be only as novel as the first one (and not more
                 novel), that investment in catching the Next Big Thing
                 turned to resentment.  *shrug* I'll still go see it at
                 the Parkway.
                 \_ I totally agree with this.  People's expectations are
                    just too high.  You people bitching about Matrix 2,3
                    are probably the same people bitching about Star Wars
                    prequels right?
                    \_ Reaction to the Star Wars prequels have nothing to
                       do with artificially high expectations.  They are
                       simply crappy films.  The first Star Wars was before
                       Lucas was so certain of himself, so he would constantly
                       reflect and collaborate, and so came up with a very
                       good result.  Ep. V and VI he (or the powers that be)
                       wisely had other people direct them.  Lucas should
                       never direct his own stories again.  I dare say he
                       should give up directing altogether. --scotsman
                    \_ My expectations were pretty low going into #3, but
                       I was still disappointed. At the very least, I wanted
                       to be entertained by kickass action (like #1 and parts
                       of #2 (highway sequence)). The final fight was comical
                       at best, Niobe's sequence was okay, but everything in
                       \_ So godlike, it still took him several minutes to
                          defeat Merovingian's goons in Reloaded.
                          \_ Well, they also had special powers right? Weren't
                             they special rogue programs or whatever?
                \_ Watched the first matrix, haven't watched the second
                   matrix.  Do I need to watch it before seeing the third
                   matrix, or would it be bad movie * 2 ?
                   \_ Matrix 3 starts literally 10 minutes after 2 ends. You
                      will be so lost. Then again, you might be lost even if
                      you watched 2.
        \_ John, you either don't watch a lot of movies, or you have a

           tendency to exagerrate.
        \_ I liked the first movie a lot. The second movie was one of the
                                                \_ Maudib!
           worst movies I've ever seen. I have not seen the third, but I
           can imagine it is as bad as described since it was filmed at
           the same time that the second one was. --dim
        \_ The sad part is going on some message board filled with matrix
           fanboys / apologists. Every negative comment is ripped to shreds,
           inevitably with the argument "you just don't get it" or "you don't
           appreciate the masterful complexity and depth and profoundness".
           \_ A non-fanboy, non-"you don't get it", semi-positive review:
     (Lileks' blog)
        \_ How much worse is it than the second Matrix? I don't know, did
           people really take the first Matrix that seriously? The second
           movie entertained me, apart from some boring bits in the early
           stages. I did't see it in the theater though and had rather low
           expectations. Certainly there are far worse movies.
              which really are bad enough to earn it.  The Matrix films really
              seem to hit some sort of chord of hatred with people, it's the
              oddest thing. -- liked 2nd matrix just fine
              \_ The first one came out of nowhere and blew people away.
                 There was very little chance that a sequel was going to
                 capture the novelty of the original, but ppl were bound
                 and determined to catch the bus this time.  When it turned
                 out to be only as novel as the first one (and not more
                 novel), that investment in catching the Next Big Thing
                 turned to resentment.  *shrug* I'll still go see it at
                 the Parkway.
                       Zion was pretty shitty. I never cared for the story and
                       background, and the last movie didn't do anything to
                       change that opinion.
                 \_ No way.  They didn't use any of the elements that made
                    the first movie great.  It's the Matrix!  you can do
                    anything because it's a simluation!  "We need guns" and
                    huge racks of guns roar out of the horizon!  Suddenly you
                    know how to pilot a helicopter!  None of that was in the
                    second movie and the third movie didn't even have any of
                    the phone imagery.  Can  you remember anything the
                    characters actually did IN the Matrix?  No?  that's because
                    only the fight scenes took place there!  What's the point?
                    what makes this different from any other "and then stuff
                    blew up" summer movie?                      -brain
                    \_ Well, didn't Neo, like, transcend or something at the end
                       of M1? So he's godlike now in the Matrix. Although I
                       don't really follow the plot too well due to all the
                       inconsistencies. I decided I had to willfully suspend
                       disbelief in M1 anyway. M2 seemed like a reasonable
                       \_ So godlike, it still took him several minutes to
                          defeat Merovingian's goons in Reloaded.
                          \_ Well, they also had special powers right? Weren't
                             they special rogue programs or whatever?
                \_ Watched the first matrix, haven't watched the second
                   matrix.  Do I need to watch it before seeing the third
                   matrix, or would it be bad movie * 2 ?
                   \_ Matrix 3 starts literally 10 minutes after 2 ends. You
                      will be so lost. Then again, you might be lost even if
                      you watched 2.
2003/11/7-8 [Recreation/Media] UID:10979 Activity:high 66%like:12088
11/7    motd poll: best movie ever:
        9 1/2 weeks but the original story was way hotter: .
        \_ what is this about?
        Office Space: ..
        conan: ..
        Contact: .
        yermom does dallas: ..
        Deep Throat:
        videodrome: .
        Dr. Strangelove: .
        Fargo: .
        City of Lost Children: .
        8 1/2 inches: .
        Seven Samurai: .
        Angels and Insects: .
        Amadeus: .
2003/11/6 [Recreation/Media] UID:29618 Activity:very high 62%like:10964 50%like:29629
11/5    Don't post shit about the movie.  Fuck.  It's not like the rest of
        us ran out to see it at 6am.
        \_ I saw it as a matinee (345pm at the Grand Lake Theater). I'm
           happy I saw it (sense of completion), but I'm glad I only paid
           matinee price. --erikred
           \_ so, if the movie were better, you would regret not paying
              nine bucks?  huh?
              \_ no, but if I had paid nine bucks and the movie had not been
                 better, I would feel ripped off. --erikred
           \_ Matinee price is what I'm pretty much prepared to pay for most
              movies. M3 qualifies.
           \_ I was actually surprised the 6 am show was matinee priced. I
              thought they'd try to milk more money out of the people who
              are willing to wake up early enough to see it.
                \_ weren't they showing it at 10pm the night before like they
                   did for m2?
        \_ Why are engineers so underpaid these days that a movie is worth
           $6 but not $8??? If you're that frugal, just use an old student
           \_ It's the principle of the matter. And I got out of work early
              to watch it 'cause Enterprise was on last night!
              \_ You are a sick, sick man.
2003/11/6-7 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Recreation/Media] UID:10964 Activity:nil 62%like:29618
11/5    Don't post shit about the movie.  Fuck.  It's not like the rest of
        us have bothered to see the movie since it opened on Wednesday.
        \_ Roseanne Barr was awesome as the Oracle.
        \_ nuked from orbit.
2003/11/5 [Recreation/Media] UID:10950 Activity:high
11/4    Motd Movie Critic, will you do us the honors of reviewing the
        matrix 3?  Thanks.  -MMC #1 fan
        \_ who cares.  the only reviews that matter are the ones posted
           on - danh
        \_ Matrix >> Matrix 3 >> Matrix 2
        \_ Agent Smith is really Neo's father!
        \_ Agent Anderson is really Neo's father!
           \_ Search your feelings.  You know this to be true.
              \_ I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate
           \_ Whoops made a mistake, that was supposed to be M2. In this one
              we find out Trinity is really Neo's sister.
              \_ But... we had sex during that rave!
                 \_ I get a hard-on fantasizing about Neo and Trinity being
                    brother/sister having an incestuous relationship.
                    \_ First time reading the motd?
                 \_ They are the last survivors and have to repopulate the
                    Earth with their inbred children. Half the movie is them
                    making out. But then we find out Neo was taken over by
                    Smith, who is actually both Neo's and Trinity's father.
                    \_ Then Rocco and Aurora show up and they have a big
                       four way which ends with Rocco doing Trinity in the
                    brother/sister having an incestuous relationship.
                    Earth with their inbred children. Half the movie is them
                    making out.
                       piledriver position.
                       \_ Have you been reading my diary?
2003/11/4-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:10925 Activity:kinda low
11/3   WTF?
        \_ WTF long url, or WTF another Russell Crowe movie, or WTF Hollywood
           is gonna botch another novel-to-movie?
           \_ What is the record for longest movie title?
              \_ Google may be your friend here. The first several hits all
                 come up with different movie titles, some facetiously.
           \_ the long URL flashed on my tv screen for 5 seconds, when
     points to the same site.
           \_ I fear the last. This a fun little series if you can get
              through the nautical terms. Boney lovers beware, not for you.
                                          \_ Boney? What's this refer to?
                                             \_ Hint:film is about English navy
        \_ just another Russell Crowe movie
        \_ just another Russel Crowe movie
           \_ From the looks of the preview, this looks like a great comedy.
              Russell Crowe seems to have worked hard to pull off without
              a doubt one of the least realistic English accents in the
              history of the cinema, and the supporting cast seems to do
              their damndest at Scottish and Irish accents as well.
              \_ They should have outsourced to India. At least some of them
              their damndest at Scottish and Irish accents as well.
                 have decent English accents.
2003/10/27-28 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Media] UID:10813 Activity:nil
10/27   Support your fellow Sodans!  watch their movies!
        "Xtremely Xtreme" starring scotsman and shac will be playing at
        the Roxie Theater in SF, tonight (Monday) at 7pm and 9:30pm
        and again at 7pm on Wednesday.  Tickets are $7.  See you there! -brain
        \_ Is it anything like Extreme Teen?
           \_ it's kind of like the E! True Hollywood Story, about a reality
              show called "Xtremely Xtreme."  it's 10 minutes long and has
              screaming and a lesbian beat poet.  Try it you'll like it!
              Note that it WILL sell out so plan to arrive early.  There will
              of course be other shorts playing as well.  But vote for mine
              anyway!                                   -brain
2003/10/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:10796 Activity:nil
10/25   The Motd Movie Critic reviews "Kill Bill, Volume 1":  See this movie
        immediately.  --MMC
        \_ I dunno it left me cold. Some of it was good but the humor
           mostly fell flat. Lots of uncomfortable moments.
2003/10/23-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:10749 Activity:nil
10/22   I'm on TV this weekend - Showtime at the Apollo #202.  It was a fun
        little gig.  -chaos
        \_ what did you do?  Showtime Cable station?  I don't get it.
           \_ "Showtime at the Apollo" is the name of the show.
              \_ channel, time, act description?
        \_ a sodan who's down with vocal percussion _and_ has played the
           Apollo?  I'm sorry, Elaine, but we're revoking your membership.
           your life point totals are too intimidating.  (which is to say:
           congrats!  nicely done! now get some movies up on your site!)
2003/10/18-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:10685 Activity:kinda low
10/17   The Motd Movie Critic has returned for your pleasure to review
        Secondhand Lions: With the exception of half a scene at the very end
        of the movie, this was a fantastic movie.  This is a purely character
        driven movie written strictly for adults.  There was some fine acting,
        a fair amount of tear jerking sentamentalism and a lot of good lines
        and funny situations.  Take your spouse.  Take your over 25 y/o date.
        The under 25 crowd may not 'get it'.  The final scene looked very
        tacked on by some marketdroid or other idiot but doesn't ruin the rest
        of this very fine film.  --MMC
        \_ motd poll:
           i think the MMC is a fucking annoying idiot: ...
           i think he's a harmless idiot who doesn't annoy me: .
           i like the MMC:
           \_ Wow, so bitter and angry.  Someone lock you in a closet?  Why
              does it bother you so much that someone would do movie reviews?
              Maybe you're just in the oft neglected under 25 crowd?
              \_ actually I hate all movie critics, and always have.  I'll
                 spare you the long rant as to why, but the point is that
                 MMC is the only movie critic who will actually read
                 all my insults, and I intend to take full advantage of it.
                 \_ i want to hear the long rant! --aaron
                    \_ no, you don't.  you just think you do.
                 \_ I also think i want to hear the long rant -phuqm
                    \_ third'd. Long rant! Long rant! As for me, I don't
                       realy care for 'em but I like
                       \_ fine.  but i'm not posting it to the motd.  i'll
                          put my rant in /csua/temp or something and tell you
                          where to find it. give me a day or so.
                          posting long rants to the motd is a thankless task
                          since they tend to get deleted as colateral damage
                          from some other flame war.
             \_ perhaps it's your tone. "the" motd movie critic, talking about
                himself in the third person. It's like Miss Manners.
                \_ It's classic.  How else would it be?  Anyway, The MMC is
                   glad to have provided not only movie reviews but an outlet
                   for a fellow sodan.  The MMC does not review the work of
                   other columnists, only movies.  --MMC
                \_ Big ego doesn't mean no value.  I follow MMC in movies.  I
                   follow Trudy the Monkey in stock picks:
                   \_ You know the dart throwing monkeys consistently pick
                      better than 90% of the 'experts' and almost never lose
2003/10/17-18 [Recreation/Media] UID:10675 Activity:nil
10/17   Anynone seen "Underworld"?  Is it good?  -- misha.
        \_ no.  it sucks.  I snuck in and I still feel ripped off. - danh
        \_ Worst vampire movie, ever. Actually, it was just a bad movie.
           \_ what about From Dusk Till Dawn or something like that.
              \_ No dude -- John Carpenter's Vampires is even worse.  I mean,
                 take any cool or interesting or sexy imagery associated with
                 vampires.  Now throw it away.  What you've got left is that
                 hideous piece of crap made with Jon Bon Jovi then remade
                 (with virtually no changes) with James Woods.  How I loathe
                 late night cable tv.
              \_ Hmm, I guess I'm fortunate to have missed that one. But
                 Underworld was a clusterfuck of a movie.
        \_ Underworld was perhaps among one of the best movies ever made.
           If you didn't like it you went in with the wrong mindset.
        \_ I liked Underworld but it wasn't a masterpiece.  I think a bunch
           of you got sucked in by the poster or previews or something.  It was
           a straight forward, no sex, all violence vampires vs werewolves
           modern day flick.  There are many worse movies out every week.
           Guns, action, death, blood, weak plot, no sex, somewhat hot chick.
           Very simple.  Like that idea?  See a matinee.  Otherwise skip it.
           I'd do a real review but it's late and I'm busy.  --MMC
           \_ Why can't someone do a decent World of Darkness movie?
              \_ cuz very few gamers are capable of writing decent screenplays
           \_ Making a movie isn't very hard, all you need is a gun and
              a girl. --JLG
              \_ And, perhaps, a camera.
2003/10/6-7 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Recreation/Media, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:10494 Activity:high
10/6    What did he whisper in her ear in "Lost in Translation" ?
        Anybody?  Anybody?
        \_ does anybody think that the representation of japanese
           people in this film is kinda f'ed up? I mean, I feel
           like she was just trying to show how the characters were
           alienated by being in a foreign culture or whatever, but
           there definitely were quite a few laughs just based on
           "those wacky japanese".
           \_ it's the experience of the novice traveller in Japan.
              trust me, you'll spend a lot of time thinking, "wow,
              those wacky japanese."  The movie also had a good deal
              of beauty (the wedding procession in Kyoto, for example).
              For more on the wacky, imcomprehensible nature of Japan,
              check out "Max Danger: Adventures of an Expat in Tokyo"
              by Robert J. Collins.
        \_ Sorry, it was lost in translation.  HAH!  Damn, I'm good.
        \_ I think the point is that you're not supposed to know.  That
           said, I'm guessing it's something along the lines of "become
           yourself" or other sentimental "bye-bye" pap....  Great movie,
        \_ Why don't you download it and run the enhance the audio
           track so that you can listen to it. In all likelyhood he
           said nothing of relavance to the movie. Why say something,
           when you can say nothing and get the same reaction out of
           the audience
           \_ well, now I'm more interested in seeing this movie.  So if
              it gets people talking...
        \_ He says, "For you".
        \_ Do you understand about modern lit. crit. and self-referentiality?
          \_ "Nan nen nihon ni irun desu ka?"   That was the funniest scene
             in the movie.  For those who don't know Japanese, the old
             woman at the medical clinic was slowly asking him how many
             years he was in Japan.
             \_ the best part is the two middle-aged ladies in the row
                of seats behind them trying, very politely, not to bust up.
2003/9/17-18 [Recreation/Media] UID:10237 Activity:kinda low
9/17    Does anybody have a direct quote of FCC Chair Michael Powell
        talking about how media consolidation is necessary to "continue
        bringing Americans quality programming such as Friends, which
        costs $10M for every episode"?  He mentioned Jennifer Aniston's
        salary in particular, and it was on ABCNews last night.
        \_ Jennifer Aniston has breast implants.
           \_ URL please?
        \_ Well, each of the "Friends" makes $1 million+ per episode, so that
           explains the cost. It's sickening, but more sickening is that the
           dumb show makes so much in advertising revenue that they can get
           paid that much and still make a profit. I think advertisers have
           lost their minds.
           \_ It's believed that NBC takes a loss on Friends, but needs it
              as a flagship.  Hard to sell $10M in ads over 30 minutes.
              \_ reruns, syndication, selling crap like season dvds.  I bet
                 they make a ton off friends alone.
                 \_ NBC doesn't see the money from reruns and syndication
                    since all they own are the broadcast rights. Warner
                    Brothers Studios produces the show, so they're the ones
                    paying the salaries and they're the ones who make money
                    from syndication. Seinfeld was the same way.
                    \_ ok, whomever is paying 10million an episode is getting
                       it back.
           \_ $1M per episode?  It'll take me 10yrs to make $1M.  Without
              layoff, that is.
              \_ Well they're obviously adding more value to the economy than
                 you are.  Also, you only make $100k?  You should've gone to
                 acting school.  Berkeley was a waste of time if you wanted
                 to make millions.
                 \_ If you want to make real money you have to drop out
                    of Harvard. - BillG
                    \_ I agree, but not necessarily harvard. - LarryE
        \_ Someone please tell me that you understand the irony that op
           is going for.
           \_ Did.  Don't care.
        \_ Who actually watches Friends?
           \_ Who thinks we should provide government support to networks
              who brings us crap like Friends?
                \_ Probably the same people who say that the market
                   will provide.
2003/9/15-16 [Recreation/Media] UID:10201 Activity:nil
9/15    I did not know Johnny Cash covered a Nine Inch Nails song.
        \_ Johnny Cash did a lot of great stuff.
        \_ KROQ played it the day he died.
           \_ the NIN version and Johnny cash version? Both?  Which one?
               \_ Johnny Cash version. I would've thought that obvious.
        \_ more interestingly, did you know he wrote 'blue suede shoes'?
           \_ Carl Perkins wrote that song.
        \_ did Van Halen write Pretty Woman?
2003/9/12 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Recreation/Media] UID:10158 Activity:nil
9/12    John Ritter, RIP.
        \- Johnny Cash -> dead.
        \_ they always come in three's (company)
           \- E_TELLER
              \_ Teller and Ritter?  It's an odd pair to put in the same list.
                 One was an amazingly brilliant scientist, the other was
                 famous for playing a straight guy pretending to be a gay guy
                 on a 70's sitcom.
                 \-the list is "people who died this week". so take your
                   aesthetic objections to the grim reaper. --psb
2003/7/22 [Recreation/Media] UID:29092 Activity:high
7/21    Motd Movie Critic mini-review: T3: Put to shame all previous Hollywood
        car chase scenes.  Arnold fans will enjoy the many references and lines
        from his other movies.  It's all done in good fun for the fans.  The
        women are both attractive enough but this reviewer would have been
        happier seeing more of the blond killer fembot.  John Connor was a
        bit odd but grew on the review part way through.  The MMC has been
        moonlighting recently at some 9-6 thing so begs forgiveness for the
        obvious lateness and brevity of this review.  The MMC saw Alien:
        Resurrection last night on cable and actually enjoyed it.  Not bad for
        the fourth film in a series that should have stopped after the second.
                --MMC at your service
        \_ I hated the first part.  I thought the movie really started after
           the coffin scene, and all the stuff before that was pandering to
           execs. -- ilyas
           \_ what about the care chase scenes in the first part?
              \_ The whole setup was kind of weak, imho, and so the car chases
                 seemed sort of gratuitous to me... Of course you can say that
                 that's what T movies are about...  Anyways, I thought the
                 second part was much better than the first, in the sort of
                 classic T1 and T2 style, and the ending was great. -- ilyas
        \_ Alien: Resurrection I saw over the weekend was heavily edited.
        \_ and while at it, try to see "28 Days Later" while they're still
           showing it. It's pretty good.
2003/7/18-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:29079 Activity:very high
7/17    Is the Phantom of the Opera Christine Daae's father?  If not, who
        is he?
        \_ He is not Christine's father, her father's dead. The phantom
           is just very ugly, and helped construct the Paris operahouse,
           so he could hide himself in the depths (he has a fake nose that
           lets him go out in public, he just still looks weird). -chialea
           \_ I thought the story was that his face was scalded and he
              wears a mask that lets him go out.
           \_ great, you just ruined the whole movie!
             \_ movie? fear. the musical was already... not the best.
                \_ usually people are referring to the 1925 movie
                   it has images you have definitely seen before
             \_ hint: Anakin becomes Darth Vader and is Luke's father.
                \_ Nooooo!  That's impossible!
                   \_ Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
                   \_ see this is where we all a major debt to Leigh, she
                                           \_ OWE!  OWE, you imbecile!
                                             \_ it's all that jolt/josta.
                                                \_ don't you mean:
                                                   "it's owe that jolt/josta"?
                      died before the movie was released.
                      \_ Leigh who?
2003/7/12-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:29014 Activity:high 75%like:29010
7/11    Have you ever seen a movie where all of your friends liked it but
        you just don't get it or don't like it? I'll start:
        \_ Wouldn't the world be a dull place if we all liked the same stuff?
        Spirited Away
        \_ For me it's often I like it but none of my friends do as is the
           case with Spirited Away.  Try not to watch it to "get it."  But
           try watching it to enjoy the story telling.  It may help you
           appreciate it, and maybe even "get it."
           \_ what, sometimes a story is ... just a story?  Not some huge
              sledgehammer moralistic or egotistically philosphical wank?
              \_ You really need to see Spirited Away on a big screen
                 (projection TV or projector->wall is good) with good
                 sound to appreciate it.
        Being John Malkovich
           \_ One of the few movies I chose not to finish.
                 \_ If I need a bigscreen and sound systm then how is it any
                    different than any other hollywood summer fx flick?  A
                    story shouldn't need that.
                    \_ sometimes, it's not the effect, but the plain simple
                       gorgeous shots done by say kurosawa.  big picture is
                       not the same as big effects.
        Being John Malkovich
           \_ One of the few movies I chose not to finish.
        \_ There's something about Mary
        This is Spinal Tap
        \_ Spinal Tap was so fucking funny!  "But... this one goes to 11" and
           you *know* you're the #1 Big Bottoms fan!
        Forrest Gump ..
        Worst in Show
        Big Trouble In Little China .
        Austin Powers (all of them)
        \_ If you didn't like the first or even the second one, what made you
           watch the last of them?
           \_ cable and peer pressure -- I am weak.
              \_ Austin Powers doesn't work with cable modem.  Bastard.
        \_ clerks
           \_ Or any movie by Kevin Smith (is that his name?)
                                        \_ costner
                                           \_ idiot.
        \_ Gone with the wind: I saw this on the big screen years ago and it
           was easily one of the shittiest movies I'd ever seen.  Her acting
           in particular was quite painful.  He looked like he knew it was a
           shitfilm and was enjoying mocking it all the way through.
        \_ Shrek
        \_ Nemo!  Do not see Nemo!
2003/7/11 [Recreation/Media] UID:29010 Activity:nil 75%like:29014
7/11    Have you ever seen a movie where all of your friends liked it but
        you just don't get it or don't like it? I'll start:
        Spirited Away
2003/7/4-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:28924 Activity:high
7/3     MMC: T3 yeah or nay?
        \_ I bet it sucks.  Go see 28 Days Later instead. - danh
           \_ Great movie, IMHO.
           \_ Thanks for letting us know it sucked without even seeing it.
              Your power to see the future rocks!  You rock!
              \_ I rule.  Thank you.  - danh
              \_ you really need to work on reading comprehension
                 \_ No, you do.  I knew exactly what dan was saying and he
                    knows I did and responded appropriately.  You are the only
                    one here that doesn't know what's going on.  Figure it out
                    next time before opening your dumb trap.
                    \_ Letting your inner bitch out again eh?
                       \_ It always comes out when dumb people open their
                          dumb traps trying to look !dumb and fail.
           \_ or go rent The Omega Man.
              \_ don't rent it.  cable/sat shows it almost every week.
        \_ 70% on rottentomatoes. that's surprising for an summer action flick
        \_ Haven't seen it yet.  Probably this weekend as a matinee.  I'll let
        \_ I've seen it 2X - arnold's #1 fan (though it violates a major tenet
           of the terminator series - no fate but what you make it) - just to
        \_ Skynet == Bit Torrent serving the L1NUX K3RN3L!
           you know.  --MMC
        \_ Skynet == Bit Torrent serving the L1NUX K3RN3L!
        \_ I've seen it 2X - arnold's #1 fan (SPOILER DELETED)
           \_ Yeah but it's not like Terminator was a deeply philosophical
              movie anyway.  It was never more than about seeing Arny blow
              shit up.  Please don't try to turn T[123] into some wacky
              They're just movies.
           see all those dead humans
              religious thing like the drones are doing with the Matrix[1234].
              They're just movies.
              \_ 4?
                 \_ Yes, 4.  It's coming out this fall and won't be any more
                    'deep' than the first 3 pretended to be.
                    \_ are you counting animatrix as one?
                       \_ No, I was counting this last one as 2 because it was
                          so painful it lasted twice as long as it should have.
        \_ yeah. it's hilarious.
        \_ It had lots of great parts and good acting.  Overall change in
           philosophy from previous two movies was risky but came off well.
           Lots of humor -- some might say almost as gratuitous as the guns
           and destruction, but then so was the T&A and a great deal of it
           fit in with advancing the plot.  Tons of inside jokes, one or
           two of the Terminator signature lines/etc were gone, but worth
        \_ yeah. it's hilarious.
           noting.  Lots of tributes to previous Terminator movies.  It was
           a nice touch to make the John Connor character look a little
           like Reese in appearance.  My only crticism is that the writing
           felt like it was rushed (or cobbled together from many writers)
           as there were too many places where the movie did not flow well
           and the great parts didnt fit together well.  It's a big story
           to tell though, so it could have been much worse.  It definitely
           sets things up for a T4 that will be of a very different nature
           that could be very good.
           \_ I stopped reading at "T&A".  Thanks!  I'm going to go see the
              next show!
2003/7/3-4 [Recreation/Media] UID:28916 Activity:high
7/3     Activison sues Viacom over Star Trek:
        \_ yay!  bring them on!
        \_ that's nice... if only ppl still cared about trek.
            \_ Well, clearly that is Viacom's fault -Activision
               \_ star trek is nearly dead. when TNG took off was
                  when they violated Roddenberry's vision of
                  no-interpersonal-conflict world. it was a hippie
                  fantasy hijacked by corporate america, milked for
                  all it was worth.
2003/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Media] UID:28867 Activity:very high
6/30    Are shampoos gender neutral?
        \_ the Star Wars ones are.  My wife and I both use the Star Wars
           Galactic shampoo and body wash, with Forest Moon scent.  Some of
           them have a picture of Queen Amadala on them, but it's the same
           stuff as the Darth Vader ones.
        \_ strong enough for a man, made for a woman...
           \_ isn't that underarm deoderant?
              \_ *ding ding* give this guy a cookie!
              \_ Actually it's "pH balanced for a woman"
        \_ Yes.  They are.  However, they add perfume to almost all of them.
           It won't do anything bad but do you really want to smell like
           Forest Moon scent?
        \_ most shampoo commercials feature women and their hair.
                   \_ Except ones which feature anti-dandruff shampoos.
                      \_ forgot to add that point
        \_ humans should just live in the woodlands like they used to
        \_ Are deodorants gender neutral? Are soaps? Are the girlie poofy
           things and loofa-pad-stone things gender neutral? Have any
           sodans had a "facial"?
           \_ no, no, no/no, probably
2003/6/25 [Recreation/Media] UID:28832 Activity:very high
6/25    Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.  This time the people behind the
        movie didn't even bother to pretend to tell a story.  The whole
        thing is nothing more than a bunch of scenes with beautiful
        people in skimpy clothes.  Lots of sexual innuendos, mindless
        H.K wire-styled fightings, and improbable stunts.  This is your
        typical summer sequal.  My rating: I hope you have a theater
        w/ cheap matinee price, because that is all it is worth.
                - Another MOTD movie critic wannabe.
        \_ No story?  No problem.  It's got Lucy Liu.  -John
           \_ Lucy Liu is stupid and not particularly attractive.
                \_ he didn't say everyone was beautiful, just some of them
        \_ beautiful people? so you mean lucy liu's not in the movie?
           \_ "There's no accounting for taste"
        \_ That's exactly the kind of movie I wanna watch. Matrix Reloaded
           pretended it had a story, which made for a miserable experience.
           \_ It had a story.  Shut up and go away.
              \_ No, not really.  Actually, no, not at all.
           \_ I agree too that it had a plot. The sequence with the Architect
              at the end was a revelation (althought lots of hints throughtout
              the movie were pointing at that). I enjoyed the movie a lot
              though the first half of the movie was slow moving and not
              as exciting as the second half.
              \_ It was lame.  There was no depth.  It's an illusion.
        \_ who the fuck needs a story when you've got hot chicks kicking ass
           \_ Amen to that.
2003/6/4-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:28628 Activity:low
6/4     Motd Movie Critic reviews "Wrong Turn":  Although a friend paid for
        the MMC's ticket in exchange for fixing the friend's computer, the MMC
        was still robbed.  Robbed of 82 minutes of precious life.  Robbed of
        an uncountable number of brain cells.  Robbed of a piece of the MMC's
        very soul.  The highlights: the nameless girl in blue with the all
        natural C cup and her giggly breasts.  The lowlights: the rest of this
        cinematic disaster. The MMC gives "Wrong Turn" a "flee for your
        life!".  (The MMC has studiously avoided the obBadJoke combining the
        movie title and the quality of film.  Do it for the children.)
        \_ will the motd movie critic give us a review of the matrix reloaded?
           \_ i believe the mmc did so last week. check the archives.
        \_ aren't all horror movies just about giggly boobs?
           \_ IHYM "jiggly"
              \_ I like "giggly" better.  - !op
        \_ [spellingd]
           \_ Please don't mess with my jiggly boobs!
              \_ [spellingd]
2003/5/30-31 [Recreation/Media] UID:28577 Activity:high
5/30    The best Matrix:Reloaded review you'll ever see:
        \_ Also damn good:
                \_ This idiot lost any credibility with his first point.
                   And I hated Matrix:Reloaded.
                   \_ I think he was trying to be facetious, but sadly,
                      he forgot to include the actual humor.
           \_ You might mention that this has the spoiler for the ending of the
              movie.  I'd avoided up until now.  Thanks a lot.
              \_ Fairly sure that "ending" is a joke ... like the rest of
                 the site. Lighten up.
                 \_ I'll let you know after I see the movie.
        \_ Nice site.
        \_ Also
           \_ Yay: I didn't even toot my own horn! -=Aubie
              \_ What's wrong with you?  Everyone else does.
        \_ What a shitty movie. I asked for (and got) a refund.
          \_ oh it wasn't that bad.  you suck
           \_ Was there a way you asked for a refund? I've always wanted to
              try it but never had the balls to.
              \_ Uh. Have balls?
                 \_ start with one ball.  then invoke the axiom of choice...
                    \_ there is no ball.
2003/5/15-16 [Industry/Startup, Recreation/Media] UID:28447 Activity:very high
5/15    Related thread re: matrix 2.  Anybody else bothered by the fact that
        it takes 100+ million to make a big movie these days?  In terms of
        return on investment, the movies that produced the most bang for the
        buck are "My big fat greek wedding" and "A room with a view".
        Both returned something one the order of 600-1000% return on investment.
        \_ Yes.  I am also bothered.
        \_ Blair Witch probably returned even more. I don't care how much
           they spend making the movie, but I am bothered that the lead
           usually makes a big chunk of it for doing a small part of the
           work. --dim
           \_ You must be some kind of Communist. The Free Market ensures
              that people are paid what they worth.
              \_ Uh huh. Which is why CEOs who run their companies into the
                 ground pay themselves millions before they are forced out.
                 \_ the shareholders/board lets them do so. can't blame
                    the ceo, he's being a good Capitalist, but the boards
                    are either doing the same thing (and the shareholders
                    are dumbfucks) or they're incompetent (ditto).
                    \_ without fair disclosure, without independent
                       audit and stock analyst, how would shareholders know?
                       \_ by watching their stock price drop like a rock?  if
                          they invest in a company that doesn't provide the
                          independent info an investor needs they should find
                          another company.
              \_ for some reason, the same person who wants "free market"
                 are the also the one who want erect tariff on Steels,
                 subsidy for agrecultural products, and tax benefits for
                 export goods.
                 \_ and speling, you no thers a taks on propar speling nowe
        \_ I'm bothered only in the fact that ticket prices are skyrocketing
           because of this.  Same with baseball & other sports.  I hold
           nothing against the actors or ballplayers, because if I were in
           their situation, I'd get every penny that I could too.
           \_ don't forget concerts.  Everything is becoming a rip-off.
              what's up with those "convenience fees"?!?!
              $20 programs at concerts.  $35 t-shirts.  And expensive nasty
              concessions...  Crazy!!!
              \_ As long as we're willing to pay, they're gonna set their
                 prices accordingly.
        \_ I almost didn't like M2 the first time, but when I saw it
           a second time I turned off my brain.
           \_ It just premiered last nite, and you've already seen it twice??
                \_ The reels have been printed for several weeks.
                   If you have distribution connections...
                   \_ yeah you're a genius with the inside track, uh huh.  I
                      suspect we all have the same p2p access you have.
2003/5/15-16 [Recreation/Media] UID:28445 Activity:high
5/15    X-men 2 > Matrix 2
        \_ I rewatched Matrix over the weekend. It's definitely lost a lot of
           its magic and luster. I don't have high expectations for the sequel.
        \_ X2 < Matrix2. Matrix2 is part of a trilogy, whereas X2 is just a
           chapter in a comic serial, so it is hard to compare the two...
                \_ It's easy to compare the two. X2 didn't try to be anything
                   more than a dumb action movie and succeeded and was fun and
                   exciting and new. M2 tried to be more than a dumb action
                   movie and failed miserably and was boring and repetitive.
                   They were both very stylish, however.
        \_ Got to see it this morning at a special screening - I thought
           it was pretty good (Espec the fight and chase scenes), a little
           heavy on fighting though...
        \_ Saw Matrix 2 last night. I wasn't a fan of the first one, but I
           like the new one much better. Possibly because I went into it
           expecting good eye candy, good fighting and not much else - and
           it delivers! contrast that with the first movie, which people whose
           opinions I trust were telling me was 'the next star wars'. Go see
           it for your eyes, not for your brain - if you can shut off the part
           of your brain that keeps saying "bad acting, transparent plot
           device, idiotic pseudo-intellectual dialogue" you will have a great
           time. I did.
           \_ there will never be another star wars.  our civilization is
              in decline.
              \_ Sure there will.  It'll come out in about a year, and will
                 continue the betrayal of all the fans hold dear.
        \_ ask not if Matrix #2 is better or worse than Matrix #1.  Ask if
           it is worthy of being movie #2 and does it do the job of continuing
           the story?
           \_ story? i stopped caring about that once I saw the "baby-energy-
              harvesting" thing in the first one.
              \_ "In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!"
                  \_ jesus christ man.  Just how much of the simpsons have
                     you watched?!  Always quoting them.  That's a little
                     on the fanatical side don't you think?
                     \_ Which begs the question how much Simpsons you've seen
                        to be able to recognize the quotes.
                        \_ Homer: It seems that the cat has been caught by the
                                  very person who was trying to catch him.
                           Skinner: How ironic.
2003/4/30 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:28266 Activity:very high
4/29    Dudes.............. I got my hax0r'd DirecTV hooked up last night.
        It's awesome. All the porn and pay per view + Cal sports I could
        \_ How do I get one? --aaron
           \_ go to or check your email. Next person who has
                questions, just email aaron...
        \_ Did you see in the paper that the guy that hacked their P4 card
           (well, actually stole it from a job site) could get 25+ years on
           an espionage charge?
           \_ URL, please.
               \_ URL?  I read it in the newspaper.  Ya know, ink on dead tree.
        \_ that's igor.  he published some secret docs.  be careful.  dave
           (directv) is targetting hackers these days.  just go to
           and get hooked up and don't trust anybody (don't tell your
           friends).  i've been at this for 3-4 years...i know everything
           that there is to know about this stuff.
              (directv) is targetting hackers these days.  just go to
     and get hooked up and don't trust anybody (don't
           \_ Can you post your email so we know you've been picked up when
              you stop posting?  We can start a <DEAD><DEAD>
              site for you and take collections through paypal.  It'll be very
              geeky and we'll all feel good about ourselves after.  Maybe
              tell your friends).  i've been at this for 3-4 years...i know
              everything that there is to know about this stuff.
              \_ Can you post your email so we know you've been picked up when
                 you stop posting?  We can start a <DEAD><DEAD>
                 site for you and take collections through paypal.  It'll be
                 very geeky and we'll all feel good about ourselves after.
                 Maybe you'll be allowed net once a week from jail.  Say hi to
                 your cell mate from us!
              \_ [Reformatted to make sense]
              you'll be allowed net once a week from jail.  Say hi to your
              cell mate from us!
2003/4/28-29 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:28243 Activity:moderate
4/27    I finally found someone to sell me a directv hacked card. anyone
        else have any experience with this? a friend of mine has been using
        it for 2 years and she gets every directv channel... for free.
        yes, she did get her card fried a few months back.
        \_ any links on line about this?
        \_ Yes, I know someone who programs cards for profit. What about
        \_ Yes, I know someone who programs cards for profit. What about it?
        \_ Unless your friend is getting PPV it isn't worth it.
           \_ why not? and yes, she is getting ppv. that's what won me over...
              \_ time/risk/cost vs gain.  simple math.
        \_ No DirecTV, but I've been hacking Dish Network for a while now.
           \_ more info would be appreciated
              \_ is a good starting point.  I am
                 reluctant to post my login for obvious reasons.
        \_ yes, i've been hacking for many years (3-4).  it's easy.  do it
           yourself.  just buy a hu loader, script, bin from
           and a HU card from ebay...and yes, you get all channels (ppv,
           porn, sports, etc.)
        \_ I hear DirecTV is zapping hacked cards with regularity now,
           so you may get anywhere from >1 year to <1 week in uptime.
           your milage may vary.
                \_ scripts usually last about 2-3 weeks (this has been
                   the trend for the last 3-4 months).
                \_ just buy the damned service.  its cheap.
2003/4/23-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:28205 Activity:high
4/23    An analysis of Netflix's DVD allocation system
        \_ Yeah like everyone else hadn't figured it out 2 years ago that
           newer customers get priority.
           \_ I found this useful. I was considering getting Netflix but
              I will stick with the local video store after reading the
              article since our use would be very high.
              \_ Uhm, yeah, two years ago, etc, etc.
              \_ No, you don't understand.  dim said you'd be a goober if
                 you paid attention to that site.  Your only hope is to go
                 strong with Netflix if you want to be redeemed in the eye
                 of dim.
           \_ You're still a customer after 2 years?
              \_ Never was a customer but even so I still knew two years ago
                 that netflix was heavily weighted to newer customers.
           \_ there's more of interest there than just this.  It was a
              very interesting site, and explains a lot about why
              I had so many movies on long waits.  (i rented MANY movies).
              to TOP, thanks.
              \_ No there isn't.  The fact is new = get more films faster,
                 old = get films slower.  Two years, etc, etc, etc.
                 \_ Your comment implies that you didn't actually read the
                    \_ reading is unnecessary.  the dim has already spoken.
                    \_ what's to read?  it's a fucking dotcom scam job that'll
                       be gone when the vc runs out and everyone catches on to
                       the new-customers-get-movies-first scam.  I worked for
                       a few dotcoms, a few of which had a better scam than
                       netflix yet they're gone now.  there can't possibly be
                       anything interesting in an article on some dotcom.
              \_ The guy who did that site is a goober and by extension
                 so are you. --dim
                  \_ awww, shucks.
                 \_ We should all go home and hang ourselves now.  The dim
                    has spoken.
                    \_ I'm already hung.
                       \_ Like a horse, a bear, a gorilla or a mouse?
                          \_ like a tree.  "grab the lowest branch and
                             climb on up..."
                             \_ whoa baby!  got pics?!
2003/4/15-16 [Recreation/Media] UID:28133 Activity:very high
        Support Asian American independent cinema.  Go watch Better Luck
        \_ Sex and Zen !!!
           \_ Amy Yip is hot!  But I don't know if all the frontal and sideway
              chest shots were really hers.
        \_ It's a marginal movie at best. Ten of us (all Asian-Americans) saw
           it on Sunday, and we all thought, "eh." It's just a darker version
           of a formulaic teen drama.  But then again, it wasn't that bad for
           a shoe-string budget movie.
        \_ Hmm ... Chinese-American indie movie.  Did they show rice-car
           modding?  Wannabe tough/cool?  Stupid Asians?  Smart Asians gone
           bad?  Some killin'?  Then I wanna see it!!!1!
           \_ Kinda. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
           \_ Asians are by definition uncool.
                \_ Keanu Reeves is 1/4 chinese.  Is he cool?
                   \_ Only with the help of bullet dodging FX.
                   \_ says Reeves' father is part Chinese part
                      Hawaiian.  Where did the last name "Reeves" come from?
                      \_ His mother?  His movie agent?  You think everyone in
                         hollywood is using their given names?  HELLLOOOOO!!!
                         \_ says his birth name is Keanu Charles
                            Reeves.  Oh, never mind.  It also says "Reeves,
                            whose first name means 'cool breeze over the
                            mountains' in Hawaiian ...".  So I answered my own
                            question.  I guess this Reeves is not the same as
                            the Reeves in some Caucacian.
                   \_ Tiger Woods is half Thai.
                      \_ (1) he is not cool.
                         (2) any coolness he has comes from his black half
                         \_ So you're saying being black is not cool, right?
                            \_ the magnitude of the thai non-coolness is
                               greater than the magnitude of the black
              \_ That's what Quentin Tarantino thought too.  Then one day
                 he saw canto movies and then went to Peking to make his
                 latest movie.
           \_ "Chinese-American"? Not really.
        \_ Nice!  I am going to watch it.
        \_ Are there asian women with long, beautiful, silky, black hair
           in the movie?
           \_ There's really one only chick, labeled "The Beauty" in the
              movie posters. She's alright... decent looking. But cheerleader
              outfit is a bonus.
                \_ If real asians made this movie they would have put
                   her in a sailor outfit.
                   \_ Real asians huh?
                      If that cast and crew isn't real Asian, what is?
                      \_ The ones having cute women dress up in a sailor
                         and schoolgirl outfits.
              \_ Oh Hoyt, I miss him so much sometimes.
                         \_ I think you should just go back to watching your
                            Japanese AV porn.
                            \_ Mmmm... Naughty tentacles.
                      \_ Asian Americans?
           \_ "silky"? is that supposed to be some kind of racist comment?
              \_ Bad troll. Back under the bridge.
        \_ I'd much rather see Bulletproof Monk:
           \_ Isn't this the part where we complain about the evil westerners
              degrading our culture and ripping our religious beliefs out of
              historical context to make yet another mind numbing chop suey
              circus to entertain the white masses to keep them from focussing
              on real problems in society like poverty, the homeless
              situation, unfairly high rental rates in SF, and the endless
              agression of the rich white males who dominate society in their
              quest for oil?  Or something like that.
                \_ no, this is where I complain that Chow Yun Fat, actor
                   in so very many HK movies that I love and hold
                   dear, has been reduced to making films with the guy
                   from "Dude, Where's My Car?" - danh
                \_ You left out the fact that whitey is taking all of our
                   women. Yellow fever is much worse than SARS!
                   \_ I thought we were swapping. Do I have to give mine back?
                      \_ Asian boy got a white girl?  Keep her!  Please!
                \_ We poor white boys are always made the scapegoats!  We are
                   the real victims under reverse discrimination!  Boohoo!
                   \_ You're not with the program, son.  You're off topic.
                      White men oppressing people of color is still the name
                      of the game.  Just because you had higher scores and
                      grades and better letters of rec and the position went
                      to someone else with lower everything only because of
                      their skin color is no reason to complain.  Shut up
                      and stop oppressing everyone.
2003/4/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Recreation/Media] UID:28081 Activity:high 50%like:10367
4/10    matrix reloaded trailer
        \_ those better not be the best parts cause those were lame with
           all due respect
           \_ looked great to me, troll.
              \_ some of those scenes looked really CG, in a bad way like
                 Spiderman; one of the great things about the first Matrix
                 was you didn't notice this.  This kind of felt like watching
                 Terminator 2 for the next generation of kids.  You can also
                 call it getting my expectations back to earth before watching
                 the movie.
                 \_ T2 still looks great today.  It's T1 that looks dated,
                    especially the scene when Arnie is in front of the mirror
                    and pulling away bits of skin and eyeball.
                    \_ but T1 is still a much better movie.  -tom
                       \_ Tough call: T1 was a little tighter plotwise, but
                          the characterizations were a little more interesting
                          in T2.                  -mice
                          \_ It doesn't get any more interesting than
                             "I'll be back."  -tom
                             \_ Hmm.  I suppose in context, "I'll be back."
                                beats "Hasta la vista, baby" hands down. -mice
2003/3/13 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Recreation/Media] UID:27682 Activity:high
3/13    SETI@home made Yahoo Headlines!
        \_ Yahoo?  When it makes ABC/CBS/NBC during prime time lemme know.
        \_ Expect this to be deleted.
           \_ Still waiting.
                \_ Here, I'm deleting it: kkkkkkk8ddZZ
                \_ It will be as soon as one of three people logs in.  The
                   typical deleters aren't awake yet... slackers!
                   \_ Actually the thread was deleted.  It was some
                      political nonsense. -waiter
2003/2/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:27556 Activity:moderate
2/27    Stupid human tricks:
        Fox doing 2nd version of 'Millionaire'
        \_ How about a reality show where there's this massive orgy,
           and couples get married according to who impregnated who?
           \_ Multiple wives!  Always makes for great TV.
              \_ It's been done.  We call it Mormonism.  And if you're a young
                 Mormon male your chances of getting 1 wife much less several
                 were near zero since the old codgers took them all starting
                 around 13-15 years old.  This is still true in the BFE places
                 in Utah where they still do the multiple thing.
2003/2/12-7/5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Media] UID:27377 Activity:nil
2/11    I need a contractor for a few months. Can you help a brutha out?
        /csua/pub/jobs/pixar       -=Aubie
2003/2/7-8 [Recreation/Media] UID:27341 Activity:high
2/7     Besides the Godfather trilogy, what are other good mobster
        movies? I haven't seen any of them.
        \_ Goodfellas, Scarface, Carlito's Way
        \_ Untouchables
        \_ Made.  Ok, well it wasn't good but it was amusing.
           \_ You have bad taste. Made was a painful piece of shit. --aaron
        \_ Who deleted the American Me line?  Do you hate Mexicans?
           \_ American Me. (1992)
              critically acclaimed.  Ed. James Olmos is more powerful
              in this movie than in Std. and Deliver.
              \_ But the thing is, there is no Mexican Mafia. Really.
                 \_ my mother worked at a large prison for many
                    years (and look how I turned out!), I am reasonably
                    sure la familia exists.  in fact i know a few
                    real live actual mexicans who say the same thing. - danh
                 \_ Bound by Honor (aka Blood In, Blood Out)
                    \_ Nope. Nope. Must be mistaken. No Mexican organized
                       crime group here. Just fiction. Not real.
              \_ Speaking of American Me, any good prison movies like that?
          \_ Doesn't involve organized crime, but Midnight Express is
             a great stuck in prison and life sucks movie - danh
        \_ Donnie Brasco.
        \_ Casino
        \_ The Mini-Skirt Mob
           \_ ???
        \_ Once Upon a Time in America
        \_ Mobster movies only limited Ital and Mex? How about them bloods
           and crips. If talking movies, then how about the asian
           gangsters (not just the ones at San Jose State).
        \_ married to the mob.
        \_ give up on movies and try the Soprano's. it's awesome.
2003/1/15 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Media] UID:27102 Activity:high
        \_ Harry potter drivel.
2003/1/9-10 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:27041 Activity:high
1/9     Anyone know of a good DSL provider in berkeley?  I'm currently using
        DirectTV and they're shutting down soon.  I need a month-to-month
        contract as I'm graduating this semester.
        \_ Try <DEAD><DEAD>.
           \_ I second.
        \_ dslextreme, DSi, sonic. I am personally moving to cyberonic
           because I was sold out by their upload speed. They offer
           1500/768Kbps for 50/month with a static IP.
        \_ DTV is shutting down?  I just got mine!
           \_ DirectTV DSL is shutting down. DirectTV Sat. is going
        \_ Speakeasy is very good, I've had no problems, they offer shell
           accounts, They give back to the community (e.g. hosting
           rpmfind for free) and most importantly: if you sign up they will
           give me money: -crebbs
2003/1/4 [Recreation/Media] UID:26974 Activity:low
1/3     What are some instances of performances occurring in backward's order?
        Previous to _Memento_ and Moby's "Run On" video was an episode of
        _Seinfeld_, but I'm wondering if any preceded these.
        \_ Transit.  Festival of Animation.
          \_ That one was awesome!  I've been looking for it for a while,
             but never saw it for sale or on the P2P networks.  Any ideas
             on where to find it? - mds
        \_ No. None. Ever. The writers of Seinfeld are geniuses! --dim
        \_ there was a drew carey show episode like that
        \_ The Star Wars movies?
        \_ ER a few weeks ago
2002/12/23-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:26891 Activity:very high
12/22   LOTR2: Enjoyed the movie but I was getting tired of the insane
        number of closeups, especially in combats, where all I could see was
        a blur with associated sword noises.  It would've been nice to actually
        _see_ the battle(s).  The rest was very well done IMO.  A-.
        \_ you probably wish you could click on alternate angles huh?
           You probably want to be able to zoom in and zoom out, just
           like a video game.
           \_ only because it was all blurred out closeups and i couldn't see
           \_ mostly.  Faramir was portrayd wrong, but other than that,
              a damned thing most of the time.  was that thing where he can
              'hear' the orcs tromping around a full day ahead of him really
              in the books?  and is gandalf really "300 men's lives old"?
                \_ Yes, and yes.
                   \_ Where does it say how old Gandalf is? -geordan
                      \_ The Istari arrived in Middle earth around year 1000
                         of the Third Age. This info is buried somewhere
                         in ROTK but I don't remember where it was. --aaron
                         \_ The arrival of Istari has nothing to do with
                            Gandalf's actual age, as he is older than Arda.
                            The line in the movie actually says something about
                            'wandering Middle Earth for 300 men's lives',
                            which might make sense given aaron's info (and
                            you don't count using Numenorean men). -- ilyas
                            \_ has anyone read the Silmarillion?
                               just wondering.
                               \_ I did. -- ilyas
                               \_ I actually enjoyed it.  One of the two
                                  people worldwide who did. -geordan
                                  \_ yeah, not many people liked it.
                                     I bet that book could shed light
                                     on middle earth history.
                                     \_ gee, you think that a book about
                                        middle earth history could shed light
                                        on middle earth history?  what will
                                        they think of next?
                                        \_ does the Silmarillion mention
                                           \_ Why yes.  Yes it does.
                                     \_ If you get past or skip the beginning
                                        "valaquenta" the rest is quite readable.
        \_ so... it was like LOTR1?
           \_ mostly.  Faramir was portrayed wrong, but other than that,
              it was great.
              \_ Was he really?  He never took the ring from Frodo.  He took
                 Frodo for Gondor, not for himself, and immediately sent him to
                 to Faramir, and sets up the conflict between him and his father
                 in RoTK better IMO.  I didn't like it at first, but I like it
                 better now. -emarkp
                 his father--not to keep for himself.  It gave more screen time
                     \- the father isbeing played by marlon brando! --psb
                 to Faramir, and sets up the conflict between him and his
                 father in RoTK better IMO.  I didn't like it at first, but I
                 like it better now. -emarkp [ reformatted - formatd ]
              \_ This really annoyed me.  Faramir is supposed to show the
                 antithesis to Boromir.  He is supposed to show more hope that
                 man will not necessarily screw things up (more hope along
                 with Aragon).  He is supposed to understand Frodo's plight
                 and pain more than the rest.  I thought this was a grevious
                 mistake.  The Entmoot also happened differently, but I can
                 forgive that due to time constraints.  Overall, however, I
                 thought they did a good job.  Moving the end of the second
                 book also annoyed me, not as good of a cliffhanger as the
                 book was.
                 \_ Agreed on the Faramir issue.  The movie basically
                    ruined the entire point of Faramir's character, and I
                    can't see how this modification would help the
                    relationship that develops in RotK.  It is unforgivable
                    in my opinion. -geordan
                    \_ See it a second time, although I agree in principle,
                       the movie hung together better on review. They had
                       to move the ending because ROTK is actually pretty
                       short, so they needed to push Shelob to ROTK. --aaron
                       \_ ok, i agree about shelob, but why take a detour
                          to gondor?  what's the point?  sam's monolog didn't
                          add, and making faramir unwise was just crazy. if
                          they wanted to save time, why add the gondor thing?
                          \_ To add spice and screen time to the trip to
                             Mordor. With Faramir, to show the corruptive
                             power of the Ring vs. humans. With Sam, to make
                             the later Shelob incident and his reasons for
                             sticking with Frodo more credible.
                             \_ But the point of Faramir is that he is one
                                of the last glimmers of nobility and honor
                                among Men.  I think Peter Jackson was too
                                heavy-handed with his theme that the Entire
                                Race of Men (save for Aragorn) Sucks.
                                Even Theoden, who was supposed to have been
                                brought back to his original, nobler
                                stature by Gandalf, comes off as a pompous
                                ass at times, and a coward in others (in
                                the movie it is Aragorn, not Theoden, who
                                asks to ride out of Helm's Deep as a final
                                charge).  -geordan
                                \_ I think you're taking it too personally.
      There are Noble Men in 3T, but Faramir needs to look bad in those
      scenes to extend Frodo and Sam's screen time/storyline. Theoden was
      to make Aragon the big hero with the big payoff in the last movie.
      It's only 10 hours of movie. You can't put in that much nuance and
      still keep people awake and watching. Especially non-Tolkien fans.
                 \_ I agree. I also think they screwed up in making Gimli
                    into a comic-relief doofus. His axe needed to be bigger.
        \_ two towers pretty good.  gollum/smeagol good.  faramir
           bad.  GIANT ORC BATTLES good.  slimy wormtongue good.
           gandalf is jesus christ... eh.  hot hobbit on hobbit
           action good.
                    \_ The axe is fine. You've been looking at too many
                       fantasy drawings/painting/miniatures. And someone has
                       to be a comic relief in the film.
                    \_ it's horrible that they gave Gimli's line about the
                       defense of Helm's Deep to Theoden.  -tom
                       \_ Which line is that?
                         \_ In the book, Gimli is raphsodizing about Helm's
                            Deep (he's a dwarf, it's a cave) and says
                            "Give my people a year and we could make this
                            a fortress that armies would break upon like
                            water."  In the movie, Theoden says a modified
                            version of the line, which makes no sense.  -tom
                            \_ And it has the effect of making Theoden look
                               reckless, arrogant, and unwise, furthering
                               the Entire Race of Men Sucks theme. -geordan
        \_ Liv tyler still looks asian-ish to me.  I think the long beautiful
           black hair really throws me off track here.  I love women with
           long beautiful black hair.  :-)
                \_ You've got Yellow Fever(tm)!
           \_ get a fucking life
           \_ hey, are you the guy who decided to "break up" with liv tyler
              because she's a smoking airhead?
                              \- i think <DEAD><DEAD> would
                                 be a good name for a csua computer --psb
             \_ Get it right. It's smoking-slut-bitch.
                \_ Someone hasn't gotten a blowjob in a while.
                   \_ he's a sodan.  you're being obvious and redundant.
                \_ to each his own.  i like the way smoking is juxtaposed
                   to air.
                   \_ Good point. Smoking airhead it is...
2002/12/20 [Recreation/Media] UID:26872 Activity:nil
        The failure of gun control in Britain.  Dead unarmed cops everywhere.
        \_ actually it's a failure of their immigration policy.
           \_ Why can't we just get along and agree that it's both?
              \_ Ok, I'll go along with that.
                 \_ while we're having this lovefest, can I get a hug for
                    the "I blame Hollywood/James Bond" faction?
                    \_ No.  Censorship doesn't fix anything.  Violent movies
                       don't make people violet.  Sexy movies don't make people
                       have sex.  Smart movies don't make people smart.  Movies
                       from Hollywood are just weak entertainment.  Hollywood
                       is not the social force it believs itself to be.
2002/12/16-17 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Recreation/Media] UID:26822 Activity:very high
12/15   New trek movie.  Steaming pile of crap.  Discuss.
        \_ Nemesis = Remake of TWOK w/ crappy bits of Blade thrown in for
           bad measure. Its obvious that Stewart and Spiner have Shatnerits
           and that Star Trek is being treated as a "franchise" with cookie
                \_ Good point.  I never considered reheating shit.  However,
           cutter stories to keep the dollars flowing into Paramounts coffers
           (the bond series suffers from this problem as well). The combination
        \_ wow, I just want to say that the above is one of the more clever
           and entertaining threads in a while.
           \_ Totally.  I'm genuinely surprised that the motd propriety
              censor hasn't nuked this thread yet.
           of humor and seriousness present in the original stories is missing
           from the current Star Trek offerings. Some TNG and DS9 eps. came
           close, but the TNG movies have been a disappointment (First Contact
           being a dim bright spot)
           \_ Stewart got $12 mil / Spiner $6 mil.
                \_ Shatneritis has nothing to do with pay and everything
                   to do with professional immaturity
           \_ Your eyes were playing tricks on you. First Contact was not a
              "dim bright spot." It sucked. The movie franchise has been
              heading downhill since TWOK.
              \_ IV was good.
                 \_ VI wasn't that bad either.
        \_ I disagree.  It is not steaming.  Steaming would imply that
           it is still warm, and therefore, new shit.  It is not new shit.
           \_ It could have been reheated shit.
                \_ Good point.  I never considered reheating shit.  Moreover,
                   if anyone is gonna serve shit warmed over to the public,
                   it's Hollywood.
                   \_ Does microwaved shit count as 'reheated'? Also,
                      using 'reheated' may put too much of a positive spin
                      on it, as refried beans are also 'reheated', and they're
                      pretty good.  -John
                      \_ all shit that comes from a warm-blooded animal was
                         at over 90 F at some point, which is above typical
                         eath ambient temperature, and which hence should be
                         called hot.  any shit which is heated later is
                         re-heated, regardless of what the heat source is.
                      \_ You need a vacation.
        \_ A fan's movie in some ways, a freak-of-the-week movie in others,
           suffered most from being part of the same franchise that brought
           us the excrebale Voyager.  I felt less bad on watching this than
           I did watching Reign of Fire, but worse than watching The Bourne
           Identity.  But hey, who cares?  LOTR's the only show worth
           waiting for now. --erikred
        \_ So you're saying you liked it and it was better than Cats, right?
           \_ Yes, and I'm going to see it again and again and again.  -John
              \_ But, it seems, you didn't laugh or cry?
        \_ It didn't make me angry like the last few star wars movies,
           so I guess it's ok. - danh
           \_ Same feelings here. Not stellar by any means, but more than
              satisfactory enough for me.
2002/12/14 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Media] UID:26813 Activity:high
        \_ Why save a piece of shit show?
           \_ Cuz it's neat and you're still a moron.
              \_ No, it sucks and I'm not the person above, either.  You just
                 have no taste and got sucked in by one semi-ok line.
2002/11/28-30 [Health, Recreation/Media] UID:26659 Activity:nil
11/27   My new favorite movie: Bordello of Blood.  I can't do it justice with
        a mere motd post.
        \_ yeah, thanks for reminding me, i should watch that again. that
           was a good one. --aaron
2002/11/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:26646 Activity:high
11/26   I missed the first 10 minutes of buffy, what happened to giles?
        \_ They're writing the guy into his own show as soon as Joss has
           time (ie, when Firefly gets the axe).  It seems super unlikely
           that anything serious happened to him.
           \_ I know that.  But did they actually show anything following up
              the cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode?
              \_ nope.  just repeated the cliff hanger part.
           \_ Still, I wouldn't quite put it past them to kill Giles off
              and have all of ASH's future appearances this season be the
              Big Bad mimicking him.  That's part of the fun of watching
              the show.  (They could still do a series about him; just set
              it in the past.)
              \_ Well, seeing as he'd be playing the same character in the
                 new show, this seems pretty unlikely.
        \_ I haven't been watching this season at all, but when Buffy died
           two seasons ago how come this did not activate a new Slayer like
           it did when Buffy died at the end of season 2 and Kendra was
           \_ Probably because Joss hasn't had any strong character driven
              ideas for a third slayer.  When he or one of his writers does,
              we'll see the third...
           \_ I assume it's because Faith is the last in line, and she's
              alive and well.  Buffy can't just keep dying and activating
              new slayers each time.
           \_ because it is a tv show? -aspo
              \_ IT IS NOT A TV SHOW!  IT IS REAL LIFE!  AUGH!
2002/11/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:26634 Activity:high
11/25   I saw attack of the clones on DVD saturday.  It wasn't THAT bad.
        Why were you people bitching and moaning about it?  My expectations
        were so low going into it that I actually enjoyed the movie.  Next
        time espisode III comes out, don't expect anything!
        \_ it sucks that a movie that looks so pretty and obviously had so
           much effort put into it... just sucks.  the acting sucks.  the plot
           makes no sense.  did you really care who's army was fighting who at
           the end?  what's with the stupid dialogue?  ok the fett and yoda
           scenes were cool.  [formatd]
           \_ Yeah, the acting sucked.  And I thought the romance scenes were
              overdone.  But I think you really weren't supposed to care
              about siding with an army.  They are all just puppets in the
              grand scheme and nothing can be done about it.
        \_ It was that bad.  The rest of us had only modest expectations for a
           movie that simply didn't suck and paid money for that shit.
        \_ I thought Attack of the Clones was better than Return of the Jedi,
           but not nearly up to the first two.  Sure the dialog was stupid
           and the acting was bad, but that is true of all the Star Wars
           movies.  -tom
           \_ I agree with Tom. You others sound like bitter old men.
              \_ wait, I'm supposed to be the bitter old man around here. -tom
                 \_ you're not old, a man, or particularly bitter.  you're just
                    overly self centered and have an overblown ego which are
                    entirely different flaws.
                    \_ gee, anonymous insults are so enlightening.  -tom
           \_ All 3 of the first movies were better than these last 2.  The
              only problem RotJ had was the friggin Ewok warrior teedy bear
              for-sale-in-stores-now! thing it had going.
              \- immediately after seeing CLONE i might have ranked it above
                 RoJ but after seeing it again, I would probably give the nod
                 to RoJ. You cant easily recover from the "Phantom Legacy".
                 I have added to ~psb/When_Clones_Attack --psb
2002/11/23-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:26610 Activity:high
11/23   MMC Die Another Day Yeah/Nay? My bandwidth is limited and I
        don't want to download if its a pos like eps 2. Tnx.
        \_ MMC is a fucking idiot.
           \_ Because MMC abused your poor pathetic little excuse for an ego?
              Whine to yourself in a dark closet while sucking lemons.  No one
              gives a damn.
              \_ I hate all movie critics.  MMC is the only one who will
                 actually read my insults.
        \_ Download Red Dragon instead.
           \_ Not my type of movie.
        \_ Download?  If you're going to watch on a dinky monitor with your
           dinky 8 dollar speakers then it won't matter if it sucks or not.
           The best movie in the world will suck like that.  I have no
           sympathy for you trying to save a 5 buck matinee charge either.
           \_ Actually I use svideo out to play the movie on my wega.
              Yeah the sound sucks a bit since the rips are just stereo
              rather than dolby 5.1.
              \_ You're missing out on the real experience.  There's no point
                 in asking how good a movie is on TV that needs a full screen
                 to properly enjoy.  Might as well wait til it comes out on
                 ABC/NBC/CBS and they chop it up and stick in commercials.
                 \_ I'm asking about content. There is no point in paying
                    $5 to watch a crappy movie just so the explosions sound
                    better and the image is bigger when you really just want
                    to fast forward most of the movie because it sucks.
                    \_ Yeah right.  Just like everyone using Napster in the
                    Usually I'll download and watch a movie on TV and if I
                    like it I'll go and watch it in the theater.
                    \_ Yeah right.  Just like everyone using japster in the
                       day was just sampling 80+ gigs of mp3's before buying
                       the good ones.  Funny how they didn't.  It never
                       ceases to amaze me how common thieves can some how
                       self justify their immoral and illegal actions with
                       such obvious lies.  My only question: do you believe
                       your own lies despite all evidence to the contrary?
                        \_ you got evidence for 'didnt' part twink?
        \_ Is it true that DivX movies are better quality than VHS?
           \_ they tend to have more porn than VHS movies, so, yes.
           \_ it's a lossy compression scheme, so the quality can vary.
              of course, if the source material is crappy camcorder footage,
              DivX isn't going to magically make it better.
              \_ I was thinking about movies that are already out on DVD, not
                 movies that are stolen from theaters a la Seinfeld.
2002/11/22 [Recreation/Media] UID:26603 Activity:high
        \_ amazing! a subliminal dick!  incredible!  thanks for the great
           link!  i'll email all my friends and coworkers emediately--
           or perhaps just include it in my next mass fowarard of jokes
           from Usenet.
           \_ that's "subliminable"
           \_ I thought that was a left hand.
           was actually kind of funny.
           \_ The title is "Laid by the best" -- I think that's supraliminal.
              \_ You're missing it.  However, the little mermaid poster isn't
                 "subliminal."  It was a pissed off animator giving a little
                 "fuck you" to Disney Corp.
                 \_ Bullshit.  Like anyone in such a small field would risk
                    their entire livelihood on some stunt aimed at one of the
                    biggest anime houses on the planet.
                    \_ The animator says it was just a coincidence, but Disney
                       removed the image in a few places because it's
                       definitely phallic:
                 \_ I was wondering if that might not be the case.
                 \_ Wasn't there a scene in a Disney Cartoon movie where the
                    clouds appeared to look like "SEX"?
                    \_ Yes.  It's in the Lion King, at some point after Simba
                       runs away he flops down into the dust and it says SEX.
        \_ uhm, a picture with a perfume bottle(?), a knife, and a penis.
           ok, that's nice.  we needed this because...?
           \_ yes.
        \_ the rest of the site presents additional pictures of subliminal ads
           ... a lot where the author highlights the word "sex" - sometimes
           on items that doesn't even seem western or in the english language.
           He/she might be overboard on some of these ... but what's even more
           funny is the micro-sized font text that is displayed as you move
           between pictures:
           Subliminal messages in advertising. whether or not you believe in
           subliminal techniques in advertising you have to admit that the
           following examples of actual subliminal messages that I've scanned
           from advertisements are indeed subliminal! People the world over
           are ludicrous enough to believe not only that subliminal messages
           have no effect but that subliminal messages don't even exist! Go
           through these subliminal examples and if you still believe that
           they're not there, you're blind.  Devious!! -!OP  [formatd]
2002/11/17-18 [Recreation/Media] UID:26572 Activity:high
11/16   MOTD Movie Critic Says, "Harry Potter 2: whatever you thought of the
        first HP movie, ditto.  This one is exactly the same in all ways.
        This is only a bad thing if you didn't like the first one".
        \_ No...this one was geared much more for people that are fans
           of the book. The first one could have been watched (and was
           in fact watched) by people who are new to HP; this one relied
           a lot on having already read the story. This HP movie also
           had a lot of scenes that were excessively long. But I still
           liked it.            -huge HP fan
           liked it.            -huge HP fan (hHf)
           \_ I couldn't stand the Harry Potter books. I couldn't get past the
              gee-whiz kiddie feel. I can read the Narnia books or Tolkien as
              an adult and feel rewarded but for HP I would need a lobotomy.
              That said, I found the movie to be decent entertainment.
                \_ Talking about children's books that are worth rereading
                \_ 1) This movie wasn't such a literal translation as the
                   \_ well, to be honest I was just going on memory for that.
                      but compared to the H.P. I thought it was more original.
                   again, I recently reread the Earthsea trillogy (which
                   somehow grew to six books) for the first time since I was
                   12 or so, and damn if they aren't good books. -aspo
                \_ Narnia?  I couldn't read Narnia as a HSer.  Lord save you!
                \_ Did you read any of them other than the first? They
                   get progressively darker (and much better). And if
                   that has no significance for you...well then shit,
                      do not carry equal weight.  You're dismissed.
                   they really aren't meant to be profound literary
                   classics. They're just kids books that also appeal
                   to older people too. I can't say with certainty
                   that they won't be around in 50 years (like Tolkien,
                   or Shakespeare), but then again I don't know that they
                   won't, either. -hHf
                   \_ Just another passing fad.
           \_ If it was a literal translation of the book, why did it rely
              so much on having read it in the first place?
                \_ 1) This movie wasn't as much of a literal translation as the
                   first one, and 2) by making references to things that
                   weren't explicitly explained or brought up already (or
                   to things in the future, much like Star Wars). -hHf
           \_ Tsk.  The MMC is not a fan of the books and in fact knows nothing
              about them except what was in the first movie and enjoyed both
              the first and second movies about the same.  As a self proclaimed
              "huge HP fan" you're in no position to judge how much a non-fan
              such as the MMC would.  Shame on your for questioning an MMC
              review with your ignorant pap. --MMC
                \_ Just the same way that you're in no position to judge how
                   much you think everyone else will like it ("whatever you
                   thought of the first HP movie, ditto").      -huge HP fan
                   \_ Silly child.  I am the MMC.  You are nothing.  Our views
                      do not carry equal weight.  You're dismissed. --MMC
                      \_ Too bad. -hHf
2002/11/2-3 [Recreation/Media] UID:26386 Activity:moderate
11/1    Damn Lucas! He cut so many scenes from the IMAX version of Ep2!
        \_ Two elderly women are at a Catskill Mountain Resort,
           and one of them says "Boy, the food at this place is
           really terrible." The other one says "Yeah I know,
           and such small portions."
           \_ this is the best post in a long time!
        \_ cuz the movie is too long for imax format. they cut-up
           apollo 13, too.
        \_ IMAX is a very thick film and because of that has very limited
           running time.  Anything larger and it wont fit on the reel.
           \_ in this case less is better.
2002/10/23-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:26301 Activity:nil
10/23   Any Star Trek fans here interested in a couple hand-made Star Trek
        Batleth battleswords collector item?   -mail hkg for more info
        \_ no, but i'll take them to burning man for use at thunderdome.
           how sturdy are they?
2002/10/21-22 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:26265 Activity:low
10/21   Next two movies you need to rent, "Bully" and "Series 7: The
        Contenders".  Not good date movies unless your date is 'different'.
        \_ what are you talking about?  These are great date movies!
           About on a par with Mullholland Drive.
           \_ Well ya, if you're only dating soda chicks or asians over 35 so
              it doesn't matter what they think.
2002/10/16-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:26200 Activity:high
10/15   I missed today's buffy.  Did anyone tape it?  Can I borrow
        that tape for an hour?  -aspo
        \_ dude... its the age of TiVo... c'mon
        \_ Did Buffy get a new writer?  It's been a bit lame - I watched,
           and already deleted it off tivo.
        \_ Yes.  No.
        \_ My sister did.  If you haven't managed to get hooked up before
           friday, ping me -- I may be able to help ya'.    -mice
           \_ I don't think he'll get hooked up by the end up his life but
              that has nothing to do with Buffy and hopefully even less to
              do with your sister.
2002/10/15 [Recreation/Media] UID:26179 Activity:moderate
10/14   Have you tried watching any of these shows on the chopping block?
        \_ I actually enjoy watching MDs. John Hannah is pretty funny.
          \_ I'm still pissed FOX killed Titus.  Fortunately, he will be coming
             back, on NBC.  Saw him in Vegas this weekend, he's a riot!
        \_ Death to firefly and birds of prey!  One season each, max.
           \_ It amazes me that Enterprise survives.  I guess Firefly didn't
              learn to get a lead female character with big boobs in a
              skin-tight outfit.
               \_ Enterprise only survives because it's a Star Trek thing and
                  the only way the super nerdy trekky freaks can get their fix.
2002/10/12 [Recreation/Media] UID:26156 Activity:very high
10/11   Are there any famous male Asian movie stars who don't do martial arts?
        \_ Rene Liu
        \_ "Challenge fresh squid!!"
        \_ Charlie Chan
        \_ George Takei
           \_ star trek, fencing.
        \_ Chau Yun-Fat.  He doesn't actually know martial arts, and he was
           already famous before Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
        \_ toshiro mifune.
           \_ he doesn't know kendo?
        \_ the iron chef
        \_ not famous, but i always get a kick out of seeing that one asian
           guy with the receding hairline and ponytail who always plays a
           \_ I love this guy. He's actually been a good guy once or twice.
              Still no lines.. He's a great Token Gunman/Henchman (Asian).
           lackey for some bad guy. he was in Die Hard, and his latest role
           was in 24. he never gets any lines and is always carrying a gun.
           \_ Al Leung. I love this guy. He's my favorite Henchman/gunman.
                 \_ Leong
        \_ Can S.F.'s own James Hong do martial art? (aside from the fact he
           is 60+ yrs old)
        \_ I don't know any of the names above. I guess the answer is NO.
           no martial arts, no famous.
           \_ You don't know George Takei?  What color is the sky on your
              world?  It's most blue here but muddy brown in many urban
              world?  It's mostly blue here but muddy brown in many urban
              areas (places with lots of people in high density locations).
        \_ MILF MILF MILF
2002/10/10-11 [Recreation/Pets, Recreation/Media] UID:26146 Activity:insanely high
10/9    Birds of Prey, the only new show that can actually make Firefly look
        watchable.  70 minutes of pure hell.
        \_ Yeah. It sucked pretty hard.
        \_ batman did not have a love child with catwoman!
           \_ Um, actually he did -- on Earth-2.  (Not really a "love child",
              the two of them actually got married.)  There hasn't *been*
              an Earth-2 in the comics for a while now, but I see no reason
              why the TV show shouldn't go back to that original
              character concept.
              \_ And you allowed your brain to retain this information...
        \_ Apparently you haven't actually watched Firefly.  It's the first show
           I'm actually interested in seeing weekly in a while.
           \_ I watched Firefly.  You just have no taste.  It was a total
              snoozer and made no sense.
              \_ Funny, it made sense when I watched it (every episode so far).
                 Maybe you're just retarded?
                 \_ I wasn't stoned when watching.  Perhaps you could share?
                    I haven't heard someone use the word "retarded" as an
                    attempted insult since about 5th grade.  Gosh, it takes me
                    back to simpler days... thanks for the memories, kid.
                    \_ Um, the fact that both you and I remember "retarded" as a
                       put-down suggests we're of comparable age.  I'm on an
                       anti-pc kick at the moment.  Were you asking me to share
                       IQ points?  Sorry, they're non-transferrable.
                       \_ I was asking you to share whatever you were smoking
                          when you decided Firefly was worth watching or
                          interesting in anyway.  Maybe the concept of happily
                          legal hookers got your boat floating?  No guilt sex
                          with hookers who *want* to sleep with you?  A good
                          deal for you I think.
                          \_ Ah, now your discontent is clear:  your hookers
                             don't look that good.  I can see how it would be
                             difficult to suspend disbelief when your sad
                             reality assaults you every waking minute.
                             \_ Now I know I want some of whatever you're on.
                                \_ Is it that much of a surprise that I don't
                                   need brain-altering substances to enjoy good
                                   characters and passable writing?  Man, it
                                   *is* a sad little life you lead, isn't it?
                                   \_ You need to check the dictionary.  Those
                                      words don't mean what you seem to think
                                      they mean.  It's a one season show.
                                      \_ You guys should exchange contact
                                         info so you can get into a fist-
                                         fight over it.  I loooove you, motd!!
                                         \_ this thread make my fucking day.
                                            i don't have a tv and have
                                            no idea what the hell they're talk
                                            ing about, but it rules.
                                   \_ This is the lamest conversation ever
                                       \_ Which is lamer?  The conversation or
                                          the person who felt compelled to
                                          comment on it?
                                          \_ Self-referential lameness. Whoo..
              \_ Okay, actual point that Firefly got me hooked--at the end of
                 the first episode, after having a fight (shots fired, knives
                 thrown, etc.) we get the following exchange:
                 Bad guy (about to be released by good guy):
        \_ I was flipping through my cable yesterday and when I saw
           "Birds of Prey", I thought it was an animal program, so I
           switched to it.  After watching for about 2 minutes, I
           switched to a talking heads News channel.  From what I remember
           of the 2 minutes, there were like 3 girls in Birds of Prey.
           One looks ok, the other 2 so-so.  I still prefer watching wild turkeys
           running around on Discovery channel.  What is Firefly?  Is it
           about insects?  The good thing is, now when people talk about
           Birds of Prey, I know what they are talking about instead of
           sounding like a clueless idiot, and having my gen-y cousinette
           call me a retard.
                 "Keep the money. Use it to buy a funeral. It doesn't matter
                 where you go, or how far you fly. I will hunt you down. And the
                 last thing you see will be my blade."
                 Good guy:
                 "Darn." -- Boots bad guy right into the engine.
                 They've got me for the first season just for that moment.
                 \_ You mean the only season.
                    \_ Um, no.  I mean the first season.  It's already better
                       than the first season of Enterprise, so I'm confident
                       it'll get at least one more.
        \_ I was semi-excited to watch the premiere, but I had to turn it off
           after 20 minutes.  It was that God-awful.  I knew it was in trouble
           the moment the daughter was supposedly crying over her dead mom.
           Could her acting actually be any worse?
           \_ Hey!  That was *quality* acting!  As a Batman fan I'm also
              annoyed that they have the Joker doing his own thug work and
              Batman just sort of "left town, I guess, gee, golly".  Where's
              the first and last season of Firefly when you need it?
        \_ I was flipping through my cable yesterday and when I saw "Birds of
           Prey", I thought it was an animal program, so I switched to it.
           After watching for about 2 minutes, I switched to a talking heads
           News channel.  From what I remember of the 2 minutes, there were like
           3 girls in Birds of Prey.  One looks ok, the other 2 so-so.  I still
           prefer watching wild turkeys running around on Discovery channel.
           What is Firefly?  Is it about insects?  The good thing is, now when
           people talk about Birds of Prey, I know what they are talking about
           instead of sounding like a clueless idiot, and having my gen-y
           cousinette call me a retard.
           \_ is't that a klingon war ship?  is this some kind of startrek
           \_ What's a cousinette?
2002/10/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Recreation/Media] UID:26123 Activity:moderate
10/7    Reviews of Miyazaki's "Spirited Away"?  I usual avoid dubbed versions
        of Miyasaki's work, but I haven't gotten a hold of the original
        japanese version with either english or chinese subtitles yet.  Is
        it worth watching this dubbed version?  Thanks.
        \_ I liked the dubbed version better -pld
        \_ It was a surreal trip.  I didn't mind the dubbing so much.  If you
           like his stuff, I'd watch this ... especially on weed!
        \_ the kabuki is playing the non dubbed version
        \_ Even dubbed it's a must see. Better than PM not as classic as
                MNT or NPoV or CiS but very very good.
           \_ The review on says it's the Disney-dubbed version
        \_ Even dubbed it's a must see. Better than Mononoke not as classic as
           Totoro or NPoV(??Nausicaa = NVoW) or Laputa but very very good.
           \_ WTF?  Fucking anime geeks... sheesh.
        \_ that movie took two hours of my life, and I want them back.
        \_ the best anime ever was something to do with anime porn and 3
2002/9/28 [Recreation/Media] UID:26032 Activity:high
9/27    Firefly second episode or already seen Starship Troopers on no-nudie
        cable?  Survey says... no-nudie Starship Troopers rerun >> Firefly new
        \_ I hate you so much.
           \_ I switched back n forth during ST commercials.  ST was way
              better.  FF = lame.  Yes I know it doesn't really follow the
              \_ I loathe you with every cell in my body.
2002/9/25-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:25999 Activity:very high
9/25    Sergei Bodrov Jr. may have been killed. Damn, I just saw his movie
        on Bravo a week or so ago. Cool movie/actor/everything. I couldn't
        understand the credits though.  Too bad he's gone.
        \_ He is dead. Point. If his group wasn't on the path of avalanche,
           rescuers would find him by now.
        \_ Another vodka swilling dead Russian?  BFD.  He had a life expectancy
           of about 30 anyway.
           \_  I learn something
              new every day...
              \_ Me too.  Not only did I leard "BFD" today, I also learned
                 Google has a page for this kind of stuff.
              \_ Next you'll be telling us you never heard of BFE either.
                 \_ Or BFI.
        \_ Update: they might have found his body. MDTF.
2002/9/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Media] UID:25995 Activity:very high
9/24    Soon, all news and media content will be controlled by one super-
        company called Disney-ABC-CNN-AOL-Time-Warner, a division of Fox
        Broadcasting (okay, I made that last part up).
        \_ At least Fox will be a porn network someday.
           \_ You mean it isn't already?
               \_ "Hi! I've never actually watched but I'm going to mouth off
                   about something I might have heard something about once in
                   a weak attempt to look way kewl to my equally empty headed
                   'friends' on the motd!"  Go home.  Fuck yermom.  It's your
                   best and last hope.
                   \_ Cool, can you get that show on Fox?
                      \_ On the PPV Fox channel, yes.
                   \_ "Hi! I'm a festering asshole!" Go away. You're not
                      \_ The truth is rarely interesting.  It's much more fun
                         to just make shit up.  You'd know about that.
                   \_  You mean it isn't already? --poster who's watched Fox
                      \_ You have a weird idea of what pr0n is.  Is your
                         ideal 'h0t nekkid chik' a man about age 38, vote
                         republican and wear a grey suit?  I pity you.
        \_ Which will go down the drain within 18 months leaving us with a
           variety of independent news sources, thank god.
           \_ i wish there was a way to pay for a subscription to
              a specific *journalist* with out dealing with any
              paper or network.  i'd be willing to pay quite a bit
              of cash if i really thought i could get competent,
              unedited reporting from it.  i wish some journalists
              with integrity would try this. i'm sure i'm not the only
              one.  i'm so sick of the lies and fluff.
              \_ Watch or listen to the BBC. --dim
                 \_ Could you add a URL? Google wasn't too helpful. Thanks.
                 \_ Yeah, that way you can watch foreigners bash the US instead
                    of seeing US Citizens doing the hatchet job.
              \_ I like The Week magazine. It publishes excerpts from all
                 over the world and from across the political specrum. If
                 you only read the output of one journalist, you wouldn't
                      want to get a balanced perspetive, you need to read from
                 be reading much, though maybe someday you could mix and
                 match as you saw fit. -ausman
                \_ right wing bs.  read World Press Review instead.
                   \_ I have never heard of that publication before, thanks
                      for letting me know about it. The Week isn't exactly
                      right wing bs, though it is pretty mainstream. It is
                      at least a more or less independent voice. If you really
                      want to get a balanced perspective, you need to read from
                      all over the spectrum like The Nation and The Economist.
                      But I try to avoid stuff published by the megacorps. -a
                      \_ Those happen to be the two mags that I read! --elite
                   \_ Uhm, just because they publish things from the right does
                      not mean they have a "right wing bias".  They publish
                      from the entire spectrum.  Does it hurt your little brain
                      to read material from a different perspective sometimes?
                      It's always easier to just read the same self-reinforcing
                      swill everyday.  No thought required.  No challenge.
2002/9/19-20 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:25944 Activity:very high
9/19    DirecTV vs. Cable. I want to hear my fellow geeks' opinions. I've
        already found out quite a lot on the web.
        \_ AT&T analog cable works well for me.  Installation was cheaper than
           buying a dish.  If you run into a promotion period you can even get
           free installation.
           \_ AT&T extended basic is up to $40/month now.  It's hardly
              worth it.  Especially in Oakland, where we get shit for
              channels and have seen our bill go up 10% every three
              months.  Cancelled mine last month.
              \_ What are you replacing the service with, may I ask?
                 \_ read a book, play some frisbee. live your life instead
                    of drooling in front of the television.
                 \_ a DVD player.  What's worth watching on TV?
                    \_ History channel, sci-fi channel, discovery channel(s).
                       \_ Dicovery channel is really not as good as you think.
                          History channel is rarely better than boring.  If I
                          really miss scifi, i'll mooch off a friend.
                          \_ Oh well thank Jesus F. Christ I have you here to
                             tell me what's good or not on my line up.  Without
                             you I might be watching sitcoms and ER dramas
                             every night.  Idiot.
                             \_ Get the fuck over it, dumbass.
                                \_ HAHHAHAHHAHA WHAT AN IDIOT! HAHHAHAHA
                                   I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!  I SUCCESSFULLY TROLLED
                                   SOMEONE!  I CAN GET MY DUMBASS DEGREE NOW!
                             \_ PBS and The Simpsons. That's all I watch. I've
                                got an antenna on the roof and VCR/DVD. --dim
                    \_ JAG, Son of the Beach, E! Wild On, Howard Stern Show,...
                    \_ PBS
           \_ the new directivos with D* is a much better deal than
              snowy cable, or crappy digital.
        \_ The dude at Cambridge Soundworks who seemed knowledgeable told me
           that in terms of picture quality DirecTV > analog cable > digital
2002/9/11-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:25842 Activity:high
9/11    When do you think a 9/11 movie will be made?  ala Titanic or
        Pearl Harbor?
           \_ Collateral Damage (Arnold) is already on DVD.
        within 3 years: ...
                          \_ It will be a made for TV movie first,
                             (probably NBC or CBS) before it hits
                             the big screen with famous name actors.
                             (I predict Kevin Costner will play a
                             fireman or police man)
        within 5 years: .
        within 10 years:
        more than 10 years: .
        \_ It'll be a long time before they can make bucks off 9/11 without
           getting utterly smashed for it (which costs money).  I think it'll
           be at least 10 years.  M*A*S*H was a long time after Korea, the
           Vietnam movies weren't until many years after, etc.  The Titanic
           was an act of stupidity, not terrorism.  WWII movies were being
           produced as propo-tainment throughout the whole war so that's
        \_ MASH was definitely about Vietnam, they just got away with
           it by basing it in Korea.
           \- mash was a comedy. most ofthe 'nam movies were critical.
              to make heroic/human interest stories i dont think will take
              that long. i bet there will be human interest stuff within
              18mos. mopw a movie with actors playing OBL and the terrorists
              might be a while. a question is will they use the real footage
              from the explosions or fake. --psb
              \_ mash was a comedy?  Sort of.  It was very dark comedy and had
                 plenty of drama as well.  Try some reruns.  We both agree
                 some sort of movie will happen, only time will tell.
                 \- i think it is pretty hard not to characterize the TV show
                    as a comedy. i suppose it's a harder call if you are
                    talking about the movie. if you are talking about the
                    books, then they vary a lot ... there are some that are
                    pretty silly. the timing in the case of the mash books
                    was probably partly motivated by the vietnam war. see
                    also the greek play "persians". ok tnx.
                    \_ Yes, it was a comedy but nothing like the sitcoms of
                       today.  There were plenty of episodes that were pure
                       drama with some real heart wrenching stuff you won't
                       see today in an ER clone.  I was going to mention the
                       movie as different from the tv show but I think I'll
                       stick to my 'dark comedy+drama' line.
           \_ The first Vietnam movie was pro-military and came out during
              the war. See "The Green Berets."
              \_ I love how in the opening seen, the various green berets
                 are introduced by saying what languages they speak, which
                 is supposed to be impressive, even though the languages
                 they speak are all random northern european languages,
                 not vietnamiese, french, or some onther useful language.
                 then there are the vilages in what is very obviously
                 southern california in which JW is always talking to
                 some "chief " or another.   finally, there's the
                 sun setting over the south china sea at the end...yep,
                 a real classic.  right up there with Red Dawn.
                 \_ What was wrong with Red Dawn?  You're just down on white
                 \_ Ah yes, the invasion by private plane. Hilarious.
                 \_ I love how you spell 'scene'
              \_ It's a John Wayne movie.  Need I say more?
        \_ "Bin Laden Lookalikes Audition on 9/11" --yuen
2002/9/7-8 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Media] UID:25795 Activity:kinda low
9/6     Is there a good non-chain video store in the south bay? I'm looking
        for something with a big selection of nonmainstream movies, the
        equivalent of Movie Image in Berkeley or Le Video in SF...
        \_ Any other laid-off silicon valley folks want to start one up w/ me?
           \_ You got angel funding?  bwahahahahhaa!
2002/8/15 [Recreation/Media] UID:25565 Activity:nil
2002/8/13 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Recreation/Media] UID:25551 Activity:nil
8/13    Anybody watch "meet my folks"?  Have you noticed that the short
        jewish guy is always the first one to go?
        \_ you mean, in that one episode, and that one episode only,
           he happened to be the first to go? if so, then no I didn't.
        \_ i assume you mean short jewish guys are the first to go in other
           reality tv shows. care to name a few?
        \_ Have you seen Robert Redford's "Quiz Show"?  Jews are always
           kicked off after winning a few rounds.
           \_ Since we label everything as racism, can I also say that
              Asians rarely even get to be on the shows?
              \_ Yeah but contestants need to pass a pre-show test and be
                 interesting for TV.
                 \_ Yeah I know, but I might as well call it racism, since
                    everytime we minotiries fail to do something we scream
                    discrimination and the white folks can't say we're abusing
                    our status in order to be PC.
                    \_ You're abusing your status.  -cracker boy
        \_ After the holocaust and the terrorist bombings, you'd
        think some people would take a hint.
2002/8/12 [Recreation/Media] UID:25543 Activity:insanely high
8/10    Are there any cheap (99cents) place to rent videos in Berkeley ?
        I dont want to pay $3/tape.
        \_ divx.
        \_ Ah, the good old college days when even $3 was still considered
           \_ Not when I was in college.  I had a job.  I paid my rent, my
              tuition, books, food, clothing, saw every movie on opening night
              and still had extra every month.  OP should get a job.
              \_ I am the original poster.  I make 6-figures.  I don't want
                 to over pay for rentals, that's all.
           \_ Have I mentioned how awful blockbuster is?  It's run by
              wart-covered whores.
        \_ Movie Image on Shattuck.  Great selection,  forget what the price
           is though.  I think Tower on Durant is also pretty cheap.
              \_ Just wear gloves.  You can use the same gloves you use when
                 you pay them for sex.
              \_ Isn't Blockbuster run by the religious right?  They don't
                 allow whores to work for them.
           \_ Thank You for your suggestion.  However I was not looking
              for obscure stuff, just cheap easy to find movies.  For harder
              to find movies, I go to REEL.
              \_ Get out of Berkeley. Go to El Cerrito or some Ma-n-Pa place
                 \_ That's what I'm looking for!  Any recommendations?
        \_ I have a good selection of movies you can rent, what you want?
2002/7/23-25 [Recreation/Media] UID:25410 Activity:high
7/22    Babylon 5 is what X Files once was.  Comments?
        \_ Atleast it's on Showtime with boobies and dirty words.
        \_ As bad as you may thing B5 is, it is, and was never
           as bad as X Files was (and, i'm sure, is)
                \_ Um, what?  B5 was never on Showtime, still less
                   did it have b&dw.  You're thinking of "Jeremiah"?
        \_ As bad as you may thin(g)k B5 is, it is, and was never
           as bad as X Files was (and, i'm sure, is) -XfileSux
           \_ Wow, that would have been so profound if you hadn't said
              thing instead of think.  Oh, yeah, and if you weren't
              such a fucking dice nerd, too.
                \_ What the hell is a "dice nerd"? -Xfilesux
                   And do you know what the word "profound" means?
                   'cause sarcasm works better when you actually
                   understand the words you are using.
        \_ Actually, B5 is what X-Files also is:  over. -geordan
                \_ But B5 did it 5 years earlier.  X-Files simply should have.
        \_ You're a cheap whore.
2002/7/13 [Recreation/Media] UID:25345 Activity:high
7/14    Star Wars II question: if the Separatists, led by Count Dooku, are
        planning on battling the Republic, led by Palpatine/Sidious, why are
        Dooku and Palpatine collaborating with each other at the very end of
        the movie?
        \_ Cuz Dooku is a stooge of Palpatine. Palpatine is trying to
           make himself emperor of the Republic.
           make himself emperor of the Republic. He secretly wants the
           Republic to fall apart so he can come in and save it and declare
           himself El Numero Uno.
                \_ ah, got it.
2002/7/12-13 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Media] UID:25342 Activity:high
7/12    The Motd Movie Critic is on the air!

        Minority Report: Worth a cheap weekend matinee.  Some tongue in cheek
        humor to take an edge off the hard stuff.  Some hard stuff for those
        not into the sillier stuff.  A bit scooby dooish on the mystery part
        by the middle of the film but no one is expecting Hitchcock.  Some have
        complained about the advertising overkill in the movie, but the MMC
        felt the way the ads were woven into the movie during his escape scenes
        added something of value to the film plus a bit of humor.  The ads will
        also provide some self inflicted angst on those concerned about loss of
        privacy.  MMC gives Minority Report a B.
        \_ it was really good for 1.5 hours, but the ending is really
           sappy and almost ruins the whole movie.  in fact i'm still mad.
        \_ you really are an idiot.
           \_ *laugh*  I love the quality moderation here.  It's almost as
              good as slashdot.
              \_ Moderation?

        MIB2: Definitely *not* better than the first.  The plot was sketchy,
        the humor was mostly a bad rehash of the worst parts of the first film.
        Overall, MMC felt this movie needed a serious rewrite.  It looked like
                 \_ that's probably b/c it _got_ a serious rewrite after 9/11...
        a beta or maybe a late alpha version of the first film.  It even tried
        to poorly follow the same plot as the first.  The Smith character was
        especially bad due to the way it was written.  Smith starts out as a
        super agent but by the end is being portrayed as a bumbling idiot and
        a newbie know-nothing.  It was very odd and felt very wrong.  Overall,
        MMC was very disappointed with this film.  MIB2 gets a C-.
        \_ I hear laura flynn boyle gets naked
           \_ No one gets nekkid enough to matter.
2002/7/9 [Recreation/Media] UID:25311 Activity:high
7/8     Interesting viewpoint on DVD vs VHS.  Blockbuster is evil.
        \_ And the writer is stupid, but yes, Bustblocker is evil.
        \_ But the blockbuster commercials with the hamster and the rabbit
           are so cute!  I like the one where the hamster is being a bad
           little hamster.  :-)
2002/6/16-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:25116 Activity:high
6/16    Better late than never.  From the Motd Movie Critic:
        Spider Man: Good.  Fun.  Go see it.  Do not expect best movie since
                    JC was born.  It's good but only a desperate movie going
                    public could boost it to the top 10 overall movie list.  A-
        Sum of all fears: Mediocre.  Highly disappointing.  BA plays CIA Wonder
                    Boy Jack Ryan (they mushed the script so for a young Ryan).
                        \_ CIA Boy Wonder Jack Ryan sounds better.
                    Unfortunately BA's character is a moron and BA is also a
                    moron.  Bad script combined with moronic actor does not
                    make for a believable top notch intelligence character.
                    Also disappointing are the villains who have minimal
                    motivation and are never fleshed out at all.  Jack vs.
                    the Cardboard Kings.  This Critic also objects to the
                    PC-ification of the book where the terrorists were arabs,
                    not re-fried Nazis who have nothing to gain from a nuclear
                    war.  C.
                    \_ I also forgot to mention to lack of reality of the whole
                       aircraft carrier thing.  I'm changing it to a C-.  -MMC
                    \_ I recommend Bourne Identity. It was a great movie
                       inspite of Matt Damon. Some decent car chases (no where
                       near as good as the chases in Ronin, but still pretty
                       good) along with good fight scenes and plot development.
                       There were weak parts in the background story but it
                       wasn't glaring like Sum or say Art of War. A- - !MMC
                       \_ "no where near as good as the chases in Ronin?"
                          ok, you're officially an idiot, and are
                          fired from motd movie critic.  those were the
                          worst chase scnenes i've ever seen in any movie.
                          i walked out of the movie after about forty minutes
                          of those idiotic car chases between luxury cars on
                          shitty european streets.
                          \_ to clarify: the above about Ronin was not from the
                             MMC.  It was the !MMC who posted.  Thanks. --MMC
                          \_ okay, name a movie with better chase scenes than
                             Ronin. IMHO, the photography, the settings and
                             the cars were well chosen in Ronin. - !MMC
                             \_ the H in IMHO stands for humble, and
                                yet you have appointed yourself motd movie
                                critic.  your opinions are neither
                                humble nor good. go away.
                                \_ !MMC != MMC
                                \_ I'm not the motd movie critic. I'm just
                                   some random anon. guy who happened to
                                   like Bourne Identity and the chase scenes
                                   in Ronin. I thought other motd readers
                                   might like BI, so I mentioned the parts
                                   that I liked about it in comparison with
                                   other movies motd readers will probably
                                   have seen. - !MMC
                                \_ The MMC has not yet reviewed BI or Ronin.
                                   When and if the MMC reviews these movies,
                                   you, loyal motd reader, will be the first
                                   to know!  --MMC
2002/6/10 [Recreation/Media] UID:25053 Activity:high
6/9     at the very end of Return of the Jedi, Luke sees three
        apparitions: Yoda, Obi-Wan, and a third man. who is that last that the pre-Darth Vader Anakin Skywalker?
        \_ yes.
        \_ I think that's Obi-Wan's mentor who died in the first episode
           \_ bzzt! wrong!
              \_ why?
                 \_ A.. because the first answer is right,
                    not is Qui-Gon Jinn he (sic, Qui-Gon Jinn he is not)
        \_ and they're going to add Amidala in the Ultimate Edition when
                it comes out in about 5 years
                \_ I heard about this. so they're planning on adding her
                   to this specific scene?
                \_ Nah, they'll add Jar-Jar.
                        \_ Jar-Jar is going into Episode IV (aka the orignal
                           Star Wars, aka "Star Wars: A New Hope").
        \_ the correct answer is, "Who GIVES a SHIT?" - Triumph.
        \_ yes, it's anakin's reformed spirit/soul.  And as for the rest of you
           don't even bother making noise about the re-re-make of the first 3
           movies.  it's stupid.  no one is going to see that shit.  lucas is
           a freak.  a super freak.  he's super freaky!
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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