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2021/10/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/5/23-25 [Recreation/Media] UID:24923 Activity:insanely high
5/22    The movie has been out for a week now and we haven't had a soda
        poll?  come on.  What do you guys think of Attack of the Clones?
        I want my money back:
        better than the first:          .
        I want my bandwidth back:       .
        \_ an ESL student could have written better dialogue.
        \_ i've talked to exactly one person who thinks
           this movie is actually good.  who can do better than that?
           \_ many people in my office (whose movie opinions i trust less
              than my mother's) loved it.
           \_ My baby brother liked it, but he's been kind of a shill
              for Lucas. He liked Ep 1, ferchrissakes.
        pure genius: .
        \_ I didn't know George Lucas had a CSUA account???
        ok: ...
        sucked: .
        I want my money back:
        better than the first:          ...
        I want my bandwidth back:       .
        \_ don't judge based on the first VCD that came out. it's far
           more entertaining being able to take in all the detail.
           \_ Okay. I'll wait for the SVCD direct camera dub.
        Have had better things to do (like clipping toenails): .....
        What's Attack of the Clones?: .
        Are boycotting crappy Lucas Films: .
        Are boycotting motd polls: .
        Are boycotting all boycots:
        Were molested by Lucas or a clone: .
        \_ The fact that no one has bothered to mention it yet should say
           enough about how shitty it was.  Mostly it's like who really wants
           to admit they spent money on it?  In the first week?  I plan on
           waiting 5 or 6 weeks and seeing a matinee so at least I know the
           bulk of my 5 bucks goes to the local theatre and not that bozo,
           \_ Just wait for the SVCD direct dub, it should be out by next week.
              \_ It's not worth the download effort.  I don't mind paying 5
                 bucks to see it.  I mind Lucas getting more than a few pennies
                 of my 5 bucks.
                    \_ Well, it you don't mind spending $5 and going to the
                       theater its okay. I prefer d/l'ing it and watching it
                       home since I can fast fwd the dull bits.
                       \_ I prefer going out; to each his own.
                 \_ Man, personally I thought it was one of the most
                    entertaining productions I've ever seen. God damn, can't
                    you people just relax and enjoy something? Why would you
                    mind Lucas getting more $$ I mean he's already a
                    gazillionaire and after all it isn't the theater that
                    does something worth $$ it's the producers of the movie.
                    \_ Except for providing entertainment, employment, and
                       a social center.  Theaters don't do anything.  Nope.
                    \_ Because I'd rather support my local theatre than stuff
                       any more money into Lucas' pockets that he hasn't
                       earned.  Your reasoning: he's rich so let's make him
                       even richer just because we can!  Hey, can you send _me_
                       a few hundred bucks?  Just because.
                       \_ I'd say that he's earned it. He made a movie you
                          apparently want to see. --dim
                          \_ No. I only want to see it enough to pay 5 bucks
                             several weeks later so the bulk of my money goes
                             to non-Lucas entities.  There are degrees.
                             \_ why not just skip it?  speaks a lot louder to
                                your convictions
                                \_ You're not getting it.  The world is not
                                   black n white.  It has value.  Just a much
                                   lower value to me than to you.
                                   \_ your reply is unclear.  watch your
                                      \_ It's clear in context.  ESL?
                                         \_ I could ask the same of you, but
                                            an ESL student would have a better
                                            grasp of the issue.  Saying "The
                                            world is not black n white. It has
                                            value," the second sentence appears
                                            to be referring to "the world,"
                                            which I presume you did not mean,
                                            as that would make less sense than
                                            what you seem to be saying. Are
                                            what you seem to be saying. Are
                                            you the my hairy ball guy?
                                            you the bowling ball guy?
                                            \_ Try again: thread context. The
                                               topic was star wars, not the
                                               world.  You can go spank now.
                    \_ The whole reason to dl it is to relax and enjoy the
                       movie in the comfort of your own home. Its much easier
                       to pause the movie, fast fwd the dull parts, rewatch
                       the good bits etc. when you are watching it at home.
                       I also personally dislike the crowds, the uncomfortable
                       seats, the unnaturally loud sound system and the whole
                       dark atmosphere of theaters.
                       \_ If youre talking about the various Berkeley theatres
                          then yeah no kidding home is better.  Where I live
                          the seats are new, there's leg room, people shower,
                          and the sound is set correctly after the previews
                          end.  I wouldn't see a movie in Berkeley, either.
2002/5/22-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:24908 Activity:high
5/22    Follow up on a few days ago when I asked people abuot commercials
        before feature films. It turns out that Disney won't allow theatres to
        show their movies if the theatres show commercials - no matter what
        movie. Hence, the Grand Lake Theatre shows no commercials before their
        films. Only previews. -- ulysses
        \_ good for Disney.  urlP?
          \_ Can't help you there. I learned this using a good-old-fashioned
             call to the theatre.
        \_ of course, Disney seems to have no problems forcing people to sit
           through commercials on their DVDs.  hypocrites.
           \_ It would be nice if it had been some other company, I'll agree,
              but nobody else is volunteering.
        \_ You do realise that the theatres dont make anything off showing a
           movie for the first several weeks, only from the concessions?  They
           show commercials so they can stay in business.  The real answer is
           the studios should let the movie houses keep more money and stop
           forcing them to do things like go digital to show certain worthless
           films but we know that won't happen.
           \_ And yet the Grand Lake is still in business. Go figure.
2002/5/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Recreation/Media] UID:24866 Activity:very high 66%like:24832
5/18    Ep 2 spoilers will be deleted. --phillip
        \_ They all die at the end.
           \_ EXCEPT Jar-Jar.
              \_ And the young skywalker from Ep. 1.  Not his career, though.
           \_ I can't believe they killed off Yoda!
              \_ That's nothing. I can't believe Obi-Wan knocked up Padme.
                 \_ Wouldn't you?
                    \_ No. I'd go for Leia
                       \_ Threeway!
                       \_ But then you'd have to wait until Anakin knocks up
                          Padme.  Jedis are have needs too!
                          \_ Nothing wrong with "baking the bread"
2002/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Recreation/Media] UID:24809 Activity:very high
5/13    Anyone boycotting Episode II?  How many people are seeing it:
        - the first day, afternoon
        - the first day, evening or night   ...
        - the first weekend
        - after the first weekend
        - not seeing SW:EPII                .
        \_ you forgot watching the pirate copy ..
        \_ what's with the boycotting? Lucas offended you or somethin?
           \_ meesa not offended, okeyday?
              \_ watched ep2 last night, jar jar says 4 lines.  Thank God.
                 jar jar is stupid and actually gets tricked into motining
                 to give darth sidius dictatorial powers over the republic.
                 \_ Where did you see it?
                    \_ At home. SVCDs rock.
        \_ How many people have already seen it? ...
        \_ Skipping it because I don't like commercials before my
           films .
        \_ it's got alot of action.
2002/5/13-14 [Recreation/Media] UID:24804 Activity:very high
5/13    I'm curious which theatres insert how many commercials before the first
        run movies they show. I saw Spiderman at the Kabuki and there were
        four, so let's start there. Can others among you all contribute
        numbers from their recent visits to other movie theatres?
        Note that I'm not counting previews. -- ulysses
        THEATRE                 N_COMMERCIALS
        Kabuki                  4
        Coronet                 ??
        Emerybay                ??
        Shattuck (Landmark)     ??
        UA Berkeley             3
        Grand Lake              never seen any at grand lake (nor piedmont)
        Century Mtn View        ??
        AMC Mercado             ??
        \_ Commercials and/or trailers?  or just straight up commercials
           \_ Good point. I added a note above.
              \_ add a column for the movie title?
                \_ I'm interested in the general class of
                   blockbuster movies. Spiderman, EpII, etc. If you have
                   data, please do contribute.
                   \_ "blockbusters" are sheer death.  swear them off now,
                      and your life will be spared much hollywood induced
                      \_ I appreciate the sentiment but I'd appreciate
                         data more. Got any?
        \_ This is bullshit.  I suggest throwing rotten tomatoes.
        \_ Doesn't this vary depending on what movie the theatre is showing?
           \_ That's why I mentioned that I am looking for data from first-run
              movies. Perhaps I should additionally say I'm looking for worst
              case scenarios, i.e., summer blockbuster movies.
              \_ What the hell do you mean?  The term "data" is not as
                 descriptive as you seem to think.
2002/5/10-11 [Recreation/Media] UID:24788 Activity:very high
5/10    Good fucking god.
        \_ uh... yeah, that's hilarious. if you thought that
           \_ The line from Fletch was "Jesus H. Christ on a popcicle stick!"
           was cool, check out
           they actually have a bunny advertising their batteries!
           isn't that funny!  wow!
        \_ I think the right answer is, "JESUS H. CHRIST ON A STICK!"
           \_ The line from Fletch was "Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick!"
                \_ It isn't a Fletch line, thanks.  Not everything comes from
                   a movie.  Shocking as it may seem, movies will sometimes
                   take something from pre-existing culture.  Imagine that?
                   Movies aren't 100% original from Hollywood.  Who could've
                   thought that?  Anyway if you think about it, Christ on a
                   stick means something.  Christ on a popsicle stick is the
                   PG13 version for kids and makes no sense.
                   \_ Chill out guy.  I don't think the above poster meant
                      anything.  Take a deep breath and a nap or something.
                      \_ Fletch?  Fletch?!  Anyone who thinks Fletch is the
                         source of anything needs a good solid boot to the
                         head!  He didn't have to intend anything. That only
                         makes his crime that much worse.  Fletch.
           \_ JUMPING JESUS ON A POGO STICK is the _Hyperion_ version (iirc)
        \_ Okay, that's the silliest fucking thing I've seen in weeks.
        \_ "The MIGHTY MIDOLS bring quick relief. ... Period."
              \_ also my favorite part.  This site makes my head hurt.  I
                 just don't get it.  Who is giving the green light to this
2002/5/6 [Recreation/Media] UID:24730 Activity:nil
5/6     Hey BDG are you there?  We need your expert opinion on the movie
        "Unfaithful".  How about a review and some thoughts on that movie?
        Thanks.  -your #1 fan.
        \_ Maybe you should ask after it opens this Friday.
2002/5/2-3 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:24680 Activity:nil
5/2     In Bay Area, How does Dish Network compare to DirectTV and AT&T Digital
        Cable?  What local channels do they carry?  Thanks.
        \_ For directv enter your zipcode on the form on this page:
2002/5/1-2 [Recreation/Media] UID:24667 Activity:very high
5/1     what is the nerdiest movie ever?  please exclude startrek and anime.
        \_ Lucus
        \_ Buckaroo Bonzai
        \_ Antitrust
        \_ Princess Bridie
        \_ Ghostbusters
        \_ your baby shots
        \_ war games
        \_ short circuit
        \_ office space: ...
           \_ Was it actually run in theatres?  I only saw the advance viewing
        \_ Snickers
              in SF but I never heard of any ads afterwards.
              \_ Yes.  I saw it in San Jose
                 \_ Same here.  Maybe it only ran in San Jose. -geordan
        \_ Revenge of the Nerds
           \_ Revenge of the Nerds N: Nerds in Love
        \_ Sneakers
        \_ Pirates of Silicon Valley
        \_ don't forget
2002/4/29 [Recreation/Media] UID:24622 Activity:nil
4/28    Do people go to the movies alone?
        \_ I do.
           \_ sad. wait for it come on video
              \_ i think video is much more social than seeing a
                 movie in the theater.  if you sit silently in a theater
                 for two hours with no breaks, you're just watching a movie.
                 if you hang out in an apartment with a bunch of friends
                 watching videos, it's social. i think it makes more sense
                 to go to movies alone, but have people over to watch videos.
                 watching a movie as a couple alone in an apartment
                 also has definite advantages over the theater besides cost.
2002/4/22 [Recreation/Media] UID:24525 Activity:nil
4/21    I'm moving so I want to change my cable service.  Which of the premium
        channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax) offers the most movies of erotic
        nature, ie. rated TVMA or with advisories SC (strong sexual content)
        or N (nudity)?  Can't afford pay-per-view channels, sorry.  Thanks.
        \_ looking for some Ho-time or Skinimax, Mr. Troll?
           \_ I currently subscribe to HBO and SHO.  SHO seems to be better
              than HBO, but it might just be my timing.  Haven't had MAX
              before, so I wonder how it compares to the other two.  I'm
              moving to Fremont which I suppose is also covered by AT&T.
        \_ If blonde silcone augmented sex slave is your idea  of women.
                porn on the internet is better and free
        \_ HBO hands down. Thursdays 11PM: Real Sex, SexByte, etc etc.
           And look for movies that start after 1 am on the weekends.
2002/4/10-11 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Media] UID:24406 Activity:high
4/10    A few weeks ago on ABC there was a snow white TV movie.  What was
        the name of the Asian woman who played snow white?  I think she
        was asian.  Long beautiful black hair.  Thanks.
        \_ Try ABC's website.
        \_ I looked at ABC's website and found it in like oh 2.5 seconds.
        \_ "She's white until proven Asian." is the best line from this page
           about her:
           \_ Too bad she's only half Asian.
             \_ Um, what is that supposed to mean?
                \_ I think he really meant to say, "Too bad she's only half
                   \_ No, I meant what I said.  If she's 100% Asian it'll be
                      more exotic, IMO.
                      \_ you have FOB diction; hence this is a troll.  -pld
                      \_ How many billions of Asians are on the planet?  How
                         is it that asian==exotic?  If she was Incan, that
                         would be exotic.  Asian!=exotic.
                         \_ Asians in Asia and Whites in US are not exotic, but
                            Asians in US are a bit exotic and Whites in Asia
                            are exotic.
                            \_ Asians in the bay area are not even close to
                               exotic.  You looked around lately?
                               \_ The guy just has an Asian fetish, nothing
                                  \_ Yeah I guess I have an Asian fetish.  BTW
                                     I'm Asian.
                                     \_ Yeah, we believe you.
                                     \_ Oh great, so now you are saying
                                        you are exotic yourself?
                                        Great, just great...we have a
                                        fetish guy and a narcissist.
                                  \_ Its called "yellow fever".
                      \_ That's what I wanted to know. Ugh. Have fun kids. Wipe
                         up when you're done.
                      \_ Wow.  I can't express how lame this is. -geordan
                         \_ Come on, Geordan.  How long have you been here?
        \_ Kristin Kreuk of Smallville fame.
        \_ She's smofucking hot! --!asianfetishboy
2002/3/27 [Recreation/Media] UID:24250 Activity:nil
3/27    Finally!  Dudley Moore kicks the bucket.  Dead at 66.  I thought he'd
        *never* go away.  Now we just have to suffer through a Dudley Moore
        Best Of/Memorial show on ABC/NBC/CBS and the noise about "famous
        actors dying in threes" and that's that.
2002/3/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:24230 Activity:high
3/26    What would Disney say to this?  It was my favorite childhood movie.
        Now I'll need to get out my Tron DVD instead....
        \_ You're referring to the article "Rethinking black holes"?  What
           does that have to do with movies?
        \_ You're referring to the article "Rethinking black holes"?  What does
           \_ Don't you remember that Disney movie from the early 80's about
              a black hole. There was this ship that fell into a black hole
              and there was this lovable robot on the ship, and just when you
              thought the big evil blackhole (great uncle thrice removed of
              the big evil asteroid that Bruce Willis destroyed in Armageddon)
              was going to kill the heros, they escape into another universe
              via the white hole connected to the black hole at its center
              and everyone lives happily ever after in the alternative
              universe which is filled with hope and joy (rather than mean
              old impersonal space-time).
           that have to do with movies?
           \_ It's just not the same anymore.
2002/3/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:24226 Activity:high
3/25    Time Machine: Pretty decent movie, except what was the answer he
        was looking for?  when he's in the cage with that weird dude who
        said "now you got the answer, you can leave now...."; Why did the
        weird looking "mastermind" guy let him go?
        \_ what drugs are you on?  time machine is one of the worst,
           incoherent big budget movies i've ever seen.  ok
           the hologram memory guy was pretty cool. - danh
           most incoherent big budget movies i've ever seen.  i was that
           guy behind you laughing when his fiancee died a 2nd time.
           ok the hologram memory guy was pretty cool. - danh
           \_ I agree. The actual time-traveling & hologram were cool, but
              the plot was weak. Is the movie anything like the book?
              \_ Ths book was weak. Original at its time, but still weak.
2002/3/22-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:24196 Activity:high
3/22    Boycott Spielberg! Boycott Lucas!!! SAY NO TO ET AND STAR WARS!!!
        \_ I'm not going to see either of them. --aaron
               \- what brought this on? ET re-release? or have they given
                  britney a role in the SW movie or something?
           \_ and I presume you're going to see asian porn instead?
           \_ edonkey is your friend.  Lucas doesn't need any of my money.
           \_ Why? Don't you have enough space on your hd for the divx?
        \_ At least Star Wars is a new production and not a touch up of the
           old film with walkie talkies digitally painted in over the FBI's
2002/3/12 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Media] UID:24085 Activity:insanely high
3/11    At least it looks watchable:
        \_ It wants me to register. What's the CSUA group login/pass again?
           \_ ; cypherpunk
           \_ motd/motd should work also
        \_ Barely watchable.  I think they strung together all 2 minutes worth
           of action sequences for that trailer.  Of note was what they
           *didn't* show.  I spotted no new obvious toy-aliens for the kids.
           Since we know SW is nothing more than a gimmick to sell junk to
           kids, the lack of any makes me that much more suspicious of this
           trailer.  It's a scam to steal your 9 bucks.  This'll be the first
           one I'll be skipping unless it gets fantastic reviews from people
           over age 8.
          \_I like how the california department of corrections
            hates star wars so much, they actually shot an ILM
            employee - danh
           \_ y'know, there's easier ways to scam people out of 9 bucks.
              \_ That's probably true -- but this has proven to be
                 GL's M.O.     -mice
              \_ correction: to steal your 9 bucks and sell lots of toys to
                 your kids and make shitty PC/PS2/Xbox games, pull in ad
                 revenue from bad cartoons, etc.  Better?
           \_ By watchable I ment that once I dl it and watch it, I won't
              regret having wasted the time and bandwidth. Note that this
              did not apply to eps 1.
              \_ Since it insisted my 5.00 Qt wasnt new enough and their
                 scripts weren't working well with my browser, I had to pull
                 the qt.exe installed from akamai, etc, so I'm not sure the
                 time was worth it for me and what's up with needing the qtPro
                 version to see the larger movie?  Scam, scam, scam.... I can't
                 wait to see more Jamaican frogs fighting and defeating the
                 pre-Empire's forces.
                 \_ I wasn't talking about the trailer, I was talking about
                    the divx of the movie which should be out in a few mos.
        \_ I know a buncha folks over at ILM. They say the first half
           hour blows goats, but the last two thirds are crazy chaotic
           action. Lucas ruined Star Wars, now it is just another
           scifi action movie. Enjoy it for what it is, now that the
           legacy has been crushed. Hey, at least you get to watch
           swarms of clones exterminate the Jedi. [moved was here]
2002/3/11 [Recreation/Media] UID:24073 Activity:very high
3/9     Star Trek Bridge Commander.  Take the helm.  Crush Cardasians.  Beat
        up Ferengi.  Bully your crew around.  Kick dirt in Klingon faces.
        Very amusing.
        \_ Prepare to be boarded!
           \_ That's one thing it doesn't do.  I don't think there's any sort
              of boarding action unless it was scripted in later in the game
              where I haven't played yet.  There's even a simple Star Trek
              quality plotline.  It's just like watching the show but you get
              to do stuff.
           \_ Prepare to be bored!
2021/10/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/2/28-3/1 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Media] UID:23999 Activity:high
        Tonya Harding vs. Amy Fisher.  3 rounds of boxing on a Fox special.
        I'm not sure who came up with this but it might be funny seeing a
        psycho WT athlete beat the crap out of the wenchy WT psycho chick.
        \_ I forgot, but what did Amy Fisher do to get herself in jail,
           and what did she do in jail?
        \_ What's "WT"?
2002/2/18-19 [Computer/Networking, Recreation/Media] UID:23903 Activity:high
2/17    I have cable modem + tv. I've heard that cable modem comes with TV
        by default. Does that mean if I cancel cable tv (and only pay cable
        modem), I can still watch it?
        \_ This depends on where you live.  I live in Fremont and used to have
       free cable tv which comes with cable modem.  But one or two weeks ago,
       I got no more free cable tv (at&t might have done something to disable
       the free cable).  But I have a friend who lives in Cupertino and still
       get free cable tv.  I know another friend who lives in Berkeley and
       never have free cable tv with his modem.
           free cable tv which comes with cable modem.  But one or two weeks
           ago, I got no more free cable tv (at&t might have done something to
           disable the free cable).  But I have a friend who lives in Cupertino
           and still get free cable tv.  I know another friend who lives in
           Berkeley and never have free cable tv with his modem.
           [ reformatted - motd formatting daemon ]
           \_ It's the video trap.  If there's one on your line, you won't get
              cable tv.  If you don't, you'll have it "for free."
              cable tv.  If there isn't, you'll have it "for free."
        \_ I live in Berkeley and have free cable tv. My friend in SF (Potrero
           Hill) cancelled his cable tv the day after (before?) he ordered cable
           modem and now gets free cable tv.
2002/2/12-13 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Recreation/Media] UID:23851 Activity:high
2/12    Make sure you return your videos to blockbuster on time:
        \_ Blockbuster is a horrible place to spend your money on rentals.
           Every so often their system will decide that you had a late return
           6 months before & charge you for it, without explaining what the
           charge is for-- sometimes directly to your credit card or
           sometimes at the checkout register.  If they type in the wrong
           information, you may end up paying for someone else's late return.
           At Berkeley's Shattuck store, they took my mom's CC number and
           PUT IT ON THE WRONG ACCOUNT.  Go with instead.
           \_ this article has nothing to do with BlockBuster.  I could be
           Hollywood videos or any mom's & pop's store. Netflix is not idea
           unless you rent every month. Do you really spend $20 worth of
           rental in a month?  If so, netflix definitely is good for you.
                \_ my video rental bill is at least $50 per mo but Netflix is
                        just too slow...still going to try it -- not OP
        \_ This article would be more palatable if the writer didn't go
           so overboard every few paragraphs.
           \_ it's a libertarian web site, what do you expect?
                \_ The same as from any web site hosted by a politically
                   active group from any part of the spectrum.  Go read the
                   common sites from the other end of the spectrum.  They
                   mostly rant and self-confirm on message boards.  That's
                   the beauty of the net; anyone can be a publisher.  This is
                   what true free speech is all about.  You have the right to
                   speak but no one is required to listen.
2002/1/4 [Recreation/Media] UID:23448 Activity:nil
1/3     Just in case anyone still thinks that Lucas cares about
        something other than $s:
2001/12/27-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:23386 Activity:moderate
12/27   WTF? Do I have to pay for cable to get NBC now??
        \_ it's on chan 3
           \_ my chan 3 has luigi on it
              \_ 3 on cable.
        \_ kntv 11?
           \_ Tried it, all I got was snow.
              \_ kntv 11 is for the San jose region.  They advertised it
                 on the radio that it would be on kntv 11 starting on
                 jan 1.
        \_ You only need to pay if you can't get kntv on your rabbit ears.
         There's some trivial number of people in the bay area that won't
         be able to get the new signal via some cable/air/satellite/etc.
           There's some trivial number of people in the bay area that won't be
           able to get the new signal via some cable/air/satellite/etc.
           Anyway, it's only NBC.  It isn't like there's anything on there
           worth watching anyway.  If you read the local papers you'd know
        \_ Live in Oakland, can't get 11. The Olympics are on NBC.
           I won't be watching. I ain't paying for cable. Wha.
           \_ it's NOT a trivial number, no matter how the media conglom
                 increase their signal strength to pull in a bigger viewing
              spins it to the FCC. Lots of folks in the Bay Area
              can't get channel 11 thru the air and dont' have
              cable or "satellite".
              \_ why would the media conglomerate lie to the FCC?  if anything,
                 they'd be telling the FCC that they need to be allowed to
                 increase their signal strength to reach that "trivial number",
                 and in the process get a larger viewer base.
                 \_ It's cuz NBC got outbid for an excellent station in
                    a prime media outlet and they lost NFL. Then
                    they try to screw the new owners with a new
                    reverse-billing contract. Then they say "fuck
                    KRON" and go buy KNTV.
              \_ "Wah wah wah . . . I live in SAN FRANCISCO, DAMNIT, the MOST
                 IMPORTANT CITY IN THE WORLD, and I have a GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to
                 watch INANE NETWORK TELEVISION that should be PROTECTED BY
                 MY GOVERNMENT!!!1!!  Look at me!!  I'm special!!"
                 I live in San Jose (an insignificant city south of SF that
                 you probably haven't heard of), and I've *never* been able
                 to get KRON or any of our other "Bay Area" TV stations over
                 the air.  It pleases me immensely to see a bunch of self-
                 righteous San Francsicans suddenly in the same boat, whining
                 about how they CANNOT BE IGNORED (and defending network TV!)
                 \_ Switch to decaf, bro.
                 \_ Hooray for strawmen!
                 \_ i think kcra (channel 3 out of sacramento) gets nbc feeds
        \_ Anyone know what's happened to KRON?  Did they get dumped by NBC?
           \_ KRON dumped NBC
                \_ NBC wanted big $$$ from KRON, they refused, KNTV agreed
                   to pay, and then, recently, to be bought out by NBC
           about the change.  It's been in both the business and entertainment
2001/12/23 [Recreation/Media] UID:23353 Activity:high
12/22   I liked The Royal Tanenbaums (a movie) much more
        than LOTR, and I read all the tolkien stuff.  Am I insane?
        \_You're asking for a psychological assessment from the motd? Yes,
          you are insane.
        \_ everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion.  you're insane if you
           think anybody really cares.
           \_ grumpy!
              \- hey are there some indian fellows in teh movie? i understand
              some of my associates are in it. ok tnx --psb
        \_ there's an indian guy who was also in Bottle Rocket
           and Rushmore, this is not surprising since the same guy
           wrote and directed all 3 movies.
           \- oh i thought his dad was in it. is there an older fellow
           in it too? ok tnx
2001/12/20-21 [Recreation/Media] UID:23315 Activity:very high
12/19   LOTR question.  I want to read the book before I watch the movie.
        I know it's a trilogy.  But does it have to be read in order?
        Is one book better than others?  I'm asking if it's like Star Wars.
        You don't have to watch it in order. And I liked return of the jedi
        better than the rest.  Thanks.
        \_ You have to read them in order or it won't make any sense. --dim
        \_ The Lord of the Rings is one title composed of many logical books.
           It was published as three physical books. You need to read them
           in order. If you want to dip your toe in, start with the Hobbit
           which is the prequel to the Lord of The Rings
           \_ 6 "books", 3 "volumes"
           \_ 6 "books", 3 "volumes".  But, indeed, if you haven't read any
              of them and want to read something, read the Hobbit, see
              fellowship of the ring, then read the 3 volumes. --scotsman
        \_ read fellowship of the ring.
        \_ read fotr or mein kamph, same difference, same content.
           "Numenor fell for the Numenoreans mingled their blood with that
           of lesser men." ... "Southrons were dark and evil."
                \_ boy that's clever.  -tom
        \_ I'm sorry, your liking Return of the Jedi best has nullified your
           worthiness for Tolkien.  Exit on your left.
        \_ I would not discourage anyone from reading the books.  However,
           having seen the movie last night, I can safely say that you do
           not need to read the books to enjoy the movie.  In fact, if
           you're the sort of person who gets fanatic about this sort of
           thing, DON'T read the books before seeing the movie, as there
           are plenty of differences between the two.  I enjoyed the movie
           immensely.  --erikred
           \_ I'd agree.  Read the series many, many times, saw the movie,
              liked it, but kinda wished I'd never read it (surprises would
              be more surprising, wouldn't be constantly analyzing differences,
              etc, etc)  I'd just read the Hobbit then go see it (or not even
              that, you don't have to, but it would be fun).  --dbushong
        \_ I'm a big book fan who really liked the movie. I've known
           a few non-readers who've seen it and been confused, but the
           resounding consensus on them is that they are stupid. So
           \_ or think seperate books should have individual endings.
              \_ But they *aren't* separate books.  It's all one book,
                 that was split into three volumes by the publisher.
              \_ Just saw the movie today.  At the end, one woman said
                 aloud, "What?  That's it?" -geordan
           consider the movie an informal IQ test. The first book is
           450-500 pages long, and not a quick read the first time
           though, though I just finished it in three days cuz I've
           read it before. Anyway, you might also start with The Hobbit,
           which is more for kids, and Silmarillion, which has a lot
           of backstory to the Lord of the Rings. Origionally the
           trilogy of books was one book. They divided it into three
           parts for publishing reasons.
           \_ The Hobbit was *really* boring.  I'd skip it.
             \_ Everyone has an opinion. You're in a minority among
                those who've read it.
                \_ We may be a bigger minority than you think. Hated it.
                   \_ Relax. It's a kid's book. -fab
                      \_ LoTR is also a set of kids books.
                      \_ LoTR is also a set of kids books. But thats okay
                         since most sodans are kids (at heart, if not in
                   \_ The Hobbit In A Nutshell by O'Reailly: Wizard drags
                      hobbit out of hole.  Goes on adventure.  Hobbit saves
                      everyone.  Hobbit saves everyone again.  Hobbit again
                      saves everyone.  Hobbit saves group.  Group is saved by
                      hobbit.  Hobbit rescues everyone.... etc, etc, end.  I
                      stated my opinion.  "boring" is obviously an opinion.
                      You state your opinion as a fact.  Your opinion is only
                      an opinion until you survey a sufficient number of The
                      Hobbit readers to do a proper statistical analysis.  I'd
                      like to see a breakdown by age when you publish your
                      results.  The Hobbit was *really* boring.  I'd skip it.
                        \_ uh, Bilbo did very little saving of anyone.  Could
                           you provide some examples?  -tom
                           \_ well, there was that spider, and then the
                              dragon, and then that stuff in the forest...
                                \_ Don't bring facts in to this.
           \_ The Silmarillion is an... acquired taste.  For advanced
              Tolkien fans only.
              \_ "The third is enormous, mad, unreadable"
2001/12/6 [Recreation/Media] UID:23158 Activity:nil
12/5    I'm looking for Harry Potter porn.  Searched on google and only
        found Harry Potter slash porn fiction.  I want pictures man.  Harry
        sodomizing other young boys and such.  Thanks.
        \_ Just buy yourself a broomstick. I'm sure you're creative enough
           to use your imagination and visualize.
           \_ or even a wand
        \_ Is that a nimbus 2000 in your pocket or are you just happy
           to see me?
        \_ dude, quit CSUA and join NAMBLA
           \_ What does the North American Marlon Brando Lookalike Association
              have to do with this?
2001/11/26 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:23105 Activity:nil
11/26   What's the name of that song from the TV show Providence?  It goes
        something like: there are places I remember / all my life / some
        have changed / some forever not for better ....
        \_ In My Life
2001/11/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:23103 Activity:high
11/26   What's a good movie that I should get on dvd?
        \_ "Pr0n, weak file systems and YOU!"
        \_ pixar films are always good.
           \_ i have bugs life.  Monsters, inc is on the way. (73%)
        \_ Go see Mulholland Drive in the theater.  It is the greatest
           film ever made.  -blojo
           \_ have this annoying smr of kpax, but it looks good so far
              has k.spacey ever been in a bad movie?
        \_ shrek is good... and dreamworks reportedly took the time to
           storyboard the dvd extras.
        \_ The Matrix if you have a good sound system.
        \_ Depends... you looking for something to showcase your spanking
           new shiny home theater setup? Then the aforementioned Matrix
           would be a good choice. Or good cinema?
2001/11/13-14 [Recreation/Media] UID:23025 Activity:very high
11/12   Go out and rent this Japanese (non-anime) movie called Battle Royale
        Seriously f.u. sh*t
        \_ From "Ninth grade students are taken to a small
           isolated island with a map, food and various arms. They have to
           fight each other three days long until the last one remains and are
           forced to wear a special collar which will explode when they break a
           rule."  What kind of movie is that!!??
        \_ Y'know, they Japanese have some pretty fucked up shit. There was
           this one variety show (with lots of comedy, singing, stupid games,
           etc), where they brought a kid (about 5yrs old), and told him his
           mother died, just to see his reaction. The kid was still bawling
           after they told him it was a joke.
        \_ Varietion of the same theme ala Lord of the Flies by William
           Golding.  Nothing seems all that original.
           \_ At least LotF was a commentary on human nature. This movie
              makes Hollywood seem comparitively sophisticated.
              \_ Phah.  LotF was William Golding parroting the Bible's views
                 on human nature... badly I might add.
        \_ different culture == different humour. I bet Afghan Comedy Channel
           has wife beating stuff in it.
2001/11/12 [Recreation/Media] UID:23005 Activity:nil
11/11   telnet
        Star Wars Episode IV in ASCII
        \_ --dim
2001/11/8-9 [Recreation/Media] UID:22981 Activity:high
11/8    A little late, but how was Monsters, Inc?  Were there a lot of kids
        in the theatre? Or mostly adults?
        \_ I was feeling really depressed and it really helped to bring
           my spirits up with all the cuteness.  I did not like Shrek
           very much, this movie is much better.
        \_ I enjoyed it. A lot. More so than Shrek or Toy Story 1/2. There
           were definitely more kids in the theater than the average film,
           but not overwhelmingly so.
        \_ pretty good movie.
        \_ Funny movie. Better than previous pixar offerrings. Unless
           you absolutely have to see the eps2 trailer show up a bit late
           as the number of previews for annoying kid movies is a bit much.
        \_ The Pixar short film in the beginning was hilarious.
           \_ Some other shorts at Spike & Mike's were better.
           \_ Yeah, that one with the bird was great...
2001/11/8 [Recreation/Media] UID:22973 Activity:high
11/8    What did people think about the Afghanistan South Park Episode?
        \_ Is there an echo in here?
           \_ pedantic
           \_ wow.  there is a user with a middle name of Echo
           \_ echo in here?
              \_ in here?
2001/11/7 [Recreation/Media] UID:22961 Activity:insanely high
11/6    Which will be the largest box office draw (among these selections):
        Monsters, Inc.: ..
        Lord of the Ring's: .
        SW Episode II:
        Harry Potter: .
        How Stella got her tubes packed:
                \_ ;)
                    \_ 8===o
        Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, part deaux: .
2001/11/6-7 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Media] UID:22945 Activity:nil
5/11    Anybody want to post a link to the Phantom Edit?  Seems interesting.
        \_ gnutella
2001/11/5-6 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Recreation/Media] UID:22936 Activity:high
11/5    Can somebody download the star wars II trailer and put it somewhere
        on soda?  I can't get through to  The entire site
        is pretty much hozed for me.  Thanks.
        \_ Why bother. It is going to suck. They circulated a memo
           around ILM to stop making fun of the movie in dailies.
        \_ Try
        \_ /csua/tmp/
          \_ Cannot play back the video stream: no suitable decompressor
             could be found. (Error=80040255)
             \_ Are you trying via Media Player? It needs the Quicktime 5
                codec, which I don't believe MP has.
                \_ right.  Apple has an exclusive deal with Sorenson that
                   allows only QuickTime to view Sorenson-encoded video
                   streams. (Most modern QT files use Sorenson.)
          \_ thanks!
              \_ damn, how do i play this on my  non-windows non-mac
                 \_ read /.
        \_ so which actor playys Annakinn?
           \_ Hayden Christensen. He's currently in Life as a House.
2001/11/4-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:22924 Activity:low
11/3    Did anyone go and see the Eps2 trailer yesterday? Did it suck?
        \_ what is "Eps2" ?
        \_ yes, yes
        \_ I actually liked it. But, like the first trailer to Ep1,
           prolly not all that indictive of the actual product.
           \_ The Eps1 Trailer was better than the actual movie, IMHO.
              I was recently watching eps4-6 and each one seems to be
              of lesser quality than the one that preceeded it. At
              this rate eps3 is bound to to awful and eps 7-9 will be
              unwatchable (I have no doubt that they will get made).
              I can't believe who Lucas has twisted the ideas of Joe
              Campbell into a sort of cheap money machine.
              \_ That's what I meant, actually. I loved the first trailer,
                 and the movie was disappointing. And I loved the "Breathe"
                 Ep2 trailer, but I'm not getting my expectations up for
                 the movie.
              \_ Empire Strikes Back is generally regarded as the best, though
                 obviously not as big of a landmark. --dim
        \_ Trailer's now online @
2001/10/29-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:22856 Activity:insanely high
10/29   Is Pulp Fiction the first movie where they show men getting raped?
        I'm looking for other ones. Not porn, but regular movies. Thanks.
        \_ "American Me", "American History X", "Sleepers" - danh
        \_ SQUEAL LIKE A PIG!  Kids today... go rent "Deliverance".
        \_ "Midnight Express" about 25 years ago, although I heard the movie
           was made by the Greeks intended to bash Turkey.  I was too young to
           understand the movie.
           \_ Coincidentally, there is a movie called "Chinese Midnight
              Express II" where inmates at an HK prison get raped.
        \_ I saw a movie where a Nazi skinhead leader got raped by other white
           inmates.  He almost got raped by black inmates too, but his black
           friend saved him.  Forgot what was the the title of the movie. Saw
           it on TV.
           \_ American History X?
        \_ How about man getting raped by woman, like in "Disclosure"?
2001/10/22 [Politics/Domestic, Recreation/Media] UID:22792 Activity:high 66%like:22791
10/21   Jam Echelon Day!
        \_ Do you reallly believe the NSA cares about you? Send out
           hundreds of emails with the keywords BOMB KILL  PRESIDENT or
           whatever and see what happens - nothing!
          \_ What is that movie with Gene Hackman called? "Enemy of the State"
          maybe? According to him in that movie, if you have a phone
          conversation and say the words "Alah", "Bomb" and "President",
          you're nailed.
          \_ oh no! the NSA will read my hardrive!  wait a muinute.. they
             paid for this hardrive! -ARO researcher
        \_ What does Jam Echelon Day mean?
           \_ I believe it is an international rock competition.
2001/10/8 [Recreation/Media] UID:22663 Activity:moderate
10/7    In the wake of these attacks and the worldwide terror, I think I
        speak for the entire nation when I say, "When are the Simpsons
        \_ Not until the baseball gets off the air. Damn MBL and their
           stupid spy satellites.
        \_ and what happened to the Family Guy?  did Fox axe it again?
        \_ When you download your favorite episode using Morpheus.
           \_ Speaking of d/l'ing, what do ppl use these days? I tried
              AudioGalaxy, not bad, but not as convenient as Napster.
              Which progs out there do more than mp3's like Scour did?
              \_ kazaa
2001/8/15-16 [Recreation/Media] UID:22121 Activity:nil
8/14    Is it me or has the "quality" of Arnold's movies
        reall gone downhill in the last few years? Watch
        the following before you post a response:
        \_ looks good.  Arnie is always good about plugging current
           Right-Wing topics.
2001/8/7-8 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Recreation/Media] UID:22040 Activity:kinda low
8/7     Where did that "when i was young, blah blah, and we liked it.
        we loved it" originally come from? Especially the liked it -- loved it
        thing, was it from some movie or something?
        \_ Don't you mean "when I was a kid we used to walk 10 miles to school
           in 5 feet of snow uphills both ways"?
           \_ How do you walk uphills both ways?
              \_ You like it! You love it.
           \_ i thank you to death and beyond.
              \_ the curvature of space is variable with time
                 combined with the fact that plate techtonics
                 was a lot more active when I was a kid forced
                 me to walk uphill both was to school which
                 was 10 miles away and the path was always
                 covered in 8 ft of snow and weather conditions
                 were blizzard like or worse. Oh yeah, and school
                 lasted from 6 AM to 12 PM with 12 hrs of homework
                 every night!
                 \_ I always hated those 30 hour days.
                    \_ Actually it's only 6 hours from 6AM to 12PM.
               \_ I lived in the middle of a really long hill. My first class
                  was at the top of the hill so I had to walk up to get there.
                  My last class was at the bottom of the hill, so afterwards
                  I had to walk up from there to get home.
              \_ Kids these days...sigh...
        \_ Dana Carvy's grumpy old man on SNL
           \_ ok tnx
           \_That specific line might be from Dana Carvey, but the idea
             goes back (at least) to Monty Python, Live at the Hollywood
             Bowl, "The Four Yorkshiremen" - lewis
                \_ I think the first person to use it was Bill Cosby.  -tom
        \_ from old people having egos
2001/8/4 [Recreation/Media] UID:21998 Activity:high
 8/3    Anybody seen "The Follow" by Wong Kai-Wor on  What
        do you guys think of it?
        \_ It's good. Much easier to watch than Fallen Angels or Happy
           Together, which are very slow moving. The Follow is slow moving, but
           it's only five minutes long.
           \_ But I still dont understand the ending fully.
              \_ Her husband(who's also supposed to be a star) hires clive to
                 make sure she doesn't run off from him.  Clive sees the bruise
                 on her eye and gives the money back to the guy that hired
                 clive.  (If you still don't get it...  She was running away
                 from her wife-beatin husband.)
                 \_ I saw it only once but I didn't get it either.  How did
                    you know about the black eye?  I guess I have to see it
                    again to catch that.
                    \_ Was the black eye really that stealth of a shot
                       that everybody missed it? Geez Louise.
                       \_ No, this person must have been reading email while
                          watching the short or something... it was pretty
                          damn hard to miss...
                          \_ For me, I saw the injury, but I still thought I
                             missed something so I watched it with the
                             director commentary and then I understood. I
                             guess I'm just a dope.
                \_ He only beat her and hired Clive after she ran away with
                   another man and started cheating on him.
        \_ It's Wong Kar-Wai.
           \_ It's Kar-Wai Wong (first name, last name, US Style!)
              \_ There are a few sites out there that list his movies
                 movies as being directed by both Wong Kar-Wai and
                 Kar-Wai Wong.
                 \_ Does the first/last name thing represent deeply rooted
                    cultural differences between the East and West involving
                    the role and/or importance of the family versus the
                    individual? Have people written papers about this? Or
                    perhaps a kinneydrivel?
                    \_ today, it is commonly known that asian families
                       stress that family goals and needs are higher up than
                       your own individual wants/goals; but the whole written
                       name order im sure came alot earlier, definitely way
                       before modern america which is the epitome of
                       individualism, so i doubt that name order actually
                       reflects cultural differences. Also asian culture
                       dramatically changed with the introduction of confucian
                       ideals, which is probably when the shift towards
                       family over individual concept took hold the most,
                       and so any cultural differences came from that.
                    \_ Some asian cultures don't even use a family name.
2001/7/3 [Recreation/Media] UID:21710 Activity:high
7/2     First it was Romeo and Juliette now this:
        \_                     ^tte^t
        Does Hollywood have no respect for the bard? Denmark
        Inc? Bill Murray as Polonius? I can hardly believe it.
        Eventhough Mel Gibson had all that bs incest stuff, his
        version was still better than this disgrace.
        \_ stop complaining, whining, talking to skulls, and get off
           your ass and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! hehe
           \_ 0x2B | ~0x2B that is the question.
        \_ Um, dude, it's been out for over a year and a half now.  And
           if you think people shouldn't be able to use some artistic
           license when they do Shakespeare, you just don't get it.  Do
           you want every Shakespeare production to look like the sappy,
           bullshit 1960s era Romeo and Juliet movie, which stars
           (the aptly named) Olivia Hussey?  Or do you want to allow for
           the possibility of Othello starring Patrick Stewart as a white
           man as a minority in a world dominated by blacks?
           \_ Oddly enough, both the Romeo & Juliet you decry as being
              too stiff, and the Hamlet the original poster attacks for
              artistic license were directed by Franco Zeffirelli.
           \_ the same olivia hussey who played norman bates mother
              in some later norman bates story with flashback-itis
           \_ Artistic license is one thing. For example, when American
              Playhouse and PBS made Much Ado About Nothing, they used
              artistic license by adding and deleting scenes and dialouge
              from the original. This version retained the spirit and
              setting of the original play and even enhanced it. The
              artistic license used by the fool who made this movie is
              akin to bs artistic license used by the fool who displayed
              a cross in urine as art.
              \_ I know what you mean.  Crucifix in urine is so dull.  But
                 crucifix in nun juice...   Now that's a powerful statement.
                 \_ Wasn't there a movie or MTV or something where a nun used
                    a crucifix to masturbate?  Lots of nun juice there.
                    \_ Nuns are supposed to be celibate right? So what if
                       two nuns get it on. Is that breaking the vow or is
                       it okay, since neither is "equipped" (addons are not
                       quite the real thing)?
                       \_ You are going to hell for even asking that question.
                       \_ Did Bill Clinton have sexual relations with
                          Monica Lewinski?  -tom
2001/7/3 [Recreation/Media] UID:21704 Activity:very high
7/2     First it was Romeo and Juliette now this:
        Does Hollywood have no respect for the bard? Denmark
        Inc? Bill Murray as Polonius? I can hardly believe it.
        Eventhough Mel Gibson had all that bs incest stuff, his
        version was still better than this disgrace.
        \_ stop complaining, whining, talking to skulls, and get off
           your ass and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! hehe
           \_ 0x2B | ~0x2B that is the question.
        \_ Um, dude, it's been out for over a year and a half now.  And
           if you think people shouldn't be able to use some artistic
           license when they do Shakespeare, you just don't get it.  Do
           you want every Shakespeare production to look like the sappy,
           bullshit 1960s era Romeo and Juliet movie, which stars
           (the aptly named) Olivia Hussey?  Or do you want to allow for
           the possibility of Othello starring Patrick Stewart as a white
           man as a minority in a world dominated by blacks?
           \_ Oddly enough, both the Romeo & Juliet you decry as being
              too stiff, and the Hamlet the original poster attacks for
              artistic license were directed by Franco Zeffirelli.
           \_ the same olivia hussey who played norman bates mother
              in some later norman bates story with flashback-itis
           \_ Artistic license is one thing. For example, when American
              Playhouse and PBS made Much Ado About Nothing, they used
              artistic license by adding and deleting scenes and dialouge
              from the original. This version retained the spirit and
              setting of the original play and even enhanced it. The
              artistic license used by the fool who made this movie is
              akin to bs artistic license used by the fool who displayed
              a cross in urine as art.
              \_ I know what you mean.  Crucifix in urine is so dull.  But
                 crucifix in nun juice...   Now that's a powerful statement.
                 \_ Wasn't there a movie or MTV or something where a nun used
                    a crucifix to masturbate?
2001/6/24-25 [Recreation/Media] UID:21612 Activity:high
6/23    What's the cheapest way to get certain only channels like HBO? Regular
        plus extended cable? digital cable? satellite?
        \_ Pirate cable
           \_ at caltech in the SAC by the coffeehouse there, there is a
              room called "The TV Room."  It has a channel count in the
              4-5 digit range.  Global stuff. - paolo
              \_ so what you're saying is that the cheapest way to get
                 HBO is to enroll at caltech and pay $30k+/year?
                 \_ if you got the brains, i'm sure they could come up
                    with a scholarship for you.  Maybe what i'm saying is
                    italian HBO is free to really smart astrophysicists. - paolo
2001/6/22 [Recreation/Media] UID:21602 Activity:insanely high 66%like:21593
6/21    "Center of the World".  You love this movie.  You live this movie.
        [post restored... why deleted?]
                \_ Aside from the lollipop scene I thought this was a
                        terrible movie, incl. its DVness
                        \_  DVness??
                                \_ Digital Video-ness
                                   \_ Huh?
        \_ What's it about?
        \_ Sodans cannot live a sex movie.
          \_ it's a paying-for-sex movie.  -tom
             \_ Ahhh...I know those.
             \_ Old CSUA saying: Sodans would rather spend thier money on a
                new Athlon T-Bird than carnal relations.
2001/6/21-22 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Recreation/Media] UID:21590 Activity:high
6/21    Has anyone seen both Pearl Harbor and the old movie "Tora! Tora!
        Tora!"?  How do they compare?  I've only seen the latter.  -- yuen
        \_ Tora Tora Tora is a classic (together with Midway).  I haven't
           seen Pearl harbor though.  Heard it wasn't that great.
           \_ Was Midway like a "part two" of Tora Tora Tora?  (Same style,
              same cast, etc.)  Or was it a separate movie?  -- yuen
              \_ In real life, it was a sequel.  The movie is a separate movie.
                 Don't know whether it was the same actors, but the production
                 seems to be done by the same people.  I say seems because I
                 haven't checked for sure.
           \_ Was Midway made like a "part two" of Tora Tora Tora?  (Same
              style, same cast, etc.)  Or was it a separate movie?  -- yuen
              \_ in real life, midway happened after pearl harbor.  Moviewise,
                 the movie Tora Tora Tora came out before Midway.
                 midway stars Charlton Heston, Robert Mitchum and others.
                 the japanese helped out with Tora3
                 \_ Yeah, I know about the real life part.  I was just
                    wonder about the two movies.  Thanks.  -- yuen
                    wondering about the two movies.  Thanks.  -- yuen
                 \_ I thought that Midway happened before the Japanese
                    surprise attacked the US at Pearl Harbor. Doh! --dim
                    \_ I know you are being sarcastic, but these days,
                       you never know what people know about WWII.
                       \_ Pfft.  You call that island hopping WWII?  WWII
                          happened on the Russian steppes.
            \_ part two in life toomore
                \_ Pearl Harbor: Theater Hop the special effects.
                   Don't waste your money or time on anything else.
2001/6/15-16 [Recreation/Media] UID:21538 Activity:high
06/15   anyways. I just came back to put up a better Atlantis vs. Nadia link.
        \_counterpoint to the above:

        \_ I watched Atlantis last night. It was pretty good, short but
           good. Has all the makings of a afternoon series a la Aladdin
           or DuckTales. I'd never heard of Nadia before, though I have
           seen a considerable amount of anime, but from reading these
           URLs it seems like Nadia might be a good show to watch in the
           \_ IMO, the opening was promising, but it seemed like they
              released the film before it was done.  Disjointed plot,
              little development of the characters, rushed, jerky,
              and quite frankly, the poorest quality in-theatre Disney movie
              I've seen.  I dunno, maybe I was just having a bad day,
              and quite frankly, the poorest quality in-theatre Disney
              movie I've seen.  I dunno, maybe I was just having a bad day,
              since reviewers didn't seem to think it was that bad, but
              2 out of 3 in the group I went with felt the same way, and
              one thought it was good, and he's seen a bunch of anime too.
              \_ I agree, I though that it was too short and the character
                 and plot development could have been better, but in its
                 defense there were no stupid songs and otherwise contrived
                 "romantic" interludes like in the typical disney movie.
                 defense there were no stupid songs and contrived "romantic"
                 interludes like in the typical disney movie (the mural
                 scene doesn't count IMHO).
                 The only Disney animated movie I liked more than this was
                 Aladdin (I'm not counting the Pixar stuff), but I haven't
                 seen Mulan, which looks like it might be pretty good.
                 I would have like the movie better if the plot had been
                 like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
2001/5/25-27 [Recreation/Media] UID:21365 Activity:very high
5/25    any kickboxers?
        \_ i did muay thai at cal for a bit.  hard on the shins. liked it, tho.
        - paolo
           \_ Thanks for wasting my brain cells on that knowledge nugget.
              \_ any time.  really.  want more?
                 "wherever you go... there you are." - paolo
                \_ that was awesome...what was it, Mystery Men?
                   \_ my religious studies teacher, 11th grade
                      \_ You seriously believe your 11th grade teacher came up
                         with this line?  Wow... kids today.  Next they'll be
                         thinking their HS teachers came up with all the stuff
                         about using The Force.
                   \_ Thunder Karlsson.
                      \_ Try Buckaroo Banzai, Mr sarcasm.
                         \_would someone please comment on the video?!?!
                            \_ It co-starred Ellen Barkin.
                         \_ That saying has been around as long as I can
                            remember. It was popular in the 1970's. --dim
                            \_ eh?  Trip -- then I guess BB did an okay
                               job bringing it back from the dead -- that
                               was the first I had heard it, and only credited
                               source until now.  I am so sad to hear that it
                               wasn't original.
                                \_ Yeah all the talk about The Force dates
                                   back before Starwars, too.  "Use the Force,
                                   Luke" was a popular phrase in the 1960's.
2001/5/24 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Media] UID:21349 Activity:very high
5/23    Damnit, Janeway didn't die!
        \_ I don't understand how they got out of that transwarp tunnel.
           A borg sphere was on their back and so somehow they ended up
           behind or inside them?  What the hell?
        \_ There's one thing I want to know:  does the emergency medical
           hologram's sperm contain actual genetic material?
        \_ But the show is now over.  The syndicated episodes will show at
           worse and worse times until it vanishes.  Seen a Deep Space 9
           episode lately?  Didn't think so.  Expect nothing but a rare
                \_ UPN, weekdays, 2 p.m.
                   \_ "will show at worse and worse times...."  Weekdays at
                      2PM is a pretty lame time.  Only students and soccer
                      mom's are at home.
                      \_ I love the motd: I just posted the time, not an
                         \_ So did I?  And?  You had a point?
                      \_ TiVo, I love you.
           cameo and _maybe_ a single shitty movie and otherwise Voyager and
           the entire crew is now dead.  It'll be a bit difficult to justify
           any of the characters showing up on the new Enterprise show.
           \_ For the most part I agree, although I tend to think Robert
              Picardo (the Doc) might actually get a few roles. He's the best
              actor out of all of them, by far.
        \_ Why was Next Generation so much better?
           \_ It wasn't.
           \_ lets face it, TOS was better.  All the way.  But then again
              the older crew just had a better charisma.  Also, there's
              only so much "deus ex machina" the audience can stand.  In
              the 31st or 42nd or whatever the fuck century that Picard
              comes from, pretty much everything is a technologically solved
              problem.  Blah.  Boring.  All he makes is policy decisions
              this was great for the 90s but now a days we'll be returning
              back to jingoism and more conservative media - hence the new
              "back to basics" show with Scott Bakula.  Oh well i'll just
              have to watch more Tomorrow People.
              \_ if you want to see how incredibly futuristic technology
                 can coexist with interesting story lines and scripts and
                 great characters, you should watch the longest running
                 sci fi TV show in the history iof the world, which is
                 far better than star treck ever was.  yes.  i'm talking about
                 dr. who.
                \_ Conservative media?  Not on TV.  Not in the newspapers.
                \_ "running"?  I thought it was cancelled --oj
        \_ Well technically she did when the hub blew up.
                \_ But that's not very satisfying.  And let's not go into the
                   numerous logic flaws.  I think we should let it die.
        \_ i think the better ending would be that when they get to the aleph
           quadrant, they realize they created a huge paradox, so then
           Lazarus pops out of the coridor that Kirk put him in and high 5s
           himself and the universe ends. (which is why they have to go back
           in time for the next spinoff).
           \_ yeah, check out for details about Series 5
           \_ I like the "universe ends" idea.
              \_ They did that for the TNG finale already.
           \_ Slightly off topic, but in ST6, there was a line how the TOS
              crew saved the galaxy yet again. Thinking back, I can't recall
              them actually saving the galaxy all that often. Maybe they saved
              Earth a few times, but catastrophes on galactic scale?
              \_ Lazarus Effect, Corbomite Maneuver, etc... by their nature
                 60's episodes on tv had the whole "Federation saves the
                 universe" since the US had the whole "US saves the world"
                 mantra going on.  Jingoism.
        \_ I hate Star Trek but my beautiful but nerdy girlfriend loves it.
                                                \_ obviously you are joking
           I need some help from you trekkies so I know what the heck she
           is talking about.  What the heck is a Borg?  And what is
           "Seven-of-Nine" (I am not sure if I heard this right)?
           \_ No, her real name is Seven Breasts of Nine.
           \_ 7/9 is 33DD, 28? 33.  that's probably all you need to know.
              \_ Where can I find her pics?
                    \_ Yup, she's at least a D.
              \_ Nah, it's mostly just her uniform. I'd say 36D.
                 \_ Seven of Nine and her friends One of Two and Two of Two.
2001/5/23 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:21330 Activity:nil
5/22    Any good date movies that has come out of hollywood lately?  It has
        been 10 years since "When Harry Met Sally".  I haven't seen anything
        good since then.  Thanks.
        \_ Wow. You must have a low standard of good if you consider that a
           good movie.
           \_ He just wants a chick flick.
        \_ Bridget Jones Diary
                \_ My wife hated it.
        \_ Chocolat.  4 out of 5 Turks recommend it for dates.
2001/5/12 [Recreation/Media] UID:21249 Activity:nil
5/12    American Pie 2 -- Why Bother? Watch for a new gag involving
        onanism (surprise) and Krazy Glue (ouch).  Release Date: August 10
        \_ Wait, first you're saying why should someone care about the movie,
           then you're asking people to watch for certain sequences in the
           movie? Eh? Oh, and learn to format.
2001/5/7 [Recreation/Media] UID:21184 Activity:moderate
5/6     Q: What happens when the Mummy buys something at Fry's?
        A: The Mummy Returns!
        The Mummy: It was standing in the return line at Fry's that
                   made me a Mummy in the first place.
        \_ The Mummy 2: non-stop action, minimal plot, minimal T&A.  Turn off
           brain and enjoy.  --motd movie critic
           \_ So it was a fun movie to watch? - thinking about d/l'ing
              from hl but don't want to waste the time if it sucked.
                \_ the mummy returns was horrible!
                   \_ "Turn off brain and enjoy"  --motd movie critic
              \_ Saw it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It really is a fun movie.
                 \_ I guess I will d/l it then.
2001/4/20 [Recreation/Media] UID:21027 Activity:very high
4/19    Do episols 2 and 3 of Star Wars already exist in some form other than
        movie, like in a book?
           \_ Its all very simple, the plot is g33k5 give money to
              GL who uses that money to live the life of landed
              gentry. In return, GL puts out medicore crap called
              a movie.
        \_ Yes, George Lucas wrote the scripts for Star Wars 1-9 already.
          \_ There are 9 summaries in a treatise called "Journal of the
             Whills" that Lucas wrote long ago. He decided to make episode
             4-6 because they were the most interesting. 1-3 was/is only
             other movies he'll make of the story. 7-9 will not be filmed.
             Only C3PO/R2D2 remain constant thru the stories.
              \_ 7-9 will be filmed when GL needs more $s. He'll pimp
                 his sorry excuse for an "epic" for every $ its worth.
           \_ Not true. He has the basic concept in his head, but he
              hasn't actually written all the scripts.
           \_ He's also said there just isn't much more story after 6, which
              is part of the reason why you'll never see 7-9.
              \_ If GL runs out of cash, you'll see 7-9.
                 \_ The guy has millions upon millions. And he owns ILM. I
                    doubt he'd run out of cash.
                 \- Hello, Lucas will release 7-9 when he has grandkids and
                    has another excuse to again betray those of us that were
                    around in 1977 with some new "technological terror"
                    along the lines of JJB. ok tnx --psb
                    p.s. does anyome know which UCB math prof is the one that
                    looks like George Lucas?
                       \_ Okay maybe the bit about running out of $s
                          was wrong. But he will release these movies
                          when he wants more $s, because g33k5 will
                          pay good money to watch his crap.
                    \_ Bergman?  He looks more like Francis Ford Coppola,
                       but i guess you could make the stretch...
                    \_ GL already has grandkids.
                 \_ yeah that's so true. he didn't "charge himself" for
                    using ILM as the EFX company for Episode One. 20th
                    century got maybe 50 cents of every ticket sold.
                             \_ was this with one or two asian chic sitting
                                with you on your bed?
                             \_ No matter how good your setup is in your living
                                room, you will not recreate the effect of
                                watching celluloid on a big screen.
                    1/3rd went to the theatre. the rest went to GL.
                    so he made off with a good $400 mil of Ep1 $600 mil
                    no bad for a movie he forked over his own $110 mil for
                    \_ So he had a profit of $290m on his crappy movie?  I
                       felt so robbed that I spent good money seeing it.
                       \_ It's funny how people bitch about wasting their time
                          and money on Star Wars 1. It's not like you never
                          ever felt robbed watching a less-hyped movie.
                          \_ Sure I do.  You want a list of all the shitty
                             movies I've wasted my money on and bitched about?
                             I only mention this one because that's the thread
                             topic.  If I came up with a random movie to bitch
                             about, you'd say I was an idiot and off topic.
                             Tell me the funny part about expressing my
                             opinion about the subject of the thread topic?
                             It's funny how stupid people come to the motd to
                             feel clever but aren't.
                             \_ Anyone who is stupid enough to *pay* to
                                watch a movie has no right to bitch that
                                the movie was bad. You checked your brain
                                at the door when you traded hard earned
                                money for worthless celluloid drivel.
                                \_ You sound like one of those napster idiots.
                                   \_ Why? Because I don't waste my money
                                      on entertainment?
                                      BTW, I never said that one should
                                      pirate IP, I said that hollywoods
                                      IP SUX!
                             \_ Why do people go to theaters anyway? All
                                movies are freely available (even before
                                the release date in most cases) on hotline
                                and irc. The quality isn't too bad in most
                                case. Why would you pay $8 to sit in a
                                dark room with a bunch of insensitive
                                jerks who are talking to each other and
                                yakking on thier cell phones instead of
                                \_ Because spending hours hunting down and
                                   downloading movies so I can watch them on
                                   a dinky monitor or TV is a much bigger waste
                                   of my time than the $8 lost at the movies.
                                   When your time has no value, this is a good
                                   way to go if you don't mind being a thief
                                   and a criminal.
                                watching the same movie in the comfort
                                of your own home?
                                I've heard about this thing called the
                                "theater experience", but the "experience"
                                seems to me to be worth $1 or $2 not $8.
                                \_ Because spending hours hunting down
                                   and downloading movies so I can watch
                                   them on a dinky monitor or TV is a
                                   much bigger waste of my time than the
                                   $8 lost at the movies. When your time
                                   has no value, this is a good way to go
                                   if you don't mind being a thief and a
                                   \_ A big screen tv and dolby 5.1 ss
                                      are just as good as the "movies".
                                      And searching/downloading takes
                                      almost 0 time. You just have to
                                      know the right sites.
                                      I don't care about the criminal
                                      part. The founding fathers were
                                      considered criminals by the brits.
                                      TPTB were wrong then, they are
                                      wrong now! Viva la revolution!
                          \_ Yeah. Why do people watch movies in theaters
                             anyway? Its much cheaper and faster to d/l the
                             vobs or asfs from hotline. I watched SW:E1 in
                             asf format 3 days before the theater release
                             in the comfort of my dorm room.
                             \- i bet the person who wrote these two posts
                             were not born in 1977 ... "you dont get it".
                             The reason "we" felt ripped off has nothing to
                             do with wasting $8 ... hell, my Star Wars lunch
                             pail i still have will pay for the price of
                             admission several times over. Hint: the fact that
                             I have a SW lunch pail has more to do with why
                             I feel betrayed. --psb
                             \_ You feel betrayed that GL is pimping his
                                shitty little "epic" for all the $s its
                                worth so that he can maintain his elite
                                lifesytle? Why? After all its his shitty
                                little epic and he can do anything he wants
                                with it. If you thing that it was good or
                                that it was some kind of story for the ages
                                you are a bigger idiot than tom.
                                (I have read Campbell, so I know what
                                qualifies as an "epic" and despite what
                                Campbell may have said to Bill Moyers,
                                SW is a POS. Star Trek is a *much better*
                                and a much more realisitc epic)
                                \_ Star Trek is realistic?  Are you totally
                                   stupid or just trolling again?
                                   \_ Star Trek is more realistic than
                                      SW. I never said that ST is realistic.
                                        \_ That's like saying the humpty dumpty
                                           story is more realistic than the
                                           wizard of oz.  zero is not greater
                                           than zero.  I find the gritty ugly
                                           future of SW more realistic than the
                                           politically correct ST junk.  The
                                           science in both is pure fantasy.  In
                                           what way is ST more realistic?
                                           \_ The gritty ugly future of SW?
                                              Its in the past you idiot.
                                              "Long, Long, Ago, In a Galaxy
                                               Far, Far, Away..."
                                              Have you even seen SW?
                                              And what's so gritty and ugly?
                                              All of the major cities GL
                                              has shown (the space port
                                              is not a major city) are
                                              neat and clean, manned by
                                              a work force of non-sentient
                                              slave bots.
                                              ST is more realistic in that
                                              it is a story of ordinary
                                              people (not super-human jedi)
                                              who perform extraordinary
                                              acts in the line of duty.
                                              (I'm talking about TOS here
                                              not TNG or any of that other
                                              bs that pretends to be ST)
                                \_ no one is a bigger idiot than tom.
                                  \_ actually, tom is an idiot, a big one.
                                    \_ but you two are extremely clever!  -tom
                                        \_ your real fans wouldn't participate
                                           in such mindless name calling, tom.
                                           we're still waiting to hear your
                                           "reasonable definition" of liberal.
                                           \_ The word was "leftist", and I
                                              don't argue politics with
                                              anonymous cowards.  -tom
                                              \_ True.  You just delete
                                                 anything that doesn't fit your
                                                 agenda.  Also, no one wanted
                                                 to debate with you.  A simple
                                                 definition isn't a request.
                                                 I'm not surprised you can't
                                                 manage to define yourself out
                                                 of the leftist category.  It
                                                 would be laughable.  I don't
                                                 see why you refuse to provide
                                                 a "reasonable definition" of
                                                 an English word.
                                \_ No, I didn't feel betrayed at all. And I
                                   watched SW in the theaters. Back in 1977.
                                   It's not like Ep. 1 was the first SW that
                                   disappointed (hello Ep. 6). It's like
                                   Star Trek. Some good, one or two great,
                                   rest monkey doo-doo.
                                   \_ Only watch even numbered ST movies.
                                      No such rule can be given for SW.
                                      They all suck.
                                   \_ The teddy bear episode should have been
                                      a big tip off that the next film was
                                      going to be pure crap.  Lesson learned.
                                      I will not be seeing the next one.
                                      \_ yeah really. the epic backstory
                                         was a big hoax. and even if there
                                         ever was a master plan, it was
                                         fucked right from the start when
                                         they destroyed the death star. the
                                         empire strikes back is the only
                                         saving grace of the series, the
                                         only one with some adult themes.
                                         but haven't you learned by now?
                                         kid stuff is what sells, look at
                                         pokemon and boy bands. so lucas
                                         went for the money and with ROTJ
                                         steered starwars firmly into the
                                         realm of kiddie flicks.
                                         \_ Which is why ST is better than
                                            SW. Star Trek dealt with adult
                                            themes in all of TOS and the
                                            first six movies.
2001/4/8-9 [Recreation/Media] UID:20905 Activity:kinda low
4/9     Wow, such a thoroughly entertaining movie is "Momento".  I made
        the right decision following a New Yorker movie critic's advice.
        It's a shining example that a review dripping with wet freshly-
        splitted-out sarcasm can actually give good advice.
        \_ You're talking about Memento, right?  Is it showing at the
           California theater yet?  Last I checked, the only place it was
           showing in the Bay Area was at Embarcadero.
           \_ now playing at the California
           \_ Memento sounds vaguely like Planescape Torment.
        \_ "Wow, such a thoroughly entertaining movie is Momento" sounds
            pretty darn sarcastic, or do you just talk like that?
                \_ It also sounds like someone making a fool of themselves
                   trying to show off their english skills and failing
                   \_ Just what exactly is meant by "wet freshly-splitted"?
                      Damn.  You just made me cough and I have a sore throat.
                   \_ Good movie this is.  Much from it you will learn,
2001/3/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Recreation/Media] UID:20752 Activity:high
3/11 -  stupidity about OSes deleted. All os's have good points and bad
        points.  i'm sure you all know this.
        - Paolo the VP who wishes the motd would take a more techincal
        discussion trend.
        \_ They weren't all about OS's. Some of them were just jokes that
           people didn't get.
           \_ Well, we'll show him. Especially for that "purple monkey
              dishwasher" remark.
        \_ Though the OS posts were stupid, the motd isn't about technical
           discussion.  It is much more about social sorts of things,
           humor, etc.
        \_ paolo the twink.
           \_ Please. Do you kids want to be like the real U.N. or do you
              just want to squabble and waste time?
              \_ Uh, the real UN just squabbles and wastes time and US
                 taxpayer money. It should be banned. - tired of paying
                 for UN stupidity
                 \_ Insufficient Simpsons.  Mine more Simpsons.
                 \_ Twinks these days just don't understand sarcasm if
                    was staring at them it the face.
                    \_ Its hard to tell who is being sarcastic and who
                       is a genuine idiot on the motd. There are fools
                       on soda that think that the UN is k3wl.
                       \_ Tell me something. What kind of petshop is
                          filled with rambunctious yahoos and hot jazz
                          music at 2 o'clock in the morning?
2001/2/13-14 [Recreation/Media] UID:20587 Activity:high
2/13    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon nominated for best picture and best
        foreign picture.  Why do I have a feeling that it will get snubbed
        once again on oscar night?  Joining Farewell, My Concubine, the wedding
        banquet, Eat Drink Man, Woman, and a long list of other chinese
        \_ it'll get snubbed because it's not the best picture, any more than
           "Die Hard" would be.
           \_ i second that sentiment.
              \_ CTHD blew. The only thing it was really good for was special
                 effects.  It's only that the American public has never seen
                 real chinese kung fu dramas/movies/series that people here
                 liked it.  The fact that EB is next on this list for best
                 picture really just reflects how poor a year it was for movies.
                 Cast Away might win just from novelty. But then again, CTHD has
                 more novelty for the Academy, so maybe not.
                 \_ I dunno. I've seen plenty of Chinese Martial Arts movies
                    and I thought CTHD was pretty damn good.
                    \_ I especially like the scene where Chow Yun Fat and that
                       woman were swinging on tree tops and fighting.  It's so
                        \_ ya i like it when she stabs that other chump in the
                           cave, he looks at the wound, and then fucks her.
                                \_ well you know, it's well established that
                                   such stabbing is irresistably erotic; c.f.
                                   the Highlander Effect.
                           \_ What movie are you talking about!!?
                              \_ That scene _was_ in CTHD
           \_ But it is better than the piece of junk Gladiator.
                \_ Don't bet on Gladiator.  Bet on Erin Brokovich.
                   \_ I wouldn't mind, but I doubt Erin Brokovish is
                      going to win.
              \_ well gladiator was more exciting and wasn't as cheesy.
                 \_ Gladiator was a total knock off of the "Fall of the
                    Roman Empire".  Exactly the same characters and
                    \_ yes but that's irrelevant.
                 \_ The only exciting part was the fight against the
                    chariot archers.  Not one scene comes close to
                    the fight in Spartacus between Spartacus and the
                    black warrior in terms of realism, unpredictability,
                    desperation and tension.
                 \_ yeah, and Gladiator was much more homoerotic than
                    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
        \_ Well, if they replaced Chow Yun Fat with Mel Gibson or some
           other white leading man, CTHD would be a lock. -Hoyt
                \_ if it were a white leading man, yi yi wouldn't have
                waited until the end of the movie to bare her wet chest
                to him. in fact, it would have been a fuckfest from the
                start. yah baby!
           \_ Patriot and Braveheart didn't win (as i recall). I thought
              they were great movies.
              Did castaway get nominated (I'm too lazy to check on yahoo)?
              If it did, I'm predicting a 3rd Oscar for Tom Hanks. (I don't
              like him, but I'm not a liberal hollywood type.)
              \_ Braveheart did win best picture
                 \_ Really? Wow. Okay, I guess I was wrong. Patriot didn't
                    win anything did it?
                    \_ Christ, why should it?  It was a pretty lackluster
                       \_ I liked it. I though it was a good movie.
                          But most movies I like don't get nominated for
                    \_ no
        \_ In what language/dialect is the movie filmed?  I watched a
           Cantonese version on (pirated?) DVD but the male voice wasn't Chow
           Yun Fat's.
           \_ mandarin
              \_ cantonese would've been much better.
                 \_ I have this version too.  Its damn annoying to
                   to see CYF and hear some wimpy guy's voice.
        \_ Traffic, Gladiator and Erin Brockavich were all good. Crouch...
           was a surprise but I guess I have to see it first.
2001/2/7 [Recreation/Humor, Recreation/Media] UID:20527 Activity:nil
2/6     Pretty funny movie:
2001/2/1-2 [Recreation/Media, Health, Transportation/Airplane] UID:20489 Activity:high
1/31    All stop, Mr. Sulu!
        -- The former Capt. Kirk and pitchman, who appeared
        with Sandra Bullock in "Miss Congeniality," is set to emcee the
        Miss USA Pageant on March 2.
        \_ You forgot "former TV cop, TJ Hooker" as well.  Who could forget
           all those car chase scenes where he ended up on the hood of the
           bad guy car in episode after episode?
           \_ I loved the scene in Charlie's Angels where they showed
              "T.J. Hooker The Movie" as the in-flight movie.
           \_ ...and "former TV doctor, Trapper John, M.D.". But Captain
              Kirk should never really be mistaken for a cop or a doctor
              (DAMNIT JIM!) because he only played them on TV, and after all,
              he's the pageantry of congeniality... as is clear from such
              great episodes as "The Doomsday Orgiastic Nazi Parade", "The
              Dribble with Nipples" and "Blue She-malien Bounty"... but you
              fuckin losers are far too hoity-toity to acknowledge such
              greatness lest you be exposed as the ashamed extra-human-virgins
              that you are incapable of even terrestrial attempts in the
              form of, say, lizardlove or owlorgy or gynogerbillingus.
                                                        - (fucker)
              \_ What is gynogerbillingus?
                 \_ cunnilingus on a gerbil.  pretty trivial.  fucker u
                    fail to impress me.
                    \_ Yeah, I've got say, -(fucker)'s wannabe "rants" are
                       pretty annoying.  But of course, this being the motd,
                       there's little hope he'll shut up.  *sigh*
2001/1/14-15 [Recreation/Media] UID:20312 Activity:nil
1/12    In "Scary Movie" there was the scene where the girl was on top of the
        guy doing him and she was yelling and slapping him and asking "what's
        my name, bitch! what's my name!"  Anybody know if that's a parody of
        another movie?  If so, which one?  Thanks.
        \_ American Pie
        \_ yermom
2001/1/10-11 [Recreation/Media] UID:20286 Activity:kinda low
        A bit grim but funny.
        \_ obDisclaimer re sending link to your friends.
           \_ "cant" isn't misspelled
        \_ Death by Pastry?
           \_ Don't you watch the Simpsons? They attempt to assissinate
           \_ Don't you watch this Simpsons? They attempt to assissinate
        \_ This shows how stupid Microshit shitware is.  A better Office
                                 \_ And you can do better?  Show us.
           Assistant would instead prompt "Looks like you're going postal ..."
           \_ they're just avoiding USPS lawsuits
              Homer by pastry in the Taste of Springfield.
2001/1/6 [Recreation/Media] UID:20243 Activity:nil
1/5     Can the garbage man really do all the things you say it can?
        \_ what?
        \_ the garbage man can.  the garbage man can...
2001/1/3 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:20225 Activity:high
1/2     Anyone know if Tawei has ever been in a porn movie? I was watching
        an amateur Japanese porn and I swear I saw this guy who looks
        exactly like him.
        \_ Yeah, I like bondage and water sports as well
           \_ What's the title of the movie?
              \_ amateur videos don't have titles. duh.
2000/12/3-4 [Recreation/Media] UID:19985 Activity:very high
12/2    New Dune mini series starting this Sunday on the Sci Fi Channel.
        BTW, why was the original Dune movie so not well received?
             \_ 'cause it sucked and only featured Jean Luc Picard
                for 5-10 seconds.
        \_ Because Republicans wouldn't let them recount the Nielson
           ratings until it was rated well.
        \_ because Lynch's movie is really weird and the heavily edited
        version released in the united states is even harder
        to understand than the longer European release plus
        Sting's hardened muscles are very distracting
        \_ Lynch's movie rocked.  I have the 2hr/4hr and 6 hr version.
        the last one was the tv adaptation which had some scenes cut, but
        others added.  - paolo
        \_ I watched tonight.  Pretty slow.  I guess they really needed to
           drag it out to get 6 hours.  So far I think the earlier movie was
        \_ "We have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen."
                \_ "The tooth!  Remember the tooth!"
2000/11/29-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:19948 Activity:nil
11/28   NBC orders affiliates not to play Dubya's post-certification speech!
        \_ Duh!  The Titanic was more important.
2000/11/26-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Recreation/Media] UID:19913 Activity:moderate
11/25   perl -i -ep "AnyGivenSunday--OliverStone" s/football stars/programmers/g
        and the movie would still be valid. - comments?
        \_ Whatever.
        \_ That movie sucked really poorly. Oliver Stone is one of the worst
           directors in the history of movies.  The movie certainly could not
           have been worse, whether it was about programmers or even executive
                \_ Any movie that has eyeballs flying all over the place
                   is pretty cool.  It could have done without the sausage
                   action, though.  -John
           \_ Oliver Stone's next movie is going to be a hit: Oliver Stone's
              Bill Clinton, staring Richard Gere as Bill, Annette Benning as
              Hillary Clinton, Tori Spelling as Monica, Brent Spiner as Al
              Gore, Patricia Ruttledge as Madaline Albright, Judi Dench as
              Janet Reno. Open parts include: Tipper Gore, Ken Star, Newt,
              and First Dyke Chelsea.
              \_ John Goodman as Newt, Don Knotts as Ken Starr, Meredith
                 Baxter Birney as Tipper and Melissa Joan Hart as Chelsea
                 \_ John Goodman's too tall for Newt. Rush Limbaugh maybe
                    but not Newt.
                    MJH is too attractive to be Chelsea, need someone uglier,
                    like that chick on Boy Meets World.
                    Don Knotts as Ken Starr, that's pretty funny, though
                    it might be too funny. Need someone really stiff.
                    Now who would you get for Joycellen Elders? Mrs. Cosby?
                    How about Clarence Thomas?
2000/11/6-7 [Recreation/Media] UID:19654 Activity:moderate
11/6    The Simpson's area code is 636. Springfield, Missouri.
        \_ How many Simpsons characters do you see here? (some off the map too)
        \_ really?  they gave that out in an episode?  i dont think thats
           \_ The whole episode last night was about the area code...
              So yes, they did give it out in an episode, and not subtly
           the whole story.  i wa;lways got the impression they
           were in new england, since they were able to easily drive
           to new york city for a weekend. also there were some references to
           certain east coast schools that seemed like they were not so far
           from springfield. also there is no indication in the show of
           sourthern weather....i dont buy it.  it's a trick by groening
           to throw avid viewers off.
           \_ Missouri is considered more Midwest than South.
              \_ you're dumb.
                  \_ yes, very dumb. your punishement for this crime is
                     to live in st. louis until you realize how fucking
                     ass-backwards southern it is, and beg to return
                     to the real world.  Missouri was part of the confederacy,
                     and if you spend any time there you will understand
                     that it sucks ass.
           \_ Throw avid viewers off what?  Trying to find "the real hometown"
           \_ Groening has said before that Springfield is a generic suburb,
                the name chosen simply because there are so many Springfields..
                maybe the area code was just sloppy writing.
        \_ someone once told me he was making fun of Springfield, Oregon..
           Since he went to UO and nearby Springfield is pretty bass
        \_ has a whole dissertation on Springfield
           (scroll halfway down the FAQ section)
      \_ no he didn't, he went to Evergreen in Olympia, WA
2000/10/25-26 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others, Recreation/Media] UID:19563 Activity:high
10/25   What exactly is "B-Movie"?  Thx.
        \_ 2 interpretations: Budget Movie (low budget)
           or a movie they show for free when you see the A movie.
           \_ Sorry, what's "A movie" then?
                  \_ the movie you paid for (like when cartoons were free
                     because you paid for the main movie.)
                \_ a movie is a motion picture. duh.
           \_ The general usage (in the States) is "Shitty, low budget
              film".  A corrolary to that is the increasingly popular
              "DTV--Direct To Video".  --sowings
        \_ A very, very nice "new wave" band...sorta dark-sounding.
           Also, see the films of John Waters or Roger Corman,
           and maybe the live-action version of The Guyver.
           \_ McGuyver?
        \_ in some asian countries, A means Adult (porn)
            \_ I thought that was H as in Hentai, not A as in Adult.
               B doesn't have any significance (AFAIK), but R usually
               means Romance.
               \_ you mean it DOESNT mean "boobs"?
               \_ you would think this if you interpreted
                  "some asian countries" as only refering to japan
                  \_ Okay, I am a ignorant American, what countries
                     does this refer to?
                     \_ Japan, Indonesia and Pakistan only.
                        \_ India isn't a Asian country but Pakistan
                           is? Confirms what I knew all along, Indians
                           are really WHITE not ASIAN.
                           \_ Indians aren't white, they are Aryan /
                              indo-European (I think). In general, they
                              are quite dark.
2000/10/16 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:19490 Activity:low
10/15 - aah. who else remembers this tv show
        which Disney stole and later made "Talespin" from?
        \_ fun show.
2000/9/26 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Media] UID:19327 Activity:nil
9/25    <DEAD><DEAD>  - vote for vader!
2000/9/11-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:19222 Activity:very high
9/10    How have you guys dealt with people and cellphones in movie theaters?
        This one woman next to me today talked through a quarter of the movie,
        near screaming at one point (guess she was having an argument). I
        told her to go talk outside, and she put her hand up, as if saying
        "I'm on the phone, don't f'ing bother me." Then she told me off
        after she got off the phone. I don't want to leave the theater to
        go get some employee to kick her out. In other words, seems like a
        lose-lose proposition: put up with that shit, or miss part of the
        movie to deal with it.
        \_ look in any good microwave engineering text on how to build
           a microwave power amp, and play noise at all the standard cell
           phone carrier frequencys.  the asshole using the phone will
           think it is broken, and give up eventually.
           in fact, the more i think about it, the more i think this is a
           great idea.  i think i'll build one, then post the needed parts
           from Minicircuits and the schematics on the motd.
           \_ Until you cause a detonation or there is
              a fire in a crowded movie theatre.
        \_ A woman?  Anything you like starting with grabbing the phone and
           chucking it somewhere.  A guy?  Are you bigger?  Does he have
        \_ "<generic polite request>" <hand>
           "I don't think you understand, I'm telling you." <insult>
           <Take phone away and give to usher.>  Have some guts, the rest
           of the theater will back you.  -John
        \_ Hit them.  in the head.  with your fist.  Simple.
        \_ When she sticks her hand up, this is when (if you feel like it)
           say, "*Excuse me*.  Why are you shushing me when you're the
           one speaking on a cell phone?  Can you please leave the theater
           and deal with this please?"  The basic idea is that you free
           this person from their delusion.  If her boyfriend proceeds to
           pound you, well, at least you were right.
        \_ There was once this jerk in the theater sitting in front of
  cellphone, but doing all sorts of things to detract
           from the enjoyment of the movie. I was already in a sad mood.
           I was chewing some gum so stuck it to his chair. I assume he
           eventually shifted enough to get it stuck to his back, but I
           immediately got up and left and didnt stick around to find out.
           It was the 2nd movie i had snuck into that day anyways and as
           usual I was at the theater alone.
                \- if you want to avoid confrontation you should probably
                deal with the theater. but of course the person might be off
                by the time you get back. otherwise you can say humiliating
                and witty things about the person. it helps if they are a
                lamer and you have some amount of wit. and you can always
                follow the person home. --psb
        \_ that's what you get for going to the theatre.  i thought i was
           the only one who can't handle annoying people.  thesedays, i
           rarely go to the theatre.  i wait until it comes out on dvd,
           buy it, and watch it at home on the big screen with dts, etc.
           i would suggest most people to do the same b/c let's face
           it...people are annoying.  -uctt
            \_ if you think watching a movie on DVD at home is anything
               REMOTELY like watching a movie in a theater you are an
               idiot, and I don't care how big you screen is or how
               much money you spent on stereo equipment. -aspo
               \_ Theatre sound system sucks.
               \_ You're right. There's just no way to compare to spending
                  $9 per person, that 'special feeling' of your shoes
                  sticking to the floor, and spending $3.50 for some
                  caffienated beverage.
                  On the other hand, the price of HDTV is a bit steep, too.
                  \_ Damn, I'm pretty antisocial, and going out to movies
                     with friends is one of the few things I actually like
                     doing with other people.  Eating junk food at home while
                     you're watching a dvd just doesn't match up to going to
                     a shithole like Denny's with your friends after a movie.
                     \_ Your place is too much of a garbage dump to ever
                        invite other people there, I take it
                        \_ My place is far from palatial, but that isn't
                           really the point.  I've been going out to movies
                           with my friends and hanging out at dives afterward
                           ever since I got my driver's license, and either
                           \_stop driving cars!!!!
                                \_ USE LINUX!!!@11
                           having people come to my place or going to someone
                           else's instead just isn't the same.  If it's good
                           enough for you, great; it just doesn't cut it for
                           me though.
            \_ Is this the same idiot who is hacking DirectTV, and
               boasting to the world about it?
            \_ You actually BUY DVD's? Whatta fool.
            \_ dvds are like $10-$15 with the online coupons.  that's not
               much more expensive than watching it at the theatre.
               sure i like going to the theatre sometimes but usually
               the bad (sticky floors, annoying people sitting around me,
               waiting around in line, etc.) outweighs the good.  i'd
               much rather sit on my leather couch and watch the movie
               on dvd on the big screen along with the nice home theatre
               system since for the lack of quality i get the peace of
               not wanting to kill somebody.  and no...i never boasted
               about hacking directv.  i just boasted about knowledge.
               just like i have the knowledge to bring down computer
               systems...doesn't mean that i go around doing it. -uctt
                \_ Leather couch?!
                \_ Face it.  You are a boastful idiotic thief constantly
                   in need of showing how superior and successful you are.
                   Unfortunately your ego is disproportionately larger
                   than your talents.
2000/9/6-8 [Consumer/TV, Computer/Networking, Recreation/Media] UID:19182 Activity:moderate
9/5     Digital cable or satellite?
        \_ Dish... displeases me.  From what I've seen of both, the interface
           on the dish boxen >> the digital cable boxes.  It's a bit faster,
           has picture in picture, and not _quite_ as many ads.  However,
           cable seems to have its MPEGiness tuned to screw up large black/
           dark areas of the screen, while the dish seemed to make light
           areas chunky.  If I had to pick one of those two, I guess I'd rather
           lose dark areas..   --dbushong
        \_ FWIW, I think digital cable is at least as bad as satellite.
           I'm on the verge of killing my digital cable subscription for
           more traditional cable.  Among digital cable's annoyances is the
           difficulty of programming VCR's to time-shift shows.  You basically
           have to set the cable box on the 'right channel' ahead of time.
           And no switching to different cable channels between recordings.
        \_ satellite.  get directv, H card, and a programmer.  find a
           subbed bin...and you'll be watching ~400 channels for free
           (including hbo, showtime, ppv, nasty stuff, etc.)
                \_ Excuse me what is an H card?
                        \_ send me mail if you're interested in
                           hacking directv.  -uctt (guy who wrote the
                           hacking info above)
                                \_ Been to prison or paid a hefty fine lately?
                                   Hacking free tv is hardly worth the risk.
                                \_ i don't hack.  i just know how to.
                                   knowledge isn't illegal is it?  -uctt
                \_ read alt.dss.hack for a week.  send me any questions
                   you have after that.  the guys in there know the
                   basics.  i'm an expert.  so please stop sending
                   email until you lurk that newsgroup.  -uctt
                   \_ I just sent all your personal information and your
                       post above to DirectTV.
                        \_ You did too?  I wonder if we split the reward or
                           it's first-come first-served?  I needed a new car.
                        \_ cool.  i guess they're going to try to arrest
                        me b/c i read a newsgroup?  -uctt
                           \_ Fucking thief.  You know what you did.
                              I suggest you should go surrender to the
                              authorities yourself.
                           \_ No, but an anonymous tip is more than enough to
                              get a search warrant.  Good luck.
2000/9/6-7 [Recreation/Media] UID:19180 Activity:low
9/6     They re-releasedd The Sound of Music, but sub-titled it so the
        audience can sing-a-long with the movie.  Purchase of a ticket
        includes party-poppers, and other stuff to wave at the screen.
        An MC is there before the show leading a costume contest, and
        people are encouraged to boo and hiss at the screen and bring
        their own props, such as an umbrella to open when it rains in
        the movie.  It's Rocky-Horror for the Baby-boomers!!!@!!!
        Anyone know when it will be opening in the bay area?  -sofia
        \_ can we boo and hiss at fuckin' Julie Andrews?
           \_ Which version were YOU watching that she gets fucked?
              \_ The directors XXXX cut.
              \_ The directors XXX cut.
2000/7/17 [Recreation/Media] UID:18692 Activity:very high
7/16    Is Simpson's the longest running TV show yet?
        \_ The Simpsons is the longest running prime-time TV show.
        \_ Didn't "Meet The Press" have an impressive run?
        \_ Well, if you are counting all those "news", "soaps" and "talk
           shows", I am sure some local TV 6:00PM newscasts have been
           around a long time too.
        \_ "Meet The Press" has been airing since 1947.
        \_ Gunsmoke is.
                \_ Only if you limit to "entertainment" shows, otherwise
                   the champion is NBC's Today show, on continously since
                   the fifties.  There's a number of 20+ year old soap
                   operas (Days, General Hospital, As the World Turns).
                   The Simpson's only ranks high in longevity among sitcoms
                   where after 10 1/2 years it's approaching MASH's record
                   of 11 years.
                   \_ Only these types of shows can last that long because
                      they never have to create any new storylines.
                   \_ Did cheers beat mash?
                        \_ No.
                        \_ No. Cheers only ran 10 seasons.
                   \_ if you ignore talk shows, I think Dr. Who has the
                      claim to fame. Although didnt have new eps every
                      \_ when was the first season?  wasn't it the late 50's
                         or something? Who >>>>>> startreck
                         or something? Who >>>>>> startrek
                         \_ according to the episode list linked to by
                   the first episode  aired in
                            63. The "most recent" one was in 89.
                            Its too bad they couldn't revive it now. But
                            in some ways, the prior ones just weren't
                            "hard core" enough sci-fi to compare to
                            B5 , etc. It was more fantasy.
                            "sufficiently advanced technology" and all that.
                            Except the last few got way too silly.
                            Peter Davidson ruled.
                            \_ Dr. Who movie currently in the works. -mogul
                              \_ wasn't there already one with the eighth doctor
                              or something?
                                \_ "The Five Doctors"?  More like a double
                                   length episode.
                                 \_ Fox made-for-TV movie.  Had an 8th
                                    Doctor.  --dbushong
                            \_ Peter Davison, no 'd'.  --dbushong
2000/7/11 [Recreation/Media] UID:18638 Activity:nil
2000/7/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Recreation/Media] UID:18630 Activity:high
7/9     Not that I'm gay or anything, but after watching Phreaks and Geeks
        last night (the D&D episode), I kept thinking about E260, tom,
        and the netrekers last night...
        \_ what does gay have to do with D&D, E260, tom, and netrekers?
         \_ everything -aspo
        \_ Are you using "gay" to mean "stupid"?  That is so 80s...
           Uh...wait...  do you even remember the 80s?
           \_ I had the Story of O in my bucket seat of my wanna be Mustang.
                \_ I lived the Story of O with yermom.
        \_ What's Phreaks and Geeks?  Sorry for not being up on the latest
           chic in geek culture.
                \_ Freaks and Geeks was one of the few good shows on network
                   TV last year, which is why NBC killed it.
                        \_ It was about d&d playing computer nerds?  What's so
                           good about that?
                             \_ it's a semi-romanticized version of the
                                way things in high school should've been
                                to make things memorable, as opposed
                                to a good portion of us who are angry and
                                bitter and apathetic about the whole time,
                                or a mixture of the three.
                                \_ Excellent summary. Sign your name.
        \_ i heard that there's a petition to get it back somewhere else,
           anybody know where the main one is?  it's one of the
           few shows i actually watch on network television
                -- too cheap and to busy to buy cable
        \_ what's E260? Sun Ultra 260?                  -freshman
2000/7/10-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:18627 Activity:insanely high
7/9     Has anyone read the Harry Potter books?  Are they as good as the
        hype make them out to be?
        \_ they're really good children's books, i found them
           to be entertaining, on the level as "the mouse and the
           motorcycle", "charlie and the chocolate factory",
           "stuart little", etc.  the funky names for some things
            in there are a little cheezy, but otherwise, it's all good.
            people die in those books, get severly injured.  and
            the fun thing that you might've heard about on t.v.
            is that the main characters are always out and about
            messing around and defying authority and rules in general.
            but all for a good purpose in the end of course.  the first
            book is the best, and the continuity between the successive
            books is a neat thing.  The Anti-Potter comments below,
            just ignore.  Best thing to do though is just grab
            the first 3 at the library and see if you even like the
        \_ They're as good as any mass-market trash.
           \_ Dude, they're children's books.  I bet you were mad because
              Star Wars 1 was juvenile and simplistic too.  And anyway,
              they piss off the middle American religious nut crowd.  -John
                   \_ Do not use improper language; you are being disrepectful
                      to your namesake and all He has sacrificed for.
                   \_ I was mad that phantom menace looked like a beta for
                      the 1976 star wars movie.
                   \_ I was mad because the time spend downloading and
                      burning the movie to CD could have been better
                      spent giving myself a lobotomy. It was so bad that
                      it wasn't even worth the effort to pirate it.
              \_ They're mediocre childrens' books.  There are much better
                 authors in the same genre.  Try Philip Pullman, or Diana Wynne
                 Jones to name a couple.
                 \_ Better yet, Dav Pilkey and _The Adventures of
                    Captain Underpants_.  Excellent reading for a
                    bright 6-8 year old or average high schooler. -mel
        \_ Stop reading Harry Potter!!!!! It's full of hidden messages
           from Satan!!!
                \_ No it isn't.  The messages from Satan are right there.
                   \_ Ooh. More self-referential trolls! Whoohoo!
                        \_ That was two different people.
        \_ None of these people have read the Harry Potter Books. They're
           wonderful, on the level of any of Roald Dahl's best stuff. Adults
             \_ Modern writing style is important.  What are you going to do
                when the kid asks what a "jalopy" or "chinese junk" is and
                you don't know either? --oj
           are clamoring for a recovering of the series so they don't look
           silly reading in on the subway. I read the first three
           back-to-back-to-back. I could not recommend any kiddy lit higher.
           [... re-formatted to 80-columns to protect the clueless ...]
           \_ Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and Hobbit are classics though...
                \_ The Hobbit was really weak.  Read with an open mind as a
                   piece of literature and you'll find it rather boring and
                   pretty lame overall.  There's not much story there.
                   \_ Go away stupid troll.
                        \_ Sorry to have ripped out a little bit of your soul &
                           childhood fantasies, but it wasn't a troll.  I've
                           recently re-read the hobbit and it was even worse
                           than I remembered from HS.  This isn't a troll.  Go
                           read the damned thing again with honest eyes and
                           see for yourself.  It would never make it today.
              \_ Tasteless Tolkien ragging deleted.  Mine more taste.
                \_ reading Tolkien is about as fun as reading the most
                   dry history book you can find.
           \_ umm, Roald Dahl's best stuff is not for kids.  At all.
           \_ Some of the DH Lawrence and Lewis Caroll stuff is much
              better. Harry Potter is basically a repackaging of Hardy Boys
              and Nancy Drew with a more modern writing style. A friend of
              mine bought them for his kids and I tried to read them. I
              found it hard to get through the first one and couldn't
              finish the second one. Adults that read this stuff either have
              young kids or would consider Danielle Steele et al. literary
              \_ DH Lawrence? He writes soft porn! What good children's
                 books of his do you recommend?
        \_ I was in line at midnight for my pre-ordered book.
        \_ I was there at the first thing 9 a.m. in the morning at
           Stacey's.  I couldn't believe busy the registers became
           within the first 5 minutes...
        \_ You all just do not get the point! The point is that all
           your classmates are reading it, so you read it too!
           It's one of those things that characterize a generation.
              \_ My gradeschool classmates don't read!  Reading is for losers!
              \_ it's definitely not a group bandwagon thing though.
                 somebody got me a pile of books for my birthday,
                 the first harry potter book being one of them.
                 so i thought, "oh bloody hell, person x spent
                 on this thing, i should read it." but i ended
                 up liking it.
                \_ ahh shaddup you white people.
           \_ Hi kane!
           \_ I read all my friends' children excerpts from the Soda motd
              before bed.  It builds character.  -John
                                     \_ "what kind of...."
                \_ is this before or after you molest them?
                        \_ Yes. -John
           \_ Does Ayn Rand advise using ALL CAPS at ALL TIMES as well?
              \_ YES
                \_tHANK yOU.
           \_ Quiet Ilyas.
              \_ That was someone trying to make fun of me and failing.
                 -- ilyas
                 \_ Actually, I didn't have you in mind at all when I wrote
                    that.  But if you're a hardcore Randie, that deserves to
                    be made fun of far more than the whole "tell us about
                    the stars" thing -- original ALL-CAPS poster
                    \_ The "tell us about the stars" thing is funny?  Do you
                       even know what that's about, or are you just repeating
                       it and sniggering because everyone else is too?  Oh, and
                       sign your name.
                       \_ No, it's not funny, which is why being a Randie is
                           \_ for the same reason we laugh at retards.
                              \_ Are you going to give a real reason or
                                 continue sniggering with the rest of the mob?
                                 \_ Sniggering has proven quite amusing so far.
                                        --first time on this thread
                          far more deserving a reason to be made fun of.  Like
                          I said.
                          \_ Why is being a Randie funny?
                           \_ for the reason we laugh at drooling retards
2000/7/10 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Media] UID:18626 Activity:insanely high
        aye.  Deckard == Replicant.
                \_ Bruce Willis == ALready dead (6th sense) note the //ism
        \_ Everyone knows this already.
           \_ AH!  But did you know that Deckard was a failed homosexual?
        \_ If you didn't already figure this out after watching the Director's
           Cut, you're a moron.  -mogul
        \_  note: it didn't work for me until i loaded the directory
            and then clicked on the bladerunner link.  stoopid web server --oj
        \_ my officemate called my reaction to this article "very pomo"
           which apparently means "post mosternist". i know i should hit him,
           for using the term, but is this considered and insult or a
           compliment? -ali
           \_ so what was your reaction?
          \_ yes, it is.  i think it depends if he's a "pomo" himself. --oj
           \_ what is a "mosternist"?
           \_ Only losers have ever used the term "pomo" and to be using
              it in the 21st century means BIG-loser. Therefore, you
              \_ not as "BIG-loser" as not knowing what a "century" is
              shouldnt feel insulted or complimented by him. If you do, then
              you're the loser. Hit yourself.
        \_ soda motd cum slashdot gateway! thanks!
2000/6/21 [Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:18508 Activity:nil
6/19    Where can I get previous episodes of older tv shows?
        \_ UPN
           \_ I think the subtlety of this reply might be overlooked.  Bravo.
                \_ It was clever but not subtle.
        \_ Columbia House Video or Cable TV (esp. Nick-at-Nite, TV Land, A&E,
           BET, & F/X)
2000/6/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Food, Recreation/Media] UID:18434 Activity:insanely high
4/69    I've heard of Survivor.  But is it really worth watching?
        \_ Hell yes.  Did anyone tape it last night?  Or will it be on
           again Saturday?
           \_ is it like the Real World?
             \_ Basically.  But they eat rats and nasty shit.  They have
                to dig their own latrines, work out the lack of toilet
                paper issue.  Every week one of the teams votes one of
                their own off the island.  They dramatize it and make it
                really harsh.  Good entertainment.  Richard needs to die.
                \_ It seems like most of them are pricks ... even the
                   nice ones.
                \_ Richard is homosexual... I hope this isn't why you
                   want him dead.
        \_ Gawd did anyone else see them eat the beetle larva last night?
           That was disgusting.  I can't imagine those people that seemed
           to swallow it whole.
                \-when is it on? i couldnt find it. --psb
                  \_ on Wednesdays at 8pm, CBS...and CBS is repeating it this
                     Saturday night at 10pm.  It's on the CBS homepage. --chris
        \_ I can't wait till Smash TV comes out. -geordan
2000/5/10-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:18234 Activity:high
 5/10   Anybody have experience planting/growing a ginkgo biloba tree?
        I'm planning to grow several around my house.  I'm wondering if
        there are any gotchas with those types of trees.
        \_ Make sure to get a male plant.  Female plants STINK TO HIGH
           HEAVEN.  This is true of ginkgo plants in general. -- ilyas
                \_ Tell us of the stars, ilyas....
                        \_ ok I'll bite.  What about the stars and ilyas?
                           I see this dog him everywhere.  What is up?
                \_ there was a wall conversation where he was claiming
                   that stars might be sentient beings.  -tom
                   \_ Stars are sentient beings.  -John
                      \_ Unfortunately not every anonymous idiot who posts on
                         the motd is.
                   \_ there was a really cool quote in Don Quixote that
                      went something like "who is crazier? the one who
                      claims that they might be giants, or the one who
                      absolutely refuses to believe that there is a
                      possibility they might be?" sorry for butchering it. -ali
                      \_ Did the obvious band use this reference, or is their
                         name a coincidence?
                         \_ The 't' is 'they', not 'there'
                         \_ sort of. apparently, they got it from a sherlock
                            holmes-in-the-modern-world movie in the 70s,
                            which is pretty cool flic. after reading,
                   i'm wondering
                            if i ever saw that quote in cervantes book or if
                            i saw it in the movie. -ali
                        \_ I'm pretty sure it was from the movie.  At least,
                           it was definitely said by George C. Scott in the
                           movie.  -tom
2000/4/21-22 [Recreation/Media] UID:18077 Activity:high
4/21    I'm moving so I want to change my cable service.  Which of the premium
        channels (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax) offers the most movies of erotic
        nature, ie. rated TVMA or with advisories SC (strong sexual content)
        or N (nudity)?  Can't afford pay-per-view channels, sorry.  Thanks.
        \_ looking for some Ho-time or Skinimax, Mr. Troll?
           \_ I currently subscribe to HBO and SHO.  SHO seems to be better
              than HBO, but it might just be my timing.  Haven't had MAX
              before, so I wonder how it compares to the other two.
              before, so I wonder how it compares to the other two.  I'm
              moving to Fremont which I suppose is also covered by AT&T.
        \_ If blonde silcone augmented sex slave is your idea  of women.
                porn on the internet is better and free
        \_ HBO hands down. Thursdays 11PM: Real Sex, SexByte, etc etc.
           And look for movies that start after 1 am on the weekends.
2000/4/12-13 [Recreation/Media, Recreation/Dating] UID:17991 Activity:moderate
4/12    Just saw American Beauty.  Somebody told me that the name is that of a
        rose.  And then I realized that roses are in almost every single scene.
        Does anybody know of other symbolisms in the movie?  Thanks.
                \_ are you really this stupid?
        \_ oh yeah! Kevin Spacey wants to de-flower is daughter's friend.
        \_ oh yeah... Kevin Spacey wants to de-flower his daughter's friend.
2000/3/13-14 [Recreation/Media] UID:17753 Activity:low
3/12    There's bad movies. There's really bad movies. Then there's
        Mission To Mars.
        \_ Figure anything they didn't bother advertising more than a week
           in advance wasn't going to be a big winner.
           \_ Which explains Pitch Black, but I've seen ads for MTM for quite a
              while now.
                \_ I saw both, pitch black wasn't good but it was brilliant
                   compared to MTM.  At least pitch black didn't have all
                   those formulaic Deep Moments(tm).
                   \_ Agreed. Pitch Black wasn't great by any stretch of the
                      imagination, but far more enjoyable. And the planet
                      coming from the horizon was fricking pretty.
                \_ I've only seen em for a few weeks and they didn't really
                   make the movie look that good. "Oh hey theres this face thing
                   on Mars and like you know the gubbment was hiding it and
                   like we didnt build it but like uhm someone did so like uh
                   hey cool come pay $8.50 to see this!!!  and buy the toys
                   too!!"   Dont think so.  Been burned too many times.
2000/3/7 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas, Recreation/Media, Recreation/Dating] UID:17708 Activity:nil
2000/3/1-2 [Recreation/Media] UID:17659 Activity:moderate
2/29    I heard that during New Year's Eve some station (I think CBS)
        digitally faked the billboards in Times Square.  I heard that
        CBS modified the actual billboards to show ads chosen by CBS
        instead of showing the real ads.  Is this true?  Does anyone
        have a reference/URL for this story?  Thanks.
        \_ yes, that is true.
        \_ Isn't this sensorship?  Can we sue CBS for doing that?
                \_ Isn't that spelling?
                \_ You have no grounds for suing CBS.  They control their
                   broadcasts and have complete authority to decide what they
                   contain.  All you can do is complain to the FCC.
                   (And no, it's not censorship, it's advertising.)
                   \_ You have freedom of speech from government control.  The
                      advertising thing is a civil matter for the billboard
                      folks to sue over.  There is no other form of freedom of
                      speech.  The 1st amendent doesn't cover as much as net
                      libertarians would like.
2000/1/31-2/1 [Recreation/Media] UID:17389 Activity:kinda low 60%like:17171
1/31    Be a grunt like me! /csua/pub/jobs/pixar -=Aubie
                                                  \_ Auburn "Aubie" Schmidt
        \_ Do we get our names in the movie credits like you?
        \_ do we need to be hot?
                                                \_ I'm bitter, they took
                                         out my middle initial! it was:
                             Auburn C. "Aubie" Schmidt in "A Bug's Life"
2000/1/30-2/1 [Recreation/Media] UID:17376 Activity:kinda low
1/30    I missed the second-to-last episode of Farscape, and I don't
        want to watch my tape of the last episode until I know what
        happened.  The Sci-Fi web-site isn't very informative.  Can
        anyone fill me in?  -- mikeym
        \_ They all died.  In the last episode it turns out that the whole
           thing was a coma inspired delusion when his ship hit a meteor and
           went spinning madly out of control knocking him out.  He was brought
           back to earth and his father is there waiting for him to wake in
           the hospital.
        \_ Which one is the second-to-last episode?  Is that the one
           where they're on the plant asteroid?
           \_ Yup
        \_ They were stuck in the asteroid field and received this distress
           call from an asteroid.  On landing they found it to be full
           of plants and eventually the human find out the blue priest
           is plant based lifeform.  They found creature A that was sending
           out the distress signal being attacked by creature B.  Creature A
           was saved.  Then they find out from creature B that creature A
           is really the evil one.  Blue priest is fascinated with creature
           B which is a plan scientist or something.  Later, they found
           out from creature A that creature B is really the evil one since
           they brought creature A to the asteroid to kill all the animals
           there.  Blah blah, creature A ends up on the peacekeeper ship.
           \_ Thanks! -- mikeym
2000/1/26-27 [Recreation/Media] UID:17338 Activity:high
1/26    Battlestar Gallactica >> Star Trek Voyager
        \ Two new BG projects. One new TV series with most of the
         old crew, except Greene (dead) and Benedict (dont know why)
         And a IMAX movie! Involving Commander Cain (originally played by
         the late lloyd Bridges) with an entirely new cast
        \_ Which one was Benedict?  Memory is fading fast....
                \_ Face on A-Team (starbuck i think)
                   \_ Yup. the pilot who couldnt decide if he loved Casiopia
        \_ He probably said, "I'm the STAR! I'll ALWAYS be the start! and
                      \_ "And what kind of crime is starBUCKING, I'd like
                          to know?"
        \_ He probably said, "I'm the STAR! I'll ALWAYS be the star! and
            I want 10 million dollars, dammit!"
2000/1/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:17333 Activity:nil
1/26    Battlestar Gallactica >> Star Trek Voyager
1999/10/20-21 [Recreation/Media] UID:16738 Activity:high
10/20   Buffy lost her virginity last night in Buffy & Angel series.
        I just lost my will to live.
        \_ No she didn't.
        \_ Huh?  What were they doing years ago that made him into
           an evil vampire (the curse) ?
        \_ dont' worry about something you can't get.
        \_ I'd rather have Willow.
          \_ Oh. My. God.  That's a scary thought I didn't need. -mice
           \_ she's way cute. trouble is, she's probably too cute to have
              sex with.
1999/10/11-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:16686 Activity:high
10/10   Fuck, why does Fox keep replacing the only decent
        television shows on Sunday night with stinkin' yermom.
                                              \_ whoever censored my
                                                 posting, it's fucking,
                                                 not stinkin. stinkin
                                                 is too kind to describe
        \_ Watch GvsE.  It's a great show.
                                              \_ whoever censored my
                                                 posting, it's fucking,
                                                 not stinkin. stinkin
                                                 is too kind to describe
                \_ What is GvsE.?
                        \_ without cable?
                        \_ Good Vs. Evil.  Amusing.  Light.  Has intentional
                           60/70's retro thing going on.  Good stuff.
        \_ Read You're not missing anything, that's
           scheduled programming you're watching.
           \_ The Simpsons is more of a sport than baseball is.
              \_ baseball is a sport? i thought it was just another
                 form of torture.
1999/9/24-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:16592 Activity:nil
9/29    CSUA Alumni Reunion @ TMBG concert in SF.
        \_ Future stuff before top.
        \_ anyone care to elaborate on this?
        \_ ick, TMBG
                \_ Weird Al, 9/28 (SJ) or 10/1 (Marin)
                \_oct 21/22  Backstreet Boys at San Jose Arena a/a $38.50/
                  $29.50 8pm # (sold out) -chiapet
1999/8/28 [Finance/Banking, Computer/HW/Drives, Recreation/Media] UID:16417 Activity:nil 57%like:15884
8/26    Star Wars in ASCII!  --dim
1999/8/24-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:16391 Activity:nil
8/24    Anybody watched X-files on Sunday?  That episode with Smoking
        man's wife being a human-alien hybrid.  Is that a re-run or a new
        episode?  I haven't seen X-files in a while. And I thought the
        season finale was that one episode with Mulder going mad because of
        an alien artifact.  Thanks.
        \_ it was a rerun.  new episodes do not play in august...
                \_ new episodes of the X-files won't be here until November
        \_ I thought they were done with X-files!  That episode was part 2 of
           what was billed as their series finale.
                \_ SEASON finale, not series.
1999/8/16-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:16318 Activity:high
8/15    Movie Review Time:
                Mystery Men: Light hearted, tongue in cheek.  Go in with
                that attitude and you'll enjoy it.
                \_ I did, and still hated it.  So damn boring and slow.
                   went with 5 people; all of us wanted to leave early.
                Dick: Do not see this worthless pile of dung under any
                circumstances.  It was bad from the opening pre-credits
                scene until 45 minutes later when we walked out early.  This
                was easily the worst movie I've seen all summer and possibly
                in several years.  Do not see Dick.
                   \_ Dick is great, but only if you understand the jokes.
                   If you don't know your watergate history, not good.
                        \_ I knew my Watergate history quite well, thanks.  It
                           was painfully stupid under any circumstances.
                American Pie: I know this has been out for a while, but...
                If you like bathroom humor and HS angst, go for it.  If you
                have a more advanced sense of humor, avoid like the plague.
                        -CSUA Movie Critic
                \_ Blair Witch Project:  If Doom-type games make you nauseaus,
                        take a barf bag.  Beginning is lame, but required for
                        the ending which is much better.
                        \_ Only marginally better.  It certainly wasn't the
                           super scary shocker of the millenium.
                        \_Think 6th sense is marginally better.
                          \_ I really liked 6th Sense. Of course, I'm just
                             waiting for some motd'er to convince me I'm
                             a fucking moron for liking such badly written,
                             badly acted, plot-deprived sorry excuse for a
                             \_ Duud, that kid was fukn great.
                        \_ you're a moron
                \_ Detroit Rock City - Sophmoric humor, bad 70s flashbacks,
                   completely improbable plot line and way too much obsession
                   with the (still terrible) rock group Kiss. But I laughed
                   way more than I did to South Park.
                   \_ AY!  KICK YOU IN DA NUUTTTTZZZZZ!
1999/7/29-30 [Recreation/Media] UID:16201 Activity:very high
7/29    Check out
        Best Movie Reviews I've seen yet,
        "Inspector Gadget"
        > This was 82 minutes of my life I'd eat one of my own arms
        > to get back
          \_ I like Inspector Gadget. Granted Dr. Claw wasn't
             as mean and menacing, and Gadget wasn't as bumbling and
             Penny and Brain didn't save the day. It was still quite
             good. I'm waiting for the sequel.
                \_ How can it be Inspector Gadget if Penny and Brain
                   don't save the day?! What kind of tripe is this?
        \_ that's pretty much what I was thinking after seeing
           Blair Witch Project
        \_ Why'd you see Blair Witch? Can't you tell what it is by the ads?
           You got suckered by the hype.
           \_ Yeah, that was pretty much the conclusion I came to after
              cooling down enough for rational thought -- I was sucked in
              by the hype, but it will never happen again.  Really.
           \_ I live near enough to one of the theatres showing it, that I can
              hear people's reactions as the leave.  Last night someone was
              shouting, "That SUCKED!"
        \_ I liked it, but it's more like a really good senior film thesis
           than a Hollywood movie. -ausman
           \_ what's the thesis? finding the most inexpensive and most
              efficient way to suck?
        \_ Blair Witch *SUCKED* but it was still far better than SW:PM.
           \_ I wish I could get back the time I spent downloading SW:PM.
              At least I got the disk space back.
1999/7/2 [Recreation/Media] UID:16058 Activity:very high
7/1     Go see the South Park movie. It crushes all other movies.
        \_ How ironic: Theaters had to turn away children trying to sneak
           into a vulgar movie about children who sneak into a vulgar movie.
           \_ A movie with a recursive procedure, Harvey will be pleased.
           \_ incredible, matt stone and trey parker appear to have just
              about out-smarted someone
           \_ gosh i'm sure trey and matt never considered that, huh?
        \_ Well gee, what's its competition right now?
                \_ Wild Wild West
                   \_ Which got horrendous reviews from just about
                      everyone except the Chronicle, which isn't much of a
                      paper anyway.
                         \_ Hey ignorant one, I work at a media outlet and
                      \_ Reviews?  Those are just opinions of random strangers.
                            knowledgeable. Movie reviewers aren't just
                            Roger Ebert or Rex Reed.
                         Why do you read reviews?  They're mostly 50+ year old
                         bald guys you hopefully have nothing in common with.
                         \_ Please, I work at a media outlet and
                            interact with reviewers who are young and
                            knowledgeable. Wake up, movie reviewers aren't
                            just people like Roger Ebert or Rex Reed.
                            \_ I'm quite awake.  I read the reviews.  They're
                               fucking way off base for the most part especially
                               and particulularly concerning movies for younger
                               (under 35) people.  The very idea that a movie
                               reviewer could be "knowledgeable" is stupid.
                               It's a _movie_!  It's just their _opinion_!
                               You're the one who needs the no-doze.  I think
                               your closeness to such "greatness" has turned
                               your brain and ability to make simple value
                               judgements (good movie/bad movie) into mush.
                               \_ Get some reading comprehension skills.
                                  When 90% of the reviewers are saying
                                  that movie sucks big time, then odds
                                  time. When did I ever say that I blindly
                                  follow a particular reviewer's opinion?
                                  And I guess by your logic, pretty much
                                  all reviewers are not worth taking
                                  seriously, regardless of what they're
                                  are that it probably sucks big
                                  time. Are you saying that "Wild Wild
                                  West" is a great movie? And when did I
                                  ever imply that my judgment comes from
                                  blindly follow a particular reviewer's
                                  opinion? I guess by your logic, pretty
                                  much all reviewers are not worth
                                  listening to, regardless of what they're
                                  reviewing because it's "just their
                                  \_ That's exactly what I'm saying.  Their
                                     opinions are just opinions.  Do I need to
                                     say that a few more times before it sinks
                                     in?  They're not skilled at reviewing
                                     movies.  It isn't a skill.  Those who
                                     can, do.  Those who can't, review.  Why
                                     do you find this so hard to understand?
                                     Mushy brain syndrome.
                   \_ When's the last time a summer action flick got good
                      reviews? Face/Off? Die Hard?
                        \_ Face Off sucked.
1999/6/29-7/1 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Media] UID:16033 Activity:nil
6/28    "After Life" is finally coming to the Bay Area.  The movie opens
        July 23th.  See for details.
1999/6/20-21 [Recreation/Media] UID:15994 Activity:high
6/19    Star Wars TPM on a digital projector looked very 'clean'..
        oh wait.. most of you people CHOOSE to live up in the Bay Area with
        only 3 multiplexes and no digital projectors.
        \_ fuck the bay, fuck the valley, fuck L.A., fuck california and all
           its highways, and fuck you and your fucking attitude.
           \_ By the way, don't you mean "its" instead of "it's"?
        \_ wtf cares if it looked very 'clean'? clean or not, that movie
           is still crap.  and you think multiplexes improve the quality
           of life? but... 20 screens!!! who cares how many screens there
           are since the vast majority of movies that are released suck.
           \_ then of course there's some of us who just go to these
              multiplexes and watch movies to be entertained and not try to
              be critical of lame plots or shoddy acting or cheap thrills.
              has there been a movie that hasn't had a problem? no. but i've
              still enjoyed most of them.
              \_ hey, if you don't need a decent plot or decent acting to
                 be entertained, more power to you.  most of us don't like
                 to pay to see something crappy; we have better things to
                 do with our time.
        \_ Oh yes, here in Silicon Valley we are very technologically backward.
        \_ A cleaner image would only rub in just how bad it was.  No thanks.
        \_ Yes, I CHOSE to live in the Bay Area primarily because of the
           movie theaters here. You are brilliant.
           \_ yeah no kidding.  this twink must be pretty insecure about
              where s/he lives.  woo, i'm really upset about the movie
              theatres here.  from the metreon to point reyes, there's
              just somethingmissing from my life because i cannot watch
              a digital movie out in the suburbs somewhere.
1999/6/7-8 [Recreation/Media] UID:15914 Activity:insanely high
6/6     I finally saw Star Wars this weekend.  After hearing all the bad
        reviews I walked in with a very low expectation.  And walked out
        feeling pretty much the same.  A few questions:
        1.  How old is Anakin and the Queen in the movie?  Anakin would be
            quite a stud having sex with an older woman at such a young
            age.  :-)
            \_ He: 9. She: 14. Next movie = 10 years later.
               \_ man, if I got to bang some of the 24 year olds I knew
                  when I was 19 ...
                  \_ *Shrug*.  I did.  Wasn't that big a deal.  It was better
                     being 24 fucking all the 19 year olds.  By 24 they start
                     demanding things.  At 19 you fuck em, wipe your dick off
                     on their face, drink the last beer in their fridge and go
                     home.  Maybe get them to send over their friend for next
        2.  If you didn't read any of the reviews, would you remember the
            name of the character played by Liam Neeson?
            \_ Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn (the "u" is silent)
              \_ am i on crack or did Qui-Gon introduce himself as "QUY-GON"
                 when everyone else was calling hime "QUEE-GON"? -ali
            \_ I watched the reviews and still couldn't get his name straight.
                \-ditto --psb
            \_ It would've helped if even one character didn't mumble it.  I
               don't think *any* of the actors knew what it was either.
        3.  What was George Lucas smoking when he created Jar Jar Binks?
            \_ Is it me or did anyone else think the little kid was also
            \_ What was Lucas smoking when he created 3PO?
                \_ At least 3PO spoke English so his screen time wasn't an
                   absolute and total waste and he didn't get any real long
                   term screen time the way the Jamaican Frog Man did.
            \_ Ewoks
            \_ Jamaicans
                \_ Hey, let's convince all the silly wetbacks that we
                   haven't been oppressing them all these years, then
                   send them all, unarmed, against the laser-toting
                   people with funny accents.  People with funny accents
                   are stoopid.  Then we can capture someone with no real
                   power at all and pretend that we just accomplished
                   something.                                     -sax
        4.  The one memorable line I got was "There was no father."  How
            about you?  What do you remember?
            \_ I remember all the lines from the previews. As a product,
               the previews were much better made than the final movie.
                \_ when nearly all the scenes from the previews showed up in
                   the first 15 min, i had high hopes exciting unanticipated
                   plot twists...  but alas
                        \- to me that wasnt a memorable line ... that was
                        "heavyhanded crap" ... that is also one of the examples
                        i use again the "defense" "it was a movie for 8yrs old"
                        the religious crap [or the microbial theory of the
                        force] didnt belong in a movie for 8yr olds. --psb
                        \_ huh?, that's scientific reasoning to explain
                           religious crap like the force. you got it
                           the other way around.
                           \_ You're clearly too stupid to understand the
                              Eternal Wisdom of the psb.  --psb #1 Fan
                 \_ Dude, Jesus was a Jedi master!  Jesus, I am your father...
                    Join with me and you will have power over the souls of
                    everyone who ever lived and died....
                    This is not the whore you're looking for...
        \_ For added effect, I said "motherfucker" after each line that
           Samuel L.J said. What was his character's name? It wasn't
           mentioned in the movie.
                \_ mace windu
                \-i-be-won-bad-motherfucker --psb
                   \_ it's obi-won-motherfucka
                      \_ this isn't as funny
                \_  Look at Kung Fu Kenobi's Big
        \_ WTF was up with the tax dispute?  When the opening storyline was
           scrolling by, I couldn't believe I'd just read some BS about a tax
           dispute.  I actually re-read the opening lines a few times to make
           sure I hadn't mis-read something.  Lucas was smoking crack and
           surrounded by sycophantic fools on this one.  Was there no one to
           say, "George, that's a really stupid idea."?
        \_ Nobody watches Star Wars because it's a brilliant movie (you're
           pretty stupid if you do) - look at episodes 4, 5, and 6. But
           they're classic movies, have cool special efects, are part of
           American culture, and are reminiscent of childhood (if you're
           old enough).
        1.  How old is Anakin and the Queen in the movie?  Anakin would be
            quite a stud having sex with an older woman at such a young
            age.  :-)
            \_ He: 9. She: 14. Next movie = 10 years later.
        2.  If you didn't read any of the reviews, would you remember the
            name of the character played by Liam Neeson?
            \_ Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn (the "u" is silent)
        3.  What was George Lucas smoking when he created Jar Jar Binks?
            \_ Is it me or did anyone else think the little kid was also
            \_ What was Lucas smoking when he created 3PO?
            \_ Ewoks
        4.  The one memorable line I got was "There was no father."  How
            about you?  What do you remember?
            \_ ``Wipe them out. All of them.''
               ``At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.''
               ``This is getting worse, now there are two of them!''
               ``Are you braindead? I'm not going in there! Send a droid.''
               ``Who do you think you are, eh? Some kind of Jedi, waving
                 your hand around like that?''
            \_ Okey Day!
            \_ "How vewy wude!"
1999/6/6-9 [Recreation/Media] UID:15912 Activity:moderate
6/5     The station didn't blow up like B5.
           \_ DS9 was good enough to stay on broadcast TV.
                \_ B5 was planned to run only 5 years when it was written.
                   \_ and both ST:TNG spinoffs were scheduled for 7, like TNG.
                        \_ And with rare exception, both spinoffs sucked.
                        \_ DS9 had nothing.  Voyager has the robo chick in
                           the corset.  The rest is a big zero.  One chick in
                           a corset a 7 year show does not make.
                           \_ She's not an ordinary chick.  She is The
                              BimBorg (tm)!
                                \_ Beg forgiveness.  BigBorg, robochick, it's
                                   all a bimbo in a corset to me.  A very good
                                   looking bimbo in a great corset, but it
                                   won't make me watch for 7 years.
                           \_ DS9 had Dax.
        \_ The show sucked, unlike B5.  The entire series sucked, unlike B5.
           It was never anything more than a cheap attempt at doing a better
           show in the star trek universe.  It was bound to failure as the
           series finale demonstrated.  Consider that the lounge singer got
           more time than the space battle, such as it was.  That sums up
           the entire series nicely.  A pox on the fools who turned a great
           space cowboy western into a cheap space soap opera (not space
           opera).  DS9 was not B5 and never could be.  They can't blow up
           the station or how would they make 9 shitty movies on it?
           Wanna start taking bets on how long before you get a DS-9 movie?
           Or how about titles?  "DS-9: The Movie".
           \_ Watching B5 is watching a tutorial on bad acting.
           \_ DS9 was good enough to stay on broadcast TV.
1999/6/5 [Recreation/Media] UID:15910 Activity:high
6/4     The Top 14 Things Uttered by Yoda While Making Love
        14 "Mmmm... Why they call you Deep Space Nine, now I know.' "
        13 "How big they are matters little -- handles my ears are not."
        12 "Play with the one, but jiggle the two, you will."
        11 "Over you must bend, and your dark side show me."
        10 "Well, actually, a snake, that *is*."
         9 "About to spew like Mount St. Helens, I am!"
         8 "Fake not. Come or come not -- there is no fake."
         7 "Into you like a freight train I am, yessss. Oh, my little
           slutpuppy you are, mmmm?"
         6 "Now you know why they put one of me in every Happy Meal, you do."
         5 "Cuddling, afterplay-a Jedi craves not these things."
         4 "Early must I rise.  Leave now must you!"
         3 "Happens to every guy sometimes this does."
         2 "When 900 years old you get, Viagra you need too, hmmmmm?"
         1 "Who's your Jedi master?  WHO'S your Jedi Master?"
1999/6/2-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:15902 Activity:high
        \_ I was the monster in the Death Star Trash Compactor. -=Aubie
        \_ I was Obi Wan Kenobi! --chris
           \_ So was I. --richard
           \_ So was I. --richard
                \_ shouldn't chris be leia and richard be luke?
           \_ "Obi Wan Kenobi, come to bed, you are my only hope"
        \_ I would have never guessed I am Boba Fett, but it makes sense.  -ax
           acount)... c3po... the horror.
        \_ All Yes' gives "Princess Leia".  However, I too am an Obi-Wan.
           "Only a master of evil, Parth."  --sowings
        \_ Waaah!  I got "error on page"!!!  What does that mean???
        \_ I always knew I was a loser ('sides the fact that I have a soda
           account)... C3PO... the horror.
           \_ does it surprise anyone that I'm Han Solo?  -tom
                \_ He had a better hair cut and didn't twiddle around on a bike.
        \_ Waaah!  I got "error on page"!!!  What does that mean???
        \_ I'm Boba Fett!  Yes!  Ruthless bounty hunter, or glorified UPS man
        with a few scalps on his belt? Yes, your match is a bad-ass fan
        favorite and amoral gun-for-hire. But he also ends up hauling
                \_ Why don't you ask the newly elected _strong_ leader of
                   the CSUA, Paolo Soto, otherwise known as my apprentice,
                   Darth Paul.
        carcasses around and delivering them to his boss of the moment.
        \_ Anyone get Vader?
                \_ If you reverse the Obi-Wan answers you get Vader ;)
        \_ Toggling the "good with guns" seems to turn you into Chewbacca :(
           \_ so chewie is bad with guns?
        \_ boba fett as well.  fuckers.  -sky
        \_ obi wan --appel
        \_ Luke Skywalker --dim
        \_ salicious crumb - danh
        \_ obi-wan -alan-
        \_ obi-wan -mogul
           \_ what the heck are the general criteria for obiwan, I wonder?
              I dislike their use of javascript. I dislike the way
              they did the score code even more. They should have
                   \_ I wouldn't realy call this group "slacker hackers";
                      I see a bit more of a mentorship type quality in that
                      group.  --sowings
                      \_ I'd expect that coming from princess leia...
                         \_ Hi.  Reading lesson.  "However" is generally
                            used to indicate contradiction.  I am an Obi-Wan
                            \_ Now, now, don't get all prissy on us...
              had independant arrays for each trait.
                \_ Looks like the slacker hacker answers lead to that.
        \_ Luke, which makes me wonder about their criteria  -goetz
        \_ Another 3PO.  Dammit.
        \_ Another @#%$ obi-wan -bz
        \_ Chewbacca.  --marc
        \_ Han Solo --drex
        \- Did anyone get Moff Tarkin by any chance? "You may feieh when
          \_  How about any Lando?
          \_ No Tarkin, but I got Biggs.  WTF???
        \_ Luke -kube
           \_ "Nazi posterboy, blonde hair, blue eyes... gets a hold of a
              lightsaber and decides HE's gonna run the fucking universe."
              ("Leave it to a white boy to invoke the Holy Trilogy.")
           \_And Darth Vader...he's a spiritual brother. He be down with
             the Force.  He's The blackest brother in the universe...when
             WHAT is revealed?  That underneath, inside he's nothin' but a
             crusty, old whitey cracker!  His visage is SULLIED!
             \_ What's a 'Nubian'?
                \_ It's like Nubile, except George Lucas didn't want to let on
                   that he's a pedophile like mlee.
                \_ short for "Naboobian"
        \_ Han Solo -- ilyas
        \_ I am the true Han Solo. But I'm hiding from Jabba
                                    -- mysterious sodan
        \_ obiwan - sameer
        \_ It's all crap.  Proof: I got Luke.
           "NOOOO!  That's impossible!" -geordan
        \_ Yoda. -raytrace
                \_ Magic 8-Ball Yoda is all-knowing and only 99 cents at
                   Pizza Smut!
        \_ If you answer YES to every question, you get Princess Leia.
           If you answer NO, you get C3PO.  There must be some sort of
           spectrum going from Leia to C3PO depending on number of "NO"
           answers... anyone want to do more research?
                \_ Are you *that* bored?  Who cares?  This is one of the
                   more stupid motd entries.  Who cares WTF character you
                   got from filling out a yes/no questionaire?  Go do something
                   useful like watching commercials or sending spam.
                \_ The source code with all the javascript is there for
                   you to analyze. Use your brain and figure it out
                   \_ I can't believe you didn't.. it has to be said..
                      "USE the SOURCE, Luke!"
                \_ Looks like the slacker hacker answers lead to that.
        \_ Luke, which makes me wonder about their criteria  -goetz
        \_I AM Darth Vader, watch out.  --cody
        \_ I guess being chewbacca isn't all that bad --joeking
1999/5/27-28 [Recreation/Media] UID:15889 Activity:kinda low
5/27    Roger Ebert gave a raving review about this Japanese movie called
        "After Life".  I searched a couple of movie sites and can't find it
        anywhere (movielink, amctheatres, centurytheatres)!  Anybody know
        more about this movie?
        \_ use the force...
1999/5/27 [Recreation/Media] UID:15888 Activity:nil 66%like:15884
5/26    star wars spoiler deleted
1999/5/26-27 [Recreation/Media] UID:15884 Activity:nil 66%like:15888 66%like:15842 57%like:16417
5/26    See star wars again!!!
        \_ Been there, done that.  I think I'll go watch the original star
           wars movies instead.
1999/5/25-26 [Recreation/Media] UID:15875 Activity:very high
5/25    Buffy the Vampire Slayer season finale cancelled.
        WB execs are idiots.
        \_ who cares about the show. i just wanna see sarah michelle geller
           since she's such a hottee.
        \_ well its just delayed, but still rather cowardly of them.
           \_ It sets a dangerous precedent, though.  Let's censor all
              violent TV shows...
        \_ they should be forced to produce an additional extra-violent
           episode for each one they delay (that's two...)
1999/5/25 [Recreation/Media] UID:15870 Activity:moderate
5/24    Star Wars episode 2 and 3: this is what i think will happen:
        Anaken becomes a Jedi in episode 2, free's the slaves (the
        damn fool crusade), emporer seduces him to dark side. In
        episode 3 are the Clone wars and the destruction of the Jedi.
        \_ you forgot the part where anakin & queen amidala get it on and
           concieve luke & leia
           \_ Actually Lucas said Episode 2 is going to be a love story
                \_ and the part where the queen decides the lava-scarred
                   anakin is too gross and decides to fuck a wookie instead
                   \_ so THAT's where ewoks come from...
1999/5/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Recreation/Media] UID:15863 Activity:high
5/24    The Phantom Menace rocks!  I don't know what the critics wer
        complaining about.
        \_ So, tell me what you like about it.  I saw it and was disappointed.
           \_ The action sequences were excellent.  We got to see a
              glimpse of the old republic.  The actors were convincing
              IMO.  Yes, the plot is pretty simple, but I thought it
              sets up Eps. 2-6 very well.
              \_ I thought the plot was slow.  At times, I was yawning.
                 Yes, it does setup Eps 2-6 very well.  I am looking forward
                 to watching Eps 2 & 3 already.  Overall, I didn't think
                 it deserves all that hype and I was disappointed with the
                 plot and special effects.
        \_  i think what it comes down to is this: there is alot wrong with
             that movie, but there is nothing wrong with it thats not wrong
             with the other three either, and i like the other three, so i
             like this one.  for people our age, dissapointment is inevitable
             since that kind of movie is just more fun when you're five.
             \_ Yup, the other three were far from perfect (ESB coming
                closest). And they mostly appealed to kids (esp. ROTJ), which
                Lucas has stated over & over again is his primary audience.
                We're all 20 yrs older now. Of course it wouldn't have the
                same appeal to us.
        \_ i agree, it rewled.. the only part i didn't like was that C3PO
           was created by him (don't want to give away too much), but the
           rest was great., sword fight scenes great, characters appropriate.
           critics don't really know what the force is about..
           \_ "critics don't really know what the fouce is about"... HELLO??!?
              THERE IS NO 'FORCE'!  It's a MOVIE!  This isn't religion!  There
              is no God!
              \_ I find your lack of faith disturbing.
        \_ DEATH TO JAR-JAR^H^H^H^H^H^H^HEWOKS! --jon
           \_ Better yet, Jar Jar Ebonics
1999/5/19-20 [Recreation/Media] UID:15842 Activity:very high 66%like:15884
5/19    Fuck, Star Wars really sucked.
        \_ I liked it. Yes, it was campy, yes it was for kids,
           yes it had bad acting, yes it had bad dialogue,
           \_ so you're saying that the movie was shite but you liked
           \_ This is CNN.
           \_ Bell Atlantic
              it anyway?
        \_ It's just not the same without James Earl Jones
                \_ Another poor casting choice was Liam Neeson(sp?). He's
                   just not convincing as an old experienced jedi. They
                   should have got someone with style like Sean Connery.
                   \_ no, that would make it too Highlander-ish.
           \_ $ more ~psb/TPM
                        \-liam neeson wasnt brilliant brilliant casting perhaps
                \_ Use the * luke.
                        \_ May the * be with you.
                           \_ Do not taunt the *.  - *'s #1 fan.
                \_ Use the * luke.
                   \_ % more ~psb/TPM*
                      more: No match.
                      % ls -l ~psb
                      ls: psb: Permission denied
                but for this movie, he's hardly the first thing i'd coment
                upon. still trying to avoid spoilers in public. --psb
                \_ Thank you psb for avoiding spoilers.
           \_ They should have cast Catherine Zeta-Jones as the queen.
              \_ too bad the rumors from a year or so back about Nina
                 Brosh getting the part were only rumors
                   \_ What!?! My Girl Natalie was one of the few good
                      things about this crappy movie.
              \_ They could have had her slither between the lightsabers.  -John
                 \_ If Anakin can stop jedis, think of what Catherine
                    can do to them. That would be work $7.
                     \_ I'm sweating already.  -John
        \_ See psb review in ~psb/TPM*
              /home/sequent/psb/TPM: No such file or directory
                \- it is in ~psb/TPM.commentarii. there are spoilers --psb
                        \_ psb eats ass. (#1 psb hater)
        \_ Most overrated movie of all time.
           \_ no, that would be Saving Private Ryan
           \_ Most critics rated this movie lowly already.
              \_ TITANIC. Got awful ratings. Still made ~1G$.
        \_ Was it as bad as Lucas' other brilliant film 'Howard the Duck'?
                \_ i've said it before, and i'll say it again:
                   howard the duck fukn rocked!
           \_ Almost. I would not have paid $7 for it had I known how
              bad it was going to be. I would have just downloaded it
              using HotLine.
1999/5/18 [Recreation/Media] UID:15831 Activity:high
5/17    "Star Wars - TPM" really sucks.  I know this  post will get
        erased by someone, but I just have to say it because I
        feel this is the greatest disappointment in my life.
        \_ If that is your greatest disappointment then you either need to
           get a life, or already have a pretty awesome one.
        \_ Of course it does, you need only to see how much the movie is
        being hyped to know that it sucks.
1999/5/17-18 [Recreation/Media] UID:15825 Activity:high
5/17    So anybody paid 500+ bucks to watch Star Wars this weekend?  How
        was it?
        \_ And please no spoilers (even fake ones in jest, please).
           \_ It was NOT in jest. Gawd damnit! Quit deleting my spoilers!
           \_ Darth Vader becomes a cute little kid.
              \_ Obi-wan kenobi becomes an obnoxious twenty-something loser
                \_ Yoda's still older than dirt & looking like a muppet
                  \_ "When 900 years old you reach look as good you will not!"
        \_ SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The Chronicle's "Little Man"
           has been encased in carbonite for all eternity,
           according to sources close to George Lucas.
1999/5/17 [Recreation/Media] UID:15820 Activity:nil
5/19    Darth Maul kills Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-wan kills Darth Maul. Senator
        Palpatine, the future Emperor, is also Darth Sidious. Anakin is
        conceived of by immaculate conception. Handmadien Padme is really
        Queen Amidala in disguise.
1999/5/17-18 [Recreation/Media] UID:15818 Activity:high
5/16    What is the best movie theatre in the Bay Area to watch Star Wars I in?
        \_ i heard yermoms house is THX compliant
        \_ Haven't been there, but try the new Century 25 in Union City.
           Opened last week. All THX screens.
           \_ Or closer to Berkeley is Jack London Cinema (in Jack
              London Square, of course).
              London Square, of course). Valorum gets voted out
                \_ Jack London sucks.  Drive a bit and go to a nice place like
                   Concord or Dublin.  If you're willing to be psycho about a
                   movie, then a 45 minute drive to have a better experience
                   won't kill you.
                        \_ I hear that Jack London doesn't have Dolby,
                           just THX. Emeryville I think is putting in the

Anakin was conceived by immaculate conception.
                           new Dolby EX for Star Wars. Jack London has
                           the best seats. Rumor has it that Corte Madera
                           is getting the new Digital Projector, and the
                           new Dolby, cuz Lucas watches stuff there...
                           \_ JLS seats suck.  Too stiff.  1000 Van Ness
                              seats rock.
                   \_ Dublin??  If you're out there, just go to Blackhawk.
                        \_ I'm closer to Blackhawk.  Dublin is better.
1999/5/14 [Recreation/Media] UID:15808 Activity:high
5/14    I can't take anymore. After Star Wars Episode One opens, I'm going
        to kill myself. There's nothing else in life worth living for.
        \_ we appreciate your thoughtfullness!
        \_ Star Wars Episode 2 -- The Jedi Demise
        \_ What a pathetic person!  His/her life revolves around Star Wars
           Episode One.  Oh, puh-lease...this person deserves to die after
           \_ Can you say "sarcasm"?  Can you say "ragging on SWEO drones"?
           \_ what a pathetic excuse for a troll.
           \_ agreed. if you're gonna take an *obvious* flamebait, at least
              make the flame good.
              \_ ok, buddy i'll show you how it's done. see above.
                  you see? my troll got lame-brained responses
                  within less than 5 minutes.  this is the Way.
           \_ are you watching the news.  Lots of 24 year old dorks talking
              about how ROTJ changed their life.  'I saw vader turn from
              evil to good and it was my new life philosophy.
                \_ That was me!  How'd I look on camera?
1999/5/12-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:15801 Activity:high
5/12 - hahahaha - go ahead and try it
        \_ Some of my friends said they bought tickets to 'The
           Phantom Menace' through the Century Theatres web site just
           after midnight Wednesday. Normally you can buy tickets online
           one week in advance from that site, and for some reason it
           didn't block their orders even though technically they weren't
           supposed to be on sale for another 12 hours.
        \_ all showings for century21-23 sold out for wednesday. luckily,
           got mine thru 777-film though, so i'm happy =)
           \_ It's not THX.  Doesn't make sense to see Star Wars in a
              non-Lucasfilm THX screen.
              \_ There are no THX screens playing SW in thee south bay
                 (to the best of my knowledge). Isn't JLS the closest one?
                 Anyway, those seats (JLS) are hella uncomfortable and not
                 really worth it. At least Century 22 will be using the
                 new Dolby Surround EX format.
                 \_ Century Berryessa screen 2.  UA Pavillion.
                    I saw The Mummy in Century Berryessa THX screen and
                    was quite impressed compared to other century theatres.
                    \_ Hmm, they must've really improved it. Last time I was
                       at that screen was the 2nd Batman movie, and it
                       sounded as if it were in stereo.
                       \_ You probably didn't see it in a THX screen.  You'd
                          know it if it's THX right before the movie starts.
                          \_ Yeah, I know. I did see the THX trailer thing.
                             Must've been a faulty day. I haven't been
                             back there since.
                 \_ There will be an grand opening of Century 25 in Union
                    City.  I think all screens are THX.
              \_ I thought the Century theaters on Winchester had THX.
                 \_ checkout
                 \_ Century 21 definitely is not THX.  That one sounds awful.
              \_ What is so special about THX anyway?
                 \_ Ask George Lucas.  He invented it. :)
                    \_ WRONG. one of his Engineers for Lucasfilm did.
                       THX is NOT named after that movie he made. it's
                       stands for Thompson Experimental.
                       \_ says it
                          was named after THX 1138.
1999/5/12-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:15800 Activity:very high 58%like:15828
5/11    Movie critics report that "Star Wars I: Phantom Menance" is a
        *MAJOR* disappointment.  See
        \_ Well gee, what do you expect when it gets all this pre-hype
           blitz? Perhaps if it less of an event it would get fairer
           \_ Stop with the excuses.  Most of the bad reviews that I've
              seen have nothing to do with the movie not living up to
              hyperbole but point out shortcomings in dialog and plot
              and call it a movie that tries to slide by on special
              effects.  Shocking, isn't it?
        \_ My worst fears realized.  Saw it coming.  First teddy bears destroy
            our Glorious Empire... then the prequel is called "The Phantom
            Menace".   We've been screwed.
        \_ If you'll recall, the original star wars movies did not get
           good reviews either.  They became classics anyway.  Overhyped
           movies tend not to get very good reviews anyway (ie. Titanic).
                \_ Titanic got bad reviews because it was a bad movie.  -tom
                   \_ Kate Winslet naked.  What more do you want?  I would
                      care less about the movie.
                     \- You really think Kate Winslet is anything near "good"?
                        Have you been getting any lately? Sounds like
                        desperation time...Now, I can agree with the line
                        below, but Kate Winslet??
                      \_ Catherine Zeta-Jones naked! That's what I want
                         from a Movie. Entrapment almost delievered...
                         \_ almost? you just saved me 8 bucks.
                         \_ Just rent the Mask of Zorro DVD and you see
                            part of her naked.
        \_ Advices I heard from movie critics are to lower expectations in
           order to enjoy the movie.
           \_ huh? I dunno about you, but I expect to:
              1. learn about star wars "history"
              2. see lots of special effects, and things blowing up.
              I doubt my expectations need to be lowered.
            \_ I expect to see a bunch of talent less hacks try and
               deliever poorly written dialouge as if it was the greatest
               and most revolutionary material ever presented.
               I have given up hope that SW:TPM will be entertaining.
               The stupid fools seem to think that it is drama!
               \_ Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, and Natalie Porman
                  talentless hacks?
               \_ That's like saying Olivier was just an amateur actor.
1999/5/10 [Recreation/Media] UID:15786 Activity:nil
5/10    9 Days
        \_ only for those of you not k00l enough to see the advance screenings
        \_ So who is planning on taking a sick day on opening day?  Or is
           are you going to see the movie with your boss?  heh.
           \_ even, getting the bossman to pay for the movie outing!
           \_ boss's boss is taking the whole division to see it
1999/5/3-4 [Recreation/Media] UID:15735 Activity:high
5/3     12:01 AM Be at your local Toys R Us. Be the first to buy
        Phantom Menace toys. You know you want it!
        \_ isn't this the kind of thing a website like was
           created for?
        \_ DAMN There were no Darth Maul figures when I finally got in
           and I waited 2 hours!!!!
           \_ I wanted to get a Dark Waiter action figure, but they
              didn't know what I was talking about.
        \_ It's just a movie, people, get a grip and a life!  Grow up!  Do
           something meaningful with the short time God gave you on the
                                                    \_ God is dead
                                                       \_ Wow, you sound
                                                      \_ "and no one cares.
                                                         If there is a hell,
                                                         I'll see you there."
                                                              - NIN
           planet!  At least kill some jocks or something!
        \_ Are you one of those who go buck wild whenever the Star Wars
           trailer appears during movie previews?
           \_ Doesn't everyone?  I have to struggle from getting buck nekked!
              \_ If you are female, stop stuggling.
                 \_ If you are a Berkeley CS female, resume struggling
              \_ If you are female (and not a CS major) stop struggling!
        \_ you guys are idiots, it's a damn movie, and it looks horrible.
           That teenage queen's voice sounds so annoying! Look at you
           herds, masses, mindlessly manipulated by Das Man.
           \_ You wonder why they couldn't get some good looking female
              stars, like Catherine Zeta-Jones....
                \_ Someone described the plot to that movie as:  Lasers,
                   lots of them, and she slithers through them.  Looks good.
        \_ You realize, of course, that if you buy star wars toys, you'll
           turn into a slavering goth and massacre a whole high school...
           \_ I thought that you would turn into Bobba Fet and go around
              killing high schoolers for $$$.
              \_ You mean theres actually someone willing to pay $$$ to
                 kill high schoolers?  Sign me up!
                 \_ I hear they are not that fun to kill, they just
                    stand in one place and let you shoot at them.
                    \_ allenp once showed me a promising game for his Atari
                       ST called "Schoolyard Slaughter."  Very promising.
1999/4/4-5 [Recreation/Media] UID:15694 Activity:very high
4/2     Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is.
        \_ Stop walling or compiling or reading motd.publics and go watch
           this movie.
        \_ But just don't let the Matrix go below 65 miles an hour, or it'll
        \_ WOW! Keanu's acting wasn't the worst in this Shatner-fest! The story
           was great!The visuals gave me wood!
        \_ It would ave been cooler to have Jet Li play Neo than Kantactnu
           \_ They have to sell the movie; unfortunately, not EVERYone in
              the U.S. appreciates Jet Li's action.  Besides, Keanu does a
              fantastic job of portraying that "huh?" look of confusion
              every Doubting Thomas needs.  Also, he looks better in that
              coat; Jet's just too short, like it or not.
           \_ But he's supposed to seem like an inept dweeb who just happens
              to have this really cool mystical ability that's unrelated to
              physical skill or intelligence, which he did a good job of
              portraying, i thought
              \_ No physical skill or intelligence?  The innate ability was
                 supposed to give him super-human physical skill, even beyond
                 his programming.  Did you even pay attention to the movie
                 or just jerked off during the entire thing?  What Keanu did
                 do well was the discovery of his abilities. -mlee
           \_  "Kantactnu"?  This has about as much wit as one can expect
                from someone who doesn't even understand the most rudimentary
                basics of casting that must necessarily exist in a BUSINESS
                like Hollywood.  I don't know whether or not to congratulate
                the pathetic effort of this blind Jet Li fan or to laugh at
                it.  -mlee
        \_ Movies synopsed:  Terminator II, Dark City, The Abyss, Soylent Green
           ... add your own.
           \_ the futurological congress, neuromancer, H.R. Giger...but it still
              kicked ass.
        \_ There is no spoon! The Tick meets Star Wars? -muchandr
        \_ O.k. this movie isn't actually good?  Someone out there tell me
        that this sucked, because i know that it must have.  In fact, if i
        had to bet i'd wager it was even WORSE than Johnny Nemonic. -crebbs
        \_ I found it entertaining.  Definitely worth matinee I paid. -dbushong
        \_ The movie is good.  Get over Fear-of-Keanu-Syndrome, and see it!
        \_ Reports of this movie being good are greatly exaggerated.  -PeterM
           \_ You must be an "agent".
        \_ Listen dudes, the movie was entertaining.  It did its job.  Don't
           read too much into it.  The action sequences, the gun fight, kept
           me awake.  It wasn't the best I've seen, but it wasn't the worse
           either.  If you want to learn something from a movie try
           watching some PBS special.  Stop the bitching and whining will ya?
1999/3/11-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:15578 Activity:high
3/11    New Star Wars Phantom Menace Trailer is out! -jlee
        Avoid the rush at the site
        \_ can someone put a copy of soda somewhere?
        \_ ohmygodthatissofuckingkewlicantstanditimgoingtohavetokillmyself!!!
        \_ eh.  it looks interesting, but where's the wit of the original? -tom
        \_ greasy haired star wars comic book collecting dork gotta watch the
           trailer - is this a stereotype or for real?
        \_ New trailer in /usr/tmp/ --marc
        \_ New trailer in /csua/tmp/ --marc
        \_ And for those of you not el8 enough to have quicktime already
           installed, /tmp//QuickTime30.exe exists for your warez hosing
           pleasure. -ERic
           \_ what does e18 mean?
              \_ it's EL8, not E18. sound it out. l8rs.
                \_ that's not warez
              get the crack - play it full screen, and loop in the office!
              \_ How do you input the reg number it generates into qt30?
                 \_ Control Panel->Quicktime
1999/2/12-14 [Recreation/Media] UID:15402 Activity:kinda low
2/11    I've got tickets to an "advance screening" of a movie.  Do people
        usually dress up in these occasions?  Is jeans okay?
        \_ Depends.  If it's one of those "Check local listings for a
           sneak preview near you" things, then jeans is fine.  If it's
           an advance screeing for something like company insiders or
           something (Like people at Pixar seeing say, Toy Story) early,
           dressing up may be apropos.  --sowings
        \_ There should be someone you can call and ask if it's a Pixar
           type thing.
        \_ It's gonna be dark inside. Who cares?
           \_ I worry if there may be a reception or something.
                \_ It never hurts to dress nice.  Dress nice.
                   \_ Wear a suit to a punk show. Show them you are
                      not a slave to conformity.
1999/2/10-11 [Recreation/Media] UID:15391 Activity:moderate
2/9     Does anyone know what the name of that famous 1920's painting of
        a downtown diner at the street corner.  It was on the cover of
        Winnsberg Ohio and in the Beer Baron episode of the Simpsons.
        \_ I haven't seen either of those, but just from "famous painting of
           a diner" I bet you want Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks". -- goldfarb
           \_ how about that Vincent Vangogh that was used in the Pontiac
              comercial.  What was that one called?
                \-there was a simpsons that had a nighthawks ref. i dont
                remember what other pices there was a ref to but there were
                others --psb
                \_ tell me, what kind of pet store is filled with
                   rambunctious yahoos and hot jazz music at two o'clock
                   in the morning?
           \_ thanks, that was the one. cool site to get free art:
           \_ yup.  There is also a parody of Nighthawks with Marilyn Monroe,
                James Dean, and Humphrey Bogart as the people in the diner.
                \_This is called boulevard of broken deams and if you'd like to
                see it check here for a thumbnail:
1999/2/1-2 [Computer/SW/Security, Recreation/Media] UID:15340 Activity:low
        At&t phone service over cable tv cables.
        \_ would you trust people who can't even keep up their own web site?
           and who can't promise a representative will get back to you
           sooner than "sometime in the next 24 hours"?
1998/12/15 [Recreation/Media] UID:15092 Activity:high
12/13   Star Trek: Insurrection is not worth seeing.
        \_ I only hope the new Star Wars movie fairs better.
           \_ "fares"
        \_ Sad to hear karoake still exists in the 24th
           \_ Karoake will never die.
        \_ Wasn't THAT bad. Certainly not First Contact tho.
                \_ I rarely post to the motd, but it was awful.
                   completely modern PC (polit. corr.) and boring, sigh.
        \_ It is Star Trek IX after all - don't forget the curse of the
           odd numbered ST movies.  (At least it's not as bad as V.)
        \_ Not the best. Not the worst. I'll leave it at that.
        \_ It was no 2/4/8, but it was worth seeing. (So, is the next good
           one going to be 16?)
           \_ I thought VI was very good.  Had the "smack the bird o prey"
              scene that just made you say "DOOSH".  (was a good enough shot
              apparently that they felt it necessary to reuse the footage
              in VII.. sigh  --dbushong
                \_ It was not worth seeing, unless you like preachy, poorly
                   edited, predictable movies with hackneyed plot devices
                   and bad acting.  -tom
                   \_ The bad acting argument is lame since it's had bad
                      acting since TOS. I can't really argue with the
                      other points though.
           \_ I've heard different theories, some say that 10 will be good,
              others feel that it will be 16. I hope 10 is better than this
              one, although no TNG based movie will every be as good as TOS.
              I mean even Spocks Brain was better than most of this PC
              (politcally correct) TNG crap.
              \_ It's amazing that people like you who say all TOS > TNG, yet
                 still follow the current shows/movies. Are you actually
                 hoping it'll get better?
                 \_ Hope springs eternal! Besides B5, Stargate-SG1, X-Files
                    and Time Trax proved that it could happen. To bad about
                    B5 and Time Trax though.
                        \_ What's "To Bad" about B5? it had its full 5
                        year run as originally intended.
        \_ It wasn't that bad.  It is entertaining and worth seeing.
1998/11/23-24 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Recreation/Media] UID:15013 Activity:moderate
11/23   Oh god...


Internet posters on Harry Knowles' Web site AIN'T IT COOL NEWS [ ] talked about "weeping and shaking" while
the new STAR WARS trailer last week!

Entertainment epilepsy.

A fan named David Chung summed up his feelings: "What can I say. George Lucas
must be
a superior form of life!"
\_ when you're a worm, just about everything is a superior form of life.
1998/8/9-13 [Recreation/Media] UID:14438 Activity:very high
8/7     TMBG tickets go on sale sunday for 9/10/98 show at Fillmore.
        \_ Is there any way to order tickets over the phone?  BASS, etc?
           \_ like almost every other show in existence, you can order tix
                \_ yes.  learn to read.
                        \_ Paradoxically, without an ability to read, the
                        \_ Paradoxically, without the ability to read, the
                           person couldn't follow your advice to learn to do
        \_OK, I give up.  Who or what is TMBG?
          \_ They Might Be Giants.  Is there going to be a CSUA group going?
           \_ a question: why does TMBG have such a geek following (say,
              as opposed to some other crappy 'alternative' band one
              could pick)?
                \_ geeks like things that are QUIRKY.
              \_ They appeal to the intellectual, with songs like "Mammal".
                 One could say that they are an educational experience
                 from time to time.  Of course, then there's S E X X Y...
                 -- tmonroe
                \_ Pop music with an intellectual bent?  Tell me next about
                   military intelligence and other oxymorons.
                   \_ I dunno, can any music with accordians be considered
                      pop?  I always thought they were just "wierd".
              over the phone through BASS, at BASS ticket outlets, or at
              the venue itself.  only the latter lets you avoid exorbitant
              service charges.
        \_ Show at Fillmore or tickets on sale at Fillmore or both?
                \_ Both.  (tickets also elsewhere, see above)
1998/7/6-7 [Recreation/Media] UID:14292 Activity:high
7/6     That Simpsons episode last night sucked.
        \_ It was a rerun you idiot.
          \_ So? It still sucks you idiot. I never said I watched it the
             first time.
          \_ that just makes it suck even more.
1998/7/2-3 [Recreation/Media] UID:14285 Activity:nil
7/2     What was the name of last night's Fox special movie, where this
        weird guy locks up a girl in the basement?
        \_ Dean Koontz' Intensity, I believe
           \_ can someone tell me the ending? I am gone tonight. Thanks.
              \_ It turns out that the wierd guy isn't wierd, just
                 misunderstood -- but fortunately, the girl that he locks up
                 happens to be his soulmate and a kindred spirit, so they end
                 up bonding (and have a lot of hot steamy sex).
1998/6/16-19 [Recreation/Media] UID:14220 Activity:high
6/15    Any thoughts on "Truman Show"?  I haven't seen it.  Looking for
        \_ Pretty good flick. Some plot holes and absurdities, but easy
           to forgive.
                \_ Not the kind of absurdities you'd have in mind when
                   thinking about Jim Carrey's track record -- hardly any
                   slapstick at all.  I thorougly enjoyed it.
        \_ Definitely worth the money. The best parts were the underlying
           messages, such as "american mass media is the antichrist".
           makes you go, "hmmm..."              -Movie Critic
                \_ Where the hell do you get this?  Ed Harris's character's
                   name was Christof
           \_ I thought the underlying message was Ed Harris is God.
              What did I miss?
                \_ I said "underlying", Ed is God is obvious. -MovieCritic
        \_ I know that most people seemed to like it, but I actually found
           it quite boring, especially in the beginning.  I felt it was a
           great idea, but to long in the development, and not enough was
           given to his actions for what they did to him.
           \_ actually i thought it was too short...
           \_ Should he have triggered a global thermonuclear war?
              \_ Yeah, that would have been cool!  Death, Destruction, Anarchy
        \_ One word: Hollywood.
           \_ This sounds like a comment from someone who didn't see it.
              And if you did see it, that's one of the most common, and
              most obnoxious "criticism" people give about films.  Grow
              up or grow a few brain cells.
              \_ I saw it. On the first night, too. Let's see: good idea,
                 good acting, overblown sets, storyline ruined by excessive
                 "drama", predictable plot turns, happy ending. Hollywood.
                 \_ The "Hollywood" feel to the movie was intentional and
                    part of what made the movie so good. --dim
        \_ Excellent movie. It worked on so many levels. It should win a
           lot of awards. Best movie I've seen in the last couple years.
           Critics aren't willing to go that far, but what do critics
           know? Comparative crap (like Titanic, L.A. Confidential, and
           The Full Monty) was nominated last year. --dim
                \_ full monty kicked ass.  go stick yer head in a pig.
           \_ L.A. Confidential was a really good movie.  But so was The
              Truman Show, I agree.  -tom
                \_ Yeah and what the hell do you know about movies?
                        \_ go away cmlee
                \_ Yermom was in a really good movie last month. Want to
                   borrow the video
1998/5/30 [Recreation/Media] UID:14157 Activity:kinda low
5/29  There's a life-size cut-out of Darth Vader, standing in a toilet stall
      at my work.  Any suggestions for a good caption?  I was maybe thinking,
      "May the Farts be with you", or "There's a Great Disturbance in the
      Farts".  There's this fine line in toilet humor that I'm bad at.
      \_ "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the
         POWER of the flush!" (fart is too obvious)
      \_ some things are best left alone.  this is one of them.
        \_ "destroy tom."
                \_ "now."
1998/5/21-22 [Recreation/Media] UID:14126 Activity:high
5/21  ok, who wants to loan me a tape of last night's southpark?  -lila
        \_ try <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ what do i get out of it?
         \_ jsl'll blow ya
          \_ you lose then
           \_ what the hell, why didn't they say who cartman's mom was?
                when will they really do it?
                \_ don't you mean cartman's dad?  Cartman's mom is a
                \_ wrong episode you morons
1998/5/19 [Recreation/Media] UID:14107 Activity:high
5/18    I thought the last episode of Seinfeld is suppose to have Wizard of Oz
        material in it, according to the preview. What happened?
        \_ Seinfeld?  What's that?
        \_ Did anyone else find the last episode to be of a Camus-esque
           existential quality?  They summed up the whole absurdity of it all.
          \_ Shut up.  Its a TV show for Chrissake.
                \_ And a tremendously overrated one at that.Good riddance.
             \_ Yes, we know.  We also know Seinfeld was a TV show.  What
                  is your point?  That we should kill our television ?
                  Please don't take yourself so seriously in the future, and
                  get back to work.
                \_ No, my point was that people shouldn't take a *TV SHOW*
                   seriously at all, in any way whatsoever.  It's a sad sad
                   statement about people in general that the end of a sitcom
                   would generate _any_ sort of publicity, much less noise of
                   these levels.  I'm glad to see the ad hominen attack is
                   still being put to bad use on the motd.
                   \_ Again you are taking yourself too serioiusly.
                      The statements above were clearly tongue in cheek.
                        ("Camus-esque ... quality")
                       And next time spell your Latin correclty.
                       Get back to work.

        \_ Damn X-Files and their psuedo-cliffhangers! Now I'll haveta shell
           out $7.75 to find out where Mulder goes from here.
           \_ May be so, but it inspired a number of intellectually
              insecure sodans to become chess experts on walls and display
              their ignorance like fuckin peacocks. You know what peacocks
              are good for? Being mounted on long sticks, ignited, and
              waved around the place like a flag, only they're not flags,
              just flaming impaled peacocks. Fuckin LOSERS. - (fucker)
              \_ Once again, I envy this response.  I too was going to
                post some sort of pseudo-flame, but this is way way
                beyond (better) than anything I was thinking of.
                Thank you for not letting me make a fool of myself, and
                my hat is off to you.
                \_ _That_ was a great flame?  It could barely set off a match
                   soaked in oil.
                   \_ Yes, it was.
                      \_ I wrote the original comment, and I don't even
                         feel singed.
1998/4/24-25 [Recreation/Media] UID:14005 Activity:low
        Latest news on upcoming South Park movie D00Dz. - tpc
        \_ Anyone cared?
1998/4/16 [Recreation/Media] UID:13971 Activity:high
4/16    Seinfeld REWLS! Is today the last episode? When is it on?
        \_ I sware, when I first saw Seinfeld I thought it looked like a
        \_ Last ep. is sometime in may.
        \_ I swear, when I first saw Seinfeld I thought it looked like a
           Jews show. In fact the best Jews show I've ever seen. In fact the
           best show I've ever seen, Jews or not.
                \_ Ya, get those fuckin' Jews off the air.  I'm so fuckin'
                   sick n tired of those fuckin' Jews runnin' Hollywood and
                   the rest of the media and the banks and shit!
1998/4/13-14 [Computer/Networking, Recreation/Media] UID:13944 Activity:very high
4/12    How do you get a black box for cable? - reeser
        \_ Call TCI.
                \_An illegal one, I mean.  For illegal purposes too.
                        \_ You want to publically admit you're breaking the
                                law?  Brilliant.
        \_ You can buy one through mail order.  It is legal to
           sell such a machine, since the whole premise is that you
           only use it once you already have cable.  You are breaking
           the law (just like illegally copying software) otherwise.
        \_ Check out the back of a pseudo-geek magazine, like Popular Science
           or Popular Mechanics, for ads.  (And I'm sure that you can find
           ads from places that sell cable decoders on the Web, too . . . )
           \_ what about for DSS?
              \_ DSS piracy is done by way of "test cards" which are
                 programmable devices that spoof a valid DSS security card.
                 Not as legal as a pirate cable box, unless you're in Canada.
                 Also, DirecTV has a nasty habit of doing ECMs that often
                 render the cards useless.
        \_ probly cheaper just to bribe the cable installer ...
        \_ I bought a Disney unscrambler (the solonoid thingies) from a
           cable installer. He was very cool about it.
1998/3/21-23 [Recreation/Media] UID:13846 Activity:very high
        "Troops" -- or, what -really- happened to the Jawas, the 'droids,
        Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru... this site also has the full South Park
        "Spirit of Christmas" movie, -and- the exploding whale movie, -and-
        has really, really good fast clean net.
        \_ So, what's it like living six months in the past?  Golly, you
           wouldn't happen to know where I might find that dancing baby,
           would you?! -mogul (no, i still haven't slept)
                \_The point of your message being..."I am hipper than thou."?
                \_ My Tits are Bigger than Yours
                \_ i think bret means "it's been in /csua/tmp/troops
                for a few weeks" - danh
                \_ At least he's old enough to have seen Star Wars in
                   the theater the FIRST TIME!!!!!! -r
                   \_ Damn, if that's the way people are judged, I feel
                      fucking old.
                        \_ More like, ask any freshman what the Deathstar is.
                           No hints, no context.  Most will stare blankly at
                           you.  Some will get it when you say "Starwars".
                           Others just won't know.  It only gets worse from
                           there.  "What's 'Jaws' about?  Who is Rocky
                           Balboa?  Who played Conan?"  A 50/50 shot on any
                           of them.  Casablanca, forget it.
                           \_ Or ask a CS undergrad about the "Arem Star",
                              etc. -- tsang (former IPM employee)
                           \_ it's more than just the at & t logo?
                           \_ "The more you drive, the stupider you get" seems
                              more appropriate as time goes on.
                              \_ congratulations, your movie trivia penis is
                                 certainly more humongous than mine.
                           \_ Particularly since it's "The more you drive, the
                              less intelligent you are".
                              \_ I humbly bow to your superior movie trivia
                               \_ that or you just saw it this weekend and
                                  don't have to recover the quote from
                                  years-old memories.
                                  \_ or you don't drive
1997/3/28 [Recreation/Media] UID:32112 Activity:nil
3/27    LIAR LIAR ruled
        \_ Is it playing in Switzerland?  -concerned about John's movie choices
         \_ Most big american movies make it to  europe a couple months
         after they play in the US...
1997/2/18 [Recreation/Media] UID:32074 Activity:nil
2/18    Thanks to the Internet, I found out how some of my favorite
        TV shows such as "Charlie's Angels", "the Wonder Years",
        "Three's Company", etc. ended.
1997/1/29 [Recreation/Media] UID:32053 Activity:nil
1/28    UC Theater run tomorrow. Movies at 7:10pm. Meet at CSUA office at
        6:45pm or see you at the theater. Movies are Richard III and
        Henry V.
        \_Oh gee I haven't been running enough, great!
1997/1/27 [Recreation/Media] UID:32043 Activity:nil
1/27    Star Wars : Special Edition FIVE DAYS AND COUNTING
          Let's reclaim the #1 spot from crap like ID4, Jurassic Park and etc.
        \_ Jurassic Park wasn't bad.  Nice dino's, plot that almost followed
           the book, a few semi-decent actors, and a lawyer gets eaten by
           a big dino.  What more could you want?
           \_ Can you say "deus ex machina"? - android
           \_ A plot that almost follows the book.. Are you nuts??  Did you
              *read* the book?
         \_ Yes I read the book.  I read it long before they made
            a movie out of it.  It was a reasonable movie adaptation
            of the book.  Maybe you preferred Dune or 1984's versions
            of their respective movies?
            \_ I thought Dune was a much better adaptation..  It didn't
        fundamentally alter the ending of the book, or who died,
        who lived, who did what, etc..  And most of all, it
        *never* inserted the quote "This is a UNIX system!
               I know this!!"
              \_ And if you did, why would you consider following the book
          to be a good thing?  But anyway, dollar revenues are a
          terrible indicator of movie popularity; movies didn't cost
          $7.50 in 1977.
          \_ I wasn't talking about revenues.  I *liked*
             J.P..  I don't give a shit what the public
             thinks about it or how many tickets it sold.
          \_ nor were there as many theatres.
        \_ Where do you buy tickets ahead of time?
1996/11/13 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Recreation/Computer, Recreation/Media] UID:32001 Activity:nil
11/11   Did anyone tape the Tyson/Holyfield fight, or have Showtime?
        (They'll be rebroadcasting it Sun at 8:00, but I haven't got
         ST... It'd be fun to see the fight though!)  -- Marco
        \_ Who won?
           \_ It's only worth watching if holyfield won (and he did)
           \_ clinton
        \_ I taped it, but the reception was relly bad so it's
           black-and-white.  It's your only chance to see Tyson really get
           his ass kicked. -Benny
           \_ at least until they release "America's Funniest Prison Videos"
1996/6/30 [Recreation/Media] UID:31859 Activity:nil
        \_ I saw a sneak preview of ID4 last night.  All I have to say is
         _____  ____  _____  _____  _____  ____  _____  __
         \    \/    \/    / /  _  \ \    \/    \/    / |  |
          \      __      / |  |_|  | \      __      /  |__|
           \____/  \____/   \_____/   \____/  \____/    ()
           This move KICKS ASS!  WHAT A RUSH! It really lives up to the hype.
              - joeking
         \_     You're KING, Joe!
        \_ I saw the trailer for ID4 on Monday.  The acting looks like it
         sucks.  I am guessing the special effects will be nice
         make-up for what would otherwise be really horrible acting,
         like in Jurassic Park. Blah, I will watch it anyway and try
         not to think too much.  --pcjr
         \_ Drink a couple pints of guiness first...always works -jor
            \_ isn't this true for pretty much anything? -hjkim
            \_ that's why I said 'always'.  but not always necessary
                \_ Acting? Who cares? This is about eye candy.  Go rent
            Driving Miss Daisy or something if you want acting. -reiffin
          \_ I tried eye candy once, but it really stung
             a lot.  I think I'm sticking to nose candy. -thepro
          \_ Y'ever try The Rock, or do you stick to
             Powder?  One is fairly entertaining, but the
             feeling leaves you after it's over, and the other
             is fun, disturbing, and the feeling leaves you
             about halfway. - The Fat Guy and The Other One.
                \_ Don't complain before you see the movie, twink.
                   \_ hey, he's already seen the trailer... btw, am i the
                      only one who finds that scene they have on the
                      commercial where the guy says 'holy god' really
                      fucking stoopid? -hjkim
        \_ So watching the trailer allows you to comment
           on the acting of the movie?  Hello?  -paulwang
1996/2/20 [Recreation/Media] UID:31826 Activity:nil
2/20    Did anyone record the most recent episode of _Louis & Clarke_ (sp?)
        and is willing to admit it?  Would like to borrow it for a friend.
        Thanks much!  Please e-mail me.  -- cyp
        \_ Is that the episode where they discover the Columbia River,
           or is it the one where they explore Wyoming?
           \_ I heard that's the one where they got married?  -- cyp
1995/1/16-17 [Recreation/Media] UID:31708 Activity:high
1/15    STAR TREK: VOYAGER premiere -- channel 44, 20:00 Monday Jan 16.
        \_ Boredcast Message from soda!jwang (ttyrW) at 20:24 ...
           it's a Gundam model 252623BIFF
         \_ i was actually referring to the alien space station --jwang
           \_ my roommate says it's a Dustbuster. --vchang
           \_ Looks like Starfleet's new nostalgic class of starship:
         The Volkswagen Bug Class  --seano
           \_ It looks like a spoon. -- caliban
           \_ It looks like an uncircumcized penis
            \_ It was a looked a lot more promising that SNG when it came
         out! - dhyang
         \_ Agreed. But they'd better replace the captain soon,
            or at least find a way to dub over her voice... -mconst
         \_ the captain is a bitch.
            \_ FEEBS like you always say things like this about
        women in power.  i concurr, however, that she has
        a voice like a muppet.
            \_ her voice sounds like a duck... -shyguy
        \_ Good, so I wasn't the only one who wondered what
           helium she'd been breathing...  -- Marco
                   \_ I thought she sounded like Martin Short doing
                      a Katherine Hepburn impression. - gojomo
            \_ You guys missed the opening scene where she swallowed
        a cup of gravel.
        \_ All I can say is... "Looooost innn Spaaaaaaaace" All we need is
           a robot to walk around mumbling "Danger! Danger!" But then again
           it is the new improved spiffy Star Trek, so they'll use the
           hologram to do that -slouie
           \_ I can see that your taste in Sci Fi has improved since you left
              Lurnix, Shelley ;-) -george
           \_ it's much more likre Red Dwarf, smeghead.
              \_ Except the premise isn't as good. -- Marco
        \_ How come those aliens who can't make their own water have a big ol
           spaceship that can pound the Voyager? -bl
        \_ How come they never used those tricobalt devices before?  They
           might come in handy sometime.
        \_ What's with this fucking affirmative action thing in Star
         Trek ? Next captain will be Asian hermaphrodite, I tell ya.
         \_ If you have to ask... you don't know!!!
1994/5/15-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Unix, Recreation/Media] UID:31599 Activity:insanely high
5/12    The Unofficial CSUA End-of-Semester Adam Glass Memorial Beer Bash
        & Final Episode of Startrek Party is scheduled to take place on
        May 23, 7:00 PM, in the 'old' CSUA office.
            \_ That's 343 Evans, right?
        \_ Party on, dudes!

1994/4/26 [Recreation/Media] UID:31574 Activity:nil
4/23    What?  the CSUA general meeting on the same night as the 100th
        episode of the Simpsons?  What wonderful planning that was!

           ___     Hi, I'm Snuggy.  I'm the official soda mascot.
         {~._.~} / I'm cute, cuddly, and very friendly.
         _( Y )_

Got yer snuggles the fabric-softener bear RIGHT *HERE*!

|                                                      |                   |
|     __________________________________________   __  |  +-------------+  |
|    |\                                        /| |  | |  |  1 5 : 0 0  |  |
|    | \______________________________________/ | |  | |  +-------------+  |
|    | |                                      | | |  | |                   |
|    | |           ____     ____              | | |  | |  Fry              |
|    | |          /    \---/    \             | | |  | |                   |
|    | |          \             /             | | |  | |   [1]  [2]  [3]   |
|    | |          |             |             | | |||| |                   |
|    | |          |    @   @    |             | | |||| |   [4]  [5]  [6]   |
|    | |           \     ^     /              | |  \/  |                   |
|    | |     _______\   <_>   /_________      | |      |   [7]  [8]  [9]   |
|    | |____/    \                 /    \_____| |      |                   |
|    | /    \     > ___       ___ <     /     \ |      |        [0]        |
|    |/      \___/ /   \     /   \ \___/       \|      |               o   |
|     ------------------------------------------       |  Temp      666    |
|                                                      |                   |
        \_ There once was a h0ser named Tawei
           Who did whine about Snuggy one day
           Then responded Tom
           Something about "Yer mom"
           And "get a clue" and "just go away"
1993/9/10 [Recreation/Media] UID:31394 Activity:nil
9/10    OK, I finally saw 'Hard Boiled' a couple nights ago. I must say
        that it was truly a masterpiece. A "ballet of death" as a friend
        put it. Beautiful. Stunning. Very satisfying... I feel as if I
        don't need to see another violent movie for another week. -vchang
         \_ where did you see it? Which movie theater, i.e?
         \_ Check out Hong Kong movie festival in UC Theatre in
            the near future. I am not sure about 'ballet of death'
            but it will be similar with overtones of John Woo's
                \_ Town Theatre in downtown San Jose is showing some
                   Jackie Chan movies this weekend --oj
1993/4/30 [Recreation/Media] UID:31282 Activity:nil
4/29    Eric Idle WAS at Wheeler Auditorium for a short (30 minutes) Q&A
        session. He didn't reveal any great secrets, however I think he
        hates questions about his Monty Python years (He's on to better
        projects now...). He wore an ugly navy blue and orange striped
        suit. The movie was okay, worth maybe $3.50 (matinee). -- xxxxxxx
2021/10/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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