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2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/1/25-30 [Recreation/Food, Finance/Shopping] UID:53663 Activity:high
1/25    I went to Ranch 99 for the first time recently. Lots of interesting
        items, but the place got a "yuck" for its cleanliness factor and
        so I left without buying anything. I went to a Japanese market and
        it was antiseptic in comparison and the fish/meats looked much
        fresher, too. Did I happen to choose a bad location or is this
        chain going to sell me food that makes me sick? I was not impressed.
        \_ I go McD fol first time. Lots of intelesting food, but the
           prace got a "yuuck" for rack of selections and so I left
           without buying anything. I go France Market and
           it was prettier in comparison and the food was so much
           flesher, too. Did I happen to choose a bad Amelican fast
           food or are all Amelican fast food sell shit that make
           me puke porridge? I was not implessed. I don't go out
           much, enrighten me prease.           -foreign man
                                                \_ "foleign"
           \_ I dunno what fucked up place you come from but most
              places have at least the R* or L* phoneme in place.
              if you're going to affect a fake accent at least try
              to get it right, we live in a post-house-laurie world now.
        \_ china vs japan.
           \_ 99 Ranch is a Taiwanese market, not Mainland Chinese.  (Whether
              Taiwan is/isn't part of China is a separate debate.)
              \_ "The House is on FIRE!"
                 "no no this isn't a house it's an apartment, and thus
                 your argument is refuted."
        \_ Are you trolling or genuinely this stupid? If you don't know
           if you're either one, god help.
           \_ I detect ignorance... lack of exposure to the world.
              The guy is obviously a dumb ass, give him a break
           \_ Enlighten me with your wisdom.
              \_ Contrary to what you've been told in UPN or whatever,
                 asian cultures are not the same, and furthermore, stores for
                 poorer people are generally filthier than stores for rich
                 people.  Ranch 99 caters to *students* who are traditionally
                 poor/cheap.  And Mainland chinese hygiene is pretty bad.
                 Just ask what the "red spittle juice" street paintings are.
                 \_ Plus Taiwanese culture and Mainland Chinese culture are
                 \_ Dude, I have no idea who Ranch 99 purports to cater to,
                    but I can tell you that most of the customers were not
                    students judging by their ages. So if Ranch 99 is for
                    'poor people' then what is the 'rich people' equivalent?
        \_ which Ranch 99?  In my experience, Albany was really clean,
           San Mateo/not so clean, Cupertino, SPARKLING
           \_ Yeah, poor people get dirty stores, rich people get nice clean
              stores. This is true everywhere.
              \_ Give me an example of a clean Chinatown.
                 \_ Cupertino.
                 \_ Palos Verdes Estates
                    \_ Not PVE. You mean RPV.
                 \_ Manchukuo
                 \_ Monterey Park, San Marino, Arcadia, South Pasadena
                    \_ I actually went to the Arcadia "Ranch 99". Since I
                       went there have been 3 muggings in the parking lot.
                       What a dump.
                 \_ Yokohama
2009/12/23 [Recreation/Food] UID:53597 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
12/23   Mental note to myself:
        Ritual Roasters Cafe in San Francisco-- communist star symbol
        == lots of wannabe dotcomers.
        XO in San Francisco-- lots of hot mamas during midday
2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/12/10-2010/1/13 [Recreation/Food] UID:53588 Activity:nil
        How many of these restaurants do you recognize?
        \_ None worth eating at again.
2009/11/4-17 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:53497 Activity:nil
        \_ sorry, why should we care? Who runs restaurants here?
2009/10/12-11/3 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:53446 Activity:low
10/12   In the same spirit as below, I'm going to be in the Florida Keys
        for a few days Thanksgiving Week.  Any recs on what to do, where
        to stay, what to eat.  All I know about is going snorkeling.
        Also in Miami for a day and half, if you have any recs there.
        \_ You know how when you depart from an airport you need to pay
           extra $2-3, depending on the airport? Well one time I took
           a taxi from Miami back to the airport, and when I got
           off the taxi I gave the driver $14 (fee) plus $2 tip. He asked
           for tip. I explained that I already gave him $2 tip and he got
           all worked up and said I need to pay the extra $2 airport fee.
           "I work for tip, mon!" I explained on the taxi sign that the
           extra fee would be incurred when going out of the airport,
           not going in. He obviously didn't read English well and started
           to curse at me. I gave him the extra $2 so that he would go
           away but went to an authority and confirmed that they're not suppose
           to do that. I then called the mass transit/taxi registration
           to report the case since I got his taxi stall number, and
           they promised to call me back on their investigation. They never
           called back. You really have to watch out in Miami. It is
           not as peachy as Seattle or Houston. Shit hole.
           \_ Leaving the SF airport, I had a cabbie not turn on the meter
              until we were already into the ride, and tell me "to here
              it's usually $2, so you can pay me $2 more than the meter."
              The scam is that they have to pay the taxi company based
              on the meter (which should include any airport fees), and
              they're pocketing the extra.  -tom
        \_ Miami is like a 3rd world country. If you like Los Angeles
           then you may like Miami. Lots and lots of ethnic food, TRAFFIC,
           women in skimpy clothes and shady looking guys in gold that
           scream ROB ME PLEASE, TRAFFIC TRAFFIC and lots of rude
           \_ and really really nice cars
           drivers, partying, ethnic food, lousy parking situation.
           Driving there REALLY sucks. So in a sense it's like a
           hybrid of Venice, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Sunset, and I-10 freeway
           all merged into one. If that's your kind of thing, yeah go to
           Miami.                       -person who will NEVER go back
           \_ Good food and partying with scantily clad women. I can see why
              you'd avoid it. Driving sucks in every big city and it's 10x
              worse to drive in Boston or DC than it is in LA. How does
              Miami's traffic compare to those?
              \_ I don't like Los Angeles, and that's probably why
                 I don't like Miami. If that's your type of thing, fine.
                 \_ Maybe you should say what you *do* like. So far we know
                    you don't like food, don't like parties, don't like
                    scantily clad women, and don't like traffic. We need
                    to calibrate your comments. Let us know that you like
                    quiet time at home reading, bookstores, skiing, fat women
                    who wear glasses and your favorite food is a sandwich (or
                    \_ I love food and whatever you said, I just don't
                       enjoy driving between the points in Los Angeles.
                       I don't enjoy I-10, I-110, I-405, I-5, and whatever
                       it is you need to take to get between the amazing
                       points of interest on Sunset, Santa Monica, Westwood,
                       Orange County, and what not. I'll gladly take
                       inferior ethnic food in the Bay Area without your
                       rude drivers and the time you need to spend on the
                       road, thank you very much.
                       \_ Bay Area has great food.
                          \_ Compared to many places, yes. Try to find
                             a decent burrito, though, for example.
                             \_ I actually don't like most mexican food.
                                I never liked beans and salsa.
                                \_ Probably because you never had good
                                   Mexican food. What kind of food *do*
                                   you like?
                                   \_ Cheap likes: Italian, Japanese
                                      Expensive likes: French, Russian
                                      I suppose any big city will do,
                                      but I think elite foodies will
                                      beg to differ and offer a plethora
                                      of suggestions below.
                                      \_ I don't find Italian or Japanese
                                         to be cheap. Maybe you should try
                                         Mexican fish dishes. The best
                                         catfish I had in my life was at
                                         a gourmet Mexican restaurant and
                                         the sauce was made with guava. The
                                         Mexican preparation of skate
                                         wings is also really good. In LA, I
                                         really like La Serenata de
                                         Garibaldi and miss (now gone) El
                                         Emperador Maya. I also like Monte
                                         Alban, Guelaguetza, and Babita. I
                                         have heard Rosa Mexicano is good,
                                         but I don't know. It's a small
                                         chain like Border Grill. Menu looks
                                         good. Do any of the dishes in
                                         good. Also heard good things
                                         about LA institution El Rinconcito Del
                                         Mar. Do any of the dishes in
                                         the "Favorites" section of the below
                                         page appeal to you?
                                         \_ I've been to nice Mexican
                                            and Texmex restaurants and I
                                            just don't enjoy them as much
                                            the same way certain people
                                            don't enjoy pizza or burgers.
                                            Having that said, yes a lot of
                                            the food desc are good, I would
                                            probably like them, esp. the
                                            ones without beans and salsa.
                                            Thanks for your suggestions.
                                            Are there any other non Mex food
                                            in LA you can recommend?
                             \_ Papalote is decent, but LA Burrito > SF Burrito
                                Burrito discussion starts at 44:29.
                             \_ SF Burrito > Miami Burrito
                                \_ Mexico burrito > SF burrito
                                   \_ No such thing as a Mexico Burrito.
                                \_ SF Cuban <<<<< Miami Cuban
                                   \_ You would think that, but when I was in
                                      Miami I never had any great Cuban food.
                                      The Jamaican food was great. I was only
                                      there for a week and busy campaigning
                                      for Obama, so I didn't really have time
                                      to check out Little Havana. Do you have
                                      any particular places you would recommend?
                                      \_ If you couldn't find good Cuban in
                                         Miami then you are hopeless.
                                         \_ If you can't help by offering
                                            alternatives then you're a total
                                            ass                 !op
                                            \_ Maybe so, but a 60 second
                                               Internet search followed by
                                               a talk with a concierge and
                                               perhaps a few locals is not
                                               hard to do. It's not like
                                               searching for good Latvian food
                                               in Arizona. Maybe the OP just
                                               doesn't like Cuban food. I'm
                                               curious where he had better.
                                               Only better I had was in my
                                               friend's kitchen.
                                               \_ If the op wanted opinion from
                                                  a random guy on the internet,
                                                  he would have searched
                                                  already. There is
                                                  value/anti-value in
                                                  getting opinions from CSUAers.
                                                  If you missed that point,
                                                  why bother contributing shit
                                                  on motd you fucking dip shit?
                                                  \_ Teaching a man to fish
                                                     is more valuable than
                                                     giving him a fish.
                                               \_ I was in Opa-locka and Miami
                                                  Garden busting my ass 16 hours
                                                  a day campaigning, I didn't
                                                  have time to go to the
                                                  Republican parts of Cuban
                                                  Miami. The only real Cuban
                                                  food I had was from my bosses
                                                  wife in The Army, who was
                                                  Cuban. Cha Cha Cha has a few
                                                  vaguely Cuban dishes, which
                                                  I like. In Miami, I asked
                                                  quite a few locals where to
                                                  food I have ever had was from
                                                  my bosses wife in The Army,
                                                  who was Cuban. Cha Cha Cha has
                                                  a few vaguely Cuban dishes,
                                                  which I like. In Miami, I
                                                  asked quite a few (black
                                                  Hatian) locals where to
                                                  get Cuban food and finally
                                                  ate at a place in Opa-locka
                                                  that was mediocre, but that is
                                                  probably like eating Chinese
                                                  food in The Mission.
                \_ Er, thanks for your concern, but I'm passing throught Miami,
                   not moving there. Anything about the Keys?
2009/10/11-11/3 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:53444 Activity:low
10/11   Are there any CSUA'ers in NYC, or who know things to do in NYC? steven
        and I are doing the tourist thing.
        \_ I thought the Empire State Building was much better than I
           expected it to be. The museums are all stellar, especially the
           Met, MoMA, and Natural History Museum.  Lots of good
           plays/shows/concerts. Top notch restaurants. Worth seeing the Statue
           of Liberty from Battery Park. Ellis Island. Trinity Church Cemetery
           near Wall Street, which is where Alexander Hamilton is buried, if
           you like that sort of thing. Saint Patrick's Cathedral and
           Rockefeller Center.  NYC Ballet and the Lincoln Center including
           Chagall's paintings in the Metropolitan Opera. Lots of good
           shopping with stores that have their only US location in NYC
           (or maybe NYC and LA both) like the NBA Store. I liked Central
           Park. Times Square was a waste of time. Didn't get too much out
           of Chinatown, Greenwich Village, SoHo, TriBeCa coming from SF.
           Depends on what you are into.
           \_ Already been to the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times
              Square, Battery Park, and Wall Street. Except for Central Park,
              all at night, though. Care to be more specific about the plays/
              shows and restaurants? --toulouse
              \_ I don't know what's playing. Look online. As for restaurants,
                 look at something like Yelp or Zagat to find something
                 to suit your tastes. Try Gramercy Tavern, Gilt, Aureole,
                 Daniel, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Per Se, Alto, Corton,
                 Picholine, or anything else which won a Michelin star and
                 you'll be in good hands. Ethnic food is good in NYC, but
                 we get that in California. What we don't get so much of is
                 fine dining. Waitstaff in particular are much better in NY.
                 The bar at the Ritz Carlton near Wall Street is cool,
                 because you can sit outside and overlook the harbor and
                 the Statue of Liberty while having your drink with a
                 bunch of traders who just got off work. I recommend that.
        \_ There is great food in NYC, but it is not like the Bay Area where
           you can find amazing food for $20. Be prepared to spend at least
           $50/person (usually more like $100) for good food. -ausman
           \_ Except for pizza, which fills the culinary niche taken by the
              Mission Burrito in the Bay Area.  John's, on Bleeker Street,
              is one of the reference pizza places.  While you're in the
              Village, go check out one of the underground jazz clubs.  -tom
        \_ I'd do some "A-list" stuff in NYC, but then I'd switch to stuff
           NYC has that where you are coming from doesnt have. Like instead
           of going to all the big museums, go to say the if
           interested in photography, or some ethic food not avail in your
           home space etc. You can look in the "About Town" [in the NYker]
           or Time Out etc for what's going on. Oh, I also check on "expiring"
           stuff, like special exhibits at museums ... NYC gets some better
           travelling shows than SF. I assume you know about the "half-price
           tix" type operations. Cloisters is another interesting museum not
           mentioned above. BTW, a bunch of the named restos above are going
           to be +$200, and easily can go +$400/pp with "modest wines". A new
           thing in NYC is
           \_ I was going to mention the Cloisters, but it's part of the
              Met. It is worth noting, to me anyway, that NYC has the best
              museums I have ever been to. I have not been to those in
              London, but I have been to most of the big ones in the US
              (Smithsonian, Field in Chicago, Cleveland, Getty, Dallas, Boston)
              and some in Europe (Rijksmuseum and all the big French ones) and
              the museums in NYC blow them away, IMO. So don't think
              "Well, I'm from DC and we have good museums here." NYC makes
              the National Gallery of Art and Smithsonian Natural History
              Museum look like crap. Odds are, where you are from does not
              have anything like what you will find in NYC. Certainly not if
              you are from SF.
              \_ Better than The Louvre? Come on. But yes, far better than
                 anything in SF or LA even.
                 \_ To me it was better than the Louvre and the Orsay, but
                    it depends on what kind of art you like. The Met had
                    more of what I like. Yes, the Louvre has the Mona Lisa
                    and Venus de Milo while the Met doesn't have any
                    Michaelangelo at all (well, they do, but rarely on
                    display - yes, I realize Michaelangelo did not do
                    those works, pardon my poor sentence). Louvre has a great
                    antiquities collection. On the other hand, the Met has more
                    Asian art, more 1800s+ art (which the Louvre has none of
                    b/c it is in the Orsay), arms and armor, musical
                    instruments, and textiles. Orsay had a nice collection of
                    Tissots and Whistler's Mother, but overall the Met had a
                    more impressive modern art collection (e.g.,
                    Impressionists and people like O'Keefe). Collectively, I
                    would say the art museums in Paris are larger and better,
                    but under one roof I was more impressed with the Met.
                    P.S. The Orsay is sending a lot of its collection to
                         SF next year while it undergoes renovation. This
                         is your only chance to see most of this art in SF.
        \_ Check out PS1 in Queens.  When you get here, read the 'stuff that
           is happening' section in the various free weeklies.   Those tourist
           buses that sell you three days passes are actually pretty
           convenient.  If I ever get some time off I want to hit all of this:
  - danh
2009/7/27-8/6 [Recreation/Food] UID:53201 Activity:nil
7/27  does not drinking milk help with immune system?
        \_ Really?  I've only heard that milk is good for the body.
        \_ there are a bunch of people now who say that milk and glutten
           are like these massive strains on the body. prof Shewchuk has
           a long diatribe about it on his site somewhere.
           \_ is that like how eggs used to be bad then weren't again?
        \_ Many people do not have the enzymes to digest milk sugar, especially
           after puberty. Asians in particular have this problem. If you drink
           milk and cannot digest it, it will cause gas, bloating and
           cramps. I don't really buy the "immune system" stuff but this is
           a complicated enough system, that it is possible.
2009/5/30-6/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:53060 Activity:moderate
5/30    I've got 15 hours in Paris (2pm to 5am their time) on a layover.
        I have never been to Paris. What should I do with my time? The
        Orsay Museum is open until 10pm Thursdays and I will be there on
        a Thursday, so that is one option. I heard a Seine cruise is nice.
        Any other ideas?
        \_ The Musee D'Orsay is great (and reminiscent of Doe Library,
           architecturally), but in summer you can expect 2 hours
           waits to get in.  The Louvre can be fine, if you're not
           trying to see the Mona Lisa.  Really, in Paris it would be
           fine to just take the Metro down to somewhere along the Seine,
           and walk along until you find a nice cafe or restaurant.
           \_ Would it be worth a 2 hour wait to get in the museum?
              \- Some Paris advice attached, but you should ask me via wall
                 if you want more info. It's more of a conversation than an
                 essay [e.g. "food, shopping, culture?"]. What you should do
              \- I can give you some Paris advice, but you should ask me via
                 wall if you want more info. It's more of a conversation than
                 an essay, e.g. "food, shop, culture?"]. What you should do
                 first is figure out when you need to leave Paris proper to
              \- I can give you some Paris advice, but you should
                 ask me via wall. It's more of a conversation than an
                 essay [e.g. "food, shop, culture?"]. What you should do first
                 is figure out when you need to leave Paris proper to
                 easily get back to the airport ... if CDG, then "Le Dernier
                 Metro" [well, RER B] from say Chatelet or Gare du Nord.
                 Metro" [well, RER B] from say Chatelet/Gare du Nord/Lyon.
                 I'm inclined to say just walk around the Louvre, Ile de la
                 Cite [Conciergerie, St Chapelle, Notre Dame] and then
                 around the 5e and 6e [Sorbonne, Pantheon, St. Sulpice,
                 Jardin Lux] and maybe squeeze in a smaller museum like
                 Moyen Age. There is a lot of street food you can get in
                 that area: grand mariner crepes, bertillion ice cream,
                 jambon de pays sandwiches, grand viande kebabs etc.
                 If you are interested in history/lit, the center of town is
                 a great place to wander ... here is where the Templars
                 were burned by Philip IV, here is where the d'Artagnan
                 a great place to wander ... here is where the Templers
                 were burned by Philip IV, here is where the D'Artanian
                 were burned by Philip IV, here is where the d'Artagnan
                 lived after his promotion, see St. Chapelle and then
                 reflect on the fact that Louis IX paid more for the
                 fraudulent relics he bought to house there than for the
                 church itself. Seine cruise is leem. Eiffel Tour, Montmarte,
                 Arc Triomphe, Pere Lachaise etc will burn a lot of time in
                 fraudulent relics he bought to house there than the church
                 itself cost. Seine cruise is leem. Eiffel Tour, Arc Triomphe,
                 Montmarte, Pere Lachaise etc will burn a lot of time in
                 transportation. --psb
                 a great place to walk around ... here is where the Templers
                 were burned, here is where the D'Artanian lived, this is
                 the church Louis IX built to house the fraudulent relics he
                 bought etc. --psb
        \_ I would just wander the streets. If you do end up going to
           Montmartre (I wouldn't), the Dali Museum there is pretty cool.
           What interests you? Food, shopping, history, art, sex?
           \_ Shopping doesn't interest me. History interests me, but not
              to the extent that I'd go see the beaches of Normandy during
              my vacation like my coworker spent 2 days doing. Versailles
              would be cool, but there's just not time for that. I do like
              art and I go to art museums everywhere I go, hence looking
              up the Orsay. I like food, too, and I am told Paris has a
              lot of good cheese.
              \_ Musee Rodin is nice and small and usually not totally
                 packed on a weekday. Paris has lots of good cheap eats
                 (crepe stands, breakfast croissants, middle eastern food,
                 ham&cheese sandwiches). It's also nice to spend $5 on a cup
                 of tea and watch people go buy (you can do this pretty much
                 anywhere in Paris, some places better than others. L'Opera
                 is usually pretty crowded). I remember really liking
                 Madeleine. There's the cathedral and a really good, overpriced
                 chocolate shop on that street. You said you don't like
                 shopping, but you like food. In terms of generic sites,
                 Notre Dame is pretty centrally located. Eiffel Tower is way
                 out of the way. Georges Pompideau Center is also in a good
                 central area and will give you easy access to CDG.
        \_ Mourn with families of Air France Flight 447 passengers and crew.
           \_ This isn't funny.
2009/4/10-20 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Food] UID:52840 Activity:moderate
4/10    Is there a good soup noodle place (like Din Tai Fun) in the Bay Area?
        I went to HC Dumpling today, which had pretty good soup noodles, but
        it paled in comparison to the SGV.
        \_ Corrected: I meant to ask for a soup dumpling (XLB) place! -op
           \- yes, i have modeled you brain.
              some what amusingly, i went from San Francisco to a famous
              XLB place in the middle of chinatown in singapore, and when
              i got there, it turned out they were closed (on Wednesday?!).
           \- yes, i have modelled you brain.
        \_ what do you mean by 'good soup noodle' ?    Theres a good vietnamese
           noodle place in milpitas area -- Pho Kim Long.  -ERic
           \_ Vietnamese place in the ranch 99 area in El Cerrito
                \_ That place is called Saigon II and its is pretty good.
           \_ Heheheh hehehe, he said fuk-him-long. -Beavis
                \_ I've seen a chain called Pho King too.
        \_ Hy Kai Mi Gia in the TL.
        \_ Pho Tan Hoa in SF is good.  The various TK noodle Houses are good
           \_ Did you know that TK Noodles is now different than TK Noodle
              House? The brothers got into a fight and split their chains
              both with the word TK Noodle in them. Also, TK Noodle is so
              dot-com-ish, as retro as Boba Tea. Din Tai Fun is hip today,
              kind of how Boba Tea was back in the 90s.
              \_  Tung Kee vs. New Tung Kee:
                  \_ I did, but I also knew the son who lived above the place
                     on Williams -!pp
        \- If you are talking about thin skin XLB, YANK SING is the standard
           for SF, but it is really quite expensive for DEEM SUM. For cheeper
           there are a couple of options but not totally a stardard ...
           Shanghai Dumpling King isnt bad. I thought a DTF branch was
           going to open up in the Bay Area ... maybe in South Bay?
           [assume you mean soup *dumpling* ... that is what DTF is known for]
           There is also a decent shen jian bao place in a south bay
           strip mall near the lawrence Fry's Costco etc.
           \_ Yes, that's exactly what I was talking about. Yank Sing is
              exactly what I was looking for, but maybe somewhere a little less
              pricey. SDK (dumpling king) is on my list of places to try. Do
              you know the name of the place near Costco? I'll check it out...
              \- The place near Costco is something like SHANGHAI FLAVOR SHOP.
                 There special item there is the SHEN JIAN BAO. There is also
                 FU LAM MUM near the Mtn View train station ... not top flight
                 DEEM SUM but ok. Are you really looking in "the bay area" or
                 are you really looking in the south bay. There are also
                 supposed to be some good Sichian and other Chinese sub-genre
                 places in Milpetas/Fleemont but I havent been to them.
                 \_ SF would be preferable but I work in the South Bay so that
                    can work too. I'll see if I can check out Fu Lam Mum. How
                    does Ton Kiang compare to Yank Sing?
                    \- for XLB, YANK SING is the standard. for other DEEM SUM,
                       there are other options ... TON KIANG, the places in
                    \- for XLB, Yank Sing is the standard. for other DEEM SUM,
                       there are other options ... ton kiang, the places in
                       milbrae etc. BTW TPNTTK [aka "The Place Next To Ton
                       Kiang"] has some good stuff at good prices and there
                       are fewer WHITE PEOPLE waiting in line. However I think
                       are fewer White People waiting in line. However I think
                       they may have had an ownership or chef change so some
                       of the items like GIANT 60CENT FRIED OYSTERS may no
                       of the items like Giant 60cent Fried Oysters may no
                       longer be available. if you are in the sunset, here are
                       my greater china recommendations: TPNTTK, SHAGHAI
                       DUMPLING KING, SUPER PANDA KITCHEN, SPICES, ultra cheep
                       DA CAFE late night menu, possibly CREATIONS DESSERT.
                       my greater china recommendations: TPNTTK, Shaghai
                       Dumpling King, Super Panda Kitchen, Spices, ultra cheep
                       DA Cafe late night menu, possibly Creations Dessert.
                       TK is controversial ... i wouldnt veto it, but i wouldnt
                       pick it. you might also try the GIANT $1 PORK BUN at
                       CITY BAKERY at 20th and Noriega. if you commute down
                       the penisula, you can also analyze EVERYDAY BEIJING
                       FISH DUMPLINGS and SUNNY SHANGHAI XLB.
                    does Tom Kiang compare to Yank Sing?
                       pick it. you might also try the Giant $1 Pork Bun at
                       CITY BAKERY at 20th and Noriega.
                        \_ Awesome thanks! --psb #1 fan
                        \_ TPNTTK is called Golden River.
        \_ Went to DTF on Saturday. Showed up at 10:30 and didn't have to
           wait in line at all. Craziness. Someone mentioned that they opened
           up another shop down the street. It was as good as I remember it...
2009/4/9-13 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Food] UID:52828 Activity:high
4/9     Do they motd foodies have a SF/Berkeley/South Bay Food Guide?
        Like... where to get a great grilled cheese sandwich, Dim Sum, or
        where to take a stuck up date?
        \_ yelp, jatbar
           \_ Jatbar's ratings are insane.
           \_ Jatbar's ratings are insane, yelp's are inane.
           \_ yelp prefers large quantities of cheap food over quality,
              in general.
              \_ yelp is a microcosm of the Internet circa '99: self-selecting,
                 trying to be cool/hip, generally more noise than signal.
                 \- i get the sense yelp is a combination of younger people
                    with limited incomes looking for cheap food and drink
                    as you suggest and sex and the city types who are
                    interested in "scenes". and there are some READ_ONLY
                    users who use it for factual data.
           \_ yelp totally sucks. in particular, i really hate yelpers. jatbar
              is ok, but i'm specifically asking for rec's from those (eg psb)
              who post on the motd. --psb #1 fan
              \_ You should definitely get food recommendations from "my wife
                 cooks as well as fancy $30 restaurants" guy.
              \- yelp has become a social web site, not a review site.
                 i think sites which are "space centric" [as in people have
                 the "yelp home page/space" rather than thread centric
                 invariably become about the people rather than the topics.
2009/4/7-13 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:52821 Activity:kinda low
4/7     Where can you get good food for $10? I went to an Italian restaurant
        last night. Pizza/pasta was only $13 or so, but with an appetizer and
        dessert the meal was over $50 (no drinks, 17% tip). And it was ok food,
        with homemade gnocchi but didn't taste like anything that you couldn't
        make at home with a little effort. No comparison to actual good Italian
        restaurants (e.g. Bar Bambino, Delfina, SPQR) that are in the $30-50/pp
        range... I'd rather have gone to Fuzio or Pasta Pomodoro and get
        something quick. But I find it really hard to eat (except for Mexican
        or Asian) for <$20. Even a decent pizza with a side salad runs around
        $20 these days (e.g. Zachary's, Pizzaiolo, Pauline's, Little Star)...
        \_ Good Fricken Chicken. Does Middle Eastern food count?
        \_ Most Mexican places will cost less than that. Cuban, too. In
           fact, I think you should look to ethnic cuisine of all types in
           that price range. You will not do well to find European food in
           that price range.
           \_ What part of except Mexican wasn't clear?
           \_ Even then dinner < 10 bucks a person is going to be hard.
              After tax and tip that's about 7 dollars each.  Even a
              burrito and a drink is over that and let's face it, burritos
              are good but if that's all you are eating out then you need
              to expand your palate a bit.
              \_ My girlfriend and I usually split something like an
                 enchilada or burrito plate and an appetizer and it comes
                 to less than $20 if you don't have any margaritas. We
                 are not big eaters and sometimes it's too much food even
                 when we split it. In college, we used to split the
                 burritos at La Fiesta and the hoagies at IB's. You can
                 get a pizza (easily) for less than $20, too.
                 \_ Dude, it's also not quality food by any streach of
                    the imagination.
                    \_ I didn't see the word 'quality' in the original RFP
                       but it's certainly 'good'.
        \_ How much is the "spicy chicken over rice" at TC Garden these days?
           Is that place still around? It used to be $3.25... or about $4
           with tax and a 15% tip.
           \_ TC Garden is one of the worst chinese restaurants I know of.
              They use some sort of special sauce that's like nothing I've
              ever had, and not in a good way. I say this as an asian who's
              eaten in tons of different chinese restaurants growing up.
        \_ I just got "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles", will report later
        \_ Old Spaghetti Factory has a 40% off special on Tuesdays through
           May. Which makes it about $6 before tax/tip for a complete meal.
           There are various other chains with recession specials, probably
           some at the $9.99 mark. I don't think you'll get any decent
           non-chain Western food for <$10 unless it's a burger or something.
        \_ Read Cheap Eats in the Bay Guardian.
        \- to eat under $10 you need to do the following: 1. avoid paying
           for service 2. you need to do time and/or space averaging. time
           averaging = eat a can of soup or 99cent burgers, slice of pizza
           etc for one meal and that will increase your budget for other meals.
           space averaging means split with somebody else ... ideal for cheap
           chinese to go food: since you can get 2 entrees and a soup or fried
           rice/chow mein for a littl emore than $20. next you have to figure
           out what are the best local options in a couple of categories:
           prepared food bars, sanwiches, burritos, quesillas, tacos [if you
           can find them for $1.50 or less], cheap hamburgers [nations, if you
           like mayo, as an alternative to fast food. you can go up to
           barney's level, but you cant do cafe rouge/900 grayson ... the
           right thing depends on where you live but there will be some place
           with a decent $5 burger], shawerma, indian/pakistani dives for
           kebabs and chicken dishes + cheap rice = lots of calories. you also
           can eat stuff like good bread and good buter/oil for very cheap in
           berkeley. you can buy decent cheej, decent salted meats ...
           obviously not roquefort and proscuitto [+$25/lb], but domestic
           goat or blue or cheaper hard cheeses and say coppa, salami
           [>$15/lbs]. oh and you have to avoid paying retain for alcohol.
           \_ I think the op was saying $10/meal, not $10/day.
              \- and ... ??
2009/4/7-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:52818 Activity:high
4/7     Speaking of restaurants, I referred a friend to the Slanted Door
        based on its stellar repuation. She called it 'The PF Chang's of
        Vietnamese food'. Has it really gotten that bad or does she have
        her head up her ass?
        \_ Head.  Ass.  Up.
        \_ Ya that's exactly it. But it's so much more expensive, I think you'd
           probably be better off just going to PFC Hang's.
        \_ You want Bong Su.  3rd and Harrison, opposite cha-at cafe.
           \- BONG SU has exited the market. Try BODEGA BISTRO for fancier
              stuff, or YUMMY YUMMY for CHEEP. YY is one of my fav restos.
        \_ Pagolac is the best Vietnamese restaurant in SF and I have tried
           them all, as my wife is Vietnamese. The Slanted Door is pretty
           good and authentic, but you are mostly paying for the location.
        \_ Thanks everyone for the recommendations, but my real question
           is not "What's the best Vietnamese restaurant?" My question is
           "Does Slanted Door serve bland Americanized Vietnamese that sucks?"
           Only the last poster touched on that.
           \_ I just talked to my wife about this and she pretty much agrees
              with your friend. She says that it is not spicey enough, is too
              healthy (not greasy enough) and doesn't have the home cooked
              quality that good Vietnamese restaurant should have. She is
              also annoyed that it costs so much, but I don't think that has
              anything to do with the food quality, though it does effect her
              perception of its authenticity. So I guess my taste buds aren't
              as Vietnamized as I thought. I thought it was good, but
              overpriced. -the last poster
              \- i think there is a weird bias when it comes to one's native
                 food. i think paying $10 for a dosa is insane [i have had
                 good dosas for 20cents], but i think $15 for DEEM SUM is
                 totally reasonable for a filling brunch ... while friends
                 from HKG think that meal should have been $3-5.
                 \_ Probably. I am Mediterranean. I think most Mediterranean
                    restaurants blow big chunks. However, that's not the
                    same as thinking they are overpriced. I think the
                    price is about right. It's just that the food is bad.
                    Usually when a non-Med person recommends a restaurant
                    I can be pretty sure it's going to suck despite their
                    rave reviews and I don't factor price into it at all.
                    However, authentic doesn't always mean good. I like
                    non-authentic Mexican better than authentic, which was
                    made the way it was because of the available ingredients
                    at a given price. Given access to better ingredients I
                    feel it can be improved. This is what makes a lot of
                    fusion cooking so good even though it's passe to be
                    into fusion.
                    \- yes, i know higher standards arent the same as
                       price bias. i was talking about the "price anchoring".
                       yes, it is also a "standard problem" that chinese/VN/
                       indian/etc people think the avg chinese/vn/desi/etc
                       resto is so-so because of higher standards in the
                       homeland. somewhat ironically my mother in some ways
                       is more "forgiving" than i am when it comes to indian
                       restos because 1. my atttitude is often "you can cook
                       restos because  my atttitude is often "you can cook
                       better than this at home and the food is free" and her
                       attitudes is "wow, i dont have to cook or pay".
                       i think this may in part be ingredients [for example
                       a cheap indian place here isnt going to be using
                       chez panisse quality tasty vegetables] while in india
                       a lot of those ingredients taste much better for lower
                       prices [like tomatos which havent been tweaked for
                       shipping and appearance]. but part of it is also
                       possible due to cooking talent ... there are lots
                       of ethnic family restos or amateurs going professional
                       [like a guy who was a cab driver now runs a quite
                       peopular indian eatery in SF], while back in the
                       homeland, you have a large professional pool to draw on.
                       authenticity and taste are obviously orthogonal.
                       (seriously, when i stay at my aunt's place in india,
                       95% of the routine not special occasion, not trying
                       hard dishes are better than 100% of the india resto
                       food i have had in the bay area, if we restrict to
                       comparable dishes. on the other hand, what indians
                       consider good pizza is bad, and average pizza is
                       inedible. it's amazing to see people i consider
                       quite good cooks getting excited at frozen pizza/
                       dominos level pizza. probably 95% of the (mexican)
                       mangos you get in the US would be rejected in asia).
                       with mexican food, a lot of my favorite items are so
                       simple, authenticity isnt a big factor, e.g. al pastor
                       tacos. but on the other hand, i think everything is
                       better with avocado, so i dont care whether real
                       tacos have guac or not.
                       authenticity and taste are obviously largely orthogonal.
                       conscious fusion [which tends to be a high end "chef"
                       phenomena] is a different matter than "adaptation".
                       is a cheap indian place uses celery [which i have never
                       ie a cheap indian place uses celery [which i have never
                       seen in east india] that is adapatation, i.e. using a
                       functional local equivalent [cheap filler vegetable],
                       not a case of "let's try this with a delicate celery
                        \_ maybe the undergrads can write some s/w to identify
                           psb posts and index them and store them in a tomb.
                           -- psb #1 fan.
           \- BTW there was a longish article about "supersize (banh) mi"
              in NYC in the NYT earlier this week.
2009/4/7-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:52817 Activity:kinda low
4/7     Anyone watches Iron Chef America?  How did Mark Dacascos, a karate
        and kung fu champion and action movie star, end up hosting a culinary
        \_ He succeeded William Shatner.
        \_ maybe he got tired of playing injuns who die to white treachery
2009/4/3-12 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:52794 Activity:high
4/3     A few days back someone was advocating going to good restaurants over
        saving money.  I'm curious, I've never been to a really expensive
        restaurant. (Over $30 per person.)  In general I've found that once I
        get beyond about $10 the food doesn't get any better, instead I start
        paying for stuff I don't care about, like "atmosphere."  Which
        basically means I've rarely been to a restaurant where the food
        wasn't both tastier and more healthy at home.  At what price point does
        the food quality start to increase again?  Oh, and I don't like steak,
        which may affect the pricing.
        \_ Anything over $15/person is Gluttony. Seriously. Spending so much
           time and effort on food is frivolous. You could spend the same
           amount of effort on making society better. People who are self-
           centered and are into self-indulgence are waaay too concerned about
           food. Just look at the post below. It disgusts me.
                                        -Zen guy, not really religious
        \_ Food is like porn. You start with cheap bland stuff, then as you
           gain experience you get into more hardcore stuff. Bland baby food,
           then McD, then fine hotdog/pizza, then real hamburgers, then
           New York Steak, then Filet Minon, then wine (light Shiraz->
           medium Merlot->complex Cabernet), etc. Likewise, you look at
           naked pictures of women, then noticed leg quality differences,
           then noticed boob size differences, nipple size, their curvatures,
           their vaginas, size of their vagina lips, then you want to get
           into XXX, XXXX, etc. It just goes on and on. My point is like
           any hobby the more exposure and knowledge you accumulate the
           more hardcore and the more $$$ you get sucked into.
           \_ You don't know much about Shiraz, but you sure know your porn.
        \_ If you go to New York City, $30/person isn't extraordinary. Having
           that said, I find that many city slickers and snooty urbanites love
           food and are willing to spend a lot of money on food, whereas
           people from the mid-west and south don't spend as lavishly on food.
        \_ If you think 30 bucks/person is "really expensive" I'm not sure
           I trust your experiance with high end restaurants.  Now I love food
           and I love to cook, and I know full well a lot of places are
           way over priced.  But still, there are damn good restaurants where
           you can eat some damn good food.  Often it's stuff you just can't
           make at home, or an attention to detail you need years of training
           and a level of talent most people just don't have.  If it's not
           your thing, that's great, but don't think that there's not a reason
           good restaurants cost a significant amount.  (And as I said before,
           yes there are plenty of places that charge way too much for crap,
           and some of them seem to be able to stay around for a long ass time,
           but then again, there's always suckers.  Look at Monster Cable.)
           \_ Oh, I see, you can't read can you?  Your posts make sense now.
        \_ 1. This depends on how good of a chef you are for one thing.
              Alice Waters cooks just fine at home. Many people are not
              good cooks.
           2. Do you mean over $30 for an entree or over $30 total?
           3. A big difference between expensive and cheap is the quality
              of the ingredients. Did the beans come out of a can or from
              the field? Is the shrimp fresh or frozen? Is the beef USDA
              Prime or USDA Select? Usually fresh ingredients taste better.
           4. Maybe you just don't have a good palate. I know my dad doesn't.
              It's all pretty much the same to him. Most people can
              recognize the difference between Olive Garden for $10 and
              a nice Italian restaurant like Acquerello. The dishes are more
              complex, the ingredients not only fresher but more unusual
              (e.g., you won't find truffles at Olive Garden), and the food is
              prepared more carefully (e.g, not overcooked or burned).
          \_1. I'm an OK cook, my wife is really good.
            2. I don't usually get anything but an entree because I don't eat
               very much, and don't drink, so it's about the same to me.  I was
               thinking of total though.
            3. I think this is often the problem.  I don't think I've been many
               places that use really fresh ingredients, where as we use really
               good stuff at home.
            4. I certainly don't have the palate my wife has, she can pick
               an amazing amount of detail about each dish (each ingredient,
               etc.)  But I can usually tell what's fresh.  It's probably
               a combonation of 1 and 3.
               \_ If your wife is a good cook and you are buying good quality
                  ingredients, than probably the food you get at home is
                  generally just as good or even better than a $30/person
                  restaurant. That is certainly the case in my home.
                  \_ Ditto in my case except I can't brag to my yuppie DINK
                     friends about how much knowledgeable I am with food
                     and how well we eat.
                     \_ There is one easy solution for that: throw a dinner
                        party. You have to talk your wife into this of course.
                     \_ You guys are kidding yourselves. My wife is an
                        excellent cook who can make a lot of
                        restaurant-quality dishes (we eat a lot of Julia
                        Child recipes) and we are not so silly as to believe
                        that we eat better than at a good restaurant just
                        because a few dishes turn out as good or better - and
                        when they do they are incredibly time-consuming (take a
                        whole day or more) and expensive (sometimes just $40 in
                        ingredients for a single course). You just need to up
                        the quality of the restaurants you eat at, admit you
                        don't have a good palate, or maybe you are one of
                        those people who just like simple foods better. Nothing
                        wrong with that. My parents don't really get into
                        a lot of the haute cuisine and just want mashed
                        potatoes and a chicken breast and that's what they
                        order when we go out most of the time. We could
                        make that at home, like you say.
                        \_ Most $30/person restaurants in SF just aren't
                           really that fancy. My wife is Vietnamese and
                           what she makes takes some time, but is at least
                           as good as what you would get at Slanted Door.
                           I have been to Masa's and La Folie and Aqua and
                           yeah, they were a whole different experience, but
                           I also spent $200/person at Aqua.
                           \_ And yet an entree at Aqua is only about $30.
                              I, too, spend about $150-200 per person when
                              I dine out, but that's just because I order
                              a lot of different dishes along with wine.
                              Just because some restaurants are bad doesn't
                              mean that anything over $10 is diminishing
                              returns and you may as well dine at home,
                              which was the original supposition. If your
                              wife is cooking like Masa's every night you
                              need to set that woman up with a restaurant.
                              \_ No, I just said the opposite of that, that
                                 "they were a whole different experience."
                                 With wine and tip, $30/person restaurants
                                 are places like Chow or Zuni Cafe or Encanto,
                                 all of which are fine, but nothing special.
                                 I drink wine with dinner at home, so I can't
                                 imagine why I shouldn't include that cost
                                 when I dine out. Some things are impractical
                                 to make at home, like Dim Sum and are well
                                 worth the value. Which restaurants are between
                                 $30-$150/person and well worth the value from
                                 a taste standpoint? Farallon, La Ciccia, maybe
                                 some sushi places, I can't think of much else,
                                 but I also don't tend to spend that much money
                                 on dinner. Oh, I am obviously not the original
                                 \- You pick some hard to lump together restos.
                                    Chow does the kinds of comfort food you can
                                    do at home. But it is quite reasonably
                                    priced, so unless you really enjoy cooking,
                                    it is a reasonable place to go [I really
                                    like the short rib dish there for $12-$15].
                                    Zuni is a place with "buzz" ... that is in
                                    part what you are paying for ... for a
                                    night out, not just a plate of food.
                                    Encanto [sic -> Incanto], is exactly the
                                    kind of place that is going to make stuff
                                    you are not going to make at  home [like
                                    tuna heart, cockscombs etc]. Farallon is
                                    passe and frankly it was not that food
                                    focused ... it was partly "Disney" and
                                    partly Sex and the City.
                                    \_ Any recommendations?
                                       \- what are your parameters?
                                          \_ They were in the previous post.
                                             $30-150/person and worth the cost
                                             from a food taste standpoint.
                                             \-panda country kitchen, china
                                               village [solano av], for DEEM
                                               SUM the place next to ton kiang,
                                               village [solano av], "the place
                                               next to ton kiang [DEEM SUM],
                                               poc chuc -- upper mission, red
                                               jade, osteria del forno
                                               jade, osteria del forno, chinese
                                               laundry aka jai yun ... maybe
                                               little star pizza, han il kwan,
                                               lers ros, bodega bistro, maybe
                                               lahore karahi.
               \_ I think you just need to try a better restaurant than
                  you have in the past. As the guy above said, if you
                  think $30 is expensive then maybe you haven't had that
                  many good meals. Not every restaurant charging $34 for
                  an entree is good, though. Go to some reknowned for
                  high quality fish and creative dishes. Maybe a place
                  like Gary Danko or (if it's still good) Masa's and order
                  the more unusual dishes (especially the tasting menu).
                  People who go to a high end restaurant and order chicken
                  may as well have eaten at home. Get squab or grass eel or
                  caviar blinis or pureed leek soup or something your wife
                  doesn't usually whip up except on special occasions.
        \- I dont think there is especially any reason to cultivate
           "expensive" restaurants ... espcially if you are not big on
           fancy wine/drink, fancy cheej, "premium" ingredients like foie gras,
           truffle etc. Also, I never go to fancy places without friends
           I like ... so the social aspect of dining is a big part of the
           experience for me ... more so than the "atmosphere". However,
           there are definitely dining experiences you cant get at home
           and if you are interested food at all, it's worth doing some
           research. For example you can try the fancy cheej at home.
           For example you can have very interesting chinese,
           or thai food in the $30 range. There are places with better
           pizza than you can make in your home oven ... like say Pizzalio.
           The research part of this is going to the good places instead of
           the so-so places ... in the case of chinese restaurants, these
           places are often basically the same price or maybe 20% more
           expensive [as long as we arent talking high end asian sea food].
           So the question you should be asking yourself is "what *kinds*
           of cuisine do i like that i cant get at home" ... "expensive" isnt
           a kind of food. once you figure out what you want to chase, then
           you can start doing the research to optimize price-performance ...
           for example i am willing to pay for high end french, but generally
           not a fan of paying for high end sushi. and if you dont know what
           you like in terms of asian, latin american, african, french, sushi,
           steak, pizza, italian, middle eastern ... you can start doing
           "research" at modest places. BTW, high end food isnt just about
           ingredient sourcing ... there are lots of complicated dishes or
           desserts which are not reasonable to make at home because of the
           complexity (short of seeing it as a "project"), unless possibly
           complexity (short of seeing it has a "project"), unless possibly
           if you cook a lot and keep stuff like demi-glace on hand, or have
           specialized pastry equipment and ingredients. and of course there
           is cheep stuff you also probably wont make at home ... tandoori,
           (high temp oven) pizza, al pastor, shawerma, DEEM SUM (XLB) etc.
           specialized pastry equipment and ingredients.
           if you live in the bay area and have some discretionary income,
           why dont you just ask for recommendations.
           \_ Thanks for writing this. I think cuisine is a good starting
              point. And Pizzaiolo (or Pauline's or Little Star)
              is a good example of the difference between a $10 meal and a
              $25 meal. Cheese Board is a $10 meal which proves that price may
              be correlated with quality, but not necessarily so. Start with
              a cuisine you like but don't cook at home (e.g. pizza, Mexican,
              Chinese, Indian) and find what you like. Actually, a lot of
              ethnic foods aren't very expensive for pretty good stuff. It's
              a lot of the European foods (and sushi) that can get expensive
              very quickly.
           \_ Re: High end sushi: There's expensive sushi and very good
              sushi, but it's hard to know the difference without having
              experienced very good sushi. Unless you're a connosieur,
              Isobune or Samurai Boat is probably just fine. If you're a
              reincarnated sushi chef, order the omakase at Sushi Sho on
              Solano, but _don't_ add wasabi or soy sauce unless he tells
              you to-- and don't be surprised when the bill tallies $70+
              per person.
              \_ $70/person is not a lot for high-end sushi.
                 \- or for $88k, you can buy Sushi Sho
                    \_ GODDAMNIT.
                    \_ ok. So where are you going to find a sushi chef?
        \_ When I eat dinner with my friends in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the
           bill always comes out $25-$40 per person, and I start missing
           La Fiesta. - danh
           \_ When my friend's sister visited from London for a week, her and
           \_ When my friend's sister visited from London for a week, she and
              her husband ate Mexican food 8 times in 7 days. You're not alone.
2009/2/24-3/3 [Recreation/Food] UID:52629 Activity:high
2/23    Libertarian proves you don't have to eat lots of junk carbs to live
        within food stamp budget.
        Anecdotally, my friend's family went on food stamps a while back.  They
        were amazed at how much fancy stuff they were able to afford on
        food stamps that they were never able to have before.
        \_ Yes, food in america is cheap cheap cheap.  However it's a lot
           easier to eat good food for cheap when you have a decent kitchen,
           time to shop, time to cook, and the will and nutritional
           knowledge needed to eat well.  The guy did this for 7 days to
           prove a point.  That's a lot different from doing it every day.
           As to your friend on food stamps isn't that the whole point?
           \_ Well, he was responding the arguments that people on food stamps
              cannot afford to eat heathily, so the allotments must be
              Certainly it's true that it's easier to eat well if you know how,
              how exactly does that relate to food stamps in this case?   Is
              your argument that food stamps don't just need to finance eating
              well, but eating convinently as well?
              Finally, when I say they were never able to have such good food
              before, I mean, even when he had a decent paying job.  I don't
              think the point of food stamps is to keep people in caviar.
              More details on his diet: (Includes why I think it is quite
              sustainable for more than 7 days.)
              \_ From
                 "The average amount of food stamp benefits received per
                  household is about $200 per month."
                 Note.  Per household.  $200 a month for multiple people.
                 \_ Well yeah, most people have other income as well and
                    don't qualify for the full benefits.
        \_ I'm so glad you've brought the pressing problem of food stamps
           to our attention!  Why worry about our melting economy or those
           insolvent banks - the real trouble is a few million bucks we're
           giving to poor people!
           \_ Right! Let's just go over the same topics over and over again!
              Only the important stuff!  Where's masturbation guy?
        \_ I don't know about this guy, b
        \_ those assholes.  EATING things.
           \_ I'll bet that sounded really funny in your head.
        \_ Let me tell you, growing up on food stamps, they were plenty
           when the kids were little, but once there was a bunch of teenage
           boys in the house, there was never enough food. Any mom was good
           boys in the house, there was never enough food. And mom was good
           at buying cheap things like rice and beans and stretching the
           food dollar. We even grew and raised some of our own. This was
           a long time ago though, things might be different now, but I
           doubt it.
           \_ Hello brother. You and I both benefited from social programs
              and we both ended up ok. Without it, I'd be malnutritioned.
              I'm a product of social programs and I strongly believe in
              social programs for the poor. Fuck all these "low taxes for
              me, every man for himself" self reliant fuck tards. Fuck
              \_ No kidding. I got free lunch and during high school free
                 breakfast as well and I worked every summer after I turned
                 14 in a restaurant and pretty much half-time after I turned
                 16 and I *still* barely got enough to eat.
           \_ Ok but why were your parents having "a bunch" of kids that they
              cannot provide for?  I'm sure you enjoy existing, but surely
              you can see the problem there.  Society should not be obligated
              to provide for everybody's kids.
              \_ Food insecurity is what makes governments fall.  Even if you
                 like the idea of kids starving because it fits your
                 ideological purity, I don't think you will like the rioting
                 that will occur in response.
                 \_ There are responses to rioters that are not all that
                    pleasant to said rioters. It's not a one way street.
                    \_ It's still not a pleasant place to live for anyone.
                       I, for one, have no interest in living under martial
           \_ Hmm, I surprised they don't account for that.  It's pretty well
              known that teenagers eat 1.5-2x as much as adults.
              \_ look, $4.74 per person per day for food is bare minimum
                 subsistence, however you look at it.
                 \_ I thought it was pretty obvious it wasn't.  I mean, it's
                    a lot less than most of us use, but that doesn't make it
                    'bare-minumum.'  I largely find this kind of thing
                    interesting because it shows how far from bare-minimum
                    most of us are living.
                    So, according to the straight dope, one can get all the
                    nutrients one needs from a diet consisting entirely of
                    potatos, milk, and oatmeal.  Which is the diet most of
                    Ireland was eating prior to the potato famine.  That
                    sounds more like bare-minimum, and it's a whole heck of a
                    lot less than $4.74 a day.  Not that I think that we should
                    force food stamp recipients to live on dairy and potatos.
                    I'm just defining bare-minimum.
                    \_ Please.  The Straight Dope article has you eating
                       8 pounds of potatoes and drinking two gallons of milk
                       a day.  No sane person would consider that a reasonable
                       By the way: The US RDA has an interesting history,
                       and it has only a tenuous connection to health.  -tom
                       and only a tenuous connection to health.  -tom
                       \_ Awesome.
                       \_ so you agree that Big Government failed in this case?
                          \_ In what case, defining RDA?  The problem with
                             RDA is not how it was created, it's in how
                             people think about it.  -tom
                       \_ Two gallons of milk a day is going to cost more than
                          $4.74 all by itself.
                    \_ This guy has a lot of advantages that most poor people
                       do not: he can walk to a good grocery store with a wide
                       selection of food at reasonable prices, for example.
                       Most poor neighborhoods are underserved by grocery
                       stores and if you live in rural areas, you have to drive,
                       which can get really expensive, or you can take the bus,
                       which pretty much takes up all your time.
                       stores and if you live in rural areas, you have to
                       drive, which can get really expensive, or you can take
                       the bus, which pretty much takes up all your time.
                       \_ And has a decent kitchen.  With stuff like
                          a pot that can hold a whole turkey carcass to
                          make stock.  But that's not important to
                          Mr. I've Got It Good So Fuck the Poor.
2009/1/13-22 [Recreation/Food] UID:52369 Activity:nil
1/13    I need to make a main dish that starts with 'U' for a potluck.  All
        I've come up with is Udon and Unagi.  Neither of which really work
        for a potluck.  Any suggestions?
        \_ Umeboshi.  Uno pizza.  Uni.  Urchin.  Ethnic food from Uganda or
           Ukraine or Urugray, or the United States of America for that matter.
           Any new dish you invent with a label "U name it!".
           Any new dish you invent with a label "Unameit".
        \_ Unmeatloaf?
           \_ Sounds unamerican.
        \_ Ugli fruit
        \_ That's not a potluck, it's a pot-stupid
        \_ Upside down cake.
        \- Upma, Uttapam, udder tacos [i am not making that up,
           YMWTGF(taco, ubre)]
        \_ Uncle Ben's (yes I cheated)
        \_ Ultra Slimfast or unleavened bread
2008/12/16-29 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Travel] UID:52257 Activity:low
12/15   I am considering a January trip to some quiet/smallish beach community
        (not mega resort) on the Pacific Coast of Mexico [Jalisco, Michoacan,
        Guerrero or Oaxaca] ... does anybody have a recommendation of where to
        go for a week or so?
        \_ Why no cities in Baja which are overall cleaner and safer?
           Acapulco was a destination city years ago, but I hear it is
           kind of scummy now.
           \_ Because I have been to Baja, and I am meeting somebody in
              Mexico City. I'm not worried about safety issues. BTW,
              supposedly Northern Baja is now considered somewhat unsafe,
              although it is not clear to me that isnt internet amplification
              of a couple of stories rather than a real change in conditions
              on the ground.
        \_ I am a little unclear on what you want to do there. Just beachcomb?
           Fish? Go to some nightclubs? I have only been to this region a
           couple of times, so I am not really an expert, but I can ask
           my brother, as he goes fishing down there all the time.
          \- i want to sit in a nice looking place which is a reasonable
              temperature and eat unhealthy cheap tacos, steak and fresh
              seafood. i'm not interested in seeing cultural patrimony,
              paragliding, getting wasted etc. if snorkling is an option,
              might do that, but not that important. but i dont want to
              be in a one restaurant, one hotel, one bar town. puerto escondido
              was recommended. thanks.
                      \_ from my brother, sorry for the formatting:
        What type of experience are you looking for?  Are you looking
        for a small mexican beach town or more of a secluded resort?
        They have both north of Puerto Vallarta.  I loved Mar Y Sol
        Hotel at Jacarandas 8 Rincon De Guayabitos, it is a small
        mexican beach town, a few Candians but few americans.
        Resonable prices and decent hotels right on the beach. A think
        we got a one bedroom suite for around $100 a night.  Good
        fishing, a great restraunt on the bluff top, warm water and
        many of the touristy things just small and more oriented to
        mexicans.  They had a great beach, shrimp kabob salesmen,
        simple...about an hour and half north of Puerto Vallarta.
        For a more seculded expereince there is a great small resort
        near San Francisco, Nayrit, Mexico.  The one I was very
        impressed with seemed to cater more to the surfers but there
        were several quality, small resorts there.  For luxury you
        can't beat the Four Season's in Punta Mita, Nayrit, Mexico.
        I love them all including Puerto Vallarta,I found a small,
        adults only resort that I liked very well there called Villa
        Premiere.  Great beach, decent pool and you can walk down to
        the Malceon at night.  There are all kinds of great
        performers, musician and other curio.
        I also Love, Love, Love, Playa de Carmen an hour or so south
        of Cancun.  That place is full of small resorts right in town.
        The town is incredibly charming and has a europen fell.  There
        are small places to eat right on the beach, awesome, neat
        little shops.  Touristy but small and personable.
        \- detailed feedback appreciated. i'll research those.
           BTW, one question: what vintage is your brother's info?
           last 2-3 yrs? >5yrs ago? the first time i heard of "nayarit"
           was like a month ago. i thought it was a place in say thailand.
           \_ Pretty recent, he goes fishing down there like half a dozen
              times a year.
        \_ Seconded Playa del Carmen, but that's not on the Pacific, which
           was the original request.
        \_ Was disappointed w/ Playa Del Carmen, but I didn't stay there.
           Seemed like it was nice a few years ago and then got over-developed
           and is now becoming ane extension of Cancun. This is from May.
           Several years ago I went to Oaxaca City (very inland) and then
           spent a few days coastal (Puerto Escondido / Huatulco). PE is a
           sleepy surfer town and Huatulco is a nice, quiet, resort town. I
           went in the low season (June) and all the tourists were local
           Mexicans. If you like food, in Mexico City/DF I highly recommend
           Fonda el Refugio in Zona Rosa. It's the bomb (San Angel Inn is
           nice but way out of town, and too Euro-influenced).
2008/12/11-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:52232 Activity:high
12/11   Can we get some insightful thoughts on Chu's nomination? Plenty of
    people here work(ed) at LBNL at some point.
        \_ he's clearly smart, and seems pretty well-respected as an
           administrator.  Only question I'd have is whether he's
           too enamored of technology, i.e., the BP grant is basically
           genetic engineering to make biofuel more feasible, which has
           the potential to cause as many problems as it solves.  All the
           low-hanging fruit is in conservation.  -tom
           \_ Chu was a dinner with a friend of mine and at the end of the
              meal he said "are you going to eat that" and after she said
              "no" he took her plate and ate the rest of her dinner. So he
              clearly believes in conservation.
           \_ A friend of mine was at dinner with Chu ... at the end of
              dinner he asked "are you going to finish that?" and then
              grabbed her plate and shoveled the leftovers on to his own
              and ate it up. So clearly he believes in conservation.
           \_ A friend of mine was at restaurant dinner with Chu. At the
              end of the meal he asked her "are you going to finish that?"
              and then took her plate and shovelled the rest of the food
              on to his plate and finished it. So we know he believes in
        \_ Is he a spy from CHINA?
2008/11/6-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:51853 Activity:nil
11/6    I just found out the challah we eat is made by Contenental
        Food in Southern California, hand rolled by a bunch of Mexicans.
        Food for thought. mageil harah!
        \_ And why is this interesting?
           \_ it's interesting because someone needs to bless it. it's
              interesting if you actually eat challah.
              \_ So... it's not interesting at all -a jewish sodan
              \_ challah's pretty decent with cheese and sausage fondue.
2008/10/9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Food] UID:51455 Activity:high
10/9    What's the point of treating animals nicely and then kill them
        for consumption at the end?
        \_ Because some people care about not causing suffering.  Just
           because they are going to be food doesn't mean they need to
           live painful, miserable lives until then.
           \_ So how is the new CA prop going to affect prices at
              Ruth's Chris?                     -animal lover. yummy
           \_ I don't know about this prop myself.  I generally figure
              chicken farmers know more about chickens than I do.  The
              guy I talked to said that chickes seem to prefer
              individual smallish cages, there's no fighting for one thing.
              I'm not sure how small you can go before it's too small though.
              I've noticed that animal right's types tend to over
              anthropromorphize animals.  I haven't fully read the prop yet
              either though.
              \_ I don't know how I'm voting on 2 (I suspect I'm going to
                 vote no on the hate initiatives that are made feel good
                 vote no on the hate initiatives that are made to feel good
                 platform.)  But I do understand giving a shit about how
                 food animals are raised.
        \_ Nicely raised animals probably yeild more/higher quality meat b/c
           they get sufficient nourishment and can better fight off diseases.
           But on a purely philosophical level, there is no point. -vegetarian
        \_ Animals that are stressed do not yield high quality products.
           Kobe beef get a lot of special care and look at the prices
           versus the poor cows made to wallow in their own shit. The Kobe
           beef has a lot of marbling that other beef does not. If you've
           ever raised animals you'd know that you need to take care of
           them or else you will get sick, stressed animals. Maybe you
           want to eat sick animals which are then pumped full of
           antibiotics to 'heal' them but I don't.
        \_ People die too eventually -- why treat them nicely?
           \_ I didn't know there are cannibals on soda.  -- !OP
              \_ Why does it make a difference whether you eat the dead
                 thing or not?
2008/9/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:51334 Activity:nil
        thanks Republican free marketers.  I will eat dogma instead of food
        in coming end times.
2008/9/18-23 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:51229 Activity:nil
9/18    Does anyone find Domino's Pizza commercial offensive? There's
        this pencil looking rapper dude that looks like a condom on a
        dick, and he speaks ghetto and has really realy ghetto
        offensive rapper dick gesters:
        \_ "Pasta Dude! Pasta Dude!" He's saying his name. Mind you,
           it's still way the hell past dumb. More here:
  (Mo'Kelly Report)
           \_ I'm still thinking prostitute even though he mumbled
              pasta dude. I think it's intentional.
        \_ Thanks, this really cracked me up. It does look like the Mom
           whacked it right when it started jacking off or something.
           \_ Exactly. This is really ghetto and offensive. A dildo
              raps and jacks off in front of the kids. I really really
              find this commercial disgusting.          -op
              \_ Sorry, op, not seeing annything but dumb here.
2008/9/10-12 [Recreation/Food] UID:51123 Activity:low
9/10    To any stir-frying experts: every time I make my stir fries with chicken,
        no matter how thinly I slice it, it comes out rubbery and chewy. How
        can I make them softer? I don't think I can slice them any thinner (1/8")
        \_ Marinate the chicken first.
           \_ I do that already (rice vinegar, oil, soy sauce) -op
        \_ Cut the chicken across the grain, cook the chicken at high heat, with\
           enough oil that it doesn't stick...the more the merrier.  Set aside
           the chicken and cook the rest of your ingredients.  Add the chicken
           back in right before making your sauce.  -scottyg
              \_ Your're missing corn starch.  -- !PP
        \_ Cut the chicken across the grain, cook the chicken at high heat,
           with enough oil that it doesn't stick...the more the merrier.  Set
           aside the chicken and cook the rest of your ingredients.  Add the
           chicken back in right before making your sauce.  -scottyg
           \_ Gay Code Detected
              \_ What the fuck does that mean? Learn to cook. -op
              \_ Ha!  That's funny.  Playing with your meat is always gay.
                 Actually I'm a vegetarian, but I read a lot of Molecular
                 Gastronomy text, and I used to be a chef for years.  -scottyg
2008/8/29-9/3 [Recreation/Food, Finance/Investment] UID:50999 Activity:nil
8/29    I'm a Googler. I'm also one of the most senior Googlers and I
        barely joined in 2005. A bunch of old timers, esp. those before
        2003 dumped their options a while ago. One guy I know became a real
        estate developer. Another started his own coffee shop.  Another guy
        is traveling around the world. There were also quite a few who went
        in stealth mode trying to start their own companies. Ya know, when
        a bunch of old farts realized they could pursue their lifelong dreams
        without financial worries, they simply dumped their stocks and did
        what anyone else would do. Pursuing their dreams. Most of them loved
        pre 2004 Google but wanted to pursue their dreams even more. I presume
        this is common everywhere else even Microsoft in the heydays. People
        may call the liquidation of stocks "insider trading." I think it's
        normal in a successful company that has become too successful. Ya
        know, I joined late and I'm not a millionaire, but if I were in
        their shoes, I'd do the exact same thing. I'd love to open up my own
        coffee shop. I hate tech. Fuck tech. Bye for now.
        \_ Coffee shops are not capital intensive enterprises. You probably can
           own one if you want to. Joe Blow employee is not usually an insider,
           by the way. We're talking about officers, directors, board
           members, and so on.
           \_ But living well on the income from a coffee shop is hard.  It
              is nice to be able to do somthing you want to do and not have
              to worry about making money.
2008/8/14-19 [Recreation/Food] UID:50869 Activity:nil
8/13    Do you like Breakfast at Tiffany's more or Breakfast Club?
        I know it's apple & orange but just tell us what you prefer.
        \_ Geez. One features a screen legend and the other gives us
           Emilio Estevez. Breakfast Club is okay if you were the right
           age at the right time, but Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic.
           \_ My thoughts exactly! -!op
           \_ Yeah, and one has a completely racist portrayal of an Asian
              man and the other doesn't. John Hughes FTW.
              \_ Of course John Hughes did give us The Donger.
              \_ On the other hand, the asian guy is the only good person in
                 the whole movie.
                 \_ How is he "good"?
                    \_ It's been a while since I saw the movie, so I might be
                       mixed up, but as I recall he was the only hard working,
                       honest, intelligent person in the movie.
                       \_ How is the male gigalo not hard working and
                          honest? He has to put up with shit from old
                          women to make a living, is that not hard working?
                          \_ Wait, there is a gigalo in The Breakfast Club?
                             Why don't I remember that part?
        \_ They have the exact same rating at IMDB so they must both be
           about equally as good.
2008/8/1-5 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:50756 Activity:nil
7/31    NK food crisis redux
        \_ Koreans have been doing this for so long
           that I don't give a shit anymore.
2008/7/25-30 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:50690 Activity:moderate
7/25    Yay!  CA has banned trans-fat!  Now if only the legislature could make
        all of my decisions.  Oh, and pass a budget that spends less than it
        takes in.  Thanks progressives for the new prohibition, 100 years after
        the last one.
        \_ Schwarzenegger is a progressive?  -tom
           \_ The legislature is--the girly-man Gov. just wants to be liked.
        \_ did they include a budget for enforcement?  How did they think they
           would implement this.
           \_ I wouldn't think it would require much money for enforcement.
              It's just another box for the health inspector to check.
              \_ Is it just restaurants or also packaged food in stores?
                 \_ "a ban on trans fats in restaurants and retail baked goods"
                    Both of which are already check for lots of stuff, so,
                    while I think it's silly, I don't think it's going to
                    cost much to the gvt.
                    \_ Does that include twinkies or not?
           \_ Right now you can't add rat poison to baked goods either.  Not
              even if you put "tasty tasty rat poison" in the list of
              ingredients.  How much do you think that costs to enforce?
              There is not going to be a transfat division added to police
              forces across the state.  Instead it's one more thing that
              it is illegal to add to food.  If a company does and labels it
              as transfat gee, that will be pretty obvious SO THEY WON'T.
              If a company does and doesn't label it they will be breaking
              labeling laws (which are pretty harsh) SO THEY WON'T.  Small
              bakers may get away with using transfats for a while but
              1. that's not a big deal state healthwise and 2. over time
              bakeries will stop, because it's not worth the trouble.
              \_ Why don't they ban something that actually affects other
                 people like SMOKING and let people eat whatever the hell
                 they want to eat?
                 \_ Bill Gates is working on that.  I wonder if humanity
                    suffers more from diseases caused by years of eating
                    trans fats, or from smoking?  hard to say.
                    \_ I don't really care to protect humanity from itself. I
                       just don't want to choke on other people's smoke.
                 \_ You can continue to eat all the transfats you want. You
                    just won't get them in mass-produced food items. Your
                    choice to kill yourself with transfats has not been
                    impinged; the option to soak other people in them
                    without their consent has. Opt-in fat good.
                    \_ My choice to use whatever ingredients I want in my
                       food (as a manufacturer) has been impinged. There is no
                       evidence transfats are intrinsically bad for your
                       health. If you eat too many of them and exercise too
                       little they aren't good for you but neither are sugar,
                       beer, and coffee. You can overdose on water even.
                       This is selectively discriminating against an ingredient
                       for arbitrary reasons.
                       \_ Your "rights" as a manufacturer are already subject
                          to regulation (cf "rat poison" above). If your
                          argument is with the arbitrary nature of the ban,
                          that's different from "let[ting] people eat
                          whatever the hell they want to ear."
                          \_ Rat poison is hardly the same thing as transfats.
                       \_ "There is no evidence that transfats are
                          intrinsically bad for your health"??? You should
                          educate yourself on the topic, the AMA and NAS
                          disagree with you on this.
                          \_ What is the health risk of eating transfats? None
                             at all. Did we ban saturated fats? Should we
                             ban baking with butter, too? Eat too much of
                             them and exercise too little and you will get
                             sick. However, a healthy person can eat a
                             transfat-laden muffin with no ill effects.
                             Maybe we should ban steak. It's laden with
                             saturated fats *and* unlabeled as such! I
                             never knew!
                             \_ "from a nutritional standpoint, the consumption
                                 of trans fatty acids results in considerable
                                 potential harm but no apparent benefit."
                                 -New England Journal of Medicine
                                "...any incremental increase in trans fat
                                 intake increases the risk of heart disease."
                                 -NAS Dietary Reference
                                Should I take the advice of these two peer
                                reviewed experts or anonymous motd hozer?
                                \_ "from a nutritional standpoint, the
                                    consumption of vodka results in
                                    considerable potential harm but no
                                    apparent benefit."
                                   "...any incremental increase in cheesesteaks
                                   intake increases the risk of heart
                                   Clearly we need to ban cheesesteaks and
                                   \_ And yet we don't let people sell
                                      rubbing alcohol as a cheap vodka
                                      \_ Weak.
                                   \_ Actually, there are numerous studies
                                      indicating that moderate alchohol
                                      consumption is salubrious. And cheese
                                      steaks in moderation are good for you,
                                      too. I agree with your main point, that
                                      people should be allowed to poison
                                      themselves, but you are not arguing from
                                      the facts here. Transfat is worse for
                                      you than white sugar, even.
                                      \_ Transfat is, arguably, no worse for
                                         you than saturated fat. In fact,
                                         many studies have credited transfats
                                         for lowering risk of heart disease as
                                         substitutes for saturated fats. Sure,
                                         some studies say saturated fats are
                                         worse, which is why I use the term
                                         "arguably". Certainly saturated fats
                                         are very unhealthy and there is no
                                         cry to ban them. Transfats have
                                         become the boogeymen du jour. BTW, I
                                         seriously doubt vodka has any positive
                                         benefits. Wine, sure. Vodka, I doubt.
                                         Maybe as a blood thinner if that's a
                                         positive thing for you.
2008/6/9-12 [Recreation/Food] UID:50197 Activity:nil
6/9     Money-losing Senate restaurants to go private
        "A private review commissioned by Feinstein found that the Senate
        operation had no strategy for improvement other than price increases."
2008/6/4-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:50151 Activity:nil
6/4     I will eat lunch today even if doing so causes the apocalypse.
        \_ So did you?   I dont recall any apocalypse happening an its after
           lunch time.
           \_ I haven't had lunch yet.  --someone else
2008/5/29-6/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:50090 Activity:nil
5/29    Thanks for the ethanol folks!  Try getting beef now.
        \_ Thanks for the people living in SUBURBS who are consuming
           more ethanol than everyone else!
        \_ Wow, ethanol has a plus!  Corn fed beef on feedlots are pretty
           much the same as those chickens down below.  Beef aren't supposed
           to live on corn, they aren't made for it.  And factory meat
           farming is why we have vast toxic rivers of antibiotic ridden
           cowshit poluting our groundwater.
2008/5/28-31 [Recreation/Food] UID:50079 Activity:nil
5/28    Looking for exotic restaurants that serve stuff like BUGS.
        Recommendations? Thanks.
           Grasshopper tacos.
        \_ . Grasshopper tacos.
        \_ Any new shady Indian restaurant in Berkeley.
        \_ Man, that looks good! Thanks!
2008/5/23-31 [Recreation/Food, Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:50045 Activity:nil
        URL says it all.
        \_ Ok?  Who cares?  What's your point?
           \_  S Koreans hate US beef
              \_ Dude, there are protests in Korea all the time.  There's
                 always a protest going on somewhere over something. Farmers
                 against lowering food tariffs is a pretty normal one. -jrleek
                 \_ Is US beef shipped to S Korea cheaper than local Korean
                    \_ Yes.  S. Korea has little aritable land and mostly
                       small family farms.
2008/5/2-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:49878 Activity:nil
5/2     Americana at Brand Opens in Glendale! Hooray!   -dimwit #1 fan,0,982049.story
2008/5/1-5 [Recreation/Food] UID:49872 Activity:moderate
5/1     Is there a word to describe people who are intensively fond or
        desirous of good food?  Thx.
        \_ Epicureans?  Also, perhaps, glutton, but gluttony doesn't
           imply choosiness in the food.
           \_ epicureanism implies a love or knowledgeable enjoyment
              especially of good food and drink
        \_ how about gourmet?
        \_ Foodie
        \_ foodie
              n : a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially
                  good food and drink) [syn: {epicure}, {gourmet},
                  {gastronome}, {bon vivant}, {epicurean}]
        \_ If they really know something about it, foodie.
           If they talk a lot but really have no clue, dilettante.
           \_ What's the word for people who will eat just about anything?
              \_ If "foodie" is the word you were looking for earlier,
                 how about "fattie"?
              \_ Megacoprovore  --  someone who eats lots of shit
              \_ Hungry.
              \_ In Cantonese we call them "trash cans".
              \_ Garbage disposal or black hole
        \_ Gourmand
           \_ This seems to be the best.  Thx.  -- OP
              \_ Best in what way? They are all synonyms.
                 \- you know "gourmand" is kind of a sarcastic word, right?
                    i.e. "it sounds french and fancy like 'gourmet' but
                    you really mean a 'glutton'". not a synonym for "gourmet".
2008/4/14-19 [Recreation/Food] UID:49751 Activity:moderate
4/14    How Hunger Could Topple Regimes - Yahoo! News:
        \_ growing corn and wheat for alternative fuels  is cause
        \_ "Government intervention on behalf of the poor - so out of fashion
            during globalization's roaring '90s and the current decade -
            may be about to make a comeback."
           Uh oh, does this mean SOCIALISM is back again? Hooray for
           Billary and the Democraps?                   -dim wit #1 fan
        \_ I read this article and all I could think about was how the
           author doesn't understand how there could be so much food
           available and yet no one can afford it. Never a second thought
           to how the two might be related and that if prices were lower
           there wouldn't be any food to buy. A warehouse of food doesn't
           feed an entire country for very long.
           \_ I don't think you read the article right. The author never says
              that.  He says that if sockpiles of food exists for people who
              can afford it, those who can't are going to revolt.  That's
              petty much a given.  Starving people leads to anarchy and
              brutal military dictatorships.
              \_ (That's especially true when the source of their hunger is
                 not the absence of food supplies but their inability to
                 afford to buy the available food supplies. [...] As Josette
                 Sheeran of the U.N. World Food Program put it last month, "We
                 are seeing food on the shelves but people being unable to
                 afford it.")
                 The above reflects a misunderstanding of basic economics.
                 There is inflation likely because there is a shortage.
                 \_ The difference is it isn't a catastrophic famine caused
                    by non market forces.  For instance there isn't a war
                    going on that has destroyed all the crop land (or manpower)
                    nor is there weather that is killing the crops.  The land
                    is fertile.  The work force is there, but food is still
                    too damn expensive for people to eat.  That is
                    significantly differenct than the last generation's food
                    \_ If the food is too expensive then there's obviously
                       a shortage. If there was a glut it would be a lot
                       cheaper. Do you also not understand economics?
                       \_ I do.  I'm saying the reasons for food security
                          failure are very different this time around.
                          \_ So what if they are?
                           \_ Because in recent times famine has been
                              a side effect of a nation's fall to chaos.
                              What we are seeing is nations with the
                              infrastructure, with a reasonable workforce,
                              with no major food blights or
                              weather catastrophes with a stable government
                              that can't afford to feed their populations.
                              Stable countries may very well slide into total
                              chaos purely because the food is just too
                              expensive.  That's a pretty scary scenario,
                              even if your freshman economics can explain
                              WHY the food is expensive.
                              \_ If they cant get basic econ. right then
                                 I can't really trust anything else they
                                 \_ Once again, you are reading something
                                    that isn't there.  The food exists.  It
                                    is possible to make food.  The land
                                    is fertile.  The roads work.  Until
                                    now famines didn't happen because of
                                    food just cost too damn much to make.
                                    But that's ok, you took some undergrad
                                    classes in the free market and know
                                    exactly what's the problem.
                                    \_ What is your point? You don't understand
                                       economics. It's not food costing too
                                       much to make. It's demand for food.
                                       What do YOU think the problem is?
                                       The article also says there have been
                                       crop failures recently.
                                    \_ Maybe if you'd taken some of those
                                       classes instead of sociology you'd
                                       better understand.
                       \_ Let them eat cake. The food is being diverted for
                          other uses, like transportation. People are starving
                          so that others can driver Hummers. You can see how
                          so that others can drive Hummers. You can see how
                          the people starving might object to this.
                          \_ Once again, if they are unable to support
                             themselves, it is their fault. Why should I
                             care about other people?   -dim wit #1 fan
                          \_ More like: so that others can eat better. How
                             should it be rationed?
                          \_ My only point is that the author of the article
                             and Ms. Sheeran both indicate that food is
                             plentiful, but expensive. This demonstrates a
                             lack of knowledge of basic economics. If they
                             had said "There is no food because fuel producers
                             are buying all of it up" that would be
                             something else entirely, but that's not
                             alluded to. They paint a picture of adequate
                             supply, but evil market forces maliciously
                             driving up prices.
                             \_ One of the reasons I think the 'Chicken Little'
                                attitude towards global warming is bad is stuff
                                like this.  People decided to get fuel from
                                corn "because it's not oil," without thinking
                                about the consequences.  The consequences, of
                                course is that corn now tracks oil price.
                                And consequently other commodity crops trend
                                up.  And why shouldn't they?  So now we have
                                an expensive, self-perpetuating (due to
                                lobbying) mistake.  Is having a 'bridging
                                technology' worth more people starving?  Of
                                course I bet people will try other expensive
                                interventions without understanding what they
                                will actually do, and the circus of human
                                misery will continue.  -- ilyas
                                \_ uh, the people who decided to get fuel from
                                   corn are for the most part global warming
                                   deniers with a political base in the
                                   corn belt.  -tom
                                   \_ How do they correlate with the
                                      PEAK OIL nut jobs?
                                   \_ I see, so the 25 years of Congress
                                      activity promoting ethanol use is just
                                      a Vast Global Warming Denier Conspiracy?
                                      operating covertly? -- ilyas
                                        -- ilyas
                                \_ What do you know, we do agree on things
                                   every once in a while. -ausman
                                \_ If oil demand vs. supply is really getting
                                   out of whack, then natural market forces
                                   would lead to this anyway, no? The main
                                   problem I've had with it so far is that
                                   the science and math didn't add up, and
                                   it was heavily subsidized. (ethanol that is)
                                   \_ I am not sure why you are discussing
                                      natural market forces when talking about
                                      food and oil, two commodities whose
                                      production and price is driven by a lot
                                      of 'uneconomic' forces (national security
                                      considerations, charity considerations,
                                      cartelization, etc. etc.)  My main point:
                                      economy, like climate, is complex and
                                      poorly understood.  Clumsy, politically
                                      motivated interventions will come out
                                      well about as often as a broken clock
                                      will tell correct time. -- ilyas
2008/4/8-12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Food] UID:49688 Activity:low
4/8     Fattest States:
        \_ "California not getting fatter" only because starving
           immigrants are making the average less, while fat lazy
           trailer trash whities from Riverside and the Inland Empire
           keep moving inland towards Las Vegas and Arizona.
           \_ Erm... Mexico is the second fattest nation after
              the U.S.
              \_ I'm talking about LEGAL immigrants you dits, like those
                 \_ dits?
                 skinny nerdy INDIANS who took over 1/2 of our company.
                 Oh well at least they work 2X as hard for 2/3 the pay.
                 Go company stock!
                 \_ You are so funny.  You should go into stand up.  But you
                    might need to throw in a few "white people drive like
                    this, black people drive like that," jokes.  You know,
                    just to spice it up.  Also maybe a joke about how women
                    love to shop.
              \_ How about guatemalans and el salvadorans?
              \_ It's true Mexico is about to overtake the USA in obesity.
                 Is Kuwait still fatter than the USA?
           \_ I seem to recall that hispanics have the fastest growing
              obesity rate.
           \_ Given that rice prices are going up, and a bigger percentage of
              CA residents compared to other states eat rice, this will
              probably become more true.
              \_ Don't you mean lice?
2008/3/28-4/6 [Recreation/Food] UID:49606 Activity:low
        Don't use the middle stall in the bathroom!
        \_ It doesn't mention that the average office computer keyboard has
           more germs per sq-in than the average toilet seat.  I read this
           somewhere else.
        \_ Re: "The worst place to cool leftovers: in the refrigerator"  This
           doesn't make sense.  Sure, It can take a long time for the
           temperature in the middle of a big container to drop.  But doesn't
           it take even longer if you leave it on the counter?  If the writer
           is thinking about the timer that the food at the middle stays in
           the warm temperature range which bacteria grows, well, after you
           leave the food on the counter for initial cooling, you either have
           to leave it on the counter forever or put it in the fridge.  In
           both cases the total time that the food at the middle stays in the
           warm temperature range should still be longer than if you just put
           the food in the fridge at the beginning.
           \_ Writer may be talking about how a warm dish tends to heat the
              food surrounding it in the fridge. If you put your still-hot
              leftovers next to your eggs, you might as well leave your eggs
              on the counter.
              \_ For a few minutes, yes.  Guess what.  Keeping your eggs out
                 for a few minutes every week won't change a hill of beans.
                 Think for a second.  You go to the store.  You put the eggs
                 in your basket.  You wait in line.  You drive home.  All
                 that time the eggs stay out.  This article is filled with
                 "OH MY GOD GERMS!" fear that is just silly.
                 \_ Worrying about eggs going bad is pretty funny, considering
                    on the farm, we used to only collect them once a day. They
                    have built in antibiotic resistance, which should be
                    obvious if you think about it for a second. You can even
                    leave them out for a couple of days, but you risk getting
                    "blood spot" eggs if you have a rooster around.
                    \_ Yup.  Supermarkets in Hong Kong display eggs on
                       shelves, not in refrigerators.
2008/3/28 [Recreation/Food] UID:49590 Activity:kinda low
3/27    Turducken is just so wrong:
        \_ I brought it to my in-laws three Christmas' in a row now. We
           think it is great. The oil in the duck helps keep the rest moist.
        \_ What's wrong with it?  It's just cooking poultry together.
           \_ It's wrong because duck is greasy and it makes it very very
              unhealthy. And the idea of stuffing one animal into another
              sickens me.       -op
              \_ In Japan there is a dish called, lierally, "mother and child".
                 It's chicken and egg cooked together.  That's more sickening
                 than Turducken to me.
                 \_ That's just because you are in denial about where your
                    food comes from.
                    \_ "My food bigotry is better than your food bigotry."
                       Awesome. -!pp
        \_ heh, yeah.  I ate it once in Texas.  It was good but I could feel
           myself getting fatter.
2008/3/13-17 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:49440 Activity:moderate
3/13    Help. Mother has slowly gone insane in the past few weeks. Claims
        to be really sick, takes her to ER, nothing. Does this several
        times before we realized she's just lonely. She eats crappy food
        like KFC and canned food and is mal-nutrioned yet refuses to eat
        "expensive food." She is a complete hazard on the road, and her
        place has become a total dumpster and a fire hazard. It's apparent
        that her mental capacity and reasoning power has slowly diminished
        to... zero. What are some possible solutions? I don't want to
        kill her.
        \_ this sounds very familiar.  I recommend, for the lonely/depression
                1) force her to get social hobbies
                2) force her to have regular interaction with people
                3) enforce a quota - like going out every day
           we went from 1 false alarm ER visit a month to one every 6+ months.
           \_ Thanks but already tried and doesn't work. After 2-3 meetings
              people realize she's a total nutcase and avoid her. I mean
              I've already lost gf's thanks to her. Socialization is not
              for someone who's brain is already hardwired.
              \_ What about senior centers?  Here in Livermore we have the
                 "friendship center" or something like that for old people to
                 hang out at.
        \_ Do you equate putting her in a home with 'killing her'?  She
           sounds like she needs and would benefit from being in a
           home.  They'll watch over her and she'll have other crazy
           old people to hang out with.
           Alternately, you could quit your job and nursemaid her
           \_ So how much is a nursing home going to cost?  -op
              \_ Sounds like my dad, so I have the greatest sympathy
                 with your plight. My dad would not consider moving out
                 of his home until he finally crashed his car and depleted
                 of his home until he crashed his car and depleted
                 his bank account, but finally agreed to move into an
                 assisted living situation, where he gets three meals a
                 day and his own apartment. This costs $1800/mo, in Riverside
                 California. It would more in the Bay Area, 1.5X to 2X more
                 depending on the facility. You can actually get it for less,
                 but it starts to be pretty primitive.
                 \_ OH LORD. I don't have that kind of money. I guess I'll
                    just let her rot and crash into other people like
                    George Weller or something.
                    \_ Doesn't she have any savings?  Where is she living now?
                       \_ No. She said she was counting on Social Security.
                          But I've been mostly supporting her. I don't have
                          other family members as they're also crazy and
                          scattered all over the world. It's just my mom
                          and I, 50 miles apart. I have to admit, this has
                          been one of the loneliest months I've ever had in
                          my life. It's times like these that I wished that
                          I was a Christian or something.       -op
                          \_ How much does she cost per month right now?
                             $1800 doesn't seem like that much if you include
                             rent, food, utilities, etc.
                             \_ Her mortgage is $600/month.
                                \_ Wheew... I think you'd have to move closer
                                   to her, (or vice-versa) and get a part time
                                   caretaker to clean up and such.  Actually,
                                   coversation (relieving loniness) is a big
                                   part of the caretaker job.  They are used to
                                   it.  It's usually about $10 an hour.  (Often
                                   under the table.)
                                \_ Social Security is only about $650 or so
                                   a month. With a $600 mortage... when did
                                   you say her reasoning powers went to 0?
                                   \_ On what planet is SS $650/month? My
                                      mom gets twice that and she wasn't
                                      even in the highest earner bracket.
                                      \_ Not all of us come from wealthy
                                         households. I think my Dad's is
                                         about $800/mo, though he gets some
                                         CalPers pension on top of it.
                                         \_ My mom isn't wealthy, but she
                                            worked her entire life. Your
                                            dad probably got less because
                                            he had CalPers instead and
                                            didn't contribute to SS his
                                            entire working career.
                                            \_ You might be right there. His
                                               overall pension + SS is about
                                               $2500/mo, which is just enough.
                    \_ Can you just move her in with you? I thought about this
                       with my Dad, but he is just too hard to get along with.
                       \_ oh, no, HELL NO am I ever going to live with
                          her again. She wakes up in the middle of the
                          night and vacuums and cleans and moves furnitures.
                          She will dig through my books and bank accounts
                          and mess up my private life. HELL NO.         -op
           \_ My Grandmother never got too crazy, she realized when she was
              too old to drive and stopped driving herself.  I lived with her
              for a while when I went to Junior college, but when I went to
              Berkeley she hired a maid and meals-on-wheels.
              After a while she brought on a part time caretaker.  However,
              she was quite happy living a solitary life, reading books and
              watching TV, so even when she dingy she didn't really cause many
              problems.  On the other hand, some realatives lived close by
              watching TV, so even when she got a little dingy she didn't
              really cause many problems.  Some realatives lived close by
              and would visit on at least a weekly basis.  I'm not sure how
              much it cost, but it was probably cheaper than a home, but
              she also owned her own home.
        \_ tell her to ride bike and use linux          -tom's #1 fan
           \_ RIDE TANK!  BAN GUNS! - tom's #5 fan
        \_ Take her to a doctor who knows something about age related mental
2008/3/3-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:49319 Activity:nil
3/3     yo, they wanna know when to have the alumni bbq.  I assumed
        fridays are good preferable but some general date would be
        nice to have.  What do you folk recommend? email bbq@csua
        \_ yay another bbq! it's a great opportunity for me to suck up
           suckers who'll work 12-15hrs a day for little pay at
           my startups. i love alumni bbqs.             -alum
2008/2/25-29 [Recreation/Food] UID:49250 Activity:moderate
        Donate to the World Food Programme! I just got involved and I'm
        very proud of it. Stop the hunger, donate now!
        \_ Aren't you actually perpetuating it by creating dependency on
           donations and screwing up the local economies for food?
           Besides, I already donate a lot of food through taxes and federal
           food programs.
           \_ Seconded. The problem isn't about giving them fish, but to
              teach them how to fish. By giving them fish, they'll never
              learn and create MORE hungry mouths that require you to feed
              them and the problem will compound through time. I understand
              it's only ethical to stop the hunger, but by helping them,
              there will be more hungry mouths to feed in the future.
              It's more effective through economic education, birth
              control, etc.  I hope Christian missionaries will help
              in this regard.
           \_ Exactly. I'll donate to the African Rational Food Markets program so the
              countries stop panicking and withholding food from each other. The
              continent actually produces enough to feed itself. It's something to keep
              in mind when we talk about lifting US and EU agriculture tariffs (which
              I support): how are they going to get the food to use if they can't get
              it to markets on their own continent?
                 \- would you also support no public assistance for anybody
                    who lives in a place that has had a hurricane in the
                    last 20 years? i mean that just perpetuates living
                    in hurricane territory. besides, they should be getting
                    insurance. do you think we should stop all agri subsidies
                    by thanksgiving or give'em till Xmas. Can we drop
                    any smokers from using public dollars on any harms that
                    are likely to have been caused by smoking? etc.
           \_ Exactly. I'll donate to the African Rational Food Markets program
              so the countries stop panicking and withholding food from each
              other. The continent actually produces enough to feed itself.
              It's something to keep in mind when we talk about lifting US and
              EU agriculture tariffs (which I support): how are they going to
              get the food to use if they can't get it to markets on their own
              get the food to us if they can't get it to markets on their own
        \_ I hate to be Malthusian, but isn't giving them food without doing
           anything about population growth just putting off the whole hunger
           problem to the next generation, and making it bigger for them
           at the same time?   Hunger is just nature's way of saying 'there's
           too many of you!'
           \_ Except the birth rate has actually gone down in those societies
              which have become more food secure.
              \_ Donated food is not secure.  By that standard, people on
                 various forms of welfare should be doing great.
              \- google for causality. your brain has been classified
                 as: puny
                 \_ I am in pretty good company:
           (The Economist)
           \_ Limiting population growth is a good idea, but the main problem
              with most countries with famine/food supply issues tends to be
              distribution, not some magical lack of the resources (or
              resources that can be traded for such).
              \_ Specifically: wars.  Africa has had several regional wars
                 where one or more sides cut off food to the other, or worse,
                 the local warlords grabbed all the donated food for their men
                 and the black market to buy more weapons.  Sending more food
                 to areas like that only hurts the civilian population who
                 rarely sees any of the food.
2008/2/11-14 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food] UID:49117 Activity:high
2/11    If you're on the way to becoming super rich and want to buy your
        very first first primary vacation mansion, where would you buy
        it at?  Let's say ANYWHERE (price not an issue)... Dubai? Monacco?
        \_ price not an issue?  ok, THE MOON.
        \_ Paris
           \_ Paris over the Cote d'Azur? Why?
              \- you may wish to read "Paris to the Moon".
        \_ Monte Carlo of Monaco. I'm sure psb likes it too as it appeals
           to people with refined taste.
           \_ "people w/refined taste" - you mean gay people in general.
           \_ psb >> pp
              \- i dunno why i came up, but i put down Cap Ferrat.
                 although if you wanted a serious answer in the $10m
                 range, probably london: speak english, good connectivity,
                 good food, transportation, "diverse" people, good news
                 papers etc. that's more my thing than drinking campari
                 on my balcony over the med and hanging out with the
                 "worthless" people who own +$20m yachts and their friends.
                 \_ Shit weather and shit food.
                    \- london has expensive food, not shit food.
                       considering london's latitude, the weather isnt
                       that bad. do you diss SF because "the pacific ocean
                       is too cold there".
                       \_ yeah, I'm moving to the South Pole because the
                          weather there is pretty good for the latitude.
                          \- i dont think you know what you are talking
                             about. london doesnt really go below freezing.
                             duluth, which is about 5deg *south* of london,
                             is below freezing for half the year.
                             although it does rain frequently, that is true.
                             although it does rain a lot there, that is true.
                       \_ Not the ocean in SF (although true) but the
                          air temperature. I hate it. SF, NYC, London,
                          whatever. It's okay in the summer, of course.
                          \- i really dont understand why people from places
                             like boston whine about SF weather. i mean
                             50deg isnt that bad. i mean i can see the
                             bitching if you are from hawaii or san diego.
                             dont people here own thermals? i guess dressing
                             for the cold is a pain in the ass if you have
                             to be nicely dressed for work, but relatively
                             few people here have that as a major issue.
                    \_ If money is no object, you can have whatever food you
                       want, and weather is irrelevant with indoor pools etc.
                       In any case, some people like a bit of rain.
           \_ I thought they live there mostly because it's a tax shelter.
              Though maybe they like living next to all the other rich people
              \_ It's more fun playing golf and flying private planes
                 with other people who are able to afford golf/planes,
                 than to hang out with a bunch of drunken football fans.
        \_ Gotta be southern hemisphere, chase the summer.  Sydney perhaps.
           \_ My thoughts, too. Eternal summer. Australia would be great
              and much safer than Africa or South America.
           \_ A place like Hawaii never really gets unpleasant ever (if
              anything summer might get too hot).
              \_ Winter in Hawaii is still winter and it rains all the
                 time and it's humid. I really like Mediterranean climates.
        \- Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
        \_ Bermuda, Hawaii or maybe Tahiti. I think I would pick New Zealand
           over Australia b/c there are fewer people in NZ. But I think both
           might be too cold for me.
        \_ Lake Como seems popular. (Unfortunately it is also apparently
           polluted with sewage.)
2008/1/25-2/2 [Recreation/Food, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:49011 Activity:nil
1/25    Which reduces carbon footprint more: buying a Prius, or becoming a
        \_ Killing yourself.
        \_ Moving out of Los Angeles and dating Asian (they eat less).
           \_ But you'd do more heavy breathing and consume more condoms.
        \_ RIDE BIKE!!!!!
        \_ Dumpster Diving.
        \_ Smaller carbon shoes.
2008/1/7-10 [Recreation/Food] UID:48900 Activity:nil
1/7     yuppy city loving dans is an idiot for arguing with a
        dim-witted suburban lover. There are pros and cons for either
        choice. Convenience (restaurant, shopping, mass transit) for people
        who need to work hard near the city, and the luxury of country
        side living for wealthy people who have maids/servants to deliver
        and process food, clean, etc.
        \_ I'm not a suburban lover. I actually like the city. However,
           I also understand all of the drawbacks involved. In an ideal
           world I'd have a penthouse in the city and a sprawling compound
           away from the city. Given a choice between the two I'd rather
           have the sprawling compound, though. I think a lot of people
           would, especially if it was close enough to still get to the
           city. --dim
           \_ Hey it's OK, I prefer the suburb myself. No need to
              apologize to yuppy assholes.
        \_ so if you agree to disagree the motd discussion goes nowhere.  How
           boring is that??  You'd encourage the trolls to come out!
        \_ Wow.  You're pretty clueless.  And you don't know how to spell
           yuppie. -dans
        \_ dans is not an idiot for arguing with someone who loves the
           suburbs. dans is an idiot for feeding the trolls. As am I,
           no doubt...
           \_ Lost Weekend Video was closed.  I needed something to amuse
              myself. -dans
2007/12/24-29 [Recreation/Food] UID:48854 Activity:high
12/24   Last Minute Heathen Gathering.  Tonight 9:00ish @ Zeitgeist in the
        city.  We may drink there, we may grab Chinese food and catch a movie.
        Details TBD:
        \_ bahahahaha now I know why you slave +12hrs a day 7 days/wk at
           your startup-- YOU HAVE NO LIFE! bahahahahahahaha
           \_ Um, ok.  I've had sex with three different people in the last two\
              weeks.  You wish you had 'no life' like mine. -dans
           \_ Um, ok.  I've had sex with three different people in the last two
              weeks.  You wish you had 'no life' like mine. -dans
              \_ This rebuttal is pretty good evidence you have no life.
              \_ Who were those three guys?
2007/12/9-13 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Recreation/Food] UID:48770 Activity:nil
12/10   This is pretty funny. --psb
        \_ Wow, this is really quite funny. Thanks.
2007/12/5-12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Food] UID:48747 Activity:nil
12/4    Where do people buy those candies that reads "It's a boy!" or "It's a
        girl!"  Any pleaces in the San Mateo or Fremont area?  Thanks.
        \_ Preston's Candy & Ice Cream
           1170 Broadway, Burlingame, CA
           they have a lot of nice candy too, in addition to the gimmicky
           baby candy.  I recommend the honeycomb, rocky road, and the
           hot cocoa kits.              -brain preston
        \_ Cause cigars are so your grandparent's generation.
           \_ the chocolate shop on telegraph has chocolate cigars.
              you can get them online too.  They are a bit pricey but <shrug>
              \_ so are babies
        \_ The Candy Store in San Francisco on Vallejo b/w Polk & Van Ness
           is really, really awesome.  I've seen "It's a g/b" cigars there.
        \_ Go to SF, they have "Congrats, it's a gay boy!" cards.
           \_ And in The South, you can get "Congrats, it's a Redneck" card.
        \_ Thanks for all the responses.  Party Land in San Mateo carries it,
           but the girl kind is currently out of stock.  Party America in Union
           City has both the boy kind and the girl kind in stock.  -- OP
2007/11/20-26 [Politics/Domestic, Recreation/Food, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:48670 Activity:nil
11/20   FRE FNM CFC LEN PHM ETFC, all bond insurers eating buckets of shit
2007/11/18-21 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:48655 Activity:high
11/17   How much should I worry about the expiration date on a package
        of Tofu in my fridge.  Its medium firmness, and it expired in late
        october.  I was hoping to use it in miso soup... is it too far
        gone?  How can I tell? -mrauser
        \_ The following formula works REALLY well for me. If all things
           are equal (assuming they've been refrigerated properly
           during transit), then:
           * If it is a Japanese brand Tofu (Asumi, etc) then you can
             add 1 week past the expiration date and still be safe
           * If it is a Mainland Chinese brand, then minus 10 days
             from the expiration date
           * If it is a Taiwanese brand, then minus 7 days from the
             expiration date
           This works very well for tofu, soy milk, etc. Basically,
           the Chinese/Taiwanese brands have standards that barely
           pass the US government requirements and the Japanese brands
           in general surpass the Japanese government standards.
        \_ My wife, (a Korean Tofu Expert) says, Assuming the package is
           sealed, it's probably ok.  Just open it up and do a sniff test.
           If it smells ok, do a small taste test.  If it doesn't taste funny
           it's fine. -jrleek
        \_ How much is not being sick worth to you in comparison to
           saving money by not discarding questionable food?  I tend to
           be really conservative when it comes to food.  99.99% of the
           time it'll be fine, but that 1 time in 10000 when you get sick?
           VERY unpleasant.  --PeterM
           \_ While I agree it's a good idea to be cautious when it
              comes to food, the expiration date is not an absolute
              mark. I've had food that gone bad before the date, and
              have food that lasted longer. It all depends on the type
              of food and how large is the standard-deviation of the
              expiration date. While we are a fortunate that we can
              simply discard foods that may be bad, think about all
              the other less fortunate people on this planet. If it
              doesn't look and smell and taste bad, then it probably
              isn't. Don't throw out stuff just because the expiration
              date had passed and create unnecessary garbage in the
              world. In the end, what matters is how large of a
              footprint we leave on this planet and whether it can
              sustain the garbage creating lifestyle we have.
              batteries as well.
              \_ Basically correct.  Now, tofu is a little more perishable
                 than most food with experation dates, so you might be a bit
                 more careful with it, but I'd bet that the tofu was probably
                 packaged 2 months before the date.  It's not like it magically
                 goes bad once it hits the ex date.  Be careful with all food,
                 but chucking something just because it's past an arbitrary date
                 is a waste of time and money. -jrleek
        \_ I had House Tofu (Japanese), medium firm.  I think it was two months
           past.  It smelled funny.  I cooked it anyway.  It tasted funny.  It
           had gone bad.  I have great regret.
           \_ And a laptop and a wireless connection, I'm guessing.
           \_ Does that mean you got sick, or just that it didn't taste good?
2007/11/8-11 [Recreation/Food] UID:48577 Activity:low
11/8    Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Worth it or overrated?
        \_ Went there once.  It was truly horrible.  My steak was bad.  My
           wife's steak was worse.  It was a celebration event for her sister
           so we didn't ask if her's was bad too.
        \_ For a chain steakhouse, I like Morton's better.  For a local
           high end one, I like the Harris Restaurant on Van Ness.  For
           a local, neighborhood steak house, Izzy's on Steiner near
           \_ Izzy's is beyond bad.
           \_ I haven't eaten at Ruth's Chris, but Morton's has been
              consistently good. -dans
2007/11/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:48543 Activity:moderate
11/5    motd enormous bowel movement guy, do you eat wheat gluten?
2007/11/1-2 [Recreation/Food] UID:48519 Activity:moderate
11/1    I'm the feeling tired after beating-off guy #2. I've been avoiding
        wheat + dairy and have been on mostly rice + soy diet for almost
        2 wks and I still feel really tired after beating-off. I don't think
        wheat gluten and cassein cause tiredness. The good thing is that
        I've lost about 2 pounds in the process.
        \_ WHAT.  NO.  I am really tired after eating guy.  Fucker.
        \_ WHAT.  NO.  I am really tired after beating-off guy.  Fucker.
           get your own handle.
           \_ Alright fine. I'm #2              -op
        \_ Maybe you are in early stages of diabetes.  Especially if you
           pee more than usual. -- ilyas
2007/10/29-11/2 [Recreation/Food] UID:48480 Activity:kinda low
10/29   How much wheat gluten exists in pasta?
        \_ I think "all of it"?  If you're avoiding wheat gluten, you have
           to avoid pasta and most bread products.
           \- you can eat barley
        \_ You could try soba noodles.  I don't know if they have gluten
           in them, but they might not.  They are also high in protein.
           \- soba is "OTAY" for non-glueten people.
        \_ It's a wheat product so "a lot" -- Rice pasta is very good.  Pasta
           Pomodoro (in San Francisco) offers gluten free pasta dishes.
        \- I dont know jack shit about cooking, but if you are interested
           in this stuff, McGee: On Food and Cooking is "the standard".
           That is where Mario Batali goes when he wants to analyze dough,
           flour etc. It has ~20pages onf gluten, different flours etc.
           I think I got my (new) copy cheep at Green Apple for <$20. --psb
           \_ $26 and change with free shipping at Amazon, and thank you
              for the recommendation. --erikred
              \- it is the standard.
                 \_ ^it^ed
2007/10/29-11/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:48466 Activity:low
        WHEAT GLUTEN and casein, among other genetic dispositions
        and environment factors, may cause AUTISM.
        \_ Because before this last generation NOBODY ate wheat and
           dairy.  Jesus christ lay off on your fear of food.
        \_ "It's often suggested to remove milk first because the body will
           clear itself of milk/casein the quickest. ... It may take up to
           six months on a gluten-free diet for the body to rid itself
           of all gluten."
           Ugh, how many people actually follow through esp when almost
           everything you buy today has dairy + gluten?
        \-^and casein^&& CASEIN
        \_ See!  I was right.  Now I'll never develop autism.
        \_ Wait, hold on. ZERO wheat and ZERO dairy (esp. milk)? That
           is ridiculous. What are we suppose to live on, steaks and
           fruits? Ridiculous.
           \_ Especially with bees dying off and removing 1/3 of our
              food supply?
              \_ What is YOUR diet like? I'm sure it's also full of
                 wheat & dairy as well.
                 \_ And bees.
           \_ rice!  Go macrobiotic ya fat bastid
        \_ Using the TV as a baby sitter for young children is a lot more
           likely to cause autism.
        \_ Fear of food has replaced fear of evil spirits as the
           modern superstition.
           \_ I fear spiritual food.  I don't want to miss out on any fears.
              In fact, I fear missing out.
2007/10/28-30 [Recreation/Food] UID:48465 Activity:moderate
10/28   Are there any "nice" places to eat lunch within walking distance of
        the I-house, other than Adagia?
        \_ How far are you willing to walk? I guess Rockridge is out. Faculty
           Club? Unicorn is pretty good, though I have only been once.
        \_ northside
           \- i'm meeting a friend for lunch and then we are going to a
              talk at the i-house. unicorn or northside/shattuck are a little
              far to walk to and from. i dont want to run into holarb again
              at adagia :-). is the faculty club food good? i've only had
              catered snack type things there. ok tnx.
              \_ damn.. the entire north side should have a Beware sign
                cuz of Holarb
              \_ What's a holarb?
2007/10/25-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:48442 Activity:kinda low
10/25   motd wheat gluten guy here.  Now I think I might have borderline
        diabetes.  Eating a lot of food makes me tired.  How do I figure it
        out?  I had a blood test a year ago, if I had diabetes, would
        the doctor notice?
        \_ Doesn't eating a lot of food make everyone older than 25 tired?
        \_ Probably.  Checking for blood sugar is routine.  Mine's always
           been testing in the normal range and *I* get tired after eating
           too much.
        \_ So what drives you to post a new fake medical problem the the
           motd every few months?  Is this a new form of trolling?
           \_ No it's called being an American.  Especially if the
              illness relates to food in some form.  (Of course considering
              the eating habits of most Americans it's probably not too
           \_ I'm not sure what you're talking about.  I'm not trolling.
              Sorry if I don't post about fucking dog care or something.
        \_ It's called food coma. I think it's more common for those with
           low blood pressure.
2007/10/24-25 [Recreation/Food] UID:48430 Activity:nil
10/24   Hi.  I read a fascinating article about people who think they
        might be allergic to wheat gluten, in the East Bay Express last
        A lot of their symptoms sound like mine.  I get really tired after
        eating (also I am last month's TORRENT OF BLOOD SHOOTING OUT OF
        ASS guy).  I've been avoiding any food with gluten in it for 5
        days now.  I feel pretty good.  I do not get randomly tired, so tired
        that I need a nap.   In fact now I'm a little bored, I don't know
        what do with myself during these times that I am usually napping.
        I should spend all this new found time looking for gluten free
        recipes! --- motd wheat gluten guy
        \_ Dude I also feel really really tired after eating and I thought
           it was the weather or something. What stuff contains wheat gluten
           I should avoid?                              -tired guy #2
           \_ bread mostly.  look it up.
           \_ bread mostly.  look it up. dedicate your life to eating a lot
              of corn products.
        \_ slight hijack: since the East Bay Express was bought by one of
           its former editors, it has returned to having the best articles
           of any of the free bay area weeklies.
           Gluten is hard to avoid because most soy products also have it.
           I have some friends who are gluten-intolerant and they have to
           work pretty hard at it.  -tom
           \_ the web tells me that those blocks of soy i buy at the
              supermarket don't have gluten in it.
2007/10/10-14 [Recreation/Food] UID:48288 Activity:high
10/10   I'm in my 30s and I'm finding that I'm unable to eat In & Out
        burgers & soda & frys & shakes without feeling really really
        lousy within an hour or two. Has anyone noticed your ability to
        digest unhealthy comfort food decrease as you age?      -30s man
        \_ I think it's a good thing.  Your body is telling you that
           you no longer need these extra fat/sugars.  The wise thing to do
           is to listen to it.  Having a small appetite is not that big of a
           deal.  The alternative is that you are forcing these food down
           your throat.  you would feel sick a little bit, but the worse part
           is that these food you consumed will be end up on your belly.
           and eventually you will need to take high-blood pressure pills
           which has side effect of impotency.  So, it's your choice.
        \- I can no longer eat 1lb of bacon at a time. --psb
        \_ It's a common complaint.  I can't each to much sugar without getting
           a headache now.
        \_ Isn't it a good thing?  Now you won't eat junk food.
        \_ Isn't it a good thing?  Now you won't eat junk food anymore.
           \_ No, because I hang out with super hot mid-20 year old
              girlfriends all the time and I hate to show signs of aging.
              \_ Join their purge circle, and you won't have this problem.
              \_ If you want to date the young hotties you are either going
                 to have to get rich or start hitting the gym.
                 \_ Or accept that you aren't mid-20s and pay for good food.
                    Take them on a date and spend some money you cheapskate.
                    \_ This is a good advice.  I'm assuming you are at a
                       point in your life where you can afford more than a
                       meal for two at In-n-Out.  Maybe you'll even get to
                       impress some gold-digger if it's a nice enough place.
              \_ If they keep eating junk food they won't be hot for long
                 anyway.  Find some super hot girls who don't eat that crap.
        \_ I miss eating KFC. Seriously. It makes me feel good to eat it
           but it makes me feel lousy afterwards. Getting old.
        \_ I can only eat two platefuls at Todai.
           \_ Speaking of which, I used to be able to eat 3 platefuls
              but now I can barely eat 2. Maybe my matabolism is slowing
              down or something, but it's no longer worthwhile going to
              all you can eat restaurants anymore.
              \- is Todai worth trying? I'm not a sushi snob, but I've
                 also heard some of the stuff there is disgusting/inedible.
                 \_ Todai is tolerable if you don't care and terrible if you
                    do care. However, it's less expensive than Isobune or
                    any of the other sushi-boat places and comparable in
                    quality. If you just want to eat a bunch of fish meat,
                    go to Todai on your birthday. --erikred
                    \_ Has anyone eaten at Coach (formerly MR Sushi)?  Had
                       a great meal there the other night.  Nomihoudai for
                       $3.50...  Friendliest host/staff ever...
                       \_ That nomihoudai sake is hard to beat, even if it's
                          not good sake. The sushi was so-so, but you're
                          right, their staff is excellent. --erikred
                       \_ You're not talking about Mr. Sushi on Grand Ave
                          by Lake Merritt, are you?  This place taught me
                          never to go to a restaurant named Mr. <food type>
                          without some trustworthy recommendations.
                    \_ The birthday comment is for a free meal, but requires
                       you to be accompanied by at least one paying adult.
                       As for quality, it really depends from location to
                       location.  I rate Daly City one as poor.  San Jose one
                       (don't know if there's more than one) a lot of people
                       (Todai fans) rave about it, but I found it subpar
                       (meaning quality did not meet pricing.)  In bay area,
                       only Todai I would be willing to pay is the one in
                       Pleasanton.  I've also been told that SoCal ones are
                       overall better than bay area ones.  If the one SoCal
                       experience I had was a good representation, I would
                       agree.  But if you want similar style buffet, I think
                       Moonstar Buffet (across street from Orpheum Theater)
                       is a better value.  I haven't tried their new
                       location in Daly City.  But I generally try to avoid
                       buffets except in vegas.  Wynn's buffet is amazing.
                       \_ The one in Pleasanton is good?  It's the only one
                          I've been to, and I wasn't all that impressed.
        \_ Heh, the motd aging... next up will be serious questions about ED.
                \_ Speaking of which I'm having the opposite problem as I
                   am getting older -- the um "volume" and "distance" are
                   getting ridiculous.
                   \_ Get her some goggles. - grumpy not getting laid guy
                        \_ Him
2007/9/26-10/2 [Recreation/Food] UID:48191 Activity:kinda low
9/26    Actually, one thing I've noticed about asian-guys married to white-
        women, to me, they almost look like white guys.  I think 20 years
        of eating american food makes you kind of look american.
        \_ But our dicks are still smaller.  Damn.  -- Asian guy
                \_ Nah, just yours
                   \_ Stats please?
           "I love burger fries jam tarts ..."
           \_ "The page cannot be found"
        \_ You mean like this?
2007/9/24-27 [Recreation/Food] UID:48164 Activity:nil
9/24    What brand of ranch dressing will actually taste as good as the
        ones from restaurants?
        \_ Ken's Steak House Ranch
2007/9/18-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:48101 Activity:nil
9/18    when will flemish eat walloon?
2007/8/30-9/3 [Recreation/Food] UID:47829 Activity:nil
8/30    why do i feel like crawling up and taking a nap whenever
        I eat?  like a 'food coma'?  Do I need to eat smaller portions?
2007/7/31-8/3 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:47479 Activity:kinda low
7/31    Go vegetarian to save money - MSN Money:
        \_ I just spent $204 on a dinner for two at Millenium.  I guess I'm
           eating the wrong vegetarian fair.
           \_ Don't eat a fair next time
           \_ And what, half that was wine, plus 15-20% was tip?
        \_ Does that include the huge carbon footprint caused by shipping in
           interesting veggie items from all over the world?
           \_ Be smart, eat what's in season.  It's cheaper, it gives you
              interesting variety, and the food tastes better.
           \_ veggies have much less carbon footprint than beef.  -tom
              \_ Oh great, veggies are less evil.  How about taking the
                 health of our only planet seriously and stop playing the
                 "I'm less evil than you so what I'm doing is ok!" game, huh?
                 \_ I don't think it's about people feeling "okay," but
                    about making a conscious effort to do less damage to the
                    environment. We've gotten to where we are because we didn't
                    pay attention to what industrialism and advancement of
                    human kind has gotten ourselves into. Now people eat more
                    meat because they can be bought "cheap," and we have to
                    subsidize the farmers if we want non-meat stuff. Human
                                \_ say what?  where'd you get the idea that
                                   farmers are subsidized for the purpose
                                   of creating non-meat food items?
                    actually are what we consider locusts to be. We devour
                    resources beyond what eco-systems can handle. While less
                    evil is NOT "okay," it's still a lesser of the two evil.
                    \_ I think it is better to live in harmony with the planet
                       than to destroy it a bit slower.  I see no point in
                       that.  So it takes 100 years instead of 50 to make the
                       planet unlivable, so what?
                 \_ Who's playing that game?  I also think local sourcing is
                    important.  It's just silly to talk about the carbon
                    footprint of veggies as being bad relative to meat.  -tom
                    \_ Only you were talking about that strawman.  The rest of
                       us were talking by then about how importing your veggies
                       from all over the world at all times of year is very
                       hypocritical if you're doing it to save the planet.
                       \_ A lot of veggies can be imported by slow frieght.
                          That's actually amazingly efficient in large
                          quantities.  Yes it isn't as good as local; yes
                          there is a bigger carbon footprint, but it's still
                          way less than cheap factory farmed meat.  Probably
                          orders of magnitudes less.  It's the air freight
                          veggies that are a disgusting waste of fossil fuels.
                       \_ Uh, you're the one setting up the straw man.
                          Did anyone defend importing veggies from all
                          over the world?  -tom
                          \_ You're just pulling my leg now, right?  Did you
                             even read the Op or the article or anything or
                             just came around looking for another motd ring
                             around the rosie rhetorical dance?  Whatever.
                             Have the last word to say whatever.  I'm not going
                             to waste more time or precious bits on this.
                             \_ The article talks about saving by focusing on
                                seasonal/local produce.  You are the only
                                person to have brought up importation.  Your
                                troll fu sucks. --scotsman
                                \_ Actually his troll fu is mighty, since he
                                   started a huge flamewar over nothing but
                                   his inability to read and comprehend
2007/7/29-31 [Recreation/Food] UID:47464 Activity:nil
7/28    format this properly!
        \_ Are you saying the cheese incidents didn't happen? Are you
           some kind of cheese-eating surrender monkey?
           \_ Cheese bomb story?  Yeah, total fucking bullshit.
              How do we know they're lying?  Their lips are moving.
              \_ Shut up and eat your Freedom Fries.
2007/7/27-8/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:47452 Activity:nil
7/27    How is salad (ready made and lettuce in general) processed
        before it's shipped to restaurants and supermarkets? I'm curious
        if irradiation or clorine wash is done. Eating raw salad
        increases the chance of getting worms and I'm wondering how
        much worm/egg I have personally ingested throughout my lifetime,
        and if my chronic abdomen cramp is caused by worms.
        \_ You missed all that bacterial contamination news a few months ago?
        \_ "abdomen cramp"? your ab muscles are involuntarily flexing?
        \_ If you suspect you have worms, you should talk to your Doctor,
           not the motd.
2007/7/19-21 [Recreation/Food] UID:47344 Activity:high
7/19    1 beef cow = 10,000 POUNDS of carbon dioxide equivalent.
        Cows -> green house -> kill.
        Cows are killing us!
        \_ Don't have a cow, man!
        \_ You didn't hear about the UN report about the greenhouse gasses
           attributable to the meat industry?  It's more than all cars
           combined. -emarkp
           \_ Don't forget that eating 1 pound of beef from an arid region
              uses up more water than one year of showering every day for 7
              minutes with a low flow showerhead ...
        \_ There is also that whole thing about cow flatulence and methane
           contributing to global warming. go veg.
           \_ Save the earth.  Stop farting.
        \_ It's okay, though, because the overall biomass must be
           decreasing now that there aren't any wild animals left (bison,
           tigers, sharks, rhinos, and so on). Placing the blame on cows
           is ridiculous unless they produce more C02 than similar
           animals. If that's the case, make the move to produce meat from
           other animals then.
           \_ I think we don't want to produce meat from other animals because
              of Mad Cow disease.
           \_ You do understand that CO2 is a minor green house gas compared
              to methane, right?  No one would post to the motd unless they
              knew what they were talking about, right?
              \_ ^C02^methane
                 Does yout nit change the point?
                 Does your nit change the point?
                 \_ Yes.
                    \_ Not. The question is: Do cows emit more of XYZ
                       green house gases per pound of flesh than some
                       other animal that we can eat instead? So, if zebra
                       emits less then I guess we will all have zebra
                       steaks. I would guess that cow, buffalo, ostrich,
                       whatever are about the same per pound, but I have no
                       idea. Do you? Is this a cow problem or a 'large
                       herbivore' problem?
                       \_ Yes, because meat is ESSENTIAL TO HUMAN EXISTENCE
                          \_ It is essential to my existence. Regardless,
                             please answer the question. Is the problem the
                             cow (seems an easy problem to fix by substitution)
                             or animals bred for meat in general? If, e.g.
                             buffalo  produces 40% fewer greenhouse gases
                             then it gives me a good reason to buy buffalo
                             steaks instead of regular beef. If your
                             solution is for everyone to become a vegan
                             then please kill yourself.
2007/7/19-21 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Food] UID:47337 Activity:low
7/19    Group says sharks face extinction due to fin soup:
        "Sharks could face extinction within a generation from overfishing for
        their fins, a conservation group said on Wednesday"
        \_ Plus these people are killing our dogs! BASTARDS!
        \_ "More jobs, less sharks!"
        \_ And gasoline is peaking thanks to the same groups of people. DAMN!
           Stop consumption, use organic only, and eat vegetarian now! Better
           yet, go kill yourself to reduce the overall carbon foot print.
           \_ We're already lowering the # of people in Iraq, hence
              reducing the overall carbon footprint.
           \_ "These animals have been here for 400 million years and they may
              disappear in one generation, not to provide people with basic
              food, but for a solely luxury item,"
              \_ What about the idiots killing the last wild tigers and
                 rhinos right in the fucking game preserves? Sharks are
                 hardly the most pressing problem at present.
                 rhinos right in the fucking game preserves?
                 \_ And the people who shot buffalos from the train.
                    They should make it into a video game.
                 \_ The surest sign the intelligent life exists in the
                    universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.
2007/7/17 [Recreation/Food] UID:47311 Activity:nil
7/17    Boredcast Message from soda!ahm (ttyRd) at 10:23 ...

        when i was in preschool, they gave us dixie cups full of cheese
        and ham cubes for snack before naptime.  i would cram them in the
        holes of my sneakers because i couldn't eat them and they'd never
        find them there
2007/7/12-16 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Recreation/Food] UID:47270 Activity:nil
7/12    Beijing steamed buns include cardboard
        \_ Well, Americans need more fiber.  Maybe you could sell them as
           health food here.
        \_ The Chinese are really screwing themselves over. This has
           happened before in other countries, but not near as often
           in recent decades.
        \_ Just another part of their effort to meet Kyoto standards by
           recycling as much as possible.
2007/7/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:47176 Activity:very high
7/5     Chinese villagers eat dinosaur bones - Yahoo! News:
        Only $0.23/lb!  Cheaper than pork bones here.
        \_ Eating 100 million year old food -- I see the Chinese officials
           are really doing something about ensuring the food supply there
           after the toothpaste/pet food scares.
           is safe after the toothpaste/pet food scares.
2007/6/27-29 [Recreation/Food] UID:47080 Activity:low
6/27    Everybody, please move out of your wasteful suburbia lifestyle NOW
        and live in Kunstler's Utopia! We'll all live in a big commune,
        ridicule SUVs, and recycle our shit so that we can plant
        sustainable veggies to eat for our sustainable lifestyles!
        Kum Bai Ya, Kum Bai Ya...
        \_ Kunstler's rants are very sustainable.
        \_ Kunstler's post was wonderful and perfectly formed trollbait.
           Yours is ... less so.
        \_ Why do you hate on freshly picked veggies?  Those things are
           GOOD man.
        \_ I already kind of live that way. What are you waiting for?
           \_ Kind of?  If you're not with us, you're against us, traitor.
2007/6/21-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:47031 Activity:low
6/21    Is there a place to buy high quality dry aged (up to 21 days) beef?
        \_ I thought real aged beef was months old, like 6+, 21 is nothing
        \- you can try cafe rouge, but probably will be $$$.
        \_ Are you watching The History Channel or something?
           \_ What?
              \_ Exactly.  Right On, Brother!
        \_ Prather Ranch at the Ferry Building has it, as does Bryant's
           Fine Foods in Laurel Village. You can get it at Drewe's in
           Noe Valley, but you might have to special order it.
        \_ No. No place to buy it. You have to age it yourself. Of course
           there is! Bristol Farms, which SF finally got.
2007/6/18-19 [Recreation/Food] UID:46996 Activity:nil
        The Where Should You Live Test.
        \_ Your score indicates that you are a city-dweller of the old-
           school. You like a dense, finely grained neighborhood with
           restaurants, churches and brothels all on the same block.
           Although you've never spoken to him personally, you know that
           guy Eddie down the street is a pimp and you're sure to tell
           your lame suburban friends about him at every opportunity,
           just to freak them out.
        \_ I got small town.  It recommended I leave suburbia.
        \_ People know you as: The Yuppie
           Quote: "Sushi is so 1990s. How about Lebanese?"
           Congratulations. You are the coolest type of person. Or you like to
           think you are, anyway. Your score indicates you are a through and
           through urbanite who likes to live in the densest, most central
           part of town. Realistically, though, you're probably a "new money"
           type who, although you claim to hate chains, still occasionally
           sneaks a Big Mac and always, always gets your coffee from
2007/6/12-15 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Food] UID:46930 Activity:nil 88%like:46926
6/12    Death by sports cream (
2007/6/12 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Food] UID:46926 Activity:nil 88%like:46930
6/12    Death by sports cream
2007/6/11-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:46910 Activity:nil
6/11    Cal dorm food is good!
        All-you-can-eat sushi bar?  How can the dining commons afford that?
        \_ There's no fish in it, I'm sure. Cal dorm food is the worst dorm
           food I ever had.
           \_ I attended both SJSU and Cal.  Dorm food in SJSU was better.
              (But that was 18yrs ago.)
        \_ I've generally found that if sushi is all-you-can-eat, it's not
           worth eating.
           \_ Todai's sushi is not that bad.
              \_ It's not good, either.
2007/6/8-11 [Health/Men, Recreation/Food] UID:46890 Activity:nil
6/8     NSFW: Will it blend?
        \_ This is worse than tubgirl.
        \_ This is worse than tubgirl. It should be tagged NSFH - Not Safe
           For Humanity.
2007/6/7-10 [Recreation/Food] UID:46882 Activity:nil
6/7     In light of the healthfulness of prepared-vs-fresh foods topic
        below, is anyone here able to actually minimize/avoid
        prepared foods?
        \_ it gets a lot easier when you graduate.  Learn to cook;
           you'll be glad you did!
           \_ I actually found it easier to cook when I was a student.
              More time + less money meant more cooking.
        \_ I couldn't find the original thread, but with the exception
           of eating out sometimes, nothing my wife and I eat at home
           is pre-prepared.  We buy the bulk of our groceries at Berkeley
           Bowl on the weekend (great prices on organic stuff), and either
           make simple-but-tasty stuff through the week or cook and freeze
           things like chicken pie and lasagne.  I've even started making
           frozen baby food for our 6 month old!
           It sometimes takes a decent amount of time, but honestly spending
           part of a weekend day shopping, cooking, and eating with friends
           is very relaxing for me.  I do this on top of a startup job
           and part-time classes at Berkeley.  You just have to decide how
           important healthy/enjoyable food is compared to other things.
2007/6/5-7 [Recreation/Food, Health] UID:46860 Activity:kinda low
6/5     Was reading the nutritional info for some japanese udon noodles
        I've been buying a lot of lately, and its sodium content isover
        1000mg per serving! Is this right? Why do these simple noodles
        have so much sodium?
        \_ preservatives.. best cheap dry noodles Mi Goreng Pedas Indomei
        \_ Mmmmm, salt.  Does a body good!  Stop eating that crap, it will
           kill you.  Eating a normal 'healthy' American diet would already
           give you way too much salt without going for salt bombs like that.
                \_ That's how I'm feeling now. are there any asian (or
                   asian-style) noodles out there that are low/no-salt? -op
                   \_ I don't know about asian noodles but simply trying to
                      eat right is very very hard if you're eating anything
                      pre-packaged.  Pretty much *everything* has way too
                      much salt in it.
        \_ Just don't use the seasoning pack.
2007/6/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:46853 Activity:nil
6/5     Pizza Rage:
2007/6/3-5 [Recreation/Food] UID:46842 Activity:low
6/2     Want to know the difference between round, shank, flank, loin,
        sirloin, rib, brisket, flank, plate, chuck? Want to know the
        difference between NY steak, filet minion, T-bone, rib-eye?
        \_ And to add to this, one of my favorite quotes from a chef:
           "What happens when a chef finds a tough, slightly skanky
           end-cut of sirloin that's been pushed repeatedly to the
           back of the pile?...he can 'save it for well-done'--serve
           it to some rube who prefers to eat his meat or fish
           incinerated into a flavorless, leathery hunk of
           carbon...The dumb bastard is paying for the privilege
           of eating his garbage!"
           So when ordering your steaks, order rare to medium.
           \_ Mmmmm, charrrrr....
2007/6/3-5 [Recreation/Food] UID:46841 Activity:kinda low
6/2     Is there a place (Bay Area) where I can get sushi-grade
        fish? The stuff they sell at the local Asian markets (99,
        Mitsuwa) seem to be of a lower quality and tend to have
        less diversity of seafood than what you would find at
        a sushi bar.
        \_ did you read the 800 page sushi article in Vanity Fair too?
        \- you can get bespoke sushi service:
           if you are in berkeley, try tokyo fish mkt on san pablo
           near gilman. of course different people have diff cutoff
           for sushi grade. also japantown sf but forgot the name
           of the fish mkt there.
        \_ IANASushiChef, but I've found that Berkeley Bowl occasionally
           carries sushi grade fish. Also, Tokyo Fish Market is okay, but you
           may need to get there early to get any good stuff. Has anyone tried
           the fish markets in SF? --erikred
           \_ Yum Yum Sushi in The Richmond is pretty good and quite
              inexpensive. Both fish markets in Japantown are very good,
              but quite expensive. I have had some luck at Whole Foods,
              but it can be hit or miss. -ausman
              \- ausman inquiry: it is claimed that yum yum fish has
                 become somewhat ass since an ownership change.
                 have you analyzed it in the past 6-10mos?
2007/5/29-6/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:46782 Activity:nil
5/29    The new Got Milk commercial with the fat looking non-Japanese
        looking Adachi family trying to steal milk is the most annoying
        commercial I've ever seen. I've stopped drinking milk and
        have switched to soy milk permanently. Fuck Got Milk ads.
        \_ I don't get it either, but perhaps this review of the website will
           help explain the whole thing:
        \_ Wow, this is awesome. I would pay money to play this game..
           Kristi bending over.  And you think that's milk.
2007/5/25-28 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:46756 Activity:moderate
5/25    I don't really care about ethics and how people look at me. Is it
        perfectly legal to be an asshole and NOT tip at restaurants?
        \_ If you can't afford to leave a few bucks on the table then you
           can't afford to eat out.  It is legal but you should examine your
           economic situation more closely if that level of cash outlay
           actually matters to you before you go out again.  Or just eat at
           fast food places where we don't tip.  McDonald's sounds like the
           right level for you anyway.  And woe be if you're out with 99% of
           this country and don't put in your fair share for tip.  Your
           fellow diners will remember and hold it against you forever which
           is likely to cost you a lot more over time than the tip.  So don't
           be a trolling cheap-ass and leave a few bucks.
        \_ It's legal.  You should move to Korea.  No tipping culture.
           \_ Or Japan.
        \_ just dont go to the same place twice..unless you like
           special sauces or something
        \_ In a country where people's wages are reduced because they're
           expected to get tips, it's rude, boorish, and petty to not tip.
           There are plenty of countries where failing to tip is fine, but
           the U.S. isn't one of them.
           However, it's not illegal.  Just fuckin' stupid.  -tom
           \- why is it stupid? it may obviously cause problems at
              tip-expected restaurants you expect to go back to, but
              for one offs, i think it is assholish and you might get
              deservedly abused, but stupid suggesting it will hurt
              you, not sure why you would say that.
              \_ driving a single-occupant SUV to work every day may not
                 hurt you, but it's stupid.
                 \- i think buying $400 shoes is usually stupid too, but
                    usually people mean something like "it is irrational"
                    rather than "i wouldnt do it" or other "bad" behavior
                    like being selfish, or an asshole etc. in fact often
                    assholeish behavior like freeriding is "rational".
                    is not contributing to npr/public tv stupid? no, i dont
                    think so. so in some cases you can show people are
                    behaving irrationally when they dont realize it, but
                    it's incumbent on you do present some argument. for
                    example the study that shows there is a corrlation
                    between car price and a question like "how much do you
                    like your car" but there isnt a correlation between
                    car price and how pleasant/unpleasant was your commute.
                    i.e. people thing about their cars different when they
                    are thinkign about their cars and how the use experience
                    transpires. ok thanks i have to go now i am in a hurry.
                    \_ I don't know about you but I personally think a late
                       30 year old ambiguously gay Indian guy spending
                       ~$1000 a month eating nice food and drinking
                       fine wine is beyond stupid.
                       \- i probably drink less than 2 bottles of wine a
                          month. i hate spending money on wine. to me it
                          is a "tax" on going out to eat with friends.
                          unless you live with your parents, i probably also
                          have a higher savings rate than you do. of all the
                          ad hominems directed at me in the motd, this is
                          about the lamest, e.g. starting with "i dont know
                          about you ..."
2007/5/22-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:46726 Activity:low
5/22    Halliburton is *not* the worst company to the public eyes. The
        worst is Wheat Board:
        \_ what is wheat board?
           \_ They were apparently involved in the oil-for-food scandal
        \_ Halliburton did what defense related contractors do.  Are you upset
           about the graft and corruption on the ground, at the board level, or
           the no-bid contracts in DC?
           \_ Yes.  A little bit of corruption is fairly inevitable, and a
              natural result of a competitive economy.  The fact that it is
              a culture Halliburton lives in so blatantly is offensive.
2007/5/8-9 [Recreation/Food] UID:46564 Activity:nil
5/7     Super chocolate for Australian soldiers to fight evil & terrorism:,22884,21670784-3462,00.html
2007/4/27-5/2 [Recreation/Food] UID:46469 Activity:moderate
4/27    Special psb motd emergency post, top 50 restuarants in the world rated.
        French Laundry in Yountville scores the number 4 spot
        \_ "Alice Waters, the founder of Chez Panisse, in Berkeley,
           California, received the Lifetime Achievement award."
           Chez Panisse was rated #40, which goes to show that the list
           is suspect. Chez Panisse is very good, but no longer #40
           good. Maybe if it was still in the 1970s...
           \_ Is this you:
              \_ No. I think Chez Panisse is a very good restaurant, but
                 what was groundbreaking in 1971 is not groundbreaking
                 in 2007. Same might go for Spago or whatever. I find
                 it interesting that 'Nobu' in London is so highly rated,
                 too. I've been to his restaurants in Aspen and LA and...
                 I dunno. My opinion is that making this list is an
                 indicator of PAST success, not current success. I found
                 that true in New Orleans as well when I went recently.
                 Once people are successful, they rest on their laurels.
                 What 30 years go was incredible (Chez Panisse's insistence
                 on organic produce) is more mundane now. The bar keeps
                 being raised.
                 \_ Is food really that much better than it was 30 years ago?
                    Is the future really always brighter than the past?
                    \_ You are missing the point, which is that expectations
                       keep getting higher.
                       \_ Expectations of what?  How much altitude the food
                          should have?
                          \_ Expectations of what constitutes fine
                             cuisine/dining. Lots of restaurants that were
                             considered gourmet in their day would now
                             seem to be putrid in comparison to competition.
                             Not only have menus and tastes changed, but
                             access to top quality ingredients has improved
                             and consumers' for demand them has increased.
                             \_ What are other restaurants providing that
                                Chez Panisse is not?  Having food stacked
                                six inches off your plate is not innovation,
                                it's pretension.
                                \_ You are asking the wrong question,
                                   which should be: "What is Chez Panisse
                                   providing that other restaurants are
                                   not?" There's not much to distinguish
                                   it anymore.
                       \_ Expectations of how good the food tastes or
                          something else?
                          \_ Both. Expectations of what constitutes a "top
                             restaurant" includes ingredients, menu,
                             ambience, decor, service, and so on. While in
                             some areas expectations are little changed
                             (e.g. service, which has probably actually
                             gotten a bit worse over time) in other areas
                             (e.g. quality of ingredients) consumers are a
                             lot more sophisticated. Some of the things
                             Chez Panisse did were groundbreaking or
                             trendsetting at the time, but are now status
                             quo. Give Chez Panisse the credit for
                             innovating, but at the same time recognize
                             that without continued innovation (of which I
                             believe there has not been much of at Chez
                             Panisse in years) other restaurants have
                             matched or beaten it at its own game while
                             also contributing more in a culinary sense
                             and as a dining experience as a whole.
                             \- i think this is a stupid list, but i'm not
                                especially outraged about it. here is the
                                "spatial distribution"
                                i really doubt the place in new delhi
                                is that great. although supposedly the chef
                                used to cook kabobs on the street, which is
                                a pretty good story. also it may be the
                                cheepest place on the list.
2007/4/24-27 [Recreation/Food] UID:46442 Activity:kinda low
4/24    Anyone else going to the alumni BBQ on Friday, 4/28?  -jrleek
        \_ I'll be there.  --mconst
        \_ When and where???
           \_ Here's the reminder I got in the mail today from edilaic:
              We're having a barbecue on Friday, April 27 at 5:00! Everyone's
              invited to have steak and top dog hot dogs at Soda on the
              volleyball court, or possibly a pleasant vegetarian surprise
              (it'll be good, we promise.) Please send RSVPs to omgwtfbbq@csua
              if you're going to attend!
        \_ I'll be there.  It'd be good to chat again jrleek, its been a
           while. -quasi alumni mrauser
           \_ I think being an alumnus is like being pregnant. Either you
              or you aren't. A degree isn't a requirement either.
        \_ I can't make it this year, I have to study for my last finals
           \_ Ah, BS.  You can slip out for an evening of burgers with the
              \_ Why didn't you guys use evite?  Can you just show up or
                 is RSVP mandatory?
                 \_ You should email politburo with these kinds of questions.
                    None of them read the motd AFAIK.  I just posted the
                    announcement here in hopes I could meet some other motders
                    there.  My guess is if you don't RSVP, you may not get
                    food.  However, there always seems to be too much food at
                    these things, so you'll probably be fine. -jrleek
              \_ I really want to, but I can't. I need to make sure that
                 I don't mess up the last two finals I will probably ever
                 take. I'm not just turning down burgers w/ nerds, I also
                 turned down karaoke w/ a fed. judge on friday as well :-)
        \_ I have to study for Boards.  How about beers at Jupiter in Dec?
2007/4/24-25 [Computer/Rants, Recreation/Food] UID:46431 Activity:nil 72%like:46418
4/23    NYTimes, reform the farm bill! (
2007/4/23-24 [Recreation/Food, Computer/Rants] UID:46418 Activity:nil 72%like:46431
4/23    NYTimes, reform the farm bill!
2007/4/17-18 [Recreation/Food] UID:46333 Activity:nil
4/17    Free Ben & Jerry's ice cream today:
        \_ Yum
2007/4/10-12 [Recreation/Food] UID:46251 Activity:nil
4/10    those aren't rats.. they're chihuahuas..,2933,265025,00.html
        \_ Do you have a link for this from a real news source?
2007/4/4-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:46195 Activity:nil
4/4     Coyote in a Chicago Quiznos: (
        \_ Isn't that a song by the Police?
2007/3/23-26 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:46077 Activity:nil
3/23    Wow, German judge approves wife-beating based on Koran
        \_ Anyone have background on this?  Sounds like the judge is playing
        \_ And in other news in the march of Sharia, Target has some cachiers
           who won't ring up pork products.
           \_ I don't understand why anyone would be this afraid of pork.  The
              Korean says don't eat it, not fear it.
              Koran says don't eat it, not fear it.
           \_ Is that the same Target where fundie pharmacists refused to
              dispense birth control?
2007/3/22-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:46049 Activity:nil
3/22    Adachi's Get the Milk commercial-- most annoying ever. I'm
        switching to soy milk. Real milk? Fuck you. No thanks.
        \_ Soy products lower your sperm count and grow your boobs.
           \_ urlP
2007/3/17-20 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Food] UID:46003 Activity:moderate
3/16    So I've begun biking farther and farther (trying to reach 50
        miles/day) and I'm wondering if I should start taking supplements
        like GU. Do they really work as advertised? Are there other
        alternatives? $1 a shot is kind of expensive considering you
        need to take one every 30 min.
        \_ New ones have protein. 1 unit of protein per 4 units of carb.
           Studies claim 16% better performance than pure carb. I've
           never tried these so I can't tell you how good/accuret the
           studies are.
        \_ People were doing 100+ mile rides 100 years before GU was invented.
           It's digusting stuff, avoid it unless you're racing or completely
           bonked.  Fruit and nuts are totally fine, or one of the edible
           energy bars.  -tom
           \_ I used to think they're nasty but after the 3rd pack
              I changed my mind. They're very yummy and addictive.
           \_ I'd totally agree with you but I also think any competitive
              edge you can get over your opponent is a good thing. If
              everyone uses vitamins, vitamin water, creatine, carb,
              whatever, then your chance of beating them by using
              traditional (and antiquated) methods is slim. Having
              that said, I must admit that GUs are really yummy and I
              eat them as quick snacks and breakfast. For example when
              I'm tired or feeling exhausted or sleepy after lunch,
              a pack of GU really energizes me. This stuff is not just
              good, it is a necessity.
              \_ Did you not see tom's specific exclusion of "racing"?
                 If so, why did you think your reply to tom adds
              \_ You sound addicted to them. They are basically just sugar
                 and caffeine. I wouldn't recommend eating them after
                 lunch for example. Try a power nap. The energy from those
                 things is not the long lasting kind anyway. Spiking your
                 blood sugar like that isn't good for you either when you
                 are not in the midst of intense exercise.
                 \_ Hey come to think of it, yes I'm as addicted to it as
                    I am addicted to Gatorade and other things. Is that a
                    bad thing? They do enhance my performance, you know.
                    \_ Or maybe you are just habituated to it:
        \_ When I ran marathons, I used GU a lot because it was compact
           and easy to eat/drink. However I used much less of it then
           suggested (e.g. only one third of a packet at a time).
2007/3/16-20 [Recreation/Pets, Recreation/Food] UID:45994 Activity:nil
3/16    Pet food maker announces major recall
        "The FDA was working to nail down brand names covered by the
        recall, ......"
        I didn't know the "Food" in "Food and Drug Administration" includes
        dog food.
2007/3/14-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:45970 Activity:low
3/14    I shouldn't have eaten that head of broccoli, pancakes,
        2 cups of coffee, eggs, croissant, 5 grapefruits, 4 oranges,
        orange juice and an advocado today.  oh man
        \_ Why not?
           \_ My ass is a complete disaster.
              \_ You should have thrown some spicy food in there for good
        \_ carpe pabulum
2007/2/26 [Recreation/Food] UID:45822 Activity:nil
2/26    Yummy:
2007/2/20-23 [Recreation/Food] UID:45781 Activity:nil
2/20    Alumni BBQ is scheduled for April 27, 2007
        Location has been moved from the Volleyball court to
        the Wozniak Lounge.  I hope that you all can make it.
        Please RSVP to president@csua so that we can
        purchase food accordingly.
        \_ For those of us who have been gone too long, where the hell
           is the Woz lounge again?
           \_ It's a BBQ so it has to be one of Soda's ground
           \_ It's on the fourth floor on the north side of the building.
              It has a balcony overlooking the Volleyball court. -dans
        \_ Who pays for it?
           \_ Who wants to know? -dans
2007/2/10 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:45703 Activity:nil 50%like:45699
2/9     Heh:
        [Seduced by Bacon by Joanna Pruess]
2007/2/10-12 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:45699 Activity:nil 50%like:45703
2/9     Heh:
2006/12/15-17 [Recreation/Food] UID:45451 Activity:low
12/14   Will be visting family in NY for Xmas with the spousal unit . Would
        like reccomendations for stuff to do in NYC where we will be not
         be crushed by tourists.We are both in our late 30's w/o kids.
        \_ WOW. I can't believe you're asking this question. Just get a
           regular NYC guide book and you'll be overwhelmed. It really
           depends on what you like. If you like museums (natural museum
           is cool if you like science/evolution), musicals, comedy,
           concerts, FOOD FOOD FOOD, and whatever the city has to offer
           to sophisticated conurbanites you'll love NYC. If you like
           the country-side and to hike and camp out, it's the wrong
           place to go to. Good luck.
        \- nyc has decent theather every night of the week. look at half
           price tickets for example. look at "around town" section of the
           nyker and "time out". again the more specific a question you ask
           [restaurants, music, museums, culture, social outings] the better
           answer you are likely to get. people who might be interested in
           going to the Cloisters might not be the same people interested
           in powershopping.
        \_ This is a fine time to catch an opera at the Met. Consider scouring
  for tickets. Also, the Metropolitan Museum is worth
           a day by itself.
        \_ Eat at Don Peppe's, 13558 Lefferts Blvd. between 135th Ave and
           149 Ave, Jamaica, NY.  The baked clams, linguini marinara, and
           linguini with clam sauce are phenomenal.  This is near JFK if
           you're flying in to there. -dans
           #ifdef GAYLORD
        \_ Go to the ballet. There is nothing like it outside of NY in the
           US, maybe the world. I always go when they (ABT or NYC Ballet)
           go on tour. It would be great to see them in NYC.
2006/12/11-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:45433 Activity:high
12/11   A few days ago I was promised food and other miscellaneous perks.  I'm
        cashing in!  Bring it on! - jvarga
        \_ How much are you making?
        \_ Do job opportunities count? -dans
           \_ I was just hungry and wanted some dinner.  I've got a very nice
              job that I intend on keeping.  If you're offering free money, I
              won't complain. - jvarga
           \_ does the job involve getting paid without doing work?
              sounds like a switch and bait to me
        \_ Where do you live, jvarga? Maybe we can set up a thank you meal.
2006/11/28-12/12 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Food] UID:45381 Activity:nil
        Cook using Sun power!
2006/11/2-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:45103 Activity:nil
11/02   Ocean fish, seafood population could collapse by 2048
        \_ the rapture will come before then
           \_ Doesn't the Mayan calendar end this 'cycle of existence' in
              2012 or so?
           \_ Or at least the unix epoch will run out.
        \_ One more reason to switch to vegetarianism.
        \_ Who cares? Do fish power my SUV? Real Americans eat beef. It's
           what's for dinner(tm). --average fatass
           \_ Beef powers SUVs?
2006/10/23-24 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Food] UID:44914 Activity:nil
10/23   Meatcake!
2006/10/22-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:44913 Activity:low
10/22   Can someone recommend a good place to get Chicago-style pizza in
        Chicago?  Preferably somewhere that is easily accessibly by metra.
        \_ Try Pizzeria Uno (where deep dish-style pizza supposedly was
           first started).  Or Lou Malnati's.  Or any one of the many
           Giordano's that are scattered all over Chicago.
           \_ BTW, the Pizza Uno at Jack London Sq. is gone.
              \_ All the ones in the area seem to have gone.  Their website
                 claims the only ones left in CA are in Antioch and SoCal.
2006/10/18-21 [Recreation/Food] UID:44853 Activity:low
10/18   I'm in SF for a few days from tomorrow onwards--does anyone know
        a decent coffee/food type place easily reached with public transit
        with free wireless & power jacks where I can work a bit?  -John
        \_ Panera Bread has free WiFi.  Dunno if they have a store close
           to where you will be at.
        \_ Other than starbucks?
           \_ Starbucks has free wireless?
              \_ I just assumed that it did; I've never had the need
                 to use it though.
              \_ I think it's via T-Mobile or Verizon or one of those ones
                 where you have to pay.
                 \_ Starbucks uses t-mobile, which you have to pay for. Last
                    I checked it was $10 for 1 day, though theres options for
                    more time for less $$.
              \_ It's free in Santiago, which is why it's pretty much my
                 office (plus Chileans don't have decent coffee otherwise.)
                 I also thought it was $$ in the US, like in Europe.  -John
                 \_ Where in Santiago?  I spent two years there (93-94), and am
                    curious what it's like now. -emarkp
                    \_ We live in Las Condes / Plaza Peru.  It's been
                       colder than a witch's left tit, and I've had nil
                       success business-wise and haven't made many friends,
                       so I have an understandably negative view of the
                       place.  I find it has no concept, little culture, it's
                       pretty hideous architecturally, and I find Chileans
                       weird, distant and closed-off.  That said, the view
                       is beautiful, there are some great restaurants and
                       when the weather's nice there are really cool places
                       to visit in the countryside.  I'll be glad to give
                       you more info if you mail me  -John
                    \_ Amazing that a South American country would have
                       bad coffee.
                       \_ They pride themselves on not being really S.
                          Americans unlike all the smelly corrupt places
                          around them--and they're right, it's the country
                          place here that kinda functions.  On the other hand
                          I have been told that "we are the {Germans, English}
                          of South America" in all seriousness.  Draw your
                          own confusions about food & coffee.  -John
        \_ Off the topic, the AC Transit Transbay buses ARE public transit and
           have power jacks, and there will be free wireless by the end of the
           year.  No open container beverages allowed though.
2006/10/5-7 [Recreation/Food] UID:44696 Activity:nil
10/5    Fastfood chickens contain carcinogens:
        \_ That's fairly misleading, both your headline and the actual
           lawsuit.  In summary: grilling meat forms carcinogens.  Grilled
           meat therefore contains carconigens.  Fast food grilled chicken
           contains carconigens.  Physicians Commitee for Responsible
           Medicine files a lawsuit to force fast food corps to disclose this.
           PCRM, despite their benigh-sounding name is actually fairly extreme
           in their views and is a major PETA donor.
        \_ Fish have mercury, grilled meat has carcinogens, veggies have
           e.coli and hormones and not enough protein. Sigh.
           \_There's always the Breatharian diet.
           \_ Grow your own food. I hardly grow enough to subsist on, but
              I try to grow what I can. It tastes better, too. I'd keep
              chickens (for eggs/meat) if I was zoned for it.
              \_ All you can grow is a few veggies. Yeah the tomatoes etc.
                 taste better but it doesn't really help the situation.
                 \_ Sure it does. You can grow just about all the
                    vegetables and fruit that two people can eat - at
                    least for the amounts that I eat. If someone is used
                    to a heaping plate of six different fruits every
                    morning, then no. However, every little bit helps.
2006/10/2-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:44622 Activity:nil
10/2    For a normal adult, what is the maximum amount of canned tuna that is
        safe to eat on a regular basis to avoid problems with mercury?
        \_ IIRC it's about a can/week and you're pushing it.  But really,
           mercury never leaves your system once you've got it so it builds up
           over time.  The Mad Hatter was insane because he was a hatter and
           they used mercury in the dying process for hats in that era.  Just
           something to think about when having your next tuna roll.
        \_ From consumer reports:
2006/9/11-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:44346 Activity:low
9/11    Willie Nelson fights horse slaughter
        "[Horses] are part of the American heritage. I don't think its
        right that we kill them and eat them." Cows are part of American
        heritage too,you have a problem with eating THEM WIllie?
        \_ Yeah, so is wheat you friggin hippie. Of course we should eat
           them. Eat any and all of them. That's what your teeth are designed
           for you would-be-instinct-if-it-were-not-for-your-flesh-tearing-
           incisors hippie.
           \_ I'm not sure which is more amusing, the fact that pp completely
              misunderstood op, or that he made an amusing word substitution in
              the middle of this trollrant
        \_ Cows are part of the "get eaten" part of American heritage.  Whales,
           baby seals and kittens are not.  And yes, I'd like fries with that.
        \_  ____________
           < Eat Horse! >
                      \   ^__^
                       \  (oo)\_______
                          (__)\       )\/\
                               ||----w |
                               ||     ||
        \_ what the fuck, horse is not even a native specie in Americas
2006/9/8-12 [Recreation/Food] UID:44326 Activity:kinda low
9/8     House outlaws slaughter of horses for consumption as 'yucky': (
        \_ The Hindus are as pissed at us for eating sacred cows as we are
           \- "the hindus" are pissed about other things. --hindu@soda
           pissed at people eating dogs and horses. But then again, we're
           more powerful and more righteous than the primitives who live in
           3rd world countries, so we're right and they're wrong.
           \_ what they eat in their country is their business, what we eat
              in ours (or don't allow anyone to eat) is ours.
              \_ You're a fucking idiot reiffin. Tell us about
                 the Republican Party.
                 \_ lmao!  you're right, i'm an idiot because what other
                    people eat in their country is our business and what
                    we eat in ours is their business and this has something
                    to do with the republican party i don't understand.
                    thanks for the laugh.
        \_ I once tried horse sashimi in Japan, and it tasted okay.
        \_ I really think this is dumb.  I can't think of any reason why I
          shouldn't be allowed to eat horse if I want, or sell my horse to
          be eaten if I so desire.  Of course, I don't see any reason why
          I can't eat dog, and that seems to be widely illegal in the
          \_ Agreed. As long as it's done hygienically, why not?
             \_ And why not eat human fetus' too?  It's perfectly safe as
                long as you don't eat the brain or spinal cord/fluids.
                \_ no, it's not.
                   \_ sure it is.  you can get some really terribly diseases
                      unique to cannibals if you eat brain related stuff but
                      the rest of the human body is just meat.
                \_ Because fetuses are proto-humans, and we have taboos against
                   eating our own.
                   \_ This country has taboos about eating dogs, horses, cats
                      and other 'pet' type creatures.  That is the answer to
                      the person a few levels up who sees no reason why he
                      can't eat dog or horse in the US.
                      \_ So why not simply say, "Because we have cultural
                         taboos about eating these things," rather than
                         raising emotionally charged examples like human
                         \_ That's the point.  Dog and horse eating is also
                            emotionally charged.  One taboo earns another to
        \_ I think pigs are supposed to be smarter and more human like
           than horses.  So, if we make horse slaughter illegal, we must
           do the same for pigs.  If we can't do it for pigs, we can't do
           it for horses.
           \_ But pigs are tastier.
              \_ Charlotte!
2006/9/5-7 [Science/Space, Recreation/Food] UID:44279 Activity:kinda low
9/5     On average toilets use approx 40% of your water. Conserve!
        \_ A vegetarian diet produces more methane.  Eat more animals!
        \_ The vast bulk of water use in CA is used on cash crops.  Stop
           eating veggies!
           \_ Way way way more water is used to grow food for animals and to
              give to animals.  It takes up to 5000 gallons of water to
              make one pound of beef (more in arid climates).
              make one pound of beef (most in arid climates).
        \_ And thanks to my "lo flo" toilets I have to flush 3 times when
           I take a dump.
           \_ Good 1.6 gallon toilets do just fine under "heavy load."
              Try Toro.  -tom
               \_ Sorry, but I use lots of toilet paper.  I want to make sure
                  I'm completedly wiped and clean.  Maybe you are different.
                  \_ My new 1.6 gallon toilet flushes better than any
                     water-wasting toilet I've ever had.  -tom
                     \_ Sorry, but if you wipe more than 3 times and use
                        2-ply toilet paper instead of 1-ply, then you will
                        need more than 1.6 gallons to avoid using the plunger
                        \_ you've done a study?  -tom
        \_ Gee, noting how my water usage more than doubles during the summer,
           I'm betting that the sprinklers are a bigger drain.
2006/8/24-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:44143 Activity:nil
8/24    Visting Bombay? Eat at Hitler's Cross: (
        [ Does this count as a self-Godwin? ]
2006/8/18-19 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:44065 Activity:moderate
8/18    Re: government per diem rates
        It looks like per diem for Paris is $155. Per diem for San
        Francisco is only $64. Overall, foreign per diems are much,
        much higher. I dunno why. I have only travelled domestically
        on government business and I find the sums paltry. $155/day
        isn't bad at all, though. That is in addition to hotel.
        \_ Maybe you should't work for the government then, eh?  Would you
           like some cheese with your whine?
           \_ Please post your name so we can examine your situation and
              give you short shrift the next time you have an issue.
        \_ They don't want you hiring cheap foreign whores.
           \_ Only the best for the on-travel types!
        \_ I find it a lot easier to travel cheaply when I speak the
           language natively.  Maybe that has something to do with it?
           \- what do you spend your per diems on other than food? $65
              seems perfectly reasonable for food to me. especially since
              if you are under the per diem you generally dont need to
              submit receipts.
              \_ $65 would be a very nice $10 breakfast at Le Zinc,
                 a very nice $20 lunch at Fog City Diner with $35 left
                 over for steak and a glass of wine at Encanto or Delfina.
                 I don't know what this guy is bitching about.
                 \_ Transportation can cost a hell of a lot if you are
                    some place for bussiness.  But I agree, 65 seems enough.
                    \- if that is so, you can rent a car and expense
                       parking separately from the per diem. need receipts
                       for those. when i was in chicago for a week, the
                       travel people foolishly rented a car for me and
                       paid like $28/day to park it at the hotel ...
                       used it twice for personal business.
                       \_ So are taxis seperate as well?
                          \- they used to be. may need receipt tho ...
                             same for airport shuttle etc. there are
                             big problems with govt travel, but the
                             per diem isnt one of them.
2006/8/3-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:43895 Activity:nil
        What happened to all the advertisements and company funded
        research that say coffee is good for you?
        \_ It IS good for you, you tool.  Look at me.  I drink 6 cups of
           coffee in the morning each day, usually down a up or two in
           the afternoon, and I have an 8-inch penis.  -proud American
2006/7/23-24 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:43766 Activity:moderate
7/22    When a Japanese restaurant puts in words like sukiyaki, robato,
        and other exotic Japanese names what do they mean?
        \_ if that's exotic, stay in hoboken.
           \_ Why are you so mean? How is this question more stupid
              than the one below that says "What's the difference
              between sushi and sashimi?"
        \_ if this isn't a troll, ask the server
2006/7/22-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:43763 Activity:nil
7/22    Where is a good place in the south bay to  buy sushi/sashimi-grade
        fish? I've tried Mitsuwa but their fish can be a bit spotty
        at times.
        \_ Marukai Supermarket in Gardena has excellent sushi. It is pretty
           close to the South Bay. BTW South Bay in Southern California means
           nearby Torrance/Long Beach. As for the other South Bay, hmmmm...
           maybe you can ask your local sushi chef. Good luck and please
           post your findings here!
           \_ moron
              \_ a more appropriate epithet is home sushi nerd
        \- Race St and R99 are "the standard". Mitsuwa is supposed to be
           well regarded, so if that isnt to spec, you may be SOL. --psb
        \_ How about The Fish Market in San Jose?
        \_ what's the difference between sushi and sashimi?
           \_ Sushi is the seasoned/pickled rice with fish on top or made into
              a roll.  Sashimi is just slices of raw fish.
        \_ Why are people obsessed so much with eating raw fish?
           \_ My father-in-law was a fishmonger; he used to bring over the
              really good stuff. That's what converted me. --erikred
2006/6/28-29 [Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:43519 Activity:low
6/28    Overheard in the elevator today:
        A: I watched The Intrepeter last night.  Y'know, the one with Nicole
           Kidman, Sean Penn, ...
        B: Oh, what role does he play?
        A: CIA, FBI, I forgot ... something like that.
        B: Really?  I thought he would be a terrorist.
        [Awkward silence]
        \_ actors always play roles that are opposite their real life
                \_ oh yeah?  I was just at a neighborhood Chinese
                   restaurant.  The daughter of the owner was eating
                   lunch with her new bf at the table behind me.
                   White Dude:  Yeah I'm studying computer science
                     and stuff.
                   Asian Chick:  Let's go home and watch pornography.
                   White Dude: .....
                      \_ Haha, that's some good shit.
                      \_ is WAY better.
                   \_ she actually said "pornography"?
                      \_ She's Asian, after all.
        \_ was good for a while circa 2001.
2006/6/21-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:43449 Activity:nil
        Pretty cool device. Kinda pricy though.
        \_ May I never get as arthritic as to think this sort of thing is
        \_ the cool parts are no sharp edges and reuseable lid
        \_ I've got one of these: (Krups OpenMaster)
           It's about $20, uncrimps the lid rather than cutting from the side,
           and kicks ass.
           \_ Why does uncrimping matter at all?  If you try to reseal the
              can you deserve all the botulism you get and have you ever
              actually cut yourself on a real can lid?
              \_ I dunno, because it's cool?  You can't reseal it, btw.
                 There's something to be said for not having to fish the lid
                 out from where it drops into the food, though.
                 \_ It doesn't take $20 sharper image geegaw to keep that
                    from happening.
2006/6/13-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:43376 Activity:nil
6/13    Does anyone know anything about starting a franchise business? For
        example, how much money is it required to open up a Ben & Jerry,
        Subway Sandwich, and such? This is of course not considering the
        cost of location rental which is very geographically dependent.
        Any pointer would be appreciated, thanks!
        \_ Learn to use Google.
           Total Investment: $70,000-$220,000
           Initial Franchise Fee: $12,500
           Royalty Fee: 8%
           Ben and Jerry's:
           Total Investment: $147,000-$396,000
           Initial Franchise Fee: $5,000-$30,000
           Royalty Fee: 3%
        \_ Read fast food nation. I remember the book saying particularly
           bad things about Subway franchising costs.
2006/5/16-22 [Recreation/Food] UID:43075 Activity:nil
        The extreme cuisine of Kaz Yamamoto, featuring Saguaro cactus salad,
        made from the legally protected succulent; tenderloin of Bichon Frise,
        endangered pygmy owl, roasted and eaten whole, with entrails and
        bones intact; and nigiri-style seal sushi, chimpanzee stew (protected),
        grilled intestines of brown bear (poached from Yosemite), rhino
        genitals, gila monster, giraffe tongue, monkey tartare and a dozen
        variations on penguin meat. Yummy!
        \_ What an asshole.  Obligatory liver-with-some-fava-beans-and-a-
           fine-chianti comment.  -John
           \_ What about the hi-end consumers? No demand, no supply.
              \- this is a joke i think. there is a reason i
                 the author picked sen john kyl.
              \- is this a joke? mexican liver and onions?
        \_ This reminds me of the Doctor Who episode "The Two Doctors" with the
           augmented Androgum chef who wanted to sample a little of everything.
                 \_ I'm starting to think it must be.  -John
                    \_ What gave it away?  The "Angelina Jolie loves this guy"
        \_ This reminds me of Shockeye o' the Quawncing Grig from Doctor Who
2006/5/15-18 [Recreation/Food] UID:43061 Activity:nil
5/15    What's the best way to deal with the fat you get from cooking
        bacon? Do you dump them into the sink or toilet? Or do you use
        them for cooking?
        \_ Put a wick in it and burn it for a bacon-scent candle.
        \_ I generally put it in a container I'm throwing away anyway.
           \_ same here, I let it solidify first. Although recently
              I saw a friend fry up a single piece of bacon and then
              use the grease to fry up some pork tenderloins. Tasted
              Great. Mmm, pork fat.
        \_ I pour it into a jar and toss it in the fridge and use it to cook
           cornbread, green beans, zucchini.. all manner of things.  Mmm. bacon
           grease.  I don't have bacon that often so it works out.  Otherwise,
           yes, jar and toss.  --dbushong
           \- you cook hashbrowns and/or eggs in the fat. i have also been
              known to fry cheese in bacon fat, but that is quite advanced.
              It was the Right Thing to do. We had no Choice.
              We are, after all, Bacon Professionals. --dr gonzo.
           \_ Sautee greens seconded.  High heat and very fast.
              \- for greens i recommend: cook berkeley bowl linguica along
                 with berkeley bowl collard greens or mustard greens. oktnx.
                 \_ It's all about the salt pork and kale.
        \_ If you keep dumping bacon grease down your pipes, they will
           eventually become clogged.
           \_ I remember in Hawaii all the buses had billboards were
              trying to raise grease awareness.
2006/5/11-14 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:43015 Activity:nil
5/11    Dear balsamic vinegar beef marinate guy and red wine beef marinate
        guy. I have new test results. 4/5 of my test subjects consistently
        prefer the taste of balsamic vinegar beef, and 5/5 prefer the
        tenderness of the red wine beef. I reproduced the results twice,
        using Costco new york beef marinated for 3 days. This week I am
        going to experiment a hybrid approach by marinating the beef with
        red wine to make the meat more tender, then put balsamic vinegar
        right before I cook them. I'll report results next week. ok thx.
2006/4/21-23 [Recreation/Food, Reference/RealEstate] UID:42796 Activity:nil
4/21    the Vice guide to Russia - danh
        \_ heh, it makes me want to go back to rediscover my russian roots.
           - Zhirinovsky's #1 fan.
2006/4/20-25 [Recreation/Food] UID:42789 Activity:nil
4/20    Alumni BBQ @ 6:30pm
        This one's for all ya'll alumni out there. Come on back to your
        alma matter and hang out with us n00bs for an evening.
        \_ Where? The website still says TBA.
        \_ I would love to come, but my wife delivered a baby yesterday,
           so I don't think she'd let me go. Next time. -jrleek
           \_ Hey, congratulations! -gm
              \_ Seconded. -dans
                 \_ Thanks, if anyone is really interested, they can
                    find some pictures at my csua webpage.
        \_ Beware the post-dot-com generation alumni didn't taste as good.
           \_ That's right, they're too bitter. -gm
        \_ Whoops, I was considering going up for that but it kept saying TBA.
           Er, I'll try to hit the next one...
        \_ How did it turn out? How many people showed up?
                \_ About 40-50 ... Recognized a few people -eric
                   \_ 40-50 people? You've got to be shitting me right?
                      \_ I thought there were around 30 or so...the steak was
                         pretty good man. -linxu
                         \_ There were damn good.  Where did you guys get
                            them anyway?  -aspo
                            \_ Costco ftw. -mrauser
2006/4/5-7 [Recreation/Food] UID:42695 Activity:low
4/5     Alumni BBQ Thursday, April 20th. 630 pm. Place TBD.  I copied this
        from the CSUA web site.  Please spread the word -dans
        \_ 6:30 on 4/20...there better be lots of food!
           \- that is hitler's bday.
              \_ Hey, at least it's not Nehru's.
2006/4/4 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Media] UID:42652 Activity:nil
        Yoyo, what's up home boy? Ya want KFC for finger licking good dinner?
2006/4/2-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:42610 Activity:nil
4/2     Is it possible to buy unhomogenized milk these days? I'd like to
        try a bottle and see what it is like use the top cream that floats
        on top of the milk for bread and the rest for drinking. I'm curious
        what our grandparents did in the old days.
        \_ I'm glad they homogenized it.  I think it tastes better than the
           unhomogenized version.
        \_ my grandpa killed 19 krauts and was proud of it. never talked
           about unhomogenized milk tho
        \_ I know Andronicos on Shattuck used to sell unhomogenized milk from
           the Strauss creamery in glass bottles.  I don't know if they still
           carry it.
           \_ Yup, they do.  They'll charge you a $1 deposit for the glass
              bottle; when you're done with the milk, wash out the bottle and
              bring it back to the cashier to get your dollar back.  You can
              also get the same milk in plastic bottles at Elephant Pharmacy.
              It's pretty good stuff.  (If you like it, you might also want
              to try Clover Farms' homogenized whole milk.)
           \_ Milkmen were convenient to have in the old days. Why don't
              they have milkmen anymore? Is it because husbands got pissed
              that they were sleeping with their wives?
           \_ You can find Strauss milk at Whole Foods. No idea if it is
              homogenized or not.
        \_ Encyclopedia Galactic (aka Google) says Organic Valley Coop sells
           non-homogenized whole milk in many CA stores:
           Apparently it sold at Andronico's on Telegraph, Shattuck and
           University, Whole Foods on Telegraph and several other places.
           (Just put in your zip code in ther where to buy and select type
           Several threads on indicate that Berkeley
           Bowl sells non-homogenized milk/yogurt.
        \_ Fuck un-homogenized, go whole hog (cow?) and get the raw stuff.
           Berkeley Bowl sells that as well, although it's expensive
           and expires pretty fast.  (Then again it is so damn good I doubt
           that will be a problem.)
        \_ get your girlfriend to lactate in a bottle for you.
           \_ There's some biological pre-reqs before that can happen....
2006/3/31-4/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:42581 Activity:nil
        Anger Management.
2006/3/26-28 [Recreation/Food] UID:42444 Activity:nil
3/26    dans, can you post links to pictures of your hot 20 year old
        girlfriend?  Also can you keep announcements of wanting to cuddle
        with your girlfriend to the following intervals so I don't read it
        while at work and hurl my protein whey Dannon yogurt intense
        breakfast shake over my cube wall on top of my long suffering
         9AM - Noon (then I break for lunch.  I don't care if you post
         urls to times for poly ass parties in the SF State dining
         commons while I am at lunch)
         1PM to 6PM5A5A5A5A5A5A (I try to leave by 6PM on the dot)
         Occasional saturday maintenance windows:
         Sometimes I am called into work on saturdays
         9AM - 4PM.
         \_ I nominate this as the funniest thing on today's, the
            *only* funny thing on today's motd.
         \_ No.  But this is pretty damned funny. -dans
2006/3/23-25 [Recreation/Food] UID:42394 Activity:moderate
3/23    What do you think of the latest South Park, Chef Returns episode.
        \_ I haven't seen it, but heard it was totally over the top.  I'm
           looking forward to it. -dans
        \_ It was awesome.
        \_ It was indeed awesome, if a bit silly.
        \_ What happened, did they get a new Chef voice or something?
           \_ i hear they spliced and re-used his old lines
              \_ yep, and worked that into the plot
           \_ They also worked in a few digs at Isaac Hayes and Scientology
              through metaphor.
        \_ almost as good as zardoz.
2006/3/20-25 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:42324 Activity:nil
3/20    "Michael Pollan is one of the foremost food and plant experts
        in America. He wrote The Botany of Desire a few years ago, he
        teaches about food, plants, and biodiversity at the University
        of California, Berkeley, and he just finished a new book called
        The Omnivore's Dilemma.  It's about eating in the same way
        that the Bible is about God."
2006/3/20-21 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:42323 Activity:nil
3/20    Journal of eating an entire cow:
        \_ zzz. just a bunch of pics of raw cow meat.
2006/3/16-18 [Recreation/Food, Finance/Shopping] UID:42275 Activity:high
3/16    Do you tip in buffet restaurants?  Aside from cabs and restaurants,
        where else do you tip?
        \_ Garbagemen, if they haul something unusual away. Also valets
           and bellhops/skycaps, obviously. Pizza delivery guys. Bartenders.
        \_ Garbagemen, if they haul something unusual away, valets,
           bellhops/skycaps, pizza delivery guys, bartenders, and strippers.
        \_ 5% in a buffet, if I feel generous.
        \_ My gf's family runs a restaurant and this is what she has to say.
           Some customers pay a lot and some don't. Those that pay more get
           special attention and get their food and drinks served faster and
           those that don't, well, her dad spits on their food. So, pay your
           fucking 20% tip if you want a clean meal. PS, I'm only joking.
           Seriously, she say they simply don't have the time or energy
           to keep track who pays how much tip and by law they have to treat
           EVERYONE with the same respect. She rarely remembers who pays
           more or less tip, but the more the better of course. In another
           word, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. If you have the money and you have
           to ask, just fucking pay 20-30% and forget about it, and if you
           are tight on budget, don't pay. No one's gonna give you special
           treatment for overpaying or hunt you down and call you a cheap ass
           for underpaying tips. Shit. You're a fucking dumb ass.
           \_ yer gf's family runs a buffet restaurant?
           \_ yer gf's family runs a buffet or non-buffet restaurant?
           \_ When you go in to a restaurant and spend $500 you definitely
              get treated better than if you had spent $50. Part of the
              reason is that the servers know that they will probably
              (unless you're a bastard) get a much bigger tip in absolute
              terms, even if not in percentage terms. If you are a regular
              or if you truly appreciated the service, it makes sense to
              tip more as a percentage. My sister has been a GM at many
              fine restaurants (and was a server when in college) and you
              can bet that she remembers specific instances when someone
              was a cheap bastard or when someone was very generous.
              Sometimes she even had the same person as a client again and
              you bet it affected her attitude. However, this is more a case
              of getting stiffed after, say, a $1000 meal (or in one case a
              $10000 wedding party) rather than recalling if some schmoe tipped
              15% or 20% after his once per year birthday dinner where he
              spends $50. --dim
        \_ Let's talk about the legality of tip, and put aside, for now
           issues related to ethics, common courtesy, manner, conventions.
           By law, how much must you tip?
           By law, can the provider give differential treatments based on
           how much tip you gave them in the past?
           Can you go to jail for not paying tips?
           Are you a law abiding citizen even if you never tipped?
           \_ $0, but I've never heard of a law about differential treatment
              based on tips, as long as you don't spit in their food, give
              slow service based on race, or things like that.
        \_ I don't think tips are expected there since you're supposed to
           service yourself there. I would expect that tips are appropriate
           where you can identify a specific indiviual who provided you a
           service and who isn't being paid directly by you.  Taxi-cab driver,
           pizza delivery boy, and hairdesser are examples.
           \_ What if the hairdresser owns its own business, and you do pay it
        \_ I have tipped a copy store employee who opened up the store for me
           a few minutes after closing to help me get fliers copied.  I think
           you should tip any exceptional service, and shouldn't feel
           obligated to tip if you feel the service was bad.  Everyone has to
           be paid minimum wage, if you don't feel the service was good you
           absolutely shouldn't tip.  If the manager gets angry at you or
           or something for not tipping, tell him why you didn't.  -mrauser
           \_ Servers do not have to be paid minimum wage, because it is
              expected that they will earn tips :
              \_ If for some reason they don't make enough in tips to cover
                 min wage they have to get compensated up to minuimum wage.
                 However if a server can't make minimum wage on tips they
                 aren't going to last long.
        \_ How many of these threads do we need to have?  If you have any
           social sense/grace at all, these questions are unnecessary.
           \_ I think these are useful.  What if you haven't been tipping
              when it is the custom?
        \_ buffet?  absolutely not.  what prompt service did I insure?  this
           whole tipping thing has gotten out of hand.
           \_ Do you tip for a haircut? I don't think that's for "prompt
              service". I hate that actually but I feel obligated.
              \_ I tip for haircuts.
              \_ Yes because I don't want my hair butchered the next time I
                 go back.  Will they ruin the buffet when they see me coming
                 in the next time?  I don't tip at retail clothing stores or
                 at the post office or the water company either.
                 \_ Tipping rules are based on how people are paid, not on
                    whether or not it will ensure better service.
                    is the closest thing to a definitive reference that I've
                    found.  -tom
                    \_  I haven't been there.  Is that one of the
                       sites inhabited by the waiters who say you should tip
                       15% even if they spit in your food and 25% or higher if
                       they bother to refill your water glass?
                       \_ No.  But I see you have your mind made up already,
                          based on nothing other than your own cheapness. -tom
                          \_ You see what you want to see.  I asked a question.
                             Thanks for answering it.  Bite me on the rest.
                          \_ I've seen those sites too.  I'm not cheap, but
                             I don't think "15% as a BARE MINIMUM" is a policy
                             I'm inclined to follow.
                             \_ Then, yes, you are cheap.  Waitstaff salaries
                                are set based on a presumption of a 15% tip.
                                (In the U.S.).  Spending less than that is
                                cheap and a breach of etiquette, no matter
                                what the service was like.  -tom
                                \_ I'm with tom up to a point.  It's also
                                   accepted that if the service was crap, 10%
                                   is reasonable.  That's what I do.  I assume
                                   the person is just having a bad day, even
                                   though I could be totally wrong.
                                \_ And bad/rude service isn't a breach of
                                   \_ Etiquette doesn't allow you to
                                      retaliate for breaches of etiquette. -tom
                                      retaliate for breaches of etiquette.
                                      Or rather, there is an etiquette to the
                                      ways you can retaliate.  -tom
                                \_ I'm also with Tom up to the point of "no
                                   matter what the service was like"--if a
                                   waiter gives you bad service, do not tip.
                                   I've been absolutely flabbergasted at some
                                   of the shit waiters expect people to put up
                                   with.  -John
                          \_ Thanks for answering my question.  You can bite me
                             on your bullshit opinion.  You know nothing.
                 \_ Hair butchered? think about that for a second. if they
                    butcher your hair you won't go back. that is their
                        \_ yes but I still have to wear it for 2+ weeks and
                           people are stupid like that.
                           \_ Well, at worst you could turn it into a buzz.
                              And wear a hat.
                           \_ A good hair salon can fix that, usually.  -John
                    incentive and that's what it should be. Why doesn't
                    the post office let your mail get butchered unless
                    you tip well? It kind of makes sense for services where
                        \_ who would I tip?
                           \_ All of 'em! Leave tips in your mailbox for the
                              mailman, or else the mail is mysteriously
                              in bad shape. Tip the guy at the counter, or
                              else he might just forget about your mail
                              for a few days, or take forever to do what
                              you want. I dunno.
                           \_ Missing the point.
                           \_ the mailman? the guy at the counter?
                              \_ you think if I tip the mm I'll get my
                                 packages delivered faster?  does he not
                                 earn enough?  a long time ago in a place far
                                 far away when the mailman went door to door
                                 and most people knew theirs by name my parents
                                 gave them christmas gifts and such but I've
                                 got a new one every day, they drive by in a
                                 jeep and all they deliver is junk mail
                                 anyway.  :)
                                 \_ Heh. well, according to the hair-butchering
                                    theory, maybe the mailman should be losing
                                    and/or damaging and/or stealing yer mail...
                                    actually that reminds me, last year I had
                                    a package I absolutely needed the same day,
                                    but missed the mailman, so I drove around
                                    the neighborhood and eventually found the
                                    guy. It was the first time I'd talked to
                                    him ever, but he knew our house and
                                    we had a nice little chat. He was a little
                                    odd, but he's a postal employee so that was
                                    to be expected. Nice guy. I don't see why
                                    they shouldn't be getting stuff while
                                    others do. Then again my current mailman
                                    always delivers the previous tenant's mail
                                    even though I have a note there and always
                                    mark it to send back. K I'll stop rambling.
                                    \_ They shouldn't be getting tips
                                       (customarily) because their wages
                                       are not based on the presumption that
                                       they get tips.  You can't use logic
                                       to figure it out; you can only learn
                                       the etiquette rules.  -tom
                    you probably never see the person again, like when you
                    are travelling or in the city and getting service from
                    various people for whom the anticipated tip is a good
                    incentive. But for my regular haircut it feels stupid.
                    Still do it of course.
        \_ Whores!
        \_ do you tip the cable guy when they install your broadband cable
           \_ I did for my satellite installer because the guy went way
              out of his way, giving me his personal cell # and coming
              back later that day to make up for the head office fucking
              up horribly. That wasn't about customary etiquette, that
              was just me saying "Thanks for not making me wait another
              week for them to reschedule you." -bz
        \_ I don't tip at places where I have to go to a counter to get my
           food or where I have to bus my own table.
           \_ what if they serve you drinks and clean your table after you
              \_ If they serve drinks, I tip as I'm served (usually $1 per
        \_ I used to tip at Souplantation and then I realized this was
           becoming weird.  Then the price increased by a couple bucks.
           After googling a bit, I am going to go back to tipping $1-2, but
           the Asian folks I'm usually with never tip.
           the Asian grad students I'm usually with never tip.
           \_ "give what you can, without hurtin' yo'self" - old Telegraph
                beggar by Wells Fargo teller on Bancroft
                \_ Oh my God! It's been 10 years since I saw that guy.
                   Last time I was in Berkeley I walked by that teller
                   and thought of him, but he wasn't there. My friends and
                   I still mention this guy from time to time. Hilarious
                   to find him show up in MOTD! Thanks MOTD! BTW, I think
                   it was: "Whatever you can spare without hurtin' yo'self."
                   \_ I don't remember him. I remember "Pat" who smelled
                      like piss and didn't say anything (and patted his head
                      all day), that Starr fellow, the bucket-drumming guy,
                      the little groups of street punks with, for example,
                      mini suitcase locks in their nose, and the 3-card-monte
                      guy who was an asshole and could get hostile. I think
                      there was another black semi-hostile beggar/demander.
                      \_ Do you remember RAR?
                         \_ I believe that's "RAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!".
2006/3/9 [Recreation/Food] UID:42160 Activity:nil
3/9     US urged to abandon force-feeding at Guantanamo
        So, ok, isn't suicide illegal in the US?  If you announce that you're
        going to kill yourself by starving yourself to death, can't the
        authorities force you to eat?  Why the hell do prisoners get more rights
        than I have?
        \_ How does an individual have a "5-month hunger strike"?
           \_ Do you understand what "force-feeding" is?
           \_ The lengthiest period spent without solid food was
              382 days when Angus Barbieri lived on tea, coffee, soda
              water and vitamins in Maryfield Hospital, Dundee in the
              mid Sixties. He lost more than 20 stone.
              The human body is pretty fucking amazing.
              \_ Jesus... 20 stone is 280 pounds.  That better have been
                 one fat fuck.
              \_ Most, if not all, infants can survive a year without solid
                 food. :-)
        \_ I didn't even know dubya was a feeder.
2006/3/7-9 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:42126 Activity:low
3/7     Dear balsalmic vinegar beef marinating guy. What kind of vinegar
        do you use? White? And what brand is good? Thanks.
        \_ I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess... balsamic.
           \_ The message above is obviously written by someone ignorant. There are
              many types. White distilled vinegar, rasbery balsamic vinegar, red
           \_ [80 col. please]
              wine balsamic vinegar (most common), olive vinegar, rice vinegar,
              so on so forth.
           \_ In fairness to the OP, there is such a thing as white balsamic
              vinegar.  But you ought to use the regular dark kind.  Quality
              it not *too* important, so just get something halfway decent.
              -- different balsamic marinating guy
              \_ Racist!
                 \_ Balsamic vinegar of color, then.
        \_ Stop giving me black medicine! ... I mean ... black vinegar.
2006/3/2-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:42059 Activity:nil
        Couples get married under the arches of... McDonalds. "Esteppe said
        she couldn't imagine a more romantic spot for their wedding. The
        couple walked down a white aisle laid on the restaurant's floor and
        had a traditional ceremony, not far from the counter."
        I bet they're Republicans.
        \_ Yes, as we all know Republicans are poor and into crappy
2006/2/24-27 [Recreation/Food] UID:41997 Activity:nil
2/24    Hey kngharv, I just want to thank you for replying to my posts.
        When I was younger I didn't care much to learn about my culture
        and my own people. Now I'm older, I'm constantly asking who I am,
        where I came from, why I eat Chinese food, why my parents came
        here, why they talk funny, etc. You are my bridge to my root.
        Thank you kngharv.
        \_ Wouldn't this kind of thing be better expressed in an email?
           \_ Nah, the motd needs more bonhommie. -!op
        \_ Feel free to ask more questions. I'll do my best to answer them.
           I am also struggling with what you are struggling, in a slightly
           different level.   In a twisted way, people in mainland China
           is strugling with this very same topic, as there is a gap
           a whole generation wide that knows nothing about their own root.
2006/2/22-23 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:41948 Activity:moderate
2/22    How do you like to prepare your steak? I'll start:
        \_ marinate it in cheap cabernet for a whole week.
           tender and tasty. Yummmm
        \_ Seasoned with Crazy Salt, paprika, garlic powder, grilled, then
           liberally doused with butter and lemon. Scrumptious.
        \_ Coarse Sea Salt, Coarse Black Pepper, oil the grill, grill to
           medium rare.  Keep it simple.
        \_ I just had an awesome filet done in balsamic vinegar.  Yum. -John
           \_ how long do you guys marinate it for? I had this awsome
              steak that melted in the mouth one time. The waitress said
              they age their steak in wine barrels for a few months.
              I wonder what kind of marinate they used.
              \_ Perhaps you misheard or she misspoke.  If you 'aged' steak in
                 a marinade for months you would have only putrid sludge.
                 I'm thinking she might have meant 'dry aged' meat.  Getting
                 back to your original question: Depends on size.  Steaks
                 typically 12-36 hours.  Larger roasts, 24-72 hrs.
                 \_ I have seen the results of marinating the head of a moose
                    in a 55 gallon drum of water for months, and it was indeed
                    putrid sludge.
2006/2/6 [Recreation/Food] UID:41726 Activity:high
2/6     Favorite fast food poll.  Or have you outgrown fast food?
        \_ McD fries
2006/2/3-7 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:41696 Activity:low
2/3     Apple sued based on iPod volume:
        It's lawsuits like this that make our legal system look sue-happy.  I
        find that portable music players in general aren't loud enough and
        occasionally have to use software to increase the volume on my mp3
        files.  Yet these type of suits force manufacturers to lower the
        volume.  I like listening to my music loud, being totally engulfed in
        it.  I know I'm putting my ears at risk, but that's my choice, just
        like it was for this plantiff.  It's common sense.  If I ride my bike
        down a steep hill in SF I could lose control in crash, should the bike
        manufacturer put a warning that gravity could impact my ability to
        control a bike on steep hills?  NONSENSE!
        \_ Uhm, did you ever figure that maybe you need to turn it up so high
           because you have *already* damaged your hearing?
           \_ Yep, and that's ok, it should be my choice. You only live
              once, and if that means enjoying music at a nice loud
              volume, but having to ask people to speak up or repeat things,
              that's ok.  Just because Oreos make me fat doesn't mean they
              should be sued because I choose to eat a row a day, imparing my
              that's ok.  Just because Oreos make me fat doesn't mean
              Nabisco should be sued because I choose to eat a row a day,
              imparing my health.
              \_ All true but not really what I was getting at.  But I guess
                 if you're willing to spend half your life unable to hear in
                 exchange for loud music today... shrug.  I suspect your 50+
                 year old self will curse your 20-30 year old self when the
                 time comes.  Let us know how that goes.
                 \_ "If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have
                     taken better care of myself."
        \_ It would be interesting to see how much power it puts out of the
           headphone jack compared to an early 80's Walkman.  I suspect it is
           about the same.
           \_ Read the article; it claims most players put out 100db, the
              iPod puts out 115db (except in Europe, where Apple was
              required to limit it to 100db).  -tom
        \_ The 80's guy has a point, walkmans used to be louder, before
           the lawsuit against Sony in the 80's.  That's why all their
           players now have AVLS, which lowers the volume down to a whisper.
           There's actually hacks for some Sony walkmans to unlock the true
           volume potential (
           \_ My Sony CD Walkman from 10yrs ago has a switch to turn off AVLS.
              It has three settings: Off, AVLS 1 (less reduction), AVLS 2 (more
        \_ The earbud headphones are much more likely to damage your ears,
           especially the iPod ones because 1) The speaker is much closer to
           your ear canal and 2) It doesn't block out outside sound as well
           which means people crank it up higher to filter out the world.
        \_ This really is ridiculous.  They have clear notices that cranking
           it up can hurt you.  We don't speed limit cars to 5mph because any
           faster "could hurt or kill you".
           \_ Actually, we do put speed limiters on cars.
              \_ objection, argumentative.
        \_ This reminds me of the McDonald lawsuit which a lady ordered a cup
           of hot coffee, put it between her legs, drove off, spilled, burnt
           herself, and sued because the hot coffee was hot.  I think McD
           should avoid future lawsuits by changin its menu offering:
           Customer: One hot coffee please.
           Cashier:  Hot or cold?
           Customer: Hot coffer please.
           Cashier:  The hot kind of hot coffee or the cold kind of hot coffee?
           Customer: ......
           \_ Stella Liebeck:
              During discovery, McDonalds produced documents showing more than
              700 claims by people burned by its coffee between 1982 and 1992.
              McDonalds ... held its coffee at between 180 and 190 degrees ...
              Other establishments sell coffee at substantially lower
              temperatures. Liebeck, who also underwent debridement treatments,
              sought to settle her claim for $20,000, but McDonalds refused.
              McDonalds asserted that customers buy coffee on their way to
              work or home, intending to consume it there. However, the
              companys own research showed that customers intend to consume
              the coffee immediately while driving.
              For those preferring a biased source:
              \_ Just because the other establishments mislabel their warm
                 coffee as hot coffee, it doesn't mean McD should be required
                 to follow this practice.
                 \_ Now you're just trolling.  If you don't know wth the case
                    was about, do us all a favor.
              \_ If Liebeck thought the coffee was too hot, why was she
                 drinking it while driving?  She wanted to burn her throat and
                 \_ Well, I'd assume that she didn't know it was 'too hot'
                    until she'd already sustained severe burns.  Your comment
                    suggests that either you didn't read the lectlaw link,
                    or that you missed some rather important details while
                    skimming it.  Perhaps you should, at least, reread the
                    \_ Erm who gives a shit?  PP is right, why was she
                       drinking it while driving?  A normal person will take
                       a sip, realize it's too hot, and wait.  -John
                       \_ 1) she wasn't driving.  2) the vehicle wasn't in
                          motion. 3) the coffee was 185F.  Do your homework
                          or STFU.   Or don't.  Whatever's funnier.  *shrug*
                          \_ Actually, reading you get annoyed is pretty
                             funny.  -John
                             \_ Yeahyeah, bite me.   Punk.   :P
                          \_ I have to agree. McD coffee has always been
                             nukingly hot, and takes forever to cool down in
                             its insulated container.  annoying.
        \_ Apple Discontinues Sales To Stupid People:
2006/2/2-4 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:41672 Activity:high
2/3     Do people really freak out when seeing bones or seeing a fish head
        when eating?
        \_ My sister won't eat meat if there's anything to remind her that the
           meat is from an animal.  But somehow the shape of a chicken breast
           muscle doesn't push that button.. People are weird.
           \_ I am guessing you are not Asian.
              \_ You'd be correct.
              \_ So I'm curious. Do you whities think that we Asians are
                 barbaric?              -asian
                 \_ I'm stunned that you would have to ask.  Of course we do,
                    what with your kancho video games and rice bomb cars and
                    those wacky samurai swords.  Are you gonna try and convince
                    me to eat my dog next?  I hope not, cuz that just ain't
                    happening mah brotha...
                    \_ Riceboys ain't yer brotha, white trash.  -- n***er
                    \_ Riceboy ain't yer brotha, white trash.  -- n***er
              \_ You'd be correct.  But this is beyond "not Asian".  It's a
                 sad dissociation that people want to ignore where food comes
           \_ I think all kids should be taken hunting and/or fishing
              when they are young. It eliminates BS pussies like your
              sister and teaches respect for nature. I wanted to take my
              9 year old pussy nephew who doesn't eat meat for similar
              reasons duck hunting and his retard mom (similar to your
              sister) has brainwashed him so much that he won't go. The
              only meat he'll eat is pepperoni on pizza. That's just
              plain wrong and (IMO) unhealthy physically and mentally.
                - not OP
        \_ In Japan there is a kind of sashimi where they take a live fish, cut
           out all the flesh off one side of the fish except the head and the
           tail, leaving the whole head, tail, skeleton, and the other side of
           the body intact.  Then they cut the flesh into sashimi, and put it
           back on the fish body.  They they serve it to the table.  When you
           eat the sashimi, the fish is still not dead yet.  Its mouth and tail
           still moves a little.  I tried it once at a restaurant in the
           still move a little.  I tried it once at a restaurant in the
           Kawasaki area called Bikkuri Sushi.  Interestingly, "bikkuri" means
              \_ I strongly agree.
              \_ I totally agree. If you are going to be a uncivilized
                 barbarian and eat meat, you should be comfortable killing
                 and eating it like a wild animal.
                 If, on the other hand, you want to be a decent civilized
                 human being, eschew meat altogether and be a vegetarian.
                 \_ You grow all your own food?  You only eat food that grows
                    natively in your region without the use of chemicals?  You
                    don't eat food grown else where and brought in by diesel
                    burning trucks and ships?  And why is it ok to eat plants
                    anyway?  Plants are alive, the same as you and your dog,
        \_ In Japan there is a kind of sashimi where they take a live fish,
           cut out all the flesh off one side of the fish except the head and
           the tail, leaving the whole head, tail, skeleton, and the other
           side of the body intact.  Then they cut the flesh into sashimi,
           and put it back on the fish body.  They they serve it to the table.
           When you eat the sashimi, the fish is still not dead yet. Its
           mouth and tail still move a little.  I tried it once at a
           restaurant in the Kawasaki area called Bikkuri Sushi.
           Interestingly, "bikkuri" means "surprise".
           \_ A faimly took me out to a restaurant in Tokushima and served me
              this. It was called "ikizukure"(sp?) ("living, twitching")
              sashimi, there. -- ulysses
              \_ Thanks for the name.  I forgot.  It's either ikizukuri or
                 ikezukuri. Check out
                 the picutre link at the bottom.  When I had it, it's even
                 worse.  The chef put the meat right on the body, and I
                 more worse.  The chef put the meat right on the body, and I
                 had to pick the meat off the skeleton.  -- PP
                 \_ There's a sushi place in Bel Air, CA that serves this.
                    \_ Any in the Bay Area?
                 \_ I find that both disgusting and cool.
                    Photos of the process and result:
                    \_ This just seems gratuitously cruel.
                 the picutre link at the bottom.  When I had it, it's even more
                 worse.  The chef put the meat right on the body, and I had to
                 pick the meat off the skeleton.  -- PP
                       \_ It looks like he bonked it on the head first...
           \_ if you want to guarantee freshness, you have proof.
           \_ Do they do anything with the other half of the fish, or does
              that just go to waste?
              \_ After finishing the sashimi, the customer has the option to
                 have the other half cooked into something else.  I had soup
                 cooked from it.  -- PP
        \_ There's this scene in Oldboy where the guy eats a whole live
           octopus, which wriggles all the way down.  This definitely rules.
        \_ I'm fine with fish & meat and the way it's caught and butchered,
           but I really don't need to see it on my plate, staring at me. -John
2006/2/2-4 [Recreation/Food] UID:41668 Activity:moderate
2/2     What is your daily lunch budget?  How much do you spend on lunch
        each day especially Mon-Fri?
        \_ How much do you REALLY save when you bring your own lunch?
           Let's say you spend $8/lunch, and suppose there are 20
           work days a month. That's $160 saving. But what about the
           cost of buying leftovers, raw food, gas/electric, water
           to wash, etc?
           \_ You're kidding, right?
           \_ Are you like the Carl's Jr commercial dude that never
              visits a supermarket? Money is not the main issue here,
              but it is significantly cheaper to cook stuff yourself
              than to buy it at a restaurant. You think restaurant
              only makes money because of economic of scale? ;)
              \_ It depends on what you eat. Often it costs the same to
                 buy the ingredients as it does to buy the food prepared
                 precisely because of economies of scale and wholesale
                 discounts. If I make a lasagna from scratch it costs
                 a lot more than buying some at a restaurant. It tastes
                 better, but that's another issue. However, if I had to
                 feed 200 people with lasagna, I'd probably be better
                 off making it myself in terms of cost. If we were
                 talking about spaghetti and meatballs, though, it's
                 definitely cheaper to make at home. It just depends.
        \_ I bring my own lunch. Healthier than eating out M-F.
           \_ don't you have social pressure to eat with your co-workers?
              \_ I do, we eat in the cafeteria.
        \_ I bring lunch to save money.  Many people at my workplace do.
           \_ I considered doing that though it seems like it's probably
              a good idea to get up a walk at least 10 minutes in each
              direction to reach a fast food restaurant in order to move a
              little and to spend some energy before and after spending the 4
              hours of sitting on a chair and staring at a display ..
              \_ you know how retarded that sounds, right?
              \_ I simply take the stairs instead of the elevator to get around
                 the building.  -- PP
              \_ The display stares into you...
                 \_ We're not in Soviet Russia...
                    \_ That was not a Yakov Smirnoff reference. -!pp
        \_ $5, most days.
        \_ About $5. A daily Subway special + a large coffee drink.
        \_ I usually bring my lunch, mostly due to my wife's insistence, who
           packs one for me daily. On the rare occasion when I eat out, it
           is $7-25 (SF Financial district is expensive)
           \_ Your wife tells you what to eat for lunch?  What do you
              get in return?
              \_ He gets to tell her what to "eat".  (ba dum bum)
              \_ Domestic harmony. You aren't married, are you?
                 \_ Doing everything the bitch says in the name of
                    harmony avoids fights but is still not healthy.
                    \_ But calling her "the bitch" is...
                       \_ Just a descriptive term. I'm not the bitch's
                          husband. I'm only an observer.
                          \_ But not a very keen one.  The Domestic harmony
                             person was not the same poster.  And you're
                             disturbingly quick with very harsh words about
                             people you don't know.
                             \_ Asshole.
                                \_ Dim, you might find that people are willing
                                   to tolerate your stupidity if you are at
                                   least courteous.
                                   \_ You have no sense of humor. Do I
                                      have to use smilies?
                                      \_ No, I got the joke.  I was just
                                         stating the obvious.
                    \_ 1) You're an idiot.  2) I also generally eat
                       whatever my wife comes up with because it's
                       generally healthier, tastier, and cheaper than
                       whatever I would come up with on my own.  It's only
                       being controlled if you're an idiot. (See item 1)
                       \_ If you say it's cheaper/tastier/whatever that
                          makes sense. Doing it for 'domestic harmony'
                          is idiotic.
                          \_ Uhm, why?  If it makes her happier and it doesn't
                             cost much to do it, then why not -- esp if there
                             are significant health benefits.  Grow up, dude.
                             \_ What else do you do in the name of 'domestic
                                harmony'? What a stupid concession.
                                \_ Heh, c.f. 'grow up'.
        \_ I bring leftovers and nuke them in the cafeteria where coworkers
           spend $6-8/day.
        \_ $6. Civic Center SF, plenty of cheap eats. Good to get out of the
        \_ $7-10, but I often make lunch my major meal.
        \_ average is $8 ($6 some days $10 others). Cupertino, CA.
        \_ company orders out for us every day, but it comes to $7-15 a
           day roughly.  Davis, CA
        \_ $2-$3 for soup on days that I don't bring leftovers from dinner.
        \_ You guys are boring. No one goes out and has four martinis with
           the boss and then hits a strip club for lunch? Bringing
           leftovers? Soup? Subway? Sheesh.
2006/1/25-27 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:41514 Activity:nil
1/25    Porn Bread!  -John
        \_ You know, I find this vaguely disturbing, yet amusing.     -mice
2006/1/20-21 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:41453 Activity:nil
1/19    Food fight... Korean Style
        \_ They don't look like they're having much fun.  (Although the
           audiance seems happy enough.)
           \_ Not as hot as the cute jgirl commercial link posted earlier.
2006/1/9-12 [Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:41310 Activity:nil
1/9     I'm trying to remember/find the (I can't remember which)
        the 'food' or 'hunger' program that would modify the utmp
        to reflect a user's hunger status. /csua/bin/foodp is just
        a figlet wall script.           -- Marco
2005/12/18-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:41068 Activity:kinda low
12/18   OK, I'm a serious carnitas fan, and I figure I should be able to make
        it at home pretty easily.  The problem is there's a lot of bad carnitas
        out there (either bland or fried to death) and as a first time cook I
        am having a hard time telling the good recipes from the bad.  Does any
        one have a tested and good recipt to share?i  -glutton
        \_ I love carnitas and as such I find most of it out there is
           actually pretty good. If you find someplace you like then ask
           for the recipe.
           \_ Al Pastor >> Carnitas
              \_ That's a little like saying "glazed pork shops >> bacon"
                 While the former may have more complexity, it will never have
                 the pure unctuous joy of the latter.
        \_ My favorite Carnitas is from a place in Concord called LA TAPATIA.
           They do fry it but not overly-done, and after a few times sampling it
           you should be able to guess how they do it. It's on Willow Pass in
           Concord, not too far from Fry's Electronics.
           \_ Huh. They catered our building's holiday party a couple of weeks
              ago. The food was ass, but none of its was Carntias.
           They do fry it but not overly-done, and after a few times sampling
           it you should be able to guess how they do it. It's on Willow
           Pass in Concord, not too far from Fry's Electronics.
           \_ Huh. They catered our building's holiday party a couple of
              weeks ago. The food was ass, but none of its was Carntias.
        \_ What's yer email? I'll send you a recipe.
2005/12/15-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:41031 Activity:nil
12/14   Woman hires hitman to kill 4 in order to get their cheese.
        \_ She's not too bright.  What's to stop the hitman from keeping the
           \_ turns out the hitman was a rat.. (singular/plural mistake fixed)
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