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2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/4/15 [Recreation/Food] UID:28125 Activity:high
4/14    in re: restaurants: ~psb/Berekeley_Restaurants
        Bongo Burger: reasonable price/performance on the persian burger.
        \_ their fries are awesome.  i just had some.  i want more. - danh
        Fat Slice > Blondies.
        Intermezzo ok if you dont mind the granola, and I dont mean the food.
        Zacharies: do you look like a bitch? If not try Rustica.
        *Grigoire: Lunch often has some good deals. No real place to sit.
                  You can take the food to indian rock or something i guess.
        Oscar: overrated ... just go to fat apple if you want to pay for
               an expensive burger.
        La Note: have not been there in a long time. Previously overrated.
        Nann&Curry: some items pretty good. Better to go with a larger
                    group unless you really like one item. The branch in
                    the 'loin is better. Better deal than BoI.
        Top Dog: overpriced. cook at home.
        Racha Cafe: price/perf is ok also try Sa Wooei on Solano.
        *Kabana on Universty: not bad. Again probably better with 3+ people.
        Barney's etc ... are you really coming from some place that doesnt
                 have an equivalent?
        Ethiopian: the place on irving and 10th or so is the only good
                   ethiopian place i have been to. Above $10/person.
        *Brazil Sandwich Facility: across from ACE Hardware ... not much place
               to sit but the sandwiches are faily uniq and pretty good.
               Try the tritip.
        Higher end: lalime is ass. cafe rouge is pretty good but $$$.
               cesar is overpriced for food ... portions really small.
               for over priced small portions just go to A Cote on college.
               Downtown, also pricey but pretty good.
        *Cheeeboard: uniq, great price perf. weird hours.
        Khanna Peena: a little on the pricier side for indian food but pretty
               good. But all indian restaurants go downhill after opening.
               Raja or Raj whatever near homefinders on university was also
               ok. avoid most other indian places.
        Chinese: i dont claim to be an expert but if you arent looking for
                 something specific, she hua/kirin are good ... about a buck
                 more per dish and smaller portions but quality is good.
        Sushi: pretty much a matter of throwing time/money at the problem
        Vietnamese: if i were visiting from some culinarily impoverished
                    area, i would go to oakland chinatown and get a bunch
                    of vietnamese sandwiches and desserts etc.
        Sandwich: if by berkeley you mean telegraph area ... a couple of the
                  focaccia sandwiches at sufficient grounds arent bad.
        Brunch: rick and annes. lois pie queen for "ambiance".
        Thai Iced Coffee/Tea: Country Cheese Store
        BBQ: flints isnt what it used to be but still the pack leader imho.
        \_ I buy Strada croissants every time in Berkeley, esp. almond and
           chocolate. Theirs are just really good for some reason. --dim
        \_ Raleigh's on Telegraph is not bad
        \_ learn to spell BERKELEY
        \_ Coffee Source > Intermezzo.
        \_ The thing about Ethiopian is food is that basically you eating
           off someone's groin.
           \_ OOoooh, nice one.  I especially like the grammatical error,
              it gave the troll extra power.
                \_ Well everyone is using their hands and mashing it all
                   together.  Where have those hands been?
        \_ Was in town yesterday and had bongo burger for old time's sake. It
           wasn't quite as good as it once was but was still good.  They redid
           the kitchen area since I was last there the grill top is different.
2003/4/14-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:28112 Activity:very high
4/14    Coming to visit Berkeley again today. What's a good place to
        have lunch nowadays? Since we're now "older", we need someplace
        nicer (no blondies, bongo burger or $1 chinese food). Last two times
        we ate at Intermezzo and Zachary's. What else is out there now?
        \_ steve's korean bbq is timeless
           \_ Amen!
           \_ timeless in the sense of how long it'll take your bowels to
              recover from the insult?
                \_ what are you, class of '50?
                   \_ What does my year have to do with knowing that Steve's
                      Korean BBQ sucks?
        \_ Grigoire
        \_ I would suggest either Bongo Burger or Blondies.
           \_ If i'm ever too much of a pompous asshole to go to Bongo
              Burger with my friends, please kill me.
              \_ Or Oscar's.
        \_ La Note on Shattuck is really good... provencal French food.
           \_ Um, no.  La Note has nice atmosphere, but the food is mediocre
              at best and not worth the money.
        \_ Venus on Shattuck. Nann&Curry on Telegraph is a dive with really
           good Indian food for the cost. Take this with a grain of salt
           because I still like Bongo Burger and I'm "older" too.
        \_ I'm probably a lot "older" than you and still go to Bongo Burger
           sometimes.  If you're going to a student pit like Intermezzo and
           think that is good food then I can't help you.  You might as well
           go to blondies.  Have you been living in some vegan hell since you
           left?  How can you not know that BB is one of the better burgers
           available on this planet?
           \_ Allah bless the Persian Burger. And the best cheap breakfast
              in Berkeley. Three cheers for Top Dog too...
              \_ Yeah.  Although hotdogs are really disgusting as a concept,
                 I still eat topdog, too.
        \_ Tried Ryowa Ramen on University?  Beats Long-life Noodles
           hands down.
           \_ I really like Ryowa Ramen.
           \_ I think you gave me anus.
        \_ Barney's. sooooo good.
        \_ Nan Yang on College and Claremont. It's Burmese food.
        \_ If you've never eaten at the Blue Nile (on Telegraph, near Dwight),
           you should try it.
           \_ Or you could go to a decent ethiopian restaurant like asmara
              \_ asmara might be more authentic but it doesn't taste as good.
                 \_ Authentically what? You better guess again before
                    complimenting them on their authentic "Ethiopian" food.
                    The Eritreans and the Ethiopians just finished slaughtering
                    each other by the tens of thousands over a single border
                    town. --ulysses
                    town. The wording of their sign is to attract the
                    uninformed. BTW, I can barely tell the difference between
                    Ethiopian and Eritrean and I've worked for the latter for
                    2-1/2 years. --ulysses
                    \_ Eritrea had 1 jet plane! - danh
                    \_ I know they're Eritrean but that's like saying there's
                       a big difference between food in the east and west
                       regions of Iowa.
           \_ blue nile tastes like ass, costs far too much and gives you
              really shitty service.  Ohh, but you get to sit on the ground
              all authentic like!  There are tons of good ethiopian places
              in south berkeley and oakland.  Blue Nile is not one of them.
              \_ Ok, you'be bashed a perfectly decent restaurant without
                 providing an alternative.  Good job!
                 \_ It isn't perfectly decent at all, it is ass.  Plain and
                    simple.  Good places include The Ethiopian Restaurant
                    down on Telegraph and Russel (yeah it looks scary from
                    the outside, but it is good), Cafe Calluci (probably
                    spelled wrong) on Telegraph and Alcatraz and The Red Sea
                    at Claremont and umm, something.
                    \_ As above with Asmara, don't jump at telling The Red Sea
                       how great their Ethiopian is. They, too are Eritrean.
                       Hint: Asmara and the Red Sea are geographical features
                       of one country rather than the other (check a recent
                       world atlas). Above comment about similarity of the food
                       is, however, correct. I like the Iowa comparison.
                        -- ulysses
                    \_ Been to Blue Nile as well as most of the Ethiopian
                       restaurants in LA (Nyala, Rosalind's, Messob). I didn't
                       notice Blue Nile was any different (better or worse).
                       Aren't they all pretty much the same? --dim
                       \_ I dunno.  Blue Nile just doesn't taste as good.  And
                          it costs more.  And the service is worse.  But, you
                          don't have to go into Oakland and be scared by all
                          them black folks.
                          \_ isn't Berkeley scary to some?
           \_ When I went to Blue Nile a few years ago I saw a cockroach
              scuttle along the wall. That's probably why they keep the
              lighting so poor.
              \_ They recently advertised that they renovated. Perhaps to
                 hide the roaches better?
              \_ Hint: even 5 star joints have roaches.
        \_ Thai Expressions at the Beau Sky Hotel on Durant.  Cheap and good.
           Also clean and quiet.
        \_ Unicorn on Telegraph is good, cheap, stylish and has good service.
           It is in kind of shitty spot, so it is easy to miss. -ausman
           \_ Along the same lines, Zax Tavern on telegraph.  Very tasty,
              friendly staff (mmm... tasty staff.  Say hi to lynn...)  Not
              quite cheap, but the place is a good deal less pretentious
              than its patrons. --scotsman
2003/4/8-9 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Food] UID:28036 Activity:nil
4/8     geek fiction:
        \_ a kur5hin story/bad geek fiction is not more interesting than
           the motd you destroyed.
2003/4/1 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:27943 Activity:nil
4/1     If pigs could fly ...
        \_ Then everyone would have to worry about falling pigshit?
        \_ I was wondering about WorldNetDaily before.  Having read
           the the boilerplate "threatening letters to our writers will
           be forwarded to the FBI" at the bottom of that article answers
           every question.  Idiots.
2003/4/1-2 [Recreation/Food] UID:27937 Activity:high
3/31    Looking for fun places in Westwood. Sushi, etc. Need ideas. Thx.
        \_ Habibi's for smoking the hooka, and Didi Reese (sp?) for the best
           damned cookie/ice cream sandwich you'll find ($.35 for a cookie,
           $1 for two cookies w/ a slab of ice cream in the middle).
           Maloney's is a sports bar near UCLA with cute girls.
           UCLA Japanese restaurant list:
           General List of things to do, places to eat:
           \- i think the cheep pizza at lamonicas is pretty good. --psb
           \_ I'll second the cookie ice cream. most fattening but delicious
              stuff ever.
        \_ Moustache Cafe has the best damned chocolate souffle.
        \_ Shamshiri or Javan for local ethnic food (i.e. Iranian/Persian)
        \_ If you're from the Bay Area, try the Pink Elephant.
                                                \- isnt the pink elephant a
                                                   disco in CCU? --psb
                                                   \_ this ain't no disco
        \_ while we are at it, any suggestions on places *not* to live near
           ucla?  we are thinking of moving to palms but dont know a darn
           thing about the area.  is it sketchy like some parts of oakland, or
           is it a good place to be?  moving there in sept.  i think westwood
           will be priced out of range for us.  email or write here.  -- hahnak
           \_ palms is a bit ghetto. mar vista is on the other side of sepulvda
              and is a bit nicer. culver city is probably too far for what you
              want. and im sure that there are enough shitholes in westwood if
              you'd like to stay close to campus. santa monica and venice might
              be affordable.
              \_ You have expensive taste. I don't think anyplace on Westside
                 is going to sketchy in the way, say West Oakland is. You
                 would have to go to South Central to find anyplace like that.
2003/3/22 [Science/Space, Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27804 Activity:high
3/21    Let's say we dig through the rubble and find Saddam's body. How can
        we tell it's him and not one of his dozen body doubles? It's not like
        we have his DNA.
        \_ meanwhile the real saddam is doing what? shaves off his moustache
           and goes to work as a waiter in a paris bistro ... who spits in the
           food of americans? if he has no public face or power, in a sense
           it is still mission accomplished. --psb
                \_ it'd still be fairly easy to recognize him then, too.
        \_ We get Mossad on his ass. hunt him to the end of the earth.
        \_ Except that we DO have his DNA.
           \_ From where?
              \_ From examining his relatives
2003/3/2-3 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:27581 Activity:insanely high
3/2     Restuarant Review: Athithi on Haste.  Great vegetarian indian
        food.  The samosas and vegetables squares with chutney were
        superb appetizers.  Also tried cream of wheat with veggies
        (excellent) and lentil pancake (not bad).  All this stuff fed
        two people for $11.00
        \_ wait, isn't Athithi on Dwight at Telegraph?
        \_ Where can I find an Indian restaurant that does beef?  Cow
           tastes good, would be better with some of their sauces.
           \_ learn how to cook and make it yourself pathetic boy.
              \_ Who says I don't?  But good restaurants do a better job
           \_ Why does a brother got to sign his name? I don't know, there
              seems to be some arrogance about those who always sign their names
              It is like saying, "Oh what i'm saying is so great and smart, i'll
              sign it and flaunt my great knowledge of books, movies, computers,
              wine, politics, etc." see tom, psb, etc etc
                 than I, and it's worth my $$ to save my time.
        \_ Why not sign your name to this?  Are you afraid of being sued?
           or are you a family member of the owner?   --PeterM
           \_ Habit.  Neither.  -- mjm (op)
           \_ Why duz some broda' gots'ta sign his dojigger? ah'
              duzn't know, dere seems t'be some arrogance about
              dose who always sign deir dojiggers It be likes sayin',
              "Oh whut i'm sayin' be so great and smart, i'll sign
              it and flaunt mah' great knowledge uh scribblin's,
              movies, clunkers, wine, politics, etc." see tom, psb,
              etc etc
              \_ In this case, I asked the guy his name because now he can
                 be emailed follow-up questions, and people who know his taste
                 in food sucks or rules can weigh it accordingly.  --PM
                \_ you prefer people who think what they're saying is
                   so pathetic and idiotic they won't sign their name to it?
                   \_ I prefer that it not be an issue at all.  -- someone else
                        \_ of course it's an issue.  there's a value to knowing
                           the source of a comment.  -tom
                           \_ not "of course".  not when some people put more
              \_ You're right, there is that tendency among a few.
                 But fortunately, it continues to be the case that no one's
                 forcing you to sign your name.
                              value on the source of a comment than the text
                              of the comment looking to start a flame fest.
                                \_ the opposite is much more true; trolls
                                   posting inflammatory garbage that would
                                   be ignored if it were attributed.  -tom
                                   \_ I beg to disagree.  You sign 3/4s of the
                                      time and people (like me, duh) still
                                      reply to you for some reason.  Drat.  I
                                      just realized I've been trolled! ack!
                   \_ who's preventin' de motd fum becomin' cliqueish
        \_ So you are flatulent?
2003/2/24-25 [Recreation/Food] UID:27511 Activity:insanely high
2/24    Help! I have a blind date and no idea where to take her.
        Any suggestions? Thanks!
        \_ Into my pants
           \_ No need to take her to a smelly, overhyped place that no one's
              actually been to.
              \_ What're you calling overhyped?
        \_ why is my penis so huge?
           \_ Don't ask questions, son.  Now get back on my lap.
        \_ The Alley Cat on Grand in Oakland.  After 9pm
           \_ is this a joke? I used to like this place when I lived in
        \_ take her to that retarded new upcoming movie with
           steve martin and queen latifah
        \_ obStripClub
        \_ No-Name Sushi (aka Yokoso Nippon) 314 Church St. in SF.
           Medium quality sushi.  Impressively low prices, hole-in-the-wall
           atmosphere.  You'll usually spend 10-15 minutes in line outside,
           but that's sort of part of the experience.
           \_ I think they must fill the sushi w/ starch or something, because
              everytime I go there I come out feeling like I ate a steak and
              potato dinner, as opposed to sushi. But the place is cool...
              \_ you have a weird idea of cool.
                 \_ Move to texas then.
                    \_ can I get good sushi in texas without waiting in line
                       outside for 15 minutes and not feeling like I need
                       to throwup?  Does living in the bay area automatically
                       mean bad sushi at crowded dives?  Does Texas mean
                       good sushi in a nice place?  If so, I'm there, buddy!
              \_ Sushi is mostly starch.
                 \_ ??? Explain yourself.  Or are you thinking of tempura?
                  \_ hello?  rice?
                     \_ Just the raw fish, baby, no rice here.
                        \_ Sashimi is the proper term.
                           \_ its all about the mercury, kids!
        \_ Yeah, find out from the person who set you up what she likes and
           go from there. Damn you need to get smacked by the Clue Club.
           \_ Good idea, but don't go somewhere you're not interested in
              just to impress her, or she's going to think you're into
              that sort of thing.
              \_ spoken like a true soda geek.  figure out what she likes.
                 do that, even if setting yourself on fire would be preferable.
                 repeat 3 times.  bang her.  discard.  start over.
                 \_ And you're speaking like the stereotypical male asshole?
                 \_ whats wrong with putting in some minor effort to make your
                    date happy?  you might as well just go bang some oakland
                    hooker if you dont care.
                 \_ what's the point in making your date think you like some
                    thing you don't?  That's hardly a good start to a
                    \_ he's just a tough guy with 20 bucks burning a hole and
                       a thing for hookers.
                       \_ thought that guy moved to japan and has a striking
                          resemblance to Kim Il Jong
                          \_ like i said, spoken like true soda geeks.  and
                             how well did all that collective sodan wisdom
                             \_ not really sure what you said but not being an
                                asshole got me a beautiful, intelligent, very
                                well educated, loving wife.  whats being an
                                asshole gotten you?  aids? herpes?  syph?
                                \_ Popeye sized arms. I like to switch.
                                \_ Yo' I got half-a-dozen kids in half-a-dozen
                                   states. I am biologically successful, unlike
                                   your pansy ass. How many kids do you have?
                                   \_ It only means that you can't last long
                                      enough for her to cum, so you can't
                                   \_ Your simplistic views on biological
                                      success will purge you from the race.
                                      You're better off having a smaller number
                                      of successful children than a larger #
                                      that won't breed (but will have sex) in
                                      prisons across 6 states.
                                \_ BDG, can you explain this guys folly?
        \_ Tourrettes Without Regrets.  Part poetry slam, part variety show,
           part shock theater.  Always fun.  Sometimes gross and juvenile.
           She might be offended or upset, but I wouldn't want to date
           someone that would be offended after checking it out once.
           Alternate Tuesdays at the Oakland Metro.
2003/2/15-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:27428 Activity:high
2/14    I'm looking for interesting restaurants to go to in SF and LA. For
        example asiaSf is pretty interesting. I'm straight by the way but
        I like asiaSF cuz of novelty (and my gf likes weird places like that).
        I just need suggestions... anything, like ethiopian or whatever is
        ok. Thanks!
        \_ The Tonga Room is supposed to be a pretty interesting place.
           The Canelian Room had unbelieveable views of the SF/BA -- but
           The Canelian Room has unbelieveable views of the SF/BA -- but
           iirc, it's kinda pricy.                 -mice
           \_ The Carnelian Room has a dress code.  Fuck That Shit.  -tom
              \_ What are you, some kind of grown up child?  It's okay to
                 dress up once in awhile.  Really.  Sometimes it's nice to go
                 somewhere fancier than La Bell or Hot Dog on a Stick.
                 \_ you're confusing "fancy" with "snooty".  There are
                    plenty of places fancier than the Carnelian Room which
                    don't require ties.  -tom
              \_ Dress code is white protestant european oppression!  You
                 tell em tom.  Defend your right to dress like a bum.
                 \_ Tom likes to RIDE BIKE while eating dinner.
        \_ pre-order a pizza from zachary's to the SFPD station in your name,
           then snort coke and bunji-jump
           off the golden gate bridge.  when the pizza shows up at the
           police station just after you're arrested, you'll look like
           a genius and can impress your gf and will have a much more
           interesting time than you would at asiaSF.
           \_ this is one of the coolest ideas to come out of the motd. #1fan
        \_ just out of curiosity, what does your sexual orientation have
           to do with taste in restaurants?
           \_ asiaSF is a gay meeting place
              \_ psb, is that you? -psb fan #e^i
                 \_ you're part imaginary and part real? weird.
        \_ hes a homophobic bigot and probably a conservative racist.
           \_ ???  Is this from your cut'n'paste troll-o-rama file?
              \_ do not threaten Trollbot. just give him a cookie and move
                 on to the next cage.
        \_ I thought AsiaSF was pretty damned boring.  Maybe I'm just jaded.
           Getting served dinner by a dude in a dress simply isn't all
           that 'different' around here.
           \_ maybe you're just boring. not that many restaurants have a
              model runway and electronic music and weird lights going on.
              the fact that the models are crossdressers just adds to the
              'difference' that you apparently can't see.
              \_ of course he's boring.  it's saturday, and he's trolling
                 the motd, just like you.
                 \_ there's a difference between bored and boring.
2003/1/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:27250 Activity:high
1/30    Can drinking lots of milk actually make a woman's breasts bigger?
        Seems like this is much safer than implants and hormone treatment.
        \_ Only in the sense that drinking lots of milk makes you fat.
        \_ No.  She'll just balloon up and there's nothing saying her breasts
           will get significantly bigger as she gets fatter.  My gf's mother
           is a cow with A/B size tits.
           \_ It's also genetic. Fat accumulates in certain areas for certain
              people. That said, fat may increase breast size a little, but
              not enough to really be useful/noticable.
        \_ you may be thinking about those news reports suggesting that
        hormones in milk and meat products might contribute to the earlier
        onset of puberty.. no definitive evidence, but what else might explain
        why 8 year olds are getting racks these days?
           \_ who's complaining?
           \_ I'd go with this theory. Hormones and steroids fed to cows are
              probably being passed via milk in microscopic amounts which
              slowly accumulate to stimulate the body's own system.
              \_this is also a theory put forth to explain japanese teenage
              girls busting out beyond previous norms as well, since milk
              is a relatively recent introduction to the japanese diet
              depending on whether it's non-fat milk or not.
                \_ Another factor is increased protein. More amino acids to
                   build the body with and move it faster to puberty.
           \_ No, I was just thinking about the protein, and maybe the fat
              depending on whether it's non-fat milk or not.  -- OP
        \_ increased body fat (breasts) correlates to breast cancer.  It's
           no surprise that countries that has high consumptions of milk
           and animal fat in general have very high rates of cancer.  One
           more reason to be a vegetarian.
           \_ Thanks for all the info.  How about for a woman that's way past
              puberty, like a 30-year-old?  -- OP
              \_ Are you asking if a 30yo woman drinking milk will get bigger
                 breasts?  Ugh...  How about asking if that same 30yo woman
                 talking calcium tablets will grow taller?  What do you think?
              \_ No, the body already has a certain level of hormones and it's
                 tough to fool it on a small level change (ie. milk). Being
                 pregnant will start a change. Hormone treatments will too.
        \_ How about getting her pregnant and having her give milk?  Won't
           that grow the breasts?  And what about that "Bloussant" stuff,
           which is supposed to make your breasts grow?  Does it really?
           \_ But wouldn't the breasts return to the original size one she
              stops lactating?  Too big a price to pay for too short of a
              benefit.  Besides, I see pregnant women in public, and quite
              often they don't have big breasts.  So is that just a myth?  BTW
              is the Bloussant stuff as safe as it claims?  -- OP
              \_ Usually it does, but mammary glands don't always shrink back
                 to pre-pregnancy size. It's not a myth, milk is being
                 produced in nearly all cases. How much milk depends on the
                 mother and if she breast feeds afterwards. Plus there's
                 some increased fat accumalation in that region. I think the
                 Bloussant stuff is basically hormone treatment to a certain
                 degree... (you'll have to research that)
2003/1/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:27249 Activity:nil
1/29    Makes you wonder about china:
        \_ we have been eating breast-milk-fed pigs for eons, along
           with other thing which I don't dare to touch myself.  Eating
           is a cutural thing, don't look at it in any other perverted way.
           \_ Really?  That's news to me.  By "breast-milk-fed" do you mean
        \_ Yes, we Chinese eat (or used to eat) all kinds of weird things:
           pork/cow brains, pork/chicken blood, insects, monkey brains (without
           killing the monkey first!), cats, dogs, rats, penes and testes,
           and now human breast milk.
        \_ I vaguely remember a story about someone in China setting up a store
           to "sell fresh breast milk" by letting people drink directly from
           the breasts.  And then the place got cracked down because it was in
           effect a brothel.
2003/1/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:27245 Activity:very high
        This is the sort of thing that makes me want a smaller government that
        does the minimum necessary to keep things running.  The road to hell
        is paved with good intentions.
        \_ Yes, it was much better when people stood in bread and soup lines
           so they would only eat healthy food and not enough to make them fat.
           \_ Nice try but that's strike one.  A good emotional plea for
              keeping a program around in it's original incarnation long after
              it does more harm than good.  Care to try again?
        \_ Did you read the article?
           "When asked to explain how increased consumption, a goal of the food
            stamp program, negatively affects recipients or contributes to
            increased obesity, Besharov, who appeared reluctant to comment on
            his report, said only, "of course it is negative," and said the
            impact of is explained in his analysis."
           This guy's a crackpot.
           \_ Sorry that he couldn't turn his entire study into a nice little
              brainless soundbite for you.
           \_ I tutor kids age 5-8 who are on the school breakfast program
              and they are as thin as string.  The school lunches may
              be one of the few things keeping them going.  With only one
              exception, none are in any danger of obesity any time soon.
              \_ if you do anything but spend your six figure sysadmin
                 salary on useless electronic gadgets and donate to the
                 libertarian party, you are not qualifited to discuss politics
                 on the motd. prepare to be deleted. and NEVER bring
                 facts fom real life and not a web page into an arguement.
                 \_ The article isn't talking about children but I'm glad to
                    see you putting something back into the community even if
                    it is only to provide a sense of superiority and not
                    genuine charity.
                \_ Why not sign this post?  It's to your credit.  --PeterM
        \_ The only thing that kept me fed when I was a child was the free
           lunch and food stamp programs. I was still very small (5' 3"
           105 lbs at 16) and probably a bit undernourished. No one in my
           very large famliy was obese or overfed until many years later,
           when some of us started making more money. -ausman
           \_ Ho hum... another non-article reader.  I was about the same
              weight/height/age but had plenty of food.  Some people just
              aren't going to be fat teens.  Be glad you weren't.  You'll
              live longer.
2003/1/4 [Recreation/Food] UID:26979 Activity:nil
1/3     So no one knows what was in the Wall Berlin building
        pre-Wall-Berlin around 1995 or so?
        \_ I think you mean 1993 or so
        \- it wasnt a place called "Axe" ort something like that was it? --psb
        \_ It was Gumby's pizza.
        \_ What was the Mexican restaurant around there that you could buy
           weed at?
           \_ Manuel's where Steve's bbq is at now.
        \_ or was that manache's?  or is that the same thing?
        \_ What are the cross-streets? Some of us arent on-site anymore.
2002/12/22 [Recreation/Food] UID:26885 Activity:nil
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/12/12-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:26796 Activity:very high
12/11   Hello I will be operating out of the westwood area this weekend.
        If you have some suggestions for bars/cafe/cheep restaurants/used
        book facilities or live music locations or other things to do,
        pls advice. ok tnx. --psb
        \_ There are lots of easy women hanging around Koreatown who like
           being picked up by strangers.  The only problem is most aren't
        \_ for entertainment: compute your water use while in socal,
           and figure out how much the american taxpayer spent to
           bring it to you in the middle of a fucking desert.
           \_ As if Hetch Hetchy were free, and not the destruction
              of part of Yosemite.
        \_ walk on Westwood and you'll see. Also drive on Santa Monica.
           Lots of restaurants and asian massage parlors. Westwood is a
           great place. I'm happier here than when I was at ucb -ucla ee guy
           \_ The PSB does not go to jack shacks.
              \_ "jack shacks" = asian massage parlors?  Never heard this
                 term but it's funny.  I love the motd.
        \_ Santa Monica is worth visiting. The 3rd St. Promonade area has
           a couple of interesting bookstores (one specializing in
           architecture/art books). The Main St. part of Santa Monica
           down by Venice also has a couple of good bars.
           And while you are in LA definately see the Museum of Jurassic
           Technology in Culver City: There's great
           cheap Indian food by the MJT.
           \_ I heard about that museum on NPR. I hear it's a crock.
        \_ Didi reese in Westwood is good, cheap ice cream & cookies. there are
           two hookah joints right next to it. Forgot the street name, but
           it's very close to ucla off gayley. --ucla biomed guy
           \- ok tnx for the suggestions. keep them coming. does the art book
              location have photography books? also are they full price?
              these days unless something is truely rare you can find stuff
              online ... so things are price dominated rather than availability
              dominated. i am not interested in ho facilites. yes i appreciate
              there are a lot of restuarants but i was looking for suggestions.
              there are a lot of restuarants on shattuck between university and
              rose but what would you recommend for a fast cheep lunch other
              than cheeseboard and gregoire? ok tnx. --psb
              \_ Sushi Ishiin is one block north of Wilshire, (forget
                 the street name, I always walk) near Westwood intersection.
                 It is a darn decent sushi place.  It is across the street
                 from Palomino, if you ever get the craving for Skates-esque
                 food.  There are also a lot of good Persian restaurants
                 in the area, I think one of them is called "chelo kebab" but
                 once again, am not sure, since I'm usually walking, and
                 following someone else's lead. --chris
                 \- are the super-expensive sushi places? craving for skates-
                    esque ... ??? why would you go there for anything but the
                    view or unless someone else is paying? it's not awful
                    but there are pareto superior places all around --psb
2002/11/25 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:26625 Activity:low
11/25   Anyone got a url to a photo of the Far Side cartoon,
        top half of the panel, nerd is sitting in bed, thinking
        'Does she like me?  Does she like me?  Does she like
        me a lot?  Does she like me more than I like her?  Does she?
        Huh?  HUH?' and the bottom panel has the girl sitting
        in bed thinking "I wonder if I like ice cream?'.
                It's "You know, I think I really like vanilla."
                or something like that.  -ax
2002/9/20 [Recreation/Food] UID:25952 Activity:very high
9/19    Here in the US nearly all the korean restaurants I've seen are
        koreak BBQ places.  Or other restaurants that serve a lot of meat.
        Is typical of the average diet in korea?  Or just korean
        food for americans?  Thanks.
        \_ My girlfriend says the preponderance of meat in korean restaurant
           food has to do with restaurants being a sort of a splurge. Food
           at home is dominated by broth, vegetables, seafood and rice.
           Kim-chee anyone? --ulysses
        \_ Trying to get it on with a Korean chick?
        \_ Typical Korean meals are heavier on vegetable side dishes,
           seafood and soup.
           \_ Yeah.  Try the place on Grand in the V of lake merritt.
        \_ beef is no substitute for the real dog meat.
           \_ or frog legs and snails for the french, and possum for
              rednecks. great observation.
           \_ or frogs and snails for the french, and possum for rednecks.
              great observation.
              \_ and remember, it's a felony to eat horse here in California.
                 that makes us a far more superior human being
                 \_ That's why we aren't part of the axis of evil.
2002/8/29 [Health/Men, Recreation/Food] UID:25726 Activity:high
8/28    Anybody tried rogaine?  How does it work, and how well does it
        work?  How much does it cost?
        \_ In case this is a serious questions and not a random troll...
           I'm going to suggest something that doesn't cost you anything,
           in fact it might even save you money.  I'm not getting bald, I have
           a full set of hair.  I've noticed that I have MORE hair
           than before and my hair is growing faster and is shinier/healthier.
           The secret:  good nutrition.  I don't eat processed foods and I
           rarely eat out at restaurants.  If I do eat out it's at salad
           places like Fresh Choice.  If you cook and eat from fresh ingredient
           everyday, you will improve your health and might just stop the
           hair loss.  Again, this costs you nothing except the time it takes
           to prepare and cook your food.  It's definitely worth it if it
           can stop your hair loss.
                \_ I bet those scientists who believe in a genetic basis
                   to baldness are the same ones who believe in global
                   warming.  -tom
        \_ If you're Jewish, the yarlmulka provides a much cheaper solution.
        \_ just shave your head and be done with it.
           \_ or you could get a reverse-mohawk like the Harkonens in
              David Lynch's Dune movie.  if only someone could get that
              to be fashionable.
           \_ Amen, brother.     -mice
              \_ What can the sisters do?
        \_ My dad says that it kept the peachfuzz on top of his head from
        \_ Doesn't seem to help my receding hairline. Not too surprising,
           since that is not what it is indicated for, but I figured I
           would try anyway.
        \_ Don't let any drip down your forehead.  Unless you want peach
           fuzz in novel places.
        \_ taking propecia, never touched rogaine.  hairloss stopped.  i'm
           not seeing my hairline restored but it's not losing ground either.
           my doc says that using both works even better if youre really
           serious about it but i havent tried.
        \_ I guess this day was going to come sooner or later.  Motd trollers
           getting older and asking this type of questions.  In a few years,
           we'll be talking about getting that "procedure" done or which
           doctor is good for coronary bypass surgeries.
2002/8/21-22 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:25637 Activity:very high
8/21    Everytime I mention that I like Starbucks' coffee to someone they
        always make snide comments.  Why don't people like Starbucks?
        \_ I don't know about you, but I think people are pretty stupid
        to pay 5 bucks for a 25c beverage. Then again, they pay $1 for
        16 oz of water, which is practically free. Anyway, coffee isn't
        good for you, drink water.
        \_ I don't know about you, but I think people are pretty stupid to pay
           5 bucks for a 25c beverage. Then again, they pay $1 for 16 oz of
           water, which is practically free. Anyway, coffee isn't good for
           you, drink water.  [formatd]
        \_ personally, i just hate coffee culture and everything that
           goes with it, including the stupid ass coffee snobery
           seen below.  all in all, starbucks is less infuriating than
           some of the indy coffee shops.  at least there's room to sit.
           on the other hand, they are a symbol of the faceless yuppie
           strip mall that is replacing the concept of american community.
        \_ Cuz they have bad coffee.
        \_ Try Noah's Bagels coffee. Taste the difference.
           \_ Tully's, or any number of the downtown berkeley cafes...
              There are such better options than starbucks.  All you're
              buying is the brand..
        \_ I like Starbucks, too, but there are better coffee's out
           there. Sometimes the quality varies even within the same
           store, so find out who makes the best coffee, and go there
           when they are on shift.
           \_ Is making coffee really such rocket science?  How hard can it be?
              \_ If you can boil water you can make coffee. The difference in
                 taste of coffee is like the difference in taste in wine.
                 It's a load of bs propogated by arbitrary connoiseurs trying
                 to market what basically is a drug. People don't drink coffee
                 for the taste, they drink it because they're addicted to
                 \_ and people who drink wine drink it because they're addicted
                    to alcohol?  grow up.
                    \_ strawman.  try again?
                       \_ just using your comparison.  Saying people don't
                          drink coffee for the taste is an utterly baseless
                          \_ It wasn't my comparison and you're still a
                             strawman whereas the person you strawmanned had
                             lots more to say which you ignored.  Now for my
                             personal take on it: coffee is vile and
                             disgusting.  It reeks.  It tastes bad.  The only
                             way someone could start coffee drinking is through
                             peer pressure and the only way to continue on to
                             that nasty "wakes me up in the morning" habit and
                             the X-many cups/day habit is caffeine addiction.
                             Try to stop drinking it without a caffeine sub.
                             You can't.  You'll go through caffeine withdrawl
                             and get sick until your body recovers.
              \_ It's a combination of the coffee bean, the roasting method,
                 the freshness of the grind, the water, how it was prepared,
                 and how long it's been sitting around. Decent coffee, like
                 many things, takes some effort. You can tell bad from good,
                 but most folks can't tell good from great. And there's
                 nothing wrong with that.
        \_ I guess it's the idea that like "real men go to local stores".  For
           example, "real handymen go to ACE Hardware instead of Home Depot",
           "real photographers go to Looking Glass instead of Ritz Camera".
                 \- real photographers buy over the net. this is generally
                    more about price and what is stocked. this is not a good
                    \_ Not every real photographer is computer-literate.
           Something like that.  It gives them pride.
        \_ Because of the number of stores and it's distribution system,
           Starbuck's has less quality control than smaller stores. It does
           actually tastes worse than Peet's and a few of the smaller chains.
           That and their emphasis on pricey sugary milk/coffee combos means
           their coffee quality suffers.
        \_ "Gypsies, tramps, and thieves, but every night all the men would
            come around and lay their money down."
        \_ Good use for a Starbucks:
2002/8/20 [Recreation/Food] UID:25628 Activity:high
8/20    Top Dog, Sun Hong Kong, Zona Rosa, Bongo Burger, Henry's
        \_ Zona Rosa is long gone
           \_ since when?
                \_ "long gone"
           \_ Zona Rosa --> Fabuloso --> Naan & Curry (2002-08-01)
        \_ What are "restaurants in berkeley"?
        \_ TC Garden #1!!!
        \_ what restaurants are currently northside?  The ones near Top
           \_ Sun HK is not northside. Neither is blondies.
        \_ Places to get ill!
        \_ "What is the OP's answer to the previous motd post?"
        \_ What? No Arnell's?
2002/8/20 [Recreation/Food] UID:25625 Activity:very high
8/20    I'm curious, what are your lunch arrangements?
        cook and pack my own lunch: .
        eat out:                    ..
        eat out sometimes, bring lunch other times:  ...
        eat in the dorms:
        deli sandwich+drink at my desk: .
        work provides free lunch: .
        cheeseboard: .
        \_ do you care whether you are working or are a student?
           \_ added third option for students
        \_ work provides free lunch
        \_ Damn I miss this place.
           \_ Me too
2002/8/12-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:25544 Activity:insanely high
8/12    I have a kitty now! I'm excited, forgive me for sharing. Pictures
        linked at  - chialea
        \_ what is chialeo's email address?
        \_ in england they would call it a pussy.
        \_ I guess there aren't any cute guy at CMU so you got a kitty?
        \_ chialea has a black dick???
           \_ If a big black cock is good enough for lila, it's good enough
              for you.
           \_ She's not at CMU yet.
        \_ can I eat the kitten in conjuction with the microwavable korean
        \_ Ugh.
           \_ I bet you eat kittens.
              \_ of course i don't.  the meat is far too stringy
        \_ I think there's a typo: "I am be the proud...".
           \_ Fixed. it used to be "I am to be the..." and I was in a hurry
              to thuow the pictures up. thanks. -chialea
        \_ He looks yummy.  I'll bet he'd go over equally well as a simple
           BBQ side or as the first dish for a higher end occasion.  Since
           this one is already gone can you tell us where we might get another?
           \_ sure, there's another one in boston, if you email me, I'll
              put you in touch. but it's probably not worth it, considering
              the natural abundance of stay cats in CA. -chialea
              \_ They neuter too many of the strays here.  then you don't
                 get the tender testicle meat, and where's the fun in that?
                 \_ More testicles means more iron.
                 \_ I think the trick here would be a) not confusing testicle
                    bits with muscle bits and b) a REALLY good relation with a
                    vet. -chialea
                    \_ I have a vet friend.  How do you suggest I approach her
                       about this?  Anything I should make sure to say or not
                       say?  I don't want to make a kitty food faux pass.
                       \_ Is she hot?
                          \_ The vet or the cat?
        \_ Oh no. I think I just killed it.
           \_ What are those two ginger-bread-looking things?  And what does
              the picture have to do with masturbation?
              \_ why ask stupid questions?
              \_ domokun.
                 \_ Hey, know where to get the overdubbed domokun video?
                        \_ google for <DEAD><DEAD> and domokun
           \_ oh my god, that is *so* fucking funny!  thank you.
2002/6/25-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:25195 Activity:high
6/25    In terms of food, how health conscious are you?  College students?
        \_ Unconscious.
           \_ pizza?  Grease?  Cheese?
              \_ no, unconscious. passed out drunk.
        \_ I am willing to eat college students but Alumni are too crusty
           and stale.
2002/6/25 [Computer/HW/CPU, Recreation/Food] UID:25186 Activity:very high
6/24    What's the difference between a food-processor and a blender?
        \_ the former chops, slices, dices, grinds
           \_ and the latter grinds, dices, slices and chops.
                \_ You ignorant slut!! A blender takes the food and chops
                   it up into tiny bits, sometimes liquifying it. A food
                   processor is designed to do more subtle stuff like
                   making slices of variying thikness or shapes.
2002/6/9-10 [Recreation/Food] UID:25045 Activity:very high
6/8     What's an environmentally sound way to dispose of kitchen fat?
        My Eisenia fetida composting worms don't like it.
        \_ In case this is a serious question.  That's another reason why
           I became vegan.  Without eating animal products, I don't have
           any animal products to dispose of.  All my kitchen scraps go
           into my compost piles.  I have a pretty big worm colony in my
           backyard.  :-)  If you care enough about the environment to
           keep composting worms, I recommend that you go the extra step
           and become vegan.
           \_ on the other hand you can just quit being a pussy and throw
              shit in the garbage where it belongs instead of it stinking
              up your house.  Most "vegan" composters I know are lazy fucks
              who "compost" in the kitchen because they're incapable of
              taking the trash out.
              \_ you don't know any vegan composters. We do not associate
                 with fuckers like you.  I'm quite proud that my family
                 only produce one grocery bagful of garbage a week.  You
                 lazy polluters makes me sick.
                 \_ One bag a week?  You don't have kids.  Anyway, how do you
                    *know* if you associate with "fuckers like him"?  You think
                    normal people are as obnoxious about their beliefs as
                    freaks like you and shove them in everyone's face at every
                    opportunity?  No.  You have no idea.
              \_ just throw it on the street.
                 \_ that requires effort too.  better to be a farty smelly
                    housed fat vegan with stringy hair.
        \_ make a lantern using fat + cornoil + cardboard + thick thread
           it will keep the electric bill down.
        \_ soap?
        \_ I don't know about eco-friendly, but at least it won't smell.
           my mom always poured it into yogurt containers and refrigerated
           it until it hardened, then threw it in the trash.
        \_ kitchen fat? dude, toss it.  whats more bio-safe than fat? sheesh.
                   \_ nyet.
           feed it to your pigs or something but oh wait then there's methane
           destroying the atmosphere!  egads!
        \_ you can't compost meat-fat, just toss it, or coat your
           entire body in it and start greeting each morning by
           taking a quick dip in the san francisco bay - danh
             \_ If "toss it" means throw it in a landfill, I'm looking for
                a way to recycle it.
                \_ if you really care, you could probably make candles out of
                   it.  -tom
                   \_ nyet.
                \_ I use it as sunblock.
                   \_ Feel how soft my skin is.
                \_ landfill it. its 100% bio. its happy there.
        \_ Buy a diesel car, convert it to biodiesel, and use it to drive
           to work:
2002/6/8-9 [Recreation/Food] UID:25039 Activity:high
6/7     Has anyone ever been to Chez Panisse Restaurant and the upstairs
        cafe? Besides price, are they significantly different?
        \_ I disliked the downstairs because of its lack of choice.
           If you don't happen to like what they're serving, you're hozed.
           I've been in the cafe once and I liked that OK.  --PeterM
        \_ Mostly in tone and service. Food is about the same, and the
           difference isn't worth the price differential except on very
           special occasions (gotta try the fixe prix once.)
        \_ Went to cafe not upstairs.  Service was third rate.  Food was very
           mediocre.  Price was too high.  Tables were tiny and packed in like
           FreeDay at Disneyland.  It's all hype.
                   \- you can disagree about the food and you certainly can
                      disagree about the price-performance [i'm so-so on
                      both at CP-Cafe] but if you think the service was
                      3rd rate, you are simply an idiot. This is like
                      thinking jove is a better editor than emacs. Like emacs
                      CP has been around a long time [for a USA restaurant]
                      has evolved to the point where it really runs well.
                      On the upstairs/downstairs question, IMHO, the are
                      "philosophically aligned" but different restaurants.--psb
                      \_ when the wait staff is rude I must be an idiot for
                         thinking so?  okey dokey!  I'll go find the rude prick
                         who 'served' our table and tell him how sorry I am
                         that he was forced to wait our table.  whatever....
                         jesus christ, they hired my ex-girlfriend for their
                         wait staff and she sure as hell didn't have a good
                         "service oriented" personality.  you're clueless.
           \_ The cafe is soso, but the downstairs is amazingly good, and
              not really that expensive for what you get.
        \_ when I got a job I went there for celebration with my gf. Simply
           overrated and not worth going the second time. Then again you have
           to be a food snob to appreciate the food there.
2002/6/6-7 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:25015 Activity:high
6/6     On NPR the other day I heard a doctor say that there are 12 fruits
        and vegetables that you should only buy organic because of the
        high levels of pesticides in the nonorganic varieties. He listed
        strawberries as the fruit that you should definitely only eat organic.
        Anyone know what the other ones might be?
        \_ Do you remember exactly when?  You can use their web site to
           find the show and transcript, most likely...
             \_ Thanks. This is what I was looking for. -op
        \_ NPR?  Dude just wash your produce before eating.
           \_ It's not just about what you're eating.  Environmental
              responsibility is a big portion of the decision to eat
        \_ Speaking of organic food, where are some good places in the
           south bay to buy organic food?
           \_ buahahahaha...  but seriously.  there's a place down by santa
              clara university
2002/6/5 [Reference/Celebration, Recreation/Food] UID:24998 Activity:high
6/6     Why does the US like Egypt and Turkey so much? Egyptians bomb shit left
        and right, and Turkey... well, I don't know anything about Turkey other
        then the fact that they are Arabs that pretend to be Europeans.
        \_ Turkey has good strategic value all around.  And Turkey is nice
           to Americans.
           to Americans.  Egypt has good strategic value too (the Canal).
           \_ It's also a Thanksgiving staple.
        \_ Go to Cyprus and ask them about Turkey...
           \_ Go to Armenia and ask them about Turkey...
2002/6/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:24994 Activity:high
        So do restaurants have an obligation to disclose the
        ingredients of their food?
        \_ yes
        \_ no
        \_ different per country.  mcdonalds is evil.
           \_ not as satanic as Taco Hell.
           \_ every restaurant has health 'issues' in their kitchens.  if
              you're concerned about what you're eating grow and make it
              \_ Most residential kitchens have even *worse* problems.
        \_ the difference here is mcdonalds flat out said the fries were
2002/5/23-24 [Recreation/Food] UID:24927 Activity:moderate
        \_ Some of the links are borken.
                                 \_ I found no conservative punditry there.
        bork (exp) /bork/: 1) Sound made by Swedish chef. 2) Conservative
2002/5/14-15 [Recreation/Food] UID:24825 Activity:high
5/14    "Stealing a man's pizza is a felony in my book."
                        --UCPD Officer R. A.  McAlister
        For those of you who don't normally read the meeting minutes, you
        should read them this time, the "pizza incident" is one of the
        funniest things to happen at a meeting in many years.
        \_ I'm curious about what happened.  Did the guy steal the pizza
           because he's an asshole type or was he more like a poor starving
           student type?
           \_ I think "dumbass" has to be considered here.
        \_ Where's the minutes?  Thanks.
           \_ I second the motion for op to post the minutes.
           \_ /csua/pub/minutes -geordan
              \_ Is it the May minutes?  If so, permissions need to be set.
           \_ The interesting bits are here:
        \_ They should have pressed criminal charges. Or at the least,
           extorted a lot more $$$ out of the dumbass.
2002/4/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:24483 Activity:nil
4/18    "All Red Level Troubleshooters, Please Report To The Food Vats",1282,51842,00.html
2002/3/25-26 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:24221 Activity:very high
3/25    I've recently become vegetarian.  I'm wondering after 20+ years of
        eating meat, how long does it take for my body to clean out the
        meat-related toxins?  I've heard that our bowels often have
        undigested meat stuck in there.   Thanks.
        \_ meat?  Forget about that.  What about your marble?
           Pitchford.  I won't even begin to address the bunk below
           except to say that one of the many reasons that eating
           commercial slaughter is worse than eating even sprayed
           vegetables is that oil-based pesticides (and so many other
           toxins) bioaccumulate in the fat of the animal.
        \_ your gains as a veggie comes from less saturated fat and
           colesterol.  But you may just be trading for different toxins.
        \_ I've read that it takes anywhere from 2 to 10 days.
           \_ How about all of the gum I swallowed as a kid? Is that
              there too?
                \_ You need enemas.  Lots of enemas.  Mine more enemas.
        \_ So instead of meat toxins you're going to ingest all the chemicals
           that get sprayed on plants?  Good plan.  So what do you plan to
           replace all that protein with?
           \_ Do you think that they even wash animal feed to get the
              pesticides off?  Eating less meat reduces your exposure to
              chemicals.  -- not a veggie
              \_ Of course not, the bugs would crawl back in if they did that.
           \_ Organically grown plants don't get sprayed with chemcials.
              There are many grains/beans that have much higher protein
              content than meat.
              \_ That's not quite correct. Grains/beans are often incomplete
                 complete proteins, you have to learn how to mix and match
                 them so that you can get all the essential amino acids.
                 \_ Its not very hard to get the right mix.
                 \_ although some of the best grains (e.g., Quinoa, which
                    has more calcium than milk and more protein than
                    meat, and is very balnanced -- are NOT EVEN GRAINS!
                    they just look, taste and act like grains.  WOAH.
              \_ So I guess you're getting it from the bugs like the below
                 person says.  Whatever floats yer boat.  I'm guessing that
                 peanut butter will become a bigger part of your diet.  You'll
                 note peanut butter is heart clogging and will make you fat.
                 So are you going all the way and not eating honey either
                 because they 'abuse and exploit the bees by stealing their
                 honey and smoking their nests to steal it"?
                 \_ I'm not the original poster. I've been a vegetarian all
                    my life. I don't eat much peanut butter or honey (maybe
                    one or twice a year at most), mostly because it is too
                    sweet for my taste and not because of the "poor bees").
                    Grains and beans are a sufficient source of protein and
                    are not as fattening as meats.
                    BTW, I wash my food to clean off insects and dirt before
                    cooking. Perhaps this is a novel concept for you, oh
                    great hunter of wild beasts who eats the flesh of his
                    killing uncooked and uncleaned.
                    \_ So you don't care about the bees?  That's really
                       heartless and cruel.  Why do you wash off the bugs and
                       dirt?  They add flavor and important nutrients.  You
                       state you've been a vegetarian all your life as if that
                       grants you some sort of special dietary knowledge.  Ok,
                       I've been an omnivore all my life.  Does that grant me
                       special knowledge, too?  And what does any of this have
                       to do with "... oh great hunter of wild beasts who eats
                       the flesh of his killing uncooked and uncleaned"?  Nice
                       attempt at e190 quality poetry but it has nothing to do
                       with anything.  I suggest you stick with what you know,
                       beans and peanut butter.
                       \_ Vegetarians live longer healthier lives. Many
                          studies have shown this. Sorry to pop your holier
                          than thou bubble.
                          \_ And they get sand kicked in their face for
                             those extra 2-3 years.  Quality of life, man.
                             Nothing beats good lamb.
                             \_ well it's true they may have used a hatchet
                             \_ White veal, yum!
                          \_ True or not this is not a reply to anything I
                             said.  Why would you bother replying to me with
                             this statement?  You could have at least attempted
                             to reply to something I said.
                             \_ You said "what you are going to replace
                                all the protein with" and "you are going
                                to eat all those pesticides" as if being
                                a vegetarian was bad for your health. It
                                is not.
                                \_ Yes, and?
           \_ From the insects on the plants, of course.
        \_ A good first book would be Healing with Whole Foods by Paul
           Pitchford.  It's not a simple question to answer.  The
           main thing is to learn about proper nutrition and stick with it!
        \_ wallgrep -4 guardian (today.  -5 tomorrow.)
        \_ Good for you.
        \_ unless you were a carnivorous plant before, you will always
           contain meat-related toxins.  your body makes them.
        \_ I heard your bowels contain as much as 5 lbs of undigested raw meat
           which, in time, will rot and grow maggots and oh my!
          \_ OK, I'll bite - where around here can you do this?
             \_ lol
             \_ I'm sure you can find someone in SF willing to help.
             \_ i read about them first at: giant robot (ISSUE #22...
                "Haruki Murakami, Cambodia, Cambodian Shop Signs,
                Getting a colonic, and more.  $6.00")  i dont remember
                the details, but i think the guy was in l.a. and the
                people who gave him the colonic were korean, so you
                could probably find a place in the bay area.
2002/3/22-23 [Recreation/Food] UID:24184 Activity:high
3/21    Hi, I'm looking for good vegetarian restaurants in the south bay.
        I prefer restaurants that don't offer fake meat items.  Those are
        pretty nasty.  Thanks.
        \_ --elizp
        \_ Zagats?  Use the web.  It's faster than waiting.
        \_ If you like Indian food, try Udupi on El Camnio, they are
           100% veg. Udupi also has a Fremont branch. Fresh Choice
           also has mostly veg. items.
           \- post to or google for --psb
        \_ good vegetarian?  No such thing.  If it didn't once walk, swim or
           fly it doesn't count as food.  At best it's plate filler.
        \_ on a side note, burger king is supposed to have veggie burgers now.
           \_ The veggie burgers grilled on the same grill as the meat
              burgers which defeats the whole point.
        \_ I hear McDonald's fries are veggie now.
           \_ do most vegetarians care strongly whether a particular food
                is cooked in pork lard or not?  And is there a subcategory
                of vegetarians who don't mind taking beef broth.
2002/3/19 [Recreation/Food] UID:24152 Activity:high
3/18    When it rains, the snails start crawling out onto the sidewalk
        and the concrete walkways (I guess to get dry), but then they get
        stepped on accidentally and crushed to death, particularly when it
        is dark. Is there some way to fix this?
        \_ When I see snails around my house, I gently pull them off the
           concrete and then throw them to the lawn.
           \_ Throw them onto your *neighbor's* lawn. Duh.
        \_ Gather them and put them in a bucket/container with baking powder
           for a few days.  They'll eat the powder which will clean out their
           system.  They're then safe to be shelled and cooked up.
           \_ thanks for a cool motd entry.... --PM
              \_ Hmm.. maybe it was flour?  Damn it, I don't remember now.
                 Check a second source before trying this but I know it's
                 \_ I thought it was salt.
                    \_ Only if you want to subject them to a painful and
                       miserable death and leave them unedible.
                       \_ 'unedible'? is that kind of like 'unexplainable'?
                       \_ And shelling, boiling and eating them is not painful?
                          \_ It's faster than dumping them in salt which does
                             nothing useful and kills them painfully.
           \_ That'll clean out all the pesticide and fertilizers in their
              bodies?  What about motor oil and detergent from people fixing
              or washing their cars on driveways?
                \_ It's supposed to.  I strongly advise doing your own
                   research before eating anything that someone on the motd
                   (like me) says is ok.  I don't even remember if it was white
                   flour or baking powder.  Professionals on closed track.
                   \_ I think it's corn meal. There was an article in the
                      east bay express about this a couple years back.
                      \_ Could be.  Might be that any of these things will do.
                         I really don't remember but I know the general concept
                         is sound.  --original snail eating poster
        \_ No, they are out on the sidewalk to avoid drowning. Same as worms.
2002/3/7 [Recreation/Food] UID:24046 Activity:high
3/6     Following up on my cookware questiona while back.  I've decided to
        get a stainless steel cookware set.  I'm wondering if it's worth
        spending more to get the ones that has copper on the outside.  It
        looks fancier but does it make a difference in cooking?  Thanks.
        \_ Yes, it does make a difference if the copper's thick enough, but
           it's also a lot more of a hassle to keep it looking nice.  Good
           copper pans are also very expensive.
           \_ If you don't like the way highly polished copper surfaces look
              with regular use (and no polishing), then go with Falk.  It's
              the same 2.5mm copper/stainless bimetal used by Mauviel and
              Bourgeat (in fact, Falk manufactures this bimetal and supplies
              it to the other two manufacturers), but the copper exterior
              has a brushed finish.
        \_ The heat spreads more evenly cooking your food more evenly.  But
           consider what you're cooking.  Will it matter?
        \_ Yes if it is Mauviel, Bourgeat, or Falk; probably not if it was
           made by someone else.  These three make copper cookware with a
           stainless steel lining; it is expensive, but works very well.
           Every other copper/stainless steel cookware line I'm aware
           of is stainless steel with a decorative copper plating on it
           (such as All-Clad's Cop-R-Chef, or Revereware).  The cheapest place
           I found for real copper cookware is
  for Mauviel.  You can also get
           good prices on Falk at
        \_ copper conducts better, ie. quicker heat, more even heat, and
           most importantly, quicker cooling.   IOW, one of the biggest
           advantages of copper is that it cools off practically immediately
           after you take it off the stove, great for meringue's or other
           such dessert things that are tres heat sensitive.  Otherwise, it's
           not that much better, utility wise than others.  Of course, it's
           a major pain in the ass to keep in "good looking" condition.
           \_ I think you underestimate the utility of a pan that heats
              evenly.  I'm living in an apartment with an electric stove.
              Using copper pots instead of stainless steel eliminates the
              hotspots from the burner coils.
2002/3/3 [Recreation/Food] UID:24017 Activity:kinda low
3/02    are eggs safe to eat after a few months or did they go bad?
        \_ Not Good.  Get fresh Eggs.
        \_ Eggs are dirt cheap.  What's wrong with you?  No, you can only eat
           dinosaur eggs after the first week.
           \_ however, if you find somewhere any dinosaur eggs please don't
              eat them. Save them for the scientists or something ..
                \_ seeing how t-rex didn't really run that fast afterall,
                   I don't have much respect for dinos anymore.
2002/2/25 [Recreation/Food] UID:23966 Activity:kinda low
2/25    I forgot to put an unopened cheddar cheese in the fridge when I got
        home from the grocery store, and it was sitting at room temp for
        about 8 hours. If I put it in the fridge now, will it be ok to eat?
        \_ yes, it is ok to eat.
        \_ cheese is mold in the first place anyhow.
           \_ Only some cheeses use mold for flavor.  It's never used for
              curdling, which almost always uses bacterial cultures.  Warm
              cheese is fine to re-refrigerate; letting a cheese warm up
              before eating makes it taste better, anyway.  --pld
           \_ there are different kinds of mold (healthy and unhealthy)...
              though in response to the original poster, cutting off any
              visible (blue, green, etc) mold should be more than enough
              to keep from getting sick.
2002/2/19-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:23913 Activity:very high
2/19    what is the best "non-stick" cooking pots and pans out there?  I'm
        asking about brand names or technology names.  Also, are the shiny
        alumninum surfaces better than those coated with some black stuff?
        I couldn't find any of the shiny ones that are also billed as
        "non-stick". Thanks.
        \_ Just get something like All-Clad and to hell with non-stick
           except for an omelette pan or something. --dim
           \_ it isn't too hard to keep a dedicated omelette pan that
              doesn't need to be non stick.
           \_ get le creuset, the best of both worlds -- heat retention
              and non-sticky surfaces.
              \_ Too heavy and slow to heat. I have some and it's great
                 for casseroles, but you won't want to make a sauce with
                 it. --dim
                 \_ it's not much heavier than shitty calphalon, and you
                    can make EXCELLENT sauces with le creuset.
                    \_ i must just be a wimp because le creuset is far too
                       heavy for me.  get some all clad or demeyere stainless
                       steel, and if you really need a non stick pan, just
                       get a cheap one at some place like ikea since they
                       all get scratched up and become useless in due time.
        \_ I bought a set of pots and pans by Regal Royal Diamond at Walmart.
           It's cheap (like $59), has nice glass covers, and doesn't stick.
           Made in USA (somewhere in Minnesota I think).  Been using
           it for more than a year.  So far so good.
        \_ Do it the Chinese way.  First, buy a cheap Chinese "wok".  Don't
           buy a stainless steel one, because that sticks.  Buy the kind made
           of iron instead.  Then before you use it for the first time, buy
           some chive and a big piece of very fat pork, stir-fry them in the
           wok, then throw them away and DON'T eat them.  Now the wok is ready
           for real use.  To maintain the wok, you need to clean it the proper
           way.  After you cook, wash the wok with scrub and hot water WITHOUT
           any detergent.  You can scrub as hard as you want to get out
           anything that's burnt.  You can even scrub with the spatular.  It's
           okay to scratch the wok surface.  After scrubing, the surface should
           still feel oily, but that's good.  Then turn on the stove
           and heat it dry.  (Air-dry doesn't work, since it'll rust.)
           This way you have a non-rust non-stick wok, and you don't have to
           worry about eating teflon.  If you occasionally
           don't clean it properly and let it rust, just scrub off the rust
           with water and scrub and heat it dry, just like the normal cleaning
           My relatives told me these at first, but my mom bought me a
           brand-name non-teflon "non-stick" pan.  For a few years I used that
           for cooking and cleaned it with detergent and a lot of hard
           scrubbing.  Yet it still stuck and cleaning was a nightmare.  Now I
           listen to my relatives and use a wok instead, and cleaning is much
           --- yuen
           \_ Replace wok with cast iron skillet and you have the
              hillbilly way. -ausman
                \_ trailer trash solidarity, dude.  -lila
                        \_ the white trash has spoken. :-)
           \_Use pork if you want it to smell horrible...use vegetable oil
             and put it in the broiler (or on the stove) if your at all
             sensible.  This works for cast iron or any scratched pan
             as well.  -professional chef
             \_ The Iron Chef has spoken. :-)
2002/2/19-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:23909 Activity:moderate
2/19    3rd person singular.  Present tense.  Is there a single verb in
        English which doesn't end in an 's'?  Dinner is riding on this.
        \_ "Fish" when used as a verb.
                \_ that would be "he fishes"
                  \_ i like to fish or go fishing, i am fishing 'ing'
                    \_ You made the same mistake I did.  I wasn't thinking 3rd
                       person.  I = 1st person.  The OP wants 3rd.  --Fish
        \_ Ok forget fish.  Try this:
           So, they call be/is/have/has the exceptions to the "-s" rule but
           that isn't your bet.  You should have specified the "-s" ending to
           a regular verb as opposed to "ending in an 's'".  Buy them a nice
           dinner and next time be careful how you phrase your bets.
                \_ So does "is, have, and be" count or not?
                  \_ "he have"?  present tense, third person singular.
                  \_ "is" and "be" are the same verb. "have" is totally wrong,
                     and "is" and "has" both end in s.
                     \_ "He have a good grammar!"
        \_ How about "hax0r"? I hax0r, you hax0r, he hax0rz, we hax0r, they
           hax0r. -phil
        \_ Depends on your precise definition of "verb" -- some modern
           theories of English grammar will treat auxiliaries as verbs,
           allowing you to use "he can", "he must", "he may", "he ought", etc,
           to earn your dinner. -alexf
2002/2/19 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food] UID:23907 Activity:very high 57%like:23915
2/19    I don't eat grossly much food, but, I tend to notice my gut bulge
        after eating a meal - what can be done about this?  I point this
        question to ppl like ax, or other health-conscious sodans. (i would
        like to know what excercises I can do to specifically keep my food
        from forcing my gut to bulge, or alternatively, training my muscles
        to tell me to stop eating if the problem is I'm not noticing my
        stomach is full.
        \_ Don't eat, then you won't have the bulging problem.
        \_ there is no such thing as 'spot reduction' losing weight must be
           a part of an overall diet/exercise regimen. if you aren't willing
           to commit to this, go buy bigger clothes.
          \_ Lipo will reduce in a certain spot.  But it will come back again
             unless you change your diet/exercise.
             \_ This statement is flat-out wrong.
                \_ You saying lipo won't spot reduce or it won't come back?
           \_ yes, I am trying to change my diet/excercise, I'm wanting to
              know what excercise I should do to firm up the gut muscles.
              I'm already doing bench and pullups and running.
        \_ Strengthen your stomach muscles (situps, crunches, etc.)
        \_ Don't you know fat is good for you?  You ever see a healthy person
           starving to death?
                \_ you ever see ANYONE starving to death these days?
                   \_ In Afghanistan and North Korea, yes.
                   \_ I work in SF.  Yes.  I do.  Questions?
                      \_ Anyone not using drugs?
                         \_ I never stopped to ask why they're on the street
                            or what they put in their bodies.
           \_ Since when?  Fatty diets increase your risk of heart disease and
              and cancer.  Less fat is better.
              \_ This is a lie from the freaky animal 'rights' extremists.  The
                 same people also tell you milk is toxic.
                 \_ Huh?  I didn't mention meat at all.  Most doctors will tell
                    you to eat less red meat and more chicken and fish, which
                    both have less saturated fat.  Quit makin' shit up.
                    \_ PETA freaks always hiding behind 'most doctors'.  Most
                       doctors on your payroll you mean!
                        \_ Look, advice is advice.  I eat meat occasionally, but
                        I eat less of it than I used to.  To each his own.:
                           \_ All advice is not the same value.  For example I
                              would take my lawyer's advice in a legal matter
                              over contrary advice from the Slashdot crowd.
                              He isn't political.
           \_ I heard on the radio this morning about some guy surviving a
              gunshot to the stomach because of the rolls of fat that stopped
              the bullet.  Anybody can find any reports of this on the web?
              A quick google showed nothing.
              \_ Oh, some Stern-wannabe said it, so it must be true. Sorry,
                 a bullet is affected by distance, caliber, powder uses, type,
                 and other factors. fat is still flesh.
              \_ You sure it wasn't annanova?
                 \_ I guess you were right:
                    Are ananova stuff bogus?  Never been here before.
2002/2/15 [Recreation/Food] UID:23874 Activity:nil
2/14    Darn!  I just remember today is Valentine's Day.  What should
        I do tonight?  Where do I get dinner from?
                - single guy who got dumped a couple months ago
        \_ Head to the loin and grab you some hos.
        \_ I'm eating leftover Chinese food and watching TV. I'm married
           but my wife is out of town!
2002/1/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:23591 Activity:high
1/17    I read somewhere that a large percentage of asians can't drink milk.
        Something genetic.  How true is this statistic?  My parents can't
        drink milk but I can.  And most people my age drink a lot of milk.
        If this is genetic, how does one explain the generational difference?
        \_Race is a poor indication of the genetic makeup of a person.
          As for the generational thing, your sample size is small, (less than
          1000 I bet) and the decision to drink milk may be a personal
          preference than an ability to do so.
             \_ race is highly predictive of many things, but asians being
             lactose intolerant probably results from low lactose intake,
             thus starving the acidophilus in the digestive tract
                \_ exactly. taking in lactose will result in your body
                   in producing more enzymes that break down lactose in which
                   your body expect to get more in the future. It is the same
                   as getting injections of snake venon-- people who work in
                   the snake venon lab have a much higher tolerance for venon
                   than people who have never gotten bitten because they have
                   slowly built up tolerance.
        \_ Because you're not a clone?  Many people have trouble with milk as
           they grow older regardless of race.
        \_ Not just asian either.
        \_ The statistic is probably referring to lactose intolerance.
           claims 90% of asian-americans.  How much milk you can drink is
           another matter.  And many people prefer not to have diarrhea. -oj
           \_ 90% ?? no way!
        \_ Environmental factors change one's ability to become lactose
           tolerant IMO.  Not quite sure of this, but i base my reason that i
           know alot more as-am's can drink milk than thier parents.
           \_ age is also a big factor.  as people age, they produce less of
              the enzymes that break down lactose.  your asian-american friends
              may become lactose intolerant when they reach their parents' age.
           \_ this reminds me... I have alot of gas... I think this is a
              somewhat disgusting fact. Anyone have any good solutions for
              this problem? I would imagine that there should be some kind
              of pill I could take before or after meals that would help my
              digestive system break down foods in a better way... but I'd like
              to hear recommendations if anyone has any. Thanks.
              PS - for what it's worth, I'm white.
           \_ Most of severe lactose intolarnt people used to drink milk
              when they were born.   I am somewhat lactose intolerant.
              If I drink less than 1 cup a day, I will be perfectly fine.
              If I drink more than that, my stomach start to have more
              violent-than-usual reaction.  If I keep drinking, let
              say, one cup a day for less than 2 weeks, I will be able to
              drink that amount of milk without problem.  But if I stop doing
              this daily ritual for 4-5 days, I will need to go through the
              same 2-week drill over again.  Human definitely can build
              tolerance for lacose.  I can, my 70 year old uncle also can.
              I am suspecting majority of lactose-intolerance Asian fells in
              this catagory.
              And please, blaming on genetic is simply silly.  Just because
              the part of Asia where *YOUR* parents come from happen don't
              drink milk doesn't mean rest of Asian don't.  People in
              Beijing drink this "sour milk," somewhat a semi-fermanted milk
              that is more of a diluted yogurt;  Tibetians and Mongolians
              drink milk tea part of their stable diet.  and I don't recall
              there is any genetic differences between those people and
              rest of Far East Asia.
        \_ did you know that white people fart more than Asians when they
           drink in large quantity of soy milk and eat a lot of tofu?
2002/1/17 [Recreation/Food] UID:23583 Activity:very high
1/16    Can someone recommend a low-medium priced restaurant to eat
        dinner at? I'm looking for something with a casual-semicasual
        ambience. Hopefully it will have something unique going for it.
        I was hoping to go to the ethiopiain place Blue Nile, but that's
        not an option for certain reasons. Oh yeah, in Berkeley,
        too. thanks.
        \_ ru looking to score or what?
           \_ yes.
        \_ There was this Thai restaurant next to Chez Peniez (is that how
           you spell it) called Cha Am or something like that. They had
           pretty decent food.
           \_ Long ago they did.  Now they have overpriced tiny portions.
              Dara Lao (next door to it) isn't bad.
        \_ What do you consider low-medium priced?  How many people?  Lunch
           or dinner?
        \_ Blue Nile is too expensive for what you're getting.  The food is
           'different' if you're willing to pay extra for that but just as a
           place to eat I wouldn't do it at current prices.  It's also hardly
           semi-casual.  Any less casual and it'd be McDonald's.
        \_ Skates, at the Marina.
           \_ Skates is pretty expensive for the food quality.  The view is
                nice, but you can't see much if you're there at dinner this
                time of the year. Brennan's is a casual, inexpensive place
                that's unique, but I wouldn't exactly call it "ambience".
                I'd say King Yen is probably the most consistently satisfying
                inexpensive sit-down place I eat in Berkeley.  -tom
                \cancun taqueria, racha cafe, korean bbq, peppermint grill,
                fat apples, sa wooie, some likes viks and BoI, bongo burger.
                need to be more specific. --psb
                \_ racha sucks, psb... we've already talked about this.
                   \- suum cuique. btw, in the $15 range i recommend
                   Saigon Saigon: Valencia @22-23rd. ok tnx. --psb
                   \_ Aren't we talking Berkeley? If you're going to bring
                      SF into the mix, there's 100x as many options.
        \_ I recommend Cha'am too.  There's also a tapas place kitty corner
           to Cha'am on the second floor that has nice ambiance and good food,
           Cafe De La Paz. (
           \_ Have you been to Cha'am in the last, say, 5 years?  After about
              '96, their portions got progressively smaller, and their prices
              wen't progressively higher.  You can't get out of there for less
              than $30/person.  I don't call that "low/medium priced".
              \_ I also have to agree that Cha'am has gone downhill.  --PeterM
        \_ Berkeley Thai House on Channing, just north of Telegraph.
2001/12/15-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:23255 Activity:very high
12/15   A momemnt of silence for Fenton's:
        \_ This was in the news a few weeks ago.
        \_ They were the restaurant of the bourgeiosie
           \_ What are you smoking? Have you been there? The food is not
              very good. The service horrible. The ice cream is the only thing
              going for the place. It's the reason I am waiting for it
              to re-open.
              \_ Fenton's is a family place, and like most family places,
                 the focus isn't on the food.  The ice cream is pretty damn
                 good.  -tom
                 \_ I thought it was more quantity (ice cream) than
                    quality (ice cream)
              \_ Look up bourgeiosie and realize why you just made a fool
                 out of yourself.
                 \_ I think you've both just made fools of yourselves. First
                    of all, its "bourgeoisie". Second, I can't think of any
                    reason why Fenton's would be a particular example or
                    counter-example of bourgeoisie dining.
                    \_ Why not leave it at "I can't think..."? Since you
                       obviously cannot.
                       \_ man, you're so funny and clever. But if your
                          point is so damn obvious, why don't you just
                          make it?
        \_ I miss Leatherby's.
           \_ Where in Fremont can you find an ice-cream parlour?
              When I was in Jr. High (early 80s), there was Farrell's
              in Fremont Fashion Center.Damn long time ago. What was the
              name of that standalone arcade/bumper-car place in the same
              Nothing beats having ice-cream with your date.
                \_ how about having sex with your date?
              big and Pinball was still king. This was even before
              Chuck E Cheese (PacMan! Tempest!) opened near the Gemco.
              When I was in Jr. High, there was Farrell's Ice Cream
              in Fremont Fashion Center.What was the name of the standalone
              building/nightclub and arcade/bumper-car place in the same
              shopping center? They had the old mechanical baseball arcade
              games. Oh man, long time ago. Space Invaders was just getting
              big and Pinball was still king and games took quarters instead
              of tokens. This was even before Chuck E Cheese (which debuted
              Tempest! Missle Command!) opened near the Gemco. That was the
              first time using tokens.  And what happened to Frontier Village?
              With that fishing pond and sloped floor.
              Okay, back then it wasn't a date, just having ice-cream with
              the girl you liked. All right, secretly liked.
2001/12/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Recreation/Food] UID:23212 Activity:high
12/10   Check out starting salaries, job descriptions, and organizations
        for various majors (yes there are "food servers" in the humanities
        \_ looks like IB and english majors are suffering
           \_ I like the "Self Employed" guy who named himself "Vice
              President of Marketing and Sales".
        \_ So EECS and CS are still the highest.
                \_ This surprises you?
           \_ Go ask a salesperson at any reasonably succesful
              company in the valley how much he makes(base + commish).
              Chances are it'll be at least 2x what an EECS major from Cal at
              the same company makes.  I didn't think this was true until I
              had to find one for my company.
                \_ Go ask the rest of the salespeople who haven't been at it
                   for 15+ years and don't have a million contacts and don't
                   get sent to the best contracts, etc.  Yes, a sales jerk
                   *can* and often do make more than the typical EECS geek, but
                   the *average* sales jerk is eating cat food in his cold
                   flat on the bad side of town.  The marketing chick is still
                   overpaid.  Average EECS $$$ >> Average Sales Jerk $$$.
                   \_ cat food?
                        \_ Yes.  What are you questioning about it?
2001/11/28 [Recreation/Food] UID:23127 Activity:low
11/27   Is there a coffee shop near campus that serves an iced blended mocha?
        Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is in S.F.
        \_ sounds like the sort of thing starbucks would have...
2001/11/28 [Recreation/Food] UID:23123 Activity:nil
11/27   Would you rather eat these HDR packages at $4.25 or DC food at god
        knows what they cost?
2001/11/14 [Recreation/Food] UID:23033 Activity:very high
11/13   ok geeks, i need an idea for a date.  dinner + movie
        is pretty boring and played out.  thanks
        \_ Shooting range!  Chicks love a man who can handle a gun.
           \_ ... his own gun.
        \_ dinner and a movie is only as boring as the people doing it.  -tom
           \_ Aye.
        \_ You're lame.
        \_ how about make her the dinner and tape it?
           \_ Tape the sex too!
        \_ Sure, it's been, what, 3 weeks?, since the last similar
        \_ How about handicap-style dinner + porn movie?
        \_ Go hiking or do something outdoorsy.
        \_ picnic lunch in a park?  dinner and a play?  dinner and a concert?
2001/11/11 [Recreation/Food] UID:23002 Activity:very high
11/11   DON"T. EAT. THE. SAMLON!
        \_ samlon? eh?
        \_ What about fish tacos?
        \_ It's ok to eat them, just don't let them grow big.
2001/10/25-26 [Recreation/Food, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:22833 Activity:very high
10/25   Can anyone recommend a good Italian restaurant in SF?
        \_ Basta Pasta (if you like the whole mofia atmosphere).
        \_ Price range? How many? What's the occasion? More info please.
                \_ around $30 / person, romantic setting would be nice ..
        \_ Caffe Sport, Steps of Rome, Pasta Pomodoro (decreasing price)
           \_ Steps of Rome sucks.  The food is so-so, they are overpriced,
              and if you actually speak Italian (or know Italians who
              pantomime a lot), you'd realize that the waiters usually insult
              \_ Reminds me of the movie National Lampoon - European Vacation
                 where Chevy Chase and the family went to a restaurant in
                 France and the waiter commented on his daughter's round ass
                 in French.
                \_ the Americans rarely make fun of the Europeans. Why do
                   they make fun of our big belly and Lewdwinsky round ass?
                   \_ It's an American movie, so it's Americans trying to make
                      fun of Europeans making fun of Americans.
              \_ The food is decent, and it is definitely NOT overpriced, but
                 actually quite cheap (pasta < $10). It's all about the
                 atmosphere. $2.50 for a cafe to sit in a loud restaurant
                 watching people go by... go back to Denny's.
                 \_ Agreed.  Yeah, the waiters will hit on your girlfriend if
                    she's cute, insult you on the sly, and the like, but the
                    atmosphere is fun and the tiramisu is excellent.  It's a
        \_ Go to a real Italian resaurant like Mangafuoco or Trattoria
                    great place to go if you're mildly drunk.
?          \_ I like Pasta Pomodoro.  Another one that is good is Buca Di
              Beppo.  You need make reservation.  Otherwise it's 2+ hour wait.
              \_ Pasta Pomodoro is passable Italian.  It's about on par with a
                 Stouffer's frozen Italian Entree heated in the oven.
                 Waits at Buca di Beppo are weird.  Sometimes you wait a long
                 time, and sometimes you get lucky.  Plus, making reservations
                 can be a pain because they only have half of the restaurant
                 available for reservations so they tend to get booked up way
                 in advance.  If possible, try requesting the Kitchen table at
                 Buca di Beppo.  It's rad.
                \_ Buca di Beppo is the worst Italian food I've ever had.  The
                   atmosphere is tacky (think TGIFridays), the waiters are rude
                   and the pasta is slathered with enough garlic to make it
                   \_ Not to mention the ass tiramisu.
                \_ Agreed with the worst Italian comment -- do not go there
        \_ Go to a real Italian resaurant like Mangiafuoco or Trattoria
           Contadina. These losers are sending you to cheapo places with
           mediocre food.
        \_ Fuzio is a PastaPomodoro competitor. I prefer Pomodoro, but Fuzio
           is acceptable.
        \_ DiBeppo is not Italian, it is Eye-talian.
        \_ I've always like Pane e Vino.  Casual and pretty tasty.  The
           other places recommended tended to be more Americanized or
        \_ North Beach Restaurant _used_ to have incredible Italian.
        \_ Via Vai on Union & Cafe Pazzia on 3rd. Good but not cheap food.
           Both have reasonably priced(~$8) thincrust pizzas that are great.
           \_ Last time I went to Pazzia, my pizza was $13.
        \_ What about Joe's down by the Exit Theatre?
        \_ Figaro is terrible. Avoid the place. The Stinking Rose is also
        \_ Zagat says: Delfina, Scala's Bistro, Trattoria Contadina, Emma,
           and Antica Trattoria (in that order). Also, Mazzini Trattoria
           on Telegraph in Berkeley got good marks. Also in Berkeley is
           Venezia, which I like. Oh, and E'Angelo on Chestnut in SF
           makes great lasagna. --dim
           \_ Venezia is ass.
              \_ Uh. Okay. It's not on part with the others I mentioned,
              \_ Uh. Okay. It's not on par with the others I mentioned,
                 but it's not Olive Garden. --dim
        \_ I like Milano on Pacific in SF. Top notch service, romantic (cozy,
                intimate) and in your price range.
           \_ Not bad for what it is, but if that's your idea of top-notch
              service you need to get out more. This is a good place for a
              a casual dinner when you don't want to spend a fortune, but
              it isn't upscale or top-notch in any way. --dim
2001/9/15-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:22447 Activity:nil
9/14 is back online, and for the rest of the month
        is sending food to rescue workers & victims in NYC.
2001/9/7 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:22342 Activity:moderate
9/6     See the chocolate industry do their best to convince you chocolate is
        good for you:
        \_ GOD DAMN the Chocolate Industry!!11!1
           They will pay for their sick, twisted ways in BL00D!!1
           \_ can we sue them for knowing that excessive chocolate is not
              only addictive but also makes you fat and clogs up your artery?
              it is a health risk that people need to be more concerned about
        \_ "A chocolate bar, such as SNICKERS(R) or DOVE(R) Dark, has between
           two and three grams of protein."  I assume they mean from the
           chocolate... I'd hope all of the peanuts in a snickers have more
           than that....
           \_ I used to work with this redneck who would always hold up his
              beer and say "this is one porkchop right here!"
2001/8/21 [Recreation/Food] UID:22200 Activity:nil
8/18    Do you eat beef, psb? Okay thx.         -psb #1 fan
2001/8/15-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:22132 Activity:high
8/15    Anyone interested in meeting some new people today?  I'm signed
        up to go to dinner with a group of 6 people with the berkeley
        dinner club (kind of like the "table for 6" idea, but free) at
        Zaika (Indian food), 7 pm.  I have a schedule problem, and can't
        make it, so I'm looking for a substitute.  It's fun!  Email me
        if you want the details. -dlwhite
        \_ Are you obsessed with plants?
           \_ Yes.  You may also email me with any of your horticultural
              questions.  I may even be giving some plants away soon,
              depending on where I move. -dlwhite
              \_ My peperomia keeps getting all chlorotic and looking
                 sickly and stuff.  I water it (sparingly) I fertilize
                 it, etc on a regular basis.  Why won't it give me any
2001/8/5 [Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/Security] UID:22008 Activity:high
8/4     What do most bio majors do once they've applied to med school for
        two years on a row and got rejected both times? Do most of them
        just end up in the food service industry like history majors do?
        \_ is the food service industry big enough for english, history, AND
           bio majors?
           \_ Don't forget philosophy, psychology, ethnic studies, women's
              studies, religious studies, mass comm, sociology, and poli sci.
                \_ No. Philosophy majors (unless going to law school), upon
                   graduation, immediately enter an eternal state of
              \_ Soylent green is made of people! You've got to tell them!
                 Soylent green is people!
        \_ I think many apply to med schools in other countries. And I
           got the impression that those doing bad enough to not even
           get into those have already changed majors by that point.
           \_ Agreed
        \_ From what I understand, there are other options for bio majors
           besides med school.  Some go into grad school, some go into
           pharma, and some go into completely different career paths.
           Most of the ones I know, however, ended up in pharma.  -chaoS
2001/7/24 [Recreation/Food] UID:21925 Activity:very high
7/23    I'm fond of UHT Milk. Trader Joes in Emeryville used to carry it, but
        no more. Any other places I should try? I've tried Andronicos and
        Whole Foods. Any pointers on where to get pomegranate juice will also
        be appreciated.
        \_ sailors have to drink that shit(uht milk), so any sailor oriented
           store, wherever the commercial fisherman around here gear up.
           \_ The URL doesn't work.
           \_ <DEAD>www.csua/~evers/salmon.asf<DEAD>
        \_ make your own pomegranate juice, you don't even need a juicer
           to do it
        \_ have you thought about approaching the managers at any
           of these places and asking?  _sometimes_ they may decide
           to stock.  just an idea if youre really deperate.
        \_ How is UHT (ultra-high temperature?) different from just
           \_ you don't have to refrigerate it. i guess it's like those little
              half-and-half coffee servings at diners. just go there and steal
              a bunch of those.
2001/7/19 [Recreation/Food] UID:21855 Activity:high
7/18    Bay Area residents are used to paying a lot for housing and gasoline.
        Now, you can add eating out to the list:
        \_ great...another way we're getting fucked.  wonderful.
           \_ Everything is expensive in Bay Area.  But the article says that
              the average cost of a meal is $30.  How often do you eat at
              places that cost $30+ per person?  I myself get a Costco hotdogs
              for $1.50 for lunch.
                   \_ $1.50, $0.50 too mach! Com to chef chu! I give goo
                      chinese foo just $1!
                \_ Those stats may be old...I read a similar thing in the
                   Chronicle the other day. Last year (or two yrs ago), a lot
                   of yuppies are splurging at the best restaurants in town
                   and the restaurateurs retaliated by raising price. Prices
                   have come down a little bit (after taking a client out last
                   night) but still expensive. I agree, Costco Polish is a
                   good cheap grub, BUT I guess majority of ppl still prefer
                   full-service restaurants when they go out. - jthoms
             \_ The average cost of a meal is $30? I guess they must frequent
                the trendy upscale yuppie .comie joints with names like spago
                or Wild Flaming Blue Pelican Flamingo Bistro Bar and Grill.
                Last I checked Subway was still $2.25 for a 6" veggie and you
                can still eat at places like Fresh Choice, Chevy's, Chili's
                etc for under $10 a meal.
        \_ Yeah, and we eat better.  Have you ever been to Wyoming?
        \_ No way is SF only $2 less than Vegas.  Last time I went to Vegas,
           everything seems 2-3x SF.
        \_ Buffet at the Saharas....$6.99.
2001/7/14 [Recreation/Food] UID:21799 Activity:kinda low
7/13    Is it bad luck to post to the motd on Friday the 13th?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ I don't know, but don't order sashimi on Friday the 13th. Ug.
           \_ shouldn't you stay away from sushi on the 4th instead of the
           \_ why not?  getting sick from sashimi?
              \_ worms!
                 \_ which restaurant so that I don't eat there?
              \_ i don't know, i feel better after using the john. i'm kind of
                 new to sashimi and kind of didn't seem that fresh.
                 i never had chewy or fishy-tasting sashimi before. but maybe
                 today is not the day to tempt fate at a mediocre lunch strip-
                 mall on north 1st street sj.
                 \_ you just like the pain... come on.. admit it.
                    Try Kazoo Sushi in san jose japantown.
                 \_ minato in japantown rocks
2001/7/14 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:21798 Activity:insanely high
7/13    What are the restaurants/food places you miss most from UC Berkeley?
        \_ Chez Panisse. Honey wine at the Ethiopian restaurant (Blue Nile?)
           \_ Wasn't this place extrodinarily overpriced for small portions?
           \_ My sole experience with Blue Nile involved cockroaches.
        \_ Santa Fe Bar and Grill, TC Garden, and Yokohama Station.
        \_ There used to be this place in Durant Square commonly referred to
           as "The Greasy Burger Place".
                \_ Originally that was Nation's - until sometime in the
                   early 90's.
                   \_ and then it became Golden Bear Burger before it
        \_ flint's
           \_ where and what kind of food?
              \_ bbq on shattuck
           \_ didn't they close down?  flint's on south san pablo was better
              before it burned.
        \_ barney's
           \_ where and what kind of food?
              \_ shitty, dry, and overpriced hamburgers
                \_ well you CAN ask for the medium rare which helps a lot
                   \_ The last time I went there, I did, but was told that
                      they can't cook it any rarer than medium.  I haven't
                      been back since.  God save anyone who orders a well-
                      done Barney's burger.
                      \_ I thought they just wouldn't do rare...
                \_ They didn't _use_ to be this way.  And their milkshakes
                   actually used to be generous.  Ah.. the old days.
        \_ zach's
        \_ intermezzo
        \_ that korean bbq place and japanese snacks in same location
           \_ steve's house of charred meat?
           \_ I miss it for the H07 4ZN CH1X I used to eat there with.
        \_ do people miss sun hong kong?  I know, the food isn't that great,
           but do you miss it anyway?
           \_ I miss it for the H07 42N CH1X I used to eat there with.
                                \_ 5P3111NG C0RR3C73D
                                    \_ 5P3111NG C0RR3C73D [ 4ZN -> 42N ]
           \_ i only miss the mongolian beef chow fun and the seafood chow fun
           \_ I miss being able to get jook at 1:45 AM. -oj
           \_ yeah, open till 3am.
              BTW, there is a restaurant or two open near Ranch 99 pretty
              \_ have you tried the food at CSP? well, at least they're open
                 pretty late
              \_ Which Ranch 99?
                 \_ the one near Central Ave. off highway 80.
           \_ It's truly amazing how far that place fell considering
              how reasonable it was when it first opened.
        \_ fat slice and bongo burger (they had cheap yet decent tasting falafel)
           \_ bongo rocks.  was in the area a short time ago.  just had to stop
              in for old time's sake.
              \_ Bongo kicks ass!
                \_ Bongo burgers #1!
        \_ Anyone ever missed Stuffed Inn?
                \_ yes! I also miss Top Dog and reasonably priced crepe places.

                   and La Mediteranee (the Berkeley one is way better than the
                   SF ones), Nakapan, Cheese Board Pizza, and of course Zach's.
                \_ Yes & High Tech Burritto
                         \_ In four years of school, I never once ate at
                            High Tech. I regret it because my brother and
                            his friends keep telling me how good (and cheap)
                            it is.
                       half the salary. for a while anyway.
           \_ Stuffed was OK, but I actually liked the sandwiches from Seven
              Thieves on the corner even better.  Their seeded rolls are
              just amazingly tasty.
        \_ i miss IB's Hoagies and La Burrita. LB because it was so cheap and
           decent and open late, and IB's because it was cheap (at first neway)
           and it's not easy to find that type of hoagie. What's a good hoagie
           place in south bay? the one in mccarthy ranch doesn't cut it.
           \_ if you want good hoagies all the time, cheap , move to
              the east coast.  you will quickly realize, however that you
              have been screwd badly as far as fast food goes, though
              since all burritos are about ten dollars and totally suck.
              \_ What's a hoagie?
                 \_ hoagie == grinder == sub == hero;  regional differences
           \_ Yeah I miss La Burrita. It was cheap and had decent food. Best
              of all it was across the street from Bongo Burger. So I could
              have one for lunch and one for dinner.
                 \_ man, you peasants ate some shitty food in your time
                    at Berkeley.  Me...?  I miss little Chicago deep dish
                    pizza in its prime as a competitor to Zachary's.
                    Tasty deep dish, and cheaper than Zach's too.  It's
                    still there on University, but they've gone downhill.
                    Don't know about West Coast pizza as a favorite
                    late night delivery hole (they operate out of the same
                    ahh...the good old days.  and not so long ago.
                    working life, aside from the money, hella sucks,
                    don't you all think?
                    \_ well it's not so much the working life, but more that
                       i have to actually pay for everything and hence work.
                       i work more than i want jobs are hard to do
                       part time. i wish i could just work half the time for
                       half the salary. for a while anyway. that would rock.
                       or even 60%...3 days work, 4 days off
                       \_ Your wife might not appreciate your lackadaisical
                          ways, especially if it affects the amount of alimony
                          she gets after the divorce.
                   \_ Too much pizza is *very* unhealthy as I discovered
                      sophomore year. That's when I switched to La Burrita
                      and Bongo Burger. They were about all I could afford
                      as I was working to put myself through school.
                      As far as working is concerned, I rather like it, but
                      I've probably been quite lucky (I was with cisco during
                                         \_ before my time, $0.99 for one
                                            slice of cheese was the cheapest
                                            I remember (I guess its sub one
                      the boom years and one of the companies I worked for
                      was acquired by sun) so I haven't developed a dislike
                      for working.
                      \- anyone miss Heidelberg [chinese-german]? i guess i
                      miss the silver ball and the comic book store that was
                      across the street. how can you seriously miss sun hk or
                      la burrita? i miss sub one dollar arnell's slices. --psb
                                         \_ before my time, $0.99 coupon for
                                            a slice of cheese at Fat Slice
                                            is the cheapest I can remember.
                                            (I guess it is technically sub
                                            one dollar)
                                            \_ it's hard to jusdge inflation
                                               by fatslice prices, since i
                                               think they only increase in
                                               25 cent increments.
                      \_ That's like over 15 years ago! Sheesh, youre OLD.
                         \_ Old Motd Saying: PSB is older than OCFs equipment
        \_ what about those baked potato huts on sproul plaza?  Do they still
           have those today?
        \_ I'm surprised no one has mentioned Fat Slice or Blondie's.
           \_ Fat Slice is mentioned above (along with Bongo Burger)
           \_ You are?
           \_ My sole experience with Blondie's happened the second
              day of freshman year. I was about to walk into Blondie's
              when I bumped into my cousin. I asked her if she wanted
              get a slice of pizza at this place and she said she
              didn't care much for cockroach as a topping. I never
              set foot in that place. Years later I was told by a
              friend that he found a cockroach shell in a slice of
              pizza from Blondie's and I was glad I never ate there.
        \_ Top Dog... also Misha's from Durant Square (back when they served
           their spicy chicken sandwich)
2001/7/9-10 [Recreation/Food] UID:21748 Activity:very high
7/9     The long-awaited folding of Webvan finally happens.
        But I'm still waiting on Amazon.
        \_ Why is pizza delivery profitable on the other hand?
           \_ Because they actually look at their profit margins?
              Webvan had a stupid business model that didn't account
              for abuse of their ideals.  They were stupid, so they died.
           \_ Because pizza requires a much smaller inventory, and much less
              time per customer.
              wandering the isles picking up stuff. It's kinda like
        \_ See
              \_ So do you believe that a smarter company could come along
                 and do the webvan thing successfully?
           \_ pizza is a commodity. When you want pizza, you order pizza.
              Groceries are a little more subjective. Females seem to like
              wandering the carribean isles picking up stuff. It's kinda like
              window shopping, I guess.
              Plus, having someone else shop for you is kinda like
              having a "personal shopper" for clothes. I dont think some
              folks would like to admit to that.
              Also, there are probably minimums. I often drop by the
              grocery store to pick up <$10 of stuff. Having webvan
              do that, couldnt possibly be economical for one of us.
           \_ the grocery store is a good pickup place. nerds and psychobitch
              workaholics and couples don't mind losing out on the grocery
              store, but for us pathetic (post?) college students, the grocery
              store is one of the best places to meet single women. berkeley
              bowl is particularly good because it caters to a particular crowd
              (those who like fresh fruits and vegetables but are not so yuppie
              as to pay 2x safeway prices at andronico's).
2001/7/3 [Recreation/Food] UID:21705 Activity:nil
7/3     india, the land of milk and curry:
2001/6/28-29 [Recreation/Food] UID:21671 Activity:high
6/28    Anybody know what ingredient goes into a piece of sashimi?  Aside
        from the fish itself of course.  I'm trying to find out if there's
        any preservatives or other stuff in sushis.  I can taste the MSG if
        a restaurant uses it. I want to find out if I can taste the other
        stuff in sashimi.  Thanks.
        \_ I think it's supposed to be nothing else at all until you dip that
           plain piece of fish into wasabi and soy sauce right before you eat
           it.  Just fish, wasabi and soy sauce.
        \_ Your choice for good sushi? I love Jiro's in Union City.
        \_ Sashimi is raw fish and nothing else. The only variable is the
           freshness of the fish. "Ikezukure" is sashimi from a fish that is
           still twitching in front of you. It don't get fresher than that.
            - ulysses
        \_ Nothing in sashimi, but for nigiri and rolls, the rice could
           contain a coat of rice vinegar.
2001/6/18-7/20 [Computer/SW/Database, Recreation/Food] UID:21554 Activity:moderate
6/17    Read an article I wanted to burn today-about how the oracle programmer
        who lost his 120K job is how homeless living in his car.. DUMB FUCKING
        IDIOT-- 120K DAMN that is enough money to live on for like 10years....
        Now he's living rent free in some place called the montgomery Inn inthe
        city- which suppose to take in houseless guys.. now all it does is take
        in unemployeed programmers...... I should write an article about
        What do you call an unemployeed programmer
        A DUMB FUCKING IDIOT.......  tell him to go work for Enron/Exxon/Shell/
        Calpine/ Fluor/ Aetna/ Insurance/ or something. People think the .com
        thing is going to bring the whole world down- well it will unless those
        damn unemployeed programmers get off their LAZY ASSES......... - kinney
        \_ URL? Sounds like a fun read.
        \_ nothing new. friend's roomate bought a new BMW, still had loans and
           living paycheck to paycheck. other guys I knew at work had no savings
           and kept buying gadget after gadget.
        \_ $120K is not so much after taxes...
           \_ I saved $70K on $120K last year.
           \_ I east on less than $3/day - I boil my own beans- make my own
              sandwhichs ( using roast meat I cook )
              And steal coffee... It really dawned on me about 2 weeks ago
              when I did an analysis of food costs-- Coffee was coming in at
              around $9/week while food was hitting around $21- Thus I
              realized I could cut my bill by a third by deleting one item-
              coffee... Now of course I actually kept the $2 sunday cup in city,
              for christ sake i need to get out sometime. But everything else
              is gone
              I should write the book - how to live on $3 a day -- kinney
              \_ So where do you get all this free coffee?
              \_ You could always ho yourself out.
                 \_ um, i think the point is that one doens't need to spend
                    lots of money a day to live comfortably.  that seems to
                    be an illusion with today's mcsociety - tyler durden
              \_ the unibomber lived on less than $1/day in Montana.  so...?
              \_ good for you.  what about your other expenses?  room and
                 board?  electricity?  water?  heat?  or are you the homeless
                 guy living for free in the Montgomery Inn?
                 \_ I don't know about kinney, but I live at home with my
                    parents. I helped them pay off the house, so its part
                    mine (ie my room or so). Food is free, so is gas, power
                    water etc. The only recurring expenses I have are for
                    my car, my dsl line and my computer.
                    \_ I bet the women are impressed when you take them
                       back to "your place". --dim
                       \_ yeah, like most Sodans have women to take back to
                          their places.  right.
                          \- so do people who fall this far also loose their
                          friends, girlfriends etc? have any of them started
                          to kill themselves? this is particularly interesting
                          when it happens to these Randoid/Libertarian geeks.
                          ok tnx --psb
2001/6/16 [Recreation/Food] UID:21543 Activity:nil
6/17    BBQ - Sunday 6.17, 3pm - food, drink & good times w/ music
        north courtyard on 2415 Dwight Way.  Be There!
2001/5/10 [Recreation/Celebrity/MichaelJackson, Recreation/Food] UID:21222 Activity:high
5/9     Boy howdy isn't he delicious?
        \_ that must be the love child of Michael Jackson and Little
        \_ yum!
           \_ Omigawd!  It's President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo with a
              mustache!  Got chocolate milk?  -brian
           \_ The one named "George" is fake.  It's the picture of an actor
              in Hong Kong.
              \_ actually I've also seen this guy with his own personal web ad.
2001/5/7 [Recreation/Food] UID:21185 Activity:high
5/6     Fiesta in the Park, BBQ at  3, Bands at 7 (Rock&Roll Adv kids + djs)
        mario's food/refreshments/snocones.  Baloons, pinata, you get the
        idea. located at davis park, by dwight+telegraph
        \_ is that peoples park?
2001/5/6-7 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/House] UID:21179 Activity:insanely high
5/5     TC Garden is:
        bad: .
        four syllables: ...
        worse than this:
        dog shit: .
        edible: ..
        \_ what is TC Garden?
                \_ Chinese restaurant in the food court next to Etcheverry
        \_ so that's a thumb's up then?
           \_ Besides a rude thumbs up comment which I wont make, all i can
              say is that there's no really good chinese restaurants in Berk.
2001/5/5-7 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Pets] UID:21174 Activity:insanely high
5/5     At top dog, what type of sausage do you like best?  My favorite
        is the calabrese.
        \_ Bird Dog
           \_ Bird, Dawg:
              \_ ouch.  that almost as awful as
              \_ ouch.  that's almost as awful as
                 \_ even nastier
              \_ nasty.
           \_ You son of a motherless goat! Only an idiot with his head
              stuck in his urethra could possibly stand a Bird Dog.
              You call yourself an eater of meat?
                \_ There's not much other choice if you're not an eater
                         of swine.
           \_ what's a bird dog?  Chicken and turkey combination?
              BTW, is it still open till 2:00am?
              \_ yes. yes.
              \_ depends on which Top Dog.  Northside Top Dog has different
                 hours than the southside one, I think.
                 \_ northside closes ~11pm
                 \_ the hours are different on different days, too.
        \_ Lubricated Kielbasa.
        \_ you know, I haven't been to Top Dog for so long, I think when
           I visit, I'll take some.  Berkeley actually has lots of good
           food, inexpensive and medium priced.  Does Lyon's in Emerville
           still close at Midnight?
        \_ Hot link.
        \_ what is the correct way to pronounce "calabrese"?
           \_ Kah-Lah-Breh-Seh, and roll your 'r's.  -John
             \| no.  change the "Seh" to "Zeh".  -dpetrou
                \_ Zorry about zat.  -John
                        \_ It's pronounced "Cal"!  -tom
        \_ Smocked chicken apple is good.
           \_ they haev a hot dog made out of soy ... what's it called?  The
        \_ German bratwurst (or was it bockwurst?)
                  \_ yum!              \_ ick!
        \_ Calabrese and Hot Link
        \_ Lemon Chicken
        \_ mmmm. cock.
        \_ Gave up eating meat. But I used always have a Hot Link or whatever
           they were called.
           \_ Your mom had a hot link last night.
              \_ I did not. - yermom
           \_ they have a hot dog made out of soy ... what's it called?  The
        \_ top dog.  lemon chicken.  I miss the New York frankfurters. dont you?
2001/4/27 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Food] UID:21116 Activity:high
4/26 :: ??:Electronics
        What is ??
           \_ Is as good as let's say Fry's electronics in terms
                of electronic selection?
                \_ dunno, but i bought my playstation there.
                \_ Better, since Amazon sells new products, not the 90%
                   returns that Fry's offers.
2001/4/13-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:20963 Activity:high
4/15    Free Jamba Juice for breakfast this week!  Find out when your local
        store is giving it away at:
        \_ "Free" is an interesting word.  Few things worth having are truly
        \_ Usage of "Free" depends on how much you value your time.
        \_ Anything free is worth what you pay for it. -Heinlein
        \_ Nothing is truly free.
2001/4/9 [Recreation/Food, Reference/Military] UID:20916 Activity:nil
4/9     What do people think of
        \_ Clicking through is even less philanthopic than sparing change.
2001/4/8-9 [Recreation/Food] UID:20898 Activity:very high
4/8     I want to be adventurous and make my own sushi (actually, I just
        want sushi and am too cheap to go to a restaurant). Is there a
        market of some sorts in the Silicon Valley that sells very fresh
        fish free of tape worms and other nasty parasites?
        \_ How do you know if you are hosting a parasite?
        \_ why stop at fish, you should try pioneering chicken sushi!
        \_ There's no safe way to make your own sushi.  You do not own a fridge
           that freezes to zero.  Do not do this.  You're going to get ill.
           This is a terrible idea.  Do not do this.  What is up with all the
           cheapo sodans trying to save a buck who then come up with some
           stupid hairbrained scheme to get themselves killed for it.
        \_ Berkeley bowl has fish that's fresh, but the selection isn't that
        \_ Stick to salt water fish and you should be fine. -ausman
                \_ You actually have to be fussier.  Ahi tuna is usually
                   OK, salmon is BAD BAD BAD.  The biggest rule is never
                   eat a fish which is eaten regularly by mammals, as that
                   enables mammal->fish->mammal parasites to be happy. -nweaver
                <DEAD><DEAD>  _/
                Six years of eating home-made sushi in Japan and still
                tapeworm-free; let's hear it for wasabi. --erikred
           \_ You mean like puffer fish?
              \_ mmm... tiger fugu...
        \_ Hmmm... If someone told you of a certain market sold fish that was
           of tapeworms, would you trust them and "give it a taste"???
           I dont know if they invented a tape worm detector beyond
           making sushi out of it and seeing if you get sick or not.
           \_   What?  There are tapeworms in fish or sushi in particular?
                More info. please!  I love sushi but not tapeworms.
        \_ Ranch 99 typically sells things for sushi.  You don't even
           have to make it presentable.  Get some raw tuna, some seaweed,
           wasabi, Ginger, and soy and put it over rice. (well, put the
           wasabi and soy and ginger on the side)
           \_ Theirs is also not the world's freshest.  It's never made me
              sick, but it has 4+ day expiration dates, and they keep
              refreezing and thawing it.
           \_ Or start with sashimi. No work needed.
        \_ I don't know your case in particular, but the relative cheapness
           of some single engineers with relatively large salaries is
2001/4/7-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:20894 Activity:high
4/8     does anyone know of a book about how to make indian bread?
        i have found lots of general indian cookbooks, but never one devoted
        to bread.
        \_ Indian bread?  As in "native american"?  Why would you want that?
           99% of indian food sucks.
           \- there are a lot of types of indian bread. you have to name the
           bread before chasing a recipie. --psb
        \_ are you talking naan or frybread? - paolo
        \_ indian as in india.  i don't want to pick one bread, and find a
           recipe, i want to have lots of recipes for different breads.
        \_ there's a restaraunt called Breads of India.
           \- The Breads of India phenomena is kind of fascinating. First, it
           should really be called "Comfort Food of India", secondly, it's
           not that good nor particularly cheap ... certainly not worth waiting
           outside inthe rain for 30 minutes. For some reason, the crummy
           location and the crummy decor or something has convinced people it
           is "authentic" and cool or something like that. Vik's also basically
           sucks but it is "cool" to go over to the other side of the railroad
           tracks and eat in a warehouse. In quality Raj on university is
           better than BoI and best chaat i know if in the bay area is at Dina
           Bazar in Fremont. --psb
           \_ How does Cafe Raj on Solano compare to Raja on University?
              \- the one on univ is a real restauarnt. the other one is a
              hole in the wall in a decent neighborhood. cafe raj is basically
              bad or went through the natural evolution of indian restaurants
              at an initally hyper accelerated pace. ok tnx --psb
              \_ Hm.  I didn't particularly like raja on university.  In
                 order, my preferences in berkeley are Vik, Chaat Cafe,
                 kamal palace, raja, viceroy.
                 \- well admittedly i havent been to raja on univ in a while,
                 and i provided some off-menu special instructions for how i
                 wanted some stuff prepared. does anyone else find the tables
                 disquietingly far apart there? --psb
                 \_ good thing your expert directions saved them from
                    fucking it up.
                    \- dont be stupid ... the point is "i was biased to like
                    it because they met me half way" not becuase i am a good
                    cook. it's like saying "i prefer place X to Y because you
                    can choose your burger toppings/how you want the meat
                    cooked." --psb
           \_ Bavika's (sp?) Chat House on El Camino Real in Santa Clara is
              pretty good if you like South Indian style Chat.
2001/3/19-20 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food] UID:20848 Activity:very high
3/19    Fake vegetarians all over Europe!,1284,42479,00.html
        \_ Why did you say they're fake?
        \_ When did vegetarianism become a religion? If anything, this
           will force people to think about their eating habits.
        \_ Why do you say they're fake?
                \_ Read the article.  They're just going to go back to eating
                   the dead flesh of their fellow creatures we share this
                   one small planet with as soon as they feel it's "ok". Fake.
2001/3/12-13 [Recreation/Food] UID:20757 Activity:insanely high
3/11    Who's your favorite Iron Chef taster?

        The baratone photographer:
        The ditzy ingenue:
        The suave actor:
        The old lady fortune teller:
        The wacky guy who looks like he's dressed for a bullfight: 1
        \_ You mean chairman Kaga?
           \_ I love those yellow peppers
        The reinfed old lady  rulez....!
        The refined old lady  rulez....! : 2
2001/3/12-13 [Recreation/Celebrity/MarthaStewart, Recreation/Food] UID:20755 Activity:insanely high 50%like:21883
3/11    Another motd poll. Who's your favorite Iron Chef?

        Iron Chef Chinese, Chin Kenichi: 1 (definitely!!11!!)
        Iron Chef French, Hiroyuki Sakai: 1
        Iron Chef Italian, Masahiki Kobe: 1
        Iron Chef Japanese, Masaharu Morimoto: 2
        Jean Valjean Japanese, Chairman Takeshi Kaga:
        Martha Steward: 1
        \_ I heard the Japanese version of Les Mis sucked galore. But
           what can you expect of a Japanese version of an American
        Jean Valjean Japanese, Chairman Takeshi Kaga:
           musical of a French story.
           \_ I know you're just trying to be culturally clever, but the
              original musical was not American; it was French.
        Martha Steward: 1
        \_ Martha Stewart is sexy.
           \_ Martha Stewart is HOT.
        \_ Martha wouldn't stand a chance at challenging the Iron Chefs.
           I think Emeril would be a more likely candidate.
           \_ Emeril on Iron Chef would be an even bigger massacre than
              Bobby Flay.  I sure hope it happens, though.
        \_ The show is still on TV?  What channel and time?  Thx.
           \_ it used to be, and possibly still is, on channel 18
           \_ 26 on the weekend..check your local listing
              \_ Saturday at 8 if memory serves. Used to be on before
                 Delicious Relations (that was a good show).
                \_ Hasn't been on 26 for quite some time.
        \_ d00d what about the older iron chefs!
        \_ I saw this one episode where a Bay Area chef blew away
           Sakai, who rarely ever loses.  Does anyowho that chef
                \_ Ron Siegel formerly of Charles Nob Hill. Now at Masa's
                  \_ He did a dinner at Charles Nob Hill where he made
                     the dishes from the show.  It was amazing.
2001/3/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:20715 Activity:nil
3/5     Motd fortune of the day:
        Don't go to a Japanese restaurant with ugly+loud Cantonese waitresses
2001/2/26-27 [Recreation/Food] UID:20706 Activity:high
2/26    MickeyD's "Vegi" Fries still have animal byproducts:

        Glad I don't eat there or at anyother fast food place. -vegi
        \_ humans didn't claw their way up the food chain just to eat
           \_ Jimmy: Uhh, Mr. McClure?  I have a crazy friend who says it's
                     wrong to eat meat.  Is he crazy?
              Troy: Noo, just ignorant.  You see, your crazy friend never
                    heard of "The Food Chain." Just ask this scientician.
              Scientician: uhhh...
              Troy: He'll tell you that, in nature, one creature invariably
                    eats another creature to survive.  Don't kid yourself,
                    Jimmy.  If a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and
                    everyone you care about!
                    \_ You don't expect us to swallow that tripe?
          \_ Meat is about the most unhealth and inefficient method
             with which you can obtain energy to survive. If you
             understand the food chain, the lower on the food chain
             you go the easier it is to digest and the greater the
             energy yield.
             Oh yeah, human went from being uncivilized hunters to
             becoming civilized farmers. Farmers grow crops to eat.
             Civilized == Vegi, Uncivilized == Savage.
             Anyway, when you pass away prematurely because of cholestrol
             buildup in your ateries or you become a bed-ridden invalid
             remember, you were eating "FOOD".
        \ eat meat exclusively?  peper and garlic are both vegetables.
          remind me never to eat your cooking.
2001/2/23 [Recreation/Food] UID:20655 Activity:low
2/22    any good restaurants around san jose downtown, santa clara st?
        \_ Pagoda.
           \_ Get the rainbow chicken salad. Mmmmmmmmm....
        \_gordon biersch, bella mia, e and o.
        \_ Birk's, Lion Compass
        \_ Picasso... it's Spanish
        \_ Burger King. Ask them for their latest breakfast special.
2001/2/12-13 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:20573 Activity:very high
2/12    I am so screwed!  I'm calling around, trying to make dinner
        plans for Valentines day, and everything is booked.  Is it
        completely hopeless or can I save our relationship?
        \_ if you need to wine and dine your GF to "save" the relationship,
           then it's probably not worth saving.  Cooking for her is much much
           more meaningful.  Even if you can't cook a decent meal, the gesture
           is something she will remember.
           \_ by "cook", we mean candlelit dinner, silverware, several
              courses -- not incandescents, TV blaring in the background,
              Napster downloads on your counterstrike server.  I hope
              most sodans already knew this, but ...
        \_ Get married, it will solve all your problems.
                \_ Dump her today.  Get back together on Thursday.
                   Take her out then.
        \_ I'll take her out, I can get reservations
        \_ You couldn't get reservations even two weeks ago. Plan earlier
           next time. BTW, the cooking thing is a good idea.
           \_ I was actually able to walk into a place that was reasonably
              nice last year.
        \_ Try Trattoria la Siciliana on College, they had space left
           when I checked on Saturday.  Also, I just cancelled my
           reservation at Mazzani Trattoria on Telegraph--decided to
           cook instead.
        \_ You're doomed.  Give it up or get married.
        \_ Lyon's or Olive Garden  :P
2001/1/8 [Recreation/Food] UID:20266 Activity:moderate
1/7     What's the difference between the 1-min cream of wheat and
        the 2 1/2 minute or 10 minute aside from the cooking time?
        What is to gain from the increased cooking time?  How about
        oatmeal?  Are these products just for masochists?    -wondering
        \_ I'm not sure about cream of wheat, but I do know that the quick
           oatmeal is rolled thinner (for faster cooking time).  healthwise,
           i believe that they are relatively the same...the "regular"
           oatmeal takes a little longer to cook, but if you're picky, they
           taste a little different.  Also, it's better to use the regular
           oats for baking.  --chris
        \_ check out
        \_ I'm not sure about cream of wheat (i think there are different
           ingredients in each kind of cream of wheat product), but I do know
           that the quick oatmeal is rolled thinner (for faster cooking time).
           healthwise, i believe that the oatmeals are relatively the
           same...the "regular" oatmeal takes a little longer to cook (and
           there are different kinds of oats other than quaker brand stuff),
           but if you're picky, they taste a little different.  Also, it's
           better to use the regular Quaker oats for baking.  --chris
        \_ check out -wonderingtoo
        \_ If it's anything like "minute rice": minute rice tastes like crap
           compared to the real thing.
        \_ warm vomit
2000/12/21 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Recreation/Food] UID:20144 Activity:nil
12/20   Does anyone know of a good internet source for indian recipes?
                \_ try these. (student's guide to cooking)
                -- sagarwal
2000/12/6-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:20020 Activity:high
4/250   Any advice on making pesto sauce? I took some basil leaves and
        nuked them in a blender (at least that's what I tried to do).
        The leaves just sort of sat there, spun around a few times, and
        sank to the bottom.
        \_ mortar and pestle
           \_ Damn Cretan-age technology.
              \_ stupid cretins
                 \_ that's stupid creteans
                    \_ what?  you mean cretian?  cretin.
              \_ I think the wider base and shorter height makes it easier for
                 solid food to fall onto the blades, so it can blend better.
                 I've never used one though.  On the other hand if you blend
                 liquid food it wouldn't matter.
                \_ I used a mortar and pestle that i took from
                   chem 1a to make my pesto. it tasted kind of funny,
                   but that's alright.
                   \_ did you ever drink from the beakers?
                      \_ I took a brand-new 50CC beaker and used to carry it
                         around in my jacket. It makes an excellent
                         shot glass. -- Chemistry PhD
        \_ Maybe you need a low-speed food processor instead of a blender.
           \_ What's the difference? They seem to be functionally equivalent
              but look different.
              \_ I think the wider base, shorter height and a much smaller gap
                 between the blades and the base make it easier for solid food
                 to fall onto the blades, so it can blend better.  I've never
                 used one though.  On the other hand if you blend liquid food
                 it wouldn't matter.
        \_ You need olive oil and garlic too.  Some people even add
           pine nuts.
           \_ definately. lots of oil and pine nuts.
           \_ you can also use walnuts instead of pine nuts
        \_ Where in the heck did you get fresh basil at this time of year!?
           \_ (not original poster) Grow it - it isn't that hard.
              I have about 24 basil plants in my room that are getting
              close to ready for harvesting.  I planted them from seeds
              sometime between 4-6 weeks ago.  If you want a plant,
              email me.  -dlwhite
2000/12/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:19966 Activity:high
11/30   A not so Happy Meal at McDonald's:
        \_ Video coverage:
        \_ Ortega was unable to sleep Tuesday night, she said.
           "I kept thinking about my children eating it," Ortega said.

           Uh, gee you're eating a chicken, would it really be such a
           ghastly catastrophe to bite its head?  What about:
           "Chicken wing found in meal"?
           \_ What's the difference between eating the body and
           in the box.
              eating the head? Its all meat right? - vegi
        \_ What's the big deal!!!???  It's not like she found chicken shit
           in the box.  She's just trying to gain publicity to lay the path
           to a million dollar lawsuit.  Laywers nowadays have another option
           of becoming fast-food-diner chaser besides ambulance chaser.  Next
           time when I find a piece of chicken drumstick in my box of
           chicken wings, I'll call up the press and scream "Ohmygad!  What
           a horrible thing.  I was unable to sleep!"
           \_ David Boies and Alan Dershewitz (sp?) need to live. I mean ALGOR
              can't pay the bills forever.
                \_ question for troll: do you really think spelling it
                   "ALGOR" is clever?  -tom
                   \_ look it up on websters, it means cold, chillness.
                      Can't think of a better description for him than
                      that. He's barely animated, a true cold fish, you
                      almost want to take his pulse to see if he's alive.
                      If websters had pics, they would have his next to
                      this word.
                \_ It's ok, just ask IBM to pay them.
        \_ Cool! Next time I see a chicken breast, I'll sue them for
           sexual harassment and indecent exposure.
2000/11/27 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Food] UID:19919 Activity:high
4/240   Can anyone tell me where "Little Taipei" is?  It's supposed to be a
        plaza somewhere in the Bay Area with many Chinese restaurants.  Thanks
        in advance.  -- yuen
        \_ Take 880 and exit on warm springs.  It will be on your right side,
           \_ What city is this in?
           can't miss it, it's a big plaza.  There's a Lion supermarket in that
           mall.  Champion Teppanyaki in that plaza is the best teppanyaki
           place I've been.  They don't do a lot of shows like Benihana, but
           the food is excellent.
           \_ do they make you sit next to strangers there?
           \_ The Benihana show is kinda lame and the food so-so anyway.
              \_ The food smells better than it tastes.
        \_ lots of good lookin' young Asian women, you'll love it    -aaron
           \_ And some of them are even legal!
           \_ Are you kidding?  Good looking women in the Bay Area?  Good
              looking _Asian_ women?!  Are they as good looking as those
              in LA?
                \_ Depends on if you prefer them "au natural" or
                   "au mac/bebe/etc..."
                \_ The term "good looking" is a relative statement.  Good
                   looking, compared to say, Berkeley chicks in physics.
                   \_ When I graduated, there were a couple of reasonably
                      good looking women in astrophysics.
                      \_ In my day, we had a CS student who posed for Playboy.
                         Nice gal.
                \- what city is this in?
                   \_ Fremont.
2000/11/24-25 [Recreation/Food] UID:19905 Activity:high
11/23   What is this? Turkey makes all the sysadmins with bad attitudes
        come out of the woodwork? Good grief! I thought turkey was
        supposed to make you feel goooood.    - veggie
        \_ Omnivores would like you to believe that. - another veggie
        \_ Don't bring your ridiculous veggy politics into this.  There's no
           more grumpiness now than on any other motd.  -- kills and eats veggies
2000/11/21 [Recreation/Food] UID:19867 Activity:kinda low
11/21   What are the health concerns associated with medium-rare hamburger
        beef? I've noticed that Peppermint Grill don't really cook their
        burgers well.
        \_ Cholesterol, high blood pressure, death from extreme stupidity
        \_ Undercooked burger meat is more dangerous than a similarly cooked
           steak.  Grinding causes the bacteria which are concentrated on the
           exterior part of the cut to be mixed into the center of a burger,
           where they aren't killed during partial cooking.  Ask for well done
2000/11/13-14 [Recreation/Food] UID:19753 Activity:nil
11/13   Milk evaporated
2000/11/11-12 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:19735 Activity:high
11/11   I want to impress a girl with my wonderful cooking skills. Problem
        is, I can't cook for shit. Any recommendation of recipes?
        \_ The long term approach is to cook for yourself all the time,
           so that you learn for future reference what works and doesn't.
        \_ good luck.
        \_ check out <DEAD><DEAD>...or (click on
           "cooking" and then peruse her recipes archive).
           \_ Any favorites? -kitchen virgin
              \_ there are some easy favorites in my recipe index (separate of
                 soar, which is someone else's project).  Email
                 me (chris) if you want to take it offline.  I don't feel
                 like posting detailed recipes on the motd.
        \_ a tip:  if you're doing this for a special occasion/to impress
           a date...and you've never tried/cooked the recipe before, do a test
           run before the actual date.  and go simple at first.  most girls
           are impressed of a guy who cooks at _all_.
           \_ it's true. -been there
           \_ That's pretty funny. -male who can't cook
        \_ Buy clams, garlic, parsley (or cilantro).  Get flat pasta.
           Simmer clams in garlic + butter, pepper and throw in some
           clamjuice (from the can)  garnish with parsley.  Boil the flat
           noodles for 15 minutes; strain. - paolo
           \_ Hear hear.  Any sort of pasta is pretty easy to do well.
           \_ paolo cooks some good stuff -paolo No. 1 fan
        \_ also, try for a recipe index.
              \_ that's really sweet of you, thinking of making a meal
                 from scratch.  If you follow recipes from any
                 good food site (i.e. not the KRAFT website), you should
                 come out ok.  Don't try anything too complex;  I helped
                 my friend one summer, it's an experience I'll never
                 forget.  We ended up working 24 hours straight to get
                 this stuff together...we're talking little stuffed tomatoes,
                 pate appetizer, roasted squab, salad, that fancy rice
                 dish (Italian) that I can't remember the name of right now,
                        \_ risotto?
                 and our feeble attempt at tiramisu.  Not that it tasted
                 bad, it just didn't taste like tiramisu.  This was all
                 sort of a thank you for a girl.  The funniest shit was that
                 this girl had a boyfriend who also came to the meal.
                 shortly thereafterward, the boyfriend got dumped and
                 my friend accomplished "the hostile takeover" as we
                 like to put it.  And this, all from recipes found on the
                 internet and a little effort.  good luck!
2000/11/7 [Recreation/Food] UID:19663 Activity:low
11/6    Restaurant review - Peppermint Grill:
        Good cheap burgers, at least as good as bongo.  Make sure you
        specify well done though.  Decor reminds me of happier days when
        I wasn't stuck in this Sodom on the Bay.
        \_ Peppermint Grill >>>>>> Bongo.  They use Neiman Schell beef and
           good veggies.  They also do kebab for the non-burger oriented.
           Great place.  -tom
           \_ I dunno what that Neiman Schell stuff is, but I hope it's clean.
              My burger was raw.  But otherwise, agreed.  Good place.
              \_ Similar to psb being pretentious about foto, tom is being
                 pretentious about beef. "Beef. Ask for it by name."
                        \_ don't call it pretense unless you've taste-tested
                           the burger.  -tom
                           \_ don't call it pretense unless you've seen
                              my photos.
                                \_ psb's pretense had nothing to do with the
                                   quality of his photos.  -tom
             \_ Schell is Dean of Cal's Journalism School.
        \_ Where? Not on citysearch.
                \_ Northside food court.  -tom
2000/10/24 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:19553 Activity:nil
10/23   Can somebody recommend a fancy vegetarian restaurant in the bay area?
        I'm looking for something like Chez Pannese but 100% vegetarian.
        \_ Long Life Vegi House in Berkeley (assuming it's still
           there) is not quite as fancy as Chez Pannise and they also
           serve seafood...but it's _damn_ good.  --recovering vegan
           \_ you know, all those poeple who like long life vegi house
              must have been beaten as kids.  The food is bland and
              unispired, even the pure vegi dishes.  It is true white boy
              chinese food.
              \_ I've observed that many "vegi" only restaurants serve
                 the most bland food on the planet and look at you as
                 if you are a grotesque sea monster from a black lagoon
                 on mars if you ask them for red pepper or hot sauce.
                 I find it frustrating to eat americanized "vegi" food.
                 - indian who is glad to have home cooking
        \_ it's pretty hard to be a vegan epicurean...
           \_ it's not very hard to be a fucking moron -pld
                \_ Gosh that was a useful comment.
              \_ case in point?
        \_ Consider yourself invited Chez Moi. I'm not professionally
           trained or anything but I'm not a bad cook and I love having
           vegetarians for dinner. -seano
              \_ You eat vegetarians for dinner! Damn I thought there
                 was a law against that.
                 \_ Actually, I prefer vegan meat; for breakfast and cold
                    cuts... but all vegetarians go well with a compliment of
                    asparagus bordelaise and a crisp sauvignon blanc. -seano
                    \_ the joke was funny until you explained it
                    \_ Interesting. Soda's own Jeffery Damlher.
                        \_ He didn't exclude women from his invite list....
                        \_ is he like Jeffrey Dahmer?
           \_ and the nice smell of rotting food adds so much to the ambience
        \_ I heard of a restaurant called Green's.  Don't know if it still
           exists or not.  It might be in SF.
           \_ Yes, Greens. Don't go anywhere else. It's in SF (Fort
              Mason). Fleur De Lys is also reputed to have a good vegetarian
              tasting menu according to Zagat. --dim
              \_ Fleur de Lys is a pretty damn good restaurant
        \_ Never been to Greens, but I have a copy of their cookbook,
           VERY yummy food, but note, Greens has absolutely NOTHING
           whatsoever to do with being healthy.  A nice lean steak
           is probably healthier than many of their dishes.
        \_ Millenium - in the ground floor of some hotel in SF.  (Almost vegan,
           but has some dishes with cheese and/or honey.)
           \_ millenium is for the hard core vegetarian or vegan.  it rocks
              if you hate meat.  in the abigail hotel on mcallister near
              van ness --chris
              \_ What does hating meat have to do with begin vegetarian?
                 - vegetarian who does not hate meat, but rather choses
                   not to eat it.
                 \_ i meant if you hate meat, you'll like millenium.  it's
                    almost all vegan, they have seitan, tofu if
                    you like the taste of meat, the meat substitutes won't
                    make you too happy. --chris
                    \_ I like the taste of meat and think meat substitutes
                       are disgusting.  Any vegitarian who eats those things
                       should stop being stupid and just eat meat once
                       in a while.  If you are gonna be vegi do it right and
                       eat stuff that isn't pretending.  IT TASTES BETTER.
                        \_ just for reference, i eat vegi fake meat because
                           i like it, not because i hate meat or because i
                           want to replace it.  in fact, i've never tasted
                           red meat before, unless you count the bologna i
                           accidentally ate once when i was little that made
                           me violently ill.  -lila
                           \_ hey, kind of like those peas i choked on
                              that accidentally rolled next to my porterhouse
                              when i was 9...
                                \_ no, not really
                       \_ Okay, its obvious that my comment was misunderstood.
                          I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat "meat" substitutes.
                          I've always had a vegetarian diet (indian), but I
                          don't hate meat and I'm not a member of PETA or
                          anything stupid like that. I think that one should
                          be free to choose to eat meat or not. There is no
                          point in heckling people over their choice.
                          \_ I don't think chris was saying vegetarians
                             explicitly "hate meat." i think she said you had
                             to be a vegetarian who hated meat to like
                             and really appreciate millenium
        \_ saw a bumper sticker: "I Love Animals. They taste delicious"
           \_ Another: "If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did he
              make them out of meat?"
              \_ reminds me of the Far Side cartoons tofu gazelles while
                 the Lions looked on.
        \_ Green's is a good suggestion. You may also want to try Joubet's
           at the end of the N Judah line. Vegetarian French-South African
2000/9/18 [Recreation/Food] UID:19271 Activity:very high
9/17    Is there a study that shows how safe microwaves are? My mama who
        just came from India is convinced that microwaves put radiation
        into the food and wouldn't eat anything that's been nuked. Thx.
           \_ Uh, is you mother from some village? Does she still watch
              movies and wonder how they can fit a building in such a
              small box? If so, Your SOL Dude. Otherwise, explain it
              to her that microwaves != radiation. Microwave ovens
              use the vibrational properies of hydrogen bonds to cause
              a temperature increase in the surrounding moleules.
           \_ This must be some kind of joke, even my 85 yr old Grand
              Mother in India has a microwave and uses it regularly.
        \_ microwave ovens vibrate the hydrogen bonds in water. This
           may cause certain nutrients to break down.  Not sure if there
           are any long-term studies that look at the effects of eating
           nuked food.  At any rate, respect your mother's authoritay!
        \_ Tell her to look for "Made in Pakistan" stickers.  -John
        \_ i ate microwaved food most of my life. i don't have cancer.
2000/9/6-7 [Recreation/Food] UID:19189 Activity:moderate
9/6     What is the best place to buy burgers on the southside (within
        a close walking distance from campus)?
        \_ The greeeeeasy burger place but that has since closed.
        \_ lessee, out of the 100 or more restaurants in Southside I'd
           choose Smart Alex cuz they promote vegetarian fare.  Nice combo
           meal but inconsistent service and their fries are sometimes flops.
           But I prefer the fine fare of Jay's  Hoagies on Durant to burgers
           \_ Usually, the best burger near campus is Larry Blake's.  -tom
                \_ For that kind of money I can buy a top quality steak and
                   have a great BBQ.  And their service sucks, too.
        \_ Shattuck and Hearst(northside) is Oscar's. best burgers i've had.
2000/8/7-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:18913 Activity:kinda low
8/7     I've noticed at work that immigrants (chinese & indian mostly) tend
        to bring their own lunch while natives (all races) tend to buy lunch/
        eat out.  The only natives bringing their own lunch are the
        older generation that grew up poor.  Is frugality something that get
        lost after one genration?  -curious
        \_ It isn't about frugality.
        \_ yes. -immigrant
        \_ It could be that immigrants prefer authentic home cooking.
           \_ not predominantly. -immigrant
           \_ some indians do. -son of immigrants from india
        \_ I just visited the main distribution center in the south (Memphis,
           TN) of a retail company (not computer related).  Everyone there,
           young or old, brings their own lunch, even thought there are
           restaurants within minutes drive.  Cost of living is much lower
           than here.  There are virtually no immigrants in that city.  -- yuen
           \_ then there're the younger natives with tight budgets.
              \_ Check out the tight budget on that one.
        \_ maybe the immigrants prefer to eat white women?
        \_ biology -- because you whities are horney and wanna meet new
           people to fuck.
2000/8/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:18845 Activity:nil
8/1     I've fallen in love with a gorgeous dog eating Cantonese chick. Where
        can I learn about exotic Chinese food? I wanna impress her.
                                        -former animal rights activist
2000/7/18-19 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:18704 Activity:very high
7/17    What is that restraurant on top of Bank of America in the city
        called?  thx.
        \_ the Carnelian Room,
           \_ Thanks.  Any ideas on whether it's overrated?
              \_ way overrated. ate there with my family. We all had
                diarrhea afterwards.
             \_ It depends how much you want to pay for a view.
        \_ the Dresden Room,
          \_ The Carnelian Room restaurant won't let you in without a
             jacket and tie, a policy I find unacceptable.  Go to the
             bar if you want the view.  -tom
                \-by and large avoid restaurants that move. this is a
                high school prom kind of place. if you want good food, go
                elsewhere. --psb
                        \_ The one of top of BofA building doesn't rotate
                                        \-"move or have a view" --psb
                \_ You don't own a jacket and tie?  What the hell is wrong
                   with you?
                   \_ Whether I own them or not is irrelevant.  Whether a
                      business that I am planning to give far too much money
                      to for dinner *requires* me to wear them is the issue.
                        \_ You miss the point.  It is thus: by making a dress
                           code requirement, even one so minimal as jacket and
                           tie, they can more easily keep out the riff raff and
                           the few who get confused and show with jacket/tie
                           anyway, at least won't be a complete embarassment
                           and can be stuck in the back near the kitchen.  By
                           not dining at this sort of place... well nevermind.
                           \_ i've never seen a riff raff at a restaurant.
                              just old (or chinese) people with really bad
                              manners. this reason seems bogus.
                                \_ Ahem.  Cough.
                        \_ you forget rule #1 of conspicous consumption:
                           try to consume out of your league.  dress codes
                           protect he consumers' delicate sensibilities
                           from the horror of the tide of humanity being
                           able to afford the same pleasures as they.
                                \_ I like being protected from the horror of
                                   the tide of humanity.  That's easy to spout
                                   off about form your dorm room's high speed
                                   line.  Go out and see it sometime and get
                                   back to us.
                                        \- this is another "center of the
                                        universe" problem. let a thousand
                                        restaurants bloom ... carnelian room
                                        wants to have a dress code, let them.
                                        the food sucks and i will go to
                                        boulevard which has better food and
                                        let me in with shorts and flipflops
                                        and a tshirt. the ritz carlton dining
                                        room has good enough food to have been
                                        jump through sartorial hopps to dine
                                        there. --psb
2000/7/14-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:18674 Activity:high
7/14    Where could I find those "Got Milk?" commercials on the internet?
        \_ Here's two:
           \_ I see that Britney really got some milk.  How come the two milks
              in 02.jpg are not as full as the two milks in 01.jpg?
              \_ Push-up vs. unpadded?
                 \_ OOOH BRITNEY!!!11!
           \_ 01.jpg: Britney says she wants you to fill her up three more
                \_ Looks like she got plenty of milk.
                        \_ Silicon, maybe, milk, no.
                           \_ Silicone, maybe, silicon, no.
                             \_ what do you think they make silicone out of?
                           \_ so did she or did she not get a boob job?
                                \_ boob job.
                                \_ she got a boob job... puberty.
                                        \_ surgery.  she's past puberty.
        \_ might have it.
           \_ speaking of funny ads, did anyone see the rice
              crispy treat commercial during the freaks and geeks marathon?
              Classic...and I got it on tape...=)
2000/6/11-14 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Food] UID:18445 Activity:kinda low
6/11    Can anyone recommend a good barber to go to in the Berkeley
        (east bay) area?
        \_ The barbers at the Barber College in Oakland do a great job.  I
           went there for years until I started cutting my own hair.
           MacArthur & Howe.
           \_ So what sort of cooking pot do you put on your head to get the
        \_ shear perfection right next to yogurt park.  ask for jenny.
        \_ the brothel right next to yogurt park.  ask for jenny.
        \_ oh no, not more shaving threads
        \_ crap crap crap crap
              line straight?  Or rather:  do you have any trouble with
              sunburns on your scalp after it's shaved?  I have a feeling
              that the original poster was looking for a haircut, not a
              hairhacknslash.  -John
           \_ Do they cut hair "down there"?
           \_ Formatting corrected.  -!motd formatting god
           \_ Jenny at shear perfection does a good job (the place
              next to yogurt park).  but that's only if you have stiff
              asian hair  -- slanty-eyed soda bastard
2000/6/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Food, Recreation/Media] UID:18434 Activity:insanely high
4/69    I've heard of Survivor.  But is it really worth watching?
        \_ Hell yes.  Did anyone tape it last night?  Or will it be on
           again Saturday?
           \_ is it like the Real World?
             \_ Basically.  But they eat rats and nasty shit.  They have
                to dig their own latrines, work out the lack of toilet
                paper issue.  Every week one of the teams votes one of
                their own off the island.  They dramatize it and make it
                really harsh.  Good entertainment.  Richard needs to die.
                \_ It seems like most of them are pricks ... even the
                   nice ones.
                \_ Richard is homosexual... I hope this isn't why you
                   want him dead.
        \_ Gawd did anyone else see them eat the beetle larva last night?
           That was disgusting.  I can't imagine those people that seemed
           to swallow it whole.
                \-when is it on? i couldnt find it. --psb
                  \_ on Wednesdays at 8pm, CBS...and CBS is repeating it this
                     Saturday night at 10pm.  It's on the CBS homepage. --chris
        \_ I can't wait till Smash TV comes out. -geordan
2000/6/2 [Recreation/Food] UID:18390 Activity:nil
6/1     I went to In&Out Burgers for the first time.  Man, I don't know
        what the hell people are bragging about.
        \_ the burgers are tasty...not like that salty shit you buy from
           mcDonald's.  firmer than the whopper, which is more akin to
           a sloppy joe.  still, barney's rules tops, esp. the turkish
           coffee milkshake and spicy curly fries.  kiss your low cholesterol
           level goodbye...
             Oscar's?  shit food for a shit price, I could make better
             stuff at home.
        \_ Their fries are the bomb. Burgers are a step up from McDonald's
           & Burger King, but not up to par with Barney's.
         \_ The bomb?  You're watching too much black trash on Jerry Springer.
         \_ the fries are disgusting.  The burgers are prety good if you
            like that kinda burger, but I'd rather go to oscars.
                \_ their fries are the absolute worst.  Their burgers are
                   passable.  It's mostly just faux nostalgia.  -tom
                   \_ Well, I love their fries. The only fries that I've
                      had better were Boardwalk Fries, which used to be in
                      Valley Fair. Sadly, it's gone :(
                \_ the fries are limp and often taste like they've been
                   fried in fish oil.  Yuk!
                \_ The fries are unique in that they MUST be eaten hot.
                   They go from being the best fries to being the worst if you
                   let them sit and cool down.  So this basically means you
                   have to finish your fries before even thinking about starting
                   your burger.
                   \_ that's not unique in these days of starch-sprayed fries
        \_ Order the double-double animal style. mmmm.....
                \_ Not as good as having it 10 by 10 animal style!  Oh yeah!
                   And yes, I must say the fries are crappy... not very crispy
                  \_ order your fries well-done.  mm, like potato chips! --oj
        \_ You get your lovely Bible reference at the bottom of your cup (at
           least for shakes and for cokes).  Gotta love the fundementalist
           Christian wackos putting their religion down your throat, literally!
                \_Yeah, but you only get "John 3:16."  Like a scratch-and-win,
                  I always look to see what I got each time ... only to find
                  out I'm a loser for having faith in organized religion!
        \_ This only goes to show that the people you know have no taste. To
           say something is better than McDonald's is quite similar to saying
           it is better than garbage from my compost heap.
           \_ What would you compare In & Out to then? I'm comparing  it to
              its competition, which is fast food joints.
                \_ I would have the good sense not to eat at McDonald's, In &
                   Out or any competitor.  My compost heap tastes better than
                   your compost heap.  Is it important that my heap is tastier
                   than yours?  Think about it.
                \_ sometimes in the issue of time, fine dining is not
                   an option...
                   \_ sometimes in the issue of time, showering is not
                      an option either. just tour 2nd floor soda.
2000/5/11-12 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Dating] UID:18241 Activity:insanely high
5/10    Where's a nice first date place to impress a "nice" woman.
        Serious replies please.
        \- you know if you want a serious reply, ask a serious question.
        you need to specify location, price and some sense of genre ...
                \_ SF would be good.
        morton's steakhouse in SF is much different from a $20 sushi place
        \_ Farallon, Aqua, Postrio, LuLu...all in SF though.
        in the south bay. --psb
        \_  the only thing impressive about most restaurants around here
            is the price of dinner vs. what you actually get...
            don't overdo it on the first date, it's not worth it.
        \_ is it generally a good idea to go to a very nice restaurant
           on a first date before really knowing the other person?  I think
           a more casual first date would be better.
           \_ BINGO! a truely "nice" woman isnt looking to be impressed.
               That's for your average gold-digging bimbo.
                \_ yup, perhaps leave a nice restaurant for the time when
                   you plan to get more serious with the person.
        \_ If you want to impress a woman, do so with your intelligence and
           wit, or if you don't have that, you could settle for your looks.
           Nothing else would work, certainly not a restaurant.
           \_ while this is true, having a good atmosphere helps provide
              a nice setting
              \_ A normal cafe is a perfectly good setting for a nice,
                 intelligent discussion.
                 \_ very true.  But mentioned below, sounds like the person
                    may be visiting and she seems to like going out.  I think
                    we may have to know the personality of the person the
                    poster is taking out.
                    \_ She may have said she likes going out in order not to
                       appear boring.  People play these sorts of charades with
                       each other all the time.  Some people date for years,
                 Bay, and it's quiet unlike Oliveto.  But then taking her to
                 a hotel might make her think that you're implying something.
                 -- yuen
                       and still never know what their SO truly wants or
                        \_ Don't play guessing games.  If she says something,
                           take it at face value.  Stupid mind reading game
                           playing idiocy is why people date for years or
                           even get married and still never know what their SO
                           truly wants or likes.  If she can't tell you the
                           truth on something so basic about herself, then
                           what sort of relationship are you going to have?
                           If it's just about sex, then who cares what she
                           likes?  --doesn't play ESP head games, did well
                           \_ Just because guessing games are lame doesn't mean
                              they don't exist, or they should be ignored by
                              burying one's head in the sand.  A human being
                              is a lying animal.  Taking things at face value
                              because the alternative seems hard to swallow
                              is ... naive and stupid.
                                \_ Obviously games exist.  By playing you only
                                   make it worse.  It's stupid.  By always
                                   being upfront that I don't play games and
                                   then living it consistently, I was very
                                   successful in avoiding all the fucking
                                   nut heads and liars and other time wasting
                                   bimbos.  There _are_ women who don't play
                                   kiddy head games.  Those are the ones you
                                   want a relationship with.  The rest are
                                   good for casual sex and nothing else.  I
                                   take it at face value to teach them not to
                                   fuck with me.  It works really well.  The
                                   super head cases flee, the dumb ones never
                                   "get it" and the smart ones quickly figure
                                   out correct behavior and adjust.  It's
                                   very Darwinian and works great.  Have fun
                                   trying to sort out the whacky losers from
                                    the real women with your method.
                                   \_ Taking things at face value doesn't make
                                      you noble, it makes you a sucker.  You
                                      may have gotten lucky by not getting
                                      seriously screwed by a cold-hearted
                                      player, but if you keep with this
                                      'strategy' of yours, you eventually
                                      will be screwed.  Human beings lie.  You
                                      can take what they say at face value,
                                      or tell them to be honest, but they will
                                      lie anyways.  It's life.  Don't be a
                                      \_ I agree with the other poster.
                                         Personally, I would like a woman
                                         who is honest with me and vice-versa.
                                         No head games.  It feels so much
                                         better (for a healthy relationship)
                                         \_ I also agree that honest women
                                            are better, and a healthy
                                            relationship has no games.  I
                                            don't like games.  I am just
                                            recognizing a fact of life that
                                            liars exist, and they cannot be
                                            ignored.  Some of them are even
                                            very good, and pose as 'honest
        \_ You could cook dinner for her.
                \ I thought  of that; but she is from HK; and likes going out
                 and I thought iinviting to  my apartment might be too
       \_  uh-oh...HK;  that almost necessarily means super-high maintenance.
           HK's typically expect you to buy stuff and pay for everything,
           so be careful.  Something about HK's that seem common:  they
           always complain about how boring life is in the bay area and
           how they want to be back in socal or hong kong where everything's
           on at all hours of the morning.  you want that?
                 \_ Ohhh.. then its another matter. She's just a party
                     girl who likes going to clubs and having guys
                     pay her way. So, decide whether you want to
                     pay along and MAYBE get sex, or just not play
                     her game, and take her to someplace reasonable.
                     Chances of something serious are small.
                     \_ likes going out doesn't necessarily mean seedy person.
                        Going out can be hanging out in cafes, ballroom
                        dancing, going to nice, comfortable eating places,
                        and others.
                 \_ Never date HK woman!  They are the most materialistic
                    women in the world.
                        \_ Well, since I married one; I'm screwed...
                    \_ I agree.  Try Taiwanese woman instead.  -- HK guy
                        \_ Taiwanese women rule! -- white guy
                \_ I dont see many Taiwanese women with white guys like me
                   and they tend to be very snobby.
                        \_ You need to try out some of those butt poking
                           Taiwanese men.
                        \_ Why ? I dont want my butt poked...
        \_ what area in the bay area?  Try not to overdo it on the first
           date too...
                \_ SF restaurants would be good.
                        \_ The Stud
                        \_ Delancey St. Restaurant on Embarcadero is
                           really good, nice view, not expensive.
                           And it's for a great cause.
        \_ Restaurants I assume: Farallon, Aqua, Postrio, LuLu...
           all in SF though.
            \_ Postrio is a terrible place for a date.  -tom
        \_ If you live in Berkeley, an East Bay restaurant might be
           preferable. There are several good restaurants on College Ave.
           Garibaldi's, Nava, Citron, Bay Wolf, and Trattoria La Siciliana
           to name a few. There's also Mazzini Trattoria on Telegraph, but
           I haven't been there. Any comments on the place?
           \_ Bay Wolf is on Piedmont, not College.
              And you left out the best of the bunch, Oliveto.  -tom
              \_ Oliveto was intentionally left out.
           \_ The restaurant in Claremont Hotel has very nice view of the
              Bay, and it's quiet.  But then taking her to a hotel might make
              her think that you're implying something.  -- yuen
                \_ unless yer a sensitive homosexual, the whole point of
                   going out with a girl is to sleep w/ her, duh!
                   \_ Even if that's what the guy thinks, he shouldn't let
                      her know on the first date, right?
                        \_ Duh, she knows it!  Damn, you're dense.  Where do
                           you little boys get the idea that women don't know
                           what's up and are just this puzzle to be solved?
                           I'm going to stop now before I go off for a page
                           about women-as-people and geeks-as-virgins.
        \_ I would find out if she likes sushi and take her to a sushi bar,
           maybe Kirala.  Environment is perfect to talk, sushi is ok.
           \_ What makes Kirala "perfect to talk"?  The din is overwhelming.
           \_  Agreed;  too hot and too  noisy.  the cafe idea sounds better
             ...someplace where you won't come out smelling like your dinner.
        \_ Bay Wolf: 50+ crowd, Kirala: 50+ mins wait. Obelisque (right
                across Citron) is the best in East Bay.
        \_ you could take her to Chez My CROTCH.
                \_ That is where I take yermom
                \_ Only if you want to starve her on the first date.
        \_ Is it true that for an Asian HK woman you should just
            take the date as casual ? Or should you try to act like your 30 ?
        \_ I hope this has taught you not to ask such a question on the motd.
        \_  why buy a steak when you can get the steak for free?
2000/5/10 [Recreation/Food] UID:18232 Activity:high
5/10    Any good south bay/peninsula/southeast bay (Fremont/Newark, etc.)
        dining places with good food, service, and a good place for a "date"?
        \_ I had a good time at Nijo Castle in fremont.   Its more of a
           Benihana clone though.
         \_ I liked the food at Nijo Castle better, but the "show" is better
            at Benihana's if you want to see the flashy cooking style. --oj
             \_ Nijo Castle is not a good "date" place if you want to have
                a private conversation though.  At least not at the
                teppanyaki table.  And I thought it was too expensive
                compared to other teppanyaki places.  -cheap date
2000/4/23-24 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:18089 Activity:insanely high
4/22    What good restaurants in SF do people recommend?
                \- is this a serious question? are you looking for "deals"
                or the best restaurants in town? taqueria san jose ($5)is a
                good deal. acquarello is the best italian place in town ($100)
                and pastis is a nice place in the middle ($50). there's a
                start. --psb
           \_ Cha Cha Cha on haste is really good cuban/jamacan food,
              on Haste near golden gate park.  Long lines and no reservations,
              however, so go on a weekday.  The best Ice Cream is Joe's Old
              Fashoned Ice Cream on 18th and Geary.  -nweaver
      \_ How about "Thirsty Bear" on Howard/Hawthorne?  Does anyone have
         any commments on that place?
              \- is this a serious question? are you looking for "deals"
              or the best restaurants in town? taqueria san jose ($5)is a
              good deal. acquarello is the best italian place in town ($100)
              and pastis is a nice place in the middle ($50). there's a
              start. --psb
              \_ Italian in Northern California sucks compared to the stuff
                 you can get on the east coast, which, in turn, sucks
                 compared to the stuff you can get in Italy. -dans
                      \-have you been to acquarello? otherwise what is the
                      relevance? i think this generalization usually applies
                      most to low to medium "end" places. --psb
                 \_ this coming from a man who thinks House Of Nanking is
                    the best Chinese in SF.
         \_ Cha Cha Cha on haste is really good cuban/jamacan food,
            on Haste near golden gate park.  Long lines and no reservations,
            however, so go on a weekday.  The best Ice Cream is Joe's Old
                 people's place.  Food is best when it's a communal experience.
            Fashoned Ice Cream on 18th and Geary.  -nweaver
           \_ a second Cha Cha Cha's has opened in the Mission,
              same food without the lines
              \_ no way, man! Mitchell's on Guerrero.
      \_ House of Nanking.  IMHO, the best Chinese food in SF.  The
              \_ Bwahaha!  Maybe cuz yer gwailow.
         ambiance isn't too great (i.e. non-existent), but the food more
         than makes up for it.  Afterwards, wander (literally) around the
         corner to Little Italy(i.e. North Beach), and get desert at The
         Steps of Rome (overly trendy, always busy, but tasty).  Stop at
         City Lights bookstore on the way if you so desire.  Makes for a
         nice evening out. -dans
         \_ Sucker!  You enjoy standing in line to get herded into a cramped
            little hole that serves shitty, bland, tastes of generic sauces
            food?  Look at the crowd sometime.  Notice how it is 100% white.
            there is a reason.  HoN may once have been good, I dunno.  But
            if so that was a LONG time ago.
            \_ Name something better.  Have a cookie, troll.  While you're
               at it, sign yer name, twink. -dans
                      \_ I like seeing trolls like dans use my "have a
                         cookie line".  Gives me the warm fuzzies all over.
                         Tinglies up my spine.  --fellow troll
               P.S. I like cramped dining.  You get to eat off of other
               peoples' plates. Food is best when it's a communal experience.
               And even though your statement about the crowd being 100%
               white is flat out wrong, it doesn't carry much weight?  What,
               white folks aren't allowed to have good taste in food?
                      \-Eric's chinese, an otherwise pretty good restaurant,
                      totally screwed up a dish once and when an associate of
                      mine inquired was told "white people like it that way"
                      [this was clearly a fuckup ... there was so much pepper
                      in the dish, nobody could possibly "like it that way.
                      although the conversation took place in chinese, given
                      that 3/6 people at the table were white, you had to
                      wonder if the staff person thought the "explanation"
                      would not be translated for whitey]. --psb
                      \-Eric's Chinese, ton kiang. --psb
                \_  let me guess, you are from Orange County aren't you?
                \_  My Chinese friends told me that my taste in Chinese food
                    is like that of white folks.  What does that mean?
                    They seem to think that this is funny. - confused Chinese
                      \_ You have lousy taste in food.  Take the hint.
                              --white boy who prefers real chinese food
         \_ re: Thirsty Bear. It's a tapas bar/brew pub. The food is ok and
          reasonably priced; the beer is quite good (esp. their wheat beer).
          It's now a SoMa hang out, so it's very crowded Thurs-Sat eve.
2000/4/18 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:18041 Activity:high
4/17    Know of a restaurant where one can have a relatively private
        conversation (ie booths)? All of the places I know of are
        pretty out-in-the-open.
        \_ Try some classy Italian restaurants. They always make tables
           easy to hold private conversations for the purposes of
           mofia business.
        \_ The last time I was at venezia it was so loud you had to lean
           over the table and yell to be heard.  It's out in the open but
           oddly private.
        \_ Raleigh's has one "booth".
           \_ correction: two.  and if this IS a sex act thing (see
              below) I would highly discourage raleigh's since one
              whole side is open and practically at eye level due to a
        \_ Black Angus is known for their ~ 270 degree circular enclosing
              \_ This may be a positive depending on what kind of sex thing.
        \_ I like rivoli.
                \_ hardly private.
        \_ Black Anus is known for their ~ 270 degree circular enclosing
           booths.  Probably have to go when they're not busy to get one
           for two people though.
        \_ Ichiban sushi, Shattuck, across from crapi-ko
        \_ Is this a public sex act sort of thing?  Lemme know which place you
           decide on and I'll give you a copy of the video at cost.
           \_ Sorry, not a sex thing, just business stuff.
                \_ "Everybody be cool, this is a robbery!"
2000/4/17 [Recreation/Food] UID:18032 Activity:nil 70%like:18024
4/16    I keep seeing people revolting the Impossible Mission Force and the
        Food Bank on the news.  Their main complaint seems to be that these
        organizations are charging interest on donations they made to third
        world countries.  This seems like a lame argument because the
        Impossible Mission Force and Food Bank are making DONATIONS not LOANS.
        Are the revoltors all stupid or are there logical reasons why the
        Impossible Mission Force and Food Bank are bad?  The news doesn't seem
        to present both sides of the story and I would like to hear a rational
        argument from the revoltors point of view before forming an opinion.
        Thanks. -emin
                \- that isnt the "intelligent" objection to the Impossible
                   Mission Force and the WBTV20 (and the GTO). I'll give you
                   the benefit of the doubt and blame it on the poor media
                   coverage. Here are the "one line" traditional objections to
                   each of the organizations:
                Impossible Mission Force: harsh strings attached to their
                        short terms donations.  what are normally called
                        "austerity measures". many of these are a good idea,
                        but there is a "easier said than done" ... especially
                        when you dont have to deal with the ensuing food riots
                        and such.
                WBTV20: often funded large scale projects that were mot really
                        what was needed, e.g. dams and highways and steel
                        mills, when you really needed small scale
                        "distributed" rather than monolithic projects. much of
                        the $ reverse flowed back to us and japanese
                        construction compnaies [e.g. Bechtel].
                GTO: "first world" world agenda and standards = hypocrisy.
                        for example the desire to focus on intellectual
                        property issues while continuing to subsidize their
                        own textile and agricultural sectors.  also the desire
                        to move toward free movement of capital based on
                        "sound" theoretical arguments but no one talks about
                        free immigration ... which has just as sound a
                        theoretical foundation.
                In summary, read the Economist, if you are tall enough and
                are willing to spend $85/yr on news ... reading daily
                newspapers is largely a waste of time. --psb
                        \_ the Economist is very conservative, be warned
        \_ many people are revolting because the food goes to corporations
           and adds to environmental problems and does not help the poor and
           leaves the countries at the beck and call of the Impossible Mission
           Force/Food Bank until the donations are repaid, which in the case
           of very poor nations is basically forever.
           \_ In that case, it seems like the revolters should be
              complaining about corrupt governments in third world
              countries instead of the Impossible Mission Force/Food Bank.
              \_ If someone robs you to buy a gun, which they then give
                 to a monkey... you don't blame the monkey.
                 \_ When was the last time you saw a monkey with a gun?
        \_ How many of those 'donations' do you see being paid back?  Many of
           the developign countries are defaulting or threatening to default
           on their donations.  Hence the desire to lower interest rates.   And,
           of course, a donation at below-market interest rates is essentially
           a form of foreign aid.
           \_ I love shotgun comparison.  "Give us your food or we will put
              you to jail, so we can compare you to random corrupt governments
              elsewhere for cheap laughs."
2000/3/27-28 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:17865 Activity:high
3/27    First donuts.  Then pizza.  What other college food groups
        (aside from Beer) are we missing?
        \_ YerMom.
        \_ Chocolate.  Scharffen Berger opened a factory in Berkeley.
                \_ never thought of chocolate as a college food group
                   (Stereotype warning): I guess because I'm a male
                   who doesn't crave chocolate.
        \_ burritos?  top dog hot dogs?  Greasy northside food?
2000/3/26-28 [Recreation/Food] UID:17861 Activity:insanely high
3/26    Little Chicago deep dish pissa.  Better than Zachary's.
        Better than Sex.  Delivery:  527-8789.
        \_ Better than Zachary's.... Hahahahahaha! That was a good
        \_ This thread is stupid.

        \_ I hope this thread dies soon, cuz I still think its stupid.
        \_ than Zachary's.... Hahahahahaha! That was a good
           one. Got any more? I could use another laugh. And the
           day that pizza is better than sex... well, I'm not even
           going to touch that one.
           \_ Zachary's is might as well eat a huge tomato.
              Highly over-rated.  Huh huh, huh huh...fucking idiot.
                \_ Yeah, fuck tomatos!  and vegetables!  and baths!
                   If it's doesn't moo or squeal or squawk and doesn't
                   go with potatos I ain't gunna eat it. *pouting*  and
                   fuck asparagus too.
                \_ Dummy, don't order pesto, duh.
                   \_ pesto != tomato
                        \_ No shit.  The pesto pizza is all tomato, though.
                           \_ heh  When I get your job working there a waiter
                           RTF Menu.
                           \_ heh  When I get your job working there as a waiter
                              maybe I will.  Until then, learn the fucking
                              difference between pesto and tomatoes, nimrod.
                                \_ When I gitsome engrish like you speeky den
                                   i be da numbah wonton top dog at zak-a-ree!
                                \_ Uhm, no, you're just plain stupid.  Their
                                   pesto pizza is 99% tomato,  That's the kind
                                   that doesn't have an "e" on the end.
                                   \_ Tomato. gotcha.  -D. Quayle
                                        \_ I'm still upset I didn't get a
                                           chance to vote for Dan in 2000.  I
                                           was certain back in 96 that I would.
                                           \_ Jessie Ventura baby!  He don't
                                              got time to bleed -- how can you
                                              beat that!
                \_ I had the chicken one, and the veggie one.  The
                   chicken, if you pull it aside, tastes like it's been
                   slow-boiled..vapid, no flavor.  The tomatoes don't
                   have the right balance like LC...they overpower
                   the rest of the ingredients in Zachary's version.
                   \_ i had vapid chics once
                        \_ I love vapid chicks.
           \_ What's the deal with Zachary's? I've been there several times
              and don't think their pizza is all that.
              \_ Don't know...  i think it's pretty good..but i wouldn't
                 assume nothing can be better...
              \_ So you should be able to easily name a few other places
                 with superior pies, right? What do you prefer? --dim
                 \_ Call me crazy, but I actually prefer Uno's pizza.
                    Cicero's is also pretty good.
                 \_ Blondie's Cardboard Pizza (TM) is better than Zachary's!!!
                    \_ yuck! bleah bleah!
                 \_ drive out to Alamo and have a Primo's combo w/ their
                    garlic-herb sauce.  corner of diablo rd/danville blvd.
                    not for the faint of heart.
              \_ Little Chicago is really yummy...especially good
                 for bread fans.
              \_ Little Chicago is good, but, IMHO, not as good as Zachary's.
                 But, then again, they deliver, and that's worth a lot.
                 Speaking of which, we'll be serving Little Chicago's pizza
                 at the second GM and Ian's talk.
              \_ Once I stopped thinking of Z's as "pizza", but instead as a
                 "pizza-like food product", it was much better.  It's a really
                 lousy pizza but a great food item.  Little Chicago?  Why
                 bring it up?  Might as well say Pizza Hut is better than sex,
emacs user gone wilf was here
                 etc.  You're only showing your lack of taste and inability to
                 discern the good from the, at best, mediocre.
                 \_ What's wrong with liking Lil Chicago? You sound like one
                    of those audiophile guys who rant how LPs are far superior
                    to CDs and listening to CDs is torture on the ears.
                    \_ Wrong with LC?  What's _right_ with it?  Yetch.
        \_ The only thing I ever order at Zach's is the deep dish spinach &
           mushroom, which, though I don't like spinach in general, is truly
           tasty.  But, indeed, it's not really anything like pizza.  I happen
           to like it better than most pizzas, but hey..  when I'm in a pizza
           mood, I eat pizza.  When I'm in a Zach's mood, I eat Zach's.  It's
           a separate food group.
emacs user gone wild was here
wordstar user may have been here
I am nowhere, but vi was here
        \_ If you're going to eat Zach's, you might as well eat a
           can of stewed tomatoes...Long Live Little Chicago!

emacs users nuked.  long live killjoy.
2000/3/6-7 [Recreation/Food, Computer/HW/IO] UID:17697 Activity:high
3/6     Can somebody give me some pointers on building a compost pile? I'm
        thinking of composting my garabage.  Also can grass be "composted"?
        I want to find some use for this little pile of grass generated
        every week when mowing the lawn.  Thanks.
        \_ You basically need some kind of box that won't rot. We
           had one made out of wood, with one side made out of
           removable panels that made it easy to get at the contents
           (our compost box was large; roughly cubical, about 7'
           on a side.) You need to turn the compost over every once
           in a while so that it decays evenly. You can compost
           grass, but be careful of weeds (compost is highly
           fertile.) Any gardening manual worth its salt will have
           more information for you.  -brg
        \_ Ew.  Glad you're not my neighbor.
        \_ Reminds me of the "Mouse Friendly" compost pile at Casa Zimbabwe.
           \_ I trapped mice in my room when I lived there. I felt sorry
              for the little bastards. After a time, they figured out that
              my room wasn't a good place to go. I guess they moved on
              to someone else's room, since 99% of the folks didn't trap
              them. --dim
                \_ No.  One of your neighbors either trapped them and broke
                   their little necks or poisoned them which causes them to
                   dehydrate and then go find water somewhere else and die
                   there or used a glue trap and left their furry faces stuck
                   in a plate of glue unable to move or breathe, every twitch
                   putting them further and further in until someone would
                   have to pretty much rip the little thing out to free it
                   which would almost certainly not only kill it but be far
                   more painful than leaving it to die in the glue in the
                   first place.  The best is when you used the standard
                   snap trap and get a fast mouse and it nails the head as
                   it tried to evade the snap bar instead of it's neck.
                   Sometimes it'll crush the skull nearly flat.  Other times,
                   the mouse is fast enough that it only crushes its face
                   against the wooden base plate and it survives like that
                   until you come by hours later and 'rescue' it by crushing
                   it under your boot or drowning it in the sink or a bucket.
                   God damn, I loved living in the USCA co-ops!
              \_ Yeah, in Cloyne I got 18 mice (in standard rat traps) in just a
                 week.  My neighbors said their mouse problems disappeared too.
                 Go figure. -emarkp
                 \_ My CZ neighbors swore my mice problem wasn't their fault
                    and they had no food in their room.  After killing about
                    7 or 8 with more still running around, I saw the huge stash
                    of food they were hoarding.  Killed another 3, told them to
                    dump the food or I'd rat them out as food thieves and
                    wouldn't you know it?  No more mice problems.  Amazing.
2000/3/2 [Recreation/Food] UID:17674 Activity:insanely high
3/1     Anybody know if there are stores (or companies) that sells milk in
        glass bottles rather than 1 gallon plastic containers.  Glass is more
        readily recycleable.  Thanks.
        \_ Yes, but you'll pay for the privilege. Check out stores like
           Whole Foods and Wild Oats. I personally buy my milk in
           cartons from Horizon Dairy. --dim
        \_ andronico's and (as stated above whole foods)  -hahnak
        \_ Lucky (Albertson) does.  BTW are the glass bottles reused or
           just recycled?  -- yuen
           \_ duh.
        \_ Strauss milk comes in glass bottles.  You pay an extra dollar
           for the bottle, which is refunded by the store when you return
           it.  Don't forget to buy a bottle cap, $0.75.  Like Horizon,
           it's organic.  --pld
           \_ and it tastes a hell of a lot better than generic milk
        \_ If you really care about the environment, don't drink milk.
        \_ If you really care about the environment, drink breast milk.
             \_ yummy
        \_ You can not buy dairy products and use dick cheese in your
2000/2/25-26 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:17624 Activity:kinda low
2/25  What's the deal with the cronicle's almost daily articles about
      "Hip young twentysomething dot-commers?"  There is a particularly
      hilarious one today...
        \_ what link exactly?

        \_ Jealousy.  Remember, these are late 30-something baby boomers who
           missed out on their own generation's prosperity.  Maybe not so much
           jealousy per se as a longing for what they missed out on in their
           own lives.
                \_ No, it's just that Michael Bauer is an insipid cretin.
        \_ Essentially, all the interesting web/net stuff took place at least
           five years ago.  But it wasn't until the creation of the web that
           any of the baby boomers took notice.  And it wasn't until the
           creation of the web that any of the non-tech saavy Gen Xers (read
           business types) started trying to sell shit on the web.  All the
           tech folks knew it couldn be done, they just didn't think it was
           an interesting problem so they didn't.  Once the the bizbots
           flooded the web, it turned into something that baby boomers could
           appreciate, if not understand.  For a particularly revolting
           article that highlights a) Baby Boomer fascination with essentially
           lame web stuff, and b) Yet another lame net startup backed by a
           bizbot that hasn't done anything either technologically interesting
           or economically feasible, check out the article "Hey, I Just Work
           Here" in this month's issue of WIRED.  Also, note that, since
           WIRED's purchase by Conde Nast, it has gone from a sometimes
           technologically inept, but usually interesting and usually written
           with the right idea magazine to a consistently technologically
           inept, rarely interesting, and usually written with the wrong idea
           to begin with magazine. -dans
           \_ What I found funny was the implication that everyone who eats
             in these fancy rest. are "millionaires" or whatever, and not
              overworked corp slaves who get off work at 9-10p every night
              and are too zombified to do anything else but shove food in
              their face...
        \_ How times a month do many post-undergrad CSUA go to
                fine restaurants?
                \_ I got roughly once a week.  -post-ugrad CSUA
                \_ I go out at least once a week, usually twice. -ugrad CSUA
2000/1/19 [Recreation/Food] UID:17269 Activity:high
1/18    "Don't fuk wit da sky or he be drillin yew wit da mack 10 and hi'
         gang o' homeys wit da poh-leese skannah!"  --sky da big homey
        \_ Hey don't mess with him or he'll sick his Korean frat brothers and
           their guns on you.  And don't forget the loser girlfriend who stuck
           with this triple loser for years trying to ween him off the
           \_ Actually, I will sick a 6'6" skin head from Hayward on you.
              Not that I subscribe to their philosophy, but lets just say he
              owes me a favor or two.  If you want to get your ass beat and
              your car stolen, please, sign your posts.  Really.  You fucking
              pussies.  I could give a fuck.  -sky
                \_ You're so cute.  Really.  Like a little boy stomping his
                   feet on the ground after his very first double scoop
                   chocolate-chocolate chip fell out of his ice cream cone at
                   the county fair.  Charming, really.  Hugs and kisses,
                   little boy.  -thinks you're silly but cute
                   \_ no thanks, safari -sky
2000/1/13 [Recreation/Food] UID:17225 Activity:nil
1/12    BFD.  I have a gazillion dollars in my pocket.
        \_ Then what are you doing choosing a version control
           tool!?  Go on permanent vacation.
             \_ Because a gazillion dollars won't buy you a
                cup of coffee.  Anyway, I'm using RCS which works just
                fine for my needs.
               \_ what fucking country are YOU in, asshole?
                     \_ The United States of America.  Last
                        I checked, we didn't have 'gazillion'
                        as a currency unit.
                        \_ The U.S. also doesn't have a
                           million as a currency unit, if
                           you want to start splitting hairs.
                           \_ A million is a word that is
                              symbolic of 1000000 units of
                              something.  A gazillion could
                              fit in my pocket and won't buy
                              you a cup of coffee and no I
                              don't feel like splitting hairs.
                              \_ From Merriam-Webster:
                                 Main Entry: ga zil lion
                                 Pronunciation: g&-'zil-y&n
                                 Function: noun
                                 Etymology: alteration of zillion
                                 Date: 1978
                                 : an indeterminately large number
                                 \_ Yup.  It can't be determined.
                                    So I'm still right and
                                    you're still a pedantic
                                    ass.  Would you accept a
                                    job for a gazillion $'s
                                    another 2 gazillion options
                                    or would you walk away,
                                    and tell your friends
                                    about the idiots that
                                    tried to hire you for a
                                    'gazillion' of something?
                                    I'll take $0.01 over a
                                    gazillion anytime.
     You obviously missed the word "large" in the
     definition of the gazillion.  Please take an
     elementary reading class and try again.  Its
     clear from the definition that "indeterminately
     large" implies much larger than 1, which, as
     any econ major will tell you, is larger than
     0.01 .  Am I being pedantic?  Sure.  At least
     I'm not being an idiot and trying to dance
     around the commonly accepted meaning of a word.
     \_ Large is still relative.  Large compared to what?
        You're not only pedantic but an idiot.  Large implies
        nothing.  I wouldn't trust an econ major with a dollar
        much less a 'large' number of dollars.  I'd give em
        a gazillion dollars though.  Commonly accepted among
        morons, sure.  How about I hire you for a gazillion
        dollars a minute?  When you can't pay your rent or
        replace the tires on your bike, lemme know and we'll
        renegotiate a real salary.
        \_ Um, Mr. Fuckwit, last I checked, you could get a
           cup of coffee at most fast food restaurants for
           a buck.  Get someone who can read to reread the
           given definition of 'gazillion' to you, numbnuts.
           I would write a moronically simple mathematical
           relation just for you, but as you've clearly
           demonstrated, it would be wasted effort....
           \_ Still waiting to get your resume through HR so we can hire you
              at the going industry standard rate of 2.4 gazillion dollars per
              moment.  And what exactly is a Fuckwit?  Do you have a pedantic
              and worthless dictionary definition for that too?  I'll admit
              though that the deeper question remains: just how long can I
              troll you along about something so meaningless to so many?
                        --happy troll (gotcha!)
1999/12/25-30 [Recreation/Food] UID:17100 Activity:very high
12/25   What's the name of that famous French restaurant in north Berkeley
        that supposedly costs a fortune?
                \-lots of comments at ~psb/CP-and-other-restaurant-comments
        \_ has anyone tried thirsty bear in sf?
                \- yes. reasonable place to meet if some people want to
        eat, some nibble and most drink. i wouldnt go there for dinner
        specifically. go to hawthorne lane around the corner :-)
        specifically. go to hawthorne lane around the corner :-) --psb
        \_ Chez Panisse? It's California cuisine and the cafe upstairs
           isn't all that expensive. --dim
           \_ Been there, done that.  They were rude and the food was pretty
              \_ Doesn't this describe all of Berkeley restaurants close to
                 the university? (captive market and all)  - paolo
                 \_ No.  They were exceptionally rude.  A whole new realm of
                    rude.  Students are not the Chez Panisse market so that
                    doesn't apply.
                 \_ I have been both upstairs and downstairs, both as a student
                    and afterwards, and the service has always been good.
                    A comparable restaurant in SF would cost much more, so
                    "a fortune" is correct relative to say McDonalds.  Also
                    much of their business comes from the local community, and
                    they do take steps to cater to it (eg the reservation
                    policy for the cafe), so yes: students on dates and at
                    graduation are part of their "market".  --pld
                    \_ I never had a reservation for the cafe. Is this a
                       new policy? I wouldn't describe the food as
                       mediocre, though. You must have some pretty high
                       standards. --dim
                        \_ lack of reservations is what makes it local-friendly
                           However recently (last 2 years) they have started
                           offering limited same-day reservations.  --pld
                        \_ It was pretty blah especially considering the price
                           and rude service.  Chez Panisse is was over rated.
                           \_ so what restaurant *do* you approve of? Just
                              to get an idea what you think is good...
                              When i was here, i like(d) Rivoli, Hawthorne
                              Lane. This week, i went to the new HK Flower
                              Lounge in Palo Alto -- that's good too.
                                \_ Rivoli is edible and their service is very
                                   pleasant.  If they tripled the prices, they
                                   could have the same (undserved) 4 stars that
                                   CP has.  Although does CP still have 4?  I
                                   thought it lost a star since it's gone so
                                   far down hill in recent years?
                              Blondie's pizza to rate world-class restaurants
                              if like having Pat Buchanan run the UN.
                              You dont know what you are talking about.
                                   \_*d!  Rivoli SUCKS.  Their service
                              you believe you know what is the best --
                              typical Berkeley student attitude.
                                      is awful and their food, although good,
                                      \_ Yeah, after i left i heard they went
                                         downhill. Trust me, they were good
                                         when they first started.
                 \_ I can think of a few counterexamples in the area where
                    the food and service are always good.  At that same
                    intersection, you'll find Cafe de la Paz (South American)
                    and Cha Am (Thai).  Cafe Venezia over on University is
                    one of my favorites.  Berkeley has lots of good
                    restaurants (even if only one is four star).
                        \- where does this notion of "4 stars = best" come
                from? the two qualitative measures i pay attentionto are
                zagats [1-30 points] and michelin [1-3 stars n.b. michelin
                stars are serious business. as of 1998, there were fewer than
                500 starred restaurants in the country of france and only 21
                3 star restaurants in the whole country (6 in paris, rest
                outside). I have never seen a zagats 30. Every place that has
                been above a 26-27 in there i have thought was really quite
                good.] --psb
                    \  Cafe de la Paz ovebooks their reservations.  Their
                       food is "mediocre."  Comparing Cafe de la Paz to
                       Chez Panisse is like comparing a Honda Accord to
                       a Mercedes S600.
                        \_ As a general rule (from 6-7 visits) I've found the
                           veggie fare at de la Paz to be much better than
                           the meatie.  The chile relleno they just added to
                           the menu was amazingly good.  --pld
                        \_ I wouldn't say CP is a Mercedes.  More like a high
                           end Accord, maybe.  They're way over rated.  Don't
                           buy the hype.  Their food is only good compared to
                           the rest of the student level fare in the rest of
                           \_ Asking low-class Berkeley students raised on
                              Blondie's pizza and soda to rate world-class
                              restaurants is like having Pat Buchanan run
                              the JDL.  You dont know what you are talking
                              about.  Your senses have been dulled.
                              Not only can you not appreciate Panisse,
                              you believe you know what is better --
                              typical self-righteous Berkeley student attitude.
                              But WRONG. I suppose you prefer Windows to UNIX?
                              \_ Hahahhahahaha, you're funny.  You also have it
                                 totally backwards.  I don't like CP because I
                                 have had much better food, not because I'm a
                                 poor student raised on Blondies.  Even when
                                 I was a student I wouldn't touch crap like
                                 Blondies with a 20 foot pole.  You're either
                                    All the negative commentors have not
                                 illiterate or merely very stupid.  Bad food,
                                 bad service, high prices != good restaurant.
                                 Don't buy the hype.  CP has had it's day.  It
                                 was an 80's restaurant.  You can get seating
                                 with very little advance notice.  CP is dead.
                                        -not a student for many years
                                 \_ So, what do you consider a good rest. now?
                                    Enlighten me, you culinary god.
                                    I do not deny that good rests can have
                                    bad days, but nobody can say CP sucks
                                    like you do. Less popularity != sucks.
                                    There are just more and newer ones now
                                    since she pioneered the trend.
                                    All the negative commentators have not
                                    given even ONE example of what they
                                    consider a "better" restaurant.
                    \_ Solano Ave. has good restaurants, at least one four
                    \_ Venezia was *really* loud the last time I was there.
                       Don't take a date there unless you can get a spot in
                       the back room or you don't want to hear your date. :-)
                       South American was kinda weird.  The food was good but
                       not a style I liked.  YMMV.
                       \_ Venezia is okay. It was better in its old location.
                          All the other restaurants mentioned are good, but
                          not in the league of Chez Panisse. --dim
                       \_ Venezia doesnt appeal to me -- it is overpriced,
                          over-rated, undersized. I agree it was better at
                          old location, but they probably make more $$$ now.
                        \_ Yeah, the old V. was much better.  Oh well.
                 \_ As as student i've been there twice. Students are their
                    "market" too. In fact, Berkeley students have worked
                    there. They are reasonably priced for the kind of food.
                    They have good service, though not necessarily like some
                    fancy french restaurant in SF. Of all the Bay Area 4-star
                    restaurants, they are probably one of the most casual
                    and least snooty/rude of any.
                    If it is truly "exceptionally rude" you
                    should speak up and they'll make it right. Maybe you got
                    some idiot waiter/ess who needs correcting/firing.
                    (btw, Alice Waters is an alum, and i'm sure she does not
                    want bad vibes to spoil good food).
                    \_ yes -- it is the least snooty/rude of most 4 star
                       restaurants in the Bay Area.   If you haven't dined
                       around, perhaps you should, before you make a judgment
                    \_ Food was only so-so.  We simply don't go there anymore.
        \_ Chef Pauls.  But that's near the Elmwood theater...
        \_ uh, no, it's on Piedmont Ave.
        \_ [Summary: CP is good if you like Cal. Cuisine. Some other places
            are better.  The Cafe != Restaurant.  See psb file for details.]
        \_ Anybody tried Masa's in the city?  Supposedly their fois gras is
           very good, but I hate going to a place just for one good dish.
           \_ Goose stuffed to death?  You like that?
                \- the long time chef at masas, julian serrano, left for
                picasso in las vega$. i think the jury is still out about
                his successor. i'm sure you will have a good meal there,
                but unclear if there is a better place in terms of bang/$.
                if you want good foie gras, try french laundry. --psb
                \_ psb, what is the exact name of the restaurant?  I couldn't
                   find "French Laundry" in
                   \_it IS called "French Laundry".  See
                     details.  -icrew
                \_ You want goose killed by stuffing it to death?  Ew.
                        \- some french scientists found a way to destroy
                        the gooses brain appetite control center ... so the
                        goose eats itself to death. --psb
                        \_ That's exactly what they do.  What's not to
                           understand?  It has little to do with science and
                           everything to do with cruelty.
                                        \- my point was there is a new twist
                                        to genrating foie gras ... previously
                                        they used to force feed the goose via
                                        a tube, now they have a nurosurgical
                                        component to things. this has some
                                        interesting philosophical implications.
                                        \_ I think it's pretty straight
                                           forward.  It was easier to get the
                                           goose to help.  Like the talking
                                           pig in hitch hiker's.
                                \_ "cruelty"?  Do you drink milk?  Do you
                                    have any idea what other animals are put
                                    through to feed yer fat face?  What about
                                    chicken or eggs?  Just b/c you feel foie
                                    gras or veal is "cruel" doesn't mean you
                                    feel the same pain the tuna felt in the
                                    net before it suffocated to death.  Think
                                    about that next time you shovel any animal
                                    parts in yermouth. - tpc
                                    \_ no, I don't, loud mouth.  think about
                                       that the next time you falsely accuse
                                       a life long vegan of anything less.
                                        \_ what is it aobut americans and food?
                                           \_ We're morally superior.  Are you
                                              from one of the zillions of little
                                              countries we've saved either from
                                              the Nazi's, the Soviets, the
                                              Chinese, the Japanese, or them-
                                              selves?  What is it about
                                              foreigners and their jealousy?
                                              \_ But I'm an American!
                                              \_ We haven't had to rescue
                                                 ANYone from the Chinese;
                                                 and the Soviets shot
                                                 themselves in the head;
                                                 we merely made sure they
                                                 had bigger guns to do it
                                                 \_ Chinese -> South Korea?
                                                    Soviets -> Rest of World?
                                                    Been with us this century?
        \_ [a lot of vegan bullshit deleted.]  Just try some Foie Gras, it
                \_ hot mustard?
           is so delicious that it might just change your mind.
                   \_ can't forget the squid and a roll of duct tape!
           \_ You should try hot gay sex.
              \_ with 2 gallons of mustard.  at least.
                \_ while riding a bike!
                   \_ mustn't forget the squid and a roll of duct tape!
1999/12/18-21 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:17064 Activity:low
12/17   Are there any delivery services, like takeout taxi, that deliver
        food from vairous restaurants around Berkeley?  Anyone have a
        phone number or URL? -forest
        \_ Dominos.
        \_ Waiters on Wheels?  Not so sure it serves Berkeley though.
        \_ I found this:  -forest
        \_  we've used, it takes
           a long time, but it gets done, sure beats driving across town
           to pick up food. was recommended to me by a respected
           coworker, we have yet to try it out. --chris
           \_ good thing is wasn't referred by a loathsome coworker.
1999/11/29-12/1 [Recreation/Food, Reference/Military] UID:16968 Activity:nil
11/30   Click and feed the hungry. Verified
        as legit from urban legends and through UN friends.  -nivra
        \_ Do they use linux?  The hungry, I mean.
        \_ Do they ride bike?
1999/11/3-4 [Recreation/Food, Industry/Jobs] UID:16822 Activity:kinda low
11/3    Our group is interviewing a person on Friday, and I got stuck with
        taking the guy out to lunch. What do you ask during lunch? Do I
        avoid technical questions? What's the traditional approach?
        \_ I would talk about whatever he wants to talk about: remember,
           the point is to get to know him.  If he's a technical person,
           he will probably end up talking about technical stuff anyway.
        \_ Try to make it clear how much you dread social interaction with him
        \_ I used to take candidates to this Moroccan/belly-dancing place,
           and I'd pay off the belly-dancer to get her to embarrass the guy.
           \_ Sounds like an excellent use of money.  Keep up the good work.
        \_ Don't forget to make the guy pay for both meals and any drinks.
1999/7/11-13 [Recreation/Food, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:16106 Activity:high
7/11 - danh
        \_ Don't you have anything better to do than surf?
        \_ eat shit! - danh
                \_ hey danh, let's shave the middle of our heads and start
                   a club.  Three guesses what initiation is...   -brain
                \_ Don't you have anything better to do than eat shit and surf?
                        \_  Hey.  HEY.  NOTHING is better than surfing.
                            CHARLIE DON'T SURF.  The shit eating part is just
                            a little bonus.                     -brain
1999/3/29 [Science/Space, Recreation/Food] UID:15658 Activity:nil
        \_ Dan White ate twinkies
           by the truckload, made him nuts
           should eat zinc instead.
           \_ Argh! Everywhere I turn
              Reminder of thesis there
              It sucks to be me.
        \_ Enormous paychecks
           Play video games at work
           Computer Science
1999/3/10 [Recreation/Food, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:15575 Activity:nil
3/9     At the CSUA meeting tonight, SoftTouch has ponied up for
        a slew of Little Chicago Pizza.  Come one, come all. -jones
1999/3/4-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:15540 Activity:kinda low
3/4     Someone told me that all pesto sauce is is just olive oil, basil,
        and parmessian.  But I can't seem to get that deep green color
        I see in restaurants. Any advice or pointers to good pesto recipes.
                                                ^recipes^restaurants --psb
        I bet this is the first cooking question ever asked on the motd.
                \_ You lose your bet.
        \_ the necessary ingredients are BASIL, OLIVE OIL, and GARLIC.
           the pine nuts and parmesan are optional, but damn good.
        \_ you need to chop up the basil pretty finely and combine that
           with less finely chopped basil; the minced part gives the
        \_ did you try actually chopping up the basil, oil and cheese
           (pine nuts and anchovies are also good to add), in a
           blender?  thats the way to do it.
           \_ Actually, I've found that a blender incorporates too much
              air into the pesto, due to the action of the blades.  In
              my experience, this leads to a lighter green color.  A
              food processor (or chopping by hand) is a better way to
              get the deep green color.  You might also want to bruise the
              basil leaves beforehand as well.  --sowings
        \_ You don't necessarily need the cheese, BTW.
           \_ Parmesan is good afterwards.
        \_ pine nuts?  hello?  garlic?  hello?
        \_ did anyone think to advise FRESH BASIL?  hellllooo?
           \_   um, i guess we assumed that much...  if you're dumb enough
                to try to make pesto with non-fresh basil, you don't deserve
                the wondrous glory that is pesto.
1999/2/25-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:15482 Activity:moderate
2/25    Network Computer, Inc presenting in Wozniak Lounge at 5PM
        tonight.  Pizza, product demos, pizza, denim shirts, pizza,
        and all manner of shameless enticements for you to come work here.
        \_ I've had nothing but pizza this whole week. What's with all the
        \_ free NCs with a year's 'Net subscription?
1999/2/25-3/30 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Food] UID:15480 Activity:moderate
2/25    Whats the best restaurant for Ribs, preferably in SF?
        \_ Tony Roma's is always good but not specific to just SF.
        \_ I Want My Baby Back ribs - tpc
        \_ I've heard of the Buckeye Roadhouse near Stinson. Anyone been
        \_ The Salt Lick, Austin TX (baby backs that melt in your mouth)
           Dixie's BBQ, Bellevue WA (meet The Man)  --tsang
                \_ I met "The Man" at Dixie's --vchang
                \_ I met "The Man" at Dixie's. He melted my mouth --vchang
                \_ The Man was the hotest thing I've ever tasted.  The smallest
                   dab turned an entire sandwitch into hot death. - seidl
                   \_ Are you talking about the spiciness or the temperature?
1999/2/11 [Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15398 Activity:insanely high
2/10    What's the optimal path to get from San Ramon to good sushi,
        taking both distance and quality into account?
           \_ I'm asking for recommendations of sushi places.
              Statement of question was intended to be humorous.
              Would you seriously try raw fish at a random restaurant?
              \_ anonymous coward deleted.  -tom
                        \-eibisu in SF. --psb
        \_ a hamilton path.  you want to make sure you visit every single
           street corner first.
        \_ use greedy algorithm
        \_ variation of Kruskal
        \_ yellow pages + yahoo maps = not having to ask stupid questions on motd
        \_ yellow pages + yahoo maps = not having to ask stupid q's on motd
           \_ uhh, yellow page and yahoo maps doesnt tell you if a sushi place
              is good or not
           \_ I'm asking for recommendations of sushi places.
              Statement of question was intended to be humorous.
              Would you seriously try raw fish at a random restaurant?
                \_ if it's on the web, it must be good!  -tom
        \_ eibisu in SF. --psb

           \_ is it enough better than more local restaurants to justify
              the long drive from San Ramon?  --tsang
        \_ ebisu in SF, has > 2hr waits, and no reservations...
        \_ might try Kirala in Berkeley
                \_ He said "good" sushi.
        \_ House of Sake in Walnut Creek. --chris
1999/1/23-24 [Recreation/Food, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:15283 Activity:moderate
1/22    Pre-planned foodP tonight at Plearn tonight at 8pm.  Plearn's
        located on the south side of University Ave, between Shattuck
        and Milvia, by the UC Theater.  A bunch of us are showing up,
        you're welcome to join us -- the more the merrier! --chris
        \_ gee, that's what recruiters always say.
           \_ surprisingly enough, there was no mention of Taos anytime during
              the dinner conversation.  well, except for Saar, who brought
              it up, and was promptly hushed.
                \_ I liked the part where Chris discussed blow job techniques
                   in detail.
                   \_ No -- that was YOU, you FAG.
                        \_ Only so far as to say how well her different styles
                           worked on/for me.  She's a good cock suck.
                           \_ You would know, you FAG.
                                \_ If I was a fag for enjoying her cock suck,
                                   then either she's a guy or I'm a lesbian
                                   in which case I don't have a cock.  Back to
                                   Basic Anatomy 1A for you.
                   \_ In your dreams!
        \_ RoboCop @ UC Theatre afterwards
1998/11/26-27 [Recreation/Food] UID:15034 Activity:high 66%like:15731
11/26   Happy Gobble Gobble Day
        \_ not me, I had West Coast Pizza cheese stix instead.-outofstater
        \_ Shut up and eat.
           \_ mm, crunchy.
1998/11/6-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:14923 Activity:nil
11/6    The coolest thing since sliced bread: -tcmoore
        I got first dibs. Also
        \_ what's so cool about sliced bread?  Or anything having to do with
1998/8/28 [Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:14522 Activity:nil
FreeBSD 2.2.6-STABLE #0: Sun May  3 22:30:48 PDT 1998

              Come one, come all to a barbecue this Friday.
    Brought to you by the Computer Science Undergraduate Association

       Come and enjoy tasty food, sun, volleyball and socializing.

                     12-3pm, Friday, August 28, 1998
                      4th Floor Terrace, Soda Hall

There will be a wide variety of food and drink available, including
vegetarian and vegan items for those so inclined.  There is no cost
to partake in this gathering.

Thanks to the CS Division for providing the barbecue grill and utensils,
the EECS Center for Undergraduate Matters for helping out financially
with this event and extra special thanks to the Grad Students for
working to bring back the volleyball court in the Soda Hall backyard.
1998/8/13 [Recreation/Dating, Computer, Recreation/Food] UID:14452 Activity:nil
8/11    This is a question for a friend. Does academic probation show up
        anywhere on your records (especially transcript)? Can anyone
        (eg. companies) easily find out if you have been on AP or not?
        \_ Yes, it does, so if they have your transcript, yes, they can.
        \_ I don't think it does. However, the rotten grades that got you
           there will be so what's the difference? --dim
           \_ It does (like I just said in the response above, gee), trust
              me.  I was on AP for one semester, and the fact that I had
              entered/left AP was clearly noted on my official transcript,
              just below my grades for the semester -- Someone Who's Been There
              \_ I have seen the transcript of someone who was on AP (and
                 who also withdrew) and only the withdrawal was evident.
                 However, it was an "unofficial" transcript. Does that
                 matter? Also, like I said, the grades aren't going
                 anywhere so what difference does it make really? --dim
        \_ I think the actual quote is "Dismissed `date`" or something
           like that.
                \_ Most people on AP aren't dismissed - only the losers,
                   but AP shows up on your official UCB transcript either way.
           \_ So you are sure it shows up. I am confused.
           \_ No more coffee for this person.
        \_ Do companies actually want to see your transcript? I have never
           heard of such a thing, though some want your GPA.
           \_ I've been asked for my GPA.  Good sign you may not want to work
           \_ A couple big companies have asked for mine.
           \_ hell, i've seen some ask for SAT scores.
           \_ Apologies for the formatting below... -mogul
           \_ If they do, it's an indication that they don't have a clue what
              kind of person they are looking for.  GPA is not a measurement of
              success in the work place.
              \_ Im sorry, but there *is* a correlation.  It's not perfect,
                 but it is important enough to ask for.  I know there are
                 alot of "sucessful" programmers or whatever who flunked
                 out/dropped out of school, but as a first screen, you probably
                 want to know about grades.   I mean we are talking about
                 being a corporate stooge, so what do you expect them to
                 ask for : ``Only apply if you are a motivated self-starter?''
                 Oh, they do that too. Sorry.
                \_ Isn't the purpose of having an interview to find such
                   information about person.  I took an interview course and
                   it taught various techniques to find out certain quality
                   of a person.
                        \_ Oh. I thought the purpose to check out that chick.
                \_ Yes, you're sorry.  Why bother interviewing if they're only
                   collecting information you could have emailed or told a
                   secretary over the phone?  There is no correlation.  GPA is
                   not important.  As a first screen, you'll miss out on the
                   true talent who spent their time in front of a computer
                   instead of kissing BH's fat ass, eating potstickers.  There
                   _is_ a direct correlation between ass kissing, potsticker
                   eating and your GPA, but this says absolutely nothing about
                   your potential contribution to an employer.

Boredcast Message from 'aaron': Tue Oct 17 00:11:43 1995

get this
a company i sent mail to replied wanting the answers to two questions:
"what are you doing now? graduated? vacation?" and the kicker -
"what was your GPA?"

i have half a mind to reply only with "it's 3.2, but we have a saying
in computer science here at cal: 'if they want to know your GPA, you
don't want to work for them.'"

        \_ Since you obviously don't want to work for them, you might as well.
1998/6/4-5 [Recreation/Food] UID:14174 Activity:very high
6/4     Why do Americans insist on going to expensive restaurants so that they
        can feel cultured?
        \_ Because when you are an overworked middle-class corporate
          stooge working 50-60 hours a week, having someone else
          cook for you is an "effective time management strategy".
        \_ cuz it doesn't work as well when we go to cheap restaurants.
        \_ maybe that is why US consumes so much yogurt- lots of culture there.
        \_ That's why they need to date Asian female-- to fill in the
           hollow cultureless male shell.
           \_ shut up, achoibot.
        \_ Why do geeks insist on going to cheap greasy franchises
           so that they become fat, unenlightened nerds?
        \_ cuz culture is about being 3L33T!
        \_ What do you mean by expensive?  If you get paid > $25/hour, what
           would be strange about eating at a restaurant which charges
           $20 for a meal?  I admit that as a student it seems insane to
           pay more than $5 for a meal, but when you are working and making
           money things seem different.  Oh yeah, dates tend to be more
           enjoyable if you eat at a nice restaurant as opposed
           to Bongo Burger. -emin
                \_ Why is that?!?! It shouldn't matter unless you're dating
                   someone who's too materialistic anyway.
                   \_ or someone who cares about their digestive tract.
                   \_ I think I was unclear.  _I_ enjoy going on a date more
                      when we eat at a nice restaurant where the food is good,
                      the atmosphere is nice and you can here each other
                      talk, instead of some loud, dirty, smelly
                      hole in the wall.  When I was a student
                      I liked cheap and plentiful restaurants.
                      Speaking of which, any new graduates looking for
                      software development jobs should check out my company
                      at or /csua/pub/jobs/OPC_Tech.  -emin
                   \_ "my pocketbook is bigger than your pocketbook and
                      my top meal expenditure is larger than yours" --chris
                      \_ That's why you married a rich looser.
        \_ are YOU American, emin?
1998/5/29-30 [Recreation/Food, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:14156 Activity:high 50%like:14602
5/28  job available at veritas doing testing for volume manager group.
      see /csua/pub/jobs/veritas.     -lila
      \_ "if you can avoid overdoing it on free soda, candy, and microwave
          popcorn" ... ARGH! Hey look, just pay me more.  I'll buy my own
          junk food, I promise.  Try, "we don't give you free food as an
          incentive to get you to work for lower pay".
          \_ finally.  people starting to get it.  Tho I bet you arent
            a newbie ;-)
                \_ You're right, I'm not.  If I can help even one person
                   see the truth, then I've done something good for the
                   world that day.
          \_ i never claimed the "free" food was a benefit...  :)  -lila
                \_ I'll refrain from smashing you since this pretty minor
                   but I will say that if its in the job description and
                   its clearly a selling point for the company then you
                   _are_ listing it as a benefit no matter what you call
                   it.   -feeling only slightly testy late friday
                   \_ you seem to have missed the "if you can avoid" part
                      of my statement.  i actually put that in only in
                      response to the recent motd discussion regarding
                      food at work.  but whatever.      -lila
                        \_ Good try.
1998/5/6 [Reference/History, Recreation/Food] UID:14054 Activity:high
5/5     The first appearance of an Asian guy on Jerry Springer!
        Such a glorious event for Asians!
        \_ I eat asians for breakfast! 3 of them a day, with a side of
           vegemite toast... there was never a greater event for asians
           that to be eaten by me with vegemite, not that yeast extract
           really is a subliminal desire to be extracted from the womb,
           right? so how dare you mention anything of the sort you sick
1998/5/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:14048 Activity:nil
5/5     It's free ice cream day at the ben & jerrys on
        Oxford (tuesday, may 5th) - danh
1998/5/2-5 [Recreation/Food] UID:14038 Activity:low
5/1     What time is the bbq?
        \_ you're not invited
        \_ you're not invited -psb
        \_ 11:00; see
1998/4/13 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:13939 Activity:high
4/12    My gf's birthday is coming up and I want to do the most
        romantic thing ever done for her.  Ideas anyone?
        \_ give her... "the greatest love act of all."
        \_ Have dinner (McDonalds) at the CSUA lounge.
            \_THE GUY SAID ROMANTIC!! so make sure you super-size...
        \_ Watch a porno together and then you and some friend gang bang her
        \_ The Fully Monty!
        \_ Take her to Jerry Springer show!
        \_ One night with me, it doesn't get more romantic...
                \-well, i dont think there is a very large kernel of
        stuff that are "universally" considered romanitc buy women. except
        diamonds, due to the DeBeers conspiracy. anyway, i think you have
        to ask a more pointed question like "know a good place for a picnic"
        know a good restaurant in SF" etc. --psb, your romance counselor.
        \_ There are like websites and stuff. Search for romantic idea
        \_ Asking for romantic advice on the motd?  MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!  But
           seriously, I'd suggest something involving food and a getaway.
           Mostly depending on your budget.  EG, cheap:  A nice picnic
           somewhere around the area (I personally like the Sonoma coastline.)
           Somewhat more expensive:  A fancy, but not too fancy resteraunt.
           Really fancy:  Some quaint little bed & breakfast combined with
           a really fancy resteraunt.
1998/3/30 [Recreation/Food] UID:13869 Activity:nil
3/30    Chinese food without SOY SAUCE and CHOP STICKS ain't Chinese food.
1997/4/25 [Recreation/Food] UID:32126 Activity:nil
4/20    You're invited to a Barbecue!  Friday afternoon 12-6 on the 4th floor
        terrace of Soda Hall.  If you'd like to help out by bringing food
        drink, providing cooking ability, or similar barbecue-ish things,
        mail barbecue@CSUA. --jon
1996/11/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:31977 Activity:nil
11/1    Eat more fruits.  -- cmlee
        \_ Especially Odwalla juice
1996/10/19 [Recreation/Food] UID:31947 Activity:nil
10/18   I've got some money put into my annual guilt trip allayment fund,
        and am looking for nonprofits that do good work with local
        poor/homeless to donate to. How's Food not Bombs?
        \_"Food, not Bombs" is less community service and more political
        activism.  If you really want to help people, there's a small group
        that operates in west Oakland called Western Service Workers
        Association.  I did a stint with them a long while back.  They were
        definitely legitimate.
        \_ Food Not Bombs does more with less than any other service
           organization I have ever seen. Their only "political" stance
           is that homeless are people. My experience with WSWA is that
           that they are a bunch of vaguely totalitarian, though good
           hearted, commie loons. Coming from me, that says a lot. Also,
           why not sign your posts? -ausman
             \_Well, they've started riots in SF and distributed quite a
           bit of political literature for a number of wacko causes
           in SF, at least when I was in high school there.  -John
         \_"vaguely totalitarian... commie loons."??? and just how
         would you describe FNB??  MY experience with FNB is that they
         ARE political. Hell, they didn't just pick that name because
         they were enamored of its idiocy. -crebbs
            \_ Also, they stole food from CLOYNE (this was like 4
          years ago).
        \_ How about a Guatemalan death squad?  -John
1996/10/11 [Recreation/Food] UID:31937 Activity:nil 68%like:31925
10/5    Okay - forget food, time to buy the politburo "English for Dummies":
        BBQ 10/12 3pm to whenever at the 4th floor balcony. Everyone &
                         /-"Pot luck" is not the same as "Potluck"
        Anyone invited.  Pot luck so bring real food or expect to chip in $.
        \_ why caps mid-sentence?       \_ Verbs are cheap.  Use them.
        There be sports and etc so come!
                \       \_ "and etc"? What next? "sports and and more"?
                 \_ Try using the correct tense, such as "There will be"
        \_ Why not post to & ucb.cs.undergrads then?
         \_ we're too elite to invite other people
        \_ i'm having my own way elite potluck - danh
i am so elite
1996/10/9-11 [Recreation/Food] UID:31925 Activity:high 68%like:31937
10/5    BBQ 10/12 3pm to whenever at the 4th floor balcony. Everyone &
        Anyone invited.  Pot luck so bring real food or expect to chip in $.
        There be sports and etc so come!  (No english grammar skills required!)
1996/8/7-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:31879 Activity:nil
8/5     Anybody know of a good Bay Area restaurant guide online besides
        the one on  That one is down a lot.
        \_ Try   -reka
        \_ Also try -joeking
        \_ for more upscale restaurants
         \- for "named" restaurants, try mailto:lisha@csua. --psb
        \_ try --chris
1995/3/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:31778 Activity:nil
2/28    can anyone recommend a large chinese restaurant?  by large i
          mean seating capacity for a group of like 40-60.
        \_ which city?  there are quite a few places that have banquet
           type meals in SF.--oj
        \_ The Flower Lounge.  I think that's what it's called.  There's a
           location in Burlingame and it's butt expensive.  Very grandiose,
           good atmosphere.  You can call to check prices.
           \_ I've eaten there before ... good food - norby
           \_ I ate there last Saturday for lunch (dim sum).  The total
              bill was $36 for 3 people.  Expect $15-20 (at least) for
              dinner.  (This was the one in Millbrae.)
         A cheaper alternative is Oakland Chinatown.  "Tsing Tao"
              "Happy Seasons" and "Ocean Harbor" are all good and I recommend
              them, though they're no Flower Lounge.  An on-par-with-FL
              restaurant is Hong Kong East Ocean on Powell...  Good but
              expensive.  --nevman
        \_ Nice place in Emeryville on their marina. Don't remember the name.
           \- That was Hong Kong East Ocean.  Their $12 (or so) hot pot
              buffet was really good, but you need to make reservations
              a fair bit in advance.  --tsang
         \_ Yuck. I went to that place over the summer for dim sum
         and the food was tremendously overpriced and mediocre. Also
         that place needs to get a real dishwasher because there was
         a lot of gunk on the inside of the teacup.
          \_ You obviously haven't been in touch with good
             Chinese food.
          \_ Maybe they should hire you to be dishwasher instead?
           \_ Actually, I went there too and it was quite good.  They
              are more expensive, but they give you more and better-
              tasting food.
         \_ Read the recommendation.  The Da bin lo (english translation
           is "hot pot" ???) is good and definitely worth going for,
           but the food tends to be overpriced and not really worth it.
           If you want dim sum, Tsing Dao in oakland is good, i second
           that recommendataion! --pld
1995/2/11 [Recreation/Food] UID:31757 Activity:nil
2/10    Does anyone know what time Eat Drink Man Woman is playing
        on campus tonight or how I can find out? - someone who knows danh
        \_ Go to the little glass case by Sather Gate, there's info there
         \_ good movie.  lots of stuff about food. not as much physical humor
            as _The_Wedding_Banquet_ --oj
        \_ finger superb@ocf
         \_ It's sez that they're showing the Mask.
            and they haven't logged in for months.
        \_ 7 & 9:30 pm...
1995/1/16 [Recreation/Food] UID:31714 Activity:nil
10.  So where's Green Day?
        9.   Yeah, pass me those nude raytrace pix.
        8. Bongo Burger AGAIN???
        7. Doesn't this building just make you want to pee all over it?
        6. I HATE HPUX
        5. "Girl, you'll be a woman soon..."
        4. K-RAD WAREZZZZZ d00D! Gimmie FTP SITEZ!!!!!
        3. foodP
        2. IT'S ON IMAGEWWW AGAIN????
        1. "Aaaaaaaaah!  I'm cumming!"  "So soon, Professor?"
              ( Y )

1994/4/4 [Recreation/Food] UID:31543 Activity:nil
4/1     BH and I were talking about doing A Food Thing, probably at some
        "ethnic" restaurant. Probably evening sometime in the next two weeks.
        Mail psb if you want to come.
1994/2/17 [Recreation/Food] UID:31487 Activity:nil
2/17    Can somebody open the window or something? It's way too hot in here.
        And while you're at it, get me some sushi.
        \_ Tuna roll good enough for you? -- Marco
        \_ What kind of sushi would your majesty prefer?
         \_ Squid?  Urchin?  Fresh from the beautiful waters of
            Boston Harbor and Santa Monica Bay... :O~~~
         \_ A California ROLL is much, much better
            Especially, if you've been out on the grass for awhile -payam
           \_Yermom has that raw fishy smell, but none of the good flavor.
             \_Needs more wasabe?
1994/1/25 [Recreation/Food] UID:31456 Activity:nil
1/23    Will there be food at the CSUA meeting?
        \_ Did you see anything about food on the sign?  No!
           And if you did, you were obviously tripping. - norby
        \_ I volenteer to bring some.
        \_ Aye wil bring sum fud to.
           \_ Sure, and I'll rob you both of your food on the way to
              the meeting and have a feast.
        \_ will there be G1FZ 0F NEKK1D GURLZ???//
           \_ Did you see anything about G1FZ 0F NEKK1D GURLZ on the sign?  No!
              But bring some anyways.
           \_ I saw a GIF today should I bring it?  wombat
1993/4/19 [Recreation/Food, Industry/Jobs, Academia/GradSchool] UID:31278 Activity:nil
4/18    Xxxx xxxx food? Xxxx to win an XX calculator? Xxxx to
        here from an XXX recruiter? Xxxx to hear about grad school.
        Then come to XXXXX's X-XXX. This thursday. See ~xxxxx/public/spac.
1993/4/6 [Recreation/Food] UID:31257 Activity:nil
4/6     I'm afraid I have to object to the animation /tmp/zip/
        It is a typical portrayal of how we treat sensitive vegetables as
        objects instead of individuals, and I'm sure that it just adds to
        the already serious problem of vegetable abuse.   --xxx
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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