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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/6/9-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50191 Activity:nil
6/9     Hey, motd not getting laid guy, I have a link for you: -motd married getting laid guy
2008/6/5-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50163 Activity:nil
6/5     Guinness World's records: largest fake breasts - Maxi Mounds (Telegraph, probably SFW)
        Truly, a woman only motd boopb guy can appreciate.  Bleh.
        \_ She's not so big:
           \_ These are pretty good:
2008/6/4 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:50152 Activity:nil
6/4     What's it going to cost (hooker)? No naked women but still NSFW
2008/6/3-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50138 Activity:high
6/3     Attention Sodans!
        "EcoGeeks get all the girls"
        "Nearly 9 in 10 women (88 percent) say they'd rather chat up someone
        who owns the latest fuel-efficient car versus the latest sports car."
        Forget about whether global warming is real or whether we have hit peak
        oil or why we're fighting a war in Iraq.  This alone is why you should
        ditch your SUV.  Hurry before the chicks run out!
        \_ Can you explain why black chicks in LA still dig guys with
           huge SUVs with spinners and white chicks in Hollywood still
           dig guys with sportscars?
           \_ Ask the author, not me.  -- OP
        \_ What if you RIDE BIKE?
           \_ The survey didn't cover this.
        \_ 9 in 10 women are liars who probably do care about the environment
           and want to make that point, but who will jump into a guy's $350K
           Ferrari in 3 seconds if given a chance.
           \_ I'm not sure why guys think fast flashy cars do anything for
              their sex appeal.  Then again, it's pretty obvious most men
              have no idea what is sexy.
              \_ You've obviously never owned an expensive car. Success
                 is sexy to most women. It's not the car that's sexy. It's
                 that the man driving it is able to provide. Why do you
                 think rich ugly guys get so much tail their daughter's age?
                 Deep down, most women want to be taken care of. Are you
                 more impressed with a guy driving a 1972 Pinto or a guy
                 driving a 2002 Acura TL? Don't say it doesn't matter,
                 because it matters just like the clothes he wears and the
                 school he went to. Guys, on the other hand, are more
                 genuine. They just want a fun, sexy gal and rich is 100%
                 \_ I have driven my roommates Z-8 and while it is true
                    that you get more female attention, you actually get
                    even more young men admiring your car. Money is obviously
                    attractive to women, but if a fancy car is the only way
                    you can think of to show that, you aren't very clever.
                    Then again, if you are rich enough, why not? I would
                    personally prefer a fun, sexy gal who was rich over one
                    who was not, and I think most guys would, actually.
                    \_ Yes you get attention.  People look at flashy cars.
                       That is loads different than "people fuck the drivers
                       of flashy cars."  (Plus, 9 in 10 means that 1 in 10
                       women really like flashy cars, so I guess you've got
                       decent odds there, but there is a serious issue of
                       \_ The survey said "chat up" and "interesting to
                          talk to" not "hop in the sack with". I never
                          meant to imply that 10 in 10 (or 9 in 10) would
                          go that far. It's probably that 1 in 10.
                          However, for 9 in 10 to say that they wouldn't
                          rather talk to the guy in the Ferrari versus the
                          guy in the Civic Hybrid is baloney.
                    \_ It is becuase of "young men 'admiring' my car" (and
                       my bejewelled wife) I got a Concealed Weapons Permit.
                       -Toluca Lake Arsenal
                    \_ I have an acquaintance who transports exotic cars
                       like Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, and so on. Sometimes
                       we are able to drive them (like when the road is
                       too steep or twisty for the truck to navigate). You
                       better believe you get attention from both men and
                       women. I am not saying it's the only way to woo
                       women. I am just saying that most of the women who
                       responded were lying their asses off because they
                       didn't want to appear shallow. A Prius doesn't get
                       that kind of attention. I think a lot of the women
                       who responded were also thinking about a greasy guy
                       in a Mustang or Camaro and not a successful
                       well-dressed businessman in a Ferrari F430 Spider.
                       And of course everyone prefers a rich wife all else
                       being equal, but what about a rich, unattractive
                       wife versus a poor, extremely hot wife? I'll take
                       the latter 10 out of 10 times. Life's not fair. Women
                       like rich men and men like hot women. BTW, does
                       your roommate get laid more often or by hotter
                       women? And why does someone with a $100K car have a
                       roommate anyway?
                       \_ Cause he has a $100K car?
2008/6/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50117 Activity:nil
6/1     do women with enormous breasts want to have children at a higher
        rate than flat chested women?  my 32FF wife keeps bugging me about
        having kids, but my 32AA girlfriend could not care less and would
        rather focus on her career.
2008/6/1-2 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:50112 Activity:nil 54%like:50122
6/1     motd not getting laid guy:
2008/5/29-6/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50093 Activity:kinda low
5/29    "Marriage is thus something more than a civil contract subject to
        regulation by the state; it is a fundamental right of free men."
        Perez v. Sharp, 32 Cal.2d 711
        \_ I'd hate to raise my kids in an environment where he's
           brainwashed to believe that a marriage between a human and
           a monkey is OK.
           \_ is a monkey a free man?
        \_ It is indeed. Now tell me where the government needs to be involved
           other than protecting the right to marry.
           \_ that's a big "other than."  -tom
        \_ Marriage is a social construct arising from biological imperative.
           There is a reason *every* culture on the planet has the man/woman
           marriage concept enshrined in various rites and rituals.  We our
           are genes.
           \_ How to deconstruct this nonsense? Sentence by sentence:
              1) Marriage as a social construct arose as a means of
                 solidifying alliances between families. It had nothing to do
                 with procreation or biology; non-propertied people throughout
                 the world have not, historically, had formal marriages,
                 despite having numerous children. Cf. "romantic love" and
                 the troubadours of Medieval France.
                 \_ Non-propertied people didn't marry, historically, through-
                    out the world?  How about backing that up with something
                    more than a single minor reference from a single time in a
                    single place?
                    \_ Add pre-Meiji Japan to this list.
                 \_ I've gotta agree with that for the majority of human
                    history, marriage was a convenient mechanism to consolidate
                    political and economic power.  This whole American/
                    Euro mode of marrying only someone you fall in love with
                    is rather new.  I know an American born Indian male
                    with several graduate degrees from Georgetown who
                    had his mom find him a wife through a marriage broker
                    in the homeland.  He seems happy.
              2) Not "every" culture on the planet has the marriage concept,
                 let alone enshrines man/woman as better than any other
                 coupling (or grouping).
                 \_ I knew some pedantic twit would comment on that.  Name
                    the cultures that don't have the concept of marriage.
                    \_ The Na of Yunnan Province in China. Countdown to you
                       now retorting with "one culture? are you kidding me?"
                       or something similar now begins.
              3) We are our genes _plus_ our environments _plus_ whatever
                 tools we build to overcome our genes. Any human being who is
                 merely an expression of genes is missing out on the best part
                 of being human: using that huge brain to adapt.
                 \_ Nothing to do with anything on this topic.  I was hoping
                    someone intelligent might reply but that's asking too
                    much on a Friday.  You've deconstructed nothing.  Go have
                    another bong hit.
                    \_ Your brain has been characterized as small, and you
                       have been deemed unfit for reproduction. Please report
                       to recycling plant. Goodbye.
            \_ Are you including polyagamy in that grouping? Because
               polygamy was exceedingly common in ancient times...
               \_ This is why RADICAL ISLAM MAN will win.  RADICAL ISLAM MAN
                  has several wifes, and each of those wives has 4+ children.
                  Good Christian male just can't compete with those kinds
                  of numbers.
                  \_ Luckily, we have the FLDS on our side.
2008/5/28-6/1 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:50075 Activity:high
5/28    I just learned that interracial marriage was illegal in 16
        states until 1967. Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida,
        Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri,
        North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas,
        Virginia, and West Virginia. GO REPUBLICAN STATES!!! McCain #1!!!
        \_ Two generations from now people will think the whole fear of
           gay marriage is just as bizzare.
           \_ Certainly the labeling people as in "fear" will be.
              \_ Ok, if you want me to call you a bigotted idiot instead
                 I can do that for you.
           \_ Not really. There are religious reasons for the latter and
              not the former. Personally, I think the government should
              stay out of marriage entirely.
              \_ There were religious reasons cited 50 years ago as well.
                 And the government can't stay out of marriage entirely.
                 There are legal rammifications to marriage that you can't
                 magically solve by contract law.
                 \_ 1. There are no religious arguments that any major religion
                       can cite. People can always make sure their own
                       can cite. People can always make up their own
                       religions, but certainly interracial marriage is
                       not prohibited by the major ones.
                       \_ The "Curse of Ham" was used as justification against
                          interracial marriage.  And see below.  But why the
                          hell does it matter what one religion cares about
                          marriage?  We aren't talking about religious marriage
                          we are talking about the state's concept of marriage.
                          You know, the state that isn't supposed to be
                          involved in that whole religion thing.
                          \_ Since there's really not any scriptural
                             evidence for Black people having anything to do
                             with Ham, let alone that you shouldn't marry
                             decendents of Ham, all that proves is that people
                             can make up BS to justify their stupid ideas.
                             That's not even remotely compareable to the actual
                             explicit scriptural prohibition of homosexual
                             \_ You filthy shrimp eater!
                                \_ Despite what you've heard, the New
                                   Testement also forbids homosexual
                                   Testament also forbids homosexual
                                   \_ I haven't heard diddly.  I was lucky
                                      enough to be born to a family that didn't
                                      think some crazy ass book from 2000
                                      years ago should be used as an excuse
                                      to deny other people their rights
                                   \_ "A woman should learn in quietness and\
                                       full submission. I do not permit a woman
                                      \_ Ok, thanks for admitting you're
                                         completely ignorant.  Next time you
                                         have no idea what you're talking about
                                         why not just keep out of the
                                         \_ No, I think your "but my religion
                                            says to keep The Gays second class
                                            citizens" argument is stupid.
                                            Your religion says a lot of shit,
                                            why should it affect me?
                                            \_ You made an invalid comparison
                                               I pointed it out.  Your bluster
                                               does not conceal this.
                                               \_ The fact that The Bible tells
                                                  you that gay marriage is EVIL
                                                  should affect me no more than
                                                  that shrimp are not kosher.
                                                  Why the hell are we basing
                                                  our laws on what The Bible
                                                  says?  There's a word for
                                                  that.  Theocracy.  Last I
                                                  checked our constitution
                                                  specifically prohibits
                                                  theocratic rule.
    \_ "A woman should learn in quietness and
        full submission. I do not permit a woman
        to teach or to have authority over a man;\
       she must be silent..."
                                       That's New Testament, too. Do you support
                                       that one?
        to teach or to have authority over a man;
        she must be silent..."
        That's New Testament, too. Do you support that one?
        \_ All of my elementary school teachers were women.
                                       \_ What if he does? This is a tangent.
                    2. We can avoid #1 entirely if government stays out of
                       it. There is no legal ramification to marriage that
                       cannot be resolved by contract law. Name just one.
                       \_ Immigration.  Visitation rights for prisoners.
                          Health care for people who get it via being the
                          spouse of someone with health care (important if
                          you have a medical condition).  Not to mention all
                          that messy divorce law, especially for people who
                          have children.  Need I go on?
                          \_ Yes. Why can't these be solved by contract
                             law again? I see no unsolvable problems.
                             \_ Marriage provides rights that are granted by
                                non signers of the contract.  I can't create
                                a non marriage contract that lets me file my
                                taxes as a married couple.  I can't create a
                                non marriage contract that forces immigration
                                to treat the other signer the same way they
                                would if we were married.  etc.  That's not
                                contract law.  That's rights the state has
                                decided are inheriant to married couples.
                                \_ You are bogged down in semantics. Just
                                   because it is that way doesn't mean it
                                   has to be that way. Other law could
                                   resolve those issues. There's no reason
                                   it couldn't.
                                   \_ Other law.  Non contract law.  I'm
                                      not sure why you have this hardon for
                                      changing the name of marriage to
                                      something else, but I'd say the
                                      person with a semantic problem is you.
                                      My main point is that marriage has
                                      significant, non religious, non contract
                                      rights assiciated with it, which is
                                      something I think people often forget.
                          \_ for a better list
                          \_ This guy's point is that you could have a
                             "cohabitation contract" which gives all
                             the enumerated rights/responsibilities.  It
                             doesn't have to be a "marriage".  Seriously,
                             suppose I'm a fat lame non-gay geek, and my
                             similarly fat, lame, non-gay geeky roommate
                             and I decide to give up on women and try
                             to forge an economic and social alliance
                             such that we can better take care of each
                             other?  No sex, just, this guy can handle
                             my finances, make medical decisions,
                             visit me in prison, etc.?  Why should that
                             be forbidden simply 'cause we're not
                             romantic partners?  This "marriage" thing
                             under the law needs to be generalized to
                             not just hetero romantic/breeding partners,
                             and not just gay romantic partners, but
                             to anyone who can benefit from having even a
                             non-romantic domestic partner of either sex.
                             The only reason to deny this is religious.
                             \_ If you want to make something that has
                                the exact same legal benefits of marriage
                                in the eyes of the state, and you want to
                                call it something other that marriage and
                                get rid anything called marriage at the state
                                or national level, well, ok.  But it is
                                basically marriage, whatever you want to call
                                it.  I'm not sure what benefit you get by
                                changing the name.
                                changing the name.  And the guy above said
                                there were no rights to marriage that couldn't
                                be solved by contract law.  That's wrong.  To
                                solve them you have to change a hell of a lot
                                of other laws to say "this right is granted
                                to a couple that has signed into a binding
                                whatever-you-want-to-call-it relationship".
                                The fact that someone can ignore such giant
                                benefits as marriage immigration and tax
                                laws means they obviously have never thought
                                just how big of an advantage married couples
                                have in the eyes of the state.
                                have in the legal system.
                                \_ You're not thinking about it the right
                                   way. Reread what you responded to. It's
                                   also *very* important what you call it
                                   because marriage has religious significance
                                   that "cohabitation contract" does not.
                                   You're not thinking ahead of me. You're
                                   actually still behind me.
                                   \_ No, I know exactly what you are saying
                                      I just think you are wrong.  There is
                                      nothing inheriantly religous about
                                      marriage.  Changing the terms will
                                      not change any signifcant group's
                                      minds about the issue.  Domestic
                                      partnerships, cohabitation contracts,
                                      whatever you call it, people still know
                                      it is "marriage".
                                      \_ Well, no. It's not. Even today many
                                         people "get married" twice (once
                                         at the courthouse and once in
                                         church) so the difference must
                                         matter to them. I don't think
                                         anyone has a problem with gay
                                         people willing each other property,
                                         for example. The term 'marriage'
                                         means something in particular to
                                         many religions quite apart from
                                         whatever the law says. This is a
                                         case where the legal definition
                                         reflected the societal norms of a
                                         Christian nation, but it is no
                                         longer appropriate for the law to
                                         be involved in, or recognize,
                                         marriage. I think you would find
                                         a lot less opposition if there
                                         wasn't an insistence of legalizing
                                         wasn't an instistence of legalizing
                                         'gay marriage' which conjures up
                                         images of a gay priest, gay wedding,
                                         gay honeymoon, and adopted gay kids.
                                         If gay people want to 'get married'
                                         the law has no grounds to be involved
                                         in their religion and should not
                                         be able to stop them , but if it
                                         wants to deny them their rights
                                         as human beings that's a problem.
                                         A happy resolution is if the
                                         gov't stays out of the marriage
                                         business (e.g. marriage license)
                                         entirely. It's NOTB.
                                         \_ Saying that over and over won't
                                            make it true.  -tom
                             \_ sex is bad. - motd not getting laid guy
                                            \_ Why am I not surprised that
                                               you want the government
                                               involved in yet another
                                               aspect of our lives - our
                                               love life no less?
                                               \_ Red herring.  You're not
                                                  suggesting less government
                                                  involvement, you're just
                                                  suggesting that the
                                                  government change what
                                                  it's called.  -tom
                                                  \_ Not entirely. I think
                                                     "marriage" as defined
                                                     by the government
                                                     should be dissolved.
                                                     There is no need for
                                                     divorce court, for
                                                     marriage certificates,
                                                     joint income tax
                                                     filings and some other
                                                     constructs. Others
                                                     should be handled
                                                     with power-of-attorney
                                                     and contract law. I
                                                     am not merely
                                                     advocating we keep
                                                     marriage as-is and
                                                     rename it. It should
                                                     be (as a government
                                                     construct) abolished.
                                                     \_ You can go live your
                                                        libritarian fantasy.
                                                        The rest of us actually
                                                        live in the real world
                                                        where some of these
                                                        things matter.  And
                                                        I hope you never fall
                                                        in love with someone
                                                        who isn't a citizen.
                                                        (Or have children.)
                                                        \_ Why? Because
                                                           "being in love"
                                                           grants rights?
                                                           Any rights
                                                           assigned by
                                                           marriage are
                                                           arbitrary and
                                                           be assigned
                                                           without marriage.
                                \_ saying that over and over again makes
                                   it true - !tom
        \_ And ever since this was fixed, racial relations have been perfect!
           \- when i read LOVING v VIRGNIA, it was jaw dropping to
              read stuff like "god put the races on different continents
              because he wanted them apart" ... the fact that that was a
              because he wanted them apart" ... esp the fact that that was a
              virginia judge writing in the 60s and not a 1920s klansman
              in BF, Alabama. The woman n the Lovings case died in the
              last couple of months.
           \_ Don't you think it's an improvement that a black man can walk
              down the street with a white woman and not be killed for it? -tom
              \_ only if you're pro Negro
              \_ Which has precisely nothing to do with the laws changed.
                 \_ An interesting assertion.  Any evidence?  -tom
        \_ In which state did Obama's parents get married?
           \_ Pakistan outer territories i believe.
        \_ "There is no legal ramification to marriage that cannot be solved
            by contract law".  Um, what? Can someone explain how "contract
            law" can give a gay couple the right to inherit unlimited amounts
            of property taxfree from their partner or transfer unlimited
            amounts of property with their partner tax free? Or get the
            social security benefits or federal pensions of the surviving
            \_ You just assign those benefits with a contract other than
               a "marriage contract". Just because some other things (like
               SS) are broken doesn't mean they can't be fixed. "Gay
               marriage" isn't the problem. The problem is that so much of
               our law involves "marriage" to begin with. It's an outdated
               construct not relevant to modern society except for those
               who choose to practice it for religious purposes. Instead
               of "spouse" you can substitute "assignee". You don't have
               to get married at all in theory.
               \_ Please provide some support for the assertion that
                  marriage is "an outdated construct not relevant to modern
                  society."  Extra credit if you can manage to do it without
                  circular argument.   -tom
                  \_ How about the fact that gay people want to do it and
                     that many people are vehemently opposed to allowing
                     them. Clearly marriage means something to many people
                     and means something else to gays. Since it excludes
                     gays, the construct is outdated since gays are people
                     with rights, too. Instead of creating a new construct
                     which includes gays and calling *that* marriage why
                     not eliminate marriage entirely? Marriage is not a modern
                     concept and the increasing number of cohabitating couples
                     who never get married attests to that. I am surprised to
                     find you on the pro-marriage side of the fence. Why are
                     you so adamant about co-opting the term marriage which
                     already has a clear meaning in a well-meaning attempt
                     to extend the rights of marriage to gay couples when
                     there is no real reason to use the term at all
                     anymore except in a religious context? I mean, why
                     should "married couples" have the option to file taxes
                     together or separately, but "unmarried couples"
                     cannot? At least the government is starting to see
                     how stupid *that* is by eliminating the marriage
                     penalty. I can't really think of any non-religious
                     reasons that marriage is still relevant in the modern
                     \_ Effort expenditure: A
                        Argument advancement: F
                        Extra credit: F (circular argument used).
                        The reasons for marriage are mostly non-religious.
                        You've been presented in this very MOTD with numerous
                        examples of non-religious reasons why marriage is
                        still relevant and you've ignored them, as you're
                        sure to ignore any other fact which fails to fit
                        with your absurd notions.  I'm done here.   -tom
                        \_ I think you are ignoring the facts. Cohabitation
                           is 10x more common now than in 1960. The circular
                           reasoning here is yours. The only reason "the
                           reasons for marriage are mostly non-religious"
                           is because the (outdated) law makes it that way.
                           If you subtract religion from the equation then
                           what reason is there to "get married"? If
                           it's not about religion then why do the
                           majority of couples get married both in a
                           church and in a civil ceremony? If the laws were
                           changed to reflect modern society then there
                           would be no non-religious reasons to "get
                           married" but as it stands currently people are
                           *forced* to "get married" which is why gay
                           couples wish to do so. If they DO NOT then they
                           are denied their rights and *THAT* is an issue
                           as we are becoming an increasingly agnostic
                           society instead of the Christian society these
                           laws were based upon decades ago. You should
                           not have to "get married" to enjoy *ALL* of the
                           rights assigned to marriage. Why would you
                           force people to do so?
                           \_ "You're talking a lot, but you're not saying
                               anything."  --David Byrne
                               \_ You're just not listening because it's
                                  not what you want to hear. Answer me
                                  this one question I have asked twice
                                  "Why do most people get married both in
                                  a church and in a civil ceremony if
                                  marriage does not involved religion?"
                                  marriage does not involve religion?"
                                  \_ First of all, I don't think it's clear
                                     that "most" people get married in church
                                     and in a civil ceremony.  Do you have
                                     any evidence of that?
                                     Second, marriage is important
                                     *culturally*; marriage is the transition
                                     from one social status to another, and
                                     in some cultures, it's done in the church
                                     because that's where it's expected to be
                                     done, and often there is a social cost to
                                     pay if you go get married by Elvis and
                                     leave the family out of it.  That being
                                     said, there are plenty of cultures where
                                     getting married in the church is *not*
                                     expected, and people get married in
                                     a redwood grove, or on a ship, or in
                                     their backyards.  You really have no
                                     argument at all here.  -tom
                                     \_ I'm not concerned about what they
                                        do in other cultures. I'm
                                        concerned about the US where most
                                        people are married by a priest
                                        even if it's not in a church. Sure,
                                        not everyone is. Most people are.
                                        Even in non-Christian cultures marriage
                                        is often a religious ceremony. To
                                        play marriage in the US off as a
                                        "social ceremony" and ignore the
                                        religious significance is disingenuous.
                                        Why does CA allow priests (who are
                                        not representatives of the State)
                                        to conduct marriages? Shouldn't it
                                        just be performed by judges and
                                        magistrates if it's a civil affair?
                                        \_ In many cultures *within the US*
                                           it is common to not do a church
                                           wedding.  The Bay Area, for example.
                                           The US also allows ship captains
                                           to perform weddings; does that mean
                                           marriage is a maritime institution
                                           that has no relevance in landlocked
                                           states?  You have no clue.  -tom
                                           \_ The ship's captain thing is
                                              not true and, truthfully,
                                              there is no reason for it either.
                                              BTW, even in the Bay Area,
                                              weddings performed by priests
                                              are the norm. But you are
                                              missing the point, which is
                                              "Why give priests any power
                                              over this at all?" They have
                                              no other legal powers that I
                                              am aware of.
                                              \_ So wait, do Jews not count
                                                 when they married?
2008/5/22-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50027 Activity:low Entry has been invalidated. Access denied. 2008/5/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50022 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2008/5/21-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50018 Activity:kinda low
5/21    Third base is oral sex?  I'm over 30 and I had no idea!
        \_ at least you're not a 40 year old virgin working as a Best Buy
           sales clerk
        \_ I still have no idea. What are first and second? I never used
           this "system".
           \_ Do you really think that there's an official definition
              that everyone'll recognize?
              \_ It is just this sort of belief in an overarching system that
                 everyone else is privy to that really defines the nerd.
           \_ First base: french kissing
              Second base: feeling up above the waist
              Third base: feeling up below the waist, everything but doing it
              Fourth base: intercourse
              \_ See, now, this is just wrong.
                 At bat:  kissing
                 1st:  above waist
                 2nd:  below waist
                 3rd:  exchange of genital fluids but not itercourse
                 home:  intercourse
                 \_ how do i exchange genital fluids?  im never getting
                    laid again if i follow your guide.
                    \_ You go the genital fluid bank and make a deposit.
                       \_ Wait, that means no condom? Are you CRAZY?
                         \_ Been STD free since the 70s
                    \_ Hand job, blow job, breast f***, etc.
2008/5/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49960 Activity:insanely high 80%like:49959
5/15    Cute underaged girls. Why do you keep deleting it?
        \_ If I knew where you lived, I would come over and delete you.
        \_ Whoever posted this, thanks! I got a chance to refresh my
           now very broken Japanese.
        \_ This is beyond stupid.
           \_ Why is this stupid again? Her Japanese is very good.
           \_ So is Jackie Johnson.
              \_ This is much better:
        \_ Can someone translate?  The only things I can get is:
        \_ Can someone translate?  The only things I can pick out is:
           1. The text at the end of both videos is "arigatoo", meaning
           2. At 0:09 into the second video, she said "I went to Japan."
        \_ Why are her eyes so large?
           \_ Some people like large round eyes.
              Some people like small slanty eyes.
              What do you like?
           \_ I think she has large eyes to begin with, and then they are
              exaggerated by the webcam (usually having wide-angle lens) and
              the fact that she tilts her head down a little.
2008/5/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49959 Activity:nil 80%like:49960
5/15    Cute girls:
2008/5/15-16 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49955 Activity:nil
5/15    Here's a thread for big boob guy:
            \_ she used to be a lot smaller.
               all that Mormon tea really packs on the pounds.
               \_ Amazing this is same girl:
                  after mission:
                          \_ Jesus christ.  I thought Mormons think eating
                                    50 cheeseburgers per day is a sin.
                  please, keep eating!
        \_ Elaine Smith is hot.
            \_ she used to be a lot smaller.
               \_ Amazing this is same girl:
                  before: http://
                  after: http://
2008/5/14-16 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:49940 Activity:moderate
5/13    Cuddy Schoolgirl Pole Dance easily earns an A+. HDTV, you are my
        \_ URL?
           \_ Watch this season's House.  It's pretty funny.
           \_ Not exactly SFW.
              \_ Odds of my wife look like that at 40 == poor.
                 \_ She look like that now?
                 \_ You chose. Poorly. (She's 42.)
        \_ Cuddy as schoolgirl?  I can't imagine how that would be hot.
           \_ you should see her abs
              \_ I was wondering if they got her a body double.  She
                 is pretty hot though.  It does point out a glaring
                 inconsistency of the show, however.  If Cuddy is
                 *that* hot, she should have guys lining up to
                 be with her.  She shouldn't be having a single
                 problem finding a man, and in particular, finding
                 a sperm donation.  She'd have to be beating well-
                 qualified volunteer donors away with a bat.
                 \_ "All of the good guys have been taken".  They'll line up
                    but no one she'd want.
                 \_ I was thinking the same thing.  She must be in her late
                    30s at least.  She'd have to be in the gym constantly
                    and exist strictly on oatmeal to have abs like that at
                    her age.  Also in the context of the episode, it
                    was House's dream.  Maybe the actress really does
                    have the body of a 20 year old, I will ask Google.
                    \_ google says she's 43, vegetarian, and does a lot of
                       yoga.  I guess that yoga stuff must work!
                       \_ Interesting.  My yoga instructor is a 50-year-old
                          (or older) with a hot body, too.
                          \_ Crazy how you have a hot body when you exercise
                             and eat right, huh? Who would have thought?
                             \_ Does this yoga stuff work for males?
                                \_ I dunno. I'm on the carne asada diet
                                   with a sedentary lifestyle. My gf is a
                                   dancer and her friends do yoga (even
                                   teach it) and they are all hot. They
                                   tell me the instructor (an older man)
                                   is very muscular, so I say yes.
2008/5/12-16 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:49934 Activity:nil
5/12    here is a fairly reasonable timeline, with notes, of Hans Reiser's
        actions up until his arrest:
        \_ zzzzz... MurderFS developer kills wife, goes to prison, justice
2008/5/9-15 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:49926 Activity:nil
5/9     god i love burritos
        \_ AND?
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/5/1-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49865 Activity:nil
4/30    John McCain's wife looks pretty good for someone of her age.
        I mean, she could be my grandma but DAMN that is pretty good
        looking grandma, for someone of her age. Good job John McCain,
        I may vote for you afterall.
        \_ It's good to have money, which she does. We're not only talking
           surgery, but also the ability to live a good life - cosmetics, spa
           treatments, organic food, personal trainer, gym at home, etc.
           Not to mention no real need to hold down a real job. Not that
           the rich live entirely stress-free lives, but being a trophy
           wife is a full-time job that most women don't have time for.
           I know a 65 year old woman who is filthy rich and she is in
           better shape/condition than most 40 year olds - certainly
           better than her own daughters who rebelled against mom and her
           "extravagant" lifestyle involving hair dye, teeth whitening,
           stylish clothing, and exercise. God forbid.
           \- for "what a difference a billion dollars makes" do a google
              image search for "JK Rowling is Getting Younger" ... diff
              between jkr-on-the-dole and jkr-with-a-blllion-dollars.
        \_ She's nothing compared to Fred Thompson's wife, Jeri "Minnesota
           Tits" Thompson
           \- samantha power, elizabeth kucinich >> cindy mccain >>> MN Twins
              \_ Samantha Power?  Yucks.
2008/4/28-5/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49846 Activity:kinda low
4/27    what's up with all of the im holding you in my basement
        to rape you for 20 years stories lately?
        \_ I would like to lock her up:
           \_ shit it's been removed. Anyone have a similar link?
           \_ What was it about?
              \_ A really cute 16 year old girl talking about slippers
        \_ I like the 5 people living upstairs who said they had no idea
           about the 7 people downstairs in the sex dungeon.
           \_ Actually only 4 kids in the dungeon, with 4 people upstairs,
              besides the father.
        \_ Isn't that the same city where that other dude held a girl
           in his basement for 10 years?  Do you think guys like that
           have a wiki where they share tips and procedures?
        \_ The police believes that the wife doesn't notice anything after 24
        \_ The police believes that the wife didn't notice anything after 24
           years?  Either the wife is very dumb or the police is very dumb.
        \_ You haven't seen worse.  Last month in Hong Kong, a male (Chen, age
        \_ You haven't seen worse.  Last month in Hong Kong, a male (Chan, age
           45) and a female (Wong, age 33), both have separate marriages, were
           convicted of drug-raping and blackmailing for more sex the female's
           best friend, "Mrs. V", who was a newly wed.  It was then revealed
           that Wong actually attempted to drug her own mother for Chen to
           rape, because Chen thought Wong's mother was busty.  (It failed
           because the sleeping pills weren't strong enough.  The couple
           weren't charged for this only because the mother didn't want to
           testify against the daughter.
           best friend, "Mrs. V", who was a newly wed.  Wong's defense was that
           Chan blackmailed her to do that after Chen found out about her two
           Chan blackmailed her to do that after Chan found out about her two
           other affairs outside of this affair and threatened to tell her
           husband.  It was then revealed that Wong actually video-recorded for
           Chen her own mother bathing and changing, and attempted to drug
           her mother for Chen to rape, because Chen thought Wong's mother
           Chan her own mother bathing and changing, and attempted to drug
           her mother for Chan to rape, because Chan thought Wong's mother
           was busty.  (It failed because the sleeping pills weren't strong
           enough to make the mother complete unconscious.  They ended up
           having sex while Chen stared at the sleeping naked mother.)  The
           enough to make the mother completely unconscious.  They ended up
           having sex while Chan stared at the sleeping naked mother.)  The
           couple weren't charged for this only because Wong's mother didn't
           want to testify against her own daughter.
  ( Chinese only)
           \_ No, I think the first story in this thread is loads worse.
              \_ Agreed. I mean, the kids didn't even see sunlight!
           \_ I can't read Asian.  Is there a translated copy somewhere?
              \_ I haven't found one. Basically that thread is a series of news
                 articles during March and April, copied from
         The articles described a lot of the
                 details.  -- PP
2008/4/27-5/4 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:49843 Activity:low
4/27    hey motd boob guy, have a i got a video for you:
        \_ well breast milk contains a lot of good stuff that makes
           people strong. I mean, there's been a lot of link between
           stopping breast milk too early and childhood allergies,
           diseases, bone marrow, etc. Basically breastfeeding allows
           children to assimilate antigens and "learn" what is good/bad
           and how to fight diseases. Kudos for breastfeeding till you're
           a teen. Maybe this is the medical breakthrough we've been
           waiting for.
           \_ Er, d'you really wanna suck YERMOM's titties thru your
              teen years?  I mean, ick.
              \_ Socially taboo != medical science. Let science do its
                 job, then judge later.
              \_ There is another way this could work: lactating women
                 could allow people other than their children to feed.
                 Perhaps this could become a new social standard: "Ma'am
                 I am feeling a bit peaked, mind if I suckle your breasts"
                 "Why certainly, sir, latch on as long as you like!"
                 "Why certainly, sir, have as much as you like!"
                 \_ Women might go for this--it turns out it's a great
                    way for women to drop weight.  It's a pure calorie
              (All about Islamic breast feeding & related fatwa)
           \_ I think breastfeeding into early childhood is fine, but
              breastfeeding as the only source of food is not.  After one year
              of childbirth, the breast milk gets pretty waterly.  It might
              still contain abundant antibodies, but it certainly doesn't
              contain enough nutrients for body growth.
           \_ I wonder what bad effect there is to the person's sex life later
              if one is breastfed past toddler age.
              \_ Why don't you ask motd boob guy?
2008/4/25-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49831 Activity:nil
4/25    I saw hot Russian girl on commuter train this morning.  Her
        breasts were so huge that I could see cute little stretch
        marks at the top of her exposed cleavage.
        \_ And you did nothing, which means I don't give a crap.
        \_ stretch marks would suggest rapid growth from, say, implants.
           \_ Or puberty.
           \_ Or gravity.
           \_ Or pregnancy.
        \_ Your cell phone doesn't have a camera?
        \- did you tell her you only have one leg?
2008/4/22-5/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49802 Activity:nil
4/22    Victoria's Secret sued for patent infringement:
2008/4/12-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49736 Activity:nil
        "Attack of the preschool perverts"
2008/4/10-16 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:49713 Activity:nil
4/10    Next week is our one year anniversary of not having sex.
        What should I get her?  I wish I was kidding.  Life has become
        a tart, bitter joke where my only joy is the tiny hope my pain
        amuses the few motd users left.
        \_ teach her the joy of garden work and WOOD CHIPPER.
        \_ Get yourself an inflatable love doll, introduce it to her,
           and say that thanks to her, it and your palm are your only
           sources of sexual gratification for the last year.
           \_ Real Doll is better, albeit much more expensive.  Fleshlight is
              affordable and is still better than inflatable doll.
              \_ The crappier it is, the better.  The point is to show
                 how pathetic she is making his life.
                 \_ True.  -- PP
        \_ Actually, I'm pretty bored with this.  You're obviously not doing
           anything about it.
           \_ I was about to post the same thing.  This "no sex" joke is dead.
              OP should give it a rest.  Same lame post every time yet we never
              get any feedback at all when we ask questions.  Long running and
              now beyond lame dead joke.
2008/4/10-12 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:49711 Activity:nil
4/10    Ouch
        \_ Similar incident happened in Orange County. If I lived in
           Southern Cal, I'd love to die the same way too. FUCK LA.
2008/4/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49702 Activity:nil
4/9     You know what I love most about stun-guns and tasers? It makes
        me feel like I'm in Star Trek. Set phaser on: stun. BZZZZZZ.
        I love Star Trek.
2008/4/9-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49692 Activity:nil
4/8     Not getting laid guy, maybe you are too masculine:
        \_ This is stupid. The great Chinese Empire spent a large % of
           their GDP researching this already. It's called Mian4Shian4
           or in English, Physiognomy Face Reading. It PISSES ME OFF
           that you fucking Westerners keep stealing our ideas and
           claim it without attribution.
2008/4/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49683 Activity:insanely high
4/7     Why does everyone have a girlfriend with enormous breasts
        except me?  Goddammit.
         \_ The answer you seek lies with the question you ask.  Ponder and
            enormous wisdom shall be yours.
         \_ You date Asian chicks?
         \_ the latest south park episode "major boobage" is just for you
         \_ My girlfriend is only very moderately endowed as well.  Just
            be glad you have a girlfriend at all.
         \_ What is the sound of one breast wiggling?
         \_ My ex-gf had 38D and my wife has 32A.  I prefer 32D.
         \_ @gf[0] = 34B
            @gf[1] = 36A
            @gf[2] = 36C
            @gf[3] = 36DD
            @gf[4] = 32A
            @gf[5] = 34DDD.  holy shiva they were huge.  we messed around
            a bit a few years ago after she got out of jail, somehow she
             a few years ago after she got out of jail, she
             had shrunk to a decent B.
            @gf[6] = 34C
            @gf[7] = 30B
            @gf[8] = 36A. 6' tall.  height made up for it.
            @gf[9] = 34B.  fundy christian.
            @gf[10]= 32B.  made up for it in bed.
            @gf[11]= 34D.  6'1". PERFECT.
            @gf[12]= 34AA.
            @gf[-1]= 32A. probably going to marry this one. motd boob god
                     hates me.
                     \_ I think a repair for this would only cost around
                        $5k?  Not sure of the going rate.
            \_ Re: @gf[5], I envy you!
         \_ current(list) = 34A.  lately she complains that shes getting
            fat and that its all going to her boobs.  im going to buy
            her tubs of ice cream.
            \_ If she can figure out a way to get that to happen for everybody,
               she'll be rich.
         \_ I'm glad we don't have motd butt guy.
2008/4/5-9 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:49673 Activity:nil
4/4     Uh, WOW.  Pravda English edition.  This may be the best reading on the
        \_ what is this?
           \_ "US sniper meets Bush with his pants down"
              "People marry animals trying to find happiness"
              "Women feel depressed of being women"
              \_ So it's like the National Enquirer of the Soviet Union?
2008/4/4-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49671 Activity:kinda low
4/4     Are mother in laws a good indicator to your wife's figure 1-2
        decades from now?
        \_ Yes and no. They are only half of the genetics. Also, plastic
           surgery and exercise can complicate things. I know young women
           with mothers that look better than they do. I also know
           attractive young women whose mothers look terrible because they
           do not pay attention to diet and exercise. If your wife's mom
           let herself go and your wife does not then they might look
           totally different. Pay attention to not only your wife and her
           mom, but also their lifestyles and they contribute.
           mom, but also their lifestyles and how they contribute.
           \_ Damnit. Ok. My next question is, is it appropriate to buy
              a treadmill or get incentives for her to exercise?
              \_ don't worry about it; she'll dump your bigoted ass long
                 before then.
              \_ Only if she asks for it. Otherwise, you're looking at a
                 very volatile domestic situation and possibly time on
                 the couch. And just in case you haven't figured it out
                 yet, there is _no_ good answer to "Does this dress
                 make me look fat?"
              \_ Better idea, don't say 'you' have to exercise, say 'we'
                 have to.  Go with her, play tennis together or go to
                 the gym together.  Try to make it a family/health/date
           \_ Good advice. Additionally, look at her father and her
              siblings; the more siblings she has, the easier it may be
              to spot trends. Then again, genetics is a crapshoot, so
              maybe not.
        \_ Mother-in-law's bedroom skills are good indicators to your wife's
           bedroom skills 1-2 decades from now.  Try out the mother-in-law
           before you marry.
           \_ I think this is totally 100% false. My mom-in-law is an
              exhibitionist who claims to love sex and who has been
              married 4 times. Both of her daughters are prudes that are
              embarrassed by her behavior and don't really care for sex as
              they see it as male repression. With sex in particular
              attitudes are more generational than they are learned from
              parents. (Product of the 1960s versus AIDS generation for
              \_ Sounds like you should be having sex with yermominlaw.
                 \_ Um, this could be a female posting.  She could have
                    married the mom-in-law's son and so the prude
                    daughters are the sisters-in-law, not a wife/mate.
                    100% false person, are you a woman married to
                    your mom-in-law's son, or a man married to one
                    of her prude daughters?
                    \_ A girl posting on the motd? Surely you jest.
                    \_ Look at it this way: Are hippy parents likely to
                       have hippy kids? Usually it seems like conservative
                       parents have hippy kids and hippy parents have
                       conservative kids as kids just want to rebel and be
                       different. So maybe look at whether your
                       grandmother-in-law is good in bed. Of course, the
                       problem with that is back then she was scandalous
                       when she showed ankle so maybe it's not a good
                       predictor of anything.
                       \_ I don't think that this is true, in general, but
                          I have to admit that I don't have any hard evidence,
                          but anecdotally, hippies produce more hippies and
                          religious people tend to produce children like
                          them. Have you seen any studies indicating otherwise?
                          \_ I have not seen any studies of this sort at all,
                             but I have noticed how trends seem to alternate
                             generationally - whether it's attitudes
                             towards drugs or teen pregnancy. Society
                             seems to swing one way and then the other and
                             then back.
              \_ Your wife thinks of sex as male repression?  Are you kidding?
                 Does she knows that "All sex is rape" line is an urban legend?
2008/4/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito] UID:49653 Activity:nil
4/2     hmm.
        [A lot of porn with "aspo" in the path removed]
        \_ Nope, that's really not my style of porn.  Out of curiosity where
           did this come from? -aspo
2008/4/1-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49638 Activity:low
4/1     April Fools! What are some things you'd love to see? I'll start:
        - I-DAY! Whitehouse announces that we've won the War in Iraq!
        - The whole sub-prime meltdown was actually due to a misplaced
          decimal. The economy is fine.
          \_ NICE
        \_ soda running *BSD
        \_ serious real news stories on
        \_ My mom decides to stop lying.
           \_ care to elaborate?
              \_ My mom has been lying all her life about everything (her past,
                 why she did this and that, what she thinks about this and,
                 everyting).  I just didn't realize she's a chronic lier until
                 I was 28 after I lost one gf to that and about to lose the
2008/4/1-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49631 Activity:nil
4/1     British National Party leader: 'Rape is a Myth'.  buh?   (dailymail)
        \_ This guy says, among other things, that women enjoy sex
           so how can forced sex be a crime?  Well, some men enjoy
           buttsex, so obviously it isn't a crime to force buttsex
           on him.  I propose that some gang of gay dudes do this
           to him immediately--giving him a case of anal herpes
           and AIDS and anal gonnorhea while they are at it.
           \_ This is where he went wrong. Women don't enjoy sex.
              \_ Front page article in Chron on monday was about common
                 sexual dysfunction in women.  Not that I'm bitter or
                 anything. - motd not getting laid guy #1 THE ORIGINAL
        \_ April Fools?
2008/4/1-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49627 Activity:low
3/31    motd not getting laid guy here.  the not laying me girlfriend was
        telling me how she thinks visiting a prostitute is basically paying
        to rape someone.  i kept thinking 'i bet dudes like Spitzer,
        and me in the future, visit prostitutes because they haven't had
        sex with their spouse or girlfriend in exactly 312 days, not that
        they're counting'.
        \_ Would you mind telling us again why you're with this woman?
           \_ difficult to say.
           \_ Seconded. -happily married, recently laid guy
           \_ is she super hot or something?  Why do you put up with this?
              \_ she's all right.
              \_ There are all kinds of super-hot women who he's not
                 sleeping with, so why does he need her in particular?
                 \_ There's a lot more to a relationship than sex. Maybe
                    she's the mother of his kids. Maybe they really get
                    along well outside of bed. Maybe she's rich. What does
                    it matter? These things are complicated.
                    \_ unmarried.  no children.
                    \_ Maybe she's his mother. Now this whole dilemma makes
                       a lot more sense.
                       \_ Ted?!?
                    \_ I thought he said earlier that he was living off her.
                       Not a bad deal, if you think of it that way: a roommate
                       that you cook and clean for, who pays your rent.
                       \_ never said was living off of her.  now that would
                          be sweet!  kind of.  we both have good jobs.
                       \_ Time to reevaluate that deal, if the sex is driving
                          him as nuts as it sounds.
                          \_ I agree!
2008/3/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49595 Activity:nil
3/28    Woof.  Woman with nipple piercings in the airport.
2008/3/20-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49508 Activity:nil
3/20    Clueless Guys Can't Read Women - Yahoo! News:
        I'm one of them.  Ahh!  I hate myself.
        \_ oh yes, we need
        \_ Yeah, I never figured this out either.  I'm glad I'm finally married
        \_ Yeah, I never figured this out either.  I'm glad I got married
           I don't really have to worry about it anymore.
           \_ Seconded. When I start getting nostalgic for the dating scene,
              a 30 second conversation with some hot 20 year old usually
              dispels any illusions.
              \_ Maybe you should talk to some hottie your own age?
        \_ I mostly found out women were hot for me after it was too late.
           That's more frustrating than the opposite (thinking she's
           interested when she's not).
           \_ Yeah, I learned over time that it is better to make it clear
              that you are interested in a woman, rather than sit and wonder.
              I got lots of "no's" but lots more "yeses" and eventually ended
              up with my wife. I guess I might have gotten a reputation as
              a player, but I didn't mind, if you want lots of sex, this
              kind of reputation is a good thing, not a bad thing.
2008/3/18-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49484 Activity:moderate
        "While there are no official statistics on the size of Hong Kong's sex
        industry, experts say there are at least 100,000 women working at any
        given time, ..."
        How can a city of 7M people (male and female, all ages) possibly
        support an active workforce of 100K female workers?  Even if every
        single adult male uses such service once a month, it's still pretty bad
        business.  Are most of those workers starving?
        \_ Tourism? Works for Amsterdam.
        \_ "Sex worker" includes peep shows, strip clubs, etc.
        \_ It's the invisible hand at work!
        \_ Let's say 1/4 of those people visit prostitutes for their
           satisfaction and they each average two visits a week. That is
           5 visits to each prostitute a day, plenty to keep them busy!
        \_ If half of the adult males visit prostitutes twice a week each,
           that would give each prostitute five clients a day to service.
           That seems like enough to keep them busy, don't you think?
        \_ There are more asians in the world than anyone else.  They're always
           \_ they say that the pretty ones are icy and the ugly ones
              are very very horny. there are biological proof on this.
              \_ This is true of all women. Why would you put out more
                 than you have to? It's also why really pretty women are
                 also usually bad in bed. If you want a woman who enjoys
                 sex and wants to have sex then date a fat chick.
                 \_ agree. fat ones are the best in best.
                    \_ A pregnant chick might be better.
                 \_ Wrong.  The hot sexy ones just won't have sex with YOU.
2008/3/17-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49476 Activity:moderate
3/17    motd lying sack of shit guy here.  I still have the not getting me
        laid girlfriend.  A married McCain low level staffer wants to
        go to Vegas for me with a weekend.  What do people do in Vegas?
        What should I do?
        \_ i'm not lying!
        \_ They blow their money on gambling and strippers. I say go-fer-it.
           You have to experience the debauchery of Vegas at least once in
           your lifetime and this guy probably knows how to party.
        \_ I'm male.  she is female.  do you get it now?
           \_ Does she work for John McCain?
              \_ Yes.
           \_ What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I still think you
              should go see some strippers with her.
                \_ wow so vegas is this 'safe zone'?  i need to follow
                   up on it.
              \_ Alternatively, what happens in Vegas, comes home as an STD.
        \_ i'm new to this breaking-up-a-happy-relationship-with-a-tryst-
           in vegas thing.  any pointers?
        \_ Do you even try to have sex with your girlfriend. What's the matter with
           you that she won't put out or you won't leave?
        \_ Do you even try to have sex with your girlfriend. What's the matter
           with you that she won't put out or you won't leave?
           \_ Women just don't like sex and guys put up with it.
              \_ If this sweeping generality were the case, op would not get
                 laid in Las Vegas anyway. Pass.
                 \_ Well, there are strippers, whores, and gold-diggers who
                    get paid to do it. Doesn't mean they enjoy it.
                    \_ Your blatant misogyny makes my head hurt.
                       \_ You can't handle the truth. There are plenty
                          of nice, normal women of course. But those don't
                          like sex unless they were molested and then they
                          usually become strippers/porn stars/etc.
                          although sometimes they become nymphomaniacs
                          who lead self-destructive lifestyles.
                          \_ And sometimes they marry some really lucky guy
                             who has a sex drive that matches theirs.
                          \_ Would you be so kind as to post your name and
                             address so's we'll know where to arrest you when
                             the pretty girls who wouldn't sleep with you
                             start showing up in refrigerators?
        \_ Do you really think she wants sex?  Maybe she just wants some
           cheap buffet food!  She's not fat though.  I'm going to hell.
           \_ If she's not fat then she's a golddigger, wants a baby,
              wants you to kill her husband, or has some similar motive.
2008/3/15-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49467 Activity:nil
3/14    jesus chris.  the insanely hot 19 year old (she might be 20 now)
        with the enormous breasts is back in town, and wants to hang out.
        what do i do?
        \_ Watch more porn.
        \_ Post to the motd. Anything other than hanging out with her.
        \_ Bang her then post the video to youporn, so we can all share.
2008/3/10-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49407 Activity:nil
3/10    When Mom or Dad Asks To Be a Facebook 'Friend' - washingtonpost:
        "I am excited to make a new friend so I click on the link. I could not
        believe what I saw. My father! This is an outrage!"
        \_ I think kids under 18 have to expect this and deal with it. Kids
           over 18 absolutely have a right to privacy. I am more scared to
           unexpectedly find my *parent's* facebook page.
           \_ If that 18 year old is living at home, then no, not really.  He
              who has the gold makes the rules and all that.
2008/3/7-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49378 Activity:kinda low
3/7     Married guys, want to get laid more? Pick up the dustpan:
        \_ 100% true.  My wife stays home, but the more I help, the more I get.
        \_ 100% false is my case. I do all the household chores and BFD.
        \_ 100% false in my case. I do all the household chores and BFD.
           \_ Ugh. Do you both work, too? Why are you even still married?
        \_ Works for the first week or so, afterwards it's not "new" and
           you're taken for granted. It's not how good you are, but the
           rate you improve that helps.
           \_ I find going to bed early helps as well.  Helping out around the
              house allows us to go to bed earlier...
        \_ I come home early, do all the chores and go to bed late, while my
           wife comes home late and goes to bed early.  I'm still not getting
           laid from my wife, but I kinda lost interest in it with her anyway
           after how she's been treating me.
           \_ Are you going to Nina her?
              \_ What's that?
           \_ Why does she come home late? Is she working late, or what?
              \_ She says so.  I'm pretty sure she's actually in the office
                 that late, but I'm not quite sure what she's doing there.
                 \_ Drop in, bring flowers or dinner or something else she
                    might like.  She's either there working and will dig that
                    or you can get moving on that divorce.
        \_ Just take her randomly around the house. Like if she's making
           breakfast just bend her over the kitchen counter.
2008/3/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49376 Activity:nil
3/7     When will the swelling go down? They just seem so massive,
        and like, they're ballooning out from the stitches (if that
        makes sense) so I just want to know what's average for that.
        When will the bruising go away? My breasts are like, almost
        completely bright really makes me queasy just
        looking at them :(
        When will the numbness go away? The sides of my breasts as
        well as a little bit up into my armpits and even the backs of my
        arms are numb to the point that they hurt when someone touches
        them. Ick.
2008/3/7 [Recreation/Dating, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:49372 Activity:high
3/6     /- dangit skippy, calm down
        \_ I have a lot of energy from not getting laid.
           \_ some of the world's wealthiest/powerful men were also
              0 laid guy and channeled their energy to work. Most of
              them didn't get married till they're really old.
              Bill Gates, Larry+Sergey, Ikea guy, etc...
                 Summary: "...most men don't achieve great success because
                 they dissipate their energies through over indulgence
                 in physical expression of the emotion of sex." Through the
                 art of sex transmutation, or channeling your sexual
                 energy into that of creativity and work, some of the most
                 famous men were able to achieve great success... George
                 Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, Shakespeare,
                 Lincoln, Emerson, etc etc. So, there ya go. Sex makes you
                 dumb and lazy, ABSTINENCE IS COOL!
                 \_ Geez, ow could you forget Newton?
                 An energetic romp between the sheets the night before a
                 competition, some athletes and coaches say, can lead to
                 poor performance the following day.
                 \_ 'A slightly increased heart rate was present in the
                    aerobic test performed two hours post intercourse,
                    but no lingering mental or physical effects were
                    noted 10 hours after sex, leading the researchers
                    to conclude "sexual activity had no detrimental
                    influence on the maximal workload achieved and on
                    the athletes' mental concentration."'
2008/3/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49366 Activity:nil
3/6     Do women with enormous breasts get breast cancer at a higher
        rate than women who can barely fill out a AA cup?
2008/3/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49365 Activity:nil
3/6     Do BBW women enjoy sex more than really skinny girls?  I think
        the momentum of all that fat flying everywhere stimulates
        a pleasurable nerve cluster.
2008/3/5-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49345 Activity:low
3/5     I'm gonna get laid in 2008.  WHO IS WITH ME.
        \_ Stay away from my farm animals!
        \_ been there, done that.
        \_ You left or right handed?
        \_ Yeah! I'm getting lain in 2008 too!  But, I'm married, I get
           laid every other day.
           \_ Does your wife know?
           \_ Damn, good job. My wife only has sex with me every third day.
              Are you still newlyweds?
2008/2/28-3/4 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/GradSchool] UID:49296 Activity:nil
2/28    A worthy response to the execrable garbage of the "Campus Rape Myth"
        op-ed posted below:,0,6130673.story
        \_ Long on opinion, but short on data.
        \_ Worthy in that it's just as lame?
        \_ How many of that are in California? Are they US Citizens or
        \_ Obviously, the government is cost ineffective running jails.
           I know the FREE MARKET INVISIBLE HAND will take care of this
           "problem."                                   -dimwit #1 fan
2008/2/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49261 Activity:nil
2/26    As I raised my arms above my head and pulled the dress over me, I
        felt an eerie, unpleasant sensation that I could only describe as
        100 hundred cats licking me with tongues coated in glue.
        What the HELL kind of fabric is this? I began to sweat and itch even
        before the dress finished settling over my body. I felt trapped in a
        slippery mess of fabric suffocating every pore of my body. I yanked the
        dress off and looked at the tag. 100% synthetic fibers. Ok. Surely
        this is just an exception, because everyone knows that with modern
        technology, even rayon and acetate can feel like the most
        luxuriously spun silk. I tried on the next dress - same feeling.
        The shirt following was slightly less suffocating but would not
        button over my breasts. Same with the jacket,
        which fit perfectly in the waist, hips and shoulders, but refused
        to cover my D cups.  The walls of the tiny fitting room were closing
        in. I thought, frantically, "Don't women in Europe have gigantic
        breasts? Isn't that the standard?
        \_ They do. 32G natural.
2008/2/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49260 Activity:nil
2/26    "Resistance is futile," announced the Queen as T'Rai was overcame
        with a wave of pleasure and screamed as she was hit by orgasm after
        orgasm, she rolled onto the floor, her trousers soaked with fluids
        from her pussy.
2008/2/26-3/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49255 Activity:low
2/26    GOOG down from 747 to 460, long-term holders do not need to worry for
        next 10 to 20 years (
        \_ Yeah!  -- guy who has a crush on a woman whose husband works in
           \_ Second hand merchandize is not as fresh as new ones.
              \_ Yeah, but I'm not fresh either.  I have a wife.
              \_ sure but sometimes it is good to let someone else out iron
                 out the problems of new merchandice, and take over after
                 the product is broken in.
        \_ I dont think anyone here married a virgin besides Mormon #1,
           Mormon #2, and reiffin
           \_ If reiffin is married to the same girl he was with at UCB
              then I dunno if she was a virgin or not when they met, but I do
              know that some things happened in the CZ hot tub.
                \_ She didn't seem like the virginal type to me.
              \_ The CZ hottub?  Just sitting in that thing will give you
                 multiple STDs.
                 \_ SleaZy for life.
                 \_ I was smart enough to only use it the day it was cleaned.
                    Same with the Cloyne hot tub.
           \_ who is reiffin? Is he affiliated with emarkp & jrleek?
           \_ My wife wasn't a virgin when I married her, but that's because
              I deflowered her before marriage.
              \_ Who deleted the virgin wife discussion? Is it true that
                 most Mormons are both virgins on their wedding day?
                 \_ It's a troll.  It got purged.
        \_ Why do you hate my giant DDD breasts, yearning to be free under
           my tight violet top?
                    \_ In that case, you might as well nuke the motd.
                       From orbit.  Just to be sure.
                       \_ No.  It wasn't the usual political troll.  It was
                          anonymously calling people out by name just to be
                          malicious.  I hope you can see the difference.
                       \_ My dick.  Get off it.  Sex.  Denied.
                          \_ TJB!?!?!!?  How'd you get here?!
        \_ Sh*t.  It's going up today (2/27).
2008/2/26-3/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49254 Activity:nil
2/26    How many people find the old Caloric Theory by Antoine Lavoisier
        to be really fucked up? He theorized that heat is a
        weightless substance that penetrates through materials. Equally
        fucked up is how Count Rumford, the guy who tried to destroy
        Lavoisier's reputation with the Theory of Thermodynamics
        ended up marrying Lavoisier's wife after Lavoisier was beheaded.
        Man, scientists are sick.
        \_ Obviously not right now that we know a hell of a lot
           more != whack.
           \_ Detroying another man's reputation, then marrying his widow
              = whack.
              \_ I so want to do this to my brother-in-law.
                 \_ why?
                 \_ You want to marry your sister?
                    \_ It's my wife's brother.  I love his wife.
        \_ Caught some of this in the NOVA program on Absolute Zero:
           Yup, absolutely whack.
           \_ Cool we have same interests! We should start a club of
              PBS watching sexless geeks.               -op, no lay guy #3
              \_ Sorry, man, I'm happy, hornily married.
                 \_ Damnit. Why the hell are you watching PBS? It's like
                    a straight guy wearing metrosexual clothes. It really
                    messes up the dating pool for gay men.
                    \_ I'm really going to screw things up for you by telling
                       you that I just finished Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii
                       last night, too, aren't I.
        \_ Scientists are human too.  They want fame, they are horny, they have
           rivals and enemies, they do little dirty things to get what they
           want.  Just like other humans.
           \_ Sure. And some other humans are whack, too.
           \_ Exactly why the liberal ideology of trusting everyone and
              giving everyone the exact same rights while holding hands
              and singing kum-bai-ya and sharing mass transportation won't
              work. People are whackos beyond help. Better to just fence up.
        \_ Sounds like a pretty good explaination of Infrared Radiation,
           a piece of heat transfer.  Not too wacky.
2008/2/25-29 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/GradSchool] UID:49249 Activity:nil
2/25    The Campus Rape Myth
        \_ My girlfriend was raped while in college at a conservative
           school in Missouri.  The perpetrator was a guy she knew who
           was friends with friends of hers.  He went on to rape two
           other students there before being reported and caught.
           This article is a load of reactionary slop, particularly
           because it ignores well known facts about the psychology of
           rape victims.  The author, Heather Mac Donald, is a fellow
           at the Manhattan Institute and regularly writes for
           National Review and the Weekly Standard, so I'm not
           surprised to see the ideological bent.  She also wrote a
           book with the title, "The Burden of Bad Ideas: How Modern
           Intellectuals Misshape Our Society."
           \_ Ummm.. the article doesn't claim that it never happens,
              just that the issue is way overblown, and raises questions
              about how you define rape.  She does, however, over-state
              her case.  she doesn't seem to acknowldge date rape as a
              possibility, which is obviously wrong.
              \_ Girl I dated briefly upon walking past random dude I'd never
                 met: He's a rapist!
                 Me: What?  Who?
                 Her: Him!  That guy!  (pointing)
                 Me: OMG, what happened?  Was it reported?  (changes direction
                     to go find phone/authority_ figure/dunno_what)
                 Her: Oh, uhm, well not like that....
                 Me: Huh?  What do you mean?  If he raped someone he shouldn't
                     be walking around!
                 Her: Well, like he saw my friend across the room at the party
                      on Saturday and was leering at her and raped her with
                      his eyes!
                 Me: ....
        \_ Hi, lost interest in this after page 30 or so... this article
           is pretty long and i have work to do.  I will chime in here with
           City Journal is a well known right wing journal with a bone
           to pick with people, so of course the writer wants to offend
           someone.  Plus my gf got raped once in college (NOT BY ME).
           I will happily jump to conclusions about anyone who writes
           regularly for the Weekly Standard and National Review,
           what a bunch of tools.
        \_ This is a good article. -city-loving liberal
        \_ This is a good article. -liberal
2008/2/19-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49184 Activity:nil
2/19    I can't come unless my partner is over 6 foot 2, has enormous
        breasts, or we don't use a condom.  What can I do?
        \_ get a partner who's over 6 foot 2 with enormous breasts.
           \_ Can't.  I am five foot 4 computer dork
              \_ so get a fat chick
                 \_ or a fat paycheck
        \_ Don't use a condom.
2008/2/16-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49169 Activity:moderate
2/16    Woa dude, I feel a lot of negative energy on motd. Instead of
        talking about what you hate, how about what you love? What is
        it about Los Angeles you love? Share love not hate!
        \_ Excuse to be late all it time. "Sorry it's the traffic!"
        \_ No mosquito problem-- smog killed them.
           \_ I thought it was all the poison they spray at night?
        \_ Cheaper gas and more Hummer dealerships to choose from.
        \_ Free heart thumping Mariachi music your neighbor loves to
           play every weekend.
           \_ That's Narcorridos music, stoopid gringo.
        \_ Lots of gated communities to choose from.
        \_ Opportunity to date Latinas and learn Mexican Spanish.
        \_ The homeland of our proud NATIONAL HEROS: Ronald Reagan and
           Richard Nixon!
        \_ Lots of pawn shops, bail bond shacks, gun shops, and strip clubs.
                                                \_ Not true. LA CC has
                                                   legislated them out.
                                                   \- what about GIMP and
                                                      deceased african-american
                                                      storage facilities?
           \_ My awesome LA moment was seeing a pawn shop near a BMW dealership
              (like neighboring buildings).  -- ilyas
        \_ If you don't like the sucky downtown there are plenty of other
           sucky downtowns to go to (e.g. Pasadena old town, Irvine Spectrum,
           3rd Street)
        \_ Share love?  No way.  I want no STD.
        \_ The Chinese food in LA is the best.
           \_ Not good enough for me to want to stay there forever.
              \_ Good. Rowland Heights, San Gabriel, and Arcadia are crowded
                 enough already.
        \_ USC cheerleaders.
2008/2/15-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49155 Activity:nil
2/15    What is it about OJ Simpson and white women?
        \_ What did he do this time?  URL please?
           \_ His white blond gf who btw has some resemblence with his
              x-wife has head injuries which he claims to be self inflicted.
        \_ White women have too high of an expectation on his black manhood,
           and don't know to hide their disappointment.
2008/2/14-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49145 Activity:nil
2/14    Happy Valentines Day! So is Partha Banerjee gay or not?
        \_ Why?  Do you want a date with him?
        \_ Still in denial.
2008/2/13-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:49134 Activity:nil
2/13    wendy
        \_ Those boobs are fake, right?  Cute face, though.
2008/1/24-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48999 Activity:nil
        Extramarital affairs dating site. When Monogamy Becomes Monotony.
        \_ People should cleave to their mates exclusively just based
           on reducing the spread of disease.  I'm sure there're ways to
           get some spice in your existing relationships.
           \_ Just wait a few years. Holodeck will be there!
              \_ not just that, a variety of exciting technical 'toys' on the
                 horizon, and more being invented all the time.
                 \_Is it 'adultery' if a sexbot is involved??
                    \_ Do you _think_ it's 'adultery' is a sexbot is involved?
        \_ Thanks!  That's exactly what I need.  Didn't know such thing exists.
        \_ Nothing could possibly go wrong with that!
        \_ Wow that site has ripoff pricing.
2008/1/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48963 Activity:high
1/17    I remember being the first of my class to develop back in
        elementary school, and it only got worse from there! I have
        had the constant teasing, but being overweight as well, I
        use comedy as a defense mechanism so I would always turn the
        teasing into a joke...if that makes sense. Anyways, over the
        years I have come to accept the fact that most people know
        me as the girl with huge boobs, and I really didn't mind it
        until the back pain started. Then they hindered my ability
        to participate in sports. When I got older and started
        looking more like a woman than a girl (in general, not just
        breast-wise) I started getting unwanted attention, in the
        creepy way. And when I became sexually active, I became
        even more aware of how damn huge my breasts were! Sorry if
        this is TMI...but when you're making out and then a guy has
        to actually duck his head down to your belly button in order
        to get to your nipples, it's not such a great feeling haha.
        You've probably all heard this before though.
2008/1/17-18 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/SIG] UID:48961 Activity:kinda low
1/16    ACLU: Up is Down, Left is Right, Sex in Public is Private!
        \_ You misattribute... MN Courts 30 years ago say it.  ACLU
           just uses the precedent in a legal argument.
        \_ What did the prosecutor claim as illegal?  The sex or the invitation
           to sex?
        \_ GOP: War is Peace
           \_ Hello hippie!!!
2008/1/16-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48960 Activity:nil
1/16    enough about Mormons.  here have a Scientology Katie Holmes
        Kanye West no bra jacket NYC marathon conspiracy!:
        \_ She needs a bra?  She doesn't look like there is much that needs
           \_ I haven't seen the url, but she recently had a baby, right?
2008/1/8-12 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Startup] UID:48911 Activity:high
1/8     I'm in a weird situation. I've been in my company for a while and
        we acquired a startup company a while ago. Now my group is being
        "migrated" into their group, and I'll be reporting to a bunch of
        young managers and directors some who are 10-15 years younger
        than me. These guys are great-- they're energetic and bright but
        some are also egotistic and boss people around. Mind you
        they're also 1/4 vested hotshot millionaires, some are
        accelerated and almost fully vested. Their "I'm your boss"
        attitude shows it. What do old timers do, just shut up and wait
        it out till they're fully vested and leave? There isn't much
        opportunity elsewhere in the company.
        \_ not weird at all; it's an example of why mergers usually fail.
           Deal with it or leave are your options.
           \_ merger for the sake of complementing business operations vs.
              acquisition for the sake of replacing an existing operation
              are very different things.
        \_ If these people are as hot as you say it's great to have them as
           your boss.  Suck up and learn from them.  They have that attitude
           because they earned it.  Look it as a chance to get great recs from
           them.  Look at it as a chance to say "I worked with these hot
           shots and held my own."
           \_ sucking up. Learned that being at the right place at the
              right time (luck) is more important than meritocracy.  -op
              \_ Luck definitely matters, but sometimes positioning oneself
                 to be 'in the right place at the right time' requires a
                 degree of risk-taking and arrogance that not everyone
                 posesses.  Then again, it could all be luck, YMMV.  If you're
                 going to suck it up, why not allow some room to learn
                 something just in case the opportunity presents itself? -dans
                 \_ I think someone who fucks random men and women to the
                    extent that they need to be tested for VD is a sign
                    of brain damage and self-esteem issues, too.
                    \_ Gotta disagree with you there, and I think dans is
                    \_ I'm glad I don't have sex with you.  STD testing
                       should be a given if you are sexually active,
                       especially if you aren't in an ongoing monogomous
                       relationship.  It's not like it's only something
                       you should do if you are regularly fucking half
                       the football team.
                       \_ Same woman for 15 years. No need for STD testing.
                          \_ Good for you.  Allow for the possibility that
                             others may not want your life, and there's
                             nothing wrong with that. -dans
                             \_ Oh, I think there's something wrong with
                                a lot of people who choose to have a lot
                                of sex partners just like I think there's
                                something wrong with most strippers. It's
                                not a moral judgement, but somehow related
                                to upbringing, which is why I mentioned
                                \_ Why do you think that? I have known many
                                   healthy, happy, successful people who have
                                   had lots of sex partners. Why is sex worse
                                   than playing tennis?
                                   \_ Define lots. I think 3 in 2 weeks is
                                      beyond lots.
                                      \_ Oh, I will leave it up to you to
                                         decide that. More than one per year
                                         is lots to some, but not very many
                                         to others. Three in two weeks would
                                         probably consume a lot of time and
                                         energy, trying to juggle all those
                                         relationships, but if that is your
                                         hobby, it is probably better for you
                                         than sitting home and watching TV.
                                   \_ Tennis hasn't been known to spread
                                      disease on a mass scale, cause pregnancy,
                                      or make people do stupid things.  Why did
                                      you even have to ask this?
                                      \_ Sex doesn't do any of those things
                                         either, if done safely. I agree that
                                         unwanted pregnancy and disease are
                                         problems, but any sane person with
                                         multiple partners keeps it wrapped
                                         up. What is wrong with safe sex
                                         with multiple partners?
                             \_ Funny that you would say that and then bash
                                people elsewhere on the motd who don't want
                    \_ Don't hate the player, hate the game.
                       \_ Why can't I hate the player of a destructive game?
                          \_ stop ripping on yer mom like that
                    \_ I take it from your comment that you don't get regularly
                       tested for STD's.  Unless your in a stable monogamous
                       marriage, that's pretty reckless and irresponsible.
                       Seriously, the window period for HIV is six months.
                       Did you date more than one person in the last year?
                       I suppose you also think it's okay not to use condoms
                       if you're in a 'committed' relationship.  So not only
                       are you utterly off topic, but you're an irresponsible
                       asshole!  AWESOME!  Who were you referring to anyway?
                       \_ You got tested for every std?  Really?
                       \_ God wants you to remain chaste until marriage and
                          then only have sex with your wife, without birth
                          control, so that you may be fruitful and multiply.
                          All these disease problems you are having are
                          because you have violated God's Law.
                          \_ Wisdom from the talmud: it's a mitzvah with a
                             shiksah.  Bad troll.  No cookie. -dans
              \_ I can see how someone who has been "unlucky" might think
                 that. I personally have worked at three startups and all
                 three of them filed for IPOs. One could be luck, but all
                 three? I know other people who have similar track records.
                 I am working at a big company now, but so far, I am doing
                 well there, too. No one can control things like when a
                 recession happens (I was out of work for seven months in
                 2001) but you can prepare for it. It is probably some
                 combination of luck and skill and hard work that determines
                 \_ I don't think the op is "unlucky", but just NORMAL.
                    \_ I think both you and pp are right.  But pp makes a
                       point which is that, even if you factor in luck, some
                       people play the startup game more effectively than
                       'normal' (i.e. average) people. -dans
        \_ I can't see why you wouldn't at least give it a whirl and see
           how things go. If you don't enjoy it, you can always leave.
           It is very common to have some employee turnover in this kind
           of situation, so no one will be surprised.
        \_ I would try to see where I fit in and leave if it doesn't work
           out. No one wants to work with young kids with attitude, but
           the merger is new. Maybe it's just your perception. If they
           really are punks then leave.
        \_ Is your problem simply that they are younger?  Get over it.  If
           they were older and acted the same would that be ok with you?  If
           so then this is your internal problem.
           \_ I disagree. Age does matter, because age equals experience
              and wisdom and "putting in time". No one begrudges the guy who
              worked his ass off for 35 years and now has it made. Some
              snot-nosed kid who got lucky three years out of college and now
              thinks he knows-it-all is annoying.
              \_ Age does not always equal wisdom or experience.  Age often
                 equals warming the same chair for 35 years.  That 'snot nosed
                 kid' obviously had something you didn't: balls, skill, luck,
                 and quite likely worked his ass off during those 3 years.
                 35 years of 80 hour weeks?  Doubt it.  More like 35 years of
                 9-5 and long lunches in most cases.  I report to someone
                 younger than me.  I've got no problem with that.  He's
                 actually really cool.  I've reported to older people who were
                 just horrible managers and human beings.  Age does not matter
                 except in your head.  But a jerk is still a jerk.  You are
                 apparently ok reporting to an older jerk but not a younger
                 one.  I don't see why the older jerk gets a pass.  If your
                 35 years of work guy was so damned smart why'd it take him
                 32 years longer to succeed than the snot nosed kids you
                 despise so much?
                 \_ Right place at the right time. I am not saying all
                    older employees are better, just that it is easier to
                    respect them. Age always equals experience. Each day
                    is full of new experiences. You would be surprised
                    how much even a low IQ person learns over a lifetime.
                    I am not disparaging the young, because we need their
                    contributions, too. I am disparaging snot-nosed hot
                    shot youth who basically got lucky but thinks their
                    shot youth who basically got lucky but think their
                    success was because of something they did and who
                    looks down their nose at the 9-5 lifer. I work in an
                    look down their noses at the 9-5 lifer. I work in an
                    environment with an equal share of older, less
                    educated, but experienced engineers and younger, much
                    better educated, less experienced engineers. There is
                    always a stigma against the old guys (with some
                    exceptions) but if you actually bother to listen to
                    what some of them have to say instead of thinking you
                    know best and writing them off as career losers you
                    might be surprised what they know. They have just
                    given up on trying to impress and compete with
                    snot-nosed brats at their stage in life. As a society
                    we should value our elders more than we do, because
                    with age comes experience and, often, wisdom.
                    with age comes experience and, often, wisdom. Also, we
                    need to stop equating luck with hard work and talent.
                    Every startup is full of bright, hard-working people
                    with a great idea and yet very few succeed. Mostly
                    it's a matter of timing, who you know, who can
                    bankroll you (e.g. Sameer's dad), and other elements
                    outside of your control. Microsoft didn't succeed
                    because they worked harder, had a better product, had
                    a better vision, or any of that. Same with Apple or
                    most other success stories.
                    \_ Here's the thing you're missing: those snot nosed kids
                       you hate did something the older folks never did.  They
                       came up with a new idea and had the balls to pursue
                       their dreams.
                       \_ How do you know this? One older guy had his own
                          company for a long time before taking a 9-5 job.
                          Like I said, you'd be surprised.
                       Your "we just give up trying to impress"
                       older folks have entirely the wrong idea.  It is not
                       about trying to  impress anyone.  It is about going for
                       it.  Startups are not for everyone.  The risk is very
                       high, the rewards are not guaranteed and the effort is
                       great.  It is *not* dumb luck or "right place, right
                       time".  They put themselves in that place at that time.
                       They earned it.
                       \_ Not true. I worked in a startup with a lot of
                          smart people who later went on to success and
                          the startup just didn't take off. Everyone was
                          smart (even some PHDs), hard working (slept at
                          the office), had a great idea (now being
                          emulated by lots of successful companies but at
                          the time the only competitor was IBM and they
                          had only a 6 person team), and even money from
                          investors willing to take risk. It just didn't
                          happen. We were too early and the company folded
                          about 2 years before the time was right. We
                          "went for it" and failed. It's very common. I
                          know a successful business owner who failed MANY
                          times (losing his house in the process) before
                          he finally made it. Was he less talented or hard
                          working or whatever? Hell no. However, there is
                          a big element of luck. You meet the right
                          person, you get the right contract with a client
                          who just happens to hit it big and take you with
                          them, and so on. There are a lot of these little
                          uncontrollable moments that contribute to
                          success. No one is saying that it's *just* luck
                          but that luck plays a bigger part in it than you
                          are willing to admit. I knew a secretary who was
                          one of the first 10 people hired at AMZN and a
                          sysadmin who was one of the first at SUN. The SA
                          told me he didn't even want the job when he saw
                          the place, but he took it because his first
                          choice turned him down. Both of these people are
                          now very wealthy. You are saying it's because
                          they had the foresight to put themselves in such
                          a position? BS.
                          \_ What you're describing in the failure cases is
                             the right place at the *wrong* time.  Successful
                             people like the young founders you despise will
                             have other people around them dragged along on
                             the success train.  The secretary and sysadmin
                             are both very wealthy because they put themselves
                             at a small company working for snot nosed kids who
                             done good.  It wasn't foresight.  No one can
                             predict the future.  It was the willingness to
                             work at a 'less than typical corporate pit'.  The
                             startup thing is not for everyone.  It probably
                             isn't for most people.  That's why most people
                             work 9-5+lunch at a grey pit sucking their soul
                             out getting bitter when some snot nosed kid ends
                             up as their rich boss.  Your example of the guy
                             who tried over and over until he made it, losing
                             his house in the process is exactly who I'm
                             talking about when I said it takes balls and an
                             idea to go from nothing to +++++.  "Working hard"
                             will *never* get you there alone.  That will get
                             you a pay check and a pink slip when the corp.
                             \_ No argument about working hard being
                                insufficient. However, you are overlooking
                                that the guy who failed many times failed
                                many times. He wasn't a kid by the time he
                                succeeded. He had a lot of experience to
                                draw on. That's quite different from some
                                kid who happened to pick the right company
                                to work for. Some people chose Borland,
                                Apple (when Apple was not doing well), or
                                Sybase. Others chose Cisco or Microsoft.
                                Nothing was really different about their
                                situations except that some companies did
                                better than others. People who saw the
                                advent of NAS worked at Auspex, but Netapp
                                was probably a better choice in hindsight.
                                Who could have guessed? There was a lot of
                                luck involved. Yahoo! and Google did well.
                                Altavista and Lycos didn't do as well. Maybe
                                Google and Yahoo! had a better management
                                team. I can't say. I can say that the rank
                                and file employees at each were just as
                                talented, hard-working, intelligent and
                                ambitious and yet they were not equally
                                rewarded. That's luck.
                          \_ Thank you, I nearly cried when I read your
                             post. I also worked very very hard at several
                             startup. Long hours, great ideas, super smart
                             and super-charged team members, etc. None of
                             them ever became successful, and now I'm
                             just a normal 9-5 dad with a suburban home.
                             In contrast some of my friends got really
                             lucky and were acquired by other companies.
                             Being at the right place at the right time
                             definitely plays a large role. Maybe 65%.
                             I tried. I learned. But I didn't fail. Would
                             I do it again if I'm single and don't have
                             any responsibility anymore? DEFINITELY.
                             \_ If you don't have kids there's nothing stopping
                                you from trying again.
                                \_ He said he's a dad.
2008/1/8-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48905 Activity:low
1/7     Summary of this week's troll:
        dans-- I'm young and hip and I love the city. I love hanging out w/
          my buds and walk to places to do things. Suburbs are boring and
          I have to frigging drive and destroy the environment. I hate
          suburbs and I can't imagine why anyone wants to live in it.
          \_ You forgot: I may have a relatively harmless STD without knowing
             \_ Nope, just got tested last week.  Clean bill of health. -dans
          \_ I drive in the city all the time.  While I do loathe suburbs, I
             know lots of people who want to live in them, and why.  I consider
             most of the people in this group to be brain-damaged. -dans
             \_ So much for other people's life styles being ok, huh?  Only so
                long as it is the same as yours I guess.
        dimwit-- I'm mature and I have fine taste. I prefer the suburbs
          because it's more spacious, quieter, safer, and has better
          school districts for my kids. Lastly, I simply can't stand
          smelly hippies and fog. PS people who don't agree with me
          are really really strange.
2007/12/25-2008/1/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48857 Activity:moderate 50%like:48853
12/25   Merry Christmas! - motd not getting laid guys #1, #2, and #3
        \_ FUCK YOU. Don't speak for me. I'm #3.
           PS I hate Gangland on the History Channel.
        \_ You know, it is funny, my wife is starting to complain about how
           often we have sex and we have only been married for 5 years. Maybe
           you guys are right about the whole "most women don't like sex that
           \_ Is "Gangland" the land of gangbangs?
2007/12/20-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48844 Activity:low
12/20   Seriously, what will happen if I break 1 mil on Guitar Hero?
        \_ You're still not getting laid
           \_ So why would that make me Gay?
              \_ It's really easy to get laid if you're gay?
                 \_ It is for me - I can literally get laid within the hour
                    if I wanted to with someone attractive.  I had a date
                    within 20 minutes of setting up a profile on
2007/12/17-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48817 Activity:nil
2007/12/14-19 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48804 Activity:nil
12/14   My wife would like a gift card for a good sausage, or possibly a day
        spa sort of place.  (Some place relaxing I guess.)  I live in Livermore.
        any ideas?
        \_ Yelp.  Spa.  Search.
           \_ I'm sorry, I don't know what this means. -op
              \_ I think PP means go to enter "spa" and
                 "Livermore, CA", and click search.  Apparently
                 is some kind of customer review site.  -- !PP
        \_ Nob Hill Spa is outstanding (it's in SF, however)
           \_ Is there a Raley's spa?
        \_ I took my wife to Kabuki Springs & Spa for a 50 minute Swedish
           massage for her birthday.
           Highly recommended doesn't even begin to cover it.
           \_ Wow, that sounds perfect, but I'm afraid getting to and from SF
              will negate the stress relief of the massage.
              \_ Combine it with brunch, dinner, a show.... She'll sleep all
                 the way home.
2007/12/14-19 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:48799 Activity:nil
12/14   Day 11, 0 masterbation and I'm actually starting to feel GREAT! No
        sinful urges whatsoever, much less sleep and much more productive
        at work. First week was quite a struggle but after going through
        withdraw I feel pretty good now. I also walk/run more to release
        a lot of sexual frustrations which I think probably contributed to
        losing 2 pounds and feeling great. I can't believe I'm saying this
        but abstinence rules, no wonder the same 2 religious guys near
        Campinelle and Dwinelle Hall who tried to get me to go to church
        always seem so happy and optimistic as if they're on drugs all the
        time. You know, if abstinence & exercise work for dumb ass GWB,
        it must work for for anyone. I still watch the History Channel but
        I no longer porn browse and jerk off in parallel. I'll still
        post on the motd if there are cool Hitler, WW2, & Jewish stuff
        worthy to troll on motd.   anyways i m liberated from
        the shackles of human sexual urges and i feel immortal!
        GO ABSTINENCE!  w00t!                           -no laid guy #3
        \_ dans? is that you?
        \_ You might try adding avoiding all wheat gluten too while you're at
        \_ Trolls just ain't what they used to be. At the very least spell
           the word correctly: MASTURBATION
        \_ Sinful urges? 2 happy religious guys? GWB? Abstinence? All you
           missed was the global warming, abortion, and gun control trolls.
           Oh and death penalty.  I think that would have covered all your
           bases.  Belong to us.
2007/12/4-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:48742 Activity:kinda low
12/4    1968 on the History Channel. Don't miss it.
        \_ what was so great about 1968?
           \_ the most memorable turbulent times for those who lived it.
              \_ which includes how many people here?
                 \_ My uncle tells me about 1968. Freedom of expression,
                    free love, free joints. Lots of sex. Oh, those were
                    the days.
                    \_ Sounds very much like 2007.  And I need to watch
                       smelly people do it in 1968?
                       \_ No. AIDS and condoms pretty much ruined the idea
                          of free sex, with anyone, anywhere, any time.
2007/11/30-12/6 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:48723 Activity:moderate
11/30   Beowulf 3D IMAX. Totally amazing.
        \_ seconded.  Don't just go see it --  Experience it. -ERic
           \_ third  -- PROUD TO HAVE SCANDANAVIAN BLOOD BABY!!!
        \_ Even just 3D at the AMC in Emeryville was awesome. --erikred
        \_ Enjoyed Angelina's boobs. Too bad 3D didn't accentuate them more.
           \_ that was a computer generated model of them. Enhanced, of course.
        \_ Was there any plot or acting or is this pure eye candy?  I'd like
           to go in with the right attitude.  Thanks.
           \_ If Angelina's super enhanced 3D boobs isn't enough of a reason,
              then it's not worth it. Go see it for her super boobs.
           \_ Mostly eye-candy. --erikred
              \_ Thanks for both replies.  Eye candy mode... ACTIVATE!
        \_ I saw it in IMAX tonight.  The dragon was great, the IMAX was
           annoying at first until they calmed down and just let it be a
           natural part of the show, the angelina jolie creature looked like
           a plastic doll with her head on top; wasn't doing anything for me.
           \_ Isn't that what Angelina Jolie always looks like?  (Along with
              those plastic lips, yuck.) -hasn't seen the movie.
              \_ More so than usual.  :)
2007/11/29-12/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48709 Activity:nil
11/29   BSD:Razor was pretty dumb
        \_ Do you mean BSG?
           \_ If they mean BSG, I liked it.  I saw it in the advance theater
              screening.  Great date movie if you like smart women,
              screening.  Great date movie if you date cylons
              particularly women with physics PhD's. -dans
              \_ If you're going to edit my posts, please don't introduce
                 punctuation errors. -dans
           \_ I was expecting to hate it because it wasn't a continuation of
              the series, but I liked it.
              \_ It's really dark.  I like that. -dans
2007/11/23-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48684 Activity:nil
11/21   Human Weapons: Silat of Malaysia, on the History Channel this week.
        Better than porn, better than women. Yes.       -no laid guy
2007/11/21-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48680 Activity:nil
11/21   nuked all the porn, AND the backup.
           FAT: Filesystem panic (dev sdb1)
               fat_free_clusters: deleting FAT entry beyond EOF
               File system has been set read-only
               \_ Mmmm. Fat free clusters. Or is that talking about the porn?
2007/11/21-27 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:48674 Activity:nil
11/21   My TV is broken.  When I turn it on, I see no picture,
        and I immediately hear a loud whining sound.  I get scared
        and turn it off.  What is that whining sound?  thanks.
        \_ porno sound.
                \_ I said I'm not motd boob guy!
        \_ thats the sound of your TV being broken.  Get it fixed (hah!) or
           replaced. -ERic
        \_ That sound is more important than you are.  That sound is more
           important than your entire life.
                \_ Please stop ruining my orgasm on the playboy channel
        \_ What's the frequency, Kenneth?!
        \_ you're probably just on some punk channel. switch to the history
           channel and see if things improve.
2007/11/18-21 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:48655 Activity:high
11/17   How much should I worry about the expiration date on a package
        of Tofu in my fridge.  Its medium firmness, and it expired in late
        october.  I was hoping to use it in miso soup... is it too far
        gone?  How can I tell? -mrauser
        \_ The following formula works REALLY well for me. If all things
           are equal (assuming they've been refrigerated properly
           during transit), then:
           * If it is a Japanese brand Tofu (Asumi, etc) then you can
             add 1 week past the expiration date and still be safe
           * If it is a Mainland Chinese brand, then minus 10 days
             from the expiration date
           * If it is a Taiwanese brand, then minus 7 days from the
             expiration date
           This works very well for tofu, soy milk, etc. Basically,
           the Chinese/Taiwanese brands have standards that barely
           pass the US government requirements and the Japanese brands
           in general surpass the Japanese government standards.
        \_ My wife, (a Korean Tofu Expert) says, Assuming the package is
           sealed, it's probably ok.  Just open it up and do a sniff test.
           If it smells ok, do a small taste test.  If it doesn't taste funny
           it's fine. -jrleek
        \_ How much is not being sick worth to you in comparison to
           saving money by not discarding questionable food?  I tend to
           be really conservative when it comes to food.  99.99% of the
           time it'll be fine, but that 1 time in 10000 when you get sick?
           VERY unpleasant.  --PeterM
           \_ While I agree it's a good idea to be cautious when it
              comes to food, the expiration date is not an absolute
              mark. I've had food that gone bad before the date, and
              have food that lasted longer. It all depends on the type
              of food and how large is the standard-deviation of the
              expiration date. While we are a fortunate that we can
              simply discard foods that may be bad, think about all
              the other less fortunate people on this planet. If it
              doesn't look and smell and taste bad, then it probably
              isn't. Don't throw out stuff just because the expiration
              date had passed and create unnecessary garbage in the
              world. In the end, what matters is how large of a
              footprint we leave on this planet and whether it can
              sustain the garbage creating lifestyle we have.
              batteries as well.
              \_ Basically correct.  Now, tofu is a little more perishable
                 than most food with experation dates, so you might be a bit
                 more careful with it, but I'd bet that the tofu was probably
                 packaged 2 months before the date.  It's not like it magically
                 goes bad once it hits the ex date.  Be careful with all food,
                 but chucking something just because it's past an arbitrary date
                 is a waste of time and money. -jrleek
        \_ I had House Tofu (Japanese), medium firm.  I think it was two months
           past.  It smelled funny.  I cooked it anyway.  It tasted funny.  It
           had gone bad.  I have great regret.
           \_ And a laptop and a wireless connection, I'm guessing.
           \_ Does that mean you got sick, or just that it didn't taste good?
2007/11/14-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48638 Activity:nil
11/14   If I start having sex again, will the History Channel become
        less enjoyable to watch? I'm a bit concerned.   -not getting laid #3
        \_ This is a line of research you should explore immediately.
        \_ Just combine the two.  Hitler and hardons!
           \_ How about the science channel and sex?   Hadrons and hardons!
           \_ How about the Science Channel and sex?  Hadrons and hardons!
2007/11/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48614 Activity:nil
11/12   I read recently that Brazilian women are really into anal sex.
        Is this true? Has anyone on the motd been to Brazil? Why didn't
        I hear about this sooner?
2007/11/9-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48592 Activity:nil
11/9    Max should have had sex with Miriya when she was still a giant.
        He could have crawled inside or something.
        \_ There is an entire genre of porn just for you!  Take a look at
2007/11/8-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48581 Activity:low
11/8    hot 22 year old thing didn't work, but she did make me a nice dinner.
        \_ Dude, if she's cooking for you then you're in the game
           \_ I hate you.  You are getting my hopes up.  I was going to curl
              up with a nice book on UML all weekend.
              \_ I prefer wget over curl.
        \_ What do you mean it didn't work? Did you make a pass at her or
           not? Have you broken up with your no-sex g/f yet?
           \_ Didn't make a pass.  Frigid no sex g/f that I am beginning
              to unhealthily resent more and more as time goes is still around.
              \_ Dude, if you're not going to do anything about your problems,
                 (like TALK to your GF), of course the problems don't get fixed
                 \_ Talking will get him nowhere. --been there, done that
                    \_ He needs to talk or act.  If he talks and it does
                       nothing then it is time to act.  I still think the
                       whole thing is an elaborate story made up for his/our
                       amusement.  I'm amused so I'm happy to play along.
                       \_ I'm pretty serious about the whole thing.  I'm not
                          that annoying dog chow chow fucker motd guy.
                    \_ Huh, when my wife started to cool off, we talked about
                       it, she read up, and now I get a plenty of sex.  As long
                       as I help out with the kids and housework. Win-win.
                       \_ This talking thing sounds awesome!  I still think
                          I'm going to end up like the asian guy on Dexter.
                          \_ I should point out that it helps to have some
                             'expert' opinion to site.  Just saying "I'm
                             horny, let's have more sex" doesn't do it.  Being
                             able to point to a chapter in a book that says
                             something like, "Men require physical intemancy
                             to feel loved and accepted by their partners" is
                             much more effective.  It puts it in terms women
                             understand.  Even if the truth is, "I'm horny."
                             \_ This is actually good advice.  I'll try to
                                follow it.  1 problem is my gf has been
                                borrowing tons of feminist Dworkin literature
                                that I really don't care about but I'm sure
                                this is a tiny part of why we haven't had sex
                                in ages and ages.  Plus I'm pretty sad because
                                my girlfriend previous to this one just wanted
                                to have sex sex sex sex and more sex sex
                                sex sex at night sex in the morning sex at
                                lunch if it was the weekend can't get enough
                                sex sex sex and now I sit around wondering
                                what the hell happened.
                                \_ Why did you break up with your old g/f?
                                   \_ She was obviously far and/or messed
                                   \_ She was obviously fat and/or messed
                                      up in the head.
                                      \_ Go pay her a visit.  Maybe she still
                                         wants sex with you.
                        \_ yes only fat girls want sex. i forgot.
2007/11/8-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48574 Activity:low
11/18   've been dating a woman for the last 3 months.  She lives in San Rafael
         and I live in Oakland.  I usually only see her on the
        weekends unless she comes out to visit during the week because
        neither one of us drives.  Obviously this is not an ideal
        situation but we both feel strongly about eachother.  The
        problem is she has become extremely jealous and doesn't
        believe that I am always working when she is not around.  I
        have a full time job and just bought a fixer-upper house which
        I've been remodeling in the afternoons.  My phone never rings
        with other women's calls when she is around and I've never
        lied to her about where I'm at.  Any idea how I can get her to
        trust me?
        \_ A misspent youth with 70s TV tells me you should arrange an
           elaborate scenario involving a case of mistaken identity, a
           perfectly innocent friendship with a smoking hot model, a midget,
           at least two different four star hotels, a car chase, and a long
           night stuck in an elevator. And then she'll trust you forever.
           \_ Best motd answer, ever.
              \_ I agree.  It was a thing of beauty.
        \_ Sounds like a warning sign to me.  Get out while you can.
        \_ You don't know how to drive?
           \_Sure I know how to drive.  I just bicycle everywhere, and she
             is from Peru, so she does not have a license.  Since dating
                \_ You know, her being from Peru might explain the jealousy.
                   It's pretty much cultural norm in South America for men
                   to have a huge "macho" streak and that means multiple
                   women, if they can.  You might discuss this with her
                   \_ She actually thought that US men were less loyal and
                      more likely to sleep around than Peruvian's.  I told
                      her shit like that is a personal choice. -op
                      \_ It's personal choice for most of the men in the US.
                         If we could spread our genes everywhere, we would.
                         We have the evolutionary advantage.
                         \_ Speak for yourself. Sex might be fun but spreading
                            genes doesn't matter to me. It doesn't do anything
                            for me. Do you donate to sperm banks?
                            \_ deep down inside, that is what many of us want.
                               we all want to win the evolutionary race.
                               \_ Intelligence: not necessarily a survival
                            \_ A clear failure of the selfish gene concept.
                      \_ Are you sure she isn't from Nepal?
                      \_ I've heard so many funny sterotypes about Americans
                         for foreigners.  It's particularly funny because they
                         are often also likely to say things like, "You don't
                         know anything about us, but we know everything about
                         \_ Yes.  I've heard all foreigners are like that.
                         \_ I like how Japanese presume that Americans
                            will steal. Where do they get that idea from?
                            \_ American military men steal and rape Okinawa
                               women. Stop the American occupation!
                               \_ I heard all Okinawan women look like Mr
                                  \_ While that may be true, Mr. Miyagi looks
                                     sexy when you're in a foreign military
                                     zone and haven't had sex for ages.
             her I've gone out and renewed my license and am buying a car
             so that I can see her more often.  This goes against most of my
             morals, but I am willing to do it for her.
             \_ And yet she's crazy jealous with no evidence. Danger, Danger!
                \_ Presumably you are not telling her not to come to your
                   place.  So if she is jealous, tell her she's free to stop
                   \_ If she came by she'd run into his other gfs.
2007/11/6-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48556 Activity:low
11/6    Sexually Frustrated motd guy, maybe you can send your wife this article
        \_ which one?  #1 (me) is not married. not sure about #2, #3, #4.
           i think there's 1 guy in there obsessed with tivoing the History
           \_ Are you the guy living with his girlfriend, sleeping in the same
              bed, not getting any, but still not leaving?  How is that
              different than marriage?
              \_ I dont know what your idea of marriage is. - Getting Plenty
        \_ Yeah, I had this discussion with my wife when we first started
           dating. I can't believe you marry someone without discussing
           things like how to deal with money, holidays and sex first.
           \_ Of those 3, sex is the most likely to change over time.
2007/11/5-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48550 Activity:nil
11/5    I saw the queen of all butter faces today. She was a hostess at a
        restaurant. Tall and slender. Elegant build. Grace of a model.
        Glided across the floor. Beautiful neck and nicely coifed
        black hair falling on her shoulders. Fair skin. Perched on her high
        heels she had the grace of a gazelle. Nice legs and calves.  Wasp-like
        waist with curvy hips and enough bust to give her an hourglass shape.
        Every man was in awe of this woman as we viewed her from behind. I
        even saw women staring at her.  And then she turned around.  She
        wasn't hideously disfigured or anything, but she was unattractive.
        Not just plain, but homely. I started wondering if, if only looks
        mattered, it would be worth it to be with that incredibly strong,
        lithe, supple, and curvy body. What do you think?
        \_ who cares.  hotties are forwarding me spam emails about my gigantic
           throbbing penis!  are you single?
        \_ Why do you qualify with "if only looks mattered"? She sounds doable
           to me...
           \_ Because more than looks matter, even for a random lay? A
              woman that sounds really stupid, does a lot of drugs, or is a
              cold sack of potatoes in bed doesn't appeal to me even if she's
              smoking hot.
              \_ What is this "in bed" thing?
        \_ "but-her" face, you mean?  In my book, face > body, but not >>,
           I wouldn't date an overfat woman no matter how cute her face.
           \_ I'd date her if she had enormous breasts - you know who
2007/11/4-8 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48531 Activity:moderate
11/4    So, how about that Hillary/Huma Abedin sex scandal LAT is sitting on?
        \_ Rovian tactics won't work this time.
        \_ Man, I though Huma was a Saudi intelligence agent. You mean she
           is a Saudi-Isreali lipstick lesbian double agent? Where on The
           Free Republic did you read that?
        \_ Have you been reading Drudge again?
           \_ I read Drudge.  I've yet to see any mention of any Hillary
              related sex stories.  OP is just trolling, thus no URL.
              \_ But you haven't been reading THE FREE REPUBLIC!
                 \_ No, I don't read the freepers, true.  I'm still waiting
                    for a link from *any* source.  This is just a bad troll.
                    \_ I googled and found some Freeper links. Want those?
                       \_ No but if the freepers link to a non-freeper site
                          then yes.
2007/11/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48510 Activity:low 66%like:48477
11/1    Ride bike!
        \_ Ok, why is sex with bike illegal?
           \_ Lots of things are illegal in England.
              \_ "Sexual breach of the peace". Sounds like almost anything
                 sexual could be considered breach of the peace.
        \_ I guess Fleshlight and RealDoll are all banned in the UK.
2007/10/31-11/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48499 Activity:low
10/31   who is most famous singer songwriter duo consisting of
        ex husband and ex wife?
        \_ timbuk3
        \_ the only one that I am aware of are the White Stripes
        \_ Someone deleted my comment, but I mentioned both "White Stripes"
           and "Sonny and Cher".
           \_ Did Sonny and Cher actually join up again after divorcing apart
              from one TV appearance?
              \_ No idea. Isn't one TV appearance enough? There are lots
                 of cases where ex-bf and ex-gf stayed in a group
                 together including No Doubt and Fleetwood Mac. Not sure
                 why marriage matters in this equation.
                 \_ op's parameters
2007/10/25-29 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Dental] UID:48446 Activity:moderate
10/25   Is there a pill that'll help ppl stop thinking about sex?
        \_ Saltpeter!
         \_ Old wives tale that doesn't work.
        \_ Heroin!
           \_ In his new book, Slash (Guns N Roses) says that he dated
              Traci Lords and he never had sex with her because he was too
              getting high on heroin. Crazy drug.
              busy getting high on heroin. Crazy drug.
              \_ And paradoxically enough, he's safer shooting up than having
                 sex with Traci Lords.
        \_ Cyanide!
        \_ I know I'm just feeding the troll, but the answer is yes. I know
           that at least some of the ADD drugs have a side-effect of killing
           the libido.
        \_ Google for the word "anaphrodisiac"
        \_ Plenty of anti-depressants kill your sex drive (as discussed on
           the motd plenty of times)
        \_ What for?  Brush your teeth, shower, ask someone out.
2007/10/25-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48445 Activity:very high
10/25   Does anyone think "Tila Tequila" is good looking?  She looks like some
        kind of plastic freak to me.
        \_ Like I said, I don't know what is it you Berkeleyeans have
           for Asian women. Flat chest, small beady eyes, with the figure
           of little boys. Seriously, what is it about Asian women you like?
           \_ I prefer slender, youthful looking women. Asian women particular
              tend to keep their looks as they get older.
              \_ I'm not sure I agree that Asian women look more youthful
                 when they get older than women of other races.
                 \_ You haven't spent much time around the typical overtanned
                    Southern Calinfornia blonde chick then.
                    \_ "Overtanned blonde chicks" make up what percentage
                       of women? Overtanned Asian chicks age poorly, too, and
                       I've seen plenty of those as well. The sun is damaging.
                       May as well mention that all of these representative
                       blonde chicks in your universe smoke, too.
                       \_ By 45, most white women are overweight and wrinkled
                          and greying. Black women probably age better than
                          asians, but asians beat whites.
                          \_ If you look at the estrogen output production
                             of different races you'll see that white women
                             output much greater estrogen lvls than Asians
                             as they age, hence by the time they're of
                             productive age they've gotten a much bigger
                             boob, smaller (proportionally) waiste, rounder
                             butts, etc. Asian women on the other hand have
                             steady, slow estrogen output, hence they tend
                             to have unattractive boy-like figures. On the
                             hand white women's estrogen output plateau and
                             flatten drastically after their reproductive
                             age and thus their body goes through bigger
                             changes (pun intended). The analogy is that
                             white women are like fireworks-- spectacular
                             for a brief amount of time, whereas Asian
                             women are like candles-- dull but lasts a
                             long time. So yes, I agree with what you're
                             saying, and I recommend dating young white
                             women, one after another.
           \_ Congratulations on finally figuring it out.  Such Asian women are
              for NAMBLA members who haven't walked out of the closet.
              \_ So you think that the 1B or so guys with Asian wives are
                 all closet NAMBLA members?
                 \_ 1. Where did you get the 1B number?
                    2. I was only referring to what was said above -- those
                       with the figure of little boys.
                       with the figure of little boys.  --- PP
                    \_ What percentage of the world population is Asian?
                       Divide in half. So you really think that the entire
                       popluation of China is closet NAMBLA members? Wow!
                       \_ 1. Half of the entire population of China are
                       \_ 1. Roughly half of the entire population of China are
                          2. Some of the other half are boys and don't have
                          3. Most of those that have wives over there don't
                             have choices of non-Asian wives.
                          3. Most of the rest that have wives with figures of
                             little boys don't have choices of non-Asian wives.
                             \_ Yeah, I am sure all those Chinese peasants are
                                secretly wishing they date Pamela Anderson...
                                \_ Bay Watch was fairly widely watched.
                                   Probably for the plot.  -- ilyas
                                   \_ OH MY GOD You're so funny ilyas!
                                      can I have your baby?
                                      \_ I miss the old motd trolls.  This is
                                         just sad.
                                   \_ Widely watched by Indian and Chinese
                                      villagers who lack electricty? Probably
                                      \_ I think the point is, if you want to
                                         imply there is no notion of universal
                                         sexuality, you have to explain why
                                         most of the world was watching
                                         Bay Watch. -- ilyas
                                         \_ What makes you think they were?
                                            \_ 1.1 billion viewers?  Most
                                               watched tv show in history?
                                                 -- ilyas
                                               \_ Googling "most watched tv
                                                  show in history" gets me
                                                  MASH, Dallas, Roots, the
                                                  Super Bowl and Cheers. Maybe
                                                  it is, but I don't see any
                                                  particular evidence of that.
                                                  If it is, you have a case, but
                                                  I would still like to see
                                                  viewing patterns outside the
                                                  US and Europe.
                                                  \_ If you want to use
                                                     wikipedia, at least read
                                                     the page.  That table is
                                                     for a specific broadcast
                                                     (hence it has the date).
                                                     Now google for "bay watch
                                                     most watched."  Or check
                                                     the Guinness book of world
                                                     records if you own it.
                                                       -- ilyas
                          4. I don't think most of man/boy lovers in China are
                             keen on joining "North-American-MBLA".
                          So no, I did not imply that the entire population of
                          China are closet NAMBLA members.
                          China are closet NAMBLA members.  --- PP
                          \_ Why didn't you just call the strawman a strawman?
                             \_ Oh, that's right.  Thanks.  --- PP
                             \_ Wait, claiming that all guys who marry flat
                                chested Asian women are NAMBLA members is not
                                a straw man, but pointing that this is probably
                                1/4 of the world's population is??? Kook central
                                here, but I guess I already knew that.
                                \_ The first one is not a straw man, it is a
                                   troll and a darn good one at that.
                                   \_ It was a troll, but the reply was a
                                      strawman.  IMO you should only respond to
                                      trolls to correct facts.
                           \_ Okay, you tell me. How many men, worldwide, are
                              married to skinny Asian women?
                              \_ How many are married to fat Asian women?
                                 \_ I notice you are unable to answer. It
                                    is easily 1B, probably much more.
                                    \_ I'm not the person you are talking
                                       to. I just want to know what
                                       percentage of Asian women are fat,
                                       because I've seen my share of them.
                                       \_ What percentage of Chinese,
                                          Indonesian, Vietnamese and Indian
                                          subsistance farmers are fat? Pretty
                                          low, I'd wager.
           \_ Not that flat: (
           \_ I prefer Asian petite women, but only the busty ones.  -- !OP
              \_ ^petite^little boy figured^
                 You Asianphiles are all fucking sicko. Go blondes!!!
                 \_ Google for "busy petite".
                 \_, search for "busty petite".
        \_ Yeah, I thought her big secret was that she used to be a man.
           \_ I think that's the big secret she's going to revel at the
              end of the series... after she's slept with the guy.  She might
              think about this first though:
              \_ Hmm, since the hitchhiker had a knife, why didn't he just
                 smoothly handle the situation and gracefully fix the error by
                 slicing off the sausage that's not supposed to be there?
        \_ hotter than your wife. ding ding ting!
        \_ Yes, I think she is hot.
2007/10/24-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48437 Activity:high
10/23   How many of you have had the pleasure of doing it unprotected
        and finishing inside? What was it like? Was it enjoyable?
        \_ there's about 7 of us and I think 3 of us enjoyed it
           \_ The rest of us have done it but we didn't enjoy it.
        \_ I do that with my wife since before we're married.  Yes it's
           enjoyable.  At the critical moment it feels like we are really
           together.  Of course, giving her a facial or cuming in her mouth
           once in a long while, just for a change, is enjoyable too.
           \_ I hope you guys got tested for VD. And how many pregnancies
              did you end up with?
              \_ It's called "The Pill".  And monogamy takes care of the VD
        \_ I hate you.  - motd not getting laid guy.
           \_ There's always the history channel.
        \_ I've always gone bareback, except for on a few rare occations. I
           don't understand how one would put up with condoms.  They are
           tight, difficult/embarassing to put on, messy and you don't feel
           anything.  I'd much rather date someone that is willing to take
           their time, get tested and stay monogamous.
           \_ Consider testing out the fine line of condoms at
              I'm too wide for most regular condoms, and Trojan Magnums are
              too thick, but I've found the GV condoms to work nicely.
           \_ I'd much rather not pump the woman I care about up with
              drugs and hormones in the name of better sex.
              \_ Hello daddy daddy!!!
                 \_ Hello, vasectomy.
           \_ Kimono Ultra-Thin feels the best.  Of course it still can't beat
2007/10/24-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48431 Activity:moderate
10/24   What's the best place in CA to date hot blondes with nice straight
        shiny hair and nice body? I'm tired of the Asian scene in the Bay
        Area. Same flat chest, same face, same hair. All look the same man.
        \_ When I was in the Bay Area over the summer I hit some of the bars
           in the Marina District and also one in San Jose. There were a
           lot of Asian women, but also a lot of Latina and caucasian
           women. If you're dating Asian then it sounds like it's your thing.
           \_ Do you go to these on your own? Bars bore me to death.
              And I usually end up only talking to the people who I
              came with, and it seems like everyone else is doing the same.
              \_ Most people come to bars to socialize. If you can't talk
                 to strangers in a bar, where else would you?
              \_ Yes, I went by myself. One time it was a scene where
                 everyone seemed to know each other and I ended up talking
                 to this one guy who got dragged there by his girlfriend,
                 but every other time I ended up chatting with (caucasian)
                 women. Sometimes even two or three if they came together
                 as a group. I can't say I am an expert on the bar scene
                 (never met a chick for a one night stand or anything) but
                 it's a good place to meet people. I went mostly to brush
                 up on my interpersonal skills. A simple "Hi. What's your
                 name?" is usually a good start, although sometimes people
                 don't want to be bothered. It's not like I'm offended
                 when a stranger blows me off, though, and most people are
                 friendly and talkative since, as above, people go to bars to
                 mingle and socialize.
        \_ Orange County. Haven't you seen that TV show, The Real Orange County?
        \_ Just go on like this guy:
           \_ "Unprotected, once again, he climaxed. They lay there, side
              by side. As the room filled with morning light, they talked,
              enjoyed each other's company. They had sex again. Again he
              finished inside her."
              Is she on birth control?
              \_ Maybe she counts the days.
                 \_ Punchline, "We call them parents".
2007/10/23-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48418 Activity:high
10/22   Question:  I'm over 30.  I was out with my girlfriend over the weekend
        and I met this hot 22 year old.  I tried really hard to not flirt
        with her, in deference to the fact my girlfriend was standing right
        there.  She and her hot 21 year old roommate were shamelessly flirting
        with me.  They gave their email addresses to my girlfriend.   When
        my girlfriend was asleep not having sex with me, I carefully copied
        the email addresses of the hot chicks out of her purse onto a piece
        of paper.  I had to get up a lot earlier than her but when I had
        driven 10 minutes away, I remembered I left the piece of paper!  So I
        drove back to her place, carefully sneaked in, thanked G-d she was
        still asleep, and retrieved the piece of paper.  I emailed the
        shorter of the hot chicks.  We bantered back and forth and she's
        invited me to a home cooked meal put on by her and her roommate.
        I've read the email over and over and she has not mentioned my
        girlfriend at all.  What should I do?  TAKE THAT, NOT GETTING
        LAID GUY #3!  - the original not getting laid guy
        \_ This is not Penthouse Forum
           \_ "I never thought it would happen to me..."
              \_ "...I was on the motd and this girl sees me from across the
                  internet and..."
        \_ Penthouse Forum has a lot of sex going on doesn't it?  I AM THE
           EXACT OPPOSITE.  Also the above is 100 percent true.
           \_ I am not typing all my reply to this again. You are on your
              own buddy.
        \_ Seriously dude, if you're not happy with your gf, either talk to
           her about it and try to fix things or break up with her.  Don't
           cheat on her, that's lame.  Shit like this happens to me all the
           time, which is why I make a point of dating people who are okay
           with it. -dans
           \_ My advice exactly. Except for the "okay with it" part.
              \_ I disgree.  He doesn't have a girlfriend.  He's just
                 'dating' whoever with no strings.  There's nothing wrong
                 with the free love thing as long as everyone is aware they're
                 in a sex-only non-relationship.  In this case, the OP does
                 have a relationship (even if sexless).  He should split and
                 try out the 22 year old.
                 \_ Yeah, I don't mean to say that dans is wrong for being
                    a swinger, just that I would not recommend that to
                    anyone. Polyamory is a lot of work, frowned on by
                    society and usually doesn't seem to work out that
                    well, in my observation and experience. But if you
                    want to go for it, go for it!
                    \_ From his description it sounds more like he's just
                       dating than having a relationship.  Hey dan,
                       inquiring minds want to know: you just sleeping
                       with them or are you doing the real 19th century
                       Mormon thing?
                       \_ polyamory != polygamy
                          \_ so what?
                             \_ If you have to ask, you don't know. -dans
                                \_ I wasn't asking.  I was saying, "so what?"
                                   \_ No, you were making a question, that's
                                      what that '?' mark does.  Statements end
                                      with a period.  Of course, since you
                                      don't seem to grok the difference
                                      between the two, it's no surprise you
                                      don't care that two words mean something
                                      different despite a shared prefix. -dans
                    \_ Yeah, I am not a swinger, polygamist, nor polyamorist.
                       I have been in poly relationships in the past, though I
                       am not presently.  But, IMO, part of what makes it
                       possible for me to date many people is that I am
                       completely open and upfront with everyone I date.
                       Also, I kind of find most people's need to label
                       relationships to be stupid and counterproductive.  I
                       just say, "It's complicated." and leave it at that,
                       unless someone wants to hear all the gory details.  And
                       no, I'm not airing the gory details for the motd. -dans
                       \_ If you having sex with more than one person you
                          are one of those things, in spite of your desire
                          to avoid admitting it by putting a stupid label
                          on it. People categorize things for a reason and
                          the reason is not stupid.
                          \_ You're wrong.  While the reason for categorizing
                             everything under the sun may not be stupid, when
                             it comes to relationships, the consequences of
                             misapplied labels, e.g. rampant miscommunication,
                             botched assumptions, and generally fubarred
                             relationships, are pretty serious.  Seriously,
                             I've never met any two people who can agree
                             completely on what the term 'relationship' means,
                             and I've seen lots of relationships fail because
                             the people involved assumed they each knew what
                             the other meant. -dans
                             \_ Thus we use specific labels like "going
                                steady", "open relationship, "just dating",
                                "friends with benefits", etc to describe
                                the relationship clearly without getting
                                lawyers involved.
                                \_ Yes, and those labels suck, and seem to
                                   cause lots of unnecessary pain.  This is
                                   why I avoid them because it forces
                                   actually, you know, discussing the gory
                                   details with people I'm involved with.
                                   \_ Oddly enough, my wife and I agree on
                                      what "marriage" means and have not had
                                      a problem with it.
                                      \_ So you've never argued, disagreed, or
                                         had a misunderstanding about the
                                         nature of your relationship ever?
                                         Color me skeptical.  You wouldn't
                                         perchance be in an arranged marriage?
                                         It's the one situation I know of that
                                         doesn't seem to suffer from this
                                         problem. -dans
                                         \_ We certainly have not had any
                                            disagreements about the monogamist
                                            aspect of it. We talked about it
                                            once, agreed, and that was it.
                                            It is kind of foolish for you to
                                            believe that you are re-inventing
                                            human sexual relationships, from
                                            scratch, in a better way than
                                            any of the people before you could.
                                            Though I tip my hat at you for
                                            \_ Way to jump to conclusions.  I
                                               made no such claim.  Nor was I
                                               suggesting there was anything
                                               wrong with monogamy.  Nor was I
                                               suggesting that I am somehow
                                               blazing some glorious new trail
                                               that's never been done before.
                                               All I'm saying, the only thing
                                               I'm saying is that slapping a
                                               label on something is not the
                                               same thing as actually talking
                                               through it with another person
                                               and coming to an agreement.
                                               That's it.  The semantics of
                                               the language used in
                                               relationship are far more
                                               flexible than the language(s) of
                                               science or mathematics.  This
                                               can and often does lead to
                                               needless confusion and
                                               misunderstanding.  I really
                                               don't think that's a big
                                               sweeping thing to say, and it
                                               has nothing to do with whether
                                               you choose to fuck people in
                                               serial or parallel. -dans
                                               \_ In the history of human
                                                  sexual relationships, we have
                                                  come up with maybe two dozen
                                                  different ways to describe
                                                  the various ways that two
                                                  people can be fucking. Using\
                                                  one of those words or phrases
                                                  is not "slapping a label" on
                                                  it, it is using the English
                                                  language. Because of the
                                                  inherent ambiguity in language
                                                  it is a good idea to verify
                                                  your understanding of what
                                                  the term means with the other
                                                  party, yes, but refusing to
                                                  use commonly used words
                                                  because they can be
                                                  misunderstood and instead
                                                  use other less commonly used
                                                  words in the hope that they
                                                  are less likely to be
                                                  misunderstood is unlikely to
                                                  be an improvement. I think you
                                                  are trying to solve the
                                                  problem (people misunderstand,
                                                  get hurt, disappointed, etc)
                                                  in relationships with the
                                                  wrong tool, but it doesn't
                                                  hurt to try.
             \_ I think you misunderstand what I'm suggesting.  I'm not
                suggesting we try to come up with some more precise
                terminology to discuss relationships.  It's not going to
                happen.  But I have found that throwing out labels and just
                discussing things with partners has been highly beneficial to
                my relationships. -dans
                \_ If it forces you to communicate more, than I can see how
                   that might help, but with the great big caveat that you
                   can talk about things until you are blue in the face and
                   still end up with hurt feelings. But you have to figure
                   that one out for yourself.
        \_ Go for it man.  Or else you'll regret for the rest of your life
           after you marry your gf and find that she turns into someone not
           what she used to be befone not
           what she used to be before marriage.   -- guy who has such a wife
        \_ I'm considering just becoming Gold Bond My Testicles Instead Of
           Convincing My Girlfriend To Have Sex guy #1 instead.
           \_ OMG GBMTIOCMGTHSG LOL !!!1!!!
        \_ Either break up with your gf/dating-thing and then go wild, or
           stick with your gf/dating-thing and forget the other girls. Only
           callow, cowardly punks cheat. Cowboy up.
           \_ I am not sure I agree with this. In a lot of the world men
              have mistresses and it is more accepted. It also saves a lot
              of marriages. Just because you want to schtup some chick
              doesn't mean you want to forsake your companion of 20 years.
              Other cultures realize this.
              \_ In a lot of the world people do horrible and dreadfully
                 unspeakable things to each other we'd slam you straight into
                 prison for here.  If you're cheating you haven't saved your
                 marriage.  You destroyed it.
                 \_ Says who? Your JudeoChristian church? Bill Clinton?
                    Having a mistress is not as big a deal as you think to
                    many people in the world. Did you read about the
                    Russian basketball player whose wife allows him one
                    "freebie" a year as long as she doesn't know about it?
                    How is his marriage destroyed? They both seem happy.
                    \_ In large parts of the world, women are 3rd class
                       members of society with zero rights who have undergo
                       'female circumcision'.  If you think that's cool, then
                       where ever you're from I don't want to go there.  Your
                       anecdotal "I'm a trophy wife and don't want to lose my
                       rich husband" story doesn't help you any.  What do you
                       think he would say is *she* went out once a year for a
                       "don't tell me" quickie?  She'd be out on her ass in
                       seconds.  That is your idea of a happy marriage?
                       \_ You make a lot of suppositions here. No one said
                          anything about double standards or 3rd class
                          citizens. Are the women in France and Italy 3rd class
                          citizens? You are imposing your red state morals
                          on the rest of the world.
                          \_ If you're going to say "the rest of the world", I
                             am free to pick any part of the world I want.
                             I find your "red state morals" line amusing.
                             Your version of morals is what?  "If it feels
                             good and she doesn't know its ok"?
              \_ In Saudi Arabia and Utah, you can have four wives. Why
                 not just move there?
                 \_ Not in Utah.  Not legally.
                 \_ One wife is more than enough. A wife and a mistress
                    is so much better than two wives.
              \_ Unless those same places allow women to take extramarital
                 lovers, you're talking about inequality and a sacrifice of
                 ethics in the name of convenience. Try harder. Oh, and if you
                 plan to explore polyamory, have the decency to inform your
                 \_ What do you mean "allow"? We're not talking about laws
                    here, but about cultural attitudes towards casual sex.
                    \_ Which leads to women being stoned in those same
                       \_ France and Italy?
                          \_ You never heard of an Italian divorce? In France,
                             married women can have lovers as freely as married
                             \_ I've never heard the term "Italian divorce"
                                but your comment about the French is exactly
                                my point. No one is getting stoned in
                                France for taking a mistress and it's a
                                lot more accepted there than there. I do
                                believe it saves marriages. I think people
                                are willing to overlook indiscretions if
                                their partner is happy. It's not always better
                                to divorce before philandering - for both
                                partners. It has nothing to do with Arabs or
                                whatever the previous person is implying.
                          \_ You never said France & Italy.  You said the
                             world.  Thanks.  So you're making the claim that
                             in France & Italy married couple have rampant
                             extramarital affairs and it is acceptable?  How
                             about you talk with Sarkozy's wife about that?
2007/10/19-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48388 Activity:kinda low
10/19   Is it no longer popular to date oriental girls? What's the latest
        trend, Jewish women? How do I go about dating Jewish women?
        \_ Glad that dating oriental girls is no longer popular.  Less
        \_ blondes are back! Too bad they only date whites unless
           you're a super golf player with a big wood.
           \_ Or you have a big dog.
           \_ Or you have a big Doberman.
              \_ Blondes love german shepherds best!
2007/10/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48380 Activity:nil
10/18   I just accidentally downloaded every single video Ewa Sonnett
        has ever made.  She's off the charts?  Is every chick in the Czech
        Republic this hot?  How hard is it to learn Czech?  I have to move
        there immediately.
        \_ Who is Ewa Sonnett?  url to videos? -dans
              \_ meh.  She doesn't really do it for me. -dans
2007/10/18-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48363 Activity:low
10/18   why did you remove my post about the enormous breasts of the
        new Bionic Woman?
        \_ Are those bionic breasts?  Inflate when cute guy approaches,
           deflate when jerk approaches.
2007/10/18-19 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:48362 Activity:moderate
10/18   dear other motd not getting laid guys, how are going to get laid
        after the Mayan Singularity of 2012?
        \_ What the hell are you talking about.
        \_ Other history channel not getting laid guys know what I'm talking
        \_ grammarP
        \_ reading news.
           Putin says Russian economy is great and birthrate is at its
           highest in 16 years. So why am I not getting laid? I am past
           my prime and I'm obviously losing the human race, evolutionarily
           speaking. I want to REPRODUCE.       -0 laid guy #3
           \_ Are you in Russia?  I believe Putin on the economy,
              but I think Russia's birthrate is still terrible.
              \_ Highest in 16 years ain't saying much for Russia.
           \_ My favorite souvenir from my trip to the PRC is the English
              version of the China Daily that proclaimed all Five Year Goals
              Met. No one does propaganda like old Marxists, except for
              Capitalists disguised as Marxists.
           \_ I hear American guys have no problem getting laid in Russia.
2007/10/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48348 Activity:nil
10/17   motd inane guy, do you ever get laid?
        \_ You may have to be more specific than just 'inane'
2007/10/14-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48309 Activity:kinda low
10/13   I'm not getting laid. How about you guys? Married guys and guys
        with gf's need not respond.               -not getting laid #3
        \_ I'm married and I'm not getting laid either.
           \_ Why not? Curious minds would like to know. How many years
              have you been married? Kids?
        \_ Doing just fine. -!tom
        \_ So, if you don't have a gf and don't have a wife, how exactly
           are you supposed to get laid?  Whores and one-night-stands?
           Fuck-buddies?  Sheep?  Realdolls?
           \_ Ever heard of escorts?    -op
                \_ I explicitly called out "whores".
        \_ Dating often leads to sex, surprisingly enough.
        \_ There is hope for you after all:
           \_ Sweet, I love psuedo-hysterical right-wing propaganda
              masquerading as a "whimsical science news article."
              \_ There was nothing political in this article.  You've fallen
                 off the edge.
        \_ Ask a girl out.  Did she laugh and turn away disgusted?  Have you
           showered, washed your hair and brushed your teeth in the last month?
2007/10/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:48265 Activity:high
10/7    Hi.  Original not getting laid guy here AKA motd bitter no sex guy.
        The girlfriend has stopped shaving, anything, and has informed me that
        shaving is just thinking your body in its original form is
        disgusting, and she doesn't think her body is disgusting, therefore
        she will never shave again.  Except for her toes.  She hates how
        hair gets caught in her socks, so she'll continue to shave the top
        of her toes.  Day 190 or something stupid of not having sex.
        \_ Every AFC on csua even knows to leave.
           \_ What does AFC mean?
        \_ Let us know when she's left you because she has a new gf.  Until
           then stick a fork in it; your story is done.
        \_ Neither my ex-gr nor my wife shave their pussies.  The hair blocks
           my view when I thrust, but I just part the hair to the sides with
           my hands.  The bigger problem is when the hair gets into my throat,
           but I just quietly get it out with my finger and continue as if
           nothing happened.  I wouldn't force them to shave unless they
           want to.
           \_ Do they shave their legs and armpits though?
              \_ Yes.  -- PP
                 \_ You know OP is referring to all body hair, not just
                    vaginal hair, right?
           \_ I think shaving all the hair down there is a bit weird, but
              some trimming is nice so that when a leotard or bikini is
              worn it doesn't look so bad.
              \_ I think most American (porn-loving) guys like it, because
                 most female American porn stars except those in the hairy
                 genre shave all their hair down there.  For me, either
                 shaving or trimming is fine.  -- PP
        \_ Original poster here.  yes I meant ALL body hair.  geez.
           \_ Hairy can be sexy, but you've already pointed out that she's
              not doing this (or anything) for your titillation. Unless
              the rest of the relationship is so incredible as to counter
              your blue balls, call this one a wrap and move on.
              \_ By now the story can't be true.  He's getting nothing, he's
                 hating it and he's still there for no reason.  It's a long
                 running joke or troll of some sort.  I think now he's digging
                 for the anti-anti-feminine vote.
                 \_ Sadly, i am 100 percent serious about everything I have
                    posted.  - original not getting laid bitter no sex guy
                    \_ Ok, then why are you still with her at day 190 or
                       whatever you're at now?
                 \_ I know lots of people who are this ornery. -dans
                    \_ Maybe, but I've yet to see any of these guys explain
                       why they're still 'with' these girls despite asking
                       several times.
                       \_ There's a lot more to finding a partner than having
                          a warm place to stick your dick at night.
        \_ The only way to win this battle is to gross her out even more. Stop
           bathing. Don't shave anymore and grow out a terrorist beard. If
           she's going to stop being sexy for you, then why should you care
           about looking good for her?
2007/10/4-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48242 Activity:nil
        <head>Great gift for your lady friend (or metrosexual friend)</head>
        \_ I don't think you know what metrosexual means
           \_ I don't think he knows what "great gift" means
        \_ These are more girly then they are metro.  I prefer the shirts with
           the body tag on front and back. -dans
2007/10/1-4 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW] UID:48214 Activity:kinda low
9/31    So people using Net.Bank with over 100K. Did they lose
        $(What they had in the bank) - $100K ?
        \_ They are now creditors against the assets of the bank. They may
           or may not lose that much depending on how things shake out.
           However, they are only guaranteed their $100K.
           \_ Is FDIC guarantee per account or per "entity"
            \_ Per account
               \_ Per depositor, although accounts held by different
                  entities may count separately. For example, if you have a
                  single account and a revocable trust then you may be
                  eligible for more insurance (in this case $100K per
                  beneficiary of the trust in addition to $100K for the
                  single account). If you have, say, four checking
                  accounts in your own name at a bank then you are insured
                  for only $100K total.
                  \_ More example: if you and you wife have a single joint
                     account, by default you and your wife are covered for
                     $100K each.  It gets complicated if you and your wife
                     own the account at some ratio other than 50%-50%.
                     account, you and your wife are covered for $100K each.
                     Say there was $200K in the account.  If you and your wife
                     own it at 50%-50%, each of you gets $100K.  But if you and
                     your wife own it at 75%-25%, you get $100K while your wife
                     gets $50K.
2007/9/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48206 Activity:high
9/28    motd bitter no sex guy here.  i went over to the girlfriend's house
        last night, took a shower, climbed into bed around midnight, the
        chick said she was going to stay up for a bit and finish some
        reading.  her roommate got home, with her big burly oak limbed
        carpenter boyfriend.  they closed her bedroom door and began
        to have loud sheet clenching sex, I was in a totally different
        room through a closed door and I could hear her moaning and
        UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  after about half an hour they were silent.
        the chi girlfriend must have finished her reading, she climbed
        into bed and went to sleep, the end.
        \_ When your gf was "finishing some reading", which room was she in?
           Are you sure she wasn't part of that loud sheet-clenching sex?
2007/9/27-10/2 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48201 Activity:nil
9/27    Man, I love Hardboiled (free Berkeley APA newspaper), it's hilarious.
        The article in this old copy is great: "unmasking the emasculated asian
        male".  I love how she assumes that asian men had to learn racism, sexism,
        and domestic abuse from white guys. Ha!
        \_ Lol many of the asian guyss I know are 2x as racist as the average
           white guy.
           \_ Hoyt Sze!  Where are you when we need you?
        \_ Uh, why the heck would anyone go back to 2004 to read something
           like this? I mean, like, are you bored or something?
           \_ I'm posting to the motd, what do you think?
2007/9/26-10/2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:48195 Activity:nil
9/26    Gotta love that taser!
        \_ Don't tase me brah!

        9/26    Actually, one thing I've noticed about asian-guys married to white-
        women, to me, they almost look like white guys.  I think 20 years
        of eating american food makes you kind of look american.
        \_ But our dicks are still smaller.  Damn.  -- Asian guy
           "I love burger fries jam tarts ..."
           \_ "The page cannot be found"
        \_ You mean like this?
2007/9/26-27 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:48193 Activity:nil
        Products for busty women
2007/9/26-10/2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:48192 Activity:high
9/26    Not a troll, just a hypothetical question. If I breed with a
        Caucasian woman, will I help increase gene pool diversity, restore
        the "genetic vigor", and improve the human race in general? In
        another word, what is the probability that our children be as
        smart as I as and as healthy as she is, vs. the probability of
        our children be as dumb as she is and as weak as I am?    -SAM
        \_ Hapa nation!  We Will Bury You!   --brain
        \_ Fat blonde crazy ass Britney Spears genes need not be
           passed on to the human race.
           \_ Too late for that.
        \_ That you're asking this question seriously brings into doubt the
           idea that any given Caucasian woman is dumber than you are.
           \_ Not only that, but the guy has it wrong. Asian women breed
              with white men. Asian guys don't get the caucasian poon.
              \_ hypothetical means "in theory" which has no implied
                 correlation with reality, right?
              \_ As I recall, 45% of asian-american women are married to white
                 guys, 36% of asian-american men are married to white women.
                 \_ Based on personal accounts I believe the 45% number. I'm
                    a bit dubious about the 36% though. Are these
                    Asian-American men married to REAL white women, or virtual
                    from Second Life and World of Warcraft?     -Asian
                    \_ I don't know, at church I know 2 asian-asian couples, 2
                       asian-man white-woman couples, and 1 white-man asian woman
                       couple (mine).
                       \_ Interesting. How about outside of church?
                          \_ I think in my experience, for marriage, the 36% is
                             born out.  I think there's a lot of white-man/asian-
                             woman dating that doesn't result in marriage.
                             \_ Interesting. We've been married 11 years, but
                                many people assume we're just dating. Is this a
                                function of the WM/AW phenom?
                   \_ You recall incorrectly. Or your source was wrong.
                      WM-AF marriage is about 2.5X as likely as the converse.
        \_ They are more or less equally probable, you must have lots of kids.
           According to my asian wife, white women can have more children.
           \_ They WANT to have more children or they are more CAPABLE
              of having more children?
              \_ can == capable
           \_ The key is SELECTIVE breeding, a known and proven technique
              used since the dawn of domestication. Basically, assume
              the attributes are either/or (dominant/recessive), which
              is NOT the case here but for the sake of simplicity, you
              have the followings:
              1 25% chance of smart + healthy
              2 25% chance of dumb + healthy
              3 25% chance of smart + weak
              4 25% chance of dumb + weak
              So if you have LOTS of children and kill off all 2,3, and 4
              then only the smart and healthy one will propagate and
              improve the race.
              \_ Since, as you point out, this is not how the genetics of IQ
                 work, people who follow Punnett Squares for eugneics are
                 really working to remove themselves from the survival pool.
                  \_ the problem comes when you want to implement "kill off all
                     2 3 4." Not exactly socially acceptable here, especially
                     when humans are involved.
                     \_ Non-show quality, companion pets are usually neutered.
                        \_ It is too bad that the Nazis gave such a bad name
                           to eugenics. No, I am not being sarcastic here.
                           \_ If Hitler hated the Jews so much, he should have
                              have just NEUTERED them. By doing so, he would
                              have kept the Jew scientists to make THE BOMB
                              while satisfying his goals of 1) decreasing
                              the Jews population 2) winning the war.
                              Thank God Hitler wasn't too smart to figure
                              it out.
                              \_ The Nazis had a number of sterilization
                                 projects.  One of the research areas for which
                                 human beings were used in the camps was cheap
                                 and effective methods of sterilization.  Learn
                                 your history.  -- ilyas
                              \_ The U.S. was also engaged in sterilization
                                 of our own citizens and we were doing it
                                 before the Nazis even existed.  There is a
                                 reason we don't do this anymore.  Our society
                                 has a higher sense of morals than we did then.
                           \_ When we try to make our horses/dogs better
                              (faster, smarter, stronger), it's called
                              "improving the breed." When we encourage
                              smart people to breed (e.g. Singapore has
                              tax incentives for educated ppl to have
                              more kids), it's called eugenics. Go figure.
                              \_ When you can tell the difference between live
                                 stock and humans, come back and we'll talk
                                 about it.
                                 \_ Well, there isn't really that much
                                    difference, when you come right down
                                    to it. -!pp
                                    \_ And it is the inability to see that this
                                       both true and not relevant to society
                                       at the same time that separates the
                                       geeks and freaks from the norms.
                           \_ Eugenics appeals to geeks because it appears to
                              be an elegant solution. The reality is always
                              much messier.
                              \_ Yeah like the day someone decides that skinny
                                 smelly people are to all be executed in favor
                                 of muscle bulging thick jawed wrestlers.
           \_ China bears her observation out, huh?
2007/9/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48183 Activity:nil
9/25    My whole family is huge. My mom and sister, have enormously huge
        boobs. My sister, I feel so bad for her, but she is also extremely
        overweight. There is no bra that can be made to support her breasts.
        They are that bad. I'm the smallest in my family, but still I have
        been dealing with breasts like these. They aren't up to where they
        need to be, they point down with the nipples.. and if I move quickly,
        they can smack each other lol.
2007/9/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48181 Activity:nil
9/25    Girls, ladies, wtf, really, you know what I'm talking about. I can
        jerk off during sex, is there something wrong with your vaginas that
        you're afraid of touching your own shit?
        Touch yourself for christ's sake. Are you afraid of having an orgasm?
        Cause you shouldn't be, you can have another one, it's not fucking
        hard, friction, think of brad pitt, I DO NOT FUCKING CARE, just touch
        thank you!
2007/9/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48179 Activity:moderate
9/24    bitter no sex guy here.  i'm editing the motd right now instead
        of having sex.
        \_ Me neither, I haven't had any for a while. You wanna have sex
           with me?                     -bitter I hate Asian women guy
           \_ So, you think gay sex is preferable to no sex with women?
              \_ It works in prison
2007/9/24-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48159 Activity:low
9/24    hey bitter no sex guy here.  I found out my girlfriend being
        celibate is part of her way of accumulating 'chi'.  Do people
        in relationships where you are hot for each other and bone
        constantly 24/7 at every opportunity when not sleeping, eating
        or at work accumulate chi?  How do you do this chi thing without
        being celibate?  Is this some Asian thing I am not aware of?
        How come I never got the memo?
        \_ Congratulations you've found the problem! Dating an Asian woman.
           Look. Every single woman in my family turned out to be a complete
           nutso as they get older. My mom has schizo and makes everyone
           around her all stressed out (
           Weird behaviors and bizzare acts from aging Asian women...
           very very common. The only reason we don't hear about
           it is because the Asian community keeps their problems quiet.
           Other cultures and races talk about their problems openly but
           we pride on secrecy. Keep it quiet, and give the illusion that
           we're totally bad ass and superior and all that. Look. Asian
           women on menopause are CRAZIER and BITCHIER than other women on
           menopause. I KNOW. My mom and my aunts and etc are perfect
           examples! Listen up bitter man. I've stopped dating Asian
           women because they're picky and bitchy and opinionated and
           think they're all smart. Even more importantly, they have
           this thing we don't talk about openly. Time to blow the whistle
           now. It's called COAAG (Crazy Old Age Asian Genes). Most purebred
           Asian male (excluding Phillipinos because the actually have some
           European genes) are carriers of the defective X chromosome
           containing COAAG and that is why our women are CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY.
           As it is we purebred Asians have enough common genetic diseases
           already, like gastro-intestinal ulcers, liver diseases, and
           COAAG. Here is my advice, bitter man. Date and breed with another
           race. Your offsprings will be as smart as you are and as
           healthy as the other race. It's your duty to restore GENETIC
           VIGOR back to the human race. I understand that your offsprings
           may still be carriers of COAAG and your grandchildren may
           inherit full dominant COAAG genes but at least you won't
           be around to see them suffer.        -Really Bitter Asian Guy #2
           \_ Any other Asian people care to weigh in here?  The two Asian
              women I've dated have been totally nutso, and, actually,
              *most* of the Asian women I know have serious issues.  On
              the other hand, a 50% Asian woman I'm dating now is
              mostly fine, but hermom was similarly nutso to RBAG#2's
              \_ My wife is Japanese. She is 100% not nuts. Her sisters are
                 similarly not nuts. Her mom may be a little nuts, but none
                 of her nutty habits were brought on by age.
                 \_ My wife is Korean, and she is not crazy, except around
                    PMS time.  Her mother is also not crazy.
        \_ If she's going to be THAT asian on you, she should understand
           when YOU do the traditional asian thing and go *uck someone
           \_ or the other traditional asian thing where you just tie her
              to the bed and screw her brains out while she screams for
              mercy.  Sometimes "no" means "yes please"
              \_ I'm going to try that tonight but let's be honest here,
                 I'm doomed.
        \_ Actually, on second thought, tell her that she's got it
           exactly backward.  Men expel "chi" when they have sex,
           women receive it.  She is depriving herself of your "chi"
           \_ I want to give this girl my chi.
              \_ big boobs, ugly face, has a bra but may not be SFW
           \_ I hate having to wash the sheets when I get chi all over them.
2007/9/22-26 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:48151 Activity:kinda low
9/22    I just heard there's no cure for genital herpes! SHIt!!! Doesn't
        this mean it's just a matter of time (in the history of mankind)
        before EVERYONE in this world get herpes?               -pissed
        \_ No.  It doesn't mean that *at all*.
        \_ Only 25% of the people have it. If all 25% of the promiscuous
           carriers have sex with each other, that percentage should
           remain at 25%.
           Herpes Dating, with Pictures. Now you can meet other singles
           who have herpes and not worry about anything anymore!
           NINETY percent of Americans have already been exposed to HSV-1.
           Americans are HORNY!
        \_ it's just herpes.  it won't kill you.
        \_ You're an idiot.
        \_ If everyone could keep it in their pants, all STDs would die out.
           Chew on that one for a while.
           \_ And if the sun burned out tomorrow, everything would die out.
              Your tautology is astounding.
              \_ Keeping it in your pants is your choice.  Therein lies the
        \_ It's just herpes.  over 70% of the world has a cold sore.
2007/9/20-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48124 Activity:high
9/20    lastest Dan Savage:
        Q: I have been with my girlfriend for over three years. Our
        relationship has come to the point where we feel that we should
        either get married or go our separate ways. She is a great girl:
        smart, nice, trustworthy. We have a lot of fun together. There's just
        one problem: She hates sex. In her opinion, "sex isn't supposed to be
        fun." She also thinks our sex life is fine. But every time we talk
        about marriage, all I can think about is a lifetime of bad sex!
        Not Totally Screwed

        A: Don't marry this woman, NTS. Not unless you want to be sending me
        a letter like this one in two short years...
        \_ "sex isn't supposed to be fun?"  Is it supposed to hurt?  What?
         \_ It's supposed to make you curl up in the shower and cry till
            the bleeding stops.
            \_ Only the first time.
             \_ You aren't doing it right.
        \_ MOTD told me I was crazy when I said women don't enjoy sex.
           MOTD is better for CS advice.
           \_ if you think women as a class don't enjoy sex, you don't read
              Dan Savage's column very much.
              \_ I'm sure most of those letters are as real the Penthouse
                 Forum letters - probably written by gay and/or pervy men.
                 \_ Just because you refuse to believe something doesn't
                    mean it isn't true.
           \_ Dan Savage agrees with MOTD: if it were normal for women not
              to enjoy sex, he would not be advising dumpage.
              \_ What does Dan Savage know about this? The dude is gay.
                 \_ I love the fucking geniuses we have on motd.  Keep the
                    laughs coming, fucktard.
                    \_ Yes, because reading advice about how much women
                       love sex coming from a gay man makes sense.
                        \_ He's also been writing sex advice columns
                           since before you started masturbating.  (The
                           kind of which he practically invented.)  I think
                           that means more than your 5 minutes of fumbling
                           with what, 3? 4? women over the years.
                           \_ Yes, sex advice columnists are experts. I
                              guess Adam Carolla should have a PhD in
                              sexology based on his radio show.
                           \_ Heck, Dan Savage has probably slept with
                              more women than that.
                              \_ Well he just says "don't marry her." Maybe
                                 this woman is just an honest one and the
                                 others just pretend to like it because they
                                 want to keep their man. Except the minority
                                 who actually do like it, but who motd teaches
                                 teaches us are nuts. All hail motd.
                                 us are nuts. All hail motd.
                        \_ Oh come on, you're not a mathematician, but
                           I'll accept your advice that 2+2=4
                           \_ What if I say that 2+2=3? Accept that?
           \_ I know someone who has cancer, therefore everyone has cancer. QED
              \_ I don't know anyone with cancer. Therefore cancer is a
                 myth created by the pharmaceutical companies. QED
        \_ Unless someone is willing to sign his or her(hah!) name as actually
           believing the 'most women don't enjoy sex' meme, it's a bullshit
           motd troll. -dans
           \_ check out the big brain on dan!
2007/9/19-22 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:48119 Activity:nil
9/19    Heil German John!
        \_ " Man hides sex toys in the wurst way..." Yahoo! News
           \_ "Man hides sex toys in bigger sex toy."
        \_ Hilarious, THANKS for the link! More!!!
2007/9/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48110 Activity:nil 63%like:48100
        Rather than getting a taser (which requires background check which
        I will
Size is not the only issue that women have about their breasts. Polly is a 45-ye\
ar-old mother who breast-fed each of her five children for eight months apiece m\
ost likely not pass) I bought the state of the art pepper
        spray instead. Totally kick ass.
        \_ Uh, hostile liquid projectile that shoot out at 270MPH is not
           safe, is it? At that speed, a liquid is as hard as concrete
           s breasts have got droopier with each birth, so she hides her body un\
der s jumpers and t-shirts and has been on a waiting list for five months to get\
 a reduction operation. In the meantime, she has to contend with problems like b\
ackache and unpleasant skin conditions menand you can literally blow out someone\
's cornea. I hope this
           is for law enforcement only; this thing is too deadly for
           civilian use.
           \_ Nice liberal sheep - must let others protect me from me.
        \_ I once accidentally pepper sprayed myself.  Just the littlest
           bit.  That stuff fucking SUCKS.
           \_ How did you accidentally pepper spray yourself?
            \_ Ooh, what's this on your keychain?  Hey look it has a
               button like thing on it!  Tap button.  Curse a lot.
               What can I say, sometimes I'm not too bright.
        \_ I was pepper sprayed by police once in a night club parking
           lot...that shit hurts!  -sky
           \_ Why were you sprayed? Were you acting like a jerk?
        \_ Why wouldn't you pass a background check? Are you sure you
           should be carrying pepper spray?
2007/9/19 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:48107 Activity:nil
9/19    In a British television first, Body Hell takes viewers inside the bathro\
oms of female celebrities and everyday women as they pluck, squeeze and shave th\
eir bodies to within an inch of their lives. The series also asks why 98 per cen\
t of women hate their bodies when they are perfectly normal and attractive. Uniq\
ue in its genre, Body Hell does not attempt to make women over, but rather encou\
rages them to love and accept their bodies
2007/9/14 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48065 Activity:nil
9/14    Motd nuked, for great justice.
        It was the only way to be sure.

But by the time they reached the door, they had blown up too much and were
too wide to fit through the door frame. Dean tried pressing themtogether,
his fingers almost disappearing into the inflating flesh, but all this did
was make Liz cum in her shorts. She gasped as the sensation passed
momentarily, but she weakened enough to beg Dean to do it again.Dean, more
centered on his task, stepped back and tried to come up with asolution, and
couldn't. He ushered her back to the middle of the small room and shut the
door before anyone noticed. Every step Liz took made her breasts sway and
the movement of the air on her enormous nipples started her up
again. Giving in to the intense waves of passion that were raping her
system, she grabbed her incredible tits and began massaging them all over,
sending waves of electricity through them and making her privates literally
oozefrom her hot juices. Dean grabbed the phone and told the woman that she
was stuck in her room and that they couldn't get out. The woman thought for
a second, then told Dean that for the pill to wear off, the person had to
experience the sheer joy, joy that only came from a cataclysmic orgasm. She
then thought that maybe if he tried to make her have one, her breasts would
revert back to
normal. She told him that the growth was happening underneath only one
layer of her skin and that they would pop painlessly once it happen,
letting her be normal again.
2007/9/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48053 Activity:nil
9/13    Knocked Up is a pretty good movie.  You know why I don't blog?
        Because each entry would be a bitter ode to how I have a longterm
        perfectly serviceable girlfriend, but we haven't had sex in almost
        6 months.  oh wait I do complain every day.  nevermind.
2007/9/12 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48032 Activity:nil
9/12    why do you hate my friend's former 32DDD breasts?
2007/9/11-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48027 Activity:high
9/11    This seems to be a decent formula for the previous how young is too
        young discussions:
        \_ You disgusting pedophile. That comic appears to condone an 18 or 19
           year old man screwing a 16 year old child. Please get help.
           \_ That's legal you know...
              \_ He's just trolling and creating strawmen.
              \_ What's legal has no weight with the people I was arguing with.
                 Also: a 21 year old screwing a 17 yo is illegal: 21/2+7=17
                 \_ You're strawmanning again, PedoTroll.
                    \_ Not really. a) it isn't legal everywhere and b) at least
                       one of the participants in the earlier troll was adamant
                       about 16 being a child.
              \_ Tell that to that poor boy in Georgia.
                 \_ Do you mean the "poor boy" who participated in a gang bang
                    with a 17 year old and then got a blowjob from a 15 year
                    old and videotaped the whole thing?
           \_ dating != sex - who's the pedophile?
              \_ Dating is a romantic relationship. Implies sexual relations.
                 Implies the dater and datee are sexually interested in each
                 other. Who's the idiot?
                 \_ Hi, Bitter No Sex Guy here checking.  it's now been
                    168 days.  I spent the night at her house last night,
                    nothing happened.
        \_ I must've been reading these threads too much.  I had a dream last
           night making out with my 4-year-old niece.   --- 36-yr-old
           \_ If the thought seems acceptable to you, please commit suicide.
           \_ "Ew!", followed by blankness, followed by "eeeew!".
2007/9/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48024 Activity:high
9/11    Help me motd you are my only hope.  I have this hot friend who I've
        known for several years, then she started dating a friend of mine
        and she went on birth control The Patch(tm).  Her breasts got
        absolutely ENORMOUS.  This is short skinny white chick who
        started out at most a large 'B', but she ballooned up to at least
        a DDD.  She must have had to replace her entire wardrobe.  It was
        really crazy.  Now she's single!  She went off the Patch and
        has shrunk down to a large D.  She no longer has trouble walking.
        \_ What's the problem you need help in the troll?
2007/9/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47997 Activity:nil
9/10    motd porn man here.  i broke out the porn again.  fuck.
2007/9/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47979 Activity:moderate
9/10    this is awesome
2007/9/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47977 Activity:low
9/10   I met this really hot female but I know through a friend of
       friend of a friend that she has HPV.
       What should I do?  Use copious amounts of Lysol?
2007/9/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47958 Activity:kinda low
9/8     Didnt get laid last night.  I know you are all shocked.
2007/9/7-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47939 Activity:kinda low
9/7     I love lizards and snakes but my gf doesn't want them in our
        apartment. What can I do to convince her to have them?
        \_ Tell her that snake > your dick, and lizard > your tongue.
        \_ Tell her that snake > your dick, and lizard tongue > your tongue.
        \_ Serious answer: get over the lizard thing or get a new gf who
           likes lizards.  Some people just find them creepy and you're
           going to end up like Mr. NotLaidIn200Days if you push her on
           your lizard fetish.
           \_ Hey it's only been 160 days.
              \_ oops.  163 days now.  crap.
              \_ Sorry, my error, I haven't been keeping up with your sexless
                 saga:  s/200/160/g
2007/9/7-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47927 Activity:low
9/7     Everyone on motd too old to go out, are fat and married,
        have children or have topped 280 pounds from playing WoW all day,
        new episode of HUMAN WEAPON tonight!
        \_ I get fatter everytime I watch.  What is tonight's episode on?
           \_ Muay Thai
              \_ Again?  Wasn't this featured a few weaks ago.
              \_ Again?  Wasn't this featured a few weeks ago.
        \_ I really like sex with gigantic over 5'8" women with huge
           breasts.  I blame the gigantic hot giant Zentraedi girls from
           Robotech.  Seriously.
                 \_ Reruns. Btw, the Prankation episode BLEW MY MIND. Where
                    can I find an SFBA location that trains like those guys?
        \_ I really like sex with gigantic fat women.  I blame the gigantic
           hot giant Zentraedi girls from Robotech.  Seriously.
           \_ Doesn't this belong in a different thread?
           \_ Do you like girls with green hair too?
              \_ Lothar always got the babes
                 \_ Lothar is from Voltron you idiot, not Robotech.
              \_ My friend name his daughter "Miriya". No joke.
                 \_ I think it's 'Lo-tar" ?
2007/9/6-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47916 Activity:kinda low
9/6     I'm going to start ending my conversations with my girlfriend
        like Keith Olbermann.  270 DAYS SINCE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
        I MEAN since we've had sex.
        \_ How can you possibly call her your "girlfriend" if it has
           been 270 days since you last had sex? You are exaggerating
           for effect, right?
           \_ Good point.  I might be exaggerating.  I'm going to
              open my calendar and calculate.  brb.
              k2:~$ bc -l
              bc 1.06
              Copyright 2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
              This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
              For details type `warranty'.
              30 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 31 + 6
              You're right, I was exaggerating.  I apologize.
              \_ Why'd you delete my plea to hang out with Bitter Divorce
                 Guy?  Not kidding about the 159 days.  Fuck.  I guess
                 it'll be 160 tomorrow.  and 161 the day after that.
                 Next week it'll be 87 DAYS UNTIL THE PATREUS REPORT
                 I MEAN until we have sex again.
                 \_ DTHMFA
              \_ I should quit whining.  Some dudes go YEARS without
                 having sex.  Oh shit it's been almost half a year.
              \_ Dump her. She probably is schtuping someone else
                 on the side.
          \_ There's a lot more to a relationship than sex. Most women
             don't like sex anyway. I'd say 159 days is pretty good
             for any long-term relationship.
             \_ 159 days is fine?  Really?  Damn, I'm really getting
                a lot of conflicting advice.
                \_ Most of it from married men afraid to tell it like it
                   is and college kids who don't know shit.
                   \_ This married guy got laid tonight.
                      \_ You'd better hope your wife doesn't find out.
                         \_ Hahaha, very funny. I bet I get laid tonight
                            or tommorrow night, too.
        \_ This will come as a shock to you all but I didn't get laid last
           night.  I'm taking suggestions for a cute motd moniker.
           Don't Get Laid Guy?  200 days since last getting laid guy?
           \_ Wax Dart Man
           \_ Is that a bill hicks reference ?  I love bill hicks.
           \_ Not Getting Laid guy here again.  I went over to the chick's
              house tonight in an effort to have something cheerful to
              report to the motd this weekend, but she didn't answer
              the phone or her doorbell.  Maybe she really is shtupping
              another guy!  This will make the breakup easier.
              Thanks motd!
              \_ You are welcome. You should call yourself BSG, for
                 Bitter Sexless Guy.
                 Bitter Sexless Guy. And wait a second, you have been
                 dating her for six months and you don't routinely do
                 something together on a Friday night???
                 \_ We were going to, and I called her, and she said
                    she needed a couple of hours of 'alone time'
                    before we went anywhere, then I never heard from
                    her again.
                    \_ "alone time" with her real boyfriend.  I'm
                       sorry, man, that sucks.
2007/9/6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47906 Activity:nil
9/6     Not personally being all that familiar with the female orgasm, psb did
        want to dislodge his hands, if only to give her a chance at breathing
        normally again, to come off the crest as they passed what he was sure
        was the sixty-second mark.  Her pussy was absolutely pouring its
        fragrant juices out onto his cock, he could feel her hips become slick
        as she ground down against him, still waiting for that explosive bliss
        to finally ebb away.
        As if by force of will, she seemed to find her voice again, to finally
        fit actual, measurable breathing patterns in with the pleasure.
        "psb.... I can't... stop... ooooooooghhh... I can't.... awuuuuuuugh...
        I can't stop cumming!"  She managed, collapsing upon his chest.
        "tom!" psb cried.  She felt entirely limp in his arms, her
        breathing shallow and light.  It seemed, as he yelled, the sensation
        drained out of him, disappearing with a last little pulse before
        completely fading into nothingness.  Quickly, he began to try and sit
2007/9/4-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47895 Activity:very high
9/4     8am.  All clean.  Teeth brushed.  Clean underwear.  No more porn
        HOW LONG WILL I LAST?  Bets?
        \_ Do you mean no more porn physically or no more porn in your mind?
           For me, if it's the latter, it'd be 2-3 minutes.
           \_ HAVE RESISTED ALL DAY!   ok fine i thought of jsl's
              gigantic firm milk filled heaving straining triple G
              taught breasts for 2 minutes.
              \_ What exactly were her breasts taught?
              \_ Sorry, jsl's full name please?
              \_ jsl's pics please?
              \_ 7AM and I AM STILL RESISTING.  thanks jsl!
              \_ jsl can you eat a few more cheeseburgers like
                 this girl? ok thx.
        \_ I wouldn't give the clean underwear till noon.
2007/9/4-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47883 Activity:very high
9/4     An acquaintance of mine said: "My wife is a sex camel." I'm sure
        this is anomalous, because the MOTD told me women love to have
        sex all the time.
        \_ you're an idiot.
        \_ Are camels known for having a lot of sex?  I'm confused.
        \_ Does your wife have camel toe?
        \_ Does your wife have camel toe?  I just found out yesterday that my
           \_ Camel:water::Wife:sex
              \_ I get it now.  Thanks.
              \_ So... his wife goes long periods of time without sex but then
                 shags him to the point of exhaustion?
                 \_ I've dated women like that.  2 weeks of no sex followed
                    by two weeks where "my god woman are you satisfied yet?"
                    by two weeks where "my god woman are you satisfied
                    \_ did you shower between couplings aspo
                     \_ Not as a rule no.
        \_ Does his wife have camel toe?  I just found out yesterday that my
           sister-in-law does.
        \_ Maybe something about having two humps?
        \_ No, I don't think anyone on the MOTD ever said that. You are
           trolling with a strawman argument.
           \_ I mentioned that woman, as a general rule, don't like sex.
              The counterargument is obviously that they do, despite so
              much evidence to the contrary.
              \_ Horse hockey. The counterargument is that women, as a general
                 rule, don't like sex with you.
                 \_ My acquaintance's wife doesn't like sex with him either.
                    \_ Birds of a feather fuck together?
                       I've had one girlfriend whose cravings didn't meet
                       mine.  She'd had an abusive ex-husband which made sex
                       a touchy thing.  All my other girlfriends have had
                       very healthy sex drives, and very much enjoyed sex
                       with me.  I pity you and your acquaintance.
                       \_ How long did you have these 'girlfriends' for?
              \_ No, you or someone else on the same theme, said that no
                 women enjoy sex. The counterargument was that some women
                 do in fact enjoy sex.
                 \_ Yes. Strippers, druggies, and sexually abused women.
                    \_ No, healthy, self-confident women.
                       \_ Uh huh. At the beginning of a relationship.
2007/8/31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47855 Activity:nil
8/31    I took my friend to my favorite bra store today. We both have big
        boobs (I'm a 34G). Her bras never fit her and she is always
        complaining that her back hurts. I explained to her that a
        good bra would do the trick. I asked what size bra she wore
        and told her that I was taking her to my favorite store. She
        told me that she wore a 36C (I argued and said no way and she
        argued back and told me that she just got measured at
        Victoria Secret)and agreed to go with me. Long story short,
        she got measured and turns out she is a 34FF and was suprised
        at how much of a difference it was now that she had a bra
        that fit. She thanked me, and I was happy.  and yet I still
        cannot figure out how she was fitting her FF boobs into a C.
2007/8/31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47854 Activity:nil
8/31    I am wearing a 32f black T-Shirt bra at the moment.  My boobs
        make my back hurt so much that I have a hard time sitting at a desk
        for more than 15 minutes, so I am seriously thinking about getting
        a breast reduction. Other than that, I like them. I like the
        attention I get from them except when I am at work (I'm a youth
        worker and 15 year olds suck at hiding boob stare).  What do I do
        other than carry around boobs?
2007/8/31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47853 Activity:nil
8/31    my boobz grew again. i didn't think that they could grow anymore
        but apparently they can. this has upset me in more ways than i
        can say. i'm very seriously considering surgery. very
        seriously. i can't believe they grew again. i can't believe how
        much i hate them. really really hate them.  i tried to race
        philipp through the park a few days ago and discovered i can't
        run anymore. not even when i clutch my boobs to my chest. my bra
        gets all messed up, my back starts hurting, my boobs hurt, and i
        can't breathe. i'm like a cripple. i have a physical handicap
        with nipples.  i apologize for the drama and whining in this
        post. but you would be upset too if you found out you had gone
        from a 34G to a 34GG. in my world, that a HUGE difference.  i
        now officially have to buy my bras online. nobody should have to
        buy bras online. and do you know what kind of bras they sell
        online in that size??  HIDEOUS ones. the kind where you will
        never be able to wear a tank top again. not even one with thick
        straps. oh no.. and no low cuts either. it's like being banned
        to a wardrobe restricted world of 40 year old woman clothes.
2007/8/31 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Tax] UID:47852 Activity:nil
8/31    Yesterday  I bought a bra. 34GG. And of course, specialty items
        cost more. After tax I shelled out $80 for the darn thing, but I
        have uncovered about four inches of skin I haven't seen since early
        puberty. The lady at the store tried to get me to buy this
        contraption she called a "Custom Fit Bra", which to me looked like
        the old fifties maidenforms. I looked like I had traffic cones
        under my shirt, it was a nasty pale pink with yellowed
        lace at the edges, there was NO, repeat NO elastic in the whole
        garment, and before tax the thing was $94. I felt trussed up and
        like I was about to poke someone's eye out. Pushy sales lady kept
        harping on the fact that this torture device was featured on
        Oprah.  "You'll love it," she said, "It's the most comfortable bra
        you'll ever own. Oh, and the cups round out after a few washings."
        Not for me, thanks. Sell it to Madonna.
2007/8/30-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47835 Activity:very high
8/30   I'm not motd boob guy, but I got pizza for lunch.
       and there were 3 chatty eighth grade girls, one of them
       was really skinny with absolutely ENORMOUS breasts, wearing
       a tight tank top.  DD at least.  remember these kids just
       started the eighth grade.  There's a junior high school
       down the st.  Maybe she was in 7th.  She was telling her friends
       she was going to walk over to some boys in the corner and ask them if
       they would like a free look since they were staring
       from 30 feet away.  Then she said she was kidding.  Then she said
       she got sent home from school on the first day of class for
       wearing a shirt from last year, but it was way too small since
       her chest got gigantic  over the summer so they made her go home and
       change.  I think I have to go lie down now.
         \_ Go help her change her shirt.
         \_ Yay for tremendous levels of hormones in the food, water, and air
            causing children to physically mature at an artificially fast rate.
            If she was eating healthy foods she'd still be normal.
           \_ You can't know that.  Some women have freakishly large boobs
              at a young age without hormone influence.
             \_ When does freakishly large kick in?  Junior year?
            \_ You can't know that.  Some women have freakishly large
                boobs at a young age without hormone influence.
             \_ I can easily assume that and how about you take a step back
                and ask why "Some *girls* have freakishly large boobs at a
                young age"?  A little research would point you in the
                direction of hormones in the food/water/air.
           \_ Oh how I wish I was born a decade later!
             \_ I wish I had been born a decade later.
2007/8/30-9/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47832 Activity:moderate
8/30    so what the heck is a good marriage?  obviously i have failed
        \_ most people aren't capable of it and since it requires two of
           these rare people to find and marry each other at similar stages
           in life, good marriages are extremely rare.
           \_ You have made me sad.
              \_ sorry, but see the 'bullshit' person below for an example
                 of someone who should not marry someone.  he'd just make
                 both of them miserable.  a good marriage requires maturity,
                 self sacrifice, trust, and a few other things that are very
                 hard to find today because so many are all about 'me, me, me'.
        \_ It only exists for people with a high tolerance of bullshit.
                 \_ Not arguing with your criteria for a good marriage (I
                    agree, eleven years and rocking), but I don't share your
                    cynicism. These things can be learned if people are willing
                    to do it.
                    \_ They can be learned, true, but most people aren't
                       willing to do.  My wife's friend actually sneered at
                       me when I told her (a few weeks before she was getting
                       married) that marriage required giving up     willing to\
do.  My wife's friend actually sneered at
                       me when I told her (a few weeks before she was getting
                       willing to do.  My wife's friend actually sneered at me
                       when I told her (a few weeks before she was getting
                       married) that marriage required giving up some of that
                       'me, me, me' to make room for 'us, us, us'.  She's
                       still married 3 years later but they're both miserable.
                       \_ Wow, your wife's friend sounds like a gem. Sorry to
                          hear it. Hm, can we lay the blame at Dr. Phil's feet?
                          \_ In this case, no, just pure selfishness learned
                             long before Dr. Phil came on the air.
                 \_ Self sacrifice = tolerance for bullshit
                    \_ Sigh....  Please don't take a second wife, you'll just
                       be ruining her for someone else who might have been
                       happy.  Unless she's as selfish as you in which case
                       you deserve each other.
                       \_ You must have a different definition of
                          self-sacrifice. Mine involves doing things you
                          don't want to do for the sake of the marriage.
                          That always makes people happy! I think most
                          people on the MOTD are idealists who never
                          encountered real marital problems but, more
                          likely, just delude themselves into thinking
                          those problems don't exist.
                          \_ Self-sacrifice != surrendering your entire self.
                             In a marriage, it means working out what's truly
                             important and what's merely petty-ante power
                             politics and eschewing the latter.
                          \_ Not for the sake of the marriage, per se.  And
                             not thing you don't want to do.  But you do things
                             because it makes your wife happy and she does the
                             same for you.  A trivial example: my wife does
                             99% of the house work.  Sometimes she's tired or
                             just doesn't feel like it so I offer to do it.
                             I don't *like* doing housework but it isn't that
                             big a deal and it makes her happy that I'd do it
                             sometimes without being asked (much less nagged).
                             Was that a sacrifice on my part?  Sure, sort of,
                             but not really in the long run.  What sort of
                             sacrifices did you have in mind?  (And please note
                             that I did say this was a trivial example).
                             \_ You wife does 99% of the housework? Does she
                                have a job, too?
                                \_ She does not have a job outside the house
                                   recently.  When she did we had a maid
                                   service and split the rest of what the maids
                                   didn't do.  I hauled trash, we split the
                                   dishes, she did most of the laundry, etc.
                                   \_ I was wondering where you found someone
                                      who thought doing 99% of the housework
                                      was equitable. Now I understand. My wife
                                      works, but we share housework.
        \_ It only exists for people with a high tolerance for bullshit.
        \_ It only exists for people with a high tolerance of bullshit.
2007/8/30-9/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47821 Activity:nil
8/30 Facebook's photo upload interface is really slick.  Is there another
        photo hosting site out there with something similar?
        \_ My boobs feel enormous this morning.
           \_ I'm really filling out a 32DD today.
              \_ i feel so huuuuuge at the moment. im really small in
                 height so i feel the minute i put on weight it shows
                 alot. i weigh 8 stone and a quarter, but i want to lose
                 alot. i have never been someone that cares about weight
                 too much but recently its the main thing on my mind.  i
                 feel like a bowl of flab on legs. my boobs
                 dont help. im 5ft 2 and i have 32FF boobangulars.
                 everyone says i look in proportion and stuff but i me and
                 my boobs have a love hate relationship. love when i can
                 wear stuff and have some feminine curves, when you think
                 wow i got what people pay 1000s of £'s for for free!
                 hate when everything that is in fashion currrently is
                 made for women who have bodies resembling 8 year old
                 boys. when pretty bras dont go up to my size, especially
                 with 32 back size, and ff cups, they have only jusrt
                 started making these because they didnt think before small
                 framed women could have big tits.  i hate the attention
                 you get from blokes, just that lingering staaare as
                 they walk by.  the other day we went out and three
                 chavvy boys walked past me and one said ';check out
                 the tits on that'
        \_ flickr has a stand-alone app that's quite good (even on Mac). -tom
           \_ Ever since I started using facebook have noticed a change in
              my breast size over the last few months.   basically they
              wont stop growing and none of my bras or shirts fit.
           \_ Have you used Facebook?  When you upload photos in Facebook,
              it sucks in all of the photos on your 'Desktop' ok
              that's just a folder.  That's awesome!  It's a flash
              thing in the browser.
2007/8/30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47820 Activity:nil
8/28    Listen up, if some guy is screaming "I'm pissed I'm not
        getting laid I hate my gf my wife my life my job blah blah," pay
        attention! If you keep ignoring someone in need of help that
        person *will* do something bad like buying guns and magazine
        clips on eBay and start shooting people at school, or maybe even
        worse, start nuking the motd! Please don't allow this unthinkable
        scenario to happen-- listen and offer help.
2007/8/30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47815 Activity:very high
8/30    Dear not-getting-laid guy, can you give us more context as to
        how your relationship got to where it is right now? Maybe we
        can try to help you out. Happy sodans = healthier motd.
        \_ I think she went through a hormonal change where she
           completely lost interest in sex.  Or maybe it's me.
           It is probably a combination of both.
           \_ Or her new boyfriend with the Harley, leather jacket and tattoos.
2007/8/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47806 Activity:nil
8/29    I love Savage Love:
        "Recently, I had the chance to reconnect with a friend. After one
        too many drinks, she confided in me about her sexual habits,
        telling me she likes "soiling." I stupidly asked what it was. The
        answer was probably the most disgusting thing I've ever heard: "You
        get some poo, and then you rub it on each other's skin." Apart from
        this shocking admission, she is a really nice girl. She is
        Christian and works in a caring profession. But I don't want to see
        her again because I am grossed out by this mental image. Is it fair
        to end a friendship over someone's sexual practices?"
2007/8/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47803 Activity:high
8/29    Well, my plan WAS to fill you all in on my past week and a half of
        life. But, sometimes things change in an instant. I CAN tell you
        that a few weeks back, I was as high on life. I felt that there was
        nothing in the world that could bring me down. I was given
        permission, by my husband, to have sex with other men. When I was
        first told, I never thought for a second that I could actually ever
        go through with it, so I just teased him by telling him stories of
        me having sex with other men, and it was a lot of fun. I did
        mention to him that if I were ever to do it, it had to be someone I
        was extremely attracted to. Well, that day came along. I found the
        perfect man to share this experience with. I told this man that I
        wanted to have sex with him and that I would pay for him to get
        tested so that we could enjoy ourselves knowing that we were
        safe. I had been around this guy in the past and Herpes was brought
        up, but it was never a straight forward question, so my answer was
        that 99.9% of the porn industry has Herpes. I thought by saying
        that it was pretty clear, but I should never have assumed. I got
        the test results back from Aim Healthcare and his test was negative
        for everything, so we set a time and a place for our rendezvous and
        I went on about my merry way. I was in heaven, feeling like I was
        thirteen year old again and having my first kiss at Skateworld. I
        had so much desire for this man and didn't even know it until my
        husband told me of his fantasy. Well, I went to meet up with him
        and we shared some of the most incredible sex I've ever had. We
        began to talk about how responsible we felt for doing it this way
        and that people should do it like this more often. Get tested, get
        permission and totally enjoy yourselves. It didn't even take
        ANYTHING away from the excitement of it! In fact, it may have made
        it even better! Then we started talking about STDs and he brings up
        Herpes! He says, "You don't have that do you?" My heart almost hit
        the floor and my gut tightened up like a knot. It's a little late
        in the game to be asking this now, don't you think? It was as much
        his responsibility as it was mine, so I can't really place any
        blame. I really thought he knew since we had talked briefly about
        it before. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING!!!! I couldn't even tell him the
        truth at that moment because I was so embarrassed. I just blurted
        out, "NO!" I kept thinking how am I going to tell him. This is a
        man who doesn't work in the adult industry, granted I don't know
        what he does in his personal life, but I should have said something
        before it was too late. I never said a word and left. I called
        Aiden right away and told him what happened and immediately after
        that I called "the other man" to tell him that I lied. I explained
        everything and told him how I felt and he was actually really calm
        and nice about it all. I took him to Aim Healthcare the next day to
        talk about it and told him I would pay to get him tested again and
        that I would take care of it for him. I am just crossing my fingers
        that I did not give him HSV-2 for life. Now you all know why I
        posted the Herpes blog because I went through a lot emotionally and
        got very stressed out over it all. I actually lost sleep and my
        appetite for awhile. Now everything is calmed down and I feel a lot
        better. My husband's fantasy is gone. And even it if it weren't I
        don't think I could have sex with anyone else at this point. I am
        fine with having sex with just my husband for the rest of my
        life. You don't have to ask me twice.

        Anyway, here's the kicker. I started shooting the Vivid feature,
        The Devil in Miss Jones: Lost Paradise and everything was going
        well. I've been working 13 hour days and it's been challenging
        because I don't usually do these kinds of projects. I know that
        it's worth it to me though, because when I get to sit down and
        watch the finished product, I'll see all the hard work I put into
        it. The night of the 23rd, after my shower, I was putting some
        lotion on and felt what I thought was a rash on my upper butt
        cheek. I was like, what the hell is this? and kept trying to think
        of how I could have gotten it and from where, or was it a bug bite
        or something? I could not seem to pin point it. I left it alone and
        thought, well, it will be gone in a couple of days, no worries. But
        it has only gotten worse. I had to cancel my sex scenes for today
        and I went to the doctor, only to find that he thinks it Herpes. I
        am not 100% sure yet because the culture won't be back until
        Friday, but he loaded me up with medication. The thing is, it's not
        a normal sized breakout. It happens to be 2 inches in diameter and
        it's on my ass!!!!!!!! This isn't the worst thing that could
        happen. I am totally aware of that, but it is a big fucking deal to
        me considering the size and the placement! He even said it could
        very well leave a scar because of the size of it. I nearly cried!
        It's days like this that make my job suck. If there were one thing
        that I could name that would make me not want to have sex for a
        living it would be STDs! And that is why I am telling you all of
        this today. I will no longer be performing with other people. I'll
        still be doing solo scenes for extras on my movies and also
        directing, dancing and signings.

        This is really a big decision for me and it hurts me in some
        ways, but the way I look at... it's time to let me body relax. I
        just don't want to risk getting Herpes all over my body,

        or in my eyes, or genital warts or even HIV Don't worry,
        I'm not leaving the business, I'm just not going to be
        performing in front of the camera anymore. I know that
        is why a lot of you are my fans, but I hope you continue
        to be a fan of my work directing and behind the camera
        in the years to come. I can't thank you all enough for
        supporting my career throughout the years!  And I'll
        still be here telling you all about my adventures in
        life and all of the other really hot guys and girls I've
        been shooting. So don't go anywhere yet, I have much
        more in store for you.
        \_ ALRIGHT given that porn censorship has failed, I'll just leave
           this up. While you're at it, could you PLEASE post the source
           url so that we'll know where it's coming from? Thanks.
2007/8/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47790 Activity:high 80%like:47784
8/28    yes.  breasts.  huge.  now what?
        \_ Breasts?  Where?  Her breasts are as small as her brain.
2007/8/28 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:47789 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/8/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47784 Activity:nil 80%like:47790
8/28    yes.  breasts.  huge.  now what?
2007/8/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47781 Activity:high 77%like:47772
8/28    Marriage Generates Wealth
        The "Marriage Gap" is breeding inequality
        \_ We must ban marriage.  It is the only way to be fair.
        \_ "Among the elite EXCLUDING FILM STARS the nuclear family
           is holding up quite well."  bahahaha screw film stars
        \_ A group of conservative think tanks comes to the conclusion that
           married people are better off: what a shock. What's funny here is
           that married _gay_ people are likely to actually bolster this.
           \_ Sheesh.  When you can't dispute the facts....
2007/8/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47772 Activity:high 77%like:47781
8/27    Marriage generated wealth
        The widening "marriage gap" is breeding inequality gapwidening
        \_ Did I miss something here, or is this mostly drawn from Conservative
           think tanks?
2007/8/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47771 Activity:high
8/27    Masturbation is my only joy, my girlfriend has completely
        lost her libido, and I kind of doubt I will ever get laid
        again in my life.  I am sad.
        \_ Same for me and my wife.  Married 8 yrs.
           \_ Married 11 years. Having lots of sex.
              \_ So your wife is fat, huh?
        \_ Are you two sure she isn't just boinking someone else?
           \_ They haven't even considered it but you can bet cold hard
              cash on it every time.
              \_ I doubt it. It's more likely that a woman who is cheating
                 wants to boink *more often* not less. A woman won't lose
                 her libido for one guy, but find it for another. Either
                 she's hot and bothered or she's not. Most are not.
        \_ Every relationship has its ups and downs.  Most aren't reported on
           the motd.
           \_ down down down down
2007/8/26-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47755 Activity:high
8/25    still haven't sex in 9 months.  stupid girlfriend.
        \_ Don't you know that women are all nyphmos who love to fuck and
           the problem is just you? Dude, 9 months to most married guys
           is pretty good.
        \_ Why makes you say she is your "girlfriend" as opposed to friend?
           Unless she was pregnant or sick or something.
           \_ long long oh so long story.  she's my girlfriend though.
              i should just dump her.
              \_ Through this time, have you contined to treat her nicely?
              \_ Through this time, have you continued to treat her nicely,
                 Taking her to dinner, doing nice things?
        \_ you haven't but im guessing she has.
2007/8/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47751 Activity:nil
8/25    Hi.  This is the worst thing ever.  I AM WARNING YOU.
        \_ deleted. Seriously, if it's the worst thing ever, wtf did you
           post it. It was a shitting video btw.
        \_ Sorry, tub girl and shit eating porn banned on motd.

                                                  as simple as brushing his
                                                  teeth better.  Look at her
                                                  actions: she comes on to
                                                  him, then turns off when
                                                  they get close.  Better
                                                  brushing and bathing will
                                                  probably fix his problem
                                                  asssuming he's for real,
                                                  which I doubt.  As for me
                                                  it has been 15 years also
                                                  and yes she's great and I
                                                  went through a number of
                                                  losers before finding her
                                                  but talking is necessary
                                                  to keep things good by
                                                  avoiding some minor thing
                                                  turning into something big
                                                  for no reason.  I fail to
                                                  see why talking to your
                                                  own wife about something
                                                  could be considered bad or
                                                  useless in any way.  And
                                                  for the record, my wife knows
                                                  I hate PB and there's no
                                                  such thing as too much J. :-)
                                                  \_ I am also clean. -emarkp
                                                  \_ [please don't edit my
                                                      posts, thanks.  if you
                                                      were really that funny
                                                      then you could be funny
                                                      without changing what
                                                      someone else has said]
                                                  \_ It's certainly not bad
                                                     to talk to your wife.
                                                     In fact, I'd say it
                                                     is mandatory. However,
                                                     thinking it will solve
                                                     anything is where you go
                                                     wrong. So, yes, in
                                                     that sense it is
                                                     useless. Necessary,
                                                     but useless.
                                                     \_ So you talk just to
                                                        pretend you care?
        \_ Umm, none of these are particularly out there.
2007/8/24-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47744 Activity:nil
       \_ Irina Slutsky has gigantic tits.
          \_ Slutsky? Is that a porn name?
             \- The Slutsky Thm is an important thm in probability theory.
2007/8/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47740 Activity:high Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/8/21-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47697 Activity:moderate
8/21    which # are you on?
        \_ 8 out of those 10 have never happened to me.
           I should just kill myself.
        \_ I did all of them with my first college g/f. Too bad she dumped
           me and moved to the East Coast.
        \_ My wife used to do all 10, and now she does 0.
           \_ No worries. She would've stopped putting out by now.
        \_ I never realized cosmo was so pornographic.
        \_ My wife used to do all 10 without me asking, and now she does 0.
           \_ That's because women don't really like sex. BTW, that
              article seemed like it was written for 16 year olds, which it
              probably was.
              \_ That's because you're doing it wrong.
                 \_ Yes, blame the victims.
              \_ The bad thing is that even though she doesn't seem to enjoy
                 sex anymore, she keeps on seducing me once a while.  But
                 after she gets me started and she takes off her pants, she
                 just lies still and not doing anything or showing any
                 emotion, and just waits for me to finish the whole thing.
                 Every way and everywhere I caress her or kiss her that used
                 to drive her wild, is only an annoyance to her and makes her
                 irritated.  The only thing she lets me do is to enter,
                 finish, and leave.  I mean, if she's not interested in sex,
                 why try to make me hot and then give me a cold treatment?
                 Why doesn'tan't she leave me alone?  This is now getting to a
                 point that when she tries to seduce me, I simply ask her to
                 stop.  -- PP
                 Every way and every place I caress her or kiss her that used
                 to drive her wild before, is only an annoyance to her and
                 makes her irritated.  The only thing she lets me do is to
                 enter, finish, and leave.  I mean, if she's not interested in
                 sex, why try to make me hot and then give me a cold
                 treatment?  Why doesn't she leave me alone?  This is now
                 getting to a point that when she tries to seduce me, I simply
                 ask her to stop.  -- PP
                 \_ You are making me sad.
                 \_ She's a woman. Sounds par for the course. At least you
                    are getting some for now. Expect that to end, too.
                 \_ Hey, this might come as a shocking concept to you but have
                    you actually, ya know... *talked with her* about this?  If
                    you're not a troll then, well, wow, it seems so obvious
                    that you need to be talking to your wife, not the motd.
                    \_ I'm not the PP, but talking doesn't lead anywhere.
                       Are you married? If you go to a therapist what will
                       happen is that everyone will feel good for a while,
                       nothing will change, and you pay for the therapists'
                       kids to go to college.
                       \_ You think talking == therapy? I sense communication
                          \_ Talking is a form of therapy. The whole point
                             of therapy is to get people to talk.
                             \_ No and no.  Please feel free to stop talking
                                \_ Yes and yes. Likewise.
                       \_ Where did I say go to therapy?  I said he should
                          talk to his wife.  You know, the woman he married,
                          his partner for life?  Yes, I'm married, and when
                          either of us is unhappy we talk about it and it
                          changes, whatever "it" is.  If he's not going to
                          talk to his wife and he can't mind read then why
                          get married?  Your wife should be someone you can
                          talk to.  If not, you married poorly.
                          \_ Sure, I can talk to my wife. That doesn't
                             mean anything will change. It's like your
                             wife talking to you about your porn habit or
                             leaving your socks on the floor or whatever.
                             Something might change, but don't count on it
                             long-term. "Honey, you need to put out more
                             often." "Okay, dear." Yeah, talking is really
                             helpful. You sound like one of those idiots
                             who thinks that talking actually solves
                             problems like depression, violent tendencies,
                             and other problems. Like a wife is going to
                             talk to her husband about how he drinks too
                             much and hits her. That usually works out
                             real well. This (poor sex life) is similar.
                             It's not asking your wife to please make sure
                             she adds ricotta to the spaghetti next time.
                             Talk is cheap and gets nowhere. A therapist
                                     \_ Talk at someone is cheap.  Talking
                                        to someone is not.  I suspect you
                                        do a lot of the first and very little
                                        of the latter.
                                        \_ I think he's a troll.  We're
                                           wasting precious bits even trying
                                           to 'help' this person.
                             is a little better, because it's good to hear
                             it from someone else. Overall, don't expect
                             talking to solve anything. My experience is
                             that talking is a good First Step and that
                             there is no Second Step other than divorce.
                             \_ Gosh, you're right.  My happy marriage where
                                we talk a lot is clearly a really crappy way
                                to do things.  Much better to be bitter and
                                just not say anything and just call your
                                divorce lawyer.  I can really see how a guy
                                beating his wife is very similar to your wife
                                being hot and cold.  Ok, no, I can't, but
                                since you can, that right there is saying a
                                lot about you.  You're either a troll (90%)
                                or really really really socially inept and
                                never should have married (10%).  Since you
                                posted your silly whining to the motd and
                                then attacked the most obvious first step
                                as being stupid, either way, I'm sure you're
                                not at all interested in saving your marriage,
                                assuming you even are married.
                                \_ They are similar in that they are
                                   fundamental dysfunctions that are very
                                   difficult to solve even with drugs
                                   and/or years of therapy. A conversation
                                   over a cup of coffee (or even a series
                                   of heartfelt letters written over
                                   years) may not solve such a problem.
                                   BTW, you guys should realize there are
                                   several people in this thread. I am not
                                   the guy whose wife is not putting out.
                                   \_ They are in no way similar.  If your
                                      wife is not putting out you may have
                                      bad breath and she's afraid to tell
                                      you.  If you're beating your wife,
                                      then you're a bastard and she shouldn't
                                      have to tell you not to.
                                      \_ Yes, they are similar. It's a
                                         form of abuse. We're not talking
                                         about bad breath here. It's
                                         closer to alcoholism and similar
                                         disorders as far as it being
                                         difficult to control. Do you
                                         think talking to your spouse
                                         about alcoholism will solve that
                                         problem? Perhaps, but not for
                                         most people - and we're not just
                                         talking chemical dependency here.
                                         If it was as simple as talking to
                                         one's wife then it wouldn't be a
                                         widespread problem like it is.
                                         \_ So now your wife being hot n cold
                                            means you're a victim of her
                                            abuse?  The same scale as if she
                                            was beating you or had a chemical
                                            dependency?  You're trolling or
                                            stupid or both.  Go ahead and add
                                            some last bit of idiocy in
                                            response if you'd like before
                                            someone deletes all this crap.
                                            I'm done being trolled.  Come
                                            back later when you're actually
                                            married and have something you'd
                                            like to talk about, kiddo.
                                            \_ You think this guy's wife
                                               isn't abusing him? Reread
                                               his plight again. It's
                                               abuse of the form that's
                                               bad enough to get divorced
                                               over. By the way, I've been
                                               with my woman for 15 years
                                               because she makes me sandwiches.
                                               How about you? Sounds to me
                                               like you just lucked into a
                                               sweet situation. Have you
                                               ever had a problem beyond
                                               your wife putting too much
                                               jelly on your PB&J?
                                               \_ No that isn't abuse.  Their
                                                  problem could be something
                                                  as simple as brushing his
                                                  teeth better.  Look at her
                                                  actions: she comes on to
                                                  him, then turns off when
                                                  they get close.  Better
                                                  brushing and bathing will
                                                  probably fix his problem
                                                  asssuming he's for real,
                                                  which I doubt.  As for me
                                                  it has been 15 years also
                                                  and yes she's great and I
                                                  went through a number of
                                                  losers before finding her
                                                  but talking is necessary
                                                  to keep things good by
                                                  avoiding some minor thing
                                                  turning into something big
                                                  for no reason.  I fail to
                                                  see why talking to your
                                                  own wife about something
                                                  could be considered bad or
                                                  useless in any way.  And
                                                  for the record, my wife knows
                                                  I hate PB and there's no
                                                  such thing as too much J. :-)
                                                  i am extremely clean.
                                                  \_ I am also clean. -emarkp
                                                  \_ [please don't edit my
                                                      posts, thanks.  if you
                                                      were really that funny
                                                      then you could be funny
                                                      without changing what
                                                      someone else has said]
                                                  \_ It's certainly not bad
                                                     to talk to your wife.
                                                     In fact, I'd say it
                                                     is mandatory. However,
                                                     thinking it will solve
                                                     anything is where you go
                                                     wrong. So, yes, in
                                                     that sense it is
                                                     useless. Necessary,
                                                     but useless.
                                                     \_ So you talk just to
                                                        pretend you care?
        \_ Umm, none of these are particularly out there.
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