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2021/06/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/8/21-23 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:47691 Activity:nil
8/21    If you like bulked up women humiliating lesser women then
        you'll love my group:
2007/8/21-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47683 Activity:nil
8/20    My girlfriend keeps sending me links about Andrea Dworkin
        criticism.  Good or bad sign?
        \_ bad. Sorry. It's biological that we need to seek a new
           mate every 5-8 years. Don't get fooled into thinking a good
           relationship & sex life lasts forever.
           \_ Wow.  That's pretty damn clueless.
        \_ I'm ok with not having sex every single day.  Or even every
           single week.  but 6 months?  and instead of having sex
           she's reading Dworkin all the time.  bleah.
           \_ Why do you put up with this?  Because you think things will
              change all of a sudden, or you don't think you can do better?
2007/8/21-23 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:47682 Activity:low
8/20    I'm never getting laid again. - below-poster
        \_ You sound depressed. Why? Why is it so important to get laid?
           Why does the society equate happiness with getting laid? As
           a higher functioning animal, we should not have to have sex.
           Chemically, it is simply exchanging fluid, reproducing, and
           releasing endorphines. Our sex drives interferes with our
           intellectual capacity, our motivations, our morales. You
           don't HAVE to have sex to get that chemical endorphine. You
           don't HAVE to have sex to reach a state of complacency and
           comfort. Here is my secret and I want to share it with yall.
           After my repeatedly breakups my shrink prescribed
           SSRIs and ever since then I stopped having sexual urges.
           My productivity shot up drastically; I'm a lot calmer and
           methodical than ever, and I've actually become more popular!
           Tell your doctor that you'd like to try out different SSRIs.
           It's the most amazing lifestyle enhancing supplement you'll
           ever take in your life. It's hella better than Viagra... not
           that you'll ever want to waste time & money on it after SSRI.
           \_ What brave new world, that has such people in it.
           \_ O brave new world that has such people in it.
              \_ But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want
                 real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.
              \_ Nice.  I was laughing at the above response, till I got to
                 the SSRI part.
           \_ I don't even know what SSRI is.  Does that make me lame or
              fortunate?  BTW, what is SSRI?
2007/8/21-23 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:47681 Activity:nil
8/20    I love R Kelly
2007/8/19-20 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:47653 Activity:high
8/17    What is the difference between being celibate and abstinence?
        \_ One is "I'm celibate thus I'm closer to God!" and the other
           one is "I've tried abstinence but it doesn't work when I'm
           too horny."
           \- Dont consider this authoritative but after some reflection:
              1. celibacy AFAIK is only WRT sex, as with chastity.
                 abstinence is potentially broader.
                  \_ I think you may have that reversed. I see celibacy
                     used often about priests, implying a broad absence
                     of romance.
                     \- i dont understand what you are saying.
                        a doctor might say "you need to abstain from sex
                        for 2 weeks after your penis operation". he would
                        not say "you need to remain chaste/celibate".
                        note that chastity/chaste can refer to not having
                        extra-maritial sex. again the precise or theoretical
                        differences arent that important since actualy
                        differences arent that important since actual
                        use is pretty loose and defined by context.
                        \_ I think I misunderstood your post, nevermind.
                           (didn't take it in context as a reply to parent)
              2. celibacy i believe usually suggest a some kind of external
                 motivating factor, usually religious obligation or
                 recommendation. abstinence might slightly more suggest an
                 internal "lifestyle choice".
              3. in practice, they are all pretty synonymous. how many people
                 distinguish between "persuade" and "convince" for example...
                 a case where even people who know the differnece dont bother
                 with it.
                 even people who know the difference dont bother with it.
2007/8/13-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47606 Activity:nil
8/13    what is a mustache ride?
        \_ (NSFW)
2007/8/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47593 Activity:high
8/12    Hey, fuck you. Nobody cares about Fred Thompson (R).
        \_ Right, but people care about his busty wife.
           \_ Interesting. Please post more about his busty wife. BTW
              I find it interesting that Google's auto-complete fills
              "Fred Thompson's wife" when you type "Fred Thompson's "
              as if it already knew what I was going to type.    -op
              \_ Jeri Thompson, hot!
           \_ Isn't Guliani's wife even younger?
              \_ Is she as busty?
           \_ Kucinich's wife is pretty flat, but HOTT
              \_ Oxymoron alert. 1 != 0. The world is not flat.
                 \_ Kucinich's wife is the world?
2007/8/7-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47557 Activity:nil
8/7     Fear of stocky black guy forces state legislator to pay him for sex:
           Recreational Interest:
           water sports
2007/8/3-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47527 Activity:nil
8/3     Hypothesis: Many guys don't care whether the woman they're
        having sex with is enjoying it.  Women who enjoy sex in general,
        don't enjoy having sex with one of these guys.  Bitter Sexless Guy
        is one of these guys, therefore he doesn't get to have sex with
        women who enjoy it.
        \_ Why should you care if she enjoys it when she herself doesn't
           care and just wants it over with as quickly as possible?
           \_ begging the question.
              \_ My sister used to refer to sex with her husband as her
                 'wifely duty'. That is just such a turn-on for us guys,
                 but it is how women perceive sex.
                 \_ What does she refer to sex with you as?
                    \_ Incest
        \_ So what has the motd taught us about women?  They don't like sex,
           unless they're porn stars or psychologically damaged, but they
           still have sex but it is only to get to a guy's wallet, except for
           the 0, 2, or 30% of women are who nothing like that, except for the
           ones that BSG runs into who all can magically detect he is one of
           'those guys' who doesn't care if the woman is enjoying it.  Did I
           miss anything?  And oh yeah, a few people are morons, idiots, and/or
           misogynists but that goes without saying around here.
           \_ It's not that women can tell BDG doesn't enjoy sex, it's that
              women can tell BDG doesn't like women.
        \_ I don't think the idea was that the guy doesn't care, but that
           regardless if he cares, the woman still doesn't really enjoy it
           (on average as relationship time increases or some such).
           Actually I think that this really does apply to guys too... guys
           get bored of women too. There is still the issue that guys get off
           WAY more easily than most women.
           \_ No, there is science (as well as plenty of anecdote) which
              shows that many women enjoy sex.  So the question is why BSG
              has the impression that women don't enjoy sex, when many of
              them clearly do.  A possible answer is that he has no clue in
              bed.  -tom
              \_ What science is that?
                 \_ The recently-posted study, as well as dozens of others,
                    going back to the Kinsey Report.  -tom
                    \_ You don't believe Kinsey, do you?
                       \_ No, I trust Bitter Sexless Guy as the ultimate
                          authority on women's sexual behavior.  -tom
                          \_ Did you ever read Kinsey and what academics
                             think of it? Kinsey and Hite are crap.
                             \_ And Bitter Sexless Guy is respected as the
                                ultimate arbiter!
           \_  # According to an article published in the Journal of the
               American Medical Association, 43% of women suffer from some kind
               of sexual problem or another.
               # In a recent survey conducted by Laumann and colleagues at the
               University of Chicago, 33.4% of American women ages 18-59
               reported that HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire) was their most
               common sexual problem.
               \_ 18-59 is a huge age range.
               \_ Of those, almost 100% also mentioned other stresses in their
                  lives, including unromantic partners who were just interested
                  in getting off and rolling over.
               # I would make the argument that the 33% number is just
               self-reporting and the real number is much, much higher. I
               base this on anecdotal evidence, but for sake of argument
               let's assume that number is correct. You still have a 1 in 3
               chance of ending up with a frigid wife no matter how good
               of a lover or husband you are. To me, that's pretty
               indicative of women not really being into sex. What's the
               number for men? 5%? Less?
               \_ Asserting something doesn't make it true.  You must be
                  \_ "let's assume that number is correct"
               \_ Lots of old guys are not interested in sex anymore.
2007/8/2-3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47520 Activity:high
8/2     Dear married & sexually frustrated men: what do you do if your
        marriage is pretty good but is without sex? What do you do to
        relieve your frustration and/or get your mind off sex?
        \_ I take variants of SSRI (prescribed by my doc) and it suppresses
           my urges. It redirects my sexual energy into useful work. I've
           my urges. It redirects my sexual energy into gay urges. I've
           my urges. It redirects my sexual energy into other urges. I've
           noticed my productivity at work increased drastically and I'm
           getting a promotion soon. I also started to appreciate the
           finer things in life like eating at fine restaurants and
           listening to opera. I wish I knew about SSRI inhibiters earlier--
           I might have done better in school and work instead of chasing
           women. SSRI is the best lifestyle enhancement drug I've ever
           taken in my life.
           \_ but it's also supposed help those with premature ejaculation.
              maybe your wife is actually willing to have sex with you now!
              \_ See this (women taking forever to O) is another issue.
                 Why does it have to be so much work? No wonder they don't
                 enjoy it if it's so hard for them to get off. I can last
                 a long time with a condom but then it feels stupid, like
                 doing some aerobic exercise.
                 \_ Let me guess... you are the same guy who thinks that
                    women don't enjoy sex. Am I right?
                    \_ No. He's obviously another guy involved with an
                       anomalous woman who doesn't like sex, because most
                       women love to wake up in the morning and scrape
                       fetid cum out of their cooches.
        \_ I jacked off 9 times today.  No joke.
        \_ I'm thinking about getting a Fleshlight.  RealDoll would be much
           better, but it's too expensive and I have no place to hide it.
        \_ Is the problem just in the bedroom or is the entire relationship
           soul sapping?  If the latter, take a hard look at yourself and
           ask "Am I a loser" and "What would I settle for".  If you are not
           fat and greasey or in a McJob, see what your exposure is if you
        \_ Cheat. Strippers. Put all your energy into work. Divorce. Any
           other options? Therapy just puts the therapist's kids through
           \_ UFC
2007/8/2-3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47509 Activity:high
8/2     John Edwards hints he cracked his wife's rib during sex
        and this is how they discovered her cancer came back.  I'll vote
        for any candidate virile enough to still be living out their
        biological imperative.  Hillary obviously hasn't had sex since
        1998.  Fred Thompson probably bones his 50 year old wife every
        chance he gets.  Kucinich's 30 year old wife is TOTALLY HOT.
        \_ Kucinich's wife's pics please?
           \_ obgoogle.
           \_ yeah use google.  she's fucking hot and 30 years younger
              than him, no joke.
           \- Look for "Human Mole" in /csua/lib/wall/wl.20070426
              \_ Are we talking about Newt Kucinich or Dennis Kucinich?
           \_ She's a redhead, but she's not all that hot. Average looking
              white redhead chick who is not fat. Would I bang her? Sure.
              Would I brag about it afterwards? Not really, unless I was
              as old as Dennis Kucinich. For a guy his age she's a score.
        \_ I wonder how Arnie the macho man does in bed.
           \_ Perfect combination: steroid-damaged genitalia and anorexic's
              phobia of sex. A true Republican couple.
              \_ Wow, 4 kids out of "steroid-damaged genitalia and anorexic's
                 phobia of sex." That is A True Republican Couple!
        \_ At least you're not voting blindly....
        \_ Fred Thompson's wife hot!
        \_ Fred Thompson's wife HOT!
        \_ "To feel closer to God"?  Oh, so all those Catholic priests were
           just trying to bring those boys closer to God.  I see.
        \_ Wife:    "What the heck?  John's Johnson is on vacation again?  Gee,
                    you're worse than a dildo."
           Edwards: "You bitch!" (Crack)
        \_ Huh? I read that his wife cracked her rib moving furniture. URL?
           \_ At least she didn't "fall down the stairs"
2007/8/1 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:47494 Activity:nil 66%like:47493
8/1     Sex is a health risk
2007/7/31-8/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47485 Activity:high
7/31    Lust trumps love when it comes to having sex
        \_ I knew this all along. Girls just want to have fun.
           \_ The motd taught me that women don't want to have sex.  I'm soooo
              confused now.  Oh please help me Motd Girl Gods!
              \_ By the way, this is the reason that they have sex but it
                 doesn't say anything about frequency or enjoyment of the act.
              \_ They just don't want sex with me.
              \_ They say they want to have sex. They may even act like it
                 if it helps them land a man. However, they do not
              \_ They say they want to have sex. They may even act like they
                 like it if it helps them land a man. However, they do not
                 actually like it and would be just happy if they never
                 had sex again. Witness how lesbians progress in
                 1. Date
                 2. Move in together
                 3. Get a dog
                 4. Have sex
                 \_ in addition to being unable to get laid, you apparently
                    have never met an actual lesbian either.
                    \_ I'm sure you're an expert on lesbians and also
                       think that the actions of actors on "Sex in the City"
                       are representative of reality. Women like sex so
                       much that some even fake the Big O to get it over with.
                       Yes, I'm sure they can't wait for more. Give them
                       a Black Amex card and never touch them again and
                       they'll be happy as shit. You know which women love
                       sex? Psychos, traumatized women, and fat chicks.
                       I'm sure most of your experience is in the latter
                       category. Not that they like the act itself either,
                       but it's a big ego boost for them that someone is
                       actually interested in them.
                       \_ project your issues much?
                          \_ Fucked a lot of fat chicks, huh?
                       \_ Hey BDG is that you? I have probably dated more
                          women than you and in any case I have dated many.
                          And I can say that while there is a whiff of truth in
                          what you say, I have known many women who enjoyed
                          sex who were good looking, not crazy and not
                          traumatized. I even married one. I am sorry that your
                          experience has been otherwise.
                          \_ The key is that women who like sex and aren't
                             a big bundle of issues are way out of BDG's
                             league.  Women can smell that kind of misogyny
                             from a mile off, and the ones with their heads
                             screwed on straight know to stay the fuck away
                             from that kind of crap.  The sane like to fuck
                             the sane.  Crazy that.  (Note, this also is the
                             reason stupid frat guys think the crazy ones are
                             the best in bed.)
                             \_ So in a nutshell what you are saying is
                                that it's hard to date the 2% of sane
                                women who enjoy sex. I would agree with
                                that. It would be a lot easier if, say,
                                90% of sane women enjoyed sex.
                                \_ No I'm saying that by being a creep you've
                                   limited youtself to the bottom 10%, but if
                                   it makes you feel better you can pretend
                                   that that is a larger chunk of the female
                                   \_ Bottom 10%. Haha! What a laugh! You
                                      base this on what exactly?
                                         \_ It's not just me. Look at how
                                            many married men are unhappy with
                                            their sex lives. Look at how
                                            many women say they aren't
                                            really into sex. I've heard
                                            two ex-wives (neither mine)
                                            say "I don't care if I ever
                                            have sex again" and also
                                            heard women say that their
                                            husbands wanted sex too often.
                                            Face it: sex isn't a big deal
                                            husbands want sex too often.
                                            Face it: Sex isn't a big deal
                                            to most women like it is to
                                            men. Reason: It's not that
                                            interesting to them.
                                            \_ Married men tend to be happier
                                               with their sex lives than single
                                               men. No one is arguing that women
                                               want to have sex as often as men
                                               do, we just object to your
                                               characterization of every woman
                                               who enjoys sex as psycho. I
                                               would like to have sex with my
                                               wife every day, but she does not
                                               want to have it that often. That
                                               does not mean she is frigid or
                                               that I am unhappy.
                                               "Eighty-three percent of men
                                                enjoy sex "a great deal"; that
                                                falls to 59 percent of women. "
                                               I don't think anyone would
                                               dispute that men tend to have
                                               higher sex drives than women.
                                               I wish I could have sex every
                                               night with my wife, but she does
                                               not want it that often. That does
                                               not make her frigid or mean that
                                               I am unhappy with my sex life.
                                               \_ No. It just means she doesn't
                                                  like sex that much. 31%
                                                  of women report they aren't
                                                  into sex from your own
                                                  survey. You then say
                                                  your wife doesn't want
                                                  it often. End result:
                                                  Women don't enjoy sex
                                                  that much. I will claim
                                                  (with only anecdotal
                                                  data) that the 31% number is
                                                  actually twice that or
                                                  more. 31% were being honest.
                                                  It also includes newlyweds.
                                                  Check out that ~50% of
                                                  people over 30 are
                                                  dissatisfied with their
                                                  sex lives for a dose of
                                                  reality - and that's
                                                  just those willing to be
                                                  honest about it.
                                                  \_ At least you are changing
                                                     your tune from "no women
                                                     enjoy sex" to "2%" to
                                                     at least 1/3. Everything
                                                     isn't black or white, like
                                                     in a computer program.
                                                     \_ If you put a gun to my
                                                        head and asked me
                                                        if women ejoy sex my
                                                        if women enjoy sex my
                                                        answer would be no.
                                                        There is some contingent
                                                        of women (e.g. porn
                                                        stars) who seem to enjoy
                                                        it, but my argument is
                                                        that they  are effed up
                                                        in some way.
                                                        \_ porn stars appear to
                                                           be among the women
                                                           who least enjoy
                                                           \_ Based on their
                                                              proclivity for
                                                              fucking all the
                                                              time? I wonder
                                                              what they'd be
                                                              like if they
                                                              actually enjoyed
                                      \_ While either 90% of my relationships
                                         have been with this magic 2% that
                                         actually has a spine and enjoys
                                         sex or your numbers are off.  I know
                                         full well I'm not enough of a super
                                         hottie to be consistantly getting
                                         the best of the best, so I'm going
                                         to go with the problem being you.
                                         \_ How would you know if they actually
                                            enjoyed sex?? -!bdg
                                            \_ Not only that, but how long
                                               were the relationships?
                                               Every women will claim to
                                               Every woman will claim to
                                               love sex for the first year
                                               or two. That doesn't mean
                                               they do. Look at how common
                                               "inhibited sexual desire"
                                               is for women.
                                               is for women. After that
                                               euphoric "honeymoon phase"
                                               in a new relationship where
                                               she sucks you off every day
                                               the sex dwindles to where
                                               women prefer it to be: minimal.
                                               That's why guys divorce
                                               even superhotties in favor
                                               of fresh meat. Women don't
                                               put out if they don't feel
                                               they have to. Men will
                                               screw a knothole in a tree.
                                               Why? They like sex!
                          \_ When you first meet women they will of course
                             pretend to enjoy sex.
                             \_ right, and they also lie about it to people
                                conducting surveys!
                                \_ Because no one ever lies on surveys.
                                   Hell, some lie about it to themselves.
                                   \_ I'll take the survey results over the
                                      assertions of a misogynistic MOTD
                                      idiot, thanks.  -tom
                                      \_ I don't think it's misogynistic
                                         to say that women don't enjoy
                                         sex. How does that put women
                                         down? It's just how things are.
                                         If women were biologically wired to
                                         enjoy sex then they would have more
                                         children than they could care
                                         for. Women *are* wired to please
                                         their mates so that they stick
                                         around, but that's not the same
                                         as enjoying sex for the sake of
                                         the act. The women who enjoy sex
                                         for the sake of it are either
                                         young and inexperienced or messed
                                         up in some way. It sounds misogynistic
                                         to say that until you realize
                                         it's biological.
                                         \_ maybe you're not misogynistic,
                                            maybe you're just an idiot.  -tom
                                            \_ Or maybe I'm right.
                                               \_ I think that has been
                                                  thoroughly eliminated as a
                                                  possibility.  -tom
                                                  \_ Yes, because you
                                                     believe what your wife
                                                     tells you. BTW, is
                                                     she fat? Just wondering.
        \_ go read
  (, PDF)
2007/7/30-8/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47467 Activity:nil
7/30    Love Hello Kitty? Love real kitties? Here ya go         !oj
2007/7/29-8/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47462 Activity:kinda low
7/29    my girlfriend would rather read Snapes fucks Hermione
        after pining after her for 10 years (to avoid any icky
        Snape vs 17 year old girl fan fiction) fan fiction
        than have sex with me.  I wish I was kidding.
        \_ Does this say more about you or more about her?
           \_ it's both of us, i realize this.
              \_ You probably realize as well your relationship is broken.
                 Fix it or leave.  Unless you are a weak loser who is ok
                 picking up crumbs.
        \_ I told you: women don't like sex.
           \_ Amount of sex decreases drastically after the 5th-7th year.
              You can expect nearly 0 after 8th. And they become bitchier
              and pick on every little thing about you and drive you away.
              This is of course all biological and instinctive, because
              human beings need need new blood for survival.
              \_ What do you suggest to us old timers? Have a fling with
                 pages and interns?
              \_ Isn't that only supposed to happen if you don't have a
                 child by then?
                 \_ Happens WITH or WITHOUT.
                    \_ Not for me. Been with my wife seven years now.
                    \_ Not for me. Been with my wife seven years now. Still
                       having lots of sex with her.
                       \_ and who else?
                          \_ Yermom
              \_ BDG, we've missed you!  Welcome back!  -- BDG #1 Fan
              \_ Married 11 years, sex varies from once per month to several
                 times per week.
                 times per week. Marital bliss continues unabated.
           \_ Nope.  They just don't like having sex with you or op.  Sorry.
        \_ Fan fic: odd.  Fan fic porn: somewhat disturbing.  Rather read
           somewhat disturbing fan fic instead of having sex with you?
2021/06/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/7/28-8/1 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:47459 Activity:moderate
7/27    I'm on business in DC for a week. I had last been here 10 years
        ago. The whole area is teeming with women just like Silicon Valley
        was teeming with men and devoid of women. They aren't perhaps as
        fit as the women in Atlanta, but they are thin and attractive and
        there are so many of them! The ratio in Georgetown tonight of
        women to men was probably 5:1. So many women walking alone or in
        small groups. Amazing.
        \_ holy shit DC is a fucking humid shithole this time of year.
           have fun.
           \_ It hasn't been so bad overall. I was expecting the worst, but
              it hasn't been over about 88. Last time I was here was also
              in July and I was miserable. I understand they are having a
              drought, so maybe that's why it's not as humid and hot.
           \_ Maybe OP has an anal fatish and is looking for fucking humid
              shithole all along.
           \_ Maybe OP has an anal fatish.
        \_ And yet you still couldn't get laid.  I wonder why?
           \_ Probably because my girlfriend is with me. I am just trying
              to help out my CSUA brethren. If you're into Asian chicks
              I even saw lots of hot Japanese girls at the restaurant
              we ate at last night. If I was looking for a woman I would
              consider moving here (and then leaving later).
        \_ DC has been like that as far as I can remember. -- From DC
           \_ Maybe. This is only my second time here. I wonder why they
              aren't more careful given the high crime. I keep thinking
              about Chandra Levy. I also wonder where all the men are.
              I read on Wikipedia that there are 100 females for every
              86 males overall, but it seems more than that in the wealthier
              areas - especially when looking at populations of young whites.
              \_ White people have no reason to go to the dangerous parts
                 of DC. -- From DC
        \_ There's certainly something going on there. Maybe it's the number
           of interns, law students, wannabe polticos, and tourists, but yeah,
           DC has a large number of beautiful women. Mind you, it also has
           more than its fair share of crazy homeless people, so there are
           tradeoffs everywhere.
           \_ Yes, but it's like Berkeley in that way, but with lots of pretty
              white women.
           \_ In my experience, it's young women with political / activist
              ambitions. The tourists are dressed differently. -- From DC
              or law ambitions. The tourists are dressed differently.
                -- From DC
2007/7/27-29 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:47446 Activity:nil
7/27    HOTT!!!!!!!!!!
        \_ "I play [WOW] a lot, but mostly because I have nothing else to do."
           How about getting a job and some exercise?
2007/7/23-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47394 Activity:kinda low
7/23    Anyone watched Wife Swap on ABC? Is it just me or it seems
        like they made the liberal housewife seem overly evil (drinking
        alcohol & swearing in front of kids) and the conservative
        housewife too good to be true? I mean, I've never met a woman
        who would actually stay home, *cook* amazing meal, clean house,
        take care of kids (and preach religion), and be really nice to her
        husband! It's just too good to be true. It makes me want to be
        part of the religious movement even though I'm not religious.
        \_ Who wouldn't want a cheerful slave^H^H^H^H^Hhelpmeet to tend
           to him and his family?
           \_ Yeah much better for everyone if the illegal nanny raises the
              kids speaking Spanish while they're both out improving their
              self-esteem and bank accounts climbing the corporate ladder
              and making money so they can afford the best divorce lawyers
              later.  But don't worry about the kids, they'll be much happier
              after their biological parents are divorced so they'll have
              even more time to spend with the nanny/mom.
              \_ Yay, one-dimensional caricatures duking it out as proxies for
                 complex social issues on both sides!
                 \_ Post a caricature, get a caricature back.  Welcome to the
                    motd.  Let us know when you have the motd quality sound
                    bite that properly analyses today's complex social issues.
                    \_ "on both sides" Welcome to the Reading is Fundamental.
                       I didn't post the previous caricature.
                       \_ Try again.  Reading *is* fundamental.  Please try it.
        \_ There are plenty of good women out there.  Your odds of meeting
           them in a place like San Francisco are very low.
           \_ The definition of good/bad is very subject. However, I will
              1/2 agree with you that the odds of meeting a CONSERVATIVE
              woman in SF is very low. Most of them are ultra liberal and
              care more about saving the whale and saving whatever crap
              over anything else. I'm not even going to into their bad
              habits like alcohol, marijane, Burning Man, bad music,
              party, not shaving legs and ride Critical Mass, etc etc.
               I will on the other hand have to say that I'm very
              impressed by the Indian women in San Jose/Sunnyvale. Many
              of them were brought over by their husbands who work in
              the tech industry and seem very nice people. Two of my
              co-workers' wives also cook everyday, raise kids, take care
              of their homes meticulously, and treat their husbands
              like king. Obedient wives I've met: Punjabi and the ones
              from different parts Southern India. Worst wives I've met:
              Bengali. Bengalis are extremely well educated and pretty
              much white inside, love to wear nice expensive Western
              accoutrement, drive Mercedes, and divorce easily.
              \_ congrats on being able to differentiate between punjabi
                 bengali southern india whatever.  i don't know the difference,
                 and i don't care.
           \_ Depends on what you are looking for. I would rather that my
              wife be educated and have her own career, so we can pay for
              a maid to do the housecleaning. Divorce rates are highest
              amongst Conservative Christians, probably because they tend
              to marry so young.
              \_ Been there, done that.  Fired the maid.  Wife left her job.
                 We're much happier now.  The idea that your wife is just
                 there as a maid and never seeing her because you're both
                 exhausted from work and never in a good mood is why divorce
                 rates are high.  And who says your stay at home traditional
                 wife can't be educated?  And who is raising your kids while
                 you're both out at work having a career?  The nanny?  Day
                 \_ Kids are passe. The real problem is having any to
                    begin with.
                    \_ Uh yeah, the whole country should just stop having kids.
                       That is a great plan.  Why did you bother posting?
                       \_ I wouldn't have any problem with no one anywhere
                          ever having any kids.
                          \_ Which makes you a freak and not a reasonable
                             participant in these sorts of discussions.
                 \_ I only work 40 hrs/wk and am not particularly exhausted
                    from my job. I am sure my wife would be crankier if she
                    stayed at home all day, since she finds work fulfilling.
                    Why is your wife the stay-at-home one and not you?
                    \_ Because I made 50% more than her at the time.  I would
                       have been perfectly happy to stay home if it was the
                       other way around.  Does that unruffle any ruffled up
                       political correctness feathers?  I'm honestly glad you
                       and your wife find work fulfilling.  Most people find
                       work stressful and unfulfilling.  Having a job that
                       doesn't wear you down is important to happiness for
                       both of you.
                       \_ Glad you found something that works for you both.
                          And yes, the daughter is in daycare about 35 hours
                          a week, which she loves. We think she is happier
                          this way, but it is kind of hard to tell. We still
                          spend more time with her than they do. We think the
                          chance to get socialized is good for her.
                          \_ I don't see how a child can be happier in day
                             care instead of with her parents for all that
                             time.  By age 5-6 kids are in kindergarten or
                             first grade where they get plenty of social time
                             and might actually start to learn something in
                             some areas.  I'm curious what you base the
                             "we think she is happier this way" part on?  How
                             old is she?
                             \_ She shows visible excitement and runs off
                                to play everytime I drop her off. She used
                                to cry when I dropped her off (the first week)
                                now she doesn't even look back and say
                                "bye." She is a toddler, so it is hard to
                                have a conversation with her.
2007/7/23-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47388 Activity:nil
7/23    some of these teachers are kind of hot (WorldNetDaily: The big list: Female teachers
        with students)
        \_ Some?  Just ONE.  The rest of them, you have to think, are
           abusing their position of relative power to get student sex.
           \_ I can count about a dozen or more who are attractive.  Remember,
              some of these are booking photos where the woman is not wearing
              makeup and has probably been up all night crying about having to
              go to jail. In fact, I am surprised at how attractive some of
              these women are.
              these women are. At least three of them were beauty pageant
              \_ Just ONE! Just ONE! I tell you! (which one, btw?) I agree
                 with the previous poster.
2007/7/20-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47362 Activity:low
7/20    Is there a difference between a regular X rated movie vs. a
        XXX rated movie? Does XX exist? Does the number of X increase
        the level of eroticism?
<<<<<<< Other Changes Below
        \_ 'X' ratings are purely a construct of the adult entertainment
        \_ XX is BUSHCO's ass inspection.
        \_ None of them 'exist' officially.  Officially, there is no 'X'.
        \_ I was told this by a female friend: X is softcore, XXX actually
           shows the penetration and beyond. I forget what XX summarized to.
           But accoring to wikipedia, these ratings are not governed or
           accepted by an organization and the porn maker can put how many
           ever Xs they want.
>>>>>>> Your Changes Above
           \_ Given that R can show almost anything except penetration, how
              does your friend figure X is the same thing?  The letter doesn't
              mean anything.  There is no ratings board for porn so they just
              slap a few X's on everything.
           \_ What would a chick know about this?
              \_ A bit more than the motd poster.  Maybe you're hanging out
                 with the right/wrong chicks?
2007/7/20-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47352 Activity:high
7/20    I've concluded that both cats and dogs are stupid and are not
        worthy of my companionship. Is there a place to buy pet monkeys?
        I'd appreciate any info on monkey breeders. I only want to buy
        from ethical breeders and not evil monkey mills. Thanks!
           \_ Thanks for injecting a rare dose of reality into the motd.
        \_ Why not just have a child?
           \_ The condomless (aka it feels so much better without) guy
              is probably working on it right now.
              \_ Given I know someone who had a kid despite using both pills
                 and condoms, I see cheer the condomless guy's desire to
                 enjoy sex (assuming she's on the pill.)
                       - guy forced to wear a condom
                 \_ Asian women in general don't like taking pills, and
                    are not as active or motivated by sex as Caucasians
                    Are you by any chance dating an Asian?
                    \_ This implies that any women that haven't been
                       molested or are into drugs (or both, like strippers)
                       are actually sexually active and/or motivated by sex.
                       Women like sex for one reason: to have kids.
                       \_ Plenty of women are motivated by sex.  Just not
                          sex with *you*.  -tom
                          \_ I disagree vehemently. Sex is a tool for
                             women. Reason being: They can get laid
                             whenever they want. Where's the excitement in
                             that? It's about as exciting for them as jerking
                             off is for men: fun when you're 13 but not so
                             fun at 38.
                             \_ I'm with tom on this one.  It isn't about that
                                they can get laid (but with *who* is an import-
                                ant question), but that actually having sex is
                                good if the sex is good.  Maybe you need one
                                of those 'sexual pleasure for dummies' books?
                                Are you related to BDG?
                                \_ BDG is a very wise man. Let me tell
                                   you, I'm a *guy* and I find sex boring
                                   these days. It was really fun at 18.
                                   Now, eh. Like roleplaying games and
                                   illicit drugs, its time has past.
                                   \_ I think they have pills for that now.
                                   \_ Find a new lover and get a book on better
                                      sex.  BTW, there's more to sex than
                                      missionary + 30 seconds (you @18).
                                   \_ If you find sex boring, that explains
                                      why women don't want to have sex
                                      with you.  -tom
                                      \_ "Women don't want to have sex
                                         with you" is your own proposition.
                                         with you" is your own assertion.
                                         I never said that. I said women
                                         aren't into sex except for
                                         procreation beyond the
                                         experimentation stage unless they
                                         are addicts or psycho. They might
                                         have sex. They might pretend to like
                                         it. They don't, except perhaps if it
                                         makes their man happy. I know
                                         this because I've heard a lot of
                                         women say it and they weren't talking
                                         about me when they said it. Tom,
                                         as a guy, wouldn't know anything
                                         other than what his doting wife
                                         told him to his face.
                                         \_ actually it was yer mom.  -tom
                                         \_ Which explains why so many married
                                            women cheat?  Because they hate
                                            sex and do it for their man?  Ok.
                 \_ Seriously, if someone had a kid while using pills and
                    a condom I'd suspect intentional sabatoge.
                    \_ I was gonna post this too. You can't really know that
                       she was really on the pill. And... what if it's not his
                       kid? Haha.
                       \_ Those of you with kids have 6 months to get you and
                          the kid tested and contest your fatherhood before
                          you're stuck forever raising some red headed kid.
                          The going rate for accidental discovery of
                          mismatched blood types (usually discovered many
                          years later for medical procedures) is about 10%.
                          Contested rates are about 1/3rd.  So, if there are
                          10 motd parents out there the odds are really good
                          at least one of you is raising some other guy's kid.
                          \_ uh, that's not what those stats mean.
                             \_ It's exactly what they mean.
                 \_ You're not forced to wear a condom.  You chose your mate.
                 \_ My wife doesn't want to go on the pill either. So now
                    we just have anal all the time.
2007/7/19-21 [Health, Politics, Recreation/Dating] UID:47343 Activity:kinda low
7/19    After you try sex without condom, everything else is like...
        watching Gigli (the movie). Blah!
        \_ Hint: Caucasian girls are more likely to take the pills.
        \_ Is this condom guy? Did you finally get your wish of
           condomless sex? Congratulations!
           \_ Good news: Yes, he did
              Bad news: It was with a guy.
              \_ Good news: he's not a father!
2007/7/18-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47331 Activity:nil
        Which of you sodans already has one of these?
        \_ One of whats?  No one is going to read your link to find out.
        \_ I doubt if they are better than RealDoll.
2007/7/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47324 Activity:high
7/17    i can't figure out if the strapless bra i bought (32DD) is too big
        or too small in the cups.

        if i hold the cups right up against my chest and i don't fasten
        the bra, my breasts fit into them perfectly. once i fasten the bra,
        everything is a mess.

        there is some gapping of the cup and there is some sort of crease on
        the bottom of the cup near the underwire, like the cup is folding
        over itself. it seems that the bra is either being pulled very
        tightly there (band too tight?) or that the cup is too big and
        it's falling down. also the underwire absolutely will not sit at
        the bottom of my breasts. it's about a centimeter too low and that
        crease that has come about sits where the underwire should.

        on the top of the cups, especially near the armpits, i have
        serious spillage. i can't figure out if this is just chest fat
        being constricted or if it's breast tissue spilling over, but it
        looks awful. this makes me think that maybe the cup is too small.

        or maybe the cups are too tall. when i try to pull them up
        (this is almost impossible) the bra digs into my armpits, but it is
        then and only then that my breasts fit properly into the bra.

        what do you think my problem sounds like? too big? too small?
        i'm so frustrated. i'm not returning it because i'm only going to
        be wearing it once or twice and i'd rather look bad once or twice
        than go through the process of ordering and returning 15+ strapless
        bras before i find one that fits. by the time that happens
        it will be too cold to wear the pretty dress i bought
        \_ Your boobs are sagging.  Spare us from your pix please.
2007/7/9-11 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47236 Activity:nil
7/9     motd boob guy and motd stem cell research guy and emarkp,
        your prayers have been answered
        \_ Don't forget women who've gone through a mastectomy.  If it can be
           used in those cases, it'd be a tremendous breakthrough for many
           women.  Oh, and nice troll there. -emarkp
           \_ np
2007/7/8-10 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:47228 Activity:high
7/8     Psychology Today: Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature
        \_ exerpt: "The surprising answer is that Muslim suicide bombing has
           nothing to do with Islam or the Quran (except for two lines).
           It has a lot to do with sex, or, in this case, the absence
           of sex."
           GREAT reading thanks.
        \_ nice article.
        \_ So Hitler had it right all along, lets propagate the Aryan
           race since that's what is genetically desirable.  What a load
           of crap, once of the worst articles I've read in a long time.
           of crap, one of the worst articles I've read in a long time.
           Yeah, we can generalize the extremely complex human behavior
           in a few pages. I've never known White guys to like those
           small busted women with straight black hair, who would be
           attracted to them over blondes?  And blonds are so much hotter
           than those ugly ethnic women like Beyonce or Halle Berry.
           The fact the article starts with this B.S. destroys the
           credibility for the rest of their claims.  The whole
           small busted women with brown eyes and straight black hair...
           who would be attracted to them over blondes?  And blonds are so
           much hotter than those ugly ethnic women like Beyonce or Halle
           Berry. The fact the article starts with this B.S. destroys the
           who would be attracted to them over blondes?  And lets not
           forget those ugly ethnic women like Beyonce, Halle Berry or
           J-Lo. The fact the article starts with this B.S. destroys the
           credibility of the rest of their claims.  The whole
           article is immediately refuted by the first line: "Human
           nature is one of those things that everybody talks about but
           no one can define."  And some people wonder why psychologists
           are not respected in the field of science.
           no one can define."  Congratulations, another article to
           boost the stellar reputation psychologists have in the field
           of science.
           \_ The blonde thing is just one example of the article's actual
              point about youth signifiers. It probably applies mostly to
              white women of course as blondes aren't found in Asia...
              Small girls with long shiny black hair probably evoke youth and
              health just as much or more. And not everyone is the same.
              Also, there are a lot more white guys around the bay area than
              there are young blond blue-eyed women. So if they don't really
              have a choice you can't make many conclusions about their
        \_ Women prefer men with muscles:
           \_ Oh no.  People have been telling me otherwise.
              --- skinny guy who failed to gain weight
2007/7/6-10 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Dating] UID:47207 Activity:kinda low
7/6     We know how predictably southern male will vote. But what about
        southern women?  Will they vote for a woman of a different party?
        \_ I have lots of in-laws in The South. I just came back from
           Georgia and Alabama and in April I was in Louisiana, Alabama,
           and Mississippi. Like anywhere else, you cannot reliably
           predict how any single person will vote. Remember, too, that
           The South is not just comprised of evangelical whites. Polling
           people I know and met, none of them are too happy with Bush at
           the moment. Will that translate to them voting Republican in
           2008? That depends on the candidates both parties put up. I
           also want to say, regarding Southern women, that I had almost
           forgotten that tall, slender, light-eyed women exist. Well, not
           forgotten completely, but forgotten that there are places where
           they are in the majority. Atlanta in particular was brimming
           with attractive white women, if you spent time in the upscale
           areas. The (upper middle class) black women there were very
           attractive and put together, too, but it was all the blonde
           women with light eyes that really stood out to me. California
           has some fine women, but not so many of the fairer variety,
           unless you count blonde out of a bottle.
           \_ If you like blondes, you will love the upper midwest. Wisconsin
              and North Dakota are something like 50% blonde.
              \_ Yes and 98% of them will never date anything but white.
                 \_ You know this how exactly?  No matter what your color no
                    one decent will want someone with a giant chip on their
                    shoulder like you have.
                       The more conservative you are the more likely you
                       will only want to date white.
                       \_ Yeah yeah you found a new website with tons of
                          what you consider high quality troll material.
                          Got anything to actually say on any of these
              \_ Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they tend to be
                 overweight up there? The South is full of fit, athletic
                 women - at least when they are 40 and under. If you look
                 at the older women, a lot of them have let themselves go.
                 \_ You are correct, but you're also assuming that all
                    men like skinny skanks. I like my women to be full
                    grown and I don't mind them being a bit chunky.
                    \_ Why does skinny == skank to you?  Any woman that didn't
                       stuff her face and maybe put in some time staying fit is
                       a skank?
        \_ Mmmmmm, yeah, because people aren't individuals.  They're just
           demographic clumps.  You already know in advance exactly what each
           person is going to do based on their race and gender.
2007/7/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Pets] UID:47188 Activity:low
7/6     The tennis star always keeps abreast of Mandy (Moore)'s movements. (NSFW)
        \_ You owe me 4 seconds of my life back.
2007/7/4-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47169 Activity:nil
7/4     News model Salinas announced that LA Mayor was separating from his
        wife.  Salinas fails to mention that the reason was her own affair with
        the mayor.
        \_ That's a private matter.
2007/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47134 Activity:high
        This guy looks *really* happy. He also looks like the girl. Must
        be a small gene pool down there. Still though:
        "She could have done anything," Betty said. "She could have set the
        world on fire. She threw it all away."
        That statement is pretty meaningless. Getting married doesn't have
        to mean barefoot+pregnant+kitchen.
        \_ some guy set Tahoe on fire
        That statement is pretty meaningless. Getting married doesn't have
        to mean barefoot+pregnant+kitchen.
        \_ Is this motd 16-y.o. guy? See, all you need to do is get a job
           as a girl's track coach. What are you going to do when your new
           wife turns 21 though? Dump her for a new high schooler?
           \_ You could say that about any woman. "Oh you married a 23 yo?
              are you gonna dump her when she turns 30?" Note that this man
              is not being prosecuted.
              \_ Seriously, is this motd 16 y.o. guy? If it is, you understand
                 my question. Though your question might be valid if the guy
                 was 50, especially if had a history of dumping his wives
                 when they got older than 25 or so.
                 \_ Well, assume I don't understand it. Explain it would you?
                    Why is the one more valid than the other? Everyone starts
                    young and gets older.
                    \_ Most people assume marraige is a lifelong contract. If
                       you go into it, knowing you are going to divorce your
                       wife once she is "old" at the age of 21, you are lying,
                       unless you tell her that up front.
                       \_ Am I missing something here? Did I or this man say
                          I/he would do that?
              \_ Why should he be prosecuted?  Her parents signed the
                 permission for her to marry at 16.
                 \_ Well, the other day these motd people I was trolling
                    made comments about 16yos being children and landing
                    you in prison and such.
2007/6/29-7/2 [Recreation/Dating, Transportation/Car] UID:47123 Activity:nil
6/29    "Roadshow: Mark your calendar: Drive Speed Limit Day June 29

        `When Phil Palmintere of Cupertino drives solo, he moves into the far
        right lane at 50 to 55 mph. "I can get 27 mpg this way on the
        freeway," he said, "and there sure is less stress."
        `When his wife is with him, "she gets annoyed that everyone passes us,
        so after a brief argument which she invariably wins, it's back to 60
        to 65 mph."
        `And his mileage is back down to 18 a gallon, he says.'

        This sounds so much like my wife and me.
        \_ My wife usually wants me to slow down. This seems true of
           women in general. What kind of pussy must you be if your wife
           actually wants you to speed up?
                    \_Are you talking about driving?
           \_ It's funny that my wife doesn't even have a driver's license.
              --- OP
        \_ My wife gets mad at me for a similar reason: she wants me to
           tailgate, which I refuse to do. I drive much faster than her
           on the open road, but in traffic I am too defensive for her
2007/6/28-7/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47103 Activity:kinda low
6/28    my girlfriend informs me she doesn't really feel any inner
        desire anymore to have sex.  you know how some girls have
        a drawer they keep their sex toys in?  my girlfriend
        has a fucking mail crate.  what should i do.?
        \_ Counseling, medication, dump her.  Whatever order you like.
           Unless of course, you just suck in bed..  Then there's little
                                                                  \_ ha ha
           that can be done.
                \_ is there meds with this stuff?  Do people really wake
                   up and become Anti Paladin Der Furious motd boob guy?
         \_ is the mention of the sex toys to illustrate how much she
           once loved sex?  Or is this a new development?  She's turning
           to the toys as a substitute?  Or maybe she is realizing she's
           gay now?  The possibilities are endless!  It doesn't sound like
           your relationship is very healthy- you need to put some serious
           work into saving it, or just end it.  I recommend picking one
           or the other very very soon, like today.    --brain
        \_ Either you're a bad lover or she's cheating on you.
           \_ Don't listen to this person above. They are clueless.
        \_ Not much you can do, dude. Now you know what marriage is like.
        \_ If you love her enough to want to stick it out, get used to self-
           service and give it time. Depending on what else is going on in her
           life (family, work, etc.), this may just be a phase. If sex is more
           important than she is, consider yourself lucky you found out before
           you got married, and move on.
           \_ Give it time?  No, give it work.  This takes communication
              and probably therapy (if it's worth saving).  A change in
              sexual dynamics doesn't come from nowhere.  And going from
              a contented sex life to a sexless relationship isn't the same
              as, say, wanting to change careers.
              \_ You're right, a change in sexual dynamics doesn't come from
                 nowhere. It sometimes comes from external pressures that you
                 have no hope of actually changing or affecting, in which case
                 communication and support is a good idea, but the overall
                 prescription is patience. In other words, it's not necessarily
                 about you.
        \_ It kind of depends on how long you have been going out together,
           what else is working and not working for you in the relationship,
           and how important sex is to you. If everything else is fine and
           you have been going out for a while, it is probably worth trying
           to figure out what is going on. It is also possible that this is
           just her way of saying she wants to break up, especially if you
           have only been going out for a few months.
2007/6/26-28 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47073 Activity:nil
        "The body of the mummy now in KV 60 with its huge breasts ......"
        \_ Dammit i killed motd boob guy
           \_ that or motd boob guy is moving into necro fetish too.
2007/6/23-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47048 Activity:nil
6/23    Teen sex guy, it is your hero! All you have to do to bang all the
        high schoolers you want is to get a job at a camp for disturbed girls.
        \_ 'When the girl told Ordonez that she was 15, she said he responded,
           "No way! I thought you were 17."'
           Yeah right.  He sure had thought of his defense in court when he
           decided to screw her.
        \_ Where can I submit an application NOW!?
2007/6/20-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47029 Activity:nil 66%like:47025
6/20    Nerdstock:
2007/6/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47025 Activity:nil 66%like:47029
2007/6/20-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47019 Activity:nil
        Cup O' Cum (no image, so SFW)
        \_ Your descriptions makes me think 'not safe for work'
        \_ My wife got stomach ache every time after she swallowed my cum.  So
           now she doesn't do it anymore.
           \_ And you believed her?
        \_ (no images, but content may be NSFW)
2007/6/19-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47008 Activity:high
6/19    // Motd summary on the age of consent
        boolean legal(float age1, float age2) {
          assert(age1 >= 10 && age2 >= 10 && age1 >= age2);
          if (age1 >= 21 && age2 >= 21) return true;
          float range = (age2 / 5);
          if (age1 <= age2 + range) return true;
          return false;
        \_ Your assert is stupid.
        \_ deltaAllowed x y = (min x y) / 5
           legal x y = if  ((x <10) || (y <10)) then False
                       else if ((x >= 21) && (y >= 21)) then True
                       else if (deltaAllowed x y) < abs (x - y) then False
                       else True
        \_ legal x y | ((x < minAge) || (y < minAge)) = False
                     | ((x >= adult) && (y >= adult)) = True
                     | deltaAllowed < abs (x - y) = False
                     | otherwise = True
                     where deltaAllowed = (min x y) / 5
                           minAge = 10
                           adult = 21
        \_ The real summary: One person wants legal and social acceptance to
           have sex with children as an adult.  Everyone else thinks having
           sex with children is wrong and should be punished in various
           permanent and painful ways.
           \_ I never said anything about social acceptance. I also don't
              consider 16 year olds children. "Everyone else" apparently
              doesn't agree with you if you look at the most common laws.
              \_ Oh yeah?  Then why were you so upset when I said it made me
                 ill?  It is wrong for an adult to have sex with a child.
                 Your hypothetical experienced 16 year old is what healthy
                 adults would call a "victim".  16 year olds should not have
                 that much experience, if they do something has gone very
                 wrong in their lives.  An adult should not be taking
                 advantage of any child and doubly so a troubled child.  Please
                 seek psychological help before you need legal help and you
                 leave some child in need of psychological help.
                 \_ I was using the experience thing as a counterexample. My
                    point does not depend on the 16 year old being experienced.
                    My point is pretty simple and has nothing to do with me
                    (I'm much more attracted to 20-somethings.)
                       1. 16 year olds do have sex, regardless of how ill it
                          makes you. If they want to, they want to. Sexual/
                          biological maturity comes before age 18 for the
                          vast majority of people.
                          \_ But not the non-biological maturity required to
                             deal with it in today's society.  Some girls are
                             hitting puberty having periods as young and 9 and
                             10 now.  That doesn't make them "a-ok" for sex.
                             \_ Deal with it? They do have it. That's the
                                point. The issue is why it's so harmful if
                                the partner is over a certain age. Do I think
                                a 16 year old is truly "mature"? No, neither is
                                an 18 year old for that matter. But you can't
                                ignore biology completely. A 16 year old is
                                mature by historical standards. They will
                                learn things all their life. They are mature
                                enough for sex if they feel they are though.
                                I'm not sure why you think sex is so evil.
                                Maybe you have psychological damage from
                                an overly strict upbringing.
                                There is a contradiction in exempting people
                                when the age difference is < x. Either it's
                                ok or it isn't. The 18 screwing the 17 is
                                a pedophile or not the same as the 22 or 26
                                and the 17, or whatever. 16 is an arbitrary
                                choice midway between biological maturity
                                and legal maturity.
                                \_ "Mature by historical standards" is not a
                                   reasonable argument. By "historical
                                   standards," your five year-olds should be
                                   at work in factories, not in school. You
                                   asked for reasonable arguments, but you
                                   continue to ignore reasonable points. Face
                                   it, man, you just want to have sex with
                                   16 year-olds, and no reasonable argument is
                                   going to convince you.
                                   \_ You're ignoring my arguments and
                                      attacking that one statement. Forget that
                                      one then, it would take too long to
                                      pedantically rephrase it in a way that
                                      would avoid this kind of attack. Please
                                      explain how it's unreasonable when most
                                      of the world agrees with me.
                                      \_ Second fallacy: I'm right because
                                         most of the world agrees with me.
                                         Closely tied to sub-fallacy: Most of
                                         the world agrees with me.
                                        \_ You were the one claiming that all
                                           "reasonable" and "healthy" people
                                           agree with you and that I'd get
                                           thrown in jail. Are you the only
                                           reasonable one? There's no point
                                           arguing about what is reasonable.
                                           \_ You're talking with more than
                                              one person.  Anyway, what is
                                              wrong with it is that society
                                              has deemed 16 years old too
                                              young for sex with older men.
                                              If you don't like that you can
                                              a) deal with it, b) move to
                                              Thailand, or c) try to get the
                                              laws changed under the banner
                                              of the Child Rapist Party.  I
                                              don't hold out much hope for
                                              your option c), though.  Good
                                              luck with that and the therapy
                                              \_ You do realize that 16 is
                                                 fully legal in most of the
                                                 US already? So "society"
                                                 hasn't deemed any such thing,
                                                 only individual states?
                       2. Sex is not inherently harmful. Sex/love is a basic
                          human drive and doesn't cause psychological harm.
                          Rape etc. might. But sex != rape. Everyone is an
                          innocent virgin once. I would find a 40-something
                          with a teenager weird... but it's already legal
                          for 40+ to bang an 18 year old and that's also
                          weird. What's the actual harm?
                          \_ Sex is not love.  Love is not sex.  Once you
                             understand that the rest becomes clear.
                             \_ Why do you think I don't?
                                \_ from reading the rest of your pedantic
                                   ranting about why you think it is ok to
                                   have sex with children.  seek help.
                       3. Age difference alone isn't harmful and shouldn't
                          be criminalized above age 16.
                          \_ Why 16?  Why not 10?  Why not birth?  Age is the
                             only way society has to determine a general rule
                             that can be applied as law.
                       4. 16 year olds are legal anyway in tons of places so
                          I wouldn't need any legal help.

                          \_ Good luck in that Thai prison.  You still need
                             serious psychological help even if this whole
                             thing has been a multi-day troll.
                            \_ Explain this please:
                               The US avg. is 16. Many countries allow even
                               lower and leave it to the court to decide if
                               there was something unreasonable going on.
                               \_ many countries are fucked up in lots of ways
                                  we should not seek to emulate.  "other
                                  countries are primitive fuck ups who let
                                  their children be raped so we should too!"
                                  is not a reasonable point.
                       \_ Dear Sir, I would like to help you. What is your
                          name and address, please?
        \_ I was hoping the law were more lenient.  My sister is five years
           younger than me, and now I have to wait till she reaches 21.
2007/6/19-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47005 Activity:low
6/19    what's with the cumshot in eye at the end of porn?
        i would never do such a thing
        \_ seconded. And anal, why the hell would you do something as
           dirty and as risky as that. It smells too.
           \_ Obviously, you've never served.
              \_ You mean military or prison, or either?
                 \_ BUD DAY doesn't like your tone!  Drop and give me twenty!
           \_ Sounds like you have lots of experience.. tell us more.
        \_ And what's with all the creampie movies out there lately, why
           would you ever want to cum inside the vagina?
           \_ uh....
           \_ I guess it's gotta go somewhere.  but why her eyeball?
        \_ The porn you're watching is all too common, and dallies in fucked
           up power dynamics and humiliation rituals that have always been
           really disturbing to me.  If you've wondered why so many women
           "hate porn", it's because of stuff like this.
        \_ I think I shot it up someone's nose once -- I was too busy laughing
           to notice how pissed she was -- then there was the time I did the
           self-facial by accident.  Sex is so dirrrrty and fun!
           \_ I did that once by accident, but both of us found it funny
              enough to just laugh it up. According to that nympho women
              forum posted on motd a while back, cum in the eye is supposed
              to burn! Or maybe her partner had some problems...
        \_ Ho don't cry
           When I nut in your eye
           Let it drip down your face
           Bitch how does it taste?
                 --Robert Frost
           \_ A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying?
              \- E_CRYINGINTHERAIN
2007/6/17-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46993 Activity:kinda low 80%like:46988
6/16    Happy Father's Day!
        How many of you motd posters are parents?
        \_ The day that I become a parent is the day that I lose my
           weekends, sex, and freedom in general.
           \_ True, but I like it anyway.  (Actually, I find that if I help my
              wife around the house, I get plenty of sex.)
              \_ Do you both have a full time job outside the house?
                 \_ Yes, and 2 young children.  I've decieded to regularly
                    sacrifice my own lesuire time in order to help my wife be
                    happy.  It works out pretty well.
              \_ No kidding, sex is much more steady when married. -dad
                 \_ Despite != because  -John
           \_ True, and I hate it, and I knew it even before I became a
              parent.  But my wife insisted having kids.
        Parent: ...
        Not that I know of...:
2007/6/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46980 Activity:nil
6/16    Why I only date Asian women: it's popular and it makes you more
        ethnically conscious and more socially sophisticated. In fact
        we only hang out with other Caucasian/Asian couples because
        they're more intellectually stimulating to be with. In the Bay
        Area, dating Asian allows you to be accepted in the society more
        easily. It is almost a necessity.               -Asian fetish guy
2007/6/15-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46970 Activity:moderate
6/15    Why is sex between a 17 yo and a 15 yo acceptable but not between a
        27 yo and a 15 yo? What exactly is the moral issue here?
        \_ A 17 year old cannot take advantage of a girl the same way a 27
           year old can. A 17 year old also isn't expected to necessarily
           know better. Note how sex between a 17 year old and an 10 year old
           is still a problem even though they are both minors. Why do you
           think that is?
           \_ What exactly do you mean when you say "take advantage of"?
              A 10 year old is considered too young for any consent. And sex
              is physically dangerous for most of them anyway. But is that
              reasonable to apply to a 15 yo? 16?
              \_ yes.
              \_ 15 is considered too young for consent, too. Why would
                 10 not be okay and 15 be okay? They are both still
                 \_ Not really they aren't. There are huge physiological
                    differences. Nobody considers 10 old enough but 14 is
                    accepted relatively commonly. It is legal in the US in
                    a couple states, but only within a certain age difference.
                    \_ With how young girls are reaching sexual maturity there
                       are *not* huge physiological differences, but it's
                       not the physiological differences that matter here.
                       \_ 10 and 15? huge differences, yes. I don't care
                          if you can find some 10 year old who is more
                          developed than some 15 year old. You motd people
                          love arguing irrelevant stuff like that.
        \_ Well gee, maybe there is a difference between 2 years age difference
           and 12.
           \_ Maybe there is. And?
              \_ And op wants to bang 17 year olds.
                 \_ not really, i'm just polemicising
        \_ A 17 year old and a 15 year old are both high schoolers and it
           is normal for two adolescents to date. It is considered exploitive
           in our society for an adult to date an adolscent.
           in our society for an adult to date an adolescent.
           \_ Why should it be considered exploitative? Use age 16 if you
              want. In reality people's experiences differ wildly and it's
              not so uncommon for a 15 yo girl to be much more experienced
              than a 22 yo man. An older man might also reasonably be expected
              to be more responsible than a teenage boy.
               \_ In many states, 16 is the age of consent for women. Go move
                  to Utah if you want to bang high schoolers. In Canada it is
                  14 and 13 in Spain.
              \_ Studies sugget that cognitive development doesn't gel until
                 the ripe old age of 25. Anecdotally speaking, a mature 22yo
                 is still only mature for 22. Expecting a 22yo who is attracted
                 to a 15yo to be more responsible is already an exercise based
                 on faulty assumptions.
                 \_ Don't females mature faster than men in this respect?
                    At any rate the reality is that they have sex anyway. I'm
                    trying to get down to the specific issue with the age
                    difference. I knew a girl in HS who was dating some guy
                    in college and they ended up marrying. They were illegal.
                    At least a 20-something is legally responsible for more
                    than a teenage boy.
                    \_ Regardless of whether 15yo girls are more experienced
                       than 22yo guys, this changes nothing about it being
                       exploitive for a 22yo guy to have sex with a 15yo girl.
                       She's still a child, mentally and socially. He's an
                       adult. Any sexual relationship between them is by
                       default exploitive.
                       \_ Ok let's just use 16. Is it ok now? Where is the
                          harm? What exactly is he exploiting? Isn't she
                          exploiting him, if it's consensual? Or is it
                          impossible for them to have "love"? Should it be
                          \_ Frankly, yes. And more to the point, a blanket
                             18 would be a much better idea. There are actual
                             chemical differences between children aged 16 and
                             people aged 18. For the purposes of fairness,
                             lower the drinking age to 18 while we're at it.
                             \_ You didn't answer the first part. What is the
                                harm that is being prevented? There are
                                chemical differences between everybody. That
                                is totally meaningless.
               \_ In many states, 16 is the age of consent for women. Go move
                  to Utah if you want to bang high schoolers. In Canada it is
                  14 and 13 in Spain.
                                \_ This thread has gone on way too long so
                                   I'll spell it out for you: A 16 year old,
                                   ANY 16 year old is a child.  A 22 year old
                                   is an adult.  Period.  Get over it.  You
                                   are not going to convince anyone that your
                                   fantasies of nailing your friend's very
                                   little sister are ok.  As a personal note,
                                   I'm 37 and look at 22 year olds as children
                                   in comparison to where I am now.  The idea
                                   of 16 year olds having sex with anyone at
                                   all makes me physically ill.  Go ahead and
                                   make your final statement.  My reply to
                                   that will be removing this sickening thread.
                                   \_ We should outlaw sex with 22 year olds
                                      \_ No, you misread what I said about 22
                                         year olds.  Since the rest of what you
                                         said is based on that misreading there
                                         is nothing more to reply to here.
                                      since you are sickened by it. Maybe you
                                      have issues. Most of the world doesn't
                                      seem to fit your views. You also aren't
                                      mature enough to discuss something
                                      without projecting things on me. Should
                                      sodomy be illegal because it sickens
                                      lots of people? 16 is not "very little"
                                      by anyone's standards. Oh well, you're
                                      not worth talking to anyway. You haven't
                                      addressed the issue of what harm exactly
                                      is suffered by these poor 16 year old
                                      children if they have sex, and how that
                                      varies with their partner's age.
Posit: In order for sex to be consensual, it must occur between two
individuals who can demonstrate a cognizant recognition of the physical and
emotional consequences of the act. By definition, children lack the cognitive
ability and emotional maturity to fully comprehend said consequences. Although
_some_ 16yo may be able to prove, through emancipation, that they are mature
enough in the eyes of society to give consent and demonstrate that they
possess the above cognizant recognition, the majority do not. As such, it is
in the best interest of minors to be barred from giving consent. Exception:
Teenagers existing in close proximity to each other (as in school or
school-oriented social groupings), and possessed of/by the various and sundry
hormones of adolescence cannot, and should not, be expected to resist physical
intimacy with their peers solely on the basis of an arbitrary age limit; thus
teenagers can give consent to other teenagers within two years of their age
range. The difference in brain maturity and level of coercive ability
extendable and resistable varies greatly outside of the two-year age variance;
in other words, it's easier for a 22yo to convince a 16yo to have sex despite
the latter not yet fully grasping the consequences thereof.

Now, as for your other silliness: It is no great hardship for mature, rational
people to hold that consensual sex between adults of any gender or number is
perfectly acceptable while at the same time condemning as immoral and
unethical those acts which are skewed toward coercion and the exploitation of
those who cannot demonstrate the afore-mentioned recognition. Is it fair to
assign an arbitrary age? Perhaps not, but a society must needs think of the
welfare of society as a whole, and illegalizing statutory rape seems to be the
only way to get child-pluckers away from the borderline cases.
        \_ Ok now this is a reasoned argument. However you've tried
           to establish that they can't comprehend the consequences, yet they
           are allowed to do it anyway with their peers. This doesn't follow
           unless it's to the effect that "they'll do it anyway". But that
           acknowledges that these "children" are naturally driven to do
           this thing you claim they're not ready for. A 16yo is fully
           aware of the decision to have sex, in general. Is it easier for
                \_ Nonsense.  Go look up teen pregnancy rates.
                   \_ What do those rates tell us about their awareness?
           a 22yo to convince a 16yo? That's non-obvious. I don't see the
           moral or practical reason to criminalize the 22yo but not
           the 18yo. All the physical and emotional consequences are the
                \_ 18 y/o is an adult under the law.  Try again.
                   \_ No, in CA, you can have sex with someone who is
                      within four years of your age, hence 19 y.o. and
                      16 y.o. is legal, but 22 y.o. and 16 y.o. is not.
           same or worse. And this assumes that sexual activity is inherently
           damaging, which is the unspoken assumption behind your initial
           argument: that these physical and/or emotional consequences are
           negative. Arguably the consequences may be less when the male
                \_ See teen pregnancy rates.  I'd love to see you argue that
                   pregnancy at age 16 isn't a negative consequence.
                   \_ Ok great. I like that. Now what basis do you have to
                      argue that an older partner increases the risk of
                      unplanned pregnancy? Or even the incidence of sex?
                      It's quite likely to be the opposite. A teen boy
                      has less legal responsibility.
           is more mature. How is a 19/16 pair sick? Yes the guy is more
           mature than an 18 year old. So what? Anyway it seems most of the
           world isn't as draconian as your argument.
           Actually your argument seems like a case against mixed sex schools.
               \_ In many states, 16 is the age of consent for women. Go move
                  to Utah if you want to bang high schoolers. In Canada it is
                  14 and 13 in Spain.
           \_ I appreciate how you slyly changed your 27 y.o. man to a 22
              y.o. There is a large body of psychological research that
              indicates that sexual relationships where there is a massive
              power difference and the relationship is of an exploitive
              nature are damaging to the child. This is most extreme in
              case of parent/child, priest/alter boy, parent/teacher, etc.
              Do you think that these relationships should be legal as well?
              \_ The Child Molesting Poster just wants justification for
                 nailing his friend's little sister.  Nothing you can say will
                 change that.  Well written but unfortunately wasted on CMP.
              \_ They are legal though. Not children and boys of course but
                 it's not illegal for a boss to screw his employee and such.
                 The person might lose his job but it's not criminalized.
                 Parent/child? You're really reaching if you think that's a
                 similar issue. Simply being older doesn't confer any massive
                 power difference. Or any power at all arguably.
                 \_ No, they are not legal. In fact, statuatory rape can go
                    from a misomeanor to a felony if there is a trust and
                    power relationship between a child and the adusive adult.
                    Are you claiming that an adult boss can legally screw his 14
                    year old employees? You are really in never-never land now.
                    \_ DUH the power relationship is orthoganal to the age
                       issue. The power relationship is not criminalized except
                       for incest.
                          Not true, at least not in some states. I honestly
                          don't know about California.
                          \_ Please, a wiki page with "citations needed"?
                             Anyway, merely being older is not a position of
                             authority, for people who are not little kids.
                             There would have to be some other relationship.
           \_   I'm saying that adult-on-child sex is not okay. I'm saying that
                teen-on-teen sex is fraught with physical and emotional peril
                but that's it's unreasonable to assume that teenagers will
                have the restraint to refrain, and so the only reasonable
                restriction is to limit the interaction to a two-year range;
                I'm saying that children should play with children their own
                age. I'm saying that a horny 22/27yo guy, no matter how
                socially inept, has more tools available to coerce an immature
                16yo into sex that the 16yo is not ready for than that 16yo's
                peers. The moral reason to criminalize sex between adults and
                children is to prevent exploitation and coercion. Your last
                sentence is ludicrous and ignores what I've said.
                \_ Not ludicrous. You're saying sex is fraught with all these
                   perils (what exactly? I never was imperilled... stds?) and
                   that teens can't stop themselves from banging their peers
                   so that sounds like an argument to segregate the sexes.
                   Why do you use the word "coerce"? Coercion == rape and is
                   already illegal. Why do you think 16yos are not ready for
                   sex? More of them have sex than don't these days.
                   \_ Well, I tried to reason with you and that didn't work.
                      Your issue is with the age at which children become
                      adults. Have fun fighting that fight.
                      \_ There's no law saying you have to be an adult to
                         have sex. So the issue is simply about the age
                         \_ This is precisely what age of consent accomplishes.
                            \_ Well that's the crux: whether it does accomplish
                               something useful, and what the details of it
                               should be; this stuff is not universally agreed
                               as the various laws even within the US prove.
                               People like you would like no "children" to have
                               sex. Age of consent does not solve that at all.
                               \_ Sigh. Why is reading so hard for you? People
                                  like me, i.e., reasonable people, don't want
                                  adults to have sex with children. People like
                                  you should be chemically castrated.
                                  \_ So the majority of the world where 16 is
                                     legal are unreasonable and should be
                                     castrated. Check. (wait, so you're fine
                                     with children having sex with children?
                                     why's that, when it cause so many
                                     problems? they're getting damaged for
                                     castrated. Check. And you're fine with
                                     kids having sex with other kids for some
                                     \_ I think there is a distinction that
                                        has not been made here between "what I
                                        think" and "what I would legislate".
                                        You're all blurring this line, muddying
                                        the argument. -!pp
           \_ Hey, it's your hero!
2007/6/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46959 Activity:nil
6/15    fags
        \_ How did they conclude that this is related to congenital dysplasia?
        \_ How sexy:
2007/6/14-15 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:46955 Activity:very high
6/14    I can relate having known a few guys who were not just slightly gay
        but just down right effeminate who sexually have as much straight
        sex as any guy out there. I mean it's all relative.  psb may actually
        BE gay, but if his sexual relationships have been 80% straight and
        20% gay then it just shows he can relate sexually to both genders
        right?  I think thats pretty cool myself.  I often think that if
        more macho jocks had at least one gay experience they might be
        more romantic and all around just better in bed.  I'm sure many
        might disagree though.  I would love to have sex with a guy
        like psb!
        \_ we know you would, asshole.
        \_ we know you would, kchang.
        \_ we know you would, tom holub.
           \- yikes. ok, no more csua events for me. --psb
        \_ You obviously don't know much about macho jocks and frat parties...
           \_ One of my supercute gay friends had sex with dozens of "straight"
              macho frat jock types in high school.
2007/6/14-16 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Celebrity/ParisHilton, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46951 Activity:nil 66%like:46934
6/14    I figured out where motd boob guy went
        \_ I, for one, fully support American effort to remove any chance of
           feelings of embarassment in our children.  We must shelter them from
           reality until they are at least 26!
           \_ Paris Hilton is 26.  Clearly your plan hasn't worked.  Let's
              push that back to 30 and revisit in 4 years.
              \_ *shudder* I can now see Paris Hilton relating to the age of
                 sheltering much as Mickey Mouse relates to length of copy-
                 \_ So you figure 75+ years after her death is a good number?
        \_ Must be all that hormone in the cow milk we drink.
2007/6/14-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46947 Activity:nil
        Welch's Grape Juice Commercial. Too cute or too disgusting?
        cute: ...
        \_ Neither.  What's so special about it?  I don't get it.
        \_ "It's also very good for you too."  Where's the grammar police?
        \_ Now this is the disgusting one:
        \_ don't watch commercials: .
2007/6/13-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46937 Activity:nil
6/13    Interesting downside to the virginity pledge:
        \_ For most csua'ers it is not a pledge
        \_ I thought all the anal and oral sex was an upside.
           \_ Depends on whose anus it is.
           \_ Depending on whose anus it is.
            \_ Scaredy cat.
2007/6/13-16 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:46934 Activity:nil 66%like:46951
6/13    motd boob guy RIP
        \_ He died???
           \_ Yeah, dead.  His fantasy of doing some chick with huge
              boobs came true, but she fell asleep on top of him with
              her boobs on either side of his face and he smothered.
2007/6/11-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46906 Activity:kinda low
6/11    Judge: No 10-year sentence for teen sex
        \_ He's still in jail as the DA appeals. WTF? Best comment on this
           whole case so far: "If we jailed every teenager who had sex, who
           would serve us our burgers and fries?"
           \_ That's why someone is trying to pass the amnesty program for
              illegal immigrants.
              illegal immigrants.  We need to keep the supply of teens.
              \_ want oral sex from illegal immigrants?
                 \_ with a teen and you'll get your 10 year sentence and no
                    one will write sympathetic articles about you, perv.
        \_ "Not good enough, said Wilson's lawyer, B.J. Bernstein."
           There's the problem, he'll never beat the oral sex rap with old
           BJ representing him.
2007/6/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46880 Activity:nil
6/7     NSFW: Mr Bean AKA Rowan Atkinson's daughter
        \_ Do they scream silicone?
           \_ It's Gemma Atkinson, not Rowan Atkinson's daughter, and of course
              they're silicone.
2007/6/4 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Military] UID:46849 Activity:insanely high
6/4     NWSW Chick with a big gun
        \_ Who wants to see a chick with lopsided guns?
2007/6/1-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46823 Activity:low
6/1     My breasts are huge
        \_ NSFW (did I really have to tell you that...?)
2007/5/30-6/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46795 Activity:low
5/30    Want lots of nookie? Be either really friendly or really cold:
        \_ "Lots of partners" != "Lots of nookie"
           I bet the reason the really cold people have so many partners is
           because no one will stay will them for long.
           \_ Technically they only have to stay with you for about an
              hour or two.  -John
              \_ Sad but true: s/hour/minute/
                 \_ Speak for yourself.  -John
                    \_ I'll let Kinsey speak:
    "Length of Coitus:Males:
    17.6% of males reported ejaculation less than 2 minutes after intromission
    47.6% less than five minutes in coitus in first marriage
    22.9% claimed to have lasted 10 or more minutes"
2007/5/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46753 Activity:nil
5/25    I cried in the dressing room when I was measured as a 32DDD last year
        (I'm only 25!)  My boobs look ginormous.  We're talking Pamela Anderson
        sized basketball boobs.  They are so big that I often fantasize
        about weighing them in the produce section of the supermarket
        (you know, those big scales that hang from the ceiling)
        just to see how much weight I have strapped to my chest.
        I'd have to weigh 'em one at a time because both at one might break
        the scale.
2007/5/21-24 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:46712 Activity:kinda low
5/19    Any other SF residents on the motd?  My gf and I have both independently
        pooing along the sewage around the city of late in random places.
        I've heard the city has an antiquated sewage system in need of repair,
        and I'm wondering if our poo smell has reached everyone. Anyone else
        notice these smells?  And yes, our poo is smellier than homeless
        people.  I know the smell of my own poo & Homeless (tm) quite well.
        \_ You're smelling the decay of Western Society, is all.
        \_ Yet one more reason why I don't live in the city.
           \_ Yet one more useless response from the motd.
              \_ Uh oh, Bitter Renting City Dweller strikes again!
        \_ I haven't noticed anything, but I've been told that the Embarcadero
           area south of market is built on top of huge holding ponds.
        \_ The City is slowly tearing out all the old sewer pipes and
           replacing them with new ones. They did my neighborhood last year.
           I have noticed sewage smells near the North Point sewage plant
           on the North Waterfront, near Fisherman's Wharf, but that has
           been true for years. I don't think it is possible to make
           a sewage plant that does not smell. If you happen to end
           up by the big plant near India Basin, you will smell it too.
           Sometimes it overflows into the streets of Hunter's Point on a
           really rainy day, but I kind of doubt that you were hanging out in
           the hood.
           \_ Thanks for a thoughtful response.  This has been mostly in and
              around Duboce Triangle, the Mission District, and parts of
              Downtown.  All of those are low-lying areas, which may make
              a big difference in this case. -op
              \_ There is no reason that I know of that you might smell
                 sewage in those places. Are you sure you just aren't
                 smelling unwashed bodies? -ausman
                 \_ when IT emerges from the sewers and proceeds to eat half
                    the city you'll know why.
2007/5/20-21 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:46706 Activity:nil 71%like:46695
5/19    Realistic Vitamins - Fake vitamins that feel real
2007/5/19-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46696 Activity:nil
5/19    How to please a girl sexually. Written by a girl:
        \_ Give her your credit card. Don't even think of touching her.
           You'll make her incredibly happy.
           \_ Hello bitter married guy! Do you miss sex?
              \_ Sounds like he really wants to be happy divorced guy.
              \_ I don't miss sex. Your gf keeps me happy.
              \_ You know, I have a wealthy friend who was married for
                 two years before his wife left him. He calculated that
                 he had to pay $40K for every time they had sex. At that
                 rate, better to get a high class whore.
                 \_ The he killed here while taking an anti-RSI break from
                    working on his filesystem.
2007/5/19-24 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:46695 Activity:nil 71%like:46706
5/19    Realistic Vaginas - Fake vaginas that feel real
        \_ Are they better than Fleshlight?
2007/5/16-19 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:46660 Activity:nil
5/16    I'm trying to understand the India culture better. A lab-mate of
        mine used to tell me that I should *never* date Bengali women.
        They are city sluts who are over-westernized and are extremely
        materialistic, and only talk to men who wear Rolex and drive
        Mercedes. He used to say that Punjabi women, unlike Bengali women,
        are better lovers and better in the kitchen. What other types of
        Indian women are out there and what stereotypes do the Indian
        men usually have on them? ok thx.       -Mr Culture Sensitive
        \_ I wouldnt know difference between Bengali and Punjabi if
           they bit me
2007/5/16 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:46657 Activity:nil 57%like:46667
5/16    Is it necessary to pull out when she's on the pill? Find out:
2007/5/12-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46608 Activity:nil
5/12    Convince your girl that she doesn't have to go to the bathroom
        after sex:
        \_ I've been telling my girl this, but she keeps on saying "But your
           cum feels sticky in me, Daddy."
2007/5/11-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46591 Activity:kinda low Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/5/11-14 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Visa, Reference/Law/Court] UID:46590 Activity:nil
        Authorities charge 28 in South Carolina of arranging phony
        marriages to help foreigners evade immigration laws
2007/5/9-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46568 Activity:moderate
5/8     What are some signs that you're addicted to sex?
        \_ You're indiscriminate about how you get your "fix"?
        \_ You find yourself starring in Hogan's Heroes?
           \_ Ouch!  heh.
        \_ Define addiction.
           \_ addict: to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually
                      or obsessively
              All healthy people basically have a hardwired sex addiction.
              If it's "abnormal" and messes up the rest of your life then
              I guess would be a problem. You could always neuter yourself.
              food addiction : obesity :: sex addiction : ?
              \_ I think most women don't have a sex addiction at all.
                 \_ Hmm... you may be onto something there.
        \_ CAGE questions: do you feel the need to Cut down your use?
           do you feel Annoyed when people ask you to quit?  do you feel
           Guilty about your use?  do you need an Eye-opener to get going
           in the morning?  (Wow...these alcoholism questions don't transfer
           well to other addictions).
           \_ The last one still applies if you stay up all night having sex.
           \_ The first three might for sex addiction if you were Catholic
              or something like that.
2007/5/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46553 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied. 2007/5/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46546 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/5/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46543 Activity:very high
5/7     I'm 23 and have size 28K boobs! I'm 5'1, size 10 and look so out of
        proportion! They didn't start growing until I was about 17 and they
        just don't seem to want to stop...anyone else been through this?
        And if so, how old were you when they stopped?
        I am actually a walking boob, much to the amusement of my friends.
        Will defo have to get reduction one day, but don't want the hassle
        of that just now.
        Also, has anyone else out there got 28K's?!!!
        \_ post pics or it isn't true!
2007/5/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46534 Activity:nil
5/4     09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
        09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
        09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
        09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
        09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
        \_ ?
        \_ 32 DD.  (But I can only dream.)  My wife is 34B.  My ex-gf is 38D.
           \_ DD on a 32?  Only in plastic.
              \_ Well, 32D or even 34D is good enough too.  -- PP
              \_  Are those women in the pictures really
                 32DD?  Those busts look so small.
        \_ My gf is 32C and I like that. 34C and 36C are fine, too, but
           I don't really care enough to make that some kind of
           determining factor in a mate. I guess I would say that A cups
           do not excite me, but anything else is fine. In fact, larger
           than D is probably not too good either.
           \_ You just haven't met the right A....
              \_ Like I said, it's not a factor I use in choosing a mate.
                 A cups are fine if they are attached to the right girl,
                 but given a choice B is better.
           \_ pictureP
2007/5/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46500 Activity:high
5/1     I haven't had sex with my girlfriend since February.
        Today I found a HUGE and I mean HUGE dildo in the pile
        of clean clothes next to her bed.  Jesus Christ I think
        it must be named Thor.
        \_ she wants to use it on you.
        \_ It wasn't a HUGE dildo.  It was me whom your gf was hiding under
           that pile of clean clothes.  j/k.
2007/4/26-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46459 Activity:kinda low
4/26    This is pretty funny, albeit old.
        Japanese women suffering from Retired Husband Syndrome!
        \_ Funnier:
           \_ This is a hoax.  Never happened.
              \_ And it's now on snopes:
           \_ Ha. But crap, L630 per sheep?  Is that really cheaper than a
              regular poodle?
              \_ in japan... yes.
              \_ Purebred dogs are about $1000 each. I paid $500 each for
                 my Siamese cats. I can buy a sheep for less than a
                 purebred dog.
                 \_ Dang, I rather have the sheep.
                    \_ Didn't want to know.
2007/4/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46436 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
4/24    motd guy here
        today Apr 24 2007 I will no longer look at porn.
        help me stay strong.
        \_ why?
           \_ Crap.  had a relapse.  ok trying again.  Wed Apr 25 2007.
2007/4/23-25 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:46421 Activity:nil
4/23    How many of you have homes that actually somewhat resemble the ones
        on HGTV or Country Living magazine?  My wife's been going nuts
        buying things that look nice but are totally and utterly
        useless. In fact, the home's is now pretty much non-functional.
        In the bathroom, I have to hide my toothpaste, toothbrush, cups,
                         \_ What about your balls?
                            Are you looking for advice or just venting?
        listinerine, etc. In the shower, I have to bring my own basket of
        of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc instead of
        leaving them in the shower. The living room-- no remote, no
        bills, nothing, just a plant in the middle of the coffee table,
        for looks. I can hardly do anything or find anything nowadays.
        I ask again, how many of you have homes that actually resemble
        the ones on TV and magazines, AND still feel at home?
        \_ Suggestion:  Take away the TV and the magazines.
        \_ I kind of have the opposite problem, in that I like everything to
           be "put away" while my wife is fine with clutter. But I am not
           as extreme as your wife. -ausman
        \_ Nah, I'm against non-functional living conditions.
        \_ Last night my wife accused me of living like I was still in high
           school.  (Since I don't clean up as much as she'd like.)  I then
           described to her how I lived in high school and early college, and
           she conceeded that I had improved a lot and let it die.  Go, go, low
        \_ Nothing like it.  Get balls or a new wife.
2007/4/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46350 Activity:kinda low
4/18    It's amazing how the opposite sex can act like a catalyst that
        leads to irrational behavior. Just look at the NASA PhD woman
        who tried to kill her lover's SO this year, and countless love-hate
        related crimes in the history of mankind. In all seriousness, I
        think that if the VT killer had more free access to quality porn,
        he may simply have been masterbating his life away instead of
        getting pissed off at everyone else. What do you think?
        \_ who doesn't have free access to quality porn?
        \_ Porn and masturbation aren't substitutes for sex.  If you're
           sexually frustrated I suggest exercising a lot.  At 2-3hrs/day
           hard exercise you won't be feeling too sexual, and soon you'll
           look so much better that actual sex will be easier to obtain.
           It worked for achoi!
           \_ Do you think if the VT killer exercised more, the violence
              on 4/16 would have been prevented?
              \_ Yes, actually, I do.  Exercise combats depression and
                 could have been an avenue for this guy to connect sanely
                 with other people.  Nothing like having a hobby other
                 people share to help you connect.  Further, exercise
                 de-stresses people so that might have helped too.  Last,
                 he might have got an actual woman if he looked hotter.
                 Women aren't immune to beauty.
           \_ He must be built like Mr. Universe contestant by now
              \_ Actually, achoi is married.  Presumably he's getting it
                 once or twice a week.
2007/4/16-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46319 Activity:nil
4/16    Abstinence only sex education basically 1.5billion down the shitter:
2007/4/16-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46313 Activity:moderate
4/16    I recently read a book titled "Babyproofing Your Marriage."  In the
        chapter on sex, they had found many (most?) couples with small children
        having sex on the order of once a month.  This is amazing to me,
        aside from around our children's birth (when you aren't medically
        allowed to do it), we have never fallen below about once a week.  Is
        anyone here that deprived?
        \_ How many years have you been together? I've had many relationships
           and have had great sex in the first year. Then it drops off
           sharply by the 3-4th year, and eventually the girl becomes a
           bitch and complains about her salary, her friends' husbands
           making more money, having a house, going to Europe, so on
           so forth.
           \_ Almost everything above applies to my marriage, except that my
              wife complains about my salary instead of hers.  But she only
              lets me work 7hrs a day, so I don't see how she can compare
              my salary to the salary of her friend's husbands who work ~10hrs.
              -- !OP
        \_ I have sex with my life like 3 times a year.
           \_ Really.  Do you have children?  Is your wife just "too tired?"
              Do you justuse porn so much you don't care?
                \_ I'm not the "op", but I noticed my sex drive is definitely
                   reduced now that I'm exercising 2-3 hours/day.  Though
                   if I stop exercising for 2 days the libido goes totally
                   through the roof.
                   \_ I'm not the op or pp, but I've found the opposite to be
                      true: the fitter I am, the higher my libido.
                   \_ 2-3 hrs/day?  Maybe you're just plain tired.
                      \_ Yup.  I'm just plain tired.
        \_ How long have you been married?
           \_ I'll avoid identifing myself too closely, but I've been married
              between 1 and 7 years, and have 2 young children.
              \_ Big difference between 1 year and 7 years.
        \_ Dropped from every other day to every third day after the kid
           was born.
2007/4/7-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46229 Activity:high
4/7     Poll, at what age did you stop enjoying the followings:
        clubbing: 22
        anime/cartoon: 22
        video games: 29
        roller coaster rides: 27
        masterbation: 28
        dating teenagers: 37
        \_ You don't like vg anymore or your wife doesn't?
        roller coaster rides: 27
        masterbation: 28
        roller coaster rides: 27, 33, never liked
        alcohol: Still like, N
        weed: Never liked, N
        masterbation: 28, 33
        roller coaster rides: 27, 33, never liked, N
        alcohol: Still like, N, N
        weed: Never liked, N, 21
        masterbation: 28, 33, N
        \_ Haven't stopped yet. (36, married 7yrs)
        dating teenagers: 37
        dating teenagers: 37, Never liked, N
        dating teenagers: 37, Never liked, N, 34
        \_ What mark should we use for not yet? N?
        \_ Haven't stopped yet, (36, married 7yrs)
        listening to "pop" music: 20
2007/4/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:46214 Activity:high
4/5     Hey boob guy, check this out!
        "The average chest size of a British teenager has grown
         dramatically over the past 10 years and is now a whopping 36D."
        \_ It might just be a lot of fat teenagers.  BTW are UK cup sizes the
           same as US cup sizes?
        \_ more muslim women in burkas
        \_ Here's a screencap
           \_ HOT!
        \_ here's a torrent
2007/4/2-3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46173 Activity:moderate
4/2     I'm single but my buddy got married 2 years ago. My buddy says
        his wife is trying to weed out all of his single friends, including
        me. Why? why why why? What's wrong with me? I didn't do nothing
        to her, why is she doing this to me? Bitch!
        \_ Likely she just feels left out when he hangs out with you.  If
           you're married you'll have a wife to entertain her.
           \_ Are you just trying to understand what is going on, or do you
              want to affect the default trajectory.  This seems to be a
              simpler case since it appears your friend understands what is
              going on, so it's up to him to explain or change.  Or is your
              real point, your friend is a loser for "letting" this happen
              and you are just venting your frustration?
        \_ Dirt common.  There's nothing you can do about it.  It is up to him
           to keep his friends.  I'm married but I prefer not to do couples
           events so the same thing has happened to me several times.  It's
           just the way of things.
        \_ Amusingly, after years of doing this to me, my wife recently asked
           me why I don't have any friends I hang out with.  She said my lack
           of friends is "weird."
           \_ what's "weird" is you begin by calling this "amusing".
              I suppose there is something to be said for not losing your
              sense of humor as you lose your friends.
              \_ Eh, I've always been more family oriented than friend
                 oriented.  It wasn't that big a deal for me.  I'm odd.
                 \_ Then she didn't do anything to you.  You didn't care about
                    your friends.
                    \_ Ok, I guess?  So, forcing the choice between 2 good
                       things doesn't count as doing anything?
                       Or, to put it another way, caring more about A than B
                       means you don't care about B at all?
2007/3/30-4/3 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46155 Activity:nil
3/30    "Bush Fish and Wildlife Service appointee not only sends internal
        government reports to industry lobbyists but also to online gaming
        'virtual friend' for unbiased second opinion."
        \_ Worth reading for the WoW reference alone...
2007/3/28-29 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Dating] UID:46135 Activity:nil
3/28    Damn, they really can't even keep their lies straight anymore
2007/3/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:46085 Activity:very high
3/24    Dear sodans. What's the best way to rid of bad thoughts like sex
        and other bad basic human urges? I think about them all the time
        and I waste a lot of time porn surfing. I know it's a waste of time
        and it is pointless but I just can't help myself. Please help.
        PS. this is NOT a troll. I'd like to be cured.
        \_ Masturbate regularly to satiate your sex drive.
           and I waste a lot of time porn surfing. I know it's a waste of time
        and it is pointless but I just can't help myself. Please help.
        PS. this is NOT a troll. I'd like to be cured.
        \_ Your main problem is that your religion has lied to you about life.
           You've been told by your religion that thinking about sex is a sin,
           yet if you actually read your scriptures, you'll see that your
           religion has no problem with slavery, genocide, and rape.  Sane
           people who are free of the mental disease of
           christiantiy/islam/judaism recognize that these are among the worst
           crimes humans ever perpetrate on one another, and that your religion
           has so much blood on its hands as to erase any moral authority it
           might claim on any subject.   Why don't you overcome your urges
           to think about sex(and I'm guessing violence) by having sex with
           people who actually want to have sex with you and fighting people
           who want to fight you in a controlled environment, and tell
           your religion to go fuck itself?
           people who are free of the mental disease of christiantiy/islam/
           judaism recognize that these are among the worst crimes humans ever
           perpetrate on one another, and that your religion has so much blood
           on its hands as to erase any moral authority it might claim on any
           subject. Why don't you overcome your urges to think about sex (and
           I'm guessing violence) by having sex with people who actually want
           to have sex with you and fighting people who want to fight you in
           a controlled environment, and tell your religion to go fuck itself?
        \- YMWTR: Jonathan Edwards
           The God that holds you over the pit of hell, much as one holds a
           spider, or some loathsome insect over the fire, abhors you, and is
           dreadfully provoked: his wrath towards you burns like fire; he
           looks upon you as worthy of nothing else, but to be cast into the
           fire; he is of purer eyes than to bear to have you in his sight;
           you are ten thousand times more abominable in his eyes, than the
           most hateful venomous serpent is in ours. You have offended him
           infinitely more than ever a stubborn rebel did his prince; and yet
           it is nothing but his hand that holds you from falling into the
           fire every moment. It is to be ascribed to nothing else, that you
           did not go to hell the last night; that you was suffered to awake
           again in this world, after you closed your eyes to sleep. And
           there is no other reason to be given, why you have not dropped into
           hell since you arose in the morning, but that God's hand has held
           you up. There is no other reason to be given why you have not gone
           to hell, since you have sat here in the house of God, provoking his
           to hell, since you have sat here in the sloda motd, provoking his
           pure eyes by your sinful wicked manner of attending his solemn
           worship. Yea, there is nothing else that is to be given as a reason
           why you do not this very moment drop down into hell.
           O sinner! Consider the fearful danger you are in: it is a great
           why you do not this very moment drop down into /dev/hell.
           O slodan! Consider the fearful danger you are in: it is a great
           furnace of wrath, a wide and bottomless pit, full of the fire of
           wrath, that you are held over in the hand of that God, whose wrath
           is provoked and incensed as much against you, as against many of
           the damned in hell. You hang by a slender thread, with the flames
           the damned in hell. You hang by a slender pthread, with the flames
           of divine wrath flashing about it, and ready every moment to singe
           it, and burn it asunder; and you have no interest in any Mediator,
           and nothing to lay hold of to save yourself, nothing to keep off
           the flames of wrath, nothing of your own, nothing that you ever
           have done, nothing that you can do, to induce God to spare you one
        \_ If you are a religious person, you don't really want to lose the
           urge to commit sin, or that would mean that you have just become
           an automaton, unable to think and act freely. The whole metaphor
           of the Garden of Eden is to remind us that we have the choice
           to sin or not and that choice is what seperates us from the
           angels and from animals. You should not want to lose your free
           will, just learn to excercise it with restraint. If you are not
           religious, why would you want to stop thinking about doing something
           that is perfecly normal and healthy? -ausman
        \_ If you really want to quit this habit, why not try doing something
           that you find more productive/positive w/ your time? If you like
           outdoors activities, try doing weekly hikes, &c. Or maybe you could
           try going back to school for a professional degree.
           that you find more productive/positive w/ your time? Also, have you
           tried weaning yourself of pr0n, &c. by voluntarily limiting your
           exposure? You could gradually work yourself away from those habits
           you dislike towards other activities you think are more positive.
2007/3/23-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:46074 Activity:nil
3/23    Why does this make me so uncomfortable:
        \_ Maybe it's this line:
           "Would you pledge your virginity to your father?"
        \_ I bet half of its members are also members of NAMGLA.  Why else
           would they keep the moms out of the process?
2007/3/23-26 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Interesting, Recreation/Media] UID:46071 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
3/23    Best CAPTCHA ever
        \_ wow this rules.
        \_ is it just me, or is the 'male' version
        \_ is it just me, or is the 'male' version broken.
           \_ It is just you. Though the author has kind of a strange idea
              as to what constitutes a "cute guy." Think twink.
2007/3/22-24 [Recreation/Dating, Science/Biology] UID:46056 Activity:nil 76%like:46053
3/22    Creatures found that have not had sex for 100m years OR
        Divergent selection found in asexual reproducers
        Let the obligatory jokes about geeks and sex begin.
        [ merged w/ thread originally posted below ]
        \_ See yesterday's "Divergent selection found in asexual reproducers"
           thread below.
           \_ Ah, apologies for the repost. This title was more prurient.
        \_ What does "species" mean when you're referring to
           creatures which produce asexually?
           \_ Reading it's probably
              still undefined.
           \_ My HS Bio AP understanding of "species" is that all members of
              the species are genetically similar enough to interbred. It is
              conceivable that random mutations and errors in DNA replication
              in asexual reproducers could produce members that are no longer
              able to reproduce w/ the members of the species from which they
              \_ The problem in your understanding is the word "interbreed".
                 Individuals of asexual "species" do not interbreed, so you
                 can't define asexual "species" that way.  -- !PP
                 \_ I see what you mean. What I was getting at is that
                    in order to interbreed a pair of creatures must have
                    similar/compatible DNA. Thus similar/compatible DNA
                    could be a basis to assign a creature to a partiuclar
                    Random mutations and errors in DNA replication in
                    asexual reproducers could produce creatures that
                    are not genetically similar to creatures from which
                    they descended. Therefore, comparing the DNA of two
                    different asexual reproducers to see if they are
                    similar could be used to determine if they should be
                    classified as one specie or two.
                    I have no idea how to quantify the level of genetic
                    dissimilarity necessary to classify two creatures as
                    members of different species. As a rough estimate,
                    perhaps any two creatures whose DNA differed by more
                    than 1-2% could be considered different species [b/c
                    I remember reading somewhere that human and chimp DNA
                    differs by only 2%].
                    \_ Except that there are species which can interbreed,
                       so that definition does not work anyway.
                       \_ Do you mean like horses and donkeys and humans
                          and vulcans :-)? Even so, similar DNA could be
                          a basis for classifying creatures into different
2007/3/22 [Recreation/Dating, Science/Biology] UID:46053 Activity:nil 76%like:46056
3/22    Divergent selection found in asexual reproducers OR Creatures
        found that have not had sex for 100m years:
        Let the obligatory jokes about geeks and sex begin.
        [ merged w/ thread originally posted below ]
        \_ See yesterday's "Divergent selection found in asexual reproducers"
           thread below.
           \_ Ah, apologies for the repost. This title was more prurient.
        \_ What does "species" mean when you're referring to
           creatures which produce asexually?
           \_ Reading it's probably
              still undefined.
           \_ My HS Bio AP understanding of "species" is that all members of
              the species are genetically similar enough to interbred. It is
              conceivable that random mutations and errors in DNA replication
              in asexual reproducers could produce members that are no longer
              able to reproduce w/ the members of the species from which they
              \_ The problem in your understanding is the word "interbreed".
                 Individuals of asexual "species" do not interbreed, so you
                 can't define asexual "species" that way.  -- !PP
                 \_ I see what you mean. What I was getting at is that
                    in order to interbreed a pair of creatures must have
                    similar/compatible DNA. Thus similar/compatible DNA
                    could be a basis to assign a creature to a partiuclar
                    Random mutations and errors in DNA replication in
                    asexual reproducers could produce creatures that
                    are not genetically similar to creatures from which
                    they descended. Therefore, comparing the DNA of two
                    different asexual reproducers to see if they are
                    similar could be used to determine if they should be
                    classified as one specie or two.
                    I have no idea how to quantify the level of genetic
                    dissimilarity necessary to classify two creatures as
                    members of different species. As a rough estimate,
                    perhaps any two creatures whose DNA differed by more
                    than 1-2% could be considered different species [b/c
                    I think I remember reading somewhere that the DNA of
                    humans and chimps, which are different species, differ
                    by only 2%].
2007/3/16-20 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:46000 Activity:nil
3/16    Does it please Allah that I cuddle my wife in the position of the
        Does it please Allah that I sieze my wife in the position of the
2007/3/13 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45948 Activity:nil
3/13    MOTD poll, should I delete all my porn or not
        I will abide by the opinion of the majority by the end of the day.
        Yes: ...................................
        \_ That was a lot of voters for so early in the morning.
           \_ You throw yourself at the mercy of the motd, you take your
Here's what I am thinking of deleting
./Monsters of cock - Gianna the nympho.wmv
./Monsters of cock - hot russian chick and preston.wmv
./Best Blow Job In The World+Big Willys - Massive Cock Deepthroat Blowjob.mpg
./ bignaturals Big Naturals Jerri Monet Feb 2007.wmv
./Jerri Monet youtube clip #1 March 2007.flv
./Jerri Monet youtube clip #2 March 2007.flv
./Bea Flora - Ride me - full movie.mpeg
./Monsters Of Cock - Paloma.wmv
./Monsters Of Cock - Wendy.wmv
./Overdeveloped Amateurs March 2007 ODA update - tina32EE.mpg
./Overdeveloped Amateurs March 2007 ODA update - natasha34DDD.mpg
2007/3/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45932 Activity:high
3/12    Hey reiffin, why are you so fucking annoying? Why are you obsessed
        with big boob women?
        \_ If you saw his wife you'd understand.
        \_ I've never once posted a big boob women link or posted a reply to
           any of the big boob women links.  Why do you think I have?
        \_ reiffin is the "let's declare War on Iraq because Our Heroic Leader
           says there are WMD there" guy not "here is another chubby ugly
           teenager with big tata's" guy. You have them mixed up.
           \_ gosh, that was so eloquent, thanks for helping to clear that up
              in such an unbiased and thoughtful way.  i appreciate it.
2007/3/2-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45858 Activity:moderate
3/2     I have a wife and two toddler kids, and my wife and I make about
        $100k/yr each.  If I want a divorce and I don't want to take care of
        the kids except financial support, how much will I need to give
        to my wife each month?
        \_ Waaay more than a marriage counselor would cost.
           says $19840 (presumably per year, not per month)
           says $1823
           \_ The URL gives me "ReadParse Failed".  -- OP
              \_ Sorry, just found it Googling. It looks like it has move to:
                 I have no idea if it is correct or not.
        \_ Are you just curious, or do you hate your kids or something?
           \_ Both.  I hate my kids and I've been day-dreaming about a
              divorce, but I'm not actually going to do it.  -- OP
           \- can you post to the motd when you find out. i think
              these negotiations are quite interesting [and various
              plausible to strange hypotheticals were dicussed in the
              wall logs .. although i am not sure where the historical
              archive is on teh new sloda]. have you thought about
              quitting your job to see if you can get paid by your
        \_ You're going to get your clock cleaned in court.  Expect to live
           in a tiny apartment, drive a tiny car a long way to work and
           generally have a shitty life until the kids are both 18, and
           older if they go to college.  If you have a new family with kids
           your old kids are going to get the moolah while your new kids
           are lucky to get peanut butter lunches.  Get over it and get
           some marriage counseling.  Or you could move your family to a
           state like Kentucky where women get screwed over in court.
           \_ This sort of thing happened to my uncle. His ex-wife
              convinced his own sons their dad cheated them out of $
              that they hate their father. Nevermind she always made more.
              He remarried but his alimony and child support payments are
              so high, he's screwed for years. His ex is even going after
              his pension so the new wife doesn't get it.
              \_ In all the cases I know of first hand, the husband is poor for
              a while, but by the time he has his second set of kids, they
                are MUCH better off financially than his first family.
        \_ Things have sure changed in 15 years.  15 years ago: discussions
           about bad getting-laid decisions.  Now: discussions about dealing
           with the repercussions of the bad getting-laid activity.
           \_ What?! I can't quite hear you sonny, could you speak up?  Wait
              another 15 years and you'll see hearing aid threads on the motd.
                \_ I'd put the under/over on that at WAY less than 15 years.
                   hearing aids are really small now, so less stigma, and
                   they are a lot better, so more marginal users.
                   Lots of people need them in their early 40s, so, I'll
                   bet we don't have to wait even 10 years for those threads.
2007/3/1-3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:45843 Activity:moderate
3/1     While we're talking about sex, I just want to give you a datapoint:
        I've been having bareback sex for many years and have not gotten
        any girl pregnant. The secret is knowing WHEN not to have sex.
        \_ "bareback" usually refers to gay sex, or butt-sex, so, maybe
            it's not too surprising you haven't gotten anyone pregnant?
            \_ Have you heard of a BBBJ? What do you think the "BB" is
               referring to?
               \_ I never heard this before.  What's BBBJ?  BareBackBlowJob?
        \_ That, or you're infertile.
           \_ Or they've had an abortion or used Plan B w/o telling you.
              \_ Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!
            \_ Actually I read a paper that said that when trained on the
               rythym method (including taking temperature regularly, etc etc)
               test subjects had less unwanted pregnancies than with most
               other forms of birth control.  That being said it's kind of
               a pain in the ass to follow the full method and does
               require training.
        \_ Note the recent study that showed the prevalence of HPV among women
           (as high as 45% among young women).
           \_ Note that HPV has nothing to do with pregnancy.
        \_ -1 not funny.  Troll harder. -dans
2007/2/25-3/3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:45820 Activity:high
2/25    I hate condoms:
        \_ I think that condoms, like contact lenses, suck because our
           materials technology sucks, and that neither is fundamentally
           a bad idea, and will be fine to use in a few more decades.
           I think condoms will stop sucking right around the time contact
           lenses do.
           \_ On the contrary, I think condoms will start sucking in a few
              decades, rendering Fleshlight obsolete.  Wireless power will
              have to work first, though.
              \_ Exactly! That's exactly my point!  And contact lenses will have
                 a zoom function, see infrared, and have headsup displays.
        \_ I wonder if the author feels the same way 10 years later.
           \_ Herpes rules.
            \_ I've been in the same boat since before 97 (use a condom
               the first few times, give up shortly after cause damn those
               things suck) and I've not had any stds.  Nor has anyone I've
               known.  The big STD fear is pretty blow out of proportion
               if your risk factors aren't that high.  AIDS devistated the
               gay world because plenty of gay men had 100s of partners a
               year, without any protection.  The number of people I've slept
               with more that a few times is pretty low, and I bet that's
               true for almost everyone.
               \_ I code for hobby and pleasure. My chance is 0%. I rule.
               \_ I'm sure you don't wear a seat belt either.
               \_ It only takes one time with the wrong person.
                \_ It does, that's why when the risk is high (random person,
                   no known history) I use a condom.  But really the STD doom
                   and gloom is way out of proportion to the risk.  Seriously.
                   \_ So the second time?  The third time?  I hope you're
                      aware of how many STDs show no signs until it's too
                      late.  And there are others that can be easily
                      transmitted even with a condom.  You're just playing
                      Russian Roulette with your health.  I wonder if you've
                      ever been tested for anything recently?  You could be
                      infected with any number of things and not know it and
                      be spreading whatever you have to whoever you've been
                      \_ Jesus Christ you are thick.  It's not a matter of
                         waiting a time or two to make sure my penis doesn't
                         fall off.  It's a question of not having risky sex
                         with people I only sleep with a few times.  By that
                         time I've gotten to know someone a bit, know that
                         they most likely have the same kinds of policies
                         and know that, considering we both get tested every
                         few years, that hey, the risks are fairly low.
                         The fact is if you aren't in a high risk group STDs
                         are really PRETTY DAMN RARE.  Yes you can refuse any
                         risk and always use a condom, but you know what, tons
                         of people don't and if the risks were unreasonable
                         you would know a hell of a lot more people with
                         \_ The number of women with HPV is estimated to be
                            25%.  HPV is asymptomatic.  If you're having sex
                            with an American woman your odds are 1 in 4 of
                            being exposed to HPV.  And the kicker is you
                            wouldn't even know it and can easily pass it on.
                            Cervical cancer for all your partner, nice of you
                            to share that.  I shouldn't have to explain any
                            further how your choices are extremely likely to
                            lead to HPV and likely several other STDs.  It is
                            true that two people in low risk groups are by
                            definition at low risk for STD transmission.  The
                            thing is *you* are not in a low risk group.  Have
                            a nice day.
                            \_ Someone is bitter that they never get laid.
                               Someone has also bought into the great HPV
                               scare.  How sad.
                               \_ Someone has never lived with a woman, or
                                  has never heard of a PAP smear, or knows
                                  pathetically little about STDs to call this
                                  widely known data a "scare".
                                  From the CDC:
                                  Approximately 20 million people are
                                  currently infected with HPV. At least
                                  50 percent of sexually active men and
                                  women acquire genital HPV infection at
                                  some point in their lives. By age 50,
                                  at least 80 percent of women will have
                                  acquired genital HPV infection. About
                                  6.2 million Americans get a new genital
                                  HPV infection each year.
                                  I think you'd be shocked to see the numbers
                                  for herpes type 1.
                                  \_ Herpes type 1 is a cold sore.  Hardly
                                     something where condom usage matters.
        \_ Huh, the immediate above poster needs to visit Health class again
           in junior high/ high school / college.  HSV TYPE 1 and HSV
           TYPE 2 will both happily in your groin area.  They will
           happily be passed through condomless sex.  It is true that
           condoms dont 100 percent block transmission, but it does happen.
           It is true that HSV TYPE 2 is USUALLY not passed to the mouth
           from genital->mouth transmission.  About 25-30 years ago
           the health prof. community really did differentiate between
           the two viruses as 'type 1 is a mouth cold sore' and
           'type 2 is a cold sore on your groin area' but I will
           state 100 percent no question that all knowledgeable health
           professionals do not believe this.  type 1 and type 2 are
           both herpes cold sores.  You're just kind of unhappy when
           you have an outbreak of either on your groin.  A lot of people
           have one AND two on their groin area.  Fun.  The only difference
           between the two is the outbreak rate.  People with type
           1 on their groin might only get 1 outbreak their entire life.
           The evil thing is even when you're not having an outbreak,
           you can be transmitttablle.  People with type 1 on their lips
           usually get one outbreak per year.  People with type 2 on groin
           get an outbreak every 3 or 4 months.  It all varies.  Type 2
           on lips hardly ever get outbreaks.  Their are some differences
           in severity of initial outbreak.  The good thing is
           Hepres wont kill you.  Have fun.
                                     And as to HPV, yes I know about
                                     pap smears.  But the HPV is harldy
                                     a big deal.  Seriously.  Less than
                                     1 hundredth of a percent of the female
                                     population is diagnosed with with
                                     cervical cancer a year.  If 1/4 of
                                     the population has HPV (the numbers
                                     I've seen are > 1/2 of sexually active
                                     adults) then gee, maybe it's not like
                                     it's on the same leauge as a real STD.
                                     By great HPV scare I'm talking about
                                     people who are sad that AIDS is no
                                     longer as an effecitve way to try
                                     to scare people into abstinance (and
                                     do you remember when herpes was being
                                     used the same way?) are trying to
                                     do the same with HPV.  The difference?
                                     HPV ISN'T THAT BIG OF A DEAL.
                                     Oh and PS, condoms don't really protect
                                     against HPV that well.
                                     \_ So you don't seem to know that you
                                        can get type 1 herpes in your mouth,
                                        which we call a cold sore, but also
                                        on your genitals *and* in your eyes.
                                        \_ Actually I do know this, but
                                           I also know the vast majority of
                                           herpes 1 is oral, and so bringing
                                           it up in this context is well,
                                           stupid.  Then again since neither
                                           my girlfriend nor I have any
                                           form of herpes it's not really an
                                           issue.  But you know what, my
                                           advice to you is live in fear,
                                           take a bleach shower after every
                                           sexual encounter and I'm sure that
                                           will all work out well for you.
                                           \_ Type 1 is mostly oral and can
                                              be transmitted to the mouth,
                                              groin or eyes of your partner.
                                              It is not a trivial event to
                                              be so easily dismissed.  You keep
                                              talking about living in fear and
                                              tossing around direct personal
                                              insults of various sorts instead
                                              of relying on any sort of pesky
                                              facts in an effort to justify
                                              your risky decisions.  Hey, guess
                                              what?  You're not the only one
                                              getting laid in hs, college, or
                                              after college.  Some people get
                                              lucky and stay healthy, others
                                              don't.  I used to think like you
                                              but fortunately I got smart
                                              before I got unlucky.  Maybe the
                                              same will happen for you.
                                              Probably not since there's even
                                              more bad stuff out there than
                                              when I was 'dating' and it
                                              sounds like you're less careful
                                              than I was, which isn't saying
                                              much.  I find it interesting
                                              that you avoided all questions
                                              about sharing info and what
                                              you'd do in various cases if
                                              either of you knew beforehand.
                                              Would you kiss a girl with type
                                              1 oral herpes?  Would you let
                                              her bj you?  Why or why not?
                                        When you or your gf have an outbreak
                                        of type 1 genital herpes I don't think
                                        either of you will be happy to know it
                                        is "only" a cold sore.  And, yes the
                                        fact that HPV can spread even with
                                        condom use should make one rethink
                                        their plan to have a large number of
                                        short term partners instead of a small
                                        number of long term.  Now that you've
                                        made it clear you don't give a shit if
                                        you transmit to someone, would you tell
                                        them if you had something before having
                                        sex or just figure it's ok because in
                                        your opinion it's no big deal and just
                                        a CDC conspiracy to control our sex
                                        lives?  If she had something and told
                                        you before would you still have sex
                                        with her?  If not, why not?  After all
                                        it is *only* type 1 herpes, a mere
                                        cold sore.  I'll restate that you are
                                        correct that two low risk people are at
                                        low risk for transmission in either
                                        direction, but you are not one of those
                                        low risk people you're talking about.
                                        \_ Dude, I had sex with at least 50
                                        \_ Dude, I had sex with at least 500
                                           women before I got married and
                                           settled down. I often used a condom
                                           but by no means all of the time.
                                           I never caught herpes (either type),
                                           or chlamydia, or aids or syphillis.
                                           Not everyone is infected by your
                                           fear and paranoia. Sure I took
                                           risks, but they were calculated
                                           risks, but they were careful
                                           risks and I was fine. Real life
                                           is like this everyday. -!dans
                                           is like this everyday. -!pp or op
           \_ The Author married the next year:
              \_ Correction: She met her future husband the next year; they
                 got married in October 2000.
                 \_ So, presumably she never caught an STD.
                    \_ This is an unfounded assumption.
                       \_ Okay sure. But the presumption that she has
                          herpes today is even less likely to be true.
                                           \_ I find it hilarious that someone
                                              feels the need to qualify this
                                              by saying that they're not me.
                                             \_ Yeah, I was worried that your
                                                fans might think that you had
                                                only had 50 lifetime sex
                                                partners and stop worshipping
                                                you. (Actually, the real
                                                reason is that someone changed
                                                my 50 to a 500 and then signed
                                                your name to the bottom, so
                                                I changed it back to 50 and
                                                signed it !dans, but my first
                                                answer is funnier) -!dans
                                                \_ You've got a funny notion
                                                   of what constitutes funny.
                                                   Though it's amusing that I
                                                   have achieved psb's level
                                                   of infamy. -dans
        \_ lol there are 2 tenured Cal professors who think AIDS is not
           transmitted sexually.
           \_ -DANH
           \_ -PSB
        \_ I know some slutty gay guys who have had unprotected sex as a bottom
           with dozens of partners and are STD free.  Just because you win the
           lottery doesn't mean you will keep winning the lottery, "Luck can't
           last a lifetime unless you die young"
                                      \_ Only the good die young. -bjoel
                                         \_ Don't take credit for my lyrics
                                            you fuck. -bdickinson
        \_ Am I the only one who appreciates the irony of a flame war on the
           CSUA motd over STD's?  I mean, generally speaking the CSUA is not
           the place one frequents to get laid.  I mean, yeah, there are
           exceptions, but in general... -dans
           \_ You weren't here in the good ole days... -!dans
              \_ So, what, you fucked ahm?  lila?  Or are you suggesting that,
                 in the 'good ole days' the CSUA would convert the machine
                 rooms to gay bathhouses? -dans
                 \_ No, I think it is amusing that you can only think of the
                    csua from a guy's perspective. Plenty of women used to
                    frequent the CSUA to get "laid." They would probably deny
                    that this is what they were here for, but the end result
                    was the same. Personally, I dated at least four different
                    csua women (if you use the strict definition of csua
                    member == csua account holder), but I know quite a few
                    women who make me look like a piker. Don't you guys have
                    groupies anymore? -!dans
                    \_ Probably, but I was never that into CSUA groupies.
                    \_ Probably, but I was never that into CSUA herpes.
                       Turn it around to the guy's perspective, why chase
                       after the one or two groupies that all the other geeks
                       are swarming over? -dans
2007/2/21-22 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/RealEstate] UID:45786 Activity:kinda low 66%like:45783 Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/2/20-23 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:45777 Activity:moderate
2/20    Largest plurality of single male and females:
        \_ Should've gone to the east coast and married a better woman.
           \_ Have you seen the women back East? If you have, then you
              know why they are single.
              \_ Oh, never mind.  But I wonder if the women back East say the
                 same thing about men here in the west.
              \_ So your theory is the men back east thought they were too
                 ugly and moved to the west coast, leading to local
                 imbalances? All those extra single females should have
                 corresponding single males if the populations were even,
                 and there isn't some mass gay marriage phenomenon.
                 \_ No, all the good looking East Coast guys moved West
                    and turned gay.
2007/2/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45764 Activity:kinda low
2/17    I come from a long line of big breasted females, including my
        identical twin sister. Somehow, however, we're a slightly different
        size. She wears a 30FF to my 28H. This is how I know how few
        companies and how few lines they take down to a 28, and even then,
        how few go to an H. I love my boobs, they're great, but it'd be
        nice if it was easier to obtain a nicely fitted bra that I could
        try on in stores!  There are no stores that stock a 28,
        regardless of cup size. And I've yet to find a store that
        stocked an H smaller than a 36.
        \_ Yawn.
2007/2/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45750 Activity:nil
2/17    I'm glad my roommate with the huge tits isn't as huge as
2007/2/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45739 Activity:nil
2/14    I always thought the boobs on the female Autobots in the
        Transformers movie were totally hot.
        \_ I found hotter boobs.
2007/2/14-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45737 Activity:nil
2/14    Valentine's Day special:
        Do Silicon Valley geeks really want to date over the hill
        Marina chicks?
        \_ Holy crap!  In that fashion pic. Marv Su is wearing almost the
           exact button up shirt my wife got me, and I refused to wear!
           \_ Why the hell would you refuse to wear that, especially when
              it was a gift?
              \_ It wasn't exactly a gift, she generally buys clothes for me
                 when she goes shopping, and returns the ones I don't like.
                 It's hard to see in the photo, but on mine the grid pattern
                 was barbie-purple.  It looked like something the nerd from a
                 bad 80's teen movie would wear.  Apparently it's now in
                 \_ "barbie-purple".  :-)
2007/2/12-15 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/RealEstate] UID:45723 Activity:nil
        \_ What was so bad about my ' in SF' caption
           for this url?  sheesh.
        \_ ahh,, who ocassionally puts on parties at the porn
           palace. (And, I'm pretty sure, shoots scenes there, too.)
           I can see why mission hipsters are hating on them, though...
           \_ I don't think Mission hipsters care about this at all.
              Mexican immigrant families in the immediate area probably
              care.  They nearby neighborhood advocacy group opposed
              the last 4 or 5 development project ideas, so that's what
              they get!
2007/2/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45712 Activity:kinda low
2/11    Anna married someone 63yrs older, and had an affair with someone whose
        wife is 31yrs older.  Go figure.
        \_ Or so he claims.  The Prince is the only guy claiming this.
           How do you prove it?  Plus he's just some dude who bought
           a title off of someone a few decades ago.  The story gets
           crazier.  Zsa Zsa claims the guy who started the Hilton
           hotel chain raped her and they had a kid the Papa Hilton left
           only 100k to when he died (he was worth several hundred
           million).  Not sure how Paris Hilton fits in here.  There
           was another story about how Anna saved the sperm of the
           Old Man, so maybe the old man is the real father!
        \_ So?
           \_ The sperm of an 80-something man?
           \_ Actually, the "Prince" acquired his title by being adopted
              by a much older "Princess" he was, uh, "dating."
              \_ '...... he was adopted in 1980 by the elderly Princess Marie
                 Auguste of Anhalt (1898-1983), ...... who used such adoptions
                 as a form of income. The transaction was masterminded by
                 "Consul" Hans-Hermann Weyer, a German who pioneered the
                 selling of noble titles, honorary doctorates and other
                 decorations in Germany. ...... The adoption and name change
                 did not confer any title or nobility upon Frederic.'
                 I don't understand the last sentence above, and I don't
                 understand why past royalties in Germany are still honored as
                 royalties after the monarchy was abolished.
                 \_ I stand corrected. I must have conflated the various
                    stories in my mind.
           \_ She's into inter-generation sex as well as people who are into
              inter-generation sex.  Or should I replace "sex" with "marriages"
              since the might not have been sex in both marriages?
              \_ I think this distills down to gold-diggers attract gold-
              \_ Like I said, "So?"
                 \_ queue the kanye west music
2007/2/11-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45708 Activity:high
2/8    "Halle Berry Monster's Ball sex scene"
        Is that really Halle Berry!?  I didn't know she was in X-rated movies.
        \_ This is more of a story and not porn for the following reasons:
           1) she didn't suck cock 2) he didn't eat her 3) he didn't pull
           1) she didn't suck cock 2) he didn't eat her ass 3) he didn't pull
           out and shoot into her mouth 4) less than 3 positions
           (technically you need at minimum: doggy, missionary, and
           cowboy) - emarkp
        \_ Not really xrated, you don't see any genitalia. You don't even
           see her vagina. Just tits.
           \_ I see her naked crotch rubbing against his scrotum in the frames
              around 2:48.  Pay attention to the third thrust of her.
              around 2:48.  Pay attention to the third thrust of hers.
              \_ So is this work safe? (I work on a farm)
                 \_ NSFW.
2007/2/8-11 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:45687 Activity:high 61%like:45690
2/8     Okay, weird but true:  RIP Anna Nicole Smith (
        \_ Weird?  More like not altogether surprising. -dans
        \_ I was shocked.  I miss her.
           \_ Her child is being sold on ebay!
        \_ I would probably die too if Howard Stern was my boyfriend.
           \_ That attorney looks pretty decent on TV.
              \_ Actually, I was confused.  I thought Howard Stern
                 her boyfriend was the same as Howard Stern the
                 radio guy.  So I slammed the wrong Howard Stern.
        \_ The only weird thing is it took this long.
        \_ No one will remember her in 50 years.
        \_ No one will download her in 50 years.
           \_ I wanted to download into her.
2007/2/6-11 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:45669 Activity:nil
2/6     Amusing op-ed on the early responses to the Duke rape case.
        (Has kind of a "where are they now?" feel)
        \_ Is it good or intentionally amusing?  I don't want to
           by chance pollute my mind with the Weekly Standard.
           \_ Good, I guess.  It's kind of a well reaseached rant.  Good
              if you were/are really annoyed with the lynch mob that
              formed around that case, but you could probably pick it
              apart if you felt like it.
              \_ Like some of the people we saw posting about it right here?
           \_ It's pretty good.  It's not brilliant, but the general point
              is solid.  It may push some people's buttons.  -niloc
        \_ Long, tendentious and tedious, like most Weekly Standard articles.
           \_ I agree.  I much prefer 5 second sound bites, too.
2007/2/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45640 Activity:nil
2/2     For a five foot, nine inches girl with humongo boobs, i was pretty
        good.  I looked healthy.  I had thighs, and an ass.  No more. Now I
        sit down on hard surfaces (you know, a wooden chair) and it hurts
        because all I have down there is skin stretched over bone.  Whereas
        the boobs? For some reason, my body has decided that the only place
        it can safely store tons of extra fat, for use when I'm more than just
        sick and am probably dying, is in my boobs.  STUPID BODY. I don't NEED
        triple-D boobs.  I'm not a stripper, or a porn star. Whereas the
        little padding I'd managed to get on my ass?  I NEEDED THAT! For the
        first time in my life, I was able to sit down on a hard surface and
        have it not hurt!
2007/2/1-6 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Recreation/Dating] UID:45638 Activity:nil
2/1     Watermelons:
        \_ This jpg contains some pictures and a news story about some
           poor unfortunate woman whose boobs grew like mad during
           her pregnancy.
        \_ Uh, it's from The Globe.  Don't believe everything you read.
        \_ I found a clip from the old Montel Williams show about it
2007/1/31-2/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45629 Activity:nil 50%like:45635
1/31    Time Warner wants to be your friend! I just got a card from
        them that looks like handwritten (but really printed) saying:
        "Life's best moments are always worth sharing, that's why we're
        so glad you've trusted us to share in some of yours. Here's to
        the start of a beautiful friendship... and here's to you!
        Sincerely, your friends at Time Warner Cable."
        What a bunch of corporate bullshit. Has anyone else gotten
        something similar from a mega-big corporation saying they want
        to be your friend? What company?
2007/1/30-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45625 Activity:high
1/31    Apparently this woman, claiming a 32DDD bust, has written a book
        about... having big boobs.
        There is NO WAY those are triple-D's. NONE. I doubt she's even a full
        D but... maybe. If we up her band-size to a 34 (because she's also NOT
        a 32) then we might have accurately labeled her boobs: 34-D.
        Whereas myself, on the other hand, really IS a 32-DDD (triple in some
        bras, I will confess) and these things are HUGE. If I wore a tight
        (ugly) v-neck sweater like Ms. Seligson in the picture, then my
        cleavage would be spilling out of that v-neck.
        Let's use some fruit analogies, just for the hell of it. Ms. Seligson's
        boobs look like small apples. You know, the green ones that tend to run
        tiny. Apples do not get you past a D-cup (again, IF THAT).
        My boobs? Melons. Seriously. Or grapefruits. One of my boobs is two
        (yeah, TWO) handfuls of flesh for my lucky boyfriends.
        They would need four hands just to cover all of my boobage.
        And Ms. Seligson's don't even look like a handful! If you were to
        grab those apple, there wouldn't be any over-spillage of flesh.
        Your hand would cover that boob JUST FINE.
        Which is another reason why they ain't that big. If you're grabbing
        a DDD-cup boob, you know it because it doesn't even begin to fit into
        your hand. Ugh. This is another thing that bothers me. Women talking
        about how big their racks are, how guys never look them in the
        face, etc. and the reality is that their RACKS AREN'T THAT BIG.
        When you're no longer able to sleep on your stomach because your
        incredibly huge rack would suffocate you, THEN you can talk about
        your massive mammaries.  Oh yeah, God gave me my rack, too.
        God must really, really like boobs.
        \_ Does reposting this crap really turn you on or something?
2007/1/30-2/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45623 Activity:nil
        \_ You gave us the link, why did you need to quote the whole post?
2007/1/27-31 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:45604 Activity:nil
        Hospice Helps Dying Man Lose His Virginity
2006/12/27-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45505 Activity:high
        It's obvious a woman wrote this: "Leaving the toilet seat down is good
        feng-shui." What a bunch of crock.
        \_ It does keep things from falling in.
        \_ I'm not really sure how feng-shui applies to an item that didn't
           exist at the time the principles were laid out, and it's not really
           easy to extend from the obvious ones like don't sit with your back
           to any doors. -dans
2006/12/27-30 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:45502 Activity:nil
12/26   1/6 women are victims of [attempted] rape, compared to 1/33 for men.
        Wow, never realized that it's that high:
        \_ I don't think it is.  They cite the U.S. Department of Justice
           for their statistics, so here's some data from them:
           According to that, in 2005 there were about 115,000 rapes or
           attempted rapes (including verbal threats) of women in the U.S.
           age 12 and over.  Even assuming each one of those was a different
           victim, which seems unlikely, that's a maximum of 0.09% of women
           who can be victims each year.  That can't possibly add to one
           in six (17%) over a lifetime.
           Also, the article says "experts say men are far less likely to
           report a rape to authorities".  But according to the USDOJ the
           reporting rates are nearly equal, at least if you lump together
           rape and sexual assault:
           They estimate a 36% reporting rate for men and 38% for women.
2006/12/20-23 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:45481 Activity:high
12/20   Georgia kid gets 10 years for getting a bj from a 15 yo when he was 17.
        No parole plus sexual offender registration.
        \_ IMHO 10 years is too much, given that the age of consent in Georgia
           is 16.  I wonder if that's even longer than some adult rape
           sentensings there.
           \_ The point is, why is it even a crime?
        \_ Who pressed charges? The girl's parents? If so, they are
           \_ The people who made the law are despicable.
              \_ What's the problem with the law? It protects minors from
                 abuse. What I want to know is how he got convicted.
        \_ Way to ruin a life morons.
        \_ I bet the girl was white.  Our lily white daughter befouled by this
           colored boy!?  Guilty!
           \- if BILLARY wins, he may get a presidntial pardon!
              are any of the sex fiend teachers having relations with
              students cases in GA?
2006/11/23-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45365 Activity:low
11/22 (
        One of the secrets of success-- don't have sex. Harness your sexual
        energy on something else, it'll be rewarding.
                  \_ I suggest videogames. (
        Criminal activity and intellectual achievement seemed to drop off
        when the scientist or crock got married and started a family.
        \_ I don't think that has to do with sex, I think it has to do with
           responsibility.  Otherwise achivement would start back up in middle
2006/11/10-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45321 Activity:kinda low
11/10   We have a bunch of new openings at Slide, see:
        Feel free to bug me if you have any questions. -dans
        \_ Can you please post a picture of your girlfriend?
           \_ I'm not seeing any particular woman seriously enough at the
              moment for me to call her my girlfriend.  Was there a particular
              ex of mine you were curious about? -dans
              \_ Yes the near underaged cutie. Please post pics ok thx
                 \_ I have a long history of dating near underaged cuties.
                    You're really going to have to be more specific. -dans
2006/11/10-12 [Recreation/Dating, Finance/Shopping] UID:45317 Activity:high
11/10   Hi sodans.  Engagement rings again.  What do people think of a 0.70
        carat ring at for $2,500 (+$500=$3K for setting)?  Will
        her parents think I'm cheap?  My SO has indicated that she would rather
        spend the money on something useful (car, crap, etc.).  Do women really
        want 1 carat minimum?  I know about Apollo Diamond, but it's not
        mature (ob blood diamond discussion).  Also, is a Signature Ideal
        diamond really that much better than a Very Good cut diamond?  Thanks.
        \_ It's fine.  Be glad you found a women that has a bit more
           sense than just how big a ring you can give her.  Why would it
           matter what her parents think?  I bought my wife something
           similar to what you are thinking of getting.  Out of the
           four C's, I go for cut, color, clarity, and carat in that
           order.  The better cut does give a better "fire".
        \_ I bought my wife's engagement ring for less than $300 and wedding
           ring for less than $1k.  Now *that* was cheap.  We put the money on
           properties, cars (not fancy ones) and savings instead.
        \_ Before you buy anything, check out the past discussions on "debeers"
           and "De Beers" in the MOTD archive.
           \_ We have synthetic diamonds now.  Screw De Beers. -!op
              \_ If someone came up with a process to create diamond rings
                 for like $100 that match today's $3000 ones, would people
                 still value giving those?
                 \_ I hope not.  Down with jewlrey!
              \_ Yeah.  But from the MOTD archive, De Beer "also started a PR
                 program to convince people that synthetic diamonds are like
                 cheating by buying a cubic zirconia and that if you really
                 love your woman you'll get her a 'real' diamond."  So don't
                 fall to that BS.
                 love your woman you'll get her a 'real' diamond."
                 \_ If you really love your woman, you'll buy her this jar
                    filled with the blood of african children killed so that
                    rich people can show off their bad taste. $3000 OBO.
                    \_ You know, It actually would not be crazy to try to start
                       something where one pays 3000 dollars for a 100 dollar
                       piece of jewlery plus a 2900 dollar loan/grant to a
                       non-diamond related African business.  If this caught
                       on, men could avoid being called cheap, but have a net
                       positive effect instead of net negative effect on the
                       African economy.
                       \_ You're insane.  Yes, let's buy milk bottle rings
                          for our wives and send millions of dollars every
                          year to stuff the pockets of which corrupt what?
                          Seriously, you're either a troll or you've never
                          had a girlfriend.
                    \_ GO DE BEAH!
        \_ Her parents have nothing to do with it.  If you still care about
           her/your/anyone else's opinion on how you live your life at this
           level you're likely not ready for a serious relationship.  It is
           none of their business.  You should talk with her about it.  As far
           as size of the stone goes, see above about the 4 Cs.  Cut is most
           important because that is the shape of the stone.  Good color and
           clarity will make whatever you have look better.  Carat count
           beyond about .5 or .6 is all about showing off to the Jones'.
           Unless you're marrying the Jones' or her parents don't worry about
           that.  Also, most marriages that end in divorce do so because of
           money problems.  Don't spend a zillion bucks on a rock and a party
           just to get divorced 6 months later because you're broke and every
           penny spent is a big fight.
        \_ Do you get one diamond engagement ring plus a diamond wedding ring
           later? Or is that the same ring? Also, I thought you're supposed to
           have the ring when you propose, not discuss it.
           \_ The wedding ring is not supposed to have a rock in it.  It's
              supposed to be a band, representing eternity.  Maybe op should
              get a mobious strip ring.
              \_ Typically engagement ring has the diamond.  Your fiance
                 wears that between your engagement until your wedding
                 day.  She doesn't wear that ring at the ceremony because
                 the wedding band is suppose to go on first.  Something
                 to do with "closer to the heart."  She slips the
                 engagement ring back on (band first, then ring) after
                 the ceremony.
                 \_ ok thanks, I guess I was always a bit confused about that
                 \_ And of course, it's common to get them as a set so they can
                    be welded together after the wedding.
                    \- ObDeBeers=EvilFuckers:
                       \_ I agree. I think it's silly to buy diamonds.
                          Fortunately I married a woman who agrees. -pp
        \_ After all that is being said and the evil of De Beer.  Do
           keep in mind, that 20 years down the road, the diamond will
           still be a diamond, but other things that you might have
           bought with the diamond money, such as that plasma TV, the
           killer laptop, will probably be out of service and money
           down the toilet. ;)
           \_ Of course, if you invested, 20 years down the road you will
              probably have doubled your money.
              \- "a diamond is still a diamond" is not an argument.
                 part of the "problem" with diamonds ... again de beers
                 is partly responsible ... is there is no real secondary
                 mkt for diamonds. while the diamond is durable [assuming it
                 doesnt get stolen or lost], it isnt liquid. given that
                 a "used" diamond should be as good as a new diamond,
                 it's the depressed value of "used" diamonds that is
                 interesting [compare to high value of "used" DVDs].
                 3.5% return = double money in 20yrs. [ob nominal/real
                 \_ Or put another way: The TV depreciates over a few years,
                    the diamond depreciates instantly!
                    \- that's a compelling way of putting it. and gives me an
                       excuse to contrast it to the depreciation of other
                       things. shoes get worn out. tv also gets worn out but
                       more importantly quality goes up and prices fall.
                       in the case of a car, it wears out, the quality goes
                       up, and there is the mkt for lemons informations
                       up, and there is the mkt for lemons information
                       aysmmetry problems [you dont know if the car has
                       been in an accident ... not generally a problem
                       with TVs ... although it is true TVs unlike cars
                       dont have an odometer ... on the other hand a tv
                       pretty much jut does one thing: have a picture,
                       which cars have transmission, tires, body, cosmetic
                       issues suspension etc]. so really a diamond is sort
                       of like a DVD ... it really doesnt wear out and what
                       you see should be what you get [minus the small chance
                       the DVD is scratch ... but surely you can get a
                       guarantee it will play fine]. but a DVD really doesnt
                       depreciate much at all! and the diamond is something
                       you would expect would hardly depreciate ... it doesnt
                       get worn out, they dint get cheaper or better over
                       time, there isnt much info asymmetry [except maybe
                       some chance it is stolen ... not also the very idea
                       of "used vs new gold" is silly], it's price would be
                                   the panda says "no!" _/
                       determined by the double coincidence of wants
                       [finding somebody who wants that size/cut etc] ...
                       again the same as a DVD [think about regional codings
                       fucking up the secondary mkt]. so the immense
                       depreciation can only be explained by factors outside
                       the depreciation of the product itself, i.e. debeers.
                       [for the DVD contrast, compre the price of used DVDs
                       to the amazon new price, for popular selections.
                       not also the negative premium for non-USA region
        \_ The only reason diamonds cost so much is because everyone else
           wants them (because of advertisements that suggest bigger diamond==
           commitment), and there is a strict control of supply set by the
           diamond cartel. If diamonds were mined and sold in a completely
           free market the price would plummet to less than 1/10 of its
           current value right now.
                   \- it's more complicated than debeers just pushing bigger
                      diamonds. they push different trends based on what part
                      of the stock they want to push. like going from large
                      solitares to 3 smaller stones past/present/future rings
                      because a large number of smaller diamonds came on line.
                      read the link.
           \_ Episode from South Park: Kyle asks his dad for money to
              buy the latest and greatest Chinpokemon toy. His dad explains
              that it is a fad and he doesn't have to be a part of it. In
              fact he can make an even stronger statement by saying that
              he's an individual. Kyle responds "Yes I understand. Now let
              me tell you how it works in the real world. In the real world,
              I can either get a Chinpokomon, or I can be the only kid
              without one, which singles me out, and causes the other kids
              to make fun of me and kick my ass." Dad agrees and gives him
                My advice to you-- yes DeBeers is evil, but so are many
              corporations and cartels out there. Get the fucking diamond
              anyways. You seriously don't want to be an outcast or a weirdo
              and be ridiculed in the society, do you?
                  \- this is why guys not in a bind and before The Ring becomes
                     an issue should give Liberal girls a hard time about the
                     acceptability of diamonds. look at furs ... nobody i know
                     under at least 45 is expected to buy the wife a fur ...
                     at least not in northern california. do any normal women
                     under say 45 own +$5000 fur coats? ... i dont include
                     people from texas or people who own +$1000 chihuahuas,
                     but i do include people with multimillion dollars who
                     clearly could afford it. even a ridculously expensive
                     watch is better. in fact next time i see some women
                     friends of mine, i'll have to bring it up.
           \_ Is there 10x the supply of diamonds that there is of, say,
              emeralds or rubies?
                       \- De Beers bot controls the supply [by stockpiling
                       \- De Beers both controls the supply [by stockpiling
                          the production, as well as conrolling access
                          to high high end stone to high high end
                          jewelers] but also doesnt a lot of work on
                          jewelers] but also does a lot of work on
                          the demand side ... and i think what they
                          do on the demand side is kinda sleazy.
                          it's one thing to advertise something like
                          car to an adult ... he should be able to
                          control his spending urges. but in he case
                          of diamonds for something like engagement
                          rings, it puts the man in this weird position
                          [as per the OP ... "will my inlaws think i am
                          cheep"] and is in a sense not fighting fair.
                          just like there is a sleaziness marketing say
                          junk food to kids so they will cause a scene
                          at the airport ... except this is more indsidious
                          since at least society would back if not
                          encourage the parent's right to fight the
                          peopel advertising to their kids. a guys
                          cant really himself bring up "dont be a de beers"
                          to his fiancee.
                          to his fiancee. i guess he could give her a
                          copy of one of the "debeers expose" books ...
                          [i consider it a good deed to talk about
                          debeers with liberal fiancee's of friends]
2006/11/8-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45274 Activity:nil
11/8    Dear John, could you please post pictures of Ipanema and the
        beautiful girls there? And may I ask how and why you travel
        to exotic places so much? Are you a consultant or something?
        I'd like to go to these places one day, when I have more money.
        Thanks for sharing your pictures John! You're awesome.
        \_ This reminds me of when there was some interesting wildlife outside
           the building where I work, and everyone was running around to take
           pictures of them.  One guy pointed out that if you really want
           good pictures of wildlife for some reason, you can just do a
           google images search for the same animals where you'll see hundreds
           of pictures taken with better cameras closer up than you're going
           to get, and taken by more talented photographers.  Why don't you do
           a google images search for hot women on a beach and pretend John
           took all of them.
           \_ If you want to find quality pictures, try
        \_ Here's a few.  They're from Trancoso and South of there, in
           Bahia state.  The colors aren't great as I don't have any good
           CR2-PNG converters (shut up, Partha), but I even found one with
           a Brazilian gurl for you!!11  As for travelling, it's what I do
           a lot with my girlfriend, especially while we're spending a year
           in S. America and I've got basically fuck-all for work down here.
2006/11/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:45198 Activity:kinda low
11/6    What do you guys do when you have continual impure thoughts?
        I will not elaborate what they are but I can't seem to get
        my mind off of these thoughts.
        \_ Nuke the motd.
        \_ impure thoughts?  this is a joke right?
           \_ No I'm serious. There's a really cute blond girl at my work
              place. I have absolutely no interest in her except for sex.
              She's a bit fat but otherwise very cute. I'm obsessed about
              having sex with her and that's all I can think about at work.
              It's driving me nuts. By the way masterbation works!!! -op
              \_ Code Monkey song for you.
        \_ masturbate.  duh.  not joking.  suddenly, you can concentrate on
           other things again!  amazing!  (sex obviously the preferred option,
           but somehow i'm guessing that's not a viable option for you)
           \_ CRACK ONE OUT, BABY.
        \_ I had sex twice on Saturday night, came home and masturbated
           4 times (Sunday), today I am up to #5.  Tomorrow I have
           to badger people into not voting for the abortion
           notification proposition so I won't have a lot of time. - furious
           \_ This is kind of insane.  Are you sure you don't have a brain
              tumor which is causing insane sexual desire?  Maybe you should
              see a doctor.  Or exercise a lot.  I find that 2hrs/day of
              exercise suppresses libido.
              \_ I'm running late this morning so I googled for
                 "Brianna Briggs" and had myself 1.  Gotta start my
                 day now. - furious
2006/11/3-4 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:45148 Activity:high
11/3    Motd Poll:
        - What did Haggard mean when he said he just received a "massage"?
        Back massage:
        Frontal massage / Hand job:
        Oral massage of penis:
        Massage of anal orifice:
        All of the above:
        He was lying, just like yesterday: .
        \_ Couldn't you describe all sex as "massage"?
        \_ Who is Haggard, why do we care if he got a "massage"?
           \_ Haggard was the head of (I think) the evangelical
              christian coalition for fighting gay marriage.  His
              gay gigolo/lover got tired of him being hypocritcal
              and exposed him.
              \_ He was also filmed for Jesus Camp, and he came across
                 as a total asshole (and we all thought he was gay).
              \_ I didn't know pro-gay sex == pro-garriage. Seems
                 to me you could be pro-gay sex and anti-garriage.
              \_ I didn't know pro hot gay sex == pro garriage. Seems
                 to me you could be pro hot gay sex and anti-garriage.
                 \_ Yeah, who's he gonna bone if all the gays get married?
                 \_ Except that Christians are supposed to be against
                    pre-marital sex.
                 \_ Except that Christians supposedly are against pre-marital
                    \_ If he was actually even religious, I bet he just
                       thinks gay sex is a sin. Christians like to think
                       of stuff as sin, but they think everyone sins all
                       the time anyway.
        Turning the other cheek: .
2006/11/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45129 Activity:high
11/2            In what can only be described as a surprise move, God has
        officially announced His candidacy for the U.S. presidency.  During
        His press conference today, the first in over 4000 years, He is quoted
        as saying, "I think I have a chance for the White House if I can just
        get my campaign pulled together in time.  I'd like to get this country
        turned around; I mean REALLY turned around!  Let's put Florida up
        north for awhile, and let's get rid of all those annoying mountains
        and rivers.  I never could stand them!"
                There apparently is still some controversy over the Almighty's
        citizenship and other qualifications for the Presidency.  God replied
        to these charges by saying, "Come on, would the United States have
        anyone other than a citizen bless their country?"
                Sarah felt her chest heave painfully whenever she jumped over
        or a plant root.  Her pants bound her thighs and made them chafe.
        She lagged behind the others, deciding that it wasn’t worth
        seeing the huntsman’s kill up close and personal.  She felt sweat
        dribble down her breasts and thighs.  She placed her hand on her
        chest to wipe it off; it throbbed with her heart.  Her nipples
        tingled with each beat.  Her shirt was soaked; she could clearly
        see the outline of her bra, and the curved outsides of her breasts
        flowing over the edges.  Her pants were now skin-tight, and the
        very bottoms of her buttocks were squeezed out of the thigh holes.
        Then she felt her foot hit something.  She looked down and saw a
        thick foot wrapped around it.  She tried to stop, but it was too
        late-she began to tumble foreword.  Throwing her arms out, she
        landed on all fours.  Her upper body’s momentum caused her to
        arch her back.  With a ripping noise, she felt her bra give out,
        the seams of her cups splitting and her breasts surging downward.
        In the same moment, all of the buttons on her shirt snapped
        off and buried themselves in the dirt, causing it to fall open.
        Her breasts stopped inches above the dirt, bouncing and slapping
        each other, slippery with sweat, and nipples engorged with blood
        from her roiling arousal.  She stared at them, then stood back up,
        watching them pile on her ribs, wobbling and undulating very gently.
        They stuck out several inches.  She tried to close her shirt,
        but there was, at the closest, a two-inch gap between both sides.
        There was no way she was going to hide this.
2006/11/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45102 Activity:nil
*/*     Stupid bra blog rant removed.
        \_ I'm willing to trade five years of my lifespan for a wife with a
           body like this.
           \_ Are you married now?
              \_ Yes I am.  My wife has been talking about improving her body
                 all the time, but it's all just talks.
           \_ Go sign up for one of those $300k/yr jobs in Iraq and when
              you come back, you will be able to acquire one.
2006/11/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:45097 Activity:nil
10/31   Over the past 2 years I've gone from a small C cup to DDD, size 32
        band. Because the girls are brand new and look like they belong on a
        15 year old, they can come off as looking fake and they're cleavage
        challanged. Aside from the granny bra selection I have, the cleavage
        thing annoys me the most.
        Bras and breasts come up quite often among the people I socialize
        with. Often women complaining, or my boyfriend bragging about my
        breasts (he's quite proud). When sizes come into the picture, usually
        linked to bra complaints, people will insist on correcting me about
        my size, which I mention when they can't figure out why I can't find
        nice bras my size.

        "Oh, you can't be that cup size! You're much smaller!"
        "That's not possible, are you sure you're wearing the right bra
        Um.... yes, do you see wrinkly cups under my shirt?!
        Oh, and here's my favorite from men, as if they understand bras
        beyond how to remove them one handed. "I've played with A LOT of
        D cups and your not even near a D cup!"

        Excuse me, I think I need to hit someone. This usually leads to me
        launching into a lecture on the art of bra sizing and how not all
        D cups are the same size. The larger the difference between your
        band and the largest part of your breasts, the larger the cup. I'll
        then point out that I have a 10"+ difference, meaning large cup size.
        Slender girls CAN have large breasts!!  A slender girl with D cups
        will NOT have the same size breasts as a girl that's quite large that
        has D cups.  What I love about this is the women around me, suddenly
        their faces will light up with the realization that all along,
        they've been wearing the wrong bra size.
2006/10/31-11/2 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:45060 Activity:moderate
10/31   motd boob guy says Happy Halloween:
        \_ NSFW (did I really need to add that???)
        \_ Gee, she's nice. Slender, sexy, and seemingly natural.
           \_ seemingly?  It's kinda weird.  Is that some soldier's wife
              sending him a 'reminder' video?
              \_ Seemingly, as in I can't say for sure whether she has
                 had implants. However, if I had to guess I'd say she
                 has not. If they are, then they were done very well.
                 \_ Either they are real or they are implants done in Japan.
                    Only Japanese implants look so realistic.  American ones
                    are hemisphere-shaped.
              \_ "Honey, I'll keep posting videos like this on the internet
                 until you come home.  Tomorrow's will feature a dildo."
        \_ HOT!
        \_ Is there a URL for a parent page that contains this video?  I want
           to read the description, if any.
        \_ I'm willing to trade five years of my lifespan for a wife with a
           body like this.
           \_ Are you married now?
           \_ Go sign up for one of those $300k/yr jobs in Iraq and when
              you come back, you will be able to acquire one.
2006/10/26-29 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:44986 Activity:kinda low
10/26   Muslim cleric blames women for rape:
        'A senior Muslim cleric compared women who go without a head scarf to
        "uncovered meat" left out for scavengers, ...
        "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside ... without
        cover, and the cats come to eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats' or
        the uncovered meat's?"'
        \_ Sadly not an original stance.  Look at Pakistan's legal structure
           that says a raped woman needs 4 male witnesses or she's guilty of
           adultery.  The obvious assumption is women are SEX MACHINES just
           waiting for that chance to get it wherever they can.  Of course
           there's some merit to "dressing provocatively gets you raped", but
           it's no different than "buying that expensive car is what got it
           \_ No, there is no merit to "didn't cover herself head to toe got
              her raped".  Nor is there any merit to "she was wearing a
              bikini and it got her raped".  Buying an expensive car doesn't
              get it stolen.  Getting it stolen gets it stolen.  Sheesh.
              \_ I think we're agreeing with each other.  My point was that the
                 "merit" is pointless.  There's definitely a herd mentality
                 at play here, though.  If they're all covered head to toe and
                 one's showing ankle, she _is_ more likely to get raped.  That
                 doesn't mean she was "asking for it" or "deserved it", but
                 there is cause and effect.
                 \_ I think you'd have to back that up. I don't know what
                    goes through a rapist's mind (probably - often - just
                    a simple "right place at the right time") but I know
                    that when talking about being sexually attracted to
                    women I am not necessarily more attracted to the ones
                    showing more skin. If one is not attractive (to me) and
                    half-naked and her friend is totally hot but covered
                    head to toe, I'm still interested in the hot one.
                    \_ But in an environment where most dress conservatively,
                       one can use the fact that one girl is dressed "slutty"
                       to rationalize that that one is "asking for it" and
                       so it's ok to rape her. In those fucked up religious
                       places "slutty" could be having your head uncovered.
                       Actually there was a case in Iraq where a goat farmer
                       was murdered because he had been warned to put diapers
                       on his goats and failed to do so. source:
                       The real implication here is that men are like
                       dumb beasts, who will eat "meat" if it's available
                       regardless of morality.
        \_ How can one buy meat at the "meat market" if one can't see it
           \_ If you're hungry enough anything tastes good.
           \_ Your parents arranged it with her parents.  No one asked you.
              \_ So when do you start feeding yourself?
        \_ This is the argument I keep having with American friends who do
           not really have a lot of exposure to really nasty militant islam
           inside the country--some of the shit you see from the loonies,
           who are neither few nor far in between nor particularly fringe, is
           so egregiously bad that it immediately removes any legitimacy they
           might lay claim to--and yet some insist on "dialogue" with
           assholes like this while painting painting people like Orianna
           Fallaci as fascists (probably right, but still) who should be
           shunned and ostracized.  Sigh.  Then again, there was the Italian
           court a few years ago who acquitted a guy of rape because it's a
           well-known fact that you can't get blue jeans off a woman who
           isn't a willing participant... -John
           \_ Italian rape case:
        \_ I want to ask this cleric: if he goes to a public restroom and
           pees with his microscopic willie, without cover, and a stray dog
           walks in and bites it off, whose fault is it, the dog or the
           uncovered willie?
           \_ His wang would be unclean and unable to join him in paradise.
           \_ Neither.  It would be the fault of the Jews and their Zionist
              Entity, created and sponsored by The Great Satan.
              \- i have neither followed the story nor the thread above closely
                 but i think a number of people are missing the point. the
                 point is not to debate this on the merits, but ask "why do
                 obvious fruitcakes continue to have followers rather than
                 discrediting themselves." this applies to: crazy mullahs ...
                 a category in which i include pat robertson, people like
                 rush limbaugh [i dont include ann coulter, michelle malkin,
                 michael moore ... because i dont think they really have
                 followers in the same sense ... and they are to a greater
                 extent just clowns]. i dont really think there is anything
                 to talk about "on the merits". like w.r.t. to creationism:
                 creationism in the 21st century is an interesting social
                 phenomena in america which begs some explanation, but
                 obviously there is nothing to talk about on the substative/
                 scientific merits. back to the mullah vs mullah: obviously
                 it's silly to claim not wearing the chador/burka/hijab ->
                 "come get me" is ridiculous ... why are you even talking about
                 that. do you sped a lot of time debating whether america
                 "deserved" 9/11, katerina because it is not appoximating
                 "deserved" 9/11, katerina because it is now appoximating
                 soddom and gommorah? how about "can a good christian
                 pray for the death of ussc justice." so what begs explanation
                 is almost anthopological, not ethical/moral/legal or religous.
                 is almost anthopological, not ethical/moral/legal or relig.
                 \- BTW, it occurs to me that the cathloic popes have some
                    equally fruitcake views. they might be less inflammory
                    and not have obvious policy consequences, but intellec-
                    tually, they are about as nutty. i suppose it's a
                    somewhat interesting question would you rather work for
                    a boss who held some minorly offensive political views
                    or somthing fruitcakish, like aliens are walking among us
                    or the earth is flat or we never landed on the moon ...
                    which speaks to general world view and reasoning, but
                    little if any policy consequences.
2006/10/26-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44982 Activity:nil
        Sperm makes women happier!
        \_ What a flawed conclusion in this 2002 study.  *Even if* all other
           physical (e.g. sensitivity to latex, noise of a condom) and
           emotional (e.g. "we're not really touching each other") factors were
           eliminated in the study, the study didn't distinguish between semen
           and sperm.
           \_ Or the fact that the cum-hungry sluts are likely the ones
              not using condoms. They probably like sex more and miss it
              more than the others.
              \_ Cum-hungry sluts?  Do you think they accounted for that
                 sub-group in their statistics?
           \_ The study was conducted by a psychology professor, so what
              do you expect?
2006/10/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44969 Activity:kinda low
10/25   Doing research on hot female teacher, young male student molestation.
        Is there a comprehensive list of their names and/or URLs?
        \_ Niiiiiiiiiice
           \_ Nice. Nice.
        \_ Nice.
           \_ Nice. Very nice.
        \_ someone already beat you to it
           \_ Beat him to... asking for a list?
              \_ doing research on hot female teacher molestation
           \_ This dude needs to put down the Celine and the crack pipe --
              his blog entry is unreadable.
           \_ Debra Lefave (sic) and Pamela Rogers Turner are hot.  Mary Kay
              Letourneau and Sandra "Beth" Geisel are not hot.
        \_ WND's been following them for some time--hot or not:
2006/10/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44968 Activity:nil
10/25   Gawd, is the ONLY site of all the major media outlets to
        give a misleading headline:  "Same-sex marriage wins state battle"
2006/10/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44966 Activity:nil
10/25   Argh, I don't know what to do. I've been dealing with so much hassle
        for more or less the past 6 months, trying to shop online for bras,
        dealing with sizing issues, returns, exchanges... now it's to the point
        where I ABSOLUTELY NEED new bras, as I have ONE that, while not being
        the right size, is close enough that I can wear it. I NEED more, though,
        because even that one is pushing it. It's more than two years old and
        starting to fall apart.

        There was a sale going on with Lane Bryant's Cacique bra line. I ordered
        a few in 30 G... in most bras, a G is slightly too big. In three of the
        bras I ordered, I was hanging out of it majorly. To the point where I
        don't even know if an H will fit me. I'm going to exchange them this
        weekend if I can. One of the ones I ordered, also in a 30 G, fit pretty
        well. Not perfectly, but considering the dire NEED I'm in, I decided to
        keep it and wear it. Well, in the week and a half I've worn it, it's
        gone from being slightly too snug in the band on the loosest hooks to
        suddenly barely being tight enough on the tightest band setting. How is
        that POSSIBLE? I looked at the bra, and it didn't look stretched out,
        but now I constantly have to tug it down in the back.


        I am just SO FRUSTRATED right now. I need bras that fit and I need
        them NOW. I shouldn't have to deal with this. I WANTED something cute,
        something that I'm not embarrassed to be wearing, but at this point I
        should probably just return the Lane Bryant bras, go to the one store
        in town that has decent bras in my size, the store that's run by the
        creepy lady who barges in on me in the fitting room, and get one of
        the utilitarian Goddess ones that I HATE because it's the only thing
        they carry. At least then I'll have SOMETHING. Even if they're ugly
        and uncomfortable, at least they're something I can try on in *gasp*
        an actual STORE, and know that they probably won't magically stretch

        Sorry, I know this is a little bit angsty, but I just kind of need to
        blow off some steam with people who understand.
        \_ Where is this coming from?  Is this some old penthouse letter or
2006/10/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44965 Activity:nil
10/25   bra rant that replaced motd wiped.  motd restored.
        \_ Ok, I want to know what I missed.  Next time put it in a tmp
           directory or something so people can read it.
           \_ ob"Oh my breasts are so big and my bras don't fit and blah
              blah blah".  You missed nothing.
        \_ What is the deal with the bra rant, anyway?  Is it some g-mag
           letter or something?
                \_Best thing about having enormous breasts:
                  Having an enormous erogenous zone in an easy to reach place.
                  Worst thing about having enormous breasts:
                  Having a very sensitive area in an easy to reach place.
                  \_ Huh?  All I see is some hot boobs in a white sports bra.
                  \_ Huh?  All I see is hot boobs in a white sports bra.
                     Here's a similar one:
                     \_ I like
                  \_ No idea but replacing the motd with it was not cool.
2006/10/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44963 Activity:low
        NJ's highest court rules 4-3 that same-sex unions are entitled to the
        same rights as heterosexual marriage, but leaves the name of that union
        ("marriage", "domestic partnership", etc.) up to the legislature.
        Dissenting justices correctly assert that same-sex couples are entitled
        to participate in state-sanctioned civil marriage.
        \_ I guess I don't understand why thegays are in a tiff about this.
        \_ I guess I don't understand why the gays are in a tiff about this.
           I mean marriage _is_ a historical concept, as is all of the
           terminology associated with it.  Of course gay couples should have
           the same rights and privileges, but why do they think legislation
           should manage "repurposing" of traditional terms?  Do they think we
           should legislate away the terms "husband" and "wife"?
           \_ Marriage has legal as well as social meaning.  You are free to
              any social meaning you want, but if the legal term is marriage
              it should be the same legal term for both.  Would you have a
              problem with the government getting out of the "marriage"
              bussiness entirely and just having a blanket civil partnership
              setup?  Seems the easiest solution to me.  -aspo
              \_ Totally. -pp
                 \_ I agree as well, but I think that's because we're all
                    unsentimental libertarian geeks.
                    unsentimental liberarian geeks.  To the extent that
                    marriage can be interpreted as a religious instutution,
                    the government has NO business ever getting involved in
                    that.  To the extent that it's just providing infrastructure
                    for two people to form a legal contract in regards to
                    things like hospital visitation and wills, I think most
                    Americans are ok with allowing that for gay couples
                    at this point.
              \_ Yes. The gubamint had better start getting its act together
                 and protecting our family values by outlawing deviancy like
                 garraige, abortions and evolution. Otherwise, hellfire and
                 brimstone like soddom and gommora will surely be visited on
                 this sinning land.
           \_ ob "separate but equal"
              \_ ob distinguishable from Brown.
                 \_ i don't think so, but it does need to go to SCOTUS
                    \_ The Brown plaintiffs had the weight of the 13th,
                       14th and 15th amends. behind them. Those amends.,
                       esp. the 14th were passed primarily for the
                       purpose of preventing the States from engaging
                       in discriminatory behavior against a particular
                       class of of people, a class of people of which
                       the Brown plaintiffs were members.
                       No such claim can be made wrt gays. The 14th
                       was not passed for their benefit or to right
                       wrongs the States had visited upon them. Even
                       under Carolene Products, it is hard to argue
                       that gays are a suspect class who are in need
                       of special court protection b/c they are unable
                       to avail themselves of the political process
                       and therefore they ought to be protected by
                       the 14th (thus rendering Loving, &c. inappl-
                       Barring a 14th amend. claim, I do not see the
                       basis for fed intervention in a purely state
                       law issue.
                       \_ "separate but equal" & 14th must be tested in SCOTUS
                          as it applies to gay marriage. i'm not sure whether
                          carolene or loving really help you that much.
2006/10/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Recreation/Dating] UID:44930 Activity:insanely high
10/23   I started growing in 3rd/4th grade. By 8th grade I was up to a full B,
         a little too small for a C. By the beginning of 10th grade I was
         wearing F (yes, I have a lot of stretch marks on my boobs as a
         result). By graduation I was a full G.  Christmas break of my
         freshman year of Cal I was H. Summer between my sophomore and
         junior years I was an I.  Now I'm a senior at the church
         and I'm starting to get double boobies again. So I'm pushing a J,
         I guess.  I guess this means I might be heading into the scary
         bra size territories of 34JJ.  Yay, even less choice in bra.
         Which brings me to my question....excluding pregnancy and
         weight gain,  when the hell will these things stop growing?
         I know it's different for everyone probably, but generally when
         does breast size stabilise?  Is this all going to stop soon,
         or am I looking at continuing to grow a cupsize every
         6-9 months until my late 20s, and ending up a 34KKK or something?
         I'm hoping that, since there are quite a lot of men in their 20s
         here, someone will be able to shed some light on this, and what
         I've got in store for me.
        \_ Yawn.  Again?
        \_ Apparently it is god's will that you have an enormous rack.
        \_ Make an appointment to buy a B/C. Nip/Tuck. Stop trolling the motd.
2006/10/19-11/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44868 Activity:high
11/7    I don't know how computer savvy you guys are, but I need some help.
        I'm still growing, and the bras I currently own are starting to give me
        double boobs. The store I get my bras at have bands that only go down to
        a 32 (I'm a 30) and I'm tired of getting a 32H that rides up my back.
        I need a 30 I (well, bigger now, I guess, since the 32H didn't used to
        give me double boobs and now it does).  Normally I'd dig a bunch of the
        links you guys have posted in the past and go to them for some shopping,
        but I can't. So, here's where the computer part comes in.  I'm using
        my church's proxy to get online and they have a very conservative
        blocking system that not only blocks porn and mp3 downloading sites,
        but also any random sites that they consider "tasteless" (this is the
        word they use...but they don't supply the reason why they consider it
        as such). And you guessed it, online stores that sell bras are blocked
        under the "lingerie and swimsuit" category. So I can't shop for those
        kinds of things through our proxy.  Does anyone know of a free proxy
        I could use so I can shop for new bras (and swimsuits)? The proxy I'm
        using blocks any sites that list free proxies so I can't go find them
        myself. (And no, I can't ask them to unblock stuff...I've tried and they
        won't, even for a clothing necessity.)  Thanks in advance, even if none
        of you can help me. At least an encouraging comment would be nice if
        you don't have any ideas.
        \_ So you presumably believe that your god created your breasts, and
           that your god is responsible for the human mind that figured out a
           good way to support those breasts...and yet these people who claim
           to speak for that same god clearly have no respect for either.
           It's time to think about leaving this religion.  Now.
           \_ because I've been with only one bra that fits for quite a while
              now, I've forgotten if this is normal. I've been slowly loosing
              weight and my current bra, a 30HH, seems to be a bit tight.
              I've found that when I bend over I can fit easily place my entire\
              fist between the band of my bra and my skin. There is no
              stretching of the bra at all, I can just slide it in.
              also I find myself pulling it down quite often.
              I've always been a 28 until this sudden weight gain last year,
              but now that I moved into the church and I'm not eating
              at the DC anymore [and thus eating better], I've already lost
              five pounds. Was five pounds really enough to make me go down a
           \_ because I've been with only one bra that fits for quite a
              while now, I've forgotten if this is normal. I've been slowly
              loosing weight and my current bra, a 30HH, seems to be a bit
              tight. I've found that when I bend over I can fit easily place
              my entire fist between the band of my bra and my skin. There
              is no stretching of the bra at all, I can just slide it
              in. also I find myself pulling it down quite often. I've
              always been a 28 until this sudden weight gain last year, but
              now that I moved into the church and I'm not eating at the DC
              anymore [and thus eating better], I've already lost five
              pounds. Was five pounds really enough to make me go down a
              band size? And if this is the case, what size would I be?
              I've looked at various bra wizards online and imput my
              measurements and they all say I am a 36H, however, I've never
              fit into a 36 in my life, they're far too big. I've only had
              the aforementioned bra a couple of months and it wasnt until
              mid-August that it was the only one I was wearing. and currently
              I'm on the tightest hook.  what's the deal?
              mid-August that it was the only one I was wearing. and
              currently I'm on the tightest hook.  what's the deal?
        \_ Email the local sheriff with the address of your church so they can
           free you from your cell. Or better yet, go the local library or
           Internet cafe and surf from there. Seriously, you don't need a
           free proxy, you need to move.
        \_ If this is a troll - well done! If not, please tell me the "Korean
           Baptist church" isn't Berkland...
           Baptist church" isn't Berkland... But as far as trying to be
           helpful, do they block sites like J. Crew or Banana Republic? Some
           of those stores may sell bras, and I know many "Korean Baptists"
           at least used to wear stuff J. Crew and BR. Another option is the
           smaller yahoo stores and such or even ebay. -former ABSKer
           \_ I think it's kind of interesting that both you and OP take it
              completely for granted that brick and mortar clothing stores
              are dead.  Are brick and mortar clothing stores going out of
        \_ Please post pics so the experts on the motd can help you find the
           right size.
           \_ let me know if you want more pictures of me.
              this is from last night
           \_ google "doctor sausage"
        \_ I'm waiting for the 80 column nazis to delete this.
           \_ Reformatted just for you -formatd
              \_ Really it was an invitation to delete it because it's a
                 troll.  Do you have any idea how *incredibly huuuuge* a 30I
                 is?  This is either a troll or someone desperately needs a
                 breast reduction because she's going to have severe life long
                 back problems.  Most women are looking 'full' at C, large at
                 D and need a strong support bra at DD.  An "I" would be
                 possible only for someone very heavy (but then they wouldn't
                 be size 30), someone who had surgery and went waaaay
                 overboard, or a mutant.  And anyone that big would already
                 know exactly where to get specialty bras because they'd need
                 to have known years ago as they shot past DD.  The Christian
                 Church thing was just there to bait the "we hate xtians, you
                 need help!" types as a sort of trollerific bonus.
                 \_ How are CSUA geeks supposed to know how big 30I is?
                    \_ obdanddjoke
                 \_ I-cup in Japan measurements are much smaller (still big,
                    though) than the I-cup in US.  Check out these porn stars
                    and sex idols who claim they have Japanese I-cups: Ayaka
                    Fujisaki, Anna Ohura (natural), Rei Hirona, Harumi Nemoto
                    (natural), Sakurako Kaoru (natural), Alice Hoshi, Nozomi
                    \_ Ok, sure, different countries measure differently.  I
                       didn't see where the OP said she was using Japanese
                       measurements.  Does being Korean automatically imply
        \_ This has to be one of the best engineered trolls I've ever seen
           on the motd.
        \_ OK, Assuming the poster is not trolling and means Japanese sizes,
           Japanese I-cup looks about like US D-cup.  My girlfriend swears
           by Title-9 bras.  They have a physical store around here somewhere.
        \_ Regardless of original troll/not-troll:  use TOR for this sort of
           thing.  Either that, google for free proxy.  -John
2006/10/18-24 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:44861 Activity:nil
        Sex Dolls, etc
2006/10/17-18 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:44844 Activity:high
10/17   Gals, don't date macho man if you want a potent man in bed.
        \_ You can be potent but not fertile.
        \_ This only discusses the issue of fertility, not orgasms/screw.
           Women probably care more about orgasms/screw.
           \_ Women mostly care about money.
           \_ Orgasms/screw???  Remind me not to have sex with you.
              \_ Don't you want to have lots of orgasms, assuming
                  you're a female?  Who do you get more pleasurable
                  sex with, a couch potato or an attractive, fit
                  \_ Exercising doesn't make your schlong any bigger or
                     more talented.
                     \_ But you can thrust longer and faster without getting
                        \_ If you thing stamina for _thrusting_ == greater
                           female pleasure you need to put down the bodice
                           rippers and start getting some real experience.
           \_ "The exercisers showed a drop in their ... ejaculate volume, ..."
              Okay.  Don't date macho man if you enjoy facial/shower.
2006/10/16-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44833 Activity:nil
10/16   Man wants to stop paying alimony b/c ex-wife is now a man: (
        \_ how do we know the experience of divorce didn't cause
           this person to want to become a man? he still must pay.. [formatd]
        \_ If there are no children, what is the purpose of alimony?  Do
           payments stop after a specified time?
           \_ obReadWikipedia
2006/10/14-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44823 Activity:high
10/14   Motd too dull.  What percentage to poeple on the motd generally tip a
        \_ Only if she's a real cow.
           \_ moo!
        \_ You don't tip a hooker a "percentage" of anything.  Your payment
           is the "tip."  Could be $100 - $150 in a massage parlor.  Could
           be $300 - $600 in Vegas, depending on the quality of the girl.
           Could be 50 Euros for a suck-and-fuck in Amsterdam.
           \_ Quality of the girl?  Is there a grading standard?  Maybe some
              FDA approved process?  Or would that be FEMA working with DHS?
        \_ I'm very against paying women for sex.  It is just completely
           immoral and wrong.  Women should be paying ME for sex.
           \_ Fine.  How much do you expect them to tip you?
              \_ Tipping is optional, of course, but how about $10/orgasm?
2006/10/9-10 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:44732 Activity:high
10/9    I remember one winter semester during an El Nino year when, starting
        in January, some rain fell almost every single day. Attendance at
        lectures was pretty minimal.

        I remember occasionally thinking about buying an umbrella, but I was
        sure that as soon as I did the rain would stop. That didn't actually
        happen until May.
        \_ your memory is incorrect.
        \_ I never bought an umbrella.  There was always one sitting around
           somewhere someone else lost.  Well, ok, my first year I bought one
           and lost it.  It's just umbrella karma.
        \_ Was it 1992 or 1993?  I remember in a March of either of this year,
           it rained every single day.  -- Class of '93
           \_ it felt like it rained every other day from 92-94. housing
              sucked. profs didn't seem like they're genuinely interested in
              teaching and certainly didn't have time to talk to you. smelly
              eecs TAs seriously needed to retake esl. the counselors at cal
              really sucked and treated their jobs like temps cuz they were.
              a super hot b-school-wannabe freshman that i had a serious
              crush on used me to do her cs9x projects and other assignments.
              after i finished her b-school pre-reqs she ditched me and
              started dating my former buddy. FUCKING BITCH I HATE YOU!!!
              AND FUCK YOU ALL GREEDY BUSINESS MAJORS!!! anyways around that
              time i also started taking a lot of anti-depressants and light
              recreational drugs. i carefully crafted my suicide note during
              the most depressing, cold and wet winter semester I ever
              experienced at cal. i planned my suicide carefully for the
              coming spring to minimize pain for my family members but when
              spring actually came, i just couldn't do it. maybe it was the
              improving weather, i don't know. summer came and i ended
              up taking a leave of absence. if i had stayed any longer
              i'd surely committed suicide. afterall, i already spent many
              hours of hard labor on the suicide note, oh well.
              in short, i really really really really really hate berkeley.
              \_ So you met this chick on day 3 of class, did her home work,
                 got nothing for it and got dumped?  Where in there did you
                 think you had a gf?
                 \_ Well she cooked for me and lived at my place for a few
                    days when I had to do her projects. No we didn't have
                    sex, but she was so sweet to me when she needed my help
                    it was pretty much my first girl friend experience. BITCH
                    \_ OMG, you didn't even get laid?  So she came by and
                       said, "do my class for me".  You did all the work over
                       3-4 days just before the deadline, ignored your own
                       work, class, sleep and health and all you got was a
                       few meals and a room mate.  Sorry mate but that wasn't
                       your first gf experience.  That was in no way shape or
                       form a girl friend.  If you'd asked any of your friends,
                       family or even the motd at the time they'd all have told
                       you what was going to happen.
           \_ In 2006 we broke the record for days of rain in March, at 25.
              And there's a whole month between March and May.  -tom
              \_ I have bad memory then.  -- Class of '93
           \_ I was thinking of 94-95. Days of rain: Jan 26, Feb 3, Mar 17,
              Apr 14. Almost every day is an admitedly an exaggeration,
              but it was a pretty damp winter/spring.
          - op
              \_ Are you sure it wasn't 97-98?  We had like 3 months straight
                 rain in Berkeley then.
                 \_ 14 days in March, 10 days in April.
                  \_ but 18, 10, 22, 20 for Nov->Feb.  That's pretty bad
                     especially considering Nov and Dec aren't normally
                     that wet in CA.  In fact at 47+inches of rain that year
                     it beats the second wettest year in that data set (from
                     1960-now) by over 12 inches, or 33% more!
                     \_ The wettest being last year?
                        \_ Last year was the second wettest.  97-98 was the
                           \_ 2004-05 was the wettest in SoCal since 1883
                              in terms of inches of rain. 2005-06 was
                              the wettest in terms of days of rain. Where
                              does one find the Bay Area totals?
                              \_ There's a link about 15 lines up.
                 \_ No, that year I was living in SF. I have memories of that
                    one too. Maybe I'll post another "I remember" entry about
                    it in the future. :) - op
2006/10/2-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44632 Activity:kinda low
`10/1   So what exactly happened between that perverted 53-year old guy and
        the school girls in Colorado? Did he simply fondle their breasts?
        Were the girls fully undressed? Did they have oral sex? Did they
        have intercourse, and did they use lubricants or any other forms
        of protection?
        \_ Sorry, but what sort of twisted curiosity is impelling these
           \_ trolling perchance?
        \_ How about you send a SASE to the local PD there in CO and ask
           them to send you the full report and your interest in it?
           "CA Man Questioned By FBI In CO Shooting Case".
        \_ One of the hostages, Lynna Long, told the Rocky Mountain News that
           she was groped above the waist but believes Emily "got it worse."
           Lynna said that she was afraid to look, "but you could hear Emily
           saying, `No. Please don't."'
           Lynna said all the girls had been told to stand facing a wall, and
           she could not see what Morrison was doing, but she knew the other
           girls were being molested because "you could hear the rustling of
           clothes and elastic being snapped and zippers being opened and
           \_ Hm, isn't it kind of hard to rape when you're standing?
           \_ Ok thanks a lot.  That is exactly what I didn't need to read
              right after lunch.  Or any other time.
           \_ then he shot all 10 girls at close range, at least five of
              them in the head.  Five are still alive - all but one are in
              critical condition.
           \_ There's no way he could have had cum more than one time in that
              short a time period, so I'm guessing he only had sex with one
              of them and just fingerbanged the others.
        \_ You must be the same guy who wanted the Girls Gone Wild date rape
2006/9/17-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44413 Activity:high
9/17    No. 1 on the list of assholes who need to die:  Joe Francis, creator of
        "Girls Gone Wild" (latimes)
        \_ Girls Gone Wild is very very profitable. This is a free country,
           and people are free to do what they can in a free-market that
           encouranges profitability. Why do you hate Capitalism?
           \_ Encouraging exhibitionism for profit is okay; assaulting
              someone isn't.  (I haven't read most of the article yet and know
              little about him.)  He's nowhere near the top of my list (he's
              not on it, actually) but that was fucked up.  - niloc (not OP)
        \_ If this guy is at the top of your list, your priorities are fucked.
           If he's on your top 10,000, your priorities are still fucked.
           \_ Seriously. Name one bad thing this guy has done. Yes,
              just one (1).
              \_ (date) raped a girl on video?
                 \_ It's on video?  How come he's not in ass-pounding prison?
                 \_ Where can I buy that video???
                    \_ Why would you want it?  Are you a District Attorney?
                       A cop?  I can't see anyone else wanting it unless
                       they're some sort of twisted bastard.  Are you a
                       twisted bastard?
                       \_ Yes I am.
                          \_ OK, you're #2 on the list....
                             \_ After you.
        \_ I heard that Joe Francis hangs out with college-aged girls and then
           the next morning, he has his buddies smell his finger.  I heard
           that on Howard Stern.
2006/9/16-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44407 Activity:nil
        Not a very smart dentist. Obviously, he didn't watch CSI.
        \_ I love the title of the link to the video:
           "Watch the dentist's former father-in-law tell him to burn in hell"
           CNN, all class, all the time.
2006/9/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44399 Activity:nil
        Married means you're married, you moron!
        \_ The person who wrote that is the moron.
2006/9/14-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44370 Activity:nil
9/13    lonelygirl15 (Jessica Rose) is cute cute cute! I hope to see more
        of her in future movies, or better yet, porn.
        \_ For Jessica-Lee Rose fans only:
           If you know where to find Dear Beloved by Leah Salvisan please
           post it here.
        \_ Second that. There's something really special and magical about
           legal aged women who look underaged. It's like you want to be
           very close to them for no reason and you just can't explain it.
        \_ am i the only one who finds this at least a little disturbing?
                \_ I find ugly fat women more disturbing in porn
        \_ I had never heard of lonelygirl15, what's the deal?
2006/9/12-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44355 Activity:low
9/12    For the trusting folks out there who are into personal space, dating
        others and telling their SOs to be cool with it:
        "The Secret Lives of Wives: Why they stray"
        \_ So, if you let your relationship run on autopilot, your SO/spouse
           will start looking elsewhere? When did this become news?
           \_ we had been arguing about whether it was okay to see a movie with
              a female friend if you already were in a relationship, so this
              URL was posted to keep the motd Fair and Balanced. </troll>
              \_ The discussion already covered this point. If your relation-
                 ship is good and your SO has no trouble with you going out
                 with a FotOS, there is still no problem.
                 \_ Yermom runs FatOS!
2006/9/11-14 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Dating] UID:44344 Activity:low
9/11    Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son died in his bed, days after Anna
        gave birth to a daughter.
        \_ who?
           \_ You're too young.
           \_ You're too young.   -- OP
              \_ no, I just don't waste time on idiotic pop culture.
                 \_ then why ask?
                 \_ I was just thinking that you recognize a different
                    generation of sex symbols.   -- OP
                    \_ "fat, blonde, and stupid is no way to go through life"
                    \_ Yeah, she's about as appealing as Tammy Faye Bakker
                       \_ Nah, I'd do ANS after only a month of sexual
                          deprivation.  It'd take a year for TFB to seem
                          \_ I'd have to be dead for TFB
                       \_ She looked great in To the Limit, Skyscraper, and
                          Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed.
        \_ hundreds of million of dollar, death of her young son... talking
           about ups and downs in her life!
                \_ Not to mention post-partum (sp?) depression, damn that's
2006/9/9-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44333 Activity:moderate
9/9     Is it "ok" for a guy in a relationship to go to a movie with a
        friend who is a girl? There are no romantic feelings between the
        two, at least the guy (me) definitely doesn't have any. Is
        a movie outing too close/date-like? Thanks.
        \_ My baby momma still lets me hit it.
        \_ I went to a movie with my ex.  Girlfriend found out.  Girlfriend
           broke up with me.  So... I should have either informed
           gf I was going to movie with ex, or thought a little harder
           and just not have gone to the movie in the first place.
           Might not be worth the risk.
        \_ fucking YES.   next question.  Who are you?  You are
           too boring to live.
                \_ 'splain yourself, boy. -op
        \_ Did you have a previous more-than-friend relationship with said
           girl? The answer may still be "yes," but you may have more Damage
           Control to do before and after. -married and been there
        \_ If it is ok with your gf, it is ok.  If it is not ok with your gf,
           it is not ok.  If you are ok with it not being ok, that is ok.  If
           you are not ok with it not being ok, get new gf.
           \_ I hereby cede my time to this person. Good advice. -married
              \_ Seconded.  --not married, but been there
             \_ and if you are ok with it being not ok you are fucking
                \_ not necessarily.  if she did the same thing would you be
                   ok with her having some 'date'-like activities with some
                   other guy?  i'll bet you wouldn't.  goose/gander.  if you
                   just want to keep her around as an easy lay, then it
                   doesn't matter what you do if you've got this other thing
                   going on anyway, but if she's actually your real gf then
                   what she thinks matters.  welcome to grown-up land.
                   \_ Of course I'd be ok with it.  That's why it is grown-up
                      land.  We are grown up enough to trust each other and
                      not be raging jealous bitches.  And we are grown up
                      enough that we wouldn't settle for a relationship where
                      the other person doesn't trust us.
                      \_ I don't think trust is the issue.
                        \_ So what is the issue?  If the other person's sex
                           is the major issue then the only reason I could
                           see that being a problem is that one SO doesn't
                           trust the other enough to hang out with friends of
                           opposite sex.  The implication being that some
                           kind of cheating is going on.  If that's not
                           a lack of trust I don't know what it is.
                           \_ The issue is feelings.  Someone can trust you but
                              still feel bad that you're spending time with
                              someone else.  Anyway, I think there are a lot of
                              marriages that wouldn't have ended in divorce if
                              there were fewer temptations available.  The
                              ideal "100% trust but didn't get cheated on"
                              marriage is a nice thought but just isn't going
                              to happen because people are people.
                              \_ I will admit that if I'm in a serious
                                 relationship I do want to be a major part
                                 of someone's life and that means at least
                                 being invited to most social events they
                                 have going on.  However that doesn't mean
                                 all events, it's important to have a life
                                 outside of the other person.  And lots of
                                 the time we have friends the other person
                                 doesn't get along with, or that enjoys
                                 doing things my SO doesn't really like.
                                 And if you notice in the original question
                                 his friend's sex was the main factor.  Once
                                 again if what you are doing is fine with a
                                 friend of the sex you don't want to boink
                                 it should be fine with the other.  And
                                 if your SO thinks otherwise you really
                                 should have the guts to let her know that
                                 that isn't cool.
                                 \_ All true.  It still comes down to your SOs
                                    feelings, cool or not.  I said way up there
                                    that if your SO isn't ok with it and you're
                                    not ok with your SO not being ok with it,
                                    then get a new SO.  It isn't an easily
                                    reconcilable(sp?) difference.  Telling her
                                    that being jealous isn't cool is going to
                                    do what?  Make her either get pissed off or
                                    get quiet about it.  Either way you just
                                    damaged your relationship.  Her feelings
                                    are not going to change to your way of
                                    thinking by telling her she's being uncool.
                                    \_ And if you are the kind of person who
                                       ok with being in a relationship with
                                       someone who is that jealous and
                                       controlling you are pathetic.
                                       \_ Good luck in divorce court.
                                        \_ See, I'm smart enough not to
                                           get married to someone who is
                                           going to be jealous of my friends.
                                           \_ If you'd like to think that.  It
                                              sounds more like you bullied her
                                              into silence or she was a doormat
                                              in the first place.
                                              \_ Trust, t's a two way street.
                       She trusts my relationships with my female friends, I
                       trust hers with her male friends.  Is it so hard to
                       imagine that a serious couple can GASP have friends
                       of the opposite sex without cheating on one another?
                       If so I feel really sorry for your girlfriends because
                       you need to learn to give someone their own space.
                       \_ So your gf has 'dates' too?
                        \_ How many times do I have to say it?  Yes.
                       \_ The feelings people are talking about are pretty
                          natural. Not that they would always be there, but
                          it's not some weird abnormal person to possibly feel
                          hurt/jealous etc. about such situations. Fact is that
                          many male/female friendships do have an underlying
                          romantic interest on the part of one or the other.
                          Human nature. That's in general though, if you think
                          you know your SO that well and honestly both have
                          friends of opposite sex that you like to hang out
                          with on date-like activities (while in a
                          relationship) then that's up to you. It's not the
                          norm. If you're still "dating" various other women
                          it sort of implies you're still testing the waters
                          in some ways and something better might come along.
                          You could go do stuff with a male friend; there's
                          no real reason someone has to "learn" to give you
                          space to date other women.
                          \_ If I'm "dating" them then I'm dating my guy
                             friends too.  What you do on a date and what
                             you do hanging out with a friend are pretty
                             much the set of things.  Just because someone
                             has a vagina doesn't mean I hang out with them
                             because I want to get in their pants.  Is that
                             really so hard for you to accept?
                             \_ No, but that's not what I said. (And most
                                people aren't gay for their guy friends.)
                                \_ So do you really think most men want to
                                   sleep with their female friends?
        \_ it's okay if you're gay
        \_ I went with a long-time female friend to see As Good As It Gets, had
           dinner at a restaurant, and went to my place afterwards.  Nothing
        \_ Years ago a long-time female friend asked me to go see As Good As It
           Gets.  We went, had dinner at a restaurant, and went to my place
           afterwards.  Nothing happened.  Neither of us had a relationship
           back then.  (Come to think of it, maybe I screwed up.)
           \_ Ah yes. All the pussy you could have had if only you'd had
              a clue.
2006/8/29-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44192 Activity:nil
        Wow, guess the same enthusiasm that got him an undergraduate excellence
        in teaching award translated into other exploits.
        \- E_DEADGIRL || E_LIVEBOY
           BTW, there was a ChemE prof at UCB do "dissappeared" one day
           with teh Feds coming to look for him soon after. When they finally
           decided to clean up his lab and office, the grad student assigned
           to do so found his child p0rn.  Kinda weird to store the stuff
           in your office.
2006/8/24-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44139 Activity:nil
8/24    I just deleted all my porn.  Take that, porn!
        \_ porn was made to be deleted
        \_ porn gets old and stale over time.  You periodically need to delete
           it all and go get a fresh batch of new porn.
           \_ Some porn is special. Hide that porn and put it back in
              rotation in a couple months. It's like meeting her all over again
           \_ Savannah commited suicide 12yrs ago, and I still think she's hot.
              \_ who?
                 \_ Stage first name Savannah, no stage last name.  Real name
                    Shannon Michelle Wilsey Longoria.
                    Check out Andrew Blake's "Desire".
2006/8/24-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:44131 Activity:high
8/27    emarkp, you're as asshole. Just to spite you:
        Nice b&w nekkid gurl photos:
        PS "nekkid gurl" means "naked girl", so it is R to X rated.
        \_ Beautiful women, so-so photography. Who is behind that site?
2006/7/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43784 Activity:nil
7/24    How much tip should I give for my hobby? Let's say I call my
        provider for my ATF BBW and she gave me a great GFE the whole
        night starting with a nice HJ that ended up with BBFS and finished
        it off with a great blue jay. How much tip should I give her?
        \_ You should try using more than just the tip.
2006/7/24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43772 Activity:moderate
6/24    Hi I'm a virgin geek troller and I am desperate to get laid.
        I want to act gay so that girls would go ga-ga at me. Are
        there books out there that'll teach me how to act flamingly
        gay? If I can be as metrosexually gay as possible I should be
        able to get laid ASAP, based on what you guys said.
        \_ Try sucking cock.
        \_ Enough to grind your prostrate into the seat, ensuring you
           never breed.
        \_ Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.
2006/7/21-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43757 Activity:nil
7/20    Well, that didn't last long:
        \_ same sex marriage / same sex divorce.  Why discriminate against
           the gays to deny them this?
           \_ No reason to discriminate.  I seem to recall that some of the
              arguments about same-sex marriage were that if gays were allowed
              to marry they'd stick together longer instead of bed-hopping.
        \_ Outlasted the drunk Britney Spears 50 hour marriage.
2006/7/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43647 Activity:nil
        Proof that everyone can be bought.
        \_ NSFW.
2021/06/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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