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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/7/12-18 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:43646 Activity:nil
        How did an Orthodox Jewish lawyer and family man fall so hard for a
        Scores stripper that he invited her to his kids' bar mitzvahs?
        \_ this is from Aug 2002? Is this apropos of anythign in
           in particular??
        \_ Sounds like a story for
        \_ Is going to strip clubs really that common a business practice?
           \_ Unless you're gay or a religious person, yes. That's how the
              world works to close big deals. No string sex or no deal,
              take your pick.
        \_ I read the article and noticed that it's incredibly similar to
           a Law & Order CI rerun that I watched recently, right down to
           the really small details (except there was a murder involved in
           the tv show). Is it legal for a show to take a story like this and
           make it into an episode? can they still claim that "any similarity
           to persons living or dead" is just a coincidence?
2006/7/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43643 Activity:nil
        In the age of breast augmentation, this is just bizzar
        \_ bizarre, even.
        \_ This is population control.  1) Damaged breast -> ugly breast ->
           less sex -> fewer pregnancies -> lower population growth.
           2) Damaged breast -> less or no breast milk -> less antibodies and
           nutrients for infants -> higher infant death rates -> lower
           population growth.
2006/7/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43627 Activity:high
7/10    I am in 'open' relationship, kind of, as in, I have a girlfriend...
        and she dates other people.  I figured out her yahoo mail password,
        read her email, and discovered that over the holidays she
        visited her out of state boyfriend, and I found a message
        where she mails him about how awesome the sex was.
        So, I am a shit for reading her email, and we are in an
        open relationship, but I should be on
        \_ and you're not dating others because ...
           \_ Poor time management skills.
        \_ yeah, group hug because you suck.
        \_ just dump her without telling her what you know, but do it like
           a real jerk.
             \- i recommend you head butt her. --beavis@soda
        \_ Well, what do you want from her?  You could just think of her
           as someone to have sex with.  You knew it was an open
           relationship before, right?
        \_ I guess I don't understand. If you agreed to an open
           relationship, what's the problem?  I personally wouldn't get
           into an open relationship, but it seems a bit late to complain
        \_ I guess what's relevant here is, did you ask her where she went/
           did she lie to you?  If she lied, then open relationship or not,
           something's wrong.  If you ask casually ("so where'd you go?" vs.
           "where WERE you!?") and she gets defensive, something's wrong.
           Otherwise, if it's an open relationship, you should be able to talk
           about it.  "Ooh, tell me about him!  How's the sex?"  BTW, if I
           found out my S.O. broke into my email without asking, I'd dump them
           faster than you can say "invasion of privacy"
2006/7/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43565 Activity:nil 80%like:43540
6/30    ax where are you
        \_ ...was there a point to this?
           \_ If you have to ask, you don't know...
                \_ I'm still here, and it's good to see the motd is
                   as kind to me as ever.  Thanks!!  -ax
2006/6/30-7/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43540 Activity:nil 80%like:43565
6/30    ax where are you
        \_ ...was there a point to this?
           \_ If you have to ask, you don't know...
                \_ I'm still here, and it's good to see the motd is
                   as kind to me as ever.  Thanks!!  -ax
2006/6/21-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43454 Activity:nil
6/21    <DEAD><DEAD>
        Wheelchair-bound white man stealing Asian women
        \_ Oh geez, get yourself a girlfriend. ;)
2006/6/12-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43364 Activity:nil
        I need to figure out how to give my wife a migrain. We haven't
        had consistent sex for a very long time and it's pissing me off.
        \_ Tell her you want to fuck her best friend/sister. She'll have
           a migraine all right. Seriously, welcome to marriage!
           \_ Why? Sounds like a fun threesome in the making.
              \_ Or a divorce.  Where's BDG when we need you?!
2006/6/12 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:43358 Activity:nil
        Proof that little yellow men are lousy robbers:
2006/6/8-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43330 Activity:low
6/8     I'm sorry for the silly question but when people have sex in real
        life, do they usually do everything like in porn? Usually porn starts
        with oral and finger, following by some of all of the followings:
        doggy, cowboy, missionary. Fetish porns also have anal, tit sex,
        LARPing, and other things that I personally find disgusting. I hope that
        I never have to perform these things when the time comes. Lastly, is
        pulling out an implicitly agreed upon convention? I never learned
        these in sex education so any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
        \_ Awesome troll.  +5 for originality.
        \_ It's all done like in 1980s German porn.  You need to grow a
           droopy mustache, and slap her rump while maintaining a pained
           expression and saying things like JAA BABY, OH JAA.  Bonus
           points if she has a feathered blond hairdo and chews gum.  -John
        \_ The most important thing to remember is to always tip the midgets.
           \_ Oh, I'll be "tipping the midgets", don't worry about that.
        \_ You do whatever floats your boat.  What is LARPing?  And
           I haven't been pulling out.  It's not that great as a method
           of birth control.
           \_ Someone replaced anal with LARPing. I know pulling out is not
              effective, but what do you use instead? Most of the Japanese
              porns use the condom but none in American porns. Why is that?
        \_ ob Cal dude and prostitute in dorm video
           \_ urlP
              \_ #t
2006/6/7-9 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:43307 Activity:nil
6/7     I'm a noob to theater, but I have a GF that likes it, and will
        be coming to the bat area to spend some time with me next month.
        Any recommendations of something that will be good, but could
        be appreciated by someone without much exposure to this sort
        of thing.
        \- I think theater means different things to different people ...
           althought some have broad interests. First there is "literary"
           theater vs popular theater [Hamlet vs. Pajama Game]. Next, are
           you looking for high quality, evening on the town, expensive
           productions [ACT, +$30tix] or cheep stuff in small theaters
           [cost of the movie, sometimes version of well known plays, other
           times you're picking based on plot/reviews]. You could try one of
           the (free) shakespeare in the parks or shakespeare at stinson
           [although hamlet may not be the best choice ... taming of the
           shrew is pretty user friendly]. I'm exlcuding Opera, symphony but
           including musicals. Given your parameters, do not under any
           circumstances see the Oresteia.
            \_ Taming of the Shrew, with a GF, is a bad choice. A lot of
               'modern' women don't like it because the whole point of the
                        \- oh jesus. and part of the idea is making a
                           day out of it going out to stinson etc. is anybody
                           around here putting on 'Ado or 12N?
               play is how Petruchio de-shrewifies Katarina... which women
               will claim is misognyist. Though it's arguable, just beware.
               Instead, go for Much Ado About Nothing or Twelfth Night;
               both are some of the better comedies, and will please
               everyone --michener
        \_ The Exit theatre ( tends to have
           interesting productions for a small theatre.  I tend not to like
           ACT because the productions aren't worth the price of admission.
           The SF Opera is actually pretty good, and you can get either
           student or standing room tickets for really cheap if you're
           willing to stand in line at 10 in the morning the day of.
        \_ The Berkeley Rep has reliably good productions.  See what its
           current crop of plays is at the moment. -dans
           \- i am actually interested in seeing moliere: miser. anybody seen
              in and have a review? i dont think berkeley rep is that great.
              the best thing i've seen on this side of the bay was probably
              the shotgun player's version of Shaw's Man and Superman which
              was quite good.
              \_ The Shotgun Players aren't in the same league as the Berkeley
                 Rep. -dans
2006/6/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43251 Activity:low
        "...In Japan, by contrast, just 18 percent of the men and 10
         percent of the women answered positively about their sex lives.
         And in Taiwan, only 7 percent of the women said sex was very
         important in their lives."
        Can't agree with this survey more. Japanese and Taiwanese women
        are the WORST in bed, that is, if you even get sex at all. Been
        there, done that. Word of advice: don't date Japanese and Taiwanese.
        You get little sex or bad sex, and they spend all your hard earned
        doughs on Gucci, Lous Vuitton, and other shit.          -bitter
2006/6/1-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43248 Activity:nil
6/1     Link 1: Japanese people are not satisfied with their sex lives.
        Link 2: Japanese people don't have very much sex
        Link 3: Japanese population is decreasing. The Justice Ministry
                thinks this is bad and tries to improve the odds
                by relaxing immigration rules.
        "Overall, people in Austria are most satisfied with their sex lives,
         and Japanese are least satisfied."
        "Lovers in Japan are the least amorous, having sex just 45 times
         a year.
        "Japan's fertility rate hits record low... The head of a Justice
         Ministry panel recommended earlier this week that the country limit
         the proportion of foreigners to 3 percent of the population,
         compared with 1.2 percent now."
        Yeah baby! Imma horny and coming to J town to screw yo women!
        \_ "University of Chicago researchers surveyed more than 27,000
            middle-aged and elderly people worldwide about their sex lives,
            regardless of sexual orientation."
           So you're looking to get lucky with 40 to 80 year olds?
        "Lovers in Japan are the least amorous, having sex just 45 times
         a year.
        \_ "How the research was conducted: Based on the number of
            respondents from 41 countries, the 2005 Durex Global Sex Survey
            is the largest sexual health research project of its kind in the
            world. Now in its ninth year, the survey has quadrupled in size
            since its launch and covers 41 countries - newcomers this year
            included Indonesia and Chile. This is the fourth year that this
            survey has been carried out via the website and
            responses have been analysed by sex and age to give an in-depth
            and truly global picture of sexual attitudes and behaviour."
           So, only people who were familiar with durex condoms and who visited
           the website and filled out the survey were selected. Can you say
           "skewed sample"? Knew you could.
        "Japan's fertility rate hits record low... The head of a Justice
         Ministry panel recommended earlier this week that the country limit
         the proportion of foreigners to 3 percent of the population,
         compared with 1.2 percent now."
        \_ Those "foreigner quotas" are racist.
        \_ "With its falling birth rate, Japan is hardly alone among advanced
            countries. South Korea's fertility rate fell to a record low of
            1.08 in 2005, well below the global average of 2.6 children and
            the average in developed countries of 1.6."
           Well, of course the fertility rate is down; they're using durex
           condoms and answering internet surveys rather than having sex.
        Yeah baby! Imma horny and coming to J town to screw yo women!
2006/5/31-6/3 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:43237 Activity:nil
5/30    Pedophile Europeans want the legal age to lower to 12:
        \_ "The party wants private possession of child pornography to be
           allowed although it supports the ban on the trade of such materials."
           Uh... what's the point of that?
           \_ Umm.. so they can make their own?
           \_ It's the "go after the producer not the consumer" model.  Lots
              of countries do that for drug laws.  If you make and sell a
              shitload of drugs they will go after you.  IF you have a couple
              hits of e on you they won't hassle you.
              \_ Right, well explained. I think the people who are proposing
                 this don't get that child porn actually involves a victim.
                 \_ They get it.  They don't care.  Criminals don't care about
                    their victims.  If they did they wouldn't commit the crime
                    in the first place.
              \_ But "It's the demand, stupid"  They wouldn't have to target
                 drug traffickers if possession were a serious crime.
                 (Personally I think drug laws are stupid, but that's not the
                 point in this case)
                 \_ Uhh, for many drugs possession IS a serious crime.  And
                    yet wow, would you look at that, there is still demand.
                    Hell, for child porn possession is a serious crime and
                    yet it sure sounds like there is still plenty of demand.
        \_ In Holland it is common for super extreme groups to have a small
           but marginalized voice in the government.  This is a bit more
           excessive than usual...
2006/5/25 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:43184 Activity:nil
5/25    The Davinci Code review:
        -waaaay too long
        -ending is lame, should have ended it 15 min earlier
        -bashing on Opus Dei is not cool
        -tried to put in too much stuff from the book into 2 hours
         like 95% of the audiences don't even know what the Fibonnaci
         function is.
        +girl was cute. very very cute. they should have slept together
              \- see ALANE review in NYker
2006/5/24-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43183 Activity:nil
        Shalom in the Home on TLC is interesting, make sure to watch it.
2006/5/19-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43104 Activity:nil
5/18    If the early Mayflower missions were predominantly male, which
        guy was the lucky guy? The alpha male? How did they pick him?
        \_ Don't have an answer but I've always wondered how the little
           Smurfs came about? Did they come from Smurfette? If so, there was
           only one Smurfette, so who had sex with her? I ruled out
           Brainy Smurf, so that leaves us 99 other candidates. Could it be
           Papa Smurf?
           \_ Papa Smurf is the father of all of them including Smurfette.
              \_ Not true. I remember from watching the smurfs as a kid.
                 smurfette was created by Gargamel for the purpose of being
                 a mole. She had dark hair originally.
        \_ What the hell are you talking about?  Are you saying that one
           of the guys inseminated all the females, or something?  I
           don't think it worked that way!
        \_ All the men were married. Most of them decieded to leave the
           wives behind while they built the village. Most of the wives
           came over later.
2006/5/18-22 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:43090 Activity:nil
5/17    Can someone please point me to the web site that shows post-911,
        people had a lot of sex? A friend of mine who is a playboy said
        he never had so much sex with different women in his entire life
        the months following 911. I'd like to see a more scientific study.
2006/5/16-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:43071 Activity:nil
        \_ Hello motd Mormons, what is your stance on polygamy? Is it
           encouraged, or do you have a don't ask don't care policy?
        \_ Warren Jeffs?  I bet his mail's never addressed correctly.
        \_ Haha, damn. "Jeffs took nearly all of his father's widows as his
           own wives. He is said to have at least 40 wives and nearly 60
           children." Those are some... interesting women.
           \_ If you grow up with it it seems normal to you.
              \_ No, I'm pretty sure no matter how they were raised, they
                 know it's not "normal" in America. They had to have at least
                 some school etc.
                 \_ What part of isolated out in the middle of nowhere with
                    no contact with the outside world don't you understand?
                    \_ The article even says the girls go to school until
                       8th grade.
                       \_ The article claims "rarely".
                       \_ hot
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/5/11-12 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:43024 Activity:nil
        Foot fetish man in New York
2006/4/25-5/2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:42827 Activity:nil
4/25    Dear typical soda male. Do you date Asian women because you
        find them attractive, or because you find Caucasian women
        too bitchy, or a combination of both?
        \_ Your question implies the typical soda male has a lot of
           freedom of choice in the woman market.
           \_ I didn't at berkeley, then i moved east, got an import
              and moved back.  Highly recommended.  Cali bitches are
              spoiled and don't know wtf they want (so how can they
              ever be happy?) - and yes that is by their own admission.
              and yes, i asked more than 1.  Funny thing but when you
              have a gf who is hot, suddenly you can get into honest
              discussions with other women about personality defects.
              \_ I would post "you're a moron," but it would be
                 redundant.  -tom
              \_ I'd post "you're a moron," but it would be redundant.  -tom
                 \_ And so intead you post something doubly redundant?
                 \_ And so instead you post something doubly redundant?
              \_ ObRedundancy Removed
        \_ is typical soda male asian or not asian?  does that include
           azn?  anyway, have never dated asian.
           \- Not to get too highbrow on you, but I thought this was a
              pretty funny line from FNIETZSCHE:
                Different sighs. A few men have sighed because their
                women were abducted; most, because no one wanted to
                abduct them. [Human, All-Too-Human, #388]
                abduct them. [Human, All Too Human, #388]
2006/4/5-7 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:42694 Activity:nil
4/5 (
        Dept. of Homeland Security, head of ICE Tampa office and head of
        ICE Operation Predator (protecting against sexual predators) pleads
        no contest to charges of exposure of sexual organs (to a 16-year-old
        girl who reported the incident) and disorderly conduct (masturbation
        in the mall food court for 10 minutes).
        "after Figueroa fled the scene, two more security officers approached
        him in the parking lot and asked why he was running. He said he was
        trying to find his car."
        (When it rains, it pours ...)
        \_ Republican pedophile trifecta complete!
2006/4/5 [Reference/Law/Court, Recreation/Dating] UID:42691 Activity:nil
4/5 (, AP "sodomy" link replaced)
2006/4/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42683 Activity:nil 70%like:42689
4/5 (
        Son of Arizona Senate president (Republican) offered plea agreement
        that may net little jail time.  Charged with assault and kidnapping
        of eighteen 11- to 14-year-old boys -- sodomizing each with broomsticks
        and flashlights at summer camp.
        "The 18 boys were chosen to attend the weeklong student government
        leadership skills camp in Prescott because they were among the state's
        top student leaders."
        \_ I for one welcome our new Republican pedophile overlords!
        \_ 'The letter said Bennett was an honor student and active member of
           the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who plans to go on a
           mission in September.  "A felony conviction for assault will make
           his desire to complete his mission impossible," they wrote.'
           Oh noes!  This felony conviction for fucking up 11 to 14-year-old
           boys could get in the way of this young man's desires?  For shame!
           \_ Well you know, boys will be boys.
           \_ Scumbag lawyers.  I'm pretty sure that kid won't be gonig on a
              mission.  Indeed, that kind of thing may lead to excommunication.
              And that's a good thing. -emarkp
        \_ Whoah, whoah whoah.  Umm the story I read had no "sodomizing"
           involved, merely bumping the rear ends of fully CLOTHED victims,
           more the kind of stupid hazing shit young boys will do than
           anything else.  Has the story changed?
           \_ I have read that every single Japanese schoolboy is obsessed
              with shoving his fingers up his male classmate's ass.
              I have seen video games about this.
           \_ Answering my own post: yes the story has changed ... this story
              is different from the version I read.
2006/4/5-6 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Recreation/Dating] UID:42669 Activity:low
4/4     You've seen images of gorgeous female school teachers raping
        little boys right? Now here's a female school teacher I wouldn't
        want to be raped by:
        \_ What kind of images do you spend your time trolling the internet
           for? -dans
           \_ I look for PNGs of hot mature 19 year olds that I can
              share my resources with.
              \_ That's fucked up.  Picking up 19 year olds on the internet?
                 What do you do, troll LiveJournal and Myspace? -dans
        \_ Is that the same one where the teacher had sex with a 15 year
           old TWENTY SEVEN times within 1 week? (see
           Maybe related to der furious?
2006/4/4 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/Rants] UID:42661 Activity:nil 61%like:42651
        Donkeys are more loyal than wives, says textbook.  \_ I would say
        domestic housepets are even more loyal.
           \_ "You bitch!"  "Thanks for the compliment!" \_ "You give a
           beggar a meal, he only loves you while it's on his
2006/4/4 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/Rants] UID:42651 Activity:high 61%like:42661
        Donkeys are more loyal than wives, says textbook.
        \_ I would say domestic housepets are even more loyal.
           \_ "You bitch!"  "Thanks for the compliment!"
           \_ "You give a beggar a meal, he only loves you while it's on his
2006/4/3-4 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/RealEstate] UID:42625 Activity:kinda low
4/3     Where is the "no links without personal comment intended to start
        conversation" brigade?  Look at all those links without trollish
        comments attached!  When will the madness end?
        \_ In my case, hanging with my GF, cooking and eating tasty food, and
           generally enjoying life. -dans
           \_ It's great to date a 19 year old isn't it? She's hornier
           \_ It's great to date a 17 year old isn't it? She's hornier
              than the old hags and you don't have to think about marriage,
              kids, minivan, and a downpay for a Bay Area home that you
              can't even afford. Ah, it is so wonderful to date a young
              girl. I remember how life was so carefree when I was dating
              this young girl. Enjoy your life while you can. Write about
              it in your journal. Some day, you may need to read it
              again to remind yourself how life used to be so great.
              Hopefully, that day will never come, but you never know  -bog
              \_ How old is old?  I have many friends in their mid-30s and a
                 a handful in their mid-40s who seem to enjoy their lives very
                 much.  Some have houses, marriages, etc, and still live happy
                 lives. -dans
                 \_ Some have houses, marriages, etc, and are happy *because*
                    of that, not despite that.
                    \_ Yup, I would consider those things to be sources of
                       happiness, the poster I responded to implied that those
                       things caused him stress or disappointment. -dans
                       \_ You don't think making mortgage payments on my
                          4000 sq foot house in the suburbs causes me stress?
                          How about my four hour commute each day? How about
                          the fact that after I am done slaving away for my
                          family, I come home at 9PM to a cold dinner and
                          children in bed? Enjoy it while you can padawan...
                          \_ Why did you buy a house of that size if the
                             mortgage payments cause you such stress?  Why are
                             you working a job that requires a four hour
                             commute (to pay your mortgage?)?  Where you are
                             in life is a combination of the choices you make
                             and dumb luck.  If unlucky breaks or previous bad
                             choices led you to a place in life where you're
                             unhappy, there may be alternatives to hating life
                             and trying to drag the rest of the world down
                             into your hole.  I'm not suggesting you try to
                             smile through the pain and pretend that lame
                             things are anything but.  That said, a serious
                             examination of where you are, the choices that
                             got you there, and where you want to be, often
                             yields options you might not have known about.
                             These options are rarely easy, true change
                             usually isn't, but they offer hope.  You sound
                             pretty bitter.  I hope you find this helpful.
           \_ Sex and food. Just like monkeys.
2006/3/31-4/1 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:42574 Activity:nil
3/31    About Internet porn and Britons
        \- "no thank you, we're british" -> "pls sir, may i have some more"
2006/3/30-4/1 [Recreation/Dating, Transportation] UID:42556 Activity:nil
3/30    Commuter porn everywhere:
        \_ "wherever new audio-visual electronics go, porn goes with it."
           He's got that backwards.
           \_ That...that doesn't make very much sense.
2006/3/30-4/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42542 Activity:nil
3/30    MOTD boob guy journeyman apprentice says USA! USA! USA!
        \_ Oven stuffer.
        \_ Check out those bombs!
        \_ This is the only useful post in the whole motd.  -ax
                \_ Useful for about 10 minutes, might be useful again in a few
        \_ A bombshell on top of a bombshell.
        \_ Girl is cute, boobs are too big, but wtf is she sitting on a shell?
           \_ Girl is cute, boobs are too big, but wtf is she sitting on a
              \_ "Boobs are too big". I'm sure she hears that a lot.
                 \_ "honey, I would fuck you three different ways on two
                    different days, but...well...your boobs are just too big
                    so you're going to have to leave."  Riiiiiiight.
2006/3/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42527 Activity:nil 77%like:42529
3/29    Contemplating on getting a tandem wife. Is the SPORT Mountain Wife
        brand a reputable broad?
2006/3/29-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42512 Activity:moderate
3/29    Liberal
        \_ anal sex
        \_ sex with intern
           \_ Lewinsky
        \_ weed
           \_ Berkeley
           \_ Guitar
              \_ Woodstock
                 \_ Protest
2006/3/27-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42484 Activity:nil
        Sex Worker Art Show
2006/3/27-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42460 Activity:low
        "Women who felt more positively about their looks had fewer partners
         and used condoms more frequently."
        So if you want to have great sex, date ugly women.
        \_ Duh. You had to have Yahoo tell you that? Ugly women put out
           more easily and are freakier in bed.
              \_ what chapter are you talking about?
        \_ Or else find one good looking woman and stick with her? And not
           get AIDS.
        \_ Wait are you claiming condoms = bad sex or is it lack of
           previous partners?
           \_ Hello??? I'm complaining BOTH. I hate using condoms and my
              gf who used to be very horny stopped the pill and doesn't
              even want sex anymore. I mean what good is it to look at
              her pretty face when you can't even touch her. It's no
              different than reading the Penthouse magazine.    -frustrated
              \_ Go the gay way
              \_ break up with her, man.   she won't worth it.
        \_ Or you can say that good-looking women had fewer partners, because
           they perform better in sex and they get dumped less frequently.
           Anyway I don't know which one is true.  I never figured out how
           scientists identify which is the cause and which is the effect from
           an X-Y correlation found in a study.
           \_ read Freakanomics
              \_ what chapter are you talking about?
           \_ I took an econometrics class at Cal that did this very
              thing. It's a statistical problem. You can even calculate
              the coefficients of correlation. It's a lot easier with
              hard data like economic data, of course.
2006/3/27-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42458 Activity:nil
        Is this girl hot? What do you guys think? I give her 11 out of
        10. SHE IS SOOOOO HOT. Yes it is work safe.
        \_ Women in panties are not worksafe for most people
        \_ Flat chest, not my type.  But otherwise hot.
           \_ You know, motd boob guy, when your oven stuffers get old they
              turn fat and saggy.  Small breasts rule!
              \_ but by then you've moved on to newer models.
              \_ Small breasts can turn saggy as they age too.
              \_ Check out
2006/3/24-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42418 Activity:kinda low
        Would you guys date someone like this?
        \_ why not?
        \_ No, because I like tiny little girls riding on me and huge
           women would crush my penis like an elephant on a mouse.
           My horny gf used to ride on me all the time but now I can't
           even touch her. Yes I'm very sexually frustrated.
        \_ to be quasi-parthaesque, her height would not disqualify her.
           On a side note, she isn't the tallest woman.  She's really
           about 6'6" while the tallest women are 7'+ --Jon
        \_ Maybe if she wore 6"+ heels.
        \_ Yes, but she would never, ever get to be on top.
2006/3/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42411 Activity:high
3/24    Dear married sodan. How come this really horny girl I used to date
        became cold and untoucheable after being married for
        only 2 years? Is this normal after marriage?
        \_ I don't think asking whether it's normal is the correct question.
           Most people are miserable in their marriages, jobs, and lives
           in general.
           \_ In addition most sodans in general are NOT normal.
        \_ My guess is she is feeling insufficiently appreciated, romanced, or
           is annoyed with you in some way, or a combination of those.
        \_ "Women often do not realize how a good sex life meant to their
            husband.  When a man has a good sex life with his wife, he
            may have a tough job, many burdens, etc., but it would all be ok.
            He would still be happy and would be optimistic and proactive
            in overcoming all his problems."
                                   - heard on Moody Radio (Christian)
                                     (forgot who she was)
        \_ When dating her I'll bet you showered her with attention, gifts,
           romanced her, etc.  You still do that?  I'll bet she's on some
           website right now posting how this really great guy she used to
           date became distant and takes her for granted after being married
           for 3 months....
2006/3/23-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42400 Activity:very high
3/23    I was watching Donny Deutsch show, and he was doing the child
        sex baiting thing again.  How come all the 50 people who showed
        up at the house ready to have sex with a "13 year old girl" were
        guys.  Also, how come like 49 of them are white guys (only
        exception is one indian sikh dude)?  Is internet porn turning
        lots of ordinary people into sex perverts?  Then again, while
        we think of these peole as law breaking perverts, they behavior
        would be okay in ancient Greece, China, Rome, etc., and also some
        third world countries today.  Also, many of them seem to be gay
        (likes boys too).  This particular sting was done in LA.
           As time goes on you become more and more frustrated. That's all.
        \_ Isn't 14 the legal age in at least one state? And in a lot of
           countries even today I think it's that or even lower. So 13
           being a "child" is a little misleading. I'm not saying it's
           right, but there is a huge difference between say 8-9 and 13.
           I guess they picked the oldest plausible age for a "child".
           I wonder how the turnout statistics would vary with a lower age.
           \_ Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul.
        \_ What do you mean by asking "How come all the 50 people who showed
           up at the house ready to have sex... were guys"? Were you
           expecting lots of dykes?
           \_ Donny was mentioning about it, and there were previous shows
              where the bait was a 13 year old boy, and everyone showing
              up were also guys.
              \_ Yes, because lots of women just love sex with strange teenaged
                 boy. I don't understand your comments. Are you surprised?!
                 \_ Especially if they are grade school teachers!
                    \_ That's why I added 'strange'. The teachers had
                       'relationships' with these kids.
2006/3/23-25 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:42391 Activity:nil
        Welcome to the world of the IJC.
        These girls are called IJC's for the simple reason that both on the
        surface and underneath they are all more or less exactly the same
        Interchangeable Jappy Chick.
        Common characteristics of IJC's include but are not limited to:
        -full breasted
        -straight dark hair
        -well tanned
        -slightly overweight
        -over-educated and underemployed
        -teeth a little too white and straight (daddy is a dentist after all)
        \_ Given the amount of time you invested in posting this  trash, did
           she dump you for someone else or what?
        \_ "Jappy"?
           \_ Since she doesn't look like a Nip, I'm going to guess
              "Jewish American Princess" --Jon
        \_ this makes no sense whatsoever.
           \_ It's more of an east coast phenomenon.  The slightly overweight
              thing is inconsistent with my experience, but, eh.  Things
              change.  Oh, just read the blog entry.  Dude, you go to the
              Bowery Bar, what do you expect? -dans
2006/3/23-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42390 Activity:nil
3/22    When MOTD boob guy gives up on the boobs
2006/3/22-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42375 Activity:moderate
3/21    Chicks are cuter in Red States
        \_ you call that cute?
           \_ She's not exactly a butter face, but her face is not her
              strong suit. She has some other desirable qualities.
              \_ I dunno, looks like a lot of butter there.  the rest
                 of her isn't any better.
                 \_ Butter face has nothing to do with butter, although you
                    are perfectly correct regardless.  -John
           \_ I concur.  For some random "cute chick" post, that is pretty
              bad.  All she has going for her are breasts, and they aren't
              really special in any way except by being big.
              \_ Well, I think we've established that "big" is all that motd
                 boob guy really cares about.  --motd boob guy #1 fan
        \_ Regardless of the picture above, which isn't cute at all, one of
           the best times I ever had with a girl was with a blonde-haired,
           blue-eyed Republican real estate bimbo from Houston.  Craaaaazy in
           the sack, and she voted for Bush.  She also smelled much nicer than
           your typical Mission District chick.  --liberal Bay Area guy
           \_ Are the guy who was on about how a blonde Texas Bushie was the
              best anal you've ever had?
           \_ Friends don't let friends visit Houston.
           \_ Ah, the sweet smell of hypocrisy.
              \_ Her pussy smelled like roses, not hypocrisy.
                 \_ What did you have to do to get her in the sack?
                    \_ Nothing fancy.  Some people are open minded enough to
                       appreciate people that don't hold the same views as
           \_ What's your point?  That hot sex is not reserved for people at
              one end of the political spectrum?  That blonde Republican
              bimbos do it better?  If it's the former, I'd say duh.  If it's
              the latter, I'd say take Rhetoric 1A and see if you'd still say
              that. -dans
        \_ She's an example of what some mag (Esquire I think) once referred
           to when describing how the ideals of the American Century, which
           stood for a certain kind of elegance, including in the beauty ideal
           of women, were replaced by what they called "oven stuffers."  This
           is an oven stuffer.  And she'll weigh 350 pounds within two
           years of graduating.  -John
           \_ Probably, but why concentrate on the future? I mean, Marilyn
              Monroe was probably also an 'oven stuffer'.
              \_ Err, no.  Take another look at the Monroe Playboy spread.
           \_ Please define 'oven stuffer'.
              \_ "The New American Beauty: The Oven Stuffer" by Tom Junod,
                 Esquire Dec. 2004.  Essentially, broad-faced, well-fed girls
                 that may be cute-ish, but not very sleek or elegant.  I.e.
                 mo' cushion fo' de pushin'.  I think it's a much better word
                 than "zaftig". -John
        \_ i'll red state YOUR chicks
           \_ I find this repetition very much like Malden number 5
2006/3/21 [Recreation/Dating, Computer] UID:42350 Activity:nil
3/21    reviews of virtual escorts:
        \_ This was posted like three weeks ago. -dans
2006/3/18-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42304 Activity:nil
        Naked 70 year old woman and 59 year old man having sex in the
        car while driving. Man, those horny Italians...
        \_ Didja hear about the lesbians having sex in the Florida bathroom?
2006/3/17-20 [Recreation/Media, Recreation/Dating] UID:42301 Activity:nil
3/17    Where can I find the Dalek lesbian porn movie?,,2-2005550115,00.html
        Best quote from article: "The reason the Daleks are still the most
        sinister thing in the universe is because they do not make things like
2006/3/17-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42298 Activity:nil
3/17    Hey dans, if your 19 year old gf is on the pill you'll have great
        sex for now but she'll get really fat in the future. Just something
        to think about if you want to get the most mileage out of her.
        \_ The pill doesn't make you fat.
           \_ Agreed.  And the pill makes women's breasts bigger, which is a
              plus.  -- !OP
        \_ You're either ignorant or a liar.  Regardless, you're a pig. -dans
        \_ Have the motd pimply geek wannabe bullies found a new target?  Lay
           the fuck off, it's pathetic and unbecoming.  -John
           \_ You said it, lay off! And HEIL!
2006/3/16-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42265 Activity:moderate
3/15    To the young women dater guy: does this sound like your friend? (MSN article)
        \_ I'm not the young dater guy but I have to agree with
           the poster. IMHE young women tend to be more open minded.
           \_ more open^H^H^H^Hblow jobs
           They are willing to try new things like Ethiopian restaurants or
           even McD when convenience is needed. Older women tend to be very
           picky with regard to food, cars, and even clothes you wear.
           Here is one data point-- a nice young girl I dated for 9 years
           got bitcher and bitcher. She complained about my hairstyle
           and clothes and how loudly I closed cupboards and why I didn't
           put down the toilet seat and other bullshit that had been
           there 9 years ago. We used to be happy eating at cheap
           restaurants but towards the end she had to pick on every little
           thing like this food has too much salt, that food has too much
           MSG, you need to get a bigger apartment or buy a house, whatever.
           Face it. As women grow older, they expect more and they demand
           more. My mother is the same thing. She always wants more and
           nothing made her happy. Understandably, my dad left her decades
           ago. You guys seriously like older women? Whatever. You take your
           old hags and I'll take my stress free young women, and let's
           leave it at that.
           \_ So, based on a sample set consisting of two women, i.e. this
              girl you once dated and your mother, you've concluded that all
              women turn into bitches as they age.  That's scientific. -dans
              \_ I think the guy is a moron, but he's right that women
                 expect more as they age. That's to be expected and there's
                 nothing wrong with that. A 16 year old girl is impressed
                 if you have a car. A 20 year old woman is impressed if you
                 have a good job. A 50 year old woman has entirely different
                 expectations about family and retirement and so on. An
                 18 year old might only care about drinking and getting
                 laid, but by the time she is 38 years old (if she matures
                 in a 'normal' way) she expects more from her life and more
                 from the men she is involved with. Men who continually
                 seek out young women are predators of sorts, the
                 exception perhaps being if they want to have children
                 and are of an age where similarly aged women can't
                 provide them.
                 \_ Upshot of the whole discussion:
                    Whatever floats your boat.  -John
                    \_ I am amazed and sort of depressed at the amount of
                    \_ I am amazing and sort of depressed at the amount of
                       pointless nagging guys mostly put up with from their
                       women [I know women put up with other problems from
                       guys].  I remember once a friend was driving to LA
                       with his GF/wife/fiance [dont remember her status at
                       the time] and we all stopped at Safeway to buy some
                       snacks for the road and she complained there was a
                       parking spot 10ft closer to the store.  Jesus
                       Christ, you aren't 80yrs old and it's not like you
                       are offering to drive half way [and we were going
                       are offereing to drive half way [and we were going
                       to see her ex-BF's gallery opening].  Things like
                       that are small in themselves but I think they are a
                       bad sign.
                       \_ I don't know if it's necessarily a bad sign,
                          neither my wife nor my mother are big naggers.
                          However, my sister-in-law nags  like crazy, and
                          I don't mean to just her husband.  She nags my
                          wife, me, my mother-in-law, everybody.  It's
                          just her personality.
                          \_ I think some forms of nagging have the same
                             underlying cause  as people who are habiually
                             late: the offenders dont value other people's
                             time.  Another friend has a sister-in-law
                             who ask my friend to say dl and burn DVDs for
                             them etc ... gee, why dont you pay $3.50 to
                             the video store.  Again, this self-serving
                             form of naggery is a different phenomena
                             than say a mother who nags her kids to study,
                             clean their room etc.
2006/3/15-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42254 Activity:high
3/15    My good friend Allen the chauvinist says "if chicks had an expiration
        date, it would be 27th bday if they're asians, 17th if they're
        latinas, 22 if they're whites. there are always exceptions, kinda
        like when you find something old in the fridge that is still edible."
        What do you guys have to say about this, that he's a crack or
        there's some agreement to that?
        \_ I say full of crap.  Women, like men, tend to get more interesting
           as they gain more experience with life and its various ups and
           downs.  If you're really only interested in women as a receptacle
           for your penis, then you get what you deserve, i.e. immaturity,
           selfishness and an inability to form any lasting emotional
           connection with your partner.
        \_ I say you're trolling.
        \_ I know you're trolling, but I'll add this: in Japan, they say that
           women who are 25 and unmarried are Christmas Cakes (i.e., eat soon
           or they'll go stale); a woman who's not married by 31 is sometimes
           referred to as New Year's Eve Cake (i.e., past the eat-by date).
           Of course, Japan is notoriously chauvinistic.
           \_ Can we stop generalizing so much and be a little more specific?
              Slavic women become giant beasts around 26!
        \_ I pity your friend.  His statement makes it sound like he has a
           history of dating sorry, broken women.  Then again, kickass, whole
           women generally don't waste their time chauvinists like your
           friend. -dans
           \_ Wait, dans aren't you dating some 20 year old girl because
              only someone that young is naive enough to put up with your shit?
              \_ I think you're off by +2 years
              \_ No, I'm dating someone who I respect, and who is, to name a
                 few qualities I like about her in no particular order, smart,
                 fun, sensitive, mature, and drop-dead gorgeous.  She happens
                 to be a month shy of 20.  Since you've probably never dated,
                 me, you wouldn't know that the amount of shit I bring to a
                 relationship is fairly low compared to the population at
                 large, and I am completely open, honest, and up front about
                 it.  As my grandmother says, ``Everyone has baggage.''  A
                 healthy relationship is one where all parties are honest
                 about their baggage, and willing to help one another with
                 their burdens when necessary. -dans
                 to be a woman who is one month shy of 20.  Since you've
                 probably never dated, me, you wouldn't know that the amount
                 of shit I bring to a relationship is fairly low compared to
                 the population at large, and I am completely open, honest,
                 and up front about it.  As my grandmother says, ``Everyone
                 has baggage.''  A healthy relationship is one where all
                 parties are honest about their baggage, and willing to help
                 one another with their burdens when necessary. -dans
                 \_ wait til you're older and 19 looks like a child.  you'll
                    find it hard to think of _any_ 19 y/old as mature.
                    maturity is relative.  no offense meant, just a comment
                    on life.
                    \_ Do you know how old dans is?
                       \_ no clue but obviously not old enough for a 19 y/old
                          to look like a baby yet.
                          \_ The term you are looking for is sour grapes. -dans
                             \_ Uh, no.  Been there, done that.  19 y/olds now
                                look like babies to me.  hint: I'm *not* 26
                                for a while now, but to the person who asked
                                if I knew how old dans is, ok now I know, what
                                about it?  Did you mean that at 26 I should
                                think of him as older and mature or that I
                                should understand that 19 can look mature to
                                a 26 y/old?
                       \_ Amusingly, as long as I've known dans, he's
                          pretty much only dated 19 year olds. -jrleek
                          \_ jrleek is correct.  I've often wondered why this
                             is the case, but, at present, have no complaints.
                             \_ Did you mark a day on the calendar for this
                                one?  Isn't she 20 next month?  Got another
                                one lined up?  ;-)
                    \_ I'm sorry, but you're wrong.  Maturity is a function of
                       experience.  Age allows you to formulate an upper bound
                       on experience, but equating the two is a bad idea.
                       Maybe you were a child at 19.  I had a lot of
                       responsibilities thrust on me at a young age.  As a
                       consequence, I really had my shit together by the time
                       I was 19.  I co-founded a company, pitched to well
                       known VC's and executives of major corporations by the
                       time I was 20.  I'm 26 now.  Have I learned a lot since
                       I was 19?  Sure.  Was I immature when I was 19?  No.

                       \_ You mis-read what I said.  I'm saying that from my
                          current age 19 y/olds look like babies.  I see them
                          in the malls, at the movies, etc, and just shake my
                          head that I once slept with anything that young and
                          thought of them as anything but children.  Of course
                          I was younger then, too.  I'm glad you pitched to
                          VCs at 19 but that has pretty much nothing to do
                          with social maturity or looking like a baby to
                          older people.  Since we're here I'm now somewhat
                          curious about your gf.  What has she done in her
                          life that makes her mature at that age in your
        \_ I generally don't even look for too long at most women under 25.
           Assuming a woman keeps in shape, I've generally found that she'll
           have more poise, more taste (and less baby fat) than kids.  Yeah,
           18 year olds in bikinis are fun to look at, but that's about it.
           Also, it's been my humble experience that "older" (i.e. over 25)
           women tend to be far more at ease with themselves; maybe I just find
           self-confidence attractive.  -John
           \_ What John said.  Insecurity is a huge turnoff and a giant pain
              in the ass from a practical perspective.  Just wait until your
              insecure 22 year old girlfriend throws a fit every time you want
              to hang out with your friends or see a friend that might be
              (*gasp*) female.
           \_ Agreed.  25 seems to be the magic number.  People start
              extracting their heads from their asses about that time.
              \_ I'm 29 and my head is still lodged firmly up my ass.
        \_ Younger women are great if you just want a roll in the hay.
           They usually have better bodies, anyway. But if you are looking
           for a serious relationship, older women are a better bet.
           \_ My experiance has been that people (men and women) just get
              better in bed at least up till late 20s.  What's that quote
              about how everyone looks the same in the dark?
2006/3/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42238 Activity:nil 80%like:42237
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||
2006/3/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42237 Activity:nil 80%like:42238
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\   ~
                ||----w |   .   ~  smell the love!
                ||     ||  #=.#
                ||     || ,.#=..
2006/3/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42222 Activity:high
3/14    got my gf to get on the pill so that we could do bareback but later
        she got off the pill cuz she didn't like it. then she started to
        deny some anal. then no anal, at all. then only regular vaginal sex
        if i using condoms. then only thick condoms. then less sex like
                                 \_ why?
        once every two weeks. now, no sex, at all. all this in a 3 year
        time span. is this like, normal?  it's my fourth relationship and
        the same thing happens every single relationship. sex life is
        good in the beginning but always gets worse and worse
        till it no longer exists. please don't delete, i wanna ask
        how other sodans cope with this problem. do u take anti-depressants
        or go to shrinks?
        \_ You should go to a church and convert to Christianity. They
           teach you that you don't need anything else except to love God
           and love from God. As long as there's God, you'll be happy.
           My gf stopped having sex with me after her Christian friends
           convinced her that pre-marrital sex is bad. Now we both go to
           church and no longer have sex. I'm not happy about it at all
           but like she says, give God a chance. I'll give him a year then
           accept it, or just move on. Halleluja, God is great!
           \_ Remember: God doesn't want you to be happy.
           \_ ? you're nuts if you're not a troll.  It's over.   Move on.
           \_ why don't you just get married?
        \_ For some women, there's indication that the pill might
           permanently kill their sex drive.  Maybe that's what happened to
           her.  Does she want to fuck other men?
           \_ Um, that sounds like bullshit to me.  Loaded bullshit at that.
              Kindly point me to evidence (preferably rigorous study, but I'll
              take an abundance of anecdotal evidence). -dans
              \_ The pill can cause all sorts of unpleasant side effects that
                 make sex difficult or impractical, but I've never heard of it
                 actually killing the sex DRIVE.  Perhaps the PP is thinking of
                 antidepressants? --!pp
        \_ No, it's not normal, yes, it does happen, yes, it sucks.  No
           answer for you.
           \_ On the contrary, I think it is completely normal for the
              frequency of sex to diminish over time. It doesn't always
              happen, but it happens enough to be normal. She's bored
              of you. Either dump her or resign yourself to a lifetime
              of this. What does she say when you ask her about it (not
              that it matters, because you will hear all sorts of stories)?
              I've been there, done that, read the books, seen the
              therapist, and it boils down to some bitches (a lot of them,
              in fact) are just like that. There are a lot of reasons why
              and you won't be able to fix most of them. My suggestion is
              to move on and go get yourself another hot, willing chick.
              The French and Italians would say that if she's a good life
              partner otherwise then perhaps you just need a mistress.
              \_ And if you think a guy who talks about "some bitches" and
                 "hot, willing chick[s]" has any useful advice, please return
                 your Cal diploma before you embarrass yourself and us.
                 \_ You take things too literally. Yermom doesn't count
                    as valid experience. Sometimes you have to call
                    bitches bitches and not sugarcoat things.
                    \_ Done. You're an idiot.
                       \_ This makes me laugh. I'm gonna guess you are
                          a "sensitive male". You gotta call a bitch a
                          bitch and a ho a ho.
                          \_ Good. Now you're a laughing idiot.
                             \_ I disagree.  I think he's just been around the
                                block a few times more than you.  -someone else
                                \_ Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with
                                   his idiocy.
                                   \_ I'm an idiot because I call a chick
                                      who stops putting out a bitch? You
                                      know what I call one that *does* put
                                      out? A slut!
                                      \_ geeks behind their computer talking
                                         tough always make me laugh.
                                                            - someone else
                                         \_ heh, yeah -- this guy's pretty
                                            \_ and don't forget, the above
                                               poster could be a girl
                                            \_ Thank you! I'll be at the
                                               Stardust Lounge all week.
                                               \_ heh, np!   :P
        \_ When you have sex, is there anything in it for her?  (i.e. does she
           come every time?)
        \_ She just wants to break up with you but is being passive agressive
           about it. Ask her about your sex life, but be prepared to move on.
           Not "all women" are like this, but the ones that are tired of you
2006/3/12-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42202 Activity:low
3/12    It's only been two years and I miss having really wild honeymoon
        sex. Now there's no sex. The good thing is that things can't go
        worse. What about you married folks? You miss having honeymoon sex?
        \_ Join the game above.  Think Mr. & Mrs. Smith!
        \_ Hahahahaha! Forget honeymoon sex. As you say, you're lucky to
           get any at all.
           \_ Especially when your infant starts crying as soon as the bed
              squeaks.  Drove me crazy for the past two years.  Now I had less
              sex then when my wife was pregnant.
              \_ Geez, get a new bed.  They aren't THAT expensive, and
                 you'll probably be more comfortable anyway.
              \_ Or buy WD40 or have sex on the floor, couch, table, etc, or
                 move the kid further away or pretty much do anything a
                 college educated person should have been able to figure out.
                 \_ Has your wife become fat and unattractive?  If you are
                    successful and not fat yourself, you can have affairs,
                    if your wife doesn't control your finances.
                    \_ Ironically, my wife controls all aspects of my life
                       except my finances.  I can buy whatever high-tech toy I
                       want (even though I don't), but I can't stay at work
                       late except when she works late, can't stay up late to
                       watch TV except when she wants to watch, can't get up
                       late on weekends except when she wants to get up date,
                       can't stay away from my in-laws except when she also
                       wants to, etc.  I also have to do dishes and the clean-
                       up every night.  She has become unattractive, although
                       not fat.  The problem is not the bed squeaking.  The
                       problem is that my wife and my 2-yr old son are so
                       attached to each other that they won't leave each other
                       alone.  He starts crying when either the shaking of the
                       bed wakes him up (he refuses to sleep in his crib), or
                       when he sees that I'm thrusting on top of my wife.
                       Maybe he thinks I'm going to hurt his mom or something,
                       I have no idea.
2006/3/10-11 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:42173 Activity:nil
3/9     Vicente Fox made a joking reference to women as "washing machines
        with two legs"
2006/3/8-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42149 Activity:nil
        Don't get caught cheating, or you might end up like this guy!
        \_ about time women came up with something like this.  now if only
           the database would grow faster.
           \_ I think any girl who puts any faith in this list is silly
              because a guy could be falsely reported.  Its just like "this
              is a list of guys who have once pissed off someone in their
           \_ I seem to recall hearing about a non-electronic format of this
              list written in the women's stalls in Wheeler back when I was
              an undergrad (circa 92, ancient history). --erikred
2006/3/8-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42143 Activity:nil
3/8     Hey virgin soda geeks? Want to get laid? Spring Break is your best bet!
        \_ This is one of those news stories that would need almost no change
           to become an Onion article.  "The American Medical Association is
           warning girls not to go wild during spring break."
        \_ going to parties on campus and actually talking to girls in daily
           life is your best bet.  logout, go find people, talk to them.
2006/3/7-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42129 Activity:low
3/7     Do you have a habit of buying things you don't need or use?
        What did you buy last?
        \_ We bought a timeshare in SAN FRANCISCO because according to the
           sales guy it was suppose to be easy to transfer to other places
           like Hawaii (but we found out later you need to book at least
           1 year in advance). We ended up selling the timeshare. I didn't
           even want it in the first place. My gf has this tendency to want
           to buy everything she sees and accumulates a lot of junk. Ditto
           with my mother and my sister and pretty much all the women I
           know. They think the garage is a place to store shit they'll never
           need to use. Women like to buy junk, LOTS of junk and it just
           never stops. All women are the same.         -pissed off guy
           \_ My wife frets over buying a new pair of shoes.  Your family &
              gf just suck.
              \_ Hey stop insulting my people. We (Chinese) are better consumers
                 than you America hating green-peace hippies that mostly live
                 in Northern California. Just look at the way people in
                 Beijing and Hong Kong spend lavishly on frivolous
                 Western goods. Consumerism
                 drives the economy, thus we are being good citizens.
              \_ Hey stop insulting my people. We (Chinese) are better
                 consumers than you America hating green-peace hippies that
                 mostly live in Northern California. Just look at the way
                 people in Beijing and Hong Kong spend lavishly on frivolous
                 Western goods. Consumerism drives the economy, thus we are
                 being good citizens.
                 \_ Sorry, but your chicom troll impersonation is a failure.
                    Your grammar is far too consistent -- though I will admit
                    you nailed the tone and general irrationality.  Overall,
                    I give you a 6.31/10.
           \_ My in-laws like to buy food while my wife likes to buy junk food.
              My fridge is constantly full.  If I can close the freezer door
              without pushing, "let's go shop for food because the freezer is
              'empty'".  My stockpile of junk food is actually growing, because
              my wife buy more than she eats.
           \_ My wife is an even bigger cheap-skate than I am, which is
              saying something.  She does make fun of most American women
              for being spendthrifts though.
        \_ Travel in poor area/country to cure yourself of that.
           \_ Really honestly think about how much use you will get out of
              something before you buy it.  If it's an improvement on
              something you already have, think about how much actual use
              the new features will be.  (Like a faster computer) In some
              cases it helps to have a common "real-life" denomonation you
              can use to think about it abstractly, such as: "How many
              hours of work did it take to make $price?" or "How many
              candy bars is this?"  If you get in the habit of thinking
              carefully, you can break the spending habit.
           \_ I rented a Jaguar and drove it through some really poor
              parts of the Ozarks. I'm not really sure why that would
              'cure' anyone of anything.
        \_ Nope.  One tool I use is to stick stuff on my online wishlist
           rather than impulse buying it.  It satisfies that immediate urge
           to "do something about getting it"  If in a few months I still want
           it (and no one's bought it for me) then I'll get it, maybe.
2006/3/3-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42085 Activity:moderate
3/3     I'd like to see a poll on the average time it takes someone to
        regret a tatoo.
        \_ When they get re-programmable tatoos, the old ones will seem kind of
           lame, although if some fucker put one with ads and DRM it could
           lead to a whole new kind of trouble.
        \_ I got my first back in...99?  Still no regrets -- I actually want
           to add to it.                        -mice
        \_ A friend of mine wanted tats at 16 but her mom said she'd regret it
           at 30, so she waited until she was 30 to get her first. :-)
        \_ I got my tattoo when I was 19, 34 now and I still like it. It is
           rather large but it is on my back so it doesn't show at work and
        \_ I think it varies for male vs female and (esp for female) where you
           put the tats. Those who opted for front stomach/under belly prior
           to pregnancy will surely drive up the numbers. Those who gets it on
           the upper back would most likely be the happiest of the bunch.
        \_ A friend of mine got a couple of little tattoos (ankles), and 12
           years later still has no regrets.        -mice
           years later she has no regrets.        -mice
           years later she still has no regrets.        -mice
        \_ My brother has complete sleeves and a big one on his chest, too.
           Whether he regrets it or not depends on his mood and what's
           going on in life. He worked for a straight-laced company and
           he regretted it big-time. Now he works for a place where lots
           of guys have tattoos and he's happier about it. He did tell his
           ex-girlfriend not to get sleeves, too, but she did it anyway.
           So I think if he had to do it all over he wouldn't do it, because
           they are there even on days you wish they weren't.
           \_ Duh. Plus you can't change it. You can put on some different
              clothes, get a new haircut, but that tat is just there.
              To me tats are "hi i'm an idiot" signs.
              \_ whereas in your case you'd need to open your mouth for
                 people to know that.  -tom
                 \_ Heh, that's pretty funny.  You are rough company, Mr.
                 \_ Whereas tom always makes sure to announce it loud and
                    \_ hey, who got the saarp brain [sic] transplant?  -tom
2006/3/3-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42080 Activity:low
3/2     dim, tell us about your hot non-Asian bimbo! Does she have nice boobs?
        \_ Pretty much all boobs are nice, no?
           \_ No.  Ever been with a chick who was flat, or had one boob
              significantly larger than the other, or had boobs that were all
              \_ Can't say that I have. Thanks for sharing.
2006/3/2-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42074 Activity:moderate
3/2     I'm a horny guy and I have an observation to report. I'm wondering
        if you guys noticed something similar. When I was in HS many
        georgeous women with nice curves got pretty fat in college. On the
        other hand many chop-stick figured girls got super hot. Now I'm
        in my mid 30s and still horny, I'm noticing that many georgeous women
        with nice curves (big boobs and nice round butt) I met in college are
        now ... chunky, while many other super skinny girls are now georgeous
        and have nice figures. Has anyone else observed this phenomenon?
        \_ I have grown to love my double F size breasts.  Although I was the
           target of unwanted attention at school, I started wearing low cut
           tops to spite my tormenters.  As a performing artist and
           actor, I have incorporated the size of my breasts into my show
           and I them as an asset to my self expression.
        \_ Ever since I developed these 36JJ breasts I haven't been
           able to see my shoes!
        \_ *Yawn.* I know it's been a boring Thursday afternoon, but surely
           we can do better than this.
           \_ How well do you really expect a horny old fob to do?
        \_ So your observation is that skinny girls make skinny women and
           fat girls make fat women?  Deep.
           \_ No stupid, work on your reading comprehension! His point is that
              some flowers blossom early and some flowers blossom late, but
              eventually they all wither away.
              \_ Very nice way of putting it.
           \_ No, his observation is that women get fat over time. Usually,
              so do men. When I went to my 10 year high school reunion
              there were more than a few girls who were beanpoles in high
              school who really filled out to have nice figures. I imagine
              that by my 30 year reunion most of them will be fat. The
              girls who had nice figures when younger were already fat, or
              were well on their way. There are exceptions, of course.
              I guess this means that every woman has her period of peak
              attractiveness and it's not necessarily when she is youngest.
              The moral: man or woman, you'd better work out when you get
              older if you want to stay looking good.
        \_ What about the fat chick who got hot later in life? Monica from
           friends is a fake example of this, but it's been known to happen.
           Speed and coke in a soriority seem to help.
           \_ It can happen, but she's always just a binge away from
              becoming tubby again. I knew a really hot blonde once who
              was a fat brunette in a previous life. She had to work out
              religiously and starve herself to maintain that appearance.
              I imagine that eventually she married, had a kid, and
              returned to a lard-like state. It's just too much work. Better
              was for her to be who she was and find a guy who liked her
              that way. Instead, her hubby is probably going to cheat on
              her once she's no longer a hot blonde. It's sad, really.
              \_ I recommend not interacting with chubby people.  That
                 way you really dont think about these things.  The only fat
                 people in my life are one giant co-worker, a relative and
                 two girls who are friends of friends.
        \_ As someone who knows both males and females who struggled with
           weight, body-image, and eating disorders, I find many comments on
           this thread to be offensive, and think the commenters who made them
           are behaving like assholes.  That said, I'll respect your right to
           say stupid, nasty things, you respect my right to call you on it.
           Fuck you assholes.  I wouldn't wish an eating disorder on anyone,
           but if you ever gain personal experience with the phenomenon, I
           hope your attitudes change. -dans
2006/2/27-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:42016 Activity:nil
2/27    So, does anyone know how the bra became a symbol of male
        oppression?  I thought it was just hold things in place and keep
        them from flopping around uncomfortably.  Most guys I know seem
        to like it fine when girls don't wear bras.
        \_ Designed by men for women like most women's underwear.
        \_ It never really was a sign of oppression, except for those who
           think women who don't wear a bra are somehow subversive:
           \_ Oh, that actually makes sense in context.  I hate the Miss
              America contest too.
2006/2/23-27 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:41970 Activity:nil 93%like:41958
2/22 (
        More evidence that genetics and God create gay people.
         \_ never was too fond of that god guy.
2006/2/22-23 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:41958 Activity:nil 93%like:41970
        More evidence that genetics and God create gay people.
2006/2/22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41955 Activity:nil
2/22    I know a 20 year old girl who is a deeply committed Christian
        and has 30I cup breasts.  She rarely meets anyone
        bigger than her (ratio-wise).  How can she
        justify premarital sex with her boyfriend while
        simultaneously staying faithful to Lord Jesus Christ?
2006/2/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41902 Activity:very high
2/17    The women reported on average 8.6 lifetime sexual partners.
        The men claimed 31.9. How about YOU?
        \_ It all depends on what the definition of "is" is.
           \_ Yermom breastfeeding you does not count
              \_ What about you dickfeeding yermom?
        \_ First one she enjoyed me sucking her breasts but no genital sex
           (Does she count?); second one being my gf and we had handjobs and
           orals but no vaginal or anal penetration; third one I penetrated her
           vagina with my fingers on two nights without her knowledge while she
           had literally wet dreams; fourth one being my wife and we do
           everything.  So a total of 4.
           \_ Wow.  Do you often molest people while they sleep?  You == broken
              in der kopf.
        \_ First one I sucked her breasts but no genital sex (Does she count?);
           second one we had handjobs and orals but no vaginal or anal
           penetration; third one I penetrated her vagina with my fingers on
           two nights without her knowledge while she had literally wet dreams;
           fourth one being my wife and we do everything.  So a total of 4.
              \_ Good enough for that FDA dude bush appointed!
              \_ No, just those two times.
           \_ That sounds like a total of 2 teen age learning encounters,
              1 very creepy and disturbing non consentual act, and 1 wife.
              \_ Two in college years, two after college.
                 \_ creepy is as creepy does.  doesnt matter what age.
                    \_ what's your problem?  his gf went to bed naked with him.
                       what's wrong with a little fingering?
                       \_ No, #3 was my friend's gf which I had a crush on.
                          She didn't sleep naked; she's wearing loose shorts.
                          \_ So you actually did commit a sex crime....  Now
                             it really truly is creepy in a "not just on the
                             motd" way.
        \_ I stopped counting at 50. It is not that many more than that though.
        \_ thou shalt not commit fornication!
        \_ I do not like to fornicate!
           \_ You can marry and divorce several times.
              \_ I do not like divorce.
                 \_ Become a mormon then.
        \_ 1
        \_ 1.1 (the .1 was for just making out)
        \_ I remember reading a study finding that people with more pre marriage
           relationships tend to have more problems maintaining a marriage.
           One of the reasons given was that these people are more quick to
           want to break up and give up.  A more fragile ego?
        \_ I remember reading a study finding that people with more pre
           marriage relationships tend to have more problems maintaining a
           marriage.  One of the reasons given was that these people are more
           quick to want to break up and give up.  A more fragile ego?
           \_ My completely non-scientific study of people I've known said
              that those who started having sex in HS or earlier were unable
              to establish LTRs and their lives were giant messes in other
              areas as well.  What does this mean?  Probably nothing.
2006/2/16-17 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:41888 Activity:low
2/16    I just read the csua minutes. CSUA is running out of money and
        has no new members. There's a solution to this. GET WOMEN INVOLVED!!
        And I'm not talking about ugly SWE women, but real women.
        Team up with the busadm people. Tell them they'll learn
        the software engineering process that'll help them gain
        experience|wealth|connections|CASH|etc. When hot busadm women
        show up, so will horny alumni and students.
        \_ Thanks, Paolo.
        \_ Including yourself?
        \_ considering os X is now *nix based, I would presume mac users would
           be a good student base to draw on.  There are a lot of Mac users I
           know who would love to learn more command-line tools and how to
           do things in the shell, but don't know where to start.
        \_ Outsource some of the current operations to India to shave costs.
2006/2/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41853 Activity:high 66%like:41846
2/14    What did you give/get for Valentine's Day?
        \_ the lack of responses tells you that both students/alumni
           are pathetic dateless geeks.
           \_ Dude, this was posted on Valentine's Day.  Those of us giving
              and getting on the day of have better things to do than respond
              to shit on the motd in the evening. -dans
        \_ A hangover.  Dissapointingly, no black eye, however.  No one wanted
           to fight at the bar where I spent all night drinking alone.
           \_ You're either a) frequenting the wrong bar or b) not trying hard
              enough.  b) is more probable than a). -dans
              \_ A bit of both.  I won't start a fight, I was just ready for
                 one.  I guess that means I can't be dissapointed,  when you
                 think about it.
        \_ chocolate and a laptop.
        \_ Champagne and Zachary's pizza
        \_ I cooked for my gf and we ended up having sex. She wanted me to
           cum inside her vagina without any protection. I hesitated a bit
           but it turned out that she started using birth control last
           month. Condomless sex, the best VDay's gift a man can get.
           \_ She's been letting me ride bareback for a while now.
        \_ cooked for my gf, gave her silk pajamas for present.  then my
        \_ cooked for my gf, gave her a silk pajamas for present.  then my
           cold, cough and jet lag started acting up, so I took a nap on
           the sofa.  Woke up at 6 a.m.  Noticed she gave me extra
           blankets, box of tissues for blowing my nose, and set up a
           portable heater.  Left for work without waking her.
        \_ Gave:
           2 Dozen roses, a drive down highway 1 from Santa Cruz to San
           Francisco, and a tasty dinner at ShiMo Planned to surprise her by
           bringing her to Pillow Fight Club:
           and handing her a pillow in an obnoxiously cute Hello Kitty pillow
           cover, but we didn't make it to SF by 6:00.
           Fresh, hand picked flowers, unrequested help picking up the dinner
           check.  Quality time with my smart, gorgeous, and wonderful
           Ridiculously mind-blowing sex that left both of us unable to move
           for at least five minutes after we finished fucking.
           \_ did you use a condom?
           Unrelated Recommendation:
           ShiMo (2339 Clement @ approx. 25th Ave.), features the freshest and
           tastiest sushi I know of in SF.  Its specials are fantastic, the
           spicy scallop roll I had yesterday rocked.  Additionally ShiMo is
           reliably open until midnight, and if folks are eating/drinking they
           will stay open later.
           \_ Have you tried Koo?
        \_ A home cooked meal from me. Anal sex from her.
           \_ Wait, you had to cook for her before she'd do your ass?  Is that
              a cheap bribe for you guys, or was she teasing you and building
              up the anticipation?
2006/2/14 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:41843 Activity:high
2/14    Boredcast Message from 'danh': Tue Feb 14 09:46:50 2006
        I would so love to butt fuck her until she collapses into a puddle of
        incoherent mush.  what is it about ann coulter that elicits a desire
        for ANAL sex over other kinds of sex?  does she exude ass-hunger?
        \_ No danh, it means you're a rapist.
           \_ You realize he's quoting someone else, right?
           \_ Is that you, ilyas? Anyway, he didn't say anything about it
              being non-consensual.
        \_ It's because she's a transvestite.
        \_ She doesn't eat enough fiber.
        \_ She's already a pile of incoherent mush.
2006/2/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41838 Activity:high
2/14    Valentine's day must be celebrated differently south of the border:
        \_ What about these stories indicates "south of the border"? There is
           no mention of citizenship or country-of-origin in either.
2006/2/13-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41820 Activity:nil
2/13    reviews of escorts
        \_ Where is this?
        \_ Err, wait, someone is PAYING to have cybersex?
        \_ Wait, Second Life escorts? Wtf?
2006/2/13-15 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Recreation/Dating] UID:41817 Activity:high
2/13    "Marriage Brings Wealth, Divorce Steals It"
        It's more than about combining assets in a marriage and splitting the
        assets in a divorce.
        \_ What ever happened to BDG?
        \_ This matches my experiance.  Division of labor is also a big
           win in my house.
        \_ ...from which it follows that gay marriage will increase the
           overall wealth of society, since more people will be getting
           \_ Unless many gay marriages end in divorce.  [Disclaimer: Not a
              statement on gay marriages as such (and in fact I am pro-gay
              marriage), but just pointing out a logical flaw.]
              \_ That's a good point.  I guess it depends on how much the
                 positives of marriage and the negatives of divorce cancel
                 eachother out based on the fraction who get divorced.  Of
                 course the same is true of straight couples.  I'm guessing
                 it comes out significantly ahead for marriage with some
                 divorce vs. no marriage or divorce, both for straight and
                 gay couples.  Of course, there are much better reasons to be
                 in favor of gay marriage, but I like to point out these things
                 since it's the party of greed who is most strongly in
                 opposition to gay marriage, in spite of the wealth it would
                 generate for society at large.
              \_ This is easy to deal with: just don't let gay people get
                 divorced. This will help build society's wealth, while also
                 preserving the traditional heterosexual institution of
        \_ So that's how those Mormons get rich!
           \_ Well, is there research on the relationship between children
              and wealth?  My guess is negative, and very.
              \_ Huh, another argument for gay-marriage.
              \_ Agreed.  I'm happily married but unhappily parenting.
        \_ There's a conflating factor, which is that people often get
           divorced because of money.  "For those who got divorced,
           wealth began to decline about four years before divorce and
           bottomed out the year prior to divorce."  So it is probably not
           the divorce that causes the loss of wealth, but the loss of
           wealth causing the divorce.  -tom
           \_ Maybe, I don't think there's a lot of evidence for that in
              the article though.  It could also be that your wealth goes
              down when your marriage is on the rocks. -jrleek
              \_ Could be, but I think common sense would show Tom's
                 scenario more likely. There's no real reason I can
                 think of for wealth to decrease just because a marriage is
                 going poorly.
                 \_ Normally finances are the direct cause of marriage problems
                    and lead to divorce.  Want to know how a couple could get
                    into financial problems?  Take a young couple with a $30k
                    wedding + honeymoon, so they start out life in debt.  Then
                    she quits her job when they having their first kid.  You
                    can all see where this leads.
                 \_ Eating out alone more often because not wanting to eat with
                    spouse at home?  Cost of marriage counselling?  Decrease in
                    work performance because of bad mood, hence lower bonuses
                    and raises and promotion?  More impulse shopping?
                    \_ Don't forget the cost of a mistress/beau.
                 \_ "Wealth begins climbing again in the year of the
                     divorce, but not by much." Then why does wealth begin
                     to increase after divorce?
                     \_ Throwing yourself into work to avoid depression/dealing
                     \_ closure?
                     \_ Divorce lawyers are expensive.
        \_ This is a stupid study.  It's done on 21 to 28 years old who don't
           have much money to begin with:  "After divorce, men had 2.5 times the
           wealth of women, but this seemingly large disparity worked out to
           only about $5,100, on average."  At this stage, little things like
           paying a divorce lawyer can eat up the few thousands dollars of
           have much money to begin with:  "After divorce, men had 2.5 times
           the wealth of women, but this seemingly large disparity worked out
           to only about $5,100, on average."  At this stage, little things
           like paying a divorce lawyer can eat up the few thousands dollars of
           \_ 21-28 year olds shouldn't be marrying.  Marriage shouldn't be
              allowed before 30.  35 would be even better.
              \_ You work in the fertility biz?
                 \_ I didn't say "no kids before 30." I said "no marriage
                    before 30."  I don't want to hear anyone complain about
                    high divorce rates when they're marrying off their 17 year
                    old daughter.
                    high divorce rates when they're marrying their 17 year
                    old daughter.  I am yet to be convinced that pregnancy
                    out-of-wedlock is more dangerous than wedlock out-of-
                    \_ Wow.  That's not a point of view you hear every day.
                    \_ Hahaha. What's "dangerous" about it?
                       \_ I meant to say "harmful", not "dangerous", but the
                          strains of marriage are not helped along by feelings
                          of obligation and resentment over an unexpected
                          pregnancy, not to mention financial strain. There is
                          no reason other than social stigma for marriage to
                          be the necessary response to a pregnancy.  Outside
                          of pregnancy, I posit that people are ill-equipped
                          to make a life-without-end bargain in their 20s.
                          \_ Well the kids -> marriage thing is about the
                             kids and being responsible for them, and trying
                             to provide a family. No pregnancy is truly 100%
                             unexpected and people make choices when they
                             decide to fuck each other (and not abort). Anyway
                             since divorce exists, obviously it's not
                             life-without-end now is it? Society doesn't seem
                             to care that people regularly break these pledges.
                             \_ I care. </skywalker>  Divorce sucks for all
                                involved.  A breakup, if it must happen, is
                                hard enough without legalities and such.  We
                                seem to be talking at cross purposes here.
                                The dysfunction that can arise from entering
                                marriage based on obligation is what I was
                                talking about above re "harm".
                \_ Fertility is still very good in the early 30s. It is not
                   until after 35 that it really starts to fall off.
2006/2/10-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41800 Activity:nil
        When you care enough to send a Star Wars Valentine's Day card.
2006/2/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41788 Activity:high
2/9     Dear married men, what do you do with your porn? Do you hide them,
        look at them openly, or throw them away? What's the best way to
        deal with the issue of um, she keeps having headache or
        just doesn't feel like it?
        \_ If those are your real life issues, your smallest concern should be
           your porn collection.  You should be worried about your failing
           marriage as well as who she is screwing if it isn't you.
        \_ Internet, dude! Hardcopy is so... lacking. And, yes, it's okay for
           married men to masturbate.
           \_ Yep, cool by me.  He should keep his cock in his hand getting
              off to net porn while someone else is banging his wife.  Good
              plan!  There's some sort of Darwin thing going on there.  I like
              \_ Your odd assumption that she's somehow not satisfied betrays
                 your lack of understanding of how Real Life with mature
                 adults actually works.
                 \_ Odd assumption?  Read the OP again.  "she keeps having
                    headache or just doesn't feel like it".  Maybe you think
                    your wife really does just have lots of headaches that
                    mysterious occur only when you're horny, but out here in
                    Real Life Land, mature adults with headaches are banging
                    the milkman.  You have betrayed your lack of understanding
                    of how English works.
                    \_ You are confusing Real World with Real Life. In Real
                       Life, having a headache or a decreased sexual appetite
                       usually has roots in issues other than cheating. If
                       your experience has invariably been otherwise, stop
                       marrying unbalanced wrecks.
                       \_ Cheating isn't the root.  Cheating is the result
                          of an unhappy sexless marriage.  You're confusing
                          cause and effect.  You continue to betray your lack
                          of understanding of the English language.
                          \_ Physician, heal thyself. OP wonders what to do
                             when wife says she has a headache or doesn't feel
                             like it. He doesn't say this happens all the time.
                             He implies that he wants advice on what to do when
                             he's horny but his wife is not. Nothing in his
                             post implies cheating. The correct response to
                             his question is, have a wank and get over it.
                             \_ I know he didn't say she's cheating.  *I* said
                                she's cheating or soon will be.  The correct
                                response is figure out what's wrong with your
                                marriage if your marriage is such a mess you
                                think you need *motd* help to figure out your
                                porn/sex-with-wife issues.  If he isn't taking
                                care of her needs, someone else will.
2006/2/8 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:41763 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
2/8     gayest thing ever
2006/2/8 [Recreation/Dating, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:41760 Activity:kinda low
2/7     God, I'm so love sick I'm miserable.  What to do to get my mind off?
        \_ if you want to get her off your mind you don't love her.
        \_ good troll. Surf for other trolls.
        \_ You need to talk to DER FURIOUS.
        \_ Concentrate on all the pain and suffering that can come out of
           a relationship gone bad.  Think about how much time and money
           and energy this could cost you.
        \_ Ask her/him/it out.  Solves the problem one way or another. -dans
        \_ This is as good as it will ever get, and it can only go down hill
           from here.  Walk away.
2006/2/4-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41706 Activity:low
2/4     Has anyone every deleted all their porn?  (Maybe to save
        time, or you got married, or you're about to go to jail
        for several years for making terroristic threats).  Did
        you regret your decision?
        \_ It was year 2001, 2 years after I graduated from Cal. Things
           were going nowhere at work, the dot-bomb demoralized everyone,
           I was having family problems, and I was going through a breakup.
           It was a depressing time and I jacked off a lot to keep myself
           from sinking any further. But things didn't improve, and one day
           I said enough is enough. I wasted a lot of time jacking off 2-3
           times a day to get away from this horrible world, and I didn't
           want to waste time anymore. I wanted to clean up, so I deleted
           3G of still picture porn that I collected since high school.
           I tried cleaning up my life. But nothing changed. One day, I
           had a big urge but had nowhere to start, so I went to a massage
           parlor and the next week hired a few escorts. I was having
           sex binge because I felt deprived. In retrospect, was it a good
           thing that I deleted porn? No. You'll always need them.
           \_ For the health of your future partners, you should really go
              to an STD clinic.  Having sex with escorts is not exactly low
              risk behavior.
        \_ I delete all my porn regularly.  But I never understood
           the keeping a collection part of porn.  Get porn.  Use porn.
           Toss porn.  Repeat.
                \_ that depends on if you are talking DVD or not. Comcast on
                demand chrages 10-$15 for XXX porn. That gets pricey fast.
                As long as your need for porn gratification gets obsessive to
                 the point of not wanting a regular GF; then you are ok.
                 There are alot more positive things in a good relationship
                than sex. A girl who is a good listener is far more valuable
                than one who is good in bed. Find one who does both is nice
                too of course.

           \_ Are you DER FURIOUS?!
2006/2/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41662 Activity:nil
2/1     My friends's long time girlfriend told me she "has feelings" for me.
        Should I make her tell him about this, or just let it go?
        \_ OK , I probably shouldn't have posted this, but thanks for
           the responses. -op
        \_ flattered but your friendship is more important?
        \_ Let it go. If you tell him he will hate you and her both.
           \_ Not necessarily. I mean, that would be irrational.
              Not every single person is irrational like that.
              \_ Irrational? If he believes you then she's a slut. If not,
                 you're a liar. I'd be suspicious of both, personally.
                 Yes, people shoot the messenger all the time. How would
                 you react if I told you your girlfriend wanted to bone me?
        \_ yeah if you go physical with her and she says i cant
           hurt her bf, then you're screwed
        \_ just pretend you never heard it.
        \_ dump her and use
        \- you need to figure out what end point you want and pick what
           to do based on that. if you need sloda to tell you want end
           point to pick, you should just kill yourself.
           \_ Hmm. Ok.  I guess I wasn't clear.  I'm not going to act
              on it.  I've been advised to make her tell him or do it
              myself, by it seemed kinda mean.  I thought maybe I'd
              just let it go.
              \_ Don't tell him at all. It's better to stay out of such
                 matters. My best friend's wife was a bitch, but I never
                 told him that. She died tragically. I am glad I didn't
                 say anything and I think he knew anyway. Friends say
                 they want you to be honest and tell them bad news, but
                 the truth is they are better in denial. Just support
                 him when the skank eventually leaves him.
                 \_ how did she die?
2006/1/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41594 Activity:nil
1/29    FURIOUS guy here.  My girlfriend asked me on saturday night
        if I wanted to have anal sex, but I turned her down.  She
        gave me a handjob instead.  I should have asked her for a
        blowjob too but it was getting late.  Tonight I am looking
        at .
        \_ why don't you just dump her already? it's obvious you don't need
           a girlfriend.
2006/1/26-27 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer] UID:41534 Activity:nil
1/25    lots of fun:
2006/1/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41527 Activity:nil
        Proof that Japanese men are horny
        \_ ..or that Japanese women are lazy
2006/1/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41517 Activity:very high
1/25    Hello.  Furious motd masturbator from yesterday here.
        My girlfriend gave me a blow and hand job last night
        but it over took 40 minutes because I had came at least 20 times
        since Saturday.  After she went to work I popped out the computer,
        her bottle of KY, looked at
        for a while and came again.  Now I'm pretty mellow.
        \_ not work-safe
           \_ Uh, duh?
        \_ No wonder you have to masturbate so furiously - that's some lousy
        \_ No wonder you have to masturbate so furiously - that's some lossy
        \_ 40 minutes!?  My wife would be so pissed and just left if I couldn't
           cum in 10 minutes.
        \_ Ouch!  Are those pictures taken right after an implant surgery?
2006/1/25-27 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:41514 Activity:nil
1/25    Porn Bread!  -John
        \_ You know, I find this vaguely disturbing, yet amusing.     -mice
2006/1/23-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41479 Activity:moderate
1/23    Sara Stone, all natural.
        \_ so are these
           \_ Yeah, but these aren't naked.
        \_ Yay, motd boob-guy!  --motd boob guy #1 fan
        \_ Who is Sara Stone?
           \_ Just another busty chick who's not fat, ugly, or surgically
              enhanced, which is not common these days.
              enhanced.  This is not common these days.
              \_ A Google search turns up nothing.
                 \_ First result from Google:
                    \_ Is it just me or it seems like she's kinda fat?
                       \_ It's just you. Stop dating skinny Asian chicks
                          with no chest.
                          with no chest (or ass).
                          \_ It can be worse.  Not-so-skinny Asian chick with
                             no chest, like my wife.
                    \_ *That's* surgically enhanced. By the way, I
                       actually used Yahoo!, which can't (easily) find her.
                       \_ Looks fairly natural to me; she's got the body
                          fat to support a large rack.
                          \_ Possible, but unlikely. Way too perky.
2006/1/20-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41457 Activity:nil
1/20    Cute:  -John
2006/1/20-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41450 Activity:low 86%like:41441
1/19 (USA Today via Yahoo News)
        King Kong the movie is racist!!! They should have had a Caucasian
        King Kong falling in love with an African American woman.
        \_ So, the article has some good points, but it vacilitates
           between reason and abject stupidity.
        \_ If they'd wanted an award, they should have had him falling for a
           black *man*.
           \_ Asian man. A black man/woman would be racist.
        \_ So this Sheryl McCarthy thinks blacks are apes?
2006/1/19-21 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:41442 Activity:high Cat_by:auto
1/19    Marketing at its best:
        \_ Thank God for creating cute Asian girls. Now I need to go to
           the bathroom to relieve myself.
           \_ It wasn't God, it was evolution!
              \_ whatever it was, intelligent design was at work.
           \_ She could've been green for all I care. By the way, what
              was the commercial about? ;) (Maybe not *too* good marketing.)
              \_ "She couldn've been been green..." meaning you find her
                 unattractive? Or you don't care about looks?
              \_ Chocolate candy, FWIW. I wonder if there is anything one
                 cannot successfully sell with boobs.
                 \_ Anyone happen to know Japanese?  What did she say after
                    she looked down?
                 \_ I think having boobs upstage your product is not
                    such a good thing. What did you say the commercial
                    was about again?
                    \_ Brain transplants for the intellectually feeble.
                       Are you the same person who was so bothered by the
                       "naked news" post a few days ago?
                 \_ You can't sell breast reduction surgery with these, I
              \_ I think it was "brand reinforcement" style; not targetted
                 at actually being informative.  Look at Nike ads.. would
                 you ever know what they're actually for?
           \_ Cute Japanes girls to be specific.  In other Asian countries it
              would be politically incorrect and frowned upon by flat-chested
              women and hypocrites.
        \_ If you want to save the .wmv for off-line relief, go to
        \_ Another funny one:
2006/1/19-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41441 Activity:high 86%like:41450
        King Kong the movie is racist!!! They should have had a Caucasian
        King Kong falling in love with an African American woman.
        \_ So, the article has some good points, but it vacilitates
           between reason and abject stupidity.
        \_ So, most of the article is fairly reasonable, but, as usual,
           the lead in ruins the article by being stupid.
           between reason and abject stupidly.
                                     \_ stupidity
2006/1/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41411 Activity:high
1/17    Guardian article on Muslim imams sexual advice.  Scroll down for much
        "It is precisely to avoid having too many children that some Muslims
        practice anal sex. One man, writing to the Islamic Q&A website, says
        that his wife doesn't have any problem with it. 'I think this is the
        best way of family planning instead of using condoms,' the man writes,
        though he adds that many of his friends have told him otherwise.
        'People are confusing me so please tell me what to do.'",7792,1688285,00.html?gusrc=rss
        \_ Scroll down?  Right at the top Dr Rashad Khalil is advocating
           always wearing clothes during sex.
           \_ Maybe he means a hat?
              \_ A cowboy hat?
                 \_ lower.
        \_ Oral sex is much more effective than anal sex if birth control is
           the goal, because the anus is too close to the vulva.
           \_ Anal sex might hurt the female more.  Then you don't have to
              beat her as much.
              \_ Geeks who refer to women as "females" need to be hurt more.
              \_ If it hurts, you aren't doing it right.
2006/1/12-17 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:41361 Activity:nil
1/12    Gotta love protesters out in support of releasing wanna-be mass
2006/1/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41297 Activity:very high
1/8     "Marlene Dietrich 'hated sex', says daughter. Riva, who has written
        a memoir entitled My Mother Marlene, said that Dietrich's hatred
        of sex and sometimes distant personality often made her feel sorry
        for the men who fell in love with her glamorous mother."
        So I'm curious, how many sodans would marry a glamorous gal
        without sex? Say you can marry Jennifer Aniston without sex,
        would you do it?
        \_ Would you marry Jennifer Aniston if she had herpes type 2?
           \_ no way. i'd be down with type 1 though.
              \_ yeah me too.
           \_ You know that HSV-1 can be genital and HSV-2 can be oral, right?
              \_ HSV-1 outbreaks usually occurs only once every year or so.
                 sometimes only once in a lifetime.  HSV-2 outbreaks is
                 going to be once every few months.  this is oral or genital.
                 \_ You're sadly misinformed, but I rash you all the best...
                    \_ What am I misinformed about?  Please fill me in wise one.
                       \_ Basically it's all completely dependent on the
                          individual person and case.  There is some general
                          evidence that genital cases of HSV-1 are less severe,
                          but by the same token it's hard to generalize about
                          what an individual case or progression of genital
                          HSV-2 will be like.  HSV is probably one of the most
                          common human viruses and has a huge range of possible
                          outcomes.  In general, both will gradually decrease
                          in severity over a person's lifetime.  I suggest
                          googling if you're really concerned about this
                          stuff.  The person that said 50% occurrence is
                          being a little misleading as well - the actual
                          statistic is that 1/4 of all sexually active adults
                          will contract it *sometime* in their life.  This is
                          very different than saying that 50% of all sexually
                          active adults have it.
        \_ You do know something like 50% of sexually active adults have
           herpes type 2.  It's not that big of a deal.
           \_ Come on, man.  Everybody's doing it.  Getting type 2 once
              won't hurt anything...
        \_ Not a chance.  I'm with Tom.  Glamor would never even enter in to
           my decision, but high sex drive is very important.  All else the
           same, I think I'd take no glamor over glamor, since if I understand
           your definition correctly, a glamorous wife would mean involvement
           of the tabloid press in our lives.
        \_ No way.  No, No, No, No, No. --PM
        \_ JA is glamorous?
        \_ The glamorousness of your wife, or her measurement against current
           standards of beauty, won't have any bearing on whether your
           marriage is happy or healthy.  -tom
2006/1/1-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41187 Activity:nil
1/1     It's 2006! May all your sodans get laid!
        \_ Done, done, and done again!  Gotta go, SO is calling me back for
           more. - alumnus
2005/12/28-2006/1/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41158 Activity:nil
12/28   Group sex club patrons swinging free. Swinger clubs and gang bang
        condoned in Canada. Man, I gotta move to Canada!
                                -desperate pimple virgin sodan
        \_ Maybe you can get some fat sysadmin fuck on the motd to pay your
           moving expenses.
        \_ Um...there are hundreds of these clubs down here in the States.
           And they're legal, too.
2005/12/27-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:41146 Activity:kinda low
12/27   Brokeback Mountain: Rape of the Marlboro Man
        \_ The author of this article wants it so bad in the ass
           \_ Wow, what insight.  By this single "I know you are but what am I"
              argument, you've moved the level of discourse about the topic all
              the way to 2nd -- no 3rd grade.  Kudos sir!
              \_ He's giving the author his deserved respect.
        \_ Why does Ang Lee like to make gay movies so much?
           \_ Powerful human dynamics?
        \_ gotta love right-wing fearmongering.  yeah, homosexuality is
           really going to be the end of Western civilization. uh-huh.
           \_ What I love is that all of his arguments revolve around how it
              destroys (the gay guy's) marriage.  He seems to miss the point
              that the loveless marriage is a product of the unaccepting
              society.  So he's either being a dumbass or intentionally
              deceiving his audience... almost like Hollywood.
              \_ "loveless marriage is a product of the unaccepting
                 society."  Can you explain that?
                 \_ If the guy is gay, but can't express that, he may enter
                    into a marriage because that's "what you do".  But his
                    sexual needs are being denied in such a marriage, leading
                    to resentment and unhappiness.
                    \_ Can't he just stay single?  Don't you think marrying
                       someone you don't love at all is kind of irresponsible?
                       \_ Perhaps he could.  Perhaps his family expected it
                          of him.  Perhaps he hadn't even considered the
                          possibility that he was homosexual, but wasn't happy
                          with what he had.  As for "irresponsible", people
                          do a lot of irresponsible things when they don't
                          know who they really are or what they really want.
                          \_ Perhaps he just likes a little anal on the side.
                             There are a lot of straight marriages that end
                             up like this. I don't see what homos have to do
                             with it. And don't try to excuse irresponsible
                             behavior by "people do that"... oh yeah people
                             rape others when they aren't getting enough sex,
                             quit your moralizing.
                             \_ Wow.  I'm amazed how quickly the psychos come
                                out on this issue.  Mmm..  homo sex == rape!
                                You r0x0r, duud1!!
                                \_ lol ya rly like wtf? btw learn to read.
                          \_ If you are not sure, or not ready to make a
                             commitment for life, don't get married.  Why
                             is it that people take marriage so lightly
                             these days?
                             \_ "These days"?  You haven't given this subject
                                much research or thought, have you?
                                \_ If you think you have something to say,
                                   try saying it.
                                   \_ How 'bout we give gays the option to
                                      make that commitment, and then we'll
                                      see how lightly it is taken.  Do you
                                      think kids out of high school getting
                                      married are considering it fully?
                                      Do you think that the dynamic discussed
                                      here contributes greatly to the freq
                                      of divorce?  I suggest you are laying
                                      too much blame at Ang Lee's feet.
                                      \_ Yes, if we are ready to send an
                                         18 year old to war where he needs
                                         to make life and death decisions,
                                         then he should be able to consider
                                         a marriage decision seriously.
                                         At 18 you are a grown up, have the
                                         rights and responsibilities of a
                                         grown up.
                                         \_ E_TOOSHORT.  This conversation
                                            is at an end.
                                            \_ You've been trying to branch
                                               out on irrelevant topics. I
                                               was just sticking to the
                                               original discussion.
                                               \_ E_TOOSTUPID.  Can't handle
                                                  the TOOSHORT exception.
                                                  \_ you are cute.
                                      \_ Okay, I missed this sentence:
                                         "Do you think that the dynamic
                                         discussed here contributes greatly
                                         to the freq of divorce?"
                                         Yes, too much emphasis on sexual
                                         desires, and personal fulfilment
                                         as opposed to love, commitment,
                                         loyalty and responsibility.
                                         \_ I suggest that as the stigma
                                            of homosexuality diminishes and
                                            as the acceptance of homosexual
                                            marriage/unions grow, this VERY
                                            SMALL portion of the total of
                                            failed marriages will all but
                                            vanish.  Marriages don't fail
                                            because of homosexuality.
                                            \_ Dude, it's irrelevant whether
                                               the third person is a guy or
                                               a girl.  The guy got married
                                               and had kids, and then went
                                               on adulterous "fishing trips"
                                               to Brokeback Mountain for 2
                                               \_ I agree with you here, but
                                                  if it weren't about a
                                                  homosexual couple, 1) it
                                                  wouldn't be made into a
                                                  movie and 2) you wouldn't
                                                  bother thinking about it.
                                                  \_ There are countless
                                                     movies about marriage
                                                     and affairs and love
                                                     that could not be.
                                                     \_ And you get upset
                                                        about every one of
                             No, I just don't agree that the statement,
                             "loveless marriage is a product of the
                             unaccepting society" applies here.
                             \_ The person who posted that was extrapolating.
                                I haven't seen the movie, so I can't say one
                                way or the other if that's what the movie said,
                                but I've tried to suggest scenarios that
                                expound upon his statement.  If you just
                                reject it, then fine.  I'm done walking
                                you through.
                             \_ That's "what you do".
                                \_ Honoring your marital vows is "what
                                   you do".  Loving (an action, not state
                                   of mind) your wife and children is
                                   "what you do".
                                   \_ Indeed.  Funny, though, some people,
                                      for whatever reason, don't or can't.
                                      If that's your only complaint here,
                                      then this is a long discussion about
                                      nothing.  I think you're just creeped
                                      out by homosexuality.
                                      \_ actually the long discussion is
                                         because some people here are
                                         rather presumptuous and mis-
                                         interpreted my comment.
        \_ Author was obviously disappointed by the lack of pudding eating
           scenes and lashed out in an unfulfilled, unloved crime of passion.
2005/12/13-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40993 Activity:nil
        Stalkers rejoice! Stalking is a declaration of love and thus
        condoned by the mainland Chinese government.
        \_ Understand, I beat you up and stole your wallet only out of
           love for you.
2005/12/12-14 [Finance/Banking, Recreation/Dating] UID:40982 Activity:kinda low
12/12   Do you have friends you don't like lending books, DVDs etc to?
        Typically because they don't return them in a reasonable amount of
        time or if you hint you would like something back they don't pick it
        up?  I personally feel if I borrow a book from somebody and they want
        it back I should at soonest reasonable opportunity deliver it to them
        rather than say "oh you can come and get it."  How do you handle
        turning down future requests?
        \_ Just go pick it up that one time, and never lend to them again.
           Simply tell them they don't return your stuff on time.
        \_ I am having the hardest time get my friend return my books...
        \_ I've had to discipline myself to not borrow things from people;
           excactly for the reason that sometimes I forget, or it can get
           damaged.  But yeah, one should return things fast.  -John
        \_ My problem is that I lend things to people and then forget and never
           get them back ever.
        \_ My dad used to tell me an old (Arabic?) saying:
           If you lend a book to someone, they should chop off an arm.
           If you return a lent book, they should chop off both arms.
           I guess the point is that people are generally irresponsible
           and if you want them to read a book, just buy it for them...
           or don't expect it back.
           \_ I own a lot of books so people are often interested in borrow
           \_ I own a lot of books so people are often interested in borrowing
              books from me and it is an asymmetric thing.  Normally it would
              be a pretty efficient area for inter-friend loans ... books
              dont really get worn out, cheap to move, the loan terms are
              usually longer than from library, books are often things you
              want to use rather than own, you usually can spare the book
              for a couple of months.  So it kind sad I am thinking about
              cracking down on this.  It says something about how flakey
              most people are ... people who arent willing to promptly
              return stuff when you issue a recall, people who forget
              the have your books and your are forced to do the recall etc.
              (There have been a couple of cases where I have borrowed a book
              and the other person moved away and I felt really bad.  I think
              the other person has forgotten i had the book.)
              they have your books and wont ever return them unless you
              remember and initiate a recall. (There have been a couple of
              cases where I have borrowed a book and the other person moved
              away and I felt really bad.  I think the other person has
              forgotten i had the book.)  These days if a flakey friend asks
              to borrow something, I just pretend not to hear.  On the other
              hand I have good friends I have loaned very expensive electronic
              and such to.
              \_ I have had similar problems, and I'd add that there is another
                 problem with books and flaky people, which is getting them to
                 read the damn book.  I often loan someone a book that they say
                 they want to read, and six months later they still haven't
                 finished it.  Well, I actually would like to see them read the
                 book, but then it turns into another six months...people need
                 to read more.
                 book, but then it turns into another six months...the bottom
                 line is that most people are lazy, flaky, and watch about
                 24 hours of tv for every hour they spend reading.  And that's
                 just the intelligensia.
2005/12/9-11 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:40934 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
12/9    New game teaches female sexual gratification: -John
2005/12/7-9 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:40896 Activity:kinda low
12/7    Thanks for all the replies on what gifts to bring back to
        Taiwan.  I now hasve a better idea of what to bring for my aunts
        and uncles.  But what about cousins in their 20s.  Are there any
        electronic gadgets, apparel, etc.  that would be good gift ideas?
        Do people in Taiwan use iPods?  Are they more expensive in Taiwan?
        \_ Bring back nice traditional wife from rural China since most
           Taiwanese women have Westernized and modernized, meaning they
           don't cook, they don't clean, and they bitch all day.
           \_ You mean Taiwanese women are more like Hong Kong women now?
              \_ No, more like, both HK and Taiwanese women are mostly
                 Westernized so they're as bitchy as modern American
                 women. Whatever happened to the good 'ol traditional
                 women we saw from TV shows in the 60s like Bewitched and
                 I Dream of Jennie? Are they extinct? -fuck modernization
                            \_ That's "Jeannie", you cretin.
                 \_ Yes, but all sex must be scheduled in advance and only the
                    missionary position is allowed until the second child, then
                    you will be refused sex until someone dies.
                    \_ is this in reference to the 60s women, modern
                       Western women, or Westernized Asian women?
           \_ Is it just Taipei or is that true for the whole isle?
        \_ Young people in Hong Kong love Timberland boots, because they are
           very expensive over there.  Don't know about Taiwan.
           \_ haaa?  that was N years ago i think.
              \_ Oh, my sister told me this 7yrs ago.  I'm so outdated.
        \_ clothes from Polo/nautica/Gap.
2005/12/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:40874 Activity:nil
12/6    Why are you people so obsessed with kchang?  It's nice outside. -John
        \_ Cause he still has a cute little bubble butt that just begs for
           a rimming.
        \_ And I suppose you're out frolicking naked through some alpine
           meadow with a hot chick while you read and post to the motd?
           \_ Blackberry.  Ours still work  :-)
              \_ Unless you post a picture from said blackberry with a timestamp\
                 that proves there is really an alpine meadow and a naked hot
                 chick, I think we can all assume you're hunched over a laptop
                 in some nerdy building, just like the rest of us.
                 \_ Actually I'm hunched over a laptop in my nice living room
                    with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace watching
                    soccer, but ...  -John
        \_ It's desperation stemming from leading meaningless lives.
        \_ I'm trapped in a loveless marriage and a pointless job. It's either
           this or I become one with WoW.
           \_ I went the latter route.  You too can make your home in Azeroth.
           \_ Fair enough.
2005/12/5-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Eyes] UID:40870 Activity:kinda low
12/5    Testing
        \_ Failed.
        \_ More testing.
           \_ And again, just to be sure.
        \_ What is my name. How about now.
        \_ What is my name now.
           \_ Your powers are weak old man.
              \_ Yes, I apparently don't have a name.
        \_ Who picked the names?
           \_ I suspect it's just kchang's way to poke people in the eye.
              People he doesn't like get hitler, etc.
                 \- Why can't we choose our own names?
                    No, I tried it before & it didn't work!
                    I had four guys fighting over Mr. Black
                    \_ Mr. Black may not be such a popular name here.
              \_ I guess this brings name calling to a whole new level.
        \_ What's my name then?
           \_ This is a test of the emergency motd ID system.
           \_ Note to FBI: billclinton likes kiddie porn. Please sieze his PC.
        \_ Can't wait for amckee to get freaky and try to sorry darthVader.
           \_ heh, good one!
        \_ I feel your pain.
           \_ I did not have sex with that woman.
        \_ I am NOT a Troll.
           \_ I did not have sex with that Troll.
        \_ I am NOT a woman.
2005/11/30-12/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40788 Activity:nil
11/29   It seems like its only the men that ever ask for anal sex. I
        have never met a woman who would admit to either liking it or
        requesting it. Makes it seem like a domination/control
        method as opposed to a sex act.
        \_ I think there are women who do like it.  The "Sex on Tuesday"
           column of the daily Cal talks about it occasionally and it seems
           that some girls are cool with it.  I would definitely agree that
           it would not be the norm (or even common).
2005/11/29-12/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40767 Activity:kinda low
11/29   Dr. David Hager, Dubya appointee to an FDA panel, had voted earlier
        this year (in the minority, 23-4) to withhold the Plan B morning-after
        pill, and is also an anal rapist:
        Linda Davis, former wife after 32 years of marriage, "alleges that
        between 1995 and their divorce in 2002, Hager repeatedly sodomized her
        without her consent. ... Sometimes Hager would blithely shift from
        vaginal to anal sex ... 'He would say, "Oh, I didn't mean to have anal
        sex with you; I can't feel the difference."'"
        \_ Rapists are typically in charge in theocracies.  Certain
           ideologies appeal to certain types of people.
        \_ I envy him having a wife with such a tight vagina!
           \_ That's the more pleasant possibility...
              \_ At least until he asks her to put on the Ricky Martin mask.
        \_ isn't it sad this is all public knowledge... but david hager
           is still around?  What do you gotta do in this administration
           to get fired, anally sodomize your wife?
           \_ Telling the truth is usually the fastest way.
           \_ Hiring a prostitute.
              "... she even let Hager pay her for sex that she wouldn't have
              otherwise engaged in--for example, $2,000 for oral sex"
        \_ More:  "For the next seven years Hager sodomized Davis without her
           consent [after being put on sleeping pills to treat her narcolepsy,
           so she could have a regular sleeping schedule] while she slept
           roughly once a month ... Sometimes she fought Hager off and he would
           quit for a while, only to circle back later that same night"
        \_ Ironic title: "W. David Hager gets probed"
        \_ I agree that we should accept any allegations from a divorced
           \_ I side with all the good Christian folk who listened to Dr.
              Hager, who said his wife was mentally unstable and had moved in
              with another man!
        \_ I'm just not impressed by the allegations of an ex-wife who put up
           with this for so many years.  If it was really happening and she
           was really upset with him about it, she wouldn't have waited
           between 7 and 32 years (the length of their marriage) to do divorce
           him.  It seems odd to me that his alleged behavior was only in the
           last 7 years as she claims and not all 32 years as if he only just
           suddenly got into anal piracy.  My guess is they'd been doing anal
           since they first got married but she needed a divorce charge so she
           could only claim the last 7 years during which she was on sleeping
           pills.  Since she didn't press criminal charges, I don't see how
           this is any different than a former POTUS fucking his intern and
           claiming a) privacy and b) that his private life has no effect on
           his public performance.  Overall: yawn.
           \_ Those excuses worked for the Speaker of the House.  Go Newt!!
              \_ His wife claimed he anally raped her for 7 years?
                 \_ Did you read the story?
           \_ umm, right. and how many times did you hear the word rape
              associated with Clinton and Lewinski?  Also, the author of the
              piece did confirm the wife's story with corroborating witnesses
              she told during those 7 years.  Does that mean she's been
              planning divorice for the past 7 years?
              \_ I'm not buying the rape story.  Rape is a criminal offense.
                 If she didn't file charges then this is just bullshit and
                 an ex-wife's political revenge.  He wanted anal, she didn't,
                 she did it anyway, bitched to her friends about it, it's a
                 private matter.
                 \_ Your troll powers are weak, old man.
2005/11/23-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40717 Activity:moderate
11/23   Farewell my Concubine: (
        \- good article. funny title. one point for you.
        \_ this just point out my confusion: why it's illegal to
           have more than one wives while it is ok to have mistresse
           have more than one wives while it is ok to have mistresses
           without any legal punishment?  and impose such twisted value
           over the world.
           \_ Why it's okay to willy pee at world but USA impose double
              concubine standard?  And how USA tell world it not kill but only
              for it not the same and jihadist?  It funny that USA tell world
              for it not the same and jihadist?  It funny USA tell world
              lieing and not detain prisoner after Afghanistan Saddam Hussein
              hypocrite false habeus corpses?
              hypocrite false habesus corpses?
           \_ Mistresses have no legal standing; wives do. -tom
              \_ Don't mistresses have some sort of recourse to domestic
                 partner rules under certain circumstances, or palimony
                 rights?  -John
                 \_ iirc, this was only true under common law marriage
                    which no longer exists.
                    \- concubinage has legal recognition in france.
                       but that is closer to the common law situation
                       than a mistress.
              \_ that is my point.  We might as well allow woman to have
                 some sort of legal status.  In some way, it's a protection
                 to women's right :p
        \_ "... an industry of private detectives snooping on cheating husbands
           and their paramours. One such agency, called Debang, ..."
           What a good name.
2005/11/22-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40689 Activity:high
11/22   DAmmit, where was this teacher when I was 14?
        \_ Why can't all pedophiles plea bargain like she did?
        \_ You're right. She is HOT HOT HOT ***DROOOOOL***
           Damn you I'm hard now, time to relieve myself...
           \_ *shrug* Each to his own, I guess.  While I wouldn't throw her
               out of my bed (as if that was a serious possibility) I don't
               think she's all that attractive.  Frankly, she looks kind of
               creepy to my eye.  -mice
               out of my bed (as if that was a serious possibility), but I
               don't think she's all that attractive.  Frankly, she looks
               kind of creepy to my eye.               -mice
        \_ Three years of house arrest?  How do you make a living if you aren't
           Martha Stewart?
           \_ Streaming Internet porn?
           \_ House arrest doesn't mean you're locked in your house 24 hours
              a day. She would most likely be allowed to go out to go
              to a job, buy groceries, etc.
              \_ what job? She's certainly not working in teaching any more.
                 Perhaps the Porn industry could put her to use...
                 \_ Maybe...
           \_ Posting bathing suits in teens' magazines.  BTW are there teens'
              magazines specifically for male?
              \_ Yes.  Playboy.
           \_ I bet there's a possibly lucrative book deal in this for her.
              \_ I bet you didn't RTFA which says she agreed not to profit from
                 her crimes as part of her punishment.
        \_ "Fitzgibbons said in July that plea negotiations had broken off
           because prosecutors insisted on prison time, which he said would be
           too dangerous for someone as attractive as Lafave."  Attractive
                                        \_ that just means "white and
                                           middle class"
                                           \_ Perhaps in the general case.
                                              But in this specific instance,
                                              she is at least not ugly.  She'd
                                              probably be pretty hot if she
                                              loses some weight doing hard
           people get preferential treatment.
        \_ Check out the 2/8 motd thread on a similar case.  Devra Lafave's
           newly-wed husband's pics were all over the net.  I wonder how he
           walks around without people checking out his pants to see if he's
        \_ When you were 14, depending on how old you are, she was either in
           highschool busy fucking highschool boys, or in your class, fucking
           the cool kids.
           \_ when I was 14, she was running around in her jammies.  i doubt
              she had even named her parts yet.  in my time the teachers were
              smart enough not to get caught....
        \_ Where's NAWBLA when you need them?
        \_ Back when I was 14, I found women in their 20s most attractive.  Now
           when I am 35, I still find women in their 20s most attractive.
           \_ When the women were in their 20s, they find non-geekazoids
              attractive. When they were in their 40s, they still
              find non-geekazoids attractive.
        \_ Why should what she did be illegal? IMO it's more a problem with the
           teacher-student power structure than the age of the boy. I don't
           really understand the rationale here. What if the boy was 16?
           \_ What if it were a male teacher and a female student?  What if
              it were a male teacher and a male student?  There are any number
              of reasons parents should be able to expect their school
              teachers to not be sexually involved with their children. -tom
           \_ age of consent is 16 in FL.
           \_ Um, the whole purpose of going to school is to learn math,
              science, grammar, civics, &c. not this sort of immorality.
              As a taxpayer, I certainly don't want teachers doing this
              sort of thing.
              \_ Clearly, you're a homo.
                 \_ I know you are a troll, but I said "teachers" so as
                    to include behavior by teachers of both genders w/
                    students of either gender. So how does that make me
                    a homo? And perhaps you should reserve judgment until
                    you hear my argument re 14th amend. equal protection
                    and garriage.
                    \_ If you're for garriage, you're a homo.  If you're
                       against garriage, you're a closet homo.
              \_ No, I agree teachers doing that kind of thing should be
                 fired. But I don't see why this should be _illegal_ with
                 prison sentences. Or in the general case, if she wasn't
                 his teacher.
                 \_ Because 14 year olds are children?  Have you actually
                    seen a 14 year old recently?
2005/11/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40595 Activity:nil 80%like:40590
11/15   hi, i'm back!
        \_ Why does that ugly guy deserve such a hot woman?
           \_ Money has always been able to buy love, or a simulation
              of love.
        \_ Horny girl!
2005/11/10-11 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Recreation/Dating] UID:40530 Activity:nil
11/9    Has anyone read this?
        [Long url deleted. You must shorten +80col URLs]
        \_ You're a prick.  You could just make a macro to replace a url with
           its shortcutted version rather than replacing it with that useless
           \_ Maybe, but you should do your part too.
        \_ Shortened link:
2005/11/10 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:40526 Activity:nil
11/9    Has anyone read this?
2005/11/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40525 Activity:kinda low
11/9    Look closely at Dans pictures and you can see that her young body
        cant keep up with her breast growth. Cute little stretch marks can
        be seen on the tops of her boobs. She might have many more years
        of cup size enlargement. Dan doesnt seem shy about hiding her
        cleavage thats for sure. Shame the pictures are not the highest
        resolution. All the preview pictures here on bustywebshots are saved
        at their actual size.
                \_ At first I thought this link was about danh.  I looked anyways.  -ax
                   \_ I was thinking dans, as in Dan Silverstein
        \_ At first I thought this link was about danh.  I looked anyways.  -ax
           \_ I was thinking dans, as in Dan Silverstein
              \_ Me2.
                 \_ Mostly I chalk it up to the ongoing death of grammar and
                    people's inability to properly use apostrophes.  You'll
                    have to forgive me as my grandfather recently passed on
                    and I've been too busy mourning to muck about with the
                    motd. -dans
        \_ Are those wounds from implant surgery?
2005/11/7-8 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:40479 Activity:low 66%like:40474
11/07   without looking at the sites in question, what do you think these are:
                \_ Dildos
        \_ Tranny doctors.
                \_ Gay porn
                \_ Penis enhancements
        \_ I read that didn't really exist, and the host
           name was just a joke.
           \_ foolio.
              \_ Oops, I read it wrong.  It's a real site, but it's just not
                 related to the UK company Powergen.
        \_ On the contrary: http:// ...... Sorry, it used to
           be a porn site.  Now it's not funny anymore.
           \_ now check http://
           \_ http://
2005/11/3-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40423 Activity:moderate
11/3    My girlfriend is upset that I occasionally look at porn. I'd say it's
        about once a week or less, but up to three times a week. She thinks
        that's a lot. WTF?
        "About 38 percent of men used it three times per week or more"
        \_ Do what I do, porn surf in the bathroom with a wifi. This is
           exactly why I think wifi is the best thing next to bread
                                                -married and little sex
        \_ Is this a "She asked me if i use porn and i said ___" or a "she
           caught me at the computer with my pants down for the third
           time in a month" thing?
        \_ She's upset about your lack of formatting ability.
        \_ You can't understand why your girlfriend is upset that you're
           looking at porn?
        \_ WTFC?
        \_ Stop using porn a find a GF you can share it with or doesn't care.
        \_ Watch it at work.
        \_ Since when do people start "using" porn?
           \_ Have you seen op's gf? You need a "running start."
        \_ That Hald guy came from Denmark, where teenage porn was legal.
           Don't know about now.
           Don't know about now.  Here are some titles from 20+ yrs ago:
           I remember both titles used to be "Teenage Sex nnn" (3-digit
           numbers) back then instead of the ones listed now.
        \_ Tell her that if she doesn't let you look at porn, you will
           expect her to have sex with you three more times a week.
           expect her to have sex with your three more times a week.
           Maybe that is the real issue. Maybe she wants to have sex
           more often. Have you considered that?
           \_ Bwahahahahaha!
2005/11/3-4 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:40416 Activity:moderate
        Claim:  An ex-congressman who had sex with a subordinate won clemency
                from a president who had sex with a subordinate, then was hired
                by a clergyman who had sex with a subordinate.
        Status: True.
        \_ If they were the same subordinate, this would be funny.
           \_ It might even qualify as interesting. Hmm... No, I'm wrong.
              \_ I like the insuation that having sex with a subordinate makes
                 you a pedeophile.
                 \_ huh, who ever suggested kids?
                    \_ read the link
                       \_ I read it--do you mean the guy's conviction for sleeping
                          with an underage girl?
        \_ Lewinskying is not sex!
           \_ That depends on what your definition of 'is' is.
              \_ ^'is'^'sex'
           \_ I disagree, blowjobs are included in "had sex with".  However,
              blowjobs are not included in "sexual relations".
           \_ "A U.S. federal court decided that calling a woman 'Monica
              Lewinsky' amounted to sexual harassment"
2005/11/1-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40387 Activity:kinda low
11/1    My lady's birthday is coming soon. All the obvious hints for gifts are
        significantly more pricey than what she bought for me on my birthday
        (we both have the same salary (within 5K). Is it still the case that
        the guy is supposed to throw money at the girl ? -- puzzled
        \_ Promise her anything, but give her the tab key.
               (point taken)
        \_ Well, your girl is giving you hints. You can: 1) Take them and
           have a happy girl, 2) Ignore them and hope she's fine with
           that, or 3) Find a low-maintenance girl. It's pretty common for
           guys to spoil girls, yes. It's the price to pay for keeping
           your ding-a-ling happy.
                \ ding-a-ling ==  sex life right ?
                \_ she's not a girl. she's a lady. -OP
                   \_ She's a lady! Whoa whoa whoa! She's a lady!
                      \_ We named the dog "lady".
                \_ she's not a girl. she's a lady. like the dog. -OP
                   \_ Arf.  -John
        \_ Obviously you chose your present poorly. Now you pay for it.
           \_ He hasn't chosen it yet.  He chose his GF poorly.
              \_ His *own* birthday gift. It's his fault he asked for crap
                 and she wants a Maserati.
        \_ A relationship shouldn't be about "scorecards".  If you love her
           that much, it shouldn't matter the price.
           \- search for "surprise" at:
              \_ We have a family policy against diamonds until I can get
                 cheap synthetics.
                 \_ Why cheap?  I'd be more than happy to pay hight prices
                 \_ Why cheap?  I'd be more than happy to pay high prices
                    for synthetic diamonds if it helped some company recover
                    their R&D expenses that made the diamonds possible.
                    Of course, I have other reasons for wanting synthetic
                    diamonds, but I think developing them is a good thing for
                    the world for several reasons.  Diamond is an amazing
                    \_ Ok, sure.  But I'm a cheapskate.  Although I
                       certainly do want to support the inventors, and I
                       don't want to support DeBeers.
                       \_  Heh. I think it's safe to assume that the DeBeers
                           are not likely to be inestors in any synthetic
                           are not likely to be investors in any synthetic
                           diamond venture.
        \_ Geez, at least she's giving you hints.  "Surpise me!" is FAR
           \_ Yeah, it means your girlfriend has a speech impediment.  -John
              \_ Out of curiosity, what did she get you and what is
                 "your lady" lobbying for?  Your use of "my lady" makes
                 me wonder about you.  I suspect you are lacking balls
                 and are looking for affirmation.
                 \_ Does not parse.  "speech impediment" was referring to
                    "surpise me (sic).  You cannot see my testicles, as
                    they are currently teabagging yermom in my search for
                    affirmation.  Sit.  -John
2005/10/31-11/1 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:40358 Activity:high
10/31 :  Makes me glad I am
      married.  I did not know that Linux is a cause of singledom. ;-)
      Stuff like this will make dating that much harder ..
        \_ I don't understand why this guy is spending so much time and
           energy and money on a white chick. Statistically white chicks
           are more bitchy and/or have attitude problems, don't cook and
           don't take care of kids, and are much more likely to leave you
           and take your money and fuck someone else.   -asian fetish troll
        \_ I would be creeped out if I was Elizabeth. That guy tried too

           hard. "Just Engaged" shirts and hats?! Run, Elizabeth, run!
      \_ Why do I get the urge to track these people down and gun them down?
           \_ He sets the bar too high for himself.  How can he ever
              expect to top it?  Anyhow, it's the frequent little things
              that chicks dig.  Not the big impossible stuff.
              \_ IMO, it's not that he's a romantic who sets the bar too
                 high with Mediterranean cruises and whatnot, but that
                 he is objectifying his wife and in a sense making her a
                 possession. I think he has issues with women. Do *you*
                 treat women like that, even when trying to impress
                 them? I'd think he was less creepy if he *did* take her
                 on cruises and buy her diamonds. There's this weird sense
                 on cruises and buy her diamels. There's this weird sense
                 of desperation and trying to make everything 'perfect'
                 that gives me a feeling of dread. Will he beat her if she
                 doesn't conform to the ideals? He seems to be setting himself
                 up for a fall. He didn't do anything 'impossible'. In
                 fact, it was more mundane - that makes it creepier. "Here
                 honey, I got us His and Hers Forever mugs."
                 \_ Wow, you jumped from "desperate nerd" to "wife beater"
                    pretty fast there buddy.
                    \_ what, you don't beat your wife?
        about the prop? -emarkp
        \_ I like some ideas in it.  I don't like the implementation.  It
           would have been easy for them to put this up and push it through
           if they didn't implement the first round without voter approval
           I'd be able to give my support.  --scotsman
           \_ What about the implementation don't you like? -emarkp
              \_ Just what I said above.  It's redistricting outside of the
                 normal cycle, and the first time 'round it goes into effect
                 without being approved by the voters. --scotsman
                 \_ I'm not sure what you mean by "goes into effect
                    without being approved by the voters."  Do you mean
                    the council of judges would normally be approved in an
                    election, and won't be the first time around? -jrleek
                    \_ The map they would draw would be in effect in 2006,
                       in the same election that the voters approved said map.
                    \_ I'm just saying that this guy has issues with women
                       and I would fear that he wouldn't know how to
                       behave with one. This could get violent, but even
                       if not I think it would be bad. I am surprised she
                       doesn't sense the creepy vibe. She's probably some
                       sort of nutjob herself. I'm getting "Runaway Bride"
                       with my spider sense.
        \_ I voted for it. -ausman
        \_ I think it's six of one, half dozen of the other.  The problem
           of incumbency has little to do with how the districts are drawn.
        \_ Opposed. It's not a solution, it's appointing a tribunal to come
           up with a solution. I want this redistricting reformed, but this
           does nothing to actually do this. --erikred
           \_ Right now the legislature draws its own boundaries.  How would
              you suggest improving it? -emarkp
              \_ Mathematical formula based on population. Follow the
                 guidelines currently provided re: not splitting up counties
                 or cities too much. --erikred
                 \_ This is something that's been bugging me about the whole
                    discussion.  The main argument I hear for supporting it is
                    "no seats changed hands last time".  This is insufficient
                    to convince me that there's a problem with the current
                    map.  Based on that, it's a big leap for me to conclude
                    that the system to draw the map has pressing problems.
                 \_ Okay, so you like the proposed rules but want to remove
                    people from the process?  I'd agree with that, though I'd
                    want the algorithm and implementation public and
                    reviewable.  Short of that, the rules for choosing the
                    judges are pretty strict and I see this as a reasonable
                    solution. -emarkp
                    \_ The idea of appointing three formerly partisan judges
                       by random lot sounds like an unnecessarily complication.
                       Propose a solution, not a method for designing a
                       solution that's more complicated and just as open to
                       corruption as the current one. --erikred
        \_ I'm voting for it. It's clearly better than what we have now. In
           fact I'm voting for all of 74-77. The arguments above against it
           don't mean anything to me. Prop 77 is easily understood and
           likely to have reasonable results. Anything to light a bit more
           fire under politician asses.
        \_ Even though it comes from Ah-nold "The Groper" Schwarzenegger,
           I was for it a few months ago and I'm still for it.
        \_ If Judge Wapner is against it, then so am I!
           \_ those ads actually cemented my position in favor...
           \- so what is the rationale for it being all judges
              rather than say statisticians or political scientists
              or other technical people. what is the "objective
              function" the implementors will be given?
                \_ The whole job of a judge is to be as fair as possible.
                   \- gee the whole job of a mathematician is truth.
2005/10/31-11/1 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/RealEstate] UID:40349 Activity:low
10/31   A while ago I went to take a look at a condo development. I
        answered a survey and an agent took me around. Then I asked
        the agent if it is possible to bring in another agent
        (such as my friend) in order to save a few commission fees.
        She said it is possible, but that I'd have to bring an
        agent during the FIRST visit. Is she bullshitting or is this
        a standard thing?
        \_ Are you the same person with the "The condo agent *LIED!* to me!"
           story?  The seller can make up any rule they want as long as they
           don't violate some civil rights laws and similar things.  They can
           say they give a $15K discount to anyone who wears green and yellow
           spotted sneakers when they FIRST visit and can even change the
           colors at their whim.  They're a seller.  They set the selling
           rules.  You're in a negotiating situation.  Bring your friend if
           you want.  They then have the choice of selling or not selling to
           you at that or any other price with or without your friend
           involved.  There are no 'standard things' in the way you seem
           to think.
           \_ ok cool, thanks. I'm pretty new at this so I have no idea
              what the 'rules' are. I guess there are really none. Your
              response is very helpful. Thanks.
              \_ Oh, there are rules. However, they all happen once you
                 agree to them by signing something. If you didn't sign
                 anything you are free to do/say whatever. That goes for
                 both parties.
                 \_ And make sure you wear green & yellow when you first go
                    into any place to get the funky sneaker discount!
        \_ Ask your friend, the AGENT.
           \- FYI: nolo press has a book called "how to buy a house in CA"
2005/10/20-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40200 Activity:nil
10/20   Italian men become fathers at a later age than any other
        nationality, and do little or nothing to help their wives once
        their babies are born.
        \_ The "late fathers" part is because they all live with the 'rents
           until they're something like 33 on average.  -John
        \_ The "late fathers" part is because they all live with the 'rents
           until they're something like 33 on average.  -John
           \_ What is this, a doublemint commercial?  You feeling okay over
              there, John?      -mice
           \_ What is this, a doublemint commercial?  You feeling okay over
              there, John?      -mice
              \_ It's some moron's broken motd restore script.  I've posted
                 about it before.  -John
                 \_ private scripts are bad :(
                    \_ bad scripts make Jesus cry
2005/10/19-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40192 Activity:nil 72%like:40186
10/19   / Man dies after having sex with a horse: \
        \ (Seattle Times)/
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\______,.
                    |__|\       )\\
                        ||   ' ||
        \_ I don't understand why the guy's brother wants a harsher
           sentence for Tait.  It doesn't seem like Tait forced the guy to
           take it up the butt from a horse.
           \_ He is an enabler.
        \_ How is a trespassing charge warranted?  Whose property did Tait
           enter un-invited?
           \_ the neighbor
              \_ Oh, I thought the intercourse happened at the farm.
                 \_ This one was at the neighbor's farm.
2005/10/19-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40190 Activity:moderate
10/18   This is a serious thread, please don't delete it. I'm about to get
        married and will be sharing my XP file server files (MP3 and videos)
        on 802.11x. The server will be up and accessible 24x7 to run regular
        stuff too like TV (all-in-wonder card), browser for house guests,
        etc.  I also have about 50G of porns on it and I need to hide them
        from my wife since she doesn't like them. Since she's in tech
        she knows how to mount, log in, and do other things. What's the best
        way to hide my porn collection? Thanks.
        \_ Ok, I'll bite.  IMHO, you don't have a healthy attitude going into
           your marriage.  This isn't about porn.  This is about deceiving
           someone you think you love about something trivial.  Ditch the
           porn or get a woman who doesn't care or shares your tastes.
        \_ Burn to DVD and then delete.
           \_ Agreed.
              \_ Or buy a firewire drive, transfer everything to it, keep
                 it unplugged and in a closet for the duration of the
                 visit just to make sure that some random guest doesn't
                 accidentally replug it in.
                 \_ Yes, but you'll be stupid and leave it plugged in after
                    a really good session. Poof. Caught. Just admit to yourself
                    you have a porn collection, cull it down to just Good Porn,
                    and put it somewhere she won't see right away. Make a
                    backup because once she does find it, she'll delete it.
                    Get yelled at. Find another place to hide in directory
                    structure. Best place? Game and app directories.
                    \_ 50G is too much to hide in directory structure.
        \_ Can't you just make the folder not readable for other users?
           \_ Yeah, win xp has per-user security stuff available like unix.
              \_  What about 2k and NT?  -- !OP
                  \_ i think it's tied to NTFS
        \_ This is hilarious!
        \_ I guess you could try just obfuscating it under some innocent
           directory tree and rename all the files with a perl script or
        \_ nuke it all.  enjoy your wife more.
           \_ (work-safe)
        \_ PGPDisk.  Confidential_work_docs.pgd.  And make a backup to a
           3.5" USB drive.  -John
        \_ pkzipc -pass foo ......
           \_ philcompress
              \_ Did phil ever graduate, or is he still a perpetual undergrad
                 creeping closer to graduation one unit at a time?
                 \_ It's taking time to convince all the profs to accept
                    midterms & finals in crayon.
                 \_ he is trying to outdo psb as longest ug ever
                    \_ How long was psb a ug?  dans was a ug for 8 years,
                       mconst still is....
        \_ Find another woman, one that does not object to porn. Do you
           really want to spend the rest of your life slinking around like
           \_ I think the compromise is to keep the porn off the main file
              servers and browser/media history and he can keep his DVD or
              external HD stash.  I'm pretty sure op can get that agreement.
              Kinda makes sense if there is random guest access and potential
              future little sodans.
              \- if she finds it, challenger her to GUN DUEL.
                 \_ RIP phil hartman
           \_ I agree.  You need to teach her that the porn is for her
              own good.  A lil training goes a long way ;)
              \_ Buy her some chick porn.  Google for "pornography for
                 women."  According to a (probably b.s.) survey I read
                 recently, something like 65% of American women say they
                 enjoy pornography--I can't imagine it's of the rump-slapping
                 "ja ja faster baby" Klaus the German pr0n star variety. -John
              \_ Just pester her incessently for sex until she realizes that
                 porn makes her life easier.
              \_ That arguments works if she's into orgies, bestiality,
                 fisting, anal, s&m, etc.
        \_ Ohhh...his wife can "mount". Huhuh...mmm..uhhuhuhuhu
           \_ ...and log in.  I don't want to even think about that one.
        \_ Porn is bad for you.  Dump them.  - Christian Liberal
2005/10/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40186 Activity:high 72%like:40192
10/19   Man dies after having sex with a horse: (Seattle Times)
        \_ I don't understand why the guy's brother wants a harsher
           sentence for Tait.  It doesn't seem like Tait forced the guy to
           take it up the butt from a horse.
           \_ Maybe he's with PETA and is upset the horse was used sexually.
           \_ He was an enabler.
           \_ He is an enabler.
        \_ How is a trespassing charge warranted?  Whose property did Tait
           enter un-invited?
           \_ the neighbor
              \_ Oh, I thought the intercourse happened at the farm.
                 \_ This one was at the neighbor's farm.
2005/10/19-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40179 Activity:nil
10/19   Cute kittens, cute comic:
2005/10/10-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Recreation/Dating] UID:40040 Activity:moderate
10/10   Dear MOTD boob guy:  I'm sorry for pointing you at a for-pay site
        even though it was otherwise a great tip.  Let me make amends:  -John
        \_ I don't see boobs. Instead it says "Boobs? Go to this web
           site." I tried going there but Firefox got stuck. FUCK YOU JOHN.
           \_ Dude, you're seriously lame.  I was able to view it just fine.
              Thanks john, she's not bad at all, nosireebob!
2005/10/7-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:40015 Activity:nil
10/7    War on Porn. "About 38 percent of men used porn three times per week
        or more, which makes you wonder what these guys do for a living.
        ... Maybe that special FBI squad should plant porn inside terrorist
        cells. You know, keep 'em busy."
        \_ It's only taxpayer money, it's not like we're wasting the money
           of a corporation on this shit.
        \_ How do you "use porn"?  -John
           \_ Which porn are you talking about?
              > _
              \_ I dunno, I always sort of assmed it was a fairly passive
                 form of entertainment.  Am I behind the times?  -John
                 \_ Lack of a paper cut fetish is a sign of poor mental
                    \_ And slight smacks on the back of your head are conducive
                       to analytical ability.  Your point?  This is porn. -John
2005/10/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39957 Activity:nil
10/3    After seeing the faces people make while having sex, who would want
        to have sex?
        \_ There are many states of sexual arousal....
        \_ Try out a different genre of porn.
        \_ Try out a different genre of porn.  I recommend the ones by Andrew
2005/9/28-30 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:39917 Activity:kinda low
9/28    Japanese scientists take first photos of a giant squid: (
        \_ So two days ago.
        \_ cool.  I bet Japanese just want to eat them.
        \_ I bet this breakthrough will usher a whole new era in the tentacle
           porn genre.
           \_ Tentacle porn genre??
              \_ For the love of god, somebody get this boy some hentai
           \_ Or stranger sex accidents than ever before:
2005/9/27-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39898 Activity:low
9/27    Dear motd, my best friend (married guy) with whom I haven't
        spoken with and emailed back for the longest time, wrote back
        with a depressing tone. Basically for the past few months
        his company has been shipping him to other countries to train
        employees abroad, and his wife screams that he doesn't spend
        enough time at home, and his kid misses him. He is depressed,
        and I feel pretty much helpless. What can I do or say to make
        him less depressed? Thanks.
        \_ Marriage therapy time.  There's nothing more you can do or say
           or suggest.  It's not like his pet rabbit died.  His marriage
           is falling apart.  Either his wife is a selfish idiot or he's
           a selfish idiot if he has a high travel job that he doesn't
           actually need.  She may also be concerned he's out there doing
           those "cheep. foreign. hos." as someone suggests below, which
           isn't an unreasonable thought.  You're only hearing his side of
           it.  Suggest therapy and then STFU if you ever want to talk to
           your friend again.  Do not bag on his wife.  He'll tell her what
           you said and then you're toast.
           \_ While therapy is a fine idea, it doesn't help the immediate
              problem of him travelling. There are a few key ideas for
              solutions. Communication: have friend talk like it's going out
              of style to wife when on the road. See if the company will pay
              or change cell phone plan. They need to feel involved in each
              other's lives. Off-time: Take a vacation between travel times.
              Recharge relationship with family. Limit travel: Yeah hard to
              do, but see if they can send someone else for a few trips.
              Change jobs: Rather radical, but your work should not be your
              only life. Concentrate on family during non-travel time: If
              you can't take a vacation, get involved like crazy during your
              non-travel times. Therapy: If they can't talk, they can't figure
              things out. Good luck best friend.
        \- cheep. foreign. hos.
           \_ partha, are you gay or straight?
              \_ The psb transcends your petty binary notions of sexuality.
                 -psb fan #6
                 \_ I have an ointment that clears that right up.
        \_ The job market's improving in some sectors; start looking for
           something else.
        \_ He needs to ditch the bitch and find someone who appreciates
           how hard he works to keep them in house and home. It's too bad
           about his kid, but the world is a harsh place and not everyone
           is lucky enough to be born rich.
           \_ Once again ranga gives out yet another useless advice.
        \_ communicate, my friend.  She needs to understand he travels
           only when he has to and current job market demands a lot from
           an employee.  I have obseved that when a woman complains his
           man is not spending enough time with her, it usually means she
           is bored.  She needs a job or a hobby that consumes her.
           \_ Thank you this is very useful. Again thank you, and god bless.
              \- the problem with the wife is not her being bored, but
                 her being a utility monster. [if you google "utility
                 monster" you may need to throw in "nozick" to avoid getting
                 truck-related WEEB pages].
        \_ I doubt your friend is very happy traveling either.  His wife
           complaining about his travel is just an extra stress on top of
           that base stress.  (Women like to complain about things, even
           when they can't be changed.  Men usually mis-interpret this to
           mean that their wife thinks that they are a bad husband.  This
           is not usually the case, but it does stress men out.) I don't
           know how much you can really help, he probably just really
           misses his family and hates traveling, but feels trapped.
           Hence, depression.
2005/9/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39870 Activity:nil
        Public porn shoot at the Munich Oktoberfest
2005/9/24-27 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:39859 Activity:nil
9/23    "135 women receive bachelor's degrees for every 100 men. "
        This can't be true. It certainly wasn't true when I went to
        Cal. Either that or Cal women look like men.
        \_ Note: receive bachelor degree != attend
        \_ Note: Cal is not representative of US population as a whole
           I bet UCSB or USC are better examples
           I bet UCSB or USC are better examples.  The gender ratio at Cal
           is more a reflection of how men tend to excel higher than women.
        \_ Note: You're posting on the CSUA motd. Odds are the last woman to
           touch you was yermom. CS is not gender friendly. Try English,
           Biology or Business.
2005/9/24-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39849 Activity:nil
        A gift for John for posting good URLs-- Super Hot Nikkala. NSFW.
        \_ Too airbrushed for my taste, but certainly pretty girls.
        \_ Well done, young padawan.  I reward you with a trip to
           \_ You ASSHOLE. I sent you something cool cuz I liked your
              European sense of humor, and you sent this stupid site
              that requires registration and $. Fuck you. For this I
              take back my gift, and give you
              \_ Why can't we all just get along?
              \_ Dude, even the free section of cma's pretty handy.
              \_ Pfft it requires nothing of the sort.  Click on "Tour".  I
                 was going to point you at but then there's
                 that whole language thing.  Instead, I will recommend
        to you, which sort of transcends
                 translation.  -John
2005/9/16-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39708 Activity:low
9/16    Anyone out there have any tips/recommendations for juggling clubs?
        I've juggled bags for a while, and would like to give clubs
        a whirl.  Willing to spend up to ~$100 for a set of 3, wondering if
        anyone has tips for something good for beginners to start with that
        will also still be good later on as well?  e.g.: .   Thanks!
        \_ I've juggled with a lot of different clubs, and there really
           isn't a whole lot of difference in terms of being able to learn.
           It's nice to have a soft handle/end cap because you wind up
           dinging your fingers less often that way.  But other than that
           there aren't a lot of major differences other than appearance
           (which matters if you want to perform).
           Come by the Berkeley Juggling+Unicycle Festival and you can
           try out a bunch of different ones; there will probably be vendors
           there, too.
        \_ Juggling is as sexy as going to a StarTrek convention. SEXY!
2005/9/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39658 Activity:low
9/13    Abstinence-only sex education increases percentage of teenagers that
        have sex:
        \_ Which is another reason why we shouldn't have sex education in the
           \_ Wow.  That'  I didn't think it was possible to be that
              dumb.  I really hope this is a lame troll or a weak attempt at
           \_ You're an idiot.
        \_ yea, it's stupid.  it needs to be combined with christianity.
           \_ s/christianity/pain collars/
2005/9/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39647 Activity:kinda low
9/12    Horny Jewish old man dates 2 Chinese women simultaneously and gets
        \_ Hey! 47 is not that old!!!
           \_ Hmm.  Which raises the question.  Who's the oldest non-sexually
              active CSUAer?
           \_ Hmm.  Which raises the question.  Who's the oldest active
              (or semi-active) CSUAer?
              \_ How do you define active?  MOTD?  Wall?  Logging in?
                 \_ Not incontinent
        \_ I wonder how many of his patients did this horny fertility
           specialist fertilized?
2005/9/9-13 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Reference/Military] UID:39594 Activity:kinda low Cat_by:auto
        COMPTON--... Hipolito, his wife and his 16-year-old brother had been
        looking at CDs, passing the hour it would take for their car stereo to
        be repaired. ... two assailants had asked the brothers: Where are you
        from, what gang? The Hipolitos said they were from nowhere, no gang.
        Osiel Hipolito ... told the men: I'm in the U.S. Navy. ... Sheriff's
        officials said the Hipolitos had no connection to any gang activity ...
        Then the gunman starts shooting with a semiautomatic weapon, first at
        Hipolito, who falls to the ground, and then into the abdomen of his
        wife ...                                                -jblack
        \_ Please don't ascribe posts to me I have nothing to do with.
           This seems to be happening on a daily basis.  As if I
           even read the LA Times. -jblack
           \_ Congratulations! You finally signed your name for the first
              time ever! Tell us how it feels. Come on, don't be shy...
              \_ To paraphrase John Kerry on his life-changing secret
                 mission into Cambodia on Christmas Eve, it is a life
                 changing experience.
              \_ And you're one to talk... why? -jrleek
           \_ Justin, I find it interesting that while you signed your
              name to clarify that you're not the original poster, you make
              no attempt to reject the accusation below that you're a racist.
              Now that we're clear on your stance on race, and you seem
              darn open about it, is there anything else you'd want us
              to know about you? Do you also hate Jews and fags? How
              about these damn foreigners taking our jobs? Please respond
              to this thread, otherwise I'll take your silence as yes and yes
              about these damn foreigners taking our jobs?
              \_ I've always been told that if you get into a fight with a
                 swine, you both get dirty, but the swine likes it dirty.
                 That may or may not have anything to do about jblack's
                 reluctance to engage his attacker.  - !jblack
        \_ So it makes no difference what you say, really. They just need
           to shoot someone. I'm sure you'll get shot at no matter what.
           \_ No.  This is what you say: "It is against the law for you to
              attack me, and I am calling the police."  Remember, the police
              is there to protect you.
        \_ Yes, Justin Black ( and
 , we know that you hate nigers, beaners,
                                        I hate bad spellers _/  -!jblack
           chinks, and what not. Is there anything else you want to add?
           \_ I love how you treat this like some kind of contest between
              you and jblack to see who can be the bigger butt-hole.  Even
              more amazing is that you seem to be winning.
              \_ As long as you classify him as a butthole, I don't care
                 what you call me. Thank you. I'll worker harder from now on.
                 \_ You do realize that all you're doing it to cause some of
                    feel sympathy for jblack.
                    \_ Yes, it's called the Rove tactic. jblack knows what
                       he is doing when he insults himself. Go Bush!!!
2005/9/6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39516 Activity:low
9/6     Do you think we're at the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius?
        \_ The Age of Aquarius
           \_ The Age of Aquarius
              \_ Aquarius
                 \_ Aquarius?
2005/9/5-6 [Recreation/Shopping, Industry/Jobs, Recreation/Dating] UID:39511 Activity:high
9/5     I patronized a Walmart for the first time, and it was a spectacular
        shopping experience.  The people there were incredibly helpful, even
        after it became obvious that I would not be buying from them.  My wife
        so appreciated their helpfulness that she kept asking me if there was
        some way to tip them or otherwise pay them for their service.  Two
        big thumbs up on Walmart from my wife and I.
        \_ No DUH!!! They are first and foremost a business. They train
           employees to be nice to everyone, and even teach them how to
           talk to liberals in such a way that even liberals will start to
           shop at Walmart. I have no problem with the way front-end clerks
           treat the people. It is the back-end of Walmart that is fucked up.
           \_ I was treated much worse at the Costco a block away, where
              the employee told me to fuck off, though he did do it politely.
              The Walmart employees (I was helped by 3 of them) were helpful
              even after it was obvious that I would not be buying from
              them.  In fact, that visit to Walmart was possibly the best
              shopping experience I've ever had.  The only other comparable
              service experience was when the concierge at my Paris hotel
              (the Hotel de Crillon, also highly recommended) got me same-day
              tapes of the World Series and delivered hot dogs room service
              (and I had to pay for the hot dogs). -op
                   \- Was the concierge hot?
              \- g'vitch: boy i sure wouldnt have predicted CRILLON to come up
                 in a WALMART thread. did you have the SUPER CALVADOS? (at the
                 Hotel Crillon, not W'mart). --bibendum
                 in a WALMART thread. did you have the super CALVADOS? at the H
                 otel Crillon, not W'mart).
                 \_ KGV > Crillon :-)  -John
        \_ it has been my experience the merchandise at walmart is
           not very high quality but i have weird shopping needs - danh
                    \- Is Walmart different from Target? I thought
                       target had some reasonably priced minor appliances.
                       I think I bought a peeler or an iron or something
                       like that there. Costco is sort of horrifying. --psb
           \_ it's definitely bad to have your beefcake boytoys breaking
              out of their cheap handcuffs.
        \_ I was in one near Sacramento for the first (and last) time last
           year.  It was like some twisted circle of hell; I kept expecting
           Mr. Kurtz to pop out of the bushes gasping "the horror, the
           horror".  Full of white & black trash, massively overweight people
           including women in stained stirrup pants with screaming children
           and carts full of horrible fatty starchy food.  Broken toys and
           torn cheap household articles / clothing everywhere; my girlfriend
           came up to me with this horrified look on her face after finding
           the size 38 dresses next to the family-sized tubs of candy.  Also
           the Marines recruiters and the morbidly obese people out front
           selling brand-knockoff jesus t-shirts out front and the staff
           resembling badly groomed zombies stumbling around wild-eyed sort
           of complemented the general atmosphere.  Shudder.  -John
                   \- You need to go to the Walmart in Hillsborough.
                   \- You need to go to the Walmart in Hillborough.
           \_ A couple of years ago i went into the Walmart in Cancun, and
              except that all the prices were in pesos, and the electronics
              section still sold NES games, the place looked the same as many
              of the Walmarts I've seen in the San Joaquin Valley
2005/9/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:39496 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
9/6     Grape Scented Light Saber
        \_ totally hilarious. I can somewhat relate as I can't get laid, and
           I have a deep hatred for jocks who rock the ceiling of my
           apartment late at 4AM and get laid all the time.
2005/9/2 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Recreation/Dating] UID:39440 Activity:high
9/2     I'm selling something on ebay, and I just got this as a question
        from a possible buyer: "dear seller i viewed ur item at ebay and
        i developed and i want to know may be this item is in good
        condition and i want tell that if you ready please mail me ASAP"
        Anyone have a guess at a translation?
        \_ How is this?
           "[D]ear seller,
            [I] viewed [your] item [on] ebay and [I] developed [an interest
            in it] ... [I] want to know ... [if] this item is in good
            condition ...
            [I] want to tell you that [I will buy it from you] if
            you [are] ready [to sell it to me directly].
            [P]lease [e]mail me ASAP."
            \_ finally, someone who understands language
            \_ [PS: I am a hot Vietnamese chick who will show up in person
                to buy your item. I will wear my slutty outfit so you will
                sell it to me cheap, but then my boyfriend will show up so
                you will become sexually frustrated. We will laugh at you
        \_ I got this reply from my car ad on craigslist.  "Hi my name is
           Katrina and Im interested in ur integra. I was wondering where
           are u located. Im located in San Jose California. Let me noe
           wassup. Thanks =)".  Turns out Katrina is this uber-hot Vietnamese
           chick.  Pity she came to look at the car with her dad.
           \_ You won't date a chick who has a father?  What?
              \_ I wasn't about to date her.  She doesn't write well, and I
                 do have standards.  However, I would have cut her a deal on
                 the car in exchange for services rendered.
                 \_ Wow, you're vile.
                 \_ Just say you can't bring yourself to date a "Katrina"
                    right now.
                 \_ So you only date English majors who write perfectly in
                    emails to ebay sellers?  And hookers who would put out
                    for a used car discount.  Yes, you have standards.  Not
                    very good standards, but standards.
                    \_ What do you have against a consensual business
                       transaction between 2 adults?
                       \_ Who said I did?
                       \_ that particular service can't form the basis
                          of a business transaction in 49 states.
                    \_ You really need to work on your reading comprehension.
                       \_ Whatever.  My post is on target.  If you'd like to
                          make a specific correction, please do.
                          \_ craigslist != ebay.  Like I said, your reading
                             comprehension needs work.
                             \_ and that somehow makes what I said off base?
                                maybe you have a better point to make and
                                would like to try again?  or better yet, just
                                give your car to some hooker.  whatever.
2005/9/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39422 Activity:moderate
9/1     How do you deal with friends who are always late?  (i.e., movie
        lunch, whatnot).  I tried to adjust to their time and showed up
        late but they always showed up later than me.
        \_ I've noticed that a lot of my mother's friends have a habit of "it
           is not time to leave until the time at which the person said to
           show up" (so if you said to be there at 6:30, they wouldn't even
           think of leaving until 6:30).  I'm not sure who puts these kinds of
           ideas into peoples' heads.  Personally, I tend to show up early to
           everything and get frustrated at anyone who is habitually late.  As
           far as how I react, I tend to vary; but most of the time all I can
           muster is a nasty glance in their direction.  Bah, I'm a pacifist.
           - jvarga
        \_ Trying to date someone who is habitually late while you're
           punctual, is like being a liberal dating someone who is
           a Bush worshipper. I dated this stupid Taiwanese girl who
           was habitually late. Things got a lot worse later on. To make
           matters worse she insisted that Bush was good because she belived
           he would protect Taiwan at all costs. She said things like "Bush
           is smart, he imports a lot of foreign oil so that when they run
           out, we'll still have a lot of oil left." Her whole family is like
           that. Fucking dumb bitch. I'm so happy to have moved on.
           I'm never dating some who's habitually late (clearly very
           disrespectful to others), and someone who's conservative,
           always talking about money and eating good food and talking
           about other wealthier people having good lives.
           \_ very typical Taiwanese.   please don't flatter her with the
              word "conservative."  Her (and most of Taiwanese) are not
              nearly sophiscated.  They would align themselves with anyone
              who is against mainland China.
        \_ Just let them show up late. If they don't show up when you
           asked them to, just go without them. For example, if it's
           a movie, just buy your tix and everyone else's and go inside.
           Let the flake buy his/her own tickets and sit alone.
        \_ How late are we talking? 5 min? 10? 30?  You could always just
           add a half hour in front of the meeting time when you tell it
           to them.  Movie starts at 6:30?  Tell them it starts at 6.
           Other than that, just put up with them or stop hanging out with
        \_ Stop inviting them.
        \_ My gf is like this.  Have you let your friend know?  Be firm
           when letting him/her know.  Her friends have started asking me
           to get her to an event on time.  Some people never change.
        \_ I was in your situation. Hope: change them or adapt to their
           schedule. Reality: people will NEVER change. What's the incentive
           for these people to show up early? They don't care. Why should
           they change? My x-gf was late. The longer I knew her, the
           later she became. People don't change. Hope is good, but
           you gotta live with reality.
        \_ Asian women are the WORST. It's a sign of things to come.
        \_ A friend of mine (you know who you are) had a reputation for
           being late or flat out flaking on various social events.  One
           day he showed up 10 minutes early for a board game night.  I
           stared at him blankly through the doorway, said "I disbelieve,"
           and shut the door.  (I did let him in later though)  -meyers
           \_ In his defense, he had a crazy work schedule at the time.
        \_ Learn to work around it.  If you need to be somewhere at a set
           time tell them you will pick them up about 30 minutes before you
           really need to pick them up.  If you can live with things just
           know that they will be late.  If it really bothers you can just
           confront them about it, but do it nicely.  That will probably
           only work if they are a close friend or better though.
           \_ No, don't work around it. You don't need to put up with
              bullshit. It's painful to move on, but it's better in the long
              \- SF is the flake capital of the world so you have to have
                 a policy on this. On the other hand, it is pretty situational
                 both in terms of circumstances and personalities, so here
                 are some things I factor in ...
                 I think if somebody shows up late for a party or hanging
                 out with a bunch of people in a bar for the afternoon
                 it doesnt matter much, but if they are habitually late
                 for things where it "matters" [like you are waiting
                 outside a theater with tix] I wouldnt put up with it.
                 I suppose at some point you may want to figure out whether
                 they have some issue like inflexible work situation or if it
                 is a matter of just not valuing your time or overbooking
                 on their part. Also you have to figure out what your stakes
                 are ... it's easier to write off an acquaitance by just
                 stopping inviting them, than say a gf. And then you need
                 to decide whether to deal with it passively [stop inviting
                 them] or confront them ["it just seems to be you arent
                 respecting my time by keeping me sitting here for an
                 hour" aka "do i look like a bitch?"].  I have to say
                 in this era of pretty ubiquitous cell phones if
                 somebody is going to use "i was stuck on the bridge"
                 as an excuse and doesnt call, they lose big points. I
                 suppose at some level I try to figure out of the
                 reason/intention is: 1. they dont have their act
                 together 2. they have more importnat things/things
                 they prefer to do [like not commiting to show up in
                 hope of getting a better offer] 3. they simply have
                 no regard for other people's time.  usually the last
                 one is correlated with other forms of freeriding.
                 \_ Amen. But that doesn't keep people from being
                    total assholes. Sometimes I think that it IS
                    intentional. They know just how much it pisses
                    you off so they just do it even more.
                    \- i dont think it is intentional. i think they just dont
                       care. it's the "i need to be true to myself" mentality.
        \_ Someone who is always late either doesn't give a shit about
           you, has a totally crazy life or both.  You need to figure out
           which it is and decide if you want to deal with that.
           \_ They could also have mental problems (OCD or others).
        \_ It's situational.  When I was single, I was always on time or early.
           When I was married, I was on time to somewhat late.  Now with kids, I
           am always late no matter how well I try to get ready.
           \_ yea, blame it on the wife and kids.
              I have a friend who has 5 kids from 2 to 16, and she is
              never late.
              \_ Maybe she's not a good parent and dumps the load to her husband or
                 mom.  I could do that if I really want to meet my schedule.  When
                 you're baby is fuzzy or wants to play, there's no way you get out
                 you're baby is fuzzy or wants to play, there's no way to get out
                 it unless, you dump the load to someone else.
        \_ you guys need to relax, take it easy and take your time to
           do things at a leisurely pace.  why rush here rush there
           everyday?  it's an industrial society sickness.
           \- becuase restaurants wont seat you till your whole
              party is there, because movies will start before
              you are there, because i dont bring my laptop or the
              you are there, because i dont bring by laptop or the
              economist to a bar so i may not have anything to do
              for the half and hour you are not there. if you are
              meeting me at my house, i dont really care if you are
              30 min late. situational.
        \_ Make them come to your house and pick you up before doing
           anything together. That way you can surf the net, do your
           laundry, etc, while waiting for them. I usually do this with
           one friend of mine who is always late.
           \- Do you live in Berkeley or the Southbay? What is feasible
              in a small student community or a place with little congestion
              or parking problems is not reasonable in say SF or LA ... and
              it's not always a two person affair. Again the diagnosis and
              remedies are highly situational.
2005/8/30-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39361 Activity:nil

        You think: You two are growing the relationship
        must be around the corner.
        She thinks: "Yay! Emotional support! A friend!
        Now I need to go find some jerk to fuck."
        \_ Not as amusing as his kancho material, but the overall gist is
2005/8/25-26 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:39282 Activity:nil
8/25    Former Creed lead singer engaging in decidedly un-Christian activity:
        Photographic evidence:
        \_ Wow, this is just fucked up in a lame kind of way.
2005/8/25-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39281 Activity:kinda low
8/25    Man jailed for porn in Sinapore, where "Playboy" magazine is banned,
        while oral sex remains technically illegal under a law that says
        "whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of
        nature with any man, woman or animals" can be fined and jailed up to
        10 years, or even for life.
        \_ How do Singaporian men relieve themselves?
           \_ There was a red-light district when I visited in 1988.  Don't
              know if it still exists now.
                \_ How was the service
2005/8/22-23 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/HW/Printer] UID:39216 Activity:nil
8/22    I have a Canon S500 and I love it. My friend just bought a Canon
        SD550 and I love it even more, except for the fact that the GUI
        changed a lot. For example, I can't find the menu where it allows
        you to do panoramic stitch. Also, I can't seem to get it to do
        long exposures (more than 1 sec). Has anyone noticed the drastic
        decrease of options in the new SD550?
        \_ That's actually one of the big difference between the S and SD
           series.  It's not that the menu made it difficult, but there's
           no options for all those advanced feature.
2005/8/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39085 Activity:nil
8/10    Any of you > 25 years old living at home?
        \_ Nicki is busty.
        \_ Yes
2005/8/5-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:39022 Activity:kinda low
8/5     Horny Indian male passenger laid a blanket over a 22-year-old
        woman, unfastened her seat belt, unbuttoned her pants and started
        to touch her genitals.
        \_ Nothing we all haven't done at one time or another. Way to
           choose a flight with 4 Secret Service guys on it, though.
           \_ Funny, I've never sexually assaulted someone..
              \_ You're missing out.
                 \_ I'd like to try it but I'm just afraid of the
                    consequences. There's a 99% she'll freak out and
                    put me in jail for 6 years. On the other hand she
                    might just turn out to be a horny freak and I
                    may lose my virginity.      -40 year old virgin
        \_ How is it possible a male passenger lay a blanket over a
           sleeping woman, unfasten her seat beat and then unbutton
           her pants without her waking up in the first place? Secondly
           this is pretty obvious and other passengers should have seen
           it or stop it in the first place. None of this makes sense.
           I don't think this is about the sexual assault. This is about
           a white revengeful racist Republican woman who hates colored
           people. She is the one who is fucked up and should be jailed.
           sleeping woman, unfasten her seat beat and then unbutton her
           pants without her waking up in the first place? Secondly this
           is pretty obvious and other passengers should have seen it or
           stop it in the first place. None of this makes sense.  I don't
           think this is about the sexual assault. This is about a white
           revengeful racist Republican woman who hates colored people.
           She is the one who is fucked up and should be jailed.
           \_ Okay, buddy, time to lay off of the crystal meph. You've
              got issues, suggest you seek professional help. BTW,
              I just helped an Indian guy get his criminal record
              expunged, and guess what, he was beating up on his wife.
              So yeah, Indians (surprise, surprise) do commit crimes
              like everybody else in the world.
              got issues, suggest you seek professional help. BTW, I just
              helped an Indian guy get his criminal record expunged, and
              guess what, he was beating up on his wife. So yeah, Indians
              (surprise, surprise) do commit crimes like everybody else in
              the world.
              \_ Yeah but the bitch is a Texan. Don't you have any
                 compassion for us colored people? We are and have been
                 oppressed by big oppressive white penises for decades,
                 and it's about time we rise up and overthrow self-righteous
                 right wing fuck nuts like this Texans bitch.
                    \_ I had a woman show me her boobs once on a plane.  I
                       couldn't figure out if it was on purpose or not, but
                       she had no bra on and while she was waiting for the
                       lavatory, she lifted her shirt up with one hand,  which
                       she seemed to be using to wipe her face or something.
                       Random flash of boobs.  I pretended not to notice, and
                       thought this was very strange.
2005/8/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:39010 Activity:nil
8/5     The problem of / filling up has been fixed.  When I permanently
        unmounted the /vol/backup drives I forgot about the cron job to
        back them up.  Every morning the script was trying to sync 20GB of
        home dir love to a drive only capable of holding a little bit of love.
        Shouldn't happen anymore. - jvarga
2005/8/2-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38923 Activity:moderate
8/2     Dear obliviously happily married for 9 years guy-- how's the sex life?
        What do you do about it?
        \_ Have sex! Be respectful, sensitive, honest, and adventurous.
        \_ Not as good since my wife has been gaining and losing pounds at the
           wrong spots.  -- some other guy
           \_ Here's a wacky question: Am I the only guy whose tastes are
              aging along with my body? I'm not saying I'm not attracted to
              an 18yo hard-body, but women my own age are simply much more
              \_ My tastes are aging, but not as fast as I am.
                 \_ Ditto. What's hard for most women is that after 45 or 50
                    they lose their ability to have babies and thus lose
                    sex appeal. That's a generalization, of course, but I
                    can't imagine being 65 and being physically attracted to
                    a 65 year old as much as I would be to a 35 year old.
                    However, looks aren't everything.
                    \_ Um, I think it's safe to say the loss of sex appeal has
                       nothing to do with the ability to have children.
                       Has the fact that in our culture sexual attraction is
                       completely conceptually divorced from having children
                       completely passed you by? -- ilyas
                       \_ I don't think that is always true under the surface.
                       \_ I don't think that is true under the surface.
                       \_ I don't think that is true under the surface. -foo
                          \_ Yeah, I really think it is.  What about beautiful,
                             but sterile women?  What about fertile ugly
                             women?  Have you ever been, you know, attracted
                             to someone?  Are you some special kind of
                             Christian or just stupid?  -- ilyas
                          \_ I think you are confusing a hidden common cause
                             (the breakdown of the body due to aging) with
                             directional causation. -- ilyas
                             \_ Well, this is a kind of subtle subject to
                                go on about on the motd. I'll just maintain
                                that I don't think the ideas are "completely
                                divorced". Obviously an animal wouldn't be
                                able to learn the concept of being sterile
                                on that level. However I think I saw some
                                study where if partners go without children
                                for too long then attraction is harmed. So
                                I wouldn't be surprised if there was a subtle
                                biological link. But there's also an
                                intellectual link in humans. Humans are able
                                to understand explicitly the "child bearing"
                                qualities of a woman, and nowadays can
                                understand the sterility thing too. I think
                                that sexual attraction or at least excitement
                                can definitely be affected by ideas related to
                                getting pregnant. I'll leave it at that. -foo
                                getting pregnant. I'll leave it at that.
                                Oh and I'm not a Christian. I don't give a shit
                                if you think I'm stupid. -foo
                             \_ The idea being that whether or not a beautiful
                                woman is sterile we are hardwired to want to
                                breed with her. I'm talking about primal urges,
                                not about 'attracted to someone'. We find
                                younger women sexier because they can give us
                                babies. I disagree that sexual attraction is
                                divorced from having children. The two are
                                tied together fundamentally, even now.
                                \_ Ok, I am afraid I stand by my assessment of
                                   your argument.  Animals and people cannot
                                   afford to be attracted to binary attributes.
                                   The reason is very simple, almost any adult
                                   animal is fertile.  Being attracted to
                                   fertility itself means the engine of
                                   natural selection cannot function.  Thus,
                                   animals are attracted to 'secondary
                                   characterics' that correlate with producing
                                   a lot of fertile offspring (the biological
                                   definition of fitness).  Notice that this
                                   definition has nothing to do with fertility
                                   of your mate per se.  Or rather, the
                                   fertility of your mate is the bare minimum
                                   that isn't even taken into account by the
                                   forces of attraction, because it is _assumed_.
                                   Are you a Christian?  Your argument smacks of
                                   the kind of vague feel-goodism you get from
                                   certain kinds of Christians who see God's plan
                                   in everything, without truly understanding
                                   what it might be. -- ilyas
                                   forces of attraction, because it is
                                   _assumed_. Are you a Christian?  Your
                                   argument smacks of the kind of vague
                                   feel-goodism you get from certain kinds of
                                   Christians who see God's plan in everything,
                                   without truly understanding what it might
                                   be. -- ilyas
                                   \_ Being attracted to fertility itself
                                      is the reason dirty old men like
                                      nubile young women. You can feel
                                      free to disagree, but this seems
                                      fundamental to me. There is no
                                      biological gain having sex with a
                                      female partner over 50.
                                      \_ Do you honestly not see the fundamental
                                         flaw in your logic? -- ilyas
                                         \_ No. Please point it out.
                                            \_ Your argument:  'Old men like
                                               nubile young women.  Nubile young
                                               women can have children.
                                               Therefore old men like fertility.'
                                               This is fallacious. -- ilyas
                                               \_ Your opinion. I don't
                                                  see any flaw in the
                                                  logic, though.
                                                  \_ Uh, wow.  Mr. Gerasimatos,
                                                     you are one amazing guy.
                                                       -- ilyas
                                                     \_ Thanks. Now prove to
                                                        me why line #3 *cannot*
                                                        follow from #1 and #2.
                                                        It's an observation,
                                                        not a mathematical
                                                        proof. Whether it is
                                                        fallacious or not is
                                                        only your opinion. You
                                                        are saying that #3 does
                                                        not necessarily follow
                                                        from #1 and #2, but
                                                        your statement that
                                                        #3 is thus fallacious
                                                        does not follow.
                                                     \_ Maybe you should
                                                        reread what the PP
                                                        originally said.  His
                                                        point seems far less
                                                        extremist than your
                                                        interpretation.  -mice
                                                        \_ No, mice, at this
                                                           point I am staggering
                                                           from the 'I see no
                                                           flaw' comment.
                                                           \_ Hmm.  Okay, up
                                                              to that point,
                                                              I think you're
                                                              a little off in
                                                              your read -- but
                                                              I'll concede that
                                                              the PP seems to
                                                              wander out into
                                                              the weeds after
                                                              that point. -mice
                                                              \_ For the record,
                                                                 I think pp is
                                                                 wrong in a
                                                                 wider sense as
                                                                 well, for
                                                                 reasons I
                                                                 stated.  Almost
                                                                 all animals are
                                                                 evolved well
                                                                 enough to be
                                                                 healthy and
                                                                 fertile as a
                                                                 norm.  Thus,
                                                                 the great
                                                                 game is
                                                                 centering around
                                                                 how well
                                                                 will work, not
                                                                 whether it will.
                                                                 whether it
                                                                   -- ilyas
                                                                 \_ I disagree.
                                                                    I think
                                                                    too. There
                                                                    is an age
                                                                    at which
                                                                    are too
                                                                    young or
                                                                    too old
                                                                    to be
                                                  \_ Old men like nubile
                                                     young women.  Nubile
                                                     young women can eat
                                                     prunes.  Therefore old
                                                     men like regular
                                                     bowels. -geordan
                                                     \_ Stop -- you're turning
                                                        me on!  Oh geordan,
                                                        you animal, do I have
                                                        an unexpected *back
                                                        door* delivery for
                                        \_ Depends how much you believe in the
                                           Selfish Gene.
                    \_ Stifler's mom.
                       \_ Exactly -- I don't find her attractive at all.
        \_ Great.  We've learned over the years how to pleasure each other
           more and more.  I know what makes her happy and she knows what makes
           me happy.  --9 years happily married
           \_ I haven't been married for so long, but I've found sex with long
              term girlfriends gets better.  Practice makes perfect.
           me happy.  --9 years and happily married
                \_ Sex is always better with the long term girlfriends when
                   you're married.
2005/7/31-8/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38896 Activity:kinda low
7/31    Mathematical proof that you will never have a girlfriend
        \_ if you're a pathetic geek, maybe you shouldn't be looking
           for someone who is two standard deviations above the norm in
           terms of beauty.
           \_ Pssst... I think this URL might possibly have been an attempt
              at humor?
              \_ psst: you're right, but it's not funny
                 \_ It's not funny, but if it were a parody of the Drake
                    equation, it would be somewhat funny.
        \_ You know, I did something like this once too, but for real,
           and I came up with 2500 prospective women in the Bay Area.
           And I only took top 50% for looks. -Happily Married
           \_ obviously not married over 5 years yet...
              \_ Happily married for nine years now.
                 \_ ugh!  besides BDG, all the married people here say
                    they are happily married.  so what's with the
                    high divorce rate?
                    \_ People on MOTD have few alternatives and are happy
                       with what they can get?
                    \_ Some possibilities:
                       1. A high national divorce rate does not reflect
                          the motd.
                       2. Red-neck serial-monogamists are getting divorced
                          and remarried 5 times each and screwing the
                       \_ An anomaly, but the most divorced person I know
                          is a neurosurgeon.  He's working on #5 now afaik.
                          \_ That's because surgeons are rich assholes. The
                             rich part helps attracts women. The asshole part
                             causes the divorce.
                                    \- some people buy cars and drive them
                                       "into the ground" and some people
                                       lease (and others rent). --psb
                             \_ According to some theories, the asshole part
                                also helps attract women. But then the women
                                find him screwing some nurse or whatever and
                                decide to take half his assets.
                             \_ I think you'd be surprised by how little
                                surgeons make, esp. on an hourly basis.  You
                                should vent your anger on radiologists and
                                anesthesiologists.  That said, neurosurgeon !=
                                surgeon (it's not even the same residency
                                \_ Dude, surgeons make a lot of money. I have
                                   no idea why a neurosurgeon is not a
                                   surgeon, since he cuts your head open just
                                   as well, but whatever. The name surgeon is
                                   right in the title. Do you mean neurologist?
                                   Anyway, even pediatricians are pulling down
                                   $200+K. Surgeons are making twice that. That's
                                   $200+K. Surgeons are making twice that.
                                   That's "little"?
                                   \_ URL please.  According to,
                                      the median pediatrician pulls $137k
                                      and the median surgeon $225k.  A lot for
                                      the surgeon, but not on a hourly basis,
                                      which is what I originally specified.
                                      A friend is a surgeon at Kaiser Walnut
                                      Creek, and she pulls $170k for a mere 60
                                      hr.  week (and she is *so* thankful for
                                      the relative few hours she works).  I am
                                      also quite thankful she finally has time
                                      for a life, since she is a serious babe.
                                      \_ Median pediatrician where? In urban
                                         CA? I have a friend who works for
                                         Kaiser also as a pediatrician and he
                                         makes about $250K. Your friend is
                                         getting screwed. As for surgeons, a
                                         family member had neurosurgery and
                                         the doctor got a $30K check for about
                                         3 hours of work. That's pretty good
                                         per hour. Your friend is not in
                                         surgery 60 hours per week. She is
                                         probably making rounds and the like,
                                         which granted is not being at home
                                         but still not terrible for $200K.
                                         \_ It's something you may not expect,
                                            but doctors in CA make *less* than
                                            their peers in less liveable parts
                                            of the country.  It's simple supply
                                            and demand.  Places that have
                                            trouble recruiting doctors have to
                                            pay more for them, and, once in
                                            place, those doctors have less
                                            competition.  Neurosurgeons are
                                            not the same thing as surgeons, so
                                            I don't know how your relative's
                                            neurosurgery bill applies to the
                                            pay of a surgeon.  For that matter,
                                            without knowing the neurosurgeon's
                                            other expenses and traffic, it's
                                            hard to translate the cost of a
                                            single bill into an income.  In
                                            the case of my friend who pulls
                                            $170k for a 60 hr week, that is
                                            really about the same income as
                                            many engineers I know, and she has
                                            had many more years of suffering
                                            through med school and residency.
                                            OBTW, pegs the median
                                            salary of a neurosurgeon at $314k.
                                            \_ shows the median
                                               cardiothoracic salary at
                                               $355K, but the 75%ile make
                                               $470K. So there are a lot
                                               of surgeons comfortably over
                                               $400K. As with anything else,
                                               you make less when you start.
                                               The median engineer salary is
                                               pretty darn low in comparison.
                                               As for regions, you'd better
                                               believe that doctors in urban
                                               CA make more than their
                                               counterparts in the rural
                                               Midwest, for example. By
                                               the way, what makes you
                                               think a neurosurgeon is not
                                               a surgeon? They perform
                                               surgery. Therefore they are
                                               Midwest, for example. A
                                               quick look at
                                               confirms this. A surgeon in
                                               Iowa makes 15-20% less than
                                               a surgeon in LA. By the way,
                                               what makes you think a
                                               neurosurgeon is not a surgeon?
                                               They perform surgery. Therefore
                                               they are surgeons.
                       3. I've known men who thought they were happily
                          married right up until their wives divorced
2005/7/28-29 [Reference/Religion, Recreation/Dating] UID:38861 Activity:kinda low
7/28    Apropos of the current video games scare, can anyone else think of
        past overblown hysterias about media forms or substances that were
        "corrupting the youth" and "ending civilization as we know it?"
        I can think of:
        Dancing (especially to jazz)
        Comic books
        Violence in the movies
        Sex in the movies
        Rock music
        Long hair
        Elvis and his hips (kinda goes with Rock, but special mention of this
        seems appropriate)
        Pre-marital sex (personally I'm still against it, but it's commonly
                accepted now.)
        \_ Why are you against it, if it hasn't led to the downfall of the
        \_ Maybe we could have "temporary marriages" like in Muslim societies
           so everyone's happy: No pre-marital sex, but you can still go
           screw anyone you want (just not more than 4 at the same time)
           \_ I think it only works one way in Islam - a woman can't go
              and marry four men.
        \_ Abortion, Teaching Evolution
           \_ I guess I was trying to pick more cut and dried cases that
              aren't subject to current controversy, but I guess motd drones
              can't help trying to start flamewars.
              \_ How is contraception or pre-marital sex any more cut&dry than
                 abortion? -pp
                 \_ So you're equating contraception with killing babies?
                    \_ You know how birth control pills work, right?
                       \_ Do you?
                    \_ Zygote, embryo, or fetus != baby. Besides, the Catholics
                       still are against contraception so it's still
                       "controversial". By the way, if you use a condom, aren't
                       you preventing a new life from possibly being born? If
                       you hadn't used that condom the next Einstein might
                       have been born!
                       \_ Just because the Pope is a moron doesn't mean a
                          shitload of Catholics don't use contraception
                          \_ IMO they are not actually Catholics.
                             \_ Have you ever told one that to their face?
                                \_ No, but I'd like to. Especially if they
                                   call their pope a moron. Why call yourself
                                   a Catholic if you selectively ignore the
                                   teachings of the Catholic Church?
                                   \_ The one thing this discussion is making
                                      increasingly clear is that you are most
                                      likely not Catholic.
                                   \_ You are absolutely the cutest thing
                                      EVER.  Come over here, purty thang.
                                   \_ Because those teachings are out of
                                      touch with the reality of the vast
                                      majority of your followers?
                                      \_ What?
                                      \_ I'll just call myself a Jew then.
                                         That actual stuff they do is out
                                         of touch with my reality.
                             \_ Wow.  So I guess confession and forgiveness and
                                God's love DO have limits...
                                \_ Duh..  how else do you explain fags?
        \_ Islam                                -Chris
        \_ Christianity                         -Mohammed
           \_ Islam and Christinaity were not considered predominately youth
        \_ motd
2005/7/27-29 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:38846 Activity:nil
7/27    Lonely old Vietnamese whose women have been taken by Koreans whose women
        have been taken by dorky white guys can buy Japanese android women:
        \_ don't worry, closet apartheid guy, my CS geek friend from Cal is
           vietnamese but he married a corn-fed blonde Indiana girl and it
           all averages out.
2005/7/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38810 Activity:moderate
7/25    A hypothetical question for you motd STRAIGHT MEN (gay men need not
        reply). Suppose the population of eligible women in America decrease
        say, by 30%. Suppose you already have a good degree, have
        a house, a decent job, and you groom every day unlike most of
        the Soda Hall geeks. Suppose you're 30, still a virgin, and still
        can't find a decent mate because of fierce competition. How would
        you feel, and what would you do? I'll start:
        \_ Hypothetically speaking, are you that same guy who keeps bitching
           about how his "friends" don't have time for him anymore?
        \_ Learn some social skills.  Start treating women as people not as
           things you just want to fuck.  Culitvate a few hobbies that involve
           other people, and enjoy them as hobbies not as ways to try to get
           your cock sucked.  You know, these things really do work.  That
           being said at 30% less, well, shit, that's a pretty huge margin.
           But in that kind of environment society is going to be a lot
           different.  Even China is only something like 52-53% male.
        \_ I'll download a lot of porns to relieve myself. When that fails
           I'll go to the shrink. Then maybe go into alcohol or drugs. Then
           finally I'll go to a Catholic church to relieve my sexual
           frustration like the Popes have done.
        \_ Remember that crappy Kevin Costner movie "The Postman?"
           \_ Hey, that movie was Teh Bomb!!!  What the hell is wrong with
              you?!?   "You're really weird!"  Oh man, I that's a *great*
              quote from an even greater movie!  Only Waterworld can compete,
              man -- seriously.
        \_ do a lot of soda geeks commit suicide?
        \_ Join a church, there are usually more women than men at church.
           \_ Haha. This is ridiculous if you aren't a believer already.
              We need atheist social philosophy groups.
              \_ Apparently you do not understand women.  This is not a
                 \_ I don't want those kind of women.
                    \_ Ok, so, in post context, if you are desperate for a
                       woman in an overly competitive society... you will
                       go hang out with a bunch of guys in a social
                       philosophy group.  Okie dokie.
                       \_ Well duh, you wouldn't call them that. And actually
                          there are a good number of chicks out there that
                          don't fit your standard notions.
                          \_ Sure, but if there were tons of chicks
                             hanging out in your normal environment, would
                             you be a 30 year old virgin?
                          \_ Maybe you should look into the Unitarian
                             Church.  (NOT the Unification church, totally
                             \_ I have a friend who's in school to become a
                                unitarian minister.  They go to school for
                                five years(post undergrad) and can basically
                                study any religious subject they want, as
                                long as they learn the history of the Unitarian
                                church.  Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim,
                                and eastern religions are all studied.  If you
                                want to know something about religion from
                                an unbiased source ask a Unitarian minister.
           \_ That's the excuse my real Christian friends used to drag me to
              church.  I didn't go because I didn't like the idea of going
              there for women.
           \_ I second that, my friends and I used to go to this church
              near El Cerrito and the girls there were all very hot, most
              from Berkeley. It turned out that most people there were like
              us, not very religious and were just "looking." My buddy
              scored 2 very very hot girls there. I got none, because he
              was better looking and taller so I acted as a wingman.
              Here is something important I learned from him. If you're
              going to a social event to score, bring someone who is not as
              attractive as you are so that he will boost your
              attractiveness. You are the wing commander, and he is the
              supporting wingman.
              \_ Was this an Asian church or White?
              \_ I think this is a big problem in churches. They're
                 indiscriminantly open to everyone and you open doors
                 doors to sexual predators. Churches should have a stringent
                 initiation process to make sure that the place that you
                 worship at are all real Jesus lovers
                 worship at are all real cock lovers
        \_ Move overseas. Mail-order brides.  You said women in America.
        \_ There are no good solutions. The only way the situation
           will improve is when the society as large realizes the problem
           with the imbalance and how 'precious' girls have become.
           Someone have to pay for the ignorance, too bad it's not the
           retard parents that made the decision, it's the "boy" that
           will suffer. Maybe the man should move to Brazil.
           \_ picking up hot chicks at church seems like a lot of work.
              you have to go to church several times so you don't look
              you're there just to pick up hot chicks, plus you have to
              dress nicely.
              \_ Maybe it's the "dress nicely" part that gets you laid, ya think?
              \_ Maybe it's the "dress nicely" part that gets you laid, ya
        \_ I'd become a Jedi Knight. Its not like I'd have to give up
           anything and I'd be getting k3wl force powers and a light
           saber in the process. Once I level'ed up enough to get
           force persuade/dominate all teh ch1x are belong to me.
        \_ How about us bi guys, can we answer?
           \_ Doesn't count, you can always suck dick if you can't get any
              boobies.  Duh.
        \_ 30 year old soda virgin ... So we're talking EXTREMELY hypothetical?
2005/7/23-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38788 Activity:low
7/23    Hello, I'm disillusioned and just want to vent. I'm in my
        30s and ~80% of my friends have gotten married in the last 6 years.
        I'm one of the few who is still single. I used to get pretty excited
        for my friends' weddings and I'd get really nice gifts. As it turns
        out, none of my former friends are now friends, or even acquaintances
        They're all too busy with their own little world and just don't
        have time to be your friend. Some don't even seem to want to be your
        friend anymore because their wives don't like you. A few got divorced
        and the gifts I gave them all went to THE BITCH with whom I don't
        even know well. Next month I'm going to another close friend's
        wedding and I'm pretty sure he's going to turn out like every other
        married man, so I decided to be smart this time. I bought him a a
        gift that's worth a measly $20. Happy marriage you ungrateful married
        "friends". Mr. Motd, thanks for letting me vent, you seem to
        be my only lasting friend.        -bnmg (bitter not married guy)
        \_ You know, after listening to your self-involved whiny rants on the
           motd, it occurs to me that perhaps your friends are avoiding you
           with good reason.  I've had very little trouble keeping in touch
           and spending time with my married friends -- even the ones with
           childen.  They may be a little busier, but it's not THAT hard...
           but then, my friends actually want to spend time with me.
        \_ Maybe you should think of them as farewell gifts.  Marriage
           makes you busy.  Have children even more so.
           \_ Exactly. Why give nice things when you'll never see them again.
        \_ I never understood why people bother to get gifts. I mean,
           it's not like they will have a conversation where they
           say "We got our <brand_name> pots and pans from Bob, he's
           such a sweet guy, let's invite him for dinner!" As a matter
           of fact they don't even remember where they got their fucking
           gifts from and don't even care. And even if they do appreciate
           it, you will never see them 1/2 of the time. Divorce rate is
           50%. Why bother.
           \_ don't splurge so much next time.
        \_ Just curious, did you start hanging out with your divorced
           buddies again?
2005/7/23-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38785 Activity:high
7/23    Woman branded by manhole cover sues:
        \_ "[the woman] is entitled to compensatory and punitive damages
           because of Con Ed's "reprehensible and egregious failure and refusal
           to protect the public from this manifestly clear and present danger."
           ... to protect the public from this manifestly clear and present
           It's exactly this sort of frivolous bullshit that should be the
           reason people's right to sue should be revoked. Seriously,
           is anyone here able to take the woman's side? Hopefully this
           will be thrown out the minute a judge sees it.
           \_ If I had sued for exactly 1 dollar of damages every time I did
              something retarded on my skateboard and got a bruise, scrape,
              sprain, break, cut, or headwound, I'd be a fucking millionaire.
              Fortunately, all the skaters I knew thought lawsuits were evil
              and injuries were cool.
           \_ If the manhole cover was just any other cover and she just broke
              some bones, I wouldn't take her side.  if this searing hot
              some bones, I wouldn't take her side.  If this searing hot
              manhole cover over a steam pipe was barricaded and she ran
              through the barricates and fell and got burnt, I wouldn't take
              her side.  But in this case, I'll take her side.  Imagine some
              toddler walking on the cover and falling.  Or imagine someone who
              touches the cover while picking up something he drops.  This is
              not like ordering a cup of hot coffee and then sueing for
              injuries because the coffee is hot.  It is unreasonable to not
              expect hot coffee to be hot, but it is reasonable to not expect a
              manhole cover on the street to be burning hot.
        \_ duty?  breach of duty?  causation?  damages?
           Were there damages?  Yes.  The woman got burned.  branded even.
           Was it caused by the ConEd manhole cover being that hot?  Yes.
           Was it caused by her falling?  Not necessarily.  She could have
           fallen on plain asphalt or concrete and just had abrasions.  That
           can argued to be an assumed risk of skateboarding or just walking
           down the street even.  Similarly, had the manhole cover not been
           so hot, she could have fallen on it and just say broken a bone or
           had impact injury.  Again, assumed risk.  It was a result of it
           being at the temperature that it was.
           Did ConEd breach any duties by having it there?  That's the
           question.  In essence, this is an unintentional booby trap.
           It can not distinguish between adult or infant, skateboarder
           or pedestrian.  Would it be any different if instead of being
           at high temperature, it were spiked?  or electrified?   It would
           be one thing if this were happening say in a underground accessway
           or in a ConEd shack.  But it's on a public road, a busy one.
           As always, the question is did aparty's breach of duty lead to
           damages on the part of the other party.  if so, was it simple
           negligence, gross (or criminal) negligence, or intentional
           action, or intentional action with intent to do harm?
           \_ ConEd's duty would be a duty of reasonable care under
              the circumstances.  So what were the circumstances?
              A man hole cover sat in the sun all day and b/c it
              was metal it got very hot - hot enough to cause burns.
              The duty of ConEd would be either to warn about the
              man-hole covers OR to provide covers which could not
              get that hot during a normal day.
              The duty was probably owed to the skater chick b/c
              it is foreseeable that anyone using the street could
              come into contact w/ the man-hole cover and be hurt
              by the fact that it was so hot.
              Whether ConEd breach their duty to the skater chick
              is a harder question b/c the burden to replace every
              single man-hole cover w/ a safer one or to warn would
              be quite high. However, the problem is that if this
              is a risk that the average person would not realize
              was present, ConEd may have breached their duty.
              As far as causation its pretty easy for the skater
              chick to show that "but for" ConEd's choice of metal
              man hole covers she would not have been branded.
              She can recover for other incidental injuries as
              well, but her main claim is for the branding. The
              fact that she could have been branded while merely
              walking down the street, helps her case b/c is makes
              the danger of the man-hole cover look much worse and
              minimize any contributory negligence defense that
              could be brought.
              She actually had damages in terms of physical pain
              and suffering from the burns. She probably suffered
              some amount of emotional distress from the injury
              as well as well as incuring medical costs for the
              While it is true that there might have been some
              assumption of the risk and contributory negligence
              on the skater chicks part, that would only lessen
              not elimiate her recover (most states now use
              comparative fault and reduce recovery based on
              % responsible).  ConEd's best defenses are public
              policy.  Imposing liability on ConEd for man-hole
              covers would (1) be crushing liability and (2)
              would make a socially important enterprise (ie
              sewers/electrical/roads) impossible.
           \_ This is probably simple negligence - ConEd would have a duty
              of reasonable care under the circumstances. Here the
              circumstances were that a man hole cover sat in the sun all
              day and b/c it was metal it got very hot - hot enough to cause
              burns. The duty of ConEd would be either to warn about the
              man-hole covers OR to provide covers which could not get that
              hot during a normal day.
              The duty was probably owed to the skater chick b/c it is
              The duty was probably owed to the idiot chick b/c it is
              foreseeable that anyone using the street could come into
              contact w/ the man-hole cover and be hurt by the fact that it
              was so hot.
              Whether ConEd breach their duty to the skater chick is a
              Whether ConEd breach their duty to the idiot chick is a
              harder question b/c the burden to replace every single
              man-hole cover w/ a safer one or to warn would be quite
              high. However, the problem is that if this is a risk that the
              average person would not realize was present, ConEd may have
              breached their duty.
              As far as causation its pretty easy for the skater chick to
              As far as causation its pretty easy for the idiot chick to
              show that "but for" ConEd's choice of metal man hole covers
              she would not have been branded. She can recover for other
              incidental injuries as well, but her main claim is for the
              branding. The fact that she could have been branded while
              merely walking down the street, helps her case b/c is makes
              the danger of the man-hole cover look much worse and minimizes
              any contributory negligence defense.
              In terms of damages she actually had damages in terms of
              physical pain and suffering from the burns. She probably
              suffered some amount of emotional distress from the injury as
              well as well as incuring medical costs for treatment.
              While it is true that there might have been some assumption of
              the risk and contributory negligence on the skater chicks
              the risk and contributory negligence on the idiot chicks'
              part, that would only lessen not elimiate her recover (most
              states now use comparative fault and reduce recovery based on
              % responsible).  ConEd's best defenses are public policy.
              Imposing liability on ConEd for man-hole covers would (1) be
              crushing liability and (2) would make a socially important
              enterprise (ie sewers/electrical/roads) impossible.
              \_ Woman who falls from skateboard != skater chick.  A real
                 skater would wear a manhole cover brand on the ass as a badge
                 of honor.
                 \_ Fine, replace skater chick w/ idiot. Makes no difference.
                 \_ Skater chick replace w/ idiot chick. I think that she is
                    an idiot to sue, but she may have a valid claim under the
                    tort law.
                    \_ If she can get some money out of it, wouldn't that make
                       her a "smart chick?"
                       \_ Even Beavis and Butthead can figure out how to call
                          some ambulance chasing bottom feeder.
2005/7/14-15 [Reference/RealEstate, Finance/CC, Recreation/Dating] UID:38617 Activity:low
7/14 - more Denise!
        \_ so what?  fake tits and a vacant stare?  there's no shortage
           of that in Hollywood.
        \_ Here's a more interesting pic:
           \_ Hot chicks sorted by ...
        \_ Is there some significance to this particular cheesecake?
        \_ Looks like a chick I met in a Reno stripclub who came to visit
           me in the Bay Area, but this was before the boob job.
2005/7/13-14 [Recreation/Dating, Science/Physics] UID:38592 Activity:high
7/13    Color footage of Einstein:
        \_ obJewBaiting.
        \_ The bastard is smart but is still a bastard. "His letters reveal a
           tumultuous personal life, married twice and indifferent toward his
           children while obsessed with physics. Yet he charmed lovers and
           admirers with poetry and sailboat outings." What as ASSHOLE.
           I guess you can say that he's extremely brilliant and contributed
           greatly to mankind. He's also extremely horny and takes little
           responsibility for women he fucks and children he created.
           \_ Hey asshole.  Why do you keep deleting all replies to your
                \_ I didn't delete them, I just unintentionally overwritten
                   them since I don't use motdedit or vi
                   \_ I didn't kill him, I just shot him in the head.  Blame
                      the bullet.
                      \_ I think this kind of defense are actually used in
                         manslughter trials, sadly.
                \-FYI: one of einstein's children operated out of ucbberkeley
           \_ Frank Lloyd Wright did many of the same things: ignored
              children, had mistresses, obsessed with his work. Are there
              examples of geniuses who were consummate family men?
              \_ Yes, but FLW wasn't a Jew, which I suspect is what is really
                 clamping froth-boy's nipples.
                 \_ Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole.
                    Not like you.
                    \_ is that a punk rock reference? you're so cool!
                       \_ It is much cooler to accuse someone of anti-semitism
                          on the basis of absolutely no evidence.
                          \- there is a somewhat famous example in moral
                             philosophy that looks at paul gaugain chosen
                             by bernard williams [now dead but formerly
                             ucb phil] on this point ... "does success excuse
                             not honoring some claims people have on you".
              \_ iirc, Euler was a family man (twice married) but took care
                 of his kids, grandkids, &c.
                 Other examples from the top of my head: Bohr, Feynman,
                 Jefferson (and don't give me that crap about Jefferson's
                 slave kids, DNA testing shows that Jefferson's brother
                 was most likely the parent of the slave kids - Jefferson
                 gave his word to his wife when she died that there would
                 be no other women and Jefferson kept it).
                 Re Einstein - Two points:
                 (1) He is not a bastard as his parents were married at the
                     time of his birth.
                 (2) Even assuming the colloquial meaning of "bad person",
                     Einstein does not qualify. He may have been a distant
                     or less than ideal father (many non-genius fathers
                     fall into this category) but he never really neglected
                     his children. For example, he provided Mileva (wife 1)
                     and the children w/ all the money from his Nobel
                     prize. Also, he was basically separated from Mileva
                     when he started seeing Elza (wife 2). There is some
                     evid that he saw women on the side some years after
                     he married Elza but there is no proof that he fathered
                     any children w/ them (or that he dated anyone other
                     than Elza during his marriage).
        \_ meh
        \_ There was color movie back in 1943?
           \_ Ever seen Wizard of Oz?
           \_ This reminds me of the Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin asks his
              dad why old photos are always in black and white.
2005/7/11-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38539 Activity:moderate
7/11    My impression of Porsche owners is that they're mostly white hair
        middle-age men who need a nice car to complement their sucky life
        that the movie American Beauty portrays. Imagine you're in your
        50s, your wife left you and/or your sex life sucks, your children
        are all grown up and left you (and they might even be drug addicts
        or gays/lesbians), and your career has been the same for the past
        decade or so. The only thing you have is money, so you buy something
        that you think would make you feel young. This is my impression
        of your average Porsche owners. After doing some research, my hunch
        is right-- men who drive a Porsche are most likely to cheat on
        their wives:,,2-2004230007,00.htm
        "Porsche-It's a little too small to get laid in, but
         you get laid the minute you get out of it."
        \_ Your impression of Porsche owners is quite complimentary
           compared to my impression of SUV owners.
        \_ "Porsche - It's a little too small to get laid in, but
            you get laid the minute you get out of it."
        \_ I know 3 Porsche owners and they are all women 40-60 years old.
           \_ Ah the joys of community property.
              \_ Haha! Good one! However, they all bought them for
                 themselves. Two are single. One is a widow, one has
                 never been married, and one is happily married. All were
                 successful outside of their relationships (restauranteur,
                 psychologist, attorney). These are 911s, btw, not Cayennes.
        \_ Mid-life crisis.  (Or is it "mid-age crisis"?)
           \_ mid-life convertible.
           \_ How accurate is the portrayal of the average mid 50s American
              male in the famous movie American Beauty? Does life REALLY
              suck that much when you get to that age? If so, that is
              pretty depressing...
              To those who still have/had dads around... when they hit their
              50s how did they cope with their mid-life crisis?
              \_ When my dad hit 45 he divorced his (second) wife and
                 married a woman my age. I was 23 at the time.
                 \_ That doesn't sound so bad if she was hot.
                 \_ Lucky him!!
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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