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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/5/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30486 Activity:nil
5/29    Eharmony get a patent on LTR match making.
2004/5/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30417 Activity:nil 55%like:30409
5/25    Sex predator to go free in Mexico, judge says (Chicago Trib, csuamotd/csuamotd)
2004/5/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30409 Activity:nil 55%like:30417
5/25    Sex predator to go free in Mexico, judge says
2004/5/23-24 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:30376 Activity:high
5/23    Lessons of the same-sex marriage debate in the Netherlands
        \_ I was kind of surprised by how bad this article is, given it's
           from the Hoover Institute. They generally do better than this.
           I counted about six crossed narratives, none of which tied the
           central "history of gay marriage" narrative to the marriage data
           on the chart. It seemed more like one person's opportunity to
           vomit up a bunch of their readings into gay politics in the
           Netherlands than any kind of research results. You know what, I can
           read crap written by far-left academics and come up with alarming
           statements, too, and I doubt I would get paid as much the author.
           \_ The Hoover Institute has a glorious history of trying to draw
              dubious correlations, then trying to claim causation.
        \_ The chart makes no distinction between planned and unplanned
           occurrences of children out of wedlock.
           \_ Given the argument, I'm not sure it matters.  Would in
              increase in unplanned out of wedlock children be good or bad
              of this page's statistics?  The both show a break down of
              the family.
              \_ If the chart showed an increase in planned out-of-wedlock
                 births, it would show that more people think that being
                 married is not essential to having a kid.  It is misleading
                 to describe this as "a break down of the family".
                 \_ yea... having two parents is old hat.
                    \_ Mmm.. obtuseness
                 \_ This article is a religious article, their
                    assumption is that children should be raised by
                    married parents.  Not to meantion, cohabitating
                    families are statstically shown to be less stable.
                    With these facts in mind, it is hardly surprising for
                    this article to call a high percentage of out of
                    wedlock births a breakdown of the traditional family.
                    \_ Mmm.. statistics
                       \_ Mmm.. meaningless comments
2004/5/22 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:30364 Activity:nil
5/22    Cheezy poll, I love:
        feta cheese:
        blue cheese:
        all cheese: .
        squeezy cheese:
        \_ I hate:
        feta cheese: .
        blue cheese: .
        all cheese:
2004/5/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30331 Activity:nil
5/20    Anybody find themselves in a similar situation: You have a good
        friend of the opposite gender.  This person is either married or
        in a serious relationship with a loser.  The loser doesn't display
        any obvious jealously (and there is no reason to be jealous), but
        does seem to quietly sabotage your relationship.  Like saying
        "I'm feeling tired and want to go home" or just becomes moody
        and ruins things.
        \_ "no reason to be jealous" doesn't sound accurate
           \_ Not in a sexual sense.  I think he knows he is a loser.  He
              probably makes less than half of what she and I do, for example
              so he is always lobbing to go cheap on things.
              \_ it sounds like you are the loser.  -tom
                 \_ Why do you say that?  Nobody is showing off.  It's more
                    like after going out to dinner he wanted to go home or
                    go across town to a bar where drink are $1 cheaper.
                    He also doesn't have a car so he always needs to be
                    picked up.  Isn't it embarassing for guys if the woman
                    has to pay for bar and restaurant tabs because you are
                    always short (this isnt some Bad Boy Hells Angels type).
                    \_ here's a hint: the world doesn't revolve around you.
                    \_ Is this person married? I'm tending to agree with
                       tom here.
          \_ Maybe it should be rephrased "doesn't know he has a reason to be
             \_ I sort of expected this to be challenged.  But you have to
                accept that at face value.  This is someone I've known for
                a long time, gone on trip with together etc.  If something
                were going to happen, it would have.  I dont want it to.
                In fact I always make sure to give them some space.
        \_ I hate hanging out with my wife's friends and family, and I'll
           make excuses so we'd leave as early as politeness allows when
           they are around.  Most of the time I'll just ask my wife to go
           stag when they will be present.  Is the loser SO insisting on
           showing up, or is your friend the one bringing the SO along?
           \_ I dont think this is a case of not liking me.  He seems
              perfectly happy to talk about sports or movies, when "the
              women" are doing something else.  I wonder if his behavior
              would change if I were not single.
              \_ You obviously don't like him much, I doubt he loves hanging
                 with you. Stop being an arrogant asshole.
        \_ sabotage your platonic relationship?  eh?
           \_ basically it's a case of "my buddy got hooked up, and now I've
              lost my buddy" -- which happens all the time
              \-Many of you are "begging the (non)hypothetical" ... surely
                if a guy says "he's not after a woman" you can take take
                that at face value. This sounds very plausible to me,
                especually around here ... say your are friends with someone
                from school and she hooks up with someone who was doing well
                back in the 1990s and then became a (fat, in poor physical
                condition) <DEAD><DEAD> causualty and became a bitter lemur with
                no car. --psb
                \_ And...? She likes him. This dude needs to mind his own
                   business. What's his question?
                   \- i think the question is whether to antagonize the
                      Lemur. You should tell him to "get a (job|car)". --psb
                   \_ I guess what he really wants to ask is how he can win her
                      over or at least get into her pants.
        \_ Sure, this happens with both male and female friends, if their
           new lover doesn't get along with me or thinks that I am a bad
           influence. He is just jealous, in the general sense, not the
           sexual sense. Does he try to drive away all of her friends?
           If so, that is a warning sign of an abusive personality.
           \_ You might be on to something there!  He is really moody, and
              they do have a lot of fights sort of in public.
2004/5/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30289 Activity:insanely high
5/19    How do I deal with multiple potential gf?
        \_ Dating advice on motd?
        \_ Post their name, pic url , and contact here.
        \_ try before you buy.
           \_ But I am weak in the conscious department,
              I can't get myself to do it without feeling too guilty.
              \_ How is this not conscientious?  Lots of people date around
                 before committing to a person.  Just because you go on
                 a date doesn't mean you married them.
                 a date doesn't mean you married them.  Some people draw
                 the line at sex though,  but that's up to each party.
              \_ If you are in a semi-vegetative state, how are you going to
                 satisfy even a single mate?
        \_ Modern dating has gotten really screwed up.  You're supposed to
           try out a lot of different people with a date or two before you
           commit to one.  That's the IDEA.  Think of it as a friendly job
           \_ But where do you draw the line? You don't take multiple
              job offers. But sometimes after getting a job offer, you
              still want to see if you can get that google job, but you
              don't know if google actually want you. If google doesn't
              want you, then you will take this offer, after all, one
              needs a job. But does this really apply to dating? Although
              employers also have multiple candidates lined up, they don't
              send out multiple offers at the same time.
              \_ Didn't you just answer your own question?  You don't make
                 multiple commitments.  Duh.  I would say don't sleep with
                 them either, but I say that goes till your married.
              \_ true story. a friend of mine had a phone interview at google.
                 the interviewer was an asshole and he didn't get a real
                 interview. a few months later he gets a job at a web company.
                 two days after he starts work he gets a call from google.
                 someone saw his master's thesis and they want to hire him. he
                 quits his job and goes and works at google and has been very
                 happy ever since. it's a true story, but you can think of it
                 as a dating parable if you so desire.
                 \_ so you should write lots of erotic stories and post them
                    around on the net in the hopes of attracting some
                    random attractive female fan?
                 \_ I've interviewed at google twice.  The second time I was
                    there for almost 8 hours and correctly answered a long
                    list of random and obscure questions from half the
                    engineering staff.  Idiot head recruiter will only say I
                    was "not a good technical fit" when I was teaching their
                    people several things they didn't know during the
                    interview process.  I think google interviews are just
                    free training for their staff.
        \_ deal?  gf != wife.  Date all of them.  Until you "get serious" and
           have some official "we're going steady and not fucking other people"
           agreement, you can do what you want.  Do you really think all of
           them are having sex only with you and not 'dating' others?  Don't
           be so naive.  Not only are girls out there fucking multiple guys
           (and often other girls too) but plenty of them have STDs and know
           it and don't care if they dose you.
        \_ Party girls won't care if you date multiple ppl. Otherwise,
           cowboy up and choose one. If yer a party guy, why would you
           care, anyways?
        \_ Figure out where you draw the line. Two girls at once, it's ok to:
           - go out for coffee
           - social activities / parties
           - go out to dinner
           - kiss
           - 2nd, 3rd base ?
             \_ what does 2nd and 3rd base mean?
                \_ 2nd:  Putting your arm around her shoulders at the movies
                   3rd:  Holding hands
           - have sex with
           - marry
           Decide which checkboxes would make you feel guilty (or perhaps make
           your potential dates jealous) and try not to cross those lines.
           \_ if you're up front about it?  all of the above sound fine.  I've
              seen multiple marriage work just fine.
              \_ If you're honest about it, do whatever you feel comfortable
                 with.  In the absence of complete disclosure, do no more than
                 the other person might expect you to.
        \_ If you choose multi-dating, either you have to lie to your dates or
           you have to put up with their own multi-dating.  The difficulty of
           lying is exponential in its duration and the number of dates.  If
           you consent to their multi-dating, remember that the tunnels of
           love you crawl in and out of are shared by strangers with diverse
           odors and fluid viscosity:  you will be bathing yourself in public
           toilets.  As you savor the sparkling dew from one of their treasured
           orifices, do you stop to wonder which of your fellow suitors
           secreted such delightful nectar?
           \_ Just because you're only dating one girl doesn't mean you're the
              only guy (or girl) she is sleeping with.  My favorite is the
              (very) large number of colleg girls who sleep with other girls
              and honestly don't believe they are cheating because "it isn't
              real sex".  You can still get a long list of STDs from your
              girl friend's girl friend.  OTOH, if you're fucking both of them,
              either at the same or different times then it's share and share
              alike anyway.
              \_ Having a single girl does not mean she will make reciprocal
                 arrangement, but having more and tell them so will most
                 surely engender reciprocity if they stay.  Unless your
                 relationship is platonic or your date far outfoxes you,
                 it is hard not to figure out whether she has other gigolos.
        \_ Who the FUCK deleted this thread?
           \_ Yeah, this was the only halfway interesting thing here.
2004/5/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30142 Activity:high
5/10    Old, adj: Getting a no-subject-line email from a high school friend
        and not wanting to open it because you know someone died.
        \_ are you sure it isn't just spam? :(
           \_ Actually, that's about what it turned out to be- from a
              high school friend.  I'm not sure what adjective that defines.
2004/5/6 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating] UID:30052 Activity:very high 50%like:11719
5/6     What are your (non-sex) related hobbies?
        \_ war craft
        \_ coding
           \_ coding what?
              \_ virtual girlfriend teri v11.0 of course.
        \_ golf
           \_ handicap?
        \_ home improvement
        \_ Collecting movies and TV shows off p2p
        \_ I am more interested in knowing what a sex-related hobby is.
        \_ USE LINUX!
        \_ furniture building.  Oh wait, that's sex related.  Norm Abrams
           regularly takes it up the ass from me and Bob Vila
           \_ Screw you. Norm takes it up the ass from no one, especially Vila.
        \_ cooking
        \_ Nuking the motd.
        \_ sailing, cal sports, gardening, fixing up my house
        \_ reading the motd
        \_ Running, ultimate frisbee, classical music (indian/western),
           writing, gardening, travel and photography
           \_ psb, is that you? -psb #2 fan
        \_ Texas Hold'em Poker!
           \_ for money?
2004/5/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30034 Activity:high
5/4     What's GFE?
        \_ The Holy Grail.
           \_ Thought that was the GUFT - williamc
           \_ Thanks for the cool link!!
        \_ It is what you get for free from your girlfriend, but some
           pathetic dudes pay thousands of dollars searching for, but
           never seem to find.
2004/5/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29946 Activity:moderate
5/1     Stop posting commercial porn links.
        \_ Yeah, let the amateurs have a chance.
        \_ May I have more commercial porn links, please?
2004/4/30-5/1 [Computer/Companies/Google, Recreation/Dating] UID:13496 Activity:kinda low
4/30    How does the SafeSearch feature in's filter out porn
        images?  Does it have software to detect the amount of skintone colors
        in the images?
        \_ Search for "La Blue Girl" in quotes or "urabon."  Apparently, it's
           some sort of language-based filter.
              \_ that's actually a pretty nice photograph, too bad it looks
                 like it was taken during a football game we were losing
           \_ there was a recent article i read on how google is getting a lot
              of flak for the pretty shitty quality of safesearch. apparently,
              it gets confused by substrings like sex or girl, so sites
              with stuff like "essex" or "littlegirlclothing" get censored.
                \_ I love how people love to nitpick at Google. If they have
                   such problems why don't they write their own search engine
                   or just not use Google?
                   \_ actually, this was in the context of legitimate sites
                      getting censored. as you may be aware, for many sites,
                      google visibility can be a make-or-break factor.
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/4/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13459 Activity:high
4/29    If you could go back in time, what age would you relive?
        \_ My 21st birthday was my first time with 2 girls.  I'd relive that
           a few times.
           \_ Did you manage to satisfy both of them to orgasms?
        \_ The best is yet to come.
           \_ And babe, won't it be fine.
        \_ 1998, I will do whatever I need to work for google,
           even as a janitor. :)
        \_ 1993.  I'd've drunk more and invested every spare cent in Dell.
           Then I'd cash out in '98 after a 29,000% increase.
        \_ 1994.  I should've stuck my cock into that cute chick's pussy
           after finger-fucking her to orgasm.  She would've been my first
        \_ 1984.  I must terminate Sarah Connor.
           \_ Oh u the best!!
2004/4/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13428 Activity:high
4/28    My sister's serious w/ a poor Viet guy who doesn't have a job, lives
        at her place, and does nothing except cleans up the house for her
        (he is a clean freak). My parents don't like him because he can't
        speak Korean and Idon't like him because he is a shy, weak ass
        pussy. Do you guys have similar problems and what do you guys do
        about it?
        \_ Has he actually wronged you in any way?  As long as your sister is
           an adult, she's free to make mistakes.  All you can do it tell her
           what a loser he is and hope she notices.
        \_ Hi lame troll.  Here's my lame answer: get off the motd and pretend
           there is something more important going on in your life.
           \_ hey screw you. My sister makes over 100K and gets to inherit
                1/2 of my parents' estates and everyone except her can see
                that he's in it for the money. The only reason why she likes
                him is because "he treats her like a princess", but man,
                he is a loser and he's gonna get 1/2 of her shit. It is just
                messed up.                                      -op
                \_ I have a similar situation to yours.  There's not much
                   you can do, as far as i can tell.  If you act openly
                   contempuous towards the loser it can just make the situation
                   worse, but that doesn't mean you have to hide what  you think
                   either.  Sometimes good people marry bad people, and I don't
                   think there's anything you or me can do about it.
                   \_ Who says he is a bad person?  His faults are: 1) he does
                      not speak Korean (parents = racist), 2) there is no 2.
                      The op is getting all twittish because the guy wants to
                      be a house husband and the sister loves it.  Who is the
                      op to judge?  Would he be happier if his sister was
                      sucking some guy who had a job but treated her like
                      shit?  I'll do *that* for free and I won't even take
                      the parents money.
                \_ hahaha just like all the whores marrying men for their
                   money, your sister is one of the few getting screwed by a
                   worthless guy!  That's so great!  Anyway, it's all your
                   parent's and family's fault for not raising her to respect
                   herself more.  If you didn't all treat her like shit when
                   she was younger then she wouldn't put so much value on his
                   'treating her like a princess'.  --no sympathy
                   \_ It's good she gets the trophy husband early. This way she
                      knows what she wants in trophy husbands #2 and #3.
                \_ As the above guy points out, this is sort of routine for
                   women:  they do nothing but hang around the house in a
                   great many cases.  But no one rails against thair worth.
                   Why're you so against this guy?
                   \_ Those women are worthless too.
        \_ It depends on how determined she is. If she's a very self-sufficient
           person, then the only way she will change her mind is by herself,
           but if she's not, then you can be persistent and keep at it.
        \_ I will kick the loser's ass, and take over the duties of fucking
           your sister.  How much is this inheritance, anyway?  I will teach
           her the value of a strong man.
        \_ you know, Asians are pretty racist among themselves, and having
           brought up in a traditional Asian family I can totally understand
           your point of view. I mean, Viet + Korean??? what the hell is
           wrong with your sister?????
           \_ She's a Vietphile. Man, that's real embarrassing for your family.
              You should be ashamed.
        \_ Tell her, I think our parents think X, I think Y.  But it's your
           life.  Whatever you do, I'll try my best to support you.
        \_ As long as he treats her well, I don't see anything bad about.
           What if your sister dates a super rich guy who treats her like
           trash?  What's most important is how happy your sister is with
           this guy.  If the guy loves your sister for the wrong reason, then
           that's whole different story.
           \_ I believe op thinks that the shy guy is going to turn into
              an asshole or lose all of his sister's money after several
              years (e.g., she quits her $100K job to have babies), and be
              a poor role model for the kids.  op probably thinks that if
              the guy had a job and wasn't a "shy, weak ass pussy", then op
              wouldn't think this way.
              \_ "shy, weak ass pussy" doesn't mean he only loves her for
                 the money.
                 \_ did I say anything about "loves her for the money" in my
                    \_ if not, you shouldn't be too concern.  Your sister
                       is adult.  Let her make her own decision.  The more
                       pressure you put on her, the more resistance she would
                       have to leave this guy.
        \_ does anything think kchang is not a "shy, weak ass pussy"?
           \_ isn't he married to some hot chick?
              \_ see?
             \_ you guys are dumb. he is gay. that's why we made fun of him.
2004/4/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13427 Activity:high 57%like:13412
        [the wedding dress thing again]
        \_ Get over it.
2004/4/20 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Celebrity/WilliamHung] UID:13275 Activity:nil
        Jackie is HOT HOT HOT
        \_ If you say so. Not all of us are crazy for pr0n-friendly blondes.
                \_ what do you mean?
                   \_ Some of us like fat women with floppy boobs.
                      \_ obYerMom
           \_ Ah, be nice to him.  It's the only kind of girl he ever sees.
              \_ Not anymore!
2004/4/9-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13110 Activity:nil
4/8     Does anybody have audio of Ice T on Law & Order SVU saying,
        "You on the down-low, dude!".  It was on Monday or Tuesday night.
        \_ on NBC?  USA will re-air it a week or two later.  let me know if
           you want me to get it for you then. --jameslin
        \_ That little bit with Ice-T explaining down-lows was the most fun
           SVU's been since I've started watching it. "I just know stuff.".
           -- forced to watch dumb TV w/ my wife.
           \_ What does she do for you?  Anal?  Threesomes?  Fulfilling your
              "big black man fucked my wife while i was forced to watch"
              fantasy? Can I fuck your wife?  I don't care if you watch or not.
              \_ Whoah. Did I piss in your Cheerios or something? If I did, I'm
                 sorry about it.
              \_ What every good wife does, puts up with your shit without
                 killing you.
                 \_ You got the whole marriage thing all confused.  I was
                    joking before but if your reply is serious you need some
                    serious marriage counseling to explain that marriage is
                    a two-way street and it isn't a big 'favor' to you that
                    she has deigned to marry you and stay.  I'm the last person
                    to use pansy ass phrases like "self esteem issue" but you
                    qualify.  -married on two-way street
                    \_ you're full of shit, and probably love to hear yourself
                       talk.  putting up with someones shit can be a 2-way
                       street.  i put up with shit from my wife, and she puts
                       up with shit from me.   we both get more out
                       of being together than we loose by putting up with the
                                                 \_ nweaver is married?
                       shit, so it's a net gain both ways. of course, the
                       above issue is not relevant for me, since my wife and
                       i both hate television.
                       \_ Uhm, yeah, I'm so glad for you that your marriage is
                          full of such joy that the best you can say is the
                          benefits outweigh the crap.  And you think *I'm* full
                          of shit?  I'm happily married.  No one in my house
                          puts up with crap from anyone.  --happily married on
                                2-way street with no crap unlike you, you
                                poor dumb bastard
                          \_ So you both have the same personality? You have
                             coupled bliss of no disagreements and no different
                             opinions? Nothing you do bugs your wife or vice
                             versa? Wow.
                    \_ I'm sorry.  I've noticed that the bi and large comment
                       usually also apply to polyamourous women.
                       \_ uh?  a bit off topic this afternoon, eh?
                          \_ how else would you interpret a two-way marriage?
                             \_ He said two-way street, not two-way marraige.
                                Normal people would just interpret that as
                                meaning that sometimes you give some and
                                sometimes you get some. Weird, sicko
                                degenerates on the other hand...
                 \_ if she hasn't killed you yet, it's only because your
                    future earning potential >> f(life insurance coverage,
                    your annoyance value, likelihood of landing someone
                    better).  once you stop being an earner, you're gone.
                 \_ BDG, where are you???
                    \_ Yes, this is definitely the right time for BDG to come
                       on board and help this poor dummy out before her lawyer
                       gets to him.
                       \- I saw the best  minds of my generation destroyed by
                          marriage,   starving  hysterical   naked,  dragging
                          themselves through  the sloda motd  at dawn looking
                          for an angry  fix, angelheaded hipsters burning for
                          the  ancient  heavenly  connection  to  the  starry
                          dynamo in  the machinery of night,  who poverty and
                          tatters and hollow-eyed and  high sat up smoking in
                          the  supernatural   darkness  of  cold-water  flats
                          floating  across the  tops of  cities contemplating
                          internet  p0rn, who  bared their  brains  to Heaven
                          under the  El and saw  Mohammedan angels staggering
                          on tenement  roofs illuminated, who  passed through
                          universities  with radiant cool  eyes hallucinating
                          freepers and Blake-light tragedy among the scholars
                          of war,  who were  expelled from the  academies for
                          crazy &  publishing obscene odes on  the windows of
                          the  skull,  who   cowered  in  unshaven  rooms  in
                          underwear, burning their  money in wastebaskets and
                          listening to  the Terror through the  wall, who got
                          busted  in  their  pubic beards  returning  through
                          Laredo with  a belt of marijuana for  New York, who
                          ate  fire in  paint hotels  or drank  turpentine in
                          Paradise Alley, death,  or purgatoried their torsos
                          night  after night  with Skyler,  with  drugs, with
                          waking  nightmares, alcohol  and  cock and  endless
                          balls,  incomparable  blind.
                                                --Allan  Ginsberg | psb@sloda
2004/4/7-8 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:13076 Activity:low
4/7     How do I make sure I last longer than she does?
        \_ Just get some Viagra or Cialis.  See
           Doesn't matter if you come, you'll still be hard.  If you
           really don't want to come, try the extended pleasure condoms
           as the poster below mentions.  It contains a topical anestetic
           that will numb your penis.  And if you find you get too tired
           before she comes, like if she takes an hour or more, start
           working out or invest in some coke.  -sky
        \_ Use your finger instead.
        \_ Think about Barry Bonds' baseball stats  while you are doing it.
           \_ so how long does masters last once they start drilling?
              \_ I know on porn they seem to last forever... ;)
                 \_ its all drugs.
        \_ condoms can help that by killing the feeling, which sucks tho.
           one thing is, the second time around you probably last longer.
           also, getting her closer to start with would help. also try
           getting a larger penis.
           \_ Right!  The less pleasure you feel, the better you are doing.
           \_ Foreplay is your friend.  Toys are a good thing.  Try the
              mini-vibes at
        \_ No one can satisfy yermom
        \_ Whack off before your date.
           \_ make sure to save a bit for styling her hair...
        \_ Try the Extended Pleasure condoms by Trojan.  Don't know if it
           really works though.
        \_ Why do you care?
           \_ You rock!  Thanks motd!  You always have the best answers!
        \_ Make sure to constantly switch to various positions.  I've gone
           hours this way.
        \_ Why should i give away my sexual secrets to you?
2004/4/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13066 Activity:nil 60%like:29913 61%like:30234 57%like:11885
4/7  (not work-safe)
        \_ I'm speechless...just...speechless.
        \_ Care to give a little description, since many people dare not browse
           it now?
           \_ Hot Orc Sex  (lotr fanfic)
           \_ And it's text.  if you've got someone looking that closely
              over your shoulder at work, you've got other problems.
2004/3/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29885 Activity:nil
3/29    motd has been kind of dead lately. What's going on?
        \_ New Fry's opened at Concord. Anime porn half off.
           \_ Who cares about anime porn. How about those booth babes.
           \_ mmm... tentacles...
                     \_ Eww!
           \_ are anime and manga the same thing? or does manga only refer
                to comic books? and hentai is japanamation porn?
                No definitions found for "bukkake"
                \_ 'Hentai' means 'perv' and refers to sexually-explicit comics
                   'Manga' is comics
                   'bukkake' ... google it (NSFW)
                    \_ what is nsfw? not safe for work?
                       \_ yes
              \_ anime is video; manga is comics.  As for definitions:
2004/3/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12811 Activity:nil
3/22    Solider arrested for being horny and poor.
        It's not written there but supposedly the expense for conventional
        arrangement costs 5000 US$!
        \_ uhm... wow.  I'm glad I live in the first world.
2004/3/22-23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Recreation/Dating] UID:12807 Activity:nil
3/22    Femi-Nazis ban urinal: (
2004/3/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12670 Activity:low
3/15    Two ministers charged by the state with violating civil marriage laws
        by performing a gay marriage.  Wouldn't it be easier if we just decided
        that relegious marriage and civil marriage had nothing in common?
        \_ why don't they charge the Mayors first?
        \_ That's a bit extreme.  Right now, religious ministers are licensed
           by the state to perform civil as well as religious marriage in a
           single ceremony as a convenience (and it means far fewer people
           coming to the courthouse for civil marriages, which saves you the
           taxpayer $$).  Some countries don't allow for this and require a
           civil ceremony.  That seems like a reasonable system.  It is what
           will likely happen if same-sex marriage becomes legal (because most
           ministers will refuse to perform same-sex ceremonies and will
           likely not be allowed to perform any civil marriage).
        \_ Yes, but then you have to decide what civil marriage means.  If two
           homosexuals can have a civil union which really just means a legal
           contract, why can't more people sign on to it?  Why not have legal
           polygamy which grants the same benefits to groups as it does to
           couples?  Why limit yourself?
           \_ All I'm saying is that it seems contrary to seperation of church
              and state for a religious ceremony to hold any legal authority.
              A marriage license should have no religious weight, and a
              religious ceremony should have no legal weight.
                \_ Does it really?  ""Congress shall make no law respecting an
                   establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise
                   thereof..."  There is less to separation of church and
                   state than is sometimes claimed.
                   \_ Actually, judges often times don't use the actual text
                      of the Constitution itself but rather the intent of the
                      text (which is why the Federalists Papers are often
                      consulted by Constitutional experts). In this case, the
                      first ammendment is loosely interpreted as meaning the
                      government shall not force a particular religion upon
                      the people. Don't know if that was the intent or not.
                   \_ There's also a lot of case law and precedant flowing from
                      that.  It has been extended (by "activist judges") to
                      include all lower levels of government too.
                \_ Religious ceremonies are just that.  Ceremonial.  They
                   already do not carry any legal weight.  That's why you need
                   to go to city hall first and get a marriage license, etc.
                   If the signed and witnessed document is not returned to
                   city hall later, you're not married.  You're single, right?
           \_ If a black man and a white girl can get married, why not have
              legal homosexual marriages?  Why limit yourself?
              \_ exactly. lets just allow everyone to do everything, sanction
                 and tax it. it feels good so do it!  think of the children!
                 it takes a village.  did I miss any?
              \_ why limit ourselves to homosexual marriages.  let's have
                 polygamous marriages.
                 \_ If you want to submit yourself to a denigrating
                    relationship or position of inferior  humanity, knock
                    yourself out.  Just don't expect society to pass a law
                    recognizing the legitimacy of such a relationship.
                    \_ How is it inferior?  Society?  So if society rejects
                       homosexuality, you will accept that?
                       \_ On the contrary: homosexual monogamy is about a
                          relationship between two equal partners. Polygamy,
                          by its very nature, begins to imply a hiearchy:
                          first wife over second wife, etc., with each
                          additional member of the overrepresented gender
                          adding to the overall importance of the under-
                          represented gender.
                          \_ On the contrary, homosexuality throughout history
                             has always been about unequal partners.  Roman
                             men and their males slaves.  Greek men and boys.
                             Prison daddies and their "wives".
                             \_ Contrast that with modern homosexual relation-
                                ships, wherein both partners are considered
                                \_ Similarly, polygamous relationships can
                                   work in modern societies, where people
                                   come together under their own free will.
                                   \_ ...the weird thing (from my POV) is
                                      that I find myself thinking that you're
                                      right.  My objections are based on bad
                                      examples in the past, not mature, modern
                                      relationships. That, and it gives me the
                 \_ Then you get stuff like one person extending their health
                    care to a dozen people.
                    \_ yes and why is that any different than one person
                       extending to only one person?  why extend at all?  why
                       not allow one to extend to 12, 50, 5000 if they're in
                       \_ you're an idiot.
                       \_ You can be in love with 5,000 people, but it's unfair
                          to require employers, the gov't, etc to provide
                          spousal benefits to an arbitrarily large # of people.
                          \_ The current laws and policies are based on the
                             presumption that marriages are union between a
                             man and a woman.  I am sure there are ways
                             to change it so that it caters well to a
                             society with polygamous marriages, or for
                             that matter, gay marriages.  History is full
                             of polygamous societies with code of laws.
                             \_ All of which are/were based on the superiority
                                one gender over another. Disagree? Prove me
                                wrong: find me one (1) polygamous society,
                                historical or modern, in which one gender was
                                not considered less valuable than the other.
                                \_ This doesn't prove anything.  Historically,
                                   even in monogamous societies, one gender
                                   is considered less valuable than the other.
                                   Find me one society in history where
                                   homosexuality is prevalent (eg. Rome,
                                   Ancient Greece) where the relationship is
                                   not often unequal (Roman with male slave,
                                   Greek with slave boy, etc.).
                                   \_ Point being that you're the one arguing
                                      for historical justification of polygamy
                                      whereas I'm not arguing for historical
                                      justification of homosexual marriage.
                                      \_ Incorrect.  I was arguing against
                                         using a small difficulty in the
                                         current benefits system as argument
                                         against polygamy.
                    \_ Yes, but at least the Bible supports this relationship.
                       \_ Using religious texts as the basis for civil laws...
                          what a great idea.  Call me when we're stoning the
                          \_ umm. see the US Constitution, Decl. of Independen
                       \_ it does? where??
                          \_ How many wives did Solomon have?
                             \_ yea, but Solomon sinned against God when
                                his many wives led him to worship many idols.
                                \_ Look Moses, David, Abraham, Jacob, Caleb,
                                   Gideon and Solomon were all polygamous.
                                   You can try and claim the bible is against
                                   polygamy, but you are full of it.
                                   \_ yes, the bible is full of sinners
                                    but that is the point..
                                    \_ Thanks for erasing the line from
                                       Exodus that specifically states
                                       that a man may have more than one
                                       wife. In any case, the bible quite
                                       specifically, in more than one place,
                                       allows polygamy:
                                       \_ the one that says  man "can"
                                        , David can also send Uriah to his
                                        death, I can also murder tons of
                                        people, but that doesn't mean
                                        it's not a sin just cuz it's in
                                        the bible. "can" != "may"
                                        \_ How about when your brother dies
                                           and you are commanded to marry
                                           his wife, regardless of whether
                                           you are married or not. Is that
                                           a sin, too?
                   \_ The bible does not prohibit polygamy.  However, the
                      bible also does not "support [polygamy]".
                      The bible instructs the husband to love his wife as
                      he loves himself.  Also the bible says that elders,
                      deacons and overseers (people in leadership positions
                      in the church) must be "the husband of but one wife".
           \_ Nah, we just want gay marriage, not polygamy.  After all,
              interracial marriage is allowed, right?
        \_ how do people turn what was normal then to not normal now? Back then
           it wAs normal to have a polygamy; it was normal to marry cousins; it
           was normal to get married at age 15...
           \_ it was only 'normal' for those able to afford it which was only
              the upper reaches of society.  it is no different today.  we
              still have mistresses/concubines, etc.
                \_ what I really mean is that people actually think it is weird
                   disgusting. When I saw on talk shows that people saying it's
                   sick to marry cousins, I was shocked because I don't have
                   that disgusted feeling seeing cousin couples.  Especially
                   when one realizes there were many cousin marriages in the
                   US history. To see the society get brainwashed to actually
                   feel cousin marriages are disgusting is amazing.  At this
                   point, I'm sure there are many people find polygamy
                   \_ Cousin marriages are not, in and of themselves,
                      disgusting.  They do, however, entail a significantly
                      higher chance of producing offspring with rare
                      recessive disorders.  Common taboos against cousin
                      marriages are the product of the very first attempts at
                      eugenics by the Roman Catholic Church.  Now, if you
                      _want_ to inflict bizarre genetic conditions on your
                      offspring, one could very well argue that you're
                      engaging in prenatal child abuse and do not deserve to
                      have custody of your children.
                      \_ This is not true. I don't have time today to
                         google for this, but your genetics is wrong.
                         Do you have any source for this? -bio major
                         \_ What, apart from Punnett squares?
                            \_ (USA Today)
                               \_ "A 7 to 8% chance (of genetic disorder) is
                                  50% greater than a 5% chance," says Philip
                                  Reilly, geneticist and author of Abraham
                                  Lincoln's DNA, a popular history of human
                                  genetics. "That's a significant difference.
                                  People counseling first cousins who want
                                  to marry need to be very careful and clear
                                  on this," Reilly says.
                                  \_ There's a much greater chance of
                                     genetic disorder in children born to
                                     women over 35, and especially over 40.
                                     \_ Women who have children after the
                                        age of 35 should be throw in jail
                                        for child abuse!
                                  \_ That is for first cousins. For second
                                     cousins, the effect is negligible.
                      \_ It depends what you mean by "significantly". The
                         effect is probably only noticeable in aggregate, when
                         cousin marriage is widespread for generations. There
                         are various arguments to be made against cousin
                         marriage. But the genetic aspect is probably not that
                         significant, apart from e.g. "double cousins" or known
                         family problems, especially when there are a lot of
                         other factors that society disregards such as older
                         women having children (increases % of problems) and
                         other analysis one could apply to particular couples.
                         \_ yea, we chinese practised cousin marriage for
                            quite a while, and we are only just slightly
                            \_ well, a) even after inbreeding, it doesn't
                               take much "outbreeding" to bounce back. b) maybe
                               people were stupider or weaker than they would
                               have been? how do you know? c) The average
                               Chinese and Indians in USA are smarter than the
                               average slobs back in the home country.
                               \_ don't be too sure. these days, among those
                                  with a choice, the smart ones stay home
                                  cause that's where the exciting opportuni-
                                  ties are.
                                  \_ that's irrelevant to the averages. the
                                     ones that came here are mostly on the
                                     smarter side so their average is higher.
           \_ In feudal Japan, it was uncommon for commoners to get married at
              all.  They practiced a kind of common law marriage.
              \_ Most of the world still practices a kind of common law
                 marriage.  -tom
                 \_ I made that up.  -tom
2004/3/9-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12591 Activity:nil
3/9     Yahoo! News - Study Examines STD Rates of Teen Virgins
        "The study found that the STD rates for whites who pledged virginity
        was 2.8 percent compared with 3.5 percent for those who didn't pledge.
        For blacks, it was 18.1 percent and 20.3 percent. For Asians, 10.5
        percent of virginity pledgers had STDs compared with 5.6 percent of
        non-pledgers. For Hispanics, it was 6.7 percent and 8.6 percent."
        Casual non-scientific thoughts:
        1. The less horny an Asian claims, the more horny (s)he is.
        2. It's safer to screw a seemingly horny Asian chick then a seemingly
           non-horny one.
        Also, "88 percent of pledgers have sex before marriage."  Most pledgers
        are liars.      :-)
        \_ 3. You're safer with whites than anyone else.
           4. statistics tell you about averages, and if you base your
           decisions on the averages of large numbers of people, you're a
           fucking idiot (and you're probably fucking an idiot as well.)
           \_ but as long as idiots are monogamous, they're not getting stds!
           \_ Does that make me an idiot-fucking idiot?  Oooh.
              \_ Actually that would be an idiot-fucking fucking idiot. Or
                 fucking idiot-fucking idiot. We have rich vocabularies.
        \_ This seems to go hand in hand with the Canadian study finding that
           huge swaths of kids don't think oral sex is sex, don't think it's
           sex if you pull out, don't think it's sex if you shower afterwards,
           \_ Do they really think it's not sex, or are they simply in denial?
              \_ They just learned well from their hero, Clinton.
2004/3/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12563 Activity:kinda low
3/7     chicks prepare to defend same-sex marriage by any means necesary: [nytimes]
        \_ by any means?  would they murder?  assassinate?  set explosives?
           suicide?  have sex with *gasp* men?  commit treason?  i doubt
           they're prepared to do -anything- by "any means necessary".
           \_ nah, that the style of the militant christian minority.
           \_ dude, its a JOKE. Did you even follow the link? Its a photo of
              some women with guns and a caption about a women's gun club
              in NYC... funny because they all look like lesbians.
              \_ it's the motd.  who follows links?  especially to unknown urls
2004/3/3 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:29851 Activity:high
3/3     *This* is the absolute best reason I've seen yet for why gay marriage
        should not be allowed to happen.
        \_ Obviously you missed this fine example of why even heterosexual
           marriage is doomed:
           \_ obtheDudeIsGay
              \_ So what? If marriage is between a man and a woman, lots of
                 gay guys will still get to marry their fag-hags.
2004/3/3-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12508 Activity:nil
3/3     Business casual porn:
2004/3/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29846 Activity:nil
3/1     Since the last dating thread generated so much excitement, here
        is a new poll:  Would you date someone who did immoral things
        not related to your relationship.  Say cheat on exams in college,
        petty theft from stores.  Steal from work.  etc.  Or if the sex
        was good, other sins are forgiven?
        \_ I think one should have the same moral standards as one's
           partner, whatever they may be.
        \_ cheat on exams: sure, petty theft shows there's some other problem
           and would make me think about it, from work depends.  I would never
           stay with someone that was doing something that would risk getting
           me into trouble. -oj
        \_ "I want a lady on the street, but a freak in bed."  -John
2004/3/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12486 Activity:nil
3/1     Wedding gift advice: how much should you spend on a gift for
        someone in your top 5 closest friends?  Does it make a difference
        if your are good friends with just one person or the couple?
        $100?  $300?  $500?
        \_ I was best man at a wedding for some really good friends (both
           of them) and I got them a case of very nice wine that only
           matures in about 12 years or so.  Be creative--I think expensive,
           dull gifts are lame, and won't buy from a wedding registry out of
           general principle (let the relatives take care of blenders and
           silverware and shit like that) but that's  just me.  Just get
           them something you put some thought and effort into.  Rules about
           how much a gift should cost seem sort of pointless.  -John
           \_ Then you're an idiot. My wife and I spent at least twenty
              hours working on the registry and all of our friends did the
              same. Nobody you just gave a gift to is going to say this to your
              face but get over yourself and get something people have actually
              indicated they want. As mentioned below, though, cash is greatly
              appreciated as a gift at wedding time. It's really what most
              newlyweds need most. We are going to have to postpone any honey
              moon for quite awhile for lack of it. -- ulysses
           \_ Maybe pointless to follow them slavishly.  But consider someone
              from Japan or China or India or Russia...say they need some
              kind of basic guideline.  A lot of these answers although
              creative do not answer the basic question.  Obviously, if you
              are a surgeon making $250k/yr the answers are different than
              if you are a math teacher at a high school in Virginia.
              If you are an artist who has gallery exhibits, "your art"
              may be fine.  A sketch of the Capanille you did last saturday
              would be a little silly otherwise.  I think for a single person
              going to a wedding, who has additional expenses for travel,
              $300 is pretty fair.
                \_ Good point, given that in Japan you give ornate little
                   envelopes full of cash, and at Bangladeshi weddings (at
                   least in the UK) you just dump moolah into a bag.  But
                   I think that regardless of where you're from or how much
                   you make, something cool/creative will always come across
                   well and be appreciated.  -John
        \_ What I heard was whatever it costs them to invite you to their
           wedding x 2. So yes, you bring more money as a couple.
           \_ I mean:  If you are friends with both the bride and groom
              do you expect to spend more than if you are on one side of
              the family.
              \- when i dont like one party, i try to give something the
                 party i like will get in the divorce, like if she is a
                 dumb, materialistic bitch and he is an ethical guy with
                 a GiantBrain, i'd give them the OED.
        \_ i just give them cash, $200 or so.
        \_ Why don't you try to buy them something nice that they might
           need?  -tom
        \_ Depends on your income, but I think anything less than $400-500
           is an insult to one of your closest friends. No, it does not
           make a difference if you know them both. Give as if you are
           friends with both even when you are not. FWIW, I gave an
           expensive set of knives and he got them in the divorce. Woo hoo!
           So I guess guns are good gifts if you are friends with the man!
           \_ ugh.. i feel cheap, i only spent $100 or so.
        \_ If your friend is a man, the best gift you could possible
           give him would be to prevent him from getting married. He
           may never thank you for it, but take comfort in the fact
           that you have saved one man from falling into the bottomless
           pit of misery that results from marriage.
           \_ bah, u just need to learn communication skills.  see
              men are from mars, by john gray.
                \_ Communication skills won't help you when your
                   wife decides that she would rather have your
                   money and a life of luxury in the Bahamas based
                   on your blood and sweat rather than work to
                   build a life together. Communications skills
                   won't help you in a community property state
                   when she lies and tells the all-men-are-rapists
                   divorce court judge that you were a spousal
                   abuser. Communication skills won't help when
                   every cent you make you is directly transfered
                   to her account while you don't have enough to
                   buy a burrito at Taco Bell.
                   \_ ah, BDG is a wife-beater; unsurprising.
                      \_ This isn't the BDG, just an imposter.
                                                   -- bdg #1 fan
        \_ One thing people on this thread have suggested is not getting
           stuff from the registry.  I suspect that these people are not
           married.  The point of a registry is to make it more likely
           that you get things you want/need/can use and to prevent you
           from getting a whole bunch of weird stuff that you don't want.
           After all, people only have so much room for decorations and
           if everyone gets the newlyweds artsy stuff, there won't be
           anywhere to put it.  Also, if the couple is paying for the
           wedding themselves (as opposed to parents paying), I can
           guarantee you that money is always appreciated since weddings
           can be very expensive.
           \_ I think the most badass thing ever would be to register at
              mcmaster carr.
           \_ As a sorta-recently married person, I agree with this:
              registry is *good*: we wouldn't have put it on the registry
              if we didn't want it! I also don't care how much a guest
              spends because the wedding is a party for everyone. I mean,
              don't be cheap if you can help it, but really it's just
              nice to celebrate. If you don't want to get something
              from the registry, then *cash* (or equivalent: e.g., gift
              certificates) is very appreciated. Again, amount doesn't matter.
              Getting three toaster ovens is lame (yes, we really did).
              However, we did get a few unexpected gifts which made
              us happy -- our favorite unexpected gift was a hedgehog
              mud scraper (for shoes/boots). Obviously it wasn't expensive
              but in the midst of opening gift-after-gift, it gave us
              quite a laugh. And we use it all the time.
        \_ It's all circumstantial. The registry is a guide that can help
           you make a useful choice (however, sometimes the registry has
           been made by the bride only, thus explaining "coral" and "seafoam"
           as color guides).I've given gifts when I was poor and when I had
           money, and when the couple were newlywed (never lived together)
           and older divorcees, each with their own homes. Give what you are
           comfortable with relative to both of your circumstances. A wedding
           is supposed to be celebrating the joining of two people's lives,
           not a treasure hunt. That happens when you graduate.
           \_ I got nothing when I graduated - not even a party. I never
              understood parents giving their kids things like cars when
              they graduate high school. I think I got an expensive pen.
              \_ I think it's because people generally need a car, and the
                 parents have money and the kid doesn't, so the parents feel
                 it's sensible to give them a car, and graduation seems like a
                 logical time, as it usually coincides closely with the 18th
        \_ How about offering some service as a gift?  An caucasian co-worker
           of mine was an amateur photographer, so he offered to take pictures
           in my Chinese wedding as a gift (and it worked out well even though
           he didn't understand the rituals).  A service as a gift is silly in
           the Chinese mind because a service is just "helping out", but I
           think in the American mind it's a sincere gift.
2004/3/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12475 Activity:low
3/1     If you just wanna date to have sex, 18 year old girls are the best.
        Let me give you a few reasons:
        - younger, less chance of disease
        - tighter vagina
        - easier to convince her to be on the pill. feel better
        There are other reasons of course.                      -dans #1 fan
        \_ Easier to impress.
           \_ Yep, and put up with bullshit that older women avoid. Also can't
              use the "tried it and didn't like it" excuse as readily.
        \_ The disease thing is iffy. Unless you're preying on ingenues, an
           experienced 18 year old is _more_ likely to have a disease since
           she's less likely to have insisted on condoms with previous mates.
        \_ do 18 year old scream more/less than older woman?
        \_ None of you have ever had sex.
           \_ You mean for free, right?
        \_ I don't care for 18, 20, 24, etc. I just love to fuck virgins.
           \_ Uh huh. And just how many of these virgins have you fucked?
              The Tenderloin massage lady dressed in pigtails and a school
              girl uniform doesn't count.
2004/3/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12468 Activity:kinda low
3/1     Fear of Janet's boob + The Sucess of the Passion of the Mel = most
        boring Oscar's EVER?
        \_ I don't fear Janet's boob.  Anyway, it's just an awards ceremony
           where they all tell each other how great they all are.  Just how
           exceiting could that ever really be?
           \_ Yeah, not very exciting.  What can you say?
        \_ When the best part is Blake Edwards doing some slapstick, you've
           got to worry.
        \_ I pity you guys...
2004/2/29-3/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12459 Activity:high
2/29    no offense dans, i think you're a funny guy and
        smart and you probably contribute to society now and then,
        but reading about your dating exploits and knowing
        you makes me a bit ill.
        \_ I think he's a fabulous boy and he'll be an amazing man in a few
           years but I think stress is showing the rough spots now.  We'll
           years but I think stress is showing the rough spots now.  We're
           still be friends, though.
        \_ You're just jealous because he got live action h0t a2n pr0n and
           you didn't.
           \_ a2n?  asian?  or ass-to-nose?
           \_ a2n?  asian?  or ass-to-nose?
              \_ Wouldn't you like to know.
        \_ I don't believe I've ever put a gun to your head, or blackmailed
           you into following my dating exploits or keeping company with me.
           Besides, danh and aspo post shit to the motd that makes my dating
           exploits look like a kindergarten age Sunday school classroom.
           P.S. You should know me well enough to know that I'm easily
           annoyed, but rarely offended, so what's with this ``no offense''
           still be friends, though.
        \_ You're just jealous because he got live action h0t a2n pr0n and you
           \_ You're a fabulous boy and you'll be an amazing man in a few
              years but I think stress is showing the rough spots.
2004/2/29-3/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12455 Activity:moderate
2/29    Would you date someone with a 10 year age difference?
        [twentysomething and thirtysomething]
        \_ Yes, I dated a 40 year old woman, and boy, could she suck cock.
        \_ Yes, I dated a 40 year old woman                     -tawei
        \_ Yes (20+ and 30+, but not teenager and 20+).
        \_ Why not? As long as she's at least 18  and younger than I am.
          \_ Unless all you guys do is fuck, you most likely won't have too
             many things in common with an 18 year old. Unless of course you
             have the maturity level of an 18 year old. (i.e. 28 going 18)
             \_ For the sake of arguement, is it so out of the question
                that an 18 year old could have the maturity level of a 28
                year old?
                \_ Mostly.  There are rare exceptions.  *VERY* rare
                   exceptions. Just curious, are you one of those 18 year
                   olds who thinks they're *REALLY* mature?
                   \_ funny. no,  I'm a 28 year old married to a 27 year
                      old using the motd to waste time when my attention
                year old?
                \_ Mostly.  There are rare exceptions.  *VERY* rare exceptions.
                   Just curious, are you one of those 18 year olds who thinks
                   they're *REALLY* mature?
                   \_ funny. no,  I'm a 28 year old married to a 27 year
                      old using the motd to waste time when my attention span
                      runs out at work.
                      span runs out at work.
                \_ A really mature 18 year old is more like your average 22
                   year old.  A really mature 22 year old is more like your
                   average 28 year old.  After that, it's more a matter of
                   life priorities and personalities; your really mature
                      very different understanding of life than an 18 year old,
                   25 year old may still be into clubbing when you're
                   much more interested in staying home with a good book.
                   \_ It's more than what you plan to do saturday night.  If
                      very different understanding of life than 18 year old,
                      you're just fucking it doesn't matter but for anything
                      real you need enough life experiences in common.  If
                      you're 28, own a home, on your third car, have an ex-wife
                      or ex-gf you almost married, and buried your 3rd dog last
                      year at age 15 you've done a lot of things and have a
                      very different understanding of life than an 18 year old,
                      any 18 year old just can't have.  If she's 18 and has
                      that much life experience already she's probably had a
                      really hard life and comes with a truckload of baggage.
        \_ The 18 to 28 mentioned above is unlikely to be a successful real
           relationship but she's old enough to fuck.  23 to 33 is much more
           likely to work out as a 23 year old is better able to deal but
           there's still no guarantees in life.  29 to 39 is no problem.  OTOH
           if it's just about sex and killing some time then as long as it's
           legal why not?
        \_ A 10 year age difference is irrelevant.  I've dated several people
           10+ years my senior.  All of those relationships ended amicably,
           and the exes are now good friends.  I recently dated someone five
           years my junior (I am 24, do the math).  She was very mature for
           her age, but stress showed some rough spots.  I think she is a
           fabulous girl, and I think that she will be an amazing woman in a
           few years.  Basically, I think that, in the general case, age is
           irrelevant.  If you're older than twenty, you shouldn't be dating
           people younger than seventeen, but once you resolve the questions of
           legality and decorum, anything goes.  Life experience is what you
           make of it.  People who are thirty *may* have more experience to
           draw upon, but that doesn't mean they actually learned from their
           experiences.  I know plenty of fifty-somethings with the maturity
           of a cranky toddler.  Conversely, I know lots of people who were
           very mature at age sixteen or younger. -dans
           \_ When I was 20 and sleeping with a 37 year old, I thought so,
              too.  Now that I'm 34, I don't know what (apart from youth,
              enthusiasm, and huge libido) she saw in me.  Apart from the
              aforementioned youth, enthusiasm, and huge libido, I can't
              understand dating someone now who is 20.
                \_ HELLO TAWEI!!! Long time no see!!!
              \_ Where does a 20 year old hook up with a 37?
                 \_ There are plenty of older women walking around who take
                    care of themselves and would love to fuck your brains out
                    if you're 20, healthy, and clean.  When I was 20 I thought
                    they were too old.  At 34, I 'appreciate' their
                    desperation and 'special needs'.  Just look around you,
                    they're single, need sex, and looking for you.
              \_ Are you still friends with her?  Also, have you dated any
                 men who are ten years your senior? -dans
                 \_ I believe the person above has never slept with men senior
                    junior, or otherwise.  At 20 the person was sleeping with a
                    37 year old *woman*.
           \_ Just because you're "still friends" and things ended amicably
              doesn't mean you had healthy relationships.  It may just mean
              that neither of you really gave a shit.  Don't confuse the two.
              At 24 you're hardly in a great position to say that a 28 year
              old hasn't learned more from life than an 18 year old.  If the
              28yo hasn't then they must have been sleeping in a cocoon.  That
              you even believe in the concept of mature 16 year olds (or even
              younger as you say) is ridiculous.  It sounds like you've 100%
              swallowed the whole SF/Berkeley "if it feels good, it's good"
              thing.  Your 50 year 'toddlers' need professional help if
              there's any 16 year old with more maturity.  No offense
              intended, but at 24 you're still young enough to be cute in the
              way know-it-all teens are, but not old enough yet to really know
              wtf you're talking about.  I think you're a fabulous boy and
              you'll be an amazing man in a few years but I think stress is
              showing the rough spots now.  Can we still be friends?
              \_ In the words of a dead English guy who said it better than I
                 can ever hope to,
                   There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
                   Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
                 You seem to be under the impression that that I claim
                 ``All 28 year olds have not learned more from life than all
                   18 year olds.''
                 I made no such claim.  If you think I did, kindly reread what
                 I wrote in my previous post, and if you still think that's
                 what I claim, you should brush up on your logic and rhetoric.
                 If after all that you still think that's what I claim, do
                 yourself a favor and have your head examined.  Although I've
                 met many 50-something `toddlers,' a great many members of
                 congress, not to mention our President, qualify for this
                 designation.  I agree with you they do, indeed, need
                 professional help.  Seeing as I held the aforementioned
                 beliefs for years before I set foot in California, I don't
                 see how they could result from any purported SF/Berkeley
                 ``if it feels good, it's good'' `thing' you suggest I
                 subscribe to.
                 When you state that ``... at 24 you're ... not old enough
                 yet to really know wtf you're talking about.'' it shows
                 that you subscribe to the fallacy that wisdom is a linear
                 function of age.  The fact that the depth of your N years
                 of experience does not include meeting a mature 18 year
                 proves only that you have never met a mature 18 year old.
                 It in no way proves that mature 18 year olds do not exist.
                 Assuming that N > 24, the very fact that you refuse to
                 believe me suggests that either a) You do not understand my
                 argument, or b) You do not believe I am capable of assessing
                 maturity.  Either way continuing this discussion with you is
                 pointless.  If a) is true, then you're clearly unfit to
                 participate in a rational debate.  If b) is true, you are
                 implying that everything I have to say on this matter
                 has no value, in which case, my only reasonable course of
                 action is to assume the same is true of all your thoughts.
                 More in heaven and earth, train harder young grasshopper.
                 \_ On part A) I didn't say the fabricated quote you attribute
                    to me, so everything on that topic that follow is your
                    own personal little delusion.  On part B) regarding your
                    impressive ability to survive 24 years, I honestly tried to
                    read your post but when you started to get all Spock logic
                    about it, it was just too boring and idiotic to continue.
                    There's simply no such thing as mature 18 year olds or
                    immature 50 year olds in the sense the OP was asking about.
                    If you really think you've met truly mature 16 year olds
                    then it only says you're rather young, not that they are
                    rather old.  Your political beliefs about Bush and some
                    members of the legislative branch has nothing to do with
                    anything and is unlikely to convince any liberals here of
                    the merits of your belief system but it was a nice try.
                    \_ So, three generations ago, it was routine for a 18 year
                       old and a 17 year old to strike out on their own,
                       get married, settle a 160 acre piece of land, build
                       their own house and start having children. These
                       young people strike me as mature. Perhaps things
                       have changed in 100 years, but human nature has
                       not. Do not confuse the fact that you don't know
                       any mature 18 year olds with the idea that there
                       are none anywhere in the world.
                       \_ wife beating was common and accepted then too. that
           likely to work out as a 23 year old is better able to deal but
           there's still no guarantees in life.  29 to 39 is no problem.  OTOH
           if it's just about sex and killing some time then as long as it's
           legal why not?
           draw upon, but that doesn't mean they actually learned from their
           experiences.  I know plenty of fifty-somethings with the maturity
           of a cranky toddler.  Conversely, I know lots of people who were
           very mature at age sixteen or younger. -dans
              younger as you say) is ridiculous.  It sounds like you've 100%
              swallowed the whole SF/Berkeley "if it feels good, it's good"
              thing.  Your 50 year 'toddlers' need professional help if
              there's any 16 year old with more maturity.  No offense
              intended, but at 24 you're still young enough to be cute in the
              way know-it-all teens are, but not old enough yet to really know
              wtf you're talking about.  I think you're a fabulous boy and
              you'll be an amazing man in a few years but I think stress is
              showing the rough spots now.  Can we still be friends?
                 believe me suggests that either a) You do not understand my
                 argument, or b) You do not believe I am capable of assessing
                 maturity.  Either way continuing this discussion with you is
                 pointless.  If a) is true, then you're clearly unfit to
                 participate in a rational debate.  If b) is true, you are
                 implying that everything I have to say on this matter
                 has no value, in which case, my only reasonable course of
                 action is to assume the same is true of all your thoughts.
                 More in heaven and earth, train harder young grasshopper.
                          tends to settle a lot of arguments pretty quickly,
                          whereas maturity is more important for that today.
                 \_ I agree with you, but you know what, you need to
                    take it easy.  - yet another poster
                 \_ I also think that there's not really such thing as a mature
                    18 year old. There's "mature for her age" but there is
                    some relationship between age/experience and wisdom. At
                    some point that curve starts to flatten, but someone age
                    18 can't even legally drink/gamble, go to a bar, may
                    not have ever voted, and could not be elected President.
                    The perception is that an 18 year old is a kid. Even a
                    really mature 18 year old does not have the wisdom of
                    an infantile 50 year old. An immature 28 year old and
                    a mature 18 year old can probably get along just fine,
                    but anyone older than 20 getting with an 18 year old likely
                    just wants sex and is rationalizing.
                    \_ I didn't rationalize it.  I fucked her brains out until
                       I couldn't move anymore and my cock was sore from the
                       endless sex.  The rest of what you say is spot on.
                       \_ is having sex with an 18 year old a lot better
                          than say a 25 year old? if so, in what way?
        \_ yes.  11y6m difference, she was older.
2004/2/27-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12437 Activity:nil
2/27    So what exactly are the legal, practical implications of a state-
        licensed marriage? As opposed to just saying you're married. --single
        \_ Corporate benefits packages, state and federal tax breaks,
           property laws, etc.
        \_ Calling BDG!
        \_ They call it tying the knot for a reason; you are tying the
           knot around your neck. At least with the hangman your pain
           lasts only a minute.
           \_ I'd call you a misogynist, but you never can tell these days.
                \_ Perhaps after you find that "special" woman and are
                   stupid enough to marry her and then she leaves you
                   and takes 1/2 of everything you own and you end up in
                   the poor house struggling to survive each day while
                   she spends each day lounging on the beach with a new
                   boy toy each week you will understand what women are
                   capable of and why they should be avoided at all costs.
                     |  |
                     |  |
                     |  |
                     |  |
                     |  |
        ,----.      /`-. \
       (      )    /-._|  \
       |`----'|   |        |
       \      /   |`-...   |
        `.  ,'    |'` . |  |
          ||      |`,'- |  |
        ,-||-.    |`-...|  |
       (  ''  )   |        |
        `----'     `-....-'

2004/2/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29831 Activity:nil
2/24    Anybody reads the comic strip "Blondie"?  She has such a nice figure
        for a mother of a teenager.  And her daughter is pretty hot too. :-)
        I fantasize about fondling her body all the time. Is it wrong to
        salivate over a comic strip woman?  -csua virgin
        \_ time to learn how to draw.
        \_ C'mon, what happened to all the decent trolls?
        \_ Go watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
           \_ Noise.  Go see "Heavy Metal".
        \_ you wonder what she ever saw in dagwood
           \_ this is where we need BDG to tell us about how women only marry
              for money and what a whore Blondi is.
        \_ Cartoon chicks is one thing. Watching too many daily hours of
           afternoon cartoons probably does subtle things to a child's
           development. I had the hots for April O'Neil. But what about
           cartoon animals?
2004/2/25-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12399 Activity:nil
2/24    dear motd psychologist, i'm happy with my current gf. however, i've
        been having a lot of dreams about my x-gf (happy dreams with her).
        why is that? does this mean i still like my x subconsciously, or that
        i don't like my current gf which is a contradiction, or what? any
        analysis you have would be appreciated, thanks.
        \_ Who's to say that you don't like them both for different reasons?
           Also, maybe you are trying to subconciously put a positive spin
           on a bad past relationship.  I sometimes have dreams about old
           roommates who I've had a falling out with.
        \_ It means you should try and have a threesome.
           \_ BINGO!  good call.
        \_ It's a resolution dream, your brain's way of resolving unresolved
           threads in your life. It's an expression of the way you wish things
           could have been, but it has no real bearing on your current life.
           Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
        \_ It's just a dream, fr[a]eud not withstanding.  Yes dream *could*
           have some relation with your real life, but rarely directly and
           the relation is often trivial.  Let it come and let it go.
           \_ if freud were such a fraud we wouldn't still be talking about
              him.  nothing substantial has replaced his theories.
              \_ Freud made it into a respectable field and helped shattered
                 many of the taboos.  He also made a permanent(ly wrong)
                 impression on the public and that's why we still talk about
                 it in popular culture, but his theory is not what is taught
                 in any respectable curriculum.
        \_ tell your ex about your dreams and see if she feels the same way
                \_ i did and she said no. however, she's been having a lot
                   of health problems so that's kind of understandable. -op
                   \_ i'd be pissed off too if you gave me herpes.  that would
                      be understandable.
        \_ A therapist would ask what your ex-gf represents to you. People
           in dreams are not always what they appear to be.
        \_ did you do it with your ex or your current gf?  if so, which one
           is better?
           \_ if you haven't had sex with someone that you're calling your gf
              and you're both adults then she's not your gf.
              \_ Yeah, I think the correct term is "friend from Bible study".
                         \- heh --psb
                 \_ Yeah, like the way those Catholic fathers study with those
2004/2/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12393 Activity:low
2/24    Am I the only one who think Sex and the City is stupid?  Okay maybe
        no more stupid than the other shows but I don't have a TV and don't
        know.  I just caught an episode on a hotel TV while travelling aborad.
        Maybe with some sex it could actually be stimulating to the senses,
        but I just can't see what's so intelligent about it.  And it's further
        removed from the real world than the survival island.
        \_ You think that show's stupid? Try watching American Idol.
        \_ No you are not the only one. -- ashamed to admit watching an episode
           \- the people on the show are self-abosorbed, shallow and morally
              bankrupt hedonists [like in muriel's wedding]. it cant hold a
              candle to say seinfeld for smart writing or coupling [uk] for
              humor. --psb
              \_ Coupling, while occasionally pretty funny, has bad acting,
                 not-too-grandiose writing, loads of pruderie, and masks the
                 same sort of "moral bankruptcy" with a thin veneer of "we
                 are the BBC, we must be good".  On the other hand, there's
                 nothing wrong with a bit of moral banktruptcy... -John
              \_ I would watch a hedonist show if it had any depth, but ...
              \_ a lot of us happen to like self-absorbed, shallow, and
                 morally bankrupt hedonism.  besides, that passes for
                 sophistication in many circles.
        \_ The only episode I ever watched was one where one girl was bitching
           to another girl cause her jimmy choo shoes disappeared after a
           house party at the other girl's place.  whatever.
           \_ If you don't understand the importance of shoes, you don't
              understand girls.
                \_ That's as stupid as saying 'if you don't understand the
                   importance of football, you don't understand boys.'
                     -- ilyas
                   \_ Let the record show that ilyas does not understand
                      girls. ;-)
                      \_ Or boys, apparently. -- ilyas
                \_ Corroborated by girlfriend and other women.  -John
                   \_ I first read this as "girlfriend and other womAn". much
                   \_ well, my girlfriend LOVES shoes too, but getting
                      into a bitch fight for it is another story ...
                        \_ Has anyone ever stolen a shoe of hers?  -John
        \_ In short, yes the show is stupid and no one important will miss it.
           \_ Unless you're married....
              \_ My wife hates it too.
        \_ I (a male) also found the show distasteful. However more than a
           few women I know tell me Sex and the City speaks volumes to their
           lives as single women in their thirties. YMMV.
           \_ I am reminded of the Simpsons when Marge's sisters, Selma and
              Patti, are watching SaTC and Selma exclaims "Oh this show is
              SO us!"
              \_ In the same episode they described the show as, "four single
                 women who act like gay men"
        \_ Great thread when it manages to get psb to weigh in on a popular TV
           show. Sex and the City was, when it arrived, the best written comedy
           I'd seen on TV. Six Feet Under took that away a couple of years
           later, though, and got more into those "moral" issues, if that's
           what floats your boat. The better question is which of the four do
           you love/hate most? Incidentally, like any show. It varied a great
           deal ep to ep. It would be a mistake to call the show on a single
           episode. -- ulysses.
           \_ why?  partha watches trashy tv along with the rest of us.
              \_ First, interrupting is rude practise, son. Get over it. Other
                 than that, I'm just poking fun at the most pompous voice I
                 read on the motd. Lord knows I'm culpable myself. For the
                 record, I didn't watch TV until I started dating my wife. Now,
                 I'm afraid, I can describe the plots of most every show on
                 prime time cable. -- ulysses
                 \_ You watch prime time cable and you call people son?
                    They should be calling you son, I think.
                    \_ The shame...the shame! -- ulysses
                \_ psb makes a lot of sense if you imagine him speaking in a
                   voice like one of the bald dudes in "Dark City."
                   \_ This cracked me up.  Nice call.
                      \_ seconded.  this image should improve my motd reading
                         experience for years to come.
           \_ If I wanted to listen to the privledged white girls whine, I'd
              start going to Republican events.
              \_ Well you certainly spell like one. -dans
                 \_ Ph34r |\/|y 5p311!Ng Ph4|\/|3!!!!
              \_ I'm confused.  Are white Republicans rich and evil or poor
                 hick white trash?  Can you pick one slur and stick with it?
                 Thanks!  --Rich Evil Poor White Trash Republican
        \_ so are there any woman out there who do NOT like SatC?
           \_ I don't like it and don't hate it. I don't get HBO but if I
              did i'd probably watch it when I feel like vegging in front of
              the tv for a while. I don't have the type of female friends that
              get together every week to watch it but if I did I'd probably
              use it as an excuse to hang out and get drunk. The writing
              certainly doesn't "speak to me" or anything. -soda gal
        \_ You see or hear about any sex in Sex In The City? Did you expect
           hardcore penetration scenes or something???
2004/2/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Sleeping] UID:12383 Activity:high
2/24    Yahoo! News - Half of Young Americans to Get Sex Diseases -Study
        Holy cow!  I'd better stop sleeping around.
        \_ I pity the poor dumb bastards at school now.  I fucked my way
           through school and didn't catch a thing.  I used about 5 condoms
           the whole time.
           \_ How many other guys' semen have you indirectly touched with your
              \_ it wasn't so indirect...
              \_ Uh oh, homophobia hits the motd.  None probably but if one or
                 more was slutting around and dripping with cum and I didn't
                 notice I think I survived.  Thanks for caring!
           \_ You believed it the chick said she was on the pill?
           \_ What's the incubation period of AIDS again?
        \_ Wow, this sounds pretty tin-foil condom to me.
        \_ while I think condom is safe and all, I don't use them anymore.
           When I started screwing this chick who was on the pill, I never
           wanted to go back to condoms again. It just feels sooooooo much
           better without the condom. It's like the difference between
           getting a massage with a hammer vs. getting a massage with bare
           naked hands. Having sex without condom is like, drugs, once you're
           on it you get hooked forever.
           \_ Agreed.  And I take care of the safety issue by marrying a
        \_ Americans have the highest STD rate in the industrialized world?
           But what about those amoral French?  This can't be Tr00000!
           \_ the french have sex-ed!  Ignorance Is Truth!
           \_ the french people i know seem to be quite priggish about sex.
              \_ Er, I was kidding?  You guys are a swift bunch here in
                 \_ the promiscuity of the french seems to be an enduring
                    \_ Yo.  Dude.  I was kidding.  HELLO.  EARTH TO STUPID
                       \_ you know, the world doesn't quite revolve you.
                          the fact that you were kidding is mostly
                          coincidental to the point that there is an
                          enduring stereotype.
                          \_ The world doesn't revolve me?  Whoa dude,
                             that's like profound and shit.
                             \_ Of course the world revolves you. If it
                                didn't you would fly off into space.
2004/2/16 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:12269 Activity:nil
2/15    Is there more to love than lusty impulse?
        \_ They have nothing to do with each other.
           \_ Would you still be capable of love if you had been fixed?
              \_ There is a documented case of just such an unrequited love.
        \_ If everyone acted on lusty impulse all the time,
           society would fall apart.  Gay marriage, adultery,
           targeting unmarried 20 year olds when you are married
           and in your 50's are not "counter-culture," it's
           selfishness and it destroys society.
           \_ dude! who gave ashcroft a csua account?? - kane
           \_ Acting solely on impulse would be bad, whether it were gay
              impulse or the kind approved by your mother.
           \_ last time I check, someone acted on impulse and invade
              Iraq, he sure is not a Liberal nor leftist.
2004/2/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12221 Activity:nil
2/11    Happy Valentines Day:
2004/2/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29798 Activity:nil
2/10    For those of you interested in non-Hallmark brand greeting cards
        for Valentines day, a friend of mine does hand-made ones.
2004/2/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29784 Activity:high
2/6     Have you seen any cute women at Fry's or any other geek shop?
        \_ do booth bunnies count?
           \_ what are booth bunnies?
              \_ A.K.A. booth babes.  Attractive women hired to get your
                 attention for a product.
                 \_ they do not count.
                 \_ does not count
        \_ Usually some geeky asain dude with hit 2hot4him gf on his arm
           looking painfully bored waiting for a hotdude like you to sweep
           her off her feet!
        \_ yes, in the punky DIY tattoed chick way
        \_ There is this hot 19 or 20ish latin woman that works the cafe
           at the Sunnyvale Fry's. But other than that, not really.
           \_ There's this tall greek woman that works at the RMA dept of
              Sunnyvale Fry's.  Same one?
              \_ She is tall, so we might be talking about the same one.
2004/2/6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12139 Activity:nil
2/6     I love Pho. Do you like Pho? Would you like to be my friend?  -tran
        \_ Where fo is the best pho in Berkeley?
           \_ not exactly in berkeley, but that place in 99 ranch?
        \_ Is Pho Hoa on Shattuck any good?
           \_ They're... okay.
2004/2/6 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:12120 Activity:nil
2/5     So what's up with this Simon guy on American Idol? I mean, is he
        actually someone famous like Paula Abdul? Does he actually sing?
        \_ simon and randy are both talent scouts. they make a living
           searching for talent for record labels and signing them, and
           they both have a great track record.
                \_ I'd love to see Simon sing and have someone like him
                   critique his looks/voice/moves
                   \_ Pointless.  That's like saying you'd love to see Judge
                      Ito on trial for murder.  Ito is an idiot but we know
                      he didn't kill anyone's wife or bloody his white SUV.
2004/2/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12108 Activity:nil
2/4     Dear sodans, my wife and I have been trying to have a baby for the
        past 6 months without any luck. What is the best advice you have?
        Like best day/time to have sex, etc? ok thx.
        \_ it takes 9 months to come out
        \_ A little known fact is that all the cures for warts found in
           Tom Sawyer will also help you conceive.  They only work if you
           record them on video, and put it in a public directory in
           csua, though.  Start with the dead cat in a cemetary.
        \_ Thank you for relieving the boredom.  I await the motd replies
           with great anticipation.
        \_ Stop doing her up the ass.
        \_ you mean you and the mailman are both sterile? what're the
           \_ Try FedEx.  USPO never comes on time.
        \_ please post your address and a good time when I should try to
           come over to help
        \_ find out when your wife is fertile.  Go see doctors.
        \_ Insert the male dongle into the female port
        \_ If none of these suggestions work, try seeing a fertility
        \_ Don't do her every day. Your sperm count would get too low. You can
           see a doctor and have your stuff checked out. They can advise you
           on the monthly cycles etc.
           \_ stuff? which stuff is that?
           \_ I believe stud dogs and horses are bred <= every 2 days.
              \_ And?
                 \_ Therefore it might make sense to try every other day.
                    \_ Yeah... I couldn't tell if your "<=" was agreeing or
                       \_ 'Less than or equal to every 2 days'
                          \_ "every two days" is not a number. I guess I needed
                             an "often" in there somewhere.
        \_ Are you wearing tight briefs?  If so, switch to boxers.
           \_ And stop riding bike (nothing to do with using Linux), unless you
              always ride it standing-up with your butt away from the seat.
              \_ How do you know that using Linux doesn't make you less fertile?
                 \_ No I don't, but I don't know otherwise either.
        \_ Throw her out of the house and order up a new mail order Russian
        \_ If your wife has regular cycles, ovulation is at 14 days after the
           first day of period.  So concentrate your effort to between the 11th
           day and the 14th day, because sperms can last three days inside her.
           I used this rule in reverse to avoid having a kid, until my wife
           threatened to divorce me.  A couple months later she got pregnant.
           \_ *Laugh*  This is the best thing on the entire motd.  Classic.
2004/2/4-5 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:12098 Activity:moderate
2/3     Massachusetts high court:
        "The history of our nation has demonstrated that separate is seldom,
        if ever, equal," the four justices who ruled in favor of gay marriage
        wrote in the advisory opinion.  A bill that would allow for civil
        unions, but falls short of marriage, makes for "unconstitutional,
        inferior, and discriminatory status for same-sex couples."
        \_ Hear hear
        \_ If you're going to troll you need to spice it up a bit.  This
           blatant bait isn't going to catch anything.
        \_ same troll
2004/2/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12084 Activity:moderate
2/2     What do people think of the Vagina Monologues? Is it worth seeing?
        \_I enjoyed it all three times I've seen it, but then again I know a
          quarter of the cast.  If you have a girlfriend/date your assured to
          get laid if you take her.
        \_ Heh.  Isn't that the one where a 13 year old girl gets raped,
           and then it's supposedly 'good rape.'
           \_ No, it is a middle aged woman speaking sort of a feminist
              diatribe. I am pretty much a SNAG, but I found it to be kind of
              dull. The women I went with all enjoyed it. I do remember one
              funny line from it: "My vagina is Angry!". That cracked me up.
              \_ Hey Mr. SNAG, you really should do your research before saying
                 'no.'  In fact, there was a 13 year old getting raped in the
                 original version, but it's a 16 year old now, and references
                 to 'good rape' were removed.  Vagina Monologues are trash,
                 bordering on criminal trash.
                 \_ Have you ever actually seen it performed, or are you
                    just parroting some crap you read on Freep?
                       Google for 'vagina monologues 13 year old'.  I don't
                       need to see it performed to consider it trash.  I
                       haven't seen most things I consider bad face to face.
                       Thank God for that.
                       \_ "I said VAGINA at least a dozen times a day for two
                           months, and I was able to reclaim it as a word."
                           \_ Vagina no longer refers to a woman's parts?
                       \_ So in other words, there is no scene where a "13 year
                          old girl gets raped" no line about a "good rape"
                          and everything you know about the play is from
                          something someone else told you about it. And yet
                          you are certain you are the authority and I am
                          wrong, even though I have seen it. Gotcha.
                          \_ There was a scene where a 13 year old girl
                             describes being raped by an older (over 18)
                             person.  And then says 'if it was rape it was
                             good rape.'  This scene was REMOVED in subsequent
                             versions, as has been said several times.  What
                             exactly are you questioning here?  Are you saying
                             this line never existed?  Because I can easily
                             prove you wrong.  The play is trash for this
                             reason alone.
                             \_ I pointed out that there was no 13 yo rape.
                                I saw it and can verify that fact. The person
                                was asking "should I go see The Vagina
                                Monologues?" not "should I have gone and
                                seen Vagina Monologues four years ago?"
                                There is no rape scene and you are wrong,
                                just admit it. A bunch of women talk about
                                there experiences being raped, but none of
                                them are 13. Say it "you were right
                                and I am wrong." It's not that hard, is it?
                \_ what's SNAG?
                   \_ Sensitive New Age Guy
                      \_ Also used ironically to describe guys who claim to be
                         sensitive, kind etc but are really just
                         passive-agressive pussies.
        \_ I have not seen Vagina Monologues, but I have seen Eve Ensler
           and I think she's a strong speaker.  -tom
           \_ Is it worth seeing if it is other girls putting it on? -op
              \_ girls?  These are wymyn you insensitive rapist clod!
           \_ Hm, when I saw it was not Eve Ensler doing it. Perhaps it
              would have been better if it was by her. -SNAG
        \_ Why would you pay good money to see a woman whine and bash men?
                \_ you're right, it's better not to know.  Ignorance is Truth.
           You can pay less to take out some random chick and maybe get laid
           and less than that gets you a bj with no whining.
           \_ you're right, it's better not to know.  Ignorance is Truth.
              \_ prove me wrong.  all i've seen so far is "you're a pig!" which
           and less than that gets you a bj with no whining.
                 only proves me right.
           \_ From someone who obviously hasn't seen it..
              \_ "My vagina is ANGRY!"  Uhm yeah.  I missed that line
                 somewhere.  Take your sensitive 90s ass somewhere else.  Very
                 few guys get laid with that attitude and none have ever been
                 laid posting anonymously on the motd that way.
                 \_ I'd hate to see the women that sleep with your ignant
                    \_ I've yet to be corrected, only insulted.  Is your vagina
                       still ANGRY?
                 \_ No one has ever been laid posting anonymously on the motd.
                    In that way, or any other way, so I guess I have to
                 laid posting anonymously on the motd that way.
                    agree with you there.
                    \_ don't make me make a 'yermom' joke.
           \_ Yay! Ignorant misogyny is still free on the motd!
           \_ Yay! Ignorant misogyny is still free on the motd!
              \_ I've yet to be corrected, only insulted.  Is your vagina
                 still ANGRY?  [you weren't worth a new unique reply]
2004/2/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:12076 Activity:high
2/2     Kansas court gives 18-year old 17 years for blowjob:,1282,-3689195,00.html
        \_ It was rear action, not BJ.
           \_ Bzzt. A BJ on an unwilling guy (or underage guy, in this case)
              is often legally classified as sodomy. (Props to Law & Order:
              SVU for the reference.)
        \_ they plan to appeal to kansas supreme court
        \_ it was a 14 year old.  jesus christ oh mighty!  you think it's
            wrong to protect children from sexual predators?
            \_ By tossing children in prison until they're 35?
            \_ Troll?  They were basically boyfriend&boyfriend, < 4 years
                apart in age.
            \_ In California a 18/14 year old couple is legal.
2004/2/2-3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12064 Activity:high
2/1     Did anyone actually see this happen?  That would have nearly made the
        halftime show worthwhile.
        \_ /csua/tmp/janet_superbowl.avi
           \_ Looks pretty much planned here.
        \_ Suspend CBS' license for a week.  That'll teach 'em.
        \_ Who cares?  It's a fake boob with a nipple shield.  Don't you
           think it's a bit prurient to get all hot and bothered over it,
           regardless over whether it was planned or not?  You muppets
           obviously don't have enough nudity on broadcast TV.  -John
           \_ I only saw the screen shot on the net.  Did it move wrong?
              How do you know it was fake?  Looked the right amount of soft
              and giggly in the stills.
                \_ I'm sure the picture is real, but it's Janet Jackson's
                   boobs.  C'mon.  -John
                   \_ Hey, why not?  She was always a curvy girl and it's not
                      like it's a really great breast or anything.
        \_ yes, saw it.
        \_ I saw it too, and was pretty sure that it was planned since she
           did have the pastie, but I guess they're at least saying that it
           wasn't.  What's the big deal, anyway?
           \_ it's not a big deal, it's just mtv trying to boost ratings
              again by being faux shocking.
        \- YMWTS: --psb
        \_ "wardrobe malfunction?"
           \_ see: "spin", also see "lies" and "PR bullshit".  obviously it was
              totally planned.  does she have an album out recently or
              something?  maybe figured with michael's problems this was a good
              time to cash in on some jackson family fame.
              \_ in the picture above, Janet looks very surprised.
                 \_ if it was planned wouldn't the surprise part be planned
                    too?  they know they can't do that without getting fined
                    so they need an excuse.  any 6 year old can lie better.
                    costume malfunction?  he reached out, grabbed her bra
                    thingy (whatever that would be called on her slightly odd
                    costume) and ripped it off.  underneath she had this
                    weird star shaped nipple jewelry thing which I won't
                    call a pasty.  why'd she have that on if it wasn't
                    planned?  how often does timberlake randomly reach out
                    and rip off a piece of woman's clothing and not expect it
                    to come off in his hand?  the whole thing is just silly.
                    \_ there is plausible deniability in that the leather
                       part was supposed to be ripped, but the bra still on.
                       \_ "plausible deniability" means "we're a bunch of lying
                          bastards and everyone knows it but no one can prove
                          it.  wink, wink."
        \_ Also worth mentioning is that if it was an "accident" then why didn't
           CBS use the 10 (15?) seconds delay to edit it out?  They had no
           problem editing out the streakers...
           \_ They didn't edit anything out, it was a wide shot for the
              second half kickoff, and when the streaker ran out onto the
              field, they could have left the camera on him and he would
              still have been far enough away that nothing could have been
              seen, but they just panned out farther.
           \_ Most live TV doesn't have a delay.
              \_ Local news doesn't use a delay, but most big events do.  It
                 lets them pick camera angles and block streakers, or if they
                 did a crowd shot and someone gave the camera the middle finger.
        \_ "I'm going to have you naked by the end of this song."
           \_ sounds like a cue
        \_ Predictions?  I'm guessing the FCC gives CBS a modest fine, CBS
           blames MTV, and MTV doesn't produce another halftime show until
           everyone forgets about this one (5-10 years).
           \_ Modest fine, apologies across the board, and MTV still produces
              next year's half-time show but makes Justin Timberlake rip the
              shirt off Seann William Scott (who will be wearing a pasty).
                \_ Do you work for MTV? That's a perfect VMA skit. Good
                choice of SWS.
           \_ I want to know where all the feminists are and why aren't they
              saying calling Timberlake out on his sexual battery and MTV for
              promoting violence against women as an acceptable act?
2004/2/1 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Jobs] UID:12059 Activity:nil 66%like:12030
1/29    "Hey all, my girlfriend is hiring a part-time eunuchs sis admin
        contractor...", see
2004/1/29-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:12017 Activity:moderate
1/29    Yet another reason not to emulate Europeans:
        I think the last sentence is funny.
        \_ You would, pigfucker.
           \_ I'm not European.  I don't fuck pigs.
2004/1/17 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating] UID:11816 Activity:nil
1/16    "FIFA president calls for sexier women's uniforms"
        How much more politically incorrect can one get?  As much as I love to
        see the change he proposes, I don't think it's the right thing to do.
        If I want to see nice thighs, I go watch women's vollyball.  If I want
        to see even more, I go watch women's beach vollyball.
        \_ What you people seem to like to forget is that professional
           sports exist to sell products.  It's not about athleticism, it's
           not about providing some positive example to get kids into sports,
           it's about MAKING MONEY.  That's it.   This isn't some kids'
           soccer league.  If you guys want to get pissed about something,
           get pissed that public monies go to support stadiums for these
           assholes, not about the details of how they run their business.
        \_ Why is it ok that those sports have women bouncing and jouncing
           around?  How much more politically incorrect can you get?  Either
           the women in all these sports should run around half naked and
           bouncing or they should wear professional non-skimpy sports
           quality uniforms.  You're a hypocrite.
           \_ Yes I'm a hypocrite.  As much as I love to watch those, they are
              not okay either.
        \_ Why does this quote amuse me so much:
                FIFA spokesman Andreas Herren said Friday that Blatter
                never mentioned the word ``hot pants.''
           \_ Because you're childish and immature?
2004/1/6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29744 Activity:nil
1/5     Hello csua women, do you think hairy chest hair is sexy? -hairy guy
        \_ chest hair that itself has hair? that's more bizarre than sexy.
        \_ Considering the number of csua women, how can you hope to get an
           accurate survey?
           \_ good point.  we should have changed fields a long time ago.
2004/1/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29741 Activity:nil
1/5     Hello, I'm a hairy man. I have a lot of facial/chest hair. If I want
        to please the ladies, should I shave my chest hair? I mean, I think
        it's pretty sexy, but do the ladies think it's sexy?
        \_ Lots of women like hairy men.  Lots of women don't.  I don't think
           the net number of women that will like you will change much if you
           get rid of all that hair, but if you're looking to attract a
           specific woman that's really insistent, go ahead.  By the way, do
           NOT shave your chesthair - that's asking for a world of hurt via
           ingrown hairs.  Go to a good waxer, its the only really decent
2003/12/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29733 Activity:very high
12/23   After I date a woman for a while (less than 1 year), she starts
        losing all interests in sex. Is this a common problem for you guys?
        \_ Lost interest COMPLETELY or is she just not willing to do it as
           often as you guys did it when you started going out? If the latter,
           it is normal, as their mind is engaging on the next level of the
           I lose all interest in sex with her. I have had the problem
           relationship (i.e. it's not just about the sex). If the former then
           you need to communicate to her. Perhaps there is a medical reason
           to it, or perhaps it's mood issue. (nothing much you could do
           about this one). Good luck!
        \_  It's evolutionary.  If a sex partner doesn't get you pregnant
            or get pregnant in about 6 months, you lose interest and go
            looking for a fertile partner instead.
        \_ You are lame in bed.
           \_ or maybe he loses interest in hygiene
                \_ maybe you never got laid.
           \_ no. I ALWAYS get her there, and she always tells me that it
              feels really really good and that she likes it. So I don't
              think that is it.                         -op
              \_ Turn her over.  One side is done.
              \_ maybe she's always faking it.
              \_ Is she getting second thoughts about your relationship?
                 Perhaps she's thinking you're good in bed, but she wants
                 a more interesting lifelong partner.
        \_ I have the problem that after I start dating a woman for a while,
           I lose interest in sex with her. I have had the problem
           you describe, but only occasionally.
                \_ what is your remedy?
                   \_ I don't have one. Got any suggestions?
                      \_ sleep around?
        \_ I have had the same problem with couple of my ex.  It turned
           out they were both seeing someone else.  Basically, it just
           means they weren't as emotionally attached to you as they were
           at first.
        \_ How serious are you about this woman?  Serious enough to consider
           staying with despite no sex?  'Cause if the answer is no (and it
           wouldn't make you a bad guy to say no), then you need to either
           confront her about it or dump her quick. That, and start reading
           Savage Love:
2003/12/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29728 Activity:nil
        Women who had sex with her cousin.  It really turned me on!
        \_ A man wrote that.  Easy to tell by the style.
           \_ I bet it was pretty boy -pretty boy #1 fan
2003/12/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29727 Activity:nil
12/19   my life is so boring.
        \_ Yay, anonymous posting on craigslist.
2003/12/19-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11533 Activity:nil
        Does "dark-skinned" mean black?
        \_ Not necessarily.
           \_ that's what I mean.  If they mean "black", they should say
              something like that.  If he looked like a dark skinned
              Indian,Middle-Easterner, or Asian, they should add that
              info too.
              \_ It was late at night.  Maybe they couldn't tell...
        \_ What was a dark-skinned person doing in the Marina after dark
           anyway? Very suspicious.
           \_ Kill whitey!
2003/12/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11410 Activity:nil
12/10   Cute.
        \_ Wait.  Phillip Nunez is the Unabomber!?!?!
           \_ Yes. Shhhhh. -phillip
        \_ Shouldn't it be Evans Hall?
           \_ He moved. --phillip #1 fan
2003/12/6 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:11335 Activity:nil
12/5    Santorum: That frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is
        sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.
        \_ Somehow I'd expect no less.  Charming.  The irony is he is
           right.  Polygamists and pedophiles have already invoked
           Lawrence.  Are you a member of NAMBLA?
           \_ url?
              \_ He can't give you an URL, because he's a lying troll.
                 For the polygamy claim.  Haven't seen one for pedophilia, but
                 you can expect it.
                 \_ ZEDO is an add server.  I can't get this link.  could
                    someone provide a text version?  thanks.
        \_ awesome. the term finally found a meaning!
        \_ Umm, I don't really see what Dan (funny fucker btw) was upset about.
           I didn't see the original article but in the quote given at the wiki
           there is no mention of pedophelia.  Obviously Lawrence can not be
           effectively used vis-a-vis pedo.  But why not polygamy?  Who here
           thinks polygamy is a LESS valid form of marriage than gay marriage?
           Anyone?  Of course it's not.  People (consentingable) should be able
           to enter into any kind of "marriage" contract they like and the
           gubmnt should respect it. -phuqm
           \_ no one's stopping you from living with a bunch of chicks and
              calling them your wives, as long as they don't mind. the
              government doesn't have to legally recognize them as your
              wives though. maybe i'd like to call you my bitch, but the
              government doesn't have to recognize that either. at least
              theoretically, what the majority decides is valid is what
              will, eventually, come to pass in this country.
                \_ I was a bit confused.  This is about sodomy not gay marriage
                   That being said, I still don't see what Dan was upset about
                   Do you think that the courts SHOULD allow laws agin' incest
                   but not against sodomy?  Clearly they shouldn't.  Clearly
                   incest and sodomy are equally repugnant to some and there is
                   no reasonable basis on which to say one is worse than the
                   other. Or that only one should be prohibitable by law -phuqm
                   \_ phuqm is my hero. Can I sodomize you, phuqm?
                        --phuqm #1 fan
                       \_ If you were REALLY my #1 fan you would ask if you
                          could by sodomized BY me.  Still, i've been waiting
                          to have someone sign a post this way, and the bright
                          sunshiney day has finally arrived. -phuqm
                   as for the generally accepted "coming to pass".  That may be
                   true but far from optimal. One generation has been taught
                   that it's ok to be gay and says "o.k. same sex marriages are
                   ok, but you guys and your polygamy that's just perverse.
                   We're not standing for that."  Is this reasonable?  I'm
                   really curious to know what you CSUAers think.  Poll Time:
                   (poll moved to top).
        \_  "State laws against bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest,
            prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality,
            and obscenity are likewise sustainable only in light of Bowers'
            validation of laws based on moral choices." -Antonin Scalia
            There are laws against masturbation? Wow, some CSUAers are
            really hardcore criminals then, I guess.
             \_ right, so Scalia and I basically agree (It is amazing how
                it is in the disscenting opinions of the
                supreme court where reason is most likely to be found):
                Either legislators have the right to enforce their own
                moral code in regards to sex between consenting adults or
                they don't (I exclude bestiality, being an animal rights
                nut).  Though Scalia abhors this decision and I applaud
                it.  (From a "this is the way *I* think it should be
                libertarian view, not a legal one, which i haven't
                considered in this case.) -phuqm

                   gay marriages are ok by not polygamy:
                   create whatever wacky marriage you want: .
                   (assuming consenting adults)
                   man-woman is the only marriage gov should recognize:
2003/12/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11333 Activity:nil
12/5    Buy yourself an imaginary gf for chirstmas:
        \_ if you have one imaginary girlfriend and one real girlfriend
           your sex life will be complex. get it, imaginary and real-complex!
           \_ i!
           \_ | 1+i | = sqrt(2)
              \_ So this is irrational as well?
        \_ I'm just curious how this one was found.
           \_ I was looking for a girlfriend on ebay.
           \_ I saw it in this thread:
              I'm not sure I want to know why the original poster
              found it.
2003/12/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11311 Activity:nil
12/4    Hesh wants sex!
        \_ Damn you and your meme spreading ways.  This Hesh?
           Or this Hesh?
           Or this Hesh?
           \_ This Hesh -op
              \_ What the freak was that?!?
              \_ Hm.  I like my Heshes better.
2003/12/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11278 Activity:nil
12/2    Why do Sodans love to talk about hot gay sex so much?
        \_ Fashionable.  PC.
2003/12/2 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Dating] UID:11270 Activity:kinda low
12/1    I understand why marrying one's sibling would be illegal. But how about
        consensual sex between two adults who happens to be siblings?  Why
        should that be illegal?  Government has no right to dictate what
        should or shouldn't happen between two consenting adults.
        \_ you can have children whether or not you're married.
        \_ In a family, just because you're over 18 doesn't mean you have full
           autonomy.  If it truly is consensual, the only reason for it to be
           illegal is the increased likelyhood of having handicapped kids.
           \_ Shouldn't there be a minimum genetic distant between two
              people before they are allowed to marry? Not just siblings but
              cousins shouldn't be allowed nor should uncle/niece.
              \_ There was a study showing that occasional marriage between
                 first cousins has a minimal effect on birth defect rates.
                 There was only a problem when it is commonplace to marry
                 your cousin.
                 \_ I would die for you Saddam, and the right to marry a
                    first cousin!
           \_ That's a weird reason. By that logic, it should be illegal for
              older women to have sex. After all, they have an increased
              likelyhood of having handicapped kids.
              \_ There were a number of eugenics laws in this country in the
                 early 20th century.  I'm not saying it's fair, but society
                 frequently bans things it frowns upon.
                \_     California Eugenics history
        \_ I belive FDR married his 2nd cousin.  And marrying one's cousin is
           legal in CA.  It's a state law, not a federal law.
        \_ Didn't Einstein marry his first cousin?  Did they have any
           kids?  Were they nearly as smart as the dad?
           \- TACO: Einstein's older son used to teach at Berkeley.
           \- IAOC: Einstein's older son used to teach at Berkeley.
                    The younger had some kind of brain problem and died
                    young, I believe. --psb
              \_ TACO?
                    young, I believe. --psb
              \_ IAOC?
               \_ THAC0
2003/11/29-12/1 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:11263 Activity:nil
11/28   Never leave your home again...
2003/11/28 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:29673 Activity:nil
        Never leave your house again!
2003/11/26-27 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:11228 Activity:kinda low 88%like:29671
11/26   what preprocessor macro is defind on FreeBSD so that I can write
        conditional code only for FreeBSD? i am using gcc...
        What about solaris? Thanks.
        \_ You can use __FreeBSD__ and __sun to tell the difference between
           FreeBSD and Solaris; you can also use __i386 and __sparc if you
           want to know the CPU type.  (These all work with Sun's C compiler
           as well as with gcc.)  --mconst
2003/11/23-24 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Security] UID:11197 Activity:low
11/23   A friend has a website that's become very popular recently (no, it's
        not porn). Up until now he's been relying on the kindness of strangers
        to host it but recently the large amount of bandwidth it's taking up
        has made that no longer an option. I'm trying to help him figure out
        how/where to host his site, any advice would be appreciated. The
        site had a recent spike in popularity which may or may not continue,
        the last few days it's used up about 13 GB of bandwidth a day. It
        doesn't need a lot of storage space (< 100 MB).
        \_          be sure your friend's site
                is not for profit!  No porn!            -brain
        \_ 13 gigs a day!?! wow, and it's really not porn?  What is it.
           That is a crazy amount of traffic for a non porn site.
           \_ warez, mp3, porn.  pick 2.
              \_ no, none of these... it's just gotten some press in the last
                 few days. -op
                 \_ so what's the site?
                \_ it's gotta be friendster, no?
           \_ 13GB/(24 * 60 * 60) = 150KB/s or 1.2 Mb/s
              This is not enough to fill a T1. How can CS students really
              be this dense?
              \_ Traffic is a spikey thing.  Peaks of 10 times
                 your average traffic are not uncommon.
                 \_ Perhaps. But I work at a site that is not even
                    in the top 500 of web sites and we do 200X this
                    much traffic. Lots of sites that aren't porn do
                    much more than 13GB/day.
                    \_ it is a hell of a lot of traffic for a site that is
                       being run on dontated bandwidth.
                       \_ he just doesn't have the right friends.  1.5mbs
                          would barely show on the graph where I am.
        \_ BitTorrent.
2003/11/22-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11193 Activity:low
        BDG is that you?
        \_ No. Though, this poor soul's experience is similar to mine.
           \_ And what's your experiance?
           \_ BDG, is that really you?  Glad you're back.  The motd can
              use your wisdom.
                \_ this is the most retarded rant i've ever read. if the
                   only form of relationship you can get into is the one
                   prescribed to you by society then i bet all other
                   aspects of your life are equally boring and
                   disappointing. -kane
                   \_ Yeah, kane, wait until homosexuals win the gay marriage
                      battle.  Then there will be homosexuals giving
                      testimonials on that site.
                   \_ *laugh*  I love it when the know-it-all motd types get
                      on here and make themselves out to be intellectually,
                      culturally and otherwise superior in all ways to the
                      general public, usually by attacking a commonly held
                      cultural trait but they *never* provide an alternative.
                      So, kane, tell us about your perfect non-prescribed-to-
                      you-by-society relationship.  This is going to be good!
                      \_ She just thinks that two women and a two-way dildo
                         makes a functional equivalent of a family.
                         \_ Oh leave the poor girl alone.  She just never
                            got a good dicking.
                         \_ it doesn't make a family, but i could use video of
                            that for my 13gb/day pron site!
2003/11/22 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:11192 Activity:nil
11/22 Lots of American women bitch about American men dating
        foreigners. You want to know why? Because YOU SUCK. You are a
        pain in the ass. Period. Foreign women are easy to deal
        with. Having dated Europeans and Latina's, they are infinitely
        easier to deal with than American women. They just accept you
        for being a man. I hear lots of women say foreign women are
        pushovers - its the furthest thing from the
        truth. Particularly the Italians and the Latina's - they will
        fight with you and are very vocal. They just don't have all
              \_ i don't think that's the right choice of word. and btw,
                 that guy is a moron. do you want to marry an uneducated,
                 boring housewife? go right ahead, save the decent ones
                 for the rest of us.
        this bullshit that you carry around with you.
        \_ hi, bitter, lonely geek mysogynist.
        \_ In his tally of the 99.9% of American women who are out of the
           running for marriage, he includes women who have been raped.
2003/11/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29659 Activity:very high
11/19   First we had Silver, then Gold, then Platinum, and now First
        USA is offering Titanium Visa.  The question is, my girlfriend
        is encouraging me to mess around with her best friend.  Does
        this sound really weird to anyone?  The friend seems interested
        but doesn't know my girlfriend wants something to happen.
        \_ Ask them if they'll both come to bed with you at the same
                time.  Only then will you be a true pimp daddy.  -John
                \_ Already did that.  I love watching lesbo sex.  Getting a
                double blow was great too.
        \_   ____         ____                      _
            / ___| ___   | __ )  ___  __ _ _ __ ___| |
           | |  _ / _ \  |  _ \ / _ \/ _` | '__/ __| |
           | |_| | (_) | | |_) |  __/ (_| | |  \__ \_|
            \____|\___/  |____/ \___|\__,_|_|  |___(_)
                \_ Go Ali!
           \_ Its spelled: GO BEAH!
        \_ What does that have to do with credit cards?
           \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.
        \_ Titanium is nothing, man.  MBNA has been mailing me "Quantim" card
           offers for the past year.  Speaking of term inflation.
        \_ You should definitely max out on your 401k, especially if
           your company matches.
        \_ Is she cute?  Is she Asian?  Then go for it! (unless you're
           white) - hoyt s.
           \_ Akin to first response, is she a she?
                \_ When she got off the bus, then the he was a she
           \_ I think you should look into the different interest rates
                on the two of them, as well as fees and anything else
                they might offer, such as free phone calls, frequent flyer
                miles, and decide if the higher limit is worth it.  -John
           \_ You and he should have a frank conversation.
              Then go down on each other.
              \_ why do we need to involve Frank?
                 \_ and don't call me shirley!
        \_ Sounds like she is ready to dump you.
           \_ No no no. You got it all wrong. Brown shoes with brown belts.
              Black belts with black shoes. Matching wallets a plus, but
           \_ Okay, let's all step back from this for a second and
              remember: an OS is a tool to get things done.  One may be
              more appropriate in one situation than another, but the
              reverse may be true.
        \_ This whole discussion is hypothetical because guys on soda
           don't have girlfriends.
           \_ Shit man, I have VirtuaGirlfriend. That's all I need.
           \_ I did, but then I got married.  So technically she's no
              longer my girlfriend.
           \_ Wait, you told me last night that we were a couple!
        \_ download a copy of petz5 off the net.  that'll do it.
2003/11/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11170 Activity:high
11/20   Everytime I get into a new relationship I get a lot of sex, but
        after a year or so I get almost no sex. Is this a common problem
        and what do you do besides getting into a new relationship?
        \_ It's because your relationship is built on that spark everyone gets
           from something new.  When the spark dies, you see what little there
           really was.  If you want a LTR based on more than sex you need to
           get to know each other better, not fuck in the first 5 seconds
           on your way home drunk from some party.  Stop meeting chicks at
           parties.  Try the library.
           \_ but please be quiet in the library!
2003/11/19-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11143 Activity:high
11/19   Woman I was dating broke up with me because I reminded her of her
        previous bf who also worked for a dot-com and hated his job. Do women
        really prefer guys who are happy with what they are doing but make
        far less? Should I really quit if my job makes me this unhappy? Do
        people with computer jobs tend to be less happy than others?
        \_ Women like guys who are happy.  If your jobs makes you grumpy, that
           makes you no fun to be around.
        \_ Do you live in Walnut Creek? 'Cos that would be a funny
        \_ to paraphrase a line from my favorite book, if you hate what
           you're doing, quit while you still hate it.
           \_ that way you can work at Walmart and hate your job AND have no
        \_ Some women will put up with your shit for your money.  Others want
           to actually like the guy they're with.  Which woman do you want?
             \_ Here's the thing. It's not like I chronically complained about
                work to her. I think I said I didn't like where I worked
                twice. And really, I don't realistically think there is any
                job out there that would pay me enough to lead a decent life
                AND I would actually love. That's why it's called work. -op
                \_ All true.  Many of us are in similar positions.  Maybe
                   she just used that as an excuse because she's a psycho?
                   Most women are and couldn't articulate their reasons for
                   what they do/say/think anyway so just make shit up.
                   \_ s/women/people/
                      \_ no.  when it comes to women and relationships theyve
                         got a lock on this one.  try dating a woman and you'll
        \_ Have you ever wondered maybe the reason is not that you work for a
           dot-com and/or you hate your job, but is that you remind her of her
2003/11/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11137 Activity:high
11/19   Has anyone heard an argument for defining marriage as being between
        a man and a woman that hasn't relied on "common sense" or
        "tradition"?  I can't seem to find an argument that can't be traced
        back to religious doctrine fairly easily.
          \_ This is going to get flamed but every gay or lesbian person I've
             known has been a little odd, aside from the sexual aspect. Well, ok
             one of the lesbos was pretty cool. I think it's a mental thing.
             \_ There's no point in flaming you.  You're already on fire.
        \_ Yes.  The purpose of marriage is to create a stable societally
           enforced and supported relationship to raise children.  The benefits
           to marraige are there to make it easier to raise kids because
           healthy, happy, educated, well adjusted kids are a great benefit
           to society.  If you're not having kids society doesn't benefit
           from your marriage enough to justify any benefits received.
           Further more, children are better off with a mom and a dad, not two
           mommies or two daddies.  Those in favor of diversity should
           understand that getting the multi-gender upbringing and perspective
           on life is more likely to provide a child with the tools s/he needs
           to do well in life.
              \_ wasn't but you're going to start getting purged just for being
                 wrong and an idiot and casting blame in the wrong direction.
           \_ Any particular reason you posted this FIVE TIMES?!
              \_ what?  i didnt.
                 \_ Yeah, you did, somehow.  I took a liberty of removing the
                    copies for you.  You're welcome.
                    \_ no.  i didn't.  thanks for cleaning the multiple copies
                       for everyone, anyway.
           \_ Got any evidence to support your idea that a child is
              "better off" with two parents of different sex?
              \_ OP wanted a reason.  I provided.  If you don't like the status
                 quo reason, it falls upon those seeking change to justify it.
                 \_ And if the status quo reason makes no logical sense and is
                    instead based on mindless tradition, it behooves the
                    society to embrace the change-- even grudgingly.
                    \_ It makes no logical sense to you.  It makes lots of
                       sense to lots of people.  If you want something
                       different from the status quo it is your burden to
                       prove that your solution is not only better but the
                       costs to society to make the change are worth it as
                       well.  If the new thing were better enough society
                       wouldn't grudgingly change, it would embrace the new
                       thing without force.
                 \_ Your "reason" is irrational. Thanks for proving his point.
                    \_ I didn't provide a "reason".  He asked a question which
                       I answered.  No points made in any direction.  I wasn't
                       expressing my own opinion.
           \_ If the purpose of marriage is to create well-adjusted kids, then
              it stands to reason that two loving parents in a committed,
              monogamous relationship and equipped with an adequate income
              would be better suited to help an orphaned or abandoned child
              than the current system of orphanages and foster homes--
              regardless of whether that couple is hetero- or homosexual.
              A child raised by either two men or two women is still as likely
              to receive a positive education about gender roles as any child
              raised in a household with non-same-sex parents.
              \_ I agree until you get to "A child raised by" at the end.  How
                 can two women provide a child with what a man can provide?
                 How can two men replace a child's mother?
                 \_ What is it that a mother provides that a loving male
                    parent cannot?  What is that a father provides that a
                    loving female parent cannot?  Until we define these so-
                    called differences, we cannot make broad generalizations
                    about who can provide what to a child.
                    \_ A child needs a father AND a mother.  They respond
                       differently to them, and they learn different lessons
                       from them.
                       \_ What lessons? How are they gender-dependent?
                          \_ You really think there's no difference between
                             men and women?  Mothers and fathers?  You're now
                             getting into areas that are so fundamental that
                             if you disagree it would take volumes to cover
                             all the basics.  You're not an alien from another
                             world so I can't believe your reply is anything
                             other than a rhetorical attempt to ignore the
                             obvious.  Saying men and women are the same is
                             ridiculous on it's face and no one from any part
                             of the political, social, or other spectrum would
                             agree with that statement.
        \_ perhaps gays should start adopting the word 'civil union'
           instead of marriage and guys like my dad won't get so upset. - danh
           \_ My mind automatically inserted "and mom" into your comment,
              which changed its meaning immensely.
              \_ c'mon, admit it, you were thinking about yermom, not his
        \_ The purpose of marriage to legitimize children. Adoption - the only
           way fags "reproduce" - is not the same thing.
           \_ So, any childless marriage is null and void? And barren/sterile
              people should not be allowed to marry?  (But your point about
              a non-religious argument is taken. Thank you.)
                \_ In certain societies this is the case.
                   \_ Perhaps, but in our society?
           \_ Dont' forget the lesbians, who can easily produce children
              without resorting to adoption...
              \_ they can?  no, they can't.  they still need a man.  did you
                 never get the birds and bees chat or take an anatomy course?
           \_ Dont' forget the lesbians, who can easily produce children without
              resorting to adoption...
        \_ Almost all homosexuals have mental neurosis or pathologies.  Look
           at the epidemiological data on disease transmission and sexual
           addiction statistics.  Look at SF, you have 100's bathhouses for
           anonymous sex - this is an environment to bring children up in?
           \_ You lie. Actually everything in your post is false. You believe
              there are 100s of bathhouses in SF? You are nuts.
              \_ Not only is he nuts, he's really insistent about it.  He's
                 already deleted four responses to his drivel, and probably
                 \_ Not to defend bigots, but (1) there were not four deleted,
                    and (2) at least one was an accidental overwrite by an
               \_ Consider that syphillis has been virtaully eradicated in
                  every segment of society except one; which segment do you
                  think that is?
                  \_ You're just jealous because the gay men are gettin' some
                     and you're still jerking off to plumper and shemale pics.
              there are 100s of bathhouses in SF? You are nuts.
              \_ Not only is he nuts, he's really insistent about it.  He's
                 already deleted four responses to his drivel, and probably soon
                 a couple more.
                 soon a couple more.
                 \_ tinfoil hat time.  its a motdedit war, stupid.
2003/11/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11032 Activity:nil
11/11   Man, Jessica Lynch is CUTE CUTE CUTE! Too bad she's not a virgin
        anymore, heh.                           -desperate soda guy
        \_ Lemme guess, you are... FYI, virgins are overrated, they're really
           hard to fuck the first time unless you lube up real well.
           \_ Let me guess... you fucked your share of virgins.
              \_ Wow, you're quick, aren't you...
           \_ umm, well. even non-virgins are hard to fuck when not wet.
              maybe unless they've popped out a few, or get rammed by
              pornstar-sized dicks often; i wouldn't know much about those
              \_ the worst is when you're fucking a girl, and she goes dry
                 in the middle.
                 \_ Or when the condom breaks.
        \_ go talk to Larry Flynt, he might give you the two topless photo
           he has on his hand
2003/11/11-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11027 Activity:nil
11/11   It's been almost 6 weeks since my gf had her period. She used EPT
        but it turned out negative. What is going on?
        \_ period times will vary.  If she is very skinny <20% body fat,
           she may have very irregular periods.  -married guy
        \_ so how accurate are the tests? 99.96? 99.9999? Maybe you fall
           into that .00001 category?
           \_ Far less than that. esp if it's in the first week or two.
        \_ How regular is she? My ex would range from 3.5 weeks to 5+.
        \_ stress can play a part as well.  my gf didn't get hers for over
           two months at one point.
        \_ your gf is cheating on you.
        \_ Test again, or schedule an ob/gyn appt.
        \_ You lie.  No one on the motd has a girlfriend except for me.
           \_ For the last time, I am not your girlfriend.
              \_ Don't deny it baby.  You know you love it.
           \_ Sky does.
        \_ Time to visit a Planned Parenthood clinic for a blood EPT.
        \_ DADDY!
        \_ Time to start shopping for a ring.
           \_ What's he need a ring for?  This is Berkeley.  She should be a
              modern and independent minded liberal woman who has no need of
              your patriachical oppression or to wear a ring like a piece of
              property, a modern slave.  That's insulting.  If anything, she
              should be taking care of him since I'm sure he's really upset
              that his sex life is now over now that he's going to be a dad.
        \_ i don't understand why you want your grandfather to have a period.
2003/11/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:11001 Activity:nil
        \_ I was hoping it was Mensa Activisim.  Seems to be the opposite.
        \_ mensa?  yawn.  what's more boring than discussing the pros or cons
           of mensa?  who cares about mensa?
           \_ what's more boring?  watch this space!
              \_ what for?
           \_ obviously you wouldn't qualify for mensa? why? because the
                website is mens activism (not mensa activism). it's about
                mens' rights!
2003/11/8 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:10992 Activity:nil
11/7    Supreme Court: Gay Sex Not Adultery
2003/11/7-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10971 Activity:nil
11/6    restored.
        \_ love you, man
2003/11/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29613 Activity:nil
11/4    I'm reading some men's magazine that claims that men have twice as
        many partners as women. That is fine except they didn't have any
        reference and didn't explain how they conducted their survey.
        \_ It's not fine.  In fact, it's mathematically impossible.
           Think about why the expected number of sexual partners of
           heterosexual men and women cannot be different.
        I think it's totally flawed. Suppose there are 10 men and 10 women
        in some planet (50/50 equal sex distribution), and 1 man has sex
        with 10 female partners (the other 9 are hermits) and each women
        has sex with that 1 male partner, then ON AVERAGE, wouldn't each
        person have just one heterosexual partner? And if you change the
        numbers, in the end, ON AVERAGE, it'll still be the same? Do you
        see something wrong fundamentally with that claim? Few factors
        that may contribute to the flaw:
        1) Men inflate data, women deflate
        2) Men have sex with lots of hookers but the survey doesn't ask the
           hookers, driving the average up
        3) Gay sex included in the survey
        4) The survey reports MEDIAN, not average
        What do you think is the more likely factor?
        \_ The answer is that journalists don't understand the most basic
           math and in the case of this survey they're just repeating what
           they think they heard someone else say.  There are few people on
           the planet less educated or less intelligent than the typical
        \_ There are a few women who have a lot of partners. They aren't
           necessarily hookers and the only one using the word average is you.
           \_ Since he didn't provide a url for the survey you have no idea
              if the survey uses the word "average" or why he's using that
              word.  From OP's use of the word, it makes sense that the
              survey or more likely the reporters who munged the report on
              the survey used the word.
              \_ Maybe he needs to tell us what it said then.
        \_ I believe in the Chris Rock answer. "That one night with that
           guy at the club? He don't count."
2003/11/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:10954 Activity:low
11/5    I won in Small Claims and the Defendant filed for an appeal. I got
        the new court date which will happen on 1/2/04. However, today I just
        got a new notice titled "Clerk's Notice of Continuance RE: Hearing"
        and the date is 2/27/04. Does that mean the date on 1/2 is canceled?
        \_ Should file to dismiss the appeal. Ask opposing council why
           a court should even consider an appeal. Are they offering new
                \_ how can this be done?
        \_ Yes.
        \_ Call the court clerk and explain and ask what your options are.  I
           wasn't even aware an appeal of a small claims judgement was
           possible but I guess it makes sense sort of.  Anyway, see if there's
           a way to file to dismiss or otherwise squash their whole thing and
           try to get any dates moved up because it looks like the person is
           just trying to delay in the hopes you'll give up and go away.
        \_ This means that he has asked the court to move the date out to
           2/27/04. Unless you are in a hurry, just show up that day.
2003/11/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10948 Activity:nil
11/4    I'm reading some men's magazine that claims that men have twice as
        many partners as women. That is fine except they didn't have any
        reference and didn't explain how they conducted their survey.
        I think it's totally flawed. Suppose there are 10 men and 10 women
        in some planet (50/50 equal sex distribution), and 1 man has sex
        with 10 female partners (the other 9 are hermits) and each women
        has sex with that 1 male partner, then ON AVERAGE, wouldn't each
        person have just one heterosexual partner? And if you change the
        numbers, in the end, ON AVERAGE, it'll still be the same? Do you
        see something wrong fundamentally with that claim? Few factors
        that may contribute to the flaw:
        1) Men inflate data, women deflate
        2) Men have sex with lots of hookers but the survey doesn't ask the
           hookers, driving the average up
        3) Gay sex included in the survey
        4) The survey reports MEDIAN, not average
        What do you think is the more likely factor?
        \_ The answer is that journalists don't understand the most basic
           math and in the case of this survey they're just repeating what
           they think they heard someone else say.  There are few people on
           the planet less educated or less intelligent than the typical
        \_ There are a few women who have a lot of partners. They aren't
           necessarily hookers and the only one using the word average is you.
           \_ Since he didn't provide a url for the survey you have no idea
              if the survey uses the word "average" or why he's using that
              word.  From OP's use of the word, it makes sense that the
              survey or more likely the reporters who munged the report on
              the survey used the word.
              \_ Maybe he needs to tell us what it said then.
2003/11/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10944 Activity:low
11/4    Matrix >> Matrix 3 >> Matrix 2.
        Gotta love the nipple twisting.
        \_ You can get nipple twisting in most SF bars.
           \_ Hell, you can get that nearly anywhere. You just need to ask.
2003/10/30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10853 Activity:nil
10/29   Prositution is illegal in California.  Let say, some horny 17 yr old
        high school kid decide to buy a pop and got busted, should the
        prositute herself be charged with child molestation for having
        sex with a minor?  This is what happening to Taiwan, as the
        17 yr old kid and his guardian is not being charged, while
        the prositute in the mainland is charged with child abuse.
        I am wondring is there any similiar case in USA.
        \_ Maybe they'd just make the 17 year old go back to school
           so that he doesn't end up at America's top public university
           posting to a public message board in broken English. Jackass.
        \_ It would be statutory rape, but as the punishment for prostitution
           is harsher, they'd probably forgo the stat rape charge.  Now, if
           there's proof that the kid paid for sex, they could charge him with
           solicitation, but this is harder to prove.
        \_ In the US the cops would walk away because the whole thing is too
           messy and just not worth it.
        \_ But then again most prostitute in the US are savvy enough to ask
           whether you're over 18 before you're getting something.
2003/10/24 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:10764 Activity:low
10/23   Soong May-Ling (aka Madame Chiang Kai Shek) passed away at age
        106 in Long Island, NY.  A generation has passed into history.
        A short biography:
        \_ Is that a bad thing?
           \_ it's history.
        \_ for those who bitching about women right, one should really
           look at her and how she played the role of the First
           lady.  It's not until the 1970's when the First Lady in the
           Western world slowly caught up with what she is already done
           in the 1930's.
           \_ If you're trying to mention highly-achieved Chinese women in the
              past, how about the King Mother Chi Hsi (sp?) of the Qing
                                              \_ Ci Xi.  learn pinying
                                                 \_ wo hen ta ma de pinying.
                                                    \_ pinyin, no g
                                                       \_ wo hen ta ma de in vs
                                                          ing.  no difference
                                                          to my ear.
                                                 \_ Sorry, I'm not a Mandarin
                                                    speaker.  Just doing my
                        say this 3 times fast:  4 & 10 is 14    _/
                                                4 & 40 is 44
                        \_ Try this: 4 is 4. 10 is 10. 14 is 14. 40 is 40.
                                     44 is 44.
                           \_ How about the one that says "When Xi Xi died, she
                              was 44."  Or a very long one that started with
                              "There's a poet Shih in a rock chamber.  He likes
                              eating lion.  ......"
              Dynasty, and even Empress Wu in the Tang Dynasty a thousand years
           \_ First Ladies should not have *any* power, control, or influence.
              Certainly not in a democracy where we elect our leaders, we don't
              marry them.  And you've got a funny idea of women's rights where
              a woman has to marry the right guy to achieve power or wealth.
              That sounds very 1950's to me.
              \_ First Lady is essentially a cabinet position.  She
                 is appointed by the same person who appoints everyone
                 else in the cabinet.  If anything, the First Lady
                 position is more democracy friendly than the other
                 cabinet positions because you know what you're getting
                 when you vote.  We all knew during the election that
                 if GW won Laura Bush would be First Lady, but I think if
                 people had known ahead of time who would be appointed
                 attrorney general it could have thrown the election
                 the other way.
        \_ Wow, I didn't know Soong Ching-ling became a communists after Dr.
           Sun died.
           \_ You can even argue that Dr. Sun was a half of a communist
              at first place.
              \_ Is that why Deng Xiao-Ping erected a statue of Dr. Sun
                 somewhere in China (I saw a picture of that in some book) even
                 though he's of the Nationalist Party?
                 \_ Sun Yat-Sen was the Father of Modern (Non-Imperial)
                    China.  That he was a borderline socialist before the
                    Nationalist v. Communist fracas broke out is neither
                    here nor there.
                 \_ huh.. huh...  he said statue...
                    \_ statue erected statue erected statue erected.
                       are you horny now?
                       \_ reaching the condoms
        \_ The Soong sisters: One loved power (May-Ling marrying CKS), one
           loved money (Ai-ling marrying industrialist HH Kung), and one
           loved China (Ching-ling marrying Sun Yat-Sen).  It's a cliche
           but there you go.
           \_ Maybe they just loved their husbands.
           \_ What's the full name of HH Kung?  Thanks.
        \_ The West had Queen Elizabeth. How about Cleopatra?
           \_ Yeah the whole snake bite thing at the end went well for her.
2003/10/21 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:29585 Activity:nil
10/21   What are key troll words? Here are a few to start us out:
        sex, marriage, israel, WMD, conservative, liberal, bike, linux,
        windows, bsd, berkeley
        \_ Iraq, Taiwan
2003/10/21-22 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Travel] UID:10715 Activity:insanely high
10/21   What's a good weekend vacation for me and my wife for <$350 in driving
        distance of the East Bay? I'm looking for specific hotel/resort
        recommendations, e.g. Orr Hot Springs.
         -- ulysses
        \_ Napa
        \_ Cross Country skiing at Royal Gorge
        \_ why do people get married so young? didn't you just graduate?
           \_ Are you thinking of somebody else maybe? I'm probably older than
              you. -- ulysses
                \_ I'm 50. How old are YOU?
                   \_ Pull trou, troll.
        \_ Again, have you been canyoning up in Quincy?  It may be cold
        \_ Cross Country skiing at Royal Gorge
              you. -- ulysses
           right now, but it's beautiful and nearly free.
           \_ Not in many years. Thank you for the suggestion. It will have to
              wait for summer, I think, though. My wife is not exactly the
              outdoorsy sort. <Wife says: What do you mean no room service?!>
              \_ BDG, where are you!?
        \_ umm... what about the obvious?  up in Napa County... Calistoga
           Hot Springs...  or any of the resort/spas up there.  You can also
           go shopping a bit south of there.  Specific recommendations?
           Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa(not in Calistoga) is very close to the
           limit of your budget. You could go for Sat night, and buy a nice
           spa package or two, spend a day wine tasting, etc.  Or the
           Calistoga places can be a bit cheaper than SMI.
           \_ Lavender Hill in Calistoga is excellent and not too pricey....
       \_ Bed and breakfast places up the coast on highway 1 in medicino
          are all also really nice and within your range --sky
          \_ I know there are good ones but I've had mixed experiences with
             B&Bs. Can you name one you'd recommend?
             \_ Sorry I can't remember the names of the ones I stayed at.
                I usually just drive around and pick one.  Another suggestion,
                 closer to home, is Casa Madrona over in Sausalito.
                Its a totally painless weekend getaway.
2003/10/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10708 Activity:nil
10/20   Duh: Single men outnumber single women in Silicon Valley:
        \_ Statistics by age, please.  I'm not going to date any widow-
           grandmothers.  These AP writers need to train harder.
        \_ AP writers have this weird anonymity about their articles and
           get reprinted in almost every damn paper.
           \_ They're the new Urban Mythology.
2003/10/19 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:10691 Activity:nil 84%like:10684
10/18   Does anyone have any ideas of how to cure a wet pussy? I accidentally
        kept my pussy in my pants as I ran them through the washing machine.
        \_ changing "phone" to "pussy" was only a little funny the first time,
           but the second time, it's just hilarious!  genius!
        \_ Run it through the dryer to dry it out!
        \_ Prob hosed. Buy a new one.
        \_ I forgot I have my clunky old motorola startac pussy in my shorts
           pocket when I jumped into the fox river to pull my canoe to
           shore.  The pussy would not power up at first, but slowly came
           back to life after a few days (no response -> static -> power
           up and down constantly -> works).  However, it did develop a
           problem where once in a while, if I flip it open or close too
           fast, it would power off by itself, which is quite annoying.
           Try to be patient and wait a few days before powering it up.
           All the pussy numbers in the pussybook still remained.
                \_ I actually have a startac (that hasn't been
                   drenched yet) that has that same problem (turning off
                   by itself when I flip it open/shut too fast). So
                   your startac is probably fully functionally then.
                   \_ good to know. guess it's a systemic pussy problem then.
        \_ it is NOT hosed! You need a LOT of work and patience to save its
           life. First of all, if there are contaminants inside the pussy,
           you gotta get rid of them. Contaminants include sugar goo, salt
           (REALLY bad), and other chemicals. You gotta get rid of them by
           dipping the entire pussy into DISTILLED water. It must be distilled
           water or else it's no good. Then shake the pussy for a few minutes
           while in the distilled water, and repeat using new distilled water.
           Do it a few times, 10-15 would be ideal. Afterwards, you gotta
           dry your pussy. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT power on the pussy when
           it is wet. Now wait 3-5 days while baking your pussy under the
           sun and then give it a try. It should work afterwards.
2003/10/16 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:10658 Activity:nil
10/16   I'm not sure if the aids infected guy is worse or his wife:
2003/10/13-14 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:10613 Activity:high
10/13   <troll> SEX! </troll>
        \_ <countertroll> segue into politics </countertroll>
2003/10/9 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:10561 Activity:nil
        Allegations detailed (Kobe is going to jail!)
2003/10/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10538 Activity:moderate
10/8    Dude Jennifer Widom is a HOTTIE!!! How'd good 'ol ugly Aiken
        manage to get a beautiful wife like her?
        \_ by not being as stupid as you.
        \_ maybe he's not as superficial as you or i. also, maybe he doesn't
           plan on having children.
           \_ dude did you even look at the picture? we're talking bag time.
              \_ what's bag time mean? and ok, i take back the thing about the
                 children. tho, the last picture he had up, at least she had
                 longer hair and didn't look so much like a man. but still,
                 some people just don't care. just look at some of the ugly-ass
                 men some reasonably attractive women will get with, and not
                 for money or anything.
                 \_ such as, for example, a whole bunch of CSUA motd dweebs
2003/10/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10476 Activity:nil
        Come on MOTD apologists, defend this will ya?
        \_ it's cute.  affectionate.  human.
           \_ you forgot GAY.
              \_ you forgot you're still a VIRGIN.
        \_ sigh, the things a guy will do to get laid....
           \_ yep, cool, huh?
        \_ i've seen many crayon pictures that are more moving.
           \_ bitter, lately?
        \_ defend what?  it's just silly stuff married people do.  go get
           a wife and see how silly you turn out.  it's charming, actually.
        \_ Don't be a schmuck. I hate Bush but I wouldn't think to diss him
           for a dumb poem he wrote for his wife -AML
           \_ It was dumb poem that was read at a press event.  That makes
              it fair game.
              \_ Uhm, really, you're taking the "I hate Bush" thing way too
                 far.  Just lay off the hate for a few days.  Have a Coke and
                 a smile or something.  Calling his silly poem "fair game"
                 makes you sound really hateful and sick.
2003/9/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10362 Activity:high
9/29    I really want to buy a powerbook.  But my wife thinks that it's too
        expensive.  How do I talk my wife into letting me buy one?  Or a
        more general question,  how do you talk your wife into letting you
        buy any of your toys?
            \- attack your wife for her frivolous purchases. does she
               eat out too much? order expensive wine? want you to stay
               in nicer hotels on vacation than you'ld be happy with,
               do you have domestic help? how much did you/does she spend on
               watch/jewelry etc. rent "carnal knowledge". --psb
        \_ double income, seperate checking,  marry someone who shares your
           value system. duh.  -happily married
        \_ where is bdg when you need him?
        \_ Well, it is too expensive. Let her buy an equally or better
           expensive toy, and then check on how you feel. Or better yet,
           buy some stock, and when it pays off enough, buy your PB.
        \_ Siphon $50 every two weeks from your paycheck/account and keep
           it secret.  After you've accumulated a decent chunk o'cash, tell
           your wife you've been saving up for a rainy day by eating out less
           and that you'd like to buy that notebook with the money you've
           saved as a kind of downpayment.
        \_ You guys are all a bunch of losers.  You have to convince your wife
           to 'let' you buy something?  You have to siphon off your lunch
           money?  Or what?  She'll with hold sex?  BFD.  A hooker is cheaper
           if that's all you're getting.  Get some balls!  I'm married and I
           buy whatever the fuck I please.  You guys and your 90's pansy boy
           routine make us all look bad.
           \_ heh, why don't you show your comment to your wife?
              i bet hilarity will ensue...
           \_ I think he might want to get permission if money is tight...
           \_ Spoken like a man who is either not married or does not love
              his wife.  Enjoy.
              \_ or a man with no plan for family.
              \_ I love my wife dearly.  I don't spend stupidly on toys like
                 new laptops.  And all these guys who are trying to fool their
                 wife or beg for permission are losers.
        \_ The only permission you need from your wife is for 3somes.
           \_ Only if she is one of the participants.
              \_ Or if she's properly tied up like she should be.
        \_ Try looking at one or two alternatives to the powerbook and
           note their advantages (e.g., lower price) as well as their
           disadvantages (e.g., lack of features which make you want the
           powerbook).  Then mention your thoughts when talking to your
           wife and ask her opinion.  If she is a reasonable person she
           will probably agree that it's worth buying the powerbook.
           When my wife wants to buy something expensive and I can tell
           she's looked at alternatives and their is a good reason for
           spending extra money, I don't have a problem with it.  She's
           the same way.  Good luck.
           \_ this reads like bullshit to me... when buying an LV purse or
              a cartier watch, you cant really "look at the alternatives"
              and then come up w/ a "good reason". it's "hmm, i think this
              one looks the best" or "this item has more prestige".
        \_ although amuzing, you guys should read "how do I convince my wife
           to get that XXX camera on".
2003/9/25-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10330 Activity:nil
9/25    The Darkness is COMING FOR YOU!
2003/9/25-26 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Law/Court] UID:10323 Activity:low
9/25    What does jail bait mean?
        \_ ask google, or jeeves. -- the web has all the answers you need
        \_ A hot underaged girl.
           \_ typically a girl.  could also be a boy.  age varies from state
              to state.
              \_ wait, it's not all under 18?
                 \_ here we go again...
                 \_ 'jail bait' implies by getting involved with said person,
                    you are risking breaking statutory rape laws.  Generally
                    < 18, but its a bit more complex than that.  IANAL
        \_ Age of Consent Laws in the United States
             Age 14:  Hawaii, Pennsylvania
                 15:  Colorado, South Carolina
                 16:  Alabama, Connecticut, Deleware, District of Columbia,
                      Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine,
                      Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana,
                      Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North
                      Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakata, Utah, Vermont,
                      Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming
                 17:  Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Texas
                 18:  Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Calif., Florida, Idaho,
                      Illinois, Mississippi, North Dakata, Oklahoma, Oregon,
                      Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin
                    \_ mmm.... underaged anal.
                       \_ It's pretty much the same as 18+ anal.
                          \_ Shh!  Don't spoil his fantasies with your pesky
2003/9/24 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:10306 Activity:low
9/24    Half-life 2 delayed from Sep. 30 release.  Release date unknown.
        \_ Who cares?  It's all the same.
           \_ I've built my entire life around game release dates.  I check
              all the release date schedules on an hourly basis and auto alert
              myself via my pager and email if anything chances!
              \_ How have you not committed suicide over Duke Nukem Forever?
              \_ I bet this guy is obsessed with masturbating, too.
           \_ Heresy!!!
        \_ but I heard game cubes are now down to $99.
2003/9/13 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Pets] UID:29537 Activity:nil 50%like:10182
2003/9/11-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10164 Activity:low
9/11    Where can I find pics of sky's Korean gf?
        \_ email him?
        \_ why do you care?
           \_ Because she's hot.  I miss her boobs.
              \_ missing them implies you once had them.  seems unlikely.
              \_ missing them implies you once had then.  seems unlikely.
2003/9/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10129 Activity:nil
        Gotta love that tolerant color blind society of ours.
        \_ This isn't so much about race as it is about really bad
2003/9/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10070 Activity:low
9/4     So I was having dinner with a friend of mine and he said at some
        point that he didnt have a conscience.  Appropriately, he acknowledged
        it was a defect, but he didnt feel bad about it.  Do any of you want
        to admit the same thing?  Know anybody to doesn't have a conscience?
        I am wondering how common this is.
        \_ do you just live in a hole?  Read the paper and scan for
           "Halliburton".  There are huge numbers of people "without a
           conscience."  And while I don't think that is a good thing,
           I do believe the whole notion of "having a conscience" is
           contrived mainly to keep people from straying their societal
           bounds.  What do you think?
           \- being a greedy bastard != no conscience. Do you think haliburton
              people dont care about their kids, for example? I think some
              of these corporate criminial should be put in "hard" prisons
              but I dont think this is an example of "no conscience" unless
              you dilute that to cover practically any criminal. --psb
              \_ I define conscience as the qualm one feels as he is about
                 to hurt somebody in some way, or to entertain such an act
                 or just the likelihood of unwittingly commiting it.  If so,
                 conscience is more a continuum than
                 the conscience one can have is more a continuum than
                 binary, and a great number of people barely have any all.
                 Having too little conscience is a handicap only if one does
                 not have the cunningness to match and conceal it.  Having
                 BTW, neither your implicit nor my explicit definition of
                 conscience equates with what a dictionary nearby says, but
                 that is irrelevant as conscience can be defined by the
                 individual.  Hitler might think he has a lot of conscience.
                 too much, however, is almost always a debilitating defect.
        \_ Yeah, your friend's defective.  It's the mark of a sociopath.
           Those are the sorts of people who kill a whole family "just to
           see what it is like."  And of course, not having a conscience,
           he doesn't feel bad about not having a conscience.  Not having
           one is a potentially fatal flaw, because everyone ELSE will
           eventually kill you because of your dangerousness.
           \_ you should read the short story "null-o", by Phillip K Dick.
              \_ You know, I did read it, but I've forgotten.  If it's
                 not too much trouble, could you remind me?  --PeterM
        \_ I heard there is a form of autism that actually entails not having
           empathy and a conscience.  It seemed very close to the description
           of a sociopath.  But I was told it was a form of autism.  --chris
        \_ Is half of the human race autistic?  If one does not have
           conscience, how does he know he does not?  This is not like
           color blindness, which can be objectively tested.
           \_ The psych department at Cal would gladly argue that it can
              be objectively tested.
              \_ the psych department wouuld convince him he's gay so
                they can have sex with him
                 \_ I see.  And how did that make you feel?
           \_ Maybe the friend is putting "conscience" in quotes. "I don't
              have what most people would call a 'conscience'. I see stealing,
              cheating, and lying everywhere, and so I don't feel bad about it.
              I don't kill or anything like that not because it's so inherently
              wrong, but because the cost of getting caught is too great."
              \_ So are any of you willing to admit you dont have a
                 conscience?  Or reveal the name of someone on soda who
                 doesnt?  This was not somebody who was obviously comes
                 across as a sociopath.
                 \_ oj@soda has no conscience.
                 \_ One of my ex'es was a sociopath. No joke, she told
                    me "I have no shame." I guess I should have dumped
                    \_ That's a long way away from being a sociopath.  Not
                       to mention probably not literally true.
                    her then.
                    \_ What is an example of something she did in this vein?
                    \_ Sounds like fun to me.
                    \_ Sorry to hear that. What happened? Did you got married?
2003/9/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:10053 Activity:very high
9/2     I can't get any girls, any hints??
        \_ Consider this a BLESSING FROM THE GODS! Girls are the spawn
           of hell; their only goal in life is to suck the happiness
           out of the lives of poor hapless unsuspecting men by
           overwhelming them via feminine guiles. If only I had been
           blessed with the inability to get a girl my life would not
           now be a endless living nightmare of poverty and desperation.
           \_ i don't think you're the real BDG.  I think you're faking it.
              train harder.
        \_ rope, chloroform, American car with spacious trunk. - danh
        \_ Start hitting on every girl you see, especially the ugly ones.
           Remember: a 5 in your bed beats a 10 in your head!
           Eventually you should have enough confidence to bed the good ones.
        \_ Step One: log off
        \_ learn to be friendly, in general. <-- this guy never got laid
                \_ DOES NOT WORK. Nice guys do NOT finish first when
                   it comes to dating. Acting professionally does NOT
                   get pussy Watch Blind Date. Take notes. Get laid.
                   This will be the best advice you'll ever get.
                   \_ It's not about being 'nice' or a 'jerk'.  It's about
                      being confident.  Train harder.
                   \_ No being a boring, know-it-all little jerk who treats
                      women as The Other doesn't work.  Sadly many boring,
                      know-it-all little jerks who treat woman as The Other
                      confuse that with being nice.  -aspo
                      \_ Aspo, the world renown expert on women, speaks.
                         Shouldn't you be asking little boys to sit on your
                         \_ So do you deny that I am right? -aspo
                            \_ Even if you are right (I am not so sure)
                               how would you know you were?  You have no
        \_ learn to be friendly, in general.
                               experience in men dating women scene.
                               \_ And other sodans do?
                                  \_ This may be surprising, but some sodans
                                     don't have problems getting laid.
        \_ is your new bible.
           \_ also check out
        \_ Join the Fancy Lad Academy!
        \_ buy some nice new clothes, new shoes, get a haircut
           take showers everyday and show you can take care of yourself
           \_ I agree, watch "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on Bravo.
        \_ What have you already tried? Did you get any error messages?
           Did you search on google? These are standard steps to solving
           any problem.
        \_ a taser and a windowless van
        \_ are you sure you're not picking up on chix that are out of your
           \_ How to find out if the girl is out of your league?
            \_ If you think a girl is out of your league she is out of your
               league.  If you honestly don't think she is, you have a shot.
                \_ That's the stupidest thing I ever heard!  Don't let the
                      \_ Bingo, someone got it.
                   motd idiots crush your spirit.
                   \_ You missed the point.  It's all about self-confidence.
                      If you don't think you're good enough for her, she won't
                      think so either.
                      \_ Ah so.  I stand corrected.
                      \_ Bingo, someone got it.
           \_ Yes, your sister certainly is.
                      \_ then again, maybe she won't think so anyway.
           \_ Even butt ugly guys can get with hot chix. You just have to have
        \_ Start flipping up skirts right after class. It may not work,
              \_ There, there. Don't be bitter. I'll humor your troll next time
               league.  If you honestly don't think she is, you have a shot.
        \_ Look in home.  Maybe your sis is the best chick in the world.
           but it'll certainly make my day!
           \_ It's not as hard as you're making it sound. All you need
              to do is to locate her clitoris.
        \_ Look in home.  Maybe your sis is the best chick in the world.
           \_ Yes, your sister certainly is.
        \_ You are asking the motd for advice about getting girls? Crazy?
           \_ No, OP is just bringing out an old troll.  Didn't even put it
              into a new format and you all bought it.  It makes me wonder
              why I bother to put so much effort into mine. -bitter troll
              \_ There, there. Don't be bitter. I'll humor your troll next time
              \_ Nobody made fun of my nut question either.
2003/8/29 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:29510 Activity:high
8/29    Where there are US troops, there is prostitution.  Are there any
        \_ how about take out the "US" in there.
        \_ how about take out the "US" in there.  I mean seriously,
           my dad was stationed next to Pakistani troops for while,
           they went out whoring and drinking as much as the next guy.
           goddamit i got trolled!  you win.
        reliable media reports on the prostitution situation in Iraq?
          \_ how about you learn how to format your posts?
        \_Don't you know?  Only US troops do bad things.
        \_ Just think, lots of men, lots of hormones, and no gf/wife. It's
           just a norm in the military. On a side note, the Japs took care
           of this problem by providing Comfort Women-- legalizing
           prostitution in military barracks. Goals: increase troop
           morale, increase enrollment (hey if you're young and still
           virgin here is your chance to get laid), and decrease $$$
           flowing out of the military. It's a brilliant plan.
           \_ the concept may have been right, but the implementation
              was sexual slavery, rape, murder, etc. lots of hits on
              comfort women including this one:
        \_ I don't think there is very much prostitution in Iraq. There
           is quite a bit of fraternization though.
2003/8/29-30 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:10014 Activity:nil
8/29    Where there are US troops, there is prostitution.  Are there any
        reliable media reports on the prostitution situation in Iraq?
        \_ oh no! call the moral police!
        \_ how about take out the "US" in there.  I mean seriously,
           my dad was stationed next to Pakistani troops for while,
           they went out whoring and drinking as much as the next guy.
           goddamit i got trolled!  you win.
        \_ Summary: US BAD!  NON-US GOOD!
        \_ how about you learn how to format your posts?
        \_ Don't you know?  Only US troops do bad things.
        \_ Just think, lots of men, lots of hormones, and no gf/wife. It's
           just a norm in the military. On a side note, the Japs took care
           of this problem by providing Comfort Women-- legalizing
           prostitution in military barracks. Goals: increase troop
           morale, increase enrollment (hey if you're young and still
           virgin here is your chance to get laid), and decrease $$$
           flowing out of the military. It's a brilliant plan.
           \_ the concept may have been right, but the implementation
              was sexual slavery, rape, murder, etc. lots of hits on
              comfort women including this one:
           \_ The Japanese took care of the situation by having their troops
              rape half of the Eastern hemisphere.
           \_ Yep US only gets in trouble if they rape <14yo girls in Japan.
              They actually kick the guys out of the army. oooo. tough one.
              \_ Better than the UN where the very guys who are sent over to
                 protect women from human rights abuses end up buying, selling,
                 pimping, using, and raping them.
            \_ And one day, Japan will grow some balls and apologize outright
               for all the war crimes it perpertrated.  Spineless twats. -Jon
        \_ I don't think there is very much prostitution in Iraq. There
           is quite a bit of fraternization though.
           \_ Minimal prostitution in Iraq?  Your source of info?
                \_ Well, you wouldn't really want to pay money to have sex
                   with a potato sack, would you?  -John
2003/8/28 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:29502 Activity:insanely high
8/27    Silly question. How many of you are about 5'9"? I'm guessing at least
        a few since this is about the average height for white adult
        males. Now the real question: what size pants do you wear? I find
        that 31x28 or maybe 31x29 fit me just about right, but these are
        fairly uncommon sizes. (Specifically, I mean the inseam length,
        the second number.) So do you all wear pants that are too long, or
        do you have the same trouble I do in finding pants that fit well?
        \_ Most people in America are fat, they make 'em for them.
           \_ what does being fat have to do with height?
        \_ Buy trousers longer than you need them, go by Ernesto's tailoring,
           5th floor (left from the elevators, then right, it's on the left
           hand side) in the Flood building (863 Market) in SF.  He does
           a fantastic job and works cheap.  You can then let them out more
           easily if they shrink later on.  -John
        \_ i'm about 5'9" and wear 30x32, and they fit well
        \_ 5'10" and just focusing on inseam, I try to get 30s, but
           often have to buy longer.  They just bunch up a little and actually
           look cool.  They don't drag along the floor.
        \_ 5'11".  31x32 or x34 depending on the brand.
        \_ 5'9" and I wean 30x36. I'm a sysadm.
           \_ it's time to bulk up at the gym, buddy
        \_ i'm 5'8 and wear 31x31
        \_ 5'8" and wear 32x32, but I can fit down to 30x30 (I like 'em
           baggier and longer)
        \_ 5'8" and I find that a 30 inseam is perfect for me, and quite
           easy to get.
        \_ 5'9", size 4 or 6 tall  (I'm all legs) -chialea
           \_ they say that women's numbering system is changing so that
              size 8 will become size 6, size 6 will become size 4, etc.
              This is done presumably so that women will feel skinner and
              will be happier to buy a lower sized dress than they really
              are. Such marketing strategy works pretty well.
           \_ general question women's numbering system.  Is there a reason
              why women's clothes have such weird numbers?  With men, the
              numbers actually mean something. It's the length of the legs
              or the width of your waist, etc.  The number system on women
              doesn't mean anything.  What exactly is a size 4 dress or a
              size 6 pants?  Anybody know the history of this?
              \_ In general, it's waist measurement in inches - 20.  This
                 is for american sizes.  I haven't read up on the history
                 of this, but it probably goes back to the end of corset
                 culture.  Waist size has always been a status symbol, whether
                 large (fertility/matriarchal cultures) or small (our current
                 psychotic obsession with emaciation).  --scotsman
              \_ The sizes are arbitrary so fat women can say they're only a
                 size 12 when size 12 is *huge* and 16 is off scale.  Most
                 women are 12+ these days.  Sell to your market.
                 \_ Can you actually go below size 0? I know one or two who
                    are, and I can imagine skinnier and more anorexic girls
                    \_ I think they have "petites" so a petite-size-0 is even
                       smaller. It's not just anorexics that wear that size,
                       shorter women sometimes need that size, else their
                       clothes are too long. My ex-gf was size 2 or more but
                       since she was short she often wore size 0. Except
                       these shirts were a bit tight on her big boobs.
                    \_ I think dresses smaller than size 0 should be sized
                       much as paintbrushes, e.g. 00, 000, 10/0. -geordan
                    \_ My mom is 5'1" and 92lbs.  She wears 0.  I asked once
                       about that and she said nothing below a 0.
        \_ i'm 5'9" and wear 31x30, getting fat. My shoe size is never
           available when the shoe is on sale.
                \_ ARE YOU A SYSADM?
        \_ 7'0" and wear 38x38.  posted just cuz.
2003/8/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29214 Activity:very high
8/1     Is it legal for a married woman to lie about her marital status
        during a sexual relationship with a man who isn't her husband?
         \_ Is she having sex while under oath in a court of law?  Kinky.
        \_ uhh, yes dumbass
           \_ I wonder how people like this got into Cal sometimes.
               \_ Who are you speaking of?
                  \_ OP
                     \_ is it that you really don't know how cal admissions
                        works, or that you are so naive you think gpa + sat
                        scores predict intelligence?
            \_ Okay smartass, If her husband comes home and murders her
               lover, how is she not at fault for putting her lover's life
               in danger without him knowing, since she didn't disclose
               this? How are you so damn sure, and why the fuck is this a
               stupid question? I've never had an experience that made me
               even consider this scenerio until now.
               this? How are you so damn sure?
                \_ it is a stupid question
                \_ irrelevant.  if the husband commits murder, it's his own
                   damn fault for pulling the trigger.  No one forced him to
                   go that extreme.
        \_ Is it illegal for a single woman to lie about her age during
           a sexual relationship with a man who isn't her husband?
                \_ Not if she's above the age of consent.
                   \_ ObGoats.ex
2003/8/1 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:29201 Activity:nil
7/31    When someone dies before reaching the age for social security, does the
        spouse or children get anything?
        \_ Yes, they do. Read your SS statement. Kids get money until age
           18 and the spouse receives extra money monthly at retirement.
2003/7/30-31 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Dating] UID:29180 Activity:insanely high
7/30    I'm a caucasian guy. I kissed my first Asian girl recently. No
        complaints, but she tasted different from caucasian women. Her skin,
        her lips, all of her tasted different and it was noticeable even with
        her lip gloss. She tasted like Asian people sometimes smell (not
        offensive). She was born in the USA and is All-American so it is not
        like she was eating strange foods. Is their chemistry so different?
        Do caucasians taste funny to Asians?
        \_ I read a psychology today article about 8-9 years ago saying that
           immunological markers can be smelled, and can act as pheromones.
           People with immune systems that can handle different antigens
           than one's own may be a base for attraction, since biologically
           it's a benefit for offspring to get genetic material from parents
           whose immune systems cover different areas.  So.  Maybe the
           difference in pheromones are perceived as "tasting good."
           Anyways, it's a random theory.                      -sax
           \_ How does it explain that I'm attracted to my sister more than my
              \_ you've been watching too many Melrose Place reruns...
              \_ It doesn't.  That's a different theory known as "The Sick
                 Bastard Theory Of Attraction".
        \_ Maybe certain brands of cosmetics is more popular among Asians then
           \_ It's THAN, people.  Say it.  Than.
        \_ Which pair of her lips did you taste again?
        \_ Did she taste like spunk-encrusted surface of your monitor?
           \_ Only when I was done with her.
        \_ Yes they have very very different chemistry. Of course they're
           different! I had a whitie gf and she didn't taste very good, I'm
           guessing it's cuz of all that burger/pizza/cheese stuff that
           was kind of offensive. On the other hand they were, in general,
           more horny and I found it more satisfying in bed than uptight
           Asian girls. On the other hand whities were self-righteous and
           kind of more bitchy than Asian girls when they have PMS. I
           guess you just have to find out what you like and just go for
           it.                                  -studly asian man
           \_ Who are you, Studly Asian Man? -lonely asian girl
           \_ How-many-inches studly are you?
           \_ I've never had any problems finding horny asian chicks.  They
              fuck with the best of 'em.
        \_ I think regardless of whether the Asian person was born in the U.S.
           or in Asia, there's a huge chance that he/she has eaten Asian food
           the majority of her life. (from living in the Asian community) I
           was told (by a white gf) that I have Asian taste (when we kissed)
           and of course since I've never kissed an Asian girl, I wouldn't
           know how THEY taste. These days, thanks to Altoids or Orbitz, you
           can simply mask all these undesirable "taste" in your mouth.
           \_ I use battery acid.  After she's had a drink her natural taste
              is completely masked by the acid flavor *and* she won't be
              bitching at me for anything.  Ever.
2003/7/30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29177 Activity:very high
7/30    What is the definition of a "separation" of two married people?
        \_ Oh BDG, where art thou?
        \_ It means they are separated. Easy, huh? If your wife leaves you
           for a man with a bigger vocabulary, but doesn't ask for a divorce
           then you are separated. If you agree to spend time apart to sort
           out your feelings you are separated. Separated means you broke up,
           but that you haven't filed for divorce. Separated people sometimes
           get back together, just like dating couples who break up.
           \_ It's not that simple.  There is a 'legal separation'.  Often
              people separate to see if they can work out their differences and
              get back together when they have.
              \_ You can't work out your differences with someone you're
                 avoiding.  It's divorce for people without the guts to get it
                 over with.
                 \_ Some people have gotten to the point where they can't be in
                    the same room without arguing.  Separation for a while can
                    allow cool-down and make it possible for people to talk
                    rationally again.
                    \_ If it's that bad they *should* be divorced.
        \_ It means you're both out fucking other people but promising not to
           use that in divorce court.  The marriage is dead and the ex-couple
           is probably staying together in the legal sense for other reasons
           which have nothing to do with emotional attachment.
        \_ If somebody has "filed for divorce" but their spouse won't sign
           the "papers", then what happens? mutiality isn't required, right?
           \_ Divorce still goes through; mutuality is not required.
              \_ I thought it varies by state?  Divorce laws are local, not
2003/7/26 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:29147 Activity:very high
7/25    Why do 5 feet women want 6 foot men?  I don't get it.
        \_ There's this asian-caucasian couple I see a lot at the gym. She's
           like 4'10" and he's 5'11"-ish. They're always practicing their
           ballroom dancing in the middle of the machines area. Bizarre sight
           on quite a few levels.
           \_ Yellow fever?
           \_ Creepy. Sounds like my cousin and her husband.
        \_ The women want their babies to be tall.
        \_ The women wants to feel their long dick.
           \_ I am a short guy with a big dick. How can I communicate this
              to women that I want to have sex with without seeming crude?
              \_ stop wearing pants?
        \_ All women want taller men.  It's a Darwin thing and it makes
           a lot of sense.
           \_ to the extreme of a foot difference?
              \_ It has nothing to do with her height.  It has to do with his.
                 You think ugly guys have a preference for ugly women?  No,
                 they all prefer attractive women no matter what they look like
                 themselves.  No different for women.
                 \_ what, you don't think these guys are pedophiles and/or
                    insecure so they want a small unintimidating girlfriend?
                    \_ not at all.  short != looks 8 y/old.  short != timid.
           \_ Plenty of women prefer shorter guys. Most prefer tall guys,
              this is true, but don't drag Darwin into this. Many societal
              standards of beauty have nothing to do with survival.
              \_ Plenty?  Maybe you're hanging out with the 6'6" amazons or
                 something but "willing to date" is not the same as "prefer".
                 Name a society where being short is a positive beauty trait
                 for a man.  I'm sorry some of the short guys here don't get
                 laid and think women are evil for it but that's just the way
                 things are.
                 \_ being bitter about it, yeah real attractive
                 \_ Jews - David shorty kicks Goliath arse.
                           Jacob shorty toys with his brother Esau.
                           Big strong tall Samson stupidly falling
                           for Delilah's trap.
                    Compare the bible versus classical greek literature.
                    The bible never mentions tall as a positive
                    description, whereas greek literature is full of
                    such references, not only in descriptions of men
                    but also of women.  Instead the bible likes to
                    talk about the weak becoming strong, the foolish
                    becoming wise, and shorty Zacchaeus receiving
                    \_ The bible is a morality play, not a cultural reference
                       guide.  Go ask some real Jews if being short is a plus
                       or a minus.  They'll give you the same answer as
                       everyone else.  Tall is good.  Short is bad.  Stop
                       trying to make Jews into some sort of freaks.  It's bad
                       enough with the haters and ignorance already.  -Jew
                       \_ You are black sheep Jew.  Be a good Jew.
                       \_ Just admit it.  The bible is the core of Jewish
                          culture.  You can't escape it.  And there is nothing
                          wrong in being different, or "freaks", if you prefer.
              \_ In personals ads the number one request - even more common
                 than a fat checkbook, a full head of hair, sexual prowess,
                 or a great personality - is that the guy must be taller
                 than the woman, and preferably 6' or over. It's rare to find
                 women that like shorter guys.
                 \_ That's only because it's not PC to ask for the other
                    things you mentioned.
                       \_ Ducking?  Nah, it's just not as big a deal as
                          you make it out to be.
                    \_ That never stopped anyone from asking for it.  Also,
                       you're ducking (poorly I might add).  They never request
                       short.  No woman wants a short guy.
                       \_ It's just not as big a deal as you make it out to be.
2003/7/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29117 Activity:kinda low
        \_ speaking of Kobe, anybody else here read Dennis Rodman's book
           "Bad as I wanna be"?  He says things that people only think
           about but would never say it out loud for fear of being labelled
           racists.  The NBA for the black man is only about two things he
           said: money and sex with white women.
                           \- you should read "soul on ice" ok tnx --psb
           \_ I don't see what anyone has against this Japanese city.
              this is in particularly poor taste in light of the recent
              earthquake there.
              \_ yer momma tastes poor
              \_ oh yeah like so just because you had an earthquake we can't
                 write books about your purient interest in white women?  If
                 only poor Dennis understood those are white trash no different
                 than the $5 whores you can find on most corners in Oakland.
                 He'll never know the real thing.  I pity Dennis and the rest.
          \_ are there any studies done on the percentage of black athletes
             who marry white women?  The most famous one in recent memory is
             of course OJ simpson.  Dennis Rodman married and divorced a
             white woman as well.
             \_ Yes but 38% of them are made up.
2003/7/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29055 Activity:high
7/15    Do you think they had sex together?
        \_ Wow, British girls are hot.
           \_ Please tell me you're kidding.
              \_ Do you really need me to tell you something that obvious
        \_ Yes, of course they did.  You're in college.  Don't you know that
           *everyone* is having sex if they have access to it?
        \_ The marine got caught:
2003/7/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29043 Activity:high
7/14    motd poll:  how many sexual partners have you had?
        married: use m -- single : use s
        0: s s
        2: m s m
        3: s
        4: s
        5-10: m s
        10+: .
        40+: s s
        4000    -Wilt
        \_ after or during?
           \_ during.
        \_ Smart enough not to get married: .
           \_ Cool! 2.5 less kids to congest our planet!
              \_ Since when does not getting married mean not reproducing?
        \_ do dead people count?
           \_ If you have to ask, then you don't know.
              \_ Exactly!
        \_ Why stop at 40+?
           \_ I stopped counting at 40 so I don't know what the exact
              number is, but it is certainly less than a hundred. If
           2. someone who gave me oral and let me cum between her thighs while
              totally naked, but no vaginal or anal penetration.
           3. someone whom I fingered while she's having wet dreams (I think
              she even had an orgasm cuz I felt some contraction), but she
              didn't even know afterwards.
              you want to make a little box for 100+ go right ahead.
        \_ Do these count as sexual partners:
           1. someone who let me caress and kiss her breasts, but nothing else.
        \_ Does my spouse count?  Does yours?
           2. someone who gave me oral and got my oral and let me cum between
              her thighs while totally naked, but no vaginal or anal
           3. someone whose vagina I penetrated with my fingers while she's
              having wet dreams (I think she even had an orgasm cuz I felt some
              contraction), but she didn't even know afterwards.
           4. my wife.
           \_ Define it however you wish, but I would say no, yes, maybe, I
              certainly hope so.
              \_ define it however you wish!?  this is an anonymous ASCII poll
                 damnit! wae have standards! there are rules! they must
                 be obeyed!!!!!
2003/7/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:29009 Activity:nil
        \_ this is lame.
        \_ No, it's very funny.  Is that you BDG?  -BDG #1 fan
2003/7/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28973 Activity:very high
7/8     What are the pros and cons of a 1-piece suit vs a 2-piece suit?
        \_ swim suit?
           \_ if you're female: with a 2 piece you have a much easier time
              when you have to use the restroom (as opposed to a 1 piece
              which you'd have to wrestle).  2 piece suits are also varied now
              with tankinis for more coverage and bikinis...well, for less
              \_ Women with those fantastic hour glass figures look better in
                 the tanktinis rather than 1 or 2 pieces.  1 piece looks like
                 well just ugly, 2 piece she's always holding on to her top.
        \_ I have never heard of a 1 piece suit vs 2 piece suit as in jacket
           and pants.  2 piece suit is a jacket and pants.  3 piece suit is
           a jacket, pants, and vest.  1 piece -- no pants?
           \_ Yeah pants-free is the new black!
           conservative, or 50+, you might want to consider a 1 piece. If you're
           young and hot, a two piece is going to show more breast, stomach,
           thigh, etc. of course, there are 1 piece g-strings, but those are
           pretty rare. also, there are a lot of retro style 2 pieces that have
           become popular in recent years, including the 70's "boob tube" and
           the 50's style shorts (kinda look like board shorts)... a lot parents
           like these for 'tweens because they don't show as much leg/ass.  --
           MBE (Motd Bikini/Bathingsuit Expert)
              \_ "I can see you're really excited to work for the company..."
           \_ 1 piece = jumpsuit
        \_ a one piece covers up a lot more, so if you are overweight,
           conservative, or 50+, you might want to consider a 1 piece. If
           you're young and hot, a two piece is going to show more breast,
           stomach, thigh, etc. of course, there are 1 piece g-strings, but
           those are pretty rare. also, there are a lot of retro style 2
           pieces that have become popular in recent years, including the 70's
           "boob tube" and the 50's style shorts (kinda look like board
           shorts)... a lot parents like these for 'tweens because they don't
           show as much leg/ass.  -- MBE (Motd Bikini/Bathingsuit Expert)
2003/7/2 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign] UID:28897 Activity:high
7/1     Hey kid, start here:
        Some of them are attractive, Russia is pretty much a western country,
        they can't be any worse than you'll meet here and they're much more
        likely to appreciate your brains and stick around even if they may
        never truly love you.  Best of luck.
        \_ Scary thing is, I know a few guys who've done this.  It's very
           odd, and all the women, while perfectly nice and educated, have
           something cold about them.  -John
           something cold about them.  It's a weird thing trying to have a
           chat with a friend's import-a-bride.  -John
2003/7/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28894 Activity:nil
7/1     What kind of chix like geeky nerds in Silicon Valley who make over
        100K/yr?                        -lonely geeky nerd
        \_ the 19 year old kind from the midwest who calls it
           "sillycone valley?"
        \_ 100K is peanuts.  It would be impressive if you also had social
           skills, but without them you need to multi million range.  Just
           accept you are doomed to a life of dumpy ugly boring girls for
           the rest of your life.
          \_ yes. peanuts.  what is your home planet?
           \_ it is peanuts if you are using your money to attract women.
              If you are going by money alone you need a lot more than that.
              \_ No one really tries to attract women with money alone,
                 or at least almost no one. It is part of the whole package.
                 I still say he should give the Russian mail order bride
                 idea a thought.
        \_ Look, I gave him a useful and accurate answer and the motd
           censor deleted it. Well, f*ck you, then.
        \_ Is that ALL you can say for yourself??  geeky nerd in Silicon
           Valley making $x/year?  You know, maybe girls actually go for,
           uh, content?  (yeah yeah insert joke here)   -- alice
           \_ come on, he admitted he's a geeky nerd already. he is lacking
              content, knows it, admits it, and is working to find someone.
              At least he knows who he is and isnt trying to be someone else.
        \_ this girl i like is deciding between me ($92k/year) and a guy
           PhD stanfurd, $450k/year salary working in finance. Hmm, who she
           gonna pick? i'm going to lose :(   She earns $100k/year.
           His extra $$$$ make up a lot for "content". Shit, they can pay
           to overcome troubles or buy content from elsewhere.
           \_ Let her pick him and dump him when she finds out he's an
              ass. You can both then spend his money together after the
              \_ She already knows he's an ass. Okay, he's all right, but
                 a lot left to be desired. But still, money makes up for it.
                 There is no such thing as true love, because in the long-term
                 the woman will go for the money for the marriage. Even if she's
                 her own woman (Software Engr, businessperson) who makes big
                 bucks, because his extra money allows her to do whatever she
                 wants, even quit her job, raise kids, take whatever job or
                 classes she wants w/o worries.
                 \_ maybe you like gold digging hoes or otherwise high
                    maintenance women. i can't imagine that you couldn't
                    live comfortably on ~200K/year, unless your idea of
                    comfort is rather extreme.
                    \_ 200k before taxes? Not that much. Have you seen
                       the price of homes? Not to mention that they need
                       to hire a housekeeper so there is no arguments
                       about housecleaning. Then another cook so they
                       dont argue about dinner. Then a nanny so they dont
                       have to argue about child-care. Then they need the
                       money for boarding school so once the kids are old
                       enough, they dont have to take care of them. Not to
                       mention the normal things women like -- for the home,
                       for vacation, for clothes, for jewelry -- so they
                       can impress their gfs and relatives. Hey PhD from
                       Stanford, makes $$$$/year, isnt that a woman's dream
                       husband? Not to mention the mother-in-law's dream?
            \_ What was his Ph.D. in?  How does he make 450k / year?
               \_ Some math/finance thing. He makes money off the market
                  itself. Sort of like arbitrage, except he's the grunt
                  who helps the guys with $100+ million make more money.
                  They have the money, he has the brains/training.
                  He gets a base salary and then bonus and percentages.
                  Not bad eh?
        \_ i think you need find a russian or chinese bride, who needs
           a green card, but one who has a university education so she
           can at least pretend to talk and be interested in you. Something
           with a reasonable exchange. either that or some fucked up girl
           who didnt finish college, is struggling to earn $35k/year in
           the bay area and who would be pleased to have someone like you
           take care of her. Perhaps a stripper. Someone with a good body,
           can't make money easily, and would be impressed with you.
           Don't expect it to last. Either that or a single-mother, but
           that's probably a lot more trouble than it's worth, esp. if
           the husband is still alive and around and is a jerk (most are).
           Also, how old are you? Maybe can introduce you to someone.
           Friendster? heh.
2003/6/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28845 Activity:nil
6/26    Is having sex with a full bladder bad for prostate?  Any other harm?
        \_ No.  Only other harm would be if your partner landed on your
           suprapublic area with so much force that the pressure strained
           your urinary sphincter muscles.  A lifetime of such strain can
           lead to stress incontinence later on.  -csua alum in med school
           \_ let's not forget the danger of burst bladders.  they do happen
              in MVA's to victims with full bladders.
        \_ I'm a guy, and orgasm doesn't feel as good when my bladder is full.
2003/6/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28764 Activity:nil
6/18    Why would a sex shop/head shop sell liquid nitrogen?  is it for freezing
        sperm?  this seems really weird, but someone told me that the sex
        shop in Fargo, ND sells liquid nitrogen, and I couldn't get the phone
        number of the place to ask.
        \_ You are right, this seems really weird.
           \_ You're both too straight to bother telling you.  You wouldn't
        \_ If you are having sex regularly with various partners you are
           likely to get genital warts/ molluscum/ etc.  By freezing the
           virus bumps you set off your immune system to recognize the
           area and attack the local virus.  And no, condoms offer only
           limited protection.
2003/6/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28718 Activity:nil
6/12    Does your GF or wife fart out loud in your presence?  (mine does!)
        yes: ...
        GF?  Wife?  What's that?: .
        \_ My GF doesn't ever fart.  Or shit.  Ever few months she has to
           pee which is disgusting enough.  Women need to be taught that
           bodily functions are for animals.
        \_ My friend says girls don't fart -- they "poof."
           \_ It's the "vapors."
        \_ my gf just craps through her mouth
2003/6/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28659 Activity:high
        So lila&kchang are bitter suicidal ex? Is lila a psycho?
                                               \_ No.        -mice
        \_ i never even met him in real life.  i just enjoyed making
           fun of him on wall along with everyone else.   -lila
                \_ your page certainly makes you look like a psycho.
                   \_ Man, you need to meet some real psychos before you
                      call that stuff bad.
                   \_ nah, it just makes her look childish.  it doesn't make
                      kchang look any worse than her.  the whole thing looks
                      like a bitter ex-gf and her friend bashing the guy in a
                      bitter psycho ex-gf kind of way.
        \_ If I was lila, I'd take down the kchang pages.  Or better yet, would
           never put them up in the first place.
        \_ Isn't this the girl that posts pictures of herself with big
           black dildos and then wonders why she can't find a job?
           \_ Depends.  Were the pics X, R, PG13, PG, or G rated?
2003/6/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:28646 Activity:moderate
6/5     Hi I'm an engineer and I have a whiny voice and I want to improve
        myself (for the sake of meeting women and to sound better on job
        interviews). Where can I go? Acting class? Voice lessons? ok thx
        \_ try saying "mm hmm". that's your natural voice. then say
        "mm hmm 1, mm hmm 2, mm hmm 3". for more informatoin, go to
           \_ Hey, that's good.
        \_ i know psb.  psb is an idol of mine.  and son, you are no psb
           -psb #24 fan
        \_ grow some balls, son
           \_ *imagining two balls growing on a petri dish*
        \_ Try Toastmasters:
        \_ watch lotsa dirty harry movies.. he always gets laid.
                \_ Yes, watch all the early Eastwood westerns and action
                   movies - just on general principles.
                   \_ Especially "Paint Your Wagon" where he sings...
        \_ It's hopeless.  Improve the gene pool.  Conserve precious
           resources.  Kill yourself.
        \_ Some of the advice on this thread might be of help to you:
2003/6/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28606 Activity:nil
6/1     Anyone ever farted while saving sex?
        yes: ..
        no: .
        no, but I've never had sex:
        \_ passed gas while jerking off?
        quiefed: .
        \_ Holding back a fart and an orgasm at the same time is surprisingly
           not that difficult.
        \_ only with obyermom
2003/5/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28457 Activity:high
5/15    At what point in a relationship do you have sex?
        \_ at a sharp one.
        \_ early and often
           \_ just like voting!
           \_ first date? second date?
        \_ when you're erect and she's wet.
           \_ Ah, you assume this is a heretosexual relationship.
              \_ maybe he's just personifying his lover's ass... like
                 they do with boats.
        \_ when after I'm done with yermom.
        \_ well usually, i will pull her out of the trunk, open the bag,
           and slap her to establish my dominance. then... what the fuck
           is wrong with you? what a stupid troll.
        \_ Think Nike.  Just do it.  Fool.
        \_ Well this is probably just a troll, but on the off chance that
           it is not, I will say that it varies widely. I have had sex
           with people I met that night at a party and had sex with
           friends that I had known for years before we did it for the
           first time. But if you have been hanging out/dating/whatever
           for six weeks and there is no physical chemistry, you can
           probably forget about it. Religious people probably take
        \_ After the wedding.
           \_ what if it doesn't fit?
2003/5/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28436 Activity:very high 66%like:10300
5/13    To the married people here, at what age did you get married?
          30 wife is 14
          29 -ax
          29, wife was 25  -some guy
          26, wife was 23  - some other guy
          26 --erikred
          born pregnant
          30, wife was 29
          22 -emarkp (wife was 22 also)
          \_ are you nuts?
             \_ We just enjoyed the birth of our second child, and are planning
                our 30th birthday parties/8th anniversary.  Why would I be nuts?
                \_ it doesn't seem young to you?  -23 and freaked out
                                                 about commitment
                 \_ Nope.
                \_ they're also mormon, no?
                   \_ Yes, we are, and that's actually important.  Same life
                      goals, few differences of philosophy.  That reduced the
                      concerns we might have with a long-term relationship.
                       \_ it also motivates people to marry young so they can
                          bonk... which they wouldnt otherwise be able to do.
                          \_ Like people who want to "bonk" need more
          29, wife was 28. - yet some other guy
        \_ seems like most are < 30.  Does anyone marry after 30 over here?
           \_ How large is the pool of people > 30 here?
        \_ Interesting that all the women are younger. My love interest is
           older than I am. Also, I'm 30 and not married yet.
        \_ There's nothing wrong with marriage at 22.  People who are freaked
           out about commitment are either a) immature or b) haven't found
           the right person yet.  It's often both.  It's hard to describe
           this feeling of love for a person you know you want to spend
           the rest of your life with.  You'll know it when you find her. :-)
                -happily married guy
                -happily married gay
           \_ See what happens in 10 years.
              \_ BDG is that you?!?!
           \_ You are gay.
           \_ You're right, there's nothing wrong with marriage at 22 IF
              both of you are remarkably mature.  The thing is (and don't
              hate me for saying this, but) most 22s only think they're
              remarkably mature.  If you're 22 and thinking about marriage
              but are not required to do so by your religious convictions,
              wait and live in a sin together a while first.  Then, after
              a couple of years, you'll know whether you really want to
              spend the rest of your life with someone who squeezes the
              toothpaste tube the wrong way, snores, and hates it when
              drink directly from the milk carton.
              \_ I totally disagree.  A long time ago I read somewhere (can't
                 find the source anymore) that people who live together before
                 they get married have a higher divorce rate after they get
                 married.  One of the reasons was that because they still had
                 this mentality of splitting up if things don't work out. And
                 that's the main reason why people live together and don't get
                 married.  Believe it or not, there are people in the world
                 that believe in the sanctity of marriage.  And that marriage
                 is forever.   There will be problems. But if both of you are
                 committed, they can all be worked out.  -happily married guy
                 \_ While it is certainly true that people who cohabitate
                    are more likely to get divorced, I think you are confusing
                    correlation with causation. Divorce rates have stabalized
                    since the 80s, yet cohabitation rates have increased.
              \_ Are those the major problems that people encounter in
                 relationships?  I'm sure people divorce for more serious
                 reasons than those.
                 \_ and some divorce for even less serious reasons.  this
                    sounds like a statement by a 22 year old who has it
                    all figured out.
                 \_ The top two reasons for divorce are: 1) infidelity and 2)
                    money problems.
                 \_ The younger you are when you get married, the more likely
                    you are to end up divorced.
                    \_ And you have a study to quote to back this up?
                       \_ There are dozens, just look. Here is one:
2003/5/3 [Finance/Banking, Recreation/Dating] UID:28318 Activity:high
        Cute chubby filipino girl.
        \_ 32 years old = cute filipina woman.  Interesting NYT article, too.
2003/5/3 [Recreation/Dating, Science/Biology] UID:28317 Activity:nil
5/2     Bonobos!
        \_ Don't feed the bonobos! How many times do I have to tell you that!?
2003/5/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28315 Activity:moderate
5/3     Watching a Great Paper Dive Into Pedophilia Chic
        \_ Have you read the book in question or are you judging it only
           based on what others have said about it?
2003/5/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28311 Activity:high
5/2     Someone called me a "bonobo".  What does that mean?!
        \_ It is a species of chimpanzee that has sex all the time.
           \_ Not just that.  They'll have sex with ANY other bonobo, male,
              young, old, diseased, and for any reason.
                \_ not quite.  Parents wont have sex with post pubescent kids.
                   \_ which makes them a step up from the typical sodan....
                      \_ I don't think any sodans have post pubescent kids
           has sex face to face rather than doggy style.
                         yet, so I don't think you can say for sure yet.
                         \_ none that survived the first encounter.
        \_ interestingly they are the only primate (except for humans) that
           has sex face to face - all others just do it doggy style.
2003/5/1-2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:28292 Activity:insanely high
5/1     Whites only: (
        \_ this is actually very interesting.  For the record, Whites
           are the minority at this school.  If non-white minority decided
           to have their own dance, i doubt it would make news.
           \_ True, Whites are just barely the minority there.  But I think
              you're missing the point, this is a school with a White
              President and a Black President.  That is not healthy.
        \_ What about ubiquitous Black and Hispanic societies
        \_ i have no sympathy for the whites. for 200 years they have
           oppressed negros and now they want to take our h07 azn chix.
           it's payback time, let's make them all miserable
           \_ yeah!  Affirmative action for hot chicks!
           \_ You forget add whitey make SARS kill azn males take
2003/4/30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28271 Activity:nil
        \_ love this site.
2003/4/25-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28228 Activity:very high
4/25    What's up with the new J Lo video?  I heard it's all about the ass.
        \_ the new video is a "spoof" of flashdance.. every thing she does
           was from the movie and/or video for "what a feeling"
           theres a record number of jLo ass shots in this video..
           more than ever before.
           \_ conveyor belt of flashdunce, who all want to do the flashdance...
           \_ what is the name of the song/video?  (Curious enough to
              fire up Kazaa...).  Is the ass better than Shakira on
              the tango song? :)
           \_ It's an "homage." Spoofs make fun of the orginal content.
        \_ How is that different from any of the old J Lo videos?
        \_ They got Jennifer Beale's orig outfit for J Lo to use, but
           they had to sew on extra material cause of her ass size.
           \_ You're nuts.  She's got a great ass.  The only people who don't
              think so are the Hollywood fashion designer queers and self
              hating fashion designer dykes.
              \_ You're nuts for thinking this is a diss on her ass.
                 It is just a comparison of size.  J Lo got ... nevermind
              \_ YES!!! J Lo has a great ass. This was no diss...just that
                 Jennifer Beales was too petite in comparison. The sewing
                 of extra material is a true story.
                \_ You seem very interested in J Lo's ass.  Tell me more
                   about J Lo's ass.
                   \_ ok, JLo has a great ass.  What more do you need to know?
           \_ Doubt it since Beale didn't dance all of those sequences.
           \_ It's "Jennifer Beals" (not Beale or Beales)
           \_ Alley McBeals
              \_ ...has no ass.
                    \_ easy skullfucking
                 \_ and is flat as a board.
                    \_ But for some reason we were told to think she was sexy
                       for her 15 minutes.  And worse, some believed it.
                        \_ skinny can be sexy.  curvy can be sexy.  pathetic
                           CSUA geeks passing judgement on females who are
                           so far out of their league that scientists would
                           have difficulty placing them in the same genus
                           is not sexy.  -tom
2003/4/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28203 Activity:high
4/22    Is it wrong for me to be together with a married woman?
        \_ are you an idiot?
        \_ It depends.  Are you married to her?
        \_ No, not really.  Your LTR odds are about zero.  Your disease risks
           are lower than normal but not much lower.  Your parenting risks are
           as high or higher than a single woman.  Your risk of death or
           serious bodily injury is much higher.
        \_ Is she in an open marriage?
        \_ [stupid post of some drivel from alt.erotica circa 1989 deleted]
           \_ My cuddle mate's cuddling heat fills me with awe and
              makes me feel how so female I am aside him.  But because he
              is bigger, more intelligent and stronger,
              his power is intimidating when I am shy.
              \_ WTF?  I've been here a long time and all I can say to this
                 is WTF?
                 \_ Very clearly not long enough.  If you have to ask, you
                    don't know. -phillip
        \_ it depends on whether her husband is an angry guy who needs to
           go to an anger management class and if he has a shotgun, and it
           depends on whether you guys are in Utah or not.
           \_ Being in Utah won't help.  Also if you're the kind of guy who
              gets cuckolded and doesn't get mad then you're an idiot.  Is
              your wife hot?  I could use an easy lay on Mon/Wed/Fri noonish.
2003/4/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28166 Activity:nil
4/18    A question for all you work out geeks who are maybe shedding that
        nerdy skinny body and starting to look like men for the first time
        in your lives: Does it actually help you get laid or are you just
        a socially inept but well built geek now?
        \_ Please use motdedit.  You overwrote my post.  Thanks.
           \_ no, you overwrote mine which was there for several minutes
              before you even started yours.
              \_ What editor are you using?  I didn't catch any locks.
2003/4/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28159 Activity:very high
4/17    Girls, have you ever decided to not set up a cool guy with someone
        so he would be single and available if you should breakup with
        the person you are seeing?  [available either for a relationship
        or just platonically to hang out with?]
        \_ I know someone who did the opposite - tried to set up the guy
           to avoid temptation, yet ended up breaking up with her
           current bf to be with the guy anyway.  Trying to manipulate
           people can backfire in unexpected ways.
           \_ I'm glad he got laid but hope he dumped her before she found
              someone more interesting.
              \_ This brings up an interesting point.  I'm not so sure
                 that being stolen from a boyfriend/girlfriend necessarily
                 means that a person is likely to do it again.  So a poll:
Please vote:
1)  Some relationships are inevitable, and will lead to a breakup of
    existing relationships in order to happen:  .
2)  Someone who dumps an SO to be with you will dump you:
3)  All's fair in love and war:
5)  George Bush is a patriarchical protorapist! End Racism:.
        \_ I'm currently in a similar situation. I'm the guy. And she's
           married. But remember, if people are in love, no matter what
           you do as the third-person, you cannot break them up.
           At first, she was trying to set me up with her single gfs
           but we ended up together instead.
2003/4/11-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28083 Activity:very high
4/10    Did anyone go to the eng date auction? Who raised the most money?
           I've been looking at the pictures of all the females.  My God!
           Has berkeley women gotten uglier since I left?  Only Herren
           and Gropp is "date-able".  The rest are butt ugly.
           \_ looks pretty much the same as when I was there
           \_ Have you looked at the guys?  Pot.  Kettle. Black. --chris
              \_ Doesn't count.  None of them will get laid for their good
                 looks but for their potential income.
                  \_ BDG, you're back.  WE MISS YOU!  -BDG #1 fan
        \_ some of the story at - danh
          \_ great link, thanks!  Wish I'd known about this earlier,
             would have tried to auction off some of my (grad student)
             officemates :)
          \_ I think most of them are hot. -old alumnus
          \_ I think most of them are cute. -old alumnus
        \_ if you must know, bianca herren took in like $220, from some
                             \- i'd give up coffee for sanka,
                                even sanka, bianca, for you.
                                            --psb and the feldherrn
                                            \_ God... bad memories...
                                               and thank you so much for
                                               stirring them up.
           crazy dude sitting a row in front of me. he was heard muttering
           "this sucks" while getting up to pay. she offered to take off her
           shirt for $90 (bra underneath, duh), and then her skirt for $110.
           numbers might be a little off. offen-brown got to $110 eventually.
           amy wu was $80. now you're up to date on csua motd news.
        \_ hmm, herren is prettier than brown, but brown seems better for
                a one night stand. damn, i forgot how slim pickings EECS was.
                Gotta love Southern girls...
                \_ for a sweet-talker like you, the world is going to be
                   slim pickings.
                   \_ You'd be surprised how stupid women can be.  -!not him
        \_ If some girl paid at least $20 for a male engineer, would he
           feel compelled to pop his cherry?
           \_ actually, i think the least anyone ended up at was $25.
           \_ He'd be happy to pay more than $20 for her to pop his cherry.
              Anyway, I always thought that was a weird phrase when applied to
              men.  There must be something else to call it.
              \_ Getting his dick wet?
              \_ Popping his prune?
              \_ No, it's "wetting his willy", silly.
            \_ no wonder none of you get dates.
               \_ heh, you don't get out much, do ya?
2003/4/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28050 Activity:very high
4/9     I borrowed a friend's truck and accidentally messed up his bumper
        in a low speed collision and now he wants $300 for the repair. It's
        only a bumper so I think it's not a big deal, and besides I'm a
        poor student. I gave him $50 in cash but now he said he is going to
        take me to the small claims court to get the rest of the money. Here
        is my question, does he have a good case against me? -poor student
        \_ We're being trolled, right?  This guy can't be that fucking
           stupid can he?  Oh, $300 for the bumper is cheap.
           \_ Probably a troll, but it's a slow motd day anyhow.
        \_ Didn't we just have a guy on the motd last week bitching about
           how his friend damaged his car that he let him borrow?
           \_ Yes.  And if the op story is true, the student should shell out
              the bucks.  If you're too poor to pay for breaking something you
              shouldn't be touching it.  Set up a monthly payment plan.  You
              *will* lose in court and then owe him the filing fee, too.
                \_ How much is the filing fee, and how long does the
                   filing/court/etc take? I don't have a lot of cash at
                   hand, I just want to delay this ALAP         -op
                   \_ It used to be $18.  It's probably higher now but not
                      too much.  Assuming you're not a troll you should talk
                      with your friend and work something out.  $300 is like
                      a week or two's worth of work.  This *is* your friend,
                      right?  You borrowed his shit and broke it.  Be a man.
        \_ Bumpers are often expensive to repair, even for minor dents. If
           think your friend is trying to cheat you offer to pay the bill and
           not a fixed amount. You really should reimburse your friend as
           you caused the accident and damaged his property. Breaking stuff
           and not paying is really very selfish.
        \_ by the way I don't have a license and he knew that. So legally,
           by lending me the truck isn't he assuming my liability? Just want
           to know how good my case is  -op (poor student)
           \_ You pretty much have no case.  You were driving illegal.
              Why don't you make amends with your friend and offer to pay
              him back in installments.
              Next time get a license and sign up for if you
              really need to drive.
           \_ fuck your case. (you have none).  Is it really worth losing
              friends over $300?  Trust me, he won't be the only one you lose
              once other people find out.  Ethically, I think you're
              responsible for the damages, regardless.  As a friend, you
              shouldn't be screwing him over [he's out $250 for letting YOU
              borrow his car].  And as a friend, he should be giving you
              a reasonable amount of time to pay it, given that he knows
              you're a poor students. -dwc
              \_ Friends are cheap.  $300 is $300.
                 \_ remind me not to be your friend anytime in this life.
           \_ No. If I got your GF pregnant do you have to pay child support?
        \_ You should offer to service him sexually until you can pay
           him back.
        \_ Your idea of a friend seems to be vastly different than mine.  Are
           you sure you don't mean, "former friend"?
        \_ with friends like you, who needs ...
        \_ the motd's been way too boring lately.  could op and truck owner
           stage a Thunderdome-like resolution of this to satisfy motd
           \_ I wanna see a Original Star Trek fight where we can all go
              "dudu dah dah dah dah Dah dudu DAH DAH" while they circle
              one another.
        \_ Are you Chinese?
           \_ Yea sure, blame everything on us.
              \_ Why not?  It's your turn, anyway.  Where did SARS start and
                 what's up with the Chinese government trying to hide it for
                 so long during which time it spread to many other countries.
2003/4/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28045 Activity:nil
4/9     Sodans - the answers are revealed - Mr.Hand will stop being your GF:
        \_ I'm guessing without reading the link that it says to treat women
           like shit and they'll love you for it.  This is true but only for
           stupid/younger women and it sure isn't news.
        \_ Those are really pathetic, without exception.  -John
           \_ What is pathetic about this one?
              (okay, most of the rest are pathetic, but ...)
2003/4/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28021 Activity:nil
4/5     In today's society, how do Asians and "Americans" view dating
         / sex / marriages / etc. between a couple with the same last
        name?  This question is directed at a couple who are not known
        to be related by blood by at least three generations and that
        along the line, no sons took on the mothers' last names to
        preserve their names.
        \_ Actually, I've never given any thought to that.  As a white
           guy, I'd probably consider having the same last name as a
           small plus-- no dealing with a name change after marriage.
           Anyway, aren't there tests you're supposed to take prior to
           marriage to check that sort of thing out?
           \_ Blood test are not required in every state. And one does
              not have to be married to beget children.
        \_ Coincidence.
        \_ They should immediately break up to save themselves from a
           miserable and painful future.
        \_ with general apathy, as usual.  "who cares?"
        \_ For Chinese, at least, having same lastname is rather
           common. For those who are more traditional, we tend to ask
           where is their ancestorial home down to the county level.
           The general rule of thumb is that if two are from same
           ancestorial home and having same lastname, then, there
           might be a concern. For the not-so-traditional minded, they
           probably have sex anyway.
        \_ "2 Wongs make it white".
            \_ you forget the word "can"
               \- um assuming this is a serious question: in theory
                  in hinduism, people with certain last names [like
                  banerjee] cannot get married to one another because
                  all banerjees are of the same "gotra" [which roughly
                  means they are all descended from the same relig
                  figure] however some last names are really titles
                  and dont imply family relations [like the name
                  "ray"]. on the other hand in this day an age there
                  is a way to finesse this/loophole to get around
                  this. --psb
                  \_ Two people from the same Gothra aren't necessarily
                     related. There is some historical evidence that
                     implies that the term is derived from the ancient
                     practice of requiring students to pay teachers in
                     cattle (go). Students who had the same teachers
                     ended up in the same gothra.
                     \- ok i should have qualified this a little bit.
                        the bengal kulin system is different from the
                        caste system in other parts of india [YMWTS:
                        "Bangalir Itihas", Nirarranjan Ray]. for at
                        least sandilya gothra and bharadvarja gotra
                        they need to take advantage of some loophole
                        due to the relationship theory. i am not sure
                        in what context and sense you offer your
                        comments so i am unable tocomment further. --psb
                           \_ I was merely clarifying the point
                              that gothra and lastname do not
                              imply genetic relationships in
                              all parts of India even for
                              Brahmins (ex. people converted
                              by Ramanuja were assigned gothra's
                              if they did not already have one)
                        \_ sooo, uh... does anyone have a sendmail question?
                           \- indian name/caste/genealogy make sendmail
                              look simple. try to follow an "explanation" [sic]
                              like this
2003/3/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27792 Activity:nil
3/21    for many protestors, looking back to the 60s, it's their only
        chance to get laid
        \_ I don't think most of the protestors are in their 60s.
           thank you right wing dude for your day's most
           biting comment on the state of the war!  with guys
           like you, Bush is toast.
2003/3/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27746 Activity:nil
3/18    TPTB Silence the Dixie CH1X: (
        \_ It goes like this: you have the right to say just about anything
           you want, however, you do *not* have the right to be heard.  They're
           getting paid to sing, not share their political philosophy.  People
           uninterested in their political philosophy are not required to pay
           them for that or their singing or anything else.  She's not
           President Sheen so she's screwed.
           \_ It goes like this:  don't badtalk the Pres. or advertisers on
              country/western stations will freak and pull your music.
              Ani Difranco's been saying bad stuff about the Pres., but her
              target audience is expected to support that message, so she
              doesn't get pulled.
              \_ They run a business.  This is something Ms Ch1x didn't get.
                 She has no right to use their airwaves and equipment to get
                 her philosophy out, and doubly so since the listeners are
                 likely to get pissed off and kill the station ratings and
                 stop buying products on those stations.  Perhaps you'd
                 prefer a Soviet style music selection chosen by a committee
                 which determines what you're allowed to listen to?  No one is
                 stopping you from supporting Ms. Ch1x.  Go into a store and
                 *buy* her music.  I support Ms. Ch1x right to say what she
                 wants.  I do not support her putting people out of work when
                 stations go under so she can attempt to spread her political
                 opinion on other people's time and dime.
                 \_ Actually they're _our_ airwaves.
                    \_ Which makes this a tragedy of the commons.
                       \_ *laugh* perfect.
                 \_ oh please.
                    \_ uh huh, great response.
                 \_ Wake up.  Natalie Maines didn't use radio to peddle her
                    beliefs; she made comments at a concert in London.  Read
                    the article and realize that you're talking up the wrong
                    \_ I already knew exactly when she made her comments.  My
                       comments still stand.  If you're going to mouth off
                       about topics beyond your job scope you have to expect
                       that there might be repercussions.  For example, I'm
                       very conservative but work in a very liberal company.
                       I shut the fuck up and do not in any way share my
                       political beliefs with others because I put my income
                       above my right to mouth off.  She chose the other path
                       and has that right as an adult but has to understand as
                       an adult that other adults have the right to boycott
                       her.  I'd think the left would understand the boycott
                       concept *really* well by now.  Are you upset at all
                       that the left is trying *really* hard to get a boycott
                       going on Michael Savage's new TV show?  Does that upset
                       you the same as Ms. Ch1x getting pulled off the air?
                       \_ Hells bells, of course they have the right to
                          boycott her.  However, the radio boycott was called
                          by owners of radio stations before the public even
                          had a chance to tell us how they felt about her
                          comments. Of course, the owners also have the right
                          to boycott, but when they do it, they're making
                          themselves represent "the people" by forcing their
                          listeners to implicitly take part in the boycott.
                          That's tyranny of ownership, not tyranny of vox
                          populi.  The message they sent was "toe the line or
                          don't get played," not "the public disapproves." [fd]
                          \_ how do you know they weren't flooded with phone
                             calls and letters everytime they played Ms. Ch1x?
                             you're just assuming they pulled her instantly
                             when it was almost a week later in reality which
                             is plenty of time for US post to show up.
                       \_ If a left-leaning network exec pulled the plug based
                          on fears that people would pillory the network for
                          playing the show, I'd be disgusted.  If the same exec
                          pulled the plug because the show lacked quality or
                          couldn't pull in the ratings, I'd say go figure.
                          If the left managed to get people to write in and say
                          they were going to boycott the network unless the show
                          got pulled, I'd say they were exercising their
                          rights as citizens.  I may not agree with what they
                          say, but I support their right to say it.
                          \_ He isn't pulled yet but the left are beating on
                             the advertisers this second.  How about Dr. Laura?
                             Her show didn't even get a chance to air before
                             advertisers were pulling out due to boycotts.  I'm
                             a-ok with that as long as you're a-ok with Ms.
                             Ch1x losing precious air time a week after she
                             opened her dumb mouth.  She's a singer.  She
                             should sing.  If she wants to, she can put it in
                             a song and if people like it, they'll buy it.
                             That's the way it works in this country.
                 \_ Isn't it kind of cruel to say that a musician should just
                    sing but not express her political views?  Isn't that
                    like Soviet style music?  Why is she obligated to
                    keep her mouth shut to save people's jobs?
                    \_ People are allowed and encouraged in this country to
                       express themselves in many ways.  One way is to use your
                       music career to give your political beliefs a boost.
                       Another way is to close your wallet to send a message to
                       someone who is using their music career express her
                       political beliefs that you disagree with her doing so.
                       Few things are more American than what she did or than
                       what the radio stations did.  I salute both Ms. Ch1x and
                       the radio managers who pulled her.
        \_ She has the right to say what she wants.  Similarly, the public
           has the right to protest her statements and call her an idiot.
           She then is allowed to decide, based on business interests, that
           it is more profitable to retract her statement.  The free market
        \_ Freedom of speech, and, for that matter, all other protections
           granted in the bill of rights are protections against the Federal
           government.  Private individual or corporation shuts you, fuck you,
           deal.  Ted Turner owns CNN.  He does not need to give you airtime.
           Get over it.  At this point, you might now be inclined to ask why
           people have been worrying about corporate consolidation in the
           media. [formatd was here -- under 80 columns next time]
2003/3/18 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:27736 Activity:nil
3/18    There's something refreshing about deleting most of the porn off my
        \_ Curious, why didn't you delete all of your porn?
           \_ 'Cause the kiddie stuff is too tought to find?
           \_ It's hard to quit cold-turkey. The rest will be gone soon...
              (yeah right!)
2003/3/18 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito] UID:27731 Activity:high
3/17    What's better, 10 years in a Turkish prison or sex
        with aspolito?
        \_ With, or without a condom?
2003/3/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27624 Activity:high
3/7     female, birthday (round date) needs present. has stuff so spas, trips,
        food etc is out. help?
        \_ uh, "round date"?
                \_ Maybe he means she's 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40, or something.
                   Alternately, maybe he means she's really fat.
        \_ Learn to play "Brown-Eyed Girl" on guitar for her.  We
           always like that.  Even if her eyes are blue.  You'll
           definitely get laid.
        \_ Give her an extra large amount of tongue "down there".
        \_ How intimate of a relationship? Friend, lover, sister, mother,
        \_ round date = 25, 30,.. relationship: good friend. -op
           ex, or all of the former?
2003/3/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27616 Activity:nil
3/6     Most interesting thread the motd has seen in a while: RESTORED
        \_ Fairly civil, as well.
           \_ See what happens when people feel obliged to sign their names?
              civility breaks out all over. --scotsman
              \_ That's not why it went that way.  There's plenty of nasty
                 rude stupid people here who sign.
        \_ I don't understand, where are the h07 4zn ch1x?
           \_ In NK working on Da B0m!
2003/3/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27607 Activity:high
        "You'll be serving muffins in cafes if you're lucky."  God damn! I
        love that guy.
        \_ I love how that article cuts off every Savage quote right before
           he goes off the total deep end so he doesn't look as insane as
           he really is.
           \_ He's still good entertainment.  It's only TV.  Who cares?
2003/3/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:27583 Activity:very high
3/2     Watson says all CH1X should be H07:
        \_ Actually, I'm more in favor of engineering for brains and
           health before engineering for beauty.  --PeterM
           \_ The last guy who tried that was Hitler.
           \_ Uhm, what good is there in being smart and healthy if as a
              race we no longer reproduce?
           \_ Why can't we have it all? Brains, strength, beauty,
              and health. We could become a master race of hyper
              intelligent, ultra beautiful and super strong eternal
              beings who dominate the universe!
              \_ Nope...Hitler tried that too...
2003/2/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27537 Activity:high
2/25    Looking for songs that sound like Love to Love You Baby or the
        music in Charlie's Angels, suggestions?
        \_ Cliff Richard, "Devil Woman."
        \_ Does BeeGees & KC&The Sunshine Band fall into this category?
        \_ ObGoogle
2003/2/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27515 Activity:nil
2/24    I just realized that Valentine's came and went w/o any input from
        BDG? Is he now also a BMG?
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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