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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/2/21-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27480 Activity:very high
2/21    What are some fun activities to do that require NO money?
        (They don't need to be limitd to Berkeley). Thanks.
        \_ Programming, playing chess or go.
        \_ Just because going for a bike ride doesn't cost me any
           additional money doesn't mean that it'll be the same for
           you since you may not have a bike.  Long story short: nothing.
                \_ I know, but I'm thinking along the lines of activities
                   like hiking or going to a Barnes & Nobles.
                \_ If NO money meants virtually none, lots of places to
                   walk about in SF via a BART/bus ride.  Is sake tasting
                   free at that brewery in Berkeley?
                   \_ Yup: Takara Sake USA, 708 Addison St., (510)540-8250
        \_ I hear there are some great gloryholes in Wheeler.
        \_ Sex?
           \_ Sex! Sex is far from free for the average man. First she
              uses it to get you to like her, then she stops giving it
              to you since you won't marry her. Then when she breaks you
              down and gets to the sacrificial altar it is all over. It
              will cost you every cent you have and some you don't just
              to be free of her.
              \_ BDG!!!!  Missed you a lot, man! Welcome back!
                \_ nah i don't think it's bitter divorce guy.  how
                   about me, normal-non-mutant-who-hasn't-
                   had-a-date-in-2-years-guy take up the slack?
           \_ Not free. Condoms and birth control cost money.
              \_ so do her in the ass.
                 \_ You still need condoms, plus extra for lube. And getting
                    an STD is expensive. and ass-sex isn't real sex.
                \_ i'm going to use the above in court next time.
                                                \_ There speaks the voice of
                                                \_ Agreed.  My wife's anus is
                                                   too tight to be comfortable.
                                                   Only once in a long while is
                                                   \_ I find your wife's anus
                                                      to be a perfect fit.
                                                      \_ It has to be said...
                                                         "Pencil Dick"
           \_ Does masturbation count as sex?
              \_ it does on soda.
        \_ Hike up the fire trail behind Clark Kerr to Tilden Part -
           it's a great workout, and has great views as well
        \_ Sleep.
        \_ I read an article on this a while back. Things included:
           * sneaking into movie theaters
           * going to bars and then drinking other people's leftover drinks
             (there should be a word for this)
             \_ How about 'disgusting'.          -mice
                \_ And don't forget the sharables you can get from someone
                   else's drink.
           * going to 5 star hotels and reaping all the benefits like you are
             staying there. the better the hotel, the less likely they are to
             question you.
           * GG Park, Shakespeare in the Park, Movies in Marin, stargazing,
             hiking, all that bullshit.
        \_ Looking at cute chicks at Sproul Plaza around noon.  Only works on
           school days though.
           \_ You go to the same school?  UC Berkeley?  Near San Francisco?
              \_ You probably only hang out near soda. there are relativley
                 cute girls around spourl.
                 \_ "SWM, 21, no social skills, pasty skin from long hours
                    playing Everquest [Bazoomba, L60 female elf mage], seeks
                    Victoria's Secret lingere model for gawking and wanking
                    over.  Must be willing to parade around Soda Hall in
                    skimpy outfits.  Real females need not apply."
                 \_ relatively.
                 \_ sproul.
              \_ Yes I went to the same school.  It's just that I've also been
                 to other schools so I know to appreciate the quality of chicks
                 at Sproul.
                 \_ I didn't so I'll take your word on it.  Sad if true.
                 \_ Which other schools were these?
                    \_ SJSU, SFSU, some JCs.  I've also been to Stanfurd and
                       Davis several times but never on school days, so I can't
                       \_ But you haven't been to UCLA. :P
                          \_ Well, no.  Maybe that's why.
2003/2/15-16 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/German] UID:27430 Activity:very high
2/15    Motd way boring at the moment.
        \_ Ein Reich, Ein Corp, Ein Folk, EIN BUSH!
           \_ God, that protest was last week.  Get with the times, would ya'?
           \_ so is free sex available to protesters yet? waiting..
              \_ actually, if they don't protest then you get free sex
              \_ The protest itself is free sex.
        \_ be more funny!
        \_ "jblack is a racist". Debate.
2003/2/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27412 Activity:kinda low 50%like:26035
2/14    Happy Valentine's Day
        \_ Fuck you. -geordan
           \_ Can't help displaying your passion publicly?
              \_ Is there any other way? -geordan
              \_ hey he signed his name. he must be cool.
              \_ sign your name, twink
                 \_ Ah, the iron-y. -geordan
                 \_ And your signature is at ...?
                    \_ i always sign my name! -twink
2003/2/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27390 Activity:moderate
2/12    I fucking hate Valentine when I am single, but love it to death when I
        was not.  Fuck!  The closer it is to Valentine, the worse I feel.  So,
        I want to give one of these online services a try.  I am browsing them
        all one by one.  Anyone has any recommendations for a good/decent
        service targeted for Asian guys searching for Asian gals ages 20-30?
        \_ I hate Valentine's Day on principle.  I'm going to celebrate
           the true spirit of the Feast of St. Valentine by beating people
           and decapitating them. -geordan
                \_ you know I'm still willing to blow you -aspo
                   \_ You're a good man, Mr. Polito.  Keep up the good work!
                   \_ Dude, you're willing to blow most anyone.  I never
                      get that special feeling when I'm with you.  Snif.
        \_ relaunched as an asian singles site.
2003/2/12-13 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:27384 Activity:low
2/12    Any recommendations for local flower shops that in downtown
        SF that deliver?  Looking for roses delivery for V-Day.
                          \_ oh that's original
                             \_ As original as expecting sex on VDay
        \_ Chase Flowers at one of the exits at the Embarcadero BART Station.
           I used it once four years ago, although not on Valentine's day.
           They even wrote a card for me over the phone.
2003/2/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27360 Activity:insanely high
2/8     has anyone here been in a threesome? what did you think afterwards?
        \_ You looking to be the "extra" or to bring in someone?  It might
        \_ Yeah.  it sucked because i was really attached to israel.
           be easier being an extra, since you can just leave afterward.
        \_ Yeah.  it sucked because i was really attached to one of them.
           fucked with my head more than my cock.  Don't do it unless you're
           sure you want it.
           \_ Yeah, especially if the one you are attached to is not your SO.
              I've been fantasizing having a threesome with my wife and her
              sister-in-law, but I know if I could really get it I'd screw up
              big time because it'd just turn into sex with her sis-in-law and
           sure you want it.
              my wife merely watching.
              \_ I assume your wife's brother's wife, and not your sister,
                 right? :)
                 \_ Exactly.
        \_ it can be fun, but, the attention/time-share can be difficult
           to juggle.
        \_ Yeah a bunch of them. They were all great experiences except for
           the one with someone I was really mad about. That one made
           made me jealous.
        \_ guy girl guy works a hell of a lot better than guy girl girl
           \_ for all parties involved? (you're talking about two straight
              guys right?) -op
              \_ yes and yes
           \_ There's no way I'll have sex in front of another guy.
              think their advice is necessarily that good. i'm more
              \_ Your type is probably not cut out for threesomes.
                 \_ No, I'm all for sex with multiple girls.
                    \_ Sure you are, sport.
           \_ Yeah, especially if the one you are attached to is not israel
              I've been fantasizing having a threesome with jordan and
              palestine, but I know if I could really get it I'd screw up
              big time because it'd just turn into carnage with her mossad and
              the plo.
              \_ I assume you mean mossad butchery, right? :)
                 \_ Exactly.
        \_ it can be fun to fuck with the middle east, but,
           the attention/time-share can be difficult to juggle.
        \_ Listen to "Loveline" on Live105 10-midnight  sun-thu. this
           question comes up often. And ususally the answer is "don't do
           it with anybody you care about, because after this experience,
           your relationship will be irreversably changed, lots of confused
           feelings and soon (two months) you will break up. Every time.
           \_ i like loveline - it's amusing to listen to but i don't
              think their advice is necessarily that good. They've heard
              every romantic problem under the sun and they assume that
              what works for one person will always work for someone else.
               \_ I think they've heard the EXACT same situations hundreds
                  of times, and interestingly enough, psychological
                  reactions and conditions for different people are more
                  similar that you would think.
                  \_ at least taken from the sample of people who would
                     actually call into loveline.
                        \_ Exactly! Last night Adam Carolla said
                           "200% of our callers have been molested" :)
2003/2/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27331 Activity:high
2/6     The North Korean's are coming and they won't be bringing H07 4ZN CH1X!,3604,889600,00.html
        \_ Like I believe it.  Maybe they'll shell the DMZ outposts and kill
           20-100 people, but it's a bluff.
2003/2/7-8 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Security] UID:27330 Activity:high
2/6     What's the best remote flower delivery service?
        \_ Calling a florist in the remote area and being very exact in
           what you want (or give them free rein to create).
        \_ Don't use FTD or other large service. I agree with the first
           reply. --aaron
           \_ Except a lot of florists are part of the FTD network.
              And they will deliver FTD's standard arrangements.  Ask
              them if they are a FTD member before you order.
           \_ What's wrong with FTD? -florally clueless
           \_ was the first commercial launch of a Java website
              \_ and then?
        \_ Fuck Valentine's Day.  Fuck it right in the ear.
           \_ BDG?  Is that you??
                \_ this sounds more like doesn't-work-with-cable-modem
                   guy (DWWCMG)
                   \_ What?
           \_ ERROR:  EAR HOLE TOO SMALL.
              \_ ~payam/squick.vt
        \_ If recipient is in SF, I've always gone with
           \_ I love Rose and Radish in SF myself, 415-864-4988. --chris
              \_ Is that a hint?
        \_ /usr/sbin/in.rflowersd
        \_ I hope that you are ordering flowers for your ex-wife's
           funeral. If you are ordering flowers for your girlfriend,
           DON'T. You might think that you are being nice, caring,
           considerate, etc. but in reality you are being drawn into
           a bottomless pit of despair. You cannot imagine the endless
           nightmare that your life will become if you allow yourself
           to be drawn any further into this woman's web. If you do
           not heed my advice the day will come when you will wish
           that you had tied a noose around your neck rather than a
           \_ Now that's more like it! bdg #3 fan
           \_ bdg, sign your post
2003/1/28-29 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:27227 Activity:high 50%like:27364
1/28    Did Joe Millionaire just get a BJ on national TV ??
        \_ um, how do u know it's bj and not sex?
           \_ Ah yes, the Clintonian definition of sex again.
        \_ are you by chance referring to "ahhh slurp mwah gulp" ?!
        \_ Who cares?  Why watch that crap?
           \_ Yeah, stick to PBS and Tech TV 24/7!!!
                                     \_ Woohoo! Go Thunderbirds!
           \_ Because it's entertaining.  What do you do?  Install linux
              patches for fun?
                \_ go out.  be social.  get laid.
        \_ What are you talking about?
           \_ If you don't know, then you wouldn't be interested anyway.
              \_ Not so.  I've been watching.  I just don't understand what
                 the OP is talking about.  Did I miss an episode?
2003/1/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27222 Activity:high
1/28    I'm tired of getting my haircut at Panache.  What do you guys
        recommend around Berkeley?  I have standard male hair, medium
        to short length.
        \_ The Grand Hairport on grand in oakland.  call first.
        \_ ask your GF or your wife.  My wife cuts my hair and I'm very
           happy.  ;-)
           \_ yeah, my wife cuts my hair also.  I don't give a shit what anyone
              but her thinks of my haircut, so why have anyone else cut it?
                \_ let me guess, if your wife didn't mind you'd bloat out to
                   300 pounds too?
                   \_ got nothing to do with anything.  red herring.
        \_ my gf cuts my hair but i used to go to this guy across asuc store
                in an alley on the way to yogurt park. He's young and very
                buff but he never made at pass at me and he's good with
                the razor..
        \_ speaking of hair...  Fann Wong in Shanghai Knights have this
                                                              \_ HAS
           beautiful silky long black hair.  Like that women in Crouching
           Tiger.  :-)  I wanna bath her and wash her hair.
                                \_ the word is "bathe"
        \_ Supercuts on Solano in Albany. Excellent.
2003/1/26-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27200 Activity:high
1/24    How much do people tip for their lap dance?
        \_ nothing. unless it's a private one, then it depends.
        \_ tip?  Only if she goes down on my gf.  She's a prostitute.  WTF
           are you tipping?
2003/1/22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27182 Activity:nil
1/21    aaron, how do I configure spamassasin so that it'll filter all the
        spams except for the ones that lead you to h07 azn chix p0rn like
        the ones you enjoy?
2003/1/21 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:27163 Activity:nil
1/20    Court ordered Scott Ritter to attend counseling for sex offenders
        The guy is a nutcase, as if we already did not know.
2003/1/18 [Recreation/Pets, Recreation/Dating] UID:27145 Activity:high
1/17    What's the English phrase that means "Since you look good, you
        have/deserve a good-looking gf" or "since you're smart, you naturally
        have smart friends" or something like that?  Thanks.
        \_ You so money!
        \_ You're so money!
        \_ I live 3 blocks from here if you ladies are interested.
        \_ Birds of a feather flock together.
           \_ If meant in a bad way, water seeks its own level.
              \_ [apostrophed was here]
        \_ I meant a line like "Things alike get together." or something like
           that.  Is there such a line?  -- OP
           \_ Misery loves company?
              Great minds think alike?
              Birds of a feather flock together? (mentioned above)
                \_ airheads think alike? (u look so good, so do ur friends)
        \_ Your fellatio is promising.
           \_ [apostrophed was here]
        \_ A man is known by his friends
        \_ Like father like son
        \_ Providence
2003/1/18 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:27144 Activity:high
1/17    How hard is it to have sex in an airplane lavatory without
        getting caught?  What do they do if they catch you?
        \_ Why do you ask?
        \_ Any law against that?  Why would they try to catch you?
           \_ well, that's what I was wondering.  so i asked the motd.
              \- legal unless you disable the smoke detector
                 although that might be ok on air france --psb
                 \_ The *French* (snicker)
                \_ "do you smoke after sex?"
                   "I'm not sure, I never checked"
2003/1/15 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:27106 Activity:nil
1/14    On North Korea:  Please bear in mind that the rhetoric advanced by the
        Peerless Leader is hardly worse than what the state machine regularly
        churns out.  He wanted a reaction, he wanted negotiations and a place
        at the table, and he got it.  You can step away from Operation Liberate
        North Korea now, boys, 'cos it ain't gonna happen.  --erikred
        \_ We are not interested in liberating NK. We just want to keep
           SK free since it has all the h07 4zn ch1x! Think about the ch1x!
2003/1/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27081 Activity:high
1/13    H4C connoseurs, does this woman count as a H07 4ZN CH1X?
        specifically: and
        \_ She's okay to me.
        \_ Is this what (chialea+geordan)'s kids would have looked like?
        \_ She's not asian looking enough.  Reminds me of Liv Tyler with elf
           \_ let's talk about Liv Tyler's long beautiful black hair!
2003/1/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:27022 Activity:high
01/07   ah' love mah' mama, but she gots'ta gained 20lbs since we gots married.
        ah' am beginnin' t'find ha' sexually unattractive.  ah' told ha' about
        dis already.  And she gots'ta tried t'lose weight.  But obviously it
        ain't wo'kin'. God knows whut she's eatin' when I's not around. To make
        matters wo'se, dere's dis mama at wo'k dat's flirtin' wid me.  She
        looks likes Winona Ryder; slenda' and pretty. And comes by mah' cubicle
        some lot t'chat.  One time durin' de middle uh a conversashun, we
        paused and looked into each oders eyes fo' whut seems likes an
        eternity.  It wuz some awkward moment.  ah' became embarrassed and
        looked waaay down.  She plum laughed and joked about sump'n else.  I's
        contemplatin' havin' some affair.  How kin one stay faidful unda' dese
        \_ 4. To angle fo' wid some trollin' line, o' wid some scribblin' drawn
              along de surface uh de booze; hence, t'allure.  What it is, Mama!
        \_ ah' say go fo' it, until ya' fuck it out uh each oder.
        \_ No, this idiotic transliteration is not funny.
        \_ Same here.  My wife's cup size went down and her waist size went up
           since we married.  Except that the two hot women I know at work with
           hot bodies aren't flirting with me, yet.  Now masturbating while
           looking at nude pics seems more attactrive than having sex with my
           \_ I am enjoying having sex with your wife. She says you have gained
              three pants sizes since you married. Is that true?
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/1/4 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:26972 Activity:nil
1/3     What's that song that plays over the VH1 promo where they show all
        the artists?  It's a cool song, wanna download it.  "DJ" something?
        And, yes, I watch VH1.  I love "I love the 80's" .  That show rocks.
2002/12/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26933 Activity:high
        If only drugs were legal she would be alive today....
        \_summary please.
        \_ summary:
           teenager's friend dies.  teenager is killed by jealous ex-boyfriend.
           drugs were involved.  motd troller links this to politics.
2002/12/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26916 Activity:nil
12/25 - If the alumni all pitch in, we can buy this
        and name it "sodatown"
2002/12/22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26884 Activity:nil
12/21   Nipples.
        \_Toes, knees, NIPPLES.  Toes, knees, nipples, KNUCKLES...
          Nipples, dimples, knuckles, NICKLES, wrinkles, pimples!!
          I don't like FRANK SINATRA or his CHILDREN.
2002/12/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26834 Activity:nil 54%like:26830
12/16   Makin' love t'a married mama be incredible.  De fear uh gettin'
        caught. De takin' uh anoda' man's mama.  De fo'bidden fruit.
        Dis illicit sex makes de 'espuh'ience all de mo'e fantastic and
        unbelievable. She gots'ta absolutely no inhibishuns when she be wid me.
        Ha' willin'ness t''speriment wid new techniques even surprises me.  I
        doubt she be as free wid ha' husband as she be wid me.  Dis is
        some affair t'remember.  How long gots'ta dis last?  ah' do not know.
        I hope it neva' ends.
        \_ "Makin' love"?  whut you is, gay?  You's should say, "fuckin'
           some married box" o' "bonin' de bride.  What it is, Mama!"
        \_ You's should see "Unfaidful".  Dis be some baaaad movie.  No troll.
           Don't see it wid yo' SO.
           \_ how about mah' mama, our goathomey, and ha' lesbian lover?
        \_ Dere's some Chinese sayin': mama < concubine < maid < stealin' oder!
           mama < failin' t'steal oder's mama.  De last part puzzles me, but
           dat's how de sayin' goes.
           \_ de maid part suppose t'be "prositute," but oderwise ah' heard
              de 'esact same wahtahmellun.   A lot uh Chinese sayin' truely
              refelect da damn human nature, which contrary t'western recon',
              stayed pretty much de same fo' dousands uh years
              \_ yah anoda' baaaad sayin' is, dig dis: lots uh sex be baaaad.
                 food too.
2002/12/17-18 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Security] UID:26831 Activity:insanely high
12.16   Does anyone here get the economist? my subscription expired two days
        ago and i want online access to an article called "Trapeze artists".
        if you could post it in /csua/tmp it would be most appreciated
        \_ So why not resubscribe, rather than steal?
        \_ Are you planning to resubscribe?
           \_ I just did, and I have the print version of the article, but I
              want to forward the article to a friend. Yes, I could scan it
              or snail mail him the original, but that's a pain. Or I could
              wait a month or two for my new subscription to kick in, but that
              is more lame.
                \_ Post a url to the article and your friend's email address
        \_ So you're asking someone else to commit copyright crimes and then
           put their name on it for you?
                \_ yes, I am actually. thanks for clarifying the situation
                   though. prick.
                   and I will forward it for you.
        \_ Thief.
           \_ copyright violation is not theft. look up thief and theft in the
              \_ Sure it is.  You're taking or making use of something that
                 isn't yours without permission that normally costs money for
                 access.  Take the rest of your argument to slashdot or k5
                 where you'll find like minded thieves who care.
                 \_ that's not theft. theft involves taking away. "making use"
                    of something -- which isn't even a thing, is not theft.
                    for you to say otherwise is just like my stating you are
                    a cunt.
                    \_ Yeah whatever.  Take it to slashdot.  In the meantime
                       do you mind if I have sex with your gf?  It's not like
                       my making use of her while you're busy with copyright
                       violations is denying you your use of her.
                       \_ This is wrong on so many levels.
                         \_ Just another victory against copyright violators.
                            \_ i'm not the OP. i'm just saying it isn't theft.
                   \_ It only "normally costs money" because of a perversion
                      enshrined into law. Should breathing air cost money, too?
                      Would you support such a law, if passed?
2002/12/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26830 Activity:high 54%like:26834
12/16   Making love to a married woman is incredible.  The fear of getting
        caught. The taking of another man's wife.  The forbidden fruit.
        This illicit sex makes the experience all the more fantastic and
        unbelievable. She has absolutely no inhibitions when she is with me.
        Her willingness to experiment with new techniques even surprises me. I
        doubt she is as free with her husband as she is with me.  This is
        an affair to remember. How long will this last?  I do not know.  I
        hope it never ends.
        \_ "Making love"?  what are you, gay?  You should say, "fucking
           a married box" or "boning the bride."
        \_ You should see "Unfaithful".  This is a good movie.  No troll!
           Don't see it with your SO.
           \_ how about my wife, our girlfriend, and her lesbian lover?
        \_ There's a Chinese saying: wife < concubine < maid < stealing other's
           wife < failing to steal other's wife.  The last part puzzles me, but
           that's how the saying goes.
           \_ the maid part suppose to be "prositute," but otherwise I heard
              the exact same thing.   A lot of Chinese saying truely
              refelect the human nature, which contrary to western believe,
              stayed pretty much the same for thousands of years
2002/12/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26811 Activity:moderate
        \_ Scully was hotter than any of these ch1x.
        \_ Where are the h07 azn ch1x w/glasses?
        \_ these chicks are skanky.
        \_ Is this worksafe?
           \_ yes but nothing speical about the chiks.
2002/12/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26774 Activity:nil
12/9    why does my posts about my friend's wife keep getting deleted?
        Do you have an axe to grind?  Why keep changing 'wife' to 'duck'?
        \_ Liberals will stop at nothing to avoid discussion of these
           kinds of things.
        \_ "Duck" is much funnier than "wife", and you're a total
           duckhead loser-troll.
2002/12/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26744 Activity:kinda low
12/6    When you first start dating a woman how often should you guys see
        each other? Once a week? Everyday?
        \_ after each date, ask the motd and you will be given further
        \_ See, it all depends.
        \_ As often as she wants to. You have no say. --dim
2002/12/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26719 Activity:very high
12/4    I'm a new grad student at another school (not UCB). What's the best
        way to meet women? Thanks.                      -new grad student
        \_ Join a triathlon club.  Lots of pretty, athletic women.
        \_ Get rich and famous. Hire pretty hookers.
        \_ Become a priest.  Merely reading that
           article makes me horny.
        \_ Son, that is the $65,000 question.
        \_ Are you teaching classes?  Pick up on your students.
           \_ Pick up EECS chicks? Damn you must have low standards.
              \_ He just wants to get laid.  It's all the same in the dark
                 and his odds of getting herpes are much lower.
                 \_ He didn't say he wanted to get laid.  He said he wanted
                    to meet women.
                        \_ damn! -aspo
        \_ Don't bother. It all leads to divorce and devastation.
           Just ask BDG. - BDG #1 Fan
        \_ I know the answer to this question, but this motd is too small
           to put it in. Seriously, the best way to meet interesting women
           is to be interesting. Find a hobby, preferably something that
           you are passionate about and one that has at least some women
           involved in it, and spend time getting good at it. As a grad
           student, you are not going to have much time, but 5 hours/wk
           should be plenty (for the hobby, not the g/f) -ausman
           \_ Blah. Blah. Blah. It's who you look like, not who you are.
                \_ And how rich you are. You could be the most boring
                   person in the world but if you are rich you can get
                   good looking women.
        \_ good advice, but I have hobbies, I'm in shape,
           a job, and I still get bitter looking at cute
           girls in genital herpes medication commercials.
           \_ Being interesting attracts women.  But being disciplined,
              hardworking, generous, forgiving, and kind will all make
              you strong.  Women love strong men.  It's one thing to have
              money, but a woman who sees a man exercising disciplined
              selfishness, and one that exercises disciplined generosity,
              will always pick the latter.  See "Groundhog Day" and
              "Iron Monkey" for more details.
              \_ And all of that matters squat if you're not handsome,
                 rich, or wield power.
                    \_ by that logic, only handsome, rich, or powerful
                       men can get women?  Are we in the middle ages?
        \_ If your school has a ballroom dancing club, you could try
           that.  It will give you a chance to meet women, chat with
           briefly, and ask them to dance.  If nothing else, you'll
           learn to dance which is fun.
        \_ For computer people, you guys sure forgot about computers.
    The ratio is that you will send out
           100 e-mails to 10 dates to 1 sex act.
        \_ You can meet women at the gym by taking one of those Group classes.
           If you don't care for the 'girly' classes, take something athletic
           like Cardio kickboxing, BodyPump, Steps, etc. Guaranteed a good
        \_ Find the female counterpart to the motd (AOL Chat?) and meet them
           \_ In all likelyhood anyone OP meets on IM is probably some
              EECS guy pretending to be a girl just to see how many of
              his classmates are desperate lusers.
              \_ She says she's yermom.
2002/12/5 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:26709 Activity:very high
12/4    My cheatin' heart:
        \_ "Any time you are out of your own area code, it doesn't count as
           cheating".  That's very easy for those who live in SF.
        \_ For every article, a rebuttal:
           \_ And this, my friend, is the difference between the Italians
              and the English.
              \_ Don't forget that most of the people keeling over from heart
                 attacks while playing hide the salami are probably old farts,
                 who're more likely to be banging their secretary than their
                 wife.  Statistics...  -John
        \_ keep in mind it's from the Weekly World News.
        \_ I don't need this.  I learned everything I need to know about sex
           and relationships from Cosmo.  -John
           \_ I learned it from you, dad.  I learned it by watching YOU!
2002/12/3-4 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:26703 Activity:high
        I moved someone else's link to the top.  Sorry if that bugs you.
        Anyway I think this is great.  If you declare war on the government
        you have to expect that your actions bring risk of risk.
        \_ And of course, the government would never be wrong about someone's
           affiliation.  -tom
           \_ I think they maintain a twink points list and eliminate those
              who break the 100 mark.
        \_ The article mentions Jose Padilla.  I have an mp3 of a guy by
           the same name; the track name is Walking On Air.  Same guy?
            \_ No.  This JP is a small time criminal turned wannabe terrorist.
        \_ Make you wonder what they're going to do about the radical
           right-wing groups in the US who advocate overthrowing the
           \_ Doesn't make me wonder at all.  Ever heard of Ruby Ridge?  We
              already know thanks to Janet Reno.
              \_ So there was only one right-wing seperatist in the US and
                 the FBI killed his wife (Hey it doesn't matter, she was
              \_ So there was only one right-wing seperatist in the US and the
                 FBI killed his wife (Hey it doesn't matter, she was
                 affilitated with him and therefore a enemy combatant, thus
                 now legally a target.)
                 \_ Uhm, I'm trying to come up with a reply but you're not
                    really coherent.  Almost but not quite.  I'm not going
                    to touch this one.  You can have it.  You win.  I think
                    you're off kilter and dangerous.
2002/12/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26684 Activity:insanely high
12/1    motdstud sex poll:
        my gf is asian and she's loud:
        my gf is asian and she's quiet: .
        my gf is white and she's loud:  .
        my gf is white and she's quiet: .
        my gf is yermom and she's loud: ............
        my gf is yermom and she's quiet:
        \_ in general or in bed?
        \_ grow up, idiots. --aaron
           \_ c'mon, it's the motd.  let it go.  smile, be happy.
        \_ people on the motd have gf's?
                \_ #f
           \_ Some people have trouble differentiating between
              dating sims and rl.
                \_ I just quit and reload when we have relationship issues.
2002/12/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26676 Activity:very high
11/30   Has anyone dated anyone from church? Do church people have less sex
        in general? Is it a bad idea to date someone from church (he/she may
        want you to go to bible study twice a week)? I guess my question is
        basically if going to church and meet new people will be sexually
        satisfying. Thanks.
        \_ you're korean, aren't you?
           \_ is it really that hard for koreans to get laid?  i got laid all
              through school without church, going to frat parties, getting
              anyone drunk/stoned, or any other BS.  --white alum
              \_ my guess is, yes.  most of my korean female friends (the ones
                 who "plan" to marry korean anyhow) are very concerned about
                 their "reputation" in a very conservative korean community.
                 the ones who aren't virgins tend to have sex with non-Koreans
                 because the general idea is that word won't get back to
                 the korean community.  as a result, korean men have a hard
                 time getting laid with korean women, unless it's "serious."
                 \_ Ok then go screw non-korean women.  The guy is looking for
                    sex, not a real gf or wife material.  works for the rest
                    of us.
        \_ If all you want is sex you'll get a better time/money/sex ratio by
           going to Oakland and buying a street hooker when you're horny.
           \_ Spoken like a true motd-er.  Want to give us the algorithim
              you've developed to arrive at this conclusion?  And how does it
              weight STDs and social censure?
              \_ Condoms are free so that's a dx->0 in the equation and the
                 same for social censure when the rest of your motd squad is
                 doing the same and helped by pointing out the better ones.
        \_ That's why I go to church -- to get laid.
        \_ mormon church has pretty highly rated females
           \_ ask darin for details
           \_ And good Mormons don't have sex outside of marriage. -emarkp
              \_ So marry her and screw her brains out.  And when you're
                 tired of her, find another, and marry her too.  And so on.
                 \_ Since mormons go in for polygamy its not really
                    \_ if only.  not anymore.  they arrest the ones that do.
              \_ I don't think that the OP cares if she is a good mormon,
                 in fact he'd probably prefer a bad one.
        \_ The one girl that I truly loved is a Christian.  She is so
           beautiful and alluring to me, and I so longed to be with her.  If
           I could be with her, I really would care less about sex.  The same
           could be said (though to a lesser extent) of another Christian
           girl I met recently.
           \_ fob.
              \_ fobby worried about being fobby
                 \_ there's the pot,kettle,black thing for sure.  -white guy
                    \_ exactly, but why do you suddenly feel necessary to
                        mention your color?
           \_ Not how it would work for me.  Close proximity to a woman
              means near-uncontrollable sex urge.  Unless she's ugly or
              really stupid or a bitch.
              \_ And you wonder why they sell Restraining Order form pads
                 at Office Depot?
                 \_ What is that?
                 \_ I said "near-uncontrollable", and the proximity i mean
                    is either touching or within 2 feet, not likely to come up
                    in an "office" situation, but routine in dating.
                    \_ So when you're in a crowded elevators you start shaking
                       and quivering and maybe pee on yourself?
2002/11/27 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:26643 Activity:nil
11/26   My boyfriend wants me to shave my pubic region, but I am new to
        this.  What are the general preferences for you guys out there?
        What about shapes?  Do you like it all off, or a little left on?
        Any experiences with waxing?
        \_ waxing hurts.  like a bitch.
        \_ all off. and yeah it'll probably hurt to wax, but you get two
           to three weeks of extra pleasure with no stubble in exchange,
           no razor bumps, etc. wax it.
        \_ what about guys?  shouldn't guys shave?  i once went out
           with a shaved guy -- pretty interesting.  better oral experience.
           \_ the OP was about guys.  Hint: my boyfriend
        \_ just keep it neat.  I trim with clippers about once a month.
           some like au natural, though.  eh.  do what you like.
        \_ Congratulations and well-trolled, dude.
2002/11/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26642 Activity:nil 66%like:26640
11/26   Aaron, where did you get your noiseless h07 azn chix?
2002/11/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26640 Activity:nil 66%like:26642
11/26   Why do h07 azn chix have better looking skin?
        \_ than non-h07 azn chix? dunno.
2002/11/25 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:26626 Activity:high
11/25   Clinton: the daily cal editor's nipples
        are showing:
        \_ Uhm, whatever.  You can see more nipple on *much* better looking
           chicks by simply walking down any street in an American city for 5
           minutes at noon.  I'm not sure why you'd care or want to test this
           but whatever, there it is.  And I'm not seeing what this has to do
           with Clinton.
           \_ Yeah. Kids these days ..
        \_ You're a virgin, yes?
        \_ I see the nipples. I don't see the connection
           to clinton.
           \_ Maybe she was an intern...
        \_ I don't even see the nipples.  Maybe I need a bigger monitor.
           \_ Obviously you are a left-wing Clinton apologist.
        \_ Does that mean she's not wearing a bra?
           \_ 1) probably
              2) there are bras through which one can see nipples.
              3) there are bras that have fake nipples attatched
                 to them.
                 \_ yes, but are the fake nipples inflatable and
                    deflatable? (yes, i know the reference.)
                    \_ I don't know the reference you're refering to.
                       I just know that this is a patented invention
                       i've seen in the patent database at
                       the versions of the patent i read did not
                       have inflatable nipples.
              4) nipples may be added with photoshop very easily.
              5) you're an idiot.
2002/11/24 [Finance/Banking, Recreation/Dating] UID:26615 Activity:moderate
11/23   Given that the world is going to end in 2012, do you think it best
        that I refinance my home loan for the short term and pay it off
        before or go 30 years and pull out cash?
        \_ I think it best that you give me your money and I get laid.
        \_ If you're really sure, you ought to be giving away all your money
           to the poor and doing good works, so you can be caught up in the
           Rapture.  Not to mention seriously studying the Bible.  Good works
           alone without faith won't get you into heaven.
           \_ Rapture?  No, it's a Mayan prediction based on their calendar
              and understanding of the 5 cycles of the universe.  What the
              hell does the rapture have to do with anything?  The bible never
              predicts a date for it.  RTFB.
        \_ no, it's April 21, 2041.
           \_ says who?
              \_ says whoever posted that. duh.
2002/11/22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26593 Activity:high
11/21   Pull down your Natalie Portman posters, fanboys, Anna Paquin's
        in the house:
        \_ a poor replica of Claire Danes
           \_ Panquin is another no-ass white girl
              \_ Not much tits either.
        \_ rank: Anna Paquin, Natalie Portman, Claire Danes.  Anna Paquin
           is pretty cute - !op
           \_ and since she's won an oscar, she's obviously a great
              actor also!
        \_ some photoshop and some really fucking weird lighting and she
           ends up looking almost cute.  And NP has brains too, btw.
           \_ And you can still get off on your pedophile dreams about her
              role in "The Professional."
              \_ Anna Paquin appeared as a child in several movies
                 \_ yes, but not as the would-be seducer of grown men.
        \_ I am pretty sure that is Anna Paquin's face on Halle Berry's body.
           \_ HB: another ugly chick who somehow got famous for being hot.
              The world of hollywood can be baffling.
                \_ In a costume, they can do a lot to make her look different.
                   Sorta like how they made anorexia postergirl Lara Flynn
                   Boyle look in MIB II. This appears to be a case of the same
2002/11/15-16 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:26554 Activity:moderate
11/15   three words: tucson, sex, fest.
        \_ Huh?
         \_ google.
        \_ Let me guess. You found that link on FreeRepublic, right?
2002/11/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26542 Activity:insanely high
11/13   I'm dating a girl right now. At what point in your relationship
        can you watch La Blue Girl with her?
        \_ when you want her to leave you?
        \_ I had to google this.  I agree with the above unless you're dating
           some really freaky girls in which case it doesn't matter and you'd
           already know that.  If you're dating a real girl then don't ever
           let her know about your bizarre japanime pr0n fetish.
                \_ what's wrong with La Blue Girl?
                   \_ if you have to ask it won't help to tell you.
        \_ Napalm.  Napalm.  Napalm.
           <DEAD><DEAD>  -John
           \_ Oh my god!  I can't believe it's available!   Must go to
              dotster right away!
        \_ An open minded girlfriend would not object too much to knowing
           your love for that particular brand of anime, getting her to
           watch is another matter. I would assume it's like getting a cat
           to take a shower.
                \_ Cats don't love you.  This is a common misconception.  Cats
                   are stupid and they hate you.  Feed them.  You are just a
                   large pink blob who provides smelly meat.  And you don't
                   "get a cat to take a shower".  You fool them into thinking
                   you're feeding them in the small tiled room, then turn
                   on the water.  Occasional showers are just a way of letting
                   them know who's in charge, and showing them the "big
                   picture".  Make sure you have a shower with a door,
                   though, so they can't get out.   -John
                   \_ My cat comes running and watches every time I take
                      a shower, but maybe he's just insane. -chialea
                      \_ can I watch you take a shower, chialea?
                                - your #1 fan
                        \_ He's a man trapped in a cat's body.  Has he ever
                           tried to have sex with you?
                   \_ This is true, but not of cats. It's true of women. Only
                      the smelly meat is more of a metaphor. Also a double-
                      \_ BDG?  Is that you?
                      \_ Wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a whole-wheat
2002/11/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26538 Activity:insanely high
11/13   My gf moved to NYC and I wanna send her flowers. is
        too expensive. Any other alternatives?
        \_ look in an nyc yellow pages and call around.
           \_ use something like and type in her zip code
              and order over the phone directly to the place. ask them
              if they are an actual store-front and not just a dispatch
              service.. there are lotsa those.
        \_     -bdg #2
        \_ What's "expensive"? Sites such as,, etc.
           have flowers under $30 (plus $9 shipping). Don't want to go cheap
           on your sweetie now, do you?
        \_ Yeah, start dating someone local.
           \_ Seconded.
              \_ The "ayes" have it.  Motion passed.  OP shall start dating
                 someone locally.
                        \_ who?
                           \_ Yermom.
        \_ putting the continent between each other is a mistake that
           mere floral arrangements won't countermand.
           \_ This depends on one's objectives...
              \_ uh huh.  Please name a few "objectives" that can be reached
                 when one's SO is on the other side of a large continent.
        \_ If your GF moved to NYC and you're in California then you need to
           understand that you no longer have a GF and she probably already
           has a new BF.  She's definitely dating.  If not already having sex
           with others it's only because she hasn't had a good second date or
           really great first date... yet.
        \_ -- or if you want to get more specific:
    flowers are good price, and they arrive alive and fresh,
           unlike calyx and corolla and
2002/11/14 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:26537 Activity:very high
11/13   Trivia: Anybody know any references to "angel in disguise"?  It could
        be from music, TV, movies, just about all media.  Chick offered me
        dinner if I could tell her where it's from.  Please help, MOTD!
        \_ It's likely a bible reference lifted directly from the text.
        \_ are you incapable of using google?
           \_ I've Googled and STFW, but wanted to cull the collective
              consciense of the CSUA.  Google found Brandy songs, but that's
              probably not it.
             %22&kgs=0&kls=1&avkw=qtrp  -John
        \_ I've heard of devil in disguise
           \- er is it likelt to be pop trivia or something obscure/literary.
              assuming the former, probably an ELVIS reference. --psb
              \_ Her big hint: elizabeth shue, angel in disguise -OP  help!
                    \- it is a leaving las vegas thing then.
                       i recommend asking "isnt E. Shue the chick who played
                       the skanky ho who was sodomized in LLV?"
                       Which brings us back to ELVIS. --psb
                       p.s. are you an alcoholic?
                 \_ google using elizabeth shue?  Must be some romantic
                    \_ Leaving Las Vegas? Yup. Romantic movie. I suggest
                       renting it the next time you want to get all cuddly
                       with your gf/bf.
                 \_ I'm getting lots of references to the movie the Saint
                    with Elisabeth Shue and Val Kilmer.
        \_ What a farce: she considered Pi Beta Phi's to be Angels in Disguises
           Is that a reputable sorority?
           \_ Huh?
        \_ there are a lot of blond people in Pi Phi - danh
        \_ All this for a dinner date?  She didn't even promise a BJ for this
           nonsense?  Dude, seriously, find another chick.  Avoid mind games.
           \- i dunno if it is so much the "playing games" in this case as
              the choice of LLV. if i am right, you owe me some answer
              lookups. --psb
              \_ Nope, not LLV.  Sorority girls think different.  But the
                 audacity ... she 'spected dinner from me!  One Top Dog,
                 coming up!  Thanks for all the help, MOTD -OP.
                 \_ you don't really apreciate top dog till you don't have it.
                    \_ Or sorority chicks. -another alum
                       \_ I concur. Spend a few bucks more and have a real
                          dinner. You may not score, but isn't worth a few
                          bucks to find out?
                          \_ No.  She's obviously just looking for a free meal.
                             Don't get used.  You don't have to buy sex at Cal.
                             There are plenty of perfectly good chicks walking
                             around who will put out without the games or the
                             meal fees.  Avoid the freebie meal mind chicks
                             like the plague they are.
                             \_ What? So you spent an extra $5 for a small
                                meal at an cheap place and trap the poor gal
                                into talking with you for the hour. Is it worth
                                the entertainment value?
2002/11/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26526 Activity:nil
11/12   While I don't like complete flat chested women, I do prefer smaller
        breasts. I prefer size AA over D. Is there something wrong with me?
        \_ Yes, you are obviously a fag. What is size AA, btw?
           \_ AA is the measurement you get when there's no difference in
              the chest and bust measurement, that is, she has no boobs.
           \_ y'know, the standard?  Often used in remote controls.
           \_ breasts caving inward? (like my HS french teacher)
              \_ Maybe she had them removed due to breast cancer.
                 \_ You forgot to add "you asshole" on the end.
        \_ Yes, there's something wrong with you.  Anything else you need to
        \_ You're probably a latent pedophile.
        \_ you're writing on the motd.  you're logging into soda.  Do
           you need other signs?
2002/11/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26503 Activity:nil
2002/11/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26485 Activity:high
11/8    when it's raining and the power is out, my wife gets extra horny and
        wants to make love.  Does that happen to you?
        \_ That's funny, your wife wants to make love to me too.
        \_ yes.  that must be your wife on my cellphone now.
        \_ That's similar to what some phychologists predicted last year right
           after the 9/11 attacks.  During crisis situation people tend to
           stay emotionally close and intimate.  Some of them even predicted
           the birth rate would rise nine months after 9/11.  Don't know
           whether it came true or not.
           \_ Salon had an article regarding this, and they said it did come
              to pass
           \_ i lost my virginity on 9/12 --college student
              \_ You got poked for the first time or you poked someone for the
                 first time?
                 \_ both.
                    \_ Kinky.
        \_ You'd better hope you're always with her when the power goes out.
           Where do you live????
        \_ Convenient.  Go flip the circuit breaker and pretend it's a
           power outage.
        \_ That's because with the power out she can't play everquest so she
           turns to you out of sheer maddening boredom.
           \_ that's mean.  that's just a mean thing to say.
              \_ truth hurts.
           \_ And it's probably not true.  More likely it's because the
              lights are out, so she doesn't have to see what the OP looks
              like naked.
              \_ Yeah duh because the rest of the time the lights never go out
                 because the light switches are broken in a permanent "on"
                 position.  It's all about Everquest and you know it.
2002/11/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26419 Activity:moderate
11/5    What oath do you have to say (or contract do you have to sign)
        when you get married at city hall? I just want to know what
        you're agreeing to when you get married in a completely
        non-religous setting.
        \_ At the Oakland City Hall there are two versions.  The long version
           covers oaths like "... in sickness and in health ..." and such, I
           don't remember exactly.  The judge said the short version is much
           shorter and is nicknamed "lunch special" because it's usually used
           by people who want to register quickly during lunch breaks.
        \_ It's very simple.  You give her all your stuff and all your money.
           She takes that when you get divorced.  Second, you're obligated
           to pay her money for the rest of her life.  In return, you get
           the privilege of fucking her now and then, until she decides she
           doesn't want you but would rather fuck your best friend,
           and you go back to wanking.
           \_ no i go back to yermom.
           \_ mmm... prenup.
              \_ I've heard prenups are hard to enforce in California
                 \_ mmm... no-fault divorce...
           \_ Where are you, BDG? -- BDG #12 fan
        \_ With divorce rates in the ~50% amongst Americans, I'm curious how
           you can even bring yourselves to utter the words "... till death
           do us apart."
           \_ Or part, for that matter.
           \_ More so with a prenup.  "I love you for all my life ... but I
              don't trust you with my wallet."
           \_ The problem is not the divorce rate per se but too many getting
              married who shouldn't be.  To you married folks, go look at your
              SO and see if you can honestly say you still want to be with this
              person for the rest of your life.  No?  Get it over with now
              while you still have time to correct your youthful error.
                \_ what brilliant advice!  I'll go consult a lawyer right now!
                   \_ laugh now monkey boy.  youll be crying when you look
                      back at how many years you wasted with someone you knew
                      wasn't right.
2002/11/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26376 Activity:very high
10/31   At what point in your relationship do you stop having sex marathon?
        For me, it's 1 year.
        \_ For me it was when we broke up after 2 years.
        \_ define marathon: more than twice a day? more than 6 hours straight?
           \_ 26.2 miles.
           \_ If you need help defining it you haven't had it so don't worry
              about it.  In your case the answer is "the moment we met".
              \_ if you insult someone because they demand decent definitions,
                 you are an idiot who needs to take more real math courses.
                 i've had sex for more than 12 hours straight on several
                 occasions, which is beside the point. when you argue about
                 something without defining your terms what you are is
                 an idiot.
                 \_ I agree.  Anyone who's taken a debate class, for instance,
                    would know this as well.
                    \_ You're both idiots.  No one is arguing about whatever
                       the hell you're trying to talk about.  Basic reading
                       comprehension would help.  Go back and read the OP and
                       see that you're just stupid.  Or you could ask your
                       debate class teacher if being a pedantic twit is the
                       way to get laid.  While you're at it, look up priapism.
                       It is considered a medical defect that needs curing not
                       a sexual bonus.  I define 'idiot' as a motd posting twit
                       who got slammed on the motd who turns to "debate class"
                       definitions to try to save face.  Idiot.
                        \_ how do you know the dude has/had a priapism? just
                           because you do, don't bring him down with you.
        \_ Once she's been successfully impregnated.
           \_ Successfully? Or accidentally?
        \_ There's a theory that says 6+ months without child -> loss of sexual
           attraction. I'm a pretty big believer in that but with me it is also
           been consistently closer to 1 year than six months.   I've never had
           a child so I can't speak to that, though I suspect that part only
           applies to females and that males are doomed after a year in any
           event.  This is also a good reason not to get married to a person
           you have only known for 3 months; after you stop wanting to have
           non-stop sex with them, you have to be able to Deal.  -31852219
           \_ Doesn't the presence of children actually depress the sex drive?
              \_ ehn. breast feeding is a "natural contraceptive" but i think
                 the presence of children depresses sex drive by inducing
                 stress.  Also "child" above should say "pregnancy", obviously
                 no one gets a child in the first 6 months. -31852219
               \_ It is certainly possible though (and almost certain for most
                  males) that a sex attraction simply drops after x months
                  regardless of the circumstances.  Wish I could find the
                  article that linked it to lack of pregnancy though.-31852219
           \_ Deal what?
              \_ Deal Cards.  (deal with the spouse, you know or the divorce)
                \_ Speaking of which, there's an important voice we have not
                   heard on the topic yet...
                   \_ not really.  we all know what he's going to say...
                      \_ maybe he's now a happy married guy (<6months)?
                         \_ I always knew a kind woman would prove his world
                            view wrong sooner or later.
                            \_ I dunno, man.  he seems awful happy wallowing
                               in his self-pity.
                               \_ You just wait until it happens to you. TBGH!
                                  \_ The Bitter Gay Ho?
                                  \_ nah, see -- I don't believe in marriage.
                                     never have, never will.  and where my
                                     non-belief in marriage ends, my belief
                                     in a good pre-nup begins.
2002/11/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26373 Activity:very high
10/31   What do people do when you have to do a #2 during sex?
        Do you hold it in?  It sucks when your penis says
        "yeah, sex!" and the butt says "I gotta go!" and my brain says
        "Shut up, butt!  Keep going penis!"
        \_ I have never had this problem.
           \_ It's alright.  You (probably) won't be a virgin your
              _whole_ life...
              \_ I was originally going to say "I have had sex many hundreds,
                 if not thousands of times and I have never had this problem,"
                 but I decided that I would probably be accused of boasting.
                 In any case, I have had lots of sex and this has never been
                 a problem for me. I guess that I am so interested in the
                 sex that I don't think about much of anything else. If you
                 shoot your wad, then go to the bathroom, then come back for
                 more, no one is going to think less of you.
                 \_ depends on how long you stay in the bathroom.
                 \_ Hi eli!
        \_ Never had this problem, but had it with #1. It's a good way to have
           marathon sex if you don't mind your bladder exploding.
        \_ I don't hold it in. I let it kind of seep out everywhere.
        \_ Your grandma usually asks me to lay a big steamy loaf on her
           naked chest
2002/10/31-11/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26368 Activity:insanely high
10/30   Have you ever had a relationship, gone to being "friends", and
        then gone back to relationship status? Or heard of anyone you
        know having done this?
        \_ This is called being a "fuck buddy".
        \_ I'm sure this happens.
        \_ Yes, and dear god was it a mistake.  There is a reason you broke
           up in the first place.
           \_ what if they mostly were her reasons, not mine? also she's hot.
              \_ It happens and it can last longer than the initial
                 relationship, especially if said relationship was done in
                 by time-dependent circumstances (e.g. long distance,
                 not over someone else, immaturity).  The naysayers are
                 right in one sense though:  Make sure it's official if
                 that's what you want.
              \_ Then fuck her if you feel like it but you're not in a real
                 relationship anymore and should always put her last behind
                 absolutely everyone and everything else.
                 \_ And post pics.
           \_ I second this.
              \_ How about breaking up, becoming friends, and then sleeping
                 with them once in a while?
                \_ Fuck buddies.
                   \_ aaron and lila?
                      \_ I know nothing about aaron and lila.  I was only
                         providing the name for what that person was talking
                         about: fuck buddies.
                         \_ you don't have to break up first to be fuck buddies.
                      \_ you're not serious. --aaron
                         \_ hey man, i don't know him, but he sounds serious
                         to me. -- some random dude
                \_ As long as it's mutually agreed that there's no attachment
                   but rather just simply sleeping together then it would be
                   okay. But IME there aren't too any women who can promise
                   that they won't develop a certain kind of attachment. There
                   ARE some, but like I said, not many. I wish you luck.
                        \_ what does sleeping together have anything to do
                           with emotional attachment? Does that mean if I
                           jackoff to a porn star I will start loving her or
                           if I sleep with the hooker we'll both become
                           emotionally attached? Your logic makes very little
                           \_ I said I was talking about the girl, you idiot.
                              And notice I said SOME. Stop generalizing and
                              read the comments more carefully.
                           \_ johns become emotionally attached to hookers
                              all the time.
                                \_ Get lost, it's meaningful.  Kandee is
                                   a really nice girl.  -John
                           \_ Strawman.  He didn't say either of them was
                              getting off alone to a screen pic or movie.
                              They're having sex.  Maybe you're not a strawman
                              bashing troll but a poor sad pathetic motd virgin
                              who really honestly believes getting off to a
                              porn star or paying a hooker is the same as
                              having sex with your ex-gf?  I pity you.
                   \_ In my experience it is more likely that the guy will
                      have difficulties staying emotionally unattached. Maybe
                      it is me and my friends though, we tend toward the
                      SNAG types.
                      \_ You mean you associate putting your penis into a
                         woman's vagina for a few minutes a week with the
                         emotional commitment required for a LTR?  Check.
2002/10/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26353 Activity:insanely high
10/28   I'm trying to make Tiramisu cake (yes, to impress a girl). Does
        anyone have a favorite recipe to follow that's fairly idiot-proof?
        There's a ton on the web that are either dauntingly complicated
        or seem kind of unauthentic (lack of rum is a dead giveaway).
        \_ As OP, this is my first post since the original. What's so
           funny is that my original question was only about Tiramisu
           but I just threw that "to impress a girl" thing just because
           I was curious about how many morons in CSUA would try to insult
           me about how I was only trying to get laid. Fact is, I'm only
           trying to make something for a Halloween potluck. That's it.
           But since all of you seem to have all these "how to get laid"
           theories, troll away. By the way, thanks rory for actually
           giving useful advice.-OP
        \_ she must be either very very fine or has very large tits.
        \_ You could pick something easier than Tiramisu that would
           still be impressive.  Any reason that it has to be tiramisu?
           \_ This guy should stick to Bundt cake, especially the kind made
              from mix. --dim
              \_ I know a good recipe for that.
                 \_ I love the instant cake-in-a-box stuff.  By the time I'm
                    done mixing there isn't enough to bother baking it, so I
                    don't.  Yum!
        \_ Just buy one from Stella's in North Beach. Tiramisu is complicated.
          \_ Good to see romance alive and well.
             \_ What, North Beach isn't romantic enough for you???
             \_ Romance?  Get over it.  He just wants sex for the first time.
        \_ dear desperate, u still trying to steal someone else's girlfriend?
        \_ funny you should ask... I just made some for a pot luck on Sat. I
           used this recipe, with a friend. It was slightly too complicated
           and easy to mess up... but might be a good one to use:
           In general, the tricky/important things are to get the lady fingers
           of crap isn't important.  Make her read scripture from
           well-soaked but not too soggy, and to get the marscapone creamy
           of crap isn't important.  Make her read Scripture from
           Free Republic while I pee on her, yelling "House
           on fire, house on fire!" like I do. What the hell exactly are you
           trying to do with this girl?
           and fluffy. Also, get some good dark chocolate and grate it on top.
           My friend has a better (read: easier to make well) recipe that you
           can try. mail me if you want me to find it... or if you just have
           questions in general.                - rory
        \_ I can't believe the silly things people do while dating!
        \_ Lots of Rum.  Make her drunk.
           \_ Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.
              \_ Beer is queer, but wine is fine.
        \_ Dude, as if.  This is *not* going to impress a girl.  If you want
           to get laid, you're trying too hard.  If you want a LTR, this sort
           of crap isn't important.  What the hell exactly are you trying to
           do with this girl?
           \_ Hear hear. Cooking to impress a girl is a one-shot gimmick
           \_ I disagree. Every woman is different, but reading from
              the Free Republic website is likely to turn her off.
              Use something sexier, like the Intel TTL.
              with limited appeal. If you want to do something for her,
              find out what she needs to get done and help her
           \_ I disagree... all the girls I know are really impressed by
              cooking. I mean, if you're a loser, the girl is not going to
              like you... but if she's interested, and you make her a nice
              elaborate meal, she'll be really impressed, flattered, etc.
           \_ I also disagree.  Chicks are superficial and are more easilly
              impressed by flashy, but meaningless gestures.  Doing
              something that she really needs done would be a waste of time.
           \_ Having to put that much effort in is a sure sign you
              are a rookie.  A true pimp daddy would not resort to baked
              goods.  -ax
           \_ To the above desperate geeks who think cooking is cool: I say
              again that you don't need to put in that kind of effort if all
              you want is sex.  If you want a LTR you're either scamming her
              with your one shot gimmick because you'll never cook for her
              again *or* you'll be doing lots of 'special cooking' events for
              her forever which is way more hassle than it could possibly be
              worth if you don't enjoy cooking.  So maybe your ditzy chick is
              is impressed?  So fucking what?  It still matters what your goal
              is.  You guys need to figure out what you want and keep your eye
              on your goals and less time wasted on random acts of impressive
              cooking feats.  1) decide what you want from her, 2) do stuff
              that will lead to #1 with minimal effort, 3) success.  If step 2
              is requiring too much effort, such as making tiramisu just to
              get laid then find another chick; you're wasting your time on
              some super high maintenance bimbo.
              \_ yeah listen to the man. go to thailand or the phillipines
                 and get some desperate chick who will worship you. get her
                 tested first though. and don't let her out of the house.
                 she might get uppity.
                 \_ or better yet... Russia! I hear they have trips for
                    $1-2K. That should be easily affordable by any young
                    employed programmer. Bring a bride home and never
                    cook again!
                 \_ The man didn't tell you to buy a bride.  He told you to
                    stop being a pussyboy who works way too hard at getting
                    laid with all the bullshit cooking crap.  My bed was warm
                    all through college without any of this begging and trying
                    to impress the bimbo stuff. OP, ask yourself this key
                    question: wtf is *she* doing to impress *you*?  Nothing
                    but be born with big tits I'd bet.  You're getting off on
                    the wrong foot by putting yourself in the weak position
                    from the get-go.  You've already lost.  Try again with
                    another one since you fucked this one up so badly.
2002/10/21-22 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:26265 Activity:low
10/21   Next two movies you need to rent, "Bully" and "Series 7: The
        Contenders".  Not good date movies unless your date is 'different'.
        \_ what are you talking about?  These are great date movies!
           About on a par with Mullholland Drive.
           \_ Well ya, if you're only dating soda chicks or asians over 35 so
              it doesn't matter what they think.
2002/10/18 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:26252 Activity:high
10/17   Whats wrong with you guys. ALL women turn into ugly prunes by 35.
        It's not just Asian women. If anything blond women age faster.
        \_ Black women don't get wrinkles until much later.
        \_ No.  There are lots of hot women of other races over 35.  There are
           no asian women over 35 who aren't stomach turners.  With non-asians
           the rate drops but never hits zero.  Asians: 35+ = zero hotties.
           \_ troll.  I know plenty of asian women over 35 who are
              still cute.  Plenty of asian MILFs out there.
              \_ Not a troll and not my fault if you have really low
                 standards.  MILF, indeed.  Unlikely.  Maybe you know 1 if
                 you're lucky or blind.
                 \_ Maybe he has a fetish for shrivelled prunes.
              \_ What's MILF?  Thx.
                 \_ Multiple Independently-targeted Linear Firearm
                 \_ Mother I'd Like to Fuck.  Basically one of those 35+ y/old
                    moms of your friend(s) who had a child at a young age and
                    is still fuckable and at age < 20 you have the fantasy
                    that she's "in reach".
                 \_ Moro Islamic Liberation Front:
                 \_ from the movie "American Pie". MILF -> Mom I'd Like to
                    Fuck. Although I don't know why for some reason op thinks
                    35+ automatically implies motherhood.
                    \_ It is *not* from the movie.  no more than hollywood
                       invented any of a million other things.  The OP didn't
                       say 35+ implies motherhood, someone later did.
              \_ I only know of one over-35 hot Asian woman.  She's an HR
                 director here.  She looks 35-40.  She has an okay face, but
                 her body is very hot, something like 5'2" 32D-21-33.  Of
                 course these are only my visual estimates.  I wouldn't know
                 her actual figures.  Looking at her is a treat, especially
                 when she's working out.  This is the only one I know in real
                 life.  Every other one is not worth looking at or is worth not
                 looking at.
                 \_ BINGO!  We have a winner!  This is exactly my point.  The
                    rare few that exist occur so infrequently as to be hottie
                    mutants or something.  I work in SF so you'd think I might
                    see a few.  Maybe there's been 1 every 6 months that I've
                    seen on the street, in a restaurant or BART.  Maybe 1.
                 \_ Um, that sounds like my stepmom, but she's 46.
                    And HR VP, not director.
                    \_ What a lucky guy your dad is!
2002/10/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26242 Activity:high
        \_ yes I'm angry, I'm angry that white women prefer white guys. Why
           can't they see the softer, gentler side of Asian men? Why do they
           prefer the brawn over the brain?     -angryasianman
           \_ ??? The website does not make any Hoyt Sze-style diatribes about
              Asian women dating white guys. Or are you just trolling?
              \_ It's because of our small penises, isn't it?
           \_ doesn't it piss you off that asian chicks date big dumb white
              guys or non-asian-ethnic guys rather than stick with asian men?
              \_ CHOTO PEE PEE! CHOTO PEE PEE!
        \_ The problem with asian chicks: ever seen a hot 35+ y/old asian
           woman?  Me either.  It's like aliens steal them at age 34 or
           \_ Do you know many in the 35-40 group?  I spent a week hitting on
              my beijing tour guide until I found she was married, had a kid
              and was 36.  Stop looking in geek hangouts - go out to 10ks.
           \_ you mispelled "h07".
           \_ Dammit! I guess that means the hot admin in my bldg will be
              disappearing within a year.
              \_ Post the job opening!
           \_ Michelle Yeoh is 40. I don't know if she's "hot", but she's
              \_ Not fake Hollywood crap.  Real women that you can actually
                 see walking around in real life.  Don't post your favorite
                 jerk off h07 chick list from Hollywood's makeup and fake
                 camera angles & lighting pits.  No hot asian women.  They
                 all turn into these ugly shriveled prune people at ~35.
                 Good to date young, but don't marry one.
                 \_ On the other hand I've seen in real live many more 200lb+
                    white and black women than 200lb+ Asian women.
                    \_ there's probably a few on soda.
                    \_ the asisn ones get hidden by their families out of
                       shame and family pride.  or sold off as fish bait
                    \_ True, but that's ducking the point.
           \_ Kelly Hu
              \_ How old?
                 \_ 35
2002/10/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26237 Activity:high
10/17   Woman accused of biting husband to death after he refused sex    <DEAD><DEAD> -urld
                                                \- has someone written
                                                   a cmdline tool that
                                                   will return shornted urls?
                                                   like this:
                                                   # shortenurl <RET>
                                                   <paste in long url>
                                                   <returns short url>
                                                   or "cat|echo" | shorturl ...
                                                   ok tnx. --psb
                                                    \_ I haven't, but that's
                                                       a great idea. -urld
                                                   \_ ~geordan/bin/u
                                                      I wrote it in about
                                                      five minutes, so let
                                                      me know all about all
                                                      the crappy bugs in
                                                      it. -geordan
                                                      \- yes ok good,
                                                      but i suggested the
                                                      first example to
                                                      avoid the hassle of
                                                      quoting and backslashing.
                                                      and worrying about CR.
                                                      \_ Okay, it'll take
                                                         urls either on the
                                                         commandline or
                                                         from stdin.
                                                         \- ok good job.
                                                            might want to
                                                            rename to say
                                                            "udo". i alias
                                                            u to uptime.
                                                            ok tnx. --psb
                            Symlinked for your convenience. -geordan _/
                                Rad program! -urld. _/
        \_ Would you want to have sex with her?
        \_ Better than biting him to death after sex like a spider.
2002/10/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26201 Activity:very high
10/15   What happened to that lame post about the guy meeting some cute girl
        at the bank?  I was excited to read the flames that were going to
        \_ I didn't see it, but I bet it probably got nuked by some guy
           who didn't want women to think all guys are that lame.
              \_ but all guys are that lame. -guy
                 \_ only until around 26-28 years old, on avg. by then
                    you're supposed to realize that hitting on chicks whose
                    job is to be nice to you is just really lame.
                    \_ hah! the chicks at the bank last time I was in were
                       completely apathetic until they pulled up my account.
                       \_ Ah, a Wells Fargo customer.
2002/10/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26196 Activity:nil
10/15   I just went to the BofA branch at Foster City for the first time.  One
        of the tellers there was very cute!  Unfortunately I didn't get to
        talk to her cuz I ended up at the counter next to hers with a not-cute
        teller.  Gotta go there more often.
2002/10/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26143 Activity:kinda low
10/10   what is the etymology of the word "poon tang"? i couldn't find it
        in any dictionaries.  it sounds like a loan word from some asian
        language.  does anyone know?
        \_ From OED : poontang, n.
           Also poon tang and with capital initial(s).
           [Prob. ad. Fr. putain prostitute.]
           Sexual intercourse, sex; women collectively, or a woman,
           regarded as a means of sexual gratification. Also attrib.
           Hence as v. intr., to copulate.
           \_ thanks!  i was right about the loan word part, wrong about
              \_ Don't forget, Vietnam was a French colony.
                 \_ Bah. The slang was in use before then. Based out of
                    New Orleans/Louisiana.
2002/10/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26142 Activity:very high
Marriage poll,
        1 year:
        3 year:..
        5 year:
       ~7 year: .
        10 year:
        1 year:
        5 year: .
        10 year:

I respectfully excercise my 1st amendment right to disagree with you
all... again.
\_ why is it that other people's wife always look prettier?
   \_ Why is it that other people's wives always have nicer tits?
\_ You're wrong.
\_ How much do you want to bet this is one of those gun-luvin Simon voters?
   \_ You couldn't be more wrong. If I didn't have a gun, the King of England
      could just march in here and start pushing you around. Do you want that?
      Do you?
   \_ And what's wrong with that? Next time there's a riot in your town
      see how great waiting-periods, trigger-locks, and other half-baked
      "safety" measures work.
      \_ Assault weapons have gotten a lot of bad press lately, but they're
         manufactured for a reason: to take out today's modern super animals,
         such as the flying squirrel, and the electric eel.
         \_ Cain't let thim varmints get away with it!  Yuh just cain't!
            \_ i have an uncle who sounds like you, only not joking.
               \_ Scary shit, man.  Where's he from?
                  \_ michigan.
2002/10/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26116 Activity:high
nn10/6  Wow... this is almost as pathetic as the Woz guy.  If any of you know
        this Nathan guy, do him a favor and *dont* hook these two back up!
        \- is this for real or a potential way to embarass someone by either
           "outing" the person or saying someone who isnt gay is gay? --psb
           \_ I think op is assuming the craigslist poster is female.
              \_ A reasonable guess, considering the above ad is W4M...
           \_ Where'd you get the idea the post was from a man?  It's clearly
              some psycho chick looking for her ex-bf.
              \_ I am not psycho!  I love him!  I mean, er... she loves him.
2002/10/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26111 Activity:moderate
10/5    Any easy ways to ignore namespaces in gcc 3.2, that is to make std::
        part of :: without having to do invasive changes to your code?
        \_ "using namespace std;" ?
           \_ This falls down because hash_* is in __gnu_cxx.  I tried making
              another namespace, putting 'using namespace std; using namespace
              __gnu_cxx;', and then using that namespace but that didn't work
              either.  Sorry for not mentioning this earlier.
              \_ using namespace __gnu_cxx;
                 using namespace std;
                 namespace std
                   using namespace __gnu_cxx;
                 using namespace std;
        \_ why do you want to do this?
2002/10/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26099 Activity:nil
        \_ Have you ever seen the way they dress and carry themselves?  Ugh
2002/10/4 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/General] UID:26095 Activity:very high
10/3    Watching a Nicole Kidman movie right now which only reminds me that
        Tom Cruise must be gay.
        \_ he's probably too busy taking vitamins, sitting in saunas,
           and giving all his money away down at the local dianetics
           org.  mabye his masters at scientology headquarters told
           org.  maybe his masters at scientology headquarters told
           him she was in league with xenu.
           \_ This is no laughing matter.  Kidman is not a scientologist and
              did not wish to convert.  I am guessing Cruise received a
              lot of pressure from the Church of Scientology that likely
              influenced his decision.
              \_ i'm not laughing.  i've tangled with these motherfuckers
                 personally, and had to leave where i used to live
                 because the whole building was controlled by them,
                 and we were being threatened by them.
                 posting anything containing the word "xenu" increases the
                 number of poeple who will find out the truth, and helps
                 stop the spread of this social cancer.
                 personally, and had to leave where i used to live because
                 the whole building was controlled by them, and we were being
                 threatened by them.  posting anything containing the word
                 "xenu" increases the number of poeple who will find out the
                 truth, and helps stop the spread of this social cancer.
                 i urge evryone to google search scientology, xenu, and to
                 read the recent Time magazine article about them(it's online.)
                 \_ Check out for good information.
                 \_ They've got money, lawyers, blackmailable confessions on
                    almost everyone in their organization, and copyright law
                    on their side. Not nice folks.
        \_ he just wanted to make love to her tush.
           \_ actually, he just wanted her to make love to his tush.
              \_ Url?
        \_ How can give up NK for that skank he's with now?  It's a crime.
           \_ that skank is still an upgrade from Mrs. Cruise version 2.
        \_ Why?  You actually think NK is pretty in any way?  You actually
           liked Moulin Rouge?
           \_ Didn't see MR.  NK is very hot.
              \_ Agree. She looks like she'd be very fun with the angry sex
                 thing. Which may be why TC broke up with her. To get her mad.
        \_ where's tawei these days?
                \_ what does he have to do with any of this?
                   \_ Isn't he dating Nicole these days?
        \_ Shockingly, the degree to which your partner is decorative is
           not one of the prime factors in the success of a relationship.
           \_ XENU!
2002/10/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26088 Activity:insanely high
10/3    For a while now I've noticed that my friend's hamster looks at me.
        She's very attractive and I thought it was just innocent flirting;
        so I played along.  This flirtatious behavior culminated last night.
        During dinner I was sitting on her left and my friend was sitting on
        her right.  Our legs innocently touched underneath the table.  I was
        expecting her to pull away, but she didn't.  I was wearing shorts and
        she was wearing a skirt.  We didn't start rubbing our legs or anything
        like that.  It was a simple and soft touch.  That was one of the most
        erotic moments in my life.  I think she felt it too.  I keep playing
        the entire scene over and over again in my head.  This is driving me
        \_ For a while now I've noticed that my friend's mom looks at me......
           \_ Dear Mrs. Robinson.
        \_ Grow up.
        \_ Get laid.
        \_ why is it that other people's wife always look prettier?
        \_ And what a culmination it was.
        \_ How did you get up from the dining table with that hard-on?
        \_ why is it that other people's mom always look prettier?
        \_ why is it that other people's wife always look prettier?
           \_ grass, other side.
           \_ wife != mom.
              \_ The original post was altered.
        \_ You were wearing shorts at dinner?
           wife* on her left?
        \_ maybe her left leg was paralyzed.
        \_ maybe the surgical pins in your leg and her leg have become
           magnetized at opposite charges.
        \_ She accidentally touched your leg?! Yeah, she wants you.
        \_ You had it all planned out, didn't you?  Why didn't you sit next
           mom* on her left?
           to your friend on his right, but instead sit next to *your friend's
           wife* on her left?
           \_ subconscious
           \_ wife != mom.  Maybe in *your* family!
              \_ congratulations.  you were trolled.
                 \_ congratulations.  you have no sense of humor.
                    \_ Nice try.  No cookie.
        \_ What are her measurements?
        \_ picsP
        \_ The next time your'e alone with her show her your penis... maybe
           pretend your fly is open or something.  Try to rub it on her.
        \_ A good run.  This was a bit obvious but you hauled in a good catch.
           I hereby dub thee, Sir Troll du Cookie!
        \_ Dude, I did yermom!
2002/9/30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:26057 Activity:nil
2002/9/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25997 Activity:high
9/24    I turned away better looking women than this.  What blind idiots
        decided this ugly honker waving chick was Miss America quality?
        \_ dont you know? its not looks, its the talent competition!!
           \_ no, it's all about world peace.
                \_ no, it's alla bout inner values.  -John
2002/9/24 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic] UID:25991 Activity:very high
9/23    Normally, are guys supposed/allowed to go to bridal showers?  And, is
        one supposed to give a gift at the bridal shower and then another one
        at the wedding ceremony, only at the bridal shower, only at the wedding
        ceremony, or something else?  Usually, what kind of gifts are
        appropriate at the bridal shower and at the wedding ceremony?
        \_ Dude, look, it all comes down to "weddings are for women". Period.
           The rest is bullshit.  Avoid it as much as humanly possible.
        \_ BDG!!!!!  Where art thou!!!  -your most loyal fan
             \_ I applaud you for not saying "wherefore".
           \_ Just as the poor hapless accused were never allowed into the
              closed door deliberations of the cardinals overseeing the
              inquisition, men are never allowed into the clossed door
              sessions known as bridal showers. These are activities where
              women gather together to share the torture techniques they have
              honed through the ages.
              In any case, as a man the OP should not participate in the
              undoing of a fellow man. But if you (OP) truly wish to give
              a gift, then give the gift of life to your fellow man by
              preventing this marriage and the living hell that will follow
              \_ Thank you for coming through.  Keep the faith bro!
                                -BDG's #1 fan
                 \_ If I can save one other soul from the eighth hell of
                    marriage then the suffering that was my married life
                    will have been worth it.
        \_ Gifts are NEVER appropriate at the wedding ceremony.  - Miss Manners
        \_ Guys do not go to bridal showers.  Gifts should be mailed to the
           couple after the wedding.  -tom
           \_ What?! It doesn't really have to be after the wedding does
              it? I'm about to mail mine to the couple, 3 weeks before
              the wedding. Should I put off on it?
              \_ It should be after the wedding--what if the wedding doesn't
              \_ Not really. It's more a hassle thing is how I've heard it. You
                 send them after the wedding so the couple doesn't have to cope
                 with the presents (and returning of said presents for cash)
                 while simultaneously preparing for the ceremony.
                 \_ Ideally someone else is taking care of the presents (best
                    man, maid of honor, co-ordinator). Even sending them after
                    the wedding has its problems (ie. long honeymoon, both
                    working, delivery trouble). 'Sup to the couple to let
                    folks know if one method is preferable.
                 P.s., co-ed bridal showers are beginning to happen. I've been
                 to one. -- guy
                 \_ It's a new way to torture guys. Like the baby shower thing.
              \_ hapless twinks - they are given at the reception after ceremony
                 \_ not according to Miss Manners.  -tom
                    \_ ceremony != reception twink
                        \_ Miss Manners explicitly says that presents should
                           be mailed to the couple afterwards, seeing as how
                           they are supposed to be heading off on a honeymoon
                           and they probably didn't bring a U-Haul to transport
                           all the gifts home from the reception.  -tom
                           \_ umm. that's what the bride's maids, best men,
                           and close relatives are for. Who's goign to stay
                          at home and wait for packages to arrive? are they
                          going to leave valuables on your doorstep until
                          your honeymooon is over. That's stupid. Miss Manners
                          is a liberal bitch.
                          \_ I've seen her called many things, but never
                             \_ She's about common sense and treating people
                                with due respect, no more and no less.
                                \_ That sounds suspiciously like something
                                   a liberal would say.
                                   \_ Say what?  MM is great.  No one here is
                                      less liberal than me.
                 \_ Chinese usually do it this way.
                    \_ Chinese usually give hongbaos (or angbaos).
2002/9/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25989 Activity:insanely high
9/24    What about gals (straight ones)?  Are they supposed/allowed to go to
        bachelor parties?  What if these are not not sex/etc. ones?
        \_ No, they're not.  Why this insistence on breaking very simple and
           easy to understand traditions?  It is a *good* thing for a guy to
           have a chance to spend some time with his buddies before his whole
           life changes.  It is an equally good thing for the woman to do the
           same with her girlfriends.  Men to go men things.  Women go to
           same with her girlfriends.  Men go to men things.  Women go to
           women things.  The two shall not mix.  There's *tons* of mixed and
           couples only social events after marriage.
        \_ It's a bachelor party, let the bachelor decide.
        \_ Bachelor parties are vile and cruel events akin to the last
           mean given to convicts on death row. What would you like to
           eat they ask, while everyone knows that in a few short hours
           it will be "off with his head". At least on death row you
           know that in a few short hours you will be free from prison,
           in marriage there is no hope of reprieve or parole or execution,
           just a long unbearable unspeakable torture that ends only
           in death, which is longed for but never comes quickly enough.
           All men should strive to prevent the cruel subjugation of thier
           \_ bdg, it's you, you're back! i missed you! - bdg #47 fan
              \_ That wasn't BDG.  BDG is "D"ivorced.  The above thinks
                 marriage is til death do you part.
                 \_ HINT: Alimony. Divorce is not the end of marriage.
                    Marriage: Buy now pay FOREVER!
                    \_ FACT: There's no one getting alimony in CA anymore.
                       Child support, yes, alimony, forget it.  Get a job.
                       \_ Hi.  I know someone living in CA who is getting
                          alimony.  She got it very recently (last few years).
                          You are full of shit.  Go stick your FACTS up your
                          \_ Bullshit alert.  Thank you for playing.
                             \_ Sign your name and I ll e-mail you.
                       \_ Not all of us live in CA.
                          \_ So get divorced in Kentucky next time.  This host,
                             this org, and the vast majority of the people are
                             all in CA.  Excuuuuuse me for being so unfairly
                             California-centric.  Whatever.
           \_ So you mean... stop weddings?
              \_ Stop marriages. Stop weddings. End the suffering of
                 your fellow man.
                 \_ become a professional homewrecker?  where do i sign up?
                     \_ Check the personals for people looking for "discrete"
           \_ People choose to get married.  Prisoners do not choose the
              death penalty.  Your analogy sucks.
              \_ They chose it when they killed someone or often several
                 someones in cold blood.  Your typical DR inmate isn't human.
                 \_ The point is that the analogy makes the person getting
                    married seem like the hapless victim but they choose
                    to get married.
                    \_ My point is that the convict and the marriage person
                       *both* made their choices and have to live with them.
                       Prisoners choose the death penalty.  Men choose to get
                       married.  Neither is a hapless victim.
2002/9/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25968 Activity:high
9/19    Why do blond women age faster?
        \_ They also tend to use makeup and such starting at an earlier age,
           which accelerates the deteoration of their skin.
           \_ Bullshit.  Where do you get your stats that say light haired
              chicks use makeup at an earlier age?  What a load of crap.
        \_ Effects of the sun.
        \_ Effects of my big black cock
           \_ Perhaps you should think about washing it every so often.
        \_ Who says so?
           \_ Men who like women.
        \_ blond women have lighter skin, which is more vulnerable to UV.
        \_ blonde and white people are genetically inferior, that's why.
           \_ no cookie.
        \_ because blondes have more fun?
        \_ genetics and dry skin
        \_ Michelle Pfeiffer is still hot.
           \_ Nicole Kidman is still hot.  MP?  In your "h0t yerm0m" dreams.
2002/9/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25902 Activity:very high
9/16    To the guy who had a date on Saturday night with that H0t A41@@n chik
                                                What's an Aaian? _/
        (sic) on craigslist, how did it turn out?
        \_ Learn to spell, its H07 4ZN CH1K ! H0t A41@n chik.
           \_ Or H07 42N CH1X0R.
              \_ Well either way, I also want to know.  --!OP
                 \_ "the guy" was pulling your leg, most likely. His hottest date
                    was probably his CRT.
                 \_ "the guy" was pulling your leg, most likely. His hottest
                    date was probably his CRT.
                    \_ Probably but that just means he's a loser.  She was
                       totally worth a shot.  Near zero effort, no risk, high
                       gain.  Yet another big strikeout for soda's 'men'.
                       \_ No argument from me. I'm already in a situation I'm
                          happy with, myself, or else I might have tried my
                          luck. Then at least one can say.
                       \_ You actually thought that was a real woman?
                          \_ Child, I've dated off of craig's list. They were
                             all the real thing.
                             \_ what's craig's list?
                          \_ Uh oh, here come the "there are no real women on
                             the net" trolls.  Son, there *are* real women on
                             the net.  You won't find them on any of your
                             bookmarked pr0n sites.
        \_ It was fun, but I don't think we will be doing it again.
2002/9/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25864 Activity:high
9/12    Free pics of Kaoru, to be compared with the H0t A41@n chik (sic)
        yesterday.  You be the judge.
        \_ the other girl was cuter.
           \_ Cuter and not air brushed or photoshopped.
        \_ Hi, I am hot Asian girl looking for cute guys to chat online
           /tmp/ChatRoomRealityCheck.jpg                -John
           [reposting for John because I think it's funny]
                \_ Whoah, I have #1 fan?
           \_ That's disgusting.
        \_ Reposting the chick's pic:
           \_ can anyone posts the craigslist link?
           \_ Just curious, did any of you try to contact her?
              \_ Someone said he set up a date already for Saturday night.
                 \_ everybody please imagine a picture of a soda geek
                    showing up for a date expecting a hot asian cutie and
                    wound up getting sodomized by the big fat white guy
                    in the above picture.
                    \_ everybody please imagine the one soda geek who got off
                       his fat ass and made a real effort to meet someone
                       somewhere other than h0zerchat and actually meets a real
                       chick and actually gets laid.  or gee, maybe meets an
                       average looking chick and actually gets laid.  in the
                       meantime you're sitting here imagining geeks having hot
                       man sex with the big fat white guy from the picture
                       \_ I'm trying... I just can't do it.
2002/9/11-12 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:25846 Activity:insanely high
9/11    H0t A41@n chik wants YOU!
            \_ D00D U N33D 4 B373R 5P3111NG CH3CK3R! 175 5P3113D H07
               4ZN CH1K! not H0t A41@N chik.
        \_ H0t? Not really.
                \_ I don't know... that's pretty hot to me.
        \_ Are foreign students from Japan able to write English like "if
           things click"?
                \_  yeah, me too, what the hell are your standards?  And if
                    if you wonder why you are still single, well, stop.
                \_ I'd qualify her as very cute, rather than hot
                   \_ agreed -2nd OP
                   \_ what's wrong with you people? she has almost no
                      female attributes. No hips, no tits. Relentlessly
                      average face and skeletal arms & legs. bah.
                \_ That picture looks suspect, like it's a picture of some
                   model or something.
                   \_ How do you know that she's not a model?
                      \_ Fair enough.
                \_ better looking than most japanese women.
        \_ Looks pretty hot to me.  But are foreign students from Japan able
           to write informal English like "if things click"?  Maybe it's a
            \_ They can if they have coaching.  My ex teaches Japanese right
               now and she certainly could have taught them such slang.
           \_ Too scrawny.  How do you know that's really her?
        \_ Just curious, is the same person posting all of the
           craigslist personals?
        \_ It's a hoax.  The photo is professional, scanned from some magazine
           or taken from a web site.  That's a new way of collecting email
           addresses so that you get on some match making or personals
           web site.  Seriously.  Do you think women that look like that
           need to look for desperate, geeky guys on the internet?
           \_ That's not a professional photo.  If you've paid a so-called
              professional photographer for pics with such mediocre quality,
              then post your email and I'll get you the info for a *real*
              professional friend of mine who takes *real* pictures.  I was on
              the high school year book staff and we took photos of similar
              quality.  You also don't know much about Japanese chicks....
                \_ you are SUCH a total nerd. "I was on high school year book!"
                   tell us about your mathlete scores!!!!
                   \_ missing the point, duh.  try again.  don't make me send
                      your sorry ass back to english-for-engineers.
        \_ I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that photo is a Japanese
           model named Karou (sp?)... do a web search for some photos.
           \_ You can really tell one skinny random chick from another based
              on 1 photo on yahoo?
           \_ be sure to give a full report later, private.
              \_ here... you be the judge:
                 \_ login & password please ;)
                 \_ not even close.  do all asians look alike to you?
        \_ Haha while all you losers were doubting her existence, I set up
           a date already for Saturday night.
           \_ be sure to give a full report later, Private.
              \_ If he's still alive.
           \_ OK stud, and you are?
           \_ I'm laughing at you.  I felt you should know that.
        \_ Hi, I am hot Asian girl looking for cute guys to chat online
           /tmp/ChatRoomRealityCheck.jpg                -John
           \_ I think I'm going to spew.
2002/9/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25838 Activity:very high
9/10    My manager got flowers from her husband today for "being really really
        good".  Listening in on her phone call they had their first three way
        last night.  She's really hot.  She's made a few comments about me in
        *that* way.  What should I do?
        \_ Get a grip.  She's your boss.
        \_ I envy you!!!  If I were you, I'd definitely go for it if it's her
           and me only.  But no thanks if it's a threesome with her husband.
           BTW how is she hot?
           As for inappropriate relationships at work, I think she'll be in
           bigger trouble than you are since she's the superior one.  So I
           wouldn't worry too mich.  BTW how is she hot?
        \_ Don't pass up an oppurtunity such as this.  Sue her for sexual
           \_ You can't successfully sue anyone for some random comments.
              You'll get laughed out of court *and* lose your job.
              \_ *pshaw*  No lawyer in their right mind would take the case.
           \_ Sexual harrassment is very hard to prove. You need to establish
              an ongoing pattern of incidents and prove you felt your job was
              at risk because of said harrassment.
              \_ How about some "entrapment"?
                 \_ I doubt she's an FBI agent or local police.
2002/9/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25791 Activity:very high
9/6     One woman's search for true love OR How I fucked up my life by never
        really knowing what I needed:
        \_ hahahaha  anyone gonna go in for the easy nookie?
           \_ Look out cragislist, here comes the CSUA.
           \_ That is, if someone has a big dick.
              \_ What did she do between 31 and 40? Any kids?
                 I wonder what her next post after 40 will say.
                 No guys with big dicks want a 40 year old chick.
                 \_ Sure they do. If they are 40. Or drunk.
        \_ I like the male version.  "When I was 16, I dated a girl
           with big tits..."
           \_ Damn.  I want small women with big tits, like Christina Ricci.
              \_ You kidding?  She's *not* a big titty girl.
                 \_ Son, you're on crack.
                 \_ She's not?  Someone only 5'1" but D-cup is not big-titty?
                    \_ You got real stats?  That's not what she looks like in
                       all the other pics I've seen.
                       \_ She's a 32 C/D. I know this because of a casting
                          call for a body double that I saw. --dim
                          \_ 32C ok, but that's still not big titty.  Other
                             pics look like a B.
                             \_ We've shown you a C/D pic. Now you need to come
                                up with your alleged B pic or go away.
                                \_ So hostile. tsk.  Sorry to interfere with
                                   your slashdot fantasies.
                             \_ this person clearly has never seen a actual
                                \_ whatever.
                    \_ wouldn't she fall over?
                        \_ Low center of gravity.  Basic boob physics.  Same
                           phenomenon as short guys with big guts managing
                           to stand upright.
                        \_ They lean back.
           \_ Where's that version?
              \_ All over Google.
        \_ UH -- I've seen this before -- it's a popular email being
           forwarded around.  It's not a real life situation.
        \_ For fuck's sake, there hasn't been a single "ObYermom" comment
           in this entire thread.  You children are sad sad sad!  Don't
           always make the grown-up alumni have to come and shove you back
           towards the path of the righteous.  Kids, these days...  -John
           \_ I'll shove yermom toward the "path of the righteous", fuzzy.
2002/8/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25720 Activity:very high
8/28    Anyone know her?
        \_ friend of a friend fucked her, said she was nothing special.  why?
                \_ god, why? she looks awful. --aaron
                   \_ She looks better in the video clip, which is still not
                      good though.
                      \_ Augh, my eyes!
                \_ just wanted to see who's the first to get voted off.
                   \_ see what I mean about bored cal alum?
        \_ Hmm, from her video clip she seems pretty annoying
2002/8/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25667 Activity:very high
8/23    Has anyone tried the Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms?  Does the
        climax control lubricant also delay her climax?  If so that'd defeat
        the purpose.
        \_ You mean some standard lube on your latex covered cock so you can
           feel even less than you already do?  Hint: many women don't climax
           during intercourse so it may not matter in your case anyway.
           \_ You're doing it wrong.
              \_ _most_ women do not orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone
                 \_ Duh.  Like I said, you're doing it wrong.
                    \_ See a clockwork orange.  It's the old in-out, in-out.
                       It isn't rocket science, son.
                 \_ Yes, but if you aim for her G spot, she will have orgasm
                    most of the time.
                    \_ Aim?  Like there's a target?  You guys are reading too
                       many shitty GQ & Cosmo articles on sex and not actually
                       having enough sex and you're certainly and clearly not
                       discussing it with your partner(s) (if any).
                       \_ Yes, from my experience there's a target.  But it
                          seems like a moving targer for some reason so it
                          doesn't always work.
                       \_ Yes, from my experience there is a target.  But it
                          seems like a moving target for some reason where it
                          seems to shift around.  Sometimes I can't find it at
              \_ Uh huh, she told you that she "cums *every* time" and you
                 believe that, huh?
                 \_ My woman doesn't cum every time, but I can tell whether or
                    not she comes and she doesn't need to tell me.
                    \_ We can extrapolate from your vast experiences to the
                       general population.  Thank you for sharing.  But just
                       curious, how do you *really* know?  Maybe she never does
                       and just fakes it now and then so as not to bruise your
                       cum-centric macho ego image of yourself?  Oh nevermind,
                       I'm _sure_ you can tell.  It's ok.  No, really....
                       \_ She can't fake vaginal contraction can she?
                          \_ They're called "muscles".  Yes.
                    \_ I dont come every time and I'm a guy.
        \_ topical anaesthetic
        \_ castration
2002/8/20 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Transportation] UID:25619 Activity:moderate
8/20    Does the EECS department filter for porn and such coming in on
        its network?
        \_ Yes, they do.  However, they don't block it, they just add it
           to their own porn archive.
        \_ They monitor all network traffic and if you're found in violation
           of the network traffic policies too many times you won't be allowed
           to graduate.
        \_ pass port 80 redirect 1984

2002/8/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25595 Activity:nil
8/17    <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ somebody needs to get laid
2002/8/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25536 Activity:nil
8/9     Fascinating set of porn clerk articles at
           \_ I enjoyed reading these. Thanks for posting.
              \_ yeah, you just can't stop reading. -op
                 \_ You can, but only because she stopped writing.
2002/8/9-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25529 Activity:high
8/9     In porn videos, why do the guys always withdraw right before they
        ejaculate, but never ejaculate inside the women's bodies?
        \_ I don't know exactly but there are numerous laws in the US about
           what they can and can not show.  Sex+bondage is another.  Or used
           to be.  Dunno.
        \_ To emphasize they really did come? Dunno. What I find amusing is
           that a lot of times they're wearing a condom, and then in the shot
           where they are about to blow their load, condom is mysteriously gone
        \_ It's always seemed weird to me that the ejaculation shot
           ('money shot') is one of the most pivotal porn scenes... Is it
           because guys want to see jizz? -soda gal
           \_ From a guy: I don't.
           \_ obAreYouHot?
        \_ Personally I think it is stupid. It's more exciting to see guys
           cum inside and watch the cum ooz outa the girls.
           \_ Is it?  A guy coming inside a girl is visually boring.
              \_ Yeah, that's why they use those moments to splice in the next
                 time he gets hard.
              \_ doesn't have to be... endoscopy, duud...
        \_ Have you seen those Virtual Sex DVDs, where you get to choose how
           to do a porn star? The jizz is CGI.
        \_ Fascinating set of porn clerk articles at
           \_ I enjoyed reading these. Thanks for posting.
              \_ yeah, you just can't stop reading. -op
                 \_ You can, but only because she stopped writing.
2002/8/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25516 Activity:nil
8/6     I've been married for 3 years and I've stopped having sex. What
        to do?
        \_ I've been having sex with your wife for 3 wonderful years!  YAY!
        \_ Post to the motd about it, apparently.
        \_ Has your spouse stopped having sex too?
        \_ Tell her to get a boob job / tell him to take Viagra.
        \_ Yeah, always getting sloppy seconds can be a bummer.
        \_ Try some variety, try some romance, try porn, sheesh.
        \_have you tried "talking" to you partner about it?
2002/7/31-8/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25464 Activity:high
7/31    Like anal sex?  You'll love this:
        Watching AHA sure brings back memories.  :-)
2002/7/30-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25453 Activity:high
7/30    Can we mount /sww?
        \_ why don't you ask your buddy to add it to /etc/exports instead
           of waiting for UCB's IT beauracracy?
        \_ he said mount!  uh! uh! uh!
           \_ unzip; touch; finger; mount; gasp; yes; more; umount; sleep
           \_ unzip; touch; finger; mount; gasp; yes; god; more; umount; sleep
              \_ Cool!!!                         \_ fuck you.
                                                    \_ Just because a
                                                       woman has never said
                                                       "yes" when having
                                                       sex with you doesn't
                                                       mean you have to get
                                                       all snippy.
                Actually I think the real problem isn't that a woman has _/
                never said "yes" when having sex with him, it's that they
                always scream, "ED! ED! oh ED! You're the STANDARD!"
                \_ That would be awesome.
                   \_ Not if you're not named ED.
              \_ And don't forget strip, head, comm and spray.
                                                        \_ Whoa... yer into
                                                           that crazy ass cat
                                                           sex, huh...
                                                            \_ MEOW!
2002/7/30 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Military] UID:25451 Activity:high
7/30    Anyone been to an asian massage parlor?  Are those places actually
        just handjob places?  Thanks.
           \_ so then are handjobs considered a form of prostitution?
        \_ I have a female friend who frequents a Thai massage place which is
           genuine and gives good massage.  But I think many of those places
           are just sex shops.
           \_ Thanks for sharing. Please use /csua/bin/me next time.
        \_ "thriving on an industry with deep roots in Asian culture" so
           they're claiming this is normal and acceptable in all asian
           counties?  Is this true?
           \_ Hostess bars (pronounced "snaku" in Japan) are very popular but
              as the article points out, only some of them are centres for
              prostitution in Japan. The case appears to be different here in
              the US.
              \_ They make a flat out global statement about "Asian culture".
                 Is it true across all "Asian culture"?
2002/7/19-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25395 Activity:insanely high
7/19    Damn.  less is 18 years old...
        \_ older than some csua members....
           \_ Is that true? New students haven't come in yet...
           \_ For what?  Consensual sex?  Going porn?
              \_ It's summer.  They're there right now.  Jail bait is walking
                 around campus this very second!
                 \_ Not necessarily. There is some leeway so 18yos can have
                    sex with 17yos legally.
                    \_ Yeah but like that would never happen at Cal.  The
                       youngens are easy pickings for the juniors and seniors.
                       Most 18yo's stand about zero chance of getting laid.
                       \_ Ye Gods! 18yo's will have sex with people their
                          own age? Is there no justice in the world?
                       \_ That's why they resort to hot gay sex.
        \_ Legal!
           \_ For what?  Consensual sex?  Doing porn?
              \_ It means less can legally watch live sex acts, but has to
                 wait three more years to have a drink.
                 \_ It can smoke and be drafted, too.  But alcohol is bad.
                    \_ Don't forget less can vote for El Presidente!
2002/7/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:25264 Activity:high
7/2     Doesn't that look like Maggie Cheung?
        \_ Maggie doesn't have socks that color.
        \_ Uh, Maggie Cheung is actually good looking, unlike your picture.
        \_ yes, yes, all asians look alike.  nothing to see here.
           \_ But I think they look alike even though I'm Asian myself.
              \_ little, yellow, different
                 \_ 14/18.
                 \_ Damn, only 8/18.  --- Chinese
                 \_ 9/18. D'oh.
                 \_ 6/18.  Damn!  The test was hard.  --chinese
           And yes, I agree.
           \_ You are on crack.  Maggie Cheung is way hotter.
        \_ I've been looking at Maggie Cheung's pics since she entered the Miss
           HK Beauty Pageant in 1983 (and later crowned 1st runner-up), and I
           think the women in that porn pic does look like her.  (BTW I vaguely
           remember she was #29 out of 30 contestants.)
           \_ The porn lady's hair sucks.  Her eyebrows are different.
              Maggie's face is also more round.
           \_ when the "memoirs of a geisha" movie comes out
              american audiences will finally know her
2002/6/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25126 Activity:nil
6/17    I don't have a sister, but I'm finding that I get turned on by
        brother/sister incest porn.  Is this an unhealthy thing?
        \_ Been surfing eh?
        \_ Only if you start asking yermom for a sister.
           \_ Asking?
2002/6/11-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25075 Activity:high
        \_ I saw my brother-in-law's dog doing that all the time, even in front
           of people, until he was castrated.  Imagine when there were guests
           and that happened.
        \_ Is it the same sky who claimed to have a hot korean gf?
           \_ Yes.  Why do you care? -sky
              \_ Because you have H07 4ZN CH1X!
                 \_ Any more pics of your gf?
2002/6/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25065 Activity:very high
6/11    Another flirting question.  Is it appropriate to wink at women
        (married or single) at work?  I think it's just playful fun and they
        almost always smile back at me.  Anything wrong with that?
        \_ Other than it showing your complete lack of style, no.  Why
           don't you just keep eye contact for a little bit, make sure she
           does and then go up to talk to her?
           \_ What are you going to say when she goes to HR or tells everyone
              else in the office about the geeky guy that's "staring" at her
              all the time?
              \_ IDIOT, that's why you start a normal conversation with her
                 first.  Do you see the picture?  Am I getting thru to you?
                 do NOT put her on a pedestal, treat her like a normal being
                 BEFORE you start trying to get into her pants.
                 \_ Your words: 1) stare at her, 2) wait til she acts like a
                    deer in the headlights, 3) walk up and dazzle her with
                    your charm, 4) have short conversation with HR on the way
                    to cleaning out your desk, 5) post resume.  It sounds like
                    a solid plan to me.  Well thought out.  I wish you great
                    success in your future.  -Your Friend
        \_ Only oily head used car salesmen wink at women.
           \_ Only men who want to get laid wink at women.
              \_ Only men who want to but never actually will get laid
                 wink at women.
                 \_ You'll have to redefine virginity then.  It works if
                    you're not an idiot about it.  It's called "flirting".
        \_ You're assuming people want you flirting with them.
           \_ Duh, how would you know if you don't try?  Chicken?  Egg?
              \_ Uh,  ask her out on a date.  It sure beats acting like
                 a pervert and looking like an idiot.
                 \_ Good call.  Just walk right up and ask her out.  Good way
                    to be subtle about avoiding company policy.  Very high
                    risk with absolutely no reason to think she likes you
                    first.  You're a genius!
                    \_ If she doesn't like you, she'll say no politely.
                       If you do this sleazy winking shit,  she'll tell you
                       go fuck yourself.
                       \_ She will file a sexual harassment lawsuit against
                          you in which she will accuse you of all sorts of
                          lewd behavior which the feminazi lesbian man-hating
                          judge will assume is true (even if you prove its
                          not) and then you will be slapped with a multi
                          million $ fine, which will reduce you to living
                          on the streets where you will be fighting with
                          the rats, cats, opposums and racoons for rotting
                          leftover beans in the bottom of rusting tin cans.
                          Of course she will be spending that money on
                          underage over-developed boys and girls at
                          some exclusive south pacific island resort. And
                          what's worse is that you weren't even married to
                          her, so you didn't even get action from her.
                          Trust me, avoid women, avoid them at all cost.
                          It is much safer to drink drano than to get involved
                          with a woman.
                          \_ Married men live longer, but married men are a lot
                             more willing to die.
                             \_ "What is the point in living if you can't
                                 feel alive?"
                          \_ BDG?  Is that you?
        \_ Sissy.  Wait until they look seriously out you then stick your
           tongue out at them.  Get a tongue ring for bonus points.
           \_ ever made out with a girl with a tongue ring?  It's nice.
              \_ It was good until it got hooked into my cock rings.  Ow!
              \_ Especially one with a tongue ring and big (but not too big)
                 tits and a cute face.
2002/6/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25034 Activity:very high
6/7     I'm going to live with a girl next semester. She has a boyfriend, but
        always disses him, and talks to me more than she talks to him. I like
        her too. People tell me that living with her is a *bad* idea. Are they
        just immature freaks or is there some truth to what they are saying?
        BTW, this isn't a troll, I'm actually doing this.
        \_ I admire your open-mindedness, I suppose, for asking for
           relationship advice on the motd. Start by asking yourself *why* you
           want to do such a thing. If you can get as far as an honest answer
                             \_ thing == living with girl, or thing == asking
                                motd about it?
           to that, the rest should become pretty clear.
        \_ she must think you're gay, and is treating you like a 'best friend'.
        \_ living with girls is like living with guys.  If you can ignore
           her and generally rely that she will be able to pay rent, and
           if she doesn't have any pets that will cause you allergies, go
           for it.  Just don't try to fuck her or delude yourself about
           platonic relationships.
           - guy who's lived with girls as roommates (double/tripple),
             flatmates, etc.
        \_ Is your name Robert? If so, I'm going to kick your ass.
           \_ Are you kidding? She and I have been having the time for weeks,
              now, dude. I got over this guy's problems awhile ago. I can't
              help it you can't keep your girl satisfied. -- robert
        \_ Wow.  The number of alarm bells that went off in my head while
           reading this:
               cause for worry.  I've had both male and female roomates
            "I'm going to live with a girl..."  - alarms go off
               problematic.                              -mice
            \_ ???  I don't really see why this by itself would be a
               cause for worry.  I've had both male and female roommates,
               and I can't say that living with women has been any more
               problematic than living with men.                   -mice
            "She has a boyfriend..." - DEFCON 3
            "...talks to me more than she talks to him." - fighters scrambling
            "I like her too." - nuclear weapons launching
        \_ So either a) You want to fuck her and, thus far, have failed to do
           so, in which case, yes, move in with her, fuck her brains out, just
           make sure you can still be civil toward each other and pay the rent
           when things cool off. or b) You sort of kind of like her and, um,
           maybe someday you'll work up the nerve to tell her how you really
           feel, in which case, either grow some nerve or kill yourself now.
           P.S. If it's b), let me know where you'll be living next semester
           and I'll fuck her FOR YOU (she is cute, right?).
        \_ If you can handle listening to her and her boyfriend fuck in
           the room next door, goferit. If you think you have a crush
           on her, probably not. -someone who has been there
           \- Treat OCF Staff Like Dogs --cgd && psb
           \_ Take a note from The Three Musketeers if this is happening.
              \_ Yeah when she is doing her bf and another guy in a
                 threesome in her room. Been there.
        \_ Is her name Shelly?
        \_ do you really like wiping away his cum and her tears from her face?
        \_ Interesting thing is, if you think you like someone, but actually
           try living with her, you might learn that you can't stand her.  It
           may take a while to get there or it may take no more than a week.
           It's surprising how nice single's life can be when looked at from
           the other side of the tracks. (formatd)
        \_ It's not like you're marrying her.  It's no big fucking deal.
2002/6/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25026 Activity:nil
        \_ not work-safe
2002/6/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:25016 Activity:high 57%like:24978
6/6     Looks like that "How to Attract & Date Asian Women" class has been
        \_ Maybe it's been filled?
        \_ Just get one of those t-shirts that says "Looking for a
           Japanese girlfriend" written in Kanji.
2002/6/5 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/Audio] UID:24978 Activity:nil 57%like:25016
6/3     To those with an Asian fetish:
        \_ With a course number "911NNY", it's highly suspicious.
           \_ true.  So you are saying they are scammers?
              And is not legitimate somehow?
           \_ "... after lots of men tried to pick her up ...".  Hmm, is that
              real considering her look?
              \_ What look? She's totally hot. Anyone got anymore beers? I'm out.
2002/5/25-26 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:24941 Activity:insanely high
        My big problem with the schools isn't that they do stupid shit like
        this, per se, but that they spend time on this while ignoring their
        primary mission.  In this particular case no one seems concerned about
        the welfare of the "boy's" girlfriend who has no idea what's going on.
        I also find it *really* disturbing that this 'teacher' has a *middle
        school* support group for gay lesbion bisexual and transgendered
        children.  Middle school?  9 year olds who think they're transgendered
        or bi-sexual?  And this is supported by the school authorities.
        Madness.  Pure madness.  Source is the NYT so don't gimme any crap
        about not liking my source for the story. [and fuck you for deleting
        this. thanks] [ok thats 3 times now.  what are you afraid of?]
        \_ Middle school is typically 6th through 8th grade, remember?  Those
           fun three years of puberty you seem to have missed?
        \_ Isn't it nice to be normal? There are more things in heaven and
        \_ uhh, middle school is like 12-14 or so.  And that IS when these
           issues start to pop up.  So this one kid was an early bloomer.
           It happens.  Why do you care?
           \_ arguing with idiots will get very frustrating.  Give up the habit
        \_ Isn't it nice to be normal?
2002/5/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24935 Activity:high
5/24    How do I satisfy a woman?  -soda l0ser
        \_ Um.  kill yourself?
        \_ This is a troll but I'll bite anyway: in short, you're fucked.  Your
           problem is that most women won't touch a guy they think won't
           satisfy them.  This makes sense, yes?  Your issue is that they'll
           know it because you exude lack of confidence and experience so you
           won't ever get a chance to get experience, success, and thus
           confidence.  Catch-22, kid.  I skipped all this when it magically
           popped into my head one day at about age 16 that women want to get
           laid, too.  Once you absorb this you'll feel better about it all and
           maybe starting getting laid and then you'll learn what they want.
           \_ Satisfying them in bed is the *easy* part...
              \_ Sometimes.  Sometimes not.
        \_ Find the clitoris -chef
             \_ Two words: Canned beans.
          \_ What does BDG have to say about this?
        \_ tell her you know how to post to the motd properly.
2002/5/22-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24917 Activity:very high
5/22    Open season at Harvard for rape and all other sexual assaults.
        \_ "The peer dispute process is a choice for students to mete out
           internal punishments, ......  Students can always take a claim to
           the police,......".  I don't see why this is a bad idea to reduce
           the responsibility of the school officials who are not professional
           investigators.  They're just leaving the matters to the police who
           are better-trained for these matters.
           \_ it places stigma on the victim, and will assuredly make it
              more difficult, psychologically speaking, for victims to come
              forward. --scotsman
           \_ Why would you want to make it even harder for some poor girl
              to protect herself from some sexual predator/rapist?
              \_ This kind of statement really irks me.  This is why the
                 GM Food crowd and the anti-globalization people can never
                 get a foothold..  They use phraseology like this that
                 insults the listener and shuts them off from wanting to
                 hear. --scotsman
                 \_ No, the anti-GM and anti-G and anti-XYZ people can never
                    get a foothold because they're all a bunch of lunatic
                    extremists living in a fantasy world.
                    \_ oh yeah..  anti-GM is so extreme...
                       \_ The people who push it are, yes.
                          \_ The arguments are solid against it.  You've talked
                             to the wrong people (illustrating my point).
              \_ Why is calling 911 harder than waiting till office hours and
                 then calling the administrative office whom doesn't even have
                 the authority to detain someone?
                 \_ Sigh... because the university can provide the sort of
                    pro-woman supportive environment that a victim of sexual
                    assault needs to feel safe before she can talk about her
                    experience and feelings.  The cops can't provide that. I'd
                    bet more than half those cops were football player rapists
                    in college.
                    \_ since when did cops start going to college?
        \_ this has nothing to do with the above, but the mexican state
           Juarez is in passed a law last year that reduced the penalty
           for rape from 5 to 1 years in cases where the woman dressed
           provacatively and appealed to a man's baser urges, but i think
           it got repealed when all the other states threatened to send
           in troops and kick some ass.  in pakistan right now there
           are women on death row for reporting they got raped, since...
           they had sexual intercourse outside of marriage (by
           being raped).  they of course say some man raped them, but
           many areas of pakistan will not accept the testimony of a woman
           unless it's backed up by four other males of upstanding
           moral character.
                    \_ She wanted it. She was asking for it.
                       \_ She asked for it so you gave it to her?  Don't you
                          know better than to give a chick what she wants?  All
                          she wants is to get pregnant and ruin your life!  Do
                          yourself a favor, trust me on this, avoid sex with
                          any woman.  She'll get pregnant, you'll get married,
                          she'll divorce you and take more than half of all
                          you've got for the rest of your miserable life!
                          \_ Yay!  It's Bitter Divorced Guy!  You tell 'em,
                             BDG!  WooHOOO!!            -BDG #1 fan!
2002/5/22-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24914 Activity:kinda low
5/22    Is there a ban now on sex or girl threads ?? Its not cool to
        write somethiing and see it deleted posthaste.
        \_ duud, i been posting shit like that all day!  down with censorship!
                \_ Posting what? All is computer stuff and political rants..
                   That is down right dull ..
        \_ become a /csua/bin/me advocate.
2002/5/20-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24896 Activity:high
5/20    What sorts of gifts are typically given at a bridal shower? My gf was
        invited to one for the first time and has no idea what to get. --dim
        \_ And she asked you to find out? (whooosh-crack)
        \_ yermom says ligurie.
        \_ A towel.
        \_ If the bride-to-be is registered someplace, that's a good place to
           start. Otherwise, gifts range from lingerie, adult toys to
           cookware, how-to books, or even things they would use at the
           wedding. It all depends on the theme of the bridal shower (your gf
           needs to inquire with the sponsor). Hope this helps!
        \_ How about a sybian for her!
2002/5/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24835 Activity:nil
5/15    Where/how did the whole Sting Has 7 Hour Tantric Sex
        Sessions His Incredibly Sore Wife story start?
        \_ I think it was in a GQ interview.
2002/5/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24830 Activity:moderate
5/14    "Sunbather Mistaken for Kournikova Due to Nipples"
        \_ 'He said that while he had never seen Kournikova at a tournament, he
           had seen a photo of her on the Internet in which her tennis dress
           was soaked with sweat, revealing the shape of her nipples. "They
           were pretty evident ... the diameter matched what we had on film,"
           he said.'
           URL to that soaking wet picture will be much appreciated.
           \_ I've seen it, and it looks very much like a fake pic.  Not worth
2002/5/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24812 Activity:moderate
5/13    Sex at lunchtime rules!
        \_ Afternoon Delight.
                \_ girlfriend and i call it that too, didn't know it wasn't
                  original, what's it from?
                   \_ From a really annoying song in the 70s.
        \_ more commonly referred to as 'nooners'
2002/5/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24803 Activity:moderate
5/13    BDG, have you seen Unfaithful yet?  Please give us a review.
                -your most loyal fan
        \_ No I haven't, I don't plan to either not unless someone
           reliable (ie not on the motd) tells me that Richard Gere
           goes "looking" for his wife and her "friend" with his trusty
           Colt 45 to have a "talk" with them.
           \_ you should see Taxi Driver if you have not already.
              \_ Are you talking to me?
2002/5/10 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:24777 Activity:nil
        Be a UN aid worker, have sex with refugees.
        \_ Old news.  Who didn't know the UN workers were raping refugees?
2002/5/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/Networking] UID:24767 Activity:kinda low
5/8     Is Cisco hiring? I LOVE CISCO.
        \_ You just want to eat lunch at the 99 Ranch complex everyday and
           scope out the h0t ch1x.
           \_ There are h0t ch1x over there on weekdays?
             \_ At about 3PM all the Asian schoolgirls arrive.
           \_ Try the thai place on the southern arm.  they're quite decent.
2002/5/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24761 Activity:moderate 66%like:24757
5/8     chialea, do you have a boyfriend?  -your #1 stalker
        \_ do you? -chialea #1 stalker #1 stalker
        \_ or girlfriend? -your #1 stalker-ette
        \_ I don't have either, but I'm not lesbian or bisexual, sorry.
           \_ I think you just let down every girl in the csua.
                                          \_ you mean "both"?
           \_ "Inexplicable Mass Migration of Male CS Students to CMU
                        \_  ew ew ew, no, sorry, not let down  -girl
           \_ "Inexplicable Mass Migration of Male CS Students to Stanfraud
              Reported for Fall 2002"                         /
                                    i think you mean "from" _/
        \_ lea is not gay... but some of her friends may be..
           \_ lea has GAY FRIENDS?!  I'm sure as hell not gonna stalk her
              any more.  that's just crazy talk.
2002/5/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24757 Activity:nil 66%like:24761 66%like:25000
5/8     chialea, do you have a boyfriend?  -your #1 fan
        \_ do you? -chialea #1 fan #1 fan
        \_ or girlfriend? -your #1 fanette
        \_ I don't have either, but I'm not lesbian or bisexual, sorry.
           \_ I think you just let down every girl in the csua.
           \_ "Inexplicable Mass Migration of Male CS Students to CMU
              Reported for Fall 2002"
2002/5/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24750 Activity:very high
5/7     wtf is happening to the world? more israeli attacks,
        2 plane crashes, pipe bombs, seattle slew dying...
        \_ have you been asleep for the last few decades?  have you never
           cracked open a history book.  nothing's changed
                \_ in such a short interval for all this to happen
                   isn't very usual.
                   \_ Nor is it terribly unusual.
        \_ tech stocks sucking, rolling stones touring again, vanity fair
           calls chelsea a sex symbol, spiderman gets $100+ million,...ack
           calls aspolito a sex symbol, spiderman gets $100+ million,...ack
           \_ when did vanity fair call chelsea a sex symbol? i need to see
           wtf indeed...
           \_ when did vanity fair call aspolito a sex symbol? i need to see
                 --- ! orig poster
              \_ A sex symbol to some tasteless blind man, maybe.
                 \_ i have have braces too... huhuhuhuh uhuhuh..
        \_ Who cares about Seattle Slew dead?
           \_ yermom
              \_ Oh yeah, of course she cares when a stud is no longer
                 available to satisfy her.
2002/5/6 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:24726 Activity:insanely high
5/6     Why is it that the pretty girls smile at me all the time when I look
        like crap but ignore me the rest of the time?
        \_ Perhaps it's because she likes it that you're comfortable with
           being yourself and not too conscientious about your looks. Women
           HATE guys who're only into their looks and your outgoingness and
           \_ Please adhere to motd formatting.  You _will_ conform.
              \_ feel better now you anal freakazoid ?
                 \_ You failed to add a newline.  The re-education team should
                    arrive shortly.  Do not resist.  You don't want them to
                    get angry.
           comfortableness are keys to attraction. IMHO.
        \_ Could be pity but at least they do smile at you.
           makes me think that people are so jaded these days
           that you could be another naked guy and no one would notice
           \_ Pity?  You think women have pity?  I'd like to know what planet
           that you could be another naked girl and no one would notice
           \_ Pity?  You think men have pity?  I'd like to know what planet
              \_ I always thought pity was why women give blowjobs.
                 \_ No that's a guilt free exit strategy for women who know
                    men they don't want to piss off (gun/knife issues) but
                    still want to keep as just-friends.  A bj takes a few
                    minutes, she's in control, and then she walks away.  She
                    doesn't even have to swallow to get rid of him.
                    \_ What is the last time you had a good bj?
                       most girls seem to not have a clue what to do.
                       \_ A few days ago. I only date women 25+ who have
                          clue, not 18-20 y/o clueless near-virgins who
                          waste my time as one of their earliest learning
                       \_ 5 yrs ago.  It was so good I couldn't hold back and
                          came in her mouth, and she swallowed.
                          \_ Uhm... if she isn't swallowing it isn't a real bj.
                             Why must the motd tell you this?  That's standard.
                             It goes like this: you warn her about 2 seconds
                             before you cum, she has the option to pull back
                             and turn it into a lame hand job, she swallows and
                             meets the basic blowjob requirement.  Sigh... ya
                             know I think the only thing sadder than my fellow
                             geeks not getting anything is getting it bad or
                             getting the basics and thinking it was special.
                             \_ finding a girl who swallows is like finding
                                a girl on soda. Difficult; but not impossible
                             \_ That was even her very first bj in her live.
                                Now I married her and she gives me lots of bj,
                                but I lost the ability to come on a bj alone.
              you live on and how to buy myself a one-way ticket to this
              strange and mysterious planet where women are nice.
           \_ Could be but it's been my experience that women will just ignore
              \_ BJ subthread deleted for offending .... my oh so sensitive
                 \_ Fuck you, ecchang.
              \_ Different women like different things. Maybe what you think
                    \_ You are welcome.
                 women like a rugged look. -ausman
        \_ Hey, they could be laughing at you instead.  Count your
           blessing.  Which, I guess, works out to one. -geordan
           \_ Could be but it's been my experience that men will just ignore
              a guy and not bother if he's not up to spec.  Since I'm married
              I guess I'll never find out anyway.  Just thought it was odd and
              maybe someone had a half assed answer.
              \_ Different men like different thighs. Maybe what you think
                 of as good looking, many women think is too clean cut. Many
                 women like a rugged look.
        \_ Ah the motd, font of misogyny.
           \_ How is the original question misogynistic?
           \_ Ah the CSUA, font of misogyny. -geordan
2002/4/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24586 Activity:very high
4/25    Is innocent flirting considered cheating?  At work, if I'm talking to
        a pretty woman (single or married) I tend to make eye contact
        and smile as we speak.  Some women would smile back and maybe toss
        her hair or giggle if I'm joking about something.  It's harmless
        flirting really.  Anything wrong with this?  -flirty guy :-)
        \_ If you have to ask the question...
        \_ This isn't flirting. It's normal social interaction, you
           pathetic loser.
           \_  man troll
               no manual entry for troll.
        \_ No.  Physical contact or overtly sexual talk is crossing the line.
           \_ No 'line' has been crossed until buttons pop and there's a
              search for condoms.
        \_ Nothing.  If your gf/wife/whatever is upset by this then she's got
           some serious self esteem issues.  Your only issue is choosing your
           gf/wife/etc poorly.  That's not even real flirting.
                \_ yeah but flirting leads to late night coffee and dinner
                   and before you know it both of you may get naked. It's
                   like marijuana, it's a stepping stone to the hardcore drugs
                   \_ Nonsense.  You want him to robotically ignore his female
                      coworkers and get labelled queer?  Bad career move.
                   \_ so if you flirt then you will end up doing speedballs?
        \_ Did this really happen or are you playing Sims Hot Date?
        \_ maybe you should find someone else you totally are happy with
           \_ maybe you're in fantasy land.  some light flirting doesn't mean
              he's unhappy.  it means he's a normal healthy male.  the idea
              that once you're with someone you suddenly become blind to the
              rest of the world or there's something wrong with your current
              relationship is the source of many young stupid women's pointless
              unhappyness and needless misery.
           \_ Like Cindy Margolis or Aria Giovanni.
              \_ If I dated a supermodel, I cheat on her just to be able
                 to say that I was man enough to cheat on a supermodel. -tjb
        \_ "The day you stop looking is THE DAY YOU DIE." - al pacino
           \_ Scent of a Woman (1992)
2002/4/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24581 Activity:nil
4/24    Why am I not shocked that UN police were participating in the sex
        slave industry?  I'm not sure which is worse: that they were part of
        this truly evil practice or that I'm not shocked by it....
2002/4/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24504 Activity:high 66%like:24401
4/19    The chick in Scorpion King is:
        not hot:
        \_ The poster of that is:
           not hot: .
           both:  .
           I'm so apathetic I can't even type a dot:
           \_ This letter has circled the globe 70 times! With sex, all
              things can happen!
2002/4/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24473 Activity:nil
4/17   This puts it all into perspective:
        Any reccomendations on the virgin lady ?
2002/4/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24468 Activity:very high
4/17    Anyone knows the name of this JAV actress?{60,67,78,95,104}.shtml
        I guess she has initials S and D, but I want to know her name.  Thanks
        for any help.
        \_ You've gotta be kidding.
           \_ I was hoping someone has seen her pics somewhere else listing her
              name.  Then I can search for more of her pics.
           \_ I'll say.  She does nothing for me.
        \_ What is a "JAV"?
           \_ Japanese Adult Video
                |_ this link is broken. if the picture has her name in kanji
                        babelfish will work for translating it
                   \_ He meant sd60.shtml sd67.html etc.  And it's still silly.
                      She's just some totally generic random asian chick
                      getting used in some totally generic pics.
                     \_ But she's wearing a NURSE'S CAP!
                     \_ I still can't get this work. Is it .html or .shtml?
        \_ So let's assume you find this chick, then what?  Going to call up
           for a date?
           \_ I don't hope for that much.  I just hope to find more of her pics
              and her video.
              \_ And hopefully some taste, too.
2002/4/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24460 Activity:very high
        I think he was possessed during the exorcism.
        \_ "During this long process there was close physical proximity. But
            contact was not sexual in a narrow sense."
                \_ Since when did Clinton become a man of the cloth?
            - just how narrow is this "narrow sense" they're speaking of?
            \_ "No pregnancy resulted, so it doesn't count."
               \_ Does that mean I'm still a virgin by their standards and I
                  f*ck a virgin every night?  Sweet!
                  \_ Why are you embarassed by your words but not your thoughts?
2002/4/10 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:24399 Activity:high
4/9     You know that tooltip that pops up when you hover the mouse
        over the time in the taskbar on Windows systems? I could have
        sworn that it used to show the day of the week along with the
        date. Can it do that, and how would I enable it? Not talking
        about 3rd party addons.
        \_ the tooltip displayed is whatever you have Windows' long date format
           set as. (Control Panel > Regional Settings > Date)
           \_ thanks
2002/4/9 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Celebrity/MichaelJackson] UID:24380 Activity:nil
4/8     This just in:  Paypal is Bad.
2002/4/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24375 Activity:high
4/9     Anyone have a link to that funny/sad webpage posted a while
        ago that was supposedly by some trailor-trash kid with
        pictures of his mom and brother?
        Also, a link to that page by some 40-something single woman
        who is looking for a boyfriend/husband and she has ALL these
        elaborate rules and protocols for what a prospective suitor
        must do before contacting her?
        \_ have you heard of google?
           \_ heh... ok, I admit it... after a bit of searching I found
              both. if anyone else is interested I can post them.
2002/4/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24364 Activity:high
4/8     A friend reads porn from time to time and now he gets a real woman.
        but sex in real life is not nearly as dramatic as depicted in
        fantasies.  Will this affect the quality of his sex and orgasm?
        \_ Why don't you ask him?  Dummkopf!
           \_ Think about it.  He's asking about his "friend".  His real
              question is have the pornos he reads everyday and rents every
              night ruined real sex for him forever.  The answer is "it
              depends".  The OP needs to discuss his fantasies with his gf
              and if shes not into it or OP's fantasies are too extreme, he'll
              have to buy satisfaction in SF.
        \_ porn is a pale, empty alternative to the real thing.
        \_ Probably.  He needs to work out more so that he won't get exhausted
           when he goes through all the positions that he thinks are "required"
           (as shown in porn movies) before he reaches orgasm.
        \_ Watch porn and have sex simultaneously.
        \_ This has been my experience. Maybe my bond with the girl wasn't
           close enough or maybe she wasn't hot enough...
           \_ or maybe you're just a putz.
              \_ That's really deep.  Helpful.  I like it.
                 \_ "maybe she wasn't hot enough ..."  yeah.  really deep.
                    \_ It was slightly more helpful than calling some pr0n
                       addict a putz but not as deep.
           \_ Yes, Porn will not ruin sex. If a girl is hot enough for you
               in real life, then you won't care what goes on in porn.
2002/4/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:24341 Activity:nil
4/4     Pretty funny.
        Listen to the sexy radio broadcast.
2002/4/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24316 Activity:nil
9/7     my boyfriend loves me, but he can't get it up.  what should i do?
        he says it's not my fault -- i need sex, but love him and won't
        leave him.
           \_ it is your fault, you are not a hottie.
        \_ Ask him if wearing leather would help. Otherwise, buy him
           a strap-on
           \_ Maybe he's a girly man and wants to take it in the
              behind rather than give it out. Buy yourself the strapon
              and give him a good riding. You may need to get him
              some lingere also.
        \_ buy a vibrator.  pearl rabbit makes you climax every time.
        \_ For some reason, I'm beginning to doubt the veracity of
           these motd counseling requests ...
                \_ You're only just now beginning to doubt them?
        \_ Maybe your boyfriend is not gay.  He needs to be turned on
           by a woman, not a man.
                \_ Maybe your boyfriend needs to be turned on by a
                   450-pound ex-male wrestler victim of steroid
                   hair growth halitosis experiments.  -John
           \_ I'm a woman!
              \_ You'd like to think that, now, would you, girly-man.
        \_ Just in case this is a serious post, here is a serious answer:
           Stress can cause a lot of sexual problems.  Try to get your
           boyfriend to relax before you initiate sex.  For example,
           give him a back rub or take a nap together and then try
           having sex.  Good luck.
           \_ Thank you.  It _was_ a serious posting.  I know I shouldn't
              post to the motd, but I'm trying to take every piece of advice
              I can get!  I can't even really talk to him about it much,
              he doesn't like to talk much about it.  He is a workaholic,
              and his stress has been higher lately.
              \_ Indeed.
        \_ He should see a urologist. It could be stress,
           testosterone levels, blood flow problems, etc.
        \_ Tell him you want to start seeing other people.
           \_ That is NOT going to reduce the guy's stress levels!
                \_ No, but she'll finally start getting some low stress sex
                   for herself.  He needs to go deal on his own time and stop
                   being a wimp.
2002/4/3-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24310 Activity:very high
4/3   Why so many suicidal bombers?  They do it for the virgins!
      "The devout Muslims among the bombers, a majority, believe they will go
      to heaven as martyrs and spend eternity in the company of 72 virgins."
      Some of us don't even get to poke one virgin in our entire life.
        \_ i forget where I read this, but some scholars believe the
           translation of the original arabic the koran was written
           got mangled a bit, and where it read "72 virgins", the original
           intent was "a whole bunch of white raisin", which are
           pretty rare on the arabian peninsula. - danh
           \_ The issues still pertain. Are they the same 72 raisins for
              eternity so they get used up? Or are you not allowed to eat
              them because then you won't spend eternity with them? Or do
              they magically reappear as new raisins? Plus, wouldn't you
              get tired of raisins after a few years of eternity?
        \_ i'm getting to this thread late, but what if the suicide bomber
           is a female (non-lesbian?)
        \_ Consider how rare you can find virgin now a days, it might be
           worth it for some people.
        \_ Been there, done that.  Nothing is more annoying than sex with a
           know-nothing.  Why do you want to spend your time telling some
           little girl how to have sex?  Much better to spend your time
           actually having sex.  Sex shouldn't be a tutoring lesson, it should
           be fun.
           \_ Whatever. What is there to know? They take it, I slap their ass
              and go to sleep.
           \_ Maybe they fantasize about causing pain to these young women?
              \_ What happens if you are a suicide bomber in heaven?
                 \_ How can you commit suicide if you're already in heaven?
           \_ after 72 times, they are no longer virgins, so obviously this
              is a lie
              \_ or it's true, then they can't have sex with them for eternity
                 \_ It doesn't say that they spend eternity with the same 72
                    virgins. Used ones might get magcially replaced.
              \_ Maybe these women are virgins because no one will do them.
           \_ Been there, done that too.  It's so satisfying that I wish I can
              deflower many more.
              \_ Blow yourself up!
              \_ What's satisfying about having sex with someone who doesn't
                 know anything about having sex?
                 \_ If they have no frame of reference for comparision, then
                    they won't be able to tell how awful your performance was.
2002/4/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24302 Activity:nil
4/2     I ask a serious question, and the big conservative
        meanie pigdog keeps deleting it.  how do you
        make a pass at a girl?
        \_ You can start with complimenting her anything ABOVE her neck.
           (too early to start with anything lower).
           \_ or below the knee.
              \_ i agree. women take an inordinate amount of pride in their
        \_ seriously? you're not gonna get a useful answer from us. that
           is something you have come up with yourself in order for you
           to feel comfortable doing it.
        \_ Watch the movie Groundhog Day as many times as you can. Bill
           Murray's character learns what it takes to keep a woman, is the
           same as what it takes to attract her. [formatd]
           \- how about watching "Beatiful Mind" or the Life of Kary Mullins.
              However both of those involve winning a nobel prize. --psb
        \_ Well, first you ask her out on a date, then at the end of
           the date you kiss her lightly on the lips. Then you ask her
           out again and kiss her more passionately the second time.
           Then you ask her out again and then you fuck.
        \_ be funny, considerate and a damn good listener. Or is that too
           much to ask? Also, be honest about what you want and why - both
           with yourself and her.
2002/3/26-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24234 Activity:kinda low
3/26    "'Corpse' Turns Out to Be Sex Doll"
        Your neighbor is watching!
        \_ this is funny shit that people should post more on motd
        \_ Wonder if it was a Real Doll(tm)?  I'll bet the cops had a fun time
           telling everyone at the station about how their murder investigation
           ended with some silicon sex doll freak getting off in his apartment
           reading slashdot with his new "girlfriend".
        \_ It was a policeWOMAN...must have been embarassing for her.
2002/3/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:24167 Activity:insanely high
3/19    Who are the 10 most datable men on soda?
              \_ This question isn't just for the women.  I wonder about the
                 general perception of who has things going for them.
        \_ Phil!
        \_ What an odd question.  I would've expected the question to be
           about datable women.
           \_ Well, that's easy. There are none.
              \_ This question isn't just for the women.  I wonder about the
                 general perception of who has things going for them.
        \_ geordan. -chialea
           \_ That's right, ladies, I'm available.
              Hey!  Where are you all going?  -geordan
              \_ that mean lea's free?
                 \_ geordan has more love than any one woman or chialea
                    can handle alone.
        \_ an interesting question.  Will anyone try dating ten sodans to find
           \_ hm, i've actually dated over 10 sodans, if you count single
              dates.  fear.  -lila
        \_ define "datable"
        \_ why don't you ask "chris"?
              \_ Well then, you're our sample, aren't you? Set 'em up
                 and knock 'em down!
        \_ can we include those guys that have girlfriends?
           or are we talking free men only? -Sofia
           \_ "Eligible Bachelors"
              \_ For what purpose?  Marriage, serious relationship, dating,
        \_ May be CSUA should have a personal ad section on its website
           \_ "Greasy obnoxious nerd wants h0t 4z14n chik!"
        \_ Better question: Are there *any* dateable men on soda?
           \_ A few married ones worth casual dating.
              \_ Who? mehlhaff?
                 \_ Seek and ye shall find.
2002/2/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23867 Activity:nil 52%like:23863
2/13    Can this be real?
        That's too hot of a chick to need to post a personal ad.
        \_ If you really think so, why don't you send a response? The worst case
           scenario is she'll ignore you.
        \_ [url shortened by query url shortening god]
        \_ Eh. She's alright. But that's one f'ing long URL.
        \_ 1) she isn't that hot, you need to get out more.
           2) she has two kids.
           3) I pasted that insane fucking url for that?
        \_ Age 26 with two kids and only High School grad and Drinks lots.
           \_ Yeah but I'll bet she dances better than you.
                \_ Nah: my harem usually forms a circle around me.
           \_ Let me guess... you are a 21 year old who has never been laid.
              Am I right?
                \_ Quit describing yerself in lame attempts to insult me.
        \_ plusses: big tits, blonde, stupid, doesn't smoke, wants monkey
           minuses: sagging without steel reinforced bra, chunky, blonde,
                    stupid, drinks a lot, has kids, divorced at 26
           I'm not seeing anything real special here.  It's very real.
           \_ Chunky?  Dude, go date Kate Moss.
                \_ Dude, seriously, look again at the larger pic.  Chunky.
                   Hour glass, good.  Chunky, bad.
                  \_ she is very beatiful.  age 26, she still looks younger.
                     lover that body, don't know if her tits are fake though
           \_ Sagging without wired bra?  It wasn't even a regular bra she was
              wearing, and the tits still look hot in it.
        \_ I can see her two kids and they look fake to me.
        \_ Aaaaaah!  Fremont!  Aaaaaaah!
2002/2/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23863 Activity:high 52%like:23867
2/13    Can this be real?
        That's too hot of a chick to need to post a personal ad.
        \_ Eh. She's alright. But that's one f'ing long URL.
           \_ There, quit whining:
        \_ 1) she isn't that hot, you need to get out more.
           2) she has two kids.
           3) I pasted that insane fucking url for that?
        \_ Age 26 with two kids and only High School grad and Drinks lots.
           \_ Yeah but I'll bet she dances better than you.
           \_ Let me guess... you are a 21 year old who has never been laid.
              Am I right?
        \_ plusses: big tits, blonde, stupid, doesn't smoke, wants monkey
           minuses: sagging without steel reinforced bra, chunky, blonde,
                    stupid, drinks a lot, has kids, divorced at 26
           I'm not seeing anything real special here.  It's very real.
2002/2/13-14 [Recreation/Dating, Transportation/Airplane] UID:23858 Activity:very high
2/13    "Jetliner Lust Attracts F-16s".  AKA: Don't get busted having sex in
        the airplane bathroom while coked up on a long flight.
        \_ bah!  i doubt that if the two people involved are of the
           opposite sex and american citizents they would do anything.
           \_ So you think this is anti-british discrimination or anti-gay
              discrimination?  I think it's anti-stupid discrimination.
              \_ i don't think it's any kind of discrimination. i just
                 want to know my chances of being sent to jail for
                 exale the crack smoke.  -sky
                 screwing my wife in the bathroom on the plane, and
                 i asess thosw chances as being close to zero.
                 \_ sure but try going to the b/r 5 times together while
                    coked up during a high security alert.
        \_ How did they smoke pot in the restroom and not set off the smoke
           \_ Not pot. Crack.
              \_ You stick your head in the toliet and flush everytime you
                 exale the crack smoke.  -sky "i've been banned from
                 a major airline"
2002/2/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23816 Activity:high
2/8     porn is good for you.  -female
        \_ porn is hard.  let's get hookers!
        \_ Uhm yeah.  Porn is a way for people in a sexual repressed society
           to get some release.  Porn isn't exactly a 'cure'.
2002/2/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23814 Activity:nil
2/7     Tonight on PBS:
        Description: see last segment of URL.
        \_ I wonder if this was the program I saw half a year ago when I saw
           an Asian porn star in green bikini with cute face and big boob in
           a porn documentary on TV.  --- guy looking for porn star half a
           year ago
           \_ Was it the girl who set the record for largest "gang-bang" and
              then found out that she got AIDS from it? I saw that
              documentary... very sad.
2002/2/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW] UID:23794 Activity:very high
        \_ eh?
           \_ looks like lila
              \_ Sure, until you actually look.
                 \_ None of my exs ever get on the net.  Even the slutty ones.
                    \_ That's your fault, then.
                        \_ How so?  They're my "ex"'s.  I have no contact with
                           them at all.  Get off drugs.
2002/2/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23790 Activity:very high
2/5     Is it generally true that women don't like USED stuff you buy for
        them (e.g. from eBay)? Why don't they like used stuff?
        \_ Not true.
        \_ As a gift?  Would *you* want someone else's USED stuff as a gift?
           That's no gift.
          \_ Hint: they prefer new tampons.
        \_ Used stuff as in the Hope Diamond or used stuff as in a beaten
           up rocking chair made in China in 1983? Nice stuff is nice
           stuff, new or used. --dim
        \_ depends on the person.  perhaps a used gift which is nice (as dim
           might have suggested) can be a good idea.  Something classic
           or antique can still be a nice gift.  Even a "rock" can
           be a good gift if it means something special.
           \_ that's heavy
        \_ In some cases there are reasons to *prefer* used stuff.  Used
           books have a whole different feel to them, and I prefer that my
           30-year-old sci-fi have 30-year-old cover art.  I can think of a
           couple of books I want that are out of print and very hard to
           find -- if a friend pointed me at a copy so I could pay for it
           *myself* I'd be grateful.  If you're into that kind of thing,
           signed first editions don't tend to be new.  One friend of mine
           is actively searching for an out-of-print CD and a couple of
           out-of-print board games.  Does she bake?  You can find phenomenal
           deals on refurbished kitchen appliances that allow you to give
           someone a much nicer gift (if she bakes, she'll understand the
           difference between the refurbished KitchenAid stand mixer and
           any other model at that price point).  High end audio equipment
           devalues quickly, but still sounds just as good (and tends to be
           bought by people who handle it with kid gloves), allowing you to
           buy nicer stuff than your budget would otherwise allow.  A
           musician friend of mine hunted high and low to find a 1969 Conn
           88H trombone because he likes the way they made the slide on that
           one; it's been over ten years now, and I think you'd have to pry
           it out of his cold, dead hands.  How about antiques?  Finished
           wood develops a patina over time that you can't really fake.
           It depends on what you're buying and who you're buying it for.
           \- arent you taking this thread a little seriously. i mean you
              say reasonable things, so presumable you are not stupid and
              should know well-enough to ignore this thread ... presuambly
              you dont feel that passionately about the subject to weight in
              any way. ok. --psb
           \_ Chill.
           \_ that's heavy (lame pun intended)
           \_ So you're saying if she's stupid I can get her some old junk off
              ebay and she'll like that and not think I'm a cheap bastard?
              \_ okay, I'll bite on your troll.  With an attitude like that,
                 do I have to say anymore?
2002/2/4-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23770 Activity:very high
2/3     I understand reflexive, transitive, and symmetric relationships.
        But what is anitsymmetry?
        \_ So symmetry is where aRb implies bRa (where a and b are in
           some set, and R is a relation). Then antisymmetry is just that
           if aRb then it is NOT the case that bRa... in other words,
           aRb and bRa impies a=b. Check Mathworld.             - rory
           \_ So does that mean antisymmetry implies reflexivity?
              \_ No.
                 \_ For example, < is anti-symmetric but not reflexive.
           \_ I always thought antisymmetry means not symmetry!!!
              \_ Think about the difference between apathy and antipathy.
        \_ a high school way to think about it is sin[x] in [x, -Pi, Pi]
           is anti-symmetric, and cos[x] in [x, -Pi, Pi] is symmetric.
           \_ An alternative is to think about it the right way.
        \_ antisymmetry is when you buy a house, ring, etc etc and then
           you get a divorce, pay alimony, lose a house, so on and so
           forth.                       -bmg
2002/1/31-2/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23739 Activity:moderate
1/31    looking for starter marriage partner.
        \_ craigslist!
          \_ what's "starter marriage partner"?
             \_ Sounds like a starter kit like you'd buy at Radio Shack in
                the old days for doing electronics projects... but different.
                \- this term is from a recentish book about the state of
                marriage inteh US today. i forgot the name but you can
                probably find it via the WEEB. ok tnx
2002/1/30 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:23722 Activity:nil
1/30    Amazing how the post about some chick in a bikini on Howard
        Stern can last for so long, yet the extra special George Bush
        quote gets deleted in one day.
2002/1/30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23711 Activity:high
1/29    Anybody interested in working for a Shanghai company for US$20K a year?
        \_ Wouldn't you make more @ McDonald's?
           \_ Probably no, if you live in Shanghai
           \_ In'n'Out pays more but not most McD's.
                \_ well, wait till you find out how much McDonalds charges
                   in Shanghai.  The typical salary in Shanghai , I believe,
                   is around $10K/year.  But the bottom line is, if you're
                   in there for $$, don't bother.
                   \_ The typical slary in Shanghai is around $1600 per
                        \_ Yes but that requires a knowledge of how to cook
        \_ aaron, how are the hookers in Shanghai?
                           dog, not IT stuff.  -John
        \_ I guess the point is, what would you get out of working in Shanghai
           for only $20k?
           \_ free public caning?
              \_ That's Singapore and only for stupid twits that trash other
                 people's cars because they're spoiled bored stupid white
                 American kids who lack real parents.
           \_ Higher concentration of H07 4ZN CH1X?
        \_ LEAVE YOUR CONTACT INFO so people who are interested in it can
           actually contact you
        \_ why don't you leave an email address? --aaron
           \_ mmm $20k/year! We're in the money!
           \_ aaron will work for $10K a year in Shanghai just for the
              hot Chinese ladies.
              \_ hot chinese lady is an oxymoron. And don't tell me about
                 that underage CH1X in CTHD. She was not hot.
2002/1/29-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23706 Activity:high
1/29    Anyone watched the Howard Stern Show on E! last Thursday or Friday?
        What's the name of that chick in green bikini handling the Jeopardy
        question board?  I want to search for her pics.  Thanks a bunch.
        \_ chic is a measure of trendiness. a chick is a chicken or a slang
           term for a chic female. 'chic' is not pronounced like 'chick'.
           thank you. -chialea
           \_ join me in my mission to objectify women even further!
           \_ Oops, I mixed up the two.  Thanks for the clarification.
           \_ ALL U R CH1X R B3L0NG 2 US!
2002/1/19 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:23604 Activity:high
1/18    Usually at what age do men start to lose interest in porn?
        \_ Death
           \_ "The day you stop looking is the day you die." (from Scent of a
        \_ something like that.. studies say in their early 80's
        \_ I am not interested in porn. -- 25
           \_ have you seen a doctor?
2002/1/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23562 Activity:insanely high
1/14  Is there a study on the belief that there is a correlation
      between how much sex a man has vs. his intelligence (e.g. more sex->
      less urge->less intelligence)?
      \_  i find that my mathematical ability goes downhill fast after
          24 hours without orgasm.
        \_ you want to correlate sexual urge with increased intelligence?
           explain.  (anyway more sex doesn't necessarily mean less urge.)
           \_ maybe he saw that Seinfeld episode where George becomes a
              genius by abstaining, while Elaine becomes a bumbling fool.
      \_ How does "more sex" yield "less urge"?  Heard of sex addicts?  More
         like "has more sex" _because_ "more urge".  Also, how do you make
         the *GIANT* leap from "less urge" to "less intelligence"?!?!?!
         \_ People who are virile are more intelligent.  Dummkopf...
      \_ There was this study done to see the correlation between sex
         frequency v.s. education level.  They found the higher degrees
         you have, the less often you have sex.  The explaination the
         study offered was because better-educated people have more
         "things to worry about" in life.
        \_ I think the poster was trying to see if having sex somehow
           decreases a person's intelligence
         \_  I suspect it might have to do with intelligence having
            reverse correlation to chance of getting laid through
            bad social skills and lower attractiveness.
2002/1/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23517 Activity:very high 50%like:22238
1/9     good place to buy a engagement ring setting (platinum)?
        \_ There is no good place to buy an engagement ring.
           An engagement ring is your undoing. It will lead to
           life of unthinkable horror and suffering. Save your
           money, save your self.
           \_ Or choose your mate more wisely than this person did.
        \_ Tiffany's. --dim
           \_ Do they serve breakfast there?
              \_ Well that's the one thing they've got.
        \_ ooh, trolling bitter-divorced-guy?
        \_ why not save and go directly to marriage?
           \_ This can't be serious.
              \_ heh.  worked in my case, though her mom "requires" a
                 wedding ring... of course we're leftist no-jewelery, no
                 make-up, pre-nup against the ridiculous school debt
                 kinds of people.
                 \_ Oh yeah?  Then why bother even getting married?  Why
                    can't you just be friends and housemates who have sex?
        \_ Please archive this thread for posterity.
        \_ Get it at an Asian jewelry store.  It's cheaper.  The diamond
           is still the same (from debeers, our lovely diamond monopoly).
           Usually they sell the diamond separately from the setting.  You
           \_ Last time we went to Blue Nile it cost about $15 each and we
              didn't even drink that much.  When did they get so pricey?  We
              went there as students and could easily afford it but shelling
              out that now for what they're serving isn't and we're both
              working good jobs.  Berkeley needs food price controls.  Like
              rent control but for restaurants.
           can pick whatever setting you want.  Some even have imitation
           Tiffany settings. A layman cannot tell that it's a fake Tiffany.
           You can read all the ideal cuts and the four C's at any web site.
           I'll give you a word of advice on settings.  DON'T GET THE WHITE
           GOLD SETTING.  Get the platinum.  Don't go cheap on the setting.
           It's indistinguishable from the color.  But white gold is much
           much softer than platinum.  So it scratches easily.  I spent a
           lot on the diamond but went cheap on the setting.  I'm regretting it
           now.  My wife's ring has very visible scratches.
                -happily married guy (also BDG's #1 fan)
                 \_ You can't be my #1 fan. You obviously didn't heed
                    my advice. Oh well. I'm glad you are happy now.
                    Make sure to enjoy it as much as you can, because
                    the memory of this happiness will have to sustain
                    you in the years of misery ahead.
                    \_ Dude!  BDG you rock!     #BDG true #1 fan (single)
        \_ Blue Nile. You will pay a bit more than someplace like
           Wal Mart, but the quality is top notch. They are not
           insanely overpriced, like Tiffany's or Neiman Marcus
           and have a great education section. Start there, at least.
           \_ I bought my fiance's ring at Blue Nile. I ended up ordering
              the wrong size and they replaced it with a different one
              without any hassles whatsoever. They also have a reasonably
              decent java applet for choosing between various stones.
     is a great educational site
              for learning about diamonds. After I read that, I felt
              like I knew enough to go out and buy something without
              feeling like a total idiot.
        \_ I bought my wedding rings at "Fred Meyer" or something like that.
        \_ I heard that there is no reason why diamonds should be
           expensive.  It is not rare at all from the amount of quality
           jewelry grade diamonds that come onto the market each year.
           The only reason they are expensive is because of the excellent
           marketing campaign conducted over the decades, and of course,
           monopolistic control of the supply.  That you need a diamond
           engagement ring is a custom established over the years by the
           De Beers company.  Americans spent the most on diamond
           engagement rings, yet when the American courts ordered De
           Beers to appear in court for price fixing concerns, the De Beers
           executives didn't bother to show up.  Now they can, in theory, be
           arrested on setting foot in the US.
           \_ So buy her an engagement ring with a rare stone in it, like
              a Burma ruby, then. --dim
                \- yeah burma ... there is a PC country.
                   \_ Who gives a shit about PC? --dim
                 \_ No, but I want her to shop complaining that I bought her
           \_ Any URL please?  I'd like to show this to my wife of three years.
                 \- there are lots of debeers stories lately. the "issues"
              \_ It was discussed on a radio show, but I have read it elsewhere
           \_ Are gold, silver and platinum expensive for the same reason?
              \_ gold, silver, and platinum at least are available from
                 several suppliers and are traded on the open market.  They
                 also are useful on their own -- as conductors, as catalysts,
                 for corrosion resistance (gold) or reflective properties.
                 \_ But diamonds are useful as industrial drill heads too, I
                    \_ correct.  but those are industrial grade diamonds,
                       which are not as overpriced as jewel grade.  And,
                       industrial grade diamonds can't really be made into
                       jewel grade.  excess precious metals can be purified
                       and used for a variety of purposes --jon
           \_ Another thing I forgot to add, was that on the radio show, it was
              mentioned that at one point in time, today's jewelry-grade
              diamonds were selling at like the equivalent of a few US dollars,
              or something similar.  That was before the early miners got
              together to form the De Beers cartel.
                    with dianmonds and debeers: 1. it is a cartel that
                    sucessfully keeps diamond prices very high 2. they do so
                    through some pretty hardball tactics as well as propaganda
                    and misinformation and traditional ads 3. they are doing a
                        \_ and don't forget disinformation as well!
                    lot of bogus stuff to supress artificial diamonds [which
                    are a lot closer to the real thing than artificial fur,
                    which seems reasonable successful 4. they are hypocrits
                    on say this anti-blood diamond campaign ... it's pretty
                    tough for debeers to claim a real interest in africans
                    but this certification campaign helps themselves. --psb
                    \_ seriously, this is all true.  the whole idea that you
                       should have a diamond engagement ring is just a debeers
                       marketing ploy and is not traditional at all, but a very
                       recent development.  don't fall for the hype.
                          \_ This kind of BS usually comes from guys who spend
                             thousands on computers or tech toys.  Somehow,
                             getting a state of the art computer is more
                             important than making your future wife happy.
                             As long as you think that way you're not ready
                             to share your life with someone else.  I don't
                             buy into the "spend 2.5-3 times monthly salary
                             on a diamond" routine.  But you do have to get
                             something that's symbolic of the relationship.
                             It doesn't cost that much to make your future
                             bride happy.   -happy married guy (HMG? :-)
                             \_ something symbolic, absolutely.  a ring, sure.
                                a diamond?  no fucking way.  when i get
                                engaged it will not be to someone who thinks
                                i need a big shiny artificially price inflated
                                rock on my finger.   -lila
                                \_ I wasn't suggesting that a guy buy a
                                   diamond ring and force his wife to wear it.
                                   The above scenario was more like: the girl
                                   wants a diamond ring but the guy would
                                   rather spend the money on computers instead.
                                   That's the scenario I have problems with.
                                   If you don't want a diamond ring, good for
                                   you.  -HMG
                             \_ There is no way to make your bride happy.
                                Women are the source of all the problems
                                in the world, because they can't sit around
                                and be content with what they've got. They
                                always need something more, something better,
                                something nicer. If you have to start out
                                your marriage by buying a chunk of carbon
                                for your wife in order to make her happy,
                                you will be in for lots of misery later on.
                    \_ Yes, I believe some artificial diamonds actually have
                      better internal reflection properties than real diamonds,
                      meaning that objectively they should look more beautiful.
                               \- activists need to start throwing blood on
                               people like elizabth taylor for wearing
                               diamonds. i am kind of curitous if there is a
                               mkt for fake diamond certifications ... so
                               you could just get your chica a fake ... or are
                               women so cynical as to get independent
                               appraisals these days. --psb
                               \_ You can't trust a woman. Never. Under
                                  no circumstances. - BDG
                               \_ Many quality diamonds have serial numbers
                                  etched in them. It would be very hard to
                                  fake that. The rule with diamonds is
                                  (unless you are *very* wealthy) that if it
                                  looks too good to be true then it probably
                                  is. Even a (only) 1 carat stone of high
                                  quality is going to cost about $5000. --dim
                                  \- this serial number business is the
                                  certification things debeers pushed in
                                  "response" to the stories about "blood
                                  diamonds". 1. debeers isnt really all that
                                  clean themselves 2 what they call a certi-
                                  fication is really "branding". instead of
                                  saying "women, ask for a debeers diamond"
                                  which would be crass, they say "ask for a
                                  politcally correct, non-artificial, debeers
                                  diamond.". --psb
              \_ Why? You gonna make her take the ring back?
                 \_ No, but I want her to stop complaining that I bought her
                    cheap engagement and wedding rings while I saved the money
                    and used it on down payment on our house afterwards.
                    \_ She's complaining, is she? Well that's the first sign.
                       Soon your will be in the poor house living on one meal
                       of uncooked beans a day and she will be spending your
                       money on her lovers in a exotic carribean locale.
           \_ The genius of De Beers is to have successfully equated diamonds
              with love, or at least the romantic version of love.  Thus all
              fulfillment of a romantic love relationship have to first pony
              up the De Beers love tax, "nothing much, just two months of
              your salary, and love is priceless and forever", in the form
              of the diamond engagement ring.
           --- yuen
        \_ A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a
           girl's best friend.  -John
2002/1/9 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:23501 Activity:nil
        "Socially, I just find myself in awkward situations. Guys hit on me
        all the time, including a TA. My friendliness gets mistaken for
        flirtation or romantic interest. Why can't a girl just kick back
        and hang out with a guy without him and everyone else thinking that
        there is a romantic involvement!"
        [ reformatted - motd formatting daemon ]
        \_ It's probably because you don't know how to format.
           \_ hey don't pick on her, she's just a girl
        \_ Let's find her pics and we'll judge if she's making this up.
2002/1/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23494 Activity:moderate
1/7     Thanks to News of the Wierd, we now have proof!

        ] A November report in the Northwestern University daily
        ] newspaper described Dr.  Michael Bailey's research project
        ] (which had already been vetted by the school's ethics
        ] people) to determine sexual arousal rates of females by,
        ] respectively, heterosexual erotic images and lesbian erotic
        ] images. Coeds were recruited at $75 an hour (two to three
        ] times the going rate for campus research guinea pigs) to
        ] have the "vaginal photo-plethysmograph" inserted to measure
        ] moisture and swelling. Dr. Bailey's preliminary conclusion:
        ] Women (whether straight or gay) get aroused by either
        ] straight or lesbian scenes, whereas comparable research
        ] had shown that men were aroused only by images depicting
        ] their own sexual orientation. [Daily Northwestern, 11-29-01]
        \_ Maybe it's the photo-plethysmograph that is arousing them.
           \_ Yea, the next question is how they measured arousal in males...
              If it involved shoving anything up any particular orifice,
              your hypothesis seems like a reasonable guess.
              \_ Standard would be a penile pressure cuff, to measure blood
                 pressure in the member. -chialea
        \_ Your tax dollars at work.  Thank God this sort of quality research
           is going on and improving all our lives!
        \_ Did they differentiate between qwerty and dvorak users? If not then
           we know the research isn't valid.  More junk from a bottom tier
           school.  Dvorak!
        \_ It's tax dollars well-spent, cause now I know I am normal, and
           can stop worrying.
           \_ Glad my money was spent making you feel 'normal' about your
              sexual preferences.  You're just like many other young women
              who are willing to accept money in exchange for watching lesbian
              porn with a probe up their vagina.  Congratulations!
              \_ Why do people insist on calling me a young woman when I am
                 a young man.  Now I feel abnormal again.
        \_ Does two women doing it in straight non-lesbian AVs count as
           lesbian scenes?  I'm a straight guy and I'm aroused by both
           straight and women-women scenes, but I don't watch pure lesbian AVs.
           \_ TMI. Go away.
              \_ What's "TMI"?
2002/1/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23474 Activity:very high
1/5     do i need her parent's permission in order to date an indian chica?
        \_ Depends on the girl.
           \_ no,  the appropriate answer to a stupid question is a stupid
              answer:  the decision is made by the father, on the basis
              of how good he thinks you are at putting weasels down your
              pants.  try to get invited to the family's house for
              dinner, and stick as many weasels down your pants as possible.
              if you wear big enough pants, you can have her hand in marriage.
              \_ Why is it a stupid question?
                \_ If she can't decide for herself, she isn't worth it.
                   \_ Says who?  Like the typical whore who 'chooses' to
                      sleep with 8 random idiots a week is worth anything
                      more than a trip to the clinic?  Wow, she has this whole
                      free choice thing down so she must be a great catch! I'm
                      sure you'll catch something from that sort of bimbo,
                      though.  Original poster should ask the girl out.  She'll
                      let you know if there's a strong family tie or not.
2002/1/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23450 Activity:very high
1/3     I'm trying to find an english equivalent of the chinese word (mandarin)
        "sa chiao".  Roughly it means to cuddle up with somebody.  Usually
        describes a woman or a young daughter.  What's a good english word
        that captures that meaning?  Thanks.
        \_ snuggle?  I don't know mandarin.  Just going by your description.
           I can't think of any age/gender specific terms for this.
           \_ you have to know mandarin to translate it.  The word doesn't
              just describe the physical act but also the relationship between
              the two.
                \_ Sorry, just a white boy doing his best to help.
        \_ There are a couple of Chinese-English dictionary online if u do
           a google search.  I tried 3 and only manage to find "sa3 jiao1"
           (to use mainland's pinyin romanization) on 1 of them.  It says
           "fawn, coquetry".  Doesn't seem exactly right.  Using dict on
           soda for coquetry yields:

           Coquetry \Co*quet"ry\, n.; pl. {Coquetries}. [F. coquetterie.]
           Attempts to attract admiration, notice, or love, for the mere
           gratification of vanity; trifling in love. ``Little
           affectations of coquetry.'' --Addison.
           n : playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest [syn:
               {flirt}, {flirting}, {flirtation}, {dalliance}, {toying}]

           No single word feels exactly right.
           \_ Thanks.  I think this is one of the thousands of words that
              can't be translated well.  The connotation of "sa chiao"
              means more than the physical act of "sa chiao".
              \_ Yes, from seeing it being actually used, it usually
                 involves speaking in an amorous manner, for lack of
                 a better description.
        \_ "sa chiao"?  i thought that's bbq pork.
                                         \_ cha siu, you troll.
        \_ You mean sa jiao(and the j is much better than ch- in this case),
           and the word has more connotation than just to cuddle/snuggle:
           It's commonly used to describe a playful acting type behaviour
           intended to be cute or innocent, not necessarily amorous.  The
           above poster's mention of coquetry seems to be the best fit, but
           not quite.  I would go with playful coquetry, and specify in usage
           whether the intentions are amorous or not.  Btw, I normally hear
           it pronounced sa1 jiao1, not sa3 jiao1.  Not sure which is right,
           esp. if dictionaries list sa3 jiao.
           \_ The problem is there can be playful acting behaviour that is
              cute and innocent that cannot be considered as sa jiao.
              sa jiao seems to always involve a woman, girl or young boy, and
           \_ Yes, this is getting close.
              Sa jiao seems to always involve a woman, girl or young boy, and
              the intended target has to be one of the following: boyfriend,
              husband, or an elder (mom, dad, grandparents, teacher, etc.).
              A woman/girl who sa jiao is playfully acting in a cute child-
              like manner, and is asking for and expecting that she would
              be loved and pampered in return.
2001/12/27-28 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:23385 Activity:high
12/27   Jesus talks to GWB via Stephanie Salter.  Says to use love against
        terrorism.  WWJD?  I love the SF Comical and the SF Left.
        \_ Hey, the Right Wing Nutjob is back from Christmas vacation!
           \_ Hey great come back.  You have *nothing* to say in response to
              this drivel so you attack the person posting it.  Good call.
              \_ Why did you delete all your Free Republic black helicopter
                 conspiracy stuff? I like having that stuff in the motd.
                 It makes my point better than anything I could say.
                 \_ I didn't post the freerepublic stuff.  I don't even read
                    it.  I also don't censor other people's postings.  You'll
                    have to ask one of the self appointed Annointed Ones who
                    does that why the black helicopter url is gone.  Still,
                    the original point remains: Stephanie Salter thinks she's
                    channeling God/Jesus and says love is the answer to
                    multi national fundamentalist terrorists.
        \_ I hope he had a nice holiday with his family
        \_ i think the above 4 or 5 things were written by the
           same guy
        \_ so do i!
        \_ I thought Jesus wanted us to reform the gays and abortionists
           to stop terrorism.
2001/12/21-22 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:23337 Activity:insanely high
12/21   So how did that craigslist pick-up meeting go?
        \_ I actually went with a friend hoping to see a bunch of dufuses
           walking in with flowers or something... but no one came...
           except us... in which case... maybe we were the butt of the
           joke. But other than that, nothing eventful.
        \_ hey did you see me walk in?  i'm really bald right now - danh
           \_ I don't think I did. I was having coffee over on the left
              side if you're facing the cash register.          - rory
              \_ i walked in with a couple of girls, we had some coffee
                 and then left to watch THE WORLD'S MOST BORING
                 MOVIE i mean the man who wasn't there - danh
        \_ what was this?  the posting was removed by the time I visited the
           \_ Three words: "Sexual Scavenger Hunt". I would have saved a
              copy if I'd known it was going to get pulled down so fast.
           \_ Someone claiming to be females and frisky posted that interested
              guys should show at a particular Berkeley cafe last night between
              certain hours and that "the right guy" was going to get laid a
              lot over the holidays.  The poster didn't give a physical
              description and basically setup the world's desperate men to
              show up looking stupid and desperate as part of some sick joke.
              I showed early, found the girl and left by 7:25.
              \_ "Someone claiming to be females" ... "I showed early, found
                  the girl" ... Dude, you need to get your story straight.
                  \_ Uh, dude, go to "humor store".  Buy humor.  Use.  It was
                     a very small and simple and obvious joke.  And the plural
                     on 'female' was simply a typo.  Relax, try some valium.
                     Here's a big hint: I wasn't there, it was a joke.  You
                     got that all figured out now?
              \_ Damn! I got there too late. Will I find anyone out there
                 who will wuv me?
                 \_ Even he showed up lat, I left with the girl at
                    7:07. He must have left with some other chick.
                    \_ ...and?
                    \_ We saw the girl you left with.  We laughed about it
                       just before we fucked like it was the end of the world.
2001/12/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23322 Activity:high
        \_ Yes go there and harass random women for an hour or so.  This is
           a really good idea.  It looks more like a prank someone is pulling
           on their friend who they know will be there with a new boyfriend
           or something.  Or maybe a psych experiment going wrong.
           \_ oh my ... HE's RIGHT! Somebody get this guy a job in the CIA
              or something.
2001/12/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23313 Activity:insanely high
12/19   Anyone been to Hot Tubs on University?  How is it?  Do people have
        sex in the tubs?  (in which case, I'd rather not go)
        \_ what's this, a massage parlor?
           \_ no, it's a place with hot tubs.
        \_ never been there... looks dirty to me...
           \_ If you have nothing to say, don't say anything at all.
              \_ I have something to say: I've never been inside, but just
                 based on what I've seen it looks trashy and disgusting...
                 I guess the below posts substantiate my educated guess.thx
        \_ A friend of mine said his friend used to go there to get
        \_ I have been there and had sex with my g/f there. Sorry
           if that ruins it for you.
           \_ I'm personally more worried if it was used for gay sex.
              \_ Worse, some peole were seen bringing with them young
                 female goats
                 \_ Guys, right?  Bringing in female goats?  Because that
                    wouldn't be gay.
        \_ Hookers meet you there. I;ve shot wads of cum on the room
        \_ I looked inside once and saw a bunch of dirty hippies -sky
2001/12/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23286 Activity:very high
12/17   Vanilla Sky is mindblowing.
        \_ As in mindblowingly bad? The Salon reviews begins thusly,
           "There are so many transvestites in "Vanilla Sky" that it's almost
            impossible to list them in the order of their infamy." Explain
        \_ any good t&a shots in vanilla sky?
                \_ With that skanky chick he's dating now?  ew!
                   \_ are you gay? just asking.
                        \_ No. I have taste in women. She looks like a skanky
                           crack whore off some corner in Oakland.  The woman
                           has no breasts, no figure, no hips.  She's barely
                           female.  I'm guessing she shaves the mustache every
                           second day.  What exactly do you find attractive
                           about a woman with the figure of a 14 year old boy?
                           Are you gay?  Just asking.
        \_ this is one of those movies that you either love or hate.
           \_ The people I know who worked on it don't like it. What they
              *do* like is "A Beautiful Mind". --dim
                \_ A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
2001/11/28-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23134 Activity:high
11/28   How about a vote on the funniest motd thread?  Personally I loved
        the "mangina" thread.  Also any long winded flame on dating soda
        losers (aka nice guys).  That made you laugh and keep coming back
        to the motd?
        \_ Nice shoes.
        \_ it's really sad that nice guys are losers. in this society, if
           you can't get into girl's pants, you are a loser. some kinda sick
           \_ It has nothing to do with getting into a chick's pants; it has
              to do with someone so pathetic who wants something so easy to
              get but is incapable of getting it and then whines bitterly for
              years because he's incapable of changing his methods to get what
              he wants and about 2 lines in I decided to make this a lengthy
              run-on sentence but not the kind you'll find in The Bear by
              Faulkner but the kind inspired by motd posts by virginal shy
              loser boys who can't get into a girl's pants, although I prefer
              skirts; the kind of boys who post whining drivel on the motd
              complaining that society calls them losers because they're not
              capable of performing a basic biological function such as finding
              a mate and breeding, be it for the long or short term.
              \_ the ultimate loser is the one who can't get any, a loser gets
                 only one for his whole life, a winner gets lots, the ultimate
                 winning is the one who does nothing but gets it anytime. =D
              \_ what if you're a virginal shy loser girl?
                 \_ Wear a skirt, try smiling at someone.
                 \_ ton up your body, then you'll have guys chasing your tail.
                    \_ Don't you mean "tone"?
                 \_ Nice shoes.
                 \_ You found the right place.
                 \_ isn't "shy" really a euphemism for "ugly"?
                    \_ Sometimes.  Short skirts help a lot.
              \_ Skirts.  "Miniskirt Police" in Japan.
                 \_ did you save this thread?  Where can I find this miniskirt
                    thread?  (It's not in the archives, I checked) Thanks.
                    \_ Sorry, it wasn't a thread here.  I was just adding to
                       the fact that the above poster prefers skirts.
              \_ I'm waiting until I'm married, or at least engaged.
                 I'm saving myself for my one true love. -!kidding
                 \_ I saved it for my wife too, even though I had another gf
                    before her.
                 \_ Ridiculous.  How do you know if you're sexual compatible
                    or not?  Numerous marriages have been destroyed by this.
                    I'm sure your church approves but this isn't a good way to
                    choose a mate.  You're going to spend the rest of your life
                    sharing a bed with someone you don't know an important bit
                    of info about.  Not smart.
              \_ I don't tend to get into girls' pants often. They make my
                 ass look big.
        \_ All of them.
        \_ How to do something?
        \_ Linux and bike
        \_ SUV and bike
        \_ tom and bike
        \_ tell us about the stars, ilya.
        \_ I always liked the BH and the vodka glass into the fireplace one.
        \_ awwh man, that one about hte Zyxel 643 pinouts? that was hilarious!
2001/11/27 [Academia, Recreation/Dating] UID:23110 Activity:high
        I don't think porn classes in college are very progressive
        \_ "Teachers at Fort Lewis College say the classes will help broaden
           students' horizons."  Next they'll offer a course for students to
           smoke pots to further broaden their horizons.
           \_ reminds me of the dead kenedys song "terminal preppy".
        \_ Is it taught by the Naughty Professor?
        \_ You understand that ananova isn't exactly a reliable news source?
           \_ really?
                \_ quite.
        \_ Voluntary porn is much more progressive than enforced religion.
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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