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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/11/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23043 Activity:very high
11/14   Ever since I started watching "The Gilmore Girls", I've been having
        mother/daughter sex fantasies.  Is that normal?  Doing it with my
        GF AND her mom.  HOT!
        \_ Go see "The Graduate".
        \_ So you really mean it when you tell your GF to "come here to Daddy".
        \_ You watched the Gilmore Girls more than once?
        \_ Gilmore Girls obviously causes deviant sexual behavior. We ought
           to boycott the show. I feel for you. It's not your fault that you
            are not normal.
           \_ are they both good looking in your opinion?
2001/11/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:23009 Activity:high 50%like:23006
        I've never seen Britney being that big before.  Is that her nipple
        being seen-thru on her left side?
        \_ No.  It isn't.  If you want to see nude celebs the net is full of
           free and pay celeb porn sites.  You don't have to get off on the
           very iffy sighting of what might be a nipple poking through the
           thick material on this one girl's costume.
        \_ You, my dear friend, are trying too hard.
        \_ Anyone knows her measurements?  Thx.
          \_ Would that be pre- or post-op?
2001/11/1 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:22890 Activity:very high
10/31   English-dubbed hentai sucks ass
        \_ watching LA Blue Girl again?
           \_ Trying to. The dub makes it almost like work.
              \_ alien tentacles and pussy juice power. what more do you
                 need to understand?
                 \_ I don't think I need to expand upon the
                    superior quality of the orgasmic moaning in the
                    original Japanese...
                    \_ don't forget the rapid high-pitched intakes of breath
                       \_ Oh yeahh. That's the stuff.
                    \_ Does the main girl ever get any from a human? Those
                       tentacles must chafe
            \_ Oh yes, YES.  You don't really want someone as big as I am to
               pull out, do you?
               \_ Oh christ -- is the dubbing THAT bad?
            \_ I noticed recently that my boss has the same shape hair as the
               doctor in Oh Genki Clinic - nasty mixed methaphor, that.
        \_ Forgive my ignorance, but what is hentai?
           \_ japanese anime porn.
           \_ hentai is the japanese word for "pervert" and has come to mean
              the porn (usually extreme porn) subset of japanese anime
              (still and animated)
              \_ isn't anime originally a French word?
2001/10/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22828 Activity:insanely high
10/25   new poll: how many sodans have paid for sex? (and no, gf's and so's
        don't count):
        Yes: ...(...)
        No:  ...
        No, but I plan to:
        Paid, by not having sex: .
        \_ So you pay for the evening's entertainment with your date, and at
           the end of it you have sex (with her, of course --duh!) -- does
           that count as having 'paid for sex'.
           \_ does not count. no dates.
        \_ how about if you (foolishly) marry a woman (withouth a prenup), and
           she dumps you and takes HALF.  does that count too?
           \_ does not count. no so's.
           \_ Yes. - BDG (Bitter Divorced Guy) #1 Fan
        \_ silly rabbit.  you *always* pay for sex.  just sometimes the
           method of payment isn't immediately obvious.  furthermore, i'll
           claim that it's better when the medium of exchange is money,
           because it leads to fewer problems later.
           \_ true, but irrelevant the poll rules out conventional forms
              of gf/so sex for money relationships.
           \_ Amen to that!
           \_ Yup.  "Free sex is the most expensive."
           \_ This is a common misperception. I have had plenty of brief
              relationships and one night stands that I did not have to
              "pay for." And I have had plenty that I did. The key is to
              weed out the psychos. Unfortunately, this is hard to do.
              \_ what is a psycho
        \_ the poll question specifically excluded gf's & so's, and should
           have excluded dates and one-night stand types. Obviously, the
           points you all bring up are true.  The poll, however, was
           interested in the legal definition of "prostitution," rather than
           the informal gf/so type sex for money relationships ppl have
                   -original poster
2001/10/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22823 Activity:high
10/24   Where is Lila Patton working now? It says on her web site that
        she quit Veritas on 5/01.
        \_ Good to see you back, kevin.
        \_ Why not just email her and ask her?  Judicial restraining order?
           \_ I think he doesn't want to be labeled a stalker.
           \_ I did, she ignored me                             -kevin
              \_ maybe you should leave out the "i love you, will you marry
                 me..." part, and she might reply.
              \_ Since when has that stopped you?
              \_ Maybe that should be a big hint?
                 \_ No. I'm not trying to stalk her or anything.  Just
                   \_ What about Alcatraz and San Pablo?
                   \_ sodan poll:  How many here have paid for sex?
                      and gf's/wives do not count as "paying..."
                        Yes: .
                        No, but I've wanted to:
                    want to get back in contact with her.  I miss her. -kevin
        \_ Dwight and San Pablo
                \_ I find after 2:00 am to be best, more searching but
                   the least LE presence.
        \_ How to go out with Lila? She's so fine.      -mikhail
2001/10/12-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22705 Activity:high
10/11 (new geek chick of the week)
        \_ uh, no.
        \_ But alas, has r+++ in her geekcode.
           \_take a look at the sex code @_@
        \_ yech.
        \_ why don't you post the hunk of the week for all the ladies?
           \_ as soon as someone posts a chick...
        \_ We want H07 4ZN CH1X!
           \_ What about H07 42N B0YZ?
              \_ soda needs women
        \_ she's the first female graduate student I know from Wellesley.
           I bet she'll get along with nweaver.
2001/10/9-10 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:22671 Activity:high
10/8    anyone been to one of those SF clubs like Mitchell Brothers?
        Is it fun or worth it? Just wondering, got some buds coming
        in for the weekend...
        \_ $100 cover.
        \_ are you interested in hot chicks or lots of physical contact for
           the dollar or stripper sex? Deja Vu and Mitchell Brothers are
           expensive, but quality. Crazy Horse and other places on market
           have cheap ho's, but they'll rub you until you're done for a $40.
        \_ Gold Club on Howard & 4th Street. It's affordable, so to speak.
           Cover charge may be $10 but if you print out coupons from
           <DEAD><DEAD> and show up before 10pm, you get in for free.
           Lap dance is $20, and they seem to go the extra mile if the mood
           is right. It's cheaper than any of those clubs on Broadway, IMO.
           \_ How much to get them in the mood?
              \_ Mood can't be bought. You can pay them extra, but then you
                 aren't getting the "good deal" that makes the lap dance extra
        \_ Any such clubs in the South Bay? Silicon Valley?
            \_ Dunno much about South Bay but what about Pink Poodle?
            \_ Brass Rail, T's Cabaret, Pink Poodle, Kit Kat Club, Candid Club.
               Table dances so no contact.  Some are nude some are bikini.
        \_ What is the deal with the place next to the Sunnyvale train
           station that charges you $20 to get in and $20/drink? Some
           cute girl comes up and talks to you while you drink it, but
           there is no lap dancing or anything like that going on.
           \_ Hostess bar?
2001/10/8 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Dating] UID:22662 Activity:nil
10/7    What's the song in the VW commercial where the guy walks in right
        as he priest says "speak now or forever hold your peace"?
        \_ Mrs. Robinson?
        \_ The more important question is "who's the cute chick?"
           \_ Far more than cute. She's smoking.
           \_ J. Ralph - One Million Miles Away
2001/9/19-20 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:22530 Activity:moderate
9/19    what best describes you?
        Big Fat Sysadmin Nerd: .
        Big Fat Academic Nerd:
        Big Fat Programming Nerd:
        Trim and fit programming nerd:  .
        trim and fit sysadmin nerd: . OXYMORON OXYMORONOXYMORON OXYMORON
                                \_ you can't keep up with me.
        trim and fit academic nerd:
        trim and fit math 55 be-boy denying women sex:  .
        Skinny, pencil-necked geek: .
        Bordering between Big Fat And tRim = Middle : .
2001/9/18 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito] UID:22513 Activity:high
9/18    I'm tired of all the talk about terrorism. Can we get back to
        aspolito and anal sex and asian chicks discussion?
        \_ no.
        \_ Mmm, Mayu Kiozumi..
           \_ Can't find her in Yahoo.  Who's she?
2001/9/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22481 Activity:high
9/15    You have heard that it was said, "Love your neighbor and hate your
        enemy."  But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who
        persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.  He
        causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on
        the righteous and the unrighteous.  If you love those who love you,
        what reward will you get?  Are not even the tax collectors doing
        that?  And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing
        more than others?  Do not even pagans do that?  Be perfect, there-
        fore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.  - the lord
        \_ Hi Paolo!
2001/9/11-12 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:22394 Activity:nil
9/11    "We heard earlier that Barbara Olson, a frequent commentator here, was
        on the flight that was going to Washington -- or has been hijacked to
        Washington. She called her husband and said that the hijacking was
        under way.

        She said that from what she could tell, the hijackers -- and she
        didn't indicate how many except that there was more than one -- were
        armed with just knives and cardboard cutters, that they herded all the
        people on board this flight to the back of the plane, including the
        pilot, and she asked her husband, the Solicitor General Ted Olson, who
        many of you will recall argued the post-election case before the
        Supreme Court, said to her husband, "what do I do?" And shortly after
        that, that plane, with Mrs. Olson and many more, crashed at the
        (if you don't have a tv, cnn has a "transcripts" section with stuff)
2001/9/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22382 Activity:very high
9/10    A friend of mine just spent a lot of money on a custom engagement ring.
        Sadly, last week his girlfriend broke up with him, and he doesn't know
        what to do with the ring.  It's a very personal design that his
        girlfriend asked for long ago (although she doesn't know that he had it
        made), so if he sold it off, she'd probably get really upset.  Besides,
        he's not even sure he can sell it because it's a very unique design.
        Anybody have any good ideas what to do with the ring?
       \- well is the issue about how to recoup some of the $? otherwise the
         only "ethical" question seems to be "should he let her know". if she
         doesnt know, i dont see where there are any ethical issues at all
        unless it is "customized" in some really peculiar way. now if she is
        just going tobe irrationally mad, i dunno if that really creates an
       obligation but that is an interesting meta-question [see e.g. the
         problem if the "utility monster"]. ok tnx. --psb
        \_ why would she be upset if he sold it?
           \_ more to the point, why should he care? unless he's hoping
              they get back together
        \_ all women are bitches
              \_ in which case he wouldn't sell it
        unless it is "customized" in some really peculiar way. --psb
        \_ all men are bitches
        \_ all women are evil hos who are never satisfied. Isay prostitues
           are cheaper in the long run and less troublesome
        \_ etiquette is if the guy breaks it off, _she_ gets tokeep the ring
           and do whatever she wants with it.  etiquette is if the woman
           breaks it off, _he_ gets to keep the ring and do whatever he wants
           with it.  so, according to etiquette, he may do whatever he wants
           to do with it (trade it, sell it, demolish it, etc.)  --chris
2001/9/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22363 Activity:moderate
        \_ too bad it isn't true.
        \_ Virgin Mary having sex with Jesus?  Wasn't she his mother?
          \_ Maybe he was taking cues from Oedipus.
          \_ But Jesus is also God, so he is also her mate. Or something. He's
             the son of himself.
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2001/8/31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22309 Activity:insanely high
8/31    Shakespeare Porn!
        \_ His wife is hot!
           I wish my wife is that hot.
           \_ Her breasts are too large.
              \_ Just the right cup size for me.
              \_ The bigger the better! - Bill C.
        \_ Now how could such a dorky-looking guy has a wife that hot?
           Oh nevermind, two words: 'Ron Jeremy'.
2001/8/30-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22303 Activity:kinda low
8/30    Could someone confirm this?  I'm looking for textbooks.
        Seriously. : "Welcome to Big!" : porn porn porn
        \_ I think you're confusing this with something else.
           \_ He must have typed "" instead.
2001/8/30-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22291 Activity:moderate
8/30    where can i get indian porn movies?
        \_ Not possible. Indian's do not do such things.
           \_ The more you try to squelch something, the more likely it is
              to poke out from the seams, especially in a nation of
              over a billion people. Just look hard enough.
           \_ Have you watched any of the recent "Bollywood"
              flicks? They are disgusting. Practically pr0n.
        \_ How about Saudi porn? I want Saudi porn.
        \_ Two words: Taliban porn (I think a woman displays an eyelash)
2001/8/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22264 Activity:nil
8/25    Condit is history.  But attacking h07 42n ch1x in the media will
        do that to you.
2001/8/23-24 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Aspolito] UID:22223 Activity:insanely high
8/23    What is a proper reaction when you bump into an ex-GF with whom you
        had a nasty breakup?  (Or ex-BF).  I pretended that I didn't see her
        and walked right on and did not look at her.  There are probably
        different reactions in different situations:
        a)  I was walking alone and she was with a guy
            \_ I'd look at who she was with but not at her
        b)  I was with a girl and she was alone
            \_ not surprising to see no replies in this section.
               \_ Ask for a threesome.
        c)  I was with a girl and she was with a guy
            \_ same as (a).
        \_ ATTENTION BDG!  What would you do if you bumped into your ex-wife
           on the street?  -bdg's #1 fan
        \_You should grab her breasts instead of shaking her hand.
           \_ Sorry, you're not in Japan.
        \_ Don't be pathetic.  Smile, wave, say hi, get over youself already.
           Sheesh.  Did you learn anything growing up?  -aspo
           \_ There is this old saying: 'Man, to thyself be true.'  It applies
              in this case.  Most people dislike their ex-girlfriends.  I will
              not smile, or wave, or say hi to someone I do not like.  This
              isn't being immature, it is being true to myself.  You, aspolito,
              are a conniving little shit.  You are not true to yourself.
              \_ It's not an old saying, it's your incredibly poor
                 misquotation of Shakespeare, Hamlet Act I, Scene 3,
                        This above all: to thine ownself be true,
                        And it must follow, as the night the day,
                        Thou canst not then be false to any man.
                       are people so afraid to show their true feelings?
                 And, frankly, you seriously missed the point.
           \_ you know he's right. unless you want to remain an immature
              sodan geek with no social skills forever.
              \_ well, if it was a "nasty breakup" why should you smile and
                 wave? that's just being unrealistic.
                 \_ No, that's being cordial. Do you wear your heart on
                    your sleeve for everything?
                    \_ there's a difference between wearing your heart on your
                       sleeve and outright being false. i wouldn't do anything
                       in particular but i sure wouldn't put on some fake act.
                       the whole assumption here was that we're not friends,
                       presumably anti-friends, for some reason. the way people
                       put on fake acts for each other is such bullshit. why
                       are people so afraid to show their true feelings? i have
                       second thoughts about people who act one way in front of
                       someone and then different behind their back. it's kind
                       of like lying, morally.
                       \_ so why don't you sign your name, coward?  -tom
                          \_ why are you so interested in my name, fag?
                             \_ Well it sure is easy to be "honest" and
                                call people names when you hide behind
                                anonymity.  -tom
                       \_ So you'd rather that everyone who dislikes you
                          assaults you when they see you?  I'd prefer the
                          alternative where they pretend that they don't
                          want to beat me up, even though you think that's
                          "lying, morally".
                          \_ Maybe that's because you're a cowardly little shit.
                             If they hate me then yeah I'd like to know, so I
                             know to watch out for them. Nails under my tires,
                             and all that.
                      \_ No, it's called being polite.
                      \_ it isn't about "lying, morally" you whiny little
                         shit.  It is about being a reasonable person and
                         not so self-absorbed you hold onto things forever.
                         You dated this person, you presumably at one point
                         cared about this person.  The least you can do is
                         say hi to them.  It isn't about being polite, it is
                         about having a little respect for people even when
                         you don't get along with them.
                         That being said if it was a really ugly breakup you
                         allowed a few months where you can sulk and be an
                         annoying little twit and do tihngs like ignore someone
                         although if you are a big enough man you wouldn't
                         have to.  -aspo
                         \_ oh and it is quite possible to smile, wave, and
                            say hi without actuing like you are buddy-buddy
           \_ Wow.  Aspo giving girlfriend advice.  What do you know about
              women, aspo?  Heck, what do you know about men?
              \_ more than most sodans.  -aspo
                 \_ Stop digging dude.
                  \_ what you want a resume of the people I've dated? -aspo
                     \_ Let me know when you get to China.
        \_ Ask for a quick fuck.
        \_ d) You were with a girl and your ex-GF was with a girl, and your
           ex-GF were trying to approach your girl why she had become a
        e)  I was with yermom and she was with yerdad
        \_ I agree with aspo. -ausman
           \_ Is aspo some religious figure like Paul?
              \_ Yes, Aspo is my Lord and Master.
                 \_ He is when his cock is in your ass.
        \_ I have read that in some cultures (e.g. Japanese culture), the
           more formal and polite the are, the more it indicates your
           dislike for a person (assuming you know them well enough to be
           less formal).  This isn't being false to yourself, but
           demonstrating your dislike in a way that doesn't make you look
           \_ those are fucked-up cultures. anyway, that's different than
              "smile, wave, say hi".
2001/8/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22194 Activity:high
8/21    Porn is bad!
        \_ but bad porn is good!
        \_ Hello Kitty pairs up with Julius the Monkey:
        \_ It's all about DP.
                \_ heh
           \_ DVDA
2001/8/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Dating] UID:22129 Activity:very high
8/15    I'm curious about alimony and child support.  In general how long
        does one pay these things?  I assume child support is up until the
        kid(s) are 18?  As for alimony?  You don't pay that for the rest of
        your life do you?  BDG?  Do you care to comment?  Thanks.
        \_ The comments posted below are true, provided you get a hearing
           in a court where the judge is interested in justice rather than
           promoting her communist lesbian feminazi agenda despite knowing
           that your ex-wife is a lying cheating heartless slut.
           In some states you can get stuck paying for a long time, until
           she gets married to some other poor dumb slob.
           And she will her quit her job before submitting the paperwork
           for a divorce so she can claim in court that you are her only
           source of income thus get a bigger and longer settlement. She
           will also add on charges of physical and mental abuse along
           with stories of your philandering in order to get more of your
           stuff, including assets which belonged to you before you two
           were married.
           Take my adivce, don't get married. If you do get married, get
           a prenup and make a good solid trust before you get married.
           And *WHEN* you get divorced, make sure who hire a better lawyer
           than she does. It doesn't matter that he costs $500/hr, its
           much cheaper than paying her way for the rest of your life.
            \_ He's back with us! Don't stay away so long next time!
               -- BDG #1 fan
               \_ Is BDG one person, or a set like-minded individuals?
               \_ I posted the other day, but I toned down the message
                  so you might have missed it.
        \_ It depends on the state.  In California, alimony is extremely
           rare; CA is a community property state, which means that any
           property acquired after the beginning of the marriage is owned
           50% by each party, and will be split that way after the divorce.
           Alimony only comes into play if one partner, for example,
           never had a career because she stayed home to take care of the
           kids.  Child support is negotiable, sometimes includes college,
           doesn't have to.  (Are you going to delete this, too, paolo?) -tom
           \_ tom, quit trolling me... 'nuff said, i leave you all to
              your "discussion." - paolo
              \_ Paolo are you "flaming" tom again?
           \_ My buddy got nailed with 12 months of alimony, 15 years
              of child support (ok, the latter was not 'nailed with').
           \_ Alimony is actually not rare in California, and does not have
                to do only with the reasons that Tom suggests. In general,
                a "standard of living" is created during a marriage. If,
                after a divorce, one party will be living at substantially
                below the married standard of living than alimony may be
                appropriate. For short term marriages (less than 10 years),
                alimony generally has a maximum length of 50% of the time
                span of the marriage, so if your buddy had a 2-year marriage,
                1 year of alimony was extremely appropriate, according to the
                law. If his marriage was longer, he got off easy.
                Knowledge is always a solution to ignorance. Go read
                "How to Do Your Own Divorce in California" by Nolo Press.
                Cody's has copies. --Phillip "Edward" Nunez
                \_ Heeeeey -- is Bitter Divorced Guy your alter ego???
                   \- so is alimony level "renegotiated" if the paying party
                   is laid off from $100,000+ job -> unemplyment? How about if
                   he/she quits? ok tnx --psb
                        \_ my dad was forced to go back to work after being
                           laid off from AT+T.  (He's now at SAP).  -tom
2001/8/15-16 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men, Health/Sleeping] UID:22119 Activity:nil
8/15    "In what is present-day Thailand, they were thrilled to discover
        that the local men were happy to allow their wives to entertain
        and even sleep with the visitors.":
        \_ post a more specific url please... it's not on the cover page
2001/8/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22113 Activity:nil
8/14    I like having sex with two men at the same time, but I'm not sure how
        to tell this to my BF.  He's the jealous type and probably wouldn't
        like any other man touching me.  He's also very nice and I want to
        continue the relationship.  What should I do?  - BDG's ex-wife
        \_ If you post your pic, maybe I'll try to convince him for you.
        \_ Dump boyfriend.  Get two or three or four new boyfriends.
        \_ I'd dump my gf the day she made such a proposal.
2001/8/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22105 Activity:insanely high
8/13    Went to a really close friend's wedding. Turned out that he had
        me sitting in the back and now I'm pissed. How to get even?
        \_ He got married, you are still free. Living free is the best
           revenge. In a few years when she has taken multiple lovers
           and is living in the grand cayman and has divorced him by
           lying to the commie lesbian feminazi judge about him being
           an inconsiderate, deadbeat, wifebeating, beer drinking
           racist spousal rapist and he is stuck living out the rest
           of his pathetic little life eating the throwaways in the
           dumpsters outside of ranch99 market and sleeping in the
           back of an abandoned 81 pinto, just remind him that you
           sat in the back at his wedding and that you are still FREE!
        \_ I hate people like you who are always so fucking jealous.
           You people look for an excuse to be offended by something.
           You're worse than those PC thugs.
        \_ get the wife pregnant, induce labor at the latest time, and ten
           bury her up to her neck in the desert and watch her die while
           trying to give birth.  Film it and send it in to mtv jackass.
           \_ I think merely doing her will be simpler and better, only if
              she's hot of course.  Why bother the other steps?
                                    \_ if she isn't hot, then you need
                                       the whole idea.
                                       \_ If she isn't hot, why are you willing
                                          to do her?
                                          \_ she's unimportant and trivial
                                             in this case.  casualty of war.
                                             \_ Collateral casualty, baby.
        \_ Maybe he thinks of you as such a close friend that you wouldn't mind
           sitting in the back and leaving the front seats to some of his
           arrogant relatives.
        \_ Maybe he thinks of you as such a close friend that his wife
           mumbles in her sleep about that hawt-looking pal of her
           husband's that she wishes she got to know a little better.
           Happens a lot.  You'd do the same thing.
           \_ Maybe he thinks of you as such a close friend that he
              mumbles in his sleep about that hawt-looking pal of his
              that he wishes he had got to know "intimately" and that
              just scares her and she had him seat you in the back.
              Happens a lot. If you had a girl, she would do the same
              thing, unless she was into that two guy thing.
           \- without knowing details, my guess is relatives got front
           tables. and often-seen friends were assumed to be understanding
           and lumped together at the back. as long as you were sitting
           with resonable people who cares where the table is? i was best
           man at a wedding and was at the "top table" and would have rather
           been sitting with my friends rather than next to the bride's
           father's "friend" who was some kind of millionaire communist
           who made be bite my tongue more than the food. it is also possible
           your friend wasnt heavily involved in who sat where and so he
           isnt really culpable. i would pay more attention to how your
           to get drunk and obnoxious, it worked out great.
           relashionship hold up from here and give him the benefit of the
           doubt ... e.e. does he say "i am glad you came, it was important
           me to have you there". etc. --psb
           \_ hey psb is your millionaire communist friend about
              72 and hangs out at I-House a lot? - danh
              \- naw she's a manhattanite who runs a "foundation". --psb
           \_ when are you getting married psb? Are you straight?
              \- what the hell brought this on. --psb
                \_ you're being defensive.
        \_ I just got married and we seated every guest by table, trying
           to put people together who we thought would enjoy each other's
           company at dinner.  when it came time to place the tables
           themselves in some particular order in relation to the head
           table, we did it completely randomly.  the only table we
           intentionally placed anywhere was the parent's table.  that went
           right next to the head table.  nobody seemed to mind where they
           were sitting.  then again, you could have been at my wedding
           and if you were and we are close friends you should talk to me
           about it.
        \_ recent wedding i went to, the bride made sure all the Cal
           people were all at a table in back where we we would be free
           to get drunk and obnoxious, the colorfully dressed relative
           from the traditional indian half of the couple took
           up the front tables, it worked out great.
           \_ What if you were a colorfully dressed traditional indian
              who went to cal?
        \_ To the original poster: Dude! Please! Do you always take things
           personally? Did your friend ask you to be an usher or help out
           with concessions, etc? My closest friend tied the knot last summer
           and I was nowhere to be found on the church pews since I volunteered
           in helping out with video-taping and other little stuff. Wedding is
           a hectic event for all parties involved, I'm sure it's not his/her
           intention to do whatever he/she did to you. Trust me, it's not you.
           It's just the wrong situation.. - jthoms
           \_ You are some kind of sicko, video-taping the last mintues of
              freedom that your friend (or friends husband) had. Sick. You
              should have yourself commited.
              I agree that weddings are a hectic event. They are hectic in
              the same way that a lynching or a public execution is a hectic
              event, whenever a man is condemned its very hectic.
        \_ ATTENTION DIVORCED GUY!!! I'm waiting for your response here
           man. Tell us about your wedding day.  I want to know.  Really, I
           really do want to know.  - divorced guy's #1 fan
           \_ I asked for punch and was given hemlock. No, wait. Compared
              to marriage, drinking hemlock would have been a pleasure.
              \_ Hemlock would have been over quickly, and required far less
                 dedication at first.
                 \_ I'm told that hemlock hurts at first, but then all your
                    worries just disappear. Marriage is completely the opposite.
                    Its not that bad in the beginning, but then you discover
                    that women are filthy lying scoundrels who can never be
                    trusted and that the pain never stops. It is as close to
                    eternal damnation as you can get in this world.
                    \_ if you don't know this already, you have no business
                       getting married. get some clue before you wed.
2001/8/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22090 Activity:very high
8/12    Two groups on the lowest rung of the marriage market -
        Asian males and black females. Also the rarest mixed couple
        \_ don't forget dumpy white chicks
        \_ Troll.
           \_ the truth stinks, doesn't it? i say we overthrow the white man
              \_ the only asian guys who dont get any are the nerds who
                 dont make any effort to attract women. which are basically
                 almost all of the cs/engineering asian boys. elsewhere,
                 asian guys are everywhere, ive seen at least half the number
                 of asian males dating white girls as the number of
                 asian girls dating white guys. I think its all a matter
                 that asian girls are the most aggresively pursued by men
                 of all races.
        \_ All white guys want or wish they had an asian girlfriend.
           everywhere i go, when an asian girl passes by, every white guy
           is staring in awe. im sure the white guys wouldnt mind if all the
           asian guys stepped aside and let them at the girls, too bad
           it doesnt work that way
           \_ deluded on two counts: 1) most white guys don't care about
              asian women. white chicks are way hotter. 2) white guys are more
              sexy to asian women.
2001/8/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:22051 Activity:very high
8/8     My GF recently got a wierd phone call that went like this.
        caller: "Are you Asian?"
        her:  "yes? may I help you?"
        caller: "promise me not to hang up."
        her:  "I think you better talk to my BF."
        The guy hang up before I got there.  Are desperate and lonely white
        guys resorting to calling random asian women from the phone book?
        \_ the asian male underground has hired a telemarketing firm
           to recruit new members.  THE AMU WILL RISE AGAIN
        \_ things I didn't have to hear about
                \_ i agree
              And philippinas.  Loooove the Philippina honeys.
        \_ why do you assume that it's a desperate and lonely white guy?
           \_ As it happens, Hispanic guys like myself like asian women also.
              And philipinas.  Loooove the Philipina honeys.
              \_ "Filipinas" -- jsjacob
                \_ As the islands are named after King Filip of Spain.  -John
                   \_ Sarcasm aside, I know it seems inconsistent. There was
                      no "H" in Tagalog/Pilipino originally. "F" was added
                      later; "Pilipino" and "Filipino" are equivalent now.
                      -- jsjacob
                      \_ The "P" form of Pilipino is sometimes used by
                         people who don't want to use the "F" form.  Some
                         think the "F" form is a reminder of colonialism.
           \_ Yup.  Asian guys like me are horny for Asian women too.
        \_ Why you gotta lie?  You ain't got no girl.
        \_ No its the lonely chinese guys who are doing this. There are
           a few on soda who know all about "cold calls".
2001/8/6 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Health/Women] UID:22016 Activity:very high
8/6     ``Silicon Valley is arrogant,'' she said. ``There is too much focus
        on degrees here.'':
        \_ WTF is this woman talking about? If anything, there is way too
           little focus on degrees. Our Senior Architect here had a BA in
           philosophy and designed and wrote some of the sloppiest code
           I've ever seen. And now I'm cleaning up after the fool after
           he left. I'm glad the job market is tight because it's only
           squeezed out all the pretenders.
           \_ she's trying to do an 'end run' around the little detail
              that the ratio of females to males in compsci degree programs
              is ludicrous.
              \_ EE/CS doesn't interested women. There is nothing that
                 can be done about that. Its like asking a guy to learn
                 romantic poetry. Most guys would find that exteremely
                 \_ Here in the boudoir, the gourmand metamorphosizes
                    into the voluptuary!
                 \_ right. This is most likely an extension of the tired
                    old argument "women earn less", and ignoring the detail
                    that they dont want to do the actual work required
                    for high-paying jobs.
                 \_ I disagree.  I think the problem is that many women
                    are not encouraged to pursue EE/CS degrees and/or do
                    not know people who can tell them how much fun EE/CS
                    can be.  My fiance used to think that workin on a
                                \_ fiancee
                    computer all day would be really dull.  Then once she
                    started doing some small web and database work she
                    trying to learn programming on the job. -woman
                    \_ I disagree. Women are less intelligent and simply want
                        more for less work. -man
                        \_ "...more for less work."  Yes, this is
                           unique to women.  It is good you clarified this.
                    \_ Your fiance... she..  signed "woman"?  Where's the
                       lesbian wedding happening?
                 \_ on wonder you dont get laid
                    realized how much she liked programming.  Now she is
                    trying to learn programming on the job.
                    \_ The number of women who find programming interesting
                       is exteremely small. My mom used to be a AI researcher
                       and of 150 other people in her building only three of
                       the women were technical, all of the others were admin
                       staff and disliked computers and even refused to do
                       simple html web pages.
                       Personally I've know women who made better grades than
                       me in math and physics refuse to study engineering (esp.
                       ee/cs) because it was "too dull". They just didn't like
                       the sitting in your cube thinking and tinkering aspects
                       of coding. Almost all of them went to med school or bio
                       because there was more human interaction.
                       Men and women are different and like different types of
                       work. You cannot "encourage" women into a field they
                       don't want to work in.
                 \_ no wonder you dont get laid
                    \_ There are more things in heaven and earth than
                       are dreamt of in your dorm room
           \_ I agree. We have too many coders at work who are either
              dropouts are grads in non-engineering majors in key
              developement positions.
2001/7/26 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:21959 Activity:high
7/26    Women and "hook-ups":
        \_ Why do I find "39%" so difficult to believe?
           \_ because you probably spend/spent all or most of your time on
              campus in Soda.
2001/7/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21937 Activity:very high
7/24    did that guy ever figure out which porn-star he saw?
        \_ It was me.  Not yet.  Drives me crazy.
           \_ Are you sure she was asian?
              \_ Yes.  Oriental (CJKV) looking.  Has no accent.
              \_ Yes.  CJKV looking.  Has no accent.
        \_ Tera Patrick?
           \_ Don't know yet.  Can't surf porn at this moment.  Thanks.
        \_ Did you ever check out Kobe Tai?  Was it her?
              \_ tjb has a soda account?
           \_ I boinked her for $5000 once.  It was fuckin awesome.
              \_ You serious?  Which hole?
                 \_ For $5000?  If he didn't get to use all of them, he
        \_ do you remember what time this show you were watching was on?
           could you have been watching The Man Show?
                    got seriously ripped off.
                    \_ But that's not $5000 for an average hooker.  That's
                       $5000 for a porn star.
              \_ Of course he not serious. Sodans and sex don't mix.
                 \_ If it makes you feel better about yourself to believe that
                    then go for it.  Poor guy.
           \_ Will check tonight.  Thanks.
        \_ TJB?
        \_ try  good luck.
2001/7/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21920 Activity:insanely high
7/23    (I know this is a long shot, but I'll try.)  I happened to have tuned
        in to a TV channel some time over the past weekend when the program
        was featuring some short interviews of some porn stars.  (It's not the
        Howard Stern show.)  It was showing an Asian porn star with long hair
        followed by a Caucasian one.  I missed the name of the Asian star at
        the beginning, and I didn't catch the name of the program either.  Has
        anyone also watched that program, or know the name of the program or
        the name of the Asian star?  Any pointer is very much appreciated.
        Thanks very much in advance.
        She said something like she rarely (or was it "never") had sex outside
        of the industry, so it was like she saved everything up and then let
        it all come out when she started porn.  Something like that.  And she
        has big bosom and good-looking face.  There was one shot where she was
        wearing a white sweater and then another one wearing green bikini.  If
        all these help.
           \_ Not Asia Carrera nor Minka.  Different face.
              probably Saturday night.  But I'm still trying to recall the
        \_ you could give a LITTLE more detail. like which day,
           about what time, and do you have cable or not?
           \_ I live in Fremont and I have AT&T extended basic cable.  It was
              probably Saturday night.  It was a short while after I watched
              "Kingpin" on another channel.  But I'm still trying to recall the
              channel #, sorry.
        \_ Kobe Tai?
           \_ She does great anal scenes.
              \_ Who woulda thunk someone so small could take so much.
                 \_ Yeah, it's fuckin'-a impressive.  And my goodness, she
                    deepthroats like you wouldn't belieeeeeve.
        \_ Mimi Miyagi?
           \_ Not her face either.  Sorry.
        \_ Annabel Chong (at one time held record for largest gangbang)?
           \_yer mom does now
           \_ No, sorry.  Thanks for helping though.
        \_ MTV had a thing on porn stars, but I don't think they've played
           this recently, and MTV makes sure you know you're watching MTV.
        \_ Nice segue from the SAT thread.  Good job Sodans!
                \_ What SAT thread?
2001/7/21-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21892 Activity:high
7/20    Is it appropriate to give a gift certificate as a wedding present
        instead of the actual items on the registry?
        \_ Get the groom something he really needs: a prenup. If
           someone else already got him that, get him the next
           best thing, pre-paid consultation with the most brutal
           and inhumane lawyer you can afford. Of all the gifts
           it will be the one that helps him the most later in
           his life.
           \_ Go bitter divorced guy, go!
              \_ Do you ever wonder if the bitter divorced guy's
                 story is just way too unbelieveable to be true?
                 Maybe he's just making it all up. Maybe he's
                 a she whose trying to keep the good men of the
                 csua from reporducing. Maybe I've watched one
                 to many XFiles eps.
              \_ Ever notice how most men wear black (or other
                 dark colors to weddings)? Its because men know
                 that marriage is a time of mourning. Yet another
                 innocent fool has lost his life to the beguiling
                 charms of a bloodsucking woman.
                 Notice how all the women are either happy or are
                 crying tears of joy. Its because they are overjoyed
                 that yet another woman was able to dupe a man who
                 will be stuck caring for her as long as he lives.
        \_ you know what's a really good wedding present? caller id.
           also known as inlaw identification.
           \_ a better present is the prenup suggested above. Inlaws
              can be handled, a wife suing for divorce because she
              says that your are a bigoted, wife beating, child
              molesting, spousal rapist dead beat cannot be handled
              without a good strong prenup and a vicious merciless
        \_ Personal check in a red envelope. You'd understand if you've
           ever been a real part of a wedding.
           \_ That's only for Chinese, isn't it?
              \_ works for jew weddings too.
                 \_ especially if the amount of money is a multiple
                    of 18. --chris
                 \_ Women and friends come and go, money is forever.
                    Why waste it on an obviously live destroying event
                    like a wedding?
              \_ works for korean weddings too -- white envelopes.
                 money/cash is a very welcome gift -- either to pay wedding
                 bills, to spend on a honeymoon (my friend who is neither
                 jewish or asian loved the extra cash for her honeymoon), or
                 just to buy something that is not on a wedding
                 registry. --chris
                 \_ Cash is a welcome gift. The groom will need all
                    the money he can earn, beg, borrow or steal to
                    keep his wife happy, esp. after she sues for
                    divorce and he realizes that she is nothing but
                    a cold cruel opportunistic bitch.
        \_ Yes, but make sure you've been hinted for some nookie with one
           of the bridesmaids|groomsmen.
           \_ What's a nookie?
                \_ ask yermom
                \_ It's kinda like a cookie, but different...
        \_ I went to 10 weddings last year (2000 was wedding season) and I
           can tell you that yes, gift certs are very much appreciated when
           you want to veer away from the registry list. A lot of new couples
           set up registry for items that are nice-to-have, not must-have. With
           the gift cert, obviously they can get something they really want. It
           carries equal weight with the material gifts. - jthoms
              \_ So are these gift certs to go see a lawyer about a
                 postnup agreement? If not the gift certs were wasted.
                 And you went to 10 weddings? How did you stop yourself
                 from crying for all those poor men who threw away thier
                 lives, thier futures and thier fortunes?
           \_ well, in that case, what about giving cash? or checks? or PayPal
              \_ How much would you spend on a couple if the person is one
                 of your 5 closest friends?  $100?  $500?  $1000?
                 \_ all depends. If he has a house, lots of options and a
                    pretty wife I'd give him a $15 Mikasa vase. If he is poor
                    and his wife is ugly, I'd give him $500. Then of course
                    you gotta realize that when he gets married he will no
                    longer be your close friend.
                 \_ if it was a close friend I probably would just buy him/her
                 \_ As a bridesmaid, I spent close to $1000...and in those
                    instances, I gave cash gifts closer to $200.  For close
                    friends (where I was not a bridesmaid -- e.g., husband's
                    close friends or parents' close friends), I gave closer to
                    $500 cash/checks.  Thank goodness wedding season is coming
                    to a close for us.  Baby showers are next. -chris
                    \_ Wow. You must be loaded or stupid. I wouldn't even
                                        \_ Try both.
                                           \_ What a combo. Its people
                                              like this that keep the
                                              economy aflot. I hope
                                              she and her friends keep
                                              spending like, my portfolio
                                              sure could use a boost.
                       give my brother $1000, let alone a "friend".
                       Women and Friends come and go, money is forever.
                        \_ You may want to consider your economic class
                           standing compared to Chris' before you babble.
                           \_ I know the value of money. It seems that
                              Chris does not. Perhaps you should consider
                              that there are rich yet frugal alums who
                              read the motd.
                                \_ Or maybe she understands it better
                                   than you.
                                   \_ She's spending $1000, $500 left
                                      and right. Clearly she does not
                                      understand the value of money.
                                      Waste not, want not.
                                      \_ "left and right" how many weddings
                                         does one attend?  and i think that
                                         gifts for friends are important.  you
                                         my 'friend,' are not going to get
                                         any gifts anytime soon.
                                         \_ Personally I prefer to buy the
                                            things I need with my own money.
                        \_ orr...maybe i didn't post this!  duh! --chris
                    a gift.
                    \_ So how much is reasonable to spend on the gift?
                        \_ It depends on what you can afford, how close you
                           are to the recipients, etc.  No one expects you
                           to blow a large chunk of your net worth on a gift.
                    \_ If it was a close friend I wouldn't let him make the
                       biggest mistake of his entire life by getting married.
                       That's the best gift you can give; saving him from
                       a fate worse than death.
2001/7/12-13 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Jobs] UID:21775 Activity:moderate
7/12    So, i'm trying to get laid off from my progamming job, because
        I've decided to leave (and I already have my next job lined up) but
        I want to partake of my company's generous severance package. The
        company is going through lay-offs right now so it's not unlikely
        that this would actually happen, but how do I go about getting
        laid off but not fired?
        \_ You're trying to get laid... from your programming job.
        \_ It's probably a little late to lower your job performance,
           but a sudden defeatist "we're all going to get fired anyway"
           can go a long way.
        \_ a friend of mine who went through the same thing volunteered
           to be laid off so that his boss wudnt hafta pick someone else
           tho he was real tight w/ his boss so it worked out fine.. -shac
           \_ Yup, this is the way to go.  Assuming you are in good standing,
           tell them you would like to be laid off as well.  It could work.
        \_ You should quit.  Go ahead and figure out a way to ask to be
           laid off though -- although a nutty manager might fire you.
2001/7/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:21727 Activity:high
7/6     Thanks to whoever posted that URL. It's nice to finally
        see what sick twisted sadistic things women are really thinking.
        \_ Hear hear! Spent past 5 hours reading that site. Get past the
           BS commercial pitch, and they sure have some interesting shi
           to say.
           \_ here, here. women should realize they are nothing more than
              baby factories.
              \_ Why don't you turn off that 90% of your brain that's been
                 brainwashed by berkeley liberals and try to use that one
                 last brain cell to see what the guy has to actually say.
                 \_ go the gay way
        \_ more interesting:
           \_ read any penthouse letters recently?
        \_ OK, you guys are morons. Obviously, you've never been to a grocery
           store. How can you explain all of those headlines which say, "How
           to Drive Him Wild." or look "10 Sexual Secrets You'll Need to Keep
           Your Man." For those of you who got divorced and had to pay
           alimony, she probably realized that watching you playing Baldur's
           Gate all of the time was cramping her style.
           \_ Learn to format to 80 columns. And make your point. You've failed
              to do so thus far.
2001/7/6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21722 Activity:high 70%like:21721
7/5     Beware the "f-word" in casual dating:
        (The right side bar full of URLs is also very useful.)
        \_ All women are bitches and hos. The deserve the lower rung of
           society for the shit they put men thru in their underhanded attempt
           at dominantion (aka as "equal rights").
           \_ Are you a bitter geek that can't get laid?
              \_ Please I've been over this all before. Women -> Marriage
                 -> Divorce -> Lifelong slavery. Its simple. Its happened
                 to me and it *WILL* happen to you. Don't ever get attached
                 to a woman, she will screw you. Love 'em and leave 'em.
        \_ why is this surprising? Would you want to date someone who wasn't
           really a friend? What would be the basis of such a relationship?
           \_ the type of relationship you will have with a woman you sleep
              with who becomes a genuine friend (whom you still sleep with)
              and one who is a friend first and sleep with later are not
              the same
        \_ what a stupid fucking article
           \_ wrong "f-word"
        \_ Was that the main link on
        \_ i am alimony man csua member fan #1!
2001/7/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21721 Activity:nil 70%like:21722
7/5     Beware the "f-word" in casual dating:
2001/6/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21629 Activity:high
6/25    Need ideas for laid back, no sex filled, bachelor party for computer
        geek.  Any ideas?
        \_ go to a race track.  if poor, malibu.  if not, something more
        \_ must have sex. geeks must reproduce more.
        \_ 12 computers, 10/100 switch, UT (or Q3A if you prefer)
        \_ bowling.  day at malibu grand prix.  bbq.
           \_ actually suggested two of the three above.  sounds good.
              though bowling may not be too exciting.
2001/6/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:21610 Activity:very high
6/23    Do Berkeley guys aspire to "date up" to Stanford girls?
        \_ "Fuck Stanford." 'Nuff said.
        \_ Generically speaking, it can be (somewhat correctly) said that
           girls like 'ruff 'n' tuff guys, not pretty boys. Guys like
           pretty girls. So Farm girls go for Cal guys, and Cal guys go for
           Stanfud girls.
           \_ And Stanfurd guys go for sheep.
              \_ hey, Danny Pintauro isn't representative of all
                 Stanford guys
              \_ I know one Stanfurd guy (never graduated) who (used to?)
                 goes for a UCLA sorority girl
        \_ Is this true across all demographics and ethnicities?
                \_ It is true to some degree. Economists, sociologists
                   and others have found that a) men tend to marry
                   down, b) women tend to marry up and c) "up" and "down"
                   can be defined in various ways: more education,
                   ethnicity, occupational status, etc. These are
                   statistical findings, so they reflect population
                   averages rather than absolute rules. -fab
                   \_ I'm not asking interracial, just for various ethnicities
                      Because the above aspiration is opposite of what you
                      gave as more general tendencies of the population.
                      You are saying it's true but then give examples to
                      prove it untrue. I want to know if, i.e. European UCB
                      guys aspire to date up to Stanfurd girls as much as lets
                      say Asian guys want to date up to Stanfurd girls. And
                      same vice-versa.
                      say Asian guys want to date up to Stanfurd girls. But
                      perhaps more importantly now that I think about
                      it, vice-versa. Do S girls like to date down to UCB guys.
                   \_ Informal observation suggests that Asian girls/White
                    guys is much more common than Asian guys/White girls.
                    This is at UCB and confirms the Girl up/Guy down theory
                    since being White is in general a more prestigious
                         \_ WTF? Im sorry, but you're an idiot. Are you
                            from the 50's? Do you think asian women do nothing
                            but idolize white men? asian women and white males
                            are a frequent occurance at UCB, but so what beyond
                            \_ Actually to me it seems like it's 50-50
                               asian/asian, white male/asian female couples
                               in L.A., at least the ones that I see in
                               public. -jctwu
                    category. If you crossed ethnicity with school -
           \_ you're on crack. i'm going to get me a dumb ho from kobe.
                    Asian S girls v. W UCB boys, then it's unclear how much,
                    on the average , ethnicity outwieghs school prestige.
                    My hunch is that if you break Asian down (Chinese, Korean,
                    Indian, etc) then ethnicity outweighs UCB vs. Stanford,
                    you would get the classical F Up/M down according to
                    ethnicity. -fab
                    \_ The opposite is true wrt blacks/whites. Black guys date
                       white/Asian girls, but black girls usually date black
                       guys. So that either is a counterexample, or implies
                       that black > white wrt prestige.
                    \_ Not asking interracial. Euro-on-Euro. Or Asian-on-Asian.
           \_ yes. it's categorically true with no allowance for individual
              deviations. it's tautological and apodeictic.
                        \_ Rad.  Vocabulary++
              |_ ^Z; dict apodeictic; dict tautological; fg
        \_ Fun ride, but I wouldn't want to marry one.
           \_ As if you would want to marry anything.
        \_ Here's the lowdown:
           *Cal guys go for Stanford girls (they're prettier)
           *Stanford girls go for Cal guys (they're real guys)
           *Stanford guys go for sheep (as proven above)
           *Cal girls go for girls (pretty damn evident)
           \- the best pedigree for US chicks is Princeton, then Stanford,
           but stanford has high variance. There are a lot of non-psycho,
           sane people from the south, but I dunno about what college. --psb
           \_ obWhatAboutAsianChix?
                \_ Chicks are chicks, regardless of race.
           \_ you're on crack. i'm going to get me a dumb ho from kobe.  I
              only care about japan.  for me, Japan is all about pussy.  easy
              pussy. you say you're American and you get pussy.  you work for
              company as programmer, get good money and then can get your pussy.
              no drama, no sexual harassment lawsuits, no bullshit.  just
              straight pussy.  it simplifies everything and turns your mind
              to goo so you don't worry about who backstabbed you and whatnot.
              if your bitch fucks you up your ass, you go, "Hey, ho. I'm gonna
              use my dough for another ho." And then go to some back alley
              yakuza run place and get your pussy for the night.
              \_ Where is /etc/motd.authenticated?
              \_ You don't need to go to Japan for that. It's in SF/Oaktown/
                 Fremont/San Jose. Same style and cheaper with
                 same "no bullshit" rules.
              \_ If this is the attitude of the future, I sincerely fear for
                 for the health of the world.  --erikred
2001/6/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21607 Activity:moderate
6/22    Are you intimidated by a significant other who is smarter or has
        more education than you?  will you date someone smarter or has
        more education or is more accomplished than you?
        \_ I'm unlikely to find a chick smarter than me.  But if I do
           find one, and she's funny, and we make good conversation,
           it would be cool.
           \_ just the kind of attitude I was expecting from this group.
              or at least from some of the motd responses.
        \_ pussy is as pussy does. why would it matter? we're all college
           educated. if she wins the nobel prize then good for us, more
           money for me.
        \_ if she's truly smart, she would go out with me and only me babaay
        \_ Save your money, save your life, save your future. Do not date
           women. They are evil and will suck the very life from you.
           \_ Are you saying all men should be gay? This reminds me, I
              just saw 'Keep the River on Your Right' tonight. I thought
              it was a great movie. Anyone else like it?
        \_ Women do that all the time. But they often won't respect a
           man who is less intelligent or wealthy than them.
        \_ Women date up.  Men date down.  It all works out.
              \_ that kind of attitude means that the dynamic will never
                 change for the better.   =(
                 \_ What makes you say this 'dynamic' needs to change for
                    the better, or indeed that a better 'dynamic' exists?
                    Maybe this state of affairs is optimal.
              \_ i used to only date geeks who were as smart or smarter than
                 me. then i figured out that even though it sounds like a
                 good idea in theory, two very smart geeks in a relationship
                 isn't necessarily a good thing. now i'm in a great
                 relationship with a non-geek who's reasonably intelligent
                 but not brilliant. -chick who's "dating down"
        \_ My very smart friend with a Stanford engineering masters and
           high tech industry management experience not to mention a rich
           parents married a Berkeley dude with education degree who is a
           school teacher.  I always say Berkeley guys are the coolest.
           I just met two more pretty Stanford babes married to Berkeley
           geeks, and another pretty one who digs me.
           \_ spareH074ZNCH1Xp?
2001/6/21-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21591 Activity:kinda low
6/21    Katherine Heigl.  Discuss.
        \_ I've had better, but I wouldn't say no.
        \_ Nice breasts.
           \_ URL please?
              \_ google it.
              \_  Nice bosom.  Also
                 \_ Huh? Merely OK, if you ask me. Kind of droopy.
                    \_ i always find it funny when geeks grade
                       really hot girls as "merely ok".  i bet
                       a female would run screaming from your fat ass
                       if you wore shorts.
                       \_ I don't know who she is, but she's sexy. Her
                          breasts presumely "droop" because they are large
                          and *real* but this guy doesn't know that because
                          he's never seen a breast. Finally, geeks *are*
                          picky. It's why 95% are still virgins. They are
                          waiting to make their millions so that they can
                          bed someone like Vendela. Good luck! I'll just stick
                                           \_ ^Vendela^Melinda
                          with cute girls who look like real women. --dim
                       \_ Please post a pic of yourself so we geeks can
                          judge your fat ass as well.
                          \_ catty, aren't we.
        \_ didn't she do My Father the hero when she was a young teenager?
           \_ yes. nice thong swimsuit.
2001/6/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21585 Activity:high
6/20    why bother collecting movies you've seen before?
       \_ there is no reason unless it's really good and your own
          personal favorite.  The current dvd market is simply a
          another creation designed to get consumers to spend more
          money on more stuff that they really don't need mostly.
        \_ Why bother collecting stamps someone has used before?
           \_ 34c < $15
              \_ 34c << 36dd
                 \_ 36DD < 32DD
              \_ Not all stamps are $0.34, dipshit. Second, why collect
                 art you've seen before?
        \_ Why marry your girlfriend if you've done her before?
              \_ Because she is pregnant and you don't want the
                 kid to grow up without a father?
              \_ Because she's so hot you can't bear the thought that some
                 other guy will be doing her?
              \_ Because you want to be sure she'll let you do her again and
              \_ I'm still waiting for the bitter divorced guy to come in and
                 rant and rave about his ex-wife and the feminazi judge that
                 slapped a gigantic alimony up his ass.  Where are thou, my
                 bitter man?  -divorced guy's #1 fan
              \_ because it's harder to prove it was rape in court if you're
                 married to her?
           \_ Why take the cow when you can get the milk for free?
                \_ cuz other bulls will be milking her as well if she's that
                   slutty of a cow
2001/6/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21571 Activity:high 52%like:21565
6/18    If I got laid today, I would:
        look for more hot chix: ..
                                 \_ That's because I need to support my
                                    addiction to sex
        get a hooker:           .
        go back to school:      .
        go back to highschool:  .....
        thank yermom for the sex: ..
2001/6/18-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21568 Activity:high
6/18    Articles to show your soon to be ex-gf on why it's ok to stick
        with the whiny, MOTD-p0sting computer g33k:
        "An emotionally available husband, 80% of women agreed--one who
        communicates his deepest feelings [through the motd?]--is more
        desirable than one who makes a good living. "
        \_ bullshit. women just want their shopping sprees paid for.
           \_ yeah all women are bitches or hos.
              \_ Surprisingly, my freshmen year roommate left me this same,
                 parting advice before we all went our separate ways.
        \_ aww, now that the geeks can't get women with money, they
           need to show they are more 'emotionally available' than
           regular men... yet another dire after-effect of the tech
           crash. [insert cheezy FOX "After The Boom" news logo here]
2001/6/18-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21567 Activity:high
6/18    Anybody going to Zambia?
        \_ yes
        \_ bring back some H07 Z4MB14N CH1X
        \_ bring back some H07 ZMBN CH1X
        \_ Who's going back to their roots? --dralban
                                              \_ who???
        <DEAD><DEAD>  _/
2001/6/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21524 Activity:high 66%like:20289
6/14    Doh!
        [url without comment deleted. "doh!" is not a useful comment.]
        \_ wtf?  "doh" was a perfectly fine comment.  If you looked at the URL,
           it's clearly obvious what it meant.  For the apparently clueless:
           idiot. -- !original poster                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           [reply without clue deleted.]
              \_ I'm not saying that "Doh" couldn't have been more descriptive,
              \_ I'm not saying that "Doh" could have been more descriptive,
                 but it WAS sufficient.
                 \_ it's not sufficient if it requires me to look up the
                    fucking url to understand the comment. the whole point of
                    the comment is to allow early rejection. get a fucking
                    clue, james.
                          \- in this case the humor value of the "naked doh"
                  justified the deviation from the "verbosity protocol" --psb
                                \_ I agree -- !psb's #1 fan
                                   \_ is that (!psb)'s #1 fan or
                                              !(psb's #1 fan) ?
                                      \_ unary prefix ! operator binds more
                                         tightly than the binary infix
                                         "'s # fan" operator.
                            \_ i'm willing to accept the url posting in
                               light of this new interpretation. but my
                               argument still stands. thank you.
                    \_ the point was, you don't need to load up the URL since
                       it's self-descriptive. It couldn't be more descriptive
                       if it said <DEAD><DEAD>
                       \_ sex-wtih-yomama is not descriptive comment either.
                          a better comment would have been "dangers of having
                          sex with my mom" or "my mom has had sex wtih 100
                          men" or "i like to have sex with my mom, here are
                          the details." let me guess, you're the kind of
                          guy who writes mail with subject "a question"
                          or "need help!". right?
                          \_ So you're that kid who's so dumb that he needs
                             Cliff Notes for everything he reads. It's not
                             my job to interpret things that are obvoius to
                             most people for you.
2001/6/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:21461 Activity:very high
6/8     "Judge orders 19-year-old guy: No more sex"
        \_ I just had sex last night, but didnt come.
           That guy should learn some control.
           \_ you are obviously a girl though.
              \_ girls are on soda?
                 \_ This response does get old after awhile, y'know.
                    \_ L1NUX. R1D3 B1KE. H07 AZN CHX. ED is the STANDARD.
                       get used to it.
                    \_ I have never met any of these girls that are
                                yer not missing out _/
                       supposed to have accounts on soda. I suspect that
                       the accounts were create by root in the days before
                       psb in order to keep the poor geeks hopeful.
                       The motd posts signed by women are obviously
                        \_ You need to get out more.  There have been many
                           confirmed sightings of soda females at past
                           general meetings or in the distant history when
                           the volleyball court was regularly used.
                           \_ Confirmed by who? The politburo? Root?
                              Can we really trust these sources?
                              Since most sodans have never seen these
                              so called "girls", it is safe to assume
                              that they are a figment of a distrubed
                              mind. And if these "girls" exist, how
                              come we never get a chance to date them?
                              What is the point of allowing "girls" to
                              use soda if these "girls" can't be put
                              to good use helping poor geeks.
              \_ I am not a girl or woman.
                 \_ then you didn't really "have sex". --bill
                 \_ she's a man, baby!
        \_ You know what sucks more than not being able to have sex?
           Not being able to think about sex without doing it intentionally.
           \_ what the hell does this mean?
        \_ Guess he can join the wankers club, just like the average sodan.
2001/6/6 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney] UID:21440 Activity:nil
5/6     ali and dpet, are you guys enjoying grad school? do you miss the
        $, h07 chicks, and the BMW you could've had?
        \_ it's not an XOR.  i'm in grad school, and have a porsche - kinney
           \_ You are so hip, kinney, using cyberlingo like that!  We motd
              writers cannot help but accept you.
           \_ But is it a new porche? And can you afford to buy a
              new one every year?
              \_ only a moron would buy a new porsche every year.
                 \_ I pity you, you poor pathetic slob. I bet you
                    can't even afford to buy a porche.
           \_ So kinney, what is it like having a 1 inch dick?
              \_ I love kinney! -- kinney #1 fan
              \_ Not everything is about dick you know.
                 \_ oh right, sorry... So what is it like to have a 1 inch
                 \_ get off my dick! - tjb
                    \_ sorry, was just keeping it warm and cozy for ya.
                    \_ well when it trails along for miles you gotta expect
                       it to be stepped on and driven over now and then.
2001/5/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21358 Activity:high
        This explains everything.
        \_ There's a flaw in that guy's argument.  First he claims the girl
           just have to be beautiful and be able to carry on an intelligent
           conversation (but not necessarily above MENSA cutoff), then he
           proceeds to look for people 2 std higher in beauty and (of those
           2 stds higher in beauty) 1 std higher in intelligence.  Given
           that most of the mass of the Gaussian concentrates around its
           mean, this means his criterion of beauty and intelligence is
           extremely stringent.  No wonder he can't find a girlfriend.
           He's looking for a supermodel with a PhD.
           \_ You think there are 18,000 supermodels with PhDs in the States?
              \_ For a particular definition of supermodel and a particular
                 definition of PhD, yes.
        \_ This is a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Any girl who sees this page
           is going to keep her distance...
2001/5/23 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:21330 Activity:nil
5/22    Any good date movies that has come out of hollywood lately?  It has
        been 10 years since "When Harry Met Sally".  I haven't seen anything
        good since then.  Thanks.
        \_ Wow. You must have a low standard of good if you consider that a
           good movie.
           \_ He just wants a chick flick.
        \_ Bridget Jones Diary
                \_ My wife hated it.
        \_ Chocolat.  4 out of 5 Turks recommend it for dates.
2001/5/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21297 Activity:nil
5/16    What is the proper closing salutation when you write a letter,
        email, or greeting card to a friend of the opposite sex? When
        a girl (not a significant other) writes to me they usually end
        with a "love" or a picture of a heart. But I heard that it's
        inappropriate for guys to do that to girls and you should just
        end with a "Sincerely," or "your friend,". Any thoughts?
        \_ If she ends in "love," I do the same.
        \_ love, (don't forget the comma)
        \_ I've gotten a lot of tail with "spank you later"
           \_ oohhh, spanking nubile young college girls *shivering with
        \_ How about your name?
        \- end with "ok tnx". ok tnx
           \_ ok thnx.
        \_ has "Yours," died?
           \_ Hopefully, yes. "Yours" seems like a medieval degenration
              similar  to "thank you" -> thanks.
              "Yours [truely, sincerely, flatulently,...]"
        \_ really depends on the level of formality and frequency of
           writing.  "take care," "later," "sincerely," or any number
           could work, depending.
        \_ I like to put "Regards," on mail.  --PeterM
        \_ "miss you"
           \- "ok, i have to go now" "ok bye" "ok i have to do some jobs now"
        \_ do the english thang:  Cheers,
        \_ Amen and may God bless you as he has me.
           Yours in the glory that is our Lord Jesus Christ,
           <your name here>
2001/5/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21279 Activity:insanely high
5/14    Proof that women are evil:
        \_ women != time x money. it would be time + money, right?
           unless the money spent is proportional to the time spent.
           but even then it would be time + (money x time), which would
           mean girls are evil + time/money. but where does sex factor
           into the equation?
           \_ sex = time * money => girls = sex.
           \_ if your brain really works like this, then nowhere, 'cos you're
           \_ no.  women = time AND money.  We all know that in Boolean math,
              AND = * and OR = +
              \_ a woman isn't a bool. a woman is a float.
                 \_ my woman is a double (and i'm a long long)
                    \_ *pshaw*  on a 4-bit architecture, maybe.
                    \_ :-)  I wish my woman is a double too.
                 \_ floating point numbers are rational.
        \_ This whole thread is the most stupid geeky shit posted on the motd
           in a long time.  It's no wonder so many of you are still virgins or
           close to it.
           \_ I concur.  Childish too.
           \_ And you must be a fat ugly sodan who can't get a date
              from any sodan virgins?
                \_ No, I mustn't be.  The entire thing is shamefully stupid.
                   \_ no, *you're* shamefully stupid! so there! nyah nyah!
                      mister cooler-than-thou. you know, it's possible to
                      get laid and still be "geeky." who are you to impose
                      your little judgements? i find it pretty stupid you
                      feel the need to spout your worthless opinions where
                      obviously some people found it humorous.
                        \_ If you call *that* humor, ok.  I'm proud of you
                           that you can stand up for your geeky stupidity.
        \_ male soda non-virgin:
           female soda non-virgin:
        \_ male soda virgin: ..
           female soda virgin: ...
           \_ Give *me* the virgin! .
              \_ Give *me* the Chinese girl.... -DU
           \_ pix please!
2001/5/14 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:21267 Activity:very high
5/14    I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the
        sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate
        me, but showing love to a thousand [generations] of those who love me
        and keep my commandments. -Exodus 20:5-6
        \_ Didn't someone try to pass a bill or something to punish Americans
           for the sin of their fathers to the third and fourth generations of
           those who enslaved African Americans, and even Americans whose
           ancestors immigrated after that era, by paying some amount of
           compensation to all African Americans who live today?
           \_ attempt to troll, DENIED
        \_ man whatever, within a few generations all us immigrants will have
           our genes mixed out with white genes.
           \_ HOT AZIAN CHIXS!!!1!
              \_ Please spell it correctly: H07 4ZN CH1X
                 \_ Houw about "42N"?
              \_ Please spell it correctly: H07 42N CH1X
                 \_ How about "42N"?
                    \_ 5P3111NG C0RR3C73D!
           vicious cycle.
           \_ Hot Asian Chicks!!!
        \_ That's why a child who got abused by his father would very likely
           be an abuser himself when he grows up and has a kid.  Sin begets
           vicious cycle.  Also read Deut 24:15-17:
           sin.  Evil begets evil.  Accepting Christianity would break the
           vicious cycle.
        \_ Also read Deut 24:15-17:
           "Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children
           put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sin."
           \_ So I guess the real question is, which religion abuses their
              children the most. Is it time for another one of those polls?
           \_ where does Christianity say anything about not abusing kids?
2001/5/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21260 Activity:high
5/12    Yet another WTF from Paramount. Star Trek : Enterprise (aka series V)
        starring Scott Bakula, and other WTF like Korean chick playing
        a Chinese chick.
        \_ according to the website, the Korean chick is playing a Japanese
           chick.  Fair enough, since there has been a history of
           other Asian ethnicities (Chinese/Japanese/Filipino) playing Korean
           characters too (M*A*S*H, All American Girl are 2 examples). --chris
           \_ and of course an American would never play a British person,
              or a Spaniard an Italian.  -tom
              \_ can we see branagh playing otello?
        \_ who cares?  and what's wrong with Scott Bakula?
2001/5/12-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21250 Activity:very high
5/12    Still no word on why talg is speaking at graduation.
        \_ I am SO there!  Talg is my special friend... -- ilyas
        \_ who's that?
           \_ A guy who just said, "I'm so glad I never had to participate
              in a sexual relationship where I had to care about my grade."
        \_ Incidentally, to complete the parade of True Evil speaking at
           Berkeley graduations this year, I believe Janet Reno is speaking.
             -- ilyas
           \_ Janet "Killer" Reno?!? WTH are the regents smoking?!?
        \_ Who the hell is talg?
        \_ Because he signed up.
        \_ Can we sign up for the rebuttal?
           \_ can ilyas write the rebuttal?
        \_ i think it's perfect.  Finally talg will realize what most
           of the seniors truly feel about him.
        \_ who is talg? (aside from the his name)
           \_ See url above.
        \_ Tal is a smart guy.  He introduced me to "Conrete Mathematics"
           by Graham, Knuth, & Patashnik, which has excellent typesetting
           AND is fun to read.  I think it's great that he's speaking at
           graduation.  -- alice
           \_ This isn't grad school, alice, you don't have to be nice to
              everyone, especially not to my special friend talg. -- ilyas
           \_ then have him speak at _your_ graduation.  Why does he have
              to ruin the day for the rest of _us_.
           \_ you could've asked the motd. hard to find people who haven't heard
              of this book.
           \_ but see you aren't a bitter, lifeless geek
              \_ she isn't?
                 \_ she's hot, to say the least. she's got the feline sexiness.
                    \_ PixP
                       \_ how does this work? I thought that P was for Predicate.
                          \_ It doesn't.  It does.
                          \_ it does stand for predicate.  people who ask pixP,
                             urlP, etc. are idiots.
        \_ so he can go on and on about how much the undergrad program sucks
           and how he'd much rather be somewhere else?
        \_ Seems to me that UCB should get either Marion Barry or the
           worm-eaten corpse of L. Ron Hubbard to speak.  But maybe that's just
2001/5/7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:21201 Activity:nil 75%like:21199
5/7     Ideal breast size poll:
        < AA:
        A: ...
        \_ Is this for real or a sick joke? Or an asian fetish thing?
           \_ For real. There are many reasons why small is better (but
              not too small or else your chest will be bigger than hers).
              I saw a list on a website once but I'll give you a few.
              They're cute and perky, they hold their form without support
              better than larger ones do generally, women sometimes go
              without that annoying thing we call bras, they don't sag
              as much as larger ones, and its easier to find women with
              A's and B's that are all-natural and aren't grossly overweight.
              \_ No bra good! No bra, see through shirt even better!
                 No bra, see through shirt, short skirt, no panties
                 best! Esp. if asian!
           \_ Dude, 30A's are pretty hot! Brings out the pedophile in
              all of us.
           \_ Asians don't have breasts. A would be large for an
              \_ Wrong. There are fat big breasted chinese and indian
                 women. Unattractive, but still they exists.
                 \_ Indian women are the most attractive women in the world.
                    They also have the right attitude in bed (gotta love that
                    cultural indoctrination).
                    \_ Wrong. Japanese School girls are the most attractive
                       women in the world. - #1 fan of rice fever
              \_ Wrong.  I saw a few with C's and D's with small waists at a
                 shopping mall just yesterday.  If you only hang out in
                 Chinatown your chances will be lower.
                 \_ which shopping mall? Surely not Valley Fair or Vallco.
        B: ..
        C: ..
        D: ...
        D - DD (aka "large D"):
                                \_ I prefer Double-Ds, one in each hand.
                                   - Bill C.
                                   \_ Is that Monica's size?
                                              \_ Monica who? - Bill C.
                                                 \_ Oh Mr. President, don't
                                                    you remember me? - Girl in
                                                    the blue gap dress
        > D:
        \_ The relative chest:bust ratio is more important than the
           absolute size of the breasts.
           \_ It's the relative chest/waist/butt ratio that is important. 3:2:3
             \_ the ability to titty-f is my primary desire, hence absolute
                size is important.
             \_ Both are important to me.
        \_ While we're on this topic, it seems to me that the actual sizes of
           the same cup size measurement (e.g. D-cup) in US and in Japan are
           different.  Is it really the case?
           \_ In theory it's one inch per letter, but like most clothing size
              things, different companies do different things.
           \_ Japanese women with smaller perkier breasts are preferable
              to fat white US women with bigger saggier breasts.
                \_ Lack of choice may lead Japanese men to that conclusion.
        \_ 6 year olds still don't have cup sizes
           \_ Hee hee!  I think that was a joke!  Hee hee!
           \_ Asian women don't have cup sizes either.
           \_ ... especially 6 year old boys.
              \_ get your sick gay ass off the motd
                \_ Where are the soda ladies complaining about this ?
                   I am soo tired of seeing women treated like this on
                   the motd .. a non-female soda ite
                   \_ They are barefoot, pregnant and have gone to the
                      kitchen to get me a beer - #1 white male oppressor
                   \_ There are women on soda? Wow! Pics Please!
                      BTW, how do I sign up for a date with one
                      of them?
                        \_ There's a web form.
2001/5/7 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:21190 Activity:insanely high
5/6     why are men into different parts of women, such as breasts,
        butt, stomach?  advertising? biology?
        \_ notice the top of the breasts and the butt are similar in nature.
           Also, body shape is important because it signals a woman
           is fertile and healthy.  Also, the woman has two lips (one
           on the face, one lower).  Why can lipstick be so alluring?  Well,
           during heat, the woman's "lower lip" becomes red.  I watched some
           of this on the TLC/Discovery channel.
        \_ Its all about mating. Once you get over the mating bit,
           you see that these things are not that important.  Civilized
           human beings understand that the body is a perishible thing
           and any attachment to its beauty is the result of ignorance.
        \_ Butt is not important. Only breasts (too small == no fun),
           stomach (too big == no fun) and pussy (too small == no fun,
           too big == no fun) are important. The face isn't important
           either, you can always put a bag over her head. - #1 mac daddy
           \_ So if she had perfect tits, stomach and pussy but was ugly as
              hell and had a 300 lbs ass you'd like that?
              \_ Okay, big ass == no fun. But ugly face is okay, just put
                 a bag over her head. - #1 mac daddy
                 \_ flat or too small ass == no fun either.
                    \_ flat or too small is still doable, fat ass is
                       undoable. - #1 mac daddy
                       \_ sure it is. you just have to be in the right mindset.
                          cast off your pop culture worldview. i used to think
                          like you, but months spent staring at this one chubby
                          teacher and this other chubby t.a. changed me. it
                          needs to be healthy looking fat though, not waddling
                          sweaty folding fat.
                          \_ Yeah, you stick to the ugly, uh I mean healthy,
                             fat chicks and I'll screw the good ones. - #1 mac
                       \_ u not #1 mac daddy. Real mack know worth of big
                          but shapely butt
                          \_ u can keep dating your fat rapper ex-girl
                             friends, and I'll keep mac'ing on supermodels.
                             - #1 mac daddy
                             \_ don't be dissing ghetto booty
                                \_ u can keep them black asses. I'll stick
                                   to white and yellow. - #1 mac daddy
        \_ For some weird reason this troll just didn't work.  Is the motd
           becoming too blase?
           \_ how is it not working?  What kind of responses were you
              \_ It's due to the patriarchial fetishizing and the economic
                 exploitation of womens bodies. Not just T&A, but eyes, hair,
                 lips, feet, toes, teeth, earlobes, small of the knee
                 that bear the objectifying male gaze.
                 \_ Get thee to the kitchen, wench, and fetch me a beer.
                 \_ Yeah yeah like women don't objectify men.  Not to say that
                    two wrongs makes a right or anything but this isn't a one
                    way trip.  Women are not virginal innocents just waiting
                    to be exploited.  I know you're not being serious but this
                    was crying out to be said.  Any of you geek boys wonder why
                    you don't get laid?  Because women make judgement calls on
                    men's appearance, too.  Take a shower.
                    \_ I know what you mean. I just hate it when women at
                       parties are eyeing me checking out my package and making
                       comments about my cute tight butt. It gets especially
                       bad when they start groping me after they get a few
                       drinks in them. It's like considered "OK" to do that
                       because they are women and i'm a guy.  I feel sooo used.
                        \_ No, more like they stand around the women's bathroom
                           talking about how little your penis is compared to
                           their last date but you've got a job so it's ok for
                           now until she finds a man.
2001/5/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21181 Activity:high 66%like:21187
5/6     Today is "Trash Your Entire Porn Collection Day."
        \_ D00D, Y W0U1D U W4N7 2 7R45H UR pr0n C0113C710N?
        \_ I recently deleted about 2GB worth. Another 2GB to go! (I just
           can't part with some of them!)
           \_ Only 4GB? are you like, impotent or something?\
              \_ Hey man, it's hard when I only recently got DSL and had
                 to d/l porn over 56k
2001/5/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21180 Activity:high
5/6     Saw Autechre last night. It was pretty good. They played to the
        strengths of the PA, avoiding their melodic stuff and sticking
        to odd-meter kicked beats.
           \_ Shit. Would someone fix /csua/bin/b1ff?
                 \_ Could we stop discussing the sexual exploits of your
                    pet iguana?
        \_ D00D, 1A1K, UR 50 1337 [ 5P3111NG C0R3C73D ]
        \_ yeah, and there were hot nekkid chixxx there too.
                                \_ H07 N4K3D 4ZN CH1X!?! P1X PL34S3!
                                   - 373373 GN00 / 11N SUX H4X0R 4ND
                                     R1C3 B01 W17H 4 TYP3 R C1V1C R4C3R!
2001/5/5 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/TJB] UID:21175 Activity:nil
5/5     A new day, a new motd!
        \_ blah, blah, politics, china, blah, bush, blah, ride bike, ed,
           linsux, blah, blah, backup strategies, chix, azn chix, troll,
           troll, blah, troll, dot com, c++, lisp, blah, tjb, sex tools
2001/5/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21171 Activity:nil
5/4     What was the url to the hot chick (would you date her?) from a few
        days ago? couldn't find in the motd archive...
        \_ I think the woman you're referring to was tera patrick.  I can't
           remember the URL.  You could check the motd archive....   -mice
        \_ You mean ?  Is she hot?
           \_ She somehow exudes an aura of 'bitch'.
        \_ Wouldn't you rather date:
           \_ No.  She looks like a child.  Too young.
              \_ she's not "too young", she just has no boobs. Which is
                 an equally good reason to not date her.
2001/4/29-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21136 Activity:moderate
4/28    Damn, i didn't know Jet Li's wife was SOOOOOOO stacked!
        \_ pix?
           \_ dood, she's not even good looking.
           \_ Look for Nina Li Chi.  Not *that* staced.
           \_ supposedly 37 chest
              Just Another Asian Chick.  And no, that's not 37.
2001/4/27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21123 Activity:high 75%like:21122
4/27    When judging women, what is more important to you: face, body, brain,
        and personality.  Give percentages in that order -like 30/30/20/20
        \_ a girl can be a 10 in each category, but my decision is based
        on these percentages. 40/30/30/10 (but she has to be a 10 in each)
        \_ I only go for the best: 100/100/100/100/100.  My woman has to be
           5x any other woman could be!
           \_ Why would a woman like that date a troll like you?
           \_ Too bad a women like that would not date you.
                \_ Both of you are stupid.  It was a joke, kid, see?  A joke.
                   Let me explain for the "specially gifted" among us today:
                   since we're dealing with percentages, the total must add
                   to 100.   Now maybe you can take the next small step on
                   your own.  Test is on Monday and will be graded based on
                   your increased level of self esteem.
        \_ don't forget, "and asian".  10/10/30/30/20
        \_ "I am not paying you to talk."
        \_ 10/80/0/0 -- figured little brain is like no brain at all. And no
        brianers are easier to get.  Use most of the stats for the important
        stuff first because it's always easy to get other no brainers when
        I can't deal with the personality no more. hahaha
        \_ 20/40/10/30/0
        \_ 20/50/0/20/10  (Of course I don't mean she can be mentally
           challenged.)  -- Asian
           \_ So you're willing to go out with a girl with Chelsea Clinton's
              face, the body of Anna Kornakova, the brains of George W. Bush,
              and the personality of Al Gore? You must have some low standards
              \_ Not the body of Kornakova.  I'm thinking more along the line
                 of Cindy Margolis and Aria Giovanni.  (Neither have implants,
                 I think.)
                 \_ Asian AND body of Cindy Margolis?  HAHAHAHAHAHAH
                    \_ Check out Saori Nanami.  Supposedly she's all natural.
                        \_ Just Another Asian Chick.  JAAC.
                           \_ Well, how about Yukimi Tohno?  Also all natural
                        \_ I guess all this breast fetish totally degrades women
                           and overlooks the power of a good smile and nice eyes
                           \_ If you like the face more than the body,
                              put your points there.  Not everyone likes
                              your ideal woman.  Pig.
                           \_ If you are *DUMB* enough to fall for a girl just
                              because she has a good smile and nice eyes, you
                              deserve to get taken to the cleaners in divorce
                              court. Your wife and her boyfriend will by might
                              greatfully for your stupidity.
                                \_ What's with the "all marriage leads to
                                   divorce" obsession?  Let it grow.  See a
                                   good therapist.  Choose better next time.
                                   Both your wife and your divorce lawyer.
           \_ yeah, you could always put a bag over her head. i like your
        \_ It depends.  Just some random on the street and "would I fuck her?"
           or someone I've just met and "would I date her?" or someone I've
           known for a while and "would I marry her?"
           \_ yeah the question was vague, in not specifying judging women
              for WHAT.
              CARES ABOUT THIS OR NOT?!?
           \_ this is for SCIENCE.
           \_ you must be a jealous ugly chick with NO body.
              \_ actually, I'm a guy with a hot girlfriend.  And frankly
                                            \_ PixP
                                                \_ T
                                                   \_ urlP
                                                      \_ #t
                 I don't see why other people opinions really matter.  Perhaps
                 you are so bored about fantasizing about women that now you're
                 fantasizing about the women that other men fantasize about.
                 \_ Where can I see pix of your girlfriend?
                        \_  She's the one with the tits.
                           \_ Yeah right.
        \_ face, body, personality,brains.
2001/4/27 [Recreation/Dating, Finance] UID:21122 Activity:high 75%like:21123
4/27    When judging men, what is more important to you: face, body, brain,
        personality, and hygiene.  Give percentages in that order.
        \_ what about personal wealth? I'd date/marry a ugly fat dumb dull
           rich guy.
           \_ I agree. - Mrs. Gates.
           \_ point taken. but then that works for gals too. okay:
              wealth, looks, brain, personality, hygiene, abilities in bed
              \_ I don't think that most guys care that they are dating
                 a rich or a poor girl. Abilities in bed are probably
                 orders of magnitude more important.
                 \_ I'd date a rich girl over a poor girl if her daddy had more
                    real wealth than I was likely to have.
        \_ what about genital size?
           \_ size does matter, but money matter more than size.
              - A. N. Smith
                \_ cmlee? is that you?
2001/4/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21092 Activity:high
4/24    What's up with Soda guys and Asian girls.  Are there non-Asian
        fish in the sea?
        \_ wouldn't know; my wife's Japanese.  -erikred
        \_ Most sodans are asian and hence prefer asian girls. I personally
           fall into this category.
           \_ Counterexample:
              one girl out of the last 9 i dated was korean. 1 was white/mix.
              All the rest were white. - paolo
              \_ I said most not all. You are the exception not the rule.
                 Though most sodans prefer asian girls, they don't actually
                 date asian girls, because they don't actually date.
        \_ D00D 4ZN CH1X R H07!
        \_ i think asian girls are seen as being docile and stuff, and
           hence are less threatening to the fragile, chickless geek.
           \_ D00D 4ZN CH1X R H07 ! L355 7HR3473N1NG!
              \_ yep, just helpful little fuck receptacles, appreciative
                 of wealth, and compatible with geek interests.
2001/4/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21083 Activity:very high
4/23    Any serious reccomendations on places to meet nice Asian girls?
        \_ Frat parties if you want them drunk.  Co-op parties if you want
           them stoned into another world.
           \_ He said "nice" asian girls not slutz or H07 4ZN CH1X!
                        \_ BOOT TO THE HEAD!!!
                \_ They were really nice to me! PARTY ON!
        \_ Nice as in willing to sleep with you, or some other definition?
                \_ a girl willing to sleep wityh a soda guy ? that is
                   something you don't see every day
                   \_ In my case, 3-4 times per week.
                      \_ The number of times you see your wife?
        \_ Now those are 3 words you don't see often in Berkeley EECS.
           \_ If i remember correctly, there are a decent number of Asian
              women in EECS.
              \_ I still remember Eva Chan from my time.
                    \_ #f.  I wish I have one too.
                 \_ pixP.
                    \_ #f.  I wish I have one too.  She graduated in '92,
                       probably too aged for the current soda guys anyway.
                         \_ BOOT TO THE HEAD!!!
           \_ well, taken by itself, Asians would be predominant in EECS,
              girls would be a minority, and "nice" depends on your
              point of view.
              \_ I meant together.
                 \_ Not this thread again; my guess is the poster
                    wants a girl Mom would approve of before she starts
                    reccomending ones
                    \_ I don't recall any recent threads regarding Asian girls.
                       \_ what year is it?  what city is ucb in?  who is
                          president of the us?
                          \_ dict sarcasm
        \_ CSU and TSA functions?
        \_ Andronicos, laundromat, DC, Mac Workstation places, ***CHURCH***
                \_ just offer to fold her panties for her
                   \_ That reminds me of that recent beer commercial at a
                      laundry room where the gal drops her bra into the guy's
           (yes you'll meet nice Asian girls whom you'll marry and screw),
           Wednesday performance at Hertz Hall, French class, ***ASIAN AM***
           classes. The list goes on and on.
        \_ don't forget the Asian clubs (not dance clubs necessary, but
           asian organiziations)
        \_ Haas.
           \_ white guys need not apply right ?
        \_ Asian churches.  seriously.
           \_ Watch out for church chix. Most are gold diggers.
           \_ stay away. any women there are brainwashed and weak. will not
              produce strong sons.
                 \_ But they may produce H07 4ZN CH1X! W00H00!
                    M0R3 H07 4ZN CH1X 4 M3!
              \_ Not true.  I don't go to church but I have various friends
                 (both Christian and non-Christians) who told me that a lot
                 of people at the churches go there not to be Christians but
                 to meet people and potential dates.  My Christian friends
                 even said it's okay to go to church for that purpose, although
                 I don't think so.
                 \_ that's fucked up. you sit there pretending to be an xtian?
                    yeah, hey baby, let's go study the bible at your place.
                    \_ church has always been about socializing and not
                       about religion. Christianity is an awful religion,
                       full of so many internal inconsistencies that most
                       people just ignore it and get on with thier lives.
                       \_ Bonus points for slipping that one in, young troll,
                          but your youthful eagerness is giving it away.
                          \_ I've been trolling for years. Lately I've
                             gone back to newbie troll style just to see
                             if its more effective.
2001/4/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:21070 Activity:nil
        Which story is more reflective of porn $ on the Internet today?
        \_ Both.  The latimes is human interest drivel.  The zdnet one is
           about cold hard facts.  Put them together and it reads that the
           money making sites are stoked at the cheap high quality talent
           they can now recruit from Hollywood and ex-dotcoms.  This influx
           of talent will drive out the lesser talent from the online porn
           industry and allow porn sites to make better sites for less.  This
           is important because as the zdnet article said, customer numbers
           are flat or declining but this is also seasonal as the zdnet article
           says.  It comes down to too many porn sites and not enough workers
           at dotcoms available to surf that many anymore.  I read somewhere
           else that there were 75,000 dotcom layoffs in the last few months.
           Sorry if you weren't expecting a serious answer.
2001/4/20-22 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21042 Activity:high
4/20    Can some one explain how silly puddy works please?
        \_ Ok you female "Friends" watcher.. MOTD is for INTELLIGENT questions
           not to wonder if silly puddy can be made to look like the prepuce
                \_ wow, someone used the words "motd" and "intelligent"
                   in the same sentence
           \_ There are females on the motd? WOW! pixP!
        \_ putty, not puddy, you nincompoop.
        \_ I'm interested in making a male masterbation device with silly
           putty. I thought you guys might already know some web sites
           where I could get some information
           \_ masturbation, not masterbation, you nincompoop.
              \_ Shut the fuck up, twink.
                \_ twink is such a stupid word.
                  \_ No, it's a word for stupid, you twink.
2001/4/20 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Dating] UID:21026 Activity:moderate
4/19    Anyone's seen Memento?  How was it?
        \_ I don't remember.
        \_ awesome.  It was a cross between Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction,
           Betrayal, and film noir.  Pay attention, don't go get popcorn.
           \_ It was very creative story. But I don't think it was an awesome
              \_ _Soldier of the Mist_, _Soldier of Arete_, Gene Wolfe
                        \_ goetz?
              \_ Well, it's good enough where I'd consider it criminal if this
                 worthy film does not get a nationwide release.  The film
                 had more plot twists than a double helix.
              \_ If it's not that good why do 5 staff give it
                 an average rating of 9?
                 \_ it's barely released and has already cracked the top #50
              \_ damn it people.. don't give away the movie.  This is one of
                 those chicks where the less you know the better experience
                 you'll have.
        \_ I'm trying to convince my friend and his wife to see this tomorrow
           night, but my friend says he's heard it's violent, and he wouldn't
           want to mislead his spouse.  Is it that violent?
              overall cuz she doesn't like movies with violence.
                \_ A dude gets his head blown off in the first two mins.
           \_ My gf have it props for creativity but gave it thumbs down
              overall cuz she doesn't like movies with that much violence.
        \_ What's with their commercials? Are they European or something?
2001/4/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20929 Activity:high
4/9     fuck imperialism!
        \_ is she H07 and 4ZN?
           \_ well the one standing next to pee wee herman is:
        \_ this is is h07 and 4zn:
2001/4/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20924 Activity:high
4/9     Your boy screamed like a girl and your wife moaned like a whore when
        I ravaged her repeatedly.
        \_ Any boy of mine that screams like a girl, you can keep him.
        \_ you just watched Gladiator?
2001/4/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20896 Activity:moderate
4/7     Geekboy manifesto, or how to get laid, if you really want to:
        \_ I bet the vast majority of male sodans can relate to the
           following quote:
           "I can't even count how many times I would hear a friend
            tell me that he was "in love" with one of the two or three
            good looking girls in the CS program. Usually, they'd never
            even talked to them. Often, they were resentful that they
            couldn't get the girls to see how much they 'cared'."
2001/3/21-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20868 Activity:high
3/20    Where's a good place to learn about Makefile and esoteric commands
        within like patsubst, etc etc?
        \_ the manual
        \_ you should ask the Olsen Twins:
           \_ They look a lot like Topanga from Boy Meets World
              \_ didn't that chick play Alia in dlynch's Dune?
              \_ They are all part of the great tv genetic breeding pool
           \_ dig the trampy hair.  We need to ruin their lives diff'rent
              strikes-style so we can get some lesbian sister girl-girl porn
              \_ i'd see that for a dollar
              \_ oh you _know_ that's what's going to happen when they hit 18
                 and have to do a "coming of sexual age" movie so they can
                 break little girl typecasting.  (ala Poison Ivy, Showgirls..)
           \_ Dig the "I'm a clone white chick blond" thing.
              \_ what?
           \_ um, what does this have to do with Makefile?
                \_ Nothing.  It's the motd.
2001/3/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20859 Activity:nil
3/20    My GF is not strong enough to open most cans and jars.  When I asked
        her what she would do if I wasn't around, she said that she has always
        had a man in her life.  Whether it be a family member or BF. Is this
        \_ not typical.
        \_ For years, I thought a tourniquet was for opening jars.
           We'd wrap the thing around the tops of jars and open the jars.
           It wasn't until I was in college that they were used by
        \_ If there is a man around, I'd much rather not open jars myself.
           But I've always managed to open a jar myself if I need to. -girl
2001/3/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20826 Activity:high
3/16    Does anyone have any real story about meeting up with an
        old high school or jr. high school or elementary classmate
        after many (many) years?
        \_ after lots of email I finally got together with my best friend
        \_ after lots of email I finally have sex with with my best friend
           from junior high. Turns out he's an absolute moron who has nothing
           interesting to say except the stock market, his marriage, his
           mortgage and his yard work.
        \_ I ran into my best friend from elementary school at Cal, whom I had
           not seen since the sixth grade.  It turned out, though, that we
           no longer had anything in common. --jameslin
        \_ I had a good friend in 3rd grade at my elementary school in Culver
           City (near Santa Monica). I moved away to the suburbs and started
           to lose touch with him. A few months after I moved, I had a big
           birthday party and invited all my old friends. We were at some
           playground and we got in a fight about someting dumb and I
           completely lost touch with him after that day.
           Ten years later when I was a freshman at Cal, I made a good friend
           from Palos Verdes. One day she said a friend from high school was
           coming to visit. I remembered my old friend talking before that his
           family was thinking of moving there, so I asked her for his name.
           Sure enough, it was him. He came to visit and we hung out quite a
           bit. It was fun but we didn't bother to keep in touch.
        \_ Knew some folks when I was in HS (they went to a different school).
           I went to Cal.  They didn't.  One of them had business here late
           last year.  We met up, had dinner, everything was just like it
           always was.  Very cool.  We didn't keep in touch after that.  I
           guess there's only so much you can talk about from 10 years earlier.
           \_ reminds me of a Frasier episode when Woody visits Frasier.
              \_ And then there was that Itchy and Scratchy episode I don't
                 think we'll ever forget.
                 \_ Yeah, my life is just like a spoof cartoon or a bad sitcom.
                    \_ hey, the itchy and scratchy show is not a bad sitcom!!
                 \- back when i was in my early 20s, i ran into a guy who was
                 sort of the good natured class fuckup in like 3rd grade in
                 the telegraph adronicos booze section. it was kind of amazing
                 we still recognized each other, although he had increased his
                 topological genus considerably in the interim period. he gave
                 me some advice about what booze would "fuck you up" ...
                 judging by his appearance, he seemed to have a lot of exp
                 in that arena. --psb
                 \_ psb gets a 9.95 for this story.
2001/3/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20799 Activity:nil
3/14    My CS partner has a ring on her right ring finger.  She hasn't
        brought up her boyfriend casually in conversation at all, and
        I'm thinking it might be a geek ward.  We talk a lot.  Is there
        any way to tell, other than asking directly?
        \_ Easy; ask her out.  --pld
           \_ Thanks! -original poster
              \_ That's such TERRIBLE advice.  Why can't you just tuck
                 in your dick for a couple more months and leave your
                 work relationship intact?  There are so many girls
                 out there, why your project partner?  At least wait
                 till after the final.
              \_ Wait till finals are over and you get a passing grade
                 (I already know you won't get a good grade because you
                  are spending more time thinking about your partner than
                  your project, don't lie you are).
                 If you start going out and it doesn't work out, she will
                 shaft you on the project. If you think that she won't do
                 that, because she's worried about her grades, think AGAIN.
                 She knows that she can drop out of school and some dumb
                 CS geek will still marry her and she can get half his
                 portfolio in exchange for a kiss and some kind words.
        \_ check out, or on usenet.
        \_ perform a mind meld on her. better yet, stalk her obsessively, tap
           her phone line and network, and call her pretending to take a survey
           thereby asking indirectly.
        \_ ask her for a proj. celebration dinner (or whatever stage your proj
           is in). Tell her feel free to bring a significant other.  If she
           comes, it is a good sign (and whether she has a bf may not be a
           barrier).  Otherwise, wrap up the proj and move on.
                \_ Uh ok genius, so she goes out to get a slice of pizza with
                   this guy.  So what?
        \_ What's it matter that she has a BF?
           \_ "i'm not trying to hear that see"
           \_ "what's that got to do with me?"
           \_ Because he might see your geeky ass hassling her and beat
              you to a pulp.
              \_ If your name is David and in 162, don't make me come up
                 to Berkeley from San Jose to beat your ass.
        \_ the answer is obvious: invite her out to dance and phreak her
                                       This may sound stupid, _/
                                       but what does 'phreak
                                       her' mean? - unhip alum
           on the dance floor. she'll either laugh or consent, either way
           you win.
        \_ My god, if you're going to do any of this, you'd better be hot.
           I shudder at the thought of another girl falling victim to geek
           love.  -- girl
           p.s. If you guys are that close, why don't you just ask her?
           \_ I've asked tons of girls out on dates.  I have yet to go on a
              date (including H.S. prom).  The thought of being rejected
              isn't worth this risk. -- !original poster
              \_ Ask her what the ring is for, or whether she has a boyfriend,
                 not ask her out.
                    \_ do NOT ask her if the ring gives her +2 on agility,
                       or anything of the sort!
                       \_ It's "Ring of Human Influence", 18 Charisma.
                       \_ It's a "Ring of Protection", wards of Geeks.
                    \_ Unless she is a gamer, too.
                        \_ Even if.
        \_ Ask her if she would like to go out to dinner and see a
           movie afterwords.  Don't make a big deal out of it when you ask
           and gracefully accept her answer if she says no.  By the way,
           if she just happens to be busy, then it probably means she
           doesn't want to go out so don't keep asking unless you want her
           to think you are a stalker.  Good luck.  Oh yeah, if she says
           something about the ring, just claim you didn't notice.
                \_ Uh yeah... it's only this shiny thing on her hand waving
                   around all day.
        \_ Ask her if her hymen is still there.
        \_ Ring on right hand means nothing. What are you worried about?
           \_ Are you sure?  I thought ring on ring finger of right hand
              meant, "I have a boyfriend, you know."  It even has a little
              crown on it, or whatever.  It's not a plain metal band.
              \_ Does it have a heart and a crown? Is she Irish?
              \_ I know lots of girls with rings on their right ring
                 finger with no boyfriend.  Often, that's the finger that
                 the ring fits best on.  There is no tradition of meaning
                 for a ring on that finger.
        \_ Ask her things like "what did you do last weekend?" that reflect
           a little about what she does for fun and in her spare time.  That's
           a big window for her to mention if she has a boyfriend or not.  If
           she does not mention a boyfriend, chances are she doesn't have one,
           or that the relationship isn't that serious.  --chris
           \_ If he's known her for more than 48 hours and she hasn't he even
              hinted she has someone else then she probably doesn't.  If he
              hasn't known her very long, then it can't hurt to just ask with
              out all the silly guessing games everyone here is suggesting.
              \_ "Do you have a boyfriend?" is a bit risky to ask and makes
                 intentions very obvious.  But then again, this is soda.
                 Who cares about subtlety?  --chris
                  \_ You WANT your intentions obvious!  unless you prefer to
                     play adolescent "does he like me or not" games with her
                     \_ And make it an "all or nothing" scenario?  It's hard
                        to backpeddle out of a "do you have a boyfriend"
                        question into friendship if she _does_ have a
                        boyfriend.  It's nice to _know_ the dating status of
                        your object of desire without revealing your own
                        intentions...and THEN make your intentions known.
                        But then again, this is soda.  Who cares about dating?
        \_ just whip it out
           \_ I whip it out - Bill C.
        \_ Okay, keep this part of the motd on your screen. THen ask her
           to take a look at some code on your screen...and when she comes
           over to look at your screen, she'll see the thread. Stall for bit,
           flip to a shell screen (crossing the motd window), perhaps even
           make some excuse to get her to type on the keyboard, and leave
           briefly for the bathroom. Of course, she could be offended by the
           hymen, whip & stalking comments above and refuse to speak with you.
2001/3/14-15 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:20785 Activity:high
3/14    Women are more violent than Men:
        \_ That article means nothing.  The results at most show those women
           *attempted* to fight, a much better quantifier of violence would
           be number of stitches.  When was the last time you saw a man
           bruised from a beating by his wife.  Get a clue, stop posting
           idiotic articles.
                \_ Did you read the same article I just did?  It doesn't
                   say what you're claiming it says.  A more important point
                   is that this information was suppressed for 14 years.
        \_ It took you this long to figure that out?
        \_ You guys are wimps.
            \_ I guess women have more balls than men:  *I* wouldn't
                start a fight with someone bigger and stronger than me.
2001/2/24 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Recreation/Dating] UID:20670 Activity:kinda low
        \_ Ohhhh...American bacon. Canadian bacon. Mexican bacon. droool.
        \_ lila? is that you?
        \_ I love the nips.
        \_ A lot of the photos make her look like an ex....
2001/2/13-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20585 Activity:high
2/13    I'm dateless, but I'm a super hot shot dude at a cool gaming
        company (not going IPO yet). What should I do?
         \_ are you super hot as well?
        \_ man date
        \_ Get back to work, "hot shot"!
        \_ Dates are overrated. Save your money.
        \_ Back to work, bob.
           \_ Nice try.  Last I heard (fairly recently) bob was dating
              a moderatly hot chick.
              \_ boy, that 'moderately hot chick' is a MAN, BABY!
              \_ you is out of touch
                 \_ nah.  you're just jealous. poor guy -- with valentine's
                    day coming up and all.
              \_ i thought him and geordan were gay?
                 \_ _he_ and geordan.  imbecile.
                    \_ Look, I told you, I'm not gay.  Chicks just hate me.
                       There is a different. -geordan
                       There is a difference. -geordan
                       \_ What makes you think women hate gay guys?
        \_ Valentine's day is a stupid custom invented by a conspiracy of
           greeting-card, flower-shop and chocolate-candy manufacturers.
           Think different!
           \_ Tell this to your next gf as explanation for why she got
              nothing.  You'll go far in life.  You're a genius.  You've got
              it all figured out.  If you ever manage to procreate, try the
              same line with your kids when Dec. 25th rolls around each year.
              They'll love you for keeping them up to date on the latest
              commercialism conspiracies.
           \_ Think "sour grapes"!
           \_ ...Think sodomy!
           \_ If you don't show up at the girlfriend's place with some form
              of gift, you might be thinking "Damn, why'd she dump me?"
           \_ Manager: Okay, people.  We need to cook up a new holiday for the
                       summer.  Something with, eh, gifts, cards, assorted
              Woman:   How about something religious?  We had great penetration
                       last spring with "Christmas II"!
              Man:     Ooh, I know, Spendover, like Passover, but less talk,
                       more presents!
              \_ Love Day!
        \_ yermom
        \_ once again, Watch "Caligula" to fully appreciate valentine's day.
2001/2/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20565 Activity:very high
2/11    Anyone need a date for valentines day?
        \_ femaleP
           \_ #t
              \_ login?
        \_ nope. --chris
        \_ no - anyone
        \_ yes please. I don't even want sex, just companionship.
           its sooo lonely being a geek.
              \_ I'm serious. I'll take you to dinner, dancing
                 a movie. I just want someone friendly to talk
                 to. Just someone friendly, no sex, no kissing
                 nothing like that.
           \_ You should do what I do. For me, Valentines day ==
              a night with a bottle of booz and a nice game of
              Russian Roulette. Works fine for me and the next day
              I'm back to work. So far the revolver hasn't picked
              the golden bullet.
                \_ You can borrow my automatic!
                \_ Well, there's still hope.
        \_ I will be wearing all black to work and greeting people as I do each
           and every year:  "Happy VD"
                \_ Hey, you're a winner.  No wonder you're still sexless.
                   Women avoid depressoid losers like the plague and for good
        \_ When I was single, all single folks in my dept. at work used to get
           together for dinner.
           \_ losers.
             \_ lol! what a fucker!
        \_ is this a dating service? are you a guy or a girl?
2001/2/9-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20553 Activity:very high
2/9     I know a 25-year old female EE grad student from China, who
        wears a red ring on her left-hand ring finger.  What does this
        \_ it means she is married to a Triad leader and has a wide
           variety of superpowers.
        \_ why not ask her and find out!
           \_ because he's a pussy!
           \_ that's too obvious and makes too much sense. try again.
        \_ It means she's married.  The red color is probably just for fashion
           and has no special meaning.  But let us know after you ask her.
           Is she hot?  Pics?
           and has no special meaning.
        \_ Of course, she could just be wearing it to discourage clueless,
           desperate geeks from hitting on her all the time.  A friend of
           mine who worked as a waitress at a cocktail bar did that all the
           mine who worked as a waitress at a cocktail bar used that ploy.
           \_ Geek ward?
        \_ Pics?
           \_ No Pics for you!
2001/2/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:20539 Activity:insanely high
2/8     The CSUA should have a date auction to raise money.
                \_ Raise money for what?  'oors?
        \_ who the hell would pay money to date CSUA members?
           \_ would you pay to *not* date CSUA members?  we had fundraisers
              on this principle at my highschool.  people paid people like
              me to stop singing.  we had amplified sound in the cafeteria,
              and made alot of money.
                \_ you are the exception
                \_ why pay when i could just walk away?
           \_ help the csua male populaiton would pay to date even the ugly
                   \_ ...and eat lunch outdoors, in the winter, in New England,
                   by yourself.  No, when people heard my singing, they started
                   handing out fives and tens to make the noise stop.
                   \_ uh huh.
           \_ half the csua male population would pay to date even the ugly
              and dumb female csuaers.
              \_ There are female sodas!?! Can I have one?
                \_ man, the last semester being in Soda, there were a few
                   young and cute girls in the classes.  Dang!
                   \_ Both of em huh?
                \_ go take a cold shower.  women are for the weak.
                   \_ Your blood line SHALL end HERE!
                      \_ let go your pitiful evolutionary struggles.
                         kids are 20 years of money and trouble, and so are
                         women.  man with 20 kids shall be just as dead as geek.
                        |_ is there a single decent-looking soda female?
                          \_ on the whole they look better than the males
                                \_ uh like who for instance?  liladog?
2001/2/1-2 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating] UID:20498 Activity:insanely high
2/1     What is the basic functionality of underwear? It seems like
        such an unnecessary item of clothing.
        \_ men should wear kilts.  ready access for ballscratching.
        \_ basic functionality?  You asking for an interface to underwear?
           that's wierd, man.
        \_ boxers and ties: two places men can make fashion statements.
           i agree withthe comment about running below. --psb
           \_ This can't be psb. psb never indents properly and uses
              the \- markers.
              \_ Sorry -- I changed the markers, but not the spacing.
                                         - motd formatting god
        \_ and don't you hate pants?
        \_ All clothing is unnecessary. Fight for your right to
           be nekkid! - the nekkid guy
        \_ So you don't leave gigantic brown streaks when you expel
           massive rancid clouds of fart gas.  -John
           \_ Remind me never to sit by you or let you in my swimming
              \_ Can H2S be oxidized by Cl2?  If so, you may get free sulphur
                 in your pool, making it a hot spring with curing power. :-)
        \_ for the same reason you wear socks and tshirts, so your outer
        clothes get less dirty on the inside.
        \_ Ever try running commando-style or in boxers? Yeah, didn't think
           it was too comfortable either.
           \_ Where did the term "commando-style" come from?
           \_ It's not too bad.
           \_ boxers are *supposed* to be worn commando style.  what are
              you smoking?
                \_ What part of "OR" do you not understand?
                   \_ the middle part.  asshole.
           \_ What's so uncomfortable about that?  I love boxers.
        \_ Boxers are for wussies. When playing sports, I wear briefs.
           All other times I don't wear boxers or briefs. It's much more
           comfortable. Think the freedom of boxers x 10.
           \_ The one problem I find with boxers (and probably commando)
              is that you can't think about "dirty things" while standing
              up. It takes some self-restraint but when you're walking
              down the street and happen to see something racy you have
              to turn away. This, unfortunately, includes women.
              \_ This implies that jockey underwear was invented by perverts.
           \_ The freedom to get "it" stuck to your leg and be sweaty as
              hell?  I'll pass.
              \_ Dude, this HAS to have been written by a chick.
        \_ soft cotton underwear feel a hell of a lot better against
           my privates than the seam of my jeans.  though i suppose
           that could be useful for other things.  underwear are not
                                    \_ just what are you talking about?
           necessary when wearing skirts unless you're worried about
           them flying up or exposing yourself if you sit crosslegged
           or somesuch.  -lila
2001/1/31-2/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20483 Activity:nil
        Age bias in tech article.
2001/1/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20357 Activity:very high
1/17    Lila has nice creamy warm & cushy breasts.
        \_ Lila is ugly.
         \_ but her breasts are pretty, and when it's dark it doesn't
            really matter who's ugly or not.
            \_ Her breasts are not pretty.
                \_ have you seen them?
                   \_ The more relevant question when in the dark is "have
                      you felt them?".
          \_ you guys are so crude. judging from the infamous amihotornot
                lila-holding-black-phalus photo, she is atleast not ugly.
        \_ Indeed.
        \_ URL, please
           \_ me too
           one in pants)
             \_ me three
           \_ http://www.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU/~lila/pics/selfportraits/lila10.jpg
                \_ any breast shots?
                   \_ Make one yourself.  <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ You be the judge: (the
           one in black pants)
           \_ this seric fellow sure is hot
              \_ seric is not one of the people in that picture
           \_ not the one in my pants
        \_ What are her measurements?
           \_ 40dd
        \_ wow, ran out of trolls so now my breasts are a motd topic?  -lila
           \_ Yes.
2001/1/9-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20278 Activity:high
1/8     Polling all married sodans.  Who did you marry?  Use dots.
        Somebody you knew from,
        your mom     : ....................
        high school  : ...
        college      : ......
           csua      : ...
                \_ do the people in CSUA add also to "college" if they
                   met through CSUA while in college?
                        \_ If they feel that the csua was somehow associated
                           with college.  However, they risk twinkpoints from
                           the twinkgod if they displease.
                           \_ The twink arbiter has no interest in motd
                              polls.  -twink-arbiter
        work         : .
        church       : .
        coven        : ....
        family friend:
        your sister  : ...............
           before you got her pregnant: .
        dating srvc  :
        bar/club     :
        ho           : .
        john         : .
        frnd of frnd : ..
        cousin       : .
        other        : .
        \_ explain?
           \_ well, she didn't fit into any of your pre-set categories,
              so I chose "other".  incidentally, I met her through a
              friend of a friend.
        \_ You csua hosers who married other hosers should be adding dots.
                \_ We did, someone deleted them.
                        \_ Weird the sort of things that get censored.
2001/1/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20237 Activity:nil
1/4     Why aren't there any good sex/dating flames? No single guys want
        to find a date anymore?
        \_ We're too busy formatting the motd
2001/1/3 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:20225 Activity:high
1/2     Anyone know if Tawei has ever been in a porn movie? I was watching
        an amateur Japanese porn and I swear I saw this guy who looks
        exactly like him.
        \_ Yeah, I like bondage and water sports as well
           \_ What's the title of the movie?
              \_ amateur videos don't have titles. duh.
2001/1/3 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:20222 Activity:high
1/2     I asked Santa to give me this mysterious sexy blue hat CSUA chick
        for X-Mas but I didn't get it. How do I get it?
        \_ URL?
              \_ is this work safe?
                 \_ yes, text only.

"I simply write about my thoughts. Whatever happens happens, I hope they'll
find a good editor because most of it is crap."
\_ ED! ED! ED is the STANDARD! Editor.
        \_ Is that the one with the fish?
2000/12/30-2001/1/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20199 Activity:high
12/30   Cock.
        \_ a doodle
        \_ mine is larger than yours... nyah nyah nyah nyah
                \_ "I had to stop sleeping with him it hurt so bad.  It felt
                   like I was being ripped in half from the inside!".  A
                   friend of mine commenting on her ex-boyfriend's 8.5 inch
                   cock.  Of course YMMV, but I doubt it.
                   \_ Uh, I would have thought in this case that girth
                      mattered more than length.  So why don't you "probe"
                      your friend a little more.
                        \_ maybe the 8.5 figure was width
                        \_ Uh, Clueless?  Your cock will never be that wide.
                           Your cock *can* (well, not _yours_, but other men's)
                           be _long_ enough to hurt badly.  I probed my friend
                           enough, so to speak.  She was pretty clear about
                           what her issue was.
                           \_ This is a joke.  This is a joke that went right
                              over your head.  Any questions?
                   \_ I guess she just didn't know how to get horny enuff and
                      loose enuff to accept his cock.  Either that or he's
                      utterly inept at using it and turning her on.
                      \_ Lubrication is for wusses! (</sarcasm>)
                      \_ You'd guess wrong twice but what else is the motd for
                         if not to go off about things you know nothing about?
                         \_ Okay look, you're the idiot here.  It's impossible
                            for both (a) the 8.5 to refer to length, and
                            (b) for the guy's hurting her to have nothing
                            to do with sexual ineptitude.  If he cared about
                            not hurting her, he wouldn't ram it in so damn
                            far.  Fucking duh.
                            \_ there is nothing impossible about the 8.5
                               referring to length, and if the woman's
                               vagina is short, it could be very difficult
                               for a man with a long penis to avoid hitting
                               bottom.  not impossible of course.
                            \_ Cock ring, baby.
                            \_ Damn it, can't we have penis envy in peace
                               without calling the guy's sexual eptitude
                               into question?
2000/12/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20187 Activity:nil
12/27   My girlfriend likes me to be rough on her when having sex.  E.g.,
        slap her around a bit, rip her clothes and pretend to rape her.  Is
        this normal?
        \_ for a RealDoll(TM), yes
        \_ It's normal.  Just don't overdo it and cause physical harm (e.g.
           make her vagina hurt.)
           \_ yes -- when you're paying medical bills as a result of
              of your playtime tussling, you've probably gone WAY to far.
        \_ Thanks.  Hearing about other people's (probably ficticious) sexual
           exploits has provided me with many fantasies to help with my
           holiday loneliness.
2000/12/27-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20180 Activity:very high
12/26   Anyone knows the names of the two porn stars in the Howard Stern
        show that was aired on TV a few weeks ago?  I missed the beginning
        of the show, and I want to know the name of the one with long straight
        hair.  Thanks in advance.
        \_ why don't you email someone who works on the show or call in.
           I'm sure they have a web site with a couple emails on it.
        \_ Porn stars?  On Howard Stern?  Unheard of!
           \_ Jenna Jameson was once on his show.
        \_ A few weeks ago? This is impossible to track down.
           Howard has porn stars on EVERY show
           I suggest you go to your friendly neighborhood x-rated rental
           tape shop and rent every single tape until you find her.
           \_ Sorry, don't have that much money to spare.
        \_ which howard stern tv show?  The once a week one opposite SNL or
           the daily show on E?
           \_ The one on E! cable channel late night.  Don't know if it's
              daily because I don't usually watch that channel.  The one with
              long hair has such a good looking face (I think) that she looks
              like a fashion model rather than a porn star which surprised me.
              \_ I'd have to guess Amy Lynn Baxter.
                 \_ No, it's one with very long straight dark hair.
2000/12/22-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20161 Activity:kinda low Edit_by:auto
12/22   I just want a hot sexy asian bf who looks like Dustin Ngyuen for
                                                       \_ who?
        X-Mas. Where can I find him?                            -lila
        \_ mail kchang
        \_ Sorry, all taken.  We're not hot because we're easy to land. -babe
        \_ I'm more hot and sexy than Dustin Nguyen. Do I not qualify?
           \_ Please sign your name so lila can get to know you.
        \_ Isthat the guy from 21 jump st. and the pam anderson show?
2000/12/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20113 Activity:nil
12/14   Who is that cute chick in the Circuit City commercial?  The one
        with the two kids out on a date.
        \_ does she look asian?
        \_ yer mom.
           \_ I believe "yermom" is one word.
                \_ So does yermom.
        \_ Who was that cute "older" woman on the plane sitting next
           to guy with the polaroids of his "girlfriends" that got
           spilled on when the seat folded back. For the life of me,
           I can't remember what the commercial was selling, but i felt
           the commercial was really well conceived/acted.
           \_ Right.  AT&T OneRate I believe.  The expression at the end made
              that commercial; watching it the nine billionth time ruined it.
              \_ what about the bikini-clad woman in the Fusion One "timing
                 is everything" ad? my god...
                 \_ Sync is everything.
                    \_ You just think it's everything.
                    \_ woops, got my corporate motto wrong, too busy
                       gawking at that woman
              \_ What's her name? I like that kind of woman.
                 Where and how do I find such a woman? Any ideas?
                 And I dont watch that much TV so have not gotten tired of it.
2000/12/9-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:20047 Activity:high
12/8    Is UC Hastings a top-ranked law school in the nation?  A friend of
        mine who had ~3.0 GPA in some non-engineering major in Cal got into
        Hastings.  I thought that school was much harder to get in.
        \_ It's not top-ranked, maybe top-25.
           \-LSAT probably counts for a lot. --psb
                 \- why does it matter?  are you jealous that your friend
                    got away with it?
        \_ Hastings is usually ranked around 30-50 in most surveys that
        I have seen and I have never seen break top 20. Don't be too
        impressed, partha is correct: one lucky LSAT score counts for
        more than GPA. The reason is that while GPA varies from school
        to school or even major to major, everybody takes a similar
        version of the LSAT. I know law professors and they
        tell me as much - LSAT is the weeder. -fab
        \_ How does one get 'lucky' on the LSAT?
                \_ You take guesses at answers, that sort of thing... -fab
           \_ You should ask yermom what it means to get 'lucky'
        \_ I hit a homerunwitha history major who got admitted to hastings.
           Shows you what type they let in
           \_ uh, how?  Because s/he had sex with someone? Isn't that true
                of people who go to every school?  Isn't that true of you?
                \_ Some bimbo who wanted an easy lay she could get off on and
                   then forget about?  Cheap stress free sex?  History majors
                   need it too, ya know.
                   \_ Woohoo! cheap, stres-free sex. there is a god
                      \_ there is a god, he just hates you.
                        \_ there is a god, SHE just hates me.
                        \_ The point being she scored him.  He got used.
                               \_ He got laid, that's a rare occurrence for
                                  any sodan. Used or unused, sex is sex.
                                   \_ Yeah, I don't see the problem.
                                      He got laid, she got laid, everyone
                                      wins. -bclinton
                           \_ All male geekdom must mourn this event.
                              \_ jkoh
2000/12/5 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/TJB] UID:20000 Activity:high 66%like:20005
12/4    What do ugrad TAs earn at Berkeley?
        \_ Hot gay sex.
                   \_ they don't earn this, they engage in this.
                      \_ Only if your first name is Trevor.
                         \_ I though that tjb was the #1 playa.
                \_ Sundays at 10pm on Showtime!
        \_ I got $1000 per month.
           \_ for giving hot gay sex?
              \_ No.
        \_ $12.50/hour several years ago.
          \_ And don't forget the partying with Nick Weaver!
             \_ priceless
          \_ it was about the same last semester, though I don't remember
             the exact amount.  it doesn't matter anyway, because you'll
             probably end up putting in a ton of hours w/o pay. (but TAing
             is not about the money, right...)
                                        \_ Haven't you been paying attention?
                                           Hot gay sex is what it's about.
                                           \_ priceless.
2000/11/29 [Computer/SW/Security, Recreation/Dating] UID:19943 Activity:nil
        \_ Sign up fast before they run out!!  Finally, women that geeks have
           a chance with!
2000/11/20-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19861 Activity:very high
11/19   Whatever happened to that guy who found out his girl friend
        had a long dating history.  I wonder if he left her.  If so
        Has he been regretting.
        \_ chasing amy
        \_ Was it dating or prostitution or a big time party girl whore?
        \_ she's diseased.
          \_ don't start rumors, we want the truth.
             \_ You can't handle the truth!
        \_ Yeah, is that guy reading the motd?  Please respond (that guy)
        \_ I wonder what girls think whether he should ditch that girl.
        \_ well, I am a guy. I say if you are bothered by her past, then
           leave her.  She made her choice when she was screwing around
           in the past.  There is no need for *YOU* to be end up with the
           leftovers.  If you don't make such painful choice right now,
           that will be one thing which will always on your mind later.
           It's not worth it.
           \_ If she's still continuing her polyamorous ways, then this advice
                is fine.  If not, then this is crap advice.  If you can't
                handle the fact that she's had more experience than you, then
                that's your problem.  When you break up with her, be a man
                and admit that it's because you can't handle it; don't cover
                up your inadequacies with stupid talk of "leftovers."
                \_ Can I assume this is from a female?
          \_ She wasn't a ho, she just had a lot of past boyfriends.  The
             \_ what if she told him that she did prostitution before because
                she was a confused, can she be considered "leftover"?
             guy was just some religious loser.
2000/11/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19769 Activity:nil
11/14   Winner of the 1999 Hemingway Imitation Contest (quite funny,
        in a sick sort of way):
            \_ hehe, that's pretty clever!
2000/11/11-12 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:19735 Activity:high
11/11   I want to impress a girl with my wonderful cooking skills. Problem
        is, I can't cook for shit. Any recommendation of recipes?
        \_ The long term approach is to cook for yourself all the time,
           so that you learn for future reference what works and doesn't.
        \_ good luck.
        \_ check out <DEAD><DEAD>...or (click on
           "cooking" and then peruse her recipes archive).
           \_ Any favorites? -kitchen virgin
              \_ there are some easy favorites in my recipe index (separate of
                 soar, which is someone else's project).  Email
                 me (chris) if you want to take it offline.  I don't feel
                 like posting detailed recipes on the motd.
        \_ a tip:  if you're doing this for a special occasion/to impress
           a date...and you've never tried/cooked the recipe before, do a test
           run before the actual date.  and go simple at first.  most girls
           are impressed of a guy who cooks at _all_.
           \_ it's true. -been there
           \_ That's pretty funny. -male who can't cook
        \_ Buy clams, garlic, parsley (or cilantro).  Get flat pasta.
           Simmer clams in garlic + butter, pepper and throw in some
           clamjuice (from the can)  garnish with parsley.  Boil the flat
           noodles for 15 minutes; strain. - paolo
           \_ Hear hear.  Any sort of pasta is pretty easy to do well.
           \_ paolo cooks some good stuff -paolo No. 1 fan
        \_ also, try for a recipe index.
              \_ that's really sweet of you, thinking of making a meal
                 from scratch.  If you follow recipes from any
                 good food site (i.e. not the KRAFT website), you should
                 come out ok.  Don't try anything too complex;  I helped
                 my friend one summer, it's an experience I'll never
                 forget.  We ended up working 24 hours straight to get
                 this stuff together...we're talking little stuffed tomatoes,
                 pate appetizer, roasted squab, salad, that fancy rice
                 dish (Italian) that I can't remember the name of right now,
                        \_ risotto?
                 and our feeble attempt at tiramisu.  Not that it tasted
                 bad, it just didn't taste like tiramisu.  This was all
                 sort of a thank you for a girl.  The funniest shit was that
                 this girl had a boyfriend who also came to the meal.
                 shortly thereafterward, the boyfriend got dumped and
                 my friend accomplished "the hostile takeover" as we
                 like to put it.  And this, all from recipes found on the
                 internet and a little effort.  good luck!
2000/11/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19665 Activity:insanely high
11/07  I know the MOTD is not the right place to for this, but searches on the
       web reveals too much information.  Anyway, does anyone know of URL of
       concise summaries or know of the answers to the followings:
        1) If I marry a student and have a divorce before she has the potential
           to earn an income, can she still get 1/2 of my options, house, car,
           bank account, investment account, retirement accounts, etc.?
           \_ Yep, but what state?
        2) How are my debts?  Will she also be liable for 1/2 of them if she is
           to claim 1/2 of my possesions?
           \_ Yeh rt.
        3) What if after she has the potential to earn an income?
           \_ Then the potential hopefully is that she'll eventually
              earn more than you and dump you.
        4) Is there any way that I can prevent this from happening short of a
           prenutial?  Something like a trust or irrovocable trust?
           \_ Dont get married. Or have an offshore account.
           \_ A prenup will help, but if she dumps you before earning
              anything, the judge can throw it out.
              A special type of trust, where you can access the assets
              and are a trustee but the trust isn't in your "name" will
              prevent her from touching your money. There are problems
              with this though, since it can only be used to secure pre-
              marital assets. After you get married you are SOL. The
              best option is to only get married if you can affort to
              lose big. Unless you are a multimillionare, no woman is
              worth it. Remember women come and go, money lasts a
              \_ My girl sticked with me through thick and thin.  No
                 amount of money is worth more than her.
                 \_ yermom doesn't count.
                    \_ Hehe.  Did ya gain all that cynicism when yermom
                        dumped you and your dad?
        \_ Why should all of this matter to you if want to get married?
           Just be happy that a woman will even give you the time of day.
           Consider whatever she takes when she leaves you for someone who
           is less of a self righteous asshole to be the price of getting
           your lame self laid
        \_ I guess you're just trying to cover your ass in worst-case
           scenario, but it sounds like you expect a divorce. If that's the
           case you deserve half your assets taken away. ie, don't marry
           unless you're positive you're gonna be in it for the long haul
           (so issues of potential income is a non-issue)
        \_ You people with your antiquated notions of love and romance
           really crack me up. If you get married without preparation,
           you *will* get screwed (far worse than anything you can do to
           her in bed). Women cannot be trusted and you should be prepared
           to defend what is rightfully yours.
            \_Look, the fact is that marriage is a LEGAL partnership. Once
              you get married you get to enjoy certain legal benefits,
              such as reduced tax rates (in single income families), etc.
              The price you pay for this is that your PARTNER is entitled
              to half the marital assets. Period. If you are so screwed in
              the head that your money is more important than your wifeor
              husband, then you deserve what you get. Anticipating
              nonexistant problems goes a long way toward creating them.
            \_ If you don't trust women, don't marry them. No problem.
             \_ This thread has come up before and there's always one guy who
              rehashes the same story.  Can you tell us exactly how your wife
              screwed you over?  Why the divorce and the subsequent money
2000/11/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19643 Activity:very high
11/2    when we're at it my gf has a tendency to scream 'do me hard daddy'
        or 'xyz dad'. at first i thought it was cool but later on she
        sez that she can't get orgazm without saying something about daddy.
        is there something wrong with her? what should i do about it?
        \_ At least she doesn't say do me hard mommy.
        \_ Uh, gee I dunno.. ask HER? quite probably some sexual abuse
           issues in there somewhere.
        \_ Ask her daddy
        \- write a play about it called "moaning becomes elektra" --psb
        \_ what's her phone number? --aaron
        \_ Why don't you start whimpering, "yes, mommy, yes!" and see how
           she likes it.
        \_ Whose your daddy!?!
        \_ had a gf who put her head on my lap and while I was petting her
           head and playing with her hair she said how much I made her feel
           like she was with her dad.  Seeee YA!  Outta there!
           \_ It's not wrong to pet your daughter.  as long as it isn't
              heavy petting.
                \_ It *is* wrong when the girl you're sleeping with tells you
                   that all the time.
        \_ Every little girl loves her daddy.
        \_ All of you need to watch High Fidelity.
           \_ What does High Fidelity have to do with "daddy"?
              \_ Poster must mean "In Fidelity"
2000/10/29-30 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:19594 Activity:kinda low
                                                           \_ Smut Markup
        \_ This has been posed to the MOTD at least once before.
        \_ Just proves that you should avoid women at all costs.
           \_ similarly,
              "Couples in conservative rural Egypt do not take off all
               their clothes when they have sex"
              Now THAT's conservative.
              \_ No, its all part of the F*ed up Muslim religion. The
                 same religion that forces women to wear black from head
                 to toe, because men are some how incapable of controlling
                 thier urges or some bs like that.
2000/10/21-11/16 [Recreation/Dating, Science/GlobalWarming, Reference/History/WW2] UID:19544 Activity:low
10/20   What does "fu" mean?  I see them sometimes on the motd.
        \_ It's a chinese word.
        \_ Fucked Up, as in FUBAR
          \_ More commonly spelt as "foobar", so "fu" is analogous to "foo"
          which I'm sure you'd be familiar with once you've taken enough
          CS or psuedo-CS classes. FUBAR, fucked up beyond all recognition,
          army term, like SNAFU, Situation Normal, All Fucked Up.
          \_ See the Jargon File for complete info:
             The short story, FUBAR comes from WWII (F'ed up beyond all
            The long story, it was added to computing lexicon by dec guys,
            and FOOBAR was made famous by RFC 1639.
          \_ fu == foo!!??  No way!
             \_ 'fu' has nothing at all to do with 'foo'.  See below.  -blojo
        \_ Hungry, wasting sodans are talking about "food", but in order to
           conserve energy only speak the first phoneme.  IT wages are
           tough to make a living on.
        \_ knowledge of a subject.
           \_ advanced ability in a particular technical field. Commonly
              referred to as Expertise.
        \_ as in kung fu
            \_ "I know Kung FU!"
               \_ "Show Me"
        \_ Even Winnie the Pooh knows what "fu" means:
        \_ It's like Lucy in the sky with diamonds. -gwb
        \_ That is just because you are Bush/Gore apologist who is
           secretly in favor of communism/fascism. Admit it!
           \_ No, this sodan just prefers motd sex/no-sex talk.  Am I right?
              \_ yup. poll for working post-school males with SO's: you:
                 a) knew your SO while in school or before:
                 b) met your SO after you started working :
                 c) found my SO in a lap dance bar in SF  :
2000/10/21-23 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Startup] UID:19536 Activity:high
10/21   Is it harder finding a significant other when you start working
        in the real world full time?
        \_  uh...YEAH.  think about it...if you're working 8 hours a day or
            more, and you don't go drinking, don't do church, and if
            you don't have lots of friends to hook you up, it gets
            REALLY hard. try to get hooked up before you leave college.
            dating at work can be awkward b/c if things go badly, you
            have to see that person on a daily basis still or still
            work with them, that's messy.  or your workplace might
            be a virtual purgatory with no women your age, only
            older 50-60 year old women nearing menopause and retirement.
            you don't necessarily have to get desperate and marry the
            person next to you before you leave college.  Your friends
            are your best connection at this stage other than your outside
            hobbies, if they are anti-social and have no leads, then
            you are pretty much sort of fucked.  like lots of other people,
            I think it's rather typical nowadays.
                   -- angry alum
            \_ Get one of the older people at work to hook you up with
               thier daughter. Easiest way to get to the top is to marry
               into it. Beware that you will have to treat this person
               nice otherwise things can get very hard at work.
               The other alternative is to have your parents find you
               a wife. Arranged marriages are cost effective and long
               lasting. None of that dating non-sense. The downside is
               that the proven system for arranged marriages is pretty
               much indian only, so unless you are indian SOL.
        \_ How could it possibly be any harder?
           \_ meeting fewer eligible people?
           \_Less TIME. actually having to work 8 hours a day,
             and commute 1-2 hours total
                \_ More free time, not having to be in class 4 hours a day,
                    working 4 hours a day, and studying/working on projects
                    10 hours a day.  (Or were you an English major?)
                       \_ WTH do you do for a living? I'm working ~ 60-80
                          hrs a week, I've got less free time now than when
                          I was at Cal going to class, labs, doing hw/projects
                          and so on. However, I'm looking forward to the
                          day (shortly now thanks to my options) when I can re
                          tire and become a full time skirt chaser.
                                \_ Programmer at a company who IPO'ed when
                                   you were learning to program in BASIC in
                                   grade school, so there are no "do or die"
                                   deadlines, and the options have a much
                                   higher chance of being worth more than the
                                   toilet paper that the average startup
                                   stock options end up as.
                                   \_ well, my options are in two decently
                                      large companies, so I'll be joining
                                      the millionare club soon. The reason
                                      I work so much is cause the old shits
                                      in my company don't do anything except
                                      count their money and someone has to
                                      finish the coding.
                          \_ How much money do you need? I work ~40 hours
                             per week and my options will be worth $2M in
                             another year+
                             \_ I'm out at 5M.
                    \_ in class or out, you are still surrounded by
                       peole close to your own age, who are or will be
                       college educated. Its different in the "real world"
                    \_ lots more people talk about kids.  You starting looking
                       at women's hands for rings.
                    \_ the pool of eligible potentials dwindles drastically
                       once you leave school.
                       \_ Return to school, become a hs teacher. Just make
                          sure to keep your hands off the ones you know are
                            \_ how successsful could this possibly be?  it's
                               barely viable and definitely not tolerated
                               in the United States.
                                  \_ It worked for Na-chan (If you understand
                                     this, I'm apologizing in advance)
                               \_ might not have been very serious about
                                  the last response.
2000/10/18-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19513 Activity:high
10/18   My company wants to have a recruiting event on campus, but we're
        worried we'll look desperate if we have a raffle for a palm pilot
        or a playstation 2, or something.  What are most companies doing
        these days that's not lame? --been out for a few years
        \_ Good recruiters have a mix of cute (friendly-acting) girls, and
           guys who can pull off back-slapping, I-was-there-I'm-your-friend
           shows.  Break down distrust, all that.  Do it in a professional-
           looking location, followed up by free drinks/food in a decent
           bar or lounge you've rented.  Especially for young, relatively
           inexperienced tech types, there are really proven manipulation
           techniques.  -John
           \_ cute asian girls please! - desparately seeking a date
              \_ tough shit, white boy.
                   \_ I'm asian looking for an asian chick (perferably
                      one like they have on my favorite animes)
                \_ Asian chicks?  Keep em.  sheesh.
                   |- I woud like 1 plz.  Where can i line up ...? -ugly enginr
                      \_ aww man, bring on the stanford whitey cuties
                         instead (see above post)
           get a bunch of luser who just want to win some free stuff.
                         \_ They aren't all that cute, and they are
                            high maintenance. Asian chicks can learn
                            to be low maintenance if you treat them
                            badly enough.
        \_ WINNING STRATEGY: always get cute HR and marketting gals to
           \_ i am a cynical grad student years from graduation who likes
              to get free pens, trinkets, and pizza, and you will *never*
              be able to distinguish me from a bright eyed, bushy tailed
              senior cs major looking to work 80 hours a week.  hahahahahaha!
           recruit. Fuck this nice place nice people crap. Ugly desperate
           engineers need chick. Period.
              \_ Must be cute asian chicks. The traffic to our booth
                 increased considerably once our cute asian chicks from
                 hr/marketing showed up.
                 \_ Yeah and you want to work at a company with people so
                    stupid, they'd sign up thinking they'll get laid with one
                    or more of the hot chicks at the recruiting session.
           \_ To this day I am impressed by JP Morgan because of the
              attractive women in short skirts (who claimed to be real
              employees and not recruiters per se) they flew out from NYC.
           \_ Amen.  Most Cal engineer's monetary needs = met.  Sexual
              needs = unmet.  (I speak for myself mostly)
              \_ Monetary needs = met -> sexual needs = met.  You can purchase
                 high quality sex.  It doesn't have to be a sleazy explicit
                 hooker either.  You can date with your wallet.
                 \_ how do you date with your wallet? EXPLAIN.
                    \_ Look for gold diggers. Cal is full of them.
                 \_ I agree. Gold diggers are easy to come by. Just make
                    sure you don't fall in love (they won't make that mistake).
                    And in case you decided to get married, please create a
                    irrevokable trust and get a prenup. We have enough homeless
                    as it is.
                        \_ Too late for some CSUAers....  RIP.
        \_ Trilogy threw a party at Blake's with free beer for minors. And
           they're planning on getting a busload of people down to
           Dave&Buster's next week. Be Like Them.
           \_ What does Trilogy make goddamit?
              \_ Folks in Austin call Trilogy 'Cult on a hill.'  Trilogy is
                 evil.  Think about how boring their products must be, and how
                 hard they must work new hires if they have such a large scale
                 geek courting campaign in place.
                 \_ I know two guys who went there straight out of school...
                    They said after the first six weeks, it isn't so bad...
                    And the first six weeks aren't more work than big
                    cs16[249] projects.
              \_ uh ... free beer?
                 \_ yea. free beer. why?
        \_ Hire female strippers and give lap dances
           \_ yes, I agree
           \_ You mean, make the strippers give lap dances.
        \_ Be a lame company which does dumb and destructive things with
           patents and face the Wrath of Nick outside the Woz.
           \_ Things like what?
              \_ RAMBUS
                 \_ What did Nick do to RAMBUS?
        \_ Only a PP or PS2? Try raffling 2 or 3 laptops or Trips for Two
           to Paris
                \_ Go for TiVo's or ReplayTV's - no one needs them more than
                    CS students with evening midterms and all-night projects
                    in the labs.
        \_ Why not explain that your workplace is relaxed, supportive, and
           full of wonderful, interesting people? Smoke and mirrors will
           only work if you want to hire bozos.
           \_ Uh huh.  Every place is just wonderful to work at.
              \_ Not. Most startups are pretty shitty. So are most large
                 companies. If people knew what it was like to work at
                 say Cisco with its endless bickering, meetings, schedule
                 slips, shitty managers, crappy IS etc., they would probably
                 want to work somewhere else. - cisco alum
           \_ 1. The question was sarcastic and rhetorical;
                     \_ work sucks no matter which way you make for most
                        of us, that's why it's called work.
              2. I think you're confusing good lazy w/ bad lazy.
        \_ Bring a few trinkets, pens, postit notes, keychains, lights with
           the company logo and web site and give these out. When people
           come to get the stuff, tell them about your company, what you do,
           the kind of people who work there, etc. Explain why its a good
           place to work and you will get good people, otherwise you will
           get a bunch of lusers who just want to win some free stuff.
2000/10/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19464 Activity:insanely high
10/12   Is there a good stripclub near Santa Rosa?  My girlfriend wants
        a lapdance, from either a stud or a chick.
           \_ crazy horse is a good place to go for a lapdance.  The
              girls attractive.  If you want to get a good lap dance,
              expect to pay extra.  "good" is measured by two variables:
              squirm factor (SF) and hand movement (HM).  SF is whatever
              unusual things the dancer does to you to turn you on without
              actually fucking you or giving you oral.  HM is a measurement
              of how much you can touch a dancer without having him/her push
              your hands away.  a good experience will have high SF and low
              HM.  yeah....crazy horse.  yup...for $40, you can practically
              feel up your dancer EVERYWHERE just short of poking
              things into holes (that depends on the dancer of course).
             \_ Mitchell Brothers, Crazy Horse on Market...two suggestions.
                A friend of mine took his girlfriend to Mitchell Brothers,
                they went for a private dance -- the stripper got funky with
                with his gf, and then left them with a condom to "finish."
        \_ As if.
        \_ There are some farms around there, I think.  I seriously
           don't recommend a laptance from a stud, since she'll look sort
           of goofy with HOOF MARKS ON HER FACE.  And I can't imagine why
           she'd want poultry dancing on her.  -John
           \_ Either hoof marks or splinters...
        \_ Hey, this is a serious question.  I need a place where both
           of us can get hot rubbing from nekkid girl from Spokane.
          \_ Go to San Francisco --oj
             \_ Mitchell Brothers, Crazy Horse onMarket...two suggestions.
             \_ Mitchell Brothers, Crazy Horse on Market...two suggestions.
                A friend of mine took his girlfriend to Mitchell Brothers,
                they went for a private dance -- the stripper got funky with
                with his gf, and then left them with a condom to "finish."
                \_ how funky?
                   \_ they were both naked (the women), the stripper was
                      at least at 2nd base with his gf.  which of course,
                      turned him on...
                      \_ I don't see why he would leave a condom if they
                         were both women. Perhaps there is something I don't
                         know about women that is specific to strippers in
                         this particular establishment.
                         \_ uh...THE STRIPPER (SHE) left THEM (the guy and his
           \_ Are there any CSUA chicks who would give your gf a lapdance?
                            gf) a condom.
                            \_ when I read it, the phrase was:
                               "...and then he left them..."
                               It was since been changed.
                      \_ What is 2nd base? -nerd
        \_ Plenty of CSUA studs who'd give your gf a lapdance.
           \_ Aren't there any CSUA chicks who would give your gf a lapdance?
        \_ Back to the original question, I found The Gold Club to be pretty
           good. (Howard & 4th St, SF) All of the girls there are independent
           contractors; so most of them don't care about house policy. I found
           most to have medium to high SF and even some have high HM. $20 for
           one and they have a "Red Room" special, $100 for 3 dances and any-
           thing goes. (well, kinda) There are plenty of couples in there too;
           your gf may feel more comfortable there than going to "cock-heavy"
        \_ Are there any places with both guys and girls dancing.  GF wants
           to go see guys, but says I can come along.  But I want to see girls.
2000/10/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19462 Activity:very high
10/11   I am looking for ideas for a first date.  Does anyone have ideas?
           \_ look up the usernames of all the females on ocf/soda/cory
              and send them a spam message offering to date them. Follow
              up with all those who don't send death threats. Some have
              success with this others don't. YMMV.
        \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.  Plus you can get better
           advice from Playboy articles than the soda motd.
           \_ He wouldn't be asking if he knew what to do. DUH! Get a CLUE!
        \_ look up the usernames of all the females on ocf/soda/cory
                                            \_ why do you assume
                                                she's a lesbian?
                I'm assuming that the poster is a male _/
                (or as close to it as you can get with
                a motd poster asking for mating ritual
                advice) looking for a date with a female.
                I didn't think about all of the sick and
                disgusting and perverted homosexual matchups
              \_   :o-:
                that you are apparently facinated with.
             why do you assume there are females on cory?_/
           and send them a spam message offering to date them. Follow
           up with all those who don't send death threats. Some have
           success with this others don't. YMMV.
           \_ Not *getting* a date, but what to do for an activity.
              \_ I suggest xtrek or the multi-player version of
                 hack if your are a UNIX type. If you are mac or
                 pc try Q3A or UT (whichever you prefer).
                 Or you could try the one of the following cliched combos:
                 {movie|miniature golf|play|opera|beach}/{lunch|dinner}
        \_ try the spicy tuna hand roll
           \_ try the spicy fish taco
              \_ I hear eating lots of garlic really turns the girls on.
                 \_ I guess you just don't get "eating fish tacos", huh?
                    \_ that's really stupid
                    \_ what?
                        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ spend so much money that you can't possibly ever live up to the
           resulting expectations. Oh, and do things like go to a concert,
           movie, or night club so that you don't ever actually talk.
           \_  Heh.  I like to take girls to a cafe.
        \_ Don't forget to deny her in case she offers you oral sex.
           \_ :o
              \_   :o-8
                   \_ pencil d*ck.  It's :o=8

        \_ A dozen of red roses will do just fine.  And a nice romantic
              \_ If you send roses you must not sign your name!
           \_ Don't forget to ask your waiter to leave a "Magnum" brand
              prophylactic on the receipt tray.
              \_ to accomodate the "larger gentleman"?
                 \_ That's what he meant.
        \_ You mean you've never been on a date?
           \_ He's posting on the motd for advice. What do you think??
              DUH! Of course he has never been on a date.
        \_ try to avoid making it out the excursion as being a "date",
           it'll tend to remove the social pressure you'd probably
           both feel as such.   you're asking this person to go out
           and have a meal, watch a movie, play pool, bowl, go swimming,
           golf, play tennis, play quake, etc etc whatever is the fancy.
           it's up to you...after all, if you think about it, there's
           only so much you can do with other people or another person.
           as a personal suggestion, dinner at a nice restaurant works
           ok although it doesn't rate highly in the originality department.
           and don't show up with roses or any sort of flowers, DO
           something else by all means.  flowers are a bit too cheesefuck
           for a first date...whatever the case, try not to label
           the event as a date when you are speaking to the person you
           want to ask out.    -- swings
                \_ excellent advice -- I've told a number of women that
                   I don't date (true) but we can go out and have fun,
                   hang out together, fly kites, etc. They're much more
                   receptive to the kite idea than one might think :)
2000/10/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19456 Activity:nil
10/11   stupid dating post nuked.
2000/10/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19438 Activity:nil
10/7    Once, when all else fails... I go back to the motd..
        Anyone know where I can buy cute earmuffs on line? Maybe
        Pooh or Hello Kitty themed? -look for cute but warm ears
        \_ try eBay, a quick search listed 2 auctions --oj
2000/10/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:19426 Activity:insanely high
10/6    Are women in EE/CS highly contested for?  If so, is it because they're
        desirable or is it because they are rare?
        \_ If you're looking at it from a corporate perspective, female
           engineers are more desirable hiring candidates, because employers
           like to keep their demographics in hiring balanced to qualify for
           equal opportunity employment.
           \_ Female empolyees are more expensive than Male employees. Most
              women have one bad week every month. Thats a 25% reduction in
              efficicy. Plus they all want to get married, pregnant, leave
              early to take care of kids, etc. Don't hire a woman engineer
              if you want to get any work done.
              \_ I would never get laid if I didnt hire female subordinates.
                      \_ considering the appearance of many female engineers,
                         you and a pumpkin or a whole in the ground might
                         be a better bet.
                 \_ R U l00K1NG 2 G3T SU3D D00D?!?
        \_ Women who are hot, smart, expressive, and are like you are rare
           finds.  If you are EE/CS, and review the EE/CS meat, the Bell
           curve has shifted that much over to the right for you.
                \_ expressive? .... like python?
                      \_ like smalltalk.
                   \_ baby, if you do the right things, in no time at all
                      she'll be wanting *your* python
                \_ yeah, and look at all the guys in EE/CS who are hot, smart
                   and expressive.  Hah.  -tom
                      \_ I guess you mean Ali.
                   \_ there are some who are one for three (smart).
                      \_ or two out of three.
                         \_ tom is smart and expressive...
                            \_ And hot! wee-oooo!
                               \_ I believe that it is spelled H0T D00D!
                                  \_ soda% grep "\~raytrace\/ " access.log | wc
                                           21     336    3119
                                     soda% grep "\~lila\/ " access.log | wc
                      most poeple in this world, is only attractive as far
                                            4      62     639
                                     soda% grep "\~tom\/ " access.log | wc
                                            1      14     162
        \_ Old jungle saying 'What do you call a pretty girl in EE/CS class?'
           'A visitor'. Women in EE/CS only get play cause EE/CS geeks can't
           get dates with any other types of women. I've only met a few EE/CS
           women that knew thier stuff. All the others were either getting
           the homeworks from thier boyfriends or were bonking the TAs.
                \_ You obviously never met raytrace.
                   \_ Not being ugly is not the same as pretty.  Raytace, like
                      most people in this world, is only attractive as far
                      as she isn't ugly.  IF you really think she is a beauty
                      then you need to get out more.
                        \_ Although not number 1 on my favorite people list,
                           this is so FUCKED UP
                           severely and positively fucked up.
                           picking on a single person like this was highly
                           inappropriate.  Both of you should be ashamed.
                           The first for setting her up as some ideal which
                           was certain to be attacked on the motd, and the
                           second for taking the bait and attacking her.
                                \_ You miss the fact that there is a long
                                   tradition of someone posting about EECS
                                   women to the motd every few months, and
                                   the response is always "you haven't met
                        \_ You bozo, raytrace is an example of a woman
                           who didn't have to depend on boinking someone.
                        \_ Can you keep your opinions to yourself?
                           who are you to publically discuss her level
                           of attraction anyway?  and who are you to dismiss
                           those who find her attractive so quickly?
                           this is so FUCKED UP severely and positively
                           fucked up.
                           \_ look I'm not saying she is ugly, I'm just
                              saying she isn't really all the remarkable
                              one way or the other.  And you know, that
                              generally non remarkably pretty (or ugly)
                              people are still attractive cause basically
                              the human body is attractive. Just she isn't
                              worth trotting out as a gorgeous CS girl,
                              cause if that is as gorgeous as CS girls get
                              then the comment that there are no gergeous
                              CS chicks out there is right on the money.
                              \_ For most sodans, live female human falls
                                 into the attractive category.
                                 \_ i don't knew who raytrace is, but damn,
                                 this is some funny shit.  you guys have
                                 really mellowed my friday.
                           \_ Hi lila!  People have a right to discuss their
                              opinions!  It's in the constitution somewhere!
                                \_ uh, why would you think i wrote that...
                                   i don't try to censor people, and i
                                   generally sign my posts.  -lila
                              \_ Actually, its in the Bill of Rights, which
                                 is technically not part of the Constitution.
                                 \_ Umm it is an amendment to the constituion.
                                    That makes it part of it.  Dumbass.  The
                                    thing to correct people about is those
                                    idiots who think the Decleration of Indep.
                                    is part of the constitution (Life, liberty,
                                    and all the fucking jazz)
                                    \_ Amendments are add ons to the
                                       constitution. They are not part of it.
                                       Ask a constitutional lawyer. There is
                                       a difference.
                   \_ no I haven't. Who's raytrace?
                   \_ Any pics?  Her home page doesn't have any.
                   \_ leave raytrace alone.  singling out a woman
                      on the motd is so fucking pathetic.
                      \_ I bet you're trying to score with her, that's
                         why you are defending here on the motd. Typical
                         EE/CS geek: "Hey baby, they were beating you up
                         on the motd, but I posted telling them to lay off.
                         How about a date? I promise to bathe the week before."
                         \_ pathetic. once again.  i'm female, straight and
                            \_ Are you going to swindle your man out of his
                               hard-earned money because he wasn't smart enough
                               to get a prenup?
           \_ Not all EE/CS students are geeks who can't get play with
              non-EE/CS chicks.  Those who can't deserve what they get.
              \_ If you are any good at EE/CS you won't be interested in
                 getting play.
                 \_ This sounds more like sour grapes than anything.
           \_ Eva Chan was cute.  Anyone knows where she went?
              \_ got pix?
                 \_ No, I wish I got some.
           \_ Where do all the lonely geeks go?  Now you know.
                 \_ They're all posting on the motd looking desperately for
                    pics of female ee/cs students.  I already knew that.
2000/10/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:19423 Activity:very high 50%like:19619
10/5    3865   100%    /var/mail
        \_ I sense much mail bouncing tomorrow morning

  \__/ .\/ tweet tweet
  /     /\ beeeeeyatch
   | |
  /\ /\
        \_ Will Mark vi have more mail space?
           \_ When it becomes an IMAP-only server, yes!  Welcome to the New
              \_ Soda ought not dictate the method of reading/storing mail.

                 - old geezer who still uses mh
        \_ Biggest offenders:
           --rw-rw----   1 jon       mail    15399014 Oct  6 00:22 jon
                                         \_  16075605 Oct  6 13:28 jon
           --rw-rw----   1 jon       mail           0 Oct  6 13:40 /var/mail/jon
           --rw-------   1 tse       mail     7157578 Oct  6 00:54 tse
           --rw-rw----   1 muchandr  mail     5164239 Oct  5 22:53 muchandr
           --rw-rw----   1 sky       mail     4765757 Oct  5 23:35 sky
           --rw-------   1 gsu       mail     4387733 Oct  5 19:53 gsu
           --rw-------   1 rbola     mail     4337005 Oct  5 21:42 rbola
           --rw-rw----   1 jstanko   mail     4208883 Oct  5 00:33 jstanko
           --rw-rw----   1 jh        mail     4097161 Oct  5 23:36 jh
           --rw-rw----   1 klee      mail     3988082 Oct  6 00:50 klee
           --rw-rw----   1 rico      mail     3917348 Oct  5 23:37 rico
                 \_ Soda gains sentience, enforces mail reading policy.
                    Film at 11.
                    \_ Requiring an imap compatible reader is silly.  Just
                       dump it in home dirs and let people deal as they
        \_ New list of "offenders" (All under 15 MB quota, but these sizes
           are still unbelieveably large):
           \_ Most of these "offenders" are way below the 15 meg quota
              alloted for mail.
           muchandr  -> 5.0 M
           \_ Muchandr is a repeat offender.  I think he falls
              under the three strikes rule, let's sorry him!
           sky       -> 4.6 M
           gsu       -> 4.2 M
           rbola     -> 4.1 M
           jh        -> 3.9 M
                \_ jh ought to be excused if he comes and playes netrek
                \_ jh ought to be excused if he comes and plays netrek
                   for GB again, umd traitor scum.  -John
           klee      -> 3.8 M
           annes     -> 3.7 M
           rico      -> 3.7 M
           wendyg    -> 3.7 M
           kube      -> 3.6 M
        \_ imho, soda should just forward mail.
           \_ wrong.
                \_ An opinion can't be wrong.  But it would be wrong to
                   implement this opinion.
                   \= okay, IMHO WRONG!!!!
                        \_ Thanks.
                \_ This sounds like a good idea... there are plenty of
                   other places people can do their email these days.
                   \_ IMHO U 12 W210NG D00D!
           \_ imho, user email should wind up in user home directories, and
                    email as you have to store gay porn.
              fall under user quota.
              \_ that's an interesting idea... but then people would
                        \_ Where is it written anyone has a _right_ to store
                 never clear out their mailspool, they'd just let it
                 collect in their 10 meg quota.
                 \_ so??  its their 10 meg quota, who are you to decide what
                    they store in it.  They have just as much right to store
                    email as you have to store hot gay porn.
                    \_ if everyone on soda used their 10 megs of quota,
                       we'd be screwed.  - danh
                        \_ Where is it written that anyone has a _right_ to
                           store porn?
                           \_ Where is it written that anyone has the _right_
                              to store email?
                                \_ It isn't.  The priviledge is part of having
                                   a unix account unless otherwise specified.
                                   Porn is not a promised or implied right or
              \_ Argeed. Use mh. Save a mail spool.
              \_ Ermmm...  no
2000/10/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19415 Activity:insanely high
10/04   Someone please explain why Silicon Valley lacks fine Indian women?
        My parents want me to get married and they're scaring me when they
        talk about arranged marriage (what do you think about Chatterjee's
        daughter?) Christ! What should I do? -almost 30 Bengal
           \_ psb is that you?
        \_ So what do you think of Chatterjee's daughter? Is she any good?
           Perhaps you can do a favor to the guys down below asking for a
           GF by posting her email address here.
           \_ psb is that you?
        \_ Call Reddy Realty. Affordable Housing And Even More Affordable
           Women (tm)
           \_ Yeah!  H. Raj Reddy!!  I used to write all my checks to him.
              Oh the memories of a leaky apartment and fixing everything
              that went wrong myself.  -reminising alum
              \_ You too?  Do all Reddy apts leak for some reason?
                 \_ No, mine just have a lot of roaches.  I'll admit that
                    me and my roomies further excerbated the problem.
        \_ all those Indian polygamists hogging up the women.
        \_ Old jungle saying. "What do you call a pretty girl in India?
           A tourist."
        \_ ijut. Do you want your marriage to last, or do you want to get
           a typical california gold-digger who ditches you after a few years
           and gets half of what you have, AND half of what you make for
           the next 20 years?
           If you want it to last, listen to your parents
           \_ No true. Most Indian girls are gold diggers too. Talk to a
              lawyer before you get married. Get a strong pre-nup and then
              just for good measure, transfer critical assets into a
              unrevocable trust. Not even Feminazi Bleeding Heart Liberal
              Lesbian Man-Hater judges can take the money away from you
              in divorce court if it is in a unrevocable trust. Don't think
              that this is romantic? Old jungle saying "Women come and go,
              money is forever."
        \_ Just marry a nice jewish girl.  -John
           \_ oh sure. She wont divorce you to spend your money.. she'll
              just spend it while she's with you :-)
                 \_ zactly, and she won't spend all morning bugging you about
                    whether the dot is centered.  -John
                    \_ One would be lucky to still find a Indian Girl who
                       cared enough about religion to wear the "dot".
              \_ Old jungle saying, "All women wrong, pick less wrong woman".
                 Regarless of who you pick they will eventually screw you
                 worse than you screw them.
                        \_ The bindi is aesthetic
                           \_ Perhaps for you North Indians whose conception
              No        3
              Can I get a girlfriend first?     1
                              of proper hindu behavior has been corrupted by
                              years of occupation by arabs.
                                \_ You people are so lame. What's it take
                                   to offend someone these days?  -John
        \_ just marry a nice asian gal, pref. one who doesn't speak
           that good of English language and still knows how to cook.
        \_ Half Italian women or ones from eastern european countries are
           hot stuff :-)
        \_ just make sure you all sign pre-nups!
           \_ sheeit.  why don't you just make sure you marry the right woman
              \_ Old jungle saying, "All women wrong, pick one less wrong than
                 others". Regarless of who you pick they will eventually screw
                 you worse than you screw them.
           \_ Sheeit. Conceal your wealth in off-shore complex trusts so
              that you don't actually own anything or pay any taxes and for
              the love of Vishnu DON'T TELL ANY WOMEN.
              \_ I agree. But you should still get a prenup. The kind that
                 says that if you get a divorce, she will pay you money.
        \_ Retrurning to the topic, most of the attractive Indian women
                                                \_ this is an __\/
                                                \_ url/pics please
           in the area live in San Francisco.
           \_ where in sf?
                \_ portrero hill
        \_ how many (married) soda guys have a prenup with their respective
           wives? (or vice versa) --chris
           \_ Yes       0
              No        4
              \_ Are you people stupid or what? Married without a prenup,
                 you will be paying for this mistake the rest of your lives.
                        \_ Got married right out of college, didn't have
                           enough money to even pay the lawyers fees for a
                           prenup.  Have no intention of getting divorced and
                           needing to worry about it.  (Besides, she makes as
                           much as I do.)
                           \_ Bwahaha. You'll be paying the payments on her
                              and her new wealthy boyfriend's sports cars.
           \_ i am gonna have a prenup, demanding that she has to put out
              whenever i want.
                              \_ She's probably already got the paperwork
                                 ready. If you see her going to the doctor
                                 get ready to run, cause she's creating a
                                 paper trail for spousal abuse.
              Can I get a girlfriend first?     2
           \_ she's gonna have a prenup, demanding that I have to put out
              whenever she wants.
2000/10/4 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:19405 Activity:moderate
        \_ Hmm, all of them have slim waists, but none of them seem to have
           nice chests except maybe Miss South Carolina.
          \_ you fucking idiot, they all have gorgeous bodies
             \_ But I personally perfer D- or DD- cups.  E- is too big though.
                \_ I prefer double DD's one in each hand. -Bill Clinton
                   \_ Who'd prefer only in one hand?  You like woman with only
                      one boob?
                   \_ What size is Monica?
                \_ I want dem titties with big ol' strech marks!  Cos Dat's
2000/9/29 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:19373 Activity:high
9/29    New discovery! Your ear wax tastes like a girl's pussy!!! TRY IT!
        Some people say pussies take like raw fish, but it really tastes
        like your ear wax.
        \_ Stop spreading rumors like this. Some people on soda have never
           had pussy and will believe you.
           \_ Well, we all know it feels like warm apple pie.
              \_ You watched American Pie too many times.
                 \_ Well, I don't feel much of anything. My cock's too small.
2000/9/29 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:19371 Activity:high
9/29    You erase my messages about pussy, I erase your messages about you.
        \_ And if 'you' = 'pussy'?
           \_ % dict intestinate
              No definitions found for "intestinate"
2000/9/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19362 Activity:nil
9/28    So, in looking for what LEIA actually is, I remembered some
        very, very special Star Wars sites: (old, but necessary)
        * : star wars personality test
        *               : has link to SW gangsta rap
        But be warned, the second is an embodiment of everything bad
        about Flash AND cracker rap...
        \_ StarWars, a poor imitation of Star Trek. Those SW fans
           are lunatic slashdotters. Even Voyager is better than SW.
2000/9/28-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19356 Activity:high
9/28    Looking for 3-D porn. urlP.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Very nice pics, but they're not 3-D.
              \_ Digital Asian Chick!!!
              \_ Actually I'm asking because I'm a 30 year old virgin and
                 I've never seen a real pussy. I just wanna see it in 3-D
                 to see its texture, vulva height, clitoris size, etc.
                    \_ Get cable or watch anime its probably good enough
                       for you.
                 \_ Man, first time I've heard a person interested in
                    vulva height.
              \_ What's the matter with all of you?!
2000/9/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19299 Activity:nil
9/18    Would you go out with a woman taller/guy shorter than you?
        Any difference? More than 2inch? More than 6inch?
        \_ Definitely at least 12 inches and 2 inches in diameter. -yermom
        \_ height doesn't matter, only size.
           \_ thickness
        \_ From my experience, shorter women seem to have more of a problem
           with my height than taller women.  My girlfriend is about 3
           inches taller than me, and so is my ex.  - shorter guy
        \_ My last girlfriend was about the same height as I am, but with
           heels, she turned 6'3" instantly, putting me a tad shorter than her.
           Doesn't bother me at all; it's actually a lot of fun.
2000/9/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19243 Activity:moderate
9/13    I've outgrown games.  Is there something wrong with me?
        \_ Sex is considered a game by some.
          \_ Don't be silly, CSUA geeks and sex don't mix
             \_ What about IRC sex?
                \_ once an IRC sex junkie, always an IRC sex junkie
2000/9/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19224 Activity:high
9/10    Just curious, do female porn stars use cosmetics on their pussies?
        Female pussies look good on film but never as good in person it
        \_ Female pussies? How about male pussies, aka manginas?
                \_ I've never seen a mangina.  UrlP
                \_ deucy you are the best mangina in my manstable!
           \_ My girlfriend says her pussy belongs to me.  Does that make
              it a mangina?
        \_ I have to disagree.
        \_ Maybe it's the lighting.  Sometimes things look better when
           highlighted with a spot light.  A tungsten light adds warm color
           to it too.
        \_ shave her, it'll look great!
           \_ Tastes better too.  Well, better texture.
2000/9/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19203 Activity:very high
9/6     I'm 29, still a virgin, and REALLY wanna get laid. Has anyone ever
        gone back to India to look for a wife? Any advice? Thanks...
        \- are you indian? if so, send in the relatives. if not, that is
        pretty interesting. let me know how it goes. punjabi women are
        pretty attractive and often nice. --psb
                \_ i thought Bengali women are nicer, like yer mom
                   \_ Bengali women look nicer but are much more
                      materialistic. If you want a good screw indian
                      is not the way to go.
                        \_ What's wrong with materialistic women?
                           \_ they will leave you for a better screw.
                                \_ Don't you mean more money?
        \_ Why bother? there are a zillion agencies for that sort of
           thing, i would imagine. Just have them send you photos
        \_ u wanna get married just b/c u wanna get laid?!  feel sorry
           for u...
           \_ its a religious issue for some.
                \_ not about sex b4 marriage, but don't u want to get
                   married b/c u want a companion?
                   \_ Unless you are really rich and can deal with the
                      expenses of companionship or you are really poor
                         \_ -pld
                      and its worth the trouble to increase your buying
                      power marriage is just a big hassle (financially,
                      emotionally, etc.) Want companionship? Get a dog,
                      program an AI.
                      \_ program an AI?  You pathetic lonely geek.  You're
                         so lonely, you're USED to it!
                         \_ AI better than a women. You can turn it off
                            or stop paying attention to it or reprogram
                            it. Also you can get it to predict stock
                                \_ Obviously you're joking but I find it kinda
                                   sad that anyone could even think of a joke
                                   like that.
                                   \_ are you new to soda?
                                      \_ it's still pathetic. --not new to soda
                                      \_ No.  That's how I know he's joking.
                                         I still find it sad.
                                        \_ [meaningless drivel 'reply' deleted]
        \_ Why would you go back to india to get a wife just to get
           laid? There are so many problems associated with getting
           your wife back to this country and getting her adjusted
           that its not worth it. Look for someone in this country,
           it will be cheaper and they will probably screw better.
                \_ fuck this overly dominant, money grabbing, pre-nupt
                   hating, phat lookin' White Chick. NO WHITE CHICK.
                   \_ I meant indian girls born in this country, not
                      white chicks.
                   \_ I believe you mean "don't f*uck these overly..."
                   \_ It is because white chicks are so bad that white
                      guys go after the asian hotties. Damn the white
                      guys who are screwing my asian hotties. Asian
                      hotties are only for Rice Boys!
                                           \_ who drive Rice Rockets!
                \_ why would an american born indian chick screw better?
                   plenty of american born chicks of all sorts and some are
                   great while most are average and some are bad at it.
                   \_ All indian born indian chicks are underaverage in
                      this department. arerican born indian chicks are
                      \_ You clearly never fucked an indian woman.  Indian
                         women are probably the most passionate in the world.
                         Their whole culture is steeped in sex.
                      slightly better, only because of greater exposure
                      to sexuality. The poster is fixated on indians,
                      thus he should at least go for the ones that will
                      be better.
                        \_ All?  You've tried ALL of them?  Wow... where do
                           find the time?
        \_ What's wrong with getting your parents to find you a wife?
           That is the traditional indian way.
                \_ the way it works is my parents line up 4-5 chicks and
                   I 'interview' all of them in a day. I make a decision
                   the next day and get it over with.
                   \_ Does putting 'interview' in quotes mean you actually
                      see how good they are in bed?
                      \_ Uh, no. At least not traditionally.
                   \_ Hey that sounds great.  What nice parents.
        \_ Plenty of willing Russian and Thai women in catalogs.  -John
              \_ You forgot HK women.
           \_ russian women have beards, thai women are bitchy
                \_ Whats wrong with a bitchy Thai woman if she's attractive
                   and can fuck?  All women are bitchy.  Nothing special
                   about that.  You're fooling yourself if you think there's
                   some magical race of women who aren't.
                   \_ Not magical, just available by catalog.  And I'm told
                      that some of the hottest Thai girls have a surprise
                      for you down under!  -John
                        \_ That can be easily fixed with an ACME Home Surgical
                           Kit (c).
                   \_ inflatable.
        \_ Partha Banerjee, is that you?
2000/9/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19201 Activity:very high
9/7     my boyfriend loves me, but he can't get it up.  what should i do?
        he says it's not my fault -- i need sex, but love him and won't
        leave him.
           \_ it is your fault, you are not a hottie.
        \_ It's not CSUA's fault if poor Trevor can't get a stiffy.
           \_ it is your fault, you are not a hottie.
        \_ Ask him if wearing leather would help. Otherwise, buy him
           a strap-on
           \_ Maybe he's a girly man and wants to take it in the
              behind rather than give it out. Buy yourself the strapon
              and give him a good riding. You may need to get him
              some lingere also.
        \_ buy a vibrator.  pearl rabbit makes you climax every time.
        \_ For some reason, I'm beginning to doubt the veracity of
           these motd counseling requests ...
                \_ You're only just now beginning to doubt them?
        \_ Maybe your boyfriend is not gay.  He needs to be turned on
           by a woman, not a man.
                \_ Maybe your boyfriend needs to be turned on by a
                   450-pound ex-male wrestler victim of steroid
                   hair growth halitosis experiments.  -John
           \_ I'm a woman!
              \_ You'd like to think that, now, would you, girly-man.
        \_ Just in case this is a serious post, here is a serious answer:
           Stress can cause a lot of sexual problems.  Try to get your
           boyfriend to relax before you initiate sex.  For example,
           give him a back rub or take a nap together and then try
           having sex.  Good luck.
           \_ Thank you.  It _was_ a serious posting.  I know I shouldn't
              post to the motd, but I'm trying to take every piece of advice
              I can get!  I can't even really talk to him about it much,
              he doesn't like to talk much about it.  He is a workaholic,
              and his stress has been higher lately.
              \_ Indeed.
        \_ He should see a urologist. It could be stress,
           testosterone levels, blood flow problems, etc.
        \_ Tell him you want to start seeing other people.
           \_ That is NOT going to reduce the guy's stress levels!
                \_ No, but she'll finally start getting some low stress sex
                   for herself.  He needs to go deal on his own time and stop
                   being a wimp.
2000/9/7-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19193 Activity:moderate
9/7     A friend of mine from Switzerland asked me where she and 3 other
        people coming to visit SF next week could maybe rent a cheap room
        for 10 days.  They'd like to avoid hotels if at all possible.  Does
        anyone have any ideas about guest houses and the likes?  Does this
        even exist?  -John
        \_ youth hostels
           \_ they're swiss, so they're cold, but they LOOK hot
              \_ Any pics to look at before I decide?
        \_ YMCA/YWCA in SF?
        \_ How about hostelling?  I remembered that's at lease one hostel smack
           between Union Square and Chinatown.
        \_ Are they hot and willing?  I've got a place.
                \_ yeah john, are they? --aaron
        \_ I love Swiss chocolate and Swiss porn
              "Tennage Sex" in the late 70's by Colour (sig) Climax Corp.
           \_ Danish porn is better.  My favorite video is a series called
              "Teenage Sex" in the late 70's by Colour (sig) Climax Corp.
                \_ They are 450-pound ex-male wrestler victims of steroid
                   hair growth halitosis experiments.  Aaron, they're white
                   so that rules out you.  And there is no such thing as
                   Swiss porn.  We get German and French porn, which is
                   pretty odd.  And you misspelled "teenage".  -John
                   \_ Huh?  The ones I watched were of average-weight young
                      un-ugly guys and gals.  I didn't get the tape in US,
                      so although I couldn't tell if they were really teens,
                      it would have been legal even if they were.  The tape
                      was Betamax, dubbed in English.
                   \_ Swiss porn counterexample:
        \_ American Hostels?  Hostelling International?
        \_ They could stay in Soda lab (is it still underground?)
                        \_ No, last week's earthquake lifted it 50 feet
                           and it's now 2 stories above ground level.
2000/9/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:19185 Activity:insanely high
9/6     I accidental opened the bathroom while my grandmother's still naked in
        the bathroom and I did not have a hard on. Is that normal? Could I
        be gay?  Is there such thing as being "conditional gay" or "5% gay"?
        \_ Male roommate?  did your wife kick you out or did she
           just move her boyfriend in?
        \_ Are you asian/indian?
        \_ Is she a hottie? (Probably not, as people who post on the motd
           and people who have hottie GF's are sets without intersections)
           If not there's your answer.
        \_ silly noodle, hard-ons are triggered by a complex set of emotional
           and physical and intellectual considerations.  Walking in on her
           (sounds like this was a surprise/faux pas) probably involved
           some shock or shame and so unless you're one of those guys
           who likes to subject people and cause them harm (hopefully not)
           it's natural not to get a "hard-on" in that case.  But you
           really need to start reading a lot of books about sex not asking
           the motd.
           \_ Good point.  Another possible reason is that he has already seen
              her naked too many times, thus he has lost impulse on her body.
              \_ He said GF not Wife.
        \_ ever heard of Kegel Exercises?  Look it up on google.
2000/9/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19161 Activity:nil 76%like:19153
9/1     Is there a "100 most popular porn sites" listing somewhere?  I want
        this instead of a "100 best porn sites" listing like  Need
        it for testing.  Thx.  -- yermom
2000/9/1 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Startup] UID:19147 Activity:very high
8/31    My company went IPO a while ago and now I'm a 1/3 vested ISO option
        multi-millionaire. I don't know what to do with the money I have and
        I'm depressed. Please help. And no, I'm not into CSUA charity.
        \_ Buy a large plot of land and thousands of garden gnomes, and
           make a garden-gnome model silicon valley.  -John
        \_ Develop a "crowd suit" made of a full-body rubber drysuit, studded
           with tons of electrically charged iron nubs and run through the
           city knocking into people.  -John
        \_ Build a house shaped like a huge cucumber.  -John
        \_ Corner the world pig market.  -John
        \_ Have someone develop a space station for you, shoot it into
           orbit, and have it manned by spider monkeys.  -John
        \_ Become "eccentric" and walk around in a bathrobe.  -John
        \_ Why would this depress you?  Buy a house you like in a city you
        \_ Mary a gold digger, they'll show you how to spend your money.
                \_ MOTD spelling god was here.
           like so you're not h0zed if the market crashes or your company
           dies and then just continue living life as before.  Put the rest
           into something safe and long term.  Hire a CPA.
        \_ So look at a "real" charity. Find one that actually makes a
                      apper to be.  She's truly in love with him.  He's
           difference in something meaningful to YOU.
           Might I suggest getting rid of homeless people in berkeley?
        \_ Marry a gold digger, they'll show you how to spend your money.
           \_ You misunderstand homelessness, friend.  The homeless will always
              be here, even if wealth was distributed evenly.  It's a matter
              of psychology, not economics.
              \_ Wasn't there a book by a formerly homeless guy disputing
                 this? Haven't read it... any reviews?
                 \_ If he's "formerly" homeless then he isn't like 99% of them.
             \_ Dude, he didn't say why not "make them wealthy and happy"
                We're talking about getting RID of them no matter by which
                means. They well deserve it.
        \_ In this case, please sign your name.
        \_ Golddiggers can help you spend your money.
                \_ "They"?  You mean "she".  Some things can never be
                      \_ Its gender netural now.
                   \_ Could be a female poster talking about a male
                      golddigger.  Some things are not quite what they
                      appear to be.  She's truly in love with him.  He's
                      broke.  By the way, you should really look into
                      a sensitivity training class.
                      \_ Male golddigger?  Oh please.  Like that exists.  Like
                         there's enough single women with money just waiting
                         to take care of your fat ugly face.  You should really
                         look into the real world and they way things really
                         are.  For ever "male golddigger" there's a billion
                         "female golddiggers".  I'll grant about half a dozen
                         so-called male gold diggers on the planet.  None on
                         the motd or knowing anyone on the motd.  And you
                         could look into a better dictionary to find out what
                         it means as well.
                         \_ You dont know enough women. Wouldn't say "male
                            gold-digger", but a few guys earn less than
                            their woman. Not me of course. And it would be
                            "they" if they were Playboy Playmates from
                            one of the Twins or Sisters issues.
                            If you spent your stock on playmates, I bet
                            you wouldnt be so(as) depressed.
                      \_ Yes!!  I am the ultimate troll3r.  But really,
                         you should look into a sensitivity training class.
                   \_ "They"?  You mean "she".  Fuck being PC, first get your
                      grammar write. -grammarmonger
                           \_ Well, perhaps marry was an incorrect term.
                              The possibility that poster is a fag or a
                              dyke must be considered, thus the pronoun
                              is "they" rather than she. (I guess you
                              could make a case that a gold digging fag
                              is really a "she").
                        \_ Fuck you!  I am male, and I am a gold-digger.
                           I fuck women for their money.  I know the
                           tiny brain behind your pimply-arse of a face
                           can never imagine that, but please don't
                           erase my existence, arsehole.
2000/8/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19094 Activity:nil
8/24    I was having sex with my boyfriend and as I was being clitorally
        stimulated to climax, I saw images like being on a ship in the middle
        of a storm with a yellow rainjacket on and feeling like my arms
        and hands were in watermelon bubblicious bubbglecum (that later
        changed to grape).  We were completely sober.  Would taking
        hallucinogens before a similar sex experience heighten the effect?
        \_ i don't think Paddington Bear takes hallucinogens.
        \_ No.  Every drug that messes with your brain (all of them) are
           either proven or almost proven to decrease sexual pleasure, ability
           to climax, etc.  This is definitely one time drugs can't improve
           on nature, unless you're looking for a better light show instead
           of better sex.  If you want a good light show, try the planetarium
           instead of your boyfriend.
                \_ Viagra+LSD!
                \_ ever tried coke?
2000/8/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19091 Activity:nil 66%like:19089
8/24    I used to watch porn and jerk off with a good friend of mine.
        After he got married he stopped hanging out w/ me. How do I get him
        \_ Offer to sleep with him (and/or his wife)
        \_ Find a woman who plays tennis and video games.  Or another man.
        \_ Get yourself married. Then you won't worry about these things.
           \_ Yeah, then you can double date, play doubles tennis,
              play Super Mario Kart 4-way, and do other married couple
              things. -someone who's been there
              \_ wow, I never though there were swingers on soda.
        \_ Your buddy left behind his youthful homosexual experimentations.
           Shouldn't you also?  Unless you're real gay.  In which case, you
           should find a BF to hang around with.
           \_ How do you know the poster is a he?
           \_ Don't you mean "find BH to hang around with?"
2000/8/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19071 Activity:nil 62%like:19058
8/23    Wanna teach sex to my cousin (10 year old).  Should I teach normal
        sex or oral sex first?  Also, is it advisable to teach more than
        one position at a time?
        \_ -mogul
        \_ Get a Mac, have 'em try CyberSex.  When they get bored with that,
           real sex.  I tried this, and it was fun -brg
           \_ I would say the cool stuff for 10 yr olds is exhibition.  They
              can do stuff that other people can look at over the web.
                \_ I concur.  -tom
                   \_ i VIOLENTLY DISAGREE. There is enoguh disgusting
                      kiddie porn out there, without another 10yearold with
                      no real sex experience adding to the mess.
                      Teach them how to fuck PROPERLY first.
                      \_ i VIOLENTLY ABSTAIN.
                      \_ Teach a 10 yr old to enjoy having sex and
                         they will learn good techniques over the
                         course of a career.
                         \_ Which is why there's so much fucking out there
                            right now.  No.  You're wrong.  Having sex
                            properly requires discipline and being told how.
                            You don't magically become good at something just
                            because you like it and do it for money.
                            \_ I did it for the sex appeal, and have since
                               become a great prostitute. (Only the elegance
                               of my penis can now approach my attractiveness.)
           \_ I agree with brg on this one.  A great many of the people I
              know that have a love of sex started with CyberSex.
              I've also seen a correlation between having sex now, and doing
              CyberSex when young.  Obviously I'm not implying that CyberSex
              bestows good fucking and a love of sex.  More likely, it offers
              a fun way for people to learn a fucking mindset. -dans
                 \_ Interesting observation, I started with anal sex and
                    I love kiddie porn. Before AS I had done oral and doggie
                    style though. The other possibilitiy is that I decided on
                    anal sex since my mom was into anal sex also.
              \_ Shut up, dans.  You are an idiot.  Go away.  You are not
                 qualified to give advise on sneezing, let alone anal sex
                 \_ Sod off.  And sign yer posts. -dans
        \_ Juvenille munging, but mildly amusing.
2000/8/22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19060 Activity:high
8/21    Does the word "buddy" have a heavier weight than "friend"? Can
        somebody list the hierarchy for buba, buddy, friend, and acquaintance?
        \_ I never use "buba" and "buddy".  Here is how I would rank the words
           I would actually use:  Lover > fuck-buddy > friend > acquaintance
        \_ yes
        \_ is it preceeded by "fuck-" or not?
2000/8/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19009 Activity:very high
8/16    I'd like to have sex w/my gf 3X a day. However, she only wants it
        once a day. What should I do?
        \_ Get 2 more GF's.
           \_ Is a GF related to a GPF?
              \_ or a GPL?
        \_ Isn't it usually the reverse, though?
        You are lame.  You are soo lame.  The original comment was:
        "The battery spring on my gf's vibrator has been eroded by her
        pussy juices.  What harm could happen to my cock?"
        \_ The world doesn't revolve around your genitals, you know.
           \_ Oh come on, this is the MOTD for christs sake.  You'd expect
              better wit and more originallity than that.  Otherwise,
              why even bother to login?
              \_ Your troll is weak.  Train harder.
      \_ Yeah, but yermom does.
2000/8/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19001 Activity:high
8/15    Oh my Gawd.
        \_ This is really funny.
        \_ Damn, why didn't they have this stuff when i was 12?
        \_ take the "date jennifer lopez" quiz
        \_ more like <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ "Host name lookup failure"
              \_ Admin Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
                 Joe Smith (COCO-24040)
       \_ Man, this site is perfect for stalkers like jj.
          \_ What about paolo?
2000/8/3-4 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:18867 Activity:high
8/3     If reiffin is a homosexual man yearning for young boys, why is
        he married?  If he's not, why is he trolling soda's MOTD?
        \_ it's obviously a cover. and young is relative, so that's why
           he's trolling here.
                \_ who's reiffin?                       -sophomore
        \_ oh come on, you honestly can't bleieve anyone would marry poppy
           as anything but a beard.
            \_ She's attractive.  What's wrong with you?  You gay?
             \_ 1) she isn't attractive.
                2) she could look like cathrine zeta jones and it wouldn't
                   \_ is that you jj? Get ove CZJ, she's got old foggy
             \_ Who's poppy?
                \_ reiffin's wife
                   \_ picsP?
             \_ Poppy's all right.  She really doesn't deserve this. -ex-czer
              \_ Poppy is a raving, foaming, loon
                 \_ nah, she's really all right.  At least when I was
                    at CZ.  Actually, most people at CZ were cool when
                    I was there.  A lot better than the wife-beaters and
                    self-destructive folk at the more conservative co-ops
                    I lived in later. -ex-czer
                    \_ I think she lost it after she started dating judd.
                       Hell, wouldn't you?
2000/8/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18850 Activity:high
8/1     Do all men fantasize about having sex with two women at the same
        time?  My BF has started giving me hints that he likes to try that.
        I'm wondering if I should try it to spice up our sex life.
        \_ Ask him if he wants to try another guy in bed first.
        \_ This sounds like a guy wrote it.
                \_ of course a guy wrote it.  -tom
                   \_ This sounds like a guy wrote it.
           \_ maybe they are gay and confused
           \_ Men only have one dick.  One woman at a time please.
              \_ I have 3.
        \_ i think most men fantasize about this, yes.
                   \_ most? try virtually all
                      \_ most guys also have this thing for
                         two women getting it on.
           go for it; chicks are good.
        \_ most guys think about it. But if he actually suggests it, it
           means he's probably getting bored with you, and your time
           is coming to an end. Unless you like torturing yourself by
           sticking with him while he reverts to his days of
           being single and screwing around.
        \_ List the two women you'd like to have sex with at the same time!
        \_ List the two women you'd like to have castrate you!
           \_ chris & ahm.
           \_ Denise Richards and Lorissa McComas
           \_ Kathleen Wiely and Monica Lewinsky. -BC
           \_ tawei and benco
2000/8/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18840 Activity:high
8/1     All you need is Love.
        \_ She does have a nice set of hooters.
          \_ Who does?
             \_ courney "nancy spungen" love - paolo
                \_ Courtney Love is a ugly slut.
             \_ jennifer love hewitt
        \_ Doesn't anyone care about the Beatles anymore?
          \_ yah pathetic dumb geeks
2000/7/27 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:18796 Activity:nil
7/27    *sigh*  Do all women suck?  Or just only the ones that I meet?
        \_ I'm a woman. I don't suck.
        \_ Wow. All the ones I meet, can't ever get them to suck.
           \_ jj is that you?
        \_ They would suck, but they wouldn't swallow, which made me
           think that they didn't love me.  I may have been wrong.
2000/7/27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18793 Activity:nil
7/27    I love you guys!!!
2000/7/26-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18778 Activity:kinda low
7/24    Does anyone here work at Keynote Systems?  What's it like to work
        \_ you're expected to give management blowjobs in return for raises
           and bonuses, regardless of your sex.  They also demand anal sex
           in your cubicle.  Yes, management do show up at your cubicle asking
           you to bend over and fuck your ass.  Frequently they'll ask you
           to suck the cum out of your co-worker's asses after management has
           cummed in them.  If you like that sort of thing, then keynote is
           \_ This is totally inaccurate.  Only the male managers demand
              anal sex.
                \_ Not so.  The female managers require you to buy a variety
                   of strap on dildos out of your pay check.
                   \_ not only that.  They fuck your ass and mouth with the
                      dildos.  that reminds me.  it's time for me to suck
                      my manager's cock.  He likes a good blowjob after lunch.
2000/7/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18770 Activity:nil
7/25    I recently found out that my GF has been through a string of relations
        with white guys.  Apparently she came to realize family values and
        financial stability are important things in a husband-to-be type BF.
        And so she looked for an Asian guy (me).  I'm considering breaking
        up with her because of her dating history.  What do you motd trollers
        \_ I think this is either a troll or you're both incredibly stupid
           and deserve each other
        \_ Obviously, you don't love her.  Otherwise, you shouldn't mind
           what her past was.  So, break up with her.  Also, do you have
           her number?
        \_ White men control most of the wealth in the US.  If she's
           interested in family values and financial stability she should
           stick with white guys.
           \_ And control most of the McDonald's jobs.
              \_ No, that would be Indians. Or is that only at Taco Bell?
           \_ Financial stability doesn't mean stinking rich.  It means having
              no debt, being frugal, etc.  You know, qualities conducive to
              starting a good family.  Dating a person with a long history
              is conducive to spreading venerial diseases.  Yeah, be wild!
              Suck and fuck hard.  You will get old someday.  And when you
              finally realize it you'll find it's too late for you to find
              a good decent mate.
        \_ I think it's better off you break up with her since you've already
           feel different about her.  The relationship will not last.  Get a
           decent girl, there are plenty.
2000/7/22 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:18753 Activity:high
7/21    What's the name of that sexy French looking CS girl who worked in
        Barbara Hightower's office back in 1995-1996?
        \_ Marie Paxton
        \_ define "French looking" please
                \_ Duh.  Watch a movie or travel.  Don't try to be PC.  The
                   idiotic correctness thing was dead before you were taking
                   your PSATs.
                   \_   Actually, PC wasn't in yet when i was taking my PSATs,
                        I certainly wasn't trying to be PC with my question,
                        and I've spent time in france and seen plenty of
                        french movies.
                        \_ Then you should know the answer.
        \_ Huh? There was a sexy TA for cs188 awhile back and cs170 last sem.
           \_ If this is in reference to Xuqing Tian, you are one sick mofo
           \_ 170? You must be talking about Tracy Riggs.
              \_ HI PAOLO!
                \_ I love 172, 174. I love to study. I love academia. -paolo
2000/7/21-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18745 Activity:very high
7/21    Anyone out there made the transition from nontechnical career to
        technical? If so, what made you decide to switch and how difficult
        was it?
        \_ I graduated with a bio degree and went back because of
           the Internet.  It wasn't hard because I just made my hobby
           my job, and I was always good at my hobby.
           my job, and I was always good at my hobby.  Why didn't I
           major in CS originally?  The same reasons girls/women give:
           They don't want to sit in front of a computer 12 hours
           a day; I want to interact with people and see new things.
           \_ Silly troll.
              \_ Hey troll-hunter:  want me to post the link to the
                 "troll" news article about women in CS?
                 "troll" news article about women and why most have
                 "troll" news article about women and why an undetermined
                 number (changed from "most") have
                 a distaste in being a CS major or going into IT?
                 Try here,
                 then here,
                 then here:
                 \_ mmm.  Social sciences.
                    \_ Moron.
                 \_ Uhm, that's nice.  A bunch of surveys based on what people
                    got from watching bad movies written by people on type-
                    writers in the early 80's rather than the reality of it.
                    As if being an office drone means something other than
                    sitting in front of a computer all day and just getting
                    less money for it than a tech person.
                    \_ Congratulations.  You got the point.
                        \_ Wow. This thread really deviated quickly.
2000/7/20-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18737 Activity:high
7/20    Is it better to sleep with your bra on or off, and why?
        \_ what the fuck kind of a question is that.  it can't
           be serious, but it's an exceedingly dull troll...
        \_ If you have to ask, you haven't worn a bra very long
        \_ Off. All the better for me to fondly your breasts, you
           saucy wench.
        \_ I didn't know there were crossdressers on soda.
           \_ No crossdressers necessary.  After you sit at a terminal
              for a few years, you get bitch-tits.
              \_ interesting that no one actually considers the posibliity
                 of a motd h0zer being female.  many sodans, but
                 i guess motd h0zers are just all male.
                \_ a female would know the answer to the question
                   (or at least not to bother asking in the motd)
                  \_ Maybe the guy is asking for a clarification
                     about the issue, because the gf/wife told him
                     one thing and he thinks another. Personally,
                     I would prefer my wife to sleep in the nude,
                     so that I could enjoy her company all night
          \_ Bra off so smurf can perform his "maneuver".
        \_ off;  can you imagine how damn uncomfortable it is to keep
           on all night?  -- James Wiseman
2000/7/20-21 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:18734 Activity:kinda low
7/20    SDLI $500+ by the end of the month!  It's unstoppable man!
                -MSFT millionaire and now fiber optics millionaire
        \_ Good for you.  But you're still a luser.  Go away.
        \_ Can you say JDSU?
        \_ motd poll.  What's more exciting?  Sex or watching your favorite
           stock go up $68 (20%) in a day?
           sex     0
           stock   1
           sex while watching your favorite stock go up 1
2000/7/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18716 Activity:nil
7/18    "If Dave Mustaine suddenly decided to bust on Napster then I want
        to see Beijing bitches give me head as my personal sex slaves while
        I toast Zimabwe with a few subtactical nukes." - keithyw on Napster.
        \_ isn't this the sick bastard with the japanese women wrestler
        \_ and this is worth repeating because?
2000/7/14-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18683 Activity:moderate 66%like:18688
7/14    Offering BBFS at a 10% discount! Contact lila for more info.
        \_ Who is lila?
           \_ cool, people actually post to the motd who don't know who
              i am.  maybe there is hope for the csua yet.  i don't know
              what BBFS is though...  -lila
                \_ I don't know who you are either.  Should I?  And why is it
                   that you expect everyone to know you?
        \_ Who is BBFS?
           \_ Business Bi Fellatio Service.
        \_ Is it a textbook for UCB majors?
2000/7/14-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18675 Activity:low
7/14    What's that classical piece playing in the Virgin Atlantic commericals?
        \- you are probably referring to the Flower duet from Delibes opera
        Lakshmi [unclear how they chose to spell that in english]. You mean the
        high-pitched one, right? --psb
        \_ Two Fat Lesbians Singing
        \_ Perfect.  Thank you.
2000/7/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18654 Activity:high
7/12    I'm a middle-aged woman and a horny soda geek keeps coming on to
        me. How can I get rid of him?
        \_ You don't.  Just think of that 36 year old teacher in seattle
           that fucked the 11 year old.  Go for it girl!
                \_ He was 11?  I thought he was at least 13 or 14.
        \_ Talk about how much you love to douche.  Douche, douche!
             "penis" --oj
          \_ Make sure he's not a netrek player before you say the word
             "douche" --oj
2000/7/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18652 Activity:nil 61%like:18614
7/12    Is it morally acceptable for a married man to attend his buddy's
        bachelor party?
        \_ What's the matter with you?  Morality is relative.  By the
           way, it's okay to sleep with your buddy's fiancee because
           she can make decisions on her own and doesn't need a man
           to "save" her or think for her.
2000/7/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18650 Activity:very high
7/12    There is this attractive and single middle-aged woman secretary at
        work.  I fantasize about having sex with her all the time.  What
        should I do?  Would she go for new grads?
        \_ Yes but not for you
        \_ Yes but not for you
        \_ Flirt, you fucking moron.
        \_ Nothing better than an attractive middle aged woman.  I'd rather
           drive a 92 corvette than a 2001 civic.
        \_ Flirt with fucking morons.
        \_ In what way is she attractive?  Great body?
        \_ If you only want sex, go rent a tape. If you're interested in HER,
           then trying showing some interest in HER. If you're genuine, a
           relationship (and sex) will follow naturally.
           \_ Why is wanting someone merely for sex bad?
2000/7/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18615 Activity:high
7/7     People should not reproduce.  Humanity is a virus       -nweaver
                \_ get a life, moron.  -tom
        \_ LIVE IT!!!
        \_ After you're married, are you allowed to reproduce at your
           buddy's bachelor party?
                \_ Yes.
        \_ Too much The Matrix for you.
           \_ Maybe too much everyday stupidity.
              \_ I AM AGENT SMITH! Mr. Anderson, your life is at an end!
        \_ I think that we would encourage adoption over the
           creation of new life. There is so much suffering in
           this world that those who are capable of caring for
           infant life should try and help those infants that
           are suffering most. I know this sounds like a cheesy
           commerical with the starving kids that they show on
           TV, but when you see it with your own eyes its really
           hard to turn away.
           \_ So everyone should adopt... where do you think babies come
              from?  They're not delivered by VARs and OEMs.
                 \_ Dude, you're talking about sodans. Most of
                    them are like jj; the only naked women they
                    have ever seen are in anime.
              \_ Not everyone, but most people ought to at least
                 think about it. It may not be appropriate for
                 everyone, but I will probably adopt rather than
2000/7/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18614 Activity:high 61%like:18652
7/7     After you're married, are you allowed to go to your buddy's
        bachelor party?
        \_ After you're married, you're allowed to do absolutely anything
           that you and your wife agree is ok (and within the law, etc, etc).
           There is no generic standard by which we judge morality in this
           country anymore.  Look at Clinton and how many otherwise intelligent
           and reasonable people think he's a good guy of high moral character.
           Live your life, don't let others live it for you.
        \_ Good sir.  I believe the answer to your question is "Yes".
           Particularly if you're good friends with your buddy.  Just
           make sure to turn down lap dances.  The general idea is
           "leer but don't touch".
                \_ lap dance is no touch, isn't it?
                   \_ Just what do you mean by ... "touch"? -bclinton
                     \_ yuck yuck!  you just made a funny!
        \_ No.  It's forbidden by law for anyone stupid enough to ask
           such a question to attend.  (What do you mean "allowed"?
           If you're invited, you're allowed to go.  If your wife objects,
           you're still allowed, but may choose not to.)
        \_ After you're married, are you allowed to go to your buddy's
           fiancee's wedding shower as a male stripper?
                \_ Yes.
           \_ After you're married, are you allowed to send your wife
              to your buddy's wedding shower as a stripper? If so, can
              you touch?
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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