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2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/6/20 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:25155 Activity:nil
6/19    Anyone remember playing TW2002?  telnet to
        to play.  We want more players!
        \_ No... don't tempt me.  I had free time... -geordan
           \_ Come on, you know you want to.  There's only about 6 active
              players right now, and the game was reset only about a week
              ago.  It's still anybody's game!
              \_ I tried to join, and the Tradewars menu only let me
                 get (S)hip listings or (Q)uit back to bbs.
                 \_ Yeah, I noticed some of you signed on, but not on TW2002
                    Just wait a day for the sysop to validate your accounts.
2002/6/6-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:25018 Activity:kinda low
6/6     Age of Mythology-- DUDE or DUD?
        \_ Just play Age of Empires.  It's still the best.
           \_ I or II?  Have you tried Empire Earth?  Or Star Wars
              Galactic Battlegrounds?
              \_ Not ROR, not II, just AOE.
        \_ I have Empire Earth. It is friggin complex, with 240 units to
           memorize. Graphics is awsome, but the learning curve is too high
           \_ Just rush through the ages as fast as possible and zot them with
              cyborgs and heavy bombers.
        \_ When is Warcraft III coming out? I've not played video games in
           a long long time. What's a good game to get this summer?
           \_ Current projections put it at 2 July.
2002/6/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer] UID:24992 Activity:very high
6/3     hey old people, what's the name of the tune
        in "The Bard's Tale" when you had your bard
        play a tune?  Maybe there were six different types of bard
        spells?  I used to play it on a c64 a lot - danh
        \_ speaking of which, have any of you tried playing any really old
           games on your P3 or P4?  How well does it work?
           \_ Is wizardry 7 old enough?  It works great on new machines.
              -- ilyas
              \_ was it designed for DOS?  Win 3.1?
                 \_ DOS, I think.
              \_ is Wiz 7 real-time?  Does it go back too fast?
                 Does Mahalito still exist?
        \_ This "old person" a geezer at 32 would know that there's a million
           walk throughs and other info on the net.  obgoogle
           \_ obPSB
        \_ There were six different tunes.  One was "Traveller's Tune" iirc.
        \_ I still have Bard's Tale running on my PC under an Apple ][
           emulator. It runs fine. <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Are there emulators for Linux?  I have old 5.25 disks w/
              AppleWorks files that I want to read.
        \_ BARDS TALE III character advancement cheat:
           Make 6 new characters of any class, race, etc...
           Form a party of 7: 6 new chars and one mage with the "super"
           damage spell-  i forget the name but it would do lots of damage.
           Go to temple in Skara Brae, Tarjan, teleport spell to lower
           corner of 3rd level, down, go fight brilhasti Ap Tarj.
           If you beat brilhasti, all the 1st level characters advance by
           something like 60 levels.  -joshk
           \_ don't you wonder what all the old game programmers are doing
              these days?
2002/4/22 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:24526 Activity:nil
4/21    Boyfriend's b-day is coming up. Which game console should I get?
        Playstation? Dreamcast? N64?            -dunno much about games
        \_ what?  a CSUA chick has a b.f.?  that's gnu.
        \_ playstation 2. if you dont have the guts and the cash, then
           regular playstation.
                \_ PS2 = faster/more bits than PS?
                   \_ Yes, plus it doubles as a cheap DVD player.
                      Unfortunately, they're only sold in Japan right now.
                        \_ "cheap"?  Only relative to DVD player prices in JPN
                            And there's only about 10 released games --oj
          \_ Which type of games does he like?  How much are you planning
             to spend?  I have all of the above mentioned consoles, email
             me for an opinion. --oj
             \_ Bah.
                N64 if he's a 12 year old
                Dreamcast if he likes collecting amigas and other orphaned
                Playstation if he's a reasonably intelligent person who
                likes adult-quality games.
                \_ "adult-quality games"?  Isn't that an oxymoron?  If you're
                   an adult you wouldn't be dicking around with games.  Only
                   dateless l0sers have time for that crap.  The only games
                   I play are of the sexual kind.  --dateless l0ser
        \_ I have an N64 collecting dust (last great game was Zelda64, and
           before that, WaveRace64, which came out when N64 launched). I also
           have a Dreamcast which already has more quality games than N64.
           Currently playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica & Dead or Alive2.
           I already preordered my Playstation2 coming September / October.
           \_ Didn't the PS2 come out more than a year ago?  I have a
              friend who got one (in the US) at least that long ago.
              Why do you need to pre-order a PS2?
        \_ Get him a stock ticker, that way you can ensure he grows up
           to be a responsible adult. Get him a game console if you
           want him to be a miserable failure and a poor husband you
           can't provide for you or your future kids.
                \_ Speak for yourself.  We have N64, PS, & DC, plus
                   $200k annual income and stock options worth around $750k.
        \_ travel forward in time and buy him an X-BOX!
2002/4/10 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/IO] UID:24395 Activity:nil
4/9     What is "khooker?" in windows.
2002/4/9 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:24387 Activity:moderate
4/9     What was the name of the operation at the very end of "Spy
        Game" to save Brad Pitt? It involved the word "dinner".
        \_ Those with better taste in movies call it "closing credits".  Only
           the "closing credits" could save Brad Pitt's career from this movie.
        \_ Operation Dinner Out.  It was a pun on a similarly-named
                Vietnam-era operation
2002/4/4-5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:24325 Activity:high
4/3     Barry Bonds is the best position player ever to play the game
        of baseball.
        \_ Too bad he's a prick. Besides, this is motd. Who's Barry?
        \_ Why is this here wasting precious bits?
           \_ precious? i have yet to come across one bit here that was
              remotely precious.
              \_ Exactly.  They're all squeezed out by this kind of noise.
                 \_ Which still means I should've come across at least some
                    semblence of preciousness in my eight years here.
2002/3/14 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:24105 Activity:high
3/13    Black and White-- good game, bad game?
        \_ I thought it was boring.  Training the animal sounded cool on the
           box but it was too slow to learn and because it was doing so many
           things at once it was hard to train it.  Often it would do something
           I wanted and just as I was going to reward it, it would then do the
           wrong thing and I'd be reinforcing negative behavior.  I also did a
           fair amount of discouraging good behavior.  Sigh.  It was almost a
           good game.
            \_ I'd agree too. The whole animal thing is lame and annoying.
               fortunately theres a few levels in single player where you dont
               have the annoying thing.
               \_ I just tied mine up and left it there.
                 \_ but then it starves and passes out and goes back to your
                    temple untied.  And there's at least two points where you
                    HAVE to use your creature to continue on iwth the game.
                    \_ Yeah but it's gone for a while.  And who finished the
                       game anyway?  :-)
        \_ Those of you who've played it, have you ever trained your
           creature to take dumps in the grain fields? My creature only
           seems to prefer doing its business near trees and rocks.
           \_ Sure, it was easy enough.  Tie him up in the grain field and
              then feed him by hand.  Praise when he dumps.  Whatever.
2002/3/12 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Media] UID:24085 Activity:insanely high
3/11    At least it looks watchable:
        \_ It wants me to register. What's the CSUA group login/pass again?
           \_ ; cypherpunk
           \_ motd/motd should work also
        \_ Barely watchable.  I think they strung together all 2 minutes worth
           of action sequences for that trailer.  Of note was what they
           *didn't* show.  I spotted no new obvious toy-aliens for the kids.
           Since we know SW is nothing more than a gimmick to sell junk to
           kids, the lack of any makes me that much more suspicious of this
           trailer.  It's a scam to steal your 9 bucks.  This'll be the first
           one I'll be skipping unless it gets fantastic reviews from people
           over age 8.
          \_I like how the california department of corrections
            hates star wars so much, they actually shot an ILM
            employee - danh
           \_ y'know, there's easier ways to scam people out of 9 bucks.
              \_ That's probably true -- but this has proven to be
                 GL's M.O.     -mice
              \_ correction: to steal your 9 bucks and sell lots of toys to
                 your kids and make shitty PC/PS2/Xbox games, pull in ad
                 revenue from bad cartoons, etc.  Better?
           \_ By watchable I ment that once I dl it and watch it, I won't
              regret having wasted the time and bandwidth. Note that this
              did not apply to eps 1.
              \_ Since it insisted my 5.00 Qt wasnt new enough and their
                 scripts weren't working well with my browser, I had to pull
                 the qt.exe installed from akamai, etc, so I'm not sure the
                 time was worth it for me and what's up with needing the qtPro
                 version to see the larger movie?  Scam, scam, scam.... I can't
                 wait to see more Jamaican frogs fighting and defeating the
                 pre-Empire's forces.
                 \_ I wasn't talking about the trailer, I was talking about
                    the divx of the movie which should be out in a few mos.
        \_ I know a buncha folks over at ILM. They say the first half
           hour blows goats, but the last two thirds are crazy chaotic
           action. Lucas ruined Star Wars, now it is just another
           scifi action movie. Enjoy it for what it is, now that the
           legacy has been crushed. Hey, at least you get to watch
           swarms of clones exterminate the Jedi. [moved was here]
2002/2/25 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23965 Activity:low
2/24    And Canada gets the gold in men's hockey! That's it for another
        four years.
        \_ these were a fun olympic games. slc came through!
           \_ Fun?  Not the way NBC fucked them up.  It was like MTV Olympic
              Broadcasting.  It was better before NBC got their dirty paws on
              the games and made them unwatchable.
2002/2/22-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23953 Activity:high
2/22    I got a Gameboy Advance for my birthday.  Where can I find a good
        selection of cheap GB games?  (Used cartidges are fine; non-GBA games
        are fine.  I just want to play more than the one game it came with, at
        less than $29.95/game . . . )
        \_ Funcoland
        \_ What are you? 12?
        \_ ebay
        \_ you're supposed to get one of those flash cart things and download
           every f'n game in existence, then never play them.
           some of the high ranking GBA games are awesome!! My favorites
           are THPS2 and Advanced Wars.
        \_ if you're annoyed by the lack of visibility in all but the
           optimal lighting conditions, check out
2002/2/21 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23937 Activity:high
2/21    What's the resale value on the classic, 4-shades of puke Gameboy?
        \_ 5 cents?
2002/2/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW] UID:23794 Activity:very high
        \_ eh?
           \_ looks like lila
              \_ Sure, until you actually look.
                 \_ None of my exs ever get on the net.  Even the slutty ones.
                    \_ That's your fault, then.
                        \_ How so?  They're my "ex"'s.  I have no contact with
                           them at all.  Get off drugs.
2002/2/4-5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:23774 Activity:very high
2/4     chiapet, what did you think of the Pats-Rams game
        \_ I here they're calling it the "Super Bowl" these days
           \_ I hear they're spelling it "hear" these days.
                \_ I hear they "should've gotten a Dell, dude" these days.
2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/2/2 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23757 Activity:nil
2/2     Gaming in Los Altos this saturday.  How many gamers are there
        in the CSUA?  (not computer games):
        \- I would do an East Bay ATOMIC ENCOUNTER if there is interest.
           Is fear-the-void@sloda still active? ok thx, --psb (13-2 at CE)
2002/1/28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Computer/HW] UID:23690 Activity:high
        \_ Thank you danh!
           \_ Who says danh posted this?  -!danh
              \_ Hi reiffin. Haven't you heard? The MOTD gets logged; it
                 hasn't been really anonymous for many years.
                 \_ Aside from RCS log (which doesn't log the user) how
                    is the motd logged?
                 \_ Yes I know it's logged and not really anonymous.  And you
                    feel really smart posting about this?  Yes, you 'caught'
                    me posting a joke URL.  What's your point?
        \_ Did someone fix the flat tires on the car afterwards?
2002/1/24 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:23647 Activity:nil
1/23    I'm bored at work.  I want to play classic Infocom games via telnet.
        Anyone remember the address?
        \_ telnet://
          \_ Hot damn! I had no idea. HGTTG and everything.  Thanks motd!
              -- !OP
2001/12/31 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23417 Activity:nil
12/30   Where's an arcade in the South bay that has Megatouch Maxx games?
2001/12/14-16 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23248 Activity:high
12/15   I just went into an arcade for the first time in a couple of years.
        Geez, are there any games don't don't require foot coordination or
        some musical ability these days? It's all dancing and DJ'ing. What
        happened to all the good racing and pinball games?
        \_ losers like you stopped going to the arcade and spending money
           on them.
        \_ Does the "Underground" still exist?  And where is it now?
           \_ It's smaller, but still exists -- the new entrance is maybe
              thirty paces north of the old one.
              \_ does the manually scored bowling lane still exist?
                 \_ no one's stopping you from scoring manually.
                    \_ Manual scoring in bowling: the lost art.
                    \_ does this imply there is a new bowling lane, and
                        it does have automatic scoring?
        \_ I feel similarly about home video games.  Every game nowadays has
           ten characters and twenty weapon to choose from and thirty button
           sequences to activate forty special moves.  Gee, I just want
           something simple like Space Invaders.  If I wanted some brain
           exercise I'd be writing code.
           \_ they are releasing old Atari games for the PC
                \_ Duh they are emulators
                   \_ what does this have to do with the fact that
                      they are releasing old Atari games for the PC?
                      \_ Well, if you're talking about "official" releases,
                         yeah, they're different. But you can currently play
                         virtually every Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo,
                         and older Arcade games on your PC.
        \_ games are getting more complex because kids today are getting
           smarter. Their IQ and coordination is getting higher and higher
           \_ uh... games are getting more complex because technology is
           \_ Kids today are not smarter.  Kids today are smoking their
              illiterate little brains into a drug induced STD sharing haze
              earlier than ever before.  If you knew any kids in the 9 to 16
              range you'd know this.
           \_ But EECS majors these days learn less and less. I think it's just
              a redistribution of brain power from school/CS to games.
           \_ if kids are getting smarter and smarter, then we must be getting
              dumber and dumber! If they can master Pacman/Space Invader in
              1/4 time we need, then what hope do we have learning those
              ultra complex first-person shooter games? FUCK!
        \_ You went to Sunnyvale Golfland, didn't you.  That's probably
           not the best gauge of arcades.
2001/12/13 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23230 Activity:high
12/12   I just remembered this PC game that my roomate had freshman year: It
        was like this robot battling game where you select a group of robots
        before hand (like little walking bombs, fast ones, slow strong ones,
        etc), and then pit them against each other in a race for each player
        to get the most robots across the board to the opponent's side.
        Anyone ever heard of this? Remember the name? Thanks.
        \_ I played a sort of football based robots game like this years ago.
           There were several games made like this but sorry I can't remember
           the names of any of them.  I'm useless.
        \_ RoboSport by Maxis?
        \_ There were a couple of games like this at the time.  It was a mini
           genre that never really took off.
2001/12/9-10 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:23194 Activity:nil
12/9    congrats to tw for winning the first world cyber games held in kr.
        \_ world... cyber games?!? are these the same folks who tried to
           convince the world that Quake was a sport?
2001/11/27-28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:23116 Activity:moderate
11/27   Can somebody id this puzzle game?  It's like a typical jigsaw puzzle
        except that all the pieces are squares and made of plastic.  You
        put the plastic pieces into a tablet.  If the puzzle has 16 pieces
        total then one blank piece is removed.  You have to complete the
        picture by moving the squares up, down, left, and right.  Since only
        one piece is removed, you can only move one piece at a time. It's for
        kids and varies in complexity.  I'm trying to get it for my niece.
        \_ Slide puzzle
        \_ !
        \_ it is also known as the "15 puzzle".
2001/11/26 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23104 Activity:moderate
11/26   Hi, I just thought you guys would be interested in some more
        details on the XBox talk for tomorrow night.
          Speaker: David Angeloff - member of Microsoft's XBox team.
        Agenda:  - general console business model - general XBox business
        model/ console and online - XBox game development - XBox demo -
        Question and Answer period
          Don't forget to sign up for the XBox raffle by creating a user on registered as a UC Berkeley student. I will check
        the member directory at 5:30pm to ensure that I have all the
        names of those that sign up. If you don't want to sign up on
        devhood to take part in the latest .NET technology user group,
        then you can still be entered in a raffle for t-shirts, hats,
        books and software. Devhood is only for those that want to have
        a shot at winning the XBox. If you have any questions between now
        and then feel free to e-mail me.
          Thanks and I'll see you tomorrow night!
        - Kirsten
        \_ Isn't xbox basically a PC running a stripped w2k with no option for
           a real keyboard because MS didn't want it too closely associated
           with their other crashware?
             \_ No.  You have no clue.  But also, this appears to be a
                non-technical lecture, being very marketing-heavy, and not
                something I'd be enthusiastic about.  -blojo
                \_ Ok, clue me.
2001/11/16 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:23060 Activity:moderate
11/15   2 Big Game tix for sale.  Mail me. --dpassage
        \_ motd poll
           Cal will win, and I've put money on it:
           Cal will win:
           Cal will lose by <= 24 points:
           Cal will lose by > 24 points:
           Cal has no chance in hell:
2001/11/15 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23055 Activity:nil
11/15   Buy XBox! Don't buy the games!
2001/11/14 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:23035 Activity:nil
11/14   anyone wanna trade xbox games?
        \_ No.
2001/11/5-6 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:22941 Activity:nil
11/5    Ouch.  $1b estimated loss on xbox until 2004.,4586,5099214,00.html?chkpt=zdhpnews01
2001/11/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:22934 Activity:moderate
11/4    Finally that idiot Holmoe announces he's stepping down as head
        \_ When was our last Big Game win? '95?
           \_ our last big game win was in '94... but the last win against
              *anybody* was 10/28/2000.
              \_ we probably couldn't even win against De La Salle (best
                 highschool team in the nation)
                 \_ This is important?
2001/11/4-5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:22930 Activity:kinda low
11/4    Anyone know where I can get a cheap playstation 1?
        \_you have no imagination or initiative...
          \_ umm... I've looked. I've only found them retail for $99.
             Neither ebay nor other auction places have them, eventhough
             I thought that'd be reasonable.  I thought there might be
             some other used sale forums available, or some discounters
             who sell old equipment.
             \_ what the hell are you talking about?  do a search on eBay for
                "psone system" (no quotes) and there are number of systems
                currently in the $40 range
                \_ note that 'psone' is not the original Playstation, but a
                   cheap version released about the same time as the PS2.
                   \_ well, the original poster did want cheap... does it
                      matter, anyway?
2001/10/30-31 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:22877 Activity:nil
10/30   XBox-- dude!!! or dud?
        \_ Go play with the demo units in EB or Software Etc (I know the one
           in Valley Fair has one). So far, I'm unimpressed. Yeah, sure,
           pretty graphics, but no quantum leap over PS2. and there really
           isn't any must-own games except for perhaps Halo, which is more
           than likely coming out for the PC next year.
           \_ Yeah, no point in buying Halo for X-Box as the Mac/PC version
              is going to be more detailed and will flesh out the story
              better. Remember the Marathon!
        \_ MONKEY BALL!  Oh wait that is GameCube --oj
2001/10/8-10 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:22669 Activity:moderate
10/8    How can one obtain a console development machine and
        compiler?  Can you simply pay Sony/Nintendo for a
        the hardware/software?
        \_ traditionally, you need to submit your game proposal first,
           and if approved, then you sign an NDA and then pay for the
           development hardware and software. for hobbists, Sony had
           development hardware and software. for hobbyists, Sony had
           the NetYaroze (PSOne) program and now PS2Linux in Japan.
           these two would allow you to program technology demos on
           \_ you also need to spend thousands of dollars
           the hardware, but not full-fledged bootable games. --jwang
           \_ what is the difference in the developing a tech demo
              and a bootable game?  Is the Playstation development
              tool the same?
              \_ licensed PlayStation 2 developers use different hardware and
                 costs of entry to reflect commercial vs hobbist interests.
                 software tools than PS2Linux users -- the two have different
                 costs of entry to reflect commercial vs hobbyist interests.
                 \_ the word is "hobbyist." A Hobbist is a follower of Hobbes.
                 a PS2Linux demo only runs out of PS2Linux -- you can't burn
                 the executable to a CD-R and boot another PS2 with it. --jwang
2001/9/6 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:22332 Activity:nil
9/4     If you havent expessed your interest in linux for PlayStation2,
        consider bumping up the momentum again:
        \_ what is the use for Linux running on a ps2?
           \_ that's not the POINT! The linux "kit" comes with a
              hard drive and keyboard AND VGA adapter.
              so then you have a single relatively cheap device that
              will play kickass games, DVDs, AND websurf, AND...
              Hey, at minimum, I'd think the VGA adapter will clean up
              the res even more than a component output cable, since
              you get to use a "real" monitor on the other end now.
              \_ except a game has to specifically have support for the vga
                 adapter, which of course none have.  It doesn't just work.
2001/8/20 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer] UID:22187 Activity:nil
8/20    G4M3RZ R L4M3RZ:
2001/7/28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:21984 Activity:nil
7/27    Anyone play tropico? Is it a decent game?
2001/7/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:21913 Activity:moderate
7/23    Anyone play Summoner? Is it a good game?
        \_ yes.  no.
2001/7/13 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21794 Activity:nil
7/13fri beijing takes the games!!!
2001/6/28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:21659 Activity:high
6/28    R U:
        pro-MS?  anti-MS?  neutral?
        There are probably a lot more neutrals in the general population
        than those who are taking a stand. (csua motd is not the general
        \_ Anti-MS!!  Especially right now.  Installing a game on my
           Win98 partition made Windows unusable.  Splendid!
        \_ Win98 is perhaps the finest gaming PC platform i've seen, as
           far as variety of games go.  I find that whenever i want to
           play games, i always load vmware, load windows98 and then run
           a game.
           \_ I prefer Win95 for gaming. When I feel like playing a
              game that's not available for Mac, I launch up VPC with
              Win95, install and go. I can't wait until they release
              the MacOS X native version of VPC.
2001/6/27-28 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21651 Activity:moderate
6/27    diabloII expansion, Electronics boutique, hilltop mall, richmond.
        available today. - paolo
        \_ is diablo II the best role playing game right now?  What are the
           best ones for loyal AD&D fans?
           \_ baldur's gate, bar none.
              \_ what about the new Pool of Radiance?  Is the new Pool
                 of Radiance the same plot as the old gold box POR?
              \_ godamn fuckin-a baldur's gate 2 + expansion illustrates
                 the principle of "i have no time"
                 \_ i agree, plus I hate that infinity engine they use for all
                    those games. load times are slow, the real time combat sux,
                    and the graphics don't justify it. If you want a quality
                    game, look for Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura,
                    from the designers of Fallout. Not AD&D exactly but the
                    game mechanics should be much more solid and interesting.
                    \_ my comment about bg2 taking too long was not a
                       critique of the engine (although I actually upgraded
                       my computer for it) as much as just not having much
                       time.  I also played the Arcanum demo and thought
                       it sucked rocks - ambitious, but poor execution.
                       \_ ah. that sucks. well did you like fallout? i based
                          my enthusiasm on that. oh well. i got the cd images
                          off the newsgroups so i'll try it out.
                          \_ fallout ruled.  fallout tactics, however, once
                             again demonstrated "i have no time"
2001/6/26 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21631 Activity:nil
6/26    My friend has a modded playstation, and wants to play a new
        (legitimate) game, but the disc won't operate on a modded system.
        How can one get around this?
        \_ You need to get the modchip switch that turns the modchip
           on and off. The alternative is to just download the Krack
           for the game and burn a Kracked copy. Since you own the
           original there's no reason to feel that its "wrong".
           \_ the free way: open up the psx, find pin1, and cut it. reconnect
              it when you have to.  this is not the pretty way.
        \_ Is all this trouble really worth your time?
           \_ hella easy.
        \_ there are two generations of mod chips, as there were two types of
           copy protection introduced over time. check out the stuff at
2001/6/16 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:21541 Activity:nil
6/15    So I only recently learned that the Gameboy Advance is already
        emulated on the PC and every rom is easily available for http
        download. Plus, there are flash carts for playing these roms on
        the real thing, and all this stuff was available before the actual
        hardware was released. Does anyone else find this kind of disturbing?
        \_ You should be disturbed at your US-centrism.  The hardware's
           been out for ages in japan, and the specs for even longer.
           \_ the gba was out March 21 2001 in Japan. Ages? The first emulator
              came out in 9/2000.
        Does consumer software protection these days come down to "make
        the program friggin huge, cuz otherwise it winds up on every kiddie's
        free web page, and even then it ends up in newsgroups weeks before
        the retail launch"? It's enough to make me feel kind of funny about
        my 300+ CD warez collection. Is there really no solution to it?
        \_ Good for us.
        \_ The point of a Gameboy is (duh) to play on a handheld.  If you have a
           PC, there's little reason to play this thing.
           \_ Dragon Warrior 3.
           \_ well like I said, there are flash cart interfaces to the pc so
              you can play on the actual gameboy. I have my doubts about
              this anyway, people I've known with game boys seemed to just
              play them like it was a regular console, so they could play
              those zelda games and stuff.
2001/6/13-14 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21505 Activity:very high
6/13    What is the best FREE massively multi-player on-line game?
        \_ shockforce.
        \_ xcraft.
            \_ is this just a ripoff of
            \_ so out of curiosity, did 169 grade you at all on originality/
            \_ you ripped off the warcraft gifs, and made it networked.
               you expect this to remain "free"?
               \_ the graphics can be easily changed (though the units, spell
                  effects and such would also need to be) ... still, I find
                  it rather audacious for the authors to say, "Xcraft is ...
                  similar to Warcraft 2".  Similar?  Similar is comparing
                  Warcraft to Starcraft.  Xcraft is a clone, don't deny it.
                  BTW, I'm assuming that since Xcraft is a WC2 clone, it only
                  supports a maximum of 8 players.  That's hardly massively
                  \_ also not bad for 3 months work in 169. --jon
                        \_ No; it only has footman and peons.  We had progress
                     \_ They actually wrote all the source code for building
                        bases, casting spells, etc.?  In 3 months??
                        \_ No; it only has footmen and peons.  We had progress
                           reports to write and MBAs to coddle.  --dbushong
                     \_ I'm not saying it's not impressive.  It is.  But it's
                        still asking for lawyers to come knocking.
                        \_ It was a class project.  Who cares.
                        \_ Well, long term it'll use the data files from
                           the original... or would have.  It looks like
                           the freecraft people are doing fine, so I don't
                           feel terribly compelled to put more time into
                           it.  --dbushong
                     \_ Even more impressive after visiting the web site and
                        finding out that Donald Horton was one of their team
                        members.  I was unfortunate enough to have him in one
                        of my project groups; a stuffed animal or a cheap
                        paperweight would've made more of a contribution to
                        the group than he did.
                        \_ Wow.. another victim.  Good old Donald "Whoa, whoa,
                           whoa.. No One Said Anything About Archers!" Horton
                  \_ Actually the #/players limitation in XCraft is largely
                     that's it's basically 100% server intelligence.  If
                     you can get a machine buff enough to pathfind, track,
                     etc N moving units for M players, it'll handle that
                     many players...  in theory.  The plus of this is that
                     cheating is largely impossible.  Of course the whole server
                     really needs a rewrite (I'm free to say this since
                     I didn't really work on the server ;)  --dbushong
        \_ netrek - if you want to have real skills
        \_ BSXMUD / ReGenesis
        \_ playing "spot the darkie" in soda hall?
           \_ is that you, bem?
           \_ why must we be so racially insensitive in this day and age?
              \_ Listen to this whiny-assed rice-boy.  Ain't he cute?
                 \_ Woe be to he who is an asiaphile anime-watching rice-
                    chaser participating in the assimilation of h07 42N CHIX!
                 \_ The H07 42N CH1X think so.
                            \_ forty-two'in ?
        \_ EarthSiege3, the alpha tech release, is the best Mech game
           I've ever played.  Actually, its one of the best games ever if
           you think skill and smooth game play are important.
2001/6/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21428 Activity:nil
6/4     I take it everybody who has posted a message today lives somewhere
        east of England...
        \_ Nope.  Sorry.
        \_ reminds me of the time gang members here were beating up each
           other over streetfighter 2 "cheating"
           \_ well it was bloody well easy to cheat in sf2.
2001/6/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21426 Activity:very high
6/4     If I get a modchip for my PS2, can I play games on backup CD-R game
        that I copied from video rental places?
        \_ I thought modchips were specific for Japanese versions of PS games.
           It shouldn't have any effect on whether it can play CD-R or not.
        \_ gee, it's awfully nice of you to backup these games for the rental

           places.  I assume you're backing them up so that when you play them,
           you don't risk damaging the rental disc, and then give the backup
           to the rental place afterward?  why don't you just come right out
           and say "pirate games"?
           \_ "backup" is the proper lingo for "pirate" in PSX land. Just like
              "pirate" is the proper lingo for "illegally copy" in the PC world.
2001/5/25 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21352 Activity:nil
5/24    The motd has been innoculated. -ali
        \_ infocom games on java applets: (zork 1 subset) (hh's guide)
2001/5/24-25 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21348 Activity:low
5/24    Hi.  Who here has played Red Faction?  I'm dying for a good
        game while waiting for gt and mgs2.  If you've played it
        please send me your comments since I can't read the motd
        through the firewall at my company.  I've got it on hold
        right now and am trying to figure out whether or not I want
        to shell out the $50 after work.  --
        p.s. who's Janeway?  and Buffy died?  Noooooooo!
        \_ If you can read your yahoo mail, you can probably read the motd.
           Have you tried and/or
            \_ who can log onto soda with just a browser? you can read yahoo
            email with a browser, i'm not poster but you are a clueless twink
                \_ You don't need to logon to soda to read the motd.
                   Insert witty Latin phrase about the dangers of a short
                   temper here.
                \_ Hmm, I'm logging on with just a browser right now.
           -- yuen
               \_ woops.  Still though, out of all of you, nobody
                answered except aspolito.  Thank you sir!
           \_ [a lot of idiots posting stuff contradicting the above deleted.
               the above is correct, and so is yuen. go fuck yourself.]
              \_ you need help. there was one person without a clue,
                 and then three people telling him he's wrong.
2001/5/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:21336 Activity:high
5/22    Anyone played black & white?  Is it good?
        \_ Multiple friends tell me that it's the bees knees.
           \_ I think it sucks.  Gets real boring real fast.  Get Kohan
              instead; it's a better AOE.
              \_ that's what I heard from two of my co-workers.  they say it
                 starts off being good but gets really repetitive.
                 \_ How many games have you played for the PC that aren't
                    like that?  I can only think of two, offhand:
                    Evercrack, Nethack.  Both start off being really
                    repetitive and get really good.
                    \_ Bob, is that you?
                    \_ get Skillz, play Netrek
                    \_ After 20 or so hours of EQ it was still boring as hell.
                       Why do I have to play a game for more than 20 hours
                       before it starts to get good?  And no, most games start
                       off fun and eventually play out but not before you've
                       finished it once.  Here are my choices for games that
                       start off fun and stay that way for a *long* time:
                       Civ (1 & 2), MOO, MOO2.  I've got about 8 other recently
                       published games installed right now but didn't bother
                       finishing any of them.  A hint for any of you working
                       on games right now: fuck eye candy, make the game fun!
                       \_ well if you like shooters, I found quake and
                          counter-strike to stay fun for years. if you
                          get bored of mindless deathmatch there's teamplay,
                          and in a league situation it's pretty exciting.
                          many good games are just single player experiences
                          and it's not really their fault if they have limited
                          replay value. the whole concept of black and white
                          never appealed to me in the first place.
                          \_ I think you answered my question about gameplay
                             and fun.  I don't play FPS.  I suspect most of
                             the hardcore development time is being spent on
                             FPS these days and other game genres are getting
                             the short end.
                             \_ well, since you're only interested in turn
                                based strategery, you can look forward to
                                Civ 3 and MOO 3. I used to play that too,
                                but they suck too much time away. There's
                                also things like Age of Wonders 2, HOMM 4,
                                Europa Universalis. I take back what i said
                                about not really their fault for limited
                                replay though. I remember coming back to
                                old NES games time and again because the
                                actual gameplay was fun even after beating
                                it or whatever.
        \_ Play AOE the original.  It's still fun after a few hundred games on
           the zone.
        \_ can you say overhyped? try it before you buy it.
2001/5/22-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Politics] UID:21326 Activity:high
5/22    What are some good economic/business simulation games out there.
        I am aware of Capitalism, Industry Giant, and Star Peace (the last is
        an online game like Everquest).  Anyone know of any other good ones?
        \_ solitaire with Vegas option turned on
           \_ Idiot.
               \_ where can I download this game?
        \_ does something like Transport Tycoon count?
           \_ It does, though it's more of a transportation sim.  Transport
              Tycoon Deluxe is now freely available for download, btw.  I am
              hoping for something along the lines of single player Star Peace
              (hate dealing with munchkins and paying $10 a month for the
              privilege), or Capitalism with updated graphics.
                -- original poster
2001/5/10 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:21228 Activity:high
5/9     Does anybody have clearer photos on how to perform either
        the "cog-trick"  or the "knife-trick" disk swap on a ps2?
        The demonstration photos on the web are abysmal.  It's
        too bad they haven't figured out a complete, external usb
        plug-in other than the sbox plug which...doesn't help very much.
        Much obliged.
        \_ sign your name so we can send out the Hunter Killer Aibo
           to give you a personal demonstration.
        \_ it's not that hard to figure out from the pictures on the web.
           imo, the knife method is easier if you use a nail file.  grab
           the file from sgt. dan's site ( i'm
           not afraid to sign my name. -uctt
              \_ the photo I've seen of how to remove the front panel
                 of the drawer isn't THAT clear.  And admittedly, I am
                 a bit leery about accidentally breaking off the tab
                 that holds it in place.  I mean, it'd still work...but
                 it'd be like if you had a new car and then proceeded
                 the next day to dent the front end by hitting a tree
                 or something...

                 And jwang, I got one thing for you.  No, make that two:

            1)     =P  PPPPPPLLLLlllllllllllllllt!  Neener neener neener
                     you can't catch me.  I'll do whatever I damn well please.

            2)    (__)(__)  Kiss my ugly deformed ass, motherf******!!!
                 \_ You're such a twink.  --!jwang

        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> has good pictures
                |_ How about a ps2 mod chip or workaround ?
        \_ it's really hard to get that cover off without breaking off the
           little tab.  i was real careful and got it out without breaking
           but it later ended up breaking off anyway.  there are ps2 chips
           (sbox and neo2 are the most popular) but there's really no
           need to get one at this point.  the chips aren't that great
           and you still need to swap disks with gameshark 2.  just get
           a gameshark 2 to play your backups. -uctt
2001/5/7 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:21197 Activity:nil
5/7       name the game:  runs on linux, 2D scroller with a spaceship fighting
          these big maze things with guns.  The only way to destroy the maze
          things is to shott certain nodes; their destruction unravells part
          of the maze, eventually exposing the core.  What is the name fo the
          game?                                   -brain
2001/5/1 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:21154 Activity:high Edit_by:auto
        Some stuff about a new hasbro game with wireless builtin.  Your 'pox'
        attacks the 'pox' of any other unit within 30 feet.  Reminds me a bit
        of the old old old game where programs battled in "core" memory.
        Anyway, I love this quote:
        Child psychologist Diane Levin of Wheelock College in Boston said such
        products can be harmful. "The toy industry is getting better at
        concealing the fact that they're selling violence to children," Levin
        To be fair, though, the last quote is a different child psychologist
        saying the exact opposite.  :-)
        Frankly, I don't think it'll teach children anything about violence
        or their environment.  Maybe how to use their brains.  That'd be
        different for child's entertainment.
        \_ corewars.  loved that game.  <DEAD>www.csua/~paolo/corewars.tar.gz<DEAD>
2001/4/16 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Industry/Jobs, Industry/Startup] UID:21001 Activity:nil
4/16    Games dot com is a luz3r company. Those who joined and stayed till
        now, are the stupidest of all.                  <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ That's pretty danged stupid! -redneck
2001/4/12 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:20954 Activity:nil
        Is Black & White spying on you?
2001/4/12 [Recreation/Celebrity, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:20944 Activity:high
4/12    Who can tell me the atomic weight of bolognium?
        \_ maybe you should look at this hole in ipf?
        \_ Oooh... delicious?
           \_ Correct. I would have also accepted snacktacular.
              \_ Gooooo Oscar Meyer!
        \_ You can't beat a Coleco, eh?
           \_ You better get the rust-proofing though.
              \_ Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers! I'm learn-ding.
2001/2/23-24 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:20663 Activity:high
2/23    I have a x86 box running redhat 6 and I can't get my new soundcard
        to install.  where should I go to get help?  someone told me the
        motd would be a good place to ask, because there are alot of linux
        users here.
        \_ linux user, yes. Helpfull people, no
                            \_ I guess you failed the TOFEL. Learn
                               some spelling and grammar fob.
        \_ OSuX! OSuX! 1T'5 A11 A80U+ OSuX D00D! K3WL AKWUA & 5H1T!
          \_ The first thing I would try is a later version of RedHat.
        \_ D00D D1D U U53 linSUXconf?
           TRY RH 6.2, 1T W0RK5 4 M3!
           - 3133T LinSUX H@X0R/L0053R
        \_ What does a server need a sound card for?  If you want to play
           games or pirated mp3s go install win98.  It's better at both.
           \_ Or MacOS. Its better than Win98 at both.
              \_ MacOS? games? that's certainly news to me
                 \_ UT, Q3A, Monkey Island, Voyager Elite Force, Diablo II,
                    Baulder's Gate, all playstation games, SimCity 3K,
                    Caesar III, Oni, Marathon (it is still the best fps
                    ever made), radom other games.
                    Yeah, there aren't 50 million retarded games like in
                    the PC world, but that's just because a Mac is more
                    than a simple WinTendo.
                    \_ silly me, I thought people didn't publish Mac
                       games because there just aren't enough Mac users
                       to justify it, but I guess I was wrong
                    \_ uh you are on crack. by the time something comes out on
                       the mac it's usually pretty old news already. marathon
                       is not the best fps ever made, i played it.
                                  \_ Perhaps in your opinion. But I still
                                     like it. No other fps I have ever played
                                     works well with just keyboard controls
                                     and produces so much carnage. I've played
                                     newer games and Marathon is still better.
                       i guess half-life, fallout2, arcanum, baldur's gate 2,
                       planescape: torment, nolf, deus ex, and tons and tons of
                           This is available on a Mac _/
                           \_ well exqueeze me.
                       old classic games that were never available on the mac
                       just don't matter when it comes to what system is better
                       for games. p.s., guess what game dominates online fps
                       play by a huge margin, and can't be had on a mac?
                       \_ CounterStrike? Yeah whatever. A Mac is much more
                          than a WinTendo. If I want to play games, I'd buy
                          a console. I use my computer to do *real* work.
                          \_ first you say macs are better at gaming. then you
                             say whatever, you don't want to play games. well
                             that's fine dumbass but then why the hell are you
                             talking about it. anyway try playing counterstrike
                             or any other mod for any game on a console. or any
                             rpg more complex than the linear "interactive
                             cutscene" style of console rpgs.
             Also, what sound card?
          \_ I wish Apple had died and Amiga survived. Amiga wiped the floor
             with Crapple.
2001/1/21-22 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:20390 Activity:nil
1/20    Game Theory class taught by Papadimitriou
        Promises to combine algorithms, economy, e-commerce, and Greek lovin'.
2000/12/25-26 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:20172 Activity:kinda low
12/25   The Dolphins/New England game end was strange.  Dolphins celebrating
        the end of the game and the Coach congratulating the team in
        the locker room, but wait.  The officials said that there were
        3 seconds left on the clock.  So they had to play one play after
        35 minutes and after all the players may have finished changing.
        With all the recounts in Florida, this game end does not surprise me.
        \_ how interesting and insightful.  -tom
           \_ actually, a player made the last comment.
2000/12/4 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:19994 Activity:nil
12/3    50% off video games & "family" videos/dvds at
2000/11/25-27 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19909 Activity:moderate
11/24   Thanks to the beauty of SoCal TV, I now know about the ultimate 1337
        piece of software:
        \_ uh, what's so '1337 about this?  it looks like any other 3d game to
           me, except for being Christian
           \_ if you have to ask, you don't know.
              \_ well, DUH.  If I knew, I wouldn't be asking.
                \_ Those who tell don't know, those who know don't tell.
                   \_ s0rr4, i gu355 i'm n07 31337 3n0u6h 70 r3ad th3 m07d
                        \_ ><-/\]<7|_Y.
2000/11/13-14 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19757 Activity:moderate
11/13   DOes anyone know if the Japanese version of the PSII is compatible
        with games/DVDs published in North America?
        \_ its not.. need mod chip, but current mod chip not good for
           orig us games..
           orig us games.. -shac
                \_thanks. This is what I needed to know.
          \_ If you get an early model JPN PS2 it's possible to play
             some region 1 DVD's, but for games modchip is needed --oj
               \_ what's the best site around to keep up on the
                  modding progress on the ps2?
                  \_ my "sources" at ign say
                     they have a mailing list. -shac
2000/11/9-10 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19682 Activity:moderate
11/9    Is HL:Counterstrike all that? Worth getting? I haven't played FPS
        since Quake2 and am itching for some shmucks to frag.
        \_ has the exclusive.
           \_ when are they going ipo? if u hear 'soon' too many times
              its not going ipo.
2000/11/2 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19636 Activity:nil
11/1    hehe, I'm back.  didya miss me?

        back to the ps2 survey that I missed viewing due to bad internet
        connection last last week.  How many of you sodans
            -- stood in line for 8 hours or more, and got it:
            -- stood in line for 1 hour or less, and got it:
            -- didn't stand in line and still got it (pre-reserve):
            -- you are one of those greedy motherfuckers selling
               ps2's and accessories on ebay, and damn proud of it:
            -- never plan on buying it:
            -- are planning to buy it later:
            -- your mom hooked you up at Target by winning the
               employee raffle and your are gleeful:  1

         always and forever  --> the bitter alum
2000/10/28-30 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19590 Activity:moderate
10/27   I saw this poll on, I'm curious how everyone else came
        out.  How many of you fellow Sodans:
            - Waited in line for a ps2 and didn't get shit: 1 (me)
            - Waited in line and scored a unit:  1
            - Never planned on buying one: 3 (games are for wussies)
            - Never planned on buying one: 2 (game consoles are for wussies)
            - Preordered wisely and avoided bs: 1
            - Got a Japanese PS2 back in March: 2
            - Lazy bastard who'll get one in a few months: 3
            - Will get one when I can wander into a store and jsut buy
              one off the self.  If the current new of Dreamcast
              games doesn't live up to the promise that is: 1
            - are bleeding-edge and tired of giving Sony money,
              so will be buying a DC with Dance Dance Revolution,
              Shenmue, and Jet Grind Radio sometime very soon: 1
            - I don't think that word means what you think it means : 1
            - All of the previous is false: 1
            - thought that PS2 was a very old computer from ibm the first
              time you read this post: 2
            - don't play games. - 1.
2000/10/9-10 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19450 Activity:moderate
10/09   Has anyone played Opposing Forces and/or Deus Ex?
        Are they as good as the original Half-Life (engaging
        story, game-play, etc.)?
        \_ OF - fun but a little short.  A good expansion pack that is
                faithful to the original.
           DX - I liked it, but others don't.  Brings out the limitations
                of the unreal engine and runs like ass on a non voodoo card.
                Oh and it falls apart at the end like most games do, but
                at least ti is fun getting there.
        \_ DX is a groundbreaking game that has some minor tech problems,
           nothing that fast hardware won't solve.  OF is also fun, not
           quite as good as original Half-Life with the exception of one or
           two puzzles that are actually better.  Both games are well worth
           your time (though OF kind of wimped out on the what-are-you-
           supposed-to-be-doing-in-Black-Mesa thing).  If it's an either/or
           situation, though, I'd say get Deus Ex.   -blojo
           \_ Which one has a better story line? Yeah, I know that
              most people consider the story pretty irrelavent in a FPS,
              but my first FPS was Marathon, so I like FPSs with a good
              story line.
        \_ If you want story, play BG2.  That game is TOO - DAMN - BIG.
           \_ BG2? Do you mean Bauldur's Gate 2? Its a RPG. I want FPS.
           \_ BG2? Do you mean Bauldur's Gate 2? Its a RPG. I want an FPS.
              I prefer to kill things in real time rather than wait my
              turn. A good story makes the killing more fun.
2000/10/6-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/Display] UID:19429 Activity:high
10/6    Good Games to test out a new system(950 Athlon, ATI Radeon)?
           \_ rouge, nethack, xtrek, xblast
                \_ You mean "rogue"?
        \_ Riana Rouge is a good test
        \_ Why'd you do that?
        \_ Life
        \_ Counter-Strike!!!!!!!!
        \_ Freespace 2.
        \_ Homeworld: Cataclysm
        \_ MS Flight Simulator 2000
        \_ Where can I get such a system?
2000/9/29-10/1 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19368 Activity:moderate
9/29    Why are pro basketball players playing for the U.S. but not
        in games like baseball?
        \_ Because they're BASKETBALL PLAYERS.  Geez!
        \_ those baseball players are pros
           \_ the real baseball players are currently in a pennant race
                   \_ That wouldn't be known at the time the team was
                \_ those who are not could be playing in the Olympics.
                   \_ That wouldn't be known at the time the team is
           \_ Who are the baseball players on the U.S. teams?  Are they
                AAA farm system players?
              \_ Yes.
        \_ because they are weinies who go on strike because X million
           dollars a year isn't enough money for them.
                \_ To play a child's game.
                   \_ I have to pay $0.25/minute to see live adult games vs.
                      $0.08 ($15/3 hours) for a live baseball game.
        \_ Um WAKE UP CALL:  Someone almost lost to Latvia.  -John
2000/9/17-19 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:19269 Activity:nil
9/17    <DEAD><DEAD>
        turing machine as a conway game-of-life pattern
2000/9/13-14 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19238 Activity:kinda low
9/13    Is it possible to use the AoE2 Expansion Pack during multi-play?
        The Expansion Pack says you can automate more (e.g. farmers auto
        replenish farm, etc) and that should give me a lot more competitive
        advantage. However, it doesn't say if it is compatible w/multi-play.
        Thanks.                                                 -gaymer
        \_ I REALLY doubt the expansion pack magically turns off
           multiplayer play.
                \_ no, the question is if the Expansion Pack features could
                   be used in a multi-player game.
        \_ Yes, of course, but RM is all about feudal rushing, so the
           auto-features really wont make that big of a difference
           in competitive games.
        \_ What's RM?  Why don't you guys play it at the zone?  It's free there  You play Age Of Conquerers againts 8 (max.) other ppl.
           \_ RM == Random Map.
2000/9/13 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:19237 Activity:nil
9/13    Anybody been to an Olympic game?  I've heard that all the parties
        that goes on in the Olympic games are basically sex binges.  A chance
        for athletes to "mingle" after a game.  win or lose.  This is like the
        NBA where it's all about sex and money.
2000/9/6 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19183 Activity:nil
9/5     ~pld/bubblet.el now v0.62.  Undo now affects the RNG.
        Also check ~pld/bubblet-scores. -pld
        \_Games:   10    Avg:  636 / 3.06    High: 2552 / 3.18 -pld
        \_Games:   10    Avg:  530 / 3.02    High: 1328 / 2.97 -tom
                                \_ how do these scores relate to those
                                \_ newer format, additional info (avg blocks)
        \_Total games:   29     Average score:  294    High score: 1084-ali
        \_Total games:   80     Average score:  261    High score: 872-oj
2000/9/2-6 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19162 Activity:nil 80%like:19145
9/1     ~pld/bubblet.el now v0.61
        \_Games:    5    Avg:  619 / 2.98    High: 1104 / 2.92 -pld
        \_Total games:   29     Average score:  294    High score: 1084-ali
        \_Total games:   80     Average score:  261    High score: 872-oj
        \_ where are high scores saved?
           \_ Same place customize saves them -pld
2000/9/2 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19160 Activity:kinda low 80%like:19145
9/1     ~pld/bubblet.el now v0.6
        \_Games:    5    Avg:  619 / 2.98    High: 1104 / 2.92 -pld
        \_Total games:   29     Average score:  294    High score: 1084-ali
        \_Total games:   80     Average score:  261    High score: 872-oj
                \_ where are high scores kept?
2000/9/1 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19145 Activity:high 80%like:19160 80%like:19162
8/31    ~pld/bubblet.el
        \_ so far, my high score is 154
        \_Total games:    7     Average score:  188    High score:  380 -ali
        \_ Total games:   26     Average score:  444    High score:  966 -pld
        \_Total games:   29     Average score:  294    High score: 1084-ali
                \_ how do you use this?  --emacs newbie
                   \_ Install Emacs 20.  Copy ~pld/bubblet.el to your local
                      machine.  Start emacs.  M-x (a.k.a. Meta-X, i.e. hit
                      escape then x) load-file(hit return) Give path to
                      bubblet.el(hit return).  M-x bubblet.  Whee.
        \_ tr -d \015
2000/8/29 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer] UID:19120 Activity:nil
8/28    I'm playing Crystalis on a Color Gameboy. Anyone know how I get to
        Zombie Town from Spirit Island? There is that sliding platform that
        is supposed to get me there but I keep falling off. How do I stay
        on it?
2000/8/24 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19089 Activity:high 66%like:19091
8/24    I used to play tennis and video games with a good friend of mine.
        After he got married he stopped hanging out w/ me. How do I get him
        \_ Offer to sleep with him (and/or his wife)
        \_ Find a woman who plays tennis and video games.  Or another man.
2000/8/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Reference/RealEstate, Recreation/Sports] UID:19077 Activity:nil
8/22    Looking for studio in downtown San Jose.  anyone knows the average
        rent there?

-/--    It wasn't here for very long before getting trunc'd, but for the person
        looking to teach programming to a 10-yr-old:
        "ToonTalk is a video game for making video games." -David Kahn, 10
        "It's an animated world where kids can make, run, debug, and trade
        programs."-Ken Kahn, David's dad and inventor of ToonTalk
2000/8/22-23 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19066 Activity:high
8/21    Don't you think an ex-USCA co-op resident, and better yet,
        current CSUA member, would make a passable Survivor contestant?
                                                        ^contestant^actor --psb
        \_ No.  I don't.  The first 2 losers kicked off the island were the
           only 2 bay area people.  Think about that.
        \_ What are you trying to say psb?
        \_ The coops were a ZOG survivor contest.  -John
        \_ ausman!  ausman!  ausman!  ausman!
           \_ I have never even seen this show before. Think I really ought
              to apply? -ausman
              \_ I can't think of anyone more perfect, Jim.
              \_ yes.  Next show is in January.  Everybody apply!
              inmates fight one another.  I think this has happened before.
                 \_ The show will become markedly stranger if we get 3+ sodans
                    on there. Let's go everyone, apply!!!
        \_ How much of a bribe would it take to say, the Chinese government,
           to have a deathmatch-oriented survivor.  "No games.  No rules.
           No mercy.", where the contestents are encouraged to knock each
           other off?
           \_ Get a job as a California prison guard, then make the
              inmates fight one another.  "deathmatch-oriented survivor"
              is played out everyday in the prisons.  Join the fun!
              \_ there is a new reality based show coming out called
                  jailbreak.  People become prisoners and try to break
                  out of prison.
              \_ CA penal system is a bit more organized than Survivor, eh?
                 They have gangs, or one-on-ones, or "group vs.
                 child molester" altercations, which arent really the same.
                 It ends up being bigger beats smaller. Plus, it's not co-ed.
              \_ well, the winners don't get a million dollars.
           \_ They would not allow that. The kidney trade is too lucrative
              to risk damaging the goods.
        \_ USCAers would not survive unless it was a contest to "make your
           own granola" or "score some drugs". CSUAers would never survive
           unless it was a "virtual survivor" where you are a character
           in a video game. Of course both would win if it was a "how long
           can I last without showering" contest.
           \_ you call that winning?
2000/8/20-22 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19049 Activity:high
8/19    Playstation II or DreamCast? Pros/Cons? Are Playstation I games
        compatible with Playstation II?  Also, is it possible to play Japanese
        CD with the US Playstation? Thanks...                   -game newbie
        \_PSX I games are compatible w/ PSX II, further they are enhanced!
          Jpn PSX games will NOT work on PSX II (territory lockout)
          For short term (1.5-2yr) get the Dreamcast, for long therm (3-4yr)
          get the PSX2.
             \_ Very short term (< 1 year) for the DreamCast, most game
                companies are developing for the PSX2 or X-Box at this point.

             \_ the does lie the possibility for "mod chips" that can
                be soldered into the ps2 to enable u.s. units to play
                japanese games, but that can't be determined for certain
                at this time since the ps2 doesn't come out until oct. 26.
                if you can't wait until oct. 26, buy the dreamcast,
                otherwise wait for ps2.  or if you have lots of money,
                buy them both, then you don't have to worry about system
                A vs. system B.   Playstation games should play on ps2
                b/c apparently, there is a ps1 inside the ps2, that's
                why the two units are backwards compatible (at least
                that's what I last heard, which was awhile ago).
                you need a ps2 simply b/c metal gear solid 2 is coming out
                in 2001 (see the 90 MB trailer at  Hopefully,
                this game will kick much ass compared to the original.
        \_ Don't get another box, use your PC/Mac:
           There's even a modchip so you can play CD-R and Japan games
           MacAlly and Gravis sell the PSX controllers in USB format so
           you even get that (controllers ~ $19).
                 \_ don't listen to this guy.  you can't emulate dreamcast
                    or ps2 yet (duh!).  it works ok for most games on
                    playstation, except some games looks really bad.
                    ("silent hill", you see the box mappings around
                     characters, gran turismo  has texture problems...
                    hmm...might've forgot to adjust my memory on that one).
                    Metal gear solid has slowness the emulation
                    isn't really perfect.  the box is cheap enough..
                    unless you happen to be a CHEAP ASSHOLE like some
                companies announced future products will be for PS2/XBox. -oj
                    sodans I know.
                    \_ Okay, so it doesn't do PSX II or DreamCast, but
                       PSX II isn't out yet and DreamCast suxs! PSX still
                       has great games. Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo II
                       run exteremely well on my PB G3 400. So does Driver
                       and Super Puzzle Fighter II.

        \_ Only PSX games "written to the proper standards" will work.  The
           \_ isn't the xbox going to cost >$500? pretty unfair to compare
              that to the playstation 2
        \_ The above post is simply not true.  Most, estimating approx. 98%,
           from Sony and Gaming News Agencies.  The only games with issues
        \_PSX I games are compatible w/ PSX II, further they are enhanced!
          Jpn PSX games will NOT work on PSX II (territory lockout)
          For short term (1.5-2yr) get the Dreamcast, for long therm (3-4yr)
          get the PSX2.
             \_ Very short term (< 1 year) for the DreamCast, many game
                companies announced future products will be for PS2/XBox.
                Oh yeah JPN PSX1 will work on JPN PS2.  US PSX1 discs and
                CDR's won't.  I assume similar things for US PS2 -oj
             \_ the does lie the possibility for "mod chips" that can
                be soldered into the ps2 to enable u.s. units to play
                japanese games, but that can't be determined for certain
                at this time since the ps2 doesn't come out until oct. 26.
                if you can't wait until oct. 26, buy the dreamcast,
                otherwise wait for ps2.  or if you have lots of money,
                buy them both, then you don't have to worry about system
                A vs. system B.   Playstation games should play on ps2
                b/c apparently, there is a ps1 inside the ps2, that's
                why the two units are backwards compatible (at least
                that's what I last heard, which was awhile ago).
                you need a ps2 simply b/c metal gear solid 2 is coming out
                in 2001 (see the 90 MB trailer at  Hopefully,
                this game will kick much ass compared to the original.
        \_ Only PSX games "written to the proper standards" will work.  the
           games written by folks who ignored the rules won't always work.
           Only about 1/4th of em will work I've read.
        \_ the above post is simply not true.  Most, estimating approx. 98%,
           of PSX I games will play on the PSX II based on various reports
           from Sony and Gaming News Agencies.  the only games with issues
           are basically only 1st generation Japanese games.  Sony has
           issued a list of games (~20) that are not compatible which futher
           proves this point, see:
           \_ Not what I read.  YMMV.
           \_ spoken like a true Sony monkey
2000/8/11-14 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18963 Activity:nil
8/10    nethack 3.3.1 installed as "nethack-3.3.1"; please try it out, and
        let me know if you notice any problems.  I'll make 3.3.1 the default
        in a few weeks, and then you'll have to run "nethack-3.3.0" to get
        the old version.  Saved games are not compatible.  --mconst
2000/7/22-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18759 Activity:moderate
7/22    I'm thinking of buying a video game system.  Does anyone have
        suggestions or pointers to sites with good reviews/comparisons?
        \_ Xbox, Microsoft.  The rest is junk.  Go with a quality company
           that has support and knows the business.  Forget Sony, Sega, and
           the rest of these pretenders who entered the arena too early.
        \_ is a great site for that kind of thing,
           at least for the games themselves.  If you want to find information
           on each console, look at the far left, click on the console you are
           interested in.  This will bring you up to a screen where one of the
           subsections reads "faqs and codes", and one of the topics listed
           under there is "general/system faqs." Also...NextGeneration
           magazine ( had a wonderful pros/cons
           comparisons of the upcoming systems this next year, but I don't
           know if it's available online. is a an OK place to find
           info too...look at the left side of the page "games" Here's a
           rather short summary of what's available now (anybody else feel
           free to contribute)
           1) Playstation:  this is a somewhat old system soon to be replaced
              by the ps2.  It has some lots of games out for it, and better
              yet, you can copy (*gasp*) most of them if you have a cd-burner,
              so you can save lots of money on games.  It's best to stick with
              what you like instead of hoarding piles and piles of cd-r's
              though like some people I know.  To play the cd-r's, you pretty
              much have to solder in a small chip on the motherboard of the
              unit though.  (at last last I heard).
           2) N64:  don't buy this;  it's technically higher-performing than
              the playstation, but it didn't really catch on witht the public
              that match.  mediocre game selection.
           3) Dreamcast:  this is an enjoyable "newer" system.  People expect
              this to be bumped off by ps2, but for now, this is highest end
              system available on the market to date.  There's a good number
              of game titles out there for it...nothing really to complain
              about it except that the controller is damn ugly and big and
              clunky like a cadillac.
           4) saturn:  it was alright, but the marketing was done poorly and
              not many bought this compared to the playstation.  you probably
              don't want to buy this unless you are a big video game freak
              (some good games, including X-men VS.  Streetfighter complete
              with tag-team playability, only came out for saturn).
           I would say get a Dreamcast if you are bored and can't wait for
           ps2.  However, the ps gives you a wider selection, and any games
           you buy for it as well as peripherals will be compatible with the
           ps2...only problem is that the ps2 will be dvd-based and cd-r burns
           will probably not work...  Anybody have any update on mod-chip
           viability on the ps2?
           Of course, if you are not strapped for cash, get the Dreamcast and
           the ps then wait for the ps2 to come out..=)
2000/7/22-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18758 Activity:nil
7/21    can anyone suggest some computer games that are network-able and
        are not killing games? (such as raceing games or fighter plane games?).
        Games that parents of 8 year-olds would not complain too much about.
        Thanks!                         -sofia
        \_ Try the Need For Speed series
                \_ Totally addictive esp. w/Force Feedback Wheel,
                   which also comes with Monster Truck Madness.
        \_ Star Wars Pod Racer
        \_ Flight Simulators
2000/7/18-19 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18710 Activity:high
7/17   People, you have to give me time to read the post before you
       nuke.  Again:  for those of you working in the game industry
       either as a programmer or in the art department, can you
       describe the reality of such a job other than the long
       hours and the substandard pay (compared to other possible
       cs/art jobs)?  Is it in enjoyable, or do the tight deadlines
       typically make the whole experience downright unpleasant?
       It's a little bit hard to get the inside opinion on this
       type of thing, informational interviews can only show you
       so much.   -- disgruntled non-cs, non-arts bitter alum
        \_ What would you be doing?  What is the company?  Do you
           know anyone there?  A "game company" doesn't mean much.
           Specifics, believe it or not, help.
        \_ Non art?  Non CS?  What else is there?
             \_ a shit job like mine;  there are endless number of shit
                jobs but only a few good ones  -- bitter alum
        \_ working in games is a lot like work in other industries
        \_ I think Blojo and Bolt Action have it right:
           You work on games to have fun, try new things, do nifty
           tricks in your code, but you earn your money by calling
           yourself "Berkeley Consulting Group" and charge corporate
           suits to fix problems.
           \_ No, actually, Blizzard has it right.  Blojo and Co aren't
              talented enough to actually make a game that sells, so they
              have to whore themselves to stay afloat.
                \_ I bow to your superior wisdom and demonstrably
                 is coming up with a unique play concept. This has NOTHING
                   vast experience.  -blojo
                   \_ Oh spare me your posturing and write something that
                      sells.  Or if you don't want to write something that
                      sells at least tell your people that they are working
                      at a java-monkey consulting company, not a game
                      company like you claim.
                        \_ Look man, you've obviously never talked to anyone
                           who works with me, and you don't know anything
                           about the game industry.  If you sign your name
                           then at least I will know who to shun.
                           \_ And you do?  Just get something published for
                              crying outloud.  At least I don't claim any
                              knowledge, you do.  Which of us is a greater
                                \_ you are, reiffin.  -tom
                \_ Nothing wrong with having a hobby company and supporting
                   it with your consulting work.  Didn't they get a game on
                   http://Won.Net or MS game zone or something?  Some tank hunter
                   \_ Lack of talent isn't a sin, but it sure sucks.
              \_ You're both wrong. The tough part of making a "hit" game
                 is coming up with a unique play concept.
                  \_ horseshit.  Nearly all the hit games are rehashes of
                     existing concepts.  -tom
                 This has NOTHING
                 to do with how '1337 a programmer you are. Once you
                 have that, there are any number of good programmers who
                 can execute the concept. The benefit of having an uber-hacker
                 is that it can run on a pentium 100, vs a pentium 500.
                 [plus these days, you gotta have good artists]
                 \_ And sounds/music too with all that 3d audio shit going on.
              \_ *sigh*
                \_ Oh right.  "*sigh*" yerself.  Like you never mushed a thread
        \_  Though this has little to do with the thread, but in light of recent
                posts trying to get people to sign on with Sony, etc., if you
                happen to end up working for a Japanese company, you can begin
                to feel sorry for yourself: you have no future.  There are many
                reasons Japanese companies can't make good software / hire good
                CS-competent staff.  Most of the good games sold by the Japanese
                gaming industry are games written by other companies, sold under
                their brand name label.  I interviewed with a Japanese software
                game maker once a few years back, and I have interviewed with
                Sony (non-gaming division, though) and many other Japanese-run
                companies.  Most of the 50-year old dweebs in charge have no
                klew about computers and software at all.  Maybe they know their
                hardware really well, but software and common sense and logic
                often escape the Japanese gurus.  There was this big thing in the
                80's about the Japanese-style of management.  Trust me, there
                is not much happening in the back offices of most Japanese corp-
                orations these days.  Simple, individual Greed has replaced most
                of what was a decent model 15-20 years ago... in fact, I'm not
                convinced it ever was a decent model to follow.  Sorry for the
                long excerpt, but I wanted to write a bunch more.  If you're
                mulling over working for a Jap. company, send me mail first.
                I'll do my best to convince you otherwise.  --mtbb
                \_ So, if I understand you correctly, working for a Japanese
                   company has both very high short and long term benefits and
                   no real drawbacks and you strongly recommend working at a
                   Japanese company even for less pay because the other
                   benefits are so great?
                \_ BUT AS1AN CHYX R __H0TTT_!!!1!  1 WANT 2 W0RK 4 A JAPN3Z3
                   CUMPANY BECUZ 1"M H0P1NG THAT A L0T UV YUNG AS1AN CH1X 1N
                   TH0Z3 SH0RT SK00LG1RL SK1RTZ W1LL B3 W0RK1NG TH3R3 2 !!1!!
2000/7/16-17 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18690 Activity:high
7/16   anybody out there working in the game industry (for console systems
       and PC's) who has any words on what the job is actually like,
       in terms of both coding and graphic design/art positions?
       i already know that the pay is less than other jobs,
       but how enjoyable is the job...?
       \_ really depends on the company and you
          \_ i've still to find a job that i like so much i want to sit
             around for more than 8 hours.  i've heard that the hours
             are long, which is fine, but i've also heard that the
             the deadlines are extremely tight, so one guy i talked to
             mentioned it wasn't as fun as he thought it was going to be.
             \_ It depends on what your job is.  If you're hired as a peon,
                and you work for some big, icky company, then your job is going
                to suck.  Do not let this happen to you.  If you work
                as, say, lead engine programmer (or some level higher up
                than code monkey) for a company that treats its employees
                well, it can be great.  As a general rule the smaller
                companies are better, but too small == a lot of risk that
                you may never even finish a first game before the company
                goes down.  The main way to get a good job in the game
                industry is to have some kind of game-specific experience
                before you go in.  It can be something dumb, like a
                Half-Life mod or whatever.  But have something.  -blojo
                \_ I am sure jobs at small companies can suck too, isn't that
                   right blojo?
             \_ what game company?
2000/6/27-28 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18555 Activity:high
6/26    Where can I get the nude patch for The Sims?
        \_ sunsolve
        \_ Pervert...
        \_ The Sims is really weird.  What's up with having a virtual life?
           Is guiding a digital sim through digital life really better than
           the real thing?
           \_ I'll take any nudity i can get.
2000/6/23-24 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18531 Activity:nil
6/22    Does anyone know where I can find a crack for AoE2? Thanks...
        \_ i have successfully duped the CD with CloneCD -aaron
        \_ Electronics Boutique. Costs $39.99 for the crack.
          \_ this is for the dreamcast, I presume?  how do you copy
             dreamcast stuff?  i suppose this is a moot point anyhow,
             considering that a) when you're working, buying a few
             games is cheap entertainment and b) even if you do
             copy a whole shitload of games, it's impossible to
             play through all of them unless you're working
             for a game site that reviews them.
                    -- psycho ps game burner
                \_ Uhm, no.  -working for !game company, has lots of time for
                   all aspects of life
2000/6/19-26 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:18501 Activity:kinda low
6/19    Jobs available at Sony Computer Entertainment of America.  Learn the
        PlayStation2 architecture, meet lots of game developers, and write
        your own ticket in the game industry!  See /csua/pub/jobs/SCEA. -mogul
            \_ isn't this system "already dead" before it's even released
               in the U.S.?
                \_ You're funny!  -mogul
                        \_ No.  It's already dead.  Xbox is going to destroy
                           ps2 across the U.S.  Release it fast and sucker in
                           as many v1.0 victims as you can.  You'll need a new
                           job by Xmas of 2001.
                        \_ The Best scenario for the X-Box as a gaming
                           console is for microsoft NOT to lose their shirt,
                           on selling a unit which cost $50-100 more then
                           it should to manufacture. -nweaver
                           \_ uhh nick, we all know you area dumbass but I
                              just want to point out that the money is not in
                              the consoles.  The money is in the games.
            \_  in clear laymen's terms, why is it harder to develop
                games for the ps2 than let's say...the dreamcast.  the
                "difficulty" for making games for this unit is supposedly
                higher than the saturn, which was already THE worst
                nightmare platform.
                \_ It's not harder, just requires people to learn more and
                   think differently.  Take the job and find out.  -mogul
                   \_ Translation: you didn't release a SDK.  Thanks.
                      \_ You could look at it that way. -mogul
                         \_ Always have to have the last word, eh?
              \_ Supposedly it is tougher than the Saturn.  Mainly because
                 Sony didn't bother to develop any guildlines for the best
                 way to impiment a given effect. So apparently programmers
                 will get halfway through doing something in way X, when
                 they figure out they should've been doing way Y and have
                 start completely over.  (Note:  I can't imagaine the PSX2
                 is worse than the Atari Jaguar though, talk about
                 nightmare systems...)
                 \_ Sony put out a library for PS that developers hated.  They
                    said they'd rather have the raw metal and specs and write
                    their own libs; eventually Sony gave out the specs and the
                    games got a lot better as a result.  For the PS2, Sony
                    skipped the libraries and gave developers what they said
                    they wanted.  Unfortunately, they didn't count on the
                    number of super-lame PC programmers fleeing their
                    shrinking share of the games market; these are people
                    raised with DirectX, with no idea how to program a
                    graphics pipeline on their own.  These are the same people
                    who are complaining the loudest whenever they're
                    interviewed.  I was a PC game developer, and I made the
                    switch.  It's NOT that hard.  -mogul
                        \_ Hey, good way to do developer relations!!  I can't
                           wait to join up with an attitude like that.
                                --super-lame PC programmer staying in shrinking
                           \_ I didn't say all PC game programmers are
                              super-lame... Just that there are a lot of them.
                        \_ Why not release a library to placate the super-lame
                           programmers, and also release the specs? Seems like
                           the right way to go, even if you accept the thesis
                           that only people that can program the bare metal are
                           going to turn out worthwhile games. -brg (not a game
                           programmer, or even a game programmer wannabee)
                           \_ That was my logic, and apparently it just
                              occurred to someone in Japan where
                              (unfortunately) all such decisions are made.  A
                              lib will be released shortly. -mogul
                                \_ So this is a heavily top-down org-chart sort
                                   of place good for drones but bad for anyone
                                   who might stand out?  Get a new watch after
                                   20 years of making the company millions each
                                   \_ This is just for what goes in the
                                      official devkit.  Sony treats its
                                      employees extremely well. -mogul
                                      \_ "Hi!  I am Dilb^Wmogul, loyal peon."
                                   \_ Welcome to the japanese way of doing
                                        \_ Microsoft seems like a great place
                                           to work... I'm sure they'd love to
                                           have you on the X-Box, and they're
                                           not very top-down... -interviewee
                                           \_ Microsoft is a shitty place to
                                              work and has an uncertain future.
                                              \_ Over there, they ride linux
                                                 and run bikes over with suvs
2000/5/10-11 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18231 Activity:high
5/10    This is a question for soda RPG fans.  What are some good, hardcore
        RPGs to buy (old games ok, naturally).  I am thinking maybe the
        Wizardry Archives...  Anyone have any thoughts on how good wizardry
        games are?  Are there other recommendations?
        \_ Wizardry was pretty cool.  Rumor has it it was written in Pascal.
           Also, Ultima series, Pool of Radiance, other SSI type of Dungeons
           and Dragon Games.
        \_ Ultima 4 and 5, maybe 6.  3 on my old mac was good.
           Wizardry and SSI games, yes. You can get an SSI games
           collection that has about 12 games in it, maybe 6-8 worth
           playing, but even moslo won't help on a pentium, with those.
           Bard's Tale 3.  Maybe Darksun (1, not 2).  Fallout /
           Fallout 2 if you don't mind futuristic stuff.  Betrayal at
           Krondor was very good and is now freely downloadable. -niloc
           \_ I generally agree especially Ultima 3,4,5 and Wizardry and
              SSI games.  I forgot about Bard's Tale.
        \_ GOLDBOX!
        \_ DAGGERFALL!
                \_ Sorcerer.  100% spell absorbtion, shield spell, point at
                   ground, launch fireball.  Infinite mana.  Thus infinite
                   shields, healing, etc.  Tough character to start but a
                   cake walk after that.
        \_ The ol' Hellfire Warrior from SSI, very early 80's on the Apple
           \_ You don't know anything about Apple //'s until you've played
              Montazuma's Revenge.
        \_ Out of the recent stuff, Fallout I and II. Download patches.
           \_ Planescape: Torment beats the utter crap out of any other
              RPG released within the past few years.  -blojo
              \_ I agree, it was brilliant.  I forgot to mention it.
                 But Fallout was good.  I'd rank it second, of recent
                 games.  -niloc
           \_ Wasteland!
2000/5/10-11 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18230 Activity:kinda low
5/10    Speaking of old games, how do I slow down old games on a faster
        PII or PIII machine?  Old ==  games designed for 8088 or a 286?
        \_ moslo
           \_ what exactly is moslo?
              \_ it's a little erratic (can make games jumpy) but I
                 think it's the best thing available, allows you to
                 specify % of processor speed to use for a (dos) game.
              \_ Try looking it up on
2000/5/9-10 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18214 Activity:high
5/9     What game do you think has been completed the most by CSUAers?
        Starflight?  Wizardry?  Myst?  King's Quest?
        \_ Wolfenstein 3D?  Doom?
        \_ /usr/games/fortune. Forget everything else you've ever seen.
        \_ Tass Times in Tonetown!!!
        \_ Zork!
                \_ 1, 2, or 3?
        \_ Leisure Suit Larry (All Versions)
        \_ /csua/pub/life
        \_ MineSweeper
           \_ 115sec on expert. Still can't break the 100sec. barrier :(
        \_ what about rogue, angband, moria or nethack?
        \_ mario 64
        \_ Freecell!!!
        \_ NT pinball is actually a good game especially for a freebie.
           \_ It's not free if you have to buy NT.
        \_ I would say Nethack to all you windoze heathens, but it's
           CSUA-user 'completed' game.
                \_ Yes. Nethack is CSUA-complete. Everything in class CSUA
                   reduces to Nethack.
                \_ isn't there a unix version of some infocom game somewhere?
                   \_ I played "adventure" (aka Zork 0.1) on 4.2BSD.
                \_ soda mark IV had an "infocom" interpreter that had lots
                   of the classic games.  -tom
        \_ Angband--I seem to recall a big race to see who could finish
           Angband first on soda back in 1992 or 1993.  Of course, that
           doesn't necessarily mean "finished", since after whoever it is
           got through it (Kube?), people seemed to lose interest.  -John
                \_ I finished it too.  The problem with Angband is that
                   after 2000 feet you either win or get killed by something
                   breathing on you in one turn.  It's sorta dull.  -tom
                   \_  I like this one a lot. -- ilyas
        \_ monopoly.  Oh wait, you meant *computer* game?
           \_ But for bill gates, it is a computer game!
2000/4/21-22 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18075 Activity:high
4/21    Boyfriend's b-day is coming up. Which game console should I get?
        Playstation? Dreamcast? N64?            -dunno much about games
        \_ what?  a CSUA chick has a b.f.?  that's gnu.
        \_ playstation 2. if you dont have the guts and the cash, then
           regular playstation.
                \_ PS2 = faster/more bits than PS?
                   \_ Yes, plus it doubles as a cheap DVD player.
                      Unfortunately, they're only sold in Japan right now.
                        \_ "cheap"?  Only relative to DVD player prices in JPN
                            And there's only about 10 released games --oj
                            \_ I thought I saw about 20 on the shelves there
          \_ Which type of games does he like?  How much are you planning
             to spend?  I have all of the above mentioned consoles, email
             me for an opinion. --oj
             \_ Bah.
                N64 if he's a 12 year old
                   I play are of the sexual kind.
                Dreamcast if he likes collecting amigas and other orphaned
                Playstation if he's a reasonably intelligent person who
                likes adult-quality games.
                \_ "adult-quality games"?  Isn't that an oxymoron?  If you're
                   an adult you wouldn't be dicking around with games.  Only
                   dateless l0sers have time for that crap.  The only games
                   I play are of the sexual kind.  --dateless l0ser
        \_ I have an N64 collecting dust (last great game was Zelda64, and
           before that, WaveRace64, which came out when N64 launched). I also
           have a Dreamcast which already has more quality games than N64.
           Currently playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica & Dead or Alive2.
           I already preordered my Playstation2 coming September / October.
           \_ I'm still building my sony points for it.
        \_ Get him a stock ticker, that way you can ensure he grows up
           to be a responsible adult. Get him a game console if you
           want him to be a miserable failure and a poor husband you
           can't provide for you or your future kids.
                \_ Speak for yourself.  We have N64, PS, & DC, plus
                   $200k annual income and stock options worth around $750k.
                   \_ Cari?
2000/4/11-12 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:17966 Activity:nil
4/10    Anyone try play by mail games?  (not email)  If so, what game and
        what was your experience with it?
        \_ Yes.  A bunch of games.  Generally not worth the price.
           There are cheaper/free games available by email with the
           same quality.  But if you've got cash to space . . .
           - seidl
        \_  Some years ago I did, but then the internet came along and the
          online games were sooo much better.  -ERic
                \_ online realtime?  Or online, batch mode type of game?
                        \_ they were all batch mode.  A conquer teh galaxy
                        game called 'Capital', and a rather amusing
                        run-your-own-street-gang game I dont remember much
                        about.   At the time I had a friend who was playing
                        a interesting gladiatorial combat game called ...
                        "Gladiators" That looked like a lot of fun too. -ERic
                \_ Any galaxy/conquer the galaxy with military, or
                   diplomatic means type of online games?
                    \_ STARS!
        \_ There was an interesting mail game called Duelmaster in which you
           train a gladiator in a particular weapon style.  It had very
           involved combat mechanics, which is why I liked it.  I never played
           it (too slow for my tastes), but I am hoping someone will write a
           computer game with combat mechanics of a similar sophistication.
           -- ilyas
                \_ N33D I 54Y MOR3? - the stars "tell ussss"
           \_ You didn't play it, but you liked it?
              \_ I liked the mechanics because they were well thought out.
                 I probably wouldn't have liked the game itself because they
                 charge for it, and because I wouldn't have wanted to wait
                 for God knows how long for the next move to arrive. -- ilyas
                                        intelligent emergent behaviorsss _/
2000/3/13-14 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:17758 Activity:nil
3/13    What are CSUA's top board games?
        \_ Griljor.  -pld
                \_ description please?
2000/2/26 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:17630 Activity:moderate
2/25    What do you people do with old MSDOS games or Win 3.1 games?
        Donate?  Throw away?  Or are there some avid gamers who still
        play those games?
        \_ MSDOS games? Some of the best games I've ever played were MSDOS.
           And, hey -- they run great under DOSEMU, so I don't even have to
           reboot to play them. I really don't think you have to be all that
           avid a gamer to still play old games -- as a lot of them have much
           more creativity and fun gameplay than today's crop of deathmatch
           games, which gets old fast. Win3.1 games? There were Win3.1 games
           that people actually bought and played? -- ajani
        \_ Master's of Orion!
2000/2/25-26 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:17621 Activity:kinda low
2/25    Looking for a used copy of Freespace 2 and Planescape Torment.
        Anyone want to get rid to the game sitting idle on their shelf?
        - seidl

2/25yet another dickhead's comments about a thread he decided to delete
      deleted.  fuck you.  that's a pretty lame way to be.  if you're going
      to respond to something, dont fucking delete it.
                                -not the orginal poster, and doesn't care
                                        about the original post
2000/1/28-29 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:17363 Activity:nil
1/28    I'm looking to pick up a few used video games.  If you've
        got something you've finished and would be willing to part
        with it, let me know.  Looking for list in ~seidl/used_games
        - seidl
2000/1/5-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:17168 Activity:low
1/4     X-like game 1, or X-like game 2?
        \_ X-like games are weak.  Play Y-like game.
                \_ You clearly missed the point.
                   \_ What was the point?
2000/1/5-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:17161 Activity:high
1/4     UT or Q3A?
        \_ I've played both and prefer UT. just seems more polished, and it's
           fun. but Q3A is a good game too.
        \_ UT if you aren't a fanatic.  Q3A if you say things like frame rate
        \_ Kingpin
         \_ Fuck fuck fucking FUUUUCK you motherfucking fuck fucker.
          \_ Fuck off and die motherfucker! -kingpin
        \_ Neither.  Twitch deathmatch games are weak.  At least play Tribes
           or something that pretends to have some sort of teamwork and
           strategy if you must play a twitch game.
           \_ CTF.  Domination.  Assault.  UT all the way.
                \_ "Eh"
                \_ CTF is still completely tactical, there's no strategy at
                   all.  -tom
        \_ Play Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life.  It rocks.  It's free.
1999/12/29 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:17118 Activity:moderate
12/29   Any Rose Bowl predictions? Stanfurd's Troy Walters will miss the
        game b/c of a wrist injury, it was announced today.
        \_ Who cares?  It isn't interesting and has no effect on the real
           world.  It's like asking about who might win the big Quake3 match.
        \_ Ron Dayne will break the Rose Bowl record for rushing yards.  -tom
1999/12/8-9 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17032 Activity:high
12/7    I am looking for a graphical solitaire to use on the EECS solaris
        x86 machines. Does anyone know a good place to find such a game?
        \_ Look this message wasn't meant to cause so much controversy.
           Yes it is true you are not supposed to play games on the
           instructional PCs.  But, quite often when I am programming
           or trying to read some instructional material online I
           get stressed or tired. I find that playing some lame game
           like solitaire relaxes me enough so that I can get on with
           my 36 hr programming nightmare.  thanks for xsol and xtrek :)
        \_ xsol.
         \_haven't been able to find this on solaris x86 or HP
        \_ get a fucking life.
        \_ No games on instructional machines.  Leave them for people
           who need to get work done.
           \_ Yeah whatever, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol!!!
              Take *that*!!  What's wrong with you kids today?  Used to be that
              the whole point of being a lab assistant was to get an account to
              play xtrek with/on.  And now uptight thought police bullies are
              censoring the answer from the motd.  If you need a box and some
              clown is playing solitaire just politely ask him to leave.  My
              God.  And "sheesh!" as well.  xsol!
                \_ it has nothing to do with policing, it has to do with
                   solitaire being a fucking stupid thing to use computers
                   \_ That's a matter of opinion and I strongly disagree with
                      yours.  xsol all the way, baby!
                \_ your sheesh makes me proud
        \_ Use policy prohibits games.  Read the sticker on the monitor.
           - paolo (a.k.a one of the root@cory people who is tired of cleaning
             up after people race their chairs down the hall because they
             are lame and don't have lives.)
             \_ Uh oh!  A "policy"!  Uh huh.  I used the "no food and drink"
                signs in e260 as a food mat to keep the tables from getting
                sticky.  Lighten up.  -not John but agrees with him.
                (and oh yeah, if you don't like your lame job, quit)
             \_down which halls and why? are they speed contests between 2
                \_ You know, I vaguely seem to recall at least a few people
                   with a sense of humor when I was at Cal.  Have they all
                   graduated?  -John
                   \_this question was meant to be humorous... oh well.
                     \_ humour?  College is the culmination of a lifetime of
                        self sacrifice and hard work for some of us.  We
                        dont' take it lightly.
                        \_considering that most college students are
                             twenty something, lifetime really doesn't
                             mean all that much...
                        \_ And some of us did that hard work and self-
                           sacrifice and still managed to maintain a sense
                           of humor.
        \_ I 'member good ol' xtrek and griljor in e260! I sucked
          at xtrek, except on that one server that had souped-up
          galaxy-class ships. Griljor was much better. -nick
          \_ Griljor was cute but had this "I know the map and you don't"
             thing going which made it hard for new players to get into it.
             I left the lab many a morning with xtrek claw though.
             \_couldn't find any of these games either.
                \_ Griljor was a home grown project.  Maybe someone here knows
                   where the source is?  xtrek is now Netrek.  Clients are
                   available to contact publicly available servers around the
                   world.  Read <DEAD><DEAD>rek for more info and current
1999/12/8 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:17025 Activity:nil
12/7    I am looking for a graphical solitaire to use on the EECS solaris
        x86 machines. Does anyone know a good place to find such a game?
        Look this message wasn't meant to cause so much controversy. Yes
it is true you are not supposed to play games on the instructional PCs.
But, quite often when I am programming or trying to read some
instructional material online I get stressed or tired. I find that playing
some lame game like solitaire relaxes me enough so that I can get on with
my 36 hr programming nightmare.  thanks you for xsol and xtrek :)
        \_ xsol.
        \_ get a fucking life.
        \_ No games on instructional machines.  Leave them for people
           who need to get work done.
           \_ Yeah whatever, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol, xsol!!!
              Take *that*!!  What's wrong with you kids today?  Used to be that
              the whole point of being a lab assistant was to get an account to
              play xtrek with/on.  And now uptight thought police bullies are
              censoring the answer from the motd.  If you need a box and some
              clown is playing solitaire just politely ask him to leave.  My
              God.  And "sheesh!" as well.  xsol!
              \_ your sheesh makes me proud
        \_ Use policy prohibits games.  Read the sticker on the monitor.
           - paolo (a.k.a one of the root@cory people who is tired of cleaning
             up after people race their chairs down the hall because they
             are lame and don't have lives.)
             \_down which halls and why? are they speed contests between 2
1999/9/10-13 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:16502 Activity:insanely high
9/10    The Dreamcast sucks.  Fuck Sega.
        \_ ha ha!! you got a game that doesn't work, eh?
           \_ doesn't WORK?? what the hell kind of QA does sega have?
        \_ got mine yesterday. lost sleep over it. Soul Calibur rocks.
              \_ yeah, such great QA at both sega and some of the game
                 publishers that some games just don't work
        \_ Anyone try telneting into their Dreamcast or connecting to it
           with a web browser?
        \_ Rule of thumb is that faster the film, more grainy it is, and
           less colourful it is.  If you have a point-n-shoot, you probably
           better off with something like Kodak Max just because the speed of
           the lens tend to be slow.  Otherwise, the 400 speed film is
           pretty darn good these days
              get my product, then I say Bring On The Hype!
        \_ 1600 b&w can produce some lovely prints
        \_ SUCKER!!!!  You were a First Day New Technology Hype Victim!!!!
           Hahahahhahahahahhaha!!!! *NEVER* buy anything on the first day.
           *Always* wait until the consumer idiot fucks have pissed
           away their money for you so you don't have to get screwed.  Hahhaha
           \_ Hmmm, I'm glad to be a FDNTHV then. I love my Dreamcast. If
              being a victim means having loads of fun from the moment I
              and without the hassles.  Just bc you were one of the
              get my product, then I say Bring On The Hype!  I am a
              consumerist bastard!  I love obeying the media.  I want
              to be stereotyped and marketed to!
               \_ I'll have the same fun, without the heart break as a
                  Sega beta tester/consumer.  I'd just have it a week later,
                  lucky ones this time, doesn't mean you won't get your
                  fingers charred in the future.  I'm glad you're there beta
                  testing for me though.  Thanks!
           hahahahhahahahhahahahhhahhha, cough, gasp, wheeze!
           \_ money grubbing?  how about the idea that they have earned half
              since they supported you and your career while letting their own
              career idle away?  a selfish little prick like you deserves to
              lose more than half; unfortunately, the law doesn't punish people
              for stupidity and selfishness.  with a fucked up attitude like
              that its no wonder you're divorced or will be.  -your mom
                \_ keep telling yerself that if you have to buddy
                   *somebody* cleans her pool, delivers mail/milk,
                   & tends to her secret garden.  - tpc
        \_ got mine yesterday. lost sleep over it. Soul Calibur rocks.
1999/8/18 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:16334 Activity:low
        The idea of "it's bad to warez" not withstanding, I thought the
        terminology used was very interesting.
        \_ Razor 1911 is my favorite cracking group. Much better than Paradigm.
1999/7/21-22 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:16177 Activity:very high
7/20    Is motion-sickness / motion-tolerance genetically bound? And is there
        any way to compensate for it? I just saw the Blair Witch Project,
        which made me nauseous. My friend actually puked. All the quick
        camera motions got to us. We're weak sauce.
        \_ I get sick playing most 3D type games (almost all Nintendo 64
           games and some others too). I even had difficulty with
           Zelda 64. -cdaveb
           \_ there is an actual medical term called DIMS - doom-induced
              motion sickness.  --caliban
        \_ There is a genetic predisposition to motion sickness.  But is it
           really motion sickness if you are not really moving?
        \_ there's a difference between motion sickness and IMAX-type
        \_ There are actually well documented cases of the relation of
           visual motion and physical motion causing severe nausea.
           I myself was once on a flight simulator in New York where
           the gyroscopic action controlling the simulator was just
           slightly out of phase with the video play back.
           You've never seen so many people get sick so fast
           in your entire life.  I would say the same thing is possible
           even when you are not moving if your brain is duped by the film.
           Try dramamine but my guess is that you should see movies
           with stabilized cameras or else bring a barf bag and give your
           more hearty friends a good laugh -asa
        \_ It helps to sit in the back. Way back. Last row.
                \_ Not enough.  For the rest of you who have this problem,
                   wait until it comes out on video and watch
                   it on a small TV from across a room.
                \-anyone ever use the SGI solaris system browser demo ...
                at some point i didnt know what i was doing withit as i was
                flying through the solar system on a really fast machine and
                i felt kinda ill as i was doing these dives into the ecliptic
                plane. that was actually pretty fun. --psb
        \_ Ginger root powder (you can get it at any pharmacy) helps.
           Chinese medicine rules.
           \_ Ginger in general calms the stomach.  Have some ginger snaps.
           \_ Dramamine or Bonine are stronger; antihistamines with strong
              antiemetic side effect. Some people say they keep you from
              getting dizzy too. But unlike ginger, they taste bad (esp.
              Dramamine, yuck), make you tired, may cause stomachache.
        \_ All of these remedies have varying levels of effectiveness for
           any one person.  You have to sample and see.  You do get
           more tolerant with experience.  -jor (boat diver)
           \_ Take a hit. Then take another hit if you dont feel anything
        \_ This kind of motion sickness is caused because your brain is
           getting conflicting reports about movement: your eyes say it's
           going on, but the rest of your senses contradict that.  I'm
           not sure dramimine would help.
1999/6/28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:16028 Activity:very high
 6/28   Should I buy TA: Kingdoms?
        \_ I liked DK2 better (yes I tried them both).  Someone else likes
           TA:K better.  ymmv.  There's a Best Buy ad in today's paper for
           $29.95 straight up for TA:K, so you can price match if you bring
           it with you to your local EB.
           \_ I like TA:K.  The single player is very good storytelling,
              multiplayer is fun, the graphics are cool (especially dragons).
              Only problem, when 200+ units are running around, the game tends
              to slow down.
                \_ Well, hmm, let's see... you plus 7 computers with 200 units
                   each (when 150 is the default) adds up to 1600 units and
                   you think it's slow?  I'm on a P5 and its still ok like
                   that.  You can't possibly be playing on a shittier
                   computer.  Oh yeah, P5 running NT4 while doing other shit
                   in the background.
        \_ TA:K sort of has Starcraftish visuals with the far superior
           TA interface and controls.  Buy it if you like SC and TA.
1999/6/9-12 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Finance/Investment] UID:15933 Activity:nil 55%like:15925
6/9     Looking to trade Starsiege: Tribes for a more strategic game.
        Preferably Starcraft/Broodwar.  I won tribes in an online
        give-away, but I don't play networked games much. -seidl
        \_ Are you willing to trade a "backup" copy?
        \_ maybe.  since I'm not using the game at all now.  I would
           like documentation though.  mail me and we'll talk.
           \_ WAREZ!
        \_ Yeah.. sure.. I'll trade you StarCraft, which requires the CD in
           the drive and the exclusive use of a license key for Tribes, which
           doesn't require the CD after installation and has no license key..
           \_ Starcraft runs with license key 1234567890123..whatever,
                except that you can't play <DEAD><DEAD> with it.  And assuming
                you don't have an ethical problem with warez hosing, there
                are plenty of key generators on the net.  -John
        \_ If you don't trust the person you're trading with, don't
           trade with them.  I have no interest in networked games right
           now (in fact, my PC currently has no way of connecting to the net
           except through floppy-net) -seidl
1999/6/9 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:15925 Activity:nil 55%like:15933
6/9     Looking to trade a new copy of Starsiege: Tribes for something
        more strategic.  Preferably StarCraft/Broodwar, but I'll take other
        offers.  Won the game in a contest, but has never been played.
1999/5/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:15860 Activity:high
5/23    must read:  -- cm1ee
1999/5/14 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Sports] UID:15810 Activity:nil 53%like:15834 61%like:15823
5/14    Internet game internship: /csua/pub/jobs/Skotos
1999/3/24-25 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15643 Activity:low
3/24    Whats a good online place to look for reduced price games?  Last
        years stuff.  None of the local software stores have a reasonable
        bargin bin, and dealing with EBay auctions sucks. - seidl
        \_ looking for anything in particular?  If I have it, I'd just loan
           it to you.  No big deal.  You'll play whatever for a week or two
           and give it back. Happiness for everyone.
           \_ Well, I'm in Colorado, but I'd happily pay shipping to
              borrow somehitng and return it when I'm out in the BA this
              summer.  But its hard to contact you with no name - seidl
        \_ I'm actually interested in the answer to the question also.
           Is there a good reduced-price games shop online?
        \_ Look for used game dealers on the net. There are a few, but I
           forgot their URL/800 #
1999/3/10-11 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15573 Activity:nil
3/9     If you know of regular, scheduled Ultimate frisbee games (pickup or
        practice, I don't care), please email me.  --sowings
        \_ Kleeberger field on thursdays at midnight.  --sly
1999/3/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:15545 Activity:nil
333333 I just wanted to remind everyone that I have just fulfilled my
       chilldhood dream of making it past one million on the original
       authentic ASTEROIDS game with extra ships across the screen
       and plenty of style to boot.  Thanks.  --jnat
1999/3/4-9 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:15539 Activity:kinda low
3/4     Does anyone know what OS Sony will use for Playstation 2?
        \_ Rumor is linux at least for the development platform
           \_ I heard linux too but that wouldn't make sense to put it a
              Playstation since linux isn't a real-time embedded OS and
              has way too many capabilities for a game system. Why not
              \_ Actually, at the company I used to work for we stripped
                 down Linux so that it would fit into ~15MB and run
                 on 8MB Ram.
                 \_ PicoBSD!  Now if I could only get it to run... -John
                 \_ Years ago linux ran happilly on 4MB ram machines all
                    the time (as long as you didn't run X)
                    \_ Our stripped down system was running X.
                       \_ You can run X under 4MB if you have enough swap;
                          I did that just for fun, though I wouldn't try
                          running much more than 2 xterms.  QNX proves you
                          _can_ have a responsive WS in much less if you're
                          willing to try hard. -- schoen
              \_ no fuckng source (unless you want to pay lot of moolah)
           \_ Didn't Sony have its own OS for game machines called Aprios or
              Aperios or something like that?  Or is that OS already dead and
              they have decided to switch to something new?  -- yuen
           \_ Linux sucks!  WinCE rules!  Flame me!
           \_ D00D!!!1!  1F TH3Y UZ3D L1NUX 4 TH31R D3VEL0PM3NT PLATF0RM,
              THAT WULD B3 S0 K-RAD, B3CUZ 1F 3NUFF UV US ASK3D, MAYB3 W3
              C0ULD G3T S0NY 2 G1V3 0UT TH31R PLAYSTATIUN K0D AS 0P3N
              S0URC3!!!1!!  TH3N 1 K0ULD PLAY PLAYSTATIUN GAM3Z 0N MY GNU
              BUY a PLAYSTATIUN!!!1!!!  TH3N MAYB3 GAM3 CUMPAN13Z W0ULD B3
                 UND3R GPL AND G1V1NG TH3M AWAY 4 FR33!!!1!!!  THAT'D
              T0TALLY RUL3!!!1!!!  PLAYSTAT1UN 4 FR33, D00D!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!
1999/3/4-5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15535 Activity:nil
3/3  A review of
1999/3/2-3 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15513 Activity:moderate
3/2     Opinions on HoM&M III ?  Is it as good as the others (especially
        for someone who's never played any of the others, like me)
         - seidl
        \_ Reviews say its just like the others.  Evolution, not revolution.
           Try a demo for one of the earlier games.  Same idea.  You either
           like that sort of game or you don't.  I enjoyed the earlier games
           although like many games they got a bit tedious at the end, but
           not especially so.  I haven't played III yet though.
           \_ Well, if I really like MoM or MoO II, will I like this?
                \_ MOO is a different genre.  MoM is very similiar.  Certainly
                   the same genre of games but has it's own twist, of course.
                   I'd say if you liked MoM, then you'd probably like the
                   first two HoMM games which are probably 95% the same as
                   III.  As I said though, haven't played III yet.
        \_ I liked #2 and #1 and King's Bounty, and this one really, really
           is more of the same.  Freakin' boring.  Hero micromanagement
           gets nuts.  Maps are huuuuge.  Argh.
                \_ To each his own.  I like the micromanagement thing.  The
                   FPS frag fest is amusing for a while, but really....
                   \_ it's like, I was watching someone play both HOMM3 and
                      Alpha Centauri, and I liked Alpha Centauri a lot more.
                      Even though it's like the same ol Civ1/2 micromgmt,
                      all the tech stuff was interesting reading.
1999/1/13 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15226 Activity:nil
1/26    Is Glint (comes with RedHat Linux) the same thing as Linuxconf, except
        with fancy GUI? Is there any more advantage for using Glint? Thanks.


It's really _astonishingly_ simple.

The game formerly known as Paradise is now the property
of the Netrek Paradise Governing Junta, of which I am the
dictator.  I have decreed that the game is now forever
henceforth to be known as 'Frilly Pink Panties'; that there
shall be no more Frilly Pink Panties servers; and that
all Frilly Pink Panties players be clearly marked for
the good of society with the Sunscreamer Tattoo on their

Anyone using the banned term 'paradise' or persisting to
whine about the glorious occupation forces gracing the
sterile, drab lands of Frilly Pink Panties must be failing to
comprehend the divine word of sunscreamer.

Failing to comprehend the divine word of sunscreamer is,
obviously, a forbidden, capital crime.

As so eloquently proven lo these several years ago, Frilly
Pink Panties is a false game.  A silly game.  A game played
by clumsily half-trepanned mongoloid apes during their
kindergarten recess.  The fact that this was established may
not be 'fair', but sunscreamer is not required to be fair.
Sunscreamer, as you know, establishes the requirements.
Perhaps, vassal, you begin to comprehend the divine word of

You are required to stop simpering like a weepy teenage cleft-
palated orphan who has just been informed of the nonexistence
of the tooth fairy.

double grand admiral sunscreamer, dictator, NPGJ
1998/12/18 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:15124 Activity:insanely high 80%like:14247 80%like:15861
12/17   Shut the fuck up, cmlee.
        \_ this is grown tedius. Both of you toms shut the heck up.
                \_ Children's games are always tedius
                \_ Children's games are always tedius.  So are their temper
                   tantums, personal motd flame wars of no interest to anyone,
                   and their heavy handed censorship of anything not of direct
                   personal interest.  -jake
                        \_ jake, please get tom off my back.  btw, he is
                           a ucb sysadmin.  -- cm1ee, very distressed.
        \_ hey I never knew cmlee was B1FF!!!1!!
1998/12/16-17 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15106 Activity:moderate
12/16   Anyone have an Illuminati deluxe boxed set they want to sell me for a
        reasonable price?  I've been looking for one for a few months now,
        and all the ones for sale online are either in shitty condition or
        atrociously expensive.  I just want to play the game again... -John
        \_ wait a couple of weeks.  SJG is rereleasing it. - seidl
          \_ So I heard.  Hacker, Nuclear War, and Cosmic Encounters
             still seem to be dead, though :(  -John
             \_ hacker and CE are OOP, but I think NucWar is still available.
                or at least I've seen copies in my local game store. - seidl
                \_ GoB has gone mainstream.  No cool games anymore.  What
                   store are you talking about?
1998/12/15-17 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15096 Activity:high
12/15   Starcraft: Brood War just went gold.
        \_ Open body, insert life, close body.
           \_ Operation failed.
           \_ Um, so, playing games = no life? I suppose I should just go
              back to hacking some Linux source code.
                \_ No.  My point was not that playing games = no life.  My
                   point was, "ok, yet another random game has shipped, so
                   what?".  This is hardly something worth posting about.
                            \_ This is the motd we're talking about here.
                               How much of posted material is significant?
                               I'd say not much at all.
                   All the true gamer-geeks already know and the rest don't
                   care and wonder why you do.  After the game has been out
                   for a while and the non-fanatics who think Blizzard can
                   do no wrong have started playing and reporting back on
                   it, I'll take a look at the demo, if any, and then think
                   about buying it.  This month or next month makes little
                   difference.  Something to consider: if all the other games
                   prior to now were so hot, you drooled when they announced
                   they went gold, why are you so excited about this game?  Go
                   play those others.  Oh?  You say they suck now?  They're
                   boring now?  Oh, I see....  -plays games, but not a fanatic
                   \_ By your logic, anything posted here would already be
                      old news to those who really care about the topic.
                \_ GAWD! you're hopeless...
                   \_ so, um, what constitutes "life"? I thought it was
                      the pursuit of pleasure.
        \_ Troll deleted.
           \_ nethack, you lusers! :-) -brg
                \_ Kirin the Traveler St:25 Dx:18 Co:18 In:16 Wi:18 Ch:12
                   Dlvl:28 $:22 HP:134(134) Pw:114(114) AC:-32 Xp:17/650428
                   I need no life :)
                   \_ get a real character class :)
                        \_ I chose a tourist for the challenge.
                           Well, that and the platinum card.  -niloc
                   \_ Level 17?  Pathetic!  You lifeless loser!
             GET A LIFE
             A new computer game ate your brain.
             100 hours later, you beat it, and you're
             ready to get back to hacking.  But you get
             only one hack this turn.  You may not
             skip your turn for a system upgrade.

             Play on a rival at the beginning of his
                \_ Is this from the Hackers games or did you make it up?
                  \_ yes.  -oj
1998/12/1-2 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:15051 Activity:high
12/1    Zelda 64: a game that actually lives up to the hype. I'm having way
        too much fun with this game.
        \_ Betcha can't get that Song of Storms out of your head.
           Go around!  Go around and around and around!
           \_ A-Down-Up-A-Down-Up
           \_ What's up with that Sheikah and his lame-ass harp??
        \_ where are the stupid chickens??? =)
           \_ have you tried firestorming them? fucking hilarious.
1998/11/19 [Computer/SW/Security, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:14981 Activity:nil
        \_ Oh. My. God.
1998/10/21-22 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:14797 Activity:very high
10/20   LucasArts has announced that their Day of the Dead-inspired 3D
        adventure game Grim Fandango has been released to manufacturing and
        should be available to U.S. and Canadian customers beginning the
        week of October 26.
        All hail the mighty mogul!  --pld
        \_ THE ONE REAL QUESTION: When will all of berkeley have it (burned)?
                We should have a competition with other Universities:
                The 100% Pure Piracy competition. Except for MS-interns who
                buy at 90% discount, who buys this shit anyway? We're CS/EECS,
                and who the !@#$ has time?
        \_ Rumor has it that Lucasfilm is bailing on all their Macs
                   name?  Ok how's this:   --- been burned too many times
           for a strictly NT network...
           \_ Well, we all know Lucasfilms is in the buisness of making
              things blow up. So I guess NT is a good start.
        \_ Yeah whatever.  Yet another shitty game for the junk heap.
                   name?  Ok how's this:   -aswan
           \_ Thank you.  It's nice to know how my three years of loving toil
              will be rewarded.  And oh yeah... SIGN YOUR NAME, BASTARD! -mogul
                \_ Hey, fuck you.  What makes this one so special?  How many
                   shitty games must I buy before a decent one comes out?
                   I don't give a shit that you coded for it.  You want my
                   name?  Ok how's this:  --burned by too many shitty games
                   \_ "95%.  The finest adventure game ever." -PC Gamer UK
                      "9.5/10.  Play a gaming legend today." -Our second
                      review.  Those are just our first two reviews.  I'm
                      sorry other games suck; it's too bad that makes you
                      avoid good games as well as bad. -mogul
                      \_ The same rags that gave crap like Red Alert top
                         marks.  No thanks.
                   \_ Wow, this tears you down even better than anything I
                      could write.
                        \_ Really?  So I should buy *your* shitty game on your
                           say so?  I feel so self-torn.  Peddle your shit
                           elsewhere.                   /
        Since when did this become the computer game whiners association?
        GF is technically ambitious and interesting, and Bret did a lot
        of neat design work on it.  I really don't care what games you like
        or buy, especially now that you've shown yourself to be a kneejerk -pld
        \_ Gee, could you be a bit more defensive and touchy?  Talk about
           kneejerk.  "Some s0da h0serz wrote it s0 it must B k-RAD!!11"
           \_ Let's try an analogy here.  Someone posts to the Public Health
              Undergrad Association's motd:  Congratulations to mogul for
              discovering that quinine is effective against malaria!
                \_ Cool!  How does it work?
                \_ Yeah whatever.  Another shitty bitter drink.  Fuck you.
              That clueless latter person is you.  What a maroon!  --pld
                           \_ Seems to me you're saying this game's gonna
                              be shitty because someone here is promoting
                              it and someone else here coded it. Or is it
                              automatically anytime anyone promotes a game,
                              it's shitty?
                             \_ I'm saying all games are shitty until proven
                                otherwise.  Gimme a demo and maybe I'll come
                                back tomorrow and rave about it.  Is there
                                a playable demo available?
                                        \_ of course there is, dumbass
                                         \_ Prove it. urlP
                                            \_ Oh, gee, what is this?

                                               Hey, it says "The Grim
                                               Fandago Playable Demo" is
                                               now avaiable for download."
                                               Damn, now why didn't I think
                                               of looking here? Oh yeah,
                                               I'm a dumbass.
                I downloaded and played and now I can say with %100  _/
                certainty that this is Yet Another Hyped Shitty Game.
                I'm not only unimpressed, but mildly offended at the wasted
                download and install time.
                        --burned again but not dumb enough to piss away cash
                \_ You must have an incredibly high standard not to like
                   LucasArts adventure games. Only games outside LA
                   that are of same quality is the Gabriel Knight series,
                   in my opinion.
                   \_ Pretty good play. However, some stupidly random
                      mandatory tests, and crashes all the time.
                      I give G.K. an 85%, personally.
                   \_ Probably.  I expect a game to be _fun_.  Silly me.
        \_ most lucas arts games have been pretty crappy in comparison to
           other games like doom, etc. i was extremely disappointed with dark
           forces, for example. --disappointed with lucas arts
           \_ Well that's pretty funny because (for example) the id Software
           guys have often stated that they felt that Dark Forces was
           the only good game that came out as competition for Doom.
           And it also received much critical acclaim....  -blojo
           \_ I dunno, I just thought that after the novelty of blowing
              away Storm Troopers wore off, DF was pretty dull.  At least
              Duke Nukem 3d was kind of funny and Quake was pretty.. -John
           \_ hmmmm, have you tried the playstation version? this is the
              crappy one. maybe the pc version is better. --disappointed
        \_ I've played just about every 3D shooter out there, and the only
           ones I've cared to finish are Quake2, Dark Forces, and Jedi
           Knight. The latter two proving technology isn't everything.
        \_ Day of the Tentacle.  Sam and Max.  Lucas Arts games rewl. -lim
           \_ Only LA, Blizzard, and iD have near perfect track records.
                \_ Blizzard?  Only if you like super micro management click
                   fests like Starcraft.  AI?  Hello?
                   \_ Name a game with good AI. Quake is not a fun game
                      because of its AI. Neither is Star/Warcraft. And what
                      kind of argument is click-fest? Heck, even Tetris is
                      is a click-fest. You want a game where things just
                      unfold for you?
                      \_ Nethack is not a clickfest
                      \_ For starters, how about my units don't stupidly stand
                         there while a building right next to them gets
                         pounded or my mutalisks don't pursue a single enemy
                         on their own flying right over 30 missile towers.
                         Apparently, that's far too much to ask.  Or maybe
                         my units using their special powers on their own
                         once/century.  clickclickclickclickclickclickclick!
        \_ Go bret!
1998/10/3-5 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:14727 Activity:nil
10/2 (kill kenny on your n64)
1998/9/18 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14622 Activity:nil
9/18    SWINGERS drinking game, movie quote server, and more.
        You love it!
1998/9/10 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14566 Activity:high
9/9     Any of you gung-ho eecs types want to try and help me fix
        a Gauntlet II arcade game? -ERic
        \_ Can we put it in the CSUA lounge when you're done?
          \_ technically it belongs to a guy at my work. I suspect it'll
             wind up next to wired digital's stargate game. -ERic
        \_ Did ERic get the Gauntlet II machine for his birthday?
          \_ no. -ERic
          \_ He got your sister.
1998/9/4-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14545 Activity:high
9/3  Text mode quake - <DEAD><DEAD>
     See screenshots. This is wrong. Very wrong.       - sagarwal
        \_ What this says is quake is nothing but eye candy with near zero
           game play.  If you can't enjoy it in text, you're not really
           enjoying it, your eyes are.
           \_ That's a very narrow-minded description of enjoyment, don't
              you think? Are my eyes not part of me? So can I say I'm not
              really enjoying the food I eat, my taste buds are?
              \_ But does not the fire also need water?  Does not the
                 mountain need the storm? Does not your scrotum need kicking?
                 -- beavis
              \_ No.  The whole "the graphics suck so the game sucks" line
                 is narrowminded.  "Quake II has the gr00viest grafx so it
                 iz D best gaime d00de!!!11" is the same thing from the
                 other side.  Whats wrong with playing a fun game with a
                 text interface?  If the game sucks without pretty graphics
                 then maybe there was never a game worth playing.  Just pretty
                 \_ I never said graphics made a game. It enhances it,
                    surely, but Quake is definitely a game worth playing,
                    more so than Quake2, which has superior graphics. Heck,
                    Jedi Knight had far inferior graphics than its peers,
                    yet infinitely more satisfactory game experience, single
                    player wise. My point: I agree with you.
                    \_ Honestly: thank you.
                  of them all--netrek.  --PeterM
                  of them all--masturbation.  --PeterM
              \_  All computer games pale in comparison to the best game
                  of them all--masturbation.  --?
                  \_ masturbation pales in comparision to sex.  Oh wait, i
                     forgot this was csua.  Never mind.
                     \_ Ask saarp about that..
1998/8/21-22 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14495 Activity:nil
08/20   The Match Game!  Your celebrities are Richard Dawson, Mary
        Tyler Moore, and Charles Nelson Reilly.  "Hot Dang, them
        ______'s good eatin!"
1998/7/27 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14404 Activity:nil
07/27   what is the best combat flight simulation game out there for the pc?
1998/7/20-21 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14345 Activity:high
7/19    MASSIVE ATOMIC WARFARE!  Warheads falling from the sky like rain!
        A judgement that will destroy the puny works of a vain humanity!
        It's coming -- AND SOONER THAN YOU THINK!  Don't say I didn't
        warn you!
        \_ Which theatre?
        \_ A strange game, the only way to win is not to play at all.
           \_ The game of Life?
              \_ The game of Global Thermonuclear War.
              \_ The game of Global Thermoundie War.
              \_ The game of Global ThermoNucleaUnder Wear
           \_ A good line but really this is more like "not losing" than
              actually winning.  If you had enough subs firing enough MIRV
              nukes at just the right moment....  We'd win that.
           \_ you're a hard man to find, professor.

        /csua/pub/jobs/Lloyd-Ritter-kernel -- schoen
        \_ I dunno, hacking at random doesn't sound very fun.
           \_ "Random" because I don't know the company or what the job
              entails. -- schoen
1998/6/30-7/2 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:14278 Activity:high
6/30    Come play a bitchin' 3D internet game.  Wulfram wants more
        test players!  For more info see <DEAD><DEAD> and
        <DEAD><DEAD>.  Or like send email to
        \_ When I see it on OGR, I'll think about it.
           \_ OGR?
           \_ You Will.
1998/5/26-28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14137 Activity:kinda low
5/24    What's the rare game piece in the Taco Bell Godzilla game?
        \_ a brain
        \_ cmlee
1998/4/26 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:14010 Activity:nil
4/25    A NEW VERSION OF MAME IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        \_ Ok, what is MAME and what is the URL?  Without this information,
           who gives a shit?
                \_ its an arcade emulator.
        \_ ARKANOID!!!
        \_ SINISTAR!
        \_ TOOBIN!!!
        \_ MARBLE MADNESS!!!!
        \_ SNOW BROS.!!!!
        \_ X-RATED ATARI GAMES!!!!
        \_ TETRIS!!
        |_ BAD DUDES!
        |_ HEAVY BARRELSSS!!!
1998/3/25-27 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/Theory, Recreation/Sports] UID:13862 Activity:high
3/25    Are there any practical applications of Conway's Game of Life?
        \_ xlock
        \_ [ignorant babbling about the board game deleted]
        \_ A PC moria/angband/rogue/etc clone called ADOM uses it to determine
           growth for various plant life in the game.
           \_ Just saying "no" would have been shorter.
           \_ I thought there was some use for that and other cellular automata
              in generating pseudo-random numbers.
        \_ there's an encryption scheme based on a 1D cellular automaton
           called CA with a standing challenge to crack it
        \_ cellular automata are still an inspiration for some artificial
           life work.  And they're equivalent to Universal Turing Machines,
           so you can do math on Life if you want to go to the trouble.
1998/2/8-11 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Sports] UID:13639 Activity:nil 61%like:13630
2/6     The roguelike game omega has been installed in /csua/bin for your
        enjoyment.  I hacked in a ".omega" extension for savefiles and turned
        setuid back on.  Please report bugs to me.  -- cm1ee
1998/2/6 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Sports] UID:13630 Activity:nil 61%like:13639
2/05    The roguelike game omega has been installed in /csua/bin for your
        enlight^H^H^H^H^Hjoyment.  Report bugs to cmlee.  -- cm1ee
1998/1/26 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:13565 Activity:nil
1/25    Game blather removed.
1998/1/26 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:13563 Activity:nil
1/25    That was one hell of a game!
        \_ Oh shucky darn, I accidentally cleaned my room instead.  -- tmonroe
        \_ game sucked.  3rd Rock rocks!
           \_ game sucked, 3rd rock is the second worst show on tv
              (suddenly susan).
1996/12/18-21 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:32016 Activity:high
12/17   For those of you who are interested, you can open a hidden maze
        game(?) called "Hall of Tortured Souls" from the B95 cell in
        Excel 95.
        for more.
        \_ more details please.  (what do we do in that cell?)
             But you have to figure out the magic word to make the white
             wall disappear!  ;)  --yumin
1996/9/29 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:31904 Activity:nil
9/28    Got my Nintendo 64. Super Mario kicks @$$!
        \_ Got mine too... *DOOSH!*
        \_ Got mine too... death to playstations!!
1996/9/25 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:31895 Activity:nil
9/24    Does someone have a ticket to the Stanfurd game they will sell me?
        It would make me happy! -gong
1995/2/1 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:31738 Activity:nil
1/30    Anyone looking for a full time position doing Customer
        Support for a game company?  Email me -- pmcnab
1995/1/5 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:31691 Activity:nil
1/5     There now is an e-mail alias for dissing all things related
        to the game griljor.  If you are interested, e-mail griljor-request,
        and I'll add you.  -eric
1994/12/21 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:31677 Activity:nil
12/20   Great new ibm game Heretic (beta, oh well) in /tmp/ - danh
1994/6/14 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:31633 Activity:nil
6/13    Attention diplomacy players. I need replacements for
        an e-mail diplomacy game as soon as possible. The game
        is an Asian version of standard Diplomacy. Mail fab@soda
        for details. -fab
1994/1/28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Sports] UID:31467 Activity:nil
1/27    Since the CSUA meeting coincides with Da Bearz game, does anyone have
        an extra ticket to spare? I am looking to buy one for an unexpected
        visitor from out of town. Thanks. -dim
1993/12/10 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Politics/Domestic] UID:31436 Activity:high
12/9    What's the lastest news on that Atari Jaguar(before any chucks $250
        plus tax)?  Saw it at the Good Guy's.  The rep. said the shipment
        for preorders coming Xmas Eve.  Anyword of third party games...or
        is Atari gonna choke again?
        \_ lastest news on is that the Jag is crap,
            but what else do you expect frtom Atari? I'm waiting for
            the 64bit sgi/nintendo vr machine comming out in xmas 94
        \_ What exactly is 64 bit on that machine?  couldn't be
           64 bit color... that'd be 2x10^19 colors... 64bit processor?
           that sounds like overkill.  I think it's a lie.
           \_ The data bus to the display memory?  High resolution/color
              live action video needs bandwidth.
        \_ No CD = no where to store detailed graphics = really
           fast stick figures. Yawn.
1993/9/10 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:31395 Activity:nil
9-9     Killer game starting up.
        read /usr/local/games/lib/killer/README for more info.
        Mail killer-owner for further info (beyond that which is in the
        games-lib directory) or to be added to the mailing list.
1993/6/4 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:31344 Activity:nil
6/4     Keroppi karnival!  Keroppi wants you to come! Meet Keroppi and Hello
        Kitty in person.  june 5th 12:00 to 4:00. Eastridge community center.
        crafts! games! prizes!
1993/5/6 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:31298 Activity:nil
5/6     Two files of interest.
        1.  In ~xxxxxer/item.list, a list of where all the items in ANGBAND
        are found.  Also, more information on "feelings".  Could someone
        who is group games copy it into /usr/local/games/lib/angband?  Or
        cat it onto the end of the angband man page?
        2.  The results of the HUGE pouring.  pour 234 1234 ... or someting
        like that in ~xxxxxer/hugetest.
1993/5/3 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:31293 Activity:nil
5/3     What was the result of the GB-LT game???
        I read rgn, no news.
        \_ Much DOOSHing, of course!
        \_ 12-8 LT, I posted a summary.
1993/5/3 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:31292 Activity:nil
5/3     * No non game activites on Soda! *
        Those caught not playing angband, MUD, or some similar activity will
        have their account's removed.
1993/4/18-19 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:31273 Activity:insanely high
4/18    letters installed. It's a reasonably fun typing practice game. Thanks
        to xxxxx for compiling it.  -XXxx
        \_ I'd like to request that the word 'xxxxxx' be xxxxxxd from the
           word file.  Thanks  - Xxxxx
                \_ Go xxxx yourself you little pile of xxxx.  Xxxxxxxxx
                   xxxxxxship is _out_.  If you Xxxx to xxxxxx what others
                   know, take your little xxxx face to xxxxxx.
                        \_ who Xxxxs to post this one to alt.xxxx?
                        \_ I'd like to request that the word 'xxxx' be
                           xxxxxxd from the word file.
2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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