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2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/1/25-2/19 [Recreation/Computer] UID:54587 Activity:nil
1/25    Seymour Cray's UCB Lecture on the Cray-1:
        \_ this is VERY BORING. Why should we care? UCB is dead.
2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/12/4-26 [Recreation/Computer, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:53565 Activity:nil
12/4    Why aren't there as many comedians making fun of Obama as
        there are making fun of GWB?
        \_ he's not as ridiculous.
        \_ No one was making fun of Dubya after only one year in office either.
           In fact, making fun of him after 9/11 was likely to get you lynched.
           Wait until O's second term, then people will really start to light
           into him.
        \_ I don't think Obama is god or 100 successful, but there really is a lot
           less to make fun of than GWB.
        \_ because making fun of Obama would make you a racist, and
           no one wants to be a racist.
           \_ Unless you are Chris Rock.  His black vs. n****er line a decade
              ago was hillarious.
        \_ GWB was a personality, Obama is boring.  They could work the
           boring angle; like have a comedian giving a speech to bored
           people, but that starts to become political, instead of just pure
2009/7/24-8/6 [Recreation/Computer] UID:53193 Activity:kinda low
7/24    I am trying to come up with a list of bands that have played the
        Berkeley co-ops. So far I have the following:
        Primus - Barrington "Frizzle Fry"
        Green Day - Cloyne & Chateau
        Digital Underground - Cloyne
        Bluchunks - Chateau and Cloyne
        Broun Fellinis - Chateau
        Black Flag - Barrington
        Flipper X - Barrington
        NOFX - Barrington
        X - Barrington
        Operation Ivy - Barrington and Cloyne
        The Dead Kennedys - Barrington
        Idiot Flesh - Barrington
        \_ I dunno if Green Day ever played Chateau, but I was there when
           they played at CZ.
           \_ Yeah, I saw them at Chateau, in fact I did security at that
              show, which includes a pretty funny story...
        Digital Underground - Cloyne
        Bluchunks - Chateau and Cloyne
        Broun Fellinis - Chateau
        Black Flag - Barrington
        Flipper X - Barrington
        NOFX - Barrington
        X - Barrington
        Operation Ivy - Barrington and Cloyne
        The Dead Kennedys - Barrington
        Idiot Flesh - Barrington
        \- nee Acid Rain, if that counts --psb
           see also
        What am I missing here?
        \_ The Offspring - Cloyne (at least 2x, prob. more)
           Also at Cloyne:
           white trash debutantes
           The Mentors
           Subinicision (I assume)
           If you want less famous bands like this  I could probably come up
           with a lot.  -crebbs
           \_ Chumbawumba, too.
        \_ The Donnas?
        \_ did AFI play there?  The dude "Davey" was at Cal.
           also don't forget Rick Starr!         -brain
        \_ I think Lawsuit played at Cloyne when I was there -emarkp
        \_ Oh, I remember I saw No Doubt at Cloyne back when they were
           first touring.
        \_ 'Davey' still lives in Berkeley. AFI, Rancid, Hepcat played Cloyne.
        \_ Spunky Brewster - Cloyne
           The Flying Jesuses - Stebbins, Hoyt
      \_ ok lets change this to 'bands' that people 'went to see' and
         possibly more than 100 people 'bought a cd from', not bands whos
         audience was chiefly the bands girlfriends.
         \_ then take out Greenday, Offspring, Mentors, Hepcat, AFI....
   \_ what are you talking about?  i guess i was unclear.  collectively,
      greenday / offspring / afi have sold millions of albums.  I'm sure
      the mentors sold at least a 1000 cds in their lifetime!
        \_ AFI didn't really seem to go anywhere after Answer that and
           Stay Fashionable (the punk band which is who you woulda seen
           at a co op).  I think another band is using their name now.
              Same members, different sound.
        \_ Did Digital Underground play the co-ops? I thought I heard them
           at Cloyne during a hip-hop night. Anyone remember any hip-hop
           bands that played the co-ops?
2008/2/26-3/4 [Recreation/Computer] UID:49268 Activity:nil
        Really really cute blonde with wardrobe malfunction (nsfw)
2008/2/25-29 [Recreation/Computer, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:49246 Activity:nil
2/25    Are there any DVD players that will remember the position of the
        last X movies played? I know most remembers the one currently
        being played, but what about previous ones? Thanks.
        \_ DVD Player in MacOS X remembers the last played position for
           all of my DVDs.
        \_ Yes. My old Sony player (second generation) remembers the
           positions of up to 5.
2007/8/29-30 [Recreation/Computer] UID:47793 Activity:nil
8/28    this guy looks fun
        \_ Yes! This is just exactly what we need more in this world! Yet
           more opinionated political drivels! We love it, we want more!
2007/7/6-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Computer] UID:47197 Activity:nil
7/6     Marta Domachowska: bustier than other Eastern Europe tennis players
2007/6/30-7/3 [Recreation/Computer, Recreation/Activities] UID:47137 Activity:kinda low
        Amélie Mauresmo, former #1 tennis player, strong like a man,
        plays like a man, walks like a man, and has the figure of a man.
        \_ Plus, she is a cheese-eating surrender monkey, what more do
           we need to know?
        \_ Why was this posted?  Is there something I'm missing?
           \_ I find it unfair that yesterday's Wimbledon on NBC showed
              70% Sharapova (hot hot hot) and only 10% Mauresmo, even
              though both played well. Obviously, the person responsible
              for yesterday's broadcast was biased overwhelmingly towards
              Sharapova, and I suppose they did it because they wanted to
              attract viewers by showing pretty people over ugly people.
              Life is sad and unfair.                   -not attractive guy
              \_ I think Anna K is a little hotter than Sharapova, but both are
                 \- are you blind? does anybody agree with you?
                    \_ I dunno, in the wikipedia hits she looks pretty hot to
                       me. -!pp
        \_ Damn.  He ... er ... she is more handsome than I am.  -- guy
        \_ This French looks like she's from former Communist Russia.
2007/5/8-9 [Recreation/Computer] UID:46563 Activity:low
5/8     What month is the most popular birthday? February?
        \_ Yes, that's what I heard.  Maybe May is a good month to have sex, or
           it's a bad month which people tend to forget contraceptives.  I
           don't know.  I wonder if Social Security has some stats.
           \_ Here's one data point. My gf and I were pretty wild in May.
              Maybe it's the weather or something, I don't know. It is
              in fact the month where you experiment a lot, like not
              using any protection (fun fun fun) and suffering from
              the consequences (kids). Enuff said.
              \_ Ah, must be because of the start of summer break for schools
                 under the semester system.  -- PP
2006/10/25-27 [Recreation/Computer, Recreation/Humor] UID:44976 Activity:low
10/25   Rush thinks it's funny to make fun of Michael J. Fox by miming his
        \_ Rush is a Republican.  Of course he's evil!  You don't need any
           \_ obFollowTheDamnLink
              \_ No reason to follow the link.  Evil!
        \_ Has Rush dropped his whole Compassionate Conservative shtick
           (that he ripped off from Michael Savage, BTW)?  I never hear
           him mention that anymore.  It must be too egregious, even for
        \_ Just the ravings of a junkie.
2006/6/16 [Recreation/Computer] UID:43419 Activity:low
6/16    Friday Flash Fun:
        \_ extremely boring.
           \_ also old
              \_ You're a tough, cranky crowd.
                 \_ and?
                    \_ also old
2006/1/26-27 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer] UID:41534 Activity:nil
1/25    lots of fun:
2005/12/9-11 [Recreation/Computer, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security] UID:40941 Activity:nil 77%like:40940
12/9    Looking for a job? Come work with us at Snapfish (now a service of HP).
        It's fun and neat and all that stuff. Take a look at
        /csua/pub/jobs/Snapfish for the latest postings, and feel free to
        drop me a line with questions or whatnot. - ajani
2005/12/3-6 [Recreation/Computer] UID:40832 Activity:nil
12/2    Has anyone played Age of Mythology? Is it fun?
2005/11/8-10 [Recreation/Computer] UID:40496 Activity:nil
11/8    Can someone show up to this and asphyxiate every person
        speaking at this?  thanks
        Internet: Friendster, MySpace founders debate online communities
        Nov. 8, 7-9 p.m., Andersen Auditorium, Haas School of Business
        The founders of the wildly popular online communities,
        recently bought by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp for $580 million,
        and, will discuss the future of these virtual
        neighborhoods in an event sponsored by the Fall 2005 Pledge Class
        of Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity. The event is free
        and includes the chance to win an iPod Nano and other cool door prizes.
2005/10/28-29 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Recreation/Computer] UID:40305 Activity:nil
10/28   Sulu, you have the helm.
        \- in an odd coincidence, SPORK previously played the same role
           in EqEqEquus. I believe that HOMOSEXUAL DATA FELLOW has hit on
        \- in an odd coincidence, SPORK previous played the same role
           in EqEqEquus. I believe that Homosexual Data fellow has hit on
           the brother of a sloda user.
2005/8/31 [Recreation/Computer] UID:39379 Activity:nil 57%like:39355
8/31    Post the cutest azn gurl you can find on Friendster. Cutest
        defined as having small or no boob ***and over 18***. I'll start:
        \_ Umm... does anyone else find this a little creepy?
           \_ Well, it's certainly less creepy than say, browsing for porn.
              At any rate it's safe for work (SFW). That's very important.
           \_ um, just a "little" creepy??
           \_ Every woman I've talked to that has tried online dating or
              using such forums as Friendster to meet men has tons of stories
              about creepy guys trying to get in touch with them.  Apparently
              being even a somewhat attractive woman on one of these services
              is an invitation to a deluge of requests.  For instance, one
              girl I knew put a profile on Myspace and got 200 responses from
              men in the first *day*.  You must be one of those creepy men.
              \_ Most of these women look like spammers.
2005/8/30-31 [Recreation/Computer] UID:39358 Activity:nil
8/30    Do you guys have good ideas on increasing the readership and
        the participation on motd? With fierce competition from newsgroups,
        Yahoo groups, friendster & orkut network, and many other facilities,
        how can we keep our unique 70's style of newsgroup going for
        decades? Serious responses please. Thanks.
        \_ Does it really need more participation?  I don't think I'd want to
           read much more traffic than it gets now.  -- FT job haver
           \_ Seconded.  I think we have enough traffic.
              \_ Enough traffic, but not enough variety. ;)
        \_ I think we should turn automatic motd display back on for new
           \_ I think this by far the simplest and most effective method.
              The motd is dominated by old farts. It's time to get new blood.
              jvarga, help?
        \_ Hey, kchang: how about adding an RSS 2.0 or Atom feed to KAIS Motd?
           \_ this will only increase the motd addiction for existing users.
              it's like adding more nicotine in cigarettes. it won't increase
              the number of suckers who are interested in smoking.
2005/8/30 [Recreation/Computer] UID:39355 Activity:kinda low 57%like:39379
8/30    Post the cutest Asian female you can find on Friendster. I'll start:
2005/8/29-31 [Recreation/Computer] UID:39342 Activity:low
8/29    So after changing a few pics on friendster, I got 2 emails from two
        different women. One works at Coca Cola down in Africa, and the
        other one with a generic hello, eager for a reply from me. I didn't
        post anything spectacular or anything and I'm suspecting that this
        is a spam attempt. Has anyone gotten a similar response after
        changing pics or specs? Thanks.
        \_ Any unsolicited message on one of those services which asks you to
           email an outside address is almost certainly a spammer harvesting
           addresses.  Myspace is plagued with them - the typical approach
           being with a profile short on details but featuring a really cute
           picture and an insistence that you email as soon as possible.
           \_ I dunno. I had some cutie 18 y.o. Brazilian email me on
              orkut out of the blue last year. Turns out all she wanted
              was an English speaking penpal.
              \_ Well, did you "teach" her anything? Come on...
        \_ Did she ask for your bank account number so she could transfer $5M to you?
        \_ This is a follow-up. I'm the op. I went back to check their
           stats, and friendster says "This user doesn't exist." I guess
           they are indeed spammers. Whew. When 2 semi-attractive women
           send a chubby guy who's not particularly interesting (me),
           you've got to wonder if it's too good to be true :(
2005/6/2 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer, Consumer/TV] UID:37937 Activity:nil
6/2     So is the infamous 49ers training video available somewhere online?
        \_ - danh
        \_ What the fuck is this?
2004/12/3-4 [Recreation/Computer] UID:35165 Activity:low
12/3    So is this person using Friendster to grab clientele, you think?
        Kind of NWS
2004/9/20 [Recreation/Computer, Health/Women] UID:33630 Activity:moderate
9/20    For the guy looking for gangster manga/anime, you might enjoy
        Sanctuary by Ryoichi Ikegami.  -John
        \_ You can always recognize his work because while all the
           pictures are beautifully draw and shaded, everyone is wearing
           the same expression.
        \_ related question, does anyone know ANY women who enjoy Hentai?
           \_ One of the hentai review sits I've seen was all women
              (apparently). The reviews tended to favor vids with, you know,
              a plot. They had a separate "etchi" rating to let you know just
              how well it might get one's rocks off as far as tentacle rape
              and such.
           \_ gosh this is like young healthy straight men who hate sex
           \_ I found 8 in the Bay Area on Friendster.
2004/7/14-15 [Reference/Military, Recreation/Computer] UID:32279 Activity:kinda low
7/14    A farewell to the Marine Corps, Colonel Wayne Shaw, USMC, Quantico,
        \_ Great find.  I love his 10 questions.
2004/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Computer] UID:31091 Activity:high
6/30    Google may have stolen the code for orkut:,1367,64046,00.html
        \_ Sensationalist, and overblown.  He may have written the code while
           working for them.  They may have exclusive rights to the code. And
           perhaps not.
        \_ We should put the greedy turk in solitary confinement for 3 yr.
           \_ "I've never seen a man take so quickly to a Turkish prison"
        \_ IANAL, but it seems to me the proper target of a suit like this
           would be the programmer, for breach of contract, theft of
           intellectual property, etc.  The employer using it can hardly
           be expected to keep track of all its employees previous
           obligations... a temporary restraining order would seem more
           appropriate for google...
                \_ How do you get a temporary restraining order? You
                   usually have to sue.
2004/6/14 [Recreation/Computer] UID:30788 Activity:high
        Nickelback is recycling.
2004/5/17 [Recreation/Computer, Industry/Startup] UID:30259 Activity:high
5/17    Long, but worthwhile (found on of all places):
        post the URL instead.  Okay: -- A simplistic
        but pretty concise explanation to the question: "Why do people in
        the 'red' states vote overwhelmingly for Bush when they always get
        screwed hard by his policies?"
        \_ Can't view fuckedcompany from work.  Care to put this in /csua/tmp?
           \_ /csua/tmp/fcompany
              \_ Thank you.
        \_ Not worthwhile.  Just another partisan rant, full of wild
           assumptions and faulty conclusions.
           \_ Okay, replace the word "republican" with "lawmaker".  It still
              holds true.
        \_ It's sad when the proletariat fail to see that they no longer have
           in their hands the means of production.
           \_ Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!
2004/4/29 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Computer] UID:13452 Activity:very high Edit_by:auto
4/28    Playtested "Shinteki" last weekend. Day-long puzzle-road-rally event.
        Well run and should be lots of fun for both experienced players
        and folks who haven't done something like this before. (May 8, 15, or 22).   -jowens
        \_ This sounds like fun, but I'd like to know more.  Could you do
           a write-up on your experience?  ok, tnx
           \_ Well, that would be kind of giving away the whole thing, since
              what I playtested is exactly what it will be like. Here's a
              writeup of another one from the same group that's running
              Shinteki (in Las Vegas, and more elaborate of course):
       Let me know if you want more info.
2004/4/28 [Recreation/Computer] UID:13429 Activity:very high
4/28    Why is it that hategroups all gravitate towards ASNs?  are there any
        on orkut too? (note his close knit friends)
        the Jessica chick there is the smartest (and scariest one).  in
        good ol' LBC.
        \_ ASN?  LBC?
           1. Artifical Social Network (friendster, etc)
           2. LBC (long beach, CA)
           I believe danh found a bunch of skinheads on friendster last year
        \_ What makes you think Jessica is any smarter/scarier than the
           rest of these retards?
        \_ What makes you think they "gravitate" toward them? I suspect
           they are equally represented.
2004/4/21 [Recreation/Computer] UID:13303 Activity:nil
4/20    One man's take on Friendster (warning: Quicktime)
        <link deleted>
        \_ stupid shit... stop re-posting it
           \_ God, you're an asshole.  I found it amusing.  Why do you
              bother?  Eat a bug.  -John
2004/3/31-4/1 [Recreation/Computer, Reference/Religion] UID:29891 Activity:high
3/31    Some of you happy fun people need this shirt:
        \_ anti-semite
           \_ dumbass, the site was featured on FJBJ
              \_ FJBJ?!  For Jews By Jews?!
                 \_ Insert your humor chip. It's a play on FUBU.
                    \_ how does FJBJ map to FUBU? you do know what FUBU
                       stands for, don't you?
           \_ Hey, as long as we're just throwing stupid insults around, can
              I call you a humorless tard?
              \_ why is anti-semite an insult?
                 \_ This is exquisitely bad.
                    \_ thanks! we aim to please.
2004/3/24 [Recreation/Computer, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:12841 Activity:nil
3/24    Oh, where is the outrage?
        \_ From the article, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be
           outraged about.  He's a lying journalist, fire him, put him in
           prison, whatever they do these days.  I don't care what COLOR
           his is.  What's with all this crap about him being white?
           \_ Because dearie, when Jayson Blair was caught with his pants down
              the race card was played in full.  The column was satire, if you
              hadn't noticed.
              \_ Yeah, but that's because old Blair had played the
                 racecard to get where he was.  (Or at least the people
                 around him had.)
                 \_ Sorry, not taking your bait...
2004/2/25 [Recreation/Computer] UID:12396 Activity:moderate
2/24    A while back someone complained friendster was ass slow.  I just
        got on friendster after a long time, and it appears blazing fast!
        \_ that's because all the pissed off / bored users left. Reminds
           me of the dot com days when we ordered tons of machines to
           scale our web site before the <DEAD><DEAD> announcement, only
           to realize that it was a total waste because of all the pissed
           off users.
        \_ Try it at 8PM.
        \_ All the cool kids are on orkut now.
           \_ You mean I'm not cool?
              \_ You really didn't need us to tell you that
                 \_ There are no cool people using orkut, friendster or any
                    other net.trash to meet people.
                    \_ So are you saying that anyone who posts to CSUA motd
                       is a loser?
                    \_ You don't even know what cool is.
2004/2/12 [Recreation/Computer] UID:12216 Activity:nil
2/11    Having fun tawei?
2004/2/7-8 [Recreation/Computer] UID:12154 Activity:high
2/7     How is it possible that Phillip Nunez doesn't have an Orkut ID, yet?
        \_ Does Phillip read mail? Cthulhu does, evidently, since he's got
           an Orkut ID.
           \_ shut up, nweaver
        \_ Orkut?  Who cares?  The whole thing is a waste of bits.  Almost as
           bad as blogs.  Google should spend more time fixing their broken
           search engine and not wasting time on this garbage.  What is this
           now, their 4th or 5th failed IPO?  Stick a fork in it, Martha, it's
           \_ Hmm, google has shitloads of revenue and is apparently turning
              something like a $300 million annual profit at the moment.
              Stick a fork in it?
2004/1/27 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Computer] UID:11969 Activity:nil
1/27    Going to Santa Barbara this weekend, what is fun to do there? BTW
        I don't club/bar/dance so that's outa the question, thanks.
        \_ Skate/bike/run on the beach. you can go up to the cliffs which
           are nice. you can do lame shit like go to the mission. walk down
           state street and have a nice lunch.
        \_ beach is nice. Seafood. Why don't you club/dance/get drunk? It's
           so fun to pick up on women when you're drunk, get laid, and wake
           up with a hangover and not give a damn about the world.
        \_ what do you do when you visit santa cruz, san diego, la, etc?
           take pictures, go on picnics, hiking, look at architecture, go to
           historical museums, shop, walk around, find cool bookstores, eat
           at nice restaurants, hang out in cafes, MUD, surf, scuba?
        \_ there's some pretty good hang gliding sites down there.  -ERic
        \_ Pick up chicks.  As an out of towner you should score easy with
           the one-nighter types that don't want to hear from someone again.
2004/1/25-26 [Recreation/Computer] UID:11932 Activity:nil
1/25    friendster is backed by Kleiner Perkins & Co. How can they not afford
        to upgrade their server to something decent? With $10 million is seems
        like throwing hardware+bandwidth at the problem should solve the
        \_ Knowing inside dope, it comes down to the fact that they have
           hardly any employees and thus can never keep up with their
           spiraling system load.  It seems logical that they should hire
           more people but of course, hiring people takes time and its
           hard to get that time set aside when you're putting out fires.
           \_ I wonder how much money they made selling my email address to the
              \_ what part of kleiner perkins do you not understand?
                 \_ Don't worry, only the paranoid soda geeks believe the
                    friendster as Spam meme.
2004/1/21 [Recreation/Computer] UID:11872 Activity:nil
1/21 google for porn/boobs
        and for google+friendster in one
2003/10/21 [Recreation/Computer] UID:29580 Activity:moderate
10/20   I'm 35 years old and I'm on friendster. I have about 80 friends on
        friendster, and I'd say 65 of those are either from HS or college
        while the other 15 are acquaintances that I met after college. Is it
        normal to not make any real friends after college?
        \_ I have made some.  It is not normal.
        \_ Let's step back a bit here.  You say you have 80 friends.  You
           'know' them and maintain contact via friendster.  Those aren't
           friends.  They're just people you know and maybe even like.  Friends
           are people who are there for you and willing to risk your
           friendship to save you from yourself and others.  Friends will
           sacrifice time and money and go out of their way for your benefit
           even when you're being a dweeb.  No one has 80 friends.  To answer
           your question now: people make just as many real friends after
           college as they do during or before.  You just have more people to
           party with from your earlier days than most.
        \_ don't be a loser!  Get out of the house!  Here, make a movie this
        \_ normal?  who cares what's normal?  it's normal to spend most of
           your time sitting in front of the tv, driving around,
           working in a cubicle with people you hate, and getting wasted
           with the poeple from work who you hate the least.
                \_ hey that sounds like me, except the driving around part
                   since I live only 3 miles from work
                        -happy sysadm who lives in mountain view
                   \_ So you RIDE BIKE! to work to USE LINUX! and LIGHT CANDLE?
                      Once there do you USE SHOWER?
           \_ less the driving around part, it sounds vaguely japanese salary
              person -ish.
        \_ you should question whether the friends from HS and college
           are really "close" friends, or are they just "acquaintances"?
           most of my friends from HS and college turn out not to be as
           great of friends as the ones I made after college.
           or maybe the friends you made after college are too mature for
           friendster ;)  j/k.
        \_ I keep in contact with one friend from HS and none from college,
           unless you count my gf. Most of my friends I met after college.
           \_ Do you count siblings?
              \_ They're never friends.  You're splitting the estate with
                 them.  They're just competition.
        \_ 7 HS, 3 College, 11 Post-College. I went to Cal, so I made no
           friends in college. 25 years old.
        \_ Only 80? I have 29,000+ friendster friends.
2003/10/13-14 [Recreation/Computer] UID:10615 Activity:kinda low
        Can someone explain kchang's testimonial? I don't get it.
        \_ curse you! i just wasted an hour looking at the profiles of
           half the dorks from my highschool.  i blame you.
        \_ If you have to ask...
           \_ nonono, the right phrase is, "Those who know, don't tell, those
              who tell, don't know".
              \_ Again.  If you have to ask...
        \_ Wait, since when is kchang lila's friend?
2003/10/3 [Recreation/Computer] UID:10435 Activity:nil
10/2    I enjoy trolling the motd as much as the next guy, and I find it
        very fun writing half truths and seemingly logical statements that
        simply aren't and then letting it go where it goes.  Today's motd
        is so full of flat out lies and complete and utter illogic fueled
        solely by personal agendas and general bad-think that not even I,
        your friendly neighborhood part time troll, find it fun to read.
        Hate, hate, hate.  What the hell is wrong with you people?  Where's
        the censors when you need them?  I suspect the same people who would
        normally wipe all this and mostly never post are the ones who just
        turned the motd from a fun troll hangout and tech question center into
        their own personal realm of hatred spewing.  It was better when you
        clowns kept to yourselves and just hit the delete key a lot and
        otherwise left us trolls and techies alone.  --!happy,!hateful,+troll
        \_ vi or emacs?
        \_ this post is boring and sucks.
           \_ good example of missing the point.  it isn't supposed to be
              exciting.  you want exciting?  get off your thumb and go be
              useful to someone somewhere in the world.
              \_ I don't care about your point. I was making my own point.
                 Are you a fat sysadmin by any chance?
        \_ You're fired.  -John, King of the Trolls
2003/9/8-9 [Recreation/Computer] UID:10117 Activity:nil
9/8     Is there php or other sw to help me make a www site for
        having profiles? like friendster / dating sites, but for
        a sports group.
        \_ search sourceforge
        \_ apparently can do anything. - danh
2003/8/30-31 [Recreation/Computer] UID:10005 Activity:nil
8/30    woohoo! partied with georgy russell!
        \_ So?  Did she go down on you?  If not don't bother us.
           \_ You're just jealous you didn't blow him.
              \_ You mean.. HER..
              \_ speaking of partying, how is it that nweaver is not on
                 friendster? I was expecting a user profile for him full of
                 'I partied with Nick Weaver' testimonials.
                  \_ I'm not on friendster either.  --friendless and forlorn
2003/8/12 [Recreation/Computer] UID:29316 Activity:moderate
8/11    Anyone notice an increase in spam since joining Friendster?
        \_ You can just create a yahoo mail acct with a user name that
           no spammer would ever guess and sign up for friendster. If
           you start getting spam then you know that friendster is an
           e-mail harvest.
        \_ nope, and I'm still a 5 digit member
2003/8/7 [Recreation/Computer] UID:29262 Activity:kinda low
8/6     is there a way to remove a friend from friendster?
        \_ Someone should start a CSUA Motd profile on this so that all the
           motd losers will know every other motd loser by one degree of
           \_ wow!  we should all be on friendster then we can be losers twice
        \_ [Edit Friends] -> [Delete Friend]
           \_ :'(
              \_ There, there...
2003/7/8 [Recreation/Computer] UID:28959 Activity:nil
7/8     Lila has 109 friends on friendster (mostly guys). How much does she
        charge per night? I'm interested.                       -geek
2003/7/8 [Recreation/Computer, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:28956 Activity:very high
7/7     What's the best resource for finding contact info for Cal alumni?
        I'm trying to look for a friend in Civil Eng. that graduated ~96-97.
        She probably was not a Soda user, but was definitely a uclink user.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>  -tom
        \_ Wow, I never even knew <DEAD><DEAD> existed.  You should
           definitely sign up for some email and phone solicitiation spam so
           you can find out your friend didn't know about it either.  I suggest
           google and various 411 phone style people finders on the net.  If
           you're really into stalking and want a chance to tell her years
           later how much you always loved her only to hear her say, "Uhm, did
           we know each other?" then try paying a private investigator $50.
           \_ I bet you have no friends, get a life.
              \_ All my friends are on <DEAD><DEAD>!  Sign up now to find
                 us and hang out with the kewlest Cal graduates!
        \_ Cal alumni association,,, people search,
           google, 411 services, yellow pages
           \_ I see I'm not the only sodan who's honed my stalking skills.
           \_ and don't forget the latest craze: friendster
           \_  I signed up my spam account there
              and some of my high school friends found me for a reunion.
              Bit weird... -John
        \_ Post her name. We'll find her. The MOTD is the best resource.
           I have copies of hardcopy and online directories and email
           addresses from that period. Seriously, you can also send her
           a letter care of the UCB Alumni Records Office or the Civil Engr
           Alumni Records office and they will forward it, if they have
           an address. Same with the DMV. But then you'll let her on to
           your stalking plans.
           \_ I didn't know we had our own resident expert stalker here.  How
              much do you charge other csuaers for your services?
        \_ Hmmm...I knew a girl that fits your description.  is she asian?
           and if so, which in particular?
2003/7/3 [Recreation/Computer] UID:28915 Activity:high
7/2     Friendster is Temporarily Unavailable
        The site is down for scheduled maintenance. We are working to improve
        the performance of the message subsystem. Please join us again at 8am
        Pacific Time.
        \_ "Now that we have 26 million known-good active email addresses
            worth approximately $1 each to commercial email marketers we won't
            need to do a fake IPO and run!  With only 3 of us here, that's a
            cool $5.5m each after taxes!  Thanks America!  Only _you_ could be
            that stupid!     --Spamster Management"
            \_ I bet you think p2p is really funny. - danh
               \_ funny?  Why would I think that? I've no idea what you're
                  trying to say.  Do you?
                  \_ if you're dissing danh you are just a hater.  Fuck you.
                     \_ No I'm trying to figure out wtf he's talking about.
                        Maybe *you* could explain.  Talk about 'haters'.  You
                        said 'fuck you' without even knowing anything.  Meds,
                        lately?  Missed em a few too many times?
2003/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Computer] UID:28869 Activity:very high
6/30    Is anybody doing the Friendster thing? Just curious about this
        thing/fad and i'd like to test it out. -sl
        \_ Moments after danh forced me to sign up I got a message from
           some random bozo in Iowa.  It scares me.  -John
           \_ The Iowa email or that danh has control over you?
        \_ it's a dotcom style fad.  it's free now but they'll be charging
           a monthly fee later this year to friendsterise anyone outside your
           immediate circle or something like that.  most people already know
           who their friends are and aren't interested in finding people they
           used to know.  thats why they *used* to know them and dont now.
        \_ for a fad, kinda interesting. found a coupla friends from several
           years back that i had lost contact with.
           \_ It might be, if they had a decent IT/dev staff that could keep
              the thing up under load.
                \_ staff?  what staff?  it's just one guy and 2 employees.
        \_ you're asian, just do it. everyone on friendster seems to either
           be asian or gay/punk.
           \_ "everyone" on friendster is related to who your group of
              friends is. everyone on friendster to me is either a raver,
              goes to burning man, or is a friend of danh -ausman
                \_ I have the best profile on friendster! - danh
              \_ I guess all my friends of friends are either asian or
                 punks. i think you'd fall into my punk category (raver,
                 burning man, punk rock, goth, etc)
                 \_ who said anything about being *your* friend?
                 \_ "Punk" is a pretty specific term.  I would hardly categorize
                    ravers or goths as "punks."
                    \- it's also a quite general term. i'm using punk how an
                       old person would use the term "whippersnapper", not
                       someone who listens to blackflag or thinks they are
                       punk because they listen to Sum41 and JEW.
                    \_ dict synecdoche
                        \_ unix apps don't work with cable modem.
              \_ much as a mirror reflects the narcissitic idiot in front of it.
        \_ Friendster is Temporarily Unavailable
           We are experiencing heavy site traffic.
           Please try back in 5 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience.
           \_ yay. new feature. before, you'd just timeout 90% of the time.
              \_ andd lose any typing you did.
                 \_ i'm so paranoid about this now that i always copy what
                    i type (whether it be friendster, blog, email) before
                    sending and paste it if needed.
        \_ I thought already drove this business plan through
           to bankruptcy.
           \_ nothing says the same plan cant be driven twice or more, eh?
        \_ FRIENDSTER IS JUST WHAT AMERICA NEEDS.  And 870 page kidbooks.
           \_ it was better when books were under 50 pages so we could get
              back to pong.
        \_ sounds like an email harvesting scheme to me...
           \_ one of my idiot friends 'invited' me to get spam, I mean join
              friendster using my primary email address.
              \_ Unless spammers are now routinely stripping off +detail
                 stuff from email addresses, I have not received any spam
                 directed at the address I gave Friendster. -geordan
              \_ Have you gotten any spam because of it? I think you are
                 being overly paranoid. Not everyone is out to spam you.
                 \_ It's only been 3 days.  Wait until their 'business model'
                    doesn't pan out and they need *something* to sell to pay
                    their bankruptcy lawyers.
2003/3/29-30 [Recreation/Computer] UID:27906 Activity:high 66%like:27899
3/28    Favorite pr0n starlet?
        \_ bunch of fucking stereotypical unwashed overweight boring
           geeks, please kill yourselves now, thanks
           \_ why you gotta be hatin'?
        \_ Kobe Tai .
        \_ Lynn Cheney
           \_ is this for real?  She's not dick cheney's daughter is she?
        \_ Tera Patrick
        \_ Aria Giovanni, natural boobs.
           \_ mmmm, the best ever.
              \_ Yup.  Actually I think she looked even better in her earlier
                 days when she didn't put on that much make-up.  After her
                 Penthouse days her face looks like a painting.
                 \_ Ah, the early days. Including fisting.
                    \_ She did fisting???  Pics please?
                       \_ (link #27)
        \_ They have names???
           \_ Yes. And furthermore, as I just learned on the motd yesterday,
              pron also has seasons.
                \_ And vintages.  Don't forget vintages.
                   \_ Seasons and vintage?  I'm still back on names....
        \_ Silvia Saint
        \_ Most are failed wannabe real actors/actresses. most describe their
           real dream as "make enough money to leave LA"
           \_ Yeah, and so? That's like saying a baseball player's goal is
              to win the World Series (ie, duh)
              \_ most of the best baseball players are actually failed
                 cricket players.
                 \_ the clincher is that cricket players are mostly failed
                    pron stars
                    \_ and the crazy thing is that both cricket AND baseball
                       ALSO have seasons!
                        \_ And vintages.  Don't forget vintages.
2002/11/22-23 [Recreation/Computer] UID:26602 Activity:nil
11/21   Friday fun:
2002/2/22 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Computer] UID:23951 Activity:very high
2/22    Michelle Kwan is a perfect example of an over-ambitious Asian who
        stopped skating for the sake of fun and just fell flat on her face.
        \_ You're over reaching on the troll-o-meter.  Anyway she didn't fall
           on her face.  She fell on her ass.  You must not have seen it.
        \_ What does being an Asian have anything to do with that?
          \_ obviously, you don't have Asian parents. They push you too hard
             and make you miserable unless you become a doctor (or get a gold
             metal in some cases)               -miserable asian kid
             \_ lol, you are miserable because you are weak, and can handle
                the challenge.  You have no will to excel.  So what she fell
                on her ass, but she earned the respect from many.  You know
                what she said at the end "I didn't give up".
                \_ Yes, and I think she contributed more to the sport
                   than say, Tara Lipinski, who won gold at a young
                   age, and immediately turned pro.
                   \_ Please tell us how she 'contributed to the sport'.  By
                      doing commercials for Chrystler?
                      \_ By setting a high standard for an extensive period?
                         Take her away from this year's competition and it
                         would be much more boring.  The sport would be
                         much more boring if all the competitors are
                         happy-go-lucky 16-year olds.
                         \_ Yesterday's news, pal.  The best got the medal.
                            \_ Don't feel obliged to continue arguing if you
                               have no point to make.
                               \_ You missed the point.  There's no argument.
                                  Bronze medal winners are yesterday's news.
                                  Gold medal winners are champions.  No one
                                  likes a loser.  Get used to seeing the new
                                  girl.  Bye Michelle, now go away, loser.
                                  \_ Really?  How about Anna Kournikova?
                                     \_ Duh.  Great tits and skirt.
                                        \_ Good.  Now you are getting brighter.
             \_ medal.  Train harder.
             \_ I think Michelle wanted to skate.  Her parents worked
                several jobs so she could train.  I believe her sister
                was her inspiration.
        \_ A whole bunch of skaters on the men's side fell, and most
           were not asian.  The Russian guy who won and his Russian
           rival also seem to care a lot about winning.  It's
           good if you are skating for fun cause it makes you
           relaxed, but if winning is important, as it is for many
           of the skaters, no point pretending that it isn't.
           \_ "most were not asian".  Meaning?  Asians are more talented?
        \_ Olympic skaters do not compete for fun.  I assure you that by the
           time someone becomes competitive at the National/International
           level, any sense of fun has been ground out of them and replaced
           with a desire to win at all costs.  Skaters have learned to put on
           a happy face, and make faux-sportsmanlike/inspirational statements
           like 'I tried my best, but xxxx really deserved the gold.' when on
           camera because they know that people will fawn over how gracious
           they are for doing it.  That, and sore loser skaters have a history
           of becoming total paraiahs for expressing their disappointment.
           If you have the chance, try catching a skater's off camera reaction
           in the locker room after a bad performance.  Reality and media
           images are very different.  And yes, skaters are pretty much
           universally like this, regardless of nationality or skin color.
2002/2/15 [Recreation/Computer] UID:23870 Activity:high 50%like:25165
2/14    motd poll: Who do you think should have won the gold for pairs
        figure skating?
        The Russians: ..
        The Canadians:
        The Martians:
        yermom: ..
        not important: ...
        \_ Exactly what happened?  -- not a fan
        \_ This has already been /.'d to death.
          \_ This may be a shock, but some of us don't read slashdot
             and don't intend to start anytime soon.
        \_ why? because the Canadians are whining cry babies
           \_ crybabies or not, doesn't obscure the fact that the french
              judge was pressured by the FRENCH to vote russian.
              \_ I am glad the Canadians lost. They were so damn smug and
                 I disliked Jamie Sale's attitude. I would've voted
                 against them, too. Now in defeat, they are proving to be
                 the loser primadonnas they appeared to be before the
                 competition. --dim
                 \_ I thought they were pretty gracious.  Certainly much
                    better than those American volleyball players who
                    shaved their heads or those American hockey players
                    who thrashed up the Olympic Village a few years
                    \_ Only gracious in comparison to cretins. The
                       gracious thing to do was shutup about it already.
                          then they were just mostly having fun going
                       \_ Yes that would have been even better.  But
                          then they were mostly just having fun going
                          on Jay Leno show, and this Canadian band
                          (what's it called?).  I kind of think that
                          their performance.  Still it was reasonable
                          given what they did.
                          they should not have celebrated like they
                          already won the gold medal right after
                          their performance, in terms of not
                          unnecessarily alienating any judges.  Still
                          it was reasonable given what they did.
2001/9/12 [Recreation/Computer] UID:22397 Activity:insanely high
9/12    Some people try to deal using humor:
        \_ that's humorous?  -tom
        \_ Making fun over thousands of innocent death?
        \_ Making fun over thousands of innocent deaths?
        \_ Making fun over thousands of innocence death?
           \_ Hey, if it works for the bastard palestinians.
2001/7/26 [Recreation/Computer] UID:21958 Activity:insanely high
7/25    What is fun?
        \_ Anal sex with 18 year olds is fun.
           \_ dude!  now I'm all hot and bothered.  Now I'm going to have to
              find someplace to masturbate at work (ideally w/o losing my
              job).  bitch.
              \_ I read a poll that a good number of men jack off at work.
                 That just can't be right. You mean the guy in the next stall
                 while I'm taking a dump ain't doing the same?
                 \_ Damn.  How can someone jack off knowing that there's
                    another guy just next door?  Unless he's gay.
                    \_ Hell, I work in an open office pool and I've jacked off
                       sitting at my desk.  No one noticed.
                       \_ No, I thought it was too disgusting to mention.
                          \_ I guess licking my desk clean afterwards gave
                             me away, huh?  oops.
        \_ Sex with a 32D-22-32 is fun.
           \_ Why thank you.  --tjb
           \_ I prefer 34C.
2001/5/28 [Recreation/Computer, Politics/Domestic, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:21369 Activity:very high
4/422   Hey, I know!  How about blowing away the motd and replacing it with
        nothing?  That would be fun, huh?  Restored.
                \_ Uhm, is there a point to all this?  Are you trying to be
                   funny?  Sarcastic?  Witty?  Something else?  Obviously your
                   intelligence far surpasses mine and I'm unable to figure out
                   what you're getting at without it being spelled out for me.
        \_ Yeah! Thanks for the suggestion!
        \_ get the date right.
           \_ Done. APRIL NEVER ENDED.
              \_ what's this recurring "April never ended" thing?  Yes, yes,
                 if I have to ask, I don't know...
                 \_ That's the clueless version of the line.  The Real Thing
                    goes, "Those who know don't tell, those who tell don't
                    \_ That's really stupid.
2001/1/22 [Recreation/Computer, Industry/Startup] UID:20402 Activity:high
1/22    berkeley needs a page like this:
        \_ There's already a place like this. It's called
        \_ take a closer look. i'd be ashamed to work for most of these
2000/11/16-17 [Recreation/Computer] UID:19793 Activity:high
11/16   Are we having fun yet?
        \_ Welcome to the desert of the real.
           \_ Hi Paolo!
                \_ When Gore stops trying to steal the election, sure.
        \_ Can we not have anymore political bullshit below?
           \_ Yes.
           \_ No.
           \_ Maybe.
           \_ I don't know.
2000/11/14 [Recreation/Computer, Politics/Domestic/SIG] UID:19773 Activity:high
11/14   Yes we're all tired of election crap but you can check out this:
        for a scientific approach to the palm beach question.
        \_ Perhaps, but this doesn't change the fact that recounting
           selected counties is bad practice designed to put Gore in
           the white house.
           \_ yeah. in fact the entire electoral process was bad practice
              designified to put gore in the white house.  -- junior
              \_ No. In order for the recount to be meaningful it must
                 be complete, not partial. Gore doesn't want a complete
                 recount, since that wouldn't really help him.
        \_ As a student I worked in the Stat. Dept.  The one book you found
           in most grad student offices was titled, "How to lie with
           statistics".  Being rather naive at the time, I found the mere
           existence of such a thing shocking.  That so many grad students
           owned a copy left me speechless.  --Naive no more
           \_ I think you might have misunderstood the point of this book.
              The point of the book is not to teach the reader how to lie
              with statistics in order to deceive others.  Instead the book
              discusses many ways to misrepresent statistics so that the
              reader can recognize when such tricks are used and prevent
              himself from being deceived.  It's an excellent book.  -emin
           \_ where can I get a copy of that book? - never took stat
              \_ url:
2000/9/18-19 [Recreation/Computer, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:19279 Activity:high
9/18    Just for fun: Two ropes take exactly 60 seconds to burn. Both are
        of different lengths and both burn inconsistently. Using only those
        two ropes and a match, measure exactly 45 seconds.
        \_ Burn,burnburn; block; burn; block
        \_ burn,burn,burn;burn (a faster bersion)
           \_ How many seconds faster is your 45 seconds?
        \_ I like fruit loops.
        \_ Job interviews huh? Answer is on a <DEAD><DEAD> web site.
           \_ Answer: On a chilly night, trade the two ropes and the match with
              some pan handler down at Shattuck who happens to have a working
        \_ what does burning inconsistenly mean?  So the "velocity" of the fire
           of the rope is random?
           \_ For example, it might take 40 seconds to burn halfway through
              the rope and take 20 seconds to burn thru the 2nd half
        \_ First you fill the 5 gallon jug.  Then you turn on the middle
           switch for a while and then turn it off.  Duh.  -geordan
           \_ You forgot to carry the troll across the bridge.
        \_ Actual Microsoft questions /csua/tmp/usoft if you're interested.
           \_ #9 is funny, because I actually had one of those cube calendars
              at home when I was little, before there was MS-DOS.
1999/2/27-3/30 [Computer, Recreation/Computer] UID:15495 Activity:nil
        fun with teletubbies.
1998/9/26-28 [Recreation/Computer, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:14681 Activity:high 66%like:14987
9/26    Nuclear Launch Detected
        \_ Look for the red dot!!! For God's sake look for the red dot!!!
           \_ COMSAT!
           \_ damn those ghosts! if it's not lockdown, it's the nuke!
           \_ How plausible is it that you nuke a bunker, and all the people
              inside survive without a scratch?
        \_ Details?
           \_ You don't want to know anything beyond "someone needs to cut
              back on playing Starcraft and get a life."
              \_ What's wrong with having some fun? CSUA a fun-free zone?
                \_ there's a difference between having an interst in having fun
                   and being obsessed.
                   \_ Granted. But the above statements are far from obsessed,
                      imho. Then again, it is hard to read into something
                      without context (facial expressions, voice levels, etc)
              \_ Don't play co-op LAN Rainbow 6.  It's too much fun. :O
1996/11/13 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Recreation/Computer, Recreation/Media] UID:32001 Activity:nil
11/11   Did anyone tape the Tyson/Holyfield fight, or have Showtime?
        (They'll be rebroadcasting it Sun at 8:00, but I haven't got
         ST... It'd be fun to see the fight though!)  -- Marco
        \_ Who won?
           \_ It's only worth watching if holyfield won (and he did)
           \_ clinton
        \_ I taped it, but the reception was relly bad so it's
           black-and-white.  It's your only chance to see Tyson really get
           his ass kicked. -Benny
           \_ at least until they release "America's Funniest Prison Videos"
1995/3/1 [Recreation/Computer, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31775 Activity:nil
3/1     Anyone want to go to qzar tonight?  I remember playing that one time
        the whole CSUA got together and played, it was very neat and I want to
        try it again.  Mail me.  -mlee
1995/2/1 [Recreation/Computer] UID:31740 Activity:nil
1/29    On The Edge players, mail davebrok if you want to get it touch with
        other players and you don't mind sending mail to me. --davebrok
2022/05/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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