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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/8/2-4 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Recreation/Celebrity/MarthaStewart] UID:43874 Activity:nil
8/2     Why is FoxNews so obsessed about Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart?
        Everytime I go to their site, articles of Jacko and Martha are in
        proximity of their headline news. It's almost as if news about Jacko
        is as important as our glorious war in Iraq.
        \_ Because everyone loves a good freak show. -Jerry Springer
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/10/16-18 [Recreation/Celebrity/MarthaStewart] UID:34166 Activity:high
10/15   Jon Stewart on Crossfire.
        \_ I love how this ended up a /. story.  The ensuing discussion,
           naturally, had nothing to do with technology or any sort of
           geek topic at all.  *sigh*.  -- ilyas
           \_ Many geeks watch the daily show, and a majority of geeks
              lean left, so why the *sigh*, buddy?
              \_ Majority of geeks lean left?  url?  Incidentally, where's
                 the motd topic police when you need them?  You know, the
                 fellows who whine about how all the political discussion
                 isn't really putting the CS into CSUA.  And purge said
                 discussion sometimes.  -- ilyas
        \_ I guess I'm not familiar enough with crossfire to get it.
        \_ Prett painful to watch.  My occasional watching of the Daily Show
           will now go to never watching.
           \_ Short form of clip: "Stewart: U = teh gay." "Crossfire: I
              think you'll find that you're gay." "Stewart: It's ok for me
              to suck, I'm a comedy show. BTW. U = teh suk."
              \_ I thought he made some good points.
                 \_ Yeah.  For hosts of a debate show, they had absolutely
                    no control of the show once he started talking.  It
                    seemed like they just wanted him to be funny, while he
                    actually had issues he wanted to discuss, and could talk
                    rings around them when they kept trying to get him onto
                    their talking points.  This show just makes me respect his
                    intelligence all the more.
                    \_ My favorite bit:
                       Tucker: You should teach at a journalism school.
                       Stewart: You should go to one.
                       Tucker: I think you're much funnier on your show.
                       Stewart: Funny I think you're just as big a dick
                       on your show as on others...
                       \_ So Stewart is a loud mouth and a rude asshole.  So
                          \_ Point missed.  As someone much wittier than I
                             pointed out: "Begala and Carlson seem under the
                             impression that the Daily Show is a satirical
                             take on politics and politicians.... They seem
                             to be unaware that The Daily Show is a parody of
                             the news and that its mission is to make fun of
                             \_ It's like if Rush Limbaugh had Phil Hendrie on
                                his show and tried to argue with him.
                                Hendrie's stated goal is "the death of talk
2001/3/12-13 [Recreation/Celebrity/MarthaStewart, Recreation/Food] UID:20755 Activity:insanely high 50%like:21883
3/11    Another motd poll. Who's your favorite Iron Chef?

        Iron Chef Chinese, Chin Kenichi: 1 (definitely!!11!!)
        Iron Chef French, Hiroyuki Sakai: 1
        Iron Chef Italian, Masahiki Kobe: 1
        Iron Chef Japanese, Masaharu Morimoto: 2
        Jean Valjean Japanese, Chairman Takeshi Kaga:
        Martha Steward: 1
        \_ I heard the Japanese version of Les Mis sucked galore. But
           what can you expect of a Japanese version of an American
        Jean Valjean Japanese, Chairman Takeshi Kaga:
           musical of a French story.
           \_ I know you're just trying to be culturally clever, but the
              original musical was not American; it was French.
        Martha Steward: 1
        \_ Martha Stewart is sexy.
           \_ Martha Stewart is HOT.
        \_ Martha wouldn't stand a chance at challenging the Iron Chefs.
           I think Emeril would be a more likely candidate.
           \_ Emeril on Iron Chef would be an even bigger massacre than
              Bobby Flay.  I sure hope it happens, though.
        \_ The show is still on TV?  What channel and time?  Thx.
           \_ it used to be, and possibly still is, on channel 18
           \_ 26 on the weekend..check your local listing
              \_ Saturday at 8 if memory serves. Used to be on before
                 Delicious Relations (that was a good show).
                \_ Hasn't been on 26 for quite some time.
        \_ d00d what about the older iron chefs!
        \_ I saw this one episode where a Bay Area chef blew away
           Sakai, who rarely ever loses.  Does anyowho that chef
                \_ Ron Siegel formerly of Charles Nob Hill. Now at Masa's
                  \_ He did a dinner at Charles Nob Hill where he made
                     the dishes from the show.  It was amazing.
2000/7/17-18 [Recreation/Celebrity/MarthaStewart] UID:18697 Activity:high
7/17    can anyone tell me where to buy a bound book with blank, numbered
        pages?  no one seems to sell this at office supply stores i have
        seen, although i have not tried art stores. is there a mail order
        place or something, or has anyone even seen such a thing for sale?
        or someplace that will to do hard binding at a reasonable price, and
        i can make my own?
        \_ Radstons has plenty of these.
        \_ There are required for chemistry lab classes.  Just go to any
        university book store (or competitor of one) and ask for a bound lab
        notebook with numbered pages.
         \_ lab noteboodks are graphed.  i want blank white.  i want this
         for use as a lab notebook, i'm just sick of the lines.
         \_ get a graphed notebook, white out the lines
                \_ Duh.
        \_ Also try Cody's or other bookshops with stationery sections
        \_ Make your own book. Martha Stewart once did a show on that.
           Not too difficult. Or check with the City of Berkeley
           librarian for local binding shops -- Social-Science Major
           \_ thanks. how much does that typically cost?
           \_ Martha Stewart?  You're watching MS often enough that you
              recall this particular show?  And no, it's never difficult
              when you have top notch people from every field on your show
              walking you through it with half the work pre-done off camera.
              \_ Martha Stewart is hot.
                  \_ I'd climb on top of her.
                        \_ martha Stewart.. yum yum.
                                \_ Yer all a buncha sickos!
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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