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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/2/19-21 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52602 Activity:nil
2/19    http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-215694
        Canadians to Obama. We're the friendiest and most tolerant people.
2008/12/20-28 [Finance/Banking, Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:52288 Activity:nil
12/20   "Canada offers $3.29 billion in loans Detroit Three - Yahoo! Finance"
2008/12/1-6 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:52136 Activity:nil
12/1    No, being Canadian didn't help in Mumbai.
        \_ The gunmen were going to places that British + Americans
           frequented at. They had no idea if this guy was a Canadian
           or not.
2008/10/13-15 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Finance/Investment] UID:51492 Activity:low
10/12   Is http://kitco.com a good website to trade precious metal with?
        \_ How many manhole covers did you steal today? :-)
           \_ Are you trying to be funny? How is this "clever" or "funny"?
2008/7/29-8/5 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Science/Space] UID:50721 Activity:nil
7/29    More ice breaking off:
        "Giant chunks break off Canadian ice shelf"
        "Temperatures in large parts of the Arctic have risen far faster than
        the global average in recent decades, a development that experts say
        is linked to global warming."
        \_ It's summer.
           \_ It didn't break off in 3000 other summers:
              '"Whatever has kept this ice shelf in balance for 3,000 years is
              no longer keeping it in balance," he told Reuters, saying he too
              would not be surprised to see more ice breaking away from the
              Ward Hunt shelf this year.'
              \_ So since it's been warmer in the past 3000 years, global
                 temperature must not be the triggering factor.  What about the
                 rise of volcanism in the arctic?
                 \_ Water keeps heat over time, and it probably took longer
                    than a couple of months to go from stable for 3000 years
                    to where it is now.  But don't stop wearing those
                    blinders, they look good on you.
                    \_ Sigh. I know water has a heat capacity.  There have been
                       warmer trends for longer in the last 3000 years.
                   ty.  There have been
                       warmer trends for longer in the last 3000 years.
                       \_ See billy, elves did it.  And I prove that by
                          making up data!
                          \_ Hell, elves are more consistent than AGW, which
                             seems to make no falsifiable claims.
                             \_ So where is your 3000 year old temperature
                                \_ GTFW "medieval warm period"
                                   \_ "the idea of a global or
                                      hemispheric "Medieval Warm
                                      Period" that was warmer than
                                      today however, has turned out to
                                      be incorrect" and that what
                                      those "records that do exist
                                      show is that there was no
                                      multi-century periods when
                                      global or hemispheric
                                      temperatures were the same or
                                      warmer than in the 20th century" (NOAA)
                                      \_ Damn you and your facts!  Don't
                                         ruin a perfectly good rehashed
                                      \_ "The summers 9,500 years ago were
                                         warmer than today"
                                         \_ 3000 < 9500
                                            \_ Damn, you're right.  It's out of
                                               the time range, so we must be
                                               causing this warming.
                                               \_ Nice blinders.  Wanna fuck?
                    \_ Guys!  Note that I already inserted the flamewar
                       placeholder for you.  No need to actually have
                       the same old flamewar again.
        \_ Insert usual AGW flamewar here.
2007/7/3-4 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:47159 Activity:nil
7/3     Landlock country Switzerland won yachting's most prestigious race.
        \- assuming this is in earnest, "swiss" team in this sense only
           means that is where the syndicate money came from. the crew is a
           1/3 from NZ and about 10% swiss.
        \_ Yatching?
           \_ Typo.  Should be yachting.  -- OP
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/1/7-16 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Health/Disease/General] UID:45536 Activity:nil
1/12    Crazy Canadians object to teaching Yoga in schools:
        \_ Meh, I like yoga.  The more active styles are really hard (and fun)
           \_ Stop doing Yoga. You are a bad Mormon.
2006/9/18-20 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:44431 Activity:nil
9/18    http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/world/news-security-canada-arar.html
        32-year-old Canadian wireless technology consultant rendered by U.S.
        to Syria for torture by military intelligence (the kind that doesn't
        leave marks after a few weeks) and solitary confinement.  Canadian
        commission reports no evidence he committed any offense.
2006/9/15-17 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44396 Activity:nil
9/15    22% of Canadians believe that 9/11 was an inside job.
        \_ 36% +/- 4% of Americans say it's somewhat or very likely that the
           govt participated in 9/11, or knew about it in advance but let it
           16% +/- 4% believe planted explosives brought down the WTC.
           \_ 92% +/- ?% believe in a magical invisible being you can talk to
              who directly affects the laws of nature to answer personal
              requests from humans
2006/8/9 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:43949 Activity:nil
8/8     Wikipedia's most prolific author is canadian:
        http://tinyurl.com/gm2qr (theglobeandmail.com)
2006/5/11-12 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:43014 Activity:nil
5/11    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060511/ap_on_sc/hybrid_bear
        Inter-racial bear.
        \_ Good thing that hunter travelled up there to kill it. What a hero.
        \_ Is that really hunting?  Paying someone to lead you to the bear,
           and then just shooting it once you're led there?
2006/2/18-23 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:41927 Activity:nil
2/18    Switzerland Uber Alles (okay only Uber Canada, but still...)
        Are the Swiss going to riot now John? -ausman
        \_ WTF is with the John fascination? Why is he so special
           and why do you pick on him?   -someone who doesn't know John
        \_ Only if the government tells them they can.  ;-)
        \_ I think our coach is Canadian.  W00t!  -John
2006/1/29-31 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:41593 Activity:high
1/29    Canadian miners have it too good, and will be later punished by God
        "In those refuge stations, they can seal themselves off and there's
        oxygen, food and water ... And they can stay in there for at least 36
        \_ They just got rescued I guess God's punishment will have to wait
           for a while. http://tinyurl.com/8gnln (cnn.com)
        \_ http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1567644/posts
           \_ The first post on this one's wonderful.  I'm sure that guy means
              to be sarcastic..
           Freepers look forward to God's punishment of Canadians -op
              Freepers not sure whether to say "great news" or deflect
              comparisons to U.S. mine safety
        \_ Well-designed safety methods: 1/1
           Prayer alone: 0/2
           \_ No, you've got it wrong. The prayer directly caused the safety
              methods to exist. Child, God works through all things, through
              all time.
              \_ except of course the bad things.  -tom
              \_ So what is the excuse for not having done similar things
                 here during all previous administrations?  Blinded by
                 hatred lately?
2006/1/26-28 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:41549 Activity:low
1/26    Before you get too excited about the Canadian Conservative winning,
        they're ready to flash their guns at us:
        \_ Isn't Wilkins the one who almost started a trade war over lumber?
        \_ "Global warming is melting the passage..."
           But... motd told me global warming doesn't exist!
           \_ No, the motd told you humans are not the primary cause, if it
              is actually happening.
           \_ Is this the same MOTD that said there'd be a general military
              \_ When you understand the difference between an inaccurate
                 prediction, and a wackjob position on current reality,
                 call us back.
2005/12/3-7 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:40827 Activity:nil
11/24   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4466096.stm
        Canadians squandering money on socialist programs.
2005/9/5-6 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:39498 Activity:nil
9/6     Those crazy Canadians, now they want to start using Islamic law
        in family law arbirtarion:
2005/8/8-11 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:39041 Activity:nil
8/8     I'm going to Vancouver for two days. What did you guys do when
        you were there, and what did you like and didn't like?
        \_ I really liked the area around Mainland St. for restaurants and
           bars--check out Section(3) for good food.  The big park is nice,
           and the aquarium is kind of cool.  -John
        \_ Full nude strip bars serving alcohol with imported dancers.
           God Bless Canada.
                \_ Imported from where?
                   \_ All over (eastern Europe and Asia mostly). But they are
                      cracking down a bit.  See  http://csua.org/u/cyt (WS)
                      \_ According to this guy it's easier to get a
                         stripper visa than a nurse visa because
                         strippers are more in demand. Hooookay....
                         \_ This has been a pretty big problem. Immigration
                            now demands proof that you have been an active
                            exotic dancer before letting you in on a work visa.
                            That's easy next to proving to them that you're
                            a certified nurse. Plus there is the stigma of the
                            "bad job."
           \_ This is a joke right? My only images of Canada from media
              bombardment are their famous maple syrup and Canadian bacon.
              I haven't seen anything relating to strip bars or hooker or
              anything wonderful like that.
              \_ I forgot. Legal drinking age is 19 except for Alberta,
                 Manitoba and Quebec where it is 18.
                 \_ But they have shitty Canadian cigarettes.
2005/8/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:39033 Activity:nil
8/7     RIP, Peter Jennings:
        \_ He was killed by lawyers from the tobacco lobby.  Doctors say
           lung cancer...yeah, right.  -whako conspiracy
        \_ and on freerepugnant, people are celebrating, 'This man has done
           great harm to our country under the guise of "freedom of
           the press" and I will not forget that.'
2005/8/4-7 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:39005 Activity:low
8/4     Do I need a passport to drive from Washington state to
        \_ You need to prove U.S. citizenship and residency.
           This is done with a U.S. passport.
           Otherwise you need your birth certificate + driver's license.
           They asked for both my passport and driver's license a year ago.
        \_ I believe you do.
           New regulations I read about a month ago.  The URL is somewhere.
           Well maybe not http://csua.org/u/cxg
           But they definitely asked for it when I crossed WA -> Canada a
           year ago.  I am reading this sentence from a google link:
           "If you do not have a passport you will need your birth
           certificate and at least one other piece of identification (ie:
           driver's license) to get into Canada."
           \_ This is all new now? I drove across a few years ago and I
              didn't need any of this.
              \_ Welcome to Fortress America.  I've also been stopped at a
                 random checkpoint several miles inside the U.S. in upstate
                 New York by soldiers who demanded to see a passport.
                \_ were you near Watertown?  A lot of special forces
                   units are based there.  Maybe they needed practice.
                   \_ No.
           \_ This has been going on since at least the early 80's (the first
              time I've driven (or actually been driven) across that border).
              I'm <ethnic> though, so perhaps they're more careful about
              checking my passport.
           \_ I'm a non-citizen resident and I drove that way and back in 1998
              without problem.
           \_ This has been going on since at least the early 80's (the
              first time I've driven (or actually been driven) across
              that border).  I'm <ethnic> though, so perhaps they're more
              careful about checking my passport.
           \_ I'm a non-citizen resident and I drove that way and back in
              1998 without problem.
        \_ Or you can cross an imaginary boundary line by driving to another
           part of Canada and just walk in.
2005/7/25-27 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Transportation/Car] UID:38800 Activity:nil
7/25    Krugman says new Toyota plant dumping US for Canada becuase US
        workers quality sucks and US doesn't have universal medical coverage
        which means Toyota has to pay through its nose for that.
        \_ Old news. I think this was on the motd 2 months ago.
           \_ which part is old news?  Krugman saying the Canadian health
              care system pays much less in administrative overhead per
              person than the U.S. does while providing universal health
              coverage, or Toyota selecting Ontario to build its new factory?
              \_ Toyota selecting Ontario for its new factory b/c US
                 worker quality sucks. The original Toytoa statement
                 re the choice of Ontario did not say that the reason
                 was realted to universal medical coverage.
                 \_ nono ... cost savings provided by government-financed
                    universal medical coverage at a signifcantly more
                    efficient level
              \_ Why do so many Canadians come to the US for health care?
2005/7/22-25 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:38766 Activity:high
7/22    When did police in Britain start carrying guns?  Thx.
        \_ a long while ago
           \_ About how long?  10yrs?  20yrs?  Because I remember that when I
              was a kid I heard that police in Britain didn't carry guns.
              \_ Except for the Hercules team in NYPD, some police in London
                 carry MP-5s out in the open.
              \_ Some police, some definition of carry, since the 70's at
                 least.  http://www.polfed.org/0703firearms-and-police.pdf
                 \_ "In the UK there are about, 100 firearms deaths a year in
                    the recorded crime statistics, about double that number in
                    Canada and, under 50 in Japan.  The figure in the United
                    States is more than 10,000. Even adjusting for population,
                    this is a huge difference."
                    Firearms deaths a year per million people, and population:
                    UK:           1.7    60,441,457
                    Canada:       6.1    32,805,041
                    Japan:      < 0.4   127,417,244
                    US:         >33.8   295,734,134
                    What a great country we're in.
                    \_ it is difficult to compace just on the basis of deaths
                       per capita.  there are way too many confouding factors
                       at work here.  Try comparing areas based on pre/port
                       at work here.  Try comparing areas based on pre/post
                       gun law changes.
                       \_ True.  It's like apples and oranges.
                          I do seem to recall a study that showed that crime
                          went up in Austrailia after they banned guns.
                          Either way most studies on this sort of thing are
                          highly biased anyways.  I believe that the right to own
                          guns is a crucial freedom and just because some people
                          abuse it doesn't mean you take that away from everyone.
                          If you really want to reduce crime, actually enforce the
                          laws we have now.  For starters, take guns away from
                          known criminals.  This is something the NRA has been
                          pushing for for a while now.
                    \_ That is nice you chose to omit how many people's lives
                       are saved by gun ownership per year. Just ask any
                       criminal what they think about gun-control. Also,
                       have you ever questioned just what majority of those
                       people who die are? Gang members.
                    \_ We need guns to protect ourselves from the government.
                       When did Japan or Canada revolt? Canada still swears
                       by the Queen for God's sake. Guns make this country
                       what it is, for better and worse.
                       \_ Canada is a completely independent country from the
                          UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1982.
                          \_ "Canada is a ... Commonwealth Realm with
                              Queen Elizabeth II as its reigning monarch."
                              (from Wikipedia "Monarchy in Canada")
                             \_ Yeah.  QE II reigns UK, and QE II reigns
                                Canada.  But UK and Canada are separate
                                independent countries.  It just happens that
                                their monarchs are the same monarch.
                             \_ From the Wikipedia "Monarchy in Canada" page
                                you're referring to:
                                "Although Queen Elizabeth II is also monarch of
                                the United Kingdom and several other
                                Commonwealth countries, each nation - including
                                Canada - is sovereign and independent of the
                                \_ Yes, and they swear to the Queen as I
                                   said. They are still ruled by the Queen
                                   of England, even though they are not
                                   \_ Well, you also said "When did ... Canada
                                      revolt?".  Canada already revolted in
                                      1982 without guns.  And if you are to say
                                      Canada is ruled by the Queen of UK, then
                                      it's also valid to say UK is ruled by the
                                      Canada is ruled by the Queen of UK, it's
                                      equivalent to saying UK is ruled by the
                                      Queen of Canada.
                                      \_ This is funny because the Queen
                                         of the UK is also the Queen of
                                         Canada.  Ha!
                                      \_ The two are not equivalent. Canada
                                         was a colony under the King. It
                                         still is. At no point was England
                                         subject to Canada, nor did Canada
                                         have their own King. You know this.
                       \_ That must be why when England invaded Iraq, Canada
                          had to go too, they had no choice.
                          \_ Are you talking about the Anglo-Iraqi war in 1941
                             or Op. Iraqi Freedom?
                             \_ The latter
                                \_ Then the UK had no control over Canada,
                                   since Canada was completely independent by
                                   \_ Sigh
                    \_ http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/abstract/319/19/1256
                       "Although similar to Seattle in many ways, Vancouver has
                       adopted a more restrictive approach to the regulation of
                       handguns... [T]he relative risk of death from homicide,
                       adjusted for age and sex, was significantly higher in
                       Seattle than in Vancouver."
                        \_ Yup and I'm sure you can choose another Canadian
                           city, match it up with a different US city and get
                           the opposite results.  In fact, if those numbers are
                           accurate above (6.1 vs 33.8) it has to be true.
                           \_ Why do you believe that? Tell me the Canadian
                              city where the risk of homicide approaches
                           \_ They chose Vancouver and Seattle because they
                              seem so similar culturally, financially, etc.
                              \_  Yes, they seem, but they are quite different
                                  culturally.  Canadians think quite differently
                                  than Americans about many things, guns included.
                                  They also seem to not mind having less freedom.
                                  Just look at their health care system.  What a mess.
2005/7/21-23 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:38755 Activity:low
7/21    ssh tunnel between Canada and US:
        \_ Summary for those of us who don't want to register?
           \_ Try http://bugmenot.com
           \_ Some dudes built a tunnel from Canada to the US to smuggle
2005/7/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:38462 Activity:high
7/7     Poll, who do you think is behind the London attack?
        Muslim fundie:
        Local British:
        \_ havent heard from IRA for a while, what happened?
           \_ They declared a cease fire in 1997. Some splinter group
              did some minor stuff since then, but mostly it has held.
        Muslim fundie:
        Lord British:
        \- possibly a self-help AQ "franchise" ... who may not have hierachical
           ties to OBL but wont be disowned by AQ-Central.
        French Olympians:
        The chickens are coming home to roost:
        \_ If this in any way shape or form is meant to imply that "they are
           now paying for xyz", you are a fucking baboon.  If not, ignore this.
           The fucking cunts who do this sort of stuff HATE YOU.  THEY HATE YOU
           THEY DON'T NEED AN EXCUSE.  There, just had to get that out of my
           system.  -John
           \_ You don't fight terror with more terror. That just leads to
              situations like Northern Ireland and Gaza. Who cares if someone
              10,000 miles away doesn't like me, if he leaves me alone, I will
              leave him alone. The vast majority of the world feels the same
              way I do. Only a few crackpots want to hunt down everyone who
              lives differently than them and exterminate them. These few
              crackpots, on both sides, have somehow taken control of world
              military and foreign policty.
              \_ I was making no statements about how to fight it.  I simply
                 stated that the whores who do this do not need a justification
                 for their acts--your very way of life suffices.  Yes, I know
                 that a lot of American international policy is flawed, but to
                 be honest, I think kidnapping a few people and sending homw
                 a finger or two is not beyond the pale and can be very
                 effective.  -John
              \_ do you think the united states and our citizens would have
                 the same standard of living if we didn't mess with the rest of
                 world and just took your isolationist/conservative view of the
                 \_ Yeah, we might have to live like Canadians or Swedes.
                    \_ You think the entire West doesn't benefit from the US
                       being as it is?  You think Canada could afford to be so
                       happy-go-lucky if they had to defend themselves like
                       nations traditionally have had to do so?  We live in a
                       unique period of history where one global hyper power
                       has taken a reasonably benevolent stance towards the
                       rest of the world, allowing most people to get on with
                       living.  If the US were the vicious bastards some make
                       us out to be, Canada would be the first nation to fall.
                       \_ No, I don't think Canada or even the United States
                          really benefits from the flawed "beat them until
                          they love you" strategy. Let's look at it with
                          regards to a similar, but domestic problem. If the
                          United States decided that the best way to deal
                          with gang violence was to bomb neighborhoods where
                          gang members were known to live and to order air
                          strikes on gang members homes, killing the gang
                          member and his family alike, do you think it would
                          decrease or increase the amount of violence in
                          \_ False framing.  Let's look at it another way: if
                             the US decided to deal with gang violence by using
                             special forces to knock on doors, confiscate
                             weapons/drugs, arrest those with caches and shoot
                             those who resist violently, do you think gang
                             violence would increase or decrease?  Anyway,
                             this is not at all what I was getting at.  My
                             point being that your conservative/isolationist
                             head-in-sand strategy will not make the world a
                             better place for anyone but dictators and other
                             assorted brutal murderers.
2005/6/8 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign] UID:38043 Activity:moderate
6/8     In the Natalee Holloway case, why is the FBI investigating a crime in
        foreign soil?
        \_ What do you mean?  The FBI investigates crimes performed against
           American citizens where ever they occur.  I remember they had a
           big operation in Yemen when the USS Cole was blown up.
        \_ Isn't Aruba a state?
           \_ Yeah, after Canada.
              \_ on the topic of states, something I've always wondered -
                 is there any incentive/possibility for Puerto Rico to
                 become a state? (from a quick google search, looks like
                 their area is just over 1/2 of hawaii, and under 3x of RI,
                 not that area is the only criteria, of course).
                 \_ It would have power in the Senate equal to, say, California.
                    \_ Are the Puerto Ricans not interested, or is someone /
                       something preventing that from happening?
                       \_ Puerto Ricans are about equally split between
                          those who like it the way it is (or are apathetic),
                          those who think they should be a U.S. state, and
                          those who think they should be an independent
                 \_ I've wondered about the same questions for D.C.
                    \_ several bills have been submitted to at least
                       give DC congressional representation, but never
                    \_ iirc from elementary school, DC is not a state purpose-
                       fully so that the capital of the nation doesn't reside in
                       any one state. congressional representation, however, is
                       a different issue from statehood.
        \_ She is young blonde white from alabama
           \_ And let's not forget, possibly seen in the company of BLACK MEN!
2005/4/17-18 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:37231 Activity:nil
4/17    Who is Maurice Strong? - international political player
2005/4/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:37099 Activity:low 75%like:37086
4/6     How does one go about watching the new Dr. Who in this country?  I
        buy a copy, or is it being shown on TV anytime soon?
        \_ The simplest way is to download  one of the many copies
           that exist on your friendly neighborhood P2P server but
           be prepared to wait for a bit.
           The exists no American contract right now.
           The only overseas showing you read about is in canada (CBC)
           which should start pretty soon (the magrathea sftv mailing
           list is a good source of info too): episode 3 is being
           broadcast in the UK on Saturday.  --ramberg
           \_ Thanks!  Are CBC or BBC available via sattelite?  Did you
              get it via p2p?
              \_   Google  gives info  on both.
              \_   Google  gives info  on both as would searching your
        favorite p2p site.
2005/1/22-24 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Reference/History/WW2] UID:35860 Activity:insanely high
1/22    Can anyone give advice for preparation for the US citizenship interview
        \_ It's nothing to worry about. All you need to do is memorize
           the answers to the 3 pages of questions in
           http://uscis.gov/graphics/services/natz/100q.pdf. From my
           experience, that of everyone I've talked to (half a dozen people),
           and some vague suggestions to that extent on their website,
           they always just pick a subset of those questions. This is
           presuming that you're talking about the US history/government quiz
           rather than the standard set of "are you a communist?"-like
                                            \- No one expects, the America
                                            \- No one expects, the American
                                               Inquisition. --psb
                                        \_ They sometimes ask whether you
                                           support communism or are sympathetic
                                           to any communist party.  You are
                                           free to believe, but some belief is
                                           less free than others.
                                           \_ Obviously.  Some ideologies
                                              (militant islam and communism)
                                              are 'hegemonizing.'
                                              \_ so this is a commie country?
                                                 \_ The point just whizzed by
                                                    your head, didn't it?
           questions that comprise the rest of the interview. The latter
           are nothing to worry about unless you've got something to hide.
           \_ Ok, thanks.
        \_ if it's Canadian, you can try this:    http://tinyurl.com/6gy4u
           [it's simply a joke of the day]
2004/12/31 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:35503 Activity:low
12/30   katamari! http://csua.org/u/aj8 - danh
        \_ I will never understand why people flip over this game.  It was
           amusing for about 10 minutes.  After that it was just kinda stupid.
           \_ It's not our fault you have no taste.
2004/12/22 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:35408 Activity:very high
12/22   Ferengi are a caricature of Capitalists.  Are there any
        caricatures of socialists/communists in ST?
        \_ Borg?
           \_ I was thinking about that.  But that Borg are so much cooler
              than the Ferengi
              \_ It's true that the Borg are far cooler.  I am fascinated by
                 eusociality myself.  Capitalism is mundane and boring and
                 banal and ugly.  Like the Ferengi.  It works though. -- ilyas
        \_ The Federation == Canada
           \_ The Federation is Roddenbery's wet socialist fantasy.  There's
              no money in the Federation (because they eliminated scarcity using
              the matter creation stuff).  But then, inter-species trade seems
              alive and well.  This is never really explained.  You can't really
              \_ The Federation's credit in infinite
              make a medium of exchange of value go away. -- ilyas
              \_ I thought they used "gold pressed latinum" or something, at
                 least in DS9.  I think maybe the star trek universe is
                 just not internally consistent on this subject.
           \_ no way, Picard has too much balls to be Canadian
              \_ perhaps he's really Quebecois.
              \_ Picard has balls? Could have fooled me.
           \_ Federation ~ EU/UN. I say this b/c each of the worlds/systems
              in the Federation has its own government and sends ambassadors
              to the Federation council rather than representatives to the
              Federation congress/senate/parliament.  This is more like the
              set up of the EU/UN. I agree that the Federation started as
              some sort of socialist fantasy but the Federation hardly
              resembles that anymore. It is more like a EU/UN where the US
              basically calls the shots. Earth seems to get its way all the
              time is generally the most heavily defended planet. Earth also
              seems most like the US rather than Canada or Europe in terms
              of the behavior of its people and leaders.
        \_ Romulans => Romulus ~ China, Vulcan ~ Japan/Taiwan. Okay the
           history doesn't quite work out since Romulans fled from Vulcan
           but the rest is pretty similar.
           Klingons might work too b/c they were supposed to be equiv.
           to the Russians. Lots of similarities (ST6 => moon blowing
           up ~ Chernobyl, Errand of Mercy ~ Russia v US in a small
           south east asian country, just to name a few).
           BTW, the Cardassians seem to line up with Germany w/ Bajorans
           ~ the Jews. Not sure what to make of the Dominion or the
           Breen (or any of the stupid races on Voyager).
        \_ it's evident that the Enterprise runs like communism. Everyone
           there is stuck on the ship for the rest of their lives,
           and they all have the same uniforms. In fact, it seems that
           everyone from the future dresses the same. I guess at one time
           or another someone decided that individualism sucks for one
           reason or another and made everyone dress the same way.
2004/12/21 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Health] UID:35376 Activity:high
12/21   Does anyone really believe this?
        "Report: Drug imports safe or cheap -- not both"
        \_ Yes, and not because any administration says it.  It's basic
           economics and patent issues.
           \_ So why don't they say:
              "Report: Drug imports not possible because of patent issues"
              "Report: Drug imports not possible because of economic and
               patent issues"
              \_ Because the average person has the attention span of a gnat
                 and wouldn't pay attention long enough to understand.  Drug
                 Imports BAD.  This is the (correct) response to the equally
                 useless Drug Imports GOOD.
                 \_ Actually, I think it's because you'll lose votes if
                    you tell it like it is.  "We're trying to protect you"
                    sounds a lot better than "We're protecting U.S. drug
                    companies' IP rights".
        \_ No. There is no need to re-inspect everything coming from Canada.
           We can save lots of money just by trusting the Canadian FDA
           equivalent to do the work for us.
           \_ Except Canada has already said they won't be our drug store.
        \_ If drugs from Canada are not safe, then should we be seeing many
           sick or dead Canadians?  Or are we implying that the Americans
           are too fragile to take drugs from Canada?
           \_ Except Canada has already said they won't be our drug store.
2004/11/7-8 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Recreation/Humor] UID:34737 Activity:moderate
11/7    jotd: What is it aboot the Canadians that they can't pronouce certain
        words correctly?
        \_ This is a joke, right?
        \_ Brain damage caused by putting mayonaisse on french fries.
        \_ You hoser, that's dad's beer money  -John
        \_ Little Known Canadian Mispronounciations: Ask your Canadian
           friends to pronounce the following words: "shone" (as in "the
           sun shone in the sky") and "lasso". It's fun for the whole family!
           Also, when they pronounce "out" as "oot", ask them to pronounce
        \_ Accents from the British, where English originated?
2004/11/3 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34628 Activity:high
11/3    So there was a lot of griping about the BushCo victory on the
        motd and on wall with people threatening to leave the country
        for "friendlier" shores. I was thinking of setting up a fund
        to help our disenfranchised liberals reach that goal, kind of
        like the HELP-US fund a couple years ago to help defray the cost
        of moving people like Alec Baldwin out of the country. Anyone
        interested in helping out? Perhaps we could call it the
        "Alec Baldwin Pledge" fund. Email if interested. I already
        have one person willing to donate. -williamc
        \_ Pretty huffy stuff for somebody who has a Smiths quote in their
           finger file.
        \_ I could find a high-paying job in Canada without your help if
           I wanted, motherfucker. Instead I choose to stay and fight.
           You will fucking taste defeat, and I'll be there to kick sand
           right into the bleeding wounds of your party's dying body
           when it happens.
                \_ Bring It On!
        \_ mmm, I'm going to laugh at anyone that even SUGGESTS that BushCo
           is the Great Uniter.  Here's prime counter example of the sort of
           uniting in action that BushCo instills....
        \_ Ah yes, it's nice to see 'tit-for-tat' schoolyard mentality
           in our nation's scholars.  Well done!
        \_ Ha ha. It's nice to see that the decline of our once great
           country is such a joke to you. Enjoy the tax cuts.
                \_ it's not a joke to him, which is why he's probably
                   setting up such a fund. and it's not that easy
                   to enjoy the tax cut when it's going to bite us in
                   the ass in the future.
                   \_ My kids and grandkids won't be paying for the taxcuts
                      cuz I don't have any.
        \_ Leaving the country now would be like leaving a loved one in the
           presence of a serial rapist because you don't approve of rape.
           I'm here for the long haul, and I'll stop your corporate plunder
           by any means necessary, bitch. --erikred
2004/11/3 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:34599 Activity:moderate 57%like:34576
11/3    Where's the bus to Canada?
        \_ http://www.harpers.org/ElectingToLeave.html
        \_ that is the 2nd time I've heard that :p
        \_ Have a good time there, just don't say anything bad about the
           queen.  You will be censored.
                \_ Being censored is better than being monitored by Homeland
        \_ Stop teasing and get out already.
        \_ Rather, move your MONEY overseas, before everyone else does.
           The debt is a big timebomb, if bush's policies are maintained/
           extended, the estimates are this could knock a good 1% off GDP
           growth until effectively the end of time.
           \_ Clinton should have paid down more debt when the economy was
              good and tax revenue was high.
              \_ The Republican congress was yelling for tax cuts the whole
                 time. Or maybe you're joking.
           \_ done that for some time already.  almost no US stocks left
              except for some index funds in my 401k.
        \_ Can't leave California now, too much money to make in biotech now.
2004/11/3 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:34596 Activity:nil
11/03   The last/next thing to elect:
2004/10/11 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:34024 Activity:very high
10/8    I have a greencard but don't have a US citizenship. Can I get
        in/out of Canada using just my greencard+driver's license?
        Do I need my passport? Is there anything I have to do at the
        Taiwanese embassy?                              -Taiwanese
        \_ I was under the impression that US citizens were now expected
           to present a passport at the border.  The last time I crossed
           the border I was stopped several miles *inside* the U.S. in
           upstate new york and asked by a soldier to present a passport(
           I'm a U.S. citizen).  Paranoia is the word of the day right now.
           And with Bush slipping in the polls, I would expect Tom Ridge
           to be announcing lots of vague terror threats in the next few
           weeks.  If I were you, i'd bring whatever documentation I could
           possible think of, and find a place ahead of time to stay in
           possibly think of, and find a place ahead of time to stay in
           canada after you get stuck there.
        \-for mexico and canda greencard will get you back into the
          country ... when i have gone to mexico, they have sometimes
          stamped my passport. if you were a brown person, i would
          probably take a passport to mexico. i think it's generally
          not a bad idea to take the passport along.
        \_ 1. I wouldn't do it.  I would suggest you get visa anyway.
           2. just a kindly reminder.  There is no such thing as Taiwanese
                \_ I know, it's called the Taiwanese Cultural Center.
                   I said embassy because most people here don't know
                   about it.
        \_ ditto above.  I think that technically as a citizen, you can just
           present your driver's license, so you might be able to get away
           with just your greencard and license.  I've known a couple people
           who went away for holidays in the last two years and were unable
           to get back in for several weeks.  Granted, these were people with
           student visas who went home to India.  Canada might not be a
           problem... but I'd do a little online research just in case.
        \_ You need your Taiwan passport to get in/out of country and a
           green card to enter the US.
        \_ I read about this on the CIS website - since Mexico & Canada are
           NAFTA countries, as a permanent resident you are allowed up to
           30-day per stay without Mexican/Canadian visa. It's a good idea
           to bring your passport along though - the U.S. Border Patrol would
           want to see it.
           \-hello i posted the original followup but another fellow makes
             a good point about the new chimpy world order ... now i would
             take my passport for sure.
2004/10/10-11 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:34015 Activity:kinda low
10/9    Let's just conquer Canada already.
        \_ NZ already disbaned their AF cuz of whore of a PM.
           The RPG-magnet Stryker the US Army uses are made in Canada.
           Canada is already part of the Echelon system, along with
           other English speaking countries.
           \_ Yeah, those Kiwis are really missing their Air Force, what
              with their _utter_lack_of_enemies_.
              \_ you mean the Uruk-hai aren't real?
        \_ Huh?  We already did.  We allow them to run their puppet state,
           pass laws, collect local taxes and such but we own it in all
           the important ways.  How much more 'conquered' could Canada really
2004/9/28 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:33795 Activity:kinda low
9/28    Complain all you like about Ascroft, but the news update here is
        something else entirely.
        \_ In case any liberals were intending to "escape" to Canada where
           they can be free of opressive government idiocy...from the page:
           "The Canadian government had my site suspended for the last few days
            because it contained cartoons which they deemed "slanderous" to the
            Queen, and thus in violation of Canadian law. I had to remove the
            offending cartoons, and now my site is back up."
            Fuck Canada.
           "The Canadian government had my site suspended for the last few
           days because it contained cartoons which they deemed
           "slanderous" to the Queen, and thus in violation of Canadian
           law. I had to remove the offending cartoons, and now my site is
           back up."  Fuck Canada.
            \_ It's not even like this guy does really vile cartoons or
               something.  His work is pretty clean.  I doubt he had the
               queen screwing a horse or something.
            \_ The Queen is just a figurehead and has no real power.  It's a
               real problem when you can't draw a cartoon of the head of govt
               screwing a horse.  Just leave the head of state alone.
2004/9/10 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:33457 Activity:insanely high
9/10    A little bit of commentary for the first year of working with a
        Canadian about how things are different in the U.S. and Canada is
        great; more than year of condinued bitching and insults on the other
        hand...is just absurd.  Is there some online resource about things
        that suck about Canada?  In particular, any problems they may have
        had with voting would be very much appreciated.  Things that are
        specific to Quebec or the Quebecois would be particularly
        \_ Their paratroop regiment kicked the shit out of a bunch of Somali
           prisoners and killed them a few years ago, Paul Martin is a
           prick, the RCMP is in favor of some pretty odious police-state
           chicanery, they claim jurisdiction over international waters for
           the arctic passage, and I suggest you search http://economist.com for
           "Canada", as they have some fairly hilariously negative articles
           about just about any country you could think of.  Plus, they're
           the remora of the US and annexing the bastards would cut missile
           time to Beijing by a few minutes.  -John
           \_ huh?  can't we just put the missiles in alaska?  like I said,
              "John, all guts, nothing else."
                \_ Boy, anonymous insults are sure effective.  I wish I were
                   as intellectually differentiated as you are.  -John
                   \_ Why do you want to kill Chinese people?
                      \_ Kill?  Just get them huffy, like self-righteous
                         Canadians when they get all nationalistic.
                         \_ huh? an american complaining about others being
                            self-righteous and nationalistic?
                            \_ I know you don't travel very much, but
                               nationalism is *NOT* unique to the US.  Really.
                               \_ In my experiance, the US is one of the
                                  least _nationalist_ countries I've been
                                  to.  Of course, I live in CA, so...
                                  \_ you should come to the midwest, and
                                     check out all the american flags flying
                                     everywhere, comparable to nazi germany.
                      \_ he's upset that the "human torpedo" crushed him in
                         bowling.  -chiapet
                         \_ You may have crushed me this time, human torpedo,
                            but ah ha!  I did not sustain massive pin-shaped
                            headwounds or bowling alley chest hair burn! -John
                         \_ what makes someone a "human torpedo"?
        \_ Yeah, stupid nationalism can get pretty annoying.  This guy is
           Canadian, and he's generally pro-canada, but he covers some
           stuff you'd be interested in.  Like why the Canada isn't really
           very democratic, and all the arguments about the constitution.
           See chapeter one, and anything else that looks interesting.  He
           See chapter one and anything else that looks interesting.  He
           also mentions some books you could look up in "Other
           \_ that's what I was looking for, thanks.  I mean no disrespect
              to canada, btw, I love Canada; I'm just sick of the
              CANADA GOOD USA BAD crap.
              \_ Yeah, I think that if I was in your shoes and he said,
                 "This election is going to be another fiasco."  I would
                 say, "Yeah, but at least we don't have to wait for Bush
                 to call the election himself."
                 \_ Een America, election eez called by your campaign manager
                    and fishing buddies.
                 \_ Or we can say "At least we don't have the queen of another
                    country on our currency."  (Although technically Canada and
                    Britain have their own separate queens, which just happen
                    to be the same person.)
        \_ Do you work for a company in Marin that handles shipping of autos?
           I'm wondering if I know this guy
           \_ I'm 3000 miles from Marin in a physics lab, but I think
              there are quite a few people like this. -op
              \_ Yeah, even the Canadian I served with on my mission was
                 like this.  He hung a Canadian flag in his room, and was
                 always worried that people would mistake him for an
                 American.  (No one else hung flags in their rooms, no
                 matter where they were from.)  The joke was, he was
                 half-American, had dual citizenship, went to college in
                 the states, and traveled on a US passport.  Go Canada!
        \_ There's something about Canadians.  I have similar issues with
           some Canadian friends. So I asked them if Canada is so great,
           why are you here to work???
        \_ Obviously you've never met American ex-pats in other countries.
           They can be just as annoying AND they can't remember the words
           to the national anthem.
           \_ They can be, although I've found the obnoxious ones to be
              either spoiled rich kids (HS & college) on holidays or
              exchange, or expats who band together in clubs.  -John
        \_ Well, we have Dubya as our president.  I don't know how you can
           defend that.
           \_ Who the hell runs Canada? No one even knows.
              \_ The new Prime Minister has passed a law forbidding us to
                 drink wine!  And he has taken away our sodomy!
              \_ http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/chiefs/index.html
        \_ Irritate him even more by playing up his American stereotypes.
           Hang up some NASCAR posters in your cube. Next time you go
           out to lunch with him, order some Freedom Fries. Get a W in '04
           bumper sticker. Respond to his ant-America statements by
           calling him a commie bastard.
           \_ Say "Eh?" a lot as well.
              \_ the only candian I met who really talked like that was from
                 BFE seskatchewan, and he's not a tool about  the US vs.
                 canada thing at all.
           \_ Is there any bumper sticker that reads "Canada - the 51st state"
              or something along that line?
2004/8/27-29 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:33178 Activity:high
8/27    Do I need a int'l driver license to drive in Canada?  What about
        renting a car there?  And is it more expensive than in the US?  tia.
        \_ IDP is simply a translation of your original driver's lic.
           It does not permit you to drive and you need to bring your
           original one. My guess is that since Canada speaks English
           (or some variant of it) you probably could get away with not.
        \_ I don't think you do, there's some sort of agreement I think we
           have with Canada. Getting an int'l driver license isn't that
           difficult, though.
           \_ I know, but if it is not necessary I will not pay AAA to get one.
        \_ If you have a CA driver's license (or one from any U.S. state), you
           can drive anywhere in Canada.
           \_ I rented a car in Toronto and drove around for a week with a
              CA CDL.
        \_ I believe in many countries around the world, you are permitted
           to drive if you have a valid driving license from where you came.
           So just bring your original drivers license with you.
        \_ You can drive in Canada with a valid US drivers license. I rented
           a car and drove in Ontario (Ottawa) and New Brunswick (St. John)
           w/o any problems.
        \_ RACIST!
        \_ Thanks for all the answers above.  Now is rental in general cheaper
           or more expensive in canada than here?  -op
2004/6/16 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:30845 Activity:nil
6/16    The lovely town of Dildo, Canada.
        The humble burg of Fucking, Austria
2004/5/21 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:30336 Activity:very high
 5/21    Bomb Canada:
        http://tinyurl.com/32jdo (canada.com/national post)
        \_ If we're nice to the terrorists, they'll be nice back!  It's
           just because we're so mean that they attack!
        \_ I think we should negotiate with the terrorists.  Surely their
           demands are reasonable and can be accomadated.
        \_ I agree with both of the above.  If we just let them kill all the
           Jews, give them back Spain, build new Wahabi schools to educate
           more of their children, and all either convert or kill ourselves,
           they'll stop attacking us.
        \_ I think Bush and Osama need to get together for some
           tantric yoga.
        \_ Just think of how much more we could have gotten done in the war
           on terror if we hadn't listened to Chalabi.
2004/4/12 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Health/Women] UID:13147 Activity:high
4/12    Canada soon to slaughter 300,000 seals.
        \_ I guess all the yeti baseball really got that Canuck blood going.
           \_ I thought those were penguins
              \_ If you can't wack the one you love, wack the one you're with.
        \_ I wonder if I can get a job clubbing baby seals?
           \_ Maybe I can go clubbing with baby seals.
        \_ I guess all that yeti baseball really got that Canuck blood going.
        \_ Wouldn't it suck if you were an endangered species and NOT cute?
2004/2/25 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:12394 Activity:kinda low
2/24    Canadian military going bankrupt.  I guess that's ok when you're
        living under the US military umbrella.  It's not like anyone is
        going to invade but does serve to further highlight their puppet
        \_ If they're a "puppet," how come they got into a pissing match
           with the US over Iraq?
           \_ Kids sometimes do this to their parents, but there is no
              doubt who is boss.
       \_ Oddly enough I feel no one is going to invade the US either, and
          yet they have huge military expenditures.
          \_ hahahahah!
          \_ That's because you're an idiot.
          \_ The illegals already have and still continue to do so.
             \_ That's right, whitey.  You need help loading your luggage
                on the next boat for Europe?
                \_ Why do people equate anti-illegal with racism?
                   \_ Because anti-illegal apologists tend to be masking
                      deeper anti-immigrant agendae.
                      \_ Why does anti-immigrant have to be racist? Regardless
                         of race I don't see why anyone should be pro-immigrant
                         right now. It doesn't help those who are already here.
                         There is no manpower shortage in America.
                         \_ They don't really think you're racist.  It's just
                            easy to toss around hot button words like that
                            instead of debating these sorts of very serious
                            topics.  Screaming, "RACIST!" is easy.  Doing
                            research and coming up with solid reasons for open
                            boarders and counters to the closed boarder people
                            is much harder.  Check this out: RACIST!  See?
                            that was easy.
        \_ Haiti right now is interesting example of what happens when you
           get rid of your military (they did it to remove the Coup threat).
           So now thy have a handful of ex-military rebels they are trying
           to fight with basically police.
                \_ Cool, so we should keep the military to (a) avoid having
                   ex-military people run amuck and overthrow the government,
                   (b) provide domestic security.  -John
                        \_ of course, you can't have ex-Military
                           without a military
                           \_ does it bother any of you idiots that the
                              premise of this whole debate is that Canada
                              is getting rid of its military, which just
                              isn't true?  They're having budget problems
                              and closing a couple of bases, and the op
                              turned that into a clever litttle troll.
                              that's all.
                              \_ OP 1, !OP 0.
                              \_ Bzzzt!  I never said Canada was getting rid of
                                 their military.  I said exactly what I said,
                                 nothing more and nothing less.  If you choose
                                 to make it into something else that's your
                                 business but not my words or meaning.  --OP
2004/2/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:12136 Activity:moderate
2/6     Heh, cover photo of Canadian news magazine on Bush
        (see web site or http://www.macleans.ca for full story)
        \_ Found it through macleans.ca via "Customer Care" -> "Back Issues"
           \_ Well, that's intuitive.
        \_ fuck you and your drudge report.  here's a link to the Canadian
           news magazine:
           \_ calm down, son.  I already looked for the cover photo on
              macleans.ca, and I couldn't find it.
              \_ That's because youre a moron.  See "fuck you" above.
                 \_ where's the cover photo, genius?
2004/1/6 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:11677 Activity:nil
1/5     Who cares if the US government had an innocent man tortured
        for 10 months. He was just a Canadian:
        \_ Heh.  "Had."
        \_ Canadians aren't citizens.  Why should I care?  Shit happens to
           American citizens in foreign countries all the time.  Are you on
           here bitching about that?
           \_ Yeah, Americans are raped and genocided everyday everywhere
              around the world.  Why do you just hate America?
2003/12/31 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:11623 Activity:kinda low
12/30   The sickness has spread to Canada.
        \_ By way of the Dallas News, yet another bastion of unbiased news.
           If you really want to read this drivel, go ahead and use the
           csua account instead of registering:
           csuamotd@csua.berkeley.com , pwd=csuamotd
        \_ This seems like a shill.  It is not that hard to get a gun in canada
           and I can't imagine anyone having "booed a speaker at the podium
           whose father had died on Sept. 11"  (Though, since the article
           doesn't specify WHEN this happened it is hard to confirm/deny)
           Tnx to the replyer for the login.  -phuqm
           \_ You must have missed the Bill Reilly show where the son of one
              of the victims of the Second WTC attack was being chastised for
              being against the Second Iraq War.
        \_ sorry for not giving the login.  I created it and figured it was
           obvious.  --op
        \_ Of course, it could simply be a difference of opinion, rather than a
           sickness.  But that would require you to address content rather than
           hurl ad hominem.
        \_ You are right. It is time to teach these Canadians a lesson.
           Can we rename Canadian Bacon to Freedom Bacon?
2003/12/23-24 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:11577 Activity:high
12/23   Has anyone ever taken a chartered flight out of the country?  Even
        to somewhere close like canada/mexico/caribbean?  I'm wondering about
        what kind of searches they do.  And do you need to go through customs
        at the foreign country once you land?  I'm thinking maybe not since
        you're on a private plane and not landing at a regular airline
        terminal.  Thanks.
        \_ This just in: the Bush administration has just announced that the
           terror alert level is being elevated to red, due to US intelligence
           agencies detecting a credible terrorist threat on an undisclosed
           online forum located in Berkeley, CA.
        \_ Not really answering your question, but once I flew on a flight
           chartered for a tour package.  Upon landing one of the engines
           bursted into flame for a few seconds and then went out.  The crew
           acted as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.
           \_ one time, my pet snake came out of its jar, slithering this way
              and that, and i thought it was going to eat my cat, but then
              it didn't.
              you are an idiot. -ali
              \_ Gees, ali, what the fuck is your problem?  Thesis not going
                 well, so you are taking it out on the motd?
              \_ I bet you got really hairy balls.
                 \_ Ali shaves his balls, I believe.
              \_ That was poetic. Did you compose it yourself asshole?
                \_ ali, you arrogant prick. I know where you live and I will
                   BB gun your car some time this week. Good luck.
2003/12/5-6 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:11332 Activity:moderate 50%like:11327
12/5    What is the point of the african banking spam?  It doesn't seem to
        \_ What is the point of women shaving most of their crotch but leaving
           a "landing strip"?  Why dont they shave it all off?
           \_ "Landing strip" looks ugly.
                \_ Does not, you hun!  Landing strip is superb.  Just because
                   you're still attending University in the town of gigantic
                   scary jungle bush... -John
                   \_ What about my question?  Does anyone think the
                      "Landing Strip" is cosmetically better than
                      nothing, or is there some other reason for it?
                      \_ I don't like it, but I think the idea is that it is
                         almost totally shaved w/o looking prepubescant.
        be selling a product, it's not a chain letter, and it doesn't ask
        directly for money.  I don't get it.  I just got two more of these
        things this week.
        \_ They get you all excited about making big money, and then use that
           to entice you to either travel somewhere unsafe, or else front
           them money for a 'transfer fee' or 'investment tax'.  There have
           been cases where someone goes to Africa with a suitcase full of cash
           and a couple Rolexes and gets held for more ransom.
           \_ if i forward the letter to the FBI, will they do anything?
              \_ I think the FTC handles this, but they won't do anything
                 other than log it, unless you find out the scammer is in USA.
           \_ i heard a story on the radio about a woman in canada who has
              made it her mission to bait these people and try to bring
              them to justice.  she actually got some people to come meet
              her in canada and they were arrested.
              \_there are some pretty funny correspondences of this sort at
                \_ another one. http://www.ebolamonkeyman.com
                \_ http://www.419eater.com
                   \_ The letters archive are great.
              \_ Predator fell prey.  Cool!
        \_ Pretty much what has been posted before, but from the Secret Serv.
        \_ spanish prisoner?
2003/10/17 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:10667 Activity:nil
10/16   Such reasoning washes away any differentiation between good and
        evil, and turns the United Nations into an asinine debating
        society where the representative of a genocidal dictator gets
        his "turn" to criticize how, say, Iceland doesn't have
        enough homosexual out-reach programs.
        \_ Ya know, freeperguy, I love ya, and the stuff you post is usually
           on target but your points would be better served with links from
           news sites that say the same things, not opinion sites like http://fr.com.
           That being said, it is true that the UN is exactly as described. The
           idea that unelected third world murderers should even be invited to
           join a world body is ridiculous.  Their opinions are meaningless.
           And the extra 'gotcha' is they all hang out in NY, rape American
           women, ignore traffic tickets and then just fly home under the
           protection of diplomatic immunity.  It's a joke.  If the UN disolved
           tomorrow, the world wouldn't change in the least for good or bad.
           \_ Or maybe people could look at the facts instead of rejecting
              everything because of the ideological leaning of the source.  That
              goes for people from the left, right, and center.
           \_ The problem with freeper articles is that they want to throw
              out the baby with the bath water.  The UN is a good idea.
              expelling nations that have no democractically elected leaders
              is not a bad idea.  Universal sanctions on the bastards is an
              even better idea.  Reform the UN, don't just sink it.
        \_ I hear Bernie Goetz is looking for a job.  -John
2003/10/4-5 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:10464 Activity:nil
10/3    Greasy Canadians exempt from border controls:
        \_ i know a canadian who got banned from crossing the border for
           being a dick to the border guards. yes, he's a dumbass.
        \_ Only the greasy ones?  Is there a standard for greasiness?  Maybe
           we should set up a government commission to study the issue?
2003/8/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:29348 Activity:high
8/14    NYC and parts of the Northeastern US (and Southeast Canada) hit by
        massive power outage. Reports of smoke from ConEd plant in Manhattan.
        Started at 4:14PM EDT. One plant out may have caused a cascading effect
        on the rest of the system. Welcome to California's pain Easties. (Some
        details gotten from 740AM)
        \_ OH MY GOD!!! SKYNET IS BECOMING SELF AWARE!!! Soon all the
           electronics will shut down in preparation for dooms day and
           John Conners will be assassinated by drones!
           \_ As long as it's Eddie Furlong. Nick Stahl actually did a decent
              job in T3.
        \_ nice try.  we lost power for all of about 10 seconds in southern
           connecticut.  and this is with a severe spike in power useage from
           air conditioners, powered by plants that go back to the 19th
           century in some cases.  we pay less money than you for better
           service, and that's with a de-regulated power system.
           \_ http://csua.org/u/3xr
              How long are they going to keep the 9 nukes down for "safety"
              reasons while they ream your ass with power rate increases?
           \_ and yet we never had such a massive outage.  Plus those poor
              NYC folks are unarmed.
              \_ They've got boards, they've got nails. They're armed.
           \_ Let's see, should I believe you or AP, which says that power
              is out in NYC, Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto? hmmm...
                \_ dear moron, (is there something about soda geeks that
                   makes them incapable of reading english?), the above
                   even if he did understand the person he is responding to
                   poster does NOT say it didn't go out in those other
                   cities, nor does he imply it.  You are an idiot. trust
                   me on this one.  Anyone who says "should i trust you
                   or the media?" as a rhetorical question is an idiot
                   even if he does understand the person he is responding to
                   (which you clearly didn't) -phuqm
                   \_ op said "welcome to California's pain Easties" Jackass
                      #1 said "nice try" I said "who should I believe" you
                      defended Jackass #1. Guess that makes you Jackass #2.
                      "Nice try" implies that op was wrong, in the English
                      langauge at least. Trust me on this one, I speak
                      English far better than you.
                      \_ Aside from minor capitalization issues, which you
                         seem to suffer from equally, what is wrong with his
                         English?  Plus he knows how to SPELL HIS LOGIN, which
                         is a damn sight more than I can say for you, monkey
                         boy.  -John
                         \_ What is it about the phrase "nice try" that you
                            do not understand?
        \_ it's just Con Ed trying to get in on the Big Money that the
           power companies in Texas made off of California.
        \_ Did "The Worm" do it?
           \_ Yes he did, and it was great! -yermom
        \_ The office of Canadian prime minister said a lightning strike on
           a power plant near Niagara Falls, New York, was the cause of the
           blackout. (nytimes)
2003/5/6 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:28344 Activity:nil
5/5     Restored link about Canadians having more rights than Americans:
        \_ Let's all go there.
        \_ If only Canada wasn't so close to the darn North Pole, I'd move
           \_ Agreed.  Why can't we have a successful socialist state in
              the tropics?
        \_ Yeah Canada is totally perfect.  Everyone says so except the
           people I know who've actually lived there.  Only about a dozen or
           so over the years but none of them would go back.  And by the way,
           while we're on this topic, did you know the Soviet (USSR, not the
           current Russia) Constitution guaranteed more and better rights than
           the US one?  A whole lot of good it did them.
           \_ Wow, that's too bad.  The Canadians I've met (over fifty over
              the years) have generally been very happy with their country.
              I'm sorry to hear that your Canadians didn't agree.
           \_ I have hundreds of relatives in Canada and they're very happy.
2003/2/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign] UID:27332 Activity:high
2/6     http://www.csua.org/u/905 (Yahoo News)
        "Texas, the only U.S. state to have once been an independent country,
        ......" When did that happen???
                \_ I think that Texas was an independent republic from
                   1830 to 1850 or so. It was part of the union by the
                   1860s during the civil war.
        \_ stfw: http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/1845
        \_ Lies. California was the Bear Flag Republic for a few weeks.
        \_ Canada still is.
2002/12/21 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:26878 Activity:nil
12/20   O Canada, O canada: http://www.quebec-cuties.com/welcome.htm
2002/3/14 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Reference/Tax] UID:24110 Activity:nil
3/13    Anyone living in canada? If so, better start hording blank cd's:
        \_ I plan on making mega bucks on the black market.  This is sweet!
2001/2/24 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Recreation/Dating] UID:20670 Activity:kinda low
2/24    http://www.ilovebacon.com/flashing/images/022301flowerb.jpg
        \_ Ohhhh...American bacon. Canadian bacon. Mexican bacon. droool.
        \_ lila? is that you?
        \_ I love the nips.
        \_ A lot of the photos make her look like an ex....
2000/2/24-26 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:17611 Activity:high
2/24    Four Q's concerning travel to Canada:
        1) Approximately how long does it take to travel from the South Bay to
           the Canadian?
                \_ Which Canadian?  There are a few already in the South Bay
                  so it shouldn't take too long.
                \_ Anywhere from 1-2 hours to 1 year, depending on mode of
                   transportation and which part of the 3000-mile long border
                   you want to get to.
        2) Any recommended airlines for a one-way flight from western Canada,
           like Toronto, back to the South Bay?
           \_ check United Airlines/Air Canada, they have a direct flight from
              SJ to Toronto.
        3) Do I need any special permits or whatsoever to drive in Canada with
           a rental car from the South Bay?  If so, what?
        4) What car rentals from the South Bay allow returns in Canada?
        \_ 2) Isn't Toronto in eastern Canada?  -- yuen
           \_ perhaps he means Vancouver?  that's a long drive otherwise.
        \_ Everything in here is wrong except the bits about
           "concerning", "special", and "four".
        \_ you don't need a special permit to drive a car registered in
           America in Canada, don't even bother changing your currency over
           to the inferior Canadian dollar; you're an American, damnit!! and
           can force them to accecpt the good old American greenback
           \_ sure, in principle, but some places will try to rip you off by
              taking US money dollar-for-dollar against Canadian prices.  Check
              if your credit card automatically exchanges currency. -ex-canuck
                \_ You can drive there fast, cause we PAVED THE BITCH.  -John
2000/2/18 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:17555 Activity:kinda low
2/18    Are laser discs essentially dead in America and Canada?
        \_ Yes.  And you should be too - please go off and die now.
        \_ Yes.  Unlike you, who is alive, vibrant, and bring new hope
        \_ Yes.  Unlike you, who is alive, vibrant, and brings new hope
           to the world with your every thoughtful notion.
1999/8/28 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Computer] UID:16419 Activity:nil
8.28    This is old:
         Posted by Roblimo on Saturday August 28, @02:22PM EDT
         from the what-terrence-and-philip-do-in-their-spare-time dept.
         jd writes "Canada has just constructed an all-optical network, CA*Net3,
         capable of 80 gigabits per second (though being expanded to 20 terabits
         per second). This is over 60 times faster than the Internet 2 project,
         and according to the description, this will be open to the public,
         rather than closed as Internet 2 is.
        But once again proves why Canada is The Ultimate Socialist Utopia!
        Canada Uber Alles!
1998/12/20 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Reference/Religion] UID:15133 Activity:high
12/20   Our president has been impeached.  God help us all.
        I don't know what we're gonna do without him.  After all,
        he DOES run the country.  He said so.
        \_ God intended to have him impeached.  Let that be a
           lesson for all you sinners out there.
        \_ Those of us across the pond are looking at passing ourselves off as
           Canadian again... -John
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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