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2020/08/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/2/25-3/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Politics/Foreign] UID:52638 Activity:nil
2/25    Spinoff of the silly food stamp thread below:
        The US Recommended Daily Intake values (which the current USRDA is
        based on) were developed during WWII.  The methodology was to take
        "volunteer" subjects (white male conscientious objectors, mostly
        Quakers) and put them on nutrient-deprivation diets until their
        systems failed.  Then they would add the missing nutrient back in
        until the systems began to function again.  The level of nutrient
        required to avoid system failure was then established as the RDI.
        These studies did not examine overall health, or long-term
        effects of low nutrient levels.  What is more, the countries which
        have something like the USRDA are in complete disagreement about
        their recommendations, which often vary by a factor of 5 or more
        from country to country.
        So when you look at a food product that claims to provide 100% of
        the USRDA of Vitamin C, that means that it contains enough vitamin
        C to keep white male Quakers of military age from getting scurvy.
        It doesn't say anything about how much vitamin C you should have
        for good health.  -tom
        \_ Ha, that's pretty interesting.  Do you have a link?
           \_ http://gunpowder.quaker.org/documents/starvation-kalm.pdf
              talks about the project but not specifically the implications
              for the USRDA.  See:
              "Keys A, Brozek J, Henschel A, Mickelsen O, Taylor HL:
              The biology of human starvation. Minneapolis: University
              of Minnesota Press; 1950."  -tom
2009/2/19-25 [Finance/Banking, Politics/Foreign] UID:52607 Activity:nil
2/19    I believe in the latest edition of dictionaries, next to the
        definition of "batshit insane" there is a picture of
        Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-obviously):
        "We're Running Out Of Rich People In This Country"
2009/1/15-22 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52388 Activity:nil
1/15    Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review finds (1) a foreign
        intelligence exception to the 4th amend.; and (2) that a warrantless
        search under FISA is not unreasonable for 4th amend. purposes:
        http://preview.tinyurl.com/8rg8qj [NYT]
        http://www.fas.org/irp/agency/doj/fisa/fiscr082208.pdf [opinion]
2008/12/11-16 [Politics/Foreign] UID:52227 Activity:nil
12/11   ST Undiscovered Country BR to include scenes from Klingon Hamlet:
    http://preview.tinyurl.com/6gjg7f [sliceofscifi.com]
2008/12/1-6 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign] UID:52138 Activity:nil
12/1    http://tinyurl.com/5ldb9c (bloomberg.com)
        Head NBER fucker from Stanfurd said on 10/8 that economic data are
        \_ Well, it is pretty perplexing to have the economy growing while
           the unemployment rate is also increasing. I don't think it has
           ever happened before, but it is actually a pretty good sign for
           the long term prosperity of the country, since it means productivity
           must be jamming.
2008/11/25-12/1 [Politics/Foreign, Computer/Theory] UID:52096 Activity:nil
11/25   "Study: Math teachers 1 chapter ahead of students"
        Our education system in the world's sole super-power country is so
        \_ lollllzzzzzzzzz
        \_ God Bless, and free market works.            -conservative
           \_ Free market gives us private schools
           \_ nice socialist bailout yer free market is taking
              \_ Banking and mortgages aren't a free market.  They are
                 deeply intertwined with the government (Fed, Fannie/Freddie)
2008/11/6-13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:51866 Activity:low
        \_ Yes? What about it? Young people today with nothing to lose
           but everything to gain from Socialism, embrace it. We're
           tired of having sucky infrastructures and unfairness.
           Let us all embrace socialism.
           \_ Why do you think they have nothing to lose?
              \_ Read Prop 13 history and ramifications
        \_ I presume you are free-market type.  Please do tell me you
           oppose the 700 billion bail out package.  Please tell me you
           do support the abolishment of
           - SEC
           - FDIC
           - FDA
           - minimum wage
           - child labor law
           - ban on human trafficking
           and let the invisible hand does everything.
           \_ Excellent straw man sir!
              \_ oh yeah? why don't you take a shot at it.  Free Market right?
                do you support the 700 billion bail out?  do you support
                government bail out of GM/Ford?  do you support government
                in effect double our national debt by acquiring AIG (liability
                on AIG's book constitute as part of national debt).
                Do you support roll back of margin requirement regulations
                that imposed by FDR?  Do let me know.  Because *PERSONALLY*
                given the choice of government take over these failed companies
                versus just hand out free cash to them with little or no
                string attached, I prefer the former.  If a company is too big
                to fail, then, it's to big.  Let it fail as free market
                dictate, right?
        \_ You know, I'd say 8 of the top 10 nicest countries to
           live in in the world are socialist.
           \_ Which are the other two? Switzerland and Singapore?
           \_ Nicest for who? You need to think about that.
              \_ I'm the decider, and I decide what is best for the
                 country.                               -GWB
        \_ Wow, I think this is the most efficent troll I have ever
           seen.  Bravo!
           \_ Seconded. It takes the Art of Troll to the next level. Kudos!
        \_ Key word: socialism
           \_ BUD CORT doesn't like your tone.  Obviously you've never
           \_ BUD CORT doesn't like your tone.  Obviously you've never been
2008/9/25-29 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold, Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign] UID:51290 Activity:nil
9/25    Father abandons 9 children to be cared for by the State of Nebraska:
2008/7/7-9 [Politics/Foreign] UID:50484 Activity:nil
7/7     Damn those racist babies!
        http://preview.tinyurl.com/6m2pkn    [telegraph]
        \_ Ummm, wow.  You can turn up your nose to things you don't like,
           unless they are from a foreign country, in which case you are
           mandated by law to eat them.  Awesome.
        \_ So, is it racist if a muslim kid refused to eat pork?
           \_ "Muslim" is technically a religious affiliation, not a race.  But
              I'd ask the same question myself.
        \_ So there's no chance this quote was pulled out of context and
           is totally bullshit.  Oh wait, there isn't even a full quote.
           But don't let that stop you.
2008/6/11-13 [Reference/RealEstate, Politics/Foreign] UID:50221 Activity:moderate
6/11    http://www.buffalonews.com/cityregion/easternsuburbs/story/365899.html
        Family finds backyard is off-limits because of conservation easement.
        "Kevin King and his wife, Donna, dream of installing a backyard pool
         But the young couple got a rude awakening when their pool contractor
         drove to Lancaster Town Hall to get the construction permit this
        "That's when the Kings learned for the first time since buying their
         home in 2003 that they legally have only a 3-footdeep yard in which to
         build their pool.
        "Or to enjoy a swing set with their kids, ages 3 and 5.
        "Or to do much of anything else, it seems.
        "Turns out the Kings technically aren.t even supposed to mow the grass
         in their 60-footdeep backyard because of a conservation easement."
         \_ Gotta love reporters that don't ask questions.  Why the hell didn't
            these people have due diligence done on their property when they
            bought it?  This sort of thing should be in any contract.
            \_ Yeah, I'm sure the easment was there before they bought the
            \_ Yeah, the easement was there before they bought the property.
            \_ Srsly. Why is this news? My neighbor when I was growing up
               had a large easement on his property. It was part of the reason
               why his lot was bigger than the others for the same price. I
               forgot why it was there but eventually he got it removed and
               now his property is worth more.
            \_ The question was asked in the article.  The couple claims they
               don't recall the paralegal who sold them the house mentioning
               the easement. They admit to not doing their due diligence in the
               article.  I think the interesting thing here is that the
               the easement. They admit to not doing their due diligence in
               the article.  I think the interesting thing here is that the
               easement is completely pointless in this case.
               \- As associate of an associate of mine bought a house
                  in Los Gatos. It would later turn out the seller paid
                  a nearby autobody shop to close up shop during the
                  buyer's visit. The sale was reversed later on on those
                  grounds. Interesting to note the remedy was an action,
                  not money damages.
                  \_ Totally different case unless you are arguing that
                     the easement was not disclosed which is possible but
                     seems unlikely.
2008/6/6-10 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:50174 Activity:nil
6/6     Hellooooooo knife control
        http://csua.org/u/lps [washington post]
          My favorite part is Prime Minister Gordon Brown:
        Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Thursday announced a crackdown on
        teenagers carrying knives, saying that those as young as 16 will be
        prosecuted for knife possession on the first offense. Previously,
        anyone younger than 18 generally received only a warning.
          "Young people need to understand that carrying knives doesn't protect
        you, it does the opposite -- it increases the danger for all of us,
        destroys young lives and ruins families," Brown said after meeting with
        top police and government officials at his 10 Downing Street office.
        "Recent tragic events have reminded us of that."
        \_ carrying knives doesn't protect you??!?
        \_ what about utility?  What self-respecting geek doesn't carry around
           a leatherman (or equivalent) today?   -ERic
           \_ http://www.goxplore.net/guides/Knife_law_(UK
              Folding knife < 3 inches long is legal.  Having "a good reason"
              to have a knife is legal.  I'm not defending the law (or
              attacking it, it's not my country and I don't really care) but
              at least you should know what you are talking about.
           \_ In school? At an age of younger than 18? How do they get past
              the metal detectors?
2008/5/12-16 [Politics/Foreign] UID:49933 Activity:nil
5/12    Why is everyone calling it Myanmar?  Wasn't that the name given Burma
        by the same military junta that's not letting aid in now?
        \_ yes.
        \_ They aren't.  You still see news orginizations calling it Burma all
           the time.
        \_ Some are some aren't, some are calling it both.  If a thuggish
           govt. changes the name of a country, should be always continue to
           call it by the old name?   That seems like an odd policy.
        \_ Myanmar is also one of the old names for the region in the
           native tongue, according to a knowledgable friend.
           \_ Wikipedia weighs in: "Within the Burmese language, Myanmar is
              the written, literary name of the country, while Bama or Bamar
             (from which "Burma" derives) is the oral, colloquial name. In
              spoken Burmese, the distinction is less clear than the English
              transliteration suggests."
        \_ Calling it Burma strikes terror into the hearts of dictators
           everywhere!  They'll be a fully democratic country in a matter of
        \_ Why worry what Burma wants to be called in English? English has
           English-specific names for loads of cities and places, as do
           foreign languages for other places. If it was some kind of
           insulting name then maybe, but Rangoon vs. Yangon or whatever,
           nobody should pay attention to the junta.
2008/5/5 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:49882 Activity:nil
5/5     10000 dead from one storm:
2008/4/4-9 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign] UID:49668 Activity:nil
4/4     jrleek, please tell us about the job you love, and if you guys
        are hiring. I'm fed up with big companies, big beauracracy, big
        politics and most importantly the lack of career growth in big
        ass places.
        \_ Maybe you are just a crank.
        \_ If you want details, post your name or email me. Anyway
           I work at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, we're not
           hiring, and it doesn't sound like you'd like it anyway.
           It's a big beauracracy. -jrleek
           \_ Why do you enjoy working at a place that you recognize
              is a big beauracracy? Is it the prestige, the bragging
              right that you're working on something secretive, that
              you're doing something good for our country (I LOVE AMERICA)
              or something else? Just curious.
              \_ Your assumption that big beaurocracy = bad in all situations
                 may be fallacious. -not jrleek
              \_ Sorry, I think it's extremely rude to call someone
                 out by name without posting your own. Post your name
                 or email me. -jrleek
                 \_ Bravo!
                 \_ jrleek is awesome, but I would not want his job. -vallard
                    \_ That's ok, I don't want your job either. -jrleek
2020/08/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/3/19-21 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:49502 Activity:nil
3/19    McCain's foreign policy bumbling
2008/2/26-29 [Politics/Foreign] UID:49252 Activity:nil
2/25    You know, no one disputes the economic power and efficiency of the
        free market. Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations way before
        the term monopoly and corporate clout/abuse became common. Just
        Google for articles on why free-market doesn't work the way it
        did in the 18th-19th century; meritocracy is non-existence in the
        absence of competition. I will however buy the Division of Labour
        argument, Labour theory of value, price of commodities, etc. In
        short I find both the free-market and the centralized-market theory
        incomplete, inefficient, and unfit in the complex world we have
        today. There needs to be a balance of both, or an alternative economy.
2007/12/15-20 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:48813 Activity:low
12/15   http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/12/15/military.gambling/index.html
        Military Slot Machines make $130mil/year from its soldiers to
        pay for things army can't pay for.
        \_ Our education system is paid for by lottery also.
        \_ This country is endlessly willing to take advantage of the
           weak/stupid --  witness our tolerance for predatory lending.
           And we don't even bother teaching people the financial
           ramifications in school anymore.  What's more, we even made
           bankruptcy more difficult.  Most people who end up in
           bankruptcy suffered from a medical emergency, or got
           divorced.  Now we make it even more difficult for such
           people to recover--in the name of more profit for the
           already rich.  What a generous Christian country we are!
           \_ Nice troll. Are you also against freedom to smoke and
              freedom to gamble?
                \_ How about being against manipulating nicotine levels
                   to hook people without informing that nicotine was
                   as addictive as heroin?  How about being against
                   not warning tobacco companies'
                   victims that smoking causes cancer and emphysema,
                   even if TC's knew it, but rather lying about those
                   even if TC's knew it knew it, but rather lying about those
                   two things?  How about setting up slot machines
                   with a .25 payout without saying so?  Are you glad
                   that Government forced regulation on industry in
                   those instances?  Now how about some regulations
                   on predatory lending?
           \_ "Predatory lending".  Pft.  Everything is right there in front
              of the people signing.  I didn't have a single finance class of
                \_ yes, but how many of them understand it and the real
                   ramifications?  Do you think it's OK for smart people
                   to take advantage of stupid ones?  Morally OK?
                   Granted, government can't protect stupid people
                   from themselves and all of the unscrupulous smart people,
                   but right now government is aiding and abetting the
                   bastards who're taking advantage of the stupid.  You know,
                   these contracts aren't really clear, they should read:
                   "I know I am signing a contract which is likely to
                    screw me over a few years down the road".
                   screw me over a few years down the road".  Much like
                   the warnings on cigarette labels:  "Warning:  product
                   causes cancer."
                   \_ Best Troll Evar!
              any sort K-12+College but I still managed to figure out that an
                \_ congratulations, you're not stupid!  Now how would you
                   feel if by a combination of having been born stupid
                   and having been taken advantage of by someone smarter
                   than you, that you lost your house?  Do you think that
                   some divine right exists for smart people to screw
                   stupid ones over?  Now, do you think you're smarter than
                   every possible bastard who would exploit your ignorance
                   in some area to dispossess you for his benefit?
              ARM is incredibly risky, *requires* a refi before the rates go
              up and managed to figure out that the 40 year historic lows in
              the lending market were not going to stay that way forever.
              That's a totally different issue from the bakruptcy laws, medical
              or divorce induced financial collapse, etc.  No one knows they're
              going to get sick but most people do have insurance and everyone
              knows they will get sick at some point.  Divorce laws are just
2007/10/30-11/2 [Politics/Foreign] UID:48488 Activity:nil
10/29   Does mysql TEXT field accept UTF-8 and foreign stuff?  -learning
        \_ UTF-8, yes. "Foreign stuff" means nothing to me.
2007/8/31-9/3 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:47846 Activity:nil
8/31    Awesome editorial cartoon on the Opus controversy
        \_ Is this old news?  This seems like it is years old.
           Maybe it's not.  Inflammatory Islam cartoon is so old
           and boring.
           \_ The opus thing is current.
        \_ Correction: boring editorial cartoon on WaPo's ridiculous
           decision. The original Opus cartoon is much better:
           http://csua.org/u/jf7 (Salon.com, free)
2007/7/25-27 [Politics/Foreign] UID:47421 Activity:nil
7/25    Hugo Chavez would be funny if he he wasn't running a country
        \_ Having visited Venezuela, I can safely say it's a prime
           example why commies should never ever ever ever ever be
           put in charge of anything.  Ever.  -John
        \_ Chavez: driving home to modern leftists what Stalin taught our
           philosophical forebearers in the 30s-50s: the enemy of your
           enemy is not your friend.
2007/6/29-7/1 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47126 Activity:nil
6/29    Hi I'm lazy, do my work for me.  Is it true that the government's
        official 9/11 report completely refrains from mentioning
        WTC Building 7?
        I was reading http://www.patriotsquestion911.com ,
        which doesn't appear to be populated by the raving tinfoil
        hat crowd.  Maybe the ex military retired tinfoil hat crowd.
        \_ Yes, it was all an inside job by the competent Bush administration
           with the help of TEH JOOS as commanded by His High Lord Elvis and
           His Right Paw Of Greatness, Bigfoot.  There is no truth to the
           rumors that Area 51 and the Greys were involved.
        \_ I have not been able to find any information that is was
           not deliberately brought down by demolition.  Also, it appears
           there were highly-sensitive gov't offices in that building.
           Keep digging deeper and you may come to understand who
           controls the political and economic power structure in this
           country, parallels with the Weimar republic.
2007/6/10-13 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:46903 Activity:nil
6/10    Colin Powell joins the chorus asking to shut down Gitmo:
        \_ Please clarify - he is not talking about the base, just the
           prison. We need the base to invade Cuba when Fidel keels over
           \_ Please drop the intentional obtuseness.
2007/5/2 [Politics/Foreign] UID:46501 Activity:nil
5/1     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfbTO0GlONU
2007/4/27-5/1 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign] UID:46462 Activity:nil
4/27    Walmart building its own private CIA:
2006/12/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign] UID:45493 Activity:high
12/25   R.I.P. James Brown
        \_ http://www.deadoraliveinfo.com/dead.nsf/bnames-nf/Brown+James
        \_ He was already dead in 1991 (his music style, that is)
           \_ "Brown was one of the first artists inducted into the Rock and
              Roll Hall of Fame, along with Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and
              other founding fathers."
              "Disco is James Brown, hip-hop is James Brown, rap is James
2006/11/17-21 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign] UID:45349 Activity:nil
11/17   <DEAD>cusa.com<DEAD>?  Is the kchang's site?  I think http://cusa.org has a better
        interface, but this is nice.
        \_ It's ausman's site.
        \_ This one is more authentic.
2006/11/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign] UID:45187 Activity:nil
11/6    Good grief:  China's foreign reserves top $1 trillion.
        http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6120906.stm  -John
        \_ Why don't they spend some of that money on their POS country?
           The place is a cesspool, but it's all good because they are
           sitting on $1 T cash.
           \_ If they were to spend it, it would be on military spending
              They have been increasing their annual military spending by
              double-digit percentages for many years.
              \_ Agreed. Also, remember that the PRC is an oligarchy, not a
                 democracy. Benefits are doled out as rewards for service to
                 the party, not on the basis of need.
              \_ Maybe they should focus on their polluted, shithole country.
           \_ the #1 rule in China is stability
              \- i'm trying to stay out of these kinds of discussions
                 beyond leaving ptrs. if you are interested in this
                 and related topics, see:
                 (teh "pacific basin notes" are pretty accessible)
                 the feds will also send you all of their publications
                 the fed res bank will also send you all of their publications
                 for free. obtrivia: Janet Yellin of ucb dept econ is the head
                 of the SF fed. she is also married to ucb econ nobel
                 george akerlof.
2006/11/3 [Politics/Foreign, Reference/Religion] UID:45128 Activity:nil
11/2            In what can only be described as a surprise move, God has
        officially announced His candidacy for the U.S. presidency.  During
        His press conference today, the first in over 4000 years, He is quoted
        as saying, "I think I have a chance for the White House if I can just
        get my campaign pulled together in time.  I'd like to get this country
        turned around; I mean REALLY turned around!  Let's put Florida up
        north for awhile, and let's get rid of all those annoying mountains
        and rivers.  I never could stand them!"
                There apparently is still some controversy over the Almighty's
        citizenship and other qualifications for the Presidency.  God replied
        to these charges by saying, "Come on, would the United States have
        anyone other than a citizen bless their country?"
2006/10/4-6 [Politics/Foreign, Recreation/Media] UID:44672 Activity:nil
10/4    Screech my name!
2006/9/7-12 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:44306 Activity:nil
9/7     Excellent 10 page article on the US/Mexico border.  Read before jerking
        that knee, no matter what side you think that you're on.
        \_ That article's got more spin then the ball at a globetrotters game.
           \_ Care to cite an example?
              \_ "economic theology", "brown invasion" these terms carry
                 a great deal more than information on the condition of
                 the border and enforcement.
              \_ "We worry about nuclear weapons that are not controlled by
                 white people"
2006/8/23-26 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign] UID:44117 Activity:kinda low
8/23    http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-fi-radio20aug20,0,5923744.story?coll=la-home-entertainment
        "Country music promotes patriotism and family values, and they've
        replaced it with something [hip-hop and hop] that just promotes
        money and hate." "If radio executives can focus on urban and Latino
        listeners, why can't they focus on white America?"
        \_ Because that's not politically correct.
           \_ Bullshit. It's because young white America is listening to hip
              hop and sporting bling.
        \_ The invisible hand of the free market is at work.
           \_ Yeah, no shit.  News flash: with a few fringe exceptions, white
              America's music sucks ass.  People all over the world have
              gotten into hip hop, both in terms of spending large sums of
              money on American music and making their own.  "White America"
              buys more hip hop than anyone, and yet getting anyone who isn't
              a white American in a very specific educational and economic
              set to buy a country music album will simply never happen.
              \_ Your love of country music seriously undermines your
                 credibility as a 'music critic'.
              \_ Kenny Rogers was very famous in Hong Kong two decades ago.  He
                 even held some big sold-out concerts.  So was John Denver.
                 Glen Campbell was famous there three decades ago when I was a
                 little kid.
              \_ Please don't call this P.Diddy, 50 cent crap that white
                 Americans listen to "hip hop." It's [c]rap.
        \_ Isn't like 50% of country music "my woman done left me"?
           \_ It's more like "my mom/sis/gf done left me and I miss *her*".
              \_ "...And then I lost my Job."
                 \_ And crashed my pickup truck into my dog and totalled both
                    \_ In the rain
                       \_ I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison
                          And I went to pick her up in the rain
                          But before I could get to the station
                              in my pickup truck
                          She got runned over by a damned old train.
                          \_ It ain't country if there isn't a train somewhere
2006/7/10-11 [Politics/Foreign] UID:43619 Activity:nil
7/10    http://www.greenlagirl.com
        "It's not easy being green: fair trade coffee, local politics,
        and ethical consumerism in Los Angeles."
        \_ I liked it.  You are stupid.  Keira Knightley is still flat.
           \_ Huh?
2006/5/4-6 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:42928 Activity:nil
5/4     Bored:  http://www.okcupid.com/tests/take?testid=10261089081449493081
        Grammar/spelling test.  I think there's one wrong on this but I can't
        figure out which it is.  Anyone?  It's driving me nuts.  -John
        \- caveat browser: they ask a bunch of personal questions before
           giving you the results. the test claims i missed one too and
           i am pretty sure i didnt. this is not a good test. if you dont
           know the answers to a fair number of these you are simply an
           idiot. it would be like giving a geography test and asking
           "what countries are the following cities in: london, paris,
           berlin, ouagadougou." the distrubution will not have good
           distribution properties. i think the only goo question was the
           desserts/desert one. the economist grammar or usage test is a
           pretty good one. like what is the difference between "i read
           the article on google in the last/latest issue of the e'ist."
           ok tnx. --psb
           berlin, ouagadougou." the results will not have good
           distribution properties. the only thing it answers is "are you a
           moron, are you a regular person, or are you one of the few
           people who know where ouagadougou is". i think the only good
           question was the desserts/desert one. the economist grammar
           or usage test is a pretty good one. e.g. what is the
           difference between "i read the article on google in the
           last/latest issue of the e'ist."  ok tnx. --psb
           \_ You don't actually have to fill in the personal info.  Just
              click the Next button and leave that stuff blank.
           \_ Yeah, ditto here--I am positive I got 30/30, went over it very
              carefully and cannot find the one that's causing 29/30.  It's
              not a good test in any case (and for the data farming, use
              mailinator) but I just want to know whether one of the answers
              is wrong or whether it's a scoring glitch (or intentional, as
              it _is_ a dating site.)  -John
              \- oh i didnt know what kind of "cite" it was. i just entered
                 some random info and was wondering why they wanted all that.
                 i think the error mighyt be with the brit spelling of
                 caret. or maybe he got the dessert/desert one wrong.
                 karat/caret. or maybe he got the dessert/desert one wrong.
                 anybody who believes some of those questions are reasonable
                 seems suspect. if you judge people by the company they keep
                 do you know anybody who would get less than 25 on that test?
                 do you know anybody who would get less than 20 on that test?
                 (excusing non-native speakers ... it might be a decent ESL
                 test). presumably he does.
                 general observation: i think you can quite easily tell
                 petty grammarians from people with really good and deep
                 understanding of language. the good people come up
                 with good examples of why agreement to subject/object
                 or other subtle distinctions are important ["john has more
                 friends than me/i"]. while they lamers just relish in
                 berating people. this is a good example of what i mean:
                 i also remember talking to a woman who i think was ABD in
                 english and was harshing on the poor writing of attornies
                 at the law firm where her job was to edit these letters.
                 at the law firm where her job was to edit their writing.
                 she seems to have trouble following "lack of care" !=
                 "lack of knowledge". i.e. it probably made economic sense
                 not ot have +$300/hr attorney's running spell check and
                 it was better to pay an unemployed english MA 1/8th the
                 salary to make those kinds of corrections.
                 \_ It's not the carat/karat thing and I don't have the
                    patience to go through every conceivable permutation, I'm
                    more curious about whether, this being a dating site/cite,
                    the script purposely auto-deducts a point from every 30/30,
                    whether it does so from all scores, if it's just a flaw,
                    whatever.  Idle curiosity is all.  -John
<<<<<<< Other Changes Below
                    \_ <summary: mice is stupid>
                                \_ I thought "desserts" was colloquially
                                   accepted?  I used mice's ("dessert") and
                                   got 29.  Care to write down your answers
                                   somewhere?  -John
                                   \_ see above summary...mice != 30/30.
                                      \_ Ah, the you answered 30/30 questions
                                         thing?  -John
                                         \_ Heh, yeahhh.  Lack of sleep,
                                            too many drugs, recovering from
                                            brain surgery, distracted by
                                            french foreign exchange student
                                            roommate, etc.....
                    \_ I managed to walk away with 30/30.     -mice
                       \- what did you put for dessert/desert?
                          \_ dessert.  *shrug*             -mice
                             \- that is wrong. as i imagined the author of
                                the quiz is leem. desert doenst just mean
                                a hot and sandy place but also from the
                                same root as "deserve". 29 > 30. --psb
                                \_ Huh, that's interesting.  Colloquial usage
                                   doesn't seem to be in agreement with this,
                                   but I suppose that's the sort of conflict
                                   inherent in a living, evolving language.
                                   I'll have to keep that in mind.  Thanks,
                                   psb!                 -mice
                                \_ Actually, I think both options (as
                                   they're presented) are wrong.   -mice
                    \_ Whoever overwrote mice's posts, fuck you.  It was
                       interesting.  -John
>>>>>>> Your Changes Above
           \_ I got 29/30 but then I now noticed that #24 is talking about
              oxen. I didn't really read it before and chose the wrong one.
              The one with "voila" seems arguable though.
              \_ What did you think #24 was talking about?  And what's
                 arguable about "voila"?  Lack of diacritics?
                 \_ I thought it was a simple spelling question or something.
                    (dealing with eggs) I dunno I was racing through it.
                    And yeah the diacritic.
        \_ Okay, I managed to get 30/30.  As for "just desserts":
           Do you want me to post my answers?
2006/5/3 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42924 Activity:nil
5/3     What GWB has to say about today's trial:
        "Our cause is right, and the outcome is certain:
         Justice will be served. Evil will not have the
         final say. This great Nation will prevail." -GWB
2006/5/3-4 [Politics/Foreign, Finance/Investment] UID:42910 Activity:nil
5/3     Government getting in the way of free trade, *again*
2006/4/5-7 [Politics/Foreign] UID:42675 Activity:nil
4/5     Run your own virtual country:
        \_ civ1,2,3,4
           \_ Check it out, man.  It's not comparable to civ.
           \_ Check it out, man.  It's not really comparable to civ.
        \_ Ok I started this but it seems kind of pointless. I don't feel
           involved. I guess I'm supposed to come up with the most clever
           flag/name/motto and make cute forum posts. Oh well, at least it
           requires minimal effort.
        \_ This is, what, three years old? Also, it's amusing, but it grows
           old quick. Better effort would have resulted in online Diplomacy.
2006/3/29-30 [Politics/Foreign] UID:42506 Activity:moderate
3/28    http://www.brentwoodcc.net
        I'm trying to get more information on Brentwood Country Club.
        How much is the club due? I can't find this info anywhere. Thanks.
        \_ If you have to ask...
        \_ Why don't you call them and ask?
           \_ I'm just doing some research and have no desire to join. I
              don't want to ask because they might find out that I'm a
              minority AND a poor ass student AND a non-resident of
              Brentwood, any one of which would disqualify me as a member. -op
        \_ In point of fact, I called, and they don't give that info out over
           the phone. They also don't discuss the membership process over the
           phone. You're welcome to try talking to Rosemary Bryan, the Director
           of Membership, for more information if you like. To be honest, I
           think you have a better chance of joining the Bohemian Grove.
           \_ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! May I ask how you asked them, and if
              the person you talked to sounded like a snob? I guess they
              really want to make sure if you qualify or not. While you're
              at it, can you also please call the Riviera Country Club
              1/2 mile to the west of Brentwood Country Club, the Bel Air
              Country Club a mile north, the Los Angeles Country Club
              2 miles to the east, and the Hillcrest Country Club 1/2
              more mile east? They seem to hide the membership info
              pretty well. This is for a research project. Thanks so much!!!
           \_ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! May I ask how you asked them, and if
              the person you talked to sounded like a snob? I guess they
              really want to make sure if you qualify or not. While you're
              at it, can you also please call the Riviera Country Club
              1/2 mile to the west of Brentwood Country Club, the Bel Air
              Country Club a mile north, and the Los Angeles Country Club
              2 miles to the east? They seem to hide the membership info
              pretty well. This is for a research project. Thanks so much!!!
              \_ I called the number on the website and said I had recently
                 moved to Brentwood (lie), that I was thinking about joining,
                 and what were the dues? The woman who answered (receptionist,
                 at a guess) transferred me to another woman who sounded
                 eager to get my phone number so that their Director of
                 Membership could call me back ("She just stepped into a
                 meeting."); when I asked about the membership  application
                 process, she actually apologized for sounding so secretive.
                 And while I wish you luck with this project, I'm sorry to
                 say that I don't have the time to participate further.
                 Do let us know how it goes.
                 \_ Dude needs to learn how to use the phone himself.
2006/3/25-27 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign] UID:42424 Activity:nil
3/24    http://www.cnn.com/2006/TRAVEL/03/24/graceland.landmark.ap
        Elvis' home to be designated national landmark. Ah, you Sillymericans
2006/2/23-27 [Politics/Foreign] UID:41973 Activity:nil
2/23    Australian PM: "We are the least discriminatory country in the world."
        \_ John Howard: putting the face on faceless, utterly unironic
           bureaucrat. This would be sad if it were not so absurd and
           demonstrably incorrect.
        \_ after four decades of cultural genocide?
2006/2/21-23 [Transportation/Car, Politics/Foreign] UID:41940 Activity:kinda low
2/21    Go to Google News and put in "Ferrari" + "Malibu"
        Then look at these:
        \_ I like the part where it says the driver ran away (passenger stayed)
           and the car may have been registered in a foreign country.
           Passenger identified as "Stefan Erikssen, of Bel-Air", and
           investigators believe the driver was alone and was racing ...
        \_ Wow, lucky guys.
        \_ Money quote: '"You pay a million bucks for a car, you expect
           safety," Brooks said.'
           \_ Did Brooks mean he thinks the two survived because of the $1M
              car's safety features rather than pure luck?
           \_ Anyone would be stupid to think that they survived because of
              the $1M car's safety features rather than pure luck.
              \_ It certainly looks like the safety features worked well.
        \_ I like how the news video starts with "Fatal Crash" in the bottom
           info bar and as it progresses and they say "from the air it didn't
           look like anyone could have survived that, but now it appears both
           occupants did" and the infobar changes to "Malibu Crash" or something
           like that.  Heh.
           occupants did" and the infobar changes to "Malibu Crash" or some-
           thing like that.  Heh.
2006/2/8-10 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign] UID:41773 Activity:low
2/8     http://money.cnn.com/2006/02/08/technology/yahoo_china/index.htm
        YHOO more fucked up than GOOG
        "The choice is not whether to comply with law enforcement demands for
        information. The choice is whether to remain in the country. We believe
        that the Internet is a positive force in China."
        -Mary Osako, Yahoo! Director of Communications
        \_ What don't you agree with in that quote?  That makes sense to me...
           I'm not talking about the case as a whole, just that quote.
           \_ Well, I think it would have been more honest of Ms. Osako to say:
              "By complying with law enforcement demands, we can remain in the
              country, and we believe that Yahoo!'s presence is a positive
              force in China."  What she has said reeks of dishonesty and
              marketing bullshit, IMO.
              \_ ...if you say so.
              \_ Do you expect them to say the really honest thing "By
                 complying with law enforcement demands, we can remain in
                 country X, and we believe that Yahoo!'s presence in country X
                 is going to bring in huge profits for the company.  If it just
                 so happens that Yahoo!'s presence is a positive force in
                 country X, that's good."?
                 \_ nah, i like my quote better.  it offers the "hope" of
                    being honest
                 \_ i want a plausible lie, not one that says, "you fucks,
                    why are you making me lie, i'm going to say something
                    ridiculous so you know i'm lying"
2006/1/6-9 [Politics/Foreign] UID:41278 Activity:nil
1/6     You only think you want to live in the country. Some people suffer
        from the mistaken belief that they want to live on acreage far from
        city life, a la Green Acres. Some years ago one of my Tucson, Ariz.,
        in-town neighbors did just that. She sold her home and bought
        another home in the desert. Communing with nature was fine until a
        country coyote ate her city dog that took a lot of the glamour away
        from the rural life. I've recently made friends with a couple who
        emigrated to Tucson as retirees from Florida. They, too, thought they
        wanted the romance of the rural home life away from it all. But now
        they want to move into town. There is nothing to do at home in the
        country, they say, and even as retirees, they dislike the commute
        to do fun stuff in town. They are far enough out that even grocery
        shopping is an expedition.                --Christina B. Farnsworth
        \_ I went to Tuscon once.  Living in Tucson itself is already like
           living in the country compared to the sf bay area.  Living "outside"
           a place like Tuscon might as well be the moon.
2005/12/29-2006/1/1 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign] UID:41167 Activity:nil
12/29   http://www.courttv.com/onair/shows/dunne/episodes/scandal.html
        More proof that justice = power + privilege.
        \_ Why did you post this in a new thread when it's mentioned not
           a page down?
           \_ because those that have power + privileges deserve
              more attention on motd?
        \_ heh, I read the article as "Her lavish estate in Virginia's
           exclusive Hunt Country was a refuge for the shy woman and
           her beloved penises."
2005/12/22-23 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:41114 Activity:kinda low
12/21   Liberty is dead.  All voice, email and most likely fax and data are
        being monitored:  http://csua.org/u/eeq
        \_ Thank you peterl. You're now on my watch list.  -Big Bro
           \_  Hmm, maybe you should use the NSA's technology so you
               will get the right username next time. --peterl
               \_ Very well. Thank you peterl. You're on my watch list now -NSA
        \_ Ever hear of Echelon? Liberty has been dead for a long time.
        \_ God damn, what is the login you use for the post?
           \_ http://bugmenot.com
           \_ You don't need a login.  Is this a ploy to prevent people
              from reading the article?
2005/12/13-15 [Computer/SW/Database, Politics/Foreign] UID:40985 Activity:nil
12/13   MySQL PHP admin generates the entity relationship diagram as
        PDF. How does it know what the foreign keys are, and where
        can I find that out? The export of DDL doesn't seem to show
        foreign keys of this database that I'm trying to understand
        but the ER diagram shows them.
        \_ IIRC you need to tell it about the linkages (phpmyadmin) and it
           stores them in a metainfo table.
        \_ SHOW TABLE STATUS has fk constraints in the columns.
           SHOW CREATE TABLE foo \G
           shows it in a more readable format.
           \_ Right, but that only works for InnoDB tables that actually
              support foreign keys.
              \_ I was under the mistaken impression that myisam would record
                 the constraint but not actually enforce the constraint.  But
                 why are you using MyISAM?
        \_ MySQL supports Foreign Keys?
2005/12/8-11 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign] UID:40928 Activity:nil
12/8    Lawyer for 13 GTMO detainees filed a petition Mar 11 2005
        http://csua.org/u/e85 (latimes.com)
        "Falkoff's petition quoted a section of the memo, but the quotation was
        blacked out in the unclassified version...Falkoff's interpretation...:
        'The government believes that Mr. Ahmad has information that it wants
        but that it cannot extract without torturing him.' ... because torture
        is not allowed at Guantanamo, 'the recommendation is that Mr. Ahmad
        should be sent to another country where he can be interrogated under
        "Falkoff's description was not disputed by U.S. government lawyers or
        by U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer, who read the actual
        Pentagon document. The judge ruled in favor of the Yemenis on March 12
        \_ The LA Times has been found to be insufficiently patriotic and
           therefore in league with Emmanuel Goldstein.
        \_ Another violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
2005/11/23-26 [Politics/Foreign, Computer/Theory] UID:40719 Activity:nil
11/23   http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051123/ap_on_re_us/southern_identity_accents
        Ooooh I've always had uninflected tone that oozes authority and
        refinement and I didn't even know it. Maybe I'll impress hot
        southern belle when I go to the south.
        \_ why the sarcasm? are you telling me you can take people
           with southern accents seriously?
2005/11/16 [Politics/Foreign] UID:40616 Activity:nil
11/15   http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,175678,00.html
        Lawsuit Charges Md. MVA Denies Immigrants Driver's Licenses     -jblack
2005/11/13-15 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:40569 Activity:nil
        Jobs program tries to discourage immigration to U.S.        -jblack
2005/10/29-31 [Recreation/Activities, Politics/Foreign] UID:40335 Activity:kinda low
10/29   Great bit of irony.  In responce to the Libby indictment, Bush said

            "I got a job to do and so do the people that work in the
            White House. We've got a job to protect the American people
            and that's what we'll continue working hard to do. . . "

        As soon as he finished his comments, he went on vacation.
        \_ Hehe, that's funny!  I'm sure when the POTUS is on vacation he
           just stops running the country and talking business and oh wait,
           \_ Are you really so far gone you can't laugh at this?
           \_ "Stops" running the country?  You mean you think he started?
           \_ stops running the country into the ground.
        \_ was he the same guy who said he is going to bring "honor and
           integrety to the whitehouse?"
2005/10/15 [Politics/Foreign, Recreation/Humor] UID:40107 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
10/14   Another Jib Jab on foreign imports and outsourcing:
        \_ keywords: Walmart BoxMart Box Mart
2005/10/9-11 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:40031 Activity:very high
10/9    got a speeding ticket.. a while back someone posted a
        website for a school on east bay that is easy or online..
        what was it? thanks
        \_ http://traffic101.com is easy and online --dbushong
           \_ they're morons. they ask for a state first.. then
              ask for a country after you pick the state....?
              \_ ...they were relatively inexpensive, you don't have to go
                 in to a physical testing center, and the test was pretty easy.
                 I wouldn't discount them solely on suboptimal interface design.
                 \_ There's nothing wrong with the interface design. It's
                    "county" not "country" which makes sense that they ask
                    you after the state.
        \_ why do people go to traffic school? the points still appear on your
           record and raise your insurance rates. it only matters if you got
           so many you might lose your license, right?
           \_ wrong, the points don't appear.  the catch is that you can't
              attend traffic school more than twice in an 18-month period.
              \_ even then you can still appear before a judge and cry and
                 get multiple chances to keep going to TS to avoid more points
                 or having your license revoked.  there was someone in my TS
                 session a few year ago who said she was one point from losing
                 hers (8 i think to lose it) and had been to traffic school
                 *several* times in the last year alone.  fear.  stay off the
                 streets if you want to survive with people like that around.
                 \_ Getting points is different than driving dangerously. I
                    have seen people driving below the speed limit who were
                    driving more dangerously than people who exceeded the
                    limit. Case in point, German drivers tend to drive much
                    faster than Americans but suffer fewer fatalities.
                    \_ uhm, yeah....  Points are for driving dangerously.
                       Where do I mention anything about the woman's speed?
                       I said she had a lot of points.  Points are not just
                       for going over the speed limit.  *boggle*
                                                        \_ hi mudder!
                        \_ Police in the US have a lot of leeway to give
                           tickets based on subjective criteria, which is why
                           you have recourse mechanisms such as going to
                           court.  -John
                           \_ dura lex, sed lex
                              \_ OK wiseass, so where do you draw the line
                                 between the law and its application?  I.e.
                                 do you believe in a 100% literal
                                 application of the law (cop gives you a ticket
                                 even though there's a burglary down the
                                 street, because hey, you're breaking the law)?
                                 Hey, sed lex, right?  The law must always be
                                 obeyed, citizen.  Always!  -John
2005/10/4-6 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:39973 Activity:nil
10/4    Apparently for real.  Pig images banned in British workplace:
        \_ While in the USA, we are promoting pig images: http://www.energyhog.org
           It's like Smokey Bear or McGruff the Crime Dog, if bears were
           setting fires and dogs were selling crack and pimping hos.
        \_ Are they going to ban veils also, because it represents oppressions
           on females which offends feminism?
        \_ Are they going to ban veils also, because it represents oppression
           on females which offends feminists?
        \_ So muslims think that *images and symbols* of pigs are unclean? I
           can understand them not wanting pigs running around in the office,
           or any kind of farm animal in general.  I wouldn't want that either.
           \_ I suspect there is more to the story than written.
           \_ Jews don't like pigs either, right?
              \_ But Chinese people love pigs.
                 \_ All minorities are equal, but some minorities are more
                    equal than others.
        \_ http://dutchreport.blogspot.com/2005/02/dutch-flag-prohibited.html
                \_ ack, wtf?
                \- i think an interesting show down would be over the
                   hindu swastika vs. say jewish sentiments. the swastika
                   is a really important hindu symbol, not a marginal one.
                   it's used in the design for lots and lots of things and
                   you'll even see it incorportated into say a sari design.
                   \_ Yeah, it certainly shows up in a lot of Buddhist
                      stuff.  It's all over Korea because of that.  I
                      remember when I came back my brother had a cartoon
                      on his wall making fun of Nazis, who were
                      represented as a swastika.  My first thought was,
                      "Geez, what 'cha got against Buddhists?" -jrleek
                      \_ The Nazi's usually use the right-facing swastika while
                         the left-facing one is used in Buddhism.
2005/10/3-5 [Politics/Foreign] UID:39969 Activity:nil
10/3    "Wherever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall
        be unfurled, there will [America's] heart, her benedictions and her
        prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.
        She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is
        the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the
        general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant
        sympathy of her example. She well knows that by once enlisting under
        other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign
        independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of
        extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual
        avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the
        standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would
        insensibly change from liberty to force.... She might become the
        dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own
        spirit..." --John Quincy Adams, 1821
        \_ The Prime Directive!
        \_ I'm waiting for the day when the conservatives start telling us
           that the founding fathers were full of shit.  Then we'll know
           that it's over.
           \_ What? Apparently you either flunked or never took a good course
              on American History. The founding fathers were in general
              isolationist (at least in theory). You can reference Washington's
              farewell address or Jefferson's inaugral address as case and
              point. Initially this notion extended over the original
              colonies, but obviously didn't hold water with the Louisianna
              Purchase and the concept of Manifest Destiny. A reinterpretation
              came essentially with the Monroe Doctrine in which this
              "isolationism" was extended to not only the continental U.S.
              but the Americas in general. As for isolationism in the modern
              day context it is all but a dead concept, especially since
              WWII. Anyway, taking quotes out of context is always fun, but
              makes for crappy public policy (q.v. "axis of evil").
              \_ you are saying not invading another country is consider
                 a policy of isolationism?
                 \_ Healthy Forests, Clear Skies, Aggressive Isolationism!
              \_ Thanks, I took AP History in highschool too.
                 \_ god damn it, I was never qualified to take AP classes
2005/8/29-30 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:39336 Activity:nil
8/29    Church says God is punishing American soldiers for
        defending a country that harbors gays. God Bless. Amen.
        \_ Sheesh, yes these guys are disgusting.  They're fairly famous
           for it.  Just generically calling them a church is somewhat
           disingenuous IMO.  Their webpage: http://www.godhatesfags.com
2005/8/17 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign] UID:39153 Activity:nil
8/17    "President Clinton is once again releasing American military
        might on a foreign country with an ill-defined objective and no
        exit strategy. He has yet to tell the Congress how much this
        operation will cost. And he has not informed our nation's armed
        forces about how long they will be away from home. These
        strikes do not make for a sound foreign policy."
        -Governor George W. Bush (R-TX)
2005/8/9-11 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:39066 Activity:nil
8/9     News media save lives of sailors on Russian mini-sub
        "When the worried family tried to find out from the navy what the
        chances were of seeing their loved one again, a military psychologist
        arrived. 'This is Russia -- pray!' he told Miloshevsky's wife Yelena"
        \_ This is a very heartening story that illustrates the importance
           of a free press. Thanks for sharing.
2005/7/18-19 [Politics/Foreign, Politics] UID:38691 Activity:nil
7/18    OMG LOL WTF: Rupert Murdoch's News Corp buys Myspace for $580m
        http://csua.org/u/cqz (telegraph.co.uk)
2005/7/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign, Computer/SW/Security] UID:38600 Activity:nil
7/13    http://csua.org/u/cp6 (findlaw.com)
        "Whoever, having or having had authorized access to classified
        information that identifies a covert agent, intentionally discloses
        any information identifying such covert agent to any individual not
        authorized to receive classified information, knowing that the
        information disclosed so identifies such covert agent and that the
        United States is taking affirmative measures to conceal such covert
        agent's intelligence relationship to the United States, shall be fined
        under title 18 or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both."
        ... so, what do you think?  I don't see "name" in the above, just
        "identifies", so I guess it depends on what the meaning of "identifies"
        is.  A lot of it is also intent and foreknowledge.
        \_ Rove's claim that "I didn't know her name" is totally irrelevant.
           Identifying someone as "his wife" uniquely establishes her
           identity, except possibly in Utah.
2005/6/27-28 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Politics/Foreign] UID:38317 Activity:low
6/27    Has anyone been lucky enough to get to play a preview/beta version
        of Battlefield 2? What are your thoughts? Is it better than
        Battlefield Vietnam or 1942? "In Battlefield 2, players will choose
        to fight for one of three military superpowers: the United States,
        the Chinese, or the newly formed Middle East Coalition."
        \_ May I humbly suggest you try out Forgotten Hope?  I am really
           looking forward to their BF:2-based version.  It's the best mod
           I've seen yet.  -John
        \_ I tried it without ever seeing BV or 1942.  Way too complicated.
           Way too much loading time.  I uninstalled the demo pretty quick.
        \_ Try the demo.  Much better than BF:V.  Memory hog though.
        \_ Its the best thing since sliced bread, and more addictive.
           Way better than previous Battlefields, with the new dimension of
           squads, so there is a big push for teamwork now.  Loading time
           only happens when loading the level.  This game is a resource hog
           though, even more than HL2.  Downsides:  Snipers got nerfed big
           time, and often require 2-3 shots to take someone down.  Reloading
           time seems a lot longer too.  If you are at all interested, get
           the demo.   -rollee
           \_ Is that 2-3 head shots, or just anywhere shots?  I think
              recently snipers have been way too powerful in many games.
              My favorite example is AvP2, where the tougher aliens could
              take 5 anti-tank rockets to the head, but one sniper bullet
              kills them.
              \_  According to the forums, headshots are not instant kills.
2005/6/22-25 [Politics/Foreign, Academia/GradSchool] UID:38239 Activity:nil
6/21    So I'm in my late 20s and I've noticed that many of the nerdy,
        awkward, and unpopular kids in HS have turned quite successful.
        Many of them are doctors and lawyers. On the other hand, many
        of the popular kids are now doing menial jobs. For example one is
        still doing retail and the other one doing import/export crap.
        Is this odd, or do you guys think there's a logical explanation?
        \_ I think this depends very strongly on where you went to highschool.
           All the really popular kids in my highschool went to college, most
           to top colleges, and an irritatingly large fraction are now lawyers.
           I had quite a few friends in highschool, but I think if any one of
           the people I knew who were happy and successful at my highschool
           had gone to a typical middle America football-first type school
           we'd be hated because of being different.  In highschool, normal=
           popular, and in America at large ignorant=normal.
           \_ Lots of lawyers because those people drank their way through
              college while pursuing a degree in anthropology or something.
              While working at KFC as a manager for $12/hour they decide
              to do something with their lives and end up going to law
              school (true story). Engineers often don't bother with grad
              school, because they get good jobs right out of school. I know
              so many nitwits who are now lawyers that I fear for myself if
              I ever need serious legal advice. (There are smart lawyers
              to be sure, but you have to sift through a lot of flotsam
              to find them.)
              \_ Is it that easy to get into law school?  I thought it's as
                 hard as getting into med school, where you need to have
                 maintained a good GPA in undergrad.  Not something you can fix
                 after graduation.
                 \_ I'm in LS now and I'm surprised at how many "characters"
                    there are. I have no idea how these people managed to
                    get decent scores on the LSAT or decent UG GPAS, my only
                    guess is that a humanities major somehow prepares you to
                    get by w/ very little work and LOTS of bs/guessing.
                    The only upshot of there being so many bad students is
                    that if you study like you studied in engineering you can
                    get mostly A's/B's (unlike in engineering where you could
                    still easily end up with a C).
                 \_ It is *way* easy to get into law school. Plenty of
                    jerkoffs went somewhere like San Jose State and majored
                    in Sociology or English with a 3.2 GPA and got into
                    law schools a *bit* less prestigious than Harvard Law.
                    I got A's in all my classics classes *AT CAL* (let
                    alone CSU) while spending all my time studying for
                    engineering, chemistry, physics and math classes. Same
                    with all the anthropology classes I took. My roommate
                    at Cal majored in Spanish and went to law school. He
                    was Hispanic and already spoke it fluently before
                    entering Cal. I am not sure he ever had any homework
                    other than reading and a few papers.
           \_ Where did you go to High School?
              \_ A public school in West Hartford, CT.
           \_ I wonder how many of your ignorant "normal" Americans can write
              a post that doesn't generate massive parsing errors.
        \_ Uh, the unpopular nerdy kids were the smart ones?
        \_ Import/export has a potential to make one quite rich. I know
           many people who made small fortunes doing that. What I found
           is that the mediocre students were more likely to have graduate
           degrees. It seems odd, but the reason is (I presume) that they felt
           they *had* to go to school. So many of my mediocre classmates
           are lawyers (especially), psychologists, doctors, MBAs, and such.
           None even touched science or engineering and yet they did quite
           well financially. I think that overall scientists/engineers are
           smarter and work harder with fewer financial rewards. By the
           way, the girls that were kinda cute are now extremely hot and
           the hot girls look mostly run-down. If only we could go back to make
           decisions then based on what we know now...
           \_ What's the difference between hot and cute? And yes all the hot
              people became losers. This one hot girl got pregnant and she
              never even went to college. On the other hand I got my BS/MS...
              made good money in the Valley and have a nice house and a nice
              car. ha ha, SUCKERS! That's for dissing us nerdy people.
              \_ So, do you have a hot wife? If not, I would say that all
                 that other crap is just your way of dealing with the fact
                 that hot chicks don't like you and never did. I submit
                 you not knowing the difference between hot and cute as
           \_ There is no save/restore feature in the Life game.  Maybe it'll
              be available in an upcoming patch you can download.
           \_ In my high school, very few of the popular kids even *went* to
              college, are you kidding?
           \_ ^Import/export^Real estate
              \_ Almost anything has the potential to make one quite rich.
              \_ Agreed. And the popular kids/jocks have nice cars and are
                 pretty successful, at least financially speaking. But unlike
                 many motd'ers, I didn't think that they were all assholes.
                 They went to either Cal States or UC's. --LA HS Guy
        \_ I went to school in San Jose and I've seen this phenomenon too.
           Most of the popular kids (ie the ones that played sports, drank,
           had gf's) didn't end up in high paying jobs or going to good
           schools. The nerdy kids (debate, AP classes, Community College)
           ended up going to top schools and mostly went on to grad degrees.
           The moral of the story is that if you optimize for short term
           "fun" you often do so at the expense of long term security, but
           if you choose to optimize for long term security, you may have
           to pay a short term price (not being "fun").
           To some extent these aren't "choices" per se: your parents don't
           really care about education and prefer to see you have fun, so
           you start haning w/ the "fun" crowd OR your parents can't afford
           for you to participate in all those "fun" activities so you stop
           going to them and start studying in the library instead OR you
           just can't handle the math need to survive the "nerdy" classes
           so you stop being interested in studying and start pursuing "fun"
           Personally, I think the kids that turned out the best weren't
           necessarily either the popular kids or the nerdy one (some of
           these people have the biggest damn ego's you've ever seen) but
           the ones who were able to put some balance into their lives.
2005/6/9-12 [Politics/Foreign, Reference/Religion] UID:38054 Activity:nil
6/9     Okay, I'm thinking now that it's okay to throw people out of the
        country:  http://www.islamicthinkers.com
        \_ Hmm, they sound just like some Christians.
           \_ If some Christians are inciting violence against the US, throw
              those people out too.
              \_ I thought Gitlow vs. New York established that calling for
                 the overthrow of the US government was a crime?  -John
                 \_ No, just the violent overthrow. You can call for a
                    peaceful overthrow all you want.
                    \_ What does "calling for a violent overthrow" entail?  Is
                       there some formal legal definition, or is it just done
                       per common sense?  (In which case yeah, throw out said
                       anybodies inciting violence--just throw them somewhere
                       else, we don't want 'em here.)  -John
2005/6/8 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign] UID:38043 Activity:moderate
6/8     In the Natalee Holloway case, why is the FBI investigating a crime in
        foreign soil?
        \_ What do you mean?  The FBI investigates crimes performed against
           American citizens where ever they occur.  I remember they had a
           big operation in Yemen when the USS Cole was blown up.
        \_ Isn't Aruba a state?
           \_ Yeah, after Canada.
              \_ on the topic of states, something I've always wondered -
                 is there any incentive/possibility for Puerto Rico to
                 become a state? (from a quick google search, looks like
                 their area is just over 1/2 of hawaii, and under 3x of RI,
                 not that area is the only criteria, of course).
                 \_ It would have power in the Senate equal to, say, California.
                    \_ Are the Puerto Ricans not interested, or is someone /
                       something preventing that from happening?
                       \_ Puerto Ricans are about equally split between
                          those who like it the way it is (or are apathetic),
                          those who think they should be a U.S. state, and
                          those who think they should be an independent
                 \_ I've wondered about the same questions for D.C.
                    \_ several bills have been submitted to at least
                       give DC congressional representation, but never
                    \_ iirc from elementary school, DC is not a state purpose-
                       fully so that the capital of the nation doesn't reside in
                       any one state. congressional representation, however, is
                       a different issue from statehood.
        \_ She is young blonde white from alabama
           \_ And let's not forget, possibly seen in the company of BLACK MEN!
2005/6/6-7 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:37978 Activity:nil
6/6     http://csua.org/u/c9h
        Why am I not seeing these stories in US papers?
        \_ As Dick Cheney correctly pointed out, America has done a lot more
           good than evil. So we Americans feel justified to do whatever
           it takes to achieve our objectives. God Bless  -Average American
           \_ Click your heels three times...
        \_ 'Cos you're not looking hard enough:
2005/4/9-10 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe, Finance/Investment] UID:37129 Activity:nil
4/8     Free Trade killed the Neanderthals:
2005/3/30-31 [Politics/Foreign] UID:36972 Activity:nil
3/30    http://www.csua.org/u/bj7
        International study of human effects on Earth.
2005/3/15-17 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:36699 Activity:nil
3/15    tell me if you want pointers to foreign bond (long
        and short) fund, foreign reit fund, foreign utility fund,
        foreign inflation indexed debt fund.
        \_ I am interested in this. -ausman
          \_ same here, please tell us how. I don't want to keep money
             in useless US Money Market account since US dollar sucks.
          \_ ditto -nivra
        \_ No need to be mysterious. Just buy Dodge and Cox international.
           6% YTD. Average return of about 12% since 1968 or so.
        \_ Here you go:
           The above article talks about has BGT, MFD, IGR, EGLRX
           The above article talks about BGT, MFD, IGR, EGLRX
           Interest rate rises (US? / internationally?) could be bad for
           utilities and reit though, so I only bought BGT.
           Two foreign bond funds: RPIBX, BEGBX
           Like poster above me pointed out, Dodge and Cox ain't bad.
           You may also want to look into:
           You may also want to look into these int'l funds:
           BJBIX (8.76% since 11/22/05 not including dividends)
           TAVIX (6.44% since 12/27/05 not including dividends)
           BJBIX (8.76% since 11/22/04 not including dividends)
           TAVIX (6.44% since 12/27/04 not including dividends)
           I also like some of the Matthews Asian Funds for
           exposure to asia:
           exposure to asia. I think Asia excluding Japan
           has room to rise, but if PRC and Taiwan starts a war ...:
           EUROX for exposure to Eastern Europe and Russia (risky?)
           IFN for India (risky?)
           BHP for exposure commodities (but this has gone up quite a bit
           BHP for exposure commodities
           PBR for oil (risky?)
           MPGFX (my favourite US fund)
           US growth stocks starting to look tasty again, please fall some
           \_ Yeah, I already have 70% of my portfolio in international
              funds, mostly ETFs but I am curious about the REIT, utility
              and inflation indexed bonds. I have most of my 401k in MRIVX.
              \_ The only foreign fund my 401K offers is an EAFE index fund.
                 Yes, I thought BGT, MFD and IGR are interesting choices
                 to know about.
2005/2/11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign] UID:36149 Activity:high
2/11    Jesus fucked on a crutch.  49% of americans believe Foreign Aid is
        one of the two biggest government programs.
        (scroll down a bit)
        \_ Hey but it is down from 67% when Clinton was President!
        \_ 49% of Americans being complete tards? Sounds about right. That's
           the big peak of the bell curve right around that 50% moron point.
           \_ It's closer to 51%.
2005/2/8-9 [Politics/Foreign] UID:36100 Activity:high
2/8     This is awesome!  Go racial segregation!
        \_ Self-selecting segregation is freedom of choice.
           \_ So is discrimination.
              \_ No, it's illegal to discriminate.  It's legal to be a rascist.
           \_ I really do think Cal should not officially encourage the ones
              that are race based. Why do they only have 3 races anyway? What
              about the other ethnicities? The gay/lesbian one sounds fun:
              "spacious suite-style community offers a comfortable and intimate
              living environment". It needs to be intimate for all the gay sex.
              Hey how surprising that there's no religious based one...
        \_ since the dawn of time mankind has been discriminating against
           each other, within his own town, abode, workplace, everywhere.
           The only solution is the one Brazilians embrace. Mix everyone up
           so much that you're unable to tell who and what you are. In such a
           world, there is less discrimination.
           \_ Yeah, then you have discrimination based on socioeconomic status.
              Have you been to Brazil?  It's a shithole, a total cluster fuck
              of a country.
              \_ Have you? It does pretty well for a total cluster fuck of
                 a country. And tell us a place where there ISN'T
                 discrimination based on a socioeconomic status.
                 \_ Brazil has more problems than the average country.
                    \_ Brazil has more hot babes that do anal than your
                       average country.
                       \_ And you know this how?
                       \_ Is that because people in Brazil are used to
                          being f***ed up the ass?
              \_ My officemate is from Brazil. He said his country is so poor
                 and so fucked up, everyone tries to help each other out in
                 his little town, because they have nothing else but each
                 other. This proves one thing. When you get all materialistic
                 you become a selfish Porsche driving asshole and when you've
                 got nothing, you become more compassionate. It's clear that
                 we should nuke USA to make the country more compassionate -op
                 \_ I think you meant "-pp" since you're sure as heck not
                    -op. -op
                 \_ What happens if you are a Porsche driving asshole
                    from Brazil? I know one of those.
                    \_ From the pictures I've seen they tend to reck
                       spectacularly on the highways.  Ferrari's turned into
                       Altoids tins and the like.
2005/1/6 [Politics/Foreign] UID:35566 Activity:kinda low
1/6     Numerous news articles talk about Colin Powell singing the YMCA
        at a meeting in Indonesia on July 2, 2004 and doing a rap on
        December 4, 2004 at a ceremony honoring Warren Beatty.  Where can
        I find videos of these?
        \_ I don't know, but the YMCA song was pretty funny...
2004/12/3-4 [Politics/Foreign] UID:35161 Activity:nil
12/3    I still think he's a whore and a bastard, but he's an eloquent one:
        Michael Powell: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/03/opinion/03powell.html?hp
        \_ Lawrence Lessig recently praised him for an evenhanded approach to
           technical issues.  The morality bit is still damning, but he has made
           certain things like WiMax possible.
2004/12/3 [Politics/Foreign] UID:35159 Activity:nil
12/2    Irony Is Not Dead Watch: AP reports that "Russian President Vladimir
        Putin accused the United States on Friday of pursuing a dictatorial
        foreign policy..."
        \_ Not so much irony as pot/kettle.
2004/11/16 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34916 Activity:nil
11/16   Gee, I'm reading Yahoo News and I've never seen that many photos of
        Powell and Rice together before.
2004/11/4 [Politics/Foreign] UID:34662 Activity:kinda low
11/4    HAHA. Look at all that disagreement, self righteousness, denial,
        anger, and bickering on the motd. This is the exact reason
        why the Republicans were able to sweep away the country.
        You guys are pathetic. I guess so am I.
        \_ They didn't sweep away the country. They won the entire south,
           and additionally Ohio and Florida. Those two were all it took.
           If you look at the population distributions, sure that looks
           like a big swath of red territory across the central US, but
           they don't have much population. Look at the size of their
           congressional districts.
2004/11/3 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:34622 Activity:high
11/3    I know indeed what evil I intend to do,
        but stronger than all my afterthoughts is my fury,
        fury that brings upon mortals the greatest evils.
        -Euripides, _Medea_
        \_ It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has
           been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from
           their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.
           Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters
           led by Luke Skywalker has established a new secret base on the
           remote ice world of Hoth.
           The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding young Skywalker,
           has dispatched thousands of remote probes into the far reaches of
           \_ we destroyed the death star? i don't think so. we don't even
              have a skywalker.
              \_ Maybe it's from Bin Laden's perspective.  He might fancy
                 himself a Skywalker.
                 \_ We are down 2 death stars in NY.
                 \_ Return of the Caliph!
        \_ I am the one, Orgasmatron, the outstretched grasping hand
           My image is of agony, my servants rape the land
           Obsequious and arrogant, clandestine and vain
           Two thousand years of misery, of torture in my name
           Hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law
           My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

           I twist the truth, I rule the world, my crown is called deceit
           I am the emperor of lies, you grovel at my feet
           I rob you and I slaughter you, your downfall is my gain
           And still you play the sycophant and revel in my pain
           And all my promises are lies, all my love is hate
           I am the politician, and I decide your fate

           I march before a martyred world, an army for the fight
           I speak of great heroic days, of victory and might
           I hold a banner drenched in blood, I urge you to be brave
           I lead you to your destiny, I lead you to your grave
           Your bones will build my palaces, your eyes will stud my crown
           For I am Mars, the god of war, and I will cut you down
           \_ I think I saw this in the opening to an episode of Andromeda
        \_ Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
           Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
           The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
           The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
           The best lack all conviction, while the worst
           Are full of passionate intensity.
           \_ Right, exactly.  Now who were the more passionate here?
           Surely some revelation is at hand;
           Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
           ... And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
           Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
        \_ "The issue is not a mean one.  It is whether you will be content
           to be a comfortable England, modeled and moulded upon Continental
           principles and meeting in due course an inevitable fate, or whether
           you will be a great country, an imperial country, a country where
           your sons, when they rise, rise to paramount positions, and obtain
           not merely the esteem of their countrymen, but command the respect
           of the world." - Benjamin Disraeli
           \_ I liked my Euripides the most.  Short and to the point.  --op
              \_ I think we're making different points here.
                 \_ i was referring more to the big spew above than your
                    Disraeli quote.
                    \_ I rate the probability that Lemmy Killmeister rips
                       off your head and shits down your neck as: high.
2004/11/2 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign] UID:34543 Activity:nil
11/2    I finally figured out how to find out the political
        slant of different news organizations. COLOR!!! Look at
        http://foxnews.com as the most obvious example.  It's very red...
        menus, icons, etc. It must be a RED neck right wing nut
        news corporation, something many people will agree to.  -troll
2004/10/30-11/1 [Politics/Foreign] UID:34463 Activity:nil
10/30   In Java, how would classes in named packages use classes in
        unnamed packages? I'd like to do "import default" or "import unnamed"
        or something to that effect but it's not working. -ok thx
2004/10/27 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:34375 Activity:high
10/26   Vote Bush!  Let's not repeat 2000 again.
        \_ You so funny!
           \_ Not really.  If your single issue is the importance of the
              voting process and the long term health of our nation's most
              basic principlesm then voting for the guy ahead in the polls
              is the most likely way to lopside them enough to avoid further
              lawsuits and post-election uncertainty.
              \_ ...by that logic, giving all your money to people who look
                 threatening is a great way to avoid getting mugged. It's true,
                 but it's missing the point.
                 \_ Well, it's more like if you're going to get raped anyway,
                    you might as well supply your assailant with a condom.
                 \_ no, it is saying that there is a greater issue at stake
                    than which guy will fuck up the country for 4 years.
                    \_ Whereas the point is that one guy is definitely going to
                       fuck up the country, while the other guy stands a good
                       chance of _not_ fucking up the country.
                       \_ Wheew!  Another Bush supporter on the motd!
                       \_ The trick is to figure out which guy is which.
                          That's why there's a horse race.
                          \_ Right, I'm having difficulty deciding between the
                             guy who's been lying to me and shooting the
                             country in the foot for the last four years and
                             the guy who wants a chance to try something new.
                             \_ I'm sure you think you're on the right.  I'm
                                also as sure there are just as many people on
                                the opposite side who think they're on the
                                right.  That's why there's a horse race.
2004/9/14 [Politics/Foreign] UID:33520 Activity:nil
9/14    From the Irony is Dead department,
        Powell concerned by Putin's political changes for terror fight:
2004/9/4 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33355 Activity:nil 50%like:33350
9/4     BushCo's response to terrorism v. Putin's.  Compare and Contrast.
        \_ I see, a more "sensible" war.
2004/9/4 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33350 Activity:high 50%like:33355
9/4     http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/news/archive/2004/09/04/in
        BushCo's response to terrorism to Putin's.  Compare and Contrast.
        \_ http://csua.org/u/8x8
        \_ I see, a more "sensible" war.
2004/8/27 [Politics/Foreign] UID:33195 Activity:nil
8/27    http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/South/08/27/911.toy.ap/index.html
        Get your 9/11 toys now!
2004/8/24 [Politics/Foreign, Reference/Law/Visa] UID:33091 Activity:moderate
8/24    Question:  I am green card holder and now I want to go back to my
        country.  Do I need to pay uncle sam for the income I earned in
        my home country?
        \_ i suggest you do it anyway, in case you decided to get
           citizenship later.  It's a pain, but generally
           you won't need to pay a penny unless you are making more than
           $84k per year (the figure changes every year, it's slightly above
           \_ is it true that if you are outside of the US for some period
              of time (>6 months), it would jeopadize your citizenship
              \_ umm, you should talk to your immigration lawyer about that.
2004/8/11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign] UID:32821 Activity:nil
8/11    Old News: "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.
        They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our
        people, and neither do we."
        \_ Sounds like Quayle.
        \_ A new 'Bushism': We're gonna get us
        \_ That answers the question "Why do you hate America?"
2004/7/31 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign] UID:32610 Activity:nil
7/31    I was having dinner with a former 6th grade teacher and a
        classmate last night (haven't seen both in years). I was dragged
        into a political discussion I didn't really want to get into.
        The result was the usual left-wing/bleeding-heart-liberal
        diatribe against corporations, money, etc. So from what I
        gather the reasoning is something like this:
        Greed is bad, therefore corporations are bad because they
        exploit workers by underpaying them. Corporations should be
        avoided and heavily restricted.
        Now, this is the part I don't get. If there were no corporations
        in the first place, wouldn't people be unemployed? And if
        people are unemployed, wouldn't that be a "bad thing?"
        Also, corporations pay a lot of taxes in the form of employment
        and income, so doesn't the government greatly benefit from
        having business and trade around?
        Just a caveat, the former teacher and classmate have never held
        a "real" job before. The classmate was stuck in a jungle for
        2 years doing peace core shit and recently came back. I don't
        know about you, but I think the education system is pretty fucked
        if we have people like this running our schools.
        \_ Go vouchers!!! Oh wait teacher's unions control the schools and
           Dem. Party....
        \_ As anyone who worked for a corporation will tell you, corporations
           _do_ suck, for the most part.  But avoiding or restricting
           corporations treats the symptom, not the disease.  I don't think
           anyone knows how to treat the disease (which, btw, has nothing to
           do with corporations themselves, it's apparent in the public sector
           too). -- ilyas
           \_ Seems to me the common factor is concentrated wealth and power.
              "Soulless bureaucracies" are manifestations of power that can
              generally be traced to a few large stockholders or government
              officials.  What do we mean by "restricting corporations"?
              Regulating human employment, monopolies, and corporate actions
              affecting health, safety, and the environment all seem to be
              desirable to me, in this capitalist system, to protect against
              the abuses inherently possible with these massive differences
              in wealth and power. The government itself is *supposed* to
              manifest the power of the "people" but obviously this too needs
              watching. But corps. generally represent the power of very few.
                 --motd moderate
              \_ '... needs watching.'  Yes indeed.  The problem is, even with
                 government watchdog groups, it's much harder to get the
                 government to change.  Anyways, I am not really holding my
                 breath for an improvement until the world has achieved
                 americanization/globalization/localization.  I think when that
                 happens a lot of problems will go away.
                 (By 'a/g/l' I mean the country's gvt systems and economies
                 will come to resemble the US, while at the same time there
                 will be a huge push to decentralize most aspects of the
                 government, start cultural preservation movements, and so on.
                 So both a localization and a globalization will happen at once)
                   -- ilyas
2004/7/30 [Politics/Foreign] UID:32581 Activity:insanely high
7/30    Is the US allowed to open any package that enters the country
        from another country via postal mail, ship, or anything else? --OBL
        \_ "The US" isn't, but customs, the DEA, certain types of postal
           staff, and other law enforcement agencies probably are. -John
2004/7/6 [Politics/Foreign] UID:31171 Activity:high
7/6     The BBC shows us a little of that Colin Powell shake:
        (Real Player, requires sound, work safe)
        \_ He's a better man on his worst day than you on your best.
           \_ He really is, probably more than all of us.  So?
2004/6/16 [Politics/Foreign, Computer/SW, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:30829 Activity:nil
6/16    To those of you more familar with the software world than
        international trade in theory and practice, some of the
        arguments made by the anti-aumping people are self-serving
        comments analogous to these ... "people are being raped
        by paying less ... when will they realize they would be
        better off with out more expensive product" ...
            McBride  calls  these arguments  tantamount  to a  death
            sentence  for  a  multibillion-dollar software  industry
            that has helped propel the United States to economic and
            technological leadership  in the digital  era. In March,
            he  sent a letter  to every  member of  Congress warning
            that Linux  threatens the country's  economic well-being
            and  even  its  national  security.  "Each  Open  Source
            installation   displaces   or   pre-empts  a   sale   of
            proprietary,    licensable    and    copyright-protected
            software,"  he said  in  his letter.  "This means  fewer
            jobs, less  software revenue and  reduced incentives for
            software companies to innovate." [http://csua.org/u/7s9]
         Also to the fellow who raised the example of memory chips,
         find me a case. I am not saying there has never been such
         a case [I dont know] but I would bet nobody has ever won a
         dumping case. --psb
2004/6/3 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:30577 Activity:high
6/3     Ok, now that various US leaders are blaming the CIA for mis-information,
        next time someone like Powell goes to the UN to announce, "Hey! our CIA
        found this out ...", will the leaders of other nations just roll on the
        floor laughing, "Are you sure it wasn't yomama who told you about it?"?
        huh huh.
        \_ Fuck this, we invaded Iraq based on false information the BushCo
           wanted from the CIA, and now he steps down, everything is going to
           be ok?  Fuck BushCo.
        \_ I love this blame game!  So who is next?
           \_ Rummy!  Let's make Powell into both the Secretary of State
              AND Defense.
              \_ I've got a better idea.  Let's just dissolve all three branches
                 of government and declare Bush to be Divine King descended
                 from Jesus Christ himself.  Cheney and Rummy can hold court
                 and be the real power behind the throne, and Rove can be
                 the court jester to distract everyone.  Everything will
                 be so much simpler that way.
        \_ Have you frothers got it out of your system yet?
2004/4/19 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:13273 Activity:nil
4/19    http://washingtonpost.com has an excerpt from Plan of Attack.  Powell
        being "out of the loop" aside, you can read about the Cheney-Powell
2004/4/13 [Politics/Foreign] UID:13164 Activity:low
4/13    Reminder, Band of Brothers playing on the History Channel for
        the next few days.
        \_ You white racist fuck!  You censored my comments about your hateful
           white pride minority and women oppressing propaganda crap show!
        \_ Wow.  Wish I'd known this a few days ago (started Sunday)
                \_ you're welcome
           \_ can't you just borrow or buy the DVD?  Or Tivo it?
        \_ Glorifying old dead white man's violence of the young, minorities,
           women, and the poor.  It's sickening that you'd encourage people
           to watch a mini series about the invasion of a foreign land which
           had done *nothing* to us at *any* point in history which was
           guaranteeing our friends and allies around the world would hate us
           even more.
        \_ uh, why do you guys like to see heads blown off to pieces?
           It's just like Saving Private Ryan (and it's directed by
           Spielberg and Hanks), but it's 10 hours instead of 2.
2004/4/12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign] UID:29916 Activity:nil
4/11    Bush foreign policy
2004/1/22 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Foreign] UID:11879 Activity:nil
1/21    "Dictionaries are opinion, disguised as fact, in alphabetical order."
        -- A wise man
        \_ Maybe I haven't been following the news, or am just one of the
           many unelightened allued to below, but what does this quote
           have to do with forms of government?
        \_ Look, you have to pick.  If you don't like democracy, like me,
           you should be busy thinking of a better form of government, since
           it's a larger problem than gay rights (no offense to homosexual
           americans).  If you do like democracy, you should learn to bow to
           the opinions of the majority in political matters. -- ilyas
           \_ Just do it like th greeks.  Land owners and people who have a
              reason to give a shit about society get to vote.  All the teat
              sucking proles continue on as before and maybe their offspring
              will do better than they did in life.
              \_ Plato called democracy the second worst form of government
                 (after tyranny).  I agree with him.  The problem with any
                 form of democracy is that masses of people, land-owners or
                 not, do not make good decisions. -- ilyas
                 \_ So what about a republic, which is the form of
                    government we have.  Wasn't Plato speaking of
                    direct democracy?  I agree with you that
                    direct democracy is horrible (look at CA's
                    initiative system), but I disagree with you
                    about republics.
                    \_ Introducing layers of indirection does not address the
                       basic problem.  I don't really know what the answer is,
                       and neither did Plato.  Plato wanted some sort of
                       enlightened monarchy, but he couldn't solve the throne
                       inheritance problem. -- ilyas
                \_ "Do not make good decisions"? that's a bit much isn't it?
                   surely they sometimes do, sometimes don't. there are a lot
                   of factors that can affect the quality of the democracy.
                   How much incentive is there for the "good" decision-makers
                   to be in politics? Also, in this country, political parties
                   have become a joke due to the 2 party dominance. If we
                   had proportional representation, real parties and coalitions,
                   and something like instant runoff voting, I think we would
                   get government that is more representative of society. I also
                   think more power should rest with the more locally elected
                   people, instead of governors, senators and presidents who
                   have become television actors. I believe that the federal
                   government has gained a lot more power than the founders
                   \_ Sure, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  And
                      you are also right in that there are factors affecting
                      the quality of a democracy.  Nevertheless, I can't help
                      but feel that there is something fundamentally wrong
                      with democracy itself. -- ilyas
                      \_ The PRC is probably the closest alternative, where
                         you have a ruling elite who select each leader
                         in turn, and control accession to their group. But
                         anything other than democracy requires crushing
                         freedoms to maintain control, and will be prone to
                         a lot of inherent corruption.
                         \_ I am not sure you are right, which is why I am
                            still thinking about it.  To use Plato's analogy
                            of the State as the soul, there are more kinds of
                            souls than those of serial killers and
                            schizophrenics.  -- ilyas
                            \_ What's your metric of a better government?
                               Happiness of people, national power...?
                               \_ I don't really know the answer since if I
                                  did I would have a better idea of what
                                  kind of government is best.  I do know that
                                  a prerequisite for the kind of government
                                  that doesn't make me cringe is some sort of
                                  universal morality.  Without this, it's just
                                  competing warlords with perhaps a civil
                                  veneer (or perhaps not...). -- ilyas
            \_ SERVICE guarantees CITIZENSHIP!
        \_ Enlightened beings rule themselves.  They dont need a government
           to rule over them.  We earthlings, however, are not very enlightened
           most of the time.
           \_ you mean most of us don't think like you?
2003/12/23-24 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign] UID:11577 Activity:high
12/23   Has anyone ever taken a chartered flight out of the country?  Even
        to somewhere close like canada/mexico/caribbean?  I'm wondering about
        what kind of searches they do.  And do you need to go through customs
        at the foreign country once you land?  I'm thinking maybe not since
        you're on a private plane and not landing at a regular airline
        terminal.  Thanks.
        \_ This just in: the Bush administration has just announced that the
           terror alert level is being elevated to red, due to US intelligence
           agencies detecting a credible terrorist threat on an undisclosed
           online forum located in Berkeley, CA.
        \_ Not really answering your question, but once I flew on a flight
           chartered for a tour package.  Upon landing one of the engines
           bursted into flame for a few seconds and then went out.  The crew
           acted as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.
           \_ one time, my pet snake came out of its jar, slithering this way
              and that, and i thought it was going to eat my cat, but then
              it didn't.
              you are an idiot. -ali
              \_ Gees, ali, what the fuck is your problem?  Thesis not going
                 well, so you are taking it out on the motd?
              \_ I bet you got really hairy balls.
                 \_ Ali shaves his balls, I believe.
              \_ That was poetic. Did you compose it yourself asshole?
                \_ ali, you arrogant prick. I know where you live and I will
                   BB gun your car some time this week. Good luck.
2003/12/16-17 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign] UID:11477 Activity:kinda low
12/16   Silly question maybe, but what's the difference between "people"
        and "persons"? A quick google didn't seem to help. Thanks.
        \_ "people" is a real word.  "persons" is some twisted thing used by
           paper pushing govnerment types starting in the mid 90s in an attempt
           to make their crap sound more professional.  real people don't use
           the word persons in everyday conversation or writing.  it's
           \_ actually, if you look in the OED, persons has been used for at
              least 500 years. persons is the proper plural form of person,
              but a secondary sense of people is persons, so that is acceptable
              as well. if you want to be formal and precise, it is "persons"
              \_ e.g. "You persons can go fuck yourself" is very formal.
           \_ I agree.
           \_ persons is a good new word.  people has too many meanings or
              shades of meaning, and it can be ambiguous which one is being
              used.  My guess would be that it started not with government
              types but legal types.
              \_ Once again, you all need to read this essay:
                 George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language"
                 \- while i am a fan of this article, i think Orwell's
                    complaint would be more with say using "individuals"
                    instead of "people". let me call some of my people
                    about the person/people distinction. --psb
                    \- hmm, it looks like "recently" persons was weakly
                       for a specific number [the 12 persons on the jury]
                       but people was for a vague number [many people in
                       the court room], but it is acknowledged "persons"
                       is giving way to "people". however there are some
                       contexts where persons still seems right ...
                       "persons under 17 will not be admitted without
                       supervision". --psb
                       \_ thank you psb!  I knew the "people good" "persons
                          bad" guy was wrong.  - a once-in-a-while psb fan
2003/11/22 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Politics/Foreign] UID:11185 Activity:nil
11/21   S.F. has nation's highest syphilis rate
        Must be the foggy weather
        \_ Must be that you're an evil rich white male oppressor racist!
        \_ You really are obsessed with this.  You need help.
        \_ It is good to be #1 in something, at least.
           \_ SF is #1 in several things, none of them good.
2003/11/14 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:11069 Activity:nil
11/13   Ex-Mexican consul arrested in connection with trafficking of
        illegal Arab migrants
        \_ Government Employees (Foreign or Domestic) - The Enemy Within!!
2003/11/11 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign] UID:11018 Activity:nil
11/10   Dances with Wolves on now at the History Channel. Find out why
        the US Government/Foreign policy is so great.
        \_ Trying to be sarcastic? Here's the synopsis from Roger Ebert
            "The dominant American culture was nearsighted, incurious and
            racist, and saw the Indians as a race of ignorant, thieving
            savages, fit to be shot on sight. Such attitudes survived until
            so recently in our society - just look at the B Westerns of the
            1940s - that we can only imagine how much worse they were 100
            years ago. -Roger Ebert"
        \_ Hey Kid, it's a movie.  Did you think Water World was based on
           fact, too?  The Postman?  There were lots of fucked up things the
           US government did to the indians and still does but DwW has nothing
           to do with it and isn't a history lesson.  Back to the troll pits
           with you, boy-o!
           \_ water world ruled.  i don't care about this stupid dances with
              wolves troll, but if you talk shit about water world you and
              me are going to tangle.
2003/11/5 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign] UID:10958 Activity:nil
11/4    If you haven't read it already, you should:
        George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language," 1946
2003/11/3 [Politics/Foreign] UID:29603 Activity:nil
11/2    Fuck you censorbot.
        20 soldiers died today because of your hero's idiotic politics.
        \_ Criticism of Our Great Leader is not permitted.
           \_ and you think  you are doing your country a favor by censoring
              criticism on our leader?
              \_ Boy, are you dumb.
2003/10/22 [Politics/Foreign] UID:10727 Activity:low
10/21   Is there any good way to turn gold jewelry into cash, and what
        is the typical premium paid to get it in the form of jewelry?
        (as opposed to just a gold bar or ingot, for instance.)  We
        received several gold chains/etc as wedding gifts, and would
        rather put the inherent value to use instead of having them
        just sit in a safety deposit box...  (they aren't very
        practical). Any resale options other than a pawn shop or ebay?
        Or just hold on to them for the next depression?
        \_ So you stole some shit and your fence got busted before you could
           cash out the loot?  Yeah, that's tough when it happens.
           \_ Nah, I think they just have Asian parents.
              \_ exactly! - OP
                 \_ you're both a bunch of racists.
                    \_ I'm no racist.  I just happen to also have Asian
                       parents and I got a lot of gold necklaces and bracelets
                       when I got married.  - !OP
                       \_ Did you really go to Berkeley?  look, if you're
                          not standing on Sproul shouting about affirmative
                          action and setting fire to stacks of Daily Cals,
                          you're a RACIST!!!!
                    \_ Pointing out a cultural tradition is not racist, it is
                       a statement of fact.
        \_ schmelt it into a bar and take it to Thailand and exchange
          for nicer stuff. 1 to 1 exchange rate.
          \_ Have you done this?  Where did you have it made into a bar, and
             how much did that cost?
          \_ Bah, it's worth more in a formed state than as gold mint tabs.
             You're not going to make up the cost of the jewlery. Depending
             on how quick you want to get the money and how nice the pieces
             are, an independent jeweler may be your best bet.
        \_ In the US, you'll lose about 20-30% if you're lucky... that is,
           selling the jewelry. If you turn it into gold, you'll lose way more.
           If you go to less industrialized nations that have lots of gold
           (e.g. Turkey, E. Asia???), the jeweler might only eat 5-10%. YMMVg
        \_ Kitco will give you 90% of melt price:
           \_ perfect, thanks!
              \_ As someone else pointed out, melt price is a lot less than
                 price as jewelry. Most of the cost of a piece of jewelry is
                 the labor to make it. --dim
                 \_ LOL.  you get the stupidest comment of the day award.
                    \_ Obviously you've never had jewelry made. Why do
                       you think a necklace made of QUARTZ can cost over
                       $10K? Could it be the WORKMANSHIP? Go price some
                       stones and then go price the jewelry. Jewelry has
                       a huge mark-up. "Cost" here means cost to the
                       dealer, not the consumer. Melt the gold down and
                       it's suddenly worth a lot less than it was finished.
                 \_ It's a cool web site, though, and is a useful option if
                    ebay and an exchange in asia don't work out...
2003/10/10 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:10569 Activity:nil
10/9    Suppose I go on a cruise and the ship is in international water
        where there is no jurisdiction from any government. What would
        happen if there is murder or drug dealings or pot growing? Who
        regulates and who enforces?
        \_ The captain throws you overboard.  -John
        \_ this is one of those things that the cruise lines don't
           want you to think about
        \_ or, hypothetically, brainwash people into your bullshit
           made-up religion...
           \_ hint: all religions are made up.
        \_ Nothing happens. I once raped 11 chicks on this one cruise. -kobeB
           \_ "This one goes to eleven!"
        \_ Doesn't the country where the ship is registered have jurisdiction?
           If you and a chick voluntarily swim say 10ft away from the ship, and
           then you rape her, that I don't know.
        \_ Every square inch of this planet is under the legal jurisdiction of
           some government and if they don't really have it they'll take it
           anyway if your crime is serious enough.
           \_ yep this is the de facto answer -- the de jure answer is the
              country of registry has jurisdiction. however, liberia and
              panama cannot be said to have global law enforcement
              capabilities. --aaron
        \_ Typically the person's country of citizenship will enforce its
           \_ Really?  So how about, oh say, when some Arabs toss an old
              Jewish guy in a wheel chair overboard after taking over the
              ship at gun point?
                \_ They make a bad opera out of it and punish everyone else.
                   Collective suffering, you know.  -John
        \_ Ever hear of International Law?
           \_ Yes, no such thing.  Where are the International Police and the
              International Judges and the International Jails and under which
              International Government do these 3 branches report to and why
              have I yet to get a summons for International Jury Duty?
2003/8/29-2004/2/14 [Politics/Foreign, Finance/Investment] UID:12242 Activity:kinda low
2/13    http://biz.yahoo.com/rb/040213/economy_trade_1.html
        Trade Gap widens.  Imports and raw material prices rising.
        Inflation coming.  Uh oh, doomsday scenario is coming true.
        Dollar falling like a rock and interest rate going up.
        Not bad for a Friday the 13th.
        \_ Inflation hasn't been and stayed this low for decades.  You want
           inflation?  Go checked out the Carter years for what real inflation
           looks like.  The rest of that stuff fluctuates over time.  Why are
           you so thrilled with the idea that our economy might collapse?  I
           hope you understand that something as big as the US economy is not
           under the control of the President, or the Federal government as a
           whole and cheering for a global economic collapse so your guy can
           get into office is simply sheer stupidity.  Have you ever talked to
           anyone who lived through the Depression?  If you had you wouldn't
           be so rah-rah about the economy possibly tanking for real.
           \_ am I supposed to be rah-rah about the economy when there is
              nothing to be rah-rah about it?  the great depression happened
              precisely because people became too optimistic about the
              economy.  are you on drugs?  as for inflation, I think everyone
              knows it is low, what people are concern is the direction
              it's going to go cause that will affect interest rate which
              may cause problems with various bubbles.
              \_ you don't have to rah-rah anything.  i simply told you there's
                 no reason to claim gloom and doom.  mild inflation is not an
                 economic problem.  it is quite natural.  only the insane,
                 short sellers, and hostile foreign powers rah-rah when the US
                 economy is in trouble.  i doubt you're a hostile foreign
              \_ Hey you are the same "are you on drugs" person trolling the
                 motd below.
                 \_ what have you been smoking?  "are you on drugs" is
                    a common phrase on the motd.
        \_ No, no. You got it wrong. Our prices are just low, Low, LOW! You
           gotta buy American! High Quality! Excellent prices! 10% off? That's
           not enough! 20% off? No way! 50% off? WAY! Now we're talking! And
           why such a deal? 'Cause Crazy George is our manager and he wants
           to let you know it's ALL FOR SALE! Need credit? Crazy George will
           lend you the cash! Buy it! It's all good! Why worry about tomorrow
           when you can have fun TODAY! SWEET! BUY! YEEEARRRG!
2003/7/29-30 [Politics/Foreign] UID:29170 Activity:high
7/29    State Prison Inmates, by Offense,
        Gender, Race, and Hispanic Origin, 2000
        \_ Would someone please tell me what they mean by
           'Hispanic Origin'?  Thanks. --PeterM
        \_ Just watch out for those 300 Female rapists
           \_ Did they rape male or other female?
              \_ haven't you seen "Freeway"? - danh
                 \_ No.
              \_ How can a female possibly rape a male with a soft penis?
                 \_ "get hard or I'll blow your brains out."
                 \_ i bet they're tracking female
                    on female sexual assaults. - danh
                 (unless his penis is hard, but in which case he's excited and
                 it won't be a rape.)
                 \_ she can hold him down on the pool table and suck his dick
                 \_ Erection != rape? I don't think so, bud. If she's wet it
                    is not rape? Try to use that one in court.
                 \_ sometimes people say "rape with a foreign object", although
                    more often it's "sexual penetration with a foreign object"
                 \_ I guess statutory rape didn't occur to any of you.
2003/7/24 [Politics/Domestic, Computer/HW/CPU, Politics/Foreign] UID:29127 Activity:very high
7/24    Want to waste a little time?  http://www.emode.com/tests/uiq
        It's a 2 page IQ test.  When it asks for email address at the end,
        just give any fake address.  You'll still get the results after you
        submit the form.  My score was 135 and rated "visual mathematician"
        \_ 160+ here.
         \_ liar
        \_ I scored 136 and was a "visionary philosopher"
        \_ doesn't IQ test depend of age also?
           \_ Technically yes -- but the emode people claim to use a
              different method to arrive at similar results.  *shrug*
        \_ 135, Facts Curator
        \_ 135, Visual Mathematician. -ucla cs guys
           \_ Ditto.   -mice
        \_ too many people getting 135.  I think there's something wrong with
           the test.
           \_ I think 135 is perfect score minus one. This test is too easy
              for sodalites. We need one where the middle is higher.
              \_ 138, visionary philosopher.
              \_ Then it isn't an IQ test.
           \_ My understanding is that anyone can completely legitimately
              make a test with any scale and call it an "IQ test".
              For a standardized test you have to go for specific ones,
              i.e. "Wechsler IQ test."  I'm not certain, though. -niloc
           \_ It could be timed, hence all the "philosophers" and "curators".
        \_ 136, "visionary philosopher"
        \_ Ack! Only 133.  Must be the chocolate for breakfast.  I'm a Word
           Warrior.  I have exceptional verbal skills and easily make sense
           of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to
           solving problems.  My strengths make me a visionary!  Even without
           trying I'm able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas!
           That's why I waste my time posting on the motd and wall all day.
           I'm just waiting to pop my next creative idea on you and take over
           the world and be the next Netscape!
        \_ 140, eh hem!
        \_ 84, Precision Processor!
        \_ 140, Visionary Philosopher
        \_ 129, precision processor -ax (I get from 129-14X on these sort
                of tests, but I've never put much faith in IQ tests.)
                A question- What is your IQ on this test vs how much
                money do you make?
                \_ IQ doesn't mean anything! It is bullshit! You can be
                   a dumb ass and still make tons of $. I know I do, cuz
                   my EQ is very very high                      -mr liao
                \_ I never took an IQ test, but you can be the Leader of the
                   Free World with the right connections! -dubya
                   \_ Although you don't see it you are actually making a very
                      good point.  Not the one where you attack the President
                      mindlessly but where you point out that with the right
                      connections you can do anything and be anyone.  "It isn't
                      what you know, it's who you know" will always be true.
                      \- hello i think the main problem with the "IQ test"
                         is that it isnt timed. e.g. someone who can do the
                         nasa alien question in 10 sec vs. 30 sec.
                         i didnt spend a lot of time on the pattern match
                         questions for example.
                         ok tnx --psb 138/fact curator
                         \_ I like how you use the example of a part of test
                            on which you happened to do particularly well.
                            What if other people used the same argument about
                            the verbal or math portions?  Your capability to
                            perform pattern matching does not impress anybody
                            with half a brain.  And may I ask why you thought
                            the alien NASA question was particularly difficult
                            that it should deserve special merit for finishing
                            \- that's not what i meant about doing the
                               pattern matching quickly ... i probably did
                               lousy at that because i didnt spend much time
                               on those. i dont think you can compare a
                               135 in 10 min and a 140 in 20 min. how much
                               time you spend on the "which one doesnt
                               belong" type Qs i think also makes a diff.
                               \_ I am not defending the validity of any test
                                  which claims to be able to categorize all
                                  of human intelligence with any accuracy or
                                  precision by asking 40 simple questions.
                                  However, IQ tests in general do not test
                                  your ability to think quickly, but your
                                  ability to concentrate, visualize an answer,
                                  and verify the answer.  Hence, no time
                      \_ Who's attacking the President?  If they have a
                         problem, they should tell that to me in my face!
        \_ 140, but it recorded one of my answers incorrectly and scored it as
           wrong.  How is the IQ of the people who made the test?
        \_ 136, Visionary Philosopher, and no idea what the heck the answer
           was to the "rose" question. What is it?
           \_ tempting.  Look up the phrase on google.
2003/7/2 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign] UID:28897 Activity:high
7/1     Hey kid, start here: http://bride.ru/ph/htcgi/ladies/in-all/index1.html
        Some of them are attractive, Russia is pretty much a western country,
        they can't be any worse than you'll meet here and they're much more
        likely to appreciate your brains and stick around even if they may
        never truly love you.  Best of luck.
        \_ Scary thing is, I know a few guys who've done this.  It's very
           odd, and all the women, while perfectly nice and educated, have
           something cold about them.  -John
           something cold about them.  It's a weird thing trying to have a
           chat with a friend's import-a-bride.  -John
2003/6/25-26 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign] UID:28831 Activity:high
6/26    Does anyone knows where I can get a copy of the following:
        This is a parser which parse 10K SEC filing, and it was taken
        off because of PWC's patent on parsing number or something
        I am hoping that the project simply went underground instead of
        being completely dead.                  -kngharv
        \_ I want a copy of this software partly for parsing 10k filing,
           but now, I want it mostly for the sake of violating what I
           considered as abuse of intellectual property laws.
                        -- OP
        \_ PWC should be allowed to defend its patents by destroying
           the computers of anyone running this 'analyst' theft
        \_ If they weren't in violation of the law the project would still be
           there.  Are you one of those "the information wants to be free!"
           fanatics who think other people's work should be made available to
           you in exchange for *nothing* from you?  So selfish, so stupid.
           Patents expire.  Childish stupidity does not.
           \_ It is heartening to see one with such abject faith in the system.
              btw, you are right about childish stupidity. -crebbs
           \_ excuse me? patenting parsing?  please.
              \_ nonsense.  did you *read* the patent?  are you qualified to
                 do so?  maybe you've seen LA Law a few times?
           \_ "It was never the object of patent laws to grant a
              monopoly for every trifling device, every shadow of a
              shade of an idea, which would naturally and spontaneously
              occur to any skilled mechanic or operator in the ordinary
              progress of manufactures. Such an indiscriminate creation
              of exclusive privileges tends rather to obstruct than
              to stimulate invention. It creates a class of speculative
              schemers who make it their business to watch the advancing
              wave of improvement, and gather its foam in the form of
              patented monopolies, which enable them to lay a heavy
              tax on the industry of the country, without contributing
              anything to the real advancement of the arts. It embarrasses
              the honest pursuit of business with fears and apprehensions
              of unknown liability lawsuits and vexatious accounting
              for profits made in good faith." --U.S. Supreme Court,
              Atlantic Works vs. Brady, 1882
              \_ motdformatd
              \_ Yes and this is incorporated into the "obviousness" clause
                 used by the PTO to deny many patents today.
           \_ Patents used to expire. The current crop is getting extended
              faster than it is expiring. This does nothing but enrich
              the patent holder, usually long after the inventor is dead.
              \_ I do not think that word means what you think it means.
                 \_ which word? they look good 2 me. -phuqm/nottheposter
                    \_ patent.
              \_ No. Sorry.  Just wrong.  Patents used to be 17 years from the
                 date of issue.  A few years ago they changed to be 20 years
                 from the date of application.  Since it can easily take 3 or
                 more years to issue, patents are actually shorter now.  I'd
                 *love* to see a URL backing up your false and ignorant claim
                 that patents are "getting extended".
                 \_ he's probably getting trademarks and patents confused
                    \_ probably.  that doesn't excuse his clueless scribblings
                       and droolings all over the motd.
                    \_ I do not think that word means what you think it means.
                       In this case, the word would be trademark.
                 \_ Given the pace of (I).technology, particularly things like
                    that which is being discussed, it would be reasonable to
                    cut the patent protection time, not increase it.
                    (even if it is only a nominal increase)  Of course, there
                    is no perfect solution.  It is all a kludge -phuqm
2003/6/12 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28710 Activity:nil
6/11    All Hail the UN
        Congo observers slaughtered after 6 days of
        unanswered pleas to U.N. for rescue
        \_ This is hardly news.  It's the UN.  Duh.
        \_ Those poor observers.  Must be because they are not westerners,
           so no one cared about their lives.
2003/4/15-16 [Politics/Foreign] UID:28137 Activity:nil
4/15    "The issue is not a mean one.  It is whether you will be content to
        be a comfortable England, modeled and moulded upon Continental
        principles and meeting in due course an inevitable fate, or whether
        you will be a great country, an imperial country, a country where
        your sons, when they rise, rise to paramount positions, and obtain
        not merely the esteem of their countrymen, but command the respect
        of the world."  - Benjamin Disraeli
        \_ Paraphrased by, um, Hitler, ironically enough, early 1930s
           \_ reference?
        \_ "Ach! Das Alte Juden! Das ist der Mann!"
2003/4/5-6 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign] UID:28004 Activity:high
4/5     Akamai strikes a blow against the free press:
        \_ Been through this before.  It's a business and one run by a foreign
           government at that.  They have no free press rights even if they
           were a free press and Akamai usage is not in any way required to
           get one's message out to the internet.  You're a stupid troll.
           When you cry murder everytime someone sneezes in your direction, no
           one will come running when it's a killer with a knife.
        \_ Been through this before.  It's a business and one run
           by a foreign government at that.  They have no free press
           rights even if they were a free press and Akamai usage is
           not in any way required to get one's message out to the
           internet.  You're a stupid troll. When you cry murder
           everytime someone sneezes in your direction, no one will
           come running when it's a killer with a knife.
           \_ The caption was a joke.
        \_ Akamai is just trying to keep clear of controversy while they
           look for a buyer.  Their fundamentals suck.
2003/4/1 [Politics/Foreign] UID:27938 Activity:very high
4/1     It's become clear to me now - there is exactly one rabid right
        winger on the motd, and one rabid left winger.  No one else gives
        a shit about your cute little shouting matches, but that won't stop
        one of you from deleting this post like the small-minded weasel
        that you are.
        \_ s/winger/whinger
        \_ One? Are you sure?
           \_ who cares if this moron is "sure." they're provably wrong.
        \_ Why do you think there's only 2 people out of hundreds on the
           system that are interested in politics?  A lot of us are out of
           school and have found the world is more interesting than the latest
           linux distro, the next bike ride, or how to fix pine.  And why do
           you think people interested in politics would delete a thread about
           politics?  That's senseless.  Those threads get deleted by small
           minded, zero-world-view people like yourself.  In conclusion, I say
           RIDE BIKE!  USE LINUX!  and How to do fixing mime header in pine?
        \_ actually I think the bitter free republic url
           posting person is all one guy
        \_ So small minded people care about politics and the state of this
           \_ Yeah, that would seem fairly accurate, given the quality of
              those people that are elected by the people that choose to vote.
2003/3/31-4/1 [Politics/Foreign] UID:27927 Activity:low
3/31    Amazing results when one does not take campaign finance bribes
        from foreign governments:
        From Beijing, stern words for an uneasy ally
        \_ A result of more failed Bush 'diplomacy'.  Clinton had a grip on
           this for 8 years until that idiot stole his way into office.
                \_ To you 'grip' defines covertly refining plutonium
                   and uranium
        \_ That's right:  actual domestic corruption is so much better than
           alleged foreign contributions.
2003/2/7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign/Canada, Politics/Foreign] UID:27332 Activity:high
2/6     http://www.csua.org/u/905 (Yahoo News)
        "Texas, the only U.S. state to have once been an independent country,
        ......" When did that happen???
                \_ I think that Texas was an independent republic from
                   1830 to 1850 or so. It was part of the union by the
                   1860s during the civil war.
        \_ stfw: http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/1845
        \_ Lies. California was the Bear Flag Republic for a few weeks.
        \_ Canada still is.
2003/1/9 [Politics/Foreign] UID:27042 Activity:high
1/9     What means "My country, right or wrong"? Is it "America: Love it or
        leave it" or "It's still my country, even though I'm under no
        obligation to support the current administration"?
        \_ Proof is left up to the reader.
        \_ Neither.
        \_  Neither, but closer to the first. It means: "As for me, I say,
             Whether it is right or wrong 'It's still my country', so It
             is my duty to support it".  I was never a big fan of the quote
             even when I was a big Patriot.
             \_ Thank you.  The reason I ask is that I happen to be proud
                of the general idea of America and the potential of its
                democratic institutions even though I thoroughly oppose
                the current administration.  It would appear, then, that
                this slogan carries too many contrary connotations to
                be useful to me.  --op
                \_ Yeah, we'd be much better off with a socialist like Gore in
                   office.  You obviously need a slogan more like, "from each
                   according to his ability, to each according to his desire
                   and degree of slack laziness".  Get a job, kid.
                   \_ Ah, the flamer answers.  Got a job, bitch.  You
                      need to get a moral compass that doesn't point
                      to your wallet.
2002/11/13-14 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign] UID:26527 Activity:very high
11/13   In light of the pending sniper trial, do public defenders have
        to defend someone even if it is against their will? Are they
        assigned to a trial, or do they choose it themselves?
        \_ everyone, even mass murderers, deserve a fair trial
           in this country.  anyway i'm sure there are plenty
           of lawyers out there who would love to take
           such a high profile trial.  no they don't choose.
        \_ Which leads us to the "napalm the fuckin barbarians" school of
           law enforcement.  -John
        \_ everyone, even mass murderers, deserve a fair trial in this
           country.  anyway i'm sure there are plenty of lawyers out there who
           would love to take such a high profile trial.  no they don't choose.
           \_ "deserve", or "are required to receive?"
              \_ ...when the government feels like it.  ever heard of
                 Kevin Mitnick?
                 \_ What about him?  You're not one of those whining Mitnick
                    defenders who bought his line are you?  RIDE BIKE!
                 \_ Mitnick got due process.  He's also a fucking egotistical
                    moron.  What's your point?
              \_ There is only a requirement for competent representation and
                 that standard is very objective. There is no requirement for
                 effective representation.
2002/9/23-24 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:25983 Activity:very high
9/23    http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=29032
        Where's a bleeding-heart liberal when you need one...
        \_ fool, it's okay because Black people are doing it
        \_ that's an interesting, sad story, and has popped up
           in the mainstream press, i'm not even going to make
           fun of you for posting news from World Net Daily.
           The pathetic attempt at the beginning to link
           'enviro tree huggers' in this country to the Zimbabwe
           government is kind of funny though, what do they have
           to do with it?
           \_ PointerP to mainstream press about the wholesale slaughter of
              animals (including endangered species) in Zimbabwe?
           \_ Why would you make fun of him for posting from the WND?  Are
              you ragging on it because you think the content is false such
              as "my baby is an alien" stories from the tabloids or because
              it has a conservative slant which is contrary to the leftist
              slant you're used to seeing from the self proclaimed mainstream?
           \_ Like so: because Mugabe is taking land from the white farmers
              and the whites knew it was coming, they didn't bother to plant
              anything this season.  Without enough food, people have gone
              into the animal sanctuary areas and killed lots of animals for
              food.  There's no real link.  She's just pointing out the tree
              hugger types only whine about small local NIMBY issues and don't
              say anything about mass slaughter of protected animals somewhere
              else presumably because they think it's a-ok to take the white's
              land and land redistribution (to your family and cronies) is a
              good thing even if the consequences are starvation for everyone
              and dead animals in the sanctuaries.
                \_ what's wrong with whining about small local issues?
                   do you live on the moon?  I think presuming that
                   "left leaning hippies" are a-ok with killing
                   white people over land is presumptious.
                   [rude interuption moved]
                   \_ The problem is when you set aside your principles of
                      "justice, fairness, and hey maybe let's not starve the
                      entire country", in favor of some oddball ideal where
                      land redistribution (to your cronies and family) is more
                      \_ I don't know about Zimbabwe's case, but land
                         redistribution is about justice and fairness.
                         \_ Taking someone's land away and giving it to someone
                            who doesn't know how to farm it--how is that just,
                            fair, or even compassionate?
                            \_ Why do you assume land redistribution necessarily
                               mean giving the land to someone who doesn't
                               know how to farm?
                               \_ How do you learn to farm except by farming?
                                  The investment made by the current farmer in
                                  time and learning is lost.  Historically any
                                  resource redistribution by government has been
                                  from the people who have a resource and know
                                  how to manage/use it to novices.  Do you have
                                  a counterexample?
                                  \_ Ever heard of tenant farmers, who don't
                                     own the land but are employed by or pay
                                     rent to landlords?  Sometimes, it's the
                                     land lords who have no idea of how to farm.
                                     You really need to study some history.
                                     Try history of Russia, India or China.
                                     Or closer to home, the South before the
                                     Civil War.
              \_ Land redistribution is good.  No land redistribution in
                 South America.  That's why they remain fucked up
                 countries forever.  Land redistribution in Japan, Taiwan,
                 Korea, that's why they became successful countries.  It
                 has nothing to do with white or non white.  Stop playing
                 the race card.
                 \_ You have no clue what's going on in Zimbabwe.  They're not
                    redistributing the land.  They're stealing it and giving it
                    in whole to Mugabe's family and top 100 (or so) leading
                    cronies in the military and government.  That's not land
                    redistribution in the way you mean it, my communist friend.
                    And I didn't play the race card.  That's something people
                    from my part of the political spectrum don't do.
                    \_ That communists do land redistribution does not
                       mean land distribution equal communists.  Get your
                       facts straight.  Land distribution when done right
                       and under the right circumstances is good.  Communists
                       kill landlords, and also they collectivize farms and
                       destroy market system for selling farm produce.
                       Those are bad.  So please don't label me a communist,
                       thank you.  I don't give a fuck what political
                       spectrum you are from.  As far as I can see both
                       the right and the left play the race cards.  Do you
                       have a habit of labelling anyone who disagrees
                       with your political views a communist?
                 \_ bullshit, if white people where doing the killing and
                    maiming you would want to send the military, but since it
                    black people, it's okay.
                    \_ I don't condone killing and maiming, but land
                       redistribution itself is good in principle.  Are the
                       killing and maiming verified?  From the reports I have
                       read, there are some white farmers refusing to leave
                       their land, and people are waiting to see if they will be
                       \_ Read some newer reports.  People already have been
                          kicked off their land, beaten, raped, etc.  Yes, it
                          is verified.  The land went to Mugabe's family and
                          the top ~100 cronies in his government and military.
                          \_ It is not land redistribution that is the problem,
                             it is that Mugabe is an idiot and a thug. -!OP
                             \_ Yes, well that's true enough.
        \_ More people would be outraged if more people knew. Instead, we
           are being inundated with stories like the mom who beat her kid.
           \_ That's the "mainstream press" in action.  Bread n circuses.
           \_ Yeah.  What's the big deal with parents beating kids?  I was
              beaten by my mom all through my childhood.  Now I'm an adult and
              I still think it was an effective way to discipline kids.
2002/8/25-26 [Politics/Foreign] UID:25681 Activity:nil
8/25    http://www.rock103.com/crew/showprep/media/worldcomexplained.html
2002/5/7-8 [Politics/Foreign] UID:24741 Activity:high
5/7     White woman fired for not speaking Spanish in government office.
        \_ Sorry, she can't claim discrimination, because she is white and it
           is politically incorrect in this country for a white to say s/he is
           being discriminated.  -- Asian.
        \_ Nothing wrong with this.  She was the only white woman in an office
           full of hispanics.  So they called her racial slurs everyday and
           her manager gave her 60 days to learn spanish (not required by law)
           or get fired?  Makes sense.  I'm ok with it.  She should be forced
           to sell her house to pay reparations, too.
2002/4/10-11 [Politics/Foreign] UID:24402 Activity:nil
4/10    Refering to all this Queen Mum news, what's meant by "lying in state"?
        \_ coffin (open or closed) available somewhere relatively public
           where people can come see it and pay respects.
        \_ from http://dictionary.com: 7. Ceremony; pomp: "foreign leaders dining in
           state at the White House." Actually, the point is that they are in
           the WH. The viewing is in a gov't building and she's being honored
           by the gov't.
2002/2/21 [Politics/Foreign, Politics] UID:23928 Activity:insanely high
2/20    Does cremating a dead body cost a lot to the crematory?  Why did that
        crematory in Georgia bother to cheat?  Isn't it more trouble to drag
        a dead body into the woods than to use a few cents of gas to burn
        it up?
        \_ think about what kind of business oportunities exist in this
           country and then try to understand the kind of guy who runs
           a crematorium in georigia.
        \_ read the fucking news articles.
           \_ I just did.
              \_ It costs $25. Several articles mention it. --dim
                 \_ but is $25 worth the trouble?
                 \_ I see.  Thanks.
                \_ you're all sarcastic assholes.
2002/1/12-13 [Politics/Foreign, Recreation/Music] UID:23548 Activity:kinda low
1/12    On PBS I saw a "commercial" for the news hour with Jim Lehrer showing
        the WTC bombing.  People sitting in front of their TV watching it
        and words like "there're some people we'll never understand".  There's
        a song playing in the background.  Just a man singing with guitar
        music I believe. It sounded like country music.  Anybody know the name
        of the song?  Thanks.
        \_ "Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round", by the Dead Kennedys.
        \_  Buffalo Springfield  "For What It's Worth"
2001/12/8 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign] UID:23183 Activity:nil
12/7    Why isn't America on Palestine's side?  If Mexico annexed California,
        and forced us all to live in, say, Sacramento,  we'd be pissed as hell.
        And why do Jews need to have their own country?  Do Christians need
        their own country?  Do white people need their own country?
        \_ BTW, white people already have many of their own countries in
2001/11/27-28 [Politics/Foreign] UID:23109 Activity:very high
11/26   http://www.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU/~ilyas/problems/blue_eyes_suicide
        the king is not a citizen and is allowed to discuss appearances right?
        \_ The king is not a citizen, and he doesn't do anything except make
           the initial announcement.
        \_ is it legal for a citizen to tell another citizen that s/he should
           commit suicide? If so, and assuming that each person can only ask
           another person each day, then we have a lower limit of (2^28)/2
           \_ Yes.  It is legal for a citizen to tell another citizen just
              about anything.  First Amendment.
           \_Wow, that's a pretty damn large country. Try 28.
           \_ assuming two blue-eyed ask each other the question "should I
              commit suicide", you'll always have one that is alive who
              doesn't know if he is blue-eyed or not, and will have to ask
              another person. Think like a binary tree. So assume the tree
              height is 28, then you have 2^28, no???
              \_ No, that is an indirect way of saying "You have blue eyes."
              \_ crappy logic. remember everyone in the country can talk
                 to everyone else in one day
                \_ The logic is, if there's only one person with blue eyes,
                   he'll see everyone else, realize he must have blue eyes,
                   and kill himself.  If there are two people with blue eyes,
                   they'll each see one person with blue eyes, then the second
                   day, when they realize the other person didn't commit
                   suicide, they figure out that there must be two people with
                   blue eyes, so they must have blue eyes, so they commit
                   suicide.  Etc.  n=28.  It's a stupid problem.  -tom
                   \_ But why do they wait one day? Doesn't the king say
                      you are supposed to kill yourself immediately?
                      \_ they don't know until they've seen everyone else.
                         they see everyone else once a day.  Like I said,
                         it's a stupid problem.  -tom
                   \_ "when they realize the other person didn't commit
                      suicide, they figure out that there must be two people
                      with blue eyes, so they must have blue eyes"... I don't
                      follow this logic. Wouldn't a person with brown eyes
                      think the exact same thing, leading to false suicides?
                      I guess what I'm wondering about is how would the first
                      blue eyed person know to commit suicide.
                      \_ No. Assume he sees everyone else in town each day
                         and knows exactly the number of people with brown
                         eyes and blue eyes, except himself, and has the
                         ability to deduce how many should be dead after
                         the Nth day.
                   \_ The fun part is the 29th day where everyone commits
                      suicide because they haven't seen anyone with blue
                      eyes all day long.
                      \_ funny, but wrong.
                         \_ why is it wrong? on the 29th day how do
                            people know that all the blue eyed people are
                            \_ day 28: you see 28 blue-eyed people, who kill
                                       themselves later that day.
                               day 29: you don't see any blue-eyed people.  all
                                       your blue-eyed friends are found dead.
                                       this means you aren't blue-eyed.
        \_ This is old.  This exact same "problem" has been around for
           decades that I know of and maybe longer.  The names change but
           the math stays the same.  Like tom said, it's a stupid problem.
           \_ No, I think it's stupid because it's linked off of ilyas'
              web page.  It must have gotten some of his stupidity by osmosis
              or something. -- ilyas
              \_ fizban needs bat guano.
                \_ that's the name of the fictional game Kirk comes up with
                   TOS episode "A piece of the action"
                   \_ Do you want points for that?
2001/11/8-9 [Politics/Foreign] UID:22979 Activity:moderate 66%like:22988
11/8    Is there any truth to this (Israeli detained for celebrating WTO)?
        \_ are you serious?  look around the website.  I don't know where
           to start, the racist christian identity site banners?
           new world order paranoia?  ok i actually
           agree with
        \_ Well, if I thought it was a credible source I wouldn't have asked
        here on the motd  :-), but just because someone is, say, racist, does
        not mean everything he says is false.  The reason I searched and
        found that article is that an Israeli friend with no sympathy for
        Arabs learned from an Israeli newspaper that a dozen Israeli had been
        detained since 9/11 for simply taping the events and are now
        represented by Alan Dershowitz, something I have never heard of.
        Also, I do distinctively remember in the day of the attack, TV news
        reported "several Middle-eastern looking people were arrested in NY
        after being seen celebrating," just as related in the article above.
        But I never heard what happened to them afterward.
        \_ They were released.
2001/11/4-5 [Politics/Foreign] UID:22931 Activity:high
10/4    please reccomend a power strip that can be given an I.P. Address
        for the purposes of remote hard rebooting?
        \_ Running Windows are you?  Poor bastard.  Power strips won't do that.
           Look into a smart UPS.
            \_ recommendations?  a smart-ups is probably preferable.  I just
                said power-strip because i used to have one that i called to
                reboot.  (you could plug a phone line into it and set # of rings)
                \_ oh that's really bright with all the random-number-dialer
                   telemarketers around.
                   \_ Send $1 to "Happy Dude" at 742 Evergreen Terrace.
        \_ MasterSwitch is $300-500?  Look it up.
        \_ to add to the above, masterswitch is made by APC. http://www.apc.com --jon
2001/9/19-20 [Politics/Foreign] UID:22542 Activity:high
9/19    How did Megawati Sukarnoputri, a woman, become the president of
        Indonesia, an Islamic nation?  Thanks.
        \_ She is Sukarno's daughter.  "The People" believe she is influenced
           by her dead father.  She has actually said in public speaches that
        \_ She is Sukarno's daughter.  People believe she is influenced
           by her dead father.  She has actually said in public speeches that
           to be the leader of some backwards country, it is because they are
           related to some deceased national figure. -crebbs
           her father came to her in a dream and told her ... .  You will
           usually find that when some female is the leader or in contention
           to be the leader of some backwards country, she is related to
           some deceased national figure.  -crebbs
           \_ But I thought females are considered inferior in Islamic
              countries, and men are unwilling to take orders from women.  Not
           \_ Then why is her last name Sukarnoputri instead of Sukarno?
2001/9/19 [Politics/Foreign] UID:22537 Activity:very high
9/19    "[T]here is a minority of intellectual pacifists whose real though
unadmitted motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration of
totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one
side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writings of
younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means
express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain
and the United States. Moreover they do not as a rule condemn violence as
such, but only violence used in defence of western countries." -George Orwell,
"Notes on Nationalism," 1945.
        \_ Yes, my real motive is hatred of Western democracy and
           admiration of totalitarianism.
           \_ It said "minority of .." though, since you are a dumb pacifist
              I guess i shouldn't be able to expect you to read.
              \_ George Orwell needs a writing and "clear thinking" class.
                 \_ Yes, in 1945, Britain is still a imperialist country
                    ruling its colonies in a totalitarian manner.
                    Obviously, George Orwell supports Britain irregardless of
                    Obviously, George Orwell supports Britain regardless of
                    whether it is a imperialistic country or not.
                     \_ no, you are both morons.  George Orwell is arguably the
                        greatest essayist of this century.  He wrote extensively
                        and honostly about Britain's Imperialism.  You two are
                        ignorant idiots.  (and cowards, like me).
                        honostly and criticly about Britain's Imperialism.  You
                        two are ignorant idiots.  (and cowards, like me).
                        two are ignorant idiots. (and cowards, like me). -011
                        \_ whatever.  brave and somewhat coherent i can buy.
                    Obviously, he supports Britain disregarding whether
                    it is a imperilistic country or not.
                     \_  Somone asked if there was a URL (I assume they wanted
                        something in support of my statement).
                        http://www.k-1.com/Orwell/shoot.htm -011
                        \_ okay, that article was entertaining
                \_ Y3AH D00D!!!1!!  TH3N THAT 0RW3LL D0RK CAN CUM BACK 2 S0DA
                   AND M1X 1T UP W1TH TH3 MASTUR K0MMUNIKATORS L13K US WH0
                   R1T3 AN0NYMUS 0N3-L1N3 M0TD P0STS!!!!1!!!!
2001/9/13 [Politics/Foreign] UID:36291 Activity:nil
9/12    U.S. Foreign Policy
2001/9/13 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:22430 Activity:very high
9/13    All we hear is that the FBI is doing this, the FBI is doing that.  Is
        the CIA too embarrassed to come out and is hiding under its pillow?
        \_ The CIA cannot be expected to know everything about every plot. This
           isn't "1984". I think the real culprit is US airport security.
           \_ But it seems like the CIA have missed a lot of big incidents in
              recent years: The fall of Berlin Wall, the fall of USSR, the
              bombing of US Embessies in Africa, the attack of USS Cole, and
              Tuesday's attack, to name a few.
        \_ The CIA is too busy to hold press conferences.
        \_ The CIA has been held back from aggressively defending this nation
           and its interests by the namby pamby love peace dope crowd. Its
           time we let them do *WHATEVER* is required to defend america and
           her people.
        \_ The CIA has been held back from aggressively defending this nation
           and its interests by the namby pamby love peace dope crowd (it all
           started with JFK and the Bay of Pigs). Its time we let them do
           *WHATEVER* is required to defend america and her people.
           \_ The CIA and NSA budget are at least 100 times as large
              as they were duing the Kennedy era. That does not qualify
              as being "held back." How much support will we insist
              on giving these fools before we realize the entire
              system should be scrapped and rebuilt from scratch?
        \_ Executive Order 12333 will be lifted very soon i predict
           But CIA Director George Tenet will lose his job over this.
           \_ What's 12333 about?
              \_ Take a look at:
           \_ do you maybe mean specifically section 2.11 of 12333?
              \_ Most likely sections 2.4-6, 8, 9, 11 and 12 will
2001/9/7 [Politics/Foreign] UID:22345 Activity:very high
9/7     I heard that there's a US military base in Cuba.  Why does Fidel Castro
        allow a US base in his communist country?
        \_ Because he and his puny little shit hole government can't do jack
           about it. If he attacks it, there won't be enough of cuba left
           to call an island.
           \_ "You can't handle the truth!" --jessup
           \_ When was the base at Guantanamo leased to the US?
           \_ Why the fuck don't we just send in the marines and arrest Castro
              and his puny ass?!
              \_ He hasn't broken any laws in the US. DUH.
                 \_ He is a fucking dictator!
2001/8/14-15 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:22112 Activity:high
8/14    What's the purpose of an air show with military aircrafts?  Why would
        a country want to let other countries know what their jet fighers
        can and cannot do?
        \_ intimidation
        \_ in this day and age, it can be an advertisement -- buy my MIGs!
        \_ it's a major recruiting tool, and PR stunt. Plus what they show
           at the shows is already known. The airshows held in the states
           are for the public and are quite frankly very boring compared
           to the ones at industry air shows held in UK and Paris. There
           the Russians come and show off their stuff and challenge others
           to do the same (certain Su-27 are more acrobatic than anything but
           the F-22). You get to see things like the An-225 Cossack, too.
           the baddest MF cargo plane on the planet
           \_ Isn't the Su-37 far more acrobatic than the F-22?
        \_ I think Pearl Harbor the recent movie gave away our biggest tactic
           of playing chicken with each other and making the enemy follow and
        \_ The air show is that industry's equivalent of a trade conference.
           All the stuff for public consumption is usually a side product.
           You're not seeing the 3rd worlders in th background writing checks.
2001/7/5 [Politics/Foreign] UID:21714 Activity:very high
7/4     Silly americans, celebrating freedom from taxation by watching
        re-enactments of the last challenger liftoff.
        \_ err.. 8 million lbs of fuel blowing up and taking 7 lives
           is not the same thing as watching gunpowder explode with colors.
           that's pretty insensitive statement. you try being an astronaut
           or find a better country, else shut the fuck up.
           \_ An insensitive Republican? Why, I never would have thought that.
           \_ I think the said comment is in very bad taste, but leave
              it up to a liberal to bring in emotion and 'how I feel' into
              politics.  Government is not meant to make you feel good,
              or be nice to you.  See a shrink if you need dignity and
          \_ it's pretty simple, either love this country or get the fuck out
             \_ I am no country.  I have no style.
2001/6/11 [Politics/Foreign] UID:21474 Activity:very high
6/11    RIH Timothy McVeigh.
          \_ I hope he doesn't rest in peace. rot in hell is quite apt.
             \_ Rot in hell, cool.  I was originally thinking "rest in hell"
                when I wrote it.
          \_ "Relax in Hottub"
        \_ What's the big deal about this guy anyway? Who gives a damn
           whether or not he lives/dies and where he goes after he dies.
           \_ I think a good number of Oklahomans care if he lived/died.
              Where he goes after simply makes for good motd trolling.
              \_ he's not going anywhere, he's gone. eternal void, dust to dust
                \_ What if there was no heaven?
        \_ Explain to me how killing innocents because you were told
             to by the govm't in an attempt to preserve the nation's economic
             health warrants a medal and killing innocents because your
             conscience tells you to in an attempt to reclaim the nation's
             freedom warrants the death penalty.  It seems to me the latter
             is a little higher on the morality scale.
2001/5/14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign] UID:21275 Activity:nil
5/13    Wanted : US military/trade secrets.
        \_ yermom is fat and ugly
           \_ !secret
                \_ now that's just wrong - it's mother's day!
                   \_ every day is yermom's day
        \_ Check the LBL website or ask a foreign visitor.
        \_ contact your friendly local chinese scientist, they are
           more than willing to sell thier souls and this country
           to the dregges of humanity
2001/5/9 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Foreign] UID:21217 Activity:nil
5/8     The US, while having a democratic society with balance of power,
        behaves like a bully internationally. There is no sense of
        right or wrong, good or bad. It only does things that serve
        its own selfish interest, in the name of peace, human rights,
        and so on. It likes to see small trouble in the world so it
        can make a fortune on selling weapons to fuel it's own
        economy, but not too big of a trouble that it cannot control.
        The US was nothing before WWII, and the fortune it made
        selling weapons during WW II is the basis of its economic
        wealth. Like a mouse that has tasted good food, it wants to
        continue sell and develop weapons, and it needs to create a
        market for it. It is NOT in the US's best interest to see the
        world a better and peaceful place, it is NOT in the US's
        interest to see any country that becomes prosperous, their
        citizen lives a good life and becomes wealthy, whether they
        are the enemy or not. It's government works hard to support
        segregation forces that seeks to break apart large countries
        so they have less chance of becoming prosperous and
        independent. Small countries rely on imports more and suffer
        badly from economic sanction, a tool the US can use very
        effectively on small countries that does no obey this self
        proclaimed international cop.

        For the world to be a better place, there needs to be a
        balance of power like the system we have. There needs to be a
        check and balance, and frankly, the US is stirring up flames
        in the world rather than to keep the world a better place.
2001/5/5 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign] UID:21170 Activity:nil
5/4     http://www.vny.com/cf/news/upidetail.cfm?QID=182866 my favorite line:

        China frequently accuses the United States of acting as if it is above
        the law and Friday's commentary said "the Bush administration's
        behavior in the past 100 days has illustrated that an
        ultra-self-centered 'America first' attitude is gaining more ground in
        U.S. foreign policy."

        Imagine that?  America's foreign policy would dare to put American
        interests first?  I'm ashamed to be a citizen of a country that doesn't
        put the rest of the world first....
2001/2/9-10 [Politics/Foreign] UID:20543 Activity:moderate
2/8     Anybody tried mailing seeds outside the country?  Do most countries
        allow this?  I'm sending some seeds to Tunisia, but I'm asking about
        this in general.  Thanks.
        \_ I don't know about shipping seeds out of the country, but I
           have received seeds from out of the country (Chile) just fine.
           \_ most countries will have SERIOUS problem when they got seeds
                from foreign country.  The proper route is to go through
                custom, and it WILL take forever. When you sending the seeds
                out, I doubt U.S. is going to have problem with that, but you
                better check on Tunisia.
                \_ Agree that the legal way is to go through customs.
                   But, I would sooner just send them in a regular
                   envelope, and take my chances.  How are you going to
                   contact the Tunisia plant permit people, anyway?
           \_ I also received seeds just fine from the Netherlands. How
              will anyone know there are seeds in there unless you're
              sending enough for them to sow a whole field? --dim
2000/12/10 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:20059 Activity:high
12/8    Welcome to the United States of Texas. All hail Emporor Bush.
        \_ Your spelling proficency is quite awe inspireing.
           \_ That's how Bush would have wanted it spelled.
                \_ 4 years from now there will be absolutely no
                   difference no matter who's in office: the country
                   is run by bickering idiots who can't get anything done,
                   who care more about their own pockets and party
                   politics than public welfare or the well being of
                   the greater country and world about them.
                   \_ Well, if you had supported someone else
                      during the primaries we wouldn't have had a fucking
                      idiot like Bush or someone as off-the-wall as
                      Gore running against each other.
2000/11/16 [Politics/Foreign] UID:19795 Activity:nil
11/16   Sobering opinion from http://law.com:
2000/10/19-20 [Politics/Foreign] UID:19524 Activity:high
10/18   No middle eastern country is a good country. Let's leave it at that.
        \_ here here!
                \_ that's "hear hear", xenophobic moron
          \_ what does hear hear mean?
             \_ "listen, listen!"
2000/10/17-18 [Politics/Foreign] UID:19500 Activity:very high
10/17   import edu.berkeley.english.mcdonalds.*
        import edu.berkeley.xcf.coolstuff.*
        import edu.berkeley.cs.research.*
        import edu.berkeley.csua.sysadmin.*
        What do you import?
        \_ I don't go in for imports. Buy American.
          \_ Bridgestone tires.  Nuff said?
             \_ Its really to bad that we have given all of our manufacturing
                to asia.
                \_ We didn't "give" anything.
        \_ please supply frame of reference.
           \_ more like "please supply trailing ;"
2000/4/19-20 [Reference/Law, Politics/Foreign] UID:18052 Activity:high
4/20    On Monday April 24, two cyberspace and intellectual property
        specialists from Australia, Brian and Anne Fitzgerald, will be
        visiting Berkeley and giving a talk on recent developments in
        software intellectual property law in Australia.  They are both
        very smart and charming people, and I think you'll find it very
        stimulating to hear what they have to say about issues we've been
        studying through the lenses of another advanced industrial
        economy's laws.  The event will be at 4pm in Rm 124 of Boalt Hall
        (which is on Bancroft near Piedmont).  Hope to see you there.
        \_ Another advanced industrial country?  But you said they're from
           Australia.  I'm confused.  Are they from an advanced industrial
           nation or not?
           \_ Many words for dumb joke.
                \_ What joke?  huh?
                   \_ Redundant
2000/3/21-22 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:17814 Activity:very high
3/20    link:www.yale.edu/implicit/measure3.html
        I'm an Asian male with a strong automatic preference for blacks.
        Is there something wrong with me?
        \_ all that proved to me was I was incapable of remembering which
           key was associated with which keyword.
        \_ White male with weak auto pref. for blacks.  I also associate
           men and women equally with science, apparently.
            \_  apparently your subconscious is not very bright. (not due
                to the weak auto pref. for blacks due to the = men/women).
        \_ I'm a White male with a strong automatic preference for Asians.
           Especially if they happen to be female and hot.  Is there
           something wrong with me?
           something wrong with me?                             -aaron
                \_ me too!              -nickkral
                     \_ me three!  - sky
        \_ Damn rice chaser!
                \_ is that you jj?
        \_ The test is hokey. Definitely not "science" in my book.
           All it shows is the speed of building cognitive relations
           not your "implicit attitudes".. Well what can you expect
           from a liberal arts school like Yale, they have nothing
           better to do than shit like this.
           \_ every school has idiots doing pseudo science.  Yale just
              got 500 million dollars earmarked for expansion of the
              engineering and sciences and they are hiring like mad.  do
              you think berkeley should be judged by the chicano studies
              or sociology departments?
              \_ Do you have a link to this? I'm thinking about going there
                 for grad school in the fall.
        \_ Oh woe!  An online test with no proctor determines we're all evil
           racists!  What next?  I don't think these guys understand that
           what they _think_ they're testing for is not what they're _really_
           testing for.  Even the lower div. Cal psych classes do better than
           \_ I'm betting that the first section always starts with
              "white+good". Which automatically biases ALL takers.
                \_ which association comes up first definitely primes the
                   results.  doesn't seem like this test says anything at all.
              \_ it doesn't.  Not that the test isn't crap.  -aspo who
                 took a couple of tests several times and got way different
                 results each time.
                 \_ You can't take a test several times without 'ruining' the
                    results.  It also isn't appropriate to take a battery of
                    similar memory tests like this and expect valid results.
                    This is really basic psych/cogsci testing methodology and
                    I find it sad that a school like Yale can't get it right.
                    What does that say for the rest of the country's colleges?
                    \_ thankfully, not a goddamn thing.
                        \_ I hope you're right.
                           \_ Your neurotic pseudo-pessimistic generalizations
                              are annoying.  Please stop.
        \_ right, trust a psych experiment conducted by yale over the advice
        of a bunch of anonymous motd posters!
           \_ point being that this isn't an experiment conducted by anyone.
              this isn't a valid test method.  it isn't even bad science.  this
              is something down there with the astrology section of the comics.
        \_ The story about this on Dateline pointed out that just as
            interesting as the results was people's reaction to them.
            \_  Woo hoo!  Thus proving their test group consisted mostly of
                self-"correct"-ing guilty whites.  I'm white and I'm damned
                proud of it.  We built this country.  Blacks are killing it
                from the inner cities outwards.
                \_ It's the chinks that built this country, so fuck you.
                   Go back to Europe white barbarian.  Long live Mao.
                   \_ Shut up, white boy!
                   \_ The Jews built this country.  The Jews built every
                      country.  They are the God's CHOSEN people.  AND they
                      have all the gold.  Again.
                        \_ Not "again".  "Still" is the word you're looking
                           for.   -Mark of Kings
                   \_ What a load of crap!  No slant ever did anything worth
                      half a damn for this country!
                      \_ What did you personally do to build this country
                         besides mouthing off your racist trash?  And
                         by the way, stop using Yahoo.
                         \_ I beat slants like you into place and what's Yahoo
                            got to do with anything?
                      \_ are all CSUA users like this?
                         \_ No.  Only about half the CSUA is slants.
                            \_ What did you personally do to build this
                               country besides mouthing off your racist
                                \_ Already told you, slant boy.
            Most whites felt guilty over preffering whites, but the blacks
            who preferred blacks attributed it to racial pride and overcoming
            the negative images of blacks that pervade american culture/media.
            \_ That's about political correctness.  Sigh.
            \_ SUBTHREAD SUMMARY: Too many sodans have time on their hands to
               troll aimlessly.
               \_ You're an idiot.  Your summary sucks.  Stop 'summarizing'
                  humorous subthreads with your inadequate summaries.
1999/12/1-2 [Politics/Foreign] UID:16985 Activity:high
11/30   O.k. without breaking out the knee-jerk, John Birch society
        nonsense, can someone tell me what is wrong with the WTO?
        N.B.  I don't want to hear from any whiny "their stealing our
        jobs" morons either.  If you don't accept the basic tenent that
        free/open trade is good, you are to far removed from my values
        for any dialogue to be useful.
        \_ What's up with the knee-jerk "free market" is good nonsense?  We
           do not live in a free market economy in the US.  The rest of the
           world is even less free.  IMO, you're confused about the way it is.
        \_ the United States was formed to get away from being controlled
           by foreign governments, but the WTO is superceding US Laws
           overwriting the will of the people of the US, there it is sort
           of like destroying your freedom and giving it back to the New world
        \_ The WTO has only one goal: to make money for it's members at any
           cost.  I'm all forcapitalism but not the free wheeling totally
           open no laws market the WTO fosters.  For those confused about
           the US, we do *not* have a free market economy.  Our economy is
           very controlled and regulated.  That's why you can still drink
           the water and breath the air (mostly).  The WTO version of the world
           would sell you a gas mask, bottled water from their water
           purification plant, and serve you tuna with a healthy amount of
           dolphin mixed in (as long as we still have dolphins and they don't
           harvest the tuna to extinction).  Money at all costs.  There are
           no other considerations to the WTO.  If you like being able to
           breath the air, drink the water, and walk the earth, you'll be
           against the WTO.  It has nothing to do with the JBS.  Free and open
           trade is good, but not totally free everything at the expense of
           the future.
           order scum.
                \_ Exactly.
           \_ What specific US Law is the WTO going to supercede?
              The US is not an isolated nation.  It's going to
              have to trade with other nations, or lose out.  So,
              the question is, given the above, is WTO beneficial
              to the US as compared to no WTO, or a WTO without
        \_ I just love how a group that is nothing more than a glorified
              the US.  I agree that environmental and labor
              concerns should be looked into, but this irrational
              total rejection of it is silly.
              \_ I rationally reject an organisation that seeks to punish the
           \_ urlP?  (riotP?)
                \_ Will that effect my  stock option price ?
                 US and declare illegal our environmental laws because some
                 South Americans were upset that we wouldn't let their
                 polution creating products into our country.  I rationally
                 reject an organisation that seeks to punish the US and
                 delcare illegal our denial of tuna from other nations that
                 was not harvested in a dolphin safe manner.  I rationally
                 reject the WTO and all other multinational mega corps that
                 are responsible to no one.  I rationally reject the One
                 World Government.  I'm willing to trade quite happily with
                 other nations but not at the expense of the environment
                 because other nations find sloppy tuna fishing to be easier
                 and more profitable.
        \_ 1. you are right, it's mostly a bunch of whiney
           "they're stealing our jobs that we would never do for that
            pay anyway" people
           2. They ARE stealing our spelling, apparently.
                \_ woops, speaking of morons, apparently, i can lump me
                   into that group.  However, you are being too kind
                   referring to the their/they're error as a spelling
                   error.  Umm, i mean I MEANT to do that. It's a quote! i
                   was making fun of those people, dummy.
                        \_ No, you just can't spell.  You're an idiot.
        \_  jus love how a group that is nothing more than a glorified
           multinational multi-corporation lobbying group uses a .org
           domain name.  Phillip.
        \_ The WTO overturns local & national laws in the name of fair trade,
           even consumer protection and environmental protection laws.
           \_ Wow. S.O. couldn't convince the consumers pollution is good.
              It couldn't convince the government. It couldn't BRIBE the
              government. So now it's trying to make the government
              \_ what's S.O.?
                 \_ Standard Oil
1999/11/12-15 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign] UID:16869 Activity:low
11/11   Anybody know of a web site (gov't or otherwise) that have economic
        data like M1 and M2 numbers?  Thanks.
        \_ ask a better question.
        \_ Probably one of the links from
           will have money supply stuff.  They definitely have "economic
           data" in general.
1999/8/2 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Foreign] UID:16223 Activity:high
8/2     http://www.cnn.com/TECH/computing/9908/02/ucita.idg
        Now, it is legal for Microsoft's Windows 2000 to use the internet
        to check the validity of the license, and disable Win2000 remotely.
        This is BAD for pirates like us.
        \_ Can you say "input firewall rule"?
           ipchains -A input -j REJECT -s <DEAD>.microsoft.com<DEAD>
        \_ it is? all you have to do is blackhole *.microsoft.com via
           routing. But the UCITA is bad for other reasons.
        \_ Its already dangerous to put a windoze machine on the net.
        \_ pirates can surely still crack the licensing mechanism.
           \_ such as ... ?
        \_ This sounds like a great ODS attack.  Can anyone say bo2k plug-in?
1999/3/23 [Politics/Foreign] UID:15633 Activity:nil
3/22    Call your representatives in the government to protest against
        US invasion of the soverign state of Yugoslavia.  You cannot
        bomb a country because it refuses to secede an integral part of
        its territory.
        \_ unpalatable as it may be, killing Yugos by NATO will occur.
           In the final analysis, I think this will turn out to be a good,
           albeit painful thing ...
1998/10/7 [Politics/Foreign] UID:14744 Activity:insanely high
10/06   Lila is unfit to be root.
                \_ Mr Anonymous is, of course, the ultimate authority.
                   We should trust him.  He will lead us out of the darkness.
                   \_ Let's give Mr Anonymous root!
        \_ sodomize lila!
                \_ Already did.  What of it?
        \_ Lila is the coolest.  It is not acceptable to diss Lila.
           In the old country, our people would put a cap in the ass
           of anyone who disses Lila.  I've been very happy with the
           way Lila has performed as root.   -thepro
           \_ But who cares what "your people" would do in the old country,
              because the closest thing the old country has to a computer is
              a 1952 Burroughs mechanical adding machine that your cousin
              Guido stole from the US Embassy's trash heap.  And "root" is
              something that they dig up at the stroke of midnight and rub
              on warts to keep witches away . . . YOU'RE AN AMERICAN NOW,
              LIKE ONE.
                \_ I didn't write the above, but I'd like to enlist
                   whoever did in the Buchanan brigades with me.  -ax
1993/9/10 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:31398 Activity:nil
9/8     The National Performance Review - Vice President Al Gore's report on
        reinventing government is now available in http://sunsite.unc.edu via WWW,
        gopher, ftp and wais. (Use "gopher http://sunsite.unc.edu" to get there)
1993/6/25 [Reference/History, Politics/Foreign, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31370 Activity:nil
3/31    Just a reminder that things which appear below the dotted
        line could have been written by anyone, regardless of what
        signature appears on the end, and don't necessarily reflect
        what actual CSUA policy is.

Cory Notes:

If you see an unattended package/backpack/padded envelope in the public
computing areas, leave it alone and call the building manager, Aleta Cook.

This is at the request of an admin-type-chick from upstairs.

There is a rash of mail bombs going off in academic institutions across
the country right now ... Cory Hall has been victimized twice in the past
(mid 80's).  There are rumors that the FBI actually believes this recent
wave is in fact related to the same source that caused the two bombings
in Cory in the past.
2020/08/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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