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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/1/9-2/6 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:54284 Activity:nil
1/9     http://mariamz.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/disqus-data-shows-pseudonymous-commenters-are-best
        MOTD is the best!
2011/11/22-2012/1/10 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:54241 Activity:nil
11/22   Fox News viewers less informed than non-news viewers:
        \_ More details: Fox News viewers are less informed even after
           controlling for education, party affiliation, gender, and use
           of other news media!  Also, "non-news viewers" means people who
           consumed no news media at all in the past week -- no newspapers,
           no news websites, no political blogs, not even The Daily Show.
2011/8/1-12 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:54149 Activity:nil
8/1     What the Tea Party looks like from overseas:
       \_ the best part is when the baby throws the poo in his diaper at
2011/5/5-7/30 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:54104 Activity:nil
5/4     So, Bin Laden, star of Fox News, dies at 51.  But really the
        question is, when are we declaring war on pakistan for
        1. harboring a known terrorist
        2. taking our money ($ billions) for "antiterror" operations?
        Clearly we got scammed here.
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/9/7-30 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:53949 Activity:nil
9/5     "Report: Castro blasts Ahmadinejad as anti-Semitic" - Yahoo! News:
        "HAVANA - Fidel Castro criticized Iranian President Mahmoud
        Ahmadinejad for what he called his anti-Semitic attitudes and
        questioned his own actions during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962
        during interviews with an American journalist he summoned to Havana to
        discuss fears of global nuclear war."
        What surprises!
        \_ we don't care. fuck off.
        \_ Another one: "Report: Castro says Cuban model doesn't work"
           \_ Better late than never.
           \_ Cuba to lay off 1/2M government workers:
        \_ http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/aug/22/mahmoud-ahmadinejad-iran-bomber-drone
           Ahmadinejad said the unmanned aerial vehicle ... had "a main
           message of peace and friendship" and in the next sentence he
           describes the long range bomber 'as "an ambassador of death"
           to Tehran's enemies.'
2010/4/7-15 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:53777 Activity:nil
4/7     Fox being criticized by conservatives for being too conservative:
2010/3/5-30 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:53742 Activity:nil
3/5     Like it or not, Michelle Malkin is a lot wealthier and
        financially savvy than most of you ranting liburals out there:
        \_ Who's she?
           \_ She is a 'conservative' pundit, so stupid and annoying that she
              makes Anne Coulter look brilliant and charming by comparison.
        \_ I don't know if having a wildly popular blog sell for lots of $
           because the public is enamored with your particular brand of stupid
           really constitutes "savvy".  Would you call some hack romance
           novelist "financially savvy" just 'cause they managed to rack
           up the $$? -phuqm
        \_ " ... for an undisclosed sum." How much, $100?
2009/10/21-11/3 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:53461 Activity:low
10/21   WSJ on the current right-wing paranoia.  emarkp, this one's for you.
        http://csua.org/u/pcc           --center-right R.
        \_ meh. Was the author asleep from 2001-2008?
                                        -moderate extremist
        \- Richard Hofstadter is really good. Significantly related and also
           worth reading, "Anti-Intellectualism in American Life".
        \_ It is bizarre tha a writer in a Murdoch paper would decry the
           influence of Fox News on the public discorse.
2009/10/9-22 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:53439 Activity:kinda low
10/9    Will Glen Beck's head explode?
        \_ Oh, I'm sure he'll rant and rave.  What else is new?
           Of course, giving Obama the peace prize is dumb, but it's a step
           up from Al Gore.  At least a dozen steps up from Arafat.
           \_ Kissinger beats them all.
              \_ Kissinger stunk, but worse than Arafat?  I dunno. That's close.
                 Granted, Kissinger was well before my time.
                 \_ I think massive secret bombing of Cambodia is a lot
                    worst than anything Arafat may have done.
           \_ Arafat, Peres and Rabin shared the prize in 1994 for bringing
              an end a 50 year long war between Egypt and Israel and finally
              bringing lasting security to Israel. Two of the three were
              assassinated by extremists from their own country in the next
              decade. Arafat himself was the subject of an assisnation attempt
              decade. Arafat himself was the subject of an assassination attempt
              for his work. It was actually one of the clearest cases in history
              where the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to people to really
              deserved it. The wing-nut brigade in the US hates the award,
              but they hate the idea of Peace period.
        \_ Which one do you want to go away if you had just one choice:
           Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter?
             \_ Michelle Malkin
           \_ I love them both. "Never interrupt your opponent when he is
              making a mistake."
2009/7/29-8/6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:53220 Activity:nil
7/28    Cougars are swapping advice on dating young men:
        \_ Why didn't they have "cougars" when I was 21?
           \_ there have been cougars since the dawn of mankind, which is
              1970. Dustin Hoffman and Mrs. Robinson. Your problem was that
              the cougars talked to each other, and they agreed that you
              were not something they wanted.
2009/5/31-6/4 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:53064 Activity:nil
5/31    Randall Terry celebrates murder of George Terrill.
        \_ http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2009/05/31/tiller/index.html
           O' Reilly has been calling for his head for years.
2009/5/13-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52994 Activity:high
5/13    THE DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST PARTY!  Oh man, this is awesome.
        \_ The GOP is Godwining itself. It is an amazing thing to watch.
        \_ GOP is Godwining itself. It is an amazing thing to watch.
           \_ What's actually hilarious is that you believe this is some new
              kind of phenomenon that has never happened before.
                \_ Like when?  Say in the last 60 years?
                \_ less hilarious: your patholigical need to put down
                   a total stranger.
                   \_ pot. kettle. black.
              \_ Yes, it has happened overseas, but not really here, or has it?
                 The Democrats after 1968 kind of went nuts too, but not quite
                 this extremely.
                 \_ Comparing this to 1968 is a bit different.  That was the
                    party exploding from within combined with a serious change
                    to the political landscape.  What are the republicans
                    going to war against?  Do you seriously think this is
                    the same kind of situation?
                    \_ Yes, in some ways. The Democrats in 1968 had come off
                       36 years of dominating American politics and sort of
                       forgot that they had to worry about the opposition, so
                       they pulled themselves apart with intercine warfare.
                       The Republicans are in a similar state, having dominated
                       American politics for 26 (at least) years. They have
                       American politics for 26 (at least) years. They
                       are now where the Dems were after their disastrous
                       Chicago convention. We have yet to see the Republican
                       McGovern, but I am confident we will in 2012.
                       \_ But who will write "Fear And Loathing on the Campaign
                          Trail 2012?"
        \_ It is just a matter of time before a big successful party
           implodes. It happens to everything, and anything. I'll
           give the Dems 8-20 years before it implodes again. History
           will repeat itself.
           \_ This one seems exceptionally crazy.
           \_ This one seems exceptionally crazy.  We are talking the RNC
              here, not some splinter group foaming at the mouth.
              \_ The SDS had a huge impact on the Democratic Party and was
                 one of the primary actors that led to its splintering. The
                 current batch of Limbaugh/Coulter/Palin/Malkin is no more
                 (or less) foaming at the mouth than the New Left leadership
                 of the SDS was in the late 60's.
                 (or less) foaming at the mouth than the leadership
                 of the New Left was in the late 60's.
                 \_ SDS->Demoractic Party is nothing like
                    RNC->Republican Party.
                    \_ TeaBaggers->Republican Party
                     \_ Only if you buy that the tea baggers were grass
                        roots.  I don't.
2009/4/13-15 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52846 Activity:nil
4/11    Republicans promise mass teabagging event on 4/15:
        http://tinyurl.com/cokzrk (HuffPo)
2009/2/13-16 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52567 Activity:low
2/13    Sept. 11 widow killed in Buffalo plane crash:
        http://www.csua.org/u/nih (news.yahoo.com)
        \_ Was she one of those "9/11 harpies" that Ann Coulter warned us about?
        \_ Was she one of those "9/11 harpies" that Ann Coulter warned us
           \_ Ann coulter has been pretty awesome since she got her jaw wired shut
2009/1/28-2/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52482 Activity:nil
1/28    Republicans in power?  More Republicans on TV!  Republicans out of
        power?  More Republicans on TV!
2009/1/11-13 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:52356 Activity:moderate
1/11    Joe The Plumber: the media should be abolished
        \_ Can you please just let this idiot go away already?
           \_ I would, but the media won't.  "Pajamas Media" hired him as a
              "Gaza war correspondent," and he still gets FoxNews/CNN face time.
              "Gaza war correspondent," and he still gets FoxNews/CNN face
               \_ Because you still pay attention to the idiot.
2008/12/19-28 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52282 Activity:nil
12/19   "Obama has proved himself repeatedly to be a very tolerant, very
        rational-sounding sort of bigot."
        \_ John Cloud?  The guy who wrote the puff piece on Ann Coulter in
           \_ And defended Coulter calling Edwards a faggot if I
              remember correctly.
        \_ welcome to america, if you don't like it, GET OUT
2008/12/8-11 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52198 Activity:nil
12/9    Takeover strike:
2008/12/3-8 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52153 Activity:nil
12/3    When politicians lose elections, they often claim it's because the
        voters were stupid.  Here's an interesting new survey:
        - 35 % of McCain voters got 10 or more of 13 questions correct.
        - 18% of Obama voters got 10 or more of 13 questions correct.
        - McCain voters knew which party controls congress by a 63-27 margin.
        - Obama voters got the 'congressional control' question wrong by 43-41.
        - Those that got 'congressional control' correct voted 56-43 for
        - Those that got 'congressional control' wrong voted 65-35 for Obama.
        Audiences of Fox News got 'congressional control' correct 64-25
        Audiences of CNN got 'congressional control' correct 48-38
        Audiences of Network news got 'congressional control' correct 48-39
        Audiences of print media got 'congressional control' correct 52-37
        Audiences of MSNBC got 'congressional control' correct 55-35
        Audiences of talk radio got 'congressional control' correct 61-29
        \_ How many of those McCain voters still believe that one's
           sexual inclination is a matter of CHOICE despite scientific
           studies and consensus from the scientific community, and that
           gayness can be cured by God?
        \_ I'm not surprised. Average and mediam McCain voters are much much
           older and thus have more time to absorb information. Having that
           said, there is a big distinction between knowledge and
           intelligence. McCain voters may know more about congressional
           control but their stubborness and intelligence says something
           else completely about them.
        \_ This says more about the media than about the voters
        \_ I remember when a majority of Bush voters in 2004 thought that we
           had found WMD in Iraq.
        \_ It helps to have a link to the survey.
           \_ But if he linked to it, the biases would become way too obvious!
            \_ DingDingDingDing!
        \_ I agree with you, it is the Media's Fault that McCain lost. All
           you Republicans need to do is swing hard right, nominate Palin
           and do everthing you can to get your message out. The best way
           to do this is send hundreds of emails directly to reporters,
           correcting all the errors and biases in their reporting.
2008/11/20-21 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52058 Activity:low
11/20   So I remember when WND and their motd.followers started calling
        the genocide in Rwanda, the "Clinton genocide" because he did
        nothing while it happened. Are you all calling the Congo
        and Sudan massacres the "Bush genocide's" as well?
        \_ This would require a level of introspection that has been
           prominently lacking in WND and Bush apologists.
2008/11/19-23 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52040 Activity:nil
11/19   O'Reilly show visits SF
        \_ It is good for his hate filled viewers to see where their new
           leaders are from.
        \_ Look, O'Reilly and Al Qaeda are in agreement:
2008/11/17 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52017 Activity:kinda low
11/18   Newtie G. warns that "gay and secular fascism" is a
        "very serious threat."
        \_ We are coming for your children.
           \_ Except for the one that smells like cheese. You can keep that
              \_ Those taste good when wrapped in batter and pan fried
        \_ There is a serious struggle between the forces of reason and
           tolerance and those who would jail gays, put blacks back on the
           plantation and teach creationism in schools, so Newt is basically
           right. Except the "facism" part, that is just him projecting what
           he thinks the other side would do if (when?) we win from his own
2008/11/17 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52010 Activity:moderate
11/18   I hate the 'FDR prolonged the Great Depression' meme.
        \_ Yah, facts are messy things.
           \_ meme != fact
        \_ Which of your LOLECONOMISTs think FDR prolonged the Great Depression?
           Please post a few who do not write for WorldNetDaily.
        \_ Which of your LOLECONOMISTs think FDR prolonged the Great
           Depression? Please post a few who do not write for WorldNetDaily.
           -10 pts for BSTEIN and GWILL.
2008/11/6-13 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51862 Activity:nil
11/6    Has anyone been monitoring Fox News? What has O'Reiley and
        Sean Hannity been saying about the election? Have they begun
        trashing Obama yet?
2008/11/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51826 Activity:nil
11/4    CNN say Obama 52% McCain 44% while FoxNews says 49/49 each.
        What's up with the discrepancy?
2008/10/29 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51720 Activity:low 72%like:51811
10/29   I have the day off.  I'm gonna watch Fox all day. WHEEEEEEE
        \_ Fox is perfectly fine. Fox News editorial on the other hand...
           gotta love Sean Hannity and that angry bald dude. Anyways,
           I applaud you for gathering "intelligence" on the other side.
2008/10/17 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51558 Activity:nil
10/16   Glenn Becks to join Fox News. Bahahahahahahahaha it's about time.
        The guy's fucking annoying on CNN.
        \_ As bad as he is, he still won't pull down the average IQ at Faux
           News.  Damn he's a moron, of the Palin level grade.
2008/10/6-9 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51399 Activity:nil
10/6    Hannity doesn't mind anti-Semites, as long as they don't like Obama!
2008/9/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51226 Activity:nil 60%like:51220
9/18    I'd like to quote out of context from last night's Palin/Hannity
        "I think that’s significant, but even more significant is the role
         that the lobbyists play in an issue like this also. And in that
         cronyism — it’s symptomatic of the grade of problem that we see right
         now in Washington and that is just that acceptance of the status quo,
         the politics as usual, the cronyism that has been allowed to be
         accepted and then it leads us to a position like we are today with so
         much collapse on Wall Street."
        NO CONTENT AT ALL.  I have not read any economist or Treasury figure
        blame 'cronyism' or 'politics as usual' for our economic meltdown.
        I guess I really must be out of mainstream America if this crap works.
        I am a little in awe and in shock at how shallow our future President
2008/9/18 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51220 Activity:nil 60%like:51226
9/18    Fuming motd liberal here.  I'd like to quote some of Palin's interview
        with Sean Hannity from last night:
        "I think that’s significant, but even more significant is the role
         that the lobbyists play in an issue like this also. And in that
         cronyism — it’s symptomatic of the grade of problem that we see
         right now in Washington and that is just that acceptance of the
         status quo, the politics as usual, the cronyism that has been allowed
         to be accepted and then it leads us to a position like we are today
         with so much collapse on Wall Street."
        I'd like to point out her RESPONSE HAS NO CONTENT AT ALL.  HOLY
        JESUS we are so screwed.
2008/9/16-19 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51197 Activity:nil
9/16    Make sure you watch the video before reading the story
        \_ Am I a bad person for thinking this is insurance fraud?
           \_ Where's it say his shit was insured?
2008/8/25-31 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:50958 Activity:nil
8/25    Pajamas Media sent Zombie to Denver, and it's already hilarious
        Apparently there will at least be daily updates
        \_ This is hilarious? Not really. Good coverage of stuff the MSM
           is sure to ignore though.
           \_ should the mainstream media really report on nutjobs with
              al-Sadr banners?
           \_ Dude, if a bunch of pampered white kids marching behind an Al-
              Sadr banner isn't funny, I don't know what is.
              \_ How do you know they are pampered? If he interviewed one and
                 found out he was a Trustafarian that might be funny, but for
                 all you know they are poor kids.
                 \_ Hahaha.  Take a look at those guys.  They are NOT poor.
                    They are rich kids trying to dress how they think angry
                    poor people might dress.
                    \_ You don't know that. I protested after the Rodney King
                       verdict and I was a poor-ass redneck kid in college.
                       \_ A) These ain't the Rodney King protests. B) LOOK AT
                          THEM.  Seriously, have you honestly never met
                          people like this?
                          \_ You are probably right, but you can't tell if
                             someone in jeans and a t-shirt is poor just by
                             looking at them. Everyone I know like this lives
                             pretty cheaply, but they all come from middle-class
                             pretty cheaply, but they all come from middle-
                             class backgrounds.
        \_ Fox New's take:
          Fuck Fox "News" indeed.
2008/7/28-8/3 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:50712 Activity:nil
7/28    Tennessee church shooter was a big O'Reilly, Savage, Hannity fan.
        Chose church in part because it was gay-friendly
        \_ But it isn't terrorism if it was done by white guys.
        \_ This is a good argument for CCW into church with you.
        \_ Expect more of these kinds of melt downs from Bush supporters.
                                                         \_ Terrorists.
                                                            This is what
                                                            terrorism is.
2008/7/12-15 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:50547 Activity:nil 72%like:50545
7/12    You stay classy lefties
        http://preview.tinyurl.com/66bphh [ap.google]
        \_ You pick out one obscure blogger that gets, what, one hundred
           hits a day, as representing "lefties?" I am sure Herr Coulter
           says more disgusting things daily and millions follow her every
           \_ I pointed to the AP.
              \_ What about that AP story is offensive to you?
2008/7/12 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:50545 Activity:nil 72%like:50547
7/12    You stay classy lefties
2008/7/9-11 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:50507 Activity:low
7/9     Turns out, Fox News is the favorite channel for Dems
        FNC (31% Democratic): 491,350 Dem viewers
        CNN (45% Democratic): 432,450 Dem viewers
        MSNBC (48% Democratic): 328,800 Dem viewers
        \_ Uh, that just says Fox News is the most popular channel overall.
           lrn2statistics please.
        \- maybe it's the "you spurned hillary and now i am going to vote
           for mccain but you already knew i was a moron for supporting
           a pandering liar" crowd tuning in to watch Howard Wolfson, Fox's
           latest hack.
        \_ I'm a moderate, but my liberal friends accuse me of being a
           Republican. They always say that I parrot Fox News and Rush
           Limbaugh, but I don't pay attention to either. They do. They
           claim they want to see what the other side is doing. These
           numbers don't surprise me at all. No wonder Dems have a messed
           up idea about Republicans - they get all their info from Faux News.
           \_ Who should we be getting our ideas about Republicans from?
              Ann Coulter, the best selling conservative author of all time?
              Rush Limbaugh, the most popular conservative radio host?
              \_ How about Barry Goldwater, Alan Greenspan, GWB (first),
                                                            \_ I think the
                                                               acronym is
                 Arlen Specter, Colin Powell, AHNOLD, Rudy Giuliani, and
                 the Rockefeller Republicans? Coulter and Limbaugh are
                 trying to get ratings/sell books and the religious right
                 is it's own scary faction. I don't judge the Democratic
                 party by the actions of morons like Michael Moore.
                 \_ Other possibilities include George Will, Tom Campbell,
                    and Milton Friedman.
                    \_ All RINOs.
                       \_ Right. Any Republican that doesn't meet your
                          stereotype is a RINO.
                          \_ It was DeLay and Rove that purged all the
                             moderates from the Party, not me. Your own
                             Right Wing invented the term RINO.
2008/6/25-30 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:50369 Activity:nil
6/25    "I really didn't love America until I was deprived of her company."
          -John McCain
        Fox edited this comment out of a transcript and never broadcast it.
        \_ This guy thinks it was edited out because it's too similar to
           Michelle Obama's comment?  Huh, I guess I don't see this similarity.
           Mrs. Obama's comment sounds kind of shallow and self-serving,
           McCain's seems more sincere.
           \_ How so? I think they both sound sincere.
2008/6/12-13 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:50237 Activity:kinda low
6/11    Fox News: Not even trying to hide the racism anymore
        \_ http://sadlyno.com?  Pst. Nice try.
        \_ MSNBC, now officially part of the Obama campaign. And?
         \_ First, you are wrong.  But even if you are that's not the case.
           \_ First, you are wrong.  But even if you are that's not the issue.
              It's not that Fox is blatently pro-R.  I expect that.  It's that
              Fox is being pretty damn racist.  I'm not cool with "anti-Obama"
              turning into "stoke the flames of ugly racism."  And calling
            Obama's wife his "baby mama" is pretty fucking obviously
            racist overtones.  Then again, this is the same network that
            let's Bill O'" my god black people eat with knives and forks"
            Reilly on the air.
              Obama's wife his "baby mama" is pretty fucking obviously  racist
              overtones.  Then again, this is the same network that let's Bill
              O'" my god black people eat with knives and forks" Reilly on the
              \_ You know Michelle called Barack her "babby daddy", right?
                 \_ So what?  Seriously.  If you don't see that Fox is not so
                    subtly painting Michelle Obama as an uppity angry black
                    woman you have your head in the sand.  I don't care
                    if you don't like Obama.  At this point I don't care
                    when it comes to Fox being a shill for the Republican
                    party.  But I do care when then the anti-Obama strategy
                    is to pander to racism.  Then again what else do you
                    expect from a party that pretty much has no way to win
                    unless they pander to hate.
                    \_ Yeah, I wish the Dems would knock that off too.
                 \_ Obama is Malkin's Baby Daddy? This explains everything.
2008/6/10-13 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:50220 Activity:nil
6/10    the 'terrorist fist jab' Fox anchor lost her time slot.  I am glad
        to see that the people who run Fox News thought her comment was pretty
        inane too.
        \_ who? what?
           \_ http://www.google.com/search?q=fox+terrorist+fist+jab
2008/6/9-12 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:50200 Activity:nil
6/9     aazif mandi is my hero.
        \_ Do you people get all your news from The Daily Show?
           \_ Statistically, no: http://preview.tinyurl.com/4nkuwn
2008/6/6-10 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:50168 Activity:nil
6/6     http://www.google.com/news?q="fist+bump" - danh
        \_ Gag. And 1000 reporters jizz in their pants.
           \_ Heil!
        \_ Behind the times: http://youtube.com/watch?v=JUUIBJme-bg
           (Bud commercial)
        \_ http://mediamatters.org/items/200806060007
           It wasn't a fist bump it was a "terrorist fist jab"!  Go Fox!
2008/3/23 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49544 Activity:nil
3/23    When will Sean Hannity reject and denounce Neo-Nazi Hal Turner?
2008/3/21-25 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:49531 Activity:kinda low
3/21    "Why associate myself with Reverend Wright in the first place, they
         may ask? Why not join another church?"
        That's obama being quoted, the very next line is K saying:
        "But that is not the question. The question is, Why didn't he leave
         that church?"
        Umm, "join another church" implies "leave that church" pretty damn
        strongly.  Obama spends quite a bit of a 30+ minute speach
        answering this question (fairly well imho).
        \_ The public agrees with you.
           http://preview.tinyurl.com/2km3hf [cbs[
           \_ that's a bad sign, enough that I'll add here that Ks
              "moral equiv." point is (his 1) reasonable (point). -top
              "moral equiv." point is (his 1) reasonable (one). -top
               \_ Why is it a bad sign?  More to the point, What the
                  HELL are you trying to say.  Language is communication.
                  You should try it sometime.
        \_ You misunderstand.  It's not "why not join another church now", it's
           "why didn't you leave that one as soon as you realized it was crazy".
        \_ You misunderstand.  It's not "why not join another church now",
           it's "why didn't you leave that one as soon as you realized it
           was crazy".
           \_ Because it wasn't crazy.  You should pay more attention.  Perhaps
              there is more to this church than a few inflammatory sound bites.
              \_ Anyone who believes that HIV was CREATED by the USA to kill
                 the black race is crazy.  Just like those who believe the moon
                 landing was a hoax, etc.
           \_ You mean the "crazy radical pastor" who was courted by the
              Clintons while they were in the white house, who served as
              a Marine, and who attended to LBJ in a hospital while he was
              a corpsman?
              How about some "fair and balanced" coverage:
              Especially amusing is that "chickens coming home to roost"
              was actually him quoting a Fox News commentator!
              \_ Was "God Damn the USA" a quote?  Was US of KKK-A a quote?  Was
                 his open hatred of white people a quote?  No.  Sorry, the guy
                 is a racist nutjob.  Doesn't matter what his prior services
                 was.  Funny, he says "we took this country by terrorism".
                 Yah, that kind of moral relativism doesn't fly.
                 \_ So you do think only in soundbites.  Sorry.
           \_ http://urltea.com/2zti [Andrew Sullivan]
              Sounds like a good reason to me. Other posts there in this vein.
              "I worked four years as a teacher in the Black community in
               Oakland in the early 90's and these ideas from Wright's
               sermons were endemic." Only way to change them is from the inside.
               sermons were endemic." Only way to change them is from the
           \_ http://urltea.com/2ztu [Andrew Sullivan]
              Here the full text of Wright's sermon. He was quoting someone else
              who said "we took this country by terrorism".
              I must say, this sermon is a lot more engaging and interesting than
              anything I ever heard as a Catholic.
              Here the full text of Wright's sermon. He was quoting someone
              else who said "we took this country by terrorism".
              I must say, this sermon is a lot more engaging and interesting
              than anything I ever heard as a Catholic.
2008/3/20-24 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49513 Activity:nil
3/20    Majority does not think Obama shares Wright's views
        \_ Fox News on Obama: We wish him well.
           \_ That article has no mention of Obama.
              \_ We wish you well.
           \_ Isn't Fox News in a ratings free-fall?
2008/3/19-21 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49500 Activity:nil
3/19    If Ann Coulter had live-blogged the Gettysburg Address
        http://csua.org/u/l2n (samefacts.com)
2008/3/17 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49473 Activity:nil 90%like:49475
3/17    Oops, Obama was at the hate sermon
        \_ Wait, I thought the newsmax line was that Obama was really
           a closet Muslim. Which one is it?
        \_ This story was already debunked.  Sorry.
           \_ link?
              \_ http://factcheck.barackobama.com/factcheck/2008/03/16/fact_obama_did_not_attend_serv.php
                 \_ newsmax is a much more reliable source than the liberal
                    biased NYT.
                    \_ Teehee.  The newsmax story argues for something that
                       appears to have been physically impossible. But I guess
                       three separate cites debunking your precious fantasy
                       aren't enough, so please continue to stand by it.
                       Also, the NYT link is to a column by William Kristol,
                       not exactly a member of the vast left wing conspiracy.
                       He has retracted the "fact" at the top of his column,
                       you will note.
           \_ Kessler says he's standing by his story.
              \_ Apparently Davis, who is a freep poster, "lost his notes."
                 This shit is laughable.  Are you really going to stand by
2008/2/20-22 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49200 Activity:moderate
2/20    Solar variability is almost certainly not driving global warming:
        http://preview.tinyurl.com/yof847 (arstechnica.com)
        \_ This is useful.  Hope this settles the issue.
        \_ "probably." You know how to tell the difference between a
           liberal and conservative agenda? Liberal languages are weak.
           liberal and conservative language? Liberal languages are weak.
           "Probabily. Probabistically speaking. It is possible that...
           There may be a contributing factor..." etc etc.
           As for conservative agenda? It's always "It is certain that"
           "many people think" and "experts believe..."
           Guess which language appeals to the common people? ding ding
           ding, the conservative language!
           \_ It is undoubtedly absolutely 100% certain that solar variability
               is probably not driving golbal warming."
              definitely is probably not driving golbal warming.
              \_ Indenpendent speak
           \_ "Many people think" and "experts believe" are what are called
              "weasel words."
              \_ That is what FoxNews uses a lot.
           \_ I replaced "probably" with "almost certainly." Is that better?
2008/2/1-7 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49050 Activity:nil
2/1     Will there be a better 5 minutes of TV this year than this?
        Anne Coulter says she prefers Hillary over McCain
        \_ So do I. And? -emarkp
           \_ Really? Just out of curiosity, why?
           \_ What is your stance on the Iraq war?      -anon coward
        \_ I couldn't watch more than the first 60 seconds.  Both of them
           are just painful to listen to.  -tom
        \_ Coulter is proof that The Undead are real and walking amongst us.
           Does she regenerate her life force by sucking out the blood of
           small children?
2008/2/1-6 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49049 Activity:kinda low
2/1     Who should McCain add as VP?
        \_ Ann Coulter, for full comedic value
        \_ The mummified corpse of Ronald Reagan.
        \_ Dick Cheney
        \_ Lieberman
        \_ Joe "Can I suck your Republican dick" Lieberman
           \_ This is actually a good idea.
        \_ Obama
2008/2/1-6 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49048 Activity:nil
2/1     Fox News still talking about missing blonde girl:
        \_ So is MSNBC, CNN, the AP, etc.
2008/1/30-2/2 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:49037 Activity:nil
1/30    Fox News getting killed in the ratings
2007/12/29-2008/1/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:48864 Activity:high
12/29   Is Kristol a hypocrite or the NYT selling out? Or both? Or visa versa?
        \_ Or maybe they both recognize the value of including opposition
           voices. -dans
        \_ I find it amusing that you would call the NYT a sellout for
           printing a conservative in the oped pages.  What next?  Having the
           regular article writers doing well researched and unbiased articles?
           And then pigs flying?  When do the flaming frogs fall from the sky?
           \_ I wouldn't call Kristol a conservative.  I would call him
              a delusional fuckhead.  Keep him in the Weekly Standard
              where he belongs, he should quit polluting other places with
              his crap.
              \_ Wow you sure made your point.  Well spoken!
           \_ The NYT already has regular columists that are conservatives,
              but none that have been so consistently wrong about everthing
              as Kristol has been. And I didn't say that the NYT was a
              sellout, I asked what other people thought. I think it is
              mighty strange that they are publishing someone who has been
              such a vocal and adamant critic. Even stranger that he would
              want to run a column in a paper that he claims to despise.
              \_ What's so strange about publishing a vocal and adamant critic?
                 This is precsely who intelligent and informed debate is
                 supposed to work.  Even a brutal critic may make valid and
                 relevant points, and that's worth considering. -dans
                 \_ Bill Kristol does not make "valid and relevant points".
                    He's a wildly dishonest pundit who cofounded and ran a
                    Murdoch mouthpiece, and cofounded and ran PNAC.  He lies
                    in his arguments, in his premises, and in his journalism.
                    He has abdicated his place in what can be considered
                    intelligent and informed debate.  As have you.
                 \_ You're off topic.  That has nothing to do with flaming
                    frogs falling from the sky.
                    \_ E_ROBERT_BORK?  Cool! -dans
                       \_ No.  Flaming frogs from the sky.
                          \_ Yes, E_ROBERT_BORK. -dans
                             \_ Sigh... no.  You're not getting it.  Go ahead
                                and post another bork and let's just be done
                                with it.
                                \_ Do you even know who Robert Bork is? -dans
                                   \_ Yes.  Do you?  Do you know anything about
                                      flaming frogs from the sky?
                 \_ We are talking about Bill Kristol here. He does not
                    contribute to intelligent and informed debate about
                    \_ Again, you have helped educate us all with facts,
                       details, and hard core specifics.  Appreciated.
                    \_ I kind of liked him in "When Harry Met Sally". I
                       never realized he was so into politics.
                 \_ Sure a brutal critic can make valid points. From the
                    pages of another publication.
2007/12/5-7 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:48751 Activity:high
12/5    Fox News just pretends bombshell NIE report doesn't exist
        \_ ^reportA^estimate
        \_ ^report^estimate
         \_ Uhh, no, it's a report.  It might not be right (although
            frankly I trust it a lot more than some anonymous motder)
            but it is still a report.
            \_ NIE not NIR (NI estimate not NI report
             \_ Its a report.  Called the NIE.
            \_ And Evolution's just a Theory!
            \+_ War sells newspapers.
        \_ I gotta say, the NIE report should be pretty big news.
        \_ It was only July that at least one of the guys who signed off on
           this report said Iran was working hard and getting close to
           a working nuclear weapon.  What's the new info in such a short
           period of time?  And why do we believe this report and not the
           numerous previous reports that say otherwise?  Why do we believe
           any of these reports when the Iraq WMD reports were so wrong?
           And these are the same people who completely missed the fall of
           the Berlin Wall and Soviet Union.  I'll read about it in a few
           years looking back.  None of these guys know wth they're talking
           \_ When was the last time they _under_estimated someone's military
              potential/intentions? I think it's safe to take them as a very
              extreme viewpoint and assume the truth is less dangerous than
              they propose.
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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