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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/12/3-5 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54756 Activity:nil
12/3    Remember that money you were going to spend on presents for you
        children this Christmas? Give it to Scott Walker instead:
2013/8/7-9/14 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54726 Activity:nil
8/7     Good article about NSA and the lost trust:
2013/4/24-5/18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54662 Activity:nil
4/24    "Aggressive Girls Put Teenage Boy In Embarrassing State"
        http://www.csua.org/u/zyq (news.yahoo.com)
         \_ my heart bleeds peanut butter 4 the poor kid. -old man
2013/3/16-5/10 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54629 Activity:nil
3/16    Obama has lowered overall per-capita government spending:
2013/2/18-3/26 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/SIG] UID:54608 Activity:nil
2/18    F U NRA:
        http://preview.tinyurl.com/auazy6g (Sandy Hook Truthers)
        \_ http://preview.tinyurl.com/bqreg8d
           This shit makes me weep for America.
        \_ I didn't see any mention of the NRA on that page.  Did you mean "FU
           Crazy Conspiracy Theorists?"  Or do you have this really great
           theory about how this set of nuts is really a front for the NRA?
           \_ The NRA has been encouraging the lunatic fringe for a while now:
              \_ And the only thing in *that* article that even attempts to
                 connect the NRA to conspiracy theorists is the speculation
                 that Operation Fast and Furious might have been an
                 *intentional* colossal fuckup on the government's part.  Do
                 you have anything better?  You realize that Fast and Furious
                 was all about government employees violating just about every
                 gun control law we've got on the books, right?
                 \_ Look the NRA has been trying to stoke insane conspiracy
                    amongst its members for years. I am amazed you would try
                    to defend crap like this:
                    You are deluded about Fast and Furious as well.
                    - Former NRA member, will never give them anther dime.
                    \_ Okay, so the official investigation into Fast and
                       Furious is a sham, but the *other side* are
                       encouraging conspiracy theorists?  Here's a link to
                       what that investigation (by the House Committe on
                       Oversight & Government Reform) did the day after that
                       article came out:
                       They voted to hold your chief boy scout in contempt of
                       Congress for obstructing their investigation.
                       \_ There is a good reason that the House Republicans
                          have an approval rating of 15%.
                          \_ Oh, be fair.  The approval ratings are piss poor
                             for *all* of Congress, not just one side of the
                             Gallup suggests the republicans are a few points
                             lower, and the Democrats a few points higher,
                             averaging out to 15% for all of them.  Here's a
                             few more polls:
                             Everyone hates Congress.
                             \_ Perhaps, but the POTUs doesn't have those kinds of
                                approval ratings. So maybe the chief boy scout is
                                doing the right thing. He is certainly more popular.
                                It takes a special kind of crazy to be a House
                                Republican these days.
                             \_ Perhaps, but the POTUs doesn't have those kind
                                of approval ratings. So maybe the chief boy
                                scout is doing the right thing. He is certainly
                                more popular. It takes a special kind of crazy
                                to be a House Republican these days.
                                \_ I was referring to Attorney General Eric
                                   Holder, not Obama.  Try to keep up.
                                   \_ I believe that the AG is part of the
                                      Executive Branch of government. If you
                                      have AG opinion polls, please do share.
                                      \_ The IRS is also part of the executive
                                         branch.  Do you believe that Obama's
                                         approval ratings are also an analog
                                         for public opinion of the IRS?
                                         \_ Good point. There is this:
                                            Only 56% have even heard of F&F
                                            and only 43% of them believe that
                                            Congress is actually trying to do
                                            anything other than play politics.
                                            So about 25% think it is a good
                                            thing. Being held in contempt of
                                            Congress probably made Holter
                                            more popular, if anything, given
                                            the extremelely low approval of
2012/12/5-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54548 Activity:nil
12/5    Romney is right after all -- our military does need more horses and
        bayonets!  http://www.csua.org/u/y3j  Romney for 2012!
        \_ I'd never considered Romney's campaign as an ad for Revolution,
           but I guess that makes as much sense anything else.
        \_ The tax cut removal is ill timed.
        \_ holy crap. This is scary. US troops are most vulnerable as it is
           highly dependent on technology (satellite, night vision, complex
           communications, drones, ...). You know what country is going to
           do well after massive EMP strikes? 3rd world countries with
           huge population.
           \_ That's how Communist China kept us from winning the Korean War.
2012/11/15-12/18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54534 Activity:nil
11/15   McCain held a press conference blasting White House and demanding a
        classified briefing about the Benghazi attack at the very time when the
        classified briefing was taking place.  http://www.csua.org/u/ydc
2012/11/8-12/18 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:54528 Activity:nil
11/8    Porn Surge Found in States that Helped Erect^H^H^H^H^HElect President
        http://www.csua.org/u/ya5 (http://www.livescience.com
2012/11/6-12/18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54524 Activity:nil
11/6    Four more years!
        \_ Yay! I look forward to 4 more years of doing absolutely nothing.
           It's a much better outcome than the alternative, which is 4 years
           of regress.
           \_ Can't argue with that.
        \_ Massachusetts went for Obama even though Mitt Romney was its
           Governor.  Michigan went for Obama even though Mitt's father was a
           two-term Goverrnor there.  Wisconsin went for Obama even though
           two-term Governor there.  Wisconsin went for Obama even though
           Paul Ryan was Governor there.  New Hampshire went for Obama even
           though the Romneys have a large Summer home there!
           though the Romneys have a large summer home there!
        \_ Obama won handily, the Democrats picked up 3 Senate seats, even
           though they had more to defend and 7 seats in The House.
        \_ Gov. Jerry Brown and his fellow Democrats are on the cusp of a coveted
           supermajority in both the Assembly and Senate, giving them the rare
           power to raise taxes without any Republican support.
        \_ Gov. Jerry Brown and his fellow Democrats are on the cusp of a
           coveted supermajority in both the Assembly and Senate, giving them
           the rare power to raise taxes without any Republican support.
           Let's raise taxes as much as possible until all the rednecks
           move out of California!
           \_ Raise taxes too much and it won't be the rednecks leaving but the upper middle class.
           \_ Raise taxes too much and it won't be the rednecks leaving but the upper
              middle class.
           \_ Raise taxes too much and it won't be the rednecks leaving but
              the upper middle class.
              \_ Hmm, thinking a surtax on pickups and rifle racks might
                 be targeted well enough.
              \_ How rich do you have to be before you stop calling yourself
                 "upper middle class" and start calling yourself rich? -Poor Ass Millionaire
                 "upper middle class" and start calling yourself rich?
                 -Poor Ass Millionaire
                 \_ If you aren't on goverment assistance, you're a white
                    male oppressor who hasn't been paying his fair share
                    (i.e. everything you make). -obamarx
                    \_ You haven't really answered my question here...
                       \_ It's too subjective for someone else to answer for
                          you.  How much money do you need to live your life
                          the way you want to?  How you want to spend your
                          time, where you want to live -- you want someone
                          else to figure out those costs without knowing
                          your situation and desires?  If you're just looking
                          for a number that is "obviously" rich, you'll
                          probably find that most of the country considers
                          everyone who can afford to live in Silicon Valley
                          "rich" (though our salaries are adjusted for the
                          local cost of living, so the whole thing feeds
                          on itself), even those of us working 40-60 hour
                          weeks with mortgages and retirement nowhere in sight.
                          That's why these generalizations are seldom
                          \_ You are rich if you can have a lifestyle that you
                             find luxurious without having to work. -PAM
                             \_ Do you realize that your answer is neither
                                universally accepted (ie, there are plenty of
                                rich people who continue working because they
                                like it), nor does it provide a quantitative
                                answer (a number)?
                                \_ If you work even though you don't have to,
                                   then you are clearly rich. Not having a
                                   quantitative value is a feature not a bug.
                                   \_ And yet we're taxed on absolute dollar
                                      amounts.  When they talk about
                                      increasing taxes on "the rich", you do
                                      realize they're not asking "how do you
                                      *feel*?" on your 1040, right?
2012/11/5-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Reference/Tax] UID:54521 Activity:nil
11/5    "Tax Policy Center in Spotlight for Its Romney Study":
        http://www.csua.org/u/y7m (finance.yahoo.com)
        'A small nonpartisan research center operated by professed "geeks" ...
        found, in short, that Mr. Romney could not keep all of the promises he
        had made on individual tax reform ....  It concluded that Mr. Romney's
        plan, on its face, would cut taxes for rich families and raise them
        for everyone else.'
        I guess Obama is right when he said during the debate that Romney's
        plan is "mathematically impossible".
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2012/11/2-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54518 Activity:nil
11/2    http://www.csua.org/u/y62 (news.yahoo.com)
        "An email message mistakenly sent to Newt Gingrich's list serve
        this morning told subscribers that President Obama would no
        doubt win in 2012 and that they should be more worried about
        Obama's winning in 2016."
2012/10/30-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54517 Activity:nil
10/30   "One of Mitt Romney's biggest supporters, New Jersey Gov. Chris
        Christie, had nothing but praise for President Barack Obama today, ..."
        http://www.csua.org/u/y4j (gma.yahoo.com)
2012/10/25-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54514 Activity:nil
10/25   Palin accuses Obama of "shuck and jive shtick"
2012/10/23-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54512 Activity:nil
10/23   "Obama takes aim at Romney on naval readiness: 'We also have fewer
        horses and bayonets'"
2012/10/22-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54511 Activity:nil
10/22   "Romney Family Investment Ties To Voting Machine Company That Could
        Decide The Election Causing Concern"
        http://www.csua.org/u/y1y (news.yahoo.com)
        "There have already been complaints that broken machines were not
        being quickly replaced in precincts that tend to lean Democratic and
        now, word is coming in that there may be some software issues."
        \_ It won't be close enough to matter.
           \_ Just curious; which way do you see it swinging?
              \_ Obama will solidly win Ohio and with it, the election.
                 Romney might win the popular vote, but it won't matter.
                 \_ So it'll be the reverse of Election 2000.
                    \_ Maybe. More likely Obama will barely win popular
                       vote. I think Nate Silver is as good as it gets.
2012/10/19-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54509 Activity:nil
10/19   Do you think Obama will have to send in troops to put down rioting
        Southern Whites after the election?
        \_ south = stupid
2012/10/19-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54508 Activity:nil
10/19   Obama had Solyndra LLC, and now Roomey has Renewable Energy Development
        Corp.  http://www.csua.org/u/y1a
2012/10/17-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54503 Activity:nil
10/17   This is how election photo ops are created.
        http://www.csua.org/u/xzu (news.yahoo.com)
        \_ "Soup kitchen in Ryan photo op losing donors" http://www.csua.org/u/y0z
           Thank you Ryan!  Thank you very much!
        \_ http://americablog.com/2012/10/romney-ryan-supporters-destroy-photo-opp-soup-kitchen.html
2012/10/16-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54502 Activity:nil
10/16   Cheat sheet for those who plan to watch tonight's debate:
        "What Romney and Obama will say at the debate, and what's the truth"
        http://www.csua.org/u/xz8 (news.yahoo.com)
        \_ http://bindersfullofwomen.tumblr.com
           Pretty much all you need to know.
        \_ http://www.bonkersworld.net/top-donors
           Here are the supporters of Romulans.
           \_ "(Note that this is the cumulated amount for donations coming
              from employees of these companies, not the companies themselves,
2012/10/12-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54497 Activity:nil
10/12   "Climate Solution: Pay True Cost of Fossil Fuels, NASA Scientist Says"
        http://www.csua.org/u/xyg (news.yahoo.com)
        \_ Sounds great, but it would be easier (though by no means easy)
           to end the $5bn in fossil fuel tax subsidies the US has in place.
           And that's merely a third of what we as a nation spend to
           subsidize fossil fuels.
           \_ What other kind of subsidies are there?
        \_ The GOP will never let it happen.
           \_ It's strange that while the GOP supports low tax and small
              government spending in general, they support taxing for the
              purpose of subsidizing gasoline.  Hypocracy?  -- OP
              \_ Old Boy Network: protect the rich, and steal from the
                 less rich. Cf. the I-didn't-need-gubmint-money malarkey.
           \_ you mean the Democraps can never make it happen because
              they're pussies?
              \_ You'd need a real slash-and-burn hard-nose reformer to
                 do the job, and that would guarantee a one-term
                 presidency. No career politician could do it (with the
                 possible exception of Kucinich, but then we're just
                 being silly).
              \_ It would require a filibuster proof majority in The
                 Senate, along with The House and The Presidency.
                 This ain't happening.
2012/4/30-6/1 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54375 Activity:nil
4/30    Commencement speech (your time spent in the frat is worth it!!!):
2012/2/8-14 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Health/Skin] UID:54302 Activity:low
2/8     wtf, 13 year old implanted at school without parent's consent:
        http://tgr.ph/y6upNw (telegraph) -phuqm
        \_ This is what liberals have done to England. If you re-elect
           Obama, you can expect forced contraception and steralization
           Obama, you can expect forced contraception and sterilization
           in America too.
            \_ Right, 'cause Romney would never do anything similar to Obama
               Anyway, don't worry, that won't come to America
                in the next 4 years.  Given longer on the other hand I wouldn't
                be willing to bet my first born. -phuqm
                (also, this wasn't forced unless you want to invoke legalisms)
        \_ Nowhere in this article mentions STDs.
            \_ That's because the article is an apologia for the actions taken
               and talking about STDs would be yet another (as if more were
               needed) argument against the insanity of implanting 13 year
               old girls with contraceptives at school without parental
               consent. -phuqm
               \_ Fair enough.  Thx.  -- PP
        \_ "In some cases, this may include access to contraceptive implants
             from an appropriately qualified professional working within strict
             legal protocols."
             all is quite legitimate, nothing to see here, move along.
             \_ s/legitimate/legal/g.  E.g. staring at hot chicks on the
                streets while walking with your wife is legal, not legitimate.
                 \_ but if you are a Doctor and you tell your wife you thought
                    you noticed an interesting skin condition as a DOCTOR
                    (i.e. "an appropriately qualified professional) you are
                    attempting to legitamize your actions.
                    (also, i'm married not BLIND, wtf, give me a break)
2011/12/14-2012/2/6 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54258 Activity:nil
12/14   'Romney adopts KKK slogan: "Keep America American"'
        http://www.csua.org/u/uzw (http://www.americablog.com
        \_ Not really. He is saying Keep America America.
2011/11/3-30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54210 Activity:nil
11/3    Herman Cain worries that China is trying to develop nuclear
        capability.  http://www.csua.org/u/un0
        \_ All of a sudden Sarah Palin seems smart.
        \_ All of a sudden Sarah Palin seems smart in comparison.
           \_ Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann know to change the subject
              and start parroting right wing rhetoric when they can't answer
              a question (around 90% of the time). Herman Cain hasn't even
              learned how to do that.
2011/10/31-11/30 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:54207 Activity:nil
10/31   "FACT CHECK: GOP lawmakers spin funding tall tales"
        \_ You are surprised that politicians lie?
           \_ No, but I was just amazed that so many lies are packed together.
2011/7/26-8/6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54144 Activity:nil
7/26    Oregon Congressman David Wu says he's resigning - Yahoo! News:
        "Democratic Rep. David Wu of Oregon has announced that he is resigning
        in the wake of allegations that he had a sexual encounter with an
        18-year-old woman."
        Given that:
        1. The Age of Consent in Oregon is 18,
        2. He filed for separation from his wife two years ago,
        why did he need to resign?
        \_ You'll never get it.
           \_ By hook or by crook we will.
        \_ "allegations he engaged in 'aggressive and unwanted sexual
            behavior' with a young woman."
            http://www.csua.org/u/tvu (cbsnews)
            \_ I see.  I guess Yahoo News (Associated Press) didn't tell the
               whole story.  -- OP
            \_ I know I am a sick puppy, but what exactly went on here?
               I want details, the more lurid the better.
        \_ "Amid the frenzy of arm-twisting, debate and reporters swarming
            like bees in a sunflower garden, Representative David Wu, the
            Oregon Democrat who resigned this week amid a sex scandal, sat
            peacefully on the balcony off the speaker’s lobby, awaiting the
            last votes of his career and pulling on a stogie."
            http://is.gd/IMRgL9 [nytimes]
2011/4/26-7/13 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:54094 Activity:nil
4/26    "IMF Bombshell: Age of America Nears End"
        http://www.csua.org/u/t6z (finance.yahoo.com)
        "According to the latest IMF official forecasts, China's economy will
        surpass that of America in real terms in 2016 -- just five years from
        \_ We can turn them into a economy of smoking glass in 5 minutes.
2011/2/28-4/20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:54051 Activity:nil
2/28    "Who Owns the U.S.?"
        Hint: It's not only Mainland China.
        \_ You may find the third segment of this TAL show of interest
           as it talks about what that debt really is or isn't.
2010/11/10-2011/1/13 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:53996 Activity:nil
11/10   "It's Official: The Stimulus Isn't a Waste of Money"
2010/11/7-2011/1/13 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:53999 Activity:nil
11/7    "Manly man: Russia's Putin roars off in F1 race car"
        I bet this is yet another gesture in his master plan of doing something
        opposite to Arnie: transitioning from politician to Hollywood Action
        \_ As long as you don't talk to a unionized teacher, I think many
           people could agree Arnold was about as good a governor as he
           could have been.
           \_ Yeah, those special elections he forced on us which wasted
              millions of dollars for no effect were a great move.
           \_ He was meh. Much better than Davis. Real leaders get things
              done in spite of circumstances.
        \_ (12/12) Putin in entertainment spotlight again:
2010/9/30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53972 Activity:nil
9/30    Will Obama lovers stop kissing his ass long enough to object to his
        desire to wiretap the internet?
2010/9/17-30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53960 Activity:low
9/17    "Report: Los Angeles spent $70 million in stimulus funds to create
        7.76 jobs"
        Yes, that's seven-point-seven-six jobs.
        http://www.csua.org/u/rmu (news.yahoo.com)
        \_ It is Obama's fault?
           \_ Then:  The Buck Stops Here
               Now:  Is it my fault?
        \_ http://www.globalideasbank.org/site/bank/idea.php?ideaId=904
           The Great Recession is even more sad when you realize they have
           the answer.
           \_ I like the turndown, so many things are cheap now, including
              maids, gardners, hookers 'n' blow!
           \_ It was the fact that the community or regional money could be
              used to pay taxes [...] that made it acceptable and successful.
              That is true for all currency, btw. The Fed is inflating the
              money supply as fast as it dares.
              \_ But they're not giving negative interest rates on the money.
                 The whole point of Borgl was to make people spend.
        \_ I <3 my trustfund.  Best times for it. :-)
        \_ Stimulus saved 3M+ jobs, kept economy from second recession says
           non-partisan CBO:
2010/9/15-30 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53959 Activity:nil
9/15    Obama, a Democrat, wants to cut tax, while Greenspan, a Republican,
        wants to raise tax.  Go figure.
        \_ Every now and then wrestlers change from Face to Heel, it's all
           part of the Kayfabe.
        \_ Astonishingly enough, not every Republican nor every Democrat is
           in lockstep agreement on all issues.
           \_ But here we're talking about the top Democrat and the ex-top
              financial Republican.
              financial Republican.  -- OP
2010/7/9-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53877 Activity:nil
7/9     "US began deliberating spy swap well before arrests"
        So all the sayings that Obama was screwed and his "reset of ties" was
        jepordized were all cover-up smoke.  He knew it all along.
        \_ You're seriously buying into this?  This is like swine flu Part 2.
           "Much Ado about Nothing." I think is the term the Brits use.
2010/4/7-15 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:53777 Activity:nil
4/7     Fox being criticized by conservatives for being too conservative:
2010/3/29-4/14 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:53764 Activity:low
3/29    I'm curious what you think of the health care reform bill. I voted
        for Obama and I really hate it. It doesn't really address the
        problem, which is health care _costs_. This bill seems like a
        shell game.
        \_ I agree it doesn't address the root cause, but it's a start. The
           good news is that we have our third major entitlement (SS, Medicare,
           ObamaCare) signed into law, and that's not going away anytime soon.
           Of course, this is exactly what most Republicans feared.
           \_ How is Obamacare any different from Medicare? We already had that
              entitlement. The government isn't going to pick up the
              tab for those currently uninsured or those who can barely
              afford insurance. I find the bill completely unnecessary and
        \_ Any real solution would have been blocked by the "Blue Dog"
           democrats, and there are two real solutions: 1) properly regulate
           the insurance industry, which is pretty much impossible since
           the insurance industry regulates Congress or 2) extend Medicare
           to all, which would kill off most of the health insurance industry.
           The hope is that we can slowly creep towards solotion #2.
           \_ What about (further) regulating pharmaceutical companies and
              tort reform? Big pharma and expensive malpractice insurance
              are killing us.
              \_ Tort reform would at best be a drop in the bucket.
                 \_ Are you kidding? Do you know what, say, a ob/gyn pays
                    in malpractice insurance? And he passes that cost on
                    to you and your HMO.
                    \_ http://preview.tinyurl.com/mnt7zo
                       "That puts litigation costs and malpractice
                        insurance at 1 to 1.5 percent of total medical costs.
                        That’s a rounding error. Liability isn’t even the
                        tail on the cost dog. It’s the hair on the end of
                        the tail."
                        \_ I don't believe this guy and even he admits that
                           defensive medicine costs could drive the cost
                           up to 5-10% of costs. 5% of a trillion dollars
                           (or whatever we spend) is a _lot_ of money to
                           piss away!
                           \_ I trust him way more than I believe you. In any
                              case, shaving off a few percentage points of
                              the total cost would be nice, but it is the
                              growth rate that is going to kill us and legal
                              costs as a percentage of overall medical costs
                              are not increasing.
                              \_ So, as a percentage of medical costs, what
                                 is increasing the most and what is increasing
                                 the fastest?
        \_ "We are still going to have adjustments that have to be made to
            further reduce costs." --POTUS
            \_ So what exactly are the merits of this bill? I don't see a
               point. All it does is shift more of the outrageous costs of
               health care onto young working people who probably can't afford
               big increases at this time.
               \_ Actually this bill calls for pretty big cuts in the growth
                  of Medicare, so it is going to shift some of what is currently
                  being spent on oldsters on younger uninsured. No political
                  act can do anything about our changing demographics though.
                  \_ We can let people pay for their own (and their
                     parents' own) health care and demographics be damned.
                     Demographics are only an issue b/c of these politics.
                     \_ Yes, we could just let all the oldsters eat catfood
                        and die due to lack of basic medical care. But we
                        decided a long time ago that we didn't want to be
                        a society like that. Especially now that we have taken
                        a bunch of people's tax dollars and put it in the
                        Trust Fund, we have a committment to follow through
                        Trust Fund, we have a commitment to follow through
                        on providing Social Security funding, which we can
                        definitely do. We don't not have a comittment to
                        definitely do. We don't not have a commitment to
                        definitely do. We do not have a commitment to
                        provide open ended heroic medical care to people in
                        their last years of life though. We also cannot
                        afford it either. This is going to be a tough political
                        battle to fight though, since there are so many Baby
                        Boomers and they think they are entitled to it all.
                        \_ I can let my parents eat catfood and die due
                           to lack of basic care and you can choose to do
                           otherwise. I agree, though, that the Boomers
                           have certain expectations that we cannot meet.
                           My mom-in-law has had three mostly-unnecessary
                           surgeries (there were other treatments available
                           and she never sought any other medical opinions)
                           at taxpayer expense and it infuriates me given
                           that her generation is the one that had a lot
                           of opportunity. Her retirement income is, after
                           tax, not much less than my after tax income.
                           I realize not everyone that age is so fortunate
                           to have such a great retirement, but give me a
                           break. She wastes money on all kinds of shit,
                           including at the casino. I should not pay for
                           her surgeries while she gets excited about how
                           it only cost her a $30 co-pay.
                           it only cost her a $30 co-pay. BTW, a common
                           statement by Boomers is "I paid into the system
                           my whole life and I _deserve_ to take out of
                           it." Yeah, well, I paid in my whole life and I
                           will probably be able to take less out because
                           of greedy Boomers who are taking out more than
                           they put in.
2010/2/8-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53697 Activity:nil
2/7     Redneck Palm Pilot (Not Sarah Palin Safe):
        \_ Emphasis on "Palm".
        \_ I feel sorry for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. It must suck to
           realize that they can never be as funny as Sarah Palin, no matter
           how hard they try. I mean did you SEE what she wrote on her palm?
           "energy, budget cuts, tax, lift American Spirits" .. Is this a joke?
           She's critizing Obama for not being able to memorize 5000 word
           speeches and she can't remember 4 concepts? Her "principles" --
           See Stewart/Colbert, as funny as they are, just don't reach that
           supreme nirvana level of comedy.
           \_ RIP Kurdt.
2010/1/27-2/8 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53667 Activity:nil
1/28    Democrats and Republicans Can Be Differentiated from Their Faces
2010/1/11-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:53622 Activity:nil
1/11    Social democracy and economic growth are not incompatible:
        \_ SOCIALISM ( yes i did read it )
           \_ Krugman == socialist?
              \_ Obama = Socialist
2009/11/17-30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53531 Activity:nil
11/17   "Palin angered by 'sexist' Newsweek cover"
        Palin: "... it shows why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover,
        gender, or color of skin."
        Palin == Quayle #2!
        \_ Since you used ==, are you asking a question? If so, #f.
           If not, mistaking = and == is a very elementary mistake.
           \_ Aren't "==" for comparison and "=" for assignment?  At least
              that's the way it is in C.
        \_ Run Palin Run!
2009/11/9-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:53515 Activity:nil
11/9    http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2009/11/free-market-capitalism-gets-thumbs-down-in-27-countries-including-us.html
        Most people think Free Market is not fine the way it is
        and needs some adjustment/tuning.
        \_ Why don't you move to France, you Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey?
        \_ Tuning in their favor no doubt.
           \_ obviously. the emotion is not too different than that
              that which fueled the French revolution
              \_ I mean "tuned in their own favor" versus "for the common
                 good". I think the French Revolution was more of the latter.
                 \_ who determines that? the people who revolt or
                    the people who were revolted? Do you give each
                    individual an equal weight?
                    \_ The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
                       However, I think that these people who think the
                       free market needs tuning are mostly thinking about
                       themselves and not the common good.
                       \_ don't you think most people in this world (e.g.
                          most are 3rd world countries) think about
                          themselves much more than they think about
                          others? Have you been to China and Brazil?
                          \_ Yes, I do think so, which is why I think the
                             results of the poll are meaningless to use
                             as a guideline to set economic policy.
2009/10/9-22 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53438 Activity:low
10/9    Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for:
        -not starting a war?
        -promising to not start a war?
        -for doing nothing?
        \_ Holy christ!  I voted for him and I like him and everything, but
           what has he finished doing that deserves the Prize???
           \_ he hasn't started a war. Peace out!
        \_ http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2009/10/09/so_what_did_obama_do_to_get_the_nobel_peace_prize
2009/9/14-21 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:53362 Activity:nil
9/13    Zombietime missing out AGAIN!
2009/9/13-21 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Health/Women] UID:53360 Activity:nil
9/13    The verdict for South African track star Caster Semenya is out:
        \_ Sorry but... who is this person and why should we care?
           \_ She was all over the news a couple weeks ago.  What's different
              between her and the Soviet "female" atheletes is that nobody
              accused her of knowingly cheating in the first place.  People
              only accused her of not qualifying for a femail athelete.
              only accused her of not qualifying for a female athelete.
           \_ willful ignorance is not something to be proud of, son
2009/9/10-21 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:53356 Activity:nil
9/10    "4 Conundrums That Impede Healthcare Reform"
        http://www.csua.org/u/p11 (news.yahoo.com)
2009/9/5-12 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53336 Activity:low
9/5     Pussy Obama administration fires communist truther green czar at 12:01
        Sunday morning on a holiday weekend.  Hope AND change!
        \_ I think he got railroaded. I guess proper response would have been
           to shoot the communist sympathiszer
        \_ And now the Communisit, Socialist, Facist-In-Chief is trying to
           indoctrinate our school children with his vile "work hard" and
           "stay in school" values. When will the madness end?
2009/9/2-9 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:53326 Activity:nil
9/2     Why was Ted Stevens prosecuted and Charlie Rangel isn't?
2009/8/26-9/9 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53302 Activity:nil
8/26    Health Care Debate Based on Total Lack of Logic - Yahoo! News:
        \_ Well, NO DUH! Americans are one of the most self-righteous
           people in this world. All that individualism, "I am more
           special" thinking, I do this because I deserve it attitude.
           Obama sucks because I am right and you're not! Dumb asses.
2009/8/15-9/1 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53271 Activity:nil
8/14    Return of the militias: http://www.splcenter.org/news/item.jsp?pid=415
        \_ Find a source that isn't Potok and get back to me.  I *did* notice
           Obama wasn't wearing a vest at his town hall in Montana.
           \_ he really should just chill in DC and do these town halls via
              second life or something similar.
           \_ Here you go:
              "Officials see rise in militia groups across U.S. - Yahoo! News"
              (Associated Press)
              http://www.csua.org/u/ou4 (news.yahoo.com)
              --- !OP
2009/8/5-13 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53241 Activity:kinda low
8/5     Regarding NKorea relesing the journalists, here's what I think the
        actual deal between Kim and Obama is:
        - Both agree that Kim needs to save, or gain, face to pave the way for
          his son's succession and for NK's stability.
        - Both agree that Obama doesn't like losing face by publicly
        - There will be a publicly aware private message from Obama to Kim.
          The message delivery needs to be high-profile.  (Bill Clinton was
        - After that, Kim will announce that Obama has apologized, while Obama
          will announce that he didn't.
        - Neither Obama nor Kim will care whether Obama has actually apologized
          or not, and both of them will drop the apology issue quickly.
        Just my wild guess.  :-)
        \_ I'm sorry, I'm behind the ball.  What does Obama need to apologise
           for?  There is always "NK is very very bad" rhetoric whenever NK
           hits the news... why would they need to apologise for this?
           \_ It depends on what you mean by "need".  Is it "one needs to
              apologize because his side is bad/wrong", or is it "one needs to
              apologize because apologizing will get his side something they
              want from the other side"?
        \_ Can't we just nuke 'em?
           \_ SRSLY
           \_ Nuke vote: ..........
2009/7/30-8/6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53225 Activity:low
7/30    http://www.naomiklein.org/articles/2009/07/capitalism-sarah-palin-style
        \_ Who is this article for? The people I know who spend/consume the most
           aren't anyone in their 30s or 40s, but the high value items, like
           boats, rvs, (and the petrol they use, etc) are all being bought by
           retiring boomers who are completely out of touch with reality, esp
           since now we discuss reality  in media the bboomers as a whole do
           (not your silicon valley parent you 4th gen programmer) not use.
           \_ Most Americans? I don't know if they are ready to hear such a
              message yet, but it is worth trying to reach them. She fails to
              connect the dots here though, and point out the fact that the
              financial and economic crises have at its root a resource
              limitation. I think capitalism is bumping up against its own
              illogical contradictions. We will probably have to go through
              a couple more of these cycles before we figure it out though.
              \_ You mean we have to go thru more of these cycles in *our
                 lifetime*.  Nobody cares what happened to their parents or
                 \_ Plenty of people care what happens to their children though.
                    \_ Educated liberals,like pandas&cacophos,don't reproduce.
        \_ but there is always a new frontier, tat's why we're going to the moon
           \_ mars
              \_ Iran
        \_ Drill, baby drill!
           \_ is that a porno yet?
2009/7/29-8/6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53217 Activity:nil
7/29    The inmates are threatening to take over the asylum in the GOP
        (story about birther controversy)
        \_ cool!
2009/7/28 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:53210 Activity:nil
7/27    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Whig_Party
        "On 19 May 2009 during a national online meeting, the Modern
        Whig Party and Florida Whig Party jointly announced the first
        federal Whig candidate since the 1850s: Paul C. McKain of
2009/7/24-8/6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53196 Activity:kinda low
7/24    Henry Gates arrest police report.  Pretty funny.
        \_ ehn.  I'm not laughing.  Might have mad a funny video, but as a
           work of fiction, it doesn't pack much laughs.  (and I can tell you
           from first hand experience police reports are very often more
           a practice in rehearsed creative writing than anything else.)
        \_ "Black officer at scholar's home supports arrest"

           "Meanwhile, the police union and fellow officers, black and white,
           rallied around Crowley, a decorated officer who in 1993 tried to
           give lifesaving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Reggie Lewis, a
           black Boston Celtics player who collapsed at practice.
           Crowley, 42, had been selected to be a police academy instructor on
           how to avoid racial profiling."
        \_ "He even vowed to make a documentary on his arrest to tie into a
           larger project about racial profiling."
           http://www.csua.org/u/oo6 (news.yahoo.com)
           AHA!  That's his motive.
           \- I think CROWLEY should have challenged GATES to a POLYGRAPH DUEL
              based on the stuff he wrote in his police report which GATES
              denied. Seriously. There would have been a large probability
              GATES would have refused and would have wound up on the
        \_ Is this seriously relevant to 15% unemployment, and 2011 projection
           of hyperinflation?  Like will we care what the color of the skin is
           of the customer carting in wheelbarrows of dollars to buy bread?
           \_ Isn't the race issue usually a bigger issue during economic
           \_ Yeah, Obama screwed that up too.  So we shouldn't talk about
              anything else?
           \_ Are there any non-nutter types who are predicting hyperinflation?
2009/7/24 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:53192 Activity:nil
7/23    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Whig_Party
2009/7/18-24 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:53161 Activity:nil
7/18    "Exclusive: Conservative group offers support for $2M"
        "The letter shows one reason why activists get so much junk mail, both
        on paper and electronically: Some groups that send it charge
        handsomely for the service."
2009/6/30-7/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53100 Activity:nil
6/30    It appears that the coup in Honduras was ordered by the court and
        the congress to head off an illegal constitutional refferendum by
        the prez to make himself dictator for life.  So, why does the Obama
        administration oppose this?  Am I missing something?
        \_ Because he was still legally president at the time.  Illegal
           referendum = court throws it out and president may well be
           impeached.  It doesn't mean the millitary comes in and kicks
           out the sitting president.  A coup is not rule of law.
           \_ Since the prez lead a mob to attack the military installation
              holding the ballots, I think he was pretty much already starting
              his own coup.  Directly throwing him out may not have been
              the perfectly legal solution, but it certainly makes sense
              given the circumstances.
        \_ The Journal is a Murdoch tool, especialy the Opinion section.
           \_ And the AP article?  (That's why I posted both.)
              Murdoch is having his papers tap the phones of opposition
              politians in Britian. Think he isn't doing the same here?
2009/6/29-7/15 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53085 Activity:nil
6/29    Motd archiver is up and running:
        \_ I like the shiny interface!  Write support would be neat ;)
           Maybe even with authentication... - steven
           \_ I can write a "bridge" between a text motd and a more
              modern web version. Something that writes/deletes one, and
              makes changes to the other version. The text version will be
              good for old farts and the new version will be good for
              people born after 1985 who can't use vi/emacs /etc/motd.public.
              Is that what you're thinking of?    -kchang
             \_ Something like that, yeah.  I'm trying to think of ways
                to make it more accessible to new members.  It's sad
                that they aren't as comfortable with a shell but that's
                how it's going (and it's not getting any better...)
                \_ Just lose the MOTD and put up a bulletin board.  -tom
2009/5/26-30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:53044 Activity:kinda low
5/26    Is it correct to call someone the daughter of Puerto Rican
        "immigrants"? Seems wrong to me. Puerto Ricans get US Passports.
        \_ Yes it is correct.
           \_ Thanks! Obama immigrated from Hawaii, right?
              \_ Not the same.  Doubly not the same in the early 50s.  Go watch
                 yourself some West Side Story.
              \_ You may wish to look up the difference between a US state and
                 a US territory.
                 \_ I did. And the Library of Congress says that "immigration"
                    is incorrect:
                    aOED also says that immigration is incorrect:
                    immigrate: come to live permanently in a foreign country
                    \_ Right there one THE NEXT SENTANCE of the link you
                       provided it says "However, in moving to the mainland,
                       Puerto Ricans leave a homeland with its own distinct
                       identity and culture, and the transition can involve
                       many of the same cultural conflicts and emotional
                       adjustments that most immigrants face."  and guess
                       what, that was even more so in the 40s and 50s.
                        \_ ya, but they still aren't immigrants. calling them
                           immigrants is wrong. saying that they face struggles
                           similar to immigrants is wrong. It's like saying
                           that Native Americans are immigrants.
                           \_ TODOS SOMOS LOVELLE MIXON
              \_ Wasn't Obama really born in Kenya, but has a forged Hawaii
                 birth certificate?
                \_ Doesn't matter where he was born.  His mother was a citizen.
                   \_ I think a US citizen-by-birth can't become POTUS if (s)he
                      was born in a foreign country, sans US military base or
                      \_ You are incorrect.  What's funny is McCain wasn't born
                         in the US either.
                      \_ If your MOTHER or FATHER is a citizen, and they give
                         birth to you, YOU ARE A CITIZEN, no matter if you are
                         born on Jupiter or Japan or Russia or Taxachussetts or
                         on a plane or in Mexico..  you are not naturalized,
                         you are a goddamn citizen.  I don't understand why
                         Hannity and Glenn Beck and Clarence Thomas do not
                         comprehend this simple fact.
                      \_ You realize John McCain was born in Panama, right?
                         \_ What part of "sans US military base or
                            embassy" did you not understand?
                         \_ McCain was born in a US Naval Air Station in
                            Panama.  See the "sans" part above.  -- PP
                            \_ doesn't matter.  what country Obama was born in
                               is a non story, unless you want to claim his mother
                               was not a citizen
                               is a non story, unless you want to claim his
                                mother was not a citizen
                                \_ Didn't the birthers claim he was
                                   Malcom X's illigitimate african love
                                   child or something?
                                     FEEL THE CRAZY.  LOVE IT.  BE IT.
                \_ http://www.usconstitution.net/const.html
                        know what this is?  It's the constitution.  You may
                        have heard of it!  Article II describes the
                        requirements to be president.  Speculate no longer,
                        it's written right there.  By the way, good work not
                        signing your names, otherwise you'd be outed as an
                        illiterate yet loud and pretentious person.
                        \_ What is this in response to?
                        \_ What does it say?  I'm busy
                                \_ it says you are a fucktard and people who
                                   are willing to take time to do things
                                   are allowed to take your rights away,
                                \_ exactly, the assumption that your busyness
                                   is justified or that your time is somehow
                                   worth more than others is what makes you
                                   pretentious.  What a bunch of worthless
                        \_ It says "natural born citizen" which is not exactly
                           clear in plain English. All the early Presidents
                           were born British Citizens (obviously) so I don't
                           know what the precedent really is.
                           \_ It says the President needs to be either "natural
                              born citizen" or a citizen at the time the
                              constitution was adopted.  The early Presidents
                              were the latter.
2009/5/15-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52999 Activity:nil
5/15    Friday afternoon news dump -- Obama revives tribunals.
2009/5/13-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52994 Activity:high
5/13    THE DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST PARTY!  Oh man, this is awesome.
        \_ The GOP is Godwining itself. It is an amazing thing to watch.
        \_ GOP is Godwining itself. It is an amazing thing to watch.
           \_ What's actually hilarious is that you believe this is some new
              kind of phenomenon that has never happened before.
                \_ Like when?  Say in the last 60 years?
                \_ less hilarious: your patholigical need to put down
                   a total stranger.
                   \_ pot. kettle. black.
              \_ Yes, it has happened overseas, but not really here, or has it?
                 The Democrats after 1968 kind of went nuts too, but not quite
                 this extremely.
                 \_ Comparing this to 1968 is a bit different.  That was the
                    party exploding from within combined with a serious change
                    to the political landscape.  What are the republicans
                    going to war against?  Do you seriously think this is
                    the same kind of situation?
                    \_ Yes, in some ways. The Democrats in 1968 had come off
                       36 years of dominating American politics and sort of
                       forgot that they had to worry about the opposition, so
                       they pulled themselves apart with intercine warfare.
                       The Republicans are in a similar state, having dominated
                       American politics for 26 (at least) years. They have
                       American politics for 26 (at least) years. They
                       are now where the Dems were after their disastrous
                       Chicago convention. We have yet to see the Republican
                       McGovern, but I am confident we will in 2012.
                       \_ But who will write "Fear And Loathing on the Campaign
                          Trail 2012?"
        \_ It is just a matter of time before a big successful party
           implodes. It happens to everything, and anything. I'll
           give the Dems 8-20 years before it implodes again. History
           will repeat itself.
           \_ This one seems exceptionally crazy.
           \_ This one seems exceptionally crazy.  We are talking the RNC
              here, not some splinter group foaming at the mouth.
              \_ The SDS had a huge impact on the Democratic Party and was
                 one of the primary actors that led to its splintering. The
                 current batch of Limbaugh/Coulter/Palin/Malkin is no more
                 (or less) foaming at the mouth than the New Left leadership
                 of the SDS was in the late 60's.
                 (or less) foaming at the mouth than the leadership
                 of the New Left was in the late 60's.
                 \_ SDS->Demoractic Party is nothing like
                    RNC->Republican Party.
                    \_ TeaBaggers->Republican Party
                     \_ Only if you buy that the tea baggers were grass
                        roots.  I don't.
2009/5/12-18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52987 Activity:nil
5/10  John Yoo is now a newspaper columnist.
      http://www.philly.com/philly/opinion/20090510_Obama_needs_a_neutral_justice.html - danh
        \_ See also: "I don't want to go to jail."
2009/5/1-6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52932 Activity:kinda low
5/1     http://tinyurl.com/c83tl4         (link fixed, sorry. forbes)
        Obama administration screws DC school kids. (in his defense, it is
        not clear that he really knows what the Sec. of Edu is doing, that
        he had anything to do with holding up study till after the vote, etc.
        Still, it seems that my hope that Obama may pull an "Only Nixon can
        go to China" on our broken EDU system, is way in vain.
        \_ Link is wrong.
        \_ Forbes + voucher op eds = untrustworthy data
           \_ the study they are referencing was done by the Dept. of Edu.
              Think they have a pro-voucher bias? -top
              \_ A less biased article:
                 Students from the lowest-performing schools didn't
                 improve reading skills with vouchers.  There was no difference
                 in math skills.
                 The expected behavior with vouchers is that kids with
                 supportive parents who have some money will use the
                 vouchers--of course you're going to get cherry-picking
                 effects.  That doesn't mean it's a good idea.  -tom
                 \_ The Swedes have vouchers but no cherry picking:
                    \_ "However she does point to reports from the
                       Swedish National Agency for Education which
                       warn that it is mostly better-educated,
                       middle-class parents who take advantage of the
                       right to choose schools. "  (From the same
                       Plus, Sweden does not allow private schools to
                       charge more than the voucher cost.  It's not an
                       analagous system.  -tom
                       \_ I don't see how that fact that better-educated
                           middle class parents excercise a choice
                           outside the state system more than others is
                           a condemnation of the program.  If it works
                           it works, and people have the option to use it.
                           It might be relevant to ask why other parents
                           aren't using the system. I see no reason
                           in the Swedish system that everyone couldn't
                           use it.
                           \_ I'm not saying it's inherently a bad idea,
                              I'm just pointing out that there are
                              cherry-picking effects, so you can't just
                              compare the test scores.
                              If the US voucher system were implemented
                              like Sweden's, it might make sense.  But
                              when private schools charge 2-3 times what
                              it costs to educate a kid in public school
                              (what happened to the great efficiency of
                              private industry, anyway?), vouchers don't
                              provide real choice to the students who
                              need it; they just pull money away from the
                              schools which need it most and give it to
                              wealthy private institutions.  -tom
2009/5/1-6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52928 Activity:nil
5/1     Who is Obama going to nominate to replace Souter?
        \_ Obama said he would seek a nominee with a "sharp and independent
           mind and a record of excellence and integrity. I will seek someone
           who understands justice isn't about some abstract legal theory or
           footnote in a case book. It is also about how our laws affect the
           daily realities of people's lives."
           So much for interpreting the Constitution.
           \_ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Living_Constitution
               \_ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_spaghetti_monster
               \_ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligent_design
                  \_ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Spaghetti_Monster
2009/4/28-5/5 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52918 Activity:nil
4/27    GOP purges itself of RINOs, gives Democrats filibuster proof majority:
        \_ THis is not coming up for me.
           \_ Sorry, fixed. Mercury moves their stories, I should stop posting
              links to them.
        \_ Calling Specter a RINO is bullshit.
           \_ http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2239675/posts
              The Freepers would beg to differ with you.
              \_ And the dude who sleeps on the empty lot outside my window
                 screams about how the government is watching him.  Insane
                 people are insane!  Shocking!
                 \_ It is too convenient to label your political opponents
                    as "insane." The Freepers and their fellow travelers are
                    running the GOP now.
                    \_ That's just because there's a massive power vacuum.
                       This will change, probably within 2-4 years.  Until
                       then it will be some seriously dark times for the GOP.
                       \_ Dark times for America, too. I voted for Obama, but
                          it is not good that there is no credible opposition
                          right now. Too bad we don't have a Lib Dem party,
                          like the Brits.
                          \_ The Democrats are their own opposition.  If you
                             don't like what Congress is doing, write to
                             Obama.  If you don't like what Obama's doing,
                             write Congress.
              \_ Those Freepers are awesome.  You can smell the spittle from
2009/4/27-5/4 [Transportation/Airplane, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52912 Activity:low
4/27    "Statue of Liberty flyby startles New Yorkers"
        I understand that maybe they didn't want to disclose this to the public
        ahead of time because of security reason.  But isn't it much cheaper
        to fake a picture with PhotoShop give that the picture is not about
        any real events anyway (unless the event is "New Yorkers terrified by
        stupid military maneuver in 2009")?
        \_ Check out the picture at "FAA alerted, but not public"
        \_ And then there's this video:
           \_ Good grief. Wtf were the White House folks thinking?
        \_ The aftermath: "Obama orders review of New York City flyover"
           http://www.csua.org/u/o4v (news.yahoo.com)
2009/4/18-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52869 Activity:low
4/17    Now THIS is what I'm talkin' about:
        "The American Taxpayers are the Jews for Obama's Ovens" ... NICE!!!
        \_ Obama == Socialist == Nazi
        \_ The only people I see comparing Obama to genocidal Hitler are Alex
           Jones and the other 9/11 truthers.  They're vocal, but we all know
           their nutjobs.
           \_ So I guess these photos are fakes?
              \_ which ones
              \_ There were truthers at many of these protests.  Being at
                 a tea party doesn't mean they aren't truthers.  (Doesn't mean
                 they are either, obviously.)
        \_ This is rich. So you're trying to show how batshit crazy right
           wingers are and you do it by posting a link on huffingtonpost.
           \_ As opposed to the links to zombietime to show how nutso lefties
              are? You really have no self-awareness, do you?
              \_ zombietime guy here.  I don't post zombietime to "show how
                 nutso lefites are." I post it because nutsos are funny.
                 Right or Left is irrelevent. I approve of the huff po link.
                 Of course, the offensive signs here were from all over
                 (very low denisty).  You can find that many offensive signs
                 at any single zombie time protest.
                 \_ This is true, unfortunately. -left-winger
2009/4/16-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52855 Activity:nil
4/16    The Obama couple had an AGI of $2.6M in 2008 and $4.2M in 2007!
        How much did the Dubyas and the Clintons make?
        \_ Obama wrote two bestselling books right around that time.
           \_ But Obama wasn't that famous before the presidental election
              campaign in 2008.
              \_ Dude, they were bestsellers.  (Looking if up Dreams
                 from my Father was a rereleased in 2004, to high critical
                 acclaim.)  Look it up dude, from wikipedia: "Their 2007
                 tax return showed a household income of $4.2 million, up
                 from about $1 million in 2006 and $1.6 million in 2005,
                 mostly from sales of his books."  Further reading at
        \_ Why did Michelle Obama, who is highly educated, make so little?
           \_ are you being internet troll.  MOBAMA made a pretty good
              salaray before this first lady business
              \_ I read that she made $63K last year.
                 \_ I read she was making 300k as a hospital admin
                    \_ Might be true. She made $63K last year. Maybe
                       because she took a lot of leave for the campaign?
                       "Obama earned $139,204 as a Democratic senator from
                       Illinois last year before leaving his seat after
                       winning the November election. Michelle Obama
                       received a salary of $62,709 from the University of
                       Chicago Hospitals, where she was an executive."
                       Source: http://tinyurl.com/djn9ve
2009/4/13-15 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:52846 Activity:nil
4/11    Republicans promise mass teabagging event on 4/15:
        http://tinyurl.com/cokzrk (HuffPo)
2009/4/10 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52841 Activity:nil
4/10    Funny to watch the GOP come down with Barackaphobia:
        Obama == Facism == Socialism
2009/4/9-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52835 Activity:moderate
4/9     I've been reading articles about piracy and it's not really an issue
        of there being just two dozen ships to patrol a large area. It
        only really takes one ship, if it's the right ship (an aircraft
        carrier). The Navy should be using helicopters and ship-based
        aircraft (e.g., Harriers) to patrol and respond to these incidents
        and then you only need a couple of destroyers to perform
        electronic surveillance and interdict once pirates are discovered.
        Also, electronic identification could be used to identify
        friends-or-foes. If it's not a friendly then intercept it.
        \_ An aircraft carrier can't patrol alone.  They are far to easy
           targets on their own.  There's a reason navy ships sail in fleets.
           And aircraft carrier fleets are expensive and a huge military
        \_ An aircraft carrrrier can't patrol alone.  They arrre farrr to easy
           tarrrgets on their own.  There's a reason navy ships sail in fleets.
           And aircraft carrrrier fleets arrre expensive and a huge militarrry
           asset, which means depolying one there has diplomatic
           repercussions and will effect out relations with major powers.
           \_ I realize this. The real issue is that no one cares enough to
           repercussions and will affect out relations with major powers.
           \_ I realize this. The real issue is that no one carrres enough to
           \_ I realize this. The real issue is that no one cares enough to
              spend the $$$ on this, not that nothing more can be done.
              However, this seems to be a big enough international problem
              that the international community should spend the $$$ and
              solve this problem. Also, I am not suggesting an aircraft
              carrier as the only solution but the best solution. Any ship
              capable of carrying a couple of harriers and a helicopter is
              carrrrier as the only solution but the best solution. Any ship
              capable of carrrrying a couple of harrrriers and a helicopter is
              good enough. Aircraft can get to a location in minutes. When a
              SOS is sent a plane can intercept the pirates in moments versus
              the all night slog it takes the ships to respond. Combine this
              with electronic identifiers and the "motherships" the pirates
              operate from can be eliminated quickly. The British have a
              small carrier that holds 9 helicopters and 5 harriers. Perfect
              small carrrrier that holds 9 helicopters and 5 harrrriers. Perfect
              for this type of action. Get it out there with the cruiser
              and the destroyer. Problem solved.
              \_ Someone should get Obama a soda account, considering how
                 many easy solutions to military and economic problems the
                 MOTD comes up with.
                 \_ We went to Cal. Cal teaches us how to solve real world
                    \_ yeah, and years of actual miltary experience doesn't.
                       \_ The military doesn't make military decisions anyway.
              \_ Sinking the mothership will not make the problem go away,
                 though it might lessen the severity of it.
                 \_ It will have a greater impact than the status quo,
                    which is to pay ransom and hope not to get hijacked
              \_ Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys must be reading the motd:
        \_ Why not put some decoy "cargoships" out there, and when
           they are harassed by pirates, let them approach, then
           kill all the pirates?  A couple incidents like that and
           the pirate problem will probably be much reduced.  These
           ships could even be carrying legitimate cargo.
           \_ Someone suggested the same thing on motd a couple months ago.
        \_ This is probably going to be Obama's first big diplomatic
           "challange" but it is actually a relatively easy one. The traditional
           way to stop pirates is to burn them out of their ports, but this
           risks casualties. An aircraft carrier is overkill, imho, and
           very expensive in the long run, but I wouldn't be surprised to
           "challange" but it is actually a relatively easy one. The
           traditional way to stop pirates is to burn them out of their ports,
           but this risks casualties. An aircraft carrier is overkill, imho,
           and very expensive in the long run, but I wouldn't be surprised to
           see us go that route. -ausman
           \_ Wouldn't that route be the Dubya route?
              \_ Dubya route would probably be invasion, not patrol boats.
           \_ This is not a diplomatic problem. They don't have a gov't to
              deal with. Obama has as much military exp as the lusers reading
              the motd which is why he's not going to solve this one.
              It'll swept under the rug and fade.
              \_ I disagree, but it is just a matter of terminology. What kind
                 of "problem" do you think that it is? I have more military
                 experience than O, but it doesn't matter, because he has
                 advisors who are experts. This problem is not going away.
        \_ Pirates are pissed the EU and Taiwanese are overfishing the
           the nearby waters.  they gotta eat somehow
           \_ Litigate. Let's face it. They may have had intentions of
              protecting their waters, but they are now thugs operating in
              international waters against the entire international community.
2009/4/9-13 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52833 Activity:kinda low
4/9     Is this a dress rehersal for when Obama shuts down the Internet
        and assumes dictatorial power?
        \_ You miscapitalized BLACK HELICOPTERS!
        \_ "A vandal cuts a line and thousands are without phone service.
            What would a nuclear device exploded in the atmosphere do?"
            I love you you pathetic little freepers.
2009/4/2-5 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52784 Activity:nil
4/2     Michelle Obama touched the Queen!
        \_ Show us on the doll where Michelle Obama touched you.
           \_ Are undergrads this witty? People should sign their posts with
              what year they first enrolled.
2009/3/30-4/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:52769 Activity:kinda low
3/30    The fascist bargain goes something like this. The state says to the
        industrialist, "You may stay in business and own your factories. In the
        spirit of cooperation and unity, we will even guarantee you profits and
        a lack of serious competition. In exchange, we expect you to agree
        with--and help implement--our political agenda." The moral and economic
        content of the agenda depends on the nature of the regime. The left
        looked at German business's support for the Nazi war machine and leaped
        to the conclusion that business always supports war. They did the same
        with American business after World War I, arguing that because arms
        manufacturers benefited from the war, the armaments industry was
        therefore responsible for it.

        It's fine to say that incestuous relationships between corporations and
        governments are fascistic. The problem comes when you claim that such
        arrangements are inherently right-wing. If the collusion of big
        business and government is right-wing, then FDR was a rightwinger.  If
        corporatism and propagandistic militarism are fascist, then Woodrow
        Wilson was a fascist and so were the New Dealers. If you understand the
        right-wing or conservative position to be that of those who argue for
        free markets, competition, property rights, and the other political
        values inscribed in the original intent of the American founding
        fathers, then big business in Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and New Deal
        America was not right-wing; it was left-wing, and it was fascistic.
        What's more, it still is.
        \_ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_fascism
           You aren't Humpty Dumpty you know.
        \_ You really can't see the difference between companies asking for
           handouts and governments forcing companies (at gunpoint) to hand
           over control?
        \_ So all those conservatives who argue for more jails, more government
           intrusion into people's bedrooms, harsher drug laws, etc are all
           actually liberal left-wingers?
        \_ The words "liberal" and "conservative" have multiple meanings.
           Media like to talk about it as if there are only two basic
           political "sides", which ignores libertarian vs. authoritarian
           and ignores the basic orthogonality of economic vs. social policy.
           Left and Right are two sides of the same "powerful central
           government" coin.  I think the problem is that loose confederacies
           can't compete militarily with powerful empires.
        \_ dude, what is wrong with you?  if GM doesn't like it, it can always
           leave and let the market take its course.  It would be my personal
           preference anyway.
           \_ Honest question here: Is this move better for GM or just
              \- speculating from a generic perspective, i think these
                 cases of "we need to retain the insiders because they are
                 the only ones who can clean up" are bogus in the cases
                 such as AIG and probably in this case as well. i think
                 the familiarity is more than offset by people's inability to
                 recognize/admit their mistakes, they have incentive to cover
                 up mistakes etc. what would we have to give rick wagoner
                 beyond his $28m pension for this not to be punitive? paging
                 ken lewis ... April will be the cruelest month ... BofA
                 annual meeting in a month and CalPERS is is going after them.
2009/3/29-4/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52767 Activity:kinda low
3/29    Yah, that's not fascist or anything:
        GM CEO resigns at Obama's behest
        \_ You're right, it's not!
        \_ No, it's not. Again, you're confusing fascist with national-
           ization. Since GM took bailout money from the govt., I don't
           see why there's outrage when the govt. demands the CEO step
           down. If GM doesn't like it, they're still free to refund the
           money given them and fend for themselves.
        \_ Actually this is kind of fascist. But I can live with it. -O voter
           \_ huh?  what is so fascist about this?  Wagner step down per
              it's share holder's request.  What is wrong with that?
              \_ In spite of popular usage fascist is not a synonym for
                 "anything I don't like." Government and industry being in
                 bed together is pretty fascist, especially since the
                 government is dictating to GM how they should run their
                 business. As I said before, I don't really have a problem
                 with it, since GM obviously is failing with its current
2009/3/23-30 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52745 Activity:nil
3/23    Obama says anger isn't a governing strategy; fair enough. What
        about making people who are owed bonuses creditors of the company
        such that they can collect their bonuses once the government's been
        paid back?
        \_ Obamessiah is very good at making strawmen, like any good politician
           \_ With all due respect, take your politico-bashing and fuck off to
              some other thread. I'm trying to get feedback on an alternative
              to either taxing to death or handing out free money. Thanks.
        \- I dont think that is reasonable ... they will continue to accrue
           these IOUs, they will do NPV calcuclations on them ... and in some
           cases with significant risk the potential upside will have to be
           gigantic ... and then you'll have perverse incentives all over
           again. The govt should threaten to do really serious audits of
           these guys if they dont cooperate, go after them for breach of
           fiduciary resposibility, fraudulent conveyance, what have you ...
           like a DA playing hardball with a criminal to get him to plea
           bargain. That's the mental shift you needs to make ... "treat
           these guys like dogs" ... appeals to do the right thing etc is
           silly. I can go on about this for 5 more pages but I'm trying
           not to do that. --psb
2009/3/23-30 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52744 Activity:kinda low
3/23    Oh oh, Krugman on Obama's new plan:
        "If this plan fails -- as it almost surely will -- it's unlikely that
        he'll be able to persuade Congress to come up with more funds to do
        what he should have done in the first place."
        \_ Krugman has never liked Obama.
        \_ Obama is not enough of a socialist, he is trying too hard to
           maintain the current broken status quo.
        \_ the real tragic part is that the Administration is so scared of
           those "one-word accusation" and not doing the right thing.
           There is only one RIGHT thing to do, which is nationalize the
           bank and break them up in pieces and sold them when things are
           better.  Guidner et alli gave that advice and enforce such when
           OTHER NATIONS were in the similar shoes.   The reality is that
           Republicans, aside from yelling "socialist" "nationalizaton"
           "deficit,"  got absolutely nothing to offer, no alternative plans,
           no nothing.  You want free market?  why don't we disband SEC, FDIC
           fuck the child-labor law, let the market to regulate human
           trafficing, get rid of capital requirements on insurance, and
           continue to allow these guys to leverage 30:1
           \_ The banks don't need nationalization. Two banks need
              nationalization and those are BAC and C. BAC would be pissed
              if they were nationalized, b/c the main reason they are
              having problems is that the Feds forced them to go through
              with the Merrill Lynch deal after they wanted out. C is already
              effectively nationalized as the Feds own so much of it.
              \_ Forced?
                 \_ Yes, forced.
                    (not pp)
                    \_ wut about cuntrywide?
           \_ These banks weren't free market in the first place. They were
              part of a partially-regulated government banking network.
              Alternative plan: stabilize the money supply and get rid of
              fractional reserve banking.  Let failed banks fail.
              \_ that is effectively what "nationalization" is: let FDIC
                 take over those without enough equity.
                 \_ Well, the problem is ultimately bigger than what the FDIC
                    is set up to handle... the taxpayer is on the hook.
                    I'd prefer a system where there is no need for an FDIC.
                    The FDIC exists as part of the regulation apparatus but
                    obviously it failed.  I don't think it's possible for
                    them to regulate the system adequately... there is no
                    real accountability.  It's too monolithic and central-
                    planning style.
        \_ So I do need to learn Tamil and move to India?
           \_ No, you need to learn how to gut and clean a deer and
              move to Wyoming.
           \_ just join the Tamili Tiger in Sri Lanka :D
2009/3/18-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52728 Activity:moderate
3/18    Obama to buy trillion more dollars worth of MBS and 2 to 10 year
        Treasuries.  Expect lower mortgage rates and weaker dollar.
        \_ CHANGE
        \_ When you said "Obama," you really meant the fed, right?  Of course
           you did.
           \_ No, I meant Obama.  He's da man.  The buck stops there.  He said
              that yesterday, didn't he?
              \_ Oh I see, thanks for explaining how ignorant you are.
                 \_ Sigh.  So you're saying that the Fed acted independently
                    (per its charter) and Obama is just putting a happy smile
                    on the matter so confidence doesn't implode on public
                    disagreement between the Fed and White House?
        \_ How much lower? It would be great to lock in 4% for 30 years.
           \_ Can almost get that now. I got 4.5% for 30 and could've
              gotten 4.25% for 15.
              \_ Where? I will have a super-conforming, was yours conforming?
                 \_ Yes, mine was conforming with about a 60% LTV and
                    a credit score of around 760. With a score of 800 I
                    could have had another 1/8, I think. My loan was with
                    Countrywide (who held the original) but I obtained
                    similar (slightly better) quotes from my credit union. I
                    just used the same lender b/c I didn't need to bring
                    in any paperwork and it made life easy.
2009/3/11-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52702 Activity:kinda low
3/11    after Democrats criticized former President George W. Bush's signing
        statements, Mr. Obama issued one of his own, declaring five provisions
        in the spending bill to be unconstitutional and nonbinding, including
        one aimed at preventing punishment of whistleblowers.
        \_ Rather than make the blanket statement that ALL SIGNING STATEMENTS
           ARE EVIL, perhaps you'd prefer to read the actual signing statement
           and make up your own mind?
           Signing statement is toward the bottom.
           \_ Yah, saying that "I think some of this is unconstitutional so I'm
              going to ignore it" is much better than vetoing it.
              \_ You misunderstand the purpose of the veto. Also, it's the
                 Judiciary's job to determine what is unconstitutional in
                 legislation; the Pres., in this case, is saying, "This is
                 a semi-covert attempt to subvert the authroity of the Exec.
                 Branch, so I refuse to acknowledge it. I understand how
                 this may seem confusing: it's been a long time since we've
                 had a lawyer in the Oval Office.
2009/3/10-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52694 Activity:low
3/10    Obama City springs up along the American River:
        \_ Damn, Obama sure did a lot in just 50 days.
        \_ Actually, that's been there for decades.
2009/3/9-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52688 Activity:low
3/9     Dang.  Obama seriously screwed up that meeting with Gordon Brown.
        Seriously, isn't Hillary supposed to be helping with this stuff?
        \_ She was busy screwing up her meeting with Russia.  Seriously, they
           didn't like Bush, but at least they didn't openly laugh at us.  I
           guess they don't need to worry about crypto.
        \_ Yeah, that wasn't brilliant. Out of curiosity, though, is a pen-
           holder made from the wood of a Victorian slave-ship really a
           thoughtful gift to present to our first African American Pres.?
           (Noted that it matches the desk in the Oval Office and that Obama's
           connection to Africa is more recent than, say, the Civil War.)
           \_ You missed the "anti". It was from the anti-slave ship HMS
              Gannet. You know, one of the British ships that hunted slavers.
              \_ I'm an idiot. You're absolutely right. I'll leave this up for
                 another ten minutes, then I'll delete it.
        \_ I think it's perfectly fine. U.S. is saying "We're poor, don't
           expect much from us."
        \_ Did Obama at least get Region 2 PAL DVDs for Brown?  Or was he
           stupid enough to get Region 1 NTSC?
           \_ Hmm, all those Danish DVDs from Color Climax Corp in Region 2
              PAL foramt.
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