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2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/2/28-3/4 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others] UID:49288 Activity:nil
2/28    Prince Harry looking like a bad-ass American GI:
        http://www.csua.org/u/kx1 (Yahoo! News Photos)
        \_ Doesn't he look more like a British soldier?
           \_ But that face looks more like an American GI in Vietnam to me.
              -- OP
2008/2/20-22 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:49193 Activity:low
2/20    Is Obama anti-Asian-American?
        \_ link:tinyurl.com/26zx2v
        \_ Are you an idiot?
        \_ No, but I sure met a lot of Asian-Americans while canvassing that
           seemed to be vehemently anti-Obama. Funny, they would never explain
           *why* though.
           \_ Maybe it has something to do with this S.B. Woo spam I keep
              \_ I googled that and man, to quote Clay Davis on The Wire,
                 "that is some shameful shit."
              \_ Between this and the spurious accusations linking Obama with
                 Farrakhan, I can already see what tact the GOP plans to take
                 against him in the general election. As pp said, "shameful
                 \_ This sounds more like Billary than the GOP, but it is
                    hard to tell... maybe they are working togethere?
                    \_ I highly doubt it; I just mean that it's liklely that
                       the GOP will target Obama by exploiting ethnic/racial
                       \_ The Farrakhan thing is coming from the Israel
                          lobby.  Pretty sure that they're bipartisan.
                          \_ What are you talking about? URL please.
           \_ It's because Obama had refused to respond to 80-20 Initiative's
              questionnaire on Asian American issues until after they gave up
              and endorsed Hillary.
              \_ That questionnaire was some dumb shit.  Somehow I doubt
                 this is really the reason.
              \_ No, he did not refuse, he asked for the questions to be
                 clarified, which every other campaign asked for and got.
                 Once the questions were clear, he answered them just like
                 everyone else.
                 \_ Hmm.  Hillary responsed on 12/10/07, while Obama responded
                    a whole 7.5 weeks later on 1/31/08.
                    \_ When did they clarify his questions?
2008/2/19-22 [Politics/Domestic] UID:49186 Activity:nil 80%like:49180
2/19    Castro is such a quitter!
        \_ Well, at least his internal organs are.
        \_ I wonder why he just doesn't push on at least until
           after this cycle of US elections.
        \_ "Many observers believe Fidel Castro will either be replaced by his
            brother Raul, or by his idiot son, Fidel W. Castro." -- Letterman
            \_ Ha ha!
2008/2/11-14 [Politics/Domestic] UID:49120 Activity:nil
2/11    What's the female equivalent of the phrase "Mr. President"?  Is it
        "Mrs. President", "Miss President", "Ms. President", "Ma'am President"
        or "Madam President"?
        \_ Madam
2008/2/8-10 [Politics/Domestic, Recreation/Humor] UID:49100 Activity:low
2/8     "The stakes in November are high. This is an important election.
         Prosperity and peace are in the balance." -Bush
        Is he trying to be funny here or what?
        \_ Sounds like a typical Bushism to me.
2008/1/28-2/2 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic] UID:49020 Activity:nil
1/28    Humans Force Earth into New Geologic Epoch - Yahoo! News:
2008/1/4-7 [Politics/Domestic] UID:48889 Activity:low
1/4     Why is the Congress investigating baseball doping?  Doesn't a nation's
        legislature have better things to do than looking into conduct within
        a sport?  --- clueless
        \_ Very short version: the owners wanted a monopoly.  To get it they
           agreed to give the gvt oversight.  So yes they should have better
           things to do but it is their job to do this as well.
           \_ I see.  Thx.
           \_ Sheesh, lke the gvt needed anymore responisiblities.  They don't
              do the ones they have now!
              \_ And they do things they're not supposed to do but I don't
                 make the rules.  Just providing some info to the op.
           \_ Not really. Baseball's antitrust exemption gives Congress some
              leverage over them when they choose to get involved, but it's
              not like they have some particular obligation. The steroids
              hearings are just political grandstanding.
              \_ 1) That was the "very short version" and 2) yes, you have an
2007/12/11-14 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:48781 Activity:nil
12/11   Russia expanding again.
2007/11/20-26 [Politics/Domestic, Recreation/Food, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:48670 Activity:nil
11/20   FRE FNM CFC LEN PHM ETFC, all bond insurers eating buckets of shit
        \_ http://www.whitehouse.gov/infocus/achievement/chap7.html
2007/10/31 [Politics/Domestic] UID:48494 Activity:nil
10/30   From the very beginning Alexis attention deficit disorder and
        complete disinterest in all things academic made it obvious that she
        wouldn't be moving mountains with her intelligence. By the end of her
        fifth grade year, however, she had shed a large amount of baby fat
        only for it to slowly migrate to one centralized location in her
        upper torso. By the time she reached high school, she was not only
        sporting boobs on the upper end of Double D, but sported a derriere
        which had been dubbed by most of the student body as
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/10/19-24 [Politics/Domestic] UID:48383 Activity:high
10/19   Awesome.  Now Harry Reid is claiming credit for raising money for
        children by sending the smear letter to Rush Limbaugh.
        (transcript at NRO of senate minutes)
        \_ I read that off LGF too, but I don't really agree with that
           interpretation.  It doesn't read to me like he's taking credit
           for it, except the last line, which could be read multiple ways.
           \_ "Never did we think that this letter would bring money of this
              nature. And, for the cause, madam president, it is extremely
              good."  We?  We?!?
        \_ So what if he is?  Frankly I think that's genius. -dans
           \_ Errr... ok.  Taking credit for someone else's good idea hardly
              takes genius.
              \_ Actually I was suggesting that he may actually have
                 manipulated $KNEE_JERK_RIGHT_WING_MOUTHPIECE into this.  I
                 mean, seriously, their buttons are pretty easy to push.  But
                 then I'm evil so I don't think that's a ridiculous idea.
                      \_ Merely stupid.
                 Maybe you do.  Let's split the difference. -dans
                 \_ Yeah, that's a ridiculous idea.  Well, I've learned that
                    "dans <heart> Harry Reid."
                 \_ You think he manipulated Rush into raising money for
                    charity?  Yeah, that's a pretty ridiculous idea.
                 \_ dans <hearts> Harry Reid!
                    \_ Harry Reid can go fuck a goat.  But I do think it's
                    \_ Harry Reid can go fuck a dans.  But I do think it's
                                                \_ A well done modification.
                                                   I o7 (salute) you. -dans
                       easy to manipulate knee-jerk, reactionary talking
                       heads, and I think it would be awesome if it happened
                       more.  I'm not saying that's what happened here, I'm
                       merely saying it's in the realm of possibilitty. -dans
                       merely saying it's in the realm of possibility. -dans
                       \_ It isn't even in the realm of possibilty.  Sorry.
                          Reid and 40 other Dem Senators did not sit down and
                          write a threat letter based on a lie to a radio show
                          host's syndicator with the hope of over $4m dollars
                          (half of it from the radio show host) going to a
                          charity where the radio show host is a board member.
                          \_ In the realm of possibility !=
                             likely !=
                             remotely likely
                             Merely possible.  Get over yourself oh holy arbiter
                             of what is. -dans
                             \_ I love it when people try to justify their
                                stupid statements by lowering the threshold of
                                "possible" to ridiculously low levels.  "Hey
                                a perpetual motion machine is within the
                                realm of possibility, we might discover new
                                physics!"  Yeah, ok, whatever. -!pp
                                \_ Now, perpetual motion machine violates the
                                   laws of thermodynamics.  Apples and orange
                                   my boy.  Suggesting that politicians might
                                   be manipulative and machiavellian is a far
                                   smaller leap than suggesting we oopsed and
                                   misunderstood thermodynamics for the last
                                   few hundred years. -dans
                                   \_ No, you're suggesting something with
                                      the same odds as a working perpetual
                                      motion machine being built.  The odds
                                      that Harry+40 wrote their lying smear
                                      letter with the hope/intent that Rush
                                      and his fans would turn it into a $4m
                                      charity event is zero.  Please let this
                                      thread die.  You're convincing no one.
        \_ That's a doggone lame thing to do.
2007/10/17-18 [Politics/Domestic] UID:48340 Activity:kinda low
10/15   http://www.cafepress.com/irregulargoods.32084028
        Why Democrats can't win. "You heard me right. There is no correlation
        between being smarter than your opponent and actually, you know,
        winning the election."
        \_ Yeah, and that 2006 election just goes to show that... uh...
           \_ When two morons run, nobody wins.
              \_ Those morons were selected by the voters in the primaries.
                 So, uh, yeah.
2007/10/15 [Politics/Domestic] UID:48324 Activity:nil 66%like:48325
10/15   Harry Reid sucks (yes, even in NV)
2007/10/15 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Politics/Domestic] UID:48323 Activity:nil
10/15   Sexist and racist remarks deleted, regardless of proofs & facts.
        \_ Can facts be sexist?  I've always thought only untrue statments can
           be sexist or racist.  Is "men are generally stronger than women"
           sexist?  What about "black people are darker than white people?"
           Or, "men cannot become pregnant?"
        \_ Reality doesn't have liberal bias after all.
2007/10/12 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Politics/Domestic] UID:48299 Activity:nil
10/12   Awesome.   http://csua.org/u/jq0
        \_ What is awesome about Limbaugh trying to rewrite history?
           He tries to do that all the time.
2007/9/24-27 [Politics/Domestic] UID:48177 Activity:nil
9/24    In America, nobody is allowed to exploit 9/11 for political gain except
        \_ C'mon, this is the weakest troll the motd has seen all year.
           You're not even trying.  This wasn't even phoned in!
2007/9/18-22 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:48099 Activity:nil 75%like:48098
9/18    "Shrinking kilogram bewilders physicists"
        *The* kilogram is weighing less.
        \_ Old news.
        \_ Even worse, WE DON'T KNOW WHY!!!!
           \- maybe the dildo really is 9lb!
              \_ It's completely natural for a dildo to lose weight when it
                 goes from erect state to flaccid state.  Oh wait ...
2007/9/14-18 [Politics/Domestic] UID:48066 Activity:low
9/14    10:00pm  ABC  60min  2007
        Whose Body Is It Anyway?! Health Care in America
        A John Stossel report on health care weighs the pros and cons of the
        U.S.  system and others around the world, and looks at U.S.
        innovations. Included: a segment on health care in Cuba, featuring
        filmmaker Michael Moore, Miami-based Cuban activist Jose Carro and
        George Utset, who runs an anti-Castro Web site.  Also: Harvard Business
        School professor Regina Herzlinger; and Canadian physician David
        Gratzer, author of .The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health
        \_ John Stossel's reporting is almost all of the 'I am a complete
           corporate tool' variety, but maybe I'll watch, thanks.
           \_ Is there an equivalent term for 'I am a complete big government
2007/9/12-14 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:48035 Activity:moderate
9/12    High School students not allowed to wear US Flag
        \_ On 9/11
         \_ The day that changed everything!
        \_ More imporantly, stupid school bans wearing flags, has
           to deal with the consequences of such an assinine rule.
           \_ The US flag isn't a foreign flag.
            \_ It's a stupid fucking rule.  Start banning things just because
               they are foreign and you are asking for a much deserved
               \_ I'm pretty sure schools can ban pretty much whatever they
                  like Anyway, it is a stupid rule, I agree.  But the leap
                  from that rule to baninng the US flag is
                  mind-boggling. -op (!pp)
                  \_ No they can't.  There are free speach limits even at a
                     school.  And let's take a hypothetical.  Hispanic
                     students start wearing Mexican flags, people get upset
                     some kids get into fights.  The school bans Mexican flags.
                     (And it doesn't get smacked down.)  Now some of the
                     love it leave it assholes who were also part fighting
                     start wearing American flags as a fuck you this is America
                     display (not hard to imagine now is it?)  Why is one
                     acceptable and the other not?
                     \_ Umm.. because this actually IS ths US?
                      \_ So why are they banning flags then?  Because
                         "This is America damnit (tm)" or because flags
                         were causing a significant disruption?
                         \_ What is wrong with "This is America damnit (tm)"
                            anyway?  Is this *not* America?
                            \_ Besides the xenophobic viewpoint it's not
                               appropriate for schools to degenerate into
                               violence.  Why were flags banned in the first
                               place?  Until you get answer that, this is just
                               \_ Flag Code aside (because that isn't why they
                                  were banned): Banning flags is not the real
                                  issue.  The issue is violence.  Banning flags
                                  doesn't make the hatred that causes the
                                  violence to go away.  Now that I've answered
                                  that, tell me what is so wrong about loving
                                  your country and putting your own nation
                                  above others.
                               \_ Why not look it up yourself, squwaker? You're
                                  the one asking.  Why is it my job to answer
                                  your questions?
                                  \_ Because I'm not the one in hysteronics
                                     about the evil anti-american flag cabal?
        \_ Wearing the US flag is a violation of the Flag Code: http://www.legion.org/?section=our_flag&subsection=flag_code&content=flag_respect  -tom
           \_ So is lowering the US flag to half-mast when some local hero
              (e.g. firefighter in your community) dies while in line of duty.
              But people do it arbitrarily anyway.
              \_ You are incorrect.  Half-staff may be ordered by the
                 president, but that does not preclude respectful displays
                 by other local authorities at other times.
                 (Oops.  I'm wrong.  The order to half-staff can only come
                 from the President or a Governor.  Never mind.)
              \_ Yes, it's just funny to see rah rah U-S-A types defending
                 violations of the Flag Code.  -tom
2007/9/10 [Politics/Domestic] UID:47973 Activity:nil
9/10    'General Betray Us'
        HA HA HA HA HA
        I love watching Republicans get offended over language and
        ignoring the gigantic bloody trillion dollar sucking sound
        in Iraq.  Oh no someone on a blog said something mean!
2007/9/6 [Politics/Domestic] UID:47915 Activity:nil
9/6     i really hope the american people do not fall for this
        Thompson presidential media snowjob THIS IS A MAN OF
        CONVICTION complete bullshit, but I have my doubts
2007/8/30-9/3 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:47834 Activity:high
8/30    A Burning Man participant was found dead this morning, hanging
        from the inside of a two-story high tent, according to Mark
        Pirtle, special agent in charge for the Bureau of Land Managment.
        The apparent suicide would be the festival's first in its 21 year
        history, Pirtle said.
        \_ Am I alone in thinking that Burning Man is retarded?
           \_ No.
           \_ Definitely not.
           \_ Nope.
           \_ You are certainly not the only person who has never been there
              and knows practically nothing about it who has a very strong
              opinion about it.
              \_ I'm sure you've been to Guantanamo, Iraq, Darfur, and
                 a Billy Graham Crusade, right?
              \_ I'm sure you've been to Guantanamo, Iraq, Darfur, and a
                 Billy Graham Crusade, right? Or not, since you deleted
                 this comment.
                 \_ How much of my tax payer dollars are being spend on
                    Burning Man? I think the Billy Graham Crusade is just dandy,
                    btw. If people want to spend their own time and money doing
                    things like that, that make them happy, more power to them.
                    And no *I* did not delete this comment. More than two people
                    Burning Man? I think the Billy Graham Crusade is just
                    dandy btw. If people want to spend their own time
                    and money doing things like that, that make them
                    happy, more power to them. And no *I* did not delete
                    this comment. More than two people
                    use the motd, believe it or not.
                    \_ How much does it cost to clean up the environment after
                       they leave?  What is the cost to the local communities
                       to lock up all their stuff and keep their kids inside?
                       (Yes they steal shit from the locals).  Who pays for
                       the cops and emergency services in the area to work
                       overtime?  Just some good clean fun, kids, all free!
                       \_ Just like I said, the people who know the least about
                          what they are talking about, have the strongest
                          opinions. BLM inspects after the event to make sure
                          it is totally clean. Dozens of volunteers stay for
                          months until it is cleaned up. BM LLC pays for every
                          dollar of police, fire and emergency service time.
                          Any other misconceptions you want cleared up?
              \_ Thousands of people show up in the desert, run around naked,
                 take a lot of drugs, have sex with random people for a week,
                 don't bathe, burn a giant 'man', then drive home in their
                 SUVs leaving behind (literally) tons of garbage in the
                 environment for the locals and government to deal with.
                 What was the cool part that I missed?
                 \_ You dont leave your garbage out there.  You take it
                    with you.  so often that means leaving it in a dumpster
                    in Reno, but you dont leave it out in the desert.
                    Actually I'm down with you spreading FUD about burning
                    man that it sucks, it keeps idiots like you from
                    showing up.  please continue!
                    \_ Don't worry. I won't go. I might work to stop BM,
                       though! Enjoy it while it lasts!
                 \_ I don't think a lot of sex goes on at Burning Man.
                    Maybe you might try it once, then you figure out
                    that having sex at Burning Man is terrible and should
                    not be attempted by anyone.
                    \_ Ok, so thousands of dirty people in the desert naked
                       taking a lot of drugs, not getting laid, burning the
                       'man' and leaving a huge mess behind.  I'm still
                       looking for the cool part.
                       \_ Where can I find pix of naked people in BM?
                          \_ google.  Or just go next year.
                 \_ Better for people like you to stay away, since you already
                    know everything anyway. -Been to BM six times
                  \_ Wow, you are such an expert, glad to know you already
                     know everything that 45k people do over a weeks time,
                     even though your only knowledge is through the media.
                    \_ Don't worry. I won't go. I might work to stop BM,
                       though! Enjoy it while it lasts!
                    \_ I've yet to see a single person post anything about
                       BM being anything more than described: smelly people
                       taking drugs for a week, leaving a huge mess behind.
                       If you'd like to correct that 'misunderstanding', please
                       do.  And oh yeah, there's people doing 'art' and
                       'expressing their freedom'.  Sorry, can't forget that.
                       \_ Nope. No desire to encourage fools to come at all.
                          Please stay away.
                       \_ Stupid smelly hippies enjoying Burning Man:
                          \_ Just because they are old doesn't prove anything.
2007/8/30-9/3 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47824 Activity:nil
8/28    Matt Taibbi interview:
        "I read "Dead Souls" about forty times before I was twenty. He was
        my hero. For the longest time I just wanted to... well, not to be
        Nicholai Gogol, because he was an insane and miserable boot
        fetishist who ended up becoming an overbearing religious bore
        before starving and bleeding himself to death with leeches, but
        to write like that anyway. But you should see how pathetic it is
        when a modern American tries his style."
        \_ Like many great artists, Gogol was an anti-semite. -- ilyas
2007/8/21-22 [Politics, Politics/Domestic] UID:47680 Activity:low
8/21    "Poll: White youths happier than others"
        "Sex: Sixty percent of white youths are happy with their sex lives,
        compared with 46 percent of minorities. Both groups are about equal on
        the sexual activity scale."
        Why?  Because the white guys get all the H01 4ZN CH1X!  Damn it!
        (Never mind the white gals who responded in the survey.)
        \_ white people happier than non white people?  woah.
           \_ The article addresses youths only.  "Carpenter, one of the
              survey participants, spoke for the majority of minority youths
              who feel their race will not cause problems later in life."
        \_ it's annoying that the article doesn't give number for asians.
2007/8/18-22 [Politics/Domestic] UID:47650 Activity:low
8/20    So in this clip that is getting forwarded far and wide from
        1994, ---- Cheney is prepared, smart, and obviously knows
        what he is talking about, because he's a articulate, experienced
        man who has been in government a long long time and you should
        trust his judgement:
        WHAT THE HELL happened since then?  Did he get a brain transplant?
        Arrgh.  Pitchforks.  Riots.  Street.
        \_ I met Dick Cheney in 2004 when he gave a speech at my work. He
           came across as very articulate, experienced, and a natural born
           leader. So if you feel he has changed in some way then it must
           have happened since 2004.
        \_ Are you new to politics, or are you a Democrat?
2007/8/17-22 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:47633 Activity:nil
8/20    when was the last senator to actually win the presidential
        election?  I mean 'senator who is a senator while running',
        not former senator.
        \_ JFK. From wikipedia entry: "Kennedy is the most recent to be
           elected while serving in the Senate."
2007/8/2-3 [Politics/Domestic, Academia/GradSchool] UID:47507 Activity:nil
8/2     US high school education in action:
        Kinda odd that the teachers are allowed to talk about a student by
        \_ This would violate FERPA if they never got a written permission
           from the parent(or the student if she was 18):
           The writer definitely was one-sided, but it does remind us of
           some problems that is probably wide-spread. (like budgetary
           pressure on the schools to pass kids and parents who fail to
           see the fault of their kids or themselves regardig school
           matters.) For a young mind that becomes a teacher because s/he
           wanted to make a difference, the situation this teacher was in
           is certainly difficult. All the while, the areas where these
           same minds want to make difference in are also the same school
           districts with the budget constraints. Chicken and egg problem.
           But I do think a teacher that wants to make a difference should
           have given the student a retake on the final to force her to
           at least for one day in her life.
2007/7/17-19 [Politics/Domestic] UID:47309 Activity:nil 66%like:47307
7/17    'None Of The Above' surges into the lead in Republican primary
        link:preview.tinyurl.com/2c3r77 (ipsos-na.com) [PDF]
        \_ Just remember "Hillary doesn't have a chance."
           \_ When confronted with numbers, retaliate with slogans.
        \_ I remember once when Jon Stewart said that some Republican was going
           to lose against a yet-unnamed Democratic opponent.  "However, once
           a Democrat is actually named, they tend to do much worse"
2007/6/12-15 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46921 Activity:nil
6/12    Scientists find that salvage logging makes wildfires worse
2007/5/13 [Politics/Domestic] UID:46610 Activity:nil
        \_ Given the plurality of our nation it makes very little sense to
           associate one self as a "pure" Democrat or Republican. A smart
           person is happy to give up faith and blind party loyalty to
           adaptability and logic. A smart person does not associate oneself
           to purely one party. A smart person is one who is independent.
2007/5/3 [Politics/Domestic] UID:46521 Activity:nil
5/3     Any recommended budget motherboard that can support a quad core
        Core 2 and has decent linux support?
2007/4/21-24 [Politics/Domestic] UID:46404 Activity:low
4/20    Liberals .. it's too obvious..
        Liberals want the conservatives to stand next to a ditch and
        get gunned down. They want to be the one that guns down pro
        gunners and conservatives! That's what this is all really about...
        only way liberals can win is to take away all the
        guns.. get control of the army and then kill off
        all the conservatives... that's your plan.. we know..
        That's why there is the 2nd amemdment. To prevent
        mentally disordered liberals who would have no balls otherwise
        be able to control the masses by removing guns and then
        using the military in the same facist way Hitler did to
        exterminate the jews. That's why the 2nd amendment exists.
        \_ how is this interesting?  did you even write this?
        \_ ^Liberals^Statists
        \_ I thought it was funny I could add comments to the motd gun
           threads that I cut and pasted from random blogs and people
           would reply, eventhough the comments really didnt have much
           to do with the previous discussion.
        \_ Isn't this something that the VT shooter posted before he
           went ballistic? Should I be nervous?
           \_ Only when Hillary wins in 2008, then we should all be nervous
              \_ Worried about Hillary, worred about the gun nuts or
                 worried about both?
2007/4/20-24 [Politics/Domestic] UID:46398 Activity:nil
4/21    Latest sign that reality is becoming an Onion headline:
        "When you're president of the United States and you have this many
        folks that you are employing, it's a pretty small number that he's had
        to express full confidence in."
        --White House Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino
        \- Bhutan to hold fake election:
2007/4/19-20 [Politics/Domestic] UID:46376 Activity:nil
4/19    A message all of us, liberals and conservatives, can get behind:
        \_ already posted and boring
2007/4/12-15 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/HateGroups] UID:46276 Activity:nil
4/12    Anyone have a link to video of Olbermann becoming the next McCarthy?
        Or Sharpton doing the same?
        \_ Please give context, troll, thanks.
           \_ Last night on Olbermann, he called for Imus, Limbaugh, Savage,
              and others to be pulled off the air.
              \_ That's unfortunate.  Looks like Imus is gone.  I'd
                 simply not to choose to buy any product ever advertised
                 on Savage's show.  What a cesspit.  I don't listen to
                 Savage though (anymore).  I don't know how anyone can
                 put up with it.  It's a giant daily shower of insults,
                 rage, racism, hate and bile.  I really hope no one
                 I know listens to that and can identify with it.
        \_ Wow, Olbermann is a senator with the power of the legistlative
           branch behind him?  When did that happen?
           \_ You know that McCarthy was in the house, right?
              \- Uh no. Maybe you are confused beacuse of HUAC, or
                 possibly because your brain is small.
              \_ You know you're an idiot, right?
              \_ Is Olbermann a member of Congress?
        \_ How many conservatives have called for liberals to be rounded up
           and put in camps?
        \_ I love seeing people defend Imus.  You look stupid either way.
           Do you think Imus hired a writer/foil/cohort just to make
           nigger jokes?  Look it up.
2007/4/6-10 [Politics/Domestic, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:46213 Activity:nil
4/6     "Mystery of Greek Amphitheater's Amazing Sound Finally Solved"
        http://www.csua.org/u/iel (Yahoo News)
        "Amazingly, the Greek builders of the theater did not themselves
        understand the principles that led to the exceptional audibility of
        sound from the stage."  How did the author come to this conclusion?
        \_ we invented first vaccine without ever knowing the existence of
2007/3/30-4/3 [Politics/Domestic] UID:46161 Activity:nil
3/30    Why Mommy is a Democrat:
        \_ Is that a parody?  "Democrats make sure we all share our toys."
            \_ No, I believe this is in earnest.  I keep flipping between
               horrified astonishment and ROTFLMAO.
2007/3/29-4/2 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Politics/Domestic, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:46140 Activity:nil
3/28    A kind reminder that CSUA stands for Computer Science Undergrad
        Association. It is not the Political Science [aka I hate Democrats
        and I hate Republicans] Undergrad Association.
        In other news AMD is releasing a new laptop chip! EXCITING!!!
        \_ that's chipset.  and CS students like to talk politics.
        \_ Piss off.
           \_ Well someone is pissy.  If this is representative, I think I
              know why I chose to hang out with CS types as opposed to
              poli-sci types. -dans
2007/3/24-27 [Politics/Domestic] UID:46084 Activity:nil
3/23    We're throwing away TRILLIONS in the Middle East, with
        no reasonable plan of winning or withdrawal, and the
        best the Democrats can do is point out that Administration
        fired a few US Attorneys and lied about it.  Bleah.
        \_ No, they actually just passed a bill in the house requiring
           the US to withdraw by Jun 2008. Too bad it will get vetoed.
           the US to withdraw by Sep 2008. Too bad it will get vetoed.
           This is what happens when you lose elections.
        \_ When you understand who controls the US media and government
           this is perfectly natural.
2007/3/12-15 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:45936 Activity:nil 80%like:45942
3/12    Pete Stark comes out of the theism closet
        \_ http://www.thegodmovie.com
2007/3/12-15 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45933 Activity:nil
3/12    So now that Halliburton is moving the Corporate HQ to Dubai, will
        they close their Iranian office? Why are they moving everything
        off-shore anyway, are they worried that the Democratic Congress
        will start investigating the war profiteering?
        \_ Maybe you should ask their newest big stockholder, George Soros
           \- from the daily show: "the long kiss dubai" ... heh. --psb
2007/3/7-10 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:45896 Activity:nil
3/7     RIP Captain America
        \_ This is part of Marvel's stupendously boring and stupid
           series 'Civil War'.  Comic book fans will react by making
           even more fun of Civil War.  It's stupid.  Marvel comics suck.
           Sometimes the occasionaly actual good movie gets made from
           a Marvel comic book, like Spiderman and The Punisher.
           \_ The Punisher?  Which version?
           \_ Actually the current Brubaker run on Daredevl is excellent.
              I haven't read Bendis' run that preceded it, but I heard it's
              also good, and I dig Powers so I'll probably give it a look.
2007/3/5-7 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45883 Activity:high
3/4     http://www.conservapedia.com
        \_ "Modern kangaroos originated in the Middle East and are the
           descendants of the two founding members of the modern kangaroo
           baramin that were taken aboard Noah's Ark prior to the Great Flood."
           \_ I still can't figure out if that site is for real.
              My liberal friends say "IT IS FOR REAL, IT IS FUNDED
              BY THE EAGLE FORUM."  But it's so dumb, and appears to be
              run off some dude's DSL line.
              \_ Well we know automatically that all conservatives are Xtians
                 and fundamentally stupid.  Therefore it must be real.  I
                 saw it on the intarweeb.
                               \- intartube
2007/2/27-3/3 [Politics/Domestic, Recreation/Humor] UID:45833 Activity:nil
2/27    "Why I Hate Blacks"
        http://preview.tinyurl.com/2r6vqc (Asian Week)
        \_ Oooookayyyy...
           \_ Funny stuff.  Even funnier when you start googling for
              author and discover he's a crazy person, people hate him
              so much they create epic poems about how much they hate him,
              AND he's a furry.
              \_ http://blogs.ign.com/Hil-IGN/2006/09/01/29782
                 Oh man this is going to crack me up all week.
        \_ From the article:
           "Eng wrote about experiencing racism as an Asian American student
           at New York University after he "expressed my negative views on
           America, religion and African Americans."  Bwahaha. Imagine,
           Eng: Blacks are all so stupid/evil.
           Other: What?  You dick!
           Eng: What's your problem, you racist or something?  I'm a genius!
2007/2/23 [Politics/Domestic, Politics] UID:45808 Activity:high
2/23    I hope I kick this much ass when I'm 70
        \_ If you can't kick this much ass today, you won't be able to at 70
           \_ Unless you take my class now!  Just $19.95 a lesson!
        \_ Way to go!  That guy retired from the military.  I bet the average
           sodan can't do this even at the present age.
           \_ Hard to say.  I only know one person who has KILLED A MAN
              WITH HIS BARE HANDS.
              \_ Is this from the Chuck Norris Facts list?
              \_ I thought they didn't know what weapon Hans used.  -tom
2007/2/21-23 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45785 Activity:kinda low
2/20    D.C. Cir. upholds law stripping the federal cts of the power to hear
        habeas claims from prisoners in Guantanamo Bay:
        http://preview.tinyurl.com/26ssw8 (miami.com - miami herald)
        link:preview.tinyurl.com/ynmz8x (pacer.cadc.uscourts.gov - decision)
        \_ Really sad to watch our civil liberties stripped away. I hope
           the USSC will overturn this.
           \_ GITMO is not on mainland US.  Much like how Taiwan is
              not China.
              \_ Neither is fucking hawaii, dumbshit.  But other than your
                 poor choice of words, permanent residents can fall under
                 the same danger if the president just decides he wants to
                 imprison, torture, even execute them.  No charges needed,
                 no recourse.  If the USSC does not overturn this, they're
                 not worth the wood for their chairs.
                 not worth the wood for their bench.
                 \_ Ha, I got you!
                    \_ http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/3131/nocontestsb1.jpg
                       \_ What the heck was the point of that picture?  -!pp
           \_ Well, it is unclear if the USSC can overturn the decision b/c
              the decision is really that the court has no power to hear a
              habeas claim from persons w/in a particular class. The 2d part
              of the decision is that for these particular people, no habeas
              right existed at common law, thus Congress hasn't suspending
              the writ - that may be reviewable, but I doubt it.
              The issue here is whether Congress has constitutionally used
              its Art 3, Sec. 1 and Art. 3, Sec. 2, Cl. 2 powers to determine
              the original/appellate jurisdiction of the lower federal courts
              (district courts and appeals courts) and the appellate jx of
              the USSC.
              Congress seems to have done everything correctly except possibly
              one thing - Congress may have prescribed a rule of decision in
              a pending case, which is unconstitutional. But, the problem is
              that it is unclear whether it is unconstitutional to prescribe
              a rule of decision in a pending case before the USSC or if it
              unconstitutional to prescribe a rule of decision in a pending
              case before any federal court.
              If the unconstitutional act is prescribing a rule of decision
              in case pending before the USSC, then Congress has acted cons-
              titutionally b/c there were no pending habeas cases before the
              USSC at the time the MCA was enacted.
              The hope must be that the constitutional violation occurs when
              a rule of decision is prescribed in a case pending before any
              federal court. It is unclear if this is true.
              The one other option is that that the USSC some how finds that
              Art. 3, Sec. 2, Cl. 2 gives the USSC original jurisdiction over
              habeas claims. From Marbury we know that the USSC's original
              jurisdiction cannot be altered w/o constitutional amendment,
              thus if the MCA takes away part of the USSC original jx, it
              would be unconstitutional.
              This option is no option at all b/c the USSC is not prepared
              or able to hear habeas pleas in the thousands of cases that
              can be filed.
              One other thing might happen in this case, the DC Cir. might
              re-hear the case en-banc and reverse. That is probably more
              likely than the USSC accepting and reversing the case.
2007/2/8-11 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45692 Activity:nil
2/9     Boredcast Message from 'psb': Thu Feb  8 18:16:00 2007
        boy this attack on the pelosi jet is quite a low
        (not posted by psb)
        \_ Do you mean her whining for a 757-200, even though her existing
           plane is fine?
           \_ By "her", do you mean the House Seargent at Arms?
        \_ the whole 'give her a different jet' thing WASNT
           EVEN HER IDEA.  fuck.
        \_ Not really.  I don't see why she needs more than the previous
           Speaker had and why that isn't good enough for her.  Perhaps she
           has forgotten that it is still important for public officials in
           this country to at least pretend and give lip service to the idea
           that this isn't a moncharchy yet and she isn't the queen.
           \_ the previous speaker's jet could do non-stop from DC to home.
              the sgt at arms is the one who urged pelosi to have a military
              jet for security reasons, and having two-hops does not exactly
              make it more secure.
              \_ The previous speaker's jet could do non-stop from DC to
                 Illinois. She's getting that jet. I don't see how refueling at
                 an air force base is insecure. Besides, the Gulfstream 5 can
                 go coast to coast without refueling.
                 \_ The people arguing against this here are either trolls or
                    morons.  Let them be.
        \_ The GOP realizes that almost all of their agenda is opposed by
           the vast majority of Americans, so that their only hope is
           to smear and personally attack their political opponents. This
           is the Karl Rove method and while it was wildly succesful, it
           is the Karl Rove method and while it was wildly successful, it
           did not create the Permanent Republican Majority he had hoped
           for. Apparently the GOP hasn't developed a new playbook, or learned
           the lessons from their defeat in 2006.
2006/11/25-12/5 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45369 Activity:nil
11/25   Gas price is going up after the election, as expected.
        \_ It was going up before the election too.
2006/11/9-10 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:45293 Activity:high
11/9    Can anyone think of a legitimate reason for the flag to be at half-staff
        today?  I'm suspecting that some crybaby republican security guard did
        this because of the election, but I want to know if there's *any*
        other possible explanation.
        \_ OP here:  I was being paranoid, it's legit:
           A Border Patrol officer died in a car accident.
        \_ What state are you in?  Gov Schwarzaneggar ordered flags
           to half staff when those fire fighters died in the LA wildfire
        \_ The control of the Republican congress died. It's a dark dark
           day out there for America. God Bless.        -Republican
        \_ Only plausible explanation is that a member of congress has died.
        \_ Someone confused 11/9 with 9/11?  Where did you see the flag at
           half-staff anyway?
           half-staff anyway?  A lot of times people lower the flag to
           half-staff to honor some local people.  That's not an appropriate
           use of half-staff'ing of the US flag, but nobody is going to
           complain "oh we liked so-and-so but he didn't deserve a half-staff
           US flag".
           \_ This is at a Federal institution (a lab), so the formal rules
              should apply and should be known by whoever is resonsible for
              the flag out front.  This is certainly either becuase of some
              obscure rule or because someone is knowingly being a little
              crybaby asshole.  Given the nature of the local security guards
              who are the only ones here in the middle of the night,  the
              latter explanation is very plausible.
              \_ You should follow up with this and find out. This is
                 highly inappropriate and the person should be fired, if
                 in fact this is wrt the death of the control of the congress
                 \_ No one is going to get fired over a half staff flag.  You
                    can legally burn the damned thing as a matter of free
                    speech, you can certainly half staff it.  Get over your
                    big self.
                 \_ No free speech if you're king, eh?
                    \_ Free speech is fine. Co-opting the tools of state to
                       express your free speech is unprofessional. Fire him on
                       \_ Uh yeah right.  Have you ever worked in the real
                          world?  Short of raping his boss's boss's wife
                          whoever "co-opted the tools of the state" is not
                          going to get anyone fired.  You're being ridiculous.
                          \_ You're being naive. People get fired for less than
                             this all the time.
                             \_ Not federal employees.
                             \_ Nonsense.  In CA it is almost impossible to
                                fire someone.  In order to avoid a lawsuit you
                                need so much documentation and efforts at
                                making sure it "was done right" it will take
                                several months, loads of paperwork and multiple
                                wrong doings (except theft, assault, etc) to
                                fire someone.  Who are these 'people getting
                                fired for trivial nonsense all the time'?
                                You're full of it.  And frankly, even if you
                                *could* get someone fired for half staffing
                                the flag as a sign of his personal political
                                distaste for the results of the election, you'd
                                be a complete ass for doing so.
              \_ No idea but I noticed a fire station had the flag at half
                 mast this weekend and wondered why as well.
              \_ The US flag is supposed to be lowered every evening and raised
                 again the next morning.  So whoever's there in the middle of
                 the night shouldn't have anything to do with it.
                 \_ This flag flies 24/7 normally.  Are you sure about that
                    rule?  So you're claiming that all the flags one sees flying
                    at night all over the country are violating some flag rule?
                    I don't believe that.
                    I don't believe that. link:csua.org/u/hf6
                    \_ If flown at night, the flag is supposed to be
                       illuminated somehow. Otherwise it is supposed to be
                       taken down at sunset.
                       \_ Well, yes, it's illuminated(duh).
                    \_ Title 4, Chapter 1, #6, (a):
                       "It is the universal custom to display the flag only
                       from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary
                       flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect
                       is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if
                       properly illuminated during the hours of darkness."
                       http://www.csua.org/u/hf7 (www4.law.cornell.edu)
2006/11/8-10 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic] UID:45282 Activity:kinda low
11/8    Say you're a politician and you just lost an election, and say
        you're not a wealthy dot-comer who made millions from eBay or
        inherited millions from your family, what would you do
        for a living?
        \_ You stay home all day and cry. Like Al Gore. Then after a year
           or two you start making a movie you're passionate about so that
           you can forget about your loss. Like Al Gore.
           \_ Well, you could always hit the lecture circuit and make an
              absurd amount of money...like Al Gore
        \_ Lobbyist.  Go back to law.  Give talks.  Do what you were doing
           pre politician.  Lots of things.
        \_ http://www.uploadfile.info/uploads/3afec4f94f.jpg
           1. Buy daughter a puppy
           2. Send son off to Hogwarts
           3. Repress homosexual urges
           4. Profit!
           \_ awesome.
2006/11/8 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45278 Activity:very high
11/8    Allen concedes.  House and Senate officially in hand of
        the Democrats.  I expect great things.  Don't let me down!
        \_ All the news sites I see say "Associated Press declare Webb winner".
        \_ Do you have examples of what you expect? Just curious.
        \_ Is this the first time a Mormon will lead the Senate?
        \_ Allen concedes?  url please.
           \_ He was down 7k.  Lawsuits and noise about election fraud
              with big spreads aren't a Republican trait.
              \_ Right.  They steal their elections fair and square.
2006/11/8-9 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45272 Activity:nil
11/8    One good thing about the Dems winning--I'll finally hear the good news
        about the economy.
        \_ Loser says what?
2006/11/8-9 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:45269 Activity:kinda low
11/8    Hah.  Dems win and Rummy steps down.  Suddenly all those people who felt
        guilty about voting Dem feel a whoooooole lot better.
        \_ Watch those Democrats implode!
        \_ I just realized Rummy was also Secretary of Defence when he was in
           his forties.
                \_ I think Rummy has been both the youngest and oldest sec
                   of defense.
2006/11/8-10 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:45265 Activity:nil
11/8    As it turns out, despite more spending for Republican campaigns,
        the Democrats won.  Elections do not always follow money.
        \_ err. they did kept the Senate.  and only Senate can impeach
           the president, no?
           \_ Well, unless 'kept' means 'lost' in this context.....
           \_ I guess kept is a way of saying "didn't keep"?
           \_ No, the house can impeach the POTUS.
              \_ More correctly, the house impeaches, the senate convicts.
                 While presidents have been impeached by the house, none has
                 been convicted by the senate.
                 \_ Simple majority in the House to impeach; 2/3 majority in
                    the Senate to convict.
           \_ This is a new meaning of the word "kept" that I'm not familiar
              with.  Perhaps you could enlighten us?
2006/11/8-9 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45261 Activity:nil
11/8    I think it's really great that Dems are emphasizing bipartisanship
        in their victory speeches - that there was a divided America, and in
        order to defeat terrorism, we would need to work together.  I feel
        really good about this election.
        \- assming the Rs hold on to the Senate, I think te play between
           the two chambers will be itneresting ... sort of a "if you
           are total assholes [nuclear option etc] then we at least
           have some scope to respond."
           \_ Democrats take Senate. Wonder what will happen to Lieberman?
              \_ url?
              \- nothing will happen to lieberman. Harry Reid already
                 said that. if the margin was large, he might be able to
                 reneg, but it wont be, and also harder to reneg on
                 something that is sort of public.
                \_ As of 8:34am MST it's not quite a done deal, but it looks
                   like the Democrats got both Montana and Virginia,
                   thus winning a Senate majority.
2006/11/8 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45255 Activity:nil
        \_ Of course.  All the idiots on the motd the last few months
           talking up an "October surprise" and "November surprise" was
           just a lot of hot air.  Gee, imagine that.  The motd was filled
           with idiots who had no idea what they were talking about.
           \_ The November surprise was the Saddam conviction. It just
              didn't work. It might have saved a few House seats for the GOP.
2006/11/7-8 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:45245 Activity:kinda low
11/7    What party are they counting Joe Lieberman as?
        \_ (I - Running for Secretary of Defense)
        \_ yeah, and he /says/ he will caucus with Dems for Senate majority
           \- and then he added "unless they dont honor my seniority
              perqs" ... which means that asshole is basically saying
              "if you try to punish me, i will punish you".
              \_ Even the Dems aren't that stupid.  They will give Joe
                 anything he wants so that the Dems can be in control.
                 \_ I hate him, i guess that makes me anti-sematic.
                    \_ And I hate him too, which makes me a self-hating Jew.
2006/11/7-8 [Reference/RealEstate, Politics/Domestic] UID:45235 Activity:nil 76%like:45228
11/7    http://tradesports.com House GOP control now at ~ 10, Senate back to ~ 65.
        \_ What do these numbers mean?
           \_ basically 0 means people think it will not happen
              100 means people think it's guaranteed to happen
              \_ Does that mean that if I bet on GOP control of house, I get
                 back 10X what I bet if they win?
                 \_ if you buy at 12, and the GOP wins the House, then you get
                    88 x $0.10 = $8.80 profit for every contract (share) you
                    bought at 12.
                    let's say GOP loses the House (and you held onto your
                    contracts until the bitter end).  Then the contracts you
                    bought are worthless.  You're out what you paid for them,
                    12 * $0.10 = $1.20 per contract.
                    \_ Please excuse my denseness, but this site is blocked
                       at work, and I'm considering going home to bet.  I still
                       don't get it.  In your scenario, how much did each share
                       cost?  Did I pay 12 dollars and get back 12+ the 8.80,
                       or what?
                       \_ updated answer.  any more q's?
                          \_ I just don't understand what's going on.  Is each
                             share 0.1 dollars?  Then where does the 88 number
                             come from?  How does that relate to 12?
                             \_ Let's say the price is 12 right now.
                                This means 1 contract (share) costs $1.20.
                                You buy 1.
                                Let's say the GOP wins the House.
                                You can now automatically sell this for $10.
                                You make $8.80 profit for that 1 contract.
                                If you can find someone who's selling 100
                                If you find someone who's selling 100
                                contracts (shares) at 12, and your dream comes
                                true, then you make $880 profit.
                                Actually, I see someone offering 440 contracts
                                at 10.5, so you can get them even cheapter.
                                \_ Ok, I finally get it.  Thanks!
2006/11/7-8 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:45216 Activity:nil
11/7    Haha.  From CNN:
        "Bonds rally on election bets: Market surges on hopes of fiscal
        discipline created by Democrat-controlled Congress; dollar mixed."
        \_ that must be CNN TV I guess, cuz http://money.cnn.com mentions
           the bond thing in the very last paragraph and just says "change
           in control of the House" w/o mentioning Dems
2006/11/7 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45209 Activity:nil 57%like:45228
11/7    Okay, so http://tradesports.com has House GOP control at ~ 20, and Senate
        GOP control at ~ 70.  Let's see how we do!
2006/11/6-8 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:45191 Activity:nil
11/6    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15590729/site/newsweek/from/RS.2
        "Saddam and the Republicans"
2006/11/5-6 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45175 Activity:kinda low
11/5    I predict the Republicans will keep control of both houses
        in Tuesday's election.  Doom!!!! - danh
        \_ but tradesports is trading House GOP control at ~ 22 now.
        \_ but tradesports is trading House GOP control at ~ 22 now.
        \_ My prediction:  they will lose the House but keep the Senate
           because of "three heart attack" Cheney.
        \_ Unlikely.
2006/11/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Politics/Domestic] UID:45170 Activity:nil
11/04   Do people still want Joe Ayoob back in as QB? See motd from sept.
        \_ As if anyone here remembers any single obscure motd entry from two
           months ago that doesn't have to do with Dems vs. GOP or renters
           vs. homeowners.  Dolt.
           \_ Someone claimed that Nate Longshore was worse than Joe Ayoob,
              "Cal's worst quarterback ever." Cal is off to its best start in
               (?) decades.
           \_ Someone claimed that Nate Longshore was worse than Joe
              Ayoob, "Cal's worst quarterback ever." Cal is off to its
              best start in (?) decades.
               \_ 5 decades
2006/11/3-4 [Politics/Domestic] UID:45135 Activity:nil
11/3    Today's moment in Republican film:

        When Sgt. Hartman made the comment about Pvt. Cowboy giving a man a
        "reach around" the director stopped filming and asked what it was,
        and Ermey very matter-of-factly told him. Kubrick broke out into
        laughter and decided to keep it in the film.
        \_ Kubrick was republican?  I thought he was a brit.
        \_ Kubrick was republican?
2006/11/2 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:45123 Activity:nil
11/02   Just keep repeating it: free speech and the freedom to dissent
        are Republican Values. Only Democrats try to silence
2006/10/26-29 [Politics/Domestic] UID:44994 Activity:nil
10/26   Govt report on Q3 U.S. GDP due before market opens Friday morning
        Analyst consensus is 2.6%
        Analyst consensus of all major banks is 2.0% or lower
        White House Natl Economic Council head predicts between 1 - 2%
        Council of Economic Advisors to the President signals below 2%
        Finally, wishful thinking of a Q4 bounce
        \_ It's time to short GDP!
           \_ The trick is to figure out how much the market has factored in
              2.6% vs. <= 2.0%, and election hijinks prior to tomorrow morning.
2006/10/25-27 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44964 Activity:nil
10/25   So I'm reading about the recent law passed that takes
        away Habeas Corpus from non citizens.
        Was there a huge plague of non citizens clogging up our courts
        with their petitions?
        \_ url?
           \_ Really?  You didn't know George W Bush just signed into
              a bill denying the right of any non citizen we arrest
              from filing an appeal of their detainment, one of those
              'basic rights under the United States Constitution' things?
              \_ The USSC made the exact opposite ruling regarding Germans
                 and Japanese held off shore during WWII so this isn't that
                 shocking an event.
                 \_ Are you refering to Korematsu or some other case?
              \_ No I didn't know that. And I was asking for a URL
                 for the text of the bill, not a news story.
                 \_ Ask Google, no time to help you today.
              \_ I didn't realize the US Constitution applied to random
                 people in other countries.
2006/10/19-21 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44867 Activity:moderate
10/19   Guys, I need your help to come up with this "Troll of the day:"
        Why today's Iraq is Republican's philisophical utopia?
        - democractic
        - small central government that governs the least
        - right to bear arm   (AK47, RPG, and IED)
        - emphasis on family value (adultry punishable by death)
        - no evolution is being taught in school
        - religion is fully interwined with government institution
        - full "personal responsibility" for average citizens
        anything else that can be added?
        \_ flat tax?  deregulation?  free trade?
           \_ Republican doesn't believe in free trade, though.
              tarrif on steel, agricultural subsidies, you name them all.
        \_ the best trolls are spelled properly.  try again.
           \_ What about chicom troll?
           \_ your sense of humor is worse than my spelling
        \_ man, i was hoping i am being funny, sigh.... op
           \_ It IS pretty funny, you just need to package it
              in a comic or something. Keep up the good work!
2006/10/8-10 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:44725 Activity:low
10/8    It's almost November, let's review some of the memorable highlights
        of 2004-2006:
        -Terry Schiavo on news
        -Cheney shoots his friend
        -Abramoff scandal
        -Kenneth Lay finally dies
        -Tom Delay
        -Bob Ney
        -Duke Cunningham
        -you forgot William Jefferson--who's still serving in congress...
         \_ Shhh!  Only Republicans are corrupt.  Stay on message.
            \_ Ahh, the equivalence game.
               \_ Republican evilness is no game.  All Republicans are evil.
                  No one said anything about equivalence because there isn't
                  any.  How hard is it to understand?  I'll explain again:
                  all Republicans are evil.  Just keep saying it.
                  \_ Are all Republicans alchoholic gay pedophiles or just
                     your leadership?
2006/10/4-6 [Politics/Domestic] UID:44668 Activity:nil
10/4    BOOM.  Aide says he warned Hastert about Foley 2 years ago.
        http://www.csua.org/u/h3q (Yahoo! news)
        \_ More like "drip, drip, drip" -- no indication how explicit the
           content was at the time.
           \_ I don't think that's going to matter.  Republican house members
              are already cancelling apperances with Hastert.
              \_ No one on the Republican side will miss him.  He hasn't done
                 \_ He sort of defended Jefferson
         \_ I think it's great.  The longer the Republicans hang on to
            their crippled Speaker and people bring up reaming pages
            every time he speaks, the better.  I wonder how long it
            will take the Republican party to cut their losses?
2006/10/4 [Politics/Domestic, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:44659 Activity:nil
103/    http://reuters.myway.com/article/20061004/2006-10-04T005304Z_01_L03419567_RTRIDST_0_NEWS-GOOGLE-POLITICIANS-DC.html
        ... "unless you're in China".
2006/10/3-5 [Politics/Domestic] UID:44652 Activity:nil
10/3    Foley now a Democrat?:
2006/10/3-5 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:44644 Activity:nil
10/3    I'm addicted to crystal meth on MTV
2006/10/3-5 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:44641 Activity:nil
10/3    http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/Articles/000,015.htm
        In The Heterosexual Agenda: Exposing The Myths, you will learn how:
            heterosexual militants have embarked on a systematic
               assault on American values;
            heterosexual activists plan on recruiting your children
               into their lifestyle;
            heterosexuals are undermining traditional marriage;
            heterosexuals are undermining the health and safety of society;
            violence has become a hallmark of the heterosexual lifestyle;
            heterosexuals are intent on eventually recriminalizing
               all freedoms of expression for gay men and women.
2006/9/16-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack, Politics/Domestic] UID:44406 Activity:nil Cat_by:auto
9/16    "I have been saying for the last thousand years that America has only
        one party - the property party. It's the party of big corporations,
        the party of money. It has two right wings; one is Democrat and the
        other is Republican." - Gore Vidal
        \_ The Democrat Party has become the Jew Party, and attempts
           are well underway to coopt the Republican GOP.
           are well underway to coopt the Republican GOP.     -jblack
           PS. I hate blacks, Mexicans, and Jews
        \_ Didn't know the U S of A has been around for a thousand years.
2006/9/14-16 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/SIG] UID:44377 Activity:high
9/14    Cheap-Shot Journalism by Thomas Sowell
        \_ The financing of conservative think tanks is not coincidental;
           it is part of a conscious conservative strategy.  Of course
           Sowell wants to hide that fact.  -tom
           \_ And the financing of liberal think thanks is coincidental and
              random?  Ok.
              \_ No, it's not, but it's also miniscule compared to conservative
                 think tank funding.  I'm sure openness would benefit the
                 liberal side.  -tom
                 \_ Since they did an article posting the $$$s above the heads
                    of the conservatives it seems like there is openness.  You
                    say the liberal think tanks get miniscule funding but since
                    the cheap-shot article Sowell attacks doesn't provide those
                    $$$s we can't know.  We only have your word on it.  It
                    would have been nice if they had provided the $$$s for the
                    liberal think tanks as well but that didn't suit their
                    \_ Is "liberals help unions" news?  -tom
                       \_ Strawman.  Care to try again?  How about telling us
                          how much unions have given to the left over the
                          years in money extracted from their members who have
                          no choice in the matter?  Nevermind, any abuse for
                          money and power is ok as long as it's your guys doing
                          it.  Anyway, should I take it as conceding the point
                          since you ignored what Sowell was saying?
                          \_ What's the strawman?  Reporting that evangelical
                             Christians contribute to churches is not news,
                             and it's not the job of a newspaper to report on
                             it.  The link between big business and
                             pro-big-business think tanks is not common
                             knowledge and is newsworthy, unlike the link
                             between liberals and unions, which has been
                             a core part of liberal politics for a century.
                             \_ Sowell is talking about an article that puts
                                $$$ signs above the heads of conservatives
                                but sort of vaguely mentions in passing that
                                liberals do the same but doesn't mention any
                                or put up $$$.  The links between all these
                                orgs are common and public knowledge, but never
                                mind reality: so if the original article was
                                about liberal think tanks and there were $$$
                                over their heads and they vaguely mentioned
                                near the end that conservatives sort of kind
                                of do the same thing but didn't name any, you'd
                                be ok with that.  Your last line is funny.
                                There hasn't been a liberal in the modern sense
                                of the word for a century.  Liberals are a
                                product of the 60s/70s universities.  Unions
                                began as a product of the communist movement.
                                I hope you're not trying to lay claim to
                                communism = modern liberalism.
                                \_ The link between WalMart and conservative
                                   think tanks is common knowledge?  Do you
                                   have some evidence for that claim?
                                   As I said, newspapers report on news,
                                   and I think it would be silly to write
                                   a report that unions contribute to liberal
                                   causes, or liberals contribute to unions.
                                   If military contractors start contributing
                                   to liberal causes, I think that's newsworthy
                                   and would bear reporting.  -tom
2006/9/5-7 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:44277 Activity:nil
9/5     http://www.whitehouse.org/tours/index.asp
        Dang, I didn't know the White House tour was so expensive
        \_ nice try
        \_ http://www.whitehouse.com was cheaper and more enjoyable.
2006/8/28 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Domestic] UID:44172 Activity:nil 80%like:44165
8/27    hey meth fans read this:
        \_ Thanks! great article.  -meth fan
2006/8/23 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:44107 Activity:high
8/22    "No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without
        the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be
        prescribed by law." - Third Amendment to the United States Constitution
        "They will greet us as liberators!" -some dumbass
        \_ Ok troll, I'll bite.  What does the first quote from the USC have
           to do with the unattributed pseudo quote about Iraq?
           \_ The troll has left the building.
              \_ I guess you're right. I was hoping for some rambling
                 blithering idiocy but I'll have to go elsewhere for my
                 entertainment today.
                 \_ Ever since they put the eye in the pyramid on the dollar
                    bill, it has symbolised the petrodollar conspiracy which
                    will soon invade Iran to solidify the New World Order
                    gulags in Montana built by Halliburton.
                    \_ Thanks, I appreciate the effort but it just isn't the
                       same as a real live troll.  :-)
                       \_ How much did Karl Rove pay you to disregard my
                          troll?  You're one of Them aren't you?
                          \_ No, but I am one of They and we're coming to
                             take your sunglasses away.
                             \_ I have put them someplace where you will never
                                find them.
2006/8/15 [Politics/Domestic] UID:44005 Activity:nil
8/15    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14348539
        Really bad news for jblack, Conservatives, and Republicans
2006/8/12-14 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Domestic] UID:43985 Activity:low
8/12    The U.S. is near the bottom of the civilized world in belief in
        So much for the myth of liberal bias in the U.S. media and
        education system.  -tom
        \_ That's quite a leap.
        \_ Americans are dumb.
        \_ America!  Fuck yah!  -T.E.A.M. America World Police
        \- the turkish know better, because that is where THE ARK OF NOAH
           wound up.
        \_ And how many of us can spell "evolution" correctly?
           \_ Don't tell the Armeniens that!
2006/8/4-6 [Politics/Domestic] UID:43901 Activity:nil 90%like:43899
8/3     How much oil money are they giving to politicians?
        link:csua.org/u/gm1 (i.a.cnn.net)
        \_ $69.69  -proud American
2006/8/3-6 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:43885 Activity:nil
8/2     So much for freedom fries
        \_ Mel Gibson thought freedom was worth fighting for in the
           movie Braveheart. -proud American
        \_ I think the GOP has now officially jumped the shark.
        \_ Maybe they should rename it "Crow".
                \_ Good movie.  Brandon Lee rocks.  -proud American
2006/7/18-20 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:43714 Activity:nil
7/18    Breaking News: Seeing how unpopular it is to charge evacuation
        fees which will affect the November election, two Republican senaators
        tell CNN that the fees will be waived. So much for preaching
        "self-reliance" and "you're responsible for your own lives."
        \_ Oopsiedoodle!
        \_ Of course they do.  We're in the era of "borrow and spend"
           social-but-not-economic conservatism.
2006/7/14-18 [Politics/Domestic] UID:43669 Activity:nil
7/13    I am looking into buying a light weight bike--mostly riding in
        the parks with some weekend off the road riding.  Is Marin's Hawk
        Hill a good buy for a $800 budget?  Thx.
        \_ If you're a beginner you SHOULD buy a really nice ***USED***
           bike. A used Giant OCR C1/C2 is pretty decent. But more
           importantly you should try out a few. Go to your local bike
           shop (LBS) and ask for demo rides, and then find out what you
           like. People say aluminum vibrates a lot, and steel is more
           gentle, but only you can find out what you like. Lastly, may
           I recommend clipless shoes, as they make your strokes much
           more efficient.
2006/7/8-10 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:43597 Activity:nil
7/8     No flame wars about the Mexican election??! Damn.
        \_ How can Mexicans be so interested in politics, yet still have
           such a massively corrupt govenment?
           \_ Who said they're interested in politics anymore than anyone
              in any country.  Mass demonstrations are dime a dozen in
              Mexico, Central and South America.  And what do you expect
              them to do about it anyway?  Mexico isn't a democracy and
              has a cultural history of corruption just like the rest of
              the world.  It is the United States that stands out for our
              relatively minimal corruption and our unwillingness to accept
              that as standard practice when discovered.  You won't find the
              governments of other countries regularly investigating their own
              political leaders a la Abscam or Jefferson's fridge.
              \_ Yes, shoveling tons of money to the lawyer class helps those
                 who are too uneducated to follow fucking directions.
                 \_ What?  What does this have to do with anything?  Did you
                    mean to post this somewhere else?
2006/7/7-8 [Transportation/Airplane, Politics/Domestic] UID:43590 Activity:nil
7/7     Democratic Underground proves the 9/11 planes could not have taken
        down the WTC!
        \_ What a maroon.
        \_ Yes, I agree with them entirely.  It was the Greys with the help
           of their Bigfoot warriors lead by Elvis.  Everyone knows that.
2006/7/5-7 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:43566 Activity:nil
7/5     Ken Lay dead, reportedly of a heart attack.
        \_ Apparently, I'm not the only one who's suspecting this to be a
           big cover up for him to escape his sentence:
           \_ Has the price of tin gone up recently?
        \_ piss me off.  I want this guy go to jail.  And i am really mad
           about how news articles kept saying he is a spiritual person...
           I just love this logic.  "he goes church, therefore, eventhough
           he have stolen millions from the poor, he still deserve a place in
           \_ He's dead of a massive coronary.  He's dead.  He didn't escape
              to South America with his ill gotten gains.  He's dead.  Dead.
              He's dead, Jim, dead, dead, dead.
           \_ Yeah, but that's pretty much what the Bible says.  Good deeds are
              totally irrelevant.  Faith trumps all.
2006/6/28-29 [Politics/Domestic] UID:43515 Activity:nil
6/27    http://movies.crooksandliars.com/Fox-Friends-Levin.wmv
        Carl Levin interviewed on "Fox & Friends" show on cut-and-run Dems.
        (Levin is the ranking Democrat on the Senate armed services committee,
        and also one of the most best among the Democrats)
        Notice the different reactions of both the male and female hosts at
        the end ...
        \_ She was dead pan and he was frustrated and shaking his head.  So?
           Her behavior is more professional but his is understandable.
           \_ "stunned" was the word I'd use for her.  naturally, of course,
               with the exchange she witnessed.  Remember, when you don't
               know how to react:  Put on a big smile!
               with the exchange she witnessed.
        \_ "We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant
            and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has
            ignored the mandates of the United Nations and is building
            weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering
            them." -- Carl Levin, Sept 2002
2006/6/22-26 [Reference/History, Politics/Domestic] UID:43461 Activity:nil
6/22    Is the phenomenon of the American suburban expansion an example of
        free-market at work, where the build-wherever-you-can-find-land
        methodology is used commonly used by most developers today? Whatever
        happened to centralized city planning, is that a thing in the past?
        \_ what are you thinking?  American suburb is result of our Federal
           government policy of subsiding road constructions.
        \_ At least in my town, the city council has made almost any new
           building illegal.  The result is, build where you can find
           land.  Of course, supply does not match demand.
           \_ Which is one of the causes of skyrocketing housing prices in
              certain areas.
              \_ It's worth pointing out that, in my town, the City
                 Council members all own property.
        \_ You mean like in Orange County?  You want to live in Irvine if
           you want strict city planning and control.  I don't think you'll
           like the result.
        \_ Is many cases, the suburban expansion was accelerated by the
           federally funded interstate highways.
2006/6/14-15 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:43380 Activity:nil
6/13    Should be interesting to watch the Webv vs Allen senate race in VA.
        Webb is RR's fmr Secretary of the Navy who left the R party over
        the Iraq war. Allen has much better recognition but the rhetoric
        in that election may be interesting to follow, espe if Allen decide
        to run for President in 2008.
        \_ Politics is local.
2006/6/9-11 [Politics/Domestic] UID:43341 Activity:nil 75%like:43336
6/9     dcs and dim, are you gays Republicans?
        \_ More to the point, dim, how's Irvine?
           \_ I'm not Republican, I'm not in Irvine, and I detest both -
              especially Irvine. Thanks for asking! --dim
              \_ Irvine looks nike. All the homes look clean and neat.
                 Why do you hate Irvine?
        \_ Why don't you email them and ask?
2006/6/9-11 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:43337 Activity:nil
6/9     Those tolerant Democrats. http://tinyurl.com/q3lko (sfgate.com)
        \_ 'Cos it's so much harder to write: "Rep. accuses Dem. activist
           of stuffing dog shit through her mail slot."
2006/6/5-9 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:43278 Activity:nil
6/4     http://www.willisms.com/archives/2005/04/trivia_tidbit_o_3.html
        Republican cars: Hummer (52%R 23%D), Porsche (59%R 27%D),
        Democrat cars: Volvo (44%D 32%R),
        Mini-van's kinda weird-- Republicans tend to have more children,
        3.5 on average versus 1.7 for the Democrats.
        \- an associate of mine at the FED was kinda amused to see a
           car listed by BERNANKE. he was apparently selling a Siena
           minivan via the FED WEEB.
        \_ Are you sure about that factoid? Most immigrants are Democrats.
           \_ Not the ones that start/own their own businesses
        \_ I dunno why, but the Porsche seems kinda weird--how about a
           Camaro instead?  Or something with badly done window tinting
           and a moon roof?  -John
           \- there is a saying something like economics/demographics trumps
           \- there is a saying something like demographics trumps
              stereotypes. meaning income type predictors generally win over
              "cultural stereotypes" like "brie eating liberals" ...
              my understanding is the "money <-> republican <-> brie"
              connection is better than "marin county liberal and berkeley
              connection is better than "marin county liberals and berkeley
              grad students <-> expensive cheese". so porsche drivers ->
              few std dev above mean income -> higher probability of being R.
              now if you just compare +$75k cars, it might be interesting
              to see the different R/D compositions.
        \_ Childbearing stat sounds familiar. Cite?
2006/6/2-4 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:43258 Activity:nil
6/1     http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NzZkNDU5MmViNzVjNzkzMDE3NzNlN2MyZjRjYTk4YjE=
        Top conservative songs
        \_ Wow. Unintentional comedy at its finest.
        \_ Hilfuckingarious!  On a related vein, have you heard Toby Keith's
           "The Taliban Song"?  I almost shat myself.
           \_ The national review is great at making liberals angry
              with their rhetoric.  Unfortunately if you ignore them,
              they don't go away, they're still there next year.
2006/6/1-4 [Politics/Domestic, Academia/GradSchool] UID:43249 Activity:nil
6/1     http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060601/ap_on_re_us/mixed_up_victims
        See, all blonds look alike. They all do.                -!caucasian
2006/5/26-28 [Politics/Domestic] UID:43205 Activity:nil
5/26    "Mr. President, Pentagon officials have talked about prospects for
        reducing American forces in Iraq to about 100,000 by year's end ..."
        "That's some speculation in the press that I -- they haven't talked
        to me about. And as the commander in chief, they eventually will talk
        to me about it. ..." -Dubya (May 25, 2006)
        "I think the political people who give him advice will say to him,
        'You don't want a Democratic congress. You want to keep the Republican
        majority. And the only way you're gonna keep it, is by reducing
        substantially the troops in Iraq'" -John Murtha (Jan 15, 2006)
2006/5/23-28 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic] UID:43156 Activity:nil
5/23    http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/23/world/asia/23afghan.html
        We bravely salute the 16 dead and 15 wounded Afghans who died honorably
        in the War on Terror.  War is a blunt instrument.
2006/5/19-22 [Politics/Domestic] UID:43109 Activity:nil
5/19    "I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment
        and civil liberties, but you have no civil liberties if you are dead."
        Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas)
        \_ "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at
           the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know
           not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty
           or give me death!" --Patrick Henry
        \_ "If America shows weakness and uncertainty, the world will drift
           toward tragedy." -Dubya!
2006/5/8-10 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:42972 Activity:nil
5/8     Gotta love socialism
        Chavez wants to be president for next 25 years
        Venezuela oil production down 60%, buys from Russia
        \_ It's not Socialism, it's Bolivarian..uh..ism.  I am seeing first-
           hand how a lot of S. American countries are getting very scared
           of Chavez; here in Chile they're paranoid about how he prodded the
           Bolivians into nationalizing their gas production (even though they
           did the same with copper at one point.)  The Argentines are playing
           along because they're dependent on cheap energy, and Brazil
           isn't doing much about it.  Basically the only country really
           raising its voice against Chavez is Colombia, and then mainly
           because they're pretty sure he's using oil cash to supply massive
              \_ Chavez' term, interestingly translated, not mine.  -John
           amounts of guns to FARC.  -John
           \_ Bolivarianism?  How did you pick that word?  Right now
              Bolivia is kind of apeing Argentenia, aren't they? -op
              \_ The Economist says its Bolivarianism, so it exists.
                 \_ Ah, it's not from "Bolivia" it's from "Bolivar"
                 \_ Ah, it's not from "Bolivia" it's from "BolĂ­var"
              \_ Chavez' term, interestingly translated, not mine.  -John
        \_ Dictators wear many masks.  In the past it's been Communism,
           fascism, democracy, divine right of kings, fundamentalist [
           islam, christianity]....  The problem is that most people don't
           see the monster behind the pretty mask.
2006/5/2-5 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:42893 Activity:nil
5/2     ojuang: don't bust up the massage parlor if you think you got robbed:
        \_ oj, are you interested in anything except money, porn and technology
           \_ And how exactly does this differentiate oj from the majority of
              sodans, exactly?
              \_ Some people here care about say politics or research.
2006/4/2-4 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:42620 Activity:low
4/2     You see 1/2 million blacks protest. You see 1/2 million latinos
        protest. How come you don't see 1/2 million whites protest?
        \_ For starter it's easier to find jobless blacks and latinos
           than whites. That's why you'll never see the Million Jew March.
           \_ Or maybe that's because there are a *lot* more of almost every
              other race than Jews in this country?  Of course you would know
              the reason for that is ZOG wants to limit the number of people
              They need to share power with so Jews breed when ZOG tells them
              to and who with.
              \_ Ey, watch it, shush.  You're telling them all the
                 secret stuff!  -john@zog.net
        \_ What are they going to protest? "Oh no, I'm not oppressed and
           priviliged!" Protests are for people who are or have been
           oppressed, like the latinos and the blacks. It's the same
           reason why you won't see 1/2 million chinese take the streets
           and protest.(Well, at least not in America.)
           \_ That mean old congress is going to take away their medicare
              benefits and they will have to learn to use the internet to
              order petmeds from canada in order to stay alive.
           \_ whites can protest in the form of union labor strikes.  though,
              that tends to be a heterogenous mix of races.
           \_ We'll call it "the Million Goth March!"
        \_ Most white-dominated countries, including the U.S., had well over
           500K people protesting before Bush and the PNAC crew railroaded us
           into Operation Clusterfuck.  -tom
           \_ You're wrong. American leadership is good both for America
              and for the world; and that such leadership requires military
              strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principle.
              \_ Yeah, you said it: "commitment to moral principle".  Somehow
                 building a mountain of lies doesn't quite fit that, does it?
                 \_ Stop it! You're making jblack mad. Now he's going to
                    double his effort posting even more freeper URLs.
        \_ The Promise Keepers protest sure seemed pretty white to me.
2006/3/27-30 [Politics/Domestic] UID:42476 Activity:very high
3/27    Amway
        \_ Sundari
        \_ Market America
        \_ INA
        \_ Crooks
        \_ Quickstar
        \_ Quixtar
        \_ Alticor
        \_ Scam
        \_ Scientology
           \_ Xenu!
        \_ Semprini
           \_ I thought that wasn't allowed?  Also w**-w** and kn*ckers.
2006/3/27-28 [Politics/Domestic] UID:42471 Activity:kinda low
3/27    yaMotdPoll - What are your favorite shows currently on tv? (feel
        free to add other shows)
        SG1: ..
        SGA: ..
        BSG: .
        Hustle: .
        Prison Break: .
        Dr. Who: ..........
        The Shield: .
        Aqua Teen Hunger Force: .
        The Daily Show / Colbert Report: ...
        Real World/Road Rules Gauntlet: .
        Law & Order: .
        Black & White: .
        House MD: .
        Lost: .
        Deadwood: .
2006/3/27-28 [Politics/Domestic] UID:42462 Activity:nil
3/27    http://www.bustedtees.com
        Stupidily humorous liberal shirts. Or something like that.
        \_ basically the same shirts you can buy at bear basics and tons
           of other stores. Theres a sudden explosion of these companies
           a couple others are http://www.defunker.com and http://www.threadless.com
           alot of them are selling the exact same shirts. Most of them
           are selling shirts on consignment for the original artist.
2006/3/25-27 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign] UID:42424 Activity:nil
3/24    http://www.cnn.com/2006/TRAVEL/03/24/graceland.landmark.ap
        Elvis' home to be designated national landmark. Ah, you Sillymericans
2006/3/20-21 [Politics/Domestic, Reference/Tax] UID:42336 Activity:moderate
3/20    http://www.slate.com/id/2086617
        \_ I've got nothing against tax cuts but what we've got is not really
           a tax cut but rather tax postponement.  All that money you're
           "saving" now?  It's going to come out of your budget later, with
           interest.  --PM
        \_ You realize that most of the conservatives are too bright to
           consider Slate, a left wing propaganda web site, to be a
           fair and balanced source of information?
           \_ The exact details of how the facts were misrepresented is what's
              being reported.  Fair and balanced or not, unless they're
              actually lying, that's pretty damning.
              \_ I think pp was trolling.
        \_ this is 3 years old, dude.
2006/3/16-18 [Recreation/Humor, Politics/Domestic] UID:42273 Activity:low
3/16    Our great leader getting ready to RIDE BIKE
        \_ As an American, I was pretty dissapointed with my two choices in the
           2004 election...but as a cyclist, I was damn happy with both
        \_ I don't get it.
           \_ Is it the pink socks?  Is it the balding guy checking his gut
              behind him?  It just doesn't scream "presidential".
              \_ That's your it?  He doesn't look "presidential" when he's
                 exercising?  Heaven forbid!  (Honestly, I'd be pretty
                 happy if he ever looked presidential.)
                 \_ It's humour, not some slashing criticism... chill.  if
                    you don't find it funny, watch some dennis miller...
                    It's a lot funnier than Ann Coulter's "jokes" about
                    killing supreme court justices.
                    \_ yeah but short skirts and long legs... mmmm.
                       \_ If the skirts are short enough, you might be able
                          to catch a glimpse of her dick.
                    \_ I loved the thread about how that was ok because
                       "Democrats are always threathening to kill the president"
                       "Democrats are always threathening to kill the
                       (no examples given)
              \_ The guy behind him is putting on a chest strap transmitter
                 for a heart rate monitor, not "checking his gut".
                 \_ Again, seriously, it's simply amusing.  Overanalyizing is
2006/3/15-16 [Politics/Domestic] UID:42243 Activity:low
3/15    Swimming ants:
        \_ nobody cares
        \_ I actually find that kind of creepy -- you could make a horror
           movie with a couple of 'unexpected' twists with that.  Just add
           an extended torture sequence, and you've got a low budget hit....
        \_ Mangrove ecology is rapidly rivaling deep sea vent ecology in the
           News of the Weird section. Cool stuff, thanks for the link.
2006/3/9 [Politics/Domestic] UID:42155 Activity:nil
3/9     U.S. military to transfer detainees from Abu Ghraib to new
        facility within three month, so that they can continue torturing
        in secrecy. News at 11 on CBS liberal biased news.
        \_ The really sad thing is that there are valid needs for security and
           secrecy in some military operations, including some involving
           prisoners, but the current "regime" we've got has lost ALL
           credibility for handling anything without intensive oversight.
2006/3/7-9 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:42133 Activity:low 61%like:42127
3/7     Ok, long term illiteracy rates finally went up. We know the education
        system in America is fucked thus helping the Republican party,
        but what will that
        do to the overall economy?  Will the proliferation of Walmart and
        conservatism help control inflation, or is inflation now determined by
        factors overseas?
        \_ I love a good backhanded troll.  Ok, so if a bad education system
           helps Republicans then why have the Democrats been systematically
           destroying it for decades?
           \_ What?!?  So I agree that op is a trolling moron, but your post
              just shows an utter disconnect from reality.  tjb?  Is that
              you?  Can you MC for us? -dans
              \_ YHBT.
        \_ Less reliance on illegal immigrants for cheap domestic help!
           Finally a way to get your laundry done by someone you can (sort of)
           understand _and_ who won't get you in trouble if found out!  And
           the great thing is, now that life expectancy's going down, all these
           trolls won't be around long enough for us to have to take care of
           them when they start babbling and drooling.  -John
2006/2/26 [Politics/Domestic] UID:42011 Activity:high
2/26    You know what will save our country? When you liberals realize that
        your stupid high tax socialist programs don't work. Realize that
        all forms of liberalism, socialism, fascism, pacifism, totalitarianism,
        anarchism, government enforced atheism, abortionism, feminism,
        homosexualism, wacko environmentalism, judicial activism are
        reasons why America hates you. Mainstream America =
        conservatives, not liberal wackos. You lost. Get over it.
        Go ahead and delete this post, see if I care.
        \_ these non-wealthy, conservative american aregoing to be eaten
           alive by another -ism: globlaism. [although so are the uneducated
           liberals ... but they have been losing for a while now].
        \_ You know, "government enforced atheism" is completely different from
           the ideal of a non-religious government.
           \_ funny line in latest LEXINGTON [E'ist column on USA Politics]:
                    [secular europeans] can't believe that any
                    modern person can be religious unless they
                    are either stupid or insane.
2006/2/22-23 [Politics/Domestic] UID:41953 Activity:moderate
2/21    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060222/ap_on_bi_ge/economy
        Leading economic indicators rise. Bushenomics works.
        Time for liberal critics to shut the fuck up.
        \_ Still no wage growth.  Woops!
        \_ WTF. decifit spending always gives a short term economic boom.
           Further, baby boomers are at their salary/wage peak right now
           (right before they start to retires)... of course things are
           somewhat rosy right now...
           \_ why don't you just admit that you hate Republicans you
              hippie king
              \_ Okay, I hate Republicans. That doesn't change the fact that
                 Chimp King is running the country into the ground.
                 \_ "I hate <opposing party members>.  That doesn't change the
                     fact that <childish name for opposing party leader> is
                     running the country into the ground."
                    \_ Speak truth. If it is true, it doesn't matter whom
                       I hate.
                       \_ Of course it does.  Why must the obvious be spelled
                          out?  It always ruins the joke: you believe the
                          country is being run into the ground *because* you
                          hate the opposing party.  If your party was doing
                          the *exact* same things you'd find a way to
                          rationalise and defend it.  Sheesh.
                          \_ I am not the previous poster, but I am an
                             independent and I think the GOP is running the
                             country into the ground economically. A negative
                             nationwide savings rate is the quickest and
                             surest way to impoverishment.
                             \_ I agree that a negative savings rate is bad.
                                Which GOP policy made that happen and what
                                policy change do you propose to change that?
                                \- if the "country is run into the ground"
                                   but you can go to private hospitals, send
                                   your children to private schools and
                                   private universities and get private
                                   insurance in case of hurricanes and hire
                                   private security, and you get all your books
                                   and DVS at AMAZONG or netflicks and subscribe
                                   to your own magazines, you care a lot less
                                   about the deterioriating infrastructure.
                                   also richer people are better able to hedge
                                   against dollar falling. although i have
                                   fairly little symphathy for either yuppies
                                   making good money who are spending beyond
                                   their means or people with more modest
                                   incomes who do as well ... but i do kind
                                   of wonder what will happen when the shit
                                   hits the fan [after the gop dupes them into
                                   supporting repeal of the "death tax" or
                                   under funded school voucher programs].
                                   and DVS at AMAZONG or netflicks and
                                   subscribe to your own magazines, you care a
                                   lot less about the deterioriating infra-
                                   structure. also richer people are better
                                   able to hedge against dollar falling.
                                   although i have fairly little symphathy for
                                   either yuppies making good money who are
                                   spending beyond their means or people with
                                   more modest incomes who do as well ... but
                                   i do kind of wonder what will happen when
                                   the shit hits the fan [after the gop dupes
                                   them into supporting repeal of the "death
                                   tax" or under funded school voucher programs
                                   ]. i think maybe the gop will institute
                                   \_ ok that was uhm, long, but what exactly
                                      was the GOP policy that is causing people
                                      to not save and what policy would you
                                      suggest to encourage savings?
                                   \_ They already did. See bankruptcy "reform"
                                      \- oh, i was more thinking of this plan
                                         to admit aliens with strings attached.
                                         like "you can stay in this country
                                         as long as you are doing a shitty
                                         job for sub-mkt wages and non-legal
                                         working conditions".
2006/2/13-15 [Politics/Domestic] UID:41830 Activity:low
2/13    I miss jblack's Republican trolls
        \_ jblack isn't a Republican or a conservative.  He's a freeper.
           \_ No, actually he is all three. But yeah, if you miss them
              so badly you could always go to The Free Republic yourself.
              \_ He is neither a Republican nor a conservative.  Anyone who
                 loves the freepers that much is a freeper and nothing else.
                 \_ The freepers all believe they are conservatives. Most
                    of them believe they are Republicans. Who are you to
                    say otherwise?
2006/2/10-13 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:41797 Activity:nil
2/10    "Gov't Budget Surplus Hits $21B for Jan."
        I'm very confused.  Haven't we be having budget deficits all these
        \_ That's the balance for the month of January only.
           See http://www.fms.treas.gov/mts/index.html for receipts and
           outlays for the last 25 years.
           \_ Right.  Though this report is a good January, the monthly
              surpluse/deficit fluctuates.  If you look at the monthly results,
              the receipts spike every few months and really go up each April.
              Another place for information is: http://www.cbo.gov
        \_ don't worry, we'll spend it all by the end of the year
           \_ sweet.  can I choose which parts of the budget I want to support
              and get a refund on the rest?
              \_ run for a house seat and you even get free plane trips to
                 resorts, etc.  don't get caught with an intern, though.
2006/2/8-10 [Politics/Domestic] UID:41767 Activity:nil
2/8     Ok, this is a pretty funny political cartoon:
        \_ Not particularly.. Right wing kneejerks are blaming liberals
           for not standing up for free speech.  I haven't heard one
           progressive commentator say anything like this.  I've seen
           newspapers make editorial decisions not to show them, but
           right-wingers are filling in the other side of the argument
           without bothering to ask.  Fuck this.
           It _is_ heartening, however, that the right is rediscovering
           their love of free speech.
           \_ Until another Piss Christ shows up.
              \_ Michelle Malkin is coming to do another Berkeley show?
              \_ So when did the Christians start rioting and burning shit
                 en masse over the PC exhibit?  It was in poor taste and most
                 people just ignored it.  A few people from any crowd will go
                 ballistic over anything.  It takes a truly messed up
                 society to burn embassies over some cartoons.
                 \_ You are obvioulsy mixing the issues. Nice try, meathead.
2006/2/2 [Politics/Domestic] UID:41679 Activity:very high
2/2     Democrat
        \_ Condones anal sex. EVILLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!
        \_ enjoy having interns suck dick. EVILLLLL!!!!
        \_ The guy at the party who gives coke to everyone, but still no one
           likes him.
        \_ Didn't inhale.
        \_ Depends on what the definition of "is" is.
2006/2/1 [Politics/Domestic] UID:41649 Activity:nil
2/1     I thought the president gave a good speech. The Democrats in the
        audience were acting very childish.     Donald (Grove City, OH)
2006/2/1 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:41641 Activity:nil
2/1     "Thank you, Mr. President, for standing firm and resolute through
        all that's been thrown at you from natural disasters, to the worst
        tragedy our country has ever seen with 9/11, to fighting terrorism
        here and abroad, and through all the constant mean-spirited antics
        from the Democrats. One would think that by now the Democrats would
        start to realize that in order for our country to move ahead to get
        things done they need to step up to the plate. This is about America.
        Let's get to work. Great speech!"               Kathy (Maine)
        \_ Is this before or after we try Bush for War Crimes and Crimes
           against Humanity?
        \_ Kathy is a true patriot. Kathy should be the next president.
2006/1/12-17 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:41357 Activity:nil
1/12    Oh man, I want to see these ads, but my work computer doesn't have
        a recent enough version of flash.
        (Canadian liberals accuse conservatives of being US symps)
2006/1/8-9 [Politics/Domestic] UID:41290 Activity:nil
1/7     Who can check the president?  Interesting historical overview and
        current analysis of the expansion of presidential power and related
        recent court cases.  By Noah Feldman, a law professor at NYU.
b       http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/08/magazine/08court.html?pagewanted=prinbt
2006/1/3-5 [Transportation/Airplane, Politics/Domestic] UID:41206 Activity:nil
12/3    RocketMan for real:
        \_ Those wacky Finns.
2005/12/30-2006/1/1 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:41174 Activity:very high
12/29   http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20051229/od_nm/britain_party_dc
        The article above says certain areas require more claims than
        others. Does the insurance company have a right to charge
        your premium based on location, and if so, does it have a
        right to charge different based on last names (like scotsman)?
        In the US, you're not allowed to use things like sex, religion,
        age, and race, but what about the UK?
        \_ Question 1. Sure it can, it happens all the time.
           Question 2. Don't know, UK isn't a constitutional government
           AFAIK, but since it's the origin of common law I would assume
           you can't (whole concept of being a subject to the crown with
           certain inalienable rights per magna carta).
           \- um i think there is a fair amount of confusion in various
           \- hello i think there is a fair amount of confusion in various
              comments above like "in the US you are not allowed to
              use [sic] things like [list]" and "UK [sic] isn't a
              constitutional government". also it seems like you are
              alluding to the notion of what is called "sovereign immunity"
              although i am not sure what you point is about "common law"
              and the "magna carta". you may wish to see the very fine book
              The Law of the Land, by Charles Rembar. some random comments:
              \_ Well, for starters, the U.S. law (at least that which is
                 not covered by the Constitution expressly) is derived
                 originally from English Common Law. English Common Law
                 isn't exactly written down, but is based on accepted
                 traditional legal practices and case precedent. This is
                 in contrast to what's called "continental law" which
                 is more "rule-based." What this translates into is that
                 the common law systems, such as the U.S. and commonwealth
                 countries the system is often based on the adversarial system,
                 the oppossing parties essentially run the trial while the
                 jurist ensures that the proceedings are run in accordance
                 to procedure (either civil or criminal, etc.). In the
                 continental system the jursist supposedly has a much more
                 active role. In real life I doubt that the systems differ
                 much in modern day contexts. The amount of standardized
                 procedure in the U.S. has resulted in what I like to call
                 "form based law," in which we are innundated with Judicial
                 Council forms, especially for things like divorces or
                 DUIs. I'd say that 90% of the law that I do is routine, and
                 I'm sure it's very similar throughout the world (I know for
                 a fact that patent law certainly is). As for the magna carta,
                 it basically set a precedent for the limitations of
                 government through the use of a contract, so it is significant
                 in the tradition of our modern day democratic institutions,
                 as such a copy is prominently displayed in DC next to the
                 constitution (at least when I was visiting it).
                 \_ You are confused about so many areas of legal history
                    and terminology this is no longer worth talking about.
                    e.g. common law is characterized by being "judge made"
                    based on actual cases ... in contrast to code/civil
                    law, which is statue-based by a committe or
                    legislature or some other codifying authority. the
                    english may not have a WRITTEN constitution but
                    they are a constitutional govt ... in their case
                    the line between parliamentary statue and "rights
                    under the const" are a little vague ...  this is
                    hard to talk about without going into great
                    detail. for example there is an act on Habeus
                    Corpus which is reasonably comparable to the HC
                    section in the us const. however the document
                    known as the "Bill of Rights" in english history,
                    is not comparable to the US Const's BoR. comments
                    like "English Common Law isn't exactly written down"
                    is ridiculous. If you want to see where the Rule in
                    Hadley v. Baxendale comes from, you can actually read
                    the decision Hadley v. Baxendale ... some of it is
                    based on custom which dont flow from a single
                    authoritative document, but the huge body of
                    prior cases are written down.
              1. you may wish to look up "adverse selection" in the context
              of insurance markets and premiums. there are consequences for
              not allowing insurance companies to not consider all relevant
              factors. also there are indirect ways to influence your insured
              pool ... like having your office on the 8th floor of a bldg
              with no elevator [ok this may violate ADA, but you see what i
              mean ... efficiency and "public policy" both play roles in
              shaping the insurance business] 2. you can discriminate based on
              some of the factors you list, but different factors requires
              different levels of "scrutiny" [which means different levels
              of justification and narrow tailoring]. also this obligation
              doesnt apply to all occasions. you can invite whomever you want
              to your house for poker and beer, but if you apply for a alchol
              lic to run a booze operation, you may not be able to keep certain
              people out. BTW, i think english law begins before the magna
              people out. 3. i think english law begins before the magna
              \_ I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say here, but I
                 never implied that english common law started with the
                 magna carta. English common law started much further back,
                 and even has historical roots all the way to the Roman
                 occupation. My point was that England is not a constitutional
                 democracy (it never was), and it has the concepts that are
                 embodied within the U.S. model (the constitution and the
                 subsequent bill of rights) through tradition. However,
                 not having things written down did apparently pose problems,
                 as can be evinced by the subsequent misunderstandings which
                 led to the revolution.
                 \_ You are confused about so many areas of legal history
                    and terminology this is no longer worth talking about.
                    Also you are changing your vocabulary ... you say
                    "const govt" above and then use "constitutional democracy"
                    later. yes, they are certainly different.
                    England was essentially a different country [or arguably
                    wasn't really a country] much before the Norman Conquest so
                    the Roman stuff isn't even worth talking about. I think
                    it is fair to say English law really begins to take on
                    its own identity starting with Henry II.
                    I do agree there has some continental style "codification"
                    of various areas of the law in the US sign on to various
                    "uniform" standards for tort/contract/business practices
              carta ... henry ii, the parent of king john, has an important
              legacy in english law [post norman conquest].
              people out. BTW, i think english law really does begin before
              the magna carta ... henry ii, the parent of king john, has an
              important legacy in english law [post norman conquest].
              YMWTS, the book referenced at: ~psb/MOTD/EnglishLegalHistory.ref
              As the Times Literary Supplement says "it is the standard".oktnx.
                 \_ Again, I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say here,
                    but apparently you're trying to interject something
                    what appears at best tangential information. Anyway,
                    I'm sure that individuals who are actually interested in
                    this can do their own research.
                    \- the last bit was just for the humorous review from
                       AMAZONG. but ti does discuss the great Assize of
                       Clarendon, the "census projects", and the Magna Carta
                       (although i ends before the Magna Carta story really
                       plays out, which it does for +50yrs after 1215, into
                       at least the reign of H3.).
2005/12/22-24 [Politics/Domestic] UID:41118 Activity:nil
12/22   http://www.maristpoll.marist.edu/nycpolls/TS051221.htm
        Ah, racial disparities..
        And lafe, please merge changes.  You overwrote me --scotsman
        \_ Sorry, dude.  -lafe
2005/12/6-7 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:40887 Activity:nil
12/5    GOP Corruption Continues:
        \_ Why is a story from 18 months ago news now?
        \_ Which President gave Halliburton their first exclusive no
           competition contract?
2005/11/21 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:40683 Activity:nil
11/21   CNN hates Cheney!
2005/11/21 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:40668 Activity:nil
11/21   At BA .271%, parked truck crashes into YOU.
2005/11/15-17 [Politics/Domestic] UID:40602 Activity:low
11/15   I hear that congress is spending 62 billion to rebuild new orleans. Is
        it just me or does that not seem like a hell of a lot?  Do we really
        need to foot the bill for building it back better than it ever was
        before?  This won't fix the fact that its still below sea level.
        I suppose some portion of the 62 billion will be going to levee
        enhancement.  -mrauser
        \_ the overall process didn't seem very scientific, did it?
           \_ I think capitalism should rebuild New Orleans. If there's
              value to being there, then investors will pay to rebuild.
              The government should stay out of it, except *perhaps* to
              repair the levees and interstate highway. Why is the entire
              US paying to repair NO when mostly a rich few investors are
              going to benefit by it?
              \_ Run for congress.
              \_ I totally agree! Fuck socialism, it only works when
                 you're always on the receiving end. We as
                 superior Northerners should have succeded from the
                 South that keeps leeaching and gives nothing back.
2005/11/4-6 [Politics/Domestic, Recreation/Media] UID:40443 Activity:nil
11/4    Last night I was tuned into Air America on the radio, and the host
        said, "we'll be listening to ATRIOS next from ESCHATON/blah".
        I thought use of handles outside of geek culture only happened in the
        movies.  Welcome to the FUTURE!
        \_ cb radios had handles long time ago
           \_ ob cb nerds are a part of geek culture
              \_ All those interstate truck drivers are geeks?
                 \_ Overweight, poorly socialized, generally libertarian,
                    and utterly convinced that you can't live without them?
                    Yeah, I'd say they're geeks.
                    \_ ok, truck geek culture
2005/10/13 [Politics/Domestic, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:40062 Activity:nil
10/13   Are there more details on the proposed changes to the CSUA constitution?
        Meeting minutes so far have not included much information on this
2005/10/13 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President] UID:40058 Activity:moderate
10/12   http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9629463/site/newsweek
        Conservative columnist George Will:
        "Conservatives are not supposed to be cuddly, or even particularly
        nice. They are, however, supposed to be competent. And to know that
        scarcity--of money, virtue, wisdom, competence, everything--forces
        choices. Furthermore, they are supposed to have an unsentimental
        commitment to meritocracy and excellence. The fact that none of those
        responsible for the postwar planning, or lack thereof, in Iraq have
        been sacked suggests--no, shouts--that in Washington today there is no
        serious penalty for serious failure. Hence the multiplication of
        \_ No, the conservatives have only one main function, and that is
           to keep the liberals out of power.
           \_ No, you're confusion conservatives and liberals with R's and D's.
        \_ "Duh" -- good link
        \_ Those aren't really Conservative values, but more military
           values. Conservatives are supposed to say "praise Jesus" all
           day and strive for theocracy.
2005/10/2-4 [Politics/Domestic] UID:39949 Activity:nil
10/2    *BREAKING NEWS: American citizens can visit DPRK and
        mass games in October 2005- only the third opportunity in 13
        years- email us now!!
2005/9/28-10/1 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:39906 Activity:nil
9/28    Tom DeLay INDICTED
        Frist next?
        \_ Apparently he has already stepped down as House Majority Leader.
           \_ Isn't this automatic?  You can't serve in congressional
              leadership when under indictment?
              \_ Yes, although the Republican leadership attempted to
                 dismantle that rule (the so-called 'DeLay Rule Change').
                 They were publicly embarrassed into not doing it.
                 \_ Wrong.  This is an an ethics rule the Republican
                    delegation in the House applies to itself!  It
                    \_ Bullshit.  You are either lying or misinformed.
                    was in response to the massive, widespread
                    corruption in the House when the Republicans took over
                    under Armey and Gingrich in 1994 (an apt analogy
                    would be running the House like New Orleans).  In 1993,
                    BTW, Earle indicted Sen. Hutchinson during her Senate
                    run in an attempt to change the outcome of the
                    election.  When the trial took place he refused to
                    present any evidence and the charges were dismissed.
                    \_ Mmmm... parrots...
        \_ Remember the adage: you could get a grand jury to indict a sandwich.
           \_ Unless the indictee is on The Other Team, in which case it's
           \_ Rove, DeLay, and Frist indictments being handed down?  HIT THE
2005/9/27-29 [Politics/Domestic] UID:39893 Activity:kinda low
9/27    So, how long can the White House cover up Goerge's drinking?
        \_ It has already been published in the National Enquirer
           and has been on the front page of the Drudge Report,
           so my guess is that they have already failed.
        \_ Is he really drinking again? Most people I've known who
           give up drinking never go back.
           \_ Wow.  This is a troll, right?
              \_ No, I'm serious. Most people I know who stopped
                 drinking haven't ever gone back.
                 \_ Way to go Anecdotal Evidence Man! I suggest a googling of
                    "alchoholism" and a quick perusal of the literature.
                    "alcoholism" and a quick perusal of the literature.
                    \_ Apparently he thinks the plural of anecdote is data.
                    \_ Was the pres. alcoholic? If so, then what you are
                       saying could be relevant. I don't know (and frankly
                       I don't care - yeah it show a weakness of character
                       to drink, but then again I think the 18th amd was a
                       good idea)
                       \_ Alcoholics are just drunks with low self esteem.
                       \_ Again, consult the literature.  You seem extremely
                          ignorant about the symptoms of alcoholism.
        \_ how about the story of he smoked cocaine when he was young?
2005/9/15-17 [Politics/Domestic, Recreation/Food] UID:39704 Activity:low
9/15    We had to lay someone off at work because of the shrinking budget.
        Some people would like to take him to lunch. Some of us think it
        would be weird to go out with someone being (essentially) fired.
        What do you think? Would a card/gift be more appropriate? Should
        we do anything at all? We've worked with this guy for 2-3 years.
        \_ Take the guy out for a meal.  What's so awkward about it?  It's not
           like you made the decision to can him.
           \_ Agreed.  If you like him, give him a nice send-off.
           \_ Well, I didn't make the decision but I was party to it.
              \_ "laid off" = "we couldn't afford you, no hard feelings
                 please", "fired" = "you suck, we don't want you, go away".
                 Make sure you know which it is; I would find it extremelyy
                 odd to take someone whose firing I was involved in to lunch
                 unless I knew him personally.  Otherwise it seems very
                 disingenuous.  If it's a real layoff, you might also want
                 to consider passing his resume around and other nice
                 things.  -John
                 \_ Well, as you know, when there's a layoff there's
                    always the choice of *who* to layoff. It's not the
                    same as being fired, but there's the undertone of
                    "We chose to let *you* go." I personally might feel
                    odd going to lunch with coworkers if I was laid off.
                    I did offer to help him get another job. If anyone
                    needs a sysadmin, junior s/w engineer, or WWW developer
                    with a BS in CS from Caltech and about 3 years
                    experience let me know. I'm in LA, but I know his
                    girlfriend is in the Bay Area, so he might consider
                    moving. Oh, he is also a RHCE. --dim
        \_ Something more important to consider: that shrinking budget.  When
           is *your* turn?  Think about where you'd like to be taken to lunch
           when your turn comes.  Also, a single layoff for budget reasons
           sounds really weird.  What's really going on?  How big is your
           place?  Are you a C*O or founder?  If not, polish up your resume if
           he was really cut for budget reasons.  As far as lunch or no lunch,
           it doesn't matter if he was fired or laid off.  A particular job is
           not the be-all end-all of life.  If you like the guy take him to
           lunch.  If you hate him, don't.  Remember, in theory, someone who
           got laid-off will be re-hired when times get better.  I've seen it
           actually happen a _small_ number of times.
           \_ Well, I asked him if we could take him to lunch and he said
              "Yes". As for the rest of the story, who said it was a
              single layoff?
              \_ enjoy lunch.  No one said but if you re-read the OP it is
                 easy to come to that conclusion from context.  How many out
                 of how many total?
2005/9/5-7 [Politics/Domestic] UID:39506 Activity:nil
9/5     http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9142893
        Hey pot smoking LibUrals, does this news make you happy?
        \_ Well, seeing as this is likely a harbinger of difficult economic
           times, why would it?  Does it make you want to cry Mr. Bible-
           thumping Neo-Con?
        \_ Yes, I am always happy when economic reality sets in.
        \_ I sorta think pot smoking liberals would be happy solely because
           they are pot smoking. =D  -mrauser
        \_ Uhhhh whaaaaaaat ... duuuuuuuuude you said "pot"
        \_ It makes me very unhappy that lots of American workers will lose
           their jobs due to the usual braindead management obsessed with
           the next big SUV and unable to compete in the ordinary passenger
           car market.
2005/9/2-3 [Politics/Domestic] UID:39445 Activity:nil
9/2     GTA: New Orleans
        \_ I don't get the rape charges.  "Hey it's dark, no power,
           no lights, dead bodies everywhere, no food, let's go
           rape grandma!" (I don't believe it)
           \_ Do you think food and other resources are evenly distributed
              in the convention center?
              Have you attended an American high school with a diverse
              ethnic demographic?
           \_ Try "I'm bored and got a hard on, what's available?"
              \_ "...and who's going to stop me?"
           \_ Grandma? I heard they were doing the kids.
                \_ They draw the line at necrophilia
2005/9/1-2 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:39409 Activity:low
9/1     The libertarian answer to a non-libertarian society
        is to game it for all it's worth while pointing
        and laughing.  -- ilyas  (reposted by meyers)
        \_ Gee, must be nice to have such a flexible philosophy that you
           never need to make any tough decisions, like say getting a job
           instead of continuing to beg for government handouts like public
           education.  Do you think emarkp, for example, would engage in
           an all male orgy that might benefit him greatly financially? Of
           course not, he has convictions (even if I disagree with him).
           \_ Meyers, you don't seem to understand something.  'Libertarianism'
              isn't a moral philosophy, it is a political philosophy.  It has
              certain things to say about how state power ought to be
              exercised, but that is all.  It does not say one should not
              engage in charity (moral question), it does not say one should
              not receive charity (again, moral question).  Do you start to
              see the pattern here?  A non-libertarian society is structured
              to take advantage of productive members of society to benefit
              the non-productive.  The proper productive response is to leave,
              strike, or take advantage of an unjust system. -- ilyas
              \_ I'm not meyers but it's clear to me that people like you
                 care about libertarianism more than morals. People who
                 don't care about moral, are jerks.
                 \_ Who says I don't care about morals?  Do you even know me?
                      -- ilyas
                    \_ No, I don't know you. It is YOUR FAULT for not letting
                       people know you. You talk about libertarianism. What
                       about your other beliefs? Open up. Tell us about your
                       self.                                    !meyers
                       \_ Why don't you email me, trollboy, and we ll have a
                          nice chat. -- ilyas
            \_ This is a bad analogy.  Mark's religion says "it's bad to
               engage in male orgys"  Libertarianism doesn't say "it's bad to
               take money from the government."  It says "It's bad for the
               government to give money (in many situations)" -phuqm
               \_ That makes no sense.  Govt aid is bad, but not if you
                  take it?  -meyers
                  \_ Well that's like believing taxes for public schools is
                     bad, but still going to a public school. Nothing really
                     wrong with that scenario... it's not like using gov't
                     services violates libertarian religion. They are having to
                     pay for it like the rest.
       \_ Actually it says all sexual relationships outside of marriage
                  are bad for various reasons.  So that excludes female orgies
                  as well. -emarkp
               \_ Actually it says all sexual relationships are bad for
                  various reasons.  So that excludes female orgies as well.
       \_ Actually it says all sexual relationships
          are bad for various reasons.  So that excludes female orgies as
          well. -emarkp
                    \_ Well that's just crazy talk. -phuqm
                       \_ Just thought I'd clarify. -emarkp
2005/9/1-2 [Politics/Domestic] UID:39397 Activity:nil
9/1     On google, search for Cindy Sheehan. There is a big advertisement
        "Does Cindy speak for you? http://www.thankyoupresidentbush.com
         Learn why she's wrong in the pages of Thank You, President Bush."
        The Republicans sure have a lot of money.
        \_ That was pretty funny, actually.  I saw no such ad.  I did see this:
           "Singles For Cindy
           America's Liberal Dating Service
           As in N Y Times, Air America, etc
        \_ I saw it late last night.  Wow. -someone else
        \_ Why is this ad special in some way?
2005/8/18-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:39165 Activity:nil
8/18    Apparently the crazy housing boom doesn't happen everywhere.
        For example, College Station TX, El Paso TX, Montgomery Alabami,
        Odessa TX, Memphis TN, etc decreased by 10% while cities like
        San Diego and Santa Barbara appreciated over 50%.
        http://tinyurl.com/b8dgq (USA Today, sources from National City Corp)
        \_ what a shock, prices go up in places where people want to live. -tom
           \_ Wait, does this imply people from Redneck states are moving
              out, and moving into MY liberal home town? Where my parents
              and great grand parents already stayed for generations?
        \_ heh, 1/2 of the housing fizzle come from Texas.
        \_ In Detroit many homes are available! http://csua.org/u/d2s
           \_ Man, Detroit is some shit.  Downtown is genuinely spooky -
              boarded up skyscrapers, no working traffic lights...
                \_ Detroit is the most liberal city in the US -- damn
                   \_ If you think that's why Detroit is so fucked up, you
                      really don't know very much about Detroit.
                      \_ why Detroit is fucked up has certainly caused
                         it to become a liberal hotbed though.  If that's
                         what it takes for an area to become liberal,
                         America's too damn prosperous to be liberal.
2005/8/18-20 [Politics/Domestic] UID:39164 Activity:kinda low
8/18    So what do you guys think about this "reintroduce the megafauna"
        to North America idea?  Seems almost crazy enough to be a god one...
        \_ Sounds like a lot of dead mega fauna.
        \_ Those animals disappeared because of Intelligent Extinction.  We
           shouldn't try to interfere with it.
        \_ Are the Asian and African species the same species that disappeared
           here 13000 years ago?  If not, they're not really restoring lost
           species, but they're only trying to prevent some other species
           elsewhere from going extinct.
           \_ No.  These are different species.  The native megafauna was
              wiped out when early humans wandered in.  The African species
              co-evolved with humans and were able to survive a while.  The
              American species never had a chance.
        \_ I am still waiting for them to recreate (clone from frozen
           mammoth tissue and grow in elephant womb) the woolly mammoth.
           that would be really cool.
                \_ "Yes we have a T-tex"
        \_ Once all the imported megafauna die out, get buried, and turn into
           oil under the ground in 100,000 years, we will finally be free of
           dependence on foreign oil!
        \_ Cool, elephant burgers!  -John
           \_ Ribwich ... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
              \_ "Thag, got mammoth on face"
2005/8/4-8 [Politics/Domestic] UID:38988 Activity:nil
8/4     RIP <DEAD>dailycal.org<DEAD>
        \_ liberal trash
        \_ What happened? What about the Heuristic Squelch? ;)
2005/7/28-29 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38867 Activity:nil
7/28    Woohoo! Hanoi Jane rides again!  Maybe we'll get a picture of her
        cutting of the head of an American hostage this time.
        \_ Wow, you're like, 35 years behind the times.  Pick up a newspaper,
        \_ you are such a tool
        \_ But what does The Free Republic have to say about this?
        \_ Lots of famous people are anti war. What's so special about
           this case? Fonda's kind of useless anyways, it's not like
           there are many conservative fans of hers in the first place.
2005/7/21-22 [Politics/Domestic] UID:38747 Activity:low
7/20    To emarkp or whomever was making the comment about the judicial
        arm of the government being mainly interpretive, you're basically
        wrong. Since we live in a common-law country in reality much of
        the basis of day-to-day law as it exists today was created through
        the courts. The legislature and the executive branch can't be
        bothered with figuring out every little detail of law. Courts have
        traditionally been a font for much law, and much legislation is
        based on recommendations by commentators, such as the MPC and
        the UCC. Also, if you ever bothered to examine the constitution,
        it's a pretty short document and is merely a framework to
        setup our national government. The guarentees codified in the
        Bill of Rights were actually rather unnecessary, as they reflect
        English subject rights which were assumed to be part of common
        law. In fact, codifications such as the 2nd Amendment have caused
        nothing but trouble. There is a fiction amongst laymen that
        there are "strict constructionists" vs. "liberal interpretists",
        but in reality it probably is more accurate to view them as
        being essentially individualists vs. statist. The law is hardly
        a static thing, and even the simplist codifications are open
        to endless interpretations and expansions.
        \_ Indeed?  You are a very misguided man.  It is very interesting to
           me that you think a common law conception is enough, and
           codifications 'cause trouble.'  By your own dichotomy you would be
           a statist.  In fact, I suppose your entire post can summed up as
           'I am a statist.'  -- ilyas
           \_ I suppose your entire posting history on motd can be summed
              up as 'I am a moron'
              \_ You know, kais motd is entirely unreliable as far as
                 determining the exact identity of posters, but it is useful
                 for noticing trends sometimes.  Whenever you see a post like
                 that one of the people on the attribution list is a member
                 of the wall liberal goon squad.  Odd, that. -- ilyas
                 \_ Meh, not really.  That clique is pretty active on both
                    wall and motd, it seems.  The fact that they get picked up
                    by kais scripts shouldn't be surprising, especially
                    considering the variety of ways people use to view motd
                    in various editors, etc.  Perhaps you're just being overly
                    sensitive, esp in light of how badly you get treated here
                    and, apparently, on wall.
        \_ My comments were limited to SCOTUS--I wasn't addressing the entire
           judiciary.  Your assertion of "fiction" is ridiculous IMO (see, I
           can make assertions too!).  The constitution was written to limit
           the powers of government.  SCOTUS should interpret the constitution
           with that in mind.  I guess that means I'm "originalist" or
           "textualist" as well as "individualist". -emarkp
2005/7/18 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38674 Activity:kinda low
7/16    You guys are screwed! Loser, ha ha ha ha                -conservative
        \_ What's their stock symbol?
           \_ REPU
           \_ TWAT  -John
           \_ FUCU
2005/7/7-10 [Politics/Domestic] UID:38471 Activity:kinda low
7/7     Endowment per student:
        Princeton: $1,492,065
        Harvard:   $1,147,146
        $tanford:  $  602,217
        Cal:       $   61,594
        \_ Interesting discussion of endowments in the Ivy League:
           The 90's drastically increased the wealth gap among universities,
           even just within the Ivy League.
        \_ rich private, rich private, rich private, PUBLIC SCHOOL.
           get a life, eat shit, go away, etc.
           \_ it would be interesting to see how much UT Austin's endowment/
              student is since I believe their endowment is second only to
              Harvard's in absolute terms
        \_ Yes we know. We got the same pamphlet in the mail.
        \_ Why? Because Princeton treats their students like a mother treats
           her children, whereas Berkeley treats their students like the
           real world treats them. Berkeley treated me like SHIT, why should
           I donate a single penny. If they want us to donate anything,
           maybe they should cut costs on stupid things like athletic
           equipments and field upgrades and spend it on BASIC things that
           matter, like better/more housing, less student-to-prof ratio
           in introductory classes so that we don't have to CRASH them
           all the time. Also the L&S administrators are aloof and don't
           seem to care about anyone. And while I'm at it, they just should
           do something about long lines and red tapes. Oh well, it'll never
        \_ So?  Cal also has more students.  What do you expect?
        \_ So?  Cal also has more students.
        \_ But Cal is also funded in part by the state (although that
           funding is drying up), so in a sense all Californians are
           endowing it.
           \_ you're not exactly clear what is meant by "endowment" here,
              are you?
              \_ No, I'm not, are the numbers meant to be total endowment
                 amount or just private endowments? When figures like this
                 are posted one tends to automatically think "private
                 endowments." If that's the calculation including public
                 endowments then it is a sad state of affairs. However,
                 does public endowments automatically include what the
                 state directly and indirectly supports? What about
                 endowments to graduate programs?
                \_ My endownment is large and tax free.
        \_ Cal doesn't invest the donations it recieves, it spends them
           as fast as it can. Otherwise, the State would give it less
           \_ do you see cal's spending habits as a good thing?  wouldn't it
              be nice if uc or at least cal wasnt entirely depending on ever
              shrinking funds from the state?  had they invested all the money
              all these years instead of whatever they did with it, would cal
              be better off financially today?
              \_ If Cal had invested it, Davis or Schwartzenneger would have
                 just raided it the first time they got in trouble. AFAIK,
                 Cal mostly built buildings with it, which is fine by me.
                 \_ Not if it is in some trust for that purpose.  What would
                    have happened is the UC system would have ended up
                    financially independent and got nothing from the state
                    except maybe a capital expenditures budget.  Ya know...
                    \_ Why do you think there is no such trust? The Trustees
                       of the UC aren't political naifs. They know that the
                       existence of a huge enodowment would prove irresistible
                       to greedy politicians. They would use it as an excuse
                       to cut the UC budget entirely.
                 \_ Or the unions would just strike until they got it.
                    It's useful to be able to say you don't have any money
                    in a public organization.  School districts expend an
                    incredible amount of effort on hiding money from the
                    teachers unions so that they have some for something
2005/6/23-25 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38275 Activity:high
6/23    I blame all you liberals for this Eminent Domain fuckup.  Hang your
        heads in shame. -- ilyas
        \_ I thought all liberals would think this decision was stupid and
           wrong since I am a liberal and that's what I think.  The motd has
           proven me wrong, and I do indeed hang my head in shame for my
           fellow liberals.
        \_ It's not liberals, ilyas, it's corrupt and stupid government, aided
           by lack of transparency and control.  Happens on both sides of the
           spectrum.  -John
        \_ fuck you.  there is nothing on the liberal docket to justify
           Eminent Domain.
        \_ Finally, we actually found an issue on the motd where the far-right,
           far-left, moderate liberals and moderate conservatives all agree.
           Leave it to you to turn that into a anti-liberal flame war.
           \_ What flame war?  Are we reading the same motd?  You think
              _this_ is a flame war?  And as for everyone agreeing, apparently
              the more 'liberal' justices didn't agree.  I mean my original
              comment was sort of tongue-in-cheek, but as the russian proverb
              goes, in every joke there's a grain of a joke. -- ilyas
        \_ Uh, why? How exactly would your typical liberal favor eminent
           domain for a private developer? Most liberals I know don't even
           favor eminent domain for storm drains. The politics of redevelop-
           ment don't fall along the lines you might imagine. I will admit that
           the voting over the recent SC case mystifies me. -- ulysses
           \_ We had a rather heated discussion about this just now on irc.
              My view is that liberals favor more conventional uses of ED,
              while it tends to be a 'hot button' issue for conservatives.
              Furthermore, liberals in my view tend to favor 'public good' at
              the expense of 'private property' if these come in conflict.
              Also, you can take the private developer out of the equation here,
              the government can take full initiative here (or not even involve
              a business at all). -- ilyas
              \_ I think this view is a rather ingenuous application of a
                 stereotype.  I know very very few liberals that are
                 comfortable with this development, or would have actively
                 campaigned for it.  Admittedly, this is anecdotal, but no
                 less so than your blanket assertion about 'all liberals
                 are bad, etc'.
                 \_ I don't think liberals are 'bad,' nor have I asserted this
                    as you claim.  I happen to disagree with their moral
                    framework though.  Some of them are fine people, really.
                    They are well behaved in public and everything.
                    Some of my best friends are liberals!  -- ilyas
                    \_ Okay, my bad -- that was phrased very poorly...
                       But I think you're confusing the clout of big
                       business and their poilitcal alliances with rabid
                       Berkeley students fresh from HS.
                       business and their politcal alliances with rabid
                       Berkeley students fresh from HS.  While the liberals
                       have some big philosophical weaknesses, I don't think
                       it's reasonable to blame them for the actions and power
                       of big wealthy, powerful, connected business interests.
                       it's reasonable to blame them for the actions  of big,
                       wealthy, powerful, connected business interests.  As
                       someone points out below, the simplification of this
                       issue into liberal vs conservative is, at best, naive
                       and at worst, a smoke screen to distract the people
                       from the not-very-subtle shift of power.
                       \_ This has nothing to do with big, powerful, connected
                          business interests.  This is the supreme court
                          approving this and all future money grabs by the
                          government through increased tax revenue at the
                          expense of individuals.
                          Getting 'business interests' involved is a red
                          herring.  Though they may be involved, they are not
                          necessary for application of ED, especially this
                          shiny expanded "I am gonna kick your ass" ED.
                          I hope you don't think the actions of the scotus
                          were the direct result of 'big business' interference.
                          You can't buy off the scotus that easily.  They are
                          old and set for life. -- ilyas
                       \_ Ok I'll bite. What are the "big philosophical
                    \_ ^liberals^homosexuals
           \_ I think it's enough for all the "liberal" SCOTUS judges to
              have voted for expanding ED powers, and all the pricks
              to have voted the other way, I mean, conservative judges.
              \_ That too.  I was sort of trying to explain why scotus voted
                 as it did.  Frankly there are plenty of reasons to dislike
                 this ruling for almost every point of the politial
                 spectrum except perhaps some full-on hivemind
                 utilitarian/authoritarian.  -- ilyas
                 \_ did you read the full opinion below?  It explains why
                    the majority voted as it did.  Additionally, Kennedy's
                    op. also illustrates it.  For the record, I'm liberal,
                    and I think I'm hesitantly in favor of the ruling.  But,
                    it's very borderline.  I am not comfortable with what they
                    did to Kelo, nor the other home-owners.  I'm also not
                    comfortable with the future resale of the land to Pfizer.
                    However, I am sympathetic to the logic of the ruling,
                    given current interpretation of law.  You're right about
                    the sociological generalization of liberals favoring
                    "public good" over "private property,"  and if it weren't
                    for my philosophical leanings towards principle, I would
                    have no problem with this ruling.  However, there's another
                    generalization about liberal principles that should be
                    noted: a favoring of individuals' privacy and rights over
                    that of corporations.  These two liberal principles are
                    at odds in the Kelo case, which is why I'm very borderline
                    in my support for it.  I would be amenable to an amendment
                    limiting eminent domain to cases like Hawaii or extreme
                    blight.  But current law supports "economic development."
                    \_ Out of curiousity, assume there was no private business

                       involvement at all.  The gvt bulldozed over some
                       buildings to build a government business, like a post
                       office or a lottery.  What would your feelings be
                       in this scenario? -- ilyas
                       \_ I'll be your token liberal. Neither of those qualify
                          as far as my "feelings" go. An eminent domain seizure
                          should serve a function beyond simply grabbing land
                          for a public (or private) project. Storm drains and
                          transportation corridors are a good example since
                          both are large scale systems that require continuity.
                          Landowners are rarely willing or able to properly
                          maintain drainage corridors they happen to own, for
                          instance, which can cause widespread flood damage.
                          The funny thing is, as I said, there is little
                          support for such an eminent domain act while
                          apparently grabbing land to build a gamepark is OK.
                          Whatever I might "feel" about particular eminent
                          domain applications has little bearing on how to
                          interpret the eminent domains clause.  -- ulysses
                          \_ I agree with the last sentiment, as well.  The law
                             and my perceived interpretation of it(favoring the
                             majority) are two different things.  I feel like
                             Kelo was treated unfairly, but as the law cur-
                             rently stands, I support the majority interpreta-
                             tion.  -nivra
                       \_ the usage of eminent domain needs to be demonstrated
                          as necessary.  For instance, in Berman v. Parker,
                          the dept. store wasn't blighted, but was part of the
                          blighted community fixed to undergo wholesale
                          redevelopment.  In this case, eminent domain
                          condemnation of the dept store can be seen as a
                          necessary portion of the "public good" over "private
                          property" as it is necessary to implement the grand
                          plan.  In your example, the questions that need to
                          be asked are: 1) why this location? 2) why a post
                          office? 3) what is the public use/good of the
                          proposed development? 4) are there any alternatives.
                          For something as small as a post-office, I think the
                          answers will reveal that there are other options
                          available than eminent domain condemnation of an
                          un-blighted property.  I can't off-the-top-of-my-head
                          imagine a scenario where that wouldn't be the
                          conclusion.  Btw, this is also the prevailing
                          reasoning behind why Kelo v. New London makes sense.
        \_ stupid troll. The life of a few can and should be sacraficed for
           the benefit of the mass. If you can tear down a few insignificant
           houses for a huge Walmart that everyone can benefit from, then
           you've done a great service for the community. Eminent domain is
           a good thing.
        \_ Don't blame me.  I'm a moderate! -moderate
           (Psst.  So is Hillary.  Pass it on.)
        \_ well you can also blame Bush I and John Sununu, in part anyways.
        \_ I agree this time around, the liberals have fucked it up. -eric
        \_ Who is on the side of Wal-Mart? Hint: it ain't the "liberals."
           This is classic big business conservatism, where government
           dances the tune sung by corporations. Real liberals have been
           fighting this drift for at least a generation.
           Get the book and read it. It is interesting stuff. -ausman
2005/6/17-18 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic] UID:38171 Activity:nil
6/16    Red Cross joins AI:
        \_ What are they talking about?  The report last year?
           God, freepers are unintelligible
           \_ I think he is saying that the Red Cross has joined
              Amnesty International in stating that the prison
              conditions for terror suspects is less than humane.
              \_ And is there some new story?  Or is this moaning about
                 the report from last year?
                 \_ I think it is just moaning. The best thing to do
                    is to ignore the weirdos (on both sides) and hope
                    they will get bored and go away.
2005/6/16-18 [Politics/Domestic, Reference/RealEstate] UID:38163 Activity:nil
6/16    If Tom Delay has nothing to hide, why has he effectively shut down
        the House Ethics Committee?
        \_ Because Accountability means never having to say you're sorry.
2005/6/7-8 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:38013 Activity:nil
6/7     Doesn't today's marijuana decision from the SCOTUS effectively mean
        that the federal government can dismantle any state or local law that
        differs from federal law through enforcement?
        \_ Uh, Alabama? Civil Liberties? Hello!
        \_ Yeah, despite my conservative bent, I'm pretty sure this whole
           idea went out with the civil war.
                \_ What do you mean? I have/had no idea, so I'm curious.  !op
                   \_ I'm not 100%, but it sounds like he is talking about
                      the 14th amd which made due process applicable to
                      the states.
                      WRT the original question, yesterday's decision doesn't
                      really break new ground. Congress has always had the
                      power to enact legislation that preempts state law as
                      long as the legislation falls w/in one of its enumer-
                      ated powers.
2021/12/06 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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