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2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/8/22-10/28 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54732 Activity:nil
        Y! is back to #1! Marissa, you are SEXY!!!
        \_ how the heck do you only have 225M uniq vis/month when there
           are over 1 billion internet devices out there?
           \_ You think that every single Internet user goes to Y!?
        \_ Tall blonde skinny pasty, not my type at all -former Y!
        \_ Tall blonde skinny pasty, not my type at all. But she
           is a good CEO. -former Y!
           Y! is coming back hard and strong. Amazing, simply amazing...
2013/8/1-9/14 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54721 Activity:nil
8/1     Apple said if your phone was broken, "it was illegal for Apple to
        replace a phone with a better phone." (
2013/7/31-9/16 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54719 Activity:nil
7/31    Hi, I am looking for a monitoring recommendation for use at home
        with my MacMini and as a second monitor for my Airbook. At this
        point I dont want to buy a fancy Apple monitor -- will probably
        wait for then to announce a new one -- but price doesnt really
        matter [office buy], but it doesnt seem like there is any need
        to spend more than $500? Historically I've just gotten a decent
        Samsung, if not top end Apple. Any recs or things to look for?
        \_ I used to be pretty happy with my Dell Ultrasharp. Then
           I got an Apple monitor at work, which blows it away.
        \_ To give you a sense of my perspective, I have a strong preference
           for IPS monitors, and have a pair of 30" Dell Ultrasharps on my
           desk at home (the U3011).  What I just bought for use at work are
           a pair of QNIX QX2710LED monitors from Korea via Ebay.  It's a 27"
           IPS monitor, and it cost $310.  You can get them for less, but the
           sellers engage in binning, so I think it's worth it to pay slightly
           more for one they tested and describe as "perfect pixel".  Mine has
           a matte screen, since I've got a lot of reflections to deal with.
           I think these Korean IPS monitors are the current bang-for-the-buck
           champs in big screens.
           \_ Also, there are a bunch of other brands of Korean IPS monitors
              available on ebay.  QNIX, Catleap, Yamakasi, Crossover, etc.
              They're all basically the same stuff.  Read some reviews, you
              should be fine.
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/1/22-2/19 [Computer/Companies/Google, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54584 Activity:nil
1/22    Google, again:
2012/12/12-30 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54556 Activity:nil
12/12   "Australian police urge motorists to stay away from Apple Maps"
2012/12/11-30 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54554 Activity:nil
12/10   What are some of the most famous TECH companies that are NOT run
        by a bunch of cronies (vs. run by those who are there because
        of abilities/meritocracy)?
        \_ Microsoft.
           \_ Really?
              \_ Isn't Ballmer pretty much Gates' crony?
                 \_ that's very true
                 \_ Facebook? Square? Twitter?
                    \_ ?
                       \_ Those companies are run by founders, so not cronies.
        \_ This question is poorly worded. Are you looking for companies run
           by people who are there because of their ability? I would say
           most of them are in that category.
           \_ partly true. most companies prosper initially because of
              abilities, but then when the founders retire/die the
              company's marketing and lawyers take over. Just look at
              Enron, Dow, Monsanto, Halliburton, Microsoft, etc...  all
              these mega ass conglomerates prosper because it's run by cronies.
              if you think google is evil, how do you think google will look
              like when sergey and larry die/retire? it's going to stop
              fundamental research and spam everyone else like all these
              other mega conglomerates.
              \_ This is actually kind of scary and depressing. Goggle knows
              \_ This is actually kind of scary and depressing. Google knows
                 way too much about me. I trust them to Do The Right Thing,
                 but god knows what that company will be like after those
                 two go.
                 \_ they are going to sell your information to anyone
                    who wants it, for a fee of course. Remember all these
                    credit report agencies that were spawned before you
                    were born, and that they were on your side?
                    \_ Who do you trust your email with?
                 \_ "I trust them to Do The Right Thing" <--- bahahahahaha
                    the founders aren't interested in making more money now
                    but when they are gone, Google will be just another Y!
                    where every email you send is a spam ("Sent from
                    my Yahoo Account -- Buy Viagra now!") and everything
                    you see on the page is an ad, leadgen, or something
                    shady like the Yahoo Dating site where 10-15% of the
                    women are fake and Y! has no incentive to clean it
                    up because fake pretty women attract suckers in the first
                    place and PMs and VPs want to show off stats. Fuck Y!
                    FUCK YOU YAHOO.                             -Y!
                    \_ Who is your email provider?
                        \_ soda
2012/11/16-12/18 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54536 Activity:nil
11/16   Apple iOS 6 Maps can't even get the location of their own store right. (
2012/5/18-7/20 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54394 Activity:nil 60%like:54393
5/18    ZNGA    -13.42%
        LNKD    - 5.65%
        GRPN    - 6.69%
        YELP    -12.36%
        RENN    -20.99%
        Thank you FaceBook!
        \_ Wow, there was a lot of talk about the FB IPO boosting ZNGA.  I
           thought that was bunk, but I didn't think it was going to make it
           dump to it's lowest level ever AFAIK.  I guess that was the
           disappointment of the people who be on a boost selling out.
2012/5/18 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54393 Activity:nil 60%like:54394
5/18    ZNGA    -13.4%
        LNKD    -5.65%
        GRPN    -6.69%
        YELP    -12.36%
        Thank you FaceBook!
2012/5/17-7/20 [Computer/SW/Languages, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54391 Activity:nil
5/17    Anyone have the guts to short Facebook out of the gate?  I think it's
        overvalued, but at this point it looks like there are enough
        suckers to float this castle in the air for quite a while
        \_ I don't think you can find the shares to short yet. I am long
           personally, but only with 200 shares. It is a moon shot kind of
           \_ how are you doing FB lover? har har har
              \_ Not very good so far. I am holding for the long term.
2012/5/4-6/1 [Academia, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54380 Activity:nil
5/3     Scott Thompson. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA:
        \_ It doesn't matter if he has a real CS degree or not. The fact
           of the matter is, he didn't go a real college.       -berkeleyan
        \_ In case, like me, you had no idea why this was relevant:
        \_ I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman, Miss Stonehill College
        \_ I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman, Miss
           Stonehill College
2012/4/30-5/15 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54376 Activity:nil
4/30    Anyone know if Apple has employee shuttles that travel to the East
        Bay? If so, which of the 80s, Hwy 880, 580, and/or 680?
        \_ RPG or IED?
           \_ I don't know what this means.
              \_ Rocket-propelled grenade or improvised explosive device.
                 Which way are you going to intercept and bomb the shuttle? :-)
                 \_ Sure does sound stalker-ish, at the least.
        \_ Google tells me that there are shuttles to East Bay but not the
        \_ Googling tells me that there are shuttles to East Bay but not the
           exact route.
           \_ This is good enough, thanks!
2012/4/29-6/4 [Industry/SiliconValley, Industry/Startup] UID:54374 Activity:nil
4/29    My company is a public company and is talking to a private equity
        firm. Is it ALWAYS a bad news when PEs are involved?  -not Yahoo
        \_ Pretty much. This was written for Yahoo! but could be for any
           company being bought up by private equity:
  -still at Yahoo
2012/4/23-6/4 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54367 Activity:nil
4/9     Instagram got bought for 1B dollars. Are you shitting me?
        \_ What's $1B / 13 employees? ...yeah, my calculator just keeps
           spitting out FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--
           \_ I'm sure there are VC's who will get much bigger chunks than the
              employees.  But yeah, the employees' chunks should still be huge.
              \_ Founder supposedly still has 40%. FB is throwing money around.
                 Easy come, easy go, I guess.
        \_ Welcome to Dotcom 2.0. When do you think it will crash? I'm
           waiting to short the market. I doubled my earnings in 2000-2001
           (I short too early in 1999, but made it back in 2000-2001).
           \_ Let us know when you decide to, Einstein.
2012/3/30-6/1 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54352 Activity:nil
3/29    Amazing that that shows you girls around you:
        \_ This app doesn't work for me.
           \_ Works for me. Where do you live?
              \_ Sunnyvale.
        \_ Foursquare blocked them. Harder to be a stalker now.
2012/3/28-6/1 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54350 Activity:nil
3/28    Facebook trademarks the words "Face" "Book" "Wall" the letter F and the
        number 0:
        \_ 'F' them.
2010/2/22-3/12 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:53719 Activity:nil
2/20 is this just pro-apple hype?
2009/11/5-19 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:53506 Activity:nil
10/5    Only in LA would morons like this thrive. P.S. why the hell does it
        go from 93 to 72 in less than a week? The place SUCKS.
        \_ You are bitching about the weather in LA? There are a lot of
           things that suck about LA, but the weather is not one of them.
2009/10/7-21 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:53436 Activity:nil
10/7    This is totally awesome! UNLESS of course you work in Japan,
        then it's not SFW. Otherwise, it is SFW in the U.S.:
        \_ I kept waiting for something interesting to happen.  Still
2009/9/24-10/8 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:53399 Activity:nil 57%like:53397
9/24    This is tight: (Rap about his g/f "Coder Girl")
        \_ I wasted a minute on this. Thanks a lot.
        \_ don't waste your time on this shit
2009/9/24 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:53397 Activity:nil 57%like:53399
9/24    This is tight:
        \_ I wasted a minute on this. Thanks a lot.
2009/8/18-9/1 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:53279 Activity:nil
8/17    What's the difference between FourSquare and that Google location
        \_ One is called Latitude and got rejected by Apple, the other
           one got approval by Apple because it's not perceived as a threat?
2009/4/3-10 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:52792 Activity:nil
4/3     AAPL is up 45% since its mid-January low. Any other companies have
        such big swings? BRK is the only other one that I follow that's also
        done really well (+30% in <1 month).
        \_ It's been bouncing between 80 and 110 since October.  Volatility !=
           doing well.
           \_ What other stocks are up from where they were 6 months ago
              in Oct? GOOG and YHOO are about even, but AAPL is up
              significantly from October.
        \_ Pretty much every bank is up that much from its low.
           \_ Yes, and still down YTD.
2008/10/16-20 [Computer/Companies/Google, Industry/SiliconValley] UID:51543 Activity:moderate
10/16   Google demolishes analyst estimates.  Still holds $14B in cash.
        Is almost certainly in better shape than the broad market going
        forward.  -tom
        \_ not bad.  considering advancers vs. decliners on NYSE was something
           like 600 up vs. 2,900 down on a +400 DJIA up day.
           like 600 up vs. 2,900 down on a +400 DJIA day.
           \_ Are you sure about that? Because everything I own, except for
              a few financials, is in the green.
              \_ ob great job?
              \_ sorry, that site was probably not updating fast enough.
                 final:  55% advancers to 44% decliners.
        \_ So, when is it going back to 700? When is a good time to buy/sell?
           \_ if you are looking at a 15+-year timespan, GOOG is probably okay
              to buy now as a "growth" part of your portfolio. -!tom
           \_ My goal is to buy stocks which are likely to double in the next
              5 years.  I am confident that GOOG will do that from current
              levels, barring a major economic meltdown in the US.  -tom
              \_ If it doubles it won't even be at its high for the year
                 so that's not saying much.
                 \_ if you hadn't noticed, the entire market is down.
                    \_ And? Point being that doubling from here isn't
                       exactly hard to do. Almost everything has a good
                       chance of doubling from here as valuations are
                       so low right now.
                       \_ You think so?  I think the market is pretty unlikely
                          to go up for at least the next year and probably
                          longer than that.  Do you think the Dow will be at
                          18K five years from now?  Nasdaq 3500?  -tom
                          \_ Not improbable given that it was at 14K just
                             within the year.
        \_ This puts GOOG P/E at about the right level then.
           \_ The right level for what?
              \_ For me to buy. I prefer to buy stocks that have a PEG of
                 1 or less. Since GOOG's growth rate is 26%, and it's P/E
                 is 23, it is valued about "right".
                 \_ Growth rate is about 15% going forward from what I've
                    read. 15% is the company's own internal target. They
                    may exceed that, but that's gravy. Don't count on 26%
                    every year going forward.
                    \_ Where did you read that? I would be amazed if GOOG
                       published their own internal growth rate targets.
                       \_ It's a "whisper" number. It's not published.
                          I read it in an article, but I don't recall
                          where. Here's one (not the one I read):
        \_ This was make or break for GOOG. If they missed the stock was
           going under $300. I was going to buy if that was the case, but
           not sure now. So what are they doing with all this money that
           they make, anyway? They don't pay a dividend and their margins
           are high. Having $14B in the bank isn't necessarily a good
           thing. No business ideas at all?!
           \_ I guess you should short MSFT, too, they have $43B in the bank.
              Google has a ton of business ideas, what rock are you living
              under?  -tom
              \_ I didn't say I would short GOOG, just that having a lot
                 of cash could mean they are out of ideas. MSFT found
                 itself in the same situation if you recall and ended up
                 paying the money out to shareholders, which was a sure sign
                 they were out of blammo ideas. In case you haven't
                 noticed, MSFT has traded flat for 7 years now.
              \_ They have search. Gmail isn't making money. Neither is
                 YouTube. What other products do they have?     -op
                 \_ As I have said on the motd many, many times, the fastest
                    growing part of their company, which is very profitable,
                    is an ad delivery network called AdSense. This is not
                    "search". Did you miss this the other three or four times
                    we had this dicussion? -!Tom
                 \_ Google Docs and the Android are two obvious examples of
                    major new products.  Not all products have to make
                    money on their own, if they bring people into the core
                    business.  -tom
                    \_ Badly MS immitation Google Docs bring people to
                       search? Really? I didn't know that. Amazing!
                       \_ Have you even used Google Docs?  It's not an
                          imitation of MS Office, it's a completely
                          different paradigm for collaborating.  The
                          applications still need some work, but the
                          paradigm is much, much better than the document-
                          centric paradigm. That's why all kinds of people
                          are using it.  But anyway, you believe what you
                          want to believe; there's no incentive for me
                          to convince you to be less of an idiot.  -tom
                          \_ you still didn't answer me how their superior
                             product will pull in more revenues when they're
                             free for starters. And a superior product rarely
                             means superior revenue. Look at Winblows and
                             the revenue M$ generates.
2008/3/6-7 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:49367 Activity:nil
3/6     how do i hook up YAHOO CHAT to my google chat?
2007/11/14-17 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:48640 Activity:nil
11/14   in app facebook advertisings crack me up.
        "Ashley Peters and 50,668 other people are using Free Condoms
        Get REAL Durex Condoms FREE on Facebook!"
2007/3/18-20 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:46008 Activity:nil
3/16    Was there a green logo on the Google page yesterday?  I didn't see one
        on Friday or today.  Yahoo has one since Friday.
        \_ There was yesterday. You might not have seen it if you didn't
2022/09/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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