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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/8/19-21 [Health/Women] UID:44073 Activity:high
8/19    what meds would a female would have to take
        regularly besides birth control?
        \_ testosterone.  -east german female swimmer
        \_ spermicide
        \_ calcium supplements
        \_ sperm injection
        \_ A healthy female doesn't *have* to take any meds.
        \_ Xanax, Ritalin, and Prozac.  -typical sorority girl
        \_ have to?  what does your wife/gf claim to be taking?
           \_ dunno.  something that made her feel like she was having
              an appendicitis for a week.
              \_ you could ask her.
                 \_ oh no, speculating on the motd is much more fun.
2006/8/17-19 [Health/Women] UID:44046 Activity:nil
8/17    Breast implants linked to suicide
        \_ "Women who think they need breast implants tend to be suicidal"
2006/7/21-22 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Health/Women] UID:43756 Activity:nil
        Christian adoption site supports baby on baby action? (Check out the
        picture on the front page.)
        \_ while already-born children go unadopted. nice.
           \_ Well, it kind of makes sense.  It's about as anti-abortion as you
              can get short of live-birthing someone else's aborted fetus.
           \_ As I understand it, it's very hard to adopt a baby, demand
              far outstrips supply. It is easy to adopt older children,
              but most people don't want to do that.  I wouldn't be
              surprised if this organization supported older child
              adoption as well, they almost certainly aren't against it,
              but it seems pretty reasonable to respond to demand with
              supply to me.
              \_ Sure, but in this case the supply of widgets that we're
                 talking about are children who aren't being adopted.
                 These are essentially "unwanted" children.  So, isn't it
                 better to solve the unwanted children problem with abortion?
                 \_ As I just pointed out, adpoting babies is hard.  If
                    people know they don't want a baby when it's a baby
                    (or in utero), finding someone to adopt it is pretty
                    easy.  (Assuming the baby is healthy).  Since
                    retroactive abortion is currently illegal, abortion
                    does not solve the our current problems with unwanted
                    children, who are older.  Of course, part of the
                    reason adoption is hard now is because abortion has
                    cut off much of the supply.
                    \_ It's even harder than that.  Many court decisions have
                       given the birth parents the right to "take back"
                       parenting rights even years after the adoption goes
                       \_ Yeah, does anyone think that's a good idea?
2006/7/18-20 [Health, Health/Women] UID:43716 Activity:nil
7/18    If you hike in some park, fell, and broke your leg or something,
        and had to be rescued, are 'they' gonna send you a big bill?
        What if some criminal chase after you with a gun and shot you?
        I assume the police won't send you a bill. What about the fire
        \_ Actually that might not be true.  For instance a small chunk
           of park entry fees may go into a "rescue fund".
        \_ Who is 'they'?  You would definitely get billed for the ambulance
           or helicopter medical evac.  If you had health insurance, it would
           probably cover some or all of this. -dans
        \_ The question of who pays for wilderness rescue remains a matter
           of some debate, but a good place to start is 42 U.S.C. 1395dd, aka
           EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
2006/6/23-28 [Health/Women, Recreation/Media] UID:43486 Activity:nil
        Fox News movie critic reviews Superman Returns:  Clark Kent is not very
        expressive (okay, he is supposed to be a shy geek), Lois Lane bland,
        "sass-less", and inarticulate, Lex Luthor is just Kevin Spacey echoing
        Gene Hackman - first hour rocked (a re-telling of Superman 1+2), rest
        dragged on at points.
2006/6/14-19 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:43390 Activity:nil
6/14    Why do Canadians want girls?  I understand why Chinese want boys.,0,6133219.story?coll=sfla-home-headlines
        \_ `It's new. It's scary. We understand that.'  Wow.  Condecending
        \_ Boy kids are a pain in the ass.  Girl teenagers are a pain in
           in the ass.
        \_ Ok, so no one knows anything about Canadian culture and why they
           would prefer girls to such an extent they'd pay big $ for them? -op
           \_ This doesn't quite help but, it's an article on sex
              selective abortions in Canada, but doesn't mention a girl
              preference at all:
           \_ Study contradicting original article's claim:
2006/6/12-13 [Computer/SW/Security, Health/Women] UID:43355 Activity:nil
        Are all New Zeland women as attractive as this one? Are they
        more fit than say, American women in general? Damn I gotta
        move there!
        \_ Most of the women I've met from New Zeland looks more like
2006/6/8-13 [Health/Women] UID:43326 Activity:nil
6/8     Christopher Hitchens article in Vanity Fair on the history
        of the blowjob:
        \_ This is awesome.  Thanks.  JAA BABY.  -John
        \_ Like most of Hitchens, it starts out interesting and then flounders
           into Hitchens' own bizarre drunken prejudices (here against
           women and homosexuals, with a healthy dose of hatred toward the
           French and the Third World). Imagine what he might have been able
           to do if he'd just avoided hitting the sauce.
2006/5/30-6/3 [Health/Women] UID:43227 Activity:low
5/30    Baby born in China with 3 arms (pic included)
        \_ something something arms race with China.
        \_ That's awesome--you could make a living as a pickpocket. -John
        \- ^pickpocket^gigolo
        \_ That is kind of an interesting ethical question. Assuming the
           two left arms are somewhat functional and not hazardous to his
           health, chopping one off is a little strange. What if someone
           evolved some extra functionality and doctors always chopped
           it off? What if having three arms was actually useful? Modern
           culture is based on the use of tools. And three arms might
           theoretically allow this guy to be a genius musician or artisan.
           By chopping it off when he's a baby they are robbing him of a
           body part without his consent. Maybe not in this case but it's
           interesting in principle.
           \_ How is this a hard ethical question?  You do what is best for
              the kid medically.  And that is a science question, not a
              philosophical one.  A case where you have siamese twins and
              you have to make a decision that affects each differently has
              more of an ethical flavor.
              \_ I said "assuming [they are] not hazardous to his health".
                 That makes it a philosophical question. That, plus the
                 fact that many doctors really don't know what the fuck
                 and basically make varyingly-educated guesses. It sounds
                 like in this particular case both arms are impaired, but
                 only one is in the "right place", so they will probably
                 chop the lower one off and hope the other one develops.
                 But even if they both worked fine I bet they'd do it for
                 cosmetic reasons.
          \_ Um, "circumcision".  OK, a foreskin is not nearly as cool as
             a third arm, but still.  I'd love to have a third arm.  Or a hand
             coming out of my forehead, so I can hold a cigarette while
             doing other stuff, or keep my sunglasses real cool-like sort
             of halfway up.  -John
             \_ But would they be Peril Sensitive?
                \_ Ah, wonderful.  A hack troll to keep the memory of his
                   hack writer hero alive.  *sigh*
                   \_ It's a joke.  Get over it.
                      \_ Oh, I've been over that hack for quite awhile now.
                         \_ Uh ok.  The movie sucked but there's no reason
                            to be this bitter.  The guy is dead and never
                            hurt anyone while alive.
                            \_ I'm actually quite entertained at the moment.
                               \_ I'm happy that you're happy.
             \_ Yeah, and circumcision is up for debate also. Just because
                it's in some people's culture doesn't mean it's ok. I
                do not want people chopping off my body parts. Foreskins
                aren't mutant anomalies and neither are they a credible
                health problem. It's also meaningless from a religious
                point of view since the baby has no clue about the matter.
                (There's also the problem of inflicting pain on babies...)
                \_ I wasn't referring to circumcision as "something that's
                   done anyway, so it should be a precedent".  I think
                   whacking bits off anyone without their aware consent,
                   unless said bits are life-threatening, is dumb.  -John
2006/5/30-6/2 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:43220 Activity:nil
5/29    My fitness trainer/nutritionist says I should try to eat all
        organic food from now on. He claims my American wife is huge
        because of lack of exercise (which we're addressing right
        now), and also because of all the excess growth hormones
        we take in from milk, cows, and chicken. He claims that
        Europeans are thinner because they exercise more (no dispute
        in that) and also they eat more organic food and meat from
        happy animals that exercise more and are injected with less
        hormones and antibiotics. He claims that unlike US meat,
        European meat aren't subject to carbon dioxidation and red
        dyes to make them look more appealing. He also claims that
        European cows are are injected with less antibiotics and
        hormones, so while they look smaller and thus less profitable
        to sell and more expensive to buy than the US cows, they're
        much healthier to eat. How much of what he says is real
        and/or bullshit? Are Americans really eating much more growth
        hormones, antibiotics, and other residual chemicals than
        the Europeans? Do extra hormones really make you unhealthy?
        \_ Um "organic" does not necessarily mean "better".  Your guy is
           full of shit.  The average European plate is smaller, food is more
           expensive, and public transportation is generally better (I didn't
           see that many fat people in New York.)  Pesticides and additives
           and what not don't have much to do with your fitness, as poster
           below correctly says.  Avoid corn starch, white flour, processed
           sugar, etc. etc. etc., whole books have been written on how to
           eat well.  A good rule I saw was that a portion of protein should
           be about the size of a deck of cards.  -John
        \_ He's right from a nutrition point of view. I'm not sure it
           matters from a trainer point of view. That is, it's not good
           for you to eat hormone-laced beef but by doing so, although you
           may be less healthy, you'll probably not weigh any more/less
           than a person who eats 100% organic beef (all else equal).
        \_ What is true is that Europe has been moving more and more towards
           not allowing really bad ways of factory farming animals, while
           in the USA the government keeps relaxing the rules unless some
           disaster happens (like mad cow).  We use 8 times as many anti-
           biotics for livestock as people in this country.
           \_ Yes, but our cow is bigger and more profitable. Case
              in point, look at the government endorsed Monsanto
              Corporation and how their products increased farmers'
              yields and saved farm families from going bankrupt.
              Case in point, most of our milk today is produced using
              rBGH, a synthetic hormone that has helped countless American
              girls blosom into full bodied women; European women on
              the other hand look unhealthily anorexic because they
              lack rBGH intake in their dairy products. Hormones +
              antibiotics=good profit + beautiful women. I guess you
              regulation-loving communists will never understand it.
           \- i think that is horseshit. many europeans eat smaller
              portion sizes [why a friend of mine immediately began
              gaining weight after moving back from london/amsterdam/paris
              back to SF. as an illustration compare an "italian pizza"
              with a usa pizza]. why are you approaching this in generic
              terms? are you interested in discussing nutrition and diet
              \- Your brain has been classified as: small. ok thx.
                 \_ Re: portion size in US vs Europe etc:
              or do you have a fitness goal. assuming the latter, dont
              worry about "the europeans" and just figure out what you
              should do exercise/dietwise to get there. i would start by
              tracking your food to see where your calorie/fat/protein
              \_ proper dieting with strict calorie intake and moderate
                 exercise are good. Lack of unnecessary growth hormones,
                 fat, and anti-biotics would be even better. rBGH,
                 a growth hormone banned for health reasons in every
                 industrialized country, is still used heavily in the U.S.
                 Monsanto's own data revealed that feeding IGF-1 (from
                 to rBGH) to adult rats for only two weeks significantly
                 increased body and liver weights, and bone length.
                 More critically, increased IGF-1 blood levels have been
                 incriminated as a major cause of cancer. IGF-1 induces
                 uncontrolled growth of normal human breast cells in tissue
                 culture, and has been incriminated in their transformation
                 to cancer cells.
              is coming from and in what quantity. for example, at some
              point i discovered i was ingesting maybe 1/3 of my calories
              from sugary-liquids [fruit juice, orange juice, coke etc].
              maybe you should ask your trainer/nutritionist what he/she
              thinks about fruitcake.
2006/5/29-30 [Health/Women] UID:43212 Activity:nil
5/29    Speaking of supers movies, at XM3 they had a preview for Ghost
        Rider which looked awesome.
        \_ Alan Vega. Suicide. Ghostrider. Ghostrider.
           Ghostrider, motorcycle hero.
           Ghostrider, motorcycle hero.
           Baby, baby, baby, baby, he's blazing away!
           Like the star, star, stars in the universe, yeah.
           Baby, baby, baby, he's looking so cute, yeah!
           Riding around in a blue jumpsuit, yeah.
           Baby, baby, baby, baby, he's screaming the truth!
           America is killing its youth.
           I see them trying, dying, choking, drowning, going down, going down.
           I see you dying, dying.
           Oh. You don't wanna break apart Ghostrider's heart.
           He's riding through your town with his head on fire.
           He's riding through your town with his head on fire.
           Halo burning. Eyes are crying. Halo buring. Eyes are crying.
           Ghostrider, Ghostrider, Ghostrider, Ghostrider keep riding.
           Never stop riding.
           Hey, hey, don't forget to burn, don't forget to burn.
           Burn with fire. With fire, fire, fire, fire!
           With fire! Yeah!
2006/5/18-22 [Health/Women] UID:43089 Activity:nil
        It's hip to be pregnant! Yeah, come on people, start to make
        babies like rabbits!
        \_ The babies themselves aren't hip. You should get pregnant a lot
           but have late abortions!
           \_ Get 'em while they last!
2006/5/11-12 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:43024 Activity:nil
        Foot fetish man in New York
2006/4/26-29 [Health/Women] UID:42835 Activity:kinda low
4/26    Hey motd boob guy, good news for you:
        \_ Superior Chinese boob breeding!  Not like you western type.
          \_ If you'd read the article, you'd know they blamed it on Superiour
             Chinese boob FEEDING, just like us western type.
          \_ RTFA, its not superior breeding, its all about FEEDING.
        \_ The results, while interesting, do not mean anything.  You won't all
        of a sudden see Asian women's bust size on par with other ethnic groups.
        Bust size is primarily genetic, just like height, hips, neck length, etc.
        Nutrition plays a role in extreme cases (ie. starvation).  Compare
        Asian-Americans to other -American ethnic groups, which arguably have had
        similar nutritional diets and it's easy to see that body types are just
        different by nature.  Look at Jewish women, regardless of diet, they are
        just naturally more busty than other groups.
           of a sudden see Asian women's bust size on par with other ethnic
           groups.  Bust size is primarily genetic, just like height, hips,
           neck length, etc.  Nutrition plays a role in extreme cases (ie.
           starvation).  Compare Asian-Americans to other -American ethnic
           groups, which arguably have had similar nutritional diets and it's
           easy to see that body types are just different by nature.  Look
           at Jewish women, regardless of diet, they are just naturally more
           busty than other groups.
           \_ (reformatted by motd format nazi)
           \_ I thought I read somewhere that average heights of Japanese
              people increased pretty drastically since WWII due to changes
              in nutrition.  Assuming this isn't b.s., wouldn't the same
              sort of phaenomenon affect bust size?  That, and maybe an
              increasing popularity of boob jobs.  -John
              \_ The increase in bust size in young girls in America is
                 directly related to the increase in obesity.  Fat girls
                 have bigger chichis than skinny girls.  -tom
                 \_ Yeah, but my question is, wouldn't not-fat-but-better-
                    fed girls have better chichis than skinny girls?  -John
                    \_ Chichi size is a function of body fat, so, yes.
                       (Assuming you think larger = better).  -tom
2006/4/26-27 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Health/Women] UID:42829 Activity:nil
        Border Patrol Flash Game. Kill immigrants, drug smugglers, and
        pregnant Mexican women.
        \_ It must be so nice to live in such an intellectually truncated
        \_ I'm glad you can sit there in your nice Aeron chair, drinking
           lattes, without a care for your security, and believing that
           law enforcement of all kinds are just modern day Nazis.
           \_ I'm glad you can sit around in your Aeron chair, and live
              in fear that the terrorists really want your php coding ass
              while you don't have the balls for supporting nuking
              them first.
              \_ Your counter-flame has been classified as: weak.  Keep
                 trying, grasshopper.
              \_ I've always said nuke first and ask questions later.
                 I was saddened the day Bush, Sr. stopped W88 production.
2006/4/25-5/2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:42827 Activity:nil
4/25    Dear typical soda male. Do you date Asian women because you
        find them attractive, or because you find Caucasian women
        too bitchy, or a combination of both?
        \_ Your question implies the typical soda male has a lot of
           freedom of choice in the woman market.
           \_ I didn't at berkeley, then i moved east, got an import
              and moved back.  Highly recommended.  Cali bitches are
              spoiled and don't know wtf they want (so how can they
              ever be happy?) - and yes that is by their own admission.
              and yes, i asked more than 1.  Funny thing but when you
              have a gf who is hot, suddenly you can get into honest
              discussions with other women about personality defects.
              \_ I would post "you're a moron," but it would be
                 redundant.  -tom
              \_ I'd post "you're a moron," but it would be redundant.  -tom
                 \_ And so intead you post something doubly redundant?
                 \_ And so instead you post something doubly redundant?
              \_ ObRedundancy Removed
        \_ is typical soda male asian or not asian?  does that include
           azn?  anyway, have never dated asian.
           \- Not to get too highbrow on you, but I thought this was a
              pretty funny line from FNIETZSCHE:
                Different sighs. A few men have sighed because their
                women were abducted; most, because no one wanted to
                abduct them. [Human, All-Too-Human, #388]
                abduct them. [Human, All Too Human, #388]
2006/4/4 [Health/Eyes, Health/Women] UID:42649 Activity:moderate
4/4     hey sky I thought you lived in the bay area,,1746333,00.html?gusrc=rss
        The strange case of the man who took 40,000 ecstasy pills in
        nine years
        \_ That's Sparky.  "Uh..uh..uh...fuggit."  -John
        \_ Are you sure this is sky? Sounds like dans to me.
           \_ Agreed. The exclamation marks, capitalization, and
              the fact that he responds to trolls 24x7 are all leading
              indicators that dans is on meth. sky on the other hand
              is on weeds.
              \_ At least he freebases with his circle of friends.
              \_ Will dans stop the madness before he becomes the next
              \_ Troll harder. -dans
              \_ Troll harder.  By the way, I seem to be missing the volume of
                 the New England Journal of Medicine that published the
                 double-blind study correlating motd posting habits to drug
                 use.  Why don't you post a link to the article so the rest of
                 us can read it? -dans
        \_ So that's like what, 4 kilos of MDMA?
2006/4/3-4 [Health/Women, Health/Disease/General] UID:42638 Activity:nil
4/3     Wow, new bladders grown from the cells of patients:
        \_ Not quite as cool as it at first sounds: the bladder isn't really an
           organ, just a pouch made of a cells of a certain type.  They get the
           shape to make it a pouch by growing the (largely undifferentiated)
           cells on a mold.  Still cool though.
                \_ Something similar was done to grow someone a new jaw.  It's
                   definitely movement in the right direction.
                   definitely movement in the right direction.  It's not super
                   simple though, the article mentions extracting "muscle and
                   bladder" cells, so they might also be growing a valve (I
                   forget what the name of that muscle is) too.
                   \_ urethral sphincter?  detrusor?
                        \_ "Although you normally make the choice when to
                            urinate, once you decide to do so the nervous
                            system takes over and the process becomes
                            automatic. The detrusor contracts and the
                            sphincters relax to allow urine to flow. When
                            the bladder is empty, the sphincters contract
                            and the detrusor relaxes."
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/3/30-31 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:42536 Activity:nil
        (second story) Spend your life inside Walmart!
2006/3/29-30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Others, Health/Women] UID:42522 Activity:nil
        Indian doctor aborts female fetuses in a land that prefers boys
        over girls, is jailed.
        \_ this practice makes Indian girls all the more exotic and precious.
           I feel bad for Indian men who can't find a mate. Ya reap what
           ya sow... then again, Muslims are worse.
           \_ Don't forget to mention how a lot of your friends are muslim.
2006/3/16-18 [Health/Women, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Industry/Jobs] UID:42271 Activity:nil
3/16    Is this Vivagel stuff available for purchase in Australia?
2006/3/15-16 [Health/Women, Finance/Shopping] UID:42247 Activity:moderate
3/15    Suggestions for cheap storage space rental in the
        east bay?  My requirements are... it exist.
        It can be on the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, i don't care.
        I don't need ground floor.  I need to disappear for
        about a year.
        \_There is a super secure place on 3rd St. in Oakland near Jack London
          Square called Safe Keep or something.  Not too cheap but much better
          than anything else I've seen. -scottyg
        \_ I'll tell you where NOT to go.  That place on Shattuck just south of
           Dwight.  Bad bad bad.  I'm amazed my stuff didn't get stolen, the
           place is falling apart and has shitty security, the people who
           work there are thugs, and they're a ripoff.  I shopped around a
           little before I found that place, and I tend to think that you want
           to be nowhere near the University if you don't want to get ripped
           off.  If you're leaving the area anyway, why not put your stuff in
           a more rural/suburban location on the other side of the hills?
        \_ find a deserted field, dig a hole, and bury it.
        \_ Disappear?  Storage space?  Damn it, you're giving me Primer
           \_ That's next week. Or was it last week?
        \_ How big and how cheap?  Storing stuff for a year can be pretty
           pricy.  Like, up to $1000.
        \_ Disappear?  Buy a bus ticket.  Don't contact anyone you know or
           use the asme name.  Use cash for everything.  If you wrote a serious
           post you might have got a serious reply.
           \_ After I disappear I'm still going to troll tom anonymously.
              \_ Nice to know I have anonymous supporters. -dans
           \_ I'm asking for advice about finding inexpensive storage,
              not tips on how to disappear.  Goddamn ADD nerds.
              \_ You asked stupidly, you got stupid answers.  If you hadn't
                 posted nonsense half your replies wouldn't have been garbage.
                 Find a mirror, the rest of us are a-ok.
                 \_ No he asked one specific question.  You chose to answer
                    a totally different one.  If I asked "hey, my wife
                    is pregnant where is a good place to get cheap
                    baby supplies?" and you responded by telling me to
                    make sure she takes her prenatal vitamins and sees a
                    doctor it wouldn't be answering the question now would it?
                    \_ I see it is anal retentive moron day on the motd.  If
                       he said, "Hey, my wife is pregnant where is a good place
                       to get cheap baby supplies?  I need to disappear for a
                       year", it wouldn't be off topic to tell him how to hide.
                       But you knew that.  He was dumb, several people gave
                       dumb replies.  Tough.  Being as retentive as you are
                       why didn't you correct his grammar errors while you
                       were here?  And mine too?  And spell check everything
                       and erase anything over 80 columns?  Why stop where
                       you did?  There is so much more to retain!  go for it!
                       \_ Err, why is it anal retentive to expect that the
                          question asked is the one that will be answered?
                          If you feel like ranting senselessly on motd -- hey,
                          go for it: motd without senseless rants would be
                          boring...but it's kind of pathetic to play the victim
                          when you get dinged for being uselessly OT.
                       \_ perhaps disappearing for a year might not have to do
                          with hiding.  perhaps it means leaving the area
                          without taking any of his material possessions.
                          \_ DING DING DING DING DING!
                       \_ It's the ops politburo-given right to post poorly
                          worded questions.  It's ours to respond with snarky
                          mis-answers. -dans
        \_ Look out for things like mold.  I've known people who stuck stuff
           in storage for a year or so, forgot all about them till then and
           came back to find everything rotted.
           \_ Most of the lots of random bins at public auctions
              are from crap people have abandoned or 'forgot to pay their rent
              for' at storage facilities.
2006/3/10-11 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:42173 Activity:nil
3/9     Vicente Fox made a joking reference to women as "washing machines
        with two legs"
2006/3/2-5 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Health/Women] UID:42075 Activity:nil
3/2     sham acupuncture is as effective as traditional chinese acupuncture
        hahahaha that is hilarious.
        \- Sham acupuncture: Ancient Chinese Secret.
2006/2/15-16 [Health/Women] UID:41880 Activity:kinda low
2/15    "Mom, Daughter Have Babies 90 Minutes Apart"
        I wonder if they got pregnant at the same time ... in the same bed ...
        from the same guy.  Hot!
        \_ I'd die for it if they are Gastineau Girls hot.
           \_ Okay, never heard of them, so I googled.  The daughter's not bad,
              but I think the mother looks pretty ragged.
              \_ Lisa's (the mom's) body looks hot on TV.  Definitely MILF.
                 BTW Lisa and Britney share bras:
                 BTW Lisa and Britney wear the same size bra:
2006/2/7 [Health/Women] UID:41734 Activity:nil
        Reminds me of the hand that rocks the cradle, heh
        \_ what a bozo
        \_ rape is so funny!
2006/1/25-27 [Health/Women] UID:41531 Activity:low
1/25    I think Teresa Teng (Deng4 Li4 Joon1) is one of the greatest
        singers in E Asia. However, most of the Asian women I talk to
        think she's just alright. What's up with that? Does she have a
        negative appeal for women?
        \_ No offense but with all this ethnic talk let me remind you that
           CSUA != CSA & CSU
        \_ wrong perception.  she is popular for both male and female.
        \_ Hmm, is she dead?
           \_ Died about ten years ago.
        \_ Young Asians in their twenties might not know her well.
           \_ Young people like those in politburo do not know UNIX all
              that well either. Young people are stupid and useless. Don't
              hire whiny self-righteous young gen-Y people unless you
              want to waste company resources.     -Been there done that
        \_ There was a saying about the Deng that ruled China: "By day, Deng
           Xiaoping rules China, but by night, Deng Lijun rules."
           \_ But the Dengs don't rule the whities. I mean, how many
              whities actually know who she is?
        \_ Not really related, but she was accused of spying for the KMT.
        \_ Her #1 best song ever is The Moon Represents My Heart, although my
           personal #1 favorite song is Wishing We Last Forever.
2006/1/21-24 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Women] UID:41470 Activity:nil
1/21    The Thailand-US free-trade agreement: enriching drug companies at the
        expense of Thai citizens! (
        \_ While this may be a very minor point in the overall article, I
           I don't understand where he gets the idea of generic drug companies
           being forced to conduct tests as being "unethical."  Most people
           whom I know in non-US pharma outfits see FDA regulations as a
           major PITA, but at some level at least, see that they usually
           (with a few egregious exceptions) make sense.  -John
        \_ Thailand is being absolutely stupid to sign bilateral trade
           agreement with USA at first place.  The reason why USA was pushing
           for bilateral agreement is because WTO has built-in arbitration
           mechanism thus USA couldn't really get away with all the wrong
           doings.  With bilateral agreement, there is no mechanism for smaller
           economy to challenge dispute and/or violations
           economy to challenge USA's violation of agreement.
2006/1/18 [Health/Women] UID:41415 Activity:low
1/18    Why is birth control called "birth control" instead of "pregnancy
        control".  Condoms, pills, and so on are really controlling pregnancy,
        not birth.
        \_ They are called "contraceptives" where I come from.  "birth
           control" is metonymic.
        \_ Because out here in the real world it is generally assumed that
           pregnancy leads to birth.  This is a basic birds n bees thing.
           \_ no.. it leads to the guillotine of partial birth abortion
              \_ hi troll
        \_ fewer syllables
2005/11/28-30 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:40752 Activity:nil
11/28   America land of gigantic asses, and here's the proof:
        CHICAGO (Reuters) - Fatter rear ends are causing many drug injections
        to miss their mark, requiring longer needles to reach buttock muscle,
        researchers said on Monday.
        \_ Although your point is probably still valid, the study mentioned in
           the article was done in Ireland, not America.
                \_ yeah, I imagined the average American ass of an American
                   exceeds the average Irish ass.
                \_ yeah, I assumed the average American ass exceeds the
                    average Irish ass.
2005/11/28-30 [Health/Women] UID:40750 Activity:low
11/28   Historical CPR guidelines:
        1995: 15 presses and 5 breaths
        2000: 15 presses and 2 breaths
        2005: 30 presses and 2 breaths
        \_ Slightly interesting, but did you have a point?
           \_ People having grown a larger lung capacity with weaker hearts?
        \_ It also varies between training agencies.  The class I took about
           a month ago suggested 15 presses and two breaths per cycle.  The
           change I found most noticeable from the last time I took a CPR
           class (1993) was that they taught us to position our hands between
           the victims nipples instead of coming up slightly from the tip of
           the breastbone.  The recommendations change over time as they
           find different things working or failing in the field.  The basic
           idea of "get some air into the victim and squish it around"
           remains unchanged.
           \_ Bio nitpick: CPR is about getting some air in the lungs and then
              putting pressure on the chest so the blood moves.
              \_ how was pp's version wrong?
                 \_ "squish it around", i guess it depends on the meaning
                    of "it"
                    \_ Well, technically, I'm "squishing it around some"
                       on myself as I type.  While semantically accurate, it
                       doesn't concisely explain what's actually happening.
                       He did make his point though, so this really is a
                    \_ "it" == "oxygenated blood".  The reason you're trying to
                       move blood during CPR is to deliver oxygen.
           \_ the joke in EMS is that the primary purpose of CPR is to
              treat the anxiety of the person treating the patient.
2005/10/29-31 [Health/Women] UID:40331 Activity:nil
10/28   Ok, this Baboon baby actually does look sorta like W.
2005/10/24 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:40240 Activity:kinda low
10/24   Dear motd baby experts, my wife and I have been trying to have a baby
        for over a year but haven't had much luck. We're both over 30. This
        month she had a fever and flu symptoms (muscle ache, chills, etc)
        on the week she usually has her period and the fever lasted 2-3 days,
        and she's about a week late. She doesn't want to "waste" EPT again
        and now I'm really REALLY anxious. Are these signs that I may
        finally be a daddy??!? Are these signs normal?
        \_ It pains me to see people replace their professionally trained
           doctors with motd.
        \_  <hush falls over the crowd> ...... I think the motd baby experts
           have spoken
        \_ It's possible, pregnancy hormones can do some pretty crazy
           stuff.  Those symptoms are pretty severe though, my wife starts
           getting nausea around her first skipped period.  Home pregnancy
           tests are pretty cheap.
        \_ How much does an EPT cost?
           \_ around $10 per test.  Still pretty cheap.
           \_ if you can't afford pregnancy tests, you really shouldn't be
              having children...
2005/8/31 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Women] UID:39390 Activity:nil
        Reminds me of childhood jokes about farmer and razor blades
        \_ It doesn't prevent anal rape.
           \_ Upcoming prison-issue version does
2005/8/28-29 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:39315 Activity:kinda low
8/28    Any serious weightlifters here? does anyone have any ideas on how
        to "jumpstart" my muscles? I've been benching the same weight for
        several years without much increase in max or chest size, and
        I'm wondering what, if anything, I can do? the only thing I've
        tried is not lifting for a few weeks, and that did not help
        at all. thanks.
        \_ supplements like creatine
        \_ ask ax (or as blacks say, ax ax)
        \_ I've increased my weightlifting capacity on bench from
           say, 130 to 195 via 6-9 months or so of consistent work.
           I haven't gotten 'huge', but I've had some increase, and I've
           been eating 'healthy', with a little bit of emphasis on
           protein, but not huge.  For bench, I do 3-4 sets, with set
           1 being warmup at 115, and thereafter doing weights that
           I can lift 6-8 times, inclusive.  I lift 3 hours per week or
           so.  I do 6-8 hours of cardio exercise per week.  I am not on
           any steroids or supplements.  I do not exercise the same muscles
           2 days in a row if I can help it, except cardio/abdominals.  It
           is possible you need to do more than bench.  I do pull-ups, dips,
           incline bench, seated rows, and sometimes biceps.
           But if you haven't been doing anything wrong, you may have just
           hit your maximum without chemical enhancement.  What is your age?
                \_ Because of my schedule, I can only go to the gym 4x/week,
                   max. I do 3 days of lifting and 1 day of cardio. I do
                   one day of chest/triceps, one of back/biceps, and one of
                   shoulders/legs, and I do 2 exercises for each set of
                   muscles. I definitely do not want to try any nutrition
                   supplements (shakes, creatine, etc), but I could try
                   modifying my regular diet. And I'm 26. Thanks. -op
                   \_ consider changing your workout around a bit, it may
                      stimulate other muscles that you have not been using
                      that may be impeding improvement.  buy books that
                      have new exercise regimens you haven't tried.
                      but really, if you're serious, get a personal trainer.
        \_ Roids!
        \_ I'm a bad guy to ask- I benched 335 at age 23 at a body weight
        of 190 lbs.  I'm now 35 years old, weigh 189, and bench maybe 250.
        I have high cholesterol, so I can't eat the red meat I need to regain
        my power.  With that in mind, my best gains in bench strength came when I
        became obsessed with benching 275 for 10.  (I had been doing it for 5
        reps for years.)  I lifted as heavy as I could
        on every workout, I ate 3/4 lb hamburgers after every workout, I
        ignored my aching joints and back.  I was able to maintain that kind
        of intensity for a few months.  I got 275 for 9.  The point is that
        if you are stuck, you will have to put in a superhuman effort in
        terms of lifting heavy weights and eating high protein if you want
        to get past it.  In terms of chest size, as is most size, it's pretty
        linear with how much you weigh assuming you are working out and not
        fat.  I've found that for size increases, you don't have to do as much
        heavy lifting, but regular training is more effective- lots of pushups,
        dips, etc.  Good Luck!  Plateaus are a pain, but if you can make the
        sacrifices, you can get past them.  Eventually the cost to get past them
        will be more than you are willing to pay.  That's where I'm at.
        Cardio doesn't really help you gain size or strength, it just saps
        your bench in my experience.  My lowest bench presses are usually
        when I'm in my best cardio shape.  -ax
        \_ I have weak ankles and jogging/running is contraindicated. If I get
           my cardio through swimming (breast-stroke), will this work out the
           same muscles I'm working when I bench? --erikred
                \_ People who swim a LOT usually have great pecs, and they
                   bench more than average, but if you want a big bench
                   press, I haven't found a way better than bench pressing
                   as much weight as you can handle.  -ax
                   \_ Sorry, I mean, will swimming count as using the same
                      muscles (i.e., overworking them) as benching? --erikred
        \_ 1. Why the same weight? You should be increasing. Do fewer reps
           with more weight. 2. Work different muscles. Use free weights
           or machines. Just doing a bench all the time won't cut it. Your
           muscles are getting used to it. This is from my dad, who is
           60, weighs 160, and benches 350+. He is a personal trainer. Also,
           what ax says is true. Eat more protein/ change your diet. --dim
        \_ Your Dad is a genetic wonder, you should thank him on a daily
           basis.  I'm sure there is endless hard training involved, but
           those are truly amazing stats.  Wow.  I've only met one guy
           like that in my whole life.  And it's true, if you just
           bench all the time, eventually you will hit an impasse.  -ax
        \_ You Dad is a genetic wonder, you should thank him on a daily
           basis.  Those are truly amazing stats.  Wow.  -ax
           \_ He works out 6 days per week for hours each time. Sometimes
              it is weights and others it is cardio. He is not trying to
              bulk up. At his age it may not be possible. He was huge (like
              a bodybuilder) when was young. He weighed over 200 then,
              which is a lot since he's 5'9". No one could adhere to the
              diet he keeps and not go crazy. Personally, I find weight
              training boring and don't do it - genetics or not. The other
              funny part is that many of his clients want to look like
              he does and/or be that strong for their age. Most of them
              don't last long. It's not the best business for him, but he
              doesn't want to screw with someone who is not serious. He
              says women make better clients because they want to look
              good more than lift a lot. Young guys can lift a lot, but
              look like hell (too bulky in some places and skinny legs for
              example).  When they lift a lot they think they are fit,
              which is not really true.
              \_ I'm a bit mystified by people who are neither lifting weights
                 for looks nor for cross training for some other sport. Is it
                 about bragging rights?
                 \_ Probably. There's an emphasis on how much you can lift
                    (usually on the bench press). "Yeah, I do 550." Dad
                    says a lot of those guys can't do squats and are
                    cardiovascularly unfit. Good looks come through
                    proportion and not working out just the chest and
2005/8/27-29 [Science/Biology, Health/Women] UID:39300 Activity:nil
8/26    Smallest free-living cell SAR11:
2005/8/24-25 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:39246 Activity:kinda low
8/24    Doctor being reviewed for telling fat woman she's obsese:
        \_ if someone told her she was fat early on, maybe she wouldn't
        be obese now...
        \_ "My doctor told me I was fat. I said I wanted a second
            opinion. He said, 'OK, you're ugly, too.'" - Henny Youngman
        \_ This is sick. Good luck to that fat ass in finding another doctor.
           What the fuck can she possibly be thinking. I doubt there is a
           single person (other than her hired lawyer) who'll side with her.
            \_ The fat doctor will side with her.
                \_ No doctor will side with her.
2005/8/23 [Health, Health/Women] UID:39225 Activity:moderate
8/23    Utah police go nutzoid:
        \_ So, were all of the bits in the Sherriff's Dept. official
           statement complete fabrication?
           \_ Yeah, the police never fabricate anything.
                \_ This is nothing.  The Czech police used a tank!
              \_ No, but when you have 2 versions of events on the internet,
                 and one requires the police to just be EVIL AND HATE FREEDOM
                 and the other that the people reporting this were on drugs
                 (while at a rave, no less), Occam's Razor says...
                 \_ Well the police's version (paraphrased) is that a large
                    party somebody is probably doing something illegal, so they
                    decided to bust it up and include the SWAT team because
                    regular cops are no match for raver kids.
                    \_ No, the police version is that something was probably
                       illegal, then that they didn't have the right permits,
                       then that they surveilled and there WAS illegal stuff
                       going on, then they went in.
                       \_ So do you suggest Gestapo tactics for other
                          gatherings that include illegal activity, such as
                          rock concerts and frat parties?
                          \_ And you just know at a left-wing political rally
                             somebody's going to be carrying drugs.
                             \_ Right, and at a right wing political rally
                                you know somebody is going to be carrying
                                loaded automatic weaponry without the proper
                                permit.  So either way, yay!
                                concealed loaded automatic weaponry, so
                                either way, yay!
                 \_ Um, read some of the local press articles linked to from
                    the various web forums.  Guns, Drugs, and note how they
                    bring up the possibility of rape, and how there may be
                    many minors (won't someone think of the children!) there.
                    They make it sound like a Hell's Angels 666th anniversary
                    grill party and baby sacrifice.  Occam's razor also says
                    that mindless police brutality and excessive force are not
                    unknown.  But then it's just a bunch of drug-addled
                    children, so...  -John
        \_ Heh, I like this:
           "I saw a dog signal out a guy who obviously had some drugs on
            him....They had liscenced security guards at the gates
            confiscating any alcohol or drugs found upon entry (yes, they
            searched every car on the way in). Oh, I suppose I should
            mention that they arrested all the security guards for
2005/8/8-11 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Health/Women] UID:39053 Activity:nil
8/8     Anyone else going to Linux World Expo tomorrow? -jrleek
        \_ well, I don't know, are they gonna have beautiful women with
           bikini, kind of like what they have for Nascar or Indy-500 where
           georgeous women surround Linux PCs instead of race cars?
        \_ Will it be anything like this picture of E3?
2005/7/27-29 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:38846 Activity:nil
7/27    Lonely old Vietnamese whose women have been taken by Koreans whose women
        have been taken by dorky white guys can buy Japanese android women:
        \_ don't worry, closet apartheid guy, my CS geek friend from Cal is
           vietnamese but he married a corn-fed blonde Indiana girl and it
           all averages out.
2005/7/18 [Health/Women] UID:38693 Activity:nil
7/18    Time to dispose of radical feminist pork
2005/7/16-18 [Health, Health/Women] UID:38660 Activity:nil
7/16    Morning-After Pill May Be Banned From Wisconsin University Campuses.
        Is this a sign of things to come where everything is moving
        more and more to the right?,2933,162694,00.html
        \_ so let em.  what're you worried about?  government infringing on
2005/7/8-12 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Health/Women] UID:38493 Activity:nil
7/8     Cycle mania in Brittain:
        \_ This is too cool:
           A lot of friends of mine have taken to these (Virgin also had
           something similar called a limoucycle or bikousine)  -John
2005/7/6-7 [Health/Women, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:38430 Activity:low
7/5     punky brewster way pregnant
        \_ Cute little Punky Brewster... the good 'ol 80s when I grew up.
           2 decades later, she got fat, ugly, and too busy endulging
           herself with latte fratte & capuccino that she doesn't care about
           anything else except with things concerning herself. In a way,
           that is like many of us, a typical apathetic and lazy Gen-X that
           our media accurately stereotype us to be. Gen-X is one the most
           pathetic generation out there. You heard me right. Whereas our
           parents were in-tune with the environment, were sensitive to
           social inequalities, and were filled with a sense of honor to
           change the world for a better place, the Gen-X were too busy
           buying the latest Yuppie toys, drinking Starbucks and obsessed
           with making money without doing hard honest work to earn it.
           Shame on Gen-X. It's TIME FOR INTROSPECTION.
           \_ You need to take off those rose colored glasses about the Baby
              Boomers and stop listening to what your parents told you about the
              \_ Our parents protested against war, bombed institutions,
                 dropped out of school, and did drugs. They made big news and
                 caused our politicians to think twice. Maybe the effects
                 were not always what they intended, but the fact of the
                 matter was that they had guts and passion. Fast forward to
                 us Gen-X. We were too busy with ourselves and our Atari,
                 Colleco, Nintendo, and Sega. We don't give a damn about
                 anything but ourselves. They say that there's always a
                 bit of truth in stereotypes, and the media is right on
                 P.S. The fact that there are many GenX on motd and only 1
                 addressed or came to their defense says a lot about the
                 so called apathetic GenX.
                 \_ Just out of curiousity, did YOUR parents do those
                    things?  Also, most of that crap was in response to
                    the draft.  You see a draft these days?  Also, most
                    hippies became yuppies.  Big protest.
           \_ I read on this liberal blog the other day that women
              often gain weight during pregnancy.
           \_ Go see the movie, Wallstreet.  That is your parents' generation.
              Thankfully, I was born after the Boomers but before their kids,
              the so-called Gen-X kids so whatever you and your horrible
              parents do to the world is not my fault.  There aren't enough
              of us "in-betweeners" to even get a catchy media created label.
              \_ Just curious, what year where you born? I was born in 1965
                 and I consider myself part of the first Gen-Xers.
                 \_ Go find a chart showing how many new borns there were for
                    each year from 1945 to now.  1965 is the very tail end of
                    the baby boomers.  Between 1966 and about 1972 or so births
                    were way down (comparitively), then they shot up again as
                    the post-WWII boomers started having kids.  From ~67 to
                    maybe 71 or 72 you're neither boomer nor "gen-x".
                 \_ My impression is:
                    1950: Boomers
                    1960: In-Betweener
                    1970: Gen-X (video game generation)
                    1980: Gen-Y
                    Correct me if I'm wrong
                    \_ I thought: Gen-75, Gen-Y: '80+, also the kids of the
                       boomers are Gen-Y, not Gen-X. I was born in '76,
                       and consider myself young for Gen-X, but too old for
                    \_ You are wrong .. j/k.
                       I think t is:
                       boomers: 45-65
                       Gen-X: 65-80
                       Gex-Y: 80+
                       I qualify as a Gen-Xer mostly because I went to college
                       late, so all my friends are born in 1970 or so, but I
                       really think 1965 is right on the cusp.
2005/6/30 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:38380 Activity:very high
6/30    Every time there's white women bashing on motd, no one comes forward
        to defend them. Take the example responses from "My wife is a
        naturalized..." and "many [blonds] are shallow or bitchy". Isn't
        this racism, and why isn't anyone pointing it out or defending
        white women? If you're a white male who has a preference for
        Asian women that's understandable, but don't you think your
        sister(s) and mom deserve to be defended? I'm baffled.
        \_ you're not baffled, you're just stupid.  -tom
           \_ Why can't he be both?
        \_ A lot of women are shallow or bitchy. Happy now? (What does
           "shallow" even mean really? If they're not constantly gazing off
           into space pondering life's mysteries, and falling in love with
           you when you try chatting with them at the mall, I guess they're
           \_ Shallow women are the best kind much of the time, anyway.
              Hot, dumb, and shallow is a great combination unless you
              are choosing a wife.
           \_ "Shallow" means she's not deep enough to accomodate the full
              length of my cock.
           \_ [ deleted cause it offended my ... oh so sensitive sensibilities ]
              \_ Go fuck yourself.  The whole thread is idiotic, but I find
                 censorship to be far more offensive than anything written here.
2005/6/23 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:38252 Activity:nil
6/23    Soy products, yet another form of birth control:
2005/6/16-18 [Health/Women] UID:38156 Activity:nil
6/16    American women, total wacko:
        \_ culture of death
2005/6/15-17 [Health, Health/Women] UID:38131 Activity:low
6/15    I know there was a discussion a couple of weeks ago about RSI and
        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but I wasn't paying attention. Now my SO has
        developed wrist pain after using the computer for a couple of hours
        (we're guessing it's RSI not CTS but we're not sure) and I'd like to
        know: a) is this something people go to see a doctor about and if so
        does anyone have any recommendations for a good doctor (preferably
        in the south bay)? b) any specific advice besides "take breaks every
        10 minutes" etc, especially about setting up an ergonomically healthy
        computer desk setup?
        \_ You need to approach this problem from all sides. I had RSI and
           the pain was so severe that after an hour typing I'd have so much
           pain that I'd have to stop. I took frequent mini vacations but
           after a while they no longer worked. I finally filed for worker's
           comp through HR and they'd set me up with 2 chiropractor
           appointments a week. By the way, despite what you hear, worker's
           comp for RSI is very very common in Silicon Valley and in many
           cases the HR shields this information from your peers and boss.
           Anyways, here is the 411 from my doctors and chiropractors. As
           you get older, the ability for your body to regenerate muscles,
           cartilage, etc diminish. Many short distance runners have to quit
           because they can no longer regenerate some parts at a rate they
           used to, and eventually their body parts wear out that it hits
           the nerves. Same with typing. You're getting older. You'll never
           feel as good as flexible and agile as when you were 18, but you
           can do a few things. First, increase the rate at which your body
           regenerates-- EXERCISE! Cardio is the best. Do this twice a week,
           you'll notice dramatic differences in a few months. You should
           also STRETCH your hands once every 30 min when you type. Make
           this mandatory! Lastly, as a temporarry but immediate relief, use
           Kinesis-Ergo keyboard. I did something drastic and even used
           Dvorak layout on top of my Kinesis, but there is a lot of
           commitment involved. Finally, do all of the above and do it
           CONSISTENTLY. It's been 3-4 years since I started my therapy
           and according to my doctors and chiros I'm 80-90% healed.
        \_ I'd email you exactly how I got rid of my RSI but you're anonymous
           \_ I'd email you and tell you my login so you can e-mail me your
              advice but you're anonymous... oh wait.
              \_ you're the one asking for help, dude.
           \_ email me please.  !op             kngharv
        \_ maybe you should email because he says
           there is no correlation between RSI and typing. Maybe he can give
           you advice on what he does that prevents him from getting RSI, like
           proper diet or just having fewer neurons that dulls your sensation.
        \_ I found that not resting my wrists below the level of (or for
           laptops, on) the keyboard, trying to work in not-too-cold
           temperatures, using a wrist pad, using a low-impact keyboard (easy
           to push keys, not too clicky) and just doing wrist/hand/forearm
           stretching exercises every few minutes helped a lot.  -John
           \_ I think John's suggestions are all good. I use the Soft
              Splints from to keep my wrists
              at the proper level and keep my hands warm while typing.
              You may end up looking like a Hobo or Glenn Gould or something
              wearing them, but I prefer them to wrist pads, especially for
              laptops.  - ciyer
        \_ I find this mouse very helpful, eventhough it may look like an
           obscene sex toy:  or, if you can't find it
           anywhere, try amazon and look for:
           \_ That looks good. I might get one of those. It's funny that it
              looks a lot like a good ole fashioned joystick. Incidentally, I
              bought a rollerball mouse. It's good in that I can actually do
              CAD work for more than an hour at a time now, but I still get
              pain when I have long projects. -- ulysses
        \_ I got one of those bowl keyboards.
  and yes they are
           espensive and yes it took several weeks before I could really type
           and over a month before I type well but I was having serious pain
           in my right hand before I switched and as long as I use that
           keyboard the pain is totally gone now.  -aspolito
        \_ You can find utilities that remind you to take rest breaks, or just
           set a kitchen timer.  Learn about stretches specific for
  has a
           downloadable .pdf with examples of stretches.  I also find that a
           split keyboard helps.  I switched to vim for editing so I don't use
           ctrl-alt chording as much as I did with emacs.  I also started
           mousing with my left hand (I can play FPS's now, though it took a
           while to adjust).  Finally, strength exercises for back and
           shoulders help your posture and force your body into a position
           that's better for your arms.
        \_ I went to the Stanford hand clinic when I had a problem with my
           ulnar nerve.  Had physical therapy, which was almost all just hot
           paraffin wraps of my forearms.  They also had me do exercises
           with silly putty and elastic bands to strengthen my wrists, and
           I use softcasts whenever I type for extended periods.  All that
           seemed to work, and I've been pain free for years now.  The paraffin
           wraps helped calm down my inflamed ulnar, and I think my longer
           term nerve-healthiness is due to the softcasts.  I am not sure the
           exercises helped a whole lot, but I wasn't terribly diligent in
           doing the exercises in the first place.  BTW, I had a grand old
           time talking the clinic resident into ordering all kinds of
           expensive nerve induction tests, all of which were paid for by my
           insurance.  There's probably some kind of insurance-reform parable
           in there somewhere.
        \_ Try these busty mousepads:
        \_ I haven't tried the Kinesis kb's, but I personally use a normal
           MS ergo split key with the 3M ergo mouse.  The mouse made a
           huge difference for me.  One of my coworkers with more extreme
           RSI uses something called a touchstream keyboard.  It's pretty
           nice since it requires near zero force to type and mouse.
           Make sure you get your desk ergonomically evaluated and do wrist
           stretches ever day.
2005/6/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:37943 Activity:kinda low
6/2     When women drive, evil thrives.
        \_ The Saudis are half right.  Now if they could just ban men from
           driving cars also, they'd be on to something.
           \_ Then they'll have more oil to export.  Good for us, good for
        \_ Actually they're on to something. Men are more likely to get into
           an accident, but they also drive twice as far. Mile for mile, women
           are 2X more likely to get into an accident. I can attribute this to
           the fact that every time I see someone driving recklessly, it is
           a female driver talking on the cell phone while doing make-up. I
           also have observations on drivers over 80 years old and immigrant
           drivers, but I'll save them later.
           \_ WTF do you mean by "immigrant"? Asian backwoods folks? Or Russians?
           \_ BS. Where do you get these figures? If driving longer, does
              that mean highway (safer) miles? Most accidents happen near the
              home and in city/local driving...doesnt mean shit.
              \_ BS? Endorsed by Jesus.
                     \_ This site is just amazing... Wow.  No really, wow.
                           Haha!  There are some real gems on that site.
                           I especially love the claim that hybrids are more
                           susceptible to disease.  Or, heck, the claim that
                           the Celto-Saxons (?) are the true Israelites.
                           Man, I can just go on and on.  Whoever pasted this
                           link, thanks! -- ilyas
                           \_ What's a Talmud? It's too long to read. Also,
                              are you Jewish? What is Balaam?
                              \- it is a guide for the perplexed.
2005/3/30-31 [Health/Women, Health/Sleeping] UID:36984 Activity:low
3/30    Neurologist's Report on Terri Released
        \_ One of two neurologists hired by the Schlinders.  This one is the
           Yes, he is also listed on
2005/3/7 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Health/Women] UID:36559 Activity:kinda low
3/7     Anyone else thinks that the wounded Italian communist journalist looks
        like Hillary?
        \_ A little bit. I have to say, she looks a LOT better than most of
           the 57 year old women I've known in my life.
           the 57 year old women I've known in my life. To hell, she looks
           better than a lot of the EECS women I've seen.
2005/3/4-5 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:36525 Activity:moderate
3/4     Ok you people who actually see doctors: what is the normal course of
        action if you had stomach/abdominal pain all night? Emergency room,
        or try to make some kind of appointment? --ouch
        \_ How bad and where? Look down at your abdomen. If it hurts in the
           lower right like you're being stabbed, go to the Emergency Room.
                                                                    ASAP _/
           \_ especially if you press your finger there, and when you remove
              your finger it hurts - that's your appendix rupturing
              the other side is your stomach, no big whoop
           \_ I guess it's not like that. it just aches and hurts if I push
              below my navel. i also feel a little feverish. well I'll try
              calling them.
              \_ That just sounds like pre-diarrhea to me.
              \_ abdominal cramps!
              \_ Go to critical care clinic, i fyou have one available.
              \_ Go to critical care clinic, if you have one available.
                 Otherwise call your doctor and make an appointment.
                 Do not go to the ER if you can avoid it. With your
                 relatively minor complaint, you will sit there all day.
                 If you are running a serious fever (over 102) then go
                 If you are running a serious fever (over 101) then go
                 to the ER. They will see you immediately.
              \_ I hope to God you're not still sitting around reading this.
                 If you're feverish and have ab pain, go to the Emergency
                 Room. If you're lucky, it's just food poisoning; if you're
                 somewhat lucky, it's an infection that can be treated. If
                 you're out of luck, goodbye appendix.
                 \_ Don't overreact. Here is the diagnosis tree for
                    abdominal pain:
                 \_ nah I did end up calling my clinic and ended up spending
                    all day in there. they couldn't rule out appendicitis.
                    but now I'm home and it only hurts a little so it's
                    probably not.
        \_ The hospital usually has a number for questions, something like
           the duty nurse. You can talk to this person and they can usually
           give you good advice on whether to go to the emergency room, or
           visit your doctor. Plus, they would know if there is a doctor
           available at their clinic that has open appointments.
        \_ If you dont' think your life is in danger I would probably go to
           an urgent care center.
        \_ M-x Doctor
2005/2/25 [Health/Women] UID:36411 Activity:high
2/24    Hey ilya, is it true that in Russia, women <24 are skinny twigs,
        and over 40 old Olgas are "Mother Russia"?
        \_ I don't think ilyas is Russian
        \_ That's what I keep hearing.  However, I left russia when I was young
           enough to not be paying attention to women, so I didn't really
           notice. -- ilyas
        \_ I was in Moscow and St. Petersburg ~2 years ago.  I wasn't really
           all that impressed.  What did astound me, though, was that a lot
           of very young girls were seriously jailbaiting (many of them while
           hanging out with mom.)  -John
2005/2/24-25 [Health/Women] UID:36404 Activity:low
2/24    I'm starting my Ohio Players collection. Which albums should I buy
        first? -- ulysses
        \_ Ohio Players albums are best judged by the sexiness of the women
           on the cover of any given record.  It's too bad you probably
           aren't buying them on vinyl, as the gatefold sleeves with the
           naked women curled seductively around firehoses (or whatever)
           have to be seen to be believed.  I recommend Fire followed
           by Skin Tight and Honey. --lye
           \_ Based on your criteria, though, wouldn't Orgasm, Pain or
              Pleasure come first? :) Thanks. I was already leaning toward Skin
              Tight or Orgams so I appreciate the input. -- ulysses
              \_ Luckily for you, nobody in the CSUA ever takes motd quotes
                 out of context.  -John
                 \_ Actually, I was kind of counting on it. I think sb should
                    make an OPs fridge magnet set. -- ulysses
        \_ It doesn't matter which you get, so long as it's on 8-track.
2005/1/22-24 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:35861 Activity:insanely high
1/22    My gf and I were always fit, but as we get older we'd like to
        start working out. We already do stuff like Pilates. We want to
        learn to weight train, but not break the bank. Where do we start?
        We checked out some health clubs and they seem more geared towards
        parting us from our money. Do we hire a trainer? If so, how do we
        choose one?
        \_ Have you looked at the good ole fashioned YMCA? There are many
           cheaper but the Y staff aren't used car salesmen. Most Ys
           have pools, sauna, hot tub, steam room, towel service, many many
           classes, trainers (separate fee) and, should you end up that way,
           2 hours of free child care/visit. -- ulysses
        \_ How about getting your own weight machine type of thing and
           using it?
           \_ Sure. Which one works and how do we learn to use it?
        \_ Get a bench and a bunch of free weights.  The home machines are
           not worth what you have to pay for them.
        \_ Don't discount gyms out of hand--I'd ask around.  There are bound
           to be reputable ones, which will give you help with weight
           training (before trying a new exercise, you should ask someone who
           knows what they're doing, or you'll very possibly do it wrong and
           have no benefit or hurt yourself--lots of people are embarrassed to
           ask the trainers at gyms, which is what they are paid for.)  If
           you get a home setup, the above poster's spot-on.  -John
           \- re: "health clubs seem like a ripoff" ... what do you feel
              is a reasonable monthly or yearly fee for a "health club"?
              and i assume you mean a gym. if you want stuff like towel
              service, you should expect to pay. if you feel the gym fees
              are too much, i think you will find the trainer fees high.
              you do pilates? are you a woman? --psb
              you do pirates? are you a woman? --psb
              \_ It's interesting that you point out the "gym" vs. "health
                 club" thing. I've spent the last few months comparing
                 outfits in the east bay. There are now many many more
                 "health clubs" than gyms. For gyms you have Gold's, World,
                 God's (in Oakland) and Ironworks. Everybody else is a
                 health club, which range from hole in the wall personal
                 trainers to glorified yoga studios to full-on 24 Hour-esque
                 franchises like Club One.  The neighborhood gym appears to
                 be a thing of the past. -- ulysses
              \_ Are you asking me?  I have no clue, as my gym is in .ch.  I
                 get good weights & exercise machines, it's clean, the
                 trainers are professionals, and a sauna/hot tub/steam bath,
                 squash courts and nice selection of exercise classes for
                 about 70 bucks/month.  -John
              \_ It's not that the fees are too high. It's that the clubs
                 seem mostly interested in screwing you out of your money
                 in the way a used car dealer does. I didn't find anything
                 upfront about it and I wasn't exactly sure what I'd be
                 paying for. At least with a trainer I'd feel less likely
                 I'm being fucked around with - or are trainers also a
                 shady lot?
                 \_ Could you be more specific about their ripoff schemes?
                    I've never joined a gym, but I'm curious.
        \_ I would definitely lift for the first couple of months with a
           professional who knows what they're doing.  It's very easy to
           injure yourself on weights if you don't know what you're doing.
           I think after the first few months you could indeed lift without
           a trainer.  However, remember that weight lifting is not
           super-aerobic, and you should pair it with some cardio-based
           workouts for your heart.  -chaos
        \_ Consider joining the Cal Alumni Association (a flat $500 for a
           lifelong membership, or $50 per year if you don't think you're
           going to live 10 more years), and then signing up with the RSF.
           \-I think the RSF is a poor choice unless possible you live within
             walking distance or you are trying to hit on students. The hours
             arent great. It is crowded. It is hard to park. It is not really
             cheaper than other options. It only has one branch. etc. --psb
             cheaper than other options. It only has one branch. etc. What is
             good about the RSF? --psb
             \_ the college babes?
                \_ At Berkeley?!
                   \_ Uhm, yes.
                      \_ I don't believe it.
                         \_ You haven't been to campus recently, have you? :)
                            \_ I haven't but my wife is there almost everyday.
                               She assures me that the eye candy for women
                               is more plentiful than that for men, just as was
                               the case in the mid 90's when I was there. This
                               compared to her earlier campus, UCLA, where she
                               said she often felt faint walking through
                               campus for all the esteem-destroying
                               competition. Not in Berkeley. If you can
                               prove otherwise with pix. Please post.
                               \_ I don't think using UCLA or UCSD as a
                                  standard is sane.
                               \_ I guess it depends on whether you prefer
                                  the bleached blond, fake bake, boob job look
                                  over the healthy lean asian hottie. I prefer
                                  the latter.
                                  \_ Have you not sat down and watched at
                                     UCLA yet?  You can also go to Beverly
                                     Center on a weekend.
             \_ A healthy number of pools, fitness classes, a good range of
                equipment, and you'll always be in better shape than that
                old Sociology prof who keeps trying to make good on his
                '01 resolutions. Seriously, though, it's fine if you live
                nearby, much less so if you don't.
             \_ The RSF gym is not just crowded.  It's VERY crowded when I was
                in school a decade ago.  You couldn't do something like do a
                set, rest 10sec, and do one more, because there would be six or
                seven pairs of eyes looking at you disgustingly.  You have to
                either start your next set immediately, or get up and wait at
                the end of the long line again.
        \_ You can haggle.  My 24 hour fitness membership is 24 a month
           and my company reimburses me for it.  But you pay a huge fee
           up front.
           \_ Indeed, I acted extremely hesitant when I went in to sign
              up at one place, so the guy kept tacking on extra months
              at no extra cost.  Then he gave me a $100 gift certificate
              at a shoe store, free training sessions, etc..
           \_ Ah, so at 24Hour things are negotiable.  I didn't know that.
        \_ When I lived in LA back in 1996, I went to Family Fitness.
           Lots of machines, nice friendly atmosphere, new and clean
           facilities.  No frills except for a juice / smoothie bar.
           It was like $100 for 6 months then, and they stated it
           upfront, no oily sales pitch, no any other fees, just $100
           for 6 months.
           \_ 24 Hour bought Family Fitness a while back.  All hail 24.
           \- The one thing I will advise you is if you get any special deals
              absolutely get them in writing. I asked for things like being
              able to put the membership clock on pause when i was on travel
              and sometimes they "forgot" about those agreements or didnt
              mention you can only do tht for n-weeks or that there was a
              $10 charge to freeze etc. Otherwise if you know what you want,
              the pressure shouldnt matter too much.
        \_ go to UCLA. Go to the John Wooden Center nearby Ashe Center.
           They have a really nice synthetic wall to climb, 3 really really
           nice swimming pools, and the gals there look fantastic. Maybe
           you can get a new gf as well [one who doesn't yet need to workout]
           \_ Go to a gym to find a girl who doesn't need to workout? I
              would speculate they look great because they work out.
              Otherwise they wouldn't be there.
              \_ You and your damn logic.
        \_ Threesomes will keep you healthy.
           \_ With a female third or male?
              \_ Which way is your bread buttered?
                 \_ Hmm.
                    1) The third guy screws you while you screw your gf's
                    2) You screw the third guy while he screws your gf's rear.
                    3) The third guy screws your gf's front while you screw her
                    Each of the three of you have two partners and four
                    different intercourses.  It only takes three positions.
                    Highly optimized.
                    \_ If sex were about optimization, you'd just go to a
                       sperm bank.
                       \_ Sperm bank is for reproduction, not sex.
                    \_ This works just as well for guy-girl-girl.
                        \_ As long as the extra girl has a penis.
                           \_ Or strap-on, if you're so inclined. However,
                              you can get four intercourses per person in
                              m-f-f scenario as well, as long as you include
                              oral (and why not? You're already accepting
2004/12/28 [Health, Health/Women] UID:35458 Activity:high
12/28   Excellent point about Vioxx, etc. that I've been saying (but he's
        saying it much better):
        \_ Good article. -- ilyas
           \_ This explains a lot.
        \_ well written. the last few sentences are great.
        \- isnt everything in there obvious to moderately educated people?
                \_ not necessarily. 1) you overestimate the intelligence
                   of the american public. 2) I'm not implying anything
                   about people's intelligence here, but I doubt everyone
                   viewed this vioxx situation in the same way.
        \_ I think this article completely misses the point.  The problem
           is not one of risk management but of the drug companies
           knowingly concealing evidence about the dangers of a drug while
           spending millions marketing it to patients and doctors.  One
           more thing: when I played high school football, most people wore
           as many pads as they could.  Running backs wore even *more* padding
           since they got hit so much.  The only people I knew who wore less
           padding were quarterbacks (pads can hinder throwing).  Maybe the
           pros are better at dodging than the people I played with.  -emin
           \_ They are bigger for sure, and have more 'natural padding'.
              Also, they get paid more, so the hit in performance from
              more padding is of more interest to them than to a random
              high school guy who plays football for 'fun and status.'
2004/11/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Health/Women] UID:34834 Activity:high
11/11   Pharmacists in Red States refuse to give out contraceptive
        pills because of religion and/or personal belief:
        \_ Sounds like quite the opportunity for competition to thrive.
        \_ Man, just wait until you get a Jehova's Witness in charge of a
            \_ how about a Christian Science Emergency Room? HAHAHA
               \_ don't insult Christian Science, they really work. Here is
                  a proof-- they can make infertile women have babies
        \_ That's unbelievable. Your personal views have absolutely no
           place in your professional practice. I can't believe that
           people like that still exist in this country.
           \_ apparently 53% of the Americans don't agree with you.
           \_ Are you pro-choice or pro-life?
                \_ I am pro-choice, but that's irrelevant. A customer
                   should be free to have ANY prescription filled,
                   no matter what it is. It's not the pharmacist's job
                   to decide if it's appropriate, it's the doctor's.
                   \_ Is it irrelevant?  Assisted suicide is legal in Oregon.
                      Would you be as unsympathetic to a health worker or
                      pharmacist in Oregon who refuses to participate in an
                      assisted suicide case?
                      \_ Congratulations, you just compared birth control pills
                         to suicide!  Stay tuned for the moral equation of
                         gay marriage with slavery and the halocaust!
                         \_ Yep.  I assume the pharmacist in the original
                            story believes that birth control == murder.  Just
                            as some Oregon health care provider might belive
                            assisted suicide == murder.  Legality has very
                            little to do with morality, which is why I asked
                            if the poster was pro-choice or pro-life.  We
                            are all relatively comfortable with birth control
                            being morally neutral, and that allows the prof.
                            practice poster to take such a strong stand.  I
                            would guess that we can mostly accept that it
                            would be more legitimate to find assisted suicide
                            not morally neutral, which is why I asked the
                            poster if he would still be as comfortable with
                            his uncompromising stance.  If he is just as
                            uncompromising, great, though one might mention that
                            following orders is not a sufficient excuse in many
                            situations.  If he is more flexible
                            with refusing to help with legal assisted suicide,
                            then that raises the pro-life/pro-choice question,
                            since the original pharmacist presumably believe
                            that birth control == murder.  In any case, it's
                            easy to condemn someone, but it's probably not
                            terribly production.  It's much more useful to
                            try to understand someone's behavior.
            \_ Birth control pills are not, contrary to common belief,
               aborticants (i think that's the word).  They act by
               preventing ovulation.  No egg ever gets fertalized.
               \_  Contrary to common  belief? Jesus fucking christ, are
                   people really that ignorant?
                   \_ What do you think...?  -John
                        \_ ja sind sie
                \_ Every time something is done to prevent our Christian
                   hordes from filling every nook and cranny of the planet
                   a crime is committed.  And every sperm is sacred.
                \_ I really don't think that that's common belief.
                \_ "abortifacients".
        \_ I don't quite get this, I thought anti-birth control was a
           Catholic thing, not a prodestant thing.
           \_ the supposedly better educated Northern Blue State
              Elitists' ability to spell amazes and embarrases me -liberal
              \_ We're better at it, at least.  I hope.
2004/11/9 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:34775 Activity:very high
11/9    why isn't the heart drug made for blacks a hate drug?
        \_ you are stupid
           \_ he's stupid but still makes a good point.  for decades the
              medical research field has ignored racial differences when
              studying disease and the effects of drugs (also the diff. between
              men and women as well).  should we ignore race for medical
              reasons?  does doing so make us racist or does not doing so make
              us racist by denying that "we're all the same" and color is only
              skin deep, etc?  you too easily dismiss the core concept because
              it was presented by a moron.
              \_ We don't ignore race.  It's long been understood that blacks
                 are more genetically prone toward sickle cell anemia, and
                 ethnic Jews have a higher rate of Tay-Sachs.  Diagnosis and
                 treatment have been aimed at race.
                 \_ Those are very obvious cases.  There are numerous much
                    more subtle differences between people/races that most
                    medical researchers won't touch with a 10 mile pole.
                    Race is a hot button issue.  I wouldn't risk my career or
                    funding on the more subtle stuff.  Would you?  Very few are
                    willing to talk about it much less conduct serious medical
                    research in this area.
           \_ alright, let's say there's a drug for whites only. Can you
              imagine what the public reaction would be?
              \_ Very good point.
                 \_ Bullshit.  If there is a drug that for some genetic
                    reason has a beneficial effect on one group and none
                    for another, that's not racist, and I think you'd be
                    hard pressed to find any rational person who would
                    call it a _good point_
              \_ SUNSCREEN IS RACIST, BITCH!
2004/10/18 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Health/Women] UID:34188 Activity:very high
            \_ No, he's just totally 133t!
        \_ That's "ABOUT TO STONING".  Read the damn article.  -John
        \_ They're been stoning little girls and women for a long time in
           Muslim countries.  So what?  You want to invade?  We're not the
           world's police.  This is an internal cultural issue.
           \_ America, Fuck Yeah!
        \_ We have death penalty for minors here... what's the big deal?
           the death penalty or the offense?
           \_ Death by stoning, think about it...
           \_ For one thing, it's a 13 year old pregnant by her 15 year
              old brother.  I highly doubt she propositioned him.  The
              brother is NOT getting the death penalty.  (He's getting 150
              lashes, which, depending on the kind of lash, could be a
              death penalty.  Anyone know what the approved lash is in
              Islam?)  I think they're just angry about the gross double
2004/10/15 [Health/Women] UID:34141 Activity:high
10/14   So I talked to a few women and my impression from them is that
        they don't really care to understand the actual issues/facts/
        figures. Nope. They're voting because they FEEL that one
        candidate seems smarter or another candidate seems kinder and
        down to earth. Ok I've gotten a LOT of women voters who want
        the kinder/down to earth Monkey in Command we have now. Can
        someone tell me why the fuck women's sufferage started and
        how in the world it ever got into our amendments?
                        -not troll, just a normal guy looking at facts
                         (oh, and on average, men ARE smart and base our
                          decisions on facts/figures. That's why we DESERVE
                          a bigger paycheck).
        \_ One can name quite a few presidents who never would
           have been elected without the female vote.  They are all Dem.
        \_ Hey neat, a liberal troglodyte!
        \_ I would argue that women have a better sense of knowing when
           they're getting fucked or when the guy is genuine.  They seem to
           be better at this then men, and they know it.
2004/9/20 [Recreation/Computer, Health/Women] UID:33630 Activity:moderate
9/20    For the guy looking for gangster manga/anime, you might enjoy
        Sanctuary by Ryoichi Ikegami.  -John
        \_ You can always recognize his work because while all the
           pictures are beautifully draw and shaded, everyone is wearing
           the same expression.
        \_ related question, does anyone know ANY women who enjoy Hentai?
           \_ One of the hentai review sits I've seen was all women
              (apparently). The reviews tended to favor vids with, you know,
              a plot. They had a separate "etchi" rating to let you know just
              how well it might get one's rocks off as far as tentacle rape
              and such.
           \_ gosh this is like young healthy straight men who hate sex
           \_ I found 8 in the Bay Area on Friendster.
2004/9/14 [Health/Women, Health/Men, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:33512 Activity:kinda low
9/13    Police in Najaf have found the bodies of 200
        men, women and children in a mass grave.
2004/8/31 [Health/Women] UID:33262 Activity:high
8/31    Ignoring what Moore says, the contemporary example for
        unequal pay for the same work between men and women is Wal-Mart.
        "Sworn declarations [in the class-action lawsuit]... among them:
        ... Managers repeatedly informed women employees that men 'need to be
        paid more than women because they have families to support.'
        ... because 'men are here to make a career and women aren't. Retail is
        for housewives who just need to earn extra money.'"
        (Moore just ties the behavior of Wal-Mart to the GOP, a link which he
        doesn't adequately support.)
        \_ The link is obvious.  They are the party pushing for deregulation,
           gutting the SEC's audit team, trying to gut Tort law, etc etc etc.
           The dems push equal pay policy quietly, but at least it's on their
           \_ I don't know: you make some good points on GOP favoring corporate
              profits over regulation, but you still haven't persuaded me. -op
              \_ This wouldn't even really be about profits.  This is about
                 stripping away regulations and litigative powers.  These are
                 the only tools the people, through the government, hold to
                 keep corporations in check.  The GOP want them gone.
                 The equal pay for equal work people think the issue should be
                 on the same level of concern as environmental pollution.  The
                 GOP would love to see both concerns vanish.
        \_ There's lies, damn lies, and statistics:
           The New York Times reported on Feb. 16, 2003 that a study
           commissioned by the plaintiffs. lawyers and released that month by
           Richard Drogin, emeritus statistics professor at California State
           University, Hayward, "found that full-time women hourly employees
           working at least 45 weeks at Wal-Mart made abut $1,150 less per year
           than men in similar jobs, a 6.2% gap. Women store managers, he
           found, made an average of $89,280 a year, $16,400 less than men."

           No mention of methodology.  I'm always suspicious of these kind of
           studies because they often do not look for other correlations that
           might explain the data.
           \_ It has enough merit to stand up in court.
              \_ Which means squat about its methodological correctness.
                 \_ and of course you have statistics which show that women
                    are paid fairly at walmart...
2004/7/21 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:32408 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2004/7/11-12 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Women] UID:32215 Activity:kinda low
        kind of funny to read ("pussy eating corrosives") haha
        \_ yeah wow that was funny like a pie in the face!  woop! woop! woop!
2004/6/29-30 [Health/Women] UID:31056 Activity:nil
6/29    Atkins as a form of birth control:
2004/6/26-27 [Health/Women] UID:31022 Activity:nil
6/26    Baby Held Hostage, Stabbed in Standoff (w Prev. Deported Alien)
        \_ innocent women and children killed by US.
2004/6/10 [Politics/Domestic/California, Health/Women] UID:30714 Activity:insanely high
6/10    What did William Randolph Hearst, one of the most powerful man
        on earth during the early 1900s, see in Marion Davies? I mean, she's
        not particular pretty or anything, what exactly did he see in her?
        \_ One word: Rosebud.
        \_ I think she was quite beautiful.  And supposedly she was
           very funny and charming.
        \_ To judge a partner only by looks is extraordinarily shallow.
           I don't know if Hearst was -- perhaps he satisfied any need
           for "pretty" women with mistresses, common for rich men.
           \_ But MARION was the mistress, at least at first, no?
              In any case, she stayed with him long after she herself
              had become independently wealthy ... so maybe they really
              just loved each other.
        \_ lame question, but back in the 20s-40s, pre-pill era, what the
           heck did they use for birth control?
           \_ Condoms have been around for centuries.
                \_ I'd think the world's most powerful man would prefer
                   not using the condom because it feels so much better
                   \_ Syphilis URL nutcase to thread...
                   \_ I don't think he is the world's most powerful man,
                      perhaps the most powerful man in his castle.
           \_ Withdrawal.
        \_ Have you ever actually... you know... with a girl... *talked* to
           one?  And no, for-pay online sex-cam chat doesn't count.
        \_ Have you ever done the castle tour? According to the tour guides,
           they were very much in love with each other.
        \_ In the US maybe, not on earth you idiot.
                he hated Minorities and supported Hitler.
                \_ yes, which is another reason the myth of the liberal press
                   is absurd.  -tom
                   \_ I finally figured out why we let you stay here.  For the
                      humor factor.  Taken the right way you're actually a
                      really funny guy.  Sort of like the court jester or the
                      class clown, you're always there with something wildly
                      inappropriate, off topic, ridiculous, or just plain rude.
                      I hope to see you around some more.  The motd was making
                      too much sense without you for the last few months.
2004/6/4 [Health/Women] UID:30617 Activity:high
6/4     "If 50 percent of the people applying for the job of store
        manager are women, we will work to make sure that 50 percent
        of the people receiving those jobs are women," Scott said.
        "My bonus next year could decline by as much as 15 percent if
        I don't live up to my diversity goals."
        \_ Uh, what about other variables, like qualifications?  The object
           of discrimination lawsuits is to prove there exists a _direct
           causal link_ between gender and hiring. -- ilyas
           \_ You do know that quotas are illegal in any government-funded
              institution?  I also realize that Wal-Mart is private sector,
              so the law requires something different, perhaps just as you've
              \_ I believe what I've described had to be proven in the
                 infamous Berkeley discrimination suit.  There was an added
                 twist -- if you looked at overall statistics, men were
                 more likely to be admitted than women, but in each
                 specific department, the opposite was true.  If that seems
                 odd to you, you are not alone.  Statisticans call that
                 'the Simpson paradox.' -- ilyas
                 \_ So, do you know that quotas are illegal in any
                    government-funded institution?  This was also a result
                    of the infamous Berkeley discrimination suit.
                    \_ It's good quotas are illegal, but there are effectively
                       quotas in most government jobs.  Just look at a picture
                       of NASA folk working on the shuttle some time, and put
                       people in gender and race bins, and compare to
                       frequencies in the US population. -- ilyas
        \_ A private-sector quota system!  At Wal-Mart!
           \_ The big Boss giveth, and the big Boss can taketh away.
        \_ If 50% of the applicants are morons, half of the hires will be
           \_ Wrong!  At Wal-mart, ALL the hires will be morons,
2004/6/3-4 [Health/Women] UID:30579 Activity:very high
6/3     I just read the Washingtonienne blog in its entirety. I know no
        women as shallow, petty and money/gift-driven as Ms. Cutler. She
        kind of fufils my worst nightmares about modern young women of a certain
        kind and it sounds like she knows many others like her. Is this a Wash.
        D.C. thing? -- ulysses
        \_ Its because she works for a Republican.
        \_ I don't know any women like her, but I know a whole bunch like
           Wonkette (who I used to work with at Wired) -ausman
        \_ ann cox.  I read a hilarious editorial last week in the
                ny post blaming her for all of society's evils.  some
                people have no sense of humor
        \_ Who?
2004/6/3 [Health/Women] UID:30568 Activity:nil
6/3     inside scoop of Peterson: the defense is that someone else
        kidnapped her while pregnant, later on to cover their
        tracks, when the baby was born, they dumped the bodies
        at the berkeley marina where the entire world knew
        Peterson was.
        \_ It's just plausible enough to register that reasonable doubt.
        \_ It's also possible that Peterson hired those guys to kidnap her and
           intentionally keep her alive for a while before killing her.
           \_ The odds of getting away with a plot of any sort dwindle rapidly
              as the number of accomplices increases.  Cf. Ben Franklin:
              "Three can keep a secret if two are dead."
           \_ That's so whacky.  He was a shit salesman not the killer from
              some bizarre mystery novel.  "The Shit Salesman did it In The
              Kitchen with a Kitchen Knife".  I win!
        \_ Who really gives a fuck?
           \_ Your fellow sodans, obviously.
2004/6/1-2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:30523 Activity:very high
6/1     100 most naturally beautiful women of all time:
        \_ why "naturally"?  Is there unnatural beauty?
        \_ Liv Tyler #2? something is whack
           \_ And Kate Moss at #13.  sigh..
           \_ And Alicia Silverstone on the list at all!?
        \_ Of all the token Asians to include, Lucy Liu?!
           \_ Well, she is one Asian that doesn't need photoshopping.
              \_ Because that wouldn't help?
                 \_ Um, the list was about _naturally beautiful_ wome...oh wait.
                    Never mind.  This is soda.  None of you have ever actually
                    _seen_ a woman in the flesh.
                    \_ Not a naturally beautiful one, anyway.
                    \_ Lucy Liu looks like naturally beautiful man.  -tom
                    \_ Aaron looks like naturally beautiful man.  -tom
                       \_ So when was the last time you were with a beautiful
                          woman tom?  Prostitutes don't count...
                          \_ The fact that you think prostitutes are natually
                             beautiful says a lot.  -tom
                             \_ You should talk with the sodans who visit
                                .jp's fabulous "soapland".
                             \_ WHIFFFFFFF!!!
                             \_ I'd pay $50 to get you a prostitute, naturally
                                beautiful or not, just so you'd grow up and
                                mellow.  Or at least  just stfu for 5 minutes
                                other than cries of, "what are those bumps on
                                your chest?!  is it contagious!?  and why don't
                                you have a peepee?!  aaacccckkkk!"
                                \_ thank you, NERFAMC.
                       \_ I always thought she looked like a snake
                 \_ this is the sad state of american media...
                      beauty:popular::lucy liu:william hung
                        - what a cute couple!!!!!!
        \_ I hate these fucking titles. So fucking arrogant. Of all time? Give
           me a fucking break. More like for the past 50 years and US only.
           The world != Hollywood
           \_ you did see that it was an Australian site, right?
              \_ My god, you're right!  The world _does_ = Hollywood!
        \_ Dude, australians are nothing more than extremely stupid brits with
2004/5/10-11 [Health/Women] UID:30145 Activity:nil
5/10    Burned Alive
2004/5/10 [Health/Women] UID:30128 Activity:kinda low
5/9     psb, are you married yet?
        \_ psb, do you prefer Pujabi women, Bengali women, southern Udupi
           Palace eating women, or hot O'Farrell type blonde bombshell women?
                                                        -psb #2 fan
           \_ what the hell kind of psb fan are you if you don't even
              know he likes blondes with big hair, eh?
        \_ He will, once he sells his PSB speakers.
2004/4/25-26 [Health/Women] UID:13367 Activity:nil
4/24    from the laddertheory WEEB location:
        Women seem to especially like it if you are more devoted to your
        bad music, biker gang, forearm tattoo or marijuana. These all
        seem to work wonders. There are some interests you can show in
        a woman that will help you to fuck her: a healthy interest in
        destroying her self-esteem and in fucking her friends more
        than her seem to work wonders. Note that the following topics
        of disinterest have been field tested and shown conclusively
        not to work: Unix, literature, poetry, international politics,
        and sodomy.
        \- i note in passing, there are some funny physics reference there
           [hidden variables, dreams of a final theory (book by s. weinberg),
           virtual friends etc]    --psb
        \_ Nice!
        \_ Literature, international policitcs, and sodomy have all worked
           for me.  -aspo
           \_we're talking about women.
            \_ So am I, so am I.  With men I've found all you need to do
               is be able to breathe, and that is sometimes optional. -aspo
               \_ Gays really have no taste in men.
                  \_ More to the point, men really have no taste.
           \_poetry/philosophy have also worked for me.  It only works with
             the kind of chick (there are many) that are into peotry and/or
             philosophy.  However, only when drunk, which is the only time
             anything has ever worked for me (with strangers anyway). -phuqm
             \- i think some of you are perhaps slightly missing the
                point of the "ladder dynamics" ... part of which is "many
                lame strategies will work with the ButterChicken class".
                \_ Being a jerk works with insecure and needy chicks.
                   Having class works with classy and intelligent women.
                   \_ Seconded.  It's your problem if you want to deal
                      with women who like being treated like shit, or with
                      guys who do that.  Neither tend to rate very highly
                      on most halfway-useful peoples' lists of folks who are
                      interesting and fun to be around.  -John
                      \_ There is a diff. btw being crass and being a jerk.
                         One can be a very classy jerk.  That site is not
                         meant to be taken all seriously, but there is a lot
                         of truth in it.  Girls who place nice guys on top of
                         their list tend to be the most boring type.
                         \_ Yeah, who want kids and marriage 2 weeks in.
2004/4/12 [Politics/Foreign/Canada, Health/Women] UID:13147 Activity:high
4/12    Canada soon to slaughter 300,000 seals.
        \_ I guess all the yeti baseball really got that Canuck blood going.
           \_ I thought those were penguins
              \_ If you can't wack the one you love, wack the one you're with.
        \_ I wonder if I can get a job clubbing baby seals?
           \_ Maybe I can go clubbing with baby seals.
        \_ I guess all that yeti baseball really got that Canuck blood going.
        \_ Wouldn't it suck if you were an endangered species and NOT cute?
2004/4/6 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:13027 Activity:moderate
4/6     Study says Americans getting shorter and shorter:,12271,1185457,00.html
        \_ The study lays part of the blame on junk food and says a high
           protein diet causes great stature, but a lot of junk food IS high
           in protien.
           \_ the card board filler they put in McDs isn't protein.
           \_ Junk food also has lots of bad carbs, which cancels out
              the high protein benefits.
2004/3/10-11 [Health/Women] UID:12606 Activity:kinda low
3/10    Baby girl named Diot Coke... in 1379
        \_ Best name ever:  Wilson Willard Will III
           ... okay, Rip Torn is right up there. --scotsman
        \- one of my cousins had a classmate named "limca" ... which is
           an indian lemon soft drink [made by KO] ... the weird things
           was it was a  pretty well-educated, "bhadhralok" family. --psb
           \_ I know someone named Mike Olin.
              \_ My HS principal was named Mike Hawkes.
                        \_ Go Vikings!
                  \_ Hawkes, not Hawke
                     \_ I know, but that is better: Doctor my cock! get it??!?
                        \_ "Allow me to introduce you to Mike Hawke"
                \_ Someone in one of my classes is named Mike.
                \_ I met someone on the Internet named Barry McCockner!
                \_ I once knew a guy named John!
                   \_ I once new a guy named "I'm a fucking idiot."  Funny
                      thing, I think he had a soda account too.  -John
                      \_ Oh, sorry, I didn't think you'd take it as a personal
                         insult especially since you're not the only John in
                         the world.  Had your coffee yet?
                \_ My name is Mike! -Mike
              \_ My HS geometry teacher was Harry Dueck, legally changed
                 from Harry Dick.
                \_ poor guy. what fucked up parents he had, truly.
              \_ How has no one mentioned Dick Pole yet?
2004/3/1-2 [Health, Health/Women] UID:12474 Activity:nil
3/1     "I did drug deal but no spying."
        [Israeli handed over in prisoner exchange last month.]
2004/1/19-20 [Health/Women] UID:11835 Activity:very high
1/19    Is there something that works like a headphone but is made specifically
        for pregnant women to adhere or fasten to their stomach to play music
        to the unborn babies?  Is there a term for such devices?  I searched
        "phone" in but didn't see anything.  Thanks.
        \_ You know, that really does absolutely nothing for the kid. Why don't
           you just start preparing to read to the kid as an infant, instead of
           making futile efforts now.
           \_ I don't know.  All that pregnancy material I read says this
              helps the baby develop hearing.  So I thought it's the right
              thing to do.  BTW I'm also reading story books to my wife's
              stomach, but I can't read long without drying up my throat.
              \_ Develop hearing?  The rest of us manage to hear stuff every
                 day.  Stop the insanity.  Just have a kid.  Go watch MP's
                 The Meaning of Life and pay very close attention to the
                 part on child birth in the West.
2003/12/5-6 [Reference/Military, Health/Women] UID:11331 Activity:nil
12/5    Random Facts About Finland Thread:
        I heard that the Fins are actually Huns, unlike the other
        Scandinavians who are Nordic.  Is that true?
        \_ IIRC, Finns don't consider themselves Scandinavian.
                \_ Most Scandinavians don't consider Finns Scandinavians
                   either.  -John
            \_ According to a recent _Scientific American_, there is no
               genetic basis for race.  (I didn't read the article and
               am somewhat skeptical (as i always am) but it is interesting
               if true).
                  \- richard lewontin just gave a talk here on this.
                     you can google for him. --psb
                        \_ how come nobody posted the day/tim, i possibly
                           would have sat in. :(
        \_ "/csua/bin/webster Scandinavia" says "2 Denmark, Norway, Sweden, &
           sometimes also Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, & Finland"
        \_ the finnish language is related to hungarian, as is estonian.
           they are the only three extant members of the finno-ugric
           language family i believe.  make what conclusions you will.
           \_ Don't forget Quenya. -- ilyas
        \_ BTW, in Finnish last name goes first, just like in East Asian
           languages.  This is rare in European languages.
           \- finnish is a central asian language.
        \_ I heard 1/4 of Finland's GDP is from Nokia and its subsideries.
        \_ From few Finnish Americans I know personally, I learned that despit
           the graphical proximity, Fins and Swedes have a very different
           culture (at least the language).  While Fins in some way still
           held some degree of animosity toward Swedes, they are forced to
           learn Swedish as part of their regular curriculum in their public
           education today.             -kngharv
           \_ Finland also has a section of the army that speaks primarily
              sweedish.  A finn i know joined the sweedish speaking finnish
              army to practice his sweedish during his army service.
              imagine if we had a spanish speaking army here in the US.
           \_ Finland was part of Sweden for 600 years or so before it became
              part of Russia.  Now Swedish is one of the official languages in
        \_ Are Finnish women slim and beautiful just like Swedes and Norwegians?
           Or are they more like fat american cows?
           \_ they are thin.  They also tend to dye their hair dark, unlike
                the Swedes who dye blonde.
           \_ Finns had the highest suicide rate in the world in 1997 (they've
              since begun an aggressive anti-suicide campaign, so it's hard to
              assess whether this ranking still holds true).  They also have
              one of the highest alcoholic rates in the world.  What does this
              tell you about Finnish women?  Nothing, but I'm just saying....
              \_ both of these are also true of alaska, canada, poland,
                 siberia and scandenavia.  it's the cold and dark, but
                 mostly the dark.
                 \_ eh, in the summer it's the opposite of dark. it stays light
                    basically all night long. the drunks get drunk regardless.
                    \_ well, ok. the only one i know much about is alaska,
                       since i grew up there, and worked there in the summers
                       in college.  the winter/alcoholism effect is worsened
                       by the number of seasonal industries like fishing
                       that can make you alot of money in the light months,
                       which you can save up to basically become a professional
                       drunk throughout the winter months.  I've known people
                       who lived that way.
        \_ Sigh. Huns are huns. People who call other people Huns are usually
           idiots, except in your case. You're just stupid.
2003/11/29-12/1 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:11263 Activity:nil
11/28   Never leave your home again...
2003/11/28 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:29673 Activity:nil
        Never leave your house again!
2003/11/22 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:11192 Activity:nil
11/22 Lots of American women bitch about American men dating
        foreigners. You want to know why? Because YOU SUCK. You are a
        pain in the ass. Period. Foreign women are easy to deal
        with. Having dated Europeans and Latina's, they are infinitely
        easier to deal with than American women. They just accept you
        for being a man. I hear lots of women say foreign women are
        pushovers - its the furthest thing from the
        truth. Particularly the Italians and the Latina's - they will
        fight with you and are very vocal. They just don't have all
              \_ i don't think that's the right choice of word. and btw,
                 that guy is a moron. do you want to marry an uneducated,
                 boring housewife? go right ahead, save the decent ones
                 for the rest of us.
        this bullshit that you carry around with you.
        \_ hi, bitter, lonely geek mysogynist.
        \_ In his tally of the 99.9% of American women who are out of the
           running for marriage, he includes women who have been raped.
2003/11/19-20 [Health/Women] UID:11147 Activity:very high
11/19   A colleague just told me about his wife's home birth experience.
        Gave birth at home into a water tub.  No doctors present, only one
        midwife.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck
        twice.  But the mid-wife safely delivered the baby.  If this was a
        regular hospital doctors would be jumping in there ready to cut open
        his wife for a C-section just so that they can get their $15K bonus
        (insurance pays more for C-section, they have a financial incentive
        to do so).  Upper middle class white women with insurance get cut open
        more than uninsured minority women.  Think about that.  -old fashioned
        \_ The US has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.
           I assure you, that has nothing to do with midwifery or home
           birthing techniques.  It's really nice when people can dredge up
           exceptions where everything went well -- but the price of failure
        \_ You mean upper middle class white women with insurance are getting
           goes way WAAY up when you don't have immediate access to modern
           healthcare facilities.  Personally, given a choice between
           'tradition' and 'survival of my children' there's absolutely NO
        \_ Of course, she might have failed and the baby could have died.  Also,
           which baby was this?  1st?  2nd?  7th?
           CONTEST.  And why for fuck's sake do you feel this rediculous need
           to get validation from motd?  People here believe in, you know,
           TECHNOLOGY -- so it's kind of a hard sell if you're truly not
           \_ actually, the US has a fairly high infant mortality rate:
                US:      6.75/1000
                UK:      5.28/1000
                Canada:  4.88/1000
                France:  4.37/1000
                Germany: 4.23/1000
                Japan:   3.3/1000
              That's better than it was 20 years ago, but it's still probably
              the highest among any of the industrialized nations.  However,
              that speaks to the lack of health care, more than the
              overapplication of it.  -tom
              \_ I love when people post numbers comparing mostly homogenous
                 countries to completely diverse countries like the US.  You
                 can make statistics say anything.
                 \_ 37% of all statistics are made up.
              \_ WTF?!  Even my country banana republic Singapore has lower
                 infant mortality rate than US.
                Singapore 3.57/1000
              \_ Cuba:  6.0/1000
                 \_ Eh, I think Cuba is much closer to 7.5 or so.
              \_ Beijing and Shanghai 5.05/1000
              \_ How do you know this has anything to to with health care?
                 \_ What else would it have to do with?  Gel cups?  -tom
                    \_ Population density, genetic homogeneity, climate, crime
                       rate, drug rate, education, etc.
                        \_ Be serious--the only common factor among the
                           other industrialized nations of the world is
                           that they all have better health care than the
                           US.  Occam's Razor.  -tom
                           \_ They also have smaller populations.  You're sure
                              you've listed the *only* thing they have in
                              \_ yea, and another thing they have in common
                                 is that they are all not America.
           \_ Why did you write that sentence about "lowest in the world"
              when obviously it's false?
              \_ 1) Because it's not, 2) Because your reading comprehension
                 sucks.  Try again when you've grown up, grasshopper.
        \_ gee, you don't think it might just be more dangerous to deliver
           a baby with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck?  How
           much is your baby worth to you?  -tom
        \_ Hey look!  The baby troll is back!
        \_ You mean upper middle class black women with insurance are getting
           better care?! That said, a friend delivered with a midwife (not
           at home, though) and liked it a lot. Her first baby was born at
           a hospital. Any future ones will be via midwife. --dim
        \_ Of course, she might have failed and the baby could have died.
           Also, which baby was this?  1st?  2nd?  7th?
        \_ you're choosing a dumb midwife over 200 years worth of medical
           experience? What if the baby needs surgery? What if the baby has
           an infection and anti-biotics are needed? What if the midwife
           didn't sanitize herself properly? What if something goes wrong,
           is that insured?
           \_ midwivery has been going on for much longer than 200 years.
              \_ so has accupuncture, so what?  my *vet* has a poster on the
                 wall showing accupuncture points for dog and cats.
                 \_ Most midwives are medically trained and equipped.
                    \_ yeah?  so is my vet.
                      \_ Boy, I love trolling you.  Just add a lah at the
                         end of a troll and I get an extra troll for free.
                \_ The correct spelling is "acupuncture".  Learn to spell
                   first lah.
                   \_ LAH!  You so right spelling LAH!  Showed him LAH!  HAH!
        \_ Go Baby Troll!  You are the most effective troll the motd has yet
           seen.  Go Go Go!  --baby troll #1 fan
           \_ really?  this is the first time ive seen babytroll.
              \_ babytroll is the man!  First there were all the threads about
                 "the condom broke" or "what does my gf missing a pregnancy
                 test mean."  Then there was the home birth thread, and now
                 the followup.  I especially like the buildup from the birth
                 control to the birth techniques.  Slow, subtle, yet powerful.
                 Babytroll rules!  --baby troll #1 fan.
                 \_ I think cloth diapers are better than disposable diapers
        \_ GARRIAGE!
2003/11/15-16 [Health/Women] UID:11086 Activity:nil
11/15   Chewable "Pill" approved by the FDA:
        \_ cool, now we can feed the pill to 12 year olds like bubble gum so
           you guys don't have to worry about your children having to wait
           6 years before your gf can drive them around.
2003/11/12 [Health/Women] UID:11042 Activity:nil
11/11   It is estimated that 25% of the pregnancies end up as miscarriage
        within the first week of conception, extending the period to 4-6
        weeks. So wouldn't it be possible that rather than having abnormal
        period, she simply had a miscarriage?
        \_ Are you the rhythm/withdrawal guy?
        \_ Dude, relax.  Don't be panicking.  First of all, if your gf doesn't
           normally have large variances in her cycle, she should schedule
           an appointment with her ob/gyn.  Second of all, it just doesn't
           make any sense to try and self-diagnose; esp. when a huge number of
           things can cause these sorts of irregularities.  Get her to see a
           doctor, then go from there.  There's no use getting worked up or
           freaked out until then.  Third and last, MOTD is SO not the right
           place to seek out advice for this -- there are better, more informed
           sources of information available; you just have calm down and look.
           Good luck, guy.
        \_ PAPPA! DADDY! You need to schedule an appt. with BDG rigth away!
           \_ At this stage, it's a little too late for BDG.  BDG can help
              if you're thinking about getting into a relationship.
              \_ What is BDG?  B.. D... Gynecologyst?
                 \_ bitter divorced gynocologyst/guy.
2003/11/6 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Health/Women] UID:29619 Activity:nil
11/6    Fox asks health care, education, protection for Mexican migrants
        The president of Mexico called Wednesday for improved
        treatment of Mexicans who enter the United States, including
        better health care and education and respect for the human
        rights of migrants...
        "We must work together so that they can have health insurance,"
2003/10/10-11 [Health/Women] UID:10581 Activity:nil
10/10   So I've been using the calendar method as my only method of birth
        control and have been ejaculating inside my gf's vagina and I've
        done this for about 6 month. Just curious, what is the rate of
        failure of using this method?
        \_ > 40%
        \_ Good luck, Pops
        \_ pick out some names you like
        \_ Son, realdolls don't get pregnant.
        \_ does it feel good? better than condom?
           \_ oh fuck yeah. -!op
        \_ my wife and I have done this for 5 years.
           \_ at least one of you is probably infertile
              \_ We've both been checked. good sperm. good eggs. good timing.
                                            \_ bad brains.
        \_ 100% eventually.
        \_ My wife and I used this method, and used condoms during the unsafe
           days.  She still got pregnant after two years.
           \_ You can tell your kid later he came from 7-day old sperm.
              \_ Well, we pressed the 'A' key.
        \_ anal sex is your answer...
           \_ No.  It doesn't feel as good cuz it's too tight.  And you risk
              semen dripping to the vagina.  --- !op
              \_ Then you're doing it wrong -- just use more lube, slow down,
                 and give the muscles back there a chance to relax before
                 going to town.  The semen thing is another problem entirely...
              \_ Face up and no drip.
        \_ Old joke: there's a name we use for people who use the rhythm
           method of birth control.  We call them 'parents'.  You're going to
           be a parent if you don't stop this *now*.  Are you ready to father
           a child and raise them for 18 years?  If you're still asking the
           motd for basic contraceptive info, I'd guess not.  I'm probably
           about 15 years older than you and I still don't feel ready to have
              semen flowing to the vagina.  --- !op
2003/9/29-30 [Health/Women, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:10375 Activity:nil
9/29    birth control methods include failure percentages in a year, but of
        the successful percentages, how many of them are infertile? In
        another word do companies take in account of couples who can't
        conceive, and take them out of the statistics?
        \_ Think about this for a minute.
        \_ if you're infertile, why would you use birth control? and even if
           you did (because you didn't know), the product would still 'work'
           for you. Is this supposed to be a troll or just dumb? It seems
           more bizarre than troll.
           \_ This is actually a very important question. And yes, studies
              take this into account (or they should) when rating
              birth control products. Depending on how they conduct the
              study and who does it, the assumption is that couples are
              fertile and in their prime. Studies like this usually prescreen
              and preselect couples, and they typically have a control group.
              Since these studies are widely used in academia and are typically
              published in JAMA they should be relatively accurate. However,
              even the best studies have been proven wrong in the past. JAMA
              and the AMA as well as the FDA are hardly failsafe in their
              \_ Heh.  You should hear what an epidemologist I heard today
                 had to say about JAMA.  Meanwhile consider the statement
                 'If it's published in X, it should be Y,' for various values
                 of X and Y.  For instance X = internet, Y = true.
                 \- yeah my friends in stat/biostat also roll their eyes
                    when trying to do sophisticated statistics with doctors
                    who think they know everything. --psb
           \_ infertile != sterile.  infertile means the gametes are there
              but they have a tough time meeting or going forward in
              development after they do meet.
              \_ sort of like the bar scene?
2003/9/18 [Health/Women] UID:10244 Activity:high
9/18    Somebody settle an argument between my wife and I.  She says that
        a woman's ovaries contain *ALL* the eggs that she'll ever have.  The
        menstrual cycle simply releases one egg every month.  I remember in
        high school bio that ovaries work like testicles.  Sperm cells die
        or are ejaculated and new ones are produced every day.  Who is right?
        Are eggs produced once a month just like sperm cells are produced
        every day or are they simply released every month?  This came up
        because women in their 20s produce healthier babies than women in
        their 30s.  [yes, I've searched the web and can't find anything
        that specific].  Thanks.
        \_ She is correct. The ovaries release one egg per month.
        \_ I pity your wife.  How did she get stuck with such a moron?
                              \_ Pity.
        \_ heh, well some women like their men dumb. btw, not only do
           women not produce more eggs, they have a fairly limited
           supply, like several hundred. good for normal use, but not for
           lots of egg donation.
           \_ Nyet!  They've got gazillions.  Some women like their men both
              dumb *and* arrogant.
                During fetal life, there are about 6 million to
                 7 million eggs. From this time, no new eggs are produced.

                The vast majority of the eggs within the ovaries
                steadily die, until they are depleted at menopause.
                At birth, there are approximately 1 million eggs; and by
                the time of puberty, only about 300,000 remain. Of these,
                300 to 400 will be ovulated during a woman's reproductive
                lifetime. The eggs continue to degenerate during pregnancy,
                with the use of birth control pills, and in the presence
                or absence of regular menstrual cycles.  -maxmcc
                \_ How do birth control pills cause eggs to degenerate
                   more than not?
                   \_ The sentence structures out to "no matter what, the eggs
           \_ That's right.  When a woman is born, she's got all the eggs
              she's ever gonna have.
           \_ you learned this in CS classes?  - a dumb man
2003/8/28 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:29502 Activity:insanely high
8/27    Silly question. How many of you are about 5'9"? I'm guessing at least
        a few since this is about the average height for white adult
        males. Now the real question: what size pants do you wear? I find
        that 31x28 or maybe 31x29 fit me just about right, but these are
        fairly uncommon sizes. (Specifically, I mean the inseam length,
        the second number.) So do you all wear pants that are too long, or
        do you have the same trouble I do in finding pants that fit well?
        \_ Most people in America are fat, they make 'em for them.
           \_ what does being fat have to do with height?
        \_ Buy trousers longer than you need them, go by Ernesto's tailoring,
           5th floor (left from the elevators, then right, it's on the left
           hand side) in the Flood building (863 Market) in SF.  He does
           a fantastic job and works cheap.  You can then let them out more
           easily if they shrink later on.  -John
        \_ i'm about 5'9" and wear 30x32, and they fit well
        \_ 5'10" and just focusing on inseam, I try to get 30s, but
           often have to buy longer.  They just bunch up a little and actually
           look cool.  They don't drag along the floor.
        \_ 5'11".  31x32 or x34 depending on the brand.
        \_ 5'9" and I wean 30x36. I'm a sysadm.
           \_ it's time to bulk up at the gym, buddy
        \_ i'm 5'8 and wear 31x31
        \_ 5'8" and wear 32x32, but I can fit down to 30x30 (I like 'em
           baggier and longer)
        \_ 5'8" and I find that a 30 inseam is perfect for me, and quite
           easy to get.
        \_ 5'9", size 4 or 6 tall  (I'm all legs) -chialea
           \_ they say that women's numbering system is changing so that
              size 8 will become size 6, size 6 will become size 4, etc.
              This is done presumably so that women will feel skinner and
              will be happier to buy a lower sized dress than they really
              are. Such marketing strategy works pretty well.
           \_ general question women's numbering system.  Is there a reason
              why women's clothes have such weird numbers?  With men, the
              numbers actually mean something. It's the length of the legs
              or the width of your waist, etc.  The number system on women
              doesn't mean anything.  What exactly is a size 4 dress or a
              size 6 pants?  Anybody know the history of this?
              \_ In general, it's waist measurement in inches - 20.  This
                 is for american sizes.  I haven't read up on the history
                 of this, but it probably goes back to the end of corset
                 culture.  Waist size has always been a status symbol, whether
                 large (fertility/matriarchal cultures) or small (our current
                 psychotic obsession with emaciation).  --scotsman
              \_ The sizes are arbitrary so fat women can say they're only a
                 size 12 when size 12 is *huge* and 16 is off scale.  Most
                 women are 12+ these days.  Sell to your market.
                 \_ Can you actually go below size 0? I know one or two who
                    are, and I can imagine skinnier and more anorexic girls
                    \_ I think they have "petites" so a petite-size-0 is even
                       smaller. It's not just anorexics that wear that size,
                       shorter women sometimes need that size, else their
                       clothes are too long. My ex-gf was size 2 or more but
                       since she was short she often wore size 0. Except
                       these shirts were a bit tight on her big boobs.
                    \_ I think dresses smaller than size 0 should be sized
                       much as paintbrushes, e.g. 00, 000, 10/0. -geordan
                    \_ My mom is 5'1" and 92lbs.  She wears 0.  I asked once
                       about that and she said nothing below a 0.
        \_ i'm 5'9" and wear 31x30, getting fat. My shoe size is never
           available when the shoe is on sale.
                \_ ARE YOU A SYSADM?
        \_ 7'0" and wear 38x38.  posted just cuz.
2003/7/26 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:29147 Activity:very high
7/25    Why do 5 feet women want 6 foot men?  I don't get it.
        \_ There's this asian-caucasian couple I see a lot at the gym. She's
           like 4'10" and he's 5'11"-ish. They're always practicing their
           ballroom dancing in the middle of the machines area. Bizarre sight
           on quite a few levels.
           \_ Yellow fever?
           \_ Creepy. Sounds like my cousin and her husband.
        \_ The women want their babies to be tall.
        \_ The women wants to feel their long dick.
           \_ I am a short guy with a big dick. How can I communicate this
              to women that I want to have sex with without seeming crude?
              \_ stop wearing pants?
        \_ All women want taller men.  It's a Darwin thing and it makes
           a lot of sense.
           \_ to the extreme of a foot difference?
              \_ It has nothing to do with her height.  It has to do with his.
                 You think ugly guys have a preference for ugly women?  No,
                 they all prefer attractive women no matter what they look like
                 themselves.  No different for women.
                 \_ what, you don't think these guys are pedophiles and/or
                    insecure so they want a small unintimidating girlfriend?
                    \_ not at all.  short != looks 8 y/old.  short != timid.
           \_ Plenty of women prefer shorter guys. Most prefer tall guys,
              this is true, but don't drag Darwin into this. Many societal
              standards of beauty have nothing to do with survival.
              \_ Plenty?  Maybe you're hanging out with the 6'6" amazons or
                 something but "willing to date" is not the same as "prefer".
                 Name a society where being short is a positive beauty trait
                 for a man.  I'm sorry some of the short guys here don't get
                 laid and think women are evil for it but that's just the way
                 things are.
                 \_ being bitter about it, yeah real attractive
                 \_ Jews - David shorty kicks Goliath arse.
                           Jacob shorty toys with his brother Esau.
                           Big strong tall Samson stupidly falling
                           for Delilah's trap.
                    Compare the bible versus classical greek literature.
                    The bible never mentions tall as a positive
                    description, whereas greek literature is full of
                    such references, not only in descriptions of men
                    but also of women.  Instead the bible likes to
                    talk about the weak becoming strong, the foolish
                    becoming wise, and shorty Zacchaeus receiving
                    \_ The bible is a morality play, not a cultural reference
                       guide.  Go ask some real Jews if being short is a plus
                       or a minus.  They'll give you the same answer as
                       everyone else.  Tall is good.  Short is bad.  Stop
                       trying to make Jews into some sort of freaks.  It's bad
                       enough with the haters and ignorance already.  -Jew
                       \_ You are black sheep Jew.  Be a good Jew.
                       \_ Just admit it.  The bible is the core of Jewish
                          culture.  You can't escape it.  And there is nothing
                          wrong in being different, or "freaks", if you prefer.
              \_ In personals ads the number one request - even more common
                 than a fat checkbook, a full head of hair, sexual prowess,
                 or a great personality - is that the guy must be taller
                 than the woman, and preferably 6' or over. It's rare to find
                 women that like shorter guys.
                 \_ That's only because it's not PC to ask for the other
                    things you mentioned.
                       \_ Ducking?  Nah, it's just not as big a deal as
                          you make it out to be.
                    \_ That never stopped anyone from asking for it.  Also,
                       you're ducking (poorly I might add).  They never request
                       short.  No woman wants a short guy.
                       \_ It's just not as big a deal as you make it out to be.
2003/7/2-3 [Health/Women] UID:28907 Activity:high
7/2     Let's list the countries where caucasian women are on average still
        fit and healthy.  Either because american junk food hasn't reached
        there or where they choose not to eat that crap.
        \_ Estonia
        \_ let's see YOUR sixpack, pathetic geek!
           \_ You don't need 6pack abs to be fit and healthy.  Simply *not*
              being 180+ lbs at 5'4 would do it for most women.
        \_ BIG is BEAUTIFUL.
        \_ Russia.
           \_ Russian women are both beautiful and skinny. Why skinny?
              They smoke like chimneys. I can't think that makes them
              healthy. But they are hot. In my European travels, though,
              I think the country with the most beautiful women was Poland.
              And the most beautiful girl I saw was in Prague.
              \_ eastern european women often have messed up teeth
                 \_ that doesn't stop asiaphiles
              \_ Check out Yulia Nova, all natural:
        \_ All the Dutch women I saw were in pretty good shape. I think
           it is because everyone bicycles everywhere.
        \_ Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany.
           \_ Germany?  You like the fatties, eh?  It's ok, lots of guys have
              a fatty fetish.
        \_ Any girl in this country who looks like she works at a library.
           Librarians!  Mmmmmm, yum!
           According to this the Italians are the thinnest, the Russians
           the fattest.
           \_ Old Olga skews the Russian curve. if they are <24, they are
              skinny twigs. Over 40, and they are "Mother Russia" fatsos.
2003/6/17 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:28741 Activity:very high
6/16    Socialized medicine: The fix is in
        Younger workers will be paying for this.
        \_ If people exercised and ate healthier food, we wouldn't
           have such extreme health care costs.
           \_ No.  You couldn't be more wrong.  Costs spiral due to insurance,
              lawsuits, and endless medical tests to avoid lawsuits.  If we
              were all as fit and healthy as you costs wouldn't be any lower.
        \_ I admit, it all sounds reasonable, until you remember that you're
           reading WorldNetDaily, a publication that thinks that Hitler was
           a Leftie, and that McCarthy was soft on those commies.  Grain of
           salt with that diatribe?
           \_ What publications are we allowed to read?  What is on the PC
              list this week?
2003/5/22 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:28527 Activity:nil
5/21    Man question: what does flushing the urinal while peeing accomplish?
        It seems like everybody at my company does, even the young guys
        \_ Why flush a urinal at all, except sporadically?  It's got a drain
           on the bottom anyway, so it's not like the stuff's sitting around.
           \_ unflushed unrinals lead to contaminated water being splashed
              on your pecker.
           \_ Sure it is. You can smell it. Which is part of the reason to
              flush afterwards.
        \_ Never heard of or seen such a thing.  How could you flush a stand
           up urinal while still peeing anyway?  You don't you touch the thing
           with your bare hand, do you?  This is what God invented shoes for.
           \_ Mine are approximately shoulder level, which inspires careful
              scrubbing afterward.
        \_ flushing first insures that any splash-back is just your own piss
           or water--as opposed to your piss comingled w/ the piss of others.
           Personally, I agree w/ the guy who never touches the handle with
           his hand... and additionally I only piss in the stalls to further
           mitigate the splash-back issue
           \_ You probably piss on the seat too.  Wanker.
           \_ ...and i piss on your keyboard at night when you're not there
              making it all pointless.
           \_ Your kitchen is probably more contaminated.  Germs don't do well
              on stainless steel.  As long as you wash your hands after
              flushing, you don't have to worry about it.  Are you one of those
              nuts that dries his hands and then uses the paper towel to open
              the door (leaving the towel behind)?  It's freaks like you that
              make the biggest messes.
              \_ I do this all the time, but throw the towel in the trash can.
                 After you see the n-th guy walk out from a stinky stall and
                 head straight back to work, you'll pick up the habit too.
                 \_ I do this all the time too, but only after I notice
                    my manager (male) walk out from the stinky TOILET
                    back to work w/o washing his hands.
           \_ just to mention, pee is sterile unless you have a UTI or kidney
              infection.  afraid of a little amonia?  (I know it SEEMS gross).
           \_ The way I avoid splash-back is to aim at the side of the urinal,
              so that 1) my piss hits the surface at an angle rather than
              perpendicularly, hence reducing splash, and 2) any splash will be
              towards the urinal instead of me.  See the illustration below.

                 urinal          urinal
                 _____           _____
                |     |         |     |
                |     |         |     |
                 \                 |
                  \                |
                  me               me

               No splash.        Splash.

              It works well on most urinals.  It only doesn't work on those
              urinals that are very wide and have small side walls.  In that
              case I control my bladder to not piss with full force.
              \_ Here's another alternative:
                 urinal |     -    -    -      -        ---- Sodan
                        |    \
                         ---- "
              \_ Congratulations.  You win the award for most bored sodan.
        \_ On a related note.  Guys fart while urinating.  It must be
           some muscle relaxation thing.  I told my wife about this and she
           seems rather disgusted.  Apparently she never farts while urinating.
           Is this true of women in general?
           \_ It doesn't enter into her consciousness, but she does it.
              We all do.  Is she a goer?  Does she go?
              \_ "goer"???  If you're asking if she farts out loud in my
                  presense, yes she does.
                  \_ Say no more.
                     \_ Seconded.  Please say no more.
                  \_ A wink's as good as a nod to a blind bat,
                     know what I mean, know what I mean?
           \_ Release of bladder pressure and relaxing the muscles in the
              region has a lot to do with it.
        \_ Some people have a tough time letting go, and the sound of
           the running water helps them get started.
           \- hello, you may wish to see:
2003/5/17-18 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:28466 Activity:moderate
5/18    My pet theory is that the average caucasian women are fatter than
        the average east asian men. What do you guys think?
        \_ Provided this ain't a troll, you talking about overall weight, or
           body fat percentage? If the latter, the average woman of any
           ethnicity will be fatter than that of any man. If the former,
           sorry, I don't know many Asian men in the 100-130lbs range, and I'm
           Asian.  [formatd]
                \_ average white women >>> 130 pounds. Just look at Jenni
                   Craig commercials. And Lila. Etc etc.
                   \_ is that you kchang?  have you come back from the dead?
                      --kchang #1 fan
                        \_ that's me. Alah Ahkbar! Alalalalalalalah!
2003/5/16-17 [Health/Women] UID:28460 Activity:high
5/16    How common is it for women to have mustaches? I'm not talking about
        big, bushy Tom Selleck ones. Just normal (for a female) not very
        noticeable ones that are almost like tiny baby hairs.
        \_ Common enough for the hairier peoples. Just get it waxed once
           or twice a month.
        \_ it's very common. most women, if they don't shave, do develop
           tom selleck moustaches. it's one of these things chicks just don't
           tell you.
           \_ Hairier peoples?  Who are these 'harrier peoples'?  And who
              gets to say they're hairy?
        \_ I'd say it's really common, like 1/3.  Women shouldn't worry
           overmuch about it unless it's relaly noticeable.  The example
           I have in mind looks plenty feminine.
           \_ more than 1/3, just most blonds you can't tell unless you
              are like 3 inches from their mouth and by then it doesn't
              really matter.
              \_ You mean you don't think, "My God, her mustache is thicker
                 than mine?!" just before your lips lock?  You should.
        \_ for caucasian or middle eastern women, it's very common.  my
           pet theory is that caucasian women are as hairy as east asian men.
2003/5/9-10 [Recreation/Activities, Health/Women] UID:28393 Activity:high
5/9  (
        "He broke two bones in his [own] wrist and then used the dull blade
         of his multi-tool pocket knife to saw through his flesh."
         \_ this is cobwebs-on-it old
            \_ 11am EDT this morning too old for you? that's when the article
               was posted... and the incident happened Thursday May 1. dude,
               you're so on the bleeding edge.
                              \_ kinda like half of this guy's arm
         \_ solo hiking/climbing is crazy.
            \_ yeah.  And ultimately he didn't have to amputate since he
               was found by rescuers a few hours later.
               \_ He hiked a few miles and was found by a random couple
                  hiking the trail.  Yet another registrant for the
                  motd reading comprehension course.
                  \_ ok, if by "random couple" you mean search helicopter.
                  \_ Don't forget he rapelled (sp?) 50ft or so
                     down the cliff before he hiked 6 miles.
               \_ Wrong, he never would have been spotted. He amputated and
                  then hiked to someplace where people were more likely to
                  find him.
                  \_ ... which is, in and of itself, absolutely bloody
                     amazing.  How the hell did he remain conscious?
                     \_ bloody is right.
                     \_ tourniquet to slow bleeding and avoid hypovolemic shock.
                        a tourniquet is almost always a last resort method of
                        controlling blood loss, but amputation counts as last
                        resort. --Jon
2003/5/1 [Health, Health/Women] UID:28284 Activity:high
4/30    Do you call your general practitioner or a gynocologist for
        contraceptives (Orthotricyclene or Ortha-Evra)?
        \_ If you think you are likely to reproduce, tell your potential mate
           about the latest exciting flame war on the motd, and you will be
                \_ ha, that's a good one.  !sarcastic
        \_ i go to 7-11
        \_ OB/GYN providers can prescribe them
                \_ as can general practitioners
           ... among other websites
        \_ Go to a Planned Parenthood.
        \_ For all motd users the right answer is to self sterilize.
        \_  Any physician can write you a prescription for them.  However,
            I'd recommend a GYN doctor for contraceptives, especially if
            this is going to be your first time taking contraceptives.  The
            doctor should do a pelvic exam to rule out any abnormalities before
            prescribing you contraceptives.  Plus -- as there are a variety of
            birth control pills out there, he/she will have the most expertise
            in prescribing the best one for your body.  If you want to get
            even more specific, try out a reproductive endocrinologist (they
            specialize in female hormones and are specialized OBGYNs) who
            will measure your hormone levels and get a more accurate
            assessment.  --chris
            \_ this is good advice, especially for a first-timer.  Hormones can
               make even the most level person experience mood swings and other
               weird physical effects, so you definitely want someone who knows
               how to adjust a prescription if you or your girlfriend doesn't
               handle the regular kind well.
2003/4/30 [Health/Women] UID:28275 Activity:nil
4/30    Boy gets pregnant:
        \_ Big deal.  I've been pregnant before.
        \_ that's murder
2003/4/18 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Women] UID:28161 Activity:very high
4/17    Are Ortha-Evra and Ortha-tricyclene paid by insurance?
        \_ Go get the free condoms.  You're cheating on each other and need
           disease protection as much as you need the pill.
           \_ Clearly someone who's not gotten any with and without.
              \_ Not so clear.  Happily married, thanks!  One day you might
                 know the touch of a woman.
                 \_ Yermom is better than your wife.
                    \_ that's not saying much
                 \_ Happily married is an oxymoron. When you come home
                    one day and the house is cleaned out (including the
                    ice cube trays in the freeze and the extra pollen
                    filters for the upstairs heater) you will know that
                    no marriage is happy and no woman can be trusted.
                    Then your education will start. It will be the most
                    expensive, humiliating and degrading lesson you will
                    ever learn. Provided you survive...
                    \_ you are not the real bdg
                    \_ nah, I got over the lousy taste in women thing in
                       college.  It took time and a lot of fucking to figure
                       out the score but I'm doing just fine thanks.
           \_ Condoms are FAR less effective at birth control.  The proper
              Paranoid woman uses both.
                \_ The properly paranoid man uses condoms because he can't
                   trust her to be on the pill and also can't trust that she
                   isn't diseased or trying hard to get diseased somewhere
                   else.  Always use condoms.  That way you don't need to trust
                   each other.  Now go out there and ignore me and get herpes
                   and be parents!  GO BEAR!
                \_ I know a woman who wants kids, whether she's married or not.
                   I'm downright SCARED of sleeping with her.
                   \_ You should be.  Why are you even thinking about it?
                        \_ the answer to that should be self-evident. -tom
                           \_ he wants to be a daddy?  that's the only reason
                              to fuck a chick who wants kids no matter what.
              \_ Of course, nothing beats abstinence, the preferred and
                 endorsed method of the CSUA.
        \_  Depends on your insurance policy.  Why don't you call the
            800 number on the back of your card and ask?  Or look up
            the website? I've found most health insurances cover bcp, but
            there is no single blanket policy.  --chris
        \_  I think we need to rename it, this is not insurance.  It's
            health coverage or a health plan or something.  Insurance
            wouldn't cover this kind of stuff.
            \_ Yeah now if it paid out only when you actually had the
               bad luck to impregnate, now THAT would be insurance.
               \_ I've actually heard of a health insurance plan that
                  covers costs of childbirth *and* abortions, but not
                  birth control. Stupidity knows no bounds.
               \_ You mean cover the cost of a kid from 0-18?
2003/4/13-14 [Health, Health/Women] UID:28108 Activity:very high
4/13    recommendations for a good website about starting out with weight
        training for a wuss?
        \_ What are your goals?  It might help if you clarify that in your
           mind before you start googling.  Do you want to train for strength,
           endurance, tone, bulk, some combination or none of the above,
           etc.                              -mice
           \_ my goal is to lose fat, not to muscle up or get definition. i
              would be much more comfortable with exercises i can do at home
              with smaller weights etc rather than going to the gym or buying
              experienced friend to help you out.  It's WAY too easy really
              heavy duty equipment. I've heard vague things about exercises
              where you use your own body weight for resistance, etc. Does
              this work? any website recommendations? thanks. -op
           \_ every since i left school, my sedentary lifestyle has made me
              chubby. my goal is to lose fat, not to muscle up or get
              definition for the ladies. i would be much more comfortable
              \_ Run, do other cardio.  Lifting weights is not going to
                 accomplish what you seek.  It will improve tone as yu
                 you lose the weight.  run 3.5 miles 4x a week, easy loss.
              with exercises i can do at home with smaller weights etc rather
              than going to the gym or buying heavy duty equipment. I've
              heard vague things about exercises where you use your own body
              weight for resistance, etc. Does this work? any website
              recommendations? thanks. -op
           \_ honestly, I think the smartest thing you can do if you're
              really serious is to either hire a decent trainer until you
              know your way around the machines, or get a knowledgeable,
              experienced friend to help you out.  It's WAY too easy to really
              injure yourself when you're first starting out.  I didn't take
              this advice when I was first starting, and can still feel it
              on bad days...and I've been lifting for several years now.  -mice
           \_ girls.  I just want to train for girls.
              \_ abs. it's all about abs.
                 \_ alright, so what to do for abs?
                    \_ one trainer I had before once told me, everyone has
                       decent abs, it's just getting rid of the fat hiding it.
                       \_ Vaguely true.  Get your bodyfat content down and
                          you'll see good results more quickly.  At the same
                          time, do more toning.  Find a good pilates class.
              \_ There's girls you fuck and there's girls you take home to mom.
                 The girls you take home to mom don't care what your abs look
                 like.  The girls you fuck are easier to nail when drunk and
                 if you find them at parties, they're pre-drunk so you don't
                 even have to buy them a drink.  A few bucks for a cover charge
                 and you'll get all the pussy you need without spending a lot
                 of time, energy and maybe money on altering yourself.  Not to
                 be insulting but I'm guessing you're first or second year?
                 Ever notice how plenty of ugly skinny greasy smelly guys on
                 campus are getting laid?  They're not going to the gym, son.
                 \_ You have a childish concept of women. When you realize
                    that these are not disjoint sets, you will be closer to
                    being a man. --aaron
                 \_ ...I weep for the future of this country.
                    \_ Yeah, it'd be better if having toned abs got you laid.
                       Makes more sense.
                       \_ Chicks dig sensitive guys with toned abs.
                          \_ No.  Chicks dig abusive guys with no future.
                             \_ Work on your abs instead your whining.
                 \_ ugly, skinny, greasy, smelly? you're saying more guys
                    in Soda get laid than in Haas?
                    \_ Depends on which shower you goto at Haas.
2003/2/25 [Health/Women] UID:27519 Activity:nil
2/25    jesus and the fda,8599,361521,00.html
2003/2/15 [Health/Women] UID:27425 Activity:kinda low
        \_ boy how amazing.
        \_ damnit, I sat through the whole thing expecting some scary,
           screaming face to appear suddenly.  I'm very disappointed.
        \_ You mean I wasted 30 seconds of my life on that!! I want
           my life back!
2003/2/11 [Health/Women] UID:27370 Activity:moderate
2/11    People seen this before?
        Asian Women Driving School:
        \_ wow, that's offensive in so many ways
           \_ yeah, but is it offensive considering it was produced by an
              Asian woman?
              \_ No, that just makes it funny.
        \_ Whenever I see stupid driving behavior I assume its a woman.
           \_ Lucky you.  Whenever I see stupid driving behavior I assume
              it's some idiot drunk off his ass.  And 'round here, I'm likely
              right....  PeterM, Abuquerque, NM
              \_ what are you doing in NM?
                 \_ Hah!  Like there are ANY JOBS IN CA!  I had to flee the
           \_ I assume it's someone who should take their menorah back to
              \_ Whenever I see stupid posting, I assume it's a motd troll.
           \_ I assume it's someone from Paris.
        \_ Whenever I see someone doing something completely moronic and
           dangerous I assume that it is an SUV driver talking on a cell
           phone. Guess what? I am almost always right!
                \_ You left out the fact that they are usually drinking
                   a starbucks latte.
        \_ Hey, that girl is pretty hot actually. --aaron
2003/1/5-6 [Health/Women] UID:26998 Activity:high
1/5     Besides Sephora what are some of the stores that let you try out
        perfumes/colognes more easily?
        \_ the perfume counters in any department store will give you
           free samples.
        \_ You can get a free sample if you slap a hooker across the face
           hard enough for the perfume to rub off on your hand.
        \_ Let you?  After *decades* of complaints they finally mostly stopped
           randomly spraying people with the shit.  *Any* place that sells
           perfume will allow you to try it out.  It costs them 5 cents a
           gallon and costs you 50 bucks an ounce.  Why should they care?
        \_ I've never been all that interested in scent on a woman other
           than her own natural scent.  Motd poll:
                I like my women clean but unperfumed:  ..
                I like my women clean and perfumed:
                I like my women dirty and unperfumed:
                I like my women dirty and perfumed:
                Men stink no matter what:
2002/10/18 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:26252 Activity:high
10/17   Whats wrong with you guys. ALL women turn into ugly prunes by 35.
        It's not just Asian women. If anything blond women age faster.
        \_ Black women don't get wrinkles until much later.
        \_ No.  There are lots of hot women of other races over 35.  There are
           no asian women over 35 who aren't stomach turners.  With non-asians
           the rate drops but never hits zero.  Asians: 35+ = zero hotties.
           \_ troll.  I know plenty of asian women over 35 who are
              still cute.  Plenty of asian MILFs out there.
              \_ Not a troll and not my fault if you have really low
                 standards.  MILF, indeed.  Unlikely.  Maybe you know 1 if
                 you're lucky or blind.
                 \_ Maybe he has a fetish for shrivelled prunes.
              \_ What's MILF?  Thx.
                 \_ Multiple Independently-targeted Linear Firearm
                 \_ Mother I'd Like to Fuck.  Basically one of those 35+ y/old
                    moms of your friend(s) who had a child at a young age and
                    is still fuckable and at age < 20 you have the fantasy
                    that she's "in reach".
                 \_ Moro Islamic Liberation Front:
                 \_ from the movie "American Pie". MILF -> Mom I'd Like to
                    Fuck. Although I don't know why for some reason op thinks
                    35+ automatically implies motherhood.
                    \_ It is *not* from the movie.  no more than hollywood
                       invented any of a million other things.  The OP didn't
                       say 35+ implies motherhood, someone later did.
              \_ I only know of one over-35 hot Asian woman.  She's an HR
                 director here.  She looks 35-40.  She has an okay face, but
                 her body is very hot, something like 5'2" 32D-21-33.  Of
                 course these are only my visual estimates.  I wouldn't know
                 her actual figures.  Looking at her is a treat, especially
                 when she's working out.  This is the only one I know in real
                 life.  Every other one is not worth looking at or is worth not
                 looking at.
                 \_ BINGO!  We have a winner!  This is exactly my point.  The
                    rare few that exist occur so infrequently as to be hottie
                    mutants or something.  I work in SF so you'd think I might
                    see a few.  Maybe there's been 1 every 6 months that I've
                    seen on the street, in a restaurant or BART.  Maybe 1.
                 \_ Um, that sounds like my stepmom, but she's 46.
                    And HR VP, not director.
                    \_ What a lucky guy your dad is!
2002/7/10-11 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Women] UID:25323 Activity:very high
7/10    more on gene:
        \_ he shouldn've went to grad school
              \_ Is this a contracted contraction of "shouldn't have"?
        \_ the story was on the front page of Yahoo...
        \_ I still think the RIAA did it
           \_ "it" being yermom?
           \_ Drove him to it or had him sniped?
        \_ Ugly stuff, depression. I'm sorry he didn't think he could get
           help from a professional before he died.
           \_ Actually, he did get help from a professional.  The Wired story
              alluded to his getting on Prozac.  You can't get a scrip for
              Prozac (for depression-- it is prescribed for other things)
              without seeing a professional.  Mental health professionals are
              of varying quality, and though they can do good, they can also
              do tremendous harm.  This is especially true when medication is
              involved because we don't really fully understand how Prozac and
              the other modern anti-depressants work.  One of the problems
              with anti-depressants is that they can give someone who would
              otherwise lie in bed all day just enough get up and go to attempt
              suicide. - seen it happen
              \_ And also, the kneejerk prescription of Prozac or Wellbutrin
                 and the insistence of excessively long stretches (2-3 months
                 feels terrible don't help either.  There are some psychiatrists
                 out there who need to be smacked.
                 instead of say 6 weeks) to "test it out" even if the person
                 feels terrible don't help either.  There are some
                 psychiatrists out there who need to be smacked.
                 \_ Although I agree with you that Prozac and Zyban are
                    over-prescribed, I'd disagree that 2-3 months is an
                    unreasonable time frame to test the medications out.  It
                    takes most individuals approximately 1 month to acclimate
                    to SSRIs.  Effects vary wildly in that first month, and
                    two weeks really is much too brief a time frame to
                    evaluate whether the medication is having a net positive
                    effect.  One problem that is quite common is that SSRIs
                    are incredibly dose sensitive and vary widely in effect
                    between different people's brain chemistry.  As a result,
                    many psychiatrists play a dangerous game with each
                    patient when trying to evaluate what works best for that
                    particular individual.  I have friends who are now quite
                    stable and happy largely due to meds, but, for many of
                    them, the period where they were trying to figure out
                    which medication and what dosage was one of their most
                    trying periods.
                    \_ Indeed.  Note I said 6 weeks (not 2).  I have a close
                       friend who had a seizure on wellbutrin (I know it was
                       a seizure.  I was there.)  And her doctor REFUSED to
                       believe that she had one.  She very quickly found a
                       new doctor who tried a couple other meds and found
                       to treat patients with respect.  If you feel like there's
                       an aspiring deity posing as a doctor, get a second
        \_ I can't belive all this bullshit on prescription drugs!  You guys
           actually buy this bullshit?  You want to get out of depression?
           Try cooking your own food from fresh ingredients every day instead
           of eating restaurant crap or processed crap.  Cut back on meat
           intake and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. for thousands of
           years human being thrived without allergy medications or anti
           depressants.  What makes you people so special that you need
           these chemicals that just control the symptons?
                \_ hello Tawei. What about high quality vitamin C?
           \_ stfu
                       that Zoloft worked wonderfully.  All I wanted to say
                       was that there are many doctors out there who feel like
                       playing god, and there are many doctors who know how
                       to treat patients with respect.  If you feel like
                       there's an aspiring deity posing as a doctor, get a
                       second opinion.
2002/7/1-2 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:25257 Activity:very high
7/1     When two women hug, their breasts will touch each other.  How do
        you straight women feel about that?   -curious
        \_ when two men hug, their penises may touch one another. How
                                 not if they are wearing pants_/
           do you straight men feel about that? No, wait, most straight
           men are freaked out by such things but think two women getting
           it on is a total rush. Grow up.
           \_ men don't hug, faggot.
           \_ men don't hug knee to knee when they rarely hug.  It was a nice
              try at post-feminist over-reaction but frankly that whole thing
              is quite passe and "done".  As my ultra fascist psycho radical
              lesbian feminist friends would say, "Grow up".
              \_ Hmm they usually say "That's not funny."
                 \_ They used to.  Now they just go off on your endlessly and
                    try to verbally batter you into submission.
        \_ do men (straight or otherwise) worry about offending women
           (straight or otherwise) when they hug women and press hips?
           yes, grow up.
           \_ Who the hell are all you people out there who press hips when
              they hug?  Where are all these hip smashing huggers?  I've
              *never* seen or heard of such a thing.  Breasts touch, hips do
              not.  Try some basic biology or better yet just go out there and
              hug someone instead of spreading the hate on the motd.
              \_ it's hard to reach the keyboard while hugging.
                 \_ Oh, well, yeah there's that.
        \_ Another slow day at the
2002/6/27 [Health/Women] UID:25211 Activity:nil
        Semen good for women. I like what the last sentence implies.
        What a bullshit study, article, and conclusion. All it might
        show is condoms are bad.
        \_ Is this s subtle way of saying "blowjobs are good" ...
           The scientists suspect semen will have the same effect on
           women regardless of how they are exposed to it.
           \_ Real sharp, slick.
2002/5/6 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:24726 Activity:insanely high
5/6     Why is it that the pretty girls smile at me all the time when I look
        like crap but ignore me the rest of the time?
        \_ Perhaps it's because she likes it that you're comfortable with
           being yourself and not too conscientious about your looks. Women
           HATE guys who're only into their looks and your outgoingness and
           \_ Please adhere to motd formatting.  You _will_ conform.
              \_ feel better now you anal freakazoid ?
                 \_ You failed to add a newline.  The re-education team should
                    arrive shortly.  Do not resist.  You don't want them to
                    get angry.
           comfortableness are keys to attraction. IMHO.
        \_ Could be pity but at least they do smile at you.
           makes me think that people are so jaded these days
           that you could be another naked guy and no one would notice
           \_ Pity?  You think women have pity?  I'd like to know what planet
           that you could be another naked girl and no one would notice
           \_ Pity?  You think men have pity?  I'd like to know what planet
              \_ I always thought pity was why women give blowjobs.
                 \_ No that's a guilt free exit strategy for women who know
                    men they don't want to piss off (gun/knife issues) but
                    still want to keep as just-friends.  A bj takes a few
                    minutes, she's in control, and then she walks away.  She
                    doesn't even have to swallow to get rid of him.
                    \_ What is the last time you had a good bj?
                       most girls seem to not have a clue what to do.
                       \_ A few days ago. I only date women 25+ who have
                          clue, not 18-20 y/o clueless near-virgins who
                          waste my time as one of their earliest learning
                       \_ 5 yrs ago.  It was so good I couldn't hold back and
                          came in her mouth, and she swallowed.
                          \_ Uhm... if she isn't swallowing it isn't a real bj.
                             Why must the motd tell you this?  That's standard.
                             It goes like this: you warn her about 2 seconds
                             before you cum, she has the option to pull back
                             and turn it into a lame hand job, she swallows and
                             meets the basic blowjob requirement.  Sigh... ya
                             know I think the only thing sadder than my fellow
                             geeks not getting anything is getting it bad or
                             getting the basics and thinking it was special.
                             \_ finding a girl who swallows is like finding
                                a girl on soda. Difficult; but not impossible
                             \_ That was even her very first bj in her live.
                                Now I married her and she gives me lots of bj,
                                but I lost the ability to come on a bj alone.
              you live on and how to buy myself a one-way ticket to this
              strange and mysterious planet where women are nice.
           \_ Could be but it's been my experience that women will just ignore
              \_ BJ subthread deleted for offending .... my oh so sensitive
                 \_ Fuck you, ecchang.
              \_ Different women like different things. Maybe what you think
                    \_ You are welcome.
                 women like a rugged look. -ausman
        \_ Hey, they could be laughing at you instead.  Count your
           blessing.  Which, I guess, works out to one. -geordan
           \_ Could be but it's been my experience that men will just ignore
              a guy and not bother if he's not up to spec.  Since I'm married
              I guess I'll never find out anyway.  Just thought it was odd and
              maybe someone had a half assed answer.
              \_ Different men like different thighs. Maybe what you think
                 of as good looking, many women think is too clean cut. Many
                 women like a rugged look.
        \_ Ah the motd, font of misogyny.
           \_ How is the original question misogynistic?
           \_ Ah the CSUA, font of misogyny. -geordan
2002/1/9 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:23501 Activity:nil
        "Socially, I just find myself in awkward situations. Guys hit on me
        all the time, including a TA. My friendliness gets mistaken for
        flirtation or romantic interest. Why can't a girl just kick back
        and hang out with a guy without him and everyone else thinking that
        there is a romantic involvement!"
        [ reformatted - motd formatting daemon ]
        \_ It's probably because you don't know how to format.
           \_ hey don't pick on her, she's just a girl
        \_ Let's find her pics and we'll judge if she's making this up.
2001/10/23 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Health/Women] UID:22801 Activity:high
        Webfiles: "The Taliban Are Well Liked"
        A Japanese doctor's up-close observations contradict overseas reports
        \_  go to the links at the bottom.
           but of course you probably think all thiese pictures an firsthand
           accounts are fabricated by evil leftists.
        \_ This "doctor's" story does not ring true.  Did the
           editors properly fact-check this?
        \_ Ok, let's drop a random foreigner in the middle of Texas and have
           him report back.  "Yes, you see, everyone in America rides in a
           pickup with a gunrack and drinks cheap beer!"  Even if this guy's
           personal experiences are true and properly reported, it doesn't
           say squat about the population as a whole.  But we know from reading
           the article that he's merely speculating about a few and possibly
           many things.  And don't even get me started on the BBC as a source
           of news.
           \_ Don't be so quick.  A lot of people in Afghanistan love the
              stability that the taliban brought.  Granted, these are the
              in small towns and rural areas who would be raided and suffered
              greatly while factions traded territory.  The people who are
              complaining are, as the Japanese doctor notes, those in the
              large cities, especially Kabul, where they have committed
              astonishing atrocities.  I doubt what the doctor says about
              only "upper-class Afghans" complaining.  But (probably) the
              majority of people [living outside of the cities] there don't
              care about women not being allowed to work because they
              wouldn't anyway.  Also, the doctor is very correct in pointing
              out the refugee problem.
        \_ The solution is obvious. We must attack Japan for harboring
           those who sympathize with terrorists.
2001/9/23 [Reference/Military, Health/Women] UID:22599 Activity:kinda low
9/23    Here's who we are fighting.  Follow the links and have fun.
        \_ See?  They're morally superior to us.  I'm sure the civilians
           must have done something to deserve this!
2001/9/18 [Health/Women] UID:22505 Activity:nil
2001/8/6 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Health/Women] UID:22016 Activity:very high
8/6     ``Silicon Valley is arrogant,'' she said. ``There is too much focus
        on degrees here.'':
        \_ WTF is this woman talking about? If anything, there is way too
           little focus on degrees. Our Senior Architect here had a BA in
           philosophy and designed and wrote some of the sloppiest code
           I've ever seen. And now I'm cleaning up after the fool after
           he left. I'm glad the job market is tight because it's only
           squeezed out all the pretenders.
           \_ she's trying to do an 'end run' around the little detail
              that the ratio of females to males in compsci degree programs
              is ludicrous.
              \_ EE/CS doesn't interested women. There is nothing that
                 can be done about that. Its like asking a guy to learn
                 romantic poetry. Most guys would find that exteremely
                 \_ Here in the boudoir, the gourmand metamorphosizes
                    into the voluptuary!
                 \_ right. This is most likely an extension of the tired
                    old argument "women earn less", and ignoring the detail
                    that they dont want to do the actual work required
                    for high-paying jobs.
                 \_ I disagree.  I think the problem is that many women
                    are not encouraged to pursue EE/CS degrees and/or do
                    not know people who can tell them how much fun EE/CS
                    can be.  My fiance used to think that workin on a
                                \_ fiancee
                    computer all day would be really dull.  Then once she
                    started doing some small web and database work she
                    trying to learn programming on the job. -woman
                    \_ I disagree. Women are less intelligent and simply want
                        more for less work. -man
                        \_ "...more for less work."  Yes, this is
                           unique to women.  It is good you clarified this.
                    \_ Your fiance... she..  signed "woman"?  Where's the
                       lesbian wedding happening?
                 \_ on wonder you dont get laid
                    realized how much she liked programming.  Now she is
                    trying to learn programming on the job.
                    \_ The number of women who find programming interesting
                       is exteremely small. My mom used to be a AI researcher
                       and of 150 other people in her building only three of
                       the women were technical, all of the others were admin
                       staff and disliked computers and even refused to do
                       simple html web pages.
                       Personally I've know women who made better grades than
                       me in math and physics refuse to study engineering (esp.
                       ee/cs) because it was "too dull". They just didn't like
                       the sitting in your cube thinking and tinkering aspects
                       of coding. Almost all of them went to med school or bio
                       because there was more human interaction.
                       Men and women are different and like different types of
                       work. You cannot "encourage" women into a field they
                       don't want to work in.
                 \_ no wonder you dont get laid
                    \_ There are more things in heaven and earth than
                       are dreamt of in your dorm room
           \_ I agree. We have too many coders at work who are either
              dropouts are grads in non-engineering majors in key
              developement positions.
2001/7/26 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:21959 Activity:high
7/26    Women and "hook-ups":
        \_ Why do I find "39%" so difficult to believe?
           \_ because you probably spend/spent all or most of your time on
              campus in Soda.
2001/7/18-19 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Women] UID:21842 Activity:high
7/18    sky, what's the optimal way to work out? Max weight (till muscle
        failure) with minimal time, medium weight with maximal time, or
        somewhere in between? And what's the best recovery period?
        \_ max weight 3x per week.  recovery/stairmaster for the rest
           of the time.
           \_ I've tried a million different workouts and apart from
              the really stupid 2 hour work outs I did in high school,
              it doesn't make that much difference.  The most important
              thing to do is eat right, sleep right, minimize stress,
              and make sure you work out with enough weight to challenge
              your muscles.  In the 4 months I was following this advice
              I got to benching sets of 6 at 320 lbs.  Of course now that
              I have a life I'm nowhere near that strong. -emin
        \_ I've found the best way to work out is *variety*. Take bench press
           for instance. One week, just do 3 sets of 10-12 at the same weight.
           Next week, try incline presses and/or decline presses. Another week,
           do 3-4 sets, increasing 10 pounds per set, to exhaustion. Your
           muscles are highly efficient at adjusting to the same routine, so
           you have to constantly surprise them with a different routine.
        \_ why are you asking sky? Shouldn't you be asking ax?
                \_ this gets more to the point:
        \_ I'm not sky, but I can confirm that no more than 3X a week for
           weights is a good rule of thumb. The secret to your muscle endurance
           and agility also involves cardiovascular activities. Stairmasters,
           treadmills, escalators, etc., so you want to make sure you balance
           your weight-lifting with such exercises. Also watch your diet too;
           and your day-to-day posture. (no slouching when you sit coding 8-10
           hours a day) And a touch of positive mental attitude to get your
           arse to the gym religiously. For more info, check out
  Plenty of good make-sense tips on variety
           of workout you'd ever need. - jthoms
           \_ Is it 3X a week on the same muscle group or 3X a week overall?
              I'm confused because I also heard that the best is to have a
              5-day cycle, where you work on one separate muscle group on each
              of the first four days and then rest on the fifth day.
                \_ It depends on your purpose. (btw, this was covered on motd
                   a few months ago, if you want to see the archive). Get big
                   on a certain muscle groups (chest, shoulder or arm), focus
                   on each group each time you work out. You're less likely to
                   tear a muscle if you pace yourself though. If you just want
                   to get toned, or have limited time to spend at the gym, do
                   comprehensive workout that works different muscle groups.
                   You may alternate chest, then butts, then shoulder, then
                   upper back, etc. to prevent fatigue. - jthoms
2001/7/15-16 [Recreation/Pets, Health/Women] UID:21803 Activity:very high
7/14  So the poor guy that rid this world of Leo got smacked with
      a 3 year jail sentence. I hope that judge that sentenced him
      gets mauled to death by a tiny little useless dog.
      \_ seriously. guy's life is screwed now...hope he gets parole
         \_ the said guy was a moron anyway.  why do you feel sorry for him?
            he's a social misfit who obviously can't control his anger.
              besides, now he's currently under trial for stealing equipment
              from PacBell.
            in addition, now he's currently under trial for stealing
            equipment from PacBell.
            \_ And this is what's WRONG with him?  Who the fuck are you?
               \_ Clearly his actions aren't civilized behavior.  He got
                  what he deserved.  What's your problem?
      \_ Look, when your casual drug dealer, who is doing nothing wrong
         to anybody, and in fact providing people with a service, gets
         10 to 20, you can't really expect me to be sorry for this
         \_ Not to say that that guy didn't deserve it, but shouldn't you be
            arguing against jailing the casual drug dealer instead of using
            him as an example of "oh well, the system's f*ed"?
      \_ First, he's not a moron. Don't tell me you've never stolen
         equipment from your school or work, and don't tell me you've
         \_ I have never stolen equipment from school or work.  If you have,
            you are scum, and I hope you end up in prison one day.
         never been outraged at an animal. Next, I feel sorry for him
         because the poor guy is gonna be locked away for 3 freaking
         years because he did away with a lowly animal. It wasn't a
         \_ bah, with good behavior, just 1.5 years
            \_ 3 months
         human baby or anything, but a #$%& dog! To me, it's the same
         thing as throwing out a houseplant. A dog's got a bit more brains,
         but it's still inferior to humans. => Fine him; that's all.
         \_ It doesn't matter if it's inferior to humans. Retards are inferior
            to me but that doesn't mean I can throw them into traffic. Besides
            animals have value to their owners that you can't calculate easily
            like a broken window. You can't just buy a new one and that's it.
            Animals have memories and personalities, some more than others.
            If advanced aliens come along they should throw you into traffic.
            \_ All men are created equal. Retards are not "inferior" to you
               or anyone else. They are full citizens in the eyes god and the
               law. - nitpicker
         \_ You obviously have never had a dog.
              \_ That's true, I never have. But, although I do realize
                 that people often treat their pets as companions, I
                 don't think that dogs/animals deserve the same status
                 as humans.
                 \_ they don't have the same status as humans.  If the guy
                    threw a baby named Leo into oncoming traffic, he'd have
                    gotten a lot more than 3 years.
                    \_ What if the baby was ugly, useless, and barked in
                       a really annoying manner?
                       \_ that describes every baby i've ever seen, only
                          replaced "bark" with "cry".
                       \_ Then I'd Leo its ass.
                       \_ it'd end up a motd poster just like you
         \_ I have never stolen equipment from school or work.  Just because
            you have no ethics doesn't mean I don't.  The dog owner dinged his
            precious SUV, so he walked over to her, grabbed the dog, and threw
            it into traffic.  Animal abusers are often sociopaths anyway, so
      \_ In PC-eco whack america today animals are as
         if not more important than humans.  Look at the farmers
         vs. the sucker fish in Klamath Falls, Or.
            it's a good idea to get these nuts off the street.
      \_ If you get mad at a dog, kill it and serve it to its owner.  If
         you get mad at a baby, do not kill it THAT IS WRONG!! just sew up
         its mystery hole and keep feeding it peas.  The End.
      \_ In PC-eco whack america today animals are as if not more important
         than humans.  Look at the farmers vs. the sucker fish in Klamath
         Falls, Or.
         \_ Save a farmer! Fillet a sucker fish!
         \_ Die farmers, die!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
         \_ Hey, this is America. Love it or leave it, dude.
            \_ The whacked PC eco nutcase liberalism is the complete
               antithesis of the principles that America is based on.
               We love America, its the whacked out PC eco nutcases
               who need to leave.
2001/7/10 [Health/Women] UID:21755 Activity:high
        \_ Asian women with big breasts are ugly. Cute Asian
           Girls have small breasts. This is the way of things.
           "'Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-
            endowed female is equivalent to a 30 minute aeorbics
            work-out.'" uh-huh.  Who says Sodans don't get exercise?
            \_ D00D U R S0 R1GH7!!!! D/L'1NG PR0N 15 H4RD W0RK!!!!
        \_ this site is so sick and demented
            \_ yeah but the fetishers always got better pix than those
                porn sites.
        \_ Firm Bs are perfect.
           \_ hear hear!
2001/7/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:21727 Activity:high
7/6     Thanks to whoever posted that URL. It's nice to finally
        see what sick twisted sadistic things women are really thinking.
        \_ Hear hear! Spent past 5 hours reading that site. Get past the
           BS commercial pitch, and they sure have some interesting shi
           to say.
           \_ here, here. women should realize they are nothing more than
              baby factories.
              \_ Why don't you turn off that 90% of your brain that's been
                 brainwashed by berkeley liberals and try to use that one
                 last brain cell to see what the guy has to actually say.
                 \_ go the gay way
        \_ more interesting:
           \_ read any penthouse letters recently?
        \_ OK, you guys are morons. Obviously, you've never been to a grocery
           store. How can you explain all of those headlines which say, "How
           to Drive Him Wild." or look "10 Sexual Secrets You'll Need to Keep
           Your Man." For those of you who got divorced and had to pay
           alimony, she probably realized that watching you playing Baldur's
           Gate all of the time was cramping her style.
           \_ Learn to format to 80 columns. And make your point. You've failed
              to do so thus far.
2001/5/21 [Health/Women] UID:21311 Activity:high
5/21    Can someone explain to me exactly wtf happened in the climax of season
        finale of X-Files last night? It made absolutely no sense.
        \_ Not really.  It's the xfiles.  What'd you expect?
        \_ as if any of the episodes make any sense?  Scully had a regular kid.
        \_ it was like Mary and Joseph and Jesus, 3wisemen = lonegunmen bearing
           gifts, the star followed was a spaceship, the angels where the
           aliens, mulder was joseph, mary was scully, the baby was jesus.
           \_ So it was mulder and scully's kid? Was it a virgin birth or was
              it implied that mulder and scully did the deed? Also was the baby
              human or alien?
              I gave up watching X-Files after the movie came out. My favorite
              character, Cancer Man, didn't have a big enough role.
           \_ Wait, so Billy Myers went around killing everyone but really
              wanted to protect the kid? Why try to kill the other protectors?
        \_ was the baby switched? maybe they didn't realize it...
2001/5/7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:21201 Activity:nil 75%like:21199
5/7     Ideal breast size poll:
        < AA:
        A: ...
        \_ Is this for real or a sick joke? Or an asian fetish thing?
           \_ For real. There are many reasons why small is better (but
              not too small or else your chest will be bigger than hers).
              I saw a list on a website once but I'll give you a few.
              They're cute and perky, they hold their form without support
              better than larger ones do generally, women sometimes go
              without that annoying thing we call bras, they don't sag
              as much as larger ones, and its easier to find women with
              A's and B's that are all-natural and aren't grossly overweight.
              \_ No bra good! No bra, see through shirt even better!
                 No bra, see through shirt, short skirt, no panties
                 best! Esp. if asian!
           \_ Dude, 30A's are pretty hot! Brings out the pedophile in
              all of us.
           \_ Asians don't have breasts. A would be large for an
              \_ Wrong. There are fat big breasted chinese and indian
                 women. Unattractive, but still they exists.
                 \_ Indian women are the most attractive women in the world.
                    They also have the right attitude in bed (gotta love that
                    cultural indoctrination).
                    \_ Wrong. Japanese School girls are the most attractive
                       women in the world. - #1 fan of rice fever
              \_ Wrong.  I saw a few with C's and D's with small waists at a
                 shopping mall just yesterday.  If you only hang out in
                 Chinatown your chances will be lower.
                 \_ which shopping mall? Surely not Valley Fair or Vallco.
        B: ..
        C: ..
        D: ...
        D - DD (aka "large D"):
                                \_ I prefer Double-Ds, one in each hand.
                                   - Bill C.
                                   \_ Is that Monica's size?
                                              \_ Monica who? - Bill C.
                                                 \_ Oh Mr. President, don't
                                                    you remember me? - Girl in
                                                    the blue gap dress
        > D:
        \_ The relative chest:bust ratio is more important than the
           absolute size of the breasts.
           \_ It's the relative chest/waist/butt ratio that is important. 3:2:3
             \_ the ability to titty-f is my primary desire, hence absolute
                size is important.
             \_ Both are important to me.
        \_ While we're on this topic, it seems to me that the actual sizes of
           the same cup size measurement (e.g. D-cup) in US and in Japan are
           different.  Is it really the case?
           \_ In theory it's one inch per letter, but like most clothing size
              things, different companies do different things.
           \_ Japanese women with smaller perkier breasts are preferable
              to fat white US women with bigger saggier breasts.
                \_ Lack of choice may lead Japanese men to that conclusion.
        \_ 6 year olds still don't have cup sizes
           \_ Hee hee!  I think that was a joke!  Hee hee!
           \_ Asian women don't have cup sizes either.
           \_ ... especially 6 year old boys.
              \_ get your sick gay ass off the motd
                \_ Where are the soda ladies complaining about this ?
                   I am soo tired of seeing women treated like this on
                   the motd .. a non-female soda ite
                   \_ They are barefoot, pregnant and have gone to the
                      kitchen to get me a beer - #1 white male oppressor
                   \_ There are women on soda? Wow! Pics Please!
                      BTW, how do I sign up for a date with one
                      of them?
                        \_ There's a web form.
2001/4/26-27 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:21110 Activity:insanely high
4/26    house passes bill defining fetuses as people. what's next,
        sperm is "potential people" and jacking off is a federal crime?
        \_ too much gov intervention on people life is a dangerous thing.
           besides we should be concerned with over population.
           21 week old fetus reaches out and grabs doctor's hand.
           \_ what is a "medical ethicist"? hi there, i'm a medical ethicist.
              as opposed to a diesel engine ethicist. what i say goes.
           \_ I thought the picture was interesting.
        \_ Yes!  Excellent!  *Now* young troll, you have walked across the
           rice paper without leaving a mark!  I'm so proud of you!  -papatroll
           \_ thanks, dad. now i must seek revenge against the evil red trolls.
        \_ Yeah.  Millions of potential murders.   You horrible mocking
           unbeliever, you!  Uhm, Die now or something.
        \_ sperm does not have the full genetic code to make a unique
           human being.
           \_ So is masturbation a half murder?  Potential murder?  Maybe an
              attempted murder?
              \_ think boolean operation.  sperm by itself or an egg by itself
                does not activate human life threshold function.  0 or 1.
                \_ okay, what if I take a bunch of sperm and eggs, and mix
                   them around in a solution so that I get a thousand little
                   2-cell fetuses, and then flush it down the toilet. did
                   i just kill thousands of people?
                  \_ so when does human life start for you?
                    \_ so why do you only answer with another question?
                        \_ answering without proper context would not be
                           a good idea.  A larger view of things would be better.
                           So when does human life start in your view?
                           \_ what does my opinion have to do with yours?
                              \_ the question to resolve is when life
                                 starts.  I want to get the other point of view
                                 too to be able to properly contrast the two.
                                 \_ i asked whether the sperm egg thing would
                                    be killing, not for a compare/contrast.
        \_ We're finally taking our nation back!!!      -NRA supporter
           \_ Uh, you're mixing your politics up.  The NRA has nothing to do
              with abortion.
              \_ When sperm is outlawed, only outlaws will have sperm.
                 \_ i have more sperm than i need, but not as much as i want.
        \_ if sperm is "potential people" then I practice genocide on a
           daily basis
           \_ sperm and fetus are completely different things...
        \_ they are people, human, but are they US citizens?
           \_ Probably not, since they are not (yet) born in the US.
                 pills", on the other hand, kill fertilized eggs.  E.g. RU401.
              \_ Interesting point. Its is not clear that the "equal
                 protection" clause would apply to unborn children.
                 But it is still murder, since killing a non-citizen
                 is the same as killing a citizen.
                 \_ why do you care if some fetus is aborted? i can
                    see why the mother cares, but why should you?
                    it's none of your damn business. what justification
                    do you have for considering a fetus a person?
                    the bible certainly doesn't. a fetus doesn't
                    breathe air. it is physically integrated into the
                    mom's body, sharing her bloodstream. damned if
                    the government has jurisdiction over the inside
                    of someone's body. A uterus is not US territory.
                    \_ I'm pro-choice, however, I do care if other people are
                       killing other third parties I don't know.  Your logic
                       doesn't follow cleanly on that point.
                    \_ why should you care about Jane Doe or John Doe
                       being murdered elsewhere?
                       \_ because they're human beings.
                          \_ so are those in the womb.  When does human life
                             start relative to conception? 9 months?
                             12 months?  when?
                             \_ Life begins at birth, however, you're not a
                                real person until around age 8 or so (it varies)
                                at which point you are capable of feeling for
                                others.  Once you can feel for others, you
                                become human and not just some animal on two
                                legs.  Yes, this logically leads to post-natal
                                abortions.  And why not?
                                \_ 8 years?  Yes!  If my 5 year old kid is
                                   bratty, I have a right to kill him/her!
                                   That would be so cool!
                             \_ a person's life begins when they're *born*.
                                duh. that's the standard by which society
                                has always judged these things. that's
                                why we celebrate birthdays, not conceptiondays.
                                why do you have to try to use your limited
                                medical knowledge to complicate things? what's
                                wrong with the obvious definition?
                                do you want us to start putting fetal tissue
                                in graves, and have church gatherings for it,
                                and put who knows what on the headstone?
                                \_ so you would support killing a "baby"
                                   20 seconds before it is to be born
                                   (such as 1 second before 9 months)?
                                   \_ irrelevant. i don't *support*
                                      killing anything, fetuses included.
                                      if a woman goes into contractions,
                                      and then kills the baby, jeez
                                      you're reaching. but if there's a
                                      line to be drawn it should be
                                      sensible, like third trimester.
                                      \_ what's the point in protecting
                                         fetuses if it isn't human life
                                         and human life begins at a birthday?
                                         How dare you infringe on the rights
                                         of women who just so happen to have
                                         a bunch of cells in them.  There
                                         is no point protecting those cells.
        \_ just consider this thought experiment. we have the ability
           to produce test tube babies. so imagine a timed apparatus
           containing egg and sperm, set to begin the conception at
           12 midnight. then the janitor knocks it over. is that murder?
           if not, why not? a fetus is a bunch of cells that will grow
           into a baby. so is that egg and sperm, in that apparatus.
           now replace that apparatus with a guy and girl. oh shit,
           by not fucking each other they're murdering a potential baby!
           \_ I believe this is called a "slippery slope argument" or
              "argument from the heap", but I don't remember which.  It's
              a common fallacy.  Basically you are saying the gov't
              arbitrarily drew a sharp line dividing A and B.  However,
              A is to B as B is to C and B is to C as C is to D.  Therefore
              since A is illegal and that is pretty  much the same as D,
              then D should be illegal.  Since making D illegal would be
              absurd you conclude that making A illegal is also absurd.
              Killing a person is illegal so since smart animals are similiar
              to people killing them should be illegal too.  Also since
              dumb animals are similiar to smart animals, killing them
              should be illegal.  Insects are basically dumb animals
              so killing insects should be illegal.  But making the
              killing of insects illegal is absurd so making murder
              illegal is also absurd.  By the way, I'm not pro-life,
              I'm just pointing out that your argument is flawed. -emin
              \_ i disagree. because there is a huge difference between
                 a seperate living organism (baby) and the organic parts
                 inside a mother that _can_ produce a baby.
              \_ emin, i know the answer to this point and it's not one
                 that should be discussed right now, because we need to
                 talk about other things. -lotfi zadeh.
                 \_ That makes me very curious.  What is the answer?
                 \_ Hah, hah, very funny, really.  I didn't know other
                    sodans were at Zadeh's talk on Tuesday. -emin
                    \_ i was there, wasn't it? -lotfi zadeh.
        \_ what's the definition of a fetus? 4 weeks after conception?
                \_ okay, what if I take a bunch of sperm and eggs, and mix
                   them around in a solution so that I get a thousand little
                   2-cell fetuses, and then flush it down the toilet. did
                   i just kill thousands of people?
           2 weeks after embryo?
           \_ defined as ``a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage
              of development, who is carried in the womb''
           \_ so will this make using oral birth control illegal, since
              those are fertilized eggs being flushed away?
              \_ The common female birth control pills don't kill fertilized
                 eggs. They prevent eggs from being produced.  "Morning-after
                 pills", on the other hand, kill fertilized eggs.  E.g. RU-486.
                 \_ Bzzt.  Wrong.  on both counts.  birth control pills
                    prevent fertilized eggs from attaching to the uterine
                    wall.  RU486 causes the uterine wall to slough away,
                    thereby ending the pregnancy.  Get a fucking clue.
                    \_ Actually, it looks like we both are right about the
                       common pills.  Plus they also prevent eggs from being
                       fertilized.  See
        \_ I think it's not the government's business.  I support the
           mom-is-god until baby is given birth position.  The bond
           between mom and fetus is unique, and mom has to take all
           responsibilities for it.
           \_ i fully agree. an unborn fetus is not a person. it is not a
              citizen of any country. hence, if the mother kills her own
              fetus it's nobody else's business. if someone else kills it
              or damages it against her will, that's another matter, but
              we're protecting the mother's rights and not the damn fetus.
           \_ Mom is not always god, because not all moms are good. Consider
              moms that want to kill thier kids. Bad mothers. Murders.
              \_ I agree, but God has given mom and unborn kid a unique bond,
                 and has given mom the full responsibility (including guilt)
                 for the unborn kid.  Attempts for the clumsy government to
                 intervene will only backfire and make things worse.
              \_ not all gods are good either.  so?
        \_ let us take a baby inside the womb about to be born.  Lets take
           it partially out.  Lets kill it.  Legal in the U.S.  What's the
           difference between a baby halfway out of the womb and a baby
           outside the womb in terms of being "human", or having the act
           be "legal".
        \_ what if the woman miscarries the fetus?  should woman be charged
           with involuntary manslaughter?
           \_ No, miscarriage is not the same a murder (or what you refer
              to as abortion). A induced miscarriage would be murder though.
              \_ You missed his/her point.  If I accidentally ran someone down
                 with my car, killing him, I'm charged with involuntary
                 manslaughter, even though I clearly didn't mean to hit the
                 person.  The poster is trying to stretch that to miscarriage
                 \_ it's not a stretch. what if the mom crashes her car and
                    the resulting injury causes a miscarriage? hmmmm?
                    \_ Well, I didn't use the word "stretch" in that I
                       disagreed with him (I'm undecided actually).  But it
                       is a valid question, imho.
                \_ the idea is "intent" or negligence.
                 \_ What if a pregnant woman goes to see a movie rated NC17?
                    Since her fetus is a "human being", wouldn't she be
                    violating some rules about bringing children there?
                    Can a pregnant woman be sued for child abuse if she
                    smokes or drinks (good Republican values) while
                    pregnant, since the House republicans are calling
                    the fetus a human being?
2001/4/25 [Health/Women] UID:21101 Activity:nil
4/25    Just saw a poster: "Exotic is not a compliment".  In what ways is it
        not a compliment?
        \_ for when ethnic chicks (asian, mullatto) are called 'exotic'. They
           claim that 'things' are exotic, not people...
           \_ Only the annoying PC ones.  Real women understand that it isn't
              meant that way and don't spend too much time flipping through a
              dictionary for ways to be 'offended'.  Exotic just means, "not
              white and very attractive".  Ugly not-white chicks are never
              called exotic.  They're called ugly.
              \_ Agreed.
              \_ Your definition is wrong.  White chicks are often exotic.
                                            \_ Only 4 R1C3 B015!
              \_ do you mean this in the same way that "nigger" isn't an
                 offensive word? -ali
        \_ I wish I was exotic. -white boy
          \_ I wish I was white - broke and exotic
                \_ Go to Japan.  The women there will molest you.
                   exotic is in the eye of the beholder.  Of course, they're
                   mostly dumb women with the disgusting habit of smoking.
                   \_ Aren't the women in Japan well dressed, demure, shy and
                      slightly coy? - #1 anime fan
           \_ You are.
        \_ I am erotic.
           \_ People who post on the motd are not erotic.
2001/3/19 [Health/Women] UID:20843 Activity:high
3/19    All women are evil.
        \_ You are Dave Sim and I claim my five pounds.
2001/3/14-15 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:20785 Activity:high
3/14    Women are more violent than Men:
        \_ That article means nothing.  The results at most show those women
           *attempted* to fight, a much better quantifier of violence would
           be number of stitches.  When was the last time you saw a man
           bruised from a beating by his wife.  Get a clue, stop posting
           idiotic articles.
                \_ Did you read the same article I just did?  It doesn't
                   say what you're claiming it says.  A more important point
                   is that this information was suppressed for 14 years.
        \_ It took you this long to figure that out?
        \_ You guys are wimps.
            \_ I guess women have more balls than men:  *I* wouldn't
                start a fight with someone bigger and stronger than me.
2001/2/15 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:20607 Activity:nil
        (and you thought a 4:1 male-female ratio was limited only to
        tech corridors and EE departments.)

        "A mini-census conducted in 1995 showed that never-married men 20 to
        44 years old outnumbered their female counterparts by nearly 2 to 1.
        (Between the ages of 25 and 39, the ratio was 4 to 1.) ... 'If you
        have an area where men are up in the hills, on the periphery,
        growing old without women, these people have always become ... the
        raw material of rebellion in China,' said William Lavely, a visiting
        sociology professor at UCLA."
        \_ [censor's comments censored again] It's not my quote. I just
           don't like you and every other motd censor. So now I'm giving
           you a taste of your own medicine.
           \_ WTF is your problem?  YOU are the one censoring things.  YOU
              are the one removing quotes and text and comments from the motd.
              Fucking replace the original comment/entry because it was an
              accurate critique of the original motd entry, and gave a much
              more complete picture of what the article said and what the
              situation in china is.
        \_ The chickens are coming home to roost.
           \_ The alternative being...?  Mass starvation?
        \_ and for a different type of quote from the same article:
           "Where are you going to get extra females? Import women from other
            countries?" Banister said. "Only the most radical things could
            solve it, and nobody's suggesting those radical things, like women
            getting two husbands each."
        \_ Marry Russian women. I heard that Russia has more women than men
           cause the men drank too much vodka.
        \_ The solution is Christianity, and its anti-abortion stance will
           stop the parents from using ultrasound to abort female fetuses.
2000/10/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:19426 Activity:insanely high
10/6    Are women in EE/CS highly contested for?  If so, is it because they're
        desirable or is it because they are rare?
        \_ If you're looking at it from a corporate perspective, female
           engineers are more desirable hiring candidates, because employers
           like to keep their demographics in hiring balanced to qualify for
           equal opportunity employment.
           \_ Female empolyees are more expensive than Male employees. Most
              women have one bad week every month. Thats a 25% reduction in
              efficicy. Plus they all want to get married, pregnant, leave
              early to take care of kids, etc. Don't hire a woman engineer
              if you want to get any work done.
              \_ I would never get laid if I didnt hire female subordinates.
                      \_ considering the appearance of many female engineers,
                         you and a pumpkin or a whole in the ground might
                         be a better bet.
                 \_ R U l00K1NG 2 G3T SU3D D00D?!?
        \_ Women who are hot, smart, expressive, and are like you are rare
           finds.  If you are EE/CS, and review the EE/CS meat, the Bell
           curve has shifted that much over to the right for you.
                \_ expressive? .... like python?
                      \_ like smalltalk.
                   \_ baby, if you do the right things, in no time at all
                      she'll be wanting *your* python
                \_ yeah, and look at all the guys in EE/CS who are hot, smart
                   and expressive.  Hah.  -tom
                      \_ I guess you mean Ali.
                   \_ there are some who are one for three (smart).
                      \_ or two out of three.
                         \_ tom is smart and expressive...
                            \_ And hot! wee-oooo!
                               \_ I believe that it is spelled H0T D00D!
                                  \_ soda% grep "\~raytrace\/ " access.log | wc
                                           21     336    3119
                                     soda% grep "\~lila\/ " access.log | wc
                      most poeple in this world, is only attractive as far
                                            4      62     639
                                     soda% grep "\~tom\/ " access.log | wc
                                            1      14     162
        \_ Old jungle saying 'What do you call a pretty girl in EE/CS class?'
           'A visitor'. Women in EE/CS only get play cause EE/CS geeks can't
           get dates with any other types of women. I've only met a few EE/CS
           women that knew thier stuff. All the others were either getting
           the homeworks from thier boyfriends or were bonking the TAs.
                \_ You obviously never met raytrace.
                   \_ Not being ugly is not the same as pretty.  Raytace, like
                      most people in this world, is only attractive as far
                      as she isn't ugly.  IF you really think she is a beauty
                      then you need to get out more.
                        \_ Although not number 1 on my favorite people list,
                           this is so FUCKED UP
                           severely and positively fucked up.
                           picking on a single person like this was highly
                           inappropriate.  Both of you should be ashamed.
                           The first for setting her up as some ideal which
                           was certain to be attacked on the motd, and the
                           second for taking the bait and attacking her.
                                \_ You miss the fact that there is a long
                                   tradition of someone posting about EECS
                                   women to the motd every few months, and
                                   the response is always "you haven't met
                        \_ You bozo, raytrace is an example of a woman
                           who didn't have to depend on boinking someone.
                        \_ Can you keep your opinions to yourself?
                           who are you to publically discuss her level
                           of attraction anyway?  and who are you to dismiss
                           those who find her attractive so quickly?
                           this is so FUCKED UP severely and positively
                           fucked up.
                           \_ look I'm not saying she is ugly, I'm just
                              saying she isn't really all the remarkable
                              one way or the other.  And you know, that
                              generally non remarkably pretty (or ugly)
                              people are still attractive cause basically
                              the human body is attractive. Just she isn't
                              worth trotting out as a gorgeous CS girl,
                              cause if that is as gorgeous as CS girls get
                              then the comment that there are no gergeous
                              CS chicks out there is right on the money.
                              \_ For most sodans, live female human falls
                                 into the attractive category.
                                 \_ i don't knew who raytrace is, but damn,
                                 this is some funny shit.  you guys have
                                 really mellowed my friday.
                           \_ Hi lila!  People have a right to discuss their
                              opinions!  It's in the constitution somewhere!
                                \_ uh, why would you think i wrote that...
                                   i don't try to censor people, and i
                                   generally sign my posts.  -lila
                              \_ Actually, its in the Bill of Rights, which
                                 is technically not part of the Constitution.
                                 \_ Umm it is an amendment to the constituion.
                                    That makes it part of it.  Dumbass.  The
                                    thing to correct people about is those
                                    idiots who think the Decleration of Indep.
                                    is part of the constitution (Life, liberty,
                                    and all the fucking jazz)
                                    \_ Amendments are add ons to the
                                       constitution. They are not part of it.
                                       Ask a constitutional lawyer. There is
                                       a difference.
                   \_ no I haven't. Who's raytrace?
                   \_ Any pics?  Her home page doesn't have any.
                   \_ leave raytrace alone.  singling out a woman
                      on the motd is so fucking pathetic.
                      \_ I bet you're trying to score with her, that's
                         why you are defending here on the motd. Typical
                         EE/CS geek: "Hey baby, they were beating you up
                         on the motd, but I posted telling them to lay off.
                         How about a date? I promise to bathe the week before."
                         \_ pathetic. once again.  i'm female, straight and
                            \_ Are you going to swindle your man out of his
                               hard-earned money because he wasn't smart enough
                               to get a prenup?
           \_ Not all EE/CS students are geeks who can't get play with
              non-EE/CS chicks.  Those who can't deserve what they get.
              \_ If you are any good at EE/CS you won't be interested in
                 getting play.
                 \_ This sounds more like sour grapes than anything.
           \_ Eva Chan was cute.  Anyone knows where she went?
              \_ got pix?
                 \_ No, I wish I got some.
           \_ Where do all the lonely geeks go?  Now you know.
                 \_ They're all posting on the motd looking desperately for
                    pics of female ee/cs students.  I already knew that.
2000/9/24-25 [Health/Women] UID:19316 Activity:high
9/23 -- what are YOU?
        \_ Performer (yah baby!)
        \_ Fucker (enjoys the juiciness of performers 'baby'!)
        \_ JUDGE!
        \_ Experimenter (DIAT) -- woohoo
        \_ Politician, you puny voters
2000/9/7 [Health/Women] UID:19199 Activity:nil
9/6    Asian Women or White women ?
        \_ there are good women and not so good women in both groups.
          \_ but which has a higher percentage of good ones?
2000/8/8 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Health/Women] UID:18916 Activity:high
        I've got tape drives, nerf guns and stock options. Don't need no
        steeking women in my work place.
        \_ Most girls lose interest in math/science from 11-15. Why can't
           we just accept this fact and just let it be. Girls are good at
           GUI. Guys are good at core. Fuck this equal pay, equal right
           shit.                                                -guy
        \_ Dr. Anita Borg. Heh. Her names Borg. Heh. Heheheh.
        \_ "At lunch they would just talk about...wires and machines."
           Whoa, that sucks-- this lady was working with a bunch of people
           who actually liked their jobs enough to talk about them
           outside of the office.
                \- seems to me this is what leads to the so-called "ageism"
                in the valley as well ... would you rather hire a guy who
                goes hometo the wife and kids or hangs out at work and hacks?
                these people complaining just need to deliver where it counts:
                productivity. it would be one thing if the women were
                complaing about being hit on and such. --psb
                \_ Yeah, psb has got it right on.  Nothing improves my
                   productivity than chicks in the workplace.  Down-to-
                   earth, productive, nice-smelling women.  I am so
                   motivated -- it's such a pleasant working environment
                   I can code forever with that 50:50 M/F ratio that
                   I've missed so long ago from before college.
                \_ Some guys who go home at 6-7 PM also get in at 6-7 AM.
                   The kids that come in at 11-12 PM and leave at 2 AM only
                   spend a few more hours at work and generally are not
                   as effective for lack of experience. I would prefer
                   a mix of old and young on my development team in order
                   \_ i prefer a special computer selected team with masks that
                      give everyone special powers and ordinary vehicles that
                      turn into fighting platforms!
                      \_ No good -- I'd get stuck working with T-Bob.
                        \_ We have developed AI to such a degree that the AIs
                           now do all the programming at my company.  It
                           became a problem though when they formed a union.
        \_ I do not trust Dr. Borg.
        \_ If society is sending a message to women/girls that they aren't
                   build a good product.
                \_ It's bullshit.  If productivity is the goalpost, pay
                   according to actual productivity, not dumb prejudices.
                   Companies would rather hire a 20-something who goofs off
                   24/7 than a 50-something who actually has work ethic but
                   only works five days out of the week.  That's ageism, or
                   at least stupidity.  And yet it's what's done.
                   \_ Let us know when you found the perfect company.  What
                      you're forgetting is the 50 year olds who spen 40hrs/wk
                      fucking around vs. the 20somethings who spend 100+ doing
                      great work.
           capable of working with computers (math, etc.), then I think that
           is terrible and something that should be remedied.
           However, all the discussion i have seen about the shortage of
           women in the computer industry is about the fact that women
           don't want to work with the kind of people who generally work
           with computer.  Well, if that's the case, then fuck them.  I find
           that argument absolutely galling.  What's the solution, stop
           geeks from going into the computer industry and replace them with
           actors and models and frat-boys or something?
           \_ That's the Trilogy model.
           \_ Women don't go into computers, generally, because they're not
              very bright and only want to be pregnant.
2000/8/4-5 [Health/Women] UID:18870 Activity:high
8/3     Anybody else find cubicle flatulence to be a problem?  The woman
        that sits next to me farts a lot!  and it really stinks.  Women like
        to pretend that they don't fart, but they do.   And it smells really
        really bad.  -victim of cubicle flatulence
             \_ that's fuckin' funny...are you a guy or a girl who's
                suffering miserably.  I haven't seen an older woman
                rip one yet in public, and much less the "silent
                but deadly" type.
        \_ iaido.  A cubicle is roughly 6' in diamter.  nice and quiet.
        \_ Pretend that the AC is not cool enough for you, then get a small
           fan and face it her way.
        \_ I often fart in my cube. What else should I do, run to the bathroom
           20 times a day?
                \_ Cut down on the beans or see a doctor.
        \_ Screw the cube, get an office.
                \_ IF you're Asian, you might be lactose intolerant.
                   Watch your dairy intake.
                        \_ Even if you're not asian.
2000/7/27 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:18796 Activity:nil
7/27    *sigh*  Do all women suck?  Or just only the ones that I meet?
        \_ I'm a woman. I don't suck.
        \_ Wow. All the ones I meet, can't ever get them to suck.
           \_ jj is that you?
        \_ They would suck, but they wouldn't swallow, which made me
           think that they didn't love me.  I may have been wrong.
2000/6/4 [Health/Women] UID:18402 Activity:moderate
04/64   What does it mean when some statistic says that some form of
        contraception has a xx% success rate? I've seen condom stats
        as low as 80%. Does that mean that 1 out of every 5 uses will
        get you pregnant? That doesn't seem to make sense since aren't
        women fertile about that same percentage of the month?
        \_ my memory is it is after a year of regular use
        \_ It means "parenthood".
2000/4/25-27 [Health/Dental, Health/Women] UID:18113 Activity:very high
4/25    Everyone watch 60 mins II tonight at 9 on ch 5 and watch their
        report on Ecstasy.  See my arch-nemisis emmanual sferios. -sky
        \_ Just another media expose with the alarmist perspective
           on alternative culture.
        \_ Is he aware you're his arch nemesis?  That seems unlikely.
           \_ He is aware.  He forced my gf to resign from her position
              because she refused to break up with me.  He was crying
              and stuff and he also thinks I am out to destroy him.
                \_ You're a psycho.  That's the wildest shit I've heard on the
                   motd in over 3 days.
                  \_ Heh...most people do think I am psychotic.  I prefer
                     it that way.  But it is true.  He told her in no
                     uncertain terms that if she didn't stop seeing me,
                     she would not be allowed to participate in dancesafe.
                     First off, he criticizes me for doing crystal, but
                     he did some before the 60 minutes interview because
                     it he feels it makes him more talkative and personable.
                     But he was also hurt because she had always put DS first
                     in her life and never had much of a life outside of
                     work until she met me.  And he has a crush on her.
                     Then there are a whole other host of reasons I wont go
                     in to.  -sky
                        \_ All 3 of you are way too far gone into the drugs.
                           Only some druggy fucks would behave like any of
           \_ It doesn't follow that because emmanuel is sky's arch-nemesis,
              sky is emmanuel's arch-nemesis.
              \_ What do you think "arch" means?  Duh.  --i386
                 \_ chief/principal.  What do YOU think it means?
                    \_ lame-ass drug testing
                 \_ We know what it means, you don't.  For example:
                    Bill Gates is Scott McNealy's Arch-Enemy, however
                    Bill Gates' arch-enemy is not SM, but Janet Reno
                    \_ Wow, you're all idiots.  This was a joke.
        \_ What's your issue with Sferios?  The cop seems like more of a
           bastard. -dans
           \_ Wants to take away your drugs and put your dumb ass in jail?
              \_ Drugs are bad, mmkay, don't do drugs.  Do you think this
                 actually works?  All my friends went through drug scare
                 education, and that didn't stop any of them from
                 getting into some serious shit.  If they were taught
                 something sane, like abstaining from drugs is best, but, if
                 you're going to use, use responsibly, they would have been
                 saved from a world of grief.  And if you think this is just
                 about drugs, it isn't.  The biggest substance problems I've
                 seen are associated with alcohol, and hey, that's legal, so
                 it must be okay.  Please.  Drug scare education is insane
                 because there is no recourse when it fails, and it almost
                 always does.  Locking people up doesn't work.  Methods like
                 harm reduction that teach responsible use are far more
                 effective.  Want living proof, look at sex-ed programs that
                 teach only abstinence versus programs that encourage
                 abstinence, but also teach about safer-sex.  The bone-headed
                 communities that teach abstinence-only consistently have
                 higher rates of teen pregnancy and stds. -dans
                 \_ Don't put words in my mouth.  I simply think you're a
                    whiney "make my drugs legal" cry baby.
                    \_ Don't put words in my mouth.  I didn't say anything
                       about legalization.  I did say something about drug
                       scare education being about as intelligent as you
                       are.  I simply think you're brainwashed reactionary.
                        \_ Which was a response to me saying your stupid
                           druggy ass belongs in jail, not in school.
           \_ He is willing to jepoardize the collectives that supported him
              in his quest to spread harm reduction.  Plus he had a big
              crush on my girlfriend and made her resign for not breaking
              up with me.  And he talks a lot of shit behind peoples backs
              and lies and twists their words around as he sees fit.  -sky
              \_ Made her resign?  Over you?  Don't be ridiculous.
                 \_ She was the first dancesafe volunteer and one of
                    only a handful of salaried DS employees.  Yes,
                    she had to resign for not breaking up with me.
                    He has issues, trust me.  -sky
                        \_ I still question "had to resign".  Or else what?
              \_ Good answer.  So, in your opinion, does that completely
                 taint DanceSafe, or is it still a worthwhile organization
                 to work with? -dans
                 \_ Well, he is the national director...There is no longer
                    a Bay Area was disbanded after my gf left.
                    If you want to help spread harm reduction nationally,
                    then it is definately a worthwhile organization to
                    work with.  If you would rather help practice and
                    spread harm reduction in the bay area, my gf is
                    organizing a group that will continue to do was the
                    ds bay area chapter did...distribute harm reduction
                    literature, answer questions, and do pill testing at
                    local raves and you might prefer working with her.
                    I have a big mouth...I really shouldn't talk shit
                    about him like this.  Email me if you want to talk
                    about it more...  -sky
                        \_ So you're an active supporter of kids doing only
                           moderate amounts of damage to themselves?
        \_ Emanuel rocks.  The war on drugs is expensive and completely
           ineffective; harm reduction is the only rational answer.
           There are a number of other groups involved with it, which 60
           minutes choose not to mention (despite interviewing them). -kurtz
           \_ I am all for harm reduction.  But emanuel is willing to fuck
              over the people who supported him (im not talking about me)
              in order to achieve those goals.  He is also a hypocritical,
              delusional, arrogant, closed minded, meglomaniacal bastard.
              But yeah, they didnt include their interview with Shulgin,
              the national police consultant on dance drugs that supports
              dancesafe and pill testing, or the Dutch Nat. drug prosecutor
              supporting pill testing.  And the dude that possibly took
              5 pills and died most likely had DXM.  Plus their was no
              evidence given on ecstasy causing brain damage...All that
              was shown was that overheating causes brain damage.  Over-
              heating is an effect of too much dancing/notenough water.
              Even then, personally I think its not the E that causes
              compulsive dancing (whatever that may be) but rather
              speed that the E is mixed with.  When I am rolling on
              good MDMA, I can barely stand up, much less dance.
                \_ You're just fucking whacked.
                   \_ You don't the half of it  -sky
                        \_ Don't want to, either.
        \_ update: emanuel is no longer my arch-nemisis.  He asked my gf
           back as ba director and blames switching from paxil to another
           anti-depresant causing his OCD to flare up.  -sky
                \_ MDMA has been shown to cause permanent physical changes to
                   brain matter.  (unlike many other drugs out there)  Is this
                   damage?  Well, it's not what nature intended, and I would
                   find it hard to believe that these changes would be for the
                   better.  Simply because the piece didn't cite the evidence
                   doesn't mean it isn't there.
                   \_ The evidence is unclear with regards to normal usage
                      patterns -- the evidence for damage which I've seen used
                      either large or repeated doses.  60 minutes claimed
                      there's evidence that suggests permenant (discernable)
                      differences after a single dose, which contradicts the
                      studies which i've seen.
                      In addition, there is significant evidence that using
                      SRIs (prozac, zoloft, etc) 3-6 hours after dosing
                      can prevent damage.  I've also read one study
                        \_ Heh, do you use SRIs when you take MDMA?  Have
                           you ever seen people take SRIs after taking
                           MDMA?  What is the optimum time frame vs. dosage
                           to take to avoid damage?  This is all way to
                           experimental and the consequences too dire for
                           the average Joe messed up enough to actually
                           be in the drug scene to be playing with.
                           \_ I try to take prozac within 6 hours of dropping.
                              20 milligrams is best for most ppl.  It depends
                              on how much u dropped and how regularly you do
                              mdma.  --sky
                           \_ I have seen people using SRIs after using
                              MDMA.  I wouldn't (and don't) say that
                              this makes it *safe* -- but I do believe,
                              based on the current evidence, that it is
                              likely to make it safer.  Given that the
                              people I talk with about this are already
                              using MDMA on a regular basis, I don't
                              see any harm which can come from suggesting
                              that they try measures which appear --
                              based on current scientific evidence --
                              to be helpful.
                              The useful timeframe is 3-6 hours after
                              dosing.  In animal studies, this prevents
                              all toxicity.
                              So far, there is little evidence of dire
                              consequences in terms of behavior or other
                              areas.  New studies may change that, though;
                              I have seen individual case histories
                              where extremely high doses may have been
                              related to *serious* problems.  I always
                              tell people not to do high doses.
                      indicating that only one of the two isomers is the one
                      responsible for the neurotoxicity -- I don't think
                      it's easy or cheap to produce just one isomer, but it
                      might be possible given sufficient economic incentive.
                      Anyway, these suggest that if MDMA were legal, it
                        \_ Uh, hello logic?  How does this suggest anything
                           of the sort?
                           \_ Simple.  Chemically it seems that it may be
                              possible to have the high without
                              neurotoxicity.  If it were legal, I think
                              there'd be quite an incentive to provide
                              it in form which wouldn't be neurotoxic.
                              Right now, there isn't.
                      might well be possible to make it much less harmful
                      (beyond the simple measure of making sure it isn't
                      mixed w/ DXM, etc.).
                      MDMA may well be harmful even with low and infrequent
                      doses -- it is certainly possible, and caution is in
                      order -- but alarmism is no better than blindly
                      ignoring evidence of danger.
                      I have some references available, btw -- I believe in
                      providing information about this, since there are real
                      dangers which users should be made aware of.  I think
                      that providing false information will make users ignore
                      the very real dangers.  -- kurtz
                        \_ What false information are you referring to here?
                           Some studies have shown neurological changes
                           after a single dose.  Perhaps these studies were
                           flawed, but who knows?  The point is that MDMA
                           \_ Reference, please?  I'd like to see the study
                              which demonstrates long term neurological
                              changes after a single dose.  I can
                              find you a study which shows no observable
                              differences whatsoever after a single dose.
                               \_ OK I'll call your bluff.  Can you please
                                   show me that study that shows no observable
                                   differences after a single dose.  - tpc
                           is a neurotoxin and that message is not out there.
                           People are making irreversible changes to their
                           brains and they can't know what the consequences
                           will be.  (I believe studies are showing no
                           recovery in the affected tissue 7 years out
                           at this point)
                           \_ What studies are you referring to?  That a TV
                              news magazine airs a soundbyte saying that
                              "Studies have shown that a single does of
                              MDMA can cause brain damage" is pretty weak
                              proof.  Show me the study(ies).
                              \_ A study by George Ricuarte of John Hopkins
                                 found that in lab rats and 2 human subjects
                                 that MDMA can cause long term damage to the
                                 terminals of seratonin-releasing nerves.
                                 Keeping the rats body temps down protected
                                 them from the neurotoxicity.  Some ppl think
                                 that in the presence of MDMA, the super oxide
                                 and hydroxy radicals combine with extra
                                 seratonin and when this molecule is neurotoxic
                                 when reabsorbed into the cell.  Heat speeds up
                                 this reaction.  SRI's are absorbed into the
                                 cells instead of these molecules which is one
                                 explanation why SRIs help prevent nerve
                                 damage.     --sky
                                \_ There was a Navy study that proved
                                   using the Dvorak keyboard users could
                                   see significantly more productivity. - tpc
                                   \_ Hence, the need to see the study.  If
                                      you actually read the Dvorak studies,
                                      it's pretty clear that a) they used
                                      flawed methodology, and b) The dude
                                      conducting the study had a vested
                                      interest in it going the way it did.
                           \_ The message is definitely out there -- the
                              media always refers ecstacy it as a drug
                              associated with potentially serious
                              neurotoxicity.  But the way it's being presented
                              is ineffective -- IMO because it is not a
                              balanced treatment.  (How could it be, given
                              that it's intended as a scare tactic?)
                        \_ I don't really care if users ignore the real
                           dangers.  Sometimes dead is better.  A state
                           sponsored cremation and dumping is cheaper for
                           society than having these wastoids walking around.
                           \_ there was a man in Germany who was really Austrian
                              who was trying to do what you were saying.
                \_ MDMA is closely related to methamphetamines (chemically
                   speaking, MDMA can be derived from some methamphetamines,
                   iirc) -- it causes the release of two of the same
                   neurotransmitters (dopamine and norepinephrine), so
                   it will have some of the same effects.
                           \_ MDMA causes the release of seratonin and
                              dopamine.  The level of dopamine released is
                              insignificant in comparison to the amount
                              released by methamphetamine.  Meth also causes
                              an increase in endorphin (adrenalin/
                              norepinephrine) production, which doesn't occur
                              with MDMA.  Dopamine causes the euphoric feeling
                              associated with crystal, while endorphin
                              accounts for the increased level of energy.
                              \_ Um, you've got dopamine and endorphins
                                 mixed up (endorphins cause euphoria,
                                 dopamine causes 'energy', ie. it is a
                                 stimulant).  I don't know about the
                                 relative amounts, but the papers I've
                                 read suggest they're not insignificant.
                                 Btw -- MDMA does also cause the release of
                                 norepinephrine.  But speed doesn't trigger
                                 the release of endorphins -- heroin does.
                                 Some info about amphetamines:
                                 Some info about norepinephrine & MDMA:
        \_ Fuckin' a, man.  I just drink beer.  It's easier.  If somebody tells
           me "beer is bad for you", I just say "okay".  I don't have to get a
           graduate degree in biochemistry to argue with people why beer might
           just *possibly* be more or less worse for me if I drink it at a
           certain body temperature while using a combination of other drugs.
           Like, mellow out, everyone.
           \_ "Beer: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."
               -- Homer Simpson

Wow. A whole *herd* of emacs users must have been here.
2000/4/17 [Computer, Health/Women] UID:18025 Activity:high
        \_ What's this about?  Why do you want to spread this woman hating
           filth?  You want to go back to the "good old days" when women
           were just secretaries, nurses, and prostitutes?  Whistling on the
           streets from construction workers?  This is ridiculous!
           \_ trollP
                \_ No.  I'm serious.
                   \_ ok, then what the hell about that webpage implies
                      that the poster wants to spread woman hating filth?
2000/2/1 [Health/Women] UID:17392 Activity:low
1/31    My lover told me, well, that she's bi
        I wanted to scream, there were tears in my eyes
        She said baby, baby, don't you cry
        'Cause the one I am with, you've been seeing on the side
        \_ Are you the original author?  It's good.
2000/1/28 [Health/Women] UID:17359 Activity:high
1/27    Catherine Zeta Jones pregnant.  Sorry boys.  The show is over.
        \_ your mom being pregnant certainly didn't thwart me. -#1 fucker
                \_ But soon CZJ will look about as good as yermom.
        \_ You forgot that the father is TOM!
1999/9/17-18 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:16540 Activity:very high
9/16    What's the best way to lose the fat that accumulates around your
        lower abdomen? (results of a desk job)  I've been doing a lot of
        sit-ups but they don't seem to be working.  Except for this ring of
        fat, I'm pretty fit otherwise.  I heard that after a man reaches
        a certain age, there is just no way to get rid of that through
        exercise, no liposuction.  Is that true?  Thanks.
        \_ Use ssh instead of rsh.
           energy, fat from all over your body gets used, not just in
        \_ You can't spot train fat like you can muscle.  If you expend
           the area where your muscles are working.  Doing situps will
           \_ so your answer is?  Just do plain exercise and hope that the
              fat around your abs goes away?
           just increase the muscle density in your abs.
        \_ a lot of it collects around the sides. So you have to do things
            that work the "obliques", I guess. eg: twisty situps?
           diligently. Do a lot of crunches, but don't only do crunches.
           Watch your diet as well. I've seen people get rid of it, but
           you must be patient. It seems to take 1-2 years of serious
           training to be rid of it. By that time, the rest of you is
        \_ You can get rid of it, but it's difficult. You need to work out
        \_ How much is your ref. bonus?
           very lean and muscular, too. Consider it an added bonus. --dim
        \_If you train seriously, it won't take 1-2 years. Probably 12-16
          weeks. But it also means keeping a pretty strict diet. I.e. no
        \_If you train seriously, it won't take 1-2 years. Probably 12-16
                \-resistance training buiilding muscles + protein fuel
          donuts, chips, soda, jack-in-the-box, etc
                builds muscles. you lose fat by extercising and dieting.
                these are two different programs. --psb
          donuts, chips, soda, jack-in-the-box, etc
          \_ I guess it depends on how fat the person is to begin with. I
             \_ I guess my wife is a man then. her thighs are fine, but
                she has a tractor tire around her gut.
             I know two people who did it. The
             think 12-16 weeks is very optimistic, though. That is the
             hardest place for many men to lose weight. It's akin to
             thighs/hips for women. I know two people who did it. The
             first one did it in one year by working out rigorously. The
             thighs/hips for women.
             other person adopted a less rigorous approach and it took
             think 12-16 weeks is very optimistic, though. That is the
        \_ Wanna get rid of 20 lbs of ugly fat real fast?  Go in for a
        \_ Fat Whacker!
             longer. It's anecdotal evidence, of course, so YMMV. --dim
        \_ RIDE BIKE
        \_ Bless you! Lynx with SSL rocks.
           \_ SMACK!!!!!!
1999/6/23 [Health/Women] UID:16008 Activity:nil
6/22    Is a female a lot more or a lot less likely to become
        pregnant directly before or after her period?
        \_ Who cares.  Use a comdom and don't take the risk.
1999/2/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:15362 Activity:insanely high
2/4     This is not a troll/flame bait... I'm just too embarrased to ask this
        in person. If Orthotricycline and other "pills" are 99.9% effective,
        does that mean it is 99.9% effective when you shoot "it" in,
        or 99.9% effective when you pull out?
                        \_ No.  Means, over a year, 0.1% of the couples using
                           this contraceptive will get pregnant.
                           \_ So it means over a period of say 30 years,
                              approx. 3% of the couples will get pregnant,
                              right?  I hope it can be lower.
                              \_ You want lower that that for the long
                                 of a time one of you should go under the
                           \_ But shouldn't that percentage also depend on how
                              many times the average couple do it in one year?
                              What's the average number of times then?
        \_ Your asking for sex advice on soda?  pwahahaahah.
          \_ send all bug reports on the new linux kernel to
           \_ You're ignorance is showing.
                        \_ Not as badly as YOUR ignorance of English.
                           \_ Your irony is lacking.
                           \_ Your stupid, you know that?
              \_  Oh I'm sorry.  I forgot that most sodans are geeks by day
                  and major studs by night.
                \_ Like from the movie, geeks only think about sex.
        \_ 99.9% effective when you come inside her. That is the great
        thing about oral contraceptives, you can come in her all you
        want, and she will not get pregnant. Of course, if you are like me,
           \_ if you have sex 1000 times, on average she will get
                 pregnant once.
                        \_ No.  Means, over a year, 0.1% of the couples using
                           this contraceptive will get pregnant.
        and have been spoiled by women who use oral contraceptives,
        you can never go back to using condoms. Such is life.
           \_ So how do you convince your wife to switch to the pill? thanks
              \_ convince her that all those health warnings are lies,
                        \_ If you smoke, the pill kills.  Otherwise it's
                           \_ Um, the cigarette part of that combination
                              is sort of unhealthy as well.
                           a tossup if it kills more than abortions/childbirth
                           caused by not using the pill, and some women lowers
                           risk of cancer.
                           \_ It isn't a tossup.  The pill is by far the
                              safest way to have sex.  A failed condom which
                              causes a pregnancy which causes health problems
                              is more likely than similar health problems from
                              the pill.  The figures are available from
                              Planned Parenthood (and probably elsewhere).
                 and she didn't want children any time soon.
                 It can take months to wear off, and there are different
                 kinds of pills. Some may work well, while others might
                 have side effects.
                 Oh, and also convince her that she would LOVE to spend
                 an hour getting squick out of her insides.
                 \_ Ah yes, the angry tone of a woman who had sex with someone
                    she shouldn't have.  Obviously it was his fault that sex
                    is yucky and dangerous.  Men are evil, etc, etc.
        \_ and if yer a stud you'd pull out just like the porn stars do
            \_ Yeah and all the porn whores are on the pill.
        \_ so what is the .1% measuring?  yearly chance she becomes pregnnt
           anyway, or chance each time?
           \_ Yearly % as an average over some number of couples. --dim
           \_ the people who lie and say they used it right, when they didn't.
                \_ BINGO!  There is no proof whatsoever that the pill has
                   _ever_ failed a couple who actually _used_ it.  Using it
                   when she feels like it or remembers doesn't count.
                   Dropping the extra pills in the toilet or simply lying to
                   her dumb bf/husband b/c she wanted to stick him with a kid
                   doesn't count either.
                   \_ You are a moron.
        \_ Troll replies deleted. Thanks for the answer!
           \_idiot. You deleted some important non-troll ones. Go read
             the link below that someone thoughfully provided.
1998/10/15 [Health/Women] UID:14776 Activity:high
10/14   Just gimme the naya BABY!
                Just give me yer mom, BABY!
        \_ but... you haven't exercised in two years...
1998/6/22-23 [Recreation/Sports, Health/Women] UID:14232 Activity:moderate
6/21    soda loser: "I am less of a dysfunctional corporate slave
        because I like soccer.  How about you?"
        \_ IRAN RULES, BABY!!           --azarm
        \_ Because of Iran's victory, the guy at Bongo Burger is
           giving out free humus to everyone who comes in and
           says Allah three times.    wombat
           \_ long live the revolutionary-guards/komiteh
           \_ It's more like "Team USA sucks, baby!!"
1998/4/14 [Health/Women] UID:13953 Activity:nil 54%like:13982
4/14    Can students get condoms at a discount at the student health service?
        \_ Yes. They offer condoms for about $.80 each.
     \_ Not only that, you can get women to _say_ they have slept with
        you too, and provide you with _used_ condoms to prove it!!
1998/3/2-4 [Health/Dental, Health/Women] UID:13745 Activity:very high
3/01    This is a serious question, please don't erase it. My mother is about
        55, and I would like to get her health insurance and such. I personally
        have Aetna Medium PPO, which my company pays at 100%. However, since
        my company doesn't pay for my mother (yes, no company would) I would
        have to pay out of my personal expense. What is a good health plan for
        my mother that is affordable? THANKS!!!
        \_ Send the bitch to work.
        \_ FHP, BlueShield, Kaiser all have pretty affordable plans.  but
           at least $300+/month.
           \_ funny, I thought the "individual plan" for kaiser topped
              out at around $200/month. But you have to be initially
        \- getting health insurance for one is going to be pretty expensive
           due to adverse selection due to information asymmetry. --psb
                \_ This makes absolutely no sense.
                \"this doesnt make sense" != "i dont understand you"
                    \_ That is correct.  What PSB said makes perfect
                       sense and is correct. (However, it is unlikely
                       to communicate any valuable info to anyone since
                       the vast majority of people who would/will
                       understand it already do.)
                                -PSB fan #1026 (aka crebbs)
                \_ Are you saying that insurance for one person is more than if
                   you have two combined? No shit. You don't have to word it
                   like a fuckin' lawyer. FUCK YOU PSB. YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK.
                   \_ Wow.  Can Dave suck your dick too?
                   \_ was not worded like a lawyer....rather an economist
        \_'Yer mother' barbs now center around information theory.
          Is this bad or good?
              physically okay to get in.
        \_There are plenty of Asian companies that do in fact treat
          parents as dependents in this respect.  It's just our morally
          bankrupt society that assumes its younger workers will neglect
          their aging parents -TEC
          \_ There are plenty of Asian companies that do in fact treat female
             employees like garbage in all respects.  It's just their morally
             bankrupt society that assumes its female workers will accept
             this form of abuse forever. -anti-TEC
                [anti-Asian trash nuked]
                \_ There are plenty of Asian companies that do in fact treat
                   females as total garbage in all respects.  It's just their
                   morally bankrupt society that assumes its females are
                   worthless subhumans deserving no better treatment.
                [go ahead, keep deleting this you hypocrite. I have it on
                 file and will keep restoring it as long as your pro-asian
                 bullshit myths are there.  If I lie, refute me.  Don't be
                 a pansy coward and just delete it.  Find some third world
                 oppressor state if you want hardcore censorship instead of
                  \_ Watch who you are calling a hypocrite, woman.  I am
                     not the person who was deleting your response.  -TEC
                     Note: although i have never engaged in it, deleting
                     the hardly qualifies as *hardcore* censorship
                   \_ The entire motd was not deleted.  Just my comments.
                      Wiping the whole motd every few days is an act of
                      kindness to us all.  Selectively deleting comments
                      one disagrees with, whether they are true or not, is
                      censorship.  Hardcore is a subjective term.  Although
                      the scale is small, the repeated selective deletion
                      is extreme.  If this were a newspaper instead of the
                      motd, most would consider that sort of thought purge
                      and squelching of public debate to be hardcore.  Also,
                      and squelching of public debate to be hardcore.
                      \_ And if this were a public monument, instead of the
                         motd, and your worthy words were carved in granite,
                         and I removed them by means of powerful acid and
                         shaped explosive charges, most people would gasp at
                         my sociopathic vandalism.  I'm not disagreeing with
                         your original comments, I'm just saying that I find
                         it consistently amazing how people will foam at the
                         mouth and use strange overreaching analogies when
                         it comes to an essentially trivial thing like the
                         \_ The loss of free expression (especially something
                            innocuous such as the motd) is a loss to everyone.
                            Preventing the free flow of ideas through any
                            medium, no matter how minor, is a breach of all
                            our rights.  Little things count.  If you allow
                            the chipping away at basic freedoms in little
                            ways, what is to stop the loss at a greater level?
                            IE: I trust you don't want your newspapers to be
                            censored, but is it ok to censor a college rag or
                            \_ There are some people here who want to do that;
                               they don't think that the Daily Cal should be
                               entitled to be read unless it agrees with them.
                            HS newsletter?  Where do you draw the line?  I
                            don't feel it's ok to draw such a line and say
                            some forms of censorship are ok because the target
                            doesn't reach a great many people.
                      I was not assuming that you, TEC, did the deleting.
                      You should avoid assuming I'm a woman just because I
                      find the treatment of women in many countries to be
                      \_ oh shut up and go away
                        \_ I'm stunned into silence by your sharp wit and
                           over abundant cleverness.  You're a Cal student?
                           \_ oh shut up and go away
                                                    - another person
        \_ what do you consider "affordable"?
        \_ Since your mom is probabaly not a dependant, you should try to
           inquire directly to an HMO about signing up. You should also try
           to see if your mom belongs to any groups that might offer medical
        \_ Move to a country that has half a clue about what to charge
           for health care.  Sure, we have all the latest research and
           what not here, but that means absolute shit when you consider
           that bureaucracy and greed appears to drive the health care
1998/2/1-3/20 [Health/Women] UID:13602 Activity:high
3/20   Asian fetish taken to new heights of stupidity.
       "I only have two pictures of shina smoking when she was pregnant and
       you can visibily see that she is pregnant.  So they here they are. ..."

        this was motd listing back from january.  just found it today
        while cleaning up.  i admit its kinda weird.
        \_ Yeah its stupid but if you find this sort of thing so
           bothersome why do you surf for it?
1996/11/4 [Health, Health/Women] UID:31986 Activity:nil
11/3    Hi, I'm too embarrased to ask the local pharmacist, but...
        I've been to different pharmacys and couldn't find any
        contraceptive pills. Where the heck are they located? I've always
        thought they're off the counter.
        \_ "the pill" is not OTC medicine. visit your doctor or Planned
           Parenthood. if you're too embarrassed to do that, you're not
           mature enough for sex. --aaron
         \_ Thank you, Dr. Ruth.
         \_ Way to be sensitive, aaron! ":/( --joeking
        \_ Listen...don't listen to people putting you down like that.
           The bottomline is that you need a place that will provide
           you counseling and information on the Pill.  It's a big
           decision to make, one reason it's not an OTC medication.
           Although Tang is _not_ the most highly reputed medical center,
           it has a fairly good women's clinic.  In order to get a prescription
           for the Pill, you need to be examined by a medical professional
           who can then talk with you and decide on the best birth
           control pill for your body (yes, there are several different
           kinds of birth control pills out there).  Make an appt
           at Tang Center, Planned Parenthood, or your ob/gyn.  --christine
           \_ Tang's a pieceashit.  They charged me for condoms that I
              bought for my house.  A lot.  I got some pretty hilarious
              looks in the pharmacy waiting room when the counter guy heaped
              a couple hundred of them on the counter for me, though.  -John
         \_ There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Comdom -ausman
         \_ Or you could by them at your local drug store for three
            times the price.  Would you rather deal with that?
        \_ "The Pill" can have nasty side effects, especially if you smoke,
           so they require you to talk to a doctor first to make sure it's
           not going to kill you.  (The odds of it doing so are slim, but
           with as many millions of people as take it, that would end up
           being a couple thousand dead people a year.)
              \_ PLEASE STOP -- the notion of soda geeks having sex is just too
           revolting !  :) :)
         \_ Welcome to 1996.
         \_ We are breeding like bunnies as part of our plan to
          take over the world!
        \_ If you are too embarrassed to go to Tang, Planned Parenthood
           will give you good, supportive, contraceptive services on a sliding
           fee scale. -ausman
1995/1/21 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix, Health/Women] UID:31725 Activity:nil
1/20    Do not ask to be blown by root. Rumours of us rendering such
        favors to account holders are highly exaggerated.
        \_ Blow me.
         \_ mail whoeveryouare < prostitute
        \_ Rumor not exaggerated, but we need more women on CSUA staff.
          / \_ This isn't the way to get them...
         | \_ It's a better way to scare them off.
          \_ this pungent tang of feminism confirms a musing I had
             about how a feminist with insight is not a feminist
             at all, but I won't get into it here.
           \_ What makes you think this display of tast
              and maturity only disgusts women?
          \_ I'm sure that's the intent, o wise visionary.
           \_ Men give *way* better head than women.
            \_ You just haven't met the right women.  Or maybe you've just met
        exceptional men.
        \_ You obviously don't understand what I am talking about.
        \_ Rumor has it that ali gives good head.
           \_ not as good as partha (sorry, ali)
              \_ With a name like Banerjee, you know it has to be good
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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