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2012/12/26-2013/1/24 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Skin] UID:54569 Activity:nil
12/26   "Duh! 12 Obvious Science Findings of 2012":
        Are researches like these driving up college tuition?
           \_ WTF!!??
2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/9/13-30 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Sleeping] UID:53957 Activity:nil
9/13 --linkpusher
2009/9/30-10/8 [Health/Sleeping] UID:53415 Activity:nil
        Why virgins are skinnier.
        \_ Did you get it backward?  Virgins sleeps more, according to the
2009/4/19-23 [Health/Men, Health/Sleeping] UID:52871 Activity:nil
4/19    "According to the May 30, 2005 Bradbury memo, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
        was waterboarded 183 times in March 2003 and Abu Zubaydah was
        waterboarded 83 times in August 2002."
        So much for the ticking time bomb.
        \_ when we are doing it, it's for good of humanity.  If Iranian is
           doing it, then...
2009/1/7-12 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:52333 Activity:nil
1/8 13:35  Nap? or coffee??
        \_ You can sleep when you're dead.
        \_ Combine, but get that nap in first. I find that lying down with
           my feet up for 10 minutes is really rejuvenating.
           \_ Caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in.  Slugging something,
              then napping often is best -- it kicks in after you get a few
           stop thinking so small.
2008/9/9-14 [Health/Sleeping] UID:51120 Activity:nil
9/9     motd getting hella laid guy here.  how do other getting laid guys
        manage?  I show up to work groggy, I can't concentrate, I never make
        my targets anymore.  She insists on at least giving me head once
        a day, sometimes twice if she gets home from work early.  If this
        keeps up I'm going to lose my job.
        \_ I dunno, I prefer having sex every day, it helps me relax and
           sleep better. You will get used to it, just make sure to get
           enough sleep and some exercise and eat right.
2008/3/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Health/Men, Health/Sleeping] UID:49361 Activity:high
3/6     Did HANS REISER ever have a Soda account?  Anyone else think
        his 'my back hurts so I sleep in my car a lot to ease the pain'
        story is kind of leem?
        \_ I think running down your poor deceased wife on the stand
           is not likely a good court strategy.
           \_ Just wait until the cross-examination; it will be theater
              of the higest order.
              The gem from yesterday is Hans talking about how men don't
              need marriage, financially, so they're being very altruistic,
              because it's cheaper to hire a housekeeper.  -tom
              \_ Is the jury 100% bitter divorced guys? If not, HR is in
                 big trouble.
              \_ Much cheaper to hire a hooker. I have an acquaintance who
                 is a very wealthy man. He married a younger woman 'for
                 love' without a prenup. She left after a year or two. He
                 told me that he calculated it cost him $50K for every
                 time he banged her.
                 \_ You should volunteer to be a character witness for
                    poor Hans.
        \_ Those in attendance were: (in no particular order)
           Alan Coopersmith (alanc)        Eddy Karat (karat)
           E. Mark Ping (emarkp)           Hans Reiser (reiser)
           Nicholas Weaver (nweaver)       David Paschich (dpassage)
           Kier Morgan (kmorgan)           Kinshuk Govil (kinshuk)
           David Friedman (davidf)         Eric Hollander (hh)
           George Herbert (gwh)            Sean Welch (welch)
           Steve Huntsberry (steveh)       Lee Haynes (haynes)
           Partha S. Banerjee (psb)        Roy S. Rapoport (rsr)
           Adam Richter (adam)             Eric Mehlhaff (mehlhaff)
           \_ attendance of what? A general meeting?
             \_ Looks like an OCF Board of Directors meeting. -ERic
        \_ I don't know, Hans is obviously crazy, so it's hard to tell what
           he thinks is reasonable.
2008/2/11 [Health/Sleeping] UID:49124 Activity:nil 80%like:49101
2/8     Sleep your way to 100 with power naps (siesta is good for ya!): (
2008/2/8-11 [Health/Sleeping] UID:49101 Activity:nil 80%like:49124
2/8     Sleep your way to 100 with power naps (siesta is good for ya!):
2007/9/11-13 [Health/Dental, Health/Sleeping, Health/Women] UID:48000 Activity:low
        More 'absurd' claims about medicine and health. -- ilyas
        \_ One take-away is that we should all be spending more money and time
           at/in gyms.
        \_ What a shock: the Cato Institute thinks the government should
           spend less on social services.  I never would have expected that!
           \_ But, but, the Heritage Foundation agrees! Oh, wait....
           \_ The author of the essay is not affiliated with Cato, he's a
              GMU economist. -- ilyas
              \_ The GMU economist who came up with the brilliant idea of
                 using idea futures markets to set Middle East policy.
                 \_ You set yourself up for the obvious "even such a patently
                    absurd notion as idea futures will probably do better
                    than what we have now when it comes to the Middle East."
                    We can make another thread about idea futures, this one
                    is about health and medicine.  -- ilyas
                 \_ Heh, you set up the obvious "idea futures will probably
                    do better than what we have now."  I think his point
                    isn't to change the decision making process in our
                    society overnight, but to encourage exploration of new
                    ways of aggregating information for decision making in
                    limited settings.  Are you trying to paint him as a nut?
                    He's not a nut, but he is interested in 'paradigm-shifting'
                    ideas, and more generally in bias, which means he
                    often writes on ideas that seem strange. -- ilyas
                    \_ Yes, I remember when I suggested that Bush was lying
                       about Saddam Hussein having WMD before the start of
                       the war and was dismissed as being "too absurd to be
                       true." Are you talking about things like that?
        \_ I worked in the health care system and these observations all ring
           try to me. We spend way too much money on extending the life of
           people who are half dead anyway and not enough on prevention. -ausman
2007/8/23-27 [Health/Women, Health/Sleeping, Health/Men] UID:47731 Activity:low
8/23    what are SSRI?
        \_ Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Paxil, etc.
        \_ it's FDA approved as an anti-depressant, but like all medications
           out there this SSRIs have been prescribed for countless other
           uses as well.  It is not uncommon for SSRIs to be used for
           anxiety (public speaking, talking to women, stress),
           hyper-activity, sleep aid, LIBIDO SUPPRESSANT, shyness,
           OCD, etc. If you think you may need it, chances are it'll
           profoundly affect your life.
        \_ Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, etc.
        \_ I looked it up in wikipedia.  It looks like a family of anti-
           depressant drugs which can have the side effect of helping men
           who have premature ejaculation problems.  I didn't see anything
           in there about it being prescribed as the poster the other day
           was talking about but hey it's just a wiki article.
           \_ Most (all?) SSRI's are known for some percentage of users
              experiencing reduced libido.
              \_ Everything I know I learned from Wikipedia.  (Oh God, please
                 save me!)
                 \_ I wasn't quoting from Wikipedia.  I actually have
                    considerable background on the subject. -pp
                    \_ I know.  I wasn't saying your thing was wrong, I was
                       saying I really don't know what I'm talking about since
                       I'm only quoting WP.  It would be hard for someone to
                       know less than I do about it.
                       \_ Ah.  The Wikipedia article on SSRI's is actually
                          reasonably accurate and well-written.  Learning
                          is fun. :) -pp
2007/7/25-28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Health/Sleeping] UID:47418 Activity:kinda low
7/24    My neighbor's busty 20 year old college-student
        daughter came over today to shoot the bull. Even though she's
        dumb as a post, she somehow
        manages to go to Cal Poly. She is incredibly tan and fit and
        somehow I found myself wanting to bang her silly, even though
        she's 15 years younger than I am and it's painful to have a
        conversation with her. WTF is wrong with me? She's practically a kid!
        Am I officially a dirty old man?
        \_ You're officially a healthy, normal, non-gay man.
        \_ No, just a man.
        \_ You think she came over to just chat with you?  What's up with that?
           She's an adult, do whatever.  At least you're honest with yourself
           about it.
        \_ See you've been trained by certain people to think that a 20 year
           old is a child. Reality check: she is a completely mature woman.
           She may not have the wisdom of age, but that's irrelevant. Some
           people never have that. And you don't need that to eat, sleep, or
           \_ She's a 20 year-old. On average, 20 year-olds are not mature.
              Odds that she's "completely mature" are not high. That said, it's
              also irrelevant. She's an adult. If she's a consenting adult,
              have fun. Oh, and remember not to try borrowing your neighbor's
              power tools for a while.
              \_ "Why not, his daughter has just borrowed my power tool."
              \_ "Why not?  His daughter has just borrowed my power tool."
              \_ Adult = mature, by definition. Too much bullshit out there
                 about this.
                 \_ Give it a rest, paedophile.
                    \_ lol?
        \_ By "painful to have a conversation with her", do you mean she's a
           moron, or do you mean it's hard to hold back you urge and not
           explode in your pants when you talk to her in close range?
           explode in your pants when you talk to her?
           \_ I mean that there's a generation gap that certainly makes
              her sound like a moron. Who said I didn't explode in my pants?
        \_ I really don't know how this thread turned from "man, I want her!"
           to "she really wants you man!" just 'cause she came over to talk
           to this guy.  Maybe he can convert her craving for attention to
           a romp in the hay, but I doubt a 20-year-old college hottie is
           hard-up for sex.
           \_ This is not what the majority of my csua mbox is telling me.
           \_ She doesn't have to be hard-up to want to be schtupped. She
              might want to schtup three guys in one day. Lots of girls
              that age are sluts.
              \_ Can I have their phone numbers?
2007/5/24-26 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Health/Sleeping] UID:46742 Activity:moderate
5/24    serious question here:  I take a dump every other day or so.
        after my last few acts of congress, I'm really sleepy,
        for several hours.  what's the deal?  does this happen
        to everyone?
        \_ Whahh?! That's very rare shitting.  I shit about 3-4 times a day and
           also eat 4-5 times a day, I don't think what I do is normal
           \_ Are you bulimic?
        \_ More fiber, less spicy food.
        \_ No. You are not healthy.
        \_ See a doctor.
                \_ The closest I get to a doctor is watching House.
                   \_ And just before they perform some incredibly dangerously
                      invasive procedure they figure out you've been eating
                      too many twinkies and send you home.
        \_ I don't think I've ever been unusually sleepy after a poo, that's
           kinda odd.  Generally pooing once a day is considered regular.
           At every other day you should probably eat more fiber and drink
           more water.  (Not soda, beer, etc.)
           However, despite a diet unusally high in fiber and water, I still
           take about 20 mins on the can.  My wife is done in about 1 min.
           I don't know why this is.
           \_ Maybe she won't shit where she eats..  So to speak.
           \_ Maybe you and your wife should consider switching roles during
              anal sex.
        \_ I feel more alert after a nice poo.  Weird thing for me lately:
           smelling a strong coffee odor when I pee after having had coffee
           earlier. I can't recall any other food making it through my
           system with its olfactory properties intact like that.
           \_ HOW WEIRD! I've been noticing the same thing! I've never
              noticed that till recently. I'm in my 30s.
           \_ Stop drinking coffee.  It is bad for you anyway.
2007/4/20-24 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:46395 Activity:nil
        Affluent *suburban* kids report 3X depression rates. I am not at
        all surprised. Suburbia->isolation->depression. I grew up in the
        cities and when I moved to the suburbs everyone in the family
        became isolated, depressed, gay and suicidal. I HATE SUBURBS.
                                                -intellectual urbanite
2007/2/20-23 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Sleeping] UID:45778 Activity:nil
2/20    TV is literally a health risk
2006/8/22-24 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Women] UID:44099 Activity:moderate
8/22    I went to a doctor and she misdiagnosed my case. Luckily my second
        doctor found the problem and I was given the right treatment. A few
        months later I had the problem again and went to see a doctor, but
        unfortunately they gave me the first doctor again. Once again she
        quickly jumped into the same conclusion and I pointed out that her
        first diagnosis was wrong, afterwards she became very upset, defended
        her decision with a long tirade, and finally insulted me with comments
        like how someone like me could question her authority, after she
        went through all the trouble in medical school to get her hard earned
        MD.  What's the best way to expose her incompetency and bitchiness?
        \_ I can't help you here but I don't have much respect for doctors
           myself. While there are touching stories of doctors who volunteer
           their personal time to help others, two of my friends are now
           MDs and I can tell you that they have serious attitude problems.
           Ever since I've known them as a child, they have always had
           very assertive personalities, so much to a point that they
           can be described as being overly aggressive and unapologetic.
           Both of my friends have this sense of entitlement -- they've made
           it so people must respect their authority. It seems to me that
           in the old days, Doctors cared about the people. But these days,
           they're simply trying to get through as many patients as possible.
           Young doctors working with modern healthcare systems seem to be
           the worst doctors.
           \_ Oh, how I long for The Good Old Days when doctors cared, gas was
              cheap and women were hot, easy, but not at all slutty, oh no.
              Newflash: doctors were always just people and a lot of people
              just suck.  Women were always like this.  And gas is about the
              same price now as it always was in gallons/value.  This doctor
              isn't going out of business because the medical insurance
              system provides very little and usually no choice in who you
              go to for medical care.  The invisible hand only applies to
              situation with competition.  I see my primary care physician
              as nothing more than a referal service I pay $15 to send me to
              someone off her list who might actually know something.  She
              doesn't actually seem to know anything or really care that much.
              \_ what is your metric for saying gas price hasn't changed
                 in terms of gallons/value?
        \_ This is a free market. If she's really that bad, her patients will
           stop going to her. In another word the invisible hand force will
           take her out of the free market without your intervention.
           \_ great schtick
           \_ It's not that easy because such a high percentage of
              doctors are like that.  They'll just find another job,
              or the healthcare system will just throw new patients at
              them, who don't know better to complain.  The basic
              attitude I've encountered is, "I don't know what your
              problem is (and I know everything), so it must be all in
              your head.  Here, take some prozac and come back for
              more when you run out."
              I used to have Kaiser.  I never used it for years so I
              didn't know anything about it, but when I needed it, it
              was as worthless as a piece of dirt on the ground.  No,
              it was worse than that, because my life wouldn't depend
              on a piece of dirt on the ground.  I went through 5
              different Kaiser doctors (3 in this area and 2 in San
              Diego area) and except for one, they were completely
              useless.  The one that seemed to care doesn't really
              count because I only saw him on the way to San Diego
              under a personal emergency of sorts.  As far as I was
              concerned, there was only one way, which was to switch
              to PPO and find my own doctor who is willing to admit
              that s/he doesn't know everything.  Even PPO didn't help
              that much financially because they wouldn't pay for
              "experimental" treatments.  I have no direct proof, but
              I believe I would have killed myself by now if it
              weren't for the "experimental" treatment, which I had to
              work hard to find.  I'm still somewhat messed up (have
              slight tendency of autoimmunity), but at least I'm
              living a productive life.  In case anyone cares,
              environmental poisoning is not 100% reversible, so drink
              clean water and don't eat stuff that may have bad stuff
              in it (e.g. large carnivorous fishes and whales --
              \_ You want me to give up whale meat?!?!!  Fuck off, I'd rather
                 die young than live without whale meat.
                 \_ I'm sure you just enjoying making idiotic comments,
                    but it's never about living long.  I'd rather live
                    healthy 50 years than suffer through 100 years.  It's
                    the state of mind, not length of life.
        \- Q: What do you call the person who graduates at
              the bottom of their [sic] med school class?
        \- Q: What do you call the person who graduates at the bottom of
              their [sic] med school class?
           A: "Doctor"
           For a serious answer, if the doctor is part of an institution,
           there is presumably a department head or OMBUDSMAN. Makes some
           calls ... figure it out. BTW, I thought the book COMPLICATIONS
           by ATUL GAWANDE was pretty interesting.
           It would be nice to hear via MotD where this goes.
        \_ Who does she work for? There is usually a reporting mechanism of
           some sort.
        \_ Drop Kaiser; go to Blue Shield.
2006/8/8-11 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:43945 Activity:nil
8/8 (Wash Post)
        One injection of Special K permanently cures 5 of 18 patients of
        depression.  "It is almost like rebooting a computer."
        \_ ... "It is a chemical reboot, and the striking thing is the
           effect lasts for about a __week__" <----
           \_               ~~~~~ <-----
              "Half the patients had a 50 percent decline in depression
              symptoms after two hours, and by the end of the first day, 71
              percent reported a similar improvement. More than a third
              continued to report such a benefit after seven days, and nearly
              a third reported a __complete end of symptoms__." <-----
              \_ 1. It's not clear what the duration of the study was.  A
                    "complete end of symptoms" conclusion might be
                 2. The wording isn't clear.  That last sentence could be
                    interpreted as "a third reported no symptoms
                    (rather than just a 50% decline) after seven days"
                    without indication to its permanence. -!pp
                 \_ what about "a complete end to symptoms" isn't clear to
                    you?  Granted the reporter may be misquoting,
                    misreporting, and/or the researcher may be on crack (as
                    opposed to K), and the extreme claim deserves multiple
                    opposed to K), and it is an extreme claim.
                 \_ shrug.  I agree that I'm dubious as to the science or
                    whether the reporter reported it correctly, but I do
                    think that the article does make the extreme claim of
                    a cure for 5 out of 18.
           \_ What?  You expect you never have to reboot a Windoze box again
              after you reboot it once?
              \_ Makes you wonder if the other 13 subjects didn't experience
                 a permanent blue screen of death.
        \_ Ecstasy ROCKS!!!!  Special K RULES!!!! -Jeff Spicoli
2006/8/7-11 [Health/Sleeping] UID:43932 Activity:nil
8/7     Please help solve the Riddle of the Insane Former Roommate.  He stole
        all the lightbulbs, left burn marks on the matress, along with a
        brown powder of some kind, left knife slash marks in the pillow,
        cut out the screen with a knife, smashed the window, and stole all
        the glue from the garage.  He's long gone and this is not a particularly
        important issue, but the landlady and I have been trying to figure
        out what sort of shenanigans he was into just out of curiosity, and
        we are both totally ignorant of drug culture.  He was not smoking
        ciggarettes in the room.  Any guesses?
        \_ Was he skinny with lots of zits on his face?
           \_ No.  Most of his posessions were climbing-related, and he looked
              like a climber.  In good shape.
        \_ An ex-roommate did it to him, and he's just trying to pass along the
           crack meme.
        \_ Maybe he was just insane?
        \_ He didn't dump the glue into the sink drainage?  Lucky you.
        \_ Lightbulbs were stolen to light up his meth lab in the basement.
           Burn marks are from sparking up the glass pipe to smoke the meth.
           Slash marks are accidents from the knife used to cut and pound
           down the crystals to powder so that they burn better.  Screen
           was used to filter the meth powder and bits.  Smashing of the
           window was done in a meth-induced feeling of rage and euphoria.
           Glue was used for sniffing once he ran out of meth.  That about
           explains it.  -Robert Downey, Jr. and Anne Heche
2006/3/31-4/1 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Men, Health/Sleeping] UID:42594 Activity:nil
        I know this is a bit late but I'm wondering if you guys can
        help us find Jerry Tang. Thanks.
        \_ We care why?
        \_ Sorry.  All my time is spent looking for poontang.
2006/3/27-29 [Health/Sleeping] UID:42466 Activity:nil
3/27    "Bizarre events linked to sleeping pills in US"
        "CHICAGO (Reuters) - Strange behavior by insomniacs taking prescription
        drugs, ranging ...... to having sex while asleep ......"
        Hmm, where can I get some of those perscription drugs?
        \_ I guess having sex with a real person in your sleep is less messy
           for a guy than having sex with a fantasy person in your sleep.
           \_ The legal consequence can be more messy.  Some gold digger chick
              can scream rape with DNA evidence deep inside her, and you'd
              honestly have no memory that she committed the act consensually.
              \_ Well that DNA is only evidence of sex, not rape.
2006/3/9-13 [Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Sleeping] UID:42163 Activity:low
3/9     Larry Ellison to drop from the top 10 billionaire list. Hahahaha.
        That sucker deserves to go to hell. Fuck you Debacle.
        \_ Yeah, I'm sure he losses sleep over it. BTW, how many billions
           do you have? Oh, zero?
           \_ Yes he's losing sleep over it. I used to work at Debacle and
              my boss knew the VPs who knew Larry. Unlike Andy Grove and
              HP founders, Larry is an asshole who doesn't care about anyone
              else except himself, and everyone at the company knows that.
              All that talk with "Oracle's world's 2nd largest software
              company" is just bullshit and annoying to hear every single
              day. Back during the dot-com days Larry tried numerous
              spin-offs on nicely packaged but horribly designed software
              in an attempt to diversify his 1 trick pony, and ultimately to
              generate more revenues not for the company, but for himself.
              During media interviews Larry even admitted that his goal was
              not to create AIDS foundations or help with famines and such.
              His goal in life was to become a samurai and to beat Bill
              Gates so that he could become the world's richest man. In my
              < decade of working there I NEVER saw him working, once, and
              neither did my bosses. He loved yachting, flying planes, or just
              fucking Japanese whores. Larry losing sleep over not being on
              the top 10 billionaire list? You bet he is.
              \_ (
                 \- You may also wish to see:
2005/11/15-17 [Health/Sleeping, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:40600 Activity:nil
11/15   9/11 is Sacred.  Except when it's not:
        \_ I can almost hear the House saying "What? You still here?"
        \_ I can actually agree with the Congress on this one.  The money
           was only meant to treat "long-term lung and mental health problems"
           I mean, do you really need 125 million to treat lung and mental
           health problems for the workers on site?  I don't think so.
           \_ Um.  wow.  How many people do you think were expose to the dust
              there?  How much do you think medical care actually costs?
              How much do you think $125 million actually gets you?
2005/10/1-4 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Disease/General] UID:39942 Activity:nil
10/1    Acupuncture: real medicine or bullshit? Does it work and if so
        how? I personally think it's bullshit, but I've never had it done.
        Does anyone think it actually works? If so, how?
        \_ I realize that this is anecdotal, but I know several people who've
           been helped by it quite a bit, and they were not new age hippie
           types who would just say that--this was in mainland china.
           I think it may be bullshit in some contexts, but for chronic back
           pain, it definitely does something when done right.
        \_ I would say it works, and the mechanism has something to do with
           creating pain in one part of the body, numbing your body to that
           sensation of pain, which happens to numb your body to the pain you
           really want to remove.  You are then able to articulate the
           afflicted limb/area of your body, increasing blood circulation and
           relieving mental stress, which is all good.
           It's kind of like when you have a back or neck ache, you take an
           Advil, you can relax again, and by the time the Advil wears off it's
           better 'cause you moved around.  Compared to having a stiff neck for
           three straight days.
           Then again I could be completely BSing you.
        \_ only reason this thing survived is the fact that it simply works.
           however, the system of credential is not well established, thus,
           you really need to get refered by someone who really knows what
           is he doing.  I know a lot of Chinese American who failed to
           get into medical school end up doing this.  Not exactly the
           best breed out there.
           \_ Definitely.  It works, but you have to find the right
           \_ Can't you use this argument (longevity) for all kinds of wacky
              stuff from tarot cards to Christianity?
        \_ It works, but only in a certain group of people. it's one of
           those phenomena/therapies where it works if you believe it
           will (as opposed to traditional western medicine where people
           believe it when it works). if you go in dead set with the
           opinion that it won't help you, then it simply won't. if you're
           open to new types of therapy, then there's a good chance it
           will. Also, accupressure is best for chronic pain (e.g. back
           pain, headaches, etc.), as opposed to acute pain (sudden
           onset stomach pain), which is why it fits in well with current
           medicine. Western medicine treats acute pain well, but fails
           miserably at chronic pain management.
        \_ I think it's real medicine, but I won't go for it because it's so
           under-regulated.  Basically I believe in acupuncture, but I don't
           believe in most of the "doctors" who practice acupuncture.
           -- Chinese
        \_ A few months ago I heard on NPR that there was a huge sample size
           (n=15000) and the results were that accupuncture had definite
           benefits when used on the knees of those who have arthritis.
2005/9/19-21 [Health/Sleeping] UID:39749 Activity:kinda low
9/19    sodans in their 30s+, do you have sleeping problems? What do you
        do about them? When I was at Berkeley I can't wake up in the
        morning, I could go to sleep anytime and sleep very well. Now
        my brain is awake at 7am yet my body is tired. Every once in a
        while I will sleep well, but often times it's just OK. Anyone
        else have similar issues? What do you do about them?
           You the same guy who posted the above?
        \_ I have friends who found Ambien very helpful. -dans
        \_ I went to stanford sleep clinic. I ended up having sleep apnea.
           But if you aren't having mental issues like cloudy thinking
           then sounds like you are just out of shape. Go excercise 4 days
           a week (cardio) and take vitamins.
           \- I have evolved beyond sleep.
              \_ What, no more lamppost collisions?
           \_ when i started working out 4x a week and doing 20+ miles of
              running coupla years ago, my insomnia actually got worse.
        \_ If you're overweight, lose weight.  Eat healthy.
           Exercise every day.  Don't eat after 8pm.
           Work hard and efficiently.  Post to motd as little as possible.
           Have a social life.  Talk to new people, see new places.
           If you do all the above, you should have no problems.
        \_ Exercise, a few glasses of wine with dinner and daily sex
           work for me. If I don't get all of these, I sleep poorly.
                \_ We don't all have access to yermom.
                   \_ Actually, I use my hand on the nights my wife is tired.
                      \_ "tired" i.e, all of them.
           \_ A few glasses of wine? You get buzzed every day?
              \_ Two or three yeah. Two is optimal for longevity, three
                 is probably pushing it a bit. Are you white? My European
                 enzymes have no problem with two or three drinks spaced
                 out over 4 hours.
                 \_ I was gonna say. The guy gets a buzz from 3 glasses of
                    wine over 4 hours? He's a lightweight.
                    \_ I am relatively "light weight". But I was thinking
                       more like 4 glasses over 2 hours from the desc.
                       Actually 2 in a row is enough to give me that
                       alcohol mood shift, I dunno if that can be called a
        \_ Stop waking up when your wife is trying to smother you.
        \_ Cut off all caffeine.  Remember that it has a half-life and takes
           quite a while to metabolize.
           \_ 6 hour 1/2 life to be exact..
        \_ You clearly need a Sleep Number (TM) bed! (j/k those are dumb)
        \_ i do have problem sleep, and I don't have access to sleep clinic.
           There are couple things I've done that helps me:
           * no caffine after 4:30pm.  people say caffine last up to
             6 hours in the body.  I guess for my case, it last a lot longer
             than that.
           * physical exercise.  jogging couple miles helps. sex also helps.
             do both if you can.
                \_ I got arrested the last time I had sex while jogging.
           * don't stuff yourself with food 2 hours prior to sleep.
           * no TV 1 hours prior to sleep
           * no computer/net surfing 1 hour prior to sleep.  I found TV
             and computer usage are some sort of stimulant.  Read a book
           * hate to say this, but try to keep a regular sleep pattern.
             i.e. always sleep at the same time of the day.  allow yourself
             wake up naturally in the morning if you have enough.  Do this for
             about 2 weeks, you will be fine.
           \_ Caffeine is metabalized proportional to the amount in your
              system.  For an adult male the half life is about 6 hours.  So it
              isn't "out of your system" in 6 hours--only half of it is.  In a
              day over 90% is gone.  But that time changes based on body
              weight, chemistry, etc.
           \_ Thank you. no computer/net/tv 1 hour before sleep would
              be difficult to do, but I am gonna give it a try.
                \_ Back to masturbating to the Victoria's Secret catalog
2005/9/6-7 [Health/Sleeping, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:39537 Activity:nil
        Russian train goes over a man sleeping on the track. Apparently
        the man didn't wake up, and that was what saved his life.
2005/8/19 [Health/Sleeping] UID:39177 Activity:high
8/18    Eminem cancels show due to dependency on sleeping pills: (CNN)
        If this doesn't debunk his street cred, I give up; sleeping pills are
        so... SUBURBAN.
        \_ Well, considering that he is originally from St. Joseph, MO...
           \_ What?  I was told he was from the ghetto!
              \_ Ice Ice Baby!  -John
                 \_ He's white white baby
2005/5/17 [Health/Sleeping] UID:37713 Activity:high
5/16    I have a sleeping disorder, does melatonin help?
        \_ What kind of disorder?  I have friends who have had success using
           melatonin to treat mild insomnia. -dans
           \_ Beware that melatonin can cause some strange effects in some
              people.  It gave me terrible nightmares.
        \_ It could, although I've read that if it doesn't work after 3-4
           nights you should stop.  Talking to a doctor instead of the motd
           might really help, though... -John
                 \- if you are in SFBA, the fraud has a sleep study center.
                    i have evolved beyond sleep.
        \- I just have sex every night before I go to sleep.
           \_ I have sex every night in the shower when my wife is asleep too.
              \_ Prison shower sex doesn't count.
                 \_ No, I have shower sex with Rosy Palm and her five sisters.
                    \_ Rosie, you're all right, you wear my ring.
                       When you hold me tight, Rosie that's my thing.
                       When you turn out the light, I've got to hand it to me.
                       Looks like it's me and you again tonight, Rosie.
        \_ Assuming you are around 20-40, the age of typical sodans,
           you should treat this as a serious problem. If you continue
           your current habit, it will only get worst as you ages and
           will be more difficult to overcome. You can find many
           recommendations online and in medical references, a lot of
           them involve breaking the 'bad' habit. Medications are good
           temporary solutions, but you don't want to be dependant on
           sleeping pills. Without more specific details, here are
           some general recommendations:
           - allow your biological clock to settle on a regular
             sleeping cycle, ie, go to bed at 11pm, wake up before
             8pm. You may need to do this gradually as we sodans
             typically go to sleep very very late, and wake up very
             very late, which is very very bad.
           - take a warm shower before you sleep, read something,
             don't do activity that are too stressful/intensive before
             sleeping time, like playing intensive games or watching
             horror movies.
           - get more exercise, 3-5 times weekly of 20-30 minutes of
             cardio exercise. This will improve your sleeping quality.
             It's best to do the exercise in the morning, as it will
             get rid of some of the not enough sleep feeling and
             energize you for the day, which will hopefully allows you
             to sleep better.
           - talk to a doctor if the above does not bring noticeable
             improvements... it may take a few days or weeks before
             you see any improvements, be patient.. Do NOT let this go
             on for a long time, as your body slowly adapts to the
             less sleeping time and it'll be harder to fix.
             \- I have evolved beyond sleep. Soon I shall evolve beyond food.
                \_ Graveyards are full of those who have evolved beyond sleep,
                   food or water.
        \_ I tried melatonin the other night. Fell asleep well enough, but
           could not stay asleep at all, which pretty much typifies every
           night for me for the past 3 years or so.
           \_ I sleep like a rock but when I wake up I'm not rested at all.
              I always feel tired during the day.
2005/4/28 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Health/Sleeping] UID:37399 Activity:kinda low
4/28    Woman convicted of rape for giving sleeping man a blowjob:
        \_ how fat was she?
        \_ This is ignorant, but yet oddly intelligent. He got paid $6,355
           for getting head, does it get any better?
           \_ Yeah, but you have to go down in history (no pun intended)
              as the wierdo who called the police for getting a blowjob.
        \_ a Norwegian friend tells me he'd actually have to have reported her
           for the police to do anything.  This doesn't sound like a good way
           to encourage more in the future from anyone.
        \_ Nine months of jail time is equality?  If it were a man raping a
           woman, would it be nine months only?
           \_ for just going down on her instead of penetrating?
           \_ if a man gave a woman oral while she was sleeping and claimed
                that she consented, that doesn't sound too outrageous.
           \_ Who knows, we don't know what the standard sentences are in
              Norway, do we? Usually in Europe, sentences are much lighter
              than in the US.
              \_ Gee.  I thought sentences in the US are already too light.
                 \_ Which is why our prison population continues to increase
                    as crime rates go down.
                    \_ You mean, as we put criminals in jail, the crime
                       rate goes down?  holy crap!
                       \_ Soylent Green...Soylent Green is *people*!!!!
2005/3/30-31 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Women] UID:36984 Activity:low
3/30    Neurologist's Report on Terri Released
        \_ One of two neurologists hired by the Schlinders.  This one is the
           Yes, he is also listed on
2005/3/2-3 [Health/Sleeping] UID:36485 Activity:moderate
3/3     What's a good way to buy a new mattress for cheap? I went to a
        Macy's, but they're kinda expensive. Also, I only need a mattress
        (without a box spring), so I can't take advantage of any special
        sales, which usually sell both together. Is online shopping
        efficient for mattresses? I'd like a major name brand, too.
        \_ Costco carries mattresses.
        \_ Costco?
           \_ Yes, the warehouse.
        \_ How about Mattress Discounter? Or Mancini Sleepworld?
        \_ How about Mistress Discounter? Or Mancini Sleepware?
           \_ Or European Clitworks at Adeline and Ashby?
2005/2/11-14 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Sleeping] UID:36151 Activity:moderate
2/11    Are weird random pains in different parts of the body a symptom of
        excessive caffeine intake?  Does anyone have any experience with this?
        \_ Could be a heart attack.  Consider going to a hospital. e.g.:
          "Pain spreading to the shoulders, neck or arms. The pain may be mild
           to intense. It may feel like pressure, tightness, burning, or heavy
           weight. It may be located in the chest, upper abdomen, neck, jaw,
           or inside the arms or shoulders." --
           \_ It's probably not a heart attack! Sheesh! Scare the hell
              out of the guy! He should see a doctor, though!
        \_ You probably just have the flu.
        \_ Why are you asking the motd?  ObSeeAFuckingDoctor.  -John
           \_ This would be a good time to remind the motd in general that
              most health plans offer free advice lines, where you can call
              (often 24 hours a day) to talk to an advice nurse.  They won't
              laugh at you for asking stupid questions -- their whole job is
              to tell you whether your problem is worth bothering a doctor
              for or not.  They're not doctors, but unlike the motd they do
              at least have some idea what they're talking about.
        \_ it's not random. stop whacking off so much.
        \_ Caffeine usually doesn't lead to pain; but it does lead to
           jitteryness. These pains are probably due to something else.
        \_ What do you mean random pain? Cramps?
        \_ It could be stress-related, and caffeine could enhance the effects,
           but that's just a guess. Go see a doc. When I had major stress, my
           right shoulder/arm use to have some numbness.
           \_ yeah.I took less caffeine, got some excersize and sleep, and spent
              some fraction of a day not working or thinking about work, and
              all symptoms are gone.  let this serve as a cautionary tale. -op
              \_ What, that you're a lazy slacker?
2004/7/9-10 [Industry/Startup, Health/Sleeping, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:32202 Activity:nil
2004/6/14-16 [Health/Sleeping] UID:30795 Activity:insanely high
6/14    Why does the psb not \_?  Why does the psb insist on \_?  Can someone
                                                   \- i dont "inisist" on
                                                      it. the only thing i'd
                                                      come close to insisting
                                                      on is 80col and captioned
                                                      urls. --psb
        please explain this to me so that I can sleep at night?!
        \_ psb was \_ before the standard was adopted, and he has been
           grandfathered in.
           \- But there can be only ONE standard! </highlander accent>
           \_ But there can be only ONE standard!
              \_ ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!
                 \_ Just couldn't hold back, could you?  Its people like you
                    that will destabilize the motd for years to come!
                    \_ The sorry thing is that he's not even quoting it right.
                    \_ damn it!  get it right.  He is going to destroy the
                       motd's credibility for generations to come!  Fear!
                       Uncertainty!  Doubt!  Spread it far, wide, and thick!
                       Keep telling the Big Lie!  YAY Stalinist tactics!
        \_ German artillery! German artillery is the best!
        \_ Old motd saying:
           The ways of the gods cannot be understood by mere mortals.
           - psb # e^(2pi*i) fan!
        \_ Not only does he \_ but he also has some fucked up indenting
           scheme where it's a  pain in the ass to tell what text belongs
           to which thread.
        \_ answer to the first question-- he started \_ long before \_ was
           defacto. And old men can't change their ways, like tom, so there.
           As for why he interrupts other people's responses in the middle,
           it's actually pretty deep. You see psb tries to appear to be tough
           and intelligent, but he is pretty insecure about it and doesn't
           like to be perceived as stupid (he really cares about what other
           people think about him), so he projects this tough/intelligent
           image to protect his fragile ego.
                                -someone who knew partha in the old days
           \_ thank you, anonymous coward.  -tom
              \_ You're welcome.
              \_ what are *you* thanking anyone for?  you barely got a side
                 \_ well *you* got nothing at all, loser!!
                    \_ i also didn't thank anyone for it.  i was happy to be
                       anonymous, forgotten and ignored.
        \_ Undergraduates these days have no sense of their place in the
           grand scheme of things. Yours is not to question the ways of
           the gods or Partha. --psb fan
           \_ Not just undergraduates but all of you scum who would dirty His
              Holy Shadow by daring to tread upon it!  --psb #1 Fan
              \- first of all, why do you care about \- vs \_. woudl it
              \_ first of all, why do you care about \_ vs \_. would it
                 bother you if someone used say \__? how about people who
                 center their wall posts? secondly, as i have said before,
                 when i put a reply in the middle of a post, it is because
                 i am replied to a specific point located there. if you are
                 \_ i am replied? this seems unusual even by psb standards.
                    and i'm interrupting the post so that it is clear what
                    exactly i am referring to.
                 too leem to follow the original thread based on preserved
                 indentation, i dont know what to say. i feel some small,
                 slight pity for you. actually i dont. maybe if you were
                 non-anon. --psb
                 \_ The Great One has replied to me!!!  For the first time!!!
                    I am going to save this, back it up to hundreds of
                    different computers across a p2p network and put printouts
                    in 5 different countries!!!  --psb #1 Fan
                 \_ I think your way is cool. Really. (I can't speak for
                    --psb #1 fan though).
                 \_ I also think your way cool.
                    \- gee i didnt realize this rose to being "my way".
                       maybe i should patent it.
                             For what is a man, what has he got?
                             If not himself, then he has naught.
                             To say the things he truly feels;
                             And not the words of one who kneels.
                             The record shows I took the blows -
                             And did it my way.
2004/5/27-28 [Health/Sleeping] UID:30446 Activity:very high
5/27    Hey MOTD, I was thinking about buying a mattress for my apartment,
        but I don't know anything about them.  Anyone have any useful advice
        for me?  Anyone ever heard of Stearns&Foster?  TIA.
        \_ I have no idea about how healthy/bad they are for you, but try a
           good quality futon--I love mine.  -John
        \_ Unless your back is exceptionally snooty or sensitive, mattress
           selection isn't as important as commercials make it out to be. Just
           go based on price, since big-name (e.g. Sealy) mattresses can
           get expensive. As a starting point look at what mattress you're
           sleeping on right now and look into buying another. I'm actually
           using an Ikea mattress, which was very inexpensive, and surprisingly
           good quality. And comfortable.
        \_ I'm happy sleeping on the floor, a hard bench, a couch or yermom's
           lap but getting the right matress is critical to good long term
           sleep.  Try it in ths store.  Snuggle up, enjoy it.  Make sure it
           feels really good because you'll be sleeping on it for a few years
           and so will your lover(s).
        \_ The Tempurpedic matresses are really nice.  I just can't see
           spending the (what is it, $3,000, $5,000?) money for it.
           \_ What's life long chronic back pain worth to you?
              \_ As a $500 mattress does the job almost as well, the
                 question is moot.
                 \_ That's what I thought until I got a real matress.  The
                    question is neither moot not moo.  Get a good matress and
                    avoid mad cows.
                    \_ Moo?  WTF?
                       \_ Yes.  Moo.  What about it?
                          \_  ______
                             < Moo. >
                                     \   ^__^
                                      \  (oo)\_______
                                         (__)\       )\/\
                                             ||----w |
                                             ||     ||
                                          \_ See how happy this cow is?  He
                                             has a quality matress.
                                             \_ Is she your wife?  Is your
                                                wife a happy cow?
                                                \_ Yermom's lap.
2004/5/5 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:30035 Activity:high
5/5     Why does the public refer to what's going on in Iraq as "abuse"
        and not torture? [topic taken from boingboing]
        \_ because the major media are corporate stooges parroting the
           administration's talking points.
        \_ From
     1.   For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means any
act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is
intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or
a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a
third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or
intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on
discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at
the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or
other person acting in an official capacity.  It does not include pain or
suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.
           1.   For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means
           any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or
           mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as
           obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession,
           punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is
           suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a
           third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind,
           when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of
           or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other
           person acting in an official capacity.  It does not include pain or
           suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful
        \_ because when you pick an American off the street and say U.S.
           soldiers were caught torturing Iraqis, they think, "What?  Did
           they chop off their fingers/ears?"
           \_ much of the abuse was not from soldiers. and that's very
              different from sodomizing them?
              \_ If such photos were aired or talked about by CBS, I'm
                 sure you would have headlines that read, "Photographs
                 showing American military personnel sodomizing prisoners"
        \_ People think of torture as physical pain.
        \_ You sincerely believe the pictures show torture?
2004/4/23-24 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Food, Health/Sleeping] UID:13354 Activity:nil 54%like:13249
4/23    For the person who was asking about why dogs eat their poop:
        \_ Am I the only one who suspects that that pinworm bit is just an
           attempt to get people to stick tape on their asshair?
           \_ sounded like a stretch to me, too
              \_ I think most people have pinworms at some point in their
                 lives, usually as children. Most people outgrow sticking
                 their fingers in their mouths. (Not me btw, I do it
                 all the time, so I guess I should check)
2004/2/29 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Disease/General] UID:29839 Activity:very high
2/28    Dear motd doctor, lately I've been needing a lot of sleep. I need
        at least 10-12 hours of sleep. I got a blood check from the lab and
        my doc says I'm ok and just exercise more. However I don't feel
        like myself at all, even with the exercise. Sometimes I feel like
        I could faint in the middle of a day. What other problems could I
        have, like brain tumor, cancer, etc? I'm 30 years old btw.
        \_ Check your blood pressure.  I had something like that once, turned
           out to be unusually high blood pressure due to stress.  How much
           sleep do you usually need?  Also, try to see a Russian doctor.
           I had terrible luck with American-educated doctors for some reason.
             -- ilyas
                \_ actually, when I get up too quickly, I feel really dizzy,
                   and occasionally I'd be near fainting. I'll go check my
                   blood pressure, thanks.                      -op
        \_ you're dying.  can i have your soda disk space?
                \_ godamn! You're scaring me, though, when I have days that
                   I have problem getting up (feeling too tired) I do feel
                   like I'm dying. I guess I'll go make an appointment
                   again... wait 2 weeks, get referred, then get the same
                   useless exercise advice again. By the way I'm not fat
                   or anything, so who gives a shit about exercise      -op
                   \_ I used to feel like you do, but then I started jogging
                      one hour a day and eating healthy, now I feel good,
                      except when I miss some exercise or eat something bad.
        \_ do you eat a lot of beef? maybe you have the mad cow disease?
        \_ Three things: 1) Anemia possibly, 2) See another doctor, 3) don't
           rely on the advice of motd for health issues.
        \_ doesn't this sound kinda serious to you? i'd insist on some mri
           or cat scans or something at least.
        \_ sounds like chronic fatigue syndrome. have you had
           a viral illness lateley?
        \_ Adult-onset diabetes is big these days.  Your symptoms could
           be from wild blood-sugar fluctuations.  Eat "100% whole wheat"
           bread ("multi-grain" doesn't count) and avoid all other grains
           (even white rice -- eat brown rice instead).  Avoid red meat
           (beef), eat white meat (chicken) and fish.  Eat a salad or
           two a day.  And go read this book:
2004/2/28-3/1 [Health/Disease/General, Health/Sleeping] UID:12447 Activity:high
2/28     _________________________________________
        / Dear motd doctor, lately I've been      \
        | needing a lot of sleep. I need at least |
        | 10-12 hours of sleep. I got a blood     |
        | check from the lab and my doc says I'm  |
        | ok and just exercise more. However I    |
        | don't feel like myself at all, even     |
        | with the exercise. Sometimes I feel     |
        | like I could faint in the middle of a   |
        | day. What other problems could I have,  |
        | like brain tumor, cancer, etc? I'm 30   |
        \ years old btw.                          /
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\_______
                    (__)\       )\/\
                        ||----w |
                        ||     ||
        \_ Check your blood pressure.  I had something like that once, turned
           out to be unusually high blood pressure due to stress.  How much
           sleep do you usually need?  Also, try to see a Russian doctor.
           I had terrible luck with American-educated doctors for some reason.
             -- ilyas
                \_ actually, when I get up too quickly, I feel really dizzy,
                   and occasionally I'd be near fainting. I'll go check my
                   blood pressure, thanks.                      -op
                   \_ That's probably Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia: A
                      common symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Are you
                      a student? Take a semester off.  Doctors don't have a
                      clue about CFS. It's a unusual neurological illness.
                      clue about CFS. It's a subtle neurological illness.
                      Rest is the key.  If you rest, your CNS can heal and
                      the fatigue will go away. If you keep pushing
                      yourself, it gets much worse.  What's your email?  I
                      yourself, it gets much worse.  What's your email?  I
                      can send you some info if you want.
                      can send you my expreience.
        \_ you're dying.  can i have your soda disk space?
                \_ godamn! You're scaring me, though, when I have days that
                   I have problem getting up (feeling too tired) I do feel
                   like I'm dying. I guess I'll go make an appointment
                   again... wait 2 weeks, get referred, then get the same
                   useless exercise advice again. By the way I'm not fat
                   or anything, so who gives a shit about exercise      -op
                   \_ I used to feel like you do, but then I started jogging
                      one hour a day and eating healthy, now I feel good,
                      except when I miss some exercise or eat something bad.
                      \_ You need exercise anyways to maintain the strength
                         of your heart and lungs.  If they are weak, you
                         will feel constantly tired.  Try cycling.  Running
                         is just painful and you'll find it hard to
                   \_ I used to feel like you do, but then I started jogging
           \_ Mooo!  mooo!  moooooahahheehehahahhahahaaa!!!
                      one hour a day and eating healthy, now I feel good,
                      except when I miss some exercise or eat something bad.
                      \_ shoo!  go away you little bastard!  I want his
                         soda disk space!
                         motivate yourself to do it.
                         \_ shoo!  go away you little bastard!  I want his
                            soda disk space!
        \_ do you eat a lot of beef? maybe you have the mad cow disease?
           \_ Mooo!  mooo!  moooooahahheehehahahhahahaaa!!!
        \_ Three things: 1) Anemia possibly, 2) See another doctor, 3) don't
           rely on the advice of motd for health issues.
        \_ doesn't this sound kinda serious to you? i'd insist on some mri
           \_ I hate you.
           or cat scans or something at least.
        \_ sounds like chronic fatigue syndrome. have you had
           a viral illness lateley?
        \_ Adult-onset diabetes is big these days.  Your symptoms could
           be from wild blood-sugar fluctuations.  Eat "100% whole wheat"
           bread ("multi-grain" doesn't count) and avoid all other grains
           (even white rice -- eat brown rice instead).  Avoid red meat
           (beef), eat white meat (chicken) and fish.  Eat a salad or
           two a day.  And go read this book:
           \_ I hate you.
2004/2/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/AIDS, Health/Sleeping] UID:12383 Activity:high
2/24    Yahoo! News - Half of Young Americans to Get Sex Diseases -Study
        Holy cow!  I'd better stop sleeping around.
        \_ I pity the poor dumb bastards at school now.  I fucked my way
           through school and didn't catch a thing.  I used about 5 condoms
           the whole time.
           \_ How many other guys' semen have you indirectly touched with your
              \_ it wasn't so indirect...
              \_ Uh oh, homophobia hits the motd.  None probably but if one or
                 more was slutting around and dripping with cum and I didn't
                 notice I think I survived.  Thanks for caring!
           \_ You believed it the chick said she was on the pill?
           \_ What's the incubation period of AIDS again?
        \_ Wow, this sounds pretty tin-foil condom to me.
        \_ while I think condom is safe and all, I don't use them anymore.
           When I started screwing this chick who was on the pill, I never
           wanted to go back to condoms again. It just feels sooooooo much
           better without the condom. It's like the difference between
           getting a massage with a hammer vs. getting a massage with bare
           naked hands. Having sex without condom is like, drugs, once you're
           on it you get hooked forever.
           \_ Agreed.  And I take care of the safety issue by marrying a
        \_ Americans have the highest STD rate in the industrialized world?
           But what about those amoral French?  This can't be Tr00000!
           \_ the french have sex-ed!  Ignorance Is Truth!
           \_ the french people i know seem to be quite priggish about sex.
              \_ Er, I was kidding?  You guys are a swift bunch here in
                 \_ the promiscuity of the french seems to be an enduring
                    \_ Yo.  Dude.  I was kidding.  HELLO.  EARTH TO STUPID
                       \_ you know, the world doesn't quite revolve you.
                          the fact that you were kidding is mostly
                          coincidental to the point that there is an
                          enduring stereotype.
                          \_ The world doesn't revolve me?  Whoa dude,
                             that's like profound and shit.
                             \_ Of course the world revolves you. If it
                                didn't you would fly off into space.
2004/2/15-17 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:12264 Activity:nil
2/15    anyone own the Sharper Image air filter? Is it really better than
        HEPA filetrs? Is it worth getting? Please respond only if you have
        it, thanks.
        \_ I bought one of these at Bed Bath and Beyond. It doubles as a
           humidifier. It's hard for me to tell how effective it is as an
           air filter since I really don't have much of a dust problem.
        \_ Well, I know someone who liked them. They do collect stuff pretty
           well, and are silent and simple to maintain. But I've read a
           consumer reports article that basically said there are much better
           air filters.
        \_ Honeywell HEPA air filters are more effective, cheapter and
           easier to maintain than Sharper Image's. I got mine at Home
           Depot. -allergic to everything
           \_ Hepa filters are expensive to replace, so how can they be cheaper
              than a wipe-n-walk device like SI's?
              \_ Buy replacement filters online. They are much cheaper. The
                 S.I. air filters may be silent, but how many changes of air
                 per hour? Are they really cleaning the air effectively? I
                 don't think so.
                 \_ Those are two different issues.  Buying filters online is
                    still more expensive than something that *never* requires
                    a new filter.  I don't own either.  I don't know which
                    cleans better or how much better one does than the other.
        \_ DO NOT GET ONE IF YOU HAVE ASTHMA!  What they don't tell you is that
           their ion technology produces ozone, a pollutant that will greatly
           exacerbate the symptoms of asthmatics.  I have the Hamilton Beach
           HEPA filter and love it.  Yeah, it can be loud when cleaning a room
           from an introduced pollutant, but it adjusts its speed and intensity
           based on the quality of the air.  It is usually pretty quiet, and I
           actually sleep better with some background noise.  Also, you may
           like to know that there is a class-action lawsuit against sharper
           image because of the ozone their unit produces hurting people with
           asthma.  The best ones are the BlueAir and IQAir (I think) HEPA
           filters, but they cost more than I can afford.
2003/5/10 [Health, Health/Sleeping] UID:28401 Activity:nil
2002/11/11 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Health/Sleeping] UID:26509 Activity:high
11/11   Can somebody clarify how exactly the settlers of the occupied
        territories make a living?  The latest shakeup in Sharon's gov't
        seems to be over money for settlers.  That leads me to believe that
        the gov't pays them to live there and do nothing else.  The settlements
        are too far from any private sector jobs, right?
        \_ They get paid bounty for murdering palestinian children in their
           sleep and using their fresh blood in their satanic jew rituals of
           evil.  I thought everyone knew that?
        \_ They steal olive groves and orange trees from Palestinians and
           pick the fruit. No joke, the settlements sit on most of the best
           \_ bullshit.  they get paid by the American tax payer supported
              Israeli government to kill palestinian children for their wicked
              blood rituals.  (when you grow up and stop trolling maybe I'll
              tell you the real answer to the OP's question except the OP
              looks like a troll too)
2002/11/5 [Health/Sleeping, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:26414 Activity:nil
11/4    New poll:  Now that Maggie Cheung is divorced, you would sleep with
        her if you had the chance:
        Yes: .
        Who's Maggie Cheung?: ..
        Are you kidding, she's one of those 35+ wrinkled up old asian prunes: .
        \_  Maybe 30 years
           ago but now she's a hag.
2002/7/10-11 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Women] UID:25323 Activity:very high
7/10    more on gene:
        \_ he shouldn've went to grad school
              \_ Is this a contracted contraction of "shouldn't have"?
        \_ the story was on the front page of Yahoo...
        \_ I still think the RIAA did it
           \_ "it" being yermom?
           \_ Drove him to it or had him sniped?
        \_ Ugly stuff, depression. I'm sorry he didn't think he could get
           help from a professional before he died.
           \_ Actually, he did get help from a professional.  The Wired story
              alluded to his getting on Prozac.  You can't get a scrip for
              Prozac (for depression-- it is prescribed for other things)
              without seeing a professional.  Mental health professionals are
              of varying quality, and though they can do good, they can also
              do tremendous harm.  This is especially true when medication is
              involved because we don't really fully understand how Prozac and
              the other modern anti-depressants work.  One of the problems
              with anti-depressants is that they can give someone who would
              otherwise lie in bed all day just enough get up and go to attempt
              suicide. - seen it happen
              \_ And also, the kneejerk prescription of Prozac or Wellbutrin
                 and the insistence of excessively long stretches (2-3 months
                 feels terrible don't help either.  There are some psychiatrists
                 out there who need to be smacked.
                 instead of say 6 weeks) to "test it out" even if the person
                 feels terrible don't help either.  There are some
                 psychiatrists out there who need to be smacked.
                 \_ Although I agree with you that Prozac and Zyban are
                    over-prescribed, I'd disagree that 2-3 months is an
                    unreasonable time frame to test the medications out.  It
                    takes most individuals approximately 1 month to acclimate
                    to SSRIs.  Effects vary wildly in that first month, and
                    two weeks really is much too brief a time frame to
                    evaluate whether the medication is having a net positive
                    effect.  One problem that is quite common is that SSRIs
                    are incredibly dose sensitive and vary widely in effect
                    between different people's brain chemistry.  As a result,
                    many psychiatrists play a dangerous game with each
                    patient when trying to evaluate what works best for that
                    particular individual.  I have friends who are now quite
                    stable and happy largely due to meds, but, for many of
                    them, the period where they were trying to figure out
                    which medication and what dosage was one of their most
                    trying periods.
                    \_ Indeed.  Note I said 6 weeks (not 2).  I have a close
                       friend who had a seizure on wellbutrin (I know it was
                       a seizure.  I was there.)  And her doctor REFUSED to
                       believe that she had one.  She very quickly found a
                       new doctor who tried a couple other meds and found
                       to treat patients with respect.  If you feel like there's
                       an aspiring deity posing as a doctor, get a second
        \_ I can't belive all this bullshit on prescription drugs!  You guys
           actually buy this bullshit?  You want to get out of depression?
           Try cooking your own food from fresh ingredients every day instead
           of eating restaurant crap or processed crap.  Cut back on meat
           intake and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. for thousands of
           years human being thrived without allergy medications or anti
           depressants.  What makes you people so special that you need
           these chemicals that just control the symptons?
                \_ hello Tawei. What about high quality vitamin C?
           \_ stfu
                       that Zoloft worked wonderfully.  All I wanted to say
                       was that there are many doctors out there who feel like
                       playing god, and there are many doctors who know how
                       to treat patients with respect.  If you feel like
                       there's an aspiring deity posing as a doctor, get a
                       second opinion.
2002/5/16 [Health/Sleeping] UID:24848 Activity:high
5/16    Anyone have any experience with mattresses from IKEA?  They seem to
        be considerably cheaper than elsewhere.  On a related note, anyone
        know how much IKEA charge for delivery? - First time mattress shoper
        \_ My girlfriend has one. She likes it. I like it. It wasn't
           delivered, so can't answer that one, but the mattress is great.
           \_ I have one. It's on the guest bed. The second guest bed. When
              guests come over I pull out the sofa sleeper for them. It's
              not *that* bad for the price (like most things IKEA) but (also
              like most things IKEA) don't compare it to anything of quality.
              I think delivery was about $29. It depends on distance. --dim
              \_ Well, I'm not very picky.  It's just that one of my cousin
                 told me that their mattress springs wore out really quickly.
                 It's just one case, and I don't know what their sex life is
                 like, so I thought I'd get more input.  Thanks for the
                 delivery info.  Just trying to see if I'm better off getting
                 a u-haul. -op
2002/4/29 [Computer/Rants, Health/Sleeping] UID:24629 Activity:nil
        \_ can't sleep.  clown will eat me.  can't sleep.  clown will eat me.
2001/12/18 [Health/Sleeping] UID:23284 Activity:very high
12/17   Why is too soft of a mattress bad for the back?  My mattress is
        soft and it bents downward when I sleep on it, and sometimes my back
        hurts when I wake up.  I don't understand why it'd make my back hurt
        since my back muscles are all relaxed when I'm sleeping anyway.
        \_ soft mattresses are bad because your back is not straight when
           you sleep on them.  I'd definitely recommend futons or tatamis
           over any mattress.  You can get futons everywhere.  I've only
           found one place that sells tatamis.  There's a store in Cupertino
           called Murakaki or something like that.  They carry tatamis or
           various sizes that can be put onto a regular bed frame.  I have the
           king sized tatami bed.  It's great.  In the winter I have a futon
           over the tatami.  In the summer I just sleep on the tatami.
           \_ Please sign your post. I've a few questions for you. --ulysses
           \_ But doesn't sleeping on a tatami hurt too?  For an average
              person without a very big waist, the butt sticks out more than
              the lower back.  So sleeping on a tatami either leaves the lower
              back up in the air and puts all the pressure on the butt, or
              forces the lower back to bent in the U shape so as to rest on
              the tatami.  Isn't that so?  Thx.
              \_ millions of people in East Asia sleeps on tatamis everyday.
                 I doubt they're all hurting.  If it's too hard for you, just
                 put a thin futon (or any old blanket) over it.
        \_ you expect an answer from *CS*UA?
           \_ it seems reasonable to me that the poster might expect an
              answer on the subject... especially given all the blather
              a few days ago about breathing with diaphragms vs. inter-
              costals. c'mon pre-med's... where you at?
              \_ on second thought, they're probably all sleeping in
                 main stacks or something before their o-chem finals...
                 give it a couple days.
        \_ They're not all relaxed when you're sleeping, that's the
           thing. They're kinda stretched, since you're kind of in
           a U shape. Think of how you're hanging if your head and
           feet were tied to ropes on the ceiling. Your back is in
           kind of the same configured, but less extreme obviously.
           \_ Kinky.  What's your URL?  Trade pics?
2001/8/15-16 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men, Health/Sleeping] UID:22119 Activity:nil
8/15    "In what is present-day Thailand, they were thrilled to discover
        that the local men were happy to allow their wives to entertain
        and even sleep with the visitors.":
        \_ post a more specific url please... it's not on the cover page
2001/7/18-19 [Health/Sleeping, Health/Women] UID:21842 Activity:high
7/18    sky, what's the optimal way to work out? Max weight (till muscle
        failure) with minimal time, medium weight with maximal time, or
        somewhere in between? And what's the best recovery period?
        \_ max weight 3x per week.  recovery/stairmaster for the rest
           of the time.
           \_ I've tried a million different workouts and apart from
              the really stupid 2 hour work outs I did in high school,
              it doesn't make that much difference.  The most important
              thing to do is eat right, sleep right, minimize stress,
              and make sure you work out with enough weight to challenge
              your muscles.  In the 4 months I was following this advice
              I got to benching sets of 6 at 320 lbs.  Of course now that
              I have a life I'm nowhere near that strong. -emin
        \_ I've found the best way to work out is *variety*. Take bench press
           for instance. One week, just do 3 sets of 10-12 at the same weight.
           Next week, try incline presses and/or decline presses. Another week,
           do 3-4 sets, increasing 10 pounds per set, to exhaustion. Your
           muscles are highly efficient at adjusting to the same routine, so
           you have to constantly surprise them with a different routine.
        \_ why are you asking sky? Shouldn't you be asking ax?
                \_ this gets more to the point:
        \_ I'm not sky, but I can confirm that no more than 3X a week for
           weights is a good rule of thumb. The secret to your muscle endurance
           and agility also involves cardiovascular activities. Stairmasters,
           treadmills, escalators, etc., so you want to make sure you balance
           your weight-lifting with such exercises. Also watch your diet too;
           and your day-to-day posture. (no slouching when you sit coding 8-10
           hours a day) And a touch of positive mental attitude to get your
           arse to the gym religiously. For more info, check out
  Plenty of good make-sense tips on variety
           of workout you'd ever need. - jthoms
           \_ Is it 3X a week on the same muscle group or 3X a week overall?
              I'm confused because I also heard that the best is to have a
              5-day cycle, where you work on one separate muscle group on each
              of the first four days and then rest on the fifth day.
                \_ It depends on your purpose. (btw, this was covered on motd
                   a few months ago, if you want to see the archive). Get big
                   on a certain muscle groups (chest, shoulder or arm), focus
                   on each group each time you work out. You're less likely to
                   tear a muscle if you pace yourself though. If you just want
                   to get toned, or have limited time to spend at the gym, do
                   comprehensive workout that works different muscle groups.
                   You may alternate chest, then butts, then shoulder, then
                   upper back, etc. to prevent fatigue. - jthoms
2001/1/26-28 [Industry/Jobs, Health/Sleeping] UID:20444 Activity:high
1/26    What fantasy books are you guys reading these days? I've went thru
        Tolkein and Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and looking for more.
        \_ Philip Pullman, CS Lewis if you don't mind xtian mythos.
           Brust, Dave Duncan, S. King's Gunslinger books, AS Byatt.
        \_ I liked the Dragonlance world, especially the books about Raistlin.
        \_ I got depressed and re-read all the Wizard Of Earthsea
           books, it cheered me up, they are pretty short and it
           would probably only take you a few days.
        \_ I read Playboy. Quite a fantasy away from my marriage that I
           can't get out of.
        \_ Actually, David Edding's series is very good. Check it out.
           \_ It's good for exactly one read.  Do not under any circumstances
              reread this series, or you will lose your respect for Eddings
              (let alone because he keeps retelling the same story over and
              over again from a slightly different perspective... a sure sign
              of someone who's run out of ideas... like Orson Scott Card)
        \_ The Feynman Lectures on Physics. The author's narrative
           is captivating throughout the entire trilogy, AND IT ISN'T
           ALL MADE UP. When will you people grow up, D&D is for kids.
           \_ grumpy!
           \_ I shall lop off your tongue with my +5 Vorpal Sword!
           \_ Is it just me or do most people's FANTASY NOT INVOLVE
              Physics?  The guy asked for fantasy books and most of
              the people above gave relevant answer.  Yes fantasy books
              are a waste of time but THAT'S THE POINT.  Keep your
              pedagogue to yourself.  The rest of us know where to
              look when we feel like using our brains.
              \_ my main reason for reading fantasy and watching cartoons
                 is to stop the goddamn phsics /math dreams.  when
                 you wake up after 7 hours and all you can remember of
                 your sleep is hour after hour of equations and seeing
                 graphs of fundctions that you *almost* know how to integrate,
                 but can't wquite find an anyalytical expression because
                 you're fucking sleeping, it just doesn't feel like you really
                 dreamt.  i think feynman's books are overreated anyway.
                 robert asprin kicks ass.
                    -physics grad student
        \_ Fantasy shmantasy.  David Drake's Hammer's Slammers is what you
           need to brighten up your dull dreary day.  Several books worth of
           testosterone driven blood 'n' guts, boy!
        \_ Tolkien was great, but nothing beats wuxia novels, if you can
           read Chinese.  It was worse than opium.
           read Chinese.  It was more addictive than opium.
        \_ Hammer's Slammers.  David Drake.  No weird shit, just raw blood n
           guts.  Simple, straight forward, no science-as-magic ringworld crap.
           Try it, you'll like it.  Remove your fantasy straight jacket.  Be
2000/8/25-26 [Health/Sleeping] UID:19093 Activity:low 63%like:19003
8/24    Twin bed matress and box spring for sale. $5.00 --daveh
        \_ isn't that the sort of thing you just give away and are thankful
           for someone taking off your hands?  Cheap bastard.
           \_ I think the idea is if you charge for it people will
              will think it's a nice one.
                \_ You're right, he offered this thing for free
                   awhile ago.
                        \_ no one wants daveh's skanky mattress
                         \_ no one wants daveh's skanky dick
1999/3/3 [Health/Sleeping] UID:15528 Activity:high
3/3     Study shows that not getting enough sleep (+9 hours a day) will
        affect your growth and immune system and will ultimately affect
        your health. Lately, I have been getting 10-11 hours of sleep.
        Is there any case study on over-sleeping and your state of health?
        \_ i haven't seen any studies on over-sleeping.  all i know is
           that it tends to make you sluggish and tired if you sleep too
           much.  it seems to confuse your body into not being able to
           energize itself for the waking state.  different people need
           different amounts of sleep though.  for some people 6 hrs is
           fine.  others need 10...
        \_  Wait, can anyone who makes a decent living by working
            sleep more than 8 hours a day except weekends?  Also I thought
            8 hours is the healthy standard.
        \_ Very few people on soda are young enough to worry about
                stunting their growth.
        \_ A healthy standard is 7 hours of sleep and 1 hour of sex
           (preferrably threesome) per day.
1998/10/28-29 [Health/Sleeping] UID:14847 Activity:low
1998/5/5 [Health/Sleeping] UID:14046 Activity:nil
5/4     I have no bed. I sleep on the floor. I will buy any sleeping
        apparatus if the price is good. Anyone know anything?
1998/4/8 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Health/Sleeping] UID:13921 Activity:very high 66%like:13922
4/8   So how much sleep does the average CS student get around here?
        \_ depends on class and date. When I took 152 and 184 the same time I
           average anywhere between 0-24 hours of sleep. Mean was like 5-6 hours
           at best. It wasn't pleasant
                \_ depends on professor too. FUCK YOU AIKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                        \_ I had plenty of sleep when I took 164 under
                           Aiken.  You must suck.
                \_ If I get laid, maybe two hours a night. So I sleep
                   about an average of twenty hours a week.
                   \_ I spent some sleepless nights during the final phases of
                      writing my Cool compiler for 164, but I'm sure that I
                      did much better in Aiken's class, sleep-wise (and grade-
                      wise), than if I'd waited a semester to be part of
                      Hilfinger's first experimental "hey, let's write a Java
                      compiler" 164 class.  Aiken was _hardly_ that bad.
        \_ I've graduated.  I get around 5 hours of sleep on average during
           the week.  Sometimes as much as 7 but thats pretty rare.  3 happens
1998/1/26-27 [Health/Sleeping] UID:13564 Activity:nil 60%like:13560
1/24    I need a mattress transported from LA to Berkeley. willing to pay
        between 20 and 40 depending on how soon can be done. -nesim
        \_ just buy a new mattress, sheeze.
                \_ Maybe there's a special "romantic" attachment to this one
                   if you know what I mean.....
                   \_ A new mattress won't have such stains.
                        \_ Obviously.  I think he wants to keep them.  Like
                           an old, used girlfriend or something: warn but
                                \_ comfortable is one thing, smelly is another.
2019/02/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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